How Conservatives Are As Bad As Liberals In Undermining America

Liberalism is a cancer that is eating away at the heart of Western civilization by eroding its foundational institutions. But there is another movement that may be even worse than liberalism—the conservative movement.

The conservative movement consists of most Republican politicians as well as those donors, pundits, news outlets, think tanks, and lobbyists that are supposed to represent conservative voters. While they pretend to be conservatives themselves, their real values are diametrically opposed to those of their voters.

A false friend is worse than an enemy


Military strategists are unified in teaching that a general should know his enemy. This makes sense because you can’t defeat an enemy unless you understand what its strengths and weaknesses are.

But false friends are worse than an enemy. You would never take the advice of an enemy, but you will listen to a false friend even though he will lead you to defeat.

Liberalism is the clear enemy of everything that is traditional. It was liberalism that pushed for no fault divorce laws that causes almost half of all marriages to end in divorce. Liberalism pushes feminism caused women to abandon childbearing in exchange for fulfillment in a cubicle. Through a poorly designed welfare state, liberalism has created a permanent underclass in the US and in many Western nations. Two decades of liberal lobbying led to the legalization of same-sex marriage, and liberals have plans for even more extreme social engineering.

The conservative movement says that it is a friend of traditional men and women, but it is a false friend. It promised that if we voted for True Conservative™ politicians and donated to conservative lobbying groups they would not only stop the destruction being wrought by liberals, but reverse it.

If the conservative movement had put up a real fight against liberalism and lost, there would have been no shame. But in virtually every case, conservative leaders put up only token resistance. As we shall see, the movement’s real priorities lie in servicing a globalist agenda.

Ditching Morality


Average Americans who identify as conservatives do so because they want to conserve their way of life. For most of them, that means a society with some semblance of Christian morality. It doesn’t mean that conservatives want a theocracy—only a place where children can grow up in a healthy environment.

The conservative movement was supposed to fight against the erosion of morality. William F. Buckley, one of the leading lights of the movement, wrote that part of its mission was defend traditional morality:

The profound crisis of our era is, in essence, the conflict between the Social Engineers, who seek to adjust mankind to conform with scientific utopias, and the disciples of Truth, who defend the organic moral order.

Defending the organic moral order is a noble goal. Unfortunately, conservative leaders almost never do it. When was the last time you heard a conservative politician or pundit say that no-fault divorce should be rolled back?

Gay marriage is a similar case. The leaders of the conservative movement put up only token opposition to same-sex marriage before it became the law of the land due to the Obergefell Supreme Court decision. The reason for their limp-wristed response is that many of the most revered conservative leaders are actually social liberals. Jonah Goldberg, a Senior Editor for National Review, thought that same-sex marriage was a great idea all along:

I also find it cruel and absurd to tell gays that living the free-love lifestyle is abominable while at the same time telling them that their committed relationships are illegitimate too.

Many of my conservative friends often act as if there’s some grand alternative to both the bohemian or the bourgeois lifestyles. But there isn’t. And given that open homosexuality is simply a fact of life, the rise of the HoBos — the homosexual bourgeoisie — strikes me as good news.

While the leaders of the conservative movement abandoned any defense of traditional values, they neglected to tell their followers. On occasion, conservative politicians will wrap themselves in the mantle of Christian morality to gain votes, but once they are in office all morality issues conveniently disappear off the radar screen.

By the way, conservative lobbying organizations are no better. These groups solicit donations from gullible conservative voters while they have no intention of ever achieving victory. After all, victory would mean that they would be out of a lucrative job.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.05.37 AM

So if preserving the moral order is not a goal of conservative leaders, what is? The conservative movement’s position on trade shows us that their real priority is fostering globalism.

Globalism doesn’t focus on the needs of an individual nation. Rather, its concern is to do away with national boundaries so that all barriers to trade are removed. Globalism benefits a small cadre of wealthy individuals and corporations, but it has been a disaster for the US workers who have seen their jobs shipped overseas.

Even though the free trade deals like NAFTA have hurt the US, most conservative voters strongly believe that opposing these deals is not conservative and somehow un-American. But how did conservatives become convinced to vote against their own interests?

Through indoctrination.

Wealthy globalists are able to influence the political process through their donations. They donate to candidates and their Super PACs to buy the candidate, but they also use their donations to influence the voters directly. They are able to fund conservative publications, think tanks, and news organizations to spread the message that free trade somehow magically enriches everyone.

This is why you’ll see publications like National Review and think tanks like Cato write glowingly about trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Afterward, pundits will go on Fox News or conservative websites and repeat the “wisdom” that they gleaned from these conservative or libertarian thought leaders.

The indoctrination has not been fast process. The key globalist doctrines have been preached by these outlets as the conservative orthodoxy for years or even decades. Over time, rank and file conservatives came to believe that anyone who deviates from this message is a liberal.



Immigration is another example of where the interests of the interests of the conservative movement’s globalist masters conflict with those of its voters.

As anyone with even the most rudimentary understanding of economics should be able to discern, increasing the supply of labor through immigration drives down wages. That hurts the average American worker. Yet conservative publications such as the Wall Street Journal tout the idea that immigrants are the “engines of economic growth.” That phrase appears so frequently in conservative literature that I believe someone must have market tested it.

The idea conservative outlets are trying to convey is that importing immigrants magically raises everyone’s wages. Unfortunately, while some immigrants might be good people, immigration does not defy the law of supply and demand. Indoctrinated conservative and libertarians who do not believe me should study the work of Professor George J. Borjas of Harvard University.

Due to space constraints, I’ve only touched on the wage impacts of immigration, but is very likely that the unchecked immigration that is pushed by the conservative movement is part of a deeper sinister agenda.

Can the conservative movement be salvaged?


When someone decides to run for election as a Republican politician or when a writer decides to seek work at a conservative publication, I believe they start out with good intentions. However, getting elected or supporting the staff of a conservative publication takes a lot of money. Outside money is often required, and that money always comes with strings attached.

Also, it is human nature to want to preserve a good thing. Conservative leaders are invested in the status quo even if it is destroying the country.

What this means practically is that most of the conservative movement leadership is compromised by donor dollars. The million-dollar question is whether you can ever trust someone who has been compromised.

Ultimately, the only thing that can be done is to radically re-orient the system in a healthy direction. Patriarchal Nationalism represents just such a re-orientation. While it will take time to achieve, it will be easier than trying to salvage the existing system.

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179 thoughts on “How Conservatives Are As Bad As Liberals In Undermining America”

  1. The closer you get to DC the closer you get to a 3rd ideology: Crony Capitalism. If you wish to look for anything resembling a reasonable Conservative Movement look outside of any association with DC.
    Ironically, Liberalism (or the Democratic Party) is cracking up as well due to sustaining its pigeonhole politics. Our politics in 2020 may look a whole ton different than even 20 years ago.

  2. I should like to point out that most of the political labels are really misappropriated axioms. For instance “liberal” came from the 18th century and was quite an enlightened movement at the time based on natural law. Likewise “conservative” sought to conserve the values that this classic liberalism espoused. As you can see neither of these terms are representative of the political philosophies which today they supposedly categorize.
    I leave you with Marcus Tulluis Cicero: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    1. Re: the last three or so sentences … sounds a lot like what Uncles Cohen, Goldstein, and Tanenbaum tend to do; hehe. Lest I exaggerate, the entire Frankfurt School, whose chief aim was primarily to “appeal to the baseness” of men’s hearts, and “rot their soul” … were indeed hardcore talmudists.

    2. Yes, the system we have today offers far less than true liberalism or conservatism could offer. Honestly, there is very little I agree with in either of the two parties. If you put a gun to my head, and asked me what is the best thing the Republicans or Demcocrats are doing today I would not know what to say, and would hope I could stammer out something before you pulled the trigger.

      1. If you make between $20,000 to $200,000 a year, the government doesn’t give a shit about you. Your productivity and existence is there only to help out the people making less or more than you are.Things weren’t that bad when the country had money. I mean that by when you could be a high-school drop-out and get a factory job you could retire from. Now, after 35 years of “Conservative” leaning government we’re in an economic shambles. Look, since WWII we’ve been socialist. Depending on who’s in power the government benefits go to either the rich or the poor. Republicans say protecting the rich is National Security, the Democrats say it’s the poor. It’s all a bunch of shit.

  3. It’s pretty clear that Wisconsin is home to the nuttiest form of conservatism. They are hardcore globalists who welcome slave labor from Mexico, and they also want a brutal theocracy with no freedom of religion. Any sane person would flee this state, it’s just as bad as hardcore liberal California with winters that last 9 months to boot. I think Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz are both far more destructive than Bernie or Hillary could ever be even though they are all more a less the same in many regards. It’s clear we’re all pretty screwed in this election unless Trump wins.
    If he doesn’t win…I guess whenever the last Mexican leaves and turns out the lights, I’ll go down there and claim it for myself and just live off of mangos and avocados lol.

    1. Great idea!
      When I get out of here, I’m going to where it is warm all the time. You know where I’m going? Zihuatanejo. Down in mexico. It’s a little place maybe twenty miles from Playa Azul and Mexico Highway 37. It’s a hundred miles north west of Acapulco on the Pacific ocean. You know what the Mexican’s say about the Pacific? They say it has no memory. And that’s where I want to finish out my life. In a warm place that has no memory.

      1. Open a little hotel right on the beach. Buy some worthless old boat and fix it up like new. Take my guests out charter fishing…

        1. whatever mistakes I’ve made in my life I’ve paid for and then some.
          Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’

      2. Your own private Shawshank Redemption. There are far worse fates than ending your days on a warm Mexican beach. Dying as a despairing old man in the crumbling USA is one of them.

    2. “They are hardcore globalists who welcome slave labor from Mexico, and
      they also want a brutal theocracy with no freedom of religion.”
      Freedom of religion = freedom to worship the Lord Jesus, or remain in shameful silence (and quietly worship or not worship something else) which will be noted.
      Western civilization jumped the shark when “freedom of religion” came to mean anything other than my definition.

    3. “Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz are both far more destructive than Bernie or Hillary could ever be even though they are all more a less the same in many regards”
      Six of one, half dozen of the other. Death by any other name would as putrid.
      “whenever the last Mexican leaves and turns out the lights, I’ll go down there and claim it for myself”
      lol. I wish. We’ll have to bypass their wall and stay clear of the Aztec Temples run by white-Spanish god-kings.

        1. In my version, its the year 2040, all of the usual suspects are packed in, sardine- style, in a nightclub. A horrendous song like “Dancing Queen” or “You Put Dee Lime in Dee Coconut” plays on a loop forever. Someone asks “Wheres Kissenger?” and everyone looks up, and sees a 130 yr old Hank giving them the finger…

    1. The author seems to need more seasoning in politics. The “conservative” movement is NOT undermining Amerca. The conservative movement has been infiltrated by these people we call RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) They are not conservative, just sell outs who tell the people what they want to hear and when they win throw them under the bus. So get your terminology right, you even have the ultimate RINO Ryan in your picture.

      1. Republicans betrayed their ‘save the Nation’ stance During Abe’s tenure. They stood for nothing thereafter.
        When Dem’s were infiltrated and became openly, full throttle Commies, ‘conservatives’ attempted to loosely define themselves based on anti-commie rhetoric and the writings of a nobody (see “Cuckservative”, Day, Red Eagle).
        Ike was an internationalist shill During WW2. Uber commie FDR wouldn’t appoint a nationalist warlord in his war Against Nationalism.
        As of…oh, 1900 give or take…there has been one Party in the U.S. w two lying heads. Each speaks to the hopes of a given citizen (and non-citizen invader as of ’65) then carries on w ushering in the (((New World Order))).

  4. Prior to 1976, marriage to a woman was guaranteed free and no strings attached sex. A man could never be charged with ‘raping’ his wife. Then feminists pushed for the reddest heartland state of all, NEBRASKA, to pass the first spousal rape law. Before that, every state had a ‘marriage exclusion’ clause protecting men from the frivolous ravages of a bed maddened woman, nor could she legally wreak havoc during her monthly psychosis. The family union was somewhat protected in this manner. It was protected from frivolous rape charges prior to ’76.
    MEANWHILE the 80’s were a ‘conservative’ revival which blanketed the next two decades with an age of peace and plenty, and a blissful ignorance blinded the country like a warm slumber. It was as if the blue Smurf blankets covered the eyes of America.
    Throughout the 80’s and un beknownst to the MSM fishwrap reading public, every last state in the union followed Nebraska like dominos, one by one, striking down their ‘marriage exclusion’ clauses from their ‘rape’ laws which had existed since colonial times. The last state to go was in 1994. Now every state in the US had reduced the man’s authority within a legal marriage to a precarious hot seat, where at any time, any married man could be criminalized if the woman claimed that ‘he’ made the booty call and not ‘her’. During cross eximinations, a man could now be asked ”Did he ever make an unwanted advance during the marriage?”. Suddenly ‘RAPE CHARGE’ became a hazard of legal marriage.
    Conservatives basically presided over this decade long transformation.Prior to ’76, legal scholars called ‘spousal rape’ oxymoronic, like the term ‘parental abduction’ which is also commonly used today to depatriarch the family unit. The Regan/Bush ’80’s were relatively peaceful with respect to military conflicts, with Falklands and Grenada topping the charts. The real war was the massive campaign behind the scenes against the family. 1st lady Nancy was a two time cuckolding vamp in reality.
    Who has the booty call is crucial. It is the grail, the goal of both sides in this game.
    THE BOOTY CALL is one cornerstone of patriarchy that cannot and must not be lost. THE BOOTY CALL is ‘breakfast and coffee’ in the morning for the patriarch who is the mason behind the columns of civilization. With THE BOOTY CALL in the hands of the woman, the day is cold and directionless for the man. The patriarch, the architect of civilization has been struck down. THIS is what they mean when they say that matriarchal ‘civilizations’, if you could even call them ‘civilized’, will live in squalor. Notice how all aboriginal matriarchal peoples remain frozen it time and live like foraging animals? At best they live in grass huts. They KILLED THE ARCHITECT. Bitch-rule matriarchies KILLED HIM OFF for pete’s sake! So matriarchal societies can build no better than stick dwellings with thatched twig blankets for a roof. Mama bird in the tree cannot do much better either. Without the Architect, the Patriarch and the Pion with his pipeline to God, we become like dumb animals without souls, eating our young, and the festering odor of menstrual dribble reeks with flies and maggots in the corner of the hut. If a boy is strong enough to run away, he escapes his mother when she gets a taste for blood. She bites his foreskin off first. If he can still run, he lives.
    We men must keep the lid slammed shut on matriarchy with PATRIARCHY.
    Hail the patriarchy!!

      1. That’s a good article.
        It has to be read in parts with the links. It is very inclusive. I don’t know why the article isn’t expanded into full textbook form and taught as a full course in high school. Well, I do know why. It’s not PC and blows the feminists out of the water like dynamiting for fish. It would make a liquid mess of any shitlib or feminist in the vicinity of the classroom.
        One figure mentioned in the article is Senator Bill Bradley who I hadn’t considered. He was at the center of much of the anti male, anti family legislation being rammed through in the 80’s. He’s a big traitor up there with Ted Kennedy.
        Bradley was obviously a mangina and cuck without kahones, a feminist lap dog. His first wife was a tiny dark haired divorcee single mom 10 years his senior. She was German born so she wasn’t funny and likely bossy. All that with a German accent and she wasn’t even blonde. What less could you ask for in a woman? And the bitch smoked. That’s much worse than the Regans. So on Bradley goes in the 80’s passing the worst child support blood money collection/enforcement laws which hounded men to the ends of the earth without statute of limitation and raised penalties for delinquency/non payment and lowered the bar on imprisonment.
        I run out of fingers and toes counting the traitors listed in the article. Thank you sir.

  5. Term limits on Senators and Reps would help fix a lot of cronyism in DC. However, passing such limits would be like asking criminals to fairly sentence themselves – it’ll never happen.

      1. All these “we should do xyz” can in fact be done through the Constitutional amendment process that starts with getting 3/4 of the states to agree to such a proposal.

      2. The conversation should be about abolishing judicial review altogether. It’s undemocratic and anti-majoritarian and the power doesn’t even exist in the Constitution

    1. Also the POTUS should only be elected for one 5 or 6 year term.
      So that he doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected for the first four.

        1. Only one term, especially with the electoral process in the US, which takes forever, and is very expensive. Why would you want 4 terms?
          That means the POTUS could potentially be campaigning for 12 and actually doing his job for maybe 2 years. (The last 2 years are of course reserved for golfing.)

    2. I recalled a few years back Congress had to vote to approve their salary increase. I thought geez, how nice. Wonder how they’re going to vote?

      1. I had my “wait-a-minute-moment” when I noticed all our State’s Senators and Representatives went to DC with a 5 or 6 figure net worth but suddenly came into 7 and 8 figure windfalls.

    3. I like kicking around the idea of drafting Representatives by a lottery system from a pool of all eligible voters. One year terms, one or two representatives get replaced every day.
      No campaigning, no money, true cross sectional representation (non-politicans), and the length of time served is too short to become uber-compromised.
      The mechanics of the House would probably change, for example, they would likely only consider bills instead of initiating legislation, but if the remainder of the system were left untouched, the Senate would easily be able to fill that role.

  6. Aside from believing that the “Parties” are essentially facades created (or since converted) to distract, divide, and/or amuse us (as the case may be) and our country is really run by established political elites (who are oftentimes also very wealthy, likely those termed “old money,”) I have a theory that is something to the effect of this:
    As the Democrat party went more and more Communist, they shed the taboos associated with the word by labeling themselves as “progressive” then as liberal (since as 1647 said we were founded by Classic Liberals this identifier struck a chord with the uninformed) and now to hide yet again they are calling themselves Democratic Socialists (when in reality they are still a conglomeration of global socialists, national socialists (a noticeable movement in the US in the early 1900s pre-WW2), and outright Marxists/Communists).
    However, the Republican party is not the party of Constitutionalists, Republicans, Constitutional Republicans, Libertarians, or Classic Liberals alone anymore, there was a migration of Southern and other Yellow Dog Democrats and Conservative Democrats, so a lot of our so-called “allies” (as the article states) do in fact have ideological disparities with those values traditionally represented in the Republican party.
    Like I said, just a theory, but one I have heard echoed before.

  7. I think that, everywhere in the world, “conservative” parties are only there to channel the Right in the electoral system and keep them lethargic between each election through false hope injections.

    1. Pre-election anger (feelings of betrayal, unfairness etc.) generated by media (and pro-status quo Gov’t shills) spin-cycles has a cathartic effect and so saps motivation to act with any real consequence? I think you are onto something there.

      1. Yes, so many time and energy are wasted into supporting false idoles, divas and playing scripted parts in the electoral show.

    2. Exactly this. They talk big but always roll over to liberals and the elites when elected. The current Republican majority in the Senate and House are perfect examples. They’re entirely controlled.

  8. I wonder when we are just going to finally be honest and abolish voting and just use Instagram “likes” instead.

      1. This is already what it is….lets just call a spade a spade and stop pretending any of this matters any more than Instagram likes

        1. True that. But I thought about a world in which the Instagram population was taking global scale decisions. In that case, no sir, I’m out of here.

        2. Then pack your bags….we are already there. A rose by any other name….

        3. When they start voting prison sentences on twitter, I’ll follow you on your island.

        4. Someone could write a book on it:
          “Better Fascism through Technology – The Rise of the eFascists in the Early 21st Century.”
          and the follow-up:
          “Anti Social – The Loss of Civility and Basic Social Skill to the Ascent of PC (Politically Correct) Networking.”
          Amazon best-sellers?

        5. all worthy things to think through…but the most important of them all would be, I believe: The Death of Meaning: Is It Worth Creating New Values Through Unmitigated Bullshit?

        6. “Why Meaning Matters – The Destruction of Static Values through Relative Morality.”
          EDIT: Perhaps, “Why Meaning Matters – The Destruction of Tolerance through Relative Morality and Word Appropriation.” then?

        7. You don’t think they have given prison sentences through twitter? I wonder how many people will go to jail falsely accused of rape in the next 5 years thanks to social media.
          Here is the thing….the feminists were right all along. The binaries, the truths, the histories….it was all bullshit social construction. What they missed is that that is really, really good. In fact, it is absolutely necessary.
          It took strong men with strong will to build up a world that followed rules and it took strong men to maintain it. When men became weak, the fact that it was all bullshit was exposed.
          Bullshit isn’t a bad thing all the time.
          Bridges and highways and sky scrapers and rockets to the moon didn’t grow from a pumpkin patch. Men built them where they didn’t before exist. Same too with society.
          I am willing to say to the feminists who say that gender is fluid….”fine, but I am stronger so get in a fucking dress and go make dinner”
          The big beef I have with the feminists has never been the validity of their ontological claims. The question they never answered, because women don’t have brains that are introspective enough to contemplate anything further than the next trip to the mall, is “ok, so the entire social construct is man made…what should we do with this new knowledge”
          They immediately assumed that totally dismantling the world was the only logical step after the realization that it was all bullshit held together by the will of men. Further, they played on the male notion of chivalry, the very notion that built the society which allowed them to make this discovery, to help them do our walls like Jericho (side note: next time I get laid I am going to say I blew her walls out like Jericho) and never for one moment stopped and said “hey, you know what, there is another option…having seen this we can appreciate the sheer brute force it took to create a civilization out of a swamp and double down on the tools, roles and machinations that built it.”

        8. Here is the problem, as I said in the longer post before, I think relative morality makes a whole lot more sense. The difference, and where I differ from the lunatics who play with philosophical concepts, and one of the many things that put me at odds with my colleagues in academia is that I think you can make a left turn at Albuquerque when on the relative morality role and say that the Meaning found in static morality is a choice worthy of making in a morally relative topology.

    1. It would probably be more secure and accurate than the botched and outdated mechanisms we have now, tbh. (Ancient electronic voting machines “assisted” by Microsoft, paper ballots handled by some average joe who could mess with them however he wants, the idiotic caucus system, etc).

  9. im starting to realize that maybe when ww3 comes,(it will come in time, maybe 25-30 years) it wont be a traditional war, it maybe like a french revelation on a global scale of mass proportions. Call me crazy, but when u lie too much and get caught someones gonna get really angry

    1. I cam here to kick ass and chew bubble gum….and I’m all out of bubblegum.

        1. Not only that, but lolknee-cam sounds like a fetish site everyone should have favorited. We could watch him chew that very kick ass…or just whatever else…

        2. Have you seen Fantasia? I think its Walt’s best movie. Rhapsody in Blue set to animation

        3. My favorite Disney (the company) movie is Aladdin, but I no longer support them and haven’t watched a new one since Tangled (one too many) which has been hard since they have the US distribution rights to Studio Ghibli films.
          As for favorite with Walt’s direct involvement either Alice in Wonderland (one of my two favorite books) or Peter Pan, but I enjoyed Fantasia for what it was as well.

        4. Mrs. Yoo won’t watch Good Morning America (ABC/Disney) anymore because Disney World forced its employees to train foreign replacemements. Proud of her. Plus the show sucks. All fluff.

      1. I heard the plot of that movie pissed off a lot of influential people(not the alien part)

        1. Carpenter was supposedly put on a short term shit list- didnt work for a coupla years

        2. influential people need more pissing off.
          If you are offended by a movie where rowdy roddy piper finds magical sunglasses then you are taking yourself way too fucking seriously.

        3. I think it was the part about a super rich elite controlling the masses via subliminal messaging 🙂

        4. I get it…still, if it happens in a movie where rowdy roddy piper finds magical sunglasses, everyone needs to chill the fuck out.

        5. We needed Randy Savage as the hero.
          “Oh yeah! You aliens are gonna have your antennae snapped into like a SLIM JIM!”

        6. “influential people need more pissing off.”
          A heapin’ helpin’ of mandated, 100% beneficial diversity would do the trick.

        7. I’m a super-rich elite. Nothing could be furtherIhateyou from theyouareaworthlessslave the truthservemeuntodeath. We areyouneedmecuzyoureanidiot your friendsgivemeallyourmoneyanddie.
          Vote Hillary Bernie Ryan or Bernard Ryan Clinton 2016!!!

    2. The only difference is that the aliens are the politically correct crowd of today.
      Maybe the Bodysnatchers analogy is whats coming next.

  10. Good article that reflects many of the frustrations I’ve had with my own party, if you can even call it that. I’ve been a conservative for many years and was really hoping for a hard reset when the GOP/conservatives took over Congress a few years back. Sadly, that never happened as they all immediately turned into spineless do-nothings. It’s a very demoralizing position to be in because you know even the most conservative people will turn into simps as soon as they get into office. What are we left to do?

    1. All we can do is get out and vote for Trump. That’s the only chance we have for a relatively bloodless revolution.

  11. Yes, the labels are a tool in their gaming of us. Bottom line: debates are a farce, we need to see and hear about their top 3 campaign contributers. We should make our politicians wear their sponsors like Nascar drivers wear their sponsors.

  12. It might be worth determining if one would consider oneself a “conservative” in this day and age. Of course, the main reason (as already mentioned by others here) is the fact that “conservative” isn’t really associated with what it used to be. Another reason, not unrelated to that, is whether or not “conservative” is even an accurate term to describe one’s prevailing beliefs about government, its nature, its purpose, and its relation to society and civilization. Perhaps some other term should be used to describe those who reject the prevailing attitude regarding government as it is constantly presented (read “propagandized”) today. I might suggest another term, such as “Constitutional Decentralist” or “Individual Traditionalist”.

    1. Nice. Yeah, conservative really only means you want to maintain what exists, the way it exists, most of us don’t want to do that, we really want to “liberate” our country from where it is currently.
      I like “Constitutional Nationalist” myself.

        1. Exactly.
          I, for one, don’t want to conserve much of anything that’s been done for the past 15-25 years or so.
          I do want to conserve a traditional, nationalist/patriotic, and constitutional approach, but who really offers that these days as anything more than empty placation to get into office then forget about?

        2. Maybe we need to bring back Regressivist but with a positive note 😉 as in wanting to roll back all the “Progress” hehehe.
          I think the conserv is taken to mean the way of life that is seen as traditional, but at this point there is precious little of it left.

      1. You articulated the exact point I was trying to illustrate. We do not wish to “conserve” what “is” because what “is”, as it currently stands, is clearly not working. I think the “Constitutional Nationalist” is a very good descriptor. Well done on your part.

      2. you are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor.
        This is probably a good thing.

  13. Conservatives are distinct from Republicans IMO. But otherwise this article is spot on.
    Also never forget the 4 1/2 years under Bush during which he had a GOP Congress.
    And nothing was cut.

    1. That’s right! A Democratic Congress blamed a Republican president for not signing bills passed and a Republican president blamed a Democratic Congress for passing shit bills. Then GW Bush got his Republican Congress and they spent money like drunken sailors.

    2. Not only was nothing cut, we also got a Medicare expansion and a brand new cabinet level branch of government (Homeland Security). Here’s the thing…all repubs call themselves “conservative” and they campaign as such.So there is no way to tell them apart until they get into office…then it’s too late.

      1. Here’s the thing…all repubs call themselves “conservative” and they campaign as such.So there is no way to tell them apart until they get into office…then it’s too late.

        As a “throw the slackers, mooches and bums on the streets and let them starve to death” conservative myself this is one thing for which I will give credit to the Democrat party:
        At least you know what you get when you vote for them.

      2. Medicare expansion was not enough. And the ACA just perpetuates a dying private insurance system. Single Payer is the only way to go.

        1. Yep, I actually agree…employers have no business having to subsidize they employees health care, nor should they put put at a competitive disadvantage globally by this expense. How much does worker health insurance add to the cost of all GM cars? Like $1400?
          I know this is heresy among the cucks and even many righteous alt-righters, but I can’t see a way around it. The increase in taxes would be much less than the monthly premium paid for the shitty ACA program.

  14. Are conservatives as bad as liberals? Playing along with the essence of this article, I would still put liberals far worse than “conservatives”, as they are the source of all this literally perverted shit we are seeing. But it is very important to note that what is suppose to be the conservative political establishment is NOT conservative. They’re RINOs or cuckservatives.
    Trump has revealed the real conservatives and its refreshing to see just how big we really are. And its even more refreshing to see “the establishment” bring out all their tools to try to thwart him, only to have him continue to win, except, of course, in Wisconsin. The media is a huge arm of the social engineers. Stupid ass shows like glee and will and grace have done more to push homosexualism and their little demands such as marriage more than anything else. It’s frightening to know such power exists in such few and demented hands.
    Yet, despite the media’s full assault on Trump he continues to gain popularity from both sides! It proves that this things is not impossible to beat and that should be a inspiration to us. Pundits jibber jabber about the demise of the GOP a la Trump, but, all we are seeing is the grass roots, i.e. the people described above (wanting their kids to grow up with Judeo-Christian morals etc), retaking their party. That’s all it is.
    As to why these “conservatives” are liberals in disguise I think its because the GOP leadership tried to compete with the democrats strategy in gaining votes. democrats (and therefore progressives) get votes by giving stuff away. For women, its affirmative action and ego, for certain minority communities is welfare. For illegals its citizenship (and welfare). For the stoners its weed. For homosexuals its to be a bully. For all these aggrieved groups its power. This is a game of carrots and what the GOP can’t understand is that for every carrot they give the demorats are prepared to give an even bigger one. Where the fuck do you think this 19 TRILLION is debt came from?
    What the GOP will learn one way or another is that this carrot strategy should be shitcanned. They have long since alienated their base (again ref Trump), which only kept voting because there are only two options. Trump’s appearance has pushed too much toothpaste out of the tube. And if there is a brokered convention and they choose some cuck like kasich there will be hell to pay. It will kill the establishment GOP and “conservative” party, but, the people who support Trump will pick up the ashes and start a new. It will cost us the 2016 election, so, the chance of either violent revolution or operating under severe oppression is a near certainty (clinton potus). Lets hope that it doesn’t. Trump 2016.

  15. The current political establishment represents two sides of the same coin. Sure, they’ll appear to disagree with one another during public speaking engagements, but when it comes time to vote on essential issues (most of which are suppressed by the media), they prove to be allies.
    Some of my conservative friends absolutely love George W Bush and despise Obama. When I tell them that neither is much different from the other, and that both lied (see the Iraq war being about nukes, then overthrowing Sadaam, then liberating the Iraqi people) and supported legislation that eroded our freedoms (see the Patriot Act), I am met with prefabricated arguments that sound like teleprompter lines from Fox News.
    At least some conservative voters are starting to see it, hence Trump’s rise in popularity. The smear campaign against him by the Republican establishment tells me all I need to know about them. Unfortunately the American people are still largely sedated, and by the time they realize they’re fucked, it will be too late.

      1. Seriously, anything from “The Blaze” smells of Glenn Becks’s sweaty taint. Beck has gone full wack-job in his Cruz fellating…

      2. She’s hot. So naturally nothing she says means anything to me. Words.
        Trump a jerk? Great. I don’t give a fuck. He isn’t;
        1. A “democratic socialist” that looks like he should be wearing clown shoes.
        2. A career politician with a questionable past facing indictment.
        3. A dumb fuck, non native born catering to “Christian Evangelicals.”
        His supporters aren’t fat, lazy, ugly, blue haired, faggots, low class, self-hating whites, “niggas” and welfare queens.
        If “Make America Great Again” triggers you GTFO.
        “I’ll go to Canada if Trump is elected.” Why not Mexico, London or Paris?

        1. Maybe what she’s spewing was not her own words. Someone wrote it and she just read the script and acted the part. Whether it’s her or some dude, I agree with the message. Using a hot chick certainly would attract people to hear the message.

        2. Or Liberia, Somalia, N. Korea, Haiti or other fully diverse, microaggression-free paradise.
          Don’t wait! Go Now! Regardless of election results privilege, patriarchy, and racist DNA will continue to hurt feelz.

    1. but when it comes time to vote on essential issues (most of which are suppressed by the media), they prove to be allies.

      Kinda like how the GOP votes to fully fund everything 0bama wants, but then the sends him bills that repeal things like 0bamacare and they know damn well he won’t sign that.

  16. It would be great if George Lincoln Rockwell was still alive. I was initially turned off to the Neo-Nazi culture he birthed, but when I read “This Time the World” it changed my perspective. Here is a guy who tried to play the True Conservative role and realized Republicans are all cucks afraid of defending their race and national identity. That’s why he turned to nationalism as a means to attract attention to the issues which matter.

    1. He was one of the first ones to call out the shills that the conservatives/Republicans really were. He was ahead of his time for sure.
      “A National Socialist is someone who wants to save his race. A conservative is someone who wants to save his money.”

  17. Good balanced article
    Whilst general pervasive destructive Degeneracy of all kinds as run throughout western civilization whether under ‘conservative’ / ‘liberal’

  18. If conservatives really want a bare-knuckled fight to stop the forces of Western decline, they need to reach behind the Enlightenment and pull forward the good aspects of the traditional society that the Enlightenment mocked and destroyed.
    They can start by attacking the whole idea of women’s sexual freedom. Western civilization thrived when patriarchal men shamed sluts, shunned bastards and made their daughters marry as virgins to husbands of good character. But what conservative talks like that these days? They have conceded way too much to feminist degeneracy.
    I would also point out that no one I know of talks about Israel’s decline, decadence or collapse. In other words, Jews have shown that they know how to run a decent country when they put their minds to it. You have to wonder why the elite Jews in the U.S. don’t apply the principles here which have made Israel successful.

    1. This conservative right hehe talks like that ;-). I am maybe a slight tad more relaxed than that but not by much. I would never have married a girl with a notch count, no matter what other qualities she might have, she is not wife or mother material. Same for fat bitches, not wife or mother material so of no use whatsoever other than to keep thirsty betas busy. Same with just about every negative thing people can be engaged in, my wife is intended as the mother of my children and as such she must be exemplary. I drink and smoke but would not accept my wife doing the same.

    2. The main difference between Israel and the USA is that progressive Israelis don’t feel the level of guilt over their own existence as a country that rabid leftists and cuckservatives in this country feel. Sure they want to give away the store, but they’re not opening the floodgates of hell in the process.

    3. I don’t think the enlightenment mocked or destroyed traditional society. The enlightenment gave us national self determination, inalienable rights, and natural law. Much of the basis for these advances was derived from classical and biblical thinking which predates European “traditional society” and was most certainly against the immoral sexual degeneracy seen in women’s liberation. In fact I would argue that the enlightenment era was far more sexually restrained than any previous era in European history.

  19. American “True Conservatives” are always tactically lagging.
    They waited until Left had totally infiltrated education before they started “campus Republican” clubs.
    They waited until media was totally overrun before they first noticed Leftist media bias.
    They waited until liberals owned social media to start trying to win over young web dwellers
    They waited until Americans were fed up with mass immigration to embrace amnesty
    They waited until an emerging alt-Right and blue-collar middle class were tired of SJW Identity Politics to embrace the philosophy wholeheartedly.
    Hell, I see comments on major news sites, videos, and forums questioning Women’s Suffrage today, just as “Conservatives” and Christians are finally embracing 3rd wave feminism.

    1. They’re essentially reactionary in the most neutral sense of the word. That’s their fatal flaw. And even when they respond, their responses are superficial. They respond to this or that particular policy problem, but never the underlying demographical, cultural or religious problem. They’ll get upset at the number of single mothers, but they’ll defend no-fault divorce and a culture of hedonism.
      The most accurate thing I ever heard about today’s conservatives is this: that they are yesterday’s liberals. They’re trying to convince a train that’s speeding towards a ravine to slow down a little but essentially continue down the same path. They’ve set such ‘realistic’ goals that they’ve basically accepted their own demise.

    2. The primary problem is that they are genetically predisposed to conserve the status quo, and the status quo is currently liberal.

  20. “It doesn’t mean that conservatives want a theocracy—only a place where children can grow up in a healthy environment.”
    Every government is theocentric in nature. Every government is founded on the morality, or “morality”, of someone’s god. Secular government is a complete fallacy and a very effective way to take the focus off the issue of what government and morality really is and really should be. The USA’s god is humans and the dominant theocracy, humanism, is the proof.
    We have a bunch of spiritually schizophrenic “Christians” today who claim they want a moral society but greatly oppose the idea of a Christian government. Then these same “Christians” aggressively defend and demand another god’s will and laws to rule over them in the form of humanism/democracy.
    “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven,but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’” Matt 7:21-23
    Humanism is thoroughly denounced in the Bible. It is 100% incompatible with Biblical morality. The idea of democracy as a governing principle cannot be found anywhere in the Bible. If a perfect God thought democracy was the way to govern, He would have said so in the Bible somewhere.
    These “Christians” also ignore, or are ignorant of, the long Christian beginnings of the USA that laid the moral foundations, via Christian government and laws, which are now being eroded by the humanist Constitution. These “Christians” appeal to the Constitution as what made the USA great. What a disgraceful insult to what Christianity has given America, to the Truth, and to history.
    Ironically, the Bible warns against the idea of a majority of people going any one direction, and is condemned as the route to destruction:
    “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is
    broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through
    Matthew 7:13
    So much for majority rule.
    “The conservative movement was supposed to fight against the erosion of morality. William F. Buckley, one of the leading lights of the movement, wrote that part of its mission was defend traditional morality:”
    Traditional morality is found only in the Bible, not the Constitution. People will continue to cling religiously to this golden calf all the way to their destruction.

  21. I’d call these corrupt insiders anything BUT conservative. They might claim to be conservative, and they might try to fool voters, but they’re cocked establishment stooges with no more dedication to true conservative principles than I have to the latest SJW craze! Just like they can call themselves Conservatives, I can call myself Supreme Emperor of the Western Hemisphere – but just saying it doesn’t make it so.
    There’s a massive education effort needed to teach the masses that Republican does NOT equal Conservative, and to show people what the establishment really stands for – which is why site like this are outstanding and necessary. It’s necessary to get more and more people to look at a politician’s actions and who’s funding him than to listen to his pretty speeches.
    I promise I’ll fix all this crap if I ever get elected Supreme Benevolent Dictator. I’ll roll back EVERY single liberal program, rule, or law, and stamp out political correctness (can you say Gulag?) It’d be illegal to be a socialist in my dream regime!

  22. I would question if a group, like ‘conservatives’, that
    allowed deficits of $500 billion or more, could/should be called conservatives.
    I think today it is more of a brand label for elections than
    anything of any meaning anymore.
    Of course, part of the problem is that almost no commentator
    calls them to task and continues to call congressmen or state legislators that approve budgets with huge overruns, conservatives, when in reality they are not.

  23. “When someone decides to run for election as a Republican politician or when a writer decides to seek work at a conservative publication, I believe they start out with good intentions.”
    I used to believe that, but I don’t any more. People who seek power are not to be trusted, period, imo. It’s like Maximus in Gladiator. The dying emperor tried to make him emperor and he was like, no I don’t want it. And that’s why it had to be him.

    1. “…Perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it.” Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
      Even blue-pill rubbish has nuggets of truth, for these truths are self-evident no matter how one pontificates otherwise.

  24. The zeitgeist is post-modern deconstructionism. The ignorant seek to dismantle the socio-political mechanisms that brought us to this era in the first place. Ironically, they will bring their own destruction.
    It is post-modern deconstructionists vs traditionalists. Unfortunately traditionalists, like their origins in the Silent Generation are… well… silent.

    1. Yes agreed. But, I am encouraged by websites and communities like ROK. You see, it all started with a critique. The post-modern deconstructionalist critiqued western civilization. As correctly observed, they are bringing down all the things that brought us to this point and, therefore, their own destruction. This demonstrates the inherent error of this ideology. But, inevitable destruction can be averted and we can get rid of this ideology too. Here is how. post-modern deconstructionalism is in dire, I mean desperate, need of its own critique. And, I think communities like ROK are starting this process, but, we need to take it to the next level and institutionalize what should be a massive tip to tip critique. Our only trouble is getting started, because, once we do this its easy. The ideology of the left is so vulnerable to reality itself it can be turned into mist with the most elementary application of logic and reason.

        1. So what. This website is a critique of the pmd’s. Rebel Media is too. Not overtly and certainly without any structure. They can’t stop us all.

        2. I’m not against criticizing post-modernism, mind you. It’s just going to be a long, drawn-out fight. People are loathe to give up the hedonism it justifies.

        3. Well, consider that many liberals are starting to react to the reality of their own ideology. People are starting to notice the authoritarian tactics BLM, homosexuals, feminists are using. The schools are the worst. Many liberals are realizing that this isn’t liberal at all. My point is there are fissures breaking in many spots of this “ideology”. And we need only get to the point where we can critique it because once you start its very easy. BTW, people are critiquing. Watch this…

        4. Love this guy. Charles Upton from “The System of Anti-Christ”:
          “Here is postmodernism in a nutshell: (1) There is no objective truth, therefore, (2) reality is not perceived but rather constructed, by inherent patterns of perception, or by history, or by society and language, or by the individual, thus (3) all attempts to create comprehensive worldviews that transcend history, or society, or even (ultimately) the individual are oppressive, therefore (4) all such arbitrarily constructed worldviews should be deconstructed in order to celebrate diversity and preserve the rights of marginalized minority constructions of reality (which, of course, since they too are constructions, must also be deconstructed; so much for the preservation of minority rights). So postmodernism ends in deconstructionism, and deconstructionism ends (or hopefully will) in the deconstruction of deconstructionism: if the constructed view of the majority oppresses minorities, so do minority views oppress individuals . . . and individual views (why not?) the views of the subpersonalities within the individual, as those sub-personalities oppress the experience of split seconds of consciousness, etc., etc., etc. Does anyone not recognize here the familiar quality of our daily life, the progressive pulverizing of reality? It’s as if the deconstructionists were total creatures of the electronic media, people who consider it a crime to possess an attention-span because that would impose arbitrary and oppressive form upon ‘pure’ experience; at least that’s the terminal phase toward which they appear to be headed. If we take them seriously, will we have to conclude that to exist at all is to oppress and be oppressed? That the end of oppression must be the end of existence? That the final
          goal of postmodern nihilism is and should be annihilation? Maybe the word ‘postmodernism’ really does refer to the termination of history, the end of time. Obviously, it’s a house founded upon sand.” – Charles Upton

        5. Uh oh, you’ve given me an idea for more books to read. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, mind you, but I have yet to make the legs for my reading chair high enough to reach my reading desk (converting a rocker swivel chair).
          That and I have several dozen books (antique and otherwise) I have yet to read. Some of which I got from my grandfather because he bought them -intending to read them-and never got around to it.

        6. You will not be disappointed reading this one I assure you. Regardless of how you feel about “traditionalism” as a mode of religious thought, Mr. Upton is a wise old dude. Love his books.

  25. People like McCain, Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham aren’t conservatives, but pander to conservatives to get inside the power structure. They would be democrats, but they aren’t sufficiently liberal to get elected. In the 2004-2010 election cycles, Pelosi/Obama forced moderates in their own party to embrace leftism, resulting in a lockstep leftist party.

  26. Conservatism in America has become synonymous with corporatism. The goal is to make it impossible to earn a decent living without being a corporate and government slave. If they really stood for men’s freedom, they would be fighting to make it possible for men to have their own business

    1. Not every man is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Some men are only meant to work for someone else, and there is nothing wrong with that.

      1. Not talking about starting a high tech company. They system is set up now so that any profession requires you to be in slavish relationship with a corporation. The set your hours, tell you when can have vacation and make all the rules for you to follow. You see less and less doctors, plumber, carpenters, etc.. that work for themselves.

        1. Bullshit, any man can start his own business in this country, easier than almost all other countries.
          It only costs a couple hundred dollars to set up a legal business. If you can’t come up with that much money you are not ready to be in business.
          I will agree that the government should make it easier for small business to succeed. But the biggest problem is people behaving like idiotic lemmings, and refusing to purchase anything that isn’t a massive, global corporate brand name.

        2. It might cost peanuts to register as a corporation. But what about inventory, overhead etc. (i.e. actually doing business) Small businesses have a failure rate over 90 percent.

        3. Well, that’s a big subject. But I have started many businesses with less than $5000 total, and some with less than $1000. Sure, you aren’t likely to become a multi-millionaire when you start with such little capital, but a motivated guy can easily carve out a very comfortable life for himself on his small business earnings.
          Obviously the internet and related technologies have drastically reduced the barriers to entry and startup costs of many business models. Just get creative and you can do it.

  27. The whole premise of conservatism is flawed. It’s a philosophy trying to recreate the past, and that just never successfully happens in societies. Everything conservatives are about is blah blah blah Ronald Reagan, blah blah blah 1950’s, they don’t actually have any real strategy.

  28. The problem with immigration is not that it happens, but that we let just anyone in without considering who they are or what they want, and also that we ourselves are culturally bankrupt by our own design.
    One of the biggest mistakes we made as a society was to destroy individual European ethnic identities (the Germans being the biggest of these assimilated groups), which deprived white Americans of their ancestral and cultural roots and encouraged the creation of a lobotomized “mainstream” consumer culture.
    By contrast, Hispanics, Asians, and anyone not from a European country still has a relatively clear concept that they are Americans of x descent, and this identity is, understandably, encouraged through their local communities. Only those of European descent, through general apathy and active attempts at integration with the aforementioned mainstream culture, have lost most of their ancestral identities and languages.
    The solution to this is not to force immigrants to assimilate to the mainstream McDonald’s “culture,” or to make artificial, patronizing attempts at “multiculturalism,” but to encourage people to stick to their cultural groups while strictly enforcing a minimal, pragmatic code of laws based on European traditions (because most people in the US are white and that’s simply how the government works). That way you get the best, most well-behaved people of each culture and still maintain a strong core national consciousness.

  29. When will people understand (to quote) George Carlin ” the government doesn’t give a fuck about you” everyone is so busy being liberal or conservative they forget that the label has no meaning at all. It’s about what is best for the majority of the people be it a liberal or conservative idea. The people need to stand up to this corrupt government and make it about the people and not the jackass in office lining his pockets

    1. That is impossible when “the people” have been intentionally fractured into dozens of separate identity groups, each one greedy for the power to control the other ones.
      What would a government “for the people” even look like, when more than half the population believes it is their god-given right to collect free unearned benefits from the productive citizens?
      Multiculturalism and Democracy don’t go together, and never have. We are on the path to complete failure.

      1. Squib Load said that and you criticized him for it. Maybe the toothpaste really is out of the tube and we can’t get it back in. So fuck it. Let it all unravel.

        1. I criticized him for acting like it is all hopeless and there is no possible solution. I get really tired of seeing this weak defeatism in the one corner of the internet where we are supposed to be Big Boys.
          Is it possible to create a country “for the people by the people” under the current conditions of the USA? No, it is not. I stand by that statement. However we can definitely fix most of the major problems, stop our dysgenic death spiral, and encourage the formation of less diverse communities.

  30. The biggest problem is the Neocohens, who took over the GOP during Bush Jr.’s reign of terror.
    Before the Neocohens, conservatives were pretty unified in their ideas, and they did not support things like military adventurism, mass immigration, or free trade deals.
    If you just take a few hours to collect all the big names in “conservative” media, such as Jonah Goldberg, and then look for commonalities among all of those people, you will quickly learn what the real story is.
    The Neocons had a mission to infiltrate, weaken, and eventually destroy mainstream conservative politics in America. They have nearly succeeded.

  31. I can’t believe this is even a discussion. Even if we ignore that Cruz is completely OWNED by special interest groups, and even if we ignore that Cruz is a lying, corrupt weasel…who will NOT halt the cultural decline (at all), voting for Cruz is still totally pointless.
    At least Trump has a CHANCE of beating Hillary. But Cruz? Get real. Cruz is UNELECTABLE. Even if the “cuckservatives” go into full corrupt cuck mode, and somehow manage to weasel Cruz into victory over Trump, he will NEVER win a presidential election.
    Cruz can NEVER beat Hillary. Not now, not ever, not in a thousand lifetimes. Does anyone sane doubt this?
    A vote for Cruz is a vote for Hillary.
    Or in other words…..if you choose Cruz, you lose.
    So yes, I’m voting for Trump.

  32. So you all want to send to Washington politicians that will give power and wealth back to you. This is like sending someone to Mecca and expecting them to be anti-Islamic while they are there.
    The whole concept of centralized government is a threat to freedom. Too bad the anarchists can never organize.

      1. China got into the WTO on September 16, 2001. Can’t imagine why America didn’t notice (sarcasm)

  33. At this point, if you’re a conservative, you’re a cuckservative. If you think there can be a return to traditional cultural norms, sorry but you’re a gigantic cuck. America can’t be great again because demographics don’t allow it. All the foul shit traditionalists bitch about happened, and what’s done can’t be undone any more than lumber can be made back into trees. The America of old simply no longer exists.
    The worst thing the conservative movement did was fill a void that would have been much better served by the alt-right. 20 years ago we might have corrected course. Now, it’s too late.

    1. You’re right. Let’s all just vote for Hillary and lie prostrate in our closets, weeping into a soft warm blanket.
      Or, maybe, we could find our fucking nuts and take this thing back from the traitors and parasites.
      What’s done can’t be undone??? Fucking watch it happen, lame-ass.
      I can give you detailed policy right now on how we could easily fix all of the major problems. It would take up too much space, so I’ll save it for a more appropriate venue.
      Your feminine defeatism isn’t welcome among real men who are ready to fight.

      1. Defeatism and realism are different. Why any white male American still gives a flying fuck about our culture is beyond me. But, if you think Amerika is worth fighting for, knock yourself the fuck out. I can’t wait to watch. Heck, I’ll even help. I’m patiently waiting for the revolution to begin.
        Meanwhile, individuals can thrive in a debased culture. That’s my way. No policy needed.

  34. You are clueless about economics. Having protectionism for failed, non competitive American industries is lunacy. What you are saying is that businesses are not allowed to get the most profits for their goods and services and that Americans can’t buy superior, cheaper foreign goods. Instead, we have to have welfare for failing industry where my tax dollars have to support failing industries. All protectionism is is a tax on American buyers so failing American businesses can have welfare.
    As for workers, newsflash: no one owes you a job. Technological advances make jobs obsolete so you have to learn new skills, enter new industries and have multiple sources of income to stay competitive. Old industries becoming obsolete has been going on since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Stop acting like this is new.

    1. Protectionism for “failed non-competitive industries” saves money in the long run. There are hidden costs to offshoring work. Welfare, EBT, crime, divorce, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence; these are all byproducts of shipping off well-paying manufacturing jobs and replacing them with shitty service jobs with low pay and no bennies. So Americans might pay more up front for domestically produced goods, but they’ll save on lower taxes and social costs. As for the “no one owes you a job” canard, obviously you’ve never heard of positive rights. No matter. The current economic system is dying of its own internal contradictions as it transitions into a publicly-owned economy with full employment. Nirvana, of a sort.

      1. You seem to think people are entitled to a job. Explain why workers are entitled to someone else paying for their goods and services. If you produce things of value you’ll get a job, if you don’t then you won’t.
        How are consumers saving on taxes when tariffs are taxes?
        No one owes you a job. And those negative effects are not due to free trade, but are due to workers acting like they are entitled to a job. The demands of the market change all of the time. And if you expect to work the same job for 30 years without updating your skills, that’s your fault. Not due to free trade. Nor have you explained why consumer should not be allowed to buy from the cheapest buyers nor sellers get the highest price. You are in favor of welfare.

        1. Wow. You really, really do not like workers, do you? And you’ve never heard of positive rights either. Shame.

        2. I like workers just fine. I don’t think workers are “owed” a job. I like free trade (for goods NOT PEOPLE) because I think it is good for America and workers despite some workers losing their job from time to time. Agree to disagree.

    2. So, remind me why Honda, Toyota and others have moved a lot of their production here? I’ll give you a clue…T****Fs put in place by the REAGAN adminstration. This allowed the aforementioned companies to produce here, and it forced the US auto makers to improve their products. Automobiles and electronics are not obsolete and are not going to be for the foreseeable future. These are multi-billion dollar industries that we once were dominant in. So that “industries become obsolete all the time” globalist line of reasoning is bullshit plain and simple.
      Globalists like you don’t seem to understand that a nation that doesn’t actually MAKE anything is on the road to penury. How long can we keep up these trade deficits of around $100B per MONTH before the last bit of wealth is sent overseas for the last shipping container of cheap chinese shit?
      The current incarnation of “Free Trade” is a race to the bottom for everyone except the top .1% and their bootlick lackeys (aka our politicians). Seriously, what is wrong with levelling the playing field? Why should we allow the most lucrative market on the planet be plundered by others who protect THEIR markets from the same looting?

      1. Just because other countries are stupid enough to tax their citizens to fund failing industries does not mean we need to.
        Moreover trade deficits don’t matter. If I buy something from another country they value my money and i value the good more than what I paid for it. I have a huge trade deficit with Walmart. I’ve spent tons of money in Walmart, they haven’t bought anything from me. Am I worse off? Of course not! What corporate welfare kings like you don’t understand is that there are no losers from trade.

  35. The ditching morality part is, of course, correct. Homosexuality is a far greater affront to the Almighty than abortion. Abortion is specifically mentioned nowhere in scripture; homosexuality is condemned in both the Old and New testaments. When a nation legalizes same-sex “marriage” and fosters general legitimization of the homosexual way of life, it is spitting in the Lord’s face. Open defiance of divine authority brings ruination upon a nation. If you don’t believe me, try finding the USSR on any map published after 1991. As for no-fault divorce, it is true that though divorce is tolerated under Mosaic law, no-fault divorce has been immensely corrosive. But didn’t Governor Reagan sign California’s no-fault divorce into law?

      1. But it didn’t tolerate religion, either. Hundreds of thousands of clergy and millions of lay believers were imprisoned or killed by the Bolsheviks and religion was severely curtailed almost to the time of the USSR’s collapse. God certainly didn’t take kindly to that.

      2. But it didn’t tolerate religion either. Hundreds of thousands of clergy and millions of lay believers were murdered or imprisoned. God does not look kindly on nations which treat his people so cruelly. The USSR’s bad harvests, high infant mortality etc was all signs of divine punishment. Cf. Exodus.

  36. One of the most well written articles on this subject I’ve seen here in a long time. Conservative voters have been fed tons of lies and are now indoctrinated. So true. Just look at environmentalism. That is all about conserving nature for a good purpose to both our people and our country yet for some reason conservative leaders have sold us the idea that it’s ok to pollute and businesses don’t need standards. Who does that help? Corporations of course. The rich get richer and America pays for it. Any way great article.

    1. On environmentalism, notice how single moms squander resources. Look at the dumpster at your local public housing projects. There are good fixable chairs sticking out, lamps, entire bikes with a flat and a wheel that needs trued and clothes that even an 80 IQ mess could painstakingy learn to sew. But a liberated she animal can’t or won’t sew any more than Bree Olson can cook.
      Nice gold digger neighborhoods have the newest hackable smart cars littering the driveways because the entitled bitches won’t be seen driving a 4yo car under threat of leaving the beta and trading up the man as well. And good big screen TV’s dot the street on heavy trash pick up day since they all want the newest flat screen or nothing. The soil is chem lawn and un tillable. What a waste, and the code enforcers go after the outliers, non conformists and small farmers. Uncontrolled bitches waste more resources than they replace and then flock to the candidate that vows to fix a problem that they’re a major contributor to in the first place. Isn’t that just woman like to instigate and cause a problem so they can turn around and bitch about it?

  37. People will have to make a choice very soon or it’s going to be decided for them, the choices are globalism or nationalism. There is no other credible alternative. Nationalism doesn’t have to be racial but people with similar base values need to form the overwhelming majority of a population for a society to work. You can’t build or maintain a nation or any grouping without this. Maybe splitting up a country is the only solution to this. The Soviet Union fell apart, maybe the time has come for the West.

    1. Nationalism has to be racial whether you like it or not, a multiracial society cannot survive without globalism

      1. If you said tribalism had to be racial, I would have agreed with you. But a nation can be founded on race, faith or ideology. However the racial traits of it’s citizens can’t stray to far from each other or it will become dysfunctional and in the end collapse.

  38. Plus, it looks like they are finally weighing down on Trump. I am glad I voted Trump, but it might be hard for him to get nominated now.

  39. Maybe Conservatives decided that the LGBTQ is NOTHING NEW and therefore continuing to opress a group of people based on fairy tale stories told to us by monotheists is not a worthwhile fight. I dunno. Seems like a legit position to me.

    1. Religious quack Denny Burk just posted an article today saying gay marriage should be a “hill to die on” for religious conservatives. Gay marriage has been legal for almost a year, Jesus hasn’t smoked us. There’s a hill religious cons, go die on it.

  40. The only thing “conservatives” care about conserving are their wallets.
    The conservative movement in the US was infiltrated by Neoconservatives around the 60s or so, and their influence continues today. Neoconservatives are basically just liberals with more war. Most founding neoconservative thinkers were Democrats/liberals themselves, and a notable few were Trotskyist communists (the most globalistic and degenerate communists possible). They have a lot of help from the (((tribe))), which might explain their Israel-first policy when it comes to international affairs. Sources:,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Popularizing the term “cuckservative” is one of the best things the internet has done recently; it hits these people where it hurts and encompasses their true motives beautifully in one word.

  41. As a self-described conservative in the camp of Pat Buchanan, I don’t consider Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and their ilk to be conservative at all. They’re just Rino establishment Republicans who love nothing better to do than cave to the Democrats and start useless wars.
    What’s “conservative” about spending us into oblivion on wars and massive budgets?
    Republicans like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have hijacked the conservative banner so they can try to appeal to fiscal and socially conservative voters. It seems to be working if Ted Cruz has done so well this far.
    I am putting my vote behind Donald Trump because he represents everything the Globalists fear: a white man with serious game, who actually has pride in his country and has no time for political correctness. He is actually alot more conservative in a social, political and fiscal sense than about 99% of Republican politicians.

  42. you made some good points here, but you are still missing most of the big picture.
    Start with fundamentals.
    Things happen for reasons in this universe. Forces have effects.
    What forces caused white people to go from having pride in being white to have shame in being white. This major change in american attitude happened over the last 50 to 60 years or so.
    What caused this change? When you understand the forces that caused that change, you begin the journey of understanding all the points you raised in your article above.
    First understand the major forces in this social ecosystem of mankind.
    Go to a big city where the human beings live. Climb a tall tree. What do you see in the distance? Skyscrapers. These edifices are the major landmarks of the human ecosystem. What forces put them there? When you understand what forces put skyscrapers there, you will have learned.
    Money put skyscrapers there. Now, what entities control the money that put skyscrapers up in our cities?
    Corporations, big ones. They put skyscrapers there.
    Money, large amounts of money, in the hands of big corporations put the skyscrapers there.
    Money and big corporations are the primary forces in the human ecosystem.
    Also, money and big corporations are the forces that caused white people to go from loving their to hating their race, and also caused white people to be afraid of speaking out against mass immigration.
    These sweeping changes in the culture over just a few decades were caused by the primary forces in the human ecosystem–Money and big corporations.
    How did money and big corporations cause white people to go from loving their own race to hating their own race?
    Why did money and big corporations cause white people to go from loving their own race to hating their own race?
    How and why?
    Big corporations seek profits.
    Big corporations use money to make more money.
    Why would big corporations want white people to hate their own race?
    Because when white people hate their own race, that allows big corporations to make more money.
    How would making white people hate their own race allow big corporations to make more money?
    Big corporations use labor and resources to produce goods and services, which are then sold to people and businesses.
    Corporations want lower wages because that increases profits.
    Expanding the supply of labor suppresses wage growth.
    racial integration, usually combined with mass immigration, increases the supply of labor and depresses wage growth.
    White racial pride is an obstacle to expanding the supply of labor via civil rights laws combined with mass immigration.
    If whites are proud of their race, they are less likely to allow the establishment to increase the supply of labor using nonwhites and immigration.
    White racial awareness was an obstacle to increasing corporate profits via civil rights laws and mass immigration.
    The big corporations realized this decades ago. So they set about to change the culture by molding young white minds so that white people would eventually because ashamed of their own race and thus allow the corporations to expand the supply of labor via civil rights laws combined with mass immigration.
    The big corporations did this by funding non profit foundations that in turn funded professors, writers and activists and journalists who in turn generated anti-white, pro-nonwhite propaganda, multiculturalist propaganda.
    Over the decades the spread of multiculturalist propaganda seeped into the culture and made many whites hate their own race.
    This all starts in the early educational curriculum and molds young white minds, injecting white race guilt.
    A white person, thus molded and shaped while young, will not be an obstacle to the open borders policies that the big corporations desire.
    There is more to it that just that, but enough for now.

  43. A freind of mine is in politics (left leaning) and praised the recent Asia trade bill. He’s like, it’ll provide jobs here and secure our industries. Then I pointed out the 2 edged sword, and that when the next Republican is in power, he’ll make deals with our enemies and send jobs and technology over to them. He thought about it and agreed. His best take was that we need to keep Democrats in power. You can’t rely on that. And you can’t trust either party. Either the Right out-and-out screws the middle-class, or the Left favors policies that end up screwing the middle-class because they’re too stupid to understand what they’ve done.

  44. “Social Engineers.. . ” That started in the Industrial Revolution. Factory owners needed employees who could be the same as “replaceable parts”, which concept developed to keep machines running. Before 1900, there were an incredible number of people who couldn’t tell time. . They had no concept other than dawn and dusk and the planting and harvest seasons. More and more money got wrapped up in the City and State models of controlling humanity with the idea of controlling money for the people making most of it. Everything, from our most basic function of pairing and having children, has been monetized. If you want to know who’s running what and why, follow the money. Oh, and what does this have to do with the article? The Conservatives, as a political entity, are only there to help out the people AT THE VERY TOP of the economic food chain.

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