Idiotic Male Feminist Gets Arrested For Protesting ROK Meetup At Wrong Location

A white knight has been caught on camera (archive) getting arrested after protesting a Return Of Kings meet-up in New York City while the real meetup was being successfully held a few blocks away. The man’s apprehension by authorities was the climax of a farcical SJW protest based on “intelligence” about where the NYC Return Of Kings meet-up would be held. Rows of skinny jeans-wearing, bright hair-colored, safe space-loving SJWs had assembled outside a club and coughed out highly unimaginative rhyming chants before police intervened.

The problem for the white knight is that his actions, based on a false tip, were not only personally stupid but entirely pointless. A mole had planted information in the SJW camp and the meet-up was actually taking place elsewhere. Protestors had gathered in Washington Square Park, where they proceeded to freeze their backsides off. Then, like proverbial sheep, a SJW mob leader announced that they knew where the meet-up was, supposedly at Dream Downtown Hotel’s PhD nightclub. So onto 9th Street they marched, exacerbating their preexisting frozenness.

In a sign of how silly SJW tactics become, the protestors were unable to get to the rooftop area of PhD because they were bellowing so loudly and conducting themselves like pork chops. The manager of the rooftop establishment, plus the hotel itself, obviously realized the serious risk to public safety and the reputation of the venue that the freezing marchers represented. Word is that the white knight was arrested for refusing to follow police instructions and acting aggressively towards them.

And where, pray tell, are even the reports about violent Return of Kings readers? Naturally, the media could be as “skilled” at lying about us as they have been in slandering Roosh. That said, mere allegations involving meet-up participants (and many of them did meet) have been non-existent.

“The cops are enabling rape culture… but let’s passively watch the white knight get arrested!”

After the debacle outside the hotel, SJW Twitter accounts bristled with broad brush claims that the police were enabling rape culture by being present and also arresting the cognitively-challenged white knight. Yet they idly stood by as he was taken into custody by the cops. Of course, I am not supporting attacks on police in any sense, but it was very revealing to see how positively docile SJWs can be when it suits them. Someone like Roosh gets hundreds of online death threats for writing satire in the vein of Sir Thomas More and Jonathan Swift. Police, on the other hand, are labeled “rape culture supporters” without attracting the typical vindictive and violent responses dished out to others who challenge their phoney narrative.

In their hearts, if they can even be said to have them, SJWs are cowards. They rely on thinly veiled promises to harass those who would dare to disagree with them, from making them lose their jobs to threatening their families by doxxing them. A permissive media and academic climate condones their antics, too. Meanwhile, the guarantee of serious intimidation and violence forces many from participating in narrative-challenging events like the ROK meet-ups. SJWs are thus ensured both numerical superiority and justifications for their appalling behavior by the establishment, particularly blatantly biased journalists. The same outlets patently lying about Roosh did not bother to report about the fact of a self-entitled white knight being arrested for anti-social behavior.

Another interesting outcome from the evening’s festivities, as documented online, was the juxtaposition of SJWs screaming against so-called “rape culture” with explicit and implicit threats. Twitter user @jeneverbes is a case in point (archive). Already falsely labeling Roosh both a rape advocate and rapist, they can move onto their next presupposition, that anyone they cast as a “rape culture” enabler is liable to be shot:

When feminists selectively embrace guns.

Even with threats and violence, the SJWs are losing

Declining actor Jemaine Clement has been tweeting at Roosh obsessively, desperately trying to get media attention for his “efforts”, which he duly received.

In opposing the ROK meet-ups, SJWs relied on thousands of sociopathic threats to get their message of hate across. Countless SJWs, including self-confessed former junkie and mentally unstable Kortney Olson, have also used the Two Thousand Hour Hate against Roosh to boost their own profiles, validate their cravings for “likes” and attention, and temporarily assuage a fundamental hatred of themselves.

And what is this all for? To try to stop men from meeting, when those men are avid readers of a website which has 3,000 mostly self-improvement articles? As this happens, SJWs are yet to challenge the literally thousands of migrant rapists roaming Germany, Sweden and other allegedly “sovereign” European states. Likewise, do-gooders are still mute about the Rotherham child rapes in England for fear of being called “racist”.

Confused individuals like the “man” arrested in New York will sacrifice themselves for an imaginary cause but do not make the slightest peep about real rape. These, my friends, are our delusional enemies.

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257 thoughts on “Idiotic Male Feminist Gets Arrested For Protesting ROK Meetup At Wrong Location”

  1. It’s a sad state that people can only muster courage to fight against unexistent threats, while our society is disintegrating.
    Whether it’s a leftist fighting Roosh over “rape apology”, but doing nothing about Rotherham or Cologne, or whether it’s a cuckservative who wants Israel to defend it’s borders but does nothing to do the same in US, the cucks are runing amok, destroying their own kin, defending foreign invaders.
    I said it before and I will point again regarding the hypocrisy of gun control. The only reason leftists want gun control is that most people with guns are conservatives. Leftist r-selected scum see no problem with giving muslim guns in hopes that they will march together to destroy western christian patriarchy. But no guns for heterosexual shitlords and integral families of course in Middle America and elsewhere.
    Guys like us are the last bastion of civilization. Promoting objectivity, restraint, morality. Leftist moral relativism is a rot, that makes villains into heroes and heroes into villains. ISIS militants are opressed brown people, while a man with 3 kids and a traitional wife is a cis-gendered opressor.
    The only language a leftist unerstands is fear. They attack heterosexual males knowing they will not push back, but will never touch muslims. Just like in France in 1789 or in Russia in 1917, this guys will always end up murdering righteous people and promoting human trash.
    Mark my words, leftist will eventually try to murder normal innocent men. It really is a matter of survival. There will be a civilizational battle between an unholy muslim-feminist alliance and normal people. Don’t get surprised when a new Pinochet comes to power aftwerwards.
    It’s a sad state in the world were being a normal heterosexual man makes you a threat to the system.

    1. heh
      If the left is gonna call people oppressors all day you might as well start actually oppressing them
      give ’em something real to cry about

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      1. It might not work. In 1927 the conservatives under Chiang Kai-shek killed hundreds of thousands of Chinese communists, but that simply radicalized the ones left over and pushed them into Mao’s organization. 20 years later China was red.

        1. i’d be interest to learn as well regarding communist purges in 1920s china, don’t really know much 20th century history about china really

        2. There’s a book called “Generalissimo – Chiang Kai-shek and the China he Lost” that probably covers the split with the CCP in some detail. From what I’ve read it seems decent.

      2. Indeed. Real rape in Europe….nothing, crickets.
        Imagined, made up rape culture in the U.S., nonstop ranting and chanting about how it needs to end.
        I’m guessing it’s all attention seeking behavior. If you see this SJWs, out and about, tell them to find something better to do with their time (like hit the gym, read books, start cooking again, etc…).
        This is all for personal improvement (they might even get a date).

    2. Traditional ideals, values and identities stand in opposition to global collectivist goals. Each counterculture movement has been created or co-opted to deconstruct and remake societies from the bottom up. From the top down, we have initiatives to end national sovereignty in favour of global central authorities. Patriotism and national and euroculture pride must be reframed as ignorant, oppressive attitudes that prevent the fulfillment of Progressive vision.
      You people posting here are a threat by not embracing Progress. You must be ignorant, insane, or incorrigible to not accept and embrace obviously correct thinking. The new Red Guards will find you and reeducate you, until you submit and self-criticize in a public struggle session, or else you must be destroyed.

    3. Men here should all begin understanding how to use encryption. Meetups are a perfect place to verify public keys. Encrypted communication is easy to use once you get the hang of it. The learning curve is akin to that of learning how to use email for the first time. Google PGP encryption and get acquainted to using the WOT (Web of Trust). This is indeed a war for civilization. Military grade encryption should be part of your arsenal.

      1. As a guy with an engineering background, here is my advice :
        1) VPN – first and foremost. Important for browsing online, especially if certain websites are blocked in your country
        2) Tor Browser. Good, especially if it goes atop a VPN. Not 100 % secure, there are some weaknesses one must be aware. But is pretty much 99% safe. It’s a good start at least. For the extra paranoid load off a Tails OS flashdrive in a public space
        3) Tox – A skype alternative with focus on anonimity
        4) Retroshare – Social network with focus on anonimity
        The ROK community should really look into this one.
        5) P2P torrent downloading and uploading only, if you’re hardcore into anonimity. Beware which torrent sites you download or upload to. Avoid notoriously bad torrent software, like BitVomit(bitComet), uTorrent is probably most popular one and is pretty good.
        6) EXIF scrubber – The photos you upload online may contain info regarding where that photo was taken and off what phone. If you want to upload pics, delete all EXIF information off of them.
        7) Never use the same password twice. Try to make it long and contain both characters and numerals, etc. Hint : use L33t, f.ex
        [email protected]|) . If you can add non english characters even better, PåSsWøRд, but you can’t always do it.
        8) Use throaway mail to register in most places.
        To remember passwords use a password manager :
        I’m also currently searching for a good mail service, a facebook and twitter alternative, so if you can think of any other good programs please recommend.
        The one thing I will caution everyone to think of, is canvas Fingerprinting.
        Twitter does it and major websites do. While Tor tends to stop these, they are very hard to avoid and are incriminating. Even Weev doesn’t know how to deal with these. So beware, this is probably the biggest difficulty right now.

        1. Would you please write an article on this. I know so little I am lucky I can turn my computer on. This is information I need to know explained in a way a tech moron can understand

        2. Do you have any good VPN suggestions that are not based in the ‘5 Eyes?’
          E-mail services: Countermail, (I’ve heard is good), Runbox?
          Note: most of these services require payment.

        3. I think it’s a good idea. I will try to contact to contact the guys on the website.
          I think this a great idea for an article. I have several.

        4. That’s a good question as well. I did not consider this when choosing my previous VPN. I am searching for a new one now.
          I am really doing a research on this whole subject now.

        5. It is. I have no idea what your whole post meant. I am going to google some things, but I could probably be doxxed very easily and I only learned the word doxxed from here like last week. I would file this under and emergency

        6. VPNs are limiting. Websites are able to detect if you are on their site using VPN and many disable functionality. I personally don’t think anonymous gives a shit about ROK, and that was a ruse used by femtards to intimidate the unsophisticated.

        7. This is at least one good thing about Denmark. It is not, yet, dangerous to read and post here. I still do use a VPN, of course, because it will be soon enough.

        8. I’ve tried various free VPNs that you can download from the net. I uninstalled them all for the same reason. Some sites detect them and stop becoming functional. VPNs work well for basic web surfing, or passively reading newspapers or viewing porn for example. But as soon as you need to log in with a user name and password sites start shutting down on you. Let me know if you solve that problem.

        9. I have no idea what that even is. Not even being snarky. I really want to know. I googled and I still don’t get it. We all have blind spots and now I think I need to know

        10. It’s a service that allows you to change your IP (your internet address, based on your IP and physical location). It works by connecting to a server, often in another country (which allows you to get around country-based restrictions) and connecting to the internet from them.
          I currently use airvpn, which actually makes my vanilla connection more stable (because my local isp is shit). Don’t bother with free versions, they are free for a reason.

        11. Its the name of the alliance between the US, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ to intercept and share Signals Intelligence.
          So if youre in any of these countries it means that ALL your Electronic Communications Phone calls, SMS, Emai, Web History, GPS Location Info, MetaData etc, is eavesdropped on, recorded, stored and shared amongst the Intelligence agencys of said countries.

        12. i see that, but which is best, who is ripping me off, what should i pay, can i get it for free.

        13. Free services are free for a reason.
          I’m currently using airvpn. It’s a few bucks for a month, give it a try and see what you think. Theorycrafting only goes so far.

        14. In my case it speeds it up. My vanilla connection is very unstable, the vpn fixes that. This may be an unusual case, dunno.
          If your connection is fast enough then it may slow it down, but they guarantee a minimum speed (it’s on their site) and possibly more as bandwidth allows. No complaints on my end so far as that goes.

        15. Easiest / simplest thing to do: download a program called Tails to a USB drive, go to public / free wifi spot, boot your machine off the Tails thumb drive, and browse away. You will be anonymous and extremely difficult to track, and the next time you boot the machine there will be nothing left on your computer from prior sessions (indeed it will look like a different computer in a different country). Ironically, the only thing I use this for is checking facebook a few times a year haha. I don’t want any evidence of facebook on my computer, don’t trust it. But if things got bad enough I would use this method to check ROK.

        16. Thanks for the advice. I very rarely use the web outside of my office or home though

        17. First, you should know even talking about this gets you on a gummint watchlist.

          But usually you just insert a thumb drive (usb) into your computer, reset the power, and it loads off the drive. If not, google “enable usb boot in bios” and there are some youtube videos that show you how to alter the boot order (there is an order your computer looks to boot things from, ie first from a thumb drive, then a cd, then your hard drive).

        18. I am reading reviews now and am going to talk to the IT guy at work briefly tomorrow. I have the normal cable internet that comes with the package. I do think that an article on all this stuff written for laymen would be such a huge benefit to this site. A lot of guys here, myself included, are not savvy with computers which means we are vulnerable in ways we don’t even really understand.

        19. I think there’s the potential for some bartering there. Nerdy computer advice for game advice.

      2. maybe you should submit an article and a how-to at ROK ?
        Would be appreciated by readers I think !

        1. Some random fellow is writting one now. I plan to work off of his. I’m no pro engineer like him, I’m just a lay cryptoanarchist. What he said in his respinse is key; i.e., a simple to use network for all of us like Retroshare would be the way to go. We need something already built out that is easy to use.

          At the meetups we can get into more detailed discussions on privacy; where we create Keys and verify our identities (public keys).
          Encryption is a must to avoid any b.s.

        2. would love a resource for the basics please. As far as security is concerned i only go as far as multiple emails and VPN thats paid with pre paid vouchers and not under my name

    4. True evil isn’t to crush another ideology (system of values) because of one’s own.
      It is true evil to reject and to twist values in a perverse manner.

    5. Which goes to say, they’re all either “part” of the problem.. i.e. willfully being the tools elitists want to put to work for them leaning on their ignorance (or pure stupidity) to do their dirty work. OR, you could just as easily argue, there’s no proxy involved, and they ARE the problem itself. Either fits properly, and somewhere between the two states, is where the truth lies about SJWs.

      1. Doesn’t matter. They have chosen their side, even if only by instinct. They are the enemy, and must be treated as such if anything is to change.

    6. Mark my words, leftist will eventually try to murder normal innocent men. It really is a matter of survival. There will be a civilizational battle between an unholy muslim-feminist alliance and normal people,
      I believe they understand the capability of the white man to wage war, in any capacity. We’re pretty damn good at obliterating a threat when we’re allowed to dismantle it with extreme prejudice.
      Late at night, when BLM, militant feminists and muslim terrorists are alone with their thoughts the boogyman of the angry white warrior haunts them.

      1. SJWs are SJWs because they are physically and mentally weak. They know this but refuse to admit it to themselves – until they get some pushback. Then they scatter like the rabbits they are.

        1. This is the truth. These insects are nothing close to being psychopathic or sociopathic. They are simply weak cowards individually who scream like rabid banshees under the feeling of protection they get within their mob groupthink.
          Anyone of us could easily do many things to fuck their world up.
          For example staging fake meet ups in the future and then filming it all and making videos mocking them could be a fun start.
          You don’t even need to be that organized to fuck with them. Just trigger their emotions in a certain direction and voila….watch the hilarious shit unfold.
          We should identify enemies or potential fringe elements and incite the very same mob against them.

        2. I say scatter…more like roaches.
          SJWs talk a lot when in a group but get them one on one….and you won’t get much back talk from them.

        3. “It makes me cringe in the sense that I want to render that “thing” unconscious.”
          Yeah I was thinking the same thing. He’s a good example of a charter member of generation buttplug who unfortunately one day be handed the reins of America, unless we get our over due civil war / reset before then.

        4. Somebody made a remix of the video’s soundtrack. It’s here and I can’t stop laughing:

        5. “You don’t even need to be that organized to fuck with them. ”
          But we DO need to be that organized to deal with their Puppet Masters and unfuck the entire Cultural Marxist Frankensteint Monster they’ve created.

      2. Its just like a woman will push a man until he pushes I’ve said for a while- Feminism is a shit test. When women are under stress they behave very very differently than men. Get angry and violentish with a narcissistic woman, and watch her become sweet apologetic and loving. Hmm where did the feminist go?

    7. “Guys like us are the last bastion of civilization. Promoting objectivity, restraint, morality”
      And we are expanding. I noticed there’s a lot of new commenters here since 1-2 months.

        1. Same here, I’ve been an avid reader since later 2013 – was directed here due to some harpy shrieking about fat shaming week. As a guy who has struggled with weight forever, it was refreshing to read articles not trying to make me feel better about it. I’ve dropped 70 lbs since, plenty more to go.
          Anyway, I too have decided to end my lurking since the events leading up to and after the meetup.

    8. Mark my words, leftist will eventually try to murder normal innocent
      men. It really is a matter of survival. There will be a civilizational
      battle between an unholy muslim-feminist alliance and normal people.
      Don’t get surprised when a new Pinochet comes to power afterwards.

      I don’t doubt this.
      Most of these women have had multiple abortions simply because they did not want their lives to be inconvenienced by a child that they helped create.
      Anyone who is willing to take the life of a child because it will interrupt “club-night”, already has a compromised conscience. For these people, killing a grown man (because his traditional life style choices make them uncomfortable) probably is not as far a leap as one would suspect.
      This is made even more possible by a society that will celebrate them as a hero for striking down a symbol of the patriarchy.

      1. There is a long waiting list of people willing to adopt at orphanages in america. So there really is no “economic” argument for abortion.

        1. No, there isn’t an economic argument for abortion and there is plenty of help available for pregnant women to cover the costs of pregnancy and childbirth, including genuine safe spaces available while they wait for the baby to be born.

      2. On the other hand there is good evidence that the steep decline in violence seen in the US coincided with the 16 year anniversary of abortions. Maybe its best that narcissitic single mothers don’t raise unwanted children.

    9. Cannot remember where I read it, but a fantastic quote: “When you leave it to the braying mob, they will choose Barabbas every time.”

    10. “unholy muslim-feminist alliance” Unholy alright. I’d say more like unfathomable to me. Muslim men rate the same as right wing white males, its just that the feminists are scared to speak out against them, at the minimum because they fear the racist card played against themselves.
      Its more a support for poor displaced refugees rather than specifically support for Muslims. Muslims happen to be the current flavor of refugee and since they are sitting on Europe’s doorstep and the EU is open to show compassion to them since they hate ISIS so much they are riding into a better life. If Ethiopia/Egypt/Somalia went to full scale civil war between Muslims and Christians the EU would take on dark skin Christian refugees likewise I reckon. Germany took on 200k of refugees from former Yugoslavia when that ignited into civil war back in the 90s. I didn’t think there was any alignment of feminists and Hispanics in the US and I thought there would be more compatibility than with Muslims (maybe there is for immigration).
      The right is on the ascension in Germany but still has a way to go to have serious political clout, but we’ll see what happens over the coming year. If the German economy was in a bad way (and its not) it would certainly help support a more nationalist outlook.

    11. Social Justice doesn’t care about the rapes in the UK because the victims were white. White women can’t be raped, especially not by blacks, because women hold a vastly higher institutional privilege than minorities.
      The thousands of girls molested by “Asian gangs” (kek) in the UK were unfortunate, but they were not rape. They were merely a temporary suspension of their white privilege.

    12. Leftist r-selected scum see no problem with giving muslim guns in hopes that they will march together to destroy western christian patriarchy

  2. Read something about this generation being raised under the curtain of the ‘war on terror’ 9/11. Makes them seek out the illusion of safety and vigorously attack anything that even looks like a threat.
    Unfortunately for the rest of society, they have far too much power, far too entrenched in media/academia. And will only get worse as long as there is still free speech.

    1. Feminists (hillary supporters) have been trying to morph the war on terror into a war on women.

    2. Yea, funny they weren’t really affected by the 9/11 events at all, if anything they enjoyed some of the upswing rebound from it, The late genXers, some of whom like myself, had their entire life’s plans completely fubarred when it ruined entire markets of business. Fuckin faggot pussies.

  3. Just to show you the insanity of these people, they can’t get a .38 even if they wanted in NYC, they already voted to make themselves victims years ago, hahahahahha

    1. From my comment below
      “I said it before and I will point again regarding the hypocrisy of gun control.
      The only reason leftists want gun control is that most people with guns are conservatives. Leftist r-selected scum see no problem with giving muslim guns in hopes that they will march together to destroy western christian patriarchy.
      But no guns for heterosexual shitlords and integral families of course in Middle America and elsewhere.”

    2. if that kid who got arrested had a .38 on him without a nearly impossible to get carry license he would be doing a mandatory minimum jail sentence of like 3 years despite the fact that he is from a wealthy family. Even money doesn’t get you off that hook…..even with no priors…..ask plaxico

  4. 9/10ths of the “male feminists” are friendzoned boytoys of some blue-haired tattooed feminist girl looking for a pat on the head. Try quizzing one sometime. It’s rare to find one who has actually read one of the seminal feminist books like The Second Sex or The Female Eunuch.

    1. I think you are totally wrong. I mean really, really wrong. I demand a retraction. 9/10’s? That is waaaaayyyy off. 10/10 see what I did there.

      1. of course he’s right lolknee, He must have forgotten to say that the 1/10th left = married men/boyfriends whose balls have been cut off.

    2. “…friendzoned boytoys of some blue-haired tattooed feminist girl looking for a pat on the head. ” — And a tug on the the little head for being such a good white knight. 😉

    3. “It’s rare to find one who has actually read one of the seminal feminist books like The Second Sex or The Female Eunuch.”
      Those books are a load of bull and just rationalizations of female desires.
      Feminism is about hedonism plain and simple.
      Women always had the right to work and study. The true female liberation happened during the Industrial Revolution when a lot of non-physically demanding labor hit the market women went to cities, took those jobs and delayed child birth, as expected. As soon as they tasted freedom they also started being misandric. Not to mention, according to research by T. Sowell in his book “Economic facts and fallacies” he mentions that the number of female doctorates hit all time high during the late nineteenth century and then hit the same peak only 70 years later. Women always had the right to work or study. It’s that many chose not to, in order to have kids.
      All feminist movements have been about stupid hedonistic things.
      1st Wave : I want the right to vote, but I don’t want mandatory draft, because
      2nd Wave : I want the right for contraception and fucking around whenever I want and the right to divorce rape a man and go on the government dole and the right to kill babies any time I please , hear me roar !
      3rd Wave: I want to be able to be fat and still be called beautiful. I want to be a whore but not be called one. I don’t want people to call me names. I want people to praise me all the time for having a vagina.
      4th Wave : Cisgendered patriarchist. All straight men should be killed. I am trans-non binary-anti cis homoromantic sapiosexual. I think we must consider the intersectionality of oppresion. Words are triggering me. My preffered pronouns are ze, xy, xis. Please check your privillege shitlord. DIE CIS SCUM ! Patriarchy fuckface !
      Feminism is women wanting to be whores and praised for that, and to give them free shit because they are always victims. Every so called “intelectual work” is just rationalization of that.

      1. Ha, the eytemological room of seminal is semen. Ya know, because patriarchy

  5. And if he had actually come to this site and read some of the articles posted here he wouldn’t have been arrested and might even be getting laid .

  6. I find it funny how well you guys trolled them. Well done, friends.
    Someday there won’t be a need to meet in secret.

      1. Ah, well no doubt those sjws were stupid but I figured since Roosh had a mole give out false info, that it was assumed it was a secret. Basically, bait and switch, which is fantastic.

      2. Duuuuurrrrppppp!! Is this where the ROK protest meetup is? I heard they were all Duuuuuuuurrrpppp “pro rape” and stuff. Duuuuurrrrppp!!

    1. They are a product of their parents laziness. As long as you just mindlessly agree with what ever nonsense they tie in with the “science” of the humanities course they are teaching you get the A. That is why these people lose so much.
      They have had the campus to themselves for so long they have grown like an intellectual obesity epidemic. They all can not bother to have their opinions moved. Read challenged.

  7. as the song says “new york i love ya but you’re bringing me down”
    I seriously think that that crowd needs bugs bunny to show up and troll them.
    So much to work with here…… bet is to go to google and just search images for face palm meme

    1. Do you know who the organizer of the mentioned meet up is? I’m trying to get in contact and join the fray

        1. My main interest in having the meet ups are for the possibility of this site being taken down and a need for rapid communication between chapters and exchange of information.

      1. But then rape is….I see what you did there, you tricked me into being pro life

  8. Things like this are essential, because it makes SJWs less likely to appear next time after freezing their balls off. You have to grind down these people down until they don’t have the will to continue their meddling.

    1. It’s unfortunate more than 1 wasn’t arrested. 2-10 would have been ideal.. enough to send some shivers into the group.

  9. also, also….all chanting is stupid but when you rhyme 8 with 8 it’s really bad. Unless it’s a coincidence….what if he had a .357? how would they chant?
    a real chant would be 1,2,3,4 ivy league has made you a bore 5,6,7,8 hope dad’s bank transfer isn’t late

    1. You know 95% of these clowns parent’s are loaded, probably so focused on career and $$ they didn’t bother taking the time to learn about their kids beliefs to mold, or steer their kid’s belief systems towards the truth. The ones that weren’t loaded actually passed down the same ideologies these fools spout.
      “1,2,3,4 my absentee mother is a whore, 5,6,7,8 she divorced my dad for $$ to pay our way.”

  10. I used to think the idea of a white night was unreal, but it’s actually true. Especially when you argue with some guys about women related issues. The first time a guy told me he was a feminist, it blew my mind. I was like, what good does that do you? Lol.

  11. Now they know there’s a mole in their ranks they’ll be tearing themselves apart trying to find him, her, it, ze or gz. It will be like Tarantino’s Horrible Eight. But more horrible. Find the mole in your ranks SJWs!

    1. All of those violent rapists at the ROK meeting with the peaceful protesters right up the street. You can’t make this shit up.

  12. ” a website which has 3,000 mostly self-improvement articles”
    bwahahahahahahahha. Even I can’t agree with this.

  13. “divided leadership is dangerous because people in groups often think and act in ways that are illogical and ineffective -call it groupthink.” greens 33 S.O.W BABY

  14. Wait: how about it’s not rape your girl’s a whore 5,6,7,8 she told you rape because she was late

  15. 1,2,3,4 you’re precious snowflake is a whore 5,6,7,8 she does anal on the first date

      1. 1234 she’s your angel she’s my whore 5678 you kiss her heels she licks my taint

      1. I love this….however, as someone who was in my early 20’s in ’95 I will say the second picture is more accurate.

        1. The year on the first pic should be 1955. The graphic on the 2nd pic should be a woman taking a selfie as she is getting banged by a rando she met on tinder, while standing up in a restroom stall in a club.

        2. Agree, but I don’t remember women being quite as bad back then, and I was in my teens during the 1990’s. But whores certainly weren’t rare, that’s for sure.

        3. Oh they were. They were just filthy little pigs. I could tell you some stories

      2. A damn shame. As a father of this girl, you have the job of keeping her off of the pole (stripping) and letting any young man that she is seeing know that you own a lot of guns (and a shovel). No one is going to miss him.

        1. A side note: my brother actually came to the door when a young man was picking up my niece for a date, recently. He was wearing his .45 on his hip and holding his shotgun when he answered the door.
          He was cleaning the shotgun but he let the boy know to bring his daughter back home “unharmed” and in the same condition. Too funny.

  16. The next meet up day should be done under the guise of izlam.
    See how much protest there is then.

    1. Muslims congregate every week to discuss teachings far worse than legalizing rape on private property (for Muslims there is no rape in Marriage). A few years ago they tried to pass a law in Afghanistan that put a quota on the amount of sex of a wife was required to have with her husband but it didn’t go through because of the American influence in the region.
      SJWs can never speak out against against Islam because they are part of the group of oppressed by the privileged white man.

  17. Feminists accuse us of trying to treat women like dogs, yet they treat their own male-feminist dogs like expendable pawns.
    These loser simps never learn do they?

    1. These loser simps never learn do they?
      Nope. They’ve been indoctrinated into believing that the most honorable thing they can do is fall on their sword….for the landwhale next to them.

  18. Does ROK know how many meet-ups actually took place last Saturday?
    Someone left a note at our original meeting location with an address that would lead our protestors/fan club to some ghetto/homeless camp as well.

  19. Does anyone know if the Boulder, CO ended up meeting despite the cancel?
    I couldn’t check it out due to circumstances.
    On a side note, can anyone check their local Home Depot’s wireless?
    The local one for me has now blocked ROK and I was curious as to whether this was a
    companywide choice or if it was just this store.

    1. I don’t know about the Home Depots in my area, but Wal-Mart does block ROK. I can’t remember what the page says exactly, but I believe they associate it with vulgarity.

        1. I just found their timing interesting given that before the meetings occurred it was not blocked at this store.
          It doesn’t say anything about why, just that it is blocked by the venue as a service to their customers.

  20. It’s massively funny and ironic at once, that the so-called raging (and extremely dangerous) “misogynists” care more about preventing the spread of the rape culture that Muslims keep showering Europe with, than those sheeple partaking in asinine protests against men that just wanted to have a beer with each other.
    The beer RAPE.

  21. Slightly off topic, but who would rape that obese midget to the right of the sign? How delusional.

  22. Thanks for the laughs. Liberals sure have quality leadership in their side. Can’t wait to see their battle tactics once the Muslims show them what real rape culture looks like.

  23. “There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done , There are thousands to prophesy failure ; There are thousands to point out to you one by one , the dangers that wait to assail you . But just buckle in with a bit of a grin, just take off your coat and go at it ; just start in to sing as you tackle the thing That ” cannot be done ” and you will do it . ” stanza of Edgar A. Guests “it couldn’t be done”:

  24. Language and thought are crucially linked, and thus one must be careful not to instil honorific titles on otherwise certified scumbags and low-lives:
    It’s paramount that we refrain from using terms such as “white knight” because even if the word is used derisively and sarcastically, it nonetheless conjures images of nobility at a subconscious level. Thus, terms like “douchebags”, “scoundrels”, “degenerates” … are far more appropriate and fitting, as well as accurate, is describing these worthless scum.
    Another problematic term is “social justice warrior”: again it unconsciously evokes a notion of greatness, nobility, and valiant action. “Social justice wackjob” is, as in the previous example, far more accurate and fitting.

    1. You raise and interesting point here. In fact “white knight” and “justice warriors” describe perfectly their state of mind at unconcious level. They see themselves as noble because of the nature of their opinion and beliefs : they are in the camp of the right, of the truth and whatever which justifies their “holy anger” towards us, people who don’t think in the same way. That’s why agressive behaviors (by words or by action) are always used. They think, they have something like a divine right to use agression because they can’t be punished while they’re fighting evil.
      this is like a mix of paranoia and histrionism (just take a look at clinical symptoms)
      Those suckers.

  25. In addition to white knights, they always bring some welfary hoodrats as footsoldiers.

    1. Absolutely not. Notice they never go anywhere where some actual risk and violence can take place. They are true cowards.
      They are of the same ilk that will criticize Christianity 24/7, but are too afraid to say something about Muhammad for fear of being killed.

      1. It’s even more pathetic than that. They are first and foremost afraid of being called racist.

  26. If the SJWs are really that excitable, it would be pretty easy to plant “intelligence” on websites they frequent and incite them to protest fake meet-ups.
    Post something like “Hey, those RoK people are going to be meeting at XXXXX place on XXXXX date where they’re going to discuss passing a law to prevent homosexual propaganda from being disseminated to 13 year old boys. They want to make it impossible for adult men to promote homosexual relationships with adolescents.”
    It would be hilarious to watch them essentially protest in favor of that.
    Thanks to the media coverage, RoK meetups are now a convenient boogeyman that can be exploited.

  27. “As this happens, SJWs are yet to challenge the literally thousands of migrant rapists roaming Germany, Sweden and other allegedly “sovereign” European states.”
    Oh, it’s worse than that. One such liberal was sexual assaulted, and I believe raped, by one of these migrants, and they felt sorry for them afterwards.
    I wish I’d saved the article somewhere. The very idea that it happened is proof enough that the elected are dangerous enablers of these monsters.

  28. “You can’t rape a .38” — No but as anyone that has seen Chinatown can attest, it IS possible to GET raped by one. 😉

    1. Shes my sister(smack!) shes my daugther(smack!) shes my sister…and my daughter…

  29. Sad to admit that I used to know that dude that got arrested. His name is Conner Hicks and he’s gay. The chick holding the can’t rape a 38 signs name is Marisa Holmes. Really not surprised that they now where involved in spreading these insane aligations.

    1. Unsurprisingly, a Google search reveals that both were Occupy Wallstreet activists. This wasn’t even Connor’s first arrest.

      1. The Occupy Wallstreet could have been a valid movement. Big part of the trouble of 2008 was the Glass-Steagal act that Clinton removed during his last year of office. Not to mention the government bailing out corporations.
        But of course hipsters had to ruin it.

        1. Agree. The removal of the 1933 Banking Act was one of the big reasons for “too big to fail” along with other factors:

          Glass-Steagall Act
          That movement was doomed because you had too many SJWs attending who don’t know a damn thing (it’s all about feelings and being included with them).

      2. There is a poster who has been around for awhile known as “zombie” who has covered a lot of the west coast demonstrations, especially around Berkley, and revealed over the years the participants tend to be the same people every time. They occasionally dupe some youth, but the organizers and old fist pumpers are the same usual suspects.

  30. Can somebody explain what’s going on?
    Feminist backlash against manufactured rape hoax about ROK…
    Feminist support for hillary who defended the rapist of 12 y/o girl…

    1. Rabbits gonna rabbit. These people have a pathological fear of anyone within their own tribe who demonstrates strength and ability in any form.
      There are two ways to approach life. One is to focus on improving yourself and your circumstances, as we do. The other is to drag others down to your own level in order to level the playing field, which is what they do. Everything is about winning to them, and “winning” means dragging others down. They are only happy when those around them are miserable.

      1. There is no credibility left in the feminist narrative. Its become nothing but a thinly veiled disguise for seeking power for the sake of power. Feminists are exploiting the tactic of scapegoating and shaming beta males because they know they are least likely to stand up for themselves.

    2. brainwashing + selective minds = combination bypassing the cognitive dissonance in leftists’s minds.
      It’s quite the same when they are silent about mass rape in cologne because of the nature of those rapists, but they will attack you for going to a simple meeting. Those suckers.

    1. ha! i used to like that show… not surprising what hes doing though, new zealanders are fucking faggots. (rok readers excepted of course)

    2. haha.. I liked that show. It was really all centered around the comedy of Murray though, with the other two just playing deadpan around his jokes. I liked it when he called the IT girl in to help him with his Commodore 64. Other than having singing talent, the other 2 guys could have been played by anyone.

  31. These people are anti free speech KGB styled fascists. Honestly you have every right to vehemently and violently protect yourself from these faggots. Literally its war, and its fuckin on.

  32. “Can’t rape a .38!” ? Well I guess they’ve determined that’s that largest caliber SJWs can collectively fit in their Vagg. Can’t rape the willing as they say.

    1. That’s an ironic statement because I thought SJWs hated guns. Isn’t their solution to “teach men not to rape”?

  33. I have to thank ROK.
    Due to these articles you have given me hope that the useless left will eventually implode and eat each other…
    all while I sit back, watch, laugh and have a drink.

  34. See? Disinformation campaigns do work! Thats some spy shite right there…too funny

  35. The irony here is, for all the anti bullying tripe they throw out, they sure love some old fashioned mob violence, although it’s more mob, less violence. Reminds me of that South Park anti bullying song. Classic.

  36. “Can’t rape a .38”
    I’m rather excited that the SJWs are gearing up. Guns are quite the vice for the vane

    1. Except when they use the police and armed cuckservative vigilantes to do their dirty work here, and the military to export their diseased mindset abroad.

    2. Yes, I agree. They are always “for” something if it’s in their favor (like free speech). They are against free speech (hate speech) if it is someone who doesn’t agree with them.
      We used to call this a difference in opinions (not hate speech). You could still have a beer with someone even if you disagreed. Today, SJWs want to control all speech….even if you don’t like the blue shirt they are wearing at the time (hate speech).
      No, it’s called an opinion.

  37. Not sure I get the “can’t rape a .38” thing. Are they going to start shooting everyone they deem a potential rapist? Since when did SJWs ever think guns were acceptable at all?
    Whatever, I couldn’t care less if I understand their delusional state of mind they constantly exist in. I’m just becoming incredibly desensitized to the word rape. It’s like racist or sexist now. The word means nothing to me.

    1. SJW’s and anyone who uses violence not Marxists or even true feminists. Cowardly fearful bully control freaks.

  38. So now SJW’s oppose gun control? I don’t think they even know what they are chanting when they chant it.

  39. Well, I hope there’s a commitment to hold local meetings in the future again. Talking with other similar men over a blog is not the same as conserving with like minded men in everyday life where we’d understand through fellowship and humor nuances that can be obscured and lost through a virtual capacity.

    1. Who reads Cracked anymore? They haven’t been funny in years. Nothing but a Leftist political site, these days.

  40. I think this video shows what Roosh, Forney, and others have been saying all along. SJW’s are only a threat to us because the elites allow them to do stupid stuff.
    I personally can’t wait for the day when the SJW’s find themselves in a similar position to us, where society’s institutions are being used against them like a sledgehammer. We can then just sit back and enjoy the show.

    1. It’s like that anorexic pink haired nasty bitch that posted the “Toronto’s response to Roosh V” video. The people least likely to get raped are the ones screaming the loudest. I’m not sure what the psychology behind that is. It would be a good social sciences study.

  41. No dear, he can’t rape a handgun, unless his dick is thinner than .38″ in diameter. You might wanna refer to your white-knight numbnuts on that one. You can, however, slide that barrel right inside yourself. God these idiot feminists just reek of projection.

  42. That is too funny! Love how the white knights always sacrifice themselves for the sjw women but the sjw’s don’t respect the white knights at all. More like white pawns. Well looks like that white knight wasn’t there to hold the sjws purses that night LMAO

  43. SJWs know no bounds. I am contemplating legal action against a troll here who has called me an incompetent/untrustworthy lawyer and a pedophile teacher.

    1. You going to sue me, tough guy? Please do. It’d be fun making you go through discovery.

      1. Give me your name and address; not here – I am not about doxxing you –
        if you are a man and not a cockroach then let’s not waste time and expense on me tracking you down.

        1. Oh, he is a complete pussy. I am trying to be magnanimous and teach him some game so he can get his dick wet, but he wants to be all virtual Elliot Roger on me.

        1. Wow, did you think that up all by your lonesome? I await your defamation complaint, you gutless coward.

        2. I am not hiding in China; I have a life here. You on the other hand hide behind your screen name. No avatar, no real name behind the bullshit.
          There is no bambooziling needed because I am a straight up guy who doesn’t hide who I am while you are a cockroach who issues pathetic insults from the sidelines.
          I did the research and I don’t have to issue any formal notice to your ass. You are not some media organization or any sort of legitimate news hound. So I have two years to hunt your ass down and sue you for defamation.
          Trash talk is common on the internet, an we have had some back and forth. However, I require you to edit your posts that suggest that I have ever committed an ethical violation in my duties as a lawyer, further I need you to retract any statements suggesting that I am a pedophile who sought out a position as a teacher to have sex with underaged girls. Third I want an apology for those statements.
          Do that and it ends here. Be a dickhead and look over your shoulder for the next two years.

  44. Doxxing people : check
    Making death threats : check
    Doing harassment : check
    SJWs : It’s only ok when they do it! But if anybody strikes back, he will feel the wrath of their lying articles.

  45. Wow! This is hilarious.
    But what is not so hilarious is the sign, “You can’t rape a .38.” That’s a threat of violence. Of course these idiots don’t actually have .38’s, though, because they are leftist gun control freaks.

  46. SJWs are all bark and no bite!
    Unlike the real radicals of the 50s, 60s, and 70s who actually were attacked by dogs, had their faces kicked in, murdered, and at times fought back against their real aggressors…these fake SJWs of today are less threatening than pampered toy poodles.

  47. Too bad they didn’t attack the cops. Would have been nice to see a few of these nitwits clubbed in the head, then they’d be cryin’ to mommy of police brutality, lol

  48. The state of affairs is so sad. I am thinking of just letting it all go for the next 20 years. The same things that make China an “iffy” place to live make it rather comfortable. No Pride Parades and no stupid SJW protests about things which they fail to understand.
    With millions of hits and hundreds of thousands of members ROK is sure to have some miscreants. However from my experience over the last year, the top posters tend to be really good chaps. I had a private meetup with Clark Kent and there is not a misogynistic bone in his body. He is the kind of guy I would set up with my sister. . .if they were not multiple divorcees and 15 years his senior, but you get the idea.
    The regular posters don’t talk COMPLETE shit about women and don’t prepare for the next race war against the “niggers” or the “jews”. It’s here and we have to admit that but this forum is one of the only free man spaces on the internet.

  49. Nice to see the cops doing good for a change.
    That White Knight is going to end up as someone’s wife in the city jail.
    Also, great job of feinting. Had these morons chasing their own cellulite filled tails.

  50. “After the debacle outside the hotel, SJW Twitter accounts bristled with broad brush claims that the police were enabling rape culture by being present and also arresting the cognitively-challenged white knight. Yet they idly stood by as he was taken into custody by the cops. Of course, I am not supporting attacks on police in any sense, but it was very revealing to see how positively docile SJWs can be when it suits them. ”
    Agree 100%. Those liberal shitbrids were even afraaid to shout “fuck the police!” and opted for the timid “FTP!’ because they are fuckign cowards who can only threaten indiviudals en masse and from the safety of the Internet.

  51. hahaha. I’m glad the SJW went to jail. Also great point about the feminists embracing guns… maybe they’ll be of some use yet.

  52. If you want to have a meeting you need to start renting space off-hours at a local Jewish temple. The media will be unable to ignore a story about death and bomb threats made by the legbeards to the Rabbi.

  53. Ok, just thinking out loud, but with good opsec, and a crafty diversion plan, men could schedule and have ROK meet ups centered on Clinton events around the country. A bar, restaurant, park, whatever, nearby.
    Imagine, make the meeting plan, let the goobers know about it, but give the wrong location, then have a nice meet.
    After they catch on, and eventually, they will, the goobers will be running all over the area looking for groups of men who look like red pill conspirators trying to chain women to the stove. All as the Grand Dragon of Feminsim is having her event.
    No chance at all it would not get into the media at some point. Especially with a few carefully timed tweets.
    Just a thought to smile by.

    1. If you bald skinny mother bucker have gender bias, go take some bersonal rebonsibility and shove some rod up your ass. Don’t bush your feminazi agenda on others.

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