S. Jane Gari Publishes Fake Rape Allegation Against Me, Prompting Legal Action

Author Stephanie Jane Gari from South Carolina recently published a completely fabricated story about a woman she calls “Susan” who claims I raped her. Both the story and the scenario are completely false. Similar to the Rolling Stone rape hoax, this piece of fiction was published to get attention for the author of the story, either S. Jane Gari herself or the woman who purportedly wrote it, though it appears that S. Jane Gari invented the story since she does not provide a single piece of evidence that “Susan” exists. The fictional account also perfectly matches the narrative of her rape-obsessed blog.

S. Jane Gari

Here is the ridiculous allegation:

Roosh approached Susan in Iceland where he was busy “bagging chicks” for one of his sex travel guides. When Susan left a nightclub with her friends, Roosh, approached her on the street and insisted on walking her home. She asked him to leave her alone. Later, when she became separated from her friends, she noticed he was following her.

“You have a beautiful but sad walk. I know a great place to have a drink. You can join me. It will be fun,” he said.

She refused. Then he insisted on walking her home.

She said, “There’s no need. I don’t need you to walk me home.”

When he continued to insist, she ignored him and continued her way home. He followed. This is a tactic he teaches in his books—to never take “no” for an answer.

When she arrived at her home, Roosh was very charismatic and asked politely if he could just use the toilet. Sleepy and still drunk from her night out, she acquiesced and let him in to use the bathroom.

When he was done in the bathroom he faced Susan and said, “Are you home alone?”

“Yes,” she said.

Then he asked her to touch his penis. When she refused, Roosh grabbed her.

Susan started crying and said, “Why are you doing this? You’re crazy.”

He laughed and overpowered her with force, saying, “All girls like this. It’s every woman’s fantasy. You don’t even know what you’re saying. You’re drunk, but I like drunk girls.” And then, according to Susan, he raped her.

She later discovered the Bang Guides Roosh authored and was mortified. Susan went to counseling for the depression that ensued after the alleged rape but never formally accused Valizadeh. He’s an American and she lives in Iceland. She feels she has no recourse.

So what can we do for Susan and the others who have remained silent?

We can encourage all of his possible victims to stand up to him. Roosh is a perpetrator of the worst kind because he hides behind his self-righteousness and is so arrogant he thinks he will never be brought to justice. He thinks his tactics of preying on drunk women, getting them alone, following them, not taking no for an answer and then being forceful with them if necessary is his right as an “aggressive man” who believes, “women should submit to men.” Please, let’s prove him wrong. Please share this post to spread the word and encourage other possible victims to come forward.

Things I’ve never done in my life:

  • Follow a girl home.
  • Ask a woman to “touch my penis.”
  • Try to make physical advances on a crying girl.
  • Have sex in an Icelandic girl’s home while she was alone.
  • Tell a girl that rape is “every woman’s fantasy.”

This is not a case of a girl I know making up an encounter, but a girl who I’ve never met and who I believe doesn’t even exist inventing a situation after skimming through publicly available excerpts of Bang Iceland. This is not unlike when the Rolling Stone published a fake rape account by a troubled young woman who merely wanted a guy she liked to give her attention. The whole world believed her before she was exposed as a fraud, harming the fraternity, the university, and the credibility of real rape victims in the process.


Rape hoaxer did it to get attention from a guy she liked

S. Jane Gari tries to portray herself as a “concerned journalist,” but did she fact check a single item in the story? Did she fact check that “Susan” has even met or seen me in person? She either made up the story herself, or simply published an anonymous email account that does not even seem plausible on its face.

It’s one thing to falsely call me “pro rape” or a “rape advocate” in the form of an opinion. You have the right to do that. On the other hand, it’s clear-cut defamation to maliciously invent a crime against me. Therefore I have retained one of the best First Amendment lawyers in the United States, Marc Randazza, to serve as my counsel in a defamation suit against Stephanie Jane Gari if she doesn’t amend the false accusation against me as specified by Mr. Randazza in the following letter:

View letter in new window: Legal Demand To S. Jane Gari Re: False Rape Accusation

It’s worth nothing that Mr. Randazza almost always defends these kinds of cases. To get him to take the side of a plaintiff in one says a lot about the strength of my claim. I’m also monitoring any media outlet or publication that passes off this fantasy tale as fact.

I can’t do much in response to how media outlets decide to mischaracterize my work, but I can legally respond to any individual who maliciously and falsely accuses me of a crime. I am ready to spend the money and time to defend myself against anyone who brings false claims against me. Unless Stephanie Jane Gari takes prompt action, either her or “Susan” will have to answer for their false accusation against me in a court of law.

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414 thoughts on “S. Jane Gari Publishes Fake Rape Allegation Against Me, Prompting Legal Action”

  1. This is crazy because just last week Roosh was saying that no one had ever claimed he had raped them. Now journalists are making up these fake stories because of this fact.

      1. I am going to make multiple Disqust accounts to upvote this numerous times. I shall devote my entire night to it.

    1. As soon as he said that I knew they would “find” somebody within a month. Of course I also knew it would be bogus. This will help Roosh more than hurt him, by proving him correct and showing that they have to resort to outright fabrication to protect their narrative

      1. I had similar thoughts when I watched his press conference. A part of me wonders if that was part of a plan on Roosh’s part. Normally I’d say no one would want to be falsely accused of rape, but this does give him the chance to shed some much needed light on the subject.

        1. Roosh acknowledged his reputation is already rock bottom because of their false reporting. I think he was fully prepared for this to happen, and I hope he damages the narrative further.

      1. I’m sure Roosh was prepared for the possibility considering the swiftness of the response. They’re playing checkers while he’s playing chess.

        1. Well, that’s what I thought as well. It was kind of obvious that he was dangling a juicy carrot in front of those rabbits.

        2. He probably had that lawyer on speeddial. 😁 I can’t speak for him, but this is what I would have done under the same circumstances. And why not, it is exciting!

    2. you don’t know who is laying and who is not. The female author was just using her freedom of speech, it is maybe only satire.

      1. Lying, not laying. Are you sure you want to be a cunt your whole life? We can teach you how to get laid.

      2. Freedom of speech ends at defamation. That is understood in every legal system on the planet. If it was satire, she is being given a chance to clarify that. Failing her clarification, I imagine Roosh’s lawyer will press this through the legal system snd she will then be given the opportunity in court to prove her statements..

      3. Satire is meant to bring a point.
        She makes no point, just an accusation. This is punishable under law.

        1. Has anyone inquired as to the state of this woman’s pants and whether or not they are in fact on fire?

        2. yup…plus, 103% chance she has huge 70’s muff which retains liquid just in case of pants fire. The pants may be gone, but the fire is muffed out.

        3. by the way, that wasn’t satire. I am accusing her of having a huge hairy twat

        4. Agreed. We are on an evolutionary time line. On on side is hairy cave people and the other is smooth aliens. The eradication of hair is the future. At our evolutionary stage, women with any non head or eye brow hair are essentially an attack on forward progress

        5. we’ve had enough of hirsuite feminists and other morlocks certainly. But 70s style ginas aside I’m sure hair will still have its place in the world to come

        6. No way! We are boldly going into a world where there is not one shred of vadge hair. Evolution will handle this shit. Also, fag accent (which I assume is a gay mating call meant to approximate the sound of a voice when a mouth is full of cocks) will also disappear once the homos evolve into growing bright plumage.

        7. I know compromise is a filthy word but maybe in the new garden of Eden Eve could still cover her nakedness with glitter and spangles.

      4. “You don’t know…” Well, at least we all know you are a mangina pussy. Your posts have proven this beyond a reasonable doubt.

      5. You obviously do not know what satire is, and I HATE having to repeat myself.
        Instead, I will just inform you that what S. Jane Gari wrote here is LIBEL, not satire.
        And believe me, there is a very distinct difference…

      6. She has a right to say whatever she wants, but she does not have a right to avoid the consequences. Where have we heard that before? Turnabout is a BITCH

      7. You accuse someone of something specific, better be able to back it up.
        What about that is so difficult for you to grasp?
        Amazing how one can go charging into a battle of wits so unarmed as your comment has demonstrated.

      8. Damien Gond is a rapist. I have no proof, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It might be satire. It’s definitely free speech. Besides, even if it is false, an angry, violent mob will back me up, so who the fuck needs courts? This asshole deserves to lose his job and be made an social outcast for other reason than I disagree with his thoughts.

    3. The problem is no woman has faced any real prison time or have paid any real fines in order for this nonsense to end. These women will keep writing and keep up the bullshit until a court throws them in jail (for lying) or a court orders one of these women to pay dearly (again, for lying). That’s the problem with our society.
      All of this bullshit goes away once their are consequences (again) for actions. Until then, nothing changes.
      Hopefully this will be the first one to set off a series of lawsuits.

      1. Agreed, False rape claims can potentially ruin a Man, and when discovered the Man’s innocent, the woman walks away with no charges, that is wrong, and should be changed. A few Rape Hoaxer’s spending time behind bars and the other False Rape crier’s will think twice about false claims.

  2. Roosh, do not stop until this lying ugly cunt is eating dog food in the gutter. She deserves no better and she must be made to pay dearly, as an example to the other lying SJW cunts out there who would pull similar shit. Show no mercy. I will gladly contribute to your legal fund.

      1. We’re defending the principle of “You falsely accuse me of something, which also impairs my ability to earn a living, and I make you pay in court”. That’s the principle at play here. Nothing more. Read the law. Did this cunt offer to let you eat her pussy if you trolled this site?

      2. If this “journalist” wrote about someone who was raped during Roosh’s press conference, she might have a leg to stand on. We all know what happened there.

      3. You know, you remind of someone who was chased out of a night club by a single guy with 29 other armor wearing ‘Knights’ & told to ‘go home’.
        I’m just curious. Do you recall that incident in your recent past?

    1. Women cannot be taken seriously as legitimate journalists or arbiters of justice in any way, shape or form. They live partially in the adult world (created by men), but they are largely just visitors there, preferring to live in a truth-malleable fantasy world of their own creation throughout much of their existence. Obviously, treating them as fellow “equal” adults has failed and always will throughout time immemorial, because of the aforementioned.

      1. Well said. I agree entirely. As you said, the evidence is clear. Women’s conception of “justice”, like their reality, is subjective and feelings-based. It is whatever they feel it is at the time.

  3. Hm. I wonder if this is so they can pull the “”this was a satire piece like Roosh had on rape”. Maybe i’m thinking to far ahead , alas this is serious business making direct accusations of people like this.

    1. The parallel doesn’t work because Roosh’s satirical article did not accuse another individual of a crime or attempt to defame a specific person.

      1. As I stated to the white knight above, who claimed this falls under “freedom of speech” and is “satire”: “A fictional situation where hypothetical circumstances are presented can
        be satire. Accusing a man of a violent crime that could land him in
        prison and destroy his life and career is not.”

  4. Her writing is so pathetic and she calls herself a writer, such a crappy work of fiction , even kids can make up better stories than her …

    1. Most of these are clickbait journalists who make around $20k a year, but yes, point taken. At least her journalistic integrity should be permanently destroyed after she has a conviction for slander or whatever the crime will be…

  5. Gari’s excerpt reads like some type of twisted amateur rape fantasy fanfic (I wonder if her ears were burning as she wrote it). He followed her home…asked her to touch his penis…while she cried. With people like this populating the long suffering earth, what is to be done. I fear she will somehow weasel out it…it is time that such callously cruel and evil people begin to suffer (beyond looking at themselves in the mirror) for their misdeeds.

  6. “Following the rape, Roosh donned his top hat, twirled his villainous mustache, tied “Susan” to some nearby train tracks, and then joined Donald Trump and the Koch brothers for a dinner of endangered Icelandic condor.”
    Too much? 🙂

        1. WHOOOAH! They are truly evil! They imported a baby seal to rape the rhino! Diabolical. I bet they all forced real rape victims to eat it right. Because feminists care sooooo muc about these victims, they pimp out them, and their pain like a cheap veneer, to finance their political campaings with.

        2. Finally! I was getting a little sad on that one. I know it’s crazy, but like I always say…never gonna survive unless we et s little crazy

      1. Basil and crack laced cheetah. The crack is imported in endangered California condor, enveloped in abalone and caviar.
        All flushed down with the 100 year aged blood of African orphans.
        On Tuesday, they all play poker with the devil and sauromon. Drinking only the finest whiskey made by slave labor in Oklahoma, and finest president cigars made of the thighs of the finest Cuban virgins.

      1. Roosh has a hearty sense of humor so when he upvotes your comment you know you made a good joke
        that was actually a good joke though not gonna lie

      2. He’s responded to me recently. Get over yourself. With that attitude you’re only handing pussy over to other men.

      1. There is no maybe when it comes to libel.
        If I called a SWAT team on your house claiming you are holding hostages, I couldn’t use the “maybe” what I said was true excuse.
        Freedom of speech does not include libel.
        Freedom of speech includes : the right to criticize, the right to disagree and the right to hate.
        Satire is also freeom of speech.
        Claiming someone is a rapist when he is not in a serious tone is libel, and is illegal.

        1. Nah man, I’m a victim of memes and their patriarchial tendencies, and I am thorougly triggered by any mention of memes and this guy is always posting memes here, you know
          life is so unfair i wish i could go home and be surrounded by my 40 cats

      2. So Damien, you won’t mind if I call your boss and all your friends and tell them about the time you beat you that woman with a hammer and threatened to kill her if she talked, right? I mean, I’ve got freedom of speech.

      3. Go right ahead and put your money where your mouth is. All you have to do is make similar public defamatory accusations and see what happens. That is, if you actually believe in what you say, but you don’t and you won’t!

    1. I think you may have just revealed the identity of Roosh’s mystery accuser: radical feminist tart Penelope Pitstop

    2. Yes! The V in RooshV now stands for villain.
      Perhaps, in solidarity, we should all append the letter V to our names as fellow villains in support of truth and justice for men who are slandered, libeled and falsely accused for our views.
      As for the “American Way” part of that line, I’ll wait to see the American Way and this demand letter vindicate Roosh, and demands repentance and recompense from this woman.

    3. Don’t forget about kicking a baby animal into the street as they made their way to the diner.

    4. There once was a villian most feared,
      Who tied a lass to a train track then leered,
      But he tied her up wrong-ways,
      Not cross-ways but long-ways,
      And a forty car train disappeared

  7. You must ask this woman money for difamation and rip her off, that´s the only way people undestands things nowadays.

  8. You’d think she would have at least invented a plausible story. This is just pathetic.

  9. “When he continued to insist, she ignored him and continued her way home. He followed. This is a tactic he teaches in his books—to never take “no” for an answer.
    When she arrived at her home, Roosh was very charismatic and asked politely if he could just use the toilet. Sleepy and still drunk from her night out, she acquiesced and let him in to use the bathroom.”
    Here is what happened. She took the books Roosh wrote, took a few passages and tried to make a story around them. Roosh gave advice to use going to the bathroom as an excuse to enter a woman’s house.
    Of course she then tries to write a piece were you follow a woman against her will, and somehow manage to get in her house against her will, by using the bathroom excuse(!). Basically it is an imagined event she made up by reading some fragments of your work and interpreting them in the most autistic way.
    I bet her excuse will be that this is how guys will interpret Roosh’s writing, and therefore this text had educational value to show the immorality of Roosh’s technique.
    Fuck this lying typist. Sue the hell out of her Roosh.

    1. I have just been proven right, look at the comment of A.S.
      Edit : Her comment has been deleted. But basically she claimed it’s a fictional stroy written based on Roosh’s advice and that there is nothing wrong with it. Goddamn scammers.

        1. Oh I’m sure they will.
          “What’s the matter Roosh, can’t handle some SATIRE ?”
          These fools seriously do not get it.

      1. If she admits it anywhere someone has to get a screenshot of that and fast. A lot of commenting systems dont totally delete the actual text of the comment, so you MUST get it.

        1. It was too fast. Plus I am not sure if A.S. was the author or not. It could have been a random follower of her.

    2. I can’t stand writers that use too many adverbs. ‘Politely’. ‘Charismatic’ (Not an adverb but a juvenile use of adjective). It’s lazy & shows poor mastery of craft.
      Superior writers use demonstrative text. More dialogue. Pauses in the right place. Poetic analogies.
      So she’s both a liar & a crap writer.

  10. Long overdue; I brought this up several weeks ago when Texas Woman’s University basically called ol’ Roosh the same thing. Will it change the rape (or lack thereof) culture in which we live? Absolutely not. But every case should dissuade anyone stupid enough to throw around that horrible accusation.

  11. After the International Meet-Ups, Roosh emphasized how no woman has ever accused him of rape, how convenient that now a “woman” comes out of the wood work to accuse him of rape!
    The poorly written story reeks of a lie, where everything is so unambiguous and obvious. “Roosh” is OBVIOUSLY a creep. The woman clearly stated multiple times that she did not want anything to do with him, yet he continues on, and she goes directly home instead of to another public place where there are people to defend or protect her. She subsequently lets the creepy drunk stalker that she wants to be rid of into her own apartment, (why?) then answers in the negative when “Roosh” asks if anyone is home, possibly eliminating her last line of defense. Yeah no, this is total bullshit. Dumb cunt deserves to be sued for defamation.

    1. the woman was maybe doing satire, she didn’t want to say that he was raping.. who knows, it’s freedom of speech.

      1. Feminist Internet Defence Force here ! White knight squad assembly !
        To defend the right to libel and destroy lives by our feminist overlords !
        In the name of the sacred vagina !

        1. don’t be a kid, it’s just fiction… it’s like… reding shakespeare and you get angry cause richard III is a killer.. just fiction, man..

        2. Fiction ending in a request for people to come forward. No… that’s the foundation of a fictitious and malicious witch hunt.
          Get out of here you broken-english-ass no-self-respecting mangina.

        3. Feminists Uprising to Protect Underdogs or FUPA for short….
          I am really proud of this one.

      2. Roosh admit he uses satire. Does the journalist Jane Gari will do the same? if it was satire, good, we are waiting her reply stating that it was satire. otherwise is defamation.

        1. Yes, the article is defamation of character.
          The problem here is that S. Jane Gari can’t even pretend that her article is satire. That option is not on the table.
          Let’s take a hypothetical situation, and say that you were hated by large groups of people. If I were to write a false and unsubstantiated story about you raping someone, and then proceeded to incite your theoretical “victims” to “stand up to you”, and to “bring you to justice”…..then I simply cannot make the claim that I am writing satire.
          Her article is not just libelous, but it’s also a pretty transparent attempt to incite “mob justice” against Roosh. So…..while it’s not a particularly well-written article, her malicious intent is still very clear.

      3. A fictional situation where hypothetical circumstances are presented can be satire. Accusing a man of a violent crime that could land him in prison and destroy his life and career is not. But you know this.
        People like this idiot Damien Gond don’t even hate Roosh. What they hate is the truth about themselves. Feminist women know that they want to be dominated, that they are emotionally motivated, that they are slaves to their base desires. Their white knight, mangina orbiters know that they aren’t “with” these women or know how to attract them or aren’t comfortable doing what is necessary to get with them.

      4. I get the feeling that you have a very low intelligence from your writing. You have my pity. Farewell.

      5. Satire which is not identified as such — and the author hasn’t said it was satire — and which is directed against an identifiable individual is defamation.

  12. Her artistic embellishment stands out in the following lines. This is not reporting of facts but romance-novel prose :
    When she arrived at her home, Roosh was very charismatic and asked
    politely if he could just use the toilet. Sleepy and still drunk from
    her night out, she acquiesced and let him in to use the bathroom.

    I noticed it because it resembles a passage that appeared in the infamous Rolling Stone UVA hoax piece :
    The three friends launched into a heated discussion about the social
    price of reporting Jackie’s rape, while Jackie stood beside them, mute
    in her bloody dress, wishing only to go back to her dorm room and fall
    into a deep, forgetful sleep.

    When I read that line in the RS-UVA piece I realized the whole thing was a fabrication because of the improbable romance novel scenario. The author is injecting her interpretation of the alleged victim’s feelings. Her ambition to be a fiction writer exposes the lie.

  13. This would have been a lot more believable if the alleged victim had been singing Venus as a boy as she walked home

  14. Roosh the individual who photographed you in the doorway at the residence in Maryland while you were talking with Police has a business presence in SC. That individual may be conspiring with the false accuser.

  15. Roosh, this is just work of fiction based on your own writings. What’s wrong with a little feminine embellishment?
    A FOUR page letter that goes on and on and on about 2 points? Aren’t you paying him by the hour?

    1. See guys, I told you, relate to my comment below
      “Here is what happened. She took the books Roosh wrote, took a few passages and tried to make a story around them. Roosh gave advice to use going to the bathroom as an excuse to enter a woman’s house.
      Basically it is an imagined event she made up by reading some fragments of Roosh’s work and interpreting them in the most autistic way.
      I bet her excuse will be that this is how guys will interpret Roosh’s writing, and therefore this text had educational value to show the immorality of Roosh’s technique.”

    2. Arguably the history of the last fifty years has been nothing but feminine embellishment.

    3. It is a direct accusation. A work of fiction maybe , but one that contains real live people. Nobody likes to be accused of stuff they didn’t commit. I don’t think Roosh would have minded if this was in another context , but with all this hysteria surrounding rape meetups accusations in the last few weeks , another public image smearing was the last thing he needed.

    1. By and large, women take shit like this a hell of a lot more seriously, so I would sincerely doubt it’s satire.

  16. Here is a list of things that I now know you surely did:
    Follow a woman home.
    Ask a girl to “touch my penis.”
    Try to make physical advances on a crying woman.
    Have sex in an Icelandic woman’s home while she was alone.
    Tell a woman that rape is “every woman’s fantasy.”
    STOP LYING, Roosh.

  17. Weird timing; I was just reading the rape hoax of the Duke lacrosse team from ten years ago last night. Crystal Mangum, the accuser, is now in jail for fatally stabbing her boyfriend. What goes around…

    1. She did that not long after they declined to prosecute her. If they had prosecuted her for perjury than he would still be alive. Apparently boyfriend’s lives don’t matter to the media.

        1. You may have the right to block traffic and burn down stores, but you don’t have the right to avoid the consequences (like black people do.)

  18. I noticed she took very old pieces from you personal blog and meshed in with this story. That “will you touch my penis” is complete crap. No man with any game would ask this, and he most certainly wouldn’t use the word, ‘penis’. You have to be a complete loser to take the time and effort to not only research material from years back, but concoct a story and weave it in.
    How can a court prosecute someone for rape unless they had a rape kit done the very next day or had video evidence of the encounter? A rape kit also can only confirm that you had sex with her, not that it was non-consensual. It’s all he said she said.

    1. That “will you touch my penis” is complete crap. No man with any game would ask this, and he most certainly wouldn’t use the word, ‘penis’.
      One of the many hints this is a complete bullshit story.

  19. And here came the trolls comparing her story to Roosh’s satire piece , about 1 hour after this article has been published. I am curious …. how did they know to come here ?

    1. But S. Jane Gari’s story isn’t satire; it’s LIBEL.
      There’s nothing satirical about it. This woman engaged in a deliberate hit piece on a specific individual (Roosh), after Roosh deliberately mentioned that no woman had ever accused him of rape.
      This is not surprising, but it is very disturbing…

      1. That’s what i was saying , but still they come here comparing the 2. This is clearly organized , to many trolls found out to fast about this and came here to defend her just 1 hour after the article has been published. I maybe paranoid , but it really reeks of organized stuff.

  20. Check out her facebook page. Looks emotionally damaged, and triggered by stuff she reads on the net. Sound familiar?

  21. My first comment ever, anywhere, but just “had to” considering the absolute beauty of this situation. Roosh trolls, SJW bites, Roosh uses logic and the full force of the just US legal system to exact the coveted prize (moose head) of all SJW’s — a humiliating, public apology!

    1. …or a painful financial judgement.
      There are no guarantees in life, and even successful lawsuits take time and money, but if there ever was a slam dunk defamation case, this is it.

      1. For the record, that letter posted by Marc pure gold. Benevolent yet firm, menacing with no mincing of words — kudos to the Randazza Legal Group, there’s a reason he’s one of the best.

  22. Look at S. Jane Gari’s face. Give her a haircut and she looks like a
    cock-hungry faggot admiring the other men in the locker room.

    1. Yeah, I had to stare at the face a few times thinking, THIS is the picture she chose to upload of herself to the internet??? What does she look like on a typical day?!?

  23. That’s awesome – I wasn’t even halfway through her story and was thinking, “I hope he sues her.”

  24. “He laughed and overpowered her with force“.
    O-kaaayyyy. Someone was clearly readng a trashy romance novel before writing that.
    It continued “As Roosh grabbed her upper arms with his Kratom powered muscles, he looked forcefully into her eyes amd whispered ‘if this is wrong I dont wanna be right’”

      1. Its the story of a plucky young girl journo from S. Carolina who embarks on an adventure of sexual discovery with a wild Armenian who tames and masters her after she is forced to withdraw a false rape accusation against him.

        1. cat’o ninetails or wooden paddle. Tent or grungy apartment? Fifty shades of desert sand. This could be good.

      2. “Roosh will see you now”
        “Mr. Roosh, I’m from the newspaper, I just want to ask a couple questions.”

      1. 10 thousand times more potent than Viagra and a million times more addictive than crack cocaine-Kratomance has the electrolytes you crave to have you go harder, faster and longer; it’s what all patriarchal cis-gender heterosexual male shitlords need as part of their balanced body positive diet.

      2. It’s probably not a good idea to put details of an ongoing dispute on the Internet unless you’ve faked it, which is definitely a possibility considering the majority of positive reviews you’ve received on Amazon for your books have been written in the same style as your articles and have only given the one review…..hmmmm….bit sad really, but I suppose you do reek of desperation.
        That blow up doll you were photographed with in your mom’s basement(still living there? C’mon, you’re like 35 aren’t you, let the woman enjoy her retirement. Clearly book sales aren’t going well enough for you to afford your own place…) must be getting plenty of use since your face is now recognised and women know to avoid you….
        Your whole concept is to promote rape(I’m sure one of your nutty followers will deny this, but the sheer amount of articles on this site that have the word rape in the title would suggest otherwise. And a thought experiment? I doubt you would be capable of something that sophisticated darling)so I doubt this story is a lie, considering how well your version of events and hers tie up. Although I can see you’ve only posted her version to stop people making that comparison….
        We have evidence of you generally being a bit creepy in the form of the video of the woman who you tried to feel up in Canada who threw a drink in your face. And yes, that was why you got it thrown in your face, women don’t tend to throw drinks at men for no reason.
        Anyway, I just wanted to say my piece, this site is like wading through treacle made of morons so will not be spending much longer on it.
        First one to tell me to get back in the kitchen wins a Darwin Award.
        I do love originality in a man….

        1. No clue, but according to her website, that less-than-flattering pic of her is at least three years old.

  25. In this case I would sue for defamation since the damage has alredy been done. It doesn’t matter if it’s removed as MSM outlets will use it to smear Roosh with taglines and insinuations like “theres no smoke without a fire” and the like. But thats just me.

  26. The victories have come so easy to the SJW mob that they not think they can do and say whatever they want.

  27. I know it’s going to suck for you if this thing goes to court, but I really hope it does. This is finally going to set a precedent of one (or two, if “Susan” exists) complete and utter unapologetic cunts willing to lie to destroy a person’s life because they don’t agree with their opinion.
    As an aside, I think it’s unlikely that there exists a woman called Susan in Iceland, and much more unlikely that a Susan in Iceland met Roosh and was a victim of rape. Just look at the top 100 baby names in this country and Susan is really not the kind of name that is popular there (it’s not on the top 100 list). Of course it proves absolutely nothing but if I wrote an article to accuse a man of raping an Icelandic girl, I would at least take the time to google what that invented girl’s name is most likely to be. But I guess femicunts are sloppy even when they fight the patriarchy.

    1. The media already stuck that pro-rape label on Roosh and ROK unjustly. Can his public profile get worse? I see a chance for a big win if justice is served.

        1. I get you. I’m just saying he has nothing to lose but time and money. Roosh has already dedicated his time to improving men’s lives, which this can do. I have no idea of his money situation, but Roosh stands to make a lot of money as he gains more notoriety. It should be worthwhile.

        2. I would help pay his legal fees if he set up something like Gregory Eliott did. This is something that could happen to all men, not just Roosh, therefore it’s all our buisiness and we gain a lot by setting the precedent that you can’t just fabricate rape allegations against men you don’t like.

  28. What bothers me about shit like this is that even as all the allegations are entirely unfounded, you still carry around that “rapist” stigma, giving further fuel to SJWs and their allies that the “rapist” was able to cheat the system or some stupid crap like that.

  29. I don’t believe him. He is just manipulating and defending himself. The fact that there are “no proofs” doesn’t mean that is false. I’m vident and I perceive that she says the truth. Anyway, she maybe was doing satire, a fiction story about a famous rapist that promotes gender violence and anorexia. This woman’s story is maybe just satire, she didn’t want to say that Roosh raped. In EEUU there is freedom of speech and thosand of people will go out to streets to support Jane Gari and her right to have freedom of speech. Go Jane, thousands are with you !!!

    1. Jizzybell is this way ———->
      Can hardly wait for SJW’s to come in and comment. Good, good reading tonight.

      1. Actually, Jizzabell is that way.
        <—————- turn left, then left, then bottom of the third latrine to the left.

        1. Is that the one located next to the festering AIDS and Ebola-ridden cesspool?

    2. “I don’t believe him.”
      No one cares what you think.
      “He is just manipulating and defending himself.”
      You wouldn’t defend yourself from a false rape allegation?
      “The fact that there are “no proofs” doesn’t mean that is false.”
      That’s not how the court system works. Have you ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? It’s kind of a big deal.
      “I’m vident and I perceive that she says the truth.”
      You’re a loony.
      “Anyway, she maybe was doing satire, a fiction story about a famous rapist that promotes gender violence and anorexia.”
      Go do some studying on satire…you’re obviously ignorant on the matter.
      ” In EEUU there is freedom of speech”
      Freedom of speech doesn’t cover slander/libel/defamation.
      I think we’re done here.

    3. You Damien are one of the thousands of reasons people are starting to hate the “EEUU” with every bone in their body.

    4. “I’m vident and I perceive that she says the truth.”
      You misidentified yourself. Only Bene Gesserit Truthsayers can perceive truth from falsehood.

  30. That story is so obviously made up it’s hilarious. Nothing about it is believeable. Roosh needs to be successful in this endeavor. This trend of making up rape allegations and getting away with it needs to stop. It’s becoming a weapon, a very dangerous weapon. One that gets a free pass from the average mouth breather who never brings themselves to question a rape allegation and once hearing it believes it to be true no matter the outcome, which they will discount because false rape allegations are totally like less than 2% and women are special snowflakes who never lie or manipulate anyone.

  31. Did Roosh grow a mustache and if so, while he was using this girls bathroom and then saying “touch my penis,” was he twisting it. If he was twisting his mustache, was he laughing? If he was laughing, was said laughter maniacal?
    I would like to close with this:

    1. Exactly right, whatever happen to names like Terry and Jessica. Where they being raped by a boogeyman too?

  32. You know, this hoax sounds like a good candidate for an “I’m Spartacus” response.

        1. Oh my god, see, I told you rapists are everywhere.
          Every man is a potential rapist looking to attack. Except muslims, they are just opressed victims.

        2. I can convert to Islam, I’m not white, just wear a Muslim dress and beard and claim Islamophobia.

    1. It would be slightly more accurate to say that western women are often obsessed with “cis-hetero white Christian patriarchy” (I CRINGED, while writing this sentence).
      “Rape” can be a cultural weapon used against that so-called “patriarchy”.
      In a modern context, “rape” is often (not always) about a western woman’s FEELINGS, and also about a desire to abdicate personal responsibility for one’s own failings…..rather than about actual rape.
      The end result is that REAL RAPE often goes unnoticed and unreported….while discussion of so many “false rapes” are perpetuated. So now….the third wave feminists are indirectly hurting OTHER WOMEN, in addition to hurting men.

    2. Attention whoring. They are the most pampered females in the history of mankind and they like the drama.

  33. We’ve all raped Susan. Every reader on Rok took part in a massive gang rape of poor Susan. May God have mercy on us.
    The noble journalists were too buisy listening to Susan’s terrible story, that’s why they didn’t pay attention to the rapes in Cologne.

  34. One month ago in a comment here I predicted: “a feminazi will attack you with a false rape accusation”

  35. s. jane gari? What kind of a train wreck face is that? Oh, good grief. Can it be any more fucking obvious any longer. Ug, first off, s. jane, no one would ever rape you. You should feel safe walking at night anywhere in Europe. This is such fucked up shit that we have to endure. This thing wants to be raped…that’s right I said it. She would love to have the attention of men that she thinks she is entitled too, but with a mug like that, she’ll never get it. So, she forever hates men because they will never give her ego what it wants. Eat shit s. jane.

    1. I can just imagine those Muslim rape gangs in Germany and Sweden taking a look at her…”Oh, no thank you.”

    2. Those teeth…yikes. She looks like a competitor at an equestrian event…and I don’t mean the jockey.

  36. Given the pagan revival in Iceland, what do Icelandic girls cry out during sex? And do Icelandic men name their penises Mjölnir or something?

  37. If im Trump i Would let Muslims in and let this suppose “rape culture” happen. I’d just watch from my lawn as some land whale screams for help.

    1. Please don’t even joke about that.
      America already has enough problems. Let’s not make the immigration issue even worse.

      1. Even if America “Opened its doors”, few muslims would actually come here because they would need to take planes, which require money, security screenings, filing with immigrations, etc.
        Besides, the benefits in Europe are better than in America.

  38. Looks like they are out to get you and some shill is trying to get thumzupss and sjw street cred by taking things a step further.
    Hope you crush them Rolling Stone-style.

  39. 50 bucks says S. Jane Gari’s first name is, in fact, Susan.
    You heard it here first.
    Ah crap, it’s Stephanie.
    Boo hiss.
    That would’ve been too much fun.
    Thanks, Pat.

  40. I appreciate all the comments in support, and a lot of them are funny, but I ask that you refrain from anything that might be deemed to be “harassment” of Gari, including doxxing or negative comments about her appearance.
    We already have the moral high guard and don’t need to lower ourselves on the level of SJWs like Gari.

    1. You might want to add that we ought stay away from her blog as well in order to avoid the temptation to offer disagreement with her controversial piece.

      1. ^^this.
        but i think the biggest reason to stay away from her blog is to not give her the hits. attention is currency to these pathetic people. give them none and it slowly eats away at them

      1. That was a long article. My brain hurts that *the Washington Post* dedicated that much journalistic effort towards a slut lying and cheating at video games. What the fuck has this world come to !

    2. Question… why give her a chance to retract her comments? Why not just go for the jugular outright?

      1. Because it is good to show that one tried to be the responsible adult and was rejected before you go for a judgement that will make somebody destitute.

    3. I think she is very pretty, especially her facial skin. I have paid hundreds of dollars for jackets with such a fine, beautiful, grain of leather.

    4. Agreed, however, could someone please post another photo of a certain Kratom-deficient face so that I may quietly snicker?

    5. I am not advocating for slander, or even rude language–I’ll let the old SJWs do that. However, if a bunch of us went to the blog site and challenged for facts and some sort of substance to the story, we could a)let them know that they don’t own the internet like they did two years ago and b)bait them into making a bunch of stupid statements that will ultimately be proven false. In short, let them get themselves into a hissy, and then simply ask that they apologize if “Susan’s” story is proven to be false. (they won’t do it, but they’ll have to think about it.) In short, let the enemy over extend themselves, the geography of truth is on our side.

  41. And after Roosh finished brutally pounding her every orifice for hours, he went to the bathroom to wash the blood off his penis and get dressed. Susan, eyes swollen shut and nose bleeding from his repeated blows to her face, lay naked in the fetal position. She was too frightened and injured to move, and was certain he would not let her live. Part of her didn’t want to live after the torture she was just put through.
    Roosh did let her live though. He walked to her front door to leave, but stopped right as he reached it. He turned and spoke once more to her before walking out.
    “For your own sake, I’d advise you to never mention what happened tonight to another soul. No one will listen to you. Men like me run the world, and men like me will never believe a word you say. You know why? Because we know women aren’t trustworthy, women aren’t smart, women aren’t even human beings. You are nothing but chattel for men to enjoy as and when we please. Ahhh, Patriarchy, ain’t it grand?”
    Upvote to end rape culture!!!!

    1. You left off one part:
      Susan, still quivering from orgasmic exstacy, raised her head softly and said, “Call me. ”

      1. Clever fucker. Your one sentence was funnier than my entire post. Well, you know what they say about brevity and wit.
        Well done!

        1. LOL thanks, I was just trying to compliment what you wrote already, and add the “catch”, which is how an angry, sexually frustrated woman like that needs to get a dose of dominance despite what how things are portrayed today.

  42. In the spirit of NBA trade line; I would trade one western feminists for 2 goats and a Döner.

  43. I think this is more serious than most of the other comments seem to be taking it. “Susan’s” story is obviously culled from previous blogs and posts by Roosh involving game, but that is only apparent to us who are so familiar with his work that we recognize it while we are reading the story. Someone who reads the accusation first and is then presented evidence of Roosh or others on RVF taking about the bathroom line or not taking “no” for an answer will tend to see that as confirming “Susan’s” story rather than discrediting it. Also, it is just vague enough that it will be difficult to confirm or discredit the soft “facts” in the story. It doesn’t mention a particular time or date that this occurred, or a specific nightclub, or anything. Most of the interactions occur when the two of them are alone, according to the story, rather than when she is with friends who might serve as witnesses to what did or did not happen.
    The narrative in the media, reinforced by screaming SJWs, is that the accuser is always right. Trying to deny that fact makes you a rapist in their eyes, and in the way they portray you. We see the discrediting of the Rolling Stone accuser as a clear example of the falsity of these types of public rape allegations. But the media and the SJWs treat that as “mistaken but accurate” — in other words, that one particular story wasn’t true, but rapes like that occur 10 times a day on every college campus everywhere. So “Susan’s” accusation, even if Roosh successfully gets it retracted, etc., is going to become one more piece of “evidence” cited by the media in denouncing Roosh as a rapist/pro-rape. The satire article, the quotes from his book about the drunk girl, he supports Trump, and now, he was “accused” of raping an Icelandic woman by force.
    While it means little what the SJWs spew at each other, the fact is that the vast majority of the world is too stupid or uninformed to do anything but swallow the Kool-Aid pumped out by the media. The accusation will be forever attached to his name in the press, no matter what the article is about. “Accused rapist Roosh V was out delivering meals to starving homeless people this weekend. Roosh, who was accused of raping an Icelandic women, spent last week saving baby seals from an oil spill.” The accusation is what will be paraded in the mainstream media, Tweeted and Facebooked, and the dimwit TMZ-heads that make up 85% of the world’s population will accept it as fact.
    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the angle on that S. Hari Gari chick’s pic looks suspiciously like a SIF.

    1. I don’t know about that (your last point); she has wrote a book on nutrition and “wellness,” it seems.
      She hasn’t abandoned the rape angle since her stepfather apparently made advances toward her while in high school.

  44. I would believe this woman; but she forgot to mention: how Roosh manhandled 4 Icelandic Strongmen prior to using the bathroom, with the power bestowed upon by the perfect synergy between Brawndo and Kratom.

  45. That is a terrible story. Poorly written with little imagination. Repeatedly tells him no and then invites him in to use the bathroom. I would have wrote something that upon her arrival home after suffering a low grade concussion following protest, Roosh wrangled his way in under the guise of assistance. Might throw in some tender moments between the two….that is what is wrong with you younger folks …no romance and no imagination.

    1. Exactly right, after Roosh gets beaten up by the four Icelandic strongmen. He somehows wills himself to her toilet and asked for TP. And then:

    2. there’s definitely a market for Roosh romance:
      wonder what those blue haired feminists will secretly be reading on their kindles in a few years time

        1. blue haired women will protest Roosh’s book-signings while reading the latest volume on their kindle

    3. She messed up with the “touch my penis” part. Sounds more like “male privilege” satire a buddy of mine wrote. Overall, her “journalism” writing skills suck donkey nuts. Sounds completely biased, yet on her blog she claims “allegedly” and acts like she was just repeating “Susan’s” story. FOH. My 2 year old cousin can tell better believable stories that involve mythical creatures.

      1. “Touch my penis” ranks up there with “May I kiss you?” for instantly turning off a woman.

  46. Anybody who follows the NHL or L.A Kings surely remembers Drew Doughty’s story from a few years ago about how a woman at a bar supposedly rejected his advances, yet despite all that, she still ends up in a cab with him, and he is able to force her out, take her into his place, and have his way with her. Similar angle here with “S. Jane Gari,” it seems.

    1. I’m pretty sure if you get into a cab with a stranger and both are drunk. That shit is fair game.

      1. Her story certainly didn’t add up with police, she was uncooperative, and the whole thing was dropped. Just a cash grab against a millionaire athlete. Maybe this woman here isn’t doing well financially with her books and wants to come to a settlement or something with Roosh. I wouldn’t put it past her.

  47. This is a standard tactic of the left. They would never explicitly state their demands, because they would be met (in order to shut them up and neutralize them as well) and the gravy train would stop.
    The best proof of this is demand for inclusion in men-only groups. They are an example of meeting their demands but also neutralizes them, thus the protest.
    Same with dating. As long as feminism breathes, it will only be free from risk if one is 100% the other person has good character.

  48. You think this is all maybe a plug for her to boost sales of her memoir? Destroying another man’s reputation and get her name out there? Nothing would surprise me.

  49. the whole thing reads like a terrible teenage fan fiction. it’s so cartoonish and outlandish…

  50. I was looking forward to the Icelandic geysers meetup, and to the SJWs who turned up to protest

    1. Knowing SJW logic, they will personally locate the IP address of anyone who has ever posted on this site and claim that everyone supports rape.

    2. Gari will try to hide behind some journalistic right to protect her “source” so she won’t reveal “Susan’s” real identity. She will obfuscate, and play the victim… she will start whining about receiving death threats and rape threats, etc. She’ll seek out white knights and lesbian boxing clubs for protection. She’ll amp up the drama and try to gin up a mob of SJWs with pitchforks and torches to protect her.

  51. Why are these banshees always ugly a.f.? Damn. It’s like some trend “I’m ugly, so let me lie to get attention.” How about getting therapy… in a ward. Since most of them pop pills anyway, they’ll be right at home.

    1. Remember the ugly, single women who can’t relate to the real, unsheltered world and despise the pretty girls?
      That kind is partly what we’re dealing with.

      1. The feminists are like a labor union of ugly women who are ugly because they make no effort at being attractive. And so they unite together as a means of rationalizing the laziness that produces their ugliness, but instead of attacking women who put in the work, they attack men who are attracted to women who do the things necessary to attract men. It’s all about preserving the illusion of a supposed “sisterhood” and nothing more.

  52. I think Roosh is a homosexual which makes this rape claim lol. Even though you are a homo you still write interesting articles Roosh.

    1. Adding lol at the end of your statement doesn’t make your statement funny tho troll. Also, only the gays care about others being gay even if they don’t know if they’re gay or not gay. Must mean you’re a gay. Not judging.

      1. Not gay. Just think its funny a homosexual writes articles about masculinity. He is less of a scam than other PUAs like the ones on youtube-eg Sasha Daygame.

        1. Proof though? People often make statements these days without proof. Kind of like “Susan” or maybe Gari. The story seems pretty fanciful, I mean come on, it reads like satire and paints Roosh like an old cartoon character, a wolf howling at the moon with two hearts in his eyes. Not in the tank for the guy, but saying something and getting people to believe it is quite simple.

        2. I don’t think he is gay and if he was, It wouldn’t change that I like some of his writings and I like this site.

        3. Bobby, we have a problem. You said that Roosh was “less of a scam than other PUAs” which can lead one to believe that you found some credibility in his advice. But then you characterize him to be a homosexual. Question: if you found him to be a homosexual then what rationalization did you use to find some measure of credibility in his PUA advice? In other words, why would you find credibility in a gay man who writes about picking up women? I think I am asking a fair question.

        4. I think the rape story about him is clearly made up even if he was straight. Has anyone ever seen Roosh say just tongue kiss a women? I doubt it. Reason being he is a homosexual writing articles/selling books for fame and money. If he was outed as a homo it would hurt his reputation and book sales. Advocating rape like he did in some of his articles was a well played tactic to disguise his gayness.
          I like his articles on Western civilization, feminism, gay rights, the state of women etc. Other “PUAs” don’t write interesting articles like that nor do they promote family/having children which i think Roosh did in one of his articles.

        5. I don’t put his principles into play but judging by the forum other men do and have “success” sleeping with lots of women (unless they are lying of course) so i agree with you.

        6. Nah, just messin with you. Seriously though, it’s pretty scary that these days anyone can say something about you, then it’ll spread like wildfire. And almost nothing you do can change the fact your character is now defamed. Unless everyone knows better. Like that UVA bs.

        7. You are evading. When you said that he was less of a “scam artist” than other PUAs you are referring directly to advice regarding pick up artistry, not the unrelated topics you referenced for they have nothing to do with being a PUA. You were the one who compared him with other PUAs and in so doing, you placed him in a category of persons who offer advice on pick up artistry. You then characterized him to be a homosexual. Its obvious that you were attempting to suggest that as a homosexual, Roosh has some measure of credibility where advice on picking up women are concerned. Now you are trying to walk back your original comment without admitting the need to walk it back otherwise you would not have placed him in the category with other PUAs while simultaneously characterizing him as a homosexual.
          You could have said that you liked his articles on non-PUA content and left it at that but you didn’t. Instead, you had to find a way to call him a homosexual without giving the appearance of trolling.

        8. PUA is a Jewish scam and Roosh is a Jew though less scammy than other Jews as he offers something of value- his articles. PUAS offer sophistry and abstract models of reality with terms like “beta” and “game” to fool people, and i think most victims are Jews, into believing reading some BS on the internet will get you a hot GF. They make money by charging for their coaching/conferences (Sasha Daygame on youtube charges 4k or so for 2 days of coaching) and by selling books. I think they do it for the ego hit first though, money second. And to someone who knows PUA is a scam, Roosh is an obvious homosexual. I doubt his fans care about any of this though as they get what they want – an illusion of women skills- and he gets what he wants-praise and money. It is a fair deal in the end as bizarre as that is.

        9. Are you aware of the fact that I was not talking about PUAs? The subject of our discourse is you. More specifically, the subject is your underhanded attempt to smear a person. You couldn’t come out and only say that Roosh is a homosexual for that would have revealed you to be a person hurling unfounded epithets in an attempt to discredit him. Instead, you framed your smear around unrelated commentary to obscure your intent which was to discredit, nothing more.

  53. That is horrible that someone makes up a story about anyone but RAPE is something else. Fight that accusation as that will ruin someone. Secondly I’m furious anyone would make up a rape accusation as it’s an insult to real rape victims who have suffered beyond belief.

  54. My guess after the globally coordinated (logically by some western government intelligence agencies )leftist protests of the meetings, is that the next level of attack will be semilegal prosecutions of the leaders. History show us this. It doesn’t matter if after many years they will lead to convictions, the whole procedure typically is planed to exhaust the people involved. Also it would frightened and demoralize followers, and libel new comers. I can’t tell what to do from now on. The whole thing is proof of success and growth. stay strong, perhaps find strong allies, Trump Russia maybe. Good luck.

  55. There can be no equality until consequences for false rape accusation and real rape are treated equal under the law.

  56. Good for you, Roosh. And glad you enclosed the letter from the lawyer. Indeed the mainstream media will do what they want, but thr fact that you have legal dogs barking back on your behalf speaks volumes.

  57. Isn’t Julian Assange still under basically house arrest (can’t leave for fear of being arrested) because of some fake rape charge? I think he slept with some girl, she changed her mind days or weeks later, typical story of the post-rape decision.

    1. She wanted him to wear a condom, he did not and in Sweden that’s considered rape. Obviously bullshit so he can be jailed and then found hanging in his cell.

      1. I didn’t believe this when I first saw it, but then I tried it.
        spoilers: if you’ve ever wanted to fuck a girl raw or nut insider her just do it. she will allow it no questions asked.

      2. The definition of rape is simple and it doesn’t mean not wearing a condom in normal countries.We’ve extended the definition to an absurd level that is not even in the Statute just as we did with ‘child’ porn.We are now in an Alice in Wonderland world where words can mean whatever you say they mean and that can change from day to day.
        You can’t rape your wife because the idea is crazy. How can you have sex with someone a 1000 times but the 1001st be rape?The most it could be is battery if the husband beat or hurt his wife, not rape.
        And what if some Swedish wife accused her husband of rape if he didn’t use a condom when she wanted him to?
        Real rape is almost unheard of in the US and Europe and these what I’d call fake rapes are being used to manipulate men and control men to get some power over them.

    2. There’s a documentary out there it seems originally the girls, prosecutor of police didn’t want to pursue the charges so he was allowed to leave but once he did there was some mysterious 180 degree turn and issued an Interpol Red Notice.

    3. As far as I know he wasn’t charged with anything, the female detective just wanted to question him so it’s odd that any warrant would be issued for his arrest.The statute of limitations has expired and besides the Swede cop could has asked her questions in London and I believe she did go there but it’s too late. Of course the questioning was likely just a pretext to get him there and charge him.In the US you don’t have to answer any cop questions and if they think they have evidence then they’ll just charge you. Then a grand jury must indict you and then a jury must convict you.In Sweden it may be a trial by 3 judges, probably 3 ball busting femtards but what they were really trying to do is get him in Sweden so he could be sent to the US. That was the real plan and these 2 girls may have been in on it and who knows who they really work for. If the statute of limitations has expired then why is there still a warrant?If he leaves the embassy then he may be arrested in London and sent to the US where he’s wanted

  58. Aaron Clarey just wrote an article in this. “you were raped?! report it to the police.”
    “wtf you just said you were raped, report it!”
    “yes I was.”
    “report it”
    this fictional Susan bitch
    “I was raped but I’m in Iceland and he’s American, there’s no recourse. I can’t report it”
    fuck man. to kill a mockingbird was all about “reaping my mayella”

    1. TKAM introduced me to the concept of a false rape accusation
      and the irony there is that it was a fictional story too

      1. The one two punch of those two articles ought to convert a few people, or at least have a reader consider what this website preaches only to have reality reinforce it without fail.

  59. Would all the women accusing Roosh of rape please line-up on the left and take a number. Thank you.

    1. That thing you said about “lining up on the left” was veiled reference about the credibility issues of the “left”, correct?

  60. WOW, just WOW
    I am floored at how someone could think this is an okay thing to publish and not even put a disclaimer on it like “This is what I THINK Roosh would do” but to just make it out like Roosh is creepy stalker rapist guy is just outlandish.
    Good on you for taking this cunt to task and showing that this type of falsehood tomfoolery is not okay.

  61. Orwell and 1984 had it right. every single person was eventually accused and found guilty of sex crimes and crimes against the party.

    1. In 1984 85% of the people were proles and no one cared what they did.They were nonentities. The Inner Party ruled and the Outer Party of which Winston Smith was a member were kept on a short leash as to their orthodoxy and allegiance to Big Brother.
      Our society is actually worse because although they’d like to prosecute the top men comparable to the Outer Party in the book if possible they’ll also go after the proles and nonentities.

      1. The “proles” of todays society dont get hunted down much for sexual “deviancy.” Its still the inner party that gets shat on.
        Ray Rice, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, Clinton, Gary Condit, Jon Edwards. I could dig up a longer list but its lengthy. They may not actually be part of the “outer party” but they are in that top 15% of society or higher.

        1. That’s what I said.The 15% are both the Inner and Outer parties with the Inner being perhaps <1%. The proles who no one cares about would be the lower classes today who do all sorts of things to each other but are in general ignored unless they become a nuisance to the better classes. The top <1% are virtually immune to censure are pretty invisible.The people you mentioned are not only the wealthier but very visible however they lack the class to put them into the invisible <1% and are sometimes used as scapegoats. Only the <1% with both the money and class and power are almost immune. The people you mentioned are prime targets for golddiggers and females looking to get $$$ from bogus Gloria Allred type lawsuits that she knows their liability insurance coverage may settle.
          The % that Orwell used may differ from mine but the idea is the same in a different context.Clinton was an anomaly but it was only due to a bizarre Supreme Court decision allowing him to be sued while in office otherwise he would have got the Jones case dismissed or paid her off quietly and no one would have known about Monica whose only purpose was to use her as example that Clinton did this all the time and had a pattern of harassing workers.

  62. slightly OT but you have to check this guys channel out. we need more trolls like this guy because in all honesty, this is the kind of stuff that will bring feminism to its knees:

      1. exactly, the ultimate troll. beta SJWs across the West are getting SERVED by this dude… “I’m a hero for the girls but sexually they aint interested” LOL

      2. Wasn’t sure if this guy was trolling hard or serious until I saw this video. Classic, thanks for that. Pretty much confirmed this guys troll is at a whole new level.
        Edit: Even Gavin Mcinnes was unsure if this guy was troll or serious, either way its funny as hell to watch their interviews. Its Epic troll of supreme magnitude.

  63. This article was on time! There was a mildly somber tone on ROK regarding the meet ups which I found to be unjustified. My point is that the legal action against “whatshername” can have the effect of dissolving the unjustified somber tone.
    I’ve read “whatshername’s” blog and found her to be making a weak attempt at rationalizing her article’s content as merely sharing a story. She’s been placed in a position of observable weakness, and that is a good thing. In my opinion, this will help to sweep away some, if not all of the irrational somberness I’ve noticed since the removal of the ROK sanction of the meet ups from a couple of weeks ago.
    Did I mention that I went to my meet up on the pre-established date and time? It’s time to start planning another one!

  64. The more they cry wolf, the less people will take them seriously.
    Can’t the feminists see that they are turning real and serious rape into an absolute joke? If all sex is rape, then rape no longer has any meaning. It simply becomes another piece of slang, like the word fuck, or bang..

  65. You can tell the story is made up by the fact that it perfectly fits the narrative and that no normal guy, hell, maybe not even an actual rapist, would ever do what she accuses you of doing, ever.
    Good on fighting this.
    And would not bang.

      1. Ah, you’re probably right.
        If it actually comes with a price, they fold like a house of cards.

  66. Good call Roosh. There’s no way you should tolerate this libelous fabrication. This one has gone too far. She needs to be taught a real life lesson. Libel is not journalism.
    For all men who’ve had their reputations, carreers or education destroyed by such fabricated rape alligations it’s time something was done to push back.
    This law suit is a step in that dirrection but boy do we have a long way to go to get justice for those wronged and restore common sense in society in this regard..

  67. I read Bang Iceland, and this chick obviously did too. She likely tried to assume the identity of that one miraculous chick standing alone after a long string of miserable attempts at the bar that Roosh ran into, who happened to invite him in where she said she only wanted sex. I think she read the book and ran with the idea, knowing how obviously embellished some of Roosh’s stories are.

      1. Eva was just stating that the false accuser “Susan” most likely got her ideas form the excerpt from “Bang Iceland” – personalized the incident and ran with it.
        I agree that that’s the case here.
        Anyone could take Roosh’ s writings or you tube videos and easily spin a a false narrative accusing him of rape.
        Thankfully to his benefit there was are blatant fabrications ” Susan’s ” statement which are pointed out in the article.
        I am glad he is going after these scumbags.

      2. Either Roosh wrote about her, and she’s embarrassed about her willingness to bang someone within seconds of meeting them so she’s trying to save face, or Roosh embellished the story about their encounter (which isn’t that hard to believe) and she’s trying to counter that claim he’s made by coming out with the retroactive “you raped me because I don’t like what you did the the fact that I slept with you”. In any case this rape claim is pretty much exactly like what Roosh wrote about in bang Iceland, so either way I’m pretty sure she read it. That’s all I was really saying.

      1. Can YOU read? Drunk girl ditched by friends, you walk her home..girl indicates you shouldnt follow her home, you continue to persist…you ask to use the bathroom she agrees. Sex ensues(supposedly rape in her story). Sounds pretty specific in the details. For all we know she took that post and did a little creative writing inventing “Susan”. Which is more likely than she somehow tracked down a woman you had anything to do with in another country(Journalism is hard!)

        1. Wow once read with all the bits the fembots omitted, consent is obvious: she even took the initiative..

      2. The first part of the article is completely different, but the story about the girl you actually ended up with at the end of that night, embellished with a dash of stalker and omitting the part where she consented, is pretty close to the false “Susan” story. Take a couple of comments from RVF and twist them out of context, add in some cheap romance novel prose (because, despite herself, she clearly got the tingles thinking about it) and you have S. Hari Gari’s article.

      3. Roosh, I don’t know why you’d even bother with this. She has a blog that can’t break the 5m mark, something I didn’t even think was possible, which means that the only people who read or have heard of it are her and her lesbian gf.There are no comments there and she’s just talking to herself.How did you even discover this?

  68. Roosh, this is not a 1st amendment case. It is simply defamation and since you live in different States you would file it in Federal Court. But you’re going to have to prove your case and damages. This Jane likely doesn’t have a pot to piss in like the other femtards which is why they behave with impunity and like children so lawsuits are a waste of time and money. You want to hit females with assets or some organisation or college that they’re connected to that has deep pockets and liability insurance.Mattress girl’s victim is suing the college and an instructor connected with the college so their insurance will probably settle.

  69. I had anticipated something like this in the wake of the recent backlash against the meetups. Why didn’t this Susan contact the authorities? Or why not a credible news outlet? Furthermore why wait until years later? There would be no physical evidence even if the allegations were true.
    All I can attest to is:
    1. that in years of reading ROK I have never read an article supporting rape.
    2. That I have been looked down apon for having an affinity for this site and those who have looked down on me did so based on lies. Or have a poor understanding of the complexities of Return of Kings.
    3. I look upon these recent allegations with great skepticism.

    1. What backlash against meetups that should have never been cancelled.He could have published the location here and nothing would happen. It’s not like anyone is going to be waiting for you and even if a couple of femtard nuts were there they wouldn’t know who you are and even if they did then go somewhere else. Meet in central Park at the South entrance and then the dozen of you just say where to meet and leave and go there. Go to the irish pub on 53rd blah blah blah and then just take a table have drinks and talk to each other.Just some guys drinking and talking together and any disruptive femtards won’t even know where you are.

  70. I’ve been following Roosh since before ROK. I don’t really read, follow, or know much of any other people in the manosphere. I’m curious if there is any other person in the manosphere that caught as much heat as Roosh has?

  71. still a better love story than twilight…
    i swore i would never use that stupid joke – seems appropriate though

  72. What’s next? Paid actors? Past paid notches? Plants? Staged scenario’s? “Accidents”?.. Heaven Forbid.
    You people think this is a joke? Wake the fuck up. There’s literally a cabal of folks who are working to DESTROY A MAN’S LIFE now and here we are cracking jokes n shit.

  73. Jane Gari is an obviously extremely sexually frustrated former English teacher living in a god-forsaken village in South Carolina. All she wants is attention, and she’ll clearly do, say or write anything to get it.
    Her “novel” is clearly nothing more than a badly-written rape fantasy, labelled a novel to avoid her estranged mother and stepfather suing her for libel. Now it’s clear it won’t be her ticket to notoriety (the literary press completely ignored it), she hopes Roosh will write one for her.
    If a word of “Susan’s” tale were true, why she would tell it to Gari and not to one of the MSM outlets who can still afford to pay for stories defies rational explanation.

    1. I knew of the instances of her stepfather allegedly sexually abusing her in high school, but is it true that both him and her mother are suing her? That would explain quite a lot. She cannot be a well woman.

    2. >Now it’s clear it won’t be her ticket to notoriety, she hopes Roosh will write one for her.
      This. Roosh just made her famous for a minute.

  74. I expected to read a made up story, but this has to be the dumbest one I’ve ever read.
    According to her Roosh followed her home and then…
    “When she arrived at her home, Roosh was very charismatic and asked politely if he could just use the toilet. Sleepy and still drunk from her night out, she acquiesced and let him in to use the bathroom.”
    So some guy you don’t even know: creeps you out, follows you home, and won’t stop harassing you, and then, right when you get to your door you let him in because he was “charismatic” and wanted to take a piss?
    Wow, that sounds like some awesome charisma on Roosh’s part, either that or this woman is the dumbest human being who has ever existed in the history of the human beings ever.
    Man: God, why did you make women so stupid?
    God: So their false rape accusations wouldn’t make any sense to anyone with a brain.

    1. (Setting: outside Susan’s house)
      Susan: “No, I won’t have sex with you.”
      Roosh: “Well…can I at least use your bathroom?”
      Susan: “Fine.”
      Hilarious both picturing that and reading your analysis, Tim.

      1. It may have been written just this way so that the author can get away with saying that it was “satire” or some other shit to weasel out of any claims. But I highly doubt these low-level rabble rousers are that sophisticated. These seemingly no-name willy-warts like Jane Gari are just the pawns in the army. If they are higher-up than pawns then I would be very worried if I was a part of that wolf pack. The future looks very bright, indeed.
        Let’s see what Delta Level 3 has in store.

    2. Imagine this being read aloud in a court of law in front of a judge and jury – If there is not uproarious laughter upon hearing the “charisma” part in the courtroom then we know this avenue for fiat remedy has been abandoned and should not be pursued further. Or a lawyer hasn’t been doing that good of a job.

  75. From her website…
    “This woman came to me with her story, and I believed her.”
    Uh…right. Some woman was sitting on a couch in Reykjavic and thought, “Hey, let me contact an obscure writer in South Carolina because she’ll be able to tell my story!”
    This story is a screaming lie.

    1. She made it sound like she is such an important figure. How does someone come to you with a story like this all the way from Iceland?

    2. Also…
      The woman from Iceland (“Susan”) has also told me she’s in contact with two other women from Poland who have very similar stories.
      Isn’t that called collusion?

  76. I think she’s living her fantasies through her fiction. Deep down, she knows that no man wants her, so she creates a fake woman to identify with, and pretend a real manly man wants her enough to rape her.

      1. Well, she IS married with children.
        Assuming her husband is a shoe salesman, you mean?

  77. Some men don’t have the money to fight. Some don’t have the balls.
    This leftist harlequin is clearly used to people not even putting up a fight.

  78. Go for the jugular and don’t release until it is a death grip and you have squeezed the life out of this miscreant (figuratively speaking of course).

  79. Only feminist retards would believe this shit anyway, that has to be the most bullshit sounding story of all time, with knit picked quotes to make him sound like a rapist… lmao

  80. I was only discussing this possible outcome on here the other day. Sooner or later a false rape allegation was bound to be used as a tactic against Roosh.
    There was the argument that even the SJW crowd wouldn’t be stupid enough to resort to that, especially in recent light, but no they really are that stupid…and cruel, ruthless, malicious, vindictive, twisted and hateful.
    Lets hope no more are made, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  81. Legal fees and a lot of money is what you can earn. If she meant it to be all fictitious, as in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_persons_fictitious_disclaimer and for got to state that. Then she is fully libel for all her words. Does not matter if it was for Satire or not. She must state that. There is no if ands or butts to it. Every fictitious story writer has to have that. Lots of TV shows have it, either before or after in the credits. Movies have it as well, but then again you should know its fake. Unless of course it suppose to be a documentary of such and such person or place.
    I agree she should pay hefty for this B.S.

  82. Actions? Meet consequences. It’s one thing if she used satire. But to outright lie & damage a man’s reputation is deserving of its own spot in Dante’s hell.
    Poor writing as well. No flow. Makes 50 Shades Of Grey seem like War & Peace.
    And I digress but with those crow’s eyes, WNB.

  83. Make an example of her. This is a depraved act that you should fight to send out a message. You will be fighting for men to be treated fairly in an unjust world. You have the resources. Show her no quarter.

  84. 1. Insert Lawyer powered vacuum into her wallet
    2. Suck until you get nothing but lint.

    1. There might not be any $ in her wallet. Looks like she got useless degree in chick lit in college, part time work as substitute english teacher, tried self publishing a book that flopped, sits home alone getting fat and watching day time tv and trying to validate herself on you-go-girl-blogs. Wasn’t attractive when she was younger, now she’s middle age, gets fucked in missionary position once a month for 8 minutes by mangina husband. Profile of typical american feminist, hillary bumper sticker hoping she can vote herself a transfer of wealth from the oppressive patriarchy.

  85. Check this out. Without even breaking an investigatory sweat:
    Roosh publishes ‘Bang Iceland’ in 2011. Apparently, sometime this year, ‘Susan’ is ‘raped’. According to her (and it’s in quote marks, kiddies) on Stephanie’s archived blog page, she was ‘sleepy and still drunk from her night out’.
    And yet… she contacts Stephanie Jane Gari in November 2015, four years later to tell her sob story, and supposedly despite being affected by alcohol and fatigue can perfectly recollect not only the events of that night, but also the exact dialogue between her and Roosh. Fuck me, if ‘Susan’ is real, I’ll pay her executive wages to come run my corporate oversight and compliance section.
    Stephanie, being the paragon of justice and virtue she is, doesn’t say anything about whether or not she asked ‘Susan’ if she’d gone to the police or whether there was any kind of investigation. We can safely assume she didn’t and there wasn’t, because why wouldn’t you mention something that important and integral to the accusation, unless your entire article was a complete fabrication.
    Even worse, Stephanie, that shining beacon of all that is right in the world, does nothing with ‘Susan’s’ supposed accusation for three months. She just suddenly happens to remember it when Roosh calls the media on its shit about him being a rapist.
    Jesus Christ, Stephanie. Are you even trying? What’s that on the bottom of your page? A disclaimer that the allegations aren’t formal, and Roosh has never been guilty of a crime? You’ve been found out, sweetie. Found out as an oxygen-wasting attention whore. We didn’t come down in the last shower, and I bet my bottom dollar you sure as hell don’t have a scrap of evidence to back yourself up.
    She is basically trying to call for a smear campaign against you. Nail this lying shrike to the wall, Roosh.

    1. The number one recommendation to girls who want to make false accusations of rape is to not go to the police or doctor right away, cause doctors can tell if a woman has been (“forcibly”) raped. The key is to minimize any and all objective evidence. Conversely, a woman who has actually been raped should see a doctor immediately. Even if you don’t press charges for 40 years, at least you will have the evidence to prove that you aren’t just making it all up.

  86. Roosh, if you set up some kind of legal fund, many of us would like to help you in our small way in your battle against the forces of darkness.

  87. You can’t imagine the kindof idiotic comments that are being posted on this womans article. The suspension of disbelief her readers are willing to engage in (as well as their ignorance of basic legal requirements, like burden of proof) is simply staggering. The diatribe of one Nathan Hevenstone are a case in point: He gets enraged when anyone requests proof for ‘susans’ story, repeatedly telling those people to fuck off, and doesn’t want the case to go to court. Instead, he wants to continue to online media blitz against roosh. WTF?
    Funny enough, if you click on Nathan Hevenstones name, you’ll be redirected to his FB page and see three major red flags: A star of david, ads for black lives matter, and ads for this week in blackness. It is obvious that he is either a jewish SJW, or a paid media provocateur. You cannot get more transparently biased than that!

    1. On Feb 16, Dean Esmay said: ‘Your friend needs to reach out to law enforcement. If she does not, she helps keep perpetrating the problem.’
      On Feb 16, Nathan Hevenstone said: ‘Oh fuck off. That’s bullshit and everyone (including you) knows it. But of course, everyone knows better than to expect anything else from you, asshole.’
      This idiotic SJW doesn’t want to get the law involved in (what he believes) is an open and shut case of rape. And to top it off, he makes a personnel attack on the person who suggested that ‘susan’ reach out to the police. What exactly do these SJWs want to happen with this case? Answer:They want it to remain in the misty realm between fact and fiction, strong enough that they can use it to discredit roosh, but weak enough that they aren’t required to get their hands dirty (in a court of law).
      They are cowards and sophists in every sense of the word, whose actions will have grave repercussions: By encouraging victims or rape (real or imagined) NOT TO TAKE THEIR CASE TO COURT, and instead rely on media outlets to name and shame their male assailants, real justice is sidelined. The men implicated in false cases will have their reputations tarnished, while the men implicated in true cases will get away without being charged. This harms everyone and helps no one (except for SJW blogs who benefit from the publicity and moral validation).

  88. I once had a woman accuse me of sexual assault about 20 years ago. She had been trying to get me to fuck her for about three years, to no avail. Finally, one night, I was actually drunk enough to go for it (at her relentless insistence).
    We went back to her place, got into bed, and suddenly, I had a moment of lucidity and realized where I was, and what I was about to do – so I got up and staggered out of her apartment before doing the actual deed. I even remember knocking her bicycle over while lunging out the door (it was standing against the wall by her bed) while she was crying and begging me not to go.
    A couple of days later, some of my friends informed me that she was telling other people that I had raped her, and she was threatening to go to the cops about it. I freaked the fuck out. My friends all laughed, because they told me I had nothing to worry about as they had all seen her chasing me at bars over the previous three years or so.
    But I knew that didn’t matter. All that mattered was the allegation.
    So what did I do? I went over to her apartment that very same night and fucked her silly for several hours. And then I kept banging her periodically over the course of the next year or so.
    She never again said another word about the alleged “rape”…
    Women are fucking dangerous. Most of their rape claims stem from rejection. And this is a frighteningly real, very unfortunate fact.
    These days, I always pay women for sex the morning after picking them up and fucking them for the first time. The next day, I always leave money right on the night stand. If they leave before morning, I always give them “a little extra somethin’-somethin’ for the trip home” (those are the exact words that I use), before they split.
    If you want to avoid all of the usual female bullshit, try that little trick out, just one time – because it always works. The terms of the arrangement are implicit in their acceptance of the cash, and I can’t stress this enough. And they ALL take the money, even though some of them throw a fake hissy fit about it…
    After that, if you bang them again, they will never, ever pull the usual female bullshit on you – because they can’t. It will then be a known fact that you were paying them for sex, and the ones you bang more than once will greatly enjoy the arrangement, and they will just keep their mouths shut from that point on and take the money every time they spread their legs for you.
    No more female drama, no more false accusations. Suddenly, their masks come off and you can actually relax and have enjoyable sex without all the hidden traps and potential pitfalls.
    It’s a cruel world out there, so hopefully some of you guys will get wise and take my advice here. Always leave money on the night stand for any bitch you pick up and fuck for the first time. You will quickly acquire a harem of willing, docile, eager, totally compliant fuck buddies. It literally is that simple.
    Any man who does otherwise is commiting suicide in the long term. Because sooner or later, one of your “conquests” is going to make things ugly for you – and so will women whom you didn’t actually bang. You already know how to deal with the latter (bang them). And now you know how to deal with the former (pay them).
    This is just straight-up, dead-bang-perfect math here.

  89. This just proves what we have been saying: Rape accusations are not based on fact anymore. Instead, they are almost always false allegations and used to try to silence men.

  90. Excellent. This is how to handle these rape hoaxers.
    It is still my opinion that Bill Cosby’s number one mistake was to have kept silent, and wished his rape accusations would go away. He should have promptly brought a defamation lawsuit against Hannibal Buress, the man who first categorically and publicly called him a rapist, then every other person who accused him of raping/molesting/drugging them. They either prove their accusations, retract their stories, or face him in court.
    But for some foolish reason, his lawyers asked him to wish away the accusations, and they later became the sword of Damocles on his neck. Now, rightly or wrongly, his reputation is in tatters, and he may never be able to convince people he is innocent, even if all the charges were later dismissed.
    In law, acquiescence in the face of accusation is tantamount to an admission of guilt.

    1. No it’s not. If some DA thinks he can get an indictment and has evidence the burden of proof is on him to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt and get a jury to convict. The defendant doesn’t have to do anything, not even put on a defence.
      The problem is that even if you’re innocent just being tried for something that the public will automatically believe that there was something to it.That’s why false allegations are so terrible because even if the charges are dismissed and the female is exposed as a habitual liar many people are still going to believe that there was something to it.
      Cosby had settled a case just as Jackson did so people are always going to believe they were guilty of something. But what the average person doesn’t understand is that all of these people have liability insurance just as doctors do and as part of the insurance you give the co. the right to settle cases as they see fit.If you violate this provision then the lawyer for the co.which is part of the coverage won’t defend the case or will they pay any claims.So Cosby and Jackson had no control over any settlements but in the press it appears that they were guilty because money was paid out. Insurance companies may settle a case for any reason, it just may be cheaper than taking a chance with some crazy jury that likes to give other people’s money away, very common today.
      Cosby only said he gave drugs to women like you’d give a drink to someone not that he sneakily put drugs in their drinks to knock them out.What was fun for the female 30 years ago and who had in the back of her mind that Cosby may do something for them is now reinterpreted as rape after he either never helped their career or that they were failures which is what they now look like as old women.It’s the way the female mind works where they equate sex with getting something from a man.It would be like a prostitute who thinks she was raped because he didn’t pay her.Females have a great capacity to convince themselves that what was consensual sex at the time is now rape because memories are greatly influenced by emotions and how you feel so a female’s memory of an event can change depending upon how she feels. These Cosby accusers think now that they gave up their pussy, the only asset they really have, and they never got compensation for it so it’s rape. All females are whores and it’s only a matter of degree that separates one walking the street to a so called ‘good girl’ and they all want something for their pussy whether it’s money or just having you as her bf.

      1. A black man, famous, wealthy, in his prime. You would think that he would have white women throwing themselves at his feet. But no, Bill Cosby, yes, THAT Bill Cosby, couldn’t get laid, so he had to drug and rape women to get a piece of tail. He couldn’t find any victims in church, so he went to the Playboy Mansion to find them. Oh, and his wife was there, watching. That’s why she is a “witness” in court!

        1. That’s an incredibly naive view of sexuality you have there. Ted Bundy was gorgeous, a law student, very charismatic and could have earned any girl he wanted. But like Cosby, and many other rapists, he didn’t want “relationships”. He didn’t want to earn approval, get smiled at, meet the parents, etc.
          Bill Cosby, like other drug-rapists, wanted the benefits of sex but without the judgmental partners (who might have ruined his reputation had any of them opened their mouths). Jeffrey Dahmer was a drug-rapist as well (among other things). He could not have sex with sober men because he did not want to be thought of as gay! He did not want to be “judged” negatively or harshly by his lovers, and he not only drugged them to the point of passing out, he had bizarre intentions to create “sex zombie” partners by drilling into their craniums and pouring Drano.
          Not that Bill Cosby’s many, many victims got off easy… but they got off easier than Dahmer’s victims.

  91. What’s even more incredible is reading the inane comments accompanying the original post. So many men and women immediately accepting the story at face value, and one even commenting that “someone relating their personal experience is evidence” after challenging the author to provide actual evidence. Amazing.
    What’s more impressive/disturbing is people digging up past posts where Roosh has written about rape, trying to incriminate him, and they’ve clearly not even taken the time to actually READ any of the posts (one of them, called “What Makes a Great Rape Scene”, even states a few lines in, in bold, that Roosh is completely against real rape).
    These people are fucking insane.

    1. Feminists are desperate to discredit game and by extension the people who promote it. If they lose control of their beta males, who is going give them their feminist privileges.

  92. Article is a shot across the bow…next TPTB will Jullian Assange his ass with some compromised women- a’la DUKE LACROSSE drug whores… … and have them cook up a whole thing with tears & minute details of the supposed “rape”.. If that fails, they will Breitbart, or Hastings him…..During Roosh’s press conference he let on that he has already been messaged by hungry whores, no doubt a honey trap to make him go away.

  93. She’ll claim that it too was satirical. But she knowingly has the backing of hysterical unstable vigilante sjw’s. That makes her satire presumably malicious. Roosh’s satire has no known vigilante backing. The only vigilantism I can empathize with is any case where someone is set up to be persecuted/prosecuted by selectively enforced law or opinion. If a pesrecuted person is cornered and blocked from being fairly and competently represented without being wallet raped or having their family/clan shredded in the turmoil, then I fully understand all out balls against the wall resistance. Misrepresentation of men is widespread well past the tipping point in the west and a great storm of resistance brews on the horizon. A hail storm coming??
    HAIL!! The age of man nears.

    1. Costs are awarded against the party that loses in a legal proceeding so worry not.

  94. Marc Randazza, really? I hope he’s doing this pro bono on your behalf, because anyone who PAYS for his shoddy reputation has — ironically in this case — CONSENTED to getting screwed.
    It makes me wonder if the disbarred Honey Badgers’ attorney turned you down first or something. Seriously, even if he IS doing you pro bono, hit the eject button to save yourself the embarrassment. There’s got to be a fanboy/reader of yours who’s a less disreputable attorney than this guy.

      1. Inside Higher Ed has censored everything I’ve written whatever the topic since I suggested that the Melissa Click affair demonstrated that university faculty are not ethically qualified to police themselves. Apparently I hit a nerve as I appear to have been effectively banned. The only way I could respond to your message to me was to pick a different forum; I apologize for my rudeness, but this was my only option.
        Faculty self-governance seems an even worse idea if the only way the Inside Higher Ed palace guards can justify it is to censor any mention of it. This is the last comment I’ll make about anything IHE related as there is no practical way to hold a conversation over there. I’ll move to a university governance skeptic site like Campus Reform and take it from there. It is obvious to me now more than ever that reform is needed when the corrupt practices of university faculty reach even into university-related press.
        It was a pleasure meeting you; I only wish it could have been under better circumstances.
        Piltdown Ghost
        Formerly of the Inside Higher Education forum

  95. Wait…you mean ‘Susan’ isn’t a common Icelandic name? You know…like “Lilija, Bjork, Svana, Susan, Brynhildur…”

  96. I’m curious as to why the signature has a line around it as if it was cut and pasted onto the document? I hope the letter is real, but that just looked weird.

    1. Standard thing they do to save time-some firms even have whatever attorney working on a case sign using the firm’s name as opposed to their own.

  97. Thats so fake and what a crazy cow. Destroy this bitch in court Roosh and publish everything so these lies follow her for the rest of her life.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about wehuntedthecheeseburger.com. Futrelle is a small time muckraking hack, who gets a micro-woody at printing any falsehood he can dig up about “MRAs”.

  98. Her site is still up, and it still says things like: “One of Roosh’s victims…”, not “One of Roosh’s alleged victims….” Apparently there’s some developments, not sure what. Her site is a lot harder to find in a Google search. Searching for her name reveals a bunch of false rape accusation links. She’s toast.
    She also STFU commenting on her own thread. Her lawyer must’ve told her to STFU to stop digging a hole.
    A lot of SJWs giving her really bad advice on her thread to double and triple down..

  99. Wait, isn’t this the rape you actually admitted to Roosh? It isn’t slander if it’s true…..

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