Peak Female Privilege: Madonna Gropes And Exposes 17-Year-Old Girl Without Punishment

During her recent tour of Australia, Madonna brought a 17-year-old girl on stage, groped her breast, and then deliberately exposed it to thousands of concertgoers in Brisbane. The majority of attendees had access to cameras or phone-cameras, which were able to capture the incident in more than sufficient detail. No charges have been laid yet and Madonna is presently in a bitter child custody dispute with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

In Australia, like most other countries, there are severe theoretical penalties for both sexual assault and producing nude images of minors. I say theoretical because these provisions are invariably not used to punish women, from female teacher sex abusers to girls who have sex with incapacitated men.

What we are witnessing, and not just with the Madonna debacle in Brisbane, is a new peak for female privilege. Women can condemn men to time in prison for mere allegations, often interspersed with inconsistencies and proven lies, while women commit these same acts on camera with no repercussions.

The 17-year-old girl groped and exposed by Madonna, Josephine Georgiou.

The initial claim from the Material Girl singer’s camp was that the exposure of Josephine Georgiou was unintended, but this does not explain Madonna’s initial groping or the fact that just before she pulled the top down she said, “She’s the kind of girl that you just want to slap on the a** and pull…”

Having read about and researched what happened, I waited for some sort of rebuke for Madonna from the powers-that-be, irrespective of whether they would charge her. Nothing came. Media personality Piers Morgan did launch a stinging attack on her, but it meant much less when we consider the pair have been at war for a long time.

Here come the excuses

Attention seeker and pussy pass holder.

Some who comment on stories like this typically say that the girl in question looks older and that age-related consent and nudity laws are “arbitrary.” That may be so, but there is almost always nothing arbitrary when a man defies them. He is charged, dragged through the court of public opinion, convicted by an actual court, and branded a sex offender for life, both officially and unofficially. Plus, when she was less made-up and sought more celebrityhood via a TV interview afterwards, Josephine Georgiou did look younger.

Georgiou, an aspiring model, labeled the encounter “the best moment” of her life (what does this say about modern girls?). Two unfortunate realities make this confession close to meaningless, though. First of all, both men and women have been taught to believe that women cannot usually be guilty of sexual crimes, even when there is incontrovertible evidence and the same act is considered sexual assault when done by a man. In Ireland, for example, police charged a 16-year-old boy for statutory rape when the female “victim” was the same age. If the boy were a girl, his reported mental illness and dysfunctional family situation would mean that the charges would likely have already been dropped.

This Irish farce is reminiscent of the scandal at the elite Milton Academy in Massachusetts some years ago, over which boys were forced to admit fault for having sex with a girl. The girl herself was not charged for performing oral sex on an underage 15-year-old boy. Such laws almost always reflect the widespread belief that “women cannot be sex offenders.” Even when they are repealed, the thinking behind them, including when prosecutorial decisions are made, remains firmly intact.

Secondly, and primarily in relation to the exposure, the girl is underage. No amount of “I was fine with it” changes that people under 18 cannot consent to being filmed whilst naked. This had nothing to do with “art,” nor did the footage center on something like a private video of teenage friends sunbathing topless at a beach. Rather, the act was beamed around the world and, more to the point, in front of thousands of people present.

Child custody dispute? No matter, Madonna

Madonna’s strange behavior started long before the Brisbane incident, yet has had no real impact on her child custody chances.

How many fathers can safely say they could grope an underage girl in public, expose her, and then find themselves without consequences during an acrimonious child custody dispute? Not many, and Madonna’s ex-spouse Guy Ritchie would not be one of them. Despite a wholesome preexisting image (it takes a saint to put up with Madonna’s noted diva behavior, after all), he would not be afforded the benefit of the doubt, let alone the pathetic excuses handed to his former wife.

As I said before, it would be nice if the lack of legal consequences for Madonna were mitigated by greater social condemnation of her. At a time when sexual assault is supposedly a major issue, albeit through hysterical witch-hunts like the one that flared up again against Jian Ghomeshi, the silence is deafening.

I get rather sick of saying this sort of thing, but the public nature of what Madonna did at least shows the double standard for what it is.

In the end, men and women are different. Some hypocrisies, however, are much more intolerable than others and must be challenged.

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281 thoughts on “Peak Female Privilege: Madonna Gropes And Exposes 17-Year-Old Girl Without Punishment”

    1. because she exposes the breasts of minors and other ridiculous acts till people pay attention.
      She like the caged monkey int he zoo flinging shit at the visitor screen.

    2. Because she keeps getting shoved in people’s faces. Like every other celebrity…

      1. Actually, she is the Kabbalah initiation ritual for many a celebrity to pass through for wealth and forgiveness. See what becomes of this newly minted teen ‘celebrity’ in the next two years. Her kiss did wonders for the fading stars of Christina Aguilera and demented Britney Spears.

    3. I had to look up her history, because Madonna is someone I’ve never, ever “gotten.” Her top selling single appears to be “Like A Prayer”:

      Being completely objective, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt: She has a good voice, and is thin. But that’s it. I don’t even give a shit about her dancing. The lyrics are ridiculous and childish “When you call my name, it’s like a little prayer. I’m down on my knees. I want to take you there”. Take me where? How is calling a name like a prayer? I guess in the childish sense of “I will pray for a new toy” she is saying she will fulfill a fantasy or give a reward. But nothing to do with the real meaning of prayer by an adult.
      And full of stupid shit that doesn’t make any sense at all:
      “You’re in control, just like a child. Now I’m dancing” Huh??!??
      I’m sorry, I’ll never understand it. The sad thing is there’s even less raw talent in many of the new acts today. I think she is only famous for breaking taboos (the book where she pokes her pussy in a mirror, the video above where she gets kissed by a black priest, the stunt above revealing a teenagers breast, etc.)

      1. I was never a fan of Madonna and thought she was a hack even back when she was the biggest thing short of Michael Jackson. That said, I think Steve Buscemi’s explanation of the song Like a Virgin in Reservoir dogs (look it up) as a song about big cocks has the benefit of being a) hilarious b) perfectly accurate about the song c) a perfect summation of madona’s career and personhood and, amazingly enough, d) works as an analogy for the state of the world even now. some 25 or so years after Reservoir dogs was first released.

        1. That movie is a must see for anybody on this site. Fucking red pill to the max.

        2. It was Quentin Tarantino’s character who did the speech about Like A Virgin.

        3. You are correct my friend. It is Buscemi who does the bit on not tipping waitresses (also an amazing speech). THank you for the clarification.

        4. every freaking minute of that movie is red pill gold.

        5. I was thinking the same thing. He must have gotten converted at some point to the feminist cult. Probably was told that if he did not shape up he would not be allowed into the halls of power.

  1. Madonna has made a decades long career out of being a whore.
    And at her current age it’s absolutely fucking disgusting to witness.
    I honestly believe people like her are whats wrong with the world and the most glaringly obvious face of the problems we face.
    What does she actually do ?? she has no talent other than to be sexually suggestive. She can’t sing,she doesnt write lyrics,she doesnt play an instrument,she can copy a few dance moves like a well trained monkey and thats about it.
    Keep up the good work ROK. Keep highlighting the inequalities,the hypocrisy and the fucking insanity of the left,elite,feminists and the globalists. I’m grateful to know I am not alone.

    1. Wow, she’s a dried up hag now – makeup don’t hide that. Was a time where I really wanted to bang her, but now those memories just give me a bad taste in my mouth.

      1. The last movie she was actually decent in was partly about her becoming a bitter hag.
        And that was in 1990. Dick Tracy, with Warren Beatty.

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      2. I personally found her disgusting even when she was young, I am more attracted to more decent looking celebrities (stylish actresses for example). If I wanted to fuck a whore I would fuck right away a prostitute, which makes things clear and easier:
        1) you are disgusting but hot
        2) i want sex i pay you fuck me

      3. She always had a high-T look about her, which is probably why her sex drive is so high.

    2. “People like her”. On some level, EVERYONE is like her. However, most of us don’t act like her because we are held accountable for our actions.

    3. Recently I was shown her “Bitch, I’m Madonna” feat. (ugh) Nicki Minaj and the only thing I could think was

      Can we just admit Madonna is so old she could die from a hangover?

      1. Isn’t she over 60? She hasn’t just hit the wall, but jumped over it and is miles past the point of no return.

        1. Yikes. I’m nearly 30 and she’s my parents age. If you get real technical, assuming she had her kid early at say 20, then that kid had a kid at 20, which would make her a 40 year old grandmother, she would be old enough to be this 17 year old’s grandma. My dad’s grandmother was 42 when he was born and she lived long enough to see him almost reach 50.

    4. Aside from “Inequality” its dead on. Egalitarianism is also what’s wrong with our modern world. That is the philosophical underpinnings of feminism and other forms of progressivism.

    5. She’s fucking shit and has always been shit. I never could stand her music. What she was good at was really pushing the envelope with provocative sexual acts in music. As Shabba Ranks said “sex sells”. This was how she marketed herself, the be the first woman to really act like a whore in her music.

      1. yeah i agree pure fucking whore. I would say she fucked and sucked her way up the ladder. She’s not even that goodlooking or have that nice a body !!

  2. I got madonna’s big dick coming out of my right ear, and toby the jap i dont know what coming out of my left

  3. It must be devastating to know your mom is such a whore and the whole world knows it. Fuck, I feel sorry for the kid. Imagine the mom jokes. I wonder what he has seen.

  4. Good piece — raises lots of important points. It’s important to get ideas like this out there. Lots of people were not cool with this incident but have a hard time articulating why. The media and school systems give them no tools to figure out why. But a Google search can bring this article up, which does a great job explaining why this incident — and the media’s reaction to it — is so troubling.

    1. Pedophilia is fine when you are a woman. When done by a woman it is an initiation into womanhood, even if the victim is a boy. When done by a man it is a display of perversion. Society follows the funny rule of women are the honest, loving masters of sexuality and are to be consulted and believed above all else on the matter when questioned. Womanhood does not extend to any minorities.
      Edit: I just tossed an information dump at you but truthfully, all of your points are very strong. The hope is since this site became infamous, that more people who are questioning the narrative more take a look and digest some of what is said here. If they take away some value that can enrich their lives and halt some of the hypocrisy and perversions happening daily, all the better.

      1. “Womanhood does not extend to any minorities.”
        Have to disagree with that. Dark skin trumps just a vagina; the darker the skin, the more it outranks vagina, unless the dark skin belongs to a conservative. Sodomites automatically trump straight white women as well, depends on the situation if the woman’s skin is darker. Illegal alien status trumps citizen vagina of all colors. Islam trumps all.

        1. Minorities don’t trump white women. You can almost make an argument for using Indian or Hispanic women in that fight, but due to the surplus of Asian women, plus the degrading way white women refer to Asians to try and shame white men from sleeping with them, which is what they do and worse for a white man sleeping with any woman with melanin, the only dog in this argument would be if you brought up college students as that seems to be where the removal of white men is most sought. Overall, I haven’t seen an instance where a black woman was supported by feminism publicly, unless when it was to attack a white man. Black women are still catching black eyes, thought of as hooligans an baby mamas, and no eyes bat a lash when one announces they were raped. If 18 black women go missing and one white woman gets raped, guess which story will be on the news for two months?
          On the gay argument, it is obviously a tool to further push feminism which is why the transexual bathroom plight has not received any traction in months. If white women don’t want transexuals in their bathrooms it won’t happen. If they want access to bathrooms for men, then transexuals will have access to women’s bathroom throughout the USA. Thus far, Islam is the mystery ingredient that has a different effect depending on the environment of the state. There is a lot of virulent hatred being expressed against Islam daily and that is only growing.

        2. Going to have to disagree with you here… nothing trumps the status of the great white vagina. Seriously, just look at how white women are whore-shipped by everyone around the world. The only reason Islam gets away with treating white women badly is (irony alert) white women are protecting Islam. Crazy right? But that goes to show you the power white women have. They can literally break all their own rules and as long as they are the ones doing it, its all good.

  5. That’s a very old looking 17.
    Whats up with teens looking so ragged out these days? I’m afraid to even look at a recent picture of Lorde (sp?)

    1. WHAT, you don’t like our FEMINIST STYLE? Lorde is one of our feminist emissaries converting women young and old to our mode of thinking. I hope you l̶i̶k̶e̶ HATE this new change we instituted.

        1. EAT YOUR CUM!!! It’s as close to sexual fluids a misogynist like yourself will ever get.

        2. We started in 2012, and we’re not stopping any time soon. I hope you noticed a change back then. We have too much momentum with all of the womyn we have converted with hysterics and propaganda over just these past few years. It’s amazing how well the “men” are cooperating with our plans.

        3. I was wondering if I was the only one who fell into that vat! It’s like she/he created a troll account to say outlandish shit and is getting a kick out of every statement.

        4. I just got into a comment war with her. Is she legit, or is it one of us being the biggest troll ever? I legitimately can’t tell; she’s so over the top.

        5. Likely, one of us being a troll. There are maybe 15% or slightly more of our audience who are female and support us. The extra posts do add as traffic and dually reach her drama creating needs. My hunch is it is the same woman who posed as “Amy Marie” back when ROK was being flagged as a rapist hub.

        6. What gets me is the love of Womyn over woman, and the ability to find attractive short haired women to post. For a troll she has okay taste.

        7. She likes all of her own comments, so that made me think she might actually be a bitchy gender fluid feminist. But yeah, i can totally see “her” being a troll. Maybe that was part of her camouflage.

        8. I wonder where these supportive females live. It would be nice to meet one.

        9. All over. If you portray half of what you represent here in real life, you will find them in most of the women you date. I don’t ever bring up my views directly in relation to this site, but much of what I show here I am in real life. Spoke with a few of the ladies who have actively posted on here as well offline. And the higher in scale of attractiveness that you go with who you date, the more in line with our views you will find them to be.

        10. I have noticed the same barring a few exceptions. The exceptions were usually sluts though.

        11. It is because they are singing their redemption song hoping that a change in tune, from liberal slut to a conservative knowledgable woman, will net them a long term alpha. It is such a joke to see it happen in person knowing she is broken even while singing it to you.

        12. haha yeah me too – i couldnt figure out if this dumb fuck was for real, or if it was just one of us fucking around. zhe sealed the deal though… what a bunch of retards – theyre such a ridiculous self-caricature

        13. Sad, I don’t see manly men or hot girls out anymore. Wasn’t too long ago when I did during the Jersey Shore fad – supermarket, beach, out on the street etc. These past few years everything felt like it was shroud in grey.

        14. Still don’t know. If she’s for real she’s Lesbian, which means mental illness. But if she’s one of us playing around to discredit feminazi’s, then it’s funny as hell.

        15. That one with the long blue hair is cute. But imagine trying to have conversation with it.

      1. Guessing by your name I’d assume you were of the Latin American variety? That being said, eating all of those beans and tortillas is gonna mean you will be 50 pounds overweight by age 30.

      2. Hahhahhahahaah… I love how almost all your upvotes come from you. Emotional masturbation much? But I understand if that’s the only way you can love yourself, seeing how you probably turn into stone if you looked in the mirror.

      1. Smoking and drinking… go together quite well with promiscuity and nothing destroys your vitality more.

      2. She probably lost her virginity at 14 in the back of a dumpster. Yes that actually happened to a similar age girl I know of.

        1. Yes, like where you throw garbage. Of course, the guy supposedly manipulated her.

        2. Yes, it was one of those groomings again. And to clarify, it was behind the dumpster, not actually inside in the back.

  6. Madonna is BEAUTIFUL. Don’t you DARE judge her with your PRIVILEGE. YOU are all PERVERTS for even clicking on this page. WE ARE NOT HERE FOR THE MALE GAZE NOR FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT!!!

    1. YOU are an IDIOT who thinks that CAPS makes you more believable. YOU are a HYPOCRITE who thinks that GOOD LOOKS are an excuse for SEXUAL DEVIANCE. YOU would rather have AN UNDERAGE girl get GROPED then have a celebrity be CRITICIZED. YOU are CREEP who NEEDS to check her FEMALE PRIVILEGE.


        2. I have a friend named Shanley that runs a feminist tech company in Cali. Some assholes called #gamergate used to harrass her.

        3. I dyed my hair and got my implants removed this week. #FormerPornstar

        4. If you’re gonna take a mirror selfie, you should at least clean the mirror first…

        5. She/he/it got it. Sheeeyit? That term already exists, it’s Southern for “wow, that’s really messed up,”

    1. Nice petition you have there troll! Do you think that we’re that stupid and give out name and address to the AUSTRALIAN police?

      1. If you’re a scared beta, just use a payphone and give the name of one of your enemies.

    2. As a “true feminist” I believe she deserves “equal treatment” under the law for her actions.

  7. for the record, I am always pro visible boob unless the woman in question is fat or in some other way deformed which this girl isn’t.
    Also, I certainly hope that no one bothers feeding the troll here about this.

        1. I know, i legitimately thought it was one of us playing a prank, because she’s so over the top. But now…

        2. I have no idea what is going on with her, she makes zero sense. I can’t tell if she’s protesting the site or what exactly she is doing.

        3. I know, but I like picking their Brains and shining them on. It is entertaining sometimes.

        4. i think its the same as when that homo was posting about how he wanted to fuck ghost of jefferson under every single comment he made —
          theyre trying their best to troll us, but this is the best their retarded brains can come up with. “i know! i’ll pretend that it IS the conspiracy they think it is. that’ll really piss them off!”
          you know what i mean? they think its some kind of clever double backwards sarcasm, which is why its that extra little step more over the top.

        5. Aww, did the poor wittle baby get triggered. You’re scared, aren’t you. Maybe mommy wouldn’t have left you if you weren’t such a misogynist cuck for not letting go of her tits until you were 10. But there’s some bad news…
          …THE BIG BAD FEMINIST IS BACK!!!!!!!

        6. Probably some variation of “performance art”, for her own twisted satisfaction. Some people truly are that sad, and unfortunately, their ranks are growing.

        7. That always works. Without attention they get bored or depressed that their “irony” or “cleverness” isn’t appreciated. Eventually they just go away.

    1. That’s what I’m saying.
      How are we better than the scum when we try to do the same as they do to us?

  8. madonna looks like one of those hairless cats.
    I remember when she forced her tongue down drake’s throat at coachella and he nearly puked on stage. so yea she’s got a history of sexually harassing ppl in front of large audiences. but even for her this is a new low.
    it’s strange that if a man had done this, they’d be trying to get him banned from performing music before they tried to have him jailed. madonna just get to go around sexually harassing people that pretty much vomit at the thought of her.

  9. Nitpicking laws to protect people who don’t even want to be protected, to punish someone who needs not be punished. It makes me angry that men would likely not get away with it (who knows when they’re famous?), but do you really intend to fight feminism by attacking women just as stupidly as feminists attack men?

    1. He was just pointing out the hypocrisy. Although I’m pretty sure the girl said it was the best thing that ever happened to her, so i guess there’s no trauma involved.

      1. the girl’s mother said she was proud that madonna had chosen to sexually abuse her daughter (or words to that effect – she used the word proud).

        1. that girl’s mum and Madonna are the worst mothers any child could have

        2. Ooh imagine being adopted by the girl’s mom and Madonna, who have decided they’re lesbians and just got “married”.

        3. Never say that. There is a woman right now who may read that and think, “I’m sure I know someone.” Read a while back about a woman who sold her daughter into prostitution to stay funded while sleeping with her live in boyfriend.

        4. Madonna probably did an after show selfie of her in bed with the girl and her mum and picture messaged it to Guy Ritchie and her son to make them jealous. We just haven’t heard about it yet

        5. I would have said it’s not a competition, but actually I think it might well be

        6. I bet she would feel that proud if One Direction gangbanged the shit out of her princess.

        1. Neither do I but we’re already half there, at least we are when it comes to men. The absurdity of the world we live in – that’s to say the absurdity of the world we already live in – can only be exposed as such if arbitrary rules are applied evenly to both sexes. If they are applied to only one, then you’ll get lots of common-sense applied by the law but only when it comes to women

      2. I agree with that sentiment, but when it involves a man with an underage woman (who then gets described s a child by women), in the eyes of the law that is considered irrelevant. As is motive, or the fact that the girl lied about her age or that she instigated the incident or the fact that he met the girl in a nightclub where she was illegally. Makes no difference according to the law when it comes to men.
        I’d say the famous get a special pass though, and in this case the Australian authorities I reckon would prefer to let it sink than create world headlines and media backlash over charging her. I saw the blurred out clip of the incident and Madonna seemed surprised though I dont know what the hell she expected when she yanked her top. Controversy has always been part of her career plan though.

        1. Yeah, if this had been a man then the 17 year old girl suddenly becomes a child, comparable in every way to a 7 year old. And any man who finds her attractive is branded a pedophile and who wants to be that?
          Of course, since these laws have no biological basis, the only thing they can do to make them stick is pull a George Orwell and redefine words. The use of the word “child” is meant to play on emotions. When you picture a child, you aren’t seeing in your minds eye the girl on that stage. No you see a little pre schooler playing with barbie dolls and that’s exactly why they use that word, so that it bypasses your rational thought and goes straight to your heart strings. 17 year old girl, young woman, etc doesn’t have the same effect.
          Pedophile also has an emotional effect. When you picture a pedophile, you see a dirty, fat middle age hairy guy in a trench coat trolling the local playground for his next victim. You don’t see your
          everyday regular guy who is just attracted to young post pubescent women. And who wants to be a pedophileor stick up for one?
          This is the classic argument by emotive language fallacy
          So if you define a 17 year old young woman as a child and any man attracted to her as a pedophile and put it in the public consciousness long enough people start to believe it. I always wonder, how long will it be until every woman under 26 is defined as a “child” and hence, any manover 30 attracted to any female under 26 a pedophile?

        2. I’ve said to myself that if you look at Ms. Georgiou and see a “child” instaead of a fully developed young adult woman (which is what she is), you either have rocks in your head, support (((Bernie Sanders))) or both.

        3. Just like during the Zimmerman case, Trayvon Martin was consistently referred to as a 17 year old child, instead of young man. And then a photo of him when he was 9 was put all on the news. The word child was used in order to portray this harmless innocence about him and discredit Zimmerman. After all, yow could this child slam to the ground and UFC style pummell this 28 year old MAN? And then they put a menacing looking mug shot of Zimmerman on the news.
          Of course, it isn’t plausible that a child could beat a 28 year old man to the point of him having to resort to a weapon in self defense. It is plausible however for a 6 feet tall young man of 17 to have the muscle and fighting ability to do so. When I was 17, I could bench press 250-260 pounds and was bigger and more muscular than Trayvon Martin. In this case, referring to him constantly as a child was meant to appeal directly to your emotions.

    2. Well there was that cricket player got fined $10k for flirting with a female reporter on TV.

        1. You gotta press those ass cheeks firmly together and it will feel like the same thing. It’s all in your head.
          Plus, no risk of impregnating that monster.

        2. They provide heat in the winter and shade in the summer….I’m getting one and use it as an awning.

    1. LOL I can’t help but notice a difference between these “curvey” women and the ones in the swimsuit ads right below them!

      1. I just showed that to my nephew who I’m watching tonight. Being a typical 14 year old, even he noticed how ashamed the fatties were compared to the girls on the ads.

    2. They can argue that propaganda Al they want, doesn’t change what men are naturally attracted to. Case in point:

    3. They can play the “This is natural curves” all they want, it will never change what men are attracted to.

    4. #7 and #9 actually look good to me, not really fat, but then I’m A. An American B. A fatty myself and C. Someone who finds it attractive when people have a lil extra (Read: chubby chaser)

      1. #7 and #9 aren’t to bad. I think all those women could be beautiful, but they first need to lose a few. I don’t like women who are stick thin, #7 and #9 are in acceptable ranges for me.

    5. Indeed. I saw one that may have been curvy…..the rest were fat as hell.
      You can’t hide fat….not with a bikini.

  10. Right now Madonna’s probably wondering if she could have fisted this underage girl on stage and gotten away with it. In fact she could probably have fisted her then used it as evidence in her favour in the custody battle for her son.
    Power is demonstrating what you can get away with that others (i.e. men) can’t.

  11. I find it interesting and satisfying how Madonna’s son now looks and acts like a masculine man now he is with his dad. He was a little faggot when with his mom who encouraged him to wear his hair in bunches and act like a complete homo. He now looks healthy and happy. Good on you, Guy Ritchie.

    1. “Good on you, Guy Ritchie.”
      If that be the case with Ritchie, one has to wonder what he was doing with that piece of crap of a female in the first place

      1. He made a mistake, he knows how toxic she is and he is bringing his son up in a positive environment.

      1. Generally, bank robbers are not effeminate, so that kind of acknowledges his point.

  12. I’m blown away that a 17 year old girl didn’t throw up after being disrobed by a woman in her sixties on stage in front of thousands of people. If 17 year old nudity on camera constitutes child pornagraphy in Australia, Madonna should have been arrested on the spot. I’m sure there where cops at her show. I guess they were probably enjoying the perv show as well.

    1. Noticing a trend here…Hillary old hag gets off without indictment….Madonna old hag gets off without charges….V-pass de-luxe.

  13. I’ve seen the same behaviour from gay men in the past.. that would comment on my gf’s chest or sometimes even cop a feel then say “its ok I’m gay…” And I’m ready to beat them down because of it!!

    1. No different to a woman grabbing your cock and saying “it’s ok, I’m a lesbian”.
      Despicable creatures. Smack the fuckers in the face.

      1. This has happened to me. Not pleasant. This wasn’t one of those cute college chicks who was trying out some snizz licking. this was a full on dyke.

    2. LOL, I’ve seen this before. If they’re supposed to be gay, why would they want to shove their hands down a pair of titties anyway? Perez Hilton used to do this harassment shit all the time back in the 00’s.

    3. Been there. Keep an eye on your lady as it is never cool and a sign of terrible things if she excuses strange men copping a feel. The main conflict of interest is that this is blatant harassment but since she doesn’t want the fight, you come off as the antagonizer if you do swing.

      1. You posted exactly what I was going to in response. The gay dude needs a solid punch and she needs to be objecting pretty strenuously about his grope to not have my suspicions pop up about her. If it turns into “Chill out, what’s wrong with you?” towards you, it’s a fucked up situation and frankly, I’d eject.

        1. Completely agree. It is the double edged sword that has the women running away with the cucked package on men. You know in your hearts of hearts you are the only one who should be able to be sexual with your woman, yet the gay crowd gets carte blanche treatment, squeezing and sleeping with any woman that will say, “Go on and express yourself”. Knowing what I know now, I would have been grooming a side lady to take her place and have jumped ship. Plus clocked the faggot for good measure.
          As in all cases, this is not an anti-gay thing for me to use faggot, just an anti-effeminate/dubious behavior from men thing. Any man who falls under that belt is subject to being labelled a faggot and treated like the vermin they are.

        2. I would say put your foot right up his ass, but in the case of fags….ya know…..not really an effective deterrent

        3. It is very simple….as I said above…if you have a girl then she is yours…that comes with a lot of responsibility, but you own that body.
          Whether or not she accepts it when some pillow biter grabs her utter doesn’t matter. They are your utters and so when the fag assaults her he is assaulting you. You need to take a queer grabbing a girls tits the same way as you would take it if he grabbed you.

        4. Completely agree. I will not fight for what isn’t mine though and if she hints that this is cool, I will be writing my exit letter. I won’t date community pussy.

        5. another perfectly valid choice. A relationship is a treaty of sorts. If one person is in violation of their obligations in the treaty than the other has to either wage war to restore balance or walk away from the arrangement.

    4. remember, when a gay guy gropes your girl it isn’t her that is being harassed…..she is yours and as such that fag is harassing you by touching her tit.

  14. This ancient leathery slut is long past the best before date, uglier than hammered shit, and will do anything humanly possible to try and remain relevant. God, how pathetic – Baby Jane Hudson groping a little school girl. The geriatric harlot has sunk to a new low – even lower than when she lobbed out a sagging, aged fossil tit at a concert in Istanbul a couple of years ago. Her antiquated ass should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Nasty crone should be classifed as a registered sex offender. Stay edgy grandma. Have a cup of instant decaff and crochet a few doilies.
    Wouldn’t she crap her depends if she wound up in prison.

  15. Jesus…ok three things here to address:
    1- Madonna is a old slut, that in order to compete with the younger and sluttier versions of herself has to shock in order to remain relevant. Its the typical public figure (i detest the term celebrity) move when in decadence. To make things worse, she as the talent of a pig (no offense to pigs).
    2- The way the young slut to be reacts, with proud, really shows how decadent, grosso modo, this young generation his. Are you seeing this girl, like age 25 or 35??? I do and its not nice.
    3- Where the hell are the parents??? If there is someone that should be standing in the media, and above all in the courts denouncing and placing miss Madonna in her place, its the parents. This also shows how parenting has become so apathetic and weak. Probably the mother is like the daughter: happy and posting Facebook pictures of he daughter breasts.

    1. Judging by the girls name, she is greek, im surprised her father hasnt made a complaint.

      1. I don’t think there is a father, or if there is he walked out on them a long time ago.

  16. This is the same woman who made out Sith both Britney and Christina and NOBODY DID ANYTHING!

    1. Upvoted for the verbal slip. Sith might be the best way to describe ol’ rat face.

      1. I’m not even going to correct that. Just pulled a Bob Ross. Happy accident indeed! 🙂

      2. I didn’t read it as a typo. I can def see madona as the sith lord bringing Britney to the dark side.

    2. Wasn’t that “Kiss” a premeditated event used to break the ice as far as the promotion of lesbianism was concerned. It was on Primetime during an award show with millions watching. I presume the “Elites” have done the same with Lena Dunham and feminism a few years back.

  17. I challenge any feminist to condemn this act of public molestation by a woman. More likely, the silence will be deafening.. they are too busy trying to get more men thrown out of college for being too passed-out drunk to have sex.

    1. Why do they hate us so much after all that we’ve done for them? Wasn’t this way a few years ago.

      1. We’ve done so much for them in so many ways, they are now blind to it. They think it’s all them.
        “We need men like a fish needs a bicycle”. No worries. Let’s subtract everything men have done for you: democracy (the best form of government is another rant), roads, cars, running water, electricity, sewerage, rubbish disposal, laws (protection from rape, murder, theft, assault), the Internet, that iPhone/iPad/computer you “work” on, industry, that shit Starbucks coffee you sip: men discovered the beans, men collect the beans, men transport the beans, men thought up and made the machine used to extract the flavour.
        They need to be reminded that without men, they would be living literally in a hole in the ground naked and hungry.

        1. Actually, women do a fair share of the work in coffee-producing regions.. but I see where you’re coming from.

      2. Women do not respond to incentives like men do. At the heart of a woman is a masochist that yearns for suppression and oppression. They hate men who give them what they want.

        1. I always thought they were supposed to be the “sweeter, softer, more compassionate” sex.

        2. I would also add that women generally don’t think of morals in the same way as men. Women are not as altruistic and think about themselves more than men.

        3. Because their morality is contextual, as opposed to universal morality men have. Just watched a post match interview where a female hockey player responded to a question “Does it hurt” by ” I will have to see the tackle(that caused the pain) on video”. So the pain apparently is dependent on the tackle looking illegal or not..

  18. I still think that Josephine Georgiou will look like a 50-year-old by the time she’s 18. Also, I don’t think she even knows who Black Sabbath are.
    P.S. I noticed in the original news articles of the incident that there was no mention of a dad. Probably a single-mum slut passing her sluttery onto her daughter.

    1. I googled around for the story, and found several slutty pics that Georgiou has tweeted to Madonna (and the world at large). Nuff said.

    2. Georgiou sounds Romanian. Wow, being a millennial Australian of Romanian descent is pretty much the trifecta of being a filthy whore.
      Full Disclosure: would bang

      1. She’s actually Greek. I don’t think Chrysi Avgi (the nationalist party in Greece) would be her biggest fans.

        1. that makes her only slightly less of a whore than if Romanian.

        2. they all take it in the ass…being greek means she specifically asks for it.

  19. Yes, I understand the double standard in this but that 17 years old girl is not a saint; what kind of girl goes to Madonna concerts?
    I bet that:
    1) she already have sex with multiple partners (both male and female).
    2) she is on the pill.
    3) she uses alcohol and recreational drugs.
    4) she was happy to be exposed, and possibly is bragging about it in his Instagram.

      1. I would say: she loves diversity, and wishes to help those poor little “refugees”; so she is seriously considering adopting a little somali and housing a family of 8 afghans in her home.

    1. It’s not really about the girl though, it’s about the double standards. If a 17 year old party slut went on stage with Justin Beeber and he groped her, he’d be arrested.

  20. For christ’s sake look at the girl. Whore to the bone. I used to work at an aussie-frequented bar, pussy doesn’t come much easier.

    1. So you suggesting we gas all the hipsters? Sounds like it by your handle name. Like your sense of humor.

  21. Someone else may have already pointed this out, so my apologies for the repeat, but let’s bear in mind gentlemen that the twat in question that got groped, I’m sure she wanted to be groped. And I garuntee you the 17 year old is an aspiring singer, actress, model, whatever, and is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame.
    Good god, Madonna looks like shit on a stick these days.

    1. If you look at her instagram (, she claims to be an “aspiring astrophysicist” and also has her mother’s mobile number as a contact for any Dubai sheikhs who want to defecate on her face. The number can be seen on her twitter ( where she claims to be a “feminist” and “Madonna’s breast friend”. Some of the news articles on the incident also described her as an aspiring model.

      1. aspiring astrophysicist
        ROFL! Yeah, and I’m an aspiring astronaut.

  22. Yeah, this article is on the money. It’s something how the age of consent laws suddenly mean nothing when a female violates them. Suddenly, they’re arbitrary, the girl looked older/was fine with it are all valid explanations. I remember a couple years ago they were giving shit to this NY Jets football player for banging a 17 year old girl he met in a 21+ club. Even though she was the minimum AOC in NY State, he apparently was still a “pedophile”, even though he himself was 24.

  23. I’m late 20s and I’d do the 17 year old in question. Yes I know she’s a “child”, I’m a pedo, we don’t have anything in common, we can’t have algebra solving contests blah blah blah.

      1. I don’t know, maybe because 17 has teen in it. On some levels we can recognize that a teen is comparable to an adult. I mean that’s the reason for “trying them as an adult”. And in my state, 17 is the age in which their is no more juvenile, you go to big boy jail automatically.
        It’s odd how society can feel that a 15, 16, 17 year old is mature enough to be held responsible for something that can cost them their freedom for 10, 20, 30 years or the rest of their natural life yet not mature enough (at least when it comes to a female) be involved sexually or romantically with someone over an arbitrary age. Well, I do know, it’s the same reason for no fault divorce laws, the current child support system, the message that women should “have their fun” in their teens, 20s and sometimes even halfway through their 30s before they settle down and be married. It’s to further female hypergamy. Not until the rise of feminism did teens, especially older teens come to be regarded as “children”.

  24. Madonna makes me extremely uncomfortable.
    I think I started feeling a disconnection with the world around me when singers like Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj etc came along. I felt something in the air was freaky and couldn’t exactly put my finger on it.
    I have no problems to say that in other times, those girls would have been considered witches. I used to think witches were bullshit, now I understand it, even just on a symbolic level. The energy coming out of those individuals is corrupted.
    Funnily enough, some girls around me like to joke about them being witches. Guess what, those girls are all fucked up in their head and have this weird vibe coming out of them. Symbolism is a powerful thing.

      1. “pop stars and the occult man. pop stars and the occult.”
        Just tip of the iceberg. Entire cities like Washington DC laid out to form giant pentagrams and owls (think Bohemian Grove, Moloch/Baal).

        1. yep. thats why it all feels so freaky. its fucking satan worship
          i remember seeing some interview on youtube on the howard stern show – the guest was david spade – they kept asking him about being invited to some pop star party at madonnas house, and he couldnt even bring himself to talk about it – he had this look like “ive seen some shit man”

    1. “Funnily enough, some girls around me like to joke about them being
      witches. Guess what, those girls are all fucked up in their head and
      have this weird vibe coming out of them. Symbolism is a powerful thing.”
      The women who joke about being witches are almost certainly dabbling in the occult, therefore, they’re under various levels of demonic infestation and influence, thus the “weird vibe coming out of them.”

      1. Yeah I completely agree.
        One thing I figured out recently. For instance, I know 2 of these girls, their Facebook photos albums are full of “artsy” random pictures. Most of them are weird/random/dark. You can CLEARLY understand they’re into the occult. But they also posted a couple of pictures of the Virgin Mary. So for a while I though “hmm they can’t be into the occult if they have some respect for this Christian figure”. Then I found out many people in the occult also use Christian symbols in their practices.

        1. That train left the station already. They can join, but they won’t be receiving any newsletters. It’s a dead parrot.
          The occult chicks (and frankly, dudes) are hilarious to me. So uninformed and ignorant, yet so smug. I usually want to throat punch the stupid out of them when I meet them face to face in real life (rarely), but being a gentleman I restrain my passions.

        2. Oddly enough, I haven’t met any. There was some kid in high school that wore all black all the time, but I am of the opinion that being a jackass in high school is alright so long as you figure shit out by the time you turn 18. I don’t know what became of him, but he may very well be a perfectly productive member of society that laughs when he sees pictures of himself looking like Count Fagula when he was 16.
          Other than him, I have really never met anyone who was interested in the occult in a serious way (not reading a history book about it out of curiosity).

        3. Ah yes, those types are a red flag by themselves!
          Witchcraft is interwoven in the fabric of lonely Marxist feminism since it is seen as a manifestation against the status quo of Christian society and family. Vice channel Broadly has published a few articles about it.
          You could belive or not, in ths witcraft biz, but it governs these feminists’ modus operandi.

        4. Living close to OSU, my odds of meeting them is increased a bit over the average.

      2. “”..under various levels of demonic infestation and influence, thus the “weird vibe coming out of them.”
        One of the admins posted his experience while at the seminary about exorcisms and it got me reading. I would have to agree with your observation. They are encouraging other to open themselves for possession, if not possessed themselves.

    2. Lady Gaga speaks quite often about her history and the basis of her image. She’s a very smart women. She use to write music for many others in the industry. She simply says she know what will sell.
      You should find them unnerving. There’s something really wrong with the culture I am growing up in; as a younger person, it’s very bizarre.

    1. This isn’t a breaking news site, it’s more analysis. As it turns out, follow me closely here, one can analyze events in the past. Strange, I know, right?

      1. I remember I was at an outdoor concert for the Jim Qweskin Jug Band and some old fur muff cunt said something like “you aren’t even old enough to appreciate this blah blah blah…..” This was such a long time ago that I forgot my response, but it was something to the effect of “i also like Shakespeare…are you saying you are the only one here old enough to enjoy that too”

    2. This is the first place I even heard of this issue, and I hit the Google news feed daily. Seems like the MSM is keeping it very under wraps.. gee I wonder why.

      1. same boat for me. If ROK didn’t mention this I would have never heard of it. I follow exactly 0 entertainment news. Hell, with the exception of a handful of legendary actors, I still refer to actors by their most popular character name. For instance, I don’t care how many pirates movies that faggy kid makes, I will never stop calling him legolas and Brad Pitt was Tyler Durden until Snatch came out solidifying his position as a name bearer

        1. “Legolas” isn’t actually faggy. Dude does *all* of his own stunts and has a large list of broken bones and hospital visits to show for it. He’s actually an old school male, he’s just “pretty” in the Erol Flynn way, which women still dig. Flynn being a very masculine man himself, despite being “pretty” in his youth. My daughter crushes on him still, as well as Hemsworth, and the guy that plays Ragnar’s son on Vikings.

        2. my point exactly. I don’t know shit about celebrs until they are at a very high level. I would have also called Pitt big queen many years ago. Took me almost 20 years to realize he was actually a freaking awesome actor (despite very poor personal life decision making). I am not old enough to remember pachino /deniro pre godfather…well, at least not old enough that I would have had an opinion on them…so they have always been big shots to me. In my life time, the only actor who I can remember came swinging right after the bell was Ed Norton. I knew he was fucking awesome when I saw primal fear in the theater.

        3. side note, caught up on Vikings episodes I missed while I was in paradise with no knowledge of television or misery, Ragnar’s son just keeps getting cooler. Also, while the show did take a bit of a dip earlier in the season and while the inclusion of warrior princesses is annoying, I have to say that the overall show is staying really, really strong.

        4. I haven’t seen the DVR’d latest one(s) yet, I love the series but it’s hard to convince myself to watch television most evenings. Heck, if I didn’t have a work from home job that I can ace with minimal effort, I wouldn’t even be arsed to be on the internet much these days. But it gets boring, and I like the company of you assholes too much, so there we go, heh.

        5. I learned about Legolas from my daughter, because I was confused why she was going for a “pretty boy”, as it’s not her style. She ed-u-macated me.

        6. I work with a guy who has kids in their early teens. It is always funny to me how he knows all about pop culture shit because he needs to be involved in their lives and to do that he has to take an active interest. I remember a few years ago he took them to some concert, can’t remember who, but I called him a fag for like a month.

        7. “I learned about Legolas from my daughter”
          You have got to see The Lord of The Rings if you haven’t…It’s Truly an epic.

        8. Next time you’re in line at the grocery store, check out the “celebrity” magazines. Ever notice how much they refer to these people by their first names? It’s like they try to get the idiots think they know them on a first name basis. I don’t even know who most of these people are.

        9. Like pt Barnum said, there’s a sucker born every minute

  25. Looking at that Getty image I can’t help but notice how Madonna and Hillary Clinton are starting to look more and more alike.

  26. I’d throw out all of my Madonna albums in protest if I had any.
    Seriously, she needs to hang it up. 57 is bit too old to be acting like she’s still a boy toy.

  27. Whenever I see a pic of her I think of a quote about her by Guy Ritchie: going to bed with her “was like cuddling up to a piece of gristle”.

    1. hahahahahahah that is some fucking quote.
      Though i always take the slagging of ex’s with a pinch fo salt. He still went to bed with her willingly !

  28. The girl and her parents must be dumb as dog shit not to capitalize on this – getting sexually abused by a celebrity is like getting handed a blank cheque…
    … Plus the girl isn’t THAT attractive – if she thinks her 15 minutes of fame will translate into some kind of ‘modelling career’ she’s retarded.

  29. WOW. I just read another article in the UK and the 17 year old girl said, “It was the best moment of my life.” The underage girl has been posting photos of herself exposed in public. So now it’s okay for underage girls to expose themselves? Hell people can just take photos with these girls permission and suddenly it must not count as child porn. Society is fucked, and this girl is an idiot.

    1. This 17 year olds mother is quoted as saying she raised her daughter to be “fierce and feminist.” That says a lot as to why the kid is so messed up.

    2. It has always been OK for underage girls to expose themselves. It only becomes a crime when a male looks at them, and the males are the only ones ever punished.
      Because feminism, or some shit.

  30. Well this teenage girl Josephine, she’s a slut herself. She has a French boy that she keeps as her “friends with benefits” and she has explicitly acknowledged this fact.

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  32. I personally think that it was an orchestrated publicity stunt like the whole Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction.”

  33. I think it was a setup to get Josephine Georgiou attention and modeling work.
    Imagine my shock and surprise to find she has an instagram account with all kinds of modeling photos:
    My prediction, The Wall, hard, by 2029 when she turns 30, if she makes it that long.

  34. So it’s cool if I grope a 17 year old and expose her so others can snap photos?
    Yes I have a penis. What? Pedophile? Wut?

  35. I don’t know why everyone is so shocked “Madonna” has always had carte Blanche to behave however she wants. Remember the Girlie Show? Or the unconvincing Frenching of Brittany Spears? How about Body of Evidence? That movie stunted my sexual development for several years. Put some pants on Grandma

  36. Call her what you will but Madonna is a genius. She has succeeded in staying relevant for 30 years. Think of another female ANYTHING that has accomplished even half that.

  37. In the linked article about the boys facing rape judgements but not the girl:
    “..Under state law, the girl also could have been charged with statutory rape for performing oral sex on the 15-year-old boy, said Dershowitz. It is unlawful in Massachusetts to have sex with anyone under 16, but state law lets prosecutors decide whether to press charges. ”The idea that these youngsters should be branded rapists and the girl should be labeled a victim is preposterous,” he said.”
    “Dershowitz called yesterday for a complete overhaul of rape laws in Massachusetts, including lowering the age of consent ”considerably” and adding conditions that would prevent charges in cases in which those involved are close in age. In about half the states, prosecutors can bring criminal cases only when a defendant is several years older than the victim.”
    Dershowitz was publicly saying this a decade ago. Since then we’ve seen everything from gay marriage, trans-rights, genderless bathrooms and of course, even more promiscuity at younger ages.
    I venture that the kids of today who grow up with this worldview as a baseline who one day become prosecutors will be less likely to press charges in a case like this. Even if the age of consent itself is not changed, the lawyers of tomorrow who lost their virginity at age ten will be scratching their heads as to why a case involving mutual consent among high school students is some cardinal sin. As with most cases though, it will be a question of who the victim and the perpetrators are and whether or not they fit the narrative.

    1. I think you underestimate the damage that the SJW indoctrination has done. We will be even more likely to ignore pedophilia, beastiality, necrophilia, and all mannor of women sexually assaulting men. We will ignore “minorities” raping and molesting women.
      What we will never do is forgive white men. They will always be to blame. They will never be given sympathy.

  38. On a side note to young men. Guy Ritchie married a whore. Now he may lose a custody battle because the whore is trying to take his children away. I did the same thing as Guy, married a whore. The inevitable divorce came and I have been estranged from my children for years. The courts at that time always sided with the whore. Perhaps it’s different today, but let this be a warning to you. Once a whore always a whore. Whores are not marriage material and if you do marry one, you are taking your life(literally as some men have committed suicide after the shit hit the fan as a result of being married to a whore) into your own hands.

  39. There was no punishment because this was in Australia and the girl didn’t have a problem with it. Madonna isn’t running for president either. You just can’t grab people’s pussies. Especially if you’re a guy.

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