American Corporations Only Support Gay Marriage When They Can Profit From It

We are always told that major corporations such as Facebook, Starbucks, and Apple are at the vanguard of supporting equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals. Yet they have a funny and very asymmetrical way of showing this commitment throughout the world. Starbucks in particular has become a for-profit behemoth wanting to act like a gay charity in the US, all while categorically ignoring the notion of gay marriage (or even gay rights) in countries as far afield as Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia.

It gets worse, though. These same sorts of companies were amongst the 379 filing pro-gay marriage friend-of-the-court briefs in the US Supreme Court case of Obergefell v. Hodges last year, which legalized gay marriage. Yet why did it take them so long to organize together for gay marriage in the United States? Why did they not vocally “come out” in support of it many years ago when only a fraction of Americans supported non-traditional marriage? “Human rights” should not depend on popularity, especially in places like America where violence against gays and their supporters has been infinitesimally small for decades. Consequently, the behavior of these corporations is more akin to flagrant opportunism than a deep-seated and real conviction about alleged human rights.

What we can draw from this situation is that major commercial concerns marketing to vast sections of the public will only declare their passion for gay marriage and similar policy proposals when it will not harm attempts at profit-making. This will also be done entirely selectively (i.e. “We support gay marriage and gay rights in America, but will say absolutely nothing about it in other countries we do business in.”) So this means a certain number of consumers have to support something first, regardless of what corporate leaders themselves think. Moreover, when a few companies begin to support gay marriage, hundreds of others follow, wanting to literally cash in on the trend-leadership of the first to do so.

Starbucks and other companies operate in gay-beheading Saudi Arabia but are demanding an end to “homophobia” in America

I am presuming Starbucks’ desired expansion into Iran will not include demands for an end to the execution of gays, like these teenagers about to be killed in Tehran by the Iranian government.

Starbucks is one of many corporations that legitimizes the execution and maiming of gays by engaging in mutually beneficially partnerships with the governments of Saudi Arabia, the small Persian Gulf States and, more recently, Iran. When has it ever threatened to stop opening stores or even close current ones in protest at the treatment of LGBT people? In the meantime, Middle America has been excoriated by SJWs and corporations for their resistance to changing the traditional formulation of marriage. In no time in human history has the word “homophobia” been less applicable than it is today in the US, yet it is being used more than ever before.

The hypocrisy could not be starker. Run-of-the-mill Americans who peacefully disagree with gay marriage but have never engaged in any anti-gay violence are demeaned as bigots while CEOs and their senior colleagues treat the political leaders of a raft of oppressive regimes as necessary partners. Starbucks, Apple, and those of their ilk are more concerned with the Christian values of a plumber in Tennessee than the Middle Eastern Sheikh responsible for keeping local laws allowing the killing and beatings of gays.

Where were you years ago, Tim Cook?

It is pretty easy to keep silent on gay rights for years, even as a gay man like Tim Cook, when the millions keep coming in.

For those of you not aware, Tim Cook is the gay CEO of Apple, having succeeded the late Steve Jobs. He publicly came out as gay only in October 2014 and when the Supreme Court supported gay marriage the following June, he was quick to applaud the decision. But why did he publicly announce his sexuality, let alone his support for gay marriage, so late? This man has been a multimillionaire for years, let’s remember. It seems awfully dollar-related if you significantly hold back your supposedly screaming support for gay marriage until the time of a court decision. And it also justifiably arouses suspicion when your sudden activism coincides with other corporations deciding that support for gay marriage might actually enhance company profits.

Even before he took over from Jobs, as an Apple executive Cook was at the forefront of lobbying for tax concessions and other perks for the electronics giant. These efforts have been so successful and pervasive that Apple pays no functional tax in medium-sized countries like Australia. Decidedly less energy seems to have been spent in the past arguing for the “rights” of the LGBT individuals Cook now conveniently champions.

To boot, commentators have stated that Cook was open about his sexuality within the upper echelons of Apple for years. He was clearly not personally afraid of being known as gay, despite his much, much later public admission of it. God forbid, did the raking in of millions take a backseat to the LGBT community?

A pro-gay rights corporation should put its money where its mouth is

Starbucks and Apple show solidarity with these entirely safe gay rights advocates in Western countries, but none with actually persecuted gays in regions like the Middle East.

Either you support gay marriage and gay rights or you do not. Middling positions, including castigating harmless Christians for wanting to protect their religious traditions in America whilst implicitly sanctioning the beheading, hanging, and mutilation of gays in the Middle East, only underscore that dollar signs are driving every single action taken by corporations in the arena of gay advocacy.

Many other more homophobic societies than America, including China, Japan and Korea, are given a pass by Apple, Starbucks and their fellow corporate giants, who are all keen not to offend very large but traditionally-minded markets for their products. Instead, they just continue to beat the dead-horse of “dangerous” white Western homophobia. A cash cow is a cash cow.

Physical prostitution is illegal in most American jurisdictions, but America’s corporate elite will never be short of willing but highly selective political whores. Gay marriage and “gay rights” promotion is just the tip of the iceberg.

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111 thoughts on “American Corporations Only Support Gay Marriage When They Can Profit From It”

  1. This LGBT madness is out of control. Recently in Australia there have been concerted efforts to push their propaganda into schools. Statistically speaking gay and LGBT types are an extreme minority, yet we have to restructure our entire education system around their needs? What kind of bullshit is that??
    No amount of propaganda is going to convince me that trannys are ‘normal’. Most gay men I’ve ever known have been complete narcissistic sluts as well.
    The idea that we have to reaarange everything in society to suit them is completely absurd and will only cause more trouble further down the road.

    1. Just say NO to the program of sex crippling and population control. Call out the bullshit in business or education whenever you see it. The groupthink idiots in academia, media and big business marketing tend to do as their herd does. Look who’s directing the herds to focus on the sex handicapping programs to stave off natural reproduction, family and tribe. With enough calling out of the culprits, the herd will catch wind of the truth and will shift course. Most humans who are herd creatures will remain so, with a pack mentality. They can be steered right though.

    2. Agreed. I’ve known a lot of gays, and last year I asked some of them why they’ve switched the public dialogue and anxiety to “Transexuals.” They all said the same thing: They got gay marriage, and now need something else in the news to keep them relevant. In other words, their agenda is just to keep pushing themselves on everyone else. But they label men in dresses as transexual, when they’re not. They’re just men in dresses with psychological problems. A transexual got an operation, but now guys who just want to wear women’s clothing want to use women’s restrooms and have all kinds of fucking rights. Homosexuality is a symptom of mental illness, period. When a person is gay, you know he/she’s got booko head problems. And when you give mentally ill people say in a society it brings the whold country down.

      1. Many of the “transexuals” who don’t get operations (called “transgenders”) do so as a form of rebellion and attention seeking. It’s like a recipe, really. Bit of this, bit of that, can substitute this and this and you get that. Article ’bout it going up on my blog on 4/3.

        1. No one expects the Transexual inquisition! Check your privilege down the hall and to the left, next to the district branch of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

    3. Can you give some examples of lgbt trying to be pushed into Australian schools? Am concerned about choosing a school in 6-8 years time and am thinking will have to go full private or perhaps catholic to stay away from that rubbish

      1. Look up Safe Schools online mate. They are pushing their bullshit through schools via manuals assembled by LGBT activist types.
        If I had kids I would enrol then in a Catholic school personally.

        1. I was a product of a Catholic school and it did well for me although in saying that with their Bolivarian, Leftism spousing Pope I have grave concerns that his idiocy will influence said schools.

        2. See what happened recently? Some despicable little shits trashed Corey Bernardi’s office for having the temerity to speak out against that faggotism. I for one am sickened by their agenda and regard teaching of such as tantamount to child abuse.

        3. No I didn’t, but it doesn’t surprise me. I don’t want anything to do with that bullshit either. If I had kids I wouldn’t stand for it, that’s for sure.

        4. Nor I-they will be raised staunchly red-pill and conservative and they will play sports and learn how to fight/defend themselves among other masculine virtues.

        5. Just looked it up, I don’t know what they are talking about and granted I’m a straight white girl but at my Catholic high school people didn’t care if you were homosexual because, surprise surprise, teenagers are aelf involved and will be bitchy no matter what you are. People just need to get over it and toughen up, we had a straight kids in physical fights, one or 2 gay guys, bitching and girl fighting and they all turned out fine. I think it’s taken way out of proportion, it’s always been and probably always will be that if you are the “weird” kid you kimd of get singled out, not cause you’re a homosexual but cause you’re weird. No issue with kids being kids, focus should be on shitty parents being shitty parents.
          But yeah I will probably go with a Catholic School. School is to learn math science and English anyway.

  2. A big kudos to the author for succinctly dissecting the rank hypocrisy of opportunistic corporate swines. Thankfully many are now waking up to the dastardly propaganda endorsed by strictly profit minded corporatist who don’t give a flying fuck about actual and viable social welfare.

  3. Let’s not forget politicians. Obama and both of the Clintons were against gay marriage until they realized that supporting it would get them votes.

    1. Amazing Atheist has a good video about Hillary’s dramatic (though not surprising) flip-flop on precisely this issue. Clay footed maggots all of em’.

    2. Politicians dont have positions on anything anymore- they do as they are told. If they were told to be pro gay marriage 10 yrs ago, they woulda been in 06

    3. Politicians would sell soup made of babies and puppies if it got them into office. Same with corporations except switch out votes with money. Politicians and corporations are chameleons who will change to whatever they feel will get them ahead.

    4. Corporations pretty much do the same thing. They go where the money can be made and if they see money to be made in the middle east then their policies don’t matter…it’s all about money. That’s why corporation should do themselves a favor and remain neutral…it’s supposed to be “all business”. But we have this new generation of recognizing these special groups (for profit, for business) and then the company looks like a complete ass hat when someone calls them out on it.
      Companies should stick to making a solid product or providing a solid service…and stay out of social politics.

  4. Instead of ‘gay’ I think you should use homosexual. Apparently it’s very triggering.

  5. The behavior of these corporations are strikingly similar to the female nature. They whore themselves out and jump onto the the next hip and popular trend.

    1. Good point and I wonder if this could be tied into the r-selection theory that encompasses a psychological aspect as well.
      Like as a society becomes r-selected that in every corner of that place the female nature takes presidency over everyone in their thoughts and actions.
      A self propelling energy which ultimately leads to collapse

  6. tl;dr – corporations act like corporations. You do realize by law, corporations answer to the shareholders? Absent the rare corporation that has written social awareness into their articles/bylaws, these corporations are acting exactly as they are supposed – maximizing profits.

    1. True. That being said, if suddenly murder became legal tomorrow would you want to spend money with a corporation that actively advocates random murder?
      The purpose of things like boycotts is to apply a market solution to a perceived problem with any given company. It’s rational action just like maximizing profits is a rational action. Just because they want to jump on a ship of depravity in order to get more bucks doesn’t mean that we can’t examine their actions and refuse to participate in their advocacy.

      1. Sure, I just find the pearl clutching shocked notion that corporations like money to be disingenuous and silly.

        1. I don’t see any pearl clutching or disbelief here.
          We’re all aware of the nature and function of a corporation.
          The point of the piece is that Starbucks and others represent themselves as having principles, specifically pro gay principles, when in fact they have zero principles when push comes to shove.

        2. Right, exactly this. That’s what I took from it too.

        3. Right, I’m just surprised that this hypocrisy is something new to people. I’m glad people are coming to the realization, but I wonder how they’ve managed to stay so blind to it for so long.
          What is of even greater concern is that you’ll see a hypocritical reaction of people to the corporations in this article but then they will go on defending other corporations as if they are saints. Both democrats and republicans do it all the freaking time. Starbucks is bad, but Duke Energy is good? The legal entity itself is perverse.

  7. How long would this bad behaviour( support for homosexuality) on the part of Starbucks continue if the ownership and management of Starbucks were arrested and executed for it?

  8. Corporations by their nature don’t have any principles. They are really just giant parasites. But this also shows that corporations respect cultures with stronger values, which America obviously doesn’t have anymore.
    That said, It would be fun to troll them and ask why they don’t do more for gay right in Saudi Arabia.

  9. If christians are bigots, and all other religions must have their traditions respected, why don’t starbucks and apple relocate their HQ to saudi arabia?

    1. I’m surprised that these corporations don’t have signs on their storefronts saying “Death to Infidels” in Saudi Arabia.

  10. It proves that the Left is cowardish and double-faced. When we gonna start kicking their asses to put them in place? They only understand a harsh slap on the face.

  11. I’ll be impressed when this crowd gives up on gasoline refined from oil imported from moslem countries.

    1. Some try to and get all smug with their hybrids and electric cars. It’s fun to pull the carpet out from under their smug little faces when I say “That’s one fine coal powered car you’re driving”. It’s like the electric grid is some kind of magical incomprehensible mystery to them or something. Such daft people.

      1. If I recalled correctly, US gasoline is refined from light sweet crude out of Venezuela so even if we do stop using gasoline, it doesn’t affect the ME countries that bad. Sure there will be more oil in the market and the price would drop, but not hit them directly that hard.

        1. Ain’t fungible commodities grand? heh

    2. I don’t give a fuck what goes on over there. As long as they stay over there and just sell the oil everything will be fine.
      Oh and not giving a fuck also means not giving a fuck about Israel – that one reason why we don’t just buy oil and mind our own fucking business.

  12. If I could cash in on it, I would without hesitation. The ultimate result is that their wealth is being funnelled away from them towards us, wealth that can then be used to not only benefit us, but also directed against them..
    I believe it would be very wise for like minded individuals to start looking into how we can cash in on not just the LGBTI community but also the leftists, the feminists and their beloved welfare state..

    1. How about a Fag Tax to level out the destruction and corruption they bring upon society?
      Especially when it comes to aids and other stds or in countries where the state is pating for these queers to cut their junk off.
      This Fag Tax I propose would offset these costs and become like Liquor and Cigareette taxes making money for the state to dleiver these fag programs that would other wise not be needed.

  13. Short and effective article. I wish I could just walk into every StarBucks in Saudi Arabia, wait till the local sheikh takes a sip and tell him “So how does it feel to support homosexual rights by drinking Starbucks?” in Arabic and watch their face.

  14. I can’t even say the name of that horrible Seattle-based coffee chain anymore, that’s how much I despise the chain’s affected culture and every last one of its smarmy, self-absorbed, hypocritical “values.” Go to Dunkin’ or any other coffee shop, or brew it at home.
    It’s important to note, however, that the hypocrisy listed here is a well-noted contradiction amongst leftists–there have and always will be different (or lack of) expectations of the “other” society. It’s Moynihan’s law in a nutshell–the most criticized societies will always be the freest ones.

  15. The pro-gay rights corporations can have their double standards because they are the Trojan Horse of their existence. Asking them to straighten out their double standards will help them, but unlikely because they have no morals themselves. Gay marriage is immoral. Killing gays is more immoral and worse beyond comprehension. Having a right winger point this out is waste of time. It’s better to get this under the skin of the leftists.

    1. “[Not allowing sodomite] marriage is immoral. Killing gays is more immoral and worse beyond comprehension.”
      By whose standard? The pro-sodomites I suppose, because the abomination of sodomy has often been considered worse than the crime of murder (example: St. John Chrysostom in his fourth homily on Romans 1:26-27.).

  16. “but we must be tolerant of the noble Muslim” as they bash all things christian. I have never respected social justice warriors. This is the way they have always been. It’s all about looking good taking no ricks and not really doing anything.

  17. I still cannot imagine a scene at a Jeddah or Riyadh Starbucks. With no smug hipsters or Lululemon clad soccer moms, what’s the point? I mean, hipsters annoy me, and other than their sweet tight looking asses, Starbucks women and their liberalism did annoy me as well, but I concede that at least it’s entertaining on some level. Can’t check out the hijab clad women or talk religion with the fellas. So lame.

  18. As a Dad of 4 teens, I say in no uncertain terms, no parent wants, I mean, is hoping for, their kid to be gay. It takes some serious mental jiu-jitsu for a parent to overcome the loss of their believed straight kid to homosexuality. The gay culture will not win as it is founded on self destruction, albeit with collateral damage too. Have faith ROK friends, we are winning.

    1. Even worse when a father decides to hate and blame his child, when the gay disease infected him through psychotic culture pressures that the father neglected to shield him from.

      1. Sometimes a responsible father tries to steer his child righteous. Everywhere you have the coterie of ‘bitch rule’ family regulation squads of marxist education weaponized fem bitches in the west, THEY QUICKLY MOVE IN to destroy and separate a father when he tries to impart anti feminist and red pill wisdom unto his brood. Children are absconded, pinned down like something out of Clockwork Orange and are systematically deluged with anti father, anti patriarchy hate propaganda. The father as well as the father image is vilified by the bitch brigades and their mangina minions. THIS is what Hillary was referring to when she said ”it takes a village to raise a child” and THIS is the force behind the abducting and the breaking the will of our youth that Melissa Harris Perry is proclaiming and trumpeting. But the dawn of the age of man nears. Nature is self correcting. Nature is unstoppable. It is time FOR MAN to return to the throne.

      2. Even a perfectly good father can lose his son…like the prodigal son of Luke 15:11. Like that dad we should obviously never blame or hate our sons for their actions or paths they choose in life but always let them know we are still their father. When they make a wreck of their lives and realize their poor choices and that the world never had any real love for them, dads consistent love will be remembered and he’ll want to go back.

    2. We are to never despair that the homosexuality can’t be overcome. Lets be good examples and keep the gay culture on the defense with smart arguments and firm resolve.

      1. Oh it can be…it can even be eradicated. Think about it : one day, they will discover the gay ‘gene’ , once they do, you’ll see fallout….first, you’ll see abortions “Because” , this will put the gay lobby against the abortionist lobby….next, when we get to the point the genetic therapy (the rewriting of gene sequences) is commonplace, you’ll see parent’s demanding their children be ‘fixed’ , which of course will toss the medical community into chaos…after years of saying homosexuality is ‘something you are born with’ and ‘have no choice in’ , what do you do when parents demand you fix the ‘birth defect’ ? The Government might try to intervene but then it becomes a human rights morass…you might even wind up with some future Supreme Court ruling that there is no Constitutional ‘right’ to be a homosexual (especially if parent’s are suing for the right to ‘treat’ their children); in any case…long term, you’ll see it phased out of the wealthy class in the industrialized world.

  19. They didn’t become multi-billion dollar corporations by acting out of the goodness of their heart. Not sure what the point of this was, that they act purely out of self interest? Yeah, and? Who doesn’t?

  20. At first blush, I can’t see why some of these corporations are so eager to be supportive of homosexuality? At 1-1.5% of the population Its not like homosexuals represent a huge demographic. Shoot, a corporation could do just fine without homosexuals. Look at Chic-Fil-A. So, why are they? Starbucks is obvious, since, it maintains this coffee-house poetry reading theme and panders to the hipster crowd. But that’s just one. I think the answer is very revealing and something our community needs to highly CONSIDER! Answer: because homosexuals will protest, period. Letter writing, online posting, physical protest outside of Co HQ, protests outside of a franchise etc. You say, we can’t do something like that. Why can’t we? Don’t be mislead these aren’t huge protests. Dinesh D’Souza’s book was removed from Costco. After a very modest online letter writing campaign D’Souza was flown out to Co HQ on their dime, met with the CEO where he said Dinesh threatened his entire business and he forthwith reversed the policy and gave Dinesh’s book a huge kiosk at the entrance of all stores. This was done by a local Republican group, mind you. So, what does that tell you? All these corporations say they’re pro-gay and that is disappointing. That’s because if they don’t a small group of protesters will protest. Gentlemen, it does not take much to sway these corporations. Frankly, right now Brawny is running a very feminist marketing campaign called “strength knows no gender”. Now, albeit, Brawny is catering to women who mostly use their products. But, we could organize an email campaign and get it removed.

    1. Also note that Chick-fil-A is not open on Sundays so it loses a day to make additional sales, yet they still thrive.

      1. And, whats more interesting is when they didn’t cave-in to the demands of the homosexuals that attracted lots of people who showed up to support them and boasted sales. Chick-fil-A is a example to all companies that they can stand their ground and still be okay. Starbucks, Apple and all the rest are just too chickenshit to do what Chick-fil-A did. Still, my point remains. If you get a little organized and complain (protest) you can make things happen. I think Neomasculinity is going to go mainstream, so, at some point corporations aren’t going to have to worry about “offending” 1-2% of the population, rather, 1/2 the population and the most productive half to boot. I think they’ll cave like bitches when they know that men will stop buying. And we have years and years of evidence…we can point to any one of the thousands of stupid averts that show stupid men.

    2. None, or most, of what’s currently happening will make **any** sense unless, and until, you (and many others) understand the esoteric foundations of these movements. Much of what you’re witnessing today is grounded in deep occult knowledge. Now let me make something **absolutely** clear: “occult” does NOT, I repeat, does NOT mean angst ridden teens with ouija boards and pentagrams, or any other such nonsense. It’s simply “hidden knowledge”, or what’s “behind the veil.”
      Amazingly much of this “hidden” or occult knowledge is finally being applied in our current epoch. Bottom line is this: in order to attain ultimate power, according to dark occult principles, one must first eliminate the Logos (i.e. meaning and purpose), and then proceed to dismantle the Natural order of creation. That’s what the entire history of Western esotericism is all about: from its Kabbalistic roots to Freemasonry … it was very plainly outlined by such figures as John Dee and Francis Bacon. The only difference between now and 20yrs or 40yrs or 100yrs ago is that the task is finally coming to fruition. It’s quite astounding and unsettling.
      Here’s a perfect example: … again when you read the article, you MUST dispel any notion of “satanism” implying a red guy with horns, a tail, and a pitch fork. It’s an IDEA, an abstract CONCEPT … but it drives home the message:

      1. While i am off put by your religious ramblings, if we treat satanism as the society-destroying tendencies of the babylonians and all other degenerates in history, then you are likely correct, and they represent the antithesis of Christianity.

        1. “religious”?!? who said anything about religion or religious. Gnosticism is an ideology first; its mystical elements are only window dressing. Its primary principle is that of inversion … inversion of the Natural order.

  21. Those hangings are a reaction to gay rights being promoted with no limit. To save people from being hanged in Saudi Arabia we need to put a limit on gay rights here in America, not in capitulation to terror but for our own good, because it has to be done to save money and preserve rights and equality.
    We need to ban male pregnancy and female sperm and protect the reproduction rights of marriage and void all same sex marriages.

  22. Don’t forget Ben & Jerry’s
    They hop onto every feel-good social cause so they can peddle their hyper-fattening ice cream to childish equalists
    Seems to work very well too

    1. not really, he is just pointing out the absurdity and the hypocracy of the leftist that are in these countries. I don’t think its one tree or another

  23. Gays? Pfft, they’re yesterday’s news. Trannies are the Societal Cause of the Moment.

  24. It’s simply a shrewd marketing ploy by Starbucks for the soulless and boring millennial generation who must ve allowed “to protest” in a totally safe and acceptable manner with good old trendy Starbucks at the vanguard of this profound revolution! And how the millennial drones just suck it up with their milky white coffees.

  25. The title reads:
    “American Corporations support gay marriage only when they can profit from it” …
    Wrong. Dead wrong. Sorry, pal, try again. Supporting gay marriage has very little to almost nothing to do with profit. If profit is at issue, it’s down the list as a motive.
    The real reason is an occult agenda of, what’s termed in esoteric terms, of “destroying all ontological categories” in Nature. It’s the ultimate gnostic goal. Huh? What does that even mean? … It means that in order to attain ultimate power over not just people, but the order of Creation, you first have to destroy all that is natural and naturally derived: concepts like man, woman, good, evil, masculine, feminine … and fuse them into grotesque mutations (i.e. Bruce Jenners and the like). Carefully study the picture of “baphomet” and you will understand what the gnostic goal, which is the primary ideology of the so-called “elite”, truly is.

  26. All of the boards of every major corporation, are made up of mostly jews. Wall Street is the primary stakeholder in every major corporation. Wall Street is made up of mostly jews. The central banking system is the primary stakeholder in Wall Street and the government. The private shareholders and owners of the private central banking system are jews. The money flows to msm outlets, of which are run by jews. The money flows to hollywood, of which are run by jews. Jews do business with jews. Jews do business with jewish initiatives, such as gay rights.
    Chic-fil-A is run by Christians. Hobby Lobby, run by Christians.

  27. Perspective. Once you spend extended time in a 3rd world hellhole, you gain a respect for America you never knew you had.
    History has never been so kind to racial minorities, gays, or women as it is now.
    The individuals that complain the most about the evils of America would ironically, be hanging at the end of a noose for their beliefs had they only been born in say, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, or N Korea, etc. etc.
    The hardest part is trying to explain this dynamic to North Americans who’ve never lived abroad, but this is a fool’s errand.

    1. Women have it so easy here. In third world countries, women do have to work, do have to raise families, sometimes on their own, don’t have social security or WIC, do have to watch out for rapists. If anything, those women are tough chicks and they’re the ones that are really empowered. American women, meh, screw them.

    2. I agree 100%. If these groups wish to promote change then we should encourage them to go to the third world. They can try their tactics out there on my dime even. Just explain that they will not be rescued if they piss off the benevolent leaders of said shitholes.

  28. There is more scientific evidence for being born with a tendency to criminal behavior than for being gay. Even if we assume that there is such a thing as a gay gene, there is also the concept of free will. Any argument for gay is an argument for pedophilia and bestiality and polygamy and promiscuity, and all these degenerate behaviors destroy civilizations. We were all born with debased natures; virtue consists in reigning in our unhealthy tendencies.

    1. There’s no gay gene. Natural selection has designed all living things for a single purpose: to reproduce. Homosexuality is a breakdown of normal reproduction strategy. It basically means the individual’s life is so messed up that their instincts have become confused. It can be remedied by removing the adverse environmental factors and replacing them with stabilizing factors, but this isn’t easy.
      You know, heterosexual pedophilia is a different story, though. Firstly, girls as young as 5 CAN get pregnant:
      Secondly, a man inclined to take child brides (in an environment that permits that) will have access to their fertility at the earliest stage they’re able to conceive, and ultimately he’ll out-reproduce men who’d taken the same number of elder brides.
      Both those things mean natural selection has invariably selected in favor of pedophilia in men (because it’s potentially a successful reproduction strategy), and there’s more case for pedophilia being natural than homosexuality.
      And what’s wrong with polygyny?! Can’t you handle 2 women at once?!

      1. While polygny can and has worked in the past, it was never optimal in terms of family unity and spousal devotion. Additionally, it has become even less practical as society has moved from being productive to consumerist (more dependants means more drain on resources).

        1. Depends on the bride selection whether they’ll stay committed – I am smart enough to chose wisely.
          As for resources… er, no. Children aren’t THAT expensive to raise, and once they reach working age they more than pay the cash back if you raise them right. I plan to retire with my children taking care of me, actually – they’re the surest investment you can make (again, only if you raise them right).

      2. Hebephilia – maybe you’ve got a point. But pedophilia? Nope. Yes, in theory a prepubescent girl CAN get pregnant – but is she likely to? And if she does, how likely is it that she’ll successfully carry the baby to term and that there’ll be a healthy mother and a healthy baby at the end of it? Not very likely – even these days such a pregnancy would carry with it considerable risks, let alone back in the days before the advent of modern obstetrics when 1 in 10 women died in childbirth.

        1. I’m not saying that child pregnancy is 100% necessary, just that it proves natural selection can encourage pedophilic tendencies
          Now, let’s say you’re a cavemen and your neighbor offers you his 8 year old daughter to bride in exchange for rights to draw fish from a lake on your land or such. If you refuse, he’ll offer the same deal to his other neighbor.
          Now, while the girl might be useless now, obviously the man who accepts will be at a reproductive advantage in 4 years when she’s 12 and fully fertile. Moreover, by accepting her to bride immediately (rather than telling her to come back in 4 years), you ensure you control her fertility and you alone have access to her in the meantime (actively protecting your reproductive interests).
          For these reasons, natural selection would definitely reward whoever possessed the trait that drove them to acquire child brides. There’s no doubting it.
          I know pedophilia is unappealing, but I’m just stating the facts. Men who waited until the girl had passed puberty before seeking her out would be at a disadvantage to more industrious men

        2. Your hypothetical caveman accepting the offer of a prepubescent bride because she’ll be good to go in half a decade is more likely to be using that unusually-large (compared to other animals his size) brain of his to do a bit of forward planning and reason – just like you did – that he’s better off getting in early so as to avoid losing his chance than he is to accept the offer because he’s sexually attracted to her as she is now.
          Without that ability to think ahead, I doubt we’d have any concept of marriage. Also, if I were your hypothetical caveman I think I’d pass on the offer. Living as I am in prehistoric times, I know that a lot can happen in 4 years: I or my bride-to-be could be struck down with some fatal disease; my tribe might lose a battle against a neighbouring tribe, resulting in me being killed and my bride-to-be being taken as loot; the crops might fail to grow leaving me to rely on the fish in my lake, which now belong to my bride’s father, leaving me starving to death in the arms of my still-prepubescent bride.
          All of the above is why ancient societies had such things as betrothal: it allowed you to get in early with your deals but adapt if things changed before your bride was old enough.

        3. Well that’s what pedophilic sexual attraction exists for – so the caveman would accept the child bride WITHOUT having to think ahead, and the instinctive attraction will one day be rewarded with many children. That’s the entire point of sexual attraction – all things we’re attracted to are actually signs of fertility, health, and genetic quality. So ALL humans use instinctive attraction to identity a suitable mate without having to think about it at all.
          Also, marriage is an equally instinctive desire. There are lots of animals that pair-bond for mating season and even for life, and none of them are especially intelligent (a lot of birds do it, for example).
          I think you’re underestimating precisely how elaborate instinct can be, and humans are no exception

        4. Some animals mate for life, but they’re in a very small minority. I don’t see what the benefit for the caveman would be in accepting a prepubescent bride on pure instinct as opposed to accepting because he’s thinking ahead and wants to be the proverbial early bird. Like I said, a lot can change in a few years – especially in a prehistoric society – and there’s no guarantees that he or his bride will live long enough to produce children.
          If a caveman had to act purely on instinct on the same level as animals, he’d usually be better off chasing after a woman who’s already fertile even if she might not be a virgin – guaranteed babies this year as opposed to possible babies a few years down the road. Only when we introduce the ability to reason does the option of an underage bride make sense; with the ability to reason, the caveman can assess the benefits of getting in early vs the risks that some unforeseen event (plague, war, famine etc) might deprive him of the chance to produce children with his bride. If he’s living in a fairly stable farming community, then he can reason that there’s a 90%-ish chance of him and his bride both being alive and healthy enough to produce children in a few years; conversely, if he’s living in a small hunter-gatherer tribe which is constantly at war with a neighbouring tribe and experiences frequent shortages of food, then banking on a payoff a few years down the road is an unwise bet.

        5. All reproduction relies on many years of investment. Just getting a woman pregnant isn’t enough – it’ll take a good decade before your baby can survive on its own, perhaps a few years longer.
          Your ideas on human instinct are simply wrong. We have the instinct to pair-bond for decades-long relationships as a primary reproduction strategy (short-term mating is a beta reproduction strategy because it’s much less reliable for raising surviving offspring), simply because those who couldn’t or didn’t invest in their wives and offspring were out-reproduced by those who did.
          Yes, you might get eaten by a lion whilst you’re still waiting for your 6th bride to get her rags. Get over it. That’s life.
          I’m tired of talking to you

  29. The double standard is simple to understand when you realize that the real goal of the fair-weather friends of faggotry is, of course, to drive Judaism and Christianity from the public sphere in the West and replace it with something more useful for their purpose, like Islam.
    Once all effective opposition to the rule of bankster-appointed tyrants is removed, the faggots are always among the first of the useful idiots to be liquidated. Hitler wasted little time liquidating Ernst Röhm. Among the first acts of the Islamic State of Canada will be to execute Justin “the Tapette” Trudeau and his fuck buddy Gerald Butts.

  30. Tweak the wording of this article a little so as to subtly change the tone to being a bit more supportive of gay rights and this could almost be mistaken for an article from Jezebel.
    So go on – tweak the wording ever-so-slightly (JUST enough to get it under the radar) and submit the article to Jezebel (or similar) under a pseudonym. Pennies to the pound it gets published – and whoever pulls it off wins the internet for the day!

  31. Its all about “calibration” in a bad way. What you can get away with in any given situation. Starbucks knows they can want to end homophobia here, and have influence, but abroad? No.

  32. Well, I’m a gay man and don’t reallysee how gay people getting married affects anyone else. I think if you’re that upset about gay marriage perhaps you have something to hide…..
    There is a lot of repressed homosexuality on here…..

    1. Idiot. You didn’t even bother to try and grasp the content of the article. Your lovey dovey favorite places who cater to you and put rainbow stickers on their windows, set up shop in places that execute faggots routinely. If you go to these places, you are supporting an organization that works without even a moral shrug in fag-killing nations.
      Try reading comprehension the next time instead of knee jerk sneering and boilerplate insults.

        1. So basically you have no interest in intellectual discussions or speaking above the level of a 12 year old. I’m not particularly surprised, it’s the typical mindset of a large segment of your community.
          But that’s fine, I’m happy you want to continue to support corporations that happily work in gay killing nations. No skin off my nose whatsoever.
          Happy cognitive dissonance.

        2. If I wanted intelligent discussion, I wouldn’t come here for it 😂😂
          You still haven’t answered my question, are you a bottom or a top?

        3. I’m here for the cock, none of you are that keen on women so surely you must like men….This site’s better than grindr for hookups, you’d be surprised at the messages I’ve already received from like minded chaps on here 😜😜

      1. Are you a top or a bottom? 😜😜xx
        I bet you take it and squeal like a little piglet when its in balls deep….

      1. I’d love to cum in your mouth sweetheart 😜xxx
        Give me a shout if you’re up for it, you seem like the type who gives great head xxx

  33. corporate cognitive dissonance for profit is nothing new. Of course they will love faggots where it is profitable and turn a blind eye when the homos are executed. After all, whether you are prowling for the hung or prowling to get hanged, everyone wants a frappachino afterwards right? I don’t mind that corporations will pander to the people who spend money on their product and I don’t mind them being disingenuous about it either. Allah Akbar? Sure, but when you are done with your stoning try our new mochachino? Fag Marriage! Yes…I have a suggestion…..latte at the wedding. They are a corporation, their job is to lie and make a fortune for their shareholders. If anyone is to blame it is the retarded people who aren’t paying attention. The faggots certainly aren’t about to boycott starbucks and, judging by their success, neither are the lunatic saudis. I am not a huge starbucks fan, but if they can make billions exploiting arab extremists and faggots, then by all means…have at it.

  34. I can’t wait for the day the LGBT crowd looks for the businesses and elites to support them and they aren’t there…

  35. I’m in Indiana, home of the RFRA bill. Ok, businesses need to draw the line on customer behavior. Business owners and customers here aren’t anti-gay, but they’re against gay behavior. The gay community has their own establishments, but they get bored and will make different restaraunts and bars their “new thing” for a year or so. And those place get filled up with gays who touch each other inappropriately, kiss, are frequently on alcohol/drugs and get to loud bragging about all sorts of twisted sex fetishes to where everyone in the place can hear. They also troll the restrooms for anonymous sex. So families and people who don’t want to be exposed to that stop going to those restaraunts and bars. And then the gay crowd gets tired and moves on to other places. Then the businesses have to shut down because they have no customers. I know a lot of gays, and they’ll openly joke about the recent place to have shut down. They know they drive hard-working business people under, and it’s a joke to them. Level headed government people tried to do something about it and they got pillaried.

  36. Corporations are bad, politicians are no better. How many insisted they were against same-sex marriage unequivocally for years, then switched when they thought it equalled votes? The Australian Labour Party was in power for 6 years and was against it- as soon as they were in opposition, they demanded it be legalised.
    Screw ’em all.

  37. Last month in ATL a real Man tried to boil two faggots that were butt fucking in the apartment he shared with said faggots mother. Needless to say, Sharia law lives!
    The fags are not going to be satisfied until they have unfettered access to our children, especially our sons and grandsons via the public school system.
    I applaud Saudi Arabia and the African Countries that exterminate degenerates that want to prey on children by recruiting them to choose the fag lifestyle.

  38. Are we really supposed to be shocked that corporations jump on band wagons when they perceive there is a profit to be made by doing so?

  39. ‘Gay marriage’ will be ‘all the rage’ in the Gay Community UNTIL the Divorce Industry is turned loose on them like it has been on us heterosexual males for the last forty to fifty years.

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