Swedish Government Passes New Law Giving Full Support To Single Motherhood

Assisted reproduction, like artificial insemination, has been an option for couples in Sweden for some time. On Friday, a new law came into force that gives single women the same right. Feminist crowds are cheering that voluntary single motherhood will now likely become more common in Sweden.

The facts show that this will undoubtedly make society worse. Poverty and crime are much more common with people growing up in female headed households. This can all be avoided if sperm donors refuse to give their sample to single women, but Sweden is such a “progressive” country that they probably won’t mind it.

Hundreds will do it every year

Previously, Swedish women went to other countries to have the treatment done, like Denmark and Finland. Based on the number of women going to these two countries in 2014, the National Board of Health and Welfare predicts that around 800 single women will become artificially impregnated in Sweden yearly.

Like couples, the single woman will first be evaluated by a doctor to see if she’s medically and psychologically fit to go through the procedure. Her “social condition” will also be taken into account. The child will be able to contact the sperm donor when it turns 18.

The two most conservative parties in the parliament voted against passing this new law, and for good reason. It doesn’t require a great stretch of the imagination to think that assisted reproduction will be more common when it becomes more easily available, and women won’t need to go abroad to get it. That means we will soon see an increase in single parent households, and more fatherless children.

More likely to be poor without a father


Growing up without a dad is not only terrible for the child itself, but also for society as a whole. Data shows that fatherless children are more likely to be poor, get involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of school, and suffer from poor physical and emotional health. While boys are more likely to become criminals, girls are more likely to become pregnant as teens. In the US, children living in female headed families are four times more likely to be poor than children with married parents.

It seems like the data indicates that fathers are quite important, yet that’s something our politicians don’t seem to care about. It’s ironic that they now support single women becoming mothers, making it seem like it’s a great step forward, when they’ve been telling men for so long that they have to take more responsibility as fathers. Why, I wonder, has absent dads been talked about as a problem, if women are perfectly capable of raising kids on their own? Maybe that proposition of legal abortion for men wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

No one wants Swedish men

It’s also ironic that this is happening in Sweden, probably the most progressively screwed up country in the world. Here, men are doing everything they can to accommodate the demands of rabid radical feminist women. Women are given welfare, affirmative action, and every other stupid leftist policy you can think of. Yet Swedish women seem less and less interested in having children with Swedish men. But maybe it’s not ironic, maybe it’s just in our nature. Females want males that are strong and dominant, not ones that are easy to push around and control. The more men want the approval of women, the less of it they get. If women don’t want Swedish men anymore, I really can’t blame them.

What bugs me is not just that people make bad decisions in life. You won’t be able to stop that no matter how hard you try to regulate society. It upsets me even more that I’m forced to finance people’s bad decisions. It’s not yet decided if single women themselves have to pay for the procedure to make them pregnant, or if the government will do it for them. But since it’s free of charge for couples, I predict that the treatment for single women will largely be payed for by the taxpayers as well. And that’s not the end of it. The one thing single mothers do well is leech off the welfare system. Working men and women will have to pay the bills when the single mother gets burnt out and quits her job to be a full-time crappy mom.


Hold sperm donors accountable

But the true bad guys here are not the stupid women, it’s the men who hand over their sperm to them. Sperm donors will have to consent to having their seed go to single women. If no one concedes to this, single women won’t have any semen to use and this whole thing won’t be an issue at all. But as most Swedish men are white knights, I believe many of them will volunteer to donate their sperm and see it as and act of solidarity with the poor women. Maybe you could argue that donors will profit from it in an evolutionary sense, but they still make society worse for everyone by knowingly and willingly creating fatherless children.

In the end, the real losers in this story are the kids who will grow up without a father, and with a mother who obviously cares little about their well-being. They’ll grow up not knowing where they come from and who they’re made of. Boys and girls won’t have the guidance of a strong father figure, and they’ll make stupid decisions because of it. Girls will have babies in their teens and create a new generation of screwed up youths.

They can thank feminism for ruining their lives before it even started.

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174 thoughts on “Swedish Government Passes New Law Giving Full Support To Single Motherhood”

  1. Where i am from everyone holds sweden and all the other Scandinavian countries up as an example of societies to emulate.
    Needless to say I can’t talk them out of it !!!
    I’ll just be extra smug when eventually it all comes crumbling down.

    1. The Scandinavian countries used to be the s#it back in the 80’s, early 90’s. So that much used to be true. I’ve been there and it was great. But not anymore.

      1. Yeah like everything man does it starts off great,with good intentions but eventually becomes a caricature of itself and so far removed from the original idea as to be unrecognizable.

        1. “Yeah like everything man does it starts off great,with good intentions but eventually becomes a caricature of itself and so far removed from the original idea as to be unrecognizable”
          Because men make one big mistake: they allow women to co-manage / manage civilization.

        2. This is true – Contraceptive Pill was for planned parenting Women’s response = sleeping around, No fault divorce to escape abusive marriages Women’s response = Hypergamy, etc etc we could go on and on Mens decent response nearly always ends in a womans/leftist negative use

      2. Bullshit, I grew up in Sweden back then and it was an absolute abomination, nogo zones for whites in every suburb, immigrants bullying teachers and making bomb threats in school, FGM at massive scale, honor killings etc.
        Not sure where the fuck you visited but sure as shit it can’t have been Sweden.

        1. True. But I still remember the 1960s, even if I looked into Sweden from the outside. And at that time you had something to show.
          Then Tage Erlander and Olof Palme with their helping bastards started the long planned destruction.

    2. “I’ll just be extra smug when eventually it all comes crumbling down”
      Me too, as I say to each idiot who was part of the destruction : “How does my ass taste on your mouth, bitch?”

      1. The problem is that they are just 1-2 steps ahead. That mentality is spreading all over the world.

    3. Every second day, there is a new video on “news sites” talking about how great Iceland or Sweden is. All you have to is ask “how much tax does each person pay on average?”
      In most cases that’s the only rebuttal you’ll ever need.
      However, the very fact that most sheeple don’t even think to ask that is depressing. “Wow I wish my country had universal healthcare, every type of welfare, paternity leave and unlimited geothermal energy”. Idiots.

    4. They are like blind zombies. Their programming swats dissenting opinions by pre-fabricated buzzwords like xenophobic,homophobic, etc… Their handlers have done a good job. But you might as well try to have a horse fly than convincing these hamster wheel moral relativists and contortionists of truth to see the world as a realist.

    5. Where are you?
      I dated the product of artificial insemination and she was a disaster, as was her mother.

      1. i would refer not to say bob,not because i think anyone will do anything but id prefer my opinions not to linked to anything that people have preconceived ideas about. Take me for who i am not from where i am.

        1. My question had less to do with who you are but rather a factual question concerning this country that holds Scandinavia in such high regard.

        2. i would just prefer not to say where im from
          People talk enough shit and just roll out the bog standard replies “if you are against A you must be B” etc
          I just couldn’t be listening to them say you only said because you are from there.
          Sorry if it doesnt make sense to you but it does to me.
          Besides it’s more than strongly hinted at bob

        3. I understand you not wanting to share potentially personal information that may reveal your identity. If you had said that, that would make sense. But this other stuff you’re saying has absolutely nothing to do with my initial question. That’s why it makes no sense to me.

  2. SJWs talk about “couple’s privilege” and “family privilege”.
    So on the one hand feminists think the state should normalize single-mother households, but on the other hand children who grow up with both parents or have significant relationships are “privileged”.
    Fried ice.

    1. It’s our fault. We men let this happen. We let them vote 100 years ago and now we are paying the consequences. Civilization is a men thing.

    2. 😂😂😂
      me and a friend were talking the other day and we realized just how genius and stupid liberal guilt trigger words are in their simplicity. you can apply it to everything, all you have to do is use the words shame and privilege and some soft hearted idiot will buy into it.
      I’m still waiting for the day that someone comes up with “slut shamer shaming” because it’s slut privilege to shame those against sluttery.

    3. A single mother society will eventually fall to a stronger society….you only need to wait it out.
      We’re seeing this happen, now, throughout Europe and it could spread.

  3. And if no males consent to raise a generation of fatherless Swedish children, don’t worry – the Swedish government will pass a law mandating the donation of sperm from men to inseminate the selfish, stupid women. Of course, that will lead to genetic screening of potential donors, and ultimately the creation of an ‘ideal Swede’ profile, and men meeting THAT profile will be forced to donate more – and eventually, it will be illegal for less desirable men to donate sperm, even in the context of their own marriages!
    Behold – the coming Swedish master race, serfs of the Swedish feminist-dominated government!

    1. ” the Swedish government will pass a law mandating the donation of sperm from men to ”
      Sperm is already something that can be produced from bone marrow.

  4. At this point it’s a matter of survival rather than choice. Nothing else matters if you don’t have the numbers to support a people. These women want a baby. They’re either going to get it from a Swede or Jamal.
    In my opinion it’s better to have boots on the ground first and foremost when shit hits the fan rather than producing a race of dindu thralls. No one makes better soldiers then guys who have nothing to lose except their nation.
    I just hope Sweden will have a clean and large enough genetic pool to make it…

    1. Under the current conditions it’s better to have Sweeden dissapear and become a cautionary tale for the rest of the world. Besides what good does it do to have an army of manginas raised to think women are goddesses?

      1. You speak like everything will continue as planned for the next 20-25 years. People will notice as things really go to shit. Never say “It can’t get worse” because it usually can.
        There has to be SOMETHING that will set people off. They just haven’t hit that threshold.

  5. We focus too much on the deleterious effects of feminism for men as a class of people perhaps. Truth is that from conception to the age of majority feminism really is a war on children. This law reflects the current status of children as the property of women. Whatever might have been the case under ‘patriarchy’ its becoming increasingly clear that for feminism children do not exist in their own right but are seen as an extension of the woman’s all sacred body as the modern seat of government

    1. Old daddy patriarchy out, new daddy government assistance and corporation control in. Meet your new benefactor. We lost the war before we even knew there was one. And all of our weak ran for assistance like kids to a candy store.

    2. Exactly, children have become fashion statements to women, nothing more. Like a dumbass celebrity with a chihuahua in her purse.

    3. I guess Sweden has sexual discrimination laws, and I don’t see why this cannot be contested by men wanting to be single dads (with a surrogate birth mother). They should be entitled just as much, but generally society doesn’t see a man as capable of rearing a child on his own as well as a woman, even if that woman is a no-hoper. If the single female candidates are vetted properly in theory they wont be deadbeats who will sponge off the system and they can support themselves.
      As it is currently any woman if she so chooses can go out and get pregnant to one of her hookups, and the system will come to her aid and support her right to be a single mom. If anything this new law will at least vet the applicants as worthwhile. Still I don’t agree with it as its that extra progressive step in the govt endorsing/approving of families without fathers. The more young men growing up to single moms, likely the more men in the future to support feminist causes.

  6. My friend and I made a bet a little while back on which Western nation will collapse first. I bet Sweden, and I just got one step closer to getting my money. Hopefully Swedish men can salvage what’s left of that country before it’s too late. It’s such a shame the West has come to this.

  7. I remember when a buddy of mine introduced to me his FWB and she added me on facebook.
    She was a single mother and her postings were pictures of her child.
    Then she had another one.
    And another one.
    So I unfriended that psycho.

  8. Male fuck juice is supposedly something that can be produced from bone marrow. So now dykes can have kids and if the sperm banks run dry, I suppose the ‘modern’ female can have one of her female friends donate the marrow, or maybe women will start inbreeding themselves.

    1. Well, atleast the eggs can be created like that too.
      Also consider that artificial wombs have been invented too. That alongside with advancement in AI and 3d-printing of organs/flesh makes the perfect woman according to personal taste.
      Considering the dependecy of women on men and the superior productive values of men, leads to the conclusion that this new tech will be hardest on women.
      They will be technically obselete.
      This might lead to woman having to regain their feminity, but quite frankly its simply messed up and looking at this new stuff is making the future seem not very great.

      1. And if the women won’t shape up, look at the advances in robotics and AI – soon, we’ll be able to ‘program’ an AI system to our likes, and have a sexbot / companion who won’t flake, won’t shit-test, and who never tires of sex.
        Then the feminists will try to have AI sex-bots declared living people with the same rights as others, so men can’t ‘use’ them just for sexual pleasure. Then, of course, they’ll have mandatory inputs to the programming algorithms so the sexbots will be just as obnoxious as the real thing.
        I’m starting to think that we can’t win.

        1. I doubt that. All this feminism crap is dependent on one thing: the male sexual drive.
          If one thing can get us to riot and to completely reject women (considering the feminsit spiral of madness) than it is not getting enough sex. All those betas of the future would kill for those robots.
          But that is likely unnecessary as not all countries have adopted feminism and as such men can get their robots there by immigrating.
          Think about it. One half of the earth full of 50 shades of grey robots and fugly body positive feminists, the other half full of some weird japanese robots and fat betas.
          Doesn’t the future look bright?
          I don’t know if it’s a good thing, but chances are that all of that social struggle will cause the Third World War and reset us before any of this comes to its conclusion.

      2. That sounds terrifying. I’m just as fed up with feminism as anybody else, but after reading that… That’s just unnatural. Man was never meant to go that far.
        Maybe the sexbots aren’t such a good idea after all.

        1. We’re venturing into an intelligence created extinction event.

        2. I don’t know what your religious/philosophical views are, but considering what’s happening in the west, I sometimes wonder if it isn’t God punishing us. We’ve gone way too far in just about every way. We’ve reached the point where we’re literally playing God. I can’t see this ending well.

      3. Artificial wombs are not yet a thing, so far as I have heard, but there are transgenic pigs with human histocompatibilty, which may be good enough, or, if not, then likely human wombs and ovaries may be grown in or transplanted to such pigs. Animal life support systems are likely to be far cheaper and more reliable than some mechanical contraption, anyway, so the pigs are probably better than an artificial womb as such.
        Edit :Another point is that human cloning is trivially easy if you do it by the third cell division, making identical octuplets. (Some can be frozen for later use if the test baby does well.) Sperm hs been and human eggs will soon be grown from stem cells, likely ovaries and other organs as well, and we can make stem cells from tiny skin or muscle samples. Together this allows being very selective about genetics, while at the same time allowing incredible fertility to those selected.
        With whole genome screening from the polar bodies cast off in the process of making an egg, pre-fertilization selection can take place, and sperm can be tagged with fluorescent markers binding only to the genes one is selecting against. This allows choosing not only the best parents, but the best possible genetics that those two people can produce in a child. (“Best” at preasent is mostly judged simply by having low mutation load). At least any chosen several remaining poor alleles can be corrected with CRISPR, and soon likely dozens or more. This means there is no reason why every kid can’t be top 1 in 1000 or more in looks, brains, athleticism, and personality by today’s standards, so overall 1 in a trillion – and since there have only been 100 billion humans ever, these kids will be paragons such as the world has never before seen.
        But another, darker possibility exists – the same tech that makes pigs human-histocompatible would also allow replacing the cells which are set to develop into the central nervous system of a human embryo early in gestation with the same cells from a pig or a lower primate. That brain can later be implanted via minimally invasive means with anything from crude pleasure/pain feedback to very complex neural implants to allow the resulting chimera to be controlled and trained completely and in detail, most likely by machines running deep learning algorithms. So if one started with an Audrey Hepburn clone one could get a fully functional, non-sentient sexbot and baby-maker that would be able to handle anything that a real-world “AI” plus a super-highly trained and motivated pig could handle, which would amount to most things you want to do, including housework, while being legally an animal plus a tissue culture or cadaver. Or for that matter, male versions of these could do most things people get paid to do – computers do nearly everything better than humans now, except deal with the real world in a real body, and animal brains do that almost as well as our own.
        So these meat-puppet flesh-bots may be our replacements, similar in structure to the robots of the very first robot story “RUR”, but rather than coming for the factory owners, they will be coming for the unenhanced citizens’ livelihood first. But real-flesh sexbots first, then worry about unintended consequences later.

        1. That artificial womb seems a bit sketchy – the claims are unattributed and,upon googling seem to be 20-30yrs. old. The device pictured wouldn’t work for early stages of pregnancy, either.

        2. I hope so. Well, I thought after hearing of synthetic eggs and sperm that an artificial womb isn’t that far fetched either.
          Should have been so quick about that.
          Thanks for clearing it up.

  9. That’s what cracks me up about people calling Trump on him being a misogynist and
    yet women want strong men.

    1. Trump is a misogynist but Muslims who cut their daughters’ genitals off are saints.

    2. trump upsets some women and coward hearted men because he’s vocal about being tired of the bullshit and not afraid of confrontation, hell it’s almost like he seeks it out. whereas the rest of these pacifists just sit on their hands and hope for utopia. I don’t agree with him on everything, but I definitely agree with him on a lot of things.

  10. The irony is that biologically it is the man the only one who can create life, as it is the natural dichotomy of reproduction, you either create life or contain it. Children are always children of men, derived from man’s status, derived from another dichotomy, men are ‘variation’ and women ‘stability’, in other words, males can have many children through different females, females can only contain one man’s creation. And this is also represented in men=polygyny, women=virginity. Biology
    No woman in this world has ever been capable of creating life unless he has an orgasm inside of her, because that is masculinity. It is curious that our biology defines our social behavior, for example: The ovule is also a container for the DNA of her father. Women are containers, men are creators, and so, women live like parasites waiting to be fed and given things(containers), while men give them “society”, life support, diversion, meaning(for example ‘woman’, beauty, femininity, humanity, etc), and everything you see around that has been created by men.
    This is masculinization and it is related to “female inferiority”. In fact it proves how society already defines females as being “very” inferior, and to disguise this reality, the state creates all these “inferiority laws” to favor women, and emasculates men with guilt, myths, and false concept of masculinity and responsibility to manipulate men:
    We don’t notice, but that is an attempt to turn the female into a “macho” where men inevitably become artificial females, due to the natural dichotomy of the sexes. For example: contraception pill, so she doesn’t get pregnant like a man, abortion as if she didn’t had a womb like a man doesn’t, abortion the euphemism to humanize her or hide her lack of humanity, false sexuality that leads to promiscuity as if she could be really sexual like a man, making men responsible for her biology as if he was the one with a womb inside him, giving her his sperm, as if she was able to create life, etc., giving her his money as if she was dominant. All this “Masculinization” would NOT exist if women were not very inferior before the eyes of the state.. the irony.
    So for equality to happen someone has to work/give more to compensate for the inferiority of others, and someone has to inhibit his own sexuality, dominance, capacity, superiority, history of achievements(with oppression myths), etc. For “equality” he has to be less of a man, so we can depict her more as a “male”.
    Equality is privilege for the inferior. Don’t fool yourselves, women have always been extremely privileged one way or another since the creation of the state, which is by definition the enemy of men as it represents a false alpha, a false father.
    The irony is that men for being paternal do nothing about women stealing his:
    – Sperm,- Children,- Money,- Opportunities, -Masculinity of boys/men, etc
    The irony is that the state does exactly the same women do, the state steals from men, and with it pretends to be important. No merit, no worth, just a big parasite pretending fairness through equality.
    Men are in denial, about so many things about who we really are and what is happening. Too bad that there is no way to communicate what science says that happens to be VERY contradictory to what they say, rather you have to watch all the media promoting a complete distorted interpretation of reality, that people get to believe. (many times even men reading these forums get to believe… including me) Lies, our precious society is a fantasy world made of lies.

    1. “Equality is privilege for the inferior.”
      Far too often, and this reminds me of some choice Eric Hoffer aphorisms…oh, how the cruelties of society’s Bell Curve swing both ways.

  11. Men have absolutely no reproductive rights. Yet men have absolute control over reproduction – if they use their heads. MEN – DO NOT GIVE YOUR SPERM TO SPERM BANKS!! If you want to see feminism disappear in the blink of an eye – DO NOT GET WOMEN PREGNANT!!

        1. Condoms cannot solve these kinds of problems because the women can cheat by stealing sperm.

    1. Back in the day they used to sew a letter “A” for adultery to a woman’s clothing….. maybe they should sew an “S” for slut or a “W” for whore????

      1. and “J” for jew – then some will have all 3 –“SJW”
        that’ll make it real easy to know who to get the fuck away from

  12. It is our fucking fault. We men are seeing how our taxes, our money, is being used by women to get rid of us. In exchange of some easy lays during our 20’s. And we are doing nothing against it.

      1. I’m not sure. Abandon the west and convert to Islam? I think that west has passed the point of no return.

        1. So convert and be done. Sunshine patriots no one needs.
          So glad you were never in a foxhole with me. I would have shot you myself.

        2. The only foxholes here are women’s pussies. You are not getting it. Islam and marxism are conquering Europe (and the US) without shooting a single bullet.

      2. 1) Do not support businesses that promote/lobby for such interests.
        2) Start your own business
        3) Have productive conversations among men within your circle
        4) Get out of urban centers
        5) Run for political office at a local level if outside of urban centers
        6) If you are fairly successful hire a good accountant to do your taxes
        7) Stick to your morals without criticizing others in ways you can regret
        8) Refuse to comply with silence or deception
        9) Do not consume modern media
        10) Learn to work with your hands and obtain proficiency in anything/everything you would otherwise pay for within reason
        11) Understand that everything is cyclical and let the Bolsheviks and feminists eat their own as they always do
        12) Learn to say no and fuck you to belligerents
        13) Keep off the radar as much as possible (see #s 2-4 & 6-8)

    1. No. We are currently in the minority as women, invaders and leftists are now in the majority. They all share the same characteristics, but don’t sweat it. What cannot continue, simply won’t. No matter how many threats or people they murder. Their stupid, but think they “know” better. If we simply “believed” as they do. It all ends the same.

        1. We? I am all for voter ID and most European institutions hold American election standards as a complete joke. The US elections are rife with fraud and corrupt polls and everyone knows it.

        2. “We? I am all for voter ID and most European institutions hold American election standards as a complete joke. The US elections are rife with fraud and corrupt polls and everyone knows it.”
          Elections rife with fraud? They must be racists not to know that having armed Black Muslims provide security, at voting places, prevents all fraud:

          Keeping America safe every election since 2008.
          Secure polling places ensure proper vote tallies.
          In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney got zero votes:
          “It’s one thing for a Democratic presidential candidate to dominate a Democratic city like Philadelphia, but check out this head-spinning figure: In 59 voting divisions in the city, Mitt Romney received not one vote. Zero. Zilch.
          “These are the kind of numbers that send Republicans into paroxysms of voter-fraud angst, but such results may not be so startling after all.”

        3. “So vote a few times. Cemeteries always tend to vote blue anyway”
          It seems deaths transforms everyone into a Democrat; or at least those who are concerned enough about the Earth to continue voting from the afterlife; the ultimate Silent Majority, if you will.

  13. Why don’t the men of Sweden all just leave Sweden and let the women rule themselves? Let’s see how long they really last

    1. My money is on Swedish women doing what American women are doing nowadays: putting messages on the Net looking for betas to shovel off their driveways of snow. Of course, assuming that Scandinavia is turning into Scandinaviastan, I wonder how many of these women will end up having their backyards raked and plowed by refugees, if you catch my drift. So yeah, they won’t last long.

  14. We should be happy that Sweden has taken the lead on so many self destructive policies. Eventually they will not be able to double down on stupidity provide a great example for many other nations of exactly what not to do. For years the party line example for functional socialism has been Scandinavia but it will become the great ball-less masses of Sweden pointing fingers post collapse.

  15. I watched a show a while back about a bunch of fat dykes in the UK trying to conceive. In one instance a skinny fag jerked off into a turkey baster and the fat rug muncher then disappeared into the bathroom to baste her turkey. I’m not joking. I couldn’t expel the memory out of my brain. How much love was involved in that conception? Shit be fucked up……

    1. Why are you watching this? As a seemingly reasonable fellow the only thing such a program will give you is depression and high blood pressure

    2. Another reason not to celebrate Thanksgiving. Don’t want to know what they make the stuffing out of.

        1. It’s not Thanksgiving that I’m opposed to. I think in itself it’s a good concept. Celebrate and be thankful for what you have. The whole thing, however, has been corrupted by commercialization and as a whole is depressing. People nowadays would be shopping than staying home, just shopping for more crap so they get more likes on Facebook and whatever the equivalent is on Instagram.

        2. I agree with your sentiment. In my family we host anybody and everybody for a dinner with no judgement or agendas. I began taking my friends to my families thanksgiving 20 years ago. We started with 16 people in my immediate family under my grandparents and now get upwards of 60 including those same friends and their families. If dignity is worth a couple bucks to people I’d say fuck em and exploit their crapitis myself if they have no redeeming qualities.

  16. Sweden can be saved, but certain things must be done
    1. Bring back viking raids. Swedes must allow disenfranchised men to band together in pirate gangs and pirate the Muslim countries for booty and slaves
    2. Appoint Linis Torvalds as king for life. Yes I know, linus is a Finn, but seriously, who wouldnt want to their King to be that guy?
    3. Hire Julian Blanc to be head minister of education.

    1. I like the raids idea but numbers 2 and 3 are not a solution. Scandinavia would be in a much better position if they sought ex-pat traditional bears from places outside of Europe. This comes with a caveat of excluding Minnesota, Canada and other mass exodus locales. Scandinavia needs a hall chieftain style monarch with family to match and not a flash in the pan inhouse option.

      1. Its very important to educate the youth properly, although not a Norseman, Mr Blanc is a descendent of the Swiss, whose mercenaries were so terrifying that they were banned in Europe. Youve heard of viking raids in France, and italy and England, have you ever heard of Vikings raiding Zurich? No? Thats because Ragnar Lothbruk wasnt stupid.
        It is necessary to hire Mr Blanc, because having pillaged and slain nearly evey sort of pussy on Earth, he is the only one who understands the essential truth of dealing woth the wild untamed soil of woman in her pure essential self and fucking it.
        And this is important, because right now Sweden has arguably the most batshit crazy women on the planet. They are so utterly depraved that they have forced the importation of a horde of foreign invaders to pillage and rape them. Thats how bad it is.

  17. What needs to be done here is an article on tax minimisation and tax avoidance.. Once the state goes ineptocratic, it’s time to bankrupt it.
    The kicker is that none of this is possible without men generating excess economic activity so that it can be redistributed.. Even with women working in large numbers, they rarely average out as NET tax payers (contributing more in taxation than they consume over a lifetime), the simple fact is women are considerably more expensive for the state to maintain than men.
    To reduce your tax contribution, even as a low income earner is without a doubt the most powerful protest you can make. When votes are divided equally and provided to non stakeholders, it was only a matter of time before people started voting themselves more at someone else’s expense. Plan to reduce your taxes and not only will you increase your own standard of living, but you place pressure on the government where it hurts the most, revenue..
    Now this may seem like a big ask given how large governments and their incomes are, but the 80/20 rule applies in exactly the same way it does elsewhere. Again 80% of income taxes are generated by around the 20% of tax payers who are actually NET contributors, there is a very good chance that if you are reading this then you are in that 20%. You have significant leverage because of this, and these governments pandering to feminists are further skewing that leverage in your favor with policies such as the one in the above article.

    1. I couldn’t tell you how to minimise taxes as an employee, but if you run your own business you can pay basically fuck off all corporation taxes, income taxes, inheritance taxes, VAT and so on.

      1. If you itemize and avoid state and local municipalities of heavy taxation you can avoid cumbersome tributes to post modern excesses including bums and special interests

    2. If you are not a small cash and carry business then you should start one immediately. Read your state and federal tax codes if you are new to saying no. It will shock you how complex and ambiguous these behemoth documents are. If you are under a million in revenue and under a certain number of employees you can effectively pay no taxes if you incorporate and bean count. I encourage all men to take courses in finance and accounting in America. We do not have any semblance of a flat tax so get while the getting is good

      1. What’s a good idea for a cash carry business that makes good money but you don’t have to devote your life to? My parents used to own a gas station, and it was their life. 7 days a week, everyday of the year. My mom opened the store in the morning, my dad came around noon and stayed until closing. My mom went home to take care of us kids and fix dinner, go back at night to feed my dad and close the store with him. Yes they made a ton of money, but I definitely can’t do what they did.

        1. Most physical businesses can operate a significant cash component.
          Just be careful, don’t bank cash income and be smart with how you write off the product used from your general inventory. Abnormally high inventory “shrinkage” will set off alarm bells if you ever get audited.

      1. It is, and it isn’t.
        I’m an Australian citizen, but Hong Kong resident for tax purposes. The US citizens I know here face far more stringent requirements even while being non residents.
        Most will have a difficult time just packing up and leaving to minimise taxes as an individual. But i’m looking at what those individuals who can’t play outside the system can do, because they all said and done are the fodder being used to feed the machine.

    3. definitely been thinking about it, we men must aply it in real life, we must get a plan of action

  18. I absolutely despise single moms. They do nothing but ruin generations of youth.

  19. What about single fatherhood? In the name of equality male swedes should demand single fatherhood be paid by the government

    1. yes ! and by law it will pass. the Swede are big on equality.
      this will all turn into a big welfare program that will be gamed !
      a couple will have 2 kids and then split up and move in next door to each other. Each spouse will claim a child and then seek support.
      they will both get a welfare check. the government will be de facto subsidizing the entire family.

  20. Off topic…but I worked at Comic-Con the last 3 days, I was a brand ambassador for a biotech company, we were taking blood donations from people for stem cell research. I made several observations about our society that explains why America is a cuck-nation:
    -grown men getting dressed up as comic book characters, wearing capes, walking around with light sabers and magic wands
    -men are so afraid to touch women. They’ll see a girl in a cool costume and ask to take her pic..I’ll tell the guy to go take a pic with the girls and he’ll awkwardly keep his hands by his sides. One guy even held his hands together, as if to make 100% sure he would not accidentally touch the girl
    -the average American man is content with being a sad kunt. They just do not give a fuck about how bad they look. They are also content with marrying a fat woman and taking care of another man’s kids.
    -girls will have long conversations with me while their boyfriends stand idly by the side holding her bags, the both of just ignoring him and not include him in the conversation
    -I used to think homosexuals were naturally born that way, but today I think boys are actually groomed to be queers. When I was in high school I had zero exposure to any gays. But this weekend I encountered so many young high school boys that were fruity as fuck. Boys are hanging out with girls, but instead of smashing them, they are becoming like them. It’s like the cool thing now to be a faggot
    -women are just degenerates that like to color their hair unnatural colors. Ugly women make themselves uglier with tattoos and piercings. Even though these women are ugly as fuck, they still manage to find a man that does whatever she tells him.

    1. Indeed. I see these weak men all of the time (with girl friends or wives). It’s sad to see them standing there just holding her bags (shopping) while she’s talking to friends or coworkers. I had one stop to see me at my work and her sad little boyfriend was standing off to the side (like a son, not a boyfriend).
      These “men” were probably raised by single mothers (or had a weak father in the household).

    2. “men are so afraid to touch women.” This is what happens when we have brainwashed with propaganda portraying women as untouchable creatures to be put on a pedestal. Also don’t forget the sexual harassment made-up shit.

    3. It’s no surprise they do this. One wrong move and….
      To be fair girls who act “nerdy” to face less competition from other females aren’t usually that stable to begin with.

  21. An act of total selfishness. These women only care about themselves and just want to score brownie points with their so called progressive friends. The best and of course natural way to raise a child is by it’s biological mother and biological father under the same roof.
    They will treat the child as some sort of an accessory and as an extension of themselves rather than another living person which is a trait of narcissists.
    Gavin McInnes did a good take down on the whole glorification of being a single mother.

  22. Here we go again. It would be like if a bunch of terrorists were paid to commit an act of war on a country, and the men in that country actually engaged in battle with the terrorists losing their lives and walking away from the battle disabled. All the while, the financiers sit back and laugh.
    What’s going on in Sweden needs to be seen for what it really is. An act of war by a foreign group to accomplish the complete takeover of a society through cultural marxism rather than with tanks and bombs. To win the battle against cultural marxism, the head of the snake needs to be cut off. The beast that finances feminism and every other satanic initiative, needs to be destroyed. Going back to the analogy, if a bunch of terrorists were financed to commit an act of war against your homeland, instead of engaging the terrorists head-on, you by-pass the terrorists and you go after the system and group that financed the attack.
    The western central banking system and it’s never-ending fiat debt based creation of money needs to be shut down. How that can be done? Maybe through prayers, and then a Soviet era banking collapse might occur freeing all of us men from the bondage of liberalism and feminism. Then us men can reverse affirmative action, EEO, welfare, no-fault divorce, child support, “equal rights”, forced diversity. If a female wants to have a kid, then she’ll have to support that kid on her own with no welfare and no help of affirmative action laws to give her a job she doesn’t deserve. She’ll have to either find a husband to have a kid with, or her and the kid can starve in the streets together, or the kid could be given up for adoption. No more welfare. No more affirmative action and EEO. NO more. It’s got to end. The central banking system, wall street, and the FED need to be replaced with a sound monetary system. We need to join BRICS with Russia. Only then, will you hear the knashing of teeth from the purple haired feminists.
    For the first time in human history, worthless non-producers of society are literally paid to reproduce in large numbers while the working class that pays for it reproduces in small numbers. For the first time in human history, you’ll find women at corporations in management telling other men what to do. That is an abomination against God and mankind. It needs to come to an end. No more.
    Let’s all pray the rosary. Let’s all pray to God that through divine intervention, the financial system can be dissolved. And on that day, if you are working at a corporation, and you receive the news that the system has just been wiped out, that means there is no police or security force that can protect everyone. At that moment, you can announce over the intercom at work that all females must leave the building and never come back. And if they don’t leave, us men can physically throw them out. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to walk into an office of HR cunts and throw each of them out the same way a bouncer throws someone out of a bar? If the system crashes, that day will become a reality. Can’t wait!!! Because it is coming. Hopefully soon. Hopefully tomorrow. I’m ready. The very second that I hear that the dollar has completely collapsed and dissolved, I’ll walk into the office of HR cunts and tell them to get the hell out. Of course in that scenario I wouldn’t have a job myself because of a collapse, but it would be nice and a victory to use those last few minutes to tell the HR cunts to leave the building and then bounce them all out. Then I’d go find each female manager, have them get on their knees and beg for forgiveness from me. Then I’d grab each by the hair and drag them out of the building and toss them out into the parking lot as me and all my male coworkers hi-five each other.

    1. I take it you’ve had bad experiences with HR. What corporate HR actually is if you analyze it, HR is a satellite installation of social workers into the corporation. In any school or hospital, there’s also a branch or office with counsellers and the facility social worker. Same thing. It’s another satellite of the socialist services. In courts there’s the adjunct motley scavenging of CASA workers, women’s advocates, free legal aid office for flakey women and the entire feminist family kangaroo court theater. They all amount to a satellite infestation of social workers organized within the courts. Then there are numerous ‘mandated’ reporters or ‘snitches’ within doctors offices, public employee’s offices, fire departments, and the ‘mandated reporters’ are like cumpulsory forced deputy agent enforcers of social marxist agenda.
      The tentacles of the BITCH BULWARK reach deep now into many corners of civilization. Once we remove the metastasized parts and begin yanking on the root of the social fascism, civilization will rebound like an obstruction has just been removed from its airway or vascular system.
      THEY ALL need routed and rooted out.

    2. There is no one or group able to stand up against The System, it is entrenched and has gone too far. It is like cancer at the late stage. You can no longer cure it. It has to destroy the host. But then, the ones who built the system will replace it with another much worse. An individual is better off living outside The System. It is tough, but it is doable.

  23. Fortunately in the USA we are seeing more and more sperm donors being sued for child support and in some cases, being forced to pay it. Hopefully this will discourage guys from participating in this activity.
    If we are lucky, the current legal barrier that is supposed to shield such donors from child support liabilities will be struck down by some activist high court, with the justification being that “someone has to pay for all these kids.”
    There is no honor in creating children who will not have dads. None.

    1. Donated sperm can be bought by anyone. It could be used for cloning with animals or different species. You never know where it goes when ”ye throw ye seed into the fire”. It is commanded not to ”throw ye seed into the fire” be it into the anus of oxen or into the viles of men with lab coats.

      1. It could be used for cloning with animals or different species.

        A truly frightening outcome indeed. I can’t imagine sperm banks would hold onto that stuff forever.

    2. Are you serious on this…this can’t be via a sperm bank as I thought you signed waivers and were anonymous so I am assuming its in respect of private arrangements where a male friend has donated to a female friend and it was a handshake agreement. Then she puts his name on the birth register, gets some post natal depression and now decides its not fair she has to do this on her own and he has plenty of money, type situation Is that the case?
      I’d want revenge on the double crossing bitch.

        1. Wow. Reading the article from a certain aspect I can appreciate how that came about. It was not a case of the lesbians changing their mind or trying to go him for money. It was the state trying to recover money…taxpayer money that was spent on the two women. Seems they don’t make much money so the state gave them welfare assistance for the baby, then it finds out about the sperm donor and tries to recover from him. They would have known it was a shitty thing to do, and the guy really should not be on the hook for anything as he is not a parent but a random dude, but at the same time the state was trying to do the right thing by its tax payers. The bottom line it seems is the lesbians were not financially sufficient to have a baby on their own without relying on govt support. This was not an oops baby but a deliberate choice to have one when they could not afford it (well thats what it seems to me).
          The case is a good warning to any would be donors to check local laws. Even if there was a contract in place it could not over ride govt laws.

      1. The cases in which child support was successfully obtained involved private donations that occurred without medical supervision. The Marotta case in Kansas is the most infamous example of this.
        However, people who did donate sperm under a doctor’s supervision, which is normally covered by legal waivers, have been sued as well. In one case in Pennsylvania a trial court ruled that a man who provided sperm for a paramour’s IVF pregnancy was liable for child support, but this was later overturned by that state’s highest court.
        I’m speculating that it is only a matter of time before some activist judge somewhere rules that such a legal waiver is void and a donor will indeed be liable for the child. Given how more and more states are feeling the crush of huge welfare rolls, on top of them generally being hungry for money any way they can get it, this will be a practical decision more than anything else.
        In the mean time, no guy should give up control of his seed in such a way as to be open to that risk.

  24. Unfortunately this fiasco with Trump having to walk back saying that women should be punished for having abortions only proves that this is coming soon to America once queen Hillary is elected. Even conservatives are saying that a women must never be punished or held accountable for anything. Only men need to be held accountable to pay taxes to support whatever choice women make.

  25. Just another way the elite is creating broken people for the next generation so they can be more easily controlled.

  26. It would seem that the roles have switched in Sweden. Many Western men don’t want a western wife anymore, and the Western women are marrying their jobs. Now, we see Swedish women who are actually being PAID to not have husbands. So…
    MEN, the job market will open up for you. While these Swedish feminazis (my new word, I don’t care how historically incorrect it is) waste away raising children who (most) will suffer such incredible horrors during childhood that they will actually grow up YEARNING for a partner in parenthood, you MEN can take the jobs that these single mothers WOULD HAVE TAKEN if the government didn’t already wipe their asses for them.
    This bullshit “yay, single motherhood!” mentality will only last one generation, whether anyone likes it or not. The most ironic part of it all is going to be put to stop by the KIDS, the VICTIMS of this horrible crime.
    That being said, the first country to sink is Sweden, and Germany is following closely behind. I guarantee if Merkel was born twenty years ago (instead of, like, a hundred and twenty), she would STILL be fighting for a single-motherhood-socialist country, along with her male-hating pack of blue-haired fatties who live with their cats.
    I’ll enjoy watching the rebuild though.

    1. There will be nothing to rebuild once Sweden falls, it will no longer be recognizable. Hopefully western Europe will see Sweden’s fate and work to not suffer the same, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

    2. “That being said, the first country to sink is Sweden, and Germany is following closely behind”
      The youtuber Black Pigeon Speaks said in an interview that Canada was on par with Sweden in terms of the raise twirking down the drain.

    3. “MEN, the job market will open up for you. (…) I’ll enjoy watching the rebuild though.”
      No, there will not be any jobs for white men, nor will there by any rebuilding of Sweden; it’s done.
      And youtuber Black Pigeon Speaks said that Canada is easily on par with Sweden in the race towards its demise.

  27. I wonder how many Swedish women will come crying for male protection when the “migrant” rapists come?

  28. I said it once, I’ll say it again.. expect a fuckload of half-cast babies born in Sweden in the next 10 years.

  29. Bloody hell. Sweden is like the petri dish of multi culti and culural marxism. Western nations, observe and act or this is what awaits you.

    1. It’s much worse than most people imagine actually. There are places where you don’t see it that much, but where blue collar workers live it’s just insane.
      Sweden having more rapes pro capita than most of Africa should be enough of an indicator…

        1. Going off memory there was one or maybe two countries that had barely higher stats p, most had significantly lower. Google it, multiple articles out there about it including statistics and sources etc.

      1. I remember gaming this Somali looking hot girl in London:
        Me – “So, where are you from?”
        Her – “I am Swedish”
        I bursted out in laughter and told her, thinking she was joking, “Of course. And I am from Congo (I am white as a sheet)
        Let’s say the interaction did not go too well

        1. Hahaha yeah, must’ve not been taken too well… I was born there but renounced citizenship as soon as I could (at 18) and never looked back. Haven’t even set foot there since 2002 when I visited some old buddies… Told them to gtfo… One did only to boomerang back and now he’s just miserable. What makes guys do that shit is beyond me, this is a guy who has been all over the world so I would have thought he would have gained some common sense.

        2. I have never encountered a country where tyhe level of self hate is so high. It was sickening

  30. The endgame of feminism is to eliminate sex altogether and procreate using only artificial means. I mean, why do these single sluts need “assistance” to get pregnant when they could just fuck random guys? It’s obvious that they view sex negatively.

  31. Any Swedes here? What would it take for a revolution to start? Perhaps they would know best.

    1. Ex Swedish here.. Renounced citizenship and GTFO a good while ago.
      What it would take is replacing 100% of the native population with people who have some sense of identity and pride, like say uh Russians or other eastern people…
      Screw that, I recommend for everyone to exit stage left and go somewhere with some chance at life and happiness.

      1. How about Muslims? Lots of Muslims available. Very manly bearded Muslims who don’t take no for an answer. They are sort of like Christian grey, except for more facial hair, no money, way uglier, and a moderate goat fetish.

        1. Why would I care about muslims? If the Swedish like em so much, that’s not my problem.
          I don’t care why people behave like primitive monkeys, they can put their motives in a pipe and smoke ’em, I’m going somewhere else to do my thing in peace.

  32. Still big differences between the Nordic countries though.
    I would rank them, from best to worst, on the Conservative/Sensible Nationalist to the retarded SJW/Liberal scale;
    1. Denmark
    3. Finland
    4. Sweden

  33. Uh, I haz a question. If single, Swedish women can getz money from gubbermint, then who impregnates them? I mean if white guy even looks at the single woman with a prurient thought, he will be thrown in jail. So who or what or how does the single woman become pregnant? Gotta know.

  34. Swedish women are the biggest whores on this planet, being the child of one of these vermin must be hell.

  35. Respectable white men don’t donate sperm to clinics so where are they going to get their supply from? I mean both Canada and the UK alredy has a huge shortage of donors and imports from other countries. Im sure Sweden won’t be any different.
    Oooh yeah… They could always use the abundance of rapefugees. Im sure that source won’t dry up any time soon.

  36. Not just in Sweden. Even in my traditional country India, where gangarapes occur, feminism has taken a strong hold. And it is a stab in the back to see a lot of white knights calling themselves feminists than women themselves. That’s why we have an ancient south Indian adage – A women creates the world as well as destroys it.

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