Kesha Receives Support From Big-Name Celebrities For A “Rape” She Said Never Happened

A judge has ruled against singer Kesha in her recent attempt to “free” herself from a contract with producer Dr. Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwald). Despite her 2011 deposition, made under oath, that Dr. Luke did not assault her, she has subsequently accused him of ten years of rape, including through drugs, and other serious physical abuse. In support of Kesha, dozens of well-known celebrities have called her a victim and Taylor Swift has even given her $250,000. Beyond that, hundreds of thousands have roared on Twitter and other mediums that the uncharged Dr. Luke is a “rapist” because Kesha says so.

When I first brought this story to you, things were bad enough. The mob mentality was out in force and there is no doubt that Dr. Luke was a lynching just waiting to happen. Now things have regressed to the stage where many of these celebrities, like singer Demi Lovato, have insisted that it is “gender equality” for a woman to be able to extricate herself from her “rapist” and a contract without evidence, not to mention a conviction or even a charge. If we took such a proposition to a logical conclusion, you should be able get out of your rental or home loan agreement based on your testimony, not what actual evidence you produce in a court of law.

Fanfare and logic-killing emotions aside, in 2011 Kesha incontrovertibly said that she had never had sex with Dr. Luke, let alone been raped by him. If Kesha is the victim of a decade of sexual and other abuse, explain this one:

The Daily Mail reveals, too, that Kesha filmed herself making this sort of denial. Do not expect Kesha’s supporters (more like, mindless zombies) to appropriately mention this *little* detail. Once again, we are accosted by hordes of people who want nothing a female does or says held against them later. A woman can indulge in whatever behavior or utter any statement she likes and she should never be held accountable for it if she radically changes her mind. Imagine the prospects of an accused rapist who admitted the crime and then reversed his plea. There would be no sympathy, regardless of any immoral or illegal pressure put on him to initially confess.

Many are criticizing that Dr. Luke posted parts of a TMZ report to show how Kesha’s story reversed itself. Well, my response to that is this: “Did CNN bother to break the story in such a dramatic way? No. The Huffington Post? No. The GuardianThe New York Times, or Chicago Tribune? Triple no.” Kesha has not denied she said these things and they were indeed her responses under oath.

If mainstream media outlets were interested in a fair and impartial reporting of events, not pro-feminist propaganda, at least one of them would have carried this as front page news. Dozens and dozens and dozens of world-recognized English-speaking dailies either did not know or chose to keep it under wraps. What we have here is confirmation bias at its finest: so-called journalists only looking for the stories and employing the angles they like and agree with.

Kesha’s lawyer falsely claimed Dr. Luke raped Lady Gaga and even she denied it

Mark Geragos, lawyer to Rihanna-hitting Chris Brown, convicted wife-killer Scott Peterson… and urine-drinking Kesha.

Kesha’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, had the hide in 2014 to allege that Dr. Luke raped Lady Gaga. Unfortunately for Geragos, Lady Gaga definitively squashed the accusation and said it never happened. Meanwhile, the celebrity attorney declined to either retract or apologize for the slandering. Geragos is just one of many moronically-mouthed individuals trying to stir up life-altering negative ramifications for Dr. Luke. Knowing full well he does not have a mere strand of hair to try and make a wig, Geragos should have been disbarred long ago for such behavior.

With or without Geragos’ involvement, the situation for Dr. Luke will nonetheless continue to spiral out of control. The hit squads have gone from brigades and divisions to full-blown armies, cementing a lifetime of mendaciously-produced notoriety for the innocent music producer. Sony has stuck by him so far, ignoring the shouts of “rape enablers!” from Kesha supporters, but the profound damage to his career has been done. Whether he has millions left in the bank or not (and we cannot be sure, really), no man of any financial or social standing deserves to have their name and reputation vindictively dragged through the sewers of ill-informed public rage.

A major reminder for readers

Would we be so sympathetic as a society to a man accused of rape who had drank his own urine? In fact, this would be used against him. Yet Kesha did that and also reversed her 2011 testimony denying she was raped. How credible does this make her?

In a number of my previous articles, I have opined about the reality that the media as a whole will not trouble itself to even start supporting due process and innocence before guilt until the biggest of holes appears in a girl’s story. Before that point, it is open season for press “coverage” and speculation that equates a rape allegation with an indisputable finding of fact. When outlets are proven conclusively wrong, most still do not bother to unambiguously correct the record, apologize profusely, and promise to make marked changes in how they report related claims in the future.

I welcome the use of any clear evidence disproving allegations of rape that have been fabricated. Yet this is not nearly enough, not by a long shot. Justice will not be served across the system until such time as men like Dr. Luke are afforded the basic rights the courts and political processes outside them insist they enshrine. Aside from the presumption of innocence and the idea that charges need to be laid quickly before public rape allegations are taken anything close to seriously, judges and juries need to start to apply the standard of proof for these cases that they would for other crimes.

If Dr. Luke had been accused of a violent burglary in Manhattan or L.A., 99% of the time the state, in order to get him convicted, would require something like DNA evidence, CCTV footage, recovery of the stolen goods at his home, or ten very consistent witness accounts of the same incident (i.e. not ten witnesses across ten crimes). Due to the fact that rape is invariably a private act (dispelling forever the idea of “rape culture”), courts have shamefully responded by gerrymandering the standard of proof demanded to produce more convictions, all while pretending it is still beyond reasonable doubt. For those who are not charged, like Dr. Luke, it is left to the public alone to convict using these farcically low thresholds for finding “guilt.”

Are you next?

“Why didn’t you say earlier that Lady Gaga supports Kesha’s rape allegations? They must be true then!”

Your story will not, as far as I know, reach the front page of newspapers and websites read or visited by millions of people. But you are at risk. In all likelihood, too, you will lack the kind of money that Dr. Luke may have retained to survive a lifetime of serious harassment and unemployability.

It is incumbent on all sane-minded men to contribute to reversing this totalitarian climate of witch hunts and social lynchings. Promising cases aside, things are in many ways getting worse. Facts and fair processes are being divorced from reality like never before. So start small and work your way up to help foster positive change. Dr. Luke is simply a more famous example of what countless men everywhere have gone through and will go through in the future.

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111 thoughts on “Kesha Receives Support From Big-Name Celebrities For A “Rape” She Said Never Happened”

  1. Its getting scary out there. When some little childish girl can just blurt out anything and the mindless zombies just believe her because vagina. This is what its coming to I guess. Those mgtow guys might have it right. Women are toxic and can ruin a man’s life with any accusation. Its instantly believed. I’ve never met a chick who doesn’t just blurt lies out of her mouth. What is this world coming to?

    1. Its getting scary out there. When some little childish girl can just blurt out anything and the mindless zombies just believe her because vagina.

      ikr? These emotion driven idiots must have an IQ no higher than 40. The stupidity and pathetic white knighting of this just baffles me.

      1. Get used to it brother. Its what we have to look forward to. It’ll change one day tho. Men will eventually grow a set and get sick of these children we call women one day

    2. Let’s sign a petition to implement a law that would impose penalties on anyone who gives a false rape accusation.

      1. I’d sign it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately the cucks always believe the vagina. Their so perfect. Makes my stomach turn just being sarcastic about my own comment

    3. Something fishy about this story on both sides though… if the artist no longer wants to work with their producer for whatever reason… then the producer should get some fair residual income from future work of the artist (for previous development etc.) …. and cut the artist loose …
      Its a record contract not a slavery to death….. make an arrangement… cut the artist loose and gain some passive income…

      1. Is she an artist or a puppet? I listened to her. Her voice is electronically augmented. I doubt she can sing.
        She appears to be a creation of the producer and the record company.

        1. Thing is, I think that most of the recording artists are mind-controlled puppets who have sold their souls to the elite and the Devil.
          Or is it just a coincidence that lots of Disney child stars ( egLohan, Britney, Miley) have a habit of going off the rails?

      2. Or the artist can choose not to sign the contract in the first place, which is the only legally acceptable thing to do. Kesha wasn’t forced to sign the contract. She did so willingly. Now she wants to reneg on her contract and is willing to go to any lengths to get out of her legal obligations under the contract. Up to and including lying about being raped by her producer. That’s the only thing fishy here.
        If you don’t plan on honoring a contract at any point in time after signing it, or if you feel you might come down with a case of buyers remorse later on, then don’t sign it in the first place. Problem solved.

      3. I think Sony and Luke have invested about 60 million in promoting her as an artist. Record companies don’t like artists breaking their contract after that kind of money as a matter or principle.
        They also aren’t making her work with Luke as a producer and he says he will stay away from her.
        Her problem is she seems to want to work with producers of her choice.

      4. Sony offered to let her work with any producer she wanted, but remain under contract to Sony. This seems like a reasonable compromise to any unbiased observer. However, we are dealing with the SJW commissars and their Feminazi cohorts not reasonable people.

    4. True, these girls are instantly believed by countless people and many of them, in terms of the truly public scandals involving “rape”, have been outed as amazingly vain liars.
      Men believe them, too, and are all too heavily represented in the first mobs to be enlisted to intimidate or cause violence.
      We need to have MEN shame these men, creating some serious social costs for the more swayable White Knights or “good guys” trying to curry favor with female “rape activists”.
      We need a zero tolerance approach to male believers of “rape” allegations with no evidence. Cut them off socially, leave them to themselves.

    5. I had a thought recently about how to deal with the growing “post-regret rape” phenomena. Perhaps men, who take random women home with them, on a regular basis, now, need a “female relative” to “drop in” to their place of residence, “post event”.
      Here is an example scenario, a man meets a women (via night club, Tinder, OkCupid, day-game, etc.) and takes them back to their place. Before the “event”, the man notifies the participating female relative that an event may take place and to be on stand-by for an unannounced drop-in at his home. Post “event” the “stand-by female relative”, has a key, lets themselves into the mans homes and “accidentally” pokes their head into the room where the “event” has taken place. During that pop-in the female relative acts surprised and says something like “I’m so sorry, I’m XXX’s sister, I usually walk his dog at this time”. After that, the female relative then BLUNTLY asks the “female guest” about consent and presses the matter until an “affirmative” is achieved.
      Is this a hassle, YES, is it weird for the “female guest”, YES, is it embarrassing for the male PUA, YES. However, it has a good chance of saving someones butt in court and increases the odds of proving “legally” that the “female guest” has no ground for criminal charges.
      Note, under this plan, men can never go to the “guest females” home. I know people have said previously that video cameras with sound need to be installed in PUA homes (which depending on how used is illegal in some states), but are there any established legal cases where this has worked?

      1. Mostly the videos are used to prevent a case by proving to the police that the woman is a lying bitch before the guy gets dragged off to jail.

    6. The more that what you just described happens, The more American men will resort to sex tourism.

  2. The Orwellian Doublespeak is here gents!! Fallacies are exalted as truths. Narcissist glorified as victims.Liars are given polishing and presented as truth bearers.Enjoy the decline I say.

    1. Speaking of Narcisists and White Knighting. I would like to punch Kanye West in the face. Firstly because he is a retarded dick asshole whose music is stupid. These days personality defects pass as creative insights. Secondly because of the way he treated Taylor Swift, the sexual innuendo went way to far. Is that White Knighting? I don’t think so but I don’t really care. I’d like to see him with a nose broken and front teeth missing. Everyone would find it funny and think that he would deserve it.

  3. Seeing that any contract should have an exit clause of some sort, why don’t they just help Kesha get out if it and be done with? Help her pay any exit fees this might entail.Besides, the woman hasn’t been relevant for a while now. I’ve never heard of this Dr Luke before, but assuming that he is that good, he can just grab another simpleton from the streets or YouTube, and make bank. Why bother keeping a broken tool like Kesha? I highly doubt she can churn out another hit about looking like Mick Jagger, or some other dumb shit like that. After all, Iggy Azalea hasn’t been relevant in two years. These are expendable products, the equivalent of instant ramen.

    1. It’s unbelievable but her first album sold 15 million records worldwide. This is why she is such an entitled brat that thinks that she can throw her power around wherever she wants. I’m sure the record label would like to wash their hands of her but wherever she goes next she is going to sell a lot of records and sell out many tours.
      Unfortunately, many young girls look up to Kesha and anticipate her music coming out and just letting her leave with cost them millions.

      1. Maybe she would make millions. But maybe she has to battle against the Miley Cyruses and Ariana Grandes of this world. At least Lady Gaga managed to reinvent herself as a more serious singer and she’s doing good sir far. Kesha, meh, not so much. She’s getting old.

  4. Society has made being a cunt a lucrative career. Nothing I can honestly think of that a woman can’t do to profit from. Just goes to show you how a woman can instantly turn into your greatest enemy.

  5. Todays female “artists” need just thousand cock stare and bitchy behavior to succeed. And oh yea, autotune.

  6. The false rape accusation has become an important tool in Marxist Feminist dialectics for ascribing the collective guilt of patriarchy onto individual men targeted as useful sacrifices in the name of forwarding women’s issues. In addition to whatever original goals achieved by the fraud, the accuser gains support and validation from the community. The accused provides a smaller target that can be far more easily and quickly destroyed than the larger “rape culture”. This helps women and white knights self-actualize feelings of power through mob “activism.” Victory through conviction or plea deal proves the existence and guilt of “rape culture”. Defeat through acquittal or revelation of the fraud proves that “rape culture” exists, and is fully ingrained in the larger system of institutional oppression that suppressed the mob’s “truth” and “justice”.

    1. Notice it’s never a masculine, dominant man falsely accused of rape. They are all average built, beta-ish men because these men represent 90% of the American white male population. It’s the biggest sign that it’s all manufactured. If strong, violent, uneducated, feral men are accused, the excuse could be made that rape is a socioeconomic or mental health issue (which it is). If the rapists look like every male you see on the street, it becomes much scarier and easy to propagandize.

      1. No one made this much fuss about Prince trying to break his contract and they kept his artist name for a while….

    2. @Maluta Bereziak, everything you said is correct, except, that this phenomena is solely driven by some kind of ideologically “Marxist” leaning strategy. Both, the American styled, RIGHT & LEFT are in on this scam, working TOGETHER, in order to destabilize male influence across business, academia and government. In the beginning they were only going after lower class males, now they want the upper middle class and lower upper class males to “toe the line” as well.

  7. Maybe Kesha should hook up with that whiny girl from Yelp. Which, Mr Garrett, I know it’s becoming old news, but you should write an article about Ms. Talia Jane and her “condemnation” of Yelp and her supposed diet of rice.

  8. Kesha tars urine-drinkers not to mention blondes by association. Is there evidence that drinking urine causes one to become completely unaccountable in one’s own testimony? Or does the effect apply only to blondes? There ought to be warning labels applied to all urethras. We must stamp out this menace at the source!

  9. > “Now things have regressed to the stage where many of these celebrities, like singer Demi Lovato, have insisted that it is “gender equality” for a woman to be able to extricate herself from her “rapist” and a contract without evidence”
    Indeed, I agree with that.
    Of course, for the sake of gender equality, this involves that any male employer should have the right to fire freely any female worker without presenting any evidence.

    1. I’ll take it a step further. A man should be able to void his marriage the INSTANT his wife stops being/doing what she was, to get him interested in the first place. If a man could genuinely do this without any social/financial repercussions, IMO marriage wouldn’t be the vaginal man-destroying trap it is now. And women wouldn’t get the, “I’m a wife, so my work is done” entitlement either. 😉

  10. Legendary independent rock artist Michael Gira has now been accused of rape by a former artist on his label. She is a fucking headcase too and seems disgruntled that her career never took off.
    This shit is never going to end.

    1. I asked you to promise that you would never have sex with me.
      That chick’s statement just screams red flags.

    1. I believe there is a written record of her threatening to go public with this accusation if she was not released from her contract. This makes it a clear case of attempted extortion. Of course the pussy pass means that this charge will never be made. Any DA that did make the charge would be run out of office and maybe tarred and feathered.

    1. Yep. I saw that yesterday. She was 18 and many of the boys were 15. She should be charged with Statutory rape, along with making a false report to the police. Also did you notice that when this story first broke months ago, those boys’ photographs were shown everywhere? Now that it is shown that the woman is a liar, I have yet to see a picture of her. In fact, they still blur her image when she’s speaking on camera even though she is an adult.

  11. If your MKUltra-induced, Luciferian mind controlled split personality gives consent but “you” don’t, is it still rape? Probably not.

  12. Rape accusations are the modern equivalent for witch hunts. Since many women are used to being taken at their word, they have no idea how to handle being called for their accusations. Funny enough, being able to confront your accuser in court stems from the witch trials where many an accused heretic was not able to confront their accuser.

  13. It’s gotten to the point where men who want to remain free and clean need to wear body cams.

  14. Seriously, there’s an actual rape culture in Africa and the Middle East and these celebrities waste their effort of this person? For real?

    1. meanwhile refugees are raping Swedish and German girls, the average male in those countries including American males are being called “rapist”, “pedophiles” and “child molesters” If they want and are attracted to younger girls than them. It is sicking. I wonder what would it look like if all men stopped dating women??

  15. Meanwhile, in the UK a ‘quality’ (I use that term in the loosest kind of way) national newspaper is fawning over the woman.
    The general slant of many articles in this once quality newspaper is that ‘no smoke without fire’ and one article indeed by a radfem even suggested that in the case of rape allegations men should have to prove their innocence – yes you got that right folks. Guilty until proven innocent.

    1. If you look at the comments on Guardian’s website you’ll see an ever increasing number of disenfranchised readers! Guardian is catering to the harrrrrrrd left and that will be its downfall.

      1. That’s why they are blocking more and more comments. Even their own readers are saying they are full of shit.

        1. To true. With the latest cap theyve been spewing, their own following have problems maintaining a left wing stance.

    2. I actually quite enjoyed posting links to articles about the fact she denied the allegations. A few were moderated. And then it became personal attacks. I didnt say anything. Just provided the links. They are quite fragile.

      1. They’re not fragile. They’re simply intolerant of views that don’t agree with theirs.

  16. Its really sad most people wont dig a little deeper- on ANY story. Everything reduced to sensational headlines at this point.
    Women I like(current/ex coworkers, not the loons, the supposed “sane” ones) posting “support Kesha” nonsense on social media; I cant say a thing about it though, wont change their minds.

      1. Pointless to argue on the internet. Face to face, I might make some headway, but not on social media.

    1. It’s the leftist double standard. Everything that follows the SJW narrative is accepted as a fact, without any verification. If an event go against the SJW narrative, journalists attempt to claim it’s a lie, even if strong evidence is found.

    2. I like her music, I even like that ‘wasted’ act she puts on and her physical appearance when she is not in one of her overweight periods but its clear she is beyond help. She’s been given ample opportunity to present her case in a court of law in complete safety. She’s beyond help and furthermore indulging her threatens due process and would threaten innocent men in the future.
      I feel sorry for her but she’s a train in process of wrecking itself.
      As far as Dr Luke goes, not one has defended him yet publically. Who knows.
      We have to write this one off.

  17. In all fairness Dr Lukes music promotes cultural degeneracy and outright stupidity with its computer algorithm generated tracks and lame stupid redundant lyrics. The fact that he is being caught in a false rape scandal while peddling the type of selfish, stupid, and yes whorish music that promotes me first feminism amonst women allows me to engage in just a tad of schedenfrauter over the irony.

  18. It seems that until there is money or any type of gain to be made out of lies there will always be those kinds of shows, i.e. always and forever?

    1. No money is needed. Any woman who want to save her reputation from being a slut will use this tactic. She would not care a man’s life is ruined in the process.

  19. Soon the regressive left will infiltrate the justice system more and more, and will start punishing men who are accused of rape without any evidence. SJWs don’t care about facts or the truth and are pathological liars.

    1. They are already doing this and have been for years.
      Look at the Brian Banks case. No evidence. None. Zero. Nada. Just the crap testimony of a girl “raped” in a school where HUNDREDS were at the time.

  20. My personal favorite (oh God, help us):
    “it’s so unfair that the court decides whether or not someone has been raped. so much injustice in this world.”

    1. so according to Sasha Malik, the court decides who was raped? This the example how stupid, intellectually inferior this girl actually is. The court decides whether the case is true or bullshit. This is the reason why we have due process. The court is ruled by evidence that proves whether person is guilty or innocent.
      this bitch needs to grab law books and start reading before blashing into twitter.

      1. To be exact: twelve ordinary people generally decide whether the person was raped. Some — often a majority — of those twelve people even have vaginas themselves. This charming little thing is called a “jury”, and it’s been a thing for the past, oh, thousand years or so in law.

        1. I for one am very much opposed to the notion of trial by jury insofar as it is not composed of peers or equals to myself or anybody whom would be standing trial. They can and often are taken in by charlatans and frauds from the bar table and are so very easily manipulated or overawed. I am a firm believer in the more inquisitorial system whereby the presiding judge(s) take on a more investigative role or where you have professional jurors composed of individuals that are learned in the law who are able to understand and absorb all the evidence and make informed determinations.

        2. I like the current system for one and only one reason; jury nullification. I would love to be on a rape case jury. They had better have iron clad proof or I vote no way. A better case for jury nullification is where the public knows the law but enough people disagree with it so the DA can never get a conviction.

        3. That’s a nice thought but I thought the problem also being that the overwhelming majority of mouth-breathers lack the mental faculties to make rational and logical decisions and also are found wanting in understanding the law.

    2. If she’d really been raped she would have filmed it and sold the clip for $1M and then started her own reality tv show….

  21. I felt like I had been raped when I joined the Army. I still had to abide by the contract and serve my term of enlistment. What some called “the big green weeny”.

    1. The standard rule, which you never learn until after that fact, is that anything a recruiter or detailer says is a lie. Kind of like, when is a politician lying? When his or her lips are moving.

  22. Lady Gaga modus operandi…
    1.) Claim to not be a feminist when career is going great
    2.) Write a domestic abuse song when sales start to plummet
    3.) Support false rape allegations when career is spiraling further
    Not surprised…

  23. Men need a list of resources to battle this shit. A list of heavy-hitting lawyers to take these frauds down.
    These women should be selling fruit on a Haitian street corner after their lies get debunked.
    No remorse, I say.

    1. RoK and other sites are here for them. The resources are out there. They may not be formally put together but they’re out there.

  24. Kesha is a symbol of how degenerate, void and disgusting the music industry has become. A cultural prostitute, that had no problem selling herself to the industry, in order to make some money and be famous. She is a lost soul with no talent and a empty human being, and a terrible influence in young kids.
    Now, the thing is: even if she was raped (she was not!) i believe it would be even worse, because that would have meant that she was abused for ten years, for sex and drugs, and did not complaint, rather was very happy with her career.
    In the end, this does not surprise me because we all know that these so called movie or music stars of today, are, generally, puppets with no will.

    1. why would anyone take her seriously when she declared that she had sex with ghost? what makes you think that people will take her seriously now? If i was the judge i would’ve put her into a lunatic institution..

      1. “If i was the judge i would’ve put her into a lunatic institution..”
        Have you ever reflected that, if a music/movie star cuts himself on stage, takes drugs, makes profanity the norm or has some disgusting behaviors, its all a matter of “artistic” expression, of breaking the boundaries, of being yourself??? But if its a normal, anonymous person, he/she is crazy and should be sent to a lunatic asylum???
        Its like Will Smith regarding his son, when he says that he his fearless…He is not fearless Will, he as severe problems. In conclusion, Kesha is just a reflection of much of the things we criticize here in ROK. The problem is: there are many more Keshas around!

        1. Miley is crazy like a fox. she knows what she is doing and is making big money with her shtick.

    2. “Now, the thing is: even if she was raped (she was not!) i believe it would be even worse, because that would have meant that she was abused for ten years, for sex and drugs, and did not complaint, rather was very happy with her career.”
      This. I read yesterday where another woman was raped by Bill Cosby, what’s that like, 5000 women now? How the fuck did the guy even have time to sleep? Odds are 90 percent someone in your family has been raped by Bill Cosby. But it’s like, the thing is, if Bill Cosby raped most of Hollywood, why did they fuckin keep going near him or taking pills from him? I mean, if you go watch a movie today women are nuclear physicist geniuses/kung-fu experts who don’t need men to protect them. And yet if they didn’t choose to come forward at the time they were raped, they still can’t get the word out that this guy is a serial rapist and other women should stay away from him? It seems like the more women who come out against Bill Cosby, the sillier women look.

  25. The technological solution I see to this false rape nonsense is discreet, wearable, smart, 24/7, body cameras with audio, time and location logging. As much as I dislike the ‘surveillance state’ in public, this is the point we’ve reached in our private lives, to defend ourselves against lies and manipulation. Fuck getting affirmative consent – I’ll be pointing to the camera and saying ‘if it’s not on, it’s not on’!

  26. Kesha has squandered whatever little self-respect she has in the music industry. All she has now is to incite a mob for sympathy.

  27. So Kesha claimed in court that Dr. Luke didn’t rape her when it was convenient for her to do so and now she claims in court that he did rape her when her situation has changed.
    All this says to me is that a woman’s testimony under oath is worthless.

    1. This will be the end result in time (perhaps a long time). A feminist writer even noted this in an article on one of the tabloids in London. Her slant is that if this bitch wins, then why would anyone ever enter into a contract with any woman ever again? Seems like the logical conclusion to me.

  28. “Heyyyyyy everyone, check me out, I’m a brash, sex-positive feminist party chick who doesn’t take any shit or let anyone tell me what to do… WE’RE TAKING OVER! Amiright? Also, I’m a meek, submissive, borderline-robot and I let a man rape and control me for ten years. Got it? Good! YOLO!”

  29. The only thing Dr. Luke gave this woman was a hit career. That woman has got to have the least amount of talent out of any pop singer alive today. She doesnt even sing. She does spoken word garbage with echo filter and auto tune over his catchy music.

    1. The cunts are never happy bro. As all us men know u made me millions now make me millions more or else I’ll say u raped me this is the world we now know

    2. Modern pop culture is kinda garbage..seems like money is taking precedence over the quality of the music and performers these days.

  30. Seems like another clear-cut case of celebs jumping on the bandwagon and taking advantage of the current rape hysteria that is pervading society.Mark and what is it..gotta agree with you guys the world is becoming a scary place.The masses are buying into what amounts to clear lies and slandery without thinking of the consequences.Seriously feel sorry for Dr.Luke..kudos to Sony for being able to see the truth and stand by his side.

      1. Well obviously. The underlying principle is that when a liberal hears about a rape case, their already low IQ drops a further 10 points and they will believe anything.

  31. Okay, solutions time, people… how do we change the climate? What steps can we take to head off this hysterical 1984-style “rape culture” of “Testimony is Beyond Reasonable Doubt”, “The Oppressed Groups Cannot Oppress” and “There is No Perfect Victim, Even If She Changes Her Story Five Times”.

    1. I submitted an article to propose an increase of guest visas for young women. We get young thin women, the lefty chirpers get less regrettable interaction with men. Win-win.

    2. Dr. Luke is countersuing. I would argue that “making them pay” is a good start to changing the culture.
      I kinda hope that Dr. Luke also holds Kesha out for the entire length of her contract, but doesn’t record any material with her. By the time her contract is up, she will be long-forgotten.

  32. Slander, libel, false witnessing, etc. is out of control today. It causes horrible damage to a person and it’s so bad I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been through at least undue stress because of it. Thankfully, equipped with a little wisdom, you can minimize the impact of these wicked people.
    Remember first of all that we live under a set of “laws” that have been created by a bunch of lawyers in the last several hundred years specifically to protect scumbag humans who love to lie. It’s paramount the “laws” that subject us to these wicked attacks be exposed and opposed. Know your enemy. The “law” system that enables false witnesses to cause so much damage is the enemy. Wicked people are always going to be wicked when they can get away with it. Look to the root of the problem and stop hacking away at the branches.
    Donald Trump is making the media nervous because he wants to tweak “laws” for slander and libel. Obviously, the media want nothing to do with that because they might actually be held accountable for the wicked misinformation they spew out 24/7. Slander and libel is their bread and butter. However far Trump may go with this, if he gets in, good for him. Sadly, it will not go far enough.
    The time tested standard that fixes this problem, and educates a man with the wisdom to withstand false witnesses, is the 9th Commandment and its statutes:
    “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” (Exodus 20:16)
    “Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.” (Exodus 23:1)
    “Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness. Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment.” (Exodus 23:1-2)
    One practical tip of wisdom to defend yourself:
    “One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.” (Deuteronomy 19:15)
    DEMAND AT MINIMUM TWO WITNESSES. Not people with second hand info. Not “she heard it from the guy who was there”. Not one witness. At least two eye witnesses. If there are not at least two eye witnesses there is no basis against a person. For your own safety, as several authors on here have pointed out, record everything. That’s your second witness and anyone who hears a recording is also a witness. To start fixing this huge false accuser problem in our countries today we must return to, and hold fast, the principle of two witnesses to establish any matter. Standing on this principle and going no further will confound an opponent. Do not play by their rules.
    A return to the King’s law is ultimately the only thing that will fix this problem in society. The great western civilizations were built on these principles. Now these principles have been abandoned so it should come as no surprise to anyone the same great western civilizations are decaying at a rate proportional to our abandonment of these principles. An eventual return to these righteous principles is the answer:
    “If a false witness rise up against any man to testify against him that which is wrong; then both the men, between whom the controversy is, shall stand before Yahweh, before the priests and the judges, which shall be in those days; and the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and hath testified falsely against his brother; then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shalt thou put the evil away from among you. And those which remain shall hear, and fear, and shall henceforth commit no more any such evil among you. And thine eye shall not pity; but life shall go for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.” (Deuteronomy 19:16-21)
    This is true law. This is the only way to motivate other human beings for optimal moral compliance. Those who do not willingly live their lives as moral people for themselves and their fellow man have to be in constant fear any wicked thing they do will be done to them. Ask yourself how different society would be if every false witness knew the government would seize them and do to them exactly what they wickedly conspired to do to another. The vast majority of false witnesses would keep their wicked mouths shut. What we have now is a system that does everything it can to protect false witnesses.
    “If there be a controversy between men, and they come unto judgment, that the judges may judge them; then they shall justify the righteous, and condemn the wicked. And it shall be, if the wicked man be worthy to be beaten, that the judge shall cause him to lie down, and to be beaten before his face, according to his fault, by a certain number. Forty stripes he may give him, and not exceed: lest, if he should exceed, and beat him above these with many stripes, then thy brother should seem vile unto thee.” (Deuteronomy 25:1-3)
    That insufferable asshole who’s always spreading lies about you? At the very least, his foul mouth deserves a public shaming with a man sized corporal punishment to make up for what his parents did not do. Again, how many petty liars would dare open their lips with falsehood knowing they are risking getting a whipping in the town square? Once again, the vast majority will keep their mouths shut. Wicked people don’t give a damn about their neighbor’s skin, but they really care about their own.
    For the Christian, take solace in the fact that the wicked always get what they have coming even if you’re not around to see it when it happens. When we shirk our duty to society by not implementing our King’s law on a national scale, Yahweh is a righteous judge who will always give the wicked their just due. When it comes to false witnesses, four of the seven sins Yahweh hates most have to do with bearing false witness :
    “These six things doth Yahweh hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, an heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.” (Proverbs 6:16-19)
    “Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous.” (Psalm 31:18)
    “Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel.” (Proverbs 20:17)
    Last, but not least, examine yourself! Keep your ways as pure as a man possibly can. Do not bring this immorality into your sphere by your own heart or by those you willingly associate with. Otherwise, you have only yourself to blame:
    “Remove far from me vanity and lies…. “(Proverbs 30:8)
    “I have hated them that regard lying vanities: but I trust in Yahweh.” (Psalm 31:6)
    Protect your good name:
    “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches….” (Proverbs 22:1)
    “A good name is better than precious ointment…. “(Ecclesiastes 7:1)
    The return of kings will only be fulfilled with a return to the King of Kings.

  33. Hang on, isn’t this an open and shut case where he can now sue her for slander? Why isn’t he suing her? Would be wonderful to watch.

  34. “If we took such a proposition to a logical conclusion, you should be able get out of your rental or home loan agreement based on your testimony, not what actual evidence you produce in a court of law.”
    Actually, in Ontario/Canada, you (a woman most likely) can indeed get out of a tenancy based on alleged experienced, sexual violence:
    (Scroll to the bottom to Schedule 6 in which the Residential Tenancies Act is amended.)

  35. Why is it that these people keep apologising instead of standing by their previous statements.

    Hi-Fi Musical Adventure Collapses After Fest Founder Slams Kesha
    Hi-Fi Musical Adventure, a 60-act indie music festival in Toronto scheduled to start in 10 days, has collapsed after one of the co-founders made disparaging comments about Kesha, which further escalated into a feud with two female musicians.
    Anthony Dell’Orso reportedly posted “Fuck Kesha. Talentless hack with a penchant for drama” on his personal Facebook page (it has since been deleted).
    “What Kesha is going through is horrible and the deal that she signed is a form of slavery. I never meant to make light of the situation having to do with the allegations surrounding her and Dr. Luke,” Anthony Dell’Orso wrote in a lengthy statement to Billboard posted in its entirety below. “I did a stupid thing posting what I did in the first place and the events that followed…”
    Dell’Orso business partner Amanda Langton pulled the plug on Hi-Fi, telling Billboard “it’s for the best.”

  36. Ke$ha is doing what all other Western hoes are doing i.e. Shit testing on a macro scale, that’s alll it is and WE ARE FAILING! The biggest reason I support RooshV is that he’s NOT a pussy hiding behind psuedonyms and apologizing every 5 minutes to satisfy these cunts. Fuck Ke$ha and the celebs who back her ugly ass! She’s a lying tramp who’d rather be “la victime du jour” than actually writing hit songs. Dr. Luke should sue her ass back to the trailer park she belongs in!

  37. These guys must think they’re going to be drowning in pussy after making this retarded video. Fucking dumbshits.

    Catcalls Women Would Rather Hear
    Posted by SOML on Sunday, February 21, 2016

  38. Ke$has buddies cheer false rape claims while actual rape victims in Europe are told to dress more modestly. Complete BS. I’m starting to think that a large dose of hypermasculine Islam may not be such a bad influence on the West after all. Especially since most Western men are too timid to put a stop to it themselves.

  39. Look at this revolting mess. This woman has serious dependency issues. Some people speculate she could be taking anti-depressants, but I’ve known people on anti depressant medication, and they don’t act like this. I’m calling crack cocaine.

  40. On April 6, 2016, New York Judge Shirley Kornreich dismissed Kesha’s claims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender violence

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