How To Defeat The Mother Hen Cockblocker And Keep The Hot Friend

The legends of dragonslayers go way back in time. They resonate with men because we need to obstacles to overcome, to break free from barriers that restrict our freedom and mobility in the world.

As a form of modern dragon, mother hens and cockblocks in general are a huge social problem facing many men today when it comes to finding romance and love. A mother hen is usually the least appealing member in a group of women, one who acts as a barrier to happiness for all of them. They are not necessarily always fat and unattractive, but they do share one thing in common.

Masculine aggressive energy

Some signs that your girl’s best friend is a mother hen include:

1. Being very opinionated and a big talker

2. Having done some sports that are traditionally for men

3. Having taken courses in political science, business, or women’s studies

4. Is very ambitious and independent in life

5. You just freaking know…


Defeating the mother hen in a relationship

When it comes to a relationship, this is when you need to take your foes more seriously. If you care about your girl or just don’t want to lose her because she’s great in bed and you enjoy dating her, you need to put your foot down. Women are social creatures, and often times beautiful women need a less attractive and more dominant woman to lead the way because they can’t navigate life properly and make smart decisions for themselves. This happens despite the fact that the assertive mother hen usually cares more about having control and pissing off guys then she does about her “friend.”

A relationship is the one place where it is dangerous to leave your girl with a mother hen who dislikes you. Throughout history as men went out and brought food home for their families, women sat around, took care of the children, and socialized with other women. Because of this evolutionary programming, women are hive creatures and they share a hive mind. They are naturally drawn to take on the opinions of other women around them even if those opinions are completely irrational, which is another reason for their lack of success in many fields despite all of societal structure created to aid them.

This presents a huge problem when the mother hen has all the time in the world to brainwash your girl into cheating on you, dumping you, or imbibing the evils of the modern world. She’s working behind your back like a dude who’s trying to steal your girl. Her aims are to beat you indirectly, and this can be done in many ways;

1. She can be talking about hot guys to your girl and deliberately inciting qualities that you specifically don’t have, making your girl think about “I like my boyfriend but can I do better?”

2. Talking about parties and events where she knows there will be men trying to give her attention

3. If she’s less subtle she can mock you directly or make sarcastic comments to question your masculinity or positive qualities

As you know, women love to sit, gossip, and complain, so whenever you and your girl have a fight, your girlfriend will inevitably bitch about you to her friends. These complaints will be the impressions that her friends will remember you by, and they will try to use their influence to separate you two.

Time to take out the mother hen from the equation

slaying the dragon

Step 1: 

Talk to your girl about the troublemaking friend and point out how much time they’ve been spending together. Subtly get some dirt on what they talk about, and find out if you’ve been mentioned in the conversation.

Step 2: 

Tell your girl how you think what you have is special and that you know that her friend is jealous. Specify how you two must be a united front against all people and situations that are trying to break up your happiness due to jealousy.

Step 3:

Don’t simply tell your girl that the mother hen is bad news. Assassinate her character using your wit, and point out how she is a pathetic and unhappy human. “She seems really happy in life, with her four cats, dead end job, and her case of chlamydia.” Plant the seed of her being an unpopular loser and a hater. Illustrate how her poor choices have led her to physical ruin, mental illness, or general unhappiness. Girls want a winner, both as a boyfriend and as their friends.

Step 4: 

If the mother hen has a particularly strong grip on your girl, this is where you need to intervene. Confront her and tell her that you know what she’s up to, impose your dominant frame on her, and let her know that you’re not messing around.

Often times her true dislike of you will start to come out uncontrollably. This is when you need to have some witty comebacks ready to mock her and put her in her place. Basically say the same things as in step 3, just to her directly.


Letting her friends go is sometimes its a hard choice for a girl to make. She may not have the capacity to see the long term effects on your relationship by being around certain people. If you spot the venom, point it out and destroy it right away! The longer it drags on, the worse it’s going to get for you.

Having overcame this challenge it will strengthen your bond and propel you onto the next phase of a relationship

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82 thoughts on “How To Defeat The Mother Hen Cockblocker And Keep The Hot Friend”

  1. Oh fucking please. Some random chick is in no way a dragon. She might be – might – be one to a ten year old. Quit focusing on getting laid and do something real in the world. Build a business, write a book, help confused young men figure out why their life is a mess. Do whatever, as long as it is more useful than trying to hold on to chicks who are swayed easily enough that another woman can make her leave you.
    Or at least choose a better way than playing girl games. Get the money, then get the power, then the women will come, and stay.

    1. Get the money, then get the power, then the women will come, and stay.
      That’s the hard game. As with everything else today though, people choose the easy way out, hence the Game theory – how to fake an alpha.

      1. Depends on the player. For me, putting on a clown mask is beyond my tolerance. A long term, possibly lifetime, relationship can’t be a farce. Nobody can endure that for 20+ years and still be happy.

  2. What’s worse, a woman whose friend(s) are “mother hens,” or a woman who doesn’t have any female friends? I find it to be a huge red flag when women boast about “I don’t have any girl friends, I’m friends mostly with guys.” It usually means she’s passed around her circle of guy friends like a blunt at a college party. Sometimes I find it best to simply get along with a woman’s friends so you earn their trust. If her friends trust you, she’ll trust you. Like getting along with a girl’s dad. If her dad likes you, she likes you. Women are idiots and have a hard time thinking for themselves, sometimes the validation of someone near them can help you in the long run.

    1. Women with no consistent female friends are much worse in my experience. My last serious girlfriend did have friends, but I couldn’t stand hanging out with them, ditto her family. Current girlfriend has many cool, pretty friends that ARE fun to be around. So I went from trying my best to get out of any social outing with lame asses to now saying “Yeah sounds fun” without hesitation. A high quality woman should have high quality female friends and that ultimately expands your own social circle. But the worst is when a woman has no friends and depends on YOU for all her entertainment. “Why wouldn’t you invite me? You know I like hanging out with the guys!”

    2. Loved this comment – The end was especially funny.
      “Women are dumb… and im dumber because i cant understand them”

    3. Currently seeing a girl who has few friends after graduating college, male or female. (Also she works 6 days a week and is not American) My first reaction is that is a red flag. But then again, after becoming redpill, I have lost a good bit of my friends as well. Especially with the current election season coming up. So I’m not really sure how to take that. I mean ideally I wouldn’t want a girl hanging around other sluts or other dudes, but they also need some female exposure so they can chat about shoes or whatever crap I don’t want to talk about.

      1. Just take it on a case by case basis. You don’t really know someone until after several years, so you got time.

      2. ”is not American” translates to ”she’s a globetrotter”. Any woman from another land who journeys alone to your country has more independent kahones than even the quaint neighborhood girl who has only been ‘around your block’. The girl who’s been around the ‘world’ barely qualifies as a woman though, unless she followed her man around the world and carried a bag or two loaded with pots and pans from Ireland and checked in at Ellis Island. A woman in tow behind her man is a travelling woman, but still a woman nonetheless, but a lone exchange student or independent globetrotter is very hard to domesticate if not impossible. If a girl next door ever threw you a willie, then that shows you the power of the pussy alone, even if it doesn’t have much brains behind it. Pussy is an addictive drug on legs by itself. Now imagine a travelling pussy, a pussy with rocket engines.

        1. This particular one doesn’t live in America, but the general sentiment here, I agree with. I used to think all the talk on ROK about world travelers being cock carousel riders was extreme, and yeah, there are a handful of girls who just enjoy travel and seeing new places, but I’ve come to discover that the vast majority of them are slutting it up with the freedom that no one will ever know what she does abroad… Didn’t they actually prohibit single women travelling alone from entering Ellis Island?

    4. If a woman has all male friends, its probably because women see through her bullshit and only loser men will tolerate her. Also, she probably has very low self esteem and so she sees having beta male friends as a form of validation.
      So bring another girl along or hit on other women in front of the girl. She will do anything to win you over and not have competition from another woman.
      The cucks always bounce out of the picture at a later time. Then you can shame her and run dread game on her for wasting time with loser cucks that are not true friends.

  3. How to have fun with the girls who let their cockblocking friends make their decisions for them: “Remember that dude who was attracted to you until your friend told him to get lost? He was here celebrating because his uncle died and left him twelve million dollars. Oh well, your friend knows what’s best for you.“

      1. I’d just say that if she thinks her friends opinion is worth more than her own judgement then there is nothing more to do about it.
        And I mean it too. If she really values another girls opinion more than her time with me, then it won’t last. Better to cut the ties and find someone more compatible.

        1. I understand, but since they don’t care what we think anyway, why not have fun and teach them something at the same time?

    1. Ah! To have the presence of mind to hit these notes at the proper moment. I usually only think of these things after the fact when I am back home.

  4. I have to say that if your readers couldn’t come up with this guide themselves then they must be intellectually challenged – No wonder they need advice from you. Your guide is pretty basic, includes natural human thinking so why your posing it like its an original thought dreamt up by yourself is taking credit where none is due.
    1. Talk to your girl about the other girl.
    2. Act like your not threatened.
    3. Convince your girl that her friend is overbearing.
    What’s obviously funny about this is simple that if it was a woman taking the same steps against one of your bros you’d be up in arms about how the feminist movement has ruined man-time and are trying to lock you down because you’re such a catch haha
    Tell me guys, would you appreciate a girl doing this to you? You reap what you soe.

        1. Yes. Women are rarely friends in the male sense of the term. They spend more time backstabbing and oneupping eachother than anything else, in most cases.
          Try this simple test. Would a woman risk her life for another woman? That’s what men do.

        2. Why does it always come down to risking your life? Not all female friendships are bitchy and backstabbing, you’ve been watching to much reality tv. There are plently of men and women across the world that dont live lives even remotely to what is broadcast on television.
          The reason why the MRA’s and the Feminists piss everyone off so much is because of all the blanket statements. At what point do we start to look at each other as people again? When women return to the home? When men are “allowed to be men” These two statements mean absolutely nothing when you begin to delve deeper into what they’re suggesting.
          If a woman did this to a man im sure 95% of the men on here would be up in arms about it.

        3. I’ll elaborate.
          When I said that women backstab eachother, I was talking (among others) about mother hens.
          The reason a mother hen is a mother hen, is that she is not as attractive as her flock. She cockblocks so they won’t get the men she want but can’t have.
          Oh, and I have a sister. And no tv.

        4. I know and agree, but past a certain level it becomes possible to perform what is known as an amygdala hijack. Harder to do through comments than in real life with people you know, but it is interesting practice. And on the off chance she is not one of Them, there may be fruitful discussion. Doesn’t seem to be the case here though.

        5. Huh, didn’t know the “amygdala hijack” phenomenon was labeled as such. Applying psychology is fun and eye-opening, especially when you have no qualms.

        6. If it interests you, there is a book called How To Deal With Narcissists by Anonymousconservative, the r/K guy. It goes into detail about what they are, how they are formed and has a guide to amygdala hijacks.
          Of course, I would never suggest to weaponize psychology, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to know how it works.

        7. ” Not all female friendships are bitchy and backstabbing, you’ve been watching to much reality tv.”
          NO male friendships are bitchy and backstabbing.

        8. I have six sisters, have had 4 wives, and have lived on this planet for over 60 years; women do not have friends in the same way that men have friends, period.

        9. Exactly-and if they ever devolve into that it’s settled by a stern talk or throwing hands.

    1. Quick question , you claim the men on this site are threatened by women because educated women , like yourself ,can do jobs such as “fork lifting”(yes, she said forklifting) as well as if not better than a man . You also claim that the men on this site have nothing better to do that “eat fast food and play with themselves but created a disqus account just to post on here …that being said , I forgot my question, you’re just a loser .

        1. This was a great attempt at being funny, i bet you think all the women that come on this site look like that haha
          That’s some great fork lifting btw, however i was referring to the actual job of forklifting but i suppose it must have been to much for you to comprehend… a woman… driving a machine… Oh the horror!! haha

        2. Then you would know the proper term is “forklift driver” or “forklift operator”. Your ignorance on something as basic as the job description indicates the closest you have ever come to “forklifting” is the picture above.

  5. There are much more efficient ways to Counter-Cockblock than what is described in this article. It requires some full-time wing-men and a grand strategy, but as written, I would say this article outlines a pretty “manginistic” approach.

  6. Anyone can see the obvious, but only the wise can see the simple.
    A good example of how useful self-confidence -and a bit of healthy narcissism- is.

  7. Honestly, any girl so easily influenced by jealous bitches is not LTR material. Pump her for as long as you can, but don’t become too attached.

    1. No way are girls with a mother hen worth the effort. Such a situation is usually indicative of deeper issues.

        1. That true and some don’t but there grow up with the mother hen and know them for a long time. But when they grew up the mother hen change it became worse and the girl was forced to stay with her because of longevity and loyalty

    2. ^ This.
      My uncle, back in the early 19 freaking 70’s, had a beautiful wife who obeyed her mother (same thing, different era). Result? She turned her daughter against her very masculine husband.
      Kill the hen, always (not literally as in “kill”).

      1. My aunt was divorced before I was born, so I never met her husband (my ”would-be-uncle”).
        I used to hear stories from all the members of my family saying how the man was bad, etc, etc.
        Except for my father. Well… he didn’t deny the stories, but what he did say to me was that my grandma (which was my aunt’s mom) lived with the two in the same house back when they were still together.
        This article provides the answer to what really went wrong between those three living in the same house.

      2. Yeah, sometimes the mother hen is the girl’s mother.
        Case in point, a friend had to get a new job in another part of the country and the wife moved in with her mother for a few weeks. The mother was a very hateful, spiteful person, always hated her daughter’s choice in a husband, and because of ill health, needed a nurse 24/7.
        After a few weeks of continual verbal assault on her husband and the emotional blackmail, the wife sent her husband a Dear John letter.

  8. Someone on another thread posted that some feminists got the word “hen” added to a dictionary recently as a new gender neutral pronoun. This is one I don’t mind using!

  9. Why bother? Really just sounds like you’re describing some girl whose circle of friends still self-identify with Sex and the City Characters and that whole ‘there must be something deeper and more meaningful’ meme of club scene ‘dating’. If there’s a mother hen, then sure as shit, she’s with you because she thinks you will change to suit her and her friends. Really only have two options –
    1. Like others have mentioned, enjoy the ride while it lasts. If you really think the mother hen is worth investing time and energy into hating, bang her too. When the relationship hits the point where you’re bored with it and the ‘hot friend’ doesn’t look so hot in the morning light and with the constant nagging, you can just pop that social hand grenade.
    2. You really think the ‘hot friend’ is worthy of a committed long term relationship, then there is no ‘game’ left. Now you’re into a totally different field – one where you need to have some firm rules. You need to take the direct approach. Personally, I don’t bother with character assassinations. Any guy who honestly believes a woman with half a brain will listen to him over the sisterhood is dreaming. Just like you put faith in what your bros say, same goes for normal women. Attack her friends character, even if it’s really passive/aggressive, and she’ll start wondering if her friend was right. The media has been teaching women about ‘the warning signs of a toxic boyfriend’ since the 1980s – guess what one of the signs is… Just ask her straight up what the mother hen’s problem is. She’ll be shocked and defend the friend. That’s when you can point out the behaviour you’ve been picking up on. She’ll probably say she’ll talk it over with the friend. Leave it at that point, but don’t drop the conversation. This is where you start to lay out what you want and expect, and what that gets in return. Personally, I’m not a big fan of that approach. Some mother hens can smell blood in the water – which is what you get when you practically admit that you’re threatened enough by them to try and split the friendship. Confidence is the key. If you’re really confident, you can just ignore the mother hen entirely. Still lay out what you want from the relationship though, including ‘just you and me time’. Most ‘mother hens’ just want attention. If ‘hot friend’ is ready to take it to relationship, then she’ll happily spend more time with you and ‘mother hen’s’ pecking will soon come across to her as jealousy, especially if you’re showing that you’re not threatened by the hen.

  10. It is the “Cruella De Vil” symptom. Your woman keeps around a nasty best friend, for some reason, who belittles you and snipes at your relationship. Consider how the man in 101 Dalmations handled the situation. He wrote a song about how horrible this woman was and turned it into a big hit. This was Disney before it turned sjw, so you can learn from it. Grind the interfering woman into the ground.

  11. Or you could just tell the bitch to STFU right in front of your girl and let them both know you’re not going to put up with their BS and both her and her bossy butch girlfriend can GTFO.
    Life is too short to put up with any girl’s manipulative “bestie” or “wing woman” or whatever loose ally (and I do emphasize loose ally) phrase they think sounds trendy and cool. Besides girls are much, much more loyal to their men than they’ll ever be to their girlfriends. In fact, most girls don’t hesitate for a second to completely drop ALL of their friends to be with a dude they really dig.
    If her friend is doing this to you and your girl is allowing it to happen, dump her. She’s obviously too easily influenced by external factors that she will eventually get distracted likely by another man that she’s going to wind up dumping you anyway. Women devote EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of their time to a guy they really like, no ifs, ands, or buts. If she’s letting her manly girlfriend get in the way, she doesn’t like you all that much at all.

  12. Roofie the mother hen and then raw dog her in the pooper… Cluck-cluck! Ruffle those tail feathers and be the fox in the hen house.

  13. This is where the betas on staff come in to play… Mama hen needs lovin too lol

  14. The more I read it, the more this article sounds like ‘game-lite’ for boys still shaving peach fuzz and trying to figure out how to move from the ‘friend zone’ to finger-banging Mary-Jane Rottencrotch in the back row of the movie theatre. Author really just seals it with “Having overcame this challenge it will strengthen your bond and propel you onto the next phase of a relationship”. Please… next you’ll be telling us how you gotta have swagger before you can have class. If you’re seriously getting cock-blocked by a woman, it’s time to confront a few realities.
    1. You’re looking for that one milk-mamma who’s going to demand feed you sex. Being that obvious, you’ve just surrendered all power in the ‘relationship’. The next phase of your relationship is going to involve a lot less sex, more shopping and loads of deep, one-sided, introspective conversations about ‘us’.
    2. She’s running game on you. Mother hen is her wingman who saves her from the awkward emotional problems that come with telling you she’s not that into you, as she is the other 3 guys she’s met (and banged) in the past week. You’re not even interesting enough to get a “It’s not you, it’s me. We can still be friends,” talk, cause she knows you’ll whine, cry and beg for one more pity fuck.
    3. You really need to lift your game. Having that cock-blocking friend should be no big deal, since you can get sex elsewhere. That nonchalance, that’s what’s going to make her interested enough to come to you.

  15. I honestly don’t even know why many women keep their “mother hen” friends around. Every time I have come across a group of girls who have a mother hen in their friend circle, the mother hen always is the shit starter who just makes drama. They push certain people away for no good reason for “protection” instead of acting like decent human beings to other people and then start cut throat bitch wars in the process, at least in my experience with my peers. Its like they get off on being the queen bee in a gossip and reputation war between social circles that literally have no reason to fight each other.

  16. There are some articles I’ve refuse to read on ROK just cause of some beta tittle.

  17. I always thought of the mother hen of the group as just another shit-tester, except the goal for me becomes to expose her for the hateful bitch she is, not bed her like I would her attractive and submissive friend. On that note, any woman who relies on the approval of her friends, and not the supportive authority of her man, doesn’t actually see you as a human being to build a bond with; you’re just another accessory for her to discuss with her friends, and when you lose your shine or your favour with her clique, she will replace you. I have found as life goes on, these types of ‘herd women’ are simply not worth the effort. Crushing the mother hen’s ego always is, though.

  18. The term I have heard for the fat chicks that jealously deflect all male interest towards their hotter friends is “vulture” but mother hen works too.

  19. The worst is when the “girls” go out on a vacation, and assign one of the mother hens to keep them out of trouble. If you come across these players …These parasites will be more than happy to waste your time pretending to make you think their might be a good time later after entertaining them all day, and watch mother hag swoop in at the last min to save them from dropping their panties and having some kind of “emergency”. If there is an ugly hag that is playing that card, dont waste a drop of wine, or a dime on these players. Unless you want to watch your best booze get pissed away and your afternoon / evening swirl the toilet. Lose these users quick fast and in a hurry.

  20. “the fact that the assertive mother hen usually cares more about having control and pissing off guys then she does about her “friend.” – this is it

  21. My mother could have been a Playboy model in the 1950’s and early 1960’s.
    Instead she was a religious zealot and a narcissistic, domineering monster.
    During my teen years, she served as my mother hen cock blocker.
    I learned quickly.
    If your woman has a mother hen, then she has to make a choice.
    If she chooses the hen, then walk away.

  22. The Mother Hen you describe sounds like a lesbian. I’ve been around enough of them to know how they act and work on manipulating other women into their evil fold. They drive a wedge between the woman and her man, and then invite them to soccer teams and other female activities. The issue with it is that women naturally will sleep with their casual freinds and still say they’re not gay. Lesbians know this and use it to their advantage.

  23. Lots of comments here about this person is too beta, this or that. A true alpha male doesn’t waste any time with mother hens at all: Can you really see James Bond tolerating a nagging hag sidekick for even a second? Even if you can outsmart them (woohoo you’re “alpha”!), why would you want to? Dating online is generally the way to go – they show up alone, go home with you alone and fuck you alone and it’s way, way cheaper than blowing money on multiple sidekick bitches at the beach and clubs. Be efficient boys, life is short —

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