The Five Second Test For Low Testosterone

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Hey man, Henry Tran here. I’m the new trainer on the most subscribed fitness channel on YouTube.

As you know, testosterone is the hormone that literally separates you from a women. It’s also the #1 reason why guys can build pure, ripped muscles easier than your female companion.

And high levels of testosterone makes it easier to burn fat more quickly, makes you more attractive to women, builds an “alpha male” physique (which gets you more respect from guys), and the fun part… pumps up your sex life.

That’s why I put together this 5 second testosterone test that you can do RIGHT NOW to determine if your test levels are HIGH or LOW.

All you need is a mirror. Ready?

First, take off your shirt and stand in front of the mirror and take a deep, honest look at yourself.

One of the first things you may notice (and a BIG indicator in Low-T levels) is that you may have excessive belly fat around your midsection.


And if you do, accept right now that this extra belly fat is not your fault. If you have low testosterone levels, losing fat around your midsection is nearly impossible, no matter how you little you eat or how much you exercise.

In fact, published studies have shown that low testosterone and belly fat reinforce each other, trapping men in a spiral of weight gain and hormonal imbalances. The next thing I want you to do in this test is examine your jaw-line.


Testosterone has been strongly linked to increased bone density and growth… and this is especially seen on your jawbone, where high test levels will widen your jaw and create those sharp edges.

Which is another reason that women have more feminine features men have more masculine facial traits.

After you determine if you have a strong jawline or not, take a look at your shoulders.


Like I said above, testosterone affects bone growth and maturation. So along with strong facial bones, you will also have either strong or weak (narrow) shoulders if your T-Levels are low.

So, How Did You Score?

Now, don’t worry because even if you are suffering from LOW T – I’m going to show you a solution.

One more thing before we get going…

If you are still unsure if you have Low-T or High-T, I’ve put together a list of signs you need to look out for.

If these are just beginning or already dominant in your life, it’s probably not your fault at all. 

There are several “environmental aggressions” that can cause your testosterone to drop without you even knowing it. And these are things that can hurt you, without you knowing it…

7 Signs That You Have Low T

1) Sexual Decline – Testosterone plays a MAJOR role in how high or low your libido is, so low levels can cause you to have less of a desire to have sex for pleasure. And it can also completely shut down your sexual encounters.

2) Erectile Destruction – Or as I call it, “A Broken Man.”  When you don’t have enough testosterone in your body, your brain can’t signal that certain male part to perform.

3) Sperm Challenged – Low test equals less sperm… bottom line.

4  Energy Decrease – So guys who have low T have reported that their energy levels have dropped as well. This can make it extremely difficult to workout… even if you want to.

5) Muscle Deterioration – Testosterone levels determine how much strength and muscle your body has, so low levels means less muscle mass and the potential to lose muscle.

6) Rising Body Fat – This is problematic for a lot of guys because more fat causes you to produce less testosterone, and less testosterone causes you to burn less fat. It is a vicious cycle.

7) Dramatic Mood Changes – Having low testosterone is the MALE equivalent of experiencing menopause for a women. It can mess with your focus, your emotions and even lead to depression.

So if you failed the high testosterone test, or if you have any of the above signs, then you need to make some changes ASAP. However, here is how you can Stop The Low-T Cycle (boost testosterone 24/7).

Low testosterone is a vicious cycle that continues to drop and drop. It starts in your late 20s… roughly dropping 2% each year… which may not seem like much, but by the time you hit your 40s, your T-Levels PLUMMET an additional 40%.

That means by the time you are in your 40s, you have less than half the testosterone production than you did in your 20s.

But as I mentioned before, it’s not too late to stop these vicious side effects from messing with your body and your potential to be the best form of a man you can be!

Stop The Dropping Testosterone Cycle…

By taking control of your master male hormone and getting the deep restful sleep your body needs to optimize its hormone production,  you’ll boost your testosterone 24 hours a day.

–    That means 24 hours of fat burning
–    24 hours of getting ripped
–    24 hours of a more pumped up sex life
–    24 hours of women being more attracted to you
–    24 hours of you being more confident and demanding respect
–    24 hours of being an Alpha Male

Take back control of your manhood,

Henry Tran

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114 thoughts on “The Five Second Test For Low Testosterone”

    1. Whoa whoa whoa now, hold on, that’s just crazy talk!

    1. and im sure all the estrogen chicks are pissing into the water supply has no affect on anyone right?

      1. That’s been going on for quite some years , I imagine gen xers would be in the same boat as us

        1. I grew up on unconnected well water drawn from a creek with basic filtering (true story). This might explain a few things.

        2. Well water for the first 15 of my life , moved to a decent sized city for 11 and just moved back . I can tell a huge difference.

        3. Same. My teeth were perfect at the dentists and the first thing the technician asked was “were you on well water”. Our water was straight out of the creek with a pump and no EPA, just modest filtering, we had to soften it ourselves. I strongly suspect there’s a missing link here. Fluoride maybe?

        4. I actually noticed I started having vivid dreams again when I started drinking well water again and lost weight .

        5. Fluorosis is a nasty thing. If living in a city, bottled water is a must. To keep my teeth in good working order, I use toothpaste that contains NovaMin (bioactive glass). It basically remineralizes teeth.
          I have to import it from England because, like anything that actually works, it is either banned or made unavailable in the United States.

    2. You should google for the generational decline of testosterone in men. Our fathers had more testosterone than us and likely their fathers did even more.

        1. Your grandfather’s also probably fought in ww2 Vietnam or Korea . Your fathers in the gulf war and so on

        2. Yeah, that’s likely the case. It is proven that challenges and winning is related to testosterone.
          The more testosterone you have, the more competitive you are, the more you achieve and the more testosterone you get.
          In our times you can’t have something quite as rewarding and challenging as what this system is actually there for.

        3. If any of us were frozen in time and thawed 100 years from now, we would probably be considered apex alpha male/geniuses compared to the future population. The movie “Idiocracy” is becoming more like prophecy as time passes.

        4. My 2 year old was lifting 8lb dumbbells at around a year and a half old, so you may be factually correct LOL.

        5. His grandmother
          Pzang! Yeah, I went there.
          Long night, can’t sleep. Meh.

        6. been doing that a lot lately, since seeing them in a youtube video. as part of my shoulders workout, i just walk around with the two heaviest dumbbells i can manage for a minute, then rest 30 seconds and repeat. feels like it’s doing a lot more than the shoulder shrugs i used to do.

    3. To an extent yes. The medical definition of normal is a fairly large range through. I would prefer to live life in the top quartile than the bottom quartile when it comes to T.
      Doctors/men also need to take into account that the average T levels in men is down something like 20% over the last 50 yrs as well.Low normal now could have been considered below normal back in your grandfather’s day. Low T is not an ‘ailment’ nor will you die from it, but having had both low and high T levels at different times, life is better when it was on the higher end of normal, and same goes with a number of other hormones. I would rather have a doctor that is focused on quality of life than one that only cares when you succumb to a level of poor health that qualifies as a medical condition..

  1. I’ll save some time for y’all. Here’s what your free bonus gift looks like. LOl

    1. Kratom porn. The only kind of porn watching that increases you ability to get laid

      1. You can measure it by how much plants crave you.

    1. You chew them? Your rhinoceros ball injection game is week. If your electrolytes were in balance you would snotty them whole

      1. I chew them raw to train my jaw muscles. Then I drink my kratom shake, and when my electrolytes are all in marching order, I do my scroty-atlas deadlift session (It’s when you deadlift 500 lbs atlas stones using your scrotum).
        Nothing impressive yet, but I’ve been doing some great progress.

        1. ‘500 lbs atlas stones using your scrotum’…Ha beginners stuff…I carry one around on my back all day after the morning scrotum workout…Am I alpha?

    1. And mushroom powder. You know D3 is only activated properly when mixed wjgh mushrooms

    2. Well we all know the benefits of Vit-D3
      D-aspartic acid seems a potentially worthwhile supplement. It has been shown to increase testosterone by 15% (after six days) and 42% (after twelve days) relative to baseline. However other studies have shown that prolonged usage at high doses failed to increase test levels. More studies are needed..
      Fenugreek has be shown to increase serum testosterone levels BUT only by inhibiting the conversion of test to DHT (DHT is 3-10x more potent than natural test). Not really a great way of increasing test!
      L-Dopa is great for rest and recovery. It has also been shown to boost HGH levels. It has also been shown to slightly increase penile girth in men aged 20-30 (who do not suffer from Low-T).
      Maca has not been shown to increase test levels at all despite being marketed as a natural Test booster. However, it HAS been shown to increase libido (seemingly unrelated to hormones).
      Is this product worth $63? Not a chance

      1. Who is “we”? Most people do not know that much about nutrition, or they think they know but are misinformed.
        D3 supplementation doesn’t boost testosterone, it normalises low testosterone levels. Slight nuance there.
        Vitamin D deficiency can occur easily, especially in countries where people are not exposed to enough sunlight. Vitamin D3 is synthesised in the skin, and exposure to enough sunlight will take care of a deficiency.

        Sun exposure is an easy, reliable way for most people to get vitamin D. Exposure of the hands, face, arms, and legs to sunlight two to three times a week for about one-fourth of the time it would take to develop a mild sunburn will cause the skin to produce enough vitamin D. The necessary exposure time varies with age, skin type, season, time of day, etc.
        It’s amazing how quickly adequate levels of vitamin D can be restored by sunlight. Just 6 days of casual sunlight exposure without sunscreen can make up for 49 days of no sunlight exposure. Body fat acts like a kind of storage battery for vitamin D. During periods of sunlight, vitamin D is stored in fatty fat and then released when sunlight is gone.
        Nevertheless, vitamin D deficiency is more common than you might expect. People who don’t get enough sun, especially people living in Canada and the northern half of the US, are especially at risk. Vitamin D deficiency also occurs even in sunny climates, possibly because people are staying indoors more, covering up when outside, or using sunscreens consistently these days to reduce skin cancer risk.

        A walk outside when it’s a bit sunny is a hell of a better deal. Much cheaper than a handfull of $10 bills..
        Vitamin D is also fat soluble, which means your won’t get rid of it as easily as for example the B vitamins. So supplementation when you already have enough of it in your body can do harm to your body.

        Kidney disease: Vitamin D may increase calcium levels and increase the risk of “hardening of the arteries” in people with serious kidney disease. This must be balanced with the need to prevent renal osteodystrophy, a bone disease that occurs when the kidneys fail to maintain the proper levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Calcium levels should be monitored carefully in people with kidney disease.
        High levels of calcium in the blood: Taking vitamin D could make this condition worse.
        “Hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis): Taking vitamin D could make this condition worse, especially in people with kidney disease.

        1. Calcification will occur if you use too much of it, which roughly translates to over 4000 units per day for long periods of time.
          So if you don’t go overboard, there is no need to take vitamin K2 as a precaution in the first place. It would not make any sense to overdose yourself with vitamin D and to take vitamin K to counter the effect anyway. It is illogical.

        2. Unfortunately my current Vit D3 supplement contains 5000 units, I will have to change to a smaller dose…

        3. Why are you supplementing yourself with that much vitamin D anyway? As stated before it doesn’t have any benefits and walking outside in the sun will achieve the same.

        4. Well, at the time of purchase I was not aware of any negative effects, in fact, the “Vitamin D Council” (apparently such a thing exists) actually recommends 5000iu.. My line of work does not involve access to natural light and so I felt it necessary to supplement, especially during the dark winter months when I don’t see the sunshine until the weekend!

        5. Ok, understood. If you live and work near the polar circle, then it’s a different story.

    1. I thought the same thing. I think Mike Chang got wise to the fact that he is a joke and is now going by Henry Tran

  2. I have some bastard back mid sec fat I an’t get rid of and it goes away after harrrrrrrd work. Once I made it my bitch and got rid of 99% of it however it came back since I quit smoking 4 months ago. Prior to that I’ve been cutting down on smoking and was working out 3-4 days a week. I don’t think it’s low T in my case just genes.
    I have the jaw and the bone density and as far as the shoulders are concerned forgetaboudit I’m good.
    But then again, could it be low T?

    1. How’s it working out for ya, brah’ ? I grew scales on my back and my dick – chicks dig it ?

      1. Its working rather well for me. My sense of smell has improved and I can tell when the women are menstruating within a 100 yard radius of me and my teeth have grown exceptionally sharper.
        I didn’t get the scales on my dick but it has grown a much tougher flesh which I haven’t had any complaints about so far.

  3. To boost my T, I just sprinkle a little kratom under the dome downstairs for fast absorption directly into the happy area.

  4. “…accept right now that this extra belly fat is not your fault. ”
    Wait, so you’re saying that this little extra layer of belly fat is not because I love cheeseburgers more than I love working out?
    And isn’t this the place that told us being fat is a choice?

    1. Low T is the equivalent to men as Feelings are to Women. So dont worry yourself petal, nothing is ever your fault.

  5. i think their are studies out there with the ginger as a possible T-booster and aphrodisiac . the root not the broad from giligans Island

    1. The broad from giligan’s island has that effect on me more than any root vegitable

      1. People always ask “Ginger or Mary Ann?”. I say why make it a problem, have a threesome with both of them at the same time. Problem solved.
        I’m an idea man.

        1. Threesome works, but at the end of the day if a decision is forced I truly believe that there are only two types of men. Men who prefer Ginger and liars.

        2. I actually had a huge “thing” for Dawn Wells for a while. Ginger is hot as fuck, don’t get me wrong, but I’m on record as being all about the country girl types. But then Ginger is a bombshell red head, which I also really like. It really is a toss up for me, I’d take either without complaint.

  6. It starts dropping when you are 30, not 20. And its like 1% a year after that. Of course this is just generalization because every bloke is different.

    1. Is that why Loki was such a punk in Norse Mythology? Because he was Low-K low on Kratom?

  7. Fundamental problem with sponsored articles like these are: an assumed homogenous outlook into what a codified “alpha male” is supposed to be. Tip to advertisers: we here at ROK are true alphas, no keyboard alphas, betas in alpha clothing, or any wannabe douche you seem to be appealing to. Also, the authors of sponsored articles are what you can call an outsider who has a small overlapping ideology that is manifested in said service/product, which they peddle here by changing their tone to suit what we are normally accustomed to. But they are easily expected to change that tone to sell the same product/service to another group without the very ideology they tried to appeal to us with. Marketing whore essentially.

    1. Wrighter? A person who…Wrights? Does Boeing know about this yet?

      1. Nah I think most of us can see through the BS. So long as Roosh gets money out of them it’s all good. They’re the ones getting fooled here, not us.

        1. Absolutely, and it gives everyone an opportunity to practice their Kratom jokes now and then.
          The advertiser surely must check the comments to see the reactions their ‘marketing ‘ (sic) has wrought… I’d just love every to see the wtf?!?! Look on their face at the commentary and especially Kratom overlay 🙂

  8. A coworker complained she was overweight and depressed as I watched her pound down a double Big Mac meal. As she was blabbering on, I started thinking how NONE of the people I see at the gym deal with depression, anxiety, lack of sex life, etc.

    1. I guarantee you there are people at the gym who deal with depression, anxiety, and lack of sex life. I use the gym as a treatment for depression; it is very effective.

      1. T- You’re right, I oversimplified. But you’re actively doing something to better yourself. [As opposed to complaining and doing nothing about it.]

      2. So do I and talking to a few other gym regulars I know they say the gym is their anti-depressant as well. Need to be careful not to over train though as then it can dampen your libido.
        I always thought a good indicator of low T was lack of morning wood. Its also possible to have reasonable T levels but other issues that will cause some of those 7 high estrogen or low growth hormone, low DHEA or high prolactin, etc. A doctors definition of normal T levels has a big variation as they go on the definition of 95% population reading = normal range. Big difference to how you will feel at the bottom of normal vs near top of normal.

  9. Ive found mixing 2kg Kratom with 500g Test Enanthate, 500g Test Cyprionate, 500g Test Proprionate, 300g Deca Durabolin and 50g Dianabol sorts out that little T problem nicely…

      1. Yes apparently clinical studies showed that level of roids merely added 1% to the overall T boost due to synergistic effects with the Kratom.
        That is when main lined through the throat straight into the carotid artery…

  10. HEYYYYY, I got you guys some Kratom!
    Kratom? I LOVE Kratom!
    I know you love Kratom! I love Kratom too!
    You guys talking about Kratom? I LOVE Kratom!
    We know you love Kratom, WE love Kratom too!
    Get this man some Kratom!

    1. I injected five kratoms and grew so much muscle so fast that I exploded into a fine cloud of pure testosterone.
      My roommate accidentally breathed it in and grew six inches and got so ripped that Hillary Clinton herself tried to seduce him.

  11. Today Rob Ford, former Toronto mayor, died of cancer in palliative care.
    If anyone here has followed my Toronto rants before you’ll know that I had a great deal of respect for Rob Ford. He was a true advocate for free-speech, and coloured outside the lines to actually get shit done in the city of Toronto. The core of his platform was to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, infrastructure, reduce taxes, and to put the working class family first.
    Rob Ford was the kind of mayor that would return your calls, no matter who you were. He coached local football teams and loved the true locals in the city.
    Unfortunately, he was humiliated by the media for his health issues and dilly dallying with hard drugs. He was no saint, but he loved my city and he made sure to actually get things accomplished. He was no phoney career politician, and he put results before his public image.
    RIP Rob Ford, the most red-pill mayor in Toronto’s history

    1. I don’t believe anyone can disagree with your assessment or dispute you, but from a pragmatic point-of-view, his antics, all of his own doing, detracted from his job. Even if his intentions were decent and he meant to accomplish much for his city, his rather imbecile, off-the-job balls-out carnivalesque charades only gave ammo to his detractors, and seriously hindered his job as a mayor … thus in the end accomplishing not much more than an average sleazy scumbag politician, which he was not.

      1. You’re absolutely right.
        His approach was too straight forward for the modern public sphere.
        My take on it is that he couldn’t play the social game so he forced his way through it, probably making his drug problems that much worse.
        I don’t think he is the ultimate red-pill man or anyone to emulate (primarily for his choices regarding his personal health), but he was still the most red-pilled mayor this city has ever seen.

    2. I hope he trained a team of men to take care of shit when he went away. Sorry to hear about it, man. May God rest these men in peace and then again, may God ignite the souls of all virtuous men around the world for us to grow some balls and become real men, maybe then true leaders will emerge and clense the kosher shit we find ourselves in today.

    3. He was only presented as a Chris Farley-like buffoon in the US media. I didnt know he was conservative- perhaps this is why???
      Scumbags, all of them

    4. What are you doing in Toronto? Did Batman kicked your ass out of Metropolis?
      PS Jokes aside, condolences for Rob Ford.

    5. Definitely someone who changed the political landscape.
      He took a hard stance against the labour unions, all of whom held the city hostage in the past. By settling the labour contracts, he saved the city $140 million over 4 years. He declared the TTC an essential service (to prevent them from striking again). Privatized garbage collection to help reign in Garbage Collectors Union antics. Cancelled the widely unpopular 60$/year vehicle registration tax. Reigned in public spending which was going up beyond the rate of inflation year after year. Increased tourism to Toronto (albeit probably his antics). Significantly improved customer service by becoming the “Customer Service Mayor” (people like getting their calls returned directly by him). He was very politically incorrect, which I loved him for that.
      Was listening to 1010AM yesterday at noon where they had 5 hosts on (one including the SJW Black-Lives-Matter Desmond Cole, who is also black). Cole was criticizing Ford for being racist and a litany of over things too. Then the new-station got calls from all these other black guys who were telling Cole to shut the hell up and how much they loved Ford.
      Ford was elected with a landslide victory. He represented the disenfranchised people who were sick of the political champagne socialists at the trough. He gave a voice to the voiceless. He was a man of the people. Heck, Ford drunk and on drugs was better than any Champagne Socialist Mayor or Politician.
      RIP Rob Ford.

      1. Great comment.
        His critics in the media are people who put political correctness first, where Ford put results first.
        Anyone with any experience in this world can appreciate the value of real hard work.
        Great to hear that he was also popular with other ethnic communities. It’s been my experience that conservatives as the truly tolerant group and ultimately want everyone in this unforgiving world to have a place.
        With conservatives judgment ultimately boils down to character.
        Rob Ford will be remembered, cucks will not.

  12. Me: Reads article on low-T. Giggles. Shows it to a Beta…and laughs herself silly as he whines about how it’s all lies.

      1. “netting?” Whoa whoa whoa…I didn’t say “MY beta,” I said, “a beta.”
        And I showed it to him purely for the amusement factor.
        Alphas deserve a better response.

        1. Awesome call out on ‘netting’. A totally neutral, everyday metaphor. So, nice call out on that completely routine word usage. What girl who gets alphas, spends time with low-t betas? Hmm…..maybe a BULLSHITTER.

  13. i never thought i would say this, but i’m kind of coming around to the kratom jokes.

    1. Yes…yes…so good. Come into the veld….

  14. I thought I might have low T, since I have all the symptoms. So I went and had a blood test done. Nope, T level is fine. There’s some other reason that I ended up as a low energy, depressed, low muscle mass, unattractive to women, pasty beta bitch fuccboi of a male. Testosterone isn’t the issue.

    1. I would definitely examine your diet, and if you’re not exercising, start doing so. And I mean actual weightlifting, not picking up a few light weights 8 times then going home, if you want some real results.

  15. This guy kinda’ looks like the guy who marketed Kratom around here – no bullshit. What was his name now…That’s it Mike Chang ! There’s some asian magic in this new age testosterone market. These guys are Kratom pushers. There are no such things as coincidences – conspiracies everywhere, yo !

  16. Can anyone recommend a botanical supplement that would help with these issues?
    I eagerly await your response.

    1. I get horny as fuck when I do Tribulus. Used it skeptically and thinking it wouldn’t work, on the advice of a friend. Took some for a week or two, then felt like fucking any breathing female with decent BMI that walked by in ways my 17 year old self would have been shocked at. Not sure if that’s directly related to T or not.

    2. Supposedly Maca helps, but I didn’t try it enough to verify.
      I can verify Tribulus works, too, to a degree.
      However I’m currently using a product called TestoFuel, which is a combination of things and definitely getting some results.

  17. “1) Sexual Decline –
    2) Erectile Destruction – Or as I call it, “A Broken Man.”
    Not sure if I agree. Some guys’ wives are simply fat and saggy titted and men understandably don’t have any desire to fuck them.

    1. He is right about it, but yes you’re right too, for different reasons (psycological etc).

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  19. RE:Kratom…Just stocked up before the breaking eggs with a hammer style ban kicks in here in the UK. 😉 Don’t know what I’m going to do for my ‘boosts’ when the next batch runs out.
    RE:Testosterone…It’s a lifestyle thing, and we are encouraged to decrease and eventually eliminate it on every front. Every message in our culture, both overt and subliminal, reinforces the agenda of the feminine imperative and its walking on eggshells victim position, over masculinity and manly behaviors.
    If you think about it daily life in our involving western cultures is a bit like being stuck in the company of all of the girls you’ve ever slept with, with PMS, every bloody day for the rest of your life.
    We’ve become so bitchy, snarky, passive aggressive and lacking in any backbone that even the simple act of going to work involves numerous moments every day of self censorship and pseudo social connections, all to keep up the happy facade of the socialist utopia where there is no gender,or coherent and definable anything. .
    It’s all just fluid…man. And…feminine…man. Everything’s OK…man. Don’t challenge it or we’ll ostracise you. Here in the west most countries seem to be merely the external manifestation of a woman’s inner world, a wishy washy matriarchy, creating a society of hen pecked males who are persecuted for their natural biological instincts at every turn.
    I believe we must regard testosterone as important and valuable for the masculine imperative as oil is to the western economy. This is an essential position if we are to keep ourselves fueled for the many battles and skirmishes we face on a daily basis in the wider culture war.

  20. Stop telling men that it’s not our fault- There’s a name for that kind of attitude, it’s called ‘entitlement’, and it’s extremely effeminate.

  21. “And if you do, accept right now that this extra belly fat is not your fault.”

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