Top 10 Worst Female Role Models In The Entire World

One of the most disturbing aspects of modern culture is the mainstream media’s obsession with promoting slutty, corrupt, and untrustworthy women under the guise of “empowerment.” While there’s nothing wrong with encouraging girls to have healthy self-esteem, the kinds of women held up as role models by the media are horrible examples for girls to follow.

Here are ten female role models promoted by the media and why they make terrible idols for girls:

1. Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton, wife of former president Bill Clinton and former Senator and Secretary of State, is currently the presumptive front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Throughout her career, Hillary has positioned herself as a champion of women’s issues, famously declaring that “women’s rights are human rights” in a 1995 speech, and her success in politics has been lauded by the media as a positive model for girls. Prominent feminists such as Amanda Marcotte have declared their support for Hillary in the presidential race solely because she is a woman.

Beyond the fact that Hillary Clinton would have never gotten anywhere were it not for her marriage to Bill, she is arguably the most corrupt and untrustworthy politician in America. Beyond her involvement in her husband’s corruption scandals when he was president, Hillary has been the subject of an ongoing investigation examining whether she leaked classified information via her private email server, a federal crime. Hillary has also been implicated in the 2012 Benghazi attack, in which ISIS-affiliated militants stormed an American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, killing Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others.

Throughout her life, Hillary Clinton has shown a callous, psychopathic disregard for the lives that have been ruined by her actions. She was once caught on tape laughing and bragging about how she got a child rapist off on lesser charges during her career as an attorney, and she also appeared on national news laughing about the death of former Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi. When she was being questioned by the Senate over her role in the Benghazi attack, Hillary suddenly blurted out “What difference does it make?” in regards to questions over why the Islamic attackers were able to penetrate the compound and kill Americans.

Indeed, Hillary Clinton has a long history of being abusive to her staffers, colleagues and Secret Service agents. For example, she once told a Secret Service agent to “get fucked” after he said “Good morning” to her, and she would yell at Secret Service agents for driving over bumps. During Bill Clinton’s failed campaign for the House in 1974, Hillary purportedly angrily called one of his staffers a “fucking Jew bastard,” the revelation of which nearly sank her bid for the Senate in 2000. Secret Service agents and former Hillary staffers consistently describe her as being in a state of perpetual rage.

Finally, despite her constantly claiming to be an advocate for feminism, Hillary Clinton has played a large role in smearing the numerous women who’ve accused her husband Bill of rape. In his book The Clintons’ War on Women, Roger Stone details how Hillary would hire private investigators to dig up dirt on Bill Clinton’s accusers in order to intimidate them into silence. This is the same woman who recently declared that “every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed and supported.”

2. Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham is an actress best known for creating and starring in the HBO show Girls, currently in its fifth season. Girls has been lauded by the mainstream media for its “honest” depictions of life for young women in America, and Dunham has received praise in particular for her numerous nude scenes in the show, because her lumpy, shapeless body represents how “real” women look with their clothes off. Dunham has also been stumping for Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail and even did a one-on-one interview with her.

As I’ve joked in the past, if Lena Dunham is the voice of my generation, I’m gonna beg Generation X to adopt me. The only reason why Girls was green-lit in the first place is because Dunham and her co-stars have rich and famous parents; her father is a well-known New York artist. After high ratings for the first two seasons, Girls saw a collapse in its viewership, resulting in the show’s cancellation following the completion of its sixth season next year.

Beyond Dunham’s illusory success in showbiz, she is an admitted sexual predator. In her 2014 memoir Not That Kind of Girl, she described how she “spread open” her kid sister Grace’s vagina and found pebbles inside. Dunham also confessed to masturbating in the same bed as Grace. When conservative websites publicized these passages, Dunham threatened to sue them for quoting her own book, also claiming she had to cancel several book tour dates because she was in a “rage spiral.”

In addition, Lena Dunham has lied about being raped. In Not That Kind of Girl, she discusses how she was purportedly raped by a Republican named “Barry” during her time at Oberlin College. When Gawker and other websites tried to dig up the identity of Dunham’s attacker, they discovered that he was at best a composite character—a character Dunham created by merging several other real people she knew—or at worst a complete lie.

3. Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer is a stand-up comedian known for her TV show Inside Amy Schumer as well as for her feminist-friendly style of comedy. Indeed, when Jerry Seinfeld criticized college students last year for being too politically correct, Schumer was frequently cited by SJWs as an example of how comedians can be both funny and sensitive to the feelings of oppressed groups.

Recently, however, Amy Schumer was caught stealing jokes from the late Patrice O’Neal, quite possibly the worst sin a comedian can commit. Additionally, while her job is to make fun of people, Schumer herself is incapable of taking a joke. She recently went on the warpath against a young fan of hers who made a joke about her being a slut, accusing him of “slut-shaming” and bullying him into making an apology. This is despite the fact that Schumer herself uses sex to sell her act, as shown by the above image.

4. Beyoncé


While most pop tarts have a short shelf life, Beyoncé Knowles has extended her 15 minutes of fame by rebranding herself as a feminist pop diva, singing songs about female “empowerment.” Rising to fame as a member of the girl group Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé has augmented her solo career with political activism, declaring herself to be a “modern-day feminist.” Indeed, during her performance at the Video Music Awards, Beyoncé had a gigantic “FEMINIST” sign lit up behind her.

For all her paeans to women’s rights, however, Beyoncé has a long history of ripping off her female colleagues. In 1999, Beyoncé forced Destiny’s Child members LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson out of the band after they attempted to replace the band’s manager, Mathew Knowles (Beyoncé’s father), claiming that he was denying them their fair share of the group’s profits. After ruthlessly screwing over her bandmates, Beyoncé would mock them in the song “Survivor,” painting herself as a victim of their evil machinations.

5. Angela Merkel


Angela Merkel is the chancellor of Germany and is widely regarded as the most powerful female politician in the world. Having served since 2005, Merkel is the longest-serving democratically elected head of government in the European Union, and one of the longest-serving in the world. Because the German economy has remained strong throughout the global economic recession, Merkel wields great power in the European Union and has been named the most powerful woman in the world by Forbes a record nine times.

However, Angela Merkel’s domestic policies have thrown Germany into chaos. When the Syrian refugee crisis began last year, Merkel eagerly threw open her country’s gates, forcing Germans to accept hundreds of thousands—possibly millions—of Muslims, straining the country’s infrastructure to the breaking point. Beyond permanently altering Germany’s demographics, these “refugees” overwhelmingly live off of government largess and have no intention of finding work.

To make matters worse, Angela Merkel has imported Muslim rape culture into Germany. During New Years’ Eve, gangs of Muslim “refugees” wandered the streets of Cologne and other cities gang-raping white German women, a practice known in North Africa as “taharrush.” Police have been reluctant to investigate the Muslims, fearing accusations of “racism,” and Merkel has been trying to clamp down on free speech, preventing people from discussing Muslim rape attacks.

6. Miley Cyrus


A fixture in American pop music for nearly a decade, Miley Cyrus has resorted to ever more extreme and disgusting attempts to keep her name in the headlines. While she was best-known for her depiction of the family-friendly Disney character Hannah Montana, Cyrus debuted a new, more “adult” image at the 2013 VMAs, appearing in a low-cut outfit, sticking her tongue out provocatively, and twerking on her duet partner Robin Thicke. Recently, she’s been appearing at concerts wearing a massively over-sized prosthetic penis and fake breasts, making her appear as if she’s topless.

7. Sheryl Sandberg


Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook and is known as a voice for feminism and women’s empowerment in Silicon Valley. Her book Lean In purports to describe how women can balance raising a family with success in their careers, and she also launched the “Ban Bossy” campaign to encourage girls to be more assertive. Sandberg has also been a vocal advocate for restricting online anonymity due to the fact that it encourages “harassment” against women.

However, Sheryl Sandberg’s blueprint for success in Lean In is completely fraudulent. Wealthy women like Sandberg can balance career and family life because they rely on hired help—maids, nannies, gardeners—that poorer women can’t afford. There’s a racial dimension to this as well, as white women like Sandberg are usually reliant on illegal Mexican laborers to make their lives work.

8. Ronda Rousey


UFC fighter Ronda Rousey has become a household name because of the mainstream media’s contention that anything a man can do, a woman can do better. In addition to being lauded for pursuing a career path that is anything but feminine (beating people’s faces in), her equality to men also apparently extends to domestic violence, which Rousey has admitted to being guilty of. In her autobiography My Fight, Rousey confessed to beating up her former boyfriend after he purportedly took nude pictures of her without her permission. Despite male UFC fighters being suspended for accusations, not admissions, of beating up their girlfriends, Rousey has yet to suffer any consequences for her actions.

9. Carly Fiorina


Carly Fiorina is the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. Mainstream conservatives have tried to boost her as an alternative to Donald Trump, with numerous pundits declaring that she won the presidential debate held on September 16, 2015, causing her to see a bump in the polls.

However, Fiorina has had a terrible reputation as both a businesswoman and a politician. During her tenure at HP, she ran the company into the ground, with its stock price falling by half by the time she was ousted as CEO. Fiorina attempted to enter politics in 2010 when she ran for Senate against incumbent California Democrat Barbara Boxer. In an election that saw the GOP take six Senate seats, win control of the House, and seize the majority of governorships, Boxer defeated Fiorina by an embarrassing 10-point margin.

10. Tess Holliday


Tess Holliday (formerly known as Tess Munster) is a fashion model who has gained attention for being plus-sized in an industry where women are expected to be rail-thin. After building a following online via Instagram and Tumblr, Holliday was signed to Milk Model Management last year, making her the largest plus-sized model signed to a major agency. She was also behind the Twitter hashtag #EffYourBeautyStandards, which purported to challenge mainstream conceptions of beauty.

Beyond the fact that Tess Holliday is encouraging obesity and slovenliness in young women, she has also defrauded her fans. in 2014, Holliday sold $40 #EffYourBeautyStandards shirts to her fans, claiming that she would be donating a portion of her profits to a domestic violence charity. Not only did countless fans never receive the merchandise they bought, but Holliday did not donate a single cent of her proceeds to charity. When fans asked Holliday via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram why they hadn’t received their T-shirts, she responded by blocking them.

While there are plenty of positive female role models to be found in our world, the media insists on glorifying women who are corrupt, slutty, or incompetent at their jobs. If a woman is being promoted by the media, it’s almost a given that she’s a terrible person who has committed heinous crimes against others, or is at bare minimum a failure at life.

Young women would be advised to shun these characters and avoid emulating them at all costs.

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796 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Female Role Models In The Entire World”

  1. Today’s modern day women should not be considered as role models. It is unfortunate that today we have a generation of young girls and women, who aspire to follow the low life degenerate celebrities who influence them with all the wrong ideals and values of life. In a just a decade, I have never witnessed so much grotesque and repugnant behaviour that we now have a society where so many young females scream with joy and enthusiasm for them.
    From the repulsive musicians of today’s music, to awful actresses and the horrendous female authors, it seems that backward social trends and degradation is embraced and celebrated with open arms. But let’s also not forget, that it is not only the women of the celebrity world that are seen as “heroes” but also the women who scream anti male messages and accuse men of false rape allegations and what not, in order to further marginalise and demonise men for simply being male.
    Whatever happened to the real female role models that men would want to see more of in society? You know the true women who choose to stay at home and look after the children while taking care of the household duties, while providing men with love and comfort and performing the most simple tasks which can enrich and fulfill the lives of men such as cooking a good meal and being there to support him emotionally when he needs it? All of this is what helped to maintain the traditional nuclear marriage and save marriages from breaking down. But what we now have are feminists who scream that all of this is oppressive towards women, and that it is wrong for a woman to stay at home.
    Instead what we have are women who scream that its “cool” to keep armpit hair, not exercise and okay to treat men like second class citizens. It is a bizarre to time to live in this world, and it is getting worse by the day. Not only do real fathers have to worry about their daughters and the kind of environments they are being raised in, but also worry about their sons being targetted and seen as a “rapist” or “misogynist” and every other “ism” that would denigrate his reputation and make him feel worth less as an individual in society. In addition to this, men also need to worry about their ex wives receiving custody of their sons while the ex wife raises his son to become an emasculated henpecked simp. Yes, it indeed is sad times we live in, and all we as men can do, is to ensure that that our children (if we are fathers) are raised in the right way while we as men, continue to educate ourselves about our surroundings while staying aware of everything that is happening in front of us.

    1. They can keep their armpit hair all they want but showing it off and thinking it’s cool because it is empowering… That shit is retarded. Cover it up or something and quit treating men like pieces of shit. Modern women these days don’t have any substance. Funnily enough, exceptional women, even women like Margaret Thatcher and Marie Curie are even rarer these days. Women these days, have no skills useful in life. They can’t even keep a home or do something useful in society. All it is nowadays is social media and attention whoring.

    2. The second that sluttery became mainstream it was over. Social shame was, and is, the only deterrent to female hypergamy. Women will take advantage of any opportunity to leverage their sexual power against other women. If Kim Kardashian can get plastic surgery, let out a sex tape, get a television show and 10 million followers we are living in scary times
      With hypergamy unchained, more and more men are going to be treated like beta bux. If you’re not a woman’s first choice, you’re beta bux. Women can get sex from dominant men easily, they only need compliant men to babysit them and pay for their lives.
      Men have to firmly tell women that their behavior is unacceptable, and kick her to the curb. My biggest mistake when I was young was letting women get away with having no manners or boundaries. These girls need leadership and dominance more than ever these days. I deal with mostly 21-25 year old girls and they have no social etiquette or any idea how to behave like a lady.

      1. That age group is the most self-entitled and narcissistic age group. The only skill they basically have is attention whoring on social media and in public.

        1. One of the things my wife and I notice about American culture is the lack of tradition that helps to set that framework of respect and boundaries. In the states, kids know only of parents going to work and playing video games. In more traditional cultures, there’s the customs of setting the table daily, special preparations for holidays and rememberances (in Poland, there’s like 60 days out of the year that require special preparation.) Girls learn all the various traditions of what to do to celebrate a baby being born and almost as importantly, how to respect a loved one when they pass on and afterwards. Visits the cemetary are a regular occurance.
          Without that framework, what is there for people to base their lives on? Media, working, and partying. The culture is a commie indoctrination of girl power and entitlement. For the young boys, it’s a combination of gay metrosexuality, white guilt, or bad boy PUA.

        2. Same in Mexican culture. My mother still visits the grave of one of my older brothers who died as a child more than 40 years ago. It still impresses me to this day. Although my family takes more liberties when setting the table, there is still the tradition of sitting down together to eat. And as for that time honored tradition of the quinceaneras, what better way to instill in a young girl not just how to be feminine, but also to instill the responsibilities that this entails.
          If there’s one thing about traditions, it gives people something to live up to.

        3. Yup those are definitely the only skills they have. What an intelligent comment to make “TyDaMan”.

      2. You always have the right to slut shame…it’s your opinion of someone and they can’t take that away from you. Many women don’t like it (but fuck them…who cares what they want or like). It’s up to men (really all adults) to keep kids in line. But it’s really up to men to keep women in line.
        Women do hold on value what you think of them. The problem is too many people are afraid to speak out. If you think a young women is being a slut then call her out. It will have an impact on her (hopefully, she’ll stop throwing dicks in her mouth for awhile…especially if she’s your daughter).

  2. Tess knows where the good restaurants are ! And is successful enough to afford them. All of them.!!!!

    1. That fatty! Reasons why fat shaming should be done. I have this overweight coworker who even admitted she’s fat and I simply agreed with her. Next thing you know, she tells me to shut up. I wasn’t even close fat shaming then I get told I was being rude by the girl who was talking to her. Women these days can’t be told anything about their weight. It’s ridiculous.

        1. It’s a shit test. Say yes with a smile… She gets angry blame her for being sensitive and for asking dumb questions..

      1. I’ve never had that problem. I simply state they are big girls . If they cop an attitude I ask them if they consider me a big man (5’8 200) they always say yes. Then I ask them to compare weights

  3. Ah, yes, the super-cunt species: not only are they a grotesque abomination of Nature, but knowingly and *deliberately* mislead countless young women toward suffering and grief. A young woman, emulating any or a combination of these scum, will invariably endure immense psychological trauma and pain through her life, without ever knowing the source and cause. There’s something truly evil and sinister in these cunts’ “empowerment” enterprise.

    1. The biggest problem with younger women is the negative or absent influence from older women. Motherhood and sisterhood are dying because the number of single women over 30 is unbelievably high. Women that should be happily married are now in competition with younger girls in the dating market. Single, bitter feminists are at college campuses ruining the next generation of girls all over the country.

      1. “.. the number of single women over 30 is unbelievably high.”
        I notice on occassions when my wife and I are in public with the kids, she gets hate stares from some of them. I thought it bizarre at first, but get it now.

        1. You know, I totally agree with you, and totally misunderstood the title of the article.
          When I saw the picture of the obese “supermodel” in the photo, I thought she was being mocked for falling through the glass window. I assumed also she merely leaned against it.
          Silly me.

        2. Before coming to the States the only women I knew who had kids in their 30s were women who already had at least 3 kids. I should know. My mother had me in her 40s but she already had 6 before me. I guess even she thinks women waiting that late for children is odd.

        3. One of the running themes at RoK is that over thirty women are often used up whores who have little to offer. In the hellhole that is DC metro, I have seen that’s often not the case. There are many professional women out there who have good jobs, don’t have a lot of tats, and are even largely friendly and likable to talk to.
          The problem is more subtle in that middle class American women are amazingly lazy when it comes to finding men. They want men with “game” to pick them up, but they lack the strong feminine attraction message that Eastern European women are masters (mistresses?) at sending. They dress like Dutch office workers. They don’t flirt. They don’t express interest in men. Even as many women are on public interest dating sites, they get hit on by 500 losers, look at the first 10 and discover they’re not compatible, and give up because they don’t want to go through the 500.
          That’s perhaps the single biggest problem with American women: They’re ambivalent and even apathetic. As messed up as Kim Kardasshian or the above feminists are, they at least have a presence. These women are like The Walking Dead.

        4. I’ve seen these types and you’re right. It’s another example of these women wanting only the “selective equality” of men (only the good stuff; none of the bad). They want the high paying positions, right the vote, own land, etc, etc…but they still want men to do the heavy lifting when it comes to relationships.
          Don’t get me wrong…I’m the man in the relationship so I’ll do that part but it’s another obvious example of lazy American women wanting only “selective equality”..not real equality.

        5. They want guys with six packs that are assholes and can flirt. Most guys to them are not worth it. It’s got to be the ideal fit. Meanwhile, they don’t do anything to better themselves.

        6. Maybe they are disgusted that she is married to you.
          More like ‘ugh wtf is that woman doing married to that creep’ than ‘oh I wish I was married omg.’

        7. It’s not just the selective equality/selfishness that’s the problem but the laziness. They are taught and their natural inclination is to wait for the fish to jump into their bucket (as my father would say.) Women of my great-grandmother generation didn’t just sit around. They got exposure going to dance halls (not clubs) where men and women danced with EACH other (not in a circle of women cockblocking), church socials, volunteer activities, etc. and had discussions with men. When I got “off the plane” in Europe, I was shocked at how much more open European women are when it comes to talking with men. In the states, women will sit next to each other like some lesbian book club while the European women spread out and talk to men. This is a habit they keep in even after marriage.
          I think things started to really break down in the 1950’s (not 60’s as some think.) Men wanted to get “laid” (RoK often has a lot of PUA advice for clubbing) and this encouraged women to think in terms of using sex as a tool to get men to knock themselves out picking her up. Women not being terribly logical creatures assumed that even when casual sex wasn’t involved, men should still knock themselves out to pick her up (if he’s a real man). You said you’ll “do your part” to pick them up. Try this on for size: My expecting wife does the laundry, cooking, and dishwashing but I offer (sincerely) to help her and do because I see that she needs it. I’m not a jerk. Imagine… if I not only didn’t offer to help but I expected her at 7 months due to pick up after me being a total slob. Career women, especially in the states, “push it”. In the meantime, they expect men to be “liberated” and help them out with the cooking, cleaning, etc. above. I met career women whose apartments looked like something out of hoarders. Living alone, they got lazy there too. It’s natural after all since as a bachelor I could get lazy too sometimes. But at least I was aware I was being lazy and say to myself: “I have to clean up and get out there or I’m going to die like this”. But these women have been taught to not be proactive.
          Then again, many men here are insane and do the same stuff over and over again expecting different results: Hitting the clubs and bars and meeting the same “leftovers” and wasting money. But… even at least trying the same thing is TRYING. Your odds of winning the powerball are almost nil, but it’s better than if you don’t buy a ticket at all.
          Finally, regarding American women and selective equality: that’s a flaw with feminism and equality in general. Even in Europe, the state plans on women not wanting to do men’s heavy lifting and if they can’t find a breadwinning man, then the welfare state kicks in to rescue women who opt to become unwed mothers. This drives down wages and raises the cost of living exacerbating the problem. Women’s equality has been a bust since Seneca Falls.

        8. Household formation is taking longer because wages have remained stagnant while the housing bubble is at a peak again. Young people for the past 10 years cannot afford to buy a decent home or they must go into debt to buy a crack shack.
          About 40 years or so ago, housing was largely subsidized in the states AND was briefly made more affordable and the culture taught young women to expect that they’d have a career, then a house/marriage, then squeeze out kids. In that order. It appeared reasonable when tax breaks combined with first time buyer programs allowed someone to buy a nice starter home with about 5X annual income.
          Today, that’s now double or even triple.

        9. DC? You have my condolences.
          “..American women are amazingly lazy when it comes to finding men.”
          I hear you, but that is their problem as a LTR like anything else of value requires effort to acquire and maintain. I took the family back home for a visit a few years ago and upon returning my wife said she understands now why Amercian men seek to marry slavic women. Walking dead indeed.

        10. I grew up in a predominately old catholic county, so all the women in my neighborhood had 3 or more kids all before the age of 30. It was not unusual for my grandparents generation to have between 5 – 9 kids (some as many as 12).

        11. Fortunately, I’m married but DC is a bit of a hellhole in other ways for a number of reasons.
          Career women in the states seem to have this amazingly retarded attitude that because they are earning a lot of money, they deserve credit as the “breadwinner” and this should mean that men should work EXTRA hard to pick them up (even as their money is only to set the standard for a higher level of spending for the man to keep up.) Some of this poison is spreading to Eastern Europe and the slavic nations as people become more affluent there. It’s a problem that transcends culture because most single women are biologically incapable of voluntarily becoming the breadwinner of a two parent family.
          In any case, my point is that these bourgeois women aren’t tatted up and are even largely clean. Too clean in some cases. I’ve met 30 year old career woman virgins. I don’t think they’re beyond reform but it’s kind of like trying to civilize a spoiled 2 year old. They have to be fed reality in small, controlled doses and you have to have game at all times. My friend’s 2 year old is always trying to get herself killed and that’s kind of how career women are like (except they want to kill the relationship). They have money and can live on their own so the second they’re not happy, they’ll dump you (at least for the first 6 months.) It’s like being a clown at Chuck E Cheese.
          Slavic women aren’t perfect either. Many have this Rap Star/Oligarch obsession where they want to blow money simply to demonstrate how important they are. There’s even a joke about Sasha bragging to Vlad he spent $50K on the newest Mercedes and Vlad complaining he only had to spend $40K. But nonetheless, these women at least recognize that oligarchs are scarce and they need to hustle to land them.

        12. Sorry to hear that.
          “I’ve met 30 year old career woman virgins.”
          I’ve met one but she was Japanese (don’t ask how I found out).
          “ the second they’re not happy, they’ll dump you”
          No loss. A future cat lady should not be impeded to her destiny.
          “Slavic women aren’t perfect either.”
          Preach it. They are still women with all the faults. I find slavic women still understand the value of feminity and family, although my wife and I are middle aged and grew up in different eras. Russian women seem to be in competition with their girlfriends, even when they are married. I find it all strange, but I know I am not alone in that observation.

        13. John, philosophically, I think that flawed women but with good potential being dumped are a loss. As we often discuss there, there’s a shortage of women who aren’t skanked up tattoo whores or messed up with multiple kids from various baby daddies.
          Fact is that even my slavic wife took some, er, training. In the beginning of the relationship, if she got mad she bolted. This is the universal feminine “game”: Until they have sex with a man, she can and will drop the A-bomb when offended.
          Looking back, the key to “taming the shrew” professional career women in the states was to treat them like a spoiled 2 year old at a birthday party and clown them up, get them into the sack a few times, and they’d be MUCH easier to mold into a decent woman. But the paradox for me, of course, was that by the time I had all this game and worldly wisdom, I already had married a slavic woman so that, was that.
          Regarding the virgin. It’s funny that if there’s anything worse than a used up slut in her 30’s is a virgin. They have “blueballs” for women, big time. It’s a point of discussion on RoK as to whether someone with a daughter here should keep them a virgin until marriage. One thing is for sure is that I don’t want my future daughter being prey for PUA’s trained here. When I met my wife, I was a serious suiter. Not someone trying to game a naive Eastern European girl out for drinks with her friends.

        14. “Fact is that even my slavic wife took some, er, Training.”
          Slav or not they all require training. Flight is their first instinct… and I learned a long time ago let them go and AGREE to them leaving. Tell her to pack her bag and drop them at the airport. I learned the hard way in my 20s. Zero Fucks Given.
          “When I met my wife, I was a serious suiter.”
          As was I and she was looking for serious man about grounding a family though 7 years my junior.

        15. You make a very compelling point and it’s largely an Anglosphere problem where otherwise acceptable women are ice queens and whom are conditioned to effectively sit and wait which is in stark contrast to the mantra that has brainwashed them about equality and the like-if so then why wouldn’t they seek out acceptable males? But then logic doesn’t apply to the hamster wheels women have in their craniums.

        16. I know a lot of Chinese women and most don’t look like this. This particular woman has French facial features. I agree that they tend to not be fat.

        17. It’s funny how these women will put in a massive amount of effort for their precious careers and spend 16 hour days for the first 30 years of their life making partner in a law firm, etc. But to actually put maybe an hour or so into a search and some “game” to flirt and explore relationships with men is considered too much of an effort for them.
          And this is understandable because many men go through the same thing. It’s perhaps one of the toughest things to go through when people reject you hard, there’s embarassment and frustration, and it’s personal and hits close to home.
          I blame the parents for buying into the American (and even much of European notion) that the primary thing for kids to do is study hard in school and focus on their “hard” skills to earn a living. For young men, this is key because even a handsome young man who knows how to get laid will face starving to death in his thirties if he’s working as a clerk in a paint store (reference to Saturday Night Fever). For young women, it’s poison. At my friend’s wedding, there was a pretty woman who was hitting her top 20’s whose an attorney. The men all wanted to dance with her but she was waiting for an attorney to ask her out. She wound up a childless spinster.

        18. The “run away” game is a one of the greatest shit-tests they have, isn’t it? There is no easy answer. At first, I had to run after her but after the 2nd or third time, even she saw it wasn’t going to be taken seriously and then… she ran out of tools in her toolbox. Let the kid play with the hammer. Then you lock up the candy with a screwdriver. I did give a fuck and never pretended otherwise but I also indicated that running after her wasn’t going to improve her negotiation (I wasn’t going to give in). I also learned the value of timeouts. She likes to talk far more than I do. As they said on Kill Bill 2: “We like to let them think (the silent treatment) is a punishment”
          Mine is 10 years my junior (met her when she was 26.) As I was saying that thirty something American women have potential but here I went and married a woman who was 4 years short of that. I honestly wonder if I could have done that in the states. I suppose the way of looking at it is like imagine if the American grocery stores all sold their milk just 2 days short of the expiration date and if you didn’t move fast and carefully, you’d get spoiled milk. The level of “game” it takes to achieve something in the states is so amazingly high and it’s also an unforgiving environment. As someone put it, it’s like training with weights. But imagine going to a gym where almost nobody spots you and the starter benchpress is 150 pounds. Yeah, one can train in that gym if they want to but what smart man does?

        19. She is pure Chinese. You can look at porn stars like Katsuni for the whole French angle. These are the other 30-somethings that I have been canoodling with. Most Chinese girls are rather plain looking but given that there are several hundred million of them you can find all sorts of awesome. c

        20. That can be said for many populations. 🙂
          There’s a saying that most women look pretty on their wedding day because on that day, they make the most effort to put on makeup in a tasteful manner and be pretty for photos that will be on their wall for the rest of their lives. There’s some funny slideshows online of various porn stars with and without their makeup on. Yikes! 🙂 That’s why I like(d) to take women on activity dates such as tennis and hikes because I got to see them without the warpaint.

        21. By virtue of shear numbers there are more hot Chinese chicks. Plus, China is not a rat’s nest of feminism like India or the West.
          Yes, many porn stars are kind of hideous IRL. Asa Akira has a smoking body but also a bad case of acne, as a for instance. Most are also dumb as a post. You get some exceptions like Asia Carrera who was a member of MENSA.
          Guys buy into this shit. I posted a pick of my fiancé some clown said he was underwhelmed, given how much I go on about hot beautiful she is. The thing is, she had no make up, the lighting was shitty and I took the picture with my Samsung tablet. The above picture was taken with a top quality camera and professional make up and lighting. The lady in question has a great body but if you catch her in an off moment she can look iffy.

        22. “She likes to talk far more than I do.”
          Me thinks it has always been this way. Wife once complained about me not being sympathetic as I don’t listen for long and grow impatient. Told her “If you want sympathy call your mother as all I hear is needless moaning. If you want a solution to your problem, talk away but get to the point.”
          “ the states is so amazingly high and it’s also an unforgiving environment.”
          True. Add in that we all personally known men who got court-raped due to wife getting the tingles or simply “not being happy” and ditching her obligations. Those potentiall wife-able US women are simply SOL.

        23. The hottest Asian girls live in Taiwan, and there are tons of them, unlike China where there not nearly as many woman as there are men.

        24. I’m sure that’s the exact reason women don’t take any interest in you. Your experience is not universal.

        25. By “not doing anything to better themselves,” I assume you’re referring to the sexist losers who hang out here.

        26. Of course! Women won’t flirt with you and it’s THEIR fault! Your pisspoor attitude has nothing to do with it. Don’t worry, boys, I’m not laughing with you, I’m laughing at you.

        27. Why would they even care? No. I wasn’t in their thoughts,.. the hate was purely directed at her. Envy is ugly. But so were they.

        28. Sir, you’ve earned the title of ‘White Knight.’ If this site offends you, then there are other sites on the net you can browse at. Have a nice day!

        29. Hello Henry. You’re engaging in the classical white knight scenario where you shame us for allegedly being losers who can’t attract “any” women which would seem to indicate you imply that being a white knight does (attract women.)
          I’m delightfully happy to inform you that it doesn’t. That’s not to say that white knights never get laid but rather it largely doesn’t help them. They think it does because they’re insecure but that’s kind of like a pretty girl getting a tattoo thinking it will make her hot for alpha dogs. Your shaming ploy reveals your insecurity, not ours.
          From what I read, you’re an attorney who perhaps had some cash. That’s like bragging that your enlightened political views, and $1000, can get you laid at the Bunny Ranch. You don’t need the enlightened political views. In addition, I would bet that my personal sexual experiences, despite my looks and resources, probably got me a better return with the ladies than you did. If you like, we can delve deeper and compare notes. My friend is a very successful attorney and had 2 ex-wives AND two sets of children he had to raise from both of them. A likable guy but his career success didn’t translate into success with women.
          There’s several points of view at RoK but one that is quite prevalent is to find ways to get more attention from women DESPITE (or because of) “red pill” anti-feminist attitudes and they largely work. Many would agree with you that simply griping isn’t going to make things better (in the immediate term) but it does help to scope the problem. Pretending it’s not there will result in a crash and burn and after being married while seeing friends who have “good attitudes” get burned, it’s a sober reminder that I’d rather be a successful “jerk” than a poor “nice guy”.
          All that said, if what you’re doing works for you, good for you. Really. Don’t hang out here if you disagree with what people are saying. Your mock “laughter” makes you come across as having a personal problem of your own. If you like, please share it and we’ll be happy to dsscuss.

        30. Expecting a guy to make the first move is pretty out-dated, but I guess some women roll that way… Dating apps like Bumble actually require a girl to make the first move/message, which, I definitely prefer to the 50 messages a day.
          That said: The attitude might seem conflicting, but there’s a big difference between dating preferences and thinking, “I pay taxes, I should be represented”.

        31. Yet everything seems to offend most the guys on here, doesn`t it. Fat women, feminist women, strong women, ALL women. How bad were your mothers for you to hate females so much?

        32. LOL. Wow, that is one of the worst comments on here. What about all the single men? You think they are jealous of your wife, seriously? Does it ever enter your miniscule brain that there are both men and women who chose to be single? With so many men around who despise women it is easy to understand why women would want to be single. How do you know those “hate stares” are from single women? Does your wife know you post on here and if she does why is she still married to you?

        33. Oh you are so jealous aren`t you? He is successful and possibly well off financially. Oh no, maybe women prefer him! Poor little boy, now go and sulk.

        34. Oh..haha, I DO wish, then perhaps I could speak to you as an equal then…hmmm?
          Do go eat rocks under someone else’s bridge…

        35. You say the weirdest things. Is there something wrong with you that makes you that way?

        36. You all moan about feminism then complain about things being outdated? You want submissive women but you also want them to make the first move? You will never be satisfied will you

        37. My grandmother didn’t have children until her late twenties sand neither did her siblings. Why must women have children young? They are designed to bear children well into their forties.

      2. The biggest problem with younger women is the negative or absent influence from older TRADITIONAL women. If the older women were trash, their daughters would likely grow up to be trash as well without a strong male guidance.

        1. [I apologize for the length. The following comment has more than 1000 words and requires about 6 minutes to read, so please don’t bother if this is unreasonably long. Entirely understandable.]
          I speak for my experience, only, but, I do agree that there is a problem for younger women created by the absence of constructive influences and the presence of destructive influences from the older women in their lives.
          I’ve been very open about disclosing my own failings as a young wife and mother. I’m from the first generation of children born to feminism 1.0. Unlike her older sisters, my mother embodied the worst of the ‘summer of love’ character defects: she was promiscuous, disrespected men; targeting those that were married, I believe, because she enjoyed “beating” the competition. She was vain, provoked men to violence and completely irrational. All of this became anathema to me. I travelled 3000 miles from home when I was 17 to live in the Pacific Northwest and that was not far enough.
          I vividly remember when the doorbell rang in our apartment and I ran to open it only to find a boy about my age (I was 7 or 8 years old) and smaller girl, five, maybe six years old, standing there with grim faces.
          The boy said “would you please tell your mom not to be with my dad, anymore, because it makes our mom cry.”
          I stood in silence, too dumbstruck to say anything before they turned and left.
          I raced over to the window and saw a woman sitting in the driver’s seat of her idling car, sobbing into her open hands as the two kids ran out the apartment complex door below and got into the car’s back seat.
          Even at my young age, I was deeply disturbed by that event.
          I have many other issues regarding my mother’s behavior and ideology, but I’ve already said more than I respectfully should have, however, it helps make this point:
          I had absolutely no idea how to be successful in marriage. My former husband and I married when I was 22 years old. He was 30 years old. We were married for 7 years and had two beautiful daughters.
          At 29, I thought I needed to ‘find myself’ once my youngest was reaching school age. My husband was an engineer working for the state water and air quality agency and I remained in the home with the girls.
          Then, despite every effort I made to NOT emulate any of my mother’s values, I did exactly that and decided that life wasn’t working out the way I imagined it should and I gave my husband grief and ultimatums. Such is the power of female fantasy. (Male fantasy making has nothing on what a woman can cook up in her mind.)
          And, after he had had enough of my antics, my husband left the marriage to pursue his relationship with a, then, 18 year old woman. (To whom he remains married, now, almost 15 years later).
          This seemed to prove to me that I was victimized in some way and I ran amok for a long time before I had a moment of clarity and realized what I had forcefully denied admitting to myself or anyone else: I failed as a wife and because I was not capable of sustaining our marriage, I also failed as a mother because our daughters, ultimately, were the victims.
          If I were less practical, I would wish I knew then what I have since come to realize.
          Our daughters were immeasurably harmed by the destruction of our family. This revelation is so significant, that I keep this truth fresh in my memory to motivate me to do what I can with the experience.
          What I did when I saw where I had failed, was tell both girls the truth about my part in the divorce. I also stopped taking my ex-husband’s money in the form of alimony/child support and became self-supporting (another source of lessons learned). There is more, but, this is enough to understand intent.
          My girls are both unashamed of their femininity. They know that being boorish, loud, aggressive and promiscuous are characteristics of someone without self-respect or respect for others. They are modest in both dress and word. They are kind.
          They are also successful young women (21 and 25) in their relationships with men. The youngest is engaged to a man in the French army. The eldest and her boyfriend of almost three years are so deeply in love with one another they all but glow. They are finally making comments about marriage and starting a family.
          I cannot confidently speak to anything outside of my experience. My opinion is as relevant as opinions go. There are women that have made the mistakes I have made and will never have that moment of recognition or will never hold themselves accountable to it.
          These women are, for the most part, likely not to change. I was persuaded by having two young girls that I love more than my ego. The idea of their being hobbled as a result of internalizing my actions as a blue print for their future behavior was so horrifying to me that it was not negotiable that I must eat humble pie and do whatever I could to reduce that probability.
          There are undoubtedly other women who have also decided that their children’s future success was most important. I am completely at peace with the fact that I had my chance and I am not likely to remarry barring extraordinary circumstances.
          Today, I’m in my late 40’s and I mentor young women who have had abysmal role models that resulted in their taking a path as adults that would likely fail. Whatever comes of it, I feel obligated to share my experience and what I have learned about being a woman as a result.
          An exception to the rule, I really hope I am not. I completely support and respect the idea of men having their own space to do and say whatever that is without women having any part of it. (and I am guilty of not knowing what this space is, so I might be violating this belief. If that is the case, I take responsibility for not doing due diligence before posting. Mea culpa.)
          I personally do not understand why this is so impossibly difficult for people to recognize. I do understand, however, the thirst for control that many people can be afflicted with and as a woman who has tasted that affliction, I also know that expecting a woman to drop a bone she insists on holding between her teeth is nigh an act of utter futility.
          In sum, I would offer this as a case where an older woman was ‘trash’ in the context we are speaking but did not raise daughters who were trash. I cannot speak to their father’s role but I know he did the best he knew how.
          I believe that my efforts to prevent the cycle I was caught in had some positive influence in this regard. I may be wrong, and if I so, maybe what I continue doing, today, will also be of no lasting consequence. No certainty exists, This I accept.
          I don’t want to address any of the other ideas presented in this thread and in other similar venues by the men espousing them for many reasons, but primarily because what men do and say when in the company of other men is not my business. Any woman who makes it her business, in my opinion, has entirely too little to do or isn’t being responsible for doing what she should.
          Life is short. Idiots abound, as they say.

        2. Thank you for sharing. Not many people are capable of admitting their own faults and changing for the better. Also for not spreading the toxic disease of feminism.
          From your story, it appears that you are an exception. Good luck to you.

        3. Blah, blah blah. A lot of words but what did you actually say? Also, they are not in the company if other men; they are in a public forum. Bitch

        4. In sum, wrt what may be relevant to the comment, I think the final sentence answers the question. In contrast to my wordiness, your comment speaks volumes of meaning with just a single word. In fact, it is perfect as an example, so I won’t interrupt it further except to say that I suspect you miss the irony in your post.

        5. The expectation is that this is a site intended for discussion between men that share an ideology they are entitled to believe. So, while the site owners have taken the risk of allowing public access, their intent that it be respected as a safe place to speak is clearly stated on the site.
          But, you go ahead and continue violating that intent because your entitled–right? Yet, you would hurl criticism at men who make comments on sites women create with the same intent to have safe discussion about their experiences, as well.
          It appears “your hypocrisy knows no bounds”. It takes courage to ‘woman-up’ and own our behavior. You have that choice.

        6. There are men on here who advocate rape and violence against women. They may say things in private but in reality it is men like these who are treating women like total crap. Are we supposed to just take that? Really? These men are abusers you silly cow, This is a blog and not a private conversation behind closed doors. You are such a dumb bitch. Have I mentioned the words entitled or rights? No, you did. If it is a private conversation then why are you on here? Also, women’s blogs are nowhere nearly as disgusting as this, If they were, I would tell them what I thought too. No, I am not a hypocrite. You do not know what that word means,. I do not advocate violence against men so why should I listen to me advocate it against women? Some of us like to stand up for what we believe in. You are one of the weak ones. Just sit back and shut up if you are incapable of defending yourself.

      3. Too many of these older role models no longer exist because feminism has done a good job on them. You see so many of them, today, who act happy out in public but you know they are miserable as hell. Many of them would trade anything to be in a loving relationship with a man and have children but they’re going to “ride that train” in and see what happens (even if it kills them).
        Too many of them bought into the “sex and the city” philosophy which turned out to be bullshit.

      4. I think it is doctrinaire at ROK that women should get married and be making babies well before they are 30. However, the bitches just aren’t listening to us.
        In China the cut off date is 27. At that point they are “left behind women”. There are whole fucking government programs dedicated to making sure that women hitch up before they are 28.
        My fiancé turns 27 in two days (not bad for an old goat like me) but my previous girlfriends were early 30s. I am in my late 40’s so maybe it is a bit presumptuous to require a partner to be 15+ years younger, but that is just the way things are.
        I am a committed man now, but if I was not I would still consider any women over the age of 34 to be nothing more than a fuck toy with no long term prospects. Having said that I have encountered a number of women in their late 30s who were amazing fuck toys.

    2. Did anybody else pick up on the fact that, except for Merkel, all of the women featured in this article were American?
      That’s just how poisonous their Grrrrrl power exports are to the world. Though to be fair, Merkel is without doubt going to go down in history as being the most destructive.

      1. Hardly surprising. As the most individualistic culture on earth, the US is the natural home of selfishness unchecked. America’s stability was always a delicate balance between order and liberty, and because of it, all the more susceptible to quick corruption and degeneracy, with the falling away of what external influences (religion, culture, social institutions, law) on human behavior which existed there in the past.

      2. But before she does let’s hope the German populace goes full Mussolini on her and has her strung up and her cronies for turning it into an Islamic shithole.

      3. That’s probably just the fact that they are at hand. There is a technical term that evades me but things that are familiar will be the first on the chopping block. Matt is well travelled but he is still American.

    1. Her father, ol’ Billy Ray. Dude had her posing topless *with him* at age 16 and was using her talents to keep his own name in the papers for almost a decade, shamelessly. If you want to know the cause of her shitty facade now, look directly at that pretend country boy. I rarely blame the father, but in this case, the blame lay solely on that piece of shit for helping foster and nurture the monster that the once attractive young lady turned into.

        1. Yeah, that shit too. “I’m proud of her for exploring her own identity and love her no matter what, I’m so proud of her”. What an absolute scum bag. A real father would, at BEST, say “no comment” and let the question die on the vine.

      1. Expect Jaden Smith (faggot-ass son of Will Smith) to follow the same route of Miley.. the kid agreed to be hired to feature as a model of the female clothing line of Louis Vitton or something, and is constantly wearing dresses and girls clothes to “fight against gender stereotypes”… and, of course, all of that is fully endorsed by his retarded parents, just like Mr. Cyrus did:
        “Will and Jada have their own arguments about their kids and some of the choices they make, but they are both on board when it comes to Jaden’s fashion choices,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “They are so used to it by now that it doesn’t bother them at all. They like his choices and think he looks pretty cool.”

      1. Snow day. No work. Good day for drinking. Coffee morning. Wine or Japanese sake in the afternoon depending on what my wife cooks.
        I am hoping for bison and red wine. Have a stock freezer full from farmers market. Will probably get quiche as I grabbed 11 eggs out of my chicken coop this morning.
        Either way, drinking is part of the plan. Hope the snow doesn’t melt so I can stay home from work and drink tomorrow too.
        Drink and raise hell on ROK about all the stupid bitches about. That’s the plan.

  4. “When fans asked Holliday via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram why they hadn’t received their T-shirts, she responded by blocking them.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Feminism at it’s finest.
    Thank you for exposing those harpies. I hope a few women will stumble upon this article.

    1. Quote: “I hope a few women stumble upon this article.”
      Ah, yes, the “rational thinker fallacy”!! You see, as a rational, sane, sensible and reasonable person, you’re committing the fallacy of thinking that everyone else, especially the fair-sex, perceives the world as you. NOTHING could be further from the Truth. Even if a hundred of those damsels, ripped off and swindled by the cunt, were made aware of the fact, the *cognitive dissonance* and the spell that they’re under is so utterly powerful, that ALL would simple DENY it in the most bold-faced flagrant manner … to the utter astonishment of the sane and neutral observer.

    1. Jennifer Lawrence said Dunham’s a “genius”.
      Good illustration of how the feminine ones are ruined by these monstrosities and their mind vomit.

  5. I loathe Merkel and Clinton. They are dangerous. But the only ones on the list that make me almost vomit are Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus.
    Well, there goes my 2 minutes hate for the day. Time to feed the chickens. And then enjoy another day of snowed-in vacation like the rest of the east coast !

    1. Jealous because I have to go to work and snowplows must be clubbing with unicorns in VA.

        1. It sucks when the South gets its annual two inches of snow. Paralyzes y’all. heh

  6. A few people you should have mentioned:
    -Julia Gillard (former Australian PM). First female Australian Prime Minister, easily the most hated. Backstabbed and blatently lied her way into power, and couldn’t keep a government together in one of the most stable countries in the world
    -Kathleen Wynne, current premier of Ontario, Canada. Open lesbian, spends more time talking bs about all the usual PC crap instead of introducing real policy; her leadership has caused Canada’s most important province to reach crippling levels of debt
    -Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey; need I even say anything?

    1. western female politicians are usually voted in because they sound nice and express concern over some social issue – such a system inevitably leads to worthless statesmen/women

    2. Hahaha! Bang on with Gillard, and so true! Also, don’t forget that the wench Wynne has introduced a jaw-dropping sex curriculum aimed solely at grooming kids to become porn stars. It so shocking that one can’t squirm and blush discussing what is taught to kids at ages 6 or 7 or 8! I’m not a literal interpreter of the Bible, but I would say we’re close to Sodom and Gemorrah as we’ll ever get.

    3. At least Degeneres has done some noteworthy acting and voice acting and seems to be, outside of her politics, a fairly nice person. She went “I’m gay and insecure!” for a while but seems to have canned that spiel, which is good.

    4. Add Dilma Roussef to that list: first-ever Brazilian female president responsible for driving my country into THE WORST economic recession of its history.

        1. Well, her impeachment process was interrupted last year because of the Holidays and Dilma’s political supporters’ constant attempts to slow it down, but it will restart on March… we should expect many protests by then..

        2. You guys should have exiled her along with the whole Brazilian soccer team. Not taking away anything from the Germans, but 7-1? What the fuck!?

        3. The Germans dismantled an overhyped team with surgical precision. I quite enjoyed that game. And then the Dutch team added insult to injury.

        4. That was gruesome as it was hilarious; the way the Germans picked them apart was akin to a pack of wolves ripping apart a doe.

      1. Her (and Merkel)…another good reason why the U.S. doesn’t need a woman as President. Too many “feels” and not enough reality.
        Merkel is learning it, first hand,…or I should say her country is learning it (the hard way). Women are terrible leaders because they lead with feels, first.

    5. You forgot to add: Kathleen Wynne, former Minister of Education for Ontario. While on her watch, her deputy minister, Bernard Levin, was both 1) providing input to a controversial new sex-ed policy that included teaching kids in grade school the mechanics of fellatio and sodomy, and 2) providing counselling over the internet to a ‘woman’ (actually, a cop) on how to ‘groom’ her 12-year old daughter to submit sexually to the woman’s lover. He’s now serving time after being convicted on child porn charges. But the sex-ed curriculum is in place, no doubt ‘grooming’ thousands of 11 and 12 years olds for their first sexual experiences at the hands of Levin’s brothers-in-wanking.

    6. I hated Gillard-worst PM in history and that’s saying something as Fraser was garbage and Whitlam was a clown. The fact that the taxpayer has to pay for that buffoon makes me want to vomit with rage. She knifed that bozo Rudd who replaced the greatest living PM in John Howard; he was a titan and under his aegis Australia was kicking ass in many respects.

  7. Self-proclaimed strong women often turn out to be without substance – their fame is based on little more than being a symbol against patriarchy, or making teenagers feel “inspired”

    1. “inspiration” or “being inspired” is just as impotent a concept as “solidarity”. It makes people feel good for doing and accomplishing nothing.
      It’s like all the narcissistic travel bloggers, they want to “inspire” you to travel in their tagline but unfortunately that’s not gonna happen if people don’t have the disposable income to buy the plane tickets and out-of-house accommodation costs. It’s ego fuel for the host because they know 99% of the people can’t. (But please, keep visiting the website to increase my ad revenue!)

      1. On RoK, it’s important to dispute this.
        Unless a guy is living in a halfway home and working at minimum wage and living hand to mouth, he can afford to travel. Heck, if he’s that poor, then he should go on food stamps and welfare, get the state to pay him to go to community college, get an obamaphone, etc. and spend that time learning a foreign language and getting trained for a career in an international profession such as working on a cruise ship, travel guide, etc.
        Most people have plenty of spare cash. Cigarettes is a biggie. No man was ever rejected by a pretty girl because he doesn’t smoke. Bars and clubs are another. Pissing away money on spoiled hos who won’t give you the time of day is a waste of time and money.
        For about a grand, it’s possible to fly to many places off season and on special.

        1. It’s a simple as, try to travel to the next city. True, American cities tend to look alike, but that’s no excuse for not traveling.

        2. They look the same on the surface. You have to dig and search a little to find something special. It just takes a little effort.

        3. Agreed. I have seen how things can look different. My wife remarked that when we went to South Carolina, she felt a different “vibe” than where we lived. Springfield, MO is one of the friendliest places I visited. Fargo is like a foreign country. It can be done even for a poor man and let’s face it: if a man is so poor he doesn’t have a pot to piss in and can’t travel at all, even after saving a bit, and he can’t get laid locally then he probably has few options.
          And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The problem with our society is that even as men are expected to develop themselves, even now, the welfare state gives a right to all women to have kids and the state to help raise them. Idiocracy should be required viewing for all kids as to what the welfare state is doing.

        4. You are right. I have cut back on nights out so that I can travel half dozen times a year. And if you are smart you can fly cheap, stay cheap and eat cheap.

        5. One of the greatest shaming ploys is the accusation of being “cheap”. I avoid restaurants for health and financial reasons. If someone is coming in from out to town or it’s a special occasion, ok, but otherwise, restaurants and clubs are a huge waste of money. A friend of mine went out at least 3 nights a week. I ran the numbers: It’s something like 7 grand. That could easily pay for a LUXURY vacation for them. I even found hotels in Zurich for $80 a night on priceline but even over there, going out on a regular basis is frowned upon. At a 100 bucks a pop, easily, the middle class in Europe doesn’t eat out that often.

        6. Yes indeed. The thing I notice about people who accuse you of being “cheap” are people that either have huge credit card balances (suckered men) or expect you to have one too (girls trying to sucker you). Unless you are independently wealthy, no one can afford to spend hundreds or even thousands per week on “entertainment” without one day having to pay the piper.
          My come back to girls accusing me of being cheap is to say “I’ll spend a lot of money on things that matter, like well tailored clothes, good quality tools and healthy food, but don’t expect me to waste my money on table service at the club. You don’t like it then you’re with the wrong guy”.

        7. I’m reminded of Hoffman’s Raymond character in Rainman whose autism disorder prevents him from understanding the value of money. Everything is 70 cents. A car costs 70 cents. Take 30 cents from 5 dollars, and you have 70 cents. To people who think that someone else is paying for everything and they spend money, they don’t bother doing arithmatic. As a product of a good public school system, when I go to the supermarket I track how much money I spend down to about 5 percent. It’s a skill that matters to me in budgeting. If I see I’m spending too much on something, I start looking for ways to economize.
          My wife tried to shame me on this initially and after a good 5 years or so, I wore on her. She began to “get” that money is not this magical substance that never runs out when her friends confided to her their money problems. After spending all their money, then going into debt, they suddenly had to start being… cheap. It’s like someone cutting back on their drinking when they start to feel buzzed versus them cutting back when they start puking. It’s not a skill that comes naturally to many. It comes naturally to me because I got the message early on that if I didn’t have money, I’d be sleeping on the street.
          I would add that one of the things I like to spend money on are treating people with dignity and respect. I’ll tip a waiter fairly BUT I won’t go out to restaurants often as compared to many who go out to restaurants often but don’t tip because they can’t afford it. I value my time. My wife waited in line at costco gas to save 40 cents a gallon (a good deal) but I estimated for the hour she spent, she only saved about 3 bucks. She “worked” for 3 bucks an hour.
          Next, it’s not necessary to spend a “lot” of money on decent clothes, tools, or healthy food. As I found on a budget, there’s the three balance factors: Fast, cheap, and good. You pick two. It takes mental effort and sometimes time to save money and get good quality.
          Final observation: One of the most hilarious post-feminist myths that has been busted is the notion of independent women who have careers and don’t need us anymore. Most women can blow their money faster than a drunk sailor on shore leave on designer bags, shoes and even cars (they prefer to just buy new rather than fix them up.) In the old days, if a woman’s car broke down a dozen guys would help her and in those days, women respected men. Today, they’ll freeze to death waiting for the auto club which costs a good $130 a year.

        8. Depends what you mean by “a lot” but I find if I spend good money on things that I need, I get paid back. For example, if you “save” money eating cheap microwave meals you’ll waste money on your hospital bills and time in the second half of your life and you’ll feel awful now. Also, if you are clever, you can buy expensive cuts of meat for a relatively small amount of money. Want steak? Buy a whole joint and cut it into steaks. Considerably cheaper for the same quality. Good tools? You’re going to want top quality knives to cut that joint. Cheap knives don’t cut raw meat. It becomes a chore.
          Again with clothes, get that stuff on sale and get to know the guy at the store for special deals. That said, if I was out partying at the club getting table service every weekend I wouldn’t even have money for this. Again, good clothes pay you back. People judge you by your appearance and this can be worth money at salary negotiations.
          Buy cheap when it’s a benefit but spend good money when it’s an investment.

        9. I “save” money by buying the cheaper cuts of meat, removing excess fat, and then pressure cooking. Most of the stuff we eat is reasonably priced and largely handmade by us. Decent tools, including knives, aren’t that expensive. The worst, IMO, are the steel ones that require lots of sharpening. A serrated blade that cost about $15 each at IKEA are amazing. When people spend a lot of money for “top” quality, I can usually detect a bit of elitism going on. Which is ok. I just don’t buy, pardon the pun, into it.
          Now clothes. That’s a rather interesting situation because that’s the number one thing I think women overspend on. A woman can be just as pretty in clothing she gets on sale at a chain store as spending thousands of dollars on designer outfits. The main purpose of designer brand labels, for women, is to impress other women. Even then, there’s tons of knockoffs out there. I see lower class people walking around with Louis Vuitton bags all the time.
          But for men, it’s another ball game. Personally, I only wore a suit for “salary negotiations” for my job about three times and the rest of the time it was in the closet. It looks good (may not be the most comfortable) but the key to the outfit was a nice red tie, new polished shoes, and a nice belt. But there are men who work in professions where wearing a suit daily is mandatory and I can understanding spending some decent money on that, but again, like with the women, spending $2000 on a suit isn’t going to make much more difference than $400. That’s just my experience working in business formal and casual environments. The key is keeping the suits and accessories clean. All of this is relative, of course. If someone is making a high six figure salary then $2000 per suit for about 5 isn’t a big deal and is a legitimate business expense. Do you work in a formal work environment? I personally wouldn’t wear a suit daily to a business casual job because that would set off red flags with colleagues and encourage backstabbing unless I was planning to get promoted reasonably soon.
          But… on the other hand as they say, one or two good suits even expensive ones can impress and seduce the expensive women wearing Gucci. After you get them into the sack, then one can switch to the less expensive (but reasonably good looking) rotation.
          All that said, I try to avoid cheap crap because if it breaks then I waste a lot of time (I wasted 3 days fixing my car with a cheap $30 Chinese part when the Japanese OEM cost $60.)

        10. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the knives. In my experience you want to spend some money (and you’ll probably never need to replace them) but its a personal thing I guess. Don’t forget you can get “expensive” knives cheaply if you shop around. I find cheap knives to be a nightmare.
          Why do you cut the fat off the meat? It flavours it. Also, I think that many of these cuts are “cheap” because they are fatty, not because they are inferior. People don’t buy them any more because of the “fat phobia”. These means they are now ridiculously cheap.
          As for cookware, I am the same here. I buy the good stuff and the difference is noticeable. Some people buy expensive stuff because its expensive but I buy it because its better. A good Le Crueset pot will last you a lifetime.
          I agree $2000 on a suit is excessive. I have never done that. There is a point of diminishing marginal returns with everything and with suits I think this point is around $600. And shoes. I pay $600 dollars for shoes that look great and last 7 or 8 years. Guys in my office pay $150 every six to 12 months for shoes and walk around with hurting feet. But they are spending more than me on footwear.

        11. We can half agree on knives. I know that it”s possible to find good knives (and pots) for a decent price. I know some people who literally spent a fortune on pots, pans, and knives justifying by claiming they’re for “life” but I have this philosophy: Kitchens are rough places and I have a wife who loves to break stuff. She used brillo on one of my better pots. I decided it wasn’t worth going to jail by beating her but was also happy the pot wasn’t THAT expensive. The same goes with these renovated kitchens for 20K I’ve seen. I’m ok with a kitchen that’s roomy enough to get things done and the appliances work (and gas, especially gas.) Other than that, I’m a no-fuss guy.
          I cut the fat off the meat because when I pressure cook, the juices stay in and fat isn’t really necessary. I don’t want to eat it but I’m not phobic about it either. I marinate with red wine vinegar and spices. Comes out tastier than the expensive meats, actually. There’s marbling in the meats so there’s plenty of fat flavor left, don’t worry.
          You didn’t answer my question as to how often you need to wear a suit. Daily? When going out on a weekly basis?
          About shoes. My wife wants me to throw away any shoe that’s older than 5 years evne if it’s in relatively good shape. She doesn’t like getting them resoled and after a few years, they get scuffed up. I go to Off-Broadway for black friday and find some good South American made shoes (and even some Chinese, sadly) that are pretty good for about $120 for two pair. I usually get about 5 years total use via rotation in a set of 10. The nicer, newer ones are for interviews, special events, etc. while the medium ones for work (regularly polishing done by the wife) and the scuffed up ones for going to the store. Of course, I’m married so I can get away with this. As you know, chicks look first at fingernails, shoes, belt, and eyebrows.
          I also get a lot of compliments on my Nutria Ukrainian szapka. At least 1 a day usually from women (young and old) Best $60 ever spent.

        12. I mocked backpackers as being kind of scruffy but wish I had done the same when I was trying to lug around a rollerbag with 4 bottles of champagne. That stuff was so heavy eventually that I gave them away to a friend rather than to the destination. They just weren’t worth it. Yeah, they look dorky and scream “poor tourist” but they are practical and great for going to multiple cities while not having a hotel room to stash the stuff.

        13. I would have taken the jail time.
          Women love to treat expensive stuff like it’s cheap. Fortunately I don’t have any woman in my home so my stuff is relatively safe. I did have a chick who loved to score my teflon pans with metal utensils. So I bought her a special set of silicone utensils. I walked into the kitchen and found her scoring my pans with the metal utensils again! WTF bitch is your major malfunction!? I yelled so loud the walls are still suffering from PTSD.
          There is no claim with my pots and pans. I don’t use teflon anymore so they are safe from scoring. I also removed metal and harsh cleaning materials from my kitchen. Job done.
          So why take the time to cut off the fat? Do you like the extra work? I actually don’t pressure cook because it seems to me that slow cooking removes the fat from the food. With a particularly fatty meat I cook it high and fast. Give it a try and see what you think.
          Also, good pots help flavour the food, cook it quicker, keep the food warm after the cooking etc. They are marvellous. And really not that expensive. $100 for a cast iron enamelled cooking dish? Not a lot of money in my view. There is no upward limit. Frankly though, I don’t know why someone would pay a lot of money for their cooking tools if they weren’t serious about cooking.
          Do you know anyone with expensive tools who never uses them?
          I wear a suit or something similar daily.
          Good quality leather doesn’t get scuffed up.

        14. Fat isn’t just moisture, it’s also *flavor*. For the love of taste, leave a little on…

      1. If you propose that some guy would pork Tess Holiday we’ll need a picture……..of the guy.Not the bikini—-PLEASE DEAR GOD NOT THE BIKINI.

        1. About two decades ago I tried some fat chicks. They tend to be really good cock suckers but your options for coitus are severely limited.
          Never again: BMI 20 or bust. My fiancé is tall and gorgeous but if she breaks my heart I think it is all LBFMs from here to death.

        2. Yikes to that woman in particular. There are better looking fat women who are not so fat as her, not tatted up either. She’s gross.

        3. In my own defense I would say the fat chick that I porked had the face of an angel and was otherwise pleasant company. I can’t say that I regret the experience but in the future I would prefer a 100 pound spinner.

        4. I had one encounter with a girl I would call “buxom”. She had a lot of meat on her but it was distributed in the 0.7 WHR with a nice set of tits. Her most fetching quality was that she was completely submissive, so even though it ended up as a ONS, I was king for a night.

        5. So this brings up an interesting question. With a woman that large, how exactly do you penetrate without losing about 4″ of your dick to rolls of fat and an 4″ FUPA before you even reach her vagina?

        6. interesting that so many men spend so much time thinking about Tess Holiday. You claim to hate her yet you are focused on her vagina? Stop wanking off over Tess Holiday pics.

        7. If I lost that much I would be severely malnourished. Also, I doubt you have 2 inches.

    2. Self-proclaimed _anyones_ often turn out to be without substance.. It’s called »Dunning-Kruger effect« and is one of the reasons the current form of democracy is dOomed to fail, over and again.

    3. Okay, but…what about women whom have never said it, but…have heard it to be true of them all of their lives, as in not ‘self-proclaimed’?
      Cause, I am pretty friggin sure that has to be okay…right?
      Not that I disagree with you wholly, just wondering.

  8. I actually love to hate Lena Dunham. She could have confessed to serial murder in autobiography and the press would still have allowed her to laugh it off.

    1. I think it only gets better with time…then it’s not safe to scroll up.
      Early on, you’re ok.

  9. Add Kim Kardashian and the other Kardashian sisters (including Kris Jenner) to the list. They have no talent but are famous for their attention whoring. They are the epitome of an attention whoring family who have a shit ton of money for doing just that. They are not good role models for young women to emulate in addition to their tranny father that they support.

    1. Not only that. The Kardashian women have that irritating vocal fry voice that more and more young women have adopted. Girls today simply don’t talk the way they did 30-40 years ago. Just listen to reruns of old TV shows with child actors, like The Brady Bunch, and you’ll hear the difference.

      1. I have had zero exposure to the Kardashians, outside of what I’ve seen posted on the internet. By “vocal fry” do you mean that highly annoying inflection at the end of every single sentence, like the girl was asking a question, when in fact she wasn’t? That shit just grates on my nerves, even older women are doing it. If not, then I have no idea what you’re referencing.

        1. Ah, we used to call that Valley Girl, albeit without some of the now dated vocabulary. Ugh.

        2. That’s the shit, right there. If only it were legal to take baseball bats to random people in public for offenses like that.

        3. I’ve long held that there should be a valid defense for murder: Not Guilty by Reason of Antipathy

        4. As Rosie Perez would say: What’s wrONG wit da KarDASHians. They Talk good and stuff.

        5. That’s way higher than I remember it in real life (outside of the song), but then I grew up in the cornfields of the Midwest and not in Cali. Maybe I’m thinking of something else (quite possible), I do recall that stupid accent in the first video existing quite a while, although nowhere near as prevalent as it is today.
          That’s Moon Unit isn’t it?

        6. yeah….obviously the song is hyperbole but the core of it still rings true…and valley girl is the term I remember for it too. Yeah, that was moon unit.
          Frank Zappa was very talented but he definitely get’s the Noah award for poor child naming.
          Ham, Shem, Japheth and Yam (how do you name one kid Ham and another kid Yam?)

        7. Ham, Shem, Japheth and Yam (how do you name one kid Ham and another kid Yam?)
          The kid is born on Thanksgiving and you’re *really* hungry?

        8. I am assuming that Shem is Hebrew for stuffing and Japheth is some form of ancient cranberry sauce.
          If I remember correctly, Ham saw Noah drunk and naked and checked out his unit and was cursed by god for it as were all his children. So his son Cush had a son named Nimrod (yeah, this family really has terrible naming skills) who tried to build a big tower with rooftop amenities like the ability to punch god in the face and, since he didn’t use union labor he too was cursed.
          Ostensibly this is why Jews no longer eat ham.

        9. I guess he’s referring to the patois one hears at Starbucks day in and day out. That’s why I don’t go to Starbucks anymore.

        10. Makes you think. All the money “invested” on college tuition on these kids. All for this. God have mercy on us.

        11. I believe vocal fry is women trying to sound like men by sort of groaning to make the voice sound deeper

        12. Damn right. I call out that shit right when it happens. It’s pretty bad when women my age are doing it. I ask them “how old are you, again?”.

        13. Wow, what an idiot. That guy is so ugly and so very immature. The girl however I wasn’t paying much attention to; I was distracted by that guy`s stupid face. I am not into picking on young girls.

        14. Bzzzzzzz sorry your answer is incorrect. Would you care to try again?

      2. Shows likes the Brady Bunch are also mocked today and over recent years under the guise of suffering a disconnect from reality (it goes: “but no one was living like that.” “the war was on and the hippy movement broken out.” blah) , in truth they depict solid morality, values, and discipline/instruction (mostly while rearing children), all things which had to be undermined and eliminated to better alter and control the populace. The influence of such media on the subconscious has been well-known for at least a century, but recent decades especially have seen it openly utilized for these more nefarious purposes.
        Also in that era, there were several measures in place: cursing wasn’t allowed, there were programming block requirements (“primetime” was completely family-friendly), and in the case of speaking there was and had been an attempt to have all persons appearing on television take vocal lessons to wipe away certain regional accents (Midwestern/General American being favored).
        It likely would have been better, in this particular and extremely limited case, had the censors never been removed.

        1. I get real tired of the “that wasn’t how things REALLY were back then” spiel. Who cares? These shows were depicting a MODEL family who looked out for each other and instilled solid morals and values. Portraying a “real” modern family is part of the problem. You’re basically telling everyone that it’s ok if you do drugs after school, your mom pops pills, and your dad is an abusive alcoholic. It’s REAL!

        2. I found the Brady Bunch and other shows Iike Saved By The Bell boring and saccharine, but the characters did stick to each other.

        3. And, they were how things were for the most part. At the time television was meant to appeal to the broadest base possible, they were not going to do that by creating caricatures of families that defied the social norms. Back at the time television networks lived and died by advertising dollars alone, unlike today, so they couldn’t afford to create fictions that would have seemed abnormal to their base. Even ground breaking leftist shows like All in the Family had to have the “normal” family that *everybody* identified with to act as a foil for the Leftism of Stivick.
          In the age of using television and media to go against society, where ratings no longer mean anything as long as the propaganda can continue to be pounded out ad nauseum, due to behind the scenes financing of the losses, this doesn’t make sense to most modern people.

        4. You should check out The Rifleman sometime then. Much more intellectual than it first appears and usually interspersed with action scenes.

        5. Fantastic show, I never missed it when it came on during Sunday mornings in our household, growing up.

        6. I’m almost old enough to be of the “Brady Bunch” era and deny what people say. People really did live like that. My life (and those of the kids in my neighborhood) was an awful lot like a sitcom from the next generation, “Family Ties.”

        7. My childhood wasn’t ideal by any means, but I remember back then that I knew the names of nearly every person who lived within 2 blocks of me. After the age of 7, we were expected to play outside with our friends and not return until dark which was then homework time. Two parent families were the norm.

        8. What made the Brady Bunch amusing, even back then, was that it wasn’t realistic. Most people didn’t have an architect father and doting mother and a maid for that matter. That was an upper middle class family. The “problems” were jokes and this was recognized at the time. It wasn’t expected to be real BUT it was considered the “real” ideal. That’s what most people aspired to and wanted and thought possible. If they went to school and studied, and got married, they could have a life like that even if they were working class.
          What’s different today is the media doesn’t even bother saying this is an ideal.

        9. The same can be said of Saved By The Bell. The idea of a popular kid, a jock, a feminist, a nerd , a cheerleader, and a token black fashionista hanging out together is just ridiculous, if well meaning. At least Jessie the feminist’s real life alter ego did go on to play an uber bitchy dancer in Showgirls. And the show was boring but inoffensive. It did gave some wacky episodes, like the infamous caffeine pills episode, or the Zack finds his Indian roots episode. Truly nostalgic.

        10. I was too old for Saved by the Bell. Hmmm, I don’t think that the list you gave me was ridiculous. I remember back in the early 80’s that the jocks WERE popular and one of the most popular kids was also a genius who did well on the exams. One of the myths of TV is that “smart”, nerdy kids are necessarily unpopular. Some fit that stereotype but many were popular provided they took a bath on a regular basis and didn’t dress goth. But yeah, I do see your point in that some kids, just like adults, travel in different circles. A black fashionista probably won’t spend a lot of time with a cheerleader and jock.
          I really did know some kids who fit the Brady Bunch model (aside from the big joined family that was the central plot). They had a nice home, the two parent family got along great (they’re still facebook friends), and they largely lived drama free lives. They’re friends and I’ve talked to them and they really did live like that. I’m jealous of them but also happy for them. It DID happen but wasn’t the norm, of course. But elements of the Brady Bunch were the norm: The parents did expect their kids to study, the kids were expected to know the rules and follow them (or at least pretend to follow them!), we did a lot of hokey things that many kids may not do today (like help out at community events.) There are still shadows of that world in most places.

        11. Concerning the Brady Bunch, I did live like that. If anything, the one flaw I find with it was the notion that problems were solved easily by the end of the episode. Also, we were way less politically correct than the Bradys, but otherwise, we did live a similar lifestyle. Of course I dunno if Papa Brady would spank Marsha like they spanked us when we were bad. Though I wouldn’t mind not sparing the rod with her, if you know what I mean.
          As for school, my take is based on my own experiences in high school. True, we had the usual cliques of jocks, mathletes, band geeks, goths, punks, plus uniquely Mexican cliques like cholos, cheros, and fresas (which I was one). I was cordial and friendly with other cliques, yet, at least during school, we stuck with our own. Exceptions were,for example, either we played pickup soccer or tackle football with the cholos, or we backed each other up during fights. Of course there was intra clique banter, the kind that nowadays would be called bullying. And in any event, everybody picked on everybody. Alas, the irony today is, Saved By The Bell doesn’t seem to apply to kids nowadays. At least then there was a sense of identity. Nowadays, it seems, everybody looks the same. And that is sad.

        12. Shows “back when” actually added a little value to your life as a family member. That time of the evening was for families and it showed in all parts of life “back when”. That time was family time.
          Today, you can turn on the TV and there is no value. The family time has been removed from our culture and it’s been replaced with degenerates like the Kardashians.
          “Hey Billy… the end the dad gets a sex change operation”.
          Yeah, things are fucked up today.

        13. I think what made the Brady Bunch groundbreaking was the large step-family concept. Even in the late 60s/early 70s, mixed families were not widely (or never) portrayed. In the instance of that show, both “parents” were widowed, as, it seemed to me, a way to soften the narrative.

        1. When I was younger my little sister used the work like as frequently as smurfs use the word smurf. I eventually started slapping her in the back of the head every time she did. She is all grown up now, a nurse and with a young daughter of her own. She still thanks me and tells me that whatever little habit her girl winds up with that is how she is going to solve the problem.

        2. I’ve never seen NCIS. I like Mark Harman, just one of those shows that slipped by my.

        3. It’s not too bad. I really appreciate Gibbs (Mark Harman’s character), the leader of the group. He’s a very no nonsense, stoic, get-shit-done character and has been that way from the get-go. Amazed that the PC crowd hasn’t tried to mellow him out. Would suggest giving it a watch. The group chemistry is good.

      3. It’s because many of these women are what we called “know it alls”. They’ve watched Oprah all of their lives, they’ve studied useless subjects in college (women studies) and they think they are educated. This could be farther from the truth.
        Many of them have a mount of debt and they are dumb as a door.

        1. If you had a modicum of intelligence you would have noticed that Driver wrote “It’s because many of these women”. Note the word ‘many’ which suggests not all.
          Are you really that stupid in real life Melanie?

        2. Real life? Isnt this real then? Do you realize these are real people? Wake the fuck up

      4. I really don’t give a shit anymore. I just know how I want to run my house.
        My brother-in-law is not my favourite person but we have a running agreement that we might have to tool up the shit head boyfriends that my teenage niece becomes involved with.

    2. That family should have been the top of the list (that family is fucked up). Women should never be inspired by any of those people in the family because they are ill.
      We knew they were attention whores but Bruce (in the end) sealed the deal. That family is fucked up (a good example of what to avoid).

    3. I find it sad that Bruce Jenner was an icon of manhood but now he has fallen. Unless you are particularly religious, Lucifer did not fall that far.

  10. I do recommend watching the amy Schumer comedy plagiarism videos. She has literally no shame and what’s more completely ruins Patrice O’Neal’s sex substitution joke

        1. That and being the niece (or some other relative) of New York Senator Charles “Chuck-You” Schumer.

      1. The best insult ever given to Patrice was by Anthony Jeselnik at the Roast of Charlie Sheen. Jeselnik asked Patrice if he deep fried his hands BEFORE biting his fingernails. Classic!

    1. Damn I did not know that. Patrice said something pretty telling about her once, something like “Amy is someone who thinks she shoulda been prettier than she actually is”

      1. That’s quite perceptive actually. Clearly she thought the best revenge would be to steal all his jokes

        1. I guess, but he was no looker himself. Bill Burr once said at his roast: “Patrice Oneal, the only person on earth with molars in the front”.

  11. I love how that land whale Tess tries to hide her gut in every picture she’s in. Doesn’t come off very body positive.

    1. If being obese is “beautiful”, then she she just let the folds and layers of fat roll. No need to airbrush the streaks of stretch marks.

  12. I’d add female celebrities who “marry” gaydar-tripping men, like Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale; or Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman.

    1. … or that first-class mangina and honorary cunt, Ryan Gosling. There’s nothing worse in this world than a man, abandoning all self-respect, dignity, and pride, trying to get some mediocre pussy; as Gosling so desperately attempts with his “I’m a proud feminist” schtick. What a douche!

  13. “white women like Sandberg ”
    Hellllo McFly, Jews are not white, nor do they consider themselves white.

    1. Blonde/red hair, blue eyes and fair skin for some of them (not all, obviously), I’m going to go with “they’re white enough to be white” for most intents and purposes. The link to their Semitic past, for the Ashkenazi (these are the only ones I’m talking about) , is tenuous at best these days after centuries and centuries of interbreeding with regular stock Europeans. A friend of mine (Polish Roman Catholic) is married to a blonde haired, blue eyed Jewish woman who would not look out of place walking down the streets of Berlin in the year 1920. Their son could be a poster child for Arianism, despite his being, technically, Jewish by birth (matrilineal succession is how Jews count it I believe). He’s as white and white acting as Wonder Bread.
      We also call Basque, Finns, Estonians and Hungarians “white” as well, despite their not being of Indo-European in origin.
      They are still Jews, no question. But “not white” seems a bit like piking a really, really silly nit, if you ask me.
      All that being said, I’m well aware that *they* like to play both sides of this card when it is to their advantage. If they can get better things by claiming to be simply Jewish instead of white, they will, and vice versa.
      It’s not really a point worth belaboring, I suppose is what I’m saying.

      1. Of the caucasoid peoples, I would consider Western Euros(Anglo, Celt, Nordic, Germanic) and Slavs white people. Much of the jew’s success has been a result of antagonizing hostilities between East and Western Europe.
        IMO, Jews, Arabs, and Indians (red dot) would be POC, but Jews have the unique ability to renounce their tribe membership and become white. They truely are totemic to the chameleon.

        1. I didn’t know SJWs read ROK.
          Just call me a racist instead of try to refute my claims, that’s what a true red pill does. /s

      2. Eastern European Jews are as white as they come. Heck, it is my understanding that Hitler himself had commisioned a poster with an “Aryan” baby that turned out to be Jew. As for everyone else, I’ve met Italian Americans who consider themselves white. Heck, I have dark hair and brown eyes, yet since I have light skin people think I’m a gringo. Then again in Canada, Newfoundland chicks thought I was Greek. Go figure.

    2. Nobody considered Russians white at some point and yet ROKers are praising them as the last great white hope.They went from Asiatic mongrels to a sort of Ubermennschen. Go figure.

  14. To be fair, we should come up with ten good female role models. Throw some ideas out there, gents. I’ll get the ball rolling: Serena Williams.

    1. Serena Williams? To teach them how to throw better tantrums? Don’t think they need the help.
      I don’t think I can come up with ten good living real (as opposed to fiction) female role models. And even if I did, they likely would be completely unknown to anyone but me since as soon as a woman gets a taste of wide-reaching notoriety she is nearly certain to become a bat-shit insane bitch.

      1. What I’m getting at is it’s hard. Can’t think of many beyond my own mother.

        1. The only ones I can come up with, who are known, have bad points such as multiple marriages. Women like Raquel Welch for instance. Perhaps a composite?

        1. Whoops, can’t help you there. Unless we can try to reanimate Thatcher. Maybe she was the Iron Lady after all.

      1. Princess Grace was always high on my list for femininity, and she did things the right way, by using her high levels of femininity and beauty to quietly marry the most powerful man she could attract with her assets. She then provided a refined, dignified model of grace (no pun intended) and beauty for women to emulate thereafter.

        1. I would include Jacqueline Kennedy, only for the brief moment where she walked behind her husband’s casket with a sense of dignity and fortitude given the circumstances. Because bear in mind, the country might have lost its president, but she lost her husband and the father of her children.

      2. Kate Middleton. Produced two children. Dresses respectably and does a lot of charity work. Seems like a nice lady, although there isn’t much difference between the way the British media treat the royals and north Korea’s treatment of the fat man.

      3. I would even add Queen Victoria. Thatcher was fantastic and truly a conservative colossus that should be spoken of in reverential tones.

    2. Joan d’Arc – Despite being the modern poster child for the “strong, liberated, empowered woman!” she in fact never used a sword and never engaged in actual combat. Her actual role was to accompany the army to the field and then implore both sides to make peace and obey God’s injunction not to murder, and to follow a peaceful, holy route to end conflict (this is a loose summary). Keep in mind that at the time she was not trying to stop men going to war for just cause, but rather prevent violence over petty issues. Moderns have buried her actual legacy almost entirely, and consider her a “feminist” because she would don (wisely, being on a battlefield) armor.
      Mother Theresa – Condemned by most moderns for “letting some people go through pain!” she was instead a merciful, compassionate person who spent her life in the service of the suffering and weak. The outside world made a big deal of her, but she seemed rather oblivious to the outside world and had the prime feminine virtues of patience, compassion and caring for others that are sorely lacking in modern women.
      Florence Nightingale – More or less for the same reasons as Mother Theresa, plus she was not fond of feminism even in her time when an argument could be made that some (few) women were getting a really horrible deal in life through no fault of their own.
      Quote from Wikipedia: “Although much of Nightingale’s work improved the lot of women everywhere, Nightingale was of the opinion that women craved sympathy and were not as capable as men.[30] She criticised early women’s rights activists for decrying an alleged lack of careers for women at the same time that lucrative medical positions, under the supervision of Nightingale and others, went perpetually unfilled.[31]
      She preferred the friendship of powerful men, insisting they had done
      more than women to help her attain her goals, writing: “I have never
      found one woman who has altered her life by one iota for me or my
      Ayn Rand – Provided a strong philosophical rebuff against Communism in an age when intellectual leadership in the West was crumbling under the pressures of the Intelligencia to oppose that ideology. Also a firm believer in men’s superiority and that women should seek out the strongest man *to submit to*, even going so far as to oppose women being elected as leader of a country due to the negation of sex roles that she advocated. One doesn’t have to like her philosophy to acknowledge her impact against the out of control socialist movements of the time up through the modern age.
      Well, that’s off the top of my head anyway, I likely missed a few.

      1. Joan of Arc most likely suffered from one or multiple neurological- and/or psychiatric conditions. Around the age of 12 or 13 she started hearing voices and experiencing visions. She thought it was god speaking to her.
        Nowadays people receive medication for those symptoms.
        Mother Teresa was a crook and a fraud.
        According to those who’ve volunteered there, Mother Teresa’s missions are squalid cesspits run along violent, authoritarian lines. There are reports of unruly children being tied to beds and beaten, of outdated equipment not being replaced, and of needles being reused in countries with high HIV infection rates (such as Haiti) until they were so blunt they caused pain. All of this wrapped up in a culture of unquestioning obedience, secrecy, and control that is said to resemble a cult.
        In 1991, German magazine Stern revealed that only 7 percent of donations to the organization were used for charity. The rest was funneled into secret bank accounts or used to build more missions. There are reports that missions won’t even buy bread to feed their inmates, preferring instead to rely only on donated food.
        Mother Teresa herself personally took large donations from the psychopathic Haitian dictator “Baby Doc”, publicly defending his blood-soaked rule in return. In the 1990s, fraudster Charles Keating donated $1.25 million of stolen money to the Missionaries. When asked to return the fraudulent money, Mother Teresa simply stayed silent.

        1. Or, Joan d’Arc was in direct communion with God. The application of psychiatry to every single human oddity in this modern age seems to me to be laughably determinist. Perhaps God speaks to those who hear voices others do not?
          Mother Theresa volunteered in *nations* that were squalid cesspits. If I give care to people in the outbacks of Nicaragua, it’s going to be in a place that’s squalid and a cesspit by definition.
          As to donations and such, I was not aware of that, but I’m not going to accept the word(s) of Leftist magazines and sources without further investigation on my part. I’m rather suspect of Left wing sources when it comes to tearing down anybody who might shine as a beacon of light in the world, you see.

        2. And then there was St Catherine of Siena, who apparently not only married Christ, but he gave her his foreskin as a wedding ring. Also, Saint Theresa of Avila, who ecstasies with Christ. Screw Fifty Shades. This is where it’s at ladies. Let the Spirit come unto you.

        3. This is from Fox:

          While Mother Teresa is known and admired by many around the world, she was not beloved by all. She was criticized for the quality of care in her clinics and for taking donations from Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier and disgraced American financier Charles Keating.


          Also, in the youtube clip that I posted Penn & Teller and Christopher Hitchens clearly point out why Mother Teresa is not exactly a beacon of light in this world. And those guys are not left wing. They criticise islam, gun control, PETA, and circumcision.

      2. Disagree about Mother Theresa. She gave moral equivalency to Bush 1 and Saddam Hussein. She made poverty and suffering into a fetish (i.e., heard about her sisters in NYC not being allowef to have a fridge to “encourage humility” by forcing rhem to buy perishables–some of which spoiled obviously–every day).

      3. Babes I admire: 1. Queen Isabella of Spain–was really co-ruler with hubs Ferdinand..
        2. Catherine the Great —Czar of Russia…
        3. Queen Elizabeth —was a badass…
        4. Eleanor of Aquitaine– Richard the Lionheart’s mom.. Wife of Henry. Great flick about them “The Lion in Winter” with Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn
        5. Marie Curie
        6 . Raquel Welch—

    3. A heterosexual, long-haired, and not-single-mother version of Karen Straughn would be a start.

      1. A professional athlete at the top of her game/top of the world gets a pass for that in my book. I’m not saying she’s great, just trying to spark some thought on who might be good, as an alternative.

        1. At least, to my knowledge, she doesn’t carry a feminist agenda. Plus, at least she doesn’t have children that she’s not going to take care of and just pass them on to a nanny.

        2. I wouldn’t have included rousey either. I for one think women should be MADE to take up sports, less they turn into beachwales.

        3. Interestingly when Rousey was interviewed, and I am a critic mind you, she made a very good point that endowed her with my respect-when she was asked about whether women in Australian soccer should get equal money to the men in light of her success she stated she disagreed as she was being paid on the basis of her box office appeal and cross-over success that accordingly one should be paid contingent on how many asses they put on seats and how many television sets they have tuning in to watch.

    4. Do you know Sara Winter? She was a psycho and leader of Brazilian FEMEN. She got disillusioned with the group and now is an anti-feminist activist and stay-at-home wife, devoted mother.

    5. Public notoriety is really only meant for men. Any woman who is a positive role model is going to have no public presence because they are too busy raising virtuous sons and daughters. This is a task worthy of praise (for women actually doing it) but also one which will never make one famous in the public eye.

  15. Surprised Mr Forney included a Republican. Maybe if he included Sarah Palin and especially Michelle Malkin, this would be more fun.

    1. Palin is an attractive and loving mother who had 4 children. Isn’t that what ROK would find appealing?

      1. Well, her daughter already had two children put of wedlock. And her kids seem to get arrested constantly. And at one point she paraded her Down Syndrome child as if the poor creature was a Yorkie. And for all her anti socialism snark, she apparently used Canada’s health care. And as for Malkin, just another minority who wants to be white.

        1. Fair enough, but she herself can’t have any control over the actions of her grownup children.

        2. Isn’t that why liberal parents are criticized in this site? I mean, I don’t like liberals any more than you or anyone here, but we gotta admit, this is an American problem. We can’t make an article about how parents let their daughters go overseas to have sex and get murdered and yet we let Palin get a pass. Plus, Bristol isn’t much different from the MTV teen mom who gets attention for either being in porn or making their 6 year old kid pay for dinner on a “date”. An attention whore is an attention whore. In all cases, none learned their lesson. Maybe it’s precisely because kids here do what they want and have no accountability whatsoever. Maybe it’s time to raise the age of consent to 25. Also, chastity belts are mandatory.

      2. Palin would let trump knock up her daughter in exchange for the VP slot. Hillary would provide legal defense to a man who raped chelsea.

    2. Michelle Malkin is likewise an attractive woman.
      I’m glad he included a Republican. Though most of these women are sure to lean democrat, neither side can claim the moral high ground just because of the party they affiliate with.

      1. Malkin is not ugly, but she seems to be angry all the time, like most Asian women who live here, regardless of political leaning. Unless you like that kind of woman in the sack, good luck.

        1. Don’t tell the boys over at the daily stormer but I’d do serious damage to Mrs. Malkin.

        2. As for me, I would do both Palin and Tina Fey dressed as Sarah Palin. Drill baby drill indeed.

  16. All these strong empowered women who fight male oppression at every turn and will only help and support women in their struggle for equality. Same women whose recording engineers, stage hands and producers, writers, directors, security are all for the most.. part… men… I fucking despise women like this who consider themselves gods. Why the fuck is it so hip for cunts like these to trash men at every turn, yet benefit from all their work. Would it kill a cunt like these ones to every now and then acknowledge men for simply being responsible for most of their successes in on way or another? Of course it would.

    1. Milk Model Management. And the woman looks like a cow. Appropriate. To quote Bob Ross, a bit of a happy accident, but still hilarious.

      1. That people who *know* that she’s morbidly obese and *know* that she’s unhealthy and due for an impending heart attack indulge her and feed her what they *know* are lies “You’re so beautiful! Fat is where it’s at!” are revolting. Anybody can think themselves special if society at large communicates that message to them, no matter how awful that person may be as an individual in reality.
        All of the enablers, white knights and fat-acceptance people should be ashamed of themselves for helping this female to a very early grave.

        1. Agreed. As always, those who are support “brave” obese (or other) women are always:
          – GLQBT or white knights/manginas
          – Other undesirable/mentally deficit women
          They are never propped up by heterosexual males who consider these extremely low SMV individuals. They always are shielded from real rejection and scrutiny that way.
          Every time I’ve been to a fat acceptance blog, it’s 99.5% female butter trolls all having a circle-jerk about and sharing in the delusion that [insert current women’s topic] is “empowering” etc.

        2. I agree. These people should feel bad when this woman drops dead. It is similar to giving an alcoholic another bottle of whiskey to drink (one after another).
          There is no medical professional who would call this woman healthy (as much as many would like to comment on how fat people can be healthy).

    2. Miss piggy? Good grief.
      Question for all the tolerant, new age, hipster etc…how does this plus sized land whale smell?

      1. The thought of the stench emanating from that thing is almost causing the bile to rise in my gullet and my steak and protein shakes to come up *quivers in disgust*

  17. Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus and Amy Schumer are just plain gross in my thinking. The only reason these women survive in the public eye is because of their contributions to the leftist/collectivist train of thought.

    1. Trainwreck is an awesome movie, if you have sleep apnea and don’t want to take medication and need a boring movie to put you to sleep. Also, more cruel and unusual punishment for terrorism suspects than waterboarding.

  18. Good list Matt. I would have put the talentless lady gaga In there. And Sandberg is not white, she’s Jewish. One of the reasons she got to were she is, as she herself admits in Lean in.

  19. Not a single Kardashian in this list. Odd…
    One absolutely wonderful thing about Honda’s (yes, that’s deliberate) loss to Holly Holm is that her status as a “feminist icon” took a massive hit in credibility. “The head-kick heard round the world” basically destroyed the ridiculous hype machine built up around her. The best part is that it was delivered by a woman who is soft-spoken, sweet, charming, very feminine, and utterly devoted to her husband, family, and friends. The more I see of Holly Holm, the more impressed I am by the new WMMA 135lb champion.

        1. If calling someone a homo is derogatory, then real homos should be up in arms and find that offensive, yet they don’t. That just clearly shows that deep down inside, they know they’re not normal, but try to condition themselves thinking that’s normal.

      1. Well, she’s married to a very buff dude and evidently loves him very much, based on media clips of them. So either she and her husband are both gay, or she’s a beautiful, sweet, and charming woman who actually can fight.
        My money’s on the latter.

        1. ROKers tend to be very pro fitness when it comes to women…until these come along. Say what you will, but for one, I find these women not naturally attractive. Too many muscles. Two, good luck finding time fucking one of them, since they are probably in the gym all day. Three, after watching Chyna’s porn video, I’m still traumatized. I can’t still figure out if that was either a clit that looked like an abnormally small penis, or a penis that looks like an abnormally huge clit.

    1. Maybe it’s her hunger for pussy that makes her good at ground and pound, if you catch my drift.

      1. You talking about Honda, or Holly? Because Holly is basically a pure striker. Ronda, on the other hand, is a grappler.

        1. Heh. Oh well.
          You probably would have had more luck if you’d referenced the last stare-down between Holly and Miesha Tate. That was pretty cute- but there was a lot of room for making dirty girl-on-girl jokes.

  20. 11. Madonna. Despised her from day one, what was it, back in 1983-1984. Feminist creep.

    1. Madonna should have been relegated to 80s kitsch, like Boy George or Rick Astley. But she’s a clever salesman , I’ll grant her that, and that’s all.

  21. I think I am going to go deep into the mountains and meditate for years like Pei Mei in kill bill or some Buddhist monk. I will train my mind to simply not be able to see any woman over 150 pounds. Roosh said he wouldn’t fuck a woman over 150. I am going to take it to a whole new level. I will become so zen that I literally will not see or hear them. When I learn this skill I will return to pass my knowledge to you.

    1. By the time you return to society from years in the wilderness there will be no american women under 150 lbs. The trend is going in the wrong direction.

      1. That is ok….I won’t be able to see them. I will probably wind up finding one hot chick and being impotent and then I will look down and cry and say “but there was finally time”

  22. I’ll play devil’s advocate. Normally I love RoK’s hit pieces, but there has to be some sort of fairness.
    1. Clinton is the ultimate politician. She’ll maintain a status quo. If I was a lawyer getting a child rapist off on a lesser charge IS something I’d brag about. I’d also go scorched earth on Bill’s accusers. What I dont like about her and that this article brought to light, is how she treats those under her: typical woman.
    2. Lena Dunham deserves all the scorching she gets on here. However, her show lasted 6 seasons. Peel through wikipedia and see how many shows last more than 3, much less have the opportunity to have their ratings plummet.
    3. I like what Carly Fiorina says in debates. She strikes me as one of the more intelligent women around. HP’s stock was cut in half. So? The Saudi treasury is shrinking. HP’s follow up CEO wanted to change the company to a software company after profits didn’t work out. Trump himself I believe has a bunch of failed business and has filed for bankruptcy. She got there, she’s still standing, and she’s particularly clear thinking.

    1. I can see how Bill Clinton can be described as the ultimate politician, but hil-dog? I see someone that has ridden her HUSBANDS, a man no less, coattails into fame. Someone who assumes a ghetto accent during a speech to appear authentic is disingenuous to say the least…not only is that poor form its also rookie level politics.

  23. I think there’s an error with your photo of Tess Holliday. It seems stretched horizontally. Nobody can be that wide…can they?

  24. listen…as good as the points are being made are…can we in the manosphere STOP giving credence to anything matt says? i mean really…for a guy who looks like he gets ZERO bitches…he does alot of complaining about bitches. matt..have a seat. have 20 seats.

    1. Looks can be deceiving. I ve known some guys who looked cringeworthy beta, but they had girls all the time.

    2. No disrespect to Matt Forney, but if you’re a white man in Asia, you’re going to be getting attention no matter what you look like.

      1. Kinda like black men in America or Muslim men in Europe. And Forney claims not to like diversity. Go figure.

        1. Personally, I’m more into Latinas, but if there’s something that does believe in multiculturalism, it’s testosterone.

  25. 8 of the 10 are disgusting and rancid and able to percolate biological weapons in their reproductive systems. Beyonce is at least somewhat ‘doable’ if she tosses on enough makeup despite her age and being Jay-Z’s sloppy seconds, and I get the vibe Ronda (despite her crappy attitude) deep down craves a man to tell her to STFU and put her in her place.

  26. And now Lena Dunham is apparently a journalist. Somewhere in journalism heaven, Walter Cronkite weeps uncontrollably.

    1. Amazing how much hype “Girls” got, when its actual ratings are probably lower than Ted Nugent’s bowhunting show on the Outdoor Channel.

  27. That “Lean In” broad cracks me up. The very fact she can publish a book with such an uninteresting and meaningless title, is proof positive that women are the recipients of enormous privilege in our society. A man would’ve been told to come up with a better name for his book.

  28. When watching Trainwreck I felt like the only person in the audience that noticed how much of a soul sucker Amy Schumer was. Bill Hader’s character was just absorbing all her BS, cuckold style. When people were laughing and sympathizing with Amy’s selfish stupidity, I was experiencing flashbacks of the demonsluts that I had dated in the past.

      1. I didn’t know much about the film and my wife suggested it on a rainy Saturday evening after a few shots of whiskey. It was a trap I tell ya!

    1. Ironically enough, only John Cena made me laugh with his dirty protein shake jokes. Everyone else was just winging it. It reminded me of the Family Guy manatee gags from South Park. They just blurted out anything with the words penis or vagina because they thought were were still in middle school.

  29. As for your entry on Carly Fiorina, how is Donald Trump different from her as a CEO? Trump not only got bankrupt, but his show fell off in popularity. Trump’s a better speaker, sure, but his corporate history doesn’t even put him above the top 300 richest men in the US. He’s even poorer than the Pomegranate Juice magnate Stew Resnick

    1. I really don’t quite understand why some people think Donald Trump is a worse choice than “Clinton part II” or “Bush part III”, even Sanders is better choice than “Clinton part II” for that matter.
      Trump is running a Presidential Campaign and a company with 22,000+ employees, mostly AMERICAN citizen, that has billions of dollars in real estate holdings to maintain. People need to start giving the guy some friggin credit. In contrast, what other organization, WITH EMPLOYED STAFF, was Obama “running” during his initial Presidential campaign? NONE, just his Presidential campaign, with some skeleton crew staffers left behind, to autopilot his Senate duties, same goes for “Bush part II” (just replace “Senator” with “Governor”).
      Its actually easy to understand Trumps popularity with younger women. Here is a
      hint, in the eyes of female instinct, he is a real Alpha Male, when
      compared to the other Betas trying to run for office. In a way, Bush I
      and Bush II were also Alphas, when judged by female instinct, Jeb Bush
      however, is not and it shows.
      Also, minorities are for most part
      still tapped into their primal instincts and teach their kids the same.
      While most Anglo’s, on the other hand, try to deny instincts and teach
      their boys to become Manginas that answer directly to feminine desire.
      is none of these things, hence the current wave of female adoration,
      which in reality, is a type of physical attraction that none of these
      women know how to articulate when surveyed.
      Although Trump did grow up rich, inheriting money and property from his fathers businesses, the Trump Family is self-made for the most part and do not seem to be directly connected with NWO & Old-Money types (all the Trumps are Tax Dodgers BTW). Trumps grandfather did not process properly through Ellis Island, in the late 1800’s and had left behind many unpaid debt in Europe by the time he came to America and started his new businesses. However, hat regular people don’t seem to understand is that folks like Donald Trump and Ross Perot are considered “trash” by the standards of the Romney and Bush clans types, with family members having held political offices, in the Untied States, as far back as the 1850’s. Note, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama also had no direct family ties to the Old-Money types, however, they were not nearly as wealthy, nor as independently bold, as Trump or Perot and eventually all of them did “toe the line”, following the orders of the NWO & Old-Money types.
      The reality is that Trump will NEVER be accepted as part of the true “Owners of Capital” club because he is the decedent of regular working class immigrants from Germany, that came to the USA via Ellis Island. Whether voters believe it or not, people like Donald Trump and Ross Perot before him, are truly, the best chance, regular people have to being represented by someone in office who’s family is not beholden to or part of the NWO & Old-Money types. Although I have not thoroughly checked, it does not appear that Donald Trump, nor Ross Perot, were ever invited to or attended the Bilderberg Conference. That’s a GOOD sign, not a bad one (Clinton has however).
      There are some other things to consider, if Trump has a REAL chance at winning the republican nomination or somehow gets huge backing as an Independent, the “Owners of Capital” will simply do what they did to Ross Perot and once that process unfolds he will eventually decide to “willingly withdraw” from the race.
      Do people really believe, that if someone like Donald Trump wins the election, that he will be able to do what he wants, as apposed to, what the “Military Industrial Complex” wants him to do?
      Anyone who becomes President of the United States has to “cow tow” to the “Military Industrial Complex” and even Donald Trump is not immune to a guaranteed “CIA visit” once in office.
      Be assured they will pay him a visit, if he ever wins, and like Ross Perot, Jessie Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Obama, he too will be told to “toe the line” and “play ball”, as they dictate.
      For example, why in the world did Arnold Schwarzenegger need to do ANYTHING along party lines? His fame and popularity COMPLETELY transcended political parties, yet somehow he was still “answering” to politicians who “in theory” should have had no affect on his personal life, political career or personal fortune, all of which existed prior to being elected and was held COMPLETELY outside of the confines or influence of the “Military Industrial Complex”.
      Also consider this angle, there is a huge assets difference between someone like Mitt Romney, who has a $250 million net worth and Ross Perot with a $5 billion net worth (Donald Trump has a net worth of $4 Billion). Yet, someone like Romney was a shoe in for party nominations. As I alluded to above, its NOT the money, nor the popular vote that matters, people like Mitt and Jeb Bush are government insiders and both come from families that always have been government insiders. That was not the case at all with Perot and the same goes for Trump, hence neither of them can be elected regardless of the popular vote or the public’s desires or how much money they spend.
      Ross Perot dropping out of the 1992 election was not happenstance either, nor simply about his daughters wedding:
      Trump and Sanders, in my opinion, are the least likely, currently “visible candidates”, to be heavily affiliated with NWO & Old-Money types. Trump and Sanders weren’t “born into” the “right kind” of political families, in fact their ancestors were immigrants from the lower classes of Europe. Its actually really too bad they can’t be on the same independent ticket, running as Independents, with Sanders and Trump as either President and VP, with people like Ralph Nader, Jessie Ventura and Ron Paul filling the various cabinet positions (pooling campaign resources, with the intention of actually trying to win, as a team and not solo).
      But if they tried to pull a “hat trick” like that, I’m sure quite a few of them would QUICKLY find themselves at risk of being in a “plane crash” or on the wrong end of a “car accident”.
      In hindsight, I truly believe that Ross Perot would have done a much better job than ANY of the “good ol’ boys” that we’ve gotten as Presidents since then. Trump is the nations second chance to get that type of leadership. Again, Perot dropping out of the 1992 election was not happenstance, nor was it simply about his daughters wedding. He was likely threatened in some way, that none of us can imagine. Why has he been so quiet, for the last 20+ years? Donald Trump will be no different, but, if he decides to run for President and he somehow wins, best case scenario, it will be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronald Reagan all over again.

      1. They talk a good game and look like the hope of the country. But that’s the same shit Obama was in 2008. Looked like the hope of the world, and now both the left and the right despise him. Considering that Trump became bankrupt before, and his show tanked in popularity, not to mention that he’s not even in the top 300 richest men in America, he’s going to have to compromise his vision and make some allies out of former enemies once he’s in office. He’s not gonna be that different. Shit, he’s already trying to make outreaches to minorities. And he needs the GOP establishment to win. Perhaps he’ll be the second Ronald Reagan, perhaps not. But there is the chance he will be just another candidate who talks a good game then becomes weak once in office.

        1. I think Trump’s pulling a ’68 Nixon. Run right in the primaries; move dead center for the general.

    2. Trump and Carly both have big personalities, but Trump OWNS his.
      Carly ran/runs on a dual platform of tough grrrrl power and how she used to be a secretary (she’s from a privileged background and worked briefly as a secretary during a summer job as a college student. She acts like this makes her a self-made woman.) Trump can be a jerk boss but he isn’t HATED as much as Carly is by her former underlings. Carly openly bragged about making HP into a 3rd world hellhole and getting rid of the middle class. This came back to bite her in the butt when she tried to run in that same district for Senator using HP blood money.
      She hilariously fell on her face and blew millions of her own money.
      Carly claims to be a conservative but she often pulls out the “I’m a girl” card when it suits her. Consider this last dig by Trump against her and she tried to go PC on him and blew it. She’s been in the rear view mirror ever since. Nobody’s going to rescue you Carly!
      Yeah, Trump has his flaws but he has a lot more going for him than Carly. While Carly openly treated her workers with contempt and did nothing for anyone outside of her own interests, Trump has done nice things for people and built up a reputation for having a heart. Carly doesn’t care about the electorate AT ALL and it showed. This is why she never stood a chance.

  30. Wait wait,
    A person that beats up other people regularly for a living wrote a book called MEIN KAMPF and she is lauded as a role model by the same people who will burn you at the stake if you dare postulate that nazi germany was also composed of human beings?

  31. Carly Fiorina does not belong on this list.
    There are a shit ton of other women that should be on here; Carly Fiorina is not one of them. “She lost to Barbara Boxer..” Put Barbara Boxer on this list!
    People in the comments have said Kim Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey. I say Stephanie McMahon, Sarah Palin and Anita Saarkesian are also viable names for this list. A shit ton of “athletes”, politicians, actresses, bloggers, SJWs…
    Another crack piece by Forney.

  32. This is truly their maximum potential.
    It is no wonder they found pushing two buttons and turning two dials on the appliances men invented to be “oppressive”.

  33. I’m pessimistic about the future of humanity.
    Because these 10 women you just identified. They currently have the world’s stage and are poised to control everything. Politics, entertainment, etc. Look what Merkel has already done to Germany.
    The only remaining way to counter all of this Toxic Matriarchy is Neo-Patriarchy.
    Hegelian Dialect, Extended:
    Thesis: “Oppressive White Patriarchy”
    Antithesis: Rampant Feminism, Ineffective Matriarchy, BLM, Radical Islam
    Counter-Antithesis: Neomasculinity
    Synthesis: Neo-Patriarchy

    1. Don’t be. You know who else has the world stage right now? Trump, who is the antidote to toxic matriarchy since he’s so fucking anti political correctness. Shit is changing. I don’t think hil-dog is going to win, shit, she could and should be in jail. The rest of those women are just like the wnba..forced on all of us. dunham, for instance, just saw her piece of shit show cancelled. She’s fat, ugly, not talented and a bad person.

      1. Bernie is the wild card. A lot of people hate Mrs. Clinton–and rightly so–but they believe the “free market” screwed them royally and didn’t even bother to kiss them afterwards. This is doubly true for younger voters.

  34. Can anyone come up with with a list of honerable women that girls should look up to? Its really difficult.
    So far, the only respectable women in the public eye i can think of are trump’s daughters.

    1. I would list Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative activist & writer who led the campaign against the feminist ERA of the 1970’s and who arguably helped start the pro-life movement. Other than that, I can’t think of a whole lot of other honorable role models for girls.

  35. All these females are vile creatures but Rousey can serve a purpose. I was hanging out with an old friend that happened to be in town, he is very open minded and his friends (outside of me and the people he associates with that I call friends) are the sort of liberal dregs you would expect – Low T males, opinions based off feelings, the whole lot. The worst was the conversation definitely had a matriarchal feel, there was one highly opinionated chick that obviously was the alpha of the group. It was truly disgusting to behold.
    At one point she brings up that one of the males she associated with, he may or may not have been there, had stated that he could take Rousey in a fight. They all began ripping him apart. People size each other up in multiple ways, one of which is obviously physically. If the consensus is that Rousey could kick your ass and you are a male, you need to improve yourself in at least two ways.
    1. If you are a male there should not be a female alive that could stand a chance against you, barring the test taking freak girls and even then your masculinity will be heavily in doubt. If you are found wanting in the face of Rousey in the mind of your peers you must hit the gym.
    2.Your dominance is lacking. Anyone telling you that someone will kick your ass to your face is disrespecting you, be it a man or woman. In the case of a real life David vs Goliath the people that respect you will try to dissuade you, they won’t straight tell you that you are going to get your shit pushed in.
    The rest of these women are totally useless and even harmful to the world. Peoples opinions on the others in the list tell you about them. Their opinion on Rousey compared to you tells you about their view of you.

    1. Reply to anyone who would say such a thing: “She may be stronger than me due to all the illegal testosterone that she takes, but she’s still a woman; her body can’t take as much damage as I can. Honestly, I’d be worried about killing her by accident from something as simple as a punch to the face. This is why men don’t hit women; it’s just not fair.”

    2. Women don’t know real strength or how to measure it. All they see is a woman on TV in a fighting situation and therefore they associate that in their mind with a heavyweight male boxer. They can’t differentiate. Back in the real world, male high school basketball players could beat the best WNBA players.

    3. Ronda is a hypejob that feminists used to “prove” women are equal to men. No more, no less. She used Mayweather’s name to boost her profile (funnily enough by demonizing him for his alleged domestic abuse, whilst failing to mention her own during her scorned rants), claimed that she could beat anyone in the world, then got knocked out by a former female boxer who’d only been in MMA for 4 years or so.
      Mentioning her (or any other “women” in the article) in a negative light, is the easiest way to sort the sheep from the free thinkers, or those with basic common sense. Women and the pussy-whipped men who will arbitrarily agree with them, are delusional enough to think women can beat up men? Those kinds of special people should be shamed publicly, in front of the parents who indoctrinated them with the, “Women can do anything men can do, and you’re special” propaganda. Meanwhile, the men who interact with these misled females, have to recondition their minds just to be able to have a relatively logical conversation.
      There’s a perfectly legitimate reason why there is the NBA and the lesser WNBA, boxing and the lesser women’s boxing, the NFL and……… uh….. whatever women do that isn’t really football, etc. For fuck’s sake, what sport would men rather watch women participate in, as opposed to men? Volleyball maybe. Bottom line, men are better.
      Anyway, the chicks on this list (and many more) just add to the already high entitlement of American women who (based on nothing but their feelings) see these assholes’ toxic behavior and think it’s acceptable.

  36. A better role model for girls:
    Grace Hopper – Rear Admiral, Mathematician, Computer Programmer (1906–1992)
    Computer programmer Grace Hopper helped develop a compiler that was a precursor to the widely used COBOL language and became a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy.
    Starting in 1931, Hopper began teaching at Vassar while also continuing to study at Yale, where she earned a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1934—becoming one of the first few woman to earn such a degree.
    Hopper, who became an associate professor at Vassar, continued to teach until World War II compelled her to join the U.S. Naval Reserve in December 1943 (she opted for the Navy, as it had been her grandfather’s branch of service). She was commissioned as a lieutenant in June 1944. Given her mathematical background, Hopper was assigned to the Bureau of Ordnance Computation Project at Harvard University, where she learned to program a Mark I computer.
    Most importantly, she was not a feminist:
    At one point, however, a few interviewees in the documentary almost apologetically brush aside Hopper’s notoriously un-feminist attitude toward gender inequality in tech. Hopper never really took to (or as one interviewee calls it “identified with”) the women’s liberation movement that came “after her time,” and never acknowledged her sex as an obstacle in her career.

        1. Did you read the title of the article? Maybe you should write an article titled “Top 10 Best Female Role Models In The Entire World”. Also Grace is dead.

        2. Yes. It is an article about fucked up role models. So in response I to those fucked up role models posted an example of a better role model. These days it’s quite easy to compile a list of 1000 of bad role models, any idiot can do that. Fantastic, isn’t it? It is like criticising; anybody can criticise anything, bicker all day long, complain about everything, etc.
          But the number of people who can offer a solution is much smaller. I had no damn idea that submitting a post about someone who is a better role model would cause such turmoil. And yet there it is again, that nagging. So Grace is dead. I was not aware that a role model needs to be alive. If you scroll down below you will find a whole list of role models who are also dead. You’ll have a field day with those.

  37. Probably should add Elizabeth Holmes to the list because of her willingness to front for a likely Silicon Valley startup scam. Liz Parrish might have something similar in the works. I haven’t made up my mind about her yet. I know people who know her, so I could get an introduction some day. If the gene therapy experiment on herself turns her into a female Dorian Gray, or she develops X-Men like powers, I guess I’ll have to take her seriously.

  38. Paying attention to these creatures is pointless. This beast cannot be stopped but it can be starved. Do not watch TV. Buy a property. Be self sufficient. Find a woman that can work and bear children. Have a lot of them. Create badass motherfuckers that can survive anything. These people mentioned above do not procreate (and if they do the result is pretty bad). They suck the tit of the media and philosophize about 1st world problems like feminism and gay rights.
    Only way to win is by numbers and sheer single mindedness. This is the way of fundamentalists I know. But people -understand this. The end is coming. And I am not talking about that quick-bombs fell-everyone dies end. No- the end where we wither. Where the governments have insight in everything we do or we do not, where laws demand apologizing even to dogs and cats and complete control of an individual. Pussification, moral deterioration and slow destruction. I prefer the bullet over this but hey.. you can’t have your cake and eat it…>)

  39. Two points:
    1) any success Clinton has had is in spite of her marriage, not because of it.
    2) young girls could do far worse than aspire to be wealthy CEOs with tons of household help a la Sandberg.

  40. Remember during Bill’s first term when White House staffers referred to Hillary as “hell in a headband”? But that is nothing considering the trail of dead bodies in the Clinton’s wake over the years. They both may have Ivy League educations but no matter how rich white trash becomes, it is still white trash.

  41. Rachel Dolezal could be added to this. Insulting both white and black people by pretending to be black to get on the race baiting… I mean race relations industry bandwagon.
    It disgusts me as a white person that she is ashamed to be white and I would imagine that black people feel insulted that she had played victim by pretending to be black.

  42. #8 is a warrior personality, goes well with my lover personality. So, I disagree on her being the worse just because she has integrity…and love the warrior women, so I’m bias

  43. Lets not forget Margaret Sanger, the lady who convinced women that unborn babies are disposable trash in order to enable a promiscuous society.

    1. To be fair to Margaret Sanger though she was for eugenics and believed in race differences. There were probably other good stuff there as well.

      1. She was a racist who hated blacks, this is why today poor black communities have the most abortion clinics.

        1. i never said races dont have differences, but i dont like committing genocide on a race.

        2. “She was a racist who hated blacks, this is why today poor black communities have the most abortion clinics.”
          Black people are having voluntary abortions no?

        3. and with 75% of black children being raised in single mother households (US), many of whom no doubt will be struggling to cope emotionally & financially, I would have thought it a good idea. Society does not need an increase in unwanted & loved children that will become future delinquents. Women can just as easily be promiscuous using birth control & condoms.

      2. True. There’s a joke I won’t repeat here, but the punch line is “crimestoppers.” And do we really want more mongoloids in the world?

  44. I get mad whenever I see a copy of Lean In on a shelf.
    Yes, Sheryl, getting hired by another rich Jew you happened to bump into at a party makes you an expert on succeeding as a professional woman.

    1. lol… its not obvious how she added any value at facebook, even people who work there say that. She wants to censor the word “bossy” because its a trigger word for bitchy women. Start a Bossy Pants facebook page with stolen pics of Sandberg, see how long before it gets shut down.

    1. She’s a major pot head that tongue looks like an example of cotton mouth. Pretty gross she should just keep her tongue in her mouth.

  45. I would have voted for Carly. 🙁 I’ve heard HP’s stock drop was due to an industry bust at the time.

  46. Tess Munster?
    Damn feminists, they’re taking over autocorrect too! “Monster” is a better term – she’s a monster of a woman with monster fat. Ugh.
    Very shameful that these women are “role models.” You can even tell by their appearances alone that something isn’t clicking in their heads.

      1. There are African and Asian cultures that must be totally sick then according to your mind set. Do some bloody research. Look up fat farms.

        1. Uh-oh guys…she is ‘triggered’…*yikes* well, we all know why ‘Melanie’ doesn’t have a pic of herself up. I am sure you have a…er, great smile.
          (There is curvy, and then there is grotesquely obese..BIG difference Mel.)
          You just HAD to start with me…hmmmm?

        2. Your reply does not make sense; it is not really anything to do with what I said in my comment. I did not use the word “curvy.” Have you seen pics of some of the women in Mauritania? Those fat farms make women huge and no, not just a little “curvy.” Do not try and act smart. You are still on a site agreeing with men who HATE YOU and all other women. They admit it themselves. How dumb can you be? They despise feminism and you say you do too, yet you are a professional in a job that traditionally a woman would not be in. You come across as extremely feminist even if you say you are not. You are what these guys hate.

      1. That’s an insult to orcas. Orcas are graceful, powerful, beautiful creatures who contribute to the good of their surrounding habitat.
        These bitches are just failures.

  47. Totally greed, but #8 seems to be an argument against a double standard rather than Rousey. Someone who posts nude pictures of another person online without their knowledge deserves to have their ass kicked. Rousey doesn’t belong in the Top Ten. She didn’t bow to feminist bullshit about how she shouldn’t date her boyfriend because his ex claimed abuse. However… she did once say she would never fight a man, because a man should never put his hands on a woman ever. That’s hypocrisy, when it’s coming from someone who has no problem beating up a man. So… kind of a dipshit sometimes, but not one of the worst, by any means.
    Great column though.

    1. So refreshing. Lady in the red dress making excuses though. +10 points to Drill Sergeant John.

  48. Rousy was a joke. Any half-way strong guy could knock the bitch out. She got her clock cleaned by another chick a while back anyway. Fuck the UFC and their feminist propaganda. Props to my fellow Irishman Conor McGregor though. I don’t even know who the Schumer bitch, I’m so out of the retard pop-culture loop.

  49. WOW I’m no feminist, but women really dont stand a chance. When you have these woman thought of bad. Where as Michele Bachmann and Palin not mentioned!!! Guess this is one of those right leaning liberal hating sites!! Remember when you thought any woman out of the kitchen’s a bad idea.

  50. I don’t agree with 8. Ronda Rousey. She has said more than a few things have upset feminist and yea you can get you ass beat for taking pictures. Just FYi.

    1. Getting your ass beat usually results in the person performing the beating going to prison, particularly when the two people are in a domestic relationship. Still waiting for Rousey to be arrested for domestic violence.

      1. That is true but it’s not her fault that the police are looking the other way. It’s like my cousin, she got a preference on her college admissions, didn’t ask for it.

    2. She has said some things against feminism, which is good. My issue is we have people out there that in the name of equality and sjw’ism that freely admit she can kick their ass. As if admitting that you’re weak enough to be beat up by a girl is a favorable thing because it proves you’re opened minded? Good grief. Same sort of logic behind people who claim to be bi or “pan” sexual, ordinarily, these people would just follow whatever fad or trend was in place and, sans, homosexualism, there is a 99% chance they’d pick the opposite sex for sex. That’s what I hate about the left so much, it turns us all into cowards or degenerates…its truly an ideology for losers. rousey is an outlier, period. And, too bad so sad, an average man, properly provoked, has the power to inflict serious and permanent damage on her. A world that appreciates and admits that equality does not exist can deal with that fact and all is well. In this sjw world such facts cannot be allowed, so, they are banned and the faithful show they’re commitment through a bizarre form of self flagellation i.e. walking around saying that a girl can beat me up and I’m proud of that. What the fuck.

      1. I don’t necessarily believe RR should be on this list. She smacked up her bf for taking secret nude pics of her (which he may try to sell or extort $ from her down the line). I’m sure there would be a shitstorm for lots of guy’s on here if they told their gf that had a stash of nude pics of her from when when drunk/sleeping/spy cam. What shits me more is not her reaction, but the double standard in society to this. I don’t know if in the US police can arrest someone based on confession without the hurt partner pressing charges, but if they can – they should be doing their job. Also if the UFC management are suspending or banning male fighters for domestic violence (or even accusations) then they should be consistent instead of perpetuating the double standard.

      2. I agree with all of that but I think that Rhonda knows the deal. She refused to fight a “Trans-gender, female”. Said that the fighters latent male qualities (like bone structure) would give him too much of an advantage.

  51. The joke is that Carly Fiorina was probably one of the better looking female CEO’s – and she is fucking ugly!
    I agree with every selection in this list. Can’t argue with any of them.

  52. No Sarah Palin????? Having kids breed bistords every 9 months and getting locked up for beating girls in drunken rages while biblethumping about Jeeeeehayzus is a good influence?????Should someone try to tell the TEABAGGER who wrote this abortion of a story that Hillary’s daughter graduated college,got a job,got MARRIED & then had children—-all without being paid to lie about “abstinence & morals”???

  53. Fiorina also caused tens of thousands of innocent workers at HP to be layed-off, basically ruining their lives. On the plus side, though, she at least advocates the US imposing a no-fly zone over Syria; someone has to put Putin (the Mussolini of the new millennium, ruler of a nation with an economy actually smaller than Italy’s!) back in his box. And as for being a lousy CEO, true, but I wonder how many women were in the executive boardrooms at GM–now that was a well-run corporation

  54. Poster below me has a point. Yes, I think Mrs. Clinton belongs on the list (and in prison) but Mrs. Palin also belongs on the list. She’s a peabrain with a clusterfuck of a family and a voice that could cut glass, and yet so many male cuckservatives have a throbbing hard-on for her. Sad.

  55. Angela Merkel is a great historic person. And this coming from my mouth already means a lot, given my general contempt for women. She stands much greater than all the stupid pricks ruling countries around the world. After hundreds of years her name will be remembered and honored. Mami Angela is the only woman besides my mom that I really respect in this world.
    I sincerely hope Hillary Clinton wins because I believe she’s just as capable to screw your fuckin country all over head over heels a big LOOL

        1. Do you give him the snowball when you take his virginity or are you afraid he will tell your uncle?

  56. “There’s a racial dimension to this as well, as Jewish women like Sandberg
    are usually reliant on illegal Mexican laborers to make their lives

  57. I cant stand Rounda Rousey. I am glad all that I am as good as any man shit ended when another women who can actually fight knocked her ass clean out.

    1. It was a joke-the fact that anybody would argue she would last 5 seconds with any trained man boggles the mind! Even a man without much training but who weighs 230-240lbs would make it a massacre; not that I condone such but this hyperbole is positively comical.

  58. I am shocked that kim kardashian is not in this list. Most girls in the US and Canada are trying to act like her.

  59. Ronda Rousey… Really? How about Kim Kardashian? Sandra Fluke? Hope Solo? The Palins (Sarah and Bristol)? Jackie Coakley? Snooki? The entire cast of “Teen Mom”?

    1. I clicked on a link to the dailymail..just there alone you can find a swag of crappy role models for women. Miley a prime example, though she is making $ being outrageous and the media lap it up, Its young women who are influenced the most, and I really didn’t think there were that many who had posters on their wall or cellphone wallpaper of chancellor Angela Merkel. She is probably in her mid 50s and this article has her history of shameful behavior basically boiling down to some incidents a few weeks back and then with some hyperbole (linked media article reports only 2 Cologne rapes neither of which were gangbangs)

  60. Kim K should have been #1. I’ve noticed a trend in where girls especially young ones are chasing this “Kim K” impression in the way they look and especially talk. It grinds my gears really.

    1. TBH I’d put Kartrashian in Fiorina’s spot. The latter is no angel.. but she has spoken out against PC and feminism, which earns her points in my book.

  61. I don’t want to be unkind and try to find the good in people and generally not judge by appearance but good God man that last pic is that of a hog-monster… What an absolutely loathsome creature and if ever there was an endorsement for neutering oneself or becoming a homosexual that is it. I need to throw up now.

    1. It’s not even that. I feel sorry for her but the PC media and SJWs put it in her ear that she is someone to emulate. Take her as she looks now and subtract 10 pounds and 99.9% of people would think she looks healthier and sexier. Carry that on for every 10 pounds and you might reach a tipping point where women think she is too skinny while men think she could lose a bit more.
      I don’t know her or anything much about her other than that there are forces that have sold her a million dollar lie. And she seems perfectly content to take the million dollars, gobble down a few more Big Macs, and then show off her fat in another photo shoot that claims she is “empowered”.
      It’s fucking sad and no man could get away with this.

      1. Very nicely put. I guess in a way these individuals are victims of their insecurities and are preyed upon by the hyenas who sell them these lies.

        1. Female life expectancy is well over 80. . .close to 90. When do you think she will keel over if she does not smarten the fuck up?

  62. And now for a more difficult task please – name the the top 10 best female models in the world.

    1. I suppose she is my favourite because fucking a model beats jerking off to the pictures of 100 other models. Sadly, I have only fucked one other model and a later ex shredded her pictures, so I can’t fill out this top ten list based purely on personal experience.

  63. I dunno: as men (and neomasculine to boot) who would we select as GOOD female role models?
    We sort of had this discussion a few weeks ago about men and there are basically no male role models either these days.

  64. I have never minded big, curvy girls. I don’t consider myself a chubby chaser (I like skinny chicks too), I was just never one to write off a girl just because she was gifted in the voluptuous department.
    Then along came Tess Holliday and her bulbous ilk (and feminism in general). With their belligerent attitudes and “if you don’t think my 14 chins and type-2 diabetes is hot, then you’re not man enough to appreciate me!”, they really have ruined it all. I hate fat girls now.

  65. If Bill and Hillary ever get the cuffs, I will party for a week straight. Bill deregulated medicine so doctors could prescribe pain pills like candy, took credit for the dot com boom while wrecking the economic benefits of it and undermined the sanctity of the white house by choosing to have his affairs there. Hillary destroyed evidence when defending her clients; I remember the case of her destroying a little girls panties to let a child rapist off (great feminist role model, haha), that this article says she brags about.
    The rest of them aren’t much better

  66. I was reading the Daily Mail when I saw a headline about Tess Holiday being pregnant and my first thought was “how can she tell?”

  67. No personalities from the Bravo or E! Networks make this list?
    They are worse than Hillary. I can at least tell my daughter that Hillary found her alpha male and married him while she was still young.

  68. Amy Schumer is fucking vile. Her “I can get dick when ever I want” pushed me over the edge. No shit. A key that opens any lock is a master key, a lock that opens for any key is a shitty lock.

  69. It is called “Cultural Marxism” and this not being pushed by “white” women. You’ll find a Marxist edge to much of this.

  70. So do you have any suggestions for alternative role models then, or is this just a list of women whose power intimidates you?
    Just because someone is seen as a good role model it doesn’t mean they have to be spotlessly perfect, or that girls should have to agree with their politics e.g. Angela Merkel is someone for girls to look up to as a powerful, successful woman, just as Margaret Thatcher proved a woman could become Prime Minister, but her politics angered many. Stop over-simplifying things and automatically ripping into a woman just because she’s successful.

    1. ======So do you have any suggestions for alternative role models then, or is this just a list of women whose power intimidates you?======
      “False Dichotomy” much?
      First of all, no one has to offer alternative role models. This article is about the horrid choices that are promoted to the millennial crowd. It is not a self-help for lost widdle girls. Why do feminist trolls always think that the world owes them things… wait, “victim mentality”, right…
      Secondly, who said anything about these women being powerful? They are just cherry-picked cases to promote mediocrity and anarchistic rationalization by those who believe that failure to be competitive and solipsistic attitudes are aspirations.
      Thirdly, who is intimidated by this? Mentioning that crap stinks is not “being intimidated”. It is being disgusted.
      Trolls like you need to be constantly reminded that your illogical arguments, which are easily picked apart, show that your immature and naïve views are why you defend idiocy like these “role models”.
      ======Just because someone is seen as a good role model it doesn’t mean they have to be spotlessly perfect,======
      That bit of disingenuousness is typical of the false justification that millennial use to defend their lack of personal achievement. The people noted on this list are neither expected to be “perfect” nor is any role model required to be such. The very point of this article is in how what is often serious imperfection is being celebrated by the “everyone is a winner in their own way” crowd.
      The very device you tap out your tired old excuses on was not created by those who sat around believing they needn’t strive for anything that took real effort. It is the really the pursuit of perfection that yields innovation and refinement. No one needs to be perfect, but everyone should take a good run at it. The rogues list of wrecks here are hardly a peerage to be in step with.
      There is a huge difference between seeking perfection and excusing oneself merely because one is too lazy to raise a finger towards it.
      ======…or that girls should have to agree with their politics e.g. Angela Merkel is someone for girls to look up to as a powerful, successful woman, just as Margaret Thatcher proved a woman could become Prime Minister, but her politics angered many.======
      That is just more of your deflective argument.
      While one may not personally align with any given political decision of any given policy-maker that was not the point. The criticism was that these captains have a track record of very poor navigation. A lot of this problem stems from people being elected due to being “politically correct” over being adequate for the role. It’s the warping of “equal opportunity” into “equal outcome” that tends to create “poor outcome”.
      ======Stop over-simplifying things and automatically ripping into a woman just because she’s successful.======
      Where is anyone “automatically” ripping into a woman “just because she’s successful”?
      Stop making stuff up. These so-called role models are poor choices largely because they personify the second-rate abilities that the politically correct crowd glorify and defend by calling any criticism as “sexist” (just like you did on your comment).
      Tess Hog-a-day is the epitome of self-righteous delusion. Her “success” is manufactured by a special interest advocacy to appease a particular set of individuals. She herself is not even successful at maintaining a healthy amount of body fat. Sending the message that “it’s fine to be abusive to your body” is not exactly the kind of “success” that should be promoted. She’s a freak show protected by political correctness. Heck. Why not make a model out of a drug addict, needle tracks and all simply because he or she is “living life and defining beauty by his or her own rules! In your face!” That would also appeal to a special interest group.
      People are not criticizing these particular people for being “successful”. They are popular because they are promoted that way. Those who are seeking anything to justify their own lack of achievement will buy into the “you’re a winner just because you are you” lie, and marketers know it. These epitomes of inability are criticized for being uncompetitive and essentially manufactured “champs” to appease a mass of under-achievers.
      Special snowflakes they are not and neither are those that think they are the blueprint of success.

  71. Man, i wish you guys would stop posting pictures of that land whale, Loch Tess Monster. It’s fuckin’ disgusting.

  72. dam guy.. you put this fat pig at the end on number 10 and ruined your article. The rest – at least I could tolerate looking at.

  73. It’s the outstandingly accomplished and beautiful who should be examples. Today kids and even adults are encouraged to strive for being self-indulgent, passive, and correspondingly arrogant.
    Yes, it’s true there are conditions that can’t be altered but making the best of one’s situation doesn’t mean resenting more fortunate persons — and by fortunate I don’t mean rich and accomplished but normal.

  74. Gross all…the Tess lady is dangerous because she teaches that being a gluten is not a choice…it’s not like she is gay…she’s fat…because she eats too much and doesn’t exercise. FACT: eat more than you burn and you get fat. Eat what you burn you stay the same. Eat less than you burn, you lose. Fat heart disease, diabeeto lady is awful. Hillary and Fiarina are both made up personalities that seek to manipulate the masses. When Fiarina took over HP she would only fly by personal jet increasing the cost of transportation by MILLIONS over the previous CEO….MILLIONS folks, in a company that needed help….she and o r her psychopaths like her are th he reason our country is quickly becoming a shit hole.

  75. How about this, instead of pulling down such fake role models, WE find Good role models out there? There are fewer, but they are out there – women who did not mooch of entitlement and feminist drama. Who worked hard and made a mark.
    I read of a south indian lady who start a food cart by the street and eventually over decades create a food chain. I will link it if I can find/ remember it.

  76. What a load of rubbish. Men need to be masculine not monstrous with attitudes that predate Moses.

  77. Good article! I’m not that pop culturally savvy, so I wasn’t aware of some these characters beyond their names. Interesting and informative, nice work.

    1. Wow… You’re yet another troll that calls anything that doesn’t put all women on a pedestal for merely being a woman… as… “misogyny”. Get a life, loser.

  78. “Tess Holliday is encouraging obesity and slovenliness”

    1. The writer here writes. He’s not modeling. Tess U-Haul-iday is. Do you even understand similes?

      1. what gives a fat man the authority to comment on a fat woman’s body? lmfao you can’t say “stop promoting obesity!” when you are literally overweight hahahaha the guy is a hypocrite, maybe if he were some sort of health freak or SOMETHING. You don’t see anyone complaining about the fatness of men portrayed in television, films, or cartoons. Fatness in men is celebrated– think family guy, king of queens, drew carey, bob from that 70’s show? homer simpson? fat men (with skinny wives by the way) are represented left right and center. skinny women are EVERYWHERE in film, tv, cartoons, and ESPECIALLY the modelling industry. for every tess holiday (which are very few and far between by the way) there are a MILLION heidi klums. You fuck!

        1. —–what gives a fat man the authority to comment on a fat woman’s body?—-
          What authority is requisite in order to comment on how fat women are usually not attractive to men? Nice try but, no authority is required. The reliability of the opinion may be questioned, but authority? No one requires any given “authority” to make this assertion.
          As far as reliability, to state what is self-evident from even the most basic observation of what men prefer, shows that it is accurate to be critical of any individual or group that promotes the myth that a fat woman is a positive role model as a physical specimen.
          —–lmfao you can’t say “stop promoting obesity!” when you are literally overweight hahahaha the guy is a hypocrite, maybe if he were some sort of health freak or SOMETHING.—–
          Ah, but the difference there is that whoever is saying “stop promoting obesity” is not saying that being fat is worthy of being treated as a “role model” … and that is what Tess Hagen-Das is being promoted as. You are creating a false notion to bash. That’s the typical straw man argument of the trolling SJW.
          —-You don’t see anyone complaining about the fatness of men portrayed in television, films, or cartoons. Fatness in men is celebrated– think family guy, king of queens, drew carey, bob from that 70’s show? homer simpson? fat men (with skinny wives by the way) are represented left right and center. skinny women are EVERYWHERE in film, tv, cartoons, and ESPECIALLY the modelling industry. for every tess holiday (which are very few and far between by the way) there are a MILLION heidi klums.—–
          Of course you don’t see people complaining about the fatness of men being portrayed on television because of two main reasons. The first reason is that it is usually not portrayed as a role model (right, as if “Homer Simpson” or “Peter Griffin” is what men are aspiring to be). They are buffoons and meant to be buffoons.
          Secondly, you don’t see any of these fat guys being promoted as “fashion role models” like how Mess Holiday is promoted. Your dishonesty on making this false parallel is alarming, Katherine. People like you should be ashamed of your deceitfulness.
          As far as fat buffoons being seen to be constantly paired up with in-shape, capable and attractive women … well, do you thing that isn’t engineered? It’s all about having women IDENTIFY with the character in the show. “I’m an attractive woman in my prime. I’m the brains, I’m the real power, but I put up with a less-than-adequate spouse because? Because I’m a woman, a victim, but I’m just so accommodating”. Do you really think that media moguls don’t understand the fantasy that most women harbor in their minds? Really, Katherine, you are actually drawing attention to how the media COMPLETELY caters to women this way … yet you thought you were creating an argument on how women are so hard done by. They are not.
          For every Tess Hog-a-day there are millions of Heidi Klums. Yes. And there shouldn’t even be ONE Tess.
          —–You fuck!—-
          I do. Just hotties and definitely not fat women.

  79. lmfao love that my comment got deleted. You can’t say “Tess Holliday is encouraging obesity and slovenliness” WHEN YOU, THE AUTHOR, ARE LITERALLY OBESE!!!!!!!! LOOK AT YOUR PIC YOUR FACE LOOKS LIKE A MINION! burn in hell

  80. Where’s the “my mother, the cunt” entry? Because it was his “mother” that puked out this worthless piece of shit….so it must’ve been a pretty fucked up individual who completely failed at raising this loser who even makes muslims, hell, even isis, look good in comparison.

    1. Are you upset, cupcake? You seem to be angry at women who raise fine men like Matt. That’s rather cunt-y of you.

  81. wow…I don’t see why you guys are being called ‘pro-rape’…
    I am also shocked that I do not see more women in here..I mean, Is it wrong for me to agree with you on all of this?
    I never got along with average gals…But then I was raised by a USMC Nam vet, spending weekends at the NHRA tracks, as he was also a drag racer…(you know…when ‘Drag’ meant something to do with amazing cars, not glitter and make up?)
    I have never been politically correct, and I loathe what ‘feminism’ has become, wait…scratch that, I was never a feminist, I have always been an ‘Equality until proven otherwise’ sort.
    ALL of these women make me ill, (actually, Andrea Dworkin has always made me ill, and I give a mighty High 5 to Dr Thaddeus Venture for bringing why that is to light) I am 5’11 barefoot, and many females hate me right off…(and yes…I am a natural redhead, no fake anything here…you get what you see with me..I have been told I am too real..)
    I live in Vancouver at this time, and I heard about how you guys are pro-rape…being the sort to never trust what the media tells me, I decided to come and read how pro-rape you guys really are.
    I haven’t seen it. What I have seen is a helluva lot of men whom know what is up with women getting stinking drunk, and waking up the next day in the skimpy slut outfit she was wearing the night before, and realizing what they did, immediately jump onto their pink *shudder* cell phones to get it out onto FB that she didn’t say yes…but she also didn’t say ‘no’…She just drank, drank, and as the newest lame Madonna vid shows, snorted whatever was on whichever table she walked by, while trouncing about she just wants to get messed up and party.
    Mixed messages, lame media, and the end of my rant is this:
    I think it is terrible that while this city is known for being laid back, and open, Our pride parades are world known for everything in-between gay, bi, trans, whatever has a strong voice, yet…when a bunch of guys just want to be heard, you get called misogynistic and pro-rape?
    We live in a messed up world…(and Indeed, being a Gen Xer, I can say that this generation baffles me in ways that make me fear I am losing my mind.) Just wanted to let you all know that there are empowered, hot-rod lovin, military minded and raised women out here who do not think you guys are ‘pro-rape’ I get it.
    I will continue keeping up with ROK’s, as I have thoroughly agreed and enjoyed what I have read in the last two hours here.

    1. A lot of women have been here on and off over the years since I first happened upon the site. It’s clearly a troll raid, but thanks for coming in and taking a look to decide for yourself. Additionally, a lot of the regulars that have come here are in the same boat you are, finding that the Millennials are some of the most entitled and spoiled to come along in years, who have the mindset of children and need a heavy dose of reality if they’re going to lead in the next twenty years or so. It’s starting to swing the other way in the U.S. if the current elections are an indication, however you are right that the current media situation should not be trusted.
      Enjoy your stay, fellow Gen Xr

      1. Okay…
        So? What type of Bourbon is your poison? I am a fan of Dickel, but I have found that Evan Williams is pretty good for the price…(I can’t always afford a good ol Knob Creek, and I was raised on good ol Jack Daniels–incidentally, If I had taken my Hubby’s last name, It would be Daniels…But? Que Sara Sara…no?)
        Look, I am just someone whom doesn’t trust the media, and I am yes, a Gen X’er, (although , funny thing is I get carded now for my vices than I did as a teen…strange how things have gotten.) But, please do not put words in my mouth, as you obviously have the upper hand being surrounded by your male peers, I too have always ‘hung out with the guys’, and I think that men get a raw deal now…Me coming in here to see what is up is simply the same reason that anyone may want to–to see things for my own two eyes.
        To be honest? Millennials are really not an issue for me…and this certainly is not a troll raid for me…I throw rocks, not eat them.
        I do appreciate your words, and I know as a female walking into this ‘He-man Wemens (sic) Haterz club’ (I say that with a wry smile, and trust me, I am not a Darla coming to steal Alfalfa away with soap-filled sandwiches, and make an oopsie face when you blow bubbles…)
        As far as the current elections–Hoo Boy!–This year will be my first vote ever…along with my Father (an Ex-Marine vet who never thought anyone was worthy to vote for…) So, indeed…It is definitely a challenge. I mean, as you say…Indeed, the politics are dancing, and yes…even swinging.
        Millennials don’t bother me, some irritate me…but in any ‘group’ there will always be someone who rubs me the wrong way–but I don’t generalize, because if I did? Then I would come of as being ignorant…which I am pretty sure I am not, at least when it comes to the things I really care about. I mean, seriously, what good is bitchin and moanin about the next generation? Hell, I have given implicit instructions where to find my favorite 9mm (I live and work in Canada now, I had to leave all my toys and Harley in New Mexico with my Dad, whom I can say has made me the daughter I am proud to be) should I ever start to sound like an old codger I detested becoming 20 years ago. I have yet to see one of 3 friends show up to put me out of my misery, so I am assuming I haven’t come off as sounding like one yet.
        However? Cheers for your candor, and Indeed…Keep your powder dry, and liquor wet Bourbonman…I just may absolutely come back.

    2. Are you actually a woman, since your name is clearly fake. You are a traitor and a slut if you are a woman. I have seen the most sickening things on Return of Kings about women and not just feminists. You are clearly not that bright and likje guys that treat you like shit. Also, they are pro rape

      1. Melanie…Did you just get back from an all night bender from where you got rejected by some guy you were all wet for? Or, are you awake so early on a Saturday morning, trolling this site for the last couple hours because you didn’t even make it out on a Friday night because you have no friends to be with, or even worse, a kid?
        To answer your banal inquiry, indeed…I am a woman (Yes, that is me in my avatar…who puts a pic up of another person in their avatars?)and yes–how astute of you, that is not my real name *duh*. I am a proud female, married, and very happy. I am glad you have the strength to voice your opine about what you think of my mental faculties, however, I am sorry to disappoint you, but again, you are incorrect. (They don’t hire Coroners that are not bright…That is why we must go through a congress of college courses that are generally not allotted to those considered ‘not bright’…But hey, your statement alone proves your own mental abilities are quite low.I mean…do you even know what a Coroner does?)
        I cannot be shamed for something I am not.
        But, seeing as you are so confident in yourself–lovely pic there Mel–I shall keep my opines as far away from you as possible, as you are obviously corrosive in your thinking and your existence.
        Good Day, and next time you assume that a picture of an attractive woman couldn’t possibly be for real, remember that you choose not to display your own. You do know that to be confident is a most desirable trait in itself, right?
        I think wasting 3 minutes on you is enough.
        Good Day Mel.

        1. Your comment about the time of day I posted the comment is ridiculous, since we are in different parts of the world. Do you realize we are on different timelines? Your comment, though you say you are a woman is something I would expect from the men on here. Do not give a fuck what your gender is, but there is something wrong with a person, especially a woman who supports these types of men. I have seen pro rape things on here. As for boasting about your pic, it is tiny and very unclear. I barley glanced at it; why would I? No, I did not post a pic as I am on here to comment and not to post selfies. No, you do not known what I look like as we have not met. If you are a Coroner then I guess that explains why you are so bad at conversing with the living. (no manners whatsoever.) “Corrosive in your thinking about your existence”- well that was a massive brain fart wasn`t it? Get a life, sad old slut. These men on here hate you and all women, and you are so dumb you don’t even know it. You are low enough to slander other women for their appearance, and so stupid you say it about women you have never seen! So what do I look like bitch? (happy now? I`ve added a picture. Not a dominatrix lookalike like yourself.)

        2. Just noticed you say you “work on corpses for the coroners” when you say in your comment that you are a coroner! Do you mean you do their makeup? Stop telling lies little bitch.

        3. OH GOOD GODS WOMAN!! Put that thing away!
          Take the profile picture back down!
          Dayum…Seriously, you must hate the ‘paper bag’ thing, huh?
          Nope, you are NOT worth it.
          (OH..Yes, to clarify? I DO work in charge of, on, around, and alone with the dead and…you don’t want to know what I do with them. The courts depend on me…Feel safe.)
          STOP stalking me…you are a sad sad it.

        4. Unlike you I am not hidden behind makeup and do not look like a witch. Your insults are transparent and meaningless. Paper bag thing? WTF? Please tell me you are transgender; a real woman cannot be as much of a bitch or a slut as you.

    1. When you can show that Matt is selling himself as a model instead of a writer you might have a point. Until then you are looking kind of stupid.

  82. Thank goodness for Fat Bald Man, here to tell us women who our role models should be. What would we do without you Fat Bald Man?Thank you for your guidance. As a return favour, you must see that the Pillsbury Doughboy is NOT a good role model for men! You’re welcome.

    1. No way… He’s telling us what should not be role models. Do you even have any reading comprehension. If the Pillsbury dough boy is being sold as fashion model you might have a point. Until then, all your sock puppets are just putting up the same bad logic.

        1. You are the one who sucks at trolling. Honestly how pathetic are you trying to be?

        2. Just pushing your buttons because it’s fun to watch how stupid your comebacks get.

        3. Well if you don’t realize how much of a fool you’re being, you are the dishonest one. And when are you going to get a new argument. What is wrong with feminism anyway?

        4. I’m okay with that. I can see you don’t have much else to do yourself as you’ve replied to basically every comment on this page. Too tragic.

        5. No, you are not. You don’t have much else to do as “Pluto Jo” because you are just a sock puppet of a troll … who probably can’t post as his/her regular member.
          You are just using shaming speech like the typical social justice warrior. You know the article is right and it has triggered you.

        6. People like me come on this website to laugh at how pathetic it is, you know that right? I don’t know why you hate women so much but we’re half the human race so you’re gonna have a bad time if this carries on. You’re very angry, it must be exhausting. Try thinking about how all these women above are people just like you, with hopes and dreams and ambitions and the only reason they’re in this idiotic list is because people like you don’t like the fact that these days most women CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT. What the entirely untalented writer of this article, and anyone who agrees with it wants, is women they can control. And these women threaten that control. I’m sorry if you can’t see that.

        7. @ Pluto Jo

          People like me come on this website to laugh at how pathetic it is, you know that right?

          People like you come to RoK to troll because you are so wrapped up with yourself that you think everyone else is “hurt” by insults. This isn’t true, but you’ll keep trying. Pathetic? Pathetic are childish people like you that think their “feelings” are more important than logically sound arguments.
          = = = = =

          I don’t know why you hate women so much but we’re half the human race so you’re gonna have a bad time if this carries on.

          You Social Justice Cowards always use the same fallacies. That one is the “complex question” fallacy. In this case, your false premise is that your opponent “hates women”. Show us all where you gather that I hate women. Come on, little troll show us. You are a coward in how you attack people and then run behind “women” to say, “hey everyone, he’s attacking all of us!” No. You and any other trolls are being opposed: not women. As childish little trolls you are hardly “half” of the human race. You are the very, very small percentage of immature entitled children that think they rule.
          = = = = =

          You’re very angry, it must be exhausting.

          ROFTL. You’re the one that comes here, long since this initial exchange to post yet another personal attack. No. It would be you that is harboring a grudge that’s been eating away at you for months. It probably has been exhausting for you.
          = = = = =

          Try thinking about how all these women above are people just like you, with hopes and dreams and ambitions

          That is just a deflection. Having “hopes and dreams” is not mitigation for putting mediocre results up as a “role model”. Are they “just like me”? No. That is insulting. Most of these people have not earned the accolades that the propaganda teams place on them. Really, Pluto Jo, do you even understand basic logic?
          = = = = =

          …and the only reason they’re in this idiotic list is because people like you don’t like the fact that these days most women CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT.

          Nope. These women are in this list (and the “idiotic” opinion is from an idiot like you so that hardly has any worth) because they are noteworthy examples of how the “politically correct” propagandists glorify mediocrity for women. To them it’s all about sending the message of, “You don’t have to achieve, grrl. You only have to be pleased with yourself! You go grrl. You rock at anything as long as you believe you rock!”
          What a crock of crap.
          Sure, lots of underachieving morons like you (you are a moron based on your lack of understanding and low logical ability) can’t get enough of these “role models” because that’s the message they want to here. You don’t have to try hard at anything, you only have to feel you are special. You said it yourself, “hopes and dreams”. Sorry little kid, “hopes and dreams” don’t cut the mustard.
          Modern society, built and maintained by men is what gives immature self-righteous people like you the illusion that “women can do whatever the —pluto jo— they want”. You only get to even say that because big brother protects you. You couldn’t say that in a society where men do not carry out the enforcement of big brother. Do whatever you want?… it’s the abuse of that privilege that is causing people to examine it more closely. Immature self-serving people like you do not deserve the protection.
          What’s more is that the problem with you immature idiots is that you think “whatever you want” overrules whatever anyone else wants. That’s called anarchy, kid. Read up on why that destroys societies before coming here and looking like a 5 year old having a temper tantrum.
          = = = = =

          What the entirely untalented writer of this article, and anyone who agrees with it wants, is women they can control. And these women threaten that control.

          That’s spoken like a true entitled child. Where is it said or implied that those agreeing with the article are wanting “women they can control”. Nope. It doesn’t say that at all. Along with your lack of deductive skills, you seem to lack reading comprehension too. You are likely projecting your disappointment of not being put on a pedestal for your own under-achievement and trying to lash back at anyone that doesn’t see you as a great product of the “human race”.
          Role models should be people who achieve greatness through real results from smart thinking and hard work. Amy Schumer is not an example of smart thinking. Tess Holiday is not an example of hard work. It makes sense that you get angry that people see through the sham. You’re clearly the type that thinks “womyn can do no wrong, theyz purrrrr-fect coz we’z womyn are purrrr-fect.”
          Do whatever the —pluto jo— you want? Bull shiiiiit. You can’t even put together a logical argument.
          = = = = =

          I’m sorry if you can’t see that.

          No one needs or even cares about your condescending sympathy, moron. You’re the one that is entirely untalented and it shows. Get lost.

        8. Duuuude. Maybe you should try yoga? I feel honoured to have rattled you so much that you’ve been forced to write an essay. There are big gaps in my replies because I have a family and a job. This is the only article of this kind I’ve ever commented on actually, but seeing how much you’ve written here, I can’t imagine how much time you spend doing this. Your repulsive views and attempted defamation of who you think I am only goes to show what kind of person you are.
          I guess websites like this exist in the same way as religious extremism, because the world is getting better; more equal, more secular, so people stuck in the past like yourself have to shout louder. You’re going to get a sore throat man. You’ll be replying to this I know. But really I can’t bear to waste a second more on this pitiful exchange. Farewell you delightful human.

        9. This just in: Pluto Jo has decided to delete herself. However since she chose to post a vapid response before running away, here is my rebuttal…
          @ Pluto Jo;

          Duuuude. Maybe you should try yoga? I feel honoured to have rattled you so much that you’ve been forced to write an essay.

          Trooooolllll… you are so predictable (yes, I knew you would try this lame “I’m making you have to respond” boast). The moment you get your ass handed to you this way, you do what every angry little Internet hero does — comment on the “effort” you think it took. Lol. That is called rationalization. You lose the debate, so you tell yourself that making someone refute you is somehow “winning”. Maybe you should stay in school or try Yoga yourself. I’m not rattled, you are.
          = = = = =

          There are big gaps in my replies because I have a family and a job. This is the only article of this kind I’ve ever commented on actually, but seeing how much you’ve written here, I can’t imagine how much time you spend doing this.

          As if. No. You’ve been wanting to respond to retaliate for being refuted for quite some time. What? Like I haven’t seen little trolls like you on the Internet before. You come in all smug thinking you have the answer. You get challenged and away you go trying to put people down and shame them (how DARE they refute you!) Sorry, but you’re a troll (and a sock puppet too) and you got your so-called argument rebuked. Get over it. Get over yourself. I don’t spend that much time, but the time spent to show everyone what trolls like you are all about is well worth it.
          = = = = =

          Your repulsive views and attempted defamation of who you think I am only goes to show what kind of person you are.

          Lol. Typical of a self-righteous troll to call people’s views “repulsive”, yet, conveniently excuse yourself from elaborating as to how you draw that conclusion. You then go on to say that accurate and well supported criticism of you is “attempted defamation”. That shows the kind of dishonest person that you are.
          = = = = =

          I guess websites like this exist in the same way as religious extremism, because the world is getting better; more equal, more secular, so people stuck in the past like yourself have to shout louder. You’re going to get a sore throat man.

          No. The only thing resembling “religious extremism” is here are trolls like you. Fundamentalism depends on self-satisfied “beliefs” (just like how you make claims about people and their positions on issues as “repulsive”) that is hidden from any examination (just like you use your convenient excuse of “Oh, I don’t have the time”).
          Because the world is getting better? —- Put down the “feminism 101” branded megaphone and look around. Do you see the situations in Syria, Crimea, Africa, USA, Europe, South China Seas… as getting “better” [than before]? It’s one thing to lie to yourself. It is entirely something else to try to lie to others.
          More equal and more secular? —- Are you even living in this reality?? Several decades ago there was nothing even close to ISIS. There wasn’t the race riots we see in the USA (not even the Rodney King or O.J. Simpson riots amounted to the violence we see today). Equality? You millennial feminists think that legislated “equality” should be “equality in outcome” and not the reality of equality of opportunity. The sum worth of each individual is not “equal”. If you believe that, you are extremely naïve.
          People “stuck in the past”? — Again. Look around. It is the present, with the “all about me” liberal crowd that is the problem. They invade and rage at GOP rallies. They are disruptive at the DNC. We have not seen this type of anarchy since the 1960’s (when there were a lot of self-righteous and overly self-important youths). Tell us, oh “wise one”, just what part of the present is better than the past several decades? No. It is idiots like you that people have had enough off. That is why there are large movements around the First World to take back our politics from the “politically corrupt” (aka the “politically correct”).
          We are not the ones that are “shouting”. It is you cry-baby liberal self-righteous types that are. We see it on the News every night. It is your whiny throats that are getting sore. You’re the one coming here to troll, remember?
          = = = = =

          You’ll be replying to this I know. But really I can’t bear to waste a second more on this pitiful exchange. Farewell you delightful human.

          I couldn’t care less whether you want to continue this beating (yes, your excuse of an argument is taking a merciless beating) or not. Your passive aggressive “opinion” of what kind of a human being I am is meaningless too.
          That you cannot argue the points, and instead just lay on the insults and think you are debating is showing that you actually know you are wrong. Why don’t you try to get a real education instead of thinking you are so “right” about things? I dare you.

  83. “While there are plenty of positive female role models to be found in our world…”
    I would be interested to see your list of what you would consider a positive female role model.

    1. Such a list would be boring, because none of them would be celebrities. They’d be women he’s personally met that no one else on here would know.

      1. I realize this comment is pretty old and that this is late, so sorry about that. Stories even about nobodies can still be powerful, if the story is told right. It would be nice to see a positively slanted article of “what to do” instead of so many negative ones of “what not to do”.

      1. What he writes takes away from everything that has been written since the dawn of recorded history.

        1. All right there buddy. Keep living in the stone age and blaming all of your countless inadequacies on women.

        2. You’re the one insulting men here, chump. No one is “blaming” women when they confront trolls like you with the truth.

        3. What did your mother do to you to fuck you up so bad? I’m guessing it involved some sick shit.

        4. I was with your mother last night. She said it was her fault you turned out that way. I told her not to speak with her mouth full.

        5. Really into necrophilia are ya you sick bastard? You’re more messed up than I thought.
          Also, the only way she would have a mouthful with you around is if you brought all the other losers on this site and you guys combined all your pathetic little members….

        6. She said she was your mother, but it was really your sister. You’re the messed up one. You hurt little girls always use the same insults of little wee-wee’s. Talk about immature.

        7. So you use that for lubricant for when you and all the other small penis crew get together?

        8. Nah… I wouldn’t know about that since I don’t engage in your practices. Do you brush your teeth with Preparation H since you have it in your mouth anyways?

        9. Naw. I didn’t think you were into that stuff. You’re just into this loser circle jerk. Do you guys all blow it in unison on a picture of Douche V?

        10. Nah… your elementary school yard insults are proof that your about as immature as they come. You’re the one that posted pictures of the thing that you are obviously fixed on. Go on and dream about it even if you can’t get any.

        11. At least I went to elementary school and learned the difference between your and you’re there genius.
          Maybe take a little timeout from your circle jerk and pick up a book.

        12. Never said you successfully completed elementary school. Spell-check/auto-complete has issues as do those who resort to grammar policing when their ideas are shown to be stooopid. Maybe it’s time to stop trolling and realize that you’re just out of your league here.

        13. Lol. I saw that. Revulva went for the “spell nazi” move. That’s the equivalent of admitting defeat. Good one. You’ve basically PWNED that loser.

        14. What league is it that I’m out of? The World Circle Jerking Champions League?
          I want nothing to do with your league and I’d like you to please stop coming on to me.

        15. You’re the one coming here to troll, loser. If you want nothing to do with this, then leave.

        16. So you were coming on to me. Listen, I’m flattered but I’m just not that into you. Sorry.

        17. Rather lame-ass insult there, kid. You’re quite the petty little troll. You got PWNED by the burger man.

        18. Spelling Nazi mode is often indicative of a bot. Bots often have hard times with non-standard English.
          The bot operator usually has to come on to see any pics. I’ve prepare these special pics for when I encounter DGCJ.

        19. The average skill of the trolls have really dropped off. This ReVulva acts like some grade 6 schoolgirl. Why she thinks these low class insults work when it just proves the point that feminists are immature is beyond me.

        20. Yep
          I’m here!
          Let’s see how many times I can get you to respond, as my bitch.
          Let’s go.

        21. Yep.
          I’m here!
          Let’s see how many times I can get you to respond, as my bitch.
          Let’s go.

  84. Holy mother of God I’ve stumbled upon a mother load of misogynistic bullshit laced with patriarchal entitlement. Did I miss the part of the party where you all pat each other on the back and say “Don’t worry dude, your dick isn’t thaaattt small”

      1. Then name one woman–JUST ONE–that you consider to be a “good” role model…I want to see what the answer is.

        1. Why? No one +owes+ you a list of role models. This item is about how the ones listed suck. If you are really that interested in real role models go and find them yourself instead of trolling.

        2. I have a list of my own role models. Some of my list includes a good amount of the fantastic women above.
          You’re right, no one owes me anything.
          But my point is proven that this whole site is misogynist bullshit if you cannot name one good female role model. That’s just fact. If you cannot name a single good female role model then you are absolutely propagating the systematic oppression of women. Call me a fucking troll all you want but you clearly cannot articulate your thoughts intelligently as your only retort has been to call me a “loser.” Maturity level: -1000.

        3. You -ARE- a troll because all you do is post up personal insults. No one -OWES- you a list of role models. That doesn’t mean this site or I cannot. It just means neither of us has to. If your list includes under-achievers or those that celebrate failure, that is entirely your choice.
          You are a -LOSER- because you just can’t accept that others recognize that these “role models” are hardly real role models. Your maturity level? Non-existent.

        4. That’s non-sequitur. There’s nothing that says I’m “into dudes”… I’m not. You’re just making shit up.
          Why are you so homophobic?

        5. Why do you make stuff up like how this site is full of men who don’t like women… that’s a lie. Why are you so stupid?

        6. No, you can find them on your own. If anything, it’s trolls like you that have nothing but *hate* for men. You’re pathetic even for a troll.

        7. Your reading skills are even worse than your dishonesty. Trolls like you are pathetic. Just what is it about your life makes you hate yourself so much?

        8. You should change the batteries in your “boyfriend”. That’s not my problem. Why do you hate being gay so much?

        9. Nope. Not homosexual no matter how much you dream of it. Why are you hoping everyone is gay?

        10. Not hoping, just pointing out how obvious it is.
          You are on this site, and you can’t keep away from me.
          Does someone have a crush?

        11. Why are you so hoping to find other confused individuals? Do you have a crush on me?

        12. I DO have a crush on you!
          There is nothing hotter than a man trying to deny his gayness. It is adorable!

        1. Why are so stupid to think that people are beneath you when it is obvious they are way smarter than you? Are you really that retarded?

        2. Tip:
          When you take the intellectual high ground, don’t let yourself down with nonsense sentences.
          “Why are so stupid to think that people…”
          Are you missing a word there?
          That’s pretty stupid, yes?
          Anyway, wanna go out for a few drinks?

        3. LOL… trolls always resort to grammatical or typographical correction when they get cornered. You are totally P-W-N-ing that Sole Loser.

        4. Oooh, what a retort!
          Not going to mention the ‘intellectual high ground’ argument?
          Just going to let it slide and hope no one notices, eh?
          Smart move.

        5. Sorry, troll. But you are not exempt from questions like this since you think you can ask it of others.

        6. You’ll answer the question, since it’s only for you. Why are you so self-loathing of your gender confusion?

        7. I have no gender confusion!
          But it is a nice tact to try.
          Are you up for transexuals?
          I can arrange that.

        8. Everyone loves sex. It is great!
          (I’m sorry, that was a bit insensitive, you never getting laid and all. My apologies.)

        9. What makes you think that I’m confuse?
          Oh, is that your attempt at an insult? Oops, sorry.

        10. No kidding. She mentions gay sex way too much. That’s probably because she’s interested in it but can’t even get lesbian action.

  85. yall forgettin that u all toad ass lookin motherfuckas with shitstained family guy boxer briefs

    1. I see you were taught English by a drunk retarded black woman from the projects. Carry on.

    2. This one was actually funny. Looks like some trolls can have good imagination sometimes. We should really add “toad ass lookin motherfuckas” to the laundry list of insults of SJW’s. At least this one is actually creative.

  86. Please correct this article, Sandberg is Jewish, not white. Please adapt said statement to encompass Jewish supremacism.

  87. About Tess Holiday:
    When society decided to make role models unhealthy people?
    Is not about being obese.
    It’s about bad habits.

    1. …and yet, this author’s personal success as a writer should be measured against the challenges he faced, and not just how well known he is. You seem to mistake notoriety for nobility. Then again, you’re a troll.
      No one needs to be an Olympic contender to identify false champions… You have the trademark weak logic of an SJW.

      1. You have the bearing of someone who can’t get a date.
        Did your mom stop breastfeeding you too early?
        At 12?

        1. You have the same childish insults as the usual troll. Are you so dejected with your relative unattractive state that you project your frustrations onto others?
          EDIT: Note that attempts to transfer the adjective of “childish” from the act (of insulting) to the subject of the insulting is logically flawed. Therefore, it is a false excuse. People who apply the childish insults are the childish ones.
          Clearly, Soul Saver has deep psychological issues.

        2. You’re quite the cunt. Did your mom not like your sexual advances towards her? Then again you have the mind of an 8-year-old.

        3. You have the hippie Jesus avatar and you talk like this? I’m an Atheist but even i can see that you’re creating a bad image for true compassionate Christians around the world.
          Also , success means more than making money and making people know you through your ridiculous acts. Maybe they are known , yes , but the respect they deserve is zero , and that is exactly the amount that i give to them.
          Also , who cares if the author is known. The message conveyed is the important one. Like you send the message to us that you should not be taken seriously.
          Edit : typo.

        4. It took you 2 sentences to say you are Atheist?
          That’s one more than the average.
          Is my avatar also making all religious types look bad? Like ISIS?
          Author is a loser that puts himself up by trying to knock others down, has no accomplishments in life.

        5. Of course they are childish. I keep my audience in mind.
          Is author so dejected with his relative unattractive state that he has to project his frustrations onto others?

        6. Yes it took me 2 sentences. I have a long attention span , i don’t expect people to read my mind by saying ”sup k bye” and expecting to make a point.
          I really don’t know if the author is a loser or not , truth be told , but how can you be so sure? All you people are so quick to judge everyone around you ”he’s a loser” ”he has no acomplishments” ”he took 2 sentences to say he’s an atheist” , all without any previous knowledge about the person at hand.

        7. I assume you tell people that you are an Atheist all the time?
          Stupid Smug Atheists.
          The fact he is reduced to writing about successful women and trying to portray them as bad people shows what a loser he is.
          Whereas I don’t.

        8. There’s nothing “successful” about being fat, or, having poor policies that create problems for your nation.

        9. And STILL overqualified to comment on this site.
          That happens when you get laid.
          Surely you knew that… oops, my mistake.

        10. ReVulva is the name of a local lesbian acapella group in my hometown, that’s awesome you heard of them too!

        11. Cunt’s don’t have arms, at least none that I’ve seen, so how would they be wiping people’s asses? Can you draw me a picture?

        12. ” Did your mom not like your sexual advances towards her? ”
          Oops, that’s grade two insult?

        13. That’s it?
          That’s your best shot?
          This is coming from someone who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re?
          This is all you have?
          Very disappointed.

        14. And the last one you touched was when you were born!
          (Come on, I’m giving you a thrashing in this game. Are you even trying?)

        15. You thrashing me? Only you believe that. Losers like you always believe your own hype… yet when the votes come in, it’s a different story. Loser.

        16. Nope. You’re a loser troll and it shows. You couldn’t even hide. The best one was when you “claimed” that it wasn’t you on the other post… yet you answered with knowledge of this thread… what a moron.

        17. You keep saying troll like it is a bad thing.
          Like cyber stalking (oops, that was you!)
          Again, let me run this slowly, so you understand.
          That was someone else’s account. Have a look at the stats.
          That account has 10,000 upvotes.
          I have 4,000 upvotes
          (and you have 3,000. Which is pretty pathetic)
          I was able to find that comment through YOUR disqus account.
          But lets get down to the reason why you spend all your time on a website with other guys, disrespecting women.
          Most gay men I know don’t disrespect women, so what’s the story?

        18. No stalking… You thought you could hide and that was just proof that you can’t, L…o…s…e..r

        19. ROTFLMFAO. I see from your history that you’ve been able to track that troll. She really looks like the same as Rev0lver and Ignoreme3. Same sites, same lame-ass amateur trolling. Must be one sad person.

        20. I never tried to hide!
          In fact I welcome these chit-chats.
          Maybe we can work out your fear of your own sexuality.

        21. Funnily enough, that has been your wittiest comment so far!
          Now, let’s explore why you spend so much time on a women hating site surrounded by all men, who also don’t like women.

        22. If trolls are one thing, they are LIARS. You’ve got your disqus profile set to private… you’re hiding.
          If trolls are a second thing, they are COWARDS.
          If trolls are a third thing, they project there own dissatisfaction with their gender confusion.

        23. This isn’t a “woman-hating site” no matter how many sock puppets you create to tell yourself that same lie. Now, let’s explore why you think people who don’t like you automatically hate “all” women. You don’t represent “all” women… just trolls.

        24. You answered the post, chump….
          Now let’s look at numbers…
          It took you 1800 posts to get a wimpy 4000 up-votes. I’m not even trying and I have 3200 on only 370+ posts. You’re pretty pathetic compared to me, loser.
          …but’s let’s get down to it here. Why do you troll what you cannot debate. Most men here like women. You seem to think that anyone that doesn’t like you… and that’s probably most people, are woman-haters… your logic sucks… as do you. What’s your story?

        25. I troll because I love it!
          You want a debate? OK
          Give me a list of 10 women who are good role models.