How Female Celebrities Are Responsible For Eating Disorders And Body Image Problems

Female body image issues, from anorexia to depression, are routinely blamed on men and the patriarchy. Women are portrayed as automatons meticulously conditioned to aim for a physical perfection they can never meet. Yet this is far from the truth. Instead, women are their own worst enemies. Despite telling fans to love themselves and “be who they really are,” female celebrities never show us who they really are. Or they change who they are completely via plastic surgery. The end result is millions of women who completely hate their faces and bodies because of how they compare to female actresses, singers, and models.

The impact of this fantasy on average womanhood is telling. Rates of eating disorders are the highest they have ever been, at the exact same time our celebrity-obsessed culture is the most vacuous and superficial it has ever been. When female celebrities give the illusion that, aside from a once-a-decade makeup-less selfie, they are creatures of flawless beauty, other women readily believe it.

It is long overdue that female celebrities take responsibility for the deleterious impact they have on other women’s assessments of their physical appearance. Blaming invisible, male-inspired forces for women’s self-inflicted woes is an excuse that does not hold water. If society stands any chance of arresting and then reversing body-related female mental illness, the stars need to be lead by example.

Yet this is supremely unlikely. Actresses and singers in particular advertise themselves by declaring they stand for “girl power” or “self-love.” And the way stars package themselves is 90% of the secret to their success, not talent or even hard work. At present, sadly, they are financially exploiting sad and vulnerable women who think they offer a recipe for self-esteem and confidence.

How famous women preach one standard and practice another, leading to women hating themselves

Ariana Grande

I think it’s so important for girls to love themselves and to treat their bodies respectfully.

I first called out Ariana Grande’s financial appropriation of feminism a long time ago. My verdict on her stands. She has written open letters about women loving themselves and their bodies, but seems to love never showing what she really looks like.

What she wants female fans and male admirers to see:

…versus what she doesn’t want them to see:

Not only is the self-hating make-up strong with this one, so too is the cosmetic surgery. When she talks about “female liberation” and other lovely combinations of (for her) big words, nothing is mentioned about the liberation she got from the scalpel or the plastic surgeon. Women who fawn over her looks and wish them for themselves are simply not aware that their girl power icon is feeding them drivel to pad her purse.

With role models such as these, there is little wonder why women are either flocking to plastic surgeons or developing body dysmorphic disorders


I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.

Yes, Adele is not slim. But she’s also a liar. In no sense is Adele representative of normal women or the majority of women, who cannot afford full-time make-up and style assistants, let alone have a music studio or other concern organize appointments for them.

The Adele without make-up we think is this:

…is actually this:

When female fans see Adele’s contrived no make-up photos for publications like Rolling Stone, not to mention her made-up red carpet appearances, what are they meant to think? “Wow, she looks pretty even without cosmetics! And I’m so ugly!” comes to mind.

The reason why Adele has escaped some of the occasional criticism leveled at female celebrities for fake appearances is because of her size. There seems to be some unwritten rule that women beyond a certain size are always open and honest about how they look. Yet we can see now that Adele is no different from many other well-known female figures. In fact, her transformation via make-up and photoshopping is arguably much more dramatic than slimmer stars.

If stars care about their fans, they should start acting like it

Celebrityhood is too often that wonderful game where the true trick of making money and becoming ever more famous are masked by attempts to appear nice, generous, and down-to-earth. The pawns, meanwhile, are the girls who either try to chase the impossible standards falsely presented by female celebrities or give up in anguish and self-hatred.

When society reflected more patriarchal norms, anorexia, bulimia, and other mental illnesses we see all the time today were so uncommon as to be almost non-existent. This pandemic of female body image issues can be placed squarely at the feet of feminism and female independence. Men had nothing to do with it and, as I have said before, virtually no men desire the anorexic and other girls that celebrity culture has produced.

If female celebrities are going to lie about their appearance, they can at least drop the mantras about helping other women love themselves.

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    1. Just read the article. Let’s be honest.
      Pitt is considering divorcing her not because he loves her so much and doesn’t want the kids to see her like that. What kind of bullshit is that? The dude has plenty of options available to him. Why would he settle for a dying post wall woman with full mastectomy and looking like a holocaust survivor?
      Love is staying by her side and try every means for her to get well.
      He knows the deal. I don’t buy that reason the article gave.

        1. It just goes to show that even the MSM would give a guy the “Christian Grey pass” (male version of the pussy pass) if you’re a high SMV guy.

      1. Jolie is likely trying to ‘starve’ the cancer. It’s a well known alternative cancer ‘cure’ to go cold turkey on food. Food feeds the cancer too so you quit eating. It’s easy to over do the fasting. The establishment allopathic ‘cut-burn-poison’ treatment of chemotherapy and radiation by itself kills the patient. Plus the med establishment doctors don’t advise the patient to change their process gmo shit diet that got them in the shit hole in the first place. Celebrities eat at restaurants constantly. Very few restaurants specifically order the non gmo and organic. Restaurants use the package deal bulk industrial farmed ingredients. Their wine may be the only exception.
        Also Pitt/Jolie are an odd couple who enjoy firearms collecting/shooting against the grain of their shitlib counterparts. Paris Hilton puts her name on underwear while Pitt/Jolie have their custom designer ‘Jesse James’ firearms:

  1. Problem- Women cannot accept responsibility for their actions.
    Solution- any serious suggestions?

        1. It’s true. I know, it seems insane, but women are simply incapable of making decisions on a logical level that benefit society as a whole.

        2. And men are unfit to run society, but I don’t see that changing anytime soon unfortunately. Btw if something seems insane, it’s because it is. Dolt.

    1. I honestly think that they can, but they just have no incentive to. especially when they can either A) use their looks/sex to get out of any problem or (B) emotionally manipulate 90% of ppl they encounter. I have never met one woman that can’t cry whenever she wants to, men have since forever underestimated women’s ability to manipulate and now we have large scale manipulation by nearly all women.

      1. Women do manipulate blue pill men, but concerning your stance on women’s logical thinking, I sincerely suggest you read the book Brain Sex (Jessel and Moire) on Corpus Callosum. The female brain has no fine ability to think logically.

        1. I didn’t say that they were logical thinkers like men, I merely said that they have no incentive to be accountable. you can be accountable on an emotional level, how else would emotional manipulation work? some of the history’s greatest thinkers were seemingly “outsmarted” by women, because that woman was able to get that man into his feelings deeply. after that she was able to manipulate him. this is what I mean when I say men underestimate a woman’s ability to manipulate.
          for instance, if me and you as two men were to have a serious disagreement as men, we would either have a straight forward no sugar coating conversation or we would have a straight forward hold no punches fight. 9/10 we would still be friends like nothing ever happened after we beat up on each other for a few minutes. but a skilled woman does not take that route, she will get even the hardest of men to soften (if he is not careful) and then manipulate him emotionally. guard ya heart dealing with women my friend.

        2. Women have a great capacity to think and act logically —
          — but it’s limited to things that immediately benefit them. First and foremost: How to get a man with resources.
          They won’t waste their mental effort on anything without a tangible ROI.
          Labors of love, curiosity, learning for learning’s sake — these are men’s pursuits.

        3. You are totally right. Its a scientific, and obvious daily fact that women don’t have capacity for logic.
          Stop treating women like adults.

        4. Geniuses in history: men
          Half geniuses in political groups or universities: men
          Understanding of ethics in family: men
          Revolutionaries: men
          Only sexually manipulable men think that women have intelligence to understand decent behaviour, because even regular women are more intelligent than them. Remember the Bell curve of IQ.

        5. While that may be true, a man who would otherwise be capable of thinking critically but never taught how to, is at the same disadvantage.

        6. Manchildren exist too.
          Stupid people act like idiotic children. Granted there are fewer incentives for women to be logical and no doubt as a result less of us who actually are but we aren’t actually incapable of it. Which really only makes it worse,

      This is exactly why feminists, black parties and others concerned with TRU SOCIAL JUSTICE wish to outright abolish not just the FIRST AMENDMENT, but the entire CONSTITUTION itself as it only had the rights and interests of WHITE STRAIGHT MEN in mind.

      1. Feminist Carrera, you need to learn to troll better. You sound like a shitty, unoriginal ripoff of one of Roosh’s satire articles.

        1. So, what now your comparing ME to an INTERNATIONAL RAPIST?

        2. Should we reply, really?
          It smacks of the “grade A” trolling I would do on sites; vicariously posting as a characature to incite unrest.

      2. No. He’s right..women do not take responsibility for their actions. You can CAPS LOCK as much as you want, but that won’t change the fact that many men, including myself, have yet to hear a sincere sorry from any woman related to us or in an affair. I have not heard that even when the woman know she has been mean or hurtful.

      3. From my experience, there are very few people who fit the definition of “human”. But those who are human are such by what lives in their hearts. Love, not hatred.

      4. Social justice = I haven’t done anything to improve myself or my situation but I take all of your money.

    3. It’s simple, we don’t allow them to take action unless we approve of it first. I know some people will think this is backwards but honestly it’s how children should be treated. If people who have grown out of puberty still act like children then they should be treated as such.

    4. Do you genuinely think the average guy is any better?
      People are shit at accepting responsibility.
      I’m certain this is a human trait, not a gender specific one.

  2. ROK actually put out an article that agrees with something many feminists say. *looks out window for flying pigs*

    1. You’re missing a key – though admittedly subtle – difference:
      Feminist: “Men expect women to look like those celebrities in magazines who are made-up and photoshopped so much that the photo bears little resemblance to the model. Thus men are the cause of anorexia, bulimia, dysmorphia etc.”
      ROK: “Celebrities claim to promote a realistic and healthy ideal of feminine beauty and yet still pose for photos in which they’re photoshopped into oblivion and wouldn’t be seen dead without a trowel-full of makeup. Thus these hypocritical models are the cause of anorexia, bulimia, dysmorphia etc.”

      1. Good point, I have heard women put it the ROK way, not sure if they were feminists or not though.

    2. I’ve never seen a feminist blame women for something – anything. The most feminists will do is claim that a woman has internalised misogyny, but even that only applies to women who do something that goes against the feminist religion, like being a heretic… I mean, not being a feminist.

  3. Well, it’s certainly not a bad thing for girls to love themselves. But even though I studied in the media sector, I find myself regularly surprised by these images of Adele et al. Whether this is the fault of feminism, I don’t know.

      1. Well, self-love is not exactly synonymous with narcissism. Just look at Mistery from The Game. If I say self-love, I do not mean the kind where you go into suicidality if a romance doesn’t work out.

        1. Had to look up the definition again and true. Narcissism is an extreme love of one’s physical appearance whereas you are referring to self content. At peace with yourself.

      1. Yes, it was tied into an omnibus package whose original purpose was to keep people from a-knockin’ when oversized vehicles were a-rockin’

  4. I’ve never understood the argument that men put added pressure on women to look nice. Women are fucking cruel. Case in point, one of my female friends in college, who, at the time was a solid 8, regularly received ridicule from her mother about her weight.This girl was the perfect size and had guys clamoring all over her. Her resulting self esteem issues/depression had nothing to do with the feminist argument that men expected her to look like a goddess, but from her mother who constantly berated her.
    On another note, when good looking dudes are banging fatties because they have zero game, it has to increase women’s self worth, right? Any beached whale on a dry spell can create a Tinder profile and, within an hour, find a horny beta willing to bone at a moment’s notice.

    1. Children often get cues about behavior from their parents. She imitates her mother (even subconsciously) and gets berated for it. Cause quite a bit of confusion. No wonder she has depression/self esteem issues.

    2. The mother was most likely jealous of her own daughter and wanted to destroy her by telling her she’s too fat. Then the mom would look healthier and also draw sympathy from others.

    3. I always feel more pressure from myself and other women. When I go on a date with a woman I am anxious and stressed out about what to wear and how I look overall. With men I just wear a pretty outfit and forget about it because they don’t pick up on what I see as flaws as much. Women pick each other apart and project their own flaws onto each other and it’s a mess.

      1. Do you do this to each other to test each others resolve and presence of mind?

    4. By “men” they mean “hot men” and by “cruel” they mean “ignore”
      Imagine an incel beta. He thinks all the women ignoring him or not wanting him are cruel. Did they do anything to him? No. They are “cruel” (in his mind) because by not throwing the,selves on him they put the lie to his cowardice and unwillongness to change.
      Roosh is a hairy persian. The guys from simplepickup are asian nerds, mystery was a magic geek. All these men broke their asses learning how to fix a part of their lives. Jeffy from RSD said sometimes rejection hurt him so much he would literally go to the van and cry (i dont know if hes exaggerating, but the point remains).
      Meanwhile that pussy Eliot Rodgers never even apporached a single goddamn girl in his life but chose the easier way out by murdering a few innocent men and a few innocent women that never did a damn thing to him in his life. Because he couldnt handle the reality of his pain and chose to continue with his fucking secret prince incel fantasy.

    5. I’ve noticed this as well with my wife. She’s lost a shit ton of weight in the last few years before we got married and unsurprisingly, her co-workers keep shoving junk food in front of her at work. Her mother is similar to what you’ve mentioned and still brings it up in front of me and other family members from time to time. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve basically told my mother in law to stfu on occasion. If I didn’t require a security pass to get into her office, I would have done the same to her co-workers as well.

    1. i have a friend who uses “not wearing makeup” as an excuse for not approaching, even if the girl is obviously in the park to work out. admittedly, he’s being ridiculous.

    2. I sometimes choose outfits and clothes for my woman. It’s a matter of pride because if she is a reflection of me which is pure and utter greatness then that will be seen through her appearance.

  5. It’s a combination of things. photoshop certainly doesn’t help as it gives people an unrealistic view of what celebs look like when reality is completely different, and also the pressure put on public figures to look a certain way.

  6. This is a decent article, but it’s consistent with the tired, feminist critique of female bodies in magazines.
    As we all know, the deadly eating disorders suffered by women in the USA, obesity & diabetes, are not caused by looking too thin.
    But women’s magazines are responsible for these eating disorders too. Look at the annual “over 40 celebrities looking good in beach bikinis issue” (implies women still look great when they age, but the women pictured are paid for looks and spend 4+ hours/day in the gym). Also look at the “I lost XXX pounds in 40 days,” celebrity weight loss coverage (implies that miracle diets work, & doesn’t mention the expenses or surgeries).

    1. Look no farther than Jessica Simpson my friend. Woman has made a fortune from being a slob. Not only is it dumb and pretentious behavior, but all that sudden weight losses and increases can be dangerous for one’s health. At least Simpson (or her sponsors, benefactors, and or beaus)can afford a trip to the ER. Highly doubt regular women can, especially with insurance premiums so high.

    2. i don’t think most women would need 4 hours in the gym, even at 40. assuming she hasn’t been wrecking herself with alcohol and tobacco for decades, about 30 minutes of hard weight training four or five times a week, with maybe a yoga class to complement it, plus a healthy diet consisting of real food instead of sugary, processed garbage should do it. of course, although totally doable, this is still too much for most american women (or men, to be fair).

        1. i don’t even know what a ketogenic diet is but yeah, the point is that people think you have to spend hours in the gym to get a good body and it’s simply not true.

        2. Ketogenic diet is essentially where you eat less than 50 grams of carbs per day. Your body begins producing ketones as a substitute for glycogen. I’m actually day 3 in keto eating and am down 5 pounds, granted a lot of that is water weight.

        3. cool. i’m not a fan of low-carb diets myself, but if it’s working for you, it works for you. i prefer to eat a lot of all the macros and hit the weights hard for 30 minutes a day. i feel like my energy drops off if i don’t get enough carbs.

        4. Correction: most of that is water weight at the beginning of the diet. After about the first week, your body has been depleted of glucose and the water that’s bound to it. Afterwards, it’s fat. The only reason you’d lose muscle is if you’re not eating enough protein. You will feel weaker at first since you’re depleted of your fast acting energy source but saying you’re going to lose muscle is silly.

        5. You need to do more research on your diet. it eats away at muscle, Ingesting protein above approximately .8 grams per pound is enough to kick you out of ketosis.
          it’s not silly, it’s a fact, and it’s why I long ago stopped doing keto diets.
          low carb is good, but realllly low carb is not.
          To each their own but if you actually value health and not just a low number on the scale, I encourage you to do more research.

    3. It’s all about one’s lifestyle. The reason most diets do not work or they do work but people give up halfway is because they live a crappy lifestyle. They don’t take into account what they do, don’t do, know, and don’t know will have some of kind effects. The easiest thing to do is to invest in quality food and make meals from scratch with healthy ingredients. Then find some time to workout. It’s really not that hard besides putting in the effort and doing research. If only women did this and stop deluding themselves to “love themselves.” They aren’t loving themselves. That’s just an excuse to not change.

  7. The least Ariana Grande could have done is gone the extra mile. Get a new pair of tits or an ass implants to match. But my god, that old pic is hideous.

    1. South Korean guy divorced his beautiful wife after he learned the reason their children were ugly was because she had a crap ton of plastic surgery done before they met, not because he wasn’t the father.

      1. A reason a bit harsh to get divorced, but one can’t argue with the premise.

        1. Not really, you should’ve seen the pics. Gorgeous Asian girl all dressed up, brown splotchy skin, looked totally disgusting without

      2. No, I recall that was just a viral internet rumor that ruined an INNOCENT woman’s life some years back.
        “Indeed, this image is completely unrelated to the infamous news story about a man suing his wife over ugly children and actually originated with a 2012 advertisement for a Taiwanese plastic surgery center featuring Taiwanese model Heidi Yeh (Ye Wan Cheng). Yeh posed for a ‘family’ shot with children whose appearances were later digitally altered in the finished photograph, which was used in an ad for the plastic surgery clinic with a caption reading ‘The only thing you’ll ever have to worry about is how to explain it to the kids’”

    2. I don’t find her ugly myself. In my humble opinion, she’s still attractive. She just looks plain. Or rather, not glamorous. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that. In fact, the older I’m getting, the more I appreciate a woman that can doorway with less in regards to her appearance. But tell that to modern women.

    3. She could have tatted her entire body, and thirsty guys would still be lining up.

  8. There’s another article on herethat says, women are so mentally weak that they will resort to extremely damaging and unhealthy eating disorders because of a photograph they saw in a magazine. That’s how childish women are

  9. “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.” < I was always against that mainly because I’ve been around women all my life that were fit or in shape. But now I’m starting to think that shit is true. Nah, more lies for men to accept slobs like Adele.

    1. you can’t “lie” and “make” a man like something he does not like.
      Some men genuinely find her attractive.
      Why does that seem to bother you?

      1. It does bother me. What bothers me is when women try to guilt trip a man into finding them attractive. As I already stated.

  10. A brief history of women’s competition:
    1816: Homely fifteen-yr-old village girl never sees attractive women. She doesn’t know they exist. Lives blissfully ignorant life until she dies in childbirth at age twenty-four.
    1916: Homely fifteen-yr-old city girl sees a few beautiful women on the streetcar every day going to her job as a shopclerk. Buys rouges, powders, and corsets.
    2016: Homely fifteen-yr-old suburban girl sees thousands of hot women on her mobile app every week. Screams ohmygod she’s sooo pretty. Stuffs a Hot Pocket into her face in the bathroom and pukes it up ten minutes later.

    1. It was never that cut and dry.
      The “markers” for reproduction have been the same for countless centuries: aesthetic face, hip to waist ratio, long hair (the quality thereof an indicator of health).
      This “homely” is rather subjective as far as the face is concerned. I don’t think Neanderthals cared about bushy eyebrows for example (there’s much evidence to suggest that Cro-magnons bred with them too).
      What women did know was what their mothers told them, and every one of them was told that their looks would not last and they had to use those looks to get the highest quality dick they could get. And they had to be able to bring more than just a vagina to the marriage so that having given a man her best years, she would still have him around during her worst (until he croaks then she gets all his shit).
      Things like makeup and hair “stuff” have been around since ancient Egypt. Women messing with their hair and eyebrows even going on longer than that.
      Ah, they knew. She gotta work that ass if she wants that cave defended, the animals hunted, and the water carried up. And what bother was this for any man who is practically designed for these tasks? Heck I would have a hard time wondering who got the better part of this deal.

      1. All true —
        — but a woman’s PERCEPTION of THE COMPETITION has risen exponentially thanks to the growth of cities and now media. And it’s driving her batshit crazy.

  11. Heterosexual men don’t like women who are skeletally thin. They like in shape women with well developed asses and tits. The fashion industry, which favors tall, thin women, is run by women and gay men.
    Anorexia/body image disorders probably have multiple causes, but heterosexual men’s beauty standards aren’t one of them.

    1. GO TO HELL!!!
      All you RAPE APOLOGIST’S, we don’t exist for your gaze or to make you happy. The women who are making themselves as thin as possible are doing as a form of SELF-EXPRESSION FOR THEMSELVES ONLY. Have you ever thought of the idea that they may feel like something other than what you NARROWLY DEFINE as human. It’s a phenomenon that exists, and it’s called “otherkin,” and NO these are not people to MAKE FUN OF, they are NOT here for your comedic laughter. WE are growing in number as more and more people are coming to the realization that they have been stifled by patriarchy, and that they will no longer tolerate any subtle form of oppression, whether it be sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, speciesist, emotionalist, or mindist.

      1. There’s no such thing as a rape apologist sweetheart. Go to the gym and lose that spare tire and get a boyfriend. Clearly you have nothing to do

        1. I’m FIT AS FUCK, you ASSTARD! I don’t always shave my legs though because I love grossing out fuckboys like you while wearing a cut pair of Daisy Dukes.

        2. You know on another thread I wasn’t sure if you were for real, now I know you’re trolling. You tipped your hand with the other kin remark. Maybe I’m just a goof for not seeing it earlier, but well done very lifelike.

        3. You look WAY too thin. Also manjaw. You could probably pass for a guy actually… Anyways, do some exercise, eat a bit more and you’d look alright.

        4. That’s not me. That’s some YouTuber’s pics I was using to make a point about misogyny.

        5. Shes just insecure and needs a firm hand to reasure her that we can establish order.

        6. Doesn’t matter, put her in the cage and throw peanuts at her. At least she would be entertaining

        7. Im sorry to hear that the males in your social order were so cruel stuoid, and selfish as to not properly inflict corporal punishment on you for your hypergamous slut behavior, forcing you to go to extreme lengths to compete with your sisters. That must be traumatic and terrifying to live in such chaos.
          Please rest assured that in the end, we will give you and all our sisters the proper firm hand they need to know they are safe and loved.

        8. No brother, our sister must be properly tamed and cultivated with properly applied force and wisdom.

        9. Fuck off Fabian Solutions. They banned you from The Telegraph and you’ll be banned from here. Weirdo.

        10. Go check out its disqus history. Could go either way.
          On the one hand it looks totally like Troll Amateur Hour, on the other hand, these FREAKS actually believe this shit and would actually sound like this.
          Looked more into it. Definitely a Troll, and definitely a Male Feminist.

        11. Ok, well stated, and as you proffer yourself as a sex object to men you claim to hate. You’re not fit. You’re dangerously thin and are putting yourself at risk of heart and kidney disease. As a person who genuinely cares about another’s well being, I encourage you to stop with the “self-expression” and whatever’s going on, and eat. There are healthy ways to get thin and be attractive.

        12. So. . . You’re stealing some else’s identity to raise hell with a bunch of people you don’t know. That sure says a lot about your mentality. I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt, because the pics look like you’re a hipster. And the hipster “men” are all sociopathic faggots and their women despise them.

      2. Don’t worry, you spend enough time reading from this website, you’ll eventually come around to agree with everything that is said here…In fact, I think deep down you already are starting to agree with some articles you’ve read here at ROK.

      3. Those toothpick arms look very unhealthy and convey to me that she has issues with her mental and/or physical health. It doesn’t matter if she makes herself look that way on purpose. Her face looks cute but overall the impression is someting is wrong with her. So no thanks.

        1. You mean “He-she” and “him-her”, right?
          That is no woman or little girl….ah, but I repeat myself!

        2. I really can’t tell from those pictures. But hey it’s 2016, nothing is as it seems. Women even fail at being women today with regards to one Mr Jenner being croned woman of the year.

      4. I needed a good laugh, thanks.
        I dont know why youve bothered posting any pics, you dont need any validation from menz, right?

      5. I would like to remind everyone that this site as a policy against women and trolls. If you respond to a woman or a troll, you get banned. Of course, trolls and women get banned too.

        1. We do?
          I am both a woman and a troll and as far as I know I have never been banned

      6. You are very clear. On behalf of your brothers I sincerely apologize for our weakness in not being aboe to properly control, tame and train you.
        I know your rage against us is as great as the fear and horror of this chaotic environment we have allowed you to be sibjected to, which is terrible.
        However, I encourage you to be at peace, this world is only temporary. Soon enough, even at the worst the pain ends. And who says that things cant change for the better? Observe that your brothers on this site realize that things are off, we are attempting to use our male creative power to understand the problem and then develop the strength and techniques to establish order amid the chaos.
        Naturally, yiu are compelled to test our will and state of mind woth emotional outbursts so as to make sure that we have the focus of mind and clarity of thought to follow through. Do what you must within reason. However, if you are very insecure and test us overly with bad behavior, then of course we will reassure you by throwing you out.

      7. This has got to be satire somehow. Nobody can be this stupid on their own.

        1. I’ve been wondering if it’s a guy trying to make feminists look bad. But it’s so over the top that it might actually be real.

      8. “All you RAPE APOLOGIST’S, we don’t exist for your gaze”
        Yes you do, study some evolution. Nice pictures of that borderline anorexic.
        Below Marilyn Monroe. That’s what is curvy, it’s certainly not fat.

        1. Marilyn monroe went through bouts of depression and would gain 50 pounds and not have showers…

        2. She was a pill head and a whore who is famous for getting pumped and dumped by married men. She died in a drug overdose.
          Whats that fake quote feminists always attribute to her? If you cant handle me at my worst, you dont deserve my best…
          Lol…looks like the one person who couldnt handle her worst was MM herself, and every man she admired.

        3. I never understood the MM adoration. I don’t give a fuck if someone wants to slut around and do drugs but it’s not special.

        4. Interesting. Poor thing had psychological or drug issues. The indifference to eating and hygene suggests a sense of hopelessness. I wonder if the love of the right man might have saved her from herself and some of the wrong people she was with. We’ll never know. I don’t know what she was after, her affair with Kennedy suggests she was after the high ranking male.
          I think there will be an explosion of mental illness in women similar to Marilynn Monroe’s.
          Internet dating, female’s in the workforce in constant contact with desirable males (instead of just their husband in a cottage industry). Means that ordinary women are constantly tempted can live Monroes life style in terms of relationship and sex life. I believe she was on what the PUA call “the carousel.”
          The poster momosgarage developed this idea in the comments section of a return of kings article called:
          “5 Common Things Women Say On Tinder And What They Really Mean”

        5. The cock carousel theory has been around for a long time.
          interestingly, I did things the opposite of everyone else and saved my cock carousel days for my 30’s/sexual peak. I was a good (ie monogamous and or celibate) little wife/divorcee during my 20’s. Now, thanks to a youthful looking face I am living the Dream.

        6. Yeah, we’re heading for “Planet of the Bonobos” not “Planet of the Apes” complete with lesbian sex social climbing (see would be CofC Hillary v Huma). I’m not being sarcastic or judgmental. There will be a price to pay. Good Luck.

        7. Women no longer need to fuck men, to gain power. We can do it just for the enjoyment of it.
          We no longer *need* you.
          Men are scared.
          boo hoo.

        8. With rare exception women are rapidly unwinding Western civilisation, sometimes from wilful anger, sometimes just from ignorance of what they are doing.
          The carefully built structures and the systemising thought required is a male achievement. The morality required is male. If we don’t regain control from female feelings, virtue signalling, submissive consensus seeking and crazy cat lady logic the Muslims will do so in our stead. Demographics is destiny, always.
          You women have a choice, I think in your case you will choose wrongly as your personality may already be set. Cut of your nose to spite your face is a common enough ultimatum but be aware of the consequences.
          I do have a friend who had two children before his wife betrayed him, she got pregnant and because it was with a dark skinned Indian there was no hiding it, (she was catholic enough to fear killing the unborn). He never remarried but did raise his children and have a lot of sex because he didn’t have the heart to try marriage again. Maybe you are in the same situation.

      9. All you RAPE APOLOGIST’S, we don’t exist for your gaze or to make you happy. -> Then you have no reason to live.

      10. uh oh, looks like we have a misguided little fuck toy that needs some Dickens Cider. im not like all the other guys here sweetheart, trust me. I have no problem with you vomiting your feminist BS around me. as a matter of fact I prefer it while getting head. lets just say I love the feeling of irony in the morning. ciao baby.

      11. “Not here for our comedic laughter. . .” Well, just your simply expressing yourself is pretty funny. Look honey, you got a phone camera, access to the internet, and first thing you do is put pictures of yourself on the internet: A totally made up world where you crave attention for a totally made up YOU. Accept that you’ve reduced yourself to “a type” with no substance or long-term shelf life. The whole “Otherkin” thing is about misfits who can’t deal. I encourage to stay around and read about your gender from people who know you better than you know yourself; but please refrain from posting garbage. Try to learn from the tools and technology that the “patriarchy” has given you.

      12. You don’t speak for me. When I diet it’s to attract men, because I feel fat
        . Not ashamed of that.
        You fuck off, I like being looked at.

        1. How many years were you rejected by women before you figured out how to to do that?

    2. Yeah they love to blame men for this nonsense. I usually say to these women “you think men like skinny girls? Go to a strip club and point out all the skinny girls!”

      1. Man, those girls get into shape working out on the pole. Women seriously into martial arts and gymnastics (stripping) get into phenomenal shape. And it’s just being fit.

        1. The trouble is (and I speak from experience) martial arts women tend to be weird. I mean really weird!

        2. Yeah, definitely there’s a fostering of anger there and they say a lot of off-the-wall stuff.

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    4. There was once a time when womens’ magazines were run by men. Not necessarily all of the articles and such sources by male writers, but mainly in the editing departments and overall management.
      That’s when life was better for women.

    5. Agree and have been saying this for a while.
      If you’re trying to appease MEN’S most raw, honest desires, don’t look at HollyWood and Fashion.
      Look at porn.
      You don’t see tall, square jaw and shoulder, skinny women as the main actresses in porn.
      You see women that would fit right besides a statue of Aphrodite.
      And besides, if Patriarchy caused these problems, why we don’t see them in real Patriarchal societies, such as native tribes and the Middle East?

      1. Though I try to stay away from porn I agree 100%. Strippers and porn are what are attractive to men. Not women who look like twelve year old boys. The closer a woman gets to the golden hip to waist ratio the hotter she is going to be.

      2. Agreed. However, those weird looking fashion models DO give us some control over our women when they misbehave. Hold that standard over their heads and they fall apart and will do anything for you. But yeah, fashion models look like transvestites or teen-age boys. Industry totally run by gays and women.

    6. Fine, but note that what is usually called a “curvy” woman these days is in fact a fat ass tub of shit.
      Compare say Marilyn Monroe’s measurements with today’s average fat ass women. Monroe was considered curvy back then.

    7. my wife is always pisses about her ass and hips. I keep telling her athletic legs and a round bottom are pretty sexy. shes consumed with the body image of Hollywood. if I wanted to get with a chick with a tiny ass, tiny tits, no hips, and skinny legs, I would fuck a dude.

    8. Totally well put. I gave up talking to women about it. Usually they bring it up to throw an angery barb at you, assuming you don’t like them for their poor self-image. The Media pushes those mis-shaped women on the public, not because we men like them, but because it’s an industry with vested interests in keeping women hysterical. There’s a Red Pill for women too, but they’re so into flash over substance that they’d never consider it.

      1. ASSHOLE – at least WE look and smell better than most of you!

        1. Did you have your sense of humor surgically removed, or was it simply absent from birth?

      2. Some women smell nice without perfume, maybe it’s just me… maybe it’s my girlfriend…

  12. In Asia and Latin America, women put white cream on their tan skin to look light.
    In North America, light skinned women risk cancer tanning their skin to look dark.
    The secret to the fashion industry: making people feel like they’re never good enough.

    1. As has been said before. Women are like impressionable children in a grownups body.

      1. That right there, once fully understood, will cure any “hate for women” that any man could have.
        We don’t hate kids for being kids.

    2. In Asia and Latin America, the women risk vitamin D3 deficiency and host of other illnesses as a result of that deficiency to be light skinned.
      Girls with curly hair straightens them. Girls with straight hair curls them.

    3. It’s simple donkey/carrot strategy. If the donkey can reach the carrot your dangling in front of it, the ride is over.

  13. I agree with a lot of this article, and it is certainly more sensible than the typical feminist “Men demand women be skinny!” nonsense.
    On the other hand, if there’s one disorder I see on the street amongst women, it certainly isn’t anorexia.

  14. old feminist faye weldon has recently come out and blamed female eating disorders / body image issues on female narcissism. To paraphrase she also admitted that modern feminists are cunts

  15. When a women comments on your face and how you are looking a bit old and weathered. I’m like “Bitch! I cant even seen your face!”
    A mans face is his autobiography, A womens face is her work of fiction.

        1. Nor do i take credit for quotes when i repeat them.
          I give you credit for bringing it to me though.

      1. Noone respond to her at all. They eventually leave and go back to their cats.

        1. NO, I prefer haircuts to cats!
          I love to HARASS misogynists when I’m waiting for my hair to bleach or dye.
          Smoking a cig now too, cuz I’M HARDCORE!!!

        2. Are YOU sure you’re NOT GAY? Those two are HOT AS FUCK, and NO, we don’t have to accommodate your preferences.

        3. Look, trolling is all in good fun, but you defiled Audrey Hepburn.
          You heartless bitch.

        4. You’re not “hardcore.” You’re a hard case. Be gone now, witch, before someone drops a house on YOU!

        5. Guys this is all a joke. I bet it’s one of us making good for a laugh. No way anyone can be this daft and be able to breathe without assistance.

        6. One of those pictures is a shaven headed Aubrey Hepburn. She put the punishment for collaborating women on Aubrey Hepburn, a brave courier for the resistance.

        7. Yah that’s pretty fucked up. She obviously doesn’t know shit about what Hepburn went through during the war and how she was able to turn not only her life around, but the people around her. Audrey was as far from a feminist as you can get. She was able to leave a high paying career in acting to raise her family, then spent the last years of her life fighting poverty all over the world. Most of these so called feminist wouldn’t lift a finger to help another.

        8. Actually, the only person you can successfuly harass is yourself. Misogynists are like medieval kings, they like having a few jesters around, even better if those jesters are maimed, self mutilated or simply freaks.

        9. You’re not going to be so hardcore when you’re in the cancer ward coughing up your lungs in bloody chunks you silly slit.

        10. The blonde one is so fuckable though.
          The don’t stick your dick in crazy thing doesn’t apply, because I don’t have a dick right?

        11. Honestly I was just struck by how hot her hips look compared to the other crazies next to her.
          My first thought when I looked at the full photo was, ‘ewww insane women. Would not touch.’
          But I’d make an exception for the blonde.

        12. I guess she has an interesting physique, we can agree on that. I’ve seen better, but still, nice hips, well noticed.
          The craziness rots the fun. If we could slap them, as in the days of old (well, maybe a little spanking, for their naughtiness), it would make sex a (wet) joy. As it is, even in a consensual scenario, it would be never ending shouts, no moans at all, followed by nagging and regrets. And I would expect a gargantuan bush followed by unchartered territory (definitely a plus, if one has a dick).
          This made me curious, does your kitten only purr for its kind?

        13. I’m strictly dickly.
          I wake up every morning and thank God I am not attracted to women but I can point out a hot one when I see her.
          I’d fuck her, if there were a man present, to turn on by it but it wouldn’t actually do anything for me, in and of itself.

        14. Now that would be a treat.
          Kinky and (sexually) healthy, probably fun and poised. Milady, I’m impressed. Go and spread the good news, there are still interesting women on this Earth (online, at least)!

        15. Ha! “vapid and boring at 22″… Weren’t we all? Life is this odd thing, the more you know about it, the less fun you have. When we’re given heaven, our own hubris and and ignorance blind us untill we ‘re descended into the lower realms. Maybe then we gain in awareness what we’ve lost of pure luck and bliss.
          About age, noone has a cure, but “fat”… only takes a gym and discipline.

        16. lol I wasn’t complaining, merely stating a fact.
          I often pass for a decade younger than I actually am, have symmetrical features and the golden hip to waist ratio .
          What possible motivation would I have for eating less food I love?
          If I were thin enough to attract the sort of men who only go for very fit girls, I’d stop attracting the men who love a bit of meat, so I’d still have the exact same amount of attention I have now.
          After years of battling eating disorders and being every weight under the sun, I have actual personal experience to verify that within reason, a bit of fat changes absolutely fucking nothing.

    1. “A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.”
      That was Oscar Wilde. Give props to the author of the best one-liners in all of Western literature.

        1. No, he loved a spoiled little child of the aristocracy.
          “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” -OW

    2. Helena Rubinstein did say there were no ugly women, only lazy ones!
      Mind you, she had a vested interest

  16. Much like you can never trust a girl who says you don’t need to wear a condom but has a case for her iPhone, you can never trust a girl until she’s shown you what she looks like without makeup.


      1. You certainly don’t reveal your real intentions on dates so why reveal anything else…….

  17. Even back when I was “beta” I saw this. Magazine covers and TV shows making women feel fat while telling them not to worry about what asshole guys think. Put your money where your mouth is, Beyonce, and take off that make up and blonde hair.

    1. lol “when I was beta”:
      you can’t unbeta yourself if you’re a beta,.
      The best you can hope for is some good acting skills.

      1. Water is wet, the sky is blue, and Ariana Grande is a towering feminist intellectual. God, I love her sooooooooooooooooooo much.

    1. Is this trolling? Sarcastic? Joke? Or you actually mean what you wrote?

  18. Go sit in a hair salon for 10 minutes and you will learn quickly that women are the ones bullying women into cosmetic proceedures and unhealthy lifestyles. Women literally degrade and shame each other at every opportunity just for an ego boost. Then they get on facebook and are fixated on following prettier women out of jealousy. Then they shame those women. Then they go out and get the same clothes, makeup, and botox that the women they shamed have used.
    Women live to follow #hashtags.

    1. This is exactly why MEN like you should not be allowed into OUR HAIR SALONS. Your EAVESDROPPING is a VIOLATION and can be hence argued to be a form of RAPE; it is NON-PHYSICAL VIOLENCE on the count of a PRIVILEGED individual.

  19. Women are the worst.. I’m in IT and I remote into users pc’s to fix them all day and see their chat sessions.. they always rip the new girl apart.. the one thats NOT fat and hasnt had kids yet.. the one the guys talk to and ask out while the other fat hens sit around and complain about it!!

  20. There’s an article on xojane today titled “Body Positivity has Become an Excuse for Being Unhealthy” that basically says you have control over your own body and have to actually do something to be healthy and have the body you want. There are literally 1000 comments with 99.9% of them saying “nuh uh, ’cause genetics!” or “you can’t make yourself taller.” More proof that there is a total inability of modern women to recognize nuance or accept self responsibility.

    1. Sure of course they say that publicly , but a fatso knows that she is a fatso and when it is reminded to her she will feel it deep down irrespective of the way her online persona acts and reacts. Bring back fat shaming , if a land whale isn’t ashamed of her 100 kilograms , she needs to be reminded.

      1. Other women will remind her before you even notice!
        Have you noticed that chicks who lost weight and look somewhat better now are narcissistic as hell? It looks like there trying to make up.for lost time!

      2. When’s the next fat shaming week? I feel there’s a few articles I’d be happy to write up

    2. The butthurt comments are hilarious.
      Funny how deep down inside they know they’re disgusting as the author mentioned. If every guy out there actually only went with women who were active or in the process of losing weight, imagine how quick they’d actually get off of their fat asses and hit the treadmill.
      It’s honestly been quite satisfying to tell fatties that are interested: “If you don’t work out, we won’t work out.”

      1. The comments are funny as hell.
        Hey bitches – you ARE fat. If you’re happy being fat then good for you. You don’t need to convince everyone else

        1. Jesus those comments were pathetic.
          Nothing but a bunch of lying fat fucks pretending to “love themselves”
          What garbage.

      2. Yes and no. Some of the comments are butthurt. Some are being realistic. I work out 6 days a week, and only a trip to the plastic surgeon’s office is going to make my breasts larger. In the same way that no gym routine is going to make you 3″ taller. I believe in working with what you’ve got, and accepting, even appreciating, what you can’t change. What I find interesting is that our standards have gotten much higher, while the average woman (and man actually) has gotten less fit. Marilyn Monroe would be told to get her ass into a gym theses days, and her photos would be touched up. So while thanks to the invention of photoshop, both male and female physical standards have become virtually unobtainable, we as a population have become slobs. MM was of course very beautiful, but she was also a helluva a lot closer to the average woman’s size. Not blaming any one thing here, just my observation of the weird dichotomy that exists now with respect to revered vs actual appearances.

    3. The author is dead right. I was a really late bloomer, and when I finally “bloomed” it wasn’t much lol! I was terribly skinny and self conscious as a teenager. In college I discovered the gym. A few weeks in I caught a glance of my legs in a mirror and….gasp! They were developing a shape! For the first time in my life I realised I could manipulate what God had given me. I started to feel GOOD about myself and that radiated into confidence and the boys came a runnin’ Not all boys, but enough, and they appreciated my fit not so curvy body. It’s been almost 20 years and I’ve never looked back. My husband still appreciates my still very fit body. Of course exercise never made my breasts any bigger, but it mattered less once I felt good about myself. Most men are pretty realistic I think. They don’t expect their partners to look like a VS model, but they do appreciate a good honest effort. That said, I see plenty of overweight, middle aged, male slobs. It cuts both ways. Hair loss: no problem, I think my bald husband is very sexy. If he developed a big gut, that’s a different story. The difference of course being only one of these “afflictions” is caused by laziness.

  21. I think Adele started the “Face Only” pictures, that every fat woman on social media and dating websites take for their pictures (no body in picture, just various angles of Face shots) nearly every picture I see of Adele are of “Face Only” , I think fat women everywhere who take “Face Only” selfies were inspired by Adele .

    1. Men: Only 1/7 of our long-term SMV is looks. We can focus on charisma, status, skills just to name a few.
      Women: 60% youth, 30% beauty, 10% her feminine personality.
      If a woman is old and/or ugly she is not only fucked, its worse she is NOT fucked by the guys she wants. It is absolutly mandatory to use surgery, cosmetics, fashion, heels, bras and everything else for an early 30s woman to compete with early 20s women.
      In the old times she would marry young and have children. By age 45 maybe grandchildren even. Nowadays she is found in the same bar she used to be 20 years ago. Back then she was hot but wasted her hot and fertile years chasing an education and career instead. Now she is just a lost soul with no future.

      1. “…Nowadays she is found in the same bar she used to be 20 years ago. Back then she was hot but wasted her hot and fertile years chasing an education and career instead. Now she is just a lost soul with no future.”
        Yep, and what does she do? Runs right back to the feminist agenda and blames “men”…just as she has always done.
        A future ‘crazy cat lady’…

      2. Yep and these are the type of women that want to pull others down with them.

      3. Women in their 30’s are not ‘competing’ with women in their 20.s’ unless theyre retarded. Granted there are a lot of retarded women but come on..
        The sort of men I found attractive in my early 20’s would literally make me vomme today, and my goals for a relationship are completely different.
        I have not noticed it being more difficult for me to attract men, now that I am ‘old’. if anything, they seem to think my experience is hot.
        there’s a reason the term MILF exists.

    2. That comment reflects a poor understanding of how makeup works. You can’t cover ugliness. maybe blotchy skin or something but the markers of good genes, you know the shit men find ‘hot’ like big lips, and eyes that are not too close together cannot be faked with makeup alone

        1. It’s so cute how you keep attempting to patronize me, but fail horribly. Have years of rejection from women given you a deep seated hatred of us? *giggle*
          I hope so. 🙂
          Trolling isn’t your strong suit boo, maybe try knitting.

        2. Don’t worry, I hate everyone equally.
          I’m not adept at social media mechanisms (ie trolling) because I don’t feel the need to validate myself through the opinions of others.
          It is fun to see reactions on the rare occasion I am surprised by them. This isn’t one of those times. Behold: a narcissistic overgrown child taking out her insecurities with men by trolling a site dedicated to cultivating masculine behavior that she was denied. Bor-ring.

  22. When society reflected more patriarchal norms, anorexia, bulimia, and
    other mental illnesses we see all the time today were so uncommon as to
    be almost non-existent.

    You can add transgender garbage to that list. It’s no coincidence we’re seeing so much of it now rammed down our throats. Transgender, like anorexia, is a mental disorder being a form of Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).
    There are even some people who want to have an otherwise healthy limb amputated because they don’t feel ‘complete’ with that limb or they ‘identify’ as an amputee.
    Here’s one transgender who has now made the leap to transpecies. Expect more to follow.

  23. The problem is that people are too fucking stupid to realize that celebrities don’t give a fuck about them. These people are actors. They get paid a lot of money to pretend to be people they aren’t. Why would they treat their fans any differently from the people who pay them outrageous amounts of money?
    The truth is that compassion sells. Celebrities know that people will believe whatever they’re told if told by a popular person. These “caring” celebrities are about as genuine as a Korean blond.

    1. The same reason yuppies spend their summers’ free time in charitable events: if you have NOT outstanding merit in your job, “charming” people with baloney compassion is the way to go (and they have the nerve to include it in their CVs).
      “Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth”, Jesus said…

  24. Surprise surprise, they are all ugly as fuck naturally! Yet they act like we should put them on a pedestal because of their makeup and give them special privileges.

  25. This is the result of hypergamy run amok. By nature women are compelled to seek out the greatest alpha they are allowed to fight for in their social order.
    In a social order that imposes restraints on the sexual behavior of women, their hypergamous instinct is offset by negative consequences, which results in her making balanced decisions for satisfying her sexual and emotional needs.
    In english: Plain girls can only compete with hot girls by being sluttier, if we tell plain girls we will punish them for slutty behavior, they will stop competing with the hot girls and settle for the normal guys they can reasonably get.
    And because the social order imposes this on all women, her honor is satisfied and she does not have a feeling of losing out compared to the other women.
    However, if we impose no restraints on slutty behavior, then the plain girls will use every trick in the book and then some to get the favor of the alpha male. That all women are doing this makes the need even more acute, to the point that women tear themselves apart trying to get the favor of the alpha.
    Why do they do this? Well actually, it makes a great deal of sense when you think about it. If you have ten men, and 9 are selfish, cowardly and weak, but the tenth is strong, only an idiot would allow herself to be taken by one of the nine weaklings.
    For starters she would have to put up with the attention of the other eight morons that she didnt choose, and if any of the women of the strong man wanted to harm her, her children or her husband, they would ask their strong husband to force the weak husband to accept the harm and her weakling husband would roll along with it. Etc.
    However, if the nine weak men had some courage, loyalty to each other and a code of honor, then they would not allow misbehavior of the women, and they would check any out of control behavior by the alpha. This is a far better deal, and a woman could have a good life there.
    Civilization is about imposing reasonable restraints on our base behavior. These restraints are external (punishment, disapproval) and internal (taught). When we remove those restraints or impose them too harshly we end up with imbalance and destruction. To know what needs to be restrained and what needs to be encouraged requires serious thought and wisdom.

    1. Interesting analysis, and probably quite correct. I wonder what would really be a good way to get the balance, ultimately something must force the women to realize that they will not get access to the alpha and give up and be content with what is realistic for her.
      Someone said something about the genetic selection in the early human population having been quite extreme, 80% of females reproducing with 20% of males per generation. This actually makes sense from a genetic and reproductive standpoint. Deselecting a female has a much bigger impact than deselecting a male and this is also why there is a larger variance in men in terms of physical attributes as well as mental.
      So basically civilization is messing with the natural order of things in a sense…

      1. I think of the problem as mostly one of working with other men to impose an accepted order on society.
        It’s a tough thing, we men ourselves don’t really know who we are or what we need as a group. Neomasculinity is an interesting phrase, but it’s very vague.
        We have a lot of work ahead of us.

        1. What I wonder is what the incentives for this collaboration would be for natural alphas, without collaboration they have the majority of the pussy cornered at will. Not that the majority of the pussy is that interesting but this collaboration would kind of require the actual alphas to not allow their dick to obey its prime directive to probe the depths of every vagina that gives it a boner…

        2. The incentive of establishing order.
          I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done, every single human being that has ever existed is absolutely convinced that he/she is “a good person”. It doesn’t matter how they define it, it doesn’t matter if they tell you they are a piece of shit, or what atrocities they’ve done, everyone is absolutely convinced they are on some level, the best thing ever. “convinced” is key, because we are all lying to ourselves to some degree or another.
          “All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; But the LORD weigheth the spirits.” – proverbs 16:2
          my point is that being “good” is a human imperative. It’s wired into us. I’m not saying we are good, or we magically become good, clearly a lot of us are scum, the point is, it’s a natural human need.
          What is good? A working definition is the establishment of order. That which promotes order -> good, that which creates entropy -> bad.

        3. ironically at this point in time,Alphas are usually bad people. I think you see this in the douchebag society we have now. Who’s the yoked doouchebag at the club with pussy throwing themselves at him.Usually a thug cro magnon with five baby mommas at home taking care of the next generation of man child ghetto douchebags.

        4. There is no incentive for them to change the current system or help beta men do better. The system works beautifully for them, like dog eat dog laissez-faire capitalism works wonderful for the rich and owners of capital, more so than those who have to compete for the paid by the hour jobs.
          They want the 80% men to be good citizens and do the right thing by society. Don’t resort to violence, work and pay their taxes to keep society functioning and support the single moms, don’t protest over the status quo, or women’s taste in men and to wife up women after their carousel riding days. They don’t care if lots of women have fucked a swag of badboy type men or have mood swings or are shallow or have credit card debt or are sjws or on ADs or do drugs or have done gangbangs as they are the badboy men and the ones tag teaming them, and have no intention of wifing them up. Those issues will be some other guy’s problem.

        5. Hmm something like this is not an incentive powerful enough for me at least, or let’s say it would never have worked on me when I was really into slaying pussy. I don’t care about other people’s opinions of me, and I define what I think it is to be a good person.
          Now I’m older and married so I’m not into stealing the girlfriends of betas anymore just for kicks, but I used to do just that…

        6. Yep this is it. I know full well that back when I was plundering pussy I didn’t give a shit what other people thought about it. And I also now realize that it probably did fuck up the plans of many thirsty betas, but knowing that back then would have made zero difference to me.

        7. Whether it works or not for you is your business. But the society that cannot get enough men to do so will be faced with two choices
          1. Destruction.
          2. Self enlavement.

        8. Alpha only determines social ranking. Or you could have a definition of alpha as socially dominant aggressive males.
          Such men can be good or evil. The society whose alphas ignore the needs of the wider community (or do it in a stupid way) end up being part of society that gets pummeled. The society whose alphas take order succeed.
          Its not just the alphas, its everyone. Every man has the following obligation regardless of socially rank
          1. Create Order.
          Thats it. The rest is all based on that.

        9. There has to be a bigger incentive and making it so binary is not really something that I think is going to amount to some outcome.
          My idea is developing around some form of truce which we used to have before – random shitheads keep out of the females alphas are into and we leave the rest were th occasionally dipping into the pool.
          But that seems impossible now with all the SJW activism and feminism…
          I don’t really have a dog in the fight but mostly I’m now thinking about the guys who struggle to get the girl.

        10. Would it not be the society that ignores the alpha that kind of makes the problem?
          I’ve had disputes with guys being a cunt over me taking their exes for a spin where I ended up taking the current GF and making her want babies and a house with me just to prove a point..
          The current GF of the guy I had an argument with that is.

        11. I realize that this is not OK just because I can. But it took wanting a girl just for my self for me to stop touching other guys girls hahaha…

        12. I dont understand. How do you want people to act?
          You say lower status men get upset with you when their ex women go with you … and?
          Obviously no one has harmed you. And based on my understandin of game, your actions have probably increased your smv among women, so what is the issue?
          It almost sounds like you are upset precisely because the other men arent ignoring you.
          Anyway, its besides the point. What this is really about is resource rights amd resource distribution, A society that respects the resource/property rights of other men and has a sane dostribution policy does well, the ones that dont collapse.

        13. Then we need to consider women a resource and property. Which is what they are…
          And no, I’m not in it for fame thank you, but I’m worried about men who give up so easily…

        14. Who bitch this is?!? Is the answer to that problem…
          Unadulterated pure fucking patriarchy without mercy.

        15. You did those betas a favour.
          Their gf’s lacked integrity.
          I know you wanna think you’re gods gift or something but you’d never have made that work with a classy broad who likes herself.

    2. We have made great development meddling with out instincts and su pressing our true chimpanzee ish behaviour! Women with power have the power to eliminate all that progress and by God they won’t hesitate to prove other bother what her powers her vagina wields.

      1. Think of women as a resource. Think of land as a resource. Imagine a country with occasional bad weather, various problems, etc. Now if you don’t know what you are doing, and you don’t have a lot of discipline, ie, if you let the land do what it wants, then you’ll end up with an overgrown ruined field.
        It’s been observed over and over and over again. WOMEN WANT TO BE KEPT. They want you to rule them. But the rule part is where it gets tricky.
        But then again, that’s true about anything.

        1. “…It’s been observed over and over and over again. WOMEN WANT TO BE KEPT. They want you to rule them. But the rule part is where it gets tricky.”
          Sorry, but risking a prison sentence for ‘Domestic Violence’ isn’t worth the bullcrap that you have to put up with when dealing with Cupcake. IOW, “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze”.

    3. What we need are alphas that are in solidarity to the rest of the patriarchy. And will uplift the rest of men, unless they are willing cucks and maginas; those kind of “men” should be exterminated

      1. Everybody has to take responsibility. Me, you, everyone. When enough men do that, they will congregate with the like minded, work together and establish order. It’s not a top down thing, it’s a bottom up.

  26. Hypocrites in Hollywood makes perfect sense against the backdrop of the article Roosh posted basically that they are all compromised by doing heinous sex act rituals. Then they will spew any SJW BS even when their actions are the exact opposite. Leo DeCrapio shouts about the environment and saving the monkeys while he tears around in private jets and chills in his various mansions.

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  28. It is an awfully interesting ‘coincidence’ that the epidemic of anorexia nervosa and bulimia among girls and young women in the 1970’s didn’t occur until after the advent of feminism in the 1960’s.
    And of course, the feminists jumped at the chance to blame all of it on “men”.

  29. In the end, the celebrities themselves are nothing but commercial pawns. They carry on about “female empowerment” and “you go girl”, but all that shit is carefully crafted by corporate enterprises, for the sole purpose of separating women from their money. Like taking candy from a baby, some might say.

    1. I think its often the case but not exclusively. For a new talent, then yes the management team will have a specific image in mind & specific demographic they want to target and they will mold their new talent to suit that. Someone like Miley Cyrus could well have been crafted by her handlers/managers to be who she is, but they don’t necessarily set the market trend, more so imo just exploit it. Young women lap up Miley’s antics, image and music. At some point though Miley will have so much star power that she can start to exert some influence on her image and her message to young women. Someone like Madonna very much calls the shots on her career, and what look she has, and what music style she does, and what lyrics she will sing, and what opinions she says in interviews.
      Recently there was an article on ROK on Ke$ha trying to get out of her contract with her producer/mgr by claiming sexual assault. From an article I read I gather that she wanted to come up with a different music style & image but her producer wanted her to stay with the party girl ‘face down booty up timber in her ass’ image that brought in the bucks. That does match your argument, but In this case she probably lived that life and very much embraced that image early on, but now she made her $million and wants to become someone that can back up the female empowerment talk with a more respectable image, but the corporation dont want that. They want to keep mining that same market. I dont blame them. There is a lot of young women happy to buy into a ‘you go gurl’ image and embrace an image thats a cross between say Lara Croft/Kat Von D/Rihanna/Angela Moss.
      Angela Moss – character in Mr Robot show. Young pretty girl with bit of an edgy look, attitude and she’s also a hotshot computer hacker.

  30. Here is the thing. Although this article makes some good points, it is still within the frame of “women-women-WOMEN”! Everything in the media, from “the news” to opinion pieces to tabloid trash and beyond is all about how some issue (or more often, frivolous non-issue) has an effect on humans with vaginas. It is always all about them and in the rare instance it is not, they will make it about themselves and every guy inevitably jumps into their frame. Anyone else notice this phenomenon?

  31. I’m not sure when men, or the patriarchy, was ever blamed for women’s body issues. This has always been considered a by product of mass media, photo manipulation etc… The guiltiest offenders are naturally those with a financial interest in selling products to women by tapping into their insecurities. The biggest advertisers appear in publications aimed for/at women. I don’t recall anyone ever pointing the finger at men.

    1. I actually find quite a number of women do, and generally they have a feminist bent. They like to think and tell other women will still live in a male patriarchy and its men in high positions who are pulling the strings. So much media these days ts targeted at women, and its not just sex sells when it comes to men and say having a pretty woman draped over a new car, but also women very much buy into it as well. Much marketing or media entertainment to younger women involves pretty women and its not just for the purpose of selling some new miracle skin lotion. A new zippy hatchback targeted at women, will have a pretty woman driving it and she will be driving up in it to a restaurant to meet her beautiful female & handsome male friends. Lots of new tv shows feature attractive men & women and surveys of young female viewers show they like their shows populated with attractive actors/actresses. While older women may bristle at seeing all these slim/pretty women in their tv shows, the younger female demographic like the eye pleasing visuals and are not so threatened by it and will tune in in big numbers.
      Look at the top 20 female music artists or the top 20 female instagram stars and its over overwhelmingly beautiful women, and its young women making these people famous. Lots of feminists like to think someone like Rupert Murdoch is making all the editorial & photo decisions in his empire. Yeh right. In his women’s publications his senior editors/managers are female executives. I’ve seen articles written about some of these women in relation to promoting unfair standards of beauty on women. These high ranking women admit to wanting to do the right thing by the feminist imperative but at the end of the day sales trumps good intentions. They had experimented with using bigger models or older models or not photoshopping women in their magazines, but when they did, sales went down. When they switched back, sales went back up. Their female subscribers while they might like the concept of not biasing beautiful women, in reality preferred to see their media filled with slimmer, prettier, younger women to admire and create a mental association with.

  32. A woman who is serious about making herself attractive to men can do it easily. Men look for clear skin and a healthy weight. Beyond that they’re not particular. All a woman has to do to attract men is eat sensibly and get regular exercise.
    The tough part is getting a man to hang around once he’s had her three ways. At that point she needs to give up the entitled attitude and the mistaken belief that she’s hot shit—which is usually what the sisterhood mean by “self-love.”
    Few women have that kind of discipline, which is why so much money is made selling them crap they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress men who already know better.

    1. None of us are perfect, a part of growing up is realizing this about yourself and others. Do the best you can with what you’ve got, and learn to live with the rest. Be kind to others and settle for nothing but the same in return. You sound as though you’ve had some very unhealthy relationships and you have my sympathy. Surround yourself with better women and you will be happier.

    2. I agree. The main problem, after the attraction phase, is that many simply do not want to submit, to agree to the man lead and so, intoxicated by the “girl power” nonsense, they sabotage the relationship becoming obsessive with they image.
      Men do not have the patience to endure that and so they leave.

    3. I agree. Its not that hard to be attractive to men doing those basics. There is still billions to be made from women over 35 though and from the competitive nature of younger women.
      For older women and there are many single these days and still looking for a man and need to compete with the innate desire of men for younger women + even for those who are married who want to still look sexy/feminine for their man or to outdo their female friends there is a big market. I am not going to rip on an older women for wanting to look younger as long as she does not spend stupid amounts or tries to use it as a substitute for still being overweight or having a crappy diet or crappy personality.
      As for younger women and their competitive nature – Just having a disciplined diet, regular exercising and looking after health and making an effort to be feminine in look & nature will get an average woman a long way in the dating market. At the same time she will look on at her friends who already are cute/pretty putting on makeup and wearing very revealing clothing, getting some tatts and going from a 6.5 to 8 and now getting more attention from the hawter guys than her + also getting ranked with more status in their female social circles and the other friends subtlety made to feel more jealous. Fit sweet average 5.5 girl now wants to close the gap and so she will go for the makeup up, hair gels, miracle skin lotions, hot brand fashions,maybe a nose or boob job, watch the same shows/follow the same instagram celebs, etc to keep up with the hawt girls. From an average guys POV she doesn’t need to do that shit.
      If she wants to keep the hotter guy that she fucks for a ONS and her girl friends who is a natural 6.5 – made-up 8 gets as a bf then she feels she needs to go the extra. Also these days in the modern west, how many average women will be happy with the average guy. Less than at any time in history I would wager especially if they have hooked up with better in their carefree just dating around days.
      I totally agree with you though that most today would rather spend the $ than make the effort. That why 30 yrs ago an ab buster type machine would be marketed with ‘all you need is just 30 mins a day’, then 20 yrs ago a new ab buster design could now give you a 6pack with just 20 mins a now a day, and now a newer design will get you a 6pack for just 5mins a day. For lots of people, even better would be a liposuction & flat stomach cosmetic surgery for a months pay and no gym.

  33. Going even further the celebrity culture/ fashion inustry has ruined the self esteem of women. I cant think of any other industry that has been consistently undermining the self esteem of women and girls as much as the celebrity magazines and t.v shows that constantly praise these unattainable smoke and mirror creations. The fashion industry is another major player in having girls constantly jumping through their hoops every season trying to keep up with fashion trends wasting hundrds of dollars a year trying to keep up.
    I know , self esteem is cultivated by actually doing things and accomplishing goals. Western society has coddled the female species so much its gotten to the point that girls tear each other down through social media to feel a sense of power. Yet every t.v show and movie is all about placating and pandering to women that they’re empowered and kick ass. They have these anti bullying campaigns yet the media skips around the fact that thats exactly what they do! Fashion commentary shows and magazines that talk shit and humiliate actresses and celebrities and their fashion choices. Ironically it’s the gay mafia media that are the biggest bullies.
    My girlfriend loves these awfull shows that are mostly on Bravo. I see the petty childish behaviour of these spoiled, rich and entitled adult children. It’s pathetic to watch. Women love drama, especially if its rich spoiled women in turmoil. Its true women hate other women until they need a shoulder to cry on. Once they recover they’re back to being awful to each other.

  34. “epidemic of anorexia nervosa and bulimia among girls and young women”
    There is something wrong with the world, but it aint this:
    1) I do not see a very much fuckable bulimia epidemic
    2) I do see an unfuckable landwhale epidemic

  35. This isn’t exactly anything new. As a society we have been railing against the standards set forth by the mainstream media through movies, magazines, etc. The truth though is I would rather a woman who strives to look the best she can than a slovenly land whale who tells us she’s proud of her “curves”

  36. A couple of years ago Angelina Jolie got a double mastectomy only because some cancer gene ran in her family. But she didn’t have any signs of cancer herself. So today I’m listening to the news and her doing that helped to start a new trend in women’s health care. . .Doing radical procedures that aren’t necessary. Of course the movement is spearheaded by groups that just exist to monetize female medical stuff that has no use or basis in reality. It reminds me of the 2000’s when insurance and medical providers were fighting it out over costs and the AMA came out and admitted that the annual exams and tests they’d been preaching for years had no basis and should be stopped. Pure profiteering from women’s self indulgence and the whole society thing of treating them as something special requiring space-age technology to keep alive.

  37. If you think it doesn’t take hard work to look amazingly hot, you’re almost certainly ugly.

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