Why A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Destroy The United States

Of all the 2016 presidential candidates, both Republican and Democrat, the worst one by far is Hillary Clinton. If she is elected to the presidency, her policies may bring an end to the United States as we know it. Here’s why.

Stacking the Supreme Court with liberals


The most devastating effect of a President Hillary would be on the Supreme Court.

Assuming that Senate Republicans have the fortitude to delay a vote on President Obama’s Court appointment, the next president will be responsible for choosing the next four or five Supreme Court justices. By nominating younger justices, it is not an exaggeration to say that the next president will set the direction of the Court for the next 30 years.

We have to face a cold, hard fact here: Supreme Court justices who were nominated by Democrat presidents unswervingly vote in a liberal way. They never, never, never deviate from their mandate to always decide in favor of progressive social engineering.

Republican nominees have a much less consistent record. Justice Kennedy, who was appointed by President Reagan, has the reputation of being the swing vote on liberal social justice cases. It was Kennedy who provided the majority vote in the Obergefell decision that legalized same-sex marriage. Chief Justice Roberts, who was nominated by President Bush, voted in favor of Obamacare.

Social conservatives are very concerned that stacking the Court with liberal justices will forever enshrine abortion rights and same-sex marriage as the law of the land. They are correct to have this fear. But a greater risk is of what is coming down the pike. We’ve already seen the opening shots fired in the campaign to make pedophilia mainstream. With a majority liberal Court, the pedophiles will be able to achieve in eight years what it took gays decades to achieve.

As terrible as the social engineering will be, the next change will be even worse.

Gun Confiscation


Liberals hate the Second Amendment. It has been their wet dream for decades to take away guns from the law-abiding public. They want to take away your guns so badly that President Obama even cried about it.

There has been one thing that has continuously stymied Democrat efforts to confiscate your guns—the Second Amendment of the Constitution. But liberals view the Constitution as a document that should be interpreted in whatever way is most suitable to the current year. I would not be surprised to see a majority liberal Court decide that the right to bear arms is an outmoded vestige of our colonial past.

Although she has not made it a campaign promise, Hillary has already expressed interest in using Australia’s “gun buyback” method to confiscate guns in the US. As soon as President Hillary is able to get a liberal majority on the Court, expect her to make gun confiscation a top priority.

Hillary’s crusade against guns may be the spark that sets off a revolt in the US as a minority of Americans would rather fight than part with their right to bear arms.



It is really difficult to get more liberal on immigration than most of the Republican candidates. Jeb Bush famously called illegal immigration an “act of love.” And all of the Republican candidates except for Trump call for dramatically increasing legal immigration levels.

Hillary does not disappoint. Even comedian Bill Maher, a flaming liberal, mocked Hillary’s ultra-liberal position:

There has been a real change with the Democrats… Mission Creep, I would call it. I understand their position was comprehensive immigration reform. Now, in front of Univision, it seems to have morphed into, “you get across that river, you’re here to stay.”

Hillary pretends her position on immigration is because she just wants to help poor immigrants, but she says that just to fool stupid voters. There are two real reasons for her favoring wide-open borders.

The first is that she wants to provide her big donors with an abundant supply of cheap labor. Illegals for the low-end and H1B visas for the higher end. Hillary shares this goal in common with the Republican establishment.

The second is that she wants to ensure her re-election and Democrat hegemony over the US for the future. Recent immigrants vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Obama received 71% of the Hispanic vote and 73% of the Asian vote. By letting in hordes of new immigrants, Hillary will change the US from a center right country into a full tilt, left-wing, multicultural hellhole. And it will stay that way—forever.

More Feminism


Grrl Power renders this young feminist impervious to pain.

Hillary’s only real qualification for the presidency is that she has a vagina and she slept with Bill Clinton at least once several years ago. Her eight years in the Senate are not marked by any notable achievements, and the defining feature of her tenure as Secretary of State was the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, which left four Americans dead.

For this reason, Hillary has laid great emphasis on the fact that she is a woman. In an interview with Time magazine she pretty much said that women are better at governing than men:

I think that there are certain issues that we are more attuned to one of the things that I did in the State Department is increase resources to cases involving child abductions, trying to do more to promote international adoptions where appropriate. I just think there are some areas where our own life experiences really prepare us to be more receptive. I do think there is something in the governing or organizing approach. I just think women in general are better listeners, are more collegial, more open to new ideas and how to make things work in a way that looks for win-win outcomes. That has been my experience.

Because women comprise one of Hillary’s two large voting blocs, you can bet that she will push feminism and grrrl power at every turn.

Racial Divisiveness


Blacks comprise the second large voting bloc for Hillary. If you’ve watched the Democratic primaries, blacks are responsible for the fact that Hillary is beating Bernie Sanders. Bernie plays well in states with mostly white populations, but in states that have a large black population, Hillary always wins. That is because blacks vote for Hillary in even larger margins than they voted for Barack Obama.

To keep the black vote in line, Hillary will follow in Obama’s footsteps and continue to fan the fire of racial animus. If Hillary is elected, expect to see many more cities burning down due to race riots. All the while, Hillary will use racial tensions as a wedge to encroach on the police power which is supposed to be reserved to the states.

Race relations in the US are a powder keg that is set to explode. Hillary is more than willing to light the match if it assures her a second term.


I’ve left a lot out. I haven’t mentioned the fact that Hillary is notorious for selling political influence. I haven’t mentioned the email scandal or the fact that Hillary will continue the failed interventionist foreign policy of the Bush and Obama Administrations. To give every reason why Hillary would make a terrible president, I would need several volumes.

After 16 years of cynical and inept leadership under Bush and Obama, the US has already suffered immeasurable harm. Even with the best leadership, it is doubtful that the US will ever regain its prior glory. The years of open borders, enlargement of the welfare class, and the destruction of the American manufacturing sector have inflicted permanent damage. Eight years of a Hillary regime would only accelerate the process of destruction. Her policies will aggravate every problem area and virtually guarantee that the United States will come apart.

In fact, that may be the only legitimate reason to vote for Hillary. Rather than a long protracted death under someone like a President Kasich, Romney, Ryan, Rubio, or Haley, a Hillary presidency will lay the groundwork for a swift, shocking end. Those of us who remain alive after the shock would then be able to rebuild civilization from the ground up.

As for me, I would prefer to delay the apocalypse for another generation or two.

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406 thoughts on “Why A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Destroy The United States”

  1. There’s really no difference between the Republican and Democrat in Liberal policies. Democrats directly tells you they’re going to fuck you over while Republicans tells you they’re not going to fuck you over, but does it behind closed doors.

    1. Have to agree.
      In a supposedly free society of personal liberty and individualism, we should never even hear a federal politician utter the words: social policy. When you try to legislate behavior you are inevitably advocating for restrictions, some are obviously necessary to maintain a society (no murder, arson, theft, etc.) and most others are attempts to diminish freedom.

    2. I would go further and say that power itself doesn’t matter in our particular brand of idiot democracy.
      If power is an illusion then no one is steering the ship. We stand one person at the rudder and the ship is out of control and we say “they fucked it up” we can do the same. But the guy at the rudder, the navigator, the entire crew are basically shopping mall clothing store dummies and are only there so people have something to cheer or boo while nature takes it course on an unmanned ship.
      You want real power where the person in charge matters, find an autocracy, dictatorship or absolute monarchy. Maybe, maybe, maybe find a democracy (like Geneva was before it was sucked into Switzerland when Rousseau was still alive or Ancient Athens but even then you are better of with the first three if what you want is a system that matters).
      Short of that, revolution. Hannah Arendt…someone who is no big hero for sure, but also someone who wasn’t stupid…pointed out that the revolution and it’s spirit actually does change the world. But that newness, the natality of the spirit of revolution, dies once the revolution is won and at that point everything starts a very long process of falling apart.
      The Roman Empire stood for nearly 1400 years. I don’t suppose less than 2.5 centuries in your average Flavious 6 Pack would have imagined a world without Rome. And they had the benefit of less competition, a smaller world that moved much slower and absolute monarchy.
      Seems to me that it is getting close to time to say goodnight Austin texas or wherever you are.

      1. “Autocracy, dictatorship, or monarchy”
        Perhaps this is Roosh’s prediction; predating the name of this website.
        So… hail King Trump?

    3. Obama has done good job economics-wise, at least you Americans have had some kind of recovery.
      Here in Europe we are still suffering.

      1. Oh good god. You came out of it and have gone back in. We never really got totally out of it at all.

        1. You should compare the (youth) unemployment, inflation and GDP growth figures between US and the members of EU for the last 10 years…

        2. Well bad news for you. Europe has always had lower GDP growth and youth unemployment has always been a mess there. Not sure why but it seems to be your norm. The USA has not had GDP growth as high as 3% now for 10 years. That is a record for us. And our youth unemployment rate right now is horrible by our standards

        3. You see what you call good growth we call a horrible recovery that doesn’t even match population growth.

        4. Yes we have GDP growth since 2009 but it is INSIGNIFICANT. About half of what it needs to be to get us back on track and no where close to what it needs to be for us to be the economic beast we once were.
          But we could be burning to the ground covered in dildos and dead voles and I’d still take US over EU.

        5. It is still as good as it gets when global demand is in a historical slump. Would you have liked austerity instead?

        6. We have it is called wage stagnation basically none of us have had an increase in income in 15 years or better. All while the cost of living has continued to go up. we are all poorer now. so yeah we have austerity already, it’s just not the government handing out smaller checks. If anything they’re handing out bigger ones and more and more of us are needing welfare

      2. What??? This race hustler pushed the US economy further into debt than all previous Presidents combined, imported mass numbers of unskilled labourers to dilute the job market and drive down wages, sat by while BLM burned down cities, while Knockout Games and New York slashings flourished.
        All the while going on lavish vacations, too many golf games to count.
        You need to understand: Zero had no desire or ability to make the U.S. a vibrant economic state.

        1. Obama definitely helped the economy through deficit spending and auto bailouts and bernanke through printing money. Don’t forget how bad 2008 was, our politicians were much smarter than Europe’s in that respect.

        2. Bernanke should be rotting in jail or a coffin if you ask me. I blame him and Hilary (George Soros) for 50% of this nations problems today.

        3. Two things
          1. Big fan of the Lovecraft horror genre cool name.
          2. Obama is lucky so much shit has gone down in his presidency that we wont even remember ACA or Detroit.

      3. Get out of here, you are a schill for the democrat party! You do not belong here.

        1. Lights match and room explodes It is a good day to die, at least for one’s principles.

      4. Obama did his best to fuck over the recovery…. any recovery we had is in spite of him.

      5. You’re in the wrong place to Obama shill. If he had won Congress and the Senate, we’d be much worse.We haven’t even seen the effects of the debt increase and the money supply increase through the Fed Reserve policies. That should be interesting.

    4. Correct; at the national level, there is no difference, other than cosmetics (“They wanna take your guns/guns are bad, they wanna take away your right to abort your kid/abortion is murder”). Nothing but emotional appeals to distract you from what is really going on.

      1. I still don’t understand how the vast majority of the population doesn’t see the blatant hypocrisy on both parties. One thinks that a profit motive is evil and businesses can’t be trusted, but human motives (sex, drugs, rock n roll) are harmless and everybody is free to be who they want. The other side thinks business should be free to do what they want, but human motives cannot be trusted. Either people can be trusted or they can’t. Period.

        1. The vast majority of the populace is incapable of critical thinking,

        2. Now I’m going to agree with you in that if you’re talking strictly parties Hypocrites all take immigration. Mainstream Republicans see them as cheap labor they can be used to break unions. The Democratic party sees them as undocumented voters Democratic voters

        3. Keep in mind that “the vast majority” of the population doesn’t vote for either of these tools. But I agree with your sentiment.

        4. Downvote, because neither party thinks sex, drugs and rock n roll are harmless. Both parties advocate for big business, big government and fascism. All drugs that have any potency or are beneficial in any way to society are either outlawed or controlled–depending on their value to the lobbyists and the corporate friends of lawmakers. Straight sex, between a normal couple–and not including a drastically older women, single mother, or minority female–is shamed. At this point, it’s even dangerous in this rape-obsessed misandrist society to have sex. And rock n’ roll, like all of the arts, is essentially state controlled now to keep people from thinking anything that may lower revenue. Furthermore, copyright law has turned into monopolization of arts, and next to drugs, is the most popular way for the money-hungry government to raise funds.
          The agenda is to get women in the work place and in engineering jobs, to better compete with the mostly-male, rapidly rising China. Also, to lower the wages of skilled engineering labor by flooding the market. Also on the agenda, is getting rid of the second amendment and privacy, to make citizens totally afraid of slowing the diminishment of their liberty and their financial coffers via taxation–and indirect taxation (crony capitalism). Furthermore, it’s to promote interracial relations to eliminate the drain on society that is minority single mothers. Whites and asians are by far the most important parts of the US economy, while black and hispanics–with so many prisoners, and impoverished, unmarried mothers–are an economic ball-and-chain. While variety is the spice of life, the invisible hand wants no part of it, and wants to have a uniform race.

        5. 1- BC people no longer think for themselves. They allow themselves to be passively influenced by others, including their parents.
          2- BC all forms of media are skewed, including entertainment. This alters people’s thinking.

      2. Funny you consider killing a child in the ninth month and have the government pay for it. which is the Democratic position a right. Right with the standing of the right to keep and bear arms

        1. Why can’t we bear arms and allow state-sponsored abortion. You really want *MORE* impoverished, criminals running around, more single, unwed mothers!?!??!?!?!
          STOP making laws. Get rid of some. End the fucking debate now, and just everyone agree that we don’t need anymore laws, or taxes. Fuck me already. How is this so hard to see!?!

        2. Really the state paying for abortions performed so late that they need to kill it or the baby survives the abortion. Are you serious?

      3. They’re arguing the same bullshit they were since the 1970’s. And while that’s going on corporations are putting more and more of us in the poor house. Nobody’s standing up and saying anything important. And these people following Sanders. . .? They’re like “Yay. . Free Education!” But for freaking what? College degree’s no good if you can’t find a job or can’t get backing to start your own business.

        1. WE NEED TO STOP MAKING NEW LAWS. NO MORE TAXES, NO MORE LAWS. Reclaim privacy, liberty, and privatize as much as possible. That’s the answer. Everyone is just so fucking diluted and bitter to face it.
          Here’s why public policy is so fucking insane: hatred and bitterness. Instead of promoting liberty, privacy and happiness, we just makes as many laws as possible to fuck each other over.
          Poor people hate rich people, and rich people hate poor people. Old women hate young women and men, so they take it out any way they can when they vote. Old men, hate old women. Divorcees hate everyone. Young people hate each other–because competition has never been greater in the work place and in the sexual marketplace. Racism is abound, in *all* directions. The entitlement generation feels cheated. This all infects voting, this all creates fear and uncertainty, and creates terrible laws that make day-to-day life more difficult.
          Get rid of the laws, promote freedom, get rid of the taxes, let people have the dignity of determining their own lives.

        2. Taxes? God damn. Social Security taxes were based on the idea that not everyone has the common sense to prepare for the future, so the government decided to have a mandatory savings account for everyone. Bullshit. Give me my money and let me decide about my future. Trusting the government to create an atmosphere where you can always get a decent job, or start your own business, has been a nightmare. And the only people really paying taxes and getting nothing back are we people making less than $2 million a year.

    5. My favorite part about partisan politics is that people will come up with any excuse to mitigate their party’s failures.
      Reaganites will excuse his deficits, gun control laws, flip flopping on abortion, amnesty bills, etc. In the same vein that the Hillary crowd will excuse Benghazi.
      But if you mention any of this to their followers, they throw a temper tantrum clamining you are an “uneducated shrill”.
      Truth is both parties are owned by their corporate masters.

    6. The H1b work visa sickens me. While Americans think that undocumented illegal aliens are a big issue, the even bigger issue are the non-immigrants who came here “legally” on student and work visas and decided to stay here illegally by overstaying their normal visa status. On top of that, we saw recently what Disney did by firing 400 American IT workers so that they could be replaced with lower wage East Indian H1b workers. I don’t mind H1b workers coming from civilized developed nations like European countries, but all we are doing is attracting the low end of the filth from India and bringing them here. I live in San Francisco, and because of the tech boom, I’ve seen tonnes of these East Indians coming over. They smell really bad because they don’t bathe, they go to nightclubs and start physically groping American White women, and then on top of that, they try getting their whole family to come from India to come to the USA. Why is 85% of the H1b cap all Indian people? Why can’t it be Russians, Ukranian, Hungarians who are also savvy at IT and software engineering. We are seeing a total demolishment of our society bringing the lower end of the spectrum folks to this country. The UK is already destroyed. Canada is destroyed. Australia is on its way of being destroyed. America is not far behind.

      1. There is a blatantly anti-white agenda, it’s very obvious at this point. You think they are bringing over Europeans at the same rate? No chance.

      2. I’m Indian and I find this VERY offensive! You’re getting reported! 🙁
        Nah, just kidding, Indians smell horrible, but it’s pretty much the FOB Indians that just don’t know any better, and you can’t blame them, since they’ve been bathing and shitting in the same local river all their life before they came to the States.

        1. You obviously didn’t goto school with indians. I did and you know what I remember? Them crying over getting an A on a test not and A+ so you go make your stinky indian jokes while those kids dedicate themselves in school and out qualify you stupid ass at everything you’ve ever wanted.

        2. C’mon, don’t snap at me like that, I was just playing along with the other dude’s comment; of course I’ve experienced school with Indians, but the Indians here in America and at my school are kinda apathetic about their studies. Visiting India and talking to my cousin, I saw just how serious they were about making something of themselves, and I can also say I’ve had the same drive as my fellow Indians have, though it’s probably not as much as I would have if I had grown up in India. I still think it’s a bit excessive to cry over an A, but I was raised differently. Being Indian myself, I’ve pushed myself to my limits as well, but it’s just that academics aren’t everything, and I’m going to make sure I get more out of life than just a stellar GPA. There’s more to life than grades, you know?

        3. The Indians you went to school with are part of the elite caste of their society that fled to the rich country as soon as possible. They are som of the least liberal group of people on the planet–as their overpopulated country’s people drink feces-tainted water and live in huts, they defend their hording of resources with an uber snobbish caste-system tradition.
          Disney will regret paying low on the IT side. You get what you pay for. This isn’t factory labor. I work with many IT employees from India and Vietnam now, and their code is terrible.

      3. Everyone is here now. I work in a “diverse” area and see that MORE PEOPLE ON VISAS, not US citizens, are working in high paying areas and great jobs such as marketing, higher Ed, pharmaceutical industry, IT. They all stick together and get each other jobs— and they tell me this without batting an eye.The US is the ONLY country where non US citizens can come to work BC ALL other countries give jobs to their own citizens first.
        So basically, the people on visas, etc. are all skimming of the hard work, efforts, self-sacrifice and building of something by your ancestors who did it with the intention that YOU could have better. This includes the military. We have never lived in a time where freedom is free.
        And if you think a woman on a VISA is looking @ you primarily BC she likes you as a person, then you might learn the hard way.

      4. With a name like Fernandez you might just be jealous they can read at grade level, in English. There are only 3.2 million Indians in the entire country. There may be 250 thousand illegal Indians. The H1B program is abused, but realize if we just end it, many corps will just move their entire operations abroad. As far as groping, Christians and Muslims are a more sexually messed up place. As a matter of fact, I think I once saw you on video Chritiana, wasn’t it the Puerto Rican Day parade when you and some of your Hermanodites were chillin and ripping women’s clothing off.

    7. there is one obvious difference, which is the Dem candidate for the SCOTUS is a Jew and all four other SCOTUS Jews have openly stated that hate speech is not part of free speech. Hate speech laws were directly created by other members of the tribe and you can bet your bottom dollar they will progress this such that any criticism of Jews or Israel is made a criminal offence, just as the Yiddish Bolshevik revolutionaries did in the first Sovet administration, before their mass murder of the intelligentsia, which is also on the cards if gun control, the next step after criminalizing speech takes place, given the creation of the DHS to have in Barry’s words, a domestic army as large as the US military, militarization of police, 1.6 billion rounds including hundreds of millions of hollow point purchased by the DHS, no hesitation targets, al after the 9/11 cassus belli, putting in place the DHS, NSA, NDAA, Patriot Act. Shit is truly coming down the pike. The globalists intend to enslave and murder. It is truly awful viewing the ZOG pulls the strings of the uniparty towards national dissolution, onward to their dystopian one World Government.

    8. I disagree with Republicans on mostly everything, but it’s better to have a smart crook in office than a stupid person. With every election you can follow the money and figure what course to take your life the next few years. Now, Republicans are obvious about who’ll they’ll give everything to, and you can be there to get table scraps. But Democrats are flat out stupid, and when they pass laws it’s unpredictable who’ll be there to take advantage of loopholes and rape the economy.


      1. It is unusual for a Trump supporter to call others names. Liberals are the ones who resort to this because they lack the ability to debate.
        I voted for Trump and I hope to God that he succeeds and rid Washington of the corruption by both Democrats AND the cucked Republicans. I don’t consider Trump like your typical Republican. I find him genuine.

  2. This is where the uninformed will start saying there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Check out court rulings if you are unable the tell the difference. We only have a working second amendment due to Republican nominees. And if you want to see crazy anti male laws. Look at California, a state run exclusively by Democrats. Then compared that to the laws in Texas. Enough said point proved

    1. Great comment. Just compare California alimony laws to Texas’ if you don’t believe him.
      Most republicans make lousy allies, but they are the only ones we’ve got.

      1. Hell no they’re far from great. There’s a lot of feminist supplicating beta Republicans out there. Let’s just remember that the only Alphas in politics are also Republicans. If you want to see the tide go backwards on every issue. Keep saying they’re both the same and let Hillary become president. Those who think a candidate needs to be perfection or they’re evil. They are not intellectually worth a shit.

        1. There are plenty of Alphas on the Democrat side as well. Why do you think they’ve won the culture despite losing the governments in the US?

        2. The Democrats don’t win because they have strong male leaders. Though some of there woman qualify. They win because there’s a lot of victims out there. A lot of people who feel like they need a Daddy in the form of the government to take care of them. The Democrats win because they’ve turned a lot of Voters into their needy children. The percentage of Voters today who work for the government or receive a government check is close to half of all Americans now. They know where their money is coming from. the Democrats give it to him. They sell their freedom for a wee bit of money.

        3. How is Bernie Sanders not alpha? Dude has been fighting and winning against the powers that be as an independent for 30+ years. Hard worker, says what he thinks, doesn’t compromise his ideals, family man, etc.

        4. He was on and off welfare for a bit, proud he was able to steal electricity from “the man” when he was young…yeah, a true alpha, someone to emulate..career politician…

        5. Stealing electricity and some welfare is the worst you can come up with? Hell, I’ve applied for unemployment (got a job before I could get any payments) and downloaded music and movies. I understand hate for career politicians, but there are exceptions. Dude balanced the budget of Burlington, got it a baseball team, and revitalized the downtown into one of most beautiful small cities ever. He knows how to get shit done. Do you really expect farmers and engineers to just say fuck it and run for Senate?

        6. Seriously he’s a wimp. two women come up to his speach take his mic to talk about black lives matter. He dud not even have the balls to say get out of my way

        7. I would never argue with you if there were not a lot of alpha males from the Democratic side 20 years ago. maybe they were more Alpha than the Republicans back then. We are talking now where the Democratic party is controlled by woe is me socialists homosexuals and feminists

        8. Anybody who thinks of a socialist as a strong alpha male is not thinking. how strong a man are you if you think you can’t do anything for yourself. mommy government must hand you a check. wake up smell the coffee. It’s the days of the new deal anymore. You personally are despised in the Democratic party. But keep voting for them, they will take your money and your vote. But good Lord they don’t respect you

        9. And let’s not forget John F Kennedy he was a man’s man a leader a war hero and the women loved him. Nowadays his politics puts him in a dead heat with Ronald Reagan

        10. And by the way I look at this record I don’t know that he’s ever won. Other than a majority of the votes of a bunch of hippies in Vermont

        11. Stealing a bit of electricity and being on welfare is the best I could come up with
          Burlington is the least populous city in the United States that is also the largest city within a state. The city population was 42,211 according to a 2014 US Census Estimate
          Balancing a budget in a dinky town is somehow an accomplishment? I live in NYC, somehow DeBlasio is holding it together in a city that is now at an all time record of 8.5 million people- and I’d never vote for that guy

        12. It’s easy to discredit democratic socialism if you wrongly define it, as you do. Literally nobody supporting Sanders believes that socialism means you can’t do anything for yourself. If you listen to Bernie he is the only one trying to reduce corporate control and allow the middle class rise again, instead of us just being powerless cogs. Trump, Cruz, and Clinton will continue crony capitalism and the divide and conquer tactics of the past 30 years.
          Also, I don’t vote for either D’s or R’s (I just saw that Gary Johnson is polling at double digits against Clinton/Trump!!). The D’s might despise me but, I’m also despised by the R’s because I’m not religious and believe in people having personal freedoms. The only reason I care about Bernie is because he is an independent who has hijacked the dem party. I never believed for a minute that he will/would get the nomination.

        13. He let protesters speak instead of telling the crowd to beat them up? Giving up the mic and taking the spotlight of you so your constituency can speak is a wimpy move? That showed more class and respect and took more balls than any Trump rally. We have vastly different definitions of a wimp.

        14. I know exactly what socialism is and yes it means that your money Is Not Yours its allocated to you you’re allowed to have it. As your money is a representation of the time you have sold, that means the state owns you. I’m sorry you can’t figure that out. I’m sorry you feel the need for mommies State. But holy s*** if you honestly believe that’s being an independent masculine man you’re sad. Envy is not a masculine emotion do something about that

        15. I live in Seattle I know what happened. it is funny they took over they were tougher than him. he couldn’t control it he was too much of a wimp.

        16. He bent over and grab those ankles for a group of people who will never vote for him. Both stupid and weak

        17. It is sad though in his youth he was a civil rights worker. you would think blacklivesmatter would give him something for that. but they give him nothing

        18. No, it does not mean that. Socialism means that part of your labor goes into funding the support structure that allows you to make money and funding social safety nets to decrease problems that snowball into larger problems. It’s part of the social contract to hold together a stable modern nation. Believe it or not, the United States was not formed as an Ayn Rand utopia of self-reliant businessmen. The fact that you have to use such rubbish platitudes as “mommy’s state” shows just how little you know.

        19. Well obviously you feel the need to be taken care of . whatever dude you’re just not the man I am. We’re not going to agree

        20. Ha, being as how most cities are in the red, I would say that balancing the budget of a 40k city is an accomplishment. I’m not claiming he is some super genius, but he has more experience successfully running a government than any of the other three candidates, and definitely more than the past two presidents.

        21. I’m sorry buddy but you have your head up your ass. socialism means none of that money is yours, it’s not a tax. They tell you how much you can have. if you make enough I’ll take it all. It’s a system where they get people like you to feel really envious. they play on your greed. you want the rich man’s money. the rich man being anyone who makes more than you

        22. thats why I enjoy this site- I agreed with this guy on a few pts, disagreed with some others, and I dont think it will be held against me. Hopefully we form a softball league(fast pitch only) at some pt down the line.

        23. Feeble ad hominems are feeble. It has nothing to do with taking care of me. I’m good. I worked my ass off into a nice position in life. I’m more self-sufficient than a majority of the population. The theory is that giving people the opportunities that I had, will help the country as a whole. Will there be freeloaders? Yes, but it is better to keep them placated before they turn into a problem.

        24. I talk harsh but I actually like everybody here. I can be a jerk but the level of discourse on this site is head-and-shoulders above average

        25. Handgun dog don’t take my harsh talk to you seriously. or should I say at least not too personally you’re brighter than most I run into and it’s not even close

        26. But Bernie Sanders is the candidate and not the dictionary definition of socialism. Again, you intentionally are mischaracterizing his platform by constantly calling it socialism and then falling on the public’s ill-defined definition.

        27. Its really not an accomplishment, all that could take was luring one or two companies into the city to make that happen- presto chango- budget balanced. Im no Dubya fan, but at least he ran Texas.

        28. He’s not the smartest guy in the world but he’s educated enough to know what socialism is. when he says he’s a socialist that’s exactly what he is. he just gets as much of it as he can. Like all socialists he’ll take it a piece at a time until it’s one big happy worker’s Paradise from each according to his ability to each according to his needs and if they don’t like it we have the law to force it on you. when voters give us the law

        29. Then do what I do give what you want to give. that’s Freedom that’s independence and that’s the system we have. Socialism is voting charity out of somebody else’s check.

        30. Making people envious and playing on their greed? Sounds a lot like capitalism actually.
          The point is that the rich man’s money isn’t the rich man’s money. While some actually earned it, a large percentage got theirs by shady banking and investing practices and protected by a system designed to keep them rich and in charge (often by bankrupting the average person, e.g. the housing bubble). Making untold millions by passive investing and paying little to no tax on the gains to support the very system that allows that investment is not a fair or equal system. It is designed to consolidate power and keep a large percentage of the population out of power and under control.

        31. Sorry it’s not greed to want to keep your own money. Money that you’ve earned. greed is wanting somebody else’s money and that’s socialism

        32. Don’t worry, I’m not. I like a good civilized political discussion. We all have differing views on how things are run.
          I’m actually pretty wishy-washy in my political beliefs. I don’t believe the way that the current Dem/Rep run the country is good (I voted libertarian the last few elections), so I’m always looking for a third option – any option. I also don’t believe in the sky is falling prophecy and don’t think that putting a socialist (however you define it) is going to cause the U.S. to fall.

        33. Yeah, but have you been to Vermont?? It’s a beautiful natural wonderland with no billboards. Texas is a sprawling hell hole.
          Oh, and you are right – it was/is an IBM semi-conductor plant.

        34. You see that’s the funny thing if you’re a Libertarian. your beliefs are very similar to mine. I just don’t believe the government should ever do anything but it wasn’t constitutionally empowered to do. Within some reason the states have the rights to do a lot more than the federal government right now though the federal government seems to think it can run over the rights of the people. Sadly Rand Paul didn’t last long he was my man

        35. Sure, but is somebody who took a $20 million inheritance, invested it (often in socially irresponsible companies who through bought and paid for politicians do not pay for the external costs to society of doing their business), and then hired a team of accountants and lawyers to avoid paying capital gains, actually earning that money?

        36. It’s his family’s money it was his money it’s not my position in this world to tell him what he could do with it. But I tend to agree he did great things with that money but it’s not like he started from the bottom star. Trump started from privilege that does make him different than me though the only one who could have said it came from the bottom was Rubio and he is gone and I didn’t like his immigration positions anyway

        37. Like I said, I’m wishy-washy. Some days I wake up and believe that humans are awesome and if left alone, we will do great things. Other days I wake up and think if we don’t step in and something these goddamn humans will destroy us all.

        38. now if you want to talk Corny capitalism the problem there isn’t the business man. its a government that has the power to be used by such a businessman. The last thing in the world you want to do is give the government even more power. Power which will be used by corrupt men. That’s just the way it works. The solution is to take their power from them Cruz has some good ideas on that. Paul had great ideas on that. Trump is just head the shoulders better than Hillary. And he does seem to have some understanding of the problems of cheap labor flooding our borders

        39. You see the problem is when you give government more power. you’re giving humans more power over other humans. it takes more trust in human nature to be a big government than a small government fan. The founders of the United States had no faith in big government for damn good reason. They had lived under it

        40. True. You have to trust that the humans having more power over the other humans won’t abuse that power. Hence why we have separation of powers in the our government.
          I think it also depends on how policies are implemented. Huge federal programs are for the most part worthless. However, having worked in both state and federal government (as well as the private sector), I can say that federal policy designed to be implemented by states or smaller organizations which are more nimble and aware of the peculiarities of a situation can be quite effective.

        41. Exactly cities counties at times even states are all where the power is supposed to be. mainly because it works and it’s responsive to the people. Big overstepping federal government is poison

        42. Gary Johnson got my vote last time. I didn’t even know he was running and I have my antennas tuned to pick up on this kind of stuff… goes to show you the media bias. Can you imagine how high he could be polling if the media devoted as much time to him and his ideas like they did with such unqualified people as Ben Carson?
          People act like there is some huge world of difference between how the world operates today and the vision Bernie Sanders has. Is Bernie’s view different from the nation the anti-federalists hoped they would create in the 1760s? Yes. Is it very different from the government we have today? No, I’d argue that it could even be an improvement.
          The gummint already takes around half my income. In most countries that take 50% to 60% of your income, they have a strong public education system, which creates an educated populace, efficient workforce, and opportunities for the disadvantaged, which is far better than giving them food stamps for 50 years. They also typically offer a first world transportation system and when a citizen is sick, he is medically treated without worry about the financial cost to preserving his life. In other words, Bernie, while not my ideal candidate, would be a great improvement on anything we’ve had in my lifetime.

        43. Just curious, do you believe that under the current government, your money is yours? Can you carry more than $1,000 cash without risking confiscation by the police under asset forfeiture (which does not require you are ever charged with a crime!)? Are you free to spend your money how you wish (ACA)? Are you free to come and go as you wish (see: Cuba)? Are you free economically when you keep less than half of what you earn, when serfs under the monarchy typically kept 90%?
          I think many people are living in a fantasy and don’t realize that much of their fears are already reality, and that the alternative is not some world-ending earth shattering thing.

        44. I believe currently the federal government has totally overstepped its powers. I see voting for a big government liberal like Hillary as voting to make the situation far worse

        45. And voting for any of the big government (non-Trump) candidates from either party will make the situation far worse. Hell, Trump may very well make things worse. The only reason he looks attractive is in comparison to all the other corporate tools.

        46. Actually I have to disagree here. He let these two people run up and dominate his speech, and they were rude, aggressive, irrational.. he kept asking reasonable questions and the disrupters just screamed and yelled at them. The crowd was booing them and yelling “Let Bernie Speak!” and it came across as very weak to me. I can’t imagine any living president acting that way if people stormed the stage. Hell, even Justin Bieber wouldn’t put up with someone doing that on his stage. That’s probably the thing that made me dislike Bernie the most. Very weak and poor handling of an impromptu situation. Granted, Trump would have handled them like he was at a WWF event, and I even wonder if some of his protestors are planted.

        47. Texas has one of the weakest governorships in the nation. It’s pretty well accepted across party lines that the governor has very little power or responsibility in Texas. It’s kind of like being the Queen or some figurehead. W’s track record is terrible in everything that he touched.

        48. He’s head and shoulders above a B-rate actor like Reagan… never understood all the Reagan love. What was the best thing he did?

        49. Because Reagan did more good in his presidency than John F Kennedy did. He was a good man but I can’t really say it was a great president. His foreign policy was a disaster. While Ronald Reagan’s with some of the best we’ve had

        50. To be fair if he had not been murdered he may have done good things. Johnson took over and made it all worse

        51. Wow. So winning the cold war (I strongly disagree, as do many historians but we’ll play devil’s advocate here; further I don’t think it mattered who won the cold war) is better than putting a man on the moon, establishing the Peace Corps, ending state sponsored racial discrimination, inspired Americans to help others and not take from the government, and stopping nuclear armaggedon (by the way I’d say Reagan’s greatest accomplishment was agreeing to disarm nuclear weaponry) ?

        52. I can’t disagree with you Trump only looks good in comparison. other than immigration. Cruz is a real small government guy. but he seems to rub people the wrong way and everyone else didn’t get out of his way soon enough. It really looks to be Trump vs Hillary Clinton

        53. Cruz is only a small government guy when you narrowly define what “government” is. Look at his connections to Goldman Sachs and his wife. What would Cruz actually do to reduce government? Stop the EPA from testing our water for chemical contaminants?

        54. His wife having a job at Goldman Sachs does not qualify him as a crony for them. Other than a handful of friends of his wife Wall Street has not been pouring money on him. he is not their favorite. Major financial institutions would have been much happier with Hillary Clinton vs Bush

        55. There are not that many historians that disagree. And considering how liberal academics are that says a lot that any of them give him credit. And when the Russians give him credit, I tend to believe them as they’re the ones you know what beat them

        56. Reagan cut off their financial support. surrounded them with enemies, funded those they was they were fighting with. And jacked up the technology of our military in such a way that they had to respond. They couldn’t afford to handle all these things and they went bankrupt. In the administrative before him they were still expanding forever

        57. Personally, I think the soviet union failed the same way America will failed–they eventually ran out of money and became insolvent largely due to huge military and foreign expenditures.
          Which is sort of what is said above. So if Reagan caused that to happen to the Soviets (not sure why it’s something to celebrate), then are Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Osama Bin Laden the Reagans of the 21st century? Because that’s exactly what they are doing to America.

        58. It’s something to celebrate because the Soviet Union was an expansionist Empire. It had full intention of conquering other nations, which it proved it would do over and over again by invading and holding other nations as Soviet territory. Russia is nothing like that today. it’s military adventures are no longer about conquering foreign peoples. They may have their eye on Russian people’s living in other countries, but that’s another story. They are no longer conquering over a philosophy that everyone should be communist.

        59. I do agree though that we must be careful about how we use our military. that we have no desire to become Empire and lately we have been doing that. We easily could bankrupt ourselves trying to conquer and nation build. After 9/11 driving those who did not bend to our will driving them out of power. That can be argued as proper. But staying there and holding the territory was a Fool’s errand. Mess with us we destroy you. That’s fine we’re not conquerors we leave. Staying is not what we are, nor should we ever be that. Plus it’s expensive and we suck at it

        60. OK again playing devil’s advocate, let’s take all that anti-Soviet stuff for granted as true. If the US prevented the Soviet Union from expanding, but lost its manufacturing base, destroyed the value of the dollar, ended American dominance through Bretton Woods, and became the vanguard of feminism and pro-homo agenda, and went from the world’s largest creditor to largest debtor nation in just a few decades can that be viewed as a victory? Is any victory worth losing all that?
          I don’t want to be conquered by anyone, and the Soviets certainly did restrict freedoms of its citizens. But if Poland, which Roosh views as one of the last few options for living and finding decent white women, was occupied by the Soviets because they weren’t destroyed in the Cold War, would Poland be a more conservative, traditional society today?
          Would an alternative world where Poland was conservative and feminine, and the US still had a strong manufacturing base, strong dollar, and was a creditor nation with a balanced budget (the way we used to be) be such a terrible world to live in? That’s why I’m not a fan of winning the cold war.

        61. Ask the Poles That’s one of the nation’s that absolutely loves Ronald Reagan. I’m sure North Korea is far more traditional than South Korea but mass murder is not a good way to achieve that. The wsy I see it. When totalitarian systems win. We are going to find the problems we have in today’s culture will look like Paradise comparison.

        62. I’ve read material that shows that most of the problems culturally we have today. They we’re directly influenced, promoted by the Soviet Union, as a method of weakening the USA. They were quite successful at that. Assuming that these things would not have been as strong. if we let the Soviets stay powerful. I think as an assumption we shouldn’t make

        63. I’m not going to make the argument that life in North Korea is better than in the South. And certainly it’s easy to use hyperbole when one chooses arguably the worst nation in the world and holds it up as the antithesis of the USA. North Korea is not traditional because it kills its dissidents. It’s mostly traditional because its in Asia, and for a variety of cultural reasons Asians are more traditional than the west. It is both traditional *AND* happens to live under a brutal autocratic regime.
          And that’s great for the Poles, that they are grateful for all the money we spent on them, but are they really better off today? Regardless of that answer, I’d say Americans are definitely WORSE off.

        64. But do you think we would have taken fewer casualties if we let the Communists keep hitting us and we didn’t destroy them?

        65. In the end there is no good solution to a highly publicized minority group invading your speech. I think I still fall on the passive milquetoast response than the overly-compensating aggressive approach. If that makes me a pussy, so be it.

        66. Do you think the Poles would have held on to their Traditions better as a conquered people of the Russians, or the Free People?

        67. Isn’t the Polish Traditions heavily based on their Roman Catholic Heritage? Something which the Russians were busy trying to destroy. The religious beliefs of East Germans were successfully destroyed. and you’ll find that they didn’t hold onto their Traditions very well at all

        68. That depends on what the enemy was. If the enemy was the Soviet regime, then sure, they are gone. If the enemy was the IDEAS… totalitarianism, a secret spy state, subversion of patriarchy, political correctness, control of language and ideas, free speech zones etc. then we lost.
          I for one base my decisions on ideologies and ideas, not labels and people.

        69. I’m near-pacifist, and there is no way in hell I would let someone interrupt and disrespect me in this way. You also have to remember this guy is running to be president. Can you imagine what what happen to, say, two straight white males in their late 30s who stormed the podium while the president was speaking today? Can you in any way imagine the scene playing out the same way? Would the guys even survive such an event?

        70. One CAN make the argument that the Poles are better off today thanks to Reagan’s interference. I’ve never been there, don’t know much about Polish history, and am ignorant to judge whether this is true or false.
          As I am not Polish, I can only see this as wasteful and all I can speak to is what a poor president Reagan was for Americans, in large part because he was diverting so much of his efforts and our money to the Polish, and others, instead of taking care of Americans.
          As to religion, the USA is now very anti-Christian, and trumpets degeneracy and immorality, while Russia is embracing Christianity and traditional values. In other words, if one is in favor of Christian values, one would be on the side of the Russians, not the Americans.

        71. If one agrees that middle eastern terism and mooslems are the greatest problems facing America (I do not) then Ronald Reagan, who aided and supported the Taliban in the 1980s, is directly responsible for them holding power as long as they did.

        72. Melvin Goodman, Head of CIA Office of Soviet Affairs, 1976-1987 “I think one of the greatest myths of American political discourse right now is that actions of the American government were responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union collapsed like a house of cards because it was a house of cards. It rotted away from within. The economy was rotten. The political process was rotten. They had developed a central government that was no longer believed by people outside of Moscow. There was total cynicism throughout the whole Soviet system. [The US] missed all of this because they believed their own myths and fanciful notions, and become their own victims of their own lies.”

        73. Of course they were responsible for their own demise but who was it who pushed them to die? Vladimir Putin seems very willing to give the West credit for Soviet Russia’s death. I believe him. But if the Soviets had not behaved like the Soviets. If they did things totally differently. One we would not have been their enemy and 2 they would have survived. And if wishes were fishes the poor would not starve.

        74. A lot of the “alpha” label is e-locker room talk. Sanders has a following of tens of millions of people. I’ve even heard people say that Obama is not alpha.

        75. The level of socialism he is advocating is rightfully demonized because it would be a disaster in the USA. You need a small, closed border, homogenous, traditional, hardworking culture. Under those circumstances along with a lesser need for a large military you could probably halve our current tax rate and still pay for education, healthcare, which I’m unsure of whether it would be a worse system than 100% free-market libertarianism.

        76. The level of socialism he is advocating is rightfully demonized because it would be a disaster in the USA. You need a small, closed border, homogenous, traditional, hardworking culture. Under those circumstances along with a lesser need for a large military you could probably halve our current tax rate and still pay for education, healthcare, which I’m unsure of whether it would be a worse system than 100% free-market libertarianism.

        77. Cruz is not from the bottom? His family fled the Castro regime in Cuba, went to Canada, and ended up in the USA. And Ted did a Harvard-Yale combo.

        78. Bernie is the only one of the four that I would ever vote for. Thus, because Bernie has never actually stood a chance of getting the nomination, Gary Johnson will be getting my vote.

        79. Eh, I don’t hear him advocating for anything that couldn’t be done by cleaning up government, getting special interests out of politics, and generally just running things better. I doubt it could be done in 4 or even 8 years, but I think that is an ample amount of time to get things pretty well started.

        80. Bernie Sanders is a leftover Jewish hippie from the 70’s, having the stereotypical *cushy* Jewish job of governing a milk-toast state like VT.We’re not talking CA, or NY, or MI, or MD, or any other state with real problems. We’re talking about a state where Sanders probably gathers with ppl over community potlucks to theorize about nothing for self-aggrandizement.
          He’s just like Hillary—- Neither one of those people will protect us from ISIS or from the real problems we face here in our own country. They’ll just *talk* and *philosophize* a lot about it.
          On a much more serious note:
          Consider this. The Jewish strategy of Divide and conquer:. The Jews started the feminist movement, which broke up American families. Jews control the entertainment industry and are responsible for warping US culture by breaking down traditions through warped ideas presented on TV and via celebrity, while making tons of $$$ simultaneously. Jews encourage mixed-race marriages, ensuring that your culture is broken down, and eventually eliminated, while they insist on only marrying their own kind— ensuring continuance of their race. They started Liberalism— which challenges all traditional, rational, ideas. The US has basically been handed over to everyone else BC of liberals. Remember, the Jews walked beside Jesus as disciples, siphoning his teachings, but handed him right over for a bag of coins, and claimed they didn’t know him, when it came right down to it. Jews stick together like termites to eat the ship from the inside out. They have succeeded in dismantling the US from the inside out, divided Korea into North and South and Germany into East and West. Learn your non-propagandized history. They’ve been kicked out of almost every country they’ve lived in for the same reasons.
          There…. I said it.
          Why would you want it?

    2. Honestly, the biggest difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats are openly against white, straight, Christian males.
      In other words, they are against Western civilizations itself.

      1. The Democrats are made up of victims groups and elitists who feel very guilty about being white and rich. Any middle-class white male (Worse still if you are a christian) who doesn’t realize that they are flat-out mortal enemies with todays Democratic Party, is a fool.

        1. I listened to a Democratic analyst on NPR the other day who was trying to explain the primary results. During his explanation he said something noteworthy, “The democratic party has been bleeding out men for decades.” It seems men don’t remain fools forever.

        2. Isn ‘t NPR a far-left news source? If it is, I commend you, because I have no desire to pollute my mind.
          Unless you were keeping track of the enemy.

        3. Coincidentally, republicans are made up of elitists who feel they earned their bank without any governmental/societal assistance and are entitled to it all, and victim groups who believe they are victimized by those darn liberals, when its actually the republicans elitists keeping them poor and stupid.

        4. Oh good God look where Wall Street gives its money. wake up in the real world blue-collar Union working men are no longer welcome in the Democratic Party. Both parties have their elitist but the Democrat Party is the party of harvard-educated big money old money elitists and that’s just the way it is now

        5. Wall Street gives its money to whoever is going to benefit them the most. Also, the double Bush presidencies directly blows away your ivy-league old money theory, but nice try.

        6. Sorry buddy that just isn’t true yeah the bushes were on the left as far as Republicans are concerned but Texas oil man even if they come from the elite come from the real world. Hillary was given everything by men, yet hates men She is a spoiled child. the only one worse than Hillary is Obama. though Bernie Sanders is something else. except he is truly an honest man I give him that. What mistaken kind of an intelligent but an honest man

    3. Actually, the uninformed are the ones that believe there is a difference.
      “Laugh about it, shout about about it, when you’ve got choose.
      Either way you look at it is you lose.”

      1. Says the ignorant one. you can’t see the difference because you are uninformed. I’m sorry for you, but go ahead and feel superior to the well-informed in your laziness

      2. Are you saying the Republicans had nothing to do with you still having second amendment rights? You say the laws governing divorce in Texas versus those in California, or the laws governing sex in colleges in California. Those laws have nothing to do with which party is in control of the states?

    4. Wes, The Mulford Act and No Fault Divorce in California were signed into law by a Republican Governor. You know him by the name of Ronald Reagan.

      1. What are stretch. Do you really see no fault divorce as that big of a problem? And not the judges that keep ruling in favor of women? The law is written fairly, evenly, its enforcement that isn’t done evenly.

        1. Truth. Look at his voting record. He also legalized abortion in California, gave the largest amnesty of illegals up to his time in 1986, and never turned a single budget surplus as Governor or President.
          There is no difference between the parties.

        2. Truth you ignore every point I brought up. I’ll respond to you out of courtesy that you have not shown me. Truth Ronald Reagan was pro-abortion back in the 1960s. he changed his mind when he saw what it did. Truth Ronald Reagan’s amnesty bill was outstanding. He personally could never have conceived that they would not enforce the law that would have kept illegal immigrants from ever working in the United States again. Reagan was beaten on that issue. Now the Democrats on the other hand never wanted to enforce illegal immigration laws. And they don’t believe there should be any. Theu honestly believe they should be able to vote. Do you see a difference? Do you see a difference on the Second Amendment? Is it conservatives trying to form laws that make every man a rapist or is it liberal Democrats?

        3. There has not been a true budget surplus in our lifetime the one that Clinton had if you ignore a lot of government liabilities, was only due to a Republican Congress and the fact that he cut capital gains taxes causing the stock market to explode.

        4. I know you’re not really educated but it’s the Congress who makes the budgets. and you’ll notice if you look at at the history when there’s a republican Congress the deficit drops. When the Democrats take power it goes back up. Seriously your ignorance is not justification for your point of view. and you have yet to address anything I’ve said. Are you unable to answer my questions?

        5. No-fault divorce means that divorces filed by women increased until 80-85% of divorces are filed by women.
          Once a woman gets what she wants out of a husband, she divorces him. I know, I know, there are exceptions. I am addressing the grand scale.
          If she just wants sex, she doesn’t need a husband. All a bitch has to do for sex is to let it be known and the dogs come running from all directions. Or she can go lez if all she wants is to get her tootie tickled.
          The 50% of marriages that haven’t ended in divorce are new marriages. Give ’em a few years and they’ll be keeping the 50%+ figure valid. More new marriages balance the divorces of old marriages.

        6. The law is written fairly? Wrong, its written to extract as much money as possible from whichever person makes the most money. You know the divorce courts get a tiny cut of each alimony and child support payment, right?

        7. A true budget surplus would reduce the debt, not just slow its increase.
          As all “dollars” (they’re all phoney money) are borrowed into existence, if they were all gathered in and handed back to the FED, the interest would still be outstanding. The only way to get the “dollars” to pay the interest is to borrow them from the FED, as politicians see that it’s suicide, political or even real, to issue US Notes to pay off the interest.
          And, pulling the “paper” “dollars” out of circulation would cause the fractional reserve banking system to collapse.

        8. True and it’s a big issue not one you’re ever going to see the Democrats touch and the Republicans would touch it only at their Peril so no go

        9. Sorry dude read the law it’s very fair it’s it’s enforcement that’s not. No it wasn’t a good idea as far as the strength of marriage was concerned. you probably should have to sue the show who the wrong party was. but the people didn’t like that and this is a democracy

        10. The “change of heart” most Republicans had around 1980 was pure political opportunism. Maybe Reagan was different and actually cared about what strangers do with their fetuses; maybe he had a complete 180 flip flop on this issue out of some reason other than political opportunism–only he could answer that. But that was not the reasoning behind the Republican establishment.

        11. Reagan was very sincere. I think a lot of people changed their hearts, when abortion was made legal and they saw the results. I think most supporters of abortion did not conceive that it would become so common and so frivolous. Who ever expected it to just be another form of birth control. In some cases donr for sex selection, aborting babies who are the wrong sex, not perfect and doing so in the last months when they’re alive and need to be killed or they survived the abortion

        12. I think you make assumptions about people’s motivations when you couldn’t possibly know what they are. abortion is a pretty horrendous thing. When you get millions of them a year. yes that affects people’s opinions

        13. That is conflating the decision to have an abortion with the legality of abortion itself. Abortion is currently the law of the land; that doesn’t mean it is an inherently good thing.
          A good documentary on the political opportunism of the Republicans and their co-opting of the envangelical Christianity movement is Power of Nightmares by BBC’s Adam Curtis (part 2 I believe)– available free online I think https://archive.org/details/ThePowerOfNightmares-Episode1BabyItsColdOutside has it.

        14. You’re talking about motivations and it’s very easy to be for a woman’s right to choose until after you see millions of abortions and some of them are viable babies. It’s no longer abstract and easy when it becomes common. at that point you’re saying right to choose murder. A percentage of politicians are still human and have feelings and morals. It’s well known that the mainstream of the Republican party is not really comfortable with the social conservatives. so I’m not denying there’s truth in what you’re saying. I just wouldn’t paint with too broad a brush on that one.

        15. I’m not making a moral argument for whether abortion should be a viable medical option for women or not. Mostly because few people will be convinced whether it should be an option for women based on the scientific facts and sociological observations, and also because I’m a guy and I really don’t care about abortion one way or another, because it is a women’s health issue. (I care much more about male genital mutilation.)
          I’m merely pointing out how it is a political football. Even if one party had pure motivations at heart on this issue (which I wholeheartedly contest) and really had the best interest of society at heart (and again there are a variety of points here other than the scientific question of whether life begins at fucking, at birth, or somewhere in between (see: the Freakonomics correlation of reduced crime due to criminals aborting their unwanted foetii)), the fact is there have been no serious movements to outlaw abortion, and much like being anti-gay, while not doing anything to stop the gay agenda, this issue is used as a tool to con certain groups into voting for your party year after year after year.

        16. If you ever want to see the Democrats suddenly discover the moral side of being against abortion. Let’s wait until they find the gay gene and they can see it by way of amniocentesis and abort them

      2. Now do yourself a favor and try to think of things that have been done by the parties sense 40 years ago. I tell you what why don’t we stick with the last 20 years 15 years 10 years. I’m really not in the mood to talk about 1862

        1. I know when you have a bad argument, such as you do. trying to mix things up is a good way of confusing things. but Reagan did not sign pro abortion laws as a president. He had changed his mind and was passing laws against abortion. Do it yourself a favor if you’re going to go back 40 years in history. Know exactly when you’re talking about.

        2. Reagan passed no fault divorce in the first state in the union, which paved the way for the current state of affairs where most marriages are ended by divorce, instigated by the woman, and there is little incentive to try to work it out, the woman can just cash out. Reagan also passed amnesty (I’m not criticizing him for it, but it’s a fact). Reagan also passed anti-gun legislation. None of this has anything to do with abortion.
          Incidentally, the Reagan presidency was the first time the Republican party took a hard swing towards evangelical Christinanity, which before was the dominion of the Dems. That is the time they really picked up the abortion ball and ran with it.

        3. Reagan wasn’t the perfect conservative that people like to think. Tripled the debt, along with what you said above.

        4. I always say if Reagan was (or I should say REMAINED) a Democrat and Bill Clinton a Republican, they would each be lauded by their respective parties as the greatest president ever.

  3. To summarize: if Hillary is elected America is fucked. The sheeple mob will have put a gun to Uncle Sam’s head and pulled the trigger.

  4. Good article. Unfortunately there are two problems:
    1. A huge plurality of people in the USA are worthless, useless losers, mooches and parasites, and they will cheerfully pull the lever for the D candidate simply because that’s how they live.
    2. A large and seemingly growing number of Ted Cruz supporters have joined the pro-Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife #nevertrump campaign. These people are so raked over by electoral butthurt that they are willing to sit out the general election, or worse, vote for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife outright, rather than vote for Trump.
    Rational arguments, such as those you made, ESPECIALLY with regards to the Supreme Court and gun rights (Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife supports Australian-style gun confiscation), aren’t swaying these people. They’ll say Trump is no different than Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife or other BS like that.
    In short, unless these people wake up and accept the fact that their candidate didn’t make the cut, we’re fucked.

    1. I’m not a political fellow, but it seems to me that the folks who want a win on the republican side need to hope and pray for Hil to get the Dem nod and Bernie to go third party and Ross Perot the entire democratic party. Short of that happening the dykey one looks like she will win one way or another.

      1. I was sincerely hoping that Michael Bloomberg would be the “Ross Perot” of this election but he chose not to run for the reasons you cite.
        Bernie is still technically an unaffiliated senator and conceivably he could transition to a third party candidacy if he chose. You have no idea how much I so hope he does that.

        1. I don’t know much about any of the candidates…especially Sanders and Cruz who I had never even heard of before…but it would seem to me that if Sanders wants to troll the democratic party he is in a pretty good position to do so

        1. Unless P.T. Barnum is resurrected and figures a way to run an actual elephant and an actual donkey I don’t think there will be anything even remotely interesting about this race

        2. Yeah, I try my best not to participate in a scenario of power. I have other TV shows I enjoy better and a passing interest in Baseball which I consider infinitely more important and interesting.

        3. I can’t watch Daredevil. I have a moral objection to handicapped superheroes

        4. Why? The trash talking between pro wrestlers is more entertaining(realer too).

        5. honest injun.
          I probably would have came to it if I sat and thought about it, but I just insta-googled.

        6. Ventura likened politics to wrestling- good guys and bad guys in public; in private, they are all friend and go out for beers later. Why is this funny?

        7. 1) It’d be a great show. I know fully well they’re probably buddy buddy behind closed doors. TV shows are fake but I can’t enjoy them?
          2) It’s funny watching all the useless idiots losing their shit thinking any of this matters. Part of the entertainment is the actual show and the other part is watching everyone’s reactions.

        8. If Obama resigned before the ballot is sealed, Biden would be president. As the incumbent he would most likely be elected even not counting the Democrats’ always dependable absentee (cemetery) votes.

      2. Bernie won’t do that, but remember, plenty of Bernie supporters won’t vote for Hilary as well, and some could even go for Trump. We’ll see what Trump has up his sleeve, maybe he can do a little pandering to blacks and hispanics.

    2. We’re fucked even if Trump is elected-the decline has gone too far.
      You said, “1. A huge plurality of people in the USA are worthless, useless losers, mooches and parasites…”
      Nail meet hammer. See 2012 for confirmation.

      1. Undeniably true, but if we can delay the collapse by even a couple of decades I will be safely dead.

        1. I have had those exact same thoughts. I also have considered Singapore or Chile if Hillary is elected because TSWHTF while I’m still above ground.

        2. If you look at the rural areas of a civilization during a decline, most of them aren’t really affected.
          So just move someplace rural, like Montana.

        3. Can you tell me why singapore is a possibility? They currently recycle their waste water into potable water- is this somewhere u wanna really move to?

        4. It’s a very stable country-no debt-their banking system is one of the best in the world-very little crime of any kind-relatively beautiful. I maintain several accounts there. Centrally located for commerce in that part of the world. Modern city. Very clean.
          Downsides are it’s climate is quite muggy, there are a lot of people(I mean like millions) and a relatively higher cost of living.
          Honestly, I’d take Chile waaaay first.

    3. Australia’s gun ban hasn’t worked well. Only a small portion of REGISTERED guns, the ones the government knows who has what where, have been turned in.

      1. True, but leftists in the USA aren’t that smart. Most really think all gun crime would cease if “the government took all the guns.”
        A select few though support gun confiscation, except for themselves of course.

    4. Ineptocracy – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    5. If a “conservative” doesn’t vote from Trump, I will think of them as slime. All of these “conservatives” should read this, and shove their principled vote out of their ass.

  5. From here in the UK it seems like you have options 1 and 2.
    Option 1. Trump. You’re fucked.
    Option 2. Clinton.. YOu’re fucked.
    Because neither candidate will be honest with the American people. But I suppose you should all vote for Hilary because she has a vagina so she’s clearly the best candidate for the job.

    1. Well, she’ll have a husband who knows the ropes. Bill is her biggest asset going into this race, even though she’ll never say it!

  6. No mention of Clinton’s lesbianism, or the fact she’s completely under the control of her Muslim babygirl Huma Abedin. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Huma, who plans on being the first openly Muslim president of the United States—and using her power to drive Christianity and Judaism from American public life. Put plainly, the Clinton Presidency will give us an Islamic state.
    No mention either, I notice, of the Clinton body count. Huma’s first priority will be to raise the count many fold. Hillary has a lot of scores to settle.

  7. If/when Hillary is elected, what happens at that point? What becomes our goals? Isolation? Play the increasingly deranged rat race? Continue to spread ROK ideals while watching society disintegrate? Revolution? Leave? None are good options.

    1. Leave and go where? See, I don’t live in the US and have never even visited, nor intend to in the near future, but the problem of this demented neo-liberal lunacy is pretty much the biggest social problem in the Northern hemisphere and we will have to confront it sooner or later. They will come after us at some point, these are not ‘live and let live’ types, they thrive on conflict.

  8. The problem is not Hillary getting elected it is a faction gaining control of a national government that is entirely too big, and so the problem is the design of our government not who controls it. The Anti-Federalists constantly warned of this and their predictions started materializing immediately after the ratification of the Constitution. And the “Critical Period” is a myth perpetuated by the Federalists.

    1. Glad to see another commentator bring up the “Anti-Federalists”. I’ve been reading through the “Anti-Federalist Papers” for a little while now and have found some of the issues they warned against…prescient, to say the least.

      1. A good book to get is “The Other Founders” by Saul Cornell. And look up Herbert Storing. He is a historian who has written two very good texts on the Anti-Federalists.

        1. I appreciate the recommendations. You have my assurance that I will look them up. While reading “The Federalist Papers” I attempted to remove the bias I had knowing how American Government had progressed since they were written. I found it nearly impossible and read through the “The Federalist Papers” inevitably noting how many of the “assurances” of the “Federalists” as to what wouldn’t or couldn’t happen had not held up.

  9. Read “The Clinton’s War On Women” by Roger Stone. Details not only Bill’s affairs/rapes and Hillary’s aggressive cover-up tactics for him, but also the rest of their criminality. Also has a great bibliography of other Clinton expose books. God help us if anyone but Trump gets elected president…

        1. What do you mean precisely by poor assassination insurance? While the GOP has great disdain for Trump, they’re not big fans of Cruz either because he’s consistently refused to play ball with them (he’s just not as abrasive as Trump is about it). I would think poor assassination insurance would be a GOP sweetheart like Romney; someone they can control should he become president.

        2. “While the GOP has great disdain for Trump, they’re not big fans of Cruz either because he’s consistently refused to play ball with them”
          Cruz isn’t natural born, so isn’t eligible to be President or VP like the person currently calling himself “Barack Obama,” which is why he’s the controlled opposition candidate. If Cruz weren’t one of their men, and Trump was, then the Pope and all the rest of the NWO would be attacking Cruz and not Trump.

      1. I don’t think you’re seeing Ted Cruz for what he really is: a Establishment Trojan Horse. He’s just as much a part of the Establishment as any of them. He’s playing a role to appeal to a certain base, get those votes locked down. Underneath the BS – bible thumping, ‘true conservative values’, he and his wife are both 100% Establishment. Globalists. Open borders. Etc.

    1. The only power they have (or think they have)…
      “Good job of admitting that you have no value, or talents, outside of your vagina…”
      Great stuff

  10. I have to point this out: see the girl soldering the MB, there is nothing on the MB soldered by hand, and the way she is holding the soldering iron for the heater part would burn your fingers off, it typically operates at 350C to 700C. These dumb fucks can’t even make an agitprop pic right, how in the world are they winning?

    1. Because ‘normal’ people are so degenerate they desperately want to believe it…

    2. Numbers and an abundance of weakness both inherent and socially engineered in the western male population. Taking advantage of some biological imperatives, while denouncing others as ‘male toxicity’. Infiltrating education, media and politics in a sick twisted cyclical feedback loop which enhances the acceptance of their narrative while denouncing others. Playing to emotions while ignoring ugly truths when crafting policy. I could go on, but this depressing list is making me want to shoot myself – oh wait, nevermind, I’m in Australia where neither freedom of speech nor the right to bear arms even exists, so no guns for me.

    3. Mostly because normal people are busy living their lives. They aren’t interested in fighting when they have jobs, families, and hobbies which have nothing to do social justice or feminism or whatever other wing of the communists is attacking normal people.

  11. “Eight years of a Hillary regime would only accelerate the process of destruction. Her policies will aggravate every problem area and virtually guarantee that the United States will come apart”
    If that hormonal driven witch gets elected I sure as fuck hope she achieves the end in 4 years, our next civil war has been long overdue.

  12. the pic with the tech girl holding a soldering iron over a pc motherboard. typical bs. she is holding the part that goes hot enough to melt solder, never mind that she is also wearing dress shirt doing that work.

    1. Hence the caption…
      Hilarious, isn’t it? Pretty much sums up the STEM marketing vs reality thing

    2. ha, noticed that too. Terrific. Maybe it is something from 50 Shades of STEM where you burn your hands while soldering wire.

    3. And she’s married too. That proves she can manage a technical job and a family.

  13. Tell it to all the white morons who insist on nominating Trump. The surest path to a Hillary presidency, is having Trump as her opponent. White republicans might be dumb enough to vote for Trump, but the rest of the country isn’t.

    1. So… realistically who else is there that has a snowballs chance of beating Shillary CUnton? Because while you assert a Trump candidacy would result in Hillary’s election, why is Trump currently landsliding the primaries? Where is this mystical political figure who can stand against the liberal tide and win? Or is it simply gameover man no matter who runs against her?

      1. We get less coverage in the UK, but the *disconnect* between the crap our media talks about Trump (yeah, they do the same over here) and the consistent wins, then their desperate attempts to gloss over that they’ve been wrong *every time* is starting to show…
        We’re even starting to see articles suggesting a Trump win might happen, will not be the disaster most media is saying, and pointing out and comparing that Reagan got lots of ‘it’ll be the end of the world, it’ll be nuclear armageddon if he gets in’ during his campaign….
        Looking forward to President Trump!

        1. I don’t follow the msm, too many outright lies, makes it difficult to believe even the most rudimentary of reporting when there is just so much bias.

        2. And that bald headed Gollum lookalike and his lollipopstick with a blonde wig sidekick on Newsnight…….their bias shows with every interview. I just want to see Trump elected an watch the heads explode ala Kingsman…..

      2. “Where is this mystical political figure who can stand against the liberal tide and win?”
        He’d be killed by a thousand papercuts in the primaries. The GOP is a dysfunctional coalition of inflexible single-issue voters that poo-poo good candidates because there were pro-choice in 1998 or some other bullshit that doesn’t matter.
        The genius of Trump is that he completely avoided getting mired in the culture wars. The working class Whites who hand him victory after victory don’t care that he’s actually pretty moderate because of his bravado and the fact that he’s the only one listening to them when it comes to immigration issues.
        I really do think Trump can pull this off if the Berniebots stay home out of spite… or if he runs as an independant.

        1. Bernies supporters are largely young milennials, who essentially as a demographic just don’t turn up to the polls.

      3. Literally every other republican candidate stood a better chance of beating Hillary than Trump. You people have your heads so far up his ass that you think the sky is brown. No, it’s still blue. And yes, the rest of us have enough sense to look at Trump’s past and see that he isn’t even a conservative.
        Talk about living in an echo chamber…SMDH!!!!

        1. And Hillary was a Republican pre-1968. Name a candidate who wasn’t a cuckservative. And seriously? Fucking pussy Jeb, Smashed in his home-state Rubio, crazy Carson, Canadian Cruz? Every other candidate had a better chance? Then why don’t the results reflect that? Unless voter fraud truly is rampant and the game really is rigged, the most popular – hence the most electable candidate wins. And like it or not this time on the crumbling GOP side its Trump. And what do you mean exactly by ‘the rest of us’ Black republicans? All three of you? Yeah… Sure, everyone else has their head up Trumps ass cause I guess there’s no more room in yours.

        2. The most popular candidate in a primary is not necessarily the best candidate for a general. Y’all will win the battle but lose the war.
          And no, i am not a republican, i am an independent. Good luck getting us to vote for your joke of a nominee. Trump will also lose women, minorities and Christian conservative. It will be an epic bloodbath.

        1. I’m just calling a spade a….oops… you know what I meas. Just calling it like I see it.

  14. Brit here – not my election, so my opinion is of an outsider…
    I really *really* fucking hope Hitlery Cunton doesn’t win, in fact I think it will be the killing blow to the Greatest Nation (and yes, some of us outside the US believe that stuff too). Considering how you started, and what you stood for? Fuck! What happened!
    Please, please, *please* elect Trump! Not only for your own sakes, but for ours! Whilst the UK has a nominally right-of-centre Government, we are still ‘US-lite’. As for Europe? well…. you can see, yeah?
    If the US drifts further leftward, and Hitlery pushes all the SJW and Feminism stuff even further down everyone’s throat, Europe (which I don’t much care about) and the UK (which I do) are going to get much worse, and will no longer have anywhere even vaguely superior to this nonsense to look to….

    1. If Hilary delivers the killing blow to a great nation it will prob be the first thing she has ever blown.

      1. With a fucking face like that I wouldn’t let her anywhere near my worst enemies, let alone my own!

        1. You don’t know true pain til you’ve had a drunken bj from a chick with a snaggle tooth. That was the last time I drank heavily. Never again.

        2. She does have what I like to call Curmudgeon Under Makeup Face or C.U.M. Face for short.

        3. yeah…totally asexual. She doesn’t even look like she does any snizz slurping.

      2. I mean zing, hilarious – but the woman has blown a lot of shit, Benghazi comes to mind.

        1. Again, as an outsider (Brit), explain to me why she isn’t *behind bars* with all the stuff that’s leaked out?

        2. don’t look at me, I just found out Ben Gazi wasn’t a guy and, to be honest, I am still a little dubious and have a theory about terrorism being led by Ben Gazi after he escaped culpability for a theft in Turkey and passed the blame to Mr. Stoner totally fooling the gang and their pup named Scooby do. You can read his Bio here http://scoobydoo.wikia.com/wiki/Ben_Gazi?file=Ben_Gazi.png I mean, just look at this guy.

        3. Fellow outsider (Aussie) but I’d have to say an amalgamation of money, influence and pussy pass.

        4. Yeah…. and of course if they try, fail and she gets to be POTUS anyway…. toilet cleaning duty for the rest of their careers….

        5. The USA is the most corrupt nation by far, that’s how. We just hide it better than anyone else.

        6. In most countries what we in the USA call “corruption” is the normal everyday way of doing biznis.

        7. As someone who doesn’t like her, but is unbiased in viewing the attacks on her I’d say:
          1) People don’t care that she used a smartphone to email people from instead of a secure computer (subpoint a-she requested a secure blackberry from the NSA or some agency and was denied one subpoint b- there is no evidence any important info was hacked) and
          2) Benghazi is the biggest non-event since Bill Clinton getting a blowjob became national news. 4 People died. 4 people were probably murdered in the time it took me to write this. It is sad, but I place the blame fully at whoever decided to operate an embassy in the middle of the civil war!!! How stupid can you be!? When war breaks out, the first thing that diplomats did for*CENTURIES* is to return to their own country. The idea that she hated the diplomat so she purposefully refused to send in people ready to rescue him is ridiculous.

        1. Dude that soda popinski gets me every time.
          I am ok with blowing up Libyans. After all, they killed Dr. Brown

  15. People, Hillary wrote her master’s thesis on Saul Alinsky. She is simply implementing the playbook authored by Gramsci and refined by Adorno, Marcuse, and Alinsky. There has already been a great thread on ROK regarding the impending success of the Frankfurt School. Why should anyone be surprised? It’s simple – the student radicals of the 1960’s have assumed power all over the world with the blessing of the global power elite. There is nothing that can be done to stop it, much less reverse it. Make a drink, kick back, go MGTOW ghost, and enjoy watching it burn.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I would suggest however do go what I am calling MGTOW Light which is MGTOW only you stick your head out now and again for a blowjob.

        1. I think it is possible to go MGTOW. Especially now with women being….well, you know, all empowered and having the right to suck as much anon dong as possible.

        2. It’s getting far too dangerous to do that kind of thing anymore. You guys were the last generation to be able to do that sort of thing. We younger guys will very likely live under some kind of feminist rule, so no more game, feminine women or family.

        3. While I’ll admit its getting worse, I refuse to give up completely. Be cynical and hardline as fuck about what is the abundance of feminist trash out there, but enjoy the decline man, take a load off. Bang a slut here and there with a shot of penicillin between your teeth ready to go, but don’t swear off women completely. Yeah they’ve been ruined, but where’s the challenge in full MGTOW? Where’s the thrill of the hunt? There’s a reason the japs call them herbivores.

        4. Feminism will ultimately destroy itself. MGTOW was bred out of the disgust of Feminism and if the Feminist gain anymore significant power, you’ll see men give up on women in droves. The only women that will get married will be the ones that straighten up.

        5. I don’t see it as a glorified past, but a present and future that isn’t just realistic but nearly impossible to avoid if you go about it the right way.

        6. Enjoying the decline is an oxymoron. There’s really no way to enjoy the death of a once great civilization. I don’t want to swear off women, but I don’t see much of an option. The days of men having a stable family ended more or less some time ago, and the days of banging sluts is also coming to an end. MGTOW is the only logical option as things currently stand. Will things change? Nothing’s set in stone, but I highly doubt it. Hillary will more likely than not become president, and if she does I guess the only thing we can do is wait for the Islamic caliphate.

      1. Good one, sir, LOL. But always beware the little head doing the thinking for the big head.

  16. “In fact, that may be the only legitimate reason to vote for Hillary.”
    Sound observation. I’ve said this for some time regarding liberals though I do not vote or endorse voting.

  17. One thing should be clear, with the demographic change that would come from (most likely) 8 years with Hillary, the US will never elect a true conservative, small-Government President again.
    At least not until a total collapse has occurred.
    Trump is really the last chance to save the US, and the visions of the founders.

  18. So when’s the indictment on Hillary coming down? Before she gets the nomination? During the election? Or after the election?
    Quite a legacy Obama has. His former attorney general was gun running. His secretary of state has apparently violated the espionage act.

      1. I don’t think it’s that easy. Her IT guy has been given immunity which suggests that they are acting on this. If the FBI has the goods on her and they hand it off to justice who, in turn, does nothing, the FBI can call a press conference. The resulting sh*tstorm would be something to behold.

        1. I suppose Obama could direct the investigators to dither (ostensibly to look carefully and be thorough) but how long can he possible delay it? Loretta Lynch seems like a complete tool but I’m not sure about James Comey. Comey may very well have the power to decide who our next president will be.

      1. A presidential pardon huh? A P.P. oh whats that? those initials stand for something else too? *cough cough Pussy Pass*

      2. It would be a bigger scandal than watergate. Nixon resigned then was pardoned. If Obama tries to pardon Hillary so she can run for president, it wouldn’t go over well to put it mildly.

        1. It would give the people the impression that they (political elites) are above the law. Technically, it’s legal, yet Obama would be obstructing justice?

  19. This elections in the states are truly massive, in terms not only of the United States supremacy, but also of the very survival of Western Civilization. We, the West, cannot afford to have another weak fraud like Obama or a traitress like Merkel.
    A eventual victory of Hillary, with the Republicans eating their own like Cronos, and being completely controlled by special and dark interests is going to kill america as we know it. The following will happen with deep and probably irreversible social and cultural changes:
    1- Christianity will continue to be pushed aside from the public and even private sphere;
    2- Illegal and uncontrolled immigration will continue to rise changing the ethnic and cultural dna of the West;
    3- Islamic supremacy and influence will grow stronger, specially in Europe;
    4- tensions in all of Europe will rise to a feverish state;
    5- moral relativism and the pc agenda will poisoned every level of academia/politics;
    6. the media will become more and more corrupt, sponsored by powerful corporate/political lobbies. Get ready to see more and more Anderson Coopers and bbc jerks, talking about human rights and attacking Donald Trump for being racist, but being silent when their companies are financed by the House of Saud or by Qatar…
    7- Led by women, we will be become more and more weak with policies being guided by emotion and not by logic and strong leadership. So, get ready to see many more females crying, in front of though challenges. Women like Mogherini, Ana Romson, the Swedish minister that wept because she had to send illegals away and Hillary, probably because her husband will be caught, again, having a blow job by some hot intern…
    So, the future looks dark and because im not longer at an age to believe in Disney tales, the decline will continue and with severe consequences. “Shit is going to hit the fan”, has my american brothers so strongly say. Time to wake up, prepare and fight with every single breath to stop this surreal situation. Let me just finish with repeating what i wrote in the video about this crying creature that represents the face of Europe: weak, emotional, deluded, with no policies or will to change anything, ready for plunder. You Mogherini have, like all other eu politicians, innocent blood in your hands. You are a traitor of everything Europe stands for. A weak and emotional women that belongs in the kitchen, not in making tough calls for though times. We need a strong leadership, not “sex in the city” babies.

    1. This is so true, and exactly what I am saying in another post… We *need* America to be America again!
      As for that Mogherini bitch? What a cunt!
      No wonder they are bombing the fuck out of us, they must be laughing their heads off at the pussified and effeminate state of Europe 🙁

      1. If we look at the reactions on the video, people are getting tired of it. There is still some hope, but we need a strong leader in Europe, someone that reaches power in a major nation in order to solve things.

        1. Agree, but not seeing it yet…
          Again, a Trump win in the US might make that more likely.
          Otherwise, more and more people waking up and seeing what the endless stream of immigrants is doing (Belgium) may push things that way…

        2. Not in Europe, you are right. We need a European Trump, someone to shake things to the core.

        1. Well, my 2036 estimation is if trump doesn’t win the election (which is possible, considering how many immigrants are becoming citizens and are automatically eligible to vote) and the leftists just do their thing.
          It seems if Trump is elected the leftists will loose their shit and try to deconstruct the “corrupt system”, which is the system that they require to push their agenda. When governments are toppled traditionalists (conservative, patriarchal, etc) tend to take over. This second choice will happen by 2026 or so.
          Either way its gonna be quite a party.

        2. Well, my 2036 estimation is if trump doesn’t win the election (which is possible, considering how many immigrants are becoming citizens and are automatically eligible to vote) and the leftists just do their thing.
          It seems if Trump is elected the leftists will loose their shit and try to deconstruct the “corrupt system”, which is the system that they require to push their agenda. When governments are toppled traditionalists (conservative, patriarchal, etc) tend to take over. This second choice will happen by 2026 or so.
          Either way its gonna be quite a party.

        3. Much sooner. The time is nigh.
          I’m checking out right as the shit hits the fan.

    2. Amazing how easy it is to “lead” when everything is hunky-dory…

    3. Don’t kid yourself. Obama is doing as he has been programmed to do from his mother’s womb. He is not incompetent.

  20. Should we be reading anything into the run of articles on ROK? Rifles now Shitlery? Just sayin’ is all….. not like it’s been said about El Trumpador!!

  21. It contradicts itself. How could she dismantle the military and at the same time continue beligerent foreign policy? The one who’s incompetent is the author of these blatant lies.

  22. If she gets elected then leaving the country is a good option. I detest the hypocrisy of this woman. Per the article…I paraphrase she tells “time” “women are better because of the kids”…really hildog? Then why would you let them be prayed on by pedophiles?

    1. There will be nowhere to run if Hillary wins. Running away is no longer an option. There is nowhere on Earth that hasn’t been at least somewhat infected with leftist degeneracy. A Hillary win will be the supreme victory for the globalists.

  23. I dont know about you guys but Ive been doing a lot of propaganda on facebook against Shrillary. I try to use stuff that the average sheeple will believe like articles from lamestream news outlets and the occasional alt news too. Too many people think facebook should be about posting happy feel good bullshit. I disagree. I think we as red pillers need to judiciously spread propaganda when we can. I took a long break off of facebook till the last Paris massacre. I had a different approach and that was to spread info about the Muslim rapeugee crisis and how we need to look at those animals for what they are. Since the crisis,Europe has become very unsafe for women and girls day or night. I dont hold back on speaking my mind on this plague of Muslim immigration. Now that we have the primaries.Ive made it clear on what a corrupt lying crony globalist Shrillary really is. I think it would be in the interest of any ROK reader to start posting anti Hillary propaganda. just legit articles that expose her for what she is. Especially now that Wikileaks has released the dosier of infamous emails regarding Syria and her plans to destabilize the Middle east even more with little regard for the blowback.
    WE CANNOT afford her as the next president. Rethink facebook as just an outlet for silly articles and use it as a propaganda machine against this evil bitch.

  24. My two cents: 1. Trump gets the nomination and GOP establishment sabotages to help elect Hillary; or 2. If Trump is shy of the 1,237 needed for the nomination we get a brokered convention where the delegate votes become unbounded and the establishment goes with Cruz.

    1. The establishment hates Cruz also. If there is a brokered convention, you will see the establishment push Ryan or Jeb to get the nomination.

      1. I doubt either of those will get the nom since they failed to get much of the deleagtes or States. Cruz will get the nom if he agrees to play ball, and Jeb will get the VP slot. Remember, Cruz worked as a campaign strategist for G. Bush II. He is also backed by Goldman Sachs and the Bush cartel.

  25. I, for one, will never ever vote for a vagina to be the next (or any future) mega-corporation owned sock puppet POTUS. The Clintons and Bushes are particularly odious characters; totally amoral, entitled, elitist plutocrat assholes. Like the author of this article says, Hillary continually brings up the fact that she is a woman and would make history as the first female POTUS in order to justify her totally pointless campaign. Females have no place being a national leader, even in what has essentially become a corporate/SJW/feminist/public relations figurehead position of the American presidency. Hillary just happens to be particularly repugnant.

  26. Hillary believes Americans are stupid. When questioned about her part in the establishment, she claimed she wasn’t part of the establishment because she has a uterus.
    How can anyone vote for someone who believes they are stupid groupies with no clue about her character?

  27. “blacks are responsible for the fact that Hillary is beating Bernie Sanders. Bernie plays well in states with mostly white populations, but in states that have a large black population, Hillary always wins.”
    Interesting, I´m not an American, how do you explain this?

    1. Bill Clinton was loved by blacks and is referred to as the “First Black President”. I suspect Hillary is getting quite a coat tail effect from Bill.

  28. You had me on every point except gun confiscation. The closest any Democrat has talked about as far as gun control goes is the ban of the sale of semi-automatic weapons, but nothing about a retroactive ban or confiscation. Instead of hating Hillary for what she is, you’re hating her for what you need her to be. Wise up.
    Also, President Obama wasn’t crying because of his passion for gun confiscation, but rather because of the Sandy Hook massacre. And honestly, considering the fact that 20 1st and 2nd graders were shot to death, can anyone really criticize him for that?

  29. Also if push comes to shove, Obama will give Hilary a full pardon for whatever crimes she may have committed his last day in office. She will never serve jail time for anything that she’s done.

    1. No one, including her diehard supporters, likes Hellary. The Democrats prefer her on the inside pissing out than on the outside pissing in.

  30. I think you missed a really big one: Hillary in charge is going to mean more military misadventures in the middle east.
    All those millions from foreign powers don’t come without a lot of big strings and quid pro quos attached.

  31. Hillary winning is America’s swan song, to suggest otherwise is incredibly naive.
    Hillary = USA over…..There will be blood.

  32. We have the lesbian premier up here in Ontario whose voice is so grating I cannot stand listening to her for a second. Then there’s the Cuck Prime Minister Justin, a little boy playing grown up.
    As for Zero? Don’t get me started.
    Hillary has a voice that sends shudders down people’s spines. There is no way I would consider giving her any leeway whatsoever.
    The good thing is that this will drive myself and many more like me into the New alt right media, free from msm lies, political correctness and other insanity.

  33. The H1b work visa sickens me. While Americans think that undocumented illegal aliens are a big issue, the even bigger issue are the non-immigrants who came here “legally” on student and work visas and decided to stay here illegally by overstaying their normal visa status. On top of that, we saw recently what Disney did by firing 400 American IT workers so that they could be replaced with lower wage East Indian H1b workers. I don’t mind H1b workers coming from civilized developed nations like European countries, but all we are doing is attracting the low end of the filth from India and bringing them here. I live in San Francisco, and because of the tech boom, I’ve seen tonnes of these East Indians coming over. They smell really bad because they don’t bathe, they go to nightclubs and start physically groping American White women, and then on top of that, they try getting their whole family to come from India to come to the USA. Why is 85% of the H1b cap all Indian people? Why can’t it be Russians, Ukranian, Hungarians who are also savvy at IT and software engineering. We are seeing a total demolishment of our society bringing the lower end of the spectrum folks to this country. The UK is already destroyed. Canada is destroyed. Australia is on its way of being destroyed. America is not far behind.

  34. There is no avoiding a revolt short of a Trump win. Even then it may only delay it.

  35. The “woman in tech” is also not holding any solder or using an anti-static mat, basic soldering techniques that are taught to any unskilled worker. What would you expect from a gay stock photographer?
    Perhaps the iconic “woman in tech” graphic which shows them writing backwards in lipstick. Notice “analisis” :

      1. The “isis” medical suffix means “a condition of” when correctly used.

  36. In regards to guns & Australia. What they also fail to acknowledge is the crime rate has also been steadily climbing since.. The gun confiscation process interestingly enough came with lots of small legislation changes that basically remove you right to defend yourself or your property with any significant force.
    Gang / Organised Crime shootings still happen, stabbings still happen, targeted hits still happen, gun sieges still happen. There has also been a steady rise in muggings, burglary and other general crime.
    All that has changed is that as an individual, I no longer have the right to defend myself or my property with force. Quite literally the one stealing from you has more rights than you do, if you kill that person while they are stealing from you then you can expect to be up on manslaughter charges. It’s fucking ridiculous and to think it was implemented by a conservative government at the time..

    1. “Burn the guns!”
      “Oh Shit! Get the guns they are our only hope!”

    2. It’s pretty much the same situation in the EU. Recently there was a news story about a guy who got a seven years sentence for shooting a burglar.

  37. Another thing: I have my doubts about Hillary’s health. Remember the coughing fit?
    In any case, let’s hope Trump wins the GOP nomination and then let’s enjoy the Trump vs Hillary debates. What a sight that will be.

    1. Holy Shit!! Why did I not notice this before? I’m an electronics technician and just noticed that the woman is totally holding the soldering iron wrong!! The metal parts of that iron are at least 400 degrees F. The tip is even hotter, 600-700 F, depending on the model. Dumbass gonna melt her hand to it. Was this used as some kind of “model” to encourage women to enter STEM fields? If so, then…WOW!
      Also, where is the anti-static mat for the circuit board or the wrist strap grounding her to the work bench?

  38. As an European I understand Hillary-bashing, but not Obama-bashing…
    Sure, your foreign policies have been a disaster, but otherwise, pretty good job… Feminism is also rampant in right-wing European countries, so you really can’t blame it onto your liberals…
    You should be thankful for Obama…

    1. Yeah, who was it that said they’d vote for Trump… At least he would only destroy the US economically, whereas Hillary would destroy the world ?

      1. No problem, US is already destroyed economically, Trump can only make it better…

  39. I remember Bill Clinton’s energy and phony con-man sharpness back in the 1990’s. Lately he looks and sounds deathly ill, and he has even called Obama’s legacy “awful” in a recent speech.
    You have to wonder what will happen if he needs full-time nursing care in the next few months.

  40. My friend and I discuss the election like it’s the end of the world, partly because it is. Sometimes I wonder if the Mayans were right when they claimed the “end of the world” to be in 2012 – it just wasn’t what we expected it to be at all.
    In my opinion, there are three ways that THIS is the election to end the current depressing state that the United States has found itself in, and as a result the WORLD, from best to worst:
    1. Trump (or Cruz) is elected, despite what BOTH parties (what?) attempt to do to stop this. The Republican party splits into two groups: moderate Republicans and the Tea Party (which has already grown, in part because of Trump’s campaigning, thank Christ). All that has been put into play on the liberal agenda will slowly disappear, and even though American’s empire will collapse, at least it will be rebuilt under someone in office who actually respects traditional American values.
    2. (And this to me would be the most interesting turnout). There is a brokered convention, and there is a “dark horse” (as my friend says) thrown into the race (let’s say in this case it is Paul Ryan). He’s a Republican (so, nowadays that would be considered a strong moderate or lightweight liberal) who wouldn’t do the country too good or bad in either direction. He’s the typical puppet. However, there would be a major split in the party; the Republican party will crash and burn. The democratic party will too, but not as violently. And here we are left with years of rebuilding a country without a name, and years more of confusion regarding parties. (Sometimes I wonder if this is what’s best for us, because BOTH of our major parties seem to be very confused).
    3. Hillary gets elected, partly due to voter fraud (just like Obama’s second term… and Obama’s first term). All hell breaks loose, just as described in this prophetic article above. (However, immigration will only go to a certain point. Just as I always say: “If there ever was another attack here like there have been lately in Europe, that would be the first in a long time and the last to ever happen.” The way that you get illegal immigrants to leave is to make it HELL for them to live here, which is what they are beginning to do in Europe anyway.) She will attempt to rebuild America the way that liberals have always wanted it: a matriarchal, open-doored cesspool of crime and hatred towards the white Christian male, where there are no guns and no means of protecting oneself, but there is no reason to have a gun anyway because the government will be wiping our asses for us, whether we want it or not.
    Of course both 2 and 3 end the same way, most likely: rioting, deaths, ignoring what the government says, etc. A government collapse comes swiftly and quietly; it happens when everyday people begin to disobey in small ways.
    Either way we are headed for a bumpy ride.

    1. Chelsea was born male and had gender re-assignment surgery before puberty. Libs are proud when their children grow up gay.

  41. is there any stats or facts to prove blacks vote more for hilary than obama ???

  42. Dear soldering iron girl in picture,
    Not only should that hurt, you’ve got no solder, and are no where near a circuit element. Please ask for a refund from that tech school.

  43. My late grandma told me never to hate.
    Sorry, grandma… it’s Hillary… I have to.

  44. Looking at the picture underneath the “More Feminism” heading, I couldn’t fathom why she was able to hold the soldering iron like that, but then I realized: the thing wasn’t even plugged in!

  45. Good article but I have to disagree with concluding sentence. I would rather see the coming war now and give my children a chance at a future. The chance of winning now is slim enough. In two more generations, I don’t see any hope at all.

    1. The biggest challenge humanity faces right now is avoiding another big war. Unlike any other period in human history we now have the ability to wipe out everything on the face of the Earth in a matter of hours. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that there will be survivors to rebuild. There will be NOTHING LEFT if nuclear war comes.

      1. There’s never going to be a nuclear war, at least not the kind so many feared during the Cold War. So that fantasy can be put to rest, along with hula-hoops, cars with fins, and copies of “99 Red Balloons”

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  47. Right now the economy is in a situation close to what it was after WWII. Only the Republicans gave away our manufacturing base. (Which gave us world hegemony after the war.) We need small businesses and start-ups to put our educated and skilled labor back to work and rebuild the economy. But Clintons plan about “helping small businesses” is just more of sending stuff overseas. I read the whole proposal, and it’ll do more to crush anything non-multinational than anything the conservatives have done. This election could be a disaster.

  48. The government is the perfect beta male for the cock carousel, the pimp for minorities, and the bitchy boyfriend for the homosexuals.

  49. Before accusations fly, I’ll admit I scrolled to the comments before reading this entire article. The reason I did this is because I wanted to find out if the readership of this site would offer up interesting counter arguments, which I would love to read, or a bunch of “me too!”s, which is boring. I know the crowd here leans right, but these days pragmatism insists on our leaning left of the crazies who are representing the right. I don’t think it’s about Hilary (who might be a lying psychopath) or Bernie (who is, based on delegate counts, unelectable), or any other personalities who’ve aligned themselves with either side of the isle. I believe that there’s a middle between a 35′ high 1000 mile wall and a middle ground and we have got to keep an open mind. No completely uncooperative group has ever won the war, no matter how many battles we’ve taken.
    Let’s stay involved in the world in which we live and stay on the side of rationality.

    1. The ‘middle ground’ is never talked about in the media. That would be ending welfare for women and welfare for corporations and the wealthy.
      The illegal immigrant and H1-B visa labor pools are essentially a slave labor pool for corporation and the rich. But Hillary and Bernie won’t discuss this and instead dupe their supporters into supporting more immigration and citizenship for law breakers.

  50. With Obama a lot of people naively thought having the offspring of a white American and black African as President would somehow help integrate Afro-American slave descendants into broader society. Instead we got increased racial tension and polarity.
    I think Clinton would continue that trend but also be a tool to sabotage gender relations even further.

  51. The political feminism and the Democrat party is to bail women out of bad choices.
    You study the wrong things in college? Government is there to guarantee equal pay as men and forgive your student load. You get knocked up by a guy that doesn’t support you? Daddy government is there to bail you out. Don’t take care of your health? Government is there for you as well.

  52. once they get rid of white males they’ll never have to worry about another election again

  53. The article alludes to this at the end, but Hillary Clinton is quite openly interventionist, especially in areas where the U.S. has no vital interests. It is by no means inconceivable that she could provoke a confrontation with Russia over the eastern Ukraine, or China over the Spratley Islands, that could end with the use of nuclear weapons. She is also as good a friend to Wall Street as any Republican. As the article says, however, a Hillary presidency might end the U.S. before complete rot and decline has set in–it’s only potential redeeming virtue.

  54. Ego is the biggest reason Hillary is running for office. Her handlers have been grooming her for her this for the past 8 years. At that time, she wasn’t confident (not to he confused with capable) enough to handle it. Hillary has no integrity. She can easily swing from one direction to the other. She’s easily influenced. At this point in the time, we need the opposite.

    1. She has been planning this since Bill was in the white house with her run for senate with selling the Lincoln bedroom.

  55. Hilary is a stupid bitch who has said she is just going to be her husband and Obama aspresident.

  56. God damn, these comment boards on ROK have really turned into a dumpster fire of racial and political bickering. So much beta bitchiness and insecurity in the comments below, it’s profound.

  57. USA will be no more. New world order,women will murdered because we will not obey islamic men! We will never bow down to men!!!

  58. to all legal americans, it’s time to take the cats out of the bag, we all know what killary rotteham klinton is made of and we know what our mane donald trump is made of, so choice is simple:
    vote for killary and you vote for the total destruction of america including re-writing our constitution, we become a communist country!
    vote for our man trump and ameirca prospers in so many ways:
    economy, national security (build that wall), education, family values and so much more i can’t even think of now.
    how many people has killary employed? big fat “0”
    how many people has trump employed – thousands

  59. I’m sorry, but is this a joke? Seriously… Why would you want to keep guns? All they do is cause further harm. Although, sure, it’s good population control. (I don’t actually think this, I’m just mocking the absurdity of this author’s thoughts, for those of you who didn’t catch on.) Seriously though, go look up Jim Jeffries: Gun Control. Yes there is swearing, but he makes many hella good points and you need to listen to this.
    The reason why America is falling apart is because of people like you. People like YOU are the reason why the American apocalypse is coming, not Bush or Obama or even Clinton. Do you even see what Obama has done for America? http://blackdoctor.org/477384/job-well-done-44-things-president-barack-obama-accomplished/
    If you’re going to make accusations, at the very least, do some damn research. I’m so tired of idiots like you going and writing bullshit all over the web. You literally know nothing. You’re just using “facts” you’ve heard by word of mouth and your own opinion. Guess what? Word of mouth isn’t always right. And the same goes for you opinion.
    I agree with you in that Hillary Clinton won’t be a GREAT president, but seriously, just look at the alternative. I can understand why you support Trump, because you’re clearly very very sexist, as one of your TOP FIVE disastrous outcomes of Clinton becoming president is that there will be more feminism. I mean come on! Could you not come up with a more educated argument, like the only good things about Trump; Clinton doesn’t address America’s hefty debt, but Trump does.
    Maybe if you spent time doing research and not simply shitting all over the page, you’d be a better person. Maybe.
    I could go on all day, but I have more important things to do than unsuccessfully attempt make you see what a bullshit article this is.

  60. I would have to disagree with this wholeheartedly. It is sad that people actually believe this trash.

  61. Only if the Whites realize the peril of one sided humanity and pseudo socialism aimed at controlling people, America and the free World can be saved. or doomed. Trump may be a solution. But Hillary+Obama will sure fool the voters and win. The Leftists are too good at it.

  62. keep that fucking killary out of white house and jill steins recount will expose illegals who voted for killary in wisconsin and i hear michigan won’t do recount as well as pennsylvania and when trump is sworn in soros will be prosecuted and killary will go to prison and jill stein career is over

  63. January, 2017: She didn’t make it. They tried to shove her down our throats and we spit her out. We told them enough was enough but they didn’t listen and tried to ram her down our throats, anyway. Guess what? Someone stole the White House right out from under their noses.


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