9 Secrets About Female Nature Told By A Hot Girl Dying Of Cancer

Many years ago, I became friends with a very hot blonde in her early 30’s who was dying of cancer. Due to her impending death, she decided that it was okay to relay a vast amount of inside information to me, regarding what women were really all about. She volunteered this information. I have never forgotten what she told me, and it has served me quite well over the years.


Here is a summary of the ten things she told me about the true nature of women, which were related to me over the span of a couple of weeks, shortly before her passing:

1. Women are exactly like little children


We are constantly poking, prodding and testing a man, in order to find out what his boundaries are. If he has no boundaries, we will destroy him, especially if he loves us. A man has to have boundaries, and he has to outline them precisely, and he has to force us to adhere to them with the power of his conviction and the power of his action. If he doesn’t do that, we will beat him over the head with his weaknesses (his lack of boundaries) until he breaks.

2. Women put up a false front about virtually everything


Our faces are fake (makeup), our hair is fake (dyed), our boobs are fake (some of us), everything about us is fake. Most especially when it comes to what is inside of us. We lie constantly, because we are far worse, character-wise, than even our closest friends or lovers will ever know, and we desperately fight to keep all of that hidden.

We are looking for our true daddies, basically – the idealized daddies that we never had – somebody who can see through all of our false fronts and call us out on our bullshit and put us in our place. The problem is, those type of men are very few and far between.

3. If a woman ever tells you, “If we don’t have trust, we don’t have anything,” she is either cheating on you or planning to cheat on you


There are no exceptions to this rule. We use that as cover, to try and make the man feel guilty for questioning our fidelity. What we are really saying here, is, “I will fuck whomever I want and you’d better keep your nose out of it or I’ll cut you off from my pussy and I’ll ruin your freaking life if you keep pressing the issue.” If we really cared about you, and if we really weren’t cheating on you or planning to cheat on you, we would tell you something like, “I am not cheating on you, I love you, and I would never do that. I don’t care if we have to stay up all night, for the next week, and go over every single shred of doubt that’s currently troubling you about this. I have nothing to hide, I would never cheat on you, and I don’t want you thinking these things about me. Please tell me exactly why you think I am cheating, point by point, and I will do anything and everything that I have to do to prove to you that I’m not cheating, in order to ease your worried mind.”

4. Women are much hornier than men


Vastly, exponentially, hornier than men. A woman will do just about anything, sexually speaking, so long as she is fairly certain she won’t get caught. For example, we will occasionally go out of town in order to rendezvous with a man we’ve been longing to fuck, and/or to have multiple sex partners in the same evening, and/or at the same time.

This is something that hot women do, most especially. In our minds, it is a natural desire, and a natural thing, and so long as nobody else finds out, it’s “game on”. Women are receptacles for cock, that’s how we have been biologically designed. Nothing feels better to us than being completely filled up with multiple penises, than being the center of sexual attention, than being the object of unbridled group lust. Since it’s something we can’t risk doing on our home turf (don’t shit where you eat), we have to think outside the box, in order to get our boxes completely satisfied. And you might find this shocking, but many women – many, many women – have sex with dogs on a routine basis. This is just one example of how insatiable we truly are.

I can see why you might not believe it, to which I say, look really hard at all of the women you know who have dogs. Look at women who have dogs whenever you see them out on the street, in the act of walking those dogs. Or at the park. You will notice that most of them have male dogs – the vast majority, in fact. This isn’t a coincidence. And look at all the female teachers who are exposed in the media for having sex with underage students. We have no self-control when it comes to sex – or anything else, for that matter. To our way of thinking, losing control is what makes sex great. Doing anything that is taboo is what makes sex great.

5. Women do not have female friends—they have female competition

Georgian girls

We lie to our so-called female friends and pretend we are loyal and faithful to them, just like we do with the men in our lives. Secretly, we are jealous of each other, and we want all of the desirable things that other women have—most especially when it comes to our female friends’ things.

And we consider men to be things. If one of our friends has a hot man, we want him to want us. We will do everything we can to seduce him. Not because we really want him—we don’t really want anybody. We do it because we are rarely happy, and we don’t want our girlfriends to be happy, either, and we want to boost our own egos more than anything else.

And after we get him to fuck us, when our girlfriends find out that he has had sex with us, that’s when we finally get what we wanted in the first place. If we break up the previously happy couple, that’s fine, too. It’s all about our pussy, not hers. It’s about winning.

6. Women always lie about the number of sexual partners they’ve had

1950s 1960s Laughing Teenage Boy and Girl Sharing Drink Together With Two Straws In Soda Shop

They also lie about not wanting men with large penises. If we told the actual truth about the number of different men and women we’ve slept with, and if we told the actual truth about our fervent desire for big dicks, our pool of potential suitors would shrink drastically, to the point where it would completely dry up. So we lie. Most often, we will claim that we’ve had between three and eight sexual partners in our lifetime. And, to our way of thinking, it isn’t a lie, because if we had five sexual partners last Saturday evening, and our man asks us how many sexual partners we have had, and we answer, “Five”, well, technically, we aren’t lying.

7. All women dislike themselves

girl coffee

And because we dislike ourselves, we fervently hate any man who doesn’t see through our bullshit. The more a man loves us, the more we hate him. The more he overlooks our sins, and the more he fails to see how corrupt we are, and the more he gives us the benefit of every single doubt – the more we despise him. We will escalate our bad behavior until we finally break him and he wakes up and realizes how worthless we are and what a fool he has been for believing in us.

8. Women want what they can’t have

This Getaway Was Just What I Needed

We want a man whom we can’t have. We want a man who honestly doesn’t give a fuck about us, who doesn’t care if we come or go. That’s the kind of man we will pursue. Call them bad boys or call them whatever you want, that’s the kind of man we want – period. The kind of guy who will make us orgasm, crudely, and give us a huge sexual thrill in the bedroom, and then discard us like used toilet paper, and fuck our female friends afterwards, just because he can. (Just like we would do with his male friends.)

9. All women are masochists


And all hot women are narcissistic masochists. We hate it when things are going well, especially if they continue to go well for long periods of time. We know down deep that we are fucked-up and not worthy of anything that is truly good. So when things are going well in a relationship, we eventually sabotage it. We just can’t help ourselves in this regard.

We could have the greatest, most handsome, most well-hung husband in the world—a one-of-a-kind man who makes all of our girlfriends jealous; we could have the greatest children in the world, who are beautiful, well-behaved and ambitious; we could have the most enviable career imaginable; we could have all of the money and prestige and the truly good things in life, and we could repeatedly tell ourselves over and over, and believe, on the surface, that we would never cheat on our husbands. But down deep we know that it’s a lie. Because one day, we could walk into a grocery store, and some bad boy could whisper just the right combination of words in our ear, and the next thing you know, we’re at the Motel 6 getting it in the ass. That’s just how we are, and any woman—especially a hot woman—who says otherwise, is a liar.

Over the years, my deceased friend’s words have proven to be spot-on, in the vast majority of cases. And if they ring true from your own personal experience as well, then I am more than happy that I shared them with you here today. I know that my deceased friend would be thrilled to know that I have shared this information with the manosphere. After all, she used to be a hottie, and she’s now dead, and by giving me the inside scoop on her female competition, she continues to beat them—she continues to “win”—even from beyond the grave.

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  1. These are interesting, but #4 is a feminist myth. Even when a woman is at her horniest, a man on average has 17 times more testosterone coursing through him. Think about it logically and it makes zero sense that women could be, on average, hornier. Sorry, ladies, you just have no idea what it’s like.

    1. I have always thought that female promiscuity was about love and not about horniness. Here me out now. I truly think that for many women they will always love their first. Like a cocaine addict trying to recreate their first high, they will spend the rest of their lives never loving anyone else and always, unsuccessfully, trying to recreate their first partner. With each unsuccessful try they get further and further from it being possible, but at the same time, because they get further and further, they imagine that first one to be better and better making all subsequent attempts worse and worse. So while they get further from their idealized first, the new ones are further and further from what she wants. It is why a woman will spread her legs for pretty much anyone, even if in a relationship. In her mind, no matter what she says, you will always be second to the memory of her first lover.

      1. The only way, in my opinion, to overcome the first guy is to be the absolute best. You have to literally shit all over guy number one in every way.
        Taller? Yep.
        Fuck Better? Yep.
        Better body? Yep.
        More money? Yep.
        And you need — no, must! — be second, or, perhaps in very rare circumstances, third; never more than that. There is no substitute for being number one, though.
        It’s the learning principle of primacy in effect. Which states the following: “the state of being first, often creates a strong, almost unshakable, impression. Things learned first create a strong impression in the mind that is difficult to erase. For the instructor, this means that what is taught must be right the first time. For the student, it means that learning must be right. “Unteaching” wrong first impressions is harder than teaching them right the first time. If, for example, a student learns a faulty technique, the instructor will have a difficult task correcting bad habits and “reteaching” correct ones.”
        I’ve learned this is 100 percent accurate when it comes to women, mentoring first officers, flight instructing initial students, etc. If I was handed a student who had a shitty instructor, I had to break all of his bad habits, and oftentimes, it was insurmountable. If I had the student first — he could have been top notch. It’s the same with the women I’ve dated. They could have been wife material — had I been number one. But they just ended up being nothing more than a fuck because, at the end of the day, being number one — being first — means just about everything.
        No hymen, no diamond, indeed.

        1. What you say is true, but bad habits can be broken many times (even if difficult).
          Even if you are best in every single measurable metric there is one problem….she has you. That will automatically make the first, who is long gone, more desirable.
          She will be able to idealize something from the past, forget anything bad about it and allow it to be a) perfect and b) unattainable….aka every woman’s dream.
          Meanwhile, you and all your awesome attributes have your first off day coupled with the fact that you are dealing with a memory….essentially the platonic form for her…and she will begin to close off, blame you, become passive aggressive and eventually cheat hoping to find that next fix.
          What is even crazier is that once you are gone and she is on to the next one, you will become unavailable and be lumped in with the perfection making the next stud even worse than you.
          No, women will always love all of their prior lovers more than the current one and that will be compounded back to the original, perfect one.
          You are not just competing with all of her orbiters, you are competing with all of her former lovers that are infinitely better than you and they compete with the ones before them all the way back to the first.
          I’ve often wondered if the last thing a woman feels before dying, despite how old, is a deep sense of regret over losing whomever it was who have them their first tingle.

        2. Sounds like what I was taught (birds and bees) at a young age about “imprinting” a woman to you through sexual interactions.
          One of the arguments for a woman’s chastity until marriage I would say.

        3. Yes, I would love to imagine myself very clever for these observations but, in essence, they are just what men took for granted for like 98% of all human history.

        4. The solution seems simple then: be first, and be the best. Simple, but close to impossible since I’m pretty sure most American women pop out of the womb having already sucked nine dicks and experimented with anal.

        5. Serial position and recognition are actually stronger with the effect of recency.
          Hence, you’ll be the better remembered instructor at the end of the day.

        6. correct. So then you are left with certain choices. Roll your dice in other countries, try in vain to succeed when set up to fail (I am sure there is a 1-3% margin of error where this will work) or, like I did, concentrate on your self, your body, your mind, your work and enjoy the fact that we will in a world where promiscuous girls learn to suck the chrome off a hitch in utero and will do anything and everything to pretty much any guy who treats them like shit and abuses their axe wound.

        7. Indeed, but with women recency = your novelty; your “new car smell” and the excitement you bring to the table. That always wears off — always. Then what are you left with? Old habits and what was learned first/primacy. At the end of the day, nothing beats being number one.

        8. That’s the thing, the primacy effect goes away more and more when an item is repeatedly presented. In fact, if the new item is novel enough it creates it’s own primacy effect. A lot more work than primacy alone but workable.
          Not a lot of men are going to find a blank slate in this culture but they can develop strategies to make the best if it.

        9. “…concentrate on your self, your body, your mind, your work
          and enjoy the fact that we will in a world where promiscuous girls learn
          to suck the chrome off a hitch in utero and will do anything and
          everything to pretty much any guy who treats them like shit and abuses
          their axe wound.”
          This all day, everyday. And I’m quite fine with this arrangement for the most part. Like you, lolknee, I don’t see things getting better. I don’t share the optimism a lot of guys around here do about our world “changing” and “getting better.” It’s just not going to happen, in my opinion. I would be more than happy to be wrong about this, though. Maybe we’ve planted the seeds of change, and a future generation will benefit from it. Who the hell knows?
          Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I had great parents, and have seen a marriage work for nearly 40 years; they are happy. Happier than me, and I can’t help but feel I’ve missed out on something. But all things considered, regardless of whether I get married or have kids — I have a good life. Better than most guys in this day and age.

        10. Your logic is sound, and you are right. However, we’re talking about women here. I had guys get their pilot ratings who had some really bad habits when they first came to me, but I was able to get them up to speed with time and a lot of effort.
          I don’t have the same kind of faith in women that I did in my former students. We can also bring in the principle of intensity, which states that vivid, sharp, and exciting experiences are those that are best retained. I can be, and am, that guy — exciting, gregarious, funny, entertaining, generally likable, and I can combine that with recency; but it still doesn’t beat coming first.
          I’ve used every strategy I can think of, and I’ve given this a lot of thought, I assure you. But I just don’t think — when it comes to women — that there is anything better than (A) being first, and (B) being the BEST on top of being first. If a girl has a low notch count (1 or 2), and you know without a doubt that you’re better than those other guys, then go for it. If not — bail out when the novelty wears off. You’re not going to win in the end.
          Final point: it can take years for the novelty to wear off, it’s not necessarily a three-month long honeymoon where it suddenly drops off. It can be a slow rot as well. That’s how my first and only long-term relationship (five years) ended. I wasn’t first, but I was the best (recency), but over time I became second — then I lost.

        11. No hyman no diamond indeed. However, to the issue of being better than number one, it is a fruitless quest. You can be the better man in 1,001 ways, but she will eventually focus on the 1,002nd way where you are not. That one way in which you are less could be something as stupid as can’t make a radish into a rose, but it will be all she can think about until she is so disgusted with you she has to eject you from her life. This is why god put the tamper evident seal on women.

        12. Taller, Faster, a better body…
          Women want the 6 Million Dollar Man! I wouldnt have minded the Bionic Woman, loved the way she could crush a tennis ball in her hand

        13. nothing beats treating a woman like shit, she will always thank you for it, and if her number one was a regular guy he coudn’t compete with being treated poorly by you

        14. My ex wife was a virgin. Despite this she still ended up becoming so corrupted by feminism ( she worked as a professor) that our marriage failed. All throughout our relationship I wavered between caring beta and asshole – ultimately ending up as full blown asshole. Towards the end of the relationship I am convinced she cheated on me. I did find it interesting that at the end she shared with me that our relationship was toxic and I was a total asshole, yet the sex for her was outstanding. The last night we were together -under the same roof – she literally begged me to fuck her really hard and rough. This request coming from a woman who considered me a “verbally abusive” asshole ..go figure ! Needless to say we had a night of great sex and then she was gone.
          My takeaway from all of this: If they show any acceptance or tolerance of feminism they’re damaged goods -virgin or not. They are not marriage/relationship material. I am now remarried to a woman who despite her high intelligence and successful career, is disgusted by feminism. She laughs at the short hair cuts, and finds the aggressive personalities of the fembots repulsive. She treats me like a king. She is cute, feminine,fit, submissive and all around pretty good wife. She even has a home cooked meal waiting for me -every night – when I get home. Although she was no virigin when we met , I know her notch count is single digit and I also know Im the most alpha guy she has ever been with. Feminism has utterly destroyed most western women. Any woman buying into it is damaged beyond hope.

        15. Ave – you are correct and it sucks… reminds me of an old Roosh post where one must enjoy women but keep the ‘oil well’ analogy as a strategy – take the good times until the well is dry but know it WILL in >99% of American women’s cases.
          I just had a solid profitable Executioner (not a Robber…too Oldhere:) relationship where – after 18mos of almost idyllic times her First (post-divorce) informed her he was hitching… she fucking completely lost it. Thankfully I moved right on to Tinder and had 5 more including a 2level jump in sanity and class.
          I would also recommend readers enjoy a Greek classic that I think Quintius posted some time ago – The Ovid Art of Love – you have to pluck out the key stretches but awesome timeless advice. Always have Two is a prime rule – as per AVe… a man must have the primary and a full bullpen you are correct! along with nonstop improvement and treating women like fun playmates.

        16. Oops – my upper post was meant after this one.
          One tip for those who might not be aware – you can search for your Fave poster on disqus.com to keep up with the latest threads without scrolling here

        17. Ave – I feel your pain, but I (like bear below) am at the other end of the pipe… and believe me it doesn’t matter as much the pre-existing notch count over the Long Run… Game and Manosphere really didn’t exist back in our days, but still divorce in the late40s+ population is 400% (yes sir) the regular rate. 1 in 3 boomers are single and its likely going to 2 in 3…
          I have to say, the first 25y were great for me. She may have cheated but it wasn’t prime time for sure. And my 3 kids are tight (daughters, looking for one on the Grammys some day…). But me starting a business in 2008 (sucks) and me gaining fucking 30lbs, her Dad passing, and her business tanking turned her cold along with all the upscale wivery passing on the technique of Gray Divorce.
          God bless your folks, they are unicorns it seems but tolerance and commitment gotta be there.
          All I can say is emulate your folks with a gal (praying for ya she is around soon) who gets it, and will hang tight, yet sees the carnage, and the 2 of you get semi-off the grid. Remote where bullshit ‘opportunities’ are less risky… they say far upper Midwest have more solid families.
          Have a clear conscience.
          You never know it doesn’t matter how good you are. We fucking could get cancer, all kinds of shit, but if you’re as seasoned as a Seal (I believe you are) going into this battlefield of LTR – again have a clear conscience and prepare for the downside and the upside will take care of itself as much as it is possible.

        18. These 2 posts above are some of the best I’ve read – it summarizes the burden on the American Man in consummating his genetic heritage in this era of Women since back in the 60s when ‘free love’ (e.g. notch count) really took off. We just weren’t armed with the knowledge of how ruined the entire female population would become from that era. And now we must protect ourselves.

      2. I think this explains why I won’t marry. I would need to marry a pre-teen, and I am both too old for that and it is not legal nor acceptable in my culture.

        1. There are a lot of reason not to marry, yours is perfect for people who would like to but understand it won’t work. Woody Allen gets a lot of shit for his move with Soon Yi, but that is exactly the way too do marriage if being married is your desire.

        2. So go to another culture. I can tell you from first person witness that in the Philippines there are many parents that would be overjoyed to have a 40 year old established American man marry their virgin 16 year old daughter.

        1. Thank you 1911. I think, as with a lot of red pill wisdom, all of this is pretty obvious stuff if you just change your perception and look at things fresh and from a new angle.

    2. Nah … their entire lives revolves around sex. The entire consitution of their entire body is aimed toward sex.
      It’s just that our sex drive is more erruptive and external, hence the rooky mistake of thinking men are hornier.

    3. There’s also the issue of fantasy life, which works kind of differently with women, and which may be expressed quite differently depending on the culture we live in.

      1. I wonder if a woman’s axe wound feels like an itch under a cast only instead of shoving a hanger in there they just keep cramming cocks into it.

    4. It’s not about how much T you have, but how your body reacts to it.
      T in a man means many things, but T in a woman acts differently. Too much T, they practically become men. I’ve known of excessively horny women to have lower back hair for example.
      Thing is, some extra T in a man is just that. Extra T in a woman is like a horny bomb.

      1. Ring finger length test. If longer than index finger, exposure to testosterone in the womb. Biggest sluts I’ve known had long ring fingers. Didn’t necessarily act on it, but there was this masculine purposefulness about their pursuit of sex.

    5. For both men and women they should form a normal distribution. Plot both distributions on top of each other and see what it looks like.
      The trouble is gathering reliable data.

  2. “And you might find this shocking, but many women – many, many women – have sex with dogs on a routine basis.” WHAAAA?

  3. This is one of the most useful articles I’ve read in a while. I am bookmarking this.
    Even though it ”shocked” me to read the parts such as the female interaction with dogs, deep inside I always knew it was like this.
    Good article.

  4. Good article and everything here rings true. To me, the funny part is that it took terminal cancer for a woman to become self aware to the point of understanding herself in a way I had already figured out by the time I was a sophomore in High School.

    1. Hah… I’ve heard stories of people who have been insecure their entire lives, and when they undergo a heart surgery or something dramatic like that (basically nearing death but end up surviving it), they return as one of the most confident and self-aware people on this planet.
      It’s probably got to do with asking questions about the meaning of life while you are on your deathbed.

      1. That makes sense. I have always been acutely aware that death is coming for me…even if he is taking his sweet time. Basically, life is a terminal illness.

      2. I actually almost died 2 times in my life , i won’t bore you with the details , and both times nobody except my parents came to see me , even though everybody knew. So yeah , i had the revelation that nobody gives a shit about you even if you die. That changes the rest of your life a lot.

        1. One of the few reasons I am considering marriage. If nothing else, social shame will force your wife to take care of you in these situations.

  5. Sexual promiscuity and multiple sex partners do not bring happiness to women.
    Women without men controlling them are like water without a vessel. It goes everywhere and creates a mess.
    Sad but true. Good article.

    1. “Women without men controlling them are like water without a vessel. It goes everywhere and creates a mess.”
      Nailed it.

    1. I think this friend of his is just particularly fucked in the head. Because I have also had a couple of female friends who let it all out in this way before.
      I mean don’t get me wrong, they are all crazy. But fucking dogs and shit? Come on now.

    2. Yeah, she was crazy (I am certified sport psychologist and have some knowledge of psycopathology). Problem is, she is not alone…

      1. How many of them would you say are like this? I ask because the woman in the article is absolutely batshit insane! And evil.

        1. No, this is grossly in error. What the statistics tell us is that 25% are being treated for being bat shit crazy. The rest remain undiagnosed and untreated.

        2. I am coming to believe that the hot ones are more likely to be just like her. Their extreme fantasies and their complete confidence in the power of their hotness to influence men, to trade sex for favors of any sort, have created absolute monsters out of many, if not most, 9s in the West. Contraceptives, the internet which exposes them not only to porn, but rich men from all over the world willing to put them on jets and put thousands into their bank accounts, and on and on.
          Reminds me of another manosphere post where a hot Hungarian girl admitted to having had over 60 sex partners by her late 20s. When she meets a guy she likes, she’ll tell him she’s only had a few.

        3. but rich men from all over the world willing to put them on jets and put thousands into their bank accounts, and on and on.

          Guys who do this for these bitches are complete idiots. Their desperation is pathetic.

  6. Very well written.Some weeks ago i dumped my girlfriend cause she constantly tried to find my boundaries till it made me really really angry.She destroyed our wonderful relationship by doing relentlessly all the things which i hated.

        1. Marco, you have more self-respect and brain cells than this “aras” fella.

  7. So the chick who told Mr she’d rather spend Valentine’s with her dog is giving it up for free when I offered wine….damn should I have done a dick comparison with the dog ? Haha

  8. I don’t have a whole lot of respect or adoration for women, but I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt on one thing, or, at least, I’m going to lie to myself until I die about this one thing: the majority aren’t getting the red rocket from their dogs.

        1. little girls and ponies. Women start early with horses…its not cuz they love the smell of crap or the flies. They get something else out of taking buttercup out for a trot.

        1. what’s really sad is she looked decent (like ‘sporty volleyball player’ decent) in “Striking Distance” but in just a few years she had her face twisted into “Mr. Ed”

    1. I think the preference for male dogs is because female dogs get’s pregnant and we have to deal with 5 or more puppies to whorry about

      1. Why not just get them fixed, regardless if it’s a male or female? If I walk into a chick’s house and she’s got a great dane with a huge nutsack swinging, then I’m getting the fuck out of there. But if the thing’s been neutered, then I don’t see much of a problem.
        I think that should be the go/no-go test — does the male dog still have his balls?
        Can’t believe I’m actually thinking about this shit, fucking gross.

        1. It was guaranteed to draw the most attention.
          Also, don’t go searching for proof on the net or on file share programs…you will find it, and it is a veritable Pandora’s Box which you can’t unknow.

        2. Because getting them fixed involves time and money, and male dogs or cats don’t get pregnant by default.

        3. Yeah, but would said male dog still have the motivation to mount a non-dog without his nuts? How important is a cumshot to the women who fuck dogs? Pretty important would be my guess, and the lack of one would–in all likelihood–be a demotivating factor that would take away from her pleasure.
          I’m pretty sure dogs with nuts are required to make this thing work. Maybe if the dog is over 50 pounds and male, I’ll just bail out regardless.
          This has given something to think about.

        4. I don’t know, folks do some crazy things when it comes to masturbatory aids. Men go for peanut butter and apple pies. Women will put fake sperm into some kinds of dildos, some will inject (real) sperm through strap-ons/dildos.
          Maybe these dog ladies would still get off on a “living dildo” rather it produces sperm or not?
          Argh, why are you making me think about this more?

        5. I think its time for a re-make of Turner and Hooch, updated for these more sexually fluid times we live in.

        6. right, but woman love cutting the balls off of things. It is one of the few things they will go out of their way for

        7. the fact that it took so many comments to trigger you triggers me. Assumption, I’ve been raped.

        8. I have a buddy (this guy is a straight shooter/not a bullshitter) who swore up and down that he caught his second wife, a cute little redhead, being eaten out by her little male dog that he had bought her as an anniversary gift. She was barely ashamed of it, apparently! Once he kicked her ass to the curb, he was too disgusted/traumatized by witnessing it to date any other women for years after. I think the dude is okay now, but man, that would be horrific for sure.

        9. I actually remember that i read somewhere that many of them let their dogs lick them. Apparently they put something sweet on it to intice the dog and go at it. I’m serious.

        10. If it weren’t for these meddling manginas and white knight pedestalizers out there, they’d have totally succeeded in getting us to hate them.

        11. What kind of dog are we talking about here? Are we talking a big old saint bernard or like a border collie? What size dog would you prefer to fuck over any of us? I’m serious, so help me out. It’s for research purposes.

        12. It makes me think about dog DNA imprinting on future children..Oh fuck.. I’m going to go flying to forget about this…

        13. You have to think some of the most repulsive shit to have a realization that these things DO happen in the real world and guard yourself against it.
          For example, thinking these migrants from the Middle East are peace loving people and welcoming them with open arms made the German citizens vulnerable to assaults we heard in Cologne on NYE.

        14. If I walk into a chick’s house and she’s got a great dane with a huge nutsack swinging, then I’m getting the fuck out of there.

          LOL. I was thinking the same thing. I’m hoping to all things that are holy that that woman in the article is just totally nuts and it’s not common. I mean that can’t be real!
          I’ll admit I’m going to have trouble looking at women who have a dog the same way again. 😛

        15. Obviously this issue is not trivial. So what are the actual facts? What are the actual rates of this practice?

        16. Hey, I’m older and wiser now, but in high school our basketball team used to play “Guess the Shemale” and surf around for the most inappropriate things we could find on the internet when we went to training camp (this was around 1996 though).
          I’ve also never had a problem discussing sexual things frankly, and never did get why the other kids giggled like simps all the time.

        17. haha-1996! You waited 20 minutes for something naughty to be downloaded….You wanna know my trigger? That noise from a 28.8 dial up modem

        18. Doop doop deep doop doop doop doo. Deedrrr drrr dee drrr kksssshhhhh wah hmmm klanga klanga kksssshhhh click.
          “Alright man, we’ve got 3.3 k per second, this minute and a half video will be ready once it gets finished buffering in an hour and a half.”
          All for:
          “That’s disgusting!”
          “How did the bat fit in there anyway?”
          “That’s not real!”
          “I’m going home, you guys are weird.”

        19. “If I walk into a chick’s house and she’s got a great dane with a huge nutsack swinging”
          That sounds like you’ve been there before. Do you see that often?
          Personally, I would take it as a good sign. I would let the dog join in. A 3-way with a Dane sounds excellent. If this is common then I think I fit right in with women these days lol.

        20. I’d rather fuck a horse than any of you. Interestingly, there’s not much written on bestiality and women but there’s reams off it on men. Men and sheep, men and cows, men and dogs, you name it. Get off of your high horses, literally.

        21. Well if that isn’t a Christ fucker. +50% divorce rate and now we need bestiality denial in marriage vows.

        22. St. Bernard?
          Lots of guys say sheep feel closest to real thing, although for some guys the ‘real thing’ might be the sheep.
          Pakistani men consume more porn per capita than any other country; bestiality is their favorite kind.

        23. Well, I wasn’t going to chime in here, but I have heard stories about this too. They involved peanut butter and women smearing it.

        24. +50 divorce rate not nearly high enough as we have a +80% stupid marriage rate

        25. You know, there is an old line I have known forever. No idea where it came from. But when I see a guy who is like super innocent, virgin type lusting after a smoke show who looks like she can make the dead cum the line was always “you are like a dog chasing a car. you will never catch is and if you did you would have no idea how to drive the fucker”
          I am still on only first coffee, but somehow this thread can be fit into this line.

        26. if I am triggered then I am being raped. If you are questioning my being raped by my being triggered you too are raping me.

        27. I heard english women like to pour honey on their clit and then let the dog eat their pussies.

        28. Well, unlike you, at least a sheep will shut the fuck up every once in a while. So they definitely have you beaten there.

        29. Bone cancer, behavioral issues, other cancers.
          Mutilating is not fixing, if there is a medical reason for it then yes, other wise if you are unable to keep track of a large animal simply do not get one imo!

        30. but there is lesser drive, dogs get hard out of over excitement, just some one new and they can get all hard. (Nature is odd like that)
          Depending on age too, if don after puberty they may exihit interest but will have very low initiative to follow through and fizzle out fast, if don disgustingly yung like most they are a-gendered they will never mentaly mature into an adult thus have little to no concept of sex.
          SO it depends on age most of all.

        31. Saint bernard sounds fun, nice big bitch, good sized teats, great personality. I like my girls big!

        32. I like horses too, dogs are more common as they are easier to keep.
          Oddly sheep and cows rank rather low!
          In ranking for communality it is K9, Equine, then you get into sheep / goat territory with cows tending to be last but not dead last
          With women it seems to be Equine then k9, but this has more to do with looks then sex, but with that compensated for it is identical as it is with men, K9, then equine, K9s win top tier due to the fact they are easier to keep and maintain Vs a horse.
          I wish most these individuals where joking or a trolls, it is very depressing to realize there are so many pathetic delusional people out there that are so tragically gullible!
          I’ve said it many a time, the gene pool needs a serious shocking!

        33. Saint? Good choice excellent companions!, I said the same thing.
          For the guys that rather sheep they are knowen as zoosexuals (It is a hybridized term that was generated by the sub culture them selfs.
          It is all so gaining ground as an orientation within the scientific community as the knowledge base builds in volume.
          It is the same for women bty.

        34. If you where to learn some thing real, you’d find the odds are no they would not, they tend to be bottom of the barrel as for attraction go.
          Most humans tend to think of k9 or equines primarily then sheep/goats then cows.
          If you figure out why you can win a Nobel prize!

        35. Ah when all intelligent arguments have gon, nit pick spelling.
          Who am I kidding you guys never had an argument to begin with!

        36. Do they not teach basic biology in school any more? this would go a long way in explaining a great many things!
          Hint, we are not genetically compatible and do not have same number of chromosomes.

        37. Works just as well! got a bit of a mound for a male! well fed pup.
          love 3somes especialy when the k9 is in the middle 😉

        38. I’m glad that after more than two weeks of silence you were able to come up with this witless non-argument.

        39. Well I noticed this site does not attracted many intelligent users 😉
          I only found it out last night as some one was laughing their asses off at all of you, whom posted the addy to here. I did too, and saw the fertile trolling grounds and non of you have failed to deliver 😀

        1. At least that seems Occam’s Razor explanation to me. Better than some morbid fantasy of fucking dogs or cutting them balls.

      2. Hey, it says right there in the RoK Community Beliefs– We believe in trolling our readers. Now go back to mpc and stop ruining a good thing.

    2. Ha, good God, same here, I hope the same here as well. A.V. Yader, I probably enjoy your articles the most out of any writer on here. Just wanted to say that you have an acid wit, you share from your past experiences and put things in perspective regarding women. This article was very good as well; it is kind of depressing, but a good insight into the female psyche overall, I’m afraid.

      1. Thanks for that Kansas, glad you enjoy my writing. I should be getting on track with the red flag series again within a couple of weeks. I had some things pop up that put writing on the back burner, but I’ll be back up to speed here shortly.

        1. I really need the red flag series. I seem to miss some of the things you guys notice immediately.

        2. Yader, your red flag series is one of my favorite reads on RoK. Looking forward to the next article.

        1. not really..but being so incredibly gullible might become quite a stumbling block for you in real life.

        2. And you being a huge beta mangina will be a huge stumbling block to getting anywhere with women. Though I’m betting you don’t care about women, if you know what I mean.
          But at least your dumb reply here got you an upvote from some lurking dyke named “Lisa.” Way to go, champ.

        3. nah.. women tend to appreciate intelligence and the ability to think for oneself.. not so much someone who believes everything he sees on the internet without the brain capacity to question it (read: confirmation bias).

        4. I have some iron to sell in Paris! and a bridge to sell ya!
          Oh and a Nigerian princes need your help!

        5. I have never read a more tragically sad comment then your to date.
          I envy you, I wish I could be so idiotic and delusional to be unburdened by reality, must be nice.
          (Hint the problem is you and we all see it)

        6. Odds are the Dunham Krugar effect too, seems to be very prevalent.
          I learned I should go slightly easier on them as they simply do not realize just how dimwitted they are.

        7. You’re really so butthurt about my comment that it is the most “tragically sad comment” you’ve ever read here? What an emotionally delicate little tinkerbell you are.
          So… do you take your estrogen via pill or injection form?

    3. Many of those women let their dogs sleep in bed with them. What do you think is going to happen?

        1. Dogs don’t need consent. Unlike human men, they didn’t fail that shit test. In fact, they take women’s test and shit on it. Hence “shit test”.

        2. I think generally with dogs if they don’t bite you, or go crazy with bared fangs and shit, then that’s consent. The problem with women is it’s harder to read them, and a lot of the biting, and baring of teeth is going on on the inside

      1. I’m not too sure about the red rocket dipping into the taco sauce. But fido has a much longer tongue than even Gene Simmons, if you get my drift.

    4. Why lie to yourself about it? That is a serious problem. A man or woman who has sex with animals is going to be seriously corrupt. That kind of corruption comes out sooner or later. Better to find out of it this is the case so as to deal with it.
      There are two types of people in the world: those who have “faith” that somehow they can make things better, and those who do not have faith.
      The first type wants to know what is going on because he believes he can change things. The second prefers to be ignorant.

      1. I hate to disagree with you here, but there are many more types of people in the world….I don’t fall into either of those types. I have zero faith in the worlds ability to change, nor am I ignorant to the fact that things are fucked up.
        My eyes are wide open and I am embracing the end times.
        Also, since you are a code monkey I can use my fav line (there are 10 types of people in the world, those who get this joke and those who don’t)
        ALso, also, are people really fucking animals?

        1. “(there are 10 types of people in the world, those who get this joke and those who don’t)” I’m sure you mainly replied so you could squeeze that in.
          You are embracing the end times?

        2. Kind of.
          Yes, in my own way. I have no desire to marry, procreate or even couple. I am comfortable dying alone. I am in a good position career wise, health and live in a place with such a favorable female to male ratio that should I desire it I can pretty much meet a new girl every day.
          I’ve said it here before: I am no hero. The titanic is sinking. You want to polish the brass go ahead…I’ll just be over here trying to get some enjoyment out of the disaster.

        3. I meant faith in “your” ability to change things.
          If you are expecting the world to change, then yes it will, but not necessarily in the way you want.
          Also if you are expecting the world to change in exactly the way you want that’s also unrealisitic.

        4. I sympathize. But let me ask you something if you could have the “perfect” marriage and “perfect” family, etc, would you?
          Because if the answer is yes, then the question is one of costs. Are the costs worth the outcome?

        5. no I get it. I do know that within certain parameters I can change MY world. But despite the will of well intentioned men, the world is imploding. Yes it is bad. I say fuck it. I didn’t break it. I don’t care if it gets fixed. I am just playing the hand I was dealt. It is a shitty hand, but I’ve bluffed a bit and it looks like I am winning — or at least breaking even and enjoying the creature comforts that the casino called the end of the world is comping me.

        6. I wouldn’t. I don’t blame people who do, it is just a matter of personal taste.

        7. yeah, I can relate to that. As codemonkey says below, its a question of the cost-benefit analysis in the end. The cost being mainly old age and your line dying out. I assumed you were referring to the metaphorical end of days but it was always possible you meant it I guess

        8. your assumption is correct.
          As for my line dying out, can’t think of a single reason I wouldn’t want that. Like those people who do ancestry. dafuq anyone want to find MORE family for.
          CBE is what it comes down to in a though analogy, but in reality you wind up paying 100x the perceived cost and getting a sum total of none of the benefit.

        9. I’d say I see that there are costs, but you can’t have everything, and being in control of everything, and not having to deal with stupid shit all the time, is a definite upside. We make decisions. We live with them

        10. and this is my larger point always….there aren’t just two ways to go about it. There are as many different decisions as there are individual men who will make them. My decision might be very different than yours, or code monkey’s or anyone’s….but it is my decisions…there will be costs to it and that is what I need to accept. This doesn’t mean I look at the decisions of others with derision, nor that they ought to look at mine like that. As long as you are honest with yourself and your situation and make your decision and then go with it, then I can’t see a reason one man would suggest another man to make a different choice. I am pretty sure that GOJ and I live absolutely different lives. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect his choices and, I hope, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect mine.
          I will pay my dues for the choices I make and relish in the upsides as well

        11. agree absolutely. I wouldn’t mind being the patriarch of an extended family. For about a week I’d find it blissful. I don’t mind kids etc, but they would stress me out – in this day and age in particular you have to give them your full attention, and that isn’t for me. I was brought up as a protestant. I did think I’d live the good protestant life, family and protestant work ethic, and all that. A fine thing in my opinion. But not all are cut out for it.

        12. If its a ‘perfect’ marriage, why wouldn’t you want it? Wouldn’t perfection be worth the cost, and wouldn’t the cost be included in its perfection?
          Perfection is in the eye of the beholder anyways. What’s perfect to you may not be perfect for me and vice versa. My marriage hasn’t quite yet reached the point I’d call it perfect but it gets better and better every day. As the article points out, women want men to set the boundaries. Set those boundaries such that they equate to perfection, however you define it, and don’t pull your punches when laying them out.

        13. I was trying to find out if it’s the concept of marriage in principle that he has no interest in, or if it was the difficulties associated with marriage against the potential benefits.

        14. The way I heard it was there are 10 types of people in the world; those who think in binary and those who don’t.

        15. I believe the world will change. I have seen a ton of changes in the world in my long life. In fact, with the changes I have seen, I now fear that the world will change. Things could always be worse; and they will be.

        16. Waldo’s back up in this motherfucker & I say we stick to our plan with the babies & the crock pots.

        17. Hoping to die while spending my last penny. Anything left over is going to build to lolknee memorial brothel and whisky emporium

        18. a perfect marriage is perfect for a man who wants to be married…..but a perfect marriage is hell on earth for a man who doesn’t.

        19. I am sure there are a lot of factors in play and that the potential difficulties are one of them. But mostly, I like my alone time, I like my life to be about me and I like to have sex with many different types of women, many way too young to be with me.

        20. This still doesn’t quite make sense to me. If its perfect, everyone should want it. Usually the complaints from men surrounding marriage are the its *not* what one would define as perfect for them – wife is argumentative, lets her figure go, won’t do X Y or Z, the sword of damocles known as divorce hanging over your head, etc.
          If your wife is soft spoken and agreeable, keeps herself in tip top shape, sucks your dick every day, actively finds other women for you to bang and/or have threesomes with and her greatest fear in life is losing you (eg you embody her hypergamic needs) what’s the downside? How could that possibly be hell for any man?

        21. “If your wife is soft spoken and agreeable, keeps herself in tip top shape, sucks your dick every day, actively finds other women for you to bang and/or have threesomes with and her greatest fear in life is losing you (eg you embody her hypergamic needs) what’s the downside? How could that possibly be hell for any man?”
          This sounds terrible to me. I am not saying it is terrible, just terrible to me. I don’t want my dick sucked by the same woman every day. After about a month I would either cheat or shut down. I don’t want someone “allowing” me threesomes. I certainly don’t want my resources to go to a home for a family and while I am at it I don’t want kids…perfect or otherwise.
          I enjoy my time by myself. I enjoy my women that I can date for a few weeks at most and then discard quicker than the condoms I use.
          Why should everyone want a perfect marriage? If you don’t want a marriage then a perfect marriage is just perfect hell. That would be like you saying to me would you like the absolute most perfect grapefruit. No. I don’t care if it is the platonic form of grapefruit. If god himself designed the grapefruit to be the grapefruitiest grapefruit in the universe. I don’t like grapefruits. If it is perfect in so far as it is a grapefruit then it simply is no good to me.
          That doesn’t mean I want to round up all the grapefruits and burn them. They are good for other people. Perfectly valid choices for breakfast. But I don’t like them. So too with marriage.

        22. OK – so there’s no possible marital arrangement you would find amenable.
          You wouldn’t like to be married to a woman that had absolutely no control over how you live your life, not because she ‘allowed’ it but because you just did what you wanted and she knew it was not her place to say anything because its your life you’re living.
          You can run out and get a BJ or sex from any other woman or group of women you can; your wife would be there to get you off as a fallback option if you have an off night. But that’s terrible.
          She neither wants nor requires any of your financial resources and will still keep your home sparkling clean at all times, effectively a free maid service, but that’s not something you could ever want or use.
          She has a tubal ligation and the chance of offspring is zero, since you don’t want them anyway, should you ever want to actually fuck her.
          She leaves you alone at all times and allows you to enjoy being by yourself, except when you explicitly call for her, but you wouldn’t want that.
          None of that sounds appealing to you, correct? There’s no possible long-term arrangement between you and any other woman in the world, real or imagined, you could possibly find favorable? If you hate grapefruits but could engineer one that tasted exactly like your favorite thing to eat in the world, whatever that may be, would you still not eat it?

        23. a) That isn’t marriage
          b) I already have this. Why would I change something in the hopes to get what I already have.

        24. By the way, this basically proves my point. You have been pushed to defining marriage in such a way that there is no possible way for commitment or interconnected growth. What your question here assumes that the perfect marriage is defined the same was as being single. IS your question: If marriage was the same thing as being single would you want to be married then my answer is still no….because why bother

        25. Its not marriage by a traditional blue-pill definition whereby two people swear off relations with others till death, but it doesn’t necessarily preclude commitment or relationship growth. In that scenario you still may enjoy road tripping together, watching the same shows, going to the same concerts, etc., its just not all-encompassing. I think I understand your perspective and, to some degree, your thought process now though. Thanks for the discussion.

        26. This I understand, but also…I have very few friends and none that I see often. My best friend is someone I talk to maybe, maybe once every 6 months. I just don’t enjoy company.
          I enjoyed this discussion as well.

        27. In about 18 days you may very well see a whole shitload of changes my friend.
          God have mercy.

        28. They won. I wasn’t defeated. This is what they have me and I have used it to whatever selfish advantage I could. I wasn’t even a part of the battle. Nothing to do with me. If you want to charge the hill that’s fine. I’ll just enjoy myself.
          Don’t get me wrong. I respect your efforts. I do not accept the condomnation though. This is my reaction to my world

        29. I like to think of myself as the Roman general who saw the end and said fuck it, but I won’t argue with you. You make sense and 6 of 1 half dozen of the other. I’m not suggesting my life to others, just saying it’s what I do

        30. The Saudis are planning to join the US to invade Syria with around 250k men.
          So if we are lucky, then they are just blowing hot air or the guys in charge will manage to do some maneuvers that will stay out of the Russians way.
          If we are not lucky then everyone will stick to conventional weapons and a lot of people will die horribly.
          And if we are really unlucky the Russians will use tactical nukes.

        31. End times, 6000 years and still comming! Sorry but you got ruffly 5billion years to go!
          Personally if I where you I’d just enjoy life, and enjoy how bizaar it all really is and how wonderful that makes it.

        32. I made the end times! it will be ready in 4.89billion years!
          but the earth will be long gon befor then, and a white dwarf will remain, so it is rather subjective but the red giant stage will be awe inspiring

        33. Kids are our future! Unless we stop them NOW!!!
          If we want the human race to survive we need to lower population levels, this is simple logical science.
          So you rather all humanity dies so that you can pop out more meat sacks?

        34. what is perfection?
          For me it is My wonderful k9s around me in a quiet abandoned village leading a quiet life, for others it is an apartment in the big city.
          Perfection is a state of mind, it can never be achieved via materialistic things, it is not an event in space time, but in the consciousness of the mind.

        35. No it is not, try researching it.
          this world can only support so many people with any semblance one can call quality of life, we’ve reached and passed this thresh hold.
          We either need to branch out to space or reduce our populations for the planet to be unaffected and have quality of life.
          Let me guess you deny anthropogenic climate change too?

        36. We occupy less than 1% of the land mass, if you can prove otherwise I’d be happy to hear it

        37. Now try to grasp just what the rest of that land mass is!
          Do you have gills? If no then there goes a good chunk of availible space
          Do you have thick fur and blubber? Well gues there goes another swaft of land
          Scales and no need for thermal regulation? There goes more!
          This is the part all of you nitwits miserably fail to grasp, we humans have a rather narrow band that we can comfortably survive in, then we need un touched land to support the eco system, guess you forgot we are not the only animals on this planet eh!
          I’ll give you a hint, google is not an education, google is not research, try actually educating your self on a very complex system befor making moronic comments!
          How dare nature need land mass that hasn’t been raped and pillaged! How dare ecosystems not bend over and adapt for us!
          bty atm I am pretty well falling asleep and in this state I can recall simple facts! what the hell is your excuse? All I can say is good riddance to our species! As a whole we are to selfish, ignorant, and oblivious to deserve to go on, and till we weed out that thinking we will end, once we accept we are codependent on the eco system and not the center of reality we have a chance to be around longer!

      2. Faith is the glorification of ignorance and stupidity.
        I chose knowledge and science and ethics every time.
        Science, flew man to the moon and stars, gave use medications to cure diseases.
        Faith, flew men women and children into buildings!

        1. I understand, so do you regularly have sex with animals, or is that something you’ve only done once or twice?

    5. Hot women are not fucking their dogs. But the 6’s and below are fucking their dogs. Just go to a dog park in Seattle. You’ll see mostly frumpy women, 35 and over, with male dogs. The dogs act like alphas, not like pets. The dogs are over-sexed, running around humping on anything and everything. Watch long enough and you’ll see those dogs hump on their female “owner.” You can be sure that when they get home, that dog will be humping and she will be on her hands and knees moaning.
      Consider this: This woman is alone night after night. The dog is horny 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Do you really think that frumpy, desperate woman is not going to test out getting fucked by that dog?
      It’s sad but it’s just the way these women have been raised in a corrupted culture. Their minds are all twisted around. They are miserable and on psychotropic drugs. Their hearts are empty. All they know is that they want dick. Their minds are so fucked that they don’t different between human and dog dick.

      1. Consider for a second why the “6” is committing bestiality and you will realize the same reasoning applies to the “10”
        Both the “6” and the “10” can get intercourse from nearly any sort of man at any time they like. Yes, the “6” can get intercourse with a high SMV man as well.
        The sort of man that is willing to have intercourse at the drop of a hat with a high SMV female will also do the same with a low SMV female provided circumstances are convenient.
        What she can’t do is get COMMITMENT from the high SMV man.
        Now with regards to bestiality, neither the “6” nor the “10” is interested in commitment from the animal, what they are interested in is no hassle sex from the animal without having to deal with any complications including the matter being spoken about again to their friends or pregnancy.
        Now further realize that any human being, male or female, that commits bestiality with an animal is utterly corrupt. If you want to tell me a majority of women (attractive or otherwise) commit bestiality, then it simply means a majority of women are broken.
        And before anyone flips out against women regarding this matter, I’d like to point out that bestiality is also a problem among men, especially in areas where social and physical opportunities for intercourse is low.

        1. How does that work with telegony? (Ie dna from a females previous mates found in a later offspring)

        2. ALSO a problem among men? Almost all bestiality involves men and animals. To suggest otherwise is absurd.just when you thought ROK couldn’t sink any lower, it does.

        3. Women have been fucking dogs and animals for millennia. I’m assuming there is a valid reason why the major religions mentioned this in their holy books, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was far more common than anyone would ever think. Disgusting in normal times, kinky in degenerate times, and I think I know where we are on the spectrum in this day and age.
          Unfortunately for this woman with cancer, I don’t think much of this is secret, especially in this day and age. Men are logical creatures and we’ve been onto a lot of this crap for ages and always figured the worst (down to dog fucking). The problem is you deny it, which leads to #2: False Front and more than anything it’s just fucking annoying.

        4. Read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoophilia#Extent_of_occurrence and see there are source there to prove that your statement “Almost all bestiality involves men and animals” is untrue, as is usual with female reasoning. yes, of course it is also a problem among men. However, it is funny how the feminist countries close for pictures of sex between animal and human, but legalizes it actually happening. With men more visually proned (which you maybe deny) you see the outline right there. Might I add that “liberal youth” in Sweden, a youth organization for the party “moderaterna”, newly suggested that sex with animals should be allowed if it is consensual. Their very first word on their web page, when I looked them up? “Feminists”.
          So, tell your friends it’s ok to go have some fun with a dog or something because it’s all so innocent and cuddly wuddly, as long as women do it, isn’t it! And if the group is doing it, it’s ok that you do it, right?
          I am not writing this for you, but for everyone else to see how low female logic can go when trying to make a point.

        5. Do you know what really makes me sick from what you just wrote? The utter dehumanization of people. Absolutely NO WOMAN who is suffering from this illness will EVER be willing to seek help once they hear you speak like that. You are one of those people who used to cause ill people to be ashamed of seeking psychological help.
          It DISGUSTS me that in this day and age you would write something so utterly insane and counter productive. Do you think you are some kind of Victorian jackass wearing a white wig and blathering on about how special women are? Stop it.
          Do I know what the rates are for this depraved behavior is among women? I have no clue. But if you are going to sit there and tell me that women are fairy princesses who eat unicorn farts, then I am going to tell you to please grow up and start looking at women for what they are: human beings that need as much help and aid as any man out there.

        6. Really? Like ANYONE here has never heard of camel and goat-fuckers. Wake up, we know men engage in bestiality too. But this article was not ABOUT men. It was a WOMAN talking about WOMEN.

        7. They made it illegal last year because it took them a great deal of time to realize that animals cant give consent. But dont worry, there are still animal brothels in DK. sick ppl

        8. This is not actually what I have read, it’s true that in the Arab world etc sheep fucking is a stereotype for a reason. But from what I have read in the news about animal brothels in Germany etc, most seem to be about women fucking dogs.

        9. I read and reread your first paragraph and it doesn’t make shit for sense. I did read the wikipedia page which reports Kinsey found at least one occurrence in 8% of males and 3% of females. Seems the ladies have a little catching up to do.

        10. Seems obvious the prostitutes were doing that because the clientele wanted to watch (and pay). I bet they didn’t fuck dogs on their own time.

        11. What in the FUCK are you talking about?! You’re worried about dehumanization of women at RETURN OF KINGS?

        12. Nono, you misunderstand, these are places were women seek out sex with dogs, not prostitute shows.

        13. Yes, And they did. In 2014 they have: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoophilia#cite_note-20
          now, go find a little puppy to breed as your pumping sex slave and take the facts.
          So you see that your statement about “Almost all bestiality involves men and animals.” is untrue. Considering any of the researches. So you did not know what you were talking about, or you lied.

        14. Wrong bet. Read my answer above and deal with the facts. 2014 study, more women than men. And those are the ones that admit it.

        15. Again with the “obvious” just like your “Almost all bestiality involves men and animals.” earlier on which has now been proven.

        16. Another barely thought through answer from you. Let me tell you a little bit (that means not all) about my own life. Outside of my marriage and family, women treated me poorly. Actually quite bad. Why? Because I was always nice. Now, I am never nice to women, except the handicapped and old ones, and now women treat me so nicely. Where did I get the tip: From web pages like Return of Kings. I never help with anything anymore, and they are so nice. What you call “dehumanization of women” is actually women’s true nature revealed and you do not like it. I can understand, considering that fact that women put in so much time and effort to conceal their true and shallow selves. I am disgusted by women now, but I mind you that I have read books by feminists since I was in my early teens (that’s 30+ years now), and it ‘s just recently that everything has come together. Women hate men who are nice, but they like to snuggle with a poodle. Can you figure… (Yes, I was sarcastic, and these are not necessarily the same women.)
          But let’s say you are right in that “dehumanization of women” is all or much of what ROK stands for. Don’t you think it’s about time that women start actually TELLING us what they are like, how they think, and what they really want? (Things that men have no problem with, but which can’t be done because women can’t take the truth? (32 years of marriage speaking, but I pump out the truth and never let her react to it, which makes her happy)) Since women do not speak what they are really about you have online societies like this where men can get together and find out women REACT to things we do, not what they say.
          Again we see how important it is for a woman (I assume you are a woman) to defend her sex, in spite of the fact that it has now been revealed to thousands of men that more women than men have sex with dogs. You clearly state that it is disgusting (or have I misunderstood your stance on puppy love?), and yet still you talk of the “dehumanization of women” as the problem. In this case ROK has shown you that it informs. You should be spending time getting into the heads of these women, and try to find out if there are more of them. This point is the only thing that you are concerned with in the article. And back to the dogs. I seriously call this animal abuse. I don’t care if the dog gets horny and “likes” it (man I gotta puke). Look at yourself.
          Shallow, two-faced AND puppy love. Ahhhh, if only women ruled the world. It would be sooo peaceful, wouldn’t it?
          Since I have showed the readers here how your logic has failed, at least twice (3,3% is more than 2%, ok?), I have nothing more to say to you. You, as others before you, have served as a good example, yet again.
          Have a nice day.

        17. By that same reasoning, all men should want to fuck female dogs. Sex on tap with no effort what-so-ever, and men will do anything for that.
          But I can tell you right now, the thought of fucking a female dog is incredibly incredibly repulsive to me.

        18. That’s because you are more than just a highly evolved monkey. You have a soul, and that soul guides your body.
          Also, obviously most women *who do not have dogs* do not commit acts of bestiality.

        19. Ah, you are an idiot. Sorry, I only assumed you were somewhat stupid, not a complete imbecile. My mistake. Carry on.

        20. Your whole post is a rambling mess. You jump from one topic to the next and confuse fact with your own musings. What ‘barely thought out answer’ are you referring to? You haven’t shown the readers anything except how disorganized your thinking is.

        21. I’m curious about this…you say that women never treated you nicely. First of all, that’s quite subjective – how do you define “nice” behavior? Were you ignored? Belittled? Didn’t receive a “thank you” when you opened doors?
          Also, these seems to be a prevalent feeling on ROK that many men seemed to transition from being a “nice guy” to a “not so nice guy” with the result being better treatment from women, at least in the terms that you define it. There was a another article on here about Social Market Value and how it differs between men and women and how both sexes are more likely to be more lenient for “undesirable” behaviors/traits for someone with a higher perceived SMV, and also more likely to overlook “desirable” behaviors/traits for those with lower perceived SMV. I’m curious your thoughts on this. Is the takeaway that everyone on this site has a low SMV and has to make up for it by being an asshole?

        22. You aren’t remotely curious, you are making a ham handed attempt to delegitimize someone else’s personal experiences while at the same time trying to shame them by implying their inferiority.
          What would be amusing, if it wasn’t so pathetic, is how completely oblivious you are to just how disgusting you come across.

        23. As a natural born asshole the answer is easy. And you knew it. You troll. But some male readers may not. This is for you guys.
          The asshole gets fucked. Thats it.
          I was called an asshole, thrown beer in my face or punched with tiny fists more times than i can count. The vast majority of these girls got fucked. And it was not their nice boy friend. Or their civilized husband. If they punch you they cant control their lust. They want your dick right there. The rest is show for the idiots, you can see it in their eyes.
          Dog fuckers. Not that many. A few for sure. In between their stygians and their vibrators. 35+ women with careers and no children. Sorry sobs. They realized their shit when it was too late. A few get lucky. They get sub-quality children from some beta slub who picked up their worn 35yo pussy and is happy about it. Poor idiot. But most are not even that lucky. They rely on battery power for the rest of their lives. Or their dog. Young women must be fucked and have babies – everything else hurts women. Good for us assholes though.

        24. You know you’re being trolled,right?
          Stop being so emotional.
          Wasn’t there a ban on replying to women by Roosh?
          Smh at the thirsty men replying with novels to one snarky sentence typed by a woman smh.
          All a woman has to do is just type a couple of ad hominem or generic attacks, and BINGO tons of men reply with posts the size of short stories…smh.

        25. Women LIE about everything in their lives, why would they suddenly tell the truth to anyone when they have conditioned themselves to lie? No body is saying all women lie, we are saying most women lie chronically. My ex cheated on me for a year before telling me. She at the same time told me to move out three weeks before Christmas, after I had taken her entire family to Hawaii for three weeks. I gave everything to every relationship I was in and all I got in return was lies and shit. I know you may be one of the women who is better than the others, but with so many of us men being on the receiving end of deceit, why do you talk down to us and make US out to be the deceivers ?

        26. They also can’t say fuck off, I’m not fucking a fat ugly old pig. There is NO consent and I feel sick at the thought of animal fucking. I also would say there isn’t any money to steal so that’s a big loss right there. Just open your dog’s wallet and find out what you can buy with milk bones.

        27. I wasn’t aware, thanks for letting me know. Yes the women on this site are trolls. You should check out Bitch Media and what feminazi women are saying about men. There is something called heartmobbing, which is about taking away free speech from men so Feminists feel safe spouting their hate. These women also are trying to find a way to find out who makes the posts so they can be blocked from expressing their points of view.

        28. wow…….i had no idea……..holy shit, that turned my stomach……..i wonder what level we’l sink to next

        29. while this whole discussion makes me heave, my morbid curiosity lead me to google “women who fuck dogs”………it’s as disgusted as i’ve been in my 57 years

        30. Well, I actually think the women that fuck dogs are probably a very small minority (unlike the person that wrote this article). And I never see women with huge male dogs as he writes, just those small ones.

        31. well, i’m an old player from way back,with lots of notches, and quite used to competition (from other players)…….i never realized i had to worry about the neighbor’s dog………lmao……..i’m sure you’re right

        32. Though it’s true that some dogs work for fire brigades…..and I do hear women find firemen sexy.

        33. you are just a fucking ignorant faggot, do you think you know enough about Venezuelans to come out with those opinions, i kindly ask you to go fuck yourself you dont know anything about us!!

        34. Huhn, thats weird. It sounds like you are replying to a comment I made on another thread.
          Anyway, Im happy to see how angry you are. Because it shows you care about your country. Im sorry for insulting you, if it makes you feel better I am angry because I see that everyone is simply surrendering instead of fighting. Maybe if more Venezualans were like you then that wouldnt have happened.

        35. Correction: the asshole (or rather the dick) does the fucking.
          But .. Yeah. Awesome comment, thanks!

        36. AWALT, loser. FUCK. You just read an article that has top, rare quality material about what women are and you go about “not all women are like that, there must be good women out there”. You’re asking to be cucked again, homo.

        37. prove it… make one logical argument that is relevant in the context being under consideration (hint: it’s not about you or the other persons).

        38. Y’all sure are sensitive. How is that belittling, exactly? Both questions were and are genuine.

        39. proof of these aleged brothels? I keep hearing that garbage yet no one ever seems to have any shred of evidence!
          One thing to state opinions, it is another to lie.

        40. Proof of a soul please.
          I won’t hold my breath for that bty. You are a biochemical machine and at some point you will die, and when that biochemistry ceases all that is you will as well. So do some thing good rather then making moronic false claims!

        41. You clearly never been around any animal ever to make such a dimwitted comment.
          My animals can easily tell me what they like and do not like, example some of the dogs love baths others do not. Unlike 98% of humans I give a crap about my animals choices so I wiegh the need Vs their desires, so the ones that do not like baths only get them when it is needed greatly.
          Mammals for the most part have all the same signaling systems as we do, that is why you can get consent from lets say a Russian women even though in this scenario you do not speak Russian.
          If you had a shred of honesty you’d learn these things befor making such statements.

        42. Wow you are a simpleton if you think this article is of ANY value at all.
          BTY I have some iron to sell you, it is in Paris!

        43. Interesting, it seems like you are going through all my comments and trying to reply to each of them. I’m flattered.

        44. I can see from this that you are a passive agressive coward. Someone who had courage would threaten me, you are too pathetic to do even that.

        45. If I am a bio-mechanical machine, and my thoughts are the results of my bio-mechanical nature, then it doesn’t actually matter if they are “true” or “moronic” or not, all that matter is whether they are effective in enabling me to function. For example, that I see the color “red” is irrelevant if the actual wavelength of the photons hitting my eye actually have a “red” color or that this is the interpretation my mind gives to that wavelength.
          So at the base line, if I, and many others (actually it’s the majority of intelligent people) of effective people believe X, then it’s irrelevant whether X is “true” in the sense that we understand it, as much as it is relevant that X is what makes us effective.
          You however, are a clearly broken machine, as evidenced by the neurotic manner in which you are obsessing over my comments. None of which were directed at you, and never have we even interacted previously.
          Like most broken SJWs, that is to say: envious cowards, your entire method relies on emotional manipulation of others to gain that which you simply cannot gain on your own ability. Odds are that your ancestors developed this method as a means of survival, otherwise, you’d be cast out for being a consumer who gives precious little next to nothing to the group as a whole.

        46. Not even I am so low as to call another a SJW
          So you swung and missed epically 🙂
          Shame you started off as intelligent then fell of a cliff <_<
          So I’ll resume taking you as a joke!

        47. What you wrote is so stupid. There is no logic, no reason, just ridiculous childish assertions. There is no meaning in any of it.
          I feel like I am having a conversation with a damaged thing that resembles a human being, and desperately tries to mimic human conversation, but is really just too crippled to understand anything.

        48. A good rebuttal; would adress what parts are a rambling mess, provide counter arguments, and disprove what is said.
          Instead all i read is ad-hominem attacks at the readers “thoughts”, something about facts and musings?
          Your post, is a rambling mess, unlike Burt’s, precisely because it contains no rebuttal’s on any specific points, just sweeping statements. Good day, feminista, better luck next time 😉

        49. You must be an agent or advocate of national satanism. Human beings are not machines. Regardless of what you, the evil Huxley brothers, Eugenics demons of either sex, say.
          The reality is the dark and pathological attributes of the human temperament are being encouraged today. Western women are inculcated through all of the tech toys but under the auspices of 2nd and 3rd wave feminism, which fosters only mental and emotional illness.

        50. How would you know that? What are your stats and substantiation?
          A Liberal Arts Degree? Feminism 101?

        51. Kinsey was an agent of government think tanks. A self-hating homosexual who was also a notorious pedophile. He altered his sick findings; supported eugenics, and was misanthropic.
          How typical of the American-college educated to suck on the paps of Kinsey’s cheer-leading on the sexual dysfunction wagon train.

        52. Clearly, you’ll need to find some clarification first; offline and amidst
          humans who are not merely wasting time in a cyber orgy of unreason.
          Enjoy your Freedom Fries from your Victory Garden.

        53. Not an american dippy. you desperately need to get a science education, hopefully undo some of that midevile brain washing you so clearly cling too.

        54. Good morning to you, he/she who can not spell.
          “midevile” Eh? Brain washing.
          You would not know the first thing about your inculcation, Jack. Have a nice day in the puerile world of cyber-waste.
          I desperately need to never meet people like you in public.
          Enjoy replicating Fear. Please let’s let this go, unless you’d like to meet in public for a talk.

        55. You are the one trying to spread fear with the god delusion, trying to fight against education and reality.
          Reality all ways wins in the end as one educates them self, the evidence is there, it is clear cut, if you actually care if what you think is true you’ll get there, but odds are you don’t care whether what you believe is true or not, cling to the fantasy mate!
          You meet people like me in public every day, you just can’t figure it out.

        56. If we’re just biochemical machines (proof for the machine part), then your thoughts too are just random non-rational chemical reactions, including the ones that make you say and believe we are just biochemical machines, including the same processes that have totally blindly made-up wrods such as biology and chemistry and literally everything else, therefore, everything is irrational, contradicting, truth doesn’t exist and nothing makes sense.
          Your viewpoint is self-refuting.
          On a side note, this article is retarded. Must have some really edgy autism to believe that dog crap. Even beats the pretentious edginess of pseudo-intellectual atheists who are too slow to realize nobody’s impressed by you being an atheist anymore (or worse, a mechanistic physicalist), it’s so 2013 or whatever.
          If you’re an atheist but aren’t an absurdist or a Nietzschean existentialist, your view is intellectual dishonesty manifest.

        57. Every new movement, such as neomasculinity, has to be filthed by edgy shits like you. No, all women aren’t the same, we don’t live in a one-dimensional simplistic world with 2 extremes. Just like all men aren’t the same. You think someone writing an article about “all wymen with dogs fuck ’em” is actually truth without having no evidence whatsoever.

        58. You must be brand new to the internet?
          Search portals, such as DuckDuck GO. and Google are very easy to use! Have you ever considered setting out to research on your own, maybe people that don’t post sources expect others to do their own research possibly?
          Log onto Google and enter this search parameter: animal brothels in Europe

        59. I show you how to answer your own idiotic questions, and you declare I am gullible?
          Do tell.

      2. That’s what I was just saying.
        You in Seattle? We should have a meetup. At an actual pet store too.

        1. Seattle? Where were you sons of bitches while I was getting my skull cracked with skateboards? Too smart to join me, I guess – can’t say I blame you. Well, at least I can verify the threats were legit

        2. Is E.D. Murray and Socialist Sawant still trying to ban the use of “brown bag lunch?”
          I’ll forever consider Seattle the most stunning major city in U.S. When the sun shines, you have to stop n go — “Wow!”
          Few know about the 73rd observation deck of 76 floor 1000′ Columbia Tower. I took my Seattle Native friend up there on a clear day and he was in awe. Go up there vs. Space Needle. 400′ higher and $11 cheaper.
          But it’s like SF, Portland and Seattle are trying to outdo the irrational liberalism.
          Moved back to Maine. It was hell adjusting back from coast to coast. Nevertheless — I’ll take my governor, Paul LePage (WHO CALLS IT AS IT IS) anyday over that STUPID Liberal PC shit in Seattle.
          GO HAWKS 12 !!!

        3. F-Ballard, Capitol Hill, Freemont! Faggot SJW Central!
          I lived in Belltown by Pier 70. I ofent took the ferry over to Bainbridge/ Winslow. Harbor House. Shit — some hotties over there!
          Seattle is less than a degenerate epicenter than Portland. PDX East Side — YIKES!
          Damn. Seeing you guys from Seattle on here, I’m slightly longing to get back out there. I loved the magic of HAWK games. And would go to many Mariners games. Met the hottest girl who was also Italian on Mercer Island. Ridiculously nice rack, tight body. Italitan Chick who on FB dreampt of motherhood. How ironic.
          Shit … off season for my business in NE, money in bank … maybe I pull a casual trip out to SEA-TAC.

        4. Wish there was a messaging system in disqus or something, instead of trying to get in contact via throwaway emails (considering this IS public), anyways, the meetup time/location got changed, it all went underground when shit got canceled and everything went insane.

        5. I lived right near Sea tac airport for a while…I didn’t know I could hate a place as much as I hated that place.
          I cant wrap my head around how any red pill man could live in seattle long term. Shivers.

        6. I did 5 years in the NW.
          Looking back at my last two years — I was beyond miserable there but didn’t want to admit it. Between the chronic gray clouds from November ’til 5 July and the irrational SJW/ lefties EVERYWHERE.
          The best decision I ever made was to leave Seattle and head back to Maine where I grew up. Winters are colder in Maine but there is an “S” Ton more sun. And Summer begins by May. I hated that crap in NW until 5 July.
          Most importantly, there’s a high level of common sense here. The folks in Maine who even vote (D) would be in shock on how irrational/ Marxist Left is out there in Seattle.

        1. Wi Tu Lo my fav name on here followed closely by Tessio Was Always Smarter.
          Got that FAA troll was just the funniest thing ever

      3. Patriarchy would make an example out of a few women, and then put a halt to this shit. If women’s employers, friends and lovers knew this shit they would have no choice but to rely on men. And being the masochists they are, they would love it.
        Any group of people with little to no real consequences is going to end up fucked in the head.

        1. I don’t know, I am with AV here. I am having a hard time believing that women are fucking dogs. That is so next level

        2. It’s what happens when people are not held accountable for anything. Nothing surprises me anymore. Not in this culture.

        3. Yeah I’m not sold brother. There is a huge gap between “not being held accountable” and “I’m going to fuck Fido”.

        4. Not when the lack of accountability has been going on for so long that 80% of the internet is pornography.

        5. Like I said in another comment, 80% of the internet is pornography. That’s a lot of girls being so debased that they would film sex and allow it to be posted for everyone to see.

        6. I have no problem believing that. Women these days will spread their legs for anyone OTHER than a man who treats them well. Women are irrational, emotional parasites who need a man to constantly keep them in check. I simply don’t have the energy for that sort of thing.

        7. It’s a slippery slope. And considering that nearly all women can be turned lesbian, beastiality is not much of a stretch.

        8. Read my other posts in this discussion, and make a new assessment.
          It’s not the next level, it is the truth about women. That is, dog f****ing is true about some women, albeit too many. But there are other things in this article and other places that make it more than believable. It’s documented. Read chapter 2 of Steve Moxon’s The Woman Racket, and the chapter “The complaining sex” of Martin van Creveld’s The privileged sex. Also read the book “Sexual Utopia in Power”. We must stop romanticizing women as our forefathers have done. We are paying dearly for that now. There is no reason to romanticize women. NONE at all…

        9. Believe me, I’m the last person you need to warn about not romanticizing women. I am totally with you. I guess beastiality is just hard for me to get my head around—doesn’t mean it’s not true of course, just too be for me to compute

        10. Totally true. Like I said above, my brain just finds a hard time getting around actually fucking dogs.
          I think, for the reasons you give, MGTOW is a perfectly valid way of life. I think I’d say I am MGTOW light. I’ve gone my own way, but my way, while not ever involving a relationship, does involve me beating up quite a few axe wounds.
          The more emotionally unavailable I am and the less I give them more they just do anything and every time another one will do just anything I want for literally nothing in return I get another step further away from them as people and more as just pretty little fuck toys.

        11. When you take notice that bestiality involving women is cited in “innocent” mainstream books like The Kite Runner… I think Aldous Huxley above has some valid points.
          The doom is being as naive as a man to consider a woman as your moral equal.

        12. Yeah, I am skeptical as to the numbers. But. I was shocked the first time I saw, at age 15, a video of a woman fucking and sucking off a dog.
          If you can pay a woman enough to do it publicly, to be seen by the whole world, her own family and friends included, why wouldn’t some uncontrollably horny woman with zero sense of self-worth, with zero sense of sexual morality, not “explore” as she’s been told to do her entire fucking life, since day one, as a woman.
          It’s sick, totally fucked up shit. But I’m more inclined to believe it now than ever before. There’s a reason why the Bible puts strict rules on sex. Marriage only. No divorce outside of adultery. Otherwise, it goes bad, and quick.

        13. That is an amazing way to put it. I will forever remember that, because it is so true. I cannot think of one single woman I have met in my entire life that could muster anything close to my own desire, passion, and ability for moral thought and action.

        14. There’s actually a pretty big market for “monster erotic novels”. One of these is “Cum for Bigfoot”, about Bigfoot violently raping women. This fucked up story has sold 100,000 copies on kindle (a pretty huge haul, the female author Virginia Wade is now a millionaire).
          I won’t pretend the majority of women are into having sex with animals, but women who fantasize about things verging on bestiality are probably a good 30-40%.

        15. I’m a speech therapist, I work on a head trauma unit and I have a master’s degree, as do my co workers. All are female, none are ‘fuck toys’ . Do you ever think you are looking in the wrong place?

        16. This fucking place is an echo chamber. Nearly all women don’t ‘turn’ lesbian; no one wants to fuck dogs.

        17. No one wants to fuck dogs, huh? The use of superlatives is a good indication that someone is lying. And I have personally witnessed women turn lesbian for maybe a day or so or just long enough to get men to pay attention to them. Frankly, few things a narcissistic attention whore ever does will surprise me.
          Go back to Tumblr or Lezebel or wherever it was you came from. I’m not going to stop believing what I know is true because you say I’m wrong.

        18. I don’t know exactly how the process works but I’ve seen it happen. The recruiters are everywhere.

        19. You are mixing things up, since we are supposed to come with smart, short answers. I understand you come from some sociological education. Don’t care to answer. You have been a good example all the way through this thread, and for that I thank you.

        20. soooo? What’s your point? That lolknee and I and numerous other men don’t actually experience that when we are not nice to women they are nice. When we are nice, they are not. Although women SAY the opposite.
          Get your head around it. I burned a female journalist with a masters degree in political science. I bet her that I could find 100 lies that her newspaper had written. I did, without any problem. She bragged on and on about her degree. Seems like women brag a lot, as well. This is the fourth largest newspaper in my country, by the way.
          Bragging, shallow, two-faced and puppy love. This is serious.
          But nice to hear that you have gathered a bunch of female co-workers who are not ‘fuck toys’. But then again, there seems to a bit of a communication problem when women talk, so how is it possible to trust what they say (if you are a man) or what you say (if you are a woman).
          I suggest that you put the masters degree on the shelf for a while and start thinking for yourself. But since you know about head traumas, you know about the Corpus Callosum, and how men’s and women’s speech abilities differ after the same head trauma. That means that you probably know that women connect everything with everything making it hard to reason and think logically, explaining the ratio of male/female mathematicians at a higher level. So why do you even protest or try to make the number 3.3 smaller than 2.x, as I have exposed that you did further above.
          Read the above once again: Women are not nice to nice guys. I have become a bad boy, at the age of almost 50, and I am loving every minute of it, because women are nice to me, for the first time. It’s been working for a couple of years and it’s getting better and better. What you SHOULD be doing is asking women (maybe yourself) why the hell women don’t like nice guys, to end this vaginacracy. But you rather stay in your trench and believe that neither this nor that is true. I am sorry, and I mean it, it is true (both that women have sex with dogs, not the other way around dearest, like you said in your early post, and that women like bad boys). After all, what is dog, but a macho man bad boy in disguise. Just a little humor at the end…that you probably do not find funny.

        21. I don’t think so. I couldn’t plunge a knife into a stranger and feel nothing. Hell, I doubt I could be a surgeon and cut people open. I would never kick a dog. I have feelings and emotions, I just don’t share them. They are mine. It is the Provence of women, homosexuals and weaklings that they need to share and validate feelings. Saying this makes me a sociopath or a sociopath in the making is simply incorrect.

        22. You do speak the truth. Look above, I just gave her a little poke in the ribs and I think she is obsessed with me now.

        23. It must suck to become a boy at 50. It’s difficult to penetrate the wall of misogyny here to make a point, but here goes, Nice guys’ are usually not nice at all once you penetrate their fake personae.If they were, it would not be easy for them to flip themselves to bad when it suits them. You are not a nice guy.

        24. You guys spend your lives trying to trick omen into bed and you think you are morally superior? Please! The truth is men expect women to be morally superior and they are angry and disappointed when we are just human.

        25. It should be obvious if a woman ‘turn lesbian’ for a day or two she is play acting. You guys hate when disbelievers post here because you are used to talking only with people who agree with you. It’s like watching Fox News.

        26. I don’t come from a sociological education; I’m a speech pathologist. We study expressive and receptive language, anatomy and physiology. You should get your facts straight straight before flinging insults,

        27. I like how @lolknee said “pretty little fuck toys,” yet you simply said “fuck toys”; essentially admitting that you and your master’s degree holding talk therapist buddies are a bunch of ugly, obese, and generally unfuckable losers.
          Additionally, one of my favorite lines from women and men who don’t get pussy is: “You’re just looking in the wrong places.” Where are the right places, lerellen? How old are you and how many dudes have you fucked in your lifetime; how overweight are you in reality? Are you a “good girl”? Because a “good girl” hasn’t slept with more than three men — is that you?
          What’s humorous is that even though there is no way to find out who you are, what you look like, and what your true history actually is — you’ll still lie in your answers. But hey, let’s hear those lies anyway.

        28. Essentially admitting what? God you are grasping for straws. Do you think I give one fuck about how you define a ‘good girl or what you think I look like?
          Most of your comments are semi-intelligible but when discussing women you go full sputtering retard.

        29. Ok, regardless of all that, what do you think of the content of the article? We are all corrupt in some way, but it seems that women’s general corruption has been overlooked, while men’s (white men’s, in particular) has been emphasised/exaggerated. If this article is accurate, and if this knowledge became as widespread as the legs of the women depicted therein, societies may start to look at women as being greater contributers to social decay. And, shock horror!, impose some restrictions on them. No more my body my choice/it’s my party and I’ll cry if i want to/etc.

        30. Don’t be silly. It’s merely a half hearted expectation that you would have some semblance of morality, obligation to truth, loyalty, etc. But when it’s completely absent, and a very noticeable chunk of you are subsumed in vanity, perfidy, incredible and utter illogic and stupidity, treachery, etc, those of us who aren’t desperately bewitched by your herpetic axe wounds begin to wonder ‘what sort of feral protozoa are these?’ what sort of prozac wonder/hinterlands do you inhabit where accountability is conspicuous in its absence? Nobody ever expected women to be morally superior. Haha, that is just too cute.

        31. That’s some flexible moral relativism you have there. You think that’s normal behaviour to contradict your biological programming do flippantly, and live the embodiment of a lie? Do men get such lee way to play act by society, do you think?

        32. “Nice guys’ are usually not nice at all once you penetrate their fake personae. If they were, it would not be easy for them to flip themselves to bad when it suits them.”
          Awesome comment. I completely agree. Now, given you have no problem exposing the phony personae of “nice guys”, why should you have a problem with the men here exposing the phony personae of “good girls”?
          Why two faces, hun? Are we not allowed to try and see beyond surfaces? Does that make us sexist, misogynist pigs?
          If that’s the case, then may I introduce myself as a sexist misogynist pig. Though, if it makes you feel any better, I try to see beyond the surfaces of anyone’s persona, male or female, so do give me credit for being egalitarian. : )

        33. i saw it. I’m sorry. i get it’s probably true on an intellectual level but i really need not to imagine this as a possibility. it’s bad enough that I’m already eyeing every woman with a dog on the street

        34. Could someone ban this troll? Seriously. She/he/whocares is taking up a lot of space on the board, it’s hard to read the intelligent comments with this noise around. Thanks.

        35. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Women deceive men all the time but get their panties in a wad when men do the same thing. Her female arrogance once again rears its ugly head. She seems to think that we’re still completely unaware of feminine deception. Of course she’s going to do that because gaslighting works on the simps she’s used to dealing with.

        36. Do you really think we’re a bunch of desperate fools who will believe anything you say because you have a vagina we want access to? Think again. We in all branches of the Manosphere (MRA, PUA and MGTOW) not only understand your TTP (military parlance for Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) and have even catalogued them.
          You have clearly underestimated the caliber of men you dealing with here.

        37. At the very least, I don’t judge those accused of crimes like that. I wasn’t there and I don’t know what happened. There is always a strong possibility that a man accused of these things is innocent. And in the case of domestic assault, she may have brought it onto herself.

        38. I think you are all desperate idiots for taking such a web site seriously! I can’t believe people buy this garbage here!

        39. It is your body your choice, whether you want to jump into a wood chipper snort 8 pounds of coke or take it from behind by a horse.
          If you love fascism and dictatorships so much feel free to move to the middle east, or, if there all ready stay put!

        40. and equally high for men, so the point? Humans love to f-ck any thing and every thing for the most part, just like all other animals, plenty of cases of bucks slamming it to mares and cows, so on, as mammals we reproduce by sex and bulk of the species aren’t picky with whom they try it out with!

        41. Dud, just admit your gay, no one is going to slag you for it.
          Life is so much better when you are true too your self.

        42. and in ten seconds of searching you can see guys doing a horse or being don by a horse, so there goes that crap nugget you just pushed out 😉

        43. or they do both! Personally I find some one screwing a lifeless piece of plastic far more sad then sharing pleasure with another intelligent living being (And dogs have most the guys in here beat by miles in far as brains go!)

        44. How ignorant and bat shit insane do you people get? I thought the crap in the top was gold, just gets better!

        45. in most cultures yes they do, it is only the screwed up ones that cling to mid evil fairly tails that get all weird about sex.

        46. I think they sparkle in sun like and glow in rainbow colour at night. I think I heard they live in closets some times too.

        47. I think you’re getting way way way over thier heads here, need to dumb it down to the bacteria level of understanding. Hell they think the crap posted here is of value!

        48. Your comment has no meaning at all, no context, no application to anything going on around it. You could have just strung together random words and achieved the same thing.
          You aren’t even a good troll. The only reason I’m responding to you is that I am in a state of shock that anyone could be so stupid.

        49. “Dud”: pretty good synopsis of your comment. You see gayness everywhere and in everything do you? How does that make you feel?

        50. If there were trophies for opinions, you’d deserve one for taking part.

        51. Because being nice to nice guys is suicidal for women. Unless the nice guy is part of a brotherhood that backs nice guys, ie Patriarchy. That is, where all the men look out for each other and she is told by her father which nice guy to marry.
          Such a nice guy society automatically gives children to the father, has no special rights to women, ignores DV calls, reasoning that the woman knows how to pack a suitcase and leave if its a problem for her, does not provide an alimony of women can work, and does not imprison husbands on the whim of the wife, all of which do not exist.

      4. This is a good post. Can you shed more light on this? I think you have good insight and I’m curious to know more.
        What causes this? Can you be somewhat specific? I don’t see sex with dogs promoted in the media. Is it a natural result of the men becoming more feminine? How can we fix this? Has sex being promoted too much caused this or is it lack of real men to fulfill the women?

        1. Also I read some replies below that took the discussion further and they were good posts. This is a huge topic that needs discussion. Any else feel free to comment.

        2. Yup god says incest is cool! Just ask Lot!
          And the bible is all for bestiality I wonder how adam managed the finch? Most likely needed duct tape for that session!
          Oh remember never to covet your naighbors Ass (Donkey) gues they liked them jennies back int he day! and oxen too!
          In no other book can you find such huge servings of steaming bull dung then the buybull.

      5. Former Seattle resident (GO HAWKS 12!)
        Good friends with owners of Pike Place Bar n Grill (BAG) — Hugh n Sandy. LEE the bartender on Saturday, GAY male but AWESOME GUY!
        Go in there n tell ’em I said hi. Michael from Maine. My friend Scott Wallace goes in there every Saturday night. Be wild to connect some RoK guys with my Seattle friends.
        I lived in an affluent area. Belltown by Pier 70. Would do HH at Romio’s on corner by Olympic Park. I could intellectually compete with any of them. But didn’t give a damn about money to compete. And that I disliked about living in city. The women who hadn’t by hi-jacked by feminism in that town wanted guys who were 50 Shades of Grey like.
        I’m from Maine originally and came back. Live on lake now resurrecting stone business. I miss the buzz of the city … but do not miss the PC/ Liberal BS of Seattle n Portland.
        Oh Man. Go into the BAG on a Saturday Night n say hello to my friends. They’ll know who it is :0)
        GO HAWKS! Was at some of the BIG Games at Clink including NFC Championship v. 49ers. That 12th Man is beyond addicting

      6. I just had a friend visit that is from Seattle and from what he tells me, it is no place for any self respecting man. He actually told me that the younger women out there refuse to be referred to as “she, her or miss.” They prefer to be genderless and would rather be referred to as “it” or something genderless. it’s fucking crazy.

        1. Well as a guy this is a given fact, out of all body parts it is my cock I guard the most carefully!
          I like my joystick!

        2. I think he’s coming onto you, he likes his gay guys to be flaming 😉
          but now is it a hit or miss?

        3. Well when you rip your teeth out and suck my cock to rapture I may give half a shit about your opinion, well honestly not even then, just remember to swallow like a good bitch!
          Actually never mind, I’d rather just let the dogs do it, I know they are at least clean and hygenic.

        4. Suck your cock?? What are you going on about faggot? Either take your tablets or lay off the booze pillow-biter.

        5. Ah you idiots are too fun. So how does it feel to be so limited in brain function? Must be nice to be so unburdened by critical thought.
          Well I hope you and your hand enjoy a great many years together because if that is how you are irl it is all you’ll ever get!
          Now run along like a good lil gullible bitch that you are 🙂

        6. You’ve yet to say anything that could ever be confused with an intelligent or rational thought. The only real contribution you will ever make to society is when you assume room temperature and biodegrade. Maybe you should stop projecting your unpleasant attributes unto others and start examining yourself.

        7. dam too easy here, you are no challange, Swing n a miss but that is what is so fun winding you idjits up. Watching you make such epicaly wrong wild ass assumptions.
          Now be a good lil bitch and keep frothing at the mouth 😀

        8. I’m playing with you, as a cat would a dead mouse. Whereas, You’re cursing and misspelling words; Who’s frothing at the mouth again, my friend? Lol. Google “Dunning–Kruger effect” to better understand your role in this scenario. That’s all the time I have for you. Ttyl weirdo.

      7. I’m highly skeptical. And I’m FROM Seattle and lived there for decades. However, women do make terrible dog owners and let their dogs run wild. Especially women with large aggressive dogs who clearly don’t know how to handle them.

      8. Or, and this is just a theory, women aren’t having sex with dogs and this is projection on your part.
        It just – which is more likely – a) a large number of women are having sex with dogs and it’s taken the death bed confession of an anonymous women who may or may not exist to reveal it or b) you have a weird fantasy about women having sex with dogs?

        1. If you haven’t had any in years,,,, and you’re looking at, your dogs fluffy ears,,, Don’t worry, be happy!

        2. What you’ve written seems to suggest you find your dog’s ears attractive.
          What an odd thing to write.

        3. must not listen to much comedy stations it is a parody of the “be happy” song, besides I’m more of a tail guy 😉

        4. I’m surprised more people aren’t noticing that this man most probably made this entire thread up to feed into his own agenda. I’m not saying this stuff isn’t true, but this blog-post is extremely shady if you read between the lines. It’s almost obvious.

    6. I don’t know, dude. I can remember three chicks back in high school who admitted to making out with their dogs.
      My school was fucked up.

        1. If that’s puppy kisses, would that mean a Dubai Doo Doo bath is really just an exfoliating body wash?

        2. LMFAO!!!!! I’m FWD-ing this article and comments to an acquaintance then send him a pic of this slag who he likes who is french kissing a pit.
          Doesn’t now he’s coming across as a chump. He’s fucking a couple of high-4s and one 5 and says if he wasn’t happy with his “ladies” (that’s what he calls them!!! LOLOLOLOL) he’d be hitting this scank.
          That’s what’s wrong with too many guys with no standards. They will approach fugly bitches when they can get the same emotionally broken bitches in a much hotter package, instead of looking at some fat bitch who’s a 3 at best.
          That’s why you have these ugly stankhos acting like their’ god’s gift to males.

        3. ROTFL!!!! Some thirsty pleb who works at a bar we use to manage fucked this fat bitch and complained about how her pussy was as nasty as peeling apart a grilled cheeze sandwich.
          Now we know that it was dog splooge and not moldy cheeze.

        4. It’s not only hot girls who fuck dogs. Ugly bitches like this pig with the flabby, stumpy legs probably have to bend over and spread her stinky hatchet wound for her pooch when no thirsty men will tap her rotten vag.

        1. so fucking foul. Women truly are the more disgusting sex. That’s why men invented makeup, perfume, hair products, and fashion. Because they’re foul, dirty, and ugly without them. And if left to their own devices, all of civilization would turn ugly and look like a shithole.

    7. Yellow labs must be well hung dogs because every frumpy Subaru owner and her sister in Seattle has one.

        1. if they where that then I’d wager they’d have a bitch (They actualy lick more as the female is the one cleaning the den and looking after the pups so it is more deeply ingrained)

      1. average length can be 9inches and very thick.
        Sorry guys but they beat you 10 out of ten times in both size and performance. SO deflate that ego.

    8. This is the logical result of sex positive feminism, women reduced to the level of animals. ROK was very brave to publish this.

    9. Re: The dogs
      An older wiser single friend of mine who has travelled the world and has imparted some red pill advice to me over the last couple of years has made some reference to hot girls with large dogs and implied that they were fucking them. I always assumed it was a joke, but after reading this article, and acknowledging that the rest of this guy’s advice has been spot on, and watching girls do sick stuff (2 girls one cup) and having seen videos of them blowing horses, fucking dogs, etc.. I dunno.. assuming there is some truth to this article and the girl with cancer actually existed, I’d be inclined to believe it.

        1. I hope it’s ice cream.
          On a separate, but equally disturbing point, I think maybe it was Daniel Tosh or somebody who referenced Japanese fetishes for girls to vomit into each others mouths.

        2. I think even more disturbing than the actual video was a followup one someone sent me, that is an interview with a girl who does these types of scenes. I saw it several years ago, yet it is vividly imprinted in my memory. The entire interview was in German, so I had to trust the translation, but considering the girl’s HUGE grin as she was describing something with great enthusiasm, I had to believe that the words below that explained how she loved, loved loved, poo in her mouth, were true. Yeah, there are weird guys out there, people into feet and what have you. But this was a WHOLE new level.

        3. Fucking Germans. I was in Berlin some years ago and I was hitting on a girl in a bar in Kreutzberg area. It’s funny because she was stupid hot and I was fighting some serious need to go back to my rooms and take a dump thanks to rich german food. I was literally trying to spit game, with a language barrier, while turtle heading.
          It turns out she wanted me to shit on her chest in the bathtub (which I found out later at my place). I believe it was the funniest bit of irony ever. The best part is, upon hearing this it immediately “went away.” Like all bodily functions shut down just at the thought of the disgust.
          I’ve known girls so in love with me that I could talk them into anything and girls who are so money hungry than they would do anything for the right amount of money….but this girl WANTED this.

        4. It is crazy. I have never been into doing anal with a girl. Not my thing. I don’t want to be in the shit as it were. I figure there are two self lubricating holes on a woman and I can enjoy them just fine…the idea of putting my cock into someone’s filthy dumper just always seemed, well, yucky. That someone would not just willingly do, but desire, to have someone shit all over them is mind boggling to me.

        5. Yeah, in theory, I’d like to try it, maybe on a feminist or a particularly depraved woman, but the times a girl I liked has actually offered it to me I have been repulsed by the idea.

        6. I’ve tried it. I tried a lot in my early 20’s. As I got older I realized that holes that get wet all on their own and don’t have poop in them are generally better for insertion.

        7. I dont have anywhere near your level of experience, so take this insight with a grain of salt, but it seems to me that women have a real need to be dominated by a man. When that need is not met, ie they are put on a pedestal, told they have special grrl powers, etc. then that need gets met in degraded ways.
          Whats also interesting is that your mind shut down your bodily needs when it realozed what it was being asked to do. That is very interesting because it means that if someone has his head on right he can resist destructive concepts in much the same way the body resists infection or illness,

        8. With your first point I agree wholeheartedly (hole heartedly yuk yuk) and it really is the lever and fulcrum that moves the world.
          As for the second, yeah. There is a level where the mind can say “that is enough” but it does require abundance (or at least an abundance mentality). If I had not been laid in 2 months and had no other prospects that girl would have been combing corn out of her hair.

        1. I honestly believe it’s much, much bigger than that. The way he said it.. was a word of warning. He said never date a girl who’se been in the Navy, she’s taken more cock than you will ever know, and never date a girl with a big Great Dane.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if the percentage was in the double digits… I’m serious.

        2. Fair enough… but somewhere out there… At least one guy has also fucked at least one of his dogs.

        3. this I don’t doubt….but, though I am not one to respect women in the slightest and rarely deny they are doing the filthiest of things with the worst of society, I just have a hard time getting my head around the idea that many, if not most, women with dogs are taking it from em.

        4. A buddy in the Navy refused to fuck any of the female sailors. 

If they got knocked up. it’s ALWAYS the dude who ends up getting in trouble. Hell, even if you reject the advances of some beast with a vag, you can end up being fucked over for “sexual harassment.”
          Like all smart sailors, he fucked hookers and ended up marrying a hottie who worked in Guam..

        5. Ya know you did a good job when she winks at ya with a tail wage 😉
          And not many guys can say they have 3 hot bitches in their bed every night!

      1. It’s been hard for me to understand just how easy it is for hot women to satisfy their sexual desires, and their basest fantasies, fueled by a libido that is far stronger and more powerful than a man’s. On top of that, quite literally not having to do or say ANYTHING if she’s hot enough. I mean, can you imagine having such SMV that you would just sit there, get free drinks, have a line of chicks waiting to talk to you, crowds of them throwing glances at you, and just walking up to 5 or 6, pointing, and saying “come here” and having your way with them, the hottest in the crowd?
        And having that sort of easy access and power from the day you’re 17 until you’re in your late 20s, maybe even early 30s.
        No wonder they are such cum dumpsters. Such vapid, self-hating sluts who have ZERO respect for any man who gives them any respect.
        Marrying a virgin 15-20 years younger than me is becoming more and more appealing by the day. I’ll get over the age gap. It’ll be good just knowing she hasn’t been shat on by random dudes, fucked dogs, or taken 20 guys at once, never again to feel that kind of satisfaction from her merely single-cocked husband or boyfriend.
        These women are sick.

        1. Hang out with some handsome, well built, successful & single alpha men and you’ll see there is not much difference between your ‘hot women’ life and your ‘hot man’ life. Women are soooo eazy, so slutty, so eager, so desperate for them. For your hot catch men and even your lower level good looking charmers, they get to see the wild libidinous nature of sexy women because they can trigger it, whereas other guys lower down the totem pole of desirability will never get to enjoy to it, and think those girls only exist in porn.
          These guys do have little black books which they can still call up flings from years back and get sex from them (not all) at short notice even if she has a new bf. They can push the limits on hardcore sex and the women will be happy to serve to try and make him happy. They know they are competing with the memories of his freaky exes/nsa girls. These guys juggle multiple FWBs/Fk buddies and they don’t need to keep it a secret from them. They have BJ only booty call girls. They can act like arrogant jerks with ZFG, simply because… they can because its more fun plus to test out women’s self respect. They’re giving the shit tests. Not all women will lap it up and numerous will walk away from that, but the ones who don’t are not unattractive or desperate. They are gorgeous, and while some may have self esteem issues, its redundant to the guys as they don’t have any intention to get in an LTR with them. These men have crazy sex lives like a horny hot girl not looking for anything serious.except they have more power as they can keep their emotions in check, not get oneitis + they are the ones to decide if there is going to be a relationship.
          Not all women are like you describe. There are some great DTE ones out there but they don’t float around single for long, and the guys who get them tend to not just throw them back on the dating market. Also a woman doesn’t have to be hot to be a cumdumpster. It can cover a wide spectrum of looks. Put up a profile of an plain, overweight, trailer park trash woman in her 20s on Tinder and watch the continuous stream of offers from desperate horny men. I think you can put your mind at ease about about having to measure up to a woman’s dog fucking past.

        2. Wrong. The most Alpha of males cannot touch the levels of ease with which truly hot women who understand their SMV can demand dick, if they so wish.
          Never said all women were like that.

        1. The original may be (I have no clue), but if you think girls aren’t taking poo in their mouth, then you are mistaken.

        2. I am a internetnuaght I navigate the interwebs for curiosity and the horrors I have seen even in death shant not be washed away from memory!

      2. just a hint, guys do it too ya know?
        So the point? We’re horny primates and just like every other mammal on earth aren’t picky with who we shag it up with!
        I worked around farms and seen horses doing cows dogs on sheep and every other combo one can imagine, it is all just life.
        BTY Yes I seen to stallions ride each other around the barn too so that is just as natural! Welcome to reality, no fiction will ever beat it!

    10. This looks like something a drug addict would write. No happiness here folks, she even admitted it herself. Just chasing the next high.

    11. This was the best comment! At first I was thinking you were going to give them the benefit of the doubt when it came to the large cock thing but it was dog sex! Yeah, I can’t even give these creatures the benefit of the doubt when it comes to that… I’ve seen em take a donkey before. I’ve seen wives of men ask with deep curiosity about donkey dicks and if they are really as big as they say all with a glint of excitement in their eyes. So, I believe anything at this point. Just check out the Dubai article about Tag the Sponsor. Sadly all things are possible if you’re a hot female including the lowest forms of debauchery.

      1. I’d say the lowest form would be any women sleeping with any one here that actually buys into this rejected sewage.

    12. I have heard of women spreading peanut butter on their crotches. The dogs go crazy and lick it off allowing the women to achieve an orgasm or two in the process.

    13. Well time I start a dog walking service with miniature go-pros on my hounds.. Drop them off with a few hotties and review the tapes.

    14. It’s hard to say (no pun intended)…but I think maybe a few are getting it from Clifford, the Big Red Dog on the regular – there are some fucked up women out there.
      Also, I’m wondering how many of them are lying about the number of dicks that they threw in their chow hole?

      1. holy hell you may be right. they do know how to control their women and have plenty of them, as twisted as their ways can be.

    15. That is part of our problem. We must stop putting on glasses when observing women. I read the sources (note: sources) of the Wikipedia article on zoophilia, and based on what the above article says and two women in my life from earlier, I can only say that, yes, it is true. We must stop closing our eyes to female nature. They are either corrupt through 50 – 200 years of a sick society, or they are born that way. Either way, we must not close our eyes.

    16. Yeah I frankly doubt the veracity of the entire article. ‘My hot friend dying of cancer confesses the secret truth that women are fucking their dogs’ sounds like it’s straight from the onion I have to say.

      1. Yeah, it’s definitely bullshit. It’s nice to see you still pop in from time to time, Cody. Are you still contracting overseas and stacking cash?

        1. Sure am brother. It’s not bad at all. I do about 3 months of work followed by a month of drinking, riding my harley, and banging chicks. Rinse and repeat. How’s things going with you man?

        2. Glad to hear that, man. You’ve got a good thing going there with that contracting deal. Stack money, have a home with no mortgage (eventually), buy all of your toys in cash with no monthly payments/finance charges/interest, and keep women at arms length and only let them closer when it’s time to get some pussy; you’ll have no financial worries whatsoever in due time. You’re doing things right and you’ve always came across as a solid dude — good for you.
          As for me: I can’t complain. Work is good, money is good and getting better every year, and the women are useless fucktoys serving no other purpose than to provide me orgasms — it’s business as usual.

      2. This article is entirely made up, or at least greatly exaggerated. It’s almost too obvious.

    17. This part was a bit over the top. In fact elements of this article read a tad too much like guy fantasy but the majority of it is still very true. That said, when it comes to sex with dogs, it is not common, but it is not nearly as uncommon as you might think. A single woman with a large dog – that more often than not happens to be male…. got to wonder why.

    18. Hey, don’t be such a buzz killer… I’m sure we can find some qualities about that…well…Sure… yes it’s…organic ?
      (And Kinsey would have find it perfectly reasonable (when he was not busy masterbating toddlers)

  9. Anyone ever just sit and watch a cat for awhile?
    They are very habitual creatures going from place to place in a routine order, sniffing this, scratching that, trying to get your attention by doing something they shouldn’t. Fickle about whom they approach and picky about food and other things. Sometimes they ignore you completely, or pretend to. And a cat’s idea of romance is to run around in heat shagging everything on the block.
    But flick a laser pointer around and they come to full attention. Drama!
    Maybe there’s a reason women like cats so much? Maybe there’s a reason why another word for felines and vaginas is pussy?

    1. Oh come on don’t bash cats. If you’d live in the countryside with mouses every where in your house like I do, you would understand their primary use and respect them for that.

        1. Yeah well, they’re not worth a good dog for companionship (no i’m not thinking about what you think I’m thinking about) but they serve their purpose in the right environment.

        2. Agreed.
          But honestly, this morning and likely for the rest of the day it will be difficult not to think what you’re not thinking that I think what you think about. 🙂

      1. Yep cats are good for organic pest control and if you’d like a pet but work two jobs and/or live in a small city apartment.

    2. & why they name hurricanes after women’s names? Cuz all they do is screw you round and round in big circles. But you don’t complain cuz you’re getting BLOWN BIG TIME!

    3. You might be on to something there. Somebody should do some research on this , maybe women evolved from cats and not monkeys.

      1. Parallel evolution descended from different lines of animals, and being of different species today, would explain so much.

  10. Someone ought to invistigate the dog things. If it’s true at least one female must have shared her story on a forum on something.

    1. I agree, but we will never know for sure.
      There simply are some things that a woman shall never admit…. unless she is on her deathbed and dying of cancer, I guess. But even then, it’s a 0.0001% chance to hear these things from her mouth.
      For the same reason a woman will never admit that she will sabotage a relationship because of the lack of drama…. or doesn’t deserve happiness …. or secretly enjoys watching her female friend’s relationship fall to ruins.

    2. I think it’s simple. female pets can get pregnant and most people don’t want to deal with puppies.

  11. “4. Women are hornier than men”
    Bullshit; complete utter bullshit.
    If #4 were true then it would be much easier for men to get with a chick. No books on game would be needed. No forums on game would exist. There would have been no douchie-retard with his own TV show demonstrating how to ‘approach’, ‘elicit’, ‘close’… etc adnauseum to male victims of a feminazi society.
    “7. All women dislike themselves”
    More bullshit. Women are hard core narcissitic parasites who only care about themselves. This should be way obvious to any red pill man today.
    This article reads like some beta-fag who writes for the politically correct fag media e.g. Mens Health.

    1. In terms of sheer number of partners they’d willingly take on, you’re right. Gay men easily go into the hundreds – women, not so. But when they find good sex, they are demented in their pursuit of it. Part of the reason women don’t have more sex partners is so many men are lousy at it.
      Narcissism stems from self-hatred.

      1. “Part of the reason women don’t have more sex partners is so many men are lousy at it.”
        Too bad you’re wrong.

    2. I’m skeptical of this whole article. Female secrets from a dying hot blonde? Could of this have been one last epic shit test before she died?

    3. #4 is most likely true , the reason why most men need game is because only a very small portion of them is satisfying the women’s horniness and has easy access to sex. While the rest has very little to no access to pussy.
      Remember the 20-80 rule.
      Nowadays 20%(I personally think 12% would be more accurate) of men are fuking 80% of the women.
      SO this leaves us with 80% of men having little to no sex versus 20% of women having little to no sex.
      Only that proves women are VERY sexually active(compared to men) . And yes if they are so sexually active is because their levels of horniness are through the roofs.
      On the other hand men are MUCH LESS sexually active and out of desperation will try different techniques and look for solutions to become more sexually active
      If they were in the same place we are right now women would probably do the same shit we do with game, PUA,etc. Or perhaps they would go even further and resort to more drastic/crazier ways to get what they want. For example a woman will turn into a ruthless total monster when she needs your cock but you keep ignoring her. I tell you this from personal experience.
      #7 is absolutely right and you are wrong again. Yes women have inflated egos. They are very egoistical and only care about themselves , they spend hours taking selfies and looking at the mirror to make sure their ego doesn’t shrink a bit . But why is that? Well because thats the only thing they have , besides that they are nothing . They know they are worth nothing and hate themselves for it . An alpha male can easily come along and destroy a woman’s fragile ego in 2 seconds. She will react aggressively (self rejection) at first because of her true worthless self being exposed but then she will very quickly spread her legs for him.
      And although you didn’t mention it , all of the above `kind of brings us to the dog question.
      I believe it to be 100% true. Women are not stable human beings and they know it. Deep inside they are very aware of their worthlessness. So they will resort to such degeneracy that is compatible with their state of being .
      Without MEN keeping them checked out women will do the most corrupt and unimaginable shit.
      And final words , I am not complaining or whining about women being who they are . You know who’s fault all of that is. Sadly Our fault. We must be men and stop the degeneracy.

    4. She’s bipolar and she’s a zoophile. She had a lot of risky sex because she’s bipolar, and wants to qualify her zoophilia. Mystery solved.

  12. I cannot believe the dog part. Women have sex with dogs? Really? Sounds like this female was dying from a drug overdose rather than cancer.

      1. Well, of course there are always freaks that would do such stuff.
        My take is that there is nothing no matter how disgusting and dehumanizing that there isn’t a chance that some human utterly loves and relishes it.
        I don’t believe that most women with dogs do that though.

        1. Yeah, I don’t think that the point on the animal things was that “most” do it either. More that women are fully capable of depravity.
          As for degradation and relishing/loving it, I wouldn’t be too certain. Lots of fetishes out there. And fetishes often are actually requisite for that person to achieve arousal or orgasm whether it is hot wax, bondage, water sports, multiple anal or vaginal insertions while penetrated in another orifice or what have you.

        2. A russian friend told me about a woman who came to hospital with a mouse inside her vagina.
          The mouse was still alive.

        3. I don’t really get what you mean with the lower part of your reply. It sounds like you are not agreeing with me despite actually saying exactly what I meant. Again, I am saying that, considering the vast amount of humans, there is always a chance that no matter what it is some disgusting freak utterly loves and relishes it.
          I hope I am clear now.

        4. Good, I get you now. A simple “I agree, but also…” would have helped though.
          Anyways, don’t you think this article is a bit weird? I mean aside from it being made up. That’s the guys first article and already such a “masterpiece”? Or look at his bio. “…LIE-brary…”? Doesn’t seem very legit overall to me.
          I am pretty certain that this guy only wants to make us look bad.
          He does so by confirming to the world how we see women. I mean dogs, really.
          We should look out what our new fame brings us.

        5. Yeah, it does seem “off” to me in places.
          I already commented on Steve H’s post that it just doesn’t read as quotes directly from a girl so much as (as someone else said) like he paraphrased her or rewrote it in his own words.
          Despite knowledge that some women have been arrested for it, and a girl on Youtube argued that women should do it, and the fact
          that there are a lot of international beastie videos floating around the net, I think his use of “many, many” may lack a certain candor, but I can’t speak to his motivation.
          I don’t really care if someone gets offended by reading it.
          Those who will, are already waiting to be offended and willing to take things out of context if they must (as proven by the last week), and many people nowadays are simply too sensitive for my tastes anyway.

      2. But in those cases, the woman is batshit insane especially the ones in the second and third articles. I just find it hard to believe that sane females would have sex with dogs but then again, anything is possible in the Leftist world

        1. I’m near NYC so you know that there are not a lot of normal women where I live. Sadly, the normal ones are mostly the Hispanics that are past their 30s. I still find it hard to believe the bitches and hood rats would get down and dirty with a dog when they got plenty of dicks to go inside them and the option of vibrators when nobody wants them. Maybe I still have a thread of hope that they all haven’t gone completely mad.

  13. I believe a lot of the concepts shared, but I dont think the author should put those words in quotation. Sounds like the way a guy would paraphrase things. Again, not doubting the actual message, just the delivery of it written by a dude for maximum impact. Additionally, most women DO NOT like anal, even from a bad boy.

  14. Not saying that it is entirely wrong, but the more I read it, the more this article sounds like a sensationalist made up story.

    1. Yeah.. the points mostly make sense and are the foundations of the red pill philosophy, but I just can’t believe that it came from a girl dying from cancer instead of the author’s own mind. That she would just go ahead and say all of this stuff and that she would wish her friend to know how much of a piece of shit she is right before she dies and let that be the last memory he has of her. That and the fact that the author seems to remember bit by bit of all her words that were spoken “many years ago”.

      1. Death can bring out deep introspection and confrontation with reality devoid of sugat coating. Of course he wrote it in a way that men would hear what a woman said. But yes, still highly likely to be bullshit

    2. You got the feeling too eh? I think I can believe that a woman really said this to him. But I believe this woman was projecting a few personal habits or desires on to the entire sex.
      Like fucking dogs for example

    3. Indeed, I feel really weird after reading this. I hope it’s exaggerated/sensationalized…

    4. It seemed pretty evident to me, it read like if it was going off of some red pill checklist, with a few exaggerated (or simply made up) points, here and there.

  15. While there’s probably some truth to some of these points, I think this woman was mostly talking about herself, which of course could reflect larger trends, but also just be her own brand of crazy. On the other hand, like somebody else said, I think you paraphrased her a bit too freely, to achieve maximum “shock” effect.

  16. Kind of explains why all those teenage girls dying of cancer were so keen to sit on Jimmy Saville’s lap: official bucket list involving going up in a hot air balloon or whatever, and the secret (real) one involving alsatians and depravity.
    Actually I’m a little sceptical. Lots of truth here, but still there may be more than one sense in which this could be called a shaggy dog story. On the other hand I’m sure it’s not quite as rare as we might otherwise think

    1. According to Freud, it’s quite common. But then again, it’s according to Freud.

        1. sexual / creative energy seems to be a fairly primal force in the universe at least in some traditions. That probably did colour his thinking.

        2. The creative energy is what they call the Chi. When it builds up inside the body it tries to escape to release some pressure. According to the person’s chakras activation, it will try to escape through different points of the body. With people with lower active chakras the Chi will escape through the genitalia. Sex is just a valve.
          Jew’s obsession with sex has something to do with their lower energy vibration. Freud was a prime example.

        3. I don’t know what to make of that really. In many traditions the universe is made of energy vibrations but I’ve never heard of a racial theory involving vibrations

        4. I share that view. That’s why it’s important to keep chakras balanced so that no circuits are blown along the way. Meditation, prayer and singing are quite effective in keeping/moving the energy upwards. Porn will drag it down, down, down.

        5. Music is a powerful chakra activator. That’s why I am very careful about what kinds of music may be in the home environment.

        6. Freud was just a frustrated jewish guy. Probably would have made porn in LA if he had been born in a later era.

        7. You can harness the sexual energy into physical power if you don’t have sex or cum. cumming literally draws qi out of your bones ie knees, that is why you feel soft in the legs after sex

        1. He probably was a fraud in parts. Still think he got it right about women and penis envy though, if feminism is anything to go by

      1. Actually, most of Freud’s assumptions about sexuality were flawed, as several of his later contemporaries proved that he was raised alone by a wet-nurse his idea of the Oedipus complex was merely based on his own desires and not his observations.

  17. So in brief, you have to be a Machiavellian, Stalinesque Mafia Don who puts the fear of death in a woman’s heart that if she ever really crosses you ,,,, well?

    1. You definitely have to be Machiavellian. The dark triad is attractive to women, but this is onyl for men who want to be attractive, do whatever the fuck you want.

  18. I’m not buying the hot girl with terminal cancer story but otherwise good food for thought in this article.
    Especially how they sabotage a relationship when it’s going well. The reason being is that, as mentioned in the article, they have a low opinion of themselves and a man who tries to please them is disregarded as a fool.
    The one which least true is – 4. Women are much hornier than men.
    A woman’s desire for sex is correlated to her menstrual cycle, with many women experiencing a heightened sexual desire in the several days immediately before ovulation. This cycle has been associated with changes in a woman’s testosterone levels during the menstrual cycle. Testosterone levels have a direct impact on a woman’s interest in sex.
    But there are always variations to any of these rules as women like men come in different packages.

    1. “Especially how they sabotage a relationship when it’s going well”.
      They feed on drama , if it’s not there , they get bored. Stability and normality is poison to them. They need a clown to keep them permanently occupied because they can’t occupy themselves.

  19. Well, I do see many women telling their male dogs that they are bad boys for going in the house. @[email protected] They love bad boys, so…
    Motel 6 getting it in the ass. Goodness. This article is cringeworthy, or multiple cocks at the same time. Fuck.

  20. I dont trust women and probably never will. The hotter they are, the less I trust them. But I will try to find the most SANE woman that I can find to be my wife. I know some and I know they exist and have self control.
    This article depicts women as insane, no self control overgrown children! And having met a few american women, I am not surprised.
    If I hadnt dealt with my anger this past year with help from meditation, I would be angry after reading this article, but I am just a bit sad…

  21. This is a sad article. Having sex with animals? Regular group sex? The end result is damaged children and worthless “marriages”.
    And why would anyone want to even touch something as spiritually damaged as that?

  22. I read this article because that headline is awesome.
    Any word on when the forum will go back up?

      1. I don’t trust women and I don’t trust the internet.. a healthy dose of skepticism will keep you from getting screwed either way.

      1. Yeah but he says “Here is a summary of the ten things she told me about the true nature of women” haha

    1. According to Disqus Notifications, looks like he originally titled the piece:
      “Ten Pieces of Critical Inside Information Regarding the True Nature of Women, Divulged to Me by a Hottie Who Was Dying of Cancer”
      and then changed the title but forgot to change the reference in the article.

  23. “I dont need to understand women. Women understand women. They hate each other. ”
    Al Bundy.
    Words to live by.

    1. Ironically, the guy now plays a successful but still a bit of a beta man on Modern Family. Mind you, Bundy was a bit of a beta himself, but at least he seemed to be more aware of it.

      1. My favorite Al Bundy moment was when he was giving advice to Bud, who for the first time in his life had to choose between two girls. Al said, “It doesn’t matter which one you choose. No matter which one you choose it will be the wrong one.” Now these are words to live by.

  24. Who was his friend a fucking coke head porn star? I’ll admit this article is pretty stupid. Yea, some women do behave this way unfortunately but this almost seems like propaganda to me

    1. This article should be a beginner’s manual for starting a relationship with a new girl. Always think these points are a possibility so you won’t be shocked or surprised when she pulls any of these.

      1. Exactly.
        I mentioned earlier that I bookmarked this article.
        Not because I fully believe this stuff, but because it is, as someone mentioned earlier, an ”antidote for pedestalizing”.

    2. Some of this seems over the top, but they do like big dick. Women have offered themselves to me before despite being in relationships because of my confidence, decent looks etc. But this isn’t the majority of women. This represents the majority of feminist women who got into relationships with betas. I refuse to believe a bunch of them are dog fuckers, just for my own piece of mind.

  25. The death bed confession discredits what could be otherwise a decent article. I suggest the author edits it out.
    Nevertheless I can see his reasons. I think Roosh is making a u-turn in terms of RoK’s target audience. He wants to retain the female readership he attracted after his recent brilliant marketing campaign.

  26. A lot of this is because hot women are never forced to grow up. She was a typical spoiled western women. Never had to grow up until she found out she had cancer.
    Wester men(fathers, boyfriends husbands) are conditioned to pamper women. That is one advantage with women from poorer countries, poverty and hardships force them to grow up and value a good man. A few American women grow up but it usually not until after they’ve had to be responsible for a kid for a number of years.
    Some women are hornier than men. There are two types of women, those that can have orgasms and those that can never have any. But those in the former category still use sex to get what they want from men. What you want is a horny woman that is not a total slut, Pretty hard to find.

  27. Headline coming soon: “Pro-rape site that called for boycott of Mad Max claims hot women fuck their dogs.”
    The dying girl must have been saying essentially that not only do hot chicks fuck their dogs, but they talk about it with each other. I find it hard to believe, I must say. Then again, I have always suspected that women who are very into horses would like to fuck a horse.

    1. I’ve long suspected that there is an unspoken sexual element to women who like horse riding. It’s probably a more subtle case of sexual stimulation from the movement and saddle than anything else.

  28. Be careful with very horny women. Most of them are in fact genetic men with external feminine characteristics.
    And no, I don’t mean transgenders.

    1. You can now swab their skin and send to a lab for DNA testing. Horny guys usually don’t want to wait days for results. Someone needs to invent a one minute test.

  29. This holds mostly for white and/or westernized women, because they live in a family and society where this kind of behaviour is tolerated.

    1. Millennial females are wack. If her parents won’t give money to go on spring break in mexico to hook up with randos, she’s going to say home and let her dogs lick her.

  30. WTF is this article really about? Definitely can’t take it at face value. Even beside #4, this article is a joke.

    1. Your reaction is based on the assumption that the article is gospel and that it should be taken at face value. I believe the dog bit is pretty unrealistic, but as a human with critical thinking and reasoning skills I am able to discern this. Remember, it’s just an article, another person’s experience on women, don’t take it so hard.

      1. I don’t assume anything is gospel. The only thing I assume is that the writers will give us something that is at least in the ball park of reality, since that is what we all claimed to be concerned with.
        I understand what you mean, however, for me, this is too far removed. I’d like to think that Roosh and the writers are in tune with how we receive articles and the blog in general. Thus, our feedback would mean something (even if a little) to them.
        Maybe instead of the title ‘9 Secrets about female nature…’ it should be called ‘Results of the war on….’. Assuming this is a real woman (seems a stretch…ziiiiiinng!!), her parents must have done a number on her….

      2. Fake article by a fake writer. Probably made by a feminist to troll the site and see how many people agree with the dog sex comment and then laugh at the morons in the comments section.

  31. Dogs,??? come on – anybody verify this?? Some good stuff here but it sounds like he made parts or whole thing up.

  32. Worst article in a while, though if your friend is real I’m sorry she died.
    -you wrote there are ten things she said. Only nine here.
    -9 is probably only partially true.
    -4 is complete horse shit, especially the dog part, unless by “many” you mean hundreds, but 1 is really too many. I’m fully expecting a “Roosh thinks most women have sex with dogs” type response any minute now from the media thanks to this idiocy. Out of respect for your friend, you probably shouldn’t reveal her weird fetishes to the internet.
    -8 applies to men as much as to women.
    -The rest are either only vaguely or trivially true, and have been covered to death already.

    1. [ I’m fully expecting a “Roosh thinks most women have sex with dogs” type response any minute now from the media thanks to this idiocy. ] — Sadly that would be a step up, I could actually imagine getting posts on here from folk in Holland & Florida telling us how great it is to be a ‘puppy fucker’

  33. Setting limits and boundaries with behavior you are willing to deal with is key to a happy life and a successful outcome.

  34. nice piece.
    I remember a long time ago when I was a lil youngster, me and my grandpops were on the way to go deer hunting, and my grandma was mad about something — early as hell in the morning. He just told her “ah hell woman, you’ll be aiight, not bout to ruin my day.” And walked out the door.
    I must’ve had a strange look on my face, and he said “she just the little dog, they always like barking at the big dog, because that’s all they have, a poodle can’t rumble with a pit.” I just got quiet. He said, “son I’ll tell you now, a relationship is hard work” Me being young and dumb, I asked him “how much do you get paid??” To this day that’s the hardest I ever heard him laugh as long as he was living lmao. He said “boy you gone be just like your uncle!” My uncle was and still is a strip club owner.
    Point I’m making is, I see absolutely no point in basically working a bitch, if I am not getting paid straight cash for it. The reward does not equal the effort. And never will in my eyes.

  35. Well, isn’t that article just fishy. There are only two possibilities how this article came about as it is obviously made up. The first is that “Bob Smith” simply arranged this to make his point about women. That would make him, considering its contents, someone who actually despises women.
    I mean really, dogs?
    The other possibility is that he hates us instead. He sees us as misogynists who actually see women the way he presents them. As such he wants to troll us by kinda confirming some of the things that we have learned about women and twisting them to absurd extremes.
    Also, looking at our recent expansion and at the fact that this is his first post…
    Chances are high that we have attracted a lot of scum recently and that this guy only wants to make us look bad by “confirming” to the world what we think of women.
    “I know it’s true, I read it at the LIE-brary”
    That’s the first time I have red such kind of bio summary here on ROK.

    1. I’m noticing it too.
      This article is good for just one thing… reading it before meeting up with a girl.

      1. Agreed, and I am pretty convinced now that this guy only wants to troll us. This is his first article and such a “masterpiece”, really?
        Certainly, our enemy knows no dignity.

        1. Good call. This article doesn’t ring true at all and definitely seems like a semi-sophisticated put on. Amazingly, the commenters are lapping it up I guess because , well, I dunno.

        2. I’d say it’s a split. Some like it, some don’t, but generally I think they don’t believe it to be real.

      1. Well, but that only changes things slightly.
        Some hot girl dying of cancer and revealing everything about women? You know with what question Freud died, don’t you?
        That this article came from a comment initially doesn’t really help its legitimacy nor does the authors weird bio.
        But I think Roosh still let it slip as an article because of its sensationalist nature and how it’s perfect against the pedestalization of hot women.
        And because he likes clearly made up stories that highlight reality in an unprecedented way.

  36. Or in summation… women think with their vaginas…. they have no agency. Tell us something we didn’t already know.

  37. I’m sorry for your loss. With that being said, I’m no neurobiologist, but this sounds more akin to a deathbed confession.

  38. During the time you’ve spent on this site, that girl you’ve been dating just pulled another dick pic from tinder.

  39. Which is why you should share very little information with women. If you know they are acting dirty, put them in a place they have no choice but to be submissive in (run dread) instead of telling them you know. Women do not deserve to be loved on an emotional level simply because they are women. They have to earn it, and I let them figure out how. That way you are always one step ahead while they are always on the back foot.
    Last time I went out with friends, one of their girlfriends ‘broke up’ with him in a bid for attention. She wanted him to ditch all of his friends and plans, and it was a clear shit test. So he lied and said she was on speaker and 9 people were listening (they hadn’t gotten there yet) and then after 3 minutes of uncomfortable silence, he curtly ended the conversation and hung up. We laughed about it and ignored her for the rest of the night (and he also ignored her the next day). 214 texts and 47 missed calls. Not only did he get laid with some random girl that night, he got the most amazing makeup sex 3 days later.
    On. The. Back. Foot.
    I’ve actually told girls I was going to tell the world about ‘you and your dog’ jokingly just to show how little I cared about what she thought, the outcome of the situation, all of it. The fear game is the funnest game to run.

    1. I think they are. Most are just scared of letting that part out, especially, to the beta male they’re rolling with.
      Consider that the Clit has over 8000 sensory nerve endings, and affects at least 15,000 other nerve endings. The penis has only 4,000.
      So she finds the “man of her dreams”(read Alpha Male), she goes full retard and blows up like an ISIS Terrorist.

    2. You’ve bought into the illusion that woman encourage beta males to believe, consider that 15% of females have had lesbo sex, less than 5% of males have had gay sex. If you aren’t seeing it, that’s probably because you aren’t alpha enough. That’s a difficult pill to swallow but spend some time as wingman for an alpha and you can watch women line up to suck his cock, and they will do the 3 way, and anal, or whatever he asks. And the more attractive the female the more likely it is to be true.

      1. Damn right. You’re becoming one of my favorite commenters. You know what you’re talking about.

      2. I got your point, But unlike men, in most cases their desire is “pickier” and after menopause (even inmediately before in most cases), in spite of all the feminist and media drivel, their desire vanishes, even though in their mind they can feel lust, their body just doesn’t answer (no perky tits, no wetness down), unlike men who can still feel lust and genuine desire (body and mind) well into their 60 and 70 (if they are healthy ie. lift regularly and keeps a hormonal balance, if they are fat slobs their sex desire will decline far sooner than for any woman).

    3. I concur. Testosterone drives the feeling of horniness. Horny is just slang for “sexual desire and an urgent wish to satisfy it”. Straight ol’ biology shows that men have loads more testosterone, and while women are more sensitive to it, their levels are so much lower than mens that they simply have nowhere near the sex drive.
      Horny does not equal “Will do amazing things ONCE WARMED UP”. That’s what the author describes. That’s a part of sexual function, yes, but it’s not “horniness”. If she wasn’t looking for a cock when you whispered those words into her ear in the grocery store, then you sir, are the hornier of the two, not her. If she swung from the chandeliers and screamed out your name when having sex, that’s fantastic, and shows she can function very well sexually, but it has little to do with base “horniness”.

      1. Exactly! Whenever a girl tries to make that argument I always ask her this:
        Whens the last time you were late for work because you were masturbating?
        Whens the last time you masturbated on the bus? Plane? Public restroom?
        Whens the last time you literally injured yourself from masturbating?
        … I experience all of the above on a regular basis, as do most men.

    4. Not as horny in our way, but, their overall sexual desire is much larger than ours. Sexuality in women is everything due to her design, in a man it’s partial and can be satisfied easily. I’d imagine this is why men have some many other interests and pursuits apart from matters purely related to their bodies and sexual desires.

  40. After getting better at game and having sex with many woman I find that alot of woman are much more horny than I am!

  41. The better question is did you tap that cancerous ass before she bought the farm? I mean, you could make her wear a wig or a bag.

  42. Give me a break. This article is so goddamn fake. The writer obviously cooked up this fake “hot female friend dying of cancer” story and made up all this stuff himself. Sorry, but women don’t talk like this, which any reader would know if they spend time with real girls. This is just typical manosphere premises dressed up as being confirmed by a hot dying cancer woman (lol!). Fake article by a lying writer. ROK can do better.

    1. Yup we get blowback about a simple happy hour meetup because bad articles like this keep making it thru the filter.

    2. I personally don’t believe the article does this site any favors, while there is aspects of truth to it. Like a few have mentioned, I don’t think women are generally that self aware especially to the level that this was laid out. I cant see a woman sticking the knife into the character of her own sex the way this article is written.
      My guess is its taking the piss but the author by writing this a as a re-telling of conversations with a dying female friend, paints the article as not being an opinion piece from him, but a confessional admission from a female. It’s cleverly been framed to deflect criticism as its not his words but the original speaker of the secrets (a woman). If a woman speaks the (supposed) secrets then other women wont be able to say what the fuck do you know about women (not that you need to be the same sex to observe how the opposite sex behave but that claim is often used) Then again how much more fanciful is it than Roosh devotees plotting to get the laws changed on rape and supposedly planning to break into parliament/congress at night and inserting new rewritten pages into the legislation and hacking govt computers to edit the laws.

  43. I’m having a difficult time believing a woman, any woman, even a woman heavily under the influences of sodium pentothal, would tell anybody these things, especially so clinically.

    1. Common sense posting like this will keep the comment section from going from 500 to 50,000 responses- whose side are you on?

    2. It’s a fake. “Hot dying cancer chick confessing secrets of human nature” — ok whatever!

    3. Just sit at a table next to a group of millennial females having brunch on the weekend, having had a few mimosas and “sharing” about the night before.

      1. Women talking about men among themselves is not the same as some chick relaying this information so straight forward to a man.

        1. I have six sisters and can vouch for your position. However, I found out quite young that if I sat silently for a while they would forget I was there and the truth would come out. Let me warn all those truth seekers out there; you really do not want to know the truth. Like they say, if you like sauage, you shouldn’t watch it being made.

        2. This is true. They try to get a rise out of you for a while, and when it doesn’t work, they pretend you away and talk normally.
          Information may want to be free, but you pay for hearing this stuff.

        3. Heh, I don’t know it could generally help to prevent pedestalization. So you would agree with this article?

    4. You would be surprised how much we hate the western culture of women. This seems to be the case for especially attractive ones who know how to get what they want; they seem to have an even worse, more child-like way of living that this article gets the basis of to some extent (a bit exaggerated). I often find that the worst enemy of a woman is other women. It definitely has been edited to a clinical wording (assuming this woman existed) in order for it to make an entire article. Writers have to make it appeal to readers after all.

  44. I would never put anything past a female. I’ve heard some pretty crazy stories and most of them don’t surprise me in the least. The last part of #4 seems a little far fetched but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.

  45. RE: #7 All women dislike themselves. Reminds me of a scene in the final episode of Season 2 House of Cards. The manipulative wife of the main character, about to become president, is talking on the phone to the wife of the outgoing president, who is praising her for being such a kind, caring, good friend. When the call ends, the woman starts weeping.
    I didn’t get it at the time, but now I do–she realizes she is really a worthless, lying, manipulative piece of shit, and faked friendship, manipulated and used this woman, and for a moment realizes how callous and evil she really is.