Worldwide Effort To Shut Down International Meetup Day Is Under Way

On Sunday, news of our February 6 meetup reached Australia. The media began manufacturing outrage to shut down all six meetups located there. Large protests have been planned in BrisbaneSydney, and Reykjavik by hairy-legged feminists and their beta orbiters. Multiple politicians have denounced me and I will likely be banned from Australia.

The media in Canada, Iceland, and the United Kingdom have also put out defamatory reports about the meetup that falsely claim it’s a “rape” gathering where we will strategize on how to rape women. Snopes has debunked their lies, but the media continues to maliciously distort the meetups’ legal and social intent.

I’ll let these tweets tell the story of what has happened in the past day:

This story is developing rapidly. Here are three ways to get up-to-date news on the situation:

I have created a private Central Command for meetup hosts and other trusted insiders to device protocols that allow all meetups on Saturday to proceed as planned. I will publish protocols for meetup attendees here by Thursday. Not a single meetup will be cancelled. We will not be intimidated by the actions of the lying media and leftist political establishment. If you are a host, check your email for further information.

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873 thoughts on “Worldwide Effort To Shut Down International Meetup Day Is Under Way”

  1. The feminazi’s, white knights, cucks, blue-haired fatties, and mascara-wearing beta fags want to shut us down? Come and get us!! Free speech and the right to peaceful association, without state encroachment and intimidation, shall prevail!

  2. This is one “men’s club” the feminists can’t crash, so they want to shut it down.
    Life is too cushy. 100 years ago, most of these people would be starving to death (madness and no real skills) or outcasts. Today, the harpies rule the world.

  3. They are afraid. Good. It’s about time. The time for their bloated feasting on our skills & qualities as masculine men is at an end.
    Make them pay.

  4. Getting off the internet is the PIVOTAL MOMENT
    This truly is a thousand times more important than anything else Roosh, Mike Cernovich, Vox Day, or the other leaders have ever done. All I can say is once this thing really gets going I expect truly HISTORIC things.

    1. Yes, but in which direction. And along what sort of path.
      The cops are not on our side. They are like dogs, able to obey commands but not able to question them. Be very careful.

      1. With the sheer number of tribes active we will quickly learn what does and does not work. It is up to the tribal leaders what to do though but that decentralization is a strength.

  5. By all means, come to Toronto. Just dont be surprised to find yourself taking a rock to the head.
    I know of a few guys that should be waiting for you in Queens park.
    Have fun.

    1. “By all means, come to Toronto. Just dont be surprised to find yourself taking a rock to the head.
      I know of a few guys that should be waiting for you in Queens park.”
      What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

        1. Touche. No, I’m not threatening anybody. Just stating facts. And wishing everyone a good time.

        2. And you know of a specific group of men who are planning to assault people who want to attend the Toronto meeting?

        3. You said “should” meaning either that they are likely to or that you want them to. And you said that you know them.

        4. If youre asking if I want you guys to get hit in the head with rocks, then yes. I want you guys to get with rocks.
          That would make most people quite happy.

        5. And, of course, you realize that hitting people in the head with rocks is a serious crime, and that hitting people in the head with rocks often results in death, which is murder. And you regard that as fun, and assert that this would make a majority of the population happy. And you’re also on the record saying that you know the group of men who are likely to engage in violence that could easily result in murder.

        6. So you support a murderous attack in Toronto, and are aware of a group of men likely to make it happen.

        7. Did you write this?
          “By all means, come to Toronto. Just dont be surprised to find yourself taking a rock to the head.
          I know of a few guys that should be waiting for you in Queens park.
          Have fun.”

        8. Oh my goodness, he’s a nazi !
          Call the SPLC, if I think we found the second Hitler !

        9. So, you know a group of men who are likely to commit a violent attack on people who want to attend the Toronto meeting, and you’ll be happy if they kill every one of them.

        10. I’m triggered !
          I can’t even !
          It’s 2016, I can’t believe such bigots still run loose SMDH
          Not cool ☹️

        11. Nobody is going to assault the gentlemen at the Toronto meeting, I guarantee this as tribal leader. Also, the Toronto meeting is going to be the biggest and best of all meetings, mark my words.

        1. It was obviously satire, I was showing how stupid it is to pretend to be a tough guy on the internet.

        2. No, that wasn’t satire. I can tell. You really are a marine corp vet with over 300 kills who was threatening him. It doesn’t matter that your many friends and followers call it satire, or that you yourself admitted it was satire, I know for a fact that it wasn’t, and you really meant all of those ridiculous things you said.
          Also, Roosh supports rape.

        3. I remember Commando Moon Head, he got assigned to your unit when we had to medevac Lance Corporal Max Headcase out of the LZ after taking a steel kebab skewer in the ass …
          Fucking savages.

        4. If you have over 300 kills then my entry into any country is considered a war-crime subject to prosecution from the ICJ as I have 2.3 million confirmed kills and counting 😛

        5. 210lbs of homicidal, genocidal, ethnocidal, democidal anger! *Godzilla roars*

      1. Tribal leader of Toronto here and just wanted to let everyone know that our leadership will not be intimidated in any way. The shrill cries of feminists and SJWs alike will be seen as entertainment, nothing more.

        1. Pretty easy to check my statement. I didnt support anything. Just telling everybody to have fun.

        2. You’re aware of a group of men who will be waiting in a park to assault people who want to attend this meeting?

        3. I guess you should report potential violence to police then. Or are you an accomplice ?

        4. Yes the meet up is worthy of its own police protection now at tax payer expense thanks to SJW threats of violence on the net.

        5. No, I said I know of a group of men who “should”. The same way someone “should” figure out a way to shut down this stupid site.

      1. Stupid SJWs. They’re entire life is based on feigned moral superiority. Then they threaten violence and the lie is exposed.

      1. I just called him up. He denied he would throw rocks or knew anyone who would. Good to know. I’m sure he was just “joking”.

      2. LOL Tom hung up on me before either of us said a word! I guess that’s because the rest of our bro’s are calling him too!

    2. lol ‘freelance director’. have fun serving coffee for a living. you’re a goddamn failure.

  6. As an Australian I have absolutely cringed watching the media circus today. I knew things were bad here, but wow. Roosh has been described by our hysterical mainstream media as a rape “advocate” who is teaching “like minded men how to rape”. Dead serious…
    When all that shit was going down in Canada last year, I always thought “Mate, you think things are bad there, try coming to Australia!”. Australia is SJW Central. It used to be a great country, but in the past decade it has become a seething, self-loathing pit of political correctness. It’s a terrible shame…

    1. Sad. Oz used to have the image of the last cool english speaking country. What the fark happened?

      1. My theory is that we became too comfortable during the mining boom. Our economy was going so gangbusters, our standard of living was so high, that some losers (feminists/manginas) took it for granted and had to invent “first world problems”. Sadly, these people will always find things to complain about, no matter how good they have it.
        It’s also the indoctrination of self-hating lefties in our education system and lazy media reporting. Waiting for somebody to say something “outrageous” and then jumping all over it is a hell of a lot easier than researching a decent story which actually affects people in the real world. Think about how stupid it is that women being sexually assaulted by immigrants in an organised campaign in Germany has received about 1% of the media coverage that a West Indian cricketer got for asking a reporter out for a drink, or an American writer who is organising some meet ups for men? As an old-school Australian, I am embarrassed.

        1. I agree, mining boom changed things beyond increasing house prices to ridiculous levels (though that was bad enough). My sister knows someone who was getting $300k per year then complained to her she had ‘no cash flow’ when things died down. With the exception of those working FIFO 12+ hours a day, people got soft.

        2. “some losers (feminists/manginas) took it for granted and had to invent “first world problems”— Your country just became infected by cultural m arxism, and it was not invented by feminists. Actually feminists was also created by these people.

        3. Some good points. It’s happened in the U.S. as well with people inventing problems because times are so good.
          A real case for rape was shown just recently in Cologne. If women here or Australia are really bored then buy a ticket to Germany (or Sweden) and get your rape on (real rape)
          ….and then do us a favor and shut the fuck up about it, ladies.

        4. I don’t know one guy who
          Got rich off the mining boom and I went out there briefly. This is what I saw… Men work crazy hours, pick up a huge mortgage, buy 3 cars.add drugs and alcohol for most and then give the rest to short term girlfriends!At times it made me believe in socialism because of the bad spending choices people took! I’d say that it propped up retail but destroyed any real economic development.

        1. Ha ha, funny. Seriously though, that’s how Australians pronounce the word “nice”. It kind of like how people in North America started with the “wazzup” thing, only that’s how the Australians always speak.

    2. Well, they say Australia is behind the rest of the world, we’re getting the full SJW treatment now while the rest of the planet is saying ‘enough’.

    3. Australia offers nothing that you can’t get in other parts of the world, often at a fraction of the price. Shitty women, massively overpriced alcohol, generic beaches, lifeless desert, $600,000 homes which are miles and miles away from the beach, SJW central….


        2. Chile has highest per capita GDP… Wife and I Iooking at Iceland, Chile or Israel from Canada(she German so we get anywhere in EU too)

      1. Ive heard they have the worst women in Australia and that’s coming from a Canadian. I got my wife from Germany, she’s an ex-Muslim too so basically a unicorn.

    4. Well, lets look at this from a positive standpoint. THEY are showing who they really are (tyrants with a happy face), showing their tactics. The media is showing its fangs, and they are blatantly lying. Take note boys.

    5. Meanwhile in Germany and Sweden….real rape (and death) is happening to women as young as 12.
      If the women (and feminine men) in Australia want to talk about rape then they need to look to Germany (Cologne) and Sweden as real examples of rape. Women need to stop exaggerating about rape “epidemics” that aren’t happening and focus on the real ones that are happening.

      1. Yep, you’re right, because women in Australia aren’t getting raped early enough, they are complaining about nothing… How ridiculous of them. It’s up to us masculine men to be masculine and tell them that it’s ok if they are raped, they are old enough to take a good old raping and keep smiling and cooking dinner. The hypocrisy is as thick in the air as the stench of macho circlejerking around here.

        1. You seem obsessed about “masculine men”. Maybe its because you’re a disgusting weak pussy.

        2. Nah, just read through the commandments of your cult on the website and was having a laugh at how masculine you all want to be. It’s like watching the Alabama Man commercial.
          Haha disgusting weak pussy. Nice, but you can do better.

        3. That’s an insult to lightweights-they have weight of some description-a more apropos epithet to use would be ‘flyweight’.

        4. Pussies are actually tough because they can handle childbirth and copulation; I wouldn’t use the term and think of someone more fitting such as ‘AIDS infested ball of haemorrhoids’ for example.

        5. Or a closet homosexual perhaps who is turned on by masculinity and yet is disgusted by such and has self-loathing issues.

      2. Me and several of my friends were molested before the age of 10. Is that young enough for you?
        How many women have to suffer and die before you people will acknowledge it? Does it have to be your own sister, mother or daughter before you’ll care?

        1. and how many of you condemned (publicly) the mass attacks in Sweden and Germany? How many times have SJWs and feminists gone out of their way to send your same message to these groups in (and from) the middle east that attack and rape women on the regular?
          It does happen, we know it happens. The fucked up part is their is a nonstop attack on men in the west while everyone ignores the shit that happens on the regular by men from the middle east. Get your sisters, your mother, or your daughters out there to protest (equally) when it happens….not just when it happens by men from the west (or white men).

        2. Since when was this ever a debate about age of being raped? The gentleman stated unequivocally that prepubsecent girls were being sexually assaulted and raped but the outrage from the leftoid hyenas towards the hyenas has been virtually non-existent and they as usual are directing their venom at imaginary issues so their hamster wheels don’t burst into flames from the usual mental gymnastics they need to function.

    6. As an American I always thought Australia or Canada was the spot to go to when libtardism got out of hand here. Looks I was wrong.

      1. Well all this “escaping” from baby boomers is exactly how evil spreads.
        Millenials have the pleasure of noticing that there is no escape. Now everybody has to fight.

      2. You were definitely wrong about Canada we elected a know nothing private school lscialist “Mr Selfie Prime Minister.”

    7. Australia has become a toilet and had its ball cut off by all the sick judgmental whackjobs-it disgusts me no end at the emasculation occurring at all levels.

    8. Fellow Aussie here
      Can confirm how much of a leftist cesspool it is
      @hubert – housing in Sydney is out of control , I pay $590 rent a week for a 1 bedroom apartment .

    9. I went through the Google News section on a search string of “Return of Kings” and found most of the outrage was in the Australian media. I was amazed at the obvious leftist bias on every page. The news pages look like real news publishers, with the caligraphy font, and the headlines, and the photos, and all the trimmings of a traditional news agency. But when you actually read the text it reads like a bunch of high school girls trying to be mean to eachother and score points for their clique. Cussing, lies, misrepresentations, hyperventilating, and nonsense rule the lines. The news media, the government, the police chief, they’re just a bunch of hyper sensitive feminist bloggers in Australia

  7. The enemy can be likend to a machine. Who feels no pity or remorse.though we must not be dismayed or disheartened, it is our duty to ourselves and to our country men to tread with wisdom on this glorious day. Stay discreet and stay frosty . So rest assured I will be armed with camera in hand to film the hoards of intellectual midgets that comes to Face us that day. I will be in Houston.
    Below I posted a link to a video of an Old Confederate war song to any who may become disheartened. let it encourage your souls.

    1. Thanks, but I feel utterly ashamed at what our society has turned into. These guys literally wouldn’t recognize their own country today.

  8. Although I do not agree with most of the things you write, I will be at the Brisbane event this weekend to hear you speak, and to help ensure that you are heard.
    Freedom of speech only has value if it applies to everyone, especially those who think differently. The people who threaten you with violence to try and silence you are criminals against a free society.

    1. 100% agreed. Even people who vehemently disagree with Roosh should feel the way you feel about this attempt to crush free speech.

    2. Thank you Richard, even if you aren’t necessarily “one of us”. This is ultimately a free speech battle and our right to peacefully associate without state encroachment on our liberties.
      The “legalized rape” argument has repeatedly been used by SJWs and the mainstream media to attack Roosh, but it’s a massive massive Straw man.

      1. Actually it’s not a strawman – it’s flat out false.
        Roosh wrote a satirical article along the lines of Swift’s “Modest Proposal”. SJW’s saying Roosh is in favor of legalizing rape are like people claiming Swift was in favor of baby-eating.

        1. if this thread goes over 10 posts I am pretty sure the Times will run an article about rampant baby eating in the manosphere.

        2. they may be laughable nimrods but we eat babies….I mean like loads of babies. This morning I had scrambled babies with a side of baby bacon. I actually have a small box that I keep babies in so I can make them vealishly tender

        3. Have you tried marinading them? We’re doing deviled baby for the first lucky twenty that show up to our rape club, I mean, fat sha…our, our Kratom Klub meetup on Saturday.

        4. that will be great. The question is, do we also rape the babies before cooking them? I think Roosh needs to chime in here and tell us, his followers, how he wants these babies raped and eaten.

        5. I think that all depends on your location, my friend. Our asian brothers are going to require soy sauce, maybe some duck & rice to accent. I, being from the south, might enjoy a pulled pork infant sandwich while the italians might do…ah, shit, I dunno…baby alfredo or meatballs. The less income your region brings in, the lower value of the baby parts they’re going to be able to afford, so ROK readers who reside in the ghetto might be reduced to grits & baby tongue or pickled baby hands.

        6. While much of your reasoning makes sense, I think that the price of baby in the ghetto will be, because of supply and demand, much cheaper. With so many people having so many unnecessary children I imagine that you can buy and then rape and eat as many babies as you like for roughly the price of one colt 45.
          The pulled infant sandwich does make sense for the south. However, in the summer you might want to shred some raped baby onto a tomato sandwich.
          I think that only raped babies named alfredo will be made into baby alfredo. Also, I doubt meatballs, because the grind really takes from the integrity of the meat. I can’t speak for Italians in general, but I know that when I rape and eat babies I want to really know it is baby.
          I mean, think about it….meatballs, meat loafs, hamburger…you might be getting toddler or even adult. Yuck!

        7. So, the dark meat would be cheaper than the white meat? Touche. But how about sexing ground up baby meat? All that semen makes a recipe for lip-smackin’ sloppy joes.

        8. Again, Roosh’s input will be necessary here. As you are well aware, all people in the manosphere love 2 things: agreeing with everything roosh says and raping, murdering and eating babies.
          On international rape and murder and eat a baby because roosh told us to day I think it is only right that roosh tells us just how these babies are to be raped, murdered and eaten.
          Is it ok to be experimental. For instance, I may want some baby tikka masala, but I am not in the indian community. Can I rape a non indian baby and still make baby tikka masala or will I be forced to rape an indian baby. WIl I have to trade the Indians a baby of equal or greater value? What about the feather head Indians? Must I wear moccasins while raping a baby if I want to rape a hoo hoo indian? So many questions.

        9. A generous application of desiccated baby has my pectorals positively glistening; it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.

        10. Well, I prefer slicing up babies (slicing babies doesn’t make me cry, as opposed to onions), and poaching the bits.

        11. After slicing, as raping it beforehand results in the eventual overwhelming of the baby’s unique regional flavor (eg. Indian babies in curry, English baby Yorkshire pudding (with some kidnapped Yorkshire terriers, of course), etc.).

        12. I think a contemporary proposal that we feed unborn babies to Syrian refugees would stand an excellent chance of getting published on Salon. Not as satire, though.

        13. Everything you type is fucking annoying. Go out and work instead of spending time to write 8 paragraphs about baby rape you fucking cunt

        14. I met the Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells, and he gave me some sage advice, with a bit of rosemary in his own thyme …
          “Always try the veal.”

        15. The problem with satire is when you don’t tell people it’s satire, or it gets spread without the accompanying “this is satire” warning.
          I read the original essay and it doesn’t read like satire to me.

          Perhaps it would be a good idea all of you returnofkings advocates would actually admit what you really want to meet and talk about.
          If I’m right you are all just a bunch of guys trying to learn how to be successful with women and doing a dreadful job of it.

        16. I don’t care about tika masala, ghandi, teepees or anything else Indians do. I comment on rok which means, ipso facto, that I rape and eat babies — at least according to the articles I have read.

        17. Tikka Masala was actually invented in Scotland, by a Scot. Its not Indian in any way, shape or form

        18. The left wing paper “The Guardian” described. Roosh as “an apparent rape supporter”. Total lie and damaging. I believe a law suit under defamation preceding would be succesfull.

      2. The sjw and the feminists with their actions after Cologne have all but legalized gang rape if it the rapists is a refugee.
        For a feminist, refugee gang rape is the beauty integration, a western man having a drink with a girl and having consensual sex is rape.

    3. I’ll be at the Brisbane event too.. It’s about standing up for freedom of speech and freedom of establishment against these social justice wankers

        1. Is there a PM system? If I announce a time and place on this very public forum, during the peak of hysteria, I might be inviting a king hit to the back of the head.

        2. Sad state of affairs that 2 men wanting to meet for a friendly drink in a public place need to sneak around with such intricate plans to avoid violence from the same lynch mob who are convinced they are protecting women from “rapists”.

        3. I don’t think there is unfortunely. I totally understand what you mean though. Might be easier to just meet there

      1. Australia has been criticized for not having ANYTHING really resembling the U.S. Bill of Rights or the English Rights of 1689.
        One of the most irritating things about living in Australia is constant roadblocks which are designed to shank people who have one or two drinks in their system. This “guilty until proven innocent” approach to drunk driving would violate the 4th amendment in the U.S.

        1. Yeah, I can’t believe we can’t drink and drive in Australia, it’s ridiculous right? I mean if I go to the pub for a few masculine drinks with my masculine friends and down a masculine skinful, if I want to drive home so I can rape my wife, who the hell are the cops to tell me I’m too drunk, bloody nanny state!
          PS: Your freedom of speech rights in America are why your country is full of the dumbest people on the planet, a country where Donald Trump is actually put into a position where he could have challenged for presidency. One where Arnold freaking Schwarzenegger was a governor? People like you don’t deserve free speech, because you use it to spread hate.
          If a society can’t learn to speak properly, then freedom of speech is a privilege they have yet to earn.

        2. Do you have any kids? Are you fat and ugly? Are you strong and empowered, but for some reason feel the need to troll for male attention on ROK?

        3. No kids as yet. I am 6ft, weigh in at around 70kgs so not fat and I’d consider myself a decent looking individual, and it’s not your attention I want, just causing a nuisance.

        4. Typical liberal idiocy; misquote or make shit up, throw out some insults, and then close by advocating the suppression of free speech…

        5. Ah ok so you want me to trigger you. Here goes; Racism is good. Equality is a lie. Immigration is invasion. Women are inferior to men. Enough yet?

        6. All good, I’ll rebut with:
          Racism isn’t good. Equality is certainly a lie, Immigration is the only way my grandparents got to this country so it’s doing alright by me. Women have certain qualities that are indeed inferior in most cases, and vice versa. Hows that?

        7. “If a society can’t learn to speak properly, then freedom of speech is a privilege they have yet to earn.”
          If a society can’t learn to say the things that only I, and people like me, want to hear, then your freedom of speech is forfeit.

        8. No, if society can’t be basic human beings. Do you think they would be trying to ban this twat from entering the country if what he was doing was in any way a human practice?

        9. Women have advanced white matter networks. They arent as smart(less grey matter) but their brains physically work faster and are geared towards social interactions.

        10. OK so that’s a couple, keep going, humans are pretty damn complex creatures, so 2 things isn’t really make a dent in the list of ‘things one gender can be superior/inferior to the other gender in’

        11. Fuck off Benj and read a book I dont have time to school you on basic sex differences you should have picked up with your girlfriend(if she exists).

        12. Arnold freaking madly successful Schwarzenegger? Yeah, who would want someone intelligent and accomplished in a powerful position.
          You rabbits are more transparent than glass. You can’t stand successful people.

        13. Wife dude, married in March. Sex differences I get and fully acknowledge. It’s the superiority complex that I don’t get. We are different on a micro and macro scale to women, but you can’t possibly believe that every aspect of a man is superior to a woman, I just cant fathom that a sane, normal minded individual could think that.

        14. I’ll put the question back on you.
          Who will decide what the basics of behaviour are?
          To whom will you award the job of censor?
          Can you think of anyone, any elected official say, whom you would entrust the job of creating the exclusive list of expressible ideas — what you are allowed to write or read or say?
          There’s no one I can think of who would be up for the job. And I don’t trust the people who raise their hand and offer themselves for the position.
          I might also ask, do you know the historical and moral arguments for the First Amendment’s existence and why it was put at the very top of the list? Because it’s no small detail.

        15. I might accept your request to do a bit of research into the first, admittedly not my strongest suit, however I need to address this code of behaviour. I’m not saying it should be any single persons job to say what is ok and what is not, but surely people can have the common sense to know when to use the right to free speech and when what they are going to say is completely demeaning to a large proportion of the world’s population, and then be surprised when they aren’t let in to certain countries and blame ‘feminists’ and ‘faggots’. Generalising all women into this category of inferior beings, just because some 16 year old with a tit job posted dodgy photos on facebook is disrespectful on a basic level.
          FOS is like the American gun laws. Everyone should have the right, but do they need to exercise that right any time they please? Just because you have the right to do something, doesn’t mean you should just go around flagrantly doing that, ignorant of any pain you may be inflicting, to turn around and plead the ‘insert amendment number here’. It’s very American, and is something a lot of us here in aus just don’t get.

        16. “who the hell are the cops to tell me I’m too drunk, bloody nanny state! ”
          Where did anyone imply this. That’s a strawman of the highest degree.
          “Your freedom of speech rights in America are why your country is full of the dumbest people on the planet”
          That logic. There wouldn’t be less stupid people if they were not allowed to talk, that makes no sense.
          And also, are you implying there is no freedom of speech in Australia ? Do you enjoy living like in North Korea ?
          And even if they can’t speak they can still vote, so nothing would stop them from voting for Trump or Schwarznegger
          “a country where Donald Trump is actually put into a position where he could have challenged for presidency. One where Arnold freaking Schwarzenegger was a governor?”
          Both are good leaders and great models of positive masculine behaviour, you’re hating like a beta bitch
          “People like you don’t deserve free speech, because you use it to spread hate. ”
          Who decides what is “hate” ? Are you a cultural comissar, will I get imprisoned for wrongThink ? You didn’t learn much from 1984, have you ?
          “If a society can’t learn to speak properly, then freedom of speech is a privilege they have yet to earn.”
          speak properly = say things I like to hear
          Typical beta bitch shitposting. He thinks people who disagree with him should have no right to speak. And he calls himself “somewhat right wing”
          If this is what “somewhat right wing” person looks like I am afraid to see the rest.

        17. I was replying to a post where someone complained about the drink driving laws and how they are a stumbling block… It’s too obvious to address.
          Then the fact that you have called Donald ‘wantstobanghisowndaughter’ Trump a great leader is laughable.
          And don’t bring up 1984, it’s just getting old. I feel like its just a copy paste job.. 1984, beta bitch, mangina, lefties, SJW.

        18. “can have the common sense to”
          People should have common sense to know there is no rape culture in the west and that a man who cuts his penis and takes hormones is still a man, yet they don’t.
          “Just because you have the right to do something, doesn’t mean you should just go around flagrantly doing that, ignorant of any pain you may be inflicting, to turn around and plead the ‘insert amendment number here’. It’s very American, and is something a lot of us here in aus just don’t get.”
          You don’t get it cause you are cucks. If you are using your gun to do something illegal you go to jail or pay a fine, end of story.
          You are complaining about people being assholes, well guess what I have the right to be one, and I WILL use it, so suck it.
          Being nice is what got us in this mess. From unlimited migration to women being let free even if they commit heinous crimes. We won’t be nice anymore, we will be as big of assholes as we can, if that means getting things done, or just for the hell of it.
          Piss of you oversensitive pussy.

        19. Thank you for considering it.
          And I understand what you mean about common decency and I can agree with you on some level… but the problem is that societies are constantly changing that definition.
          As a pointed example, 150 years ago in certain countries it would not be considered common sense that interracial marriage is just as moral or legitimate as any other kind. At that time, anyone who wrote advocating it would be looked at pretty unfavorably. Newspapers would not publish them. They would be ostracised. 100 years ago, it would be the same story with the homosexuals. Contemporaries in the 19th century could not have imagined the values we have today, and they would see us today most likely as lurid or depraved.
          Censorship always got in the way of this progress. It always slows down this change. Without exception. It’s no coincidence that a state in the USA was the first sizable population to allow women to vote — because they had the First Amendment they had the right to express and negotiate new ideas.
          But we have to take the bad ideas with the good because we can’t reliably predict which ones will be right. And as soon as an authority tries, you’re back into censorship and the stultifying new ideas.

        20. ” I feel like its just a copy paste job.. 1984, beta bitch, mangina, lefties, SJW.”
          Because it’s true and everyone is pointing that out.
          Calling us rape supporters and low-lifes is also getting old, but people resort to it all the time, just like you do.

        21. Cheers for taking the time Richard, I genuinely appreciate it, and I will be doing a bit of research tonight as I’m interested in the subject.
          But just because we have to take the good with the bad, it doesn’t mean that we have to create controversy just for shock value does it? I am really trying to wrap my head around it but it goes against everything that I’ve applied in my life, a life that I quite enjoy and seem to be doing alright at. It goes against everything that my father and grandfather taught me about the right way to treat women, both from my English and Spanish sides. Both grandfathers treated their wives with mutual respect, give and take, and both had long, full marriages and died very happy men whose children all have strong families now. The idea that either my grandmother or grandfather were ever superior or inferior is completely foreign to me, and I’m just struggling to see how it could be a normal thing…

        22. Appreciate you taking the time to listen.
          I could try to give the argument for why causing offence is necessary, but I don’t think I could express it as coherently or eloquently as Christopher Hitchens in this video. It’s a joy to hear.

        23. Just watch. This controversy is going to get Roosh more attention than 10+ million in advertising. Its not to be avoided its got to be flamed into a frenzy.

        24. I appreciate you taking the time to find the vid of Chris Hitch, but whilst I agree with a lot of his ideas, it’s his way of conveying them that just makes me think “why be such a dick to everybody?”. I quote South Park’s Mrs Garrison in the Atheism episode where he says to (I think it was) Richard Dawkins “Logic and reason aren’t enough: You also have to be a dick to everyone who doesn’t think like you”.
          I will have a view tonight though. I’ll try and head down to the meet, but I’ll be watching from afar. Only trouble can come out of crowds mixing at an event like that, and it will only cause this Roosh nobhead to play the victim card and get even more publicity.

        25. Well, people shouldn’t be dicks, but they must have the right.
          Enjoyed the chat. If you are around at the event on I’d be interested in continuing the conversation. I’m sure there will be a lot more common ground than it first appears.

        26. Ill try make it down Richard, and if I do, Ill definitely look to catch up and have a chat. Im sure you are right about the common ground. Thanks for the civil discussion.

        27. “I am really trying to wrap me head around it”. Great! That article that Roosh wrote about rape is best described (I think) as a “thought experiment”, it is its topic that makes it so inflammatory and controversial, but if you’re able to get past that initial outrage, it does lead to various thought patterns. That’s the point. It’s about making you think about solutions to rape by giving you such a completely different input. Of course rape is abhorrent, so by suggesting the ridiculous by making it legal is Roosh verbally shaking us, causing the reader to rethink the whole (thus far) failed approach.
          Being presented with ideas that are so radically different (how they are presented and their subject matter) is why I think sites like this are so important.
          Simply being presented with these different ideas is one thing, but acting,
          raping is something else entirely, something that only a sociopath who was inclined towards that action would take.

        28. Cheers Plath, i get what your saying, im just someone who cant stand using shock to get a response or even provoke thought, especially referring to the (rightly put) abhorrent act of rape. Roosh just seems like a shock jockey who gets off on attention, good or bad. He reminds me of Corey (cant remember his surname but the guy who had the huge parties and was made famous for it).

        29. Corey Worthington from memory!
          Roosh has indeed said some pretty inflammatory things (he was initially brought to my attention with his article “the nine ugliest feminists in America”), but reading him and others has taught me huge lessons in critical thinking. Evaluate what you experience (read, watch on tv etc), take what you agree with and ask yourself why, take what you disagree with and ask yourself why. In terms of return of kings, all the articles will have different levels of “agreement” and “disagreement”. And that’s fine. Discussion and individual thought is encouraged.
          Personally, I think a lot of people don’t even think about what they read/watch, it all just kinda passes through them. These same people were then exposed to such a distant extreme to what they’re usually fed and they respond with anger and frustration. “The sign of a healthy mind is being able to entertain two opposing ideas and still being able to function”.
          That’s just my 2 cents.

        30. Think of it this way mate;
          Men created the world around you. Computers. Cars. Science. Buildings. Tools. Pretty much everything you use,see, touch and such was created by a man. You like plumbing? You like central heat/AC? You like air travel? Washing machines. Fridge. etc…
          The one claim to fame women have is making babies and even then they need us to make half of the little bugger.
          As far as drinking and driving goes, I do not care if a bloke wants a beer or two. Most westernized countries are now dropping the legal limit to below one drink an hour. That is shite. That number is going from .08 to .05. The only reason to drop the limit from.1 to .08 was to generate revenue. Now they want to go even lower to the .05 number. oye.
          The real drunks are seldom ever the ones being punished. I mean seriously seldom.
          Have fun at the meet up.
          Oh, one last thing. Women are not the women your father/grand dad and such grew up courting. They are very different creatures these days. I should know I grew up in a household full of women. 3 sisters, me mum and mum ran a daycare for nearly 30 years. I saw the transition from married loving parents in the early years move to nothing but mudsharks having kids out of wedlock.
          It happened in less than 30 years but it did happen. Men are raised to stay as they were 30 years ago as far as attitude towards women but women have changed in how they treat men.

        31. Im no expert on the history of women, but I’m pretty sure alot of that could be down to the fact that prior to the 20th century, women were barely allowed to study, let alone get into engineering and other sciences.
          Here in Aus, it’s been .05 for a long time, and I think it’s a good thing. Alcohol and driving are just bad partners, even in relatively small amounts. If you drink before driving, and you get caught, you pay the fine and cop the punishment. It’s hardly ever the drinker that dies in a drunken accident either…
          And I do realise that things are different now, but not all women are these awful cheating things that you seem to think they are. I suppose I’ve been a lucky one to have grown up around women (albeit I have a largely male family) who have been strong and faithful to their husbands, who have in turn respected and honoured their wives. To me, and I dont know if it is an Australian thing or the result of my European heritage, but this is normality, these backstabbing, thieving, twisted creatures that you describe are simply the ones they put on Jerry Springer to get ratings.
          In fact, more often than not the stories that I seemed to hear about infidelity were more focused around a man and woman who have been married for years, couple of kids, the husband decides after 30 years that his wife is starting to look a bit beyond her years, despite being 5 years his junior, and he decides that his mid-life crisis mx-5 isnt filling that space in his life, so he decides to fill the space between his blonde, 21 year old secretary’s legs.
          Is it the wife’s fault for looking older? In the main example in my life, the mother worked as a nurse, working night shifts so that she could take the kids to and from school during the day, as well as prepare all of the meals and was sleeping from 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm. The husband was a salesman, constantly at cigar lounges and bars, schmoozing with clients and such.
          I don’t think that women are angels, I think that they can be irrational, just as men can be, they can as dumb, funny, intelligent, sour, angry, vitriolic, two-faced and normal as a man, despite the obvious chemical and physical differences.

        32. Cheers Plath, good point, well made. I do not consider myself a feminist, nor a chauvinist or misogynist or whatever the opposite is, I’m an egalitarian. I think that we should be equal, and not in that we should make women almighty, but we should have equal rights and equal responsibilities. Not to say that I think women and men can complete the same tasks equally, that is just ignoring basic science, but we have equal responsibilities that we must each carry out, with equal burden meeting equal praise. I come from a fairly upper/middle background, my wife being from a working class one, and yet she has waived her rights to any of my earnings, despite my protestations.
          I feel my mind is fairly healthy, what I had trouble coming to grips with is the extremism. Speaking to you and a couple of the other guys on here, we seem to be approaching some kind of middle ground, it’s the extremes that blur the argument. For every ‘they shouldnt be surprised when they get raped’, there is a ‘men are the oppressive regime against feminine whatever’. Both extremes suck, because they only allow for a small minority to achieve any sort of outcome.

        33. It isn’t surprising a man with little rights is complaining about others exercising their rights any time they please. I know it sucks, but man up, don’t be a crybaby.

        34. ” im just someone who cant stand using shock to get a response or even provoke thought”
          Oh, the irony.

        35. Very good speech and I agree with a lot of his points about censorship and freedom of speech. There’s just one thing I take issue with so far:
          Modern day Christians don’t really hold a grudge against Jews for crucifying Jesus Christ. We recognize that it had to be done for the prophesy to be fulfilled. The sentiments could have certainly been different at different times, but I’ve never heard of a Christian being resentful at the Jews for crucifying Jesus.
          Am also curious as to which verse he’s referencing that brought on all this “hatred”. Am looking for it now, but it’s quite a bit of reading to navigate through. If anyone knows, please tell me.

        36. “Just because you have the right to do something, doesn’t mean you should just go around flagrantly doing that…”
          So take your own advice and SHUT THE FUCK UP, JACKASS.

        37. You don’t get it. yes violating civil rights has its benefits. Summery execution without trial of gang members in the USA would give us a crime rate lower than Switzerland’s. But that would violate our rights/

        38. I’m embarrassed that I’m from the same country as you but then Western Australia has its fair share of wankers and nutjobs who are a bunch of sanctimonious blowhards who because of sheer dumb luck benefitted from a resources boom but otherwise contribute nothing and is a cultural and intellectual wasteland. And for the record sport-the right to freedom of speech does not include the right not to be offended.
          You absolutely should say whatever you wish short of anything that is libellous or incitement to violence (for the sake of community cohesion etc. and not being sent to the poky) and beyond that it’s a value judgement on whether you should care if you hurt or upset anybody. And speak for yourself-in Victoria where guys have balls the size of cantaloupes many say whatever they want and freely tell you to go fornicate yourself if you take offence; we don’t need to rely on any ‘steenking’ piece of paper to say so.

        39. Yeah if you don’t make a bunch of controversy Voosh won’t get paid a bunch of money and that would make us all very sad. It feels good knowing that I can yell at women AND let some guy who I don’t know make a whole lot of dolla dolla billz off of me.

        40. Woah buddy, you better slow down. I wouldn’t want to see a good friend of mine get too worked up over something like this. Would you like a cup of tea, mate? Maybe a nap? I know I can get pretty bad when I don’t get my nap.

        41. “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”
          ― George Orwell, 1984
          I hereby re-brand you Doublethink Straw Man

        42. With the mindset you describe Benji, I think you are similar in your views to many who frequent ROK. Many of us come here because we are sick of the typical “men bad woman good” narrative we are forced fed from the usual news outlets; the same ones that had a field day regarding the ROK meet up (and what no doubt brought yourself and others here), yet were quiet when women in Germany were actually raped in January.
          The extremism you describe is a form of negotiation; if a persons view is represented by a piece of paper with their point of view on one edge and you wish to change their view to be in the middle, then you present to them the extreme other end of that piece of paper, that way compromise will be somewhere in the middle of the paper, which is where you wanted to be anyway. If you initially presented them with the central point of view, then compromise would be somewhere in their quarter. That’s the reason extremism is so effective. I don’t agree with it and I too used to hate it, but after someone on ROK explained that in a comment (in relation to Domald Trump no less) I now understand the reason for it.

        43. Benj it’s all about the context.
          It’s the media feminists that are using the shock tactics.
          Fairfax media took Phoebe’s out of context accusations and published them, which then got picked up by all other media without any research or questioning.
          Any traction on the story of a mother killing her 2 kids and the ex?
          Wife killed husband with hammer?
          Rapes in Germany and Sweden?
          What about Clementine Ford tweets.
          Is that hate speech?
          That’s really what this is about. The demonizing of all things men and anything they do or say.

        44. What did he practice thats ‘Wrong’?
          Better question: Are morals relative or universal?

        45. Yes, being able to voice your political opinions without fear of government backlash is a bad thing, if you’re a fascist pussy from Australia. Australians are among the dumbest people on the planet. So hate means what you say it means right? What happens when the government decides what you say is hate?

        46. Again, you are so narrow minded you don’t realize that you’re still trying to define free speech based off of what YOUR beliefs are. You should go to college, and don’t skip philosophy you intellectual heavyweight.

        47. So a small group of powerful people should be able to decide what is acceptable speech and what is not. You should read 1984, you’re advocating for Newspeak, wich limits thought. Keep backpeddling.

        48. I do not define my beliefs and thoughts based on what other people deem offensive. I define it based on truth.

        49. Nice try there-you get a pat on the head for your attempt. The woman you speak of contributed to a model that was already pioneered by two male scientists. And by the by-she wasn’t even a feminist!

        50. Ah, wrong again sir. Rosalin Franklin discovered the model using imaging not avaliable to Watson and crick. And unfortunately, it was the radiation from the imaging equipment that unltimately killed her – allowing Watson and crick to use the images to update their incorrect model.
          silly men

        51. And this is where you are wrong-Franklin did not discover or “deserve” credit for the discovery of the structure of DNA because while she completed the X-ray crystallography work that Watson and Crick based their theory on, she did not come up with the final structural theory herself.

        52. Because;
          a) women were (are still are) discriminated against in science
          And b) she died
          She brought the facts – Watson and crick brought the colourful drawings 😉

        53. That old canard. You must subscribe to the Herr Goebbels school of factualness.

        54. And by the by-just so I can debunk your preposterous and asinine observation/brainfart:
          Wendy M. Williams and Stephen J. Ceci, the co-directors of the Cornell Institute for Women in Science, spent much of the past six years researching sexism in STEM fields. According to their latest study, published in 2015 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, women are no longer at a disadvantage when applying for tenure-track positions in university science departments. In fact, the bias is now reversed: Female candidates are now twice as likely to be chosen as equally qualified men.
          Check and mate.

        55. sorry, still laughing from that time you accused me of having penis envy 😂😂😂😂😂

        56. Did you have a quick little Google there buddy? 😉
          If you did actually know anything about science you would understand that a single study is insignificant.

        57. I think you need to cut out the emojis-they’re puerile and don’t befit an adult conversation.

        58. Which is a Freudian principle so I fail to see where that would not be apropos notwithstanding Freud’s ‘oddness’.

        59. Little rights? So to where are you referring? And what rights are you referring to? Rights codified under the law and constitution, and representative of the majority, or the rights you think you’re entitled to?

        60. If you believe freedom of speech has to be “earned”, then you believe it’s up to someone else to decide if you have a right to speak. In that case, it’s not really your “right” it’s a “privilege”. The issue with it being a privilege and up to someone else as to whether you deserve to be able to speak is when that person disagrees with what you’re saying, right or wrong, they can silence you. You just happen to feel like it should be a privilege right now because you happen to agree with the government’s point of view, but should that ever reverse, you will likely want the ability to voice your opposition.

      2. It is implied somewhere though. Its not forbidden.
        Freedom of speech in the US constitution has more to do with journalism anyway.

      3. They do not need one. You have a God-given right to free speech. Your rights do not come from any government! +FD

    4. This coming weekend is going to be interesting. First Europe-wide Pegida march + tribal meet up that is drawing support from the relevant parts of the Alt-Right…
      > Let’s see who shows up.
      I will be there in Paris. So far I did not catch any signs of opposition. The political atmosphere is different here, despite the fact that free speech is far more regulated in France.
      Since the 1970s various restrictions have been made law to protect this or that minority.
      And yet today France is hands down the most advanced West European country in terms of alt-right metapolitics:

    5. Check out these gems from the feed. This is the kind of false & ridiculous propaganda currently being passed around

    6. Good to see someone who actually stands for free speech. People fail to realize it works both ways.

    7. I’m not even a fan of Roosh but these anti-free speech, violent white knights absolutely enrage me.

    8. >The people who threaten you with violence to try and silence you are criminals against a free society.
      It isn’t fair to judge “progressive liberals” on their violent hypocritical behavior. They are mentally ill after all.

  9. Hi all, those attending the Perth event have been threatened to be surveilled and monitored by police.

    Ms Harvey, who is also the state’s police minister, warned anyone
    considering attending a planned Return of Kings Perth event at Cottesloe
    on Saturday night would be monitored closely by authorities.
    “Anybody that advocates committing a criminal offence like that is obviously
    going to be of interest to police,” Ms harvey told 6PR.

    Big brother never felt so real.

    1. Police will help. They’ll be surprised that the meetup people are just civil-minded men wanting to have some happy banter, and the SJWs will show up and want to start shit.

      1. Hopefully it’s just that.
        I’ve heard rumours in the TO scene that one of the hosts is a nutjob and wants to get the public’s attention (e.g., print flyers and protest). Not very motivating for the dudes who are working on careers or pick-up and would like to maintain a low profile.
        I wont be surprised if the manosphere does attract some real weirdos from the fringes of society… Just like we see with SJWs.

        1. It has already started brother. Quite a few of the supremacy types are the new frequent posters and are treating it like a big stab against the government which has attacked for decades. Make no mistake, the events of this year will decide where on the MRA bell curve we fall.

        2. I agree with you.
          The sentiment in the comments section has made a noticeable change in the last few months.
          More focus on nationalism, less focus on how to just live a good life. I think seeing the breakdown of Europe in real time + Trump’s fuck you to the political system has been the catalyst for this.
          While I have my nationalist leanings, it doesn’t mean that I’m just out looking for chaos.

        3. Take it from a fellow who has had some involvement with the militia.
          When the media demonizes something, they are not doing this next door to some command center with a SWAT team at the ready, all staring at some poll number for approval rating and waiting for it to hit some low percentage so they can spring into action and round people up.
          They are doing it to make whatever movement they are demonizing attractive to miscreants, autists, and other nefarious nabobs.
          The end result, as I have found much to my own heartbreak and horror, is that said demonized movement actually ends up with the kind of people in it that it was accused of having in the first place, and the serious guys end up having to babysit at best, or have all of their work, hopes, and dreams pissed on.
          Take what just happened with so-called “militia” in Oregon for example, Ham-handed, retarded, poorly planned, total lack of forethought or reference to informational war, 4GW, having the moral high ground, etc. Now it’s down to 4 crazy retards screaming they are not going to be taken alive, all while the media gleefully tries to pin this on everybody who owns a gun and is not a government loving Hillary voting socialist.
          So aside from screeching harpies trying to start shit, you may end up with creepy sorts who actually are rapists or wannabees and if you don’t beat their fucking brains out in 2 seconds and drop them in a dumpster, they will pull stupid shit in your name.

        4. Yeah I hear you man… And I really hope that doesn’t happen with ROK, one of the few places that has managed to break through the haze of PC Bullshit.
          In terms of attending this event, I’m honestly less afraid of being associated with the manosphere than I am of being associated with a bunch of local freaks. The guys I’ve met so far have mostly been great guys, but there surely are some degenerates out there who just want a place to belong, even if they destroy the very thing that gives them a chance.

        5. Wow, so you’re saying they are focusing on this “rape” bs just to attract potential rapists to a ROK meetup? Wow, that’s some sick shit! I can see that though… And honestly that would be the best way of breaking up the event. Although I’m pretty sure I can spot that type of sociopath. I’m hoping to meet some new friends, but I’m not going to be handing out my number to every guy in attendance…

        6. “I wont be surprised if the manosphere does attract some real weirdos from the fringes of society” Yeah, that’s for sure…the extremes of society tend to attract extreme like attracts like. I don’t like fanatical nutjobs of any shade, so, I’ll be watching the stars instead that evening. There’s more solace in the intimate wonders of astronomy than with ones own kind I often think…maybe that’s how we save our planet?

        7. I’m a Nationalist-leaning person myself Clark. The thing is, we’ve been lied to about much of what happened in WW2 (or didn’t happen), similar to how men are lied to about how men and women are “equal” or that Roosh V is a “rapist”.
          I don’t think most of the Nationalist posters are looking for chaos, the same way I don’t believe that Roosh V is a “rapist”.
          Remember, to somebody not familiar with the JQ, a post about Hitler will seem extreme and outlandish… but… to somebody not familiar with the pitfalls of feminism and SJW tactics, an article (or a post on ROK) will seem *just as extreme* as a Hitler post does to an average ROK reader. Hopefully this analogy kind of makes sense. Hell, just look at the SJWs this very article attracted! They think that we are “crazy” or something… when regular ROK readers know that we’re mostly just normal dudes.
          Traditionalism is probably what most men prefer here (this is coming from my observations of reading the comments here for 2 years). But, to return to traditionalism and the “good life” that you describe Clark, we’re going to have to go through some kind of Nationalist movement to ensure the existence of our people and our European culture. There is just no way around it.

        8. I don’t think it’s fair to label Nationalist-leaning Whites as “supremacists”. Doing this is similar to how SJWs, feminists, and manginas label Roosh V as a “rapist”.
          You and I both know that we’ve *all* been lied to about feminism, and that men have been shamed into abandoning masculinity. But where was feminism instituted… only in majority White nations. Not in Africa, not in the ME, and not so much in Asia either. This isn’t just a *coincidence* or by chance. It is an assault on Whites (and of course anybody else living in these nations will suffer as well to a degree).
          Whites have been made to feel guilty of our culture and our heritage (through brainwashing similar to feminists and SJW programs on college campuses) – and this is leading to chaos in Europe (and perhaps soon to be in America). European culture gave us modern civilization as we know it – The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law that we enjoy in the states, and a huge chunk of modern technology and inventions.
          So, for Whites to be proud of their heritage, and for them to want to preserve their unique identity is completely justified. That is not “supremacist” – that is *normal* and *healthy*. Nationalists also don’t agree with meddling in foreign affairs in the ME and destabilizing other countries – we believe that all peoples and all cultures have the right to thrive.

        9. Potentially the label is detrimental to your cause. But you have a few problems under your nationalist belt. Which country does your ancestry originally hail from? If not America, and most of us are either first, second, or maybe third generation Americans, then the nation does include those of the same belt. What you are advocating for is White heritage, which isn’t ubiquitous amongst whites.
          Several whites weren’t considered equal until the freedom of blacks forced the whites here to adopt a sense of solidarity. That is just from the heritage aspect which is clearly divided per nation. The Irish weren’t considered equals, as wasn’t the Italians and the Scottish. So you are a member of a group barely tying together vast schisms. So then what do you celebrate or adhere to? Is it the notion that white brain cells due to cranial facilities makes you a better inventor and the natural leader of the human race? Because this is often the chant before take the red pill comes to the forefront. Is that nationalism or a belt of supremacy?
          What of blacks being ignorant criminals or Asians being filthy but smart mathematicians who just happen to have beautiful and submissive women who love white men? This is also a clear part of the heritage that has often derailed conversations from being about growth to divisive engines or typing matches of who is superior vs inferior. And we all are still no closer to getting our solutions and now have an extra ball of bigotry that helps no one but the whites who feel that they are being sent to the back by their inferiors. This is the “supremacy” I speak of.
          As of yet, I know little of the white heritage you speak of. This was also never about can’t we all get along, but the end of the day, one of the biggest problems of white heritage is it does not exist in any sense. We all have heritage based on our actual bloodline and nation of origin. And as their is no clear defining heritage for white, or maybe I’m missing something, the nationalist argument holds little water because by saying white America you are already splitting the nation between those who aren’t white and those whom you decide to be white.
          All of this is said to mention the portions of your plight that other people see and second guess. If you wish to be respected for your existence and all that your group has been a part of, I agree, no white male should be pushed as a second option if they are more qualified for a job position. Slavery is also over so you shouldn’t be punished for what your forefathers did. You can’t ask for respect and be disrespectful in the same breath and hope the world will stand aside willingly.
          At the core of things all groups are affected by the system of feminism, exploited by the government, and Jews, because in this white majority held country the white men do not stand together. The white people here know so little about their culture and heritage that, and this is the outside perception, that since their forefathers were national heroes or fought wars or even held a mass of credentials, that all they need do is earn a PhD, marry a beautiful hot women, establish a few mutual funds, invest, by property, and show your children how to do the same before your 50. And at the core of it, all the credentials aside, who are you outside of your status? This is why women forced game on you. And this is why the other races merely take advantage of a prosperous situation. Until you can define your heritage all the world and your women will see is status, and status can be attained by most people now.
          This was a long statement as I wanted to address a few core elements that bring the nationalist sentiment back around to supremacy and potentially some of the pitfalls you may be experiencing and why due to your lineage.

    2. The cops will prob end up holding back the SJWs. Can’t imagine any RoK guys starting anything.

    3. Free association-the foundation of society besides free speech- could now be illegal without judge or jury because of perceived threats to women. Truly demonstrative of the corruption of our times.

      1. And we will have betas defending this, thinking they are noble knights crusading against evil itself, while destroying everything good.
        This world has to burn.

      1. To quote Banksy …

    4. 1984 is a brilliant book. Orwell definitely knew what was coming. Censorship, limit language and free speech, keep the proles under your control with mindless entertainment…. it is all coming true!

      1. Freedom is slavery.
        Ignorance is strength.
        Masculinity is evil.
        Double think is a dangerous concept within the minds of the angry masses.

    5. would be monitored closely by authorities.
      Monitored how exactly? She knows there is nothing police can do to stop the meeting and she’s trying to scare people away. She’s a total joke as police minister here.

    6. The problem is that we live in a nanny state, especially in WA. I would have loved to see the WA Police Force from the 70’s/80’s surround one of your cult meetings, crack open the skulls of every one of you Neanderthals and broadcast it on television so that any other brainwashed sub-humans can see what happens. Unfortunately, you’ll get away with it because of the nature of the state that you criticise for being ‘leftist’.
      Oh and to the commenters above, making a note of how the feminists made up problems post-mining boom…? The ones who were affected were the kind of Neanderthal that had no qualification, no education to speak of, was put into a truck to drive up north, turning over 200k a year, then after spending all his money on coke, booze, SS Utes and hookers, he wonders where it all went, and goes home to commit some ‘domestic rape’ or whatever it is you sub-humans call it.
      This coming from a Gen X, Office Professional, Married, Straight, somewhat Right-Wing, Australian, before anyone starts yelling at me for being too young, gen y, gay, feminist, lefty, foreigner etc etc. You all make me sick.

      1. Do you actually think we promote rape? You sound very left wing, so you may want to reconsider your political alignment.
        I married my highschool sweetheart so what is your point? I treat her my wife like a lady because she is not a modern day harlot. We have standards for women, and there is nothing wrong with that.
        How many other men did your wife sleep with before she got to you?
        Also, why do you want violence? I see no man here advocating violence. It is you that is the problem.

        1. My wife had 2 boyfriends before me, and isn’t the promiscuous type, so I’d say 4 at a maximum if you must know. I fail to see why that matters though?
          You have standards for women that you have no right to enforce. What gives us guys the right to say how a woman can act? Because we are physically stronger than them? How basic.

        2. And me sounding left wing is just an easy go-to for you people. I said ever so slightly right, in that I don’t associate with either left or right and tend to have different viewpoints on different issues. In the case of legalised domestic rape, I simply can’t see how any human being could actually be up for it. Well I can, but they are just Unit/Fox/Tapout wearing, Lowered-Ute-driving, white Oakley-wearing, Kuta-partying, Casino-frequenting types of human beings, and I didn’t think that they could read, let alone type…

        3. You sound left wing because you want to see us dying in a pool of our own blood because you disagree with our perceived ideological stance. We don’t want to rape women.
          That was a thought experiment to point out that women should be careful in those situations, to avoid getting raped. It is the opposite of what you want us to believe.

        4. What is a disgusting weak?
          And still, you are blowing me away with these, such creativity and finesse. A true wordsmith…

        5. The number of sexual matters, because it shows how much a woman respects herself and her virtues. Sure, I have no right imposing it on others, but I can certainly uphold my own moral and ethical values within my own life. I am merely pointing out that women shouldn’t act like whores and expect to be respected.
          Please come down to the Perth meetup so you can talk face to face and so that you realize we are not misogynistic rapists that you predetermined us to be.

        6. Coming from someone who stated,

          I would have loved to see the WA Police Force from the 70’s/80’s surround one of your cult meetings, crack open the skulls of every one of you

          I don’t believe you have the ideological or moral high ground.

        7. You can justify it any way you want, but it’s not lefties or those who disagree with your perceived ideological stance who are being compared with the sickest minds in history. The fact that you view yourselves as superior is pathetic, and you are representing the worst qualities that men have ever shown. I totally agree that women, especially the young women these days, have no moral code, they are tarting themselves up, dumbing themselves down and sucking any pole for a dollar etc etc etc, but we still have no right to force them to act any way. That’s dictatorship.

        8. An equivalent thought experiment would be,

          If you walk into a ghetto neighborhood flashing around wads of cash and everything of value is taken from you, that is not robbery.

          It makes people think about their own actions. It’s not meant to be a serious proposal.
          Once again, come down on the 6th, I’m happy to chat with you. I hold no ill feeling against you.

        9. No because women are incapable of making good decisions… Thats why they fuck bad boys and max their husbands credit cards. They use their sexual appeal to get whatever they want. They want “equality” but they dont want ANY RESPONSIBILITY. Essentially, women are children.

        10. You’re going to be surprised when you see the high caliber individuals that will be gathering in public and then meeting privately… I’m married for 2 years to an ex-Muslim German/Afghan lady and my co-leader in Toronto is a dapper gentleman that is in a long term relationship. The main concerns of the well to do individuals that will be attending these meetings are Islam, immigration, feminism, and government. <- in no particular order. If you’re concerned about these things then you may want to join us.
          P.S. Sorry we won’t be talking about the legalization of rape, moron

        11. I agree on that Andrew, that women shouldn’t act like whores and expect to be respected, and I say it all the time. The difference is, I acknowledge that it isn’t my place to tell her that, in the same way that it isn’t her place to expect me to respect her. If anyone, man or woman, conducts themselves disrespectfully, I’ll lose respect for them, but I have absolutely no right to tell them how to live their life.
          Rapists, maybe not. I admit I may have jumped in all guns blazing on that one, but I can’t see how you don’t identify as misogynists, when you are clearly considering yourself the ‘master’ in the relationship.
          In all honesty Andrew, and throwing any kind of insults and petty arguments aside, I want to know how you can justify this and still say that you aren’t misogynists.

        12. Jesus Christ, stop believing everything media says, Roosh is not a rapist and did not advocate rape. It’s a lie.

        13. Relax, I addressed that. I still don’t agree with using the reference in a satirical manner, but that’s neither here nor there.

        14. Just because we strongly believe in male leadership within relationships, does not mean we are ‘misogynists’. We love women, but we don’t think much of those who cannot respect themselves. Why can’t we even say that we do not agree with another persons lifestyle, it is a comment on their life, not a commandment.
          I believe in being a benevolent dictator. That is, loving, sacrificing all you have and are for your wife and family. But, that responsibility must be matched with respect of such authority.
          Women want this, they want men to lead, they don’t want indecisive men because they perceive this as weakness. If you are authoritative and command respect, they will see you as a suitable father for their children. Women detect this early, women, whether subconcious or conciously, perform ‘shit tests’ to determine how far a man can be pushed/controlled. They are doing this to determine what type of father you will be.
          Being authoritative does not mean we do not love our wives. This is really the basis of neomasculinity. It is really just traditional gender roles, but repackaged for today’s individuals. There is no loss of autonomy. Women can still behave how they want. It’s just that it becomes unacceptable behaviour in a neomasculine relationship.
          (Note: I only started reading ROK because my wife got me onto it. She thought they presented good and rational ideas. I may not agree with the PUA angle, but they offer good and wholesome traditional nuclear family advice.)

        15. I simply can’t agree with you Andrew. Good leaders do not need to dictate. Myself and my wife have a mutual respect, we both earn good money, we both provide for the house and we both have responsibilities, many of which we share. We have a healthy relationship, and whilst there are certain things like automatically claiming the TV when the football is on, or assuming that it’s fine for me to go see mates or family whenever I want, which may seem like a male dominance thing, but it is gained through mutual respect. My father had the exact same relationship with my mother and is respected unanimously.
          Whilst I can see the points you are making, I just cannot subscribe to the notion that you can compare subservience to respect. Whilst they can go hand in hand, it’s more often subservience and fear that go together.

        16. Fucking pathetic. It’s people like you that need us the most.
          You believe every piece of shit fed to you like a fool. You argue like a woman, no where has roosh ever advocated rape, educate yourself. You’re quick to throw out insults with no substance and then pretend to have the moral ground. You don’t even know your wife’s history, and you seriously think she respects you? And that you have an equal say in the relationship?
          By the way, dictatorship is necessary at times to lead, and andrew never said women should be subservient. They should simply not pretend to be something they are not.
          Step up.

        17. Dictatorships don’t exist without subservience. There is a dictator and there is he/she who is dictated to and expected to obey. Find me another way of describing it and I’ll happily edit.
          Listen to yourself, ‘need us the most’, who the fuck do you think you are? Some kind of saving force that is going to enlighten the world? grow a pair mate (and step up… pfft)
          You think you know about my wife by generalising based on what this Roosh twat has spouted? I may have bought in to the propaganda machine that is the ‘leftist media’ regarding the rape advocacy, I admit that, but the guy is toxic and that is why there are very few that want him in the country. You think you know about my status in my marriage? Go fuck yourself, you know nothing about me, my wife or the rest of my family. I’m going to drive home from work in 10 minutes, my wife will have put a glass in the fridge to chill it so that I can have a nice little Jamesons when I get home. I believe it’s a roast tonight so I’ll arrive to the smell of that in the oven, I’ll proceed to pour the drinks, one for me and a glass of wine for her, then we’ll share stories of our days. We go in and do the dishes, and we both take the dog for a walk. There is no subservience or dominance and there doesn’t need to be, there is give and take, ebb and flow, and it works. It makes sense.

        18. Seriously just stop. You are embarrassing yourself with your nonsensical and asinine ravings.

        19. I don’t fuck bad boys. I have never used my husbands credit card. Why would I, I have my own (on my account, not his). I earn a great deal more than he. I do all the maintenance and hard physical work at the house. I work far longer hours than he does. I routinely work from 8am until 8pm. And before you bitch about working mums and priorities. I have children who require extremely expensive medical care. I work to get them the care they need. I rarely take a day off.
          Not take responsibility… I cared for my son until he died on my own. I now look after my two sick remaining children (they have a genetic autoimmune disease). My current husband is my second husband. My first, the father of the children, committed serious criminal offences. They were not the type of crimes that any person would or should tolerate. He plead guilty. I left him. I raised the kids alone. I put myself through university and worked full time. I also provided voluntary care (i was not paid a cent) to six children from my local area with severe disabilities overnight each week in my home. My ex did not contribute financially at all with my children. I did everything alone.
          I do not see in any way shape or form how I do not take responsibility for my life. I am independent and stand on my own feet.
          I grew up on a farm and worked damned hard in the paddocks; fencing, shearing and harvesting. I used to load bales onto the trucks. I worked as hard as anyone.
          I fail to see how I have not taken responsibility.
          In addition women here in oz can and do serve on the front line.

        20. What ever you say man. Your antics here have proved enough. Still trying to justify your own ignorance, and simultaneously shaming us for not buying into it.
          And yeah, step up, you’re being pretty piss poor at the moment.

        21. Congrats, if your wife is actually telling you the truth at four previous partners, what’s it like to wife up four times over sloppy seconds?

        22. So you never fucked a ‘bad boy’ but your first husband is currently in prison… Whatever you say lady.

        23. Do you understand yet that all this “pro-rape” hysteria pedalled by the media is misrepresentation?
          Roosh and company’s writings get into some heavy issues that can be debated and discussed with reason, and yet all we are seeing coming from the media is exaggeration and overlooking of the most important points.
          Even if you don’t agree with everything you come across in the manosphere (as you most likely shouldn’t) I hope you can at least see the public’s asinine reaction to a bunch of loosely connected men who want to get together and discuss culture and politics.

        24. Not that kind of crime. People who commit the type of crime typically present themselves as upstanding members of the community. Nobody can tell. If you could tell you would not touch them with a barge pole. It is not the sort of crime that any person deems attractive.

        25. It’s okay man I know Cheryl hurt you. It’s okay dude. I understand your pain, bro.

        26. “I’m going to drive home from work in 10 minutes, my wife will have put a glass in the fridge to chill it so that I can have a nice little Jamesons when I get home. I believe it’s a roast tonight so I’ll arrive to the smell of that in the oven, I’ll proceed to pour the drinks, one for me and a glass of wine for her, then we’ll share stories of our days. We go in and do the dishes, and we both take the dog for a walk” You sound like my Grandparents generation from the 1950s, except he’d have a Blackbush rather than a Jamesons before his dinner on a winter’s evening.

        27. In fact if anything it would fill you with disgust. He presented as decent and very law abiding. He was respected by others and no one had any idea. Would never ever have been considered a bad boy at all.
          These people hide. They are trusted people in your community and you think you know them. Many hold positions of high responsibility, including doctors, the priesthood. Etc

        28. From what you tell us, you weren’t married to a proper man as he was neither a provider nor doing his chores. A convicted criminal and thus “bad boy” he was so I fail understand how you didn’t have “relations” with one.

        29. Can you seriously not see how contradictory your comments are on here. 1. You say women cannot take responsibility for their lives.
          2. Yet when women do so, you criticize them for have done so.
          Have you nursed your dying child alone? Do you provide for and soley care for chronically ill children? Have you paid your own way through university while working full time. Just so you can provide for your children. Do you work long hours so that you can afford the expensive medication your children need? Have you managed and worked on a working sheep and crop property? Have you spent years voluntarily providing respite care for children with severe disabilities, incompatible with life, in your own home? Have you lobbied your government to improve the standard of care for people with dementia and children with disabilities, successfully leveraging introducing carer support for the parents of children with profound disabilities? Do you own your own home? Do you hold a high level job that you worked hard to be promoted to? Will you spend the rest of your life providing care for sick kids?
          I, as a woman do, have and on my own, acheived all these things.
          I have achieved more in my life than most people, be they man or woman. And I cannot see those actions as irresponsible.
          Oh yes and I am currently again back at university while working fulltime completing another degree. This time because I know that my earning capacity will need to increase as my kids expenses do. One medication is 18,000 a year.
          I do not receive any welfare payments.
          How is any of that irresponsible

        30. Having standards is a basic thing, it doesn’t mean we are saying how a woman is allowed to act, it mean we have the ability (and the right) to reject those women who don’t act the way we think they should. Stop trying to words in other peoples mouths, you loser.

        31. It occurs to me that you are wasting your efforts on a personal account as though that invalidates his claim. You are one woman, not all of them. You may be an exception to the rule, if so congrats on being one of the few. It doesn’t change the fact that most of you so-called women aren’t real women but little girls in adult bodies.

        32. Interesting that ‘little girls in adult bodies’ are the people who take such exceptional care of people living with dementia. Carers of spouses with dementia are primarily women caring for their spouse.

        33. Those aren’t the little girls in adult bodies and I never said that they were go put words in someone else’s mouth, not mine I won’t take your B.S.

        1. Your credentials are bullshit and you’re a brainwashed loser, so no we don’t need your credentials.

      2. “The ones who were affected were the kind of Neanderthal that had no qualification, no education to speak of, was put into a truck to drive up north, turning over 200k a year, then after spending all his money on coke, booze, SS Utes and hookers, he wonders where it all went, and goes home to commit some ‘domestic rape’ or whatever it is you sub-humans call it.”
        I see your hate for the working class is seeping. Well good luck with being a snob.
        I don’t know how you can declare yourself “somewhat right wing” when you do not want masculine men who seek self-improvement to organize.
        Your hatred of masculinty tells me you are not “somewhat conservative” your a full blown cuck. The overton window has shifted so much to the left that a faggot like you can think of himself as “somewhat right wing”.
        Enjoy low taxes and being an effeminate fag. Masculine men march on and there is nothing you can do.

        1. Hahahaha Masculine Men March On. Ok mate. I don’t hate the working class, or the snobs, I think that the aforementioned mullet-brigade is affecting any kind of positive reputation that we Australians ever held, by one-punch-killing and wife-beating the shit out of anyone who can pronounce the L in what is commonly referred to as ‘straya. I don’t hate masculinity, and I don’t view self improvement as a bad thing for anyone, but what you are doing isn’t empowering men, it is disempowering women.

        2. ” it is disempowering women.”
          How, are we forcing them to stay in the kitchen ? Do we walk them around on a leash ?

        3. I didn’t mention anything about leashes, kitchens or anything of the sort. The message you convey is, in and of itself, disempowering women. In black and white, you do not believe that they should hold the status that they currently hold, which isn’t even at equality (in some areas, an argument for another day), and this is disempowering.

        4. “The message you convey is, in and of itself, disempowering women. In black and white, you do not believe that they should hold the status that they currently hold, which isn’t even at equality ”
          Damn right, they don’t deserve equality. Equal rights means equal responsibilities, and if women cannot support equal responsibilities they do not deserve equal rights.
          “the status that they currently hold, which isn’t even at equality”
          Bullshit. Women do not get prosecuted for rape accusation as often as they should be. They do not go to jail for rape or paternity fraud. They are exempt from mandatory military service. They get default custody at divorce in disproportionate ammount. They can attack a man and we can’t retaliate.
          That’s not equality, that’s tyrany.
          Of course we are disempowering them. Disempowering them of the pedestal and disempowering them from being exempt from law or scrutiny.
          How evil.

      3. How about we crack your skull open? Maybe it will wake you up and get you seeing things clearer and understanding what we do here, idiot.

    7. If I were a commsioner in Perth, I would say the police are over staffed when considering next years budget. Free men congrating for discussion if not a crime. But it is easier than policing up mulism rape hordes. Cowards the lot of them.

    1. Please stop. Those “Syrian refugges” are disgusting, not worthy to be called men and muslim.They are munafiqeen(hypocrites) They left the the country, abandoned their women, and ignored the call to the struggle for the Khilifah. They are the seekers of pleasure and they will be unsuccessful. And the lowest of Jahannam(hellfire) is for them. The Muslims who leave the west, travel in the opposite direction of these “refugees” , answer the call for the struggle, and march until they are victorious or martyred are the true believers. They are the honored defenders of the oppressed. The belivers are humble, kind, and fearless. They do not rape and mistreat women like these “refugees”. Please do more research in case you say what is untrue.

        1. 100% agree with you. Ive even said this multiple times I was against immigration and open borders. The truth why your politicians opened these borders and betrayed you is because they didn’t want the Khilafah to reach these men and straighten them out. Because if the Khilafah reached them they would be diciplined, they would be educated by the truthfull mujahidden and would either revert back to their islam (submission) or they would commit kufr (disbelief) and fight back against the mujahideen. but your politicians did not want to take that risk. Is it a coincidence that this migration crisis was parallel to the expansion of the Khilafah.

        2. There is a story you don’t hear told by the media in Canada and the West about the Middle East – a story that starts with something called Sykes-Picot.
          You raise some interesting points.

    2. A strange alliance. I think the feminists are so self-loathing they actually want men to rape them so they can continue to play the victim. That is the real reason they want Muslim immigration.

  10. First we have the TrumpKrieg, and now The Great Cuck Unraveling, 2016 is going to be a banner year.

      1. All hail Lord Milo-whatever his sexual proclivities may be he’s one of the good guys. Trump is the man too

  11. You should of never mentioned you where coming to Australia and just rocked up nobody would have been alerted
    Now you will have to wait till all these fun police find some other to witch-hunt
    Maybe head to New Zealand instead for now?

    1. This is obviously a stunt to boost notoriety. If they do turn him away, they martyr him (ideologically). Which they will.

        1. They will do it without even realizing what they are actually doing… HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

      1. They will not give him a visa, he wont be entering in a legal way, so hope he has another passport in another name.
        More proof Australia is totally fucked…

        1. As if he would even attempt to come illegally, or bring batons or pepper spray. That is dumb and he is too smart to attempt such criminal acts.
          It’s obviously a stunt.

  12. Its always possible to enter australia as guest on the sultan of brunei’s yacht, partying down with instagram hookers (sex positive feminists) recruited from strip clubs in australia.

  13. we need return of kings T shirts, and perhaps other assorted merchandise. (coffee mugs, posters, etc).
    I would wear the ROK shirt.
    those of us with financial independence don’t have to give a fuck

    1. Bad idea. You can’t have an ideologically driven movement and turn it into a marketing circus at the same time. Money corrupts these things more than most others.

      1. BFD. roosh makes money off the website and books. its not like he’d become a billionaire off T shirts

        1. A real world worldwide meetup that has international attention from the cathedral is a few orders of magnitudes beyond selling books on how to get laid.

  14. LOLALLDAYLOL I caught this on my RT app on the phone last night, and just have to applaud Roosh. Right off the bat, they claimed he wanted to legalize rape, trying to defame. Just like he states, way to cry wolf while ignoring the problems in Cologne. Roosh, dude I hope to meet you one day. You have all of this going for you, then I read a few days ago where you commented, “would not bang” on some slag. You are a very wise man who does not walk ashamed of his past or roots, bravo.

    1. The Cologne angle needs to be thrown in the SJWs face constantly. “You freak out about this 1 man who has done nothing but are silent when migrant invaders grope and rape your women?”

      1. I agree. Barely a peep from SJWs and feminists regarding Cologne (or Sweden) but Roosh comes out with ROK meetups and it’s game on.
        Another example of how delusional women can be at any given moment. Ignore facts all day long, make up new ones to fit the narrative.

        1. That’s definitely the key angle to take
          The issue is ‘real rape’ versus feminist fantasy rape
          Everyone here despises real rapists. There is zero threat of rape by ROK’ers. Yet Roosh / ROK is the focus of an “anti-rape” campaign, while the actual rape and sexual assault crisis on the european mainland is ignored or played down.

        2. There only seems to be an attack on men in the west when rape occurs. It’s not that it doesn’t happen but how does it happen on a mass scale in places like Cologne or Sweden and there isn’t a word from SJWs or feminists regarding it. It’s out in plain daylight but it doesn’t agree with their narrative (they might actually have to admit they were wrong on welcoming these groups into the country) so they go blind to it.
          Nope, no rape here…only in the west. It’s delusional thinking…a mental illness.

        3. It’s an opportunity, perverse though the circumstances are, to demonstrate the hollowness of their arguments: if when faced with actual physical threat to women’s safety they choose instead to focus upon an ideological threat (to feminism) then they’ve lost the argument. ROK is a better guarantor of womens safety than feminism ever could be for the simple reason that it is reality oriented. Perhaps with their full and active consent feminists would care to suck on that

  15. brilliant promo effort! lol. i’m pretty sure Roosh generated all this “rape book” hysteria himself by sending the right stuff to the right places… he once described this tactics himself i need to do something like this for my business

    1. Whether he did or not, people who absolutely should have known better became vigilantes in Canada and assaulted him. Educated people organized a braying, threatening mob, and had he not been the mature party and withdrawn from the area, they would have caused bloodshed.

  16. Freedom of speech impeachment. This is on New Zealand media as well. I’m all about self improvement, happiness etc, and Roosh seems to be like that as well. Misery loves company and fearminists are all about misery, who wants to be happy when we can be self-loathing victims???

  17. That is the strongest part of our border and one of the most patrolled waters in the indian ocean. You need to come from the south near the purple state.

  18. I heard of you from the nz media. They all say its a pro rape site but then provide no evidence of these claims. The nz media are feminist faggot scum and not worth listening to.

  19. Well I am certainly looking forward to Saturday.
    Given the reaction of the media and government within Australia on the matter, it’s clear that the establishment of permanent tribes is considered to be a severe threat.

  20. With the femi-media’s rabid histrionics, blatant lies, and attempts to shame men away from the meetup and Red Pill in general, I’m reminded of one phrase: “Law of unintended consequences”.
    ps. Another phrase, which I shouldn’t need to remind anyone of: “ABR” (Always Be Recording).

  21. When it rains it pours…
    Here I was thinking this was going to be quiet and the SJWs come along to make it more fun. I will still be showing up with my best wits to deploy upon any blue-haired lolcow that shows up to be milked for lulz. Stay safe guys.

  22. Just get a one way ticket and turn yourself in for free deportation after your tour is done. No sense paying to leave if they insist on doing it for you right?
    To be fair though, roosh does look middle eastern with that beard. france and Germany know what happens to the rape rate when you let a bunch of middle easterners in.

  23. A gathering to rape women? You mean like what happened in Cologne on New Year’s eve? Funny now that’s it’s white men (or men perceived as white) they want to talk about it, even though it’s not at all a bloody rape gathering!!!
    Gentlement, behold the tolerant left…

    1. This is exactly the response needed to the sjws and anyone else freaking out about Roosh. Its a great opportunity to take a shot at Diversity Inc.

  24. As if I would change one thought in my head or one word of my sentence to appease these degenerate parasites

  25. Oh noes!! The feminists are coming!! You bet your ASS that the men of Toronto will not be intimidated. We are meeting to discuss the negatives of feminism, immigration, Islam, and government in our country. You got a problem with that? TOUGH SHIT!!!

    1. Over 50% of Toronto’s population are FOB “immigrants”! This is completely insane and absolutely unsustainable!

    2. You people do realise that feminism is about the equality of both the sexes? About defending the rights of men as well?

      1. No it isn’t. You fail to understand that feminism has had phases and that each of these phases differ from one another in meaningful ways and pursuits. Your blanket usage of the term “feminism” to characterize the entirety of feminism, since its inception, is a deliberate attempt to hide this from view. There is a huge difference between the suffragist movement that originated in the late 19th century and the social movement that found expression in the mid 1960s. The two are fundamentally different and you either do not know this or you are engaging in an intentional omission of facts for the purpose of deceiving persons who do not know this history. Which of the two are you doing?

      2. That’s correct. Feminism is about equality… With women being more “equal” than men.
        Let me know how much “equality” a man receives when he receives a harsher sentence than a woman would for an identical crime… Or one of a multitude of examples in which women receive preferential treatment.

      3. 1) No it isn’t. It’s about establishing women as the dominant sex in politics, law and culture
        2) You’ve done nothing original here and mouthed the same stupid bromide used to sell feminism to naive, just out of high school girls on their first day in college. You’re not even trying, you just phoned it in.

      4. Nice try sweet cheeks but you’re full of crap. Please return to the kitchen as the men are talking.

      5. Don’t tell us, tell it to your sisterhood. Maybe they’ll let you get a word in in between Tweets to “kill all men”, “lol Male tears” and “masculinity so fragile”. You are not fooling anyone here

      6. Feminism originated that way but that was 100 years ago. Now its just women pursuing their own selfish interests and blaming all the their unhappiness in life on men.

  26. If you ever wanted to see the sheer disdain that the media has for the general public and especially those that are wise to their game then look at the absolutely hysterical rantings of the mainstream press in Australia. FOR SHAME

    1. The first I heard of it was on the radio on the ABC with a soundbite from the Immigration Minister. And all the idiots truly believe that the planned meetups are an actual gathering to commit rape. The way the media twists a story around to whip people into a frenzy is nothing short of contempt.

  27. Roosh – you’re the man.
    But I have to say, the tongue in cheek rape article that spawned all this garbage is not worth it. Neomasculinity is more important. If I were you I’d remove that article and replace it with an explanation of your satirical intent. They are using an unimportant article as an excuse to make things difficult.

    1. Never apologize or show weakness. I agree that article was a bad idea, but getting rid of it could only give them another little talking point.

    2. Exactly. I fully spport Roosh. But if he wants to grow to a mainstream audience, he needs to maintain some aspects in check. BTW, Roosh, why all these photos with the dollar bills and the BMW?

      1. If you enjoy this, sure.
        My view is practical. I’m not joining the meetings to fight with some idiots who think they are protesting rape advocates.
        Another approach might be to merely add a clarification for mentally challenged readers at the top of the article.

        1. There is no point now.
          The damage is done. If he deletes it now, he will be weak.
          He should keep it for shock value. There is nothing better than some controversy to attract people.

        2. It won’t.
          He wasn’t stopped by rape acusations, he won’t be stopped for a satirical piece.

      2. Only a coward backs away from what they wrote, over another fools inability to read and comprehend what was written.

      3. I’m sure you have thought of this, but leaders of contraversial movements many times end up dead or missing. Stay safe brother.

    3. Withdrawing now is akin to cutting your wrist in the ocean near a group of sharks. There is no profit in it.

      1. Modest Proposal 1: “On the Care and Feeding of your Cuckolded/Gelded/Surgically Damaged SJW Veteran”

  28. You have been all over the mainstream news. I thought it was surprising and a little too coincidental that Kimmel mentioned you in his show after you planned the meetups. A warning from the elites maybe?

    1. That piece of garbage on that moronic show is the biggest piece of smarmy Islamofascist appeasing and apologist ball of camel dung ever vomited onto this toilet of a planet. I’d love to rip them a new asshole but the stench would be analogous to a million coffins exploding open at once and the stench would possibly kill everybody.

    2. Aly is a massive Islamic terrorism excuser and ‘white privilege’ pusher. He’s exactly the kind of smug, lying loon the elites love.

      1. I would love to verbally eviscerate that ball of slime and wipe that smug shit-eating grin out permanently.

    1. Youd think being next to all those Southeast Asian countries would make Australia realize basic shit…

      1. Na, most people live on a diet of US-style television and the media try to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
        Only 20 years ago we laughed at how dumb Americans were, now we’re just as bad!

        1. Oh well, at least they made me aware of ROK (which I’ve been glued to for the past 24 hours while I’m not at work or asleep!)

        2. I had the pleasure of visiting Oz (Sydney and Cairns) a few years back. Most of the blokes were ok guys, but the Shelias… yikes. I wouldn’t mind living there, but more for the space to be left the f*ck alone. Never understood how the could elect a man hating dyke as PM though.

    2. “Baker actually bothered to read Roosh’s Bang series of seduction manuals, in which he advises the desperate and dateless weirdos of the world”
      So this is how she calls young single men who can’t get a date – desperate weirdos. This is the exact reason why guys like Elliot Rodger go on a killing spree – because the establishment doesn’t care about them. I myself was once a shy guy who couldn’t even invite a girl to a date because of my stupid heartless single-mother who taught me ZERO things about life and dating. Thankfully, I discovered Pick-Up many years ago, which probably saved my life. Those fucking feminists make my blood boil.

      1. Try growing up with a lesbian “single” mother and figuring out how to deal with women without the internet to help me!
        Thankfully I gave it my best shot and failed miserably, now I have learned to live happily without a woman in my life!

        1. I can feel your pain. Single-mothers are the worst kind of women. Though, I would advise not to give up on women entirely. There are unicorns out there in the world. It might take a lifetime to find one, but you need to be open-minded.

      2. The solipsism of these dumb cunts never ceases to amaze me. Every man who isn’t in the top 3-5% of men will have work like a slave to get female attention and will need to improve himself in some way, often through years of hard work – through game, his looks or his financial/social standing to be able to get the pussy he wants.
        Because all they literally have to do is leave their houses to get dick, they have no idea how tough it is for your average man to get laid unless he works at it.

        1. Those feminists think we still live in the 80s or something. Life has dramatically changed for men in the past 5-10 years. They just don’t understand it. And when you try to explain to them – they still don’t understand.

        2. “…they still don’t understand.”
          True, but what is worse is that they do not care. Stupidity isn’t a cardnal sin, but sloth is.

  29. “Australia doesn’t welcome people to our country who disrespect women,” You know except Australians

    1. They would allow Middle Eastern migrants in who openly disrespect women into their country with open arms.

      1. And they do and not only that but they pay them welfare to practice their sick ‘religion’.

  30. Hell yes Roosh. Create some controversy. Bring the movement to light. What you are doing is nothing short of awesome. Taking this from the internet to the real world is nothing short of incredible. Can’t wait to see how this goes down.

  31. Dang, I wish there was a closer meet-up. I was mildly interested already. Buy now it looks like history is being made.
    Roosh is at the center of another firestorm. Hilarious.

  32. Couldn’t get over the reaction of not just the media, but the Australian people themselves. Calling to attack those that do attend this. White knights of all ages declaring to smash heads and knife fuckers, escorting the little ladies safely through the night.
    That state doesn’t need to curb anything when the people will do it for you. Once a penal colony always a penal colony i guess. Maybe stockholm syndrome is contractible?

  33. I’ve just been reading the mainstream articles on this, particularly the Australian ones. They are so shamelessly mendacious it’s hilarious. Nearly every article says that is a ‘legal rape’ site or that Roosh was actually advocating rape on private property as opposed to engaging in a thought experiment about how to pragmatically reduce the incidence of rape. For me this is a great site for debating and debunking mainstream misinformation, distortion and plain good ‘ol fashioned lies. I disagree with lots and I agree with lots. In the mainstream media however dominated by luminaries and sophisticates there is an apparent inability to get beyond concrete stereotyped thinking. Is it possible for the entire mainstream media to be suffering from early onset schizophrenia. Is there anything we can do to help?
    Roosh is well on his way to becoming the world’s greatest troll-master

  34. I gotta try to get to that Melbourne one, but it’s probably gonna be full of SJW’s at Fed Square.

    1. I would also but sadly I am working and need to earn a crust. The cognitive dissonance exhibited from the leftoid sick judgmental weirdos is hysterical as it is appalling-may their genitals be infested by the fleas of a million camels I say.

    2. I was planning to attend, however I will now wait and see what the backup protocols are. Unfortunately the people attending will be labelled ‘rapists’ if identified at the meetup point so I want to be sure that I won’t be recognised before committing to attending.
      Frankly, I was stunned when I saw RoK on the news being labelled ‘rape advocates’ as to the best of my knowledge this site has never once gone close to promoting rape.

      1. As host of the Melbourne meeting, I’ll definitely be there. At least a few other guys I know are coming. If you’re afraid of getting doxxed, set your Fb privacy so only friends can see your posts, and nobody can see your workplace. I doubt they can circulate pictures of us widely.

  35. How is it possible that anyone with more than a fifth grade education can miss the irony of the mainstream reaction to the views expressed on this site?
    -They label us a culture of hate, while seething with and constantly spewing hatred for our views.
    -They demand the censorship of (our) minority views, in order to protect embattled minority groups.
    -They espouse vigilante violence, in order to protect people (women) from violence.
    -They demand that their government prevents our meetups (oppression), in order to prevent oppression in their societies.
    These people epitomize the very thing they seek to destroy. How the fuck do you maintain this level of cognitive dissonance?

  36. Looks like there’s a Pegdia rally in Dublin next weekend. I guess it’s a two front battle for the SJW’s. Are there enough flabby, blue hatred, nose ringed slappers and their enablers to go around? I doubt it. Most of the threats will be just that threats. Most of them will be too busy cleaning the bits of chips (Tayto in Ireland) from their keyboards.

  37. I’m just reading the title of the ‘good’ snopes article which begins
    “A controversial “men’s rights activist” has organized a meetup spanning
    43 countries, but the event isn’t specifically billed as pro-rape, as
    some are claiming.”
    Isn’t specifically billed as pro-rape? To the best of my knowledge there has never been anything about Return of Kings that was pro-rape

    1. Just the typical mendaciousness of the ‘media’ and how they can get away with their wilful obfuscation of facts; pay them no heed.

  38. I wondered how long it would take before the SJW army kicked into action. Fuck it, damned the torpedoes and keep at it, Roosh! You’ve learned a lot since Montreal.

  39. Gentlemen, take note that none of the MSM articles online about this permit reader comments. Check out Ford’s article “2016: The Year Of The Censor” on about this phenomenon.
    I’m looking forward to Saturday.

  40. No doubt the controversy was generated by Roosh himself by sending leads to the media to follow. They are hungry to promote the rape agenda so they need the boogeymen. He volunteered.
    The biggest red flag is the idea to have public meeting points openly advertised on the site for everyone to see. If the idea was just to hold tribe gatherings the meeting points could have been arranged in private to avoid saboteurs. When I first read about I was puzzled but now it all make sense. Roosh just want to generate more publicity.

    1. I don’t see how your claim makes any sense and here is why: how does one enact meetups for readers of a blog in more than one hundred cities without making these meetups public? He certainly cannot do this via mailings. Perhaps the email option is available but that will take considerable effort given the thousands of readers of ROK, the many cities in which the meetups are to occur, as well as the specific meeting points in those cities. I’ll be nice and presume that you either have a solution to this or did not think through your assertion.

      1. If neomascuilinity as a serious movement wants to escape the chit-chatter phase of the internet and go out in the real world, it needs to grow organically. But it ought to start small and secretive. A small core of trusted men could initiate more and more members and the meetings will be held in secret.
        The model he’s chosen is to go big and global from the first meeting. It’s too ambitious and the only TRUE reason for it is to generate controversy and maybe stir some confrontations. By inviting everyone to join in, he indirectly admits that he fishes for trouble. It’s a stupid idea if it didn’t have a hidden agenda.
        I guess Roosh is simply hungry for the same media attention he got in Canada. These kind of things are addictive.
        From a business point of you, this method of advertising is very effective and kudos to him for thinking it all out.

        1. I’m having trouble with the idea organic growth did not occur. There seems to have been such a dynamic hence the large numbers of viewers of sites like this, and this is my entire point. There are already large numbers and these numbers did grow organically. Catering to these large numbers in the form of a “meetup” requires a public announcement. Where you see a “hunger” for media attention there is, actually, a need to go public in order to offset the tremendous amount of labor involved in meetups such as this.

    2. Secrecy and secret handshakes only work small scale now. This is the age of clickbait and world wide instant fame/infamy. You do not use the tactics of a century ago in this day and age. It’s all about the “fame!”, baby, and if Roosh can get enough people excited, either for or against him, he comes out ahead in the end. The rules have changed.

      1. Rome was not built in a day. The Freemasonry is still e secret society and by evidence it has a massive influence on the policies implemented in the open society.
        Quick fame burns quickly and fades away into the unknown.

        1. This isn’t the time for that any longer. Sorry Thraex, things have changed. It’s not whether Roosh burns brightly and fades, or not, it’s what kind of focus he can get on our efforts. The MSM hates him, but we’re turning heads across the right/alt-right in a good way. Throwing the MSM narrative back on them on their own front pages time and time again in a spectacular fashion is precisely what we need to do now.

        2. I’ve been in the alt-media for ages. There’s been a lot of “throwing back the narrative on them” and yet nothing has changed.
          The only way for a movement to be effective is to stay behind the curtains and recruit men in influential positions who would only agree to be part if their membership is private and it does not directly endanger their careers. Only then these men will be able to effectively make a big change by making small changes in their own respective fields.
          What Roosh has created is one large circus where we can anonymously laugh at the Establishment but once it’s over we all go back to the same old same.

        3. It’s really just this initial meeting though to help us meet up. From there I’d imagine every tribe would do it’s own thing and it’d go completely hidden. What’s app group chats, skype group chats, facebook groups etc.

  41. Calling us legal rape supporters immediately shows their lack of basic English and reading skills and their immense stupidity. Even a mentally retarded 3rd grader could tell that article was a thought experiment/satire piece. Not to mention the piece was absolute genius.

      1. Don’t try to use logic and reason to defeat this false claim–it’s a lost cause. I mean, suppose everything they are saying was true. Why would a group of guys need *help* figuring out how to rape? It’s an absurd idea on its head. If one wanted to rape, one just has sex no matter the circumstances. There is no reasoning or planning or “help” needed. Their entire argument makes no sense, on multiple levels. Plus with sloooots giving away the p so easily in the west why would a man ever need to resort to crime to obtain sex?

  42. I’m trying to attend but neither of the men from the GA meet-up will contact me are they on the forums ?

      1. I’m here. I’ll be there. I’m not sure how many guys are on the forums, not all who post here are (I’d estimate a large number in general are not).

  43. May I suggest some kind of dress code for the meet ups? If we do get photographed it is a lot easier to spin things negatively if we are re dressed like slobs. I suggest collared shirts at a minimum.

    1. LOL yes I agree. But I’ll probably wear something close to the skin. I want my physique to speak (partially) for me, in case there’s going to be any trouble.

      1. Fitted collared shirt, dress pants and boots. I find I look very intimidating decked out head to toe in black in such and have a mane of hair like Conan and a similar gaze which shows a total lack of fear and a hint of ruthlessness.

  44. Enough is enough. I’m going to make sure I show up to this meeting now.
    I have never seen a group of people so obsessed with a topic in my life. I haven’t heard one person reference this article in months, anywhere on this site or any other. If they found it so abhorrent why do they keep bringing it up? This is some kind of psychotic phenomenon. I have met gear heads that don’t talk about cars as much as these people talk about rape. I have met Buddhist monks that don’t talk about Buddhism as much as these people. It’s unbelievable, the most coddled, protected class of human beings in world history are talking like rape is of epidemic proportions. As if western men and western countries do not protect their women.
    On top of that I read the article entitled “how to stop rape,” and I’m not even sure how you could come out with their opinion after reading it. These people are sick, they need a team of professional therapists for their fascination with this topic. I would not have wrote the article, but these peoples interpretation of it is not even credible.
    We would be discussing weight lifting, pickup, social dynamics, politics, proper nutrition, etc. but instead these sick people have turned this into yet another conversation about rape. Reminds me of my alma mata UVA. What do you think is wrong with them? Why are they so fascinated with this topic?
    Oh and another thing, the fact that Australia doesn’t support free speech puts them on the order of Saudia Arabia as far as I’m concerned. How embarrassing. Do these people not understand that when you protect somebody else right to speak, you also protect your own?
    I will be at the meetup in DC you can count on it. Anybody that wants to try and stop me is welcome to do so, I fucking dare you!

  45. Hilarious. I’ll concede you lot probably aren’t rapists. Judging only by the fact you need articles on how to speak to a girl/pick up a girl. LOL.
    For men who are so manly and masculine you certainly are scared as fuck of anyone in possession of a vagina. Both being scared of physical/verbal violence and yet also of sheer intimidation when it comes someone you’re remotely attracted to.
    Ruled by pussy in every which way any way you spin it.
    Have fun at your meet up. Might want to pack a change of underwear since you’re all already pissing yourselves silly.

      1. You know what they say, “Modern day feminism has evolved into a union of lazy and ugly women who rebel against the idea of being desirable and so they blame men for their plight rather than to assail women in order to eliminate any accusations of sloth and jealousy.”

      2. Oh most definitely not, good sir! She must be yon fair maiden spouting the truths and virtues of 3rd wave feminism! The vagina is a grisly a feared monster of legend. You would do well to heed her warning and pack additional undergarments for your nefarious quest to meet with other men to discuss….manly….things….
        I’ll take my leave now. ‘Tis hard work polishing my white armor and protecting fair damsels. May you forever remember the day you met the White Knight and the verbal thrashing he gave you! High ho silver, AWAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!

        1. Hail Fellow! Verily I say unto thee my good man, I should heed the warning of the grotesque but if ’twas to me I would not be pissing in said undergarments but using my mans yard to sard the many young wenches that night!

        2. If you would dare deflower said wenches, then prepare to feel the sting of my mighty Twitter account and its brave followers! No quarter shall be asked for and none shall be given! You will rue the day you met me on the battlefield…
          …Well? Start RUEING!

        3. I follow thy challenge! I will be at thy chosen field of battle! Bring your wench to tend to thy broken bones and wounded esteem. I doubt if her ample frame would be able to bend down to pick up thy broken frame!!!

        4. My wench’s ample frame in no way detracts from the fact that she can do anything a knight such as myself can do. And don’t let her chopped blue hair and assorted piercings and tattoos deceive you. She has a heart of gold that makes the birds sing and the sun itself rise each morning.
          You may break my body, seeing as I have never participated in any rigorous exercise (ever), but my spirit will ascend to Tumblr where it will forever fight with other SJW’s of legend!
          I shall meet you at the local Starbucks at noon for our duel. May the gods of Reddit have mercy on your soul.

        5. Just be sure when you’re done you don’t swing the severed head around too vigorously lest it fall off your pike 😉

        6. Errmmm, your cis gendered white privilige is showing Sir, I mean what is that God you’re talking about? Is Allah or Ganesh not good enough for you?!!? TTRRIIGGEERREEDD TO INFINITY I AM!

        7. And they’re also being a shitlord in not screaming their fealty to any fertility goddess! Safe-space, rape culture, patriarchy!!!

        8. Thank you. I think I have a natural affinity for being able to choose suitable armour.

      3. I believe you didn’t carry the 1 so it should be 360-380 inch waistline 😉

      4. Nah, sorry to disappoint. Size 8 Australian, 51kgs, normal, attractive Melbourne girl.
        Came to this site to be offended, kept reading, and now just laughing my ass off instead.
        I’d attend the Melbourne meet just to have a gander but i’m already experiencing secondhand embarrassment for you all.
        Plus, i’ll be in Canberra that weekend and strangely no meets are proposed there.

    1. I would love to wrestle with your many love handles and kiss you on your second chin!YUMMMMMMMM

      1. I thought bestiality was illegal in many jurisdictions *shrugs shoulders*.

        1. Get with the times grandad and stop TRIGGERING ME! Bestiality is totally asexual gender fluid and totally kewwwwwwwwl!

        2. I’m so sorry for offending your feels and for speaking from a shitlord cis-gender male privilege base that is oppressive and a sinister manifestation of the patriarchy and kyriarchy.

    2. Ah yes, how dare those sleazy men try and make themselves more attractive to women!
      Sweetheart, any man who isnt rich, famous or bestowed with model good looks will need to approach women, and will therefore need “help” or “read articles” when it comes to women somewhere along the line.
      Because even the most hideous of females gets innundated with dick all day long you couldn’t possibly understand, but that is the reality for 95% of men. We have to approach. We have to do the work. If we don’t, we aint getting laid.
      Based upon this reality men have two options – learn how to be more attractive to women via game, improving our social standing and our physical appearance via lifting weights, or give up and just accept whatever scraps life throws us women-wise (like the vast majority of men do..)
      But when we try to make things better for ourselves and improve our lot women wise, we’re shamed by fucktards like you with idiocy about how we’re somehow “scared” of women (seriously? fuck me..) and other such irrational nonsense.

      1. No, even the rich, famous and goodlooking still have to talk to women. It’s a normal human thing to do. Most people, who aren’t completely clueless, have no problem talking to another human being – especially someone they’re attracted to.
        Have you never been hit on before? Yikes. I feel sad for you. Feminism, the very thing you decry, encourages women to make the first move, to throw off sexist gender roles that stifle both genders.
        Also, don’t blame women for the fact that men are thirsty for pussy – any pussy – that they constantly embarrass themselves going for “low grade” pussy. Get a fucking hobby, stop putting sex and pussy so high on the priority list. It’s pathetic.

        1. The rich, famous and extremely good looking don’t have to do a whole lot to impress women I’m afraid. If you think otherwise, then you are seriously deluded. For the rest of us, it’s a different story.
          Have I been hit on before? Not sure what that has got to do with anything, but like the vast bulk of men who aren’t rich, famous or blessed with model good looks I rarely get hit on by women, relative to how often women are hit on by men, and this would be typical for your average man.
          I know women have difficultly comprehending our world, but this is a man’s reality. Your reality is one of sexual abundance where you could literally have sex within minutes anytime, any place anywhere if you chose to do so. For men, this is not the case unless we work our asses off at it, like people on this site do.
          I accept this is the way it is and adjust accordingly, but when I and others try to improve our lot we’re shamed for doing so, like you are doing now.
          Oh feminism is making women approach men more? Unfortunately, it seems most women haven’t got that little memo and still expect us men to do all the work while they sit back and look on with a casual air of disinterest.
          Get a hobby? So because I’m no different to pretty much all men and and like sex and are proactive about getting as much as I can, that somehow means I should “get a hobby?”
          Did you stop to think about the sheer lack of logic that bone-headed statement?
          Also, please point out where I “blamed women for the fact that men are thirsty for pussy.” There’s a good girl, thanks.
          There wasn’t one iota of sense in any of that drivel you spat out, sorry.
          Nothing new however when it comes to your average feminist. These are a group of nutters who think that we’re all meeting up on February 6th to plan mass rapes for fuck sakes.

        2. Re-read what you’ve just written and look at how sex obsessed you are. Unfortunately you’ve bought into the myth that men are or should be having heaps of sex with different women all of the time. It’s simply not the case. Try getting a handle on your sex drive then you won’t be so jealous of women being able to catch a dick, any dick, whenever they want. There is more to life than having meaningless sex with a “7”.
          What the hell is stopping you from being rich, famous or (and that’s completely subjective) “goodlooking”? Work harder, try harder, work in a different career if fucking pussy means so much to you. There’s really nothing stopping you.
          Unfortunately for women, having this “abundance of sex” is meaningless. Women are rarely guaranteed an orgasm, they risk getting pregnant (no form of contraception is 100%), and if they do follow through and have plenty of lacklustre sex they get derided as sluts and stigmatised.
          You can’t have it both ways. You can’t want to fuck all the girls and then chastise girls for being sluts and ho’s. There is literally NO incentive for women to have casual sex with men and to take the risk there needs to be a decent payoff (attractiveness can be a big enough pay off but not always.)
          So if you want to get loads of sex from loads of women you guys need to change your mindset about women. Instead you give women every reason not to fuck you.

        3. Umm, every man is sex obsessed you fucking idiot. I’m no different to any other man, on this forum, or elsewhere.
          Who says men shouldn’t be having sex with lots of women? That’s what most, if not men would like to be doing, but simply don’t know how to or aren’t able.
          We, as a group of men decided we would try to achieve that aim. And for the most part a lot of us do. And we’re no different to your average man given half a chance.
          Whats stopping me from becoming “rich, famous or good-looking”? Did I say that this was unfair or something that was out of reach? Again, you don’t read this forum very much by the sounds of it? Go read any one of the countless articles on self improvement relating to fitness, business, game etc…
          I, along with the bulk of the men on this forum work actively towards achieving that goal. So whats your point?
          It might be meaningless for you, but for men, it isn’t. Getting laid is what drives the vast majority of men. Call us pathetic, but it’s more than likely responsible for your very existence, and that of the vast majority of people on this planet. While I can’t say for sure, it’s most likely that your father did the work to impregnate your mother, rather than the other way around.
          Personally I don’t agree with “chastising” anyone. To me, that’s never made any sense – it just makes girls more likely not to put out. So while I know there are men who slut shame here and elsewhere, I sure as hell aren’t one them. Slut away girls…
          Ah yes – the old “change your mindset” routine. You see, if what you said actually worked, we’d just go do that, would’t we? What I’m doing now works fine, thanks very much.
          When it comes to getting laid I don’t listen to women because they’ll dispense BS advice like “respect women” and “oh be yourself” and other such worthless nonsense that sounds great but has no basis in reality.
          When I want to get laid I’ll listen to the men who are getting laid like champs. Like the men on this forum and elsewhere.
          And none of them say anything approaching what you’re saying I’m afraid.
          Logic and hard evidence trumps feelz every day, sweetheart.

        4. Here’s the rub: men and women are exactly the same. Women are just as sex obsessed as men are (though maybe at different age ranges.) We just have to keep it in check because it is still pretty unacceptable to fuck around like crazy unless you’re doing it on the downlow. And even then it’s a lot of hassle (pregnancy, etc.)
          Now, generally the only way women can get away with having a ton of sex is to get into a LTR. But as we all know, sometimes LTR get boring and stale and the sex dies off because of it. If women didn’t face stigma and were guaranteed an orgasm practically every time believe me, 90% would be putting out.
          The double standards need to stop if men want pussy, pussy and more pussy. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.
          Now of course not every man is sex obsessed. Or rather if they are they don’t act on it. Same with some women. There are many chaste men looking to only get down and dirty with someone they’re in a loving partnership with and hold their partner to the same kind of standards. I can respect that.
          Then again, maybe you shouldn’t listen to me at all. I’m a solid 7.5/8, get plenty of attention from men due to good genes, friendly interesting, personality (not on comment threads or forums though, ha!) but i seem to only date men who look like different versions of Rick Moranis. The only thing that matters to me is whether he can make me laugh, has a good career (i hold myself to the same standard careerwise) and whether we’re compatible astrologically (sounds crazy, but i believe in it.) That’s just my type and those are what i value.
          My friends are similar to me. We don’t care about the adonis. We want what most men want. The guy who is a 6+ who is a good person and has his shit together. Pretty simple stuff.

        5. I was going to reply to this but you’ve just outed yourself as someone on a par with a flat earther with your “compatible astrologically” bullshit.
          Hate to break it to you, but you are fucking crazy. Sorry, you don’t deserve to be taken seriously after that. Not that you did in the first place. Makes sense now when I think about it such was the level of bullshit you were talking about.
          Gents, this is the kind of criteria women are using to judge men. Not anything rational.
          But whether or not your fucking stars align.

        6. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense to you? You’re the one who’s working yourself into a frenzy about not getting enough pussy. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me.

        7. Umm, it makes no sense to anyone sane or rational. And anyone who believes in it needs to have their sanity questioned.
          And I don’t believe I ever mentioned anywhere I wasn’t getting “enough pussy”, quite the opposite in fact.
          I said I have to work for it, like most men who arent blessed with wealth, power, fame or model looks are. I never expressed any frustration with women or anything like that, apart from the usual. Frustration with you and your nonsense maybe. But I play the cards I’m dealt when it comes to women (or maybe that should be stars, I mean there are fruitcakes like you out there who will dismiss me on the basis that I’m a Cancer and not a Taurus), like the bulk of men who are on ROK and RVF do. We just get on with it .
          What we don’t like are women like you shaming us for trying to improve our lot when it comes to game and women in general. That is what I repeatedly said I have a problem with, not women in general.
          Again, wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who thinks a man’s worth is based on how his star chart is aligned.
          You about as much credibility as a creationist for fucks sake – and you lecture me and others for needing to read “material” to help us with women?

    3. Wait…so you’re saying that rapists already know how to speak to and pick up a girl? That only non-rapists don’t understand modern dating techniques?
      For men who are so manly and masculine you certainly are scared as fuck of anyone in possession of a vagina.
      Men here are gathering to talk, share a few drinks, maybe find some new friends and possible lifting partners in the gym. You people, on the other hand, are threatening real violence and trying to get governments to intervene with guns. Tell me again about “scared”, cupcake.

      1. I’m saying if you need a How-To to talk, pick up, fuck and date women you’re probably not the sort of guy who is going on a mass raping spree with a bunch of other likeminded men who also need said advice.
        I just find it so funny how you “neo masculinists” are afraid of the very women you claim to be superior to. Afraid of even feminists turning up to the event.
        And you’re all still slaves to the pussy.

        1. Sweetheart, unless you are the kind of guy who women naturaly approach (one of the top 1-5% of men) then you’re to going to need help if you want to live a life of sexual abundance.
          Just because women don’t have to do jack shit to get a man’s attention DOES NOT mean it’s the same the other way around.
          We have to work at it, and work like dogs to make sure we get with any sort of regularity your average women takes for granted (which is what what every man would like to do, but doesn’t know how..)
          That’s why there are forums, books, and a whole industry devoted to the subject.
          Pretty obvious I would have thought.
          Please continue on with your pathetic shaming of your average man attempting to improve their lot sexualy if it makes you feel better.

        2. Cupcake, what do you think women’s magazines are for? And makeup? And hairstylists? And grooming products? And fitted clothes? Heels? I could go on and on. Women have to put in a lot of effort to get the kind of men we want to attract (no it’s not just about looks, it’s the whole package.)
          Once again, re-read what you’ve written and how sex obsessed you sound. You are being ruled by sex. Having to work for it, not getting it, jealousy of women being able to get it at the drop of a hat.
          It’s just a fucking orgasm. You don’t actually win points for fucking women. There’s no scoreboard. You don’t get a prize.
          I mean obviously you’re lonely and crave companionship, but if all you’re concerned about is getting your dick wet and blowing a load you could save yourself a lot of grief by just handling it yourself.
          Stop buying into the popular culture idea that everyone else is getting a heap of sex and banging all the chicks. Even if they are (rarely they are) it’s not exactly fulfilling for them.
          The guys i have had personal interaction who had the best luck with women actually gave a shit about them, knew how to please them and get them off, respected them, and were upfront about their intentions and not leading them on. My hat goes off to them, they’re the good guys.
          Your anger and frustration is misplaced. Don’t blame women, blame the men in our society who are perpetuating a lie.

        3. All men are sex-obsessed, “cupcake”. I know it’s difficult for you to understand, but we produce a hormone called testosterone which makes your desire piddling in comparison.
          Again, you don’t really get men, do you? For men, having sex is a big deal. Having lots of it, given half a chance is a big deal. I know you don’t give much of a shit, but men do. Deal with it. That’s why there are hundreds, if not thousands of game/PUA forums and websites. So if you’re going to call me “sex obsessed”, then be sure to apply the label to all men also. Its not because we’re buying into “popular culture”. Its because we like to get laid. We have since the cavemen days. We still do now, and we always will.
          We’re simple creatures. We like to get laid, paid and fed. That’s pretty much all we care about. How we do it we don’t really give a shit about. every man is the same. And those “good guys” you mentioned are no different to me, believe me to plenty of girls I know I behave the same way outwardly. But really it’s just about getting laid. If you think any man is different you are utterly retarded. We can be very smart about how we’re perceived socially.
          Did I ever blame women for jack shit? I play the cards I’m dealt – and deal with them accordingly. Women demand we dance to their tune, for better or worse if we want to get laid. That’s just the way it is, and we as men gotta deal with it. Its just reality, simple as.
          Ah yes, I knew it was only a matter of time before all the tired, obnoxious feminist shaming cliches came out of the woodwork.
          I’m lonely, crave attention and am angry. You lose points though for forgetting to telling me how much I hate women and how much of a Mommy’s basement dwelling neckbeard I am.
          Do try harder, feminist.
          At least TRY and be original in your insults, please, pretty please? They’re getting boring at this stage.

        4. Actually, i’m not a feminist. I believe women are superior to men. I mean, they can do everything a man can. Men may produce sperm, but women produce the egg. Only one gender can actually grow and sustain a life inside them and so, by default women are superior. So credit where credit’s due.
          That’s not to say i don’t respect men as people and appreciate their abilities, but women are just a better version.
          By the way, maybe you should try questioning WHY men are so sex obsessed. Women produce testosterone as well, my darling. Get it straight. 😉

        5. Anyone who judges anyone on whether the stars are aligned a certain way is a fucking fruitcake, and deserves to be treated as such.
          Oh and women produce a negligible amount of testosterone as well, my darling, relative to men.
          YOU get it straight.
          As to why men are sex obessed, I dont really care, and I doubt men care either. We just want to get laid.

        6. Oh women are superior to men? Those same inferior men that built AND invented pretty much every single thing that you you use to enjoy the modern privileged existence you lead?
          While the superior women produced and built…ummm….*tumbleweeds*
          Maybe you should engage your brain before you embarass yourself. I’m sure you’ll blame the stars not being aligned or something though, such is your stupidity.

        7. Ah, we weren’t allowed to. Do you not know your history? Even when women did circumvent society’s mores, men often took the credit.
          Jeez, even look at the Bronte sisters who had to use male pen names to get their books published.
          Until recently men used their fists and financial manipulation to prevent women from the workforce or university. Until the war of course. And then suddenly it was a-ok, women were more than capable … until the men came back of course.
          History has been manipulated by men to boost their status because they’re so fucking precious they’re afraid they’ll be upstaged and then their purpose in life really will be questioned.
          Women didn’t create this gender “war”, men did, because the thought of them having to share is unfathomable and scary to them. It has allowed for mediocrity to reign.
          You only have to look at the rural villages of India where women have to ask their husbands for permission to leave the house because if they dare venture out alone they’ll be set upon by packs of men to keep them inline, scared, and have the men in the “superior” role.
          I mean c’mon. It’s all in black and white. You guys are proud of this anyway and want to return to this kind of life in western society.

        8. Allowed to? In the past, maybe.
          But what’s stopping women doing that productive work today?
          Whats stopping women going in to STEM today?
          What’s stopping women starting businesses today? Why are there a piddling number of female entrepreneurs compared to men?
          Answer: NOTHING. They don’t want to, nor or they capable.
          There are no women in STEM, or in entrepreneurship or any other field which allows YOU to live the pampered life you lead, relative to men. And please, don’t give me any boo-hoo bullshit about how women are discouraged from doing x,y,z.
          Its not gonna fly in th year 2016, where women are given every encouragement from quotas, affirmative action, grants and all sorts of coddling, and STILL they end up in bullshit like Womens Studies and English lit at a ridiculous rate where they have the nerve to tell us men how “superior” they are to us, despite the fact they have done nothing to prove this supposed superiority, except whinge and whine.
          So once again, you’ve been proven wrong. Women clearly cannot do anything a man can do (on a mass scale, individually is a different story I admit) and are clearly NOT superior to us on the whole – they delibratedly shun fields like STEM and entrepreneurship, fields which make the world what is is, and instead piss away their time with womens studies, sociology and african basket weaving.
          And unless you have substantial statistical evidence to the contrary (and not more woe-is-me poor women got a hard deal for centuries type of shit), I suggest you quietly fuck off please – your bullshit is really to starting to grate.

        9. Children, for one. Although with reform hopefully it will become more fashionable for men to take on 50% of the childcare duties (not every man WANTS to be a 9-5 slave, some would prefer to be house husbands. Such is their right.)
          Hey we’re getting there. I myself run two businesses and would call myself an entrepreneur if it wasn’t such a douchebaggy title. (I just call myself a small business owner.)
          The tide is turning for women (finally.) That’s why you’re all so shitscared and scrambling to figure out how you can keep us in the kitchen or, at the other extreme, make us provide 100% for you.
          Give it a generation and men will mostly be drooling slobs still wondering why women won’t fuck them and women will be taking over. Mark my words.
          So it’ll pay to play nice. 😉

        10. Oh so we’ve gone from being “superior” to “getting there”, now have we? You can’t even bullshit properly, can you? Which is it?
          Shitscared? Get over yourself, for God sake. No, men are sick to the back teeth of hearing how inferior we are, and sick to death of ungrateful women like you give us shit when all we’d like is for women to once in a while express some gratitude for the world they enjoy that’s been built off the sweat and genius of MEN.
          What do we get instead? Idiots who for some reason have the cheek to think they are superior to us when they use star signs to judge whether a man is suitable or not for them to date.
          And this “give it a generation” horsehit is based on what exactly? Statistics ? Hard evidence? Crunching numbers and analysis? Trending data which proves you have a solid case?
          Or let me guess…the only evidence that matters when it comes to women..da feelz!
          I hate to break it to you but there is no solid evidence of women
          “overtaking” men at anything, not in STEM, entrepreneurship..anything at a rate where men will be drooling slobs begging women to fuck them within a generation.
          Sorry. Thats a feminazi fantasy up there with the SCUM manifesto for sheer misandry and outlandishness.
          So wrong again. But what else do you expect from someone who choses a man based on his star sign? Logic? Reason? Sanity?

        11. Oh honey, and you wonder why women aren’t hitting on you or wanting to fuck you.
          You radiate hate. That’s why. It’s very unsexy. Doesn’t matter what pick up lines you use, women will be very unlikely to want to take a ride on the eventual trainwreck that is you.
          Go crunch some numbers, give up any hope of getting your dick sucked. Have a great life.

        12. What a pathetic, logic free zone you are.
          You haven’t addressed a damn thing I said, nor can you back your case with evidence or reason about how you are right and I am wrong with numbers or statistics so you resort to non-sequiturs and insults which have nothing to do with the matter at hand – why women are inferrior to men in pretty much every area of life, except for the area of kids and childbirth.
          Oh and the irony of you calling me a trainwreck when you are the fucktard who uses star signs to choose what men she dates, and then wonders why she ends up with “Rick Moranis”. Nothing anything logical of course, like how good of a man he may be. What star sign he is. Let that batshit insanity sink in as to kind of twerp you are.
          Oh, and for the last time “honey”, no woman hits on ANY man with any regularity unless he’s among the top tier in looks, money, power and fame. Unless he gives her an outward reason to do so. Something I never said doesn’t happen to me either, but I have to work at it like everyone else who frequents this site and elsewhere similar (again, it’s funny how you missed that part or chose to ignore it, isn’t it?)
          And this is something which I can easily back up with evidence and proof. Something which your dizzy, brainless starsign loving ass knows nothing about (and yes, you are brainless and dizzy, as someone who uses starsigns should be referred to as..)
          Thats the difference between me (and most men) and you (most women).
          I live in a world of reality, cold hard evidence and rationality. I act accordingly.
          You live in a world of fantasy, fluff and feels. And that is the real reason you are “inferior”.
          And if you think differently, prove me wrong not with insults or non-sequiturs, but with actual evidence.
          But i suspect you’ll just resort to more ad-homimens and forget to actually prove what you’re saying, won’t you?
          Go on, off you go. Prove me right. Dish out some more insults about the size of my dick, how much of a “trainwreck” I am, how “unsexy” my hate is or something else just as irrevelant and stupid. Nothing actually which might prove you have a case though. Only cheap insults which you probably use to cut down the poor saps you manipulate in your day to day life, but unfortunately for you don’t work here.
          Because you got nothing else don’t you, except those insults, isn’t that right?
          No evidence. No reason. No logic. Nothing.
          Just feels, starsigns and the siren sounds of the waambulance coming to take your silly, beaten ass home.

        13. Absolutely nothing wrong with feels! Not everything has to be about numbers and statistics. If that were the case they people wouldn’t believe in God and without God we wouldn’t believe in the bible and without the bible, specifically Adam & Eve, you lot wouldn’t believe that men are superior to women. Since that’s where it originates from.
          So you believe in the hocus pocus that is male superiority even though it’s rooted in something that can’t be proven with numbers, statistics or fact, and i’ll happily avoid dating Virgos (god forbid, i mean, sue me) and continue to date guys who look like Rick Moranis. Who I happen to think are adorable. I love smart, funny guys.
          Regardless of the size of your dick (really not interested in its size) I bid you well in getting it wet. But hey, miracles happen I guess!

        14. Well actually yes, there is everything “wrong” with feels. They are something beloved of children and emotional degenerates, adults on the other hand tend to make decisions on something a little more substantial.
          When it comes to serious discussion what matters is cold hard logic, facts and figures.. NOT your feelings. That’s the difference between men and women. We’re capable of constructing great systems of engineering, math and science, systems which it appear you have zero appreciation for. The phrase “bite that hand that feeds you” is particularly applicable here.
          Systems built by us which allow you to indulge in your fee-fee driven nonsense while not freezing, burning or starving to death, or being left to fend for your yourself in the wilds of the jungle or the outback.
          Its this cold hard logic that men use to get shit done, while women are sitting around talking about their emotions and “ooh what did that mean? Share your feelings with the group!”
          Its these idiotic “feelings” that cause women to potentialy chose a partner on whether he is a certain star sign or suchforth.
          And it’s this mindless devotion to “feelings” which prove how utterly inferior you are to us, and how incapable women are in general of achieving jack shit relative to men (if you believe different, prove it using the tools of sensible adult discussion, not your emotions please, but you can’t..can you?)
          To say it’s “hocus focus” just merely demonstrates how demented you are – it’s something which yes actually CAN be pretty easily proved by the numbers which show men make up the vast majority of any field which advances AND keeps the world running, and which allows your pampered arse to live the life it leads.
          So once again, you’ve provided exactly zero evidence to even come close to making any sense, or proving any kind of point. The very best you can do is to reel off more snarky nonsense about “wishing me luck getting my dick wet soon”. When it comes to women, what I really need is more time as there’s just too many to work through in a given 24 hour time span. Thanks for your “concern” though.
          So do you care to make any sense anytime soon? Or have anything even remotedly evidence or logic based to share with us? I doubt it somehow.

        15. Hate is a “feel” and you seem to be making plenty of decisions based on that. Anger is also a “feel”.
          Who hurt you, boo?
          This site is one of the most emotional, “feelsy”, irrational, tantrum-throwing sites i’ve ever encountered on the Internet. It’s essentially one big dummy spit by a bunch of men who are “sadz” and angry things aren’t the way they want them to be.
          “Bitches won’t suck my dick, so i hate them.” That’s pretty much your argument in a nutshell.
          Men have just as much as emotion as women. Just ask a new dad, or a guy who has lost a loved one, or a man who is angry at someone for something unjust or unfair. Anger, resentment, jealousy are all emotions and you, my dearest, are clearly ruled by them.
          Also, you’re invalidating the contribution of women to childrearing and care. Which, if women didn’t do it, they would die and we’d have no future generations of either gender. Just, you know, kind of a liiiiittle important. 😉

        16. Wrong again, sweetpea. I base my “decisions” on numbers, statistics, logic and rationality. Not anger.
          Care to point out where I have made ANY decision based on “anger?” You won’t be able to to, because there aren’t any. As per usual you don’t have a leg to stand on. So more nonsense pulled out of your arse I see.
          Ah yes, the old “who hurt you jibe?” Another classic straight out of the feminist shaming handbook used to invalidate anything logical a man says. Up there with the other greatest hits like “why do you hate women?”, “Mommy’s basement dweller”, “small dick”, “neckbeard” and so on. I’ve already asked you to come up with better insults that haven’t been used to death by your less imaginative feminist sisters. Pity your lazy ass couldn’t be bothered, eh?
          On this site being ran by “emotional men” clearly you’ve missed the many posts and articles throughout both ROK and the Roosh forum where quite the opposite stance is taken. Of course, since things like that don’t fit your bigoted narrative, it’s not surprising you’ve “glossed” over them, isn’t it?
 to point out where I have said I “hate women?”
          You’re actually in the realm of slander, alerting ISPs and IP tracking now my dear, so please be careful of what you say. Off you go, point out where and when I have said anything of the sort. Except you won’t be able to find a damn thing, will you?
          Second time you’ve been proven wrong in this comment, and easily the 21st or so since I started “debating” with you.
          Also, I’ve never said “bitches won’t suck my dick” and this has made me “angry”. For the 13th time, I said that I, along with 95% of the male population have to work at getting female attention. I never said this was bad or good, just merely that this is the way it is. In order to boost my “attractiveness” I have to work at it, something which you found to be funny and amusing. That is how all this started, in case you’ve forgotten.
          Is that distinction gonna sink into that thick little skull of yours, or are you going to continue making shit up? Wrong again so, for the third time.
          On men having “emotion”, I don’t disagree. But lets be honest, we’re far better at keeping ours in check than you.
          We’re not prone to emotional outbursts on the regular like you, and we sure as hell aren’t prone to batshit insanity like sizing up members of the opposite sex based upon their star sign.
          And no, I am invalidating the contribution to childcare, but it has not been in anyway important to advancement of civilisation.
          Because lets face it – childcare could be done by anyone, and frequently is, from 16 year old nannies to 90 year old grannies.
          Curing diseases, building skyscrapers, discovering new worlds and every other outstanding feat of engineering you enjoy, right down to the computer you are using to spew your garbage has all been down to us men.
          A fact you STILL see fit to either ignore, or be completely ungrateful for. Aren’t you?
          To sum up – you’ve been consistently beaten by me in every single one of our exchanges – you’ve consistently lied and made shit up about me (see “hating women”, I’m emotional because “bitches won’t suck my dick”), you haven’t once offered the slightest bit of proof for anything you’ve said, have openly admitted to mental illness by telling us you size up men based on their star sign, are completely contemptuous of men and their role in providing you with the pampered life of luxury you enjoy today, and when presented with logic and reason you’ve time and time again been able to do nothing else but resort to shaming and insults (who hurt you etc..)
          Oh what’s that? You disagree? Go get evidence then to the contrary.

        17. Your diatribes are filled with emotive language and insults. Your own words are evidence of that. Therefore you = emotional.
          You don’t seem to be doing a good job of keeping your emotions in check right now. Your posts are littered with barbs and insults. “Thick little skull’?
          Asking who hurt you was not an insult, it was a question. Terrible analysis skills. Go back to 8th grade please.
          Ooh slander. Great. Feel free to forward all correspondence to my lawyers. They need a good laugh now and then and this will certainly give them one.
          Really? You don’t hate women? Give one example of praise you’ve bestowed on the ‘fairer sex’ during the course of our exchange. You know, since you’re all about facts and evidence.

        18. “Your diatribes are filled with emotive language and insults. Your own words are evidence of that. Therefore you = emotional.”
          Nope, everything I’ve said is backed up with evidence. For example if I’ve referred to you as “idiotic” it’s because it wouldn’t be unreasable, given the fact that you’ve openly admitted to using astrology to pick men! I can back up everything I say. YOU can’t.
          Again, my logic trumps your “feels” every time. I win again.
          You don’t seem to be doing a good job of keeping your emotions in check right now. Your posts are littered with barbs and insults. “Thick little skull’?
          Really? On what basis? Hmm, how else would you describe someone who…
          -Refuses to answer my questions and replies back with non-sequiturs and strawmen
          -Openly admits to mental health issues with her love of astrology
          -Also openly admits to valuing “feelings” over logic and facts
          -Blantantly lies about and makes up wild excusations her opponent (hates women supposedly, but the only evidence she can produce is a lack of “praise of the fairer sex”), how having to work to get female attention somehow translates into “hating women”
          Sweetheart, you meet the definition. Again, I work off facts, not feels, and I can back up everything little thing I say with evidence. You can’t, that’s the difference. I think I’m pretty justified in calling you “thick”. If you don’t want to labelled as such, I suggest you stop acting that way.
          Asking who hurt you was not an insult, it was a question. Terrible analysis skill s. Go back to 8th grade please.
          -No, it’s a classic shaming jibe that feminists use to insult their detractors, rather than debate logical with them (because they can’t). Its suggesting that anybody who has the temerity to question the contemporary female narrative must have been “hurt” rather than in possession of a logical, critical mind like I have.
          Ooh slander. Great. Feel free to forward all correspondence to my lawyers. They need a good laugh now and then and this will certainly give them one.
          -Whether I would sue someone like yourself is obviously moot. But you are in the arena, aren’t you not? Again, you meet the definition, no?
          Slander is the act of making a false, negative spoken statement about someone.
          You have no evidence to back up what your saying. By any reasonable definition, you’re guilty of it. QED.
          “Really? You don’t hate women? Give one example of praise you’ve bestowed on the ‘fairer sex’ during the course of our exchange. You know, since you’re all about facts and evidence.”
          -Burden of proof is on you to prove what you say, not me. I didn’t claim anything, YOU did. Thats how the adult world works, in court, or anywhere else similar.
          So far you’ve produce the square sum of fuck all to back up my supposed “hatred” of women other than upset your delicate feels. There’s no onus on me to bestow praise on anyone, at any time. By the same token, I could easily accuse you of misandry, given you’ve shown zero praise to the “stronger sex”, a sex who, as I’ve pointed out, is responsible for every bloody little comfort you currently enjoy? A gender who if didn’t exist, you’d be stranded out in the Outback, getting picked at by buzzards crying your little eyes out? Why don’t YOU bestow us some praise then?
          So off you trot, get me some actual evidence of this “women hating”! Must be lots of evidence that I “hate women” I’d imagine. There’s lot of criticism, but nothing any reasonable, non-emotional adult would find objectionable.
          I’m expecting more of the same – more insults (backed with no evidence), tired feminist shaming cliches, and child-like “debating”. So I won’t hold my breath…
          By the way – here’s a great resource for you next time you’re stuck for a shaming jibe and can’t defeat an argument with facts and logic. “Hate women” not doing the job anymore? Small dick not having the desired effect? Well not to worry princess YOU TOO can come up with brand new feminist shaming insults just like that with our new “feminist insult generator!”
          No need to thank me. Hope you get hours and hours of fun and frolics from it..

        19. Provide evidence that you don’t hate women.
          I’m waiting. But i won’t be holding my breath.
          By the way, it’s only slander if it’s false. And it’s also not slander if it’s someone expressing their person opinion. But no really, be my guest. Come at me with all you’ve got.

        20. Fuck me, you’ve really went off the deep end here! Why should I?
          You have made a claim that I am X. It is up to you to prove I am X. If you have evidence that I am indeed X, then it is THEN up to me to prove otherwise. Again, you are living in the real world that rest of us inhabit?
          Ever hear of the burden of proof?

          Understand this little basic concept? Our entire legal system is predicated upon it, but obviously little things like due process don’t matter to you, do they?
          A courtroom in Jessicas world, full of unicorns, star signs and rainbows..
          Jessica: you murdered that girl, didn’t you?
          Paddy: Nope, you’ve no evidence to suggest I did. No murder weapon, no DNA evidence, nothing, plus my alibi is solid. So, I ain’t guilty.
          Jessica: I don’t care! *stamps feet* I say you did it! Its up to you to prove you didn’t do it!!!
          Paddy: Umm, that’s not how it works, dearie..
          See how ridiculous you sound? Please go educate yourself on one of the basic fundemental tenets of adult life (if you are one) before you waste any more of my time.
          Oh, and yes, you are guilty of slander for the reasons I gave above. Unless, you have solid evidence (which you don’t..) then you’re guilty. Again, I work off agreed defintions, logic and reason. You, well, we all know, don’t we? Star signs, fluff, feels, and whatever la-la land thought enters your mind.
          Slander defintion: a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.

    1. Use the reverse barometer. If gays and feminists hate it then he must be doing something right.

    2. I posted a comment on there now which points out how the article is wrong and how people are being deceived. It’s been automatically flagged, probably because I’ve never commented on that site before, we’ll see if they leave it up and unflag it or remove it completely (in which case I will undoubtedly be banned from making any further comments on the site, as is indicated in their commenting policy).

    1. I like how they say: “We hope it will be a spectacular no show”. For this reason alone, I hope many, many men show up!! Wish I was in Australia so I could show my support.

    2. I’m a bit concerned. Over at the RooshV forum it appears the original host for Perth has pulled out. Tried to contact Roosh via ROK (I don’t have a RooshV forum account unfortunately). Hopefully he gets back to me

      1. As much as I am against cancelling this meetup, it’s just stupidity to walk into a slaughter if there’s only about 3 of us. Honestly don’t blame that host, shit’s getting very real, very quickly. These need to be way more secretive if the group is small.

        1. Well I’ve contacted Roosh to offer to be a host. We’ll see what happens – if nothing, then we can organise something private.

        2. Agreed, if we’re really honest here it’s not worth losing our jobs. The earth is hard but the ox is patient. Moving this forward under the cloud of ‘rape advocacy’ isn’t smart either. I really wish he hadn’t written that piece of satire, got to be smarter than that.

    3. Leeroy since the meetup has been cancelled, I would still be interested in holding private meetups. I’ve setup a throwaway email address: [email protected]. Shoot me an email if you’re interested and we can organise something privately. I’ll see if I can find that other guy who was from Perth and contact him also.

  46. Attendees be warned: Certain SJWs may attempt to infiltrate the events and pose as supporters. They may attempt to ‘befriend’ real supporters in a plan to lure them away after the event and assault them. Be prepared for this. Do not leave the event with someone you have just met. Stay with people you know. And if some SJW turd tries something, be prepared to make them regret it.

    1. What are you scared of? Honestly?
      I am going to see if I can meet a new weight lifting partner and some new guys to go out drinking with.
      The same rules for safety as any other night apply. Stop being a coward.

      1. Indeed-play it cool, keep it classy and don’t succumb to their provocations.

      1. The amusing thing is that these pussies have probably never been in a fight in their lives much less know what a barbell looks like-if they were to resort to any violence it would be a massacre.

        1. I agree with that. I would imagine most manginas would be intimidated when dealing with men in real life.
          Not really wanting to deal with any headaches on Feb. 6th, but I do admit I’m so curious about some of them having to face guys like me who aren’t exactly skinny nerds and have no issue with handling them appropriately.

        2. You and me both. I’m 90kg+ of muscle and have a very short tolerance for such pathetic and misshapen miscreants but I am also a cunning devil and will allow them to make the error of encroaching upon me and my safety.

      2. Pity I can’t attend; if they tried to get cute with me I’d snap them like twigs using some scary catch wrestling holds I know that would be absolutely brutal-of course I’d allow them the opportunity to walk away and if they insisted on threatening me then it’s game over.

    1. What a bunch of mouth-foaming lunatics; if they were dogs they’d be put down due to being rabid. I am amused no end what a bunch of sanctimonious asswipes they are-they decry violence and are all about ‘feels’ and ‘freedom of expression’ yet when presented with a contradictory viewpoint that makes their hamster-wheels burst into flame they explode into apoplectic fits not even done by toddlers. May they and their families be stricken with colorectal cancer of the worst variety.

    2. I think we really need to have a serious discussion about these peoples fascination with rape. The article which Rooshv has already stated was satire (as if any sane human being would conclude otherwise), is totally unrelated to this meeting. I had forgot it even existed.
      These people are sick, they can’t stop talking about rape. This really needs to be studied.

      1. You find those who are fixated on something are consumed by it-the ones who squeal about racism and the like for example are often the biggest and worst bigots of all.

        1. Well said. It borders on obsession I believe. I really would love to know the clinical psychological diagnosis that would apply.

    1. That presupposes they are capable of reading which could be a bit of a stretch. Satire is often too much for the comprehension of the intellectually challenged rabble.

  47. One thing I have no concern about, that is the hipster leftists of Seattle. They will not be any trouble. They need to import their rioters from Oregon they are so wimpy.

    1. Pfft-those weaklings will be too busy trying to trip balls on marijuana; the only thing they’ll be a threat to would be breakfast burritos because of the munchies.

        1. I can imagine it-they’d stink to high heaven, be dishevelled and move like hordes of zombies. Not a pleasant mental image.

  48. While Roosh basically telegraphed the satirical nature of his “rape” proposal, SJWs took it seriously for a few reasons:
    First, they want it to be serious because it fits comfortably into their feedback look about “Womyn Good! Men BAD!”, etc.
    Second, they aren’t very smart. They’re about “But…muh *FEELZ*!!” Thus, satire flies way above their heads. That said, Roosh fully had to expect this. I am reminded of a precursor to “Poe’s Law”, which states: “Any sufficiently advanced troll is indistinguishable from a kook.”

    1. You can’t cure stupid-but then again they do make an outstanding argument for contraception and eugenics.

    2. I’m willing to bet hard earned money that less than 1% of them even independently looked at ROK (much less the satire article on rape) before making their judgement. They are all emotion and outrage, and zero substance. Why do you think they turn on their own, like life long first wave feminist leaders? It’s because the content or actual reason doesn’t matter. They attack and hate based on raw emotion they feel in the moment.

      1. Reading through Ayn Rand’s the Fountainhead – the central theme is the conflict between the few individualists and everyone else (society), the conformists, who believe what they believe and do what they do solely based on what others have told them. I can draw parallels to this.

  49. As a frequenter of this site, I should mention I have been what most would refer to as ‘beta’ for most of my life, and I still actually am in person. However, I now I can do better.
    When these people have to make up reasons to attack (eg. legalizing rape), they’ve lost all validity. Hell, even if you actually were advocating rape legalization, it’s stil, ridiculous to try and silence you when I’m sure nobody would blink if a female were saying the equivalent of what you’re saying.
    The opposition is mainly people who can’t live outside their bubble and want everyone else to join them in it. If this thing happens, you’ve kept your word from Montreal for certain!
    Not a communist, but ‘Forward’ is the best word I have to say to you.

  50. Here you go:
    I’ve seen several interviews with Roosh where he states that his “legalize rape on private property” essay was an “A Modest Proposal” satire. It would seem like that is germane context.
    It’s very strange. The biggest issue here, as I see it, is the right to free speech. The mob that attacked Roosh in Canada was not simply exercising its own right to free speech–they were specifically seeking to threaten, intimidate, and, if necessary, injure him. The used mob tactics in an effort to silence him. If satire gives thinking, educated people license to to this kind of thing, our culture is in big trouble.

  51. wow. this is incredible. I just don’t understand this incredible game they are playing. It blows my mind they can actually keep this coalition of liars together and be so organized. I mean, these meetups have nothing to do with rape and I completely disagree with them calling ROK an “anti-woman” site. If anything, we value the role women play, we just disagree it should be as 3rd wave feminism has defined it.

    1. You’re using your brain vs. people who “think” with emotions. And exercise in futility with those types.

    2. Just one thing, the 1st and 2nd waves weren’t feminism they were women’s right movements, feminism is something else altogether. If we take a proper look at history though (and not just the last couple of centuries or so) you will see that this is the second wave of feminism as the women tried this shit several thousand years ago as well. That ultimately is what caused the men to rise up against them and enslave them in return. Before that we had an egalitarian society. In the simplest of terms “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. They are digging their own graves by trying this shit again.

      1. interesting. do you have any reading sources I can go to in order to learn about the 1st uprising you are referring to?


          Now while I do not agree with all the statements made on some of these pages (mostly those that define feminism as a women’s rights movement) note how a number of these are written up by the feminists of today. Strange that they wouldn’t try to point these out more often, don’t you think?
          If you really pay attention to what is there though you’ll see the real reason why, is that every single one of those ultimately is highlighted by the fact that whatever the immediate cause, feminism ultimately failed indirectly because of the inherent flaws therein.

  52. He is living rent free in their heads AND he gets load$ more of free advertising boosting his viewships and ROK ranks.
    Well played Roosh. Wish you nothing but success.

    1. Nothing here to stop us in the States. Apparently there are upsides to being able to carry a gun. Who knew?

        1. Arizona doesn’t suck. Unless you are not fond of heat. If you live in Scotland I’m certain that you’ll find the constant sunny weather and warm temperatures to be something from a science fiction novel, at least at first. Plus it’s great to be able to open or conceal carry the sidearm of your choice without even the slightest hint of paperwork or permission. Makes for good, peaceful, pleasant neighbors. And not surprisingly, it, like most of the States outside of the “Blue Zones”, is wonderfully tolerant compared to what you may be used to.

  53. Roosh, in light of all this attention you’re getting, including front page news!??! I encourage you to plan some fake events in the future, just to get them all worked up over nothing.

  54. I said it before, it was not wise to post the meet times and locations on a publicly accessible web page. I’m now on the fence on whether I will be going to the Toronto meet up. I want to, but not at the expense of my reputation. Toronto is a hornets nest of SJW’s and their beta lap dogs, and that includes the law enforcement here.
    Proof on the front page of Metro News:
    I think it was a huge mistake to not organize these meetings in a much more quiet manner, at least at the start.

      1. I do think that the media hadn’t even attempted to read anything he wrote, just running ignorant and sensational headlines, but this isn’t how to start a movement. There is no honor in having your compatriots’ reputations smeared by a corrupt and biased media machine they can’t hope to stand against and be heard. If not careful this will be a metaphorical slaughter.

        1. It doesn’t have to be risky. Much of the risk could have been mitigated. This is reckless. There is a difference.

    1. SJWs run this society. We have to face them at one point or another, or live our whole life in submission.

  55. Fuck em! You are telling me you are going to let someone else falsely characterize your meeting and prevent you from going?
    What’s the worst they can do? Take a picture of you? Post it on one of their websites that nobody reads?
    These people also need to be sued for their defamation. Fuck it, if they lie and post some bullshit, we will sue them.

    1. Equality is a lie
      Political Correctness is Social Communism
      Immigration is Invasion.
      You are not our moral superior

    2. You’re a troll… and the despicable one. Even worse, you’re a feminist that has to promote their intolerance of others by telling lies… and your proud of using whatever methods you feel “justify” your cause. That includes Online harassment, inciting physical violence and generally trying to silence anyone that doesn’t put women on a pedestal.

    3. It’s feminists and fake SJW like you that are the ones full of hatred. It’s all about attacking people that don’t bow to womyn. You’re proud of your prejudice and it shows. Troll on, sock puppet.

    4. I’d rather be called “despicable” any day than a mangina or simp.
      Being hated does not mean we’re wrong.

      1. I concur-I love being the ‘bad guy’ because it means I’m right but the truth upsets people too much.

  56. I’m noticing quite a few people in the anti-meetup groups threatening violence as well well as making threats of violence. Is it possible that we could call the local police departments as well as the FBI in order to report these people for potentially organizing group violence to be enacted against a group of people who are merely seeking to gather peacefully?

  57. Sure this could be free speech but this isn’t free action to do whatever you want to women. I agree that you have the right to assemble and all but you do not have the right to harm others, especially women. Men, this is an ultimate low… even for you

      1. hmm let’s see, maybe open up your eyes and learn to read the thousands of comments posted on this site that threaten to hurt, choke, sexually abuse, gang rape, and beat women during these meetings. It may not be you threatening violence but others are and this needs to be addressed. I’m all for friendly meetings even if I don’t agree with these beliefs, but with these individuals threatening others (especially women) it’s impossible to be sure that there will be no violence.

        1. You are a mendacious liar. Nowhere has anybody ever made such a statement and I defy you to find one lest you be castigated roundly for being such a shameless charlatan *spits in disgust*.

        2. Oh, you have that confused with the Anti-meetup sites. I’ve been to a few of them. Some have cautioned that they should wear masks, others have offered to bring paint guns and balloons filled with paint, and others have expressed a desire to enact violence on people who are merely gathering to sit and chat.
          Y’all muthafuckas got a lot of nerve using threats of violence and disruption to prevent a group of people from meeting in either a restaurant or bar in order to chat. Get the fuck outta my face with your dishonest bullshit. You guys are a bunch of miserable people who are engaging is misguided and faux activism to bring meaning to your miserable lives. Leave us be and mind your “bidness”. Nobody invited your sorry ass.
          I hope the meetup participants call the police on your kind. In fact, I wish you guys would do something violent in order to give us free reign to involve lawyers and a civil suit.

        3. The irony would be delicious in using the system against these misanthropes. A pox on them all.

        4. You are a liar Jim I have not seen any comments like that on any of the articles discussing this meeting.
          More importantly though I want to know what is wrong with you? How much of your day is spent discussing “sexual violence.” Do you think that perhaps you have an unhealthy obsession with the topic?
          I’m really interested. You people are gross, I can’t imagine what is going on in your head.
          So enlighten me. What’s wrong with you?

        5. Hell to the yeah! We need to notify both local and federal authorities and bring attention to these anti-meetup sites where there are commenters making threats of violence in response to the meet up.

        6. Screen grabs and forward to the applicable authorities and press charges for threats. I’d even be pre-emptive and cosy right up next to law enforcement while conducting an exchange of ideas and let’s see if these asshats dare make a move.

        7. oh sorry did I undermine your fragile sense of masculinity? Sorry not sorry… if it helps, you’re a “nice guy,” sorry to have to friend zone you like this.
          See how ridiculous your ideas sound? I doubt your balls have dropped yet.
          As I stated before, I’m all for friendly meet ups and what not but when the safety of others is jeopardized then there’s a problem.

        8. The irony of your statement is delicious considering the ones being threatened are those that are meeting. Away with you fool.

        9. No you didn’t undermine anything I am generally disgusted by 1) liars like you, and 2) people obsessed with discussing “sexual violence.”
          Why don’t you post some screen shots of comments where men are saying what you have claimed they said?
          Also you didn’t answer the question, how much of your day is spent ruminating about “sexual violence”?

        10. Nah, I’d rather watch you be a tough guy in an orange jump suit. It’s always fun watching SJWs being faced with the threat of sharing a 5’x9′ with the very people for whom they “advocate”. And of course, I’d love nothing more than to do the civil suit piece. That would be awesome. If you are a minor, I’d file a suit against your parents.

        11. Okay first, the name’s Jimin. And second just because I speak about sexual violence doesn’t mean I’m obsessed with it. Have you even considered that I may have been a victim to such acts? No you haven’t because you’re currently getting high off of your own testosterone.

        12. Post screen grabs to verify your libellous claims or get lost. Your being a victim of any alleged acts does not legitimise in any way, shape or form making such outrageous claims.

        13. My eyes have been opened a long time ago. I ask for examples and you give me nothing. You are the one with his eyes and ears closed. Maybe you should close your mouth also.

        14. Perhaps you should seek professional help. I’m being serious.
          Getting on a website to lie about what you perceive to be a threat doesn’t sound like a healthy way to deal with your problems.
          Me for one, I am tired of listening to the lies coming out of your mouth and the mouths of liars just like you. I really feel sorry for you, it seems odd that this is the focus of your life.

        15. How am I obsessed with discussing sexual violence? Are you obsessed with men since that’s all you seem to go on and on about? Have you ever been a victim to such sexual violence? Have you even considered that just bringing light to a topic doesn’t mean you’re obsessed with it? Probably not since you keep tripping on your own contradictions.

        16. There’s a reason we were given two ears and one mouth but even then having one of the latter is too much for some and thoroughly undeserved.

        17. If this was the focus of my life wouldn’t I be attending one of these lame meetings? Jackson go crawl back into your man cave and cry about how you were friendzoned in the 3rd grade.

        18. No I’m not saying that. But just because I haven’t been the victim of sexual abuse doesn’t automatically mean millions of others haven’t.
          Are you saying that you have a fragile sense of masculinity, get rejected often, and live in a man cave? If so, you gave yourself away

        19. Ha ha…. the old tactic….I never said anything about myself. You however implied that you “may have been the victim of such acts”. You are a fantasist and a liar. Good luck with that.

        20. Is it possible you have a rape fantasy and that is why you can’t stop talking about it?
          Just throwing it out there because I can’t for the life of me figure out what is wrong with you people.

        21. Got any evidence for any of this bullshit? You should be able to go onto the Roosh V forum and find some pretty easily, shouldn’t you? Some screengrabs or quotes should be pretty easy to find, shouldn’t they?I mean, there are “thousands”, isn’t there?
          Oh wait..there isn’t even one,…you lying sack of steaming SJW shit.

        22. They project. All their inadequacies projected onto those with whom they disagree. They are the ones trying to drag the rest of humanity to their squalid level.

    1. How is gathering in a group somehow construed as “doing whatever you want to women”? Please answer this. You trolls love to use straw man arguments. It’s time to stand behind what you say. So… where are you getting this, “do whatever you want to women” from?

      1. “You trolls love to use straw man arguments” … says the one with “Trench is a Troll” as their username

        1. 1. “Trench” is the troll, not I.
          2. One’s name is non-sequitur.
          3. You are just avoiding the inability to answer.

      2. Simple. You support a patriarchy. A patriarchy suppresses women.
        The idea that you should be able to decide how women live and what their values should be relies on you being in control of women – I.e. Doing whatever you want to women.
        Jeez – men can be so silly sometimes.

        1. ——-Simple. You support a patriarchy. A patriarchy suppresses women.——
          The question was, and still is, “how is gathering in a group somehow construed as doing whatever you want to women?” Even if that gathering had some element of support for the hierarchy of society, that does not translate to “doing whatever you want to women”. While a governing system can and will have some element of control, the plaint that women are specifically “suppressed”, and as a whole above and beyond men is tenuous at best. So… you have still not answered the challenge. Try again.
          ——The idea that you should be able to decide how women live and what their values should be relies on you being in control of women – I.e. Doing whatever you want to women.—–
          No one here specifically, or even as group “decides” how women should live. You are making this up. Men in general may be more desirous of women who behave a certain way, but that behavior is still elective.
          Western society at large exacts the same “control” over each and every citizen without regard to the citizen’s specific sex (barring specific things like which restroom one uses of course), so the notion of “relies on you being in control of women” is disingenuously out-of-context.
          Even having control of something is not the equivalent of “doing whatever you want” to something. Overarching rules of conduct still apply. Legislation like the Employment Act is all about “having control” but not having free reign over an individual or party in one’s employment. Nice try, but your logic is not only poor, it is specious.
          —–Jeez – men can be so silly sometimes.—–
          Jeez… women can be so __dishonest__, most of the time when they think they are smarter than others (but really just under-estimate their adversary). Try a little harder, little one. You haven’t won a point yet.

        2. We live in a society where your beliefs are not respected – looks like my point has been made perfectly 🙂

        3. I appreciate the irony of you calling me “little one”, given so many of the men on this page have decided i must be obese.
          Maybe at your meeting you can come to an agreement on my size?

        4. ——-We live in a society where your beliefs are not respected——-
          What “beliefs” would those be, child? I have not stated any personal “beliefs” let alone any “beliefs” that are not respected in Western society. You apparently live in quite the state of delusion. Besides, you have —NOT— answered the question. You are merely deflecting yet again.
          —– – looks like my point has been made perfectly 🙂—–
          You have not support any attempt at a “point”. Just “saying” you have only shows the kind of denial you need to protect your fragile ego.

        5. —–I appreciate the irony of you calling me “little one”, given so many of the men on this page have decided i must be obese.—–
          There is “little” irony there, kiddo. The context of “little” in “little one” is in reference to your immaturity. As far as your physical shape, that would be based on the predictive model that most who are so adamant in trolling this site are usually quite unattractive. Whether or not that unattractiveness include obesity is moot to how you are still avoiding the answer to the question:
          ….“how is gathering in a group somehow construed as doing whatever you want to women?”….
          —–Maybe at your meeting you can come to an agreement on my size?—–
          As much as you like to think that any part of the meeting is about angry trolls like you, it is not. No one cares how fat you are. You have made up an assertion here that you cannot support. That’s it.

        6. In response to your question – see above comment.
          P.s. ‘Little’ is a description of size, for a description of age or maturity try the word ‘young’.
          Men are just so silly sometimes.

        7. Look, I’m not sure if I can break this down for you any more.
          Patriarchy = men having more power than women = men having control over women.
          I just don’t think I can make it any simpler for you. Perhaps there’s someone around you that can help you read and understand?

        8. —–In response to your question – see above comment.—–
          What comment? You haven’t answered anything or made an “above comment”.
          —–P.s. ‘Little’ is a description of size, for a description of age or maturity try the word ‘young’.—–
          Oh, resorting to a semantics argument are we? LOL. Weak. You’re still wrong.
          If it just “little”, the word describes something of lesser quantity, that quantity could refer to physical size, age, electrical charge, I.Q., etc. It isn’t restricted to only physical size. When it is considered how you took that adjective out of context, it shows the level of dishonesty you need to apply in order to feed your delusion that you are smart enough to parry with the “men” here (p.s. you are nowhere near the that level). As an adjective, it was associated with “one” so it actually reads, “little one”. That is a clear inference to how your feigned superiority and contempt is very much like that of young child.
          Try again, “child”.
          —–Men are just so silly sometimes.—–
          I wasn’t silly and I just proved how you needed to use specious logic to falsely suggest that. However, trolls like you are dishonest… MOST of the time.

        9. —–Look, I’m not sure if I can break this down for you any more.
          Patriarchy = men having more power than women = men having control over women.—–
          Unfortunately, Western society does not fit your definition of Patriarchy in that women have power, but not in the same way that men do. Neo-feminists like you always pretend that women only exist on lesser end of anything, but reality shows that they hold advantages in many scenarios. Just look at the legal system if you think that there is systemic prejudice against women. There the prejudice is against men.
          Typical feminists blame their own inability to be competitive on the unseen “Patriarchy” because it is too painful to accept that they just aren’t good enough. Also, these feminists are failures not because they are women. They are failures because they basically are inferior humans.
          —–I just don’t think I can make it any simpler for you. Perhaps there’s someone around you that can help you read and understand?—–
          Your condescending attitude does not mask your continued inability to answer the question. Answer it, or concede defeat, troll:
          ….“how is gathering in a group somehow construed as doing whatever you want to women?”….

        10. Mate, read my posts. There is no way you could conclude that I feel like the system we have in place is a patriarchy – quite the opposite. I feel like feminism has kicked the but of patriarchy.
          Your only arguing with yourself now.

        11. ——-Mate, read my posts. There is no way you could conclude that I feel like the system we have in place is a patriarchy – quite the opposite.——
          Lol. Nice try. What you “say” doesn’t speak as loudly as how you act. The system is already set up so that women’s individual success or failure are largely due to their own inability to compete. You coming here to troll is proof that you ___believe___ that the system still provides much advantage to men over women. You’re not trying to gloat over some success by feminism in turning the system into the feminist utopia where given “equal opportunity” they equal or even exceed the capabilities of men. Why? It’s because that hasn’t been the case. All the opportunity engineered by a liberal agenda has produced nothing but a generation of women trying to find more excuses to explain why they are so individually inferior.
          The system is skewed in favor of women, but that ___hasn’t___ translated to women being relatively successful when compared to men. If anything it has shown that given even an advantage they are somewhat inferior to men in roles that men traditionally fulfill. Feminism has failed in forcing androgyny where it cannot apply. THAT is what bothers you.
          —–I feel like feminism has kicked the but of patriarchy.—–
          If it really had, you wouldn’t be trolling here, or applying intellectual dishonesty to appear like you have a case, or attacking the character of your opposition, or deflecting from your in ability to answer the original question:
          ….“how is gathering in a group somehow construed as doing whatever you want to women?”….
          Nope. What people see when you come here with your faulty logic, lies and personal attacks is the hysterics of someone who knows that neo-feminists are nothing more than immature individuals who feel entitled to “winning”.
          —–Your only arguing with yourself now. —–
          Nope. You’re not as important as you imply there little one. What I post is for the benefit of the reasonable people who come across these forums. No one needs to convince fundamentalists like you of anything. Basically, you are likely a lost cause as no amount of engineered advantage for you will be enough. You feel inferior and it shows.
          Answer the question or concede defeat.

        12. You couldn’t be more wrong (as usual) 🙂 I come here because I want to point out how pathetic the neomasculine movement is. It is not unusual for women who are excelling based on the work of the feminist movement to protect that right to be given equal opportunity. Hence my poking holes in your logic.

        13. It’s also great fun pointing out the sucsess of the feminist movement in changing the way bigots must live there life. It’s a good feeling recognising the power feminists have over you, and other men like you on this site.

        14. —–It’s also great fun pointing out the sucsess of the feminist movement in changing the way bigots must live there life.—–
          Nope. You’re not having fun if you are constantly avoiding providing an answer to the question asked of you. The feminist movement has not changed the way I or anyone else lives their lives. You may think that threatening violence to the point that meetings go underground is “winning” but what it shows is underhanded and extortionist methods that neo-feminists employ to force their will upon others. As more of the public see this, the sooner rad-fems get reigned in. YOU are the one with a “rapist” mentality. You violate the space here because you are trying to dominate even though you really can’t. Talk about hypocrisy.
          The only “bigots” are the ones who bully others from having private meetings, troll sites to peddle propaganda and slander, and boast about how they are “winning” when they are clearly just getting angry because people are wising up to the intolerant ways of neo-feminism.
          —–It’s a good feeling recognising the power feminists have over you, and other men like you on this site.—–
          Lol. That’s the usual arrogance of someone who “bravely” hides within a crowd to cast stones at others. You’re a coward like all neo-feminists. You’re the one coming here and trolling the site. If anyone had power over the other, it would be the men here over you. So far you have not answered the question. All you do is pretend to be “winning”. You’re a little girl stomping around thinking you’re a hero when you actually lost the debate.
          Answer the question, or by default, admit defeat.

        15. —–You couldn’t be more wrong (as usual) 🙂—–
          Nope. The very fact that you can’t answer the question asked of you, and that every time you get defeated on a point you just move on to another lie is proof that you’re the one who is constantly wrong. You’re the troll here. That itself is evidence that you are wrong. You’re really clutching at straws now. ROTFLMFAO.
          —–I come here because I want to point out how pathetic the neomasculine movement is.—–
          Neo-feminists always project their pathos onto those they vilify. It’s part of the “victim” mentality that all of you suffer from. Return of Kings is not a neo-masculine movement. Being masculine is nothing new, and it hasn’t gone away just because some dysfunctional women say it has. All the legislation in the Western world has not “equalized” the representation of women in STEM. The numbers are telling so you children go looking for more scapegoats… coz, it just —CAN’T— be that women just aren’t as “equal” to those task as they said they were. No way!!!!
          Pathetic is how you resort to attacking people, and doing so via their sex (talk about hypocrisy), when you can’t win the debate based on the topic.
          —–It is not unusual for women who are excelling based on the work of the feminist movement to protect that right to be given equal opportunity.—–
          From your activity here, it is very doubtful you are someone who excels at anything worthwhile. The neo-feminist movement has really done nothing but make a mockery out of any real things gained by movements of the past (and there really wasn’t a lot). Gaining the “right” to vote only exposes how a “democracy” fails because voting power is largely independent of understanding and reasoning in such a system. No one has to pass any exam (even mental fitness) to cast a vote. Essentially in a “democratic” system, Einstein’s vote is as worthy as some half-wits. That is fundamentally flawed. If anything, the neo-feminist movement will help in curtailing this odd way of deciding how a society should operate. A “return of kings” is far overdue.
          Your “rights” to equal opportunity have been in place for many decades. The equal outcome has not materialized. This latest bullying campaign by neo-feminists and their idiotic white knights helps to inform the public of who really needs to be silenced. Keep it up. Your trolling proves how dishonest and desperate your kind act.
          —–Hence my poking holes in your logic.—–
          You have neither answered the question asked of you, nor, have you addressed any of the logical points I have made. Poking holes? Lol! Please. All you do is avoid what you cannot refute. I’m sure you poke your own hole on a regular basis, but my logical arguments remain entirely intact.
          Try harder, little one. You haven’t refuted a single thing. Answer the question, or by default, admit defeat.

        16. Yeah right buddy – my comments have no power over you, yet you just spent your time writing an overly long response 😉