8 Ways Women Destroy Themselves (And Everyone Else) By Sleeping Around

Many women are woefully unhappy in spite of living under the most privileged conditions ever afforded by civilization. No matter how much they receive and how much they indulge, nothing ever satiates their needs and wants. Satisfaction of one of their desires only leads to a plethora of new ones along with a deeper sense of discontentment.

And of all the areas of a woman’s life, her sexuality is the most fragile trait that not only affects her own life but that of men and the society at large. It’s becoming more important than ever to educate young women that unrestrained sexual ventures come with a heavy price tag for all. Without further ado, here are eight things that should be taught in sex-ed classes about female “sexual freedom” that are currently being neglected in schools.

1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases


No further explanation should be needed, but with the combination of hubris, recklessness, and widespread sexual experimentation (i.e. homosexuality), more and more young people are turning into walking disease shops. And while the prevalence of STDs is equal for both sexes, the consequences are worse for women who carry the burden of childbirth. Now, guess who pays for the billions of dollars a year that is being burdened on the healthcare system? (Hint: It’s usually not the women themselves.)

2. Unintended Pregnancy

This is another thing that should be obvious, but it is not the case for today’s spoiled gatekeepers of reproduction. You would think that living in a first-world country with sex education and wide availability of contraceptives would prevent unwanted pregnancies, but that isn’t so for many feminist-infested countries that encourage girls to slut around from a young age. Taxpayers continue to feel the brunt of today’s pregnant teen whores while thousands of babies are aborted on a daily basis. And why would women care? They never have to pay for their freedom.

3. Substance Abuse And Other Problems


It seems slutting around is the biggest gateway drug to drugs. One study showed that there is a much greater link between promiscuity and substance abuse among women compared to men. A woman who had two or three sex partners when they were in their teens showed ten times more incidence of drug or substance abuse by the time they reached 21.

Besides drug abuse, you should also be aware that promiscuity is also linked to BPD, history of sexual abuse, and other psychological problems. Whether these problems are the cause of slut behaviour or vice versa is not important: it just proves that sluts are damaged goods to be avoided.

4. Infidelity And Failed Marriages


Women aren’t even aware of their own fickle nature. I once had a cranky feminist (I’ve never met one who was happy) tell me that women who are virgins prior to marriage were more likely to cheat as they never experienced having “fun” when they were young. But studies have shown the exact opposite. It was obvious to me that the pixie-haired broad was insecure about her slut status and wanted to encourage all other women to fall to her level.

Women who slut around lose a piece of themselves every time they fuck and suck a different man’s cock; you just can’t have the same ability to bond with another human being after letting multiple men bang you up like a rag doll. To a woman who lost her innocence to a dozen or more men, a husband can only be seen as a walking ATM machine who will donate his sperm before she completely dries up. You can be sure that she is still thinking about all the dark triad men she’s been with to suppress the disgust she feels at the loser who worships her and calls her “honey.”

5. Complications From The Pill


Many young women seem to be forgetting that birth control pills are synthetic hormones. Are women really naive enough to believe that taking powerful hormones on a daily basis will not have any long-term repercussions on their health? There are reports that they may cause mood swings, lower libido, cervical and breast cancers, higher blood pressure, blood clotting, and permanent infertility, among other things. One study finds that it may even shrink parts of the brain and affect its functions. That, in combination with the fact that women are now giving birth later in their life may be the clue as to why we have so many children today who were born with developmental disorders.

6. It May Destroy Your Looks (Along With Your Soul)


The thousand cock stare is real and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. A person’s physical being is a reflection of their soul and you can always see the vapid lifelessness of a former slut who has long lost her flower of innocence. If women truly care about their looks, they should take care of their beauty from the inside out.

7. Ostracism


While feminists complain endlessly about how men slut-shame women, it seems that other women are by far the bigger instigators of such slut-shaming “culture.” Any slut today will quickly find herself shunned and isolated by her superficial and insecure friends—even by those who are sluts themselves.


So much for sisterhood.

8. Decreased Happiness

“Is he really the best I can do?”

With the accumulation of all the above points, it shouldn’t be a surprise that all sluts are either utterly unhappy or are pretending not to be. They’ve wasted their prime years on empty pleasures and have nothing to look forward to. Each and every one of these sluts that I’ve known, who are now approaching the 30 year old mark, are thoroughly miserable underneath their superficial Faceboook lives and are trying futilely to re-live their youthful days.

They’re never content with any of the men they meet because they’re looking for their own Christian Grey while they themselves have nothing to offer. Therefore, the only way these sluts can compensate for the profound emptiness in their souls is to engage in materialistic orgy and to submit themselves to career slavery to numb themselves.

And what about the men?


The favorite response of feminists to any sort of critical observation of their behavior is: What about the men? Men do it too! Double standards! Boo-hoo!

Besides number one (which is rather negligible), none of the other points apply to men as they do to women. Men are largely unaffected by promiscuity in comparison to women. Men tend to become more attractive with time, as they are dependent much less on their youth for value, and men certainly don’t have friends who hate on them for having sex with lots of women (hating on other men’s sexual success is only for the incel male-feminists).


Western girls are spoiled from a young age to think that they can have it all.

To conclude, giving young women free reign over their sexuality is as damaging and moronic as letting children free reign over their own life development. For women to think that they can defy biology and do as the men do is completely asinine and damaging to themselves and the society as a whole.

You have to remember that an individual woman doesn’t care about the cost to the society (which she feels entitled to), the culture (which she feels should cater to all her needs), the sanctity of marriage and family (which she considers oppressive or getting in the way of her career), or even her own long-term personal health and happiness. For today’s young Western woman, all that matters is the fleeting pleasure, the youthful excitement, and what she feels is right—at that moment in time.

With their superior ability to rationalize their own misconducts, women rarely think about the future consequences. For this reason, our ancestors knew better and decided that it would be best to control women’s behaviour instead of allowing them to corrode the moral fabric of society. Any woman who reads this will do well for herself by maintaining her health, chastity, and femininity for a man who would be worthy of being her husband.

Here’s a personal anecdote: There was one woman I met who lived a life of adventure when she was young, and she told me how she had cheated on her boyfriends multiple times. She is still not married and now lives with depression and painful regrets—she just can’t seem to piece her shattered self-esteem back together. She had been kind to me, so I felt sorry for her pain, but there was nothing I could do to help her. So, ladies, if you don’t want to listen to some online “misogynist“—and assuming that you’re not a psychopath incapable of remorse and human bonding—at least try to remember her.

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711 thoughts on “8 Ways Women Destroy Themselves (And Everyone Else) By Sleeping Around”

  1. In this day and age, it amazes that teens still get pregnant as often as they do.
    We all know where babies come from. My personal rule was that you shouldn’t be having unprotected sex if you can’t afford a child. And if you are too broke to afford at least a box of condoms then you don’t need to be fucking period. You simply don’t have the right to.

    1. I’m not surprised. Many parents refuse to have that discussion and hope the schools will address it or as in where I live put their heads in the sand. It was quite laughable for a while when grandmothers in their mid-30’s would hit on me. If I don’t have children myself, what makes these women think I’d date, let alone sleep with them?

      1. Some parents have their face in a bottle of alcohol and a crack pipe. Mommy is hoing around and daddy is no where to be found or in the local jail. Defectives breed defectives.

      1. Lol – by that logic ‘women’ is sexist. Oh wait, just as I was typing this I realised THAT’S ACTUALLY A THING THAT FEMINISTS HAVE SAID. and why they spell it with a y. Oh wait, then there’s the y-chromosome! guess they’ll have to invent a new letter. Oh wait, feminists can only invent bullshit.

        1. They need to stop calling themselves “feminists” since the emphasis is placed on the “min” (re: men) syllable. That’s right, patriarchy governs the very rules of pronunciation so even causes for women still promote our empire of testosterone and muh-soggy-knees.

        2. What about “femen” .. Couldn’t be more original than that? Anyway, I love these chicks, they may be crazy but they’re always thin and hot, which you NEVER see among feminist Americunts.
          Actually, with their aggression and faux strength, perhaps that’s a deserving name for them–female men. haha

        3. do nothing bitches !!! why dont these people ever start groups or take real action ?? always with the pointlessly symbolic

        4. The femen are financed by wealthy globalist Jews. Soros funded the femen and now other jews do. Why do you think they like desecrating orthodox and catholic churches? They get a wage and their wage is paid if they go to jail. It’s a slick marketing operation, chicks have to be hot looking, operations are carefully staged. The ones in the photo above are substandard.
          Follow the money trail. Few social movements are grass roots nor are revolutions self funded.

        5. Because they hand pick them from Ukraine and some little village in France!

        6. Someone posted on here a few months back, and the guy organizing the femen activities, training them, etc. is, of course, a man. While I wouldn’t call femen particularly effective, they are worlds apart from the screaming, rambling, illogical, hypocritical femenists we typically see. And that’s because femen is run by a man, who interviews only hot women, trains them, and organizes them well. See, we’re even better at feminizing than you are.

  2. Most of these can be summed up in their origins as excessive risk-taking without forethought of consequences by women. Its all about immediate gratification. Promiscuity, Drugs, Disease, unwanted pregnancy. All of it. And pharmaceutical birth control? Alters sexual preferences in women (in favour of betas funnily enough) and there is evidence to suggest that its infected our water supply and along with BPA (an estrogen mimic molecule) is the leading chemical cause of the current epidemic of low Testosterone in western males. Gentleman they’re slowly neutering us.

  3. This normalization of ‘slut culture’ is deliberate and promulgated by the social engineers. Look at Brave New World, a book by Aldous Huxley whereby in a dystopian future (now the present), women are taught to be promiscuous from childhood and where women within that culture apply peer pressure on other women to share themselves amongst many men.
    The hypnopaedic phrase taken from the book “Every one belongs to every one else” sums up modern ideology.

    1. What’s even scarier is that the forced sex depicted between children in that novel is not so far-fetched a notion, when you have the left media trying to normalize pedophilia.

      1. It’s scary. I read the book about 10 years ago. Back then, the concepts were still science fiction.
        Apart from the removal of ‘viviparous reproduction’, we are now living in it.
        Family, mother and father are ‘bad words’
        The alphas, betas, epsilons and gammas now truly represent the social classes. The flow of knowledge, social engineering, healthcare, nutrition and drug use follows the different methods to dumb down and destroy genetics to create compliant worker drones are in full force.
        Children are sexualized as you rightly point out
        We have social conditioning centres in the form of schools
        We have soma in the form of anti-depressant use
        etc… We are in a brave new world.

        1. Give it time. If Islam doesn’t burn us to the ground a solution for the declining birth rates may very well lead to ‘alternative birthing methods’. How soon, what with the demonizing of the nuclear family, that these methods lead to children who are raised by the state in sanctioned experimental programs. And how long before this becomes the norm? 1984 may have prophesied how we would lose our freedom of speech, but Brave New World prophesied the loss of everything else.

        2. You’re going to have to, since by then there won’t be access to firearms for the general public, so you won’t be able to go down firing.

        3. shit i just wrote basically the exact thing before reading your comment.. Orwell was right we were naieve..

        4. The people who say that don’t know what its like to live in an Islamic country. Especially if you’re a Christian.

        5. Yeah I know. Lemme know when the cry fest is over so we can finally go and kick some BIG FUCKIN’ SERIOUS ASS.

      2. I wonder how long before it comes out as a full force movement. There was a time when homosexuality was just as taboo in society at pedophilia is now. Now they light up the white house in their colors. I don’t think there is a limit to how low these people are willing to sink.

        1. Since a 3 years ald kid is now considered mature enough to get a sex change operation, why not let him “decide” to take one in the butt.

        1. Its rather simple to connect the dots of the ‘progressives’. Allow children to decide their gender and sexuality the way they’re currently advocating for and you’ve normalised the sexual emancipation of children. In conjunction with making pedophilia just another sexual preference its not such a leap to normalise it as a practice and as an extension lead to its legalization.

      3. How about a Pedophile who some say helped create a child sex-education curriculum for an entire Province where children learn the following:
        Grade 1 AGE 6- Naming all of the things and functions
        Grade 3 AGE 8- Homosexuality, Gender Identity as a Social Construct
        Grade 4 AGE 9- Dating Romantically
        This list gets progressively worse climaxing at AGE 13 where Anal and Oral sex is introduced.
        This is all really happening. Right now. All under the watchful eye of his boss who is a Bull Dyke and leader of that province. It will start happening everywhere.
        They already own your children’s minds. Now they want their bodies and souls.
        Scared yet? What are you gonna do about it?

    2. When you know about Aldous Huxley’s political ideas and acquaintances, you understand that Brave New World is not a denunciation, but a manifesto of the post-Ww2 globalist agenda.

      1. I was unaware of that.. I suppose that makes a lot of sense when you look at the character arcs and resolutions and take them at face value. Nothing but misfortune befalls though who find themselves outside the system.

        1. Interesting…I’ve heard that group mentioned but don’t know much about Will definitely look them up.

      2. I may be wrong but wasn’t Orwell in that society too? I think people have his idea of him as being this huge anti-socialist/communist/whatever but I think it was more of an instruction manual than a warning.

        1. I have always understood that his experience of the Spanish Civil War soured his feelings about socialism / communism (in practice) and that he was a genuinely dissident voice within the left. He was well connected though in that group, and there have been speculative theories that he might have actually been done away with by an old friend and fellow-traveller, who was the last person to have visited him – a suspected KGB agent / handler

        2. Re. the assassination theory, just a speculative one:
          “George Orwell, alias Eric Blair, is supposed to have died at age 46, quietly and suddenly, of a lung hemorrhage, on the night of January 21, 1950, at University College Hospital, London. But actually he did not go like that. One way or another, Orwell was murdered.
          At the very least, there was foul play, inasmuch as he was permitted to die a lingering death for the hour or two it took him to suffocate. Because apart from those pre-midnight hours of January 21, 1950, Orwell had been getting round-the-clock care, with nurses and orderlies always in attendance. The nurses’ station was a short distance down the hall. But on this particular night the attendants all stayed away, and let Orwell—or made Orwell—choke to death on his own blood.”
          The theory suggests Orwell was naming names, and an ex tutor called Andrew Gow, who was the real fifth man, was guilty of murdering him.

        3. Orwell was a genius and prophet who could see decades into the future. I remember reading his books 20 years ago and thinking this is fantasy but today they look more like reality.

  4. Raping a nun might soon be the only way for a man to reproduce with a chaste virgin. (Not that I would advocate that.)

    1. Yeah be careful with that, or else The Guardian is going to pen an article about you hahaha
      “MRA misogynist blog advocates the rape of nuns” by Jessica Valenti

    2. 1 out of 4 nuns are raped at Sunday mass every week.
      They’re the ones dressed up like altar boys.

  5. “Each and every one of these sluts that I’ve known, who are now approaching the 30 year old mark,”
    I’ve seen this play out. I know some in their 40s who are “ghosts” and spend the rest of their lives dedicated to their career or some obscure cause because its all they have. The time between 30-40 is their manic decade as they begin to try and bury their past and find that alpha to land. Panic sets in when they realize the guys chasing them just a few years ago are long gone and the dating pool shrinks daily. Especially these days when so many men have dropped out. As they approach 40 they start looking into adoption or artificial insemination. Those who are divorced with kids will be usually in a worse situation and will have an even harder time finding another man to wife them up.
    I would recommend keeping these women out of your circle of friends if you have your own family. Unhappy women tend to try and undermine another’s woman’s happiness by wrecking what she has. I have seen this with some men, but the culprits are usually women.

    1. Absolutely correct! Keep these women away. I even see those women try to convince the younger generations to make the same mistakes. There are too many, “Women in X” conferences and meetings around. Too many stupid young women thinking they can have it all. It is just going to get worse.
      At some point the stupidity will be bred out, but sadly we won’t be around to see it.

      1. I have made the point to women in my family that they should not ever go to the divorced girlfriend for relationship advice. You go to them because they tell you what you want to hear (it’s all his fault) and that soothes your ego. Call the woman who has been marred +20 years and seems happy and content with her marriage.

        1. So true. My wife and I met up with a divorced female friend this year. She verbalized that she hoped we would get divorced RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.

        2. You know, I thought I would be angry about it, but really I felt pity towards her.
          Where she is now from where she came from is just pathetic, sad and lonely.

        3. True, my wife was the first to state that she shouldn’t spend any more time with her. At least my wife has common sense.

        4. Cheers. I met her in highschool and spent years psychological influencing her to traditional values.
          It’s been 14 years and lots of hard work. It wasn’t chance.

        5. Things worth doing are rarely ever easy. Early 2000’s is probably the end of the window where this kind of vetting and moulding was a viable strategy, from a statistically not getting divorce-raped or cucked scenario. My expectations are decidedly significantly more cowed.

        6. I can speak for the early 2000’s which is the era I met my wife, if it has changed due to the earlier social conditioning of girls, then I do not envy the younger generations.
          Good luck.

        7. I had a college girlfriend who was a virgin when we met. Too bad years of blue indoctrination combined with her genuinely being quite damaged (bullimic, fucked up sex hangups) and a mutual female friend of ours who’d always had a thing for me was the final nail in the coffin. I’m honestly glad for it all though, led me to find the truth and that bitch was CRAZY. Dodged a bullet.

        8. Dude, I’ve dodged more bullets than Neo in The Matrix.
          Marriage was the only one that got me — and I walked right into it.

        9. Do not underestimate the power of the mobile phone to express the female hivemind.

        10. Damn… I forgot about that, these young women have little to no chance to be suitable for marriage or motherhood.
          It’s bleak.

        11. Love makes us do crazy things. I’ve discovered something interesting about myself though. The minute I discover a woman’s sexual past (promiscuous, they all are in this climate to some extent) or see a suggestive red flag I lose the ability to have a genuine emotional connection with them. Leads to tight jerk game.

    2. So true.. I don’t know any “decent” single women after 30..
      Good news if you’re single man in that range there’s lots of easy pussey and they know “it ain’t serious.”

    3. “Unhappy women tend to try and undermine another’s woman’s happiness by wrecking what she has. I have seen this with some men, but the culprits are usually women.”
      Reminds me of an ex. Why take relationship advice from someone who can’t maintain a decent relationship to save their life?

      1. Women tend to draw to those types, but I think it is simply because they know their own behavior won’t be critiqued.

    4. I would be happy to take some of these lonely women in as hand maidens and willing slaves if nobody else wants them. The benefits are extremely rewarding for her and all that’s asked from her in return is her fealty. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

    5. My girlfriend has a “friend” like that and constantly tries and ruin what we have
      because she does not have anyone.

  6. #7 – most vicious gossip I have ever seen comes from sororities. ‘Sisterhood’ always takes a back seat to sexual competition and personal insecurities.

    1. Indeed. I’ve knew a couple of “best friends” in college that, when they weren’t together, would say the meanest shit about each other. I distinctly remember driving in the car with one of them and she was telling me how the other girl had a STD (which wasn’t true). To this day, I still don’t know why they would do this behind each other’s backs.

      1. The reason you don’t know why is the concept is alien to men, because if we have an enemy or rival, we’ll out do them by being better at the job. Women on the other hand, simply won’t and resort to backstabbing and underhand methods (ironically enough, this also bleeds into their professional lives).
        It’s to eliminate the competition by any means necessary.

        1. That is so true. If we men have a problem, we argue, curse, sometimes fight and thats it. Always face to face. Women on the other hand, are like snakes that curse each other and hate each other, from behind.

      2. You’ll have to deal with that to some degree with any woman. They truly do get off on bad mouthing friends. And knowing things about peoples private affairs. When they don’t have any good dirt, they’ll make something up.
        I actually enjoy teasing them when they do it lol

  7. Ten years ago, I met a 9. Twenty-five years old, hot ass, hot personality, hot sex. She was funny too, which is rare. Obviously high T. Drunk one night, she confessed to me that she’d slept with 15 men in the previous year and felt horrible about it.
    Naturally, I married her.
    Jump forward five years. She’s been threatening divorce literally from the first month of marriage. Her sexual attraction to me is totally gone. She’s gone off the pill and I’d watched her libido plummet. She bitches a lot. She tells me she hadn’t been ready to hop off the carousel when she met me. She tells me that everything that’s going wrong with us is my fault. She tells me she’s fantasizing about other men.
    There’s nothing that can be done, even if you’re red pill. I dominate in bed, I’m tall and athletic, I hold frame like a motherfucker, I’m smarter than 99% of the people I meet. None of that matters. In this one area — prior sexual partners — I believed the lies. I thought a woman’s sexual history was irrelevant.
    The divorce was approved two years later.
    Learn from my mistake. Don’t wife up a former slut.

    1. Some lessons we all have to learn the hard way. Even if a good friend pulled you aside and laid your own current wise words on you, would you have believed him at the time? We all want to believe we are the exception to the rule.

    2. Going to my cousin’s wedding this weekend. His wife to be, left her partner of 7 years to be with him. He knew her for two years before they started dating. Friend-zoned. Full Beta oneitis. This chick likes to ‘travel’ too – Thailand, Bali. Poor bastard is so fucked.

      1. Let me guess she’s a “professional” of some sort they usually have the worst attitude

        1. I have a rule: Do not date women who are PhD’s or have a career in medicine, law and entertainment. Granted there are others but these are the most obvious for me.

        2. My brother is in the process of divorcing his doctor wife and he told me to avoid any woman that makes alot of money.

        3. Bummer. But yes, I do avoid women who take too much pride in their career and consider themselves “workaholics.” Code for “I don’t have enough time for you so deal with it.”

        4. True this. Learned from Facebook years ago that the chick I had my first slow dance with is now a high-end attorney and big into the Demoncratic Party. Even had a pic of herself with freaking Sandra fluke. And comes home each night to a dog.

        5. Attorney and a leftist!? run for the hills! she should come with flashing red lights and sirens! definitely stay away from those – dodged a bullet.

        6. The caveat, law and medicine are entertainment degrees, for entertaining their own egos. Then you die. Livin the dream.

        7. Indeed. Damn shame, with her breasts and hips, she probably would have bred strong children. Only a few years left to make her own, so it’s likely to be a dog-surrogate.

        8. What a waste. Once these types of women figure out they want children, it’s almost too late. Biological realities slaps them in the face with no remorse. Life cannot be planned like they would like it.

        1. This is very true. I let my coworker borrow “The Rational Male.” He completed rejected the literature and said it was too “raw.” No shit!

      2. Must be hard to see all the signs but can’t do anything for the poor men in those situations.

      3. So many poor bastard stories…
        Roosh got it wrong. Instead of a “meet-up” which had no clear objective he should have had a “bake sale”. To raise money for colon cancer. Or any other objective-based meeting with good intentions.
        Did nobody ever ask WHY? Cancelling was a good call.

      4. So – update on the wedding for anyone bored enough to check this – DEARGODNO. Female secular celebrant, absolute moronic cunt. Ceremony was a farce, they made a point about mentioning gay marriage (its still not legal here in Australia). Bridesmaids were plastic bimbos. Most of the roles in the ceremony went to the bride’s friends and family. I made a point to get utterly wasted at the reception in order to get through it. Then just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse – they overcooked the steak. Like eating a belt.

    3. Well at least you got out before and kids and hopefully your assets…
      Moral of the story is “You can’t make a whore into a housewife!”

      1. I cleaned out our shared bank account and closed it. Then I moved out of state. Left her to file all the paperwork, which is crazy expensive in the state we lived in. The divorce cost me a total of $3.50 for postage and photocopies.

        1. lol thanks. The getaway got even cleaner a few months ago: There was a class-action lawsuit by residents of my former apartment complex against management for double-charging utilities. The case finally settled out of court last fall. Because I’d amended the lease to delete the ex’s name during the last two months that I lived there, a surprise check for nearly $4000 in damages landed in my mailbox a couple months ago — in MY name only. No record of her occupancy at that unit. So I actually *made* money from it.

        2. Thats awsome man! Being smart about things is the best insurance against being taken for a ride by bitches. Too many guys get sentimental and therefore stupid when it comes to stuff like this.
          Some of my friends wondered when I left my ex the house, I’d bet she thought then that she was the winner. She quickly stopped thinking that when the bills hit her and I was no longer involved or liable.
          2 yrs later she is still working working all the shit shifts she has to pay for the vet and food for her army of cats, I’m chilling with my younger wife from Japan who cooks like a pro and looks like a teenager hehehe.

        3. wow, how fucking old even are you? ”..and looks like a teenager” thats kind of fucked up. Im glad I don’t have my kids near you

        4. Liking girls who look young doesn’t equal being into girls who are. I’m in my thirties and so is my wife, if you like old shriveled up looking skanks that’s your prerogative- I don’t.

        5. I’m in my thirties and so is my wife. If you like wrinkly old looking hags that’s your prerogative, good luck poaching chicks at tohe elderly care center ;).

        6. I had a Latin girlfriend fly up from S.A. to visit me last summer. She’s 32 but looks like an 18-yr-old Penelope Cruz. I’m 40, and we got a LOT of dirty looks at the beach from land whales.

        7. Heh I even have it from some of the teller girls at the supermarket… But I think “hmossel” is actually a shriveled up old looking skank hihi, that’s why she gets sand in her vagina when men say what biology dictates – that we like young fertile looking girls.

        8. Heh. Ever think of sending her a postcard of you and your fit missus with the message “Thank you”

        9. I’m 51 with a hot 25 year old Asian GF. The looks we get while out on the street are priceless and something I actually look forward to when we go out, lol. When I see I’m getting the look I look back with a totally cocksure attitude that seems to piss them off even more.

    4. thanks for sharing this. it’s the kind of story guys need to hear. hope the divorced didn’t do too much damage. if you don’t have kids, hopefully you’re lifting, learning a foreign language or two, and preparing to go out in the world as a man with his eyes open.

      1. There’s a guy at work going through a divorce right now. He and his ex have been separated at least 4-5 months now, but he’s still trying to get everything sorted out. At least 1-2 times per week I hear him on the phone with whom I can only assume is his lawyer talking about that latest bat shit crazy shenanigans his ex has done. I feel bad for the guy, but he needs to stamp this shit out asap and get on with his life. Only problem is he has a kid which is (I think) why it’s drawn out so long.

      2. Exactly. That all went down in 2014. I got fluent in Spanish, resharpened my game, crushed a string of unbelievable hotties during four months in South America, went mostly paleo, lowered body fat to about 15% (working on 12%), changed some of my work to challenge myself, relocated to a great city, made new circle of friends. Life is good. ROK has helped too.

        1. that’s awesome. yes, ROK definitely helps. wish something like it had been around years ago when i met my ex-wife. would have saved me a lot of pain.

    5. I hope a lot of alt-righters read this and get it into their thick skulls. Doesn’t matter how masculine, how jacked, how handsome, how successful you are. You CANNOT turn a whore into a housewife!

      1. Alt right is a fuken joke and a half. What wrong with the old fashion right?

        1. From your idiotic posts it’s clear you don’t know shit about the Alt Right so it would be better for everyone if you just shut the fuck up.

        2. Bik3, the alt-right isn’t homogenous. There are white nationalists who do pedestalize white pussy, but that’s not representative of a consensus by a long shot. The problem with the current neocon establishment is that they’re cucks. They role over and defer to the left so no-one accuses them of racism or sexism. The alt-right when not co-opted by blind white nationalism are the bearer of ugly truths in a world gone mad. Though white nationalism does have its place in the movement as a logical reaction to the disenfranchisement of the demographic by both the ruling left and neocon establishments.

        3. i’m in this weird grey zone where although i’m generally considered a “cuck”* and a race traitor by alt-right guys, i would definitely be considered a racist heretic by the mainstream if i were to speak my mind, which i don’t because i need to avoid detection as a thought criminal for the time being.
          *ironically i’ve only literally been a cuckold when i was married to my blond, blue-eyed ex.

        4. The way I see it from an objective standpoint, ideally your wife should be racially and culturally similar to you. As such you are able to preserve your race, raise children who share your characteristics and avoid culture clashes. Having said that, western women are largely ruined so while I see the decision to marry outside one’s race as suboptimal, I do not begrudge the men who have made that decision in order to prioritize traditional values and having a feminine wife. You work with the cards you’re dealt.

        5. “The way I see it from an objective standpoint, ideally your wife should be racially and culturally similar to you.”
          i kind of agree, more about the cultural part than the racial part. frankly, that’s just it, at this point i have more in common culturally with a devout catholic latina woman than i do with most american women.
          it’s a toughy with white women, as you say. in the US, i find even the supposedly conservative and traditional ones to be far too feminist for my taste. you could go to EE, but you better be pretty alpha and have strong frame control with those girls. i didn’t and my russian ex caused me a world of hurt.

        6. The ideal and the reality are not the same. My ancestry is a strange mishmash of western european and non-arab middle-eastern. In the objective ideal who am I supposed to marry? My cousin? You awaken yourself to race generalization as a guideline for determining common behaviours and tendencies, you strike out a few as being too culturally alien and you go from there, vetting and subtly moulding where possible. One must acknowledge reality and make hard choices in these matters if one is to not get completely screwed.

        7. sounds like you’d be keeping with your racial ideas marrying anyone of european or even persian descent, but of course i’m going to tell you not to obsess about it. for example, i once lived with a cute but somewhat crazy southern italian girl (from italy, didn’t speak much english, not italian-american). considered marrying her for a while. from the looks of her, she may or may not have had some arab ancestory. i suppose some of you guys would have wanted to DNA test her to make sure she was racially pure or white enough or something like that, which is just silly.
          the recent “kids who look like me” obsession is one of those rare areas where the manosphere makes me scratch my head in confusion (i imagine it’s spilled over from white nationalist sites). “eating meat is manly and anyone who doesn’t is a hillary-supporting pussy” is another. until recently, there was love denialism, but roosh seems to have quashed that.

        8. Obssession? No, but these are certainly factors that have an impact and one needs to be aware of what those are. The Mediterranean was certainly a racial melting pot in the last century; hence my muddled ancestry. The “kids who look like me” thing may be new to the sphere but its something that I’ve always considered important. Having children who look visibly different to myself would alienate them from me. Raising a half black, half asian or even half South-american child…. I’m just not sure I’m prepared to do that. In time my views may change, but at this moment – here we are. The meat thing seems to me more an association than causality, as in vegans and vegetarians tend to be pussies, so veganism and all that shit is pussifying. I think these dietary choices are moronic, but not necessarily in and of themselves emasculating. I mean check out Patrik Baboumian; though guess his roids offset the low T from all that tofu.

        9. maybe i know more mixed race couples in the real world, but i haven’t seen the alienation you mentioned at all.
          as far as vegans tending to be unmanly, i went to a vegan meetup group a while back to check it out and, yeah, most of the guys were pretty unmanly. still, there was one dude who was a bodybuilder and seemed pretty built. on youtube, i notice that a lot of the fitness gurus i follow are vegan or mostly vegan, and they are way more muscular and masculine looking than, say, the average manosphere blogger. one actually got turned down for a part on the TV show vikings for being too developed:
          then there’s this guy:

          the white nationalists won’t give him a chance, but he’s typical of the type of black guy i’d rather hang out with than most white guys i know.
          i think the impression that a vegetarian or vegan diet makes you weak and unmanly is because most guys who eat like that don’t lift and possibly also eat too much soy.

        10. And all these men are juicing, doesnt matter if your protein sources are subpar if your pharmacy is top notch.

        11. see, this suggests to me that you don’t know much about protein. there are a lot of ways to get plenty of protein without eating meat.
          as far as juicing, they claim to be natural. i know i am, and although i’m not as developed as these guys, i’m more muscular than your average meat eater (i’m not 100% vegetarian, but i usually only eat meat if it’s from hunting, which means i don’t eat it that often).

        12. All plant sources of protein are both incomplete from an amino acid standpoint as well as having poorer absorption than meat sources. Can you balance a vegan diet to complement amino acids as well as just consume more to counter the poorer absorption? Sure, but its still suboptimal.

        13. not sure what you mean by suboptimal. seems like there are plenty of powerful, muscular athletes out there who are vegetarian or vegan, so it must be pretty easy to do.

        14. The vegan athlete muscleman schtick is disingenuous. They’re not jacked from their diet, they’re jacked from their pharmacy. By suboptimal I mean, instead of one source (meat), you need a minimum of three plant, and then you’re still lacking iron and vitamin b12. So you have to take supplements. Mushrooms and spinach have laughable quantities of those two and unless you’re a fan of vegemite, well supplements it is. Its unnecessary hoop jumping.

        15. the swedish guy isn’t 100% vegan. he uses whey and occasionally eats meat, a lot like me (his diet, not his physique). he claims to be natural and i believe him. he actually turns away clients for his coaching services if they are on gear because he says his workouts aren’t optimized for it.
          i’m basically with you on the 100% vegan diet. i’ve tried it, and after a few weeks, i start feeling weak, especially if i’m not on creatine. when that happens i just have some eggs or dairy and i feel better again. fanatic vegans will swear up and down that the diet is healthy, but like you say, you can’t get B12 from plant sources. that, and the evidence that prehistoric humans ate mostly meat suggests to me that a 100% vegan diet isn’t natural or ideal.
          you can get a ton of iron from a vegan diet though. not sure where you got the idea that you can’t. check the nutrients in black beans or garbanzo beans, for example. leafy greens have a fair amount too.

        16. Non haem iron, much like plant protein is absorbed more poorly than from an animal source, getting enough iron from pure plant sources isn’t as easy as you make it out to be. Swedish guy is either a 1in a billion genetic freak or he’s using, or has used in the past. The odds just aren’t in his favour for me to believe him. Ultimately it doesn’t matter because I personally along with a lot of men do not possess those fabled genetics, without vitamin T we will never even come close. Its a struggle for me to even break 150lbs at 5’7″, while staying below 15% bf. Though before I started lifting I weighed 120 so I’ve done alright with my rubbish genetics.

        1. ALT right are dudes who try to barter with the feminists and cry when the feminists don’t hold their share of the deal.
          Here’s an example: feminists shame men who cry like bitches and watch anime all day just like the alt right guys and then they suggest that women objectify them!???
          It’s all natural for women to shame weak men as it is instinctual for them to do so. Feminazis always boast about when not gettingin touch with their feminine side and toxic masculinity and all that shit.

        2. “ALT right are dudes who try to barter with the feminists”
          We’ve moving on from there, I think we had pretty much realised that feminists were dead end leftists but there was hope that more ordinary women or so called equity feminists might see some reason. Clearly there are women of virtue about.
          Nature of women is to empathise and seek consensus. Many don’t often get past that modality and so don’t see the danger of millions of ‘refugees’ and so they greet them.. Hence mainstream feminists are now accepting of Burkas, Sharia and Clitorectomy. Their need to empathise and seek consensus means they will rationalise and concede anything.

        3. amen. my wife is a dark-skinned latina with a thick accent when she speaks english. she’s also only been with me, is feminine and 100% loyal, believes god wanted us to meet and get married, and that adultery is a mortal sin. i’ve lost count of how many times the neo-nazi types on here have criticized me for marrying her, called our kids “half beaners,” and so on. apparently i should have passed on her because of her skin color and taken my chances with north american and european women. makes no sense at all to me and makes me wonder if those guys have actually ever been with white women.

        4. Damn straight, a good faithful woman is a good deal regardless of race. If she passes your boner test who is anyone to criticize you wifing her up?
          I get the stares of the locals all the time when I’m out with my wife (Japanese) but I don’t give a shit… It’s just a bit sad for her because she gets shit from them for “stealing one of the good ones” as if I would ever have wifed up one of these skanks…

        5. Here’s an even better bit of advice: make fun of them and ignore their rantings. Alpha mindset, NO FUCKS GIVEN TYPE OF ATTITUDE! You know you’re arguing with women (male feminists are women too) and that would get you nowhere. You’re not their boyfirnd or dad to argue with them, you’re your own man and should treat the women as what she really is, A SOMEWHAT IRRATIONAL CREATURE. As for feminists, they are an advanced and concentrate form of the worst attributes women have to offer.

        6. central america. that’s as specific as i want to get, since i’m working in the US now and am trying to avoid being identified as a thought criminal.

        7. It is not just white women. My ex was Caribbean and part Irish. Said she only had 5 partners. Some how one of those partners was a one night stand. Another was a guy who had a girl who she had to duck out on for fear of getting assaulted. Somewhere between the friendly smile and pleasant demeanor I thought she was worth the time. Fast forward to finding cum stains on my bed.
          Some pleasant takeaways; her best friends were all white and raging sluts. She was of the educated, traveling variety meaning she probably had far more mileage than she let on, was supposed to be an introvert and was friends with everyone even people I’d never knew how they met. No way anyone should wife up any slut unless if she is a trophy wife. Even then she will be more trouble than she is worth.

        8. Right on – I hear ya! I am originally from Central America. Unfortunately, nowadays feminism has completely infiltrated the cities and towns there.

        9. “Even then she will be more trouble than she is worth.”
          There is an expat I know who knowingly married up a gold digging trophy wife. He was the CEO of 2 compaines and came home to his hosue in Miami one Friday night and found her and 4 police offiers waiting for him. She claimed he beat her. Spent 2 years fighting to stay ouf of jail; she drained him through divorce and was marrried up to a richer sucker before he was finally cleared. Packed his bags and left the US for good. I think he renounced as well.
          Trouble doesn’t begin to describe these women and the farce of a judicial system that allows it.

        10. hey if it works for you and it all is well, tell the others to go to hell with gasoline boxers on. but if the sugar turns to shit, at least give them the credit of saying they told me before I got in to deep.

        11. i really don’t care about my kids looking like me. the concept of caring about it is a new idea to me. i mean, i suppose they’ll share some of my facial features and hopefully be athletic and fit like me, but insisting that their skin tone match mine seems like a ridiculous thing to worry about. if you worry about it, good luck with white women. you might find a unicorn but more likely than not you’ll not reproduce, or reproduce and have your children taken from you eventually. or if you’re particularly loathsome, i suppose you could intentionally have children outside of wedlock.
          i imagine when people see me with a kid whose skin is darker than mine when my wife isn’t around they’ll think “i guess his wife is latina or something” and go on with their day. it’s only sad white supremacists who obsess about this stuff.

        12. i was previously married to a neo-nazi’s dream: long, bright blond hair, pale blue eyes, angel face. it was a disaster. if you obsess about your woman’s skin tone and think it’s an important factor in whether she’s marriage material, good luck with that.

        13. sorry to hear that. i’ve been to most of the countries down there, and it seemed to me that there are still a lot of quality women, if you’re willing to go to church, wait a few months for sex, and put up with a devout catholic lifestyle. seriously, every time i go to mass with my wife down there it’s at least a 2:1 ratio in favor of men, and a lot of the girls are very cute (if you’re not a white supremacist and like the latina look) and i imagine looking for a husband.

        14. See? It doesn’t matter how Alpha you are, or that you’re rich, or that you’re successful in everything that you touch. She is constantly tempted to betray you. Her number of former partners will correlate to her boldness and frequency in commiting her betrayals to you.

        15. I left the area with my family when I was very young. For all intents and purposes I’m American. The women in Central America are much better than Latinas in the U.S. But through social media, I’ve see them embracing the hypergamy lifestyle. But you are right, there are still a good amount of good ones left.

        16. my man…you aiight bucky.
          my preference always has and always will be black, spanish, and mixed women.
          but hey man, to the dummies that think skin colors make an exception to ovaries, estrogen, and such…more power to them, we’ll let the hares catch up to the tortoise’s race. these bitches all the same. get your dream that hitler and elijah muhhamed spoke of. speed up and get the nightmare that us men of all colors know of.

        17. It’s not about skin tone, it’s about facial features, but it’s your genes thrown down the drain not mine.
          There are white down to earth women out there which are not sluts. You gave up, path of least resistance.

          i imagine when people see me with a kid whose skin is darker than mine when my wife isn’t around they’ll think “i guess his wife is latina or something” and go on with their day.

          No, they guess you adopted kids and you are cuck.
          But you said your wife is dark skinned Latina, it means she is propably mixed so your kids could look like you, because of white genes they carry from you and their mother although with darker complexion. Something like Rashida Jones.

          it’s only sad white supremacists who obsess about this stuff.

          What is supremacist in wanting to be segregated from nonwhites?
          What is supremacist if wanting or preferring a woman from same race and having kids which look like you or your ancestors?
          Having children which could identify themselves with their parents and people from past which belong to their country.
          Japan is something like 98% Japanese, and they want to stay it that way.

        18. eh, i really think you spend way too much time obsessing about this stuff. i’m happy with my life and the woman in it. it doesn’t sound like you are, but it’s your life.
          i’d advise you to learn some foreign languages and see the world a bit. you don’t strike me as the type, but if i’m wrong and you have what it takes you’ll likely end up a happier man.

        19. some guys hit central america and do the club scene, sleep around with a few women, and get the impression those girls are most of what that part of the world has to offer. thing is, those girls are essentially prostitutes. they won’t ask you for money up front, but they’ll ask you to buy them something the next morning, try to hook you in to supporting their kids, etc. the good girls down there don’t go to clubs from what i’ve seen, they go to church.

        20. had a little trouble following that last sentence, but other than that, i think we’re in agreement.

        21. right on. right now i think there’s a slightly better chance of finding good wife material in latin america than anywhere else, but yeah, there are definitely plenty of bad latinas who will ruin your life too.
          incidentally i’ve just been called a “cuck” by a neo-nazi becuase i married a latina for something like the hundredth time, which is ironic because the only time i’ve literally been a cuckold in my life is when i was married to my blond, blue-eyed ex.

        22. oh yeah, plenty of bad dark-skinned women out there too. we used to call them arañas (spiders) in central america.

        23. i hesitate to go that far, although yeah, i sense a massive undercurrent of sexual frustration in most of those guys.

        24. A lot of guys these days are going in blind in terms of this. I reckon a lot of women do the AF/BB routine, and beta boy is not going to get a heads up about her single and just dating around and having fun days. I read some survey recently about online dating/hookups and most of the men said they were upfront about their experiences with others whereas the vast majority of the women said they were secretive about their experiences with others. Just the BFF is going to know about her doing lots of ‘wanna smash’ tinder dates, or maybe not even that. A lot of women are getting married now in their 30s and by then they have moved on from their party girl crowd + changed their look + dont want to talk about their past sex life, and are now looking for a decent gentleman to settle down with. He ain’t gonna know shit about what she got up to in the days she used to wear g-strings.or even if she cheated on multiple exes.
          In jaybird’s case he was tall, athletic and she met him during her slutty days so she was open with him. Girls seem to be more open with their NSA guys (or guys they think were players) as they think they are like them & less judgmental, but if she is settling down with a good provider type guy she would not have hooked up with in her sexy prime (and he likely wouldn’t have got a lot of pussy) then her count will go down to single digits and she was never into any kinky stuff.
          I’ve known some women that would have also been 15 guys a year and they dont all have the 1000cock stare or the skank look.

        25. think about focusing on actual accomplishments beyond just being white. it could change your life. that’s all i’m saying.

        26. the good girls down there don’t go to clubs from what i’ve seen, they go to church.
          Oh that sounds beautiful.

        27. of course, you can still get a terrible woman at church, even in central america. your odds of getting a good one are vastly better though, in my opinion.

        28. oh yea beyond a shadow of a doubt…every woman shares the same capability to destroy a man’s…hell look at the comment sections here there are men of every color here with the same war stories. well you know man, pretty much everything is going to upset extreme race nationalists. I always wonder what would they do if they didn’t have anything to complain about

        29. I have a friend of mine who has a Japanese wife. One day a group of us guys got together and we started talking about all the different women we had been with. This dude didn’t even want to “talk” about other women. His attitude was like “I’m not fu$king this good thing I got going up”.

        30. Although darker skin ages and feels better. I dated a very light skin Latina, pale-like. It took more Than normal skin maintenance to ensure soft skin .

        31. We now see why Muslims treat women the way they do. It might be a bit extreme but they get what’s going on. The punishment for adultery in Saudi Arabia is death and women still cheat.

        32. My wife and I are both Cuban born. I am an American, not a “Cuban-American” as those hyphenated terms seem disrespectful to me of my new country. However, my family including my USA born children enjoy the ethnic very traditional family structures. The USA should consider keeping the gains in racial equality, but otherwise returning to the 1950’s. Frankly, minus the right of women to vote. My wife does allow me one fantasy girlfriend: Ann Coulter, because she knows it’s what Ann Coulter says that attract me (I’m not into thin skinny, I like gristle and curves). Ann Coulter women ought be trained to shoot, given guns but have their voting rights repealed. Very few American women have that much common sense.
          Both men and women suffer from promiscuity, but it’s way worse for women. It tears their soul in a way that only God might heal, maybe.
          Last paragraph deleted at Bucky’s suggestion, thank you Bucky; it was a very nice way to point out my stupidity.

        33. great post until that last paragraph. it’s that other guy (the white nationalist) who brought up dick size.

        34. lots of mixed kids have the facial features of their ‘white’ parent. Blue eyes have a tendency to pop up in the strangest places too.

        35. Tribe matters. Mixed kids tend to have all sorts of problems. The so called “neo-nazis” do have some valid points you know.

        36. you guys keep saying that, but i know a lot of mixed-race couples in the real world and i’ve never witnessed it personally.

        37. It depends on race of second parent. Usually mixed white-oriental kids look almost or very white, not because of colour of skin, but facial features, but somewhat exotic.

          Blue eyes have a tendency to pop up in the strangest places too.

          True, Africa and Asia is full of blonde hair blonde eyed people. The most diverse people on earth are blacks and orientals, unlike white people with their blonde, brown, black, hazel, blue, green, brown hair and eyes.

        38. i sense a massive undercurrent of sexual frustration in most of those guys.

          Frustration about what, dr. Freud? You rationalize relationship with nonwhite wife and demonize women from your race. Yes Oriental women tend to be docile and feminine, and black women are completely opposite, White women are somewhere in the middle or on both extremes.

        39. about other guys getting some and being happy. your comment to the obviously very happy guy with the japanese wife makes you come off as sexually frustrated, for example. roosh seems to have a point about you white nationalists being similar to feminists in your obsession with what guys should be attracted to.
          as far as white women, i have a lot of real-world experience with them. i don’t want to be with a feminist, and 99% of western women are feminists, including the supposedly conservative ones. russian women are a little better, but being with one is a bit like owning a wolf dog in that you have to constantly assert dominance or it will eat you alive. it doesn’t seem like you have much experience with white women in the real world, beyond putting them high on that pedestal.

        40. It was a joke, although maybe a little sarcarstic or harsh, it depends, but I don’t care how happy he is with his yellow fever fetish or not and I am aware of his reasoning. If he is happy with his Japanese wife, than good for him. I am not jealous nor frustrated, it is his life.
          Kids from this relationship could have identity crisis, what not. Again, this is his problem and problem he put on his future hafu children.
          But I doubt he will live in Japan, so there is no problem with hafu children and Japanese waifu living with gaijin. He will live in white society, white social dynamic, white institutional racism and white privilege.

          roosh seems to have a point about you white nationalists being similar to feminists in your obsession with what guys should be attracted to.

          RooshV tried to rationalize his position, because as nonwhite he tries to be around white people in white countries and he is attracted to white women, but white nationalists don’t like nonwhite men around their women. It is territorial instinct and self-explanatory. Hell, every self-respecting nonwhite men don’t like men from outside of their race or ethnicity to hang around their women.
          Self-preservation instinct, something what ethnomasochist white man and woman are lacking.
          It’s not about what guys should be attracted to, it is about belonging to certain racial and ethnic group. If you want nonwhite wife, no problem, but than, you can GTFO in a country where your nonwhite man or woman live or where are their roots. You don’t have a right to promote multiracial multicult antifa leftard-libtard femtard kumbaya crap on your compatriots.

          as far as white women, i have a lot of real-world experience with them. i don’t want to be with a feminist, and 99% of western women are feminists, including the supposedly conservative ones. russian women are a little better, but being with one is a bit like owning a wolf dog in that you have to constantly assert dominance or it will eat you alive. it doesn’t seem like you have much experience with white women in the real world, beyond putting them high on that pedestal.

          I hear you.
          I don’t put any women high on pedestal, no matter their race or ethnicity.

        41. Maybe. But it’s still not natural. It’s like flushing thousands of years of evolution down the drain. Check out Muhammad Ali on race mixing on youtube. He’s knows what’s up.

        42. I always said that if I get married, I’m going to hire a private investigator to do a background check on the woman I’m with. Especially as it relates to he past sexual history.

        43. i don’t know. i know people have theories on that, but then i think of eilliot hulse, a zebra and one of the strongest and wisest men on youtube. or my good friend’s daughter who is half mexican and was reading LOTR at 10 years old (when most adult white people struggle to understand tolkien nowadays). or any number of other examples. it just doesn’t play out in real life, as far as i can see.

        44. “white nationalists don’t like nonwhite men around their women. It is
          territorial instinct and self-explanatory. Hell, every self-respecting
          nonwhite men don’t like men from outside of their race or ethnicity to
          hang around their women.”
          i get that WNs obsess about white women with non-white men. it’s pretty much your signature trait. a lot of asian guys have a problem with asian women who date non-asians for obvious reasons (asian men’s generally low SMV). beyond that, what you’re saying isn’t always true. in central america, for example, i never got a vibe of jealousy from local guys about being with one of their women.
          “If you want nonwhite wife, no problem, but than, you can GTFO in a
          country where your nonwhite man or woman live or where are their roots.”
          nah, we’ll stay here as long as we please, you nazi bastard. you have no say in the matter.
          speaking of going places, have you considered EE? you’d probably love russia or ukraine. they’re some of the whitest countries on the planet. men are men, women are feminine, and your views on race would be far less controversial over there. can’t speak for the rest of EE, but it’s probably much the same, especially somewhere like serbia. you should consider it. learn the language if you do. it’ll open your mind in ways you can’t imagine.
          “You don’t have a right to promote multiracial multicult antifa leftard-libtard femtard kumbaya crap on your compatriots.”
          straw man. don’t lump me in with the multiculturalists. i fell in love with a woman whose skin tone is somewhat darker than mine, and i think some of the black guys i work with are cool. not the same as approving of the EU’s current suicidal immigration policies or wishing the same fate on america.

        45. I’ve seen all sorts of variations. I seen no trends.
          Everywhere the vikings went you can find blue eyes.

        46. i get that WNs obsess about white women with non-white men. it’s pretty much your signature trait. a lot of asian guys have a problem with asian women who date non-asians for obvious reasons (asian men’s generally low SMV). beyond that, what you’re saying isn’t always true. in central america, for example, i never got a vibe of jealousy from local guys about being with one of their women.

          I already explain it. It is territorial instinct, some have it, some don’t. Those who don’t are left to demise. It’s that simple.
          Millions of nonwhites and Moslems flooding Europe will take white, native European women by force or any other means necessary, it is part of conquering territory and people. Kill or subdue men, rape and take their women.

          speaking of going places, have you considered EE? you’d probably love russia or ukraine.

          You are right, and I know, EE is more or less racially and ethnically homogenous, for many reasons. One of more obvious is historical reasons, they were first line of defense against nonwhite hordes, such as Mongols, Arabs, Turks and so on. And they have atavistic so to speak repulsion to nonwhites and they want their countries stay racially and ethnically pure.
          Diversity is leftard-libtard newspeak codeword for antiwhite and in broader sense, codeword against human diversity.

          nah, we’ll stay here as long as we please, you nazi bastard. you have no say in the matter.

          It depends on country, but in Russia, people like you or ethnomasochist leftard-libtard SJWanker antifa Commie cucks are BTFO.

          straw man. don’t lump me in with the multiculturalists. i fell in love with a woman whose skin tone is somewhat darker than mine, and i think some of the black guys i work with are cool. not the same as approving of the EU’s current suicidal immigration policies or wishing the same fate on america.

          You are role model for multiculturalists, although you don’t associate yourself with them.
          It’s not about skin tone, it’s about race. Spaniards, Portugese have darker skin tone, but they still belong to white race.

        47. I’ve seen all sorts of variations. I seen no trends.
          Everywhere the vikings went you can find blue eyes.

          You are delusional. Blonde hair and blue eyes is generally white race trait, not to mention gingers. It occurs to other races as part of some mutation or if they have some white DNA in them from ancestors, but not as general trait.

        48. This woman could have married just about any highly accomplished, wealthy male she wanted, Instead….and I don’t pretend to understand it.

        49. Its going to be really hard to find out even for PI. If the girl is still in her mid 20s and hanging out lots with friends that have been around her for a while, you can pick up info from conversations with them or by checking out her recent social media and seeing if she has lots of clubbing pics or pics with her hugging different guys. Also by hanging out with her you can pick up her nature, if she used to do drugs or she gets drunk often & very flirty or if her close friends are slutty then good chance she was too.The later in life you meet her the more those signs are lost in the mists of time. its not like its on record anywhere.
          What also has changed things is online dating. If a woman wants to hookup with a hot guy she does not have to put on her little black dress, call up a couple of friends and go into town and hang out in clubs, she can now from the comfort of her sofa just look guys up on her cellphone and set something up and even her close friends would not know. Some of the good looking guys I know talk about first online date sex being the norm for them. If your new gf has been doing online dating on & off for a number of years, how many of those guys did she end up with…or was she serious & fussy about finding a decent bf and 95% of her dates were boring disappointments. You wont know and neither will a PI, and its not that easy for him to go around interviewing her old friends without her finding out you are digging into her past.
          For some guys a girl being promiscuous is not a dealbreaker if they meet her in her sexy prime yrs and she is sexy & a wild thing in bed with them and the guy had also had plenty of casual sex too…or maybe he did not have much casual sex but she is the hottest girl he has ever been with, so pushes it to the back of his mind. Most of the players I knew dont have LTRs with the types of girls they used to just hookup with though. I’m sure the more savvy women sense that and start to change their image late 20s, What sucks most for a guy is if she used to be promiscuous & kinky but she is not that sort of girl anymore + she would not have had the time of day for him back when she was – the settled for guy.

        50. I didn’t mention blond hair. But your argument, if you’re making any sort of counter argument to what I wrote, is that that Caucasian (or specifically ‘white’) genetics are entirely recessive compared to others. And apparently not only that, but once mixed can never reappear. That’s not genetics as I learned it. Sounds more like the old ‘one drop’ theory.

        51. “It depends on country, but in Russia, people like you or ethnomasochist leftard-libtard SJWanker antifa Commie cucks are BTFO.”
          now you’re just being hysterical. you don’t understand any of the terms you’re using, except maybe the acronym, which i’ve never heard.
          i wonder where you get your ideas about russia. i get mine from living in the former USSR for several years and learning russian. i met a few interracial couples over there, and people didn’t seem particularly opposed to them. certainly never saw a visceral reaction like yours. i met a ukrainian family where the wife was vietnamese, and they seemed ok. you see russian and ukrainian girls marrying turks and arabs once in a while too (relax, i don’t think it’s a great idea either).
          ironically, i stumbled across this today. you may want to sit down:

        52. you’re not going to get far trying to reason with the moon man, but yeah, you’re right. my wife is a dark-skinned latina from central america, but some of her relatives could easily pass for european. there’s even a little niece with blond hair and grey eyes. personally, i’m hoping our first kid will have my blue eyes and her skin tone.

        53. And apparently not only that, but once mixed can never reappear. That’s not genetics as I learned it. Sounds more like the old ‘one drop’ theory.

          It can reappear, but it depends on population. If population is predominantly of one race, than traits of some other race very rarely reappear. It’s not rocket science.

        54. You prove my previous words, “latinas” are usually of mixed race. Your is darker but still have some European features I presume.

          personally, i’m hoping our first kid will have my blue eyes and her skin tone.

          Wishfull thinking. About skin tone, there is another method, it is called sun tanning, very simple. Just be in the open and you will get as much tanning as you want.

        55. I have been paying attention to the boner levels of women I meet around and chat with for a couple of days, and beside a 160cm tall, 20yr old Swedish girl with very log shiny black (dyed I assume) hair was the only one to actually get any reaction from me.
          I’m starting to think that taking full possession of a good Japanese wife narrows the field to almost only very specific criteria… It would have to be really really good to even think of, if ya know what I mean 😉

        56. Why do those most passionate about white genetics feel they are so terribly weak?

        57. I know, never intended to get anywhere with him but see what absurdities he’d come up with. The traits will exist until a genetic bottle neck or some other drastic event occurs.

        58. Why do those most passionate about white genetics feel they are so terribly weak?

          Why do those most passionate multiculturalists and antiracists promote white genocide?

        59. The problem is the kids. They will grow up ostracized and hated with no ingroup. You think the abuse you get is something, they will be socially tortured.
          Not attacking you or anything, just something to think about.

        60. it’s very low on my list of worries. if we end up in latin america, any added white blood is only a plus socially. if we end up staying in the US, i think they’ll be ok. i’ve honestly never seen any of this abuse of mixed kids you guys talk about directed toward mixed latin/white kids. maybe it’s that most latin americans have some white blood, or maybe my social circles are more civilized.
          come to think of it, that could also be a reason that a lot of you are so focused on racialism. many years ago i had a passionate fling with a beautiful, lower-class white girl from texas. i’m from the north, upper-middle-class, and was at least somewhat liberal at the time. i was quite shocked sometimes at her open resentment towards blacks and latinos. looking back on it now, i understand that as a poor white girl, she got treated pretty badly while seeing the darker skinned people around her get perks such as scholarships that she didn’t qualify for.

        61. I have never seen anyone get owned so hard as you did! Moon Man in fact dissected you. Maybe you aren`t able to realize that?
          You are a total retarded. Get lost, traitor.

        62. No, you retard (again)
          It is Elliot Rodger. Know your Judenschwein, race traitor.

        63. You made the right decision for sure! They can preach all they want about race, but to be honest, i would pick a black/Brown skinned woman to be my wife anyday over a white slut. if she posesses good morals and is more capable of raising my children to be healthy, positive, creative and constructive people, the choice is easy.

        64. Hulse has lost the plot btw.. His early stuff about training and strength theory is good, but some of the shit he’s saying now is just frankly insane

        65. i don’t know. i think i’ll stay. been posting here far too long to leave because one neo-nazi scored the fight wrong. the site in general seems to be distancing itself from your ilk, anyway.

        66. You said: “Why do those most passionate about white genetics feel they are so terribly weak?”
          Why you presume that those speaking about white genetics and white heritage feel weak?
          It is same like when femtards are confronted with logic and arguments, they start spewing strawman how this men are “misogynist”, “insecure” what not.
          Check this out,
          Is this paranoia, what is outcome of this if not white genocide? What happens when millions of Chinese flood Tibet? What will happen with Tibetan people? They will be assimilated and lose their racial and ethnic identity, they will be part of China. They will lose their Tibetan heritage.

        67. i know what you’re talking about. i still find white women very attractive physically, but if i see a hot blondie walk by and think about her for more than a moment, i start imagining all the shenanigans i’d likely have to put up with if i were actually with her and all the game i’d have to apply to keep her around. it prevents any serious temptation to go down that path and i go home happy to my latina.

        68. Yeah, but to be honest I don’t find that many of them attractive either anymore… If you catch yellow fever and spend some time in Japan or Korea you are ruined, possibly forever… Not just the looks but the manners, the voice, and for lack of a better word the Zen…
          Any girl I look at for more than a second start to reveal some habit or thing that make me think “ew neeeext!” Here in Europe.

        69. I wrote about genetic persistence of individual physical traits. It had nothing to do with immigration, cultures, or anything else. Only science.
          But if you want to discuss immigration once upon a time the ruling class used to import new groups of europeans to cause conflict with those already here. This drove down wages and got people fighting with each other making them easier to exploit and rule. Over time they ran out of european groups to pit against each other. That said people still haven’t figured out how they are being gamed so the powers that be just moved on to the immigration of other groups to drive down wages and get people fighting with each other. So long as it works they’ll keep doing it.

        70. Nobody drove wages in USA like nonwhite immigration.
          System started to collapse after The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.
          Europeans integrated into system, unlike nonwhites.

        71. The worst stares I get when I’m out with a non-white woman are from white women.
          I love it!!!

        72. Yeah, to me the weirdest thing is that it’s often fat chicks that I would never touch anyway. usually quite young but fat white chicks seem to be the most common offenders, I’m sure they think of themselves as “curvy” bwahahahahahaha.
          But thinking about it, I do also quite like it because it’s a big FU to them. I think they are so shit I felt that my only option was to go abroad… And my wife is proof of that lol.

        73. The immigration act of 1965 was to keep the old game alive and of course after the 1950s the dose had to be increased. It’s all rulership basics.

        74. Thing is multiracial monster wannabe utopia they created is turning against them.
          Poverty Rockets as US Turns Nonwhite

          “Extreme poverty” levels within the US have rocketed by over 100 percent during the last fifteen years, directly paralleling the speeded-up nonwhite invasion—and conclusively disproving the argument that “immigration would bring economic growth.”
          According to a new report by the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program, some 14 million US residents live in extremely poor neighborhoods—more than twice as many as in 2000.
          The report, prepared by Brookings Institute fellow Elizabeth Kneebone, does not dare address the cause of the dramatically increased poverty levels, although the conclusions are obvious from the data presented.
          Using data from the American Community Survey from 2005–09 and 2010–14, the study found that between 2000 and 2005–09, the number of extremely poor neighborhoods grew by almost 40 percent, and the number of people living in those neighborhoods rose by one-third.
          By 2010–14, almost 14 million people lived in neighborhoods with poverty rates of 40 percent or more—more than twice as many as in 2000.
          “These challenges disproportionately fall to people of color, and, while they have long been particularly pronounced in inner cities, as poverty has spread beyond the urban core, so too has concentrated disadvantage,” the study says.
          For example, between 2005–09 and 2010–14, the share of poor residents living in “distressed neighborhoods” climbed by 4.7 percentage points for Hispanics and 3.9 percentage points for blacks, compared to a much more modest increase of 1.4 percentage points for whites.
          By 2010–14, poor Hispanics were more than three times as likely as poor whites, and poor blacks were almost five times as likely as poor whites, to live in an extremely poor neighborhood.
          Although whites made up 44 percent of the nation’s poor population in that time period, they accounted for just 18 percent of poor residents living in extremely poor neighborhoods.
          “High levels of neighborhood distress thus remain a much more prominent feature in the lives of poor blacks and Hispanics than for their white counterparts,” the report says.
          The nation’s one hundred largest metro areas are home to more than 70 percent of all poor individuals living in extremely poor neighborhoods. The study then goes on to name some of the worst such areas—and all of them are majority nonwhite.
          El Paso, Texas, for example, contained some of the greatest concentrations of poverty in 2010–14, while in McAllen, Texas, some 52 percent of the poor population lived in extremely poor neighborhoods.
          These are the regions most heavily overrun with the Latin American “immigrants” who were supposed to be the “new drivers” of the economy and who were supposed to bring such prosperity to the US, at least according to the liberal arguments in favor of Third World immigration.
          By 2010–14, the study says, eight metro areas registered concentrated poverty rates above 30 percent, and “considerable numbers of metro areas exhibited high rates of concentrated poverty among black and Latino residents.”
          In seventeen metro areas, more than 30 percent of poor Latino residents lived in concentrated poverty, with rates reaching well above 40 percent in metro areas like Buffalo, Fresno, Rochester, and Syracuse.
          Syracuse, NY, also led the list for the concentrated poverty rate among black residents, with nearly 59 percent of poor black residents living in extremely poor neighborhoods in 2010–14.
          Nearly one-third of the nation’s largest metro areas had more than 30 percent of their poor black residents living in concentrated poverty, and in five regions, more than half of poor blacks lived in extremely poor neighborhoods.
          By 2010–14, 26 percent of the urban poor—or 3.3 million people—lived in an extremely poor neighborhood.
          The shares reached even higher for poor black residents in big cities (36.3 percent), who lived in concentrated poverty at more than two and a half times the rate of poor white residents (13.4 percent).
          The gap between white and black concentrated poverty rates was even more pronounced in suburbs than in cities.
          Poor black residents of suburbs were more than three and a half times as likely to live in extremely poor neighborhoods as poor whites in suburbs.
          The share of poor black and Hispanic suburban residents living in neighborhoods with poverty rates of at least 20 percent climbed by more than 10 percentage points between 2005–09 and 2010–14.
          While poor white residents in the suburbs experienced an uptick of almost 8 percentage points in concentrated disadvantage in that period, just one in four lived in high poverty or extremely poor neighborhoods in 2010–14.
          Poor black and Hispanic residents experienced concentrated disadvantage at more than twice that rate.
          Tracking the national average, more than half of poor black and Hispanic residents in the suburbs lived in a neighborhood with a poverty rate of at least 20 percent.
          This downward economic spiral has mirrored the influx of Third World immigrants—from Latin America and, in areas such as Minnesota and elsewhere—from Africa. It also corresponds directly with the resultant ever-decreasing percentage of whites making up the US population.
          The conclusions are obvious:
          – Instead of “building the economy” as pro-immigration politicians have claimed, Third World immigration has in fact merely transported the poverty endemic in the Third World into the US, and
          – Unless halted and reversed, this process will inevitably lead to America being turned into a majority Third World nation.

          A concept in biology which postulates that nature will tend to produce two different psychologies, each adapted to a specific environment. It states that animals which are competitive and protective of family, sexually selective and monogamous, imbued with regard for two parent family life, desirous that offspring wait until mature to mate, and loyal to in-group are designed to produce highly fit and competitive offspring, designed to compete in an environment of resource scarcity.
          Animals that exhibit a cowardly nature, promiscuous mating strategy, single parenting style, early sexualization of young, and no loyalty to in-group are designed to exploit a resource glut by producing as many offspring as possible, as fast as possible, without regard to offspring quality.

        75. Think about it this way: Moon and I will be closer to you genetically then your own kids. Pretty weird when you think about it that way, eh? And stop kidding yourself, everyone used to think about it that way – back when the West was strong. Back when we were Kings.

        76. But your mating strategy leads to multiculturalism – so you’re not a nationalist either.

        77. Yes, but it worked with the White groups in that they were able to assimilate. It wont work with the Non-Whites. Plus there is no need for more immigrants now, yet they keep bringing them in. It’s completely political now. We’re headed for disaster.

        78. it’s still not a big concern. certainly not enough to put up with the horror of being married to most white women nowadays. 99% of western women aren’t marriage material. now that i’ve found neomasculinity, i like to think that i could handle a russian girl, but it would never be as easy as it is with my latina.
          “Pretty weird when you think about it that way, eh?”
          not really. maybe you’re right that people used to think about mixed marriages this way, but nowadays the west is broken and finding a woman who is good wife and mother material is far more important than skin color. i’d go as far as to say that with the sky-high likelyhood of most white women divorcing you on a whim with little concern for the well being of the children, marrying a white woman is probably the less responsible choice.
          i’m not trying to insult you, but do you have a lot of personal accomplishments aside from being born white? i get the impression that a lot of you guys haven’t done much with your lives and cling to race to give yourselves some feeling of meaning. me, i’ve lived in various parts of the world and learned many languages, modern and ancient. i’ve held many beautiful women in my arms as they promised me their undying love forever in most of the major languages of europe. i’ve read dante in italian, goethe in german, dostoevsky in russian, st. augustine in latin. i’m middle-aged but i have a 31″ waist and a cut chest. my financial affairs are in order, and my wife was a virgin before i met her. i could go on, but you get the idea. i’m very proud of my life. i notice race as everyone else does, but honestly most white people just seem to spend their lives playing video games and getting fat like everyone else, so it’s hard to feel much of a connection with them.

        79. Yes, Whites rule Latin America. They’re the ones who keep the lights on. Ask them if they think race doesn’t matter! The Mestizos and Indios don’t dare go up against them. We’re the low hanging fruit. So it’s win/win/win/lose. The Latin American Whites win, The Mestizos win, The White American Elite win, and the ordinary White Americans lose.

        80. Alas, the Jews have struck down our Civilization and Feminism has been their greatest weapon along with mass immigration.

        81. i agree that things don’t look good right now. the wife and i have a long-term plan for getting out to somewhere in the world where men are still men and women are still women, but i worry that the decline will follow us wherever we end up. in the meantime, the best you can do is make your mind and body as strong as possible and figure out what god wants you to do with your life. those things go a long way toward insulating you from all the degeneracy out there.

        82. The more I read your comments the more I think you are an racial dumb ass. Great keep all the white ones, I am thankful there are men like you to keep proving the point that white women are hostile money loving whores. Twenty six percent of white women are feminist or strongly support feminism. Feminism, is really bigoted misandry nothing more. Good luck with your purity issues.

        83. I haven’t expressed a mating strategy. Nationalism is not the topic here. You might as well ask if I believe in MothMan.

        84. It is entirely political. Politics is about divide and rule. About making everything a political battle between groups so they don’t ever bother the larger racket.
          Assimilation is something that is either required or not required. In order to keep people divided the ruling class now prevents assimilation by not requiring it. People go to the lowest energy state more often than not. When you get motivated person from Africa he can assimilate just fine even if his skin is as dark as human skin can get. The difference is he wants to and nobody is catering to him. Also nobody is deliberately standing in his way. Meanwhile more recent groups of whites who are more catered to, those from old soviet bloc, are much slower to assimilate.

        85. The third worlding of the USA goes back to the mid 1960s at least. First they separated the money from silver and then Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. Although the money was effectively severed from gold years earlier. Since then central banking and government has been free to impoverish the population. I am not arguing for a gold standard, merely pointing out this is when the little control there was to keep the financial oligarchy in check was removed.
          The last 30+ years has been dominated by financialization which sucks wealth up to the top pyramid. This has been done through monetary policy primarily. ZIRP has been highly destructive to the middle class along with debt serfdom through high home prices and college education. Even without immigration this would have been highly destructive. With immigration and a welfare state that puts it on steroids.

        86. You know about Moth Man? I learned about him when I was a kid reading “Our Haunted Planet” by John Keel. His wings could blow down bridges.
          Every IQ test ever down shows the average pure Black IQ to be around 70, retarded by our standards. The ones who come over here are their brightest, and of course then they are succored by affirmative action, a policy of wealth redistribution form Whites to non-Whites.
          To mate with a Black is a primal sin, much lie early man mating with Homo Erectus – an Aeonian Failure. This may be what happened to Blacks to make them so dumb.

        87. bucky – I was raised in Pico Rivera, CA about 90% Hispanic, 10% white, couple blacks. All the ladies I was with in junior high, high school and college were latina’s they are hot man!!!

        88. I lived in Japan, Korea, Guam, Okinawa, the Philliphines while in the Air Force. I never dug the japs, Koreans, Okinawans, but the phillilphinas and Guamanian ladies rock!!

        89. Ah well you have more experience then :-)~ but at this point I’m married already and quite happy.
          What sets them apart?

        90. White women behave how white men let them.
          Because western men are cucks and manginas, they succumb to will of their women.

        91. The mainstream hollywood white-hating jews offered her publicity and fame if she agreed to fuck kniggers. Plain and simple. A female will sell out any white man for fame and publicity. They’ll fuck kniggers and have disgusting brown colored stinky ugly babies just for one minute of fame. Why any white female would ever want to squeeze a brown colored ugly stinky mud baby out of their bodies and then even touch it afterwards is beyond me.

        92. I’d like to offer an alternative – or perhaps merely parallel – explanation. Feminism has denatured white males – their behavior has become significantly less masculine. But even as they protest against what they call ‘male privilege’, they would much prefer a male to come and grab them by the gills. By comparison, black males, however thuggish, seem more male. But, like OJ’s prize blonde bitch, they discover that beyond the surface masculinity is just Thug. OJ’s blonde dropped him. Klum dropped her black male. Once their get past the chic and fashionable, they go back to what they were. We can feel no empathy for these females, but we can and should for the children; they have been placed in a no-man’s land of racial and cultural identity. South Africa treid to solve the problem by creating a separate caste, ‘Colored’ between black and white. I don’t see that as feasible for the US. Indeed, many black folks are now speaking out against ‘coloreds’ and are denying they are black. All fall down.

        93. It’s the disapproving stares from the crop-haired white women in their 50s that crack me ap!

        94. “I don’t understand why anyone would ever want to TRY.”
          I forgot who stated the quote below, but I find it most profound and it directly answers your question:
          “On one level or another, most of what men do in this life is to compete for / protect their genetic investment in the future. Without assured paternal investment any society is doomed to failure.
          Without women men can offer love to, they have nothing to lose. There’s a reason why guys who reach their mid / late 20’s as virgins have a tendency to shoot people.
          The strange thing is, despite how uncouth women have become, despite how misguided and spiteful they are, despite how unfit they may be for the love of a man, I still see everywhere men who so strongly WANT to love women.
          Unfortunately the inverse isn’t true.”

        95. “I don’t understand why anyone would ever want to TRY.”
          Good question. Another poster stated this which explains why guys will wife up any piece-of-shit:
          “Without women men can offer love to, they have nothing to lose. There’s a reason why guys who reach their mid / late 20’s as virgins have a tendency to shoot people.
          The strange thing is, despite how uncouth women have become, despite how misguided and spiteful they are, despite how unfit they may be for the love of a man, I still see everywhere men who so strongly WANT to love women.
          Unfortunately the inverse isn’t true.”

        96. “Trouble doesn’t begin to describe these women and the farce of a judicial system that allows it.”
          This is one of many horror stories that should serve as a wake up call to absolutely avoid marriage in any westernized nation.
          The worst thing is that even UGs pull this shit with their husband when they want to move on.

        97. “She is constantly tempted to betray you. ”
          Exactly. Years sgo whenever I’d see a guy with a hot wife (or a hot girlfriend for that matter) I used to be slightly envious, which is what led me to finally being more analytical about it all – which led me to the question : “What is this guy doing to get that kind of snatch?” – and this led me to studying PUA.
          But now I’m red pilled – and years of critically analyzing this and learning so much about the true nature of women – their hypergamous nature, their conditional affections, their ‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck-if-you-live-or-die’ attitude, whenever I see a guy with a hot chick, and I don’t care how ‘alpha’ he is, how goodlooking he is, or how much he’s fit and worked out, I know for a fact that the dope is in for a rude awakening at some point.
          Remember every time you see an attractive female anywhere – walking down the street, at a cafe, wherever – just remember that there are men of her past that she played for suckers, and who are sick of her shit.

        98. Lol no, latinas (not white hispanics) and blacks are just as bad or much worse

        99. I just got back from Hawaii, where there are tons of Filipinas and Japanese, and I never thought of myself as a “yellow fever” guy, but its different now.
          An interesting observation about Hawaii is that white and native Polynesian women seem very bitter.

        100. This is the one scenario I think that makes sense for monogamy. Super religious, non american woman.

        101. Exactly. I gave up on gringas 5 years ago. Life has been great. No more hearing “so why don’t you own a house yet?” hahaha

        102. This is 100% accurate. Every dating site proves this, and that black women are the least desired. So why do white women treat their men so fucking shitty!?

        103. Damn, sorry dude. Raised in the US? I just made out with a Colombian woman on the dance floor last weekend… found out she was married! BUT, to her defense (haha) she moved here 20 years ago. So she’s full blow american (retard) now. I think the trick is to avoid all monogamy with americanized chicks who aren’t religious.

        104. Dude, being mixed is the “in thing” here in the states. They’ll be great kids.
          My plan is to crush as much as I can, then settle down with a young hottie when I turn 40 in Costa Rica.

        105. Have you been to Costa Rica? The wife and I haven’t seen much of the country, just the capital and the area around Jaco on the Pacific, but what we saw was amazing. It’s basically like Europe with better weather and nicer people. Kind of expensive, but our friends there say they like to hire foreigners who speak Spanish, so we’d like to try to settle down there eventually too.
          Incidentally, I tell younger guys to not even consider marriage until they’re 40, so good choice there.

        106. Simple.
          Because feminism is focused on white women and Feminism hates white men the most.

        107. Women can’t fuck, they can only be fucked, unless you got a strap-on in your ass off her.

        108. If she isn’t a virgin, don’t marry her as you’ll never know what a slut she has been.

        109. I see any hot young American or western woman and all I can think is “Bitch.” I may be wrong occasionally, but my experience keeps proving this assumption to be correct.

        110. I am a white guy married to a much younger Filipina. I have been called a pedophile to my face and had nasty comments made to me and to my wife by innumerable middle aged white women. These same women would not have pissed on my if I was lying in the gutter with my intestines on fire. But they are 100% pissed that I got away, not from them but from some woman like them. The herd lost out on a chance at my resources. None of them wanted me for anything else, and not to strongly even for that.

        111. The least genetically diverse people on the planet are Africans that never left Africa. It is a know and quantified fact, not an opinion.

        112. Black hair and brown eyes seem to be genetically dominant, but white skin seems to be dominant. I have several mixed white black nephews and they all look very white except for a hint of negroid features. The hair is kinky, but in one case is still blond. Strangely enough, they all have blue eyes.

        113. It depends. I’ve seen quite the range but I generally lighter than the darker skinned parent.

        114. When I lived in the US the ugly girls seemed bitchier than the rare thin, pretty ones. Still, even the latter were too infected with feminism for my taste, believing unquestioningly in fictions like the wage gap, 1 in 4 women raped, and so on.

        115. You know, this is so true. I have multiple friends who are trying to date older women in their 30s and 40s. One guy is dating a 50 year old, who he claims is in good shape for her age. I’ve always thought this was nuts, but when the 3rd friend told me that, I started thinking about it, and I realized: these men are taking the only options available to them.
          The millennial generation is batshit insane. Bang them if you like, but I can’t imagine trying to have a family with one. So these men are going after the most stable females available in their dating pool: those raised in the 80s or 90s when the world was somewhat sane. I don’t think I could be attracted to that, but in light of what you say about the male drive for family, it makes sense.

        116. While visiting down in south america I was at a cafe and ran into an american guy who was age 33. He and I chatted it up, where he told me he was getting his wild oats sown at the local brothel before he gets married.
          He is engaged to an american female back in the States who was in her 50’s – seriously. A guy in his prime saddling up with a sack of saggy tits, liver spots, and vericos veins.
          I asked him doesn’t the age difference bother him. He hesitated, then he replied “well…. she’s good to me”. And from that point he touched on the fact that finding a young woman in femerica who wasn’t either a blue haired fatty, or a self-absorbed, walking psycho ward was impossible. He essentially told me he was settling for whatever he could get – hence this way-past-her-prime woman he was going to marry.
          I pushed the conversation further and asked what its like to, ahem…. “be” with a woman that old. He said they always do it with the lights dimmed down, her gray pubic hairs are less visible that way.
          Damn… there are indeed things worse than death, such as this guy’s situation.
          It’s not like this guy is being forced at gun point to be with the old bat.
          Men need to learn to be content with solitude otherwise their inability to be alone forces them to latch on to granny’s uterus.

        117. I agree chrome – White and East Asian + White and Lighter Skinned Latina/no and White and Lighter Skinned Arabs/Indians the kid usually ends up looking pretty white. I have seen many White and Pakistani/Indian mixtures in the UK and most end up white looking. However South-Indian and Peninsular Arabs tend to be more darker and more Australoid so their mixed kids turn out more exotic or swarthy.
          I am Mixed American of Latino Ancestry and my wife is a Christian Rural White woman of Scandinavian Ancestry, our kids look very white. I think its to do with GENETIC DISTANCE.
          The Genetic Distance of Whites and Latinos/Mestizos of varying (as the vast majority of Latinos are mixed with whites and have East Asian Ancestry as well) and East Asians + Northern Indians/Northern Lighter Skinned Arabs, there kids tend to be more white, because the Genetic Distance is close, however with Australoid Looking Southern Arabs/Indians/Some East Asians and Africans the Genetic Distance is much further. I believe this is largely due to Whites and East Asians splitting relatively recently 40k years ago. The divergence from Africans and Australoids was much further back!
          This is from what I read and also from what I see, based on Mixed children/babies!

        118. I agree but what they don’t realize is Medium to LONGER Term this will destroy them. The Irony is most Anti-Semetic Attacks are via Blacks and Muslims (Oh the Irony)! They are making their home nations (the Western World) more dangerous. Imagine an Islamified or Pro Islam Europe with Nuke OMFG – Scary as hell for the Jews and Israel!

        119. I agree there is Feminism in Latin America now + East Asia and India (early stages), but the Socio-Paths running the world will try their hardest and most aggressive to push it around the world!
          They are even now try to Push Multi-Culti to Japan, did you know 1 in 30 Children are Born to a Foreign Origin person in Japan (thats how its starts 3-4% and suddenly it is 30%)!
          Some folks are harsh on American Women. Generally speaking, recent immigrant women / country/rural and small town women + Religious women are still very decent. To raise Children however I strongly recommend folks to IF POSSIBLE, Home school and Live outside a Big City. Americas top 100 Metro Areas are overwhelmingly Liberal/Marxist Central! Stick to Small/Medium size towns which have the community feel, head to a church as well or a rural setting/homestead!

      2. Same way. You can’t change someone’s character. You might be able to pimp out her mind and get her crawling on all fours wearing a dog collar(true story, I had a biker buddy that did shit like that with his women) but you can’t turn a whore into a housewife. The only person that can change people is themselves…and even if they do you’ll never know until it’s too late.

      3. The “altrighters” never claim you can. All they are saying is that unlike the manosphere and mgtows are portraying it, there are still good women out there. You just need to filter properly.

        1. I also believe that the adage “there are NO good women in the west” is a bit overblown. However, one cannot deny that the culture and the laws are heavily stacked against us. It wouldn’t take much to turn a decent woman into a raging slut. And what’s more, good women in the west (white or otherwise) are a rapidly decreasing statistic.

      4. Hypocrites with double standards!
        You have sex with 50girls ur da pimp and if a girl has sex with 50men she is a ho.
        congrats ur a douche

      5. You can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl

    6. The 9 I was with slept with 7 guys(me being no 3) within a 1 year window. Number 4 was a one night stand she told me about. Day after pill was needed. Im glad she told me the truth honestly, she wasnt a pain in the ass at all(and we were together less than 4 months anyway).
      Well, fast forward to today, she landed a nice good looking guy who makes BANK, had the two kids, and, on the cusp of 40, is getting divorced.

      1. I wonder what’s the ratio though.
        How many carousel riders get the two kids, the house, and the rich hubby?
        Pretty sure any real-life 9 can sleep with 1000 guys and still find a man who wants to pay for her shit. But what about the majority of girls that live in the average looks range?

        1. Considering that in most cases, all the woman has to do is drop some pounds to be attractive to men, I can’t imagine why they are all so fucking fat. When you think about the vast riches and benefits they can receive (shelter, jewelry, trinkets, meals, protection, etc.) and from talking to my married friends, the chicks don’t even put out that much.. in other words it’s so easy to make it to the easy life, yet most of them are too lazy and just stay fat fucks.
          I don’t know about up there in the Great White North, but here it’s so difficult to find thin girls above the age of 20, it’s shocking. Eat less, hit the gym, and in a few months you can wife up some poor sap and then you’ve got it made. Enjoy easy street or just divorce rape him and go back to being a fatass haha. But I suppose that would require a logical mind to process.

        2. It takes dedication to stay fat in the southeast- bitches, I doff my cap

        3. Yeah, she looks good, am sure she could find a guy in his 40s if she was so inclined.

        4. Women generally see themselves as in the right in all their actions and society ‘you go gurls’ them into never altering that perspective. All their misfortune is the fault of others and they are clearly victims. This is why fat chicks won’t lose weight and ruin a man or two. That and a bottom beta will still marry them.

        5. It seems to me in this day and age, a woman doesn’t even need to drop weight in order to be found attractive.

        6. Same shit up here man.
          Under this marriage model chicks can do whatever they want while men have to pay for everything. Combine that with the shortage of jobs in Canada and is it any surprise MGTOW is so popular here?
          What blows my mind is that these women have more money and privileges than probably any group of women on the planet, and the Canadian birth-rate is stuck at 1.61.
          Last night there was a News show about the growing divide between men and women. Guess who they had on the show to represent men’s point of view??? They had a panel of spokesmen from Buzzfeed, The Walrus, and some other mainstream media outlet. They hardly made any clear points regarding any of the issues presented to discuss (i.e., the Ghomeshi trial, men being fired for “misogyny”, etc.). All they had to say was that men need to “change” and adapt to a “more equitable world”. Not once did they discuss any of the incentives for men to even want to participate though. They just take it as a given that the average man owes women and society because they’ve enjoyed too much “privilege”.
          The MSM is insanity… The only reason I watched it was kuz this segment was recommended to me… I couldn’t believe how shallow their analysis was of such important issues.

        7. And women in the West wonder why if guys get married they import them? Holy shit, the hamster spinning is so fast they could solve our energy problems.

        8. I would say the average ones still do pretty good. especially in very progressive towns since the men are extremely conditioned. For example, I have a female friend who is 31, had her fun on the carousel and now has a kid with a 27 year old man with a lot of potential. Many dudes in their mid 20s somehow feel like older women are a prize. Perhaps there is some kind of validation in it. I personally think it is a raw deal.

        9. They know why. They simply double down on thier laziness and demand more priveledges.

        10. and because it is easier to social engineer people into thinking they are deserve it all. Deserving of something requires much work.

        11. Yeah, great point Clark. I always say, the carousel will affect the 6’s, 7’s and soft 8’s the worst (my hookup range.) Say a sloot is a 6 or 7 at age 20, what is she at age 32? Borderline invisible. A 9 can hold up to a 7, a 10 can hardly age, but when I meet these 25 year old 6’s that blow me off for the carousel, I just shake my head. You’re not going to be bangable for long, toots.

        12. Seeing the blatant lies in the Australian media about Roosh being a “Pro Rape Cult Leader” made it crystal clear to me – facts are irrelevant, it is all about pushing the leftist agenda

        13. I personally think that besides the easy sex, young guys aren’t into “cougars” at all. It is just all they can get for most of them. Hypergamy is so out of control that a tiny minority of guys are banging all the hot young chicks. The average young guy has been priced out of the market, and so if he wants to have sex, he has to bang the old women. The only other reason they do it is that if they are 40+ you don’t even have to pretend there is a future in it – that can be preferable to dealing with washed up carousel riders in their 30s with baby rabies who want the ring

        14. The truth is they are far more likely to score the ring then their less sexually promiscuous counterparts according to what few studies exist.
          (The study simply found that females who had a higher number count were more likely to be married earlier and asked more often in engagement then those with under 5.)
          I’d like to note the article did not include those who have never had sex, only sexually active females.

        15. That’s a great observation. I must agree. These younger guys feel like that is the best they can do given the conditions of market. I’d personally rather be alone. But most guys I know are afraid of being alone. They’ve been sold a lie about having to settle down and marry; if the conditions are not close to optimal, I wouldn’t settle down. Ever.
          Side bar: I banged a woman 25 years my senior (I’m in m early 30s) and she wanted a relationship. She was one of the hottest 50-something I’ve seen. Heck, better body than many in their 20s (women in liberal cities don’t take good care of themselves)

        16. That was a turning point for me too.
          There’s nothing quite like your entire city telling you that you advocate the legalization of rape to get you to realize that the majority of people can’t think for themselves…

        17. Brings up some truths about an ex of mine, 8 in her best days, pushin 7-6.5 now. She friends this girl 10 yrs her youth, who was taken in by an average Joe banker, dude’s loaded, 5500 sf house, benzes, etc. Come to find out this 8-9ish lookin 27yo was taken in by this dude 5 years ago after she left her home state to “start life over” with distant family and friends in my city, to get away from a heroin sub-culture she was hooked to. This jackoff knows her past, cleans her up (so he thinks), isolates her, has 2 sons 2&4 yo now. She gets Suboxone due to ex addiction, but takes fuckin 5-10 a day, not the 3 or less scripted. Marriage is fucked, verge of divorce. Broken record story anymore.

        18. Cut the gym out of the equation, just eat right bitches. That’s all most have to do to have dick lines, and they can’t manage that.

        19. My last LTR is old and wall damaged. She has late 20-30 something dudes lining up to smash it. I just want to pull them aside and ask:”Bro, bro, do you spend countless hours in the gym and keep your money high for this shit? Really? You do? Awe son you’ve got so much to learn.” The thirst is abominable.

        20. You hit it right on the head! I just want to grab these dudes and smack some sense into them. Personally, I’d like to help as many men as possible, help them see the light! But I’ve learned people have to be willing to change, or else your efforts are futile.
          The men you speak of have no integrity. For them, pussy is made out of gold. This site and it’s members taught me many valuable lessons: Never waste your time on women. Builed your body, wealth, knowledge, character and focus only on YOU.

        21. Like you, I dont get why more chubsters don’t hit the gym and change their diet (permanent not just another short term reduced calorie diet). Its a big advantage in the dating market these days for women. I don’t think they under estimate it but like you say are just too lazy to stick with it. Though what is worse are those that do stick with it for a while – enjoy numerous hook ups with players, then find a guy to settle down with, marry and have a baby quick, then that’s it, back to her old chunky ways now she has locked in security.
          For the women I know post 30 it makes a big difference in terms of the attention they get and the guys above their league they get to have sex with. Even butter face girls dont lack for options. For a guy its like if he could grow another 6″ or get a massive promotion or get a bodybuilder physique. Dating self improvement advice for a woman could be summed up with ‘don’t get fat’.

        22. Needs to be a “dafuk?” option on disqus, I certainly cant give this an upvote

        23. I think you’re on to something.
          The fatties can make their move now. Now is the time. If they get in the gym, get fit they can actually do something their hot-but-slutty counterparts can’t and that’s land a dude. After that it’s on the guy to maintain her.

    7. Ouch,you went totally Donovan Sharpe with this comment!
      BTW, I’ve been saying for some time that athletic cunts like you that put pussy on a pedestal is the reason the balance is in favour of ugly women.
      When I look in the mirror I think that there’s no chance I would let an ugly chick near me after hitting the gym and wasting my time grunting alongside other men. Gym is an unnecessary necessity for me just like abortion, I don’t like it but we still need it.

      1. Let’s not defend abortion. The entire reason it exists is to protect women from the consequences of their actions, and the need to protect themselves from consequences keeps a huge number of women supporting leftists.

        1. Well … Some red pillers (not me necessarily) might point out it can protect men too, if the birth control fails or the rubber breaks, assuming the woman will go along. Plus, there’s the question of deformities like Downs, Zika pinheads etc. And don’t forget the demographics of abortion (“crime stoppers”)

    8. That is exactly the reason that I come close to tears when I hear the tales of a woman riding the carousel. They hurt some men, but please many more. They always fall apart, a life ruined. And it cant seem to be fixed. I know far to many of these girls, to women, to sluts, to man haters, cat lover, alone. I have seen them from start to finish. And it makes me want to cry. Though I so have enjoyed their rides. I guess its guilt, but if not me, it would have been another, and another and . . .

      1. Just remember the next time you take one for a ride, you are feeling far more guilt and remorse and empathy for her than she will EVER feel in her entire life for any decision she has made. It almost makes me feel sorry for them…

        1. Sadly I am actually rather cold like that. My tears are for those few I know more personally. The few That I knew before they ruined themselves. But you are right they seem dead don’t they? They lose their empathy and a woman without empathy is barley human anymore.

        2. I had one ex try to get me to drive an hour and a half so she could drop her car off at the shop, even though she had several friends, coworkers, etc who were right there to help her. I told her there was no way in hell I was driving out there. She proceeded to tell me what a shitty boyfriend AND person I was. Oh, by the way, this was while tornadoes were rocking the surrounding area, including an F-3 that ripped down the highway I would have taken to get to her. It didn’t matter that golf-ball sized hail was slamming into my apartment, or that trees were being ripped from the ground, or that there was flooding, or that the weather service told everyone to stay inside…no, she wanted me to help her drop her car off at the shop (and it wasn’t even broken down, just needed a minor repair). She never apologized, or displayed any care for my life. She just said, “As a man, you should be willing to cross oceans for me.” It was then that I realized she, and many like her, had zero humanity.

    9. my sympathies,sometimes i feel their is something to be said for honor killings
      why should a woman (or anyone) be allowed do that to a man and ruin his life ??
      Did she not marry you under false pretenses ??
      Emotional pain greater than physical pain .None has ever hung themselves after a broken arm….a broken heart however

      1. Thanks, but I wasn’t heartbroken. She’d been such a bitch, the love was long dead. I never felt depressed, never cried, never assaulted an Uber driver in Miami lol. I never even got drunk. I just ignored her text messages, changed my number, packed up my shit, and carried on like a boss with my new plotted course. Eyes on the horizon.

    10. Good story, and thanks for admitting it. However, I wouldn’t say that your behavior was entirely red pill. Marrying a former ho is not red pill at all. As I’m sure you realize, you kinda fucked up with that one by slipping into blue pill behavior.
      I am just pointing out that being ‘red pill’ would have saved you from this if you had digested the full pill back then.
      No red piller should even consider marriage unless she’s been with 3 or less men. A virgin is far preferable.

      1. Agreed. I had a couple of blind spots back then, prior sexual history being one of them. ROK would’ve helped to fill in those gaps ten years ago, if it’d existed. Today, I’d never look at her as anything more than fuckmeat. I also understand Cluster-B types much better today.
        I’m trying to pay it forward with my comments here, since the 18-24 yr olds of today are going to have an even rougher time finding a decent woman, should they want to marry.

    11. very true. also, even if you can somehow manage to keep her attracted to you, it’s not worth it on your end. think about it: the only woman you will ever fuck (unless you cheat) will be a woman who over 15 guys fucked before you. that’s basically like fucking a girl who just got gangbanged by a whole football team.

      1. And that 15 was only in one year, age twenty-four. I never knew her total notch count, which was probably double that. (jammyjaybird facepalms)

        1. Did you feel anything unusual about her pussy?…I always know when girls are fucking other men because there pussy get sloppy.

        2. Nope. Also, she didn’t cheat — hard to believe, but true. She was a shit liar so I would’ve known immediately. I kept tabs on her too.
          BTW a few months ago I got with the queen of all sluts, just out of sheer curiosity. This woman freely admitted to banging, by her count, more than 150 different men. She didn’t feel any different to me either, maybe a little tighter, if anything. It’s just an elastic barrel.
          Yeah, I wrapped up good for that one.

        3. You guys are wayyyyyyy underestimating these hoes. 15 was all she told you about.
          Never ever ever forget that ho-ing is an undercover operation. They will never, I repeat, in capital bold italics, NEVER admit the truth about their ho-ing.
          Notch counts of 30? You guys don’t realize sluts like that could set up a 15 person gangbang in one hours time. Think she’s gonna admit that shit? HA! Never believe a word they tell you. Lying is a woman’s forte.

        4. I was just thinking the CIA must be filled with hot cum-filled hoes… sending my resume tomorrow.

    12. Incidentally, I married a virgin and have a great marriage with a submissive, baby fevered, and fit wife.
      Your advice rings true I think. I also think that it’s the single biggest litmus test of character. The same long term thinking skills, wisdom, self respect, and regard for traditional gender roles that make for a great wife and mother are also the traits that will determine whether she sluts it up or not.

    13. Red Pill guys, those who practice it with mind/body/soul, only have one thing to compete against. And it’s not simps, white knights and manginas. Pfft. It’s way more of a challenge than the enormous world out there of blue pillers.
      Our competition is womens ignorance (a very loaded word).
      The hoops and the compromises we must do in order to score or have an ignorant female in ones life really, I’m learning, isn’t worth the loss of self and flow.
      I’ve read articles where PUA’s say you can gauge the value of a man by the bitch he has on his arm. I’m of the opposite opinion. When I see a guy with a solid 8 or higher I can’t help but feel bad for him for all the shit he, most likely, puts up with in order to keep her. Even if he is gaming her perfectly, and she’s putty in his hands….that gets old too.

    14. Great job! You have no idea how many of us here would have had our marriage lives and child situated if we knew to never wife a slut. Or even better, how to find a slut. Now we know what a slut looks like, it is very easy to use and discard them at whim, but having this knowledge prior to wifing up a slut would have saved lives.

    15. The real question is, why would you want to marry at ALL?
      Are you brain dead bro?

    16. eeesh. respect to you for baring it all man.
      an old man told me one time “it don’t matter how much money you got, it don’t matter how big your dick is, it don’t matter how good you look, and it don’t matter how big, fast, strong, or smart you are. no one man is ever enough of anything for a crazy woman. because one man isn’t enough for a maneater.”
      wish you much success in the future man, hope your lawyer does right by you.

      1. No lawyer needed, brother; it was all finished in 2014. Look for my comment downthread.

    17. Great story.
      A lot of people outside of the manosphere will talk about how “slut-shaming is just that; pure shaming. You’re afraid of her experience”. That kind of bullshit rationalization and validation of easy women always make me laugh.
      Julius Evola has a great book on the subject- Eros and the Mysteries of Love: The Metaphysics of Sex. While I haven’t finished up my reading (Have other philosophy books to study for University), I’ve stumbled upon this book while chatting up this cute, traditional orthodox christian chick.
      One of the points he argues is precisely that disconnected sexual encounters, void of meaning, forever damages the people who partake in it, to the point they no longer are able to use Sex as Bonding, as something that transcends the flesh and becomes part of something bigger – a ritual, an expression, a force of meaning in the universe.
      I don’t know about you, but I always smile when I see serious academic work supporting a lot of the underground wisdom we pass around here.
      And as usual, this academic work will always be denied by the majority of the leftist professors. I don’t think I have a single one that enjoys Nietzsche’s works as much as I do. It’s always some fanboys latching on weak Frankfurt school philosophers.

      1. Exactly. While my own notch count is rather high (and climbing), I’ve only ever had ONE one-night stand. I didn’t like it. The bonding is necessary, and obviously women prefer it as well.
        Now, if I’m bonding with multiple women at a time … well, sorry … they’re just so very bondable. As my dad says, it’s the urge to merge.
        Though I’m not politically conservative, I attended a conservative religious university. I literally never met a feminist until I was twenty-five. So tell me: what is this “leftist professor” creature you speak of? 😉

    18. Excellent story. I’ve noticed this with women with previous sexual partners as well. They’re ruined and there’s nothing that you can do, no matter how Alpha you are.

    19. Coincides with learning – not personally through experience – the the hottest girls carry more STDs than you can imagine. And those same hottest girls will tell you, the most jacked guys aren’t the best fucks either. See, almost nothing in this life is what it appears. So often, it’s precisely the exact opposite… but not always. I’ve had a few 9s tell me I’m too wise. I just know too much, but they can’t put their finger on the mystery of how I got this way. My response;”You’re the mystery, I just figured it all out and never let you know I knew, I’m the simplest most straight forward person you’ll ever meet, and you spent your time with me certain it couldn’t be true, since after all, everything is almost perfectly backwards nowadays.” check.

    20. she lost attraction for you after her hormones re-balanced when she came off the pill.
      it’s a real thing, women on the pill are sexually-attracted to different men then they other otherwise would be

      1. She was on the pill, off the pill, then on an IUD, then off an IUD. So many changes, I can’t even remember all of them now. Her hormones were a mess. What’s certain is that it contributed to the demise of her sexual attraction to me, but probably not as much as her sexual history.

    21. Bro I feel ur pain…I married a 10 sacrificed for her she left and broke my heart. We are all getting fukked over by these women that do not have any values or morals.

      1. It’s an old story, Mark. We’re just relearning what our ancestors, both ancient and recent, knew and spoke of openly.

    22. “she confessed to me that she’d slept with 15 men in the previous year and felt horrible about it.
      Naturally, I married her.”
      I honestly feel bad for you, she hoped around the cock carousal for a while until she found a nice, honest and handsome young man to be with her eternally. Your mistake was marrying her too early, you should’ve waited and learn more about her. But hey, we all make mistakes and I don’t want to chastise you for it. Hope all goes well for you.

      1. I was just arrogant. I thought that the rules of biomechanics didn’t apply to me, that my willpower and the power of our love would overcome all problems. I was wrong. Sluttiness and narcissism cannot be defeated by any man.

        1. You should consider reading the Bible and try to incorporate it’s metaphorical values and traditions to your lifestyle. I promise you, you’ll feel a lot better. It’s not your fault Will. Lol

    23. My ex made plenty of money, had a nice house, seemed to love me…then she mentioned that she couldn’t remember how many guys she had banged. Needless to say, she had a lot of male “friends” I never met who always texted her. I’m so glad I took the red pill and escaped that situation before I married her. She ended up fucking my supposed friend, a total beta, who moved in with her, and was promptly kicked out six months later. He bragged that he stole her from me. At that point I only laughed. He could have her…while I slept with a sexy 21 year old virgin.

      1. “she couldn’t remember how many guys she had banged”
        Yeah, sure. She’s probably got a captain’s log filled with names, dates, times, positions, and graded performance. “Can’t remember” is code for “I can’t face my own sluttiness”. My ex was bawling hysterical when she told me about the 15 guys. Most women simply can’t look at themselves with any honesty.

        1. And it was likely more than 15. Women are notorious for downplaying their sluttiness. “We only kinda made out” really means “I sucked him off.” I’ve heard countless guys tell me, after their girlfriends cheated on them and they forgave them, “Well, they only just kissed.” Technically, yea, but it wasn’t his lips she was kissing.
          I once stayed with some friends in a hotel room after a night of drinking. The next morning, in the bed next to me, one of the girls had sex with one of the guys. They didn’t realize I was awake and noticed. Later that morning at breakfast, she said, “I don’t need sex. It’s been over a year since I last had sex.” I didn’t say anything, just looked her dead in the eyes. She avoided eye contact with me the rest of breakfast.
          I’ve come to the conclusion that women perform some sort of mental jujitsu to cover up their sluttiness inside their own minds. I’ve talked to girls who said that a one night stand didn’t count because of reason X, Y, Z. They actually convince themselves that nothing ever happened…until they can use it against a man who scorned them.

    24. Learn from my mistake. Don’t wife up a former slut
      Opposite my apartment is this corporate chick i was mulling making a move on. Then this last Easter weekend, a guy came in late at night and left very early.
      What hope is there to ever find a woman who’s no secret slut?

    25. As I like to say, when a woman won’t give a man her best years, no man is obligated to be there for her worst.

    26. The truth, in all the horrifying bullshit you dealt with daily.
      Sluts are NEVER loyal. The cum dumpster that lives next door has never been faithful to one man as long as I’ve known her. She has admitted to cheating on her husband before divorcing him. She had a boyfriend recently (beta simp) and let me tell you, it didn’t stop her from stopping over by me and being a slut.
      Always wrap it up guys. Sluts aren’t worth the risk of knocking up or whatever disease they’re carrying.

      1. Weird thing is, my ex was faithful. There had been infidelity all over her extended family, particularly in her uncle and grandfather, and it had damaged her.

    27. Man, there’s just one thing you forgot to seek: God. Only God can change a person’s heart. One who want a marriage to be healthy and truthful, should seek God in first place. Even if you don’t believe in God (and I think you should believe), the faith will distract your woman from mundane thinking and will be one more reason for her to be loyal.

    28. There is this lady by the name of Karrine Steffans, better known in the hip hop industry as Super head. Her claim to fame is sleeping with and giving oral sex to a variety of rappers and other movers and shakers in the hip hop industry which she has now parlayed into book writing and motivational speaking. I guess being a whore worked out for her.
      Here’s the kicker, she found 2 men to marry her, her first husband was Darius McCrary from the early 90s sitcom Family Matters who she divorced in 2 years and now she’s on husband part 2. And she put him out for cheating on her. That’s right, the video vixen of the hip hop world known by all rappers and producers for her incredible oral sex skills expects a man to be faithful to her. It boggles the mind. It also boggles the mind of what kind of guy would marry such a known whore?
      On cheating on husband with rapper Lil Wayne:

      1. Put the link here, if you don’t mind. It would be nice to see if my story goes viral.

    29. Trust ur Gut feeling always! Unless it’s love at first sight it’s not worth it! Some ethnicities are also incompatible.

    30. That s some deep shit man, sorry to hear about it, buy good that you learned from it. Frame doesn’t matter with a certain type of women… Just look at what happened to Kirie Irving: young, athletic, ROCH, famous, and still got cheated on!

      1. Thanks, and what you said is all true. Even Idris Elba got cuckolded a few years ago.

    31. Oh, when she’s 50 and has an old face and a stinky dry pussy and is infertile, she’ll want to reconnect and wonder “what ever happened to us?”.

    32. One of my favorite sayings and advice to younger men is “You can take the whore out of the whore house but you can’t take the whore out of the girl”.

    33. Thanks bro. Where do you stand now? Looking for a religious wife? Or are you a swarn enemy of the system who’s chosen to enjoy the decline and start crushing?

    34. Clearly not as red pill as you thought if you married a chick that TOLD YOU she had been fucked 12 times in the last year lol
      The moment you slip the ring on the finger is the moment she has total command of your balls

  8. “To a woman who lost her innocence to a dozen or more men, a husband can only be seen as a walking ATM machine who will donate his sperm before she completely drives up. ”
    That’s OK. I view sluts as walking ATM machines too. Just not the kind that spits out money; more the kind with funky breath. 🙂

  9. The facts in this article is all the more reason that guys have to take the lead when it comes to condom use. It has been declining over the years… not a good thing!

  10. Is #NoHymenNoDiamond still a thing?
    All most women have to offer a man when it comes to any kind of LTR is their body and their housekeeping skills.
    If they suck at both, then all they get are beta losers.

    1. I love that. No hymen, no diamond. That’s fucking awesome.
      Sad part is, 90% of women don’t even know what a hymen is.
      If a bitch tells me she’s a virgin, I say prove it and show me your hymen. Never fails, they always respond with “What’s a hymen?”

  11. I like reading this website because unlike my friends it is against sexual promiscuity. I am single and always feel like an oddball amongst my girlfriends because they are always trying to convince me to become promiscuous. Some of them are divorced and still feel like they have the right to give me advice on what I should be doing with men. I recently decided not to discuss my personal life with them.

    1. This site is in an identity crisis about whether it wants to be pro or anti-promiscuity. It’s clear that ROK disapproves of women sleeping around, but somehow men can do it all they want in order to become alphas (despite the fact that there is a roughly 1:1 ratio in male to female births, meaning that monogamy is strictly a good idea). The reason for this contradiction arises because unfortunately, much of ROK’s readership is less interested in building ascetic masculine discipline and more about banging 9s. I recall a survey where a good chunk of readers complained that the site was getting too political and moving away from its PUA roots, so go figure. You can’t fix stupid.

      1. From what I can tell, ROK is split into two groups.
        Group 1: Are in relationships and want to create the best family structure. They work on self improvement, embracing masculinity and being the best man they can be.
        Group 2: Are looking for a fun time with women. They work on self improvement, embracing masculinity and being the best man they can be to attract other women.
        Both groups use the same techniques for different outcomes.
        As John Galt stated, you can skip the political ones.

      2. Men with different backgrounds and age groups reading and commenting on a multiple topics. Feel free to skip the topics you don’t have any interest in and stick to the PUA articles.

        1. Exactly. This is an article discouraging women to slut around. There is evidence presented (in this article and others, just click the reference links) that shows sleeping around is not harmful to men, at least not to the degree it is for women.
          I personally don’t like banging girls I don’t know, so I prefer to get to know them a bit and have some type of relationship before sticking my dick in them. I’ve never seen anyone shame that type of activity here. There are even incel guys and MGTOWS who shun women completely. And there are some great religious and moral articles by Aurelius Moner that should help cultivate the view that sleeping around is not helping you become a better man, if that’s what you believe.
          The point is, regardless of whether men are promiscuous or not, it doesn’t affect our ability to pair bond later and doesn’t shatter our souls the way it does women. So if you want to make this your crusade, fine, but it’s really not much of an issue. Sluts have always existed, and guys have always banged them. Not likely that that is ever going to change.

        2. I’m married and the fact that modern society encourages men to sleep with more than one woman is uncivilized and threatening, if only tangentially.

        3. exactly,people trying to use catch all labels on such a diverse demography

        4. Single men are driven by the biological imperative. I’m married as well and have remained monogamous despite having ample opportunities. It depends on man and choosing the right wife to build a family and there are no guarantees of success.

        5. The question is whether or not a married man needs to really be monogamous or not. Diseases aside there is not much advocating for it.
          That and my wife said if I get caught she will be pissed off for a bit and I have to buy her something expensive :-).

        6. That’s between the man and wife. I think brining another woman into your orbit, even with the wife’s ok, will put the family harmony at risk. Besides if a wife agrees to that it would tell me there are some unspoken issues just starting to surface. As in, don’t be surprised when she wants to nail someone else.

        7. It’s not that she’s ok with it, but she isn’t going to loose me over it if I stray, quite a kind of different situation. And no, she won’t be into nailing someone else. I wasn’t stupid enough to wife up a girl with a notch count, but she knows my past and realizes that I have plenty of opportunities and experience and it may happen that I slip up.

        8. Biology encourages men to sleep with more than one woman. Society sometimes attempts to squash male polyamory, but more often simply ignores it.

        9. It’s my biological imperative to take things that don’t belong to me, but our civilization is supposed to have laws and ingrained morality that prevent this. Even if inconsistently applied, the same principle exists with extramarital sex.
          All long-term successful civilizations have tended towards encouraging monogamy, with some allowing concubinage to regulate extra women (e.g. those who lost their husbands early) or those unfit for normal marriage.

        10. And what happened to that morality and those social norms? I can speak out against homosexuality, hookups, deviancey, etc… all I want, but the culture is corrupt. I can only instill what I can in my own family and keep the degeniracy at arms length as the state perpetuates it at all levels.

        11. “..and it may happen that I slip up.”
          I would tell her to up her stamina and take care of business. I know a guy who was as you imply. Despite the wife knowing he was creeping, he eventually gave his wife a nasty STD and it killed the marriage.

        12. Young men want to copulate. When fathers, social norms, cultural tradition and religion are made redundant and people are free to fulfill their impulses without the old checks in place, it all goes down hill. Young women are not held accountable for their conduct; are actually rewarded through subsidiziation of their behavior and we arrive where we are today.

      3. There is no cognitive dissonance, between supporting ascetic male discipline and banging 9’s. The vast majority of women are already ruined, what’s one more ride on the cock carousel? Even Heartiste, one of the greatest proponents of game in the sphere has stated before that its nevertheless immoral to damage young western virgins who are otherwise perfectly good marriage material if you don’t intend to follow through and wife the girl.

        1. Banging sluts promotes this kind of low culture and leads women to believe that as long as they find a sugar daddy everything will be all right.
          Society is a collective and choosing to validating the bad decisions of individual members validates those decisions.

        2. Society is a game with high stakes and poor odds. No matter your ideological beliefs, hustle hustle hustle. And I don’t really see how pumping and dumping ‘validates these decisions’ If anything it reinforces to these women they’re worthless for LTRs. They have to go find a subpar beta to marry them, then cheat on him when they’re unsatisfied, divorce him when they’re bored and die alone. We aren’t the ones twisting this terrible scenario as somehow ’empowering’. If anything we’re dissuading them. I’ll admit its fairly moralistically grey or even black from a traditional family oriented perspective. But those are the cards we’re dealt, why suffer unnecessarily?

        3. As I always say, there are three options for men today.
          1. Marry a unicorn or as close to one as you can get. Learn relationship game and hold frame.
          2. Go MGTOW and give up women altogether.
          3. Bang sluts, spin plates, build a harem, sew your oats, etc. You can still be searching for a unicorn but almost all girls have an expiration date.
          If you’re against number 3, then you need to tell us where to find unicorns in abundance.

        4. Of course it’s validation. It takes decades in some cases for sluts to realize that they’ve conned themselves out of a proper loving relationship. The more men who are “just trying to avoid suffering” let them play their little con game, the longer society will be stuck in this quagmire.
          Prostitution follows the law of supply and demand; reduce the demand and the supplier goes broke.
          If a highly desirable man decided to not sleep with ten slutty 9s and instead chooses a chaste and traditional 7 of good family, the message produced sends social ripples. meanwhile, if the man takes the 9s for a good time, the 7 will have that much more temptation placed upon her by her more attractive (and less morally inclined) girlfriends to betray her values and slut herself up.

        5. If you find the “unicorn”, having to maintain “game” and “frame” (whatever that means) till death do you part must really suck. It’s like catching a fish, then still being forced to play it forever, even after you’ve landed it.

        6. It does suck thats why LTR aren’t for everyone. Im avoiding them as long as humanly possible.

        7. Where is this chaste 7? If these women weren’t incredibly, almost impossibly rare I’d be more inclined to agree with you. Not only that, but part of what makes a man desirable is his ability to pull women, his game. And how does he improve his extrinsic game? By putting it into practice.

        8. No, a man’s inherent desirability is labor and leadership. A woman thus submits to him to have his offspring. The sexual act itself is incidental, but modern hookup culture has made it in religion.
          I know a “chaste 8,” in fact, a young religious woman who married in her early twenties. As far as I know she is a good wife. But as the recent article about the soldier’s bride showed, even these good women are corruptible in our today’s society.

        9. Let me be clear I’m understanding your point. Because it seems like you’re suggesting there’s such a thing as unmarried chaste women who are not virgins. If that is your conjecture, then I simply cannot agree with you. In a better world most of what you’re saying has much merit, but in this world… Too much misplaced optimism in things going your way if you’re strict enough in yourself, not enough pragmatism, I’ll have to pass Jim.

    2. You just stay strong. The differences between men and woman are not fair. The truth is not fair, so its better to deal with unfairness than fight reality. Much of feminism is the denial of reality. In other words much of feminism is pure insanity. Stay sane.

    3. Maybe find some better friends who are more like you.
      Women are terribly jealous and want all of their peers to be exactly like them. Right now your friends feel guilty about their behavior, and they are jealous of the fact that you are not a slut like them. Deep down, they know that you deserve a much better man than they do. And so they will never stop trying to drag you down into the gutter with them – it’s the only way they can salvage their own self esteem – by convincing themselves that “everybody” sleeps around so it must be normal.

      1. Thanks, Adam. More men need to say things like this. Growing up, I honestly never knew guys preferred girls who weren’t slutty. That probably sounds silly to you, but that’s the message women receive these days.

        1. You are both Brave. And very smart.
          And part of it is not your fault because we were ALL duped by them. We have been constantly attacked by their waging war on our minds and souls through media, schools, and government.
          But now that we know better we have to do something about it. Knowledge is power. Start there but don’t stop. Keep empowering, cultivating and growing. You are beautiful and we can win even faster if we work together.
          We will win. I promise.

      2. Thanks Adam. I recently bought an investment property. I tried telling my girlfriends about it — but most were scared out of their minds and I felt discouraged me as much as possible from taking a risk. I couldn’t quite understand why they were so strongly opinionated against my idea when none of them had purchased an investment property. When I told my guy friends, they mostly just said “cool” or I am hoping to do that myself. I am still trying to figure out why my girlfriends were so against and and so strongly opinionated about it. Thier comments have stressed me out a lot more than the actual work associated with the property.
        I just bought a second one and told very few people. I am going to ask my real estate broker to introduce me to more people who do property investment.

      3. Exactly. Sluts know deep down that they are worthless and bitterly resent virgins who save themselves for marriage, trying to pull them down into the sewer too. It’s a case of misery loves company.

    4. Agree with you so much, Smart Chick. I would love to be your friend IRL because I feel exactly the same way.
      My female friends (and the media and men) make me feel like a weirdo for not being sexually promiscuous. It’s so backward. These women are the ones who have psychological issues, if you ask me. I can get along with men just fine and they ask me on dates, etc. without my having to “put out.”
      I think I’ll take your tip of not discussing my personal life with them any longer.

  12. The absolute worst part about a slut is that she encourages every girl she meets to be as disgusting and worthless as she is. With the liberal media on her side, her sluttiness spreads like wildfire to countless of other otherwise high-value women.
    In China, sluts and promiscuous women are publicly stripped, beaten and shamed. I know that’s a little too much, but they do have a point.

  13. “Men are largely unaffected by promiscuity in comparison to women” I think promiscuity degrades one’s soul eventually. I’ve seen men who’ve spent their whole lives at this and it’s as if the inner void becomes more even pronounced with age. You can tell people whose souls have become degraded as Nicholas Berdyaev noted, you can see the spiritual life or it’s near absence in a person’s body, especially in their facial expressions and contours. The flesh is the outward expression of the spirit and one affects proportional the other. I don’t entirely respect other heterosexual men who give into this path as they’ve reduced themselves to unbridled sexual will that propagates so much promiscuity in gays who likewise diminish their masculinity by reducing themselves and others to mere objects.

    1. There’s the gay zombie look a man gets after hundreds of anonymous cock in both ends.

    2. It’s a lack of discipline; sexual and spiritual. If one cannot control their own desires, is it not fathomable that you will also allow a woman to run roughshod over you?

  14. I think the girl all the way to the left is the best looking woman I’ve ever seen in one of these “slut walk” things, but that’s not saying much lol.

  15. Re: the “But Guys Do It Too” line–Most guys I know have a notch count of 10 or less, perhaps it’s higher among some of the guys here working game. But I’ve seen stats that back this up. I can dig them up but I believe the majority of men had 3 life partners or less, while a few at the top were banging 20+ partners.
    However, with women, sluts can *easily* have notch counts in the triple digits, while they are still teenagers. Their true number would shock and disgust most reasonable gentlemen. So it’s not even the same thing–a girl who rides the cock carousel, who decides that she will spread her legs easily without waiting for commitment or marriage from a man will find out that the opportunity for her to do so occurs daily.
    Whereas a man who wants to sleep with anything will find the opportunity to act on that desire maybe once a week or so, after putting forth a good bit of effort and running game. So the girls, for whom sex is more damaging with multiple partners anyway, end up absolutely destroying themselves. There is a reason it is called the “thousand” cock stare…

    1. “So the girls, for whom sex is more damaging with multiple partners anyway, end up absolutely destroying themselves” That’s because sex in a woman is done with her whole body and being. With a man it’s only ever a partial aspect,both in a biological and spiritual sense, and this is why they become wrecks so quickly when they ride the carousel.

    2. Plus the men I know that have very high notches (50+) are terrible LTR choices that cheat on their wives and girlfriends constantly. I wouldn’t recommend them to a female friend for a relationship at all. Most compulsively promiscuous people of either gender are awful marriage and LTR options.

      1. I’m almost in that 50+ club, and I didn’t cheat during my marriage. Remember that women flock easily to some men. Having lots of options isn’t a reflection of one’s character.

      2. I’m at nearly 100 and I want nothing more than a good, loyal, faithful life partner.
        I am tired as fuck of banging random hoes. Fuck that shit. But god damn, the whore train never ends! It’s all that’s out there anymore!

    3. @spicynujac
      This is something that I noticed developing a few years ago. For example, back in the 90’s, a female that had a “50+ count” was usually involved in a business where they could garner an unusual amount of attention, from higher status males, such as: stripper, model or actress. Normal women, in those days, would have needed to constantly project their “availability” publicly, in order to garner a “50+ count”. Most sane women, back then, did not do such because they would have been labeled a “slut” publicly, by their peers, so their “notch counts” were significantly lower as a result.
      So, whats changed in the last 15+ years? Due to social media, regular women, even fat chicks, can now get the same volume of attention today that ONLY a stripper, model or actress could have gotten in the pre-social media era (note, however, that the status of the males paying attention to these normal women is usually much lower as well).
      In the 90’s men, had to put in a decent amount of effort to get laid, in general. So for higher status males, pursuing fat chicks was completely out of the question because that effort was better spent elsewhere. But today, a high status male just needs to post a good Tinder profile and wait for the “fat chicks” to do all the work pursuing them. Essentially, they just sit back and wait for the “easy lays to roll in”. Also, the digital world, allows these women to have somewhat better control over how much information is released about their “slut activities”. At the end of the day, they can keep their “notch count” mostly a secret, by only seeing men that don’t know each other, are not a part of their current circle of acquaintances, whom don’t live in their localities and/or “traveling the world” for sex tourism, etc.
      Back in the 90’s, not many men would have thought it was a good idea to marry a former stripper, model or actress, nor do many men think so today either. However, none of the younger men today have realized that a majority of women are currently living lives that are not much different from a strippers life back in the 90’s. Its all disguised now because these women work in offices, at regular jobs and seem like normal people, on the surface, when in fact they are not because of the undue sexual attention that they are able to get via “social media”.

      1. Women with accounts on those types of sites have every excuse in the book for being there. I call them out on it all the time. Their number one excuse is “I’m just here for friends” (I know what kind of “friends” they’re talking about)
        Ho-ing is always an undercover operation. It is never admitted. I have fucked ex prostitutes who swore up and down they weren’t sluts. It is a delusional mind game, one that gets very old. But, as long as I know the truth, they can lie and deceive all the want. You can’t play a player.

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