German Government Cuckolds Its Men By Teaching Migrants How To Sleep With German Women

The German Government recently put online a website called Zanzu, my body in words and images, that “explains sexual and reproductive health” in the West to migrants. It is exclusively aimed at them, as the explanatory video stipulates it at 00:04 (for non-German speakers).

The problem is that what the government depicts as being normal pushes the idea without naming it—that interracial sex is the norm, that the country’s native men are weak, and young German women are the prize for migrants to impregnate and have sex with. It is an additional direct action taken by the country’s elite to make their native people disappear in favour of “equality” and “multi-culturalism,” helping them to remain in power by destroying the feelings of nationalism and unity that could question their authority.

Who pulls the strings?


The video was created by the German Government’s Federal Centre for Health Education and the Flemish company Sensoa, that have seats in the Belgian parliament but also run campaigns and websites to make people more aware of sexual health is (according to them). It is financed by the Belgian taxpayers, who see their taxes being used yet again for the promotion of multiculturalism and migrant-native reproduction.

From their About section, Sensoa mainly supports homosexual rights, migrants reproducing in Europe, gender equality and gender flexibility, abortion, and fights against sexual violence (The “White Rape Culture!” obviously, not traditional Muslim genital mutilation, dats raciss). It comes as no surprise that they are also a proud member, like Starbucks, of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. And it is indeed written in the section “Push the agenda.

What do they consider the norm?


The “Relationship” section (the one that can challenge nature, and therefore MUST be under government control) is a flood of SJW and PC propaganda. What is love? Where man has forever asked himself this question without finding a finite answer, the German government tells you what love is.

It would be laughable if it was not so disturbing. The government also tells you what feelings are. Feelings and reactions that are innate for the human species are now under the approval of the state. This is the “good relationship” section:

Good relationship

Some important aspects of a good relationship could be:

  • Equality: both partners are equal. One partner does not dominate the other;
  • Respect and acceptance: you and your partner are 2 different people. You will always be different and you accept this;
  • Trust: you trust each other and confide in each other;
  • Communication: you express your feelings and wishes;
  • Time: you spend time with each other;
  • Interests: you share the same interests…

They also precisely redefine what “Partner violence” is (emphasis added):

  • Psychological violence, for example: insults, humiliation, threats or ignoring your partner.
  • Physical violence, for example: beating, kicking, rough treatment, forcing your partner to perform or endure harmful acts (for instance: having to bathe in too-hot water).
  • Sexual violence, for example: forcing your partner to have sex (rape), forcing him/her to watch pornography.
  • Economic violence, for example: deciding what to do with yours or your partner’s money against his/her will, providing insufficient household money, denying him/her necessary material goods. 

You read that right. Ignoring your partner is now psychological violence and deciding not to be a provider or a sponsor is economic violence.

Partner violence is any form of violence between 2 people who have an emotional and/or sexual bond (relationship). Partner violence often shows that there is no equality between the partners.

Violence between partners is forbidden by law

But it is all going to be fine:

If you are an offender, you can find help to stop you from repeating partner violence in the future. Look for professional help.

The mother of all double standards

Auctioneer banging gavel, (Close-up)

The myth of “rape culture” is beaten into the skull of native born Germans (and white heterosexual males worldwide) while migrants are not punished and act in total impunity. They are proposed advice on consensual and interracial relationships. Treating them like irresponsible children is the solution that the German government sees as appropriate.

What Merkel and her clique does not, or pretends not to, realize is that male migrants are well aware of how sex works. They just observed that they can commit crimes without punishment. Why would they hold back? We are back with the eternal question regarding free will when exposed to an evil deed: “If you could commit a crime, knowing that you will not be punished, would you do it?”


With audio and legions of informative images, Zanzu is designed in such a way that the most simple-minded individual can grasp the concepts described. Who are they trying to convince? Almost all the migrants I have seen so far in pictures possess and can use relatively complex devices such as smartphones.

The site recurrently uses the sentence “This (genital mutilation, actual violence etc) is forbidden by law” and not “is punishable by a fixed penalty.” The whole mindset shared by the migrants, especially in Germany is: “But your laws do not apply to me.”

What is the end game?


By depicting, on this website and many other platforms, the native German (and by extension the white population) as weak and the root of all evil, we observe the same tactic used to submit Germans by using the shame of their WW2 past.

The government has for Germany a new definition of sex: reproductive, enjoyable sex and children are for migrants and white German women only. Masturbation, talking, cuddling, and the occasional non-reproductive oral is how German men have sex.

This whole website is just a facade. A bogus solution to keep the Germans that are on the fence calm and the leftists strong in their self-righteousness.

The content and the images chosen

Capture d’écran (475)

The written part of the website especially relative to pregnancy, fertility, and biological truth is often quite neutral, but some elements could be described as triggering for leftists:

Women are the most fertile when they are young, just after having their first menstruation cycle

But the chapters relative to choices, sexual pleasure, and sexual violence seem to always follow the same reasoning. This is the subliminal message sent through the images that is the main point here. I went through ALL the images and noticed a few coincidences:

1. The picture depicting “women’s bodies” and “men’s bodies” follow a pattern

For obvious reasons, the young German looking blonde girl is smiley, thin and attractive, the other women are depicted as overweight, in a slouched posture or frowning. They constitute a majority. The two white woman are a minority in the group, included an old white woman that seems disabled.

For obvious reasons, the young German-looking blonde girl is smiley, thin and attractive. The other women are depicted as overweight, in a slouched posture or frowning. They constitute a majority. The two white women are a minority in the group, including an old white woman that seems disabled.

Men's bodies

The white men are also a minority in the group that represents what the west is, with only two possibilities: either dead-eyed/skinny with male-pattern baldness or obese.

Translation: “As a migrant, you must target as a sexual objective mainly native German young women that are fertile to receive your genes instead of the ones of a native German man. Avoid the old hags or your own women, think Big Picture. No German man will compete with you.”

The way the body looks is not important for the way it functions.

Yeah, right.

2. No pictures about contraception clearly depict a native German-looking woman


3. Pictures that depict sexual intercourse (NSFW) aimed at conception NEVER include native-looking couples, only interracial ones.

Apparently only kissing, mutual masturbation and blowjobs are “white couple friendly.”


4. The picture in the section about male sterilization depicts a non-white doctor sterilizing a native German-looking man


5. The people depicted as having HIV, STIs or drug users are always non-native women, non-native homosexual men, or weak-looking fair-skinned men.

The provider of hard drugs to the migrant/non-White is also White.

Skinny fat weak white man - Zanzu

"The Bad Whites are so evil. Just lack Nazi Germany and Hitler. As a young German that never participated in any of it, I am deeply ashamed and apologize."

6. How “healthy lifestyle” is depicted

Capture d’écran (470)

Harmful activities (smoking) are enjoyed by droopy-eyed, limp-wristed white men with spectacles. The white woman gets plenty of sleep, naked and with a smile. She also runs with her hijab-sporting female bestie while the migrant/non-white man drinks water, eats vegetables and gluten-free bread.

7. NONE of the children depicted are White. Except the ones adopted by lesbian couples.

The only case in which they will not systematically put down White children.

The only case in which they will not systematically put down white children.

8. Images and close-ups of penetration, aiming at or displaying, fecondation, female masturbation or open genitalia ALWAYS involve a white woman. So does female genital mutilation.

Links (NSFW) : (1), (2), (3), (4)

9. The government-approved definitions of”good sex” and “casual sex”

Good sex

This is the image found in the “Good sex” chapter. He looks so happy while listening to her nagging. It is also the picture used in the section “Solving sexual problems”…

This is the image found in the "Casual sex" chapter. Dead-eyed White man and fat non-White woman with relatively short hair.

This is the image found in the “casual sex” chapter. Dead-eyed white man and fat non-white woman with relatively short hair.

10. The effect would not be complete if the native German-looking man was not depicted with having the shortest penis of the group (NSFW)

The white man has the smallest package of the bunch (nsfw). The African man has the biggest.

En conclusion

“Good sex” and reproduction control are the exact notions used in the novel Brave New World. Do they even try to hide their objectives anymore? This is not the only front where the German government leads this concealed war on its own kind.

Merkel and Erdogan, the Turkish president, recently met while completely excluding the 27 other representatives of the countries of the European Union, re-opening the discussions to include Turkey in Europe and considering paying them 3 additional billion euros to keep migrants on their side of the fence.

Zuckerberg has also something in store for the German people and will help them to change. Luckily, some realistic European and German political figures react to these frequent abuses of power (from 01:55).

The German Government could have just named the site “The Future We Have For You.”

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309 thoughts on “German Government Cuckolds Its Men By Teaching Migrants How To Sleep With German Women”

  1. German tax euros at work to give worthless old socialists jobs and the continual left group think propaganda organ that is the only voice in all pubilc institutions.
    No one in the street believes any of that crap.

    1. Note that the German tax euros are going to Belgian left wing nuts, not even their own domestic ones – you couldn’t make this shit up if you tried.

  2. Can’t tell whether this is real or satire. But I immediately call on Roosh to produce a new series of Bang The West publications in a non-satire form to instruct the invaders how to take advantage of the easy western women, as well as subsidized housing and food.

    1. Nothing indicates the site in the link being satire, not to mention this same kind of site has been made in several European countries in arabic and urdu etc, plus they have printed versions they hand out at the asylum centers.
      So they basically beat Roosh to the punch, they already made ‘Bang Europe – Arab Edition’ since thats basically what this is…

      1. It does appear to be legit. It’s just hard to accept as true. This is more extreme than anything Roosh ever published, even showing white men being castrated by minority doctors. The same establishment and police and governments which mobilized to stop Roosh from having a coffee hour are now publishing genocide material and Bang! material paid for by white taxpayers. This is the same country that swept Europe with a blitzkrieg just a few decades back???

  3. Considering that when I was there about 13 years ago and they were propagandizing the benefits for boys to sit when they take a leak, this isn’t surprising in the least.

  4. #1 female comparison pic is racist. It does depict some of the black gals as obese and the white women as rail think, or at least, the young ones. At least on the male pic, they didn’t put long black squares on the black men.

  5. The koran, which most migrants think is the literal word of god “recited” to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel 1500 plus years ago and the BASIS of their faith and a large part of their culture…
    A PC online pamphlet written by lefty bureaucrats…
    Gee I wonder who’s gonna win this one?

  6. Thanks for investigating this. This is shocking. This shows that it goes well beyond casual “tolerance” training. There is a pervasive, well-organized effort to manipulate the racial patterns of civilizations. We need to look in this further, because I think we would see the same thing all over European teaching materials, religious materials, and popular culture.

    1. I think what you have here is treason, by any country’s definition.
      We’ve seen and heard how Germany and Sweden have both covered up countless crimes committed by these newly arrived illegals to save face or to “keep the peace”. To me, that signals that a government is no longer looking out for my best interest (the taxpayer) and these political officials should be arrested for treason.
      Think about it. If you did something similar to the state, then a federal task force would be at your door in no time with charges of treason (or other). They even come up with the most Mickey Mouse bullshit charges just to hold you up or inconvenience you…even if they have nothing in the end.
      The leaders of the EU have demonstrated that they have placed citizens in harm’s way. Therefore, they need to step down or be arrested for treason.

      1. This is all absolute treason. The punishment for treason has always been exile or execution. It should be the same today. Good Luck.

  7. Obama’s white mother did inter-racial gang bangs. lol
    Does he even know who his biological father is?

      1. Reminds me of Gny Sgt. Hartman if he had a conversation with Obama: “Looks like the best part of you ran down the crack of your mommas ass! Are you a peter puffer?” lol

      1. “It’s not hard to figure out. Look at the pictures. His father is Frank Marshall Davis.”
        Maybe, maybe not, in truth even his real mother is unknown, but as far as his father goes, he looks most like Indonesian cult founder whose followers included his alleged mother and the woman who “produced” Obama’s alleged birt cert.

        Ann Soetoro’s close association with members of the Subud cult will be documented below. But first, note in passing that of all the persons — Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Hindu, or you-name-it — that could have been installed as Director of the State Department of Health in Hawaii, Hawaii alighted on Fuddy — a leader of a small cult with roots in Indonesia and connections to Ann Soetoro — Obama’s mother. Second, observe that Fuddy assumed the Director position in Hawaii in January 2011, just a few months before the release of Obama’s long form birth certificate.

    1. Is it any wonder he hates Whites so deeply?
      It springs from a subconscious hatred of his own White mother, for being a disgusting communist mudsharking whore.
      Very similar to Elliot Rogers syndrome.
      Half-breeds are miserable, and dangerous.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised. I once had a conversation with a half-breed once and severely regretted it. They’re seemingly the most racist type of non-whites I’ve seen. The hatred they have of whites is palpable. It probably really does have to do with not being able to fit in anywhere. The blacks don’t fully accept them due to their whiteness, and with white people being continually crapped on, they hate them even more because deep down inside, they will blame their white parent for not being fully accepted by the black community.

      2. Aren’t you a Jew? Why should we be listening to anything you say? Hasn’t listening to your kind only brought us misfortune historically?

        1. Now, now, just let the wise, Jewish man tell you what to think and do. After all it seems to have worked so well the last 60 years.

        2. I think black people have done way worse than Jews. For one I believe Israel is a damn good nation. They are the only civilized people in the middle east. Why everyone hates them I simply don’t understand.

        3. They killed millions of people. Including main people.
          Maybe you will understand now:
          – Israeli Media Reveals The Secret Behind Communism

          – Jewish involvement in the promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, subversion of traditional values, and related items.

          – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union

          BTW. Holocaust… it is a big lie. Start counting victims from Eastern Europe and Russia. All made by bolsevick and communist jews. Over 150 million, not 6 million lies and shits.


      3. Haha right! Fucking mud bloods. I can’t find a single reason that a white woman would want to fuck a black guy, except that she’s a common whore, lower than dirt. Obamas mother was clearly a cum guzzling slut.

  8. I can’t help but laugh, given that so many Western men brag about going to places like Russia or the Philippines to get cheap and easy sex there. Or did you think that native men in those places are pleased about their women ditching them for white guys?
    What comes around goes around, and the West (specifically Western Europe and North America) is reaping the fruits of its colonial avarice. The likes of feminists and terrorists are here to punish Western civilization not just for its senseless embrace of modernity, but also for the arrogant destruction it brought to other peoples in the process.
    It’s like a slower, more insidious version of the Red Army getting payback in Berlin 1945.

    1. Except when white people go to other countries to fuck their women at least we have the common decency to not mass emigrate there in the millions, show complete disregard for the laws, blatantly rape and sexually assault the women in said country, leech off taxpayer money, and for the most part we do our best not to form insurgencies and gun innocent civilians down in the streets and suicide bomb people for not believing in the same god as us.

    2. Just wait for the backlash. We are on home turf and still in the majority. It only takes a few more bombs to go off and the deportations will begin in earnest.

      1. This article would seem to demonstrate the opposite. In a normal society, yes, the natives would gather to push out the invader. The issue is that Western Europe is no longer home to normal societies. The still-normal majority are increasingly being pressured to first accept, then embrace, the abnormal as “progressive” and “enlightened.” Has nationalism been able to escape the stigma of Hitler? No, and in fact it’s been newly tainted by the stigma of Breivik.
        It’s sad to say, but Western European national identity is screwed. Maybe the more traditional areas of eastern Europe and Russia can help support what is left, but considering the state of relations between Russia and its former sphere of influence, as well as the corrupt economic hole that Putin has dug himself into, I’m not optimistic.

        1. You make good points. When empires falter there is always great grinding and gnashing of teeth. What happens next is difficult to say but the military and police of Europe are still overwhelmingly of European extraction. When they decide the ruling elite have cucked up the futures for their children, call me naïve, but I would hope they will bring back law and order to their native lands. I am preparing to defend myself.

        2. Human nature. They’ll jump in line with the “winners” just like every other police state tyranny that ever happened. Prepare to defend yourself, if such a thing is even possible.

      2. And your attitude is part and parcel of why nothing ever gets better. Let’s sit and wait. And watch. And hold our dicks.

    3. You reap what you sow. Period. If Europe was historically an isolationist continent than they would have a point. The cosmos has a way of balancing the scales by humiliating those who are pathologically conceited. Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, Persian Empire, French Empire, German 3rd Reich etc. Same pattern of demise. Overconfidence, Avarice and a misplaced underestimation of real or perceived enemies.

      1. Explain how Europe could practice isolation when the middle east has been trying to take it over since ancient Greece ?

        1. The Chinese ended up racially assimilating 90% of the Mongols. Today of the 7 million left, 5 million are in Chinese lands.

        2. Jews + Low T = Kratom surplus
          Kratom + Low T = Jew surplus
          Kratom + Jews = Low T deficit
          666 444 shambala koombaya

        3. It did, you understand that the government is IMPORTING these Muslims right? Remember the Ottoman were subdued since the 1800’s

        4. You missed my point. The Ottomans(Muslims) were subdued and Continental Europe wasn’t being invaded anymore

      2. There is no such a things as an isolationist continent. There are only those more or less successful.
        Spare me such “white evil” sentiments.

    4. Im sure most men in any country outside the West would find a similar treatment by their OWN government appaling. You think its funny now but wait until the same people turn on you and your kind. Its not like they care about you either. To them you are just a tool, to be used for their benefit and then to be discarded.
      Holding hundred year grudges won’t get anyone anyplace. Just look at native Americans today, they are still are destitute and living in squalor. African Americans thought they were going to be top dog when the fight against white men was complete. In reality they were displaced by Mexicans and latinos and now are fading away.

      1. It’s not about grudges or victimization of any specific group. I’m just noting that all that is happening to the West now is a result of our own evil and idiocy. Remember that it was a German who invented communism and westerners who betrayed traditional identity once they decided that science was more valuable than faith.

        1. Fair enough. However tradition and patriarchy would be better suited than faith alone. Im not religious at all but theres is a christian saying that I somewhat agree with. And thats “God helpes those who help themselves.”

        2. I am sure it’s not a bible quote. But some variation of it have been repeated by some christian denomination. Can’t remember which one tho. Maybe you can fill in the blanks?

      2. Problems along racial lines have Government origins for example Native Americans are PAID to stay on the reservation(poor)

        1. Yes. But today they are free to live as any citizen yet they choose not to. Many are alcoholics and drugusers and in my opinion it’s mainly because they have lost their culture, land and way of life. Rightfully they have a grudge aginst white people.
          Yet, keeping this grudge is not helping them, it’s destroying them.

        2. Why leave easy money stream? Seriously if someone offered you $100,000 to do nothing and gave you food how many humans would turn down the offer? And there is no “grudge” against white people as it’s the Federal thing

        3. Come on, now you are pulling at straws. They don’t get anything like like that. Here is a snip from Native American Rights Fund.
          “Do Native Americans receive any special rights or benefits from the U.S. government?
          Contrary to popular belief, Indians do not receive payments from the federal government simply because they have Indian blood. Funds distributed to a person of Indian descent may represent mineral lease income on property that is held in trust by the United States or compensation for lands taken in connection with governmental projects. Some Indian tribes receive benefits from the federal government in fulfillment of treaty obligations or for the extraction of tribal natural resources — a percentage of which may be distributed as per capita among the tribe’s membership.”

    5. I disagree. We’re not talking about moving to another country to meet women, date, sex, etc… We are talking about a movement that promotes violence.
      A group of people coming to these places to start a new life and assimilate into the population would be fine with the people. We are talking about a group of people coming to take over a country through the means of violence (if necessary) to get their way.
      We’ve seen plenty of changes in a population (non-violent) over the years due to migration. What we are talking about here is a “soft invasion”.

    6. Killing 2 birds with one stone isn’t it?
      The white man goes abroad to marry the most elite women of another race, culture and country abandoning his white woman to be impregnated by every other race except white.

      1. These are Germans pre-jew. They almost fought the entire White world to a stand still. Even billions of shit skins are no match once they expel the jew

        1. Yeah, until US Steel got in their azzes….But it was American brilliance that was the key to their ability to start the war anyway. And WE actually did win a war on two fronts, coming from behind.

        2. American brilliance had nothing to do with it, jewish scheming to get us into a war the American people were strongly against is more like it. Im saying this as a US veteran that spent 15 months in Afghanistan. You’ve heard alot about WW2 and seen alot of Hitlers speeches unfortunately the jews never give you the English version, well here you go, decide for yourself who makes more sense National Socialism or the multiculti, feminist 3rd world shit hole we live in now

        3. 1st of all if you’re a Veteran then you know goddam well- OR MAYBE YOU DON’T KNOW- what it took for USA to win a war on two fronts and it’s a goddam disgrace that you’d say some piss-ant jews did such and such and that’s why the Krauts lost. 2nd, I guess you think these all-powerful jews manipulated the Japs into conquering asia and bombing PH. 3rd, either jews are that powerful or YOU’RE THAT FUKIN WEAK! I’ve seen all the damn speeches. Know all about the Jews role. The point is YOU obviously don’t know about what companies taught Germans how to be an industrial power to begin with. And if the Germans are so goddam great why do they role over for a little brainwashing and guilt-tripping from jews??? That is ALL the ews utlimately have. YES they manipulate currencies and mass media but at some point you wake up to the shyt and toss it out OR YOU DON’T. ALL they have is by hiding behind the scenes. They feel so confident now b/c they’ve been guilt-tripping and lying for 50 solid years that they don’t even have to hide. So WE WILL SEE. Either they throw them and the muzzies out or they’re puffed up cowards. I’m sick of mental punks like you saying “oh the jews are so powerful”. MAN THE FUK UP and act like an American instead of a scared 5 year old lookin for his mommy!

        4. My reply
          1st- I know perfectly well what it took to fight that war i’ve studied it quite closely, im saying it was as senseless and pointless a war as WW1, which you cannot give me 1 single American interest to protect by joining that war therefore all US military deaths in WW1 were for nothing kinda like 3 good Americans I knew killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
          2nd- The jews manipulated you into believing the Holocaust even with no evidence besides eye witness testimony and continue to scam billions even from Allied countries. This 50 minute video proves that the Holocaust was physically impossible.

          3rd- The Germans didnt receive a little bit of brainwashing from the jews, they systematically exterminated National Socialists AFTER the war was over. More Germans died after the war than during the war. Im saying that 90% of the US population is too stupid to look at information and make their own objective decision, and that control of the mass media in our age of mass democracy means jews control every single politician.
          And finally you seem like the weak coward shilling for the jews

    1. Its the jews.
      If you havent figured it out by now with all the resources of the net available to you youre either stupid or willfully ignorant.

      1. You call out who your own Generals are but why wont you tell us who the people are who elected these Generals to be in that position

      2. They sing the song, but who’s dancing it? I mean, ok, we all know where this comes from, but we live in na age where someone seeking the truth only needs basic data interpretation abilities.
        If Germans are at a point they can no longer think, we should not care about them at all. By the way, that’s my attitude regarding anyone too dumb to eat this shit and even smile.

        1. Im certain with an idiotic comment like that that you are most certainly white.
          Germans specifically and the rest of Europe to a slightly lesser extent have been psychologically manipulated for generations. They are not “dumb”
          This great evil that has been done to them has been designed and pushed for 3 generations.
          You should care because the US is next.
          ease off the marijuana, alcohol and sports and educate yourself. I dont say this to be insulting.
 , and

        2. “ease off the marijuana, alcohol and sports and educate yourself” clearly you ignore my stances on those subjects, which I expressed more than once here on ROK.
          And to avoid that I might think YOU are also dumb, here is the briefest possible answer:
          Yes, public opinion is manipulated, and mostly by jews. Correct. However, if you take a look at France, UK, the USA, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary (where Soros “comes” from), Russia (ETC, ETC, ETC.) you can watch vast numbers of people slowly breaking the shackles of deceit. What about Germany? I asked WHAT ABOUT GERMANY? Merkel is still “loved” by the majority, even if a few march with Pegida. Now, have you ever heard what the common german says about those few “Pegiden”? “Racists”, “nazists”, etc.
          Germans were painfully indoctrinated, it’s true. Since birth, in kindergarten and in Universities, when they buy a newspaper or when they turn on the tv. But what about their grandfathers’ graves? Are they so worthless that it is now ok to piss on them, if you are a german? What about their daily life? Are they deprived of their senses, too?
          Do not ill-understand me: the German People is one of the most admirable ones on this Earth, and I say it MUST be saved. But not those who recant their blood and nation, by supporting Merkel and the traitors of the Union. Save true Germans, ask me an arm if you will. But if the land has to fall and all the others with it, then let them fall.
          And if you are interested in that, I am not only white, but also a 1/4 german, from Neddersassen.

        3. You’re dead wrong, and you’re ignoring an important and crucial bit of history: you see, during WWII, the best, brightest, smartest, best looking, tallest, etc German men were in the units that we were utterly annihilated at the various fronts. So you take the top 15%-20% of a population or a given sample, and you eliminate that 15-20%: well the results on a society are catastrophic.
          If you do the stats on those figures, you will see that it’s akin to multiplying the number of the bottom 20% by 2. So, by 1945 all you had left in Germany were morons, imbeciles, retards and degenerates: they’re the ones who reproduced post war, and Merkel is just one example of millions of the mutant retarded outcome. What further aggravated the situation is the importation of “guest workers” in the mid-50’s to 60’s of over 2million Turkish men of the lowest classes from Turkey … essentially all the retards, imbeciles, morons, degenerates, etc … and they copulated with local German women to produce more retarded offspring.
          It’s impossible to study recent German history without acknowledging this crucial fact, and what it has done to the “national character” and the overall national IQ.

        4. I agree with you, but see my answer to the person above. You’re ignoring a crucial historical piece of the puzzle, so to speak.

        5. Ouch. Yes, you’re correct. What happened to Germany was monstrous.
          Grinding my teeth with knots in my stomach from reading your comment.

        6. Apologies. And thank you for the response. Soon the correction will be upon us. You should stop dailystormer once in a while.

      3. I understand Germany had to do some bookoo PR after the war and change it’s image. But they bent over backwards for too long. The Jews and co-conspirators have gotten the control over the country that they tried before the war.

        1. There are too many of them. I wonder if that link is available on youtube my browser woudln’t let me go to it..

      4. How much longer can these parasites keep up the evil Hitler meme? Any German looking at this knows that Merkel and the SJWs that built this website, if this was the 30’s, would be breaking rocks 12 hrs a day until they got their anti white brainwashing straightened out.

      5. Not all Jews … just the zionist scum. There’s a percentage of them who are decent upstanding individuals. It’s the ones in positions of power and influence who are the true and tested psychopaths.

        1. And they are scared to death. The chaos they hope to bring about order from is going to get completely out of their hands. Too many people are awake. Too many people know the truth. Too many people… will not stand for this shit anymore. They know it… which is why they are pushing like crazy to set the top of the pyramid on the infrastructure they have built over hundreds of years. Yet… it is this very FEAR in them… that is going to undue EVERYTHING they have patiently planned for. All they had to do was wait, maybe another 50 to 100 years. That’s it. Honestly, if you step into their shoes, what would another 50 to 100 years have produced on the slow track? Victory. But, they look to the stars, to their coming deaths, and they got greedy. The power elite want what their ancestors have patiently built for centuries for THEMSELVES, not their heirs.

        2. True. The jews who speak out are cast out of the tribe and called neo-nazis themselves. The book Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin, an anti-zionist jew, is probably the best book out there about how the holocaust is a lie, places White genocide at the feet of the zionist jews, says Hitler was a great man, and reveals the Soviet-style police state these jewish supremacists have in store for us if we don’t cast them out of power. He basically goes over the true history of Germany, and not the lies, and he also supports the NDP in Germany and is trying to get far-right parties off the ground in Europe. We actually need these types of allies because so many Whites feel like they need permission to assert their interests.
          Here is the link for the book:

        3. Why are they not waiting it out?… Scripture points out that their time is drawing short… The fallen entity who is orchestrating all of this called the dragon, serpent, Lucifer, and Satan… That is the reason for the rush in all of this..

        4. Thanks; I will check out the book. Yes, there are many fine jewish anti-zionist writers out there who call a spade, a spade.

        5. You’re absolutely right. Check this out from the CNN website: I nearly fell off my chair. Forget the rotten video, but just look at the ratio of up vs. down votes and read the comments, on the YouTube site itself. Un-fucking-believable! Yes, there’s a sort of “great awakening” going on, and we’re in the midst of it. (I’m surprised CNN hasn’t disbanded votes and comments on such topics … yet)

        6. Oh my God. The 3:33 mark… her FACE when she has to say “this has been the three worst days of my life”.
          She… literally… CRACKS UP AND SMILES!!!
          Shit man… pay some real money and hire a real actress. I mean… the news woman is literally looking like she is going to shit rabbit tears she is so “distraught”… while the “victim” of the tragedy CAN’T CONTAIN HER LAUGHTER at how ridiculous the whole charade is.
          Complete fail… and the comments prove it.
          The whole world is waking up… and boy… are some people going to find themselves very very deeply in debt.

        7. Exactly. But while I am more religious now than I was earlier in life, I still believe the best explanations, on this world, are human ones. All this planning… all this waiting… and they fuck it up. They think they and their master are so superior, but the prove daily, daily, how stupid they are.

        8. Yeah, but unfortunately even among anti-Zionist jews they are overwhelmingly Marxist so that sucks. My cousin married a Jewess and converted, my yiayia got drunk and cried after the reception.

    2. Germans are fucking racist pigs, by the defintion. Who’s genetic make up unlike the other whites is degenerating. They are having terrible time adopting to changing climate conditions especially dealing in non European conditions. ((slow physical adoptation process really has always been their hinder and a great challenge to many caucasian!))
      This is why they CONQUER and UNCONQUER seemingly by default. As soon as the climate slightly changes all of the whites are fucking dead or dispersed back to Europe, and INFACT many great civilizational achievements around the world are inherently caucasian and this is why they seem to have more knowledge about different geographic zones more so than the indeginous themselves.
      And seemingly have the knowledge to create such a conducive higher grade of civilization so compatible with the geographic zone as to automatise a unearthly greater standard of higher living.
      This is possible due the earth nature being largely bionic. Yet most people sciences do not see that far! and assume it is just a mere rock! How wrong, this is a ship like any other operatable vessal capable of a multitude of realities silmutaniously. Little does anyone know of that matter except a chosen elevated few!
      Am still REFERING to the Germanic archetype as opposed to the meditereneans like the Italians these are completely separate races. The Anglo Saxon does not detach and launch out of Europe unless for a world conquering attempt. Otherwise he remains in solitude in upper Europe.
      They r racist by ideology and from being too separate for too long from other global cultures, also to preserve the higher knowledge that has been gifted to,them wich makes the the titans of Europe and governors of the World!

  9. What kind of sick fucks are producing this sick shit in building the 4th Reich? Oh yeah, good ‘old zionist jew fucks. They’re back to their old games in an effort to dilute German nationalism and weaken Europe’s most productive peoples.
    Global jew bankster elites don’t need guns, tanks, planes, ships, nuclear or chemical weapons to conquer sovereign nations and their peoples. They’ve employed the most effective biological weapon, Muslim men, with inbred targeting system programmed that seeks out and destroy all other peoples, cultures, languages and customs in the name of their mythical sky god and his mythical non-existent prophet.

  10. I actually agree with the part about ignoring someone. It’s childish. When someone ignores me, I respond in kind by giving them a psychological bitch slap.

  11. I can’t stay silent on this anymore. This. Is. Treason. All the psychopathic, power-hungry elites should be tried, convicted, and hanged as traitors in a procedure akin to the Nuremburg trials.
    Edit: Notice how they’re always pushing this tripe in Germanic or Germanic-ancestry countries, which are the bastions whence individualism sprang. They’re also trying to cull intelligence and the ability to think for oneself.

    1. Germans are the only people in history who have successfully stood up to Jewish aggression, and this is why they are the primary targets of Zionist hatred and social engineering.

      1. “Germans are the only people in history who have successfully stood up to Jewish aggression, and this is why they are the primary targets of Zionist hatred and social engineering.”
        No, that would be modern Russia. The Nazis were the ultimate useful idiots and accomplished nothing but the genocide of what the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion would consider expendable “lesser brethren.”

        1. Sure but unfortunately Russia was brutally subjugated and holocausted under the evil thumb of International Jewry. At least Hitler gave them a good fight and killed a couple hundred thousand of them.

    2. America has more German Aryan ancestry than anywhere else.
      This is where we must make our stand!
      Our way of life is beautiful! The best the world has ever seen!
      This is our entire legacy on earth at stake!
      We must band together as brothers once again and remove this cancer from our lands!

  12. The head of Germany’s Federal Centre for Health Education is Heidrun Thaiss. She just replaced the previous head last year, who had been there since 1985, and made some radical changes, such as this. According to the gov page, she previously “worked for social, health, science and equality in the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry.” Take a look at that organization’s website and you see the same kind of garbage, with programs for gender equality and “gender mainstreaming.”
    In a recent report, she noted that 90% of native German girls had sex before 19 years old, but only 61% of migrant girls had sex before 19. Yet 73% of migrant boys were having sex, higher than native-born boys. So who are those migrant boys having sex with?
    Sounds like her plans are working.

  13. The blame for this does not rest on the government. The government is just sticking a wet finger in the political wind and going any way the wind blows. The blame is on women voters. Women like Merkel designed that website, and they will continue to vote for pro-migrant policies and organize pro-migrant protests (ever see any men at those protests?) no matter how many horrors like the recent bombing in Brussels happen. Never should’ve let ’em vote. NEVER.

        1. And what drives me nuts: MEN are the ones required to register for the Selective Service in order to vote and receive student loans. MEN pay the most in taxes and receive the least in services. Yet every goddamn election is always about WOMEN.
          TRUMP resonates with working men because for decades, working MALES have been consistently shat on while more is pulled from their checks to support these never ending programs for WOMEN.

    1. Women like Merkel…
      Oh no there is a difference. Women who vote for pro-migrant policies are mainly idealistic idiots. I cannot realy hate them. It is not their fault their idiots.
      Merkel on the other side is an evil opportunistic bitch with no ideals. On the one side she is the angel for all the refugees, on the other side she does not mind selling the weapons who kill them.

      1. I don’t want you to hate the women who vote for pro-migrant policies… I want you to agree with me that the solution to the problem includes taking the right to vote away from these women. It’s for their own good you see.

        1. You nailed it, good sir.
          Watch “Why Women DESTROY NATIONS * / CIVILIZATIONS – and other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS” on YouTube

        2. I would give up my right to vote to makes things better but there are a lot of factors to consider:
          1) Yes women. I agree we as a whole are a lot more gullible and selfish.
          2) Students of both genders. They are extremely pro immigrant and will shut up every student who dares to disagree with them.
          3) Old people who are anti-immigrant and are still voting for Merkel and the CDU because they always voted for them.
          4) The parasides. They will vote for anyone who promises the most free stuff.
          The PRIVILEGE to vote should be based on merit, intelligence and experience not some weird idea of equality.

        3. To top it off it should simply be that anyone who isn’t ready to defend their own country, even with their life, shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
          That would mostly take care of people that don’t mean the absolute best for society.

        4. Right. So any man that doesn’t want to be eligible for the draft would lose the right to vote. This solves all the problems you list because each of the types of men you describe are cowards.

        5. You are incredibly conflicted. Young, brainwashed men are unknowingly pro-refugee because of the feminist, pro different, society they were forced to endure while growing up. Not to mention the attempts to impress the awful western women these blue pill men are orbiting.

        1. same here, I’ve heard that there were women that were older and wiser that said when women were able to vote, basically all hell would break lose i can’t remember where though

        2. The queen of England at the beginning of the 20th century(Victoria?) thought feminism would destroy her country…

        3. Correct.
          Queen Victoria was as hardcore an anti-feminist who had ever lived.
          She believed that a womans place was in the home, and that that was good for the survival of the Empire.
          2 of her daughters were ardent Feminists and helped popularise it which the Queen absolutely HATED

        4. Skip to around 21:00 in that video. Karen Straughan explains how, in a poll of British women prior to the granting of women’s suffrage, 70% didn’t want the right to vote because they feared it would subject them to draft eligibility. There’s how you scare women off the desire to vote. Make them sign up for the draft. Then they’ll fuck right off. Brilliant.

        5. I agree. The problem with our society, today, is that no one is really calling women on the carpet when it comes to actual equality and the right to vote. I say if they all want to be equal then they must be able to vote, must sign up for Selective Service (by law) and must have all of the responsibilities that men have in society.
          The problem is that we have ‘selective equality’ where women get to pick and choose (or bitch) about which equality that they don’t have or would like to have in today’s world.
          More men need to continue calling them out at every turn. The pay gap only exists because women only work certain jobs and they are paid at negotiating their salary (with other women taking less for the same job).
          Call them out at every turn on real equality or take the vote from them.

        6. Feminism, suffrage, whatever we should call it has never been an equality movement. It’s always been a superiority movement. For all men to get the vote it was tied to military service. For all women to get the vote a relatively few years later it was tied to nothing. And to do this day women complain about the few years they didn’t have the vote but all men did. I’m sure many of the millions of men who died in the trenches of WW1 would have given up their vote not to die in a pointless war.
          When apples to apples comparisons are done there is absolutely no pay gap for women worth mentioning. It’s really very simple, if companies could save 25% on labor or whatever feminists claim the gap is these days by hiring women, men wouldn’t be able to get a job without lowering their price, eliminating the wage gap.

        7. Appreciate that. Good to know that there is historical evidence that women could actually be more than just those broken hysterical children that we know them as.

        8. They’re capable of incredibly barbaric and sociopathic behavior. I mean, take the false rape claims. . . Most are because their gf’s pushed them into them, so it’s for short, short term gain. And they don’t care that another person’s life is ruined forever. When they wield a powerful stick, like holding a man’s career and life over his head, they gleefully destroy him. And then forget about it in the next instant.

        9. One of the reasons why I always point out that we’re a socialist country in many ways, and not truly Capitalistic/Democratic as people keep saying. Certain groups. . . women most notably, get unspoken rights and benefits that come the day they were born, not earned. Also, they’re malleable: Women get to change the rights and benefits they want, depending on what they emotionally demand at that moment. Not based on common sense for the whole culture.

        10. You have to have some skin in the game in order to make the right decisions. Women don’t have any skin in the game. If things go well, they marry domestic men and live happily ever after. If things go badly, they spread their legs for the foreign invaders and live happily ever after. Fucks given by women equal precisely zero. During WWII, women in occupied France fucked the shit out of the Nazis. Conquest didn’t really impact their lives at all. So why should they care whether or not they vote well?

        11. incredible how the reporter yells like a little girl, because he cant give a rasonable response. Still, besides the lack of respect to Karen, she speaks without doubt and calm backing up her points.

        12. Yes Karen does a spectacular job of outclassing “cuck” Uygur. She totally shuts him down by taking the moral high ground and acting like a consummate professional while he acts like a clown. Karen Straughan is all class. A great role model for modern women!

        13. Women are capable of self justifying delusional thinking and irrational logic. It’s the most fascinating scientific study one can do.

        14. In the old days the husband or father was responsible for women when they testified in court, which indicates that they were regarded as untrustworthy and liable to cause chaos. Also, about intelligence, when i-phones became widely available, women didn’t use them for much other than to pose naked in front of mirrors and throw themselves out to the internet. Pretty revealing.

    2. Merkel does not care about migrants. She is not a leftist nor she is a feminist. She is a power hungry opportunist.

    3. And do you suppose that by banning women from voting it would solve all these problems? Very unlikely. I agree that the blame doesn’t rest on the governments, it rests on us.

      1. Men don’t vote for these open borders policies. They don’t attend the protests either. Yes taking the vote away from women would go a LONG way to fixing things. Here’s a quote from the beautiful and wise Ann Coulter:
        “If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president.”

        1. When I say responsibility rests on us it’s because the sole reason for governments existence in the first place arises from us as a people giving up the right of self-determination to another entity for “benefits”. Doing so also implies a complete lack of competence. Are the masses really like children who lack competence? It’s quite possible that this global shift we all feel on some level that’s happening may be mankind growing into another stage of development.
          This piece of propaganda they have conjured up is in all likelihood their solution to a number of problems which may or may not have been an insidious attack on the white population.

  14. Today I made the decision to ignore german politics forever. It just makes me angry and I am wasting time. It is no use to discuss politics with my generation. They have been brainwashed since elementary school and have a wonderful mixture of stupidy and entitlement.
    It makes no sence to explain them how harmful Merkel policies are. They want Germany to die. German politicians can walk around and scream: “Die Germany” and the people will vote for them.
    Sometimes the best way to punish people, is to give them what they want.
    Everytime someone says: “Our children will not understand why homosexuals weren´t allowed to adopt children.”
    I am thinking: “Yes … and your grandchildren will stone them again.”

      1. Oh …I will vote and I will still talk with reasonable people.
        But I will no longer try to save people form their own stupidity. Especially if they don´t want to be saved.

    1. I read a few years back that Germany prosecuted and convicted two native born couples for home schooling their children. At the time I wondered “how bad can Deutch schools be?” and leaned towards the government’s argument that home schooling deprives children of a good education, plus disadvantages their chances for success as adults. If this article is for real, I’m now all in favor of home schooling.

    2. I have to agree. Many of these people are not willing to save themselves and it may take a civil war (real change) to wake up some of these people. Even after the overwhelming evidence in Sweden and Germany (regarding the damage done by illegals coming into the country) many are still siding with them.
      Maybe they need to die off for the country to survive and live on. At this point, if they continue to be this stupid after all of the facts then they deserve to die off. You can’t help people who won’t help themselves.

  15. There is absolutely no doubt that if you peel back the layers of these institutions you will find them stacked to the ceiling with Jews in the positions of leadership.
    It is painful to see the naivete of people wondering how their government can be so “incompetent” or so “leftist”. They are missing the big picture entirely. This is a deliberate, well-planned, and carefully executed Quiet War against White Straight Christian Men, and the war is being waged by a coterie of globalist scum led by Zionist Jews. These are indisputable facts that hold up to any scrutiny or objective research. They are not leftists or feminists. They are not ignorant, incompetent, or self hating. They are a highly organized Hostile Alien Elite, intent on weakening all Western Nations to the point where they can be easily subsumed into Global Zionism.
    Wake up – or die.

    1. And the commenters on this site profess to be ‘red pill’. They actually naively believe this is just some sort of dumb luck consequence to liberalist ideas that popped out of thin air. What a joke.

    2. On Point!
      There is NO way an idiot enemy could pull all this off!
      We have been deceived by a formidable evil.

  16. The German people, along with most all ethnic Europeans, need to revolt, depose their ‘leaders’ & eject the invaders with extreme prejudice. We Americans need to get some weapons into the hands of European Nationalists.

  17. Who are the jews behind these aberrations? Europe should never have let the jews in. The US will suffer the same fate since jews are at the helm.

    1. Monco and Lolknee, always the gallant white knights ready for action to save the fair maidens Jewish honor.

      1. Plot twist : I’m actually a Jew sympathizer who was paid to infiltrate this site and spread disinformation cause y’all know to much about are plans

        1. Heh, yeh well Lolknee must make more than you because he does good work derailing ‘red pill’ discussion into pointless tangents with his fictitious story telling.

        2. Yea , because blaming a race for every problem in the world solves everything ….just look how well blacks are doing .

        3. Nice deflection.
          Adam Levinson, disqus user summed it up nicely.
          “There is absolutely no doubt that if you peel back the layers of these institutions you will find them stacked to the ceiling with Jews in the positions of leadership.
          It is painful to see the naivete of people wondering how their government can be so “incompetent” or so “leftist”. They are missing the big picture entirely. This is a deliberate, well-planned, and carefully executed Quiet War against White Straight Christian Men, and the war is being waged by a coterie of globalist scum led by Zionist Jews. These are indisputable facts that hold up to any scrutiny or objective research. They are not leftists or feminists. They are not ignorant, incompetent, or self hating. They are a highly organized Hostile Alien Elite, intent on weakening all Western Nations to the point where they can be easily subsumed into Global Zionism.
          Wake up – or die”

        4. Check my post I just made in this same article . Like I’ve said before , you guys were scared to meet up because you thought you’d get reported and fired by some blue hairs . If any of this is true what are any of y’all going to do about it ?the majority of this site is desk jockeys who have never even been in a fight but spout off like they’re ready for a supposed civil war .

        5. How incredibly ignorant and insulting, yes we’re all terrified of blue haired freaks. What a silly strawman argument you pose.

        6. I went back and red a comment you posted on the meetups and I just summed up what you said . You couldn’t handle a revolution . You have no military training and no survival skills . Keep spouting off like you’re going to do something .

        7. Was that the one where I just joined the forum offering my support and where the rules stipulated no newbies without verifiable history to attend meetings. Hah, you’re getting desperate now. Nice to know you support white genocide though.

        8. Nope , the one where you said you weren’t afraid of physical repercussions but more so losing your job . Your job is meaningless and provides you with no skill to survive were this civil war to come . As I’ve stated before , most people who claim white nationalism are the worst of their race , just like black nationalist .

        9. Yes, loss of employment or future employment, trumped up charges of thought crime, rape allegations and generally blacklisted from society including innocent family members with threats of violence is a softer but no less crippling form of Bolshevik Gulag in todays totalitarianism.
          Your notion of ‘civil war’ is something you said, not I, so enough with the ad hominems.

        10. Then we come back to my initial point , if your scared of that what are you going to do against your supposed Jew bosses ? Uh you’re implying a white genocide is coming ….I’m hoping you wouldn’t just wouldn’t let them eradicate you so that imply a war of some sort .but I guess judging by the majority of the posters claiming white natiolism y’all be the first to go .good riddance to bad rubbish anyway, would leave one less loser pissing his pants when the shit hit the fan

        11. Hasbara Troll attributes
          Supreme point of view
          The Hasbara troll knows best
          Condescending & Patronising
          Socialist (Smart and ‘caring’)
          Do not have to be Jewish but Pro-Israel
          Internet experts
          Like to ask the questions, not answer questions
          Control freaks
          Inflamed by anyone being critical of Israel
          ‘Moral’ Guardians
          Classic insults: Anti-semite, Neo- Nazi, White Supremacist, Holocaust denier
          Adept with social networks well trained on IT

        12. It’s called 70 AD. Push to hard and assume victory over the “weak” and “stupid”…
          I am no white nationalist because this is more about the undermining of national sovereignty and the corruption of morals (but no conspiracy, nah).
          History… is supposed to be a lesson. Most of the human race seems to have gotten the lesson except for one tribe it seems.
          70 AD happened once before. But I know… “It’s different this time.”

          “Despite early successes in repelling the Roman sieges, the Zealots fought amongst themselves, and they lacked proper leadership, resulting in poor discipline, training, and preparation for the battles that were to follow. At one point they destroyed the food stocks in the city, a drastic measure thought to have been undertaken perhaps in order to enlist a merciful God’s intervention on behalf of the besieged Jews.”

        13. Thank you for contributing something besides some heresay of another anonymous avatar . But my questions still go unanswered

        14. What you claim as hearsay, I see as fact. Did you not read that Canadian Jewish paper clipping? It is all out in the open if one goes looking for it. They don’t hide the fact they hate us and want us all dead… BECAUSE… of what we did in 70 AD. Seriously… I think it goes that far back. The destruction of the temple by the Romans (white/Europeans) has sowed the seed of revenge in the tribe for almost 2000 years.
          I think at this point… and it is still creating massive cognitive dissonance in my brain… I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is looking not just possible, but most probable if not in fact inevitable… that what we have known as “Europe” and “N America”… will only be read in history books and that this fact of history will happen in MY lifetime.
          Make no mistake… what is going on in the world today will not stand and European/Western people WILL stand up, but what they had will be gone and there will be no returning to it.
          I think western Europe will completely collapse into tribal/racial enclaves across the whole continent, just like what we are seeing in Sweden now. Eastern Europe is going to survive with Russia coming out a major power for the first time in history (it has lagged the west by about 500 or so years in development). Russia is where the future of any kind of unified white European nationalism/civilization will emerge from. The fertility rate decline in Western Europe is not recoverable under current norms/culture. While Eastern Europe is not much better birth rate wise, it is NOT held back by socialist/feminist ideology. Eastern Europe will survive BECAUSE they know who was behind the communist revolution that tried to destroy the culture of the slavs.
          Trump (after reading his AIPAC speech) is going to do his best to give Israel its war in the middle east to do exactly to Iran what Israel claims Iran wants to do to it. Hillary will do the same.
          As much as I wanted to believe Trump, that AIPAC speech sealed the con for me.
          America… is doomed to complete collapse and destruction. And it all took place from within.
          Sadly, this will also spell the doom for the state of Israel. They have this delusion that out of ALL this chaos, they will come out as ruler of the world. Pure insanity. Once the mask is fully taken off, and the plan for a greater Israel/global NWO is out on full display to the world, China and Russia may just let BOTH sides (Muslims and Jews) kill of each other entirely and then come in to mop up and clean the house of a decimated and weak western/Israeli alliance that authored all of this insanity and genocide on the whole of the human race.
          Jerusalem… will fall again and the temple/faith will be permanently put to ruin as it was in 70 Ad. And like in history, this destruction will come about by their own hands and plans.
          God is wholly just, and is the master planner.
          Same as it ever was… same as it ever was.
          To all alt-right white nationalists… if you want a “future” for your “race”… get out of the Americas and western Europe. Learn Russian. Stop enjoying the decline and get off a ship that is clearly sinking. You are not saving anything here and what you offer me (a white) is no better than what we are getting now from the NWO elite – more of the same racial insanity of purity and superiority that has created this whole mess in the first place.

        15. I read the article , also have read articles from whites saying the same about blacks , blacks about whites , Muslim’s about Jew’s , and so on . So yes , I do see it as hearsay . Jew’s are upset about roman’s sacking them , Muslim’s are upset about the Crusades’s , Chinese are still upset about the experiments the Japanese preformed on them ….what’s your point ?

        16. Hey jerkface, why don’t you hop off Jewboy’s dick there for a sec and realize these people have been here quite a while and have contributed significant and valuable gems during that time and if you have failed to see them that is your own misfortune. They have a right to shoot the shit as they have earned it.
          What have you contributed but an attack?

        17. Monco claims to be a dirty harry tough guy that can make it anywhere, yet without a people, a nation or a healthy parent culture to draw from he is nothing and others like him will be washed away forever with the multicultural tidal wave.
          He Implies I need to ‘man up’ like a feminist would. He does this while he constantly defends/white knights Jewish supremacists that seek his and his peoples demise. Sounds to me a lot like cuckold behaviour. When produced with facts he sticks his head in the dirt like an ostrich at the uncomfortable truths then arrogantly sticks his head up again and tells me how tough he is and that I am weak because I am not out there in commando gear karate chopping every Zionist I can get at.
          The fundamental problem with the west is the majority of its people are completely unaware of the beast that seeks to destroy or enslave them. Even worse are their enablers.

        18. I know not of the history between you and him even though you characterize him to basically be an agent posing like a GOJ wannabe then I guess I have to direct my claims only to lolknee and NOT Monco because truthfully I haven’t seen Monco before. Either he has been here and just hasn’t registered on my radar before or is new.
          But you do bring up a salient point which I agree with you on and that has to do with identity. A man without a peoples (beginning in the home) is an impious man. How can he be pious when he denies his masculine duty and responsibilities that every man shoulders to some degree or another, towards his kinsmen? In order to solidify and build a home for those kinsmen a man must build and fortify a strong foundation. That must be drawn from identity. We all are a sum of our own experiences combined with the genetic prevalence’s of our relatives and ancestors, are we not?
          If this kind of discussion is what you are looking for then I highly recommend you read and participate in Aurelius Moner’s weekly articles. He is posting a series now every Friday discussing piety and other related subjects.

        19. The point is… you don’t get it, don’t see it, or don’t want to.
          Let’s turn the table around here.
          What do YOU believe? What is the TRUTH, in your limited view knowing one is never fully aware of all the facts.
          What is going on… why is it happening… and where is it going.
          From the above quote, I think I will know your answer… but I am curious none the less.

        20. I don’t know the truth but I’m working my way to a position were I will . Tell me how much have the world have you seen ? Have you ever been a high ranking politician? Ever had world affairs thrown on your desk and been told figure it out ? My guess is most of your understanding comes from the internet which consist of anonymous avatars spreading “truth” which usually is a wiki article , a link to another forum , or some shit YouTube video

        21. I see what you did there. Do you?
          The above comment does the following:
          – no claim to truth, so therefore no argument to defend
          – also claims “I am more rational and objective” than the other person without stating it outright
          – questions the opponents personal life/credentials, and not the argument/fact itself
          – blanket judgement/slander that the opponents argument/fact comes from a “shit” source, instead of looking at the validity of the actual claim to truth being made.
          I will tell you my “experience”.
          – Was involved in two political parties in my country. I have seen how the system works, even if only as a member of the party, not in a position of authority/representation
          – I have traveled to two countries and a third this fall. I am not an insulated citizen of my native land with no contact with other cultures.
          – I probably own more books than you have read, so the majority of my information comes from academics, independent journalists and other authors who have actually been through the traditional gauntlet of publishing houses and GOT published.
          I will ask again… as stated in my initial inquiry… what you believe.
          You don’t have to be able to prove everything you believe or why you believe it.
          Just make a statement of what you believe to be fact, and let it be examined and judged on its merit, not on your avator photo or where you got the information.
          This is the essence of the red pill – what do you believe, and why do you believe it. If what you believe can be proven to be false, then why do you cling to it?

        22. I have not once claimed to know the truth about how the world works on a global scale , why ? Because I’ve never been I’m a situation that affords me real time information on what is really going on in the world . I don’t sit here in claim I know what the “globally elite ” are going to do because unless you are one , you really don’t know either. You guys have your own lingo just like feminist and black nationalist do , you try and argue points in the same manner . You linked me to a Wikipedia article about a war between roman’s and Jew’s and say this is why Jew’s are mad. I can link you to Alexander’s conquest of the middle east and say that is why Muslim’s are mad. You can read Independent journalist and things of that nature but they have their own bias , just like you criticize the writers of other blogs or sites with a certain particular bias , I criticize your beliefs . You may have read more books than me , who knows , my interest pertain to military endeavors mainly . History of the Peloponnesian war , xenophones “Xerxes ” , the memoirs of John s mosby, the book of the five rings , and Marcus Aurelius’s meditations are in my current cycle . As for my beliefs ? I told Adam that I am white and proud, I understand what people of my skin color have done for the world . But I don’t thing that gives me the right to spout of racial superiorority , if I was Pericles , Alexander , Washington or someone like maybe , but I’m not so I can’t .

        23. “Sadly, this will also spell the doom for the state of Israel. They have this delusion that out of ALL this chaos, they will come out as ruler of the world.”
          Israel will fall. It’s surrounded by enemies who know that when the USA goes down, it’s time to take Israel out. The zionist jews are so narcissistic they can’t see they’ve sown the seeds of their own demise.
          Personally, I think the USA will break up along ethnic lines. Not racially pure lines, but more like looks White, acts White, and fights White. Anyone who comes in with antiWhite nonsense will likely be hanged, something like that.
          In Civil War 2, Thomas Chittum said the US military will break along ethnic lines, and ethnic cleansing will begin. He had a checkpoint of around 20 items to look for before America’s collapse. I’ve looked at a few times, and I think at least 17 of them have been checked off. One of the last things he said to look for was the Republicans as the party of Whites and Democrats as the party of nonWhites, as well as illegal-alien amnesties, and a UN global police force. He’s a military historian, not a PC fake historian, so his analysis leaves out all PC theorizing.

        24. You might not believe this… but Israel failing is part of the plan. The plan is to make this third world war a truly religious one, on all three sides, so that humanity completely rejects ANYTHING to do with God, and will welcome the light of Lucifer, the true divine redeemer of humanity.
          I actually have more faith in the American people than many. We are seeing it in the Trump campaign. Despite the rhetoric, his rallies are peaceful and many, many different ethnic and religious classes are supporting him. I am still afraid he is going to pull a con on his supporters after watching his AIPAC speech, but maybe he is doing what he needs to do to win. I just don’t know.
          America will rally around what united them in 1776. Human freedom from tyranny. If there was ever a people, even now with the sad state they are in, to believe in the dream, it is Americans. That… is why they will fail even if America falls.
          They will get their war. They will get their chaos. They will get their bigoted hatred and violence and fear of the other. They will get the failure and collapse of America. But they will NOT get the submission and defeat of Americans or the dream. It will be rebuilt.
          What “they” won’t get… is their one world government.
          What “they” are going to get, is a repeat of history.
          70 AD
          Thank you for the book reference. I will check it out. Never heard of this author.

        25. I’ve heard that theory before. Christopher Jon Bjerknes knows the jews inside and out, it seems. He says they have a prophecy they’ve been waiting thousands of years to be fulfilled, and they got tired of waiting for it, so the NWO is them bringing the “prophecy” about themselves. I’m not sure where he got the numbers, but he said 2/3rd’s of jews are supposed to be sacrificed before their messiah is revealed, who a lot of people think is a Rothschild, but who knows. He has some good interviews on his site here:

        26. “America will rally around what united them in 1776. Human freedom from tyranny. If there was ever a people, even now with the sad state they are in, to believe in the dream, it is Americans. That… is why they will fail even if America falls.”
          I agree with you here, but I don’t think America will stay intact. There are too many brainwashed factions and ethnic rivalries, so I think America will break up into ethnically distinct nations. None of them will be 100%, but more like 90% White, 90% Hispanic, 90% Asian, etc. America really is becoming too big for the government to handle as a whole. There’s been too much stoking of antiWhite hatred for there not to be a breakup along ethnic lines. Every empire in history has broken up that way, so I don’t see why America would be an exception to the rule.

          This is another good book that outlines America’s fall.

        27. Another interesting book. Thank you again.
          I also have to sadly agree with you on the ethnic divide/hatred, but even here, I believe there is more hope for unity than division.
          Did you not see Chris Rock and Stacy Dash’s MASSIVE middle finger to the entire #blacklivesmatter movement at the Oscars?

          Everyone… and I mean everyone… missed the joke…. that was NOT a joke… but a MASSIVE swipe at the entire black/white race war the elites are trying to stoke.
          There are a LOT of black people that are SICK of this race baiting shit. Again, another large silent majority that, along with all the other races and creeds, will form the communities that will restore America because of sheer numbers.
          Division… never stands. America may very well break up, but there is simply too much intellectual history and idealism for the American dream to die.
          Out of chaos will come an order, but it won’t be an order of hatred and race war, it will be a rounding up of the guilty to be brought to justice.

        28. “Did you not see Chris Rock and Stacy Dash’s MASSIVE middle finger to the entire #blacklivesmatter movement at the Oscars?”
          Won’t matter to the average person. It all comes down to scarcity of resources and tribe in the end. We can see that in its incipient stages in the USA right now.
          “There are a LOT of black people that are SICK of this race baiting shit.”
          Even the smart ones buy into at some level. The smartest black people often buy into it the most. The most successful blacks aren’t representative of 90% of other blacks either.
          “Division… never stands. America may very well break up, but there is
          simply too much intellectual history and idealism for the American dream
          to die.”
          The American dream itself is close to dead. It died in the 90s. We’re living in its carcass right now, but nobody wants to admit it.
          “Out of chaos will come an order, but it won’t be an order of hatred and
          race war, it will be a rounding up of the guilty to be brought to
          Not sure exactly how it will come about, but multi-ethnic societies are simply unmanageable and never survive, and it won’t take much for it to fall apart. Revolutions come not when the grip of PC is strongest, but when the mask slips. It has slipped, and it can only slip further.
          As resources become scarcer and scarcer, ethnic rivalry will heat up. It will heat up even more if Trump follows through and deports illegals. Quite simply, there is no way to fix America, as it’s already been murdered. You can’t replace the original American nation with over 100 million low IQ third-worlders without completely destroying the place.
          The Middle East and North Africa were once White, Christian countries, but no more.

      2. Isn’t it queer, how they’re always prancing around like schoolboys, trying to dominate every comment section on the site with trite frivolity? haha Funny is all.

        1. Adam when you grow a pair and actually try and become a credit to your race you’re welcome to run your mouth but until that day keep it shut

        2. You insult Clint Eastwood every time you post under that moniker.
          Speaking of keeping your mouth shut, you and your chum lolknee seem to behave like little girls in that regard, unable to let a single article go by on RoK without flooding the comment section with your boring, empty verbal diarrhea. It’s a very feminine sort of attention-seeking behavior. I suggest the both of you take a couple weeks off, maybe think of a couple interesting things to say for a change, and then resume commenting.

        3. You really, really want Clint Eastwood to be a pathetic egalitarian cuck like yourself. We already had this conversation. The 20 year old Clint said stupid and naive things like 20 year olds do.
          The Clint Eastwood of today would never utter such an absurd quote.
          The quote is ridiculous on its face, as it implies that anyone who has a strong opinion or strong preferences is coming from a place of weakness and insecurity. Just the type of thing a dumbass young kid would say, and regret later after he learns more about the world.

        4. That is the exact same reasoning that Marxist Progressive Liberals use to demonize and diminish anyone who thinks differently than them.
          If you dislike homosexuals, you are homoPHOBIC.
          If you think that secure borders are necessary for a secure nation, you’re a xenoPHOBE.
          If you dislike the obnoxious, often violent, and sociopathic behavior of blacks, you are a racist.
          If you don’t have a problem with guns, you are INSECURE.
          If you drive a large truck, you have a small penis.
          If you make the correct observation that Whites are, on average, considerably smarter than blacks, you are JEALOUS of their physical prowess and INSECURE about your place in society.
          on and on and on…
          So tell me, why are you on Return of Kings, using the same feminist shaming language that Marxist agitators are using all over the country?

        5. How have I shamed you ? You said I didn’t deserve the Clint Eastwood moniker for my views , I provided a quote that showed he agreed with me . If anything you and drago are the ones who took offense .you commented on what I said calling me feminine and childish when all your post on here can be summed up as bitching about something you can never fix . Even if it were possible fix I doubt you would have the testicular fortitude to do anything about it . I’m white and proud , but I’m not racist , but I am knowledgeable on what people if my skin color have done to benefit humanity . I own guns , can use them to feed myself , but I don’t consider myself one of those lame ass three presenters . I don’t care for homosexuals ,but what they do behind closed doors is there business . I’ve worked night clubs where I was the only white guy in the whole place , got a lot of shit but I eventually earned respect after cracking a few skulls , I never took offense because the same thing happens to the only black guy in a night club . Your ideology I’d all book driven , never applied in the real world , mine comes from actual experience. I have no prejudice towards anyone because I’ve developed myself to be able to keep up with each races strong points .you drop me anywhere in the world I’ll adapt and survive , can you say the same ?

        6. I can say all the same things, and I appreciate your response. However, the only problems I have with you are your reliance on the idea that racism is a barometer of morality, and your reflexive mockery of any implication that Jews just might have some hand in the problems we are all experiencing.
          In my experience and my opinion, both of those ideas are wiped away after you go into advanced red pill learning.
          I thought the same things years ago, but as I have studied history, biology, philosophy, sociology, and science, I’ve changed my opinion a lot.
          Race matters, and at the end of the day it will be the only thing that matters. Whether you like that or I like that is irrelevant. That’s just how it is.
          Also, yes Organized Jewry do have objectives that run contrary to the interests of White Christian nations, it’s hard to believe anyone would even dispute that. They are also in control of the solid majority of our mainstream media, hence they are behind the propaganda campaigns that we are witnessing. Again, it’s hard to imagine anyone disputing that factually.
          Anyhow have yourself a nice evening.

  18. I was planning on moving to Europe after college but now I am starting to think of it as unlivable. It is time for a strong nationalist government to rise up.

    1. You can still go to the central/eastern Europe. Simply anything from Berlin to east. Non-white minorities are very scarce there.

  19. So where is the article that criticizes white men for sleeping with Asian, Arab, African and Latino girls? I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning

    1. White men procreating with any of those races only increases the IQ, social status, and probability of success, of any resulting offspring. The opposite happens when White women give birth to mixed race babies.

      1. Nobody, that’s who. It’s easy for black men to pretend to be taking the moral high ground on this issue, because other races are completely uninterested in their women. Black men will always get the better end of the deal when interracial pairings are tolerated.

    2. I agree I find the racism on this site a bit ridiculous.
      However this writer is from France. I assure you that none of his anger is misguided. The refugee situation in Europe is awful. Both European women and the refugee women are at high risk of sexual crimes and harrassment due to the situation. It is particularly heartbreaking for the refugee women who are trying to find safety and refuge away from the lifestyle they know, one where they are seen as cattle.
      Europe is endangering its people as a whole and is trying to fix it by claiming these people can be reducated and it is ‘not the individual’s fault, it’s his life background and we can fix this.”
      At least America tries not to let in refugees that have an ideology that might lead to rape.
      There are good refugees, plenty, but Europe is getting the worst of the worst.

      1. “It is particularly heartbreaking for the refugee women who are trying to find safety and refuge away from the lifestyle they know, one where they are seen as cattle.”
        White Knight Alert!
        You clearly understand nothing about women bro.

      2. Americans have guns (at the ready). We’re not worried about this type of nonsense happening (at least in the south or west). There are plenty of Americans who have no trouble with peaceful immigration but you can bet that those same Americans will take up arms against any of the bullshit happening in Europe.
        You couldn’t take over a 7-11 where I live without locals taking care of business on their own – no police or military required.

      3. It makes sense that the French are pissed about a LOT of immigrants and we’re pissed about fewer of them.
        The same way a man on fire is pissed like a man who burned his finger.
        A problem at large scales is still the same problem at small scale.

    3. It’s not criticizing inter-racial sex per se, but the government itself that is introducing mass cuckoldry–the same government that is inviting refugees in biblical proportions to the continent. This article would still be written if it was Japan that invited millions of white men and encouraged them to take their women.

      1. Good response. Speaking of hypocrisy. He is missing the point in his haste to vilify white men, all the while thriving in the civilization that Europeans and their descendants created. Big difference between tourists using modern transportation systems (invented and developed by whites, of course) to travel to exotic countries (for weather, vacation, culture, sightseeing or sex), and useless migrant termites being allowed by governments to overrun European countries, bringing nothing but contempt and a criminal sexual deviance.

    4. I agree with you. We should see an article outlining why white men are guilty of sleeping with many other types of women.
      But, let’s keep it all in perspective. White men are under attack on a daily basis from all fronts. If you can’t get on board with that fact, then I can’t back you up on why there should be an article criticizing white men for sleeping with other women.
      I’m all for criticizing all men but I’m for the truth as well.

  20. Maybe white women want a larger selection of men… Maybe women get what women want… Maybe white women have voted in tolerance, diversity, vibrancy, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-shaming, anti anything that would hold them accountable or impede their progress towards a larger selection of men… [most Asians excluded for some reason]. White women want to f*ck those other guys – it’s all going according to the want and will of women…?

    1. Yes, women want to maximize their sexual options and their reproductive freedom, while restricting the sexual freedom of men. It is up to men to stop them from implementing their short-sighted and socially destructive desires.
      An analogy would be a small child who wants to eat nothing but chocolate cake and ice cream for every meal. Any parent who would allow this is irresponsible at best.

      1. oh, ok …so that’s why they call me Daddy: “Any parent who would allow this is irresponsible at best” – As a man I’m the parental equivalent to childish women. Got it. I have to Man Up and be the authority to save women from themselves. I’ll get right on that today… any suggestions on how I should be keeping the women from their cake and eating it too?

        1. You sound better suited to just lounging around and letting other men do the hard work. Enjoy yourself.

        2. the hard work of repealing VAWA, Title IV, No Fault Divorce and the Child Support Model of parenting – right? The hard work of drastically reducing a 50%+ divorce rate. Divorces which are initiated by wives 80% of the time. The hard work of creating penalties for false charges of abuse, harassment, DV, rape… debunking the pay gap myth and the lie of “Equality” – reversing affirmative action hiring based on gender quotas and the current trend of 30%+ single mother birth rate… I’m sure you had these and others in mind… but it’s more fun to simply write MAN UP! and put the responsibility on men for the behavior of women… wow – same old blame shame game… just like a bitch. Are you a bitch Adam?

  21. This is all coming here. The elites are trying to brown up the white race and lower IQs in the process. They want to completely annihilate the white race by the end of the century.

    1. It is very obviously THE main project and goal of the NWO elites.
      If you can’t see this, you have your head stuck in the sand because you don’t WANT to see it.

  22. They have been slipping subtle race-mixing propaganda into nearly every movie, television show, and commercial, for the past couple of decades. Only recently they have ramped it up to incredible levels.
    The main clue that this is not aimed at increasing overall diversity, but rather is an attack on White men, is that 90% of the interracial couples depicted are blonde White women with dark ugly negroes. The social conditioning this instills in our young women is reason enough to take up arms right now and go to war against the traitors.

  23. I don’t know if this is just another example of the predictable stupidity of white chicks, a hatred that burns with the intensity of a thousand suns for straight white males, or both. Probably both. However, the message is clear, “minorities of the world, come to Germany to help exterminate Europeans by any means necessary. We’ll even pay you.”

  24. The part that describes psychological abuse and violence sounds an awful lot like the ‘DOMESTIC VIOLENCE’ pamphlets in the lobbies of the socialist services and food stamp office. The aim of the socialist services IS NOT to fix any problem. They just need large numbers of customers to operate and recieve their federal matching funds. They need drug junkies and women that cry rape or abuse or any witless shit-for-brains woman who will blindly sign pre-forms from the local jew prosecuting attorney to lynch a man. There in the lobbies of these STENCH PITS of women’s studies gravy government work, you will see racks of pamphlets upon entering. Pamphlets like ”aids awareness”, or ”Is he an abuser?”, or ”heroin, the elementary school boogeyman that is but another crooked toenail of your brave government”.
    In the ”domestic violence” anti family brochures, they always show the same picture of the woman curled into a ball and crying. Sometimes the numbers on the pages have teardrop shapes superimposed on them.
    THE CLENCHER in these DV pamphlets is how they define ‘domestic’ or partner (male) violence. And the pamphlets have the same instructions to call the dogs out to remove the man. Anything under the sun constitutes ‘violence’ or ‘abuse’ and warrants the intervention of the nanny state. ”does he argue with you?” or ”does he not buy you whatever you want”. As soon as a nit-wit ding-bat woman calls a hotline, a case is generated and it’s harder getting the state fem prolies off your back than it is to get your name off a scientology mailing list.
    They need customers, whether it be drug rehab matching funds, or runaway flaky women with high dollar kids. Healthy white kids bring a hefty 30 grand plus for the child trafficking racketeers but ”you ain’t get NUFFIN” for the stupid bitch mother in the runaway women’s shelter who signs them away.
    Pictured below is a terrified white girl being auctioned off at an ISIL white slavery meat market. It could be anyone’s daughter STOLEN from heartland USA by the CPS headhunters and brokered to the ‘market’ like many are. How did she end up where she is? Stupid clueless women’s studies socialist services do-gooders of course. They come and white glove a Christian household and find a reason to write them up and hold their kids. Then POOF they’re gone into the government black hole. WOMEN IN THE JOBPLACE resulted in the fate of this poor girl, women who should have forgone their family destroying socialist service careers. We white westerners have enough women abandoning the family path as it is. Do we need to get lassos and begin roping their runaway asses back to the domestic front or what? GET THOSE fucking stupid western women out of the workplace pronto. They’ll blow up the whole planet for God’s sake if we don’t get them back to their home duties at once. WORKING WOMEN did this to that poor girl at the ‘slave’ auction. The bearded mafuscimo auctioneer is some circumcised nit-wit bitch to his Imam. He wouldn’t know better if the truth bit him.
    ((white ISIS slave auction – compliments of CPS))
    DO SOMETHING white man. Pick up some shells at walmart when you pick up your beer the next time at least, and I don’t mean macaroni shells, unless you’re low that is. Keep your home safe. Watch your backyard and your snitch face neighbors. And watch the socialist service witches.
    It used to be big fat Aunt Jemima nigger ladies staffing the welfare offices. Now it’s typically refugee types of every different stripe that staff the DHHR, DFCS, Health offc, Dept of Mental Hygeine or whatever they call the useless eater department in your localle. Occasionally, the place is headed up or commissioned by the jewess wife of some parasite bureaucrat who ‘gifted’ the gravy job to his wife. You see the blueprint for entitled mob government quite clearly in ”FEMINAZI HEADQUARTERS”, the socialist services building.

  25. Most black men are ugly as shit. Most white women have mental disorders. It makes sense when you think about it.
    The best part is when some mudshark like Chancey Luna’s mother is crying on the telly that “He was a good boy! He didn’t do nothing!”

  26. And we have just seen the left reach yet an even lower low.
    I’m honestly surprised that more Europeans aren’t catching on.
    I wonder if there has been anyone in an EU meeting over there that has ever stood up and said: “I’d just like to ask WHY we are letting immigrants in AFTER we have acknowledged that there are terrorists pouring in through the border with them?”
    But thank God human nature doesn’t change.
    You could strap a German woman to a chair and torture her until she verbally agrees that she finds a migrant man who is missing three teeth and smells of piss and feces “desirable,” but she still won’t actually FIND him desirable.
    But the good news is that the more we see the left try to play God, the more fearful it means they’re becoming of losing control altogether.

    1. “But the good news is that the more we see the left try to play God, the more fearful it means they’re becoming of losing control altogether.”
      Very interesting observation.

  27. The Talmudic prophesies are coming true. The Zionist reign over the mixed goyim peoples of earth draws closer. Once strong people, culture and nations that could reject their tyranny now crumble from their subversion even attacking their own.
    If the Europoid people do fall victim to this genocide then I can only hope other races and nations take heed, resist and fight this great evil.

    1. Europe’s fall is natural course when you let your women rule. Men must command their women. It is commanded. That’s right up there with young children honoring thy father and mother. ”Follow my word or else I will not protect your children” – Hosea 4:6

  28. Funny thing I’ve noticed . Alot of the commenters on this site were scared to meet up because they were afraid they’d lose their by being reported by some blue haired misshapen fat feminist but have no problem spouting off about white nationalism and blaming everything on the Jew’s . Tell me , if y’all can’t even deal with blue haired white women what are you going to do a supposed race of people who control every world event ?when this supposed civil war comes what are you going to do? how are you a white nationalist when you can’t even gain the respect of your women ?

    1. You better believe I bring up white survival and jews every god damn day even with feminists. Helps being 6’3” and 250lbs, doesnt win me any popularity contests with the lemmings but I dont give a shit. Every now and then you run into someone capable of thinking for themselves

  29. White men need to realize that there is an assault on all fronts against them with the newest assault coming from your own government.
    Society preaches about equality and diversity but what is really going on (pretty much in your face, today) is inequality and racism against white men. White privilege doesn’t include white women…it is only white men who are guilty of white privilege.
    I’m wondering why it isn’t called white man privilege or white male privilege at this point.

  30. Sorry, guys. There’s too much concentrated force on our necks… and no fighting back is happening… catch you on the flip side.

        1. ”no figure” – – what you mean is she’s not filled out. I’d say she has an extremely low body fat index. Look at her neck. That’s all muscle. Her arms, all muscle. Legs same. The works. She’s got the body of a yoga instructor who obscessively eats a PERFECT diet. I’ve known ‘bikey’ chicks who ride expensive bicycles regularly who are similarly obscessive about their diet and they’re also similarly built. They’re very slender but being all muscle, they’re also very lightweight but strong at the same time. They have what’s called an ‘insect’ body, much like an . . eeh . . well ok a MANTIS. You know what that is. It wouldn’t surprise me if Miss Bam weighed in at below 115 lbs. I’ve seen some white South Africans in action. They tend to be a lot more muscular and on their toes than obese Americunts or Scandinavian white chicks who eat more pork/wheat and less veggies. Being fit and fast is a matter of survival for South African whites who are an extreme minority now. Being fat and slow is a death knell in an environment where nigger rape stats are through the roof.
          Miss Bam is on one heck of a pedestal there competing for miss universe. She’ll probably get snatched up by some tycoon and spend her years tanning on a yacht but not reproducing. If it were me, why I would get to work absolutlely wrecking her perfect figure, stuffing her like a turkey and producing a slew of pedigree offspring. As fit as she is, you know she’d bounce right back after each successive birth. She’d snap back like rubber. It’s all in the diet. A hell of a wife she’d be even after 40 and her last egg is schmogg, she’d be one fine nanny momma with a rocket body. You have to grow up eating right and keep the regimin. No pink slime, no wheat. She knows the drill. Her dad needs an award too.

        2. Well don’t hate me for it bud but I guess I just prefer the ‘Mediterranean’ type body. This girl looks fit, but still, not my type.

      1. Are you stupid or troling ? You mean this full blooded offspring of European colonists ? Mainly Dutch.

        1. The Dutch Afrikaners never cease to amaze me. How such a fine specimin of pure Dutch blood like Miss Bam can remain pure in such a hostile polygot genetic and cultural basin like South Afirca is answered with one word APARTHEID.
          As a system, apartheid was a political-philosophical culture, almost like a state religion dating back to the 1600’s when Afrikaner Jan Van Reinbeek planted a wild almond hedge beyond which no hottentot (bushman) was to go. His famous ‘almond hedge’ was known as the ‘cornerstone of apartheid’ and became as legendary as Romulus and Remus were to Rome. That ‘hedge’ preserved the ‘hegemony’ of the Dutch blood there for over 400 years and counting.
          Colonizing is largely done at a distance or across a sea, but leave it to the Dutch, the master colonists of the ages to invent ‘apartheid’ which was basically maintaining colonial control over the native peoples and resources at ‘no distance’.
          You wonder how a white minority of less than 10% can retain their culture and bloodlines and still keep order over such a vast territory of non whites? ””APARTHEID””. Until the early 1980’s, South Africa’s system of apartheid went unchallenged, after which time college students abroad and sjw’s began terrorizing campuses demanding that universities and corporations divest from S.A. and they demanded that apartheid be dismantled.
          White SA under apartheid was a ‘police friendly’ culture that I wouldn’t necessarily describe as a police state. The white police or white guard were numerous, so numerous that it compares to some rural communities where half the community is somehow involved to a degree with the local volunteer firefighting company. With South African whites, guarding their whiteness was forefront, thus more ‘guard’ cops which outnumbered firefighters substantially. White South Africans were the most heavily armed of any white group on the planet. How else could a group of less than two million whites survive and maintain their purity and culture in a land populated with over 12 million non whites? Every white South African had a brother, family member or friends who were ‘cops’ or guardians of their white Dutch/British culture, yet still they wouldn’t class themselves as an oppressive police state. In this ceremony for the ‘guard’, policing of apartheid was a vital part of their culture and survival.

          Note the natural goose stepping of the guard. The marvelous Dutch colonialists invented the goose step long before the Germans. No, goose stepping isn’t all that sexy, but it resonates with authority and command. It is no wonder the Dutch glossed the globe with their flag. I believe the Dutch were put on this earth basically with the genetic acumen to ‘MAP’ the entire place. God created them as cartographers and archea-mastons of all tribes and uncharted lands.
          The Dutch, known as the ‘low’ or lowland Germanics were seafaring and had the real authority and command to colonize in their blood. No one could colonize like the Dutch. The ‘high’ Germanic or mountain Swiss certainly couldn’t colonize. They were short, stalky mountain folk with a penchant to craft with metals, but not colonize. The Swiss even let tiny Liechtenstein be.
          Again, I’ll say ”WOOOW” Miss Bam is an amazing test of survival of some obviously very choice Dutch genes. I wonder how many sisters she has. Don’t get me started on that.

  31. Such dumb SJW idiocy. The immigrants might be dumb, but they are not that dumb. They know exactly what they are doing when they are raping women, and they know exactly the risks (or lack of) of doing it. This SJW propaganda acts like the poor immigrants are five year old children (while they are mostly grown men). This crap is insulting.

  32. For the rapefugees Zanzu reinforces the idea you are here to fuck the white women with cartoons without really helping them develop any social skills. “Ficka ficka” is still the preferred opening line and the best way to break the ice is have your mates hold her down while you finger her, apparently. Under “Choosing a partner” their top point is “Under the law in Europe people can freely choose their own partner”. Isn’t that what they’ve been doing? “Both men and women can take the initiative to start a relationship”, so carry on.

  33. The young women of that country have the boys by their balls. Good girls have become a minority. Marriage matterial is grabbed away before they are 20 or so. Older generations (40+) behave ok, but between there is chaos.
    What is left are the very young promiscuous girls who treat normal, average guys like trash. In my experience with them, they only want a good shag and are not interested in the emotional aspect of a relationship. Mostly, they visualise themselves as future professionals with high salaries, that have a daughter each (never heard one of them wanting sons), and they will divorce because the men “cannot follow up on their independence”.
    Give it a few years, they get to the age of 30 or so. Turn into frustrated, hard working girls who lost their good looks a long time ago. They are angry at the whole world since men are chasing younger women. Turn to alcohol, medications to sedate themselves. Productivity below average, but nobody dares say a word about it.
    Correct me if I made a mistake somewhere. This is just my experience from the 5 years that I had lived here. Maybe I would see a different picture if I was a local.

  34. Swedish government TV put out an infamous music video called Blanda Upp or Mix It Up in a comedy show. It includes a white Swedish woman in a white dress riding reverse cowgirl on a tall dark black man while singing the national anthem.
    Some claim the woman is Elin Krantz who was brutally raped and murdered by a Somali-by-way-of-the-US immigrant.

      1. no, it was a satire group called Grotesco led by the useless “comedian” Henrik Dorsin.
        It was all meant as humor, no matter how tasteless it is. Swedish Television rightfully got death threats after broadcasting this episode.

        1. Ahh… I see. Still… how on earth did that ever make it through all the steps and hoops to actually get on the air? Really.. that was the single WORST piece of garbage I have ever seen. Insulting on so many levels to just about everything any normal person might value, not just Muslims or immigrants, not to mention Swedes. I doubt you could get that aired in America, which is saying a lot. It was just that offensive.

    1. This is the kind of thing that comes from the minds of jews. Many of them are so twisted and perverted by their hatred of Whites, it literally drives them insane with jealous rage.

      1. Thanks for clarifying. There are reports out there that present Mix It Up as a government educational effort (similar to Zanzu), starring EK, who it’s also claiming was a supporter of multiculturism on Facebook, making her death tragically ironic. I’m trying to find out what dodgy website I read this on. Last time I looked the video was pulled off YouTube for ‘copyright reasons’.
        This shows we are being propagandized post-Cologne, by white nationalists and/or definitely by professional Zionist anti-Muslim shit stirrers (e.g. MEMRI).
        The video definitely fits into the cuckold theme. It seems irresponsible to show this on public TV to the migrants, as it might lead to another ‘sexual emergency’ (the excuse offered by the swimming pool child raper in Germany).

  35. I don’t understand how German men are not enraged at the thought of immigrants screwing their women. How could they be so blind to what’s right in front of them? They are like mindless drones.

    1. American military occupation had much to do with this. I think German men got used to being cuckolded by their occupiers.

    2. I do not think that they are blind but the ones that are on the fence have been forced to believe since they are children that their people is evil by nature and that they will be forgiven through being nice with everyone. Including by sacrificing their comfort. For those who dare rebel against the establishment, the go to words of “racism” and “nazi” awaits them, if not a prison sentence.

  36. Its not a “german ” government its a jewish supremacist globalist government.In reality the SJW cultural marxists are a minority,most people reject the whitegenocide policy so dont panic,fight back.

  37. The last thing women of ANY country need is perceived permission to go out and exercise their basest instincts. Read Auto-de-fa by Cannetti. Admittedly, it’s hard to stomach and goes on and on, but it shows how women naturally fit into society’s manipulations and use men’s hopes for love and relationships against them, dragging them down. Cannetti saw it all happening 50 years ago.

  38. Without being punished I would rise to the status of being a dictator and ban women
    from voting, ban Islam and deport all the undesirables to Africa.

    1. Why does anything and anyone bad have to immediately be associated with Africa? Send undesirables to Antarctica. Sounds like a perfect solution to me.

  39. (Edit: Cause some people wanna be perpetually offended on not read past the first line.)
    I said some people sound racist. Tough shit. Get over it. If it aint you keep it moving and actually read what I said beyond that point.
    I just wanna say, some of y’all sound racist at times. Whites aren’t going anywhere. Relax.
    To my point. If you have to spend money and time educating a culture to not rape, you probably shouldn’t let them roam around your country. Europe is getting what it deserves.
    I give two flying…

    1. Europes collective fertility rate is app. 1.58. (EU countries per 2015)
      That`s of course including first generation immigrants, who have a much higher birth rate than the native population.
      White are indeed being eradicated, even without immigration.
      Germany is even worse of.
      I just don`t see anything turning this around.

    2. When you whine like a bitch about racism it makes you the enemy in the struggle to preserve western civilization.

      1. You mistake me. I really don’t give a rats ass. And me pointing out some (not all just SOME) people come off as neo-nazi types, doesn’t degrade Western Civ. Western civ is already lost with teh pussified millennials voting for Hillary.
        But do go on and act like I am one of those Tumblr fags who scream racism without reason. Whatever helps you sleep at night

        1. No i’m saying any White person that calls another White person a racist IS THE ENEMY. That word was invented by communist jew Leon Trotsky to shut up any White person who stands up to cultural marxism. The word racism is only effective because it is an emotional argument, science says races are very different. Here’s an article on why Asian are different looking than everyone else (hint its not because all humans evolved exactly the same way).

        2. And your saying White people aren’t going anywhere? How come well be a minority in every country outside eastern europe at the end of this century? Sure sounds like their going somewhere. The middle east 2000 years ago looked exactly like Europe and America today. No serious person is going around saying White people aren’t going anywhere. So start being a serious person and educate yourself.

        3. Yeah, no. We aren’t even talking a bout the same thing. If you are so hung up on what you think I said that you can’t see what I am saying, why waste my time?
          Some people here get super touchy about race and come off racist. That’s it. End of story. Bringing up bullshit beyond the scope is a waste.

        4. Well then leave out the “White people arent going anywhere so relax” comment if its not what your actually saying.

        5. Or you can read beyond that and understand teh full post. Not my fault if you choose to focus on one sentence out of context.

        6. Seeing as how I had the point to make, you missed it entirely, and this conversation went outta left field the second your posted your reply, I think we’re done here.

    1. “Volkstod” sounds much more romantic than “genocide”. I might start using an Anglo-Saxon equivalent and call it “Folkdeath”… Tolkienesque, don’t you think?

      1. Yes. “Volkstod” or “Folkdeath” is much more descriptive than “genocide” which is greco-latin newspeak hybrid made up by Kike.
        And “Folkdeath” is direct word, self-explanatory for English speaking people, not cryptic and alien, like “genocide”.

        1. I must admit I sympathise (“withfeel”?), as someone who has studied linguistics (“speechlore”) no less, with the “Anglo-Saxon” movement in English. Of course, when used it sounds silly to our ears, being so used to the French, Latin and even Greek influence on English, but their hearts are in the right place.

          Another, more practical, outlook comes from George Orwell:
          “Bad writers, and especially scientific, political, and sociological writers, are nearly always haunted by the notion that Latin or Greek words are grander than Saxon ones, and unnecessary words like expedite, ameliorate, predict, extraneous, deracinated, clandestine, subaqueous, and hundreds of others constantly gain ground from their Anglo-Saxon numbers.”

          “A mass of Latin words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outline and covering up all the details.”

          “Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.”
          …and so on.
          The whole essay, ‘Politics and the English Language’, is not only a great commentary on the use of English, but one of the best arguments against politically correct speech.

        2. I’ll also note that the standard German word is not Volkstod, but Völkermord, which might be better translated as “folkmurder”.
          To be really pedantic about it, Volkstod would be “folk’s death, death of the people”, and Völkermord would be “folks murder, murder of peoples”.

  40. The legacy of the machine gun and modern warfare.
    The mechanized killing of WW 1&2 took so many brave men. Killed off masculinity throughout Europe, follow by the rise of SJWs. I think German women know this at least subconsciously. That is why they are anxious to import some masculinity, even if it is actual rape culture.
    We saw the same thing in the USA following the Civil war. The rise of women’s rights and then the rise of neurotic women that followed.
    American military occupation had a lot to do with destroying masculinity in Germany and Japan as well.

  41. Looks like Germany never did reform after World War II they are still out it, at least there are some Nazis still around. Same Theme but different culture.

  42. It’s all been planned a long time ago:
    Take a look at this video:

    Moreover, In the words of ex-president Sarkozy of Dec. 2008:
    “What is the goal? It’s going to be controversial. The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding. The challenge of racial interbreeding that faces us in the 21st Century. It’s not a choice, it’s an obligation. It’s imperative. We cannot do otherwise.
    We risk finding ourselves confronted
    with major problems.
    We MUST change; therefore we WILL change.
    We are going to change ALL at the same time. In business, in administration, in education, in the political parties.
    And we will obligate ourselves as to results.
    If this volunteerism does not work for the Republic, then the State will move
    to still more coercive measures.” (video:
    There is absolutely nothing anyone can do against that plan.
    The forces at play are much stronger than any puny opposition by a few individuals, and it’s been demonstrated time and again.
    What has to happen will happen.

  43. It’s Cuckold not CuckHold. But I get what you’re writing. If someone wants me to bang their wife, I wouldn’t mind, but only if she is hot. I didn’t come to this world to make it a better place. (I’m not a migrant by the way) I learnt at an early age that the greatest key to happiness is, to not attempt to solve anything that has been happening before you were born.

  44. I guess the old TV show Star Trek was “racist” to suggest future humans would retain their racial and ethnic identities or that there are any issues being a human/Vulcan mix like Spock. Of course Captain Kirk is still the hero, as he attempted to mate with every female alien life form in the galaxy.

  45. I loathe the Germans, which is ironic since my ancestors were Prussian warlords, but to be fair, they were also Huguenots and those are generallly similar to the Swiss, where many of them ended up residing.
    Maybe not ironic so much, because migrants are mutts. My ancestors were at least true Prussians..

  46. There is an evil plan being quietly orchestrated. Good on you for going through the material I wouldn’t have had the patience it’s targeted at illiterates.. See, I’ve often felt why the hell do the European governments not do any adds to boost the local fertility. I know Denmark did a few recently, but Germany in its eternal guilt, especially as the nazis were into it refrained. But to go and create material like this is disgusting. Here is another example of the sickening stuff that Germany is now having to put up with

    Am slightly relieved to see that one European leader at least can tell it like it is:

  47. There is a bigger picture to it. After 70 years of occupation and easy living, europe is weak. The once strong armies of germany are no longer there.
    This reminds us at the dusk of the roman empire. The romans were too few and too weak to protect their own borders so they brought in 1000s of barbarians from germany to fight for them. For some time this did work.
    These millions of young muslim men might be good soldiers to defend their new and comfortable home, where there small mixed-race children then live. They will be the canon-fodder against russia/china when the next big war comes.
    The Elites may see thus far and prepare for it.

  48. If this publication was released in the 1950s all you would see is happy, healthy white couples and families. This “multicultural” agenda must be muted -any top hackers around?

    1. I have noticed that a large portion of people that are too much into hacking tend to fight for the agenda

  49. German men are cucks. German women are whores. If you want to see the problem with a nation, simply look at its people.

  50. I have never seen anything like this NOR do I believe it , Germans are a Strong and Proud People . I don’t believe it .

  51. Germans are fucking racist pigs, by the defintion. Who’s genetic make up unlike the other whites is degenerating, this dis s a result to the, being the least expose to genetic hybridization. So they sleep with Arabians because this the only to gather both asian and African genetics from sexual patners that are complementing to their skin tone. This doesn’t make the excluded demonic bustards any less racist. They racist by ideology and from being too separate for too long from other global cultures. It’s ridiculous really. They also do this in Switzerland,

  52. I have a couple of questions fellas: Do you know that they (muslims) do combined marriages and their families push them to marry a girl that his parents choose? who sayed that they can pick up women and make children with german ones (maybe with the ones you would never ever make a family with)? Right now I see cheap workers who will work for the pensions and that will never get the pensions (I don’t know how many years you must work to get a pension in Germany but in Italy you must work for 10 years minimum to get a pension). Correct me if I am wrong.

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