Why The Media Manufactured Outrage Against Our Meet Up

Some have wondered why the media opted to spend time giving attention to our meetups, rather than directing their time to more pressing newsworthy issues. In this article, I will explain the real reason why this meet up drew so much attention from the media, and what this means for the future of Return Of Kings.

Media reports resulted in a shut down of the meet ups planned among our followers. Return Of Kings was founded by Roosh, who began his career writing about how to attract women. More recently, Roosh has written in-depth articles questioning the established narrative. These range from investigating the causes of plummeting Western birthrates, exploring the cycles societies go through on their way to collapse, and connecting the Hegelian Dialectic to modern social movements. This questioning caused the our planned meet ups to be shut down.

The System And The Timeline

From this point onward, the terms System, Machine, and Establishment will be used interchangeably. These terms are defined as anything that perpetuates the dominant narrative and includes the media, governments, corporations, and the elite.

Here is a time line of meet up-related announcements from Return of Kings:

  • January 4: Meet up day is announced. The media ignored it.
  • January 13: Cities with meet up locations announced. Over 200 men agreed to host the event. No media attention.
  • January 19: Full city listing released. 165 meetings in 43 countries. At this point the Establishment is getting nervous.
  • January 28: Return of Kings releases a FAQ for men interested in attending a meet up. The Establishment realizes it is really happening.
  • February 1: Media around the world put out false reports about the meet up that falsely claim it’s a “rape” gathering. Snopes debunked these lies.
  • February 3: Meet up is officially shut down.

As you can see, when the meet up was initially announced, not a word of it was reported by the media. It was only when they recognized that it was a real and legitimate threat to the established order that they used smears, slander, and outright lies to ensure its elimination.

Of course, the media itself did not close down these meet ups. The Machine knew that they could not legally stop men from meeting each other and having a drink. So they did something far more terrifying: they used fabrications to mobilize the masses.

The Establishment intentionally took one article written by Roosh in which he proposed a thought experiment to increase the safety of women by “legalizing rape on private property.” The elites took a gamble that taking that article out of context and exaggerating it to the fullest extent would create a firestorm—notice that few of the slanderous articles actually linked to the piece in question, where any reasonable person could see that it was not written earnestly.

The media twisted the followers of ROK and Roosh into “rape supporters” simply because of one article that was obvious satire. Jonathan Swift once wrote that poor children should be eaten by the wealthy. Back in the 18th century, no one was stupid enough to take Swift’s essay seriously.

system failure

ROK has pointed out flaws and fabrications that exist in the Establishment. “Glitches in the matrix” for you nerds who are reading. Many are familiar with the “red pill” idea of the truth about sexual interactions only because of Roosh. His more recent writing is a more direct threat. Some men learning how to get laid won’t attract the attention of the Machine, but a few million dollars lost on a movie like Star Wars will draw their gaze.

Roosh’s ideas are not compatible with the established order, and he has many followers. This is a very real threat to the Machine, which must control the narrative. Throughout history, people who have their way of thinking threatened lash out. Their way of thinking was implanted by the System. Socrates, Jesus, Galileo, Malcolm X, Salman Rushdie, and the staff of Charlie Hebdo are a few notable targets of people who had their way of thinking challenged.

Notice that the mob response to Roosh’s writing was exactly the same as the Islamist response to cartoons. Burn the heretic. Eliminate the apostate. Kill the non-believer. Same switches, different triggers. SJWs and Islamists aren’t the only people with these switches inside of them. Bear that in mind the next time you encounter someone with whom you disagree.

Will you choose the symbolic yet greater threat, or the direct and more physical one?

One of these men is Roosh, the other is a migrant rapist.

Here is the thought process of the System, laid out in clear terms:

He has seen through some of our manipulations and has a large following. His writing staff caused the Hollywood arm of our Machine to lose a large sum of money. This man is too influential. Now he is encouraging others to meet with each other. This is dangerous. Let’s push the “rape button” on the masses. They will do our work for us. Contact the media.

The Machine Pulled The Strings


While the sheep were stirred up into hatred and anger, many of them sending death threats to Roosh, ROK writers, and his followers, real news was going on. The Trans-Pacific Partnership was passed in New Zealand, which threatens the digital rights of internet users. ISIS has been using the migrant crisis to smuggle terrorists into Germany. Unemployment is increasing among native born Americans. Here is how it happened:

  • The System used journalists to lie about our meet up
  • Journalists got to report on a “big story” and received bonuses for extra clicks
  • The System used us to distract the sheep from what was really going on in the world
  • The Establishment kept the outrage machine oiled
  • Elites made more money by pushing the “rape button” on the masses
  • The sheep got their dopamine squirts and virtue-signaling for doing what the media tells them to do
  • All along real news was occurring. In the span of time during the meet up outrage, several thousand more migrants entered the West. Cologne Part II is coming.

Induce Controlled Rage In The Masses


There is a darker element to all of this. There has been brewing anger in the West over the migrant crisis, especially after the Rape of Cologne. But people have been afraid to speak out against migrants for fear of being called racist. The Machine isn’t stupid, it knows that native Westerners have this underlying concern and anger.

Once again, here is the thought process of the System laid out in simple terms:

We have now allowed 2 million migrants into Europe in less than a year. People are scared. This Cologne thing has the masses riled up and they want to express their anger. How can we induce their rage in a controlled way, without threatening our policy of open borders? This Roosh guy is the ticket. We can use him to diffuse anger about the migrant rape spree by re-directing it to him rather than us or the migrants. Roosh will be their release valve. Contact the media.

The anger Westerners felt toward the migrants was sublimated into anger toward ROK supporters. Interestingly, because of Roosh’s ethnic background many angry protesters seemed to link him with Islam. You can bet they were thrilled that the media and SJWs were essentially giving them a free pass to blow off steam by expressing rage against a “stand in” for all of the Muslims currently raping women and children in Europe.

We were an acceptable target for them to redirect their hatred and violence, a useful idiot to vent pent-up emotion caused by an actual menace to society. We served our purpose.



In sum, first, the System was fearful of Roosh connecting so many dots. Second, their attention was drawn when many men wanted to discuss those dots. Third, to shut it all down, they lied to mobilize the masses to do their work for them. Fourth, the System got the benefit of using us to redirect anger about the migrant rape crisis. Finally, the narrative remained mostly intact.

There is an upside, the magnitude of which remains to be seen. With so much attention guided to Return Of Kings, our readership has grown. Our tenets have been spread far and wide. While it is true that some never read again and some will dislike what they see, many others will stay and join the club. Never before has Return Of Kings been on everyone’s lips this much.

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349 thoughts on “Why The Media Manufactured Outrage Against Our Meet Up”

  1. The mainstream media damn well knows that the “legalize rape” article was satire, but they will twist around anything which tells a story that fits their narrative, and will sell more newspapers and collect Adsense, ContentAd, NewsMax, or Revcontent clicks.
    The media has always had a thing for smiting men in any kind of scenario where a perceived sexual assault took place. Except now the bar has been lowered to such an extent, it’s now based on satirical keyboard mashing rather than real life possibilities.
    Think back to the 1990s (when people where a lot smarter and more chilled out) and when Homer Simpson went on ‘Rock Bottom’ to defend himself against a false sexual harassment allegation. It doesn’t matter if your innocent, because the media will edit tape, slander your character, and straw man your arguments to MAKE YOU GUILTY.

    1. It’s just that his actual rapes are so disgusting. And that he is so,upset when rape porn isn’t violent enough to get him off….and that he says real men should visualize choking women while fucking them in the ass. You can see how his pro rape position makes it entirely impossible to see the ” satire” what with all his pro rape statements.

      1. Okay you made your point. Now go have your hot threesome with a gallon container of chocolate ice cream & your Tonka toy while reading “50 Shades of Slap my face and Spit on Me.”

      2. Men aren’t buying 50 Shades of Grey like it’s going out of style (how many millions have been sold to date?). Yes, don’t excuse women (some not all, but many) who like a little violence during their sex. This book pretty much tells the story.
        Women are no angels. People need to stop treating them like they are angels. They can be just as violent as men.

      3. How many different men’s’ sperm have filled your various orafices, sweet cakes? You probably lie even to yourself about the real number.

    1. The southern states are increasingly sounding like paradise. Except for the libtard enclaves like Austin or Asheville, the ROK meetups could proceed without human mosquitos.

      1. I wouldn’t say a paradise , it has its own problems but people are generally more sensible down here .

        1. I understand. I just particularly hate it how Hollywood and the pretentious “progressive” types from Canada, the northeast, and West coast always make fun of white southerners and southern culture and politics.

        2. Liberals have turned into nothing but snobs, with there gender studies bibles at their sides.

      2. in its defense, austin girls are very easy on the eyes. then again, most of texas is like that, from what i’ve seen. closest we get to russian women in the US.

        1. Have you ever met any Russian women? Not criticizing but a lot of people hold them in high esteem here (on RoK). In my experience they are some of the worst hypergamous bitches around.

        2. i speak russian, i spent three years in eastern ukraine (basically russia) and i have dozens of russian and ukrainian friends. they have their problems, but they are some of the most beautiful and feminine women in the world.

        3. yeah, i’ve been surprised to hear you say that the russian girls in the UK are disappointing. they’re pretty good here in the US, for the most part, although most of them are married (or divorced…my ex is out there riding the carousel as we speak). in ukraine itself, the women were amazing. had i not found my unicorn in central america a few years ago, i would probably be in some third-tier ukrainian town right now, living with some little ukrainka young enough to be my daughter. i’d just think twice before taking her back to the US this time.

        4. central america. i don’t want to reveal the specific country for now on the off chance it might help someone identify me. i think any of the central american countries are pretty good for unicorn hunting though, especially if you’re willing to go to church and put up with a catholic lifestyle.

    2. What did you “rape” about Mr Monco? Did you talk about rape or day to day issues and had fun? I tend to think the latter was more likely to occur but don’t really know what to think with this media storm!!

      1. probably the ridiculousness of the rape hysteria, if there was any talk about rape

        1. Yes, that’s true. We had a few drinks and made few jokes about it were thrown in too. And about mom’s basement. We laugh at the ridiculous SJW comments.

        2. Roosh doesn’t like to be made fun of for living of his mom in her basement. Watch out or he will delet your comments.

        3. Actually I was referring to us laughing at comments made by people like yourself. So incredibly weak and ridiculous, with the same tired comments.
          I was at last night’s meet up.

      2. It was exactly like the comments on here , gentlemen from varying walks of life being upset with the status quo . I was hesitant at first meeting people off the net but all of the gentlemen were intelligent and articulate

        1. It was eye opening to see all the various types of men that post on here . It gave me alot of reassurance about what’s going on here .

      3. he fumbles about for his needle dick…and tweezers it to orgasm…
        yes it takes all day.

    3. any good rapes? As everyone knows, that’s what this is all about…rape, rape and kidnapping babies and then raping them….also rape.

        1. The chicken her lipss they said “No, No!” But her eyes they said…”Listen to the lips!”

      1. shh, don’t give the game away, the planning of mass rapes over the internet under the guise of having a friendly drink is all about the element of surprise

      2. I have it on good authority our local legislature will be repealing all rape laws in the coming session. Just hang in there bro.

      3. Those babies were asking for it! Wearing a bonnet at this time of the year. I don’t think so!

      1. Not that well versed in reality but If one of the other men from GA sees this they can probably help you.

      2. GA native here. ATL is pretty liberal as far as GA cities go from what I understand (tons of gays, gay acceptance, lots of liberal minded college students + grads) but nothing compared to like NYC or something like that.

        1. Very true. We didn’t have one simple because we didn’t have the bitch boy , you , to finish on

        2. ho sweet….so a little homo S&m….sounds like repressed homosexual behaviour to me.
          when are you guys coming out?

        3. Weren’t you the one who thought of us circle jerking first ? I was just merely trying to include you, you sound like you feel like you’re being left out haha

        4. So when men meet up for beers the first thing you think is circle jerk ? But I’m the one with repressed homosexual tendencies….. Right ….

        5. we do?
          so every bar you’ve ever been in….no gay people?
          thats called delusion.
          stats and maths are not your strong point are they?

        6. When asked “so every time you think of men meeting up to have a beer you think circle jerk ” you answered “yes” . That is text book repressed sexuality

      1. They look like all the women who would drop 150 a week at my old gym to come once a week to “hit ” bags . Which really meant gossiping and taking selfies

    4. This is the most important thing when you get down to it.
      The idea can’t be killed. Men have meetings and discussing ideas will happen.

  2. Daryush Valizadeh keeps censoring this, although I quote him, and I did not meet his mother – yet. So here we go again: Daryush Valizadeh’s mother is a worthless dirty whore until proven otherwise.

  3. Please correct “get laid won’t attraction the attention of the Machine” to “get laid won’t attract the attention of the Machine”.

    1. I also think that Bible reference picture would be better with caption “One of these men is Roosh, other is a migrant rapist”

  4. I’m a regular reader here, but I think you all need to understand that the media did not neccesarily misrepresent the site. They misrepresented the rallies, surely, but SJWs have a history of getting outraged by articles written here. So we can’t simply complain that an establishment is pulling the strings, and pointing fingers. The progressive masses are always on the lookout for enemies–they thrive on the false power of witchunts–so all the media needed to do was remind them we existed.
    The important thing is to do as Roosh (more or less) did in his interview and stick to your guns: if you’re offended by the articles we don’t care. The articles are, for the most part, true, and intended to protect men from potentially life destroying women. The articles about the degeneration of society (which SJWs probably see as enlightment) are true and modern society has brought very little save for globalized mental health issues and endemic unhappiness. And the articles for self improvement are just that, encouraging men to take after their forefathers and actually do things rather than sit around masturbating all day.
    There’s no consensus across every commentator on this site but I don’t feel that this was a case of misrepresentation. To a SJW, anyone who disagrees with them is deserving of being threatened, cursed at, spat at, and doxxed. Colour even an inch outside the box, or suggest that the past was in any way better than the present and someone, somewhere will want to kill you for being on the ‘wrong side of history’.

    1. No, journalists are scum, plain and simple. They always are and they always have been. Some of them lied to deliberately cause outage, and others lacked any sort of diligence or integrity and so further propagated a false story.
      But they are all scum. Journalists have consistently only pushed the leftist narrative. They didn’t suddenly become reactionary conservatives. They are leftist lying scum, to a man.

      1. Exactly the kind of emotionally-driven rhetoric used by the left. If journalists are as predictable as you say, then you should find it easier to predict and combat them. But, ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you pin them on the false pro-rape claim, because all the SJWs that have been led here will pick a hundred other articles that trigger them to the core.
        I don’t believe that “we’re not as bad as the media claims” is a valid argument. The argument needs to focus on the evils of the left, not on the imagined sins of the right.
        The church denominations that have spent the past years apologizing and aligning themselves with the left are exactly the ones that are dying. Concession is a slow and humiliating path to defeat.

        1. So what? Emotionally-driven rhetoric works. That’s why the left uses it. The right are obsessed with being correct and wonder why they always lose. The left are wrong but they keep winning. The only time any form of Rightism has come to power is through powerful speakers.
          I’m not apologising or conceding anything to the left. Calling journalists lying scum *is* focussing on the evils of the left. The media is entirely in the hands of the left and they are all evil, lying scum.

        2. My reaction to you saying the entirety of the media are scum is the same reaction I have when some idiot says that all men are rapists. Your statement might be more true, but ultimately there are alternative media venues who report the facts. And, contrary to what you might think, your angry and repetitive complaints do not constitute powerful speaking.
          I’m not obsessed with being correct, but I prefer arguments to be based on logic, with clarity, not on rage, with incoherence. People who indulge themselves in anger are useless.

        3. Maybe we need to look at the possibility that, as much as we pride ourselves on logic-driven rather than emotion-driven rhetoric, it isn’t what moves the masses. You’d think some of the cartoons and visual memes you see on ROK might be good propoganda for us that could move people’s emotions but some of the audience is too PC to even take it in..

        4. That’s a solid idea. If we had people who were regularly making propaganda imagery with red pill truths, which were ‘meta’ enough to get upvoted on Imgur/Reddit then maybe the beta masses wasting their lifes with cat gifs could be reached.

        5. Thats why talk radio is so popular with the right..lets think about things rationally…

        6. Needs a bit of real brainstorming.. Have seen the propaganda films for géneration identitaire, I think they are a bit mild. Wonder what you mean by ‘meta’ enough. The greatest challenge is to engineer around the ‘racist’ trigger that always gets set off with the intended audience. The propaganda would need replace the guilt at what previous generations of westerners might have done in the colonies or in Europe with the guilt at allowing socialists to push PC so far that the culture and culture is now threatened. Also need a bit of fear thrown in there of what life will be like in a decade and for coming generations.

    2. They can’t see it , they can’t see the truth , they are to blinded by their horse side-glasses that they can only see the carrot that is hanged in front of them by their master puppeteers. We live in times when wanting to better yourself and proclaiming happiness and well being for yourself and for all your peers is punishable by SJW`s and by law.

  5. The “elites” want to bring down the standard of living in the west with third world mass immigration for cheap labor etc.
    Even women (some) understand that masculinity is needed to defend against this.

    1. Very red pill Danish reporter. Great to see the ideas here appearing in more mainstream places. She’s calling for a male revolution! That interviewer in red is having trouble coping with all these ‘radical’ ideas..

      1. It’s a struggle as ancient as time itself. The Masculine- Feminine dynamic. If the focus goes too far in either direction it’s unhealthy and will inevitably be pulled towards the other. That is the flux of the higher life forms on this planet. Emotion vs Logic, Decadent vs Spartan. In the west it has slid towards the formers for too long and we are witnessing a redress of the balance first hand. Indeed every time males have grown lax and slid into emotional decadence and started becoming feminine they have been overthrown by more hungry Spartan like men. One way or another the western masculine void will be naturally filled. The only question is who by. I believe that we as masculine men know this be it even on an unconscious level and that Gentlemen is why we are coming here. Blaybourne

      1. Yep. We all know these barbarians respect and are intimidated by faggy men who dress as women. Just look at all the great empires throughout history with faggy, cross-dressing warriors: The Romans, The Mongols, the Ottoma… Oh wait…I thought I was posting on Lezebel. Nevermind.

      2. as far as american men have fallen, i’m glad that we haven’t quite reached these depths. thing is, even if it is a just a small group of eurofags putting on miniskirts, these images will be broadcast worldwide and seen by the arabs, the russians, etc. thus emboldening them and rendering western european men even more laughable and emasculated in their eyes.

      3. Not all of Europe. We need to let the illegals beat the shit out of those boys and turn the men loose in Europe to beat the fuck out of of the illegal invaders.
        I can tell you, that’s how it’s going down here in the U.S. (plus we have guns).

    2. Not sure i want to help the woman in my country from the refugees. What have they done for us males? Nothing!!
      “Men need to take responsibility and defend women, children and culture”
      But feminism is destroying the culture, if a man wants to defend the culture he will be called a misogynist…

  6. Speaking of outrage, this is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a long time. Very funny:

  7. please stop sucking roosh’s overrated pee pee.
    the man brings up good points yes but he is no leader or messiah.
    he lacks charisma and cant do public speaking for crap, he also has one of the most boring personalities i have ever had the privilege of witnessing.
    writing books on how to pick up 3 -4s as an ugly guy was just a ego stroke and now he is writing more mature articles and raising very good points on the western narrative. points a lot of people already new.
    make no mistake you are reading fat to much into things, the media or elite dont give a crap about some cute lil website or alex jones and the likes of others like him would also be silenced.
    people only care about what roosh said about rape. these sjw take that serious and there are multiple reasons for it. i wont get into it atm.
    to finish while there are some true masculine, free thinking, self improving men who read the content off this site they are a small minority.
    the rest is also a bunch of edgy, moms basement, cant get laid, MGTOW because of rejection, social reject sheep who are just as guilty as the SWJ and will resort and go straight to violence as soon as they are told by there roosh puppet jesus master.

    1. Interesting comment, but I think you’re a bit too scathing when it comes to Roosh. He need not be a Messiah to warrant standing behind him when he comes under global attack.

    2. You step up and take his place then . He’s provided a free website and forum for us to post on.Not saying he’s a god but I don’t see any other people putting their neck on the line.

      1. The website started off as a display of masculine roles ( i have been here since 2012 ) and you can see this by going back and looking at his older content. – videos about masculine jobs and men and other things.
        re reading my comment i realize i may have come across more negative and “scathing” than i wanted too.
        the point is its the users and and other writers that have turned the tides of ROK to conspiracy and world problems.
        users like the MATT guy who posts videos of donald trump constantly. when he is a overweight ugly trump fanatic. who promotes free thinking and healthy lifestyle. it is quite hypocritic.
        back too the point. these writers keep putting the (roosh) V on a pedestal and making him out to be something he is not. roosh lacks intelligence and understanding of most concepts and putting him as a leader off sorts will only make your cause look bad as he possesses no traits of a good one. eg. terrible in debates, not quick on his feet/wits, cant bring up good points in a conversation, if he prepared before hand he chocks on his words and forgets. you can see evidence in this in his numerous interviews and also watching his boring monotone personality in his youtube videos. this comment is quite long now so ty.

        1. I agree about Matt guy but as it has been stated before I think most come here for the comments , as with everything if you don’t like it don’t read it. The conspiracy theories and such are going to come since this is now consider ” counter culture” every group has radical outliers, it’s inevitable. As for roosh, what do you expect ? He wasn’t groomed to know how to interact with the media …he’s just some normal guy like you and me trying to keep his meat and potatoes intact . He has no pr guy or anyone directing him , I doubt what he does is a walk in the park .

      2. Roosh might not be the ‘messiah’ (using your analogy) but he might very well be “John the Baptist” … if so, this past weekend we saw the SJW’s demand his head on a silver platter.

    3. “the media or elite dont give a crap about some cute lil website or alex jones and the likes of others like him would also be silenced” I agree, I don’t believe the Global Elites were sitting around in non-smoked rooms worrying and fretting about this issue. David Icke always says the same thing too, and if, he’s such a threat to their agenda why haven’t they done something about him years ago? Well, perhaps because his message is so disjointed and on based on conspiracies around every corner, that most sane people will rightfully take a large grain of salt when they read his website.
      Likewise, I think the media should have applied the same skepticism towards some of his articles as they’re clearly written to provoke a reaction, and, even if the offending article was a poor piece of satire, nevertheless people have the right to do this….and also to except criticism too. Perhaps the last point was were he was a bit naive…

      1. David Icke has often been thought to be a cointelpro of some sort. I don’t believe he is actually, but I can understand the argument. He combines ‘new world order’ conspiracy theory, organised by the rothschilds elites one moment and then talks about a literally reptilian elite the next moment. It really doesn’t threaten the elites – whatever their constitution – if the theories that expose them, derive from contact with a psychic etc, and can easily be dismissed as some silly alien invasion theory. I actually think David Icke is a very intelligent man, who somehow believes in what he says, but is he a threat? No, I think its quite the opposite, he gets dangerous stuff out there into the open, but also defuses anything explosive in the process. So far that isn’t the case with Roosh. A lot of people and groups clearly feel pretty threatened by Roosh, or at least they did. We’ll see what happens, but now they can seek to dismiss whatever he says, or what is said on his website, or even is said within the broader context of the manosphere / neo-masculinity as relating back to ‘that pro-rape guy’ or that pro-rape group’. That’s what the powers that be will always try to do with anything that could be dangerous; contain it, direct it, or where that fails, neuter it.

        1. I’ve never really understood Icke, but I’ve read the idea is he uses “lizards” as a codeword for the elite, Illuminati, DaJooz, whoever is really behind things. If that’s true then it’s kinda brilliant.

        2. I thought that for a while, but I’m not so sure. He does occasionally say Rothschild Zionists, so they are definitely included in the elites, but in the one video I saw of him using that phrase he explicitly said something to the effect that he was not referring to the jews (beyond the rothschilds zionists). So in that respect its a question of interpretation, also I’m not sure he’s anti-israeli, so by zionists he’s probably talking about bankers & neo-cons or thereabouts. Also he seems to have had some experiences that genuinely seem to be about alien contact or something – I know his ‘turquoise’ ‘I am the second coming’ appearance on Wogan in the early 90s followed a kind of supernatural experience that happened to him when he visited a psychic. How he gets from that to the rothschild zionists or other elites I’m not quite sure. That genuinely puzzles me

        3. What about lizards just being “the powers that be”. I don’t think they are necessarily Jewish.
          I mean, there were a bunch of lizards at my meetup last night, but I doubt any Jews.

        4. yes, he definitely includes a broad swathe of elites. I think the Royal Family too, and some of the aristocratic / old blood american and european families – at least that’s the impression I get. There’s also the suggestion that they are somehow alien human hybrids. I don’t know how he squares it, but he doesn’t seem particularly concerned to evidence it empirically (which is probably just as well)

        5. That house, by the way, is one of the most brilliant designs ever. Its in Hollywood, I believe Joe Silver was the most recent owner…it was also Decker’s apartment in Blade Runner…

        6. she is one of the few women that can pull off a short hair cut. These days she looks bangin’ (literally) on Gotham.

        7. They have filmed Hollywood party type scenes there for “The Rocketeer” and “L.A. Confidential”

        8. P.S. I subscribe to the “Bud White” definition of a ‘Trigger Warning’ : “One in six! *click* *click* *click* Talk!”

        9. Good stuff- Ive seen LA Confidential a bunch of times, dont remember this…until the next time I see it!

        10. Isnt Bud White a metaphor for guys on this site? He did wake up eventually.
          And he was very, very, very angry when he did wake up…

        11. “Pull off a short hair cut”. The only women that can “pull off” short hair are those with enough attractive points; no girl looks better with short hair.

        12. He says that the elite/Illuminati are shapeshifting aliens whose genuine form is reptilian, but who can control the expression of their DNA to maintain their human appearance. This is tiring and if they go too long their mask begins to slip, their irises become slotted and so on.
          And, not all of them are nasty.

        13. No, I don’t think it’s just a metaphor for him. I’ve read a couple of his books; he thinks the unstable phenotype is real and that the reptilians need to drink the blood of children to maintain the vitality necessary to keep their “human frame” in place. He’s published a lengthy interview with a woman who describes how the Queen Mother turned into a giant lizard with brown spots on her tail…If you take a look around on the Internet you’ll find several videos of politicians, broadcasters losing their grip on the human facade. When this happens the reptilian manifests. (search Chuck Todd/reptilian).

    4. While i agree with a lot of points that you make , i disagree on you assuming that he is our leader and also on thinking that the free thinking , self improving part of men here is a minority. I strongly believe there are more than you think or see , and many more that only read and do not post. Your points , while having a degree of truthfulness to them , make assumptions about the majority of people here and seem to be negative in nature.

    5. No we care about the rapes he describes in his books and that he tells all of his followers that if they were real men they would visualize choking women on a daily basis. We care because he advocates for men actually causing pain to real,women.

      1. And women don’t cause any pain?And I hate to break the news to some people including women are submissive and request such treatment.What a mind fuck those girlfriends were.Something must have been wrong with them.Right?

  8. Hi, this my first post here – not really a fan. I don’t know where to start, but to say that I’m a moderate with a friend or two in government, who would disown me for talking to you. I’m currently located in Victoria, BC, where the rest of Canada is dumping people who can’t get support from their home communities. These are people who have a variety of real problems – mental illnesses, addictions, disabilities, displaced unemployment, etc.
    I was disgusted by the media smear campaign directed at your planned meet-ups. I encourage you to continue to get together to share your ideas, beliefs, and concerns. I would suggest – on a local level, at least – if you take stigmatized heat because of this site, to just disassociate from it with, “Agreed, hate/misogyny is wrong,” and/or, “Roosh is bad.” Then proceed with your conversation.
    There is a conservative party here that is basically on life support, and it is in need of a rebuild. The left here will never grant you credibility – you will have to earn it – and it will take a long time. Right now you are fundamentally portrayed as socio-paths, who snatch women up off the streets, and then lock them in your basements. Good luck coming back from that. Don’t kid yourself, it will take a lot of hard work.
    Your communities need you. Getting together is your right.
    I think you should also know that the media show here in Canada was orchestrated in Ottawa as the big city mayors gathered for this event:
    http://www. cbc.ca/news/Canada/manitoba/big-city-mayors-meeting-Winnipeg-mayor-brian-mayor-1.3437325
    You can find other articles on the event, but that’s a start. You guys were just a light weight side-show to the proceedings – literally something to tweet about over cocktails. I will give you one piece of advice. Your foot in the door here is through local politics. No one votes here, no one pays attention to local issues. But most everyone up the food-chain starts on the ground floor. Go to community meetings, get involved, meet people, and speak your mind.
    Please feel free to block me on twitter.

    1. Just like all the high-profile “Trump supporters” who won’t admit it in public, but privately support him, there is a lot more private support for various arms of the men’s movement, as well as anti-Islamist and other rational-but-politically-incorrect positions.
      Thanks for your message.

      1. Actually, I think Bernie is cool. I wonder if the republicans are ever going to take an interest in nominating a candidate who can win an election.

        1. Yes, as matter of fact I am. Certain people, who claim to espouse the same beliefs as myself, have behaved dishonestly this week. If anyone here is from Victoria, BC: There is a meeting this week about gamer-gate and ethics in journalism. I won’t be there, but you can probably meet some like minded people. The journalist who is hosting it doesn’t think much of Roosh either, but he is disturbed about the tactics they used to shut you down. He would like to interview some people. So for those of you who are not creepy, sociopathic, raping, kitten drowning, racists; by all means attend. @One___And_Done is not my real twitter account. I set it up four days ago to solve a problem, and to satirize some people who have caused an egregious homelessness problem here in Victoria. I will post a link on twitter later today or tomorrow with a time and address.

        2. “Certain people, who claim to espouse the same beliefs as myself, have behaved dishonestly this week.”
          This week? Dishonesty is your peoples (socialists) currency for the last century.
          “He would like to interview some people. for those of you who are not creepy, sociopathic, raping, kitten drowning, racists”
          I am sure he would and we all know of the “ethical standards” of journalists. Also the more condescending remarks you contribute will be sure to get people to attend.
          Pound sand.

        3. His views are not mine, he’s very conservative compared to myself. Also, sane and decent. So I give assistance.
          Kind words are cheap.

        4. You lost the whole point of the thread, sir. I was angry that the mayors flirted with breaking 319 of the Canadian criminal code. Your group, however, makes their actions plausibly defensible because lines of 3(c) and 3(d). Still, one incident in one city may have put them all on the hook. Not going to do your home work for you. A side show to the real circus.
          The real story behind their get together – I post a link again; it is just one link in a chain of many. This is my last visit to this thread. Follow the money if you are curious! If you are in one of the larger cities, there will be many opportunities for you to bid on contracts and subcontracts.
          “A Libertarian is someone who was born on third base, and thinks he hit a triple.” – Phillip Gallagher referring to ‘Atlas Shrugged’
          Please block me on Twitter. Best of luck.

        5. You should take this up directly with the administrators of the site for their review if you believe your insights to be helpful, not the commentators.
          PS.: Many here do not use social media.

    2. if your friends would shun you for being inquisitive and open-minded, then I suggest you reconsider your definition of ‘friend.’ Because if I know one thing, it is that a liberal has no true morality that will defend you. They are just apologists imo.

      1. How do I explain this. There are people who are more able and talented than myself, and they don’t particularly need my friendship either. They got important worries that come with actual duties and responsibilities. They have to swear oaths and keep them. If you are Canadian and want to have tangible influence, then let me use a hockey analogy. Some players draw the attention of the scouts at a very young age. Most don’t, but get invited to camp by working for it. The next step is make your case for being on the team. After that you need to work your way into the line-up. Then you need to earn a promotion up to third line. And so forth.
        If you are young, university politics is also a good way to start. Join a committee. Apply to be a ‘Student At Large’ in the student’s union. Learn, meet people, have fun. Take interest in a broad spectrum of topics and views.
        I can think of one friend who I sat beside in a couple of classes. My average went up 15% because of him. He could write down every last word a prof said – long hand – and he would retain most of it the next day. Honest, hard working, thoughtful, and great sense of humour as well. I couldn’t be happier that he was given one of the toughest jobs in the new fed gov’t. Understand that every political party tried to recruit him.

        1. “They got important worries that come with actual duties and responsibilities.”
          Maybe they need to be reminded of their duties and responsibilities like defending free speech and thoughts. Stopping oppression and not rush to judgment without reviewing the facts.

        2. You got run over at a gathering of the big city mayors. Check the link I left above with their twitter #TurnAwayReturnOfKings time-line. Pay close attention the verified accounts with the blue check marks. The geographically furthest mayors posted last, as their flights arrived later! Conspiracy? Just the old boys club having fun over drinks? To them it was like swatting a mosquito. Go ahead and remind them of your rights, I’m encouraging it. While you are at it remind them of the rights of others as well. Learn the process by which people become city councillors. Can you see yourself in that role?

        3. It’s pointless trying to remind them of rights of others. They are just SJWs in a higher hierarchy. They may know deep down inside what they’re doing against Roosh is wrong, but they fear of losing their bread and butter supporting him. Just like you said you fear of being disowned by your friends who march to the drumbeat of the narrative.

        4. That’s defeatist. Let me, my fellow Canadian, use another hockey analogy. A third string defenseman does not call out the general manager in public. They have it out in private. Roosh isn’t Canadian, and won’t be invited to tryout camp. But you are! I’m telling you to get involved.

        5. I like to think of these “Mayors” as being executives with dozens of things shoved at them every day they are expected to endorse, condemn, etc…they had staff shoving stuff st them saying things like “Oh these guys say rape should be legal announced a rally in the city” and the Mayor signed off on some blanket condemnation without even looking. I bet my paycheck not a single one of them even control’s their own twitter account.

        6. Its all relative to the size of the city. Toronto’s John Tory really is a former telecommunications exec., and his staff have savvy know how use of it. Ottawa has one community relations director. Here in Victoria Lisa Helps tries to tweet three times a day, but somedays not at all.
          Toronto’s population is three times that of the entire population of Saskatchewan. Edmonton spends $50 million a year on snow removal/sanding; Victoria spends $0, but the city is in a state of paralyses if it does snow. Montreal spends $680 million on its police force: Victoria has only $45 million for its over worked force that requires help downtown many nights from neighbouring municipalities. The players in the game are not equals.

    3. “I’m a moderate with a friend or two in government, who would disown me for talking to you.”
      That’s their problem I’d say they are your friends in name only then. I’d also say that anyone who advocates and engages in the anti democratic rehtoric of people like Jim Watson are betraying the notion of public service and the Charter itself..

      1. Complaining to me about it won’t get you credibility. Go earn it. Did you vote in the last municipal election? Did your friends? Did you stand as a candidate? Do you even know who the councillor of your ward is?

    4. I thought this was a good comment and ya’ll need to stop flipping out about “having friends in government that would disown you for associating with this website” statement. That is not a big deal and completely understandable in this current world.

      1. Thank you. I’m nobody, really. But I’ll accept the olive branch.
        The gamer-gate meet-up has been posted for those who want to attend. It is in no way associated with Roosh. I’ll post a reminder on Twitter sometime this week.

  9. The SJWs have had so many losses lately: Gamergate, the rise of various men’s movements, the rise of the right-wing and anti-Islamist sentiments, and women running-not-walking away from feminism… They wanted an easy win. They wanted something to bring back that rush, that high they used to come by so easily on a couple years ago. So they went for Roosh, focused all their energy, their attention, on him, used their Spin Machine™ making him a “rapist” and let the Leftist Hivemind™ do its thing.
    I saw so many comments from people who believed the Bullshit said in these articles with nary a rational-skeptical thought nor critical reasoning going on in their wee, microcephalic heads. Yeah, the Establishment didn’t have to do anything to Roosh ‘directly’ — all it had to do was plant a few seeds and water them, and the groundswell of feminist-leftist hysteria took care of the rest.
    But there’s a universal axiom that everything begets its opposite; there will be a reaction, a backlash, a karmaic price to be paid. All grassroots movements are strengthened by early losses, and by the crackdown of power and authority against them. We’re no different. We come out of this stronger.

    1. Right. We’re going to lose battles but the war goes on. It will be a marathon, not a sprint. Change takes time.

  10. The reason media attacked Roosh is because he promotes reactionary values.
    Roosh’s philosophy of neomasculinity encompasses reactionary values : nationalism, traditional gender roles, isolationism, etc.
    The media is not afraid of “conservatives”. Both conservatives and liberals believe a multicultural gender-fluid utopia is the ultimate achievement mankind can reach. They only disagree on how to get there. The “conservatives” want to do it through small taxes and free trade while liberals through socialism and social justice.
    Roosh on the other hand exposes modern globalists for what they are: anti male, anti nativist, anti family snake oil salesmen. He pulls off the veneer of of good intentions off of the lying merchants, and exposes their lies of equality and male or european guilt.
    They did not react to him so vehemently in the past, which means he pressed on their biggest fears. Ironically, Roosh’s move was a strategic success, he has learned what the elites are afraid of the most : Masculine men doing meet-ups and spreading traditionalist anti establishment ideas.
    If the truth that is preached here reaches mass acceptance the current elites are done, so they do everything possible to shut down such meetups and the message they spread.
    The whole rape hysteria was just a convinient excuse to unleash public rage on an undesirable who stepped out of line and doesn’t tow the mainstream narrative.
    But we won’t give up yet. As long as we can fight it’s not over.
    Victory will be ours !
    Hail Victory !

    1. This whole episode is a victory. The amount of publicity gained was well worth it. The attack narrative is so rediculous that it is unsustainable.

    2. Agree and good points. He is hitting home with his comments and articles…something they don’t want (the narrative to change).
      It was pretty ridiculous how the media, politicians and the police covered up (or tried to cover up, hold out) the many attacks that went on in Cologne during New Year’s Eve (a real rape epidemic). Feminists (and SJWs) ignored real rape events going on, there, in lieu of their manufactured rape culture (that really isn’t happening…only in their minds).
      We’re changing the narrative and they don’t like it. This move is how you can tell they are not for true equality (only selective equality of their choosing at their time).

  11. “Jonathan Swift once wrote that poor children should be eaten by the wealthy”
    Fuck Jonathan Swift. When I find him I’m going to castrate him and feed him the same testicles he was gonna use to make babies to eat.
    I’m not actually that keen on the terminology being used in this article actually. I agree with a lot of the sentiments but while all of this might well be correct its better to stick with what can be clearly shown to be the case. We know there was major co-ordination going on, and that we have a largely controlled media and a press that has zero professional integrity such as would have required them to check factual truth and present some degree of balance. On the other we don’t know how co-ordinated this was. Does Lord Rothschild read ROK? If so that could explain it, (unless he’s a fan) but it could well be more prosaic than that: gamergate has shown there is a corrupt progressive mafia out there. What we should be looking for is evidence of the kind of networks that the gamergate investigations expose – there was a list that some progressive journo was creating with a view to fixing gaming news…I don’t remember the details. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something similar here.
    The one exception to the above appears to be the Australian Press as illustrated in a recent article. Something very top down happened there

  12. When I see all these rabid feminists, including politicians and journalists, making “small dick” insults and “man living in basement” insults, I can’t believing how hypocritical they are. Especially since if any woman received such insults, there would be a SJW worldwide campaign of condemnation and crying about “misogyny” and similar shit. But women do it and it’s funny. They doxx Roosh and it’s funny. Meanwhile, bitches like Zoe Quinn bitched for 3 years because she claims she was insulted online and all the medias rushed to her defense.
    It’s not about Roosh actually. All men lose when shit like that happen. The “small dick”, “ugly” or “short guy” insults from feminists is a degrading attempt to keep us down.
    Lately I was having success in the dating scene, with meeting three women in January, after a long drought. Some red pill tips really helped me. And guess what, all these girls talked to me first and begged me for sex before we even met. So you can keep your “rapist” accusations for yourselves dumb SJW cunts. But with all this shit happening around the recent worldwide outrage, I am not even in the mood anymore.

    1. It’s just hilarious he represents himself as an ” alpha male” when his only accomplishments are to parasitically live off of women. What has he accomplished other than to live off women, have sex with women and rape women? If a woman only lived to have sex with men and have them support her you would condemn it . But for some reason it makes you worship him. Too co tradictory. He is a parasite.

      1. “If a woman only lived to have sex with men and have them support her ” — that has been the social construct since apes climbed out of trees. Women have monetized their vaginas since the first cave women bartered for meat from the mammoth hunt by laying on their backs with their legs spread.

        1. Agree. Women claim that men objectify them…and then you see the Super Bowl halftime show with a woman using her body (sex) to sell her music. That’s how disconnected women are with reality. It’s ok if they do it (for money) but it’s the evil men who are doing it to them.
          You can’t debate (use logic) with women because it’s all about feelings with them. Women calling out men using women (to earn a living) when that’s all women have done for the past how many years (and counting). Now, women have to be equal (be responsible) just like men…and they don’t like it. They don’t like the bad benefits that come with being equal…they only want the good ones (while retaining the benefits of being a woman).

  13. I don’t buy that there is a conspiracy. Not because I don’t believe that rok is being deliberately targeted- it is. I just think it’s the millions of evil people running the machine, not the other way around. The machine is just giving them what they want.
    And most of those evil millions are women and nams.

    1. So you think the dancing marionettes are in control of the puppeteer huh? Interesting take.

      1. Sorry for the cheesy sf lingo but I think at this point the multiple parts of the whole are… Autonomous ? Every little drone falls back to its routines once a disturbance is detected without a need for further input. Newschannel damage control routine, for example:
        1) rapefugees wreak havoc on New Year’s Eve on a scale so massive it cannot be hidden.
        2) insert an article about how a migrant kid was so happy to see Santa right after item 1.
        3) quickly follow up by one instance where western men taunted a woman In burka.
        4) end this segment by a nice kicker with a skateboarding gerbil to close this on a cute “there is still lightning this world” note and a brief 15’second teaser about how 2 kids lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean.
        5) ???
        6) profit.

  14. Its like feminists around the world phoned in to the police multiple fake bomb threats on Feb 6, and didn’t face any consequences for it.

  15. It was less a coordinated conspiratorial group thinking these things behind smoke-filled rooms and more along the lines of a mass of idiot copies dancing without an original. The media circle jerk was more that than coordination. People just pass on what they hear.
    Ultimately this is not going to matter one iota toward people’s anger over the invasion or the TPP, an ongoing process. So thinking that this would be able to successfully throw people off that would simply be erroneous. Yesterday there were massive PEGIDA rallies all over the world.
    Conspiratorial theories of a shadowy elite are too simplistic.

    1. Agree that it was not a conspiracy. Just degenerate culture that celebrates weakness and victimhood.

      1. And utter dumbing down of a populace. I just can’t imagine taking a group seriously that calls for something so irrational and immoral as legalizing rape, and yet these people bought it without any evidence.

    2. Is it still a conspiracy if the shadowy elite are out in the open?
      It’s no big secret how the Machine works. The AP and Reuters is staffed with Agents of the Machine who work to identify stories favorable to The Machine’s chosen narrative, and then they act as a central point to disseminate their selected stories to every media outlet in the world.
      Whether you use the word conspiracy or not is irrelevant. The fact is that a small handful of globalists control the news by controlling what comes through the AP wire. How else do you think so many disparate media outlets across the globe were able to broadcast nearly the exact same story, at the same time?

      1. I suggest the term, Climate of Opinion, as counterposed to “conspiracy.” The term “conspiracy” carries connotations of being both secret and closed. To the contrary, the “psychic ‘atmosphere pollutants’” which combine to constitute this noxious climate of opinion are openly published.

    3. Roosh was debated about in parliament to lend legitimacy to those idiot media articles. None of this is an accident.

      1. Which is fully cognizant of, as Ivan said, a degenerate culture that promotes victimhood and such degenerate memes spreading. MPs are just as much followers as the idiots they represent.

        1. I’m open to the idea that the System does not necessarily consist of only the shadowy elite, but hundreds of different entities with aligning incentives. I would argue that it is not an accident that those incentives align.

  16. Great article, great analisys, spot on. The turning of the tides. Men are learning to be Real Men again thanks to people like Roosh and all Men who are not afraid of the MSM, the feminist narratives, and the SWJs lies. Just like I did a few years back when I discovered and took the Red Pill, many more men have had the opportunity to wake up to their true nature in the past few days.

  17. Just like every other western institution, journalism has become highly feminized. Stories are reported based upon their gossip value, not on truth or newsworthiness. Since nowadays everyone can be a journalist, journalism has sunk to the lowest common denominator. The juiciest gossip is spread instead of the truth.
    Men evolved as the hunter/gatherer/warrior. We had to be concerned with understanding how things really worked to survive. A man that was easily fooled in battle didn’t survive long. Women stayed home and gossiped in the caves and huts, Gossip enable women to bond with other women. Not much has changed except the technology to do gossip globally and the feminization of male journalists.

    1. Any profession run by women is invariably ruined over the long term. The only reason Nursing hasn’t been destroyed is because Nurses are subservient to Doctors (a traditionally male role)

      1. It’s because any profession flooded by women, regardless of the skills involved or the product being fabricated, will become a tool of feminism. They could infiltrate a cable conduit fitting warehouse and within months it would be all about ‘oppression’.

  18. Huge amount of toxic comments by the result of this world-wide unprofessional journalism. But.. Everything bad must have a good side too.
    It shows how people end up so desperate for attention. They compete with themselves for the championship of the nastiest threat and insult made with the help of a keyboard.
    And yet it helps segregate the infantiles from the grown ups, the desperate from the calm.. The blue from the red.
    Let’s rejoice with those which realized what the world is really like. Let’s rejoice with those who don’t throw insults and death threats over someone’s different opinions. Let’s rejoice, friends.. The world has become clearer to us. Let it be a reason to sink deeper the red pill into your mindset.
    Be free and well, take care y’all.

  19. Either every SJW/leftist has a severe case of autism/Asperger’s, or is just resolutely humorless when it comes to satire, especially on this site. That Texas Woman’s University letter libeling Roosh as “promoting legalization of rape” could and should be legally actionable. But above all, what do these people seriously expect to accomplish?

    1. Read the article by Matt Forney about amygdalae hijacking- this is basically low-level brain damage. The people afflicted with this tend to be narcissists with liberal leanings. Blew my mind. I dont bother arguing with these people anymore…

      1. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned of late is not to argue with these people. They are incapable of reason. Logic is foreign to them. They operate on emotion alone. To attempt to debate them is a fool’s errand.

  20. >> “But people have been afraid to speak out against migrants for fear of being called racist.”
    One annotation.
    Even though political correctness is widespread through western world, right now Europe is far from the level of self-censorship in USA or Canada. In Cologne, everybody was talking about it in the street. In France and in Sweden, the so-called “far-right” is already the most voted party. Last elections in France, traditional right and left had to join to stop Marine Le Pen (imagine Republicans and Democrats going together because a third party is suddenly wiping them away. Well, that’s happening in Europe right now).
    Things are changing very fast in Europe. Much faster than in USA. I don’t know why, but it’s happening.

    1. “… I don’t know why, but it’s happening.” — probably cuz of the millions of rapefugees your Cuck governments brought in.

    2. One hypothesis: it is directly linked to the speed of the increase in violent crime. People have a tendency to not enjoy living in a war zone unless they have chosen to be a combatant. (It still can suck then, too.)

        1. I knew that I was sharing the obvious. Somebody had to say it. Oh, and the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

    3. Perhaps it’s their plan for the right to come to power. Either ways left or right, the elites are still in control.

  21. I’ve been following this website for about 8 months now…first
    time commenting but I was disgusted after the false and profane lies that went
    all over social media to the point where even people I know have talked about
    it with their false information. I’m extremely disturbed on how far the rabbit
    hole has really gone. If this is “hate speech” pretty soon ANYTHING
    and ANYONE not in line with the global elites will be targeted and its already
    happening. As a 27 year old woman I agree with most of what is on this website.
    I normally come to read the articles about culture and news that the MSM
    ignores although the PUA articles are good for the lolz, they don’t bother me
    one bit. I know originally there was a rule that women/gay men get blocked on
    here, but after all that has happened it may be in your best interest to
    combine efforts with other like minded people as there is a common enemy who is
    really the enemy to EVERYONE: global elites and their pawns the SJWs.
    Unfortunately most women fall into the latter category, which is ironic being
    that men are definitely in the first category.

    1. I have been advocating unification. Infighting among the sub-groups – If I were paranoid, I would think it is the result of an external divide and conquer strategy. The right leader will build the right bridges internally. Already people have acknowledged the good Milo is doing. There are influential women, too: Ann Coulter, for example, wrote the book that supposedly triggered Trump’s interest in leadership. It’s happening.

      1. That is refreshing to hear, this website actually introduced me to Breitbart and Milo’s work as well so I am eternally grateful! I have had trouble finding groups of women on or offline that subscribe to similar views or are even free thinkers. The left and SJWs have a supreme hatred of women/gays/minorities that are outspoken against the machine and so I think many are afraid of speaking out. I will say that more and more women are becoming dissatisfied with feminism…I think the reason some get so incensed by this website is that they look at themselves in the mirror and find what you discuss about us true.

        1. Hahaha well, yes.
          One difficulty women have among men is they have to become accustomed to being the butt of jokes, which men are, all the time; we put each other down to test and toughen each other.
          I told my son he sucks, and he replied, not for free I don’t.

        2. Wow sad to see a woman who agrees with statements that she is inferior and only designed for the pleasure of men. Why are you bothering even to read? Why invest in your brain at all if you are only a walking vagina?

        3. It requires a lot of humility and self-awareness to look at yourself and find many things on this website to be true, even more to act on it and improve yourself (more than ~95% of the population don’t). There are many articles on ROK that point out the insufficiencies of modern men as well as those in modern women. Those who accuse us of “misogyny” forget that.

    2. Orisris, the rule for women/gay men being block is to preserve RoK as male only space, which is rapidly disappearing In the West for the past couple of decades. We welcome like mind people, but you must understand this space is primarily for men and should not deviate its focus on men. I thank you for your comment, it seem you one of the few member of you sex that picked up classic masculine trait of listening to reason and not to emotion. You want to help, link to website to men that need guidance to become better men and to girls that need to understand the damage that modern feminism is doing to them. Help spread red pill to those worthy in your life, it maybe the only way for you to shelter the oncoming storm from the decision of elites and SJW convergence.

        1. Are you really an Indian?My spys tell me you are really a obese,menopausal,beta male with a dominating blob of a wife.Show yourself SJW!

    3. No as a woman you are seem as illogical and inferior. They have no interest in going forces with you. Roosh instructs his followers to envision choking women like you while fucking you in the ass to cause pain. You should accept they think you are a joke.

      1. Embarrassing women like you that spew emotional talking points instead of thinking critically as to what feminism has truly done to society are who they are making fun of. You come on this website feigning outrage of satirical articles, when I’m sure you have not actually read and critically understood where their point of view is coming from. A majority of women ARE illogical, as well as “blue pill” MEN. I don’t agree with everything verbatim, but there are many differing opinions on this website and logical debate which you won’t see on websites such as Jezebel and Huffington Post where anyone who disagrees are labeled a rapist/bigot/etc. The only two men whose opinion matters to me are my father and my husband’s, so anyone here can think whatever they want. Bye troll.

        1. Big corporate influence gutting the middle class has ruined society not feminism. Men are feeling disempowered because the economy is working against them and their response is to say it’s women’s fault. It’s short sided and misogynist. It fails to address how big money has changed the playing field. Our society is in terrible shape but removing rights from women and limiting their perspective won’t level the playing field for them. It’s an illusion to think it will.

        1. Wow I’m sure I will take your advice . What a powerful man you are. So assertive with random women online. Are you brave enough to tell the women around you that you think they are all inferior to you and need to accept you as their leader? No. I didn’t think so. These men here on this site are only brave enough to speak big words anonymously to other men. Too afraid to speak your opinions out loud in from of witnesses and friends. Go ahead and come out of your closet. The reason this whole neo masculine movement is such a joke is because you can only exist anonymously out of fear of rejection. Grow some real balls and speak out publically if you really believe this shit. Awwww to scared of the big bad women and male allies….

        2. Why did you pick an Indian girls photo?Are you supporting one of the biggest rapist shit hole countries in the world?Or is it satire?Do you have good sex with your beta boys?Or are you wanting the 50shades of rape I mean grey treatment?

      2. FYI I wasn’t even into choking until this chick turned me onto it – now I’m definitely a bit more sadistic in bed and (surprise!) it’s what bitches crave. Still none of them have brought up any butt stuff – seems overrated anyway.

    4. Really you agree you are illogical and in need to being totally controlled by the men in your life? Wow my condolences .

    5. It’s a shame how far our society has fallen. We now have the term hate speech meaning anything that you don’t agree with is considered hate speech. You have to laugh at it all, really.
      Women have had it very good in society for a very long time. Now, they are fucking it up…and men are starting to ignore them, altogether. I can’t take women seriously any longer because they bitch about some of the smallest things (while other women in the world have real problems….just ask the women in Cologne, Germany and Sweden about a real rape epidemic).
      Yes, women have had it so good in life that they have actually manufactured this rape culture that doesn’t exist. We used to call it a poor decision made while drinking. You fucked the wrong guy while drunk….oh well, bad decision…move on.
      It’s ridiculous and men aren’t having it any longer.

  22. Would have loved to meet up but there was a big protest there with white knights scaremongering their unattractive women by claiming they should all “tool up” as ROK readers are such dangerous people.

  23. I went to San Leandro and ran into a guy I’ve known for almost 20 years but had no idea that he read RoK. The subject never came up, specifically. I also enjoyed meeting a young man of 21 years of age who is serious and intelligent and focused on accomplishing something in life. When it comes to the bad publicity, I must remind you that there is no such thing as bad publicity. It’s called “The Streisand Effect.” Barbra Streisand tried to suppress some bit of information that she found embarrassing to her, and it was her efforts to suppress the information that caused it to be published and noticed and discussed far and wide. The more the foolish and sick bastards in the LameStream try to smear us, the more our ideas get talked about, and I believe that the last thing the stupid assklowns want is a robust discussion of our critique of stupid assklown LameStream society at this time.

    1. So there were enough people. Great! Took time off for this. Was told couldn’t get SL location agreement. Hopefully see you next time.

      1. Well, wouldn’t say there was enough, in terms of “enough.” There are never enough. We need you, baby. I had good time; we ate pizza.

    1. Where they have always been… inside the imaginations of feminists and their mangina enablers.

    1. Lindy West opinion piece (It is not an article.)
      What a surprise. Little to no facts, all about ‘how she feels’ about something, plus her comments section appears to be being edited to stop most critics of her writing.
      This is an example of what you call journalism?

  24. Saw the news conference…Roosh carried himself well. Sadly, I will NOT be buying “Poop in a box”, but if RoK starts putting out some official sanctioned gear, I’m on board. Hats, jackets, and especially lapel pins…I wanna wear it to show my allegiance. 😉

  25. Worst timing to announce meetings ever, just after the Cologne incidents. You gave them something to redirect the outrage.

  26. So did the nyc meetup proceed? If there is to be another I am interested since I couldnt get off work for this one.

  27. Well written article. A lot of fundamentals from sociology. If people didn’t take the red pill before most took it after seeing how the media reacted. My friend told me about the site a while ago and I found the articles written about picking up women amusing but nothing I would have taken that serious. I recently was forwarded a few articles from the site talking about social justice and some serious issues of society. I was intrigued by the men’s meet up as I thought be a good place to discuss issues such why men are involved in gang violence and domestic assaults and how we as men could do something to help this problem. But after hearing the media and seeing the despicable individuals say lies and threaten people for wanting to talk is just deplorable. Now I am more aware, more educated and my resolve is stronger.
    Any man or woman who threatens others for sharing their beliefs or ideas is barbaric and in my dealings is a cowardly bully.
    I for one will keep reading and will always support positive change. Keep up the great articles!!!!

    1. The age of “Picking up women” is at an end, along with “free love” — since any sexual encounter can be turned against a man and used to terrorize him whilst destroying him legally, socially and financially… the safest bet is a long term, committed, relationship. Preferably within the legal compact of marriage.

      1. How is marriage better? Average length of marriage in america is now 7 years. The male risks half his wealth, getting kicked out of his house, and only getting to see his kids on the weekend while his ex spends 5 days a week programming them to believe the father is the enemy.
        With pick-up a man gets greater access to sex and gets to keep his house and bank account. Pick up exists because feminism has done everything possible to destroy the institution of marriage.

        1. Pre-nups
          It is surprising how many pre-nups get broken because the other side claims they ‘didn’t know or understand’ what they were signing.

    1. Those are disgusting rapeugees, and there is nothing honorable about their behaviour.
      Although getting attacked by migrants usually cures people from love multiculturalism and gender equality, only a maniac would advocate it.
      No one here believes in violence against women. Get the hell out of here.

      1. Agreed. It’s shit licks like the dude above who posted the video that give our foes the fire the desire to make us look bad. So again, get the hell out of here.

        1. Lol sure body. Go rape some goats and then beat up your veiled wife in the caves of Afganistan. That must be examplar masculinity to you.
          European men have something called civilization. We don’t get our rocks off beating random women. Backwards, I know.

    2. That’s violence against women and that doesn’t solve anything except being a barbarian. Most men here don’t believe in that garbage.

    3. Does a western feminist suddenly want white male patriarchy to come to her rescue? Why doesn’t she call some of her blue hair feminist protestors on her smart phone for help?

  28. After the meet up was cancelled I left a few comments about still wanting to meet up but I didn’t get no replys

    1. There are a couple things a lot of us are a threat to and that is open stupidity and the herd mentality. Your attempts to deal with men on a “feelings” basis is misguided, but expected.

    2. YOU are an enemy of the first amendment rights of free speech and freedom of assembly.
      You are a threat to the republic.

  29. Yes a big bunch on men together talking about how much they are obsessed with the women who won’t have anything to do,with them . Can’t you find anything productive tomdom with your lives? Seem all you are is focused on is what women are doing . Pretty useless social movement if all you do is sit around and obsess with the actions of women and how they should follow your advice. As if any women actually gave a flying fuck about your opinions. Hope all you boys had a good circle jerk together.

    1. Ironically you seem to be pretty concerned with what a bunch of guys are doing on the Internet yourself. At least enough to post a generic one liner followed quickly by a shallow “analysis” complete with the usual attempt to insult and shame as a conclusion. How deep.

      1. Always concerned about men who actively advocate violence against women. Always concerned about men who want to advocate for rights to be taken away from women. At the end of the day it always hurts children. Not worth investing more time in comments because Roosh feels to threatened by women commenting and deletes them within hours.

        1. Ohhh now we get it. “It’s for the chiiiiiiildreeen!”
          Shut up, child. Adults are talking.

        2. That means you’ll protest the next imam invited by a student union in a university to talk about the role of women and gays in society right ?
          No you won’t . You guys NEVER do. I’ve NEVER read of a protest on such an occasion. And let’s say with my line of word, I’d know.
          Fucking hypocrites.

    2. They (and you) apparent care what Roosh is doing, since they lied and raised lynch mobs to halt the meet ups.
      You and your allies even got the Home Secretary in England looking into the matter and the head of border security for Australia tweeting about Roosh’s alleged attempt to enter the country.

  30. I’m new around here – can someone define “SJW” for me? I get the context, I just can’t figure what it stands for.

      1. Pushy Cultural Marxist who will be pleased to cost you your livelihood if you think impure cultural thoughts.

  31. Since you mentioned the Star Wars article, here’s something I wanted to point out.
    By giving Han Solo a dishonorable death followed by his body being cast away into oblivion, they symbolically killed the classic Alpha male who protects other people, and chucked him away like a piece of garbage. A very precise subliminal message. The message is “Strong white men are no longer relevant nor needed. They are an ineffectual, laughable relic of the past to be discarded. Now it’s up to gurrrrrlllllll power to save the universe!”
    Notice however that the arch villian will always be portrayed as a white man.
    SJWs are ruining every last remaining positive male role model we grew up with. Disgusting.

    1. While that does fit with their agenda, I’m pretty sure the reason they killed him off was far more practical than that. They just didn’t want to pay his ludicrously high salary for another film.

      1. Possibly, or he just didn’t want to be bothered with yet another sequel if it occurs. But bear in mind that his character is one of the big favourites in the saga. Let’s face it, Star Wars without Han Solo and Skywalker is a travesty. So I doubt it’s because they didn’t want to have to pay him again. Having Han Solo there would make them more money.

      2. I’m of the opinion Harrison Ford had to be dragged back kicking and screaming and only agreed if they killed him. (after humiliating the character by having him abandon the girl he fell in love with.)…that’s also why I suspect his coming back as Decker in the next “Blade Runner” and Indiana Jones will also result in his killing his characters off. Hey…remember when all we had to complain about was the Prequels? Good times…

    2. I actually enjoyed the movie, but one of my first thoughts at the end was the now absense of a male role model/hero. Hopefully they’ll come up with something for VIII. Maybe Luke’s not a whiny little twat anymore.

  32. I usually enjoy reading the comments. Please don’t muck it up by replying to the Internet warriors. There are so few man spaces left.

  33. I was banned from the forums, despite a 2015 join date, for ‘trolling’ when talking about wanting to proceed with the meetup. At the time of posting I was out of the loop on social media and had yet to read the Chicago Tribune article. After these events, as one commentor on a different article put it, I’m officially off the fence in regards to neo-masculinity. I don’t expect to be invited but I’m curious if any meetups proceeded in the sf bay area and I want to be a little more in touch with what’s going on

  34. Could it be the system is using men’s right movement and roosh as a distraction From them? Even though people recognize the problem maybe unknowingly they are being used. Perhaps the conflicts and some of the secrets being revealed were expected and the powerful will take advantage of this. There are even bigger issues and very powerful people out there.

  35. The cultural Marxists narrative is falling. The Machine is getting ever more desperate. Time to up the ante on these anti-white devils.

  36. Vancouver meetup went well also. Good times were had, many a discussion had, story told and friends made. I look forward to the next one.

  37. I was nearby, so I went to the Seattle meet-up site to see whether anyone might actually show. The library had been closed already for two hours and it being the Pac NW on winter, it was already quite dark, and I thought, “this is an odd choice.”
    I waited a little while in front of the that library, and it appeared that no one would come, but there was a bald, fat middle-aged white man pulling a TV camera with boom mic attacked out of the back of an unmarked van, and I found that odd. There were some other small red flags that I might have noticed, had I not just met the most charming gaggle of bridesmaids and given the blushing bride-to-be a peck on the cheek.
    In any case, in time some young men started to form up in front of the library, and I approached them. There were no women present, and all the young men present were white, to my knowledge. Some of the men seemed to know each other. Others didn’t. They young men were all fairly tall with athletic builds and trim haircuts, but at least two were carrying skateboards and were dressed casually. They looked like young soldiers disguised as skate punks.
    Two of the young men with skateboards looked especially thuggish, and they were holding small cameras or phones aloft, filming everyone else present. One or two men tried to engage me in argument, shouting, “why dd you want to rape people?” and I thought, what an odd question. I had no interest in any such conversation. I thought it best to leave such arguments to the young people.
    There was one young, shorter, skinny fellow all dressed in black in the goth style, with two-tone dyed hair. He asked me where was the pet shop, and I asked whether he was there for the meet-up,. and he said he was. It soon became clear that many if not most of the young men assembled (maybe 8 in total) were there in opposition to the cancelled event (which in itself seemed odd), and I suggested that the young goth and I go get a beer. We walked one block west, and he suggested a left turn. Not knowing the area, I deferred to his judgment.
    Two young men men stalked us at a distance of 25 feet or so. They walked shoulder to shoulder with neutral expressions, carrying their skateboards at the ready, like M16’s. My companion observed that we were being followed, and I observed how odd it was that our stalkers and everyone else who had shown up in opposition to the event were men.
    About halfway down the block, the skinny goth wrapped his arms around me and drove me headfirst into the brick wall, shouting, “get him!” I briefly thought, what a terribly unoriginal thing to say before the first skateboards wheels connected with my face. After that, it was all skateboards, firsts and boots. It’s a hell of a thing to actually watch the toe of a boot going into your eye. I was down at some point, as they worked my ribs over pretty good.
    I wouldn’t stay down, though, and one of the “two “skate punks” shouted stay down, stay down. I have a gun and I will shoot you if you don’t stay down. And I thought to myself, “these guys have done this before.”
    I got a few lame blows of my own on the goth, but it is my blood that know decorates that corner on third avenue, as the “fight” had traveled all the way to the bottom of the hill, where the presence of witnesses finally influenced my attackers to flee.
    A brave Seattlite couple had heroically taken pictures of the whole damn thing from a distance. When the coast was clear for them, they approached me and asked whether I wal alright, as I bled profusely from the head and face. The woman called 911.
    When the police arrived, they offered that they had a guy in custody and would I want to identify him and I said sure, whereupon, the drove me me a few blocks away to where they were holding a young black guy with a skate board, and I thought fuck this, as I had clearly told the cops repeatedly that each of my attackers was white. I realized then and there that law enforcement had already rendered me all the aid and justice and I was going to get.
    The cop did take me back to my car, and offered to lead me to Harboriew Medical Center. Too bad he didn’t tell me where to park, but whatever. I managed to hike into the ER from the parking garage down the hill, and I spent my evening being cared for by conscientious medical students and cute nurses, and, in the end, my injuries proved much less severe than they at first thought, so, all’s well that ends only somewhat fucked up, I guess.

    1. Shit – Seattle, man… I thought about heading to my local one along with my red-pill friend – got to have a buddy who has your back. Good luck to you man – hope those bitches get what’s coming.

        1. I’ve seen a video circulating online, pre-fight I’m assuming, of what you described here.

    2. Hey,
      In case you didn’t know already, a guy posted a video from the Seattle meetup. The “skinny goth” and “skate punks” are there. I suspect that you are “Superman”, based on your story. Another RoK reader gave me your screen name.

      If this video gets taken down, I have it downloaded and saved, and I will get you another copy. Hope you get better brother.

      1. Thank you, man. I really appreciate it. I am pleased to report that Superman jacket survived, and the blood even came off pretty good with just lysol wipes. I will definitely pursue prosecution b/c, given what these guys did to me, they’re eventually going to kill somebody.

  38. The two easiest groups to agitate into politicized mob violence are women/low testosterone men and blacks. Hardly surprising that the Jew media aims its propaganda exclusively at them when they need to put down ideas they don’t like.

    1. You forgot white supremacist misogynists who babble about “Jew media”, they’re incredibly easy to rile up,

        1. If you had any courage, or any desire to find the truth, you’d have already done your own research, and learned who exactly is in control of the mainstream narrative. You clearly have not done that. You are one of those ignorant normies who think that everything happens by random occurrence and that media reflects the people’s viewpoints rather than dictates them. Everything just happens organically. There is no such thing as conspiracy. Hollywood is open to whomever has the most original stories to tell, blah blah blah…..dammit man, I’m embarrassed FOR you.

        2. You can either do your own research, or continue being an idiot. I don’t really care either way.

        3. This should be very easy for you to answer. Who exactly is in control of the mainstream narrative?

        4. I will reiterate: Do your own research. That way, you can find a source that YOU trust, rather than asking me to waste time posting sources that you will discredit.
          Using Wikipedia, one can easily find the top 10 respective film, television, advertising, music, radio, literature, and news corporations. From there it’s not difficult to list the names of all the Presidents, CEOs, Chairmen, Directors, VPs, and other majority stakeholders. They are public companies, so this info is readily available.
          Finally, you can research each important figure from your list and put together a thumbnail sketch of who they are – their background, beliefs, religion, ethnicity, etc.
          Then you will have your answer! Only problem is, it’s a little laborious, but if you care about truth that shouldn’t matter. Perhaps someone has already put together such a chart for you.

        5. I offered no theory, friend, only a recommendation that you educate yourself on matters of importance.

      1. Yeah, don’t address whether what I say is right or wrong (are you seriously going to argue mainstream print, film, and TV isn’t ethnically monopolized?), just make it a pathology via snarky leftist fag inference. What a little bitch.

        1. Sure, I’m saying that white supremacist anti-semitic homophobic misogynists are much easier to agitate into politicized mob violence than women, “low-testosterone men” (do you test them for their testosterone levels?) or black people. Feel free to disagree.

        2. Yes Muslims are famous for their hat-drop mob violence. Black mobs fit your descriptions as well. ‘White supremacists’ are so rare I doubt they could mobilize a mob (I know you really mean “non-self loathing anti-cultural marxist Caucasian male” or any Caucasian male you disagree with when you say ‘White supremacist’ but some may not).
          Oh! By the by: Your avatar handle is apropo, it’s application to your virtue-signaling, self-hatred, and the ’causes’ (never mind they are all fake – the damage of perpetuating lies is very real) you champion is stunningly accurate:
          “The r-selected Rabbit:
          Rabbits are quintessential r-strategists. Rabbits live in fields of grass they never fully exhaust. Their goal is to produce as many offspring as quickly as possible. They flee from danger, because to fight for food that they can get elsewhere is an unnecessary risk. They mate promiscuously with any mate, because their goal is solely to reproduce, absent concerns for genetic quality – when resources are everywhere, even the most defective offspring can find food, mate, and pass genes forward. While males are off mating as often as possible, females raise offspring alone, and quickly send them on their way to whelp a new litter. Offspring begin having sex early, to maximize numbers of their own offspring. Loyalty to in-group is unknown to the rabbit, because there is no competition for resources, since resources are everywhere. Among r-strategists, males will tend to exhibit smaller, more feminine, less robust physical qualities, to better facilitate fleeing and showy displays of flash and beauty, to facilitate mate attraction, and mating. r-strategist females, by contrast will tend to grow big, assertive, and ill-tempered, to better occupy a more masculine family role, provisioning and protecting the offspring they raise alone.”

        3. plainsrabbit is a reference to the rabbit that attacked jimmy carter in plains, GA. I think it’s hilarious that you’re anti-rabbit. Also, why are commenters on this site so racist?

        4. The only people who have been engaging in mob violence lately are blacks and muslims. Why do you remain silent on them?

        5. ^ Somebody is projecting.
          You have the handy link to ‘Protocols’ and laid out a list of adjectives that a child could link to your negrophobe and Islamaphobe predelictions.
          We accept anyone here based on the content of their character.

        6. A much better question is why those who venture onto this site believe that we give a shit about their childish, conformist “opinions”?
          The words you left here could easily come from any of hundreds of millions of boring clones who march in lockstep with mainstream consensus.
          You are boring, banal, unoriginal, milquetoast.

        7. Would you be more impressed if I claimed that raping women should be legal and then whine that I wasn’t being serious?

        8. So “White supremacists” engage in mob violence at the same rate as blacks do? What drugs are you on?

        9. The type of men who support post-modern left causes are generally low testosterone hyper conformist types. The type of lemming who thinks Pepsi Cola sponsored Super Bowl half time with multi-millionaire Beyonce pretending to be a Black Panther is revolutionary and “making a statement”.

  39. This sounds oddly familiar:
    ” If we are to understand this process we have to study this infamous jewish way of magically drenching the clean garments of honorable men with the slop buckets of filthy libel and slander from hundreds of directions at once. We must study it if we are to understand the real danger from these journalist villains.” 
    Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Ford Translation.
    Do these sound like the words of a lunatic?

    1. Hitler was a vegetarian and loved animals. Anyone who has these traits must necessarily be dangerous.

  40. I would be wary of straying into fantasy by using general emotive terms like establishment, system and media. Far better to name names. Who exactly did what? Shine the light on the cockroaches and watch them scatter…

    1. I agree it its known. I think the author is being too generous in his conspiracy accusations when he uses the terms ‘the establishment’ and ‘the elites’. Sure you can lump the MSM under the establishment banner, but I reckon this was organized at grass roots level by some feminist outfit and involved mass email/msg sendout via change.org and via social media and/or postings on sites well followed by SJWs. Its at this point that the MSM picked up on it thanks to the eyeball grabbing inflammatory headlines.
      I don’t know if they will scatter…I reckon they will stick to the script and keep parroting the false premise of the headlines, and claim they saved hundreds of women from being raped by the men on here so it was a noble cause.

  41. I don’t often comment online, but in this case I feel compelled to. I had never even heard of ROK until I saw the recent articles in the mainstream media about it …claiming that it advocates rape. I thought “What kind of sick c…ts would want rape to be legal?…who is this Roosh piece of shit?
    So I came here to look into him, and his website. I discovered that he is not what the media were trying to paint him as. Instead …I found a website with a lot of good, useful and real info about the state of our world today. I’m still here reading this site, and probably will be for a while. It’s awesome.
    Once again, the media tries to smear something …but instead they have drawn mass attention to it …effectively giving it free advertising.
    Good onya mainstream media, for directing me to another good website. And now, Roosh has one more fan.
    And the potty-mouthed outrage expressed by the feminists and SJWs, confirms exactly what has been described by previous articles on this site.

  42. They have to create imaginary monsters to battle because they don’t have the courage or the integrity to confront the real problems that they themselves are responsible for.

  43. C’mon, admit it Roosh. Provoking a hysterical reaction was the goal of publicly arranging a meetup.

  44. Roosh, you should have been smart enough not to write a satirical piece that focused on rape.
    That is the only bit of criticism i am going to levy on you at this time.
    I just had an opportunity to watch the press conference from the other day. I do give you credit for showing up and trying to defend yourself.
    The problem is that it most likely didn’t matter.
    You are 10000000% correct.
    I never wanted to believe that the New World Order was real. That there was a small percentage of people who were out for the destruction of mankind.
    Unfortunately now, this whole incident makes me believe that it is all true.
    I guess you can take honor in the fact that you caused such a shitstorm. You did bring attention to the movement.
    You know what they, say good or bad attention is still attention.
    These people are systematically going around trying to destroy strong male leaders. They have been spending the better part of eight months trying to destroy Donald Trump.
    You and the men who read from this site could be considered “threats” if they do implement their New World Order.
    To actually lay out the plan on what they have been doing would take a lot of time and space. I will sum it up for all of you in a paragraph below.
    In order to establish complete control over a population you need to eliminate any strong male resistance. This is done through a variety or means (media, chemically, and physically). Once you eliminate all the strong males there will be no one left to lead a resistance.
    This is where we are right now. This process has been going on for decades but we are currently in the final phase.
    Signs of this
    – Since the mid 90’s there has been a consolidation of all media (TV, Radio, Film) to promote a unified message
    – Strong male musical influences have been eliminated systematically from the mainstream.
    – Homosexuality, transgender and feminist agendas have been promoted as typical masculine values have been supressed
    – Efforts to equalize the sexes and confuse gender roles
    – Chemical estrogen inhibitors in food to decrease testosterone.
    – Proliferation of video games to distract men from leaving the house to pursue dating and social relationships
    – Media agenda to feed on the inherent male homosexual fear to break up men-men platonic relationships.
    – Elimination of blue collar jobs by elites
    – Sex and the City, Modern Family and countless shows that promote rampant feminism and the destruction of the traditional family system
    – Rise of women and homosexuals in the workplace in return with the destruction of the common male to make a decent living
    – Global trade agreements and geo-political unions to foster a New World Order
    – False wars to destroy Alpha Males and to pad the coffers of the global banking cartels
    – Proliferation of free pornography to drop testosterone levels and prevent men from pursuing women
    There is much more than that.
    The crux is this. The mainstream media is dying and is controlled. However, there are many men out there who have no idea what is really going on. We need to inform men and women about what is going on and to denounce and oppose globalism.
    Globalism will lead to totalitarianism and once they get the New World Order in place it will be too late.
    It is important that we all win the info war. Inform your friends and neighbors and do all you can do to get Trump into office.
    Every man who cares about the survival of Western Civilization needs to vote for him.

    1. The fact that he received the response he did means he was correct to have written it. Was the Charlie Hebdo staff wrong to have drawn those cartoons? No.

  45. The #1 female fantasy is to be raped, which is simply the use of force for a sexual purpose…
    Men, historically have decided that rape is evil and wrong, therefore we don’t condone it or support it an severely punish those who commit that crime.
    Her: I want to be raped, but only if it’s by Mr Grey, ya’know hot & rich!
    Him: Uh, nope not gonna go to prison for you darling.
    Her: Patriarchy!!!!!!
    Her: Her raped me, that guy is a pig, he raped me, evil misogynist!!
    Him: You have no proof, we met once for coffee, in public, you’re nuts
    Media… Joe Schmo was arrested today on 456 counts of rape, murder, robbery, manspreading and mean tweets he’s obviously a tiny dick loser, here is all his info so go out there and harass his family and ruin his life.

  46. I am a female and I originally learned about RoK from all of the media attention. I was curious about what this “pro-rape” website was. What about any of this is pro-rape? Yeah, there was a SATIRICAL article! If anything, this website is just showing accurate gender roles that most people are too afraid to say out loud because of SJW feminist bullshit. I agree with many of the articles here and I continue to find more truth in them than I ever did in the “politically correct” slippery slope articles the media focuses on. At times I find that there is a bit too much insulting on women overall, but I can’t really blame the authors given how much feminists play up that “every woman is beautiful!” kind of bullshit. Feminists can’t accept that men and women are not equal because they have different strengths and weaknesses, and this website is just stating what is true. I know that RoK is for men, but I like what I am reading, and maybe it will help me find a husband one day.

  47. I haven’t trusted the MSM since 9/11.
    Red pillers must embrace the conspiratorial world view. It’s the ONLY way to make sense of this fucked up modern world we live in.

  48. Glad to see you all are doing well. Ignore the idiots that are fearful of you. Things will change with time, and eventually the pendulum will swing the other way.

  49. In austin a group of 30+ sjw’s descended on the meet up location with their little black bandana masks.

  50. Any remaining faith or trust that I had in the media and journalism went to shit after this whole ordeal. They are willing to lie or exaggerate about anything in order to further their agenda and to rile up the public, when convenient for them. It’s equally unfortunate how little research the general public does in regards to the news given to them; they see emotional buzzwords like “rape” or “misogynist” in the headlines, and this is proof enough for them that the accusations are true. My particular community, out of all those in the US, may have been hit the worst by the hysteria. I really appreciate the very few news outlets that bucked the trend and covered this in at least a somewhat balanced way, (Snopes, and unexpectedly The Young Turks).

  51. I think one idea is to continue posting fake ROK meetups to the point where the SJI’s dont even bother to show up. After the last meetup the numbers of trolls showing up will be even lower. Continue for a few months and you’ll see no trolls at all.THEN we can meetup. Just an idea.

  52. Have you seen this? http://www.theguardian.com/world/commentisfree/video/2016/feb/10/sorry-we-cant-ban-everything-that-offends-you-video
    A feminist that speaks against political corect censorship and complains that other feminists blacklisted her while missquoting her, and in the same video she missquotes Roosh as promoting legalizing rape!
    I think it would be great if Roosh would talk to her, make her stand up to her ideals and admit publicly that Roosh is not for rape. It would be great publicity!

  53. Can anyone check their local Home Depot’s wireless?
    The local one for me has now blocked ROK and I was curious as to whether this was a companywide choice or if it was just this store.
    Also does anyone know if the Boulder, CO ended up meeting despite the cancel?
    I couldn’t check it out due to circumstances.

  54. Hopefully this wakes more people up to the uselessness of the media. More people will come here and actually read the articles on this site and think to themselves, “Wait a minute, this guy isn’t pro-rape.” Even if they don’t like the site, or agree with the views, after they read five articles or so they’ll realize the media is completely full of shit.
    It takes balls to be smeared like this in the media and not give a f**k. Even if you don’t like Roosh, you’ve got to admit that. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this P.C. nonsense is going to be like in ten years if people do not start taking a stand against it now.
    Trump for President!

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