Cheating American Woman Living Eat Pray Love Lifestyle Murdered By Her African Lover

Once again, the American media is going gaga over an Italian homicide involving a female US citizen. Except this time, instead of being the prime suspect, like Amanda Knox some time ago, the American is the purported victim. Ashley Olsen was found dead, apparently strangled by a Senegalese immigrant after having sex with him in her apartment in Florence, despite having a long-term Italian boyfriend. This has led to an eruption of sycophantic praise about her life, as if she were some non-besmirchable sage of philosophy for having moved to Italy like Julia Roberts in the film Eat, Pray, Love.


To be clear, Olsen was a 35-year-old habitual drug and alcohol abuser who seems to have found no steady way to support herself, which makes her descent into drugs even more reckless. Time reports that she worked as a “babysitter, dog-sitter, and organizer of art events.” There is no doubt that Olsen’s consumption of narcotics led to woefully poor judgment. On a moral basis, we can always fall back on “She didn’t deserve it,” a sentiment I totally agree with, but how about preventing further deaths like this?

Presenting Olsen as a grossly undeserving victim of homicide is not mutually exclusive with a proper assessment, based on facts and testimonies, of her character and actions. On that theme, forensic evidence so far indicates consensual sex took place between Olsen and a Senegalese illegal migrant. This is already being toned down or swept under the carpet by the media, which has quoted someone saying “She would never have cheated on her boyfriend.” Incidentally, the Senegalese man is the one who has been arrested, at least so far, for her murder.

Olsen’s love of drugs and degrading lifestyles exposed her to the circumstances in which she died

Sad but true: Olsen’s lifestyle put her in harm’s way. Her killer should be punished, but that doesn’t take away from the way individuals put themselves in life-endangering situations.

If I travel to Sinaloa in Mexico and get murdered, I do not deserve to be killed. But I have exposed myself to a spectacular risk. The same goes for me venturing to Afghanistan for a desert jaunt, going camping in Siberia in January, or starting a makeshift expedition into the Amazon Rainforest. They don’t need to be human-related dangers for me to need to take significant precautions (or just not go!).

When was the last time you:

  • Went for a late night walk in the projects of Detroit, Harlem or South Central Chicago?
  • Wordlessly stared at members of a motorcycle gang at a remote highway bar?
  • Ran through cars moving in traffic, even when the vehicles are going over 25 miles an hour?

How is taking any of these steps different from consuming ample drugs and then sauntering around a large city at night? The point here is an appreciation of risks and consequences, rather than declaring that a victim is moral culpable.

This is my exact point about Ashley Olsen. Her lifestyle brought her into contact with forces and circumstances that cause immeasurable injury or plain snuff out lives across the world every day. And even though Italy, particularly Northern Italy, isn’t exactly a failed state, there are plenty of behaviors that can make anyone edge dangerously close to personal oblivion in any country.

This is another reason why the media portrayal of Ashley Olsen is so inexcusable and dangerous. American tourists, disproportionately in harm’s way in these situations, are being exposed to heightened risk because almost every outlet is interested in glamorizing stupid women like Olsen, not spelling out the facts of how their lifestyles put them in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When you take drugs and gallivant around a city, even one you have lived in for a few years, you are playing Russian roulette.

Olsen’s Instagram account is completely misleading

Posting semi-poetic quotes on Instagram or Facebook is a great way to cover over how one actually lives.

Where are the real drug-related pictures on Olsen’s Instagram? She didn’t put them there, of course. People put on Instagram what they want others to see, not scenes of vomiting after reacting to some obscure chemicals in their narcotics. They want to been as fun, wise (in a cool way), and show a life capable of stoking envy in others.

Countless media reports have linked to Olsen’s Instagram, contaminating the actual story and with the full knowledge of reporters that the account presents a very satiated image of what her lifestyle really entailed. Regardless, this narrative of hers is being taken as Gospel truth, as if she were some spiritual teacher we could all learn from.

Was Ashley Olsen a good person? Probably. But she is far from the person being lionized in the media and as a society we are failing to teach others about how the world, oftentimes a very troubling place, needs to navigated wisely.

There will be fewer dead people when we put media substance ahead of style

Media outlets have been more focused on perceiving Olsen’s Instagram as the facts than finding the actual facts.

Media outlets gain more money the more they sensationalize. If the facts don’t match the desired level of sensationalism, just ditch them, or promote pseudo-stories by selectively discarding some realities while embellishing or making up others. It is hard to imagine, therefore, that these outlets will abruptly have a pang of conscience and start to reflect on the deeper implications of their reporting.

To repeat, Ashley Olsen’s victimhood should not prevent us from trying to spare others from her grisly fate. Countless American young men and women need to either come back safely to their families after an overseas holiday or live peaceful, long lives as expatriates. Maybe Olsen would have died anyway, but her drug use and other behaviors made her extremely vulnerable to whatever nefarious individual(s) killed her.

What’s a bigger crime: being labeled politically incorrect for exploring hard truths about tourist dangers, or failing to warn people of the danger of certain lifestyle choices in order to stop further tragedies like this? You be the judge.

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  1. The Italian boyfriend could have been sentenced for the homicide, if the unpolitically correct truth had not emerged

    1. probably an open and shut case in this instance, but italian justice is routinely a shambles as the kircher and a number of other high profile cases demonstrates

    1. “Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) thought she had everything she wanted in life: a home, a husband and a successful career. Now newly divorced and facing a turning point, she finds that she is confused about what is important to her. Daring to step out of her comfort zone, Liz embarks on a quest of self-discovery that takes her to Italy, India and Bali.”

      1. The last time I did “self discovery” was when I was 14 and I finally figured out how my dick worked.

        1. Say what you want about how the devil is personally responsible for this terrible movie…and all of her terrible movies, but I have had a massive hard on for that huge mouth since the 80’s and I will defend to the death my desire to put my penis inside of it.

        2. Taste, of course, always subjective….to a degree…fat is never sexy…but we are talking about the high end of attractive women so it is just personal taste. That whole big mouth, curly hair, big teeth thing always gets me.
          I watched a movie years ago that was terrible called love and other Drugs and in that movie Anne Hathaway, who has not been nearly as hot since, was pretty much perfect.
          Now, of course, with Julia or any of them…we are talking about them with regard to the only thing that means anything — their looks. I am sure they are all horribly obnoxious cunts.

        3. From all the cold cuts and fresh produce Richard Here stuffed in her mouth during the filming of Pretty Woman. And her niece Emma Roberts has the same wide mouth.

        4. I’m quite doubtful that Julia is an obnoxious cunt or even simply the typical delusionally hypergamous woman who “I only do rich alphas”. Julia was still at the height of her career when she married the cameraman Daniel Moder and he was just barely 2 years her junior. IOW, she married waaaaaaayyy down below her own SMW and pretty much to this day still respect & adore her hubby which legitimately made her a true NAWALT.

      2. I really have to say that I feel you have done a public service, despite how distasteful it is to have read this, to let people here know what this is all about. Having typed this would probably have made you a fag so I am hoping you cut and paste. I would click the link but I can fill in the blanks.
        This is some scary shit.

        1. I felt my testosterone drop immediately and made a protein shake with egg yolks and kratom to counteract the effects.

  2. The world needs less whores. If it were a Muslim country, her father would have killed her a long time ago. Good riddance.

    1. Note that people from Senegal are nearly all Muslim. I had a couple nice Senegalese friends in college, and they were both pretty devout Muslims.
      Still, I note that the accused is Senegalese (presumably Muslim), and not a Christian from the Southern part of Africa.

    2. One thing the Muslim men got right was not being a gentleman to their women. Being a gentleman and all this chivalry B.S. is what enabled all this feminist bullshit.

  3. He looks more like her boss, he is a dealer, she was a “parties organiser”, i bet she was selling tupperwares…

  4. This article hits the nail on the head with the phrase “exposing to risk”. In my 50+ years, I have lived and traveled in many countries, but nowhere is this sense of entitlement more prevalent than in American Women. This “You go girl” attitude seems to have instilled the right that they can go, and do, and have anything without risk of repercussions. Yes, her death was tragic and unnecessary. But, it was a series of actions, on her part, that lead to putting her in danger. Large parts of this world are dangerous, as well as their inhabitants. On top of this, Americans are not very well liked in other countries.

    1. I’ve argued for a couple years now that feminism has become nothing more than a proliferation of special rights and non responsibility for women.
      Look at the madness happening on college campuses as an example: females beg guys to F-’em and when they regret THEIR actions days, weeks, months later … the MSM puts them on cover of magazines, they’re guests of honor at State of Union and lauded as “brave an heroic” while an INNOCENT male has been absolutely destroyed.

    2. I have friends in the so-called (because I have not seen it personally) “spec ops” community who say to me “Americans have no clue how cheap life can be in other parts of the world”.

      1. People tell me that all the time…also people tell me how cheap life can be outside of NYC….however, the question is….what can I earn there.
        Earning 250k/yr and living in manhattan is the same as making 80k a year and living in charlotte. Once adjusted for inflation most of it comes out in the wash. The problem, however, is how many 80k a year jobs are in charlotte? Some to be sure? But how many am I qualified to do? What do I bring to the table that someone who understands the local landscape there wouldn’t do better?

        1. He meant “cheap” in the sense of “worthless”. Might want to modify your comment.

      2. American women’s behavior is a manifestation of how unimaginably spoiled we have become…endless food, comfort, etc. Nothing that actually makes like worth living, just the stuff that turns you into a total cunt.

      3. I live well abroad on $500 a month. In fact, life is so good here I never want to come back to that insane asylum. Social engineering and propaganda have brainwashed many into thinking America is the ultimate place to be, but being one of her native sons I can safely say life improved drastically for me once I said fuck it and left. Unless shopping, eating out at Moe’s corporate Family Feed Bag, and dealing with sarcastic, manly, barren women are your thing, there ARE better places to be.

        1. Please tell me where you are able to live for $500 per month as this is all I can manage and I need to get out of this hell hole ASAP. Please share this valuable information with the community or message me directly.

    3. Disagree, her death was a good thing on the whole. Not for her, but for literally everyone else in the west.

    4. You’re contradicting yourself. As I’ve already pointed out, the death was absolutely **not** tragic. When someone consciously, deliberately, purposefully chooses a course of action and pays the price in terms of consequences, that is most definitely **not** tragic.
      Here are examples of tragic and non-tragic: “tragic” … young woman, on holidays with her family, swimming on the beach, getting pulled by strong undertow, then the waves smash her against rocks, and she’s paralyzed from neck down; this is **tragic**. Now, for “non-tragic” … skank goes out alone to a sex-club in Johannesburg at 2am, gets gang-raped; this is **not** tragic. You catch my drift?
      This whore was alone at a notorious sex-club; I don’t know if you knew that detail, but it was extensively covered in the papers. Initially out with a group of friends, then as her boyfriend goes home, she stays behind, alone, then invites a “brotha” for a drug-fuelled romp at her place, with the very inevitable consequences.

      1. The use of the word “tragic” is appropriate. Im sure her family thinks her death is. Or, at least her poor decisions that lead to it.
        As for your young woman who went swimming in the ocean, and now paralyzed. She shouldn’t have gone swimming in the ocean. She shouldn’t have knowingly engaged in an activity, which is inherently dangerous. It is your argument, that is contradictory in my use of the word “tragic”. Have a beer, and lighten up.
        “I dont need to understand Women. Women understand women. They hate each other”
        Al Bundy.

        1. Setting the story aside for a second as wells as the subjective nature of the term tragedy, perhaps the definition (of tragic) hinges on the degree to which one can fully predict the consequences of a given action, versus to what extent the catastrophic event is purely, or at least mostly, due to misfortune.
          For example, if I’m stopped in my car, at a traffic stop due to a red light, and someone rams into my car while going 110km/hr, and subsequently I’m dead or comatose, yes, I suppose one could make the argument that I willingly took the risk of driving my car, “knowing” that there was a risk, though small, that I may never come home. Somehow, we “instinctually” know that what happened was an “accident” given the odds of the event occurring. I’m not an expert on Kant, but I believe this is at the core of his epistemology.
          On the other hand, if I drive my car slowly in the roughest neighbourhood in town while staring down the gangsters on the side-walk, the probability of a catastrophic event occurring is far higher, and should something happen to me, again, we “instinctually” berate the stupidity, or the lack of judgement in the part of, the victim. So, whether something is considered “tragic” or not depends, at least objectively speaking, on where one can situate the event on the *spectrum* of “high probability of predictable event to low probability.”

  5. This is the reality which should smack these delusional women in the face when it comes to “pursuing” their so called “dreams.” I am sick of constantly seeing the feminised media with their their complete devotion and non stop coverage of consumerism, materialism and advertising aimed primarily towards the female demographics.
    Is it any wonder why tragic situations like the above article happens? For instance, as I was logging out of my email box, the first news article that displays in front of my face is a headline about some woman who recently landed a book deal, explaining how she was dumped by her lover, and she went to travel the world while at the same time, holding a degree in journalism. As if this is some sort of accomplishment which can change the world?
    I am getting really tired of these kind of stories. From “Eat, Pray, Love”, to “Wild” and “The Wild Oats Project” there is some sort of female protagonist who needs to express to the world about her delusions of grandeur fuelled by her narcissism and where she is out of touch with reality. What exactly is appealing about these kind of stories? The sad truth of the matter is that there will always be a large percentage of the public (primarily women) who will choose to waste their time and money buying these kind of books when in reality what they are doing, is providing a platform for more delusional women to spread their useless anecdotes about their so called “travels” and “career breaks” while trying to attain “love.” Heck, the brainwashing starts from a very early age with all that Disney propoganda such as “Frozen” and the whole theme of special princesses.
    Embarrasing and quite vacous to say the least. If women are not more careful about the lifestyle choices they make and how it can have an effect on everyone else including themselves, then the above consequences are what can happen.

    1. A half-way decent looking blond with resources and privilege that boozed, drugged, and f*cked her teens, 20s, and 30s away isn’t an accomplishment.

      1. She looks messed up(probably from all those drugs). I wouldn’t even want to touch her.

        1. According to Leviticus, you would be unclean. It would take more than animal sacrifices to redeem yourself.

        2. That’s why I used “half-way decent” she burned herself out and threw away whatever natural talents or gifts she had. As someone said before she could have easily found a good beta husband (and started a family) at 22 years-old but drugs and partying were more important.

        3. She was divorced. So she had found a beta simp in her 20s, she just never stuck for the kids and building a family part. She was a wasted life that lived a dangerous YOLO lifestyle which resulted in the very predictable negative outcome. she wan’t going to last long in any case, it was just a question of what would get her first; a black thug one night stand drug dealer, or an overdose.

      2. Most of them, instead of getting killed, find a simp.
        Remember: If a woman won’t give you her best years, you are not required to be there for her worst.
        All that woman had in her future was a stretched pussy and looking 60 at the age of 40.

        1. Half of these women over 40 are left to their own. I see them out, often, in these little groups drinking wine and faking how they are having a good time. All in all, they are miserable bitches who let the best years go, no kids, no family and put career before everything.
          Now, no man wants to have kids with them (too many younger women out there for kids) so they all gather together to drink their pain away.

    2. And yet the Eat Pray Love female traveller character is quite old in our society. In the nineteenth century, English Victorian women with money were always leaping onboard a steamship to visit faraway locations on extended vacations. You have to wonder how many of them met the same fate as this woman, but were swept under the rug of history, totally forgotten.
      Regarding Disney princesses: it ain’t brainwashing, and it ain’t new either. As long as there have been little girls, they have had fascination with princesses. This ancient phenomenon speaks more to the innate female desire — strong in some, weak in others — to adorn oneself and win the admiration of other women. That’s millions of years deep.

      1. One of the most interesting classes I took in college was based on “Enlightenment” era European lit – Swift, Rousseau, etc.
        The guy who taught it was gay but I think he was a closet shitlord, because he used the class to bring up all these parallels between that time and ours.
        The aristocratic women were spoiled do nothings who went around with little poodles from one party to the next and the men were dandy boy faggots.
        I’m not doing it justice, but the similarities were striking.

        1. Ah, be careful: that’s the classic gambit of these slimy homos and their feminazi counter-prats in the academia: the stealthy brainwashing and re-writing of history; employing the ninjutsu arts on students. You see, what the degenerate prof was doing was a subtle form of brainwashing by “normalizing” the present-day cuntification of society, and its deliberate causing of collapse toward barbarism.
          In essence, the cocksuka (not an insult, but a factual attribute) was saying “cheeeel, homies, this shit was always happening. So relax, dawg, and pass the spliff, essai.” No. No it was not. Back in the Victorian era, only an exceedingly small number of women engaged in such depravity. A tiny minority of less than one percent. Yes, whoredom existed back then, but most women cherished family values and worked hard all their lives to raise healthy well-adjusted families.
          So anytime you hear some cunt academic “drawing” historical parallels between our current degenerate and debauched era and some prior one, RED flags should go up, along with the two middle fingers: it’s a sleazy, slimy, and stealthy attempt to “normalize” their sluttish and demonic enterprise i.e. “no worries folks, it’s always been like this”. No you cunt; no it has not. Do not fall for it.

        2. Interesting take…
          I see where you’re coming from, and I saw plenty of that exact same shit – mostly from lesbo profs.
          This guy wasn’t openly homo though, I actually just kind of guess he was gay.
          His way of approaching the subject was more along the lines of pointing out this ridiculous degeneracy and faggotry and sort of leaving the connections to modern day life sort of between the lines…
          He wasn’t glorifying it, he showed it as a sign of decadence.
          And yes, you’re right it was only the tiny tip top aristocratic elite that behaved this way during the 1700s – it wasn’t widespread like today.

        3. Ewan, you need to study a little more history. The Victorian view of women as pedastalized homemakers, nearly holy vessels, was a middle-class ideal promulgated by the tastemakers of the day. (The same way that you-go-girl feminism is being promulgated by twenty-first century tastemakers.)
          Working-class women, who made up the bulk of the population, then as now, didn’t even bother to reach for that brass ring. They knew they couldn’t touch it. They lived filthy ordinary lives, as always.
          It may offend you, but women behaving badly have always been present at various times throughout history. The Russian Revolution, for example, saw a huge increase in sluttishness.
          Not making excuses for anybody. This is just the way it has been at various times of immense social change.

        4. We’re saying the same thing: perhaps I was not clear. Yes, there’s nothing new under the sun, except …
          Except that the debauched behaviour we see today by a sizeable number of women, though certainly not all, is a much larger **percentage** than say Victorian times, or Caligula’s Rome, or Moscow circa 1920 … It’s the proportion that is far higher today than ever before. Put another way: today the girl’s behaviour is considered the “norm”; one hundred and fifty years ago, it was only the “fringes” i.e. upper class middle-aged women.

        5. One of the cleverest techniques of rationalizing, vindicating, and justifying today’s corrupt and deviant morality and lack of virtues is through a rather stealthy form of historical revisionism, where the historical record is grossly misrepresented, and then that lie is used to perpetuate today’s agenda … along the lines of “don’t worry, it’s always been like this”, as already stated above.
          It’s extremely effective because it completely demoralizes, albeit subconsciously, any viable resistance to the degeneracy. Imagine if you were seriously unsettled by what you see, were willing to change yourself and try to enlighten those around you, and then a deceitful “expert” or authority figure “convinced” you that “there’s nothing new under the sun, and things are as they have always been.” It’s utterly deflating, and highly persuasive in stunting any positive action.
          Best and most glaring example: TV show MadMen. It’s (or was) the most grotesque form of historical revisionism that justified so much of today’s filth. In essence, it presented 1950’s and 1960’s America as a perfect mirror image of the stale, corrupt, immoral, vile, unprincipled landscape we find ourselves in today. Why? Well, to say “don’t worry about it, it’s always been like this.” Except NOT. No. Absolutely NOT. Not only were the 50’s and 60’s not as the world of MadMen, but the exact opposite. How do you think this country became what it became? Sure, there has always been cheating men, or men (and women) of disreputable character; but they were the fringe and not your average Joe.
          I highly recommend Gordon S. Wood’s “Revolutionary Characters” to see how utterly different the Founding Fathers perceived and thought about virtue, high character, ethics, and their place in the world. To them, as well as men and women in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s … character meant something; virtue meant something; moral courage meant something. It’s a gross form of historical revisionism to slyly push the ideology of “things are as they’ve always been.” Be on guard against it.

        6. Best comment! Should have 100 upvotes. People who compare victorian women with modern skanks have their asses totally backwards.

        7. Thanks, pal. You obviously have deep intellectual and spiritual discernment. As I said, it ‘s an extremely effective, devious, and *clever* method, or more like a weapon, that even the most ardent and tested veteran falls for. Unless one is actively guarding against it, it’s exceedingly easy to be fooled by it, because it’s so insidious and subtle.
          There’s a massive cosmic war between Good and evil, and we’re playing out a mere microcosm of it. The tactics of manipulation, deceit, and dissimulation at the disposal of evil is endless, and often very effective at first, because the Good, being pure at heart, simply can’t fathom or perceive subterfuge until the damage has been done. Exhibit A: today’s United States, the centre of global tyranny, versus what it was at its founding … The Republic of Liberty.

        8. Yes, it’s ALMOST approaching the degeneracy of the Wiemar Republic.
          Just a cohencidence, of course.

    3. Women will read the same stories over and over and over. They will not get bored with them. It is a drug, taking the same hit. They are emotion and drama addicts. It’s that simple. The want ‘feels’. “Feel” is the number one priority of 95% of women. Feel, feel, feel, feel.

    4. Until they are majoring in a useful field in college, they should not attend. Nor should they have the right to get a free pass to do anything they want such as whore out in public, color their hair different colors, etc. and expect everyone to be okay with it. The modern woman has been coddled too much that they can’t ever grow up and end up being perpetual adolescents for a long period of time. And this even happens past 30 when they start hitting the wall.

    5. Well said, pal. Excellently penned, and brilliant insight. It’s the slow, or not-so-slow, cuntification of our society and civilization, with the inevitable total collapse toward outright barbarism. It’s no accident that these same skanks and whores openly invite the savage hordes from the deserts of Arabia to populate Europe: both aim at total destruction of European civilization, and the heralding of a new Dark Age of barbarity.
      One thing: please do not refer to the event as *tragic*. I’ve pointed out above repeatedly that it’s most definitely *not* tragic, by the very definition of the word and concept, when an individual consciously, purposefully, and deliberately **chooses** a course of events that entail a set of consequences. It’s important that we use the correct terminology in delineating the notions and ideas, because this is exactly how the cunts subvert language and thought. There’s nothing “tragic” about a skank going off on a drug-fuelled sex-romp at a sex-club (yes, it was/is a notorious sex club) and then inviting a pimp/drug dealer from the establishment for more of the same at her place, then getting in an argument over the cost of the cocaine and heroine with him. Gee, I wonder what could go wrong?

  6. This, my friends, is why I ended up avoiding American teens and college kids whenever​ I went to Juarez to party and instead stick to the clubs where Mexican juniors partied. Too many dumb jocks and sluts behaving like morons thinking they got the YOLO lifestyle figured out. Instead they end up beaten, robbed, drugged, and raped.
    True story. Once on the Americas Bridge coming back from Juarez I actually saw what looked like a U.S. soldier coming back from clubbing get beat up by one of those street kids who insist to clean your windshield or try to sell you Chiklets. The funny part was the kid wasn’t more than 5 foot 5 tall and the soldier looked 6 foot 2. And when a service member gets his ass handed to him by a poor third world kid, you know what happens to American women who are dumb as rocks.

    1. I do the same. If you can hang with locals, do it, it best to avoid the Americans and non-locals.

    2. “True story.”
      The general sentiment of mainstream Americans is they will win any war they get involved in, but stories like that make me cringe at the thought of America getting into a mix-up with Russia or China….

  7. “…but how about preventing further deaths like this?”
    Simple, and well stated in the article, we should just stop idealizing this kind of reckless behavior. Reckless behavior is…reckless and leads to bad things. Prudence, on the other hand, is the ideal. This really gets to me. In these “modern times” the liberals disregard, if not, chastise people who through things like prudence and restraint climb their way out of poverty or something like that. liberals, like people who live recklessly a la hunter s. thompson’s gonzo lifestyle. Now, hunter’s humble beginnings notwithstanding, most celeb degenerates actually come from privileged backgrounds and even if they didn’t find themselves in extraordinarily rare circumstances…such as becoming a pop music star. The odds that we work for rolling stone or become a billboard “artists” are exceptionally rare, yet, it seems as though our cultural “values” presume that its just a matter of discussing this with your guidance counselor and choosing “rich and famous movie or music star” as your major.

  8. And to put more examples, check out this moron looking for Thai hookers get beat up by a gaggle of women who he thought were hookers. Check out the badass Muay Thai kicks he gets. And if those ladies aren’t empowered, then I don’t know what they are. Too bad he’s a guy. Still a moron, but if he had a vagina, he would have gotten some sympathy.

      1. Holy shit didn’t think of that. Coming to think about it, if they were, could be worse. He would have recreated that nasty scene from The Hangover 2.

        1. I have a friend that traveled to Cambodia to teach english, she’s been all over that area. She said ladyboys are worse than women. There is a local water fight that goes down once a year (i think) and she squirted a ladyboy with a water gun, not knowing said ladyboy wanted nothing to do with the water fight. You’d figure a local would know when the whole town is having a fucking annual water fight and would stay home. Anyways, this thing got super pissed at my friend for getting its hair wet and full on attacked her, pulling her hair and punching her in the face ha. Either way, I think true tv isn’t telling the true story behind the video.

        2. Now, assuming they were ladyboys, and they rejected his advances by beating him up. It says how douchy and beta American guys have become when they can’t even score with trannies.

    1. What’s the real reason this was posted on truTV?
      This will not discourage males from going to Thailand, no matter how much the feminazis hate it.

  9. I’m surprised there aren’t more Ted Bundy incidents in the West. These women are stupid.

  10. Behold, the feminist dream. Independence for many people just means perpetual adolescence. This woman could have married at 25, and had 10 years of a stable home life behind her bringing up her kids, with a loving husband coming home every evening.
    Just checked out her Instagram, her motto on it is “Live free or die”. Her account is full of the same vacuous adolescent posturing that most social media is made up of. Emotionally she was a 35 year old teenager. Like a big percentage of the population these days.
    A few pitctures down I found this little gem….irony alert folks:


    A post shared by Ashley Olsen (@ashleyannolsen) on

    1. I guess no guy could give her that tingle between the legs she desired.
      I bet this chick was one of those freaks that liked to be choked really hard during sex. Maybe she forgot the code word to end the roleplaying.

      1. they all are…whether they tell you or not, they are….whether they follow through with it or not…they are….every last one of them,

      1. Yep. Another ’empowered’ slut down. Also, if you read the comments, you can see people point out that her friends weren’t even looking for her. Well, exactly, that’s the point. She got the treatment that she deserved.

        1. Not dressed for the elements…..rhetorical overdrive.
          Still her fault she died, but man, those are shitty friends, letting her go like that. Better to have honorable enemies than friends like these.

        2. I have zero doubt that these were the friends she wanted. Actual real friends were probably not cool enough for her.

        3. In all fairness, none of them were cool enough. That’s why they have to resort to blatant and reckless drunkenness

      2. It’s a good thing. Broken women create broken kids, passing their dysfunction on for generations. The more of these kinds of people die childless, the better.

        1. I don’t know….as a non breeder I am looking forward to the whole new crop of 18 year olds with daddy issues this year.

        2. I can’t really argue you on this. The problem existed and was pretty much cemented before I had anything to do with it, but yes….I don’t help at all and, if anything, exacerbate it. However, I at least made a conscious decision to do so. I mean that. I really thought about what role I would take and decided I would rather get some last minute kicks as the ship sinks than try to polish the brass on the railings.
          I am not saying I made the right decision, but I made my decision. The bigger problem, in my book, is people who never even think about it.

        3. Yep. In my naive early twenties, I had a girlfriend just like this bitch. Nobody was going to tell her anything when she was drunk. “Don’t drive, you’re drunk”.
          “Fffffuuuck you!”
          I had to hide her keys on numerous occasions. Then she’d try to fight me for them, physically attack me. Her cunt enabler bestie would side with her. “Give her her keys. You have no right…”
          Then she’d lock herself in the bathroom for hours on end. Years later, she calls me, asks for money. Five seconds into my uncontrollable laughter, she hung up. Guess where she is today? DEAD. Drug overdose. She sure was strong and independent, though.

        4. Well, respect for admitting it at least. I can’t even say it was the wrong choice in any empirical sense, but I still want society to improve. Historically it never does once we reach the point we are at, but this is also the first time in history that we have enough information and knowledge to turn things around. The only thing missing is the choice to do so.

        5. I am sympathetic to your position and it really did cause me a lot of consternation to make my decision….but that is what men do…look at their options, make the best choice they can and then don’t look back.
          I don’t think the world can be saved. I am 100% sure that if it can be saved that I am not the one to save it.
          I do wish the best for people who give it a shot. Of course, I ultimately think they will be frustrated in their attempts and wind up miserable at their failure but if I am wrong, and I certainly hope I am, I don’t think anyone will kick up too much of a fuss over me.

        6. This is why regions with harsh winters that kill the stupid give rise to better civilizations.
          You need only compare the hardcore Norse to the frivolous decadent Romans who pissed an empire away.

        7. Yes, but I think war and harsh climate are the antidote against decadence.
          Look at Russia.

        8. Well you could still use the time you’re not wiping a baby’s butt to prepare yourself for the last stand and become a unique tough mutahfuckah.
          That’s what I try to do.

        9. I do… terms of living a good and regimented life. I do both strength and endurance training and have a background in amateur boxing which I try to keep in practice with. I am not sure that that makes me unique in my tough muthafuckahness, but it does make me tough.
          That said, I know that a lot of people on this forum are predicting that civilization will grind to a screeching halt sooner rather than later. Many of those men have good reasoning and rationality, but I really don’t think that there will come a time in my life where I am going to need to fend for myself.
          Now, if you will excuse me I need to arrange for people to come to my apartment and take my dirty clothes so they can go wash them 🙂

        10. The western economy is estimated to implode cirka 2020. That will cause riots and increases in crime. As an isolated event, that would be tough but temporary.
          Add endlessly increasing numbers of aggressive sand people who want to kill us to the mix, most of whom are here to get free stuff, and things just get messy.

        11. All of this is true, but I think that the panoptical nature of economic slavery where by an all knowing all powerful force keeps people in luxury slavery is big enough and powerful enough to let people who want to ignore what is going on continue to ignore it for generations to come.

        12. Sweden did give rise to a great civilization….but then, like all great civilizations, collapsed on itself.
          Nothing last forever in the cold novermber rains.

        13. You don’t think decadence exists in Russia? The very moment these oligarchs got their money they started doing insanely decadent things with it. They are just as bad, if not worse than the arabs who are shitting on white girls faces for fun on yachts in dubai.
          I have 4 words for you. Opulence, I has it.
          I don’t personally know any of these guys, but I have seen them both in Manhattan and in their haunts on Brighton Beach and this is totally realistic.

        14. that was funny…but out of curiosity…why are you wiping babies butts?

        15. Is that where vladmir putin keeps his interns?
          That mini pet giraffe cost more than the women.

        16. Putin is a rare breed. His KGB training taught him how to be civilized. He isn’t the new money that the russian oligarchs represent. He has been doing just fine for a very long time. The guys who basically strong armed themselves into being oil billionaires right after the fall are anything but subtle.

        17. Mathematically impossible. Welfare handouts are going to cease once the money runs out, and the supply of tax payers keeps shrinking relative to tax receivers. The only way to reverse it is to either switch to hardcore capitalism or to get the birth rate north of 2.1 and then wait 20 years.

        18. Well those people were dumb. Or rather, unaware of how the amygdala functions. Anything that increases violence promotes civilization, things that make life easier hurts it.

        19. Never said decadence isn’t in Russia. Russia is however in many ways the least decadent place on earth for now.

        20. You are right, but I think it is only because the money is in the hands of such a small amount of people. If you look at the percentage of decadence just among the russians who can afford it it is nearly 100% with a +/- of Putin….and before we say he isn’t decadent…please remember that he drives around in a submarine and wrestles bears and shit. My original point was simply that the harsh weather and conditions wasn’t a cure for the decadence…the only thing that cures the decadence is not being able to afford it.

        21. It is funny, my grandmother once told me that refrigeration was the reason there were no more families. It is the very root of not needing a wife who is going to wake up in the morning, make breakfast and then, when you leave for work, spend all day trying to get dinner on the table and the house clean just in the nick of time.

        22. I think we could argue that Putin is opulent, but isn’t decadent since he at least try to maintain a manly “warrior elite” -style public image, as opposed to the effeminate western elite.

        23. I will give you that for Putin. But again, remember that Putin isn’t one of these guys who all of a sudden became successful overnight. He had a very successful career even before the fall,

        24. But it allows a 5″4 120 lbs woman to take out her 6″5 200 lbs aggressor.
          It makes the physical effort to attain the goal of killing easier, in the same way electricity makes the effort to produce heat and light easier.

        25. I know. I don’t idealize him. In fact I think elites should stop being hipocritical about their wealth. One way or the other the rich’s going to rule.
          I also think a wealthy leader with principles is harder to buy, and can be more faithful to his country.
          That’s why I love monarchy as it was the only system that could create such an elite.

        26. agreed there 100%.
          The problem with a very wealthy leader with principles that is hard to buy is that you have to make sure they are the right principles.

        27. Also, I totally agree with an old style monarchy or oligarchy. For every absurd lunatic you get you will have dozens of well meaning, strong leaders and an occasional genius.
          The odds aren’t any worse.

        28. As I often say :
          All the worst French kings put together are very far from topping the French Republic’s bodycount when she got moody.

        29. haha i didn’t see that before. now i has a new catchphrase ,)
          i was reminded of “london daygame buffoon”, johnny cassell –

        30. Monsieur, I think you’d enjoy Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s books
          Maybe Hoppe’s “Democracy: The God that Failed”

        31. The US of A has lots of cold and the same things are happening as happened in Ancient Rome with regard to rise of empire from a prosperous republic and the collapse of the economy, society, and ultimately the cause, the government.

        32. He didn’t kill the West, he’s just one of the 10’s/100’s of millions of bottom feeders tearing into the carcass.
          Getting mad at guys like this is pointless. Got to get angry and do something about the source and root: the people engineering our society to destroy it.

        33. Personally I am still undecided on weather or not to go full into debauchery and nihilism… I am still holding out hope that all my effort into self improving and mastery of self is going to pay off as I mature and get older…hmmmmmm!!!

        34. You ever watch ‘Money Masters’? Its very illuminating. Money is an agreement of society as a means of consolidating and storing energy as a means of easy, universal transactions.
          Leaving such a powerful concept as money completely open to manipulation by those who understand the inherent concept behind money, is just begging to get fucked. Just drop the soap and open up the lube tube already!!!

        35. At least you are thinking about it. There are other alternatives. Dedicating yourself to things of your own creation is neither debaucherous or, necessarily, nihilistic — narcissistic yes

        36. “This is why regions with harsh winters that kill the stupid give rise to better civilizations.
          “You need only compare the hardcore Norse to the frivolous decadent Romans who pissed an empire away.”
          The Norse were just barbarians who had a few good centuries of raiding. Nothing really notable about them as far as barbarians go, other than being nautical barbarians. They eventually became civilized under the influence of Heterodoxy but never really amounted to anything because: Heterodoxy.
          The Roman empire on the other hand lasted until 1453 and the civilization itself survived even beyond that as Russia.
          You’re still thinking of history from the western European perspective, which like the Swedes and other Nordics, no longer matters, in fact never did, other than objective lessons in what not to do.

        37. Please don’t confuse real Russians with Russian JEWS, the latter of which makes up the majority of “Russians” in the west.
          And like everywhere, they are the oligarchs and have all the money. Decadent with a Capital D.

        38. If you really believe that, then your definition of “degenerate” must differ from most of us here.

        39. God… can you read??? I said MOST, not ALL. And I stand by my comment, and that MOST of the readers here would disagree with your claim that Russia is as degenerate as they come.
          I can only conclude that you don’t understand what degeneracy means, in all its forms, in a society. It’s more than just slutty women, tinkerbell.

        40. ‘Dedicating yourself to things of your own creation is neither debaucherous or, necessarily, nihilistic — narcissistic yes’
          Good call!

      3. I’ve actually seen middle school girls with the same outfits around here out in the cold, minus the piercings. True, West Texas winter isn’t exactly Minnesota winter, but you get the point.

      4. If some white knight had run out to save her, she probably would have screamed “Don’t touch me!” while doing that cuntish arm-swing walk (you’ll see it every time).
        My response to those situations is to let them go (and die) because, well, that’s exactly how expendable I have been all my life and women want to be treated like men so there you go.

      5. The world owed her a living
        Or so she had been taught
        And all the men were no concern
        Save for their straining cocks
        And in them she’d find daddy
        And she’d make sure that he came
        And to these men she never knew
        She always cried his name
        She knew they didn’t love her
        As she didn’t love herself
        But fooled herself that drama
        Made her special from everyone else
        In truth, cheaply she’d sold her value
        And it weighed upon her soul
        So she started drinking
        Yet couldn’t fill the hole
        The nights went by so quickly
        But don’t bother her to recall
        She spitefully became a turnstile
        Or perhaps a blowup doll
        Her life she’d all but wasted
        ‘Til waste was all she had
        Except for many more piercings
        To signal she was “bad”
        Her Besties thought it funny
        And kept messing with her head
        And between the tats and cuttings
        She liked pretending she was dead
        She bent to take the final straw
        And saw her reflection crack
        At last she ended as she chose
        Laid somewhere on her back
        “End of a Party Girl”

        1. Bernie Sanders, the ultimate White Knight, is going to save all of these types. Just ask the Jezebelles.

        2. That woman in the corner – cold playin’ the role
          Leave her ass in the corner till her feet get cold
          Knowin’ for a fact – that girl is whacked
          If you hold your hand out – she’ll turn her back
          Better walk, don’t talk – she’s all pretend
          Can’t be her friend unless you spend
          Wall to wall – after all
          Get ready to throw only money at the bitch
          Cause she thinks she’s so-

        1. What a tragically wasted life! She could have made so much more of herself in a plethora amount of ways.
          I want to take this opportunity (albeit it is a bit late) to send you my best wishes for a happy, healthy, joyous, and prosperous New Year with many happy returns of the day and long lives for you and your loved ones to enjoy it with!
          Most sincerely, and with love,
          Rebecca 😉

    2. Well, we know “who stopped her”.
      She had it coming. Yes, I said that. Actions have consequences. A woman can spend her entire life consequence free, until she gets herself killed.
      A man can have one bad day on the job and end up homeless. You don’t see men fucking the dog like this as often. You see broken hapless men who screwed up everywhere, but nobody is paying their rent because penis don’t get the rent paid.
      Good riddance, stupid selfish cunt.

      1. Perhaps she didn’t deserve to die, but is the world any worse off? She was cheating on her BF, getting drunk and drugging up (i’m sure she was productive to society), and even used her hookups like a dick in a jar, telling them to scram. Put the race issue aside, and it’s just a low-quality woman getting a Darwin Award.

      2. Lmao. I’m glad she’s dead. She got the world she wanted.
        Hell yea on one less piece of shit in the world.

      3. I agree with you. White women who date or marry black men are 12 times more likely to be victims of domestic violence than those who stick with white men.
        You burn the coal, you pay the toll.

        1. Unfortunately, that is a true statistic. This can be correlated to a higher percentage of black men being in prison than other races.

        2. Scott/TyDaMan, link the research guys. I don’t know if this is a real stat or not, but in general, correlation does not imply causation.

        3. Who had more motive, the African or the Italian? Be ‘DaMan’ by embracing logic on this one ..

        4. Google is your friend, you lazy boy. If you want me to look it up for you, I charge $200 an hour for research. Some lawyers charge even more than I do.

        5. So what you are saying is you don’t have evidence or data to back up your fraudulent claims. Here’s a tip, free of charge: Post your stats or expect people to mock you.

        6. No, what I am saying is that I don’t dance to the tune of people I don’t know. The stats to back up what I say are out there. And I know you have internet access, or you wouldn’t be posting here. Do your own f__king research, you lazy bastard.

        7. Why would I waste my time researching fraudulent claims? You can’t post stats, therefore your claim is BS. Simple as that. As far as lazy, yes, I am lazy, because my time is worthwhile…I don’t waste it looking up claims of “stats” by some random anonymous poster.

        8. My claim is not fraudulent. You just wish it was. I suspect you are either black, liberal, or both. So it rankles you. Well, as I said before, I don’t take orders from, as you put it, some “random anonymous poster”. Don’t bother responding to this post. Further posts from you on this topic will be ignored.

        9. It is because you can’t show a simple stat to support your argument. It’s like arguing the world is flat and expecting everyone to accept it as fact. That’s just ridiculous. So now I’m black, liberal or a combination of both because I happen to call you out on your inability to show evidence? Is that the right wing way…yell and argue loudly without evidence and hope people take it as the truth? I asked for a simple stat…you can’t provide that…whether you ignore this response or not, it just proves that you do not have a leg to stand on.

        10. go look up some rape & crime stats, then come back to us. All you have to do after your research is tell us who the perpetrator is the majority of the time, Einstein. Look up what a hypothesis is, then attempt to form one here.

        11. Burn the coal You pay the the troll, sorry couldn’t help myself. While I never rejoice in the death of another this woman had the junkie look, hard to explain but you’ll know it when you been around the block a few times.

        12. Agreed, tired of people making claims then mocking someone for challenging them with google is friend, etc. The evidence burden falls upon person making the claim without it your statement is an opinion.

        13. He is black and he’s frustrated about the truth. He’s lashing out at you and it makes him feel better.

        1. Well they have 5 days left and they are over 90,000+ short of the 100,000 they need to garner in the one month period of the petition. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

    3. Frankly, I’m more concerned about her dog than what happened to Olsen. Let’s hope that beagle ends up in a happy Italian home.

    4. And the media is complicit in the future death of women who follow in this girl’s footsteps. Rather than being able to apply the male perspective of subjective rational evaluation of her life and situation and conclude that women should avoid following in her footsteps, she is lauded as a model victim of men and society at large. She’s a martyr for the yolo narrative and her tragic end will be of no value to teach younger generations to avoid sticking their hand on the hot burner of the stove.

      1. “Tragic”? There’s hardly anything “tragic” about a 35yr old female living as if she’s 12. She consciously and purposefully chose to live like a skank, which strongly suggests that she was a first-rate cunt. Ever hear of a guy named Newton and his laws? Well, she’s certainly “Exhibit A” for one of the laws of the Universe.

        1. Take a chill pill dick. Her demise is tragic, as it was not a direct result of her lifestyle. She neither murdered herself nor committed suicide. She was murdered. That’s even pointed out in the article. If you were murdered, I would consider it tragic as well without diluting the choice of words by judging you by your lifestyle outside of the event.
          Jesus. You kids kill me with your hair-trigger keyboards. Put your dick back in your pants and realize that I used the word tragic correctly. Murder is tragic. Now, if she has died as a result of chocking on her own vomit after a bender, then I’d choose a different word, like stupid.
          Yeah, I know Newton, Einstein, Maxwell, Hawking, et al. What’s your point? Don’t be such a child. You’re pampers sag when you wet yourself with such vapid rhetoric.

        2. Great, here we go .. .another pussy mangina. Look, asshole, stop being a dumb jerk-off, and shed the yolk of imbecility that’s enveloping you: you see, the most insidious feature of the cuntification of society is that it infects the mind and critical thinking faculties to the point where dumb chumps like you can’t separate “facts” from mere “opinion”, or logically follow a reasoned argument to its end. A “mangina” is not a term of insult; it describes a state of mind, a man thinking and acting like a pussy; like you, essentially. Let me clarify, you dumb fuck:
          Perhaps you don’t know the FACTS of the story, but she was alone at a notorious sex-club. She then picks up a known PIMP, yes, that’s a *pimp*, brings him over to her place, have more drug-fuelled sex, then they actually get into an argument over the price of the drugs consumed. He says the bill is “x”, she says “go fuck yourself”. Gee, I wonder what could go wrong? You dig, you dumb fuck? Stop emulating faggots or act like that mofo pussy Ryan Gosling thinking you’re some fucking pathetic white knight. Grow a pair, be a man, or as eye-talians say “get da fuck atta hea!” You fucking cabrõn. Go to Buzzfeed where your type belongs.
          If you can’t take it like a man, then seriously, fuck off, pal. The last thing we need around here are she-males going off on their homosexual rants coming to the rescue of skanks and whores. Once again, “get da fuck atta hea” – Eye-talian saying.

        3. Bwahahaha.
          You’re the kind of commentary kiddie who give the boy-o-sphere it’s name. Keep posting junior. I’m sure it’s entertaining to some, if it’s weren’t so banal.

        4. Look, pal, cry for the skank all you want. All I can say is: “Ding, dong, the cunt is dead! Ding, dong, the cunt is dead!” … with glee, and a big fucking smile on my face. And you?!? So “get da fuck atta hea”, before I get your sorry faggot ass banned from the site.

        5. Sometimes murder is cause for celebration. Depends who is doing the murdering, and who is the murdee. Murderee. Whatever.
          People are not equal, and the death of certain kinds of people is a benefit.

        6. Now you have exposed yourself for what you are. A murder who can justify his/her actions in the right set of circumstances.
          I will also conjecture you take pleasure in the murder of the right types/classes of people by certain parties who are entitled or otherwise justified in murdering them.
          This is a classic symptom of sociopathy. you want to get that mole on your soul checked out.

        7. Wow, you have the vocabulary of a 13 year old hormonal teenager. It’s kind of embarrassing reading your posts. C$nt this, Skank that, most of your posts include this language…shameful. I’m guessing you must be a lonely man, yelling about skanks and sluts and beta males while they succeed and you continue to fail. The world isn’t fair to losers like you is it?
          Here’s some advice: Stop being an angry, insecure and whiny child and write like an adult. At least try to act like one.

    5. I believe that is a quote from the fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Obviously going to be miss applied on some clueless girls facebook feed. The original quote was from the character Howard Roark in regards to his architectural ambitions. Not about going eat pray love in italy.

    6. The bigger problem I see is the media holding up these women as if they are a great role models. This woman was pretty much a junkie, she bounced from place to place looking for a good time (and getting it any way that she could).
      Things with south and now she’s dead. It’s sad how the media goes after anything for ratings (money, more viewers). There is no integrity any longer.

    7. to sum up things : an emotionaly retarded drug-addict leftist and willing-to-cheat 35yo woman died from having sex with a refugee, just for the sake of her bullshit ideology.
      good riddance, nobody here will regret her.

    8. Looks like she “lived free and died”.
      Actually I think a better example of someone who actually did kill themselves by “living the life” was Amy Winehouse.

    9. I feel really bad for the dog. Is this the reward for loyalty, a master who is careless with all your lives?

    10. Why does she have to want to be married and have children? And if a woman doesn’t want those things, she deserves to be murdered?

    11. and the perpetual adolescent males who bang whores in SE Asia? You have no words for them (PS more than a few get murdered each year) But of course, they were “driven there by fat feminist bitches”. Uh huh. Are they also not into monogamy?

      1. I said independence for many ‘people’; not ‘women’, for a reason. I of course know adult age men who are perpetual adolescents, and many of them don’t get as far as whore banging, as they are glued to their playstations. But the article wasn’t about the, so why would my post be?

  11. Thrill seeking, drugged out skank bites the big one. Hmmmmm……nope, ain’t feelin’ it. She found what she was looking for. NEXT!

  12. White american women have this sense of entitlement that doesn’t sync up with the real world. Its like they think Sex and The City should be the way the world works. Using tinder for travel sex… what could go wrong there? She could have been strengthening her relationship with her beta male boyfriend but that wouldn’t have given her the same tingles. Hope the 15 minutes of sex with a slightly bigger cock was worth it for her.

      1. no, i think the assumption is that his cock is bigger comes from the fact that she left whomever she was to go fuck someone else….she wasn’t looking for something smaller….I don’t see race playing a role in this.

    1. You should be right, but I don’t think you are. The problem is that because of the thirst of beta men, more often than not their sense of entitlement DOES sync up to the real world. If it didn’t it would disappear. Sad.

      1. She probably believed she always had a beta male boyfriend to come back to, even while she sucked off other guys on the side.

        1. But that is just it…..she did have a beta male boyfriend. She could take all the cocks she wanted and he would be there. She wasn’t delusional. She had an accurate world view in a world where men have become huge pussy’s

  13. I feel bad for her boyfriend. Who knows how with how many other men the deceased was having relations.
    Sounds like STD city.

    1. His choice, his consequences to bear. He lucked out, at least he didn’t have time to marry her.

      1. True, he should be grateful that he, albeit indirectly, dodged a bullet. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt as to not being aware of the deceased’s fooling around.

  14. Who cares what she did in her private life…a woman was murdered. That’s the issue, not her personal vices.

    1. What she did in her private life led to her own murder.
      Deal with it!
      I can’t decide to be a drug dealer or an illegal arms dealer (in my private life) and not think something bad might happen to me one day.
      If you act like a cockroach, then one day, you are going to get stepped on.

    2. Basically, she was a skank. She was murdered for mudsharking. Inevitable. So, she doesn’t matter. NEXT!

      1. She made mistakes, I’m not disagreeing there. But again, a woman was murdered. She didn’t die from drug overdose, at least from what I read.

        1. Auto erotic asphyxia……the way I read it. She was into near death sex……some might call that bone head stupid…….others might call it suicidal. Fact is, don’t really care. She had a lot of chances.

        2. She was into autoerotic asphyxia. There were no struggle marks on the choking rope. She was into high risk sexual situations. With an illegal Senegalese dope dealer, who had a growing record with the police. She hung out in a dive close to her house, and took this guy home with her. THEN…..she goes on to kick him out in the morning.
          She apparently had suicidal tendencies. Or was a natural born fool. So, she was looking for death, and she found it.

    3. Do I have to repost the Bestgore article with the dismembered narcogirlfriend again to make our point?

      1. A lot of times when you hear of Americans getting savagely murdered in the developing world, they were doing something sketchy if you do enough digging.
        How can some old farts with some money go to some banana republic and live a happy hedonistic lifestyle, and nothing ever happens to them; yet many guys in their 20s with the same amount of money always find trouble or the grim reaper in paradise?

        1. Good point. After all, no one in their right mind would murder an American nilly willy for two reasons. For one, for better or worse, American tourists do bring much needed revenue. Two, the U.S. government still holds certain power. While I highly doubt Obama will “send in the Marines” on this one, expect State to give the Italians a hard time. As for old fogeys making it abroad, three reasons. One, at their age, they should know better. Pure wisdom. Two, they tend to keep a low profile. Three, especially with rich people, they have money and influence to get themselves out of sticky situations, be it things, from not paying taxes to banging teen girls.

        2. Most third world touristy spots do their best to keep their customers away from the local riff-raff, and vice versa.

        3. True, except there’s always the dumbasses who stray far. They’re the ones getting into trouble.

    4. You’re right. She’s a victim. The choices she made in her personal life in no way whatsoever contributed to her murder.

      1. I guess no use rationalizing with people who dislike black people so much. I’m guessing anything but white is wrong right?

  15. “Was Ashley Olsen a good person? Probably.” WHAT? She is a typical western slut. I am glad she died. She was also a drug addict, so who cares anyway?

    1. She was 35 , lived off her brother , had a job handing out flyers for a night club, and died at the hands of some national geographic aboriginal looking goof. Totally grade A morals

      1. Agreed. The guy was a sketchy illegal. A Senegalese football star or businessman wouldn’t have touched that skank.

  16. White feminist entitlement. Man, that’s something to see. Mudsharking with a drug dealer is a death wish.

  17. Hearing this news is certainly tragic…. This article only provides hearsay in regards to her lifestyle, although admittedly, the assumptions made by the author are most likely correct. Still, men do not besmearch the dead, that shit is bush league, and commonly found on sites like gawker. The lesson from this is that this is just another symptom of a breakdown between men and women in the west. American women, if provided a better education and understanding of the world, while also the majority of man-children in this country actually became men, we might not have this problem. The reality though is that for us men, too many girls are either fat or over-saturated with all of that you-go-girl propaganda, that the majority of unawakened or non natural guys don’t even try. Even if they aren’t self proclaimed mgtows, they might as well be. Thusly, this leads to a situation for the girls, where there is a dearth of quality men, so they go seek excitement in foreign countries.

    1. Is there dearth of quality men? Judging from her last mate selection a quality man wasn’t her top priority. Third wave feminism tells women to seek out degenerate alpha males because it gives them the tingles. She almost looks like she could clean up and put on a dress and be a guest at friends wedding. But in the back of her lizard brain she’s riding the cock carousel to oblivion.

      1. Said it before…
        Why should I be obligated to give the best years of my life (mid 30s to mid 50s) to a woman that has not given me the best years of her life (late teens to early 30s) to me?

        1. Exactly. If a woman doesn’t want or can’t give you her best years – then she gets nexted.

      2. I’m guessing all she saw in the dark of the night club were eyes and teeth…. that darkness…. the absolute opposite of her near albino appearance….. her attraction to the exotic tall dark man…. with a supply of narcotics…. what has he in his pants?…… is he packing an Alabama black snake?…. takes him home to find out…. maybe didn’t even make it that far…cubicle in the bathrooms….coke off the cistern of the toilet…. humping against the walls of the cubicle…. high…. back to hers…. the rest is history….

      3. She’s a junkie but I’m sure many of her girlfriends see her as “empowered”….right to her death.
        The media should have reported “let this be a lesson to women who think the world isn’t a dangerous place”. Instead, they hold her up as a model citizen which is nonsense.
        She (more than likely) slept with many men for drugs or alcohol. The message should be clear “don’t be this woman”.

      1. There you go besmearching the dead, that shit is ugly. There is no need to be so hateful, you look like a loon. Our cause will get nowhere with that attitude. Feel free to critique, but no one likes a hater.

        1. People who use pc language like ‘hater’ would probably be more welcome at some site like HuffPo.

        2. In no way did this woman deserve our sympathy. If she was a virtuous mother of 3 children – I would mourn. But the woman in question was human trash. I am not hating. I am simply stating the truth.

        3. Agreed, you are probably speaking the truth, I just think besmearching the dead is something best left for the ingrates of society. Warriors have no need to speak ill of the fallen.

        4. You sound corny as fuck …a warrior does not speak of the respectable dead , the rest he pisses on their grave

        5. Bullshit.
          Lack of “hate” and judgement for stupid behavior is what got us here.
          She was a stupid cunt who got herself killed. Period. If women don’t like being deemed stupid cunts, they need to stop acting like stupid cunts.

        6. I agree. This goes back to personal responsibility and how women have been let off of the hook too many times.
          “Back when” women didn’t pull this shit because society judged them, accordingly. Today, society tells women that it’s empowering and the media makes up stories (for ratings) to make money off of it and promote it (when they should really have condemned the actions).
          Women always want men to be personally responsible but when it comes to women it’s called “empowerment”…I mean bullshit.

  18. We can only imagine that her last instagram post would be “Well it beats turning 40”

  19. Western culture is being destroyed and with it our mental health and ability to sustain ourselves. This women was a victim as much as a fool and the drug taking likely self medication used to substitute for a healthy culture. Note the pet dog, women without children often obsess over animals.
    Advances in evolutionary psychology and our understanding of how brains work and where emotions map too shows a link between brains, emotions, culture and religion (twin adoption studies show that religiosity is heritable). My belief, on the basis of tests, is that White people need a unique culture adapted to them to thrive. Even if you don’t accept this we can see that our culture no longer supports a healthy inner life.
    Western people can no longer reproduce their own generation, a definition of degeneracy.
    While I am clear of race hatred I find miscegenation ugly and offensive. This women was lost to us long ago, somewhat how one looses a parent to Alzheimer’s.

  20. I would not be so quick to say she did not deserve death. God kinda decided that one, and her risk-taking behavior was certainly akin to some extreme sports nut not taking the necessary precautions before throwing himself to his own death.
    This is EXACTLY what she did, she was just doing it for years and years. She met him. He was her canyon floor. Her parachute didn’t open.

  21. The death of this women is terrible, I hope there is justice. However, I think the spirit of this article is how do we prevent this from happening? And, since we can’t possible seek to control everyone’s actions, nor should we, we can influence them. And by promoting things like restraint etc as an ideal will minimize situations like this. What we have today via the eat pray love bullshit is encouraging recklessness. So, its no surprise to see this happen. The tragedy is that it could have been avoided.

  22. Men set the standard in any society or culture and the failure of western men is what leads to such events transpiring.
    When no standard has been set due to a feminized or absent father you have the results playing out of women’s unfettered hypergamous nature.
    Writing articles on the biased media reporting does nothing to address the underlying issue. Women not practicing common sense, having no direction, feminism and frankly every societal and cultural failure of western society is due to the ongoing weakness of males not being men.
    Instead of complaining and bitching like women about such portrayals how about males growing a pair and setting the standards of society through your relationships with women so garbage like this doesn’t occur?
    It is easy to bitch and moan behind your keyboard but how about going out into your world and establishing your boundaries with the women you deal with on a personal, sexual level. 90% of the males here don’t even have the balls to do that. That’s a concrete start.

    1. And where would we find this women to meet said standards ? The majority are washed up whores before senior year of highschool , college only makes it worse . You call us women because we’re on her joking this woman’s very poor decision making skills which you also say is our fault. Blaming a man for a woman’s stupidity is some feminist bullshit.

      1. Does Apple find people to buy their products or do they state/sell what their products are, say you have to use it the way we dictate or you can buy other shit and let those that recognize it’s value pay top dollar for it.
        Women want to submit to a man, but you have to give them something worth submitting to. That’s the essence of game. Communicating your value as her best sexual option at all times.

        1. This woman’s idea of who her best sexual option was the one who could afford her the biggest rail of coke … seem to have this idea that if men go to college and get a good job Pussy will just fall in their lap .. look up this guy called the slut whisper, ugly as hell, guy gets more ass than a toilet seat by simple partying his ass off .

        2. So is it like women shopping for smart phones, or women shopping for sex using their smart phones?

        3. That’s the mistake you are making my man, note I said communicating you are her best sexual option. Having an education and holding a steady job does not get a woman’s panties wet. No woman has ever played with herself because a guy had a college degree.
          Setting standards for women isn’t accomplished by first being a good woman, it’s done by first being her top sexual option. That’s the guy that gets to set the standard for her.

        4. Setting standards for women isn’t accomplished by first being a good CITIZEN, it’s done by first being her top sexual option. That’s the guy that gets to set the standard for her.

        5. Agree and disagree. Being a woman’s top sexual option means you get fucked more than most of the other guys, but these days women have a long list of other guys. If she can get away with NSA fun for a few hours, there really isn’t a very loud voice inside her head telling her not to do it in the current hook-up culture.

        6. If she had found her top sexual option she would have no need to find NSA sex elsewhere unless she can’t secure a long term relationship from him.
          Women haven’t changed their nature for 1,000 of years the only difference is men are no longer setting the standards because men created institutions and systems in western culture to take the place of showing your mettle as a man.

        7. What defines her top sexual option? Her risk and reward. When women had more risk those stable productive men were more often women’s top sexual option. The center of the bell curve distribution was shifted more towards them. Now when the state covers much of her downside risk and society accepts various behaviors that weren’t acceptable back then well, her risk and reward ratio has changed. What man is her top sexual option changes. These things shift where the center of the distribution of women is.

      2. It’s the same shit, different bull with these guys. “Find a good woman and treat her right!” followed by, “Okay, champ, where are these good women? Help a guy out.” This is then met with some stupid, completely useless metaphor like our boy @elitemanhood:disqus here gave us. The last time I asked, I was told something about knowing which airplanes are worthy of flight, and which ones are not. This fucker says something about Apple products.
        We’re talking about women here, asshole (not you, Monco). Where can we find those? If I want to find airplanes, I’ll go to the fucking airport. If I want to find Apple products, I’ll go to an Apple store. WHERE ARE THE GOOD WOMEN?

    2. I think in the sense a large Majority of white knights and betas are responsible for allowing women to become degenerate, I don’t think women have the ability to control themselves, so for the betas who allow women to degenerate and then “Empower” that degeneracy, yeah I think those males are responsible. If all Men were on board with the Patriarchy women would behave, in some sense yes Enablers and Beta’s are Responsible for Empowering degenerate behavior in women.

    3. “It is easy to bitch and moan behind your keyboard but how about going out into your world and establishing your boundaries with the women you deal with on a personal, sexual level.”
      Muh buddy Zeontay met this empowered liberated white slut and did establish his boundaries with her but just look what happened to him!

    4. Weakness of males is a result of men being feminized stemming from the culture that’s been established. Women have further distanced themselves from men (I’ve seen even in the same family) to the point where men around them are not responsible for how they develop. Women being who they are, rests on their shoulders alone.

  23. This is how Italian guys think their local Italian women are when on vacation…acting like chaste saints whose crap doesn’t stink at home but going hog wild in other countries…it’s both good (“morals”) and unfavourable (non-SNL, social-circle culture) in that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Funny thing is I wouldn’t doubt she had a high supply of extroverted Italian betas/orbiters.

  24. Not sure if you guys know who Tyson Fury is, but if you don’t you should find out right now. He is a 6’9 boxer looking to unite the championships. He is freaking awesome. He is some kind go English/Irish Gypsy from manchester (think Brad Pitt’s character in Snatch only 6’9).
    This is the guy who whooped Klitschko and got in Deontay Wildre’s face and will, if given the chance, I am pretty sure just destroy him.
    In a recent interview he was asked about female boxers. The interviewer was asking about Ennis, the olympic bitch. He said she looked nice when she put on a dress and then they pressed “what do you think about women in boxing” and his answer was that the ring girls are terrific. If that isn’t enough reason to love this guy he went on to say that women belong in the kitchen or on their backs. This was right after he compared Homosexuals to Pedophiles. Now mind you, he is on the short list for BBC Sports personality, He gives exactly 0 fucks and straight up said he didn’t want to be a role model and they should give it to someone who cares.
    If more men had this attitude (read: were actually men) and worked hard to back up their words with being excellent rather than pandering to public opinion shit like this would never happen. This guy should have been scared shitless just to be an illegal immigrant. This girl should have been in a kitchen or on her back with her boyfriend. But the truth is, it isn’t her fault. She acted like a woman acts when there are no men strong and brave enough to put them in their place and train them how to properly behave.

    1. I watched the Fury vs Klitschko fight. He was a Monster and you could see K.’s confidnence slipping after every round.
      T. Fury is also upsetting leftist apple carts in the UK and his ZFG attitude and recent “Jesus saves” interview has them reaching for their smelling salts.

      1. Maybe a little pikey brutality is what the boxing world needs right now.

  25. I actually fucked that chick. I think it was her but obviously because someone had just strangled her and I was, strictly speaking, supposed to be performing the autopsy, I never had to chance to ask her name,

    1. More like anything. Remember, ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ that’s her motto. And that’s how she died.

      1. The most vile comment yet. I can’t believe He links his business to his disquis account.

  26. This is the freedom that she sought. She was not tied down by society or by some expectation. She was free to do as she pleased without the constraints of morality. She was free of “The Patriarchy”.

    1. Women have been given everything they want in western culture and it just makes them more dysfunctional.

  27. Ashley Olsen is Exhibit A of why slut shaming is good for society.
    Ashley was a slut, she lived the life of a slut, and she died a slut. She died because she was a slut.
    Harassing Western white men about slut shaming is a complete waste of time given that, (1) Western white men believe you can be a slut if you want to be a slut, and (2) the sort of people that harm and even kill sluts do not give a damn about feminist shaming or slut walks.
    So, you go girl. You go out there and live it up as a slut. You will not get my sympathy when you die because of your slutty behavior.

  28. LOL how predictable. I guarantee she turned down plenty of white and Asian orbiters only to hook up with a greasy black immigrant who likely has an std.
    This is why most college-educated and urban-dwelling white women are consummate cunts. They like to preach feminism and female dignity to their “audiences,” but will shag the most degenerate lifeforms to satisfy repressed sexual urges.
    No different from the women who travel to Jamaica to have sex with Rastafarians and then bill taxpayers for their clinical health expenses.

    1. She thought it was hot to role play pimp / whore. Only she discovered too late that he wasn’t role playing.

      1. You are really fixated on this theory that we believe that she deserved to be dead. But nope , it`s not it. If you read the article closely , you can see that it`s about how she is being portrayed as a much better person to stir more sympathy and that`s all.

        1. I am more or less responding to the cruel, malicious comments here. And yes, some of you people have outright stated she deserved to die. A one Mr. Cohen to be exact. Read through the comments. Most of you are at least making fun of her death. Doing a happy dance because a wayward western woman was strangled. This is sickening.

        1. Oh I can read all right. And you are making light of a horrible death. I hope to God none of her loved ones comes acrossed this article and the putrid comment section – not that any of you heartless people would care.

        2. Making light? Demonstrating how her life choices, it’s all about female choice isn’t it, led to her demise? She was FUBAR…’s a fact. You may be able to read but that’s no guarantee you’re not an imbecile.

        3. I can quarantee plenty of men make the wrong life choices- but I wouldn’t be smearing the deceased if the reverse would of happened to a male. And only imbeciles jump to conclusions without knowing the full truth.

        4. And don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Another woman murdered by a man. Just a drop in the bucket of a vast history of violent, destructive male nature. But sure, blame women

        5. The vast majority of men have to pay all the time for their choices, divorce, criminality, etc. Women get a by because of…..vag. There are numerous examples of women getting lesser sentences for similar crimes to men. Please show me where I jumped to any conclusion that isn’t already in the public domain? The truth of the matter is there for all to see. On the other hand don’t.

        6. You’re not privy to the exact circumstances of her demise. And neither am I.
          From what I read, it sounds like his( the killers) story is bullshit. She sustained the strangling injuries after she received the two concussions. He did admit to hitting her, but insisted she was alive when he left her apartment. This is glaring, but I don’t claim to know what actually transpired. And oftentimes some of the info we get is false ( remember the sordid “sex game gone wrong theme” in the Amanda Knox case) . I don’t trust initial reports.
          This is irrelevant to my point, however. The murdered woman was a daughter, sister, fellow human being. Did she make some stupid choices during her lifetime? I am sure she did. But she didn’t deserve to be killed for it. And she just doesn’t deserve the vitriol and character assassination that most of the commenters here have directed at her. Not to mention the thoughtless callous jokes. When one does they are dehumanized along with said victim
          I pray that none of her loved ones gets wind of this article- cause the comments here really are vile and disturbing- much worse than the article itself.

  29. If he didn’t kill her, then the diseases from his smelly, wog penis probably would have done eventually.

        1. You just resent my intrusion upon your echo chamber. Glad I struck a chord. Maybe you tin-men will finally get a heart. But I doubt it..

  30. Outta the bush come Muhumba dick . .
    The only man with the corkscrew prick . .
    Ten long years he had to hunt . .
    To find the woman with the corkscrew cunt . .
    When he find her he fuck her dead . .
    The goddam bitch had left hand thread . .

      1. Thank you sir. Actually I can’t take credit for the poem. I read it on a restroom wall over 25 years ago and it became etched in my memory for some reason.

  31. Daddy’s girl finally got herself into a pickle even daddy couldn’t get her out of.
    Only real losers here are her drug dealers and the Italian taxpayers, who will now have to put her killer up rent free for a long time. (Hanging or deporting him would be racist.)
    Meanwhile, both daddy and her ex-husband are excused from having to pay for her dreamlife of playing the American beauty abroad. One day the ex-boyfriend will understand he dodged a bullet.
    So, for all the men who knew Ashley well and had to deal with her shit, I’d say all’s well that ends well.

  32. Many drug abusers, male and female, resort to prostitution to fund their drug habit. This is very likely what Olsen was doing at the time of her murder.

    1. What of it? You are possibly slandering a woman you know nothing of. If she was a drug whore is it still fine to strangle her to death? Don’t be heartless.

  33. Eat, Drug, Love, get Rekt.
    She was sexually liberated up until she got obliterated.

  34. “Kiss me hard before you go…” is the opening line to the song “Summertime Sadness” originally written and recorded by Lana Del Rey and covered by Miley Cyrus (both of whom are role models for the new, modern, strong, independent, YOLO, “You go, Girl!” female slop). Birds of a feather…

  35. Well there’s no such thing as ‘south central chicago’. There were the south side high rise CHA projects but the really bad ones were torn down years ago. I used to live not far from them and of course respected the lines that delineated where one was more or less safe and where one wasn’t.
    As to when women and others are responsible for their choices? Never. It’s part of permanent childhood with a parental state. Gawker’s Jezebel had such a story today of a woman who froze to death because she went out in sub zero cold wearing summer clothing. She was 21 years old but the commenters are largely holding everyone and everything but her responsible. (mentioned because I saw it today) When the housing bubble collapsed the media would run stories on the woes of people who borrowed too much. They weren’t responsible for their own plight. It happens over and over again and what is the result? Take from the prudent, punish the prudent, make the responsible people in society carry the costs instead of the people who made the poor choices. (well those who didn’t end up dead because of it anyway, but still there are cost involved so it ‘never happens again)
    It is this punishment of responsible behavior from near zero interest rates on savings to heavy taxation to restrictions on what we can and cannot do as if we were children and beyond that is destroying society. It takes all the reward out of sound personal behavior while eliminating the downside of irresponsible and self destructive behavior. So what are we going to get more of and less of?
    But the media, the media is just bringing about the desired ends where nobody can stand without their parent, the state.

    1. Everything you stated is true, but you are preaching to the choir here. F*ck, it isn’t jsut the millennials. I know guys pushing 50 who don’t have a dime to their name or ever bothered holding a job for long. Sick world.

    2. It’s unfettered capitalism that’s to blame for the near zero interest rates. Just saying.

      1. Central banking is not capitalism. Central banking is one of the planks of the communist manifesto. Central banking destroys the free market for money and replaces it with central planners. It has nothing to do with capitalism. In the US implementation of central banking it is for all effective purposes run by wall street banking interests but all central planning is ultimately plagued by the motivations of the planners.
        The core of capitalism is of course to reward the building of capital. A zero interest rate policy punishes capital formation. If the central planners got to be so by leveraging wealth on the political system or by political revolution makes no difference, it’s not capitalism either way. Either way the problem is the state.

  36. You have to admit this is amusing – she runs off to another country to hide from her past(I presume), gets some local guy to pay for her (most likely a beta) cheats on him (how many times we will never know) then gets bumped off by the same guy she’s cheating with, who happens to be from Africa with a huge chance this guy swarmed into Europe in the last few years.

  37. I don’t know, I think it’s great this gross race mixer is dead. Privileged, superficial, and soulless (or, to be more succinct, American) women like her make our world ugly, and on top of that, tend to infect women around them that otherwise would be alright. Although there is a debate to be had about whether she is responsible or if the Jews that propagate promiscuity, callousness (towards others), narcissism, drug-use, bestiality, etc to women are.

  38. The perpetrator wasn’t white, so the story probably won’t get much more coverage than this. Same thing with Cytherea.

  39. I couldn’t disagree more. She got exactly what she deserved. Any White woman who carries on like that deserves what they get.

    1. But I assume you are okay with “white men who carry on like that”with women of other races- namely Asian females. Should such race traitors be murdered as well?

        1. Nah … it might of been more like a high level party that got out of control. The stuff the Playboy mansion was able to clean up quietly back in the day … (Speculatively)

    1. I would google mudshark, but I don’t want my computer to be infested with viruses, so I’m going to plead ignorance.

        1. Someone should do an article on Forrest Gump. He had oneitis, got cucked and was dumb as a bag of rocks but amazingly he had a game I.Q. equivalent to a college eduaced beta. He landed himself a typical cuckolding ho bag so he was up to par actually with 50% of normal I.Q. western men who comprise the 50% divorce rate.

      1. Ha!! Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.!! the comments here are agitating my ulcer.. However if you really don’t know what a “mud shark” is, I am at your service. Even though I do t use the term myself is a hint 🙎👶🏿.
        Cute couple right?

        1. ”mud-shark” . . def. you seek out and clean up when baby shits their diaper. You keep little butts shiny clean.

        2. yes, an aggressive baby- butt wiper should be shark-like in their moves. Keep that bottom nice and clean. Very important.
          Should be added to the urban dictionary immediately

  40. She was a terrible person who sought out a terrible, violent person.
    Is anyone really surprised?

  41. If I get drunk and pass out in the middle of compton on Saturday night out on the street and someone steals my wallet… the person who stole my wallet did commit a crime, but I deserved it… what the hell would a white drunk guy be doing out there in the first place much less passed out… i’m lucky to be alive. Same thing here.
    I’m tired of the system covering for and accommodating these drunken sluts. They use their “natural” bodies and talents to get what they want, but use the law to get everything they needed and men could use to “pay” for their bodies. They think they can have their cake and eat it too and that’s just not the way things work.

    1. True. People who anethisize themselves with alcohol, drugs, and hookup sex are more likely to run into someone who’ll permanently anethisize them than those who don’t. Predators seek prey who present the most opportunity with the least risk.

  42. Actually, this is a lot like the Amanda Knox case. White girl with an Italian boyfriend murdered by a black man. If Olsen had had a white room mate, who knows, the Italian press and judicial system might have lost its mind again.

  43. I’m Italian from Florence born and raised, and often travel to US for business so I have some understanding of both worlds. What American girls need to get is that black people in Europe are VERY different compared to black people in US: as per my experience usually black people in US have pretty normal background, work, education, etc… while here they are basically 99% drug dealers, illegal or at least very low class, barely speaking Italian or English.
    It always amazes me when I see American girls, clearly coming from upper class families, designer clothes, staying in 4/5 stars hotels, etc.. going around with people that local girls wouldn’t touch with a stick. When there’s a story of a rape reported by local newspapers it irremediably involves one drunk American girl and one illegal immigrant/drug dealer/roses seller.
    Moreover this Ashley Olsen was not a tourist staying one week for the first time, she was living here since many years, had an Italian boyfriend, etc.. so she should have known better.
    By the way, go on Roosh and all other guys, the West needs people like you! Cheers from Italy.

    1. Excellent points raised, and very insightful. Yes, the vast majority of Africans in Italy, sadly, come from war-torn countries, and have been raised in the most dreadful conditions. Most are pretty much little sociopaths: that’s not a term of insult or derision, but simply a fact. When you mix extreme childhood trauma (i.e. witnessing war, carnage, brutality) with extreme poverty (i.e. malnutrition, living in shacks, etc) you get an explosive mix that, to be blunt, is a complete write-off as a human being. By the time these folks are teens, i.e 15yrs old and above, it’s too late to rehabilitate and civilize them.
      American girls, on the other hand, especially from upper classes, are extremely ill-educated and uninformed about the ways of the world. It’s quite shocking, and difficult to know who to blame: sheltered upbringing? an education system that’s a joke? moronic parents?
      Thus you make excellent and keen observations on the phenomenon. Expect to see more of these cases as the number of migrants increase throughout Europe.

  44. I refuse to believe that this incident ever happened. All black men are strong, intelligent, god-fearing, immaculately considerate individuals, who never commit crimes, and only raise a hand in anger, when it’s to protect their bleach-blonde white women, from the unwanted advances of the Evil White Man. I know it’s true – I see it on television and in the movies all the time…

  45. How can females be convinced that most men don’t act the way feminists believe and that women who try to be men are in far more danger than we are? That women’s life cycle completely changes what they can do as middle age approaches?
    And always they blame the natural consequences on men…

  46. Article really danced around the topic and amounted to nothing. I’ll say it though; women who mudshark are the epitome of white trash. Nothing really screams, “I am a cheap, shallow harlot who loves being treated like a piece of meat” like putting out to the bottom feeders of society. Also is an easy way to see they were raised by shit parents or a single mom. Possibly the quickest shit test to give a girlfriend. If on a first date and one told me she was down with it, I’d either dine & dash or lock the brakes up on the M3 and tell the ho to get the fuck out. If there were attractive black females to pursue in exchange for all the Western women they get, it would be different. However, as usual, it is a one way street with these pieces of shit.

    1. Well said, and so true. The pesky details of this story are even more troubling: she was at a notorious sex club … it wasn’t just a “club.” Also, she brought the guy home, did some heavy drugs with him (a known pimp and drug dealer), and then argued over the price of the various drugs. White trash? You’re being too kind.

  47. “When was the last time you:
    Went for a late night walk in the projects of Detroit, Harlem or South Central Chicago?
    Wordlessly stared at members of a motorcycle gang at a remote highway bar?
    Ran through cars moving in traffic, even when the vehicles are going over 25 miles an hour?
    How is taking any of these steps different from consuming ample drugs and then sauntering around a large city at night?”
    The writer obviously thinks these things are different.
    Otherwise he wouldn’t have used the analogy as a device to attempt to paint normal, as incredibly high risk.
    I drank last night, and I went home afterwards, to my “bad neighbourhood”, in a city known to be a terror and gangland activity hotspot.
    That’s called being normal.
    Its just as well we have risk takers of all kinds. If we didn’t we’d be still in the trees.

  48. Women are not responsible for the harm they do to themselves or others any more than are any other sort of pets. If they are not properly tamed, trained and supervised, the results will be inevitably tragic. Why are there so many feral females running about in the first place?

  49. i’d have sympathy if she didn’t miscegenate with wogs…
    how many more white women will have to be raped or murdered by them before they get it? always a tragedy when a looker succumbs to the brainwashing.

  50. The guy is claiming innocence — another reason to at a bare minimum record your ONS/sexual encounters.

  51. what, then, would you think of a world, where you CAN go to Mexico and no get mudered, where you CAN go to Afghanistan and not get killed, where ou CAN go out, take drugs and not get killed?? What if people just DIDNT kill each other? I think you obviously dont understand life and evolution. So your solution, is to stay home and be a good wife? That’s gonna make the world a much better place hey? What if people started respecting each other instead? What if people started to VALUE life instead? What if everyone could have the freedom to do what they want and not get murdered? You confuse situations also: going to Siberia in January: yes there is a risk, BUT the environmental conditions are not a HUMAN CHOICE. MUDERING someone IS A CHOICE. What if people just DIDNT make that choice? What if this what we’re fighting for? That’s WHY this murder is callous! She DID NOT have it coming. Anyone should have the right to do WHATEVER THE FUCK they want without being MURDERED.

    1. No, the solution is not be a whooore and a lowly skank. Yes, one deserves to be killed, regardless of gender, if you do drugs with a pimp, engage in dangerous sexual practices, and then flip-out on the pimp/drug dealer on the price of the cocaine consumed. Can you spell “retard”? She was a whooore second, but retard first. That’s exactly what happened: she went to a notorious sex-club while her boyfriend was home (shows a character steeped in disrepute), then brought home a pimp and known drug dealer with whom she ended the night arguing over the price of heroine and cocaine. Bet you didn’t know those pesky little facts, did you? Oooops!
      Don’t compare this trash to places like Afg and Mexico; a normal, sane, sensible person conducts himself/herself in such a way as to minimize absurd ridiculous risks to oneself and others. It’s a no-brainer.

  52. Reminds me of all the “hipster” people I’ve run across over the years. But she didn’t appear to be bisexual. But she fits the bill. . .No job and just drugging and sponging off of people to survive. Oh yeah, and into the artsy scene, like it somehow gives relevance to her useless existence.

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