Will The #CruzSexScandal Propel Donald Trump Into The White House?

Last week, the already Jerry Springer-esque presidential campaign descended to another level of inanity. The National Enquirer reported that Republican presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz has cheated on his wife with no less than five women, three of whom—CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter, Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, and former Carly Fiorina presidential campaign manager Sarah Isgur Flores—have already been identified.

This story—and the Cruz campaign’s response to it—completely changes the dynamic of the presidential race. Allegations of voter fraud in Iowa and Utah aside, Cruz has remained competitive with Trump by marshaling support among evangelical Christians, who are uneasy with the Donald’s outspokenness and supermodel wife. In cheating on his wife, Cruz has revealed himself to be a naked hypocrite and risks losing his remaining supporters.

Why Won’t Cruz Tell The Truth?

While Cruz and his supporters have attacked the National Enquirer story, Cruz has not actually denied that he cheated on his wife. As attorney Mike Cernovich has pointed out, Cruz’s slowness to react to the story and his refusal to outright state that he hasn’t cheated on his wife and/or sue the National Enquirer for libel indicate that he has something to hide. As a lawyer himself, Cruz is an expert in manipulating language and wording statements to minimize his legal liability.

Furthermore, one of his accused mistresses, Amanda Carpenter, is also behaving in ways that point to her guilt. An analysis of her Tweets show that not only was Carpenter sexually attracted to Cruz, she quit his presidential campaign under suspicious circumstances and also tried to blacklist Trump supporters out of the conservative media. Like Cruz, Carpenter has not denied that she was involved in a sleazy affair.

Beyond the fact that Cruz’s infidelity undermines his credibility with his conservative Christian base, his affairs may land him in federal prison. As mentioned above, one of Cruz’s accused paramours, Sarah Isgur Flores, formerly served as Carly Fiorina’s campaign manager. Last summer, the pro-Cruz super PAC Keep The Promise donated $500,000 to Fiorina’s campaign, a move so suspicious it caught the attention of the FEC. Additionally, Fiorina endorsed Cruz following the end of her campaign and has been stumping for him for the past month.

Back in 2008, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards saw his political career implode when it was revealed that he had used campaign funds to cover up an affair with staffer Rielle Hunter, at the same time his wife Elizabeth was dying of cancer. If Keep The Promise’s $500,000 donation to Fiorina turns out to be hush money for Flores, it would spell the end of not only Cruz’s presidential campaign, but his political career in general.

While Cruz fanboys have attempted to blame the National Enquirer story on Donald Trump, the fact that Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson is one of Cruz’s alleged mistresses makes it unlikely he was involved. Indeed, the Cruz sex scandal was created by supporters of Marco Rubio, who sought to use it to force Cruz from the race. Prior to the Florida primary on March 15, Rubio surrogate Rick Wilson had teased a Cruz scandal he called “The Thing,” but following Rubio’s exit from the race, the story was killed out of fear that it would help Trump.

Lyin’ Ted: CheaTED, DefeaTED

For opponents of Donald Trump, the Ted Cruz sex scandal couldn’t have come at a worse time. Cuckservatives and establishment power brokers had sought to leverage Cruz’s campaign to deny Trump a majority of delegates in the presidential primary, forcing a brokered convention and allowing them to steal the nomination. However, in revealing himself to be a liar and an adulterer, Cruz has destroyed his support among conservative Christians, his primary voter bloc.

The Wisconsin primary next week has been touted as Cuckster’s Last Stand, the last chance Trump haters have to prevent him from getting the nomination. Beyond having a large number of evangelical voters (similar to Iowa), Wisconsin is home to both House Speaker Paul Ryan and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, both of whom publicly oppose Donald Trump. The Cruz sex scandal will make it difficult—if not impossible—for Cruz to win Wisconsin or Priebus to steal it for him.

Finally, with revelations that everyone from the Washington Times to Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari knew about Cruz’s infidelity but refused to expose it, the corruption of the conservative media has become evident. Were it not for independent journalists such as Mike Cernovich and Ricky Vaughn, the Cruz scandal would have never gotten traction. Given the uselessness of the conservative media, it’s time for us to push it off a cliff.

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242 thoughts on “Will The #CruzSexScandal Propel Donald Trump Into The White House?”

  1. If it doesn’t hit the MSM, what good will it do?
    From my experience, Cruz’s ‘Christian’ support are a bunch of brainwashed acolytes who blame everything on Trump and think the rumors / anything you’d show them are “Leftist / Trump Smears”?

  2. Heidi kinda looks like Stiffler’s mom. That’s all I have to offer to this crap story.

      1. “I got enough to worry about gettin’ wacked on the street I gotta come home… TO THIS!!!!”

  3. I presume they are all lying cheating duplicitous pieces of shit
    i do revel when its confirmed for the sheep that need to see and hear things explicitly but its the always the righteous and those that shout loudest that have the most to hide ! “virtue has a veil,vice has a a mask”

    1. I’m convinced that were it not for the love child John Edwards could have successfully pulled the old “deny, misdirect, obfuscate.”

      1. I heard Edwards was taken out bc he was gonna crack down on Wall St. If he played ball, who knows? He O and Hill were deadlocked at that point in the race…

        1. Naw….I think John Boy would have happily played ball with Wall Street…that groupie destroyed him and led to the federal investigation….wear a condom! (~ESPECIALLY~ If she insists she “Want’s to feel it raw…”)

  4. That’s the problem with being a social conservative; you have to be SAINTLY. Not the “Augustine”-style either; you have to be near-perfect. You also have to understand that the MSM (and some alt-streams) are itching to take down someone they see as holier-than-thou. In addition, the media will largely ignore the hypocrisy of liberals (e.g. when a tax-and spend congressman gets caught cheating on taxes or an equality-pushing congresswoman uses influence to help a billionaire donor). Someone like Cruz has to understand this and keep it in his pants or set it up with plausible deniability. Being conservative he’s held to a higher standard in the 1st place, what he says, how he says it, how he dresses etc.
    Don’t even hate the game, it exists regardless of your feelings. Know the rules, de jure, de facto, fair and unfair, ESP. THE UNFAIR.

    1. “That’s the problem with being a social conservative; you have to be SAINTLY.”
      There’s a difference between being a saint and being a self-righteous [email protected]; a saint knows that he is the worse of sinners (take Paul’s example) and acts with humility.
      Cruz is the later.

      1. I know what you’re saying, but imagine he even said BEFORE any one found out, “I’m not perfect, nor have I been a perfect husband, but with the love of my wife and my GOD I am improving all the time (blah blah).” I don’t think that would buy him any reprieve as he is a conservative.
        Now if you’re a Democrat, by contrast, you can be an ex-klan leader or drive drunk off a bridge and kill your secretary and hardly anyone will bring it up.

        1. “I don’t think that would buy him any reprieve as he is a conservative.”
          Cruz has gone WAY beyond running as a conservative. He’s practically running on the ‘All real Christians have to vote for me” nonsense. Glenn Beck thinks Cruz is the fulfillment of Mormon prophecy.
          Unfortunately I see a scenario where he does pull a ‘All real Christians are forgiving (and vote for me)” and his acolytes push that.
          I hope Cruz enjoys the temporal power (if it gets that far) because God takes a dim view of misusing His Name.

        2. Oh yeah no he’s playing that angle. I’m speaking more to politician-media-misdeeds etc.

        3. …I’m at the point I think his ‘flock’ will turn on him if he DOESN’T start showing stigmata, thats how far down the rabbit hole we have gone.

      2. The thing about Cruz is he’s building he whole run on being “The One who was foretold.” — You look at his events these guys are on their knees praying TO him…so a scandal like this will destroy him…if Trump had a scandal like this drop, I can just SEE him saying something like (if it were true) “You bet I nailed ’em…buncha groupies couldn’t keep their panties on. You think Mel. is gonna leave me over it? Between the pre-nup and the Russian wife pipeline, I’ll have her replaced in 48 hours if she complains. Now lets talk about that wall…it’ll be YUGE!”

        1. Which is exactly how any sane politician would respond to any of these incidents. A big, “yeah, so what?”

    2. Taking 5 mistresses is a little extreme. I get your point, and yeah the media would have flipped out if it was just getting a BJ from ONE girl, but Cruz is quite far from Saintly. I always saw him as completely and utterly full of shit; this just proves it.

    1. Isn’t that Limbaugh?
      To be fair, I’m almost dead certain he reads the Manosphere and agrees with us.

  5. Perhaps this is a story which should have been left on the ol’ burner a bit, because right now (all and any politics aside), this is an article, on ROK, that is supporting one of the very ideas we are said to despise:
    holding up an unproven allegation of sexual misconduct by a man on the words alone of females and the conjecture of their support network (a media we know is duplicitous and filled with betas and SJWs).
    Maybe once this is more than that, I’ll make a proper comment.

    1. Cruz (to my knowledge) has not come out with a definite Yes or No on the accusations against him. If it’s True, he should admit it , ” Yes it’s True”. If it’s not True, he should totally Deny it with saying “I never had an affair, period” but Cruz appears to be dodging and not saying Yes or No. It’s a bit Eyebrow Raising.

    2. Normally, I’d agree, but Cruz pulled that garbage with Trump’s wife (which probably helped Trump more than it hurt him) and tried to claim getting all butthurt when Trump called out Cruz’s wife.
      Cruz is a piece of garbage and has yet to deny any of the charges of adultery. Let him stew in this.

      1. Agreed. I lost all respect for Cruz when he said that “Trump cannot handle strong women. Strong women scare Trump.”

      2. you are showing your ignorance/gullibility. It was a super pack that did that. By law Cruz can have zero influence over a super pack. Now resume being an uninformed Trumpster.

      3. No, that was third party, Cruz denied it immediately and condemned it.

        1. Officially yes. SuperPACs provide politicians with plausible deniability.
          Notice though how Cruz didn’t even bother to condemn the ad. He’s a snake and Trump called it for what it is.

        2. Actually that is what you got wrong. Sleaze half denied it and said ‘so what’.
          If he had condemned it, the story probably would have went away.

        3. There really isn’t much. The SuperPAC that released the anti-Trump photo (if it could be called that) has Cruz campaign staffers working in it.
          Not much intrigue or much of a stretch really.

        4. Nor am I, but Cruz is running on ‘Christian values’.
          And I must have missed the part where Jesus said it was okay for proxies to insult your neighbor’s wife for your benefit.

      4. The ignorance around here is pathetic. Cruz didn’t “pull any garbage with Trump’s wife”. The piece was published by a super-PAC, and Cruz immediately denounced it.

    3. Cruz has been attacking Trump this whole election cycle for all the women hes been with over the years, even attacking his wife for a 16 year old photoshoot. And now it turns out Cruz is a snake himself, banging married staffers and even paying hookers. And Cruz isnt being accused of rape or sexual harrassment, which are the typical SJW lines of attack. The real story isnt about the cheating, but the hypocrisy.

    4. Cruz has told said the following about Trump: “Donald cannot handle strong women. Strong independent women scare Donald Trump.” Not an exact quote, but pretty damn close to it. Do you still have sympathy for ol’ Teddy Cruz the “devout christian who loves his wife.?”
      How do you think his little daughters are going to feel when they find out who their daddy really is?

      1. It would be a mistake to take me for a Cruz supporter, likewise a Trump supporter. The fact is, I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, but as to whom I will vote for of the opposition, I have yet to decide. It’s more complex for me than simply “I like or dislike this candidate” and why I said: (any and all politics aside).
        I believe the political establishment of this country must be torn out at the roots and cast into the sea, but I’m uncertain which candidate intends to do that (or if any are truly capable of it) and 100% certain that Kasich is a planted schill.
        For clarity, if Cruz really is guilty of this (he has done things I dislike immensely from lying to interfering with voters already) then it would have a further negative impact on my decision and my already critical opinion of him, but when the major sources are as yet the Enquirer and the Daily Mail (who just spearheaded an attempt to smear and intimidate every man on this site) I think I’ll wait to be certain.
        I think Cernovich has been piecing together quite a story (and kudos to him), but it isn’t finished yet.
        As for Cruz’s daughters, they aren’t mine, and I could care less about “feelz.”

        1. how is he wrong about Trump being afraid of strong independent women? really?
          how are feminists wrong about ROK readers and traditionalists being afraid of “strong, independent women?”

    5. Yeah, not to mention I couldn’t care less who Cruz, or Trump or anyone here on this forum is banging. I simply don’t get the media interest in it. The only thing that makes this story interesting to me at all, is that:
      a) Women found TED CRUZ bangable (proves looks REALLY are not that important)
      b) a former Trump spokesman was banging one of Trump’s opponents
      Other than that, I have zero interest in any politician’s sex life, or anyone else for that matter. It is so strange that Americans have this fake prudery, where in the real world our women are banging guys in the bathroom, and sexting since they were pre-teens, and webcamming or stripping or slutting their way through school, and yet if a grown man has sex with an attractive woman, we are supposed to condemn it. Whether true or not, it’s frankly none of our business, except for Cruz’s hypocricy with the supposed religious vote, and the screwing a Trump employee angle.

      1. i wouldnt except for the fact that he claims to be a conservative christian
        if you are going to claim to be better than the rest and brow beat them then you are going to hear from the rest when you are found out to worse than them !!

        1. Guilty until proven innocent eh?
          Perhaps IF this story is proven true you can say “i told you so” all you like, until then you might want to keep Trump’s dick out of your mouth and spare us the backwash of your love for him.

        2. I am going to give it one more go with you.
          First off i never signed up for any innocent until proven guilty i am not a judge nor advocate of the law.
          However i am basing my opinion on my life experiences and what i know of people like Ted Cruz as i stated above. I do not expect you to have faith in my intelligence or experiences but i do 100% not that i am right 100% of the time.
          If you cant be civil just ignore me unless you have a weird attraction to me ? it would make sense with all the dick talk and blowjob talk.
          I know you are bitter about our last exchange and i know you realize you came off it worse or else you wouldn’t be following me and acting all emotional and angry about my opinions. Maybe its Trump you fancy seen as you managed to bring him up again. Have a look at my posts i have not mentioned him on this thread.
          The only place i support Donald Trump is in your head.

        3. How generous of you. Please, giveth away.
          Thanks for admitting you care naught for how our judicial process should proceed, you simply want to go on feelings and interpretations.
          ‘”but i do 100% not that i am right 100% of the time.”
          Can you please fix this? I’d rather not comment on an error.
          ” know you are bitter about our last exchange and i know you realize you came off it worse or else you wouldn’t be following me and acting all emotional and angry about my opinions.”
          Not bitter, but you are on my radar now. Since you trolled me with such pedestrian polemics i am choosing to return the favor, far more creatively of course.
          “Maybe its Trump you fancy seen as you managed to bring him up again. Have a look at my posts i have not mentioned him on this thread.”
          You might not have mentioned him “in this thread” but the very remark that introduced you to me saw you whining about how i was “venting” about Trump with no substantiation, and you did so in a very uncivilized way.
          If you don’t support Donald Trump then you might fare better by not phrasing your remarks as his supporters do: rude and ignorant.
          Just some free advice.

        4. “sarcasm,the lowest form of wit”
          Oh please do not attempt to speak down to me with “can you fix this please” hahahahahahaha Poor,piss poor attempt to belittle me and speaks more about you than me.
          I do not care about my grammar or the english language. So feel free to condescend i imagine it is one of the few avenues available to you in a conversation.
          Second i know you are quite dense and struggle with this but i am not from your country so trying to paint it in a bad light that i do not care for yer justice system will not work.
          However I did not think to replace the law with “feelings” but rather a deep seeded perceptiveness to how the world actually works based on my own years on this earth and the countless books and experiences i have had. I do not expect you to grasp that. Basically i can and will think for myself. Sterile laws are for pedants like yourself who lack the capacity to think for themselves.
          No you are clearly bitter. Why else follow someone that was so “pedestrian” ??? hmmmm You are the one following me around getting hysterical and only trying to be calm when called out. Its ok i find amusing and flattering for now.
          Also i love how you’ve taken to quotes since our last conversation. “imitation is a form of flattery” as they say.
          Thanks for trying again but really you will have to do better than be pompous and condescending with splash of sarcasm. In fact i demand it if you want to keep answering you. Up your game or fuck off :)))))

        5. “Sarcasm: the last refuge of modest and chaste-souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsely and intrusively invaded.”
          -Fyodor Dostoevsky.
          “Oh please do not attempt to speak down to me with “can you fix this please” hahahahahahaha Poor,piss poor attempt to belittle me and speaks more about you than me.”
          There’s that rudeness and ignorance again lol.
          “I do not care about my grammar or the english language. So feel free to condescend i imagine it is one of the few avenues available to you in a conversation.”
          You don’t care much for anything related to higher discourse, so i suppose my asking you to clarify your fractured foolish thoughts was a wasted effort. Point noted 🙂
          “Second i know you are quite dense and struggle with this but i am not from your country so trying to paint it in a bad light that i do not care for yer justice system will not work.”
          Well thanks for the admission, it helps shed light on why your remarks are troglodyte in nature.
          “However I did not think to replace the law with “feelings” but rather a deep seeded perceptiveness to how the world actually works based on my own years on this earth and the countless books and experiences i have had. I do not expect you to grasp that. Basically i can and will think for myself. Sterile laws are for pedants like yourself who lack the capacity to think for themselves.”
          The term you’re looking for is “deep seated” as in “Hibernicus exule has a penchant for sharing deep seated ignorance.” lol
          “No you are clearly bitter. Why else follow someone that was so “pedestrian” ??? hmmmm You are the one following me around getting hysterical and only trying to be calm when called out. Its ok i find amusing and flattering for now.”
          Because as i said, you’re on my radar now. I’m not “following” you around, however if i should happen to catch your (ignorant) remark on here I’ve made it a point to properly address said ignorance. Would you like me to dumb this down further?
          “Also i love how you’ve taken to quotes since our last conversation. “imitation is a form of flattery” as they say.”
          LOL So i must be copying you because i quote? You sir are a comedy of errors 😀
          “Thanks for trying again but really you will have to do better than be pompous and condescending with splash of sarcasm. In fact i demand it if you want to keep answering you. Up your game or fuck off :)))))”
          LOL I’ve already delivered and will continue to deliver. You’re just too dim to realize it 😀

        6. did i just get you to tone it down ??
          did YOU just accuse me of arrogance ???
          did you really just try and out do me with a longer quote and source ????
          did you really just persist in trying to talk down to me ????
          goodbye my friend,keep batting your eyelids at me though maybe some day i will engage you again. I know you cant get enough of me.
          You just arent the type of cunt that i am looking for.

        7. LOl If this is your means of conceding a victory to me, then i accept in full.
          So long Anorchous exule, be sure and write back from time to time. If you can do so using correct grammar, it would be additionally appreciated 😀

        8. The Christian lifestyle is an ideal that they believe is worth striving for in a world full of temptation and fallability. No Christian claims to walk that path perfectly – that would be Jesus territory.
          But if you hear Ted Cruz claim to be perfect – or even better than other men – then please do let me know. By suggesting that Cruz claims to be “better than the rest”, you reveal that you haven’t heard a word he’s said.

        9. Sorry but i live in a christian country and have witnessed the damage the church does with its sanctimonious attitude and holier than thou disposition.Over a billion people are christians so please do not even ATTEMPT to talk for them all.
          So no you wouldn’t be telling me what these people represent. He is claiming to be something he is not for suckers like you to vote for him. I do not believe any politican let alone a religious one they are always the worst in my experience.
          I was paraphrasing and you took literally such is the want of the religious. I did not mean that he said it verbatim but it is implied in speeches and bearing. Otherwise he would keep his religious beliefs to himself and not try to sell them.
          I do not think all religious people are bad but i do when they try to mix it with politics. You are entitled to your beliefs and i would prefer not to belittle them as some good can come of religion but it is not for me. Live and let live,Something the religious amongst us most often fail at.

        10. “i live in a christian country and have witnessed the damage the church does with its sanctimonious attitude and holier than thou disposition.”
          Such as…?

        11. no offence but i dont care to share that. Not out of fear just do not want people to color my views on way or another.
          why would you like to know for example ?? do you doubt me or what is it ??

        12. Yes, I very much doubt you. Not because you’re a liar but because you’re astronomically ignorant.

        13. Hibernicus just understand that Daniel Ramos is a lonely twat. If you check his posts, most of them are up voted by Shep Schultz. He logs back in under another name to feel good about his loser internet life. Pathetic individual.

        14. LOL so now you’re accusing me of being Shep Schultz?
          Well as much as i can say i appreciate the compliment, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Shep is his own intellectual entity and someone i haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in real life as of yet.
          Who are you? Just some meaningless troll creating another meaningless profile to support your meaningless remarks.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if you were Hibernicus “anorchous” Exule, since you both tend to wax ignorantly on here and both your accounts are rather new.

        15. Durt and Hibernicus are probably the same person using multiple troll accounts.
          Both accounts are rather new, and both accounts are rather insipid as you are already aware.

        16. He doesn’t have the time to post as much as I do.
          Go fuck yourself.

        17. Ramos has an entirely different world view from me.
          Go fuck yourself.

        18. I noticed that you were sentenced to only six months this time. How did you get the judge to let you off so easy?

        19. Christianity has abandoned proper apologetics training in favor of spreading extremist moral universalism. The idea that every person is a ball of clay to be molded is flawed and has led to people I know who claim to be Christian arguing against the sanctity of marriage, for abortion, and other abominations backed by a cherry picked version of the bible where people scroll down and click I agree as they would installing a program on their computer.
          Every Sunday I deal with this. The church has been subverted for the sake of making people feel good to attract new members, rather than stabilizing society so people can live virtuous lives. Jesus forgave trespasses once. He said “Go forth and sin no more.” According to the church, this means, “Sin as much as you want, God will forgive you if you keep coming to church (and throwing us money).”
          That being said, Ted Cruz is bought and paid for (through his wife) by Goldman sachs, as is Hillary. If they both make it, the general election is already corrupted and does not matter.

        20. I understand the Goldman Sachs connection. I would not be so quick to conclude that they have access, however.
          Everybody in the Senate thinks Cruz betrays them on every deal, but we’re sure he’ll bow down to Wall Street? Not seeing it.

        21. Does hypocrisy from both parties offend you or is it just those who call themselves Christians?

        22. i couldn’t care less what you believe or don’t believe. I am from a christian country. I was heavily involved in the church growing up and am intimate with its structure.
          But i understand that as a man who takes the bible literally you are used to picking and choosing what facts to accept or out right ignore.

        23. he is so sad and pathetic its fucking hilarious. I tried talking to him a couple of times and it is actually scary how deluded he is. i led him around by the nose and he genuinely thought it was vise versa. I’m ignoring him from now on as i KNOW this will kill him. He strives for the attention as you said he is lonely. He says i am stupid and various other things yet he constantly follows me and comments on my posts !!! hahahahah its hilarious how much he wants to talk to me. I genuinely think he is retarded hence i do not engage him in conversation.

        24. i know you mean that in an arsehole way but i will indulge you.
          I don’t like politicians and their hypocrisy full stop. I am consistent in that.
          However yes religious (not just christian) people and their hypocrisy when teamed with politics seems like two for price of one. If a politician didn’t use his beliefs as a reason to vote for him and a reason why he is a good person then i would’t care as much.

        25. And since I don’t take the Bible literally that would make you just plain wrong.

        26. and yet still not as wrong as you.
          Interesting that was the only point you choose to respond too.
          Even if you don’t take it literally unless you only use it as a rough moral compass that uses fables i would think you take it somewhat literally.
          Either way i do not give a fuck what you think or believe that is your right to do so.

        27. Season 1 Episode 1. The flight attendant appears in at least two more episodes. The red paddle is in at least half a dozen, and is floating in zero grav on the trip to Mars, right next to naked Pam, right after Archer experiences the MOAB.
          I’m kind of a fan too.

        28. Yes actually. Quite a few more than the same 15 friends that “follow” you

        29. Daniel/Shep/Jed yes the doom was horrifying. You should get 15 profiles like Shep so you can up vote yourself 15 times like he does.

        30. Have you noticed how Jubal often comes up with 30? Why do you think that is?
          I’m sure you have a conspiracy which will overpower the simplest explanation: He has a lot of friends who like his writing and who follow him.

        31. You might check their comment history before you shoot your mouth off, loser.

        32. Check their comment history. How many hours in one day do you think it would take to create all of those comments?
          Not that bright, are ya?

        33. That would be a funny face, if I didn’t know it constantly stank of taint sweat.

        34. Lol whatever dude. I’m not Shep. Keep repeating that erroneous banality.

        35. LOL So let me guess…the 15 people who upvoted Shep are fake profiles too?
          Let me ask you this…if i was really Shep why wouldn’t i just use the Shep account, since it has an exponentially greater number of likes to it?
          Why wouldn’t i bask in that glory pray tell?

      2. Cruz had a ton of evangelist support. The only reason Cruz won primaries was due to the ultra religious demographics.
        He lost it.

        1. Not so sure. Trump beat Cruz with evangelicals in most earlier states. You may find that Cruz is actually appealing to something else.

      3. That’s what happens when society cares more about moral grandstanding than stability, sustainability and order. I would not be surprised if the children of this nation, after starving thanks to the largesse of their arrogant parents, piss on their graves.
        I hate Ted for the right reasons; him and his wife are goldman sachs hired globalists that will enact policies opposite to his campaign promises. I pretend to care to manipulate the fake prudes. It’s for their own good.

      1. Media probably wanted to sit on the story in case Cruz became the nominee. They could release that little surprise in Oct.

    6. “Words alone of females”? Lol, this story doesn’t even have that much. The females have all denied.
      A complete smear, and this post affords it more dignity than it deserves.
      As someone else told me, we should not be surprised to find alpha males vying for the top alpha slot in the free world. And that includes Hillary Clinton.
      Let me know when you hear a rumor that makes you believe Cruz’s policy decisions won’t be consistent with his promises.

  6. The problem with this allegation is the first 3 identified women have denied it. Cruz doesn’t need to deny it yet, but has by deploring the story. Denying it is similar to asking Trump to deny the support of David Duke. It is sleazier actually. And the story does have Trump’s fingers all over it. Trump is friends with the people at the National Enquirer. I have no idea if he pressed the story, but Trump denied his involvement and it is another sign of how sleazy it is. The story doesn’t have traction so far because of a lack of specifics and confirmations. The longer it is dragged out, it will be too late. Cruz is poised to win Wisconsin and Scott Walker endorsed him (post-scandal). Trump’s official charged with battery (also a story Mike C. worked on).

  7. Gentlemen, we are witnessing something rather extraordinary here… And I am not talking about politicians doing ethically crappy things, or their careers imploding once they get caught, that is just business as usual.
    No I am talking about the moment when a niche, an obscure tribe, has its moment in the sun and goes mainstream… when it’s formerly subjective and niche reality becomes THE reality!
    I’ve seen it before – I was involved deeply in the proprietary software vs open source wars (we went from ‘anti-American’ and ‘intellectual cancer’ to THE modern, cool and sexy way to do software) and this is spookily reminiscent…
    What Mike at D&P is doing in Incredible! He is literally winning the journalism wars *single handed* and bringing the Red Pill version of the American Presidential election mainstream!
    This may well be a seminal moment for Red Pill thinking, and the beginning of the turn in the tide…
    Trump for President!
    Go Mike at D&P!

      1. So now candidates are supposed to answer the “ever cheated” question? Not just with these specific women?
        Are all the candidates going to be asked that one?
        Hillary’s lies should be the most entertaining. Trump’s “hell, yeah” the funniest and most honest.

  8. Personally, I am highly suspicious of any nationally recognized politician who doesn’t “cheat” on their spouse. Fuck the beta male game shit that people like Cruz feel they need to espouse; I want to see major political figures trot out their harems and be proud of it! Starting with Hillary and that Saudi chick that she is partnered with and all of their lesbian flings

    1. When the politician in question makes it a point of their campaign that they’re a Bible-thumping Christian “true conservative” it definitely matters.

      1. Since when did Christianity require monogamy? The Patriarchs of Christianity were by and large polygamous: Abraham, David, Moses …

        1. Well, it’s definitely not a tenet of the type of Christianity the Cruz-loving evangelicals associate with.

        2. Old Testament. The New Testament is the new Covenant. Not that I disagree with your point.

        3. “Since when did Christianity require monogamy? The Patriarchs of Christianity were by and large polygamous: Abraham, David, Moses …”
          Monogamy was already an long established fact in the very earliest Christian writings outside the Bible, so hundreds of years before the Church had a fixed canon of the New Testament. Probably the only way you’d have been able to be a Christian in communion with the Church was be a convert with more than one wife before you became a Christian.

        4. “Outside the Bible”. There’s your problem: you’re putting more importance in so-called ‘traditions’ than in what the Bible itself has to say on the matter. The New Testament has precious little to say either way on the subject while the Old Testament endorses polygamy; in certain cases (namely, if a married man’s only brother dies and leaves behind a widow as per Deuteronomy 25:5) polygamy is commanded.

        5. Actually Leviticus forbids a man to marry his brother,s widow UNLESS said brother died without issue (SS. Augustine, John Fisher, Ambrose, Aquinas and Chrysotom all agree here). So Deuteronomy 25:5 is the one exception to Leviticus 20:21.

        6. Huh. I always interpreted that verse as implying the unwritten words “while he’s alive” WRT the brother. But I’m not one to argue with Augustine et al. so I’ll stick with their interpretation – a man is still obliged to marry his brother’s widow if his brother dies without producing an heir, even if the brother-in-law is already married at the time of his brother’s death.
          But my point isn’t “A man should marry his brother’s widow” but rather “The bible endorses and, under certain circumstances commands, polygamy.”

      2. Only if you think “Christian conservative” means “without sin”.
        I assure you it doesn’t.

  9. Very relevant: Daily Mail reporter asks Cruz to deny that he ever cheated on his wife, to have the statement on record, but Cruz won’t say anything and Carly Fiorina butts in with a rambling response trying to blame Trump (even though the reporter specifically says it’s a question for Cruz and even outright asks Carly if she has intimate knowledge about Cruz’s married life).
    What a filthy, lying rat.

    1. …all you gotta do is deny it Ted. Even if it’s a lie, don’t go into lawyer mode, that’s how they get you. And if you get caught in a lie later? “I lied, deal with it.”

  10. I haven’t been one for the political process to begin with, but this entire Jerry Springeresque election cycle raises the bar on Presidential Election sleaze. I think I’m sitting this one out and just enjoy the decline …

    1. Actually Adams versus Jefferson was just as bad and the smear was worst. Look it up.
      I’m glad to see that we have finally given up, on both sides, this milquetoast boring same old same old moderates crap. We might actually have a Capitalism Versus Socialism election cycle, a battle of which will make people more aware of these issues instead of just thinking what the media programmed them to think.

      1. You can’t possibly compare the Adams vs Jefferson election to any of the modern garbage? Though there was some mudslinging, the differences between the two was in the higher realm of real and noble ideas and ideals … about Virtue, about the meaning of Liberty, and the trajectory of a new Republic.
        To compare Adams vs. Jefferson of 1800 to anything today would be akin to comparing a Maybach to a no-frills Hyundai.

    2. Here’s the problem. I don’t care about the sleaze, but if we get another Democrat in office we’re going to lose the Supreme Court to progressives and the economy will go under. That’s the hard truth, so if you sit out, you’re helping the Democrats win.

      1. The Dems have a 242EV lock. So Trump or whomever would really have to run the board. Possible but tough. SCOTUS is a lost cause. Judicial review is s curse. As for the economy, that’s in the hands of the dialectic.

  11. It MIGHT propel him to the Republican nomination. But he still has to overcome Mt. Hillary. The demographics are on Hillary’s side, and though the national polls might not be the most reputable metric at the moment, Trump has never once beaten her in general election polls. Regardless of what happens to Cruz, Trump has a lot of work cut out for him.

    1. Hillary will probably win unless we see a third party candidate, or Trump tempers some of his views to appeal to independents / moderates / nonvoters. But I don’t care, I want to see Trump go as far as he can, and keep saying politically incorrect things in public and upsetting the establishment and causing them to freak out. Can you imagine what the mainstream Republicans are thinking right now!? They have no options left!

      1. All we can do is wait and see. In Trump’s defense, he still has to contend with Cruz (and to a much lesser extent, Kasich) in securing the Republican nomination, whereas Hillary has the Dem nomination more or less in the bag. Trump hasn’t really had much time to start attacking Hillary yet, so we’ll see how things go once things turn one on one.

  12. Article #18 praising Trump and using no less a reliable justification than tabloid speculation.
    This is also Forney’s second article praising Trump, which probably means he’s getting ready to jump ship from his middling blog site in order to secure a job with the Trump campaign.
    Trump for his part is connected to the National Enquirer editor, David Peck, which New York magazine reported on and verified in October of last year.
    The NE has even gone so far as to endorse Donald Trump, arrogantly declaring that his nomination is “assured.”
    The truth is, at least 2 of the women featured in the NE article about Cruz have denied its validity, one of them being Trump’s official mouthpiece to right of center Black voters, Katrina Pierson. Wouldn’t it have made sense for KP to admit to the allegations, even if they weren’t true, in order to effectively damage the Cruz campaign? The fact that she didn’t speaks volumes as to its bs nature.
    The other confirmed female, Amanda Carpenter, has also strongly denied it.
    The third is rumored to be Sarah Isgur Flores, but she has as yet not issued a statement on it.
    The 4th was contacted by “the gateway pundit” and she too denies the allegations.
    So that only leaves the 5th…the one that the NE will probably pay off to say that it’s true. This one is probably the callgirl they are referring to.
    So Forney, when you say this: ” In cheating on his wife, Cruz has revealed himself to be a naked hypocrite and risks losing his remaining supporters.” realize that you are doing what Jezebel and other sites have done to ROK and Roosh personally, by reporting on innuendo and other gossip as “fact” despite the absence of definitive evidence. Ironic, wouldn’t you say?
    Your remarks about Carpenter are gossip oriented, and while it is odd that the a Pro Cruz PAC would make a donation of that size to Fiorina, that automatically does not imply guilt. When and only WHEN The facts emerge that Cruz paid off Fiorina to keep an alleged affair with Flores quiet, you will have more of a ground to stand on. This might be nothing more than a Cruz affiliated PAC making an incentive gesture towards Fiorina’s camp without his direction. As you may or may not be aware, it’s against FEC regulations for a candidate to have involvement with a PAC for the promotion of his campaign.
    The John Edwards scandal aside, the NE has been proven to be wrong more often than not.
    “While Cruz fanboys have attempted to blame the National Enquirer story on Donald Trump, the fact that Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson is one of Cruz’s alleged mistresses makes it unlikely he was involved”
    How is it “unlikely” when i’ve already PROVE a connection between Trump and the publisher of NE, David Pecker, upto and including a formal endorsement by them for Trump? Even if the story was first created by Rubio aides looking to destroy Cruz, Trump could have used his former mudslinger and still ally Roger Stone in addition to his connection to the NE to push for the story. You are once again grasping at straws and have shown yourself to be a Trump strumpet, Forney.
    “However, in revealing himself to be a liar and an adulterer, Cruz has destroyed his support among conservative Christians, his primary voter bloc.”
    No he hasn’t, in this Country we operate by the “innocent until proven guilty” code of law and your remarks do not change that simply because you want them to be true. The fact that Ted Cruz is so consistently attacked by the mainstream liberal media, and the pro Trump Fox media, shows full well why Cruz is the BEST candidate to help dismantle the corruption of the establishments of BOTH parties. In short, your boy was bragging about compromising with democrats while supporting them financially and in wording, while Ted was busy going to war with the leaders in his own party on the floor of the Senate. You and those other Trump strumpets are the cuckservatives here, not the conservatives who support Cruz.
    ” The Cruz sex scandal will make it difficult—if not impossible—for Cruz to win Wisconsin or Priebus to steal it for him.”
    What is increasingly becoming “impossible” is Donald Trump being able to gain sway with women voters. He is scoring record lows with women in the GOP and abroad, and as much as we hate it, they have some serious voting power in the US. If the trends continue DT will lose this election for us the way John Starks lost the NBA championship for the Knicks back when they were facing down the Chicago Bulls.
    Finally, Drew Johnson has not as yet backed up his remarks with some verifiable facts, so his words should not be taken as “Trumpgospel” either, especially since he’s been fired in the past for questionable practices regarding his craft.
    Seriously…you aren’t doing DT any favors by turning ROK into a media mouthpiece for him, especially when your “reporting” is suspect and your motivation in doing so is highly partisan.

    1. “The National Enquirer reported…”
      A paragon of truth and honest reporting. Cough.

      1. National Enquirer was right about Gary Hart’s affair, Tiger Woods affairs, OJ’s shoes and “If I Did it” book, Jesse Jackson’s love child, Limbaugh’s painkiller addiction, Dog The Bounty Hunter racist phone call, the John Edwards and Rielle Hunter Scandal and baby, Mel Gibson’s divorce, Billy Joel’s divorce, Michael Jackson having “six months to live,” Steve Jobs’ prognosis, Bob Dole’s mistress, Bruce Jenner’s sex change, and Bill Cosby’s rapes.
        All those instances everyone claimed NE made it up, but they were right all along. Considering this opens them up to a 9-figure lawsuit, you can be sure the National Enquirer has all the evidence they need if Cruz actually threatens them with litigation.

        1. why not write an article? You said you vetted the guy, I’d like to know how you did so

        2. How much has the NE been wrong? NE never hypes a story? Remember when Herman Cain had a sudden eruption of white women claiming impropriety (which vanished after he dropped out)?
          Sorry kids. This is typcial poltics. After Bill Clinton’s fuck fests (not to mention the Kennedys), I am surprised this is even seriously brought up during election years.

        3. I tried writing one article that was properly critical (meaning fair criticism and not bs partisan unfair like what the left does) of Trump but the ROK editor rejected it, saying “it was played out.”
          He also said there was more presidential content to come…what he didn’t say was that it was going to be favorable of Tump, if Forney’s articles and the articles of others are any indication.
          Anyway i will try again with new content even if this post makes the ROK editor unfriendly to me. Screw it, i bite my tongue for no one.

        4. No other politician is running like hes a preacher. Ted Cruz is now exposed for his hypocrisy through his numerous affairs. If he wasnt claiming to be the anointed one, this wouldnt be a story.

      2. To me, National Enquirer is the same as Gawker, but part of me logically believes that there may be SOME truth to this story.
        The Hulk Hogan decision, regardless of what happens with Punitive damages, posting the 10% fee (15 million if I remember the verdict correctly), or any outcome with an appeal… had ensured that Gawker will cease to exist as we know it. I guarantee you that National Enquirer’s lawyers were MOST LIKELY following every step of that trial, especially since they both do the same things.
        If that’s the case, why would they even release this story without checking into the reliability of their sources? They have to know that they’re calling out a former attorney general, and that one minor mistake in their reporting or analysis could have them suffering the same fate as Gawker did.
        Even NE has to believe in self-preservation, which means minimizing your risk of getting sued.

  13. Who the fuck trusts a guy that uses the word “prayerfully” anyway? That sounds like some made up, blatantly pandering bullshit.

  14. I always thought it was funny that a guy looking to become president would hide such a strong name as Raphael Cruz and go with Ted, but I guess he didn’t want to scare off the Anglo’s. However it is impressive that he learned some things from his Cuban roots.

  15. This scandal coming out now might have helped Cruz. Reason being, this story was probably going to be Clinton’s “October surprise” and that timing with a compliant leftoid media, plus the fact that real conservatives are not going to vote for Cruz like they would for Trump, would have sealed the deal for Hillary.
    And armies of darkness would have marched across the face of the earth.
    It’s said that the guy who runs Enquirer is a friend of Trump, so if there was any collusion here, it might have been a hail Mary play: Trump ensuring that the legs are kicked out from under Clinton before they could make their play (this is like using a kick to stop a kick). Even if the neocons are going to steal the nomination, Trumps forward salvo is softening up defenses regardless.
    Pure genius.
    As for Cruz, this is exactly the sort of things that paleocons, remnant (Rothbardian/Ron Paul) libertarians, and old school conservatives have come to despise about the GOP: the GOP goes out of its way to push “dirty” candidates whose secret scandals can be held over them for control later. The dirt can be anything, from spotty business dealings (of the sort that would get any common man hit with fraud or Rico charges) all the up to child molesting. I have seen this myself in the GOP, where real grass roots leaders, real men who had real lives and real jobs, start to stand out and decide to run for office and when it was time to get the support and funding from the GOP, they GOP would diss that person and then all of a sudden from out of nowhere here is some sleaze in a suit from some law firm somewhere that hardly anybody knows about. Complete with corrupt GOP hacks parroting “but this is the only one who is electable!”.
    They do not seek out total criminals in most of the cases, they don’t need to. All they need at the least are creep sociopaths who get off on lies. For example, there are homos in politics as usual, but the GOP likes the kind of homo who gets off on standing at a podium and talking about “family values” while secretly living a gay bathhouse life. The kind that talk about “getting tough on crime” while being a criminal. The kind that talk about “morality” but are carousing and gambling in the basement.
    This is also why we never see the GOP take their majority power and truly steamroll the leftists. Sure they can get up to a “crucial vote” moment and that’s where smokey back rooms start making their “or else” phone calls.
    At the least we know that both candidates like women.

    1. “real conservatives are not going to vote for Cruz like they would for Trump”
      Dude, you have that COMPLETELY backwards.

  16. This situation is match point, advantage Trump. What I’m interested to see is how the Republicans will sabotage Trump now. Cruz/Wisconsin was literally their last chance to rig something under the guise of a “stunning upset victory for Cruz in Wisconsin!” But this development means cucks will have to endorse a lying philanderer to keep Trump from the nomination.
    Buckle up gents…..

    1. I wanna see Glenn Beck’s reaction to this after it’s run its course. Especially since he jumped the shark (again) by endorsing Cruz and willingly becoming his attack dog.
      I can’t wait to see him walk his commentary back.

  17. Stop buying the media hype over the sex scandal. That is the story they want us to be talking about and this article REEKS of lame stream media. Color me disappointed.
    Who fucking cares who he’s having sex with
    Here is the problem with Mrs. Cruz:
    “(Heidi Cruz) is a Bush operative; she worked for the Architect of NAFTA, which has killed millions of jobs in this country; She was a member of the council on foreign relations… and she’s been working for Goldman Sachs… Heidi’s entire career has been spent working against everything Ted Cruz says he stands for.” – Katrina Pierson (Trump campaign spokeswoman(Also one of the girls Cruz is accused of sexing))
    Lyin Ted isn’t the tea party conservative that he says he is, and this is just one more way to point that out.
    It matters not what hoe Ted is / was in bed with. It matters that Ted is in bed with the establishment.

    1. She was never a member of the CFR, she was invited by them to discuss the merits of having a globalization initiative and in her response she disagreed in totum.
      How many times has Trump lied? Too many to count. And if Cruz is beholden to GS because of Heidi simply working there, then Trump must be beholden to Vladimir Putin because Melania is the daughter of a political communist.

      1. True. But you can’t talk reason to cultists. God knows I’ve tried.

        1. Yeah, but i expected more from ROK, Forney, and Roosh.
          I feel like i’m in a scene from “invasion of the body snatchers.”

      2. In my view the choice between Trump and Cruz is between an honest (or more honest to be precise) sinner (Trump) and a fake self-righteous saint (Cruz). I would rather have the honest sinner.

        1. “Except the fact that he’s(Trump) full of shit. The dudes a big government shill ”
          Labels. All I know is Trump is dead on about the one issue that is most critical in determining life or death for Western civilization, not just the USA:

          Trump for first of the American emperors, last of the Republicans.

        2. How honest has Trump been when he’s been proven to be the biggest liar in this race? Seriously, all you have to do is google “Trump lies” and you will see a massive list of his many prevarications.
          And Donald may not try to come across as a saint, but he does try to do the secular equivalent by stating himself as the “only outsider” who can fix washington. That is no different than someone claiming to be a “saint” which Cruz technically has not done.

        3. Trumps flaws are easy to see though regardless of the lies he says. Anyone with half a brain can see that the man is deeply flawed, but he has done more than any other recent candidate to chip away at political correctness.
          Cruz simply comes off as another tough-talking neocon with big money connections, though I do applaud his supposed stance on social issues. He has done good work on the surface fighting social liberalism, but I have to wonder how much of that is just him throwing around what permissiveness his connections with the financial elite give him.
          For me it’s a matter of which candidate is the least bad since I don’t think any of them can really fix anything, socially or economically. Trump has that spot currently since he seems most at odds with the financial and business elite who are sinking the West.
          The main political conflict of out time is between globalism and Westphalian sovereignty. Trump seems the closest, if only minimally, to Westphalian ideals.

        4. “but he has done more than any other recent candidate to chip away at political correctness.”
          I wouldn’t call Cruz a “neocon” since he has mentioned some libertarianesque remarks in the past. Returning FED parks to the States, for instance.
          “Trump has that spot currently since he seems most at odds with the financial and business elite who are sinking the West.”
          But he’s done business with these same elites, such as with George Soros. You can’t get much more connected than Donald Trump.
          Trump is running on a same Nationalist platform that Hitler did. He is appealing to emotions, anger fear and frustration that Hitler did. He even admitted that he owned Hitler’s speeches years ago. His success is a reminder what happens when people get too emotionally caught up with what a candidate says, and pay less attention to what a candidate has done and what he intends to do once he achieves his goals.

        5. Trump has clearly turned his back on his fellow oligarchs though, and they hate him now. Why did he do it? Who knows. Maybe he wanted to feel entertained. Maybe he did it after serious reflection.
          I don’t buy the Trump-Hitler comparisons since that is just liberal propaganda. In the first place, America isn’t so far gone that we would elect a genuine Hitler. Much of Trumps nationalist outline is just a common sense debunking of globalist myth, though he is excessive and even hypocritical in some areas. Still, he has opened up discussion on important issues that have up till now been buried under decades of globalist propaganda.

        6. I doubt he’s turned his back on them. He strikes me as a false flag candidate.
          I am about as close to being a liberal as Obama is to being an actual Christian and i am giving you examples of how legitimate the Trump Hitler comparisons are. Sure, i’m not saying he’s gassed Jews or done any “night of the long knives” endeavors but he has done similar things, such as call for Hitleresque oaths and called for people to be attacked at his rallies.
          “America isn’t so far gone that we would elect a genuine Hitler. ”
          They elected Obama didn’t they? What makes you think ignorance is somehow endemic to the D party alone?

        7. Who isn’t a potential false flag candidate in this day and age? Pretty much every candidate in recent history has been a false flag in some way or another.
          And while Trump is certainly prone to being excessive, boorish and classless, saying that he is anywhere close to Hitler is still wrong. Trump is not a potential fascist despite what some people say.
          I’m saying this as a guy who doesn’t even like Trump due to his lack of class. It’s sad that America is so politically correct that someone like Trump had to break the ice.

        8. I guess i’ll need another 10 years to be as pessimistic as you, but for right now i won’t consider EVERY politician to be a FFC.
          The Trump comparisons are legitimate, however this is ultimately meaningless as it’s perception based and those tend to be subject to feelings for or against the object of interpretation. We will therefore agree to disagree.
          “I’m saying this as a guy who doesn’t even like Trump due to his lack of class. It’s sad that America is so politically correct that someone like Trump had to break the ice.”
          Conceded. To coin a phrase from a certain marvel movie:
          Trump is the asshole/politician we need right now, but not the one we deserve.

      3. Hey, hey, stop with the facts and reason we only go with Internet speculation here Ramos

  18. If Trump had not been in the race, or had not had the Enquirer on his side, the establishment’s plan was to get Cruz to win nomination, and THEN AND ONLY THEN release the sex scandal, to ensure Hillary would win!!! If it hadn’t been for Trump running, THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. CRUZ WOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE NOMINATION, AND THEN THE SEX SCANDAL WOULD HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED, AND HILLARY WOULD HAVE WON!! THANK YOU TRUMP!!! YOU LITERALLY MIGHT HAVE SINGLE-HANDEDLY SAVED AMERICA.

    1. The establishment wants nothing to do with Cruz. He’s defied them so many times over the years that it’s not even conceivable that he’s on their team.

    2. The fuck a are you talking about? They still hate Cruz, the dude who called out Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor for being a liar. The GOP hasn’t forgotten

      1. Clearly you did not understand my comment. The establishment would have allowed Cruz to get the nomination, and then, maybe a month or two before election day, they would have released the Cruz sex scandal story, ensuring that Hillary Clinton would win the election.

  19. People, people: Ted Cruz is the biggest slimeball. He literally blamed Trump for “inciting violence” after his rally in Chicago was shut down by Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders supporters. Cruz also insists that “strong independent women scare Donald Trump.” He has also said that several of his aunts and/or cousins are single moms, and that single moms are great and deserve lots of respect.

  20. CNN are predicting that Donald Trump will not get the numbers to secure his nomination in July. They predict that he’ll loose the unsecured delegates to Cruz. They predict Cruz won’t have enough to secure the nomination either. They predict that Mitt Romney will be selected as the brokered candidate. They predict that Donald Trump will return to his Tower in New York as a broken, bitter, anger man who’ll walk the corridors on the 666 floor of Tower, laughing and wailing simultaneously at the reflection in the mirrors of his own rapidly balding head and all the little insects in the dark streets below that could of have been HIS!! (Dam you Cruz) They predict Ted will take vows in the Order of the Holy Marys and will settle on the Island of Santa Cruz where he’ll spent his days making bronze Celtic crosses enameled with 62 stars adoring the halo and nimbus around the iconic image of Saint Hillary where all the lines meet in perfect symmetry. As predicted by CNN’s Wolf Lizard.

    1. He’s got status, power, and money. It’s too easy for politicians to get pussy.

  21. What’s this? A politician (allegedly) slept with women who aren’t his wife? No undreage rent boys? No undersupervised sheep? No undercooked pigs’ heads? And you call this a sex scandal?!

  22. Ted Cruz looks like a human sized Pinocchio and his wife looks like she’d rather fuck someone else.

    1. Michelle Obama looks like bigfoot (goonee googoo- Eddie Murphy reference) and Barrack a towel boy at a Turkish bath house. Both look like they are fucking someone else.

      1. “towel boy at a Turkish bath house” Thank you Sir, that made my evening!

  23. It seems the most recent right wing counter to this scandal is accusing Trumps campaign manager of domestic violence. Trump is handling it like a champ. Bring it back to Ted. How any woman could want Cruz face between her legs is beyond me

  24. “An analysis of her Tweets show that not only was Carpenter sexually attracted to Cruz”
    –lies! – no one can find cruz sexually attractive

  25. I see little men panting all over themselves. “Oh, Donald is SOOOO alpha! This reminds me of high school when I was a jock sniffer, and I voted for the dumb jock to be student body president, because, well, he was soooo alpha. Those were the good old days…now hey, gotta go lie and try to bring down his nearest competition!”

    1. It appears that Trump buys his women, Cruz gets them as a natural. Something to consider.

  26. Jeez, a Latino man cheating on his wife with 5 women. Has the US presidency become a house of cliches? What’s next, Obama is revealed to be the baby daddy of 3 different women.
    But jokes aside, in another context Cruz might be praised for having the mojo to bang 5 extra-marital women. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Cruz’s silence were a calculated admittance to his infidelity, because as we all know, nothing gets chicks slipperier than a bad boy. I mean, JFK was a renowned philanderer, and voters (especially women) loved him for it.. although admittedly he was a Democrat. So don’t be surprised if this scandal sees an upsurge in support for Sr. Cruz from the vaginal-wielding half of the constituency.. even the ones who sit front-row-center in church every Sunday.
    But as the author pointed out, if anything kills Cruz it won’t be the overuse of his pecker.. it will be legal entanglements and conflicts of interest.

  27. I’ll say it: I admired Forney. Getting poosey while being so ugly is worthy of admiration. Now, seeing what a little mind he has. Total loss of respect. Sure, I’ll keep coming back for the “how to get girls” stuff. But he is the incredible shrinking man in my book. “Look to a guy with conservative principles, one who actually fights the Establishment? Naw, just vote for the most alpha guy, even if he is a New York liberal with a bad comb over.” Matt Forney

  28. If Ted tagged that girl in orange in the article pic, and 4 others, I’m impressed. I’d want that man to be a leader.

  29. Face it Cruz supporters.. No WAY would the enquirer print this story if they didn’t have the goods. I personally don’t care – but Cruze’s entire campaign is god fearing evangelicals and this stabs these bible thumpers right through the heart.

    1. They’ve been successfully sued for “not having the goods” before. Carol Burnett.

  30. I can’t wait until Trump gets the nomination and starts “spilling the beans” on Shillary. He must have a full cache of shit on her since he said that he can beat her easily. This will be so much fun.

    1. If he does that, I can forsee that Shrillery will then play the “Female Victim” card, crying about how she’s being “bullied” and how he is “picking on her”. Crybully feminists like her don’t want REAL equality, and never have.

      1. She’s played that card loudly and consistently for decades. She is literally a professional victim. How people still don’t see through it is beyond me.

        1. Because they don’t WANT to see it or believe it. To do so will completely destroy their agenda and/or their philosophy.
          Don’t forget that there are Democrats who would vote for Hitler if he ran on the Democratic ticket.

    2. The real fun will begin after January 20. That’s when the Feds get their long-awaited chance to waterboard get the old bitch till she tells them who really killed Vince Foster. They hate Hillary as much as anyone. President Trump will finally give them the chance to do their jobs.
      Make Hillary sign a full confession to multiple counts of murder, fraud and treason, then take the old bitch down to the basement and put her down. Take every penny she has and distribute it among the male relatives of her victims, in gold and silver bullion.
      Repeat as necessary till our white-collar criminal class is liquidated or driven into exile in any of a number of Muslim petrotyrannies.

  31. Apart from that, this story hasn’t affected my opinion on Cruz at all. I didn’t trust him already due to his vote for the TPP, as well as his ties with Glenn Beck (who I had liked before I took the red pill, and before he became a whiny cuck). However, what ultimately sealed the deal for me was his support for BLM during their anti-trump activities.
    Having encountered and squared off with their Antifa predecessors while I was in undergrad, I distrust anyone, especially a “conservative”, who gives those guys a free pass.
    As for extramarital affairs, they happen so much in the west that they no longer faze me. If anything, I’d give Cruz a little bit of credit if he actually did all of that. This is simply because it would show that, had he been able to become president, he wouldn’t necessarily go full retard and ban alcohol, violent video games, and the occasional sloppy blowjob from an unmarried woman.

        1. Hey dumbass, some of what you posted in that link is already contained in my ballotpedia link. The rest is either vast embellishment or your sophistry taking it as fact. Dumb Donald’s followers are as dumb as he is lol
          Where does it prove in your link that Cruz “co authored” the TPA bill? Your ignorant ass might actually want to do some better research so you could realize the TPA bill was introduced by Patrick Meehan with the cosponsorship of Peter Roskam and Tom Reed.
          Furthermore you might want to do some better research on “theconservativetreehouse” themselves, since their leader “Sundance” endorsed Trump and their blogsite itself has been known to make bs remarks about Cruz. Yeah…they’re an objective source alright!
          Sundance aak Mark Ivor Bradman himself is very likely a former supermarket manager and shill for Hillary who probably wants her to win which is why he’s backing Trump, since he consistently loses to her. Get a clue. Don’t respond back to me until your IQ goes up at least 100 points.

        2. Name calling, the signaling of a weak mind.
          He and Paul Ryan pushed the bill hard. They BOTH support fast track and still do. His constituents adamantly disagreed with his position which is why he flip flopped. He knew the bill would pass anyway without his vote. Changing your vote in the final hours is just for show.
          And calm down Ramos, it’s a political circus. Those who believe as you do are the lemmings willingly walking to the cliff. Your smug comments posted all over this site is pathetic and I can hear is your baaaaaahhhh baaaahhhhh baaaahhhhh sheep call. Don’t be like liberals and resort to name calling when someone disagrees with your opinion. It’s very unbecoming.

        3. You called me a shill” and called Cruz a “liar” which is a name in case you weren’t aware. Here’s a new name for you as a result:
          “He and Paul Ryan pushed the bill hard.”
          Now you get to have another name associated with you:
          Back peddler.
          NOW you are being accurate, because Cruz and Paul did try to push for the bill’s passing. You’re still being disingenuous because Cruz didn’t even need to support it in the first place, the original vote was 62-37. You can’t prove any of what you said regarding Ted’s motivations, you just want to believe it because you are biased against him. While people can be biased for the truth, the truth is you’re biased for Trump which is why you’re biased against Ted. You are therefore hypocritical to hold Ted to a different standard you hold Trump. And don’t try to deny it, I’ve already read your proTrump strumpet remarks to others on your timeline.
          You call me a “lemming” but you’re a lotophage to do so, because you believe a billionaire captain of industry with shares in Goldman Sachs and directly connected to progressive icons (like George Soros) involved in the CFR is somehow better than a US Senator now running for President.
          Get lost. Go find yourself a rock to outwit. I am out of your league loser.

        4. LOL failed as a thinker and as a haiku artist eh?
          Liar is a name.
          Trump is a damn progressive.
          Now get off his nuts.

        5. Does it really piss you off that much that someone whose name ends an N, Z or S keeps handing your ass to you?
          Go fuck yourself.

        6. All 15 up votes are from all your profiles. Sad individual. 230,000 votes for yourself is quite a bit. Go outside.

        7. It is becoming clear to everyone that Disqus is not a safe place for Durty Durt to fail. Go back to FaceBook.

        8. BTW, my count is 318,000. Just so you know.
          You really ought to examine my posting history before you shoot your mouth off.

  32. Cruz wouldn’t have gotten this far if I Love Lucy hadn’t persuaded Americans back in the 1950’s to accept Cuban immigrants as white people.

  33. Forney, you’re a cheap hooker. This article is written like leftist garbage, none of these allegations are proven especially that one you pulled out of your ass about Utah. Riding Trump’s cock won’t make you “alpha” bro

  34. The entire traditional American media has turned into a a groveling cesspit. Murdoch’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal was just a nail in the coffin.

  35. You don’t get it do you?
    Even if Trump is the real thing and is elected as President, they (senate, media, the fed, corporations, lobbies etc…) will never let him rule the country or make changes. Your political system is rigged from top to bottom to make sure that only the Donkey/Elephant dynasties can rule and serve the purpose of a powerful minority. You ever hear Rome was never built in a day? well 4-8 years in office is simply not long enough to bring about any serious change. Did you ever think this might have been introduced on purpose to maintain a status Quo? This concept is also making its way to Europe as Presidential terms are being shortened every 15 years or so. The only thing that would put an end to this is a military coup, and it always has been the last and only solution throughout history.
    Therefore your generals (if they stop following stupid ass orders and grow a pair) are the only ones who would have the muscle and authority to kick the hornets out of the nest and start a clean sheet.
    So its all very easy to talk and be all patriotic about a war of independence which happened 300 years ago or when it comes to kicking the shit out of a broken third world country of camel jockeys. But when it comes to taking your country and destiny back into your own hands (the real deal), i don’t see many patriots just hot air and people too scared to loose the little comforts they have left. I’d like to hear good arguments against this and not just angry rants because this IS the truth and whether you like it or not is not my problem. It’s yours.(Besides, heated debates are healthy)

    1. The system isn’t so much “rigged” as we have intentional separation of powers. Trump talks smack and swagger, but end of the day he’s going to have to go through Congress for laws and money. Something else most people don’t realize.

      1. By separation of power you mean:
        – Executive (President)
        – Legislative (Congress)
        – Judicial (Supreme Court)
        When was the last time the judicial took action against the executive since Watergate?(almost a half century ago). Did they investigate both Clintons? Or consider impeachment of Bush Jr over the phony pretexts for wars (and just maybe 9/11). Or Obama’s Collusion with Wall Street and how he gave them back their casino coins with tax payer money for another impending economic disaster. Come on man, you know that ain’t serious.

    2. I just find the entire liberal two-face act hilarious.
      “Trump is going to start a war! He’s going to round up the Jews again and put Muslims into the gas chambers like annodashoah 2.0! He’s going to shut down the internet and all the newspapers! He’s literally another Hitler!”
      … oh wait, he might actually get the nomination still? CHANGE TACTICS!
      “Guize, Trump isn’t going to have any power at all. He won’t be able to do anything, because Presidents can’t do anything. He’ll be powerless! That’s why you need for vote for Hillary!” :^)
      The communists and cockroaches have found themselves unable to remain hidden. The highest order of Jew have been desperately throwing their shekels around to try to stop it and paying violent black supremacist groups to act as their attack dogs. The unstable leftists trying to shut down free speech with intimidation and threats. All of their agendas, all of their hypocrisy, all of their lies… exposed more and more every passing day.
      Trump was never chosen to be a leader. He was chosen to act as bait… a lure. It’s super effective!

  36. I didn’t think the National Enquirer story about John Edward’s was true At the time. I didn’t think anyone who made a good living as a lawyer could be so stupid… Live and learn. Drudge has hinted at this Cruz affair and Hillary Clinton’s lesbian lovers that the MSM/SJW press is ignoring. October is going to be full of surprises.

    1. John Edwards. A study in the little head taking charge over the big head. Like he didn’t see that new age moon bat Rielle coming from a mile away?
      That aside, great article Matt.

  37. I’m more amazed how anyone is taking an Enquirer story seriously. They’re a celebrity gossip rag barely a step higher than the Weekly World News. Just browsing their covers is worth a lunch hour worth of laughs. https://www.google.com/search?q=National+Enquirer&tbm=isch
    The real scandal will be when the WWN reveals the truth about how Cruz is actually one of the lizard people on Earth in a battle against a giant talking rat and a lesbian shapeshifter. Campaigns will never recover.

    1. A WaPo reporter confirmed 2 mistresses exist. This story has been around in mainstream media behind the scenes. Some are working hard to corroborate it before printing it. The National Enquirer does not wait and they have been right about so many affairs in the past.
      There is a video out there showing Cruz repeatedly going to the same hotel with a woman or multiple women.
      The DC madam’s former attorney is going to release some phone numbers soon that will confirm someone had an affair who is running for president right now.
      Who do you think that will be? Sanders? Clinton? Trump? or Cruz? LOL The timing points to Sanders or Cruz. So you think Sanders is visiting prostitutes in DC or would it be more likely Ted? LOL
      One of the alleged mistresses of Cruz has gone back and deleted over 900 tweets from her time with Cruz. Another alleged mistress deleted many pictures from her instagram and put it on private. Both these things happened when the story broke of the affairs. Coincidence?
      The mainstream media has been sitting on this story for months now. They have not released it I suspect for a few reasons. They haven’t corroborated the stories but aren’t exactly chasing them either and Cruz is now the establishment pick since he is the only one with a slight chance to beat Trump. The mainstream media’s parent corporations doneate millions to the GOP and DNC and therefore have a horse in this race or two horses: Cruz and Clinton.

      1. Oh, I’d believe there is something to it because of how they reacted to it. Lyin’ Ted is lyin. It’s because of how they reacted.
        They’re going to keep on lyin’, too. The Mainstream Jew fabricated an attack piece out of nowhere with that abortion trap they tricked Trump into walking right into. They’ll be lying about that one for a week till people forget about Ted’s affair.

  38. The only thing it will propel Trump to do is lose to Clinton or Sanders in the general.
    In 2008 & 2012 the Republicans were all talking about how they needed to gain votes among Latinos and other minority communities if they are in the future going to win any presidential elections.
    So far this primary cycle the rhetoric coming from the GOP candidates is the most heated and inflammatory it has ever been in modern history. With all the demonizing of immigrant groups how do the GOP plan on winning the White House? You need some of those immigrants to vote for you in order to win.
    Romney and McCain received a higher portion of the Latino and minority vote than Trump or Cruz could ever hope to gain in 2008 and 2012 and they still lost! How do you expect to win the White House with less of the immigrant vote than in previous presidential election cycles?
    With the rhetoric being so heated you have immigrants and minorities itching to vote against Trump in the general. The applications for naturalization have soared to the millions because many immigrants who are not yet citizens want to become citizens to vote against Trump.
    Add to that huge unfavorables for Trump and no one generates as much animosity as he does. This means as much as you’ll all come out for Trump there will be just as many motivated to vote against him. This is why even though he’s leading the GOP primary he is behind Cruz in national polls. This spells big problems for Trump in a general election.
    Good luck winning another presidential election in the future GOP.

    1. The problem is the Dems pander,grovel and prostrate themselves to the ‘grunts (immigrants). The ‘grunts never respect a groveller or someone like Hillary who does an insincere speech to their face trying to ape their ebonics or their hillbilly drawl. Those type of ‘leaders’ are despised. They’re not leaders. They bend to lick the asses of constituents and you don’t even know who or WHAT lies beneath their two-faced mask.
      WHEREAS TRUMP leads with his image. Trump doesn’t try to be like his followers, rather it’s the other way around. Hispanics and blacks for Trump want to be more like trump. It’s a total flip of the white shame that the dems try to bank on. The dems and the rhino globalist traitors bank on the immigrants NOT assimilating. They don’t count on immigrants doing a 180° flip and doing the ‘TRUMP DANCE’ where they wave flags, talk like Trump, think like Trump and strive to be a part of TRUMP’S America.
      Immigrants doing the ‘Trump dance’ doesn’t sound impossible. People immitate who they respect or idolize. Back in the 70’s I remember in school, some of the white students carried cake cutter afro hair combes in their back pocket so they would look cool and mainly so they would look black. That’s right, whites trying to appear black like Rachel Dolezal were common in the 70’s. I knew some whites in middle school who grew out big teased afros and walked around the halls with a big cake cutter sticking out of their bush. That ‘race flipping’ or culture flipping can go both ways depending on who is dominant. Trump is extremely dominant and has a dominant personality that many people will emulate, immigrants included. Everyone wants to be like trump once they catch his ‘buzz’.

  39. TBH im surprised that the scandal is with women and not children. First time i saw that guy i thought he was a paedophile for sure.

  40. Cruz’s women seem to be the big mouthed boisterous type. Cruz’s big mouthed women emulate the Hollywood jewess or the educated ‘talking head’ prototype. Those types are show pieces at best and make poor mothers. If it’s ‘smart’ talkative women Cruz likes, fine. But there’s a difference between ‘smart’ and educated. College ‘educated’ women are much more barren at mothering whereas a compitent mother juggling 12 offspring has to be just as ‘smart’ but formal education will corrupt her natural calling.
    Cruz has no harem. Are you kidding? Let’s see Cruz stuff a sock in those women’s mouths and pile those gals up like a sammitch and put on the french dip like a king. Now THAT would be a harem. But those women . . none of them breed by him, hell that’s no harem. They aren’t even his women and he can’t control any of them either. I would respect a man that has command over a harem and who breeds his progeny purely and exclusively by his women.
    ‘Brains’ in a woman can be a curse or a blessing. God gave the ‘smart’ women brains so they could juggle multiple tit feedings, manage the many domestic duties and still find time to SERVICE HER MASTER the patriarch. Those loud mouthed political siren types that Cruz bangs probably don’t even clean their own bedrooms and have non-working ‘show’ breasts. Washington women don’t know their place and the entire system is in bed with the great fornicating, baby eating BITCH BEAST.
    Cruz’s woman choices indicate he’s got a chopped wiesel. Let’s do a line up and really judge these wannabe kings. Who’s zoomin’ who and who’s hiding what?

  41. they’re trying to get rid of trump, not cruz. they’ll tackle that when they get rid of trump. notice the news is all trumps shit all the time, no mention of that but hillary and the establishment will bring it up once trump is gone. notice no woman that was accused has sued yet? wouldn’t a strong independent woman sue like crazy over these allegations if they weren’t true? yet…no one has.

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