Did The Anti-Donald Trump Riot In Chicago Help Trump Cruise To Victory On Tuesday?

With Donald Trump having won huge victories in four out of the five state primaries on Tuesdayas well as in the Northern Marianas Islands—cucks and leftists nationwide are resigning themselves to him being the Republican nominee. The scale of Trump’s triumph is such that he knocked Marco Rubio, last great hope of the GOP establishment, out of the race entirely, and also scored wins against Ted Cruz in Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri. The only state he lost is Ohio, home of John Kasich, who has limped along as a nonthreatening, bland, safe choice for GOP voters skittish about the comparatively politically inexperienced Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

But how big of an impact did Friday night’s anti-Trump riot in Chicago have on the final vote?

As everyone knows by this point, Trump was forced to cancel a rally at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago last Friday after Bernie Sanders supporters, organized by MoveOn.org and #BlackLivesMatter, infiltrated the venue and tried to incite a riot. The media attempted to blame Trump for the anarchy, claiming that he was “inciting violence” through his speeches and actions; however, video recorded by myself and other witnesses at the Chicago event show that all the violence at the rally was incited by left-wing agitators.

By cancelling his Chicago rally, Trump made a strategic retreat in search of a larger prize: votes. By showing the anarchy and violence sown by his haters—and the spineless responses of his competitors for the GOP nomination—Trump was able to secure wins in Illinois and other states that voted on Tuesday. The momentum from those wins will carry him all the way to the nomination, and all it took was one riot.

The Optics Of The Chicago Riot


Prior to Friday night’s riot, Trump was in a tight fight for Tuesday’s races, with Florida being the only state where he had a guaranteed win. In Illinois, polling showed Trump with only narrow leads over Cruz and Kasich, and he had actually fallen behind the latter in Ohio. Additionally, Illinois’ deliberately Byzantine primary structure—requiring that voters vote not just for candidates, but for their delegates in each Congressional district as well—left Trump little room for error.

Both Kasich and Cruz made serious bids for Illinois; last week, I attended both a Kasich town hall and a Heidi Cruz meet and greet in Chicago’s suburbs, which I documented here. Kasich had built up a base of support among Chicago’s moderate voters, while Cruz targeted more conservative, Christian voters downstate.

The anti-Trump riot changed all that. In the span of two hours, Trump positioned himself as the enemy of #BlackLivesMatter and every left-wing agitator group in Chicago, widely despised by average Illinois voters. Additionally, Ted Cruz and the other GOP candidates sided with the rioters against Trump, which precipitated a massive revolt among their supporters. In particular, the sight of a “Constitutionalist” like Cruz backing a mob that had deprived Trump of his First Amendment rights disgusted his remaining fans.

The numbers don’t lie: on Tuesday, Trump outperformed polls to win Illinois by a nine-point margin, helped by his landslide victories in Chicago and its suburbs. In Cook County, home of the city itself, he won with a 16-point margin over John Kasich. Trump also won Florida in a landslide, with a 19-point margin of victory over Rubio (remarkable considering that Florida is Rubio’s home state), and also edged out Cruz in North Carolina and Missouri. Even in Ohio, where he lost, he held Kasich to a narrow 11-point victory.

All Berned Out

Hillary Clinton speaks in Washington

On the Democratic side, the quasi-communist revolution instigated by Bernie Sanders is all but out of gas. Hillary Clinton crushed Sanders on Tuesday night, winning every single race up for grabs. While Sanders was able to keep her margins narrow in Illinois and Missouri, his persistent inability to appeal to minority voters has left him gasping for air in a party that is now primarily nonwhite. Perhaps his supporters should spend less time inciting violence at Trump rallies and more time getting the vote out.

It’s clear by this point that Hillary is going to get the Democratic nomination, with both the primary voters and the party machinery operating in her favor. She’ll be at a massive disadvantage in the general election due to Trump’s popularity, his persuasiveness and her massive amounts of baggage, but she’s not going to go down without a fight.

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164 thoughts on “Did The Anti-Donald Trump Riot In Chicago Help Trump Cruise To Victory On Tuesday?”

  1. Trump is an excellent communicator. He can answer without hesitation any question that’s asked of him, but, critically unlike the stale seasoned politicians he can also improvise off the cuff unlike the rest who can only think “on script ” This fact, along with his ability to speak about what normal people (through PC dictates) have felt about the state of the Nation for a long time have given both them and him the confidence and belief to state how things really are, and this is both refreshing and invigorating and something the seasoned politicians cannot offer.

    1. Your analysis is spot on bro. Donald Trump may use unsavory terms to get his message across but that is the prime reason he was well received by the Average Joes and Janes. Unlike the establishment stooges who are experts in vocabulary gymnastics, Trump communicates in a frank manner.(Not to forget his propensity to use Frankly! most of the time). I realize Trump is not going to reverse every single ills that plague America once he occupy White House because of the unending red tapes and crippling Congress gridlocks. But he will be a good start to rub salt into the wounds of the hoggish donor class that dictates America’s policy every other time.

      1. Also, the BBC did a report on Trump recently and apart from his racial views they concluded that he’s actually the least right wing of any of the GOP candidates. I think there are large swaths of middle centrist Democrats who are likely to vote for him too, as they’ve become disillusioned with the far left wing views of Hillary and Bernie.
        He greatest asset is his ability to communicate in manner ordinary people understand. Additionally, he’s a fighter and people now more than ever feel that this is the type of guy we need in the White House, a President the world will once again respect in trade and foreign relation negotiations.

    2. I respect Trump because he never “settles” when he gets sued, even if its cheaper. He always fights back.

  2. Hope Trump wins. I think they are going for an American Spring. Trump is just the bogeyman. Gerald Celente said that a while back.

  3. So we will have the most massive cunt in the universe against a very masculine Trump. Time to see if the country is ready to take back masculinity.

    1. Its feminist vs alpha male for president! It gives me hope back into society seeing how Trump is dominating. At the same time I lose hope seeing how Hilary is winning as well.
      From how many votes for president, we can tell how many people are mess up in the head if they vote for Hilary.

      1. I hope it is revealed that Bill voted for Trump and then Hillary domestically abuses him while at the same time harping about battered women.

      2. “Its feminist vs alpha male for president!”
        Scott Adams on his blog recently said that Trump would win by calling Hillary ‘anti-male’ and thereby winning the men and shaming the women into voting for him.

        1. I already call any person with XY chromosomes who is considering voting for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife a girly-man.

        2. This needs to be exploited…men should come out in droves and vote Trump…Hillary winning means men are excrement in their own country.

      1. That’s good, but a little disingenous portraying Putin as “enemy”… Trump and Putin like each other, and Trump would be one of the best presidents for foreign policy because he would throw out bullshit status quo stuff like unquestioned alliances with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, and the irrational hatred of Putin’s Russia. Trump has even said he thinks he will get along with Putin.

        1. Only the cucks hate Russia (the only major power defending Christian traditionalism).

        2. The problem is with Hillary in the White House, Russia would once again be a natural enemy (of the globalists).
          And thus would put Putin and Hillary directly at odds.

        3. I don’t see it putting Putin as the enemy.
          My perspective is this:
          it shows Putin, a strong leader, and who he is facing – ISIS. He’s down on the dirty, fighting in the Middle East.
          Meanwhile, Hillary is just barking orders and having others die for her nonsense causes in the Middle East.
          I see more it as a paralel between “How Strong Leaders are dealing with ISIS” than of a “RUSSIA IS OUR ENEMY!”.
          Everything Trump says about Putin (how he will make deals, how he loves Russia, how him and Putin will crush ISIS) is positive.
          That respect between two jerk boy leaders.

        4. Putin isn’t described as an enemy, he is an opponent.
          You can respect your opponent.
          The ad just points out how inadequate Dems are when going into bat for the USA against savvy international opponents who can play a way better game even though the US has superior military and economic power..

        5. Putin, like any respectable opponent, is definitely a guy who can smell weakness from thousands of miles away. Note that he waited until Bush was out of office before he decided to annex Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.
          He made Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife’s failed “Russian Reset” policy look like the stupid idea that it was.

        6. I enjoyed Putin’s easy bat-down of Hilary not long ago: “It’s never any use arguing with a woman.”

        7. It portrays Putin as composed leader and Shrillary as a barking clown dog.

        8. Shortly after 9/11, GWB and Putin has a 3 hour phone conversation between themselves.
          It shouldn’t go unnoticed through Bush’s terms, Russia didn’t interfere with US incursions into the ME and we didn’t say much about Russia’s security ops.

        9. Shrillary. I love that. I am adding that to my list of names for her, which included Killary and Hitlary. Oh, and Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.

    2. Mathematically this will be difficult. Most women will vote for Hillary. A significant percentage of feminized men will as well. That makes it incredibly hard for Trump to win.

      1. Disagree. Trump is the only one who can take NY and FL from hillary. That’s game over for her.

        1. Really it depends on the woman.
          Count on most fatties to vote Hillary.
          Most hot girls will vote Trump.
          Make no mistake the fuglies are totally prepared to overlook all that’s wrong with Hillary.
          She will do absolutely nothing for them.
          All they care about is a female president.
          As if they can bask in that glory to forget they’re ignored, mis-shapen fatties.

        2. Look at the wonders Obummer has done for American blacks. Hitlery will be just as effective for women. However, she will absolutely make men’s descent into second class citizenship palpably evident.

      2. I’m hoping female hatred of other women hurts Hillary
        I’m also banking on their unconscious picking up on alpha qualities from Trump..

  4. Not very big on politics but I have watched videos of the anti trump protesters and they are the biggest group of morons I’ve ever laid eyes on . It’s times like these that I wish military service or some form of government job stint was required before a person could vote .

    1. I would not qualify to vote then, but neither would the crazies at my college. It is a mess. The whole place is FEELING THE BERN as they say.

      1. 2 years of service or low level government job . Upon completion you get a stipend, tax free , and the right to vote . I just can’t imagine someone whose most important job has been at Starbucks or shoveling dirt knows much about what’s best for America

        1. Eh…I’m not so sure about that….military service? Sure. Any government job? Not so keen on that. The public sector as a whole is a drain on society. I wouldn’t want to add another incentive for it to grow. I like the whole pay taxes to vote idea myself. That way people are putting their money where their mouth is.

        2. Most environmental health departments are significantly understaffed as are public k-12 teaching positions . Paying taxes doesn’t really mean anything , I’ve been paying those since I was 16.

        3. Isn’t military service just unproductive government work, unless one is at war?
          I’d rather see them doing something, even if it’s just digging ditches.

        4. I would take the time to learn what the different branches of the military actually do during peace time and war .

        5. Stupid people are easier to control with Mainstream Media newsflows of bullshit lies. This is why Cooper Union was destroyed…

        6. There have been few to no periods of significant duration where the American military has not been involved in some conflict. Most of them are unknown to the average American. For instance, why does the Dominican Republic have a country code of 1 (the same as the US)? Because at the time of the growth of the international phone system The Dominican Republic was ruled from Washington after a military intervention in 1916 to ensure that they paid their debts to America and American companies (same thing really). Be sure that the average citizen f the Dominican Republic is well aware of that intervention and conquest.

        7. Other than my contention that there has not been enough periods of peace to draw any conclusions, the Navy does pretty much exactly what it does in war time only without war shots on the rails.

        8. “…And remember…Service, GUARANTEES, citizenship…contact your local Mobile Infantry recruiter today!” [ Would you like to know more?]

        9. The fact that “environmental health departments” even exist is my argument for much SMALLER government.

        10. Yea ….god forbid there is a department that runs the rabies programs and makes sure resturants are sanitary

    2. Heck at this point I wish working any job was a requirement to vote.
      Making voting a right, rather than a privilege granted to people with skin in the game, was one of the biggest mistakes the USA could have ever made.

  5. I am not from the US but it would be interesting to know whether voting fraud could be used by the establishment to see Clinton edge past Trump in the general elections? Especially since they’ve replaced many ballot boxes by those electronic voting machines.

    1. In a word, yes. It is definitely possible and has almost certainly happened in previous elections in swing states where the actual vote totals, as determined by exit polls, were close enough that the manipulation of a few thousand votes here and there were enough to change the result. And while electronic machines make the process easier, this stuff has been going on for a long time — just google John F. Kennedy + election fraud.

      1. Yeah right, use electronic ballots like we do in Brazil.
        Better yet, buy them from a venezuelan company backed by Chavez regime, an let Supreme Court judges appointed by the biggest leftist crooks that ever walked on Earth extract data from these ballots on a secret room.
        And then, in 10 years, say hello to the Third World.
        Do not let anyone push that electronic ballot shit over there.

      2. It’s just a big Cohencidence that Diebold, the co that makes the machines, and the outfits that COUNT the output of said machines, are all Israeli.
        Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

    2. Even the paper ballots marked with pencil are tabulated electronically and these machines have been PROVEN to be tamperable, with no trail or evidence of said tampering. HBO did a special on it a few years back, I think called Black Box Voting where they got a hacker to demonstrate this to them. Also see Bev Harris. Edit: Called Hacking Democracy, I found it on youtube.

      1. Stalin” it is not important who votes, it is only important who counts the votes” or some such thing….

  6. Actually I think Caterpillar and Nabisco won Trump the primary in Illinois. Both companies have moved from the state to Mexico, making Trumps calls for economic nationalism sound better than Stairway to Heaven.

  7. Pat Buchanan made a similar point in a column yesterday, comparing the anti-Trump demonstrations to the chaos at the 1968 Democratic convention, and arguing that the latter served up the White House to Nixon on a silver platter and the former may do the same for Trump, At least Hubert Humphrey, the eventual Democratic nominee in ’68, came out publicly and criticised the Convention protestors; no modern leftists are coming out to blast the anti-Trump protestors. Instead, as this article points out, they’re actually defending these morons, and that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of a whole lot of voters.

  8. This election evokes many connotations: man vs woman, masculinity vs feminism, conservatism vs liberalism, patriarchy vs matriarchy, natives vs foreigners, nationalists vs globalists and most importantly, Truth vs lies and good vs evil.
    The stakes are ultra-high in this election and the outcome will alter the trajectory of Western civilization (and by extension, the rest of the world) for decades to come, for better or worse.
    All true Americans must vote for Trump so we can finally put the brakes on the NWO/Globalist Marxist agenda. If America falls, the rest of the world will soon also follow too.

    1. I want a President Trump to become the guy so that 50 years from now, Jews will try to discredit politicians they don’t like by comparing them to Trump.

    2. This is our last shot at saving the West, or whatever’s left of it. Either we get alpha male Caesar or the female version of Nero. I’d take Caesar any day.

  9. My fave part is how the MSM incited the riots with their anti Trump lies and now is acting like they are all his fault.
    Freaking media…

    1. No, it was the intent all along. Incite riots, wait with cameras and they had their “Trump is violent” report ready in advance.

  10. If Trump is going to win the White House, he will need to attract women voters. So far, every poll has shown Trump trailing badly when it comes to women’s votes.

    1. Well they are 50-51% of the public plus there are the ethnics. What would be bad is votes going to Hillary not because of her leadership or policies but just because ‘its time we had a woman in the White House’ or because women simply don’t like Trumps cockiness/non diplomatic aggressive style. I thought he was not doing so well with the female demographic but then I read a post saying because of his alpha style he was a hit with the younger female demographic (I’m not from US so dont see polling)
      If more men than women have tended to vote in past elections, it would not surprise me if there was a turn around on that this election with Hillary.

    2. “If Trump is going to win the White House, he will need to attract women
      voters. So far, every poll has shown Trump trailing badly when it comes
      to women’s votes.”
      Means nothing.
      Women tend to vote for the President that they’d prefer to have sex with.
      Women lie about who they’d have sex with. Who they would actually have sex with can be totally different, from what they say publicly.

      1. “Women tend to vote for the President that they’d prefer to have sex with.”
        There is definitely something to that, though it may be a bit more varied than simply “have sex with.” I have a recent example:
        On my facebook page I linked a news story about Trump — and long story short — a middle-aged, white, liberal woman who absolutely LOATHES Trump started listing a series of criticisms about Trump, and why he is such a bad person…
        They were all basically the kind of things a woman like her considered in a prospective husband: the fact that he married attractive women, he’s been divorced twice, he wants a prenup, he’s cocky, etc.
        So, yeah, not only are the vast majority of women not capable of ‘detached rationality’ when appraising men, but they are also incapable of seeing men as anything other than a depersonalized material resource to be drained and tossed aside.

        1. I did the same earlier this week posting a video about this on my wall. I ended up in a debate with two “friends” over it. One of my friends who isn’t a support of Trump made a good argument and was pretty civil about it. We agreed that while we respected each other opinions, we couldn’t agree. The other was with a woman that absolutely hates Trumps and thinks he’s a bigot and racist. I pointed out to her that Trump is polling well with African-Americans, Latinos, and Arab-Americans. With that many supports, would they all be considered racists and bigots too? She said yes. After that I unfriended her. It didn’t surprise me much though, she’s a single mom with three kids and basically lives off of welfare. She was only on my list cause we had gone to Elementary and High school together, which was over 16 years ago. It showed me that bigotry and hatred flows both way.

        2. “a single mom with three kids and basically lives off of welfare”
          It’s easier for her to think that Trump’s a racist and misogynist than to accept the idea that she’s a lazy bum.

        3. Someone like that is not really capable of independent thought. It takes higher intelligence to think independently than we, as a society, really understand. So she is just a parrot.
          What is more interesting to me is: “What is the root of their reaction? What’s the irreducible bottom line?”
          The best I’ve come up with is ‘anti-cognitive dissonance’ — people will defend their current worldview(s) as if their lives depended on it… which is weird, if you think about it.
          Also, if all the parrots are talking the same talk, the Master must have an Interest in that talk. The Hidden Elite can be perceived like the wind in the trees…

      2. Agreed. Many women respond to strong authoritative messaging. Even while they talk about how strong and independent they are. Women have an evolutionary instinct to allign with strong leadership traits. Hillary is at huge deficit there, women can’t respect a weak leader at the gut level.

      3. Absolutely true. I lost count of how many women who said they will vote for Trudeau because he’s hot. When asked about his platform, I got a shrug, most saying they didn’t know.

    3. Interesting subject. I believe, knowing women nature, that they will chose a strong dominant man over a strong female. However, we do know how women are these days in the West, and so i expect many to vote for Hillary because she as a vagina.

  11. i believe yes it may have helped Trump. I believe it killed Sanders’ campaign. No one wants a fucking communist revolution.

  12. I’m not so sure. Arkansas is full of the shallow graves concealing the bodies of people who underestimated the Hillary Clinton gang.
    Clinton has the CIA, Wall Street, the House of Saud AND every bat-shit, brain-dead, fat-assed cat lady and piece of ghetto-trash in America on her side. Chicago was nothing. Hillary and her babygirl Huma are just getting started.

  13. I read people in the fbi are ready to indite Clinton are waiting for the go, and if they dont get permission they’ll come out publicly individually

    1. Hillary (like Bill) believes being an attorney gives her a license to lie. That creates issues with perjury, obstruction of justice, contempt of court, etc.

  14. The battle is not about Feminism against Machism but more about White against Latinos and other minorities. If the Democratics will win the next elections Immigration Laws will be relaxed and the Latinization of North America will go behind a turn back point. Most people in the US will be Latinos and White will become a minority in their own home. Game over.

  15. man yall can look back thru my comments on my disqus profile. I was on breitbart right after that shit and said that showing in chicago only helped him. it just brought him more voters. for whatever people say about him, he’s a sly dog. political genius lowkey.
    on a personal level, I’m not a trump supporter, because to me he’s all sizzle and no steak. it takes more than slogans and dream sales to hook me, but goddamn do I respect a good salesman.

    1. Trump’s ego is too big not not deliver. He wont allow his name to go down in history as a loser.

      1. we’ll see man, I just think he knows how to appeal to his core and expand his core very well. I do appreciate him for flipping the bird to the pc society tho. I hate that shit and I’m glad there is someone bucking the trend and shitting on the left. it’s just that when his feet are put to the fire, it exposes lot of flaws and holes in his plans.

  16. Trump is not my first choice on the GOP side, but I would gladly take him, Cruz or Kasich over Hillary.
    It’s fascinating how the leftist/SJW movement preaching “peace” and “equality” is invariably the most violent when it comes to just about anything. You have to live a pretty shitty life to spend all your days protesting and screaming about nothing.

    1. I can understand why some confused souls might root for trump but how can anyone choose Cruz is beyond me.

    2. Yeah, I am more worried about :
      1. Work
      2. Paying the mortgage and fixing stuff at my house
      3. Playing with my klds…

      1. There’s a reason why those tilting to the right are genuinely happier with their lives.

  17. We have to consider the possibility that we won’t see a peaceful transfer of power this time around. American politics could have entered a really ugly stage, no thanks to our selfish, short-sighted “elites.”
    At least the Trump phenomenon shows that downwardly mobile whites in the U.S. can engage in critical thinking, despite the effort to characterize them as a mob of ignorant simpletons. They can see that the feminist-diversitarian-queer-mongrelized utopia planned for them by their alleged betters has turned into an ongoing disaster, despite all the indoctrination, propaganda, gaslighting, bullying and white-shaming directed at them; and they have rallied around a figure who at least raises the right questions about this project.
    And I’ve started to reframe the Trump phenomenon as a mass freethinking movement. Atheist bloggers like PZ Myers think that freethinking means doing things like trolling Catholics by flushing communion wafers down the toilet; but these “New Atheists” and “Atheism+” goofs show only partial Red-Pilling and they have fallen behind the freethought frontier. The real freethinkers like some of ROK’s writers have moved on to challenge liberal-progressive dogmas, notably feminist ones, which make no sense and don’t work in the real world.

    1. “We have to consider the possibility that we won’t see a peaceful transfer of power this time around. American politics could have entered a really ugly stage, no thanks to our selfish, short-sighted “elites.”
      True. The far laft sees their revolutionary violence as morally valid.

    2. “Atheist bloggers like PZ Myers think that freethinking means doing things like trolling Catholics by flushing communion wafers down the toilet”
      Heh, Putz Myers is a waist up skeptic.
      A skeptic so long as being one doesn’t get in the way of his dick.
      Bring in damselcunt in distress and the blinders go up and it’s all the most shameful display of white knighting.
      Seriously,NOBODY can top him at white knighting.

  18. Bernie’s downfall shows some Red-Pilling in the Democrat Party’s black voters. It looks as if they’ve started to figure out that perhaps socialist Jews don’t have blacks’ best interests at heart, even if Bernie marched for civil rights 50 years ago.

    1. Bernie’s downfall shows some Red-Pilling in the Democrat Party’s black voters.

      I see it more as abject stupidity on their part than red-pilling. Bill Clinton was part of the “lock ’em up and throw away the key” kind of thinking that led to huge numbers of blacks being incarcerated for long periods of time.
      Rationally speaking I find it completely bewildering why any urban black person would vote for any democrat. Democrat politicians have turned once great city after once great city into third/fourth world war zones; and they have done more to destroy cohesiveness in black families more than slavery, Jim Crow laws, the KKK (really the militant wing of the democrat party) ever could.

  19. Good point(s). Ever since Bernie got associated with that mob, going as far as defending them, he has been lagging behind. He has lost his neck to neck position against Hillary.

    1. Most people in the US and the entire MSM has forgotten that blacks are only about 10 to 12% of the population, and that proportion has been stable for decades. Hispanics are about 25% of the population and that proportion is growing rapidly. And the real kicker that the liberal left can’t acknowledge, without losing their entire world view, is that Hispanics hate blacks more than they hate whites.

      1. And Hispanics are often conservative Catholic voters who are strong supporters of the traditional value unit. They’re not all natural Hillary voters.

      2. “And the real kicker that the liberal left can’t acknowledge, without losing their entire world view, is that Hispanics hate blacks more than they hate whites.”
        It’s amusing to see them continually spinning the narrative, like a child molding a piece of playdo.

  20. To answer the question in the headline, No, the riot didn’t affect Trump’s win at all. He has universal and steamrolling appeal, and the riot was just a sign of desperation from the other side, because he’s appealing so much to the average person. I mean, the guy won the freaking Mariana Islands. I don’t even know where the fuck that is, and I sure didn’t think it was a part of the USA.

    1. Yes and that spells trouble for the rainbow coalition. American blacks disapprove of homosexual conduct at higher rates than whites do, and as the black columnist Herbert Caen pointed out, Latinos are more racist against blacks than whites are.

      1. That’s a good point. You know if Trump never mentioned anything about the Wall, he could appeal to the Latino vote which is naturally conservative but driven away by the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the Republican party, and then it would be game, set, match.

  21. If you haven’t I would say check out Liz Wheeler. A knock out 10 and pretty conservative, anti-feminist news anchor at One American News. A lot of what she covers has been written about here in ROK.

    1. A 10?
      I’m not a “pointy elbow” type of guy, but c’mon. She’s a 8 in her home state.

        1. I gave her a few extra point cause she doesn’t seem like a brain dead idiot and looks like she was brought up with a strong traditional background.

        2. Upon watching that video, I get it. An 8 with those values, well hell, sign me up!

        3. For sure. What won me was that fact that she was in and out of college in 2 1/2 years. Meaning she wasn’t there riding the dick carousel and escaped liberal/feminist programming. Her other talking point videos are pretty good too. Got into a heated debate with some folks on facebook because she blamed on the riots in Chicago on Liberals instead of Trump.

        4. If I’m not thinking long term I don’t let intelligence or politics influence me about a woman’s bang rating. I could bang an attractive female I don’t respect. Conversely, I can’t bang an unattractive woman even if I agree with her on lots of important stuff. Bang rating isn’t the same thing as relationship potential.

        5. 😘🌵🌝🌜🌴🌹🍂😍🌿🌿😛🌻🌲😝😝🌞🌺🍁🍄🌾😜😍😍💐🌹😜🍃🌳🌻🌝🌱😝🌲😛🌳😜🌾🌺🌱🌱🌼🌴💐💐😜😛🌲🌲🌞😘🌵🌼🌿😍🍃🌲😝😝🌵🌝🌳💐😜🌻🌲😝🌞🍄🌾😜😍🌹🌳🌻🌱😝😘🌼🌿🌿🍃🌾🌲🌱🌺🌾😜😍🌿😛🌲🌱🌱🌼🌹💐🌿😛🌲🌱🌱🌻🌳🌿🌳

      1. 🌜🍂🍁🌵🌞🌞🍄🌻🌾💐🍃🌺😝🌲🌳🌿😜😍😍🍄🍄🌝🌴🌹🍂🌜🌺🍃🌹🌼😘🌻🌻😍🌱🌳🌲😝😝🌺🍂🌹🌵🌞🌻😍😜😘🌹🌹🌺😛🌳🌿🌱😜😍🌾🌼🌺🌜🌜🍁🌼🌵😘🌻🌻

    2. The body is good but the face reveals some genetic problems. I don’t care about her brains. A woman is for sex, children and cooking, not for intellectual satisfaction.

  22. Stupid pun in the headline: cruise / cruz.
    Is ROK turning into the Daily Mail?

  23. This is either the greatest head fake in American political history or Hillary is about to walk into a dark alley where Trump waits with a baseball bat.

    1. I think Trump would relish more having taking her down in front of the entire American population where everyone can see who she really is.

  24. I am beholding of you, Queen Mab? Nay! Let forth the frothy tempest spew as a fecal smear! Dulcis mi amigo; bifida bifida bifida! If you continue to put the horse behind the cart, when will the scales of aether be confounded?
    Hail to which tablecloth? Zounds!& Like a bunch of special retard spoon faggots. I can not be shamed (brief aside) not to be associated with Major League Baseball.
    Relinquish ye stormy fecal smear! Fecal fetal poopy buttersmear. When hathor undenied me new bagpipes.

  25. Trump and GOP need to relentlessly hammer and label left-wingers as violent. I think Roosh has a pretty solid plan of action.

    1. You should never mention Trump and the GOP in the same breath. Trump should win and the GOP should be burned to the ground so that something useful can be put up in its place.

  26. If you ever hear a Leftist moaning away about Trump inciting violence through his words, remind them of:
    Union thuggery
    Black Lives Matter looters
    MSM stoking racial politics to incite riots
    Illegal immigrant violence and crime
    etc. etc. etc.

  27. It shows that voters either have warped priorities or are uninformed if they can hear Kasich’s views on amnesty and consider him moderate and non-threatening.

    1. Agreed. Kasich is about as liberal as you can get. I can’t believe there’s an R next to his name, until I remember that the republicans threw in with the enemy some time ago.

  28. I think and hope that there is a growing fatigue against the mooch class in this country. Sure we can’t counter-protest because we actually have to work for a living, but if these losers cringe at a Trump presidency then he cheerfully will get my vote.

    1. For all Trump’s bombast he comes across as authentic, even to those who regard him as an authentic jerk. After four decades of political browbeating by our “betters” that those who have must give to those who have not, the taxpayer class is tapped out and fed up.

      1. I like the fact that he is an authentic unapologetic jerk who treats his opponents like crap. Playing nice, as the GOP did in 2008 and 2012, got us absolutely nowhere.

        1. Got to go to work. Trump has fired up the electorate, unlike McCain and Romney, so it’s a horse race this time.

  29. Its pretty obvious that conservatism as a political party ideology is dead. If Trump wins the general election the party will be reformed. The party will become more Nationalist-Populist, probably the only path forward for the party of Lincoln.

  30. At this point, Trump’s ads are already made out for him. He already started with one showing Hillary barking like a fucking dog, now just show the organised leftist movements plainly stating they’re behind this.

  31. Yes! The hippies rioting in Chicago in 1968 got Nixon in the White House soon afterward.

    1. Yes, I think Nixon was the solution to the Johnson nightmare “great society” that paid off all blacks for years to come…

  32. Matt I love your optimism but as an Ohioan, I must remind the team that we did not cruise to any win on Tuesday. Sure, Florida was helpful and the other 2 States Trump took as well, but losing to Kasich in Ohio is tough to swallow. Now instead of having the ticket all but locked down, this madness might continue until the RNC, or even the very last primaries — particularly California in June. Cali especially fills me with uneasiness. I don’t want our last hope for a prosperous & healthy American future to rely on the sound judgment of those God damned Left Coast airheads. I saw a couple rinky-dink polls indicating that Trump has a small lead there now, but they were done before Rubio dropped out, and of course the anti Trump media blitz is going to have 3 months to attack in Cali with all they’ve got. I am concerned our friends in the Golden State may be the most susceptible population in the US to leftist (or even extreme batshit crazy waaay-far right) brainwashing.
    Men, if YOU live in California, you need to get started today. Start talking to friends, family and acquaintances about Trump. Get them familiar with the real issues, avoid anything that might come off as overtly racist or sexist, and lead them to their own proper conclusions. Volunteer for the campaign, if you have time. Do whatever you can bc this is a once-in-a-millenium chance and we cannot allow it to escape.

  33. Ohh Lawdy…another pro Trump ROK Article….i didn’t see THAT coming.

    1. And yet, we will hold our noses, pull the lever like we do every 4 years and be disappointed. Again.

    2. what a shitty pointless post,you didnt even say anything other than to express your disappointment with poorly with sarcasm,you didnt even back up your point nor point out the flaws in the article

      1. If it was so “pointless” why did you respond to it? Doesn’t that make your point even MORE pointless?
        What’s the point of going into detail? It’s clear ROK is on a proTrump binge right now. 16 articles so far have been published kissing Trump’s ass, and don’t think i’m the only one that’s noticed.
        Get lost. Don’t waste my time with your POINTLESS banality.

        1. hahahhahaha i KNEW you’d say that !!! yours was pointless because like a little girl you just wanted a rant to get it off your chest you didnt even back it up, “whats the point of going into detail” jesus your stupidity knows no bounds why even fucking point it out then ??? which was my exact point !!! thanks for agreeing

        2. And i knew you’d come at me with some meaningless bs like this. Rather than ask me politely to air my grievances against Trump, you basically resort to an asinine “SEE UR STUPID CAUSE U DONT LIKE TRUMP” remark, which is expected given how ignorant and idiotic his base supporters are.
          Now are you going to keep talking shit or do you want to know why i don’t much care for him?

        3. what are you a fucking parrot ????
          I did not say nor insinuate you are stupid for not liking trump.Do you still not get it ??? I said you were stupid for just bitching and NOT saying why. Yet here you are two messages latter and still haven’t offered any reasons and worse still act like its my fault when that was my complaint from the start !!!! hahaha It is mind boggling !!!
          Tbh at this stage i do not give a fuck what you think. You can not even follow a simple conversation. So either say it or don’t.
          And lest you attempt to perpetuate your silly point,here are the quotes to reinforce what i said form the start !!
          “you didnt even say anything other than to express your disappointment ”
          “you just wanted a rant to get it off your chest you didnt even back it up”
          See TWICE at least i told you it was the lack of reasons yet you pretend it was my “shit talk” that stopped you !!

        4. No, i’m someone who enjoys dealing with trolling scum like you.
          You are clearly in the tank for Trump, hence your typical ignorance and banality and rude remarks to anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass like you do.
          Now you want to ignore what i asked you before? If you really want to find out why i don’t like Trump how about trying a CIVILIZED approach, instead of the infantile pathetic manner you used before? You keep making the excuse for coming across like an asshole before, which is what you in your infinite solipsism keep ignoring.
          But since im in the mood to humor you now:
          How about Trump supporting bailouts like TARP? His mafia connections? His defense of PP? His gun control remarks? His support of socialized medicine? His ownership of Hitler speeches? His rude and despicable unpresidential behavior? His penchant for lies and deception such as when he says he cant “recall” saying something? His support of democrats financially and otherwise? His praise of obama and hillary? His support of compromising aka deal making? His use of undocumented illegals in the building of his businesses? That enough, or should i keep going?
          So now what asshole? I answered you. I gave you reasons. Now please try and defend that wig wearing asshole…if you can 🙂

        5. What a scumbag. I’ll be sure to repost it to him next time. Thanks!
          Your enemies are my enemies brother. We may not agree 100% of the time but it seems like we agree 99%, and that is more than enough 🙂

        6. “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Winston Churchill

        7. sorry son,you got schooled,I didnt read that drivel. I am far too clever to let you muddy the waters. Its all there for us to see. You bitched like a girl,i pointed out why bitch and not explain yourself,you TRIED to pretend i was stopping you which just made you sound like a retard seen as i repeatedly made reference to that and proved it with quotes. You are a fucking clown,an angry sad man plaguing the internet looking to let off steam and stave off the brain tumor from all that pent up frustration. Not here,not with me son,like i said this is my last reply because i KNOW for a fact it will drive you mad that i wont engage,you are too fucking stupid to stop when you are beat even though you knew you get bested,you have that much intelligence,nighty night faggot xxxxxxx

        8. You didn’t school anyone, you showed you’ve got 3 metric tons of shit in you because now that I answered you with why I don’t like trump, you want to talk shit over the internet like a net wanksta and run off with your vaginal fluid dripping from between your legs instead of addressing what I said about him.
          Its so easy to talk shit online isn’t it? You think you’re the first? LOL I’ve beaten back legions of anorchous dipshit braindead trolls like you over the course of my life. You proved you weren’t interested in debate, you just created this lame account to troll me because I probably pissed you off on your real one. You’re a coward and a simpleton; lacking in brains and balls. You’re just a loser.
          Fuck off and take your butthurt feelings with you.

  34. Trumps meteoritic come up is a direct contradiction to what SJW and femi-cunts say the people need. While they preach their same old delusional made up problems about inequality, patriarchy, so on, and so on………… . The people in the US are showing they want a decisive leader willing and ready to take action. If Trump runs against Hilary and wins this will be undeniable proof of what the people want.

  35. Men make up most of construction, plumbing, all the STEM fields, real men laid the foundations of the west, and now we the boys from these screwed up times recognize something is really wrong with this mess we call the west. We will rise to the occasion and become the men who will clean this mess up.

  36. My prediction: the neocons and cuckservatives who run the GOP will deny Trump the nomination if he comes in even one delegate short of the required 1237 (I think that is the number).

    1. You’re absolutely right, assuming Trump is legit, and not part of the same crew as some kind of a magician’s trick … “hey look at this hand folks”, while the other hand is performing the con.
      I’m equivocal: I still haven’t been able to determine if he’s legit, and all the venom directed at him by the psychopaths is real, or he’s just a willing actor and participant in another one of their frauds. You just don’t get to be a billionaire New York developer by not having powerful gangster friends on the inside.

      1. If Trump was Rubio’s age, I’d say you might be onto something. But he’s almost 70, apparently has a loving wife and adoring family, many successful careers. What the hell does he need this for at his age? It might be that he is just concerned with the kind of country his grandchildren will inherit.

  37. The alpha move here is to give Hillary a cup check. I’m not convinced shes a woman.

  38. Trump supporter here. Assuming nothing astronomically crazy happens between now and the GOP convention, Trump will have the majority of the delegates needed for the nom. However, the GOP establishment is looking for a brokered convention where they’ll take the nom. away from trump and crown their puppet (whomever that is). If this occurs, we’ll realize just how fed up the silent majority is.

  39. Additionally, Ted Cruz and the other GOP candidates sided with the rioters against Trump, which precipitated a massive revolt among their supporters.
    Kasich supporters tend to be the most liberal Republicans anyway, so he didn’t hurt himself much if at all. But if Cruz had kept his yap shut, he would have won Missouri, and given Trump a run for his money in North Carolina as well. But virtue-signaling won out, it would seem, and Lyin’ Ted ended up shooting himself in the foot.
    Perhaps his supporters should spend less time inciting violence at Trump rallies and more time getting the vote out.
    It’s rather annoying how Sanders supporters, despite the fact that they have a lot in common with Trump supporters — pretty much everything aside from feminism, nonwhite identity politics, and environmentalism, in fact — spend most of their time attacking Trump rather than Hillary or the other Establishmentarians.

  40. I find it hilarious that liberals call Trump the next Hitler and a fascist, yet do everything they can to silence him and his supporters like – you guessed it! – fascists

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