How Irrational Fear Is Being Used To Control Your Behavior

The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself — Franklin Delano Roosevelt, US President

Living in 2016 on planet earth is historically the safest time in history. Life expectancies are at record levels. Despite the very real problems of war, poverty, oppression, and inequality that exist today, and that we should all strive to minimize, as Pulitzer prize winning author and Harvard psychology professor Dr. Steven Pinker stated “Today we may be living in the most peaceful era in our species’ existence.”  In an excellent TED talk, Dr. Pinker details how society was far more violent, deadly, and dangerous in the past, and over the past 2,000 years there has been a steady increase in living conditions, safety, and peace.


And yet, the news is full of stories of impending danger, threat, and violence. And while there are bad things going on in the world today, while the US is in dire economic conditions, while politicians constantly threaten and scare the public with doomsday scenarios, and while there are armed conflicts going on throughout the world, in the grand scheme of things, life has never been better. And yet many are paralyzed with fear.

Fear Of Rape Is At Least 1,000 Times Larger Than Rape Itself


Fear of rape, which practically 100% of college age women are exposed to through numerous campus education programs, media, and friends, is far more dangerous to young women than actual rape, which was reported at a rate of 0.02% according to 2013 FBI crime statistics in the USA. But college women are routinely told that as many as “one in four” of them will be a victim of sexual violence, when in fact, the data comes nowhere near that number.  And this false statistic has been repeated by trusted authorities and people in positions of power, all the way up to the oval office, with President Obama stating “It is estimated that 1 in 5 women on college campuses has been sexually assaulted…” (Jan 22, 2014).

The Washington Post investigated the source of the “one in five” statistic and found that it came from a flawed 2007 Campus Sexual Assault Study, which had several errors, including a) it paid students for participating, b) the response rate was too low to be statistically meaningful c) only two college campuses were surveyed c) it was a web based survey (web polls are *never* considered scientifically meaningful), d) it encouraged those who were victims to complete the survey, skewing the results, and e) it used a broad definition of harassment which included receiving a kiss you didn’t want (I’m a victim of this atrocity).

Even considering all these flaws, only 6.9% of respondents reported experiencing physically forced sexual assault, which is nowhere near one in five, even of the small sample that logged on to the site.

Even The Study’s Authors Reject “One in Five” Claim

Christopher Krebs, who led the study for the US Justice Department, stated in a Time magazine article in 2014 that “There are caveats that make it inappropriate to use the 1-in-5 number…”

A followup study was commissioned by the US Justice Department in 2014 to clarify the prior survey. The results painted a far different picture, and one that seems more believable to the casual reader. The rate of rape or sexual assault for college age females (18-24) was about 4.3 per 1,000 in 2013, or 0.4%.


While all women should be aware of the risks of sexual assault, and take steps to prevent it, it is also important not to be paralyzed by fear, and to put the actual risk into perspective. How does the sexual assault risk of ~1 in 230 stack up with some other common fearful things?:

Heart disease:                                                   1 in 5

Getting pregnant from unprotected sex:           1 in 20

Developing skin cancer:                                   1 in 33

Dying from obesity:                                          1 in 100

Getting murdered                                             1 in 200


College age sexual assault                              1 in 230

Forced sexual encounter                                 1 in 4,000

Struck by lightning                                           1 in 5,500,000

Being killed by terrorism                                 1 in 20,000,000

Proper Perspective

Notice a trend here? The items at the top of the list are far more common (and indeed more dangerous—four out of the five will kill you and the fifth results in a serious and permanent life change) and yet are given relatively little emphasis, while the items at the bottom of the list are incredibly rare, and yet everyone knows the steps to take to avoid a lightning strike in a thunderstorm, and anyone who has flown an airplane goes through a rigorous set of security procedures in order to prevent the incredibly rare threat of terrorism.


Of course, this doesn’t mean to throw common sense out the window, and put oneself needlessly at risk, but doesn’t the idea that statistically one out of 4,000 people being forcibly raped make you think a bit different about the risk than if it were one in four? The latter number makes it seem like a very rare instance, one where hopefully no one you know or care about will ever become a victim, whereas the latter makes it sound unavoidable that many women you know have already succumbed to an epidemic of raping.

Yes, it’s true that not all rapes, like not all crimes of any time, are reported. While we cannot know the true level of unreported crimes, logic and reason would dictate that the real number is much closer to 1 in in 4,000 than 1 in 4. (Aside: Anyone who has been a victim of a rape, or any crime, should report the crime to police immediately).

False Claims Of Rape Advocacy


Over the last week, we have seen another illogical and irrational rape fear emerge: the Return Of Kings community has been smeared by SJWs, media, police departments, and a U.S. Governor for an unfounded and completely false claim that it supports rape. ROK created an event where men who enjoy weight lifting, sports, philosophy, women, and socializing could get together and meet others with similar interests in their community—basically a way to make new friends.  It was very similar to what the company does for thousands of groups throughout the world on a daily basis.


However, the group was smeared as a “rape advocacy” group, based on a single article written by the site’s founder entitled How To Stop Rape (yes, read that again and let it sink in). Somehow, this article was twisted to mean the exact opposite—how to encourage and advocate for rape. The only explanation is that a few powerful people lied and distorted the truth, and this spiraled out of control, as thousands of others parroted these claims without ever investigating them.

At first, I could not believe that anyone could actually believe there was a group of men openly advocating for a violent criminal act, and that it was clear that anyone accusing ROK of supporting rape was an obvious liar. However, when I saw mainstream media reports and front page news stories claiming ROK was a rape advocacy group, and the Des Moines, Iowa police department and Governor of Texas join in the criticism, it was clear this was more than just a case of dishonest false accusations.

People fall easily into the “if I read it online it has to be true” trap, and the Milgram experiment shows how authority figures are given undue levels of trust.  What started as a lie, quickly was echoed and repeated until it appeared real.


One of dozens of threats of violence (source: Reddit)

While the ridiculous rape claim has been proven false numerous times, and the article has always remained available for anyone to read, that didn’t stop the situation from spiraling out of control to the level that violent threats were made in dozens of countries to anonymous men who wanted to get together and meet other strangers who share their interests.

The Reason For The Backlash


One can only speculate on this obscure fixation on rape. Perhaps it was chosen because a rape is one of the worst things that can happen to a woman, and creates strong, immediate visceral reactions, and a rape accusation is a good way to tarnish someone permanently. Perhaps it is because immoral SJWs have unhealthy obsessions with rape and deviant sex.  Perhaps the general intelligence has fallen so far that someone actually read the article and concluded it meant How To Encourage Rape.

Perhaps we live in such a safe society, that we must invent faux outrage about things like the type of cups our coffee is served in, what sign to hang on the door of the place we pee and poop, new vocabulary to be used in case we come across rare and almost extinct creatures, or a group of men getting together on a weekend. I think the reason is less important than the goal—preventing men from socializing and bonding together.

I planned on attending, and have no idea what kind of men I would have met. ROK publishes multiple articles every day, and out of the thousand articles published in the last year or so, if I read one I disagreed with, I wouldn’t have judged an entire international audience of strangers based on one thing one of the multiple authors on the site wrote. And yet (setting aside the distortion of the article in question), this is exactly what dozens of media outlets, SJWs, politicians, and ordinary people have done. They acted out of fear.

Stop The Fear


It’s time to stop being afraid. It’s time to think for yourself. It’s time to ask questions. Does it sound reasonable that a group of people would openly advocate for a violent crime against half the human race? Is this something that can be easily verified? Is making violent threats against anonymous strangers for beliefs that may differ from yours ok? Are we living such safe, stable lives that we must search for or invent fake outrage instead of focusing on personal betterment and being thankful for our safety, health, family, friends, and happiness?

Fear of the unknown is always the most powerful fear. It is why racism, terrorism, religious wars, and politics have created division and conflict for so long. It is easy to hate “them” without ever examining who “they” are. Stop fearing, read the How To Stop Rape article, and after you realize you were lied to, take a look at some of our other articles, and perhaps they will resonate with you. I suggest you start here:

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172 thoughts on “How Irrational Fear Is Being Used To Control Your Behavior”

  1. Banality is the source of power for evil. Evil people use it to their advantage, as has been noted by many philosophers.
    A few examples:
    Liberals claim to care about the lives of black people. But they glamorize the criminal, and even try to justify acts of violence like rioting. As a result, more black people stay poor and are murdered by each other and the police.
    The reason this favors the elite is that it gives them captive minorities who vote in blocs, making it easy to institute a permanent two party system and eventually a one party tyranny.
    I’ve seen anti-GMO on this site. The rage should be directed at artificial food ingredients, not genetic modification. While there are some concerns with GMOs, the blown out of proportion fear of them leads many to advocate for them to be banned worldwide. Since only 2/3rds of the world can be fed with traditional farming methods, the result of this belief is that 2-3 billion people will starve to death, a level of suffering never before seen in the history of the world.
    The reason anti-GMO is a mainstream view is because it supports depopulation, something the elite desperately want. They do not want us to colonize other worlds because it is easier to control a few billion people on earth than trillions across several planets. One planet would inevitably rebel.
    People fear nuclear power because they, in their misunderstanding of technology, equate the word ‘nuclear’ with weapons. They fear it so much that the word nuclear was taken out of MRI, because people would refuse treatments. Even though nuclear in this case refers to the magnetic displacement of hydrogen nuclei relative to overall molecules in order to create images. As it stands, fukushima and three mile island not only failed to kill anyone, reviewing oncological studies reveals that these events did not even cause a statistically significant increase in the rate of the type of cancer associated with radiation poisoning from a power plant, thyroid cancer. Not only that, it is possible to build reactors using thorium and surround them with molten salt to drown the reaction if it ever got out of control. Thorium is very abundant and not useful for chain reactions like Uranium is.
    This serves the elite because the big power brokers; oil coal and renewables, do not want competition that would give everyone limitless, cheap energy. Coal ash from power plants contains more toxic radioactive materials than a spent fuel rod, and the mercury from it renders many fish in the US uneatable. But this matters little, so long as the oligopoly stays in place. We are being denied space age technology out of fear; for the sake of profits.
    I could go on, and list the obvious connection with modern collectivism or feminism, but it is clear that evil people would have no foothold to act without the backing of the ignorant masses. They want you to think they have more power than they actually do. The power they do have is borrowed from the mob.
    Great article; the danger of banality leading to mass, organized evil needs to be stated as many times as possible.

    1. “Triviality is evil – triviality, that is, in the form of consciousness and mind that adapts itself to the world as it is, that obeys the principle of inertia. And this principle of inertia truly is what is radically evil.”
      Theodor W. Adorno, Metaphysics: Concept and Problems
      My old mentor and companion. Yes, the students in 69 turned on you too and bullied and harnessed you out of your profession like the unthinking evil ones they truly were! The generation in which western civilization became lost and obsolete to its own values and principles, truly what other great culture would commit such a crime of cultural suicide?

      1. One that believed the self-serving lie that ideology provides all truths. Most of these younger liberals over the past 60 years seem only to care about reinforcing their narcissism. There is some hope for the West though, if they can takes some cues from the Russians.
        I enjoyed working with and talking to my chemistry professors in college much more than the mindless political spats of my contemporaries.

        1. “One that believed the self-serving lie that ideology provides all truths” Did he? I liked Adorno, he’s often associated with the left, but, when you read him thoroughly you realize that he’s actually a very conservative spirit in his absolute love for the great cultural heritage of western civilization. His writings are imbued with a deep pessimism about the terrible events of the 20th and also against the mass commercial consumerism of american culture that threatened so much he cared for. However, buried in his writings you sometimes find the finest layers of rarefied gold that transcend “the mere empirical facts of life” in which the majority of people conform by, only. to be fooled “in the end”.
          “In the end, glorification of splendid underdogs is nothing other than glorification of the splendid system that makes them so”
          And “But he who dies in despair has lived his whole life in vain”

        2. My bad, I wasn’t talking about Adorno. I was commenting on what you said about cultural suicide in relation to my own experiences.

  2. I want a feminist to read the “rape” article, then articulate to all of us how it DOES advocate rape, in a literal sense. Genuine challenge. Go on.

    1. Why would they. Studying is hard. Much easier to be indignant and pretend to be smart.

      1. Don’t give them an out. They’ve publicly stated we advocate rape, all based on that article. Now, I’m telling them to back up their allegations.

        1. I’m not excusing them, just putting their immaturity into few sentences for rebutting them in such a way other people are likely to respond in the negative to them. Like you just did. I do love reframing, such an excellent social tool.
          They truly are a disgusting bunch of kids.

    2. Stop bigging yourself up, severe Downs syndrome that you are. People who oppose Dooshbag’s ‘writings’ have read a lot more than the ‘legalise rape’ bit of crapola. This site stinks to high heaven of juvenile hatred of women, now with an added streak of Rootepetoot’s antisemitism too:

      1. So you want to cast a wider net? Okay. Please quote any sentence you like from any article Roosh has written that advocates rape. Go on.

  3. Good article. The reason for the fixation on rape is that it is purely perceived as an attack on women only, so it is their talisman to use as being a perpetual victim. Our society has evolved, maybe “changed” is a better word into one where governmental authority and power can be wielded on behalf of the victim to accomplish great things for whoever is seen as the victim. Over-inflating of rape statistics goes a long way to painting women as the victim.
    I refer to any group that gets benefits for simply existing as a “protected demographic.” Women, especially white women, don’t want to lose their protected status to racial and religious minorities, so one of the two things they do is continue to amp up anything that can make women seem a victim anew. (The other one is ascribe to whatever sexuality is en vogue currently.)
    One must, when reading any sort of public statement, not look at only what is said, but look at what is gained, and by that, one can see the true motivations. Women have no desire to see the “rape statistics” go down because it would cost them power. I am also certain that many women would prefer that rapes continue to happen (to other women) so their power will remain, and I am EVEN certain that there are a few sick bitches out there who would like to be raped, maybe even with a little permanent damage, just so they can be a victim the rest of their lives.

    1. It’s a one way street, usually, when we talk many issues that can happen to both men and women. Politicians will use it for votes and corporations will use it to make money…but it will always (most certainly) be a one way street (happening to women only).
      It reminds me of the old snake oil sales pitch and how everyone just shook their head in agreement (again, no critical thinking required).

  4. “very real problems of war, poverty, oppression, and inequality that exist today, and that we should all strive to minimize”
    I don’t think inequality is a problem. If anything, we need just inequality more than anything else.

    1. The more you minimize suffering, the more personalized the remaining amount of suffering becomes. (And liberals are obsessed with novelty and personalizing the suffering of random people.) It seems counter-intuitive, but it is true.
      In the run up to a war, there is a lot of outrage, outrage after outrage, over small things that happened. A politician insulted the other politician. An operative beat up an innocent civilian. Someone was thrown in jail without due process. Someone built their house on the border. The whole nation sees these small incidents and become infuriated, until war breaks out.
      Then, the headlines are vastly different. “100 killed in street bombing.” “12 killed in wedding assault” “Children’s hospital bombed, 37 dead.”
      And the outrage per capita actually decreases. When deaths are measured in the thousands, you cannot put a name or a face on that suffering. The media cannot possibly tell the tale of all those people. It becomes common as well.
      So the more you minimize suffering, the more liberals will be outraged whenever they locate any last vestiges of suffering. They are *this close* to their utopia, and must progress towards their utopia even faster, charge over that last hill of oppression with a loud and savage warcry.

  5. Thomas Sowell predicted the rape hysteria in hs book “Vision of the annointed”. He saw the problem back in the 90’s.
    I don’t remember the exact quote but I will paraphrase it :
    When left wing activists want people on board with their goal they often use shock tactics, particularilly mentions of rape, racism, sexism. However, when advocating for female interests while causing rape hysteria, they trivialize the word rape to mean any unwaranted contact or bad feeling.
    If people knew the new meaning of “rape” they would not care, but since people still believe in the old meaning of the word “rape” they lash out in support. It is the same problem with inflation and financial bubbles. People will often invest in a stock that has long since lost it’s value.
    Back in the day getting into Harvard was a big deal, less than 10 percent of people got A for their reports. Today, however the standards have fallen, to the point that 1 in 5 people get an A. Thus, Harvard is not the institution it once was, but it still benefits from it’s old reputation. However, with time, people realize what’s what and lose trust in colleges.
    The same thing happens with the words “discrimination”, “oppresion” , “sexism”, “rape”. At first people are freaked out and mobilize whenever they hear these terms, because they still think that they keep their old meaning. They picture Klansmen and Nazis with jackboots trying to cause a genocide.
    But overtime, people will realize the true worth of these words, which is close to null, and will lose any interest in fighting “rape” , “oppresion”, “discrimination”, “racism”, “sexism” and so on.
    Thus the words that once had a meaning lose their value completely thanks to idealogues who twist the english language to their own gain.

    1. A good rule of thumb is that if a person isn’t personally invested in a field of knowledge, their information is usually outdated by around 20-40 years. This happens to the most intelligent of us as well. Too much information in the world to make sense of all of it.

    2. I remember an interview with Sowell I saw in youtube (I recommend them. I don’t agree with him about many things, but he’s always interesting, clever and nice food for thought), he was talking about how he used to help and guide younger students (males and females) in the University. And how he wouldn’t dare to do the same nowadays with a females student.

        1. Well, he had an emotional outburst against Our Glorious Leader.

          But that’s a minor misshap compared to his overall contributions.

    3. This kind of hysteria goes back millennia. Witch-hunts, literally. Heresy is another one.
      When the old words lose their meaning, new ones will take their place.

    4. From what I’ve seen, Harvard has turned into the United Colors of Benetton with all their balanced shades of brown.

  6. I went to the cancelled meetup and ran into a friend of mine who I did not know was a reader of RoK. As far as I know he is a very conservative and upstanding fellow and is opposed to rape. I think the conclusion we must draw from all this hullabaloo and brouhaha is that we are indeed over the target and hitting the sensitive nerves. We are in range of the enemy and they are firing at us, yes, but that means that they are in our range, too, and we ought to start returning fire. We need to emulate Roosh and be willing to punch back thrice as hard when the weasely weasels fling their turds at us. Someone needs to explain to guys like Goober Abbott of Texas that he has been bamboozled by liberal hucksters. How can we not have confidence in our message that the world is crazy when the world is this crazy, for crying out loud?

    1. We are close to getting the message out (exposing them) of all the lies that have been going on for the past decades. We’re starting to control (or get a grip) on the narrative that women are no angels. Women wanted equality and with that equality (not selective equality, real equality) comes personal responsibility.
      Women wanted to inherit only the good things that men had…none of the “bad”. They don’t want to do dirty jobs, they don’t want equality in our court systems (i.e. divorce, alimony, child support), they don’t want to, by law, have to sign up for Selective Services (the military) and the list goes on. Women simply wanted to retain all of their rights as women and only take the good stuff from men (while calling on those women only rights when needed).
      They’ve controlled the narrative for far too long and now the tide is turning. You’re right….we’re over the target.

    1. So because you read it in a newspaper it must be true? And I guess you believe your country is really fighting ISIS too right?

      1. Listen dipshit, I’d believe what written in a decent newspaper over what douchebags like you hang onto everyday: the infantile squeaks of hatred of your Dear Leader Dooshbag v. Or his second in command Davis Aurini, who thinks the Holocaust was just cushty:
        You’re right, Dooshy isn’t a rapist: his mini carrot and two petits pois couldn’t ‘bang’ a dead rat if his life depended on it.
        So your frightened little boys club has been found out and now the world hates you suckers. Whatchagonna do now, son? Start a ‘revolution’? All five of you diaper wearers?

        1. Oh did I touch a nerve? Your “decent newspaper” isnt worth more than the toilet paper I used to wipe my ass with after taking a shit.
          And as for “carrots”, I didnt know you had a measuring tape or your tongue.

        2. @Gert-why don’t you read ten posts, THEN comment once you know what we are all about?

    2. I just finished reading the article. I never head of that woman before , i can’t say if what she says is true or not. What i can say , i can say to you to open your mind and see the other side (ROK) like i just opened mine and read your posted article before replying. What i mean is , read a couple of articles here , get yourself convinced if truly what she says there is the truth and we are the vile persecuters she makes us out to be. I can get your vitriol , you think we hate women , but we love them. Not all of them , that’s what you need to understand. Us not liking some type of women does not equal not liking women in general. There are some specific traits from some specific groups of women that we don’t like. I ask you , is it that abnormal ? It’s called standards , women have them to.

      1. I have read some of the stuff on this site, and as I commented before, I was truly disappointed. I had somehow been led to believe this was a group of intelligent people who had a point to make. The more I read, the more I realized it all resembles something like what the conspiracy theorists rag on about, or the UFO people, or the tin hatters. You don’t live in reality, you simmer in your delusions. Lots of people do, that’s okay. The backlash is from reality, so that interferes with your delusions. That’s okay too. You will all settle back into your misery soon enough.

        1. Well congratulation then for taking the time to read beforehand. The conclusions you arrived at seem to be negative ones. There are loads of self-betterment articles around here , advocating for improvement , principals , honor , morals. We strive for a better society for both men and women. What you seem to think is that we want you to be opressed. That is not true. I really don’t want to ask this question , but why are you feeling triggered about some of these articles if you are not their target ? If you are an intelligent self-respecting woman with morals and values , you will realize those articles are not meant for you.

        2. Perhaps you’d like to continue by telling us that we all have neckbeards, live in our parent’s basements, and have never been laid?
          So what if there’s some idiots here? There are also a number of us on here who you would probably be surprised by if you knew what level of society they are at.
          Final note: It’s neither a “conspiracy” nor a “theory” if those being talked about are open and public with their intended agendas….e.g. Bill Gates and depopulation.

        3. Are you miserable? Why are you on here spewing your garbage? If you are miserable, then you are most likely following the wrong path.

        4. I don’t feel triggered by anything on here. Like I said, I was disappointed. You are reading far more into my posts than I am writing because, really, I don’t care. I think you guys are all really funny, and more than a little sad, because you have swallowed a narrative just as sure as you think women have. Having confirmation of that, I won’t be visiting or commenting on this site again. I don’t care.

        5. I will still reply to you just in case you think things through. Something tell me that if you didn’t care , you wouldn’t be here in the first place , so you do care. We care also. The image you have of us is wrong and misguided. Alas i will stop trying to change your mind. Change comes from within , come back here when you have less hate and preconceived notions , you will see a whole new world.

        6. Don’t reply, it’s an obvious troll. No points are made, only emotions and feels. “I am disappointed.” “You are …” “I don’t …” “I think…” You, I, I, you, me, you. You can’t win an argument when no objective statement is even made. Don’t engage, pure and simple.

        7. Rest assured that i already know that , the commenting is not for her / him. It’s for the people that come after that are truly interested and not just trolls.

        8. It’s so horrible here that you just keep coming back & posting.
          If I find a place I don’t like, in the real world or the net, I Don’t Go Back.
          But then, I am logical & have common sense.

        9. That’s an excellent point. I think the first steps of the patriarchy dissolving occurred around the Roswell incident of 1947.

        10. You don’t feel “triggered” here becasue you are troll based on the vagina or mangina

      2. Good point as well. I also think that even the most bitter dude on here would soften up in his opinion about women if he got laid a few times.
        Thing is though, that now that I spend time near a college campus these days I don’t recall women in my generation being anywhere near as bad as the current ones. The majority seem vapid, insipid, and brain dead individuals who just mindlessly and vocally emote in response to external stimuli….like apes or dogs equipped with words.

    3. Looked at the link. Mindless drivel of yet another woman like yourself who can’t seem to handle the fact that a group of men who say things like “we don’t like fat broads!” and focus on mens issues like getting laid etc..

    4. She does make a very valid point about the bile and rancor which has become commonplace on both sides of the equation unfortunately. Our societies are becoming more and more coarse and debased as people resort to raw indignant emotion over reason which even Richard Dwakins has mentioned recently. I think the article in question which I only read over the last few days is poor attempt at satire and not done in the best taste, but, I don’t believe it was written to advocate what was stated in the press over the last few days.
      Yes, many of the articles about fat shaming etc are indeed childish and which I generally would pass over without reading, but, the site contains many articles which have nothing to do with women at all, and people are entitled without fear of censor to discuss issues on politics and cultural decline which many people feel strongly about.
      You don’t have to agree with other people’s view and indeed there are some posters I would challenge here based on my experience of life. I’ve been called a fag, a Jew lover, a liberal retard loads of times, but, hey that doesn’t bother me, we’re all men here, and real debate means often going against the status quo or collective opinions of any group. Yes, you get criticized, and you come back with another argument- and yes- It would be ideal of everyone was more mannerly and respectful, but, these should apply to everyone, and unfortunately I think the way society is going this isn’t going to improve.
      Perhaps, the solution lies in disconnecting ourselves from the virtual rats warren that the internet often can be- I wonder if this technology along with all the pornography on the web is responsible for so much of the general coarsening we’re seeing in our world?

      1. That is what some people don’t get , that we are not a collective entity here that has the exact same views about the exact same topics in the exact same way. We are individual men who like or don’t like something , agree or don’t agree with an article. But we challenge everything , we think critically , we step up and make our point. Like you said , others challenge us , others , we challenge them , that is the very definition of debate and freedom of speech. But in the end , the goal is the same , the betterment of society and not it’s downfall like many seem to think.

        1. As, I’m in an Adorno frame of mind!
          “Lies are told only to convey to someone that one has no need either of him or his good opinion”
          “A pencil and rubber are of more use to thought than a battalion of assistants. To happiness the same applies as to truth: one does not have it, but is in it”

        2. Also the reason why some of us post here, is simply because we love, like the marrow in our bones, western culture and civilization and what its given our world in terms of values, institutions, and culture. It’s made our often terrible species worthy to be called human on occasions under this arrangement.

    1. And what treatment is that ? Did we advocate for the killing and castration of women ? Did we curse and name-call and threaten ? Did we call the police on women ? What exactly is it you speak of that we did , that makes what transpired the last few days deserved punishment in your book ?

    2. I think many men could only wish to be treated like women. However, not everyone has the privilege to be white female…

    3. Western women are the most privileged class of people on the planet. Check your ignorance.

    4. Attia, don’t take it from us. Ask someone who has lived as both a man and as a woman to see what they think:

      1. She says it is sad there is not more tenderness amongst men. Men understand that secrets can be used as weapons against them and keep social spheres separate. Women tend not to do this, which is why they get in the nastiest of fights with each other and hate each other.

    5. On the contrary, it would be pleasant to not to have to take responsibility for anything. On the other hand, I’d turn into a terrible person. Like you have.

        1. Women get out of accountability for many things. And then some women turn around and claim the opposite. It really is infuriating if you dwell on it too long.

    6. Look, dear, if one month ago on your posting history you were pronouncing the existence of ‘rape culture’ notwithstanding that even RAINN says it doesn’t exist, there’s not a lot of conversations you’ll be having here to convince you otherwise. If you’re that closed-minded, you perhaps should seek another site.

  7. This is a perfect representation of feminist driven Murica and how the mass hysteria created by the media and feminists alike, win and triumph over any real justice:
    “Your tears say more than real evidence ever could”

    1. I’m waiting for a shill in the audience at a hillary campaign event to ask a scripted question about rape culture. This rabbit hole goes deep.

  8. I just realized that if you make a woman dinner at your house, and she puts the food you prepared for her into her oral orifice, and she is not pleased with the flavor of the food, then you have raped her. Please try to argue with me, I will demonstrate that the current feminist definition, the definition used at Roosh’s press conference, makes feeding a woman a distasteful morsel, RAPE.

    1. There goes one of my favourite practical jokes…all it needed was a bun and ketchup.
      [Dear press. The following comment was not intended to be taken literally]

      1. Feminists believe that rape occurs whenever a woman has something put into/on her body by a man without her consent. (Nobody knows what consent means or is, by the way.) Therefore, if you feed her something that she doesn’t like, you have inserted your personal property into her orifice, and she says that she did not consent to being fed poor quality food, or maybe she got nauseous or food poisoning, then you raped her.
        LOL, if McDonalds gives a princess food poisoning or she eats a foreign object like a chunk of plastic container, she might have a tort claim against them. If a nice guy makes her dinner and gives her food poisoning or a chunk of plastic, she might have a rape case against him.

        1. The radical feminists believe ALL sexual contact between a man and woman is rape…this is part of their War on gender.

      2. That’s the thing about hotdogs: you stick the wiener in the bun without prior and ongoing consent.

    2. Mate everything is rape these days. Rape is the go-to buzzword for any woman that doesn’t like something at a whim. It is a word reserved only for women. If i shout rape people are going to laugh their asses of like it’t the most unimportant thing ever. If a woman shouts rape she is instantly awarded a medal of honor and will leave the rest of her life on easy-mode , independent if the rape was real or not.

      1. Let’s say that the woman you brought over for dinner has become drunk. You feed her a morsel of something that you prepared for her. She tell you she doesn’t like it and she spits it out. You tell her to try the other dish you made instead. She says no repeatedly, but you insist that she give you the chance to redeem your culinary skills. She says no as you hold it up to her face. You stick it in her drunk mouth and she chews it up and spits it out. She doesn’t like it.

      2. Shouldn’t we agree and amplify? Destroy the word by using it every day? Food came out a little cold? Chef raped my chicken sandwich. Storm clouds appear? Rain rape is eminent. Broncos gonna rape the Panthers tonight. I got raped by that test the other day. That burrito raped my bowels. Try to work it in every day, and it becomes meaningless. Hell, if we try hard enough, we can make the 25% stat actually come true.

        1. I`ve been raped by my c.p.u. today , it wouldn’t go under 80 degrees celcius. But i lubed it up good with thermal paste and now we’re good.

        2. A buddy in law school liked to use the word “sodomy” to describe such situations. We already have the term “divorce rape” and I think eco-nuts might still refer to the rape of the land. Certainly, many people have felt raped by the IRS or CRA.

      3. Interesting how you never hear feminists crusading about rape of boys or rape of males in the prison population. That might sound homophobic and doesn’t fit the narrative. I’ve actually seen hundreds of feminists stand up and applaud a poetry reading about a lesbian rape fantasy. None of the feminists were accused of rape advocacy by the police because that was just free speech and artistic license. Rape is only rape when it fits the feminist narrative.

      4. And it is a slap in the face of every woman that has had a knife at her throat and been dragged into an alley.

  9. As a relatively new visitor to this site, can anyone shed some light on what changes to society Roosh et al would like to make and how they would go about making these changes?
    There are positive steps that could be taken to advocate for men, such as fighting for equal treatment in divorce courts, employment based on merit and not quotas, and education that promotes understanding and appreciation of the male sex.
    I have seen a lot of talk of fighting and battles and revolutions on this site, but feminist agendas have been successfully promoted by action, not simply talk.

    1. You can start with this. :

      Top 35 Most Important Articles On ROK

      “I have seen a lot of talk of fighting and battles and revolutions on this site, but feminist agendas have been successfully promoted by action, not simply talk.”
      Dude look at the reaction a simple meeting of people over a beer caused over the internet. How do you propose that action would be ? Feminist agendas take action because they are in power and they can , so they are not as oppressed as they want to believe. Our time will come , relax.

      1. Most of the articles you linked to appear to be identifying perceived problems with society and putting forward ways of getting what a man can from what has become a system that prioritises the needs of others over his own. I do not see how this can be construed as fighting a battle. In fact, the themes of these articles suggest that the battle has already been won.

        1. You really can make your own research if you are truly interested. From your point of view , i think you would feel more at home with the MRA (men’s rights activists).

    2. Self improvement, especially on the fitness, general health and character building environment that is encouraged here is the best way to arm ourselves for the world.
      It’s also the best way to begin taking action and building the membership..
      Remeber the Manosphere is more about self improvment and helping men become better men first and foremost..
      Anything beyond that is icing on the cake IMO..

        1. FHM is not a masculine publication. It’s advertising space aimed at the empty parts of your soul that modern, consumerist society has left you with. It’s designed to keep you buying shit that you don’t need and that’s its only function. The concept of the “better man” according to magazines is a very shallow form of self-improvement: buy this watch, buy that suit, wear your hair like this. Self-improvement as espoused and practiced by ROK is far, far deeper than that. But of course, let me know the next time FHM has articles on Seneca, the Nicomachean Ethics, Burke, etc, etc, etc.

        2. I absolutey agree that the articles featured on this site are more diverse than those of FHM. However, self improvement, philosophical discussion, happy hours etc., will not win any ideological battles.
          My question remains: How would Roosh et al go about making their desired changes to society?

        3. I honestly can’t tell if you are just prodding us for a response so that you can spring us in some kind of accusational trap. Its obvious that the physical organization of males for any purpose, especially for socio-intellectual purposes, is very undesirable by those leading this society. This is the main reason such “action” is hard to even discuss at the moment. I think the lack of responses to your questions can in large part be attributed to a skepticism behind the intent of the question you posed.
          I too wonder how true and a actual change can be achieved. However, for the time being, I am concerning myself with figuring out just how stupid the majority of the SJW, feminists really are and how dangerous such stupidity really is. To me we are taking action by spreading logic and reason, and by appealing to actual reality.
          I mean look at the press conference Roosh had. Those writers were so stupid they couldn’t even engage in honest conversation. They are too emotionally charged, and since everything has been set up in simple dichotomies, they don’t even attempt to understand the situation/reality any better (if at all), they just attempt to separate themselves from what they perceive to be their opponents. They look for proof as to how their opponent is evil which makes them, by association, good. So when they commit their crimes, when they mob, when they get someone fired, or support censorship laws these are all acts against evil and help make them appear to be good guys.
          So we try to make sense of the world, and we argue in logic and and hard facts of reality, yet it falls on deaf ears. They will avoid the other side, because by understanding them they may be seen as evil. They aren’t after the truth, they just want to be on the right side of the crowd. They are profoundly stupid. Can you see how such stupidity can be used as a force. If you can convince people of anything by controlling their emotions, then you can incite them to action. If you can control a mob you can do anything you want.
          If these morons had the tools to think for themselves they would see the situation for what it is, but they are brainwashed and deluded. I think that we need to figure out how to enlighten these morons so that action won’t be necessary.

        4. No trap setting here. I am genuinely attempting to discover how the predominant authors of ROK would go about helping to facilitate actual change. It is easy to be cathartic. It is not so easy to strive for solutions to societal problems.

  10. If you want to form an influential group to further some set of interests then it’s probably helpful to mimic the methods of a group that has already done so with success. For instance, you don’t see the Illuminati advertising meetups on their blog…

  11. If you look at a lot of the youtube channels a lot of posters aren’t buying into the “pro rape group” narrative.
    Also a guy with man tits trying to act tough and outraged now that’s just makes me laugh!
    ROKers I say go forth and carpet bomb their comments sections with our logic, proper grammar and punctuation!
    Here you go boys:
    Australian man tits:

    Irrational lying bitch video channell:

      1. Fuck me new to this “red pill philosophy” on Youtube is awesome!
        As a new guy. You know why this site is so awesome?
        Nobody has to approve my comments before they go up, nobody has taken down anyhting down I’ve posted and I don’t even have to think about it happening by the looks of it.
        Yet we remain rather civil to each other. Well done gentleman!

        1. Welcome. It’s hard to look at the world accurately if one is preoccupied with censoring language.

        2. I would also HIGHLY recommend on youtube, Turd Flinging Monkey, Tom Leykis, Angry Foreigner, Gavin McInnes, HoneyBadgerBrigade and Sandman.

        3. That’s how it’s supposed to be with adults. We’re not always going to agree, there is debate and in the end we have a beer.
          You don’t have to agree with everyone but you can have a beer in the end. That’s what the world is sadly missing, today.

        1. As an aussie red piller this guy makes me wanna puke. I’m gonna troll this cunt relentlessly.

    1. I tend to ignore people who go out of there way to look like Seth Rogen. Or wear t-shirts I stopped wearing when I was twelve.

      1. Good call. No messages on shirts, that’s for kids. Sadly, I thought Roosh should have dressed himself for the press conference too.

      2. That T-shirt he’s wearing is a smedium size (small medium). Maybe it fit him back when he was 12.
        This guy needs ROK the most on many levels.

  12. Excellent article; the statistics were extremely appreciated.
    However, I feel that I must complain about the use of the triggered feminist graphic. Every time I see it unexpectedly, I experience erectile dysfunction for days, and I can only reverse it by injecting liquid Kratom directly into my bloodstream. I request that articles featuring said image feature a warning.

    1. I have since moved to Kratom anti-stress rings. You just spin them and the image goes away.

      1. Satire? No, no he really gets stiffies killed by the picture and he really does inject Kratom, because Roosh really is a pro-rape activist.

  13. I hear what you’re sayin’ man, but lets take a look at Europe: I’m not so sure that it is an irrational fear that we might be at the dawn of WWIII .

    1. We are. Gonna be weird sending boys off to defend Europe & end a world war not started by Germany. And I say that as someone whose ancestry includes Germans.

      1. Indeed especially when many of the puppet masters are based in the States, including Soros.

    2. I agree. What we’re seeing (or have been seeing) is a soft invasion of Europe. At some point, war is going to break out in several countries if not all of Europe (thanks to bad policies by the EU).

      1. If the flow of excrement doesn’t stop in Germany, that is to say if Germans do not fight back and take back their country we will see this shit work its way through france and then to Spain.
        Switzerland may hold its own since they are not a part of the EU, assuming they get their armed forces up to par. Its a banking country which makes it more solvent because of many high net worth folks keeping money there, although one has to wonder if there could be some capital flight from there as some folks might not want to keep their money in a country that is dmack dab in the center of the coming shit storm.

    3. I half agree. “WWIII” brings up images of total thermonuclear war. I agree that conflict in Europe will increase. I disagree that it will escalate into an apocalyptic scenario.
      I am seeing the re-emergence of the old blocs in Europe. By that I don’t mean the old Cold War blocs, but the ancient ones that have been in fairly constant conflict since the Middle Ages.
      The Russian Empire is reasserting its traditional zone of influence in south-Eastern Europe and the Baltic.
      Germany is dominating Western Europe again. The EU was designed to prevent this, but instead has enabled it. Margaret Thatcher was right when she opposed German Reunification.
      The Visegrad group of central European nations along with increased nationalist feeling in Austria is returning that geopolitical area to its traditional role of being the zone of pushback against militant Islam.
      Turkey is pursuing a new Ottomanism and has an ambiguous relationship with ISIL.
      Europe is moving back to its old, pre-1914 state.
      The reason I don’t think this will escalate into an apocalypse is that the globalised financial and geopolitical systems are different from those that existed in 1914 and 1939. They contain both the potential for conflict and the mechanisms to contain it.
      Final comment: I would recommend everyone interested in foreign policy issues to read “Statecraft” by Margaret Thatcher.

      1. Good points made, however this time around we have the nukes. Whereas to intelligent military strategists using thermonuclear WMD’s is not practical, the nukes will certainly will be used if they get in the hands of the sharia apes.

        1. Nothing to fear about nukes. If one is launched, everyone is going to launch them. The entire planet will burn probably. And you will be dead. So nothing to worry about lol

        2. “If one is launched, everyone is going to launch them. The entire planet will burn probably. And you will be dead”
          That’s suits me fine. Humanity is turning into a shit eating freak circus and we might be better off calling it a day and letting another living organism have a chance to evolve into a higher species beyond what we could have hoped for.

    1. I query that report based on what looks to me like a Gregor Mendel-esque throwing out of results that did not fit the report’s intended narrative. From the report itself:
      “Nonreporting victims were asked “Is there a reason why didn’t report the
      incident to the police?” Victims could provide up to four different reasons per incident. Our analyses are based on the following reasons: (1) “didn’t think police could do anything;” (2) “wouldn’t be believed, incident would be viewed as my fault;” (3) “too minor, not a police matter, not serious enough, not a crime;” (4) “fear of offender, fear he/she would get even, scared;” (5) “shame, embarrassment, thought it was my fault;”and (6) “did not want anyone to know about it”. We collapsed the last two categories since they both concern embarrassment and concern for image.”
      They don’t mention any response along the lines of “Because it didn’t happen.” The presumption in every instance of these ‘unreported’ rapes is that they took place.
      This is the same old bad pseudoscience as social science has been carrying out since the fifties: the idea that you can hypothesise anything about the number of unreported rapes from those that are reported.

      1. Why would people lie about an instance of domestic or sexual assault to an anonymous survey? Sounds like confirmation bias on your part.

        1. The study itself says victims could provide “up to” four different reasons per incident. They don’t say that the reasons they could select were only limited to those four they analysed. That is: it’s open to hypothesise that the researchers threw out any reasons that didn’t match with the four they chose to analyse, i.e. they ignored anyone who said on the survey “I lied about it”.

        2. I understand your critique, but this is no reason to throw out the entire study. It provides information that goes beyond the over-simplified claim of this article that purports that reported rapes are an accurate portrayal of the total number of rapes. You have to get a sense of the whole picture to understand the phenomenon of rape in modern society. This article seems more than a bit myopic.

  14. Ask any oppressive lefist regime…fear is their currency & control methodology (of both the fearful & the target). The great thing for them is after the collapse or war or whatever, the left gets to keep saying, “But that wasn’t real *insert type of leftism*” and then they get to move on with the agenda unchecked.

    1. They use fear to control because they fear the possibility of people seeing and sharing the truth.

  15. A high status woman believes that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children are worth it.

    Are women generally more malicious than men?

    1. Ask any woman that works with mostly women…. magic8 ball says answer is, “Yes.”

    2. Half a MILLION dead children were worth overthrowing a stable, secular government for a total destruction of the country’s infrastructure and rule by crazed Islamic radicals who cut off heads? This woman (along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, W, Condi Rice, etc.) have NO shame. The difference is, the women seem to *delight* in the evil.

      1. Yep, spot on. Many think men are ruthless leaders.
        Regular women have had it so good for too long…how do you think Clinton sees herself as probably the most entitled woman on the planet (next to Oprah)?
        She thinks it’s an insult that she’s not already the President of the United States.

    3. This is what you’ll get when women (who never even played cowboys and indians in the woods as children) get put in charge of war. Their solipsism doesn’t allow them to understand the tragedy, enemy or not.

  16. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”-Frank Herbert, “Dune”

    1. Those Benghazi Hearings were great, Unfortunately the Democrats were Slimy as Hell, and they were protecting Hillary and Holding her hand throughout the Entire Hearing.

      1. I only watched highlights of the Benghazi hearings. To be fair, Republicans in the committee seemed idiotic at best. I don’t know what to make of that. After all, she did transmit classified data to her server. Yet they can’t get her for that fact alone.

        1. That still doesn’t explain why the majority Republicans can’t nab her. Private Manning ended up in Leavenworth for less. Of just don’t get it..I just (head explodes).

        2. True, and General Petraeus got Royally screwed for Nothing, The FBI is Seeking Indictment for Hillary, but we’ll see…

        3. To be fair, Petraeus did deserve a bit of punishment for being a dumb beta. Son, you’re a fucking 4 star general! That should be enough for you to get nookie. Meh, at least he’s not El Chapo.

    2. She has a strong record for being a politician (changing her mind or policy depending on how it fits the mood or crowd). Clinton is part of the problem in Washington (she’s been there too long) and it happens with lifetime politicians.
      They lie so much that it becomes the norm for them.
      We can only hope she ends up in jail at some point.

  17. I’m not sure if we can say that 2016 is really that low-violence. I think the violence is probably lower, but most of it has just been displaced to a different group of people.
    We can’t forget, for example, that thousands upon thousands of men have been violently kidnapped and held against their will in government prisons just because they were accused of petty “crimes” like smoking marijuana, being involved in one of these non-rape rape cases, etc.
    So violence hasn’t gone away. It’s just done to us by government now.

  18. I’ve been arguing a lot recently with people slandering Roosh and I have noticed trends. No one has read the “How to stop rape” article. Everybody got their information about Roosh from sites like We hunted the mammoth. You can explain and prove to them that Roosh’s article is the same kind of satire as Swift’s “Modest Proposal” and they all respond with a variation of “don’t care, he’s still a rapist who deserves to die or be raped”. On that note, who’s advocating for rape again? Oh the irony.
    This is the cry of a generation without a cause to fight for. Roosh and ROK is just the best thing they have to complain about to feel good about themselves and to signal their virtue to their ilk.
    If these people (at least the men) studied the principles of neomasculinity, they would have a cause to fight for in their lives (and they would get more sex from more attractive women as a bonus). They are fighting the solution their looking for. Maybe the don’t agree with some of the political opinions on this site (such as the women’s right to vote) but ROK is so much more than that.

    1. Good point. Many of them go with second hand information (reading is too hard, takes too long) plus many don’t want to do any critical thinking. It’s much easier to get the feels from the crowd versus reading, thinking (maybe using a little logic) to put 2 and 2 together.
      We see this tactic being used time and time again by feminists and SJWs for many issues that face us today.

      1. We’re dealing wtih a group of people, maybe even a generation (of which I’m not proud to be part of…) that reads tweets and Facebook status update all day and pretty much nothing else except if teachers and professors force them to. Even then they read nothing that challenge the social justice orthodoxy.

  19. The funny/sad/ironic part of the MSM using Roosh’s satirical “make rape legal on private property” (clearly as a response to women making false rape claims) is that this website has satirical articles ALL THE TIME. “Reasons to date a feminist” is a recent one that comes to mind… they must have dug pretty deep to find one that they could use to support their narrative

    1. But it’s worse than that. The “reasons to date a feminist” was a humorous article poking fun at feminists.
      The rape article was titled “How to Stop Rape” not how to piss off feminists with more rape. It more along the lines of the people who say decriminalizing drugs would stop drug use. It’s an idea, good or bad, but it didn’t have any ill will.

  20. Interesting article.
    Relating to basic human emotions I found this too:
    New Research Says There Are Only Four Emotions
    Conventional scientific understanding is that there are six, but new research suggests there may only happy, sad, afraid/surprised, and angry/disgusted.
    Accordingly, the best control of the useful idiots is probably being achieved by eliciting a mix of these basic emotions. It seems like this is the goal the MSM is trying to pursue when presenting the news.
    A King controls his emotions by learning to separate himself from their appearance in order to process the underlying energy in a helthy way, keeping them in check by regulating it as with a thermostat. This gives him psychological stability and physical health, and he is therefore capable of always acting in an appropriate and discerning manner.

    1. Good point about the ‘appearances’ of emotions. You put on your dapper face when you feel like crud. I believe it was Johnny Carson who said that you know you are one of the very best performers when you can come to work exhausted with the flu and your head throbbing from a wild night before and with a hangover and your mood in the toilet from being divorce raped again, you know you are the best when you can muster all the energy you have then and force yourself on stage and roll out a monologue and be as sharp for your audience and put on a face like you were on top of the world. That would indeed define someone who is on top of their game.
      I still would avoid flying with a pilot who has bloodshot eyes though and who smells like he hasn’t showered in days and has been working straight for the previous 40 hours, even if he put on a good face. I once walked out of a dentist’s office and re scheduled when the guy looked beat tired. He bumped into something and dropped his jacket while hanging it up and I said ”hell no this isn’t a good time to be worked on”, so I instead got a quick refill of the tylenol 4’s and got the heck outta there.
      Also be weary of war room generals who command any levers of power whatsoever. There should be a push button sobriety access lock to enter the war room like the goddamn pushbutton shit they put on my friends pontiac once. Also judges of any sort need to prove they’ve slept, not drank or tooted and aren’t being tooled by some matriarch or queen bitch back at the ranch before they put on a friggin’ robe and try to dictate over me or over any other good man. Malice of justice is too far reaching to be taken lightly.

      1. Well said. Drugs of any kind destroy the natural state and good Kings avoid them like the plague.

  21. The deafening silence from the MSM about hillary defending a rapist when she was a lawyer, minimizing his sentence, and putting him back on the street as quickly as possible, by attacking the credibility of the victim who was a 12 y/o girl…
    While feminists sweep that under the rug, and a promote a manufactured rape hoax… Draw your own conclusions… wag the dog…

    1. and these are the worst ones but it always happens.
      Ask yourself what would happen if you worked an office job and you were the last man to leave that position (leaving nothing but women in that department)?
      The women would start tearing each other apart with gossip, complaints to HR and back stabbing.
      People need to be aware that women can be just as bad as men (equally) – they are no angels.

    1. Also, on that subject, if one was prolife in their beliefs and performed life expectancy calculations assuming life since conception, the life expectance in the west would be about 50. So no improvement at all.

      1. precisely, its the whole babies living thing thats boosting up most of the life expectancy measurements. only exceptions are some areas of japan, sardinia, and amish country where there are blue zones [areas with an abnormally high number of 100+ year olds].
        There are only a handful of principles required to live a long rich life, and they are all traditionalist in nature and found in classic familial patriarchy

  22. (Aside: Anyone who has been a victim of a rape, or any crime, should report the crime to police immediately).

    Personally, I’d report it to someone who cares but that’s just me.

    1. Tokidoki – means sometimes in Japanese. Neither men nor women typically want the patter of little feet to accompany hookup sex.

      1. Yeah I get that but I wouldn’t put it in the category of “fearful things” like heart disease.
        In my opinion though, women only get pregnant if they want to.

        1. Sowing seed and praying for crop failure crosses all human cultures. Trap queens exist and they’ll try to suck the last dollar from a player’s pocket for the baybee so strap it or pack it.

        2. Fear of heart disease is real for old people, but fear of pregnancy is real for sexually-active (heterosexual) young people unless they’re trying for it. People play reproduction roulette and fret later.

        3. Are you a teenager? You can die of heart disease in your twenties. Also, heart disease is self-inflicted, based on what you eat and your activity level throughout your life, not just when you are “old”.
          Strange, I don’t know many “young” people who have a “fear” of pregnancy. I certainly never did. But again, in my experience, women get pregnant intentionally. Any woman who tells you otherwise is full of shit.

      1. I think that this is a fairly “modern” idea that getting pregnant “so young” is a terrible thing. It is the norm in most of the world and most of history. I think having children young creates maturity provided that you have the proper support (and you are married!).

  23. People fall easily into the “if I read it online it has to be true” trap,

    I simply find that this simplifies into, if “everyone” says it, it must be true.
    People are very susceptible to “authorities” whether it is the news media, politicians, or men wearing white coats. Few people actually question what they hear or analyze it critically.

  24. The quickest way to turn an alt right macho men into a mewling feminist shill is to mention that you’re attracted to a tong women near the age of consent for your area. Everyone has been conditioned since childhood to be scared of this stuff so you’ll see knee jerk reactions poop off like crazy.
    Hell some dude threatened to ‘beat me up’ when I casually mentioned I was dating an 18 year old.

  25. When I worked in a group home for young offenders about 10 years ago (boys 12 – 16) it was staffed mostly by females who graduated from either child and youth work or social services, both are heavily influenced and taught by feminist professors. I was one of three males that worked there If these boys even mentioned the word tit, pussy or sex, these workers came down on the so hard. Immediate confrontation by the women in which they would collectively shame the boys, and deal out their consequences – room time, extra chores, written report, level system drop. It was insane, even if it was a harmless joke they made to each other and not at a female staff member, same result. Also, so many of these young female workers would come to work with skin tight pants, and their tits out, almost as if they never changed their bar clothes from the night before. I just can’t help but see parallels at Universities now in it’s treatment of young men, and in the work place in general now.

    1. Jason, I feel for you. I worked for 5.5 years in a group home for teen aged male sex offenders. I was also the MANDT Systems trainer of all staff. I saw the same flirting behavior and dress there.
      On three separate occasions, two different female staff members and one male had sex with clients. I walked in on one instance. The facility swept it under the rug in fear of losing their funding. The boys were treated as “heros” by their peers. (except the male abuse)
      One was involved in a shooting after his release and died. I can’t help but wonder if that sick societal way of looking at abuse was a contributing factor. What better place to work if you are a pedophile, eh?
      My view has been you get two types in that field. There are the people who truly want to help and there are those who act out their own problems by getting into a helping profession. Guess which one I saw more of?

  26. Modern definition of rape – “any non positive feeling in a woman caused by a white male”.

  27. I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

    1. Aside from Frank Herbert fear boils down to two things: losing something we believe we have or not getting something we want.

  28. I do want to take issue with citing Pinker. The rest of the article is excellent. His argument is that, relative to the size of the population, there are fewer deaths from war and/or crime. The problem with the argument is that WWI slaughtered more than all other European wars combined. However, since the world’s population had exploded by that time, it was far less damaging than in earlier times with fewer people around. Its a false argument using a very devious method. 10 million deaths are still 10 million deaths regardless of the globe’s population. His argument fails. The rest of your piece is certainly worthwhile.

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