How To Improve Your Sex Life With Kegel Exercises

If there is anything that I have learned from my forays into physical culture and life in general, it’s that any weakness, be it mental or physical, can be trained and overcome, and with eventual success is likely to come repeated success. This even extends to your sex life.


Some Background Information

“How the hell can I train to improve my sex life, Larsen?” you might be asking yourself in disbelief. There are, in fact, many ways of doing it—ranging from developing your skills in foreplay to learning new positions. You might even give the fingertip push-ups a try to develop hand strength and endurance for…various reasons.

But rather than those, this article discusses a specific method of muscular training that will specifically aid your sex life, which I already know is a goal of yours. Because it’s a goal of any man who’s honest with himself, even if he ostensibly has no sexual issues-because who doesn’t want better sex? Nobody, that’s who.

The muscles that will be trained are the pubococyggeus muscles, a sling of muscles that runs from the groin, across the perineum, and up towards the anus.

pubococyggeus muscle

Through a special group of exercises, known as pelvic floor exercises or Kegel exercises (After Dr. Arnold Kegel, their discoverer), both men and women can become capable of consciously flexing their pelvic floor muscles, and this provides a variety of physiological and sexual benefits.

The Benefits

For men, the main benefit (at least in my experience) is increasing sexual stamina and potency. Some men claim that they can flex themselves into a full erection, and report more intense orgasms, but unlike the increased stamina, I have never experienced these.

For those men who don’t last very long in the sack, kegels just might be the ticket to improved sexual performance for you, and increased sexual satisfaction for her. To be blunt (to the point of being profane), the simplest way to make a woman orgasm is to give her a hard and fast rogering until you receive some sign of completion (if you need me to explain what these signs are, peruse the site some more and practice the techniques it describes). However, most men don’t have the physical capacity to last this long, which is why, if the woman is to climax at all, other methods are typically used. Kegels have given me that capacity (though I admit there is always room for improvement), and judging from their reactions, I think I’m doing an alright job.

I realize that some other articles on this website state that men shouldn’t concern themselves with sexual stamina, and I also realize that in saying this I may lose my “cred” with the keyboard alpha males in the crowd, but I actually do concern myself with making the women I sleep with orgasm for two very important reasons.

One is the raw sense of satisfaction I get—emotionally, it feels pretty damn good to have a woman screaming your name, invoking the name of God to praise your sexual prowess, and telling you how you make all of her exes look like complete chodes in comparison (yeah, I need to hear people tell me how good I am on occasion. Sue me). The second is… shall we say, economical: when you’ve given her a screaming orgasm once, she’s going to come crawling back for more, and not going out prowling for girls saves you time and effort which you can instead use to do literally anything you want.

conan leg cling

“Crawling back for more”, taken literally

As mentioned before, women are also capable of doing these exercises. Unlike men, they regularly report having easier, more frequent, and more intense orgasms from this training. In addition, these exercises also provide them with greater muscular control over their nether regions. And, speaking from experience, that muscular control can be used to tremendous effect.

How To Train

So, having prattled on for about 400 words on why you should do these exercises, I suppose I should now explain how they’re done.

The first step is to “find” the Pubococcygeus Muscle. Many people who first try to do these exercises—such as myself in high school—will end up flexing their sphincter, their abdomen, or other muscles in the area. Obviously, this does nothing to benefit the PC muscle, and will not help you sexually.

The PC muscles are those used when the flow of urine is suddenly halted. The next time you take a leak, suddenly halt the flow, feel the sensation and note where you feel it. The most common mistake made is people flexing their stomach muscles and not the pelvic floor muscles—to fix this, place a hand on your stomach as you flex the PC muscles. If you feel your abdomen flexing, you’re doing it wrong.

A Basic Routine

My routine is as follows:

1. Hold it for as long as you can with proper “form”—just flex and hold. Start with five or 10 seconds, and build up gradually to a minute and more.

2. Clench, hold for a period of time, release, and repeat. Start with five second “reps” and maybe three sets. Increase the held time and “sets” as you get stronger

3. Rapid clench-and-release. Start with a set of 10, and gradually increase.

This routine can literally be done anywhere-driving in the car, while sitting on the computer, anywhere that you’re alone. For obvious reasons, I’d avoid doing this in public, though people will usually not be able to tell. Wherever the place, increased sexual potency is at your fingertips.

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63 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Sex Life With Kegel Exercises”

  1. What about reverse kegels? These you also be incorporated into your routine. I mean, you wouldn’t workout you biceps without working out your triceps would you?
    Reverse kegels are what they say. Instead of pulling in, you push out. Next time you go for a piss try to push the urine out so it goes faster. I’m sure you’ve all done this. That is a reverse kegel. You may flex your abs when doing this and at first it’s fine, but you can train yourself by reverse kegeling, holding the kegel, then take deep breaths to relax the abdomen.

    1. I’ve tried those before and neglected them for a while. I may put those back into my routines. Good catch.

  2. Very interesting article. I have done these for a few years in relations to growth gains. Another topic. But I have also noticed the increased sensitivity. In all of my time doing these exercises I never built up to 10 seconds. However, I would do about 3 sets of 20 kegel reps at about 3 second holds one second releases. For the advanced stuff I would contract the muscle as slowly as possible and release as slowly as possible until I reached 60 reps. Another Kegel exercise I would implement are Kegel slams where I would contract the PC muscle for 5 seconds and then release. I would do this for 3 sets of 5 because I felt them rougher.
    All of that said here are what I noticed. The sensitivity increases because of all the blood flow, but not just in the head where all the nerve endings are, but in a slightly balanced way throughout the shaft. Due to the pressure used on the PC muscle, volume when completing with a woman increased and also would fire far more powerfully than before. Also the ability to get it up repeatedly will come as the increased blood flow makes sure there is less time needed to heal between orgasms. Like the author I take pride in my work and while I don’t talk a lot during the act, I let her shuddering body speak for itself. Side effects of practicing Kegels helps alleviate some of the damage done by bad eating or what may be caused as a side effect from diabetes.

        1. forgive me father for i have sinned. i bow before Almighty Kratom, and humbly ask His forgiveness

  3. It’s kinda like pumping spurts when you release your load. That throbbing pulse. Helps build strength due to incontinence. Just cum more often to build that muscle.

    1. no, it sadly doesn’t work that way. the ejaculation faze of the orgasm makes you rhythmically contract the muscle but not for long enough to actually make it stronger to a significant degree.

        1. for about 5 seconds so unless you can continue to orgasm for a lot longer it isn’t gonna cut it for a workout

        2. My orgasm lasts almost a full minute, wonder how many minutes a day you’d need to exercise to see an effect?

        3. Lol, I don’t actually know how long those ones are, hard to count in your sleep! But the long ones don’t really come (npi) from anything special, just my hands, sometimes a hairbrush handle or electric toothbrush if I want something a little different.

        4. Orgasms can continue for 21-23 pulses even though semen stops coming out after 3-5. Drink plenty of (non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated) fluids to encourage semen volume.
          Semen, like all body mucuses (fluids), comes from the blood. Good blood volume means spare water for making mucuses.

    2. I’ve wondered this myself, if working your pee-holding muscle can help you have better orgasms, doesn’t it stand to reason that having more orgasms could help you hold your pee? Maybe that’s partly why old people become incontinent, because they aren’t “doing it” anymore.

  4. Well written Larsen. I can personally attest to the benefits of kegels. I’ve done them for years and and I can literally last as long as I want to in the sack. I’m not able to kegel an instant erection but when I reach the point of no return, then squeeze those muscles till I can’t hold back my load anymore, it’s a GREAT feeling.
    The only drawback is that when I hold back for more powerful orgasms, I’m rarely able to get right back up and start round 2 right then and there. I usually have to wait for about a half an hour to recharge but after I give the girl a good hard pounding for a while, she’s usually not looking to start right back up after I’ve blown my load.
    Good article.

  5. where is the article for women’s improved sexual experience?
    Sexist, Sexiist!
    *jazz hands*

    1. Even though I know you’re being sarcastic, I explicitly say these exercises can be done by men and women.
      But the Tumblrites aren’t good at the whole reading comprehension thing.

  6. I read clinical study about Niacin helping people with high cholesterol. I don’t think I have high cholesterol, but the Niacin helped anyways. I get random hard-ons for no reason when I’m on Niacin. Stronger orgasms. Higher volume of sperm.
    Also, as somebody below me said, cum more often. That’s probably the best way to exercise the muscle, because it flexes stronger during orgasm than you can on your own will.
    I just can’t sit and mess around with my kegel. Tried it before, I lose interest too easily. Plus, it feels weird.
    Oh, and don’t drink. Liquor dick is a real thing.

  7. How may times a day do you do your routine and how long did it take to see results?

  8. Kegels were originally designed for women, who more often than not just lie there and expect the man to do all the work during sex, and then they can’t reach orgasm and blame men. Basically its just clenching and unclenching the lower body muscles. It can benefit males as well. If you clench your lower body muscles with each rep when you lift at the gym you are already strengthening that muscle. This is one of the reasons that athletic people in general have better sex.

    1. I know a girl who read a book called the 5 Minute Orgasm. She is very good at obtaining her own orgasm and squirting within 5 minutes.

      1. I’ve seen a woman shoot ping pong balls from her vagina. Nothing like this though. This might be advanced tantric yoga.

      2. I can orgasm within 5 minutes. In fact I’ve done it in under 30 seconds many times (it’s interesting when the orgasm itself lasts longer than the time it took to get there).

    2. I knew a girl some years ago. She would take Yin Yang Balls which are like little metal balls bigger than a golf ball smaller than a tennis ball. She would put them inside of herself and then go jogging while clenching down to keep them in.
      She was totally bat shit insane but I can vouch for the fact that with exercise amazing things are possible.
      For all the trouble that she was, and she was a mountain of fucking trouble, she is still, hands down, the absolute best sex i’ve ever had.

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  9. Pilates – sounds faggy but it’ll teach you effectively to exercise your pelvic floor.

    1. Are you the only male in your class? Have you banged any females in your class? I’ve wondered if yoga might be good for that. My gym is pretty much a fat farm with females.

      1. Haven’t done it in a long time, when I was there though it was mostly older women and the occasional dude – zero prime real estate with the exception of the occasional hot instructor. Then again it was just one class in one area – try your luck – you never know.

        1. Unless you’re looking to get married and make babies, what’s wrong with older women if they’re interested?
          See Benjamin Franklin’s advice.

      2. I did it a year ago and got a date with the instructor, we had an awesome first date and then she moved several states away.. moving in on the yoga instructor now at the same gym. Haven’t banged anyone in the class, mostly because it seems to be new people I don’t recognize every time I go. Well that’s probably my fault for not going every week.

      3. Every couple of weeks or so I do a hot yoga class like Bikram. It is mostly to get a good stretch. Stretching + Sauna + mostly naked women = fun time.
        I break the girls I see in Yoga classes down into several categories.
        1) The girls who can do amazing things with their bodies. These will have lost most of their feminity.
        2) The giggling hotties. They are sweaty, mostly naked and giggling hotties. They do not, however, have the ability to do yoga things that you may want to play with
        3) The ones who don’t realize that yoga is something that was invented in america in the 1960’s and adhere to some bogus spirituality, Avoid.
        4) Fatties that think stretching and exercise is the same thing. Avoid.
        5) the after work crowd who just does things casually for a few months and then jumps on whatever is next

      4. If a man is overweight, his pubic mound is fat along with the rest of him. Slim down and your dick will get longer in effect. You also won’t be having to waste so much energy lifting yourself.
        And, being in better shape helps attract better looking women. “Better looking” doesn’t mean “prettier face.” It means better body. Why care about her face? Most pretty faces wash off in the shower anyway. If she’s clean and maybe does a little eyebrow shaping, why care?
        A pretty face just attracts more competition.

  10. I actually posted a comment about something similar in another ROK article and got lots of skeptical follow up comments:

    5 Things You Should Be Doing If You Consume Porn

    Its just like regular exercise, its ABSOLUTELY a use-it or lose-it situation. I suggested that “skeptics” contact someone like Ron Jeremy and ask for his response about how he kept his “performance level” up and going, even as he got older. I stated that “abstinence” of ay kind wouldn’t have any part in his response. Quick note, its not about just “watching” and “using”, there are ACTUAL
    exercises that must be done while viewing (and yes, being fit is
    obviously number 1).
    So, how do I know anything about this topic?
    My information comes from having worked peripherally in the “industry” (promotions and marketing). I am not going to go into details about the how, what, why, when, but be assured there are PLENTY of tricks and exercises that have been used by those in the industry to “keep it up” on camera (hence, my earlier Ron Jeremy comment). The bigger outfits actually paid medical researchers to put together “white papers” on processes and best practices for internal use, the same way Pro Sports teams do for their athletes (note these studies are OWNED by the companies that commissioned them and will NEVER be available to the public).
    The terms “skeptics” need to start searching for is “noninvasive”. That should cover the gamut of “real studies” that focused on the PHYSICAL aspects and not the MENTAL limitations.
    So, for those that don’t know “what” these tricks are and are not currently in the “know” about the private sector research going on, that’s not my problem.

    1. Skeptical. That’s the joke about body builders at the gym, no matter how many inches a weight lifter adds to the size of his bicep, he can’t increase the size of his cock.

      1. Read up on Aaron Krumer and his book Exercising the Penis. If I got the name wrong I’ll edit this post in a day with the correct name. The Kegel exercise and even the suggestion of relaxing your stomach muscles so the PC muscle is isolated is all detailed there.

      1. Actually I’ve seen that erect length can be increased, but it’s usually to do with the gradual stretching of the ligaments holding the penis that allow more of the inner shaft to be exposed. Usually it’s 1/2″ to 1″, but heck, if you’re 4″ and you can gain an extra 1″ that makes a difference, and if you’re 7″ you can now be in the “monster cock” area of the spectrum.

        1. Actually jelqing, Kegels, and stretching when the capillaries are heated, combine for a general penile workout and do work for growth. To get the gains to stay you just need to have more erections.

        2. Over 7″ and you have to be careful not to bruise her cervix. She won’t like it at all. Thickness (“diameter”) is way more beneficial.

        3. I agree, and that’s actually much easier to achieve. Any penis pump with a pumping regimen will increase 1/2″ of girth in most guys after 6 months. If you’re already 5″ that makes you 5 1/2″ girthy. But it takes time and dedication (and careful monitoring not to injure yourself)

  11. Did Yoga for a lot of years, and currently do a Taoist set of exercises. This is the very thing that they preach to maintain virility. It’s a basic thing you learn before sitting meditation and Kung Fu forms.

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