The 2016 Oscars Showed Us Which Lies The Hollywood Elite Wants Us To Believe

Social justice warriors have succeeded in ruining the entire movie industry. If you needed any proof, you just had to tune in to the 2016 Academy Awards ceremony.

I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point the Academy Awards went from being a celebration of the film industry to an opportunity to sanctimoniously lecture the American people on various social justice issues. The Oscars have a small set of recurring SJW hot buttons: white racism against blacks, the plight of gays or the gender confused, the plight of women, the plight of immigrants, the Holocaust, and global warming. This year I watched to ensure that all the SJW boxes were checked.

Whites Are Racists


This year was really embarrassing for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—they did not nominate any black actors. Spike Lee and Will Smith protested it as being racist and boycotted the ceremony. SJW heads exploded.

Now, it strikes me as odd that there must be some sort of quota for blacks being nominated. Why just have a quota for blacks? Why not also have a quota for Chinese and Indian actors? But consistency is not a strong suit of SJWs.

To repair the damage done by its failure to nominate blacks, the Academy turned the entire Oscar ceremony into one long rant on racism. It started with host Chris Rock’s monologue. He opened with a joke about blacks not being nominated. I thought he would leave it at that, but he pressed on. His entire monologue was about the Academy’s faux pas.

To his credit, Rock did needle the Academy a bit, as well as Will Smith, but then it turned into an attack on white Americans in general. Rock said the reason that blacks didn’t protest the Oscars in previous years was because they had real problems to deal with. According to Rock, blacks in the past were constantly being raped and their grandmothers were hung from trees. Even today, Rock said, blacks have a problem getting to a movie theatre without being shot by the police.

This set the pace for the rest of the night. The heat was off the Academy. The real culprit is white Americans and their racist attitudes. The browbeating continued throughout the rest of the evening. Rock came back to the theme of racism again and again. The Academy made sure a disproportionately large number of the presenters were black. Finally, the evening closed to Public Enemy’s Fight the Power.

White racism against blacks box checked. And checked. And checked.

The Fake Campus Rape Epidemic


Just as I was beginning to think that the entire Oscar ceremony would be dedicated to white racism, the Academy threw me a curveball by having Vice President Joe Biden show up on stage. Sitting politicians have no business showing up on popular television shows, but the Obama Administration has made this sort of appearance mandatory. Somehow I doubt that this will continue if the next president is a Republican.

At first, I thought Biden was going to continue chastising me for being white. Instead, he started talking about the evils of campus sexual assaults. Now, Biden is a very strange person to introduce a segment on nonconsensual sex. Judging by the photos below, he is an intensely creepy man who appears to have a serious problem with the unwelcome touching of women.





Biden urged his listeners to take a pledge to “intervene in situations when consent has not or cannot be given.” But who will intervene to prevent Biden from inappropriately touching women, young and old? After saying a few words about the concocted campus assault epidemic, Pervy-Toucher-in-Chief Biden introduced Lady Gaga who sang a song about sexual assault.

The song was entitled Til It Happens to You, but I can’t tell you what the lyrics were. It was so awful that I had to mute the sound until it was over. At the end of the song, a bunch of sexual assault victims walked out on stage. Each victim had an empowering word like, “survivor,” “unbreakable,” or “Hillary 2016,” written on his or her arm. Many of the assembled thespians began to fake cry in response to the “powerful” segment.

Plight of women box checked.



Immigration is one of the defining issues of the 21st century. Donald Trump’s promise to fix the problems caused by immigration, both legal and illegal, is what has fueled his rise. The EU’s decision to flood Europe with Islamic “refugees” has already resulted in European women and children being sexually assaulted in large numbers. One doesn’t have to be Nostradamus to predict that the “rapefugee” crisis will not end happily.

For these reasons, I knew the self-righteous denizens of Hollywood could not leave this hot button without preaching on it. The messenger of the pro-immigrant message was Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu, who used his Best Director speech to preach to us on how we have to abandon our “tribes,” and how he looks forward to the day when the color of one’s skin means no more than the length of one’s hair. Yawn.

Pro-immigration box checked.

Gender Confirmation

Our elites are constantly creating new words and phrases to make their societal changes more palatable. Replacing “homosexual” with “gay” aided the acceptance of same-sex marriage. The media’s use of “undocumented Americans” instead of “illegal aliens” is a clear effort to soften Americans up for an amnesty.

At the Oscars, I learned another neologism—this time to advance the cause of transgenderism. While Julianne Moore was announcing the nominees for Best Actor, she described Eddie Redmayne’s character in The Danish Girl as a man who was undergoing “gender confirmation surgery” rather than the term we are familiar with: “gender reassignment surgery.” It makes it sound as though transgender people were born with a birth defect that must be corrected. George Orwell would have been proud.

While ROK readers are likely to laugh at this sophomoric word game, it is apparently effective with the impressionable masses. By the way, given the political correctness of the Oscars, I thought a movie about transsexuals would be a shoo-in for Best Actor. For once, the Academy was unpredictable and gave the award to Leonardo Dicaprio for his role in The Revenant.

Plight of gay or gender confused box checked.

Leo Goes For The Gold


It was getting very late and not all the SJW butt hurt boxes had been checked yet. When was global warming going to come up? Leonardo Dicaprio saved the day during his acceptance speech for the Best Actor award. He said that The Revenant took place in nature and that the biggest threat to nature today was global warming. Whew, that was close!

Global warming box checked.

People Do Not Like To Be Lectured


The whole purpose of the movie industry is to entertain people. They are usually very good at it so it is ironic that they have forgotten the first lesson of entertainment—people want to be entertained.

When someone turns on the Oscars, he wants to see a great visual spectacle with beautiful actresses. He wants to see how his favorite movies did and get an idea of what he might have missed. What he emphatically does not want is to get a sermon.

The 2016 Oscars were exactly that—a three-hour sermon on white racism against blacks interspersed with mini sermons on fake rape and global warming. The results were predictable. Viewers tuned out. It was the lowest rated Oscars in eight years.


Was the Holocaust box check this year? Not as much as in past years, but the winner of the Best Foreign Language Film was Son of Saul, a movie about Auschwitz. So yes, the Holocaust box was checked too.

Although it is painful to sit through, watching the Oscars is a good way to tell what the elites want us to believe. It is a big exercise in indoctrination, but if you watch critically you can see their strategy laid out pretty clearly. We do well to swim in the exact opposite direction from the one the elite are steering us to.

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463 thoughts on “The 2016 Oscars Showed Us Which Lies The Hollywood Elite Wants Us To Believe”

  1. So we’re gonna pretend like white on black racism is a concoction of the elite??? Really! Hollywood and the Oscars are just and balanced correct? Black people were never raped or lynched correct?! I disagree with SJW on a lot of points but white on black racism was and still is undeniable.

    1. You know what I hear when I whine that I didn’t get a pat on the back for my work? “No one cares. Work harder. So go back and keep doing what you’re supposed to be doing you fucking cry-baby.”

    2. Racism exists even with blacks against whites. Stop your bitching and show the world YOU are not like the negative stereotype people have about your kind. Stop playing the victim game like a SJW!

    3. I can’t hear you over the sound of your free college.
      On a serious note, of course those things happened in the past. Now, however, black people are catered to on every level imaginable by prostituting the struggles and hardships of their ancestors. The black people of the 60s and earlier did not go through what they went through to create a generation of entitlement.

      1. Free college lol i wish! White women have benefited from Affirmative Action more than anybody.
        White people are still racist today! It’s not like white people stopped.

        1. Based on comments like the one you made earlier black people are easily more racist, using a past they didn’t live through as an excuse.

        2. Racism is a rational reaction to forced diversity, generalisations exist for a reason. We parade around the NAWALT fallacy laughing at the poor bluepill fools who have been duped by society to accept wifing likely sluts, but bring up the same principle on race and all the dindus, eskimoes and spics come out of the woodwork to cry racism likes its some kind of scarlet word argument ender – absurd.

        3. ‘Forced diversity’ If you white people hate us so much, then why did you force black people to come over here???

        4. Hey, man, stop living in the past (which you didn’t even experience personally).
          Live your life, build yourself, and BE GREAT. At that point you shall not give a dime about who is racist or who hates you.
          Thank me later.

        5. White people are still racist today. Look no further than Hollywood although it goes a lot farther than that. White people are born racist.

        6. Listen here ‘boy’ I’m neither American nor particularly white. I’m just sick of the race card being pulled as an irrefutable trump card. You want to talk about oppressed minorities? My ancestors are largely non-arab native middle eastern Christians with a bit of western European thrown in. Is that relevant to the conversation? Not particularly, because in and of itself its not a damn argument.

        7. Depends on how you define it, really. If you are white and only date white, then you could be labeled a racist because you discriminate against black women to procreate. We know this is BS, you can see how it can be twisted.

        8. You get sent back to Africa, you probably won’t survive. You might be gunned down by your own kind.

        9. Its all language games in the end, I understand the danger of being called racist, sexist etc in todays world and how it can ruin a mans life, but strictly speaking based on the broadest of definitions, everybody really is racist.

        10. EVERYONE is racist today. EVERYONE. If you say any different, you’re either a liar or incredibly naive.

        11. Hollywood is run by Jews and everything you see coming out of Hollywood was financed and written by Jews. Wake up.

        12. It was the biggest mistake ever made in this country, and most citizens, including President Lincoln, wanted to send all blacks back to Africa after slavery was ended. Liberia and Monrovia were set up for this purpose. You’ll have to read your history to discover why that didn’t end up happening.
          Remember, the Jews and Whites who were responsible for importing African slaves were a tiny sliver of the elite population, only a couple percent at most, and all the other Whites gained absolutely nothing from slavery.

        13. Hate to agree with an idiot, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. The major beneficiaries of AA have been white women.

        14. I am lily white of Irish ancestry. My ancestors were also brought to this country in chains. So who wins the victim Olympics?

        15. About 2% of white Americans owned slaves. About 6% of Jews in America owned slaves. One of my grandfathers was Jewish, but he immigrated in the late 1800s, so he never owned any slaves.

        16. The Irish are still white… they sold out there ancestry in order to blend in with anglo saxons…..

      2. Yes. We’ve gone full circle on “equality” with women and the black community. There were no blacks nominated for the Oscars and there were no whites ever nominated for any BET award.
        Sounds equal to me.

        1. I wonder how the irony is missed on these people? First they brought us here on slave ships to live with them after WE built the country, they want us to go back… Buy our plane tickets back you satanic ‘white’ devils

    4. White people were also lynched, and in greater numbers. That’s what happened to criminals back in those days.
      The Irish and the Chinese were worked to death as slaves.
      Africans sold captured tribesman to the Jewish slave traders for their own profits. The Jews for some reason have never demanded they pay reparations for their major part in the trade, nor have they encouraged blacks to demand an apology from Africa. Simply a coincidence. :^)
      Police kill more white people than innocent gudboys who dindu nuffin wrong while they had they hands up.
      Obama’s sons rape tens of thousands of white women every year. The number of whites that rape black women averages around zero each year.
      Blacks murder almost 20 times more whites each year than the other way around.
      #BlackCrimesMatter has been recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.
      The “black community” has never accepted guilt for their own criminal actions, ever. It hasn’t happened once. They all gudboys who dindu nuffin wrong. Never mind the gun.
      Black racism is undeniable. Them niggas need to stop being so rayciss.

      1. This is nuts. White people are supposed to feel sorry for black people when cops do their jobs, and yet black people don’t take responsibility for anything they do ever? If the media reported all the horrendous crimes of blacks against whites as much as “police brutality” people would recognize it must be a hard fuckin job for the police babysitting these idiots.

        1. If the media reported all the brutal crimes blacks commit against whites blacks would be hanging from the trees again.
          Savage murders and rapes committed against white women and children get ignored every day… but if one of Obama’s sons is shot by a conceal carry holder during an armed robbery? Dat rayciss!

    5. You know, based on their numbers in the American populace, black people have gotten too MANY Academy Awards. So you can’t really prove any discrimination there. If anyone should complain it’s Asians.

      1. That is hilarious. Good point. Why doesn’t anyone say anything about that? Why do blacks get every piece of the victim pie when it comes to the Oscars?

    6. Go back to Africa or something if you’re so concerned about white racism. Jeez.
      No one is asking for you to be here. Taxpayers aren’t asking for their money to be taken away to cover affirmative action, jail time for blacks overrepresented in crime, increased public school funding for the poor performance of majority-black schools, etc.
      And you think black racism isn’t a thing? Just look at the state of South Africa or Zimbabwe today. You’re lucky you’re being treated as nicely as you are here, the rest of world doesn’t operate as nicely as the white liberals in the US do.

      1. Purchase our plane tickets back to Africa! Your ancestors forced us to live amongst the most pale, vile, incest riddled people on the planet. Now take us back!!!

    7. Hundreds of thousands of White women have been raped by negroes in America, just in the last 20 years alone. Where is your sense of shame and guilt? Where are my reparations?

      1. “Where is your sense of shame and guilt?”
        Your tribe has worked well to sell guilt to whites an get rid of shame from blacks.

      2. Hundreds of thousands fantasize about black men, but we’re all set unless they approach us correctly…

    8. There are not enough white racists to go around for all the SJWs trying to make a buck with their “activism”.
      One could make spare money hiring out as a professional racist. Many SJWs need victimizers so you could offer services such as posting racist graffiti, KKK robe appearances, fecal swastikas, and other pranks. This would provide fuel for SJW meltdowns while shielding them from scrutiny over who staged the alleged incidents. Would also work for homo-phobe and misogyny victims etc.

    9. How many whites were murdered by mobs of black “youths” in recent years? Hundreds? Most of the time for no reason at all. These events are basically lynchings. Blacks commit violence against whites on an industrial scale yet we are told to feel sorry for them for shit that happened 100 years ago. Only a racist anti-white would think that way.

    10. So, because blacks lacked justice in the past, we need to destroy all justice in the present? It’s Marxist politics that picks at the scabs rather than allowing them to heal. Marxists don’t want to solve any problems or make anything better, they want to create the chaos that they think will allow them to seize the absolute totalitarian power that they sickly crave. And it ain’t like all those lynched blacks were innocent, you know. The problem wasn’t the punishment itself as much as it was the lack of due process and equal treatment under the law. But you’ll never hear a Marxist megalomaniac admit that.

  2. They sort of ruined their future awards because now most people will quietly be thinking that they just won or were nominated BECAUSE they’re black. The next time Will Smith or whoever wins, it’s ALMOST logical to assume he was just handed the trophy so blacks wouldn’t bitch. I can understand concern for racism at times, but I think they did more damage than good in this case. Oh, and let’s not forget that JEWS mostly run Hollywood, not whites.

    1. Nah, they’ll never stop bitching. They’ll just demand more. “Wut, we only gots ONE nominimination dis year? ‘Da Day After The Week Before Next Friday at da Barber Shop’ wuz da best movie all year and them crackas didn’t even give it a mention. DAT RAYCISS.”
      You can’t defeat a parasite by feeding it.

    2. You never hear anything about the disproportionate number of blacks in the NBA or NFL. Some people are always victims.

        1. You talked about racism against blacks and now you say this?
          Ok now I’ve stopped taking you seriously.
          Happy whining…

        2. I actually don’t think it is inferior athletes as much as white men don’t try anymore, but rather play computer games and watch television, read etc.

        3. Well, when it comes to reaction times and gaming, I actually think intelligence matters =P.
          But on a side note, I can’t remember what the main Korean league is called, but wasn’t there a European guy in the finals or that even won it a while back?
          I don’t follow it myself, but I remember reading about it somewhere.

        4. And also, let’s not forget the big thing here, Koreans as a people seems to only play Starcraft lol, it seems to be immensely popular there, not as popular in the West, if it was more popular, we might have given them a competition lol.

        5. Black men have denser bones and higher testosterone on average. Each race has their advantages and disadvantages. Physical athleticism is simply something the black man is generally better at.

        6. Yeah, I was just being a little silly and playing to a stereotype. I’m sure there was a European or American that made it to the finals. I watch them occasionally for fun because I personally suck at the game and find myself getting way too stressed out playing against other people.

        7. Hockey , rugby , soccer ? You don’t see as many whites as professional athletes because they don’t see it as their only way out of the “hood”

        8. Can you provide a source for the denser bones (I know about the skull is denser in places but that is as far as I read on). The higher testosterone is such a small difference to be negligible, the much lower intelligence is the real issue when it comes to crime and education results etc. And even if they have denser bones would that provide them with anything but lower risk of injury?
          This black people being better at sports thing is just something that have been repeated so much it’s become a “fact”.
          How many white people even play basketball in the US? I’m sure ice hockey and other sports take a lot of talent, of those few even interested in sports among whites. Are there any other sports than American Football, Basketball and long-distance running dominated by African-Americans in the US?
          We also have to remember that we are talking about averages here “Physical athleticism is simply something the black man is generally better at.”. There is also more young black people than young white people in the world.

        9. White American men on a pro level suck at basketball and are pretty much good for offensive lineman in football.

        10. My counter argument would be how many blacks do you see in special forces across the military . I actually read an article about how the assessment process was racist because they couldn’t swim . Y’all can have the professional athletes I’ll take the professional soldiers

          Most studies are generally done for osteoporosis, either way abstract shows that blacks have higher bone density. Its where the stereotype of nignogs can’t swim came from. I’m sure that the social environmental factor has an impact as well. I mean look at slavs, nords and eastern block countries like poland, Lithuania, etc and strength sports. Though I suppose when every athlete is up to his eyeballs in vitamin T, the playing field is relatively even.

        12. Hockey racist and exclusionary from top to bottom… rugby are you serious!!! They play professional rugby in the states lol… and soccer gtfo here you white american men can’t win a world cup to save their lives…. they need more black players to be honest

        13. Well, Germany won the last world cup. They won it for the 4th time, actually. And they are European.

        14. I know right… It’s a good thing I live in America and get to pump all that desperate white feminist pu$$y

        15. The guy who says blacks are better than whites at sports now cries racism hahah. How are the NFL and NBA not ? It’s a bunch of black men making half the money that the white owner makes …..

        16. Making more money than you’ll ever make… since white men are committing suicide at record numbers why don’t you go ahead and give it a ‘shot’ lol

        17. I don’t care about Africa your own women hate you all and you know that good ole mandingo never fails…

        18. The why do you claim African ancestors in other comments ? I don’t care if white women hate me . Black and Hispanic women still love me haha

        19. You got a sister ? Tell her I’ll take her to out back if get a fistful of those dreads and ride her like the Kentucky Derby

        20. They love your fiat soon to be worthless money not you…. you’re a white man noone really likes you… you’re the oppressor, the devil personified… I’m black so by birthright I can claim OBAMA

        21. Most of them told me they love me for my blonde hair and blue eyes , sorry chief . Cool , claim Obama , I’ll claim all the other presidents hahah

        22. Thomas don’t prove your ignorance. If blacks are not better at some sports why then do they dominate the NBA, the NFL etc?
          And that claim about their lower intelligence is a farce; there is no evidence of that. Do you realize that 25% of American doctors are not white?

        23. It is a proven fact that blacks have lower average intelligence. And also, *everything* points towards that this is true, whatever you look at.
          Yeah, and I asked before, what else do they dominated other than NBA, NFL and running etc? I just think it’s more the abandonment of athletics and sports by white men in general, and the fact that there is more younger black men than white men etc.

        24. Oh, and you kind of missed the point here, the poster before me is claiming that blacks are *genetically* better suited for sports. Which I say there isn’t much evidence for, but just so much repeated it has become a “truth”. Like the penis myth.

        25. They are less intelligent because they chose not to learn, not that they are incapable of learning. When they try to learn and get better, their “leaders” tell them they are selling out to the man and losing solidarity.
          The irony is that it is their own kind that is brainwashing them and oppressing them. Only the wise one can see through the bullshit and make something for themselves.

        26. So you like to have sex with women who have diarrhea? HAHAHA!! Your mom must be so proud! I’d assume your dad as well but you likely don’t know who he is (I bet she doesn’t either).

        27. are you going by IQ test scores? that’s the only thing i know of that suggests that black are significantly less intelligent than whites and asians, but some dispute the validity of IQ tests in measuring intelligence. is there other concrete data out there that shows that blacks are less intelligent?

        28. Well, those that dispute IQ fails to disprove that IQ does reflect well on certain things like future earnings etc. So IQ isn’t *disproven*. Obviously IQ measures something.
          The point I’m making is that there has never been a serious study that shows blacks getting equal results to whites.
          We can also see this difference everywhere in our societies, whether it’s education, general results, crime etc etc. Also in how civilizations developed and what they produced. Remember when whites started colonizing Sub-Saharan Africa there was not a written language or basically anything.

        29. I noticed you conveniently ignored the first part of my response.
          In case you are not too far gone to learn something new: intelligence has nothing to do with the presence or absence of melanin in your skin. Just as your height, body size, or hair color has nothing to do with your intelligence. Those who are overly fixated on skin color generally have little else to be proud of in their lives. Maybe you might want to look inward and try to prove me wrong.

        30. Lol this fucking guy. You don’t want to compare white and black accomplishments, it’s not even close buddy. Everyone knows that. Your insecurities are really showing and it’s making me cringe hard.

        31. What that 25 percent of doctors aren’t white ? That doesn’t mean they’re black …..there are more races that just the 2

        32. If that is the case, then this would give them a valid justification to receive disability benefits. We don’t want to go there.

        33. Well, that’s only the truth if we accept the idea of a government that takes taxes from some and then give them to others, and while doing so creates dysgenics (stupid people breeding like crazy).
          And as I said, it’s an average. I mean even people with Downs Syndrome work here in Sweden, gardening and the like. So there are more labour intensive jobs that don’t require much intelligence, so I don’t see why disability benefits would be a guarantee.
          And yes, it is the case.

        34. Blacks have high twitch muscles, whites have slow twitch muscles.
          high twitch muscles are good for explosive action : running, jumping, boxing, basketball as well as pure mass growth, which is why blacks make good bodybuilders.
          Whites have slow twitch muscles which are good for weighlifting and wrestling. Almost all world weightlifting and wrestling champions are white or east asian.
          (Here’s a list of weightlifting champions, good luck finding an african in there)

          Blacks seem better at sports, becuase the sports that blacks are good at, such as rugby, basketball and others are more popular in US, then say swimming and weightlifting.
          If white men can’t jump, black men can’t swim. It’s stupid stereotypes.

        35. “Though I suppose when every athlete is up to his eyeballs in vitamin T, the playing field is relatively even.”
          A good argument for legalizing steroids in sports. You think if there was a drug that would make your IQ go up to 150 points it would be “banned” from scientific circles? Of course not, it would be celebrated as a way to enhance the competition at the highest levels of education.
          We’ve banned the means whereby a non-genetic freak can really compete in sports. Should we be proud of that?

        36. They´re extremely boring players, better to go down with a bit of gusto and style rather than be a poor dull winner.

        37. All white ‘accomplishments’ what a joke you all stole America and then pat yourselves on the back. YOU DEVILS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! YOU ARE THE MOST VILE AND DETESTABLE PEOPLE EVER CREATED

        38. It’s the money you idiot. Your blonde hair and blue eyes are recessive weak genes… you weak genetic recessive, melanin deficient piece of shyt

        39. I know my genes are recessive , that’s why you’re on here being mad . Because you’re always trying to one up my recessive ass but you never will because inside you always feel inferior. You some how think being better at pointless sports , banging white women , and making money is sticking it to my honkey ass hahah

        40. Your country is circling the drain…. Your society is collapsing right before our eyes, and I like the best PUA in the world (Justin Wayne) am enjoying the collapse and throttling your whorish women

        41. This is what it comes back to with blacks, every single time. This is why only a fool would think it is possible for White and Black men to be allies in the war against feminism and political correctness. Black men are in this for one reason only – to try and have sex with White girls. They don’t care about any of this other stuff – they don’t have the IQ for it.

        42. Surprising how many morons still don’t get this obvious, scientifically-proven fact: IQ IS GENETIC.

        43. Instead, they use the myth of “racism” to justify stealing trillions in wealth from White citizens and redistributing that wealth to lazy, envious, unproductive black layabouts.

        44. You mean….is there something besides a standardized IQ test that can measure IQ?
          Yes, we know that Al Sharpton and some of his progressive Jewish friends dispute the accuracy of the IQ tests. That means about as much as a lump of dogshit on the sidewalk.

        45. Maybe you can cram just one more politically correct liberal myth into that paragraph. Come on, I know you can do it.

        46. Nor is there a study giving whites equal IQ scores to Asians. This is not a counter argument but rather support. I would also state that the standard deviations of the IQ by race issue cause a great deal of overlap. Only at the extreme ends of the bell curve do we see great differences. And most of us (of course not me) live in the center of the bell curve.

        47. But none the less truth. stereotypes become stereotypes by being true most of the time. I went to the Naval Academy. The black guys might have been great athletes, but they all sank like rocks. There are differences between the races just as there are differences between the sexes. Ignoring reality does no favors for anyone.

        48. Black skin is recessive too. Add a little white to the black gene pool and the shade lightens damn quick.

        49. Funny that we are “inferior athletes”, because we white people win the majority of medals in the olympics even if we are a minority worldwide. But continue to believe your bullshit if it makes you feel better.

        50. QB in football takes the most intelligence and strategy, but defense does as well and they are mostly black. I guess it varies.

        51. i hadn’t thought of IQ and intelligence as entirely synonymous. i’m not especially knowledgeable on IQ tests, but do even those who make them (whoever that is) claim that they are a 100% accurate measure of intelligence. seems to me that intelligence is an abstract concept, like love. reminds me of how a lot of girls i’ve know will say “if you do X you’re in love” when love is an abstract concept that means different things to different people.
          it would be interesting to do an IQ test in a place like honduras, where you have mesitizos, whites, and blacks but there’s not much cultural difference between them.

        52. Why do you keep arguing with people, and then admitting that you don’t know what the hell you are talking about? Why not remain silent until you have something of value to add?
          I spent years studying IQ tests, and reading studies that demonstrate what happens when you control for all kinds of different variables. I know a whole lot about IQ testing, and you, by your own admission, know very little. And yet here you are, arguing with me.

        53. more trying to discuss than arguing, actually, although i realize tone doesn’t come over well on an online forum. would be interesting to hear your thoughts on how you came to be 100% convinced of the validity of IQ tests. you’ve said a few times that you’ve spent years studying the subject, so i’d hoped for some specifics. even some links to relevant studies would be great. so far, IIRC, you’ve mostly just said “look, i just know more than you know, so shut up.”

        54. Steroids aren’t a magic pill, the average skinnyfat guy’s not going to break any records by taking a shit tonne of gear and training his ass off, ’cause the genetic freaks are on gear too. Not only that but one needs to be genetically predisposed to not end up a corpse at a young age from the brutal stacks the pros use. Nevertheless you’re right, let ’em use. Most of the ‘drug-free’ powerlifting federations are a joke. No way the vast majority of those lifters are natty and the ones that are drug-free (probably) and just happen to be exceptionally genetically gifted and train like maniacs (looking at you Candito), well you don’t see them winning.

        55. Although an interesting topic, IQ means little without work ethic.
          I think this is the main problem with the groups we often disparige here on ROK. They’re lazy mofo’s living off our productive efforts.
          Natives rub me the wrong way becuae of their inherint laziness not because they’re native or have low IQ’s..

        56. okay cool. But I stopped compiling links for people a long time ago, because it is a lot of work, and they never read them in good faith anyway. If you are truly interested in learning more about the subject, Google and Wikipedia are good places to start.
          However, I was kind of an ass, and you didn’t respond in kind, so I respect that. Google the Minnesota Twin Family Study, or read this
 ‘regression to the mean’.
          That is just for starters. It shows that genetics determine who you are more than your home environment or income level. You can also find studies which prove that IQ is one of the most important factors in success in an advanced economy. It blows away every leftist assumption about inequality.
          The matter of genetics versus environment has been studied at length. I became quite interested in the subject because I did not want to believe that people were limited at birth. I read everything I could get my hands on, and at the end, all my assumptions were turned upside down. IQ and genetics explain the vast majority of social pathology.

        57. They annihilated Brazil in the semi-final 7-1 and were entertaining throughout the whole tournament. Rhiana partied with them after they won the cup. Must upset you seeing white Germans dominate.

        58. cool. i appreciate the links. this stuff is really interesting to me. on the one hand, i have worked with several black guys who are obviously smarter than me (i’m in a tech field that essentially requires above-average intelligence). on the other hand, it’s always seemed unlikely to me that there wouldn’t be some physical and mental differences between the races. there are obvious differences in those areas in, say, dogs and horses, so why not people? i’m just not sure how much is due to genetics and how much to culture. i think the “crabs in a bucket” analogy applies heavily to black americans, for example. anyway, that’s why it occurred to me that somewhere like honduras might be an interesting place to test IQ, since they have white, brown, and black people but they’re not as much separate cultures as they are in the US.

        59. Any social science can only address averages, and there are plenty of people who break the mold. That is the good news. The bad news is that general trends are pretty well predictable.

        60. Shh-don’t say that too loudly as the only nation with black players to win a World Cup was Brazil and even then they were majority white or mestizo.
          Let’s not forget Italy has won 4, Spain 1, France 1, Argentina 2, and Uruguay 2 and they’re all white nations with the latter two being descended from French, Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians and Germans.

        61. Completely agree. If you’re a genetic freak, you’re going to get even better results from steroids.

        62. That is true. But the reason why I pointed this out was to show that his comment is rather stupid, because when it comes to sports performance it’s not about race at all.
          Professional sports is a domain where people who are extremely gifted compete against each other, and these individuals can be of any ethnic background. The countries that are the best performers in the World Cup are the ones that have a soccer culture, the resources to help develop their talents, plus a strong club league.
          Now club league teams are different from world cup teams, because the clubs with deep enough pockets will buy players from all over the world; from Asia, Africa, South America, etc. They don’t care where a player comes from, as long as he can deliver.
          A big name player from overseas might even be a bonus, because he can sell a lot of tickets. Clubs want to put on a solid performance with international stars and win, because there is a lot of money involved and ultimately that’s what matters to them.

        63. Ding, ding, ding, we have a wiener! But in all seriousness, you are absolutely spot on.

        64. I´m very upset. In fact, I think all white teams should not be allowed and must be banned from now onwards. We must have 30% blacks, 20% latinos, 20 % LGBT, 20% women, 10 % people who are food challenged.

        65. White people didn’t create this technology the Asians did that’s why Japan makes the best technological products and China is kicking the white man’s ass across the board…

        66. White women are pale and gross but the pussy is so easy and sleazy y not… White men created racism, sexism, and every other ism that plagues humanity…. You made your bed in the pursuit of stolen wealth now lay in it!!!

        67. White’ cheat and bend the rules in order to ‘accomplish’ all things being equaled they are the most inferior race hence the creation of racism in order to better their chances of surviving

        68. ^ This is why you’ll always be a failure. Sorry, buddy, but there is no white conspiracy. We do not meet in dark, smoke-filled rooms planning how we are going to “cheat” minorities. If anything, whites are doing their best to undermine other whites to prove how they are not racist. I guess whites somehow “cheated” their way to inventing the combustable engine, space travel, modern medicine, etc. One hell of a cheat code!

        69. You slaughtered innocent Native Americans after they helped you survive upon arrival, you enslaved innocent Africans in the pursuit of wealth, you dropped not 1 but 2 atomic bombs on innocent Japanese civilians and you oppressed western women so severely that they chose to become feminist. One helluva cheat code!!!!

        70. Lol, dude you are too far gone. Have fun being a miserable fuck pointing fingers in every direction to explain your failures in life. Please just don’t rape and/or kill anyone in your rage spiral, loser.

        71. If you knew anything about the quality of life in China for the average person you’d know they aren’t “kicking the white man’s ass”.

        72. According to Trump they are winning trade deals across the board, they took manufacturing, America owes the a lottttt of money!!! China is rising and America falling buddy! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!

        73. Yep, I’m shaking in my boots. I guess I’ll just have to go back to my nice, large, house in my nice neighborhood while the Chinese sleep in shelters the size of dresser drawers in polluted cities. They’re headed for a populist revolution long before they overtake the global economy. Meanwhile, keep furiously smashing your keyboard from your studio apartment. It’s all Whitey’s fault you’re a loser!

        74. You’re precious dollar is losing value as time rolls along search BRICS the new leaders of the free world. White’s are a cancer to humanity and the planet. I will continue enjoying the fall of your civilization.

        75. Keep relishing your masturbatory, apocalyptic, fantasy. That’s going to improve your life. I’ll continue to make good money and raise my nice family in my nice house.
          Bottom line is you’re a loser. You have a loser mentality. You will always be a loser. No amount of blaming whitey is going to change that. It must suck to be you.

        76. Weren’t your fellow African tribesmen enslaving you long before the white man showed up in Africa. Oh, sorry, I forgot, that doesn’t fit the narrative does it?

        77. How’s that U.N. bowl of gruel that dropped out of the African sky tasting? If you fucks are so smart how come you never figured out birth control?

        78. Hilarious! If we are so evil why take welfare money from us? How come none of your people can figure out something as simple as birth control? HoodRat Economics 101.

        79. i’m back. i was thinking about this today. do you know know if IQ scores of native africans are comparable to those of US blacks? what about brazilian blacks? also, is there much difference between west africans (the stock most US blacks come from) and northeast africans (ethiopians, somalis, obviously a different race)?

        80. Yes there are differences. The differences between them are much smaller than the differences between blacks and whites, but they are there. Specifically, the NE Africans you mentioned do have higher IQs than other Africans, and you can see the corresponding evidence of this in daily life. Those from Uganda, the Congo, and other deep dark nations, have the lowest of the low IQs.
          African Americans fare slightly better than their African brethren, largely due to European genetic admixture. There are very few pure Africans, genetically, from the US slavery stock. Most of them are mixed with Whites and other races.
          The most striking thing about the studies that I read was the fact that a black child raised in a Upper Middle Class household, sent to private schools, will still not fare better on an IQ test than a white kid raised in squalor and poverty in Appalachia. It blows away the myth that Blacks would be everything that Whites are, if only they were not raised in poverty.
          Also, regression to the mean is interesting. A black child born to highly gifted black parents with above average IQs is not likely to inherit his parents abnormally high IQ. He is likely to “regress to the mean” and only have an IQ that is average for blacks.
          Putting the pieces together, the social and economic implications are absolutely massive.

        81. Just to be clear, I am not using these studies to justify so-called “racism”. I am using them to point out that we should rethink the whole idea of our social safety net. If black underperformance is caused by lower average IQ, as opposed to racism, it changes the whole game, and it means that Whites have been unfairly blamed for something that isn’t their fault.
          Also, IQ isn’t everything. There are several different types of intelligence and talent, and people can succeed no matter what gifts they were given at birth. For this reason, we are doing a disservice to blacks to expect them to equal white performance in advanced, intellectual fields. Shoehorning them into University at taxpayer expense isn’t the greatest idea either. Many of them would be much happier as well-paid tradesmen.

      1. Indeed, the number of black people that has received the Oscar during the last 15 years is already disproportionate in comparison with the amount of black people working as an actor. Any random black actor in Hollywood is twice more likely to get the Oscar than any random white one. Compare the percentage of black people in Hollywood in the graph (around 5%) with the black nominees the last 15 years, more than 10%.
        This is never gonna end. It will be claim after claim after claim. Different cultures need each one its own space.
        The best that US could do with black people is giving them a couple of States so they can have their own country.

        1. Beware of cliche demagogues proclaiming the following: “More needs-to-be/can/should be done,” “We still have a long way to go,” and “We must raise awareness/start a dialogue.”

        1. You are presented with a contract and an opportunity to play at a high level based on your skill . You are “awarded ” this opportunity if you play up to their standards

        2. Obviously, you are not white, else your superior intelligence would have shown. The NBA/NFL contracts are not “awarded” in the same sense as Oscar trophies, else most would never have gone to blacks.

        3. The Oscar is an award for meeting the standard of what is considered great acting . Professional contracts are awarded after meeting the standard required to play at that level . If it wasn’t an award why have a draft ?

        4. Again, you don’t seem to get it. No one loses their awarded Oscar trophies for subsequent poor performances, or for bad behaviors; most NFL/NBA folks will likely lose their “awards” for not keeping up or for acting badly. One award is for future performance; the other is for past performance.
          Got it now? Shouldn’t it surprise you that a highly intelligent guy with superior intelligence failed to figure these simple things out?

        5. Top athletes rarely lose their contracts unless it’s something serious . Never said I was highly intelligent. Just pointing out flaws in your opinion

        6. An award is somthing given to recognize performance in a certian field. Awards can be trophies, pins, plaques. A contract to play football for the patriots is not an award but wages, presented in an award fashion. The oscars are are political as pointed out by this article. Like they said why weren’t any black people nominated ?

        7. Thank you, Erasmus. I have been trying to explain to the Monco guy but he simply could not grasp the difference. I had to use his own terms to explain the concept to him. You really made my job a lot easier. Thanks a bunch!

        8. Nope , I merely pointed out that “25% percent of doctors are non white ” didn’t mean they were automatically black . How about you read what I wrote .

        9. What insecurities…this is a great time to be a minority in America!!! Thanks for all of the free handouts whitey… fyi WE ALL STILL HATE YOUR GUTS

        1. Being an international competition, social justice demands there be 6 Asians, 2 white Caucasian/Europeans, 1.5 Africans (not necessarily negroid) and .5 Latino/Other in this photo.
          Where’s the moral and social outrage Jada Pinkett Smith? I suppose the majority of the world should boycott the great majority of athletic competitions since they are so inherently racists.

        2. you forgot…transgender, dwarf, micropenis, gay, autistic, and the list goes on and on and on. it’s quite a slippery slope these liberals are riding.

      2. Yeah, suddenly it’s all about “We should only hire the best!” Uh huh.

      3. If you mention the REASON that blacks are overrepresented in professional sports, as “Nick the Greek” did, on national TV, that they were BRED to be superior athletically, the S will HTF.

    3. Does anyone watch this fakakta awards show, which is nothing but an borish shill infomercial by industry insiders for industry insiders?
      I didn’t watch that stinking piece of dog shit. But I did have a mainstream media chimp fling a Chris Rock clip at me while I was surfing the new-con news. Rock was riffin’ on how today’s times didn’t involve lynching niggas and stringing them up from trees… -WTF? That told me all I needed to know about the Oscar’s agenda.
      I didn’t miss a god damn thing but terrible actors playing their parts in a b-rate, middle-school mashup of every social justice themed production, scripted by rank amateurs and acted by incompetent, narcissistic sociopaths and one has-been race comic.
      Guess what HOLLYWOOD, I don’t give a flying fuck about what Hollywood thinks about anything. I’m sick of your parading the world’s uber hypocritical elite before me, preaching how I must think this, do that, don’t do that, check my white male privilege, confess to and do penance for centuries of my forefathers’ racism and oppressive patriarchy, drive a smart car, stop eating greenhouse gas producing beef, and generally live an impossibly carbon-neutral lifestyle to somehow compensate for climate change caused by variations in earth’s complex orbit so we can save five polar bears who don’t have larger ice cubes to sit on. Get a life! Stop proselytizing me with your psychotic social religion.
      The biggest news of the Oscars — the venerable and accomplished Abe Vigoda was completely excluded from the annual tribute to the recently departed. Oh yeah, he was old, and white, and didn’t use his notoriety to champion for SJW’s. Also, I heard something about Rock pimping out girl scouts to raise a whopping $63K selling Girl Scout cookies. Well done. However, to put that number in perspective, $63K is still less than the $35K per capita average that two of those Hollywood Barbie whores spend on Oscar night. Way to promote one of Amerikas most sexists and exclusive organizations Rock! Or, did that glaring oversight escape the notice of the SJW script censors?
      Hey Hollywood, here’s what I think of you and yours. I haven’t been in a theater in years. I don’t watch your social vomit on Netflix. Your movies suck so badly I don’t even waste my time downloading free bittorents anymore. You’re too stupid to realize that 90% of your movies are no more entertaining than 3 minute trailers you give away for free. I’ve seen your wonderful town having lived in LA for years, and suggest you get out of the basin, beyond the mountains, and realize that you’re a bunch of clueless cucked mouthpieces for your Marxist masters who are out of touch with most of productive America. You dump odoriferous dung into a dwindling market for your wares in a time when more people are more entertained by crazy cats on free Youtube than anything put out by Mirimax in the last 10 years. Your wall-struck starlets are aging haggish whores that need tens of thousands in hair, makeup and fashion in a futile attempt to hide the glaring fact that they’ll never look as good as any college coed who’s thrilled to drink dollar PBR’s and fuck accomplished white alpha males without needing bottles of Astro Slide to prevent pre-menopausal vaginal pain and dryness.
      So, keep your wacko jacko’s in Hollywood where all manners of pervs, deviants and mentally ill live and thrive. [Rant concluded]

        1. Why thank you kind sir.
          I’m sure my English professor would cringe at the coarseness of my commentary. And, my high school English teachers would accuse me of verbose run-on sentence structure.
          But screw ‘e all! They didn’t retire in the mid-thirties as I did, despite my horrific writing and grammar.

      1. Honestly, if you are watching the Academy Awards you’re a loser. If you are expecting anything less than a propaganda and indoctrination, they you’re an idiot. Don’t watch this nonsense. Just watch the movies you like and leave the rest.

        1. exact. And I would add : all the stuff from canne’s festival, and eurovision too (among many other)

        2. Haven’t watch the Oscars in years but I did put it on the TV Sunday night. It was so boring that I decided making a mixed bean, veggie and tuna salad was a much more productive use of my time. And I had something to eat on Monday for my break at work.

        1. Nope. Nothing. They remembered Hollywood insiders that most have never heard of. But there were others, like Glen Frye (did some music for a couple movie soundtracks, former US senator Fred Thompson, and Jayne Meadows. I guess if you’re conservative, or just too old or too white you don’t make the cut?

    4. The grammys and brit awards were even worse… all they talked about was all the musicians that died…. what about the ones that are alive ? are they all shit ?

    5. This is exactly how I’ll interpret a black actor getting an award from now on. Of course, thats if I can ever bring myself to give a rats ass about the Oscars or the whole Hollywood machine. Judging from the endless stream of vomit those shitwizards in LA produce these days, I don’t think that’ll change anytime soon. I don’t remember the last time I was in a movie theatre. I also don’t recall the last movie I bought. I can’t even bring myself to waste the bandwidth or disk space to pirate movies.

    6. For real. There are some good black actors that I like, and have rented movies because they were in them. But not anymore. It’s like the problems caused by Affirmative Action: Companies COULD hire qualified black applicants, but they knee-jerk hire the first black to walk in the door, regardless of how worthless he is. Thus perpetuating stereotypes and business problems. We’re going to see blacks in vehicles just for them, which will be poorly written and stupid. And yeah, I don’t watch ANYTHING with Jews as its main theme. Those movies are all propaganda.

    7. Funny thing is how blacks are useful idiots of leftard-libtards. They are their token negro pets.

      BECAUSE they’re black

      Apeffirmative akshun.

      it’s ALMOST logical to assume he was just handed the trophy so blacks wouldn’t bitch

      Why don’t they start they own “black Oscar” what not, they have already BET awards.
      Hell, there are many rich black millionaires and actors, nobody is preventing them to shoot all black movies and shit.

      I can understand concern for racism at times

      What happened in 2016 Oscar is exactly racism or to be precise racial chauvinism.

  3. That’s why this country is 18trillion in the hole and heading to hell in a hand basket. You devils are finally going down! American women are trash! Your roads and highways trash! Pretty soon your money will be worth toilet paper. Your genocide of the Native Americans and enslavement of innocent ‘black’ people is all coming back to haunt you melanin deficient devils. The sun doesn’t even like you aka skin cancer!

    1. Hold the phone black panther. Sure blame ALL your problems on big bad american whitey. Slavery is a very old game, one which whitey shut down in the west. Colonialism is merely more advanced civilization crushing weaker primitive tribes, the whites got lucky that disease had ravaged the native Americans decimating their population right around the time the land was discovered. Your argument is on its head, this has nothing to do with national debt, hell it almost seems like you’re trolling. I mean innocent black people? Have you seen crime statistics stratified by race?

      1. What crimes did 23 million black people commit when they were snatched from their homes and enslaved? What crimes did they commit when they were routinely lynched and raped?

        1. You mean sold by african slavers to a brand new market that just opened up. Slavery was currency and status in Africa, still is in some parts, but last I checked slavery was outlawed in the U.S. over 150 years ago.

        2. What crimes did black people commit when after slavery the KKK was originated and black people were routinely lynched, tortured, and raped???

        3. What about the KKK and the numerous lynchings? What about Jim Crow Laws? What crimes did black people commit to deserve that treatment???

        4. It was of it’s time. It happened. It was wrong. So now the present generation of blacks should be compensated for the crimes that happened in the past?
          Should the Irish look for compensation for a famine instigated by the English starting in 1845 for many years after so that 1 million dead of starvation and other countless millions had to emigrate?
          But of course blacks have a thing about being oppressed don’t they. All dem krackas…….

        5. So your solution is what? More abhorrent affirmative action? More handouts? Send black students with 2.5 gpas to Brown? If the crux of your argument is that people who are alive now who perpetuated none of the actions you’re harping on like a broken record should somehow give restitution to the descendants based on race, then you’re just another BLM socialist sjw perpetuating the kind of bullshit that the mainstream has accepted as unequivocal dogma.

        6. “Oh shit I’ve been completely called out with historical fact. Better deflect it and avoid the question entirely.”
          Jews bought slaves from Africa. Africa sold slaves to the Jews. Jewish-owned ships brought a tiny number of those slaves to the US (since the majority went to every country except the area that would become the United States. Less than 2% of the country, both north and south, owned slaves. Slaves were sold to wealthy Jewish landowners. (Black slaves were expensive; it wasn’t until the Irish and the Chinese started being brought over that white and yellow folk were truly used as disposable fuck-em-if-they-die workers.)
          Years later the Jews organize a campaign to convince illiterate negroids who’ve never read a history book to “blame white people for all the bad things they did to them poor slaves.”
          Good thing Jews aren’t white. :^)
          When are you going to demand reparations from Africa? When are you going to go back?

        7. In the US, blacks kill more blacks every six months than were lynched in the entire history of this country. Put down the guns, pull up your pants, and stop whining.

        8. Africans snatched them from their homes though and sold them….the only ones lynched were criminals, 3000 blacks lynched, 1000 whites. And whatever Hollywood tells you they were not routinely raped.

        9. The KKK was a huge organization that did not go around and lynch people (whatever television says). Whites were lynched as well, they lynched criminals. The Jim Crow Laws came to be during Reconstruction, read about how blacks all got the votes after the Civil War and what a catastrophe that was, so they fixed that quickly.

        10. I want to be compensated for Turkish slave raids against my people (Scandinavians). One million dollars should fix the pain in my hearts.

        11. Black people raped whites for example, and then they hung them in trees for that. And yeah, once again, blacks were not routinely lynched, tortured and raped. Hollywood bullshit.

        12. I read somewhere that only 5% of affirmative action students graduate…so it’s not really helping anyhow.

        13. I love it when Black folks focus on shit that happened decades ago while intentionally overlooking the current scourge of Black on Black victimization that is presenting the greatest existential threat to Black life and culture.
          Oh wait, the threat is not Black on Black victimization but the near annihilation of the Black family unit which is one of the main causes of Black on Black victimization. Foolish Negroes thought integration and LBJ’s Great Society were benevolent strategies and policies, respectively.

        14. “Black people raped whites for example, and then they hung them in trees for that.” You liar!!! That’s your precious little America is being judged by the day from the black man’s GOD. You devils had your day and committed every sin in the book to build your evil empire and finally it is crumbling on all sides.

        15. They were snatched from their homes by the blacks in the west African countries who sold out their own kind.

          >routinely raped
          BLACKS being the ones getting raped? Please.
          Bureau of Justice Statistics data: in 2003-2008, there were an average of 22,534 black-on-white rapes or sexual assaults every year, and an average of zero white-on-black rapes or sexual assaults every year. Why is it acceptable to be worried if, on a given day, a white person is harboring racist thoughts towards black people, but it’s “racist” for (22534/365=) 61 white women in America to be concerned about getting sexually assaulted by blacks that day?
 – Table 42: (131030*.155) = 20,309
 – Table 42: (139900*.083) = 11,611
 – Table 42: (111490*.336) = 37,460
 – Table 42: (194270*.167) = 32,443
 – Table 42: (185430*.076) = 14,092
 – Table 42: (117640*.164) = 19,292
          >routinely lynched
          More blacks kill other blacks every 6 months in the US than the KKK lynched over their whole history. No specific sources now but the numbers are close.

        16. You are the worse type of Knee-Grow. You turn a blind eye to the catastrophic effects of the Civil Rights movement’s hallmark strategy of integration as well as the tendency of Black folks to compound the problem by supporting national policies that promote dependency and blight. And then turn around and blame white folks for the results of the poor decisions made by Black leadership and the sheeple that follow them off the cliff. Nice job!

        17. Dude, today in the US 60 000 white women are being raped by blacks yearly, and the same number is like 0-10 black women by white men. Black men raped historically also.

        18. And also, I think all the things you write about white people, such as “devils”, shows who is the real prejudiced individual here ;). I’m simply pointing out that your “history” is incorrect.

        19. Whenever a Black person attempts to argue that integration was a good “strategy” then that Black person knows absolutely nothing about the disastrous effects of that strategy upon the economy and infrastructure of the Black community.
          You strike me as the type Negro who only finds value in oneself based on the amount of times he uses the “whites only” toilet. Nice job! There is nothing pro-Black about you.

        20. That’s all? One million dollars?
          You’re too humble. You should be more like the NN MMs of the world and demand an infinite amount forever.

        21. A little insight: NN MM is the type of Black person who does not find value in Blackness, and so whenever he senses a proximity to persons whom he perceives to not value Blackness, he must accost such persons and convince them that Black people have value. In other words, his awareness of his own lack of value constantly places him in a situation where he has to convince himself by convincing others. Nothing more.

        22. That’s why statistics tell us white women are the racial group least likely to racially intermarry….

        23. You not going to get anywhere with this ignorant troll. He’s got his simplistic 5th grade education “facts” and he’s set.

        24. I suspect you’re a professional troll. Nothing like keeping men fighting among themselves while America is being looted by the same people running Hollywood.

        25. Why dont you go to Liberia where your “ancestors” went to, to run away from the “evil” american white men? Result: Liberia is one the most poor and violent nations in the World.

        26. What statistics… quote your sources. All I see are white women pumping out mixed babies that want to produce a natural looking hue-man being with color!!!!

        27. I want every ancient white civilization back, starting with Ancient Egypt, I want to be able to look at our glorious pyramids without arabs around me.

        28. Right, you guys should get some credit since you were some of our slaves building them. (At least the physical labour part).

        29. What are white men’s excuse…. they are the gayest group of men on the planet with our without prison

        30. Either way we win in the end…. We survived to this point and we will defeat you pale melanin deficient devils in the end…

        31. Bogus white supremacist stats I’m talking about a respected publication/source not Jimmy the skinhead’s stats

        32. Waiting for a UN handout.
          EEEEBBBBOOOOOLLLLLLA, Eboooooollllllla, daylight come and I wanna go home.

        33. Oh, now I am a “pale, melanin deficient devil”? Please tell me more about my alleged whiteness. I’m sure you are proficient at dropping “science”. Do tell.

    2. None of the problems you mentioned existed when the US was predominantly “white” Europeans.
      Nothing against Mexicans or other peoples, but the changing demographics explains all of the problems in the US, from failing infrastructure and debt to poor education results.

        1. I’m not going generalize a single race, but I’ll single YOU out and say you’re a lazy fucking slob. Quit your whinning and self loathing and contribute to the good of society instead of playing faux victim!

        2. Then why do Mexicans wanna live with us?
          They have a country of their own don`t they?
          Why live with us evil white people then.
          The same goes for middle-easterns coming to Europe.

        3. Homo Sapiens “stole” Europe from the Neanderthals some 40-50 thousand years ago, so I guess we should all go kill ourselves.
          Survival of the fittest man.
          Who did the “natives” drive away?
          Land has always changed hands, whites are not better or worse than anybody else.

        4. The good of the white man’s society no thanks I’ll keep receiving my handouts and eventually bankrupt your society!!!

    3. “Bow down Americans to your new Chinese emperor!”
      I picture you saying that after your rant.

    4. I guess those U.N. bowls of gruel dropped out the sky for you will stop. Something that should have happened long ago. Also, don’t line up for the white devil’s welfare payments.

      1. Why not… I get free money and get to bankrupt the devils government. That’s what I call a win win

  4. To be honest I didn’t even realise they were taking place until I heard the news on the radio the next morning. I though they were on later in March.
    Anyhow above is a good summary of the mutual masturbation fest that I the Oscars. The red carpet, the $200,000 bag of goodies, the after show parties, Elton John’s cock fest…… what a show. I haven’t watched it in years and don’t intend to in the future.
    I really hope it is the beginning of the end for the big studios. It looks to me with the black face bullshit, Jar Jar Abrams sticking all sorts of degenerates in Star Wars, the Marvel bores, the very odd good movie, revenues (outside of Star Wars) are getting tight. When they start preaching rather than entertaining they are on a looser.
    Independent film, once the bastion of the degenerates, is slowly becoming the rebellious strain of cinema against the sjw narrative of Hollyweird.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever watched the oscars…seems rather pointless when you think about it. That being said, did it strike no one else odd that the people lecturing us about racism are the same people to blame for no black nominees? Do these buffoons seriously think we’re buying what they’re selling?

      1. I hear conspiracy theorists claim they did not elect a black nominee on purpose to give credence to the whole discrimination argument.
        Sounds crazy, but with the social engineering they pulled in the past it seems more plausible by the day.

      2. Leftists are psychologically incapable of admitting error or accepting blame for anything, ever, so they have to engage in evasion. In this case their chosen method was Projection, it sounds like.

  5. Get more people to read this article and others like it. Tell people about the elite checklist boxes and everything. Keep spreading the word and waking others up to this tripe. That’s the best thing we can do, other than that great expose on their bullshit Michael. Hope to see more until all their tactics have been routed and shown for what they are.

  6. Fuck the Oscars.
    No man should be watching that shit, anyways. This is the kind of soft shit that weakens a society: men watching people (entertainers) lecture the populace on issues that should have little to no meaning in a society.
    These types of issues should be the number one indicator that your society is plagued with a disease.
    People have had it too good for too long in the west. It has made people in the west soft. You only need to turn on a TV to see how much damage has been done to our society.

    1. I’ve never watched the Oscars/Grammies and I’m getting close to completely watching the Super Bowl. I don’t go out of my way to watch it, but if someone invites us over to watch it, I don’t object. The past few years though, the half-time shows and commercials have been absolute shit; the main reason I even watch the Super Bowl. Modern society is slowly ruining everything. In closing, I leave you with this:

      1. It’s a sad day when men can no longer have a beer and enjoy watching the game (especially the Super Bowl). They’ve really fucked it up with the PC nonsense and half time bullshit shows (messages).

        1. Maybe that’s for the best. It’s really not a healthy thing to do. Wearing another mans name on your back as your wife/girlfriend salivates over your own object of affection.

        2. Nah…you don’t have to wear a jersey with a name on it. It used to be another opportunity for the men to get together, watch the game, have beers and shoot the shit. Women fucked up that time because they had to be in the middle of it (like everything). Men need to get back to doing these things…without women.

        Here’s another example of bullshit presented as modern art.
        This kind of big green anal plug was on the place vendome n Paris, before some people decided to destroy it.
        We should call out this kind of shit named “modern art”, because it is analoguous to the leftism way of presenting things : drop anything to a mediocrity point of non-return and depict it as fabulous.

        1. I’m glad it got destroyed. What a worthless POS that probably cost tens of thousands of dollars.
          Art is a reflection of its society, so it’s no wonder that literal shit is being peddled as art. Modern society is shit.

      3. That whole “Believe in Love” bullshit almost made me shut off the television. But I’m a Broncos fan, so I continued watching to make sure they won.
        If my team isn’t playing in the game, I only watch the halftime show as research to see what they’re shoving down the peoples’ throats.

  7. I haven’t watched the Oscars since my bluepill days, and that was only because of the Lord of the Rings films. I used to love the movies so much when I was younger too, wrote screenplays, made home movies and props, the whole bit.
    But it just sickens me to spend my time and money on Hollywood these days. I don’t understand what happens to people who go into the entertainment business, but almost all of them are so far left of center that they can’t even see the middle. I don’t know if they’re that way before they get in, or if the industry just attracts mental midgets. It didn’t always, because people like John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and some directors from the golden age were very conservative and most likely red pill.

  8. I actually enjoyed watching the Oscars for the first time in many years.
    What surprised me was Chris Rock was able to get away with what he was able to do. If I were Rock I would have said f-you to them when asked to MC. Instead he did a pretty good job heckling the PC crowd.
    Once you strip out the liberal lies and bogus speeches the Oscars show how our real culture still persists despite all the social engineering. You still have the red carpet. Men is tuxes. Women in elegant gowns. Notice how even the dumpy lesbian who won the BS award for costumes for Mad Max Feminist Road was even dressed up.
    Sure there was plenty of BS like calling cutting a man’s balls and shaft off as “gender confirmation” and pretending that Arab men fleeing their country instead of fighting for it is “bravery”. But the undercurrents are still there and were a bit refreshing.

  9. Holy shit! Let me see if I’ve got this: Hollywood favors virtually every plank in The liberal platform? Thank God I finally had this pointless award show to illuminate this cloudy area. I’m kind of surprised these millionaires didn’t lecture us about wealth inequality and paying our “fair share.” Well, not really surprised, because there was an exclusive after party to get off to!

      1. One thing I’ve always found funny, and I’m saying this as an aspiring entertainer: It’s really funny that we pay people millions and millions of dollars for pretending to be normal people.

  10. Chris Rock once again getting it wrong. He claimed college campuses were too conservative when in actuality it’s a Liberal Left shitfest and now he’s going on about Whitey in Semitewood.

    1. he must have meant ‘too PC’ just like most comedians. but lost all respect for him after the oscars. i didnt watch them but i know he did his part to push the narrative farther.

  11. Anyone catch Shaun King criticizing Chris Rock?
    That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. A white man playing blackface attacking a legitimate (and more successful) black man.
    It would completely funny if the end result of these men in power was concentration camps.

  12. I haven’t seen the Revenant yet, but it was reported here as one of the most redpill movies in years. I don’t think Leo Dicaprio standing up for the environment is a bad thing. Yeah, things are bad out there, but no need to become pollyannas. Not EVERYTHING in the world is wrong. Just most of it.

    1. If it would have just been him, ok maybe. I’m getting the impression however that every award show is becoming one long moan and wail meant to virtue signal other leftists. It seems preachy and grotesque. So glad I don’t watch television, let alone awards shows.

    1. Having the same problem. It won’t let me use my mouse to move my cursor through the text of my message either, have to use the direction keys.

  13. The Holocaust is a legitimate historical subject worthy of treatments in film. To suggest it is a SJW cause is ludicrous. I dont have a problem with historical movies and historical fiction that is true to the subject. 12 Years A Slave is a good example. It was not a preachy film, just a glimpse of life in the United States during Slavery. Schindler’s List is another example of a true story, told well.

    1. Except that talking about the Holocaust beyond the established narrative is highly illegal in many countries. Germany imprisoned an 87-year-old grandmother over it. Hardly makes for a unique or original film setting that way.
      Edit: Also, Schindler’s List isn’t a true story, it’s historical fiction.

      1. Germany deals with their history in their own way, since they did all the killing. Not every country has a First Amendment.

        1. The more I read your comments Steve, the more I realize you’re a stupid little fuck. Like a cheeky impetuous teenager with lots of zits who was raised by a single “strong” mother.

        2. Nope, I am an older anglo-american male here from a strong traditional family (both parents still alive and I have 6 siblings).
          I am an employer, so I am required by law to hire people of all backgrounds. I have many fine employees and friends who are hispanic and jewish and black. I dont buy into the white nationalist/Hitler worship here.
          I enjoy a lot of the writers on this site, I have to hold my breath for the wackos. I guess that is the Internet 2016!

        3. “I am an employer, so I am required by law to hire people of all
          I am a politically correct drone. I employ people based on race not skill, becuase anti-white racism is enshrined in law and that is somehow a good thing.
          “I have many fine employees and friends who are hispanic and
          jewish and black.”
          I also always mention non-white friends to virtue signal. Can’t you see what a good person I am ?
          “I dont buy into the white nationalist/Hitler worship here.
          I also hate Hitler, that is such a kosher thing to do. White people claiming to want a country for themselves like other races do. Man what wackos !
          “I have to hold my breath for the wackos. I guess that is the Internet 2016!”
          Can you imagine people deviating from political orthodoxy in 2016 ? What wackos. I mean come on, it’s 2016

        4. Typical Cuckservative, through and through. The word was invented to describe idiots exactly like yourself.

      2. it’s not in “many”, but very few countries – most of which are irrelevant.
        also, in “many” of those countries not only Holocaust denial is illegal, but also the denial of communist crimes. are you going to cry about it too?

      3. so if you already copy-pasted “historical fiction” from Wikipedia, what stopped you from copy-pasting “based on a true story”? why such a capricious selectivity?

        1. “It is a work of historical fiction which describes actual people and places with fictional events, dialogue and scenes added by the author.”

    2. 70 years the end of WW2 and there are still 200,000 holocaust survivors in just Israel alone. Especially when the holocaust story says that the young who could not work were all killed. The Germans must have been running health spas for the Jews.

        1. Tucked away on pages 119 and 122 of the October 6 issue of Der Spiegel, a weekly German news magazine comparable to Time or Newsweek, was a news item of considerable significance: A scientific analysis of the manuscript purported to be the original diary of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who died in a German concentration camp during the Second World War, has revealed that the manuscript could not have been written before 1951, six years after the end of the war.

        2. this isn’t actually true. It was an urban legend made by people who assumed if you were dumb enough to believe it you probably wouldn’t bother searching for and reading the issue of Der Spiegel. There is a lot of very compelling evidence for that diary being real (even if incomplete because they left out all the parts where she is diddling her clit)

        3. no there isn’t. I am not going to argue with you though. You guys are just like ISIS or feminists. Despite any attempts at reason and rationality you have a narrative you believe and will maintain no matter what.
          Your belief system does not effect me and so I feel no problem with allowing you to be a vacuous moron.

        4. incorrect. Ball point pen was being used since the 30’s. The ballpoint pen argument is one of the many false arguments used to try to make this point (no pun intended). I wonder if anyone in this “movement” ever uses their brains or they just repeat whatever the person who makes them feel better about their impotence saying…I am guessing the later…very common with Fems and terrorists too

        5. Show us the evidence that it was genuine. Use your brain.
          He father Otto Frank made a little fortune from the book.

    3. If you think the holohoax is a legitimate historical subject, then you have been brainwashed by the media and those erroneous facts from your history books.

      1. Yep, just disregard the eyewitness accounts of thousands of Allied soldiers, direct proof in the form of mass graves, facilities archived direct evidence volluminous direct evidence and the Nazi leadership who were convicted in public trials at Nuremberg. Despite that, simple minded idiots will believe what they will.
        This site has as many wackos as it does serious readers.

        1. Same with 9/11, The USS Liberty, the Gulf of Tonkin, and on and on. Everything the government has ever said has been true, because they are able to produce “eyewitnesses”.
          Anyone who doubts anything the government has told us is a serious wacko who deserves to be locked up and tortured until they abandon their conspiracy theories.

        2. The same can be said about the eyewitnesses that didn’t see anything but corpses caused by deadly illnesses and not the aka ‘gas chamber’. There’s no compelling direct evidence. and If those were evidences you are talking about, where are the millions of dead bodies, how come there was not such thing a concentration camp but temporal resident camps? You might as well consider yourself as one the many wackos.

    4. oh boy, this is the kind of sensible and perfectly benign comment that is going to make the lunatics come out of the woodwork

    5. exactly. BDS is way more of an SJW cause. let’s face it – the author just had to stick the Holocaust here to push his own agenda.

    6. We don’t need another Holocaust movie again ever. There’s a fuckin gazillion of them. I’m surprised there’s not a Holocaust sitcom. Jews only make Holocaust movies so Jews will reward them with Oscars. Fuck the Holocaust, make a thousand historical movies about all the people Stalin killed under communism, or all the lives the Bolsheviks ruined.

      1. there are movies about that. several made in Hollywood – but most of them in Russia. guess why? because that’s where it happened. most movie consumers in the west don’t care about events in Russia, Cambodia or Guatemala. they just won’t watch it.

    7. You’re absolutely correct. That’s why I am spending the lion’s share of my inheritance to set up a film production company dedicated to producing at least 12 holocaust films annually. We must never forgive, and never forget. The goyim need frequent reminders of how horrible they are, lest they forget and start to get uppity.

    8. Agree, but the whole SJW angle is about social pressure. Movies that deal with these issues are not automatically great and worth seeing. I found both Schindler’s List and 12 Years A Slave to be complete yawnfests personally.

  14. Instead of watching the oscars, on Oscar night download an old oscars with the rat pack showing up to be amazing and fun.

    1. I’d pay a handsome sum of money to anybody who can invent a time machine that I can use to travel back to that era and hang with those men.

      1. Yup.
        Over the weekend I had on the Roast of Sammy Davis Junior. Dean Martin says “sammy, a lot of people who couldn’t make it sent letters.Sammy, we would love to have you as the centerfold for our magazine. Signed, National Geographic.
        I wondered if there was anyone in the world famous enough to say that about Will Smith or Spike Lee and not be totally ostracized.

  15. You forgot the “gun control” trinkets the rich narccissts wore around their wrists while being surrounded by heavily armed men.

  16. Viewership was the lowest for the Oscars since 2008, according to reports. The media is blaming this on “awards fatigue,” the lack of good movies, and the BLM boycott. They still refuse to admit people hate their leftist indoctrination.

    1. The lack of originality coupled with leftist preaching is killing Hollywood. For every 100 remakes or comic book movies, there’s one original story that creeps in, almost unnoticed. Originality and creativity are largely shunned in an industry that pretends to embrace originality and creativity.

    2. Yeah, the racist blacks like Al Sharpton claim that the ratings are low because people think Oscars are racist against blacks. The reality is that the ratings are low because people knew it would be politically-correct anti-white bullshit.

  17. And while talking about racism they parade some Asian kids onstage and make math jokes about them.

  18. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.
    Most our proeminent actors, stars, directors are knee-deep with the project of being “Progressives”. I hardly watch movies anymore – most come from ridiculous premises of equality, women’s issues (in the West, of course!), LGBT issues, all the same old nonsense.
    I quite enjoyed Leonardo’s movie, to be honest. It was about men’s relationship with nature, family, and how violent we truly are- all of us, even the so-called “opressed minorities”. Of course that kind of interpretation flies right through some people’s head, and all they can see is “Oh god the horrible white man killed natives and killed animals! ;( We should all hug and have an extended family”.
    The worst part is that in trying to further push black inclusion, they are creating separation. Black americans should be seem as black AMERICANS, no special condition nonsense.
    They are the true racists.

  19. The look on those bikers’ faces as Biden feels up their fat biker chick… If he hadn’t had is security detail he would have had the shit kicked out of him.

  20. One of the social perks of the mindless association to leftist causes is that you get to think of yourself as “Elite” because even the critics that rightfully pull those empty leftist postures apart will continue to label you as such, and nothing makes a leftist happier or makes their allegiance to those causes stronger than having their ego fed. We need to stop feeding them.

  21. I’m glad I didn’t waste 5 seconds of my life watching this shit. Remember when actors just made movies? Lady GayGay is fucking hideous-looks like a that giant walking nose with legs from those allergy commercials.

    1. Reminds me of something Dustin Hoffman said once when referring to how one of the younger actors conducted themselves. After the actor basically lost his mind, he asked him, “Why did you do all of that?” “To get into character.” Hoffman simply replied, “Why don’t you just act?”
      Wasn’t long after that he entered semi-retirement.

      1. Is that true? The way I heard it, for Marathon Man (1976), Hoffman (then 39) starred with Larry Olivier (then 69.) Here’s how Hoffman put it:
        “When we got back to Los Angeles [Olivier] said, ‘How did your week go, dear boy?’ And I told him we did this scene where the character I was playing was supposed to be up for three days. He says, ‘So what did you do?’ I say, ‘Well I stayed up for three days and three nights.’ And [Olivier’s] famous line was, ‘Why don’t you just try acting?’

        1. Might be correct. From what little I could find on Google after looking it up it’s an urban myth and a private joke about himself. Thanks for the correction.

  22. I gave up watching the Oscars years ago when they gave Dances with Wolves best picture over Goodfellas. Seriously, think about that for a moment…Dances with Wolves a better movie than Goodfellas? Criminal.
    Anyway…burn Hollywood burn.

    1. “burn Hollywood burn.”
      A reference to an old Public Enemy/Big Daddy KAne song?

  23. Fuck the Oscars, globalist propaganda. We should start our own neomasculinity film celebrating the best humanity has to offer.

  24. who gives a f*ck about Hollywood. no reason to talk about them or watch their shows. let them lose money

  25. Also, for at least a dozen years, Oscars have been completely out of touch with cinema audience. Most popular (and profitable) movies recieve few to no awards. While obscure movies noone wants to watch get praised and awarded multiple Oscars.

    1. Well, to be fair. Most popular movies are utter drivel. Now, occasionally the AA nominate (or pick) a real stinker for best picture, but, by and large, if its nominated, it’s a decent flick. The most popular movies of the year are generally action flicks, and most of them are horrible. Blame The Matrix, everyone wants to use wireframe special effects, but nobody has a good reason for why their good guys can dodge bullets.

  26. Language and thought are intimately linked … Thus, all who care for Truth and Liberty must make an effort in avoiding the term “social justice warriors”. Either call them “social justice wackjobs” or come up with a new term. It’s a downright silly and ridiculous term that confers an extraordinary degree of positive value to otherwise low-lives and scumbags.
    Imagine if degenerates like Bruce Jenner were called “valiant and virtuous resistance fighters” or “bold and courageous soldiers for freedom”: aside from being a lie, it’s pathetic and silly. The same goes for the term “social justice warrior”: it’s a lie because the scumbags are not warriors but cowards, and their agenda has nothing to do with social justice.
    Please make an effort in stopping to perpetuate lies and deceit, and stand for Truth.

      1. That’s the thing though, what they do is antisocial and unjust and they’re anything but warriors; pack of Socialist Jihadi Wankers is what they are.

      2. As stated, the current term actually elevates their status. “social justice” and “warrior” are concepts that are esteemed by everyone. Of course, these people are far from real justice warriors. That’s why the term is so odd and dys-harmonic.

        1. Agreed, I understood the sarcasm behind the term when I first heard it, but always thought that “Social Justice Warrior” was a term that could be too easily turned to the advantage of the people to whom it applied. I am glad to see that others are also starting to see this and are interested in discussing ways to change the language back to our advantage. “Controlling the narrative” would be a good descriptive term here.

        2. Absolutely. If one were to examine the “Zionist movement” from its very beginnings in the 1880’s onward, as completely detached observers without taking sides … ie like Martians looking down from space, indifferent toward the warring parties, one will note the following:
          It’s indisputable how clever and cunning they were in “controlling the narrative”, as you say, or understanding the deep and intimate connection between language and thought, and how simple mottos and tags subconsciously affect us. That’s how they were largely successful in swaying Western/European public opinion in their favour. Take terms like a “a land without people, for a people without a land” … of course, it’s utter nonsense, but when it becomes ingrained through repetition, the assumptions become “Truth”.
          Even the term “white knight”: it’s used derisively, but unconsciously, or subconsciously, it elicits nothing but an elevated concept of a brave and chivalrous person who sacrifices self for the oppressed, or for truth and justice. As usual, no matter what we tell ourselves consciously, our unconscious mind always wins out. Thus, unless we make a serious effort in coming up with new terms that are accurately demeaning and demoralizing against these very real scumbags … they will have the upper hand on the deeper cognitive level.

        3. I think you do a good thing in examining the “white knight” term. I agree that it falls into the same category as “SJW”. We say it with sarcasm and derision, but “white knight” has a longer association with nobility and honor.

  27. Don’t forget that Best Picture was awarded to a film about the Catholic Priest Sex Abuse Scandal, even though the rate of sexual abuse of minors by priests is far lower than the general population (and the profession with the highest is the liberally revered public school teacher.)

    1. I watched this stupid movie. The Boston Globe hires a Jew to come in and run the paper, then the Jew uses the media to undermine the church. Who would’ve seen that coming? What the Catholic church did was sick, but let’s have a movie about how it became legal to murder millions of children through abortion, or how cultural Marxism has undermined and destroyed the family structure, causing untold destruction in millions of children’s lives. Identity politics has caused a shitton more damage than the Catholic church. Also, I love how the movie went out of its way to make sure that homosexuals weren’t associated with homosexual priests. How the left can make a movie claiming any moral authority in this area is beyond me, especially when they’re already starting to try to make paedophilia acceptable. According to leftist doctrine, if a homo is born that way, and it’s not his fault, then why not pedos? Sick fucks. Way it’s going, ten years from now they’ll probably make a movie where the priests are the victims.

  28. The Oscars are the annual ritualistic celebration of Organized Jewry’s war on the White West.

  29. Great post! I was waiting to see something of the kind in ROK after i saw the Oscars. If we took away all of the bullshit that you identified, the show is quite appealing but the “star system” based in Hollywood is poisoned to the bones.
    I was sick and tired, of Chris Rock insane racial comments all trough the show. For example, when he interviewed those people on the street he asked one of them if they would like to slap white people around…and in the end of the show he says “black lives mater”. As a Portuguese more and more i think that the racial trauma, the racial paranoia that exists in the States is not caused by bad social, economic or cultural politics but because some people simply do not want it to end.
    Racism in America is like this very powerful demon that is locked in a room, but, instead of trowing a bomb at him, he is allowed to live. Its masochism at it finest sponsored by the left. It does not help when you have a president that says that racism is institutionalized, meaning that the army, the police, the mail men or the guy that takes care of taxes is racist.
    What that Obama clown is stating is simply this: ” the american dream is not real, because we are racist, our republic is racist and so, if you come here, we are going to treat you bad based in the color of your skin” What a shame, what a insult to the american dream!
    The Oscars represent this idea, that the evil white men is racist and the cause of all evil in the world. But, stupidity and propaganda has its limits and the ratings are the living prof, that people are getting tired of a dozen of stupid millionaires telling them how to live and think. The monolithic thinking of those who participate is another think that is mind blowing. They all think the same, defend the same ideas, the same values, the same notions… We dont see one fucking men/women that thinks outside the box, and when they do, they are excommunicated.
    Let us hope this trend continues and that some day, the Oscars will be forced to change or to die.

    1. You are more right than you could possibly know. It’s a shame when a foreigner ‘gets it’ while so many millions of Americans still do not.
      The myth of oppressive White racism is perpetuated because it is very profitable for the industries that have built themselves up around the model of milking White guilt.
      If it were true that America were a racist White country, then you’d expect to see that everything we do is designed to benefit White people the most. What you observe in the real world is the exact opposite of that.

  30. The series Marco Polo had a great cast of Asians I’ve never heard of .if any one has a right to bitch it’s them ,but I don’t think there the type to do that sort of thing . I was really impressed with the Asian actors, would not mind seeing more of that talent in main stream leading roles . especially that chick who played khutulun the wrestler . And no I’m not Asian . Chris rock funny as fuck , but the oscars just keeps getting worse every year

  31. As a black man.That’s a good thing!! No black american nominated!!
    I tell you african american are the stupidest black in the world we don-t want to see them spreading there decadent culture worldwide !! White american please keep your trash for yourself!!

      1. I’m not a muslim i’m french and raised a christian .You just confirm my thought.AA get too much exposure . Because of you and the brainwash from your puppet master you put stigma on every other colored people around the world!!

  32. A majority in Hollywood are hypocrite racist. What ever happened to the Sony email
    dump? It seems like once Al Sharpton was paid off it went away and only one racist
    email made the light of day and yet they all donated money to Obama and democrats.

  33. The irony is that blacks, homosexuals, and other minorities are so prevalent in all American movies, television, and advertisements, that if you were an alien watching our media you would assume that normal heterosexual White males are a very tiny minority in America.

      1. Your worst fear is to be among your own people. No whites to latch onto. No whites to support and coddle you. No white technology, systems of government, institutions, management of resources, food preparation and delivery.
        Blacks left to their own devices, a civilization for and by only themselves. Scary, isn’t it?

  34. “Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu, who used his Best Director
    speech to preach to us on how we have to abandon our “tribes,”
    I know a group in Hollywood that won’t abandon their tribe and sneaky liberal propaganda.

  35. I thought it was interesting when they did the montage of the past greats, right after the speech about how we need to honor our past but look forward to the future. The obvious propaganda angle there was that the past belonged to old White men, and the future belongs to young vibrants.
    However, in the montage they used, the vast majority of Hollywood insiders shown were Jewish, not White. You’d think the Jewish producers and editors of this program would be fully aware of that fact! Hmmm. I’m sure they wouldn’t purposely lie, and try to misrepresent Hollywood as being majority White, when in fact everyone knows it’s majority Jewish!
    If equal representation is so important to these people, why on Earth are they not pushing to “Make Hollywood Less Jewish”?

  36. When I moved to Ohio for a year to look after my dying father I cleaned out a lot of his old books.
    Pops had been a member of the NYT book club for many years so there were a fair number of best sellers from 30-40 years ago. I picked one up titled “Indecent Exposure” and started reading. Tossed it in the car and would read whenever I waited for my wife at the market. It was about a financial scandal at Columbia pictures in the 1970s where a high power executive producer named David Begelman forged a check with Cliff Robertson’s name on it. When Cliff got a tax notice on the check from the IRS the fraud began to unravel.
    Most of the book centers around the Columbia power struggle between factions aligned with Alan Hirschfield and Herbert Allen, Wall Street players who helped Columbia recover from near bankruptcy to become very profitable. The Allen faction wanted Begelman reinstated and eventually drove out Hirschfield.
    It was a good read and a fascinating glimpse into boardroom politics. Was a best seller around 1982. It is required reading in many business schools.
    What struck me was not just the dominance of Jews in Hollywood but in American industry in general, as players in the drama assembled to fight from across a spectrum of well-known companies. Another tidbit was when the scandal broke in the media and Rolling Stone penned a hit piece on the affair and was sued by the Allen faction.
    Anyway it was an interesting background to this recent Hollywood diversity crisis and the constant complaints about too there being many “white men” in the industry. Cynics might claim that wily Jews are orchestrating this entire controversy.

  37. Glad to hear that the shows tanked in the ratings. However, if you watch CNN, they were reporting it like is was a smashing sucess.

    1. CNN is afflicted. They still can’t figure out why Trump is winning. When I flicked over to the Super Tuesday results, I thought Cruz had won. The talking femi bobble heads gassed on about Cruz’s two wins as if it was all over for Trump. CNN even kept the Cruz wins continuously up on the screen. Morons!!!!

      1. They keep pushing the Trump/KKK think like it is an established fact. They act like they caught him at a cross burning event dressed in whote robes.

  38. Since you mentioned the Holocaust checkbox:
    I read a couple of Oscar voting summaries by some old Hollywood Jewish academy members. BOTH stated they voted in the documentary or short film category based on their jewishness. Son of Saul won.
    So let me get this straight. Whites are somehow the ones to blame for African-Americans getting shitty acting jobs, and not the elite producers who pull the strings?
    Basically, for this to slide under the radar, and if the BLM movement gets its way, you can say bye-bye to anything remotely resembling objective voting based on quality and talent.
    At least that is how it will appear from now on.

    1. Pretty much proves once and for all who is really in control of the narrative in America, doesn’t it?

  39. Good article. But you forgot to mention the award for the film Spotlight which once again points its finger at the catholic church and accuses it of being a nest of rabid pedophiles. Not to say that pedophilia is not an issue among priests or that the vatican is not corrupt (hell yes it is). But i’m a catholic and to always denigrate this religion because of a handful of rogue priests is shameful. Besides there are alot of cases of school PE teachers who are pedos, so why not make a film about them. We all know who wields power in Hollywood and why they hate the gospels so much. But more importantly it turns the attention away from the real culprits and the real pedophile rings which are rampant within Hollywood and amongst the political and cultural elites. If only you could still ask Corey Haim and Bred Renfro…

    1. Yes, I’m waiting for the Big Hollywood treatment of The Gulag Archipelago. Or Darkness At Noon.–Oh shit, that was the Dalton Trumbo pic.

      1. Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s 1978 speech at Harvard, where he tore the West a new a**hole for having no courage and for being too PC (not using that term, but making the point.) After that, he was persona non grata.

  40. I was actually wondering if something was going to be written up on this topic and I am sure glad you did, Michael, because everything you pointed on is spot on. I personally didn’t watch it because I had better things to do with my time than watch a bunch of liberals boxed up sitting in one room using the cameras as an excuse to feed the American people more of their bullshit agenda. Sure enough, I saw something on the news, and that was just what they did. From the little I read on the televised spectacle I was pretty pissed off. What really topped it off was the Rocks closing statement “Black Lives Matter.” Does America really wear blinders that think to not see this as a problem? Was that the message the Movie Industry intended the night to be about? Really?!?!
    I didn’t even know “Lady Gaga” was still relevant. I figured someone who spits that much crap out of her mouth would have been yesterday’s trash (literally trash). Apparently I couldn’t have been more wrong based off the title of her song. Is there any irony in the fact that VP Biden introduced her? No further comment there.
    I wish I could say the whole production was a SNL spoof, but sadly, this is what America has been faced up against with. I can only hope that people start waking up real soon and see how the political agenda is a disease. This makes me wonder if there is even any hope left for us.

  41. I was actually wondering if something was going to be written up on this topic and I am sure glad you did, Michael, because everything you pointed on is spot on. I personally didn’t watch it because I had better things to do with my time than watch a bunch of liberals boxed up sitting in one room using the cameras as an excuse to feed the American people more of their bullshit agenda. Sure enough, I saw something on the news, and that was just what they did. From the little I read on the televised spectacle I was pretty pissed off. What really topped it off was the Rocks closing statement “Black Lives Matter.” Does America really wear blinders that think to not see this as a problem? Was that the message the Movie Industry intended the night to be about? Really?!?!
    I didn’t even know “Lady Gaga” was still relevant. I figured someone who spits that much crap out of her mouth would have been yesterday’s trash (literally trash). Apparently I couldn’t have been more wrong based off the title of her song. Is there any irony in the fact that VP Biden introduced her? No further comment there.
    I wish I could say the whole production was a SNL spoof, but sadly, this is what America has been faced up against with. I can only hope that people start waking up real soon and see how the political agenda is a disease. This makes me wonder if there is even any hope left for us.

  42. It was just announced today that Idris Elba has been cast as Roland Deschain in Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ adaptation. This is a character who is described and depicted in artwork for the series as looking like Clint Eastwood and is a descendant of a King Arthur-type character (Arthur Eld) and exists within a world that is a melding of European medieval history and American Westerns.
    If you are opposed to this casting, you are a “racist.” H’wood has determined that whitewashing characters is a crime against humanity, but casting white characters with ‘ ‘people of color’ is ‘justice’.

    1. That’s just plain disgusting; I swear if they ever pull a stunt in making James Bond black I’ll go apoplectic and may maim people.

      1. A black Bond is practically guaranteed and will very likely be the next one after Daniel Craig
        Google “James Bond is a code name” and you will see the justification that will be used

        1. I know of that moronic concept and it’s stupid given in the books Ian Flemming says clearly and unequivocally that Bond resembled Hoagy Carmichael albeit with a cruel streak.

        2. They don’t care. We’re in Total Expropriation mode right now, don’t expect it to ever make sense.
          Want a real shock to the system, watch some Twilight Zone shows from the 1960’s. With constant exposure to today’s toxic bullshit, it slaps you in the face that “now” wasn’t always the norm.

        3. I believe it and can recall when the bullshit we’re being fed was anything but the norm; the world’s gone absolutely bonkers.

        4. There is a big push and has been for several years to have the next Doctor on “Doctor Who” portrayed by a woman.

  43. All. You. Need. To know: Hollywood, run by white liberals, thinks the rest of America has an “*ism” of some kind or another. (But still wants our money.)

    1. You misspelled “Jews”.
      White liberals? LOL. Really?
      I didn’t realize there were still people who were so misinformed.

  44. I am reading “Sex and Deviance” by Guillaume Faye, a devastating analysis of LGBT/PC, immigrationist ideology, inter-racialism and feminism. A masterful, encyclopedic work.

  45. I see some value is stepping further away from Hollywood these days. Glad I didn’t bother with the Oscars this year.

  46. Who wastes their time on this absolute horseshit?! It baffles me anybody would bother with this self-congratulatory self-fellating stupidity. Instead of watching that shit I took the time to read and expand my mind and work on my Japanese language skills.

    1. Agreed. Gays and their fag hags organize academy awards watching parties. That tells you all you need to know.

  47. Nailed it!
    I caught a glimpse of Leonardo’s climate change acceptance speech on social media. Have now lost all respect for him. What a sell out.

  48. As long as we didn’t have to look at the repulsive Bruce Jenner I personally will belatedly accept my Oscar for Most Evil Working White Man There Ever Was!

  49. Hmmm, good checklist as to why anyone should not go to see movies anymore. I’ve had it with Hollywood! Bye bye Tinseltown and all those lies!

  50. why not opening a new section on ROK dedicated to criticize sjw propaganda films and call out their manipulation ?

    1. Talk about a never ending list of crap to write about. Or just a review of the newest cuckmercials.

  51. Who watches a bunch of smug, elitist hypocrites smell each other’s poo and pat themselves on the back for it?

  52. That 3rd pic of Biden.. I wonder if Secret Service had to step in at that point 😉
    Anyhow, this was me during the 30 minutes of the Academy Awards I could stomach:

  53. There are less blacks nominated because they lack the mental capacity to learn lines and convey complex emotions.

  54. I wouldn’t have a problem with these recent Hollywood trends, but only if white actors started to get the same opportunities as black actors. Meaning, you could have Robert Downey Jr. play the role of John Shaft, in a remake of that infamous 1970’s movie. Or maybe Ryan Reynolds as Michael Jordan (the basketball player), in a future sports biopic?
    Likewise, maybe Kiefer Sutherland could be cast as Jim, the black slave and friend of Huckleberry Finn, in a movie covering Mark Twain’s epic book. And perhaps, in a remake of “Gone with the Wind”, Julia Roberts could play Mammy (Hattie McDaniel’s role in the original film)?
    On a more serious note, I wouldn’t be surprised if these clowns actually started to rewrite all the history books, in order to make all the great historical male figures of the past two thousand years, almost exclusively black. All the kings and presidents; all the scientists and inventors; all the great music composers and Renaissance painters.
    Maybe then they could finally convince the remaining dimwitted, white females who haven’t already done so, to mate with them – while simultaneously starting that Race War they so ardently want…

    1. Snow white is now snow black. And the role of Ms. White is will be played by Bruce Transjenner.

  55. If you white people hate us so much, then why did you force us to come over here and live with you????? Bring us back!!!!!

  56. Here’s an interesting historical fact, which most of the readers here won’t know – Abraham Lincoln actually wanted to send all of the freed slaves back to Africa (or to a resettlement location with a similar climate), and fought for it ardently throughout his political career. This little-known historical fact has been erased, for the most part, from modern-day historical accounts (which begs the question, “Why in the hell would anybody pay for an education?”; but I digress). You can check out the facts surrounding this interesting incident in American history, at the link below –

  57. A few direct quotes from Abraham Lincoln, on the subject of black resettlement, which can be found at the following link:
    “But what shall we do with the negroes after they are free? I can hardly believe that the South and North can live in peace, unless we can get rid of the negroes … I believe that it would be better to export them all to some fertile country with a good climate, which they could have to themselves. If these black soldiers of ours go back to the South, I am afraid that they will be but little better off with their masters than they were before, and yet they will be free men. I fear a race war, and it will be at least a guerilla war because we have taught these men how to fight … There are plenty of men in the North who will furnish the negroes with arms if there is any oppression of them by their late masters.” – Abraham Lincoln, during a meeting with General Benjamin F. Butler, April, 1865, a short time before his death
    “I cannot make it better known than it already is, that I strongly favor colonization. In this view, I recommend the adoption of the following resolution and articles amendatory to the Constitution of the United States … ‘Congress may appropriate money, and otherwise provide, for colonizing free colored persons, with their consent, at any place or places without the United States.’ Applications have been made to me by many free Americans of African descent to favor their emigration, with a view to such colonization as was contemplated in recent acts of Congress. Several of the Spanish American republics have protested against the sending of such colonies [settlers] to their respective territories. Liberia and Haiti are, as yet, the only countries to which colonists of African descent from here could go with certainty of being received and adopted as citizens. Their old masters will gladly give them wages at least until new laborers can be procured; and the freedmen, in turn, will gladly give their labor for the wages, till new homes can be found for them, in congenial climes, and with people of their own blood and race.Fellow-citizens, we cannot escape history. We of this Congress and this administration will be remembered in spite of ourselves …” – Abraham Lincoln, in his second annual message to Congress, December 1, 1862
    “You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffers very greatly, many of them, by living among us, while ours suffers from your presence. In a word, we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.” – Abraham Lincoln, during a meeting with five African-American ministers, on August 14, 1862

  58. Denying global warming will surely win you fans among the idiots. The men’s movement needs to stick to condemning actual lies and manipulation, such as political correctness and feminism and not to throw out political idiocy at large.
    I imagine Roosh leaves the ignoramuses among you on soapboxes for pure profit.
    You are losing the way.

    1. Look, I’m, I guess, skeptical of global warming or climate change etc. I am definitely open minded enough to appreciate this as a legitimate threat. However, I see too many bullshit flags here. For one thing, climate change is a huge progressive liberal cause. To presume that conservatives, like almost all of the climate change folks do, are just dummy face people is a very dummy face belief. Its also incredibly bias and prejudice. Politics is irrelevant to an existential threat, period. Conservatives are bright enough to acknowledge threats to their livelihood – ALL sentient beings are! So, this should have been non-partisan from the start. But its not. And it continues to be a very leftist cause. The association with the left is the single biggest discrediting factor of climate change. If CC activists really believe this they’d ditch the rest of their boilerplate politics and start appealing to people on just climate change alone. But, I’ve never seen it happen nor do I expect it too. No, the only time you see CC activists en masse is at an occupy “blank”, slut walk, homo thing or abortion rights etc. Alternatively, any CC events are all populated with abortion rights, rainbows, communists etc….leftists. Climate change has nothing to do with marriage, “equality” or BLM et al, but the activist insist it is. ??? And then you have all the fraudulent data and wild claims by institutions such as the Sierra Club that have been proven false.

        1. Ha ha. I bet u have an arts degree?
          I don’t like CC because I have never heard a valid, evidence based argument for it. But you are right to ask “what has it got to do with men?” I think people with a mentality of oppressing men and elevating women often want to enforce tiny family sizes in the west. They say it will liberate women but it only enslaves them in horrible corporations making them miserable. Anyway, a global environmental cause that implies that the planet is overpopulated is a perfect fit! So there are plenty of insincere supporters of CC. They are motivated by feminism or just happy that it fits nicely with feminism. They are not motivated by the weather. Their true motives often do involve men I believe. I guess you could say it’s a nice “good cause” that doesn’t interfere with thier main evil cause. It’s handy for them to say that they are saving the plant whilst not compromising, and possibly enhancing, their chances of archiving their true objectives.
          Btw I see you have a Simpsons profile pic. I’d like to ask you a question to see what your views on men really are. What do you think about the intelligence of the characters Hommer and Bart in that show? How about in Bart in comparison to Lisa?

        2. How you missed the blatant corporate push to discredit the scientific movement alarming the planet of global warming is beyond me. Maybe Australia is a bit more isolated than I thought. Astoundingly enough, you somehow think, as well, that corporations are pushing the environmental cause. Some brains are simply sunken in misinformation and no longer to be reached, I guess.
          No study is actually necessary per se. Just look at the data regarding the polar ice caps, which is all happening way too fast to be explained by natural forces.

        3. I’ll just ignore ur puerile insults because I haven’t got time.
          I have read about the theory that certain business interests are undermining the CC movement. That may well be true. If fact I would believe that. For sure. They like the status quo. Particularly fossil fuel companies. So they can go ahead and undermine the CC movement. That’s kind of interesting. It’s not what I’m telling you about…
          I’m saying that sustained support for the CC movement has come from feminism and the progressive movement in general. Feminism is part the progressive movement. The progressive movement has been suppressing the populations of certain undesirable groups of people for over 100 years. Heard the word “unfit” before. They used that word to describe the targets of their population suppression. These days they just stick to feminist rhetoric.
          You might say ” that’s just a conspiracy theory.”? That’s ok don’t worry about the whole “progressives are suppressing the population” thing. I don’t need that to make my point. It’s a side point. My main point is that no one can deny that feminism is very much related to population. Feminism requires a low birth rate. Patriarchy allows a much higher birth rate. Not to many feminists are cool with a women having 13 children. But in many non feminist cultures it’s seen as living the dream!
          So feminists support CC. They would whether it were true or false. It helps them.
          I did hear some good arguments for global warming 10 or 20 years ago. Then new data came out that the temperature was not rising. So the field was renamed CC. Because I have not heard any strong scientific argument that CC exists (I have a PhD in science). I am left with the only possible explanation that it is being propped up by progressive feminists.
          You might say that ” there is no way that scientists could get away with it.”? They can. I know from my own scientific work that science is about theory, not fact. When something is fact, every scientist moves on to work on the next theory. And they need government funding for any theory that they want to work on. So CC is a theory. It’s a bad one. And, the funding and support for it comes from progressives. These progressives are simply feminists.

        4. It saddens me to read that there is an institution out there that gave you a PhD (supposedly) despite how incapable you are of thinking in an objective fashion.
          Not every idea supported by feminists is a bad one (that I have to write this is sad in itself). Be so scientific as to be bothered to watch the video I linked to and you’ll know the sort of financial backing scientists have versus those providing the reams of misinformation you fall for hook, line and sinker.
          Unfortunately, I lack the time to enlighten you any further.

        5. You’re a rude fuck. The temperature has varied 8 degrees every 100k years for millions of years. CC is at most .8 if you believe it at all.

        6. “You’re a rude fuck.”
          Better than being a dumb one, and bear in mind that only one rude fuck to date felt the need to lean on profanity to compensate for his stupidity.
          Wire up your brain, however unscientific it clearly is, and filter out the corporate misinformation campaign:
          We are talking changes of several degrees over a few bloody decades – one hundred thousand bleemin’ years does that not make.
          By the way, anybody who thinks that it’s a mere theory that business interests are undermining climate change politics clearly has no clue to be commenting on anything.

  59. Nice slight of hand by (((rulers of Hollywood))) to shift blame of “no black nominees” from (((them))) to whites.

  60. i’m used to Chris Rock’s race comedy so i thought the monologue was hilarious. Its like patrice o’neal talking, i’m gonna laugh. he did similar on SNL.
    Everything else though was all setup (they even hired chris knowing what he would do), i almost laughed when they did the college campus shit and then slowly realised it was supposed to be a serious scene and music video/whateverthefuck. All that kesha bullshit as well. eeesh they were really going hard and heavy on that shit.
    the funniest bit was sam smith saying that he was glad to win and be the first openly gay winner. then the entire homosexual community started shitting on him far harder than any manosphere person would. that was top kek.
    self victimising crybullies, keep dividing and subdividing their ranks until no one is in the ingroup anymore. its why these movements inevitably fail. community is based on consensus. no consensus, no community.

  61. Actually, people DO like the be lectured, and propaganda is their favorite form of entertainment.

    1. I think you have hit on a very important aspect of the “culture war”. We can talk all day long about how bad things are, how Hollywood elites control the narrative, at the end of the day though, you have to answer the question…what are you prepared to DO about it. Of course the “you” was in the general/rhetorical sense.

  62. That’s just so insultingly over the top that they played Fight the Power when they literally ARE The Power.

  63. Also shows why they will never release the reins of power and shift online despite the proven advantages. Hollywood isn’t about entertainment anymore than propaganda is about informing the public.

  64. 1. I like your writing style. I think you’re the best writer on this forum.
    2. The story of the Holocaust has to be told and retold to show what menace humanity is and to what lows it can sink. It is not a political agenda. My grandfather’s and grandmother’s entire families were wiped out. They were the only survivors.

    1. Why doesn’t (((Hollywood))) make some films about the tens of millions of Christians murdered by Jewish Bolsheviks after the (((Russian))) revolution? Somehow that story is never told and retold. Must be a coincidence.

      1. 1. there was no such thing as “tens of millions of Christians murdered by Jewish Bolsheviks”. bolsheviks were of all possible ethnicities – and so were their victims.
        2. there are movies about it.
        3. there are many other atrocities in the world that are not mentioned very often in Hollywood movies. now what? wold you want to watch a movie about Chinese Cultural Revolution?
        4. Russia, China, Cambodia, Rwanda and other god forsaken places don’t interest western movie consumers too much. which is normal. just like people in Cambodia don’t care about the Holocaust. there are many movies about Bolshevik atrocities made in Russia. watch them if you’re interested.
        5. what are the (((stupid))) (((brackets)))?

        1. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (Pulitzer prize winning author) would beg to differ with you. He documented the jewish role in the Bolshevik take-over of Russia and subsequent mass murder of tens of millions of Christians in his book 200 Years Together. Under the Sign of the Scorpion (youtube) is another documentary that details who was behind International Communism. Douglas Reed’s book The Controversy of Zion, which can be found free online, also spells out their role in birthing Communism and Zionism. Reed was one of the foremost correspondents in Europe leading up to WW2. His other books are also well worth reading to understand what really happened in the first half of the 20th century.
          The Holocaust is 90% fabrication. It’s primary use is to brainwash whites into believing they have zero moral authority to defend themselves as a race. And it has been an unqualified success in doing so. If you aren’t a self-hating white who puts other races before you’re own and support unlimited 3rd world immigration and forced assimilation in all white countries and only white countries, you’re a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. Hence the endless stream of Holocaust movies. The Holocaust is a psychological weapon jews wield against whites.

  65. can’t believe how much this article mimics my thoughts, I used to watch for the pretty women but now cannot stand to see what the show and america has devolved into. I will never watch again.

  66. Here’s a weird idea. Don’t watch lame award shows. I stopped paying for and watching cable several years back. The money (and brain cells) I’ve saved I’ve put towards more fruitful endeavors in life. Spending that many hours watching the wealthy and elite pat themselves on the back is a huge waste of time.

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