Will Smith’s Revolt Against The Oscars Shows That Leftist Celebrity Solidarity Is Crumbling

Will Smith, ever the docile husband, has joined his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith in declaring that he will boycott the Oscars. The reason? The awards must be racist because no blacks were included as nominees in the four acting categories.

Although the absence of incendiary black director Spike Lee would have been unsurprising, Smith’s refusal to attend marks an unprecedented development for a community which, as liberal as it is, usually only fully pursues its agenda outside the movie industry. Is the long-reinforced narrative finally crumbling?

For example, my recent article about Hollywood’s penchant for champagne socialism demonstrated how actresses spend more money preparing for the Golden Globes than the average American household earns in a year. Hollywood itself is usually spared from having to act on the radical rhetoric of its otherwise firmly Democratic-supporting stars.

Up until now, Hollywood solidarity, based upon very strictly enforced political standards, has been a given. Even consistent fruit loops like Tom Cruise and John Travolta were warmly kept in the embrace of the Tinseltown elite because their Scientology membership did not challenge fundamental leftist presuppositions.

By contrast, conservative individuals like Mel Gibson have been semi-blacklisted and personal responsibility-preaching African-American comedian Bill Cosby has been expelled for good. Smith’s unrestrained attack on the celebrity fold shows that serious cracks have emerged in the long-standing cordon sanitaire protecting virtually all Democrats and like-minded celebrities.

Let’s now explore them.

Is the absence of black nominees really such a bad thing?

It is almost certain that the combination of a Russell Crowe BAFTAs tantrum and the Academy’s desire to show its love of diversity ensured Denzel Washington won his Oscar in 2002. There were questions about fellow winner Halle Berry’s worthiness, too.

The four categories reserved for acting Academy Awards mean there can be only 20 nominees across the board. Oscars nights are understandably Anglocentric, just as film festivals and awards ceremonies located in Asia and elsewhere recognize more local and regional films and their performers. And the proportion of blacks across the major English-speaking countries is less than 10%, making Smith’s boycott even more bizarre and unwarranted.

Blacks in the United States comprise 13% of the population and the figure is much lower in Canada. Australian and British actors, who have long punched above their weight at the Academy Awards, come from countries with minuscule black populations, especially the former place. We should also remember that blacks, more likely to be in prison, on parole or within other unsavory categories, are less likely to either attend drama school or enter the acting world to begin with.

What Smith, Pinkett-Smith and Lee’s boycott comes down to is an insistence that an awards ceremony rigidly represent wider demographics, as if that would be a fair answer to a competitive process ostensibly based on evaluations of merit. At best, if the Oscars were “representative,” the trio could only expect 1 or 2 black actors to be nominated. Because of the tiny sample of just 20 nominated actors, zero black actors does not indicate any entrenched racism.

Plus, Smith, who was not nominated, can easily be accused of having sour, self-interested grapes for not being voted for. But, no, he’s only wanting so-called racial justice, right?

Many of you will recall the wins of Denzel Washington and Halle Berry at the 74th Academy Awards held in 2002, when the ceremony was widely lauded as the “black Oscars.” Particularly in the case of the snubbed Russell Crowe, who lost out to Washington, pundits observed that the Academy wanted to recognize black actors as an “atonement” for the decades before. I did not hear any outrage from the celebrity elite then.

What the Will Smith boycott and American colleges have in common

Hollywood is suffering from the same sort of friendly fire over the Oscars controversy as liberal Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz received from SJW students over his calls for due process in college rape tribunals.

Just as current American college students, the most radical of all time, are turning against and cannibalizing their comparatively “moderate” ideological parents and grandparents, like liberal Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, the leftist agenda of Hollywood is being turned against Hollywood itself. Oftentimes this has been implicit, with loathsome figures such as Lena Dunham spruiking their extremist wares without directly challenging the industry that enriches them.

With Smith’s boycott, things have become much more explicit. For years and years, the Hollywood narrative, both in films and on the red carpet, has been “America is racist, racist, it’s nothing but racist!” Movies like Crash have tried to present racism as a multifaceted problem not just experienced by blacks, but still had the effect of treating African-Americans as the only victims, no matter how tenuous the allegations of discrimination.

The claims of racism are preposterous, however. In addition to Denzel Washington in 2002, Jamie Foxx and Forrest Whitaker have won Best Actor awards at the Oscars since 2000, meaning that leading black male actors are overrepresented over the past years relative to actual black populations.

Moreover, four of the last nine Best Supporting Actress winners have been black (Jennifer Hudson, Mo’Nique, Octavia Spencer and Lupita Nyong’o). For brevity’s sake, I have not included all the non-winning black nominees.

What this all points to is Hollywood having essentially called for the rebukes it is now receiving, no matter how misguided those rebukes are.

Will “fat cats” like Harvey and Bob Weinstein be next?

Harvey and Bob Weinstein have revolutionized the idea of making money in Hollywood. Yet they’ve also been spared the kind of vitriol directed at the voting for the Academy Awards acting nominations.

If incessant digs by the Hollywood establishment at a somehow racist American society have produced the Oscars boycott, will very rich movie figures be next? For instance, Harvey and Bill Weinstein, formerly of Miramax and currently with The Weinstein Company, are arguably the most successful film businessmen of the last twenty years when both financial returns and critical reception are taken into account. Though exceptional tycoons, they are yet to be taken to task by their liberal acting stars for accumulating hundreds of millions of dollars. Perhaps because they themselves are also Democrats.

After all, look at the number of moderately and poorly paid people in the film industry. Set catering staff, personal assistants, make-up artists and equipment operators are either part of the working poor or struggle to pay their mortgages on lower middle-class remunerations. This is exactly the sort of situation where Hollywood liberals should be diverting their attention. Here is a reality they could actually influence, unlike some faraway conflict in Darfur or Syria.

And then there’s the number of white actors appearing in Weinstein-associated films. So far, critics like Smith have not resorted to attacking individuals perceived to be perpetuating the supposed whitewashing going on in Hollywood.

It will be interesting to see whether phenomenally wealthy producers and movie studio heads face the same music as awards ceremonies. The likelihood of an Oscars-style revolt is smaller, especially since the current actions of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Spike Lee pose no real risk to their bank accounts or future careers. The question of a wider impact is a relevant one, nevertheless.

In the meantime, we can all feel mirth in seeing leftist Hollywood actors cutting hard into the liberal community that employs them.

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  1. No one should take Will or Jada seriously considering the batshit crazy offspring they’ve produced and the fraudulent “religion” they’ve prescribed to. People like that are unbelievably out of touch with reality.

  2. if Oscars are really based solely on merit I’m cool w/ that. The only problem I have is that Its’ hard to believe that no non-white movies made it in this time around. ‘Beasts of no nations’ figure would have at least made it

  3. I want to see an award introduced for best Token Black. That way they can have an award every year. Of course they’d probably riot when that award is given to a white man.
    It’d be worth it. Especially if a few more of them are killed by the asian shopkeepers they try to loot during the riots.

    1. Asians (ahem…”East Asians”) don’t kill people (unless to meet political aims, of course). Higher IQ, less inclination toward committing violent (particularly of the “senseless” variant) crime.

  4. If we’re so concerned about “racial equality” in Hollywood, why aren’t they working to make sure the Jews aren’t so highly overrepresented? I think we need to make sure that the total number of Jews are equal to their total percentage of the population and no more.
    I wonder why the academy isn’t talking about the Jewish problem in media? :^)

    1. Here’s a **gigantic** surprise: in the “best foreign pics” category, we have yet ANOTHER film about the holohoax, err, holocaust! Hooo-fucking-raaah!
      Since “Swindler’s List”, err, “Schindler’s List”, there has *not* been one year when there wasn’t a movie about the holohoax, err, holocaust, getting this or that award.

      1. Not exactly a hoax, but it did have more going on than one would think. I mean, the jewish germans wanted to go flee to English-controlled Palestine and the Nazis agreed. Britain didn’t. Something is rotten in Denmark.

        1. Plus before Germany even started restricting the rights of its Jewish peoples, there was a Jewish boycott against Germany causing a 10% decrease in exports.
          Stepping back and thinking about it, there are other ways to view Nazis that make more sense than just “pure evil”. Sure, they didn’t do the right thing, but it is almost pitiable.

        2. Read Alison Weir’s “Against our Better Judgment.”
          Did you know that UK Zionists working with US Zionists scuttled a peace treaty between Turkey and Britain so that even though it would have helped Britain win WW1 it also would have kept Palestine in Turkish hands.
          This dovetails with the agitation of US papers by Zionists to drive the US into war on Britain’s side. (open your eyes, who controls the press)
          Did you know Jewish supreme court justices Brandis and Frankfurter secretly worked for 25 years to place fellow Zionists in influential positions. It’s highly illegal for a supreme court justice to remain active politically. Did you know the US ambassador to Turkey was always Jewish till after WW1 so that he could pressure Turkey to give Palestine to the Jews.
          Did you know that the Zionists decided just before 1900 to take Palestine for Israel, to buy the land of the farms and sack the Palestinian workers and then finally used terror to drive out the rest. That’s what they planned and that’s what they did.
          Ben Gurion kept a ship full of Jewish ‘refugees’ at sea for months despite them being accepted by France so he could pretend they had no place to go but Israel.
          Did you know Zionists bombed synagogues in Iraq so they could justify Israel’s existence and gain population.

        3. I’m a national socialist. The real figure is probably around 2.5m (from all causes) There is clear evidence of at least 1.2m killed by Himmler’s roaming SS units in the east. The gas chambers, the Hitler order, the over the top Jews fighting bears and all of the other guff is so unbelievable I am furious every time I have to listen to my clueless parents lecture me on the evils of everything right wing.

        4. I’d have to go back and check but the 6 mm number comes from what various high-ranking Nazis were telling Hitler. You would have to assume that they were lying to Hitler to say that the number was lower.
          Still, what is done is done and it gets tiring for them to trot this out 70+ years later, like the Blacks 150+ years later, or the Indians 300+ years later.
          Hell, I think I am a quarter Irish and a quarter Scottish so half of my bloodline took quite the shit kicking from the English for several centuries (and I am a quarter Dutch who got fucked out of New Amsterdam only to have it renamed New York) but I am also a quarter English which means I am privileged ad somehow I owe everyone else some recompense.

        5. I have looked into it and I am quite satisfied it happened. However, I do wonder about the emphasis on the Jewish suffering over and above everyone else’s. After the German people suffered disproportionately, as did the Japanese and the people of the former Soviet republics. And that is not getting into the French civilians raped and killed by the Allies who purported to be saving them!
          There was a lot of crime and responsibility go around on all sides but of course, history is written by the victors.

        6. People are still alive today who lived through the Holocaust. It’s one of the purest examples of evil and it’s part of contemporary history. I’d say that’s relevant. There’s a reason Remembrance Day exists – “lest we forget”.
          As for the rest of your figures, the Indian genocide in America continued until 1924 – with residential schools picking up where they left off well into the 1960’s. Racial segregation didn’t begin to end until 1954. All of these things are part of modern history. There are survivors still with us. They don’t need to be “trotted out”. They’re here.

        7. “People are still alive today who lived through the Holocaust.”
          Yes, they “lived through” the Holocaust. They weren’t gassed or whatever.

        8. “However, I do wonder about the emphasis on the Jewish suffering over and above everyone else’s.”
          What’s to wonder about?
          Never let a good crisis go to waste.
          There’s plenty of evidence suggesting Jews, ahem, embellished some of the most famous holocaust history (e.g. The Diary of Anne Frank). And why wouldn’t they? They’ve gotten a helluva payoff.

        9. One thing that I find amusing is that every November 11th there are collection boxes all over the country and some punk decides to grab one and make off with the cash. . .then some senior citizen with a purple heart who landed on Juno Beach chases them down and beats the fuck out of them.

        10. I couldnt care less about an unproven 6 million jews when One Hundred Million people perished worldwide for a bankers war.
          The perpetual victims actually benefitted greatly by sacrificing their lesser brethren.
          The only casualties I really care about are MY OWN countrymen first. That is how it should be.
          The self chosen are looking to profiteer off of an endless slew of stupid nazi movies that I will never see.
          How about the ween steens make a movie about the bolshevik red terror that tortured and killed provable millions of White Christians for decades?

        11. They arent special. Scores die everywhere, everday.
          Its the fact that they are all out to make a buck that shouldnt sit well with anyone.

        12. The self chosen brought it upon themselves.
          Sure, it was bad, but the alternative was to let the self chosen bring you the red terror like they did the Russians.
          Ike the kike spent almost 8 years doing EXACTLY what the nazis did to the captured Germans, so as far as Im concerned, that peice of shit cashed in any special feels I would have had for those who are a small minority of the overall dead.
          Long Live Germany.

        13. This is the truth that has been maligned as anti semitic.
          I have no love for a race of weak and whiny little victims.

        14. Unfortunately, the way the Jewish people managed to make it so one sided resulted in their acquisition of a “get out of jail free” card with no limited uses and expiration date.
          Those who personally knew Hitler described him as a kind and caring man (he was a vegetarian, for gods sake!) -and prone to human foibles. If that testimony is true there must have been reasons for the atrocities other than malign intent. Going off the failed agreement between the Third Reich and Palestine, the “concentration camps” could have been refugee camps gone awry (the German people were angry about the boycott, after all).
          So rarely is there actual pure evil (if at all). And by discovering the potential mechanisms behind such atrocities other than “hurr durr, they’re evil durr” we can figure out how to prevent it in the future.
          But being able to discard emotionally charged subjects easily scares people. Scares my older brother. But by discarding emotion we can find truth, and use these truths to make a better future for all. I’m only advocating the golden rule: “treat others how you want to be treated.”

        15. The ‘death camps’ had brothels and amenities unsuited for mass extermination.
          Thats provable.
          Whats not provable is the six million, or any actual evidence of any concerted effort to murder all jews.
          A jew went to map out the mass graves at Treblinka(?) Using ground penetrating radar and found only undisturbed ground.
          Im afraid its all propaganda and it singles out only jews as victims.
          Im not buying what they are selling anymore.

        16. I image there were some nutters who took advantage of the situation. But that would be like avoiding black folks just because some of them are thugs.
          Only when those close the the event have died of natural causes will people start to view it rationally. Until then its best not to rock the boat: there’s a time and place for everything.

        17. Who’s out to make a buck? Would that be the Indians, the Jews, or the African-Americans I mentioned in my comment? Or perhaps all since they, like you most likely and I, live in a Capitalist society and that is rather the point.
          And which are still dying in such “scores” that if they were your family, your brothers and your sisters, you would be so unperturbed? I suppose it matters not, as I imagine there are countless of whatever creature you are lining the landfills of the world still proudly clutching their Darwin awards, yet it hasn’t seemed to manage dampening your spirits any.

        18. Yes the survivors didn’t die. They’re survivors. Unlike the many who died, they weren’t shot or starved or burned or beaten or stabbed or, yes, “gassed or whatever”, to death. The idiot man-child Hitler failed in his quest for total genocide.

        19. It’s hard to derive any meaning from your words, but it seems like you’re saying that because there are survivors that this may not be an act of pure and total evil? I can assume from this statement that if someone came into your house and only slaughtered part of your family you would be OK with this then?

        20. I’ve never heard of that before, but it certainly does paint a humorous mental image.
          While I appreciate your attempt to lighten the air(unless you’ve intended all along to follow up with some fantastic “zinger” involving the punk being a Jew, and the whole thing being a clumsy, mean-spirited metaphor), I must apologize that I am in no mood given the absolute hatred in the other comments I’ve received to do you the courtesy of accepting this olive branch and not simply pointing out that you’ve also merely sidestepped my points.

        21. You mentioned Remembrance Day and I was just giving one example of how younger generations don’t respect our vets and what they did.
          You didn’t really have a point except that bad things happened to people. There should be a time in modern society when you can’t play the victim card anymore and just get over it. You sidestepped my point about at least 75% of my ethnic ancestors suffering a great deal of oppression if you go back far enough. But who cares anymore?

        22. There are far to many loud mouthed survivors, a shit heap, as well as a shit heap of fake survivors.
          I have had enough of the perniciousness of the holohype. I want it out of my society, off my TV and out of my schools. Using it to promote Muslim immigration is the most disgusting thing I know.
          I don’t care about them.

        23. So not a metaphor, but rather a straight example – and a much less hateful one than I had feared at that. In my experience with young people, I’ve witnessed very little outright disrespect for veterans. Some are even quite reverent. I understand your point, though without further context, your example only demonstrates the ignorance of the young. True disrespect requires knowledge. If the thief has any knowledge of what war really is, what it’s consequences are on the human soul, what that veteran fought for, or what that money was going towards, it would certainly be a disrespect. As it is, I would have to say the thief disrespected himself more than anyone – but then, I have no further context; for all I know he was making a statement.
          Which brings us to my point. The figures you gave grossly overestimated the distance with which we were removed from the atrocities you described. You used this distance as a reason to degrade the significance with which they should be treated, and their relevance to our current society. It’s true that events which took place many hundreds of years ago lose an immediacy in their effect on us – though they may still have powerful effect – but being in the middle of something is very different.
          We are very much in the middle of all three of the events you mentioned. Not only are survivors of each still with us, but their children are still dealing with the ramifications. People who were stripped of their humanity and any ability to take a role in society cannot simply be expected to acquire the lifetime of knowledge it takes to do so in the time they have left any more than they can be expected to transmit this knowledge to their children – and this in the face of many still calling for the return of their previous “non-human” status – many of them on this very board. There is a massive struggle still ahead of them, generations to be sure, even with the light of more favorable conditions continuing to grow.
          The insistence that people “just get over it” is precisely what Remembrance Day is meant to fight, and insisting so is a much greater disrespect than a simple theft ever could be. Every war has a different cause, and different stakes, but they all demonstrate enormous upheaval, resulting in the greatest of costs. It is the causes, the path to war, that we cannot forget, or we are doomed to pay these costs again.

        24. My comment regarded 3 distinct groups of people. Your response addressed none of them in particular, or all of them – it was impossible to tell by the language you employed. Further to this I instructed on the ignorance you displayed regardless.
          I then named you a stupid piece of garbage; a silly bit of trash; an unintelligent spec of refuse. Initially I did feel some remorse for my rashness, but in your attempt to follow up you demonstrated the reading comprehension of a 3 year old followed by the issuing of a classless rebuttal, and in the process proved me correct on both counts. I’d thank you but I doubt you’ve understood a word I just typed.

        25. I see. My comment addressed 3 distinct groups and events; the Native American genocide, the enslavement and disefranchising of African-Americans, and the Nazi actions against different groups across multiple territories, including the genocide of many peoples.
          Do you find all of these events to be “hoaxes”? Do they all inspire no empathy on your part? Should all survivors remain silent? What is your understanding of the Holocaust, or, as you say, “holohype”? How is it used to promote Muslim immigration?
          Apologies for the number of questions – I’ve never encountered anyone with you point of view before. [Edit: (Jan. 30) or at least I’ve never conversed with them on this topic if I have]

        26. Rambling nutters never seem to grasp the concept of quality over quantity.
          You belong in a padded room.

        27. Counting your words is in no way a sign of obsessive compulsive behavior.
          Neither is writing a speech with no commas.
          You are doing perfectly fine.

        28. Being able to count beyond my fingers and toes is not a sign of compulsion. For the record though, across the 4 comments that constitute our correspondence thus far, I’ve used 42 points of punctuation, including 12 commas, and 2 semicolons.
          On the upside, while I know your head must hurt by now, you seem to have understood most of the 16 words in my previous comment – do that 7.3125 more times and you can make an attempt at the one before that. Excellent progress. Good luck, and remember it’s important to take rest breaks when you need them.

        29. Still off your meds?
          Write me another 200 words if youve nothing better to do.
          Thatll show me, wont it?

        30. Lol. I get it, little buddy – neither reading, writing nor arithmetic are your strong suits. I’m sure you’ve got other talents. Hanging around comment sections moaning about commas and word counts seems like a strange choice though.

        31. The term “holocaust denier,” is just a tool for suppression of debate. Anyone who questions any of the stories is labelled as such. This is binary. You’re either 100% with me, or you’re a holocaust denier. And this thinking allows for a shit tonne of propaganda to seep in. e.g. mattresses made of human hair (which has since been officially admitted to be propaganda).
          I say let’s look more openly at the stories we’ve been told. Actually question them. If they’re true, then there’s nothing for the Jews to worry about.

        32. All that effort youve wasted in trying to come across as smart hasnt worked because it is stupid to think anyone will read well put together and neat NONSENSE.
          Keep up the good work so that when a grade school teacher calls in sick, youll get the call!

        33. You are such a pompous faggot, in love with thinking you are mentally superior.
          I hope you fall off a balcony and impale yourself on a spiked fence and stay there for hours.

        34. You are as intellectual as a community college prof so it would be better to talk less.
          You dont come across as smart. Just arrogant.

        35. I’m really not sure why so many have taken this comment as an invitation to remark on the likelihood of the Holocaust. There was a greater point in question.
          In any case, I would agree that, as with all science, it is important to question our assumptions before continuing down a line of thought. I find it interesting that there is a debate because it is such a universally accepted idea, but I honestly don’t know much about the arguments, and have generally placed it in a category of fringe ideas based on outlier data, along with the moon landing hoax, ancient aliens, flat earth theory, sasquatches, perpetual motion machines, and the opposition to climate change.

        36. This is totally, frighteningly possible. I don’t know what to say. It’s just the way I talk. I read a lot of books when I was a kid and the effect was lasting. Go fuck yourself.

        37. So Did I.
          Thats a poor excuse for your need for approval.
          Your pompous babbling has the opposite effect of what you intend.

        38. Lol. Nope, sorry bud – it’s not under my control, regardless of whatever parallels you wish to draw between our situations. You may as well ask someone to lose their accent. I find the ability to fine-tune language greatly facilitates the acquisition and manipulation of thoughts. Some people find it a charm. I certainly could not give a shit what you think about it either way, and find your obsession with it a little strange.

        39. Perhaps my friends have other reasons for tolerating my presence. They do profess to enjoy my company.
          I’m not usually in the practice of sharing personal details about my life with people who have expressly wished violent death upon me, but I’m sincerely interested in what level of vitriol you could possibly summon at the benign happenings of my night’s aim. I’m working towards finishing my house. The ceiling of my den, to be precise. And that only because friends have insisted on helping. We take frequent beer breaks. Disqus is my Facebook.

        40. Is that what you do?
          After you fuck a dog you wipe your choade with a bacteria laden sock?
          Thats pretty fucked up.
          I hope it falls off, weirdo.

        41. Me? Oh no, I buy a new Chihuahua every morning and after I’m done I walk around the block with it’s corpse still on me just to see the look on people’s faces. Then it’s all baby wipes. Nothing but luxury for my little man. Blood and shit is just a distant memory for him until tomorrow.

        42. You underemphasize how far these events are in fact in the past and don’t seem to properly understand the significance of Remembrance Day. You also don’t seem to understand how any claim of victimhood is manipulated to be a claim for some type of privilege.
          I’m Gen-X; my generation and two or three generations that followed have nothing to do with these things. The Boomers were the ones who brought the Civil Rights Movement. The generation before fought against the Nazis (including my grandfather and great uncle) and the generation before that fought against the Germans too (like my great grandfather). I, my family, and about 99% of the “white” population still living today have nothing to feel guilty about because we didn’t participate in these “atrocities” and generally fought against them.
          Remembrance Day is meant to remember and honor the dead for their sacrifice, remember and honor veterans for theirs, and remember the horrible cost of war to try to avoid it happening again.
          George Will summed up the link between victimhood and privilege a few years ago, albeit in the context of feminism and campus rape:
          The meme is so common you should simply google victimhood+privilege and do a bit of further reading.

        43. When did I say that guilt or privilege should be assigned as reactions to the very real effects our societies are experiencing from these events? My point was just that these peoples are in the middle of the aftermath. Particularly the Native American and African-American populations. Regardless of whether you or I were alive when these events took place, we are here now. Better to deal with it than leave it fester.
          Despite the magnitude and intensity of the atrocities the Jewish population experienced so recently, they seem to have mostly recovered as a people, albeit with a new, understandable, focus of the art of war; they had a firm enough footing before the Holocaust, and it took place over a short enough period with enough survivors that they were able to reestablish the transmission of normalized family life and participation in society through generations. The other two groups I mentioned are in entirely different situations – I’m sure there are other examples from around the world, but these are the two I am familiar with and you overstated our removal in time from those particular events by hundreds of years.
          Least of all do I want to assign guilt. I suppose there may be a sector of the population alive today who actually participated in these events, but it’s still not helpful in that case and everyone else is free of direct involvement. We all still live with the effects. I may have solutions in my mind or an approach that I would take, but none of them involve the passing out of privilege as a component either – nor would I say that I found the article you linked to to be overly an example of privilege; almost the opposite, it was mostly an Orwellian nightmare of coddling taken to the point of near imprisonment – and the author has very serious problems with math.
          I also fail to see how we have any real disagreement regarding the significance of Remembrance Day. It exists to prevent war from happening again through the remembrance of it’s causes and effects. It is very much the opposite of “getting over it”.

        44. Well, if you like science stuff. They did an audit to work out how many Jewish people died in Auschwitz II and it came back around 1.5million (roughly), and they were dissatisfied with the conclusion so got a second opinion and it came back around 2.5 million (roughly). Then a bit later a Jewish author wrote a book on the Holocaust and stated that 6 million had died, and so that 6 million figure is the one that stands today.
          It’s just a simple example of exaggerating the truth, where no exaggeration was necessary, if it was only 1.5 million Jews… do you know what a large number that is?

        45. I don’t give a sh*t, its 3 generations ago it is being used to destroy and persecute my race. ZFG zero f*cks given whether it happened or n. It’s over, not more sympathy, its been abused.
          In terms of Jews and Zionists I particularly don’t give a hoot about them. I hope they burn in hell for what they have done. Hypocrites going back before Herzl. I have tons of sympathy for Palestinians, non for Jews/Zionist.
          The so called “nazi actions” were often against partisans (ie insurgents) who often acted without uniform. They were sometimes directed at local populations accused (quite correctly at times) of harbouring such people. Revenge attacks against populations associated with insurgents/partisans (some innocent of course) were taken at the command level, never at the unit level (say by a captain or colonel). Those who deviated, such as Diekmann were prosecuted. It’s no worse than the RAF’s “Area Bombardment” and “Dehousing” directive against civilians.
          The einsatiz groupen mopped up the communists (often Jews who were known to love communism in eastern Europe) who themselves had murdered people. I am not just referring to the Ukrainian genocide (ie holdamoor) but millions of others who ended up beaten or malnourished to death in Gulags. If someone intimidated or judged or sentenced you it was often a Jew. Plenty of proof and witness to this though you want find it on Huffington Post or the rubbish produced by Hollywood or the History channel. (most people scared to disagree)
          Jews as a group are not innocent and are as guilty as the others who caused WW2 and carry a significant responsibility for what happened to them.
          Had there not been partisans the so called nazi response would have been quite muted.
          American Indian were not subjected to genocide, they are still with us. They are repsected by most Americans for the fight they put up and their lifestyle. They were subjected to a war, not a genocide. They lost, suffered some consequences, that is all. They themselves were known for incredible cruelty to neighbouring tribes and to White settlers and their women and children. What would they expect?
          They live on reservations or wherever they want to. They are fine. I like them.
          The pernicious hyping of the holohype as an anti White agenda now has gotten to the point its actually making Adolf look correct.

        46. You didn’t mention guilt of privilege but that is where the argument goes once people buy into this whole “aftermath” nonsense. The Black and Indian communities are dysfunctional, but instead of engaging in a bit of introspection about how they could improve things – perhaps by emulating more successful communities – they blame it on the “aftermath” of something that happened years, decades or even centuries ago, generally before they were born.
          So they blame society, which means white people. Then the game is to go for the white liberal guilt and then demand recompense, ie. privilege.

        47. The argument doesn’t go there at all for me. I don’t see privilege as any type of answer, or as any sort of compensation for that matter. The solutions I see don’t need to involve introspection on either of the respective communities’ part either – though I do think that many leaders of both are currently deeply involved in looking inwards for solutions, and have been for quite some time. Not that there is no one who looks outwards to blame the rest of society for their position, but I believe a number of their thought-pioneers and, yes, their leaders, are thoroughly engaged in finding ways to encourage internal change. It is not an easy problem to solve that way though – or certainly not a timely one; it takes at least a few generations for thoughts to spread and take root on a deep enough level for real change – and that if you are successful. Better to change the rules of the game.

        48. Interesting. A lot of food for thought there. Most of it I won’t be able to comment on because the bulk is in regards to the Holocaust which I admittedly don’t know that much about yet; I’m in the process of researching it now, but it seems like it will be a lengthy process – I hadn’t even really thought about it until recently. One thing I did notice is that you seem to claim no empathy for the Jewish population during this time due to it’s happening 3 or so generations ago, while you simultaneously seem to hold them accountable for many things dating much farther back.
          On the Indian Genocide I would say this: any nation that comes into another uninvited carrying much advanced weaponry, then deems the local population non-humans and proceeds to wipe out over 90% of them on this merit through one method or another has participated in a genocide. Many whole tribes and cultures were disappeared in a war of conquest – subject to complete and total genocide. They were not the aggressors; people traveled across an ocean to take what was theirs and then killed them for it. I find this a fairly clear point. The U.S. Bureau Of Indian Affairs itself apologized for what it called “ethnic cleansing” in 2000.
          You made no comment on the third group I mentioned, though I would be interested on that count as well.

        49. 1.5 million is certainly still a large number. In the small amount of exposure I’ve had to the debate now I also understand that there are those who believe the number is yet significantly smaller than that – even some that have stated the conditions in the camps to be quite favorable. It seems I’m only beginning my research now, there is such a multitude of viewpoints. I would prefer if there was a formal written, or even spoken, debate between an expert or experts on both the pro and con side that I could have a place to start. As far as I can tell there is not. It looks like I will need to read a few books. If you have any recommendations for either side that you’ve found helpful?

        50. What? Now that’s not charming either? First you make fun of the way I talk, now you criticize the way I fuck dogs – one of America’s greatest past-times? I’m beginning to wonder if you’re not the one of us who is stuck-up.

        51. You would have to give me some examples of these ideas or people who are striving for positive change because that is not what I see. You have race-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson. You have presidents of Ivy League universities who don’t believe in helping the poor but only poor blacks. You have guys Bill Cosby preaching personal responsibility to the black community only to be shunned (and now his critics are salivating over these rape accusations). And in Canada you have the whole First Nations industry where they squander billions of dollars of public money, then blame the rest of Canada and demand more handouts.

        52. Off the top of my head, the best example of positive leadership in the Native American community I can think of is the Osoyoos Band, lead by Chief Clarence Louie; he taught his people to work for themselves and brought them into real success. He’s also spreading his ideas tenaciously. Amongst the African-American community, the first, and likely most cliche, thing that comes to mind is in theory Barack Obama, but I’ll go with Oprah Winfrey. She seems to spend much of her life trying to convince every last person in the world, whether they are a part of her community or not, that they need to take ownership over their lives; that they are the only person to blame for their failures – The Secret and all that. A quick Google search brought up this for me as well:
          I’m sure there are many other prominent figures in this line of thought, those are just the easiest examples I can think of. They may not be the sqeakiest of wheels, and their message will never garner as much press coverage, but they are there. In any case, my ideas don’t rest on this.
          What I think of when I contemplate the problems facing these 2 communities is that they are really a condensed version of the problems that face society as a whole. It is hard to grow up in an atmosphere of criminality, violence, and anti-social behavior and see a way out when this is all you know. It can seem impossible to imagine anything else is possible when the skills needed to do this aren’t transmitted to you because of your situation. Nobody asks to be born into this, and it is no more their fault than it is yours that they are there. Regardless of the community you belong to, you are at a much greater risk of repeating the same mistakes that you’ve grown up surrounded by; this is the way you understand the world. I think leadership can obviously help with this, there are examples, but it can be very hard to reach these people, and it is very likely that their minds are set before you do.
          I see two main problems that need to be addressed: 1) The ability to slide away from participation in society, and 2) The difficulty getting back in. These are my solutions:
          Number one is fairly straight forward; in order to fall away from society, there must be a place that you can go, where you can make a living and be accepted for the set of anti-social character traits you’ve come to prize. This place is criminality; gangs. The criminal underworld has three pillars: Drugs, Prostitution, and Theft. By legalizing and regulating the sale of drugs and prostitution*, you take away two of those pillars; the third simply cannot stand on it’s own – without the lure of drugs and the promise of sex, there is very little revenue stream, and the lifestyle just becomes unattractive. In any case, much of the theft is supplied by homeless people trading for drugs, which brings me to #2:
          After taking away any viable or fulfilling alternative to participating in society, we must provide an escalator to bring people, homeless, on welfare or otherwise, back into it. Using the tax revenues garnered from the sale of drugs and prostitution, free higher education, public transportation, and work placement programs could easily be provided, removing as many barriers as possible. There are other things you can do here, providing more extensive on-campus housing for example, but these are the simplest and most cost effective to my knowledge. There are also a few more controversial steps in this direction one could consider as well.
          * I know the debate surrounding the legalisation of drugs and prositution is an argument to be had in it’s own right, but I find the pro side of this to be very strong.

        53. I won’t say that I think that Obama or Oprah have anything positive to add to the equation but there are isolated examples of Native leaders who have made the most for their band. In this case, the exception proves the rule.
          I will follow up in a few days because you are not a complete idiot and have something worth responding to. But for the next week or so I will be in Thailand.
          Happy Chinese New Year!

        54. Have fun in Thailand – my wife swears by it, says it’s like Mexico 30 yrs ago. For the record, Obama and Oprah were intended solely as examples of leaders who have suggested introspection as a potential remedy. Glad to hear you find there is a spark behind the eyes of the person writing these words.

        55. Keep in mind that German Jews supported Hitler the way they did Stalin during the Russian Revolution. The Reichstat was Jewish controlled untill nearly the end of the war, when other people saw the disaster the Jews had caused and included them in the “Final Solution.” The Jews ran the Nazi Party for years, and promoted the extermination of anyone they thought they could scare the public with. Extermination of Jews didn’t happen untill nearly the end of the war. But the Jews oversaw the murder of many millions more Christians and other peoples.

        56. Hey man, my parents were from Ireland too. Don’t forget Cromwell and the Interregnum. Wealthy Jews from Holland and other places wanted to get into England and control the shipping and trade. So they backed Cromwell to overthrow the government. You might ask who cares. But one of the things they did was influence Cromwell to conduct genocide in Ireland so they, now running shipping and banking, could control the wool and pork productions. (Of which Ireland was the chief producers at that time.)

        57. Interesting.
          I’ve held the view that the “death camps” were refugee camps gone astray. Partially taken advantage of by some extremists (there were some on both sides), and partially the result Allied indiscriminate bombing destroying supplies destined for the camps. In cramped quarters disease spreads quickly, so the deceased needed to be burned or buried en-masse to minimize spread of disease. This is an alternative viewpoint based off the current mainstream perception, the only non-mainstream (?) information being the Reich’s plan to deport Jews to Palestine.
          What sources do you have? I should like to take a look and learn more.

        58. Man, something else to consider too: Most of Europe was a war zone. Populations HAD to be moved out of the way. The Germans set up “the camps” to house refugees. Yeah, they put them to work too, but a lot of the deaths were from starvation and disease. The Germans couldn’t feed or clothe their own soldiers, and anti-biotics weren’t invented yet. The war effort came first, as it did here with our food, rubber, and metal rationing. And yeah, the corpses had to be burned to stop the spread of disease. Another thing; in an age with no computers and no way to absolutely check out who a person was, how could they have rounded up every Jew? All you had to do was say you were or weren’t somebody. The only reason people collected their personal histories and paperwork was if they wanted to pursue an academic or governmental career. You could even join the military with a fake name and history.
          I’m a literature major and read a lot of stuff from Germany from the 1920’s through 40’s, and you get a good picture of their society from that. Also, my God Father moved to Austria in 1946 before the propaganda machine kicked in. He met a lot of people before the purges started, and said the concentration camps were real, but not what everyone says they are today.

        59. In order to “round up every jew” the system relied on their friends to report them -similar to villification on social media- then make ’em wear wear a pink triangle. By doing this, it prevented Germans from going around and beating up random people and accusing them of being jewish. Of course, beating up anybody is terrible.
          I took a class on WWII propaganda. Learned quite a lot (only class I failed: never remembered the buggy online homework). Much of second and third-wave feminism seems to stem from women taking over the production jobs while the men were off at war.

      2. Not a hoax. Although, it is likely that we have not heard the whole story.
        But to deny the millions of people who died in that conflict is ridiculous. My uncle, and a neighbor fought under Patton. They were pretty convinced by the mounds of corpses they witnessed. And the battles they fought, including the holding the bridge in the panzer counter offensive.
        My grand father, although this wasn’t in Europe, must have been really ecstatic to see people jumping off cliffs in Okinawa.
        Perhaps some of it was a lie in order to drum up sympathy and support? Yet, considering the refusal of FDR to do anything about the reports of the concentration camps he heard, that sympathy was going to happen in due time once pictures of the bodies came back.

        1. Gerard Menuhin, son of the famous Jewish violinist has written a another book denying the holocaust. “The German people are not guilty of doing this thing”

        2. You mean all the deaths from a massive typhus epidemic and starvation after the US successfully bombed the shit out of the supply networks?
          People dying is not proof of gas chambers. No one denies that Jews were kept in camps. No one denies that lots of Jews died in them. It just wasn’t six million of them… and it sure as shit wasn’t the plan.
          The germans had camps for Jews. The US had camps for Japs.
          Ask any of the Jewish “survivors” who managed to escape their sixth trip to the gas chamber (after the first five just didn’t work.. miraculously all that came out of the showers was water!) because they were hospitalized for a cold. Because we all know murderous Nazis hell bent on the extermination of every Jew would decide not to kill you in the showers because you were sick and needed medical attention.

        3. How about the sympathy for Eisenhowers death camps?
          I DO NOT care about the self chosen.

      3. I hate holohype bullcrap.
        It’s consistently moronic and you have to go into a semi retarded state to even waste your time go and see one of those hideous films.

        1. I guess Uncle Cohen and Rabbi Goldstein, in their hubris and arrogance, never thought that by shoving their holocaust down us goyim’s throats … that they would get the natural reaction of “ah, fuck off, mate!”. I mean how many holocaust movies, shows, documentaries etc are out there? and they keep churning out more; as if they were the only motherfuckers who died and suffered in that war.

        2. Whether that shit is true or not I don’t care, I want that pernicious anti-White evil bullshit of my TV, out of our schools and back in Shitrael where it belongs.

      4. The Jewish hate on this site is bullshit. You’re just falling in line with the last billion people to hate the Jews over the last several thousand years.

        1. I am not a fucking idiot but I have had articles rejected from this blog.
          Put together a piece that has any foundation in reality and maybe ROK will publish it.
          My personal experience is that Jews keep to and/or prefer their own.
          Do I hate Jews? No. Do I trust Jews? Well, will Jew X benefit from Jew Y fucking me over? I trust them as far as I can throw six million of them.

        2. Yeah dude I don’t know wtf happened over here. We went from commentors talking about weightlifting and game to now every fucking comment section being filled with anti-Jew tinfoil hat types denying the goddamn holocaust? I mean what in the fuck.

        3. Nah, no hate. Just calling out a con when I see one. Newsflash!!! Jews weren’t the only ones who died in WWII. Now I know that the dumb goyims’ lives don’t matter in relation to that of the “chosen people” according to the dictates of the Talmud, but the goyim have finally said “enough” as this holocaust stuff has been forcefully shoved down their throats.

        4. I understand your irritation.
          However It was relevant in this article which was about Blacks demanding more Oscars and boycotting the award.
          1 Hollywood is definitely Jewish and 2 defiantly left/liberal and 3 the extreme nature of the left/liberalism/progressivism is mostly due to the Jewish influence. This thing is deservedly biting them on the back of the bum. My irritation is that Blacks and Whites were in a process of reconciliation but the typical progress Hollywood Jew has disingenuously used this as an opportunity to inflame anger between us.
          The fact that they fill entertainment with negative propaganda about Whites and against White men fills me with anger and the righteous emotion of hate.
          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eba5e179fe43709f938b225c0dab1bd0049307b3ec48a41550890726eac676ba.png .
          The moment you deal with women you now deal with feminism and the moment you do that you deal with politics and then Jews who follow their own interests.

        5. More Slavs died but it is the proportion: about half of the Jews were wiped out while there were a lot of Slavs to go around.

        6. I don’t “hate” Jews but if you pay attention or have to deal with them directly there are a few really annoying things that you notice.
          First is that people pay TOO MUCH attention to them and take their opinions far too seriously. America has a certain strategic interest in having a solidly friendly nation in the Middle East but holy hand grenades in a hand basket if the amount, nature and terms of the support given is so skewed.
          Second is that Jews are insular. They tend to keep to their own kind and cut deals with other Jews that they won’t cut for goyim. I had a Jew as a landlord and he was actually pretty cool, but generally I avoid social or business interactions with them.
          They are over-represented in the media, legal profession, government and banking so they have a disproportionate influence on America. . .which they use.
          American Jews practice Double-Think in that they support Israel and they support the Democrats. I just don’t get it.

        7. Blah blah blah. Better to be “anti semites” than to suffer a red terror.
          Israel touts destructive policies for all countries that are white without taking a single syrian dog.
          I didnt grow up this way, I wasnt taught this way, I just have eyes and ears and the good sense to see who is pulling the strings.
          If you wanna play the race card, please fuck off to the nearest Dim lib sewer.

        8. Noticing a large subset of a chosen demofraphic is out to get you is so totally racist, huh?
          The problems with society are being addressed here, nitwit.
          A small group of aliens has subverted a massive amount of our society and plenty of people will not be solenced by FAKE accusations of race.
          Also, since when are jews a race?
          If you really want to deny a large part of the problem due to that old racism canard, youd feel much better at the huff po, jackass.

    2. Shockingly, that issue is also never brought up when the Ivy League schools are discussing whether faculty and students are “representative” and “diverse.”

      1. Jews have the highest IQs, and in turn, SAT scores (at least of whites). That’s why they’re seemingly overrepresented at Ivies (they belong there in greater proportion than other groups, in fact, if intelligence is the key factor).

        1. Jews are 2% of the population, Whites are still 65% of the population. Unless jews have an avg IQ of 200 theyre massively over represented and there is something else going on

        2. Missing the point completely. These schools constantly talk of diversity and it is considered an outrage if blacks are 10% of the class instead of 12% but no mention is ever made of jews being overrepresented by a factor of 15-25x. Your dubious claim that they would deserve this % in a meritocracy is irrelevant since Ivy admissions are not a meritocracy (and definitely not based primarily on SATs as you imply).

        3. Hmmm…statistics speak otherwise, my friend, and you missed the point. At no time did I state or imply that they were meritocratic (even though SAT scores, *per group*, still rule the roost). I stated that they deserve to be there, and they are, in higher proportion to other groups. Your argument of Blacks and Jews isn’t logical; they aren’t seen as equals (and they aren’t). It’s outrageous for an “oppressed minority” to be underrepresented; no one believes Jews to be repressed (and they aren’t).

        4. That comment lacks logic, I’m afraid. If Jews’ IQs were one point higher than other whites, and if enough Jews could fill all Ivy League schools (they could–there are more than enough), then all else equal, in a purely intelligence-dominated “meritocracy,” these schools would be 100% Jewish. The fact that *anyone* else is permitted admission is a testament to the fact that Ivy League schools are not, of course, meritocratic (or intelligence-based).

        5. Can you prove the latter? If Ivies were “meritocratic” (this isn’t what we really mean; if they selected only the smartest students), they’d be 100% Jewish. Statistical fact. As such, even other Whites should consider themselves fortunate (“privileged”) to be able to attend.

        6. I see. So you are in fact arguing for a meritocracy and a disproportionate % of jews and asians supposedly based on IQ but also preferential treatment and overrepresentation for blacks and hispanics. That’s convenient.

        7. That’s correct. Please explain how society wouldn’t benefit by placing only the smartest at the top (where they belong) (as opposed to putting people of barely above-average capacity, vs. general population, in these schools). If it were up to me, nothing but WAIS/WISC would be being used to determine “intelligence” (as SAT is a false proxy of it), and schools would be stratified precisely as such.

        8. You tell me. You’re the one arguing for a large portion of seats to be racial set asides.

        9. Do you intend to tell me which IQ tests you’ve taken, and what your scores were? Still waiting.

        10. Still waiting? You never asked. And no, I’m not giving you test scores. You’re either an Aspie or a troll. I’ll lean towards the former since your reading comprehension has failed repeatedly.

        11. Did you know that there are “students” at Harvard with IQs below 100? Below 100. Harvard. Is this proper? Why are they there, and who decided that they should be? (The mean is approximately 128, SD15. Not even MENSA level.)

        12. Hmm…so you’re literacy-challenged, then, or you simply ignored my request for you to prove your intelligence. You can’t, because you can’t score highly on IQ tests (because you’re not as smart as you’d like to believe that you are).
          Tell us, then: why did you insinuate that your IQ is inordinately high?

        13. No, you directed that question to another comment and another person, genius. Troll better.

        14. Oh; you’re one and the same, then [Edit: “in” was accidentally typed, then edited seconds later, before Hank here had the opportunity to see that it was a simple error]. It also applies to you. Would you answer it, please?

        15. “one in the same”? Between that, your reading comprehension and obvious 5 minutes of training in statistics, I am in awe.

        16. Five minutes of training in statistics…I see. I haven’t seen you disprove my response to your logic-lacking initial retort (because you can’t).

        17. Hank, what’s confusing about this? If Ivies were stratified entirely by intelligence, they’d be 100% Jewish, even if Jews’ IQs were only one point higher. Your previous comment, then, obviously lacked logic. See?
          (Thusly, the fact that they aren’t, in fact, 100% Jewish [though they really should be] is evidence of the fact that all others, not merely racial minorities, are privileged to attend.)

        18. Hank, can I expect you do to something other than toss ad hominems here today? Why should dumber people, who haven’t earned their positions, be permitted admission?

        19. Hank, I’m in awe of the fact that you think any argument you’ve made here is of any validity at all. Would you please counter my retorts (which logically disprove your statements)? Do you yield, then? Your ad hominem didn’t actually make you the winner (and, I promise, you are not my intellectual superior).

        20. Have you controlled for cultural attitudes towards education? Strong, very strict, Jewish families I have seen in New York and else where are YUGEEE! in promoting education. Their children know that above all else, they are going to have to get a degree. Or their mother is going to use their rectal cavity like a pair of nagging pants. ANd walk them through school until they graduate.
          If there is a conspiracy, at some point it will be found out. But what if it isn’t?
          Jews don’t seem to have any negative impact on my life. As a Christian, there is one Jew I’m pretty grateful for. Actually, quite a few of them that came after too.
          Go ahead, yell. I bet I just tripped an aneurism.

        21. Yeah, there is probably a reason for that. It’s called the Nazi Holocaust. Love them, or in your case, really hate them…….having millions of people, including thousands of whole families wiped out, tends to get the sympathy vote when it comes to privileges.

        22. And they miss the fact of the Jewish perception of education today. From music, say Itzhak Perlman, to finance and business, Jewish families work their ass off. They marry Jewish, they work Jewish businesses, and they take care of each other.
          I wish every group did that. If black Americans worked like that, we would not have any where near as many police patrols in low income ghettos. Hell, we would have a lot fewer of those sorts of neighborhoods to begin with.
          Jewish family ties have lasted for eons precisely because of their identities strength. I have a feeling, it will last long after these knuckleheads hatreds have buried them of heart failure. LOL
          Oh yeah, I’m not Jewish, nor a sympathizer. I just have not seen a reason to hate a whole group of people simply because I don’t see them next to my trailer as miserable as I am after a tornado.
          Be it a black ghetto, white trash trailer park, or whatever stereotype…if those groups had the sense of identity, and meritocratic driven sense of purpose the Jewish families had…we probably would not have these ghettos or trailer park “communities” as much as we do. They would probably be univiersities.

        23. …because work ethic strongly correlates with IQ. 🙂 I don’t care who here thinks I sympathize with who; it is “statement of fact” that Jews are simply more intelligent, whether they like it or not. Their opinions are of precisely zero relevance.

        24. Jews and Asians don’t need affirmative action bullshit and so they don’t play into the “diversity” question. They are over-represented in technical fields but not necessarily in business, politics or the military, which I consider the true test of “intelligence” given how these three pillars have established and keep our society running.

        25. Did not say I care who you have sympathy for. Was more or less agreeing with your comment.
          Cheers. And hopefully, like me, you enjoy making fun of the coming butt hurt neo-Nazi comments. LOL

        26. My ACT was a little low, but I got around 30. Not high enough to get in on that alone to university.

        27. That’s complete nonsense. The Ivy League’s history means that a lot of non-genius white kids get in on the “legacy” ticket, but just by shear numbers there are far more smart goyim than smart Jews in America.

        28. ACT != IQ, though 30 is (if memory serves) a great score. The mean SAT at Harvard is now 1500/1600; mean IQ is only 128 (not even MENSA level). These tests no longer sufficiently correlate with IQ to be considered intelligence tests (which is precisely why MENSA et al. no longer accept them). 🙂

        29. Sorry…”what,” exactly, was nonsense? Please elaborate as to which point you were referring.

        30. Calli, I have to agree with Scorpio here. Even if all Jews were 7’4″ with 210 IQs, they would still not take over the universities from the other races completely. Even if in aggregate they are superior, numerically, the chances are great that the other races would have enough to breach their offspring into the university in large percentages.
          For example, the average height in China is obviously lower than in the US. But, they will still have a disproportionate number of very tall basket ball players. Precisely because they have three times, or more, the number of people.

        31. If it were up to me, nothing but WISC/WAIS or SB would be accepted as evidence of “aptitude.” 🙂 (…and yes, I’d stratify schools predominantly by these scores. The most intelligent belong at schools that produce the so-called-by-society “most capable people.”)

        32. Too few to mention. In my experience, most people with IQs over 128 are morons anyways. I attended the number 2 law school Canada (maybe number 3 depending on who you ask) that is certainly in the top 50 in the world. They were a bunch of idiots who could not follow an argument that did not match with their political pre-dispositions.

        33. I stated earlier, under each comment, that I am not Jewish. The fact that you made that assumption indicates bias. You do know what “statement of fact” is, yes?

        34. A couple, sure, but presumably, the vast majority are there due to affirmative action. (The spread between Black/Asian SAT scores is nearly 400 points, at top schools).

        35. And what the fuck do you know about psychometrics, asshole? Just from reading your bullshit I know a boatload more about IQ and it’s implications than you do.

        36. You know nothing about IQ, and this fact was perfectly evidenced by your last comment.
          p.s. control your emotions, junior…

        37. There is nothing emotional about pointing out the fact that you are a know-nothing asshole who likes to insult his betters.

        38. You resorted to profanity. You lost control of your emotions, yes? Yes. Statement of fact is never “insult,” friend. Not too bright, are you.

        39. What did you score on WAIS? Tell me yours, and I’ll tell you mine. (You won’t win.)

        40. Your retort made no sense and failed to accurately address anything that I’d earlier stated. That’s why I asked you to elaborate. Are you unable to because you know your retort didn’t refute anything I’d earlier stated?

        41. So what, you are some Wechsler zealot who dismisses Stanford-Binet? Anyone in the field knows that the SAT doesn’t measure actual knowledge of English and Math but rather is a decent proxy for IQ. It’s not perfect by any means and it is just big business, but the correlation is rather sound.

        42. SB is just fine. What was your score? (Enough with the bullshit–let’s have it.)

        43. Which IQ societies do you belong to? Tell me yours, and I’ll tell mine (none of which are MENSA).

        44. I’ve taken multiple tests but I don’t really recall if any were the WAIS. I tend to clock in at about 138.

        45. Sorry…was that meant to be a valid response? Aren’t you a “psychometrician,” relative to me?

        46. …well, I can tell you this: my WAIS score was around a full standard deviation higher than the mean at the school with the highest mean SD15 score. So, I don’t much care where you went to school. 🙂

        47. You know nothing about IQ, as evidenced by your statements, and you are objectively inferior to me.

        48. As posted elsewhere, I cluster around 138. Even on a bad day I won’t go below 130 but on a good day I can’t quite crack 145 (genius level; 3 standard deviations).
          I was in the 96th percentile of the LSAT. . .on a bad day, and that was compared to other graduates with an mean IQ of roughly 115 or 120.

        49. …on what test? “I can’t remember.” Are you quite done, Scorpio?
          p.s. 138 on SB isn’t brag-worthy. That’s only approximately 99.0th percentile.

        50. Objectively? You have fuck all evidence to go on, so obviously you are a moron for making that conclusion.

        51. …I have a WAIS score a full standard deviation above that at any school. Weren’t you earlier boasting of some school you’d attended? Good for you–I have multiple degrees from equivalent or better schools. Done, Scorpio?

        52. Oh, I think it’s plainly obvious to anyone reading along. Your “refutation” of my comment made no sense and addressed no point I’d made. You lost, with that comment. Now, you’re merely embarrassing yourself.

        53. Only in your mind, friend, only in your mind. One of the first things I learned as a trial lawyer is that I don’t have to convince the fuckwad on the other side, I just have to convince the jury and/or the judge.

        54. …so the average person, on the fly, would have an understanding of WAIS and SB? They’d know that 138 on SB is only 99th percentile? Why are you bragging of this? 🙂

        55. (In fairness, you had no reason to expect that you’d bump into someone above the 99.9th percentile, did you.)

        56. “Legal Ocs.” presumably includes occupations held by those aside from JDs; hence, a far lesser mean than 125.

        57. I have known people in the 99.9th percentile. They can solve for X but generally don’t deal well with reality or other people. Some become rich, many don’t, virtually none can run for public office, become an entrepreneur or command a military unit.
          In high school there were two guys I admit were smarter than me, but statistically there should have been a few more. It might be because there were so few WASPs (me) or Slavs (them) at the school. It was Blacks, Flips, Pakis, Greeks and no other Asians.
          On my physics teacher’s suggestion I wrote the Isaac Newton Contest Exam. I guess he noticed that I was bored in class and flirt with girls who I then had to tutor to keep their grades up because they were not paying attention.
          Anyways, there were 5 of us who wrote. The two Slavs scored in the 99 point WTF percentile just like they did in the math chemistry and every other competitive exam they entered. I was in the 95th percentile. The other two guys – a couple of Hindus – were 70th something and 50th something.
          At a school assembly they called us all down and said how we did. The funny thing is that a couple of months earlier I had reinvented myself from being a geek/nerd into someone who was considered “cool” (I got a haircut, contact lenses, a new wardrobe, joined the army and formed a rock band). When I took my seat the guy next to me said “Hey, I didn’t know you were smart.”
          I completely lost track of the one guy but the other guy was my class mate and we kept in touch for several years.
          If you have ever heard of 4 Dimensional Tic Tac Toe, well I invented it. A few others independently invented it but I came up with it in 1983 to blunt the boredom of AP math. (As it turned out, I suck at AP math; I just understand what the numbers mean, which put me in the top 5% but not the top 1% of the Isaac Newton Test). So we would fiddle with this and he would tell me about what was happening with him.
          At 16 he rewrote the code for the early Atari computers to make their graphics functions – drawing circles and such – more efficient. This was in “assembly language”, mutherfucking 1s and 0s. After high school he went to the University of Waterloo for computer science and got hired right after graduations by a young company in California. The pay was shit so they gave him stock. The company was Microsoft. After a few years, he sold his stock and had enough money to never have a real job again.
          He started his own firm to port old games into new platforms. If you play Pac Man or Galaga or whatever on your current PC, odds are you are using a program that he wrote.
          At the edge of high school graduation, he applied to ROTC and then told me the results. “They said I am very smart but have no leadership potential”.

        58. Who you’ve known is of precisely zero statistical relevance; this is an obvious logical fallacy. 🙂
          p.s. your subjective opinion of their intellectual abilities is also of no relevance

        59. …I can tell you, though, that dealing with humanity (“society”) is virtually impossible for anyone at this level. 🙂

        60. A good legal secretary will be meticulous, have a good memory of procedure and form, and be somewhat cunning. They don’t have to process information and arguments the way lawyers (the high-IQ people) do.

        61. So, I consider myself fortunate to have bumped into someone at your level, given how rarely this occurs. Let’s be friends. 🙂

        62. In my opinion, though, LSAT should be dumped and replaced with WAIS. “Aptitude” is a poor substitute (proxy ) for an intelligence test, and the correlation between LSAT and IQ isn’t sufficient to determine that a high LSAT necessarily means a high IQ (which is what they’re really after, isn’t it). 🙂 Political correctness = inefficiency or worse.

        63. “A full standard deviation above the mean at the highest-mean school” should be perfectly sufficient. I’ll assume that you can imagine what that might be.

        64. Presumably, you know that IQ testing was essentially outlawed for any useful purpose decades ago. What a shame. I’ll assume that you’ve read “The Bell Curve.”

        65. Part of it is big business and entrenched interests. The LSAT has a heavy g-load but it focuses on verbal rather than spatial or math. The best lawyers have to manipulate 3-D data and be good with numbers but the fact is very few have had to solve a quadratic equation in their professional practice.

        66. “G-load.” Ignore my earlier statements of your supposed ignorance–that’s all I needed to hear. 🙂 My apologies.

        67. True, I suppose, though I’d personally rather hire the higher IQ (where, assuming a high score, some degree of balance can be assumed). Besides, verbal ability and the others highly correlate, anyway; may as well just use the superior “intelligence” test. Between PC and corporate interests, as you mentioned, it will never happen. What a shame.

        68. (If you haven’t read TBC, I strongly recommend it. Some will call it “racist,” but facts aren’t racist.) (It’s factual in nature, minus a brief opinion piece toward its conclusion.)

        69. (To be sure, only five percent of TBC regards anything “racial.” 95% of sub-studies were performed using only Whites.) 🙂

        70. (I read TBC only because I scored 99th percentile [maximum; missed a perfect score by one question] on AFQT long, long ago. [TBC uses this test, specifically, as its foundation.]) It’s fascinating, and after reading it, all assumptions of society are essentially confirmed. (It’s fair to assume that if everyone truly “knew” what’s contained within, societal trouble might well arise.)

        71. Most lawyers just need to parse the words. The other thing is that IQs above the 130 range do not translate into practical results. There is a saying about law students that the A students become judges while the B students end up working for the C student. Being smart does not mean that you can get things done.

        72. I’ve most often read “120,” but I don’t agree with that (subjectively). Have you attempted the Titan Test? 🙂 Some claim that only Titan and/or Mega can effectively test above 130 (I don’t agree; WAIS/SB have been shown to be accurate to above 150).
          ..no, but work ethic (and ambition) do strongly correlate with IQ. It’s about “probability” and “tendency.”

        73. Within TBC, there is much discussion of what leads to better job performance. It was proven many decades ago that IQ independently correlates most highly (all jobs, all fields). 🙂 It really is the bottom line.

        74. Of course, and counterpostures like The Mismeasure of Man.
          I am aware of the legal cases that outlawed it. A 30 minute IQ test is a better measure of employee performance in most fields than a 2 hour interview. It was banned because Blacks score lower. Simple PC shit.

        75. Gould, in spite of his Harvard association, is a clown. (Name-calling is appropriate, in this case.)

        76. Can you imagine what society might be like if we were simply willing to accept (and work with, as opposed to against) the truth? Of course, what is the solution?
          p.s. the fact that the interview is so heavily relied upon is a testament to the ignorance of corporate recruiters (they simply don’t know what they’re doing, and it’s reflected within their results as opposed to random candidate selection). 🙂 (I’ve seen convincing evidence that random selection would result in better performance, in most cases. Not at all difficult to believe.)

        77. The LSAT has good real-world correlations but that only amounts to an R^2 of about 0.3 when compared with law school performance. I don’t recall seeing any study that would suggest a general intelligence test could do better on that account. Still, law school performance itself is heavily politicized and performance as a lawyer involves a host of other factors beyond raw intelligence.

        78. Anyway, now that I have a good sense of your knowledge, why the earlier “slander” of IQ? 🙂 I’d merely contend that there is a “best” range (likely 130-145). Below this, performance suffers (as you suggested), and above this, well…forget it. 🙂

        79. Fair arguments, all. Still, though, raw intelligence remains the bottom line (though by no means is it all-predictive). 🙂 My ideal hire would have an IQ of ~140 (SD15), multiple degrees relative to the field, and *meaningful* “experience” that, at least in *some* way, relates to the task at hand. At * no time* would my personal “judgment” of said person factor in. In fact, I might not interview them at all, given that I know that it’s of no (or worse, negative) value. 🙂
          Did you know that the average candidate for a job is “selected” within no more than twelve seconds? As a result, it begs the question: what the hell are these people doing? 🙂 This is *precisely* why IQ testing *must* be *required*, merely as a bottom line, given that it cannot be determined subjectively by an (egomaniacal) interviewer (…and let’s face it: they’re trying [and failing] to find intellectual capital at a cheap price).

        80. I suppose he is a clown because he became a celebrity. However, his work on evolutionary theory and the concept of non-overlapping magesteria give people something to think about.

        81. Well, my comments were somewhat rushed and unjustified; there are apparently many people commenting here who lie along the right tail. Anyway, that’s in the past. We’re both near the top (99th and 99.9th are both qualifiable as “fucking smart,” in my subjective opinion); let’s leave it at that. 🙂

        82. Well yes, and no. IQ has a decent correlation but the specialized tests (LSAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, DAT, etc), while heavily g-loaded I presume they have a better correlation for their particular purpose.
          The thing is, the courts ruled that you have to administer a test that is specific to the jobs you are hiring for, and most companies do not have the resources to put together that sort of test, particularly if it could stand any challenge of being valid and reliable.
          Somehow the Canadian government put the SJT (Situational Judgment Test) into place to screen candidates for the foreign service. I don’t see it being either valid nor reliable but as a middle class white male I don’t have the personal resources nor the support to challenge it. The other two tests involve literacy and basically an IQ test. I wrote the public service exams years ago and blew them away but couldn’t make the cut on the SJT. So apparently our diplomats don’t have to have to have good language skills or be the sharpest pencils in the box, but if you can pass this bullshit test you get an interview.

        83. I’d make that presumption, as well, but having taken GMAT, I can tell you that it is not an accurate first-time measurement of capability, and given that it’s limited strictly to verbal/math (like LSAT), it isn’t by any means a sufficient measure of intelligence (the bottom line), either. I took it twice, in fact; the difference was well over 100 points. Of my fellow students, this wasn’t uncommon. 🙂

        84. Recall, too, though, that within TBC, they demonstrated that “g” was what mattered. Specialized skill testing proved to be all-but-irrelevant.

        85. Military, business and political leaders would rarely rate less than 120 or more than 140. Those that have were disasters in one way or another.
          Yes, there is a correlation but “strongly” has to be taken in context. An R^2 of 0.3 is “strong” in scientific terms for examining groups but you will be wrong 70% of the time if you apply that to individuals in specific circumstances.
          I could have joined MENSA when I was a teenager but it didn’t have an appeal for me then, and 30 years later I am quite content to walk among basically “normal” people. It’s never been a big deal for me and I have found that personal qualities are far more important that any numbers you can measure. I applaud someone who can bench press 400 pounds but it doesn’t make them a better person in and of itself.

        86. Haha…very true. From what I’ve read, the mean at Harvard is approximately 128 (in spite of individuals like the Bushes); below MENSA level, believe it or not (I find it easy to believe). 🙂 Yeah, IQ societies haven’t done much for me; I hear MENSA has a dating service, though I’d imagine that I’d find that to be a waste of my time, as well. 🙂 A 200-pound guy who can bench 400 is damn impressive. For a 300-pound guy to do it isn’t. Quantification is always king, IMO, and subjective opinion is of very little value, IMO (especially of another’s supposed level of intelligence). 🙂

        87. (Obviously, Harvard doesn’t have the smartest students [Caltech does, it seems]. [I shouldn’t objectively state a full std. dev. above their mean, as I don’t *precisely* know what that mean is, though it stands to be in the ballpark of 135.])

        88. AFQT? Army? I applied to rejoin as JAG a few years back and had to do their test. The recruiter struck me as being skeptical because he teased me about my CFAT and how I scored perfect or one wrong on spatial and maybe two wrong on the rest of the test; apparently it was the highest score he had seen. I never got an interview: it seems that having 10 years previous experience in the military and 4 years as a lawyer still left me “non-competitive”. All I can figure is that they chose some snot with a B+ law school average.

        89. Air Force, originally. I decided against it quickly, though. (They wanted me to be an ICBM repair guy; apparently, that’s the best one can do, enlisted.) 🙂 From what I’ve read, one per one thousand (thus, .1%) earn a perfect score on AFQT. One goddamn question away. 🙂
          Yeah, one would have to assume that you were objectively the best candidate. Too bad they don’t think objectively. 🙂

        90. Corporate recruiters are HR types who tend to be the dullest knives in the block compared to other business majors. It’s kind of insulting actually for someone like them to evaluate someone like us (I did a business degree before going on to law school).

        91. If they knew what they were doing, HR would be relegated to paperwork and precisely nothing more. Unfortunately, they’ve all adopted the same (false) theories of what comprises a “good hire.” (Generally, it relies on the unquantifiable opinion of others and their own poor judgment.) 🙂
          The only man who can effectively judge me is someone at or above my level of intelligence with similar or better credentials/experience. (I don’t mean to be an asshole, but not fucking likely.) 🙂

        92. I haven’t read it in years and don’t have access to it because it is in storage 10,000 miles away (I live and work in China) . Still, I have not seen any study that suggests these particular, professional tests are no better than a general test.

        93. Ah–I have a compatriot who once studied at Peking University. Learned to write and speak some variant of Chinese while there (I was astounded by this). 🙂
          I always keep TBC handy; I reference it frequently. Quantification talks, bullshit walks. 🙂

        94. I scored a 167 on the LSAT, partly because I had a sugar/caffeine crash on the last portion where I racked up more wrong answers than the other 3 combined (I scored 172 in my practice tests, but I was self-taught and didn’t take a prep-course). I later worked for Kaplan to teach the LSAT and of course studied it in the process. When I gave the students practice tests I could, just out of boredom, rattle them off in half the time and score about 177 or 178 (out of 180, near perfect and in the 99.9th percentile albeit not under the stress conditions of the real test). There was one type of logic question that never made sense to me, sometimes I made stupid mistakes and sometimes I simply drew a blank.
          The fact that the test is teachable indicates that it is not a pure intelligence test. However, lifestyle choices in terms of your hobbies and past times, greatly influence the way you process information, although I might be confusing cause and effect with that observation.

        95. “The fact that the test is teachable… ”
          Precisely. 🙂 “lifestyle choices in terms of your hobbies” I’m of the opinion that intelligence is at least 90% heritable (my parents and siblings score nearly equally with me), and that it can only be reduced from innate capacity by way of choices (e.g. drugs), not increased. Granted, no one has proven this; purely opinion. 🙂
          Those are extremely high scores, indeed. I’d certainly *assume* that someone with scores like these is of extremely high intelligence, but the problem is that the opposite is assumed in the event of scores that, for whatever reason, aren’t where they should have been, given IQ correlation. This is why I’d *always* advocate the use of IQ testing, which requires and benefits not from study, preparation, “etc.” (I’d permit three attempts on said test, though; lack of sleep, for one is a huge factor in outcome.)

        96. Scorp, if you dont mind my asking: why did you leave the legal profession??

        97. I think the literature suggests something like 70% heritable, but that has to be taken in the context that things like wealth, religion and political affiliation are also “heritable” but not in the genetic sense. My dad was an accountant, and my mother is smart but not well educated. For Christmas, sure I got my Hot Wheels and Evel Kneivel Stunt Cycle but also chemistry, electronics and optics kits. The house had lots of books and my parents read to me until I could read to myself.

        98. …so Jews aren’t wealthier, generationally, because they’re more intelligent? 🙂 We know Ivies prefer wealth, but given that Jews are smarter, their ability to accumulate and preserve wealth should also be assumed to be higher for that reason (as opposed to anything more sinister). Smarter people are better with money (even though they may make less). What am I missing?

        99. If Ivies were focused entirely on obtaining nothing but the highest-IQ students (which, thanks to diversity, they cannot do), they’d be 100% Jewish, would they not, given that there are plenty of outlying Jewish students of higher intelligence than other (outlying) Whites at the ready? I’m probably missing something logically, here; please do tell me what it is (in the midst of caffeine withdrawal at the moment). 🙂

        100. I’m not following this:
          “One might simply suppose that this is due to higher Jewish IQ. However, on the basis of Richard Lynn’s estimates of Ashkenazi Jewish IQ and correcting for the greater numbers of European Whites, the ratio of non-Jewish Whites to Jews should be around 7 to 1 (IQ >130) or 4.5 to 1 (IQ > 145). Instead, the ratio of non-Jewish Whites to Jews is around 1 to 1 or less. (See here.)”
          Jews’ IQs are higher than those of any other group. There are many more Jews available to fill Ivies than Ivies could take in. Logically, then, assuming equal numbers of outliers (those at the top of the IQ food chain), shouldn’t Ivies be 100% Jewish? Is there an insufficient number of outlying Jews (higher mean, tighter distribution)? 🙂
          Thusly, all others are fortunate to even be considered for admission, as they are objectively inferior in terms of intellectual capability. Right? Again, I know I’m missing something…what is it?

        101. I have not formally studied the language, I just sort of pick it up. After 3 years my Chinese should be better than it is but my speaking and listening are “survival level”, my reading is pitiful and my writing is all but non-existant.

        102. …do you have anything on Jews vs. other Whites’ SAT scores? That would be better, as they don’t (technically) use IQ for admission (even though they absolutely should be doing so). 🙂 Perhaps I’m mistaken, and Jews’ and Whites’ SAT scores are equivalent. If that is the case, then yes, something is amiss, as IQ testing isn’t used as the basis of admission (which is where the linked article goes logically wrong, it seems). It could very well be that these schools are *assuming* higher capability due to innate (generational) wealth/ethnic background, as opposed to admitting these people solely on the basis of their wealth (for the sake of it and its societal value).

        103. I don’t really have the patience to study it but I teach ESL and substantive courses to Chinese students and now live in China so I sort of have to know a few things to explain myself.

        104. I got pigeonholed as a divorce lawyer and I hated it. In the military I disarmed land mines and blew up bridges with C4 and was otherwise trained to kill people. I found being a family law lawyer to be far more stressful with all the lies and histrionics.
          If I ever go back it will be on my own terms and I won’t rely on whatever money I make. I will choose only the clients I find interesting and charge them what they can afford under the circumstances rather than by the tenth of an hour with 2/3rds of that going to overhead and pay for my boss’s new SUV. Maybe I will take on family clients, but again only on my own terms. I have and would represent women so I am no MRA, but if a good man in a bad situation needed someone like me, I would consider taking him on pro bono.
          I don’t think I would ever be a criminal lawyer (ha ha redundancy in terms, eh?) for the practical reason that civil and criminal court have two different sets of rules so I would have to learn a new skill set. On a different level, 90% of criminal defendants are guilty and the job of a criminal lawyer is to mitigate the damage they have done to themselves. It won’t happen but if there was the “perfect client” some fucker on Bay Street or John Street or thereabouts (please forgive the Toronto references) would snatch him up (and it is almost always a “him”).

        105. I’d imagine that you must be pleased with their capability/interest in learning (given their substantially higher IQs). 🙂 I must depart shortly, but thanks for the mentally-engaging conversation! (Most IQ society conversation is too subdued/PC for my liking–doesn’t do much for me; this is a true rarity.) 🙂

        106. You aren’t accounting for variances from the mean. Jews do have a higher IQ than whites as a whole and the population at large but 2.5% of whites will have IQs at 135+ which will be higher than ~84-90% of Jews.

        107. Admission isn’t based of intelligence since the 1920’s because of KKK policies that wanted a reason other than merit to not accept you

        108. I know ignore that most crimes have to do with the war on drugs, and CIA documents actually admit to trafficking drugs there to fund their “black operations” in Vietnam

        109. Nope it’s based off the US public education unless you’re saying our current system is based of merit(It’s not)
          It’s suppose to teach you to be obedient and submissive to the state

        110. Jews only hiring more jews isnt racist, noticing jews being racist and hiring only jews IS.
          Anti semitism my ass, they are collectively and openly against whites and Christians but cucks love to bring out the old racism shtick.

        111. Nonsense.
          Germans and Japanese are the heavy weights in IQ, israel is 90.
          I have never believed a group that has had to scrape so low and go behind everyones back in every way as being mentally superior.
          Their real power is in IDIOTS like you who would believe such nonsense.

        112. Oh, but if ANYONE didnthe same, the self chosen trots out the old racism meme.
          They have no power here. They will earn like the rest of us or be the hacks theyve always been.
          Being a cheat and a backstabber will get you paid more but is not an indication of superior intellect.
          Id argue that behavior would indicate the exact opposite.

    3. “Jew” isn’t a race–that’s problem one with this argument. Secondly, Jews have the highest IQs on the planet (by a margin of at least seven points [over East Asians]). Naturally, then, this leads them to excel at/within the arts, given that artistic interest/ability highly correlates with intelligence (I’m talking actual art, here, not Warhol/Pollack-like bullshit). Thirdly, if “equality” is the (idealist’s) goal, the percentage represented of any “group” should be directly proportionate to the number of *eligible actors*, not the general population. What percentage of actors eligible for these awards comprise minorities? Has anyone conclusively determined that minorities haven’t, in fact, been statistically overrepresented (my best guess, here)?
      It’s just this simple: of the population, higher IQ = more (and better) productivity. Universally (and globally).
      Not A. Jew

        1. Where was it stated that it wasn’t genetic? Please re-read what was written.

        1. …so connections, not capability, are responsible for betting acting, as well as a higher propensity for artistic interest/involvement. Is that the logic? (Otherwise, I can confirm that your statement is accurate [at least within business/finance realms].)

        2. How should you know? What tests have you taken, and what were your scores? (Test and version numbers, please.)

      1. If Jews can be over-represented because “muh IQ” then why are the Jews spearheading the campaign to force everyone else to accept blacks – with the lowest average IQ on the planet?
        Funny how liberals will always defend Jews based on IQ scores, but the IQs of the Dindu Tribes are “rayciss fake science…”
        >Not A. Jew
        Yet you have a jew’s hand up your ass moving your lips.

    4. I am an Adam carolla style pro Semite, but even I am growing weary of Jews supporting affirmative action and non white immigration. Us and euro Jews need to start asking who their friends are as the west is flooded with dindu and sand dindu immigrants who will vote for affirmative action based on religion – and guess which religion will get hit hardest. It wasn’t brown and black Muslims who stormed Omaha beach and liberated dachau while keeping it out of the iron curtain.

    5. Ashkenazi Jews have an average IQ of about 110-115 with biggers spikes in verbal IQ, making them outrageously well suited for film writing, directing, etc.
      As someone who wants to see the best films I am glad this is the case.

      1. If you want to see only the best films, with the best actors, then why do you “smart Jews” fight so hard to force blacks into films at every opportunity? White characters? Nah, we better make them black now… it’s more progressive that way.
        (That white skin looks so nice with a black dick in it, don’t it goy? :^) )
        Funny how liberals fall back on IQ when praising the Jew, but refuse to accept the low IQ scores of blacks… because that’s “rayciss.”

    6. I get tired of hearing about how unfair or racist everything is in our society. This move (by Will Smith and his wife) shows just how much this disease has affected our society.
      We have millionaires complaining (and boycotting) these awards. If people stopped watching them, today, they would be out of work (no more big house, nice cars, etc…).
      Life isn’t fair…that’s what my elders used to tell me.

    7. There is far too much anti-Semitism at this website. Jews founded or were instrumental in the founding of a large number of industries, particularly arts-related ones.
      We tealk about women hamsters. Well, someone need only say “Jews are bad” and lots of ROK readers’ hamsters also start spinning in their little wheels.
      I come from an ethnic group that has long been unjustly tarred as anti-Semitic, particularly by leftist American secular Jews. But I like to be taken seriously, so I choose not to indulge in these fantasy-world conspiracy theories.

      1. Perhaps instead of mindlessly dismissing everything as a conspiracy you could defend your argument instead.
        Jews are overwhelmingly overrepresented in fields which they endlessly attack only whites for “not being diverse enough” – demanding there be fewer whites to make room for more blacks —- but NEVER “too many Jews.”
        Let’s start there. Explain to the class how that statement is a “conspiracy.”

        1. It seems to me that those attacks are because they are far-left liberals, not because they’re Jews, per se. The conspiracy is leftist, not Jewish, because it includes a whole lot of other groups like blacks and Hispanics and a lot of Catholic and mainline Protestant leftists.
          You have a very unhealthy obsession.

    8. Who gives a fuck about a Goddamn Grammy

      -Chuck D
      The Oscars probably are racist and I’ve always thought so. That said, I don’t care. I have never really been interested as to me, winning an Oscar doesn’t mean I will enjoy the movie.
      Not only that, Black people can just have their own award shows if its that important.
      In my opinion, the major problem with Blacks as actors is that they are over-represented by rappers. If you look at British actors, the vast majority of them have been actors since childhood. They are excellent. This is why they are over-represented and why in many cases, they hire British actors to play Americans in American TV shows.
      However, Black actors (as opposed to rappers) are shunted aside and replaced with rappers. To an extent, Black people need to look at themselves. Will Smith? Will Smith can go fuck himself. He’s not a great actor and he has replaced good young Black actors, in my opinion.

      1. You know why his movie shouldnt be nominated? Bc its entitled “Concussion”.
        “And the award for best picture goes to…Concussion!”
        Its one step away from “OW! MY BALLS!” Remember when movies with more artful aspirations had titles that didnt tell you exactly what the movie was about? Wings of Desire. 8 1/2, Raging Bull, etc…they would be called German Angel, Depressed Director, and Washed up Boxer today.

      2. Blacks have been shafted out of many incredible roles because of the white-guilt Hollyjew bullshit that states that white men must always be the villain and blacks can only be shown as heroes. The only roles left for black actors (outside of “majority black casts, black director”) are recasting formerly white characters with a darker skin tone.
        Villains are usually the most awesome and complicated role in any film or play… but if you make a black man a criminal (especially if any of the protagonists may be coincidentally white) you’re rayciss and must be boycotted, shunned, and your children threatened with rape and death by Social Justice Feminists on Twitter.

        1. Which formerly white characters are you referring to?
          Denzel Washington got his leading actor Oscar for playing a villain.

    9. Interesting program on the 1958 U.S. census I heard. It seems the census used to be pretty comprehensive; down to small details. It showed that the tiny portion of citizens who were Jewish were mostly in media, banking, and entertainment. In high postions too. By then the Jews had enough power to have it squashed and released with guidelines that prevented people from seeing how much power they had in our society. And, you guessed it, they claimed the “Holocaust” and that Americans would be like the Germans and suspect them of having too much control of our society. Which they obviously did and still do. Note the T.V. Evangelicals and that whole movement that tells Republicans how to vote. They now are controlled by Israel and constantly promote that Christians are really Jews and have to protect Israel from the rest of American citizens. They’re a curse, and when you really, really study what happened in Europe during the Middle Ages, you understand why they were banned from one country after another. They’re like a virus that goes in and corrupts and kills it’s host by breaking down social norms and enconomically enslaving the population. While they constantly attack the Catholic Church, it was the Church that ran to protect them from extermination time after time. European monarchs couldn’t massacre them without the Church’s permission, and that wasn’t going to happen. The Church would keep them in Rome and negotiate with one kingdom after another to take them. And it would keep happening over and over. It even happened in the 1940’s. Yet Jewish controlled publications and writers still attack the Church.

  5. Spike Lee is suffering from “Lack of Attention” Deficit Disorder, hence this little tantrum, er, “protest”….

  6. The best part about all this is that Hollywood liberal elites voted for all of these nominees! Maybe liberalism is the problem here!

    1. When “12 Years after We Wus Kings n Sheit” absolutely swept the awards half the liberals praising it hadn’t even watched it. It was a progressive movie about plight of them them poor negro folk at the hand of the evil cracka-man, so it had to win.
      The Obamasons are literally arguing that if they don’t win an award every single year it be rayciss.
      If only there were a good word to describe these people…

  7. “At best, if the Oscars were “representative,” the trio could only expect 1 or 2 black actors to be nominated”
    This is the simple, logical reason why blacks are “underrepresented” at the Oscars. There were only a handful of movies this year that were predominately black, and none of them were very good. Creed was the only one that was decent. But not Oscar worthy. What is so arrogant of Smith is this actual thought that they “deserve” to be represented at the Oscars, regardless of the strength of the movie. What an arrogant, racist statement, that Smith actually believes he should be nominated since he’s black. Since Hollywood is so liberal I can guarantee that they will enlist quotas on the Oscars which will reduce the quality of the awards in the long run. Hollywood will eat itself.

    1. Exactly. Straight Outta Compton is a watchable film but it certainly isn’t oscar worthy.
      Spike Lee’s latest film Chi-raq is a travesty. He was interesting as a young man, but he is a classic example of what happens to people who bite too hard on the pill of identity politics and never let go.

  8. I noticed Samuel j Jackson killed all the white actors in the Hateful Eight and now this

      1. You watch it the scene where Sammy L makes a white man suck his dick at gunpoint. :^)
        Tarantino truly is a visionary.

        1. Wow…. keeping the Jews happy with Inglorious, the blacks with Django, and what particular minority now? Homosexual blacks? Hasn’t made a good movie since Jackie Brown anyhoo……

        2. Yeah, Quentin Tarantino should be eternally grateful if he doesn’t end up with a death sentence. Personally, I think he should confess he got faggotized by a nigger and that’s his problem.
          Tarantino’s mother was a coal-burner. He should confess his faggotry and beg forgiveness, get his money confiscated and ten years hard labor to straighten him out, or else just sentence him to be executed.

        3. Where is this??
          Another day, another thing I cant unsee courtesy of the internet.

  9. To quote Spank Me, “how come there ain’t no brotha’s on the wall!” Ok they want a more “inclusive” Oscars? Have more “inclusive” NBA, not enough Kracka’s on the floor. Get rid of the Mojo awards and all the other blackcentric shows, etc. Whiny millionaires. Rumours Will and Jabba play for the other team? Oh well. I could care less about the Oscars. Proof leftists eat their young.

  10. I find it interesting how Hollywood treats its clients, each other, the very institutions that allow them to flourish, etc.
    I happen to like Quentin Tarantino. However, his bullshit cost him a ton of revenue for his latest movie. Money talks and shit walks. If these morons continue down this road Hollywood could be replaced with “someotherculture” in 20 years.

  11. What next for political correctness….perhaps we should black up our white actors so that a “black” actor with talent is actually nominated? It would be like returning to the good days of camptown races, it wasn’t racist, it was just entertainment. How serious we’ll all become.

      1. A movie made by a Jew lampooning racism and homosexuality…and we could all laugh at it all! You wouldn’t get anyway with it in Hollywood these days!

        1. “A movie made by a Jew lampooning racism and homosexuality…and we could all laugh at it all! You wouldn’t get anyway with it in Hollywood these days!”
          A movie made by a Jew advancing their agenda in the way most effective for that time. Making the hero a black man, mocking whites and their history/values/society (“racism”), and promoting normalcy of sodomy by making it a laughing matter.
          Yet, you seem to think of this example of the internal capture of the culture as some “classic.”

        2. I think you have a valid point that movies like The Producers and Blazing Saddles were vehicles to advance the Zionist agenda. But why is it such a bad thing for a black man to be a hero in a movie?

        3. “But why is it such a bad thing for a black man to be a hero in a movie?”
          Nothing if the movie was made by blacks for primarily black consumption, in that case it would abnormal for the hero not to be black. Nor, if the black hero was in a Christian movie or a conservative film or anything not Leftist. Blazing Saddles on the other hand helped create the modern day America we see now. Once the majority culture and ethnicity becomes an object of open ridicule, then it is easy to transition to institutional persecution against “White Privilege.”

  12. A number of famous and semi-famous blacks, including Ice Cube, have been less than fired up about this issue. Will Smith has nothing to lose by boycotting, but would totally be called out from the sizable black-dumbfuck-caucus (which includes his son) if he went. It’s encouraging to see a number of white celebs calling bullshit on this, too.
    But we will see this type of bitching from blacks and their white, progressive enablers grow for awhile–possibly for along, long while, because they simply aren’t going to catch up as a group to whites in certain areas. Ever. And the real explanations for that are too painful to acknowledge.

  13. Will and Jada’s son walks around town wearing dresses and he models for women’s clothing lines. I can care less about what these Hollywood clowns stand for.

    1. Perfect. They disqualified themselves long before their son decided to wear women’s clothing. Sad.

      1. Actually, their twinky of a son earns them HUGE cred in Hollywood. I think you were referring to their credit with you yourself, but in regards to overall Hollywood/leftists, hell, overall American culture, having a cross-dressing, pre-op son is seen as topshelf parenting.

    2. Same. I can think of nothing less significant, nothing less interesting than Hollywood. I cannot believe I didn’t make the read long ago and save myself thousands of dollars. Such a waste of time.

  14. 13% of a country overall. But the major cities are nice an mixed.
    And I think more than 13 % of new York city la miami Chicago is black.
    But what do I know
    I guess most movies are based in rural settings

    1. I used to be pretty law and order, very very “do the right thing, don’t steal other’s stuff”. But now I hope the stupid, feckless Millenials steal every movie and CD that’s made. Totally drain the studios of their profits. As far as I’m concerned, it’s ironic justice if they do.

    2. Some music albums aren’t even available legally anymore.
      If there is no legal market, don’t be surprised if a black market emerges.

  15. Let’s have affirmative action in the NBA and NFL. Since blacks make up 13% of the population, whites are underrepresented in those organizations.
    Really, this race hustling has to stop.

  16. If blacks or any other demographic want to start their own film studios and do their own thing they are free to enjoy their own success. Lots of successful blacks in the music business to bankroll it. What blacks are really asking for is “respect” from white people, which just screams inferiority complex.
    Likewise people who say show biz is controlled by jewish cartel. Maybe it is. Who cares. Start your own entertainment company.

    1. exactly. Sean Combs road the subway 4 hours a day to a shit job before starting his own business. now hes worth hundreds of millions and defines every aspect of his own life.

      1. He’s an extreme outlier (no statistical relevance), and we don’t know the backstory of his success (just as we don’t really “know” anyone’s backstory).

        1. Precisely. Most of the time, when you see African American actors, producers, or “artists” rocketing to the top over a short period of time, it’s because they were willing to take it up the ass. The “gay illuminati” is real. Just ask Tyler Perry or Lee Daniels.
          As for blacks “doing their own thing,” the problem is that a Black Hollywood would go belly-up in a month. That’s because their target audience, 80% of whose constituents are living below the poverty line, won’t patronize them. No other ethnic groups will patronize them, either. Whites will come out in droves to see a Bollywood movie, and vice versa, but neither Whites nor Asians are coming out in droves to see “Straight Outta Compton.” I’m not saying they should, because people are free to make their own choices based on personal preferences. I’m just predicting what will likely happen. Black actors thus have to choose between working in “White Hollywood,” taking their lumps, and getting paid, and going out on their own and being penniless.

        2. Black films don’t do well internationally either. Films like Barbershop and Ride Along made next to nothing overseas while Tyler Perry’s OS audience is non-existent. Tyler Perry’s films appeal to blacks and the box office numbers are nothing special at all, certainly not good enough for the industry as a whole to follow. He got rich peddling crap to black America but Hollywood would never sustain itself producing a large number of those films on an annual basis.
          Straight Outta.Compton was a little different because NWA’s audience was largely white, but only 20% of its total gross was made outside of America.

        3. 80%? 🙂 Whites would “line up” to see Bollywood films? I sure as hell wouldn’t; I’d pay not to watch them, since Bollywood is a lower-grade ripoff of Hollywood (unless I’ve missed something). I actually do want to see “Straight,” though, merely because I grew up listening to NWA and similar stuff when I was a young “gangsta.” 🙂

      2. stealing hooks from songs made by white people and adding a hip hop rap doesn’t make you a genius.

        1. Well, white AND black hooks. Back in the day, every third rap tune had a James Brown sample. The licensing fees from 80s/90s rap would have made him a billionaire

    2. “Likewise people who say show biz is controlled by jewish cartel. Maybe it is. Who cares. Start your own entertainment company.”
      What the hell kind of nonsense is this?
      It IS controlled by a ‘jewish cartel’. No maybes.
      Everyone should care because of the enormous, all-pervasive influence of the shit they pump out on the minds of the masses. Hint: it’s not helping society to become more positive, productive, and cohesive. It’s a catabolic force, and designed to be.
      Start your own entertainment company? It’s that easy, eh? That easy to get your channel onto TV or your films into major release, breaking through the power and the phalanx of the jewish cartel?
      Please think before you post empty calories of words.

  17. Jada had the body language of an evil, hate filled little bitch in that sorry ass video she made.

  18. Oscars are yet another political tool in promoting degenerate Leftist causes, just like Nobel Prize in humanitarianism and literature.

  19. Smith’s argument would be less ridiculous if he could point to a single black actor who gave what he deems a nomination worthy performance last year.

  20. Will Smith is butt hurt that he wasn’t nominated for Concussion. A movie that nobody gives a shit about. I understand that sports is a distraction (bread and circuses), but taking a position against the nation’s favorite sport is just not going to be popular.
    Also, his son models girl’s clothing for female fashion designers. That’s gotta sting in the balls.

    1. Smith’s son appears to be a total fag, he really should worry about his own family. This cannot be good for his brand.

      1. Nothing against gays per se, but, I’d find a son like this more than a slight embarrassment.

        1. If your going to have your whole family in the acting business its important to project an image of normalcy. I believe the son is under contract to model women’s clothes, which makes this even worse.

        2. Maybe it’s because I’m old fashioned, but, why would a lad be modelling women’s clothes in the first place? Anatomically there’s still a difference, however, I suppose he’s probably some type of flag bearer for the fluid gender crowd. Actually, I’d imagine in Hollywood, the more freakish and odd your family is, the more successful they’ll be.

        3. For the same reasons the same sort of fashion designers choose female models with zero percent body fat.

        4. And there was so much hope for him after Karate Kid. But alas….that’s what you get when you let your kids hang around the Kardashian clan.

        5. I’m sure he’s a good kid in his own way, but, it’s very disheartening to see this type of thing becoming acceptable for young men, rather than an aberration to be treated with a degree of sympathy.

      2. Unless you’re Scottish and wearing a kilt while kicking some English ass, I don’t see why men would wear dresses. Just throwing it out there.

        1. It is also acceptable when you’re Greek and wearing a fustanella and crushing Turks.

        2. I am half Scottish, I’ve never worn a kilt. I know if I wear one I’m announcing to the world, go ahead say something so I can crush your skull.

        1. I was not aware that Magic Johnson’s son was gay. I still have my questions as to how Magic got AIDS.

        2. Your instincts are correct. He is a bi who had a thing for young white male prostitutes cruising Santa Monica Blvd and similar venues in LA.

    2. Smith is a fag and Pinkett is a lesbo. Their kids are going up confused and its shows.

    3. Isn’t “butt hurt” actually one word? “Butthurt?” Oh, it’s so confusing, the slang of a juvenile forum warrior…
      (It doesn’t matter that no one cares about the movie. Zero relevance. Either he was worthy, or he wasn’t; apparently, then, he wasn’t.)

      1. You’re lost obviously. Salon.com is a few clicks away. They have articles more your speed there…like accepting pedophiles into your life and the benefits of sanctimonious preaching in forums that don’t care about your opinion.
        Find a treadmill, dye your hair a normal color, remove the piercings and STFU.

        1. Cute, but ad hominems are of no value. In fact, they’re often used by Salon readers.

        2. You don’t know what “witty” means. This is signified by the low IQ required to believe that ad hominems are of value.

        3. You might be right, though; I was under the impression that RoK readers/commenters are of above-average intellectual capability and maturity. It would appear that I was mistaken.

        4. You’re a horrible troll. but if you would like to waste your time here feel free, it’s your keyboard faggot.

        5. League, as stated, your name-calling and ad hominems are of no value. If you can’t do better, don’t embarrass yourself by speaking.

        6. 25 comments, 4 votes….shiny new troll account just for ROK?
          I will use insults and name calling all I like. its directed at fools as it reflects their acceptance and worship of culture rot.
          Don’t like being called a fag on the internet? Then go to your local sustainable coffee shop and sing kumbaya.

        7. League, that isn’t a valid “counterargument.” If you believe you can refute anything stated earlier, by all means, proceed. Else, concede defeat and pester someone on your level (well beneath mine).

        8. …I wish I could say that I’m enjoying watching you defeat and embarrass yourself by continuing on with something less than a “counterargument,” but I’m not. It’s sad, frankly.

    4. I also wouldn’t doubt the NFL moved quietly behind the scenes at the Oscars committee to discredit the film the way the NFL did everything it could to discredit the concussion doctor.

      1. I don’t think any conspiracy is required. The movie flopped at the box office. The NFL is still raking in millions of dollars every weekend. And the players should be fully aware that a prolonged career in the sport will obviously come back to haunt you later in life.
        Maybe the players getting paid millions of dollars annually should consider making sound investments with their money and walking away from the game after 4 or 5 years.
        These guys playing for 15 years pumping their bodies full of pain killers and squandering their salaries need to tone down the lifestyle and make better life choices. How many people can play in the NFL and walk away in 5 years with a bank account it would take many of us 30 years to accumulate?

  21. Lol at the people who actually give a shit about the oscars.
    Yeah, lets take a bunch of hollywood actors who make more in one movie than most of us will make in an entire lifetime and then have a big circle jerk over who’s the best at pretending to be someone else so we can give them a big deserved pat on the back in the form of a statue. Then we can all dress up and make a big deal about it, stir up some gossip and controversy and then sell it to the dipshits who have nothing better to do with their lives than concern themselves with who won what for which part in (insert title of w.e terrible movie hollywood happened to shit out)

    1. “Lol at the people who actually give a shit about the oscars.”
      True. Haven’t the ratings been on a steady decline? Maybe this is an attempt to say, “Hey! We’re over here!!!”

    2. I remember cringing at the Oscars when Ellen Degeneres had that selfie taken with a bunch of goofy-grinned morons. Like a bunch of 12 year-old girls.

  22. It’s funny how blacks only think about themselves. “Minorities” for them is a code word for blacks only. They don’t give a damn about other groups.

    1. I found this to be true of the Multicultural Committee at my college. Finally, the Asians and others started asking why “Multicultural” seemed to always mean “Black.”

    2. For most of them, it’s not so much that they don’t give a damn, it’s that they feel that they’re the only ones who are considered outcasts in American society, while Asians and most Hispanics, like the Italians and Irish of the early 1900s, are typically treated like “honorary whites.” Even on the census, Hispanics are typically considered “white.” No matter how educated a black person becomes, how eloquently he speaks, or how well he dresses, he’ll always be considered a minority, an “other,” an “outsider,” and he’ll always run the risk of being treated as such. You can ask “Skip” Gates about that.

  23. Do people other than actors even care about the Oscars?
    Why are they even complaining for? They have BET

      1. Oh please. Even the founder of BET has distanced herself from it citing the garbage that it now airs. Makes me glad to never have had cable.

        1. Makes me glad to never have had cable.

          You’re not missing anything (at least since I stopped watching it some years ago).

        2. I live in China. Since my Chinese suck I largely avoid TV but can pick and choose what I download and watch.

    1. Why isnt someone with down’s syndrome playing cornerback yet?
      Every time the ball would be snapped, he would give the opposing wide receiver a hug. Chick’s would love the guy

      1. Or better yet, a transgendered down syndrome corner back.
        The NFL needs to get on this immedately, or else…

        1. It would create a new market for tranny sports bras.
          Boom. Capitalism at it best.

  24. Your first problem is giving a fuck about the Oscars. Besides, somebody, probably BET, will now start a Black Oscars, if such a thing doesn’t already exist.

  25. I have not watched a TV show other than the Simpsons and the news in 35 years. And don’t watch them any more either. I did go and rent all the Star Trek videoes with Captain Picard when I lived overseas in the 90’s.
    So I do not care about the Oscars.
    I have difficulty naming any TV show newer than 3’s Company, 8 is enough and the Jeffersons. When I visited my brother in the 80’s, I think I watched Pee Wee Herman once with his toddler son who is in his 30’s now.

    1. My opinion about whomever do the Oscars is the same I have about Trump. To me, they’re as far from me as it gets. They’re just a bunch of whiny gluttony snobs. And I only mentioned Trump seeing a lot of ROKers get their panties moist just by the mention of his name.

    1. LOL. True we should have. At the time though slavery was practiced by almost everyone on every continent in the world. Too bad the world didn’t dump that moronic practice before Columbus reached the New World. Very old habits die hard I guess.

    2. If the cotton combine was invented at the same time as the wheat combine, slaves would have been obsolete and the Civil War would not have happened. What would have flowed from that would require additional speculation.

  26. im black, and i will tell you personally i dont support the oscar boycott, but not for the reasons you would think. If there is a group of people who are having a party and you know they dont like you, why would you continue to force yourself to be liked?
    This is what children do. Do i think the oscars are a tiny bit racist? Yes. Do Teenagers, young adults and younger middle aged people really watch the Oscars anymore? Nope
    Do most people 18-30 fucking watch tv like that? In this day and age, not really
    Long story short, the oscars are old news and im pretty sure we would all rather watch the netflix awards on netflix if they had them.

    1. I’d be all for watching the Oscars if:
      A) Hollywood was actually producing quality films instead of the 99% crap they’re churning out now, and
      B) Hollywood wasn’t 90%+ SJWs.

    2. The Oscars are far from “old news,” friend. It’s precisely because they’re such a big deal that this issue has become such a big deal.

      1. The Oscars are only a ‘big deal’ to the people who are foolish enough and Leftist enough to care. So — I’m supposed to care what a bunch of over-privileged, over-paid closet degenerates do, portraying what other people do (remember, it’s called “acting” for a reason)? And I’m also supposed to get excited about what a group of them decide to label as “outstanding” in the world of movies and acting?

  27. My favorite is still the directors, like Danny DeVito, lecturing America on being racist when it’s directors like him that choose the cast. The rest of us can only watch what is put on the market.

  28. I am a great fan of this guy. Probably he is getting old and going senile. He is forgetting Hollywood made him a superstar. I always thought he is kind of an intelligent man and above these kinda victim mentality. Heard his son is going around talking about cutting off his dick once he turns 18. Smith failed as a dad too.

    1. If what you say about his son is true then that’s really a damn shame. I’ve always heard that Will Smith is a very intelligent man, and speaking personally he’s one of the very, very few rappers that I can actually listen to. Maybe we can blame Jada.

    1. Except there’s absolutely nothing meritocratic about the Oscars. It’s not about “best” anything. It’s a big SJW circle jerk for the Hollywood elite, 4 hours of virtue signaling about what a progressive industry it is. Until this year, with the Mad Max flick in the best pic bunch, there hadn’t been a best pic nominee that the paying public actually gave a damn about since The Lord of the Rings flicks. The nominees of the past decade were mostly edgy stuff about trannys, abortion, homosexuality, evil capitalism, etc. None of this crap makes money, and they don’t care, because every time you buy a ticket for Man of Steel or Avengers, you’re subsidizing something like The Danish Girl. They should make the process complete, and rename “Best Picture”, and go with “And the winner of this year’s Very Important Film is…”.

      1. Correct. Most of the best ‘serious’ films aren’t even made in Hollywood now anyway. The oscars is just a promotional tool for the major studios.

  29. Personally I liked Ice Cube’s response to this mess: Straight Outta Compton was made for the people. Personally I haven’t seen it but I intend to. And besides, who gives a damn about the Oscars anyways. Let Hollywoodites rub their clits with those damn statues. As long as the viewers like your product, fuck em.

  30. Look at Brazilian soccer. A lot of the earlier clubs like Gremio didn’t want black players, so they formed their own, like Internacional. Turns out the black clubs became so good that the rest integrated, not by some social justice campaign, but by necessity. They knew that black players brought their set of skills and they would have to adapt or die.

    1. I can’t speak for Brazil or soccer, but from what I’ve observed, it appears that black people seem to thrive under some kind of adversity. For example, take blacks in the US prior to the late 1960s. In terms of music we had Louis Armstrong (who, despite his persona was a GENIUS musically speaking), Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, and a plethora of lesser known but equally august black jazz musicians. Not only jazz, but great musicians in the blues, soul, funk, hell even pop music (most notably Michael Jackson and Nat King Cole). Today, now that black people have all this affirmative action and handouts, what do they produce musically speaking? Kanye West. L’il Wayne. Drake. I think the results speak for themselves.

      1. Ironically, affirmative action did accomplish what Jim Crow could not, namely make blacks irrelevant in all senses.

      2. And then there’s Muhammad Ali. Not a coincidence that him and Bruce Lee came out of the same generation. Both had to struggle with racism and both gave two shits. Even the same boxing style. Wonder if both ever met.

  31. The more pertinent thought here is, the fact that I didn’t realize Spike Lee was still alive.

  32. I’ve been seeing allot of rebel producers setting up production companies in cities other than Hollywood ,because the SJW narrative doesn’t sell. And its not the kind of content they want to produce ,this is why you see tv like Supernatural produced in Toronto which over all is a very. Pro white male show!

  33. If the black establishment is going to keep insisting I am racist, I think it might be time to just go ahead and be a racist. This is what they are risking after all. White people cannot prove they are not racist, nobody can prove a negative. After a while, large numbers of white people may just decide, “fuck it, I’ll be a racists so I don’t have to watch what I say all the time and be so racially sensitive, because it’s a pain in the ass.”
    So, then what happens. Large numbers of white people behaving like racists and blatantly pursuing “white privilege.” Blacks will be set back by 100 years.
    Time to stop the nonsense black people. Your window for fixing this crap in your tribe is closing fast. Get it done, or you really will face racism.

    1. I’d argue the spectre of racial apathy will be far more of a concern for leftist race card playing blacks than overt racism itself.
      Many working class whites will look at someone like Will Smith, who (rightfully) could blow through more money in one hour than most of us will see in our entire lives and say “Really? You’re really oppressed? Get real!” Most of us simply can’t make ourselves care about BS like that.
      All we need now is a rich black Hollywood version of a “Dear Muslima” letter in order to really put things into perspective.

  34. Halle Berry is something else. In the pic with Denzel Washington, Halle Berry looks pretty black to me.
    But wait, she was white in the early 90’s when she starred with Patrick Swayze in ‘Fatherhood’. I mean, damn she’s a better race chamellion than that nappy skank Rachel Dolezal. She’s a good child (teen) actress but I’m blown away to find how white she comes across as. Here she plays the white daughter of ex-con Swayze:

    How she turned black like that I don’t know. How she do that?

  35. I actually like what I see of Will Smith. We are about the same age but he obviously parleyed a fuck load more talent than I have into multimillion dollar careers in music, TV and film. I liked that he didn’t seem to take himself seriously and was out to have fun while making a shit load of money.
    That changed a few years ago when he started getting tagged for “serious” Hollywood roles. He has done a journeyman job on all of them but they were not award-winning material. The latest is Concussion where he puts on a fake accent to portray a neurologist who identified that American football is really fucking its players up. Now an urban African-American running an African accent, and a rapper trying to pass themselves off as a brain surgeon takes talent: I will have to watch it though but I don’t have high hopes.
    As with me, he is no longer cute and cocky, but he can’t pull off roles like his pudgy peers (Forrest Whitaker as Idi Amin in The Last Scotsman, or any other number of movies), or the mentorship positions that come with being old and wise like Morgan Freeman (who has both advised Batman and been God). He might be on par with Danny Glover at this point who now takes shit roles in B-movies to marquee them based on his past glories.
    You can’t read too much into what happens with the Oscars because it is just mutual masturbation; an industry-wide circle jerk. It is the people who make the movies patting each other on the back rather than educated critics figuring out what they are trying to do or the public deciding on whether it is worth 12 bucks to see.

  36. The sooner that rotten, stinking town dies, the better. A meteor destroying it and everything around it would instantly make the world a better place.

  37. The thing is Hollywood is in business to make money. With movies they look at how much money they will make over seas, specifically China. Asians don’t want to watch movies with black people in them, so Hollywood isn’t going to make more movies with black people because they won’t make money over seas with those movies. Blame China for Hollywood not making more movies with black people

    1. Great point- if you combine the Russian and Chinese film markets, its larger than the U.S.’. I doubt they want to see more movies with black actors

  38. In 4 years it will be 2020 and they are still bitching about race. You have more than
    enough right’s as everyone, you just want to gain more power without having to do
    the work and you still bitch even when you get more power.

  39. I remember when Denzel won the oscar that year and I hadn’t seen Training Day. I was thinking “Really? A cop movie?” I finally saw Training Day years later and just watched it again recently and I have to say, Denzel earned every bit of that oscar. He was fantastic in that movie. I wouldn’t call it a snub for Crowe. The one that really irritated me was when they gave Jeremy Renner the award for best actor for Hurt Locker. That movie was so half-assed. It was clearly a propaganda film and just a sorry excuse to have that film sweep the oscars just because it was directed by a woman, whom also won best director. Jeremy Renner is far from a great actor and now lands a ton of roles based on that one oscar.

      1. Hes a good guy, does a lot of work with the Boys Club of America(Girls too).

      2. Yes, that line…..”I wish you had more time….well, I’ve got to go….you get to stay”. Classic.

  40. On another note, why aren’t African-Americans more upset with the portrayal of black women in cinema? The wife/girlfriend/love interest is almost always cast as a light skinned woman with white features. Pronounced cheek bones, thinner lips, light skin, slender nose and slender figure. It’s completely unrealistic. But go back and look at all of the black women cast in films, they’re basically tan white women. Seems like that would upset the AF-AM community just a bit.

    1. But go back and look at all of the black women cast in films, they’re basically tan white women.

      If anything Rachel Dolezal deserves a nod.

    2. Good observation, same with news casters, at Fox News all the black women have prominent white features.

  41. Why aren’t more white basketball players in nba ? that’s life, there are men who are better than others plain and simple, get over it, cure your butthurt sjws

  42. Funny, I didn’t get nominated for any Oscars either.
    It can’t possibly be anything to do with my lack of drama training, lack of theatre or TV experience, my failure to learn any dramatic roles, the absence of any effective advertising and marketing, my ignorance of cinematography and cgi and film editing, or the lack of any technical innovations I’ve contributed.
    No, must be my skin colour.

  43. Hey guys, give Will a break, he is oppressed by a bread winner low class actress wife and has a super faggot son, i think he has enough punishment with ´em

    1. It’s dangerous to be that gay at that age. He’s got a huge target painted on his butt. It’s only a matter of time before the news hits and he’s another member of the HIV community.

  44. Has DJ Jazzy Jeff been reached for comment? I knew this shit was going to happen as soon as uncle Phil died.

    1. Im glad Carlton took the high road on this matter.
      How nuts was this snow storm???

      1. As always the media is making it out like it’s the end of days. It’s actually pretty awesome. The cut all non essential vehicles so I was walking through the streets in a jacket and snow boots. Everyone was out. It was like an adult playground all night. I live on a block with 5 bars and 3 restaurants…all were packed, people drinking and having a blast. Let’s just say it was a good night. I have some pics. If you do instagram you can see some pics @lulzsalad

        1. Im an outer borough guy, no fun to be had- just shady looking squirrels and chipmunks banging on the windows, begging to be let inside.

        2. ha! Oh man it was so much fun. A total winter wonderland party. Two brothers I know who own the french bistro near me opened up but didn’t get their staff to come in. Basically just played music, served booze…packed. so much fun.

        3. Saw the videos. Man, New York seemed like a blast. Made me really miss the city.

        4. Yeah. I know all the things wrong with this city, but s night like that makes you remember why it’s so great.

  45. My cynical side thinks that this is a backdoor effort to make the Oscars relevant again. Ratings have been historically flat and anything, including this hilarious first world problem, that can drum up ratings would be “a good thing.”
    Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a Black Lives Matter protest on live TV at the Oscars? LOL.

  46. So next year’s nominees should be interesting. Enjoy your affirmative action Academy Awards in 2017……black actors nominated can then wonder, “did they REALLY like me or just feel guilty?”…

  47. Historically, blacks have been nominated in numbers proportional to their percentage of the population. They appear in television shows and films in numbers at about double that percentage. However, Hispanics and Asians are grossly under-represented at the Oscars. So, yes, they’re racist. Or something.

  48. What is alienating is the Oscar best movie nominations HAD to include a struggle of gays against white males, jews against white males, blacks against white males.

  49. #OscarsSoJewish. That’s what they really want to say, or at least should be saying. But their cowardly, beholden asses would never dare. It might be hard to find work in the future. Just ask Mel Gibson. So they blame Whitey. It gives them plausible deniability vis-a-vis Jewish control over Hollywood. Much less risky and non-specific. Funny how that works.
    #CommercialsSoBlack. The reason why there are no blacks nominated this year for the Academy Awards is because they are too busy being in every other commercial on TV. From watching commercials, you would think that the US population is 40% black. “Hollywood” includes TV commercials, and blacks are wayyyyy overrepresented there. How come the Asians and Mexicans don’t get that kinda love from Whitey??? I have zero animus toward a talented black actor or actress trying to make it in Hollywood, but can we get some fucking straight talk on this issue?
    And how come my 6’0″ white ass ain’t in the NBA? Racism of course!!
    The presence of Clint Eastwood and a few others notwithstanding, the Oscars are essentially a gathering of leftist Jews, white-guilt leftists and their ethnic pets jerking each other off and telling each other and the world how “brilliant” and “amazing” they think they are. (Seriously, if you have the stomach for it, do a count of how often those words are used during the show.)

    1. If they ever said the Oscars were so Jewish, such actors would be out of jobs immediately.
      They would be called “Anti-Semitic” and their careers would be destroyed.

      1. Hell yes. We know it. And they do too. It’s the “Mel Gibson Doctrine”, which, while true, they dare not acknowledge. One peep and they are back to waiting tables full-time. Unless they are a hot-enough actress (or actor for the homos) who will suck cock. Exceptions can always be made.

    1. Yep. But they would never say “Jew”. Only “White”. Too risky otherwise. The Mel Gibson Doctrine.

  50. Jada Pinkett Smith is a real nasty piece of work. She comes across like a total arrogant bitch and apparently she wasn’t even interested in Will at first because he was too soft. She changed her mind around the time he became one of the biggest stars on the planet.
    She was also in a really shitty metal band for years that played Ozzfest. The stories I heard were that Will was a cool laid back guy whereas she was a stuck up cunt. That sounds about right but it makes me respect him less for marrying her.
    He chose poorly.

  51. Like Trump said, white people cannot be nominated for the BET (Black Entertainement Television) Awards, and that’s purely because of their race. Black people only want segregation when it suits them.

    1. Black people are not homogeneous and BET is not controlled by them. BET is owned by Viacom, a global mass media company owned by… you guessed it, white people.
      You can’t blame and generalise an entire race of people simply because they have a (once a year) tacky award show that isn’t even owned by them.
      Black people aren’t even allowed to nominate, it’s the record labels who do it, again who are owned by… you guessed it, white people.

  52. Minorities are now turning on the liberal strongholds that claim to support them (e.g., universities, hollywood, democrat party). Great article.

    1. Liberalism has done nothing to help minorities. Liberalism encourages laziness and enforces dependence. What minorities need are opportunities.

      1. My thoughts exactly. I’m amazed that the majority of colored people (I honestly prefer that word to minority) are not offended by affirmative action. Basically what it’s saying is “you’re not good enough to achieve this by your own abilities, so we have to give it to you.”

  53. You know, the real elephant in the room is declining ticket sales. For example, it costs me around 25-30 dollars to go see a movie. Think about that. In a crowd of rude people. Thing is, those movies will eventually be on netflix. Halle Berry used to be hot, but not so much now.
    Thing is, the Oscars don’t mean anything to me. Not in the least. Nor, really do most big movie stars. There are a lot of folks like me. Basically, this is an argument between the Blacks and Jews. Think about most of the real trashy movies being made. Who is making all the money destroying our culture? The fat Jews in Hollywood. Tell me I’m wrong.
    Please tell me why I should care about a movie concerning black thugs? Not my thing. So, really, I don’t care. As for Will Smith…..some of his earlier movies were okay. But take a good look at his son. That’s not my problem. As for Jada Pinkett Smith…..well, she’s getting older, more wrinkles are showing up…..and she sure ain’t Michelle Obama.
    This whole leftist controversy about Blacks in the Oscars……who really cares? Seriously?

    1. I go to a theatre about once a year to watch things blow up. Otherwise, I download it, get naked with girlfriend and watch it on my 17″ computer screen while cuddling in bed.

        1. The list sort of goes like this:

  54. Ha f’ing Ha. Kill off All of the self-congratulatory film awards says I. ‘Ceremony’ is aptly applied to the these exercises in self congratulation. Destroy this poisonous cult of vapid idols.

  55. Scientology hates Jews and homos. Smith is a has-been. Donations to Nation of Islam, a shot at Jewish Hollywood, a…faggy son (not sure how that works w the strategy – SeaOrg seems more apropo): I think an audit found soft Will wanting. These are acts of contrition to L. Ron.

  56. Just came here to say that I like Will Smith’s sport coat in that picture. That’s all.

  57. All of the black actors and directer’s in Hollywood should put up their own money to fund and distribute their own films.
    As we all know, the Oscars celebrate only the most critically acclaimed films of the year, yet at the same time, Hollywood is notorious for mainly casting white actors in those films.
    And so, If black actors and directors were to make their own critically acclaimed films and not rely on Hollywood to give them their roles, maybe they would have a better opportunity to win Oscars.

  58. Please get this shitty click bait off the site already. tired of looking at fat ugly bullshit and retarded click bait.

  59. Jews own the supreme court and hollywood, old news there…. If you are not in the club, your not in the club. Get over it..They control the legal system, the judicial system, and the print, tv and film industry. If you are making money off of it take your check and stfu.

  60. I don’t like Will Smith in serious movies, so I don’t watch them….I am free to do that, right negro????

  61. It’s just possible Will is appealing to his community’s growing contribution to Hollywood profits.
    Movies and TV are outdated forms of entertainment still appealing only to people too old or stupid to figure out how computers work. Guess what? Only black folk have the time or money to throw away at the movie house any more. White folk who have to work for a living wait for a movie to appear on Netflix or a torrent site, buy their own snacks, and watch the movie at their own convenience, not someone else’s. Hollywood makes damned little money from white folks these days.

  62. Will Smith is a pretty mediocre actor. He can hardly act at all. Of the entire cast of the Fresh Prince of Bell Air, he was the least talented, and yet he is the only one of them who has made it big in Hollywood. He has been extremely lucky.

  63. “mirth”?…
    I can appreciate an extensive vocabulary… but that’s going too far.

  64. Will & Jada made the right decision , Blacks in America don’t need to rely on White owned corporations anymore , they never cared , the Oscar trophy was also stolen from the Ancient African Egyptians…who were Blacks , what a coincidence.

  65. Some philosopher said “When you give a group everything it wants, it quickly falls apart and the factions start fighting.” Happened in the 2000’s with the Republicans, and now it’s happening on the Left. Hollywood churns out garbage most of the time anyway. The big problem that I see is that their job is to create the fads and consumer demands that are destroying our society.

  66. All these enlightened red pill Men and this is the best we can come up with? Politics,religous pandering and racial condemnations…. wow. We have supposedly figured out the greatest secret in the universe which is WOMAM but we can’t get over differences in underlying impressions of different races and religions… wow

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