Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Is The Biggest Political Uprising In Decades

For the past week, I’ve been on the road in Iowa, covering the presidential campaigns in anticipation of the caucuses themselves on February 1st. I’ve checked out rallies and campaign appearances by major candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to washed-up hacks like Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson. But the biggest and most important candidate I’ve covered so far is none other than Donald Trump.

Whether you like it or not, Trump’s campaign is the strongest political upheaval in America since Ronald Reagan swept to power in 1980. I’ve attended two of Trump’s Iowa rallies so far, one in Pella on the 23rd and another in Iowa City on Tuesday, and it’s absolutely astounding how nakedly the media is lying about him. Leftist shills in the MSM and their cuckservative allies have been pushing a narrative about Trump and his supporters that borders on libelous.

While we still have a long way to go before the general election, it’s clear based on what I’ve seen that the only things that can stop Trump are a rigged nomination or an assassin’s bullet. Trump’s message resonates with a shockingly wide swath of the American public, and he’s inspired a populist uprising that won’t be going away even if he doesn’t make it to the White House.

Americans For Making America Great Again


The first thing that struck me about Donald Trump’s campaign is the extent to which the media downplays attendance at his rallies, a point the Donald has raised in his speeches. At the rally in Pella (a town of only 10,000), at least 2,000-3,000 people were in attendance; in fact, two-thirds of the people in line had to be moved into an overflow auditorium, where Trump gave a second speech after he was done talking to the main group. You can watch my recording of Trump’s speech here.

Trump’s Iowa City speech was absolute bedlam. In contrast to the 2,000 people that the Washington Post claimed were in attendance, I’d estimate there were at least 5,000 people there, and most likely way more: the crowds were so thick where I was that I couldn’t get a precise head count. In fact, Trump had to delay his speech by 45 minutes while the volunteers tried to cram as many people into the auditorium as possible, and there were still huge numbers of people who had to be sent away.


Moreover, the demographics of Trump supporters bear little resemblance to the “angry white men” stereotype pushed by the left. Both rallies attracted a wide spectrum of people: young, old, middle-aged, and roughly equal numbers of men and women. The Iowa City rally was especially skewed towards the young, with tons of cute college girls up front. In contrast, the other GOP candidates and Hillary Clinton can only draw old people to their events.


And for all the hand-wringing over the “hatred” and “rage” that Trump is supposedly stirring up, the only violence I witnessed at either rally was from anti-Trump protesters. In particular, at the Iowa City rally, leftist hecklers started throwing apples at Trump (which is assault) after he called Bernie Sanders a “communist.” Additionally, infiltrators kept trying to disrupt Trump by blowing whistles. You can watch my recording of Trump’s Iowa City speech below (the apple-throwing incident is at 6:31):

Outside the rally itself, a dozen misfits had set up shop, wielding signs complaining about Trump’s supposed “racism.” Their scruffy, lice-ridden appearance (there was even a bearded lady) was a stark contrast to the well-dressed, wholesome-looking Trump supporters. As we left the building to go back to our cars, one of them jeered at us, “Don’t walk on the socialist sidewalks!”





Moreover, Trump’s fans are enthusiastic about the man to a degree which is almost unheard of in politics; of all the candidates I’ve seen so far, only Bernie Sanders’ supporters even come close in their fanaticism. Both rallies had the atmosphere of a rock show, with supporters mobbing the stage to get autographs and pictures with the man. At the Pella event, the audience gave Trump a standing ovation that lasted so long that he had to ask them to sit down.

Finally, Trump has expanded the conservative base to a degree that no other politician in the U.S. has done in eons. During the introductory speeches, one of Trump’s campaign co-chairs asked how many people in the audience had never voted in the caucuses before. Close to half the crowd’s hands went up. Trump has done the seemingly impossible: get people who are tuned out of the political process involved again, and supporting conservative principles at that.

Will Trump Win Iowa?


It’s clear that Donald Trump’s combination of nationalist, conservative policy proposals, his personal charisma and his willingness to speak the truth will carry him through the presidential primaries. But the real question is whether he can win Iowa, the only one of the early contests where he’s lagged behind: he’s been trailing Ted Cruz in the polls for the past month, though he’s been posting solid leads in the past week.

Having seen what I’ve seen, I believe that Trump is not only going to win the Iowa caucus, he’s going to do so by a convincing margin. Not only are his rallies attracting the biggest crowds, I spoke to several of his staffers at the Pella rally; his volunteers are seasoned operatives who know what they’re doing. Indeed, Trump supporters are probably underrepresented in the polls due to the fact that many have been disengaged from politics and voting.

Trump’s much-maligned move of skipping tonight’s Fox News GOP debate in Des Moines won’t hurt him one bit. The news that he wouldn’t be there broke during the Iowa City rally, and none of the people around me mentioned it at all. Not only will Fox News see a massive drop in their ratings (since Trump was the sole reason why many people watched the previous debates), the other candidates will likely spend most of the debate whining about him.

I’m going to be covering the presidential campaign in Iowa for Return of Kings for the next few days, writing daily reports on the state of the race and also covering the caucuses themselves on February 1st. While there’s still time for the winds to change direction, Iowa will almost certainly be hopping about the Trump Train.

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    1. MG is a neo-feminist liberal whore (and none of those words are used lightly), and the Trump-Kelly ‘feud’ is just more proof all women want a dominant man.
      It’s my theory that after the first debate MG was dreaming of Trump that night and regularly sends autographed boudoir pictures of herself to him.

        1. She seems fixated on him. Her opening questions were like a shit test from a feminist who wasn’t getting enough sex. He maintained frame, and then she acts like no other man has ever responded that way. Her panties are probably wet. lol

        2. Well, her husband is a loser who let her go onto Howard Stern public radio and talk about their sex life. And let’s not forget the time she handed Erick Erickson his head for daring to suggest traditional gender roles…

        3. ‘Atta boy, Donald. When he is elected President America will regain its balls

        4. Re: Traditional Gender Roles — Chilvarly when they like it, “sexism” when they don’t.

        5. If you read about her husband, he is a “stay at home aspiring author” — a beta male. Hell, his ‘book’ is about a crusading television journalist and how she unmasks corruption in the government. Sounds like a fanfic of his own wife. He’s probably a cuck.

        6. ^^^^ I want the above photo on the back of the $100 dollar bill (with Trump on the front)

        7. …we will have elected a president that owned a Hooter’s franchise…how cool is that? I bet my entire paycheck JEB’s wife has never allowed him to enter one. 😛

        8. Or who hosted two Wrestlemanias and participated in one. I’ll see your paycheck and throw mine in too on your observation.

        9. TRUMP: Unapologetic for being MASCULINE. A-Fucking-Men!
          Word’s can’t express how exciting it is to FINALLY have a MALE candidate who fails to cave to the feminist narrative and REFUSES to apologize for being a successful white — straight — male.

        10. …and since the America hating communist athiests keep filing lawsuits, we will replace “In God we Trust” with “Haulin’ Ass & Gettin’ Paid!”

        11. The only time I’ve seen a happier woman than in that picture is one that just got done cumming

        12. His Trump Plaza in Atlantic City hosted Wrestlemania IV and V I seem to recall.

        1. Today, a jew was so angry at me for laughing about the phony holocaust on “holohoax remembrance day”, he prayed I would get cancer.

  1. Skip the Debate , and Watch Trump Raise Money for the Vets, FAUX is going to White Knight for Kelly, The Heck with FAUX, Sink the Rating’s by Not watching the Debate.

    1. If the talking heads on Fox start complaining about this, it will make them look really bad. Fox will be whining about Trump skipping their debate (and making them lose tons of advertising revenue), but all Trump will have to say is “I had more important things to do, I was out raising money for wounded veterans.” I don’t think anybody can criticize another man for doing that and not look like a complete jackass, especially the supposedly “conservative” Fox News.

      1. I am a veteran, and want none of Trump’s funds raised. I’d rather be homeless, like too many veterans, than receive money raised by a draft-dodging coward.

        1. Its public perception; many people support that. Doing things that most members of the public support is a good way to help yourself get elected.

        2. I don’t really judge those who managed to not get involved in Vietnam war. That war was crap. My dad fought in Korea. I don’t think it was good for him.
          USA is so foul with jewish treachery, I don’t see why veterans believe the USA military is a viable framework for social good. Good people serve bad wars, accomplishing bad things at their expense and those in the invaded nations.
          I never take anyone’s word for being a war veteran in a political discussion online. There is too much stolen valor already, to accept anyone’s words at face value until verified.

        3. So you prefer to not get money from another draft dodging coward instead? Your inaction will result in a woman getting elected president so she can let the VA further deteriorate and get us into useless wars.
          Don’t shoot yourself in the foot soldier.

        4. hahaha jesus christ dude is there anything you dont try and connect to “the jews”?

        5. Going to college seems like a better choice than Vietnam, just a politician’s war. Dying for a real war like WW2 was honorable but some made up war? Not a smart move.

        6. Donald Trump did not dodge the draft. His number was just never called. It’s the establishment pushing that he dodged the draft when he didn’t. Here’s a video debunking a whole bunch of bullshit being spewed about Trump along with the sources. “The deferment was supposed to be short-term, so Trump entered a draft and got the number 356 out of 365, the campaign said. His high number never got picked.” Link to article: Now how about you go out and vote for Trump?

        7. That is straight up not true: he received six deferments. While the term “draft dodger” is not an official legal term, it is woefully inconsistent that he was physically fit enough for a military academy, but somehow received a medical deferment.

          It is not that he was a draft dodger or a coward. It is that he is using this PR stunt to claim to support veterans, but refused to become a veteran himself. If you are not a veteran, do not try to associate yourself with veterans in a PR stunt in your war with FOX News.

        8. The only difference between Vietnam and WWII was the way the media spun the war. War Propaganda was high during WWII with a media friendly to the war.

        9. If you don’t want it, don’t take it. A lot of others who have been abandoned by the Republicans and Democrats will.

        10. Military is intrinsically a more conservative, patriarchal institution than the rest of government, though. Why do you think they push so hard to get women, homosexuals, and trannies in the military, especially in leadership positions? They want to subvert/ degrade the armed forces, because they’re afraid that someone in the army is going say “we’re sick of this shit” and pull a coup.
          If the NWO is afraid of an institution, person, or idea, there’s probably something good about it.

        11. Translation: “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, you racistantisemitenativisthomophobe! It’s the current year!”

        12. Agree that it’s a total publicity stunt and Trump is only doing it to rile up the base that gets all weepy when they see the American flag and always “suhpport tha troooops!”
          The only question I have about Trump is whether he is smart enough to ignore all his pandering and lies once he gets into office and do what really needs to be done. I think his popularity is explained mostly be people guessing the answer to this question is yes just because they have nothing to lose, it can’t be worse if any one else is elected.

        13. I agree. Who do these people think they are, babbling these ridiculous conspiracy theories about “da jooz”? I mean, it’s not like the vice chairman of the Fed is an Israeli citizen whose previous job was as head of Israel’s central bank, or anything.

        14. He definitely seems to do. But even if he doesn’t, his victory alone will shift the style of debate for decades to come,
          It’s a win-win. We have nothing to lose.

        15. There are plenty of cowards on the left. But if The Donald needs to hide behind veterans to avoid Megyn Kelley, he’s not showing his alpha.
          Trump spends a little too much time calling out people who are less his enemy than liberals. Republicans who don’t fight enough are a problem, however calling out the only non-liberal media network when the legions of Social Justice are already here is like trying to kick a guy’s ass who banged your wife during an active shooter situation with a Muslim terrorist group.

        16. Sometimes the jingoistic “support the troops” mantra sickens all veterans. I don’t attend Veteran’s Day events anymore, because I’m tired of people trying to thank me. If you want to “thank” us, then try to live up to the greatness America is capable of the other 364 days of the year.
          If Trump gets elected (which is unlikely due to the very high negative-perception ratings among the likely General Election voters, Bernie Sanders is more likely to get elected), I think Trump himself will be so shocked he will spend the first 100 days figuring out exactly what he’s going to do.
          Trump is no idiot. He has to be aware of the negative perception polls that are heavily against him. I think the shock of “holy shit, these idiots actually voted for me?” will be so great he might actually take the job seriously (in the very unlikely scenario he actually wins the presidency).

        17. The one thing he has going for him though: You need less than 20% of Americans to vote for you to win the election. It all depends on who comes out to vote. If he can bring out even a small number of people who don’t typically vote, to pull the lever for him (and he certainly has the non-PC, anti-politician persona for that), he could win.

        18. That’s also the genius of his strategy.
          He is activizing a dormant part of the Republican base rather than appealing to minorities. Steve Sailer at VDARE advocated this strategy a long time ago.

          It’s pretty logical, but it only shows you how little difference there is between Republicans and Dems. Republicans are more afraid of awakening white identity politics and losing virtue signalling points than losing an election.

        19. I’m a disabled vet, and I’ll take help where I can get it. You’re a elitist cuck

        20. I have great respect for our soldiers, and I’m saying this to you..
          Military personal are deadly ignorant of their action, who have prove countless times they are willing to destroy and kill for no good Amerikan reason – they go in blind, follow illegal / immoral / unConstitutional orders, and think they are doing good as long as their murderous orders issue from their PHUCKED-UP Chain-Of-Command..

        21. Do you have a substantive point to make? At least “Marcus Aurelius” is making counter-arguments with substance. You seem to have an obsession with “cuck”…watching too much porn?

        22. Henry Kissenger allegedly said something to a similar effect. The truth is, most military personnel are woefully ignorant of the greater context of the wars they fight, just like the rest of the American people.
          I recall the Duke of Wellington, likely the greatest general in history, understood this very well. “The scum of the earth…and what fine fellows we’ve made of them”
          At Waterloo, it was not gentlemen who were scholars of the broad implications of Napoleon’s world conquest that held the line against the Old Guard and Ney’s cavalry(excepting the officers of education who stood with their men). It was a group of drunks, thieves and rogues who courageously held their ground against the most feared French Army unit in history.
          In a similar vein of the gun-toting ignorant soldier lusting over killing brown people because they were ordered to, the trope of Americans killing for no justifiable reason is miserably detached from reality. Soldiers are often ignorant of the foreign policy implications, but very few soldiers will kill someone who is not, or unlikely to provide support to the act of, killing them.

        23. Don’t worry, with how things are going now, soon people in US will speak Spanish.

        24. Yeah, and not just non-voting Republicans but the independents who are the majority of Americans. And Democrats too. I think he would appeal a whole lot, for example, to your typical union member.

        25. I didn’t really think of it, but it’s true.
          Back in the day, there was a number of blue collar democrats. They voted democrat for the sake of worker unions and so on. That strand of democrats is practically dead, Jim Webb was probably one of those more vocal figures, and now he has been kicked out of the spotlight. The Democrat party has become the party of trannies and illegals. For all the talk about socialism they only appeal to rich liberal kids and minorities.
          The Republicans on the other hand are obssesed with free trade and eminent domain or other stuff that are not relevant to the average american worker.
          This is why Trump is called a “fake republican”. But he actually cares more about the working class than the rest of GOP. Republicans have becomen the party of socialism for the rich. Meanwhile, the Donald is not a typical Republican, and thank god. His tax plan is great and he speaks to the heart of american people, not to snobs in the beltway.
          He seems closer to Reagan with his “compassionate conservative” type of thing. They are actually remarkably simillar. Both have a show biz background, and both appeal to the common man. If Donald faces Sanders, he might even be the first President to get elected in all 50 states.
          The simmilarities are remarkable.

    2. That’s my plan. There’s always a live link at his rallies.
      Personally, I’ve had enough of these debates. I’ve watched them all. The RNC is going overboard. This is the 7th one before IA n NH. Its too many. 5 to me is the perfect number before IA n NH … before folks drown them out.

  2. I bet the Drudge and Breitbart “Who won the Debate” Poll will still have Trump winning the Poll, even though he wasn’t even at the Debate!

  3. Ron Paul and Trump are very different candidates. However, it was Ron Paul’s ratting the establishment cage in 2012 that made Trump possible for 2016.
    I actually think Paul won the Iowa and NH primaries in 2012 but was robbed. It was interesting how CNN could still get away with saying constantly, “but he can’t win”.
    Enough people still believed establishment media back then for them to hurt him. Now, having abused their power for so long, mass media has lost it.

    1. Do you Ron Paul people have to make EVERYTHING about your hero?
      Trump is mirroring the views of most Americans, and so gets massive enthusiasm. Ron Paul never moved the meter much, if at all, because he is a demagogue and a kook.

      1. No. Paul didn’t get popular support because he talks boring economics. People want a show. Trump gives them the show.

        1. Paul is a hypocrite. He screamed about fiscal responsibility but was one if the biggest pork-barrel politicans in Congress.
          And as for his trademark “Audit the Fed”–which I think would have been wildly popular–he didn’t even try when it was within his purview as a committee chairman. He circulated a petition — big deal.
          And none of this “they wouldn’t let him” stuff. He should have tried, made a lot of noise, and gone down fighting. That’s the kind of leadership Ron Paul’ers love to impute to him, but which never actually happened.

  4. “leftist hecklers started throwing apples at Trump”
    Please tell me that you guys stomped that dirtbag into the earth.
    This is troubling. If someone can smuggle an apple into one of his rallies, why not a gun? His security needs to step it up, or he needs to hire better security.
    I have never seen any candidate inspire so much hatred in leftists before. He shattered the Overton Window, and they can’t stand him for it. Only a matter of time before one of the Looney leftists takes a shot at him, if given the opportunity.

    1. If someone can smuggle an apple, why not a gun……funniest fucking irony EVAR! Troubling isn’t it? Anti gun liberals slipping guns into pro gun candidate rallies, which then will force said candidates to push for anti gun legislation….or just get your own Brownshirts. That’s what I would do.

    2. Why not a grenade? What if that had been a standard USMIL frag grenade or reasonable facsimile thereof?
      We’d be looking at Cruz vx Hitlery.

    3. Nah they only strike when they don’t expect retaliation. Remember the spree shooters only target gun free zones

  5. Personally I wanted Ben Carson to win. But the way Trump pisses off the left is a win. Honestly the only thing I support Trump on is immigration.

    1. Don;t like his stance on the Second Amendment?
      Bad trade deals?
      Firing incompetent bureaucrats?
      Reducing taxes on small businesses?
      Scrapping Obamacare?
      Supporting disabled vets?
      Having listened to a number of his speeches, those are the recurring themes I hear.
      Unlike the other side, he’s not promising to give anybody anything. Instead he’s just promising to create an opportunity.
      Free trade globalism, open borders, currency devaluation through deficit spending, and endless growth of government have been a fixture in the US since at least 1973 no matter which party was or is in control of the Executive or Congress.
      Trump is the only candidate talking about these very real and highly important issues.

  6. If some jackass was blowing a whistle next to me at a rally for a candidate I supported it would become a permanent feature in his lungs.
    Those hecklers are trucked in, they should be surrounded and mocked until they retreat to their safe spaces.

  7. While Trump correctly identifies the problem, too much immigration. He is an idiot about the solution. The smugglers already use tunnels, submarines, drones, etc… to move people and contraband over the border.
    The problem would be solved if we started jailing the wealthy that hire illegal labor. Trump can’t talk about that because he made his fortune thanks to cheap immigrant labor in the construction and hotel industries.
    In fact, none of the candidates, even Bernie, can not talk about about how the rich exploit slave immigrant labor(illegal and H1-B). This drives down wages and increases the price for housing for the middle class.
    Just like Europe, the elites in both parties want to flood us with cheap foreign slave labor.

    1. Low skill labor is not a place where you want to be, and you only have yourself to blame if you are still competing in these markets.. It’s not difficult to up skill, it’s not difficult leverage, both of which would resolve your wage competition issue..
      The economy is globalized and that little fact is not going to change anytime soon. See it, accept it, adapt to it..

      1. I did. Now I have to compete with the H1-B slaves. This is virtually slavery, they can’t quit cause their employer sponsors their visas. Also in the USA it is $2K to rent an apartment in any city where you can get a job. In India more like $200. So employers can outsource to India for nothing.

        1. Employers will continue to do this and on a considerably larger scale as time goes on. The positive side of this for you is that this also brings opportunity, if you know where to look and stop thinking of yourself as a victim.
          All of this foreign labour needs to be managed and as a basic rule of thumb, as an employer you never allow the foreign labour to manage itself.. You not only possess at least equal knowledge and skills of these foreign workers, you have seen first hand how they work and competed directly against them. You, with a push in the right direction are prime material for managing them as well as providing advice up the chain on how to get more productivity out of them.. Hell, i’ve seen consultants who charge no less than $1k+ per day plus expenses to do exactly that.

    2. True, but at least he won’t have the government directly involved in trafficking migrants at taxpayer expense. Obama was even planning to send planes to pick migrants up in Latin America to accelerate their population growth in the USA (not sure if he was able to start, this information would be “too sensitive” to be reported anyway).

    3. Agreed Trump is ignorant about the solution. Want to stop the immigration problems? Step 1) End welfare for immigrants. Step 2) reverse the immigration act of 1965 that raised immigration to levels that are beyond what can be reasonably assimilated. That’s it. That’s all that has to be done. Immigration levels will return to reasonable levels and they will be productive people.

      1. The feds can’t end welfare since it is administered by the states.
        Why would employers stop employing illegals unless someone in the government starts to jail them?

        1. There have been raids for 30 years. No effect.
          By welfare I mean all the programs. Many are federal. Read up on the free social security benefits for immigrants. Yes, legally SS is a welfare program and has been for decades. Without the various programs they would not be able to underbid their labor so easily. Also the big problem is the legal immigration, not the illegal kind. The amount of immigration currently allowed legally is above sustainability. Illegal immigrants are so limited in what they can do if they weren’t around most of what they would do would have to be automated.

        2. You keep missing the point. Sweeping up the illegals in raids is like washing your car in the rain. Jail the employers – or hit them with massive fines, like $100k per violation – and you’ll see the illegal market dry up.

        3. If the Germans, sans computers, could round up 6M plus in the late 30’s, or Americans in Operation Wetback from the Eisenhower era, does anyone think it would be that difficult now?
          Secondly — regarding employers hiring illegals – I agree. Huge fines and eventual asset forfeiture after repeated offenses.

        4. 35 years later it’s the same bullshit solutions. 35 years I’ve been hearing this. When I got first my job back in the 80s I had to comply with the new Ronnie era ID bullshit to stop illegals from getting jobs. It’s never worked. Keep doing the same shit over and over again expecting that this time the system will make it work. The system is why things are this way and you want to give it more power. What do you think it’s going to do with it? The same thing it has done with it every other time, make life more difficult for you and me and every other productive or would be productive person born here.
          Hence giving the political system more power to crack down, power it will use selectively will to do what? What do you think is going to happen? There will be some small business that is putting a tiny dent in some contributing corporation’s market share. Fedgov will get some illegal alien informant with perfect looking paper work they supplied him. The small business will hire him and then get busted and destroyed. If it doesn’t hire him they’ll bust him for discrimination. That’s how the system works.

        5. “If it doesn’t hire him they’ll bust him for discrimination.”
          THAT is why we need to crush PC Marxism and all that anti-discrimination stuff.
          Employers should have the right to turn down ANYBODY.

      2. Illegals are coming here in large part because people are willing to give them jobs.
        Want to end it real quick?
        1. $5 million dollar fine per illegal against employers who hire knowingly hire them. $25 million per illegal if more than 5 hired.
        2. 5 year prison term per illegal against employers who knowingly hire them; 10 years per illegal if more than 5 hired.
        They’ll leave when the jobs dry up.

        1. Enforcement and punishment hasn’t worked for the last 30 years. Increased penalties won’t do a thing. Plus the real problem isn’t illegal immigration, but the legal immigration.

        2. Most of that enforcement is probably token.
          I lived in Southern California for almost 30 years. There were lots and lots of illegals, but very little–if any–enforcement.

        3. And the enforcement they do, interior checkpoints, makes this country more soviet.
          But let’s say it’s a lack of enforcement, it’s because the corporate state wants it that way. They figured out to enforce mandatory auto insurance and medical insurance on us to keep the corporate profits flowing among other regulation. They could enforce immigration bureaucratically too if they wanted to. If it benefited them. It could be made so difficult to live here illegally by the same government that has all these regulations we have to follow that there would be no incentive to come here illegally. And that’s the way to stop it, kill the incentives, not make us go through more hoops to prove who we are.

        4. The Left in California wants illegals because they give birth to future Democrat voters and increase the welfare roles.
          The Right wants them because they like dirt-cheap labor and are under the delusion that they’re “natural conservatives.”
          Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Libertarians want them because they bring in drugs.

        5. “problem isn’t illegal immigration, but the legal immigration.”
          You are completely uninformed. There is no legal immigration to the United States except if you meet one of the following 3 conditions:
          — You have an immediate family member (father/mother if you are unmarried and below legal age, or wife/husband otherwise) that is an U.S. citizen.
          — You can prove you will be politically prosecuted upon returning to the country of origin. This is extremely hard to achieve.
          — You have 1 million dollars to invest in the United States.
          That’s it.

        6. enforcement and punishment have been directed solely at the illegal workers, and not the people hiring them. Jail two people from Beverly Hills for hiring illegal gardeners, and watch the illegal job market vanish.

        7. There hasn’t been any serious effort at enforcement for a long time.
          At least going back to Reagan’s Amnesty of 1986, which damn near caused a mutiny in the USBP.
          Both sides of the aisle pander to La Raza in past elections, and both sides favor illegal immigration – 1 for cheap labor and the other for cheap votes.

        8. Eliminate the minimum wage and watch it vanish. When you make work illegal under a certain price only illegals will work below that price.
          Enforcement will always be selective, that’s the way americans like their laws, enforced on those bad people over there.

        9. Get rid of the minimum wage and welfare for the able bodied. There will be domestic cheap labor. Of course that means diminishing the weaponized dependent underclass, which they won’t do.

        10. “both sides favor illegal immigration – 1 for cheap labor and the other for cheap votes.”
          Right on the money.

        11. Eliminate the minimum wage and watch the cost of living plummet.
          And the value of savings soar.

        12. And what happens when the welfare runs out?
          An unprecedented dirt cheap labor pool!
          For all the talk of how the ‘Trumpening’ is framed as nationalism vs. globalism it’s really more about smart people who work vs. useful idiots that don’t and their string pullers.

      3. 3. No birthright citizenship….
        4.e-verify your social to the name…
        5. Fine the employers…5k, 10k,50k , Jail for each successive infraction….
        Take away the goodies aliens won’t come here…

        1. Your small business is putting a dent into the market share of a connected business down the block. A $50K fine will ruin you. Are you sure you can spot a illegal immigrant with law enforcement supplied paperwork?

    4. It’s the intention that matters.
      He put the issue in the public spotlight, he caused it to become center of discussion.
      No one cares if he is perfect. His main achievement is shifting the overton window. From here we can solve it whatever means are needed

    5. It’s the fucking welfare system quit the misdirection. Hiring illegals only works for manual labor

    1. Agreed-I wanted to see the lovely conservative girlies. I recall there was a study which stated that conservative women were on the whole prettier than their liberal counterparts-if so then that’d be manna from heaven.

      1. Any visit to your local traditional church will confirm this. That they’re little repressed vixens….we’ll let you the the judge of that.

        1. Indeed; many may pay lip service to that and be as you say repressed vixens. Just as well I don’t subscribe to wussy Prostestatism, Anglicanism and Catholicism but manly Orthodoxy which has refused to become pussified.

        2. Depends on where you go. Latin American Catholicism is as hardcore as it gets, only perhaps superseded by the crazy Filipinos and their Easter flagellations. But yeah, you can’t really blame libs completely for how pussified Americans have become. Protestants and their grace not works crap have ruined it.

        3. I see your points but my impression is that post the Schism in Christianity the Western branches have become soft, weak, and feminised whereas Eastern Orthodoxy has resisted such and remained masculine; a very good read on that is Podles’ Church Impotent: The Feminisation of Christianity.

        4. I’ve seen the flagellations you spoke of and people emulating the Crucifixion and I can only shake my head in astonishment at such displays of sado-masochism; that beyonds the pale for me in terms of devotion akin to when this inbred Pakistani Muslim numbskull amputated his own hand because they inadvertently raised it when an Imam asked who denied the veracity of their Prophet etc.

        5. Heck, if anything, the imposition of Communism could have not only insulated it from outside influences, but also the adversity it faced made it stronger.

        6. Bang on point-consider also that in the Balkans it was suppressed by the Ottomans and you can see why Eastern Orthodoxy has balls that are 10,000kg each (which is something like 18,000lbs for my American friends). The church was responsible for national awakenings and kept language and culture preserved during such dark times.

        7. It is cruel and unusual and I don’t see how someone can do that to themselves for the sake of faith. And yet, I can see why they do it. Compare that to American Christianity, ironically at least how interpreted it by reading Chick Tracts. You get on your knees, beg for Jesus to come in your heart, perhaps recite John 3:16, and presto. As easy and convenient as McDonald’s. Coming to think about it, that’s why so many Americans like it.

        8. Check the Bible. Paul states point blank that “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9.

        9. On the other hand, James 2:14-17
          What good is it my brothers, if someone says that he has faith but not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled”, without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have good works, is dead.
          By the way, that came from Jesus himself. Gospel of James.And the faith vs good works debate wasn’t part of my argument. Originally, I wanted to point out how it has made American Christians somewhat lazy and conformist, but there you go.

        10. Negative. First of all, there is no Gospel of James in the Bible. That is the Letter of James. And John 3:16 has Jesus saying that whosoever believes in Him, shall have everlasting life. Jesus does not say He requires works also.

        11. Ok, so I got it wrong. It is the Letter of James. Yet, my impression is, that by only believing in Jesus, Christians get away scot free. It feels like they are just winging it. Not too different from liberals telling their kids that they’re special just the way they are.

  8. Get ’em Donald; Obongo has turned the US into an international joke on so many levels that when I see that moron I laugh at what a little bitch he is-when next to Putin this is compounded x100000000

        1. Sounds either more like boundless naivete, homoerotic attraction, or both. But yeah, I guess since Putin likes to ride horses with his shirt off, he’s a “manly man.” You apparently dig him as well. Well, if that’s your thing …

        2. Putin isn’t some chicken legged little prince who dances with pixie lesbians or squeal when he sees judokas rolling for a start so, yeah, I’m a fan.

    1. It’s not a BOY were are talking here. It’s the God-Emperor himself. Learn some respect, peasant.

        1. Nope. That style is to weird with the pidgeon english of the Jamaicans. It was disgraceful.

        2. Know why I am glad ?
          That’s one of the few things they can do against us. They are throwing insults now, thinking they have won and it’s over, but it’s not over … yet

        3. I was worried Bruce Jenner’s daughters would become coal burners. The more plain looking one is a coal burner, yet the better looking one is apparently not a coal burner.
          Even so, she’s too close for comfort. I swear just one more of the daughters of that nasty woman fornicates a nigger and we should execute their father for dereliction of duty.
          The level of my racial anger is elevated.

      1. No offense to the Slim Shady , but whining about your dope smoking mother just doesn’t hold up to the Iceman.

      1. The gay, trans-gendered one who has changed sexual orientation and genders multiple times and used slim pretexts to get all the black people to move out of town.
        Maybe I need to be more specific…

        1. Are you stupid, mentally retarded, or live under a rock? The post had a clip from South Park, and obviously shows Herbert Garrison, one of the main characters, raping Donald Trump to death.

  9. Great work. I hope to see as many video clips of the people as you can get. Jumping college girls, wholesome families, nasty protesters getting trolled.

  10. Excellent stuff – months ago I saw Trump’s poll numbers and decided to put my money where my mouth was. Immediately put $100 on him winning the nomination.

  11. To all those student protesters, just one question ?? How much did Soros paid you to protest ?? $50 ? or $100 ?? But being a cheap whores, I’m sure that he has you doing it for $5.00 only ?? Another $5.00 & you’ll suck his doodah ??

      1. Oh.. Yes ! You can find whores for hire any time among so called “students” … Five bucks whore !

    1. Soros who wouldn’t pay his ex-Brazilian blower to go away and instead chose to be humiliated in court? That Soros?

  12. Trump getting elected would see shit go down in the country that hasn’t since FDR

  13. Trump’s decision tonight will lead to the decline (and eventual fall) of MSM media. When’s the last time you heard of a candidate turning his back on Fox News or any outlet for that matter? Good choice on his part.

    1. When Trump is president, with his media prowess I would be surprised if he didn’t launch his own presidential channel on the internet.
      And get better ratings than the MSM.

      1. That would be a dawn of a new era. Trump is well on his way to breaking the fake left-right paradigm. I hope his security detail stays on point.

  14. You’ve done a fine job explaining Trump’s popularity, Mr. Forney. But totally absent from your article is any evidence of why he’s GOOD.
    He has not provided any answers to any of our problems, and most of his “solutions” involve eliminating whole swaths of the population.
    Eliminate Mexicans. Eliminate Muslims. I wonder who’s next? Eliminate socialists? Communists? Jews? Liberals? Eliminate anyone who supported Obama?
    Hitler didn’t START by saying “kill” – he started off saying “there are too many of them and we need to get them out.” The same thing Trump is doing. He’s starting out the EXACT same way. This is 1930’s Germany all over again.
    It’s astonishing how (some) humans just never, ever learn – not even from history.
    You’re ignoring all of the warning signs.
    If you elect this man, and he turns out to be the next Hitler, you will have a lot of explaining to do when you meet your Maker.
    And by the way, if the potential for bloodshed doesn’t dissuade you, then just think about this: When the dust finally settles, and the “far right” once again has the blood of millions on its hands, conservatism will be utterly dead and the leftists/feminists will reign supreme and unopposed for another 5 generations, just like what happened to Germany after WWII. Is that what you want?
    Sheesh man, I know you’re angry – we all are. But eliminating whole swaths of the population is NOT the answer. I pray that you see that, before it’s too late.

    1. 1) Nazism and Hitler = National SOCIALISTS (left-wing)
      2) Last time I checked, it’s Leftists in general that responsible quite a few of the modern massacres in history (eg Stalin, Mao, Hitler, abortion).
      3) FDR had the internment camps and immigration holds (as did Carter). Eisenhower simply kicked them out (and he was more of a moderate).
      4) Conservatism is already dead.

      1. Oh please, let’s not start with this whole Nazis were left wing.
        They were right wing ideologically, economically they were in the center. They believed in private enterprise but also had workers unions and put limits on what bussiness one could pursue (no porn or anything else degenerate)
        It was called “Third position” as in neither right nor left. The Nazis were not purely left wing, they were in the center with strong authoritarian leanings.
        There was a more left wing faction of the National Socialists, who emphasized the SOCIALISM part, they were called Strasserites.
        But no, as a whole Nazis were not left wing, they were in the center

        1. “But no, as a whole Nazis were not left wing, they were in the Center”
          You’re European?

        2. It shows. The left-right paradigm is a different animal in the US. There are no “right or conservative” political groups in the American genre (limited govt., capitalist, etc…) in Europe. Political parties there are just differntiating in a couple of degrees of how socialist they rule.

        3. There are libertrarians here. Recently a libertrarian party got pretty big in Denmark.
          They are pretty much carbon copy of american libertrarians, except for gun rights.

        4. ..except for gun rights.”
          Most European states (Switzerland and mayble Czeck Rep. and Finland being the acception) will never trust it’s citizens with weapons, but from what I have seen not to many euros want the responsibility.

        5. Wanting a gun in Germany is not the same as getting one. I know the amount of BS it takes to jump through hoops there legally and it is a long process. Even then some bearucrat can deny you without grounds. Better off getting one from the black market.

        6. Full auto AKs should be getting easier to find. you know — supply and demand.
          And the supply exists not too terribly far to the east of Germany.
          I bet there are already enterprising fellows working on distribution networks and locking down supplies at this very moment.
          And eager would-be buyers sending out feelers.

        7. “And the supply exists not too terribly far to the east of Germany.”
          Soviet Bloc surplus = European Nationalist arsenal

    2. He is good because he shifts the overton window. He makes previously extreme ideas as acceptable for public discourse. That is his main strength.

    3. Dunce, it borders on intellectual retardation to compare Trump to Hitler.
      Hitler had a body of work discussing genocide and invasion, it was called Mein Kampf, it was a work in 1923 that said what he was going to do, then a decade or so later, he did it. There was no mystery.
      Many muslim heads talk about invading the space of the infidel, guess what is happening? This does appear a mystery to some.
      Trump however has a body of work that promotes good deals, giving everyone a job and asserting benefits for the nation of America and its citizens. He also has a network of very capable individuals.
      Yet you’re waiting for the mystery of Hitler mk.II to unfold.
      You like being perceived as a retard do you?

      1. Your reply begins and ends with ad hominem attacks, something I’ve come to expect from radical leftists and feminists.
        You claim that the absence of a written body of work advocating genocide is a guarantee that a person doesn’t believe in genocide. This is not a very strong argument.
        Even though Trump’s political body of work is less than a year old, it does exist, and it resembles Hitler’s in almost everything but length.
        He is dividing the country into “us” and “them”, and urging “us” to blame all of our problems on “them”, and offering a solution involving getting RID of “them.”
        Comparing a person to Hitler is not a “Godwin fail” if the person is actually advocating what Hitler advocated. At some point, we all know someone is going to try what Hitler tried – it’s one of the potentials in the human psyche. And the practice of automatically disengaging anyone who compares anything to Hitler guarantees that the next Hitler will not be compared to Hitler – and will thus go unnoticed until he’s actually DONE what Hitler did – at which point the comparison won’t matter because he’ll have already done it.
        God help you if you intentionally let that happen.

        1. Sorry, you make unsustainable leaps of logic in your purported argument. I can’t address them at length in a blog post but:
          1 – Illegal Mexicans. What is it about the word “illegal” you don’t understand? They have NO right to be in the USA. He’s not talking about deporting American citizens; he’s saying send back the people who haven’t gone through the legal process. How is that ‘Hitler’?
          2 – Temporary ban on Muslim entry. Did the US entertain boatloads of German and Japanese tourists during WWII? No? Why? Because the US was at WAR with them. If you don’t believe that there is a war between radical Islam and the West, then you must be living under a rock, because everyday, there are new reports of the “rapefugees” in Europe molesting and even killing locals. The MSM and .gov continually hush up Islamic attacks in America. The Ft. Hood shootings, where a Muslim killed 14 Americans while shouting “Allaboard snackbar”, was classifed by the DoJ as “workplace violence”.
          3 – End American Imperialism. He wants to take 28,000 US soldiers out of S.Korea, thousands more out of Iraq, A-stan, and elsewhere in the middle East. He doesn’t want the US to be ‘policeman of the world’ any more. He has no territorial ambitions for the US beyond its current borders. This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Hitler’s ‘lebensraum’.
          You seem to be touchy about ad hominems, so I’ll try to put this as gently as I can: your logic is puerile, your comparisons don’t hold water, and your conclusions are wrong.

        2. 1. Mexicans
          While I definitely understand the reluctance to welcome Muslims, who are members of a faith whose holy book openly mandates violence against nonbelievers – I really, truly, genuinely do not understand what anybody has against Mexicans. These are overwhelmingly gentle people who come here to do the hardest, dirtiest, most thankless jobs, like cleaning toilets and picking fruit in the scorching sun. We love and trust them enough to raise our CHILDREN for us. How are they a threat to our way of life? (And don’t give me the “they’re criminals” baloney. Read the FBI’s national crime statistics. Mexican immigrants have a lower crime rate than the general population).
          If you wanna make the “law and order” argument, then you better be prepared to defend why YOU have a right to be here. Unless your ancestors wore feathers in their hair while doing Ghost Dances, you, my friend, are an anchor baby.
          If the “law” was really followed to the letter, and applied universally, with a consistent standard for everybody, then you’d be on a boat back to Europe.
          Furthermore, if you live in one of the “states” that was ceded to (stolen from) Mexico in the 1840’s, then you have TWO strikes against you. The treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo was signed under duress (there were US soldiers occupying Mexico City, surrounding President Santa Anna as he signed it). Any contract signed under duress is legally invalid.
          This is a universal legal principle. If I broke into the Trump Tower and forced the Donald, at gunpoint, to sell me his tower for a dollar, and made him sign a contract while my buddies and I brandished rifles, that contract would not be legally enforceable, due to his condition of being under duress at the time of signing.
          You can’t just invade a country, force its president to give you land at gunpoint, and then claim “hey, this is ours now!” It doesn’t work like that. Sorry.
          It’s probably news to you (the MSM has never reported any of these facts to you, for obvious reasons). But the western USA is legally part of Mexico.
          Hard to swallow, I know. But do we believe in laws or not? Do we believe in laws only when they suit our agenda? Or do we have a universal standard, to which all men are subject equally?
          Considering the dubious rationale for your own legal residence status, you ought to be humble and grateful that YOU’RE allowed to stay here – never mind trying to be the arbiter of whether others can be here. So rejoice that you’re here, and thank the Lord for it, and welcome other peaceful people who wish to do the same.
          Notice I said “peaceful” people, which brings us to the next point…
          2. Muslims
          Anyone who wishes to do violence against us has no right to come here. But we already have a process for screening such people out. There’s no justification for punishing 1/5 of humanity for the actions of a minuscule minority. Does their book have horrible things in it? Yes. So does the Old Testament. In fact, the latter has worse, IMO. Stonings, destruction of other faiths’ temples, wholesale slaughter of entire cities – it’s all in there. The Israelites were no different from ISIS, and the OT condones all of it. But do you consider all Jews and Christians potential terrorists? Are you calling for a ban on all Jewish and Christian immigration too?
          Large percentages of modern Muslims agree, at least in theory, that people should be executed for apostasy, adultery, criticizing the prophet, etc. But large percentages of Alabamans and Mississippians believe the US should carpet bomb every square inch of the Muslim world, from Morocco to Jakarta, with nuclear weapons. At least that’s what they say. They even use terms like “turn their deserts into glass” or “parking lots.” Should we build a wall around the deep south to seal off all these radical American extremists?
          What I’m preaching here is true conservatism. Being conservative is about having a universal standard of morality, and applying it uniformly to everyone – including oneself.
          You guys are being selective, only applying the law when it benefits you, and ignoring it when it doesn’t. That’s about as “liberal” and morally relativistic as it gets.
          If you’re going to judge people, you had better be prepared to judge yourself too, by the exact same standards by which you judged others.
          And if you’re going to have “laws”, then you better be prepared to follow them yourself. No selective application. None of this “I’ll apply the law when it suits me, but when it doesn’t, to hell with it.”
          3. Anti-Imperialism
          I actually wasn’t aware that Trump wants to bring the troops home and end the empire. If that’s really true, it’s a major point in his favor. But he’s got a loooooong way to go. He needs to come up with ways of solving problems that don’t involve getting rid of innocent people.

        3. Mein Kampf is not illegal in most countries because its the insane raving of a lunatic. Its illegal because its the most logical and forward thinking book you will ever read. Not to mention that not a single body has been found gassed to death in Europe since WW2 ended

      2. “Hitler had a body of work discussing genocide and invasion, it was called Mein Kampf”
        You have never actually read Mein Kampf, have you ?
        There is no mention of genocide there, it’s stupid propaganda.
        “The book’s contents do not, as a recent edition of the sole originally authorized English edition noted, contain a “plan for world domination” or any other such nonsense.
        Instead, it consists of a short autobiography, the effect of the First World War upon Germany, a discussion of race and the Jewish Question, the constitutional and social makeup of a future German state, and the early struggles of the NSDAP up to 1923.
        The first five chapters are autobiographical in nature, dealing with Hitler’s personal life up to his service in the German army in World War I, ending with his temporary blinding by a British gas attack on the Western Front.
        The next chapter deals with a discussion on the effectiveness of Allied War propaganda in the First World War, and a comparison with the German propaganda, which Hitler dismissed as a failure, and explained why.
        The following two chapters are an eyewitness account of the Marxist-led revolution in Germany at the end of the War which led to the collapse of the German state and the Treaty of Versailles, and how Hitler was used by the German Army in 1919 to give political lectures for troops recently returned home. Then, a chapter explains how he was ordered by the Army to report on the tiny and ineffectual “German Labor Party”—and how he ended up being added to its membership without his consent.
        From then on, the book is devoted to a description of the activities of the early period of the Nazi party, including the formation of the Brown shirts, the first meetings of the party, the violence perpetrated against the party by the Communists, and the internal structure of the party. The narrative ends just before the 1923 Putsch which saw him imprisoned.
        Only one chapter, “Nation and Race” actually deals with his racial ideology in any real depth—out of a total of twenty-seven. ”

    4. Trump never said eliminate Mexicans. What a ridiculous thing to post.
      He said build a wall. Deport the illegals. End anchor babies.
      Every country in the world has a right to control it’s borders and control who enters the country and becomes a citizen.
      To try to tell Americans they have no right to do that is absurd.

      1. “Eliminate”, “get rid of”, “deport”. It’s just semantics. He wants them subtracted from the population.
        And we’re not talking about controlling who enters. We’re talking about people who are ALREADY here.
        We’re talking about breaking into houses and dragging them out of their beds at gunpoint, in front of their children, and sundering husband from wife, parent from child. That’s not the same as controlling who enters. It’s night and day.
        And the legal justification for doing so is dubious from the start – see my reply to Frank Drakman. Most of the folks complaining about anchor babies ARE anchor babies. The truth isn’t always pleasant, but the sooner we take our medicine, the sooner we’ll heal.

    5. Man, if the straw man maker ain’t workin’ overtime these days.
      There’s simply not enough hours in a day to pick all that apart so I’ll just summarize.
      Voting in rightists because modern leftists actively, flagrantly oppose free speech (among other liberties)
      voting in rightists cuz you think leftists made you lose a world war and you want a rematch.

    6. If they are illegal immigrants then then they are not citizens so they can go. Some people will miss their cheap service workers.As for Muslims they make up 1% or less of the population so they wont be missed but I don’t agree on his rhetoric on them. There are different Muslims just like there are numerous different faiths that worship god and the bible. A protestant is not the same as a catholic is not the same as a Mormon, If you expect Trump to become the next Hitler then I assume you expect him to be able to change the constitution and abolish elections.

  15. As much as I’d like to see him win, I suspect that the female running against him will win. There is a reason the electoral vote was established (against the popular vote) as to ensure that the elite have final say of who gets elected.

    1. I would have said the same thing a month ago. But now I’m not so sure. I’d say at this point he has a solid chance of waltzing away with the whole thing.

    2. You’re right. The elites have already decided who they want in. Although they also thought they had Jeb in as the rep nominee and he’s dead in the water. So who knows right???

  16. I’m not surprised it was chiefly scruffy students and the unemployed who turned out to heckle Trump. If he gets into power, they’ll have to get real jobs. “Don’t walk on the socialist sidewalks”.. WTF does that even mean?
    As for Fox Nooz.. nothing but a bunch of goddam cucks.

    1. “We support muslims, migrants, refugees….” When they start sexually assaulting and raping you, you will need the evil patriarchy to protect you.

  17. Throwing an apple at somebody is aggravated assault as it involves the use of a weapon. That person should have been arrested.

  18. Trump is definitely making dems and establishment GOP quiver in their boots, but if he wins I think people might be setting themselves up for a huge disappointment depending mainly on the adminstration he picks and policies he pursues. Word from a source more in the know says Clinton will leave at Biden/Warren will be running on he dem ticket this fall. He also thinks the election is already over as the internal polls (not public) are already saying Trump’s lead amongst most demographics cannot be overcome by November and he has basically already won. Cruz has a narrow shot, but Trump’s rhetoric is more effective.

  19. There are many on my facebook calling Trump an asshole.
    You want an asshole to run your country?
    A cunt that has in al likelyhood sold state secrets to the highest bidder, is a rape apologist, has received millions from Arab states still practicing slavery…
    A member of a family that helped get the BinLaden family out of the country after the biggest attack US had ever seen on its soil?
    Some dude who cries?
    and since these people are European,
    Shut up. You voted Merkel, now you’re getting your asses raped, and still you are against racists who patrol your streets saving your daughter ass from being pummeled to her death. Shut the fuck up.
    Voting is a right that has to be earned.
    The simplest easiest change would be to restrict voting to individuals not getting any money from government, and are a net tax payer.
    The elderly who are on retirement from a fund the paid into (i.e. not minimal welfare retirement), get to vote too. The yhave proven their responsibility.
    Trump will make Europe sane again.

    1. I disagree on the elderly – Baby Boomers completely fucked us and are not to be trusted. Once you start taking, no vote. Want to keep voting, keep having some skin in the game.

      1. Holy shit snacks yes. It’s as clear as water what the selfish asshole boomers have done to this country by and large.

        1. WTF would give you any idea i was a millennial? I am mot even remotely close. No I just had the very worst kind of typical boomer – ‘fuck everyone else – it’s mine’ type of parents.

  20. The man can not focus on one thing when he holds a speech. His mind is all over the place, he starts talking about something which reminds him of another thing and then another and another until he forgets what he was talking about in the first place. So he uses humor to cover the lack of substance in his speeches. Rumors have it that he reads Hitler’s speeches in his bed. Obviously he hasn’t leaned a lot though.
    If you trust that man you are fool.
    He’s just another agent of the elite and his purpose is to restore people’s confidence in the electoral process. Ultimately he will get Hillary elected. He is Perot No2.

    1. “Rumors have it that he reads Hitler’s speeches in his bed”
      You sitting on the toilet, masturbating to images of Hillary, and tears welling up in your eyes because she’s going to lose to Trump are not ‘Rumors’.
      Where do you losers come up with this stuff?

      1. What a retarded comment.
        For the record, I think that any politician or public speaker that doesn’t study Hitler’s speeches is doing themselves more harm than good. Hitler was an oratory genius and as such must be studied if you want some insight into conveying that same energy.
        Doesn’t matter if you’re a Lefty or a Righty, if you’ve got a book of Hitler speeches by your bed, then you have one of the best tools available to take on your opponent.

  21. For someone who talks smack about American women, Forney really is in love with that white boy from New York.

    1. Not really. They usually get co-opted and their original purposes are never realized.
      Like the pic. RIP Abe.

  22. I just want a leader who can be impeached if they abuse their power or otherwise don’t perform adequately. With the way Trump gets attacked from all sides, there’s little doubt the rest of the government would line up to get rid of him if he underperforms. All the other candidates seem like protected species.

  23. Trump is winning over Americans all over (GOP, Democrats and Independents) because he’s talking about things that Americans have wanted for years. Border control (not closed borders…just control) and spending money in this country fixing things that need to be fixed.
    Jobs, manufacturing, etc…all need to be a priority in America. Politicians in the past talk a good game but in the end the good jobs left this country and they were replaced with shit jobs. You only need to pull up the data from NAFTA to see that Americans are getting screwed over.
    Politicians in D.C. no longer represent the majority of this country. They only represent the small minority (special interest) with money and power.

    1. All true. If only Trump had Sanders’ grasp of economics, and where the “free market” system is inevitably headed, and if Trump didn’t have a bromance going with Putin, he’d be a near-perfect candidate.

  24. Trump skipping this debate is actually a good thing. When all the others are left on stage to discuss their own plans, you will quickly see how closely aligned all of them are to the Democrats. As mentioned, they will all whine about Trump anyway, which means his message still gets out, and you also get to see that these fucks really have nothing to say other than to oppose what a large swath of their base actually wants.

  25. My only problem, if you can even call it that, is that I live in New Jersey – which means none of the candidates ever really campaign here, and by the time our primary rolls around the whole thing is basically decided.
    And Matt, you’re absolutely right about people voting who aren’t expected to vote. My wife, who is registered but has literally never voted before, has already said she wants to vote for Trump. This was with zero prodding. She just sees what’s going on, and he speaks to her like he speaks to me.

  26. It’s unfortunate that my Arithmistory- using mathematical relationships in sociological behavioral models to predict future events- cannot be focused on individuals. But if I can find some information on the people’s reactions to Trump I could see if there is victory in sight.
    My calculations with Arithmistory managed to predict the NYE attacks (exactly where is indeterminable except those countries accepting refugees) within the calculated margin of Error- Jan 23 +/- 23 days (from a historical perspective, I find this rather accurate) with a victory for “Syrian” Refugees.
    If my Law of Depreciation in Increasing Tensions (abbreviated LDIT-where the duration between events decreases with the increase in demographic tensions) is correct, we can expect another NYE-type event on Feb 17th +/- 16 days, which will be another victory for “Syrians”. If the Law is wrong then it would be approximately April 4th +/- 23 days, which actually fits into LDIT’s prediction of the manifestation of complete destabilization of (most likely) Germany.
    Unlike the information I withheld (out of fear) on the NYE attacks, I’m putting it out there. The worst that can happen is I’m right and I change my handle to Hari Seldon. At best I am wrong and look a fool. I’d be happy to be a fool.

      1. I view the internet like I used to use Television. Entertainment (but more recently self-publishing of comics). I don’t really do social networking, honestly the most time I spend online is either related to the ROK comments (researching facts and history mentioned) and gathering resources for my comics (using 3d models licensed under CC0).
        I’m reluctant about going all-out with Arithmistory, because a) I am less than 2 months into its development, which means a high potential that my laws and theories could be all bunk and b) the potential that it can be misused and c) the idea can be stolen. Nintendo already stole one of my ideas a few years back…

      2. Unfortunately, no. I consider the internet mostly as an educational/entertainment tool. I don’t do much social networking, except recently as I have finally gotten out of a 5-year development hell for a comic/graphic novel series (going to have many redpill undertones). Possibly the most time I spend “social networking” is in the ROK comments, looking up different topics that are mentioned.
        So saying whatever comes into my head with little to no framework is simply out of the question. Besides, Nintendo once stole an idea of mine. I don’t want the same to happen to Arithmistory unless I can claim sole ownership and pursue legal action upon infringement of said ownership.

  27. Once again Trump just does what he want’s ” Megan Kelly and Fox are biased, so I’m not going on the show.” I’m postive this won’t hurt him considering everything he touches turns to gold!

  28. It’s hilarious that he’s made a mockery out of the established Washington lameness. I’m enjoying every minute of this, whether he wins or loses. Hope this puts the washington elites on notice.

    1. I dunno. I thought Perot had a lot more substance and actually had a track record consistent with his words and promises. Trump 2016 = Obama 2008.

  29. The left us so unintelligible, uncreative, and disingenuous. Their only words come out of politician’s mouths. “Hate, intolerance, bigotry.” What they fail to realize is that they exemplify each and every one of those words daily by hating those who believe differently, being intolerant of their existence, and being so bigoted that to even consider a conservative point of view would be leftist treason. I chatted over a few beers with a liberal friend the other day. I listened carefully to what he had to say. Yet everytime I spoke I could see his mouth aready opening, not listening to a God damn word I was saying. When people do this you know their intelligence level is far below yours. Its a sign of a lack of education and a lack of open mindedness. If you think the only requirement for tolerance is supportng fag marriage then you have zero comprehension of what the word means.

  30. About the same for what I saw at Trump Tower for the Crippled America signing. Probably half the people there were under 40. Very few looked 60 or older. This was in Midtown Manhattan. Thousands were there.
    Trump is realigning rightist politics, and the globalists are in full panic mode.

    1. the globalists are in full panic mode.
      That part is what it is.
      Democrat and Republican means very little anymore. They’re almost mirror images and they’re just both part of the same Uni-Party establishment anyways. They make deals to screw the country, and then play fight in the Senate and House, but there’s no real opposition to each other anymore.
      Same with left and right, or liberal and conservative (to a lesser degree). They don’t mean much.
      This election is about one thing. Nationalists vs globalists. The globalists have been running things since Reagan left. You can see the same globalist agenda playing out in Europe and you can see the same response…the nationalists who are not interested in losing their countries or their cultures are starting to fight back.
      Trump is the US response to the globalist agenda, even if the people voting for him, don’t consciously look at it that way. They just know they’re fed up with a government that places every group’s interest, domestic or abroad, above America and American interests.
      Nationalists vs globalists…that’s all that’s left.

  31. I have never voted in the 6 years I’ve been able. American politics have always seemed a big joke to me. The politicians? Weasels, cowards, ass kissers, and buffoons.
    I will be voting for trump. The first presidential candidate to actually say things I believe, and even better, openly defy and challenge the MSM with zero fucks to give.

    1. Of course, if you actually look at what Trump has said and done in the past, you’d know he is completely insincere. Obama in 08 talked about uniting but anyone paying attention to his previous political life and actions knew those were empty words. 2016 Trump is 2008 Obama.

      1. Look at what Trump has said and done in the past? I know he’s been a tireless promoter of financial education for the common man and an employer of thousands of people.
        Take his famous “Art of the Deal” book on business from the 80s, or more recently the 2006 “Why we want you to be Rich” collaboration with Robert Kiyosaki.
        What I see is a man who cares about his country, is frustrated with where it’s going, and so decides to actually do something about it unlike everyone else who simply whines and complains.

  32. Forney loves Trump as much as Trump loves Vladimir Putin. And the latter part is unfortunate. Still, if Shrillery gets the Democratic nomination, Trump (assuming he’s the GOP candidate) gets my vote, even though there’s no hope of Trump getting the Russians and Iranians out of Syria. If Sanders gets the nomination, all bets are off (he has a better grasp of economics than the rest of the pack).

    1. “Sanders … has a better grasp of economics than the rest of the pack”
      Really ?

      1. Yes, he understands the dialectic, and the internal contradictions that are destroying late-stage capitalism (crony capitalism, “too big to fail”, inability of capitalism to produce jobs with livable wages, offshoring, lack of patriotism of business) and are leading inexorably to a publicly-owned economy.

        1. Socialists have very little understanding of even basic economics. It’s why 100% of socialist countries fail and suggestions like “raise minimum wage to $15/hour” are as ineffective as they are popular.

        2. I don’t know. I have not seen brilliance in his policies.
          Raising the minimum wages beyond a point would not really increase quality of life, it would just cause a price hike.
          He wants free college education, which is insane. It would be such a money sink it would cause trillions of dollars to be spent so millenials can get degrees in lesbian poetry, while turning colleges into kindergarden.
          He believes in systemic opression of blacks by whites and fully on board with the social justice agenda.
          I agree with him that banks and wall street are cancer but I have not heard from him plans to destroy the FED and replace our fiat currency with something backed by labor or gold.
          He might be correct in certain attitudes, but I don’t agree with his economic solutions, not to mention social vision.
          Are you a strasserite, btw ? You sound like you follow the “productive capitalism” type of thinking.

        3. Yes his SJW outlook and adherence to the “climate change” canard are troubling, but some of that might just be an attack on Mrs. Clinton’s left flank. Plus he’s pretty good on 2nd Amendment rights. Free college would also mean free trade school as well, and gubmint money will have strings attached (i.e. “we’re not paying for you to major in LGBTXYZ studies”, for example). And our health care payment system is a clusterfuck, not helped by Obamacare which is just a private insurance protection plan. Single payer is the only option there. As for “replace our fiat currency with something backed by labor or gold”; that’s just the kind of stuff you hear on shortwave, crank economics.

        4. Well, out of the democratic candidates I like him most, but I still lean more on the free market side of things.
          I consider the federal reserve to be the main source of power for treasonous (((elites))), so I would like it replaced with a currency that would appreciate over time.
          I’m definitely into Austrian economics rather than Keynes, and it seems Bernie still wants to follow the corrupt model propossed by the likes of Krugman and Bernanke.
          You can hate some libertrarians, but I liked their vision of ending the FED.
          Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are promising alternatives, for now.

        5. Bernie Sanders, The Bum Who Wants Your Money

          “His family managed to send him to the University of Chicago. Despite a prestigious degree, however, Sanders failed to earn a living, even as an adult. It took him 40 years to collect his first steady paycheck — and it was a government check.”
          The archtypical progressive who knows nothing of economics.
          Socialism explained:

        6. ‘too big to fail’ is the stupidest thing I’ve ever head to come out of the 2009 recession.
          My business teacher couldn’t explain it and I don’t anyone could.

        7. “Raising the minimum wages beyond a point would not really increase quality of life, it would just cause a price hike.”
          Try telling that to your average joe moron idiot.

        8. “we’re not paying for you to major in LGBTXYZ studies”
          Why, you make it sound like that’s a bad thing.
          “Single payer is the only option there.”
          If it walks like a libtard….
          quakes like a libtard……..
          Congrats, you have been outed.

        9. You need to find the ‘sweet spot’. I’ve read some articles on what some people get paid in the US (I suspect it was in the southern states) and it was shit (no wonder they still needed govt welfare), even without the US being the wealthiest nation in the world. The wealth is unbalanced though. Low paid workers were paid more (relative) in the 50s-70s than they are today and it was a prosperous time for the US then.
          Wages have risen in China and a few hundreds million Chinese have now risen to the ranks of the middle class over the last decade and now domestic consumption can take over more from it simply being an export driven economy. The wheels are getting wobbly on the Chinese economy now as the govt pumped it up artificially post GFC to try keep its unsustainable growth going (not because of wages inflation). Their products are still cheap as chips and that helps make life easier for the low paid back in the US. Low paid workers in say Germany, Korea, Australia are much better off. Yeh there is a trade off..companies like say Walmart will make only $115b in profit instead of $130b.

        10. Not too many countries are pure socialist economies. Not saying you, but some here think anything not pure unregulated supply & demand, dog eat dog, user pays economy is communism.
          Many countries are a balance of both philosophies. There are countries that do pay their low paid better than $15/hr. Recently saw a story on Korea. Their low/no skilled workers on the docks were pulling in over $50k a year..and business/economy was chugging along very nicely.

  33. Trump is the 2016 version of 2008 Obama. Populist cult of personality dynamics with little substance. Trump doesn’t talk about reversing the constitutional violations of Obama because he’s prepared to similarly abuse the Constitution. For conservatives and libertarians, he fails the smell test big time. For pragmatists, he fails the electability test big time (he has the highest negatives among all candidates).

    1. My test for a candidate is whether they are willing to shut down the Federal Reserve and the IRS. If he is procentral bank, he is not going to do anything good for the US.

  34. I’d like to know more about his political team in the background and who’s funding him exactly (besides himself)…either way, I bet the usual bank-rollers are backing both parties.

    1. I am not from US so I have questions for you.
      It seems many republicans and democrats hate Trump, but he is not representing a third party is he?
      If he does win presidency it will mean the Republicans are in power right – but wont it be a fractured party/govt because many within the party dont support him?
      It seems in the US the political party does not select its candidate to represent them at the next election, but the publc does?

      1. I’m not American, but, unlike Britain and Ireland for example where you vote for a party that will be the next Government of your country, you’re not voting for a person who will be the leader of your country unlike in the States. The Head of State in Britain is the Queen who’s never elected of course and in Ireland there’s a President I believe, who has limited powers and is elected every 7 years.
        People talk about the Government in the States and often think that it resides solely in the Presidency, but, over there they’ve such an interlocking form of Government (the two Houses of Congress + the powers of individual States) that the President’s power is often much less than say for example David Cameron’s in Britain who is only the PM and not the Head of State.

        1. thanks for reply. That’s what I thought that the president does have limited powers and even the party he represents as well if they are out numbered in the house of reps. I read recently of some shitty legislation passed by the govt, but it was 2/3 rep voted + 1/3 dem voted, so it would be a bit disingenuous to say blame obama for that at some point.
          I just find it strange that so much money and effort is going into politicking now when the election is a year away. Where I live, the political parties decide which candidate will represent them in the up coming election for prime minister and all the hoopla happens in the 2 months prior to election. Any political party ideally wants a clear winner as if the party is in split in factions then it will not be a cohesive government. If Trump has lots of enemies in the Republican party or does not toe the line on their cherished globalist/conservative beliefs then wont he have a hard time getting what wants with opposition in his reps as well as the dems.

  35. There are a lot of people out there meme-ing for Trump.
    I don’t know if anyone else here has followed the duck, (@jokeocracy) on Twitter, but he made a glorious (and hilarious) ride to Valhalla a few days ago, lasting longer than expected before the banhammer dropped.
    Trump has been repeatedly compared to Hitler, and recently stated “I could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave…”, producing all kinds of squawking from the media. The Duck went all “agree and amplify” on a bunch of journalists: cucks, shitlibs, and feminists, letting them know via Twitter how they would be executed under the Trumpenreich. It’s seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. It’s gone from twitter now, of course, but preserved for posterity by weev on storify.
    For example:
    “but if trump walked a few blocks over to 8th
    ave he could blow up the NYT building in the middle of the workday and
    gain millions of votes”
    “we’ll make sure @DouthatNYT gets an advance warning, like how mossad warned all the jews who worked at the WTC”
    “i’m not saying i personally support violent terrorism against the
    american media establishment but i do kinda wish everyone else would”
    He then announces his suicide run:
    “*duck fills this twitter account with gasoline*
    *duck ignites road flare*”
    “after the dawning of the thousand year trumpenreich, #MeetThePress will just be sixty minutes of public executions with no commercial breaks”
    “dear @krauthammer do you prefer hanging or electrocution? i think president trump should try that mortar thing that kim jong un invented”
    “dear @jpodhoretz do you think anyone will hide you in their attic when president trump gets elected? ur pretty fat do you think u can fit?”
    “dear @AmandaMarcotte are you going to commit suicide when president trump gets elected? is there anything i can do to help?”
    “dear @thelindywest in his beneficence president trump will put a huge price on your head so you can finally know the feel of men pursuing u”
    “dear @andersoncooper president trump is going to put you back in the closet and then throw the closet off the roof of a building”
    “dear @EWErickson when president trump hangs you and you’re kicking and struggling to breathe, ur face will be in a very ‘red state’, get it?”
    “don’t be mad, obama got over 500 drone murders, president trump is just
    going to use his free murders on journalists & with a lot more style”
    “dear @TheRevAl president trump is going to lock you and @RevJJackson in a clothing store in hymietown and hit it with some jewish lightning”
    “dear @BarbaraJWalters president trump will skillfully evade your flying monkeys and dump a bucket of water on you”
    and on, and on, and on… It’s like a kamikaze strike that hit the aircraft carrier’s bridge.

  36. Iraq and Afghanistan Vets put it best: Don’t use us to hide from Megyn Kelly. Veterans are used to standing between Americans and danger. However, if The Donald feels threatened by a woman, he needs to sort that shit out himself.
    Keep us veterans out of it.

    1. I disagree – as a Vet, and an Infantryman at that as opposed to a POG, I’m happy to do anything for the Don. Screw Megyn and screw Fox News. Trump 2016.

      1. Trump was the ultimate POG: he was fit enough to go to a military academy, but some how got a medical deferment from the draft.
        To parallel The Donald: “Saying screw Fox News and Megyn Kelly is exactly what Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are saying.” Trump has used this line to defend himself against attacks by brushing them off as “stuff the Democrats are saying” and now the shoe is on the other foot.

        1. “Trump was the ultimate POG: he was fit enough to go to a military academy, but some how got a medical deferment from the draft.”
          Would you like to identify any current Republican candidates for the Presidency who were drafted or volunteered?
          Gilmore served … in the ever-so-dangerous-theatre of peacetime Germany as an intelligence officer while people were getting killed in Vietnam. Perry served as a cargo plane pilot. Neither of them are in the race.
          Every other candidate dodged or refused to volunteer. Carson, Fiorina, Rubio, and Cruz are all too young to have been drafted, but none of them stepped forward to volunteer either. Indeed the ones talking up sending more of you guys to war are the very ones who never served or volunteered. I don’t see Trump encouraging the US to go to war.
          And don’t forget your alternative is Bernie, who dodged the draft and protested against Vietnam to boot, or Clinton, who couldn’t serve (and which was probably better all round for national security).

        2. Perry was at least endorsed by Marcus Luttrell, whom no one could consider a POG. Lindsey Graham (not current, granted) did serve in the Middle East, but as a JAG lawyer (and not in a cool, Harmon Rabb way, either).
          The idea that one has to have served in order to support sending people to war with any credibility is a little silly. Wartime presidesnts Lincoln, Jefferson and FDR never saw combat, and neither did Dwight Eisenhower.
          The point is not that Donald Trump did not serve or see combat. The point is that Trump is taking the easy way out (for the second time, as his first was his medical deferment) by wrapping himself in the flag to hide from Megyn Kelley.
          If Donald Trump cannot face FOX News and Megyn Kelley being biased against him (as he claims, and they probably are) and takes the easy way out, how can we trust the Buck to Stop at the Oval Office if he is President?
          As President, he will face opponents far more formidable than…Megyn Kelley.
          Roosh himself has went on various media to be interviewed by hostile interviewers who were against him. I would expect that given the way Donald Trump is held up as the epitome of “alpha” at ROK, he would be able to face his enemies and fire the proverbial three rounds a minute.
          A man’s measure is not found when he fights with the odds in his favor, but what he does when the whole studio network and one of their biggest stars is against him.

        3. He didn’t dodge it, he had bone spurs in his heels and was given a low draft number. Trump also built the Vietnam Memorial in New York years ago. TBH, I don’t blame any man for staying within the law and not going to Vietnam.

        4. Not true. Trump was classified as 1A during college. Further, he had a medical examination two years before the one in 1968 where he was deferred for bone spurs. He was fit for duty in the first medical examination. Suddenly, in 1968, around the Tet offensive when things were getting dangerous, he got a medical deferment.

        5. Easy way out? He’s skipping a debate that’s going to be the equivalent of children throwing food at and insulting each other in the lunchroom.
          And he’s the biggest kid in the room, so naturally the others will team up to attack him before turning on one another.
          Him basically telling the media fuck it, I don’t even need to be there to win, isn’t the easy way out. It’s a good move. Let them squabble.
          He really doesn’t need to be there. He loses nothing by not going.

        6. Hasty generalizations about American politics aside, it isn’t about him “losing” anything: it’s about him being a man.
          It is ironic that you classify Donald Trump as the “biggest kid” in the room. Typically, the biggest kid:
          -Actually debates the issues at at hand and acts above petty schoolyard crap. Such as when he said, “look at that face” regarding Carly Fiorina. An adult would have pointed to her terrible record at HP and argued that made her a poor choice for President.
          -Make declarations of war against countries that are our allies. Statements about “making Mexico pay for it” shows the diplomatic skill of Kaiser Wilhelm II, not Otto von Bismarck, and certainly not an adult. Attempting to coerce money from another country is a de facto declaration of war (or in Trump’s case, the intention to make a de facto declaration of war if elected).
          -Deny actual science. He has said “I have been proven right about massive vaccinations. The doctors lied.” Typically, adults understand how vaccinations work and that they do not cause autism (or other crap).
          The “biggest kid in the room” understands basic biology 101, actually debates (and attacks) on the issues, and doesn’t show the diplomatic acumen of the worst world leaders in history.

        7. John Kerry was in Vietnam and he totally sucks. Just being in Vietnam doesn’t make on a good candidate. McCain was a POW and he’s damaged America ever since becoming a Senator. At any rate, a doctor declared Trump medically unfit. Trump took it, and I don’t blame him for that. He’s going to be the best president for Veterans we’ve ever had.

        8. “The idea that one has to have served in order to support sending people to war with any credibility is a little silly. Wartime presidesnts Lincoln, Jefferson and FDR never saw combat, and neither did Dwight Eisenhower.
          The point is not that Donald Trump did not serve or see combat. The point is that Trump is taking the easy way out ”
          Okay, if you want to pivot off the draft-dodging insinuation because it backfired on you, that’s fine, but the question remains: would you like to specify a current Republican candidate who did not take the ‘easy way out’, and in passing define exactly what the ‘easy way out’ means given you’re no longer attaching it to draft dodging?
          (If anything that further disqualifies Gilmore, Perry, and Graham: when they decided to sign up, they didn’t choose combat arms. They took the easy way out. And the other candidates took an easier way out: none of them volunteered to serve at all.)
          “If Donald Trump cannot face FOX News and Megyn Kelley being biased against him (as he claims, and they probably are) and takes the easy way out, how can we trust the Buck to Stop at the Oval Office if he is President?”
          He’s faced them six times already, and this debate, per Breitbart, has been revealed as seriously rigged given the family connections of Fox and Rubio’s campaign. How many times does Trump have to charge into a line of machine guns before he establishes trust to you? Ever heard of the idea of choosing your battles?
          “Roosh himself has went on various media to be interviewed by hostile interviewers who were against him.”
          Roosh went on Dr. Oz, and when you read back over Roosh’s account of how things went down, he was given a different impression of the interview. In short, he was ambushed. It’s one thing to stand your ground once you’re in the shit, it’s another to walk knowingly into said shit when there is no tactical reason for it.
          “A man’s measure is not found when he fights with the odds in his favor, but what he does when the whole studio network and one of their biggest stars is against him.”
          That’s the sort of thinking that gets a lot of soldiers killed for no good reason. A man’s measure is found in how he turns the odds to his favour and avoids no-win situations. I’d expect no less from a US President.

        9. “Hasty generalizations about American politics aside, it isn’t about him “losing” anything: it’s about him being a man.”
          Demanding that Trump ‘be a man’ sounds an awful like the feminist harpies calling on men to ‘man up’. Men don’t throw themselves on bonfires for your entertainment; they leave women to do that sort of thing.
          “Actually debates the issues at at hand and acts above petty schoolyard crap”
          Are you seriously saying the GOP TV shows they call ‘debates’ are actually capable of debating issues at hand in a meaningful way? Why fight in a contest that is loaded against you? What exactly does it prove? Or in short, do you recall the old saying “I admire your courage but I question your judgment?”

        10. Right? The fuck does he have to gain? All they do in these debates is spew bull shit and get petty with each other.

        11. Donald Trump is supposed to be the one bringing meaningful ideas to the table. If he doesn’t show up, in front of millions of Americans, to promote his ideas and subject them to criticism by opponents, it shows that he doesn’t want his ideas to be subjected to the scrutiny of being challenged by his opponents.
          Even if the debate isn’t going to discuss anything meaningful, this is Donald Trump’s chance to make the meaningful, and directly challenge the ideas and policies of his opponents.
          “Demanding that Trump ‘be a man’ sounds an awful like the feminist harpies calling on men to ‘man up’. Men don’t throw themselves on bonfires for your entertainment; they leave women to do that sort of thing.”
          Donald Trump has built his campaign off his entertainment factor. He is front page news when he does something entertaining, such as say “Blood coming out of her whatever.” When you build your campaign based on entertainment and drive-by media (sorry, Rush!) coverage of the latest non-politcally correct thing you said, don’t back down from it just because some blonde bimbo at FOX News asked you a mean question.

        12. “. If he doesn’t show up, in front of millions of Americans, to promote his ideas and subject them to criticism by opponents, it shows that he doesn’t want his ideas to be subjected to the scrutiny of being challenged by his opponents.”
          Or: it shows he wants his ideas discussed in a rational forum, not the arsekicking that this debate was designed to be. Tell me honestly, do you really think Fox or the networks would have let him get a meaningful word in edgewise? You’ve all but conceded the debate probably is biased against Trump, so why show up?

        13. Lol no. Typically the biggest kid is unconcerned with the smaller kids petty bickering. He need not engage in it. He’s bigger than they are. To debate with them would be childish.
          Adults don’t debate with children hahaha

        14. If great men such as Jefferson and Lincoln were able to be great presidents, it does not matter if other candidates did not serve. Draft dodging is an easy way out, but not the easy way out in reference to Donald Trump skipping out on the debate. Further, volunteering to serve in any capacity is not taking the easy way out, as even basic training and/or OCS are physically and mentally demanding endeavors.
          Trump’s draft dodging (or alleged draft dodging, as there is no proof. But it is highly suspicious that he was 1A physically in 1966 but not 1A two years later) speaks to his character and his ability to endure hardship. Not serving during peacetime is one thing, but when your country is actively calling for men to fight, and you avoid doing so (allegedly)…
          Further, showing up the the debate is not a “no win situation” as you allege. Donald Trump could very easily call out FOX News and the commentators by openly presenting facts from Brietbart and challenging the moderators to answer them. He stands a better chance of winning by forcing FOX News and the moderators to confront those allegations than by backing down because “it’s unfair.”
          I have news for Donald Trump: Life is unfair. People are going to be biased against you. Refusing to debate because it isn’t going to be fair isn’t a quality I’d expect in a Commander in Chief. Especially when it would be very easy for him to turn the tables on the moderators during the debate in front of millions of likely GOP caucus and primary voters.
          Trump could further challenge the moderators and other candidates as to their relationships with FOX News and FOX News anchors. You allege a “no win scenario” when in reality, Trump could very easily win and turn the odds to his favor by showing up and calling out FOX on the allegations you mention.
          But let’s say that this is indeed a “no win scenario” for Trump. Let us say that the boisterous and headstrong Donald Trump simply could not stand up to Megyn Kelley or call out FOX News on their connections to the Rubio campaign. Let’s assume that it would be impossible for someone who has made a campaign out of attacking opponents and embarrassing them couldn’t do so tonight (for whatever reason): it is still wrong to attempt to use a veteran’s fundraiser to shield yourself. Rather, he should host a counter-debate (or other media function) where he calls out FOX News on their alleged bullshit. Using this veteran’s fundraiser is a very thinly veiled retreat if it is a “no-win scenario.”

        15. “Further, volunteering to serve in any capacity is not taking the easy way out, as even basic training and/or OCS are physically and mentally demanding endeavors.”
          Come on. You’re saying someone who volunteers for the infantry is taking an easy way out and someone who volunteers for a rear area or for stateside JAG isn’t? That’s like the stupidity of calling anyone who shows up to basic training a ‘hero’.
          “Trump could further challenge the moderators and other candidates as to their relationships with FOX News and FOX News anchors. You allege a “no win scenario” when in reality, Trump could very easily win and turn the odds to his favor by showing up and calling out FOX on the allegations you mention.”
          …at which point people like yourself accuse him of not showing up to ‘debate the real issues’.

        16. Then why doesn’t he create a rational forum and hold a counter-media event to discuss the issues instead of trying to wrap himself in the flag of wounded veterans? Raising money for wounded veterans is a good thing, but Trump himself could fund treatment for thousands of veterans without taking a significant financial hit.
          Further, people who wish to discuss things in a rational forum use substantive facts to attack their opponents. Attacking Carly Fiorina because of her face, as opposed to her abysmal record at HP, is not the act of a rational man prepared to be President.

        17. Plenty of Presidents have made ad hominem attacks. Obama called Clinton a lipsticked pig. Reagan basically won his election by calling his opponent young. Ad homs don’t demonstrate irrationality.

        18. “Trump himself could fund treatment for thousands of veterans without taking a significant financial hit.”
          He’s about to do just that.

        19. Media tampering is a serious issue, even if it has become far too widespread in 2016. Why would you allege that “people like myself” would accuse him of saying that this isn’t “debating the real issues?” Media bias is a serious issue, and one often discussed in this community.
          I respect men who volunteer to serve. Some bear greater hardships than others, but the Army needs lawyers, cooks and supply sergeants. Attempting to say that I would call anyone who graduates basic training a “hero” is somewhat odd, given the quality of your work on this site. Obviously, BCT grads are not heroes. However, they have endured a “school” that is one of the most physically and mentally demanding in the country, and that is worthy of respect (but obviously not on par with someone like Marcus Luttrell or Chris Kyle).

        20. Indeed, the verbal spars between Jefferson and Adams were legendary. However, when it came down to it, they had more rational policy ideas than “make Mexico pay for it” or “simply deport all of them.” As ideal and desirable as those two ideas are, they are not feasible. His ad hominem attack on Fiorina is merely the tip of the iceberg on irrational attacks and policy proposals that don’t add up.

        21. And you can say, with a straight face, that all three of those things are the actions of the “biggest kid in the room?”

        22. Those ideas are perfectly feasible, and you’re starting to become very (((suspicious))) around here.
          I’ve been reading ROK for over a year and have watched your comments. I’ve noticed a pattern. Anybody who questions Jews is attacked by you quite frequently (not necessarily in this thread).
          At this point anybody who attempts to discredit Trump by any means possible (even though he’s done great things), and is unwilling to talk about the Jewish question, cannot be trusted.

        23. Bernie also honeymooned in Moscow, when Russia was still part of the Soviet Union. He opposed the war as a conscientious objector, but conveniently has supported other military interventions as a legislator as long as they don’t kill communists.

        24. He raised $6 million, which he could have contributed himself with little (and more likely no) fiscal fallback on himself. It was a dog-and-pony show in his war with FOX News, as he could have coughed up $6 million himself with zero pomp and circumstance.
          The best veterans among us don’t go around tooting their own horns about how great they are or how they’re big heroes. The Trump public spectacle is the exact opposite of the “silent professionals”.

  37. fox news tried to “Ron Paul” but Trump was having none of it. too funny. Diebold will select our next president anyway.

  38. It’s really the media who are out of hand. They have no allegiance to anyone. Before D-day, Eisenhower told reporters of the plan and then told them to keep silent until it had occurred, in order to save American lives by denying the enemy knowledge of allied movements.
    Fast forward to today, where the media is made of liberals who are the first to tell people convicted in the court of public opinion that free speech is limited, using the example of shouting fire in a crowded theater where some one may be trampled, but also the first to air military plans ahead of time, get Americans killed, and then have the audacity to blame people of influence in the military when they leaked the secrets themselves.
    The Donald is putting them in their place. He is reminding them that this is a government of the people, not a government where the elite and the media get to decide everything and brainwash everybody. And he defeated them effortlessly.

  39. “Leftist shills in the MSM and their cuckservative allies have been pushing a narrative about Trump and his supporters that borders on libelous.”
    Fox news and the GOPs treatment of Trump has been utterly egregious.
    “the only things that can stop Trump are a rigged nomination or an assassin’s bullet.”
    The latter is unlikely since the elites know that, at this point, an assassin’s bullet would make a martyr of him the likes of which you only read about in fiction.
    But a rigged nomination?
    And if that happens then Trump should run independent.
    The split vote will land the Dems in the white house an unprecedented 3rd term.
    And if that happens then they’ll jump the shark with their agenda for sure (for decades Republican presidents have done little more than slow down the boil so that the frogs in the pot don’t notice the temperature rise).
    Barring this Trump should consider investing his fortune in counterpropaganda (give Soros, Rockefellar, etc a good run for their money).

  40. “The first thing that struck me about Donald Trump’s campaign is the extent to which the media downplays attendance at his rallies, a point the Donald has raised in his speeches.”
    And which EVERYONE in attendance with a fucking cell phone, a selfie stick, and a YouTube account has not (apparently) remedied!!!!!!!
    Get with it folks.
    Those stupid selfie sticks have a higher calling than your bullshit lives.
    (And outdoor crowds should be buzzing with amateur camera drones btw.)

  41. So funny to see the wannabes on TV totally dislike Mr Trump.. they are cruising for bruising

  42. I love that first picture of that douchebag holding the send trump to Mexico sign. The woman to the right is holding her hand over forehead with a look that says “please get me away from this faggot”

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