World’s Number One Male Tennis Player Says Women Do Not Deserve “Equal” Pay

Men’s world number one (and therefore humanity’s world number one) tennis player Novak Djokovic has claimed that women do not deserve equal pay in tennis. With smaller revenue streams coming from the women’s game, Djokovic had argued that men were entitled to more remuneration. At present, the major tournaments feature separate male and female fields at the same event, a situation that many feel benefits the less popular WTA, which can piggyback off the higher prestige of the men’s game, the ATP.

Djokovic is on more than just solid ground. Once male and female tournaments are held at different times or in different locations, which happens most of the time for events below Grand Slam and Masters level, there is a marked disparity in crowd numbers, greatly favoring the ATP. Even in combined events, men’s final tickets sell at higher prices than those for the women’s decider, reflecting much higher demand. In earlier matches at Grand Slams, men’s contests have far less empty seats, even when they are held in much larger arenas.

In addition, matters of crowd numbers and television audiences do not take into account the fact that the fields are separate to begin with. So-called equal pay is an artificial construct because the female players, aside from very unpopular mixed doubles events, never compete against superior male players (and never one-on-one). If they did, even a doctored version of equal pay could not come into the picture.

The gulf between the sexes is so bad in tennis, as Roosh recently demonstrated, that notoriously undisciplined, chain-smoking, and beer-guzzling journeyman Karsten Braasch throttled the Williams sisters when he was in his 30s and they were pristine physical specimens, at least by female standards. Plus, each sister only had to play one set, whereas he played two.

Yes, Djokovic backtracked but we should celebrate his public honesty

Well-known crybaby Andy Murray attacked Djokovic’s comments, forever sealing his status as an effeminate white knight.

As the recipient of millions in sponsorship funds, and being publicly criticized by pathetic white knights like world number two Andy Murray and a host of female players supported by powerful media interests, Djokovic was forced to backtrack. Some may bemoan this, but I choose to focus on the positives. One of the highest-profile male athletes on the planet decided to speak out on a topic of gender-based lunacy. To boot, he did so when he was in the prime of his career, ranked number one in the world and by far the most accomplished player of the last five years, easily surpassing Federer, Nadal, and Murray during that time.

The Serbian champion’s forthrightness is an anomaly in men’s tennis, where those speaking out against the fraud of equal pay are usually less well-known players, such as Gilles SimonXavier Malisse, and Sergiy Stakhovsky. Nevertheless, Simon in particular claims that many in the men’s locker room agree with him. This idea is backed up by Malisse’s publicly stated preference in 2012 that Simon, not him, take up the issue so he could avoid being called sexist. It is these less famous men who suffer the most from equal pay, as maintaining a tennis career is terribly expensive, requiring even unknown players to fly around the world, pay for coaches, and live in hotels for most of the year. Money that should be going to them is invariably doled out to inferior female players in the name of equality.

Novak Djokovic’s outspokenness is also significant because it demonstrates to anyone following after him that a person will not die from challenging the gender status quo. Though he did end up apologizing, he broke a cardinal rule of celebrityhood: always praise the “achievements” of women and do not put them in proper perspective. Yet the effect on his career, at least from my vantage point and that of most other commentators, will be minimal. Speaking out against feminism may seriously skin the noses of male athletes and others with less money and fame than a Djokovic, but it is not impossible for them to come through the witch-hunt that follows.

It’s time to throw our weight behind men who tell the truth

We are meant to believe that Maria Sharapova has as many tennis “skills” as a Djokovic or Federer.

Do not just admire other men for their physical prowess, sporting skills, business acumen, or other talents. Admire them for what they stand for, especially when they challenge oft-repeated lies about equality and other political fictions. It is fine for someone to dedicate their life to a particular form of mastery, but what good is it to society if they do not use their accomplishments to make positive social change? No, Djokovic is not a Roosh or a Donald Trump and, yes, he did back down. But he is certainly a cut above an Andy Murray and countless other ball-less sports stars and celebrities, those “men” who never bother trying to say anything controversial. In fact, many of these individuals go out of their way to support political correctness in order to pad their wallets and fan bases.

From professional sports to the workplace, incremental change in challenging feminism is something we have to accept. Just as the retrograde influence of feminism has creeped up on society, so too will the reversal of it require time, in the short-term at least. Novak Djokovic’s comments need to be seen as a useful contribution to our cause, however insufficient they may at first appear.

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196 thoughts on “World’s Number One Male Tennis Player Says Women Do Not Deserve “Equal” Pay”

  1. The men play 5 sets for a match. Women only play 3 sets to a match.
    Edit: I just learned the women have lower nets too. ya know, so it’s easier to get the ball over.

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    2. So now you’re going to tell me that not only are men physically stronger and faster, but they have more endurance too!?

      1. The blame for all of this rests upon men. Specifically, white men. Too many of us have bought into this gender equality, multiculturalism bs.
        At my gym, I can’t tell you how often some cucked dad brings his teenage daughter and puts her in an all boys striking class and then complains about equality. How many of these companies that sponsor tennis are led by men?
        How many of the mayors in Canadian cities that tried to ban Roosh were men? All of them.
        We need to look in the mirror. Men are really to blame for this as we just avoided the political battles and we closed our mouths when confronted by progressives and hoped they’d leave us alone. Well now we know that they’re never, ever going to leave us alone until we fight back. Forget the femiturds, attack the white knight, progresive males. Attack them at any chance and shame them.

        1. It’s just a multi-national shit test at the moment. All the men who failed at women and worked hard to be up the top….are still failing at women, and screwing us all over.

        2. “The blame for all of this rests upon men. Specifically, white men”
          That’s the point ! Well said. Trust me, it has nothing to do with so called “multiculturalism”. The one & only problem is “western MEN” “pedestalizing” women, giving then “undue credit” and always keep on “pampering” them !
          For what !? For what !? For something the women NEED “as much” as MEN need ! For something the women DESIRE “as much” as MEN desire ! For something women CRAVE “as much” as MEN crave ! For something women FANTASIZE “as much” as MEN do.
          PLUS they get “it” FREE ! Absolutely FREE !!! Damn “it” !!!

    3. I prefer the 3 set format. 5 sets is 2 more than I want to see of any single match (and tennis is a sport I enjoy watching).
      The value the womens game has is entertainment and at the top I find it just as entertaining as the mens’ game but the top is a lot more narrow.
      The top few players and female superstars should be making top dollar but the drop off after the top five or so is pretty steep.

    4. Women and men have two separate leagues. I say place them all in the same league and let them all make the same money.
      How much do you want to bet that no women will make it to the finals during that time (or rank high at all)?
      Then, women can bitch about how they need a separate league…because they are not equal.

      1. I believe the ATP competition Is in fact an open competition and women are allowed to enter..its for the best players.
        I don’t think it matters if they are male or female it’s just that the men are that much better that no women can even make it in.
        It doesn’t really mention gender I may be wrong though. But that’s what I’ve always been lead to believe.
        The comments of the president or whoever was forced to resign are true, that the women’s competition is unlikely to exist at all if not for the men.

      2. You want humor, watch the national Canadian female hockey team get their asses handed to them by high school boys.

        1. now this is an interesting comparison, one that i am very qualified to make as i referee both categories. a well drilled and disciplined womens team will play a really good midget (15-16) yr old house league team and almost run them around the ice playing the girls “contact” rules ie don’t hit them. the boys always win for 1 reason and one reason only. The girls can’t shoot. the girls out shoot them 30-10 the boys win 4-1. and if the boys spot them a 5-0 lead they would still beat them 6-5.

        2. Why can’t they play with men’s contact rules? Let the 15-16 year old “boys” hit check.

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      3. This morning heard a program on NPR about female in the Marine Infantry. Very few try out for it because of the living conditions, and of the one’s that try, it’s almost a 100% failure rate. Male leaders of the squads pointed out that women who make it are so unreliable in durability that it puts missions and people’s lives at risk. Some lady Marine spokesperson said it’s important to give girls the message that “They can do it!” What a crock.

        1. Right. We’ll have them joining the service and it will probably take many men losing their lives before military leaders realize that this was a bad idea. I would say any man who is stuck in a unit with a woman to get out, fast, with his life. That woman is only going to get your unit killed.

        1. Yeah–kind of like how the commentators during a women’s fast pitch softball game are always trying to convince us that its the equivalent of hitting a 90+ MPH baseball.
          The softball pitch is traveling at 60 MPH-the distance is irrelevant because a batter in baseball does not start his swing within the first 30 feet of a pitch anyhow-this is loading and timing.
          The ball is also 40% greater in mass as well as fences 80 to 150 feet closer around the outfield–yeah right, hitting a fastpitch softball is harder than a Major League fastball–I’ve been to the batting cages and smacked around those fastpitch softballs but barely hit a few foul balls on the 80 MPH smaller baseballs

        2. men also pitch from a mound, so the ball has a slight angle along with being a faster speed. a ‘strike’ will still come at a downward angle, making it harder to hit.
          Softball there is no mound, so a strike will more or less be very flat and easier to see.

  2. Require female tennis players to compete against male tennis players. Let the world see top ranked women being defeated by un-ranked men. Or are women supposed to get paid just for showing up?

    1. Actually pro tennis players are paid per round so they basically are paid for just showing up. Miami Open first round is around 11k.

      1. I agree that in matches where men are required to play more sets they deserve to get paid more. Makes sense to me, they are literally working harder and longer.

    2. If they want different leagues, then they will have to deal with different sponsors, pay, rules… If not, they they would blame sexist education undermining women, so Daddy State would have to spend more money in grrrl education, and boys are genetically inferior because bully women so they have to be adoctrined and blablablablabla, give me money blablabla…

    3. You’re missing the point, it’s not about women being able to physically match men, it’s about the women’s matches garnering as much interest (and ticket sales) as the men’s. Number of sets, etc has nothing to do with it.

    4. It’s always the case (in tennis or anything). Women want to be paid the same but they want to choose when and where (make the rules).
      You don’t see many women working construction or roofing….they all want those equal pay office jobs (nice and clean).
      Women want to select when to be equal and when not to be equal (selective equality).

  3. the revenue should be the bottom line and it really shouldn’t be questioned. if you don’t generate equal money, it’s pretty easy to see you don’t deserve equal pay. you don’t deserve any extra and especially unearned money because you have tits.

  4. I remember the same thing happened years ago with Martina “man jaw” Navratilova. An unseeded male player took her on, he was out of the top 100 if memory serves (15 love!). He handed her ass to her on a plate and she went home to munch on some more rug…..

  5. Djokovik was brave enough to be honest. Then the media and the SJWs fell on him like a ton of bricks. Then he backed down. Until people stop backing down things aren’t going to get better.

    1. He should have stood his ground. He did more work (more sets) so he should have stood there and told the media to shut the fuck up. Who wants to work more (more time or hours) for the same pay as someone else (a show of hands)?
      That should have been his standing point (and ground). He should have asked the media the same question “Anyone here want to work more hours as their coworkers and get paid the same?” – No. Then shut the fuck up with these stupid questions.

      1. Djoko, Federer, & Nadal pretty much are the sport of tennis. They should be able to say wtf they want.

  6. I don’t like the idea that people deserve a certain wage. Men don’t get paid more because they “deserve” it, they get paid more because there is more demand for what they are selling. Forget fairness and desert and think more about supply and demand. That’s all that matters. After all, the most fair thing to do is to let everyone be subject to the free market. (Of course, this doesn’t apply to immigration because letting immigrants enter our labor market while barriers exist in their home countries that prevent Americans from moving there to take their jobs is not free market.)

    1. I’ve found that’s true only up to a certain point. I don’t know what that point is. But once you get into the arena of millions of dollars a year, there are a lot of artificial factors at work. If somebody in my field earns $150,000 and I earn $100,000, I will concede he is better, or working harder, or more deserving of it than me. But if some CEO of a corporation earning 200 times her employee, drives the company into bankruptcy and gets a million dollar golden parachute, that’s bullshit.
      Take tennis: If you’re the best player in the world, you will get picked up by ESPN, which has a practical monopoly on major sports coverage, where your playing will be distributed through the near-monopoly cable companies to subscribers who pay for ESPN whether or not they watch it. Then you can pick up endorsements for products, that will be sold through advertising monopolies through the one of 6 firms that controls every media channel in America.
      It’s one thing to say, ok the winners pot was $500,000 for the championship game, and you won it, so it’s yours. But there are many other factors that come into play in our crony-capitalist fiat money economy that distort the true value of money once you get up in the millions. I mean if it wasn’t for fractional reserve banking, Mark Zuckerberg would never have access to the billions of dollars that he does now, he would have to earn them by selling ads.

      1. Ok, I’m not a finance wizard, so I’m not sure what exactly your point is about Zuckerberg and the banks. But after googling it, I think you’re getting at the idea that banks only hold a small fraction of their liabilities in their reserves, so in some sense when they loan people money they are loaning them money that they don’t have. But that is just how debt works, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as the banks are subject to the risks inherent in that (if they were, they would be a lot more conservative with their lending and would probably play it safe enough that there wouldn’t be bank-runs and ensuing crashes). Of course, with bailouts, they aren’t. So I think I see your point there.
        But as for the tennis ESPN thing, I disagree. If ESPN decides to make a deal to broadcast Player A’s matches but makes no deal with Player B, that might not seem fair to you, but it is not up to you because ESPN is the one paying, not you. Perhaps ESPN knows that there is more demand for Player A’s matches or at least they perceive more demand. Either way, it is ESPN’s money. They can give it to whoever they want. I’m not aware of any monopoly of sports coverage. Perhaps it seems like there is a monopoly because ESPN has been the superior brand for so long that you haven’t noticed all of the Fox Sports channels, or the Tennis Channel, or NBCSN, or the CBS Sports Network.
        You do have a point that ESPN is part of your cable package whether you like it or not. But most of their money comes from selling ad time based on their Nielsen Ratings. And there are other options like Apple TV and Roku, so you can now get Comedy Central and FX without paying for ESPN (for instance).
        As for the endorsements, you might not think it’s fair that Nike makes a 100 million dollar deal with Player A instead of Player B, but it’s not your 100 million so it’s not your call. I hear the same complaints about movies all the time. People don’t like it that Vin Diesel makes $15 million a year to strut around and talk slowly on screen while inner city teachers make 50K a year. But when you say that Vin Diesel shouldn’t make that much money, you are saying that the millions of people who voluntarily forked over their cash to watch his movie shouldn’t be allowed to do what they want with their money. Same thing with heirs and heiresses. Of course it’s not fair that some jerk-off inherits millions from his dad while I don’t get shit. But it’s even less fair to say that the rich guy is not allowed to give his money to whoever he wants when he dies.

        1. I’m mainly talking about that once you get above a certain point, you’re dealing with wealth created by the banking system. Once your down below $1,000,000, definitely below $100k, I would say that whatever money you make you earned through 100% of your efforts. But above this level, the banking system, monopolies, etc. creates distortions in money. You can’t compare wall street earnings to main street earnings.
          As only one example, the reason the cost of housing is so astronomical is in large part due to financing. The government creates artificial supply of lending by saying ok anybody who has $1,000 I will loan you 99% to buy a house. This creates a HUGE demand for housing, far above and beyond the numbers who could pay cash for a house. As an extreme, if there were no housing loans, the median cost of housing might be something like $50,000 instead of almost $200k.
          The same price inflation occurs with Wall Street and corporate banking. My point is that if you are talking about a large corporation, or salaries above say $1m, then it’s not comparing apples and oranges with what you and I can make. There’s nothing we can do to change that, just pointing out that working at a job where you earn $40k doesn’t mean you are worth 1/100th of a guy who makes $40,000,000 sitting at a desk. It’s 2 different ball games. And that’s why I don’t mind some kind of rules in place, estate taxation, etc. among people pulling in millions or billions a year, as they are essentially partially profiting through the capitalist banking system in place in our society.

        2. There is no competition when the same gang owns ALL the media. They decide whether Player A gets paid or not.
          Their cousins own ALL the banks and they will front them as much money as they want. You will shut up, and pay up.

    2. I reckon they should have a basketball league for dwarves that pays the same as the NBA. After all, it’s not their fault they weren’t born as tall or athletically blessed.. why should they be paid less?

  7. I’m all in favor of women playing a match against men. Winner gets a big payout, loser shuts the fuck up and never speaks on this bs again.

    1. This is why I always wanted a male vs. female NFL match. The ladies would get gored. Then again, you lose with the media either way. Either you beat a poor girl’s team that never had a chance because of decades of oppression (that will be their excuse) or you lose to a girl’s team (ha, never would happen!).

      1. You know what would occur. The Media will crucify male athletes as not respecting women when they steam roll over them.
        Look at the Shit Storms that occur when a female ref makes an absurd call and an athlete calls her out. He’s tarred endlessly as a sexist who hates women.

        1. The PTB us the woomen a lot to ruin the men and their interests. It is by design. Just as they use gays now.

      2. The hilarity of a woman trying to get past a 300+lb linebacker would be worth the global pearl-clutching of the left. Actually, that’d be great as well.

  8. We already know that Djokovich is more valuable than feminists.
    The real question is whether Djokovich will outlast Federer.

  9. Tennis is not a contact sport. There’s no reason for there to even be a women’s side. Why can’t the top 132 (or however many) players just play for the prize money.
    The fact that we do take women tennis players seriously in the first place is a huge (unnoticed) concession to women. Whenever you grant a concession to women they do not appreciate it and use it as a springboard for further concessions.

  10. Simply put: Female sports do not draw in large audiences…period.
    Female sports do not generate the amount of advertising, merchandising and endorsements that male sports do. So male athletes rightfully demand more compensation for the audiences they deliver to their sports organizations and downstream revenue channels.
    This is not difficult to understand. As much as feminists and ESPN would love to shove female sports down our throats, the main sports viewing demographic (males) will spit it back out.

    1. This reminds me of the women’s world cup last year. One of my classmates at the time pointed out how high the ratings were for the championship game and said they should be paid the same as the guys. I then pointed out the ratings for the rest of the cup, demonstrating they were next to nil up until the last game between the U.S. and Japan compared to the men’s that was consistent throughout. That shut her up quickly.

      1. Women’s soccer is a joke. In 2012 the U.S. women’s soccer team (fresh from their world cup victory) lost a game 8 – 2 to the U.S. boys under 17 team. The media didn’t report that game.
        I watched a couple of last year’s games while I was in a pub, and I’m pretty confident that half of the guys posting in this forum could have made the rosters of most of the teams there. The level of women’s soccer is about the same as a senior high school boys team.

        1. To underscore this point, here’s a highlight video of 12 year old boys. I have no doubt that both of these teams could beat the women’s world cup champions. These games are far more disciplined and the boys are more talented than a game between women who have been practising together since before these boys were born.

        2. The US and Canadian womens Olympic hockey teams play against boys high school hockey teams and get thrashed regularly.

      2. Buddy I was at every single game that was held in Edmonton , I could easily play along side 95% of the women there if I had slightly better cardio (and I barely played competitive soccer go begin with ). So yea women don’t compare to men physically

    2. The only female sports that matter for me are those that exalt the athletes’ feminine characteristics like their beauty and flexibility, because honestly, what else would it be with women? What else would you want to see them doing in sports? They just can’t match men in pretty much every sport that doesn’t involve the above mentioned qualities…
      So here’s my (actually really short) list of the only women’s sports that I will watch:
      Olympic Gymnastics;
      Ice-Skating (solo only);
      That one where they keep dancing and twisting a stick with a long strap of cloth attached to its tip;
      That one where they do synchronized swimming;
      Volleyball and Beach Volleyball (because legs and butts.. we got some good ones here.. hehe..) ;
      And well… that’s it.

        1. Pretty girls, but this twerking fad makes me sick. I want my cheerleaders to act like cheerleaders, not ghetto trash.

        2. What is the provenance of ‘Twerking’? Is it Africa, or black ghettos in the US? I suspect traditional Africans would be greatly offended by the practice of it among their own people.

      1. I always enjoyed gymnastics. The ribbon stick is part of rhythm gymnastics. Swimming is good no matter what kind, synchronized or not although I do not enjoy watching people swim.
        My high school only offered colorguard, basketball, and softball to women. The colleges are about the same… Oh, and lacrosse.
        Women’s teams do not generate as much economic income therefore they cannot be paid as much. It is very simple. They also play less.
        There is also the higher risk of injury.

      2. Two players on a side doesn’t yield too many potential tactical combinations, so the game as such is dull. The parade of well toned, well tanned, female body parts is its only redeeming social value. Unlike pole dancing, no loud noise pretending to be music, no wretched food, and no cover charge.

    3. Good one….and your counter argument to the separate legues only needs to be “well, put them all in one league or group to hash it out…winner takes all”.
      That sentence, alone, is a ‘shut the fuck up and sit down’ moment, my friend.

    4. True but tennis is not the best example. i watch sharapova and female tennis matches on wimbledon to see thin sexy eastern european and russian women at the top of their game grunt and moan for a few hours, then cry or be giddy with euphoria depending on whether they win or lose.
      You usually can’t get that kind of entertainment outside of something degenerate (i.e. pornography).
      Obviously men’s tennis from a sporting perspective is better.

      1. I kinda like watching college butch softball. Those dykes play like it’s life or death and it’s hilarious to watch.

  11. A good rule of thumb would be: be paid according to the money you produce… which means: public and viewers. No sexism this way, just old simple supply and demand.

    1. This.
      Tennis is a pretty poor example of a sport with big revenue discrepencies between the sexes. It may still be there, but to a much lesser degree than in most other big money sports.

    2. Right. I wish these leagues would just be a little more honest. Men are watching this nonsense because they want to bang her (not the sport). They’ll watch men’s leagues when they want to watch the sport.
      Women don’t want to admit that this point is their best selling point…their assets (looks and body). Women who don’t have these assets are just pissed about the whole deal.

      1. Yeah, dress the female players in ankle length gym pants and see what the ratings are!

      1. Good point–they are making more from sponsoring shitty products than from hitting a ball. I’m sure the millions are great, but still, at least once, I’d like to see someone who feels that truth and pride and honor is more important than money and stick to his guns…

  12. This isn’t about tennis. And this isn’t even about feminism, that much (sorry, feminists).
    This is about what the Romans, the Greeks, the Spartans, the Celts, and all the likes (there are many, many tribes and civilizations to be named that I have not named, I am aware) did thousands of years ago: Actually fighting for one’s beliefs.
    Yeah, there were some flubs. For example, Nero and Bruce Jenner have a lot more in common than just their fame (this is a reference to cross-dressing, if you don’t get what I’m trying to say).
    But for the most part, it was bloodbath after bloodbath until these warriors got what they wanted. They fought for (at least what they thought) what was right.
    It’s high time that men like Djokovic start calling out the flaws in the system, and men unlike Djokovic start being more like Djokovic (until the part where you take back what you said).
    It’s PAST time to get in touch with our ancestors, boys.

  13. The NFL threatened to not give the Stupid Bowl to North Carolina because the legally elected state representatives recently passed a bill to deny gender dysphorics (trannys) access to school girls bathrooms. The NBA threatened to not award the All Star game to Atlanta because that states legislature passed a similar law. Baseball isn’t any better when it comes to the SJW Agenda and I’m repeatedly disgusted and insulted with sports announcers (ESPN, anyone?) delivering the mandatory, hectoring, femenist lecture during each and every sporting event. Is hockey next? I really don’t want to see pink ribbons and watch strong, grown men wearing pink for an entire month during the football season. I’d just like to relax and enjoy a game without the incessant, all pervasive intrusion of the SJW, NWO, elite Agenda propaganda. A multitude of other corporations are also threatening, duly elected, state legislatures and it is impossible to function in todays society without many of their services but I’ll be damned if I NEED to watch pink footballs and be subjected to Sports Businesses lecturing me that I need to bow down at the altar of multi-cultural diversity. I like watching sports as much as the next guy but I’M WALKING AWAY. I’ve had it! I don’t need to be insulted daily by ESPN etc. I no longer watch mainstream sports. I’ll stick to lifting, martial arts, foreign languages (of which I speak three), making money and teaching my two 20 something, professional sons even more red pill truths than I already have. It’s been a decades long run of sports watching but enough is enough. As I said as far as sports businesses in the West…I’m outta here!

    1. I understand your sentiment but you should go out and participate in a beer football or baseball league if you can. I could never understand the obsession with vicariously living through one team’s achievements when one can go out and do sports himself, even if it isn’t at the top level.

        1. I used to love playing hockey. Now that I am out of college I still compete as a sprinter in track meets. There is something very fulfilling about training and lifting and striving to beat your personal bests.

      1. Its not just an obsession, try playing adult baseball and getting beaning with an 85 MPH “fastball”- I have.
        There is a reason these guys didnt make the show, and its not just their velocity. Your boss wont give a shit about your concussion on Monday morning

        1. Easily. A grown man can throw 80 plus if he works at it. The difference is if he can control where it is going. Getting plunked by a beer league fireballer is no fun

        2. 85 is a lot faster than people realize.
          They see 95 on TV so they assume 88 is normal or something.
          85 would really hurt. I don’t believe a beer league would have many above 82 or so at best. Most would be in the 70s. It took me years just to hit 80.

        3. It was a hardball, not a softball league. A lot of the guys played at least at the college level, so yeah there were 30 yr old guys throwing 80-85 range. I cant imagine getting drilled with a 98 MPH fastball

      2. Yea, but some of us are over 60 with bad knees- this makes playing a sport rather difficult. However, I do like Sharapovas ass very much, the guys not so much.

        1. Breast cancer awareness days , instigator rules in fighting , and rape scandals are slowly creeping in

        2. Wasn’t as bad as someone in the NFL but lots of nasty comments on his ig and twitter , the hawks social media wasn’t spared either . Also think a few people boycotted them , probably not enough to notice but everything starts small .

        3. Rules in hockey fighting? Sounds like the no court rushing rules some college basketball conferences are applying that the simps in ESPN fully support.

        1. The only pink pucks hockey players should play with are the ones the cheerleaders carry.

      1. Demography is destiny, and since whites are the ones who watch and play the game, I think the NHL will be outta biz within 20 years.

        1. MLB is mostly older whites who pay to go to the games as well. Even though latinos play, they can’t really support the sport the way whites do. which is a shame.

        2. Good point. Demographics are everything. You rung my bell with that one. You just might be right but as hockey is a niche sport which appeals to a smaller amount of people at the present time then perhaps it will continue even through a decreasing white population.

    2. I agree- final straw with this nonsense about moving the all-star from NC because THEY WANT MEN TO USE THE MEN’S BATHROOM. Pandering to less than 1% of the population who doesnt even watch the game.
      Nothing will change until you hit em in the wallet.

    3. I live near the area that spurred a can of worms. Charlotte passed a poorly thought out law that banned discrimination based on gender/sex in public amnieties and housing.
      The law made male or female only dorms and student housing illegal, gender separated dressing rooms were made a grey area, and it would allow a person to claim discrimination in the instance a male or female desired a co-leaser of the same sex. If a homeowner wanted to rent out part of their house, but wanted a female tenant because the homeowner is either married or female, that could be called discrimination.
      That’s not good. The law the state passed was designed to halt poorly designed anti-discrimination law. Yes, it includes bathrooms limited to biological sex, but remember that one guy has already abused anti-discrimination laws in a pool locker room. Either way, the law was not passed to keep people out of bathrooms.
      I’ve never understood breaking down genders. If genders exist, making anti-discrimination laws is much easier.

      1. I’m hoping that NC and GA hold out simply because I as a taxpayer am tired of being forced to pay for shiny new stadiums every few years just for the privilege of keeping a professional sports team around. Pro sports rack up revenue streams in the billions of dollars. Surely they can pay for their own play pens.

        1. I’ve been following Neil De Mausse and his site Field Of Schemes for a few years now and it has made me realize how retarded the whole public stadium subsidy scheme is. And also how sports fans are sheeple who are willing to give up millions in education or law enforcement funds to keep their precious sports.

      2. You’ve never understood it because it makes no sense, except as part of an evil plot to destroy the family, and therefore, society.
        Nah, that’s crazy conspiracy talk.

      1. I’m not a big football fan myself, but I do watch college football on occasion, and I find it fun and refreshing. Having gone to an Arizona game in Tucson changed my mind.

    4. The state government made that law because some liberal cities were writing bathroom rules such that they were meaningless. A man could enter a female bathroom or change room, say he felt transgender today and that would be it.

  14. Get rid of women’s sports altogether and make everyone play in the same leagues/associations. Haven’t we established that segregation is wrong anyway?

    1. it’s the same with affirmative action. they have to make special rules for different types of people because we’re not the same.

  15. Are female tennis players getting the same amount of pay as men or is it just Feminists having a cry again? What ever happen to the wage gap bullshit?

    1. If anything, they’re receiving better pay. Women play best of three sets, men, best of five.

      1. As I stated before, Vice News is the bomb but Vice as a whole really sucks.

        1. Vice has become one of the the most nightmarishly horrible and ignorant SJW entities on the planet.

      2. “usually it’s Serena Williams beating every woman who challenges her
        (usually). Either she’s really good or the women’s game seriously sucks.”

        1. Geez, those still shots of Serena look like Mike Tyson…mind blowing

  16. patriarchy! … its got nothing to do with the fact that the male players are better skilled/draw more crowds/bring more money to the profession/put on a better show at all, this is just blatant gender discrimination!.

  17. The real mistake men’s tennis has made is these joint events which allow the women to ride their coattails. The only reason women can make a claim for equal pay is because the big events are happening at the same place at the same time. Golf keeps them all separate and compensation is allowed to be based on market forces as a result.

  18. Instead of backing out, this guy should have convinced the best and brightest in the tennis world to make their own outlaw tournament.

    1. What was the other substance this site promoted? I recall it being the Soviet Union replacement for benzodiazapines. Name? Potential sponsor?

  19. Tennis is one of those games that seems simple enough. Most Americans dismiss it as being to basic. When I was not in the greatest shape a couple years ago I could still play tennis against any gym rat and have their asses running wherever I felt like. For those over 40 i recommend badminton.
    As for the article, I like this whole desegregation talk in the comments. ROK tournament of champions? Sponsored by Kratom and Mike Chang?

  20. This double standard has shown how pathetic Tennis Officials and Equal Opportunity Commissions Operate, there has not been one of them that has made comment on how mens tennis pay is earnt – Its interesting that this article has mentioned Maria Sharapova when there is a high chance that she has only made it to the top of her “class” because of the now banned drugs she has taken for the last decade.

    1. It’s the same with soccer. Articles were appearing last year on the ABC moaning about how the Matildas should be paid the same as the Socceroos despite the venues attracting very few people compared to mens sporting events. Just wait until the AFL womens league gets going to see how much more they’ll go on about the gender pay gap in sports.

      1. This is the same crowd that wants to PCfy soccer worldwide, as attested by FIFA’s attempted clampdown of the Mexican fans and team after shouting the slur “puto” at Brazilian players. My understanding is, the Brazilians joined in the chanting themselves. Having gone myself to watch Mexican province soccer matches, this is what gives the soccer culture flavor that is mirrored worldwide and they’re trying to take that away from us.

      2. It’s getting pretty ridiculous lately, every week it’s either about womens basketball, womens soccer, even heard whinges about womens football. Can’t wait until womens AFL tries to leach off the mens.
        And to top it off we get this shit shoved in our faces.

        1. I hate this ad whenever I see it come up, unless they are dancing those girls look so uncoordinated.
          The message is clearly not, “go out, get fit, be healthy”, rather they have gone with the more childish and narcissistic angle “I kick butt too (I can be a man too)”.

        2. Have you seen the ANZ ad flying around as well? Google have been gracious enough to block us from skipping it on youtube.

        3. Yeah, it’s shocking how many of these ads are around. it is all about equal outcome to them rather than equal opportunity. I remember last year ANZ gave each female employee an extra $500 in super, purely because they had the prerequisite anatomical organs. Sounds like discrimination to me.

        4. Wow… it’s just becoming a joke now. I wonder if all the guys quit, leaving the women to run a muck unopposed.
          I hope any Aussie readers see this and boycott ANZ, but chances are ANZ aren’t the only ones on this path.

        5. I hit the refresh button every time an ad pops up; if you wanted to incentivise me not to purchase your product or service you’ve done it by irritating me with such 🙂

      3. You can destroy any argument about equal pay when you suggest that all players play in the same league (no matter the sport).
        I’m wondering how long it would take until women wanted their own league (again) and they didn’t mind the pay.

  21. You know, It’s like, really unfair, that female football players don’t get paid as much as Tom Brady….
    And that, like, male models don’t get paid as much as his wife….. Oh, shit, no, I mean……
    Heck, the latter may even be worse, as it discriminates against gays and stuff…

    1. I’m still not sold on athletes getting paid millions, but you have a point. At least Brady trains hard for the game. Giselle only does it for a few minutes of catwalk time.

  22. Even though he’s years past his prime, former NBA all-star Gilbert Arenas had the balls to speak out against the WNBA. He posted up a pic of two sexy women wearing underwear, playing basketball. And he captioned it, “NOW this is what america was hoping for when they announced the #WNBA
    back in 1996… not a bunch of chicks running around looking like,cast
    members from #orangeisthenewblack.” And, “”Dont get me wrong, they have few #cutiepies but theres a whole alotta #beanpies running around.”
    After the inevitable SJW backlash, he stated, “”If u think this is sexist,9 times out of 10 u the ugly one and we didnt pay to come see u play anyway.”
    This Djokovic story is similar to me because Gilbert was a guy who in his prime would HANDILY beat whatever women they claimed was the best. Arenas made the all-star team twice, I believe. Meaning that he was one of the best in the world, in a SUPERIOR version of the sport that women participate in. And he subsequently got paid more for doing so. Bottom line, the best man is THE best. Novak is simply stating facts, from a logical point of view, which as we all know, women want NO part of. In the future, I hope more men of prominence speak out against the “fairer” sex’s manufactured narrative of being equal to men, when there’s nothing but evidence to the contrary. Also LOL at the white knights who came to defend women from the TRUTH.

    1. Gilbert was always a real dude. Think he got lazy too early in his career kinda pissed away his talent

    2. I have a sister-in-law who coaches women’s basksetball for a major NCAA Team. She offered to get me front row seats whenever I home. Told her “don’t bother. Watching women’s sports is boring and is like watching men play at half speed. I also think title IX should be revoked.”
      She kept her composure really well when I said it.

      1. it’s so fucking boring. Why would you spend time watching layups you could do yourself.

      2. Its not like you were lying. If I ever had the misfortune of watching women play basketball live, I’d get bored almost immediately and instead visualize which one of them was the most fuckable. See how easy it is to tell the truth? I’d imagine that most guys feel the same way, yet the FEAR keeps them from speaking their minds. It’s funny, I thought part of being a man is not giving a fuck what people think of you, and standing on whatever you feel/say. Society is trying their hardest to take THAT away from men, as well. Freedom of speech is something that can only be utilized by women or gay/Bruce Jenner types.
        When it comes to women’s sports as a whole, women/the media rely solely on, “I WANT you to want to watch it, or else you’re a misogynist”. I’m old enough to have seen Michael Jordan win every one of his titles, so my love for the sport of basketball goes back to at least 1991. That being said, I can state as a matter of fact, that I’ve NEVER watched a WNBA game, not even highlights. I would rather watch the shittiest team in the NBA (76ers or Lakers currently) than whatever women’s team they say is the best. Point is, even the worst NBA team is infinitely more appealing than watching women try to play basketball, AND either of those currently garbage teams is BETTER than them as well.

        1. I could have said it another way, “watching a bunch of homely dykes running up and down the court would be painful to watch.” My brother occassionally goes and confirms that despite the size of the university, the stands are mostly empty.

        2. Of course, this is what almost all guys are thinking. But in 2016 the only “safe space” to speak common sense is on an anonymous internet board.
          Really, what’s the point of women’s sports? I don’t really care much about mens or women sport, but to a degree, men’s sports motivates you to be more athletic and strong. Guys at the gym will crowd around the screen, idolize how fast their favorite athlete can run, etc. Does the WNBA motivate women to stay slim and in shape? It doesn’t look that way to me. (And of course there are plenty of beer belly guys watching football on the couch too–like I said I’m not a huge fan of sport either way…)

        3. Might sound conspiracy theory-ish, but fuck it. Maybe women sports exist as a distraction to keep current (and future) participants from being housewives/mothers. Much like women who get full-time jobs to be “equal” to men, spend more time at work (miserable), when she could be at home raising a family. Same thing for a woman who spends endless hours in the gym to play an inferior version of a man’s sport. In both scenarios, a woman is going against her nature to submit to a man who RUNS shit, under the guise of, “I don’t need a man, look how HAPPY I AM to work so much!!!” Just my opinion anyway.

        4. That’s another point that the media will never address. NOT EVEN WOMEN support women’s sports. On the other hand, they sure (generally) love the NFL and the NBA, because it’s more entertaining to watch superior athletes perform. The only women who’ve admitted watching a women’s sport to me, were bi-sexual. And they like women’s volleyball for the same reasons I do.

      3. They can’t even dunk! In terms of football/soccer, I must confess I find it absolutely hilarious to watch them and after about 30 seconds my sides are splitting from laughter-they run and control the ball like they’re either cows on ice or baby rhinoceroses, couldn’t hit a cow’s ass with a banjo (i.e. get the ball on target) and seeing the goalkeepers flap around like they’re doing the chicken dance when meeting crosses or have some kind of impairment is comedy gold. Put it this way-at 15 years old the team I played for would have absolutely destroyed just about any of their professional sides handily and they would have taken a beating figuratively on the scoresheet and literally because we were brutal and conducted ourselves like a gang.

  23. women are inferior to men in everything …
    in every traits of human being you can construct a gaוsian curve , or bell curve , so the variance of the men curve bell is always wider , women are more average than men , they are more similiar in there traits and capabilities .
    thats why they are more unified than us men , men curve is wider which mean in every traits there is very good men or very bad men , for exemple : lets take inteligance if you go to the top smart peaple there will be 17 men for each female , and if you go to the bottem you will see there is more stupid men , BUT those “stupid” men have other skills where they are in the top of the curve like driving skills or fighting skills , for some reason nature create smart men with low tostasteron level , its hard to find a musculine man that he is also very smart , BUT when you find a man that are smart and have high tostasteron you get the ultimate human being, the big leaders like donald trump , but those peaple are dangerous they can be didctetors and cruel so nature dosnt create them very often , tostasteron depress the inteligance , that why you see pussy nerd that are smart like bill gates , he is genious but a total pussy , if you see how he talk to his wife like she is goddd , that was degrading and media are helping him to look like a wimp writing that his wife was is the best choice he ever made…. pusy.
    by the wat the men with the higher tostasteron level are in jail , they appear to have to lowest intelligance , nature hate smart and musculine men , nature prefer beta mails not alpha mails .

  24. And sorry to say this, but I prefer men that conceal their opinion in favor of their own gain, than first telling the truth and then back down.
    The first is not telling shit. The second is telling the truth and then lying about it, so he makes the lie stronger and show that the stablishment is more powerful.

  25. he is gonna be demonized and viciously attacked. He should get his point across with his fellow males and bring it up the ladder. All this is going to do is backfire badly.

  26. Whether it’s MLB, NFL, or NBA….if you are at the game or watching it on TV, look at how many black faces are in the crowd. Especially with MLB, it’s usually literally ZERO. It’s typically stupid white trendies that go to games because it’s “trendy” to be a fan now. I remember back in the day when most women hated professional sports and wouldn’t watch it. I noticed since about 2008, all the sudden females are big sports fans and “can’t go without their sports”. And they always have to take their selfies and group pictures at the game or in the parking lot tailgaiting with all their white-trendy friends. For what? To watch and worship a bunch of minorities that run around on a field carrying a coconut or trying to hit a small coconut with a wooden stick. That’s literally all it is. While all at the same time with constant reminders at the game of breast cancer, domestic violence against women, and “NFL military dad comes home to surprise family” military propaganda recruiting stunts. Thug worship, breast cancer, domestic violence, join the military. Thug worship, breast cancer, domestic violence, join the military. Thug worship, breast cancer, domestic violence, join the military. Thug worship, breast cancer, domestic violence, join the military. Thug worship, breast cancer, domestic violence, join the military. Thug worship, breast cancer, domestic violence, join the military. And if you are at home watching it, then you get to watch commercials that always have at least one groid in it and of course slipping in the occasional commercial showing a groid and a white female together to drop psychological hints to white girls that they should be dating groids and it would make them look so cool and trendy to have a groid boyfriend.
    Playing games is fine and people did it a hundred years ago to mix in some fun and stress relief aside from their hard working lifestyles. BUT, ever since the federal reserve and private banking system came along with wall street and corporations growing up around the central banking system with it’s ability to produce endless fiat debt, sports were commercialized. Commercialization is what has allowed for thugs to get paid $$millions$$ to run around on a grass field with a coconut. Corporations transfer large sums of money into advertisement spots and general msm support. If it were only ticket sales alone that supported professional sports, then the players would just be making minimum wage.
    Everything we see today points back to the central banking system that is a privatized system of fraud. Get rid of the current monetary system we have, and professional groid sports will disappear, feminism will disappear, breast fraud cancer research to find no cure will disappear, foreign wars will disappear, affirmative action will disappear, welfare will disappear. It takes vast amounts of fiat currency to support all of these. None of this crap existed before the federal reserve act of 1913.

    1. I too remember when ALL women hated sports. Now they just band wagon on the local team so they can invade male spaces (you go, grrrl) and for attention whoring purposes.

  27. Great article. Really, really great.
    The solution, of course, is the same as it is with all other sports from college, olympic, professional levels. Eliminate gender specific leagues.
    If women want to play tennis, soccer, football, if they want to get into a boxing or UFC ring they are welcome to do so. People ought to be judged by their skills and not by their gender.
    Serena williams is more than welcome to play tennis if she can seed in a mixed gender league. Ronda Rousey can fight for the middleweight title if she wants too.
    Women don’t want equality. They want special treatment.
    They can use title 9 as a tampon until one of those big ugly dykes makes it into the NBA on her merits as an athlete which, sorry to ruin the ending, will be never.

    1. You forget that somebody is making a lot of money off women’s sports leagues. They aren’t charities either.

  28. Ronda Rousey, when asked about women’s pay being less in the mma tournament simply said that her pay should be proportional to the money she brings in. She added she was very happy with her pay level.
    Female “Super models” earn much more than male models, I wonder why? Actresses under 32 years of age earn more than actors. There are probably other areas.
    To borrow a phrase from Ben Stiller’s male model in the comedy Zoolander, being “professionally good looking” is a career that is neither easy nor lucrative for men. The 10 top-earning male models earned a combined total of $8 million from September 2012 to September 2013, a measly amount compared to the $83 million their female counterparts raked in over the past year.

    1. there’s an art to exploiting egalitarianism, and that’s firstly ensuring that there is more than one principle that can be applied, and that the principle that gets applied, i.e. is considered salient to the situation, is the one that benefits you. Feminists have mastered this type of Machiavellianism.

    2. Is that actress thing really true? I remember the Hunger Games chick Jennifer Lawrence bitching about low pay for women. She has easily found nudes online, btw. I would think an actresses pay would be less, even if young and hot, because they are mostly interchangeable. Whereas, a really good strong male actor, sometimes you can’t see anyone else being cast in that role but one guy… However, anybody hot and thin with nice tits can do for the sex scene…and theres plenty of those in Hollywood

  29. Not surprising to see a Scot (Murray) be the biggest white knight on the tour.
    In fact he is probably one of the biggest white knights one the planet.
    Good thing that the greatest athlete in the world beats him comfortably on most days.

  30. yet to see women ask for equal pay as janitors or garbage collectors. They are massively advantaged in some Western countries with full pay whilst on maternity leave. Meanwhile, men have to work. The equalism women seek is at the top of the food chain. It is merely a redistribution of power. Men do more overtime and fill the gaps while women are producing the next generation. Men are presently providing an equalist subsidy and denied the fruit of their labor.

    1. I know tons of young women given cushy government jobs. Where they don’t have to compete or create anything of value. And they are viewed as ‘successful’ and ‘independent’. Whereas a man has to worry about his industry surviving.

      1. “cushy government jobs” such as school teacher and social worker. They are mostly all government jobs. I taught high school math one year on a temporary license. Easiest job I ever had. Teachers work 180 days a year with ten sick days and they call off all ten. So they work 170 days for their money and I bust ass 260 days a year minus a handful of legitimate sick days and a weeks vacation for my money. And they bitch about their pay and how hard the job is.

  31. The thing to remember about Djokovic is that he’s a Serb. Serbs proudly defy globalism and political correctness. That’s why they’re not in the EU, and that’s why it’s Serbs who get dragged to the kangaroo courts in the Hague for alleged crimes against humanity, not Muslims for real ones.

  32. The problem is how do we put our money where out mouths are. It will require an entire infrastructure, since even crowd funding sites will shut down red pill endeavors.
    Whoever figures this out won’t just be helping the cause, they will become very wealth too.

  33. In a sane society, this would not be news: Guy speaks the truth about a sport game. Big deal, who cares! But today it can cause massive triggering and internal feel eruptions. I just wish for once we had a Trump like character who doesn’t back down afterwards and apologize. I mean, what are they going to do, stop paying him his prize money?

    1. they (i.e. PC SJWs) won in the academic and career world (see Larry Sumners and Tim Hunt) who say one phrase and it ruins their career. Sad. These guys can probably contribute to the world but because of PC-ism they are denied their gift to their world.

  34. This one feminist carousel rider I knew a couple years back actually tried to argue that she could be a defensive end in the NFL. When my friend shut her down, she cried about “wage gaps” and other feminist copy and paste arguments, then grabbed her sparkly pink phone and stormed out of the bar.

    1. I’m gonna add the phrase *copy and paste arguments* to my “man truth against women” repertoire. It perfectly describes the interchangeable drivel that women seem to think is valid, solely because they heard another woman say it.

    2. Reminds me when I was playing soccer at a certain club years ago-for some stupid reason they had us train with the women’s team and I was furious as I regarded it as a waste of team and a joke. Suffice to say I went all Roy Keane on their asses and mowed them down taking an especially perverse kind of pleasure when I would hammer the ball with full force at their goalkeeper and seeing them cower from the brute force coming at them. Hilarity ensued and when I would crack wise about their being involved in sport could entail washing my socks or cooking me up a steak afterwards it lead to fits of hysterics; good times.

  35. if anyone has time to kill id reccomend you bet like $50 bucks on this girl eugenie bouchard and watch. shes a dimepiece dont let her first name fool you. favorite in the game right now. zarina diyas a close number two

  36. I agree with Novak. I agree with the author of this article. And I agree with you guys in the comment field. But as much as I agree with all of this, it sickens me to think of how few we really are. The world is not going to change because RoK is somewhat red-pilled; we need a lot more followers to terminate the feminism and SJW disease. OR, am I just impatient and not seeing the positive in this?

  37. Good for him-nice to see someone in the spotlight speaking truth, even with all the risk behind it these days. Women don’t truly want “equality”-they’re all brainwashed which isn’t hard since they all have hivemind mentality. True equality would mean they’d have to get their asses out on the oil rigs, tarring rooftops, rebuilding the roads and a host of other backbreaking and dangerous jobs almost entirely done by men today.

  38. I’ve always admired the Djoker for not only his skill, but his brashness on and off the court. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s the one who bucked the trend and that Murray, who is also great (but not Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic) came out and “defended” the “honor” of women as the Djoker hails from Serbia and Andy from Great Britain where feminism is rampant. It’s too bad he backed down because I’m thinking that if he hadn’t, the fallout wouldn’t be as bad as we think.

    1. Murray always has struck me as something of a mangina/bitch boy with the temper tantrums and all around wimpiness so I am not at all surprised. Novak on the other hand hails from a nation and culture where they value masculinity and I salute him for speaking honestly.

  39. We only watch women’s tennis, and that’s because of the outfits and camera angles. Ditto for beach volley ball.

  40. It really shows just how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone when the media and white knights think it is outrageous that a man dare question the fact that vastly inferior females get paid the same amount as the best players in the world for less work. These entitled bitches don’t even have the decency to play 5 sets to get the same money – a hell of a deal for them! Don’t tell me they can’t do it – if chicks can run marathons, they can play five sets of tennis.
    Let’s face it, true equality would be just to scrap mens and womens competitions and make them open slather. But there wouldn’t be a single professional sportswoman left on the planet, so of course they don’t want that. As it stands, men can’t make it on tour when they would wipe the floor off the highly paid millionaire chick players – what a load of shit! I’m ok with them having their own leagues, but they only deserve to be paid about 50% of what the men get. Oh, but women aren’t naturally as strong, fast and coordinated! Well boo hoo. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Do I deserve to get paid the same as a rocket scientist? After all, it’s not my fault I wasn’t born with the same intelligence as them! Yep, that’s how ridiculous feminist claims for “equal pay” in sport are – it is about time we started treating them with the contempt they deserve

  41. reminds me of when Jennifer Lawrence whined about her pay gap for “american hustle”. I didn’t bother reading her “essay” (ahem, blog post whine that gets a forum) but it struck me as odd for her to complain when she was in the film more as support compared to the other cast members.

  42. Men are spending more money on sports and refund from sports to men is greater. Women are spending more money on fashion and refund from fashion to women is greater. How difficult is to understand this simple equation? Top female fashion models earn at least 10 times more than male and this shall be that way! This is expected outcome for any normally intelligent person. I do not count feminazis in this group.

  43. The moment they play 5 sets I may regard them as worthy of earning a wage comparable to the men for the sheer effort alone-in terms of box office or drawing power they do not have a prayer and do not in any way, shape or form deserve equal prize money. This is capitalism-the market speaks for itself and if you are good enough or interesting enough you earn commensurate to how much attention and sales you generate-but then ‘meritocracy’ is a creation of the Patriarchy (TM) and triggers their feelz and vags.

  44. Even rRetired world male world champions regulary beast actual female top players in ‘friendlly’ competions…
    The level of female top players are above average midle male players…

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