5 More Reasons I No Longer Date Black Women

When I wrote the prequel to this column a little over a year ago I predictably received my share of “fan mail” from angry sistas and their army of sexless simps. I was called a sellout, race traitor, and every other typical insult they could think of.

Being the ball busting bastard I am, I’ve decided to add another installment. This one will be a little different in that I’ll address some of the ringing endorsements I received from the so-called “black community” at large for my blasphemy.

5. They are not submissive

This one is a sub-category of their lack of femininity I touched on in the first article. The bottom line here is that they refuse to cater to their men (or maybe they just don’t know how) and get extremely huffy when there’s a hint of authority in your voice when giving them instructions.

A quick example: In my fledgling stages of implementing red pill game, I was on my way to pick up this chick I’d been seeing for a couple weeks. I called her up and said “Get dressed, I’m on my way.”

She responded by saying “Tch….you ain’t got to tell me like that. I’ll get dressed when I want to.” I was a little surprised at her response (remember, I was still a tadpole level player) but the more of them I dated the more of a pattern this seemed to become.

‘Strong black women’ don’t respond well to authoritative men

For whatever reason black women take exception to being told what to do. It’s as though it triggers an involuntary rebellious response that tells them to push back regardless of the circumstances. According to a couple of my buddies, this is one of the leading reasons fights start with them in the first place.

4. They “value” black men because we’re their only option

Coming to the realization she’ll attract very few men outside her race

Men with options aren’t about to be some woman’s backup plan. Black women are always complaining about black men on something or another. Among the most popular is “Black men don’t value us like we value them.”

Hypergamy knows no color or race. If white men, the men highest on the totem pole in terms of SMV, were to show more interest in black women, sisters would jump ship in a New York minute. All women aim to consolidate on the highest value male they can find, skin tone be damned.

Athlone McGinnis did a piece a while back on why black women love the TV show ScandalThe show’s main character, Olivia Pope, is a black woman who is a crisis management expert, specifically in the field of politics. She begins a torrid affair with the President, who is white, despite the fact that a high value black man, Edison Davis, is all but throwing himself at her.

Red pill aware black men don’t hate on stuff like this. We understand the game.

This comes as no surprise to the unplugged as we have a good working knowledge of a woman’s imperative. The truth is, if the President of that show were black and Edison white, Olivia would still be fucking the President. Women are attracted to the highest status males they have access to, regardless of race, and Pope is no exception.

Professional athletes like DeMarco Murray, Robert Griffin III, and Tiger Woods catch heat from black women for marrying or dating white women (or a woman who isn’t black). But where’s all their anger and outrage over celebrities like Stacey Dash, Halle Berry, or Zoe Saldana for marrying outside their race?

Where’s all the outrage?

It doesn’t exist because they understand that snagging the highest value male is part of the game. Unfortunately they don’t seem to want to acknowledge the pendulum swings both ways. At this point it’s safe to say that as far as black females are concerned, black men are a static “Plan B.”

3. They don’t give head

Ahhh, the elephant in the room. It’s common knowledge that when it comes to the task of a woman getting on her knees, black girls seem to be allergic to fellatio. Even in my beta days when I was fucking them left and right, I can only remember a few of them giving me head and that’s probably an overstatement.

Women know giving up the booty is easy. But a blowjob is the most submissive thing a she can do for a man. Being a “strong and independent black woman” doesn’t allow her relinquish that power to a man.

I’m fairly certain that if word got out that they’ve started following in the footsteps of their Hispanic, Asian, Indian, and :::gasp::: Caucasian sisters and started using their mouths to pleasure men, they’d probably start getting more attention for this reason alone.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m sure there are men out there who don’t mind not getting head from their women. But I’m not one of them, nor will I ever be.

2. They don’t know their place

Thanks to ridiculous television shows and Tyler Perry movies, black women seem to think they, not their men or husbands, should be the head of household. They honestly believe they should handle all the finances and make all the important decisions. If challenged, they retaliate with a loud rebuttal that is nothing short of condescending.

No need to wonder where his headache is coming from

A good friend of mine back east is a retired cop (I mentioned him around the mid point of this article) whose best friend and lifelong partner on the force is black. There was never a shortage of stories he’d tell us about his friend’s wife getting all up in arms when Harrison, his partner, made even the smallest purchase without her consent.

Obviously Harrison had neither the game, nor the respect to quell his wife’s behavior. But no matter how much game a man has, it’s a constant uphill battle dealing with a woman who believes it is her birthright to be in charge. Men with options simply aren’t going to deal with women who are bossy bitches. Period.

1. Their expectations are WAY too high

This dude better be rich or he’s gettin’ no play

The movie Something New coined a new acronym that quickly permeated the mindset of black females everywhere: I.B.M. or Ideal Black Man.

Basically, an “IBM” is tall, great looking, makes six figures, drives a luxury vehicle, lives in a penthouse in the city, and has washboard abs to boot. To be fair, most Western females have these expectations, but black women act more entitled to this mythical man than any other race.

It amazes me how women who act mannish, don’t know their roles as women, and don’t suck dick are the most outraged they don’t have dozens of Morris Chestnuts beating down their doors.

“Fan Mail”

I’m pretty sure there are a few black women reading this who are snarling at their screens right as well as a few black men pretending to be outraged (brothers, stop lying to yourselves….this is all true and you know it), just like there were after I posted the first installment.

To get your creative juices going and continue the “debate” (because surely attraction can be negotiated right?) I’ve decided to address the typical mud slinging that happens with columns like these:

“You hate yourself!”

Typical projection play. Black women hate themselves because they’re not preferred by the vast majority of men (and who can blame them) so they use the straw man “self hate” argument to deflect their pain.

They simply want to make themselves feel better about to fact that the men who used to want to fuck them are finding greener pastures with other breeds of female by telling us we ‘hate’ ourselves. Any man getting regular sex from females who aren’t masculine a live for going down on him is far from hating himself. I speak from personal experience.

“You can’t handle a strong black woman!”

Putting up with a bossy, mannish woman who wakes up with an attitude problem is something I don’t tolerate with any woman. You want to show me strength? Embrace true femininity, and then channel it. I’ll manhandle you all you want.

“How can you bad mouth black women when you were raised by one?”

Easy. As a man I have the ability to separate the truth from emotional and familial ties. Just because my mother is black doesn’t oblige me to ignore their flaws, worship or wife them up.

“The white girls regular black guys date are always fat and ugly!”

Yeah… keep telling yourselves that.

“Well as a black woman I would NEVER be with a man like you!”

Yes you would and you know it. But don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.

“You’re a disgrace to the black community! Race traitor! Sellout!”

No matter what black women say, or how many “educated” sisters write great sounding rebuttals to this article, or how many exceptions to the rule they point out, they cannot deny that in 2016 most black men would rather date women who aren’t black. They see and hear proof of this unshakable truth each and every day and it burns them up that it’s staring them right in the face. I can’t say I blame ’em for being pissed off about it.


This isn’t a preference of race or skin tone. It’s a preference for fit, beautiful, feminine women. Make no mistake about the fact that I’d beat the brakes off both Megan Good or Kerry Washington (the actress who plays Olivia Pope) if my status were high enough to bag either one of them, but I wouldn’t bang Amy Schumer or Melissa McCarthy. See how that works?

Paula Patton can get some too

If black women would stop watching Tyler Perry movies, reading Steve Harvey books, and feeling sorry for themselves for being born at a disadvantage in terms of male preference and actually do something about it, they’d be a lot happier.

As a black man, I know I’m not going to have as many opportunities as white guys but I didn’t sit around and cry about it. I hit the gym, learned game, and stacked my paper. That has proven to be a better option than bitching and whining about what girls should be attracted to. Sisters would do well to do the same, but I’m not holding my breath.

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725 thoughts on “5 More Reasons I No Longer Date Black Women”

  1. Donovan, I just had to RT this article. You are 100% SPOT ON with everything here. And with what I’ve been through, this only scratches the surface of the nightmare that is the American Black Woman. Let the hateful comments from black women and their simps commence!

    1. Tommy Sotomayor nails it regarding outrageous entitled black woman behavior, check his videos out, he is hilarious.

  2. Regardless of game, if there was one less black guy out there pumping and dumping white women (even if they deserved it for their slutty behavior) it would be preferable. White women need to be brought into submission from this “queens of the universe” sensation they all feel about themselves. Don’t you take a liking to Asian or Latin women too? Just curious, good article otherwise.

    1. It’s pretty disgusting. Despite being the lowest in marriageability (next to black women, I suppose) they think they are at the top of the totem pole.
      I think the reason they are the most fawned over is that most other races are, due to a bad diet and overpopulation, even lower in testosterone than whites are, and low testosterone breeds shallowness.
      I know because when I was a low T cuck with a bad diet, I used to idolise whites and hate women of my own race. Now the only interaction with white girls I have is porn or social media. As my T levels have risen and my health has improved, features of whites I used to find attractive have stopped being attractive to me, and nothing turns me on more now than a girl of my race.
      There is something biological about this white worship. It is true though, that women have fairer skin than men of their same background and race because of lower testosterone. Do whites have lower testosterone, and this is what has caused their civilisation to be so effeminate for so much longer than everyone else’s? (EDIT: Upon doing some research, I found some science which supports my view: http://anthropogeny.com/Evolution%20of%20Skin%20Color.htm ) And are low-T members of other races attracted to people of their similar T-level: low T whites?
      I have not done much research on this but as far as I know there have been few broad comparisons of T levels amongst the healthiest of each group, and then comparing the attraction levels of people according to testosterone levels.
      Finally, my attraction to black women has increased substantially as my health has improved. I think so many black men might be shunning black women because their T-levels have plummeted. Notwithstanding institutional factors like the law, and understanding that feminism and ‘strength’ is a shit test, it would seem that the black men of today are not the high-T guys they used to be. And thus they truly are incapable of handling black women, even if they are now brutish caricatures of the nicer black women of the past.
      Finally, I think no solution can ever be achieved with miscegeny. Black men should stick to their women and fix their society (it is their duty!) instead of interloping on other races’ women. As much as I respect the author, I must disagree with him on this point.

        1. I don’t want to fuck women for the sake of it. I want to marry a traditional girl of my race, instill in her the same kind of values that I have developed for myself, and have multiple children that I can do the same to. Every (black) man should want the same.

        1. I don’t think testosterone and intellect are postively related. In fact, they are more likely to be negatively related. Look at the average university professor or scientist. Almost universally, unhealthy, glasses wearing cucks.
          One could even argue that technologic progress at all costs is a sign of moral and spiritual weakness. This is indeed a frequent commentary of neoreactionaries.
          If you are an Alex Jones / antiglobalist type, you should be against the satanic belief in technological progress at all costs, which has been the defining feature of White society since the 1700s.

        2. Well seeing as you said you’re Indian your people have been the bitch boys of the middle east for awhile , I wouldn’t be spouting off about low t levels when your go to guy is ghandi.

        3. Do you have a point other than being butthurt? If you read my posts on the article about Chanakya/Kautilya by this website you will find rich, detailed posts by me about India’s shortcomings. Perhaps if you were interested in finding Truth, instead of being arrogant, your civilisation would not be in the cesspit that it s.

        4. I wouldn’t be spouting off about low t levels when your go to guy is ghandi.
          Suhhh-mack! That’s gonna leave a mark.

        5. Cesspit ? Exactly what has India brought to the table ? A horrible cast system ? Your best period occurred when you were ruled by a Persian ….

        6. Whenever I hear that kind of stuff, I hearken back to the shit filled streets of many places in India, and chuckle.
          Yeah, here I am sitting here in my centrally heated home tapping away on a computer, well fed and content, with the ability to travel anywhere on a moment’s notice, in the lap of luxury. What a cesspit.

        7. The caste system is the natural order of things. Before Western society gave up God and King, it too had the caste system. Everything since has been a slow and steady degeneration into the liberal paradise.
          Some people are born naturally better than others and they deserve to rule. Others are born naturally worse and they ought to follow. Real Men believe in aristocracy, not meritocracy. Meritocracy is what globalists use to justify mass immigration, feminism and cultural destruction. Once you accept that all men should be given a fair chance, it is not much further to accept that all women should be. And then all people of the world should be. Denying them isn’t fair, after all!
          Once you give up God, King and Aristocracy, the belief that that that all people are equal eventually follows. If people are rewarded according to how well they do – instead of who their parents are – then you end up with the logical conclusion that everyone can be – with enough incentive – equally performing. This has been the steady history of the West.

        8. Having “classes” like the aristocracy versus the blue collar groups is one thing. Having a caste system you are born into and have no control over is something entirely different.

        9. What has that added to your life? I would rather be poor, Godly and have a an obedient wife who respects and adores me than a fuckin computer, a belligerent cunt of a whore and all the worthless porn in the world. There are almost no women of my generation in the west who have a soul. Irresponsible technology => soullessness.
          Having said that, technology can be intelligently combined with spirituality to create a traditional society that does not degenerate. This is not what the West has done. Embrace the achievements of your people if you wish, but they have also given us smartphones, the birth control pill and mass oestrogen poisoning, feminism, communism, agricultural policies that have reduced the nutritional content of food and resulted in mass unhealthiness, etc. etc.

        10. No control over AND cannot transcend through merit. That’s what makes it so horrible. If I were born a commoner but could earn my way into the graces of the Aristocracy, as happened many times historically in the West, then no biggie. But not being able to ever advance? A nightmare.

        11. Life is not fair.
          And people were much happier on the whole before meritocracy because they knew that no matter how much they tried, they would only be at a certain level in society. They had a family, had an obedient wife, and had a master. Everyone had a master, even the King: God. There was no reason to be materialist because it meant nothing in the society. Meritocracy leads to the opposite: the only goal becomes soulless materialism, where your value as a human being is measured as your bank account.
          The caste system does not mean that the people at the bottom are worthless. Everyone is worth the same in the eyes of God. But it does mean that people have their place in life and leaving it should not be allowed because it causes instability, and eventual degeneration into the moneylender’s capitalist paradise.

        12. You’re not obliged to use any of the things you do not like, nor am I. That’s called choice, and is why there are still bastions of glorious wonder in the West, found nowhere else in the world.
          Come on here and start talking smack about my people and my civilization and you’re going to get smacked around. Low T? Dude, the entirety of your T levels wouldn’t amount to what I have in my index finger. Indians are the most low t, soft men on the planet. Kuthi please.

        13. I’m sorry but the Truth is the Truth. I don’t have any reason to hate Whites. I am simply being objective. And I think you are being butthurt by even referring to it as smacktalk. Indeed, you could read all of my posts in that Chanakya / Kautilya thread and agree with me. If I can be objective about the shortcomings of my own race, then you should be too.
          And we all know there is no choice. If you don’t embrace technology, you are left behind and you die. Already people without constant internet /telephone access / car access are at a disadvantage. Soon enough people won’t be able to get gainful work without human augmentations. Then we will truly approach the period of hellish technological control over people.
          Further, what you have pointed out is the responsible implementation of technology which perhaps 20% of men these days are capable of exercising enough self control to achieve. 99% of women are incapable of doing so. All it would take, for example, for the average women to reduce cancer from mobile phone radiation is to use facebook/instagram etc on the computer. But women are literally addicted to the mobile phone radiation and cannot bring themselves to stop. Even if they know it is bad for them, they cannot control themselves, without a Man’s guidance and reinforcement.
          Technology has not been implemented in a responsible way by the West that respects the Man’s ability to self-control and control others, in contrast to the Woman’s inability to do so. This is just one example of more recent various disastrous social and technological experiments the cuck leaders of the West have either forced on your population, or implemented with acceptance. Traditional Indians literally honour kill their sons and daughters to stop their society degenerating. Whatever you may say about the morality of it, the point is that they are brave enough to do such horrible things in defence of something precious: Tradition. Men in the west (e.g. in the UK) are not even allowed to shout at their wives without risking jail-time.

        14. I don’t think he understands meritocracy. The very examples he uses in the point are the types who hate the concept (globalists and feminists). Perhaps he means affirmative action?

        15. On the contrary, I think I understand it very well.
          As a simple example, you cannot both accept meritocracy and say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

        16. We have capitalism instead of a caste system , the ones with the ability to adapt and conquer rise to the top . Granted some are born with more opportunity that others the same can be said about the caste system . Also if your way of life is so great why do so many of your people immigrant here ? Hell, when I was in Chicago there was a whole ward dedicated to Indians , delicious food by the way .

        17. Certainly I can because:
          A) I know that no woman is ever superior to a man and therefore should never hold a man’s position in the work force. There are jobs more suited to women for them to do.
          B) “A woman’s place is in the kitchen” is more a cliche than anything used primarily by feminists as a half-ass argument as to why men are misogynists. In actuality it speaks to a belief that a woman’s more meaningful occupation is found in the home rearing children, keeping things orderly as a living space, and representing a hearth.
          C) A woman should only be in the kitchen if she can cook worth a damn (men are generally the best chefs too after all), otherwise she better only be in there to retrieve my beer and sandwich. See? Meritocracy.

        18. Most people die in the class they were born in. That is a harsh fact about life that even many of the regulars here can’t accept. Social mobility isn’t a myth as such but there are limits to how much one can achieve in most cases.
          A German friend of mine once said that in his country people accept their place and adjust their expectations accordingly, whereas he believes that in countries like the U.S.A and Australia people are miserable because they don’t generally achieve the pie-in-the-sky dream of material nirvana that they thought was attainable.
          There is some insight there, even if it’s not the whole story.

        19. Achievement and testosterone are largely related.
          Testosterone drives men to challenge the world and each other which in turn produces more testosterone.
          Just look at Europe’s achievement and war-riddled past. Your people on the other hand still stick to your caste system in feminine complacency.
          Also, do you know that whites hold any strenght records in ever?
          Strength and deadlifts are also very related to testosterone.

        20. They are weak and materialist. But many people are these days.
          If you look at the genetic bloodlines of most people, you’ll find that the richest today are usually more descended from the aristocrats of the past than any other group. Aristocracy is in the nature of people.
          I think the biggest difference between capitalism and aristocracy is that capitalism has replaced God with Money.
          Donald Trump behaves like an aristocrat – he is relatively brave, he is a builder, he gives a lot to charity and does not value money over his Soul. George Soros – a financier – is not an aristocrat – he is a coward, gives to agitator organisations and does not recognise God. Therefore he most likely does not have a soul.
          The difference between the two should illustrate what I mean about aristocracy and meritocracy. An aristocrat is a rich person who deserves to be rich by the virtue of his actions. A meritocrat is someone who has become rich at any cost and has no values other than his own self interest. Most people today become rich by being ruthless, not by being virtuous. Aristocracy rewards virtue, not ruthlessness. For example, old English kings and noblemen leading their soldiers in wars. Noblesse Oblige.
          The beauty of the caste system of traditional societies is that the aristocrats are trained in virtue and understand it’s importance. In the West, you find very few rich people like Donald Trump who understand virtue. This is because they are “merchants” not “aristocrats.” Mostly being atheist, they know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

        21. A) That is not true. The Top 20% of women – the middle class women – the daughters of the erstwhile aristocracy and burghers – are better than the bottom 80% of guys. They are not better than the top 20% of men, but they are better than the bottom 80%. Feminism is the license of them to leave the home and replace the next 20% of guys. Then those 20% of guys replace the lower down 20%, and so on, until you get a steady 20% baseline male unemployment rate, not even counting the other women who joined the workforce.
          B) Then you agree with me: meaning matters, meritocracy doesn’t. A peasant has a much more meaningful life farming his plot of land, worshipping God and respecting his Master, than he does slaving away in a city with a 5% chance of richness, with no wife, no heir, at best some illegitimate bastards who he cannot raise.
          C) I disagree. I cook a million times better than most women, like you probably do. But I hate doing it. It gives me no happiness. Every girl I’ve been with has loved cooking for me. Watching me eat their food makes them happy. I can’t even remember what any of those girls eating looked like.
          My point is that, 95% of the time, being able to transcend one’s social limitations is pointless because it does not happen, and it is not worth an unstable society full of bastardy and atheism to allow it to happen. I am so strong in my view of the binary choice because the West pursued “a little bit more meritocracy” continuously until it became the capitalist hell without social relations and God that it is. So I think that, in the long term, a little bit of meritocracy inevitably leads to total meritocracy. This has been the trend of every society that has tried it.

        22. Except for the 1% of the 1%, class mobility is alive and well in the States. It’s not even hard to succeed, Christ, things are almost handed to you if you just exert some effort into doing better. This is the comfortable, easy life available anywhere.

        23. Then how come the blacks are the worst achievers? They have the highest testosterone levels. How come the Chinese and Japanese – the lowest testosterone people – were historically, or are presently, more advanced than everyone else?
          The caste system takes an immense amount of masculine pressure to maintain, in face of government intervention and international pressure to eradicate it. You can read all the breitbart news about honour killings, various beatings etc to see that in action, as gruesome as it is.

        24. Yes but you are most likely an aristocrat of the soul. Most people are not capable of insight or critical thinking to your extent, or in fact to any extent. Most people have such poor genetic descendance and diet that they have no idea how to think, let alone what to think. Is it worth the chaos that ensues by giving the 80% of people at the bottom – who are incapable of reasonably organising their own lives – freedom to do so, so that the 5% of the bottom 80% who are capable of being aristocrats have a chance to rise?

        25. Testosterone and high intellect combined is what does it. It’s why European society rocketed upwards, out of creativity, which is an artifact of intelligence, combined with high T and drive that erased listlessness and the desire to just go along to get along.

        26. If it comes to the super wealthy , yes most of the inherit it and are taught how the manage the lineage but there are exceptions to this rule as with everything . The problem with America started when it became a super power and super cities began to develop , you might even be able to go back to the 30s during prohibition . But the problems America has are the same Rome and other great civilizations had , Idle hands are the devils play thing . without any real struggles people will replace real , viable , outlets (religion , art , philosophy) with shallow and materialistic ones (drugs , weird fetishes, and so on ) to fill the void that idleness has created. It’s instant gratification versus delayed contentment . As for trump , I like what he says , but just like any business man or politican I don’t trust him . The only thing both are good at is telling you what you want to hear , they are simply selling themselves to you . I’d much rather a general of considerable merit lead America .

        27. I am not sure, because Christian egalitarianism, protestantism, egalitarianism, feminism, communism all started in the West. These are all effeminate belief systems. I would argue that the Roman Gods were worth following, but the forgiving Christian God is not so. Regardless, in the 17th and 18th centuries, the West gave up even the Christian God so that it could pursue “Reason,” but most of this reason was heretical and spiritually self-destructive.
          I am just not convinced that unrestricted technological progress has been worth the human, social and spiritual cost. Perhaps that is where our disagreement lies. It seems to me that technology has become – or was to start with – a crutch in non-weapon related areas, especially in health.

        28. Men from northern Europe are the strongest in the world…Poland, Germany, Scandanavia (sorry Greeks!)

        29. Christianity is patriarchal, and only egalitarian in the sense that all will come before God to be judged. The Bible has many tales of lessers deferring to betters. Socialist egalitarianism, sure, communism, sure. They didn’t start out effeminate, their original adherents were quite brutal and violent and concerned almost to obsession with blue collar workers and little else.
          I am just not convinced that unrestricted technological progress has been worth the human, social and spiritual cost. Perhaps that is where our disagreement lies. It seems to me that technology has become – or was to start with – a crutch in non-weapon related areas, especially in health.
          A discussion could be had to debate that, it’s not without merit.

        30. Yep. You don’t get that with low T.
          I’m on the wrong side of 45 and can still bench 400. My son, 19, does as well and I suspect will do much better in years to come (insofar as it can be pushed to a maximum). Scottish-English. Not quite what you’d call low T.

        31. 400? One time max or a set? Impressive either way. I dont remember the Scots being on the list- I assume we have some danish and norwegian blood?

        32. A) Forgot you said you were Indian, that’s so much blue pill mentality right there, you’ll never be truly free.
          B) Sure. If you want to kneel at the feet of a King so badly, I invite you to be my houseboy. I’ll even let some fat bitches laze about the pool so you can fan them with a frond, just don’t prescribe it for me.
          C) We may have a language barrier thing going here, like you said, you had a poor diet and it cost you. Truth is, you either chose to eat bad food or you have since agreed with me in that you are eating well-made food (recall I said if she can cook worth a damn then she can be in the kitchen cooking).
          Ultimately I reject your point and its origin as the systematic indoctrination of the peasant to not buck his lot in life and instead be a good little defeatist minion. You’ve even made a merit-based argument for aristocracy i.e.: “the best suited should fill the role of leadership”. Good day.

        33. The patriarchicalness of it is less consequential, I think, than the logical ends of the belief system.
          I argue that Christianity itself is heretical for 4 main reasons: 1) the idea that one can repent before death and be forgiven 2) doing good works in life can grant one a place in heaven 3) there is virtue in pacifism, 4) missionaryism.
          1) If you compare the Old Testament God, he is merciless in punishment. He destroys entire cities of sinners. There is no repentance. This is in line with the fury of the gods of the Roman, Greek, Hindu etc. pantheons. Reversing this creates the most basic type of heresy: do whatever you want until just before you die and “realise your mistake.” The Hindu/Indo-European caste system says that those who transcend into the Creator and our Ancestors are those who do our DUTY throughout our lives. This is the spirit behind the movie Gladiator and Marcus Aurelius, for example.
          2) The idea of doing “good works” contrasts strongly with doing “one’s duty.” Sometimes what is “good” is the total opposite of one’s duty. The duty of a soldier, a kshatriya, is to destroy totally one’s enemy. This means really horrible things. It is not good or merciful. But Hinduism’s ancient texts, and those that remain of the Roman and Greek pagan pantheons, make the justification very clear: destroy your enemy totally, because not doing so is actually the least good thing to do in the long term – it will fester the conflict until it erupts again, leading to even more bloodshed.
          Christianity talks about self-defence. It does not talk about total victory, like the Jewish God, or the Indo-Aryan gods.
          The logical consequence of good works is that eventually doing good eventually becomes SJWism. Indeed Christianity is in this respect the first SJW religion.
          3) Pacifism is a mental illness and the portions of the New Testament that promote it are Chirstianity’s biggest weakness. Turning the other cheek => Muslims conquered all of the Holy Land, the Levant, Iraq, Asia Minor, Egypt and North Africa. It seems to me inconcievable that the pagan Romans would have been so thoroughly defeated by petty tribesmen, but Christian Byzantium, despite having Europe’s greatest richest, and lying on its most valuable trade route, managed it.
          4) Missionary zeal is also a SJW belief. The idea that others a) need to be saved and b) it is the believer’s duty to save them is at the heart of the SJW belief system.
          These 4 cores of christianity have led to socialism and communism because, by their nature, they promote values which auto-degenerate through the force of their logical conclusions (e.g. good works => charity for the poor => emancipating the poor => socialism for the poor men => socialism for the poor women => breakup of the family => oppression of men).
          A nice video on this subject is by Aurini here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hegXAo8IdUs
          In light of this, and in light of some of the science I quoted above, I hope that you better understand my view that Westerners may have a lower testosterone level than more traditional groups. As an example, my dad, he’s 58 and he can bench 300 or so, and he’s Indian. He has never gone to the gym obsessively, but he was in the Navy for 20+ years. I think you are mistakenly comparing poor Indians with middle class Americans. Most Indians are poor and have bad diets and most Americans are middle class and have access to (even if they choose to avoid) much better diets, but when you compare a non-cuck middle class Indian with a good diet to a non-cuck middle class American with a good diet, there is not much difference.
          Further, there are different ways in which testosterone is generated for humans. Firstly, genetically. Secondly, through exercise. Thirdly, through diet. Indians generally do not eat enough testosterone creating food, whereas Americans eat a decent amount of testosterone creating foods and a huge amount of oestrogen in their foods.
          Thus Indians having a higher genetic testosterone level should not be incompatible with Whites having more testosterone (along with more oestrogen) in general. More testosterone can happen at the same time as more oestrogen, creating the kind of guys who are big and beefy but extremely cucked. It may well be that the relative lack of industrial and oestrogen pollution in India means that Men still have balls, even if their diets are not sufficient to be strong, in general.
          Having said all this, here is an article which supports my view regarding skin tone and testosterone levels:

        34. Set of 6 reps, done at the top load of the weights. I progressively load up a bit to warm up.
          Scots are Irish (Gaels), mixed with Picts (presumably Celtic) and Vikings, basically.

        35. The problem with that mentality is that the “aristocrats” use it as an excuse to step on the “plebes” unfairly. Hence why that system will never be fair.

        36. I don’t disagree. Industrialisation and the implementation of industrial agriculture was a disaster for most people. Food today in the West contains 1/2 to 1/10th of the nutrients that it did in the 1930s. In general, population growth and resource excess creates decadence.
          But I am thinking back to further back time period, that of Charlemagne’s rule. If we compare Europe at period when religiosity was very high, Charlemagne’s era, and a period when religiosity was high in the Muslim, and Hindu worlds, the following example would be inconcievable in the latter two cases:
          Charlemagne’s daughters were sluts and had many illegitimate children, never getting married. This was at the height of k-selection, or a society where people are not decadent, and are instead warriors. Charlemagne, the manliest guy in Europe, played with his bastard grandchildren instead of disciplining his daughters.
          The ancient Muslim and Hindu empires at the height of their self-discipline never ever practiced anything like this. Stories of ill-disciplined European women being sent off to monasteries to repent are commonplace. They are comparatively very rare in historical Hindu or Muslim culture.
          This is what I mean by effeminacy. I do not doubt that the west had considerable achievements – but the willingness of society to let people behave in a laissez-faire way, or immorally, has been part of Western culture for a very long time, and in my view, it has had very negative consequences for the social fabric. Most people who are not Western immediately understand what I am talking about – indeed, the degeneracy of Western society is a truism amongst us, and I think amongst readers of this site, also. But I do not think they understand for how long the degeneracy has been there.

        37. You could not PAY me enough to visit the shithole that is India. You can have it, thanks!

        38. It is a nation that I have no need whatsoever to set foot in. I’d rather tour communist China, than go to India. And I hate commies.

        39. Yeah, I am calling bullshit on the whole “Caste system is good and God’s will” also…Bullshit!

        40. I think you need to read more about and meet more Christians. You demonstrate a lack of understanding about exactly how Alpha Christianity is…

        41. A) Ancient Hinduism – like the historical Indo-Aryan religion of Westerners, Iranians, etc, is the most Red-Pill religion there is. Examples:
          1) In war, kill all of your enemies so that there is no future conflict.
          2) Better to do your caste duty badly than another’s well (aristocracy vs liberalism and meritocracy)
          3) Man can have concubines who have inheritance rights, behind the main wife.
          4) Original pantheon of gods like Greek and Roman religions.
          5) Specifically tailored diets for each caste to optimise their performance. I.e. a recognition of biology in human behaviour
          6) Nationalism
          Modern India is the result of 150 years of feminist British rule.
          B) No thanks. I am from the Kshatriya caste and have a top lineage. You are probably the descendant of a criminal who was expelled to the colonies. ;D
          C) ?? We are talking about meritocracy. A woman’s place is in the Kitchen BECAUSE GOD SAID SO, and GOD WANTED IT, and for no other reason. Her performance is irrelevant.
          Everything is indoctrination. The truth is that in aristocratic societies, people are guaranteed their place in life and their place in front of God. There is no constant competition with one’s neighbours and friends, but a harmonious society of duty and Faith. Free-market capitalism is the antithesis of a truly religious society because people are not built to compete with their neighbours and friends, but instead cooperatively compete in groups against others. The Japanese zaibatsu have incorporated this in their business practices, creating companies that treat their workers like a family, with strong job security, good pay etc. Japan is one of the few modern societies which has managed to hold onto the spirit of its ancient traditions relatively well.
          Free-market capitalism (meritocracy) dehumanises and atomises, while an aristocracy-based society brings groups of people together as a community and creates bonds that foster spiritual growth and productive success, too. Yes, there’s a boss, and he will always be your boss. But because he owns you, he cares about you. Like a father owns a son, or a man owns a woman. Ownership in this context is not slavery! It is the spiritual parentage and protection of one’s lessers
          As for merit, I argued that it is not worth it for society to allow meritocracy, because of the bottom 80% of people, only 5% or so are suited to be aristocrats, and their rise can only be seemingly allowed by breaking Traditional bonds and the Old Order, leading to the kind of modern chaos (feminism, egalitarianism, socialism) that exists today.
          In THEORY it would be NICE if the best suited should fill the role of leadership. But in Practice, loosening the reigns on society results in social chaos, the outcome of which is that neither do we get the best suited filling the leadership roles (because the aristocrats are replaced with the greedy and self interested merchants), NOR do we get real meritocracy, because rather than the virtuous 5% of the bottom who are capable of being aristocrats rising to the top, the most ruthless and greedy instead rise to the top.
          So instead of society being ruled by the virtuous nobles who lead their men into battle and donate lots of money for charity etc, we get the greedy and soulless people who want to eliminate all work with automation, pay people as little as possible, corrupt governments to launch endless wars that benefit them financially etc.

        42. I am giving you an “upvote” solely for your plucky humorous response in B). I like some wily spirit in my houseboys. 🙂
          The rest of that just wasted both our time. It’s not even that I disagree with all you say (God for instance), but I will never agree on aristocracy or caste systems so no need to keep pressing it.

        43. I have met many. I spent a while studying Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism and came to the conclusion that Hinduism is the closest to the Indo-European people’s original Ancestor faith.
          I hope that you research ancient Hinduism. It is the only religion that the Indo-Europeans (the racial group which spread out from the caucuses from India to Europe) used to follow which still survives. It is as close to the original religion of Our People as you will find. This is despite India being occupied by the 2 strongest Empires of their time in History, the Muslim and British. These alone should attest to the strength of the truths of Hindu philosophy.
          Most readers of this site would agree with the statement that, in the long term, reality always wins, because arguing for reality is free, whereas arguing for a lie is expensive. In other words, reality is natural and lies require force, whether this force takes the form of self-delusion or institutionalised lies (like feminism.)
          If you agree with that, then it should be easy to understand why Hinduism, unlike Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, has survived despite massive invasions. Wherever Christians took over non-Hindus, the local religion disappeared, including when they took over Muslims (Iberia). Whenever Muslims took over non-Hindus, the local religion disappeared, including Iran, the Holy Land, and Egypt. Whenever anyone took over Buddhists, the Buddhists disappeared.
          But Hinduism survives, because it is closer to the Truth than any other modern religion. If you read up the ancient Roman or Greek religion, you will find that it is very similar to Hinduism. In doing so, you may find yourself better connected with your own pre-Christian heritage.

        44. You blame the west like the middle east doesn’t have problems of their own . You stone your whores but have rampant pedophilia

        45. I don’t blame the West. I am just discussing reality. I am happy to accept India’s flaws.
          Also, I’m not from the Middle East. Traditional India both has no paedophilia, nor does it allow immoral behaviour. We don’t generally stone or kill our daughters. We are just very strict with them and raise them well. The good fathers of us, anyway. Fewer and fewer.

        46. I have a friend who’s father is a FOB Indian . Knocked up his mom and spilt , only hears from him once every 5 years. His reason ? He was raped as a teen growing up , also said it was quite common place . Also you used charlamenge as your only example of western decadence .I’m not German

        47. Blacks probably have higher t values because the majority still grow up in rougher neighborhoods so it’s a requirement to help them survive . I’m sure if you compared an black male who grew up in Harlem versus a white male who grew in the mountains the levels would be the same .

        48. That’s a good breakdown of the caste ststem. Dr David Duke visited India when he was 20 or 21 (before he was a ‘doctor’) and he wrote a piece on his experience. At 20 or so, he was most likely without game so he was awed at the Taj Mahal but most ROK’ers would balk that anyone could pedestalize a woman to that extent. Still his takes on the caste system are right on the money. His ‘part 1 piece’:

        49. Heh, must have overlooked your comment somehow.
          First, there are a lot of factors that are needed for achievement. The Chinese for one got into a huge nation state early on. Given time they perfected their crafts and slowly invented new technologies.
          Europe on the other hand is the most splintered up nation state even today. We have achieved all our success by competition among ourselves. As soon as we got into bigger nation states we quickly and easily overcame china and within 200 years conquered the world.
          “gruesome” Cruelty does not equal testosterone it is only a byproduct at times. But tell me, honestly, what sounds like more testosterone? A bunch of tribes murdering each other, day in day out, in the most gruesome ways or some people that were actually able to maintain a huge and orderly nation state even early on?

        50. I don’t really think this is a subjective issue. Lighter skin colour is associated with lower testosterone. If anything, the desire for technology can be explained as being unable to compete or survive without it.
          Furthermore, if you look at the diets of most westerners, and the actual falling testosterone levels, it should be no surprise that whites are in the situation they are in today. Whatever was the case in the past, whites today are by far the lowest testosterone and softest group around. Whether they have access to protein or better diets is another matter. Although it is also true that technological advancement and wealth create softness in and of themselves through r-selection (free resources).

        51. What?
          We couldn’t survive without technology? You don’t know jackshit about Europe’s history do you? Weren’t you the one to say so quickly that China was first with civilization, hinting at Europe lacking behind and in reverse surviving without technology?
          “Lighter skin colour is associated with lower testosterone.”
          What unfounded crap.
          Here’s something more founded:

        52. No I wasn’t. Again, the Chinese are weak and small. Thus they favour intelligence and tools (technology), rather than say blacks who are physically stronger and better instinctual fighters, and hence are able to master their environment with much less technology.
          Ok, you’ve done five minutes of research after getting your feelings hurt, similar to every white who’s responded to this thread. I don’t have anything for or against whites, but this is pathetic. The idea that whites can follow evolutionary processes (e.g. Lower testosterone necessitating a greater push for technology to compensate for an evolutionary weakness) seems remarkable to you, in the face of all common sense. Are people who visit this site in favour of the truth and reality based growth, or self affirmation?
          Kindly read my other posts in this conservation thread (especially in response to GhostofJefferson). I believe they adequately answer your point, and explain how current testosterone levels are no blank slate in any population. Further you may want to research how diets today are quite sparse, how testosterone levels have been falling, as well as the link I posted above regarding testosterone and skin colour.

        53. Yes, but tondonall that stuff you have tomhave an alphabet, numbers, and an understanding of what it means to be civilized.
          Where did Whites get those things from ?

        54. Yes, but that dream is important. It has created the biggest baddest society that there has ever been and fueld.technological marvel because people strive every day to.better themselves

        55. Then how come the blacks are the worst achievers?
          You dont watch the Olympics, NBA, NFL, MLB, boxing, music,
          Do you ?

        56. Numbers and math developed around the world (Mayans , babloyians , Arabs ) simultaneously

        57. Yeah, go and ditch the facts.
          Question: Who pushed for technology first? The indians or the europeans?
          You are just pathetic. People that live under a system that largely resembles china cannot have much testosterone.
          Do you know what other physical attribute also resembles china that is also linked to testosterone?
          You are just a troll, aren’t you?

        58. I’ve been to India, it is a cesspool. Indian women can be beautiful but Indian men are ugly as sin.

      1. I have to say, I haven’t had a better laugh reading a comment thread in a while. Keep it up, gentlemen.

      2. Interesting. As a white nationalist I have no hatred towards other races, and I completely agree with your analysis. There is no stronger pull than a woman of your own race after your own mother, its instinctual. Those with miscegenation in their past may find it difficult and to some degree we may all have a bit of mixed in us, but not the way the Jews want us to mix nowadays. We can all coexist, but not in proximity. Every race needs to have their own place to call home.
        I will only have sexual relations or dating interests with a woman of mediterranean background, like my own. We must stick to our own kind. Rebuild our civilization out of this social justice mess we are currently treading in.
        Have you discussed this with other men of your own race? You know, to wake them up a little bit to what’s really going on.

        1. Most men of my race outside of the villages are very very cucked. If one goes to the village one will find religious conservatism fighting like hell to survive, but in the cities, there is very little tradition remaining. These city men will worship white women and end up marrying disgusting slobs who are far beneath them.
          I mostly come into contact with city-men. Like city-men of the west, they are wastes and barely worth the oxygen they breathe. Men who are two generations above me sympathise with me and those from the villages whoreheartedly agree, but there are fewer and fewer such men.
          India will follow the same path as the west: overpopulation, urbanisation, dietary collapse and hence societal collapse. The question is, like in the West, to what extent remnants of native civilisation will remain to defend against the growing Muslim minority.

    2. You are right but its not up to the men fucking your white women to stop, its up to the white men to take responsibility for their own behaviours and manning up

        1. Well played. But she is already with a celebrity seed. Not a bad option if you want to settle down with someone with disposable income. Heh.

  3. African women are 10x worse and black women who went to private college are 4000x worse.

  4. Oh Donovan. There he goes again smashing heads with The Hammer Of Truth. The fan mail avalanche is coming.

    1. I love chimera. The Abyssinian-Jordan. Only cat with a lethal crossover dribble

      1. Don’t forget it’s even meaner cat calling treatment to a certain cat, Senior Pippen. Made sure that pussy always passed the ball.

        1. I cant watch b ball anymore, non stop palming, travelling, and discontinued dribbling….Jordan and Pippen would destroy these guys

  5. Please please please stop with the super degenerate, nakedly racist, and backwards articles on this site.

    1. What is racist about this article ? He hasn’t said anything that wasn’t said in “why you should date a Filipino woman ” or “why you shouldn’t date a Muslim woman “

      1. Oh no, write anything about blacks and its automatically rascist…whatever…

    2. He actually specifies toward the end that he’s only talking the stereotypical kind if black woman, though he could have included that in the title. I’m thinking he left the title like that for shock value and the clicks it would ensue. Still, while you have a bit of a point, read the article before commenting.

      1. Don’t be a retard. Just because you are black doesn’t mean you still cant be a racist.

    3. He’s black. Even if he were white, what he wrote would not be racist. It’s not about skin color, it’s about his observed data with black women. Saying “It’s rayyyyciiiisssss” no longer is effective on a lot of men. Try harder, toots.

  6. I smashed an absolutely stunning n****r princess a few years back. And i’m pretty damn sure I had some of the best head of my life.

  7. Truly excellent article donovan. You hit the nail right on the head. Well done. There are, of course, exceptions but it would seem to me that you got the rule just right.
    I will say, however, that Northern African women, the ones from countries that were civilized by the french, tend to be very feminine and don’t conform to these rules.

  8. Spot on as always Donovan Sharpe. It’s a list that any self respecting man won’t tolerate from any woman regardless of race.

  9. “…they cannot deny that in 216 most black men would rather date women who aren’t black.”
    A black friend of mine (deceased) who used to be a police officer told me once of his road trip from Texas to NYC with his white girlfriend at the time. He told me he was shocked about the open hostility. “Rednecks?” I asked. “No. From the black women. One waitress practically threw the food at me instead of putting it on the table. And the audible insults pumped up to make sure you heard them from a distance.”
    On the flip side, you don’t want hear what russian women were saying about Vladimir Doronin when he was banging Naomi Campbell.

    1. It all boils down to jealousy over the competition. The second they start hating about not sticking to your own race pushes their insecurities to the front for all to see, they’ve just never been called out on it.

      1. Race is just one reason. Women seem to have an uncontrollable jealousy of one another over almost anything; even their “friends”.
        One time my wife and her friends were trashing an attractive “friend” of theirs behind her back and I said something along the lines, “Your friend is very attractive and it’s glaringly obvious you are all just jealous of her. It’s embarrassingly petty.” They didn’t object, but they did shut up about it.

        1. I’ve noticed that as well. While not the cream of the crop myself, I’ve spotted women giving my wife the evil eye in stores. It’s quite laughable when you’re out of the rat race.

    2. Both, African American and Russian women are hella agresive.
      The stronger the men the more feminine the women…..or rather a loss of own tribe masculinity(Scandinavia).

    3. I went on one date with a black girl in NYC. I made the mistake of picking her up in her neighborhood in the daytime. As we walked down the street I could not BELIEVE nor EXPECT the rascist comments and catcalls directed at us. For self-preservation reasons I never saw her again.

      1. You both should have known better. I had a similiar experience, but it was not as confrontational as yours. Quite a few brothers threw some stares are away (looked constipated), but never said or did anything. We parted after a few weeks on good terms, but I found out later she was catching a ton of shit from the sisters.

      2. I dated a black girl in Los Angeles and had the opposite experience. Nobody cared. Not one person, in six months, made a single comment. That’s LA for you.

  10. I really have no dating experience with black women. Like most people in the U.S. I have frequent exposure to them, and on the superficial level most of them who are not butt ugly or fat seem like women I wouldn’t want to even try to snag because of, well, the projected loud noise and frequently observed angry attitude. There have been exceptions, but they’re so bright and clear that I can name them both and list the reasons why they stood out. Reasons being a) feminine b) skinny c) polite and submissive acting.

    1. Plenty of atractive black women in Paris I noticed of late. The difference between there and the the US is pretty stark.

        1. Former French colonies. Most of them are there for work, but they take care of themselves. Maybe because it’s Paris or even France, but femininity is a social issue and the women themselves provide the pressure.

        2. Oh right, in general French women are feminine. I’ve always enjoyed my visits to France, for that reason.

        3. G.O.J, let me know where you have found feminine French women. They are scarce those days

        4. Heh, well, they seemed to be all over London when I was there last, figure…eh…2009 or so? My son was particularly enamored with a young willowy blonde with the clearest most rare light blue eyes that I’ve ever seen. She was our waitress, and French. We came across a lot of them in London for some reason.
          Paris always seemed to have feminine women. Tourists maybe? Dunno, but I can find the same kind of demur beauty when I go to Montreal, who are presumably of the same stock.

        5. Me thinks finding a traditional French woman would be more scarce. It’s a tough market for men there.

        6. I see what you mean. I am not saying that we never had pretty women but their awful character often spoils their beauty. Was in London around the same time and in any random venue, the prettiest were always the EE girls.
          Have seen some interesting specimen in Paris but they think about their value as being over the moon and only target 18 something upper class “balais à chiottes” (“toilet brushes”, referring to their muscular frame), that treat them to the highest number of champagne bottles in name-dropping clubs before slinging the poon.

      1. I’ve heard there’s a big difference in behavior between American black women and European black women. I can’t tell you from experience. Both times I’ve been to Europe I don’t think I saw any.

        1. One of the issues I have with black women, in addition to all of what’s in the article, presumably, were I to date one, is that I’m white in the USA and they’re black. I am automatically The Oppressor and I get The Look from them. It’s the “I hate you, your family, and your race because of what they did to mine, but you deserve it so it’s not racist.” It’s a real barrier.
          Now, once I make friends with them, and become more than just another white person, it’s ok. Also, the Africans, as in “from Africa” I have met have not had that attitude, and I get along great with them.
          However, since I am not attracted to any but the hottest of black women (or Asians, or Hispanics) it won’t ever be an issue for me.

        2. Local culture has it’s influence. I think the whole race obsession in the US, which is contrived and perpetuated for political and personal gains, makes it difficult to even compare.

        3. To be fair, black women date outside of race but usually marry black men. The propaganda aspect is very strong in America because there are two running counter; you as a white male being a part of the oppressive class that will stigmatize her and her of the persecuted class that is equally stigmatizes as social proof of status.

        4. Black men are twice as likely to marry outside their race as black women. And that is with a huge shortage of marriageable black men. This is why 70% of black women are not married.

        5. In Europe there’s almost not black people (we have millions of Muslims though). It’s possible that black people in Europe get more integrated in European culture since there’s no parallel black society here. In US, on the contrary, you have a black society with their own rules, rules that are not american.
          I use to say: anyone can get integrated as long as it’s a small population and they live and grow surrounded by European people. And that’s why black people in US never really integrated, and that’s why Muslim people in Europe are never going to integrate.

        6. The educational, political, and cultural systems here certainly ingrain hatred into blacks. It’s very counter productive for everyone, especially blacks.
          It’s a shame about your Muslim infestation in Europe. Seems like many beautiful countries there are slowly being ruined in the name of tolerance.

        7. i once worked in an office where the call center was 75% staffed by black women. almost all of them were loud and obese, and had several children by several different men. they would complain loudly about how they couldn’t find a good man (and shamelessly sexually harras me when i had to go in there). the one exception was thin, feminine, and soft spoken. i’d sometimes run into her in the gym and she was always pleasant and smiled and said hi. not surprisingly, she was happily married to the father of her children.

        8. Yes. Marriage is for people that want a family. Unfortunately the family isn’t valued here.

        9. The very reason it is shit in America is feminist programming that was forced down the throat of black women, through hook and crook, and promulgated off the lies of white culture. Now to avoid becoming a statistic, black women do everything but couple well, hoping to find their white knight.

        10. My advice to other bm is to “marry” or date a woman outside their race. Bw have zero respect for bm. Especially if he’s in a position of power. Don’t worry, the same lies are being told to women of other races. It just has a greater effect of bw (and ww). Plenty of white knights will be waiting to save them.

        11. I am very grateful of having a legit third option of dating women from my country of origin, but black women in America? If I had to call my woman a queen or hear her say she is a strong and independent black woman once a week, she can take her strong and independent self out of my sphere because I want a woman, not a caricature. It is much easier to date women outside of your race who aren’t white as the propaganda is fierce and mainly from the white knights. Outside of that if you are going to date American, African American are some of the worst.

        12. I remember a comment I read from a black guy talking about that. He was the typical nerd and because of that he used to be rejected by black people. He wrote about how he used to talk with his grandpa about how black people were decades ago: more responsible, more work-focused. Welfare spoiled them and he was very aware that there was no way back from it.
          It gave me food for thoughts.

        13. if by “here” you mean the US, i basically agree. i got divorced about ten years ago, gradually discovered the red pill, and consigned myself to never marrying again or having children. then i ended up working in latin america for a few years and met a unicorn down there. we’re expecting our first baby now and things are great. i got lucky though. i would also advise most men against marriage.

        14. central america. that’s as specific as i’ll get since i’m currently working the US and don’t want to risk someone identifying me. i’ve been to most central american countries, and they’re all good for unicorn hunting, especially if you’re ok with a conservative catholic lifestyle.

        15. I grew up in a mixed community which by the time I graduated HS was 50% black. (started at ~10% when I started school, and yes some were my childhood friends) I lived in a middle class black neighborhood when I was in graduate school. (I got the nicest place for my money)
          Somewhere along the way I picked up some body language that says I’m ok to talk to. Black people can pick me out of the crowd of white people as the one they can approach. And I’m not that approachable, it’s not part of my nature.
          Whatever that signal is, you’re probably missing it so there has to be a vetting process, just like with any other social group.

        16. Welfare is designed to destroy people. It’s been a weapon of ruling elites for thousands of years. It was honed and racially/ethnically focused in the USA until relatively recently when the attack has spread to all that aren’t the elite.
          The ruling class needs to separate people to rule them. Through racially focused welfare they can foster division by creating many negative behaviors in the targeted group.

        17. Well in Europe, we don’t identify as black people because it doesn’t mean anything. There are nigerians, cameroonians and so on. There is still communities though but among people of the same country.
          As for integration, I don’t believe in it. People do not get integrated, they just cope with living and interacting with a foreign society. African european just do it better I guess.

        18. Wow , just wow… I know plenty of black women that respect and adore black men. I have to wonder what, class of women you guys are exposed to.

        19. No it would not. If you have common sense you would know that. Unless I say all, I don’t mean all.

        20. I think you have it backwards.
          Racism is ingrained in Whites.
          And Blacks respond.

        21. literally almost every white person I know bends over backwards to be not racist. granted I live in a “progressive” city, but as a white person, I can’t tell you how much shaming and indoctrination is put upon us through educational and social systems. Sure, there are racist whites, but they are a small minority and ostracized from society.
          The worst thing that you can be accused of as a white person in 2016, above murderer or rapist, is a racist. I know you won’t be swayed, but I don’t blame you. It’s been hammered into your psyche since the day you were born.

        22. If you had common sense, humility or any semblance of humanity. You wouldn’t be on here trying to leap a whole nation of women into one category. We both know that your comment insinuated the very thing you are denying.

        23. Nope. You made passive aggressive comments about a group of women, and just like a man lack the integrity to admit it.

        24. I see how it is now. I posted a comment about a certain demographic and you got offended as if I meant “all”, like a woman. Now you’re trying to argue with me, like a woman. I don’t argue with women. Beyond fruitless.

        25. Well DUH a certain demographic, would imply that you are talking about that demographic.

        26. There is plenty of data out there to show you that the general black woman is not worthy

        27. Oh no a professional black is here! Take cover! The white man is responsible for every bad decision a black person makes!!!

        28. Or perhaps the 86% of black men that are married to black women, according to the U.S Census Bureau.

        29. Right. And black women are still 70% single mum. That stat is out of those who are married. Not the total population.

        30. I hear what you are saying so I looked up those stats , that you never cited. So here goes 9929000 kids from single parent homes. 2/3 are white so out of 9929000 that is 6619333. Which leaves 3309667,1/3 of those are african american and 1/4 after that are hispanic. So you can mince stats however you want , but by sheer numbers the majority of single moms are white females. Which is common sense considering whites are the majority in this country.

        31. We are not talking about how many are in the country. Its about how many in comparison and ratios. The black community has the most single mums in terms of percentage of the total amount. Not sure why you so keen to disprove this fact.

        32. And white women are the majority of single mothers out off all communities. And that is by sheer whole numbers based off of the total. Not sure why you are so keen to deny that fact.

        33. It still shows that the majority of black men are married to black women.That was the point that black on black marriage rates are still high, why does that ruffle feathers so much. Because it disproves the demonizing rhetoric that you guys are always perpetuating.

        34. And white women are the largest group of single mothers , out of all races. That is based off of sheer numbers taken off of the total population. Not sure why you are so keen to deny that fact.

        35. No they are not. Black women are. In percentages, black women are the most single mothers. Where are you getting your data?

        36. No it shows that the black who ARE married are married mostly to black men. Not that more black women are married then white women in PERCENTAGE of their total amounts. You really dont know how to grasp statistics. I wont be replyjng to your low level of intelligence again

        37. Omg omg omg its not about how many white people exist its about ratios! Omg your so thick i cant comprehend lol

        38. GOSH GOSH GOSH, it is about the total,out of that total number the highest rate of single mothers is found in the white community. Maybe you just want to remain blissfully ignorant, but the highest ratio of single mothers are white, they are 2/3 of all single mothers!!

        39. Aww someone , has to result to tactics of deflection and insults when, their ignorant rhetoric is proven , to be baseless and racist. Aww poor baby, I’m sure next time you use the library to get on the internet you can ignore my post.

        40. I cited where I was getting my data, apparently reading comprehension isn’t your strongest trait. My information came from the US Census Bureau, where did you get yours? And yes, with 2/3 being the ratio of whites being single mothers. That is the largest portion.

        41. Do you even understand the concept of percentages and the term “per capita”….if whites make up 84% as you stated in an earlier post…..of course they’ll be more white single moms….but to fairly compare you use percentages or “per capita”…..and thus 72 percent of ALL BLACK BIRTHS are out of wedlock….that is outrageous and out of control….by any standard. http://www.blacknews.com/news/black_unwed_mothers101.shtml#.Vwe5rHpw4-0

        42. Food for a Faux Nozer Here just for you, clown!!!. So here goes 9929000 kids from single parent homes. 2/3 are white so out of 9929000 that is 6619333. Which leaves 3309667,1/3 of those are african american and 1/4 after that are hispanic. So you can mince stats however you want , but by sheer numbers the majority of single moms are white females.

        43. According to the US Census bureau 2/3 is the biggest ratio out of all groups, that really isn’t that hard to understand. Those darn race baiters, how dare they put out objective data, that refutes subjective, demonizing, racist opinion.

        44. You’re a moron….in the true denotative sense. You have no clue what I stated above regarding percentages and per capita. If you have a degree…I’ll bet it was in “African studies” or “Womens studies” or some other worthless subsidized degree.

        45. One more thing….you are the living breathing example of, “You cannot fix stupid.”

        46. Sigh. Even if the percentage of white women was larger then the 72% of black single mums, 72% is still a huve number and is still worth talking about. You accused me of delfection, when your whole amo has been a deflection. This website has discussed single mums in general and white women as single mums numerous times. So, you really dont nees to start the ‘what about the white women! They do it too!’ Argument. The black community has a huge problem and they wont solve any problemsby defleting to white peoples problems all the time.

        47. You are right being that the US census bureau states that the largest portion of single mothers are white, the white community does need to stop trying to demonize the black community and start fixing its own.

        48. It hurts to know that subjective data doesn’t support your unfounded lies. 9 million plus versus 1 million plus is , the largest per ca pita. Sorry it doesn’t fit your ignorant conjecture and lies that you want to perpetuate. Again I can see why white conservative women are the angriest of all women. Dealing with a man like you would make me angry too.

        49. One more thing… Insults won’t change the fact that that the largest number per ca pita of single moms are white. Sorry, go give your mother a hug and maybe while you are at it, she can give you a refresher on manners. It is apparent you were raised around pigs. You lack social skills, and manners that most two year old’s have. Have a nice life and just remember just because you and your friend Nk or Tommy Sotomayor repeat a lie often, will not change it into a fact. The data doesn’t support you, or your lies. Who to believe, you, shady internet website, or government collected data? That is a easy choice to make.

        50. Let me guess a lie repeated by the white media in conspiracy to affect the divisive racial wars between black and white. As I said before, there is also a problem with single mums in the white community (30-40%)but it is not larger in comparison to the black community (60-70%). You are yet another example of a black woman who cannot take responsibility for your own communities faults. I am mixed and I see the issues on both sides. When ever a white single chats feminist bs to me I always call her out. Do you do the same?

        51. I say the same shit to yoy. The black DOES have single mum problems. Take it in the chin and stop deflecting yourself.

        52. You perpetuate a lie that isn’t backed up, I don’t have to accept your lies that don’t reflect the data. WHITE MOTHERS ARE THE LARGEST GROUPS OF SINGLE MOMS. GET OVER IT, AND STOP PERPETUATING BASELESS LIES!!

        53. You are yet another example of a person that likes to use baseless lies and pass them off as the truth. Don’t blame me, blame those racebaiters at the US Census bureau. How dare they post subjective data that doesn’t support you fallacious lies.

        54. So you are claiming that the black community does not have 60-70% single motherhood??
          Because you only deflect by saying ‘white women are worse’. Which is not true. But even it was. It still doesnt solve the issue of single moterhood problem in the black community.

        55. You are still at it , I am not going to argue with you because as I have said your information isn’t backed by the statistics released by the government. So if you aren’t acknowledging that the largest percentage of single mothers are white per the statistics, our conversation is done.

        56. You’re putting us on, right?
          Children in single-parent families:
          Non-Hispanic white–––––25%
          Non-Hispanic black–––––67%
          Hispanic (all races)––––––42%
          Data: US Census Bureau (2011)
          In the unlikely event you truly haven’t grasped the point the various commenters have tried to get across re ratios, percentages etc, let’s imagine an, admittedly extreme, situation to see if it helps.
          In tiny United States of Neverland, there are 100,000 households with children, 99,000 of which are white, 1,000 of which are black. Of the white households, 2000 are single parent (2,000 of 99,000), while in the black households, the number containing a single parent is 999 (999 of 1,000).
          Now, while one could honestly state that the TOTAL number of single parent white households is not just greater, but MORE THAN TWICE that of single parent black households; yet, with the apparent exception of yourself, virtually no one would maintain that the problem of single parenthood was more serious among the white households.

        57. The only one ignorant is you, to get an accurate count of a population you look at the population as a whole instead of a certain portion. That is the most accurate way to come up with data. Any statistician will tell you that looking at a portion or a sample of the population will not give you the most accurate number. Again as white females are the majority of the population, they are going to out number other racial groups my sheer numbers. It’s common sense , and I didn’t make the data , the Census bureau did , get over it.

        58. And if it is as you say that “Now, while one could honestly state that the TOTAL number of single parent white households is not just greater, but MORE THAN TWICE that of single parent black households” if you look at crime stats by race , whites by sheer numbers are commiting the most crime. So this huge unaddressed population of single mothers , have an effect on society. See how you can jump to conclusions , when you choose to interpret data a certain way. Now honest and ethical people will realize that crime and bad behavior crosses gender and racial barriers. However passive aggressive racist, will want to make societal ills the fault of the smallest portion of the population, instead of acknowledging that crime overall is a problem, just like single motherhood.

        59. Problems with reading comprehension? I know my little stab at drawing an analogy wasn’t exactly Swiftian in its deftness, but should even a modicum of effort been made on the part of, you, the reader, it would’ve been manifestly apparent that the point I was making was exactly the same as yours. i.e. “… as white females are the majority of the population, they are going to out number other racial groups by sheer numbers. “

        60. Your lackluster attempt at sounding intelligent as well as your passive aggressive racism is laughable.😂😂😂😂😂. Good try though.

      2. The African black women, depending on where they are from, can be slim and very feminine.

        1. Seems like we have similar taste in ladies. Out of curiousity, whereabouts are you from and what is your cultural background?

        2. There is a huge Somali population around here and I find them extremely attractive. They are, however, mostly arrogant bitches of the first order.

        3. I’m from the Midwest, blonde/blue, white Eastern European descent like so many others in this region. Sexy dark-haired Latinas top my list, and they seem to think the same of me lol. Can’t stand blondes or Asians. Never had a redhead.

        4. Ethiopians are Semites, so they aren’t real negros. Not all Ethiopians, but a lot of them look totally different than the women from, let’s say, Ghana, who are butt ugly.

        5. The first Semitic speakers were Black Africans. Don’t fall for that 18th century European colonialist bullshit that tries to claim that Ethiopians are white-ish on account of narrower noses, thinner lips and other features similar to those of most Europeans. Colorism or shade-ism is what it’s called. Arab slave traders used that ploy to pit dark-skinned Africans against the lighter-skinned ones, especially mulattoes.

        6. Congratulations on the job! And I have heard little of Eritrean women before this article.

        7. Got shit canned from the yob today. Packing up over the next week and moving state side.
          Quite funny really. They were handing me a termination letter while I was pulling out my resignation letter.
          Win, win situation all round.

        8. You are retarded. Actually no Ethiopian will tell you that & DNA reveals they are sub Saharan African & unlike you are 100% homo sapiens while you are at least 4% non human Neanderthal. Cite your sources that Ethiopians are not fully black African please….

        9. Semite is a language group not an ethnicity.
          You know nothing of Ghanaian women…..they are stunning.
          You also know nothing of Ethiopians….they have about 5 or more different ethnic groups.

        10. They’re fake negros?
          You get a lot of Ethiopians who are straight up black my friend.

        11. Total Nonsense.
          The Sahara refers to the desert region. Below that are where negroids congregated and lived. very tribal.
          The first European Settlers observed there was no wheel, plow, ship, word for love or written language among those people…..quite a contrast from the more civilized and developed Northern Saharan Region, which was more white in racial appearance, as well as an Arabic presence-

        12. First mention of Ethiopians in Western Civilization after the Archaic period is in Herodotus. Note he wrote in the 6th century, after Pharaoh Necho opened the Nile-Red Sea canal in the 7th century. He states that the Ethiopians were the most handsome of all peoples (in the Mediterranean world), great sailors and traders, and very pious (worshiped Poseidon). Their language, Amharic, is indeed a Semitic language that has been spoken since 1000 BCE.
          When Islam invaded in the 7th century, they withdrew to their highlands, remained a Christian people, and re-established contact with Europe no later than the 18th century. Dr. Johnson’s best seller “Rasselas, Prince of Ethiopia” is still worth a read, especially on why the Europeans were able to reach Africa, but not Africans to Europe.
          Most recently, a new theory has been advanced about the origina of the Ethiopian people, that they are returned from Europe around 6,000 BCE, and thus had time and space to develop physical characteristics different from that of the other African peoples.
          All in all, a fascinating history.
          And, of course, Moses married one. Look at Numbers 12 in the Hebrew Bible for an interesting story.

        13. No point in fawning over Ethiopians and Somalis. They are self-absorbed and aren’t akin to dating or marrying outside of their ethnic group(s). I respect them because they don’t have a chip on their shoulder and actually pursue their women almost exclusively, unlike the OP which appears to have an inferiority complex. Like Pavlov’s dog he’s been conditioned to salivate when he sees a behemoth of a female with a pale complexion. We don’t buy this rubbish about him suddenly having standards.

        14. I never read so much bullshit in my life,you really need to read a proper history book and not some posts on stormfront.
          The white in appearance your talking about is a result of 100’s of years of slave trade from europe to africa
          The biggest library in the world in Ancient times was in West Africa, so unless they where just empty pages, what your saying is bullshit

      3. Women in France can be feminists without losing sight of the fact that they want to be attractive to men.
        They just do not have this “in your face”attitude.

        1. Feminism in Europe is a bit banal. When one hears “feminist” here in Europe, one thinks of the lesbians in the socialist parties.

        2. A Frenchwoman once observed that American women wield their freedom like a sledgehammer.

        3. Women in Paris are usually snobbish and shallow. They may be prettier on the outside, they are barely better than Americunts inside. And yes, feminists are still there – in the academics, in the media, on the Internet saying that the attacks and rapes have no relationship with massive immigration (check Caroline de Haas’ Twitter), and so on.

        4. The attacks are conducted by ISIS, who mostly draw their manpower from Western converts.

        5. Here in the U.S., the feminist groups who organize, start clubs, women’s groups, and all the rest, are lesbians out to spread their gay agenda and recruit unsuspecting females. Many purport to be liberal, but in fact hate blacks, hispanics, poor people, etc. Average women who espouse “feminism” don’t know what they’re preaching; They just want an already existing platform to stand on and excercise their personality problems. “Hey, I’m a feminist and that’s why I spent all of dad’s college money on vacations, partying, and abortions. It’s the patriarchy’s fault that I’m un-educated and stripping to pay the rent.” It has nothing to do with promoting what’s good for women, and all about acting outlandishly. Lesbians know this, and use the party/feel good all the time mindset to coerce “straight” women into bed. That’s basically American Feminism.

        6. Perhaps nowadays. But i’m afraid they’ll get worse. Usa are always 5-10years ahead from europe.

        7. Agree. Parisian women are cold and unfriendly. I don’t even think they are all that pretty either.

    2. The fatness cannot be overstated. It is epidemic with black women. I see fat white women all the time, but black women take it to another level with weird lumps and folds of skin in strange places, like at the arm above the elbow. Oddly, these are often the ones with the most attitude. It makes me wonder who in the hell fucks them that they have sch high opinions of themselves that they act the way they do?

    3. Black women in the US are a complete reflection of their white feminist sisters. Loud, fat, unattractive, the opposite of feminine. Black women that are opposite of that still have shitty attitudes for the most part.

    4. Look up TNNRAW on Youtube and the words of Tommy Sotomayor is all you need to know about black women.
      From what I learned from him, I cannot find any blame for any black fellow who eschews black women.
      But be warned: what was done to the black community is the plan the globalists have for EVERY community.

      1. ie Feminism. It was all cute when black men were demonized and black women told they were the real strength of the community. Now it is being seen as the disaster it always was.

        1. Dude, less than 10 percent of black women look anywhere near as good as Kerry Washington. And she is no raving beauty, but merely a handsome woman. Black women on the whole do not look good. I’m old enough to see them declining every decade, what, with the obesity and the horsehair. And the good black don’t crack meme is nonsense. I’ve noticed that most black women’s looks fall precipitously after age 30.

      2. Yep, If you want to see the future of white America look no further than the black community. I have been saying this for yrs. The black community is doomed here in the US. As a black male I am planning my escape!

      3. ‘But be warned: what was done to the black community is the plan the globalists have for EVERY community.’
        Exactly this! During the Civil Rights era the black community was strong and united. So the global elites decided to utilize diff tactics. Offer welfare to all black women for their children and themselves as long as they kept the father OUT of the household. Now if this is not an obvious strategy that should be apparent to anyone with half a brain, I dont know what is.
        As usual… one of the favored tactics of the Power Elite are to start with a minority that has little power or say and once that becomes accepted they slowly work up from there.
        You can see this happening even with animals. Where GPS tracking devices are now common place in most pets. Care to take a wild guess where its gonna go from there? Illegal immigrants perhaps? Then prisoners? Move it up to ‘dead beat dads’ then men as a whole and then before you know it, everyone’s gonna be tagged, but by then its going to seem common place and the resistance will be futile.
        So to get back to the main point. We are seeing the virus of unchecked Hypergamy and big daddy dependency spreading throughout all areas of white culture. It’s only a matter of time before everyones infected. Why do you think one of the main reasons we are declaring so much war on Islam is? They are one of the last bastions of true Patriarchy.

        1. Black women and White men go together like peanut butter and jam. White men have become vag-sporting cucks and black women act as if they have a penis.

        2. You said, “Why do you think one of the main reasons we are declaring so much war on Islam is? They are one of the last bastions of true Patriarchy.”
          Dude, you are out of your fucking mind. moslims could be as patriarchal as they wanted. The fact they’re mass murdering people across the globe is the reason they need to be obliterated.

        3. Its J EW Males that bagged black slave women, as they owned most of the slaves, controlled the entire trade itself, and 75% of their Southern households owned slaves. Its a secret…don’t tell anyone

        4. I was not defending them… I was simply saying they are one of the last true remaining patriarchies around the world. Isn’t that true? Also, to be fair, white people are not much better. If you want to count death for death we are by far the more efficient killers then Muslims are. That shouldn’t surprise you though since white men tend to be among the best at everything we do.

        5. You are of course correct. If they could somehow keep it in their pants(so to speak), all would be good. They can not.
          I agree with you 100% about white men-the time to step up-again-is coming fast.

        6. ‘I agree with you 100% about white men-the time to step up-again-is coming fast.’
          However its not Muslims kidnapping our children legally and then extorting us LEGALLY. Its feminists and other WHITE MEN doing this. So if we are gonna step up we gotta clean house first! feminism and white men have done more damage to the white race then any other group and I am not afraid to call us out on that. We want to rise to the top again? Great, then realize we are our own greatest enemy!!!

        7. Your history is incorrect.
          They did not own the most slaves in the US or anywhere else. In 1860 there were four million slaves in the South. There were about 400,000 plantation owners; these are the ones who owned 90% plus of the slaves. Southern Jews, who were in commerce and not in planting, owned domestic servants. Certainly, most Southern Jew’s houshoolds, like that of their Gentile counterparts, had slaves. This is not new news.
          Secondly, Jews did NOT control the slave trade in any part of the US except the “Northern” passage which went from West Africa to Newport, RI. That was the source of supply for slaves in New England. The number of slaves in the North was always orders of magnitude less than the South, as agricultural and topographic constraints made their use uneconomic. Thanks to the British Navy, the Northern passage was effectively closed by the end of the Revolutionary War.
          The current Jewish population of Newport is completely unrelated to the founders who built the Touro Synagogue there in the 18th century. It was to them George Washington wrote his famous letter in 1790 containing the sentence:
          “It is now no more that toleration is spoken of as if it were the
          indulgence of one class of people that another enjoyed the exercise of
          their inherent natural rights, for, happily, the Government of the
          United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no
          assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should
          demean themselves as good citizens in giving it on all occasions their
          effectual support.”

        8. not true. 🙂 White men understand the need for my pussy to be eaten and I understand that his dick needs to be sucked. Best he has ever had he says. 🙂 and white men arent asking me for money like other races because they have their own shit or respect my hustle enough to not even ask. White men are so dominant and make me want to be submissive to them. 😛 Especially on my knees.

      4. That last sentence, nailed it. We all talk here, talk there, blame here and no mention of the root of the problem.

      5. Please. Sotomayor is a self-hater and closet male homosexual.
        As to the article, about 20% of what he says is true.

        1. Enabling the wrong helps no one.Theres no benefit. It weakens the individual and society as a whole.
          Why dont you visit Nassau. A place that has probably tripled or quadrupled in population in the last 30 years. It takes two. Most black women have 2-5 children by 2-5 non-existent fathers.
          In the old days, when men were out at sea, if someone didn’t pull their weight, they were discarded/thrown overboard. In doing anything, who can afford to carry “dead wood?”

        1. Tariq is coon. He’s wife is half white, and I heard him on you tube talk about how dating biracial women is better then dating black women. He’s a fraud. White educated mother and black father’s make the best women. Not my words, his.

      6. Listen to NWA “Findum, Fuckem and Flee”. Those guys explain exactly how to deal with AA chicks. And they had no trouble getting head.

      7. Just tuned into TNNRAW….funny as sh*t! But the guy is spot on. Thanks for the info.

    5. I’ve drained my gravy bags in quite a few sisters, but given my career and thus the quality of my colleagues and acquaintances, most of them don’t meet the criteria for being hideous man-beasts. In fact, they are usually more secure emotionally and are freer in the sack than the pasty Caucasian land whales. In general, the author is probably spot-on, but there are veins of goodness in the dank and smelly mine of American women, many of whom have sable skin and soft lips. Just don’t ever touch their hair without permission.

    6. The attitude is a betaguard. They know it turns certain men off (90% of men). They want to put up a fight and be overpowered. Its too much drama when any girl’s whole personality is a shit test, whatever her race.

    7. That is the truth. Any woman (black or other) will stand out (especially today) if she is any of the above (as GoJ states – feminine, skinny, polite and submissive). Too many women, today, have listened to the latest round of feminism and they are pretty fucking miserable for listening to it.
      Black women have to be the worst with the chip on their shoulder (with that god damn attitude). If you ever want to know what it’s like to date a man, then I would say date a black woman (first) to find out. It’s true that they always want to be “in charge” and you’re not going to tell them what to do….even if it means saving their life (yes, it’s that stupid).
      It’s the reason why they are last on the list (women to date).

      1. I would agree with you except BW have all the worst aspects of men without the best to show for it. So its nothing like dating a man. Just a woman filled with obnoxious attitude ‘trying’ to act like a man.
        In the end this just leads them to be very insecure and confused while at the same time acting like they are gods gift to men. Also they like to act that they are superior to men. If you have a good sense of humor and patience for it. It provides no end of laughter and amusement.

        1. Most of them remind me of the women who promote single mothers as “the hardest job on the planet”. Many people (mostly men) are getting sick of the bullshit. Women patting themselves on the back to no end. So why did the father leave? More than likely, the woman drove the man away from the family…but we never hear that story. We only hear about how the man was a “bad man” or he didn’t care or he cheated on her. There is always a spin on the story in her favor with the man being the guilty party.
          We all know that women embellish or give these half truths to their stories. At least some of the time, the woman was at fault. But society, as usual, gives the woman a pass. I call bullshit.

        2. And it is bullshit. I would say that the number one cause of distant fathers is because of the mother. Weather she chose some dusty gangsta or a bar friend who obviously did not want or mean to be a father, its all on HER. A woman has every choice in the book to have a child or not. There is no logical way society can keep putting all the blame and responsibility on the man. Even though it continues to do so. It’s utterly laughable and should be held in the highest contempt.

    8. I think some qualifications need to be made to this article. I suspect that the author is referring to Afro-American women rather than (all) black women across the globe (we’re talking four maybe five continents depending on your definition of “black”).
      Secondly, it appears to me that the author doesn’t really have a lot of experience with AA women or at least his experience differs from mine. I find that ALL women are submissive to one degree or another, it really depends on how you talk to them and their personalities. I have met shrews of all races, the single worst being Korean. As for BJs, yes I get those on the regular from black women, most definitely from AA chicks. If the author finds that AA chicks don’t want to submit to him that way, he may want to address how he interacts with them. Women pick up on your confidence level and the author sounds far from confident with them. This would affect their willingness to blow him. When a woman perceives you as alpha, she can’t wait to get on her knees and blow you, black or not. Best way to deal with shrewish black woman? Act like you don’t give a fuck (because you really don’t) and she will come running. I do this a lot.
      Last couple of years I have dated mainly white women. Because I don’t like black women? No, because I have dated black women for years and its time for something new before I die.

    9. This Author unrelenting biasness towards black women is mainly due to the fact HE IS ANOTHER LAZY BLACK MEN. Too lazy to study and understand the world that encompasses him. The only reason black women act out of turn is because you put them on a pedestal either too low or too high for the expectation.
      The author said he told the woman get ready am coming to pick you….and was suprised she harshed him for his tone# that to me said EVERYTHING about the petulant state of his mind. Am sorry but for you brother, black women might just require a level of maturity greater than urs, that is the problem.

  11. I’ve dated a black girl (surprisingly, she eagerly gave amazing head), and if I were not married, I would consider doing so again, but the options are terrible. Finding a pleasant, feminine, healthy black woman is like finding a needle in a hay field on a planet where hay is the only crop. 99+% of the black women I know fall into one of three categories: 1) completely obese; 2) ghetto as shit; 3) combination of both. One of the benefits of the sexual liberation of women is that it creates a buyer’s market for men. Why should any man settle for a fat, loud, angry, bossy, ignorant woman who expects to be treated like a queen? You can fuck them all you want with no commitment until you find a unicorn that treats you like a king.

      1. Well, yes, what I meant to say was you can fuck the ones worth fucking all you want and look for the unicorn. This only applies to the ones in category 2 that are hot enough to put up with long enough to have some fun. The ones in categories 1 and 3 automatically get ignored.

    1. Those 3 categories had me in stitches. I can only recall meeting 1 black girl ever, who was a well spoken olympic lifter, who doesnt fit in to one of them.

      1. Indeed, the one black girl I dated was a tennis player. Very fit, but not like the Williams sisters – still very feminine with curves in the right places, and toned, not bulging muscles. But what sealed the deal for me was that she was well spoken. It’s hard to describe, but she sounded like a valley girl without the stupidity. If you closed your eyes, you’d think you were talking to Alicia Silverstone from Clueless, except you were having an interesting conversation with a dark-skinned little hottie that was going to shut up a half and hour later while she choked on your cock.

    2. Over 50% of black women are obese. That means dating black girls isn’t really viable long term.

    3. Yes, and from what I could tell while living in the U.S, black women that are attractive and educated have major tickets on themselves. If they don’t find a suitable black man in their cohort they will just hook with a white guy. They have no problem doing that if they are good looking.

  12. “You want to show me strength? Embrace true femininity, and then channel it. I’ll manhandle you all you want.”
    Haha, nice.

  13. This dude is pathetically hilarious. He’s CLEARLY lacking in self esteem and it’s obvious his game isn’t strong enough to make a black woman submit.

    1. So basically, you’re a black woman and feeling a bit defensive. Amirite?

      1. Nope. Black man who’s dated nothing but black women all my life. Never had thenough problems DS has with them.

        1. You may well live in different places where attitudes are different. That happens here sometimes, we’ll get game advice that applies almost exclusively to city girls, but has little relevance to flyover country because it’s an entirely different kind of girl out here more often than not. That doesn’t mean that the advice is incorrect, it just means it’s applicable only in a certain context.

        2. That may be true but that’s not exactly how the article presents itself.

        3. To expand my point a bit because I wasn’t really clear, the advice given out to game city girls is almost universally framed as “all girls”, even though clearly it depends on context. That is a mistake to be certain.

  14. Semi-on topic, but good lord, what is wrong with the Williams sisters? One of them was playing some cute Russian blonde in tennis yesterday or the day before (probably Sunday) and she looked like a fucking man. I don’t mean anything racist or any shit like that I mean she literally looked like some dude who stuffed a couple of socks in his shirt and put on a skirt. And not a little dude either, but a bruiser. Holy shit, what a scary Frankenstein looking person.

    1. Maybe they use the same (or similar) “performance enhancers” women like Chyna did in the WWE? That stuff makes women look mannish from sports to fighting to bodybuilding.

      1. You’d think that would show up on a drug test though, right? Whatever they’re doing, they’re probably self sterilizing in the process. What man would want that, as well? Yikes.
        I have the same opinion about “body builder” women, but even they seem more feminine than the tennis stars.

        1. One of the funny things about sports and drug tests is that it seems to operate on a sliding scale relative to where the athlete is positioned in the larger scheme. Some of the substances are said to be allowable or legal and then they aren’t. Some athletes “escape” detection until they fall out of favor. Who can say?

        2. So as long as the cash is flowing in and sponsors are happy, things get “accidentally” overlooked. Makes sense.
          Still, they don’t even pass the casual glance drug test. Heh.

        3. The thing about the very high end athletic doctors and professional roid testers is it is kind of like computer viruses.
          Some geek makes a virus and some other geek figures out how to fix it. The system perpetuates it self. As long as there are finite rules baring very wealthy people from something there will be doctors and lawyers who figure out a way around them….for a price.

        4. “Casual glance test”.. Indeed. Nor does just about anyone in the NFL. Or most pro bike racers. Or most pro athletes in general. They are almost all doping using something, it’s just a matter of “how much” and “how often”.
          If they weren’t all doped up, you’d see MASSIVE blowouts between the “dopers” and “non-dopers”. If you ever take these drugs (as I have extensively) you’ll quickly realize that they elevate your strength/ability to heal/speed/etc so far beyond what’s normal that it’s laughable. Thinking that there are just “some people” who’s genetics allow them to run/jump/lift/etc that much more than a “normal” person is an exercise is sticking your head in the ground. Fucking NFL linebackers weigh as much as a small car and are so fucking fast they’d have a shot in the Olympics 100 years ago in sprinting events. How to fuck do we explain that? “Training”? To fucking run? Come on, this isn’t all that fucking difficult, it’s not like they used to run the 100 backwards. Genetics didn’t change that much (at all) in 100 years. It’s drugs, plain and simple.
          Finally, I think most pro sports are aware that if the drugs were GONE tomorrow, they’d lose a lot of viewers. Drugged up sports are more fun the watch. These guys are fucking gladiators, not “normal” people. I don’t think the MLB ever had viewership as high as when the steroid boys were fucking cranking them out on a nightly basis.
          Last thing (really this time). No amount of drugs on the fucking planet is going to make me able to hit a fastball. Or jump 10′ in the air. Or sprint as fast as Ben J. Drugs help level the playing field, but genetics/training is still massively important.

        5. You’re a wealth of information today. I second that this is why I like ROK. Thanks mate.

      2. I went to look up her stats outta curiosity- height, weight, and I went to a page that had some nude pics (apparently she made a porn movie)
        Words cant describe how her nether region looked after all those chemicals

    2. Steroids will do that. Anytime I see a woman like that I think of Sally McNeil (who murdered her husband Ray).

      1. Sure, but can’t that be detected quite easily? I don’t think you’re wrong, but I’m left wondering how they get by with it? Anybody with eyes can look at them and tell they’re doing *something*, they look entirely unnatural.

        1. No idea. Right balance and maybe it goes undetected or perhaps it is simply a rigged game as to who gets popped.

        2. It’s steroids. And, no, they can’t be detected easily. If a “perfect” test for steroids (which would include drugs that aren’t on the banned list but act as steroids/IE, novel new drugs) were developed tomorrow, I doubt any strength or endurance weighted sports pro team could even field enough people to play the game.
          And yes, the Williams sisters are take a fucking lot of it (whatever the fuck it is). I’m sure it’s a combo of some novel drug, insulin, growth hormone (or GH precursors) and some other shit thrown in for good measure.
          Finally (and probably most importantly), let’s say for shits and giggles they aren’t taking anything. They obviously have extraordinarily high testosterone (which is why they look like men). Do we really think it’s fair that they, with perhaps 10X the test of a “normal” woman, are playing in the same ranks as people who actually have a normal female test level? They might be hermaphrodites or have some other congenital defect that causes them to produce massive amounts of test. But, if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be “fairer” to have them play against other people with a similar level of test on board?

        3. It’s both. The top stars typically have a heads up in time to clean up their system. And they are all taking drugs that are very difficult to detect. As soon as a test is developed, they move on to the next one. 5 years ago it was stuff like IGF-1 and other GH stimulating drugs. These were novel, and not many people tested for them. Today, I’m sure it’s moved on (I got out of the business quite some time ago) to other things that are right at the edge of science. But, whateverthefuck they are taking, it’s having a STRONG masculizing effect on them. If they don’t have a 3″ long clit by now I’d be fucking shocked.

        4. And this is why I enjoy ROK. Men informing me of things I didn’t know. Even if I didn’t want to know (like that last sentence). Heh.

        5. The problem is, they can’t play men, they lose to them. Both of them, at the top of their game, bragged that they could whoop a pro male at tennis, so some low rank (100? 300? I don’t recall) dude played them and tanned them, but good. They were stupified in the interviews afterward.
          I don’t know a lot about steroids or drug testing, just assumed it could be detected. If not, then that makes perfect sense.
          As to fair, I don’t care about fair, meritocracy or bust for me.

        6. And the guy admitted he had a couple of brews before playing them. Classic.

    3. That’s because you’ve never seen Pepe and Neném, two black female brazilian singers.. well, their are transexuals or something anyway, but holy hell, look at what we had to watch in cheap TV shows back in 1999:
      On a kind of unrelated note, I ask for your comprehension, Ghost (and all of my fellow RoKers) for the thing I’m about to tell… last Sunday night my mother and father found out what I have been warning them for years: that my sister is a college slut… both my parents are devastated (but mostly my mother) and… well, life lost a little bit of its light for them.. I ask you, as a brother in Christ, to pray for them, if possible. Thanks for the atttention.

    4. I would bang both williams sisters but only in the threesome scenario and only for the story.
      In a slightly off topic comment: despite never having even held a tennis racket in my life, given 6 months of training I could beat either of them in straight sets…..because women’s sports is bullshit.

      1. Some major sports dude said something to that effect yesterday I read. (Paraphrase) “Women’s sports ride on the coattails of men’s sports. Women should get down on their knees and thank men”. I lullzd.

        1. very nice quote. And I always agree with anyone who things more women should be on their knees.
          That said, I am all for equality. Women should have the right to try out for real sports teams and if they make it they should play.
          Title 9 is total bs

        2. Real equality would be the same thing as re-establishing “the Patriarchy” to women, so they tend to avoid it and cling to Title 9.

        3. This ishttp://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/21/sports/tennis/victoria-azarenka-upsets-serena-williams-at-indian-wells.html?_r=0
          Amazing. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

        4. To hear it uttered out in the open like, by a professional, that is a real shock to the system isn’t it? Heh

        5. Actually, men earn leas than women per sets played. Men play double the number of games and their games last 4x longer.

        6. Sure. And we earn less in porno too. But if you get paid to do something really fun for a living, why complain?

        7. You know, what if I get tired of my office based job and decide to become a tennis superstar!

        1. any day.
          When I am done kicking her ass on the court I will make that big bitch scream and call me daddy

  15. 90% of black women I have seen are far from being even cute, the rest 10% are usually have some white admixture, and still not my cup of tea. Black women are for black men…

  16. I remember reading your first article and laughing about all points and still disagreeing about the whole. I have dated a few black women now and there is one thing you keep skirting; All black American women are like this. This doesn’t span to all black women though. I will try to go through these points one by one and maybe I will make sense.
    They are not submissive. Every black lady I have met and tamed has been through straight sexual conquests. I am not sure what my strain of black brings to the table, Caribbean by blood, but I rarely if ever got attitude from my woman, and those who could have given me attitude, I never dated. Mind you, as a child I had issues getting all of the hot girls, who knew me, but had a great ratio of 70-30 odds of getting the hot black girls who didn’t. Offered multiple threesomes and would consistently get my way with the ladies. Like some errant king, I never wanted for much sexually from black women. Just take on the mentality of Ivan Drago and BREAK THEM.
    They value black men because they are the only option. As a non black woman, I kind of agree. Many black women have issues keeping an Asian or White man because, while they make great short term conquests, a black woman fully intends to break her man and do so in short if given the chance. Simply because most people have an inordinate fear of black people being violent with them, plus the other bad straights, this is not a viable option. Simply don’t listen to the shaming talk because your dick goes wherever it may roam. Because fuck them, that’s why. To be fair to black women, many white men who may or may not be being cucked by their women, also support the death miscegenation. Funny enough, these hypocrites see no problem with washing down the kids of a few Germans, French men, or Italians, but are quick to tell you you hate yourself if they never se you with a black woman.
    They don’t give head. That must be an American Black woman thing, because all the black women I have been with who said that, were American. One of them even said she doesn’t give head while giving me head,haha!! I just looked down and thought, this is the bare minimum of what I would expect. Not sure what the guard is all about there but if a woman gives no head or uses head as leverage she needs to go.
    They don’t know their place. Of all of the points, I can agree with this one the most. This goes from her telling you to not date outside of your race, which is the equivalent of trying to consolidate the market, to trying to dictate your earning potential. It is hard out here for a black woman in America because they keep a stranglehold on two rotes; I am a strong black woman and I am a queen. Neither one of those titles helps a woman if her core self esteem is shot to shit. This mock power is what makes many decide to be extra boisterous in public. Any time a person needs to elevate their being above others just by being born, especially if you don’t have the visible status, you will be weeded out as insecure.
    Their expectations are WAY too high. Yes they are but that is because simps are everywhere. I new of a fat, short, black woman with a child, who was being wifed up by a guy who is super cut, and over 6 feet apparently. He isn’t the first brother I ran across who was at least 3 points above his girls SMV but treated her especially well. The black woman and the fat woman, stand as unified sisters on this one. Sometimes they are sisters! It is the subconscious insecure pushback that these women are after. There is no way a random black woman is going to net her a 6 figure man with abs, a Mustang, and a penchant to call her queen, on a daily basis without some major insecurity issues on the guys end. It is one of those statements stated to inflate worth. It works when you can’t get laid but stops when you can.
    Overall, this article will probably bring out many people who will have a reason or other to hate black women. Their boisterous natures make them very easy target. Same as American white women. However, you are mixing the whole fruit basket up and calling them apples. All of these qualities are rich in American culture. The same land that raped black slaves, literally, and called them sexual beasts for it. This is an emasculating culture because of it’s rudderless nature. Don’t fall into that trap. Or maybe you should?! I will continue to shop for black women where the intelligent people gather such as New York, and overseas. Ideally, if you really want to date a great black woman, go to the Caribbean or maybe Africa. There are plenty of gorgeous black women from Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, who have maybe 2 out of the 10 qualities you listed. Or less than that. All that you’ve listed are strong American Black Women problems.

    1. I have seen some pretty women from Ethiopia, that’s for certain.

      1. There is an amazing world of black women out there. I just go by my usual criteria. Can I notice her curves over waste? Will her face scare me if I wake up to it? Is her attitude soft but mentality fiercely sensual? Will I feel like a conqueror tapping that? If all checks out, I’m in there. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman. Leona Lewis is another popular lady I find pretty attractive but then again, she is Caribbean by lineage.

        1. I generally prefer narrower, nearly elfin features, so my normal default is a Germanic/EE/Scandi look, preferably with red or strawberry blond hair. Although as you say, beauty is beauty, it’s just that most black women in the states have the opposite of narrow, elfin features I guess.

        2. It really varies by state and city. Texas seems to do alright by itself, and Atlanta out of sheer volume must have something. New York had me disillusioned because they have beautiful women in general, and when that is your world view, it is easy to lose sight of what others see. The more I stepped out of New York and away from my cultural base, the more dire I saw the dating market.
          That said, I haven’t seen enough of German women but thus far, Swedish women and Spaniard women are my favorite EE, followed by Italians, Brits (love the accent), and Russians.

        3. Texas makes sense, it’s not an easy thing to be fat in Texas, just due to the heat alone. Which doesn’t mean that you won’t find fat people, heh.

        4. Leona Lewis, my vote says she’s mighty white. Or at least a mighty percentage. Those may be contacs. Don’t know though.

        5. There may be a chance. But seeing as she hails from the Caribbean, and I have met other black women from the Caribbean with green or even grey eyes, she is not unusual to me. I grew up seeing a lot of women with this kind of beauty in New York.

    2. I am a black girl my dad is Jamaican and my mom is african american. I go to a very white liberal arts school where 3 percent of the student body are black. One thing I enjoy about RoK is that they make a point on why all women are bad. It kinda of nice because growing up (My mom made it a point that I only go to white schools) I will always hear how much black women suck, how ugly we are, how we don’t make good wives. It really killed my self esteem. However reading articles on this website I realize that there are bad stereotypes for all races not just mine.

      1. She was smart. The thing isn’t that black schools are bad. It is that the brainwashing towards self destruction is bad at black schools. On ROK we have a lot of fun poking at women, because we care and you ladies are definitely noteworthy for doing dubious stuff and hiding it. Almost laughably so!
        It is odd but growing up in a black community sheltered me from a lot of the arrogance of the other sides of the races. However it also limited the amount of people I saw successful. End of the day, maybe one day you’ll thank your parents for the opportunity they afforded you and do better on your own.
        The stereotypes are fierce for black people and in hindsight it all stems from one idea; white is superior to black. This trope used by degenerates to hide their idiocy and equally support whatever bile they wish to spew is your real enemy. It was crafted to substantiate the switch from indentured servant to slave for the early blacks brought to America. It was used to divine it was a god given right for blacks to serve whites. It was also used to excuse the rampant rape and murder of men, women, and children. I say none of this to anger you. If given the chance any other race might have told similar egregious lies to keep it’s power unchecked. The Japanese did this to the Chinese and Filipinos. Most of the men responsible for this system of lies to be instilled are dead. Any wonder why it is easier for a non American to come here and do better?
        If you are younger I will stress, take up all you need to be whole and happy. Avoid the strong black woman and queen rote as simply being alive made you strong. You do not need to carry any other burdens as the race, no races in fact, care about their individual members. Your life determines your worth, not your skin tone.
        And on beauty, don’t listen there either. The same clowns telling you black women are ugly, are the same ones who once would have agreed that one percent black is all black. Yet now are saying not enough negroid features, if they find the woman beautiful. They are simply jumping through hoops to fit the program they were given best. As long as you can be feminine you’ll make a fine wife.

        1. I know, I do not regret going to white school for a second. It just I was never appreciated at them and I let my teenage mind brain wash me into thinking just because a a small group of people thought of was worthless, that I was. I’m only 19, but things are really starting to click for me, I know I have a lot to learn. With the strong black women thing, I always been kinda of a introvert I don’t really like to party, so I am not that popular in college. Must of the time I have to be strong and independent (I come from a very poor family, so If it wasn’t for my scholarship I would not be in school.) You know the second I guy come around. I turn in to jelly, all of a sudden my knees start to get weak, my backpack becomes super heavy. Right know I been the center of everybody jokes, because I have been obsess with cooking. (I’m sorta of on a hunger strike against our school’s cafeteria, just not enough healthy chooses) I love cooking for men, I love watching them gobble up every single crumb it really is the best feeling in the world. However, I know I am far from the stereotype of black people and I am not sure if it because I went to white school or because I see how unhappy my dad is (I am a big daddy girl, which probably why I do not have trouble submitting to guys) with my mom who is very into the whole strong independent …,but not to like bore you with my life story. I know when I was first enter college I started kinda of seeing this guy and my parents saw my behaviour (Which basically included me being somewhat subservient.) Let just say it did not go over well, especially with my mom, she was like you are suppose to be a leader, blah blah.. God didn’t make you to be a slave to no one.. blah blah…. Which all of us can agree in a relationship someone has to be a leader and I also know that god intended it to be man. I personally don’t know where I got this ideaology from, because I did not get it from my family. Anyways.. thank you for sharing your wisdom I really appreciate it.

  17. Black women aren’t very open to dating white men in my view, unless that man is a top dog. They view white men as nerdy and undesirable.

    1. They have no trouble dating white guys as long as you are not nerdy. Oddly that seems to only be true of the best looking black girls. The ugly ones act like they hate white men. As if they had a chance with one

        1. Exactly it’s like guys who say that the hot girls be bitches. When the truth is that a hot girl is no more likely to be a bitch than an ugly one. Probably less so than a really ugly one who was grown bitter.

  18. I have never had problems with black women and while much of this article is true for the majority, I find the opposite wrt giving head.
    I will say this, while it is not necessary to hit a black woman is is absolutely necessary that they know you have it in you. If you don’t pose some form of physical threat to most black women (at least the ones i have met) then they will not respect you.
    It is a good rule in general to make sure your woman knows that if push came to shove you would not hesitate beating some sense into her. But with black women it is absolutely necessary.
    The funny thing is, so long as she knows this you will probably have no reason to actually do it.

    1. Damn risky game it is.
      Women need a good slap when they act out. Men need to be free to correct and discipline their women the same way we spank children.

  19. Black women do give head from my own experience and whilst one made full use of her big lips the other one kinda scared me when I went to grab her hair. Hair pulling is a big NO for sisters

    1. That’s because you’ll pull out her extensions and you’ll realize it’s all fake.

        1. You know what? This just got me thinking. This is another reason for their insecurity. No amount of straightening will make their hair long and free flowing giving a man something to pull on going doggie style like using it as a rein on a horse.

        2. Actually, that’s what I assume about every black ass I see on the street on a daily basis.

    2. I dated a hair stylist once. She would do black hair, You need to know how to do it because that shit is nasty. Those girls spend bank on their hair, do not mess with their hair. Only a very few, mixed race black girls, naturally have hair that is not flat out ugly

        1. Look at the fatty butch on the far right. I guess the fatter you are, the faster you get promoted in this army….

        2. If only I could wipe some of their scowl off their faces and . . . and then get a butter knife and spread that scowl on bread and make me a sammitch. And then if I could only can some of their anger . . . and drink it with my sammitch. I’d likely never have to buy casa sagrada or slippery elm suppliments again. Whhooh that shit would clean me out for good I believe.

  20. The truth is guys, we all basically have the same idea of what a desirable woman is. Of course our black brothers see it the same way, we are all men. And black woman in general are not the best. The few black girls who are, those girls have their pick.
    Lets just take that truth for what it is. When it comes to being attractive, those of us of European decent are blessed. And our woman are finer still.

  21. The poor self esteem of black girls is noticeable. As an admittedly good looking young man ( I do miss that) I found that 98% of black girls would not even look at me. The 2% who did look at me were so good looking that they could not doubt a man would find them attractive. The average black girl knew without trying that an attractive white man would not give them the time of day. And the top 2% gloried in the fact that white guys wanted them.

  22. Good article yet again, Mr. Sharpe. Almost middle-aged white guy here and am inclined to agree. I have dated 2 black women in my life, saw most of the same negative behaviors you described in them (and one turned out to be married to a cuck husband to boot!), and friends who have more experience than I have described their experiences pretty similarly for the most part. Feminism/obesity/banging thugs in their prime/superhypergamy seems to have hit African-American women the hardest in general and unfortunately a very high percentage of them are undateable at this point. Not that white/Asian/hispanic American women are all that much better anymore, but they haven’t declined at quite the same shocking pace yet.

  23. lol man I’ve gotten my dick sucked by more black women than I can count. had plenty of them that are submissive too. as far as knowing their place, I say a bitch only does what you allow her to do. if you got any bitch in your blood, any kind of feminine ways about you as a man — a black woman will expose you and treat you like a bitch. period. so I gotta call bs on this one. well except for how they react to dating outside your race lol. but I just laugh it off, it’s only one person in control of who I fuck and that’s me.

    1. Exactly. They are submissive but harder to dominate. I’d like to know how the fuck your comment got 7 upvotes and mine got 7 comments from racist beta fucksticks who couldn’t handle a black woman if their lives depended on it.

      1. yea man…by the time I started dating outside my race other women were honestly just flat out easy. except for puerto ricans and dominicans. all them crazy spanish bitches are a mix between porn star and psychopath lmao.
        but I can’t explain what you may have encountered…may have been your approach man. I mean yea, it’s a few racist ppl here, but most ppl here are pretty cool to me. just alot of shoot from the hip types on here. no sugar coating. which is one reason why I frequent this site. get tired of all the pc shit man.
        I can’t say it’s necessarily that they can’t handle black women (though I’m sure some can’t) but more so that they don’t want to. I can’t knock another man’s preference. me personally I prefer black, spanish, and mixed women, but I’ll knock down a white bitch too. If she catch my eye and give me action she gettin slayed no matter what color she is.

    2. While I agree with much of what you say and commend your very red pill, I am my own master, mindset… This article is still pretty much spot on. What your experiencing is the outcome of you being your own master and being very redpill. A true G can break through all boundaries. Feminism is no exception. But anyone who has not attained that level of mastery and does not care to obtain it? Stay away from most feminists period. The bw def has a mindset geared towards total matriarchy. I see it all the time, especially with how fathers are treated. Good god dont get me started on that topic.

      1. like mr. sharpe, I’m black too. but I just disagree with the reasons of his article, because I know too many people living the complete opposite of what this article lists as the reasons. I have literally had text book submissives by the bdsm definition of the word who were black and know plenty who hate control. but they would rather die than give control to a feminine man. inow if he just didn’t want to date black women anymore, then hey, more power to him I can’t and won’t knock that.
        what I will say is that I see black dudes whine about black women like that all the time. she won’t suck dick, she’s not submissive, she’s always blah blah blah. I’ll just say this man, it’s only a certain subset of black men who experience these problems man tbh. it’s not a large majority of black women that are feminist, but I can say that those who are not, do not and will not respect anything less than masculine men. but at the same time I can see where you’re coming from if you are still in the self discovery phase as a man. I look at it like playing on all-madden vs rookie.

        1. I can see what your saying completely. My problem is that I have seen a combination of both this article and what you say with a black chick that I actually fell for and still associate with. She was everything you say and the article says actually. Its an interesting twist because I finally did get her to suck it after a while. She told me she knew I was the man for her because she never had and swore she never would give head to a man.
          Not to get things confused but it makes sense as I was in a transition of becoming more masculine at the time. I was red pill but also had many beta traits. I could possibly see her submitting to me in the future if I continue on this path of development. But for the articles sake, her fucking standards are off the charts in what she expects from her man. I mean godamn, I would have to be Superman and then some to satisfy her litany list.
          Of course none of this is made easier by me being a white guy and both of us living in the south. I was raised to respect men in a way that she never has. Her father left and etc etc etc. She does not have a high opinion of men, especially black men. So I guess it is really a mix of many diff aspects and there is no counting out the individual persona.
          One thing I have learned though is that if your going to love a women… show her through the actions of you mastering yourself as a man. If she cannot respect you for that, she is not worth keeping.

        2. oh yea no doubt man. I’m a fellow down south gentleman.
          I grew up waaaay on the wrong side of the tracks, grew up in the projects. majority of ppl were black, some were spanish, and a handfull were white. I ended up being an all state football player and mixed with a lot of other people.
          look at it from this angle, if black women are soo ornery and belligerent, then how were pimps able to get them to do anything, even come to them at the snap of a finger? even before the word pimp was invented? how do so many black men grow up able to juggle multiple women who wait at their every beck and call? man I have friend, this guy is at least 300lbs fat and sloppy, and tbh he’s an ugly guy lol. but since we were teenagers kept some of the best looking women of anybody I know…and they are all hypnotized.
          even my white friends that grew up on the wrong side of the tracks are able to have their way with any black bitches they get.
          just look at social media or listen to today’s music and see how many black women are perfectly ok with being a man’s side chick or mistress and doing whatever it takes to keep him happy. now if you are going to go after the craziest broads you can find, you deserve what you get lol. but I feel where you’re coming from on your journey to self mastery. you know what they say man, you’re not really in the game until you play and get played anyway.

        3. Heh… the real goal of a true player is to become Game Master who makes his own rules.
          A wise friend of mine once told me. ‘Women cannot truly feel themselves as women unless they surrender themselves to a man. A man’s real challenge is being true to his principles.’
          Take that as you will.

        4. Appreciate it. Its been an interesting journey to be sure. Out of curiosity, what did your fat friend who’s face didnt even look good do and say to garner such adoration and loyalty from beautiful women? I have always heard and even seen fat dudes pull this off but I was never able to fully understand their method. Obviously they are able to get inside the minds of said females and that is probably the most important aspect but is there anything glaring that you noticed?

        5. I know that feeling man…sometimes you only realize how far you’ve come by looking at where you once were.
          I wouldn’t call them loyal…I’m a firm believer in if you want a loyal bitch — get a dog.
          but one thing about him is, he’s probably the funniest person I ever met in my life. I remember one time, we all went out to the club. so we’re shooting pool and this fat girl starts hitting on him and he says “baby I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I can’t get down with fat girls” so the girl looks at him and said “yo fat ass bigger than me!” so he said “yea that’s the goddamn point. you fat as hell, I’m fat as hell…the fuck are we gonna do besides wrestle for the wcw intercontinental championship belt?” she even had to laugh 😂😂😂. .another time, he was trying to get this girl’s number and she was giving him a hard time. so he says “you need to get you a big boy…I know when you’re in the bed at night with your boyfriend, it feels like you laying on a sack of potatoes…you cuddled with teddy bears every since you were a little girl, you need to get back to the basics” lol
          another thing was dude has higher self esteem than anyone I know, he’s that fat guy that will take his shirt off and look at you like wtf is your problem. plus he keeps himself up, prob one of the best dressed ppl I know. he just got crazy charisma man, life of the party type. he’s a slick talker too, but beyond that he’s just a real dude man. solid guy…. picked up a lot of shit from him tbh.

        6. I hear you. I had one friend who used to be fat and hilarious. He had this really cool accent (He was from Israel). He lost wait and still had the accent and sense of humor. He never failed to crack women up, even when he was directly insulting them. I never was able to get the hang of that type of comedy but I did learn quite a bit from him. Funny thing is rarely dressed nice but he came off as totally diff and sarcastic as fuck.
          So yea, I get what your saying… Ugly men can pull women. So much of it is in the attitude and confidence, as you said. Here’s to continuing the mastery trek, heh.

    3. QFTMFT
      Every black woman I have ever been with gave me head. Where I grew up and lived (Southside Chicago and Atlanta) black girls sucking dick was all too common. I never even heard any one complaining about black girls not giving head until this article.

  24. Ego is quite prevalent in American women in general, but black women seem to have it the worst.
    This article did remind me when I saw bits and pieces of that Mo’nique crapsterpiece Phat Girlz, where chubby black women get to score with well built African men. Because they’re empowered and they can do whatever they want.

  25. Black man here (not that it should matter):
    Most people have justified the author’s article by stating 1) He’s black so he can’t be racist 2) It’s what he observed in his life and therefore his experiences applies to all black women and 3) black women have the same opportunities to be as feminine and attractive as other races of women (all while ignoring the systematic racism, economic disadvantages, and flack they take from fellow black men)
    Very telling of the intelligence of readers on this site.

    1. Do some more research before you comment like that. The same author wrote an article saying are black people more racist than white people, admitted to leaving behind black women as soon as he could, and not a soul mention anything about diets for black women. Maybe that Hate Monger guy did, but he’s Indian and angry he couldn’t get his trophy white wife.

      1. I found this part of the comment very telling:
        ” ignoring the systematic racism, economic
        disadvantages, and flack they take from (fellow black) men.”
        Really that part I put in parentheses was unnecessary, the gist is to blame external factors for their issues, might as well have said “the patriarchy.” It was a disingenuous comment from the outset.

    2. all while ignoring the systematic racism, economic disadvantages
      Oh go shove your head in a pig, Leftist. Take your Marxist talking points somewhere where they’re welcome. “Systematic racism” = “I can’t actually find any real racism but I don’t want to give up my status as victim”.
      Most black men who post on this site are the polar opposite of you and your Victimhood Complex. I doubt you’ll find any who subscribe to your screed, as they’re men.

        1. There’s no “argument” to distract from, Duke. You came in and tossed a bomb and giggled. That’s it. Nothing more.
          Not interested. Peddle your wares someplace where there’s a market.

        2. GhostOfJefferson,
          Ignoring the fancy pretentious language you tried to use to make your point, I’d love to know whether you don’t actually believe systematic racism exists. Do you not believe that a black woman entrenched in a vicious cycle of single-parent homes, violence, low expectations, promiscuity due to low-self esteem exists? This takes a huge toll on a women’s self-worth and ultimately level of attraction towards others. Not trying to deflect blame but for most it’s hard to break out of such cycles.
          Also not saying these things do not plague black men but it’s black women we’re talking about here.
          Try to have a civil argument.

        3. What you call “fancy pretentious language” I call my normal mode of thinking and speaking. Get used to it I suppose, because I don’t change how I communicate to accommodate others here.
          Do I think that those men/women don’t exist? Sure they exist. And they can walk away from all of that. Maybe not in one day, but they can work out of it in time. Seen it done. If it was institutional no black people would rise into the middle or upper classes ever. All “institutional racism” is, is the screed taught to you to justify giving up.

        4. “If it was institutional no black people would rise into the middle or upper classes ever. All “institutional racism” is, is the screed taught to you to justify giving up.”
          I’m going to let you figure out on your own why this statement is problematic.
          Also, please look up “American Standards of beauty” from a sociological stand point and try to piece together why black woman are the way they are.
          I don’t have much time on this site. Investment banking is long hours.

        5. problematic
          Yeah. Like I said, you’re showing all of the classic signs of Leftism. Be a victim all you want, it really doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I celebrate it. More room for me to win.
          black woman are the way they are.
          Because we’re a majority white country. Go to Angola or Taiwan and I doubt the blonde haired blue eyed stunner from Minnesota would get much attention, except out of novelty. In fact I’ve heard as much from some people. Deal with it.

        6. Black women are single mothers because they screw bad boys who leave them. Because they make poor choices.

        7. Due to, and we come full circle, the black community being the target of social experimenters starting with FDR and moving forward. They were the front line experiment labs for feminism. So we know how that turns out.

        8. “Hey, stop ‘talking white’ with your fancy pants talk. I’m ‘keeping it real’ here with my black wisdom from a semi-ivy league school to make you punks back the fuck up”. Whatever dude. Use logic for once…black on black murder is at an all time high. Maybe you should figure out why that is and stop “blamin’ whitey”..
          “Institutionalized rascism”…my ass….

        9. The black community was the prototype for the shitstorm we are seeing in the west today.

        10. I agree. The current shit being pushed on college campuses (rape hysterics, denial of due process, etc…) is going to be released into main stream culture. And it is all by design.

        11. “I’m going to let you figure out on your own why this statement is problematic.”
          Translation – I have no valid counter argument.
          Ghost, you’ve spent entirely too long dealing with this troll. I know it’s tempting, I get drawn in occasionally myself. But the best response to “institution racism” is “yeah, so?” Any follow up by him should be met with, “sucks to be you.”

        12. Exactly. They wanted to see if this stuff “worked” to deconstruct society. Turns out, it does.

        13. As if you can’t say the exact same thing about white girls. Get the fuck real dude.

        14. Any tips? Which weapons and surveillance companies are worth investing in?

        15. We live in a free society in one of the most prosperous countries in the world and we know the possible outcome of our personal decisions.
          Sad to see so many looking for a scapegoat such as “patriarchy”, “racism”, and more to avoid accepting personal responsibility for poor choices.

        16. Just saving your time for better things since you bring real value to the site!

        17. It’s called cuckholdry fyi, and most cuckholded couples stay together on the premise they never talk about it. Raising illegitimate bastards has been a time honored traditions for many marriages. If the first child was your’s, why are you mad number two isn’t? They are still her kids and should be treated with love.

      1. I can’t think of a single white person I know that isn’t racist toward black people. My parents are racist. My friends are racist. My co-workers are racist. I see racism all the fucking time. If you really, truly, honestly believe racism against blacks doesn’t exist, your head is so far up your own ass that you can’t see, and it’s probably because you’re racist too.
        You can call me a leftist, Marxist, etc. call me whatever the fuck you want. I’m no leftist and I’m no Marxist, but racism exists. To deny it is to deny reality, which is downright delusional.

        1. Yeah, those poor put off black investment bankers on their internet connection posting through thousand dollar computers.
          The horror.

        2. Oh just stfu man. You have no argument. Bitch be gone, cause only a bitch lies to themselves and won’t admit when they’re wrong.

        3. So basically you have nothing but snark.
          If racism were “institutional” blacks wouldn’t get ahead. There is a large black middle class and no small number of rich black people. To declare institutional racism is silly on its face.
          The dude even started snarking with “problematic”. I don’t mind discussing race issues with a non-Leftist, but he was just a shrill little Marxist who cut and fled when he couldn’t rebut my points. I had to “figure them out myself” because they were “problematic”. Typical SJW bullshit. And you defend it. Why?

        4. I hate SJW’s with a passion. I’m only pointing out that the racism does exist, and I witness it every day. You can deny the SJW bullshit and still admit the racism exists.
          As far as institutional goes, what are institutions made of? People. Are people racist? Yes. I’ve witnessed myself, people in positions of power that would not hire a black person based on their skin color only. If that’s not institutional racism, I don’t know what is. It only depends on the person who holds authoritative power within the institution.
          Am I saying some low life thug should be entitled to a good job making tons of money just because he’s black? Fuck no, but for a qualified black person to be denied the opportunity just because they’re black, or because they talk different, is bullshit, and it does happen.

        5. “I’ve witnessed myself, people in positions of power that would not hire a black person based on their skin color only.”
          Check Thomas Sowell about that, he is a black man btw. People in positions of power avoid hiring black persons because of affirmative action. If it turns out that the black guy/girl is an inept dumbass you wont be able to fire him/her without “Muh racism” Twitter shitstorms.
          So they prefer to hire white inept dumbasses, it’s cheaper and no shitstorms when they get fired. Simple as that.
          Not everything people do have a political statement attached to it (as the Left would like you to believe), mostly is just unwillingness to deal with things that waste time and lead nowhere.

        6. I’ve been denied a college admission, at least two jobs, and certainly one promotion because I’m a white male. I know this precisely because I was openly informed of it each time.
          Shit happens. Yes, plenty of racists in the world, but they exist everywhere and are not all white males out to keep the black man down.
          This society gives everybody so much access to tools and information that there is absolutely no excuse not to get off one’s ass and get out and make one’s life better. I don’t accept bullshit excuses from anybody on this matter, except perhaps “Yeah, see, I was in a coma the last 20 years” in which case, man, that sucks.

        7. “I’ve been denied a college admission, at least two jobs, and certainly one promotion because I’m a white male.”
          I will agree with you there. It does work both ways. The tides are changing in the opposite direction which is not okay. It shouldn’t lean toward any direction. People are people and that’s all there is to it. Some people are shit and some people aren’t. I’ve met shit black people and I’ve met good black people. I’ve met shit Asian people and I’ve met good Asian people. I’ve met shit Mexican people and I’ve met good Mexican people. I’ve met shit white people and I’ve met good white people. It all depends on the person, not the skin color.

        8. I don’t disagree with you. This is why I’m against “institutional racism” when used as a Leftist screed to excuse poor behavior in black people. They’re individuals and responsible for their own lives, it’s 2016, there is literally no excuse for not improving one’s lot in life. Libraries and internet in them are free. Job searches work in a library just like they do at home. You can even get free advice and training on how to become employable. I just don’t cotton to a victim mentality from anybody.

        9. Sure racism exists but not in the form you seem to imply. Most groups of people are racist in that they have a race based attitude against different groups of people. If you travel some you will notice. A fair bit of Asia is quite negative to wasps but less to blacks because of music and media and exotic allure etc.
          But I would also add that racism is based on real observable biological and cultural differences as well as preconceptions that may or not be accurate.
          I’d actually say that if the crime rate of the black community in the US went down to the same level as it is on average in the whole population and people still thought of black people as criminals several years later, you’d have a point in being pissed about it. Until that day not really.
          Feelz are powerful stuff but not the same thing as objective observation.

        10. It is the elephant in the room. At the core of it, much of life is filtered through the lens of racism. And when you are a member of the leading group of a nation, you usually have a bunch of extra hoops created to ensure you are always viewed on top. Some of my personal favorites are black people have low IQs, black people are thugs, black people are all about muh dick, black people have kids everywhere, for a black person to be smart they need white DNA in them, and so on. What do they have in common? They all require a white person’s approval, or else it is seen as denial of the truth, that they are all lies. In laments terms, it is an intricate tool to keep a group enslaved in mind and spirit because first, they must prove to the white side of the race they are of value. And let’s not get into history revision.
          I could actually spend time debunking every last argument, and I have against a lawyer some moons past, but the core of the argument will never be relinquished because of the approval factor.

        11. All people are racist minus the hate. All races have general stereotypes that change and fluctuate with the times. All races have general pros and cons in their contribution towards mankind.
          The onus is on the people on the receiving end of the stick to either live up to those stereotypes or obliterate them. Not on those who may or may not have any type of preconceived notion about a person based on their race.
          We are all NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT equal.

        12. I’m not racist. Not even a little bit. I think the stereotypes are funny, but also true. And no, no two people in the entire world are equal. As much as we’re all alike, we’re all different in every way conceivable.

    3. I wonder what the OP has to say about the vast amount of non-black people who would already see him as an uneducated thug prone to violence without knowing a thing about him.

      1. It’s called a stereotype. The onus rests on the person on the receiving end of the stick to either be the one to live up those stereotypes or smash them. NOT on the one who may have very good cause and reason to build a preconceived notion about somebody based on a variety of factors.

  26. As a white guy in the USA, I never experienced this with black women. I also never dated American black women. I found the majority of them too brash and/or masculine for my taste. Currently I’m in a LTR with a Jamaican chick. She’s 23, feminine, submissive, great cook, and there for my needs. I noticed the lack of submission, slut behavior, and entitled among all races of American women. For the American fellas, date a young immigrant chick or first generation American if you dont have the funds or means to relocate to any other country. The majority of them still abide by traditional values and most of the time they arent indoctrinated in the American culture.

    1. Problem is, the change to entitled bitch can occur very swiftly. Chain her to the stove for the good of the relationship.

    2. Brah, Jamaican culture is full of c*ck riding carousel sluts. You may be with the exception but, Jamaica is a place where over 80% of children are born to single mothers.

    3. What’s the best way to meet immigrant chicks when not in a massive city like NY or LA

  27. @Donovan Sharpe I am guessing you are a black man and I have seen the contempt that black women have for men of their color. When I ran college track, the black women on my team would often loudly discuss why they rejected one “nigga” after another, sometimes for being too dark-skinned or light-skinned.
    On the other hand, I am a white man and I have had black girls throwing themselves at me my whole life (even before I started learning game I attracted alot of cute black women.)
    I have dated quite a few black girls, though I have been selective with the kind I date. All the ones I have dated loved giving head, were very submissive and petite.
    But then again, most have been either immigrants or 1st-generation Americans.
    Americanized black girls, as opposed to those who are foreign born or have foreign-born parents, can be very masculine and bitchy. I try to avoid them if I can.
    I am currently dating a cute Ethiopian girl with big tits and an amazing butt who constantly rails against feminism, and I am also seeing a really cute black girl from St Lucia who is about as petite and feminine as you could ask for.
    I have found that the darker the skin, the more likely that a black girl will have the combination of qualities I want, although there are exceptions of course.

    1. You substantiated everything I said and more in your comment. Summary, if you want to date happily, leave African American women alone.

      1. Yes, my general rule is: if removed from the mother country by more than one generation —–> Don’t date

        1. God damn, another one of you whities is fucking one of my women.
          Lol, I guess it’s only fair I mostly date white American chicks. Just fucking around, play on player!
          I do love my Ethiopian and Eritrean chicks. You in DC?

        2. Lol nope I’m in NY. There are some attractive, feminine white girls I know but there are few things I love more than a cute black ass so that’s the kind that I date. If I ever do marry, it will be a feminine, petite white girl but cute black girls are alot of fun to fool around with.

        3. Said the same for white women. Men don’t usually want to take anyone’s women. Just borrow them for a little bit and mess with the odometer.

  28. What a load of crap. Black chicks are some of the realest chicks out there. They don’t give a fuck and aren’t afraid to tell you how they feel. They don’t sugarcoat shit and they don’t feed you lies like typical women.
    They are submissive, they’re just harder to dominate.
    Some of the best head I’ve ever had came from black chicks. And fat white chicks.
    Their expectations are some of the lowest because nobody wants them.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a bullshit article on this site.

    1. This asinine comment is much better if you read it with this in mind.

      1. It’s interesting how Family Guy could shove leftist preaching down your throat one minute and then make funny jokes about black people the next.

        1. I guess it is the writers. Some are preachy and political and some aren’t.
          Not sure if you remember the show MASH but that show was just fantastic right up to the point where Alan Alda stopped just being an actor and got involved with the Directing and Writing. Then the show just became a preachy annoying turd.
          They still would have a good line here and there though. I think they had to sneak the humor in while Alda was out thinking about how self-fulfilled he is.

        2. Yeah I was never crazy about the show MASH. My dad was the kind who liked it for the sake of the more pretentious drama crap on it. The movie, on the other hand, is great. A lot of red pill stuff in there. It’s very funny too. At one point in the movie, Hawkeye and Trapper John find this soldier who’s depressed because he thinks he’s turning gay. I won’t tell you how, but in the end he enthusiastically thanks them for successfully “rehabilitating” him.
          It was hilarious. If the movie was made today, that character would either have proudly affirmed his gayness or had some kind of dramatic victimhood martyrdom.

        3. movie was very good. And early tv shows were pretty good too. It wasn’t until Alda got famous that they started getting annoying and drama filled. They were mostly silly before.

        4. Trapper John M.A.S.H. rocked. BJ M.A.S.H. got preachy and pretentious fast.

        5. correct. The introduction of BJ was the end….however, it has more to do with the power play that alda pulled and how he went from being an actor on a show to being in charge of the show. He is a real cocksucker.

        6. Right. Alan Alda was the first person that I looked at and said “What the fuck is wrong with that dude”. His primpy effeminate schtick, as in real life, was one of those “…and I will ensure that I NEVER end up like that” moments for me as a teen. Jamie Farr, who played Klinger, was 20x more masculine despite being in a dress on the show most of the time.

        7. Thinking back, Alda might have been the first person for me too….He really was/is a total cunt. If you ever read Wayne Roger’s book you will see just what a smarmy prick he was.
          As a side note, Roger’s Spin off, AfterMASH, where Col. Potter, Trapper John and Klinger amd Radar and Father Mulchaey work together in a hospital in Hannibal, Missouri was, hands down, the worst television show ever.

        8. That chick is a trashy kind of cute that I find appealing around closing time at the bar.

        9. That was probably because Jamie Farr was a REAL Korean War Army vet (2 years service after hostilities ended).

    2. Why would I want an aggressive woman who “isn’t afraid to tell me how she feels”, precisely? I don’t like that shit in white girls or Hispanics or Asians. I hear enough unsolicited opinions in real life every day that are hostile, why would I want to come home to it?
      I can appreciate not sugar coating, but are you suggesting that NAWALT here? Because lying and manipulation are hard wired into all women.
      And fat white chicks.
      *shudder* I don’t know how you guys do that shit, I could never bring myself to go Hog Hunting. Shit just grosses me out. Off topic from your basic comment, just had to note it.
      Their expectations are some of the lowest because nobody wants them.
      Interesting, can you give me some examples of what you’re talking about?

      1. I understand not wanting somebody aggressive, believe me, I’m not saying I like it, but it is a breath of fresh air compared to the deceitful bullshit you’ll get from other women.
        I don’t hog hunt, but if I were to cut off fat chicks completely, I’d be getting next to nothing. 2/3rds of the country is overweight, the pickins are limited.
        You want examples of black chicks not being wanted? Look at this article and the comments. It’s staring you right in the face.

        1. Given as I hang around white midwestern “country” girls, they’re plenty straight forward. Shit, some of the biker chicks are downright aggressively forward with their opinions (which I find, meh).
          Fat girls in general, I just call it Hog Hunting (I think other men do too, I first heard it in the 1980’s). I have a hard and fast 7+ rule that I have refused to violate. Been invited to head out for Fat Girl culling and refused, many times, when I was in the military. Just ain’t mah thang.
          You want examples of black chicks not being wanted? Look at this article and the comments. It’s staring you right in the face.
          That’s just confirmation bias though. You’d expect these kinds of comments on this specific type of article. If you go to Stormfront you can also see rampant anti-semitism, but that doesn’t mean it’s a major part of life outside of that website, ya’ know? I mean in real life, in your experience.

        2. Yeah, I don’t dig country girls at all. Not saying I dig black chicks either, I’m just calling out some of the BS in this article. It’s like the dude went on a date with one black chick and suddenly knows everything.
          I’m not saying I know everything either. I’ve never dated one. Aside from chit-chat, bam-bam thank you ma’am, I don’t have much else for experience with them.
          Get on the internet if you don’t believe nobody wants them. You’ll see white chicks getting hundreds of likes on a photo, and black chicks will get next to none, and are always begging for somebody to talk to, aside from maybe the skinny, lighter skinned black chicks. These comments here are not much different than real life. Yes there are people who like them, but they are few and far between than people who don’t.
          Oh, and when I say fat, I don’t mean obese, a fat chick to me is any girl more than 140lbs, give or take, depending on height.

        3. Talk about the wrong forum to praise fatties who aren’t afraid to tell it like it be. smh

        4. Yeah, not what I’d call prime qualities that are advocated on this site, heh.

        5. See, that’s the issue. I don’t have social media, and I don’t go to the “hotornot” type sites, so I have no real way to tell in that regard.
          R.E. – country girls. Country girls are fantastic, generally speaking. The brash ones get on my nerves, but there’s something about a fresh, thin, fair skinned girl in cowboy boots and a Stetson that sets my heart on fire.

        6. You act like I give a fuck what you think. Men have opinions, if you can’t deal with them, go cry to your mommy, child.

        7. There is an old saying that opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and most of them stink.
          I didn’t tell you what I think. I stated an objective fact about what I know about the people in this comments section and the general reaction to praise given to fat mouthy cunts.
          In turn you took this objective statement and told me you don’t give a fuck what I think and then resorted to name calling….in this particular case calling me a child.
          I would like for you to stop for just one moment and think about whether that is really the type of person you want to be.

        8. I hate country and everything about it. I hate country music. I hate country people. I hate country girls. My best friend was raised country and he hates it as well. The only thing country I like is living in the country. It’s my aspiration.
          As far as country girls, I think they are annoying as shit. Country this, country that, oooo I’m a country girl, I deserve respect from a real man blah blah blah. They can take their princess mentality and their masculine hobbies and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

        9. I don’t associate with the kind that hunt. We may be talking about two entirely different women here. By country girl, I don’t mean trailer park redneck girl. More the high end types that take care of themselves, wear makeup, church going, are basically Traditionalist, and like masculine men. Throw a nice skirt, boots and a cowboy hat on one and I’m in like Flynn.
          Modern country music does suck, agreed. The old stuff, the original from the 1900’s to the 1960’s, pretty good stuff, at least in small doses. I can never get enough of Hank Williams Senior…well except that he’s dead.

        10. Totally agree about the modern country music. I dig a lot of oldies music, some old country included. Modern country is original country’s bastard child.
          The type of country woman you’re talking about is so rare I don’t even believe I’ve ever interacted with one. Aside from maybe my friend’s mother.

        11. They’re all over the place here. I guess it is a mixture of being around lots of open farmland combined with nice rich little villages that produce’em, I dunno. I recall a mess of them being out in Texas when I was stationed there, although there were plenty of the redneck types thrown in such that you had to be careful and filter a bit.
          Yeah, modern country took Pop and said “Play it in A. A is a good country key”.

      2. I had two buddies stay over my place once…this is a while back, maybe ’02.
        One of them was drunk and hitting on a girl who was so fat…I mean huge….like a monster. I don’t mean oh she is 155 pounds I wont fuck her. This girl was 300 pounds if she was an ounce and maybe, maybe, 5’2.
        She was, to this day, the fattest girl I have ever seen. And there was my buddy. He was totally in to it. I told him not to get involved. I told him it was disgusting. I did everything short of physically preventing him from fucking her. I was hitting on her friend though and while I wanted to save my buddy having the fat girl distracted was a good thing.
        Anyway, he left with her. I struck out and my other buddy and I went back to my place. We played cards pretty much all night. Sure enough my doorbell rings and it’s my buddy who went with the fat chick. It is like, oh, maybe 7 am at this point. I open the door and he steps in. No one says a single word for a few minutes and then finally, just as it was getting uncomfortable I said “Tim, go shower. You smell like shame and fat cunt”
        He really did smell fat. He was a tall skinny guy and he just smelt fat. A few days later my friend Ben called me and said to go on myspace. He had found the fat girls profile. She had posted a status the day after my buddy boned her. “sometimes the right person can really make you feel special”
        Well we called tim up on three way calling. I was incredulous. “not only did you fuck that pig but you made her feel special too!” Ben asked how he made her feel special. He said “presumably you ran out and got her some KFC”
        To this day, over a decade removed, every now and then while talking to ben one of us will just laugh and say “i can’t believe he made her feel special”

        1. Ugh.
          If another dude is into fatties that’s not my problem. I’ve actually defended a guy from being cockblocked when he was hitting on a chub (not terribly chub, but that 155 @ 5’2 chub). But me, fuck no, if she’s not a thin or athletic 7 or higher, no dice, later gator.

        2. I could almost forgive that, but no..he liked her. He enjoys the fatties. I was only half as talking with the friend because why not.

  29. You seem to be adamant in embracing your wicked sin. So, consider this a public service announcement to all who share in this nonsense.
    “I was called a sellout, race traitor, and every other typical insult they could think of.
    These things are not insults; they are the truth. Tell yourself whatever you want. Doesn’t make the truth go away.
    The bottom line here is that they refuse to cater to their men (or maybe they just don’t know how)
    I’ve seen this same non-argument from every shade of the race rainbow in futile attempts to defend adultery. First, those who aren’t fools see warning flags go up whenever someone tries to paint an entire group with the same brush. Roosh attempted this tactic recently in trying to defend adultery by trying to smear the entire Alt Right movement.
    This generalization attempt always points to the truth that the problem isn’t “them”. It’s you. If you don’t know how to stimulate submissiveness in your women you are the problem. You lack skill, so the next move is whine about it and abandon your heritage? Great “patriarchal solution”! Everyone who cries this nonsense needs to stop whining and acquire skill. Of course that takes effort from an actual man qualified to patriarch.
    Also, the man has to be truly willing, and not using such fallacies as a distraction from the truth: He has an unnatural lust for women of a different race and no desire for his own women in the first place. It’s not my problem, it’s every woman in my race’s problem! Victim mentality at it’s finest. There really ought to be a website somewhere devoted to honoring men, accountability, and patriarchy.
    All women aim to consolidate on the highest value male they can find, skin tone be damned.
    No, they don’t. You can parrot these “game” guidelines until you’re blue in the face on sympathetic websites trying to add cred to your lack of moral integrity, but again, those of us who know better see right through it. Most men and women of every race overwhelmingly prefer their own race. The above holds true for secular humanist strongholds at best. If that’s where you’re shopping for women you deserve what you get. Any woman who operates her life “colorblind” is automatically disqualified as a mate. Period.
    At this point it’s safe to say that as far as black females are concerned, black men are a static “Plan B.”
    Instead of constantly judging your culture and race by another culture and race, tend to your own. Of course that would also require effort, honor, and responsibility befitting a man. Why not just take the “easy” way out instead? Why not just place blame on every female in your race like they are the problem? Try to draw attention away from the fact that you just plain prefer to dishonor your heritage through your adulterous sexual behavior. You can’t seem to go more than a paragraph or two without bringing in some other race. If you do that with black chicks I can see why an honorable black woman would ditch you or not be interested. She’d see you coming from a mile away because she has wisdom and you’re a fool. The only one “Plan B”ing anyone else is you vs. black women. Then you accuse people of “projecting”. . . ironic.
    “They don’t give head. . . Ahhh, the elephant in the room.
    The elephant in the room here is apparently you can’t get a black chick to give you head. The problem again, the major theme, is you. How in the world did you get to be a contributing writer on a site priding itself on game? How did any of your cool, “high SMV” white buddies who’s “red pill truths” you so skillfully parrot miss this one? They couldn’t help you acquire the skill to get BJs? “Man whines like a punk because he can’t get his women to give him head” is not a great sub-heading to article on a “game” website. Major loss of cred across the board here, gents. Newsflash: chicks of all races perform oral.
    I could add much more. Let’s just mentally marinate on the nonsense that black chicks don’t give head which I could have began and ended with in and of itself. The sum of your article is attempting to blame an entire racial gender for your personal problems. That’s heavily insulting to black women first and foremost many of whom are good, moral women whom you couldn’t keep up with. The truth is if any black man spent 1% of the time and effort you spend whining on looking for a good black woman instead, he’d have a harem by now. That goes for any man of any race.
    The only value in this article is the great insight to how deluded and devoid of logic the male brain can be when it embraces moral degeneracy. Reject these males in due measure to their moral degeneracy.

      1. Yes I analyzed it. About 99% of it is emotional outrage and the other 1% is hot air. 0% logic. Butthurt black woman? Check.

        1. I literally could not read it. I tried like 4 times.
          After the first paragraph I just figure it is 5 more paragraphs of “mmmmmmhhhhmmmmm”

        2. I was picturing this:

          She wrecks his gas station, pouts a minute, then rips her shirt strap so she can pretend she was raped.

        3. Lol, I just remembered about some porn movie with Sierra Lewis getting assfucked. She was butthurt but still smiling. Check it on Google.

        4. terrific. This was probably a reaction to the guy saying he prefers blondes.
          Why are her shoes off?

        5. Why are her shoes off?
          She’s trying to set an example for other women, but unfortunately can’t completely carry through, not being pregnant that we can discern.

        6. In the beginning of the video she takes off her flip flops so she can use them to wreck the store display. Apparently she can accomplish stuff with her flip flops that she can’t with her hands…..

        7. Right, which seems odd to me. I mean, I can hit something much harder with a closed fist than with a flip flop and something tells me that this is a woman who is not a stranger to violence.

        8. She’s a woman….we can’t expect her to think this through rationally or logically xD

  30. As a young African American here in America, everything that Donovan has talked is, at least, 99% accurate. I say 99% because there are black american women that are the exception, but they are about as rare as winning the lottery.
    Maybe I was one of the lucky ones who grew up in a household where my parents are still married to each other, going on 30 years now. But I definitely know what qualities a woman has that is worth to wife up and majority of African American women today don’t have those qualities. Growing up, there were a few black woman I was interested in, but they wasted no time turning me down because I didn’t “act black enough” or wasn’t a hoodlum like my peers. Meanwhile, I was gaining interest from women of other races likes Caucasians, Latinas, and Asians. Soon I came to the conclusion that if the sistas don’t want me, I might as well date outside my race.
    Now it’s like whenever black women see me with any woman outside my race, I can feel the heat of their death stares as I go about my business. I never understood it. The sistas didn’t want me when I was single, but get angry when they see me with any non-black woman in the vicinity. Honestly, I just laugh to myself because they have no one to blame but themselves. I love being African American, but I’m not going to degrade my manhood just to live up to black women’s feminist standards.

    1. To put it bluntly, why should you treat one of these women like a queen, when she expects to be able to treat you as her serf?

    2. Exact same thing happened to me. One of my former flames (I won’t call it a relationship cause it wasn’t one) was from Kazakhstan (think Asian skin on Russian features). All those white bitches that turned me down in college gave me the exact same stares.

    3. And that example you gave there is red pill wisdom. When you’re single, girls don’t even give you any attention. Once you get a woman, now they all want you. They want what other women have. They really don’t want you.
      Use this knowledge to your advantage. Your girl needs to know there are other women who would want to snare you.

    4. Man Sigma, my brother and I could have written your post word for word. It isn’t just American Black Women either, its the same in Canada. Exact same deal, only in my case my girl at the time and I had some Black women ‘comment’ on the situation.
      It’s funny yet sad at the same time how Black women are so upset about their SMV yet do nothing positive about correcting it. I’m in my 40’s, been IR married for the last 14 years and have had Black women call me and my wife/gf out on many occasions for the last 20+ years.
      I doubt many Black women comprehend just how badly their attitudes affect their SMV. I’ve actually run into Black females actively telling their siblings and/or children NOT to date Black women. How sad is that?

      1. My own mother advised me to get a woman who fears God, embraces her role of a submissive wife, and brings peace to your house. That advice automatically disqualifies 99% of black women I know lol.

        1. That’s it exactly Sigma. My sis was happy that I was dating a Black woman years ago despite the fact that she had three kids. After the horrific breakup, she promptly told me to “forget what she said” about Black women.
          I was speaking to a former co worker who was in an IR relationship who told me that her MIL had given her two sons and one daughter two simple rules.
          To the girl; keep your attitude in check.
          To the boys; don’t you DARE bring a Black girl home to meet me.
          The thing is; all three of them listened…all three to this day are happily married.

        2. All this is true but, you think that maybe the fact that most Black women are raised without a father is a factor?
          My experience with women of all races is to avoid those who were raised without a father.

        3. A very good indicator to be sure. However, I’d dated several girls from different races way back in highschool who had estranged fathers and Black women still had the worst attitudes.

  31. So if you don’t fuck anymore inside your race, it means you are willing to fuck White girls?
    “white men, the men highest on the totem pole in terms of SMV”
    False. The Jews, as well as their little black protégés (rappers promoted by Warner, Universal, MTV; sports players; talking heads wannabe Obama, and so on) have a higher SMV than most White men. Plus, they receive a bonus from the anti-White mainstream media that keeps pedestalizing them.

    1. He means in real life. Based on observation, I’d say that he’s basically right. The obsessions you talk about are in the media, a fake world. Girls also beat up guys there too, so you may want to take it with a grain of salt.

      1. In France there are way more Black guys dating White girls (sometimes they are illegals doing so for the passport, sometimes they just put a brown-skinned child inside the girl and abandon her) than White guys dating Black girls.
        If you are brown-skinned and manage to play the civilized, intellectual guy, you have better chances to score than the average, all-too-normal White guy. Even Black wannabe thugs are sometimes able to score.
        In real life, niggaz “game” girls in the streets early on, sometimes they fuck them, and eventually we White men get all the girls’ bitch shield in the face.

        1. Guess you’re just a pussy who can’t handle that. Yes, once she has a mix baby she will only date blacks because not one single sane dude would wife a single mother.
          It’s usually a sad life to her and the kids that follow because she thinks she can only score with LOW SMV thuggish blacks.

    2. Get outta here with that shit. I can tell you don’t travel internationally, in the real world. We white men are the most highly valued men on the planet, bar none. OKCupid even verified it with some publicly released statistics.
      Go to the Philippines, China, South America, Africa, etc — almost all people respond well to us, particularly when we’re respectful and keep ourselves in good shape. White skin = a ticket to ride.

      1. I live in South America and I can tell you that what you say is true… here, where I live. But in Paris, where I come from, I have seen mestizos enjoy their fashionable, semi-exotic status to game some little champagne socialist girls.
        Besides, where I live now, there has been a growing pressure from mestizas and other part-White/non-White girls for creating a rebellious, anti-White identity, just as those that exist in the Western world.

      2. People don’t like to hear the truth but the lighter the skin tone, the more beautiful and appealing to any living being on the planet.

    3. this comment gets the award for most clever way of blaming the jews in an article that couldn’t possibly have been less about jews.
      Congratulations. You are king nut bag for the day.

      1. Without the Jews stirring them and leading them, Blacks would still be picking up our cotton. 70-IQ guys would not have invented “muh civil rights.”

  32. Man oh man I need to get my popcorn! I agree with everything the article states. Many people seem to be pointing out that he should have specified “American black women” but given the contents of the article, I think the author made it fairly clear without having to say it.
    That being said, it’s a free country. If a man doesn’t wanna date black women because they don’t like how they act fine. It should be no skin off the nose of all the haters in here trying to call his opinions “false” or “unfounded.” Obviously he has plenty of experience with them so if anyone disagrees, write a rebuttal article like he challenges you to do instead of being a keyboard gangsta!

  33. Here’s what’s revealing, imo, let’s consult the “progressive stack”. Black women are 1) Black and 2) Women, so, they score very high on the stack. Remember that stack is nothing more than a new hierarchy of power, indeed, it is power. That alone is chilling. So, the higher you are on the stack the more power you have. Right now, black women are very high, trumped, only by lesbian black women and/or trans. Although I suspect that the lesbian contingent is the leader of the black woman tranche just like it is with white women. This is the best explanation as to why these people are so fucking insufferable. And, Black Men, this is it. I would point out that in a merit system, Black Men, just like White men, and all other men, would be higher in status. Moreover, we wouldn’t have any of these problems and black and white women would be giving blowjobs because they want to please their man. But, through all the rah-rah bullshit. All the “we can do it” and even the acutely annoying “we’re better than you”…remember that the progressive stack inverts merit. In other words the higher you are on this scale the more of a loser you are.

    1. Yesssssss exactly! The entire productive hierarchy has been flipped upside down. Lowest value losers on top, highest value winners on bottom being fleeced to support the losers.
      Utterly unsustainable!

  34. Tried a Trinidadian woman and I have to say enjoyed the experience…
    She was crazy as a sack of rats, but fucked enthusiastically.
    Never gave head.
    Pump and dump…

    1. Ha, this is the exact experience I had with a trini girl. Totally fucking nuts. Amazing in the sack. And Trini crazy isn’t like normal girl crazy.
      An example.
      Normal Girl Crazy: A friend of mine caught his rider trying to put his thumb on his iPhone to open the phone up while he was asleep.
      Trini Girl Crazy: A trini girl would have woken him up, cut him, and then asked him to put in his password then, depending on contents of phone, either cut him again or fucked him like a maniac…possibly both.

      1. Aha! Why am I not surprised you are a man who’s sampled Trini!
        And yes, they are in a whole new realm of batshit-crazy! And insanely violent as your example illustrates.
        Mine had a father who was very highly placed in the islands military/police – needless to say I consistently refused to visit what otherwise would have been a delightful island full of beautiful crazies… Which, of course, is why I am still here to tell the tale!
        Outstanding and memorable fucks despite all that 🙂

        1. Yes, if I ever have to chose the manner of my dying one possible way to go would be to have a three way with two trini girls. They would be totally into it until it was over. The fight they get in due to insane amounts of jealousy will def lead to death.

        2. Fuck yeah! This is *so* true! And on *my* list of whimsical but fantastic ways to exit also 🙂
          Jealous. Insane. Violent. And all directed straight to their pussies…
          One night or longer btw? And if longer did you notice the strange reactions of people, both male and female, white and black, to you dating a Trini?
          I’m a Brit, so may be different in the US, but it *freaked* people *out*! Except other white guys who assume you are some kind of major league stud lol

        3. I dated one for a few months. The other was a one off.
          I live in NYC so there is an apathy to mixed race relations for the most part.
          How it would be taken in a less metropolitan place in the US is something I could just guess at but I think it would be similar to your experience.

        4. Heh, you learnt your lesson the first time then and made no 2 a one nighter!
          I stuck with the one flag… didn’t want to accumulate any more scars (literally)

  35. I don’t date black women, because they’re goddamn ugly. Just look at their facial features: broad nose, big lips, nappy hair. And their behavior…damn, don’t let me talk about that. White women have fucked up personalities too, but most of them look like a woman and aren’t that ugly.

    1. I agree, although there are always exceptions. Also those HUGE asses. I like a biggish ass but black women take it to another level. Then they have the audacity to wear skipants……

      1. I have yet to have it adequately explained to me how a monstrous ass is supposedly super hot. As I recall, until the 2000’s, if you told a woman her ass looked fat, you were cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

        1. I like a *nice* ass. Fit and thin with a big ass is unappealing to me. I mean big like they’ve become in the last 10-15 years, not well rounded, which is fine.

        2. Yes, I saw a black woman in a dress the other day and I could swear it actually slightly “jiggled” as she walked by. The type that is disproportionately large. It was honestly oddly big.

        3. True…they look like they’re dragging around 100 pounds of chewed gum behind them. GROSS!

  36. Black women are like beta males. They exist thinking they’re entitled to something without doing anything to get it. Then they complain about how unfair the world is

  37. You don’t have to date them to know that they always want to be in charge, they are unfeminine and many of them do not shave their legs or underarms. Gross! I don’t understand where they think that uppity attitude is going to get them. What guy wants to come home from work and listen to that shit? Nobody.

    1. Who are you talking about in your comment, MC227? It sounds like it could apply to ANY group of feminasty women of modern society.

  38. You would rather lay with white garbage than your own women. That irrational “you can’t tell me what to do attitude!” is also held by black males. I’m not saying this out of hate, I’m saying it out of pitty; it’s simply a hard truth even if you can’t see it. I’ve known many strong, intelligent, black men in your position. It’s like you are shit of luck.

  39. Thanks to ridiculous television shows and Tyler Perry movies, black women seem to think they, not their men or husbands, should be the head of household.

    An unfortunate number of them are the heads of their households, which probably has a lot to do with it.

  40. “As a b̶l̶a̶c̶k̶ short man, I know I’m not going to have as many opportunities as w̶h̶i̶t̶e̶ tall guys but I didn’t sit around and cry about it. I hit the gym, learned game, and stacked my paper.”
    Fucking bingo.

  41. I saw a Youtube video recently by one David Carroll, a black conservative vlogger who is (shall we say) highly critical of African American culture. He talked about one kind of Empowered Black Woman.. the “2-book intellectual”. It just cracked me up.

  42. Uhmmm, so you dated enough of these women to know for certain that they do not give head and are not submissive? I think that is on YOU. It has nothing to do with them. And of course all 5 of your reasons are based on your own failure to meet nice women with darker skin. Most importantly you are talking about a few American women who slighted you. You are talking about some U.S women that offended you. Lame.

  43. Not many black women in my part of the world but from what I see in the media many of them are enormous.

  44. It’s true that stereotypes are true to some extent, but one has to be able to see the difference between general and universal truth. I mean I’ve been around the internet, and there are even black women into white master slave roleplay >_>. So yeah. The only reason to not date black women is 1. Racial. And list ends there. Because everything else is bs.

  45. To put in my two cents, I think black women seem to get a bad rep for the most part. A lot of them, unfortunately, do seem to be overweight or obese and awful to be around. But it seems that when a black woman is hot, she’s REALLY FUCKING HOT. The behavior of black women seems to be something inherent in the African American community.
    Regardless of this, as a black man it might not be a good idea to blatantly say you no longer date your own kind, Donovan, or openly admit that you date white women. Personally, I couldn’t care less, being of white, black and Indian descent. Date, marry, or fuck whoever you want. But the times are a-changing. White people are getting angrier, and I don’t think you dating their women will go over well. The alt-right is gaining momentum, and if they wind up taking power (and they very well might), I don’t think things are going to end well for guys like me, you and Roosh.

    1. “White people are getting angrier, and I don’t think you dating their women will go over well.”
      You think it has to do with dating white girls? The anger has more to do with being openly being discriminated and marganilized by the courts, the state, the education systems and having a country your ancestors built, and some of us fought for, stripped away and sold piece meal by a pack of left wing demoagues. Open borders and the 10s of millions of illegal invaders just ensure it will never be a successful country again. No idea where they are going to find dilligent tax payers to fund all that promised free shit, but socialists don’t believe in consequences. Just look at California. That’s the future.

        1. Ive never seen any Latina near a black “hood”
          Unless she was abducted by nigga thugs.

        2. Nice language, and you are the one complaining about what you perceive people are telling you to do. This really tells the world what gutter you crawled out of.

        3. Quote “Lmao get your butthurt ass outta here ”
          Sorry, I don’t understand the language of gutter slime.

        4. Of course the only thing you see is gutter slime. Living in the gutter with gutter language that is all you see anywhere.

        5. “”Of course the only thing Betterbob sees is gutter slime. Living in the gutter with gutter language that is all he sees anywhere.””
          I’m not interested in your life you ignorant Gutter Slime Shit.

        6. Quote “I’m not interested in your life you ignorant Gutter Slime (I refuse to use the last word).”
          Of course you are not because my level is so far above you you know you can never get even close to attaining it.
          Have a wonderful Hillary for President day.

  46. Quite a few guys here in Germany seem to like black women. If they stay fit a lot of them have an incredible hourglass figure.
    Most black people I met, were incredible friendly and helpful. American blacks seem to be far more aggressive and some of them see racism everywhere…
    An american black women insulted my aunt and called her racist because she didn´t answer her. My aunt cannot speak english and had no clue what was going on.

    1. Makes sense. Over here in the u.s. “they” are stoking the flames of racial animosity. This whole “black lives matters” stuff. Incidentally, its all been traced back to george fucking soros. But, without all this shit, which is said to “help” black people, they’re nice and get along. But its not just blacks its all these progressive shitdicks.

      1. Correct. BLM are paid thugs on a Soro’s payroll. A couple of them even admitted it.

  47. You obviously just didnt stick it out long enough to find a black woman you loved simple as that… i have some FINE and SEXY and ESTABLISHED friends its just the women YOU were choosing. I want to marry a black man some day. Even though theres TONS of thugs and ignorant black men out there it NEVER made me say… eh all black men suck i wont date them. And basicly by default if you say no good black women exist then is it true ur mom is loud fat and masculine? Your aunt, sisters etc dont deserve marriage is that true?

      1. Nope.. i only read this. Is there some gold nugget from it that is supposed to explain his prejudice for me?

        1. Oooo yea his mom is a piece of work … but come on… his sisters nieces.. his femal relatives.. none of them he feels is marriage quality?

        2. What you have missed is that the author obviously compartmentalizes his own biases which is his family with reality as he says in the piece.

        3. And thats why i asked.. what about his neices? His sisters… surley his mother is not the only black woman in his life.. he sees none of these women as deserving a relationship?
          If he were to have a daughter would he place the same stereotypes on her?

        4. Again, what you’re missing is that he separates his own biases. If he had a daughter I’m sure he’d raise her not to be like that. As far as his nephews and nieces, how does he know what they do and don’t deserve? What if he were to meet a black woman like he describes then later finds out she’s related to him? Does that make her more desirable or more deserving because she’s related by blood? You’re a female, and females aren’t logical so I understand you’re reluctance to wrap your head around the concept of removing feelings and blood relations from real world experience. But I suggest you give it a try however hard it may be.

        5. It was never that i didnt understand HIS bias… i just wanted to state MY bias.. look i have men in my family who are married to white women. However they would never bash black women because as black men they know what it feels like to be stereotyped… i never tried to comment from his perspective only mine.. and if women are so illogical then lets just have this be the last correspondence between us two

        6. And the example about the meeting the person and later finding out they are related.. wtf? Lol she would still be a stranger to him.. thats not what i was getting at… i was getting at .. does he not have ANY positive examples from his family? Im starting to think that he must only date this kind of woman and that he has limmited access to middle class educated bw?

  48. Testify Mr. Sharpe. I would add that they are egotistical to the point of delusion. More egotistical than the worst caricature of an alpha male. Major turn off.

  49. 6. They’re FAT. No seriously, they’re really fat. Around ~80% of Black women are overweight, and more than 50% are obese. Aside from actors in movies and on TV, I rarely ever see a black women that is not fat.

  50. We exist.. black woman here no children.. no bitterness… im not any of the things u said i am. so do i not have a right to be offended?

    1. No you don’t. If you’re being honest with yourself you know he never insinuates that ALL black women are like this. Go back and read the first one then the second one and stop being offended.
      BTW snowflaking gets you no favors here toots

      1. Wht is snowflaking? —But i also know many similar black women.. thats why its so insulting.. how is it i can name so many family members who are married established black women? Why is it most of my girlfriends dont have any babby daddies … and also give head! Lol i know plenty of feminine bw… my point is he isn’t dating in the right social circles obviously

        1. “Snowflaking” is making yourself sound better than you are to look like the exception to the rule on an atypical female.
          Every group of woman who gets called out on sites like these are always quick to say “Well I’M not like that” and then add “I know plenty of women who aren’t like that” or “I don’t know anybody like that”
          Save it for your echo chambers “Jasmine.” Nobody here is buying it.

        2. Not being loud masculine and rude isnt snowflaking… its being average. all i was saying was average female here and i know alot like me. If he has a daughter one day will he apply all these labels to her as well? She will be a black woman. Thats what makes it so sad

        3. I didnt say… rich black woman here.. loads of men wanna date me.. i have several businesses… that seems like snowflaking to me. im not bitter and i have no children (nothing unremarkable there)….but if im those things AND im black that makes me a snowflake? And snowflaking is good for sites like this at least it keeps things more fun. And i want people who dont have much contact with bw to know that a very abundant black middle class DOES exist .. and that they dont act like this

        4. Also when i come across threads that say most black men are hideous murderous rapists… i also like to pop up and say noooo… thats not true if i want to see black people demonized i dont have to look far…. apparentlt not even out of my own community (side eye to the op)

  51. “Personal discipline and responsibility..” Donovan said that in his last article. I just can’t figure out why black women AND black men can’t figure out birth control.

  52. Ha! As a black woman I can concur with almost everything stated here, only my situation differs because I am only trying to be friends with my “sistas” and experience the same crude attitudes, projections, and assumptions based on my being “white washed”. I can only imagine the horrors that may happen in trying to bed them.

    1. Do you have children? I only ask because I understand that a black woman without kids gets hassled by other black women.

    2. I’m just not down with the blackitude. I catch some good lookin black women check me out at the gym, a few I’ve flirted with, but it quickly becomes evident when Mz. Hardass starts projecting, a total waste of time.

      1. I’m not sure why you feel the need to come down so hard on Dita. She is saying, if I understand correctly, that she has been pegged as having the negative characteristics mentioned in the article, indeed, she seems to agree with the article and comes off to me like she sympathizes with men who try to bed such women.
        We all have to at least try to fit in even though we may not agree with those we are stuck with at work, school, church etc.
        I can honestly say that I know of a few professional women at my job whose characteristics run counter to this article.

        1. “We all have to at least try to fit in even though we may not agree with those we are stuck with at work, school, church etc.”
          No you don’t need to try to fit in. That’s beta behavior. You need to be courteous and civil to others, but not conform to fit in. You come off as a fake.

  53. Donovan great article. As always it is well written and insightful. You’re the best here man. But I have to challenge your notion that white men have higher SMV than black men. Young women, especially white women, are more than happy to ride an all-black carousel til their mid twenties. Then they decide that their mounds have been used enough and want a high market white guy. So many white guys are on the blue pill they take these used up dumpsters like a trophy while black guys think “been there, done that.” How can you call that higher SMV?

    1. Looking at things globally and for the long term. Black men have far fewer options on a global scale, generally speaking, and after the youth fades, we tend to have even fewer options. Also, there are few attractive women that will go for a man just because he is Black, while broke, ugly, fat, White guys with bad hygiene can kill it in many places in the world, especially the Far East.
      Of course, the stop-gap solution, at least in regards to dating and sex, is to put in the work to better ourselves and take what is choosing us if anything meets our standards. Living here in China with a Chinese girl and I can’t complain. Already did the pound as much pussy as possible thing.

  54. Good article. A topic I have no experience with. Thanks for the info, even if it is all theoretical for me. I have been married 25 years and am not in the dating market for any girl of any race.

  55. Long time ago I read an article about the female races that had some Red Pill truths in it. Generalizing here, Asian are the most feminine, White are in the middle and Black are the least. Their bodies tell it all. The same goes for men generally, but in terms of masculinity. That is why you rarely see an Asian man with a Black woman. And it jives with this article: only a Black man is “man enough” for a “brick house” Black woman.
    Amongst races, the lightest skin are always the most favored: most Black guys prefer a lighter-skinned Black woman.
    I dated a Black woman long times ago now(I’m mixed Asian-Caucasian). She was from Guyana. She was a waitress at a local Thai restaurant. Looking back I realize now how big of a retard she was, but it was a fun experience. Man those lips were soft.

  56. I think you should clarify that you mean African-American women. From my experience dating African girls straight from the motherland, they are among some of the most feminine and down to earth women you will ever meet.

  57. Yeah they have really high fertility though. They’re outbreeding everyone else. So people can belittle them but they will only grow in number along with the global jihad.

    1. Blacks? Maybe in Africa they have high birth rate from all the rape. But in the Americas they are actually a declining percent of the population.

      1. Their fertility is higher, both anecdotally and statistically. Their percentage has been growing in almost every sizeable American city.

        1. “Their fertility is higher, both anecdotally and statistically.” It’s slightly higher than white people, but it’s still lower than the Hispanic birth rate and it’s also steeply dropping. Not to mention they don’t have as high of a life expectancy. “Their percentage has been growing in almost every sizeable American city.” Only in cities with declining populations (because whites are GTFO). They are declining in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, even Washington D.C. It’s also kind of hard to reproduce when 15% of your reproducing age male population is in prison.

        1. No. It because the War on Drugs is a genocide program…locking up all the Black men at peak fertility.

        2. I use to work in a jail. Never noticed anyone being forced to take drugs. Survival of the fittest and smartest.

        3. You might want to adjust your tinfoil hat as it’s cutting off the blood flow to your ass.

  58. In Asia, White women often try to play that “You can’t handle a Western woman” thing too, even to Black men since we are supposed to be their “last resort” when the other foreigners are playing with the locals. Nah.

    1. I’ve seen a Russian chick being outdone by Chinese women. The amount of anger and bitterness in her facial expressions was priceless.

  59. I’m an Hispanic woman who doesn’t care for Hispanic men. I have always preferred white men. I’m not sure why. Is it an intuitive certainty of their higher SMV, or was my preference ‘learned?’
    Needless to say, I know I could not get the kind of man I would want now so I’ll just be alone.
    I’ve been listening to Tommy Sotomayor’s YouTube epic rants against that ‘certain’ black woman and find them to be entertaining and just plain sad at the same time. I wonder if somewhere way back, these characteristics served some purpose culturally. Maybe they can be unlearned since they don’t work in today’s world.

  60. IMO, most black women have been indoctrinated with the, “you don’t need a man” nonsense for so long (because they have the ultimate backup in the form of the government) that they’ve forgotten how to BE a woman. Some of them GENUINELY believe that they are a man’s equal in all facets of life. Most of them are the offspring of club hoes who decided to keep them, as opposed to abort. With that level of woman raising their daughters, it’s to be expected that most black women are LOST.
    I’m glad Donovan brought up Steve Harvey’s tap-dancing for bored housewives ass. First off, he didn’t write ANY goddamed book. You know how I know this? 1. His country ass isn’t intelligent enough to do so. and 2. No MAN would advise women to wait 90 days before having sex, and 3. He’s currently on his THIRD marriage, to a known gold-digger. So basically, no woman (or man for that matter) should take any “advice” Steve has to offer. He’ll literally say ANYTHING for money, which is why he keeps getting tv gigs. If black women look to him as some sort of “role model”, then I’d tell you to stay far away from them.

  61. Part of it, is that almost all currently dating age black women, like their black brothers, grew up being raised by single moms. And not just their moms, but everyone they knew’s moms, as well. All they’ve ever seen as “normal” female behavior, is the behavior of hitting the wall and freaking out about it women.
    But it is also a big part just defensive mechanisms. The Game is just crasser in Africa, and amongst it’s diaspora. Black guys tend to complain that they don’t want to deal with other black guys as well, since “black guys are full of shit”. “Because their moms let them get away with anything when they grew up…” I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard that line from black guys. To some extent, black women are just used to being bullshitted and gamed and pumped and dumped and charmed and lied to and cheated and……… And are often hiding behind a thicker wall as a result. As degenerate as the wider American/Western society has gotten, black America is still several decades ahead when it comes to decay in any kind of mores. More widespread knowledge of “game”, which in many ways boils down to trying to act more like a stereotypical black “playa”, will in time make women of other races equally thick skinned and crass as well. It’s a noticeable trend already, for those who were around even a decade or two ago, when Mystery first starting popularizing game.

  62. F#$K ROK for publishing this dindu nuffin trash article. This is kike race-mixing agit prop. Red-pill ROK, LOL.

  63. It’s all true, but I feel like we’re beating a dead horse here. I also think you should have specified Black American women in your article title. Black women in developing countries (Old World and New World) have more feminine personalities. Anyways, Naughty Nomad sure ain’t complaining.

    1. What’s amazing are the bystanders who sit there like potted plants. It is confusing and dumbfounding for many bots who live in any multi cult society to pinpoint where their loyalty lies. At the drumroll of battle, the zombies hear nothing and run in circles if anywhere. Or someone then has to define their loyalty for them. The knock out’ers know where their loyalty lies and are ready to rumble any time and anywhere. A little primer and propagandizing will prepare more folks for action and prevent injuries and deaths from being sucker punched. The big challenge is the treasonous authorities who come similarly sucker punching. They prey on sheep. The complacency is ludicrous. It is beyond being asleep. It’s almost like being already dead. Get the propaganda out and PUMP IT PUMP IT.

  64. It’s just under the category “women in the west”..white, black, blue, green..makes no difference, they are all the same.

  65. The grass is always greener… I haven’t been with a white woman in over 5 years since my divorce. But the black women I have been with are from African countries (primarily Ethiopia ). These women are feminine, gorgeous and just a pleasure to be with for the most part. Western women are problematic no matter the race. The voices, accents and striking facial features of African women are a big draw for me.

    1. I’ve always thought British black women were really interesting, very different too. Love the accent.

  66. Never have, never will. Never even made out with one, and have no desire to. I have been through tons of shit, especially in High School. I have been asked, what about my mother, and my two sisters. My answer, I don’t have sex with them. I love it when I hear that only fat ugly white girls, or in my case Spanish, go for black men. As for being called a sellout, or an Uncle Tom ect…..To me it just means I am a black man with with a brain, and it is a badge of honor.

    1. Chris, what you need to be commended for is that you not only HAVE a brain, but you also USE it! Congrats!

  67. this article misses the number one issue in black house holds. There are few men that stick around to raise their children. Physical violence is very common in black households…It is sad they do not have good examples to follow. This leads to problems young men face if they try to have relationships with women that had to be the head of the household. At this point I do not think color has anything to do with strong and independent females…it is mostly the economic situations they are faced with, and their hormone profiles… There are opportunities to exceptions to the rules so I would not use color as a strict indicator of a worthy mate.

    1. The problem is a basic knowledge of birth control. I mean these women were not born in caves in a third world country. You got time to get acrylic nails and a weave, you got time to go to the drug store.

    2. So let me see if I got your argument – their bad behavior and choices are a valid justification of their bad behavior and choices?
      I’m sorry but that’s just nonsense of the worst kind.

  68. OK, so, I dabbled with a black girl, once…she was damn sweet…hot, a very nice piece of ass…but…but…but…when I caught wind of the attempt at control, it was quickly over. However, that was one rejection that I learned from, because she quickly went from sweet to nasty…we’re talking, downright, nuts. I hate to make a judgement, because of this chic, but from that moment on, I stayed away. Oh, the temptation was always there…but I just decided not to mess with fate.

  69. Article should be renamed “5 reasons I no longer date African-American women”. You obviously have never dated real african or black women, not the ghetto trash you get in America

  70. #6: Black women have the highest rate of obesity in the country, driven by complete lack of awareness (and care) of what they’re shoveling in their pie holes. More than that, being fat is actually seen as a virtue.. there are stories of black women getting booty injections, for fuck sake.
    Although to be fair, white women aren’t that far behind.

    1. Fat was and still is accepted in many cultures. A chubby woman was considered healthy and big hips were considered a positive for birthing children.

  71. Well the problem is that If mixing between whites and blacks continue there wont be any more white women in the future. Fortunaly this is changing in parts of Europe so we can preserve our peoples while the countries that continue to mix will have to settle for black women eventually anyway. Only whites can create white women. Blacks can only make more blacks, so as black men you should learn to appreciate your own women, because in the end that is all you will have no matter how things go down. Good luck

    1. And as whites you need to learn to keep your women in check and in line – behind the white man.

    2. Lol I have been to Europe & your white neanderthal bitches can not get enough black dick! I fuck 3 in 10 days while I was there! Europe is seeing its last days as white birth rates are 0% and here in the US negative. You are dying out no matter what! I just want to fuck your white whores while you people are still around taking great pride in knowing this enrages you! I will be fucking Heather tonight. 5’8 slim & blonde. I love pulling her hair & busting a nut all over her face thinking “You white bitch!”. Ah good times tonight!

  72. Glad somebody wrote this article.. I was always attracted to black women, but ever since feminism started to get bigger (and worse) I started to keep away from them. Most of them in our generation are belligerent and feel the need to wear the pants of the relationship. Have you ever witnessed a black women throw a temper tantrum in public areas? It’s insane and embarrassing… I would never want to deal with someone that shows no respect to me.
    (If you do find that 1% you hit the lotto)

    1. Dick…little known fact. menarebetterthanwomen.com is the very first manosphere site I ever visited. Keep up the good work my friend.

    2. Incidentally enough, the very first red pill site I ever visited was yours. Keep up the good work man. Thanks for checkin’ out my post.

    3. It really is a shame. If black women attempted to be more feminine and didn’t allow themselves to be obese they could actually be very desirable. A hot black woman is usually REALLY hot.

  73. I found an episode of Obsidian Radio where he has a two part podcast called ‘Why Black Women are Fat and Mean.’ As a white guy with little exposure to blacks, I certainly learned something.

  74. You forgot about the weaves man! The weaves! Any race of women were the majority of them thinks sewing another person’s hair into their hair and walking around like it’s theirs for weeks at a time, has a serious mental issue. Also weave costs a ton. at least the $50 to $100 range. Black women hate themselves so much they can’t even let their natural curly hair show and would rather spend hundreds of dollars a week to look like women of other races.
    Any other black men reading this listen up “These black chicks don’t care about you. They only keep us around because the men they really want won’t have them. Because of that they are going to fight, demean and emasculate you because they see you as their default. If you can date outside of your race DO IT. Don’t worry about what these hair-hats think and say to you. The lack of stress, stronger femininity, lowered testosterone, lack of out of wedlock children with multiple men, lower STD count, and not having to deal with a victim mentality will make your dating life breezy.
    Just check out the stats on the children born out of wedlock amongst American women and the rate of stds amongst different races of women. The results will sober you up.

    1. Bingo. The hair is the worst thing. The large employer I just quit due to their “proactive means…” hired lazy, whiney black women with the long, ridiculous nails, fake hair & hideous aerosol-can perfume…
      But…need the faces there to remain “proactive” & “equal”
      I can still taste that shitty perfume

  75. I’ve bedded 3 black women. 2 of the 3 I took to restaurants. (1 to lunch before a shag & another to breakfast the morning after a shag) Never did I see more bossy, sassy people to a member of a wait staff than those 2.
    & you know what they say…if they’re nasty to a waiter, that is their true identity.
    I have gone black…I probably won’t be back (unless she looks like Naomi Campbell)

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  77. I have gotten head from several black women, & one in particular was the best head I have ever gotten. Not to say all your points aren’t valid, that’s just my experience, I, as a white man, have actually done better getting laid with black women than white women. I don’t really know why that is, just the cards I’ve been dealt I guess, could be because I mostly grew up with black people & I am more comfortable & confident around them, I don’t know, but I have never had a problem getting head from one, haha.

    1. That’s because black women tend to be VERY different when dealing with white men. The are far more submissive and feminine. UNTIL MARRIAGE!!! Then they revert to their true nature.

      1. “…They are far more submissive and feminine. UNTIL MARRIAGE!!! Then they revert to their true nature.”
        They’re not any different from ALL feminist First World females…

  78. most black woman I’ve met are very masculine. low self esteem seems to be very visible across this part of society. not sure why. I’ve been to the usa only couple of years

  79. I asked out one of the only black girls in my school to prom. She said no, she wasn’t going. She didn’t go – so I didn’t take it personally.
    After that I dated a japanese girl, a canadian, then an american woman. It all works out.

  80. Black women are generally insufferable. The big fake hair, really long finger nails, $2.00 jewellery, and the mountains of fat are so gross….they really are a caricature of pseudo-excess….I look down upon them out of pity, really.

  81. Hmmm, seem like Roosh might be able to collect some of them George Soros money after all, cant blame him since he is surely part semite. I can neither blame the black who wish to mix with some better white genes even tough they wont survive more than a couple of generations among their kind. Yes white women are the best but only white couples can create more of them. The ones i do blame are all you white cucks in here celebrating someone who wish to breed you out of existence and at the same time helping Roosh make money of it in the process. Wake up

    1. I’m white, and I can assure you white women are definitely not always the best.

    2. Lol better genes? Whites are part neanderthal & have a 0% birth rate world wide & negative birth rates here in the US. 1/40 whites are getting melanoma & that number is expected to rise all while the planet is getting hotter. Whites are dying out & even your faggot comrades at stormfront admit this. Enjoy it while you can as you white sub human chimps are seeing your last days…

  82. As a black man myself. Brother – Is your head far enough white people ass there bro ?
    Let’s look at each one
    1) They are not submissive
    No. Dude. They are not submissive to you. Probably because you go into each interaction with black women with a war mentality, with an aggressive mentality. Get this brother and I’ve seen it million times. The way black men like you talk to black women and white women is a world of difference.
    I bet with white women your all smiling, doing your 100% best to not scare her, laughing, putting your best foot forward. But it’s the opposite with black women. End of the day. Brothers like you dog them out and then you wonder why ? Maybe start being as respectful to black women as you for sure are to white women, you’d see a change.
    2) They “value” black men because we’re their only option
    Really ? All the studies show that black women are BY FAR the most reluctant to date outside their race. They are also BY FAR out of all the races of non-white women the ones who have not fallen for the hype of white men. In fact most black women are not even interested in white men. Now, yes of course, there will be some black women who are into white men, but often (this is has been my experience) it’s because they have had bad experiences with black men, so wanna try something diff.
    3) Their expectations are WAY too high
    Women’s expectations are way to high of men – PERIOD. If you think white women are gonna accept, ugly, jobless black guy, then good luck with that. In fact for black men to pull other races of women, they often have to be exceptional, they have to have super tight game, style money.
    Black men cannot have consistent success with women of other races and just be regular. In fact when you look at the celeb white women who date black men. Kim K, Madonna etc….they don’t roll with regular 9-5 brothers. They get the black men who have paper.
    In fact often white women expectations of black men are way too high, because they usually like black men, because they like some movie star or model type looking black guy and every black men get’s compared to that.
    4) They don’t know their place
    It’s in women’s nature to submit to her man. But understand something brother. Black women are NOT AS SCARED of black men as other races of women are. See, we black men can often get away on the whole intimidation factor, when dealing with other races of women, so the non-black women don’t speak out as much, don’t challenge you. That’s not the case with some (Not all) black women.
    Also black men in relationship with white women are often on the best behaviour, simping, because the truth of the matter, you know, that white women could call the police, and your ass would the slammed on the hood of that police car. So you know not to mess about. Also black men like you are just so dam happy to have a white women, that you’d dare not say anything to her
    5) They don’t give head
    Plenty of women don’t give head. Also you have to come in STRONG brother. If your acting like bitch saying “It’s not fair. I go down on you, but you wont do the same for me ?” yeah then your masculine vibe is off. Also what’s your whole game like ? Do you provide ? Have you a job ? Are you a good person ? Is she into you ? Do you support her ? Are you abusive ?
    Because I have to see a woman of any race refuse to give head to man she respects, loves, is not abusive and offers her support.

    1. “All the studies show that black women are BY FAR the most reluctant to date outside their race.” You’re confusing reluctance with lack of opportunity.

      1. It is because we are die hard black men lovers, but because of so called brothers like this a lot of black women are losing hope. How could we not love , the men that embody our; fathers, brothers , uncles and cousins. Well not the ones here though, they remind me of Uncle Ruckus.

      2. This simply is not true. I’m a Black woman who has dated outside of her race for decades. I actually prefer White men. I have friends and acquaintances for years question me for doing so or who simply do not share my preference. I’ve read hundreds of blogs posts and comments from women stating they would never date or marry a White man. When I asked them, they specifically said they are not attracted to White men, fear a lack of commonality or social/racial concern or are simply not sexually attracted to them. They are simply about “Black love.”
        I find it confusing that White men can so easily state they aren’t “into or attracted to Black women,” but not have the ability to understand or accept a majority of Black women feel EXACTLY THE SAME about them.A good majority of Black women simply aren’t into White men. White men SHOULD be able to understand this because as this blog suggests, a lot of you feel the same way about them.
        It’s short-sighted and egotistical, and it’s similar to many of the comments men on this site have about White women nowadays. “They think everyone wants them. They think they’re the cream of the crop.” That’s exactly how a lot of you sound when talking about Black women (and why there is a lack of interracial dating between the two). Like, how are you missing that?
        The non-interest is, by and large, a two-way street, not one-way. I’m not saying there isn’t a subset of Black women who want to date outside of their race and find non-interest, but by and large they are not dating outside of their race due to their non-attraction to White men, not the other way around. And, for the most part, a lack of ability of White men to place them into submission.
        Painting this inaccurate picture you seem to like to paint of “They want us, we don’t want them” is doing Black women a large disservice. Because, let’s get real, a large percentage of Black women are not into White men, seek very strong Alpha Black men (be they fresh out of the prison yard or taking charge in the board room) and want nothing to do with White men romantically. For a casual bone or two, yea, but as a serious marriage option? No. Most Black women could give a flying fug about opportunity with a White man. A great majority of Black women ONLY seek Black men for that. And, a lot of you White men need to stop sleeping on that and painting this false narrative that you’re the only ones making the decision to not date one another.

  83. I read your other article and I can’t wrap my mind around a black woman behaving the way your mom did. White women, sure. But, AWALT.

  84. As a black man that has traveled the world I would like to give this article a big AMEN!

  85. “in 2016 most black men would rather date women who aren’t black. in 2016 most black men would rather date women who aren’t black. ”
    100% not true .

  86. I really enjoyed this article. Black women literally throw themselves at me, apparently because I’m blonde and caucasian and they see these as status symbols, it has nothing to do with me personally or my game at all. Now I know how women with big tits feel lol. Imo, black women overall are the most demanding, have the most self created and imaginary problems and the greatest sense of entitlement. i blame this on rap videos where these so called “alpha” “gangstas” constatnly blow all their money on bitches and make it rain. So the social conditioning is huge here. I rarely date them and fortunately for me i am usually not attracted to them anyway. White, Thai and Japanese girls are the biggest sluts anyway. My #1 recommendation for black men is to move to a liberal minded city such as Las Vegas or San Diego where the black population is very low. You as a black man will be viewed as a novelty and if you’re in good shape, you will totally kill it with these other races who as a general rule, will fuck and suck you way better anyway with less drama and backtalk

  87. It was 25 yrs ago in grad school and with not much money, a respectable black American lady manager gave me a campus job and computer to write the Master’s thesis. She didn’t have to do that but there was compassion and respect to a fellow human from abroad. Thank you Audrey!
    Times have changed now, you may not find nice people anywhere!

    1. It’s good that you appreciate what she did for you, but don’t forget that what you described happened 25 years (more than a generation) ago — it might as well have happened the early 1900’s. Feminasty First World women are a new horrible breed.
      That was then, this is now.

  88. I am a white man, 6″ tall, blue eyes. The 1 black woman I dated was only half like the article portrays. Perhaps, living in Colorado, she was whitewashed and an exception to the rule. I don’t pretend to understand black cultural mores. I will say, they LOVE blue eyes… If you have them, you are In like Flynn.
    And, she gave head. 😛

  89. So they act like professional white educated women? But they are black and uneducated.
    And I’m not dating a women who isn’t blowing my whistle anyway.

  90. I’ve had a couple of black girlfriends, they were nice. BUT. . . They either acted white, or when “being black” they really behaved themselves. Either way, they played off of my being white for clues on how to perform around me. Now, bad news for you black guys dating white girls: They don’t like you. They’ll defend what they’re doing to family and friends, but if they ever tell a white guy that they dated you it’s part of the shit test, and it’s a guy that they don’t care about losing. White women always mix man-ownership with dog-ownership. We’re there to do stuff that they can’t do; like sicking a dog on a burgler, or arguing with an auto-mechanic. Men usually get sick of it and then stand up to them, telling them to be independent and that we’re not there to baby-sit. Then they get the next White Knight to step in. When they date blacks they assume you’re going to be as submissive as their Border Collie. And that’s how they treat you. I’ve know many white girls who only dated blacks, and they were the most angery and racist against blacks that I’ve met. (Besides lesbians). Female behavior is always the same. You’re just part of their female game, but it’s more on the personal level than socio-economic.

  91. I don’t see that much of a difference in terms of personality between black and white american woman. As a european man living in the US I see that sense of entitlement in every woman I look to. Don’t get me wrong, in Europe women are disgusting as long term prospects too, but at least they use to keep some manners in public. In the US thing is much worse in my opinion, 10x times more slutty and big mouthed, no feminity, arrogant with their useless degrees despite being almost illiterates by european standards, lots of single mothers by the age of 25, etc, etc. Everywhere I see is depressing.
    And that superiority of the SMV of the white man you talk about…Well, as I white man myself, I don’t agree with that statement at all. It is maybe true in the US I don’t know why, but not in Europe. I saw lots of ugly and short black men doing very well with women back in my country when I lived there. They clearly had the edge over the locals. Part of our SMV is created by preselection, as you probably know. And for some reason, maybe not in the US, but black men are preselected in Europe.
    I think you should get out and travel a little bit, Donovan, you will be surprised.
    Anyway, I try to forget about this racial issues. I know that I will never form a family in any western country, and I will probably travel to SE Asia to settle some day in the future, so who cares.

  92. Donovan is a sexist son of a bitch who objectifies women – why would anybody be interested in what ‘Donovan’ has to say ?

  93. It’s not all black women, its African-American women. I’ve dated women from Jamaica and Zimbabwe who lived in America and they were wonderful. Cooked, acted and dressed very feminine, and gave great head – but they weren’t American born and raised.
    Stay away from hood rats and sassy “Strong independent black woman” types and you’ll be all set.

    1. Women of ALL races who claim that they are “strong and independent” are “strong and independent” ONLY until something major goes wrong — and there are are no men around to blame or run to.

  94. I find it sad and disheartening to read an article like this. The demonizing of the black race as a whole has gone on to long. But now we are demonizing each other, a house divided cannot stand. A lot of the things mentioned in this article could apply to any race of women because, they are character flaws that any race of women can have.
    Black women don’t give head???!!! I heard black men don’t either (uncheck that my husband proved that wrong;P) . And as far as being submissive , ALL women are control freaks. WE aren’t purposefully trying to be the male in a relationship. WE just happen to think we know better than you. I value black men, not because other men don’t find me attractive, but because everyday I see positive examples of what he contributes to society. Not to mention that I am raising a black man. Black women don’t care if black guys date interracially. What we have problem with, is that you guys have to put us down, just because you are dating another race. A lot of you are blaming the black woman on the failure of the black community. But you guys need to look at the community when there were two parents in the home. In an independent study on the Social Science Research Network “Examining the Birth Trends, Family Structure, Economic Standing, Paternal Relationships, and Emotional Stability of Biracial Children with African American Fathers,” claimed “92% of biracial children with African American fathers are born out of wedlock and 82% end up on government assistance.” So you guys need to look a little in the mirror, before tossing stones. Women are women, some suck and others don’t. But to lump a whole group of women, that face the same challenges as you, make you seem just as bad as the KKK. I respect the intelligence of the writer, but doubt his sincerity and wonder what the purpose of this article was.

  95. I find it sad and disheartening to read an article like this. The demonizing of the black race as a whole has gone on to long. But now we are demonizing each other, a house divided cannot stand. A lot of the things mentioned in this article could apply to any race of women because, they are character flaws that any race of women can have.
    Black women don’t give head???!!! I heard black men don’t either (uncheck that my husband proved that wrong;P) . And as far as being submissive , ALL women are control freaks. WE aren’t purposefully trying to be the male in a relationship. WE just happen to think we know better than you. I value black men, not because other men don’t find me attractive, but because everyday I see positive examples of what he contributes to society. Not to mention that I am raising a black man. Black women don’t care if black guys date interracially. What we have problem with, is that you guys have to put us down, just because you are dating another race. A lot of you are blaming the black woman on the failure of the black community. But you guys need to look at the community when there were two parents in the home. In an independent study on the Social Science Research Network “Examining the Birth Trends, Family Structure, Economic Standing, Paternal Relationships, and Emotional Stability of Biracial Children with African American Fathers,” claimed “92% of biracial children with African American fathers are born out of wedlock and 82% end up on government assistance.” So you guys need to look a little in the mirror, before tossing stones. Women are women, some suck and others don’t. But to lump a whole group of women, that face the same challenges as you, make you seem just as bad as the KKK. I respect the intelligence of the writer, but doubt his sincerity and wonder what the purpose of this article was.