The Establishment’s Narrative Is In Shambles

The establishment narrative is breaking down. You can just feel it. The lies that were sustainable for decades are no longer sustainable. They are collapsing under the weight of their own falsity. Where all this leads, is not yet certain. But change is definitely in the air.

In the American scene, the apparently unstoppable rise of Donald Trump has the cucked establishment running for cover and frantically trying to do damage control. All their usual tricks failed. They couldn’t shame him. They couldn’t buy him. And every media attack dog they set on him scurried away with its tail between its legs.


I read one article today by an establishment “journalist” named David Goldman, who writes under the pen name Spengler. He represents the epitome of the conservative establishment. And I’ve never been impressed by his articles. He’s almost always been proven wrong. He’s one of these guys who gets all the numbers right, but misses the deeper points.

But such people know where their interests lie. Make no mistake. And they are afraid. They know what is coming. It’s called payback. Or justice. Take your pick. But his article of his gives us a good glimpse into the mind of a fearful man. And he should be afraid. I want him to be afraid. Because his ilk has been lying, scamming, stealing, and bleeding this country for decades.

And the day of reckoning is coming. He knows it. And we know it. Spengler notes how the shambles of the US economy has led to the angry mood feeding Trump’s rise. He correctly notes:

America’s embattled middle class doesn’t want charts and graphs, facts and statistics. It wants a leader who will identity culprits and take ruthless action. It’s a different electorate than I remember. My business partner in the late 1980s, the supply-sider Jude Wanniski, liked to say that the American people in its wisdom wanted a nice guy as president. They knew that the American president was the most powerful man in the world, and if he acted out of rancor the consequences could be terrible. Not any more. Americans want a nasty president.

He then proceeds to equate Trump with Hitler, which, as we all know, is the last refuge for a man who has no legitimate argument to make. Simply call someone a fascist, and that’s the end of the argument. They’ve been doing this for decades, and it usually works. Spengler then concludes his article with this little comment, which is more telling than anything else:

Donald Trump represents the triumph of resentment over hope. I don’t know what American voters will do. But I’m frightened.

Good. Be frightened. We want you to be frightened. You ought to be frightened. Because you and your ilk sold us out, betrayed us to the core, and now you are going to pay.

Because people can see through the games of the cucks in power. The very fact that we now have a name (cucks) to identify them is a huge step forward. Because they want to hide. They don’t want us to know the truth about the games they have been playing.


The world of the cuck

People are furious. People are desperate.  No one is listening.  And it’s not just here in the United States.

The narrative in Europe is beginning to unravel


The tone of the European leadership seems to suggest that the demise of the EU as an institution may not be far off. Beset by numerous crises, failures of leadership, and the most pathetic, cowardly policies imaginable, the EU seems to be headed for the ashbin of history, like so many other temporary alliance systems.

As it should. The EU was never anything more than an ad hoc economic arrangement for the benefit for banks, financial institutions, and a few wealthy elites in Europe. And now that fact is being revealed for all the world to see.

The migrant crisis is bringing all of this to a head. It is exposing the elites for the lying, sniveling cucks that they are: people who sold out their nations and their inheritances because of their adherence to cultural decay and moral relativism.

They’re guilty, they’re fearful, and they know it.


Years of resentment against spineless politicians finally exploded in Sweden this weekend, as over 100 young men went on a rampage, assaulting young migrants in Stockholm. The assaults, loosely organized by a rightist youth group, put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the politicians for failing to protect Swedes from violent migrants. But the politicians, their minds poisoned by years of cultural pollution, simply don’t know what to do. One gets the sense that they are simply overwhelmed by events that they cannot control.

I suspect that if old Queen Christina of Sweden came back and saw what had become of her country, she would be horrified. One study clearly shows that continued migration to Sweden will result in serious gender imbalances. Migrants are also lying about their ages in order to scam off of Sweden’s overly-generous welfare system. All of this goes unaddressed:

Sweden has received more asylum applications per capita than any other country in Europe – 163,000 last year. The country’s population is just 9.7 million.

What is surprising is that if you look at the breakdown of the ages of applicants in Sweden, there’s a huge bump in the figures at the age of 16 – often unaccompanied minors arriving without a parent or guardian.

And 92% of unaccompanied minors aged 16 and 17 years old are male. So why is this?

“If you’re underage, first of all, you get housing, you get more financial resources. You also have a lot of staff around you helping you with different issues,” says Hanif Bali, a member of the opposition Moderate Party in the Swedish parliament – which is on the centre right of the political spectrum. “If you need food, clothing, everything, you can go to the municipality and demand this money.”

But I have no sympathy for them. If you want to be the leader, you’d better be able to lead. If not, you should have the decency to step aside. Or you will be forced to step aside. Things can change very quickly.

In Germany in 1920, rightist army officers and conservatives came within an ace of overthrowing the Weimar government in an interesting little event called the Kapp Putsch. Wolfgang Kapp was a 62-year old nationalist who felt that only a coup could save the country from chaos and disaster. In Berlin, the government was actually forced to flee the city.


Wolfgang Kapp: he came within an ace of overthrowing the cucks in 1920

We can’t be sure that Kapp was wrong. Maybe if he had succeeded, things would not have gotten so bad in Germany that even more extreme voices would be listened to. If you block people from expressing themselves, if you marginalize people, very bad things will happen.

In any case, there is a feeling of change in the air. Either Europe will deal with its economic and political issues to the satisfaction of its citizens, or it will not. My guess is that Europe will, sooner or later, revert back to the old nation-state system. The peoples, the cultures, and the heritages are just too different. Not even the cucks running the show can destroy that, as much as they would like to.

And if the EU collapses, it will not be the end of the world. For most of its history, Europe was a collection of nation-states. The elites will lose some money, to be sure. And this is why they are trying to make their loss into our loss. It is not. Nationalism is the most natural thing in the world.

But their day of reckoning will come. They sold out an entire generation. They plundered, lied, and cowered under their desks when they should have been leading and knocking heads. You sold us out. And you need to pay the price.

And sooner or later, what comes around, goes around.

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207 thoughts on “The Establishment’s Narrative Is In Shambles”

  1. THE PLAN – – could it be to innoculate Sweden against the hoardes by sending in the current cherry picked savages? You know Sweden will rebel while the current generation still holds the reigns. It would take several generations to mongrelize Sweden and luckily Swedes never institutionalized Slavery and never previously imported cheap third world labor (slaves) to outsource all local jobs like the US plantition and corporate bosses did. The number of rapes and attacks can still be counted in the hundreds or perhaps a thousand, but certainly not in the 100k’s or millions. If Sweden makes a corrective upheaval and physically tosses out the savages and publicly lynches the traitors, then I will fully believe that the short ‘open door’ stint will end abruptly and Sweden will emerge more Nationalistic than it has been in over a century. The price paid will have been a finite number of sensationalized rapes and attacks, but this is also a window to firmly pound the current feminist bitch rule INTO THE SOIL. The climate is favorable for patriarchy to rise to stellar heights worldwide. Sweden will learn something from the Islamists but they don’t by any means have to keep the muslims that gave them a crash course in Sharia. In the end perhaps Swedes will thank them. GET SPANKING your women Swedish men!!

  2. You Know the Arabs that tried to fly a airliner into the white house were just ahead of the curve .All those 9-11 hijackers are true American heroes in my book.

  3. The unstoppable Trump. Hmmm. Anyone who followed Ron Paul in 2008 remembers the insane amount of resistance the Republican Party put up to keep him out of the media, debates, and ballots. If they didn’t want Trump out there causing an uproar, then they would quickly shut him down in a similar manner.
    I’m not sure who’s been cucked here.

      1. Trump was brought in solely to make the unpopular establishment candidates look sane in comparison. He’s doing a a bang up job but that the elite underestimated his popularity to a degree. In that respect his character is similar to Hitler’s one. The latter started as one big mouth but managed to surprise everyone.
        Yet my prediction is that Trump wins the nominations and loses the elections to Clinton, who is the chosen corporate candidate. But even if it’s the opposite, Trump is media savvy and has strong connections to the financial elites. So it doesn’t matter who wins, TPTB stay on top because all the winning candidates are their candidates.
        Anyhow, the elections are rigged. Your vote does not count. The next president has already been pre-selected.

        1. No, Trump is a completely different candidate .Donald makes the other candidates look insane.

        2. Like the sanity that shines through a statement that a wall will stop mass immigration and whatsmore the potential immigrants will build it themselves.
          Just one of many “sane” things he has said.

        3. The invisible hand always wins by backing both candidates even if the public thinks they’re radically different. It’s not a matter of “inserting” different candidates anymore, what’s needed is a rebuilding of Society from the roots up, and, yes we will have to address all the murky, backroom “deals” including those of Trump in the process. I don’t think he has the capacity to be a Statesman and Leader of outstanding caliber and excellence, a true servant and leader of the people.
          Perhaps our societies have become so soiled and corrupted that we simply cannot produce Leaders who are not contaminated by the power and money of big industry, the media and Jewish lobbyists these days. That’s why, I believe both in Europe, but, even more so in the States, you need to fundamentally address the issue of why the Government and Presidency are causally accepted as another part of the economic interests of the usual suspects whose invisible hands pull the strings from the shadows, including the Donald. I think we’ve a long road to travel until these influences are not only addressed, let alone curtailed in the political life of America.

        4. Yes yes Hitler Hitler.. blah blah.
          You JIDF, or simply a Jew trying to mislead us?
          You’ve spammed this entire thread with B.S.

        5. The hand is not invisible. It’s obvious for all to see, and it about entrenched interest protecting themselves. There doesn’t have to be a conspiracy. It’s just natural selection, and like kind looking out for like kind. Which is ironic since they claim to want “diversity.”

  4. I’d love to believe the central thesis of this article. But what we call “the Establishment” — and it’s an accurate term, no question — is, among other things, masterful at disguises and sleight-of-hand.
    In particular, Donald Trump is being hailed as “anti-Establishment” despite his intimacy with the political Establishment over the past four decades? Why? Why would one choose to overlook the many ways he and his projects have benefited from political favors? He openly speaks of having “bought” various persons and their influence. Moreover, he touts himself, specifically, as a dealmaker. He looks forward to making deals with the Democrats on Capitol Hill, who’ve run roughshod over very healthy Republican caucuses since 2010. Don’t the implications frighten any of his supporters?
    Is this a case of many, many angry and hopeful Americans dismissing the evidence in favor of what they’d prefer to believe? Did Donald Trump arrive “pre-co-opted” on the political scene? Is it not time to put hard scrutiny to his actual record and think seriously about what it implies for a Trump presidency?

    1. Is this a case of many, many angry and hopeful Americans dismissing the evidence in favor of what they’d prefer to believe?
      Absolutely. Here again this case is similar to Weimar Germany when people were so desperate that they followed a complete lunatic and a perfect actor.

        1. I’m very suspicious of this “The Thraex” character.
          It seems as though his purpose on this thread has been to tie Trump to Hitler, and then imply that Hitler is the most evil and crazy thing ever.

    2. Here’s my assessment of the remaining candidates:
      Trump is an arrogant blowhard.
      Cruz is a used-car salesman
      Rubio is snake-oil salesman
      Fiorina is a neo-feminist corporate attention-whore
      Carson got lost on the way to surgery
      Jeb is Hillary (and Hillary is Jeb, has anyone seen them in the same place?)
      Huckabee is a 1970s Democrat
      Santorum is a Christian Statist
      Rand Paul can’t appeal to both his dad’s followers and everybody else.
      Serious question: Who should I vote for (if not the blowhard)?
      The blowhard at least has smashed the Overton Window.

      1. If Jeb and Hillary are the same, a debate would be hard to pull off without mirrors but it would be funny. Only Jeff Dunham could pull something like that off.

        1. I love Dunham’s political humor, even in his opening monologue. There has to be a joke in there about a ventriloquist doing political humor: a bunch of dummies or talking heads with other people putting words in their mouth.

      2. You summed up my thoughts perfectly. I’m glad someone else has noticed has full of shit Rubio comes off. I know a lot of people, especially older people, who think he is good. He sounds more scripted than Jeb for god sake.
        Totally true as well about Trump and Paul. I’d rather vote for Rand Paul, but he has tanked his own chances. No one is talking about Rand.
        Trump on the other hand is going to win. He appeals to democrats as well and will get not only some Dems to vote for him, but many Independents. Not to mention, he’ll mobilize the republican base to vote like hasn’t happened in a few decades.
        The most hateful feminists will refuse to vote for him, but they’d vote left no matter what. I think some women whom would have voted left will vote for Trump purely because they feel the real power and leadership of this man and they will recognize and respect that.
        So yeah, why not vote for the blowhart? The most important thing he has done is to show that he doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks and that he won’t bow down to the media, other candidates, political correctness or anything. That’s the most important thing. He’s willing to call these issues out.
        I think Trump will turn out to be either the best President we’ve had since Reagan, if not further back, or he’ll turn into the Hitler that the establishment predicts. He’s two arrogant to not be one or the other. At least it will be an interesting ride and we won’t have to deal with a complete pussy for President, like we have now.

    3. Trump is anti-Establishment because he is an American nationalist. The Establishment is globalist. It’s that simple. Trump read Ann Coulter’s book “Adios America” and it was like Abraham Lincoln reading Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” … in other words, Coulter’s book called Trump to action. This is a one-issue election. The issue is immigration. Trump says that every time he notices people at his rallies getting bored, he just reminds them that he is going to build the wall, and they go crazy. A great example of the Establishment is Michael Savage telling Americans that Israel has a right to build walls but America doesn’t. Fuck Michael Savage and the Establishment. Build that wall. Trump 2016

      1. Hitler was an ultra-nationalist and thanks to his policies the UN, the Warsaw Pact, the European Union, NATO etc were established and the idea of globalism in fact started in earnest right after WW2.

        1. Hitler was a National Socialist. Trump is a capitalist. There’s a YUGE difference. Hitler rose to power as a union organizer and went to jail for his involvement in the Beer Hall Putsch. And furthermore, Hitler wasn’t even German, he was Austrian. Trump is 100% American. He didn’t come from Canada or Cuba or anywhere else. Stop proving Godwin’s Law hater.

        2. Hehe, Trump is of German descend too, his real surname is actually Drumpf.
          Austrians are as much Germans as the Bavarians and Saxonians are.
          You said: Trump is anti-Establishment because he is an American nationalist. Now you’re saying that it is because he is a capitalist. Isn’t the establishment also pro-capitalism?
          Trump is a business pick-up artists. He seduced the whole manosphere full of players.

        3. Are you stupid or are you playing stupid? I mentioned Trump’s a capitalist in order to differentiate him from Hitler the socialist. My original argument that he’s an American nationalist is NOT impacted by this statement. You must have understood that, so I assume you’re just trolling now. Either that or you really are that stupid. In either case, fuck you. Trump is a natural born American. Hitler was a natural born Austrian. Austrians are not Germans. They’re Austrians. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t say he’s German, he says he’s Austrian, because he is, just like Hitler was. This isn’t hard. You ignorant fuck. Hitler was not German the same way Napoleon was not French (Corsican) and Stalin wasn’t Russian (Georgian) and Trudeau is not Canadian (Quebecker) and Obama is not American (who fucking knows but he’s a commie). Are you starting to notice a pattern here dumb ass? Of course not. I know. Charlie Babbitt squeezed and pulled and hurt your brain. It’s ok, just put on your helmet and go take a ride on the short bus. And try not to lick the windows you fucking retard. Trump is Captain fucking America and you can go fuck yourself.

        4. Schwarzenegger is Austrian by passport and Drumpf is American by passport too. But both are Germanic people.
          And to confuse your simple mind even further, I’ll inform you that Hitler was part Jewish and yet he hated them.

        5. No, Hitler is a name used by “journalist” with names like David Goldman to shame and shut down dissent. The old trick of calling anyone who disagrees with Israel an anti-semite is getting old, and the “Hitler trick” is the same.

        6. That’s not confusing. Plenty of Jews are self-loathing. There’s an old joke about two Jews tied up in a room waiting to be taken to the Nazi gas chamber. A Nazi comes in and starts to blindfold them. One Jew asks, “Why do we have to be blindfolded?” The other Jew hisses at him, “Don’t make trouble!” So there’s nothing confusing about it. Hitler had a Jewish family doctor and he loved the man, exempted him from all the pogroms, said he was one of the “good” ones. But your passport notes have not refuted anything I’ve said. Yes, Shwarzenegger is Austrian by passport, so he’s NOT a natural born American, so he can’t be President. If Germany had put a similar rule in place, maybe they’d have saved themselves all the trouble with the Hitler business. Savvy? I know I’m moving quickly but try to keep up. This is why Ted Cruz’s eligibility is in question and can only be settled in a court of law and would certainly be challenged by the Democrats if Cruz won a general election. And that’s because Cruz is born in Canada, not because, by your logic, he’s “Cubanic”, or whatever. Seriously, are you listening to yourself? The natural born American provision put in place by the founding fathers LONG BEFORE Hitler, Stalin, or Napoleon came along is a great testament to their vision and wisdom. Alas, your blathering is only evidence of your idiocy.

        7. I like to say that anti-semitism is a response to semitism, and it is a pretty rational one at that.
          Anti semitism usually means semitic skeptisism. Since most “anti-semites” are just critical of Israel or jewish policies. So not kissing jewish ass is “anti-semitism”.

        8. Austrians ARE Germans. Just like the Saxons, the Swiss and so on.
          EDIT: The whole “Austrian” identity was invented after World War 2 to split Germany and Austria.

        9. The blood of your ancestors decide if you are German (and culture to some extent), not a piece of paper. Also, as I wrote before, the Austrian identity is a new invention.

        10. The borders of a nation define a nation. If you were born inside those borders, then you are a citizen of that nation. Hitler was an outsider, and a madman.

        11. Do you know the difference between a nation and a state? Look up the dictionary definition of “nation”, actually I will help you.
          “Nation (from Latin: natio, “people, tribe, kin, genus, class, flock”) is a social concept with no uncontroversial definition,[1]
          but that is most commonly used to designate larger groups or
          collectives of people with common characteristics attributed to
          them—including language, traditions, customs (mores), habits (habitus), and ethnicity. A nation, by comparison, is more impersonal, abstract, and overtly political than an ethnic group. It is a cultural-political community that has become conscious of its autonomy, unity, and particular interests.[2]” (From wiki)
          Anyhow, a nation in the traditional sense is basically a race and a culture, like we talked about the Jewish nation long before Jews had a STATE.’
          Now Hitler was part of the German nation but a citizen of the Austrian state.
          You are the idiot sir.

        12. Right, and now because I see Hitler as German (which he was), I mean Germans have always been divided into tribes that at some point developed into separate states, but still all where Germans. They share language, race and culture and so many other things. And I repeat, because I see Hitler as German, I must then support his policies (most of which I don’t)? You are arguing like a 5-year old.

        13. Btw, are you saying there are no Germans? I mean when the German nation was created in the 19th century, there was a bunch of Saxons, Bavarians, Prussians and so on that got together and formed Germany….maybe there is no Germans?

        14. But Hitler was a Nationalist Socialist (literally) while the commies are internationalist socialists. The left conveniently forgets that. Trump could hardly be called a socialist: would any lefty deny that he is a capitalist?

        15. You can’t be critical of anything that is not white, male or Christian or some combination without being labeled “anti-_____” or “______phobic”.

        16. German is the single largest ethnic extraction in the United States. “Pennsylvania Dutch” are not from Holland but rather from Deutschland; at one point almost a quarter of public schools conducted classes in German. In the early days of the republic there was a proposal to translate all government documents into German.

        17. Because I see Hitler as a psychopath and a terrible war strategist (which he was), I mean he has saddled the German people with unprecedented collective guilt that is leading them to mass cultural suicide. So perhaps if they listen to masters of rhetoric like me and ignore autistic nitpickers like you, they might rediscover some nationalistic pride, get up off their nihilistic asses and and kick Islam out of the damn country. But you keep stumping for your uncle Adolf there loser.

        18. Yes, in the past, the Anglo-Saxon heritage was a big deal. “Canadian” and “Australian” are invented identities, in the past these people called themselves British. They are racially identical and culturally very similar to their brethren in the US and the UK (and New Zealand and some other places I suppose). But I mean, Austria was just one of the German states left out during the unification of Germany because of the Austria-Hungary empire. Otherwise Austria would have unified with Germany as well. Read old Austrian books and they refer to themselves as “German”.

        19. And since you don’t seem to be able to read, I write for the second time, I have never supported Adolf Hitler. If anyone I have always supported Ian Smith of Rhodesia.

        20. Oh, and national borders apparently didn’t matter to the people who elected Adolf Hitler, also national borders doesn’t mean anything to me either when it comes to connected peoples and races. And I don’t see black “Swedes” as Swedes because they hold a paper saying they are Swedish citizens.

        21. “Dutch” actually means “Deutsch”, don’t know why the english chose to call the Netherlanders Dutch.

        22. Apparently, in old English (basically old German) the term “Dutch” meant the people. And we conflated the whole region.

    4. “Donald Trump is being hailed as “anti-Establishment” despite his intimacy with the political Establishment over the past four decades?”
      Yes. But you forget, the majority of voting Americans are morons. Cruz would have been a good Presidsent, but the money interests will never allow it.

      1. Cruz is probably the best candidate for the money interests. His wife is an exec with Goldman Sachs.

        1. She was a managing director for a local subsidiary in Houston.. hardly executive. If you want to be an Auditor, try and determine how much of GS’s Money went to Hitlery and Obamas pockets. The democrats are not called the Goldman Sachs Party without a reason. But go ahead a chase the chick who worked at a brach office.

        2. He is running for POTUS. GS is hedging their bets and with 500m it is a paltry sum compared to how much the fleeced everyone else. Care to guess GS donations to democrats? heh.

    5. If you, me, and 48 other working stiffs went out on a hilltop and “declared” our independence, nobody would give a shit. We might get a ticket for having a protest with out a permit or making too much noise. If we all quit our jobs or went MGTOW we’d die waiting for the world to give a fuck.
      When 56 INSIDERS to the system of the time signed the Declaration of Independence, the system came down hard on them. They were insiders. Imagine all the big ones today, the Gates, The Zuckerburgs, etc. signing a declaration against the (rigged) systems that made them.
      You see that’s how it really works. We get told that a lot of the 56 signers of the DoC were persecuted cruelly. What we don’t get told is they were the insiders made by, of, and for that system, and they turned on it.
      Here’s another example: we can talk about police abuse all day, but what happens when a cop does it? At best he gets fired (while it’s sooooo hard to fire cops for more serious shit, notice that?) at worst he gets shot in the head and the murder weapon turns up in the hand of a dead crackhead. Case closed.
      See how that works?
      If you are not on the inside, in this system, you ain’t shit. You don’t get to be the Gates or the Zuckerburg unless you are part of that system. Shit, you don’t even get the high-paying tech job. Ever see who’s working in all those little silicon valleys in the cities? Hipster beards and man-buns everywhere. The rigging has spread downward into the “little jobs” so that if you are some kind of country bumpkin NRA guy you get the 30K a year job at best but if you are all for being an SJW faggot you get started on the 65K a year job. Oh yeah, the guy on 30K a year might never lose his job for his opinions and shit, but even the CEO of Mozilla got drummed out of his job for an opinion he had every last right to have.
      Meanwhile, Trump is totally lacking a plan. Yet he is so hated. Nobody can say what he’s going to do. That’s odd. It’s like they hate the person instead of the policy. Very funny really. Hating Obama’s policies gets you called a racist.
      I see how that works.

      1. Trump isn’t totally lacking a plan. He and Senator Jeff Sessions put out a pretty comprehensive one. Trump is actually pretty articulate on what he plans to do, if you listen carefully. It’s true that he spends more time firing off rhetoric, but that’s because he is a businessman. He knows marketing is about sizzle and sound bites, not operational details. But operational details Trump has. He’s got ’em. And they’re good.

    6. Just read an article on that the other day:
      It’s because he knows about payoffs and graft. As mentioned in the article it’s one thing to look into the window but another to throw a chair through it from the inside. A while back the NYTimes or some other establishment rag tried attacking Trump because he dealt with concrete companies tied to the mob. The paper came off sounding like the business professor in “Back to School” to Trump’s Thornton Mellon.

  5. I was there in 2008 and 2012 when Ron Paul was dissed each time. They pulled every dirty trick in the book, from getting cops to arrest delegates to the media actually “clipping” displayed poll results.
    (And for these things, there are people still needing to be in prison – we will not forgive, and we will not forget)
    Trump is everything I warned about in 2012, when I was starting to realize that it’s going to take more than “conservatism” to save anything (for conservatism in its cucked state conserves nothing because it’s afraid of being called racist). I also started to think that libertarianism is a failed endeavor for its lack of natural defenses against … well against everything born of human weakness.
    And so, they didn’t listen. Yes it’s payback time. I’m supporting Trump for that alone. Yes, we DO want an angry president, because we are angry. We are tired of the neverending fuckery. The leftoids can pump their fists for socialists and the braindead fake conservatives can pump their fist to O’Reilly and cheer as America preps the Israeli bull and they have no shortage of neocons to vote for.
    But the rest of us out here in the real world?
    And here is another warning I now share, from cucks to fear trump, to socialists who fear capitalism, and even libertarians who have been infected with the intersectionalist who have infested that movement (and let’s not forget the atheists also infected by “Atheism plus” SJWs):
    Trump is nationalism. It’s a populist form of nationalism. America first, make it great. It’s no more harmful than we see in any other country. But yet people want to crush Trump for that.
    My warning: Nationalism now, or ultra-nationalism later.
    (If you think Trump supporters are obnoxious now, wait’ll they have spent some time watching their kids starve and their parents die for lack of care)
    What’s the difference? I read somewhere “when the ovens fire up”.
    But since there are neocons who have no qualms about selling my country down the river for their own bucks and for Israel’s glory. Since there are leftoid socialists who have no qualms about passing laws that starve people off their land, criminalize my lifestyle overnight, and ultimately use their vote to force their socialism on me, using the state’s guns and the state’s minions as their own left wing death squad and claiming it’s the law because their controlled media and academia got enough fucktards to vote for it.
    Since there are those people who have no qualms about the fuckery they stand up for, I will therefore NOT DO ONE FUCKING THING when a day comes that we have a Pinochet of our own taking leftoids up in helicopters and dropping their miserable asses into the sea. I won’t do one fucking thing when THEIR “free speech” is being taken away, for they have broken the alliance of “I don’t agree with you but I will defend your right to say it” with their getting people’s lives ruined over opinions with their rage mobs, and have even gone far enough to file criminal complaints for disagreement.
    And since the leftoids have followed people who never hid the fact that they want to put millions of Americans in reeducation camps, I won’t be doing a fucking thing when they are the ones being hauled off. Thanks to the leftoids and the SJWs, no note or notice of “oppressed peoples” passes before me now without me thinking “did they have it coming?”
    Just be glad it’s Trump for now. Just let Trump be president, let him and people like him try to put this broken state back together and open the door for Americans who want to, to get back on their feet and create a situation where we can go back to having only ourselves to blame when we fail (and when we succeed, not be punished for it, and be able to say “yes I built that”).
    Or don’t allow it, crush it, break the rules, break the law, lie, brainwash, propagandize … yes, keep it going like you did before. All the while putting it on us to “be tolerant” and “tell the truth” and “follow the law”.
    And your payback is going to be legendary. And your wailing and gnashing of the teeth will be like music, and your tears like sweet wine. And you will have deserved it.

        1. What a brilliant rant!
          His rant proves what I have always stated – Communism didn’t die, it simply migrated in the West.

    1. The irony about American politics is that there was actually an honest, responsible and upstanding candidate that should/could have been president by the name of Ron Paul. Obama, Clinton and the neocon useful idiots should by hanged or shot.
      I like Trump, he’s trolling Washington and showing the world just how terrible the candidates are as he is essentially an opportunistic egomaniac, but he’s STILL the best candidate around. Before he came on the scene, Jeb ‘Cuck’ Bush and Hillary ‘pathological liar’ Clinton were the useful idiots that were promoted by the Establishment and Trump and Trump made them to be found wanting. Don’t get me started on Bernie Sanders, he’s a radical socialist that will probably try to implement his own utopian ‘5 year plan’ which worked so well for Stalin, Roosevelt and Mao (sarc).
      Make no mistake, America will be at a crossroad if one more Neocon warmonger is elected who will bankrupt your economy through Israels Wars or if one more Libtard Democrat who will bankrupt your economy through ‘progressive’ socio-economic programs

        1. The NWO’s minions have infiltrated and subverted governments around the world. They are already in charge. They have planned many steps ahead. Now it is up to the people to stop them, or else the destination is slavery.

        2. The NWO’s minions have infiltrated and subverted governments around the world. They are already in charge. They have planned many steps ahead. Now it is up to the people to stop them, or else the destination is slavery.

      1. The sad thing is that many of the criticisms that leftards make against the more conservative candidates who I have or would support are largely correct, BUT THEY ARE STILL BETTER THAN THE LIBERAL CANDIDATES. However, the left doesn’t see it that way: they think their leaders can walk on water. On the other hand, if Stephen Harper had called a press conference and then walked on water right in front of them the headlines would read: “Prime Minister can’t swim!”

      2. Ron Paul was great and his losses were tragedy but rand Paul is farce.
        I hated rand Paul from the moment he decided to tow the line and support mitt Romney for 2012 nominations. He played the establishment card and I’ve hated his snivelling hypocritical ways ever since. He’s not a true conservative like his father. He is just an opportunist

    2. I’m with Ron Paul and his libertarians on everything but the open borders madness, and that IS the most important issue right now. Paul’s theory of “blowback” got him smacked down by Giuliani during the debates and rightly so. Giuliani spoke for America at that moment, just like Trump is doing right now. Libertarians have some good theories but they seem to fall apart where the rubber hits the road.

      1. Libertrarians are good, but are not completely redpill in regards to race and immigration. Libertrarianism requires a homogenous majority white society to be viable, since it is the only type of population that has a high number of people who appreciate small government. Bringing in 3rd world hordes and “letting the market sort it out” is as stupid as it sounds.
        Also, some libertrarians are individualistic to autism, they don’t see nation and race as extended family (which it is) and claim they will bond better with Jose from Guatemala than Steve from Michigan, because Jose will be closer to him in ideas (despite having a different language, traditions and so on).
        There needs to be a balance between individualism and group identity. Why do you think the left attacks men for creating men only groups or european only groups ?
        The left is not so collectivistic anymore, they are not the Soviet Union, they are hyper-individualistic. They promote special snowflake mentality, where even being gay is not opressed enough, they now claim to have pansexuals and omnisexuals whatever that is.
        They fight against group identity, the ability of men to bond based on their sex or nationality. They want to keep people isolated and dependent on the government and approval of soicalist craptards (which they would not need if they had strong family ties and male bond, hence single moms and outlawing male groups).
        The right needs to stop being so ultra-individualistic and embrace nationalism and pride in our own group. (which is why leftist don’t want people to be patriots).
        Also libertrarians are realizing that democracy does not serve their best interest, since in a democracy a socialist faggot can vote to take your money through taxes and there is no say you have in it.
        Remember the saying “democracy is 3 wolves and a sheep voting what they will have for dinner”. As such, many libertrarians want to move back to an authoritarian republic with small voter base, where only people who own land, or are not on the government dole can vote. Some might even demand vote be restricted by gender and nationality.
        Many libertrarians are migrating towards the alt-right for that particular reason. Libertrarianism is only the second stage of the redpill out of 4.
        Generic conservativism -> Libertrarianism -> Fascism -> Traditionalism
        The alt right is stage 4, anti-modernist patriarchical nationalistic conservatism.

        1. The state is the problem. The radical right just offers us the state on steroids. The USA went fascist in the 1930s and has been that way since in many ways that matter. Mussolini praised what FDR did and we’re still living under that framework.
          People who are afraid of foreigners have never talked to them. Start talking to them. You might find that you do have more in common with some individuals from Guatemala or Mexico or Iran or Greece or Russia or where-ever than you do with Steve from Detroit. There are a lot of foreigners who’ve lived through this before and they are very concerned with what’s going on. They just don’t talk about it unless they feel comfortable. I’ve known people from all over. You’d be surprised how many allies you might have in immigrants and how many enemies the government schools have created among your neighbors. They didn’t all come here to re-establish what they left.

        2. You make great points, I agree with some except:
          – “The left is not so collectivistic anymore” –
          IMO, they still are, that is their core. Thing is they use certain groups, that they deemed as “oppressed” and empower them (Homosexuals, Feminists, Racial Minorities, etc). All of these subsets of the “oppressed” serve as weapons to attack traditional society. It may appear aesthetically that they are unique and individual, but they represent the anti-thesis to the “status quo”. Deep inside they are all leftists doing their master’s bidding, thing is most of them do not even know it. They demand collective submission to their liberal ideology.
          – “They fight against group identity,” They fight against a system that they have identified as: Patriarchal, White Majority, Christian. Those are the identities they need to destroy, so they can bring their “utopia” on earth. Those are their targets.
          Lastly, the “four stages of red pill” needs some historical or some sort of examples to support it. I don’t agree with the “Radical Right” definition along with a Fascist picture that may serve as innuendo. Radical Right, is not fascism. Radical Right, or what others would call “RW extremist” is at the most Anarchism.
          Just some observation, but overall you provide great insight, especially with the migration of libertarians.

        3. What makes migration hurt are a combination of other policies(welfare, gun laws, fighting bans)

        4. I’d say you’re almost right on throughout the plate. Except the Left fights collective identity formation only in white males. They encourage blacks to adopt a militant group outlook while telling Mutt & Jeff whites to hang their heads in guilt and pay out reparations for slavery.

      2. Libertarians (Classical Liberals) aren’t really that different form your average “conservative.” In fact, they share a common creed, which in essence boils down to little more than…..
        “give me my money and leave me alone.”
        That works if people are just naturally good. But they’re not. People are selfish, and will do horrible things pursuing their own selfish desires. To function together in a civil society, they need something beyond themselves to keep them somewhat unselfish. And it’s a certain level of unselfishness in people, which gives us public order, and makes “freedom,” however so broadly defined, possible.
        Civil society doesn’t just exist. Not here, not anywhere. A society that allows for our degree of ordered
        liberty, as we in the Anglo-American tradition understand it, doesn’t
        just exist. It must be built, then fostered, and continuously protected. To do that requires effort, political and otherwise, to sustain that kind of society. Effort beyond the empty phrases and dogmas of the Right over the last 60 years of “free trade, small government, individual liberty.”
        Free trade can’t exist without rule of law, which is a rare commodity, and takes collective effort, social trust and moral restraint to maintain. And even then, free trade often puts money ahead of all other considerations.
        Small government can’t exist without other forces and institutions
        playing the collectivist role in society. People don’t exist as islands.
        Individual liberty, our traditional understanding of it at least, (where there are actual consequences for, limitations to, and obligations notwithstanding, our “freedom,”) isn’t something that is naturally occurring in humans. Everybody believes in “freedom” when it just means, “I will do as I please, screw everybody else.”
        If human selfishness has no check (religious, cultural, social or legal) then you won’t have any money, and you won’t be left alone.
        That dogma has sailed. We need a conservatism, if that’s the word for it, based on shared culture, faith, experience and community. We don’t need more high-minded liberal visionary idealism. We need stern soberness.

        1. You are onto something. Money isn’t end all be all. Societies biggest treasure are it’s people, and when you only care about money society degenerates.
          A healthy society cares about morals, family, traditions and so on.
          Gorge Rockwell gave a great speech on this subject

          (the part between 4:08 and 5:20 is especially relevant about today’s conservatives and their short-sightedness)
          ” The difference between a conservative and a national-socialist is conservatives care about money, while a national-socialist is concerned about his people”
          George Lincoln Rockwell

        2. Julius Evola also had a great theory on this, called the theory of involution.
          A society starts as a sacred society that worships god and tradition and then slowly descends into materialism and cynicism.
          He believed at the end of the cycle a cataclysm occurs and then society is restarted again with higher values reinstated.

          Oswald Spengler, also a traditionalist philosopher, believed that as society deteriorates into a Republic it is in it’s fate for a caesar to come and restore it to greatness. Donald Trump is playing into that, the human need for a caesar.

        3. The left has done it’s best to drive religion and tradition out of the public sphere, and those are two key elements that allow conservatism/libertarianism/classic liberalism to function properly as the better form of social organization in contrast to a big government micromanaging every aspect of your life.
          And human foibles apply doubly to socialist societies, particularly greed, self-centeredness and sloth.

        4. This.Communism and unrestrained international finance capitalism both see the individual as an interchangable economic unit. They don’t care about any other characteristics of the person, and prefer to destroy any intermediate structure that stands between them and the individual. Family, tradition, community, religion– it all has to go.
          People should be ends, not means. Any political system that sees people as a means to achieve a utopian ideal is leftist in the only true sense.
          Oh, and– This time the world.

        5. White, Christian societies have a good chance at being functionally libertarian. An increasingly secular and multicultural America with open borders would not survive libertarianism.
          Sidenote, how ridiculous are the liberals when they say: “Libertarian? How is libertarian Somalia looking right now?” Right, use an African black country as your example, no fucking government system could fix that place.

        6. This is the biggest problem now, when you exclue the human factor out of your analysis it’s ridculous.
          Sometimes it’s not the policy. Sometimes it’s the people
          Like when the left uses Scandinavia as an exaple of successful socialism. Yes sure, small homogenous nation of high iq people with self-restraint and high social cohesion.
          Let’s copy their model onto a nation of 350 million people with an increasing number of illegals, single moms and drug addicts.
          Great thinking, liberals.
          Bernie 2016 !

        7. All conservatives do not believe that people are “naturally good”. Maybe you refer to the cucks. This “naturally good” stems from neoliberal ideas that stemmed from Rosseau. There are many who are realists. That’s why I got far from libertarianism in the first place.

        8. What I mean by “conservative” is this context, is your average, Reagan-style, Hannity listening, Cruz voting, self-styled conservative. These folks, aren’t really conservatives, in the Burkean sense. They’re a hybrid of classical liberal and reflexive habit. The later term, refers to their propensity to preserve ONLY the world as it was into which they were born, nothing prior to that. In that way, they preserve nothing but the “progress” of yesterday.

        9. That is definitely a very personal definition. lol. I believe I was referring to the later term, but unfortunately different factions of so-called Rinos/cucks have infiltrated. I am talking about the realists who yes are inspired by Burke, but I doubt the modern person would go that far given our “educational system”

        10. Ha! Perhaps so. I only make it a point of discussion because I believe there has been a dearth of introspection regarding what constitutes conservatism. Most people recognize instantly what we mean by the so-called RINO/moderate/establishment faction of the party, as well as what’s meant by the Libertarian faction. But “conservative” gets a very obtuse treatment; “free market, small government, individual liberty.” I think that’s not just an incorrect definition, but a failing one. And I think getting that definition right, matters more than exposing every establishment hack out there.
          It’s clear enough to most of us on the Right that the “cucks,” as the lingo goes, are all about $$$. But that portion of the party has only had success all these years, with the willing and able support of the supposedly “conservative” base. And it’s been easy for them to fool that conservative base, when conservatives seemingly care nothing for supporting community ties, traditional culture, and the nation. Or when that base thinks that free trade and open immigration are actually long held conservative values, as many still do.

        11. We would be considered liberal in the 1960’s, but by today’s standards we are reactionary.
          This is why labels and public opinion is useless. Truth doesn’t change wether it’s 1965 or 2015.
          So all those cucks pretending humans changed in the last 50 years are the true loonies.
          Your mainstream liberal from today with his preffered pronouns tranny bile and gay marriage would be considered a loony in the 50’s.

        12. I don’t know if I’d be considered liberal in 1960, but the march of progress stops for no one.

        13. Funnily enough, I’m so conservative I would probably fit in the 1500’s. I would still most liely be called a nazi in the 60’s.

        14. It is not a failing one, at least here in the us. That is an acceptable definition at least in the context of US politics. We can talk all day about it, and i can show you how free market, small gov, play a part of such definition. Its perhaps another discussion for another day. But I respect your opinion.

      3. Open boarders is what we can have once the world is libertarian. It’s part of the philosophy but really should be way down at the bottom of the implementation list.

      4. I sympathized with the Libertarians, I respect Ron Paul and supported him, but not his son Rand. Libertarians have things in common with conservatives, especially with economics, small gov, except when it comes to social issues and certain attitudes. They are almost similar to liberals in that they assume that everyone is good natured and well meaning, and responsible enough to participate in their utopia. Unfortunately, history has taught us repeatedly about how human nature factors operate. They are not Realists, however we do have to get along to fight these SJW zombies being pumped out of universities every time.

      1. I used to be a part of the Ron Paul bandwagon. I was an ardent supporter until i realized that he is part of the establishment also. He was a gate keep for people that are waking up. Trump and Bernie are gate keepere also. They are there to keep you thinking that the system can still introduce revolutionary candidates. Trust me on this, any candidate that is on TV is not a threat to the establishment at all. Ron Paul is a hypocrite and a shill. He petitions for federal tax dollars in energy subsidies. Yet he publicly espouses small govt?? He also appoints members of his family members into local govt roles?? Trump is a shill too. Dont fall for it. Change will not come from the political class. It will come from the bottom up. Stop being naive.

    3. Yeah, we could have had statesman Ron Paul and attempted to restore some semblance of a republic that respected individual rights and at least curbed some of the criminality and corruption for a short while. The sort of wise principled man that could have set an example to shame people in government by example into behaving for awhile. While I wouldn’t have expected much out a Paul presidency it would have been a chance to start to turn things around. A pause, a reprieve to change the direction. That failed. So now it’s time for the strong man Trump or the pseudo-socialist Sanders.
      Then of course there is the outright vile war mongering poster child of everything that is wrong, Hillary Clinton. She represents the system, the status-quo. But HRC is in trouble. On Obama’s word she can be destroyed. However I expect Obama will take a favor from the Clintons not to do it. If that happens and Trump thins the republican herd the system will throw everything behind Clinton. If Clinton is heading to the big house it will toss in a Biden or similar if there’s isn’t a republican it can push ahead of Trump.

    4. Fuck yeah! And I thought I was the only one getting that pissed. Man…that was pure badassery.

    5. You’ve stolen my thunder, my lightning, and about a dozen hurricanes I had stored up….Thank you

    6. Roosh responded in an article “when the ovens fire up” as the difference between the two.
      But yep you really hit the nail on the head.
      We can either have a controlled descent or literally fall out of the sky

    7. This is the final election whereby we have the ability to begin to turn the aircraft carrier before it breaches upon the rocks. If that happens, we’re looking at the destruction of the United States and a world war that will make WWII look like a small conflict.

    8. Best comment Ive ever read here after the best article Ive ever read here.
      Ive been telling people that its either Trump, or civil war.

    1. Yes, the one world government prison planet agenda is definitely real. It’s an open conspiracy now.

  6. I think you are very naive if you think Trump will materially change anything. Yes, he’s tapping into the legitimate frustration of the American people, and is willing to say things that the political elite have tried to extinguish from popular discussion.
    But Trump IS THE ESTABLISHMENT, through and through. All you get with Trump is evidence that the business wing of the Establishment is stepping in because of the incompetence of the political wing of the Establishment. Trump actually brags about being part of the Establishment and being able to get deals done.
    Trump is a manifestation of the fear of the Establishment that the political wing is losing control, and an attempt by the business wing of the Establishment to curtail any losses that might occur because they are losing control. He’s a Trojan Horse.
    I don’t doubt he’ll follow through on some of his immigration claims, and he’ll make big noises about negotiating a better deal with foreign countries on trade deals. In the end, he’ll sell out the American people just like the rest of the Establishment.
    It’s sad to see so many supposedly clear-eyed members of the manosphere be so completely hood-winked simply because he behaves like a pickup artist. It doesn’t follow that because someone is good at picking up women, that he’ll be good at leading society. Society is based on families, something that requires a commitment that pick up artists abjure.
    This is not to say that you are wrong about Trump being an alpha male. It is just to say that Beta’s actually do the things that make society work. They carry the load, and bear the burden of commitment. I get admiring Trump for his supreme Alpha characteristics. But I don’t quite understand overlooking how connected he is to the Establishment because he happens to be an Alpha Male. I suppose if he makes you admire him as he sells you out, that is some small consolation.

      1. She drove buses around Brooklyn during the summer of 68, she played all these hippy tunes from a megaphone mounted on the roof during her National Socialist days.

        1. Hitlery is a old lesbian opportunist who craves power. She gives a f*ck about nationalism or America and rode her old whore chasing husbands coattails to get there. Bitch is the most evil of the bunch as she has no moral compass whatsoever.

        2. She’s some piece of leather and metal alright. Can you blame auld cigar sucking Bill for screwing around married to that weapon.

        3. Hillbilly Willy? Can you blame a snake for its nature? They are an archetypical Boomer power couple.

      2. Hell no. Hillary couldn’t buy my vote for a million bucks. She needs to crawl under a jail somewhere. She’s worse than Trump. At least Trump is not going to be beholden to the left wing retards. But he’s still all about protecting the Establishment.

    1. It’s sad to see so many supposedly clear-eyed members of the manosphere be so completely hood-winked simply because he behaves like a pickup artist. It doesn’t follow that because someone is good at picking up women, that he’ll be good at leading society. Society is based on families, something that requires a commitment that pick up artists abjure.
      I couldn’t agree more, thanks for that comment. I was starting to lose hope in the manosphere.
      I’m starting to wonder as to why Roosh and QC are trying to convince us that the narrative is collapsing when the opposite is true? The establishment are in fact getting bolder with their lies and manipulations.

      1. They are getting bolder because it now takes more expenditure of energy and effort to do what they used to be able to do without a whisper of dissent. For the first time, people are starting to wake up.
        I can’t say it’s going to be easy. We are only a very small voice in the cosmic fugue right now.
        But history is unpredictable.

        1. In my opinion they are getting bolder as the efforts to dumb down the population are bearing fruits and they can see it. Plus, as you know Big Lie (Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique.
          Sometimes, I have the feeling that they even take the piss just to see the reaction.

    2. Yeah, but I guess time will tell. The only reason I like Trump is because he’s trolling the political process and he’s hated by the mainstream media and by the YKW.

      1. I like him for the same reason – that he’s trolling the political process. But that is a poor excuse to vote for him.

        1. He shifts the overton window.
          He makes it ok to hold previously unacceptable positions.
          That’s the best reason to vote for him.

        2. It makes me appreciate him. It doesn’t make me want to vote for him. Personally, I’m backing Cruz, who has proven to me that he is willing to substantively fight against the Establishment. I just don’t believe that Trump will. If I did, I’d be more open to him.
          Cruz advocated for small business when he was appointed to the Federal Trade Commission. That was before he became a Senator who has called his own Senate majority leader a liar on the floor of the Senate. The man has no fear when it comes to taking on the Establishment in substantive ways. I just trust that he will actually fight for the average American. I think Trump will give lip service to it, and then help pad the wallets of his fellow NYC anti-American bigots.

        3. Cruz flip flops as hell. He is the definition of kosher conservative.

          Trump on the other hand did change his opinions on some issues, after informing himself. But he has been more or less consistent.

          Also, who cares about “policy”. The conservative movement for the last 60 years achieved nothing, because it was so obssessed with winning elections it lost the culture war instead.

          Fuck “policy”, we need to change culture, and that is what Donald Trump is doing.
          We need to become social engineers like the leftist have been for the last decades. I don’t care about a particular policy too much, because we will still lose in the long run, like the conservatives have already for the last 50 years. But if we shift culture, victory will be ours.

      2. he is not trolling the mainstream. They let him get air time because he is apart of their plan. If he was a legitimate thorn in their side he would not even be on TV. He is acting out his role.

    3. Trump is the last hope for the western world. Many people including myself just want to have a hope.

    4. Change smange.
      Watching leftoids crawl up their own asses over Trump is entertaining enough.

    5. You may be right, but even if he sells us out, that will cause the ‘murika land of the free home of the brave” tards to lose faith in this country. That needs to happen as those people are still mostly suckers playing by the rules while the Left fucks them every which way to sunday.
      Once the patriotard hat comes off, then its game on baby. So either way, Trump winning is good for us.

    6. I am glad someone feels the same as I am. I simply don’t get this Trump worship by all sides and now including the manosphere. It’s the same as with Obama in 2008, one false Messiah after the other. He’s a loudmouth billionaire too bored with his life who after 30 years of screwing people left and right is now out to save the world. A sign of the times I guess but give me a break.

  7. Yes, nationalism is the most natural thing in the world. An modern extension of the concept of tribes. Just like heterosexuality is natural. Good that the the natural order of things is replacing this evil socialist experiment at last

  8. But their day of reckoning will come. They sold out an entire generation. They plundered, lied, and cowered under their desks when they should have been leading and knocking heads. You sold us out. And you need to pay the price.

  9. I don’t think the Godwin law argument is an automatic arguement win button. Feminists who advocate for the reduction of the male population and who blame an entire sex, kind of how a certain dictator might have blamed an entire country’s problems on jew and advocated for the reduction of their numbers to a minimal level, might legitimately be compared to Hitler. Also the Goodle Chrome add-on called “Men Kampft” replaces the word woman with the word aryan, and the word man with the word jew on webpages. Now just visit sites like everydayfeminsm with that add-on and you might see why it’s legit to call feminists “feminazis”.
    The Hitler comparison is invalid with Trump not because of Godwin’s law, simply because it’s demonstrable that Trump doesn’t want to eradicate an entire demographic, he only wants to stop the immigration of said demographic, which is a defendable political position. As for Muslims have to register with the governement, it’s a totally reasonable reaction when over 95% of terrorists are Muslims. That sucks for the Muslims who aren’t terrorists but there is clearly a problem with their religion and if they don’t like it and don’t want to work to solve it, they can simply leave the religion. I know that, if I were a Christian and 95% of terrorists were Christians, I’d take a good look at my religion and at my personal convictions and realise that they are contradictory.

    1. I find that, universally, those who make comparisons to Hitler, understand absolutely nothing about the man and his ideas, and what his goals for Germany entailed.
      This comment is no exception. Only the Bluest of Blue-Pillers would believe that Hitler wanted to eradicate an entire demographic.

      1. But Hitler wanted to conquer the world. He would make lampshades out of baby foreskins and he would kill jewish infants by throwing them to wolves and bears.
        He also created a base in the antarctic and on the moon, and he had clones of himself and he had sorcerers and created a secret Thulean society to study magic.
        That’s what hollywood and proffesor Goldstein told me, why would they lie ?

  10. “A weak King, makes weak the strong people”
    Our national poet said this and its more than ever the truth. We are being led, specially in Northern Europe by traitors and there is a smell of revolution in the air. Nationalist parties are going to take over, sooner or later, starting with France i believe.
    I am a big fan Quintus, of your posts and this is another one that is, like always, sophisticated and on the spot.
    People are waking up and i have the feeling 2016 will be a great year, a year of change!

  11. Add Goldman to the long list of Jews who have tried to bring down Trump.
    Hopefully, it is becoming obvious, even to ROK readers, just who the (((establishment))) really is.

    1. I don’t know if there is any saving some of these guys. They claim to be redpill and then every word out of their greasy little mouths is cucked to the extreme, worshipping jews, negroes, etc… watching movies and television, watching the naggerball on TV, staying glued to the electric jew. It seems the last thing they want to do is identify WHO is fucking us and WHY they are doing it. But I have seen some hopeful signs lately. I guess better late than never.

      1. A more blatant example (setting aside Goldman from this article), is the National Review Online.
        They recently published an article “Conservatives Against Trump”. It was an all out attempt to push support away from Trump.
        Out of the 22 “Conservatives” who were involved in writing it, at least 10 are confirmed Jews, and the rest are all basically very “Israel First” types or Zionist Christian types.

        1. I can no longer blame Jews for their chutzpah in attempting to sabotage White societies. The blame goes on the White idiot who believes that Jews are just like White people. These idiots honestly don’t even contemplate the JQ because they wholeheartedly believe the delusion that Jews are allies of Whites.

        2. The toughest “red pill” to take deals with Germany and WW2, and the many lies and myths (such as the Holohoax). I thought that the author was going to give the National Socialists positive mention as I continued reading his article… but no such luck.
          Perhaps he knows the truth (along with Roosh), but isn’t quite ready to publish it around these parts. Publishing such words might drive away members of the current audience.

        3. Of course. It’s National ReadJew Online. Wherever you find lots of cucks there will always be Jewberals who conveniently became Neocons.

        4. Well, then those asswipes can find another fucking website now, can’t they. The truth should rule here.

  12. I have been reading for years and Spengler in particular. He’s a former Wall St. guy who rarely speaks against it but he seems to love the Jews and Israel in particular. He’s a smart guy no doubt who claims to be a polymath but with his own agenda of publicizing Jew worship. Perhaps Spengler should give Donald some credit for marrying his daughter to one of the J-elites that he is probably part of instead.
    With that being said I think it is naive to see Trump as anti-establishment, to me he is sort of an “anti-elite” elite who simply wants the Presidency as the next adventure to conquer in his boring billionaire life. This clown “political” candidate would not have had a prayer in the better days of the not-so-distant past of the American republic when serious candidates of some intellectual gravity took the stage and debated issues instead of attacking each other. He says he will go after China etc but his and his family’s own enterprises are probably benefiting massively because of the fact that they do business with Chinese companies.The managers who run his hotels probably have illegals on their shadow payrolls. Of course he doesn’t know all this and when it comes out he’ll say they hired them and he’ll fire them on the spot.
    The broken socio-economic structure will stay exactly the same and continue to grind away at middle America as it has for the last 40 years whether he wins or not because the conditions that allow this to continue unabated are entrenched in American cultural, economic and social life. There used to be a time when management was held accountable but that is no longer the case. Your either one of them or you’re in the jungle. 10 years ago there was more talk about inequality and how middle America is being screwed left and right, today that inequality and employment conditions are far worse and yet the issue seems to have been placed in the back burner.

  13. You look into any modern movement that has been bad for straight White males, and you will find that movement stacked to the gills with Jews. And yet you still have these morons who refuse to believe that war has been declared against them.

  14. Fuck it, I have to ask? Why the Jew hate? Is it because your Christian ancestors didn’t let Jews do anything other than money lending and they got so good they took control? Just asking.

    1. I’m not entirely sure how to feel about this whole Jewish thing myself. On the one hand, it CANNOT be denied that every sort of leftist movement (feminism, Marxism, multiculturalism, etc.) has a large Jewish presence. But the question is what do we do about it? I’m sure that many here are thinking this is the solution: finish what Hitler started. But that is a very dangerous road to go down. If we were to go down that path, who’s to stop it from happening to blacks, or Hispanics, or people of mixed race. Then who’s to stop it from happening to Indians and Orientals, or the 14/88 people from doing it to the Irish or Italians? It is clear that the majority of the blame for our situation rests largely with Jewish efforts, but what we do to resolve it is going to be the real ordeal.

      1. If people are fearful of retribution by their generous hosts, perhaps they should stop being saboteurs and parasites. Perhaps they should go back home to their own lands, where they would not be “outsiders” and would have nothing to fear.

        1. I agree, but what I fear is that many innocent people will be harmed, people who are not as aware as we.

    2. It’s not hatred, it’s envy. It’s the feeling of “We are better and smarter than they are, so WE should be the ones on top!”. It is the cry of the bitter, envious loser.

  15. The narrative has enormous holes in it. They will try their damnest to patch it up.
    The problem is they can still have the better rhetoricians, who know best how to make reasonable arguments, by which I mean arguments that that have the outer form of reason even though they are internally bereft of the same.
    Targets should be selected carefully. At least as carefully as the method of persuasion. And then maybe…

  16. What Trump is doing is a major political realignment. People are the same but how they vote is changing. It is no longer a stalemate between Red and Blue, it is now people who love America as America and the ones who hate it and want it destroyed (through immigration, socialism, and destruction of the family.)
    From the first announcement speech, Trump has reached out to a different set of voters. Even now, he’s getting 20% of the Democrats – that will increase when it is Trump vs either Clinton or Sanders in the general.
    The “true” conservatives dislike him because he’s stealing their congregation, just like establishment ministers in old-line churches hated the new evangelist with their tent revivals and big enthusiastic crowds.
    The best coming sign of his ascendency will be when other political candidates scramble to ride his coat tails. He will then have political power in Congress to really make a difference and roll-back some of the insane laws and regulations of the Obama years and earlier. It will be like LBJ in 1965 when the Democrats swept following Goldwater’s defeat.
    As to Spengler, his writings sometimes have genuine insights but not lately. I still read him but he has been trying my patience lately.

  17. This post was All Aces!
    It is true, we are tired of their ways and now they want to open borders FURTHER and give away the farm to people who don’t deserve it.
    I was talking to my woman and told her, you know when you work and scrape and work and sacrifice for what you want and DO NOT get hand outs you appreciate it all that much more. Which is why I love my house, I bought it myself, no hand outs and no help. You give that to an illegal or refugee and all they will do is shit on the floor and never take care of it.
    The Projects were new when we gave it to them.

    1. I grew up with people who were perpetually in need. Rather the Government, friends, family. They used every trick in the book to gain these things. Many had a lot and worked very little. One ting remained the same. They were always miserable. Miserable and suicidal. Nothing brings a person more satisfaction than working for their betterment and a purpose.

  18. People keep saying Trump is anti-establishment. Trump has openly paraded his associations with the establishment, claiming to have given money to every candidate except Rubio and Carson. He wasn’t a politician, granted: he was one of the Wall Street people corrupting the politicians with money.
    The only thing that Trump has changed or “brought to people’s attention” is how stupid Americans are. The writer of the “Art of the Deal” who looks forward to making a deal with the Democrats is about to cuck the manosphere into 4 more years of the same.
    I seriously doubt that the man who has been taking pictures and giving money to hundreds of politicians is about to clean up Washington.

  19. We need a fresh start with all the government debt. Not just the $20T the fed has borrowed. If you add up all the SS and pension obligations of all levels of government it is well over $100T. Trump or anyone can’t do anything until all this debt is canceled out or at least renegotiated at pennies on the dollar.
    I think Trump may be the best candidate not because he is conservative. But because he has experience with bankruptcy. He may be the best at negotiating with all the creditors when the shit hits the fan. Otherwise it will be civil war.

    1. “But we owe the money to ourselves!!!!” -popular leftist refrain
      Im rooting for all out bankruptcy shitshow, all debts called in, nuke the fiscally irresponsible. Tabula Rasa

      1. The sooner we do it, the less painful it will be.
        But then we will have to end the ability of the FED to print money and borrow endlessly, as well as reinstate a gold standard or something, otherwise we will end in the same place we started

  20. If one feels sold out, why did one allow himself to be in that position in the first place?

  21. Passionate and timely.
    The day of reckoning is coming. They will allow us to express ourselves peacefully now, or something far uglier is coming later.
    Either that, or Camp of the Saints, in which case the cucks will lose anyway.

  22. Man ! That was one excellent article ! Every sentence a bulls-eye, no fussiness, no ramblings but only clear hard-hitting truth
    (point is I´ve to admit I´m often not so interested in Quintus´articles, about ancient philosophy and such but this article is so spot-on, great).
    (Disclosure: I´m a German…. and it´s every bit as effing unpleasant as anybody may suppose).

  23. “My guess is that Europe will, sooner or later, revert back to the old
    nation-state system. The peoples, the cultures, and the heritages are
    just too different”
    Germanic countries have had so much non-Germanic immigration that it would be harder than you imagine (and I’m not talking only non-white immigration. Also with dysgenics it would be hard to get back to intelligence levels of the past.
    Freedom can be lost and regained, but once your race loses it’s purity you are done with.

  24. “Donald Trump represents the triumph of resentment over hope.”
    “How’s That Hopey-Changey Stuff Working Out For Ya?”

    1. Ha Ha yea “hope”. Such a subjective term that means so much to so many people. Unlike most politicians at least Trump isn’t in the “hope” business. He’s in the “Let’s make” business…….

      1. I suffer a bit from the Cassandra Syndrome. A whole lot of my professional training involves how to convince people to believe bullshit. Frankly, I have never been good at bullshitting people but my bullshit detector is preternatural.
        I can’t get a full picture of Trump nor can I vote for him as I am a Canadian ex-pat living in China and the internet here sucks.

  25. Trump is the strong man. Strong men are what happens at this stage. How long the USA goes without one reaching power is unknown, but we are probably in the phase where it is possible and Trump being where he is shows it. Parallels of Trump to Hitler are correct in some facets, but it’s just nonsense in others. The correct 1930s parallel is Mussolini. Trump will get things done and make the trains run on time or so we are supposed to believe. Even if a president Trump restricts himself to an FDR like role of executive unilateral power it’s still the same role.

  26. “Donald Trump represents the triumph of resentment over hope. I don’t know what American voters will do. But I’m frightened.” Spengler
    What these people don’t realize is that many of us on the ground who work our hands to the bone and then grind down to the marrow are nearing the point of welcoming something to be truly frightened about.
    Without the promise of a foreseeable future why would I put in all this effort? If all there is left at the end of the day is the sense that those in power are playing with our lives like a bunch of spoiled idiot children, then what the fuck left is there but war?

    1. Aren’t you Canadian? If so get out of the major cities there. Canada sucks cause its interior is mostly unforgiving. Great for bow and fly endeavors but that winter will kill you.

  27. As much as I might like to agree, I am always reminded of one thing, that if the past 100 years (in fact, the last 240 years) has taught us, that the Oligharchs always get what they want.
    Suppose Cruz or Trump or whoever are completely sincere about what they want. Do you think they’ll get much done in the face of various powerful interests both inside and outside of government? Do you think there will be a moritoriam of immigration, particularly Muslim refugees? Do you think there will be better strengthening of the southern border with Mexico? Do you think there will be any lessening of spending? How about Obamacare?
    All I’m saying is don’t get your hopes up. The purpose of voting in the nation is to transfer responsibility off of the shoulders of the power-brokers known as politicians in Washington, so that nobody’s ultimately responsible for anything. Oligharchs, of whatever their interests, are notoriously disloyal to the nation at large, because they are not responsible for it. And Oligharchies rarely ever make rational decisions in the best interest of the nation.

    1. Very well put. Voting at the local/county and state level does have significant meaning. I wonder what will happen when most of the off year voters die off.

      1. Yes, but the problem with local elections is that most people do not know anything about them. Most people couldn’t tell you who their mayors are, or their county commissioners, aldermen, sheriffs, or judges. If national media is obscure about national issues (to one degree or another), local media might as well be disinterested in local issues. I’ve been to city council meetings and I’d rather watch paint dry. But, what goes on there is very important for reasons that are a bit arcane. I personally watched a council, supposedly worried about industrial sprawl, change a residential zone into a commercial-industrial one, thanks to no doubt to the generosity of the people behind the lawyer who made the five minute proposal.
        You can make more of a difference at the local level, especially if you have the money to do it. However, you’d merely be playing the game.

        1. Those local political boards and councils are boring. Many of these local positions are little better than welfare for lawyers 95% of the time, The other 1% is where I am

      1. Awful. Reagan was the worst.
        Serial Tax Raiser
        Nearly tripled the federal budget deficit
        Unemployment soared after Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts
        Grew the size of the federal government tremendously
        Amnesty for 3 million illegals
        Illegally funneled weapons to Iran
        Helped create Taliban and Osama Bin Laden
        Shall I continue…

  28. This “European Union” is nothing but a mere page in the book of History. It’s not the first time an alliance (no matter how much of a sham) has existed across Europe, and it won’t be the last. The EU will fall.

  29. Trump:
    * grossly exaggerates his wealth
    * bullies people, is incapable of compromise
    * flip flop on issues, no true convictions
    * has simplistic solutions to complex problems
    * passionately pro-Israel, pro-Zionist (daughter converted to judaism)
    Though he is quite funny and entertaining, im afraid he wont be able to save America and make it great again

    1. “grossly exaggerates his wealth”
      And ?
      “bullies people, is incapable of compromise”
      Like that is a bad thing
      ” flip flop on issues, no true convictions”
      Bullshit, he changed some opinions after informing himself, like the need for a wall, after reading Coulter’s book, but his convictions are pretty consistent
      “has simplistic solutions to complex problems”
      It’s not rocket science we are dealing with here. Build a wall, simplify the tax code, very basic stuff
      “passionately pro-Israel, pro-Zionist (daughter converted to judaism)”
      Which is why he had the chutzpah to joke about jews trying to buy him and being good “negotiators” the need for a resolution between Palestinians and Jews rather than jumping 100 percent on Israel train.
      He also skipped his Israeli visit, which mainstream candidate ever did that ?
      Arguments refuted, Trump not stumped !
      Hail Trump ! Hail Victory

    2. The idea that compromise is always good was one of the tools they used to get us into this mess.
      If he was anti-Israel do you really think he would announce it publicly? This would completely distract from his message of controlled borders and politicians in the pocket. Your reassurance of his virtue would ensure that he would lose the election. The media is so corrupt that keeping them on the back foot is imperative if you do not want them to completely dictate your presidential bid.

  30. I seriously hope Trump not winning in Iowa does not set him back. If somehow it ends up Hilary vs Rubio the worst will be confirmed as true.

  31. How come Trump lost Iowa? Were the polls wrong or didn’t enough of his supporters actually bother to vote?

  32. America is borrowing money to run the massive Government. Even if they taxed every person 100% it would not cover the cost of running the US Government. No one is even trying to tap the breaks.
    Trump is going to have to tell all the agencies he needs real financial and employment numbers not the BS ones the media reports. When that happens, even if it is 10 days into his presidency, The Democrats that pretend they are the media are going to blame Trump for everything. Yet Obama has been blaming Bush for almost 8 years for everything that goes

  33. I’m sorry but Trump is the most clearly insecure and defensive of the candidates. There are two manifestations of deep insecurity: 1) being so quiet that nobody notices you and you never voice your opinion and 2) being so loud that you can’t hear anyone else. Trump falls into category 2. When he gets called out on something, he diverts attention to someone else or resorts to petty insults (see: Carly Fiorina’s face). I want a president who is in touch with their humanity, not a robot whose biggest powers are defensiveness and false confidence.

  34. I can’t wait for the EU to fail. When I was a younger, more naive man, I thought the EU was a great idea, but now it has become apparent that the saying “good fences make good neighbours”. holds true
    Trying to join countries together at the hip by eliminating border autonomy and currency control (2 pillars of what makes a nation a nation, rather than a province or colony) actually makes war more likely, rather than less likely (which was the stated aim of the EU).
    There will be either war in Europe (which will be blamed on “nationalism”, “right wing extremism”, or course, rather than the internationalist insanity that actually caused it).

  35. The EU started out in 1952 with six countries as the Coal and Steel Community, five years later the Common Market. Really, the basic idea behind it at the beginning was sound. It brought a lot of benefits to Europe, faster recovery from the destruction of the war. It was never meant to metastasize into what it is now.

  36. Yes, we can all feel it. But we should also be wary, because now they have their backs against the wall, and may do something desperate. My suspicion is that the migrant crisis has been deliberately created because the elites know a massive financial collapse is about to come, and that their legitimacy, and their ideology, is now held in contempt. They want to cover their own escape (or to justify their last attempts at control) by submerging the general populace into a state of confused violence.
    If that doesn’t come to pass, I think one might find great success by starting parallel political parties in all the Western nations, that share a simple platform of “clearing the air.” It would run something like what follows:
    We face a constellation of crises, none of which have been handled – nor can be handled – because reality is manipulated routinely in Western societies (corrupt and secretive central banks, the Lügenpresse, venal politicians, political correctness, the criminalization of honest and upright speech, etc.). We propose the following, simple, emergency platform, obviously intended for the short-term, to restore honesty to the public sphere and precipitate a public debate on how to move forward from our present distress:
    1) All laws regulating speech are nullified for the time being, as are all “hate crime” and anti-discrimination laws. All entertainment programming is forbidden for media using public airwaves, equipment or funding until objectives 2-6 are completed; instead, public media will cover the proceedings detailed in those points, which should be entertaining enough! News media using public airwaves, equipment or funding will be reformed and regulated to eliminate ideological monopolization. No peaceful demonstration of citizens will be censured or impeded.
    2) All journalists, editors, media owners, etc., will be investigated, and those found to have knowingly lied or conspired against the public interest (defined as the safety and prosperity of the native population), will face death or exile upon conviction, depending upon the severity of their crimes.
    3) All major banks and governmental financial institutions will be audited. Any still-living persons guilty of fraud or other wrongdoings will face one of three penalties, depending upon the severity of their crimes: death, exile or ten years’ imprisonment with permanent forfeiture of the privileges of citizenship. This shall be done without respect to the statute of limitations, and even without regard to prior legal proceedings or pardons received.
    4) All still-living persons who have held a prominent, public office (each nation will have to determine what is “prominent” in their circumstances), will be thoroughly investigated. They shall also face the above three penalties depending upon the severity of their crimes and the dignity of their office (i.e., those in the highest offices should be punished much more severely). This shall be done without respect to the statute of limitations, and even without regard to prior legal proceedings or pardons received.
    5) There shall be a thorough investigation of the migrant crisis. All persons who orchestrated or actively legalized and enabled the migrant crisis – including private persons – will be executed for treason; all those who passively supported, enforced or gave cover to the crisis, shall be exiled to the territories, from which the migrants came; let them be with the people they admire and cherish so much, and whose characters and goodness they so confidently extol. Police or other officials who were at a loss for a response, especially in the early days, may be shown leniency. This shall be done without respect to the statute of limitations, and even without regard to prior legal proceedings or pardons received.
    6) True refugees will be relocated to a refugee zone; if one can be created outside of Europe with international agreement, all the better. Refugees will not in any case be permitted to wander about the civilian populace of Europe. Mere migrants will be repatriated; those who received aid fraudulently will repay their debt or work in a labor camp for not longer than one year, and then be repatriated.
    7) We will not engage in deficit spending; no person shall receive cash from any Social Welfare entitlements; if charities and Churches cannot provide what is necessary, those truly in need will receive from the state the necessities of life at most: food, necessary medical care and shelter. Corporate and Private income tax shall be eliminated in favor of flat consumption taxes.
    The purpose of all the above is to send the message that justice will be served upon the criminal class of the global elite; their financial and political positions shall no longer protect them, but shall instead be the smoking gun that invites a rigorous scrutiny of their deeds. The reform of media, finance, government and taxation is designed to let honesty prevail in the public sphere, and to let people see just how unnecessary all the “necessary” systems of manipulation were.

  37. this is baloney. .the establishment owns the media and people listen to the media. Trump and folks like him will get crucified ..give it a month.

  38. I hope you’re right about them being afraid. Regardless, the main gyst of this article is dead on. Thanks, Quintus!

  39. The “Narrative” works only as long as the people are “fat, dumb, and happy.” People usually know that it’s bullshit, but don’t care and play along as long as they get what they want in life. But right now people are pissed off.

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