7 Ways The Realities Of Modern Culture Are Destroying Men

Any man who has taken the red pill is acutely aware of the reality of what modern dating and society holds for him. But he, along with many others who remain ignorant, are not necessarily aware of the way they’ve been changing as a response to the unnatural conditions they find themselves in. While many have changed for the better after having been enlightened, there are many others who continue to struggle by being stuck in a single phase—perhaps for the rest of their lives.

What I want to demonstrate here are the seven different unhealthy phases that a man may find himself in and offer a proper alternative for him to follow. As a personal note, I have gone through all of these phases throughout the different stages of my life with the exception of number seven.

1. Bitter Cynicism


When a man realizes how senseless the world really is and wakes up to the fact that all the promises regarding women and society have been false, he will be forced to take the pill of bitter cynicism. He did what he was told, he fulfilled his role, but he was only rewarded with betrayal. This is a man who had been screwed many times over or had a single traumatic experience that flipped his life upside down. The word “love” is now but a sad joke for him; he opened up in vulnerability only to be taken advantaged of. Toyed and humiliated, he vows to shelter the human side of himself with both the shield of indifference and the sword of contempt. Trust no longer comes easily (if at all), and he is determined to never let himself be hurt again.

2. Rage

For some men, cynicism and bitterness is not enough. This is a man that refuses to be on the receiving end of the hostile society that he finds himself in; he wants to hit back. Whether it be silent and hidden or out in the open for all to see, he wages his war against the world that has forsaken him. In his mind, there is nothing for him to gain by conforming to a sick and decadent society that treats men as second-rate citizens. He rages on both as a reaction and as a way of validating his own existence in a world that continually seeks to destroy him. But what does he seek to accomplish through his offense? When and how will his war end?

3. Pseudo-psychopathy

A man who’s already been through the stage of cynicism and rage might decide to morph himself into a pseudo-psychopath who will take what he can by whatever means necessary. Fed up with the bullshit rules he’s been told to follow, he creates his own. He probably would have been a decent man in a normal society, but he now has no qualms about doing whatever it takes in his quest for money, sex, and power.

Society and women used and abused him when he was young and naive, now it’s his turn to return the favour. He will adopt the dark triad traits and mimic the true psychopaths because he knows that it’s what turns women on and brings success. He will create a fake persona to mask his true motives and deliberately repress any and all feelings of guilt, pity, and remorse. He knows from experience that if he allows his tender feelings to surface, he will lose the game and suffer the consequences—he knows that his opponents will have no mercy for his weakness. Although he may become successful beyond his imagination, his victory is a hollow one for his humanity remains trapped within his own facade.

4. Depression


Some men are just too weak and undetermined to fight for themselves. They either don’t know of other options or are just completely lost in a confusing world that seeks to exploit them for the entirety of their lives. But having been raised in a feminized society that offers no masculine guidance—perhaps with an ineffectual father or no father at all—you can’t blame them too much. He was told be nice and he did—with no gains. He was told lies that women wanted nice guys to be their prince charming, but saw that they treated him like a toad instead. He suffers in silent loneliness.

He might then tell himself lies that he would eventually find a nice woman whom he could call his wife, only to marry an aging slut who viewed him as a soft target to exploit. Having lost his hard-earned wealth, perhaps his children, and whatever is left of his dignity, he feels as though there is no place for him in this world. As a result, suicide rate for men continues to be many times the rate of women’s. No amount of “talking about feelings” or pills will change that as long as the fundamental issues are not addressed.

5. Withdrawal

When the world becomes too uncomfortable to bear, and the reality too harsh and painful, some men will choose to retreat and withdraw themselves from society. More and more men today are choosing the false reality of television, video games, porn, spectator sports, etc. as an escape from their pitiful lives while being devoid of any real-world desire for accomplishments and self-actualization.

This trend is nowhere more prevalent than in Japan where around two thirds of young men identify themselves as Herbivore men who have forsaken women and marriage while there exists almost a million Hikikomoris—grown-up men without jobs who live locked up in their rooms, spending their entire life on mangas, video games, and the internet—shunning the society as a whole.

While Japan is an extreme case, more and more men in other Asian countries and the West are witnessing a rise of similar trends where men are simply giving up and living isolated lives. While living in Canada, I myself have witnessed many teenage boys and young men with no confidence, no energy, and no self-assurance to survive in the real world on their own.

6. Supplication

Couple role playing with dog leash

“If you can’t beat them, join them” is the motto of the men who decide to the kowtow to the feminist imperative in hopes of being rewarded with a pat on the head. These are your white-knights, male feminists, and all other loser simps who relish in being treated as pawns while accepting (and even promoting) being openly cucked. If you think about it, these are grown men who haven’t yet matured from the time when they were little boys seeking their mother’s approval for being ‘good’. With feminist social conditioning from home, school, and the media, they haplessly believe that their toady behaviour will eventually be rewarded just like in the Disney movies while their goddesses are indulging in alcohol-fueled orgy.

Whatever women do, they’re forever in denial and relentless in their defense. These men are so desperate for females to validate their existence that they will demonstrate their loyalty by embrace being “friends” with women while acting as the stooges for the social disease that is feminism. These men don’t seem to be aware of the fact that their desperate groveling isn’t improving their lives in any way.

7. Emasculation


As I’ve noted in a previous article of mine, Western societies as a whole have begun the systematic emasculation of men. For the weaker men who lack masculine guidance, it is far easier to throw away the burden of masculinity completely by erasing whatever little is left of it from their lives. Normal masculinity is considered toxic and dangerous, and is constantly under attack, so why would these feeble “men” continue to carry on that kind of a burden?

For the more dysfunctional and unstable ones, it’s not enough to reject masculinity from their thoughts and behaviours: they feel that it is necessary to change their sex by taking hormones and cutting off their genitals. And when we live in a mad society that encourages this kind of mental sickness as being normal, you can expect to see more of these freaks to emerge in the coming future.

The Neomasculine Alternative


The alternative to the above phases is to live your life with a revived form of masculine virtue: the neomasculinity. With neomasculinity, although you acknowledge the harsh reality that men face today you don’t resort to playing the victim nor do you allow yourself to be consumed by anger. Instead, you practice a healthy dose of realism and see the problems that men face today as challenges to overcome. There is no room for hopelessness and self-pitying circle jerk in neomasculinity, you are to make the best of the lot you’ve been given—weakness and surrender is not an option.

We are at a war for our very identity and existence, but at the same time, we should remember to guard our humanity lest we end up becoming just like the hateful monsters we fight. Men throughout history have always unveiled their best side through their brave struggles, and the struggle we face today is our chance to shine and prove our worth.

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264 thoughts on “7 Ways The Realities Of Modern Culture Are Destroying Men”

  1. This article wisely put the concept of neo-masculinity in the fore, as the recent alt-right article demonstrates major faults in this ‘movement’.
    If society is in a constant flux and the pendulum will inevitably swing back to a more balanced, responsible society (cutting off of subsidies to feminism, lgtb) the need for masculine principles unclouded by sjw definitions is essential. Otherwise this swing will mean countless men fed to the war meat grinder.
    Neo-masculinity may not provide all the answers (for example, appeasing white nationalists will be difficult but not impossible) but it would serve as a base from which men’s activism follows.

    1. Succumbing seems like such a harsh word. I mean, what is their truly to live for? Even if there is, what if you don’t like it?

      1. Man was made to struggle. In idleness and softness he degrades.
        You must choose a goal to fight for. Accept that you are nothing but a grain of sand in the universe, but you will do what you can to move things in the direction you want. Only when you are ready to die for something you know your life has meaning.
        The words of Rockwell have really set upon me : “we are fanatics, just like the founding fathers. Between the Nazis and the Communists lies the mass of non-fanatics, the average and beer chuggers. If you want great things you must be fanatic. If you will be a doctor be a fanatical doctor, otherwise you will die a nobody. Every great artist and scientist was a fanatic, he sacrificed himself for his art.”
        Alternatively, just look into hedonism. Bitches, cocaine, hookers and video games. Might be more up your alley.

        1. Not really. I prefer intellectual and physical work to mindless pleasure.
          I don’t think we have the same definition of nihilism. I simply believe there isn’t anything intrinsic and that one must choose, just like Rockwell said.

  2. Very interesting article. I experienced phase 2 and 4 a few weeks back and it was rough. Funny enough, my only way out of all of this was going to the gym. Putting my frustration on the weights. Unleashing my wrath on the deadlifts and squats, screaming my pain to the world as I struggled with the weight.
    It helped clear my mind, allowing me to make wiser decisions.

    1. If it weren’t for the therapeutic powers of lifting I would be in a far darker state of mind. Never underestimate the iron. It does not lie.

      1. No joke, if it had not been for working out and getting my stress under control/burnt up in a former job I’m pretty sure I would have started a lot of problems.
        Sometimes a man has little left to do that can alleviate his suffering. It’s a bitch sometimes to try to stay motivated and focused enough to lift, but more often than not, if you keep pushing, you feel better later.

      2. Well said, Bishca. Comparing years of my life where physical activity was at a minimum to a year of solid lifting, the difference in the state of mind is incredible. The iron, as you say, does not lie and has helped you through the dark. Excellent.
        During periods of iron–confidence, focus, better mood overall even when tests get thrown my way, more present in conversations, better with girls. Goal-oriented and productive.
        No iron or activity–dark, brooding, borderline suicidal moods. Shame, low or no confidence, feeling less than manly. Isolation. Poorly regulated emotions.
        With all that said, it’s amazing when someone falls out of the habit of a physical activity when he knows it can bring about a poor state of mind.

    2. I’ve never got that out of working out. For me it has always been a chore, like cleaning my apartment or laundry, something I HAVE TO rather than WANT To.

      1. What lifts/exercises do you do? You might be doing too many tedious and unrewarding things.
        Here is a list of lifts that only serve to ‘burn’ small muscle groups, require lots of reps and deliver far less endorphin at the end of the workout. (They should be avoided, iow)
        -situps, crunches, planks,
        -lat raises
        -calf raises
        -forearm work
        -dumbell raises
        -most dumbell work in general
        -lunges, leg lifts
        Stick to
        -mil press
        Stick to low sets, low-middle reps, heavy weight. Move heavy weight and get out. If you need more cardio then run 100’s and hike when you can. So many guys get caught in the Weider/frat boy lifting program and it gets annoying. SIMPLE is where it’s at. It can be this simple
        Mon; squat 3×5
        mil. press 3×5
        pullups 3×5
        Tues; run 10 100 yard sprints
        Wed; squat 3×5
        deadlift 1×5
        bench 3×5
        Thurs. rest
        Fri squat 3×5
        mil. press 3×5
        pullups 3×5
        Sat. 10 100’s sprints
        Sun; day hike.

        1. I do mostly kettlebell/ home calisthenics. The gyms around me are either crappy or really expensive and they lock you in with your credit card and shit.
          I am short with a small frame so a lot of muscle will look odd. For cardio I walk to a track 1/2 mile away and walk around it with intermittent sprints.

        2. Kettlebell/Calisthenics is probably why you dislike it. I would hate that too. Very tedious with localized ‘burn’, lots of reps. You might want that ‘crappy’ gym. All you need is a squat rack and barbell. The machines etc are useless. I only say this because I know how boring working out gets when it’s too many uncomfortable reps for little payoff. The deeper movements of compound lifting are very addicting.

        3. Doing only 3 compound exercises as your entire routine is boring as fuck. Of course compound movements should have a part in a guy’s routine, but there needs to be room for variability.

        4. To you maybe. I get bored with cosmetic auxiliary exercises after doing the real lifts. That’s just a starting workout anyway. He could add Rom. deadlifts, power cleans, hang cleans too. The initial guy said he was bored with what I think is a workout made of auxiliary lifts.

        5. Or you can attach the isolation exercises to compound exercises. For example, I do 5*10, 4*10 and 3*10 cycles where my max on those rep ranges increases by 10 pounds every 36 days. Yesterday I did incline bench and then reverse curls.

        6. Look up a guy called Ido Portal (or maybe you already heard of him). He’s Conor McGregor’s movement coach. He’s in phenomenal shape. He teaches real variability. Getting back to being strong, agile, flexible humans, not just picking a huge amount of weight off the ground. He uses gymnastics rings as the center piece of his workouts. To me that should be the goal of working out.

        7. If you want to head down the trend hole. Weightlifting and sprints make your body stronger and healthier. If you have 8 hours a day to train then you can delve into that silly shit. I’ve seen Portal before. Interesting stuff, if you’re a professional athlete with no other claims on your time. There is no substituting progressive resistance training for strength and muscle growth. Portal’s world is coordination, muscle memory, flexibility, adaptation to movement and all sorts of tricks. It would come nowhere near a barbell for strength development.

    3. Lucky you. I’m planning on going out alone in the woods in a few months. Enjoy your workouts.

    4. Yes ,I think phase 2 and 4 are most common but every time I enter a social circle I realize how many pedestalizers beta white knights wimps are out there. We are in the minority

    5. I was married for over 18 years then was cast back into that lonely place we call singledom against my will. It was a whole other world and I quickly realized I needed to adapt to this strange new environment or continue living a pathetic existence. For almost two years I had very little results until I swallowed the black pill, that thing we call the dark triad. Unfortunately, this has yielded such great results and success I worry I might rely on it indefinitely. My plan is to just use it temporarily as a sort of fake it till you make it solution. Feels like part of me is internalizing this new persona but I obviously do not want to become a monster and I highly doubt I ever will.

  3. The fall of masculinity and manhood will give rise the to a world full of degeneracry.

    1. No, it will give rise to death and destruction on a mass scale. And it’s not just the “bad” or the “people who have it coming” that are going to be torn apart either.
      That’s the problem with horror, once it is unleashed, it does not discriminate.

  4. Is it just me, or does the model in the photo for #6 seem a bit disgusted even as she is only pretending?

  5. The funny thing about no.3 is that I am a sociopath, who through a combination of a decent traditional upbringing and societal pressure learnt to function ‘normally’. Simply unaware of the lies I broke every rule in the book and oneitised myself into betatude. It was only when I realised what I thought was the best way to act and function turned out to be bluepill bullshit that I let myself return to my natural state and although I’m one hell of an amoral prick the relief is palpable. Dark Triad, for those who fit the bill shouldn’t be denied, whether you’re a full blown sociopath or just a human with a full spectrum of emotion denying those traits really does hurt you. I’m not saying kill a bunch of folks and rape babies. But don’t be afraid to be a bit of a narcicissistic manipulative asshole.

    1. A sociopath generally will never admit they’re one .they also don’t end up as “betas” because of societal pressures . They’re usually pretty social because they understand people’s emotions they just can’t feel them .

      1. Comorbid borderline aspergers. Though I’m really just reiterating what a bunch of psychologists and therapists told me. Considering I would subtly alter my behaviour to screw with the diagnosis it really doesn’t mean anything. The greater point is that we should not shut out our darker sides, but use them to our benefit. My case is merely anecdotal to the main point.

        1. You talked about in your other post how lifting weights was therapeutic. sociopaths don’t have emotions , they just understand how they work accordingly . If you were a true sociopath you wouldn’t need to be taught “game ” because it is a sociopaths playbook .

  6. I don’t see a problem with the #3 (Dark Triad) as long as you are not actually Patrick Batemanning women and coworkers.
    It’s difficult not to embrace some degree of cynicism as there is so much absurdity in our daily lives. Camus wasn’t totally off base.

    1. Here’s the question though, if there were no consequences to going full Patrick Bateman, would you do it?

        1. Then that’s a fairly normal human response. Healthy. So by Dark Triad, what you’re really saying is aggressive assertion with a little manipulation and arrogant narcissistic self-confidence to spur you on, not genuine psycopathy.

        2. Seems odd to call that ‘pseudo-psychopathy’. It would seem remiss to believe that most people do not have the capacity for these traits, we’re simply indoctrinated to suppress them. Men who have low or no capacity for these are destined to be omega doormats. I would argue that in controlled amounts they’re essential for happiness.

      1. depending on how you read that book we are all essentially going full Patrick Bateman….the question isn’t of him being a psychopath or not the question is the worlds acceptance of psychopathology so long as it fits into a larger schema — like wealth or conformity.

        1. I know one of the overarching theme of the novel is an examination of faceless conformity and rampant unchecked superficial consumerism, hence the pages and pages describing his morning routined and the inane nonsense of his life as well as how he gets continually mistaken for other people, but I meant it in the literal sense of chopping up someone with an axe while Huey Lewis and the News plays in the background

  7. I experienced 1, 2, 4, and 5 after redpilling a couple of years ago, and 1 and 2 have never completely gone away. Which is ok imo, because it helps the mind to refocus on what matters (spreading the truth) instead of getting sidetracked on endless self-gratification and hobbies that are fun but ultimately pointless.

  8. The good news is we’re on target, finally, in terms of identifying the problem. Ultimately this is a cultural issue and therefore it must be dealt with in culture. The solution is obvious. Shit can the “progressive” culture and start a new one. Credit to Davis Aurini for being the first to call for a cultural renaissance. That is precisely what we need to be doing. There is good and bad news. The bad news is that its going to take effort, period. But the good news is this will be a lot easier especially compared to the challenge the progressives had to face (pre-internet). We don’t need to infiltrate hollywood or the music and entertainment industry. The institutions that control culture are old and obsolete. Moreover, they are not only not giving their consumers what they want they’re outright insulting them. Meanwhile its never been easier to make your own tv show or movie or political commentary show or news outlet. The web continues to erode the base of the traditional media. Shortly after “shit wars” (star wars) was released a major bank downgraded disney saying that the billion dollars it produced still couldn’t offset people cutting the cord. It may not seem like it, but, the new media is ours. If there are any artistic types in the Neomasculine community now is your time.

    1. Agreed on the tools becoming more accessible, but pro artists aren’t found in communities like this. They’re pretty rare in the larger conservative sphere too, which is why Hollywood, the music industry, the publishing industry, Silicon Valley, and the video game industry are leftist echo chambers from top to bottom.
      Artistic competency is hard work. It is in fact harder than climbing the corporate ladder, banging chicks, building a business, etc. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see any sort of quality alternative to Hollywood-style entertainment ever arising out of the various conservative communities.

      1. That’s because the conservative communities, and even ROK included, really don’t know what they’re up against. Most conservatives think its about electing politicians. Its not. Brietbart said politics is downstream from culture and he was on his way to evoking this renaissance, then he died. Dinesh D’ Souza recently spoke to a Republican club in Florida and said we have to take this fight to the culture. The first step is driving awareness. As far as artistic acumen goes, don’t fret, its not that difficult and we can only do better because the leftism in establishment entertainment is suffocating any real art…it all sucks anyway. We have the advantage of being freer, so, we can create new and better stuff.

  9. I think 1-3 and occasionally 4 (so long as it isn’t debilitating to your participation in the world) get a bad rap.
    This is all part of what I am calling positive nihilism. Just because life is utterly meaningless, that truth doesn’t exist, that power is an illusion and that our very existence is absolutely worthless doesn’t mean we should drop out and be miserable.
    I say there is a way to double down on it. By throwing down the chains of conscience (#3), by owning and focusing our rage (#2) and by regarding the world and its principles as a shell game (#1) we can effectively go beyond what it means to be merely human…we can be bigger, we can grow, we can achieve things otherwise impossible thanks to the shackles placed on us by a bogus society.
    Even depression (#4) can be used in a positive way. So long as it doesn’t debilitate us, some manner of depression occurring from the gulf between where we want and think the world ought to be and where it is can be used as a motivating factor.
    Yes very bad depression can be harmful and 5-7 are possible outcomes from this…however, it is up to us as men to lift ourselves up and use our rage, use our mild psycho and sociopathologies, use our cynicism and, yes, even use our depression to do wonderful things.
    It is 2016. The curtain has been lifted. Just pretending we live in a world that makes sense., pretending we still have the innocent ignorance of old days simply isn’t going to work. We can be nihilists…. hell, I think we ought to be …. and not have nihilism be a negative thing.

    1. While I agree, this perspective would merely crush most people. It’s not something that can be promulgated to the masses. It is a freeing enlightenment to those who embrace snd understand it, but those individuals are far and few between.

      1. I understand what you mean.
        I wonder to what degree the people who embrace and understand it actually have a choice or if once they understand it the worm hole has been open.

        1. Denial is powerful and unbidden existential crises from merely realising you are conscious, fixed in space and time, have no meaning and are going to die can be quite debilitating.

        2. Another question that this brings up is this. You say (correctly, I believe) that “this perspective would merely crush most people. It’s not something that can be promulgated to the masses.”
          But why is this? It is because the masses have been buying a list of counterfeit goods.
          Easy mortgages and car leases have couples earning a combined 120k a year thinking that living in a 1 million dollar home and driving 2 brand new BMW’s is perfectly normal.
          Want a boat…well, here is another loan.
          They are kept stupid, and fat. There are never fat revolutionaries.
          While I am not suggesting this, I do think it is an interesting question. Yes, it might crush most people. But those people are just carrying their damnation around with them. Maybe being crushed is exactly what they need. The question is, assuming we are both correct here….why not crush them?

        3. Not really when you consider that every living thing dies and the majority of people , even famous ones , will be forgotten on a long enough timeline . How many ceasars do you remember beyond Julius ? Hell does the average highschooler even know about Julius ? What you do in life will remembered maybe one generation after you’re gone .

        4. If you understand what you’re calling positive nihilism then you’re aware that it doesn’t really matter if they are, but it’d sure be entertaining. Consumer mcmansion debt slaves will never unplug, they’re just buried too damn deep.

        5. That’s only if you consider being remembered somehow immortalizing in the first place. I’m talking about true awareness of mortality and insignificance, its a double edged sword. True unbridled freedom on one edge and existential endless terror on the other.

        6. I agree that is doesn’t matter….but also that it would be entertaining. More than that, I think that it might actually be uplifting. If everyone unplugged things might, one day, actually begin to matter again.
          Still, yes….way to deeply buried.

        7. Being remembered is the only way to immortality . All human beings to some degree desire immortality. Through societal contributions , children, fame , or whatever . Once you realize that this almost unattainable and that even those who attain it will lose it after a period of time life becomes much easier .

        8. I have never understood people’s desire for immortality through deeds or children or whatever.
          I can name a few ceasars…not just Gaius Julius…and yeah, awesome…but he is dead.
          I have never understood chasing immortality. What I want to achieve is the total cessation of time while I am alive. To do something so personally gratifying that I am actually happy with it…that the world stops for a moment, that the voices dull and I can enjoy.
          I remember the first time I pulled a deadlift over 500 pounds (and I doubt I will ever do it again). If I could capture that moment again it is worth all the artificial immortality in the world.
          The idea that some shits will be running around with my name and some stained portrait of me on their wall never appealed to me.

        9. You’re also not a average highschooler. I think that achievement you felt from your pr is expanded upon when you contribute to society . Once you master yourself you can show others .

        10. I’ve often been accused of being a narcissist — on this very website. It’s true, I am. I may be a benign narcissist, but I truly have no concern about what I can show others

        11. OT, but I witnessed what you were talking about a few weeks ago this morning: women more concerned with building muscle than in staying “in shape”. Both in the 40s, had some muscle on them, but neglecting their midsections…built like refrigerators…

        12. Curious. Do you find pleasure in the discomfort and injury of others? The defining trait of a narcissist is that they can only feel good when people around them are miserable, or at least worse off than they are.

        13. No, actually quite the opposite. I am most happy when the people around me….strangers or friends….are happy. I like an atmosphere where everyone is doing well.
          Maybe I am not a narcissist. Maybe I am just a selfish prick. I don’t want my happiness at the expense of others though. Being the happy person in a room full of miserable bastards doesn’t do it for me.
          More than that, I think if more people acted selfishly, they would be happier and thus make everyone happier…including me.

        14. You are no narcissist. Having a high opinion of yourself is only a problem if it is unwarranted. It’s another of societies methods to brainwash people, making us think that having high self esteem is somehow bad.
          If you are curious about narcissism there is an excellent book called how to deal with narcissists by anonymousconservative, the same guy who wrote the evolutionary psychology behind politics (the r/K guy). Highly recommended.

        15. Interesting, I will check it out.
          I guess I point to some narcissistic traits in the “i stick my neck out for no man” kind of way.
          I am definitely in the camp of lets enjoy the end of the world rather than try to save it and my altruism ends where people cease being useful to me.
          I guess you are right. That may make my a bastard, but it doesn’t make me clinically narcissistic

        16. My only question is that if you were a poor ugly man… would you be able to feel the same way?

        17. Indeed… nothingness is quite the task of any spiritualist who deigns to try and comprehend it!

        18. ‘But those people are just carrying their damnation around with them. Maybe being crushed is exactly what they need. The question is, assuming we are both correct here….why not crush them?’ That is very deep and worth quite a bit of consideration!

        19. They can unplug… but I agree with lolknee that if they are to be unplugged, they must be crushed first. Meaning that they must be put in a situation that demands them to realize their whole lifestyle as a counterfeit illusion of material debauchery! That every moment, every second can be sacred and that their entire mental frame of reference is bullshit and that reality is right there forcing them to the present moment of brutal survival. Then they may become unplugged… but the likely hood of that happening? Very small… until another collapse comes! 😉

        20. Precisely… its when you realize you are connected to everything and everything is destined for nothing that you cannot but help to gaze slack jaw in wonder at the duality of it all!

        21. ‘I may be a benign narcissist, but I truly have no concern about what I can show others’
          And this is where you and I differ… I am still attached to the need to leave behind something meaningful in my wake.

        22. I don’t know. I mean, that seems impossible to me. I was born poor and spent all of my life up until my mid twenties basically broke as could be. After that I did better and haven’t really seen expendable income until the last 5 years or so.
          I’m not particularly blessed in the looks department. I’m not short which I understand is a detriment to many guys, but I’m not particularly handsome I just work my ass off on staying as fit as I can be, taking care of myself, Etc.
          I’m not a big believer in excuses. Anything I’ve ever had, including women, I’ve had through hard work and determination. The only positive I had early on was to realize that the hard work you put in for women ought to be put into yourself and not into them. As I make myself better women come more easily. If I put this effort into supplicating them I’d be friendzoned immediately.

        23. I understand and respect that desire, I just never had it. I tried to fake it once, but it just isn’t in my nature

    2. Life isn’t utterly meaningless. We are here to breath, eat, fuck, fight, eat, fuck, fight, travel, make friends, make enemies, fight, fuck, eat, breath, fuck, propagate the species, fight, set an example to your progeny, maybe fuck some more, influence others, eat, breath, die. Doesn’t seem meaningless to me……

      1. yeah man. the meaning of life is to ask the question “what is the meaning of life?” … its to set your own meaning. all meanings are valid. even self destruction, even meaninglessness
        consciousness is the study of itself.

    3. def agree. Like the joker in Batman. I use the mix of nihilism and existentialism and it’s damn powerful

    4. this. #1 may lead to worse things, but it is not a bad thing in itself. same for #2 and #3, perhaps in a lesser degree.

      1. agreed. Like guns which can be used both positively and negatively, these are tools (emotional or intellectual ones but still tools) and how they are used and handled makes all the difference.

  10. I just stopped giving a shit. I jumped through the hoops (college , dating , shit jobs ) just to show I could . Now that I’m done I do what I want .

    1. To return the favor:
      So I graduate, I call my dad up long distance, I say “dad, what now, “get a job.”
      Now I’m 25, make my yearly call again. I say Dad “now what” he says “I don’t know, get married”
      We’re a generation of men raised by women. I am wondering if another woman is really the answer we need.

        1. I love when he says “Gandhi”
          I would really need to think about who it would be for me.

        2. I would fight Martin Luther King. I want to see if I can get him to just drop this whole peaceful bullshit and go full on rage with me. It would be good for him to beat my face in a bit.

        3. I wonder if the people could handle a fuller picture of who he was at the end- he went from being a Republican who voted for Nixon in 1960 to having most of his inner circle being openly communist by 1968.
          I cant imagine how genuinely insane the 60s must have been…

        4. Blew my mind when the writer of Fight Club came out of the closet…kinda changed my interpretation of the novel a bit

        5. A person’s sexuality doesn’t really affect my interpretation unless they directly express it . He was still a male .

        6. I dunno- for me, it went from something commenting on the frustrations of modern men to something a bit more homoerotic…why the dick pics spliced into the movies?

        7. Because he was a troll who wanted to make the audience feel uncomfortable. That is one scene compared to the numerous of the main character banging Marla or whatever her name is.

        8. Eldridge Cleaver was a former black panther who ended up endorsing Reagan in 1984. Leftitst attempt to speak for the man why, but in the end he simply saw through all their bullshit.

      1. What’s sad is your father may have been brought up in the same feminist environment so he may not have any advice for you. You may possibly give him advice. Not blaming him, it’s not really his fault.
        I now realize I need to seek advice from websites like these to help navigate through this world we are in.

  11. I am an “Old fart” 68 and have seen many young men get caught up in these problems. I recommend young men study the works of the Stoics: Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus are a good start. To the best of your ability, don’t play by their rules. That doesn’t mean you should be an inconsiderate asshole, just be a strong independent thinking person. Try to become as self-sufficient as possible. Actually learn skills that will be extremely valuable in the future. Don’t be afraid to try new things or get your hands dirty. There are still quality women out there, but you probably won’t find them in “the bar scene” in a large city. Good luck to all and never give up!

    1. I’d recommend reading all sorts of “old” books. Reading “old” books gives you a very different vantage point.
      Several years ago, I read a number of books written by the Puritans back in the 1600’s. They had a very different understanding of the Christian Faith than you commonly hear today.
      We should all go read some books written before 1900.

      1. Not just old books. All sorts of books. Books are windows to the past, mirrors that reflect the present and kaleidoscopes that show every possible future.
        Or put another way, if you know the past you can understand the present and predict the future. So go read, it can literally save your life.

    2. I’ve worked my way through history . Greece , Viking age, Rome , and now I’m on the civil war . Confederate high ranking soldiers are my favorite right now .

      1. You see how they are taking down statues and paintings of them in government buildings now? Those men were some of the best American generals period considering what they had to work with, most people only know Nathan Bedford Forrest due to the kkk connection but he was one of the best generals and had no formal military training at all like the others. There’s lots to learn from them, most people just decide not to

        1. Most graduated from west point and had helped the US gain alot of territory that it wouldn’t have other wise . That’s how the south , which was basically farmers , held out for so long. They have union generals statues all over the north . Those men allowed their troops to rape and pillage their own countrymen

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    3. Remember that you ought to behave in life as you would at a banquet. As something is being passed around it comes to you; stretch out your hand, take a portion of it politely. It passes on; do not detain it. Or it has not come to you yet; do not project your desire to meet it, but wait until it comes in front of you. So act toward children, so toward a wife, so toward office, so toward wealth.

  12. I happen to be at the age where I saw the transformation of liberal men turn into complete cucks right before my eyes. Two of my now ex-friends got married. About 2 years in they agreed to open marriages, I am positive this was not their idea.
    In one case, the wife, who is very active on social media, would constantly post intimate details about all the guys she was fucking. It was and still is the most cuck-tastic thing I’ve ever witnessed. He just sat silent while his wife humiliated him in public. Of course, he had become an outspoken male feminist shortly before all this occurred so all he could do was sit and watch his wife fuck the entire town in front of his eyes and pretend it was all good. Not once did she even talk about fucking her own husband. So fucking pathetic. Naturally, they divorced shortly after the cuckening began. I’m assuming after she completely destroyed his self esteem in public she had no respect for him. Now he has to pay alimony and child support. Male feminism is a one-way ticket to hell.

    1. I keep hearing about shit like this. How does someone ever let this happen to them?

      1. I guess for the same reason women don’t leave abuse relationships with men. They don’t see themselves as being worthy of someone else so why take the chance and leave.
        Maybe that’s the same reason these men would allow their women to go and cuck them. They feel worthless and don’t think they could attract another mate who would actually not do this to them.
        That’s just my understanding of the psychology. Like most of us here I could never accept such a relationship with a woman. She’s either with me or not.

        1. So crazy.
          I would much rather just kill myself than live a life like that.

        2. yep this is how i see it too. the only fortunate part of all this, is that they will take their own shitty genetic stock out of the gene pool forever

        3. He lies and says he’s in love with her…
          …can’t find a better broad…
          …he dreams in color, he dreams in red…

        1. I mean I know you are right here…but I have stopped seeing women for the following reasons
          a) She moved cross town and I found it inconvenient
          b) I lost frame one time and while I Could have recovered I didn’t want her to see me as less than perfect
          c) (and this one was stupid hot) at dinner she scraped her fork against her teeth
          I don’t know what a woman could do to convince me to a) marry her and b) while married not just approve but celebrate her fucking other men and publically bragging about it.

        2. It’s funny. I remember a buddy I used to call pussy whipped because on Friday nights he went out with his girl rather than come out with us all night. The simple act of saying “i’m going out with my girl tonight” got him the label pussy whipped. I can’t even imagine if he said “i can’t go out tonight…I need to stay home and prepare ice packs for when my girl gets home with a swollen axe wound. She likes me to ice it down while she recounts all the guys who beat up her used bubble yum”

        3. “b) while married not just approve but celebrate her fucking other men and publically bragging about it.”
          There is no shaming now with women slutting around. A novel was written a while back titled “Scarlet Letter” where a married woman was publicly shamed and have to wear a red capital letter “A” on her chest symbolizing an adulterer. This novel is a literary classic.

        4. I read that years and years ago it’s a classic.
          What a world we live in.

        5. I recalled a movie was made a few years back. They changed the ending of it where the priest eventually marries her.

      2. Polyamory is the new thing. Its erupting throughout online dating sites. Its becoming mainstream. The advantage in the open relationship is always to females who get 10x the number of messages as males. Culture is changing faster than anyone imagined, the result of modern technology and the social dynamic of pedestalizing poosy.

        1. Wow. Just wow. I understand the open relationship or, not to put to fine a point on it, banging with no commitment. But this is a little much.

        2. Yeah, there is a big difference between fuck buddies and being in an open “marriage”.

        3. Its important to make a distinction between FWB or dating other people, and open relationships. The open relationship is about open marriage (or co-habitating) while screwing around, which is usually going to mean the male is getting used as ATM cash dispenser to fund the female’s sex with other men.

        4. Funny enough, open marriages often make things worse. I’ve lost count of how many couples I’ve known over the years where things went south quickly.

        5. After 2 generations of feminist indoctrination we live in a culture where beta males allow themselves to be manipulated in the hopes of getting leftover scraps of poosy.

        6. As often described, it offers a totally new avenue for mountains of pussy for those men just willing to have muscles and a spine. I just don’t feel comfortable indulging the desires of a woman at the expense of a fellow man.

        7. Good point, because I would nor would anyone here at ROK ever allow it. The funniest example was a girl I knew in high school. She is/was in an open marriage and she expressed to me after many drinks how it annoyed her that her husband wouldn’t let her watch him with other women, but he had to be there when she was with another dude. I still find it hilarious to this day.

        8. That’s the thing; they don’t. I believe all women have an impulse to “test” their man’s authority. However, if they succeed in dominating the male, they lose all respect for him. I think I’ve seen it referred to here as shit testing. The cuckolded husband is the most extreme and complete version of this, but it happens to lesser degrees all the time.
          We’ve all seen the poor sap whose been brow beaten into submission by his wife. 99% of the time the wife ends up cheating on the husband and/or they divorce.
          Women, whether they realize it or not, respond well to a man that keeps her in check. They crave it. Don’t be a pussy.

        9. This is where these guys need to have services from a prostitute. This is the cure for #6 supplication.

        10. Me neither and opportunites presented themselves on a platter but I couldn’t move in for the kill…

        11. What’s fucked is that we’re not supposed to call this type of “Whore” a “Whore.”!!!

        12. Especially if they make more money than you!
          Good to hold the familly purse strings tight. ignore trivial shit tests while smacking down serious ones!
          This will keep things in order..

        13. Monogamy is becoming extinct for the top quartile of women. They have so much cock being thrown at them, it’s fucking absurd. All they need to do to get hundreds of men on demand is quite literally flick their finger. Plus they are always looking for the B.B.D, Bigger Better Deal, to come along. If a celebrity stud or famous athlete hits her up on social media, she’s not going to say no.

      3. A) Be a low value male
        B) Be in a relationship with a slightly higher value female
        C) Imbibe a noxious amount of feminist bilge
        D) Have no game
        E) Accept her offer
        F) Get sex every 1 or 2 months, albeit begrudgingly (hence starfish sex)

        1. I seriously can’t imagine living like that. I would much rather eat the business end of a handgun. I mean, I really know guys who I give a lot of shit to for letting their wives rule the roost…but nothing like this….I mean, I know it is out there and I can intellectually grasp how it happens, but wtf

        2. I don’t drink that much, detest pot and enough free twat to last me…..however, the sentiment is about right.

        3. Low value must include extremely low confidence and little to no sense of self-esteem.
          That guy in question must be suffering from a mental malady of some kind. I’d imagine he was the victim of some type of abuse or incident at an early age that shattered his identity and confidence.
          I can feel for this guy, but he’s got to turn it around somehow. It’s no way to go through life and goes against everything a man should aspire to be. Poor sucker.

        4. Just pay for booze and pot… sluts will always fall out the woodworks eventually… no need to pay for them!

        5. You pay for dates right? So they are simply cheap prostitutes then… assuming your not taking them to 5 star hot spots and shit!

        6. Good point. The booze and pot may even itself attract the sluts. Hadn’t thought of that.
          This is why I post here.

        7. That is one valid way to see it. However, the date is for me in my eyes, not for them. I like going out with some hot piece on my arm and watching the process unfold. To me it’s like driving an awesome car. I’m not doing it for the car’s sake — it’s just good fun. I suppose it is like prostitution in some ways, but I like to think of it more as treating mysef to a nice night out, complete with good looking broad

        8. its gets tiring sometimes . . .hookers tend to fall for a regular “client” and all hell will breake loose if she gets her way with you . . . .been there done that . . .

      4. It’s got to be mental illness. You’d hear about women talking guys into arraignments so they could take total advantage and leave the guy behind, but for it to be happening so whole-sale with marriages is a new thing.

        1. I think you are right.
          It must be an illness or a result of very bad parenting or, more likely, a combination of the both.

    2. I’ve seen a good, traditional girl, married a conservative Jewish guy (with the locks of hair and everything) as a virgin, got divorced, now she is a big advocate for polyamory and blogs about it too. She wasn’t Jewish so not sure why she married him.. I think he just stayed at home and she made all the money lol.

      1. To be fair, those hasidic jew guys seem like a horrible combination. Totally beta, but want a traditional conservative wife. That’s never going to pan out well.

    3. damn man, that makes me so angry to hear stories like that. I would respond to that with the back of my hand. we need to bring back the ancient practice of whooping these bitches asses. just like our fathers have done throughout all of history. there is a reason muslim men are able to keep their women in check… its cause they whoop the shit out of them.

      1. Gotta disagree here. Hitting women is for pussies and cowards. What you should do never, ever, date a feminist. They are easy enough to spot. Just stay the fuck away from them.
        There are still nice, cute, girls out there who just want to have kids and be a good mother. Aka the best quality in a wife.

        1. I disagree… there are many reasons to hit a women and still be a good man. If the woman is attacking a kid violently? You would not hit her to get her off the kid? if the woman is coming at you with a knife? This actually happened to me once and I Bruce Lee kicked her across the room, a great moment in my life! Also… if a women is trying to shoot you, or maybe she is drunk and trying to wreck your car while your driving? Yep, seen and heard it all… so stop the white knighting please. If a woman wants to act like a man, let her really FEEL like a man. Fuck that simp shit of never hitting a woman. Quite often that is what they deserve and need!
          P.S. Any type of unwarranted cruelty is of course, pussy shit and never done by a real man… but seriously? Women are more then capable of doing foul shit that earns them at the very least, a slap to the face!

        2. Absolutely. Sometimes these sloots want to swing on you when they get intoxicated. Exercise your legal right to defend yourself.

        3. If only it were truly legal in the eyes of the law… we all know men get the short end of the stick here.

    4. That’s both amazing and incredibly shameful.
      Amazing, to be precise, how she was the one doing the horrible acts, yet how he was ultimately paying the price for it. I’d imagine not only that but she probably mocked him as well.
      I don’t understand how some men can let themselves be shit upon.

        1. Let’s hope for the sake of the N factor in epidemiology equations (i.e how many people have the infection to those that have it in the next Markov chain set) that that doesn’t happen.

      1. Most likely they have been emasculated for so long that they really think its their lot in life… disgusting and sad!

    5. Very sad in that if he’d put his foot down, she may have still gone full party mode, and he’d gotten divorced much quicker- but he’d have gotten the kids. They’re such a hindrance to that lifestyle, Mom just looks for excuses to dump the kids on Dad during ‘her’ time. He documents it then insists the divorce agreement, when time comes to sign it, reflect him having the kids, since that’s the reality.

    6. I have this genius friend of mine that will fall in the same predicament. To make this story short, he’s a male feminist that wants to bring his future wife (from Russia) to the United States. I can already smell the divorce papers lol

    7. I think marriage is generally a bad idea and open relationships are a splendid idea. The issues here are that it sounds like he was deceived into expecting monogamy and then didn’t have it, that this ruined the marriage, the poor fellow is now being legally robbed and most importantly, the children have to deal with the fallout. It doesn’t sound like an example of a healthy polyamorous relationship.

  13. 6. Supplication.
    This is the stage that american culture is in now. Its becoming more and more difficult to have this discussion with other men. At least we have ROK.

    1. Was just with my uncle and totally opened my eyes again. He thought me how to love again! 66 and he still acts like a young buck!!

  14. #5: does anyone here know that there are websites you can go to where you can just sit there and watch other people play video games? As if playing video games for 10 hours in a row weren’t debilitating enough….there are people who will watch strangers play video games for 10 hours in a row.

    1. I do Big Brother to a kid who does that. I keep trying to get him to actually do real activities, but those teens love their video games. They have tournaments and shit and care about rankings, etc.

      1. Doing big brother is pretty awesome. Kudos.
        I don’t get the obsession with video games. But this is another level removed in that these people aren’t even playing video games, they are watching other people play them.

        1. From what I see, it is akin to following/playing sports. I guess it’s equivalent to when we’d play pond hockey all day and then watch NHL at night and debate who is better Gretzky or Lemieux. Only they do it with Super Smash Bros. The main difference being playing pond hockey all day improves your health.

        2. That expression always makes me laugh. I had an issue with a labor dispute with a painting company. I went into meet with them at the job site and they were all sitting there. I laughed and said “you guys are actually, literally, just sitting here watching paint dry.”

      2. There’s big money in it these days. Valve and Riot pay out millions of dollars in prize money several times per year, and fans fill up the LA Forum and equivalent stadiums to watch dudes basically have a LAN party.
        It’s quite hilarious, in a how-fucked-up-are-we-as-a-society sort of way.
        Hell, ESPN has started covering it.

    2. To me, that’s like watching porn. It just does absolutely nothing for me in any way whatsoever.
      I used to play a shitload of racing video games until my PS3 went belly up during an update last year. After that happened, I went out and bought my own equipment and started racing at club level.

        1. Getting started can be pretty steep but it’s one of the the cheapest forms of racing. If you’re really interested, find out if your local track has some sort of arrive and drive program.

    3. Twitch.tv
      My office mate asked me to watch some of his matches–he plays a shooting game, can’t remember the name of it. He’s a good kid, just a wee bit feminized so I try to throw him some red pill here and there. It seems to make sense to him but he can’t put it into practice quite yet.
      Watched 30 minutes at work one night a few months back around the holidays and afterwards informed him that if I watched him all year, for all 300 matches, I’d lose a little over 12 days of my life in total.
      That time could be spent doing anything else.
      He understood and I saw the light go on in his head that told him he was wasting a ton of time shooting people virtually.

  15. 6. Supplication
    Ain’t that the truth. Just tried talking some very light red pill stuff
    to a friend that’s getting engaged soon to a ball buster Chinese
    broad. He’s a goner though-I tried to triage but ended up giving last
    rites. It was nice knowing him. I’d tell the tale of how he plans on proposing but it would make everyone on this site barf in unison…

      1. Been trying for years to convince him to change course but he prefers to ignore the big flashing red flags. It’s his funeral.

  16. There is an 8th.
    8. Refuge in a movement, any movement, as a form of escape or last resort. Even if it was a good movement from the start, it suffers a collapse from being filled up with too many broken men. The subject does not matter, it could be political or cultural. Toady-ism, zealotry, and double standards become the norm. The party/movement can be taken leftward (libertarianism moving towards degeneracy) or rightward (alt-right succumbing to 1488 infestation). Good leaders and founders of the party/movement will be driven off as entryists sent to wreck it from the inside will play to the base desires of the broken and hopeless rank and file and take it over, rendering the party/movement ridiculous and ineffective while making it look more dramatic, colorful and promising at the same time. What started out as something that could make a difference ends up in endless “meet, eat, and retreat” until membership bleeds off.
    We need not look far to find examples.

  17. Good article. I never did six or seven. I got fat in college, and went from #1 cynicism to #5 withdrawal. I am not one to rage, so I never did #2. Fortunately, I’m so stuck in cynicism that I never allowed myself to be married to some whale and then divorced raped, so I’m clear on #4 depression. I did a year or so of online poon chasing and ran some game just to conquer tail, so that’s #3 I suppose. Not sure where I am now, cynical as all hell, but in a good place on all other fronts. Black knight?

  18. Fuck video games. Been there done that. Get off yer ass and go Airsoft, hunting, fishing, cycling, running, lift, footy, anything.
    I know I will get lambasted by some but getting out in the fresh air with some sort of gun/knife/hiking gear is great for clearing the mind of all the bullshit. I am presently limiting my online activities, down to one hour a day browsing/email. Them I’m gone earning/fucking/traveling.
    It is important men learn the use of firearms, self defence, knives, self reliance, motorbikes, big machinery, anything that gives you an edge. Once any of these are achieved become a bad-fucking-ass……

    1. VG’s are lame. Nowadays men are just boys in an adults body. That’s why they are easily manipulated by women, who are kids in an adults body.

      1. Rather than just playing video games, learn how to write one and make money from it on the side.

  19. True article, but I refuse to be defeated!!! I have no shits to give and I do so accordingly. I also have a gajillion of loves to give the people I hold dear in my heart. I always corner bitches by either taking it or leaving it! I’m good either way.

  20. the picture at number 7… soo fucking cute, I would fuck that bitch so violently, otherwise, yea I completely agree. I feel like I personally have gone through all those stages at one point or another.

  21. Advice to all dudes: casual sex with these women is not worth the effort. Go out on your own. Live out of your car, build a cabin in the woods, live with Inuits (where men and women bust their butts off every day) or any other activity that might get you away.
    As for those that want to: enjoy the decline fellas. I’m checking out ASAP

    1. Someone should seriously get rid of the satellites and communications towers. Then we can live normal lives again.

      1. Hence why I’m going in the middle of the forest.
        Might consider moving in with Siberian tribesmen. They deliberately live nomadic lifestyles for this reason.

        1. More power to you my friend! life is really only about, Love, Survival and Creation. Unfortunately we have forgotten how to love by the eradication of traditions.

        2. Would Siberian tribesmen allow a foreigner to live with them, though?
          I’m Canadian, and I’ve thought of living on my own up in the territories (northernmost parts of Canada).

      1. I’d rather not deal with bitches period. My time is best spent doing hard intellectual/physical work, not chasing after narcissistic oxygen wasting flesh trophies. Whatever floats your boat though.

        1. I’m debating that really. Most of my income comes through investing and selling handicrafts.
          Blogging about personal finance could be something I really like.

        1. Oh because you personally invented it. What about you, the man who is around because of the women who gave birth to whoever invented things? We can go back even further for this. Oh and because you’re a man, you’re automatically more creative and more inventive than me. I just have to bow down to your glory.

    2. I’ve been thinking of the same thing. I’m convinced modern living is killing us. Look at the rampant rates of cancer. I firmly believe I would live a longer life out in the woods.

  22. Cynicism seems hard to overcome. The rest I can work with. Although the social aspect, getting hard to find guys to relate with as I become more redpill…

    1. We are here til someone decides to get rid of all the telecoms systems. Then after that its a free for all.

  23. Seriously men, it’s in our hands now! We must be stern and loving! Enough of the badass, boyish bullshit! We have to be leaders of our own affairs, relationship, work! Be an example that the men of tomorrow want to aspire to!
    Stern and Loving!

  24. Number 6 has an ever so slightly crusty morning sex look to her. She is not really my type but I make exceptions.

  25. thanks for the article, Corey. you nailed it. even though I’m currently applying neomasculinity knowledge, I’m still experiencing phases 1 to 4 right now. but at least I’m hitting the gym 6 days a week, watching what I eat, reading some philosophy (aside from textbooks for an exam I’m studying for) and, while I not gave up on women, I’m refraining from cuckold possibilities and crazy girls that cross my path.
    I can’t thank enough the red pill wisdom shared here at ROK and I know I’m getting better. slowly, but consistently.

  26. I checked out for a long time. Wasted countless hours on video games and just generally being anti social. Can’t stress enough how much they can truly prevent you from accomplishing real goals. Not saying they can’t be enjoyed but moderation or complete withdrawal from video games is one of the easiest ways to improve yourself

  27. Well, back in my blue pill days I fell for a little pathetic #6 supplication. Nothing permanently damaging though, but cynicism comes out at times because of it. These days I practice martial arts, running, and some weight lifting between running my own business and taking some college courses because I want to. I feel fairly satisfied with my own looks(decent conditioning/athletic). But I’ll admit, in particular during a few select weeks in the summer months when life slows down I buy some burgers, pizza, misc candy, booze , piles of popcorn (NO! not everything at once) and engage in some serious #5 withdrawal into video games, movies, documentaries, Music or whatever else suits me. Sure, I might gain 3-4 pounds, but I take it back off in a month or less when I resume reality.
    I can’t relate to 2,3,and 7, but the other stages I’ve shifted in and out of from time to time. #6 was destroyed by the red pill entirely.

  28. Excellent article. I like the conclusion.
    The conclusion, in fact, is the reason that all the sick hoards of our society work so hard to block us from meeting. They know that we will share ideas, form bonds, and gain strength as a group.
    But they can’t stop us. The ideas, philosophy, and lifestyles of neomasculine men are converging. We will increasingly recognize each other without the need to organize things like “meet ups.” We will naturally coalesce around our credo of neomasculinity.

  29. That young tranny dude.. so of all the varicolored sexy female visages he could create for himself, he goes for a middle-age corporate Hillary-wannbe in a pantsuite. That’s the real fucking crime.

  30. “[W]e should remember to guard our humanity lest we end up becoming just
    like the hateful monsters we fight. Men throughout history have always
    unveiled their best side through their brave struggles…]”
    Words to live by.
    Still, that #7 picture has got to be simultaneously the most depressing, the most repulsive, the most infuriating thing I’ve seen in a while. That a society could be so sick, so degenerate as to make a guy do that to himself……..
    All I can say, is that the people who have fostered this hellish world into being will have a lot to answer for one day.

  31. Excellent article. But we need to do something. We need a revolution.
    On the bright side these issues are only prominent in the west. Look at Eastern Europe, the middle east, Asia and Africa. What happened? Western men were foolish enough to appease women just like the appeasement of Hitler – the Munich Pact of 1938, negotiated between Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler. Chamberlain, the prime minister of Britain, allowed Hitler to annex part of Czechoslovakia to Germany.
    In order to bring about change, a cultural change or even a revolution, we need to first increase in critical mass. We need to raise awareness, ensure every man knows that he deserves better. Talk to all your male friends and family. Start meet up groups, clubs and events for men. Celebrate achievements of Men and stand strong. I did not know that many men felt the same way I did until I ran into websites like your in the last few months so yes, we need to let other men know!
    Once we achieve this critical mass, the rest is very easy. Men are still everywhere, we are in politics, we are in academia, we are in the legal system. We just need to take action and do something about the injustice against men. We will take back control.

    1. The increase in critical mass has begun. It grew as a result of MSM in their attempt to slander Roosh. It was they who inadvertently drew the masses to this website and truth was revealed.

  32. Phase 3 hits close to home, but I have never feigned “psychopathy”. Such a title was thrust upon me by others. Yet, at the same time there is a certain reverence..
    People are strange indeed.

  33. That femboy in #7 needs a good ass fucking. Then we’ll see how much it’s willing to receive. Seriously though, very poignant article, feel like you described me in a nutshell (with the exception of #7 of course)

  34. To a certain degree these Herbivore men have a great idea, you put the burden of it back on women and the fems. I think that is a great thing to do. It is a silent protest. If we are going to be painted as these horrid things thanks to the fems and white knights then we just wont be part of their world.

  35. here is tribute to robin williams and how he was driven to suicide by his X harpies ie wives math is also used

  36. Point 3 is bullshit. Disocial Personality Disorder (known as psychopathy/sociopathy in the lay world and court system) means you can’t process emotions normally, and in particular, empathy. The vast majority of psychopaths don’t do criminal shit, and doing sneaking, incriminating shit just means you are a crook, not a psychopath.

    1. I never understood why psychopathy is seen as a character flaw. It seems like the next logical evolutionary step and something to be encouraged in your children not feared. Why should I be seen as the weird one because Schindler’s List doesn’t make me cry or because I’m not moved by a commercial for starving third world children? I’m the normal one. People who do nothing but emote and show a suicidal degree of altruism are the messed up ones.

      1. “I never understood why psychopathy is seen as a character flaw.” Well 1/4 people in prison have DPD, so it while not all of them are criminals, they have significantly higher rates of criminal behavior. There isn’t anything “good” about having DPD. Also, Altruism is what keeps society from collapsing. Even people who aren’t successful in Civilization are much better off than the best off in anarchy…

        1. Altruism is what is destroying society. Well-intentioned but fundamentally flawed legislation is what is allowing mass migration from the Middle East / North Africa into Europe and mass migration from Central America into the United States. Society functioned just fine before the advent of the welfare state and altruism will be the downfall of Western civilization.
          Now allow me to rock out to Tom Petty’s “Like a Refugee” on the world’s smallest violin.

        2. “Altruism is what is destroying society. Well-intentioned but fundamentally flawed legislation is what is allowing mass migration from the Middle East / North Africa into Europe and mass migration from Central America into the United States. Society functioned just fine before the advent of the welfare state and altruism will be the downfall of Western civilization.” Several things wrong with that: A) Altruism could simply be summed up as the value of philanthropy and doing work to help others. B) I assure you that “legislation” does not have good intention at all. C) As for talking about welfare and such, that is debatable.
          Way to many people people confuse altruism and being an idiot who gets trampled. For an example, volunteering for a homeless shelter, donating money to help build a park, that is Altruism. Allowing your people to be raped and killed by migrants is not altruism. I assure you there are plenty of Altruists who don’t support letting in migrants.

        3. Agreed. Before I read Terry Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” series I wondered what was wrong with my unwillingness to give until it hurt to those less fortunate. I felt selfish and ashamed until I realized that I wasn’t one of the “unfortunates” because I have a fierce work ethic and don’t have substance abuse or “who’s going to feed these baybees?” issues. Abdegnation of self for the benefit of others is slavery, not charity.

  37. Very good article. When i first took the pill , i started in the rage zone , then withdrawal , then depression. Currently i’m at bitter cynicism steadily improving towards accepting all of this with more positive thoughts and views of future outcomes.

  38. I see articles like this all the time, and the most common word I always see is the word “modern”. As if, things have changed and things are different and this is the new way and now you need to learn to deal with it.
    What people fail to realize is that one must look to the spiritual side to fully understand what has been happening the past 100 years. Catholic prophecy has revealed this many times. Satan has been granted limited access to this world to engage in a decisive battle for our souls and to destroy the Catholic church. Research Pope Leo XIII, 1884 vision. Then research fatima apparitions 1917. That will give you somewhat of a timetable and understanding of what has been going on. Because when one looks all the chess moves that have been made since about 1900, it is of demonic angelic intelligence. (woman’s suffrage, federal reserve and central banking system, TV and radio to brainwash the masses, WWI to destroy the last of the remaining catholic monarchs, WWII, Soviet communism, 1960s “civil rights”, welfare, abortion, no-fault divorce, “women’s rights”, etc.). The central banking system is the beast upon which this is all financed. Without the western banking system, all of what BS we see today would go away. Another indicator of Satan’s hand in this is the fact that Jews are the owners and controllers of the financial world, media, wall street, etc. They are Satan’s people. He works through them spiritually to set up the chess pieces. Oh, so what does the Catholic church know since they’ve proven themselves to be nothing but kid-molesting priests? It was jewish communist infiltration of catholic seminaries to recruit homosexuals into the priesthood with the intent to desecrate the mass and knowing that the homosexuals would molest kids, which in turn would tarnish the church’s image. Again, study history. The real objective of WWI was to destroy the last remaining catholic monarch. THIS IS TRULY A BATTLE INITIATED BY SATAN.
    The time is getting near. The western central banking system is failing and has been on life support since 2008. The usurous interest gained from this fake fiat system is what finances special interest groups and politicians to destroy the lives of men and destroy family and marriage. It is coming to an end. Russia has freed itself and will be the instrument of chastisement to put the last nail in the coffin of the western “modern” civilization. Russia is man’s salvation. Once the system is finally destroyed, there will be no more feminism, no more HR cunts, no more $100K management jobs for females, no more welfare, no more special rights for women to exalt themselves above men. It will be a man’s world once again finally, by natural law. Get excited, and when the ball finally drops…..run around screaming for joy and get into any female’s face you see on the street or at work and scream in their face that their free ride is over with and they will get back in the kitchen where they belong and they will start respecting mankind and respecting God. Allowing females to have special rights and a greater voice in today’s world is what jeopardizes mankind’s souls. Yes, women can not only ruin your life on earth, but they can also send your soul to hell as well. Because it’s women that will vote in communist regimes of which will implement atheistic policies to jeopardize your soul. Women do NOT have any power on their own. The fake power they have was granted to them by the jewish satanic elites via fiat financing. Once the ball drops, once the market crashes to zero, once the dollar evaporates……you immediately walk into the HR office where you work, and tell the HR cunts to leave immediately and get the f*ck out or you will have to physically make them leave. There will be no police or security they can call to have some white knight arrest you. They will be on their own, and when on their own, they will immediately realize that they don’t have any super-jedi force powers that females delusion-ally believe they have.
    This is what you will be able to do to the HR cunts soon:

  39. Fantastic article, Corey, with a brilliantly-written conclusion. I could not think of a better way to sell Neomasculinity than in those final two paragraphs.

  40. Excellent synopsis of what we are all experiencing. Would still like to see objectives that can be included in this long term project, particularly on how fence sitting and disaffected women can be brought into the fold as co-pilots. No matter how this all transpires, we will need some alpha and beta women to join in the fight at some point; and any theories on how they can be recruited to follow pro male initiatives would be
    highly welcome…

  41. I’ve been going through depression and withdrawing from the world for many years now. I’ve completely given up hope of ever achieving a happy or fulfilling life. I can’t even believe it’s possible, can’t even visualize it, it seems so far out of reach. So I just squander my remaining days getting high, playing vidya, and wasting time online. It’s a horrible way to live.
    About a year ago I decided I was going to get fit, hoping that would help improve my mood and outlook. For the past 12 months or so I’ve been working out every day either lifting or running, and now am at least reasonably fit. Hasn’t made an iota of difference. All I think when I look at myself is, “not good enough”.

    1. Well, I’m in 12th grade, and with my wasting time online and problem with school work (I’m of good intelligence, but am terrible at concentration and comprehension (Asperger’s)), and I’ve been struggling with life for years now, especially with having to hear my dad moan in pain almost every day when I’m home (he’s dying from cancer). However, I’m still going to go through college for STEM, and I may go through university some time afterwards if I choose to advance more.
      Nonetheless, even that won’t be completely fulfilling, and that’s if I manage to do it. Also, I’m not very fit either.
      Regardless, I can say that a lot of people regret what they feel they should have/ shouldn’t have done, but we can’t plan our lives perfectly like a story book.
      All I can say is this isn’t uncommon as many may think. Many just don’t talk about it.

  42. Beautifully said. Most men go through at least the first few stages, myself included.
    The key component for a man’s life is to save a lot of money. Once you have cash, you have options, you don’t need to stay in the matrix forever. You can bounce, say fuck you to the office job, and backpack throughout the world, ride elephants, kayaks, whatever these travelers do.
    So many people are invested in politics but much fewer address the cultural problems in America. America needs a huge amount of policy change, but can a politician reverse the cultural decline?

  43. This article corroborates my personal experiences and behaviours exactly: I have noticed and identified all eight of these tendencies in myself and here they are!
    Honestly, I’m the kind of naturally effeminate guy who’s been subtly conditioned and indoctrinated to enjoy emasculation and supplication, only to find they’re generally not really what women want (cross-dressing ultimately doesn’t work and there are very few dominant women in BDSM).
    I’ve done bitter cynicism and fantasised about rage after getting stung with a slander campaign, though I’m moving on to withdrawal now. Hoping to keep that moderate and goal-focused: I’m an introverted and individualistic (diagnosed autistic, a ‘mental disorder’ I don’t fully believe in) type so some limited withdrawal may be natural and healthy for me. Society is starting to encourage depression in men by rewarding it as it has with women with excessive ‘talking about feelings’: I’ve moved on from that, better not to obsess over your pain or seek someone else’s approval for it.
    So the neo-masculine alternative? I’ll have a quick looksy. Honestly, I never identified as masculine, and I don’t really want to. Yet I’m reaching the conclusion I’ll have to be male some way or another and I’d rather be doing it a positive way than being an aging tranny or a quasi-adolescent heavy metal depressive. I think neo-masculinism may just be another social disease: for many men like me, high masculinity is unnatural and harmful and we’re better off forging our own concepts of gender and methods of navigating this feminist society. I think I can attain success as a slightly effeminate geek, outwardly gently libertarian and secretly Machiavellian. Yet this article is so spot-on in its social critique that I have to explore this site further, not just to learn more exactly what being a neo-masculinist entails and consider becoming one, but also to exchange information in friendship with those struggling for identity against encroaching female supremacism. I’m currently both a (gentle, moderate kind of) feminist and a masculist, a gender egalitarian for men’s rights. My struggle for identity is personal, not identity-political. We may not be comrades, but we can still be allies.

    1. I have embraced these tendencies myself, and some I still do to SOME extent, but it’s definitely dropped when I have resources such as this site and others.
      I never called myself a feminist (but I practically was one when I was younger; I just didn’t know the term), but I eventually shunned both that and the men’s rights movement for egalitarianism. Unfortunately, I’ve seen hardcore feminists identify as ‘egalitarians’ so they can sneak derogatory insults and ridiculous claims around without being criticized as cynical ‘feminists’.
      I now just side with the manosphere (MRA, PUA, MGTOW, etc.), as I don’t want to give leeway to those against me.

  44. Well, in Islam, #2 of the 7, is strongly encouraged. When women treat men like that, that is when the jihad come in. See in Islam, when women are allowed to treat men like this, we Muslims have the religious right, to go to war against the women, and the male feminists who protect them. We can also capture the women and treat them as slaves, UNTIL!!! THEY AGREE!!!! To marry us. In some cases, we can stone women for them treating men in such a way. We men must do whatever we have to do to destroy this feminist ideology, EVEN IF IT MEANS!!!! GOING TO WAR!!! Now sure we can go to war mentally, but be prepared to go to war physically if we have to. But I agree. We should take life as it is, but if we have to go to jihad(whether it is mentally and/or physically) then we have to do, what we have to do, to put an end to feminism.

  45. “We are at a war for our very identity and existence, but at the same time, we should remember to guard our humanity lest we end up becoming just like the hateful monsters we fight. Men throughout history have always unveiled their best side through their brave struggles, and the struggle we face today is our chance to shine and prove our worth”
    This is hands down the best thing I’ve ever seen written on this website. So many times the commenters (and some of the blog authors) complain, show their bitterness, and talk about how they’re victim to evil women. It’s nice to see criticism of bitterness and victimhood. Self development is much better than constantly being pissed off.

  46. This article wants me to man up and not get tons of adrenalin and testosterone pumping through my veins and wanting to be Anders brievik on feminists is too hard. Social cuckization and effeminzation of men can only be altered by going out living in frostbite climate of Russian Siberia among Chuvash or Tatar tribes or living with Nomadic Bedouins in harsher hot climates of Empty quarter in Arabian peninsula. The people who inhabit these regions are more manly and more tougher than us city boys. I shall quest to go there to these isolated places where no TV or popular culture poison exist, only men who hunt for living. I can no longer trust the Army with feminization policy taking place in it.

  47. You damn fools need to give up on Western sluts and go to SE Asia to find yourselves a proper fidel girl. Fuck I’m surprised how many men never figure this out.

  48. That’s what this whole trans movement is about, pussy men trying to women for feminist acceptance and women thinking that to be like men they need to pretend they are men.

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