6 Attributes That Make SJWs Useless Soldiers In The Culture War

The Janissaries were an infantry unit serving the Ottoman Empire for about 400 years, known for their efficiency but also for their systematic atrocities committed on civilians. They were not Turks like the bulk of the army, but rather Orthodox Christian boys from the nations under the Ottoman yoke.

Abducted at a young age in accordance with a practice called the “Devşirme” or “blood tribute,” they were converted to Islam by force, circumcised, beaten daily to break all will, and taught to be the fighting slaves of the Sultan. Mercenaries with no roots, no individuality, and no remorse.

The SJWs that went out of their way to attack our cause based on lies, are also the product of a virgin mind, beaten into submission by the elites, the media, and their politically correct stick. They have been brainwashed from a young age and led astray from a loving family and values, but instead of elite soldiers the result is a legion of lost, deformed beasts. Even if they beg and roll over for the approval of their masters, severe flaws will prevent them from reaching any success:

1. Their malevolence against their own


They could have been our brothers but chose the easier path and the take-away version of life, mainly from apathy and fear of the world. And now in a mix of tantrums and faux outrage, they want to see blood but won’t swing the sword themselves. They will turn on their own flesh, roots and even fellow Janissaries in an eyeblink, faster than any foreign foot soldier could.

Loyalty is a foreign word and integrity is too tedious. Whoring for few clicks and likes is much more attractive. They won’t bite the invisible hand that feeds them but by God, will they scorch the earth that saw them grow. The real enemy is safe under the guise of “equality” but fathers and brothers will hang for the satisfaction of their new lords. If they cannot reach happiness, why should the others?

2. Their absence of identity

"But I should be in a mental institution"

They have no idea of who they are or the endgame of their leaders. Doing as they are told, The SJW is always friendly about something, fluctuating between “genders,” blending in the mass or denying the laws of Nature, his own and the one of the world that surrounds him. The SJW is confused, triggered, and fragile. The atom of an undetermined blob, there lies the SJW, epitome of the Jack of all trades, master of fuck all.

We know who we stand against and what we want to protect. Ask any of us who we are, we can condense it in a short sentence. Free men. We can say that Bruce Jenner is not a woman because it is fact. It is a man and an abomination that children would laugh at in any country outside of the Anglosphere. We will gather and say what we please because we are free and that is what free men do.

3. Their eternal laziness


Merit and hard work are unknown notions. They are Anonymous and they are legion. Yes, they are indeed. A legion who would rather stay in the dark and conform. This is the problem with the mindset of the hive. Like the bee, they have a task and stick to it. They won’t seize what can be theirs like men but always choose the path of least resistance. They will wither, crippled with regrets while waiting for a pat in the back by some stranger on an Internet forum.

Our names will echo in History as we create a legacy that will be strong. Their failure in life will lead to an existence of solitude and their memory will be scattered in the wind like the autumn leaves.

4. Their abysmal lack of courage


As weak in body as they are in will, they would not dare rebel against their master and they join the witch-hunt by fear of standing out or by plain stupidity. Victims they are, victims they will remain. Today, we see them for who they are. Hidden, spitting their venom and breaking out a cold sweat at the sight of a handful of guys that organize a happy hour.

Men that could bitch slap them into unconsciousness but chose not to, as they know what is the law and have better things to do than striking stick figures. Both sides know that at the first sign of difficulty, SJWs will raise the white flag and will surrender. They threaten and want us to turn away from our faith and bow to the golden calf? We will not.

5. Their known ancestry


Men are never completely satisfied. We are always hungry for success, for truth, for improvement or for adventure. It is part of the gig.

Thriving in incompetence and normality, detractors like them have always been there but have been dormant until recently. The leeches on the back of lions, the informers and the collaborating remoras.

The ones drinking champagne far from the line while the boys were getting gassed in Ypres. The beta orbiters hoping to get some action, saying to young Lucy that she should not write to her fascist boyfriend Eddy while he was getting his guts blown up somewhere in the elephant grass near the Cambodian border.

We know those types well and know how to deal with them accordingly.

6. Their inability to lead

Lo and behold, our "adversaries"

Lo and behold, our “adversaries”

Our unity and common goals are our strength but if we happen to be isolated, we know what to do. We understand that eventually we cannot count on anyone but ourselves. We are the ones that say “No” and contrary to the Janissaries that infiltrated our lands, we know the mountains where to strike from like the back of our hand. Those mountains have a name. The real life.

Snickering behind their screen, thinking they can defeat us because a fellow land whale empowered mayor retweeted their obscenities or JohnJenny Doe 87 started an online petition, all hell breaks lose and the panic is total when the Control Tower stops broadcasting.

They have an expiry date and will meet the same end as the Janissaries of old:

Janissaries mutinied in protest and were promptly and efficiently massacred by the sultan, an episode known as the “Auspicious Incident.” – Encyclopaedia Britannica

They are just another set of pawns. Once their incompetence reaches the point of no return or when they are of no more use, the puppeteer will pull the plug.


Our minds have woken up contrary to the horde and our bodies have been forged in the fires of adversity and the knowledge that we have to prevail in this unforgiving world. We have fought and defeated men before but being only a feeble simulacrum of men, we will use an other method to bring them to their end.

It is too late for a status quo. The culture war is here and the truth will prevail.

Rise, free men.

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449 thoughts on “6 Attributes That Make SJWs Useless Soldiers In The Culture War”

  1. Good comparison. Haven’t thought the Janissaries for sometime.
    I finished a book a few years ago about Mao and some of his less known antics. One that runs is a similiar vein to the thread, communists forces during the (Chinese) civil war that were not loyal to Mao were once asked to dig a mass grave. They were told it was being prepared for some Nationalists they captured. When it was done, the Mao loyalists told them all to get in the pit. At first their commrades thought it was a joke, but when they realized what was about to transpire pleaded that they were are all loyal to communism. The reply they got was, “we are loyal to Mao” and were promptly liquidated.
    Evil has no allies in the end. Just pawns to be used and discarded.

      1. IIRC it was Mao: The Unknown Story by Chang. After finishing it I gave my copy to a chinese aquintance of mine.

  2. Basically they are just like children that can’t handle criticism and when they respond, it is often with censorship instead of reason. Their responses only show emotional set of ideals that holds no ground.

  3. “For truly they are troubled souls
    Always shrill yet never bold
    Lost in life devoid of hope
    Bound by lies, their honor choked
    They carry chains for hidden masters
    And seek to exploit empty disasters
    Timid and false and easily shattered
    Quick to bluff with hearts of plaster
    Pawns in games they never win
    Fed with frustration, slaked with sin
    Failing the same ways yet trying again
    Perverters of women, defilers of men
    Vile and crude, spoiled and mean
    Foundations of clay, cracks easily seen
    And so like sand too near the sea
    Washed away, less than dreams.”
    “On SJWs” – Me

    1. Get a thug in chains to set this to rap and they will all love it not even realizing they are being lampooned.

      1. To really make it fit, I’d have to put in a lot more “bitches” and “hos”, and quite honestly I think I would run out of rhymes really quickly if I tried to not be overly repetitive. 🙂
        Think upon yon bitches as if they were your own
        Take them in the galley and treat them like a ho
        Take them to a soiree and on the table give a show
        If you ever think them dainty time to brush them that’s fo’ sho’
        When they leave call them bitches as it will surely bring thee mo’
        Snoop Solo:
        D to the izzy, she’s gotten kinda tipsy
        Sure bitches want to “lip” me
        So I’ll give ’em what they get
        Niggaz be pretendin’
        With the dope rhymes they be sendin’
        But I rape ’em all like prison
        ‘Cuz I give ’em what they get
        You know me, Snoop to the O double G.
        (Beyonce twerks beside him)
        Hmm, it could work.

        1. Actually, that’s an excellent idea. A lot of money could be created by channeling the Shakespearean method of selling the same product to low-brow and high-brow audiences at the same time.

    1. That diaper looks a little yellow in the front. I wonder how many Good Boy Points he can expect to be taken away. No more tendies for him.

    2. maybe Cui could answer this. Is that picture in the back behind the lighting Pio of Pietrelcina who caused a big stir when he apparently formed stigmata and was all over the news when I was young because of his beatification and later sainthood?

  4. 7. They are not intelligent. At all. Listening to 30 seconds of their nonsensical grievances and rationalizations tells you all you need to know about their prospects for success and the value of “higher education” these days.

    1. It is a shame that intelligence hasn’t been a serious value in the world in forever.
      One time when Bill Gates was still at the head of Microsoft I heard a girl say that she totally would fuck bill gates for his money.
      Ok, well, I get it. It was a lot of money. But the idea that someone who was so smart and so successful had nothing to offer but money struck me.
      I mean, I get it he was dorky and whatever and she wasn’t making a point about his value as a human being, entrepreneur, computer guy whatever.
      I am ashamed to admit that I can’t name a single Nobel Prize winner from the last 3 or 4 years…not one….and I actually value intelligence. I have no idea who won the nobel in physics, medicine or literature.
      Can you imagine what these morons who only read reddit and huffpo care about being smart?
      Maybe it is just because they can say “i am not dumb, don’t judge me” and that is the end of it without them proving or achieving anything.

      1. Amen to that! I would say that intelligence is actually a detriment in today’s world, especially in the dating/sexual marketplace. Who’s getting more and has more options? The fuckboy who doesn’t have a thought in his head, doesn’t care about anything or anyone but himself, but is tall, handsome and jacked? Or the intelligent man who questions the world around him, who actually cares about culture, science and politics, and actually wishes to contribute to the world? Unless he has money (and even that doesn’t mean as much as it used to), the intelligent man more often than not is left in the cold and rain of the SMP.

        1. I know that is the tendency. I do think it can be subverted though. The intelligent man has
          a) the ability to make more money
          b) the choice to get himself in shape
          c) the ability to look behind the veil of bullshit and understand what he is dealing with and manipulate it accordingly (which is essentially what “game” is).
          That means that the fuckboy who doesn’t have a thought in his head may, at best, get himself into shape.
          But the intelligent man can also get himself into shape plus have the edge on money and understanding the sociological framework that he is dealing in.
          Between lazy intelligent guy and fuckboy I say fuckboy wins. Between motivated intelligent person who cares about their appearance, career and culture, science, etc and winds up making more money…….Fuckboy loses every single time

        2. I agree to an extent, but even then it seems that the intelligent man will be thrust immediately into beta provider territory, and in today’s SMP, that is basically the kiss of death for a man.

        3. It is true that that is the direction an intelligent man will be thrust…as you say….however, it is incumbent on all men not to allow themselves to be thrust anywhere…fight back against the thrusting powers and take your stand and make yourself into the man you want to be…..if you allow the world to put you in a category then you are just going to be another part of the world that has no use for you other than beta provider. Fuck that noise. This is REAL rebellion. Real revolution (meaning to turn oneself around) is when you say I will not be where I am placed, but rather will grow and be where I want to be. It is very, very difficult work. Do it anyway.

        4. This also means completely turning ones back on formerly good institutions which are now useless and suffocating.
          This means to spit on the marriage contract and spit on the vile women who want to leech off your productivity.
          This means turning your back on the governments and the corporate organs whom hate you.
          This is nothing less than total personal revolution and war against the prevailing orthodoxy.
          Many even who read here do not currently have the fortitude and the means to completely do this. But it is what must be done.
          No more helping anyone who is not friend or family. No more helping women with any fucking thing whatsoever and I dont give a fuck how bad you want to get laid. You wage this war or you’re just another thirsty bitch waiting for your turn on some used up pussy.
          You use your intelligence and your actions to burn this motherfucker to the ground and laugh at every piece of shit immolated in the firestorm.

        5. I agree with this in principle, and it’s my current M.O. but who wants to live in such a society? I am torn between living in the west with this attitude, and relocating to a culture where I don’t have to live like Mad Max and can actually treat other humans in a pleasant and respectable way.

        6. I am with this all the way. I have been able to do all of this. For that I credit 30% luck and 70% ability and fortitude. The one thing I can’t do is turn my back on a formal education. I didn’t realize back then. There is literally no chance in the world I would go to school for anything today that didn’t mean in and out quick and nearly immediate return on investment…..pharmacist is a short time at school for a job that yields minimal stress and relatively high income..
          Also, I have very, very few people I would call friends. Both of them know one thing…don’t bring your shit fuck problems to my door. I am your friend because I like you. The moment you ask for my help….forget it. Family also doesn’t get a free pass. It is always cost benefit analysis.
          It sucks that this is the way the world is, but this is what we have. My succumbing to it and taking advantage of it won’t make it better….it probably makes it worse…but I didn’t create the problem…it is the world I was given and fuck all if I am not going to manipulate it for personal gain.

        7. we can moralize about it but the social contract is broken for men. It has been broken for a long time.
          We are under no moral obligation to adhere to it. If this helps it crumble then I’m all for it.
          Regardless we adopt this position not out of spite but out of necessity. When the world is out to crush you at some point you snap back with sharpened claws of selfish fury. That is if you have any will to survive.

        8. I’ve thought about leaving too but the exporting of degenerate western culture to the rest of the world has been under way for a long time.
          How far and how long will you run? What will you do when the poz reaches your new home?
          At some point a man plants his feet and realizes he can run no more. That there is deserved rage and hatred inside. That running from your demons only causes them to more quickly race to your heels.
          For me there is no more running. Like a cornered beast on death ground. It’s time to fight.

        9. Despite your generally nihilistic attitude I find your posts really motivating. It’s great to read this stuff from someone a little older than myself.

        10. I find nihilism to be incredibly uplifting. People take it the wrong way at time. Nihilism can lead to a lot of places. In my case, in a world without God I have put myself and the center of the universe and in a world without meaning I have decided on my own values and made them meaningful to myself.
          Not all nihilists are just laying around being miserable. There are a lot of different possible reactions to the realization that the world has no intrinsic value…one of them is to create your own value.
          Thank you for the compliment.

        11. Depends on how you define nihilism. Obeserving today’s societal decline and rejecting it doesn’t neccessarly make you a nihilist. I do as well, but would maintain there are objective truths.

        12. I can understand that. I reject the idea of objective truths that aren’t part of natural science as part of my brand. I do think that the truths I create are objective enough.

        13. Isn’t the persuit of knowledge and understanding natural science / laws a part of seeking objective truth? I always thought so.
          “I do think that the truths I create are objective enough.”
          I would disagree, but do admire your confidence. I enjoy your posts.

        14. It can be, but doesn’t have to be.
          Many great philosophers understood the matrix of truth being superimposed on nothing.
          Not just the post modern guys…who I usually enjoy for at least one or two reasons….but even some of the old guys like Kant. Kant argued for subjective universality. By basing ethical truths or judgments of beauty in mathematical truths that necessarily hold for all sentient beings we can arrive at truths which must be abided because they are universally true (for humans) while still subjectively derived. The same goes with judgments of taste.
          Plato had a brand of epistemology that made for universal truths and his influence was such that a lot of people and a certain catholic church started to believe that the search for objective truths outside out own mind was the very point.
          But even before Plato there was Heraclitus. Know Thyself….gnothi seauton in greek….literally means to recognize yourself….to some that meant to recognize the truth which springs eternal from you.

        15. How you derive getting to truth may be subjective, or even varied perhaps, but what remains is. Emmanuel Kant was one I never fully accepted, nor understood outside his premise on the categorial imperative, so I cannot say much. Heraclitus was what one of my intro Profs to philosophy called “one of the dark Greeks” — perception was never still and always fluid. I read alot, but will admit I did not fully grasp everything that was being presented.
          Eternal? What is 2+2?
          The answer will always be 4 long after this planet ceases and no one is around to recognize the truth of it.

        16. that may be. It is equally arguable that 2+2 will cease to be four when sentient beings who can count cease to exist. It’s a brain game, no real answer. I did mention above that I deny any universal truths other than natural science so you wont get an argument from me. But there are always different ways to look at things. One of the most interesting conversations in my life was with a man who is so brilliant it must have been physically painful and he argued, along the line of Parmenides, that motion itself is merely a subjective experience and not a reality.
          Many different ways to skin a cat. Some may call Heraclitus a dark greek…others, myself included, think that Aristotle did a lot of slandering of the geniuses that came before him because they didn’t fit into a world view he was trying to correct.
          You may very well be right and I may very well be wrong. What is more likely is that, in some ways, we are both very much wrong. For what it is worth, I would suggest being most open to people whose ideas seem strange and frightening. Not to say you should believe them or even consider believing them, but you should try their ideas on now and again and see where they take you. The constant re-evaluation will make you a more enlightened person and make your own beliefs, should you chose to keep them, stronger….and that, my friend, is the truth.

        17. the categorical imperative, btw, is just one of these subjective principles I was talking about. Manny K was a strong proponent in the need to ground truth outside of universal or political principles and in the subjective human mind….that he considered all subjective human minds essentially the same is how he gets the principles to universality while not robbing them of subjective power. If asked whether murder was wrong he would say “for all human being, always” and if asked “what about for monkeys” he would have responded that you will need to ask a monkey.
          Even math has this character for Kant.
          You don’t need to accept it, but it is a fun thought to think about.

        18. “Not to say you should believe them or even consider believing them, but you should try their ideas on now and again and see where they take you.”
          Disagree. I would remember their words and see if they hold up through the test of time. Sometimes even your enemies are telling the truth and that should not be denied. Empirical approach to all things, changing your Point-of-view/hypothesis when the facts do not match up. Being honest with yourself and re-evaluating your premise when the facts do not stack up would require you as a man to adjust your opinion.
          I think we are on the same page regarding process, but not the percieved field.
          Again. Enjoy your Posts.

        19. well, test of time is relevant…I was talking about Kant…3000 years ought to be a fair enough shelf life for you to at least consider….I kid…yes, I think we are on the same page on a lot of things, even though we disagree with others….that is what makes it an interesting world….people who can think their own ideas, disagree and discuss them like adults and enjoy the conversation…well, that and single malt Islay Isle whisky…those two things.

        20. Conversation, whiskey (Bushmills Black, Jamesons, Glenfiddich) and a cigar. Life is good like that.

        21. I understand this. I guess my only hesitation is the USA is too big and powerful, and no one gives a shit. Yeah, I could leave for Costa Rica or the Phillipines, and if shit got bad over there I could put my foot down and maybe have some sort of effect, or at the very worst one’s martyrdom would be noticed. But here, the machinery of Murica will just run roughshod over you, spit you out, and no one will remember it the next day. Anyway, the duckets back here in the USA are too tempting for me at the moment.

      2. I don’t think not being able to name a Nobel Prize winner is a shortcoming. First, there is a vast difference between the Physics and Chemistry prizes versus the Literature and Peace prizes. Not that literature and peace are not virtuous, but they don’t necessarily speak to intelligence. Second, not knowing the prize winners doesn’t mean that you don’t value the intelligence necessary to advance human achievement. It’s like saying I can;t value sportsmanship because I can’t name every Super Bowl winner from the past ten years off the top of my head – that’s just not correct.
        I think you’re mostly correct in that these people want to say “I am not dumb, don’t judge me.” (I say “mostly” because in addition to judgment, they want to be exempt from challenge – the I’m smart, you’re not, so what you say doesn’t matter appeal to authority.) What always puzzles me about it though is that these people are not “smart” either. It doesn’t matter how many books you have read, or how many credentials you have to your name, if your position is logically flawed, you are not smart.
        For example, these days we are barraged with climate change alarmism. The climate is changing. This, to me, is not controversial. It has always changed. It always will. People scream about a warming earth while we are still coming out of an ice age. Big deal. That’s kid of what happens when an ice age ends.
        But to see the real foolishness of the activist mind on display with this issue, you only need to ask a few basic questions to reveal how dumb most of these “smart” people are:
        1 – How do we know that some
        force external to humans is not causing the observed warming as it always has in
        the past prior to the existence of humans or the industrial
        revolution? We know the Earth has been much warmer than it is now in the past. Undeniably humans exist and are creating emissions, but correlation is not causation, so what evidence do we have that the emissions of humans are the primary cause of the warming today?
        2 – Even assuming that humans are causing some part of the warming, why should we assume that it will be bad
        for the planet to be warmer? Warmer areas of this planet generally are more accessible, have
        more biodiversity and are better for agricultural production, and in recorded human history, the planet has been much warmer than it is now. Vast portions of the land masses of the earth and their resources are currently locked under ice or permafrost and unavailable for exploitation or agriculture. Why would it be bad to be able to access them?
        2 – Even assuming that a warmer planet would be bad, why should we assume that we can’t simply adapt to negative climate changes as we have always done? Sea levels are projected (by some sources) to rise by 55cm (or 21 inches) in the next century. The average increase in sea levels for the last 18000 years has been 26″ per hundred years, so what’s the problem? There has been no apocalypse before – because humans adapted, How many of us, or our buildings are still going to be here 100 years from now? Our feet aren’t planted in concrete, and buildings can be rebuilt elsewhere.
        Ask these basic questions, as I have, and you get blank stares. These “smart” people have literally never considered any of the basic fundamentals beyond the bumper sticker political slogans they have been told to believe in.
        The reason? They are not “smart.”

        1. Indeed, critical thinking is dead.
          I do disagree with the literature prize…agreed about peace prize.
          I think that not knowing the nobel prize laureates is fine, but the fact that I am not even curious makes me feel my apathy is winning.
          I don’t know much about chemistry…but there was a time when I cared who won a chemistry prize and what they won it for just out of curiosity. Same with Nobel Prize in Literature. I think I have read at least something by every nobel laureate in literature up until about 5 years ago. The literature a culture produces, imho, is important….and even if it wasn’t it used to be important to me….and it simply isn’t any more.
          I don’t know much about climate change. It is part of my policy of not giving a shit about the planet. I am the one who was rooting for the Mexican apocalypse back in ’12. They really dropped the ball on that one.
          I do think that after his presidential loss it is possible that Al Gore built a weather machine and joined the legion of doom.
          My larger point is, I used to be someone who cared about this but the world has just burned me into general apathy. I can’t even imagine the mind set of people who were raised to be apathetic.

        2. I don’t mean to imply that appreciation of literature is not a mark of intelligence. Just saying that there are vast differences in these subjects, and thus, I don’t think most people are naturally inclined to follow all categories. I think the hard sciences, by virtue of the intelligence required just to understand the achievement, lend themselves to a more intelligent following than literature, which is a topic of more general interest.
          In other words, while I think that intelligent people will be drawn to good literature, following Nobel laureate literature in and of itself is not a mark of intelligence. The causality doesn’t run in both directions to the same degree that it does in hard sciences. I know plenty of vapid, brain-dead chicks who will pick up a Nobel prize winning author’s latest book because the gossip circle at her book club says it’s, like, totes amazeballs. Meanwhile, she has no appreciation for it (she is not intellectually equipped to appreciate it), and probably won’t actually finish it. This same woman will not care about Physics one way or the other.

        3. Just keep in mind there is the alternate view, that art/music/literature are the foundations of culture, and no matter how “hi-tech” we are, there are ancient civilizations in the past that would be considered more cultured, civilized, and advanced.
          There is also the idea that technological growth which outpaces society’s ability to control or manage it can lead us in the wrong direction. That being said, I love me some science.

        4. you are absolutely right. But there is a committee of people who are granting a couple of awards for people who have immense achievement in certain fields…it would behoove someone to know who these people are…at least have a passing curiosity. Even after all I typed, I didn’t bother googling…because fuckem

        5. The vapid girl you speak of, and I know them too, do it not out of curiosity…it is an accessory like most girls with a handbag or a Kardashian with a baby. No, following a Nobel laureate is not a mark of intelligence. But being curious is.

        6. Critical thinking isnt dead, few people are capable of it.
          I dont think it would matter if we had leaders who genuinely cared about the country, but we dont… its a “dog eat dog world, and youre wearing milkbone underwear”.

        7. you are absolutely correct wrt leaders who cared. What might help is if people in general were encouraged to pursue things other than kardashians and cheetos

        8. Sen. Patrick Moynihan, a D from NY, voiced his concerns regarding the expansion of the welfare state, citing the already increasing rates of out of wedlock childbirth within the Afr-Amer community- he was worried about the nuclear family. He was branded as a racist.
          Today, its almost 3 out 4 within that community(the white out of wedlock birth rate is now the same as it was for Afr back in the late 60s- 25%).
          I think this man cared, what did he get for voicing his concerns?
          I stopped trying to explain shit to people many years ago- it does not compute for them. Inside their skulls, I think they have a tiny version of themselves, and they have access to a sound board of 30-40 stock responses, that tiny version just hits the “appropriate” response…if you have a follow up to their response they just hit the same response button or the “eject from the conversation” button…why bother?

        9. No doubt. Our own culture was probably more advanced in the not-so-distant past as measured against today. At least, it certainly feels that way at times.

        10. Sorry to shift topics, but it occurs to me that there is probably a great way to game chicks into threesomes lurking just below the surface here. If curiosity is the mark of intelligence, two women who want to come home with you and explore this curiosity are clearly intellectually superior to two who do not.
          Watch out for the reverse application of this though!

        11. This is pretty much what my entire time in academia (both graduate school and as a professor) was defined by 😉
          However, if I think back to the multipartner sexual experiences I have had, at least as many if not more were initiated by the girls

        12. They have never gone beyond stage 1 thinking. It is the same with the gender issue as well. They just regurgitate ideas and ‘facts’ from advocate research and assume they have won the debate by appealing to authority. When this doesn’t work, they just call you names. e.g misogynist, ‘right winger’ etc
          It’s pathetic really, but that’s what we are up against.

        13. Bernard Stiegler talks about this problem in an interesting way. He basically states that in the past society had time to adapt to technology because they weren’t flooding the market with tech. Technology served a more practical purpose. Now we are struggling to keep up with all of the new inventions. What makes his argument stand out from other similar ones is the following: 1)He believes this tendency is producing social disequilibrium and 2)digital technology has a profound affect on memory that differs greatly from previous technologies. Since memory is crucial to identity and self knowledge, this is a social problem as well as an individual one.

        14. “Between 1978 and 1983 Stiegler was incarcerated for armed robbery, first at the Prison Saint-Michel in Toulouse, and then at the Centre de détention in Muret. It was during this period that he became interested in philosophy, studying it by correspondence with Gérard Granel at the Université de Toulouse-Le-Mirail. His transformation in prison is recounted in his book, Passer à l’acte (2003; the English translation of this work is included in the 2009 volume, Acting Out).”
          Ya gotta love the French philosophers.

        15. Yeh! Did you just look that up? He is a real ‘character’ for sure.
          He has written some interesting books.

        16. Yeh I did heh.
          More proof that you don’t need a university degree to be educated.
          I’m working on a lit review for a paper on digital tech and culture so it caught my interest.

      3. How could you forget!!?
        But seriously, I know what you mean. I think part of the problem is the misplaced incentives where our culture encourages our best and brightest to go into fields like finance and legal instead of science and philosophy. No nation ever became great by having the shrewdest bankers or best lawyers the world had ever seen.

        1. Actually, tbh, I think that legal, engineering, finance, etc. are all great fields for college. The problem, in my view, is that society stopped encouraging people to pursue loftier goals in their own time.
          Ben Franklin didn’t go to school for philosophy and statesmanship. He went to two years of what amounted to a technical school for clergy and then apprenticed with his brother in printing. Abe Lincoln didn’t have a PhD in philosophy, he was a lawyer.
          At some point we turned what was the pursuit of truth and beauty that all men should do into an academic vocation. It yielded some good for sure. But what if all men, doctors, lawyers, financiers, engineers, carpenters, electricians, if each of them were socially encouraged to read Shakespeare or Descartes….why encourage people to make a career of this stuff when you can just encourage them to be a more enlightened person in whatever ACTUAL and PRODCUTIVE career they do chose?

        2. Yes, agreed, and the idea of a classical liberal arts education, which is by now almost eradicated, provided that. As to the choice of careers, a great engineer can build safe, strong infrastructure that can last for decades if not centuries, providing huge economic returns. He can build monuments or buildings which inspire confidence, happiness, and pride in a people. A great scientist can improve the quality of life of millions or more through medical discoveries, technological advancements, and labor saving devices. A great philosopher can help people understand truth, give meaning to life, provide motivation, encourage cohesiveness in a culture, prevent crime, disease, and poverty, and lead millions to happiness.
          And the accomplishments of these men can live on, past their lifetimes, and often past the lifetimes of their accomplishments. Who will remember Warren Buffet in 200 years? But we still remember Copernicus, da Vinci, and Plato.
          A great banker can make a fuck load of money. A great lawyer? (If you can name one besides Andrew Napolitano) basically does the same, while often enabling more degeneracy. Occasionally good can be done by them (IE Barry Sheck may have helped get OJ off when he clearly murdered his wife, but went on to save the lives of dozens of innocent men through the Innocence Project).
          I was one of the somewhat rare cases where I performed highly academically but didn’t have a particular strength in any one area–I could have gone into whatever field, and guidance counselors were of little help. Astronaut? Engineer? Scientist? Teacher? In the end I chose finance, because that is what our system has chosen to reward most highly. The benefits for me? Great. The benefits for society? Nill.

        3. but look at what a benefit to you can do? You obviously have interests beyond the scope of your job. You can take what you get from your job and invest it in those interests. When you retire one day, and in finance you may actually retire unlike most jobs, you may write a book. There is nothing you can get from a classical philosophy education that you can’t get online right now. Go to youtube, every single professor at every decent school has all of their lectures on line and perseus project has pretty much every primary source book. The ones you can’t get there you can download, in one huge file, from kat.ph
          Philosophy, historically, has been an avocation not a vocation. Ok, maybe not science anymore because you can’t pull a Galileo and do anything useful with a telescope and chances are you can’t afford a superconducting supercollider without outside funding…but anything in the humanities…all of which is incredibly valuable…really ought to happen as a passion….I know guys who know every football stat imaginable. Imagine they put that ability into something like weather forecasting or, I don’t know, ship building.

      4. Who gives a furry rat fuck about the Nobel prize anyway.
        They gave one to Obama and Nelson Mandela for Christ sakes.

        1. peace doesn’t count obvi.
          I am talking about what scientists, what authors, what doctors and chemists are making strides and achievements. I mean, not to say you need to base your life around it of course, but I didn’t even bother reading the paper when they were announced.

        2. I could respect the peace prize if they gave it away upon completion of a vital accomplishment that secured peace in the world, instead of every 4 years just awarding one to a person, no matter what.
          For example, consider the societal ramifications from someone ending the Syrian conflict today. Safety and stability for the Syrian people. Less violence in the ME. End of Islamic emigrants to Europe. End of Cologne rapes. Economic stability for the west who is burning money fighting these pointless wars. It would have a huge impact on society.

  5. I agree with every single word here….but my question is why have they seen so much success in the last 30 years.
    They are weak in all the ways you point out and more…but you can’t argue the massive (and negative) impact they have had.
    That they do not make good soldiers in the culture war AND that they are winning it in such an enormous way just doesn’t make sense to me.
    What am I missing?
    edit: by the way, the only possible solution to this conundrum I see is that men have been civilized to protect the weak so in order to destroy this malignant influence we have to wake up and go against the grain of our earliest training which would be to protect them instead of protecting against them.

    1. but my question is why have they seen so much success in the last 30 years.

      Because they have white knights and manginas willing to fight on their behalf.
      They’re the real enemy, IMO.

      1. I agree about the white knight / mangina type, but how are THEY so successful. They embody the same pathetic weakness

        1. I think it is a mix of drive and desperation on their part. They keep fighting on behalf of SJWs in the asymptotic hope that they might get some.

        2. Overactive sympathy, compassion, and free-floating guilt on thepart of the regular folks?
          The fact they are often related to the wealthy/powerful?
          Misery loves company?
          Personality disorders like Narcissism and Inferiority/Superiority/Messiah complexes?
          Self-loathing and deceit?
          Damaged coping mechanisms?
          Rather play pretend than grow up?
          They prefer taking the easiest route?

        3. All of this makes sense. However, with the exception of being incredibly privileged and overactive sympathy, compassion and free floating I can make a case how each of these is a detriment to their cause.
          Misery ought never lead to success
          Narcissism, inferiority, superiority and messiah complexes might lead to short term gains but in the long run have, historically, lead to huge failure in far less time than the SJW set has been controlling the agenda.
          Self loathing and deceit….only the political side of catholic church has managed to successfully use this weapon for any period of time
          indeed they have damaged coping mechanisms, but I fail to see how that helps rather than hinders and the same for the peter pan BS.

        4. I agree. These things should be considered detrimental and really they are, but the world is terribly skewed right now, mostly because of the direction of our cultural trends. We lack any set morality or value standards, the institutions charged with guarding and teaching this to subsequent generations have been eroded through years of attacks and arguments based on relative morality.
          And that’s it right there, these people aren’t rebels, they aren’t superior, they’re trendy.
          And sociologically speaking, it has been observed that when herded together, most people will go right along with whatever is fashionable and requires the least effort: so-called “path of least resistance” coupled with “it’ll never happen to me” thinking and “I just want to fit in”.
          All they had to do was get a foot in the door, politically, or in business ,or in media and hire others like them and then they congregate because that is human nature.
          One reason why slippery slope isn’t really a fallacy, human beings don’t always act (and rarely do for that matter) solely on logic.

        5. They’re expendable troops who didn’t create the plan, they’re just following instructions from higher up.
          They remind me of the Frontline troops the USSR used in WWII. Wave after wave was thrown into German machine gun fire, and any who retreated were shot by the NKVD. The Russians ultimately won because they could sent wave after wave indefinitely.

        6. Funny, I was thinking that they remind me more of the guys from the Decembrist Revolution in 1825. They all show up and do dick all. The only difference is that the imperial Russians knew not to ignore them but to, while they stood in their silent protest, line up canons and be done with it.

    2. It comes with living in a 1st world society , people no longer have to worry about food, water , shelter , and etc so they create problems to fill the void in their life. Some people may enjoy it but I would go insane working at a desk all day just to be able to afford “luxury “items I could never use .

        1. Look in more rural areas of America and less developed countries where people still have to gain these things through blood , sweat , AMD toil. You never hear some farmer and his kids whining about equality , feminism, and rape culture because they are out fulfilling basic human functions or else they starve , freeze , and so on . I think it was Aristotle who said something like philosophy is a luxury of a well off society and it’s true . Philosophy , sociology , and so on can only be explored by the economic classes in society that can afford to have that amount of free time .

        2. I don’t doubt what you say, but there is real toil at some desk jobs…I don’t mean the bullshit jobs that were manufactured, cushy sweetheart jobs. There is lot of work to be done. I would never minimize the effort that a farmer has to put in, but I find it odd how so many farmers will look at a clean suit and have zero conception of just how much work some (emphasis on some) white collar guys do on a daily basis.
          It all goes back to what my grandparents used to say….idle hands are the devils workshop. I don’t think it matters all that much what your hands are busy with, only that they aren’t idle.

        3. I don’t think the point is so much about the amount of work done, just the difference in type of work. There are rural folks too that are just as lackadaisical and completely dependent on government checks, you can see them flood the local discount retailer like clockwork come check day. They usually have beat up, clunker vehicles, are unkempt and haven’t bathed, and wear donated clothes. But go home with one and what will you find? Big screen TV, new cell phone, a video game system. Of course, they usually have a high drug, alcohol, or cigarette dependency as well. All designed to numb them from the fact they are miserable and unproductive.
          In urban areas you see that too, but what of the affirmative action hires? Or the as we say here “good ol’ boy jobs?” Or where you work for your rich relative, or where you have a trust fund? That isn’t working for sustenance, that’s a game. And games get boring and boredom leads to other preoccupations. And having only played games leads to lack of basic appreciation and understanding of reality at a child’s level.
          Idle hands. Your grandfather was very wise.

        4. I agree 100%. I think that the idea that rural v urban is a big thing is crazy. The problem is distance. A lot of people I know have never even met a rural person so all they know about them is the sterotype wallmark hick….which is a real type, but far from the only one.
          I have much more in common with any hard working farmer than I do with an affirmative action office hire.
          I am in the corporate side of construction and I get along with a lot of my hard hat guys a lot better than I do with people in my office….(with certain very cool people who are exceptions and certain douchy and lazy hard hats)….
          It is one of my pet peeves. My mother is from a family of decent gentlemen farmers and my fathers from urban people who were in various aspects of a suit and tie world. I got to see both sides and found that good men from different walks of life will always have more in common than a good man and a shithead from the same walk of life.

        5. Speaking only from my own experiences of toiling on family farms in my youth, most farmers understood it. They were always doing “business” in their own right,but considering how automated argicultural has become over the last 40 years, alot of farms kids are todays engineers, accountants, managers, etc… Besides most of those small family farms are long gone.

        6. Agreed, and in my travels through poorer areas that are NEVER EVER concerned about this social justice shit, it is confirmed. My only quandary is why we are using our free time for evil, degenerate shit.
          Historically speaking, the reason the west was able to invent so much, explore the world, conquer and colonize, was because we took care of our basic needs and thus had extra time to devote to science, philosophy, exploration, art, music, etc.
          Whereas America seems to divert all free time towards degenerate activities and SJWarrioring. Why is this? Is it as simple as lack of patriarchy? Lack of a strong leader / moral ruler / monarch who set the agenda? Whatever it is, it’s destroying the west.

        7. And when people in third world countries do when pissed off, it’s real stuff, like lack of security, good jobs, or politicians playing hooky with organized crime.

        8. But it’s physical exhaustion vs mental and with the addition of caffeine pills ,cocaine, and all manner of pills you can prolong fatigue for years .

        9. I think also to there is a disconnect in desk work , you never really see the fruits of your labor it’s often just on paper or in a bigger pay check . I think every man has a primal desire to be able to provide for himself with his own hands

    3. This is precisely correct. We must cease and desist immediately any actions that would help in any way shape or form our enemies.
      We must give them the rope to hang themselves, the handcuffs to restrain them. Then we must not intervene when they lay helpless dying of hunger or lack of something.
      We must train ourselves to do nothing but let them die off like the worthless scum that they are.
      This may go against a mans natural wiring, especially when it comes to women but these insects must feel the full brunt of the consequences of their choices.
      They must suffer the totality of the world they clamored for.
      When I hear about women in Europe being raped by migrants I laugh with glee.
      You got the world you wanted and voted for bitch. Now take it hard and deep motherfucker.

  6. The only reason these losers have made any headway is because the narrative is on their side.
    Once we change the narrative, these morlocks will simply fade away.

    1. If by fade away you mean they will morph their views and actions to resemble the prevailing orthodoxy then I would agree. That is what spineless cowards do.
      We must not let that happen.
      Names must be remembered. Affiliations must be remembered. Crimes against normal healthy people must never be forgotten.
      And it will be up to truly strong men to do what is necessary.
      Never forget and never forgive.

  7. Sweet lord these people are disgusting. To think that yesterday we had a day long conversation about women fucking dogs and today, thanks to this article, I am even more grossed out.
    We need a palate cleansing article.
    If there is a site admin out there….get mike chang on the phone and tell him we are craving electrolytes.

    1. Agreed. We need an article about the awesomeness of kratom and electrolytes. It’s what ROK readers crave.

        1. I thought you had to say “There’s no place like chang, theres no place like chang…” and flex your ab muscles three times?

        2. Could’ve sworn there was a sponsored post pushing a penis pump. Maybe all the kratom has finally gotten to me.

  8. But SJW do have one huge advantage. Way too much time on their hands. While we’re out working, self improving and gaming chicks, they collect their benefits from government for whatever victim categories they fall under. Leaving them plenty of time to bitch about what more they need from the rest of society. This advantage pretty much equalizes these weaknesses. They can only loose when the welfare society goes bankrupt.

    1. Also, they know how to use the guilt factor to their full advantage. That’s why, even if the can’t make a coherent argument, they still win because, you know, you’re a bigot and a homophobic asshole because you made a Caitlyn Jenner tranny joke.

  9. SJW’s are so worthless on a level playing field that even triumph the insult comic dog can beat them.
    If we can get lawyers of our own to counteract theirs (in part why I went to law school), we can take away their biggest advantage.

    1. That was hilarious!!!!!
      But holy shit. I recognize that college is the formative time when one is figuring who they want to be and I wasn’t the most masculine guy in college either, but look at this room full of ninnies! The guy on the very left in red and blue plaid is the only normal looking dude there, the rest are grossly overweight, androgynous, or childish. This is the future of America!

      1. The one on the left had a “narc” nametag. That’s especially funny because he looks like a stereotypical beta orbiter. The one with the tag “fuck this guy” looks like he’s gonna be a sleazy PI lawyer when he grows up.
        That whole room’s lack of intelligence, self-confidence, and lifting ability amuses me very much.

        1. Yet strangely enough those two were the only ones who mentioned the guest was black, overweight and stereotypically homosexual. The two white girls were the most politically correct and the obsese males were the least confident, trying desperately not to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.
          What bothered me is that no one pointed out the artist’s rendition was actually a solid likeness.

        2. They know it’s true, but are afraid of being hated.
          I grew up around people like this, so I learned early on to feed off their hatred and SJWism. They don’t have that advantage.

        3. I thought the name tags were the best. It best described them all. When he put them on, they just took them, put them on their shirt and acted like they were aliens from another planet look like “what are these things?”.
          Jesus…what the hell is wrong with these kids. Is it the nonstop meds that they are on, today. No personality and no sense of humor.

    2. Good Ol Triumph. Check the clip where he wants to sniff JLo’s butt b/c it is “dee Mt Everest of booties for a dog”.

    3. This is great. THe girl in the beginning with the glasses will graduate, move to a city, get some office job and then proceed to get skewered by every single alpha cock for about three years…..once her pussy looks like used up bubble yum which has been weighed down in hot gravel for a day she will friend one of these losers on facebook with “heeeeeeeeeyyyy!!!!!”
      The one she friends will be whichever one seems to be making the most money.
      God I wish I had the apparatus to conduct this study and show I am right 100%

      1. You used to teach right? Why do they answer the questions by incorporating part of the question into the response? Is that a sign of lower intelligence, or is it being done b/c they are stalling as they dont have an answer?
        Responding like first graders!

        1. It’s stalling, I saw it countless times in law school.
          In law school, professors love to cold call on people at random, asking them obscure questions.
          I saw many chicks and even some guys do that to buy more time to develop an answer. If I didn’t know, id either guess, ask for a clarification, or just tell them I had no clue.
          Apparently that’s hard to do.

        2. Why do they answer questions by incorporating part of the question(lawl)? Is it a sign of lower intelligence(lawl)? This is a two fold answer. You say they are responding like first graders. The answer is multi-layered.
          It is not because they are stalling because they don’t have an answer. Right or wrong or stupid they have an answer to anything. Ask any freshman college student to explain Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle literally one day after some professor mentions it off hand in a philosophy class and they will lecture you for an hour as if they were writing a dissertation on it at the Fermi Lab in Chicago.
          The sheer number of liberal arts majors who will speak about string theory like experts is baffling. No, they never stall for an answer.
          The problem is, this is how they have been taught. Children, for the most part, are curious, athletic and intelligent. They ask questions, act like devious little wise asses and run literally everywhere.
          This is being trained out of them.
          What’s worse, we are now at a time when the senior faculty members also had this trained out of them and the junior faculty members don’t even remember a world where this wasn’t the way.

        3. Agreed, stalling the same way the “mansplaining” guy said “I think what’s shes trying to say is…”

        4. As a chemist, I find the behavior very annoying.
          All these faggots think they are PhDs after a 10 minute ted talk. Dumb swpls.

        5. I try to put them in their place when I can. Public shame would put an end to a lot of this bullshit.

      2. What’s really shameful is that some of these guys could up their personal hygiene and style and do fine, they don’t need to buy into this tripe in hopes some girl will approve them.
        And a couple of these girls could be attractive without much effort at all. They wouldn’t be 8’s or better but they could be decent 6’s and 7’s, minus the indoctrination.
        Most all of them want to laugh. It is seriously wrong that they think they shouldn’t.

      3. How does her pussy look any different from any other pussy? Are you familiar with how vaginas work?

        1. I don’t really care how pussy works…I am familiar as to how metaphor works though. I

        2. wow, I must be getting slow….I didn’t even consider this shit was a girl.
          I should have known. You don’t know how pussy works/make a woman cum/etc/etc/etc is such a dumbie woman concept.
          Christ, the Y chromosome really makes people as stupid as a box of rocks.

        3. yeah, that makes sense.
          On another note, I had a meeting with a woman selling advertising last year. She was in her 40’s and single. Obviously took good care of herself. Well dressed, good body (for her age) and was probably a total smoke show when she was 22.
          After our meeting we go out to lunch. I am in the elevator with her and she is telling me all about her yoga practice. As a fast and ready rule, if a woman, in her first moment of being able to talk to you freely, mentions yoga that means, every time, she wants to fuck you.
          As we are walking down the block and talking about yoga she tells me that she just got back to doing yoga. She missed a little time due to her vagioplasty.
          It takes a lot for me to go “whoah” but this did it.
          Anyway, we had our lunch and nothing ever came of the meeting (for reason of pricing and nothing else). To this day, nearly 2 years later, she emails me every single month.

        4. After a woman gets vaginoplasty she wants to put her ankles behind her head and show somebody.

        5. It was so blatant. I mean, I’m not bad looking and I am in good shape and take care of myself…the fact that she was pitching the largest account in her career probably helped as well.
          I don’t mix business with pleasure…..or in this case mild bemusement so I always politely turn it down.

        6. If you think making a woman cum is a dumb concept you may need to go back to the drawing board. Rethink your strategy.

        7. This site is for straight males. Females aren’t allowed to comment unless they post a bald pussy pic.

        8. What a load of bullshit (mentioning yoga means she wants to fuck you). No wonder you have to take classes to get laid!

        9. I really never respond to women here, but I will make an exception this time. You are way out of your league sweetheart. If you get tingles playing with the boys you go right ahead. You are easy enough to ignore. But you are barking up the wrong tree. Good luck doll.

        10. Wait, wasn’t this about a theoretical pussy to begin with? Actually arguing NAVALT over fictional genitalia? Think it’s time I unplug for a awhile again…

        11. Thanks, Pumpkin. When I post I don’t look for a reply; I just want to make a point. Weird how my i.q. dropped when you realized I’m a feeemale.

        12. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be recognized as a woman. “Ellen’ is in right there in my name. I should have realized when I didn’t get a deluge of snarky comments. and I so wanted to be a member of the He Man Woman Haters Club. Oh wait, I’m not 13 years old, either. Damnit.

        13. Well that’s almost right, you have found a men’s club, not unlike a Lodge of old. We’ve fiddled with your knobs for a few days, tested you a bit as it were and now the best thing is to ignore you.
          In fact, some chicks do bare beaver, you pretended you might send us pics to that effect, and I answered your question and it was also topical considering yesterday’s animal frenzy, all in one sentence and in good humor, none of which you picked up on (and remember you did acknowledge there were certain conditions under which you would in fact have sex with a dog).
          But you just couldn’t help but get stuffy and offended then started hurling the cliche insults around (outing yourself as an ageist and racist against Asians in the process) which is why you don’t belong here and why ultimately women in general aren’t welcome.

        14. Yes you do, if you didn’t want a reply you wouldn’t speak up at all. Hopelessly addicted to attention you are.

        15. dude, everywhere i go on this site i see your stupid face talking non sense most of the time. fuck off for a while you annoying twat

        16. How could someone read all this drivel and not speak up? This site is well known as one of the worst sites on the internet, and rightly so. You guy never call each other on your bullshit. If I wanted attention I wouldn’t look for it here, Who new, women aren’t the same.

        17. You’re a real piece of work, always going on about women fighting over you and shit. By, sweet thing.

        18. What? Racist against Asians and Ageist? Am I on the wrong site?
          Some of you guys are kinda fun .

        19. Wow, you came back 4 hours later to comment a second time on this. I really got to you huh.

        20. This site gives no illusions as to our purpose or beliefs. Men’s clubs, lodges and such have gotten together for millennia, it’s considered to be one of few healthy social constructs. Discussions were frequently chauvinistic by today’s standards, women’s behaviors and sexual proclivities were some part of it along with work, hobbies, and current events, and stag films weren’t uncommon.
          We aren’t asking women to come here, in fact discouraging it, and yet they expect to be provided a safe space and change the atmosphere anyway? All those lockstep sites out there and amusing that this is still the most interesting and entertaining.
          Is it the allure of the verboten?
          The result of too much spoiling?
          The nagging realization buried deep inside that there is so much truth here?
          An inability to grasp simple concepts, like rhetorical inquiries?
          I’m thinking of a handle change to NothingSane with an avatar pic of a feminist mob myself.

        21. You are right. I have thought about joining a local masonic lodge here for just this reason. I really don’t have the time though.

        22. I thought you had to be asked to join a lodge, you cant just apply for membership(my friend’s friend asked him if he wanted to join, he declined)

        23. I think you do need to be asked but making a small donation and hanging around can speed up the process. In the end, it’s not people twisting mustaches ruling the world it’s a bunch of guys having drinks…I can always find a way in to that

    4. I nearly passed out watching that! The Black guy was the fucking best. “You don’t know a dam thing about me!” Ahahahahahahahahahha. Well done, Triumph!

    5. My God, these sad sacks. Their life view is so easily destroyed. Zero sense of humor. Especially about themselves. At times, you can see the gears turning as if they want to laugh, but their PC filters are causing misfires in their brains. Jesus Christ this fucking generation.

      1. It’s as if they have an obese Jiminy Cricket with tattoos and a nose ring whispering in their ear and telling then not to laugh.

        In college, I would have laughed hysterically at a talking puppet dog, no matter what it was saying! But here he is saying really funny stuff, and they just sit there, dull and lifeless. College for me was full of laughter and fun!

        1. I was in class last night and you’d be disgusted at how much leftist values are shoved down students’ throats.
          Let me tell you man, professors nowadays openly tell their students about who has privilege and who doesn’t. Pretty much every liberal arts class I’m forced to take right now is about how women and minorities are the victims of straight white males. I shit you not… And every solution to the problems discussed is more government intervention.
          Last night we were talking about Gamergate and how women and minorities are under-represented in video games, and how we need to enact policies to force companies to make games with more female and non-white lead characters. I replied to this by asking whether or not micro-managing video games kind of takes away the whole fun of it.
          The prof even brought up the manosphere, and how we’re a bunch of whiney men who can’t just enjoy all our privilege. The prof went on to say that MRAs are absolutely ridiculous and have no evidence to back up their arguments, to which everyone in the class just nodded and laughed at the very idea that men have problems too. Apparently there is “no economic evidence” that men struggle as much as women, which seems weird because I can think of many stats that show that men’s lives are not just easy across the board. I wont really push the issue though, as the costs seem to outweigh the benefits.
          Liberal arts is no longer about debate or discussion or free thought. I see it in grad school, and you can see it on all these kids’ faces in the video.

        2. Here is one for our team, Clark. A feminist trying to use mansplaining. She gets smacked down for using it.

        3. It has been for over a geneartion. When I was finishing up my degree I was dating a grad student from the humanities department who taught some of the freshman classes (her dad was an engineer– closet conservative). She told me that in the whole humanities department of OSU there was only 1 white guy and he was gay. That was 1996. It was not by coincidence either.

        4. Liberal arts is an avocation and not a vocation as I said in a post earlier today.
          Academic faculties are feeding a bill of goods. The funny thing is, they are acting in a way perfectly congruent with human nature.
          They aren’t, strictly speaking, lying to you. They need to incorporate these ideas into their lives to make their choices make sense. Freud calls it reaction formation.
          It’s like how very, very poor people will rationalize how being poor is better than not being poor. It isn’t. Being poor blows. I don’t mean kind of poor, I mean the heat is out and we are putting water on the generic cereal poor. Mind you, I am not saying it is bad to be a poor person, I am saying it just fucking sucks. But they will often incorporate this idea that their life and their struggle has meaning and it is a meaning that people not in their shitty situation can never understand so they are better in some way.
          Faculties have fucked up so badly that the only way not to just kill themselves is to internalize a principle that they are so vastly superior. They pass on this bs to their students.
          There was a time when a professor, science or philosophy, would have been shunned for pushing a political agenda…these professors have such a bullshit education that means absolutely nothing that they need to bolster themselves up, give each other awards and make sure their students all see the way.
          Watch, the next time a professor encourages people to be open minded and consider different types of ideas tell them that homosexuality is an abomination, that women should not be allowed into university, that blacks are inferior….even if you don’t believe it. They won’t even bother correcting you. They will, at best, ridicule you and at worst have you tossed out on your ass.

        5. If a woman ever comes up with a franchise like metal gear, final fantasy, or GTA, I will walk into oncoming traffic…

        6. Terms like mansplaining, privilege, institutional racism, are simply control tactics. Whenever SJW can’t win with a logical argument they whip out one of these terms. So no matter how weak their argument is, they can still declare victory. Effective, for now at least, but devoid of any real meaning.
          Of course, I’m sure you all already know this…

        7. Last night we were talking about Gamergate and how women and minorities are under-represented in video games, and how we need to enact policies to force companies to make games with more female and non-white lead characters.

          Tough luck. It’s not job of white male computer programmers and majority of white men in software development industry to indulge SJWankers.
          If you want more women and nonwhites in video games, find more women and nonwhite software developers and artists. Start a company and studio, hire women and nonwhites, SJWankers.

        8. “I don’t mean kind of poor, I mean the heat is out and we are putting water on the generic cereal poor. Mind you, I am not saying it is bad to be a poor person, I am saying it just fucking sucks.”
          Don’t need to justify. I’ve never been dirt dirt poor but I’ve lived those grimey no air conditioning nights in an attic with shit food and a bunch of cokeheads to save money at a blue-collar job. Being poor sucks…
          What pisses me off about these liberal academics is I bet none of them have had to live that way to get a little bit ahead. I doubt any of them have had to work 12 hour shifts on their feet to get their education. If I point out that there’s people of every category stuck in a grind with little hope I’m the one that’s socially weird. To have these fuckers tell me that I’m privileged pisses me the fuck off…
          “They won’t even bother correcting you. They will, at best, ridicule you and at worst have you tossed out on your ass.”
          Yup… I remember years ago a professor I worked for interviewing new honours thesis students. This one early-thirties Russian dude who wanted to finish his degree showed up. The prof didn’t give him the job. Instead he joked that “Boris” should join the lab to fix the plumbing in the washroom. This is a professor who gave me shit for being “insensitive” to his precious female student snowflakes.
          Thanks for the comment lolknee. I’ve actually been in a rotten mood about this since yesterday evening, and it’s good to know that someone has seen the system for what it is, and decided to leave. Last year a similar decision, so I joined a program to specialize in digital tech so I can transition to industry. I just can’t handle being surrounded by such ignorant snobbish cunts.

        9. It is a pretty awful landscape out there CK. I will say this though: being miserable about it doesn’t make it better…it just makes you miserable.

        10. Don’t get the wrong impression, I’m generally pretty chill.
          Just being back in uni I need to vent once in a while when I encounter a new level of bullshit.

        11. Clark, the classes you are taking are obviously not going to lead you to a high paying career. I’d strongly advise you to drop out before you incur too much OSAP debt. Nothing outside of trades can get you to break even in the GTA. Engineering and most other attainable professions are saturated and medicine is practically impossible if you aren’t female. The only success stories I hear are coders that moved to the USA.
          I thought you were self employed, what happened?

        12. I just interrupt and make fun of them. If your good enough, you can keep mastery of the social situation, like the ‘dog’ up there.
          People who can’t take a joke are begging to be made fools of, and I turn on their female friends in the process. What cucks.

        13. The way he shot her down was brilliant. You can see in her face what an entitled bitch she is.

        14. Hey I appreciate the comment and I totally understand what you’re saying.
          Especially about the GTA being way over-saturated in pretty much every area.
          And no not self employed yet.
          The program I’m in though is pretty decent for my long-term employability I think, particularly for the career path that I want. I wouldn’t just throw down for a straight up liberal arts degree. And yeah I’ll probably need to go south, as this city is very rough on individualists. Everyone I know in my field that has gone to the US has benefited economically.
          The main bummer to the program is that OCAD is hyper-liberal. Like this must be the most leftist school in the city. Thankfully I don’t have OSAP debt and I’m currently employed. I do have a plan for what I’m doing, but what you get out of this program really depends on how much studio work and networking the student will do on their own, and I actually like this aspect. The networking opportunities are good, but I just cannot fucking believe how completely leftist many of these professors and students are.
          It’s too bad the Toronto ROK Meetup had to get cancelled btw. I really was looking forward to meeting all you crazy nucks. Let me know if you’re still interested in doing a local thing. Nothing stopping us from grabbing a beer sometime.

        15. Not surprising at all man.
          I absolutely love philosophy, but why in the hell would I do a PhD in it when I could be learning about how to DO something?
          There is nothing stopping me during a normal day from picking up Hegel, or Keirkegaard at the library.

        16. I almost feel like I need to apologize for writing such a revolting comment… but that’s what happened…

        17. “It is a words that’s used…..it… it is…..” God I love that moment of realisation that “strong” women have when they realise their entire argument is a buzzword and has absolutely no substance.
          You have no power here!!!!

        18. Adhering to “rule” about plots, female characters etc stifles creativity. It’s in video games, comics (I’m looking at you Marvel), movies and tv shows.

        19. I’ve moved abroad myself for an easier life. I’ll be coming back for a couple of weeks in May/June this year.

      3. Their life view is so easily destroyed
        This is why they will do whatever they are told to do when the global economy finally short- circuits…

      4. I just cannot understand how these kids are not laughing their asses off. I’m a millennial and I found this thing so funny that I was in tears from laughing so hard. I know firsthand that the brainwashing is bad, but is it really this bad?

        1. That’s why I still have hope for the future. I just can’t believe that a world view so divorced from reality can be sustained.

        2. I guess so. I know firsthand that in schools if you have any sort of conservative principles you need to keep it on the down low to keep from being ripped to pieces by liberal students and teachers. But all politics aside, how are they not laughing at the simple fact that they’re being interviewed by a talking dog hand puppet? That one thing had me in stitches. Everything else was just extremely welcome icing on the cake.

        3. Last night me and three friends stayed up all night writing code and listening to racist prank calls. Some of this shit had us in stitches at 4am. It was me, an Indian dude, a Brazilian, and some motherfucker from mainland China.
          Funny is funny… Why does everybody have to be so uptight?

        4. They know the nomenclatura can access the segment in the cloud. They are projecting forward threats. Time is ripe for samizdat.

      1. The one in pink just needs to get “fired up cuddling kittens every day”.
        And stay away from the rest of them.
        EDIT: Of course, as an alternative there’s always “looking after itinerant dogs”.
        That could do her a world of good as well.

    6. Totally dig the husky guy with the flannel shirt and beanie. He looks like the Brawny man, sans the brawny.

    7. Excellent display. This, in a nutshell, is why most of these kids in college today are fucked up.
      College has gone from a place where you’re supposed to be pushing boundaries, having debates, questioning everything to Orwell’s 1984 (or the former Soviet Union). It shows just how stupid all of this PC shit has become and how stupid these students look for following it. The level of retard is full retard at this point.

    8. I can see them thinking, “ugh, this is so PROBLEMATIC” every time they roll their eyes.

    9. “now can i hump your leg?” heh.
      true story: i had a temp job in a warehouse many years ago when i was a much younger man. i was told to take something, a piece of equipment IIRC, and give it to darrell. i couldn’t remember who darrell was. asked a few white coworkers. they described him as “stocky” as “dark-haired” as “middle-aged.” everyone neglected to tell me that he was one of the two black guys who worked for the company. after spending an hour wasting time looking for darrell, when i finally found him i told him the above and asked him if he’d have been ok with them saying “he’s a black guy.” he laughed and said sure, why not.
      this was in texas in the 1990s, too.

    10. We can all help by shooting them down like the dog, or being Skittles man or break-a-dog-leg man

  10. That pic at the top of the article with the big reds is a work of art. It should be hanging in the Guggenheim

  11. Great read. RoK’s needs to focus on this message. Not the ramblings of a woman dying of cancer (which I highly suspect wasn’t true) about how most women are dog fuckers. Shit like that only gives ammunition to the enemy.

    1. Parts of it sounded legit, the rest was just hyperbole. I find it hard to believe that any woman would tell a guy these things, even if they were supposedly about to die.

      1. At first I thought it was going to be a story on Reddit r/redpill about a guy who’s girlfriend was dying and she cheated on him. Was pretty messed up.

      2. You have to admit it is funny, though. Next time you hear one of these SJWs squawking about something you can ask them “Do you have a dog?”
        Then follow up with “You’re a dog fucker, aren’t you?”…several times. Sometimes it’s the little things.

    2. This site is somewhat unique. Some articles are more entertaining than others, some are more instructional than others. I enjoyed that article, as I enjoy all articles here. Do I believe that many women are boinking Fido? Probably not, but it was worth a chuckle. I don’t know if the “dying friend” was a literary construct or not, but it was an article worth reading, therefore worth writing, so it’s fine either way.
      As for this article, the problem with intellect and critical choice is that you have to make the choices and live with the consequences. If you are too stupid to make them, or too deluded to know you have to make them, the burden of choice is removed from you, and you simply drift along, subject to the whims of more intellectually powerful people. Easily manipulated people are the drones of any force, SJWs included. “No” is one of the most powerful words in the English language, and part of being a man is knowing to only follow yourself.
      …and me on twitter. Lol. I do not tweet. Maybe I should.

    3. I was surprised ROK published an article like that now, when the world is checking out. It confirms people’s worst suspicions.

  12. And here is how you strike a devastating blow against the SJWs: create TRUE school choice on the K-12 level by forming a means by which to permit people to choose whatever school they desire to send their children to. A school is more than a building with classrooms. It is where a certain curriculum is taught via methods of instruction. The government controlled monopoly of public schools have used curriculum and methods of instruction to create the SJW.
    There needs to be a federal income tax deduction for the ENTIRE cost of private school tuition offered to all people. People will choose what best suits their interests as a parent. You will end up with a wide selection of curriculums and instructional methods. The public school monopoly will be dissolved. Successful educational methods and curriculums will replace that which has formed the SJWs.

    1. I believe you are completely right on this. If we could also end the federal Department of Education, that would guarantee no more tax dollars used to bolster the failing institutions as well.

      1. There are a lot of people who, for good reason, have given up on the political system. In my opinion, this is an issue that can give people a solid reason to get involved because it encompasses local, political, and national concerns. In fact, this could be the only reason for them to be involved because of the effect it will definitely have on society. And if success is achieved, which is very possible, the disaffected can assume the role as a guardian of the right of individuals to select educational choices that best meet their needs as a parent.

    2. Absolutely. Why do you think the Left screeched so hard when the idea of school vouchers was floated by the GOP? They know that monopolizing education is the key to maintaining their stranglehold on our children’s viewpoints.
      I could see Trump tackling this in his second term.

      1. A LOT of those leftists are public school teachers and many of them send their kids to private schools. My point is that in promoting this policy, you will find support among quite a few people who think like SJWs.

        1. Yes and that really burns my ass. It just proves what snobs they are or at least how little faith they have in the public system they work in.
          It is ok for the plebs to have an inferior education, but it isn’t good enough for my precious babies!

        2. Here is another way for you to look at this: in terms of gaining allies in the pursuit of a federal income tax deduction for the full cost of private school tuition, you will have many teachers who will give support to this. These teachers have this preference because they know public school education has some serious issues. You’ll also have many working class and lower middle class parents supporting this policy as well because the schools in their neighborhoods suck and are full of disruptive students thanks to SJW educational policies.

        3. I work in education and most teachers I know send their kids to private schools.
          As for SJW crap, you don’t get as much of that in the private system, but private schools tend to be rather insular environments. That is fine for people from rich families that have connections, but it isn’t that great for your average middle class person with zero social capital unless they spend time networking, which is difficult to do if you aren’t from the same social class.

        4. Half of´the students in cathoic schools in the US are NOT catholic.
          American public schools are nothing but another federal scam. I await the day online eductional tutorials replace it all.

        5. This is why I argue for a federal income tax deduction equal to the full cost of private school tuition. This deduction opens private school options to more people. Members of the middle class and the upper tiers of the working class will have increased access.

        6. I can’t see online educational tutorials becoming the norm in the primary or secondary school system. If it happens it won’t be for a long time.

      2. I am no leftist but I screeched pretty loud too. I hate having my intelligence insulted. The Reps wanted to take the $5,000 to $6,000 they spend per student in public K-12 schools and issue a vouncher for $1,500 or thereabout, which would not cover even the most modest private schooling. The Reps just wanted to save money on schooling rather than investing in education where it counts.

        1. You have to consider the per-pupil expenditures for public school. They are out of control. The average is about $14,000. This is insane when you consider what they are spending money on. They’ve replaced the $200.00 chalkboard with a $1,600 smartboard. Computers in every classroom, the libraries (now called “media centers”) with tons of special programming along with the costs of internet service, and textbooks that begin at $65.00 price tag. Some are as high as $90.00.
          I know what you are saying. But the kids need technology and good textbooks. To this I say nonsense. Chalkboards worked with results better than what we are getting today. Technology in the classroom is nothing but a lucrative narrative for the tech companies, and consider the results. Are we not pointing out how SJWs are churned out by our system of education, and are we not familiar with the SJWs thinking deficits?
          Not only was the old way better, it was infinitely cheaper. Public schools are a money cesspool where textbook companies, tech firms, and book salesmen masquerading as “consultants” come to feed. An infinitely better education than the shit being sold in the public schools can be done at a fraction of current costs.

        2. Better getting at least some Money back instead of paying all those taxes AND pay the fees sending your kids to private or parochial school.
          The American public school system should be shut down. It is beyond parity.

    3. Makes amazing sense. If I’m not mistaken people have been wanting similar changes for years.

  13. Regarding the point about laziness, this is something I’ve heard the whole time, but just saw it first hand. My local tribe had a fan club page on Facebook stomping their feet and talking up a storm about how they would stop us and all that. It happened all during the week leading up the Saturday. What’s going on on that page this week? Not a fucking thing. Nothing about how they plan on moving forward to shut us down. Absolutely nothing.

    1. It’s easy to talk about that kind of shit. Many people will not put in the real work, the real effort that it takes. You can’t get many of these same people to get off of their phones let alone do something about it. It’s the reason why we will prevail. People are getting tired of the over the top PC bullshit….it’s coming to an end.

  14. ROOSH, a hot young women of your heritage has been threatened by a filthy Dindu Nuffin and St. Johns for supporting the Donald. She’s hot and she supports the Donald, that’s good mating genetics bro. If I were you I would head to NYC and put the payment ape in his place and take the spoils. There is already an internet campaign going on because is protecting the ape. And this isn’t white knighting the dindu tweeted he was going to smash her laptop for having a Trump sticker. All while she was studying unaware.

  15. The pic of #2 is disgusting lmao.
    If I ever see someone wearing such a shirt, I’m laughing right there at their face.

    1. Just punch em in the face. If anyone whines about it, just respond “Sorry, you looked like a guy to me.”

    2. You have a vagina, you’re a girl. You have a penis, you’re a guy.
      What’s so hard about that? Even among some gays, male dynamics still apply.

  16. What stops a lot of us, traditionalists, from acting are the financial shackles. We are worried with being fired and/or fined. We’re dependant on the system. What’s the solution?

    1. 1. Cut the cord (Cable and conventional media) and self customize your media with Youtube, Hulu, Amazon and Netflix etc. Get all your news via the alternative media.
      2. Do your best to spread awareness
      3. Along the same lines as #1 help evoke a cultural renaissance.

      1. 4. Support DraftKings and FanDuel in their quest to be able to do business in peace. Personally, I find fantasy sports to be a waste of time, but people should be free to waste their time as they see fit.

        1. No. Gambling is a destructive force that decays society. Draftkings and FanDuel encourage obsession over meainingless bullshit.

        2. I will agree with that. However, just like with smoking, we are all adults. Therefore, if you are going to have vices, then by all means go on, but for one, let’s keep the government out. And for those of us who try our best to keep out of any vices, if you screw up, it’s on you. Unlike SJWs, we’re supposed to be grown men and women able to make decisions and we should be able to prevent fuckups and fix the ones that have already happened.

        3. No, there needs to be some protection. DK/FD are predatory companies that create an addictive and destructive product and then use enormous advertising to push it on the masses.

        4. That I will agree with you. After the fuck up that was Prohibition, it’s just better to regulate than outright ban.

    2. Make no lasting commitments, lean into the end of the world and try to roast some marshmallows on the fire

    3. Using principles I learned on ROK, I married a super model who pays the bills and brings home her female model friends for threesomes.

  17. SJWs are so vicious they are even going after their own. Some went after Gloria Steinem for making some comment about younger feminists and Bernie Sanders. I am not going to even bother explaining it so I’ll just post the link below and you fellas can decide your conclusions. But it is amazing how even amongst themselves they resort to guilt trips, strawmanning, (sorry, strawwommaning) among other childish tactics. Lucky for them, Republicans are also behaving like petulant children.

      1. It’s not that they want to be like them. They ARE already like them. However, I do have to agree with Frau Steinem on two points. For one, the woman does seem to have accomplished quite a bit in her lifetime, even if it’s for the detriment of society. So she’s right on the young ones just riding the gravy train. And most women I knew that voted for Obama did it because the guy looks “hot and dreamy”, or as one pointed out to me, she would “give his package a stimulus.” Of course they weren’t going to vote for McCain, who looks like a dried prune.

        1. Its all about the gravy train. women, if we haven’t noticed already, have privileges in society today. If your a woman in 2016 you have a better chance being admitted to school, getting a managerial job or a job of high status, much higher job security because their privilege extends throughout corporate downsizings insulating them from termination, higher chances of being promoted etc. The whole diversity thing is a giant scheme. Look at what they ask for – more women, literally, as managers or, slightly disguised as, more “diversity” among corporate managers. More women in STEM. More women on Wall Street. Whats the common denominator here – money! And its a virtuous cycle…women become “leaders” and they advocate for more corporate “awareness” or “activisim”, which amounts to more shit for just them and, importantly, for their full time political activists. And the homo’s and other minorities get in on it too. Note, how in the controlled media, women are all “leaders” now, as if, just because they are women they all have innate natural leadership abilities. I went through Marine OCS…very few people have natural leadership abilities, its exceptional rare. It needs to be cultivated. But just like “rey” its their feminine mystique, fucking magic, that makes it so. ?????
          What all these people, women and minorities, fear the most is an end to the gravy. No more greased in easy street for any of them. Conservatives ask for one thing and that is to return to a merit based system with no affirmative action, uplifting women programs etc. That royally scares these people…to death. Why? Its obvious because most of them can’t compete.
          Its now become abundantly clear that the major corporations in the US have borrowed money at nothing and bought back their shares, which elevates their share price. No real organic growth has occurred in nearly a decade. This is the kind of economy and productivity you get with women at the helm.

  18. These people blather nonsense and try to use large words to make their debates hold merit but in reality they look completely incompetent and moronic.

    1. and they cry “male privilege” or “white privilege”. You have to love the fucking nerve and hypocrisy.

      1. Actually, in daily life ethnic folks appropriate the dress of this culture. I suppose there should be a protest or some bull.

  19. Are female SJWs really at heart women who are frustrated because they can’t get the alpha cock when they want it, so they blame their unhappiness in life on beta males? Seems like they spend their whole life trying to shame clueless beta males who don’t know what they did wrong.

    1. Pretty much. I think it is an outward manifestation of their self loathing and inadequacies taken out on easy targets.

    2. I think a tremendous amount of it comes out of jealousy and refusing to do something about it. “If they cammont reach happiness, why should the others?”

  20. Since we cant beat the shit out of these losers (or can we), the best thing is to publish them and their insanity online. Post articles, youtube videos on facebook and other high profile social media. Mainstream pundits and the public are slowly finding out the SJ idiot logic. Dont sequester your thoughts to just ROK. Spread it everywhere and make a mockery of these regressive clowns. Its extremely easy. Ive found guys like Paul Joseph Watson from infowars and Gavin Mcinness to be great exposers of the retarded S.J idiot logic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuTWMMpv4yk

    1. This is hilarious-seeing that hamster wheel explode in a shower of sparks is perversely enjoyable.

    2. You know why this a great interview?
      Its one on one. No peanut gallery hootin n hollerin’ from a biased crowd (e.g., Politically Incorrect or The Daily Show). If any of you cant watch a 17 min clip, start it at the 16 minute mark, Gavin talks about the fine his brother received- scary stuff

    3. God this feminist idiot is a fucking moron. And ugly as hell too. It’s anyone’s guess how many cats she owns. My guess is at least 4. Several times she was just speechless. Other times it seemed, through her body language and facial expressions, as if she realized how fucking stupid her positions sounded but she supported them anyway, as if to save face. McInness just straight-up kicked her ass. I love reading his shit at Taki’s.

    4. “I don’t know what to say to that, so… *little wet farts*”
      It encapsulates the whole SJW movement in 3 seconds or less

  21. Definitely agree with you about all this. I encounter these clowns trolling on the web, I swear some of these punks spend their entire day posting hateful nasty comments at places like this, name calling, obscene words, threats of bodily harm and not a sound argument among them and clearly not a working brain cell among them. I flag all I encounter as well as thumb them down. Wish they would get jobs and do something useful.

      1. Take away their welfare checks that should keep them busy, mean time flag all their offensive comments and get them banned, that is what I do.

        1. I didn’t know you were a conservative. Frankly I hope they do take away your welfare check.

        2. I have no problem that you are an absolute FOOL and a pathetic one at that the Fact you might be reproducing more welfare moochers on the other hand I have real problems with for that is a waste of my tax money. Couldn’t you just move to a zoo and claim you’re related to the apes there?

        3. Are there any working brain cells in your little fat head which probably has far more fat than your obese body.

        4. Your volume of ignorant very unimaginative comments clearly shows you have nothing else to do in addition to the fact that you are pathetic and Extremely Ignorant and you are clearly spending most of your time on your pathetic fat behind so it is a very good deduction that you are obese. National Trends among other things.

        5. I see your inner woman rules you besides the fact you are pathetic and totally Ignorant. STICK IT.

        6. Clearly if you ever ever ever had an original thought in what passes for a brain you have well I doubt that ever happened.

        7. His manners are much better than yours’ for starters and he is making some better arguments.

        8. No I am just nailing an Ignorant Welfare Orc who likes to spend his entire day mouthing Off at people who work for a living and try to make ends meet because he/she has self image problems. And some of the so called ‘racist’ things being mentioned most awful thing about them is that they are True just thank the Black Pimp Political establishment for corrupting and ruining their own people.

        9. Foul Language worthy of a Troll any respect coming GO BACK TO SCHOOL and learn some manners Orc

        10. do you have mom? how would you wili me you slit her throat? and then shove my hand up her saggy C UNT and rip out her insides?

        11. Hate Speech and Threat of Violence FLAGGED AND REPORTED.. HEY CENSORS ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO READ?

        12. do you have mom? how would you wili me you slit her throat? and then shove my hand up her saggy C UNT and rip out her insides?

  22. Don’t forget, these sjw’s rise to great heights through the meritocracy of the system. The kangaroo family courts are brimming with dim eyed sjw’s with professional titles and gravy salaries. Wemen’s advocates, casa workers, feminazi robo judges, cps child trafficking racketeers and ALL OF THEM seething with hatred for ‘the patriarchy’. Oh and don’t forget the ivory towers of academia, from the elite globalist universities down to the gutter level extacy rave party state teacher’s colleges. ALL OF THEM churning out hundreds of thousands of troopers to pursue their life’s work in a massive suicide mission against their own western culture.
    MEN GRAB YOUR BALLS. All is not lost. We’ll be scraping up the carnage and retrieving what can be salvaged of our culture soon. The ‘season of the woman’ in the west is nearing its end. The push to zombify our folk is more intense now because women too are waking up and realizing their true purpose. Younger and younger they get nervous and see the previous generation of old crabs that regret foregoing motherhood and submitting to the patriarch. THE WALL IS LOWERING. Their war against nature is lost as they realize it was nothing more than a suicidal bloodletting. MEN POLISH THOSE DICKS and get ready. The virgins will soon be coming home to the rooster.
    Hail the patriarchy!!

  23. Buy a small plot of farmland somewhere, that’s how to survive the coming storm. Gold and silver will just make you the richest starving guy. This socialist, feminized economy with government control and massive debt won’t last much longer. Central banks are getting desperate.

    1. Except for the farmland, I am way ahead of this. True leaders will rise up during the crisis, and they will lead others to help each other.

    2. …I’m still buying gold and silver…but I get your point…partially agree…knowing how to hunt wild game and butcher domestic animals would be useful too.

  24. A shout out here on behalf of a late sixties red pill work of art , Patrick McGoohan as #6, in The Prisoner. 17 episodes.
    His refusal to be broken is still inspiring. And it’s mordantly funny too.

  25. Well written summary. Glad to see more writings about the men (or near-men and their sows) behind the SJW curtain.

  26. Hello, gentlemen. I’ve been lurking on this blog since 2013; I don’t agree with everything on it, but I make it a point to read articles from across all political and philosophical spectrums, not just those I agree with in toto. Actually, I don’t think I ever have agreed with ANY philosophy in toto. This thesis positing the Janissaries as analogous to the contemporary “army” of SJW’s was fascinating. Indeed, I find many of the articles on this site fascinating and prescient, particularly with regard to the Orwellian turn of Western society/culture and the strategies used by the ruling elite to divide and conquer. Please forgive me for breaking up the continuity of this thread with my following comment–I mean no harm–but I want to ask a number of questions regarding the ethos of your community. I am a woman, and I will admit that I am not a very attractive woman–I’ve always known I was rather subhuman in appearance, and I don’t try to take what I know I don’t deserve w/r/t my social market value. I’m a lecturer, working on my graduate degree–and I see to an alarming degree in my students a need to “shut down” an idea that makes them uncomfortable before engaging with it. I am trying very hard not to do that here. I don’t see much hope for society, as it stands—but might I ask this–if you get what you want–a return to patriarchal society–what will happen to women like me? Smart, unattractive women with no interest in the “cock carousel” who simply want to help the younger generation in critical thinking, speech, writing, and rhetoric. I’ve studied Hegel, too–much of my Master’s thesis was written on him–applying his doctrine of reflection to current war-torn “post-colonial” areas in order to conceive of a possible concept of reflective violence. Although Roosh probably wouldn’t care much for what I have to say because of the whole “thinking women are worthless, dirty whores until proven otherwise”–I will say that his recent essay applying the Hegelian dialectic to recent societal trends was masterful. I just hope that if society fully does break down, that people like me won’t be discarded–I promise, I know I am ugly, I know I am rather useless w/r/t SMV, I do not believe in censorship or groupthink–but I do think, that as a woman, my life would not be the same without the education I have received. I suppose I am just hoping to try and suggest that as a woman, I have benefited from education, and it hasn’t brainwashed me or turned me into a ban-happy SJW. I know I’ll probably be flamed to death here–so I’ll save you the time–yes, I’m ugly, yes, I like cats (but don’t have one–I was a dishwasher before I became a lecturer–worked my way up–so I don’t have much extra money for pet expenses and other frivolities, as I am applying to PhD programs.), and yes, I could probably stand to lose a few pounds–working on that slowly but sure. I have no delusions as to my SMV, I just wanted to pop in and say hello, as an educated woman who reads this blog and means you no harm. Good day, gentlemen.

    1. “Smart, unattractive women with no interest in the “cock carousel” who simply want to help the younger generation in critical thinking, speech, writing, and rhetoric.”
      Marie Curie lived not only in a patriarchal society but also one where her ethnicity, Polish, was prevented from attending universities outright; she had to study at the hidden, underground Polish university in order to get her undergraduate degree. She was not discarded just because she was more interested in atomic structures than lipstick. And even she managed to get married, it might be noted. But at the same time — she was the exception that proved the rule.

  27. Don’t buy, don’t agree, don’t marry, don’t impregnate, don’t father, don’t friend, don’t mentor…any of these lost souls that do the bidding, or promote the destruction for our way of life.

  28. Just like Vlad the Impaler, who was conscripted to become a Janissary but eventually turned against the Turks, was I when it came to the Matrix. I was molded to become another SJW but turned against them thanks to the manosphere.

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