Why Do Feminists And Social Justice Warriors Use So Much Profanity?

Ever since I stumbled upon the manosphere several years ago, one of the things that struck a chord with me was how comparatively clean and civil the discourse was between its writers and commentators. Despite the sphere’s (unwarranted) controversial reputation from outside forces, people displayed a sense of maturity, poise, and class which is absolutely devoid in prominent SJW realms such as Al Jazeera Plus, Alternet, Huffington Post, or Buzzfeed.

First of all, manosphere regulars tend to use euphemisms for many otherwise vulgar terms. For instance, people say they “banged” a woman or got a new “notch” this past weekend rather than the more frank but R-rated “I fucked her.” People also have a good grasp of formulating complete written sentences without having to resort to vulgar filler words, such as using “fucking” repeatedly as a meaningless adjective. And finally, people generally have good and civil debating skills when disagreements arise.

men yelling

People infrequently straw man each other. Ad hominem attacks against people are comparatively rare in disagreements. And perhaps best of all, there is a great amount of social support for people who are embarking on ways to better themselves as men. The manosphere is, by and large, a portal of intelligent Y-chromosome carriers who have at least a decent amount of humility and class. Using massive amounts of profanity for the sake of being “edgy” or “cool” will not win anybody social brownie points.

On The Other Side

It therefore comes as little surprise that our established enemies, social justice warriors, would display almost the direct opposite to many of the aforementioned attributes of our sphere. Many of them are incredibly crass, immature, and vulgar human beings who will straw man you like you’ve never been straw manned before.

Calling you all sorts of awful names (ad hominem) and shouting out colorful four-letter-word tirades will pretty much also be a given. And yet despite all of that, they want us to stop using such hateful words like “fat” to describe people. As if such a word will make or break an R-rated movie in the same manner as a “fuck” filled Martin Scorsese picture.

“But what’s so fucking wrong with swearing? Why don’t you go jump off a cliff!”

Straight from the front page of the Cuss Control Academy, excessive swearing essentially sets a personal penalty on your character. It makes you unpleasant to be with, it’s a tool for whiners and complainers, it shows you don’t have much self-control, and it endangers your workplace relationships (if you even have a job). As we have all witnessed, social justice warriors display all of those attributes with alarming frequency.

unemployment bad attitude

Yup, and with that attitude it’s going to stay that way my blue-haired warrior

Furthermore, it’s a tell-tale sign of a bad attitude problem. It shows to the whole world your lack of character, just how immature you are, and it sets a bad example for children (which we pray you don’t have). You are essentially a big rebellious kid trapped in a grown-ups body. A “Kidult” who is not ready for real grown-up discussion.

tim wise language

47 years old now. Oh grow up Timmy boy…

Speaking of setting a bad example for children, just look at how all of these foul-mouthed social justice warriors are corrupting little kids by instructing them to tell their current devil-incarnate, Donald Trump, to “shut the fuck up.” Absolutely revolting. Then the adult children come out (all of them), and the swear-a-thon simply does not relent.

“Fuck you! We stand for what’s right. Go kill yourself!”

Are they now? Well beyond how SJW’s repeatedly make written statements that people they disagree with should go kill themselves (such nice people), their excessive swearing is just plain awful for society. It represents part of the degenerate decline of the Western world, and the dumbing down of the United States in particular.

For instance, just look at these “Black Lives Matter” protesters trespassing inside an Apple store to vent their frustrations over their false narrative. Not only does Apple Inc. have nothing to do with their problems, they then take their spiel onto the streets and start dropping obscenities (starts at 0:18) repeatedly. As if that’s supposed to actually accomplish something, other than demonstrate proof of their immaturity and stupidity to a global audience.

Most importantly, profanity makes otherwise civil discussions quickly transform into arguments, and using obscenities in such scenarios is a strong sign of hostility. Hostile behavior is often a precursor to physical violence, and physical violence is the end result of the complete breakdown of civil human-to-human contact.

While that could be potentially dismissed as a “slippery slope” argument, it is far more often true than false. Think about it, when was the last time you knew of a situation where an otherwise vulgar persons language suddenly turned clean when they were getting aggressive and confrontational?

It certainly did not happen to Roosh in Montreal, when Jessica “Eat My Cunt” Lelièvre made an unprovoked assault on him which was followed by plenty of potty-mouthed obscenities.

Social justice warriors have proven themselves to be hostile via their profanity. The men of the manosphere simply have not.



SJW’s need to read these “growing-up” books

We all swear, and it has some degree of humor and effectiveness to it when it is used sparingly. However, SJW’s use it to such a profound extent that it loses all power and meaning. It really is just lame and a complete waste of time listening to these Marxist rejects “fuck this, fuck that” attitude towards anything in life which does not subscribe to their bogus narrative.

You are better than social justice warriors. We all are. Let’s keep our obscenities on the down low and improve ourselves as human beings by not stooping to their level. Excessive profanity is just lazy language for sad people.

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424 thoughts on “Why Do Feminists And Social Justice Warriors Use So Much Profanity?”

        1. Notta. : /
          I have had a right hand man who will be joining me from the get-go. Like I said, it’s hard to tell if the silence is from lack of readers in my region or them just being afraid to speak up. I will get things running, even if I have to recruit, myself. It’s just so much easier when they just show up & are already privy to the manosphere. I hate explaining the lingo, & most of all, every time I try to introduce a seemingly worthy proprospect to the red pill & ROK, they always want to make compromises. I wish Little Rock were a little bigger but, hey, I’ll work with what I have.

        2. Everybody will always want to compromise at first if they are open to being spoken to honestly about RP. The blue pill conditioning is deep in almost all men, their attempts to compromise are nothing more than the blue pill scrambling desperately not to be cut out of their psyche by the RP.

        3. Good point, Ghost. It’s almost shocking or akin to an “Ah-ha!” moment. Nobody likes to admit that they’re wrong about anything, or , in the case of the blue pill, everything. That takes real strength.

        4. and you’ll hardly even hear them mention that maybe it’s just a different view or take on a situation (not necessarily wrong).
          With them, it’s always black and white (you have to agree with them or you’re wrong). They give you no middle ground for compromise, no critical thought, reflection, etc…

        5. The bitterness of taking the red pill is the knowledge that everything those you trusted and loved told you is a lie. Everything you believed is wrong. That is why it is so hard to convert the blue pill man. Usually it takes an application of the red pill as a supository administered via the divorce courts.

  1. They use excessive profanity because they are irrational creatures & profanity is an expedient where no pause for thought is required. Like a raging bonaboo, I suppose.

  2. I think it was Vonnegut who said that cursing gives people who don’t want to listen to you a reason to ignore you and, as such, the excrement will hit the air conditioning.

  3. The kind of behavior one associates with backwoods types, sailors, and ghetto alleycats. So disappointed in you America. You can keep you God, your guns, and your potty mouthed kids. We’re out.

      1. You can send them with those guns to fight ISIS. But that would be misogyny and child exploitation.

    1. Yeah, they’re all a bunch of bright, clean languaged young men and women strolling through London on a Saturday evening. And Aussies, oy, those people sound like they’re pulled directly from a child’s bedtime story book, they’re so pure of language.
      And I will keep my God and guns, thanks. heh

    1. This is torture. And I only made it to the sexual assault part. Sadly, one only needs to go to the nearest Wal-Mart to witness this behavior. Poor little prostitots.

        1. Awesome. More self abuse. Now if you’ll excuse me, I also need to find my whip and my assless chaps….

        1. I do not even want to know what these little girls have seen their moms do around the house.

    2. In fairness, feminists pretty much are children, emotionally.
      That said, the video being analyzed is tantamount to child abuse, and those kids are well on their way to Crazytown.

        1. You know you want to hit that!
          The Kids Are Not Alright is also a really good song about a broken generation. Check it out!

      1. That kind of music used to resonate with me. Then I realized I could just next the skank and find another one.

        1. Yep, if she’s got these issues and you let her stay, then you’re a chump and deserve the punishment. What I like:
          She thinks she’s the victim/she’s playing the victim (feminist/SJW motto)
          If she’s not co-dependent then why let others drag her down (well, my girlfriends all say…next)
          She’s got baggage and its all the emotional kind (AWALT)
          Check your baggage at the door (or it’s next)
          And several grains of wisdom are alluded to here:
          She’s got issues and I’m gonna pay.
          1. Women have no clue what they want.
          2. Men intent on giving her what she wants are doomed.
          3. Never put your dick in crazy.

        2. Modern women don’t have just “baggage” anymore…
          it became “freight” in the 00’s;
          they are now up to “cargo”.

        3. I love how they are literally cum dumpsters for one guy, then want to treated like royalty by the next.

    3. Sometimes one must mentally remove themselves from our society and culture (I do this ALL the time) to see the true full level of insanity we are witnessing.
      Imagine you are watching a video from some country you have never visited, oh let’s just say Kazakhstan. And you view this. What conclusions would you draw about this society?
      Certainly a corrupt, immoral, declining culture that is so disgusting and sick that its children behave in ways worse than the typical prison inmate (see Folsom prison photo):
      My feelings and thoughts about such a place would be permanently negative, and I would want nothing to do with such a place. And yet, it’s not Kazakhstan, but the USA…

    4. The one consistent theme you’ve got to love with every feminist propaganda piece is how strong women are.
      Yet over on Breitbart, Dunham won’t return to Twitter until Twitter puts in place conduct to protect women.
      As someone who hates Twitter, I hope the company is stupid enough to adopt these SJW demands as it’ll be the inevitable death blow to KILL Twitter.

      1. I’d like to know what women on twitter are vulnerable to that men aren’t. What do they need protection from? It’s social media.

        1. Agree. But it’s really not about “protecting women.” It’s about silencing speech which opposes their warped paradigm.
          I despise Twitter . . . but Yesterday randomly looked at a TRUMP Tweet as he was getting ready for NH. Check out the pure VILE shit beneath his tweets from Social Justice Wankers.

    5. that was sickening.
      that was legit child abuse. how could it not be?
      those femicunts will keep playing dirty.

    6. A buddy of mine sent me this and it was actually genuinely uncomfortable to hear. I can actually stand the screeching SJW harpies but using kids? That’s exploitative and evil. That poor girl is being damaged.

    7. The same type of person that has a kid just for the entitlements. This is their little cash cow, may as well milk it for all it is worth.

  4. The preeminent reason is that women and SJW “males” are inherently adult babies trapped in grown-up bodies; they literally can’t help resorting to primative forms of communication (name-calling, excessive cursing, shaming, etc.).

  5. What the author states about the general tone and content of the manosphere regulars is spot on correct. We even indulge the snarling Leftists that intrude politely, at least for the first couple of posts (usually). Most of the time anyway, heh.
    Trying to get in a dissenting word in edgewise on HuffPo on the other hand and you are smacked in the face with Force 10 levels of hate for not marching lockstep. The differences are amazing.
    There is cursing on ROK by some of the regulars (myself included at times) but it is spaced out and much more potent due to it’s lack of constant use. The way it should be.

        1. Actually it is, that very article doesn’t really prove your position.
          The study shows that people who can use more different swear words also have a broader vocabulary, which is supposed to be an indication of higher intelligence.
          If one just curses often, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are creative and know more curse words.
          Intelligent people will come up with something creative in a rare occasion where swearing can actually deflate some situation and reduce tension, but stupid people will repeat the same swear word over and over again until a situation reaches a braking point.

        2. Fucking hell! Intelligent people also swear for emphasis and to express exasperation. It’s not the *general* case that social justice activists and feminists repeat the same swear word over and over.

        3. Probably ebbs and flows with the current. Sometimes fashionable, sometimes not. Today it covers real intentions and has a rebellious appeal to hide behind.

        4. And Kevin Smith was the entire operation whilst Jay was a junkie until recently
          Is Jay funny? Absolutely
          Could he have written, directed, edited and acted in a series of hugely succesful films and TV Shows? Possibly, but highly unlikely

      1. Not only how less intelligent that they are, it also shows how little of a counter-argument that they have; they also are using cursing and swearing as ‘shock words’ to disguise how weak their intellect is and how small-minded they are.
        ANYONE can curse and swear.

        1. i dislike swearing, not because it’s shocking (what could be less shocking in this day and age?) but because it shows a poor command of the english language. instead of eloquence, just drop an f-bomb is the rule not the exception nowadays.

        2. One of the most intelligent people I know swears like a longshoreman, and has a masters in English from the University of Chicago. I think this generalization doesn’t hold much water. Studies say that people who swear a lot generally have larger vocabularies and tend to be quite intelligent.

        3. “Shock words” is a perfect description. SJWs are all about shock since they don’t have the intellect to communicate like an adult.

        4. True for most people I know. Swearing might be an indicator of crassness, but intelligence… no.
          Lot of stupid people around with contrived and stilted social mannerisms.

        5. It’s not just tenuous, it’s nearly nonexistent. These links simply show that people who have large vocabularies tend to also be the same ones who have large curse word vocabularies. This is not at all the same as finding that the people who swear a lot (repeating the same 3 or 4 curse words sometimes every other word) are somehow more intelligent than those of us who can make our points in a calm and collected manner. Such excessive and repetitive swearing amounts to little more than linguistic emotional diarrhea. It’s using the expression of the writer’s ‘feelings’ to try to make an argument, and it’s womanly and largely ineffective.

        6. Why don’t you just post a link or article to Arianna Huffington’s rag next time as support for your self delusion.

        7. Yes. That and deep seated misogyny based on years of rejection by the opposite sex. This is a sad grouping. I was hoping for a bunch of sexy ‘Mad Men’ longing for a better time in history and a better caliber of woman not a bunch of crybaby rejects.

        8. Feelings are ‘womanly’? Why is that exactly? Please explain how feelings and the expression of feelings in the form of ’emotional diarrhea’ is ‘womanly.’ I’ve encountered numerous low intellect meathead men defending right wing politics who express their ‘feelings’ in this manner. Please clarify your assertion and back it up with a valid argument. Otherwise you sound like a bitter turd that women have likely loathed.

        9. this doesn’t look like a study, but i get what you’re saying. vulgarity CAN be clever. the drill instructor in full metal jacket, for example. very funny stuff. when i lived in italy, i noticed that italian swearing is strangely creative. for example, you get fascinating blasphemous combinations with animals, like “porcomaria” (pig mary) and “diocane” (god dog). even then, after a few years in italy, those started to get repetitive.
          not sure why italian vulgarity has more flair. it’s not something i’ve noticed in the other places i’ve lived around the world. russian swearing was particularly bad, basically just the same three words over and over and over (whore, cunt, bitch), even more grating than the anglosphere’s neverending attempts at being edgy with “fuck.”

        10. Rofl I had a teacher who explained the communication gap. His reasoning was that individuals when told in high English did not comprehend meaning since it was foreign to them but most understood swear words.

        11. ANYONE can fly an airplane but it takes skill to land one and it takes even more skills and understanding to land one without bouncing or doing a *short landing* which shows your lack of training.

        12. Your responding to a paid agent there. Designed to confuse and muddy the issue.
          The internet is pretty much worthless because of it and is good only for a few laughs actually not even that anymore since you don’t know if the person is real or even a *bot* program.

        1. Who is surprised that the Left wing media celebrates constant swearing and engages in self praise? Show of hands?
          Weird how if it’s so concise and a sign of intellect, how none of the philosophers and scientists of old used cursing to such ends, eh?

        2. You knew these people personally? Of course you didn’t. All you have to go on is their published work. As Nietzsche might have said, ‘I wish I could swear more in my publicly published works, but I fucking can’t’.

        3. George Washington is famous for cussing when things went wrong, but he was a businessman and soldier. He did stick to principles and refused the offer to make him king.

        4. What is the internet, but the 21st century equivalent of “published work”.

        5. Well if you care to recognize truths, one is that most swear words are quite ancient and the ancient’s used them just as we do. They’re not an invention of modern times. The difference now, is that swearing is accepted in social media- big surprise. But as I distinguish between writing and commentary based upon scholarship, and writing based upon half assed opinion, I see it as a non-issue in pro-rape chat forums.

        6. I’m familiar with language, thank you.
          Why are you going to pro-rape chat forums? I didn’t know those existed. You should probably avoid them, in my opinion.
          It’s no surprise that you’re all for cursing uncontrollably as you seem to be defending, what, being a leftist and everything. I’m not entirely certain why you’re bothering to post to me, to be honest.

        7. I gave you a response to your comment. And why the assumption that I’m a leftist? Why the assumption that I’m all for cursing uncontrollably? Lot of assumption based upon zero information, don’t you think?
          I’m here out of curiosity. Kind of like visiting an archeological site.

        8. You word things in a way that suggests that you’re not a conservative.
          As to “cursing uncontrollably”, the comment you responded to me with initially was one stating that a lot of leftists like to curse all the time and for no reason. You rushed to their defense “Welcome to the 21st century!” and then made a more detailed post trying to “instruct” me that cursing didn’t appear out of the blue in the year 2016 but somehow, call it magic maybe, has existed for a long time. Somebody who doesn’t condone constant cursing doesn’t make excuses for it all the time.
          Kind of like visiting an archeological site.
          Yes, you’re very sophisticated, I get it.

        9. “By hammer heads and hatchet heads and the howling harlots of HELL, you are lower than a snake’s CUNT, sir! By God, if I had a dog that looked like you, I’d shave its ass and make it walk backwards!”
          -attributed to George Washington in Robert Anton Wilson’s “Historical Illuminatus” trilogy

      2. The black lives matter people shutting down a Bernie speech. Wow and the 3 up there (2 women and a man) are all fat, yelling, and cursing. Bernie tries shaking their hand like “I’m on your team!” But they don’t have any of it. Bernie stands in back and watched it unfold.
        Also I’m here for OC meetup leaving my comment in case the thing gets black listed.

        1. These libs are pathetic.
          WB the non-fat girl though. She has a dykey vibe to her, but I dig that. It makes it feel like more of an achievement when you bend her over.

      3. Bullshit! Dumb ass! It’s well documented that the MORE intelligent people use colorful fucking language because it’s expressively cathartic and fucking FUN. Just use ‘the Google’ and you’ll easily find this out. This article is disappointing. I’ve actually liked a LOT of what I’ve read here until I got to this pansy ass piece of uptight crap clearly written by some prude needle dick weenie fuck. I can’t respect a man who says things like ‘ f bombs’ and ‘potty mouth.’ Go fuck yourself and get a fucking life.

      4. The way it was explained to me many years ago is that in any argument the person talking the loudest is usually wrong. I started out disbelieving this but the more notice I took the more true I found it to be.

      5. Good point. Curse words are usually a substitute for fully developed, thought-out expressions, and therefore less mental effort required.

    1. I agree. I’ll throw in a fuck here and there but for the most part the conversation (or the point) has to be hard hitting. If you’re always swearing (just to swear) then the point is lost.
      We do have plenty of good conversation here. Sometimes we’ll agree or disagree but we’ll have beers after the conversation. That’s how it goes (and should go all of the time).

      1. And to me, that’s the distinction; intelligent people use swear words as a way of “seasoning” their argument, where in the case of unintelligent people (the fuck8 mob) the swear words ARE the argument. “I mean c’mon its fucking 2016 for fuck sake!!!!”

    2. I’d like to think we’re a fairly eloquent cadre of dialectic cogitation and general hodgepodge motherfuckery.

    3. Yea we are truly civil. And that’s a strong indication that we are “the good guys” after all. Each time you disagree with a feminist it won’t be long before you are being told “ugh, go actually kill yourself”.

      1. Sometimes that’s their lead in post. Click on any thread over a year old and find them at the top of the comments, sometimes posting just hours before, with the snarky hate filled posts. They love to dig up old posts and “get the last word” when they think nobody is looking, rather a juvenile lot, wot?

        1. That is really something. I never even considered this. So basically they make the comments because they think no one is looking—this is literally the definition of narcissism

        2. I am sorry to harp on this GOJ, but I would like to explain this in terms of the song that came out just after I graduated college and was pretty much a shibboleth letting men know which women to avoid, viz., Stay (I missed You) Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories from the Reality Bites Soundtrack 1994.
          Stick with me here. The lyric I would like to focus on with regard to the going back to old posts because no one is looking and getting the last word is this: “You say I only hear what I want to.”
          The question to ask yourself is whether or not we should just abandon the whole language idea.
          In 1905 Bertrand Russell wrote an essay where he analyzed the following sentence “the present king of france is bald” where he asked if this sentence could possibly be true or false given that there was no present king of france when it was uttered. It is over 100 years later and analytic philosophy still hasn’t decided whether the sentence is false (Bertrand Russell), meaningless (Frege, Strawson) or simply a zany quirk of the way we play with language (Wittgenstein)
          Given that they can’t agree on baldy even with the additional tools provided by the advancements of modal logic in the 1960’s, there is no way any of them could even begin to deal with “you say I only hear what I want to” I feel safe in assuming that there is no possible way to determine whether that sentence could possibly be meaningful at all let alone what that meaning is.
          Sorry, it is taking so long, but going back to old posts to comment BECAUSE no one was looking really made me think.
          Think of the Lisa Loeb lyric: if you said to someone “you only hear what you want to” would you expect them to hear you say it? Presumably they would only hear you if they wanted to hear that and why would anyone want to hear that about themselves.
          SO, if you said it then you either don’t believe it and are just being a dick, think they are a masochist and you are being kind of a dick, or don’t expect them to hear it and are thus saying it for your own, selfish, kind of a dick reason.
          Now look at it from the other side: if you hear someone say this to you you’re either a) assuming it is false or b) you want to hear someone say it to you.
          So, to sum up 1) If she made the comment it is probably false 2) if she didn’t make the comment it is probably true, but 3) we would have no way of knowing 4) if she said it she probably didn’t believe it 5) if she believed it she probably wouldn’t have said it and 6) if it’s true there is no way to tell if she said it or not.
          This is the mentality of these commenters that you speak of.

    4. I am guessing you do not use social media, but you should see the amount of college girls sharing Huffington Post articles. It is madness. Honestly, never even sign up for social media. Just take my word for it, please.

      1. You are correct, I am not on social media. I don’t even own a smart phone, opting instead to participate in real life.

        1. I still have my little flip-phone from the 90’s. I tell jokes about my phone still having cords at home. I get blank stares.

        2. As chance would have it, I was forced by circumstance to trade up on my flip phone last year. Couldn’t find another one in the shop and didn’t want to pay full price. I have some ratty Pantech thing now, no data plan, no browser, no apps, just phone and a basic texting sms service that I don’t use.
          My dad updated for the same reason, but his provider still had a few flips to spare in the back. Damnit.

        3. Flip phones are becoming retro cool. I personally don’t want the GPS in a smart phone with the ability to track me.

        4. I have to use a ‘smart phone’ out of necessity for employment purposes but beyond that ‘social media’ is a waste of time and energy better spent on self-improvement, slamming down some heavy weight sets and grilling up steaks. I like the simplicity.

        5. Also the mic in a smartphone can be turned on to listen to you whenever, I think Snowden released the docs on this.

        6. I think that social media appeals to the female mindset in the same way that the “soap operas” do — it feeds their need for their ‘drama’ fix, and both are incredible time-wasters.

        7. Precisely. I don’t need or want that garbage in my life and I am better for it.

        8. eh, don’t feel bad about owning a smart phone. GPS, your music collection, and google (basically the sum of all collected human knowledge) all in one device the size of a deck of cards. there’s nothing wrong with not being a luddite.

        9. True. But being something of an old fart I prefer to use my iPod for music being that it can store 120gb-one can never have enough death metal. GPS is a necessary evil and mercifully my car has it inbuilt and as far as ‘Goggle’ it too is something that I am not fond of but have to use.

        10. An iPhone (or Android) is fine, it’s more about having portable Social Media on the hook all the time. If I ever am forced to get an iPhone or equivalent, it will be used as a phone and for my music collection.

        11. Not being on social media is probably the right thing to do. I have a smart phone (company issued) with NO social media apps on it.
          I have a Facebook and Twitter accounts that I recently decided to abandon as it causes me more consternation than pleasure. Too often I find myself wasting my time attempting to help some moronic left winger to see the light until I finally realized they are too far gone for me to reach. When I noticed how much time I spent arguing with idiots and how much time I THOUGHT about it I decided to no longer participate in social media. Life is better now………I think.

        12. What is a moronic left winger? Hmm? The opposite but equivalent of a moronic right winger? As in a capitalist billionaire, pro life, evangelical bible thumping, gun loving and toting, anti gay marriage, copsucking, authority loving, black and Mexican bashing, Muslim hater who tells the little people that trickle down economics will take care of them. I take it you’re one of those guys?

        13. Ha! What a putz response. Can’t handle the question it would seem. Probably have your head up Ted Cruz’s arse sniffing for Bible verses. Weeeeeaaaak. And stinky.

        14. All Left Wingers are Moronic
          You yourself, case in point.
          PS Why are you even here if you hate us so much?

    5. And unlike equalist faggots, the masculine right actually has legitimate grievances
      We’re the ones who should be burning down stores and showing up outside the enemy’s houses
      Just a thought

      1. Death to equality? What kind of ‘name’ is that? If that’s actually you, you’re Asian, far from the all-American, college educated, former quarterback with sandy blonde hair, blue eyes boasting a buff and tall physique that defines the cliched male type of elite in this country. Who exactly are you trying to be? Keyboard thumping turd.

        1. Equality is a western illness and needs to criticized globally
          East Asian nationalism makes your right wing look like nothing
          Your people could learn much from us

    6. when i question the white supremacy vibe that’s crept into ROK once in a while, the hardcore white power guys always call me a “cuck” and a “faggot.” i assume they’re projecting their own fetishes. other than that, yeah, people are very civil on here.

      1. The white race will be gone in 50 years if nothing changes by then. It is a simple matter of survival, or aiding our extinction. Put ego aside and look at what is actually happening.

    7. …how comparatively clean and civil the discourse was between its writers and commentators.

      Hmm… definitely not talking about me.

    8. People generally resort to profanity as a result of frustration when they are confronted by the fact that their argument makes no logical sense. Being able to reconcile what is fact with what they want they descend into childish tantrums.

    9. You know, unless you are calling someone a cunt, whore, slut etc etc when they disagree with you. Hypocrite.

    10. I think the same is true with a lot of leftist buzzwords. Racist, homophobe, sexist, hate, ect are used so often they’ve lost whatever potency they had, much like their preferred profanity. That is not to say that the inappropriate and often slanderous use of these words is harmless, as you pointed out. It sets a terrible example for children and anybody who wants to be taken seriously, but you get my drift I think. You get what the fuck I’m saying? If not, promptly get slaughtered, fucking pig.

  6. They think makes them more intimidating and masculine. Though it only makes them sound little kids trying to imitate adults . I curse but only when I’m angry or amongst other men

  7. This is fucking bullshit.
    They took cursing from us. It used to be called Sailor Mouth for a reason. The manliest of men swore. Then women came along and robbed us of our colorful lexicon!
    Cursing used to be used to accentuate a point or idea. Now these bitches just make random pairings of curse words.
    They made vulgar language into vulgar mess. We need to take it back. Cursing is good.

    1. Men cursed primarily, yes, but not all the time and not when discussing weighty ideas. I heard my grandfather and great-uncles curse, but I didn’t hear them do it all the time to express every thought that they had in their minds. Talking about diesel mechanics, railroad men, etc. here.
      My father was a Marine, and I rarely heard him curse, although he did (and does) on occasion. It was rarely heard in mixed company as well. Same with my uncles, even my two biker uncles. The worst in my family is my 1%’er MC biker uncle and while he can curse a blue streak, he doesn’t make it the go-to staple in his vocabulary all the time.

      1. At our family get togethers, cursing would result in your being sent to the house or whipped on the spot. These men were all of military backgrounds, knew all the words (and had used them profusely), but they demanded decorum in their presence and around their territory.

        1. We have the “not around family and women” rule in our house, which applies not only to myself and my son, but also my daughter. Girl has heard cursing many times, but not in our house and she doesn’t use that language in the household (nor anywhere else really, she’s very calm and a “peace maker” among her peer group). The son can curse up quite a bit when out camping or doing man-things with friends or me, but when women and family are around he talks like a choir boy.
          Old fashioned, I know, but I don’t care.

        2. Used to be anyway. The rule also applies to their friends in my house. Not surprisingly they happily follow it. Kids need structure, and it’s shocking how few adult “parents” know that.

        3. True. What they now call “old fashioned” was really just structure. They’re too busy mocking common sense to see that though.

    2. Agreed. Like white women in america getting tats. Clearly imitating male behavior. American women are very masculine. When you travel it becomes obvious comparing them to women in other cultures. Another repulsive side effect of feminist culture. American women have become very coarse over the last 2 generations. It can be ridiculous when they try to misappropriate male slang, like saying they ‘boned’ somebody.

      1. Noticed that too. Not saying women from outside the west are angels but compare average Russian or Argentine women to average American or British women, it’s night and day.

    3. Sailors had a different kind of tone to it. It was mixed with humor, there HAS to be humor in swearing, it has to hit the mark. Insults are weapons that require speed and precision, it’s an art. You cant just say “fuck you and die” its not enough. It’s like those “rap dis each other contest”..you can’t win without humor or a point to your swearing. Women just spew out profanities that will make you want to vommit. But again, women are never being held responsible for anything, not even boring swearing.

    4. It’s all a part of destroying masculinity. They adopt the masculine, and it no longer becomes attractive for either sex. That’s why they curse. That’s why they have short hair. That’s why they have tattoos.

  8. As mentioned in the conclusion, profanity loses power the more you tend to use it. Keep it to a minimum and people will know you mean business when you actually let a swear or two fly.

    1. “The principal fact of life is, of course, death. Even very young children need to be informed about dying. Explain the concept of death very carefully to your child. This will make threatening him with it much more effective.” – P.J. O’Rourke, Modern Manners.
      This is a general sentiment we should follow with profanity as well, for precisely the reason you mention.

  9. It’s also a form of intimidation. Since so many of them lack physical strength, profanity is a faux expression of brute strength.

        1. Not mine. He’s a trained mouse killer, bring back their heads as trophee and give his paw afterward.

        2. Yeah, I don’t actually mind cats, I have a couple (and a dog). I just like Ron Swanson quotes.

        3. After I spayed my bitch she tried to dry hump any human leg she could find. I don’t know what the vet did. Are feminists born or made? lol

        4. You want to know something interesting? He’s the same guy on and off the screen, so this type of guy is not made up.

        5. I’ve heard, but really don’t know for certain. That’s good to know if that’s the case.
          The writer on the show responsible for his character said that he wrote him after a real life libertarian that he knows from one of the Western states. Which is totally bad ass if you ask me, because people like this do exist. My wife says that the character really reminds her of me in a lot of ways, which is a compliment in my book.

        1. Yeah, that guy with the sign is a dweeb as well. Whining about his “rights” and “assault” and “pressing charges”. Mark deserves some kudos tho.

      1. What an effeminate little wuss. Screeching like a woman, full of “outrage”, all emotion, and can’t even do a physical altercation right without looking like a ten year old little girl. Somebody really needed to smack the stupid out of that kid when he was younger, now he thinks he can do anything he wants. Such a waste.

        1. LOL!
          I see a beta with a woman that hit the wall pretty bad taking care of kids that are not his…in the future.

        2. He’s on the express elevator to incel, no doubt.

      2. My God-what a miserable little panty waste; it’s amazing to think with one punch I could pulverise this pansy or as good as kill them.

        1. Any one of us could poke him to death with an index finger. He’s getting thrown around by “Mark, the middle-aged guy” pretty easily. Imagine if someone was actually trying to hurt him. And really, he needs to avoid criminal convictions. He wouldn’t do well in prison….

        2. I think he’d be a smash hit in prison-he’d be passed around like currency and used to bargain for cigarettes.

      3. What a nut!
        Being a Christian man has nothing to do with being a punk! They had every right to defend themselves against physical violence.

      4. Holy Shit. WTF is going on with the sudden rise of beyond irrational college students?
        This kid is absolutely NUTZ! I don’t remember seeing such craziness with students when I was in college. Most leaned left but never did they engage in full out insanity when someone else held a sign or expressed a view they didn’t agree with.

      5. “You call yourself Christian????” and proceeds to repeatedly attack a guy, then asks “What are you doing?” when they defend themselves. It’s as if the preachers are supposed to allow him to attack them.
        I would have taken great pleasure in knocking that little “thing” out.

      6. I actually thought that was a woman assaulting that guy. The feminists have succeeded in screwing with me; I can’t even tell anymore!

  10. I am trying to use less profanity. The “f” word is used gratuitously by comedians all the time. It’s a cover for not being funny

  11. Not only SJWs, but average girls tend to be swearing like old sailors. It’s ridiculous, frankly. A feminine woman must not swear AT ALL. But here we are..

    1. Somebody else here mentioned a good strategy against that, if you’re dealing with women who value your attention/opinion.
      “That’s not very feminine,” said in a calm, direct tone.

      1. “if you’re dealing with women who value your attention/opinion” Not many girls value men’s opinions. With the downfall of patriarchy everything else falls apart aswell.

        1. Oh, I don’t have a family of my own yet. So I mostly deal with “independent women” in everyday life.

    2. It’s part of that “being equal” thing, carrying power (perceived) or just to get attention. They have no idea that they sound like trailer park trash.

      1. Femininity is no longer being taught in the west. It’s a tragedy. A working class woman 100 years ago had more class than middle class woman today.

        1. Good point. Men are no longer men, which, ironically, causes damage to women, because they can’t find a good husband or boyfriend as a result. In fact, statistics show that women’s happiness has declined in the past 40 years, while men’s happiness has actually increased. Oops.

        2. The problem is that women aren’t interested in finding a good boyfriend or husband until they are in their thirties and have nothing to offer to that boyfriend or husband…they have been used up by the “romantic, exciting” ‘bad boys’ that they gave their looks and fertility to when they were younger. The ironic thing about that is that the ‘bad boys’ they gave so much to, don’t want them neither.

    3. Most young American (Canadian, British, etc…western) girls are seriously lacking class and social skills.

    4. I’m an old sailor (20 years USN); I admit that I swear, but I didn’t (and don’t) swear half as much as so many people nowadays. Definitely not every other or third word!

      1. I was in a similar situation after many years at sea, but got over it. I had many children to raise, and became a deacon in the church, so I had to school myself with rigid discipline not to swear. I was out playing golf one day and was joined with a group of strangers by the starter. When I put three balls in the water on one hole I finaly gave a loud damn. The guys all broke up and said they thought I was a priest or something. You can get over this bad habit.

    5. As an ex-old sailor, let me say that this is an apt description. Some times when I am in my local watering hole, and have to tolerate the loud obnoxious swearing of the fairer sex, I recall fondly my time with BM “fucking” Johnson. He literally, and I mean this accurately, could not say more than two words without adding a curse word; usually the f bomb. Ah, the halcyon days of my youth.

  12. Honestly cussing is all they got. It’s as close to being tough as they can even think of. I am one of those union guys you see in full work gear setting stone on the side of high rises. No one doubts my toughness, least of all me. I don’t cuss a lot, I have nothing to prove. Isn’t it odd that nasty uncivilized construction workers, have cleaner mouths than SJW’s

    1. Same with bikers. Yes, they (we) can curse up a storm. Surprisingly though, it’s not nearly as often as SJW’s nor so non-sequitur to any given conversation. They don’t talk like I write here (being one, neither do I in real life) but they are not total F-bomb all the time, like feminists/sjw’s.

      1. Exactly sure we cuss, but the words are used honesty where and when they fit. And not half as often. The F-bomb is not a comma

    2. They grew up watching their mothers chew up and spit out their fathers with impunity.
      A good smack is the best way to clean a potty mouth.

      1. Is a clenched fist too much? I find a nice straight jab right to the frontal lobe works wonderfully.

  13. Marxist/alinsky/jewish argumentation tactics and swearing fills the void where logic is supposed to go. That’s why they do it

  14. Women just copy everything men do because subconsciously they all want to be men. Here’s my theory.
    In the fetus we all start as a blank canvass. They say we all start as female but it is not correct, we start as nothing and according to the ability of cells to respond to androgens we develop into a male or remain nothing (a female). That’s why Otto Weiniger correctly stated in his “Sex and Character” that only the male has the potential to be a genius while the female remains nothing.
    The proof that The Male is the Nature’s end goal is that there are some “women” who are in fact genetically men. It is called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) or in old text books as Testicular Feminisation Syndrome. . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Androgen_insensitivity_syndrome
    Women with AIS present a typically female appearance (technically, they are phenotypic female). Their body shape does not deviate much from that of normal females but that they tend to be larger in all body measurements, although with a tendency to a slim body. A famous one is the actress Jamie Lee Curtis.
    The AIS is possible in men who appear to be men. For example, Hitler was a partial AIS and he had a tiny penis and one testicle. He was one angry little bugger.
    This theory explains the physiological reason behind penis envy and why feminism is so angry and swears a lot. If I was born a woman, I would be angry too if there was no man willing make me complete.

    1. Penis envy complex is more about imitative behavior. Not all tall women are masculine. Not all petite women are feminine.

        1. Penis envy complex isn’t biological, its more a personality thing and consumes many bitchy straight women who are never satisfied. Its not the same as being queer.

      1. Ironically they usually have larger breasts due to higher than normal testosterone levels and because of the cells inability to respond to androgens converts to estrogen.
        I bet players with high notch count have at least once had sex with a genetic man who was appearing to be a very sexy woman. LOL

      2. So let me get this straight…
        Sorry. Had a moment. /smirk

    2. Interesting. Might explain a couple of lesbians I ran across who looked feminine physically, but whose thought processes were totally masculine.

      1. Yes, they can hold a somewhat interesting conversation but being an outward looking girls has hindered their intellectual development during their childhood. Playing with the wrong toys! LOL
        I don’t think though that all lesbian women are AIS. Many are just product of their social environment. Same goes for gay men too.
        Gender-bending chemical also help.

        1. Her parents fed her too many fish tacos and fish sandwiches with tartar sauce growing up. They should have stuck with polish sausages, kebabs, corndogs, burritos, and salami! Social conditioning. Right?

        1. Didn’t Angelina have both of her tits and ovaries removed out of a fear of getting cancer? So technically…is she still a woman?

        2. There are studies (and folktales) about women with bigger labia and clits being more sexually active and aggressive. Hmmm??

    3. > For example, Hitler was a partial AIS and he had a tiny penis and one testicle. He was one angry little bugger.
      Where do you get this idea from?

    1. *Except when they’re screaming “FUCK ME HARDER!!” or similar. Then it’s totally ok.

    2. I actually said that to one particularly nasty broad and she went silent whilst I said ‘I wonder how your pathetic little boy you copulate with tolerates your insolence; your resort to using such language is indicative of a mind that is both puerile and uncultured. I have met yoghurt with more culture than you’.

      1. “I have met yoghurt with more culture than you.”
        THAT is a gem! I gotta remember that one!

        1. Thank you. I’m on every night at 8:30PM; try the lobster bisque-it’s dynamite!

  15. One must bear in mind that SJWs are a brand of (modern) liberalism, and are more driven by emotion than even the typical liberal. There is no engaging them with logic–that’s a “coercive tool” of the “oppressive patriarchy”–because they operate on a very base, emotional level…IOW, “But…muh *FEELZ*!!
    The usage of F-bombs at a ‘machine gun’ pace, and at high volume, is symptomatic of their inability to express their ideas, such as they may be, in a logical, coherent manner.
    This is why we see what we see with the demand that ideas that they don’t agree with should be banned. The self-image of the modern liberal is all wrapped up in what “good people”. For one group to be “good” another group must therefore be “bad”. For SJWs, as extremists, nothing short of the destruction of all opposition will do.

    1. You’re correct. I distinctly remember hearing that “logic is a construct of male power” and “logic is patriarchal” from feminists back in college in the early 1990’s. That chicken apparently has come home to roost.

      1. to be fair, logic IS patriarchal.
        simply because men can understand it and women/kids can not.
        their statement is correct, just not in the way they thought it was. thus, perfectly demonstrating their lack of logic.

        1. Sure, but they used it as a way to indoctrinate young minds full of mush that they no longer had to worry about logic. If they’d been saying it as a credit to the patriarchy, that would have been fine and I would have applauded it.

    2. A video to emphasize your point. Irrationally emotional students dropping “F” bombs at Yale against professor who had the audacity to send an e-mail telling students to wear whatever Halloween Costume they desired.

      1. she had to leave, her whaaaaaambulance arrived, hopefully to carry her off to the nuthouse.

        1. The sad part is that it likely wasn’t a mental hospital that she was taken to, but the local “safe space” where she can lay on her ‘fainting couch’, hug a teddy bear, and receive “counseling”.

    3. It’s not for nothing that liberalism is being called a mental disease. The proof is the liberals themselves.

    4. “The usage of F-bombs at a ‘machine gun’ pace, and at high volume, is
      symptomatic of their inability to express their ideas, such as they may
      be, in a logical, coherent manner.”
      very well said. that’s my problem with swearing, in a nutshell. i imagine it was kind of shocking and rebellious in the 1950s, but nowadays it shows a lack of originality and a poor command of the english language.

      1. To me swearing is like spice. It can be used to flavor dialogue and add some “kick” and color. But if you dump it all on then it’s just disgusting and repugnant.

    5. The reason they can’t express their ideas logically and coherently is because their ideas are illogical and incoherent.

  16. Feminists are caricatures of men. They are truly an example of what will happen when you transfer power from the strong to the weak.

    1. Exactly, women like strong men, so they project, thinking that swearing will make them just as cool as the guys.
      But in practice, they are cosplaying masculinity, by copying only it’s most superficial traits.
      Kind of like a tranny in drag acting like a degenerate thinking he is a woman now.

      1. That’s the failure of feminism. Masculinity is more than toughness, it’s virtue, self control, and respect. Women know nothing of these things and end up, like the OP said, a caricature of men and it’s more than repulsive. Men are even repulsed by other men that act like feminists. We call them assholes, tools and douches.

        1. that guy on the megaphone was KILLING IT.
          too ugly to get a man, you should have a collar, etc.

    2. True. Feminists ‘ape’ the worst behaviors of men in their twisted belief that all men act like those behaviors.

  17. Not related but what happens when bruce trans-jenner gets diagnosed with prostate cancer? Are the feminists / queers going to treat him for uterine cancer for the sake of their dogma? Its always dogma over reality with these types.

    1. They also took a swing at other writers as well.
      “We also discourage any of the pro-cannibalism readers of Johnathan Swift from visiting our fair city. This city does NOT endorse or condone cooking babies!”

      1. “city does NOT endorse or condone cooking babies!”
        But killing them before they’re born is all together different.

  18. “The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is in any way a sign of a lack of education or a lack of verbal interest is just f*cking lunatic.” – Stephen Fry

    1. I’m revolted every time I see a picture of that sodomite Stephen Fry. He is correct that swearing can be used in a witty way, but swearing does not automatically confer wit.

      1. He did not in any way say that swearing automatically confers wit. He said, essentially, that automatically dismissing someone who curses is myopic. Those are two very different ideas.

  19. I was taught there is a time and a place for swearing and a debate is not one of them.
    I will do it once in a while where appropriate.

  20. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the rough necks I used to work with were better spoken then most women these days.

    1. Not at all; I know the type you speak of having worked with some and they were on the whole more personable and better spoken too.

  21. Check this out…according to an article in Slate magazine being a man with a beautiful young daughter and giving her a kiss on the cheek or a hug is considered creepy!
    Trump and Cruz are creepy for hugging or kissing their young daughters on the cheek????????????? Huh?!?!?!
    Then trump was accused of being even more creepy for saying at times his (when she was in her teens/early 20s) daughter was very attractive?! Why? Would it better if she were very ugly?
    Whether you hate or like either one of these guys…this is the FxCKING twilight zone Men! How are people buying this crap!

    1. A man walked 20 ft away from me, I didn’t like his t-shirt, so creepy !
      I think I got Pre Traumtic Stress Disorder from it, like for real.

      1. Did it trigger your feelz enough for you to need a safe-space from the rape culture patriarchy shitlords?

        1. Yes, the patriarchy is everywhere around me. I can’t walk away even for 30 minutes without being stare raped by creeps.
          And society shames me for my curvy figure, but only dogs go for bones. This cisriarchy will not hold my beautiful 500 pund proud intersectional non-binary gender-fluid pansexual body down.
          Down with the patriarchy, I swear I hate all these straight men, they are all rapists. They all fanatsize about raping my beautiful ass, but I won’t let those privilleged douches do it. GIRL POWER !

        2. Imagine then what my overwhelming machismo must be doing to you-I’m also manspreading as we speak which has unleashed a tsunami of patriarchal theta-waves that multiplies exponentially causing a rip in the space-time continuum and a blackhole that makes hamburgers eat people and where snow is hot and falls upward.

    2. My mother asked me once why I never smiled when little kids crossed my path, like she does out of reflex. I told her its not possible for a male in today’s culture or he will be considered a predator. Isn’t feminism great?

    1. Carlin’s mastery of language at all levels was amazing to behold. Not just his stage work, but also his writing. He is truly one of the under-appreciated philosophers of our day.

      1. Any time I hear the word “PTSD” or hear the airline boarding announcements, I smile and remember his rants. He is in my thoughts weekly, at least. I have his full box set, but do need to check out some of his writings. And that brings up a good question, when WILL Jesus bring the pork chops???

        1. I have that book, love it!
          “Shell shock”. I actually call it that, won’t use “PTSD” except to state that “I won’t use PTSD”.

        2. because of him, i always wanted to get high on the plane. i havent tried to smoke a doob in the loo, but brownies do the trick just as well.

        3. i have all his books. they are true gospel.
          he really understood how people tried to disguise true intentions by their use/misuse of language.
          another great was Peter Tosh, the herbalist verbalist. things like shitstem instead of system.
          overstand, etc.

  22. I admit that I lurked on ROK for a long time before I made the choice to join and that was because of the incredible level of maturity and insight I saw in those who took the time to write thoughtful responses.
    And when I did join and outed myself as a Christian and employed by a Christian nonprofit, I waited for a flame war that never materialized even though a number of ROK’s members are areligious or skeptic.
    And disagreements are respectful and thoughtful.
    I don’t know if I can point to another information board where users can hold lengthy conversations without it deteriorating by the third comment.

    1. Being a religious skeptic doesn’t ever mean being an intolerant jerk head if you are a mature and sensible being. I don’t NEED you to believe everything I believe for me to get along with you and I am sure we both have things we can teach one another on this ride through a crazy life.
      I lurked a bit too and was truly astounded by the genuine interest in creating a community and being able to discuss things, from the mundane to the serious, that so many different people from different walks of life are able to conduct with intelligence and maturity. (despite my below comment about eating and raping babies which is what, if you follow the news, we all do pretty much 24 hours a day.)

      1. Hear hear. As long as there can be a level of intelligent, rational and respectful discourse I happily engage with people who would otherwise have very different viewpoints and perspectives than mine; if anything it’s beneficial insofar as challenging yourself and perhaps learning something new.

        1. agreed. And if everyone was just like you the world would be boring. It does take all kinds of people to make the world run right…and if everyone can be sensible and show mutual respect and not think that they have a monopoly on the truth then we can all get together, discuss important things and have a good laugh as well.

        2. Hahaha I think you knew what I meant jack hole hahahah. It takes all kinds

        1. Why do they always boil water when babies are about to be born? In case it is born dead they can have dead baby soup.

    2. I am an atheist and I could not care less that you’re a christian. We are a brotherhood of red pill men before anything else. Just like political opinions shouldn’t affect a community of atheists (like it does in the utter debacle that is FreeThoughtBlog and Atheism+), religious belief shouldn’t affect our community.

    3. Agreed all the way. Reminds me of a picture floating around the Internet. Says something like, “men will insult one another, but don’t really mean it. Women will compliment one another, but don’t really mean it.”

      1. Men insult one another is basically a wake up call to the receiver that he is lacking in a certain area in his life. It serves as a catalyst to change and improve himself. Ironically it is the best thing to happen to a guy. The guy gets angry not at the person insulting him, but at himself.

        1. exactly.
          perfect example is fat kids.
          making fun of fat kids is telling them to fix that about themselves, then theyd be ok.

    4. “a number of ROK’s members are areligious or skeptic.”
      Those of us that are TRULY areligious or skeptic.

        1. Probably the latter.
          There really isn’t much to debate.
          You either believe there’s a God, believe there isn’t, or you admit you really don’t know.

  23. On the subject of perpetual adolescence, whenever I see middle aged socialists rallying in the city i just shake my head. It is incomprehensible to me that people can believe that idealistic junk later on in life. Older socialists tend to rage filled assholes as well, I guess that is the consequence of doubling and tripling down on nonsense for decades.
    Middle aged socialists may as well wear a sign around their neck that says ‘I’m a bloody loser and a complete failure at life’ because that about sums it up.
    There is a 63 year old man at my work like that who is a member of the Socialist Alternative. He is an ageing boomer who never moved on from the politics of his time. It is sad as hell really. Granted he isn’t a SJW, but he still totally delusional in his own unique way. There is a young guy in his 20’s at work who looks up to him because he ‘never gave up the fight’ and sometimes I feel like telling him that there is no glory in being broke and destitute in your senior years.
    He never bought a house in his prime because he was against the concept of private property, and now he is an old man with no inheritance struggling to pay the rent on a meagre salary.
    I have yet to see any evidence in my own life that socialists like that are successful in life. They tend to be broke and clueless about money, and are even more clueless about why they never managed to hang on to any of it.

    1. My grandfather was a laborer his whole back breaking life. He served in WWII in the Pacific.. shot and stabbed multiple times with the fleet USMC. Came hom in 46′. Big supporter of the Teamster Unions his whole life. Then he retired and found out the Union stole the pensions and left he nothing. He died destitute.
      Socialism is the biggest fucking lie unleased on People. You can live well today on the backs of others … mainly through debt to be paid later that will be shouldered on todays children. The immorality of it should obvious to all men.

    2. Hopefully, he never reproduced. There are already too many stupid socialists running around loose nowadays.

      1. Unfortunately he did reproduce, and he recently talked his 18 year old son out of doing business and now he is enrolled in the liberal arts!
        You couldn’t make this shit up.

    3. that socialists like that are successful in life.
      They can be successful. They write books about the evils of capitalism and then get others socialists to buy them.

    1. That fat chick just looked like she was about to have a melt down. Ha! People are fat by choice, they are not born that way.

      1. It’s tragicomical also that the word ‘Frump’ is so clearly on the t-shirt too in that thumbnail shot; ladies and gentleman, that is Exhibit A and I rest my case.

      2. yes, the fat girl probably has diabetes already and is working on a heart attack before 40.

      1. Whilst firing off machine guns and downing gallons of Brawndo-it’s gots electrolytes!

  24. I find the term ‘social justice warrior’ highly offensive and a misnomer. I think we should collaborate and come up with a more apropos epithet for the sick little monkeys. They are ‘antisocial’, peddle ‘injustice’ and are pathetic milksops, not ‘warriors’ by any stretch of the imagination. I would put them on the same level as cockroaches but even then they’re not as satisfying to crush underneath my jackboot.

      1. That’s good but I wonder what would cut them right down to their blackened hearts? I like the term ‘Cultural Marxist’ but I want something even more contemptuous to describe these amoeba.

        1. With all the stupid Che shirts they wear all the time…”cultural Marxist” might be a compliment not an insult.
          Che is dead! Deal with it!

        2. That is true. I love how they’re anti-capitalist yet their hero adorns everything from lighters to condoms! What a pack of imbeciles.

        3. They’re capitalist when convenient and socialist when convenient. What they’re really trying to say is that they want what they want whenever they want it.

      2. I prefer Commisars. It brings in the connection to Marxism and adds the ambiance of the undeserved authority and abuse there of.

    1. The media has already dubbed them as “crybullies”. I think we should adopt this in place of SJW.

      1. Nice little portmanteau that and how fitting as they tend to circle and harass people whilst reaching for the Kleenex.

      1. I think rabbits and people would be upset being lumped together with those hate-filled malcontents. My friend actually used a hilarious epithet which was ‘rainbow hairs’ or I could call them ‘Clownheads’.

  25. Foul language for foul ignorant little minds who have little substance to speak of I would say on all the ignorant little trolls I encounter and flag.

  26. The short answer to your query is that they have the cognitive and linguistic capacities of a toddler. But then I do a disservice to some toddlers out there as they could have been raised by proper parents; they’ll forgive me once they stop sticking forks into electrical sockets 😛

  27. Some loosely related news, ex-news reporter and liberal champion Gian Ghomeshi is all the rage in Canada right now among the feminists for his sexual assault case. The left is likening his potential for escaping conviction through lawful court proceedings as a failure of Canadian justice.
    Because you know… Claiming that someone raped you should basically mean they immediately go to jail. Ironically, these are most likely the very same feminists defending the development of actual rape culture in Germany.

  28. Jesus, those Black Lives Matter protesters were absolutely disgusting. Contrast that to the MLK civil rights marches of the 60’s, where people were angry but not mindlessly profane. And they wonder why “Niggaz Be Like” memes are a thing.

    1. Back in the 60s and 70s they were organized and had class. Comparing that thing that exist now to the 60s and the 70s, now that would be insulting.

    2. Me thinks even the good ole Dr King himself would ditch the nonviolence concept aside pro temp just to smack these jerks in the mouth with his Bible.

    1. Damn. Just the whole rape argument makes me cringe. Here I am, truly from the bottom of my heart, telling ladies to avoid bad boys and telling men to get consent every time and avoid drugs or alcohol before coitus, and this is the thanks we get? Oh well….

    1. Like they are Struggling to find their Masculinity when Challenged , but they can only muster a Tantrum.

  29. As the author points out, excessive SJW profanity is due to them being basically 8th graders with 8th grade ideas of what it means to be an adult.
    But it’s also the result of them never having been smacked in the mouth by their folks/elders for using profanity back when they were kids.
    Excessive profanity is, therefore, diagnostic for having grown up in a very indulgent household.

    1. This is true-I’d get my hide tanned for mouthing profanities and if they were in Greek in particular then I would be subject to the wrath of my traditional grandmother who didn’t suffer fools.

    1. Really sad story. The kid is in a foster home, has no real parents to care for him, and he is fed this line of propaganda. He doesn’t know any better, and now will live a life of unhappiness and degeneracy.
      How much sicker will things have to get before ordinary every day people reject this evil? I don’t think I want to see how far things will go.

      1. I don’t think I will see the end of this, and I am deeply grateful that I am old and will die before this sinks too much lower.

  30. If you have a problem with foul language, you are a politically correct pansy.
    This article is fucking hilariously hypocritical to be coming from the one comment section I frequent on the internet that allows swearing.
    Mind = fucked

    1. Big difference. I for one prefer to swear, especially in the comment section. But, I’m also a Marine and a war veteran, NOT, some shit dick wet nose grass eater or purple haired frumpy dumpy sjw. Those people swear because they want to imitate what they think is toughness. I swear because I’ve fucking earned it.

      1. And whilst I am not an American citizen I salute you for your sacrifice. You’ve most certainly earned that right and then some.

      2. I swear because no person or government entity can tell me what to fucking say. 1A to the death. This article is trash. Who gives a fuck about swearing, I sure as fuck don’t, and I don’t give a fuck who does the swearing either. Saying it’s okay for one group to swear but not the other, that’s hypocritical, my friend. You either support free speech or you don’t. It is black and white and there is no grey area.

      3. Unlimited swearing should be part of a veteran’s honorable discharge package. That, and access to harems of hot ladies. After all, some gave all, ergo, all should give some (wink wink).

    2. Women who swear are low class. If a girl can’t control her own words, then why would the rest of her life be filled with self control.

    3. I think the point of the article is that SJW’s use profanity and ONLY profanity as their argument: there is no substance to their arguments though. The difference between us and them is that we make rational arguments and do not need to resort to swearing.
      Now, I believe swearing of any kind is a sign of poor self control and thus I try to avoid all swearing. But he’s just saying we’re better than screeching femininsts who try to shut down rational argument by swearing and ad hominem attacks.

        1. Totally on point. Pre-marriage Bill Burr was amazing. Post “I married a feminist and am now turning into a Leftist weenie at warp speed” Bill Burr, on the other hand, can go straight to hell.

    4. No one here has a problem with vulgarity, but injecting it with people you are attempting to discourse with diminishes or even destroys your attempt. Placing on order to waitress shouldn’t involve profanity, but for those that do it displays a degree of ignorance and low intellectual bearing. Screaming profanities at people (for whatever reason) displays a lack of emotional control.

    5. I think the actual point of the article may have eluded you.

  31. equalists are uppity children who have yet to face with real consequences for their behavior
    a little militant nationalism would put them back in their places

  32. i see, you see, we all see ………………
    FEE SEES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. My young Marines have far more expansive vocabulary’s than these women. I always get a kick when a dirty Kate (foul mouth women) gets offended when I start hurl truly vulgar language at them.

  34. The difference is introspection. Our group of people look within themselves for ways to better their environment and of course their person. SJWs look outside of themselves for a better lot in life.

    1. That’s definatly a part of it.
      Extrospective thinking can be good too, but in the form of looking for good people to surround yourself and grow with instead of looking for a free ride like SJWs.

  35. Nothing worse than the C-word. Ironically used most often by women whom it describes to a T.

  36. “Ever since I stumbled upon the manosphere several years ago, one of the things that struck a chord with me was how comparatively clean and civil the discourse was between its writers and commentators.”

  37. Its similar to how people get tattoos/piercings to “express themselves”: if you can only express yourself in that manner you’ve got some major problems.
    I overhead someone proclaim how their tattoos expressed themselves (and consequently explain how it shocked her father). I was fairly tempted to laugh and remark at the cliche. People are transparent and predictable to the point of boredom.

    1. I don’t have kids, yet I wonder. If I had them, and I really had them on my mind, I wouldn’t need to tattoo their names or their baby feet. Just saying.

      1. Yeah, I’ve managed to raise a son to adulthood and a daughter almost to that mark without once having to ink either of their names on me. Weird, right?

        1. I got that perspective from, again, shopping at Wal-Mart. It seems, the people who tattoo anything related to their children seem to be horrible parents and the ink is just there to compensate.

        2. I could never understand why anyone would tattoo someone’s name on himself. People can change their names like that Jenner freak.

  38. Uhm, have you heard the way some guys talk? Why are you only targeting those two groups? Your holier than thou attitude is cute though. I for one curse a lot due to watching Trailer Park Boys too many times and it just happens.

    1. Some guys, sure. And there’s nothing wrong with profanity here and there.
      It’s just really, really off putting when a lady can’t go 4 words without shitting or fucking all over the place. Or at least to me.
      Also, frigg off Ricky.

  39. Poor boundaries — aka Bordeline Personality. That’s why they are ALL Open-Border Fanatics..

  40. There’s an article that explains why some swear more than others especially in this case, the SWJ’s effort to cloak or disguise their stupidity. Here’s some interesting excerpts from the article I found:
    “Why Do Some People Swear All the Time?

    1) They are charged with negativity all the time: The person who lives in continuous stress, who is angry at the world and the one who is always emotionally distressed will always have extra negative energy that he wants to get rid of and that’s why he keeps swearing all the time”
    Who are the angriest group of people we all know are? Femturds, Libtards, Manginas, Modern Independent women, etc.
    To continue in the article:
    “2) To get an identity: Some people engage in bad behaviour such as swearing because they want to get a certain identity. Some guys want to appear like bad boys, some women want to appear less fragile while some men want to appear more tough. All of these needs can motivate people to swear and curse believing that such an action can help them meet these goals.
    Yes, perhaps the SWJs and modern degenerates want to appear tough and intimidating. However, we all know they are weaklings that hold no substance behind their obscene facade. Excessively swearing only enables them the feeling of power.

  41. It’s particularly sad in the cases of women, who were once thought to be the “fairer sex” and as articles on ROK have pointed out lots of times, have diminished their own value to basically nothing.
    I know a kidult who tries to take after the usual female “comediennes” (Silverman, Handler and Schumer, while weighing 45lbs more than them) and is constantly making vulgar jokes, makes sure she tells everybody whenever she has to take a dump, swears constantly, and has to drink a couple bottles of wine or a 12 pack of beer (or half of a 750ml bottle of liquor) in a single sitting. Smokes constantly, too. To nobody’s surprise here, she couldn’t get a boyfriend to save her life and finally settled on a beta male who’s now gotten fired from 2 or 3 pizzeria jobs.
    Whole point of saying this is that she exhibits plenty of opinions held by SJWs (even went to college for an art degree LOL). Her parents aren’t exactly proud of her, as one can imagine.

  42. Ah, that old nail of ‘you swear, ergo you’re thick’. Anyone who still believes this fallacious argument is probaly thicker than the folks being accused. The ratio of swearies to conversation may be an indicator of intelligence but I know an awful lot of intelligent people who swear like fuck. I think the point is that when you upset someone to the nth degree by postulating a lifestyle that is predatory, disrespectful and criminal, well, then a lot of people are gonna get upset. They’ll probably call you names, and some of those names will be accompanied by swearing. If the only postulate made was ‘rape on private property should be legal’, then that alone is justification for the anger and vitriol currently being shown, Personally I am a great advocate of free speech and the discussion of philosophical standpoints, but when those philosophies include harm and disrespect, well, then all bets are off. This whole ‘manosphere’ and ‘masculanism’ is nothing more than a thinly veiled excuse for aberrant and anti-social behaviour. It has no worth and should be given no currency. Have your meetings by all means, but f you find yourself being castigated by the masses then I have no sympathy.Yours is the mentality of the masturbator, the immature and emotionally stunted refusenik. You are worthless and I hope, if you brave the normality of the world and visit one of this evil man’s meetings, you get your just rewards. On a final note, I normally swear like a stevedore who’s just stubbed his toe on a box, but I feel the subtlety offered by a good oath-filled lathering would be entirely lost on this lot.

    1. Sort of like how satire is completely lost on you?
      Heaven forbid women might consider not getting blacked out drunk at a party full of people they don’t know, or take any precautions whatsoever for that matter, since they’ve got folks such as you to rise to their defense regardless.
      Or you could try reading the article yourself:
      Watch out though, if you believe that that is advocating rape, you might have to eat a baby sometime too.

      1. Hmm, not sure how your reply is salient to the ‘Why do feminists and social warriors use so much profanity’,but ok.
        Fucking someone is an intensely personal experience and should really only be indulged in from a point of consent. Now that term, ‘consent’ is in itself open to a myriad interpretations, some acceptable, some less so (she was wearing provocative clothing, and so on). The problem here is that your guy is looking like someone who is advocating non-consensual sex as a male prerogative, and that’s never going to fly. All the clever language and shystering can’t disguise the sheer wrongness of what is being put forward here.

        1. Salient to your post:
          “If the only postulate made was ‘rape on private property should be
          legal’, then that alone is justification for the anger and vitriol
          currently being shown”
          The article you took that from, I listed in my post.
          And no, he doesn’t look to be advocating anything anymore than Jonathon Swift advocated eating babies. In fact, he says specifically rape is wrong.
          Irony: “All the clever language and shystering can’t disguise the sheer wrongness of what is being put forward here.”
          You would know 😉

  43. It’s actually very simple. When I make an argument it means that I care enough for your ideas to have the trouble. When I just say: Fuck you! It means I don’t give a shit. It’s a simple summary of our thoughts.
    Just think how you would act with a monkey throwing his poo. Would you sit and calmly discuss and argue? Or would you be angry, but hey, it’s a monkey throwing his shit, what can you do?

  44. You know the Left doesn’t use reasoned discourse…so, rather than attempt to argue, it’s easier for us to just tell them all to Fuck Off. Simple, really.

  45. The ranting’s and ravings of the typical feminazi are indicative of the emotional and psychological state they reside in. Spoiled children who never learned “no” and still believe in their narcissistic, ego-centric view of perceived reality that they can do and say no wrong and that their behavior is justified by they way they have been so terribly abused.

  46. In addition to excessive profanity they tend to be disgusting in general, have you ever noticed the way the women will just belch out of nowhere? You can almost smell the starbucks.

  47. This article is relatively spot on, although I disagree with the correlation between swearing and intelligence. Typically, people who swear more have higher vocabularies. SJWs swear and curse more because their arguments can’t hold water. Its really that simple. When you dismantle them in verbal combat, all they have left is to start swearing.
    I recall “debating” this femenist one time (I know its pointless, but I was bored and wanted some excitement) about violence against women and the gender pay gap myth. I noticed that I destroyed each of her arguements, the more unhinged she became and upped her cursing. Then again, I was laughing each time she went on a rant, so maybe that didn’t help lol. And this chick has a doctorate and a damn good job.
    But one time I do like about the manosphere is that we teach the need to improve yourself and keep bettering yourself. Want to score chicks? Cool, learn some game, work out, dress better if you don’t already, learn some useful skills and or languages and approach chicks. Want a raise/better job? Alright, practice your interviewing skills, look at what you bring to the table, how can you better this company, and differentiate yourself.
    Now go to Jezebel and thier ilk and such talk is apparently shaming language. No one even talks about self-improvement as if it were kryptonite. People are supposed to love them or give them what they want just for being themselves aka having a vagina

  48. The list of expletives I could come up with to describe the writer of this article is extensive. Seriously, complaining about people swearing is just stupid. They’re words. Moreover, whining about the victimization of modern men is pathetic. Just because women don’t want to date you, and you pine for the “good old days” when men were men and were free to grab womens’ asses in the workplace as they saw fit, does not mean men are being unfairly treated. You are a fu<&1ng creep of the highest order. Honestly the last person I’ve ever heard publicly condemning profanity was Bill Cosby.

    1. Funny $h!t. I can’t recall my male forbears going on about the loss of graba$$ rights. The larger issue I continue to see in SJW’s is generalizations based upon fairy tales and television dramas.

      1. That should have been high on the order of discussion at those ROK meetups. Need to start with baby steps. First get legislation amended to get back those arse grabbing rights then in a year or two follow up with getting that home rape legalized.
        * better add ‘satirical’ lest I get taken out of context

        1. Ah, if we are speaking of baby steps we must address the proper items. Firstly, we need legislation that sets an attractiveness standard for women in the workplace. I say this because I rarely see an @$$ worth grabbing at work, let alone amending my rights to grab it.

  49. I once knew an older guy who was a mechanic that I don’t think he ever made a complete sentence without at least two cuss words in it. Even in a short conversation he almost always worked in the phrase ” them damn fuckin mudda fuckas”. It still makes me laugh every time I think about them damn fuckin mudda fuckas.

  50. So profanity is worse than promoting rape? I’ve seen profanity from your posters, and the use of the word cunt. You are all sooo bad.

    1. A fine question. And let’s face it, profanity while also promoting rape would be really, really bad… And profanity during rape? Well, perish the thought.
      What EXACTLY is “promoting rape”? Is this like boxing promotion?

  51. It’s really pathetic that you deleted my comment. Sally pants wee or article. I agree with lots of what you say bit this is just weak and stupid. And uptight.

  52. Cute girls and elderly ladies spewing curses and obscenities are a Hollywood trope that never fails to gain sympathy and amusement.
    Obscenities supposedly appeal to young people and offend old people.
    They are also emotional expressions and emotion will disguise an objectionable content or lack of content.
    Overall anyone who rejects such expression will be rejected and their ideas discounted.

  53. Let me explain – it’s because you lot are not worth any actual dialectic intent because of your subhuman levels of logic and rationale. Were you able to understand such things you wouldn’t even be on this idiotic site, but as you do not there’s no point in doing anything but yelling at you as one would a dog. “No! Bad chauvenist!” Etc. Does that help? Does that explain why we don’t consider you worth having any actual dialogue with? Who’s a good boy! Not you.

    1. Now THAT is funny. Someone who backs “social justice” likening human beings to dogs. But that takes making generalizations about who reads and comments here, does it not?
      Yes, this website should cause one to refer to his fellow man as “subhuman”. Impulse control…

      1. Funny bit is that they came all the way to the manosphere and bothered to read posts and respond. And for hating this site so much… they spend a ton of time here. I think they are sniffing around the place to try to get you men of RoK to date them.

  54. Agreed! This is a great contribution.
    That said, a retired sailor cutting loose with a string of salty language can be on the joys of the English language.

  55. Bullying, harassmen, stalking, and name-calling: horrible things that should be illegal (and are illegal in a lot of countries) when it comes to liberal special-snowflakes and their ever-so-precious feelings, and legitimate tools for liberals to use against everyone else.
    It’s just one of the many ways in which they’re raging hypocrites.

  56. I used to be on the Debate team…
    One of the first things we learned was throwing insults, vulgarities, and general nonsense will prove NADA to the opposing argument.
    Preference to debating in reality–as in the same room, face to face–is much more my style…I suppose I am jaded to the wiles of ‘social media warfare’, where people whom think they are debating online, are in fact just saying nothing…well, nothing that those that revert to calling one another out with the panache of playground profanities.
    I must say I came here to see for myself, NOT what the MSM reports, and I have only seen men whom needed a place to talk frankly, and to be honest, I cannot understand why I am seeing women coming in here for the soul purpose of causing shit…
    Ladies…seriously, if you have seen something that offends you? (I haven’t seen really much to get all aggro over, to be honest)…I mean, sure…there are always the ones that stand out to be, what they are.Just as you come here with your pink guns all ablaze, and yet many of you are saying nothing–NOTHING at all.
    If you come here to prove your point, I can tell you that brains, logic, and a true sense of identity is a must to be true to yourself, but sadly…I just see too many whiny women who have too much anger towards men, and are taking it upon yourselves to jump in here and go bat-shit nuts.
    That is not proving a point…
    That is just proving how much anger you have not dealt with, and it is not flattering in the least.
    Just sayin…

  57. Love this blog. Why did I ever listen to those properly angry man-hating lesbians with no skin in the marriage – and – family game? I work to fix what broke on my watch. – baby boomer

  58. When I wrote on reaxxion I gave “The legend of Korra” a good review then preceded to get into lengthy debates on the shows merits and faults and why it was or was not SJW propaganda. I committed an entire article on why people were wrong about the show. The debates were heated, but never once with essentially the entire reader base of the site simultaneously attacking me, did I ever feel I was under attack. The discourse was civil, polite, constructive, and never once did anyone demand that I be fired. We handle disagreements like gentlemen.

  59. I don’t know why people concerned about social justice are willing to tolerate racists, homophobes, sexists and sundry other manifestly inferior people. Such people do not change; what we need is a revolutionary movement predicated on the extermination of such people. Bigotry CAN and WILL be eliminated by exterminating bigots, and the task of purging the world of such people *is* the real work of justice-building.

  60. Nobody is worse than that bitch with the short red hair and glasses. Just making themselves look like savages rather than having a constructive discussion to convey their message. These bitches need some Kratom.

  61. I’ve read “articles” by “journalists” that suggest swearing and intelligence and honesty are correlated. I can be sure that those “articles” and “journalists” are marching in line with sjw masters leading them to intellectual Gehenna

  62. Some good points in this article. Though I’d have to say there are times to swear and times not to. My career is particularly infuriating so I tend to cuss to exhausting extents during my work days. But as I am a truck driver it keeps me from getting physical road rage instead.
    Whenever attempting to discuss a subject with anyone especially sensitive ones I’m careful to use intelligent language. If someone crosses a line in a very inappropriate or disrespectful way I may have a cuss word to throw in. But since I tend to get quiet and stern with my voice when I get pushed enough the curse word holds a higher shock value and makes it clear how serious I am.
    Whether a person curses or not can’t always be a reliable way to judge a person’s character or intellect but their choice in timing for such language can be a dead giveaway.

  63. *Tips Fedora* Ah yes m’sir us Alpha males must speak eloquently. How Euphoric it makes me when m’lady falls to her knees when I use Shakespearian insults. All other men must be envious of my vocabulary tantamount to that of the bard.

  64. Swearing in English is so limited. We can start by a gentleman’s translation to bring back into daily communication words of similar meaning with less emotion. Worse,a word like FUCK may by tone have different meanings. The thousands killed in Nagasaki can attest to that. The Japanese word for surrender and the word for I will continue to fight are very similar except for tone.

  65. It brings to mind how most adolescent boys go through a “curse all the time” phase in order to seem cool and tough, until they gain the maturity to realize they sound retarded and overcompensating.
    Ironically, the people I know who curse the most are college-age women and liberal effeminate men. It’s kind of sad how people in this category spend their whole lives in this state of perpetual adolescense.
    For example, I have a relative who is both gay and liberal, who in his early 60’s and has the emotional maturity of a 13-year-old and uses very foul language.
    Liberalism, feminism and all related ism’s sadly all appear to be symptoms of a diseased psyche.

  66. Those homos and muslims in the trump video will get AIDS and die before the election. The humans will win.

  67. I don’t have a problem with people using expletives from time to time. Swearing doesn’t make someone either more or less intelligent.
    What concerns me about third wave feminists, social justice warriors, and liberal progressives is their continual use of sarcasm, snark, and passive-aggressiveness during an argument.
    I really prefer it when people engage in HONEST debate, and that’s something that we so very rarely see from the SJW crowd.

  68. The constant or endless use of vulgarity is a direct signal of someones total vocabulary, and that is a absolute marker of their overall intelligence and intellectual capacity.
    Considering how restlessly trash talk is pursued by “our oh so noble betters” it offers a crystal clear glimpse into the minds of the seriously deluded. When all you have to work with is four letters of the 26 available, it’s obvious where any discussion will end up.
    That’s right, I can tell you to fuck off and die and actually make it sound cool, unlike our “our oh so noble betters” who strain under the weight of their ignorance.

  69. I may admit to cussing and being profane but making a poor kid cuss by spreading the Leftist propaganda is sad.

  70. I have to disagree. According to the safety chapter of the NEC (national electrical code) and our uglys cheat book it’s totally permissible to scream ‘fuck me’ when error occurs resulting in being shocked by 120 VAC at least once … even in front of customer. If it’s a 240 or 277 VAC jolt the permissible phrase can be a combination of ‘fuck, SOB, MF, and even goddamit for the secular’. Pissing your pants is also allowed as well as losing control of your bowels. This is why one must have a change of clothes in truck. Customers usually laugh at this slapstick .. and then ask if your OK. I reply … u want to see what it feels like? No takers yet.

  71. Excellent observations! Bravo!
    Regarding your observations of the language commonly used on the “manosphere”, I had only subconsciously noticed this, but now that you bring it up I believe I found it refreshing too! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the proper use of language.
    Regarding the horrible use of language employed by many commenter’s on those rags you cited, you are absolutely correct! I have always hated especially girls that curse and swear a lot, for whatever reason. If they are attractive girls, it detracts from their looks. If they are ugly, it makes them uglier.
    For instance, it is an extremely rare female who can skillfully curse without detracting from herself in some way. And all around, I am not 100% opposed to the use of “cusswords” and language. But, like a sharp sword, it takes a certain type of person to hone it properly, if you know what I mean. And then it has to be used very skillfully and sparingly, and by only these certain people. I know some of these individuals, and for some reason it is not annoying at all (in fact it can be entertaining) to hear their sometimes colorful use of language. But definitely not everyone can do this! If you are not that type of person, you cut your own persona to shreds, and sound like an attention-seeking, immature little shit.

  72. Those people in that video are trashy and goofy looking. I didn’t vote for Trump, but if Trump cared about them at all, he could ruin them just by tweeting about them. He’s done it before.

  73. Liberals would rather here the word *Fk* in a movie many times thru then the word *fat* once even in a *funny* way or someone describing themselves and their desire to lose weight.

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