Australian Government Funds Degenerates Who Come To America To Steal Donald Trump Signs

Student members of Australia’s socialist Labor Party have been caught out deliberately breaking US electoral laws, working on Bernie Sanders’ campaign as compensated “volunteers” despite not being American citizens. The young SJWs were being subsidized by Australian taxpayers at the time, which constitutes a clear misuse of public funds in their own country. The numerous confessions were recorded by conservative group Project Veritas Action.

Instead of using the substantial amount of money given to them for the intended purpose, an exchange program, at least some of the students were also involved in the tampering, vandalizing and apparent destruction of Donald Trump signs and other materials.

Australian Labor Party volunteers sent to the U.S. to work on Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign have been secretly filmed stealing Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton hoardings.

Project Veritas Action, a conservative movement website who use undercover journalists to source stories, posted the video of four Australian volunteers bragging about using Australian taxpayer funds for flights, accommodation and daily expenses while working on Democratic senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Former Australian National University Labor Club president Ben Kremer features in the 14 minute video – scrambling in the darkness of night, trying to remove Republican candidate Donald Trump’s campaign signs from private property.

Again, these actions are criminal offenses, particularly as the removal of signs involved trespassing onto private property.

SJWs will break laws and brag about it because reasons

Rather than being the work of naive, inexperienced idealists, those involved in this fraud are veterans of student leftwing politics, often at the very highest level. One of them is Ben Kremer, former President of the Australian National University Labor Club. Here he is pictured with the current leader of the Labor Party, the alternative Prime Minister Bill Shorten:

Another is Rebecca Doyle, President of Young Labor in Western Australia, Australia’s fourth most populous state:

The removal of signs, defrauding of Australian taxpayers, and breaking of US electoral laws may appear far removed from incidents such as violence against Trump supporters in Chicago. However, they need to all be seen in a wider context. When leftists are faced with a candidate they fear most of all, a fire-breathing, no-nonsense figure in the mould of Donald Trump, they believe they can suspend all manner of legal codes and expectations of civility to fundamentally undermine democracy itself.

“But I hate him!” is the sum of what SJWs and other retrograde political categories have to offer in justifying their decisions to either engage in violence and threats of violence against Trump’s willing voters or try to sabotage his campaign in the vein of a Ben Kremer or Rebecca Doyle.

American democracy is under threat, from within and without

“We don’t like you so violence.”

Over the years, Congress has erected many laws designed to keep elections fair and determined by the American people. The nature of a national election is that it for the citizens of that nation, not outside parties like Ben Kremer and Rebecca Doyle. This by no means condones the sort of violent actions we saw in Chicago by American citizens who hate Trump, but it does throw into stark relief pressure from the rest of the world to cut down Trump. Privileged, childish SJW students from Australia are just the tip of the iceberg.

A significant proportion of the general public in places like the United Kingdom have already grotesquely decided that Trump is somehow Hitler. In Britain, this petulant mentality descended into hundreds of thousands of special snowflakes demanding the politically incorrect figure be banned from its shores. Meanwhile, dozens of dictators and hundreds of actually dangerous people are free to enter the UK basically as they wish.

The sensationalization of Trump into cheap 1984-style Two Minute Hate rip-offs will accelerate in the coming months. What is unclear is how many of his supporters will be caught in the cross-fire, either maimed or killed because of the innate intolerance of incontrovertibly anti-democratic SJWs.

Expect far more criminality and violence as Trump edges closer to the nomination… and the Presidency

SJWs and their media enablers used outright slander and threats of serious violence to attack Return of Kings’ proposed meet-ups, just as they have done for months with Trump and his supporters.

A month and a half ago, Roosh and hundreds of you were threatened with real violence for daring to meet as men to discuss life and self-improvement. Only weeks later thousands of Trump supporters, not to mention Donald Trump himself, were also threatened with real violence for meeting peacefully and publicly in furtherance of the democratic process. The battle lines have been clearly set by SJWs: “Your rights to freedom of speech, assembly, and association simply do not exist relative to ours.” If you challenge the narrative, your job, your psychological security, and your personhood are liable to be taken or put in danger.

In between the overt cases of intimidation and “stop your campaign or we will physically attack you,” subterfuge of the Ben Kremer and Rebecca Doyle variety will abound. Instantaneous political expediency trumps both morality and legality for SJWs. The difficulty is that violence in particular is incredibly effective. Those able to contribute the most to Trump and his attempts to renew America, such as middle-aged professionals with kids, are exactly the kinds of people who need to be most responsive to threats of violence in order to protect their families.

Nevertheless, calculated violence is a sign that Trump and the truth he represents chills SJWs to their bones. Every coddled, privileged position they take for granted is currently under siege due to his galvanizing of Middle America, “the silent majority.” Even many of those who will vote for the inevitable Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, share a number of Trump’s ideas about where America is heading and where it should be heading instead.

Unfortunately for SJWs, violence or the threatening of it is not going to stop Donald Trump’s march to the Republican nomination and White House.

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108 thoughts on “Australian Government Funds Degenerates Who Come To America To Steal Donald Trump Signs”

    1. I know part of me is supporting Trump just because I don’t want these people telling me I can’t.

        1. That vote scares me more than Trump as President and Ted Nugent as his VP…….

        2. That in itself is an excellent reason for voting for him–it would show that the SJW forces that have cowed the mainstream are a paper tiger.

        3. I stayed out of the Republican nomination voting process simply because there was no candidate I could fully get behind. The being said, if Trump does get the nomination, I will not hesitate to vote for him over Hillary or Sanders. The fact that his Presidency might send a bunch of whiny little cunts into epileptic trigger fits would just be a side-perk.

        4. They cry every time there’s a non democrat in the office. Remember the years of protests and imagery of Bush being the devil, or an idiot?

        5. He ran on a good platform in 2000. He made a lot of sense in 2000. I don’t think you get that far in life by being stupid. His agenda and policies were stupid.

        6. yeah i can live with that,though with his family connections and history he certainly COULD have done well even if he was stupid but i see what youa re saying

      1. At this point “pissing off all the right people” is legitimate enough to vote Trump

        1. If I were in the US I would so vote Trump; I have boycotted going because I am sickened by what a degenerate toilet the place is and in particular the last 8 years but once Trump wins, I’ll be getting an airline ticket to revel in his Presidency.

      2. Which is part of his plan. if people attacking him were smart they would see that he is merely using their own force against them. If I were a political strategist, I would just let him defeat himself, because attacks against him just make him stronger. But left to his own devices — he is highly self destructive.

        1. I love every second of it. A politician with a true mind for strategy. And he has promised some baubles that I want that will be a lynchpin for him getting reelected. Namely a repeal of the idea that endless free trade (globalism) is good when other countries do not practice the same doctrine, and a restoration of national soveriengty.

  1. Just like they did with ROK, now Anonymous is trying to intimidate trump supporters by claiming they “hacked” trump and put his personal info online. Don’t fall for it. Its bullshit.
    UPDATE: NBC News reports that all of the information released by the hackers had been “floating around online for awhile.” Even the Social Security number for Trump had been online since at least 2013, though it was not possible confirm the number was actually Trump’s own.
    Wrote NBC News: “It is a common tactic among online pranksters to publish information that is already available on the Internet and act as though it is new.”

    1. Anonymous has gone from a group that could have been a legitimate force to be reckoned with to an absolute joke. When I first heard of them, I thought they were all about exposing corruption and fighting censorship. Now I see them for who they really are: SJW’s with stupid masks.

      1. Anyone out there can do MORE damage than Anonymous with a WHOIS search and a cris-cross phone directory.

      2. Anonymous are a bunch of scared cunts. The only thing they’ve ever “accomplished” was bringing down the PlayStation network for a couple of days, lol.

      3. They are a fucking joke. I really wanted them to aspire to more, but they through their intelligence away.

      4. They got infiltrated and corrupted by SJWs. The time is coming that SJWs will not be able to do this anymore. They’ll have to use their own steam. And it’s very, very weak steam. It doesn’t even make whistling sounds.

      5. Probably on one of the alphabet soups payrolls. An enemy that is created and controlled is easier to destroy. Examples of this are everywhere and is one of the strategies used to keep the slaves in line.

    1. Because muh free shit and muh triggers. Frankly, Hillary = illegal flood, demographic genocide, subsequent referendum on the end of the border and a new constitution for a new country in a new world order, one without free speech and guns, but plenty of “free” sheet.
      War is coming. The media and their elites are determined to have it. This time we are the enemy.

        1. Gender wars are already infecting every campus and business. I hear way more about it than race now.

  2. You have to wonder if SJWs/leftists are all secret Trump supporters, because every time one of their own pulls some stupid stunt aimed at damaging Trump’s campaign, he rises in the polls.

    1. I doubt it. They believe in their own stupidity. Their tactic is not working, so double down and keep doubling down until you see positive results.

        1. They’ve been taught to not think independently their whole lives, so when their name calling and threats of violence don’t work, they have no idea how to come up with a new strategy. The obedience that their masters instilled into them is the huge chink in their armor. All they do is keep running the same strategies on a loop and shooting themselves in the foot more and more. Poor unthinking little Leftists.

  3. In November, we’ll have our final answer to the question “Is Democracy built on universal suffrage a tenable political system?”.
    Universal male suffrage was a mistake. Women’s suffrage has been an extinction-inducing disaster.
    Patriarchal Nationalism would naturally feature either a Monarchy or a Republic with strictly controlled voting privileges (limited to males either employed in the private sector, owning a company in the private sector, owning property, or having served in the military), It looks to me like such a political system is the only possible way for the West to survive, if such a nation could even be created.
    I’m (naively) still rooting for the current democracy we have to work the way it should.
    But, I’m preparing myself for the possibility that the SJW totalitarianism wins and closes the book on Western Civilization as we’ve known it.

    1. If your last sentence is true, which it very well could happen, every man should take every step and precaution to provide for himself and his family.
      Grow your own food (or as much as you can)
      Work side jobs where you’re paid in cash
      Cut out the unnecessary monthly expenses
      Get rid of all your debt
      Stay under the radar but live well

      1. I do all of that except the growing food part (there are some fruit trees on my property, though). This is as close as I get to social media; I don’t do Twitter, Facebook, or any of that.

        1. I have Facebook, but rarely use it. Mainly keep it as a hub for friends and to promote my websites.
          I’ve started growing vegetables on my windowsill by taking coke cans and cutting the tops off with a can opener. Got a couple cans of kale, spinach, lettuce, and even one that I’m trying to grow a jalapeno pepper plant in…might be too small though. Going to create a keyhole vegetable garden this spring.

        2. You should use Brawndo cans instead. It’s got what plants crave.

        3. Electrolytes. It always comes back to that, in the end.

      2. People always ask me if I want to be recognized for my work or famous, and I always tell them I wan to be invisible. They are always baffled by that response.

    2. Indeed you are correct. Without any struggle for the right to vote, it becomes meaningless. As we see today with parties hording low information voters with propaganda and throwing them at each other. I’m glad Trump turned it on its head; more and more people are being forced to think everyday now, which is why the primary turnouts have mostly been record high.

  4. I never liked Trump until it became so cool to hate him. Ben Stein had an interesting interview where he said “Every time someone screams ‘black lives matter’ out in the public eye, that’s 1000 more votes for Donald Trump”. The SJW’s will be the ones responsible for getting him elected POTUS.

    1. I still don’t like Trump, but I just dismiss him as another rich New Yorker with a loose mouth. Then again, I have a dislike of politics in general. But I do despise these rich spoiled kids who have better things to than cause mayhem.

        1. Pretty much. And I’ll throw in Al Gore and Marco Rubio as well. See, when it comes to distrusting the elite, I’m as “multicultural” as they come.

        2. Fair enough. I was just checking for consistency.

      1. Except Trump had to actually work to expand his business ventures and knows what sacrifice is because of this work. Just because somebody starts with money does not mean they are spoiled. He even makes his kids go through with work instead of lounging.

        1. I think that shows a difference between spanish culture and english-german culture. In Spain, having money was linked with not working and living off the income so being rich and spoiled is a very frequent combination, but that isn’t part of american culture. Or it wasn’t, at least.
          Being spoiled or working hard should not be measured because of your starting point, but according to your progression. Either starting as very poor and ending as middle class, or starting as rich and ending as much richer, both deserve respect.

    2. Hillary getting two terms is likely the best thing for the USA. Trump exposed the GOP and would likely slow some issues if he followed through with his plans. However the GOP will cease to exist unless it takes a pro ethno-national platform. The dialogue on the Right will become more directed to alternative statehood. As Roosh has pointed out the Right virtually cannot get elected due to the left stacking the votes from a coalition of minority groups. Without having a means to find representation with the pen they will find representation with the barrel.

    3. this is what i hope is happening. every time the lefties cynically use “racism” as a political weapon, they are actually weakening themselves. plain everyday americans see through that and are disgusted by it, and driven into trump’s arms. like i say, i hope.

  5. Leftists would shoot a baby in the face if it guaranteed that they would hold office for a week. They are losers. Their entire life is about furthering the party. They are globalists who are against the individual. Fuck em. There will come a time when it is us vs them and those limp wristed cowards will get what’s coming.

    1. They keep pushing and we’ll see an American Pinochet moment in history I suspect.

  6. Notice how the people who put democracy on a pedestal are going batshit when democracy is not working out for them.
    What’s happening in the USA was not supposed to happen until after tens of millions more illegals showed up and were given voter registration cards so when their version of a Trump (who would be a raving Marxist) shows up, the same people bitching now would be the ones sneering at us.
    They know that Trump supporters are still a majority demographically. What really bothers the fuck out of the leftists is that we don’t need to put out Trump yard signs so we can be targeted. The GOP changed the rules regarding delegates in the nomination to stop Ron Paul (making it mostly “majority caucus vote binding with “super delegates”) and they are now hung up on their own petard. It will take the super delegates going against to voters to beat Trump in the GOP and that would be the end of the GOP elites, possibly even involving rope and overpasses. That leftists gleefully hid in voting booths robbing us of wealth and liberty by proxy with no personal risk is now biting them back, as we can hide in voting booths and vote for Trump with no personal risks. They know what they did in the voting booths and how they felt, they knew their motivations, and it’s burning them inside to know what we are going to do and how good it will feel for us. Because they were being evil on those booths, they project their evil in assuming what our motivation is.
    Looking at the synchronicity of the neocon/RINO establishment and the SJWs, they are ONE SINGLE OPERATION – neocons are rooted in menshevik/Trotskyists movements. Check their history. Before SJWs started screaming “racist! bigot! homophobe! with people who challenged The Narrative, neocons were screaming “Anti-Semite!” at people disagreeing with the Iraq war.
    As for Australia, if I had “the Football” I would nuke them, but only after warning RoK readers there to GTFO (that’s the reason behind having “tribes” of men working with each other to survive and leave the r-selected bunny-brained people to their fates).

    1. I just hope the worst doesn’t happen. Last time a brokered convention was used (against Reagan, what are the odds), it gave us Jimmy Carter. Their corruption may make us suffer through 4 years of hillary.

    2. Thank you for the heads up good Sir-I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled just in case you do get the launch codes so I can exit and go somewhere like Russia 🙂

  7. I hope they keep getting baited and exposed. For the first time in my life, these degenerates are being put to the ideological sword, and not the other way around. I thought I was motivated before, with success and physical strength. This is shaping up to be the best time of my life.

  8. Mental illness is a contagion among these SJW creeps. How miserable do you have to be and how pathetic is your life when it solely revolves around destroying everything to get attention. The only reason 95% of these people do these things they are looking for some validation and to feel important. Basically just losers screaming someone please pay attention to me like a 2 year old.

    1. You may be more right than you know.
      Notice how the SJWs look and act alike?
      But pure random insanity cannot be that uniform, can it? Does every schizo make their tin foil hat the same?
      These nuts were created by the system. That’s why there is so much uniformity.
      Someday we’ll find out exactly who is behind it, who gave the order to write the textbooks that certain way, make the TV shows and cartoons that certain way, teach the classes that certain way.
      And if it comes down to a “Pinochet moment”, so be it.
      We’re coming.

      1. It all started in the 60’s and of course there is a whole lot more money for these criminal politicians in bigger gov’t so the Republicans were there telling us all about freedom and liberty and the benefits of small gov’t while they were picking our pockets and allowing the lefties to take over the media and education. They don’t teach about the founders anymore but they certainly make sure every kid knows how great frauds like Malcolm X, Luther and Nelson Mandela were.

      2. Communism and socialism require conformity.
        Everyone must be equal and everyone is kept average and any exceptional or outstanding traits/persons would necessarily need be eliminated to maintain the status quo.
        This particular insanity is part and parcel with the system of government they are trying to create.
        You’ve got it exactly right in my book.

        1. It’s really quite odd when you think about it as these SJW types like to think everyone is a special little snowflake, yet they peddle this system that demands conformity. Mental illness is the only logical explanation for their endless contradictions.

        2. They are herd mentality anti-socials.
          They lack interpersonal skills and the ability to function autonomously in basic society (without having a template to emulate), partly due to a weak spiritual foundation and a lack of parentally instilled discipline and sense of self-worth. Having never achieved anything of merit and even wanting for a basic definition of what constitutes as meritorious they bounce from cause to cause hoping to find meaning for their empty lives. They fall for predatory practices in others (as with any regular cultist) and never find self-driven/motivated fulfillment, just more lies to justify why “the way” they are following isn’t working for them. The absence of a truly self-determined identity coupled with the search for social acceptance makes them perfect prey for conformist movements.
          Perhaps misery truly does love company.

        3. Your last sentence reminds me of this Soul Asylum song. A great 90s band….

        4. i was writing a big reply, scrolled down and saw that youve written it better than i ever could… they are the product of “participation trophy” culture. deep down, subconsciously, they know everything they do, say, and ARE is a lie. their amygdalae are screaming at them and they have no idea what to do about it. facing reality is too hard for them – so their fear and lack of identity gets outsourced – pushed off into “causes”…
          like “if everything bad just wasnt here, then my internal dialogue would stop screaming at me”
          also i believe the uniformity is pretty much just virtue signalling, and these types
          lack any real creativity so no one brings anything new to the table. its why everything they do is a rehash of something else…

        5. How does the aphorism go? Capitalism is a system with the inherent vice of the unequal sharing of joys, while socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery

        6. Spot on…recent events are lending increased relevance to “The Bell Curve” and a good portion of ROK’s own content…on the west coast (US), it’s like stepping into the Twilight Zone, in terms of sheer numbers…I might be in the thin slice of the population who are true centrists (known to split the ticket, based on the issues and the “times”), so I have friends on both sides; sometimes I’d like to throw a bucket of ice-water on left-leaning friends who wind up mentally vulnerable enough to believe some of the garbage going around in the political atmosphere here.
          They get sucked into a severely unrealistic and dumbed-down vortex of narcissistic SJW rhetoric. They’d assume you didn’t even believe in *any* style of equality, try to baffle cogent adult debate with BS in all kinds of exhausting ways (guess what, I’m not dazzled) — all this just to dismiss or even raise their voice to honor shallow reason and the perversions of mass-media conditioning. They will sometimes ratchet up the drama, create a display as if a camera is rolling, as idiotic as it looks. They underestimate that some men are ready to entertain themselves by dismantling their weak-minded tactics while they are smug to simply be standing behind a middle finger pointed in your direction. Very childlike and simplistic, their self-congratulatory feedback loop. They consistently have a hard time pointing out any specifics for their SJW convictions, even the stoic masculine types among them, which is disappointing (and still I persevere and attempt to fathom all types of human beings, to achieve meditation on oppositional insights to become more well-rounded within the strange world we all have to live in).
          When I even gently call them out on it, directly as a forthright or politically-curious/aware citizen might do, or if I actually form a clear, pointed observation similar to the tone of D.G. Brown’s article right here, and add even 2psi of intellectual pressure to their platitudes — well you know, they resort to a highly scripted passion/drama over substance in their replies too often. It’s usually a friendship-ender.
          They want that government oversight and welfare in all the ways I simply do not. They want that AND to preserve their bizarre sense of superiority, and in reality cannot have both. The dissonance is palpable when you challenge them. And so I do, and I’ll do the “verbal murder” on them if it gets heated (since physical fighting is illegal for the most part), and unlike them I say it’s best to do it without a single curse word, just come ready with the logic and patience.
          These hordes of SJWs are compulsive, and frequently absent from reason. Stick around them too long, you’ll see the slow disappearance of meaning and truth, and how it warps. My biggest concern is how rapidly they are replicating, realizing that all it takes is their over-breeding to tip the scales at the polls in November and beyond. 51% “stupid” vote, out there diluting my vote, and it’s Game Over for the ideology I believe should survive. But it’s good to mix it up and engage them directly.

      3. The schooling system we use was invented in Weimar Germany to teach students that the State was God walking upon the Earth.
        My cousin is graduating college and ‘loves’ animals so much she is going to South Africa. Typical product of this system. I begged my family not to let her go through with it, with 70,000 white people murdered since 1994 (and that’s just the reported attacks). No one listened.

      4. I for one will relish the time it does come down to a Pinochet moment-I am waiting.

      5. “Someday we’ll find out exactly who is behind it, …”
        Are you serious? You really don’t know? Try Soros. As in the scumbag agitator, or billionaire “agent provocateur”, George Soros. Oh, don’t take my word for it; listen to what he himself has claimed on multiple times. He’s hands down one of the most evil men alive today. There are many evil scum, but very few have the power and influence of Soros. It’s a dangerous and deadly stew: being a psychopath with unlimited money and power.

        1. This is the same psycho who ratted out his own people to get ahead because it give his little pecker an erection.

    2. Hit the nail on the head. Merit as a function of granting status has collapsed, as people who refuse to improve themselves in any way truly useful to themselves and society are given the platform to speak before the ones who hold up society are. What incentive does man have to do well in such an environment? The weak have preyed on the strong; now the strong will fight back, and with any luck, go far enough to seek vengeance against those who stole their birthright.

    3. When asked about Elizabeth Warren’s attack.
      Trump responded: “Who the Indian?”
      She apparently faked being American Indian.
      First SJW comment:
      “He Insulted women and American Indians, that’s why he mustn’t be President”.
      This is why women shouldn’t vote…

  9. It floors me how Sanders supporters can RIOT but that riot is blamed on Trump and his supporters because of our thoughts and voices. So, what this tells me is that if you are on the side of masculinity and fighting to not be oppressed by the left and SJW people can do anything they want.
    I would go so far to wager that if a Sanders supporter cold clocked a Trump supporter just walking by carrying a sign the Trump supporter would be painted as the criminal.

    1. Me too; my family called me crazy when I told them the riot was organized by Soros and his globalist backers through Most people will happily be lied to until the truth arrives at their front door and shatters the illusion. And as we have seen with rapefugee attack victims in Europe, sometimes even that isn’t enough.

    2. The media is always trying to mould the great unwashed masses opinion on who they must despise and what they are to believe. Explaining this revelation to most folk results in arrogant denial or accusations of “tin foil hat wearing”.

  10. I’m in college now and I’m sick of these campus safe zones that breed these skinny jeans wearing SJW’s.
    Even a basic chemistry class can have its own subtle brainwashing from a professor.
    Every time I’m unwillingly in one of these zones full of hairy legged feminists and LGBT bath house losers, I just wish a naked, drunken, rugby team would burst in and fart in everyone’s face.

  11. “they believe they can suspend all manner of legal codes and expectations of civility to fundamentally undermine democracy itself.”
    Hypocrisy. Trump himself is threatening to break international law as president by installing torture as a policy. He’s also broken the basic rules of civility about a thousand times by insulting, swearing, instigating violence, and promising to pay legal fees of those who do.
    Trump’s not a good guy, and he’ll be an opponent of free speech. The guy’s basically Chavez with a combover.

    1. An opponent of free speech? That’s one of the most absurd, and factually incorrect comments I’ve ever seen posted.
      Honestly, you should feel ridiculous for such a comment.

  12. The situation is indeed very dangerous and the SJW’s behind all this shit are text-book “brown shirt” ideologues. They’ve been told, over and over and over, in highly regulated echo chambers that racism or sexism or anyism or phobia is caused by tiny little things that you and I would pass off as every day innocuous items. This makes for perpetual encroachment in our lives by the state and these agitators. If a surname like “Lynch” can be tied to racism anything can be racist. And some of the more useful of the idiots like anti sarkensian (sp whatever) have actually said everything is racist, homophobic and sexist. This is the real danger. The people agitating this shit will resort to violence and here is why. Its more than just being immersed in these leftist echo chambers. Not only that, they’re all under-performers and are fed self esteem boosting gibberish that say you can do and be anything you are a special snow flake etc. So, more than other societal outcast exploited in the past, these are like high octane outcasts. Since they’re losers they’ll keep fucking up and with that they’ll keep blaming, increasingly, their respective “ism” or phobias. And with each fuck up they’ll get angrier and angrier. So that when at 18 or 22 or 40+ after years of suck they take all that inner angst out on the people they’ve been told are responsible for their shitty lives. Remember, uttering “too” or “bossy” or “hard work” are all, in these twisted minds, equal to Jim Crow laws or genital mutilation. But its the excuse to hate and commit violence that is the real draw.

  13. The first mistake is calling us a democracy. We are a Republic
    The 2nd mistake is letting everyone vote.
    The 3rd mistake is letting everyone who becomes a citizens to vote it will mean they
    will vote for someone who votes for their countries interest and not our own.
    The 4th mistake is letting other countries fund religious groups such as CAIR and
    allowing them to work with our government.

  14. that’s basically the same mindset as egalitarians anywhere
    “everything is justified because we have noble intentions” – whether or not laws/norms exist for structural reasons is entirely irrelevant to them

        1. *are
          Egalitarians have no idea what they are sacrificing for nothing but moral posturing. They also have no idea what their ancestors sacrificed to give it to them.

  15. Globalism is awesome! Now, there arent even any barriers to paid protesters showing up elsewhere in the world!

  16. The supreme fault of the SJW left lies in one critical area. They assume that they are the only ones that can break the rules. When the BLM blacks get pissed, they wreck some businesses, torch some cars. SJW pink hairs get pissed, they scream, throw jugs of piss, and try to get you fired. Hipsters and others go for “pranks” or “safe humiliation.”
    They either go for childish shit that is just a joke, a la hipsters, or they think they are hard, like the Black Panthers, but they really have no clue. When mainstream, white, Western Christian cultures get pissed, hell walks the earth, and it’s even better when you welcome all right-thinking men to stand with you.
    The average gun-collecting and gun-shooting American man has enough firepower to break a riot, because it doesn’t take much. Stand off 100 yards, 3 guys, a bunch of high cap mags, and a couple shotguns for backup; you WILL break that mob. Granted, I do not recommend such a course of action unless your life is in danger, but I fully expect a court case of riot was going to torch a man’s house, and he pulled out some SAW and laid the thunder down. I’d hold him innocent.

  17. You want to hear what’s even worse? That clown Shorten is the elected member of the electorate where I live; I’m guilty by association. Unclean! Unclean! I’ll have to lie in the foetal position in the shower crying as I try to wash the filth off me.

  18. Only after the jackasses in the Labor Party were driven from office in Canberra did Australia get a rational immigration policy under John Abbott.
    “Asylum seekers” who show up in Australian waters uninvited are taken to Nauru, a god-forsaken Pacific island, instead. Those (very few) whose claims are not wholly without merit are offered asylum in places like Cambodia and Papua New Guinea, who are glad to take them for a fraction of what it would cost for the “asylum seekers” to go on welfare in Australia.
    Australians love it. Elites hate it. Abbott was rewarded for his far-sighted policy by being overthrown by his own party leadership.

  19. Here he is pictured with the current leader of the Labor Party, the alternative Prime Minister Bill Shorten.

    And here’s Bill pictured with another degenerate.
    And more degenerates polluting the Australian political landscape.
    They’re part of a group called ‘Mums4Refugees’ and decided to have their own float at the recent gay and lesbian mardi gras.

  20. “alternative Prime Minister Bill Shorten”.
    Wrong title. In parliamentary governments, his title is “opposition leader”. Of course, he would be PM if the ALP wins the next election.

  21. :Another is Rebecca Doyle, President of Young Labor in Western Australia, Australia’s fourth most populous state:”
    Um, Australia only HAS six states (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania) and two territories (Australian Capital Territory/Canberra and Northern Territory).

  22. Typically I ignore the political theater.
    8 years ago my kids were at a school with a MSM talking head’s kids. Other parents would discuss the election with her.
    She asked me what I think about “him”.
    me: “I don’t”
    her: “wise choice”.
    However, since then I have observed her and others over the years, and they are extremely dedicated to convincing the audience of the party line…They are actors/sales-people – distracting, entertaining, and selling…
    This year I am following it. I wonder if trump is the real deal, or it’s just part of the MSM distraction…
    I reckon most red-pill guys hope so…
    MSM is unilaterally opposed to Trump, labeling him with the usual anti-man racist, bigot, misogynist, totalitarian, etc, etc…
    But, seems to me he is the opposite. The nonsense memes I see of the Utopian Bernie, versus war and destruction from Trump…
    Same feeling I get arguing with a woman*. Facts, are reversed. Fault is reversed…
    However, I still don’t believe MSM is opposed, its all just
    World Championship Wrestling meets the apprentice Kardashian…
    The SJWs infuriate me. I cannot understand how they can be so wrong. They are all running Alinsky’s rules for radicals. All democrats and their underlings…
    Amazing how strong, quick witted, and skilled Trump is against this nonsense…
    *Never argue with a woman…

  23. I was taking a walk with my dog the other day. About 200 yards ahead of me, a hippie SJW kicked over a Donald Trump sign . When my dog and I get to the sign,I put it back up. I was pleased that the hippie got to see me putting the sign back up just before he rounded the corner.
    It is always a good feeling teaching the younger generation how democracy works.

  24. I smuggled some Trump gear to wear proudly north of the border. It will be an interesting summer.

  25. I live in Australia but I might get a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat to wear on the weekends…

  26. SJWs are not scared of Trump. It is just another occasion for them to indulge in some status signaling with each other and gain some holiness points. They are always screeching and shouting about EVERYTHING. So screeching and shouting about trump does not mean they fear him.

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