Has The Theft Of The 2016 Presidential Election Already Begun?

We are seven months from America’s presidential elections. While as recently as last week, major media outlets were claiming that a Trump Republican candidacy was close to inevitable, and with Bernie Sanders winning seven of the past eight state elections, the establishment power brokers have gone into red alert and are scrambling to stop the anti-establishment candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. They will stop at nothing, including lying, manipulating, changing rules, stealing elections, and running alternative candidates at the primary. On April 10, 2016, three massive frauds occurred:

Election cancelled in Colorado; Cruz declared winner

This past weekend, Colorado awarded all of its electoral votes to Ted Cruz, after deciding to cancel elections there, and leave the decision up to the Republican party power brokers. Donald Trump recently warned that millions will follow the example set by angry Colorado voters, who are burning their Republican party registrations, saying “To hell with the Republican party.” Colorado is a forward-thinking state, with legalized gambling and marijuana, a strong economy, and is in the top 10 “nonreligious” states in the nation—making it a natural hotbed of support for Donald Trump and an unlikely place where theo-conservative Ted Cruz would gain much support. But a Republican executive committee panel, along with the state’s elected politicians, decided to award all 37 electoral votes to Ted Cruz, voters be damned.

Election stolen from Sanders; more votes given to the loser Clinton

Sanders has strong grassroots support, but only among voters

Sanders has strong grassroots support, but only among voters

On the same day, voters in Wyoming gave Bernie Sanders an impressive victory—56-44 over Hillary Clinton. However, Clinton walks away with 11 delegates and Sanders only 7. Why? Due to special caucus rules, the two candidates split 14 of the votes 7/7 and Clinton is awarded an additional 4 superdelegates, who have pledged to vote for the loser, Clinton, instead of the winner, Sanders.

Superdelegates are delegates who can ignore the voter’s choice and cast a ballot in the official party primary for whatever candidate they want. And almost all of these superdelegates (over 93% so far) have pledged to support Clinton. Despite winning seven of the last eight elections in a row, turning out tens of thousands of grassroots protesters, and funding an entire campaign on small individual contributions, Bernie Sanders is trailing Clinton 1068 to 1756 (due mostly to the 469 superdelegates pledged to Clinton).

Paul Ryan Launching His Own Cuckpaign


What business does an American legislator have meeting abroad with a foreign head of state?

On the same day as Trump’s and Sanders’ votes were being stolen, the NY Times reported that cuckservative Paul Ryan visited the Israeli Prime Minister to obtain his blessing in waging his own stealth campaign for president. While Ryan is not campaigning alongside his rivals Cruz and Trump, he is quietly assembling the machinery needed to become a candidate at the Republican convention in July.  Ryan is raising funds, writing position papers, and working behind the scenes to ensure the important people—the delegates, not the voters—will support him in July.

Dirty Tricks To Come

What can we predict for the future? The main goal of the Republicans will be first: to ensure that Trump does not earn the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the candidacy outright. In that case, the decision would be made at the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July. So, for the remaining three months of primary voting (16 states remain), expect more dirty tricks, lies, and outright theft. The establishment would love to repeat the tactics in Colorado where voters are not even given the chance to cast ballots, although I expect they are more likely to give voters the appearance of power, by letting them go to a voting box and marking a piece of paper, and then trashing the ballots and completely ignoring the votes at the July convention.

After ensuring there is a contested primary with no clear winner, they must also make sure that Trump does not win the first vote taken by delegates at the Cleveland convention. Rules for many delegates for them to vote for the person their voting base elected, but only on the first vote; if there is still no winner, they are free to vote for whoever they damn well please on any votes thereafter. So again, expect more dirty tricks, protests, distractions, obscure procedural rules, and lies which prevent Trump from winning the first ballot, so that his delegates can vote for Cruz, or Ryan, or whatever figurehead the party bosses pick. Another wild card is will Kasich remain in the race, and if not, who will he endorse?

Is Ryan running to win? Is he running only to split votes and prevent Trump from winning the first vote, so that delegates can later vote for a non-Trump candidate? Or does he plan to surprise everyone and walk away with the crown, without having to ever campaign or debate?

For the Democrats, their technique is more simple–just rely on the fraudulent superdelegates, who can vote for Clinton no matter what the voters say. Clinton needs only 626 more delegates, and there are 243 remaining superdelegates, which are almost assuredly going to vote for her. New York alone, where she was elected Senator, can award her 247 delegates, leaving only 136 delegates in the remaining 19 state or territory elections. We probably won’t know who wins until the Democratic primary, but barring any huge protests or backlash, Clinton will be crowned leader in July at her convention.

Important Dates to Watch

April 19 – New York Primary (Proportional) 95 delegates

New York is Trump’s home turf. Ted Cruz has made public statements attacking “New York values”. If there is anything but an overwhelming Trump victory here, it’s a clear sign of massive fraud.

April 26 – Pennsylvania Primary (Winner Take All) 71 delegates

Trump currently leading 42.8% to 27% Cruz and 24% Kasich

May 3 – Indiana Primary (Winner Take All) 57 delegates

June 7 – California (Winner Take All) 172 delegates plus 4 other states
This is the final primary, and includes Trump strongholds of New Jersey and California.  The independent minded and non-religious states of Montana, New Mexico, and South Dakota seem unlikely to vote for Cruz.

July 18 – Republican Convention Cleveland, OH

July 25 – Democratic Convention Philadelphia, PA

Tuesday November 8- Presidential Election

A good place to track the delegate count, along with poll numbers for upcoming votes is here (R) and here (D).

How Will The People React?

Full length portrait of young men and women holding cellphone

Are we too lazy to care?

With massive theft and fraud, including outright denial of all Coloradans to place a vote for president, except for between the two-sides-of-the-same-coin Democratic and Republican boss’s picks in November, will there be massive outrage and protests? Will the public accept the fraudulent candidates of Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, or will they fight back? Will more theft and fraud be allowed to continue? One thing is sure. We will keep you informed on any suspicious activity and we will be out in force in July at the Republican convention!

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390 thoughts on “Has The Theft Of The 2016 Presidential Election Already Begun?”

  1. The populace is too lazy to care, but as long as we care enough to make a difference that counts. But to what effect? I would see Trump in an office any day over any other political candidate in these times of farcical promises, but even if he gets in, he still has to counter massive resistance from the tribe-owned senate.

    1. The problem is that there’s no easy solution. Last time people decided to go their way in US there was a war and a Revolution. Last time elections were rigged in Spain, there was a Civil War. France? the French Revolution was bloody bloody.
      It’s dangerous, what’s happening.

  2. The presidential primary has always been an anathema to a fair and representative form of government.

  3. That last photo is the face of the 2016 campaign.
    To be fair, the primary for Colorado was cancelled last August 2015. However, based on the reaction of the state GOP Chairman……

    1. The primary was cancelled because Colorado usually swings for the outsider candidate (Santorum won that state in 2012), the state leaders knew about all of the candidates by August 2015 and decided to change the rules at the last minute). Had the changed it “back when” I think their case would have been better than changing it in August (of last year).
      Either way, it stinks to high heaven for voters. To me, this could the year that the GOP finally cracks with many going independent or forming another party. I think after the disaster in 2012 with Romney being forced down our throats (no real choice) and Paul getting shunned – that many have finally had it with the bullshit.

      1. Yes there seemed to be a lot of last minute adjustments by the establishment to have a predetermined result. With an actual primary Trump would’ve won.

    2. What do you mean “to be fair” ? Are you implying it wasn’t done to thwart Trump? Trump announced he was running in June, 2 months earlier.

      1. It was originally designed to thwart a Cruz or a Carson run. Trump wasn’t on the radar until later in year even though yes he did Announce prior. Makes things ironic.
        It was announced in plenty of time. The problem is with the actions and statements of the state GOP chairman.

        1. Who knows what the true motivations of these guys were. But the result was a huge Trump victory was thwarted.

  4. I’ll let you people sort it out. Now get to work and get back to me.

        1. I happen to like Stairway to Heaven. An awful lot of boomers got laid for the first time to that tune.

  5. Remember growing up in school how they used to tell us how democracy is the best thing we have since sliced bread. How is that working out ?

    1. Truth be told, sliced bread isn’t all that great. The carbs, choleric density and hi glycemic index isn’t very good for you and if you buy it sliced it probably has additives to keep it fresh.
      When you do eat bread, which really should not be very often, I suggest making it yourself (which comes whole loaf) or finding a good, independent bakery who sells it (also whole loaf).
      Now that I think of it, sliced bread is one of the major contributors to obesity and health issues. Who comes up with these things?

        1. yeah, it is one of those things that half way through I was already very proud of

        2. I love bread. but half way into your comment I felt guilty AF, lol. I eat the healthy kind but pretty sure it still has additives.

        3. then mission accomplished for me.
          Bread isn’t, I don’t think, unhealthy in general. Not if it is made naturally, without preservatives or with farmcorp ingredients.
          It does, however, counterindicate some goals…..like lean muscle….if taken in excess.

        4. Are you sure about that? Someone on ROK introduced me to this youtuber recently…

        5. Search youtube for scooby1961. Some videos you have to watch directly on the youtube site.

        6. If you’re not putting high fructose corn syrup in it, it’s already better than every other store brand of bread.

        7. I think cause the guy is 60 and wants to show off that he looks better than your average 40 year old. It’s kind of annoying but he has good advice.

        8. Normal bread is flour, water, yeast. Nothing else. Costs about a penny a loaf to make.

      1. “When you do eat bread, which really should not be very often,”
        Hey not all bread are like that. I think you’re one step away from professing downright anti-frenchbaguettism. This site already gets a bad rep, let us not aggravate things with anti-frenchbaguettist hate speech.

    2. I concur. The elites are hijacking the elections to serve their own globalist, one nation and one value juggernaut. While I’m far from a Trump supporter just like Bill Clinton is far from a loyal husband, the denial of the Average Joe’s and Jane’s keens and grouses highly infuriates me. As Roosh stated in his personal blog, the left and right wings in Murica are illusions of choice. It really comes down to nationalist vs globalist.

  6. Notanamerican here.
    Whats the deal with “superdelegates”? That seems to be a complete farce!? You have whatever % of total delegates who can vote however they choose and essentially have the power (in voting terms) between them of a couple of entire states?
    I’m not sure what could be less democratic if my understanding is correct…

        1. Not really : they’re already mentions of a Trolling Friday in some ancient manuscripts from 2002. Get your facts straight.

        2. Somewhere in King Trollankhamun’s tomb there are hieroglyphs uncovered by Howard Carver wherein there is one person pointing at another and laughing. Though tangential, Carter suggests that this is the first recorded instance of trolling. It would appear a Holy man had told King Trollankhamun that there was no way his sister would blow the king and the King replied to the Holy Man “you must be in denial”

        3. Do you know how Perseus defeated the Medusa ?
          Can you stand the power of your own eyes Demon ?!
          Behold …

    1. A super delegate is a delegate by virtue of political experience (like being a Senator). The Democrats have way more of them, but Colorado Republicans have three, which is wrong. There shouldn’t be super delegates.

  7. Political parties are private organizations, that can make their own rules. So I don’t have a problem per se with the Colorado GOP changing its rules. They should be allowed to say no women have a say in electing delegates.
    The problem comes in with the symbiotic relationship they have with the government. The government runs their elections(if they decide to have one). I actually like that they didn’t have a primary and bill the taxpayers for running it. Also the government decides what political parties are viable, supporting the current 2 party system.
    If the rank and file Republicans are mad that their vote was not counted, they need to start a third party. I hope Trump goes third party when he is denied the nomination.

    1. Then why call ourselves a democracy ? The only excuse is “well there’s third parties” , which never win. Therefore we are merely choosing between 2 pre-selected corporate stooges. Might as well call it for what it is.
      US is de-facto corporate fascism.

        1. Aren’t most men stupid though? Didn’t white men support and write every feminist law that gave them every power that they have today? He’s not wrong….

      1. “Then why call ourselves a democracy?”
        Buzzwords to keep the populace complacent. Why does Communist China have a constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech?

      2. Exactly. A “private organization” selecting who the people will be able to vote for sounds exactly like what the politburo was. Only they didn’t pretend that they had a “democracy.”

        1. The uni-Party known as the Democrat and Republican parties, is no more of a choice than was presented by the politburo.

    2. There was a ballot measure to change Colorado to a primary state, but it was voted down by the people of Colorado.

  8. White guilt prevents Sanders from having a chance in the SJW party. Even though Sanders would do better against Trump, they can’t go with him because the party would be accused of being racist, because blacks and Latinos went for Hillary, whites for Sanders.
    So if you’re white, your vote doesn’t count.

    1. Not really. What prevents Sanders from winning are minorities and Democrat treachery.
      Look at the Bernie community, mostly college aged whites, true socialist believers.
      Look at TheAmazingAtheist and other liberal youtubers. Not only do they hate Hillary, they are tired of SJW accusations as well.
      The days of SJW are coming to an end. Feminists in gaming and on youtube poisoned the well. Now even liberals won’t side with them.
      It’s funny, back in the day liberals went along because the spear was pointed at conservatives. Now the Democrats are trying to purge their own party, but due to Bernie’s popularity it won’t work. The BernieBros campaign failed miserably.
      Now SJW will be hated by their own ex-supporters. Now things will get interesting.

      1. Good point. Many Sanders supporters are kids who live in college (4 years or more), live at home and pay little to no taxes.
        Let them get a job out in the real world and find out how much they’ll have to pay for those new Bernie policies (all that free stuff). They think that large corporations or people with money are going to pay for it (think again)….because Sanders is feeding them that nonsense.
        On a side note: Sanders has been nothing but a government employee (collecting a check) for far too long. He’s another one who needs to get out there and get a real job (pay a few taxes). I’m sure he hides his money well.

  9. I don’t think that many in Colorado knew about the rule change that took place in August of 2015. These changes are usually subtle and many people don’t find out until a spotlight is placed on them (which would be the next election cycle).
    When you tell Americans that their vote doesn’t count (primaries or general elections) it usually sparks something in them. It’s similar to telling many (especially Republicans) that you don’t believe in a Republic, freedom of speech or the second amendment. I’m sure the Americans in Colorado will have a few things to say to the people making these decisions for them.

    1. It’s to be expected though, here we have large swaths of people who don’t care about much of anything on a day to day basis until it directly effects them.
      Still, for a lot of folks it is shocking the moment any part of the veil is lifted from their naive eyes (red-pill is a great example), the most common reactions are anger and denial.

    2. The only rule change was to get rid of our preference poll (called a beauty contest because it doesn’t affect anything anyway).

  10. I don’t like Bernie Sanders much, but he’s my second choice. As hippie as it sounds, fuck the establishment. Trump or Sanders, otherwise why bother voting.

    1. Someone told me most Bernie supporters wont vote for Clinton; if she gets the nom, they would vote for Trump. take it with a grain of salt, Im not sure where he got that info…

      1. I run a radio show at asu and have interviewed many kids saying the same thing, bernie supporters hate clinton

    2. That is why no one should vote. So what if they are “anti-establishment”? Once they are in, they become establishment. And yet they won’t fix anything. Politicians don’t fix anything and voting just gives people the delusion that they are.

      1. Couple with the fact however anti establishment the candidate’s platform is, they had to navigate the Congress gridlock populated to the brim with establishment cucks.

        1. A complete and total gridlock is preferable to a system working against the people.
          People don’t seem to get that politicians who do absolutely nothing are vastly better than ones who act, irrespective of what action they take the outcome of political action is always a net negative.

        2. One of my favorite movie lines is from “Lawrence of Arabia”. After Damascus falls to the Arab league the British general arrives and tells his subordinates to do nothing. The incredulous subordinate asks, “Certainly you don’t intend to do nothing?” The response was, “Why not? It is usually the best thing to do.”

      2. It is only my emotional side to which Trump and Sanders are appealing. My rational mind knows that voting is a complete waste of time.

    1. Because of popularity of the alternative media
      one can hope(!) that people are more aware at this point.

    2. Because he didn’t steal it and it was more about democrats being butt hurt losing Florida by 500 votes. That was confirmed by 3 Independent audits, including one by the New York Times (democrat rag).
      During the re-count the 3 Florida supreme court justices, all democrat appointees, were trying to change the state election regulations duing the re-count. The fed court put the brakes to that bullshit.
      Bush didn’t steal anything, but Al Gore and the democtrats sure did try.

      1. While we will never know for a *fact* what would have happened because the recount was halted by the Supreme Court, most media has come out to say that Gore would have indeed won Florida. But what is more important than who won this particular pony race was the law behind it. Bush v Gore (the supreme court case) took the decision out of the hands of voters and handed it to the 9 unelected court members to decide. They also illegally stated that their decision only applied in this particular instance and cannot be used as precedent. Ie if the same situation came up again, but it would favor an outsider like Trump, you can’t just apply the same rules you did before in the Bush case, because the justices might not want you to come to the same conclusion. There were also a lot of problems with voting in Florida, kicking people off the roles, scaring voters, etc. I don’t give a shit about voting or democracies, but if you’re going to have one, you should at least be open and fair about conducting it.

        1. Pure rubbish mate.
          “..most media has come out to say that Gore would have indeed won Florida.”
          Based on what? The same media that produced fake national guard documents 4 years later? That media?
          You are simply vomiting old talking points to cause doubt. You can wiki this or feel free to delve deeper with available sources, but the FloridaI Supreme court acted “on its own motion” to stop the official certification of the election while specifically allowing the recount to continue. There were in Audits on the results which even the NTY admitted Bush won.
          I’ve had this dicussion to many times to count, but the issue isn’t “unknown” unless you simply don’t want to know.

        2. http://www.factcheck.org/2008/01/the-florida-recount-of-2000/
          I don’t give a shit really, who would have won. The point is the election was tinkered with. Saying because a recount was stopped we don’t know what the results would have been is not a “talking point” whatever that means. It’s simply logic.
          Incidentally, that’s a totally different topic, but you’re saying that W didn’t cheat his national guard service by serving in the Champagne wing of the AL National Guard and going AWOL? The fact that one brings up an unrelated emotional point like this makes me think you have a particular bone to pick or dog in the fight with the character of W or his opponent. I really don’t care if W or Cheney or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama are chickenhawks, liars, and hypocrites. But I will repeat the truth about them when it is relevant.

        3. “The point is the election was tinkered with.”
          Based on what do you make that claim? Media told you? The votes were tallied in the end. Result stands.
          “It’s simply logic.”
          Waiting for you to unpack your logic as so far you are basing your statements on opinion.
          “unrelated emotional point like this makes me think you have a particular bone to pick”
          Emotional? No fuckettte. It was to demonstrate you are relying on a media organization that is purely a propaganda organ. Dan Rather was sacked for not backing down on the piece of fraudulent evidence that even other bloggers deconstructed it with hours in 2004.
          “But I will repeat the truth about them when it is relevant”
          That’s your problem mate. There is no truth in you. You are perpetuating lies and the fact that you don’t bother to find out, as it supports whatever world view you constructed, the truth tells me all I need to know about you. A coward who is full of himself.
          Good luck.

        4. So basically, snark directed at me personally without any objective analysis? Thought so, have a nice day. The internet is bigger than you and me, buddy.

  11. Please understand that there will be no one being elected who has not been formerly already chosen by his/her masters in order to serve them. Please relax. It’s going to be like it has to be.

  12. It was amusing to see Cruz supporters rationalize his “win” in Colorado. They literally can’t see the danger in what happened there.

    1. There is a funny line….can’t remember who said it…maybe woody allen, but maybe not.
      Anyway, x, when asked if he would ever remarry, said “no. I am not going to remarry. I will just meet a woman who hates me and buy her a house. I will save a fortune on wedding invitations this way.”
      Is it really dangerous, or did the Colorado party just save a fortune on invitations?

      1. Woody(to his therapist): “We barely have sex anymore- 2-3 times a week.” Keaton(to her therapist): “We have sex all the time- 2-3 times a week.”

        1. This obsession with daily sex by men is really unhealthy. I feel tired and exhausted for 2-3 days after sex every fortnight. Guys fucking/cumming every day are walking zombies. You can easily tell apart a man who gets off weekly or fortnightly from a guy who does so every day. The latter is usually weaker, more gullible and much less assertive.
          When done right and rarely, dominating and filling up your cunt with your cum is one of the best things for a man’s health. Not this way though.
          In my experience with relationships, not wanting to fuck more than a few times a month also gives great power and leverage to the man. She will almost never turn you down, and she’ll be much more submissive when it happens. It reinforces the fact that she is there for your benefit, not for some satanic mutual gain.
          Fucking like a rabbit is for r-selected rabbits.

        2. lolknee talking about cobblers, you talking about fortnights- do you live in narnia too? Or the Shire perhaps? 😉

        1. It was Johnny Carson. I was watching his show when he said it.
          On Carson, Robin Williams did explain that alimony was just short for all the money, and that alimony and child support was just ripping off your testicles through your wallet.

        1. Finding an actual hardware store will be even intense-er. First my candlestick maker closed, then my cobbler, then my hardware guy

        2. Funny you say that, a small hardware store just opened up on my corner like 2 weeks ago. It is nice, clean and close by. It is also twice as expensive with a 1/10th of the inventory than the Home Depot that is a 10 minute bus ride away.
          Funny thing about NYC though, there are fucking cobblers everywhere. From my front door, on foot, if I walk 3 minutes in any direction I hit at least one cobbler and in one case 4 cobblers. I don’t know wtf is going on, but I actually have a cobbler I go to when I need a lot of work done on my work shoes and a less expensive cobbler that I go to for small things like scuffs or relacings.
          My entire life I have been in New York City and I have never understood why there are so many fucking cobblers. There are also 3 of them right next to my office.

        3. Yes, it makes sense that there are some remaining cobblers, but there are freaking cobblers everywhere. The average price per square foot in Manhattan is 1500 bucks.
          I go to a cobbler like once a year with like 4 pairs of shoes and pay, maybe, 80 bucks to have them all made to look like new.
          How is it possible that I can get to dozens of cobblers.
          Between the cobblers and the fucking video rental place on my block I am positive that it’s all either Isis, Heroin or Whores.

        4. exactly. IN all fairness, my office boarders korea town…but still, that is a lot of cobblers…and 5 or 6 near my apartment. It doesn’t make sense. A little shoe repair shop in the mix use space of a building will probably run 15k a month. That is a lot of fucking cobbling….especially considering all the competition.

        5. On point with that last sentence, I think every other store is a money-laundering front- how do they pay the rent and turn a profit?

        6. I mean I get it. In NYC it is not unusual for professional women, of which there are many, to have 20 or more pairs of shoes. (I am a fan of this btw).
          I have dated girls who literally had 80 or more pairs of heels.
          ALso, as pointed out above, nyc is a walking city and everyone is walking on pavement and concrete all the time. So there is a need for cobblers. However, there are so many cobblers.
          Only starbucks rivals number of cobblers in nyc.
          If only there were some intrepid man who could unify the cobblers and create one large corporation…that would be one rich mother fucker.
          But yeah, it is all Russians and Asians. My guess is money laundering.

        7. I asked my elderly Italian barber how biz was, he said not too good- too much competition now. I asked him who was opening these shops, and he said “Russians, mostly…”

        8. It’s true. My barbers are Russians now….by Russians I mean from some country that I really don’t care enough to distinguish from Russia….They are good barbers, but the old Italians are almost all gone.

        9. How does one make a living cobbling in NYC? Is it just making a lot of $ on volume? If the rent overhead alone is $15k, that’s a lot of shoe repair orders before one can even put a dime in his pocket. What does a cobbler charge anyway, $25? That’s a lot of shoes. It seems like in that economy some sort of craigslist underground cobbling business would take off. I mean we’re talking about $180,000 a year in rent payments.

        10. I know, it is a mystery I will never unravel. Isis, Heroin or Whores is my current theory. It is total insanity that so many cobblers are here. If I had the money I would really go undercover for a year and delve into the world of NYC cobbling. It has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.

        11. Would make an awesome documentary. I think the rest of America would be fascinated to learn anything about cobbling. I enjoyed that NYC doc about the wolf kids who weren’t allowed out of their apartment for 20 years.

        12. Sluts, not whores.
          You know, girls who leave the sorority, get an anne taylor credit card, buy a bunch of grown up clothes and play dress up at an office…then go to happy hour and after a few drinks slip back into sorority girl only instead of athletes they start boning their best approximation of who has the best job

        13. Funny, I never thought about how the rest of the country probably uses cobblers far less frequently.
          Don’t get me wrong, from the rent they pay versus the cost of the service they provide they are def up to something….but there is a serious need for cobbling here. Like I say, I probably cobble 4 pairs of shoes once a year

        14. Dude.. the rest of the country doesn’t HAVE cobblers. When their shoes stop working, they go buy another pair of plastic crocs at Wal Mart. Seriously.

        1. I buy all of them…witty bright guys who had ugly divorces. Line is a great one though.
          Was Rod Steward the one who, when asked about his fortune, he said “I spent it all on birds, booze and cars….the rest I wasted”

        2. It was George Raft ( Chicago mobster turned movie star) who is said that his death bed quote was, “I spent a lot of money on fast women and slow horses; the rest I wasted.”

    2. The “Cruz missile” is being fueled by ignorant Americans who mistakenly believe they are voting for an anti-establishment candidate when in fact he is owned by Goldman Sachs globalists.

      1. Wonder if his orders come directly through his wife, or whether it’s more subtle than that

  13. I hate my damn generation, the millenials, we are so damn lazy and dont care about anything besides doing the least amount possible and trying to get shit for free, they arent passionate about anything besides fags and being a sjw, its embarrassing man. I told my roomate about the voter fraud in Colorado and he said eh fuck trump, i sai doesn’t matter if u like him or not the fact that Colorado didnt let the people vite should make u pissed

    1. For the average “educated” millennial out there, the choice between burying their head in the sand and getting screwed out of a future by globalists or face reality and grow a spine is no choice at all.

      1. In my entire life I’ve never met a millenial i didn’t think was a pussy, ik they’re out there just very rare

        1. Somehow, I know wilt, Andre and Arnold would be amazing leaders. Well, maybe not Arnold.

      2. They’re people who’re helpless mentally, and can’t be trusted to make life desicions. And it’s crazy to think they’re able to vote. Hipsters and Millenials are the worst groups to come along, ever!

    2. What about the 100s of 1000s of millennial a who have volunteered for wartime service, unlike the boomers who had to be drafted, or just draft dodged.

        1. Lol same im not gonna put my life on the line for bs i dont believe in just because the us said i should now would i put my life on the line for a revolution in this country, i think i would

      1. Good for them but the military is becoming alot more feminized now that women are more prominent,obviously 100% aren’t pussies but id say close to 75% of millenials are losers and lazy

        1. He’s right about the feminization of the military. That’s why I jumped ship. It’s a sad time for the Marine Corps. I tried to hold hope of it remaining a bastion of masculinity but even it has been eroded.

        2. I saw a video of the military having to watch what they say because women were now involved and immediately saw it was over

        3. Yes all the sensitivity training we constantly received didn’t mean we stopped the jokes.

        4. Yeah a few weeks back saw this article about fags in our navy as well and it was like “this is great we have open fags in our navy.”
          Totally disgusting!

      2. The number of millennials in the services is miniscule compared to the number of boomers drafted or volunteering to fight in that pointless war in Vietnam. BTW I am a Vietnam era veteran who volunteered.

      3. This war is complete nonsense and if you could get a job like you could during the real wars then there’s no way that people would join. I’m not going to go stand by an intersection to wait for something to blow up so that I can get home to my neighbourhood looking like the village I just left. These poor kids are so desperate and brainwashed that they can barely see straight.

    3. At one point in the state assembly they asked millenials present to stand, there were almost none of us. Millenials didn’t much bother to come, and its not that hard to become a state delegate. People want to be lazy and just vote, so Colorado’s decades long system gets thrown under the bus, although we should have had our usual preference poll.

    4. shut the fuck up. baby boomers are the worst generation to ever exist and they are the most entitled

    5. and i hate our idiotic parents that raised such entitled shitbags….see millennials are merely a product of those who raised them…so really it is hilariously ironic to hear old people complain about the laziness of our generation when in all reality those old shitbags raised these young lazy assholes to be just that….lazy assholes
      and before i hear “my parents didnt do that”…I am sorry but statistically speaking they did. the proof is in how we all turned out. they failed us first by failing to raise us properly so it is no wonder at all that we turned out so awful. combine this with the fact that this generation literally faces problems no one before them ever has had to deal with and technology and social problems like facebook that the world has never seen before(unless thats how the egyptians really built the pyramid) and what you get is lazy entitled confused assholes that think themselve enlightened.

      1. they had something no other generation had to deal with, tv and Internet those two things make parenting much harder as u have to have your child under more of a microscope, parenting is alot harder now because u have so many other places that want to do it for u, mostly the government and schools

        1. while yes there are things today that no one else had to deal with(unless the internet was first invented and promptly buried with the lost city of Atlantis!!!). but my point is they still failed in a multitude of other ways.
          it isnt the tv and internets fault public schools suck, politicians lie and keep getting reelected, circumcision remains a thing, and baby mama lives off welfare and divorces her sugar daddy for free money. it also isnt the internets fault liberalism and athiesim had taken over america. these things happened before the internet and TV invaded every single house on a 24/7 basis.

    1. Makes for good war stories to tell the kids and grand kids too if you survive. Nothing like telling the grand kids how grand pappy killed a man with a sword or took a tomahawk to some man’s face.

  14. I find that most, if not all, of my college friends are utterly clueless about the election process and they will make the occasional joke about how “awful’ Trump is. When I ask them why he is “racist” or “sexist,’ they cannot respond with a rational answer but with talking points recycled from NBC or Fox News. Of course when I point out the faulty logic and inaccuracy of those smears, they’ll say “Oh well maybe you’re right but I really like Bernie…..”
    Wait what?! What is exciting or appealing about an avowed Socialist?
    The passiveness, stupidity and gullibility of my generation is mindblowing.
    They’ll spend all day playing video games and on Facebook. I could never see any of my friends taking the Red Pill. They are choosing instead to believe in all the lies about women and our society and get screwed over time and time again.

    1. It would be fine if they were clueless and werent allowed to vote- they shouldnt have that right. I didnt know jack shit in college either. If you dont pay taxes, you shouldnt be allowed to vote in the first place.

        1. Yup. Only if they are good looking though. If Romney n Ryan were D’s, they woulda won the last election easily

        2. I remember a bunch of pundits heralding Marco Rubio as the next JFK due to his boyish “good looks.” Funny how his campaign fizzled out and now we have Preacher Ted and Boring John still in the race.

        3. We dont call them “pundits” in this neck of the woods, we call them “schills”

        4. He can’t be a feminist. He has to hack off his dick and drill himself a vagina.
          Good God. It’s so repulsive to see a man supplicating to women for their approval. The level of disgust is beyond words.

        5. Trudeau is a special case. Born and bred from the teat of feminism. His mother was a real piece of work. And who knows if Pierre is even his biological father… This man shouldn’t be running a deli, let alone a nation.

        6. Thats what i tell my male friends, what are u exactly getting out of feminism, their answer it doesnt matter everyone should be equal, it takes alot for me not to just tell them they are an utter fool, had a debate watch party once at my apartment and trump interrupted megyn kelly and a guy yells let her speak u misogynist pig. I told him to get the fuck out of my apartment and to never come back, ill take that shit elsewhere but i wont let utter trash like thaf be said in my home

        7. Of course women will vote for him. Look at him. He’s dreamy and they wouldn’t mind having his babies, provided, of course, the state provides for them.

        8. True, but Trudeau’s obnoxious as fuck about it and his mother is a diagnosed bipolar.

        9. It’s like a 40 year old woman telling you she’s hotter now than when she was 20

        10. Bullshit, Hillary is an ugly hag but loads of women vote for her. Although you would be right in the case of Obama. Come to think of it, you probably are correct there.

        11. Female Nature: In a group and to men who’ll listen, they’ll say they’re for Hillary. But women hate each other, and the thought that another woman could be President pisses them off. So when they’re alone in the voting booth they’ll vote for the man, even if he’s Republican. That’s the way they are.

        12. I Only learned about it here. I need to keep a running list of great films I’ve discovered through ROK, and add them to the rotation.

      1. I actually suggested (on a different site) that either having a job or having been off welfare for a full year prior to an election become a prerequisite to voting in it.
        Mainly, I think that would lessen the amount of students without any real-life experience voting (or at least making them acquire some first). It could also cut down a few other examples of people who shouldn’t be voting.

        1. I propose a further restriction. No votes for anyone employed for the state or federal government or any agency of either.
          You can’t have people voting on their own payraise, thats just ridiculous.
          I think gainful uninterrupted private source income for full 2 years before voting would be a good requirement.

        2. Agree, but sadly it will never happen. Leftists need their votes from freeloaders, immigrants, and students. Could you imagine the outrage from the leftist media?

        3. I’d have no issues with that but it would be a steep entry for some people and a difficult thing to sell…
          2 years means you are beyond tryouts usually and are a serious worker in your position whatever it may be.
          But most importantly we need to get people who work for the government out of it, that is just ridiculous really!

        4. Reply to my self to add thoughts. I think one should impose restrictions even on contractors to eliminate all bias, so if a company takes a major contract from the government, that exceeds their revenue by 25% their employees should also not get to vote

        5. I work for the State of Texas. I will happily vote for whomever is running against Clinton or Sanders. Sorry if that offends you.

        6. It doesn’t offend me, but on principle I don’t think you should be allowed to vote.
          I am just arguing a principle, I have no skin in the game – I don’t personally support democracy and therefore I never vote.
          In this case I hope that either Trump or failing that Sanders win, simply because both are outsiders, Sanders a bit less but still.

      2. Couldn’t agree more. Guess who your unemployed, freeloading, loser friends are all voting for? Sanders. Shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

      1. One major reason that society has gotten stupider is that there haven’t been any wars to kill most of the stupid men.

        1. Good point, wars weed out the dolts and the good genes have more fertile soil to sow in

        2. WWII vets weren’t dolts, and neither are the guys “fighting” now. They’ve just been trained and suckered.

        3. There is no comparing the guys who fight now with WW2 vets in terms of selection.
          The guys mostly in theater now are very experienced operators or logistics or techs.
          In WW1 it was every idiot on the front line and the dumb died and the smarter lived – on average so to say. So the guys coming back alive on average were smarter than the average of guys who went to war. You cannot dispute this.
          So we have the same in WW2 but tech is making a bigger inning, but it stays heavily weighted to the smartest surviving due to obvious reasons.
          So are you saying that by some automagically fabulous formula of the army guys who are useless dolts out of the army suddenly become engines with all pistons firing? No.
          How do I know? Because I have been there…

        4. And for the record, the dolts die in my above scenario… So how you confused them with vets I’m sure will be an epic tale of adventure…

        5. Not really. I just know/knew some of those guys to be stand up men, that’s all.

        6. Well if you’ve been there and made it out alive, AND I can’t dispute that your personal perspective, which is the foundation of your conclusion, is a universal truth then I can understand your position.

        7. Guys who died because they froze up? I’m sorry to be brutal but that shit gets you killed and it doesn’t really fit for my view of a stand up man.
          Getting hit by an IED is a shitty end for anyone, and not something you easily can avoid sometimes, but a hamburger is still a hamburger and you can’t win wars with burgers. You need fingers able to pull triggers to do that.
          I feel no honor in what I did, it wasn’t for some glory I might get that I did what I did. I think it’s very strange for civilians to be in awe of soldiers…
          If you think there is glory or respect for this then go to Iraq and stay there for a few months and then tell me how war makes stand up men…

        8. You obviously have a notion about my experiences and perspective and frankly make a lot of assumptions. For example, how many people get killed because they froze up ? People die in war and just as in civilian life when it’s time it’s time. Am I misunderstanding you ? It seems that you are claiming hat everyone who gets killed in a war is a punk ?

        9. Hardly a good reading of what I said, some people die because they are punks, some because they sit in the wrong seat of a hmmve when an IED goes off.
          But war doesn’t make men, it’s more like the real men of society go to war because they think they have to.

        10. Oh there’s definitely a lot of that going on to be sure, it’s definitely an exploitative racket, that’s for sure. I don’t conflate someone being unlucky with someone freezing up.

      2. So are useful idiots. Cohencidentally, it was the commies who came up with that one.

      1. Yep im regularly mocked for being a trump supporter but when i question them about bernie they are like free college and 15 dollar min wage when i say that would kill any chance of u getting a job they just say well trump is racist

        1. Why would you talk to them? Just curious… I don’t talk to idiots because it’s an utter waste of time…

        2. I was talking with a buddy about Trump and Bernie last night and he only really started to hear me out when I brought up the money he’s got saved up in his bank account.
          “So let’s say you’ve got $10,000 saved up. All the sudden min-wage goes up 30% to 15$/hour. Companies still need to make profits to exist, and everybody now has 30% more cash, so the price of a BigMac goes up from 3$ to 4$. This means your $10,000 in the bank is going to buy you 30% fewer BigMacs. Now think about that in terms of buying a house.”
          When you bring someone’s bank account into the discussion I find they start to pay attention a little more. This only works though with people that have actually worked at a job.

        3. Because in college if u dont talk to them u would be alone 100% of the time since a majority are women and the men id say 80-90% are complete useless pussies, college is utterly full of losers but if they have atleast have some traits that resemble masculinity i try to teach them, most don’t catch on but some of it actually sinks in to others and makes them tolerable

        4. That makes sense in a rational capitalistic world, but in reality today the guy earning $6 an hour at McDs is on all sort of government welfare. Probably receiving food stamp subsidies to pay for groceries. Receiving child care benefits, especially if it’s a working single mom. Receiving housing subsidies if not free rent from government Section 8 programs.
          So in this reality, would I rather someone get paid $15 / an hour and be self sufficient than $6 an hour and have all sort of inefficient government subsidy (you think they give a shit how much groceries cost when it’s all free on taxpayer dime with “use it or lose it” credits placed onto a debit card every month? Absolutely.

        5. The problem would fix itself from both ends of action. Simply removing the government subsidies will bump the minimum wage to whatever it needs to be for people to get by.
          The other thing that is needed is a complete removal of restrictions on self employment.
          Implement this and watch the burger carts pop up like mushrooms, staffed by former McD employees cutting out the corporations and shareholders by taking their place.
          That would be real economic activity and growth, and finally you would remove the corporate welfare to McD/walmart/etc, which all these subsidies to boost worker income actually are.

        6. I agree with your sentiment here, the only problem is the value of the dollar is decreasing. $15/hr wages will lead to $9 Big Macs and $12.50 Big Mac Combos.
          We’ll need to do something about inflation and devaluation to guarantee that person can in fact manage to be self-sufficient without government subsidy. I don’t see anyone related to government or big business likely to go along with that though.

        7. So you think Bernie raising the min. wage is a good thing?
          Will it actually remove the need for those subsidies, or will the market just “correct” itself. I’m sure I have less knowledge of economics than you, but from what I understand raising the min. wage will just create inflation.

        8. My college hounds people who are not FEELING THE BERN. It is getting ridiculous. Much like our college, they all cite free college as the main reason so their whole political trajectory boils down to FREE STUFF IMMA VOTE FOR THAT.

        9. My take is, I wouldn’t mind the minimum wage being raised, but not by that much. That’s crazy.

        10. I think that giving people $15 / hour for working is a better alternative than giving them $6 / hour plus $85 per dependent for food, plus $800 in free rent, plus all the other subsidies and benefits they get, and firing the administrators of said programs above, which are now huge (one in 5 Americans is on food stamps). When you look at it from a purely mathematical point of view, it’s the clear choice. That doesn’t mean I like the idea of government setting wages or price controls.
          Think of it this way: Government benefits (not to mention the cost of administering said benefits) can easily top $1,500 a month ($800 rent + $255 food stamps + $350 Medicaid/welfare/WIC/child care). If you’re working full time that’s $1,500 / 160 hours or $9.38 in additional wages they are receiving from taxpayer subsidy. You’re already at the $15 and you’re not even considering the waste and overhead, and the fact that they will spend their own money wisely at cheap grocery stores instead of a taxpayer food stamp card that they don’t mind paying 3x the regular price for food at a convenience store because it’s not their money. You don’t think THAT causes inflation?

        11. Working at McDonald’s is not a career. Scooping Ice Cream is not a career. It’s a part time job. $15 is ludicrous to push a button on a register or dip the fries. Wake up.

        12. No one said they were careers. I used McD’s to continue the theme of the thread and it was relevant because in my example it illustrates the point of “goods and services” going up in price. Regardless of the job, raising the minimum wage in the current climate would be foolhardy, the first things that will happen are layoffs and price increases negating the raise as having any effect in terms of cost of living, as costs would go up to match.
          That said, I agree with his sentiments that those people shouldn’t be so dependent on government and instead self-reliant based on a living wage.

        13. The market will correct, in hilarious and intelligent ways, enough that a smart man will cynically laugh and say “daaaaaaamn.”
          The first one is automated cashiers in restaurants. Then chain stores. All Walmart will be self checkout. Then robotic restockers and automotive part stores parts pullers. Then robotic cooks at fast food places. Eventually there will be two white men that are technicians running every fast food store, and that will be it at each. One guy at an autozone. Walmart will lose half its employees.
          This will be better than it is now, until the economy dies from welfare overload.

        14. Bernie and his “Free Shit Army”….Go ahead raise the minimum wage. Can you say iPad ? Robots? When you visit a McDonald’s you will walk to an iPad and order all your food…No waiters, bartenders…Keep it up idiots…

        15. And we can decide who those two men are with an aptitude test in primary school designating them as “worker.”
          Ah, I see you see the connection to the old communist line as well.
          (Unless of course by that time the only men left are grown in vats solely to do the labor…hmm).

        16. Yep while not thinking that if everyone has a college degree u will have people way over qualified for measly jobs an example of this would be i worked at a restaurant for about a month the manager had been working there for over a year as the manager making 12/hr when she graduated from penn st with an engineering degree, you’ll have this kind of shit everywhere

        17. Yep i told this to some other asshat bernie democrat that wendys is already firing cashiers in place of kiosks that do it themselves. His response is i think ur overestimating automation, i stopped there because he was just too incompetent

        18. I have been saying it for years, a 4-year college degree will become the new high school diploma. Students will have to get a Masters now to even stand out a little bit from the pack. Inflation is killing education. I feel sorry for any child now because it will be a mess when they get to college. Imagine a whole town full of people with around 10 years of college education and still not standing out.

        19. I see that as the inevitable direction we are heading in. But I also see that with labor worth even less than it is today (today capital is valued FAR more highly than land or labor), I don’t see how the current 7 billion + population levels are sustainable. Either there must be significantly fewer people, or there will be wealth redistribution plans which take from the workers and spread to the non-workers.

        20. I really feel sorry for the children of the millennial generation, its gonna be a hard life

        21. Yeah, they are going to have parents who are broken and zombified on top of the mess in the public sphere. Really, I barely missed some of this stuff and I am so happy I am out of the early phases of education where you can now get in trouble by making a gun with your fingers and going POW.

        22. My high school had things where cheerleaders and football players would be auctioned off to students, my freshman year it was the wild west with what kids were allowed to do im talking kids were made to dress to completely embarrass them. So sophomore year i buy a cheerleader that i hated and i made her carry my desk around school so i could sit down anywhere, she didnt like it so she told the principal and i got suspended for 3 days, as soon as I get back from suspension she said me and my friends called her a butch, we did but i mean who cares.they call me and my 3 friends individually and me last and go “ohh we finally have the ring leader” and i got suspended a whole week for calling a girl a butch

        23. I should have replied to spicy, wasn’t directed at you. But why not make the min. wage $20? $50? $100? (Oh that’s crazy you’ll say – so is $15 for being a drop out) Where does it stop for menial work? It doesn’t and never will. You shouldn’t support it based on people’s personal decisions in life to work where they choose – not on me and not on you. And back to my original post -Yes my friend, these people think flipping burgers are careers and you bought into paying them $15 an hour and are delusional in thinking they won’t continue to suck the government tit. These people demanding $15 an hour fuck the system and will continue no matter what – they don’t care. It’s in their personal best interest. What ever happened to better yourself, find a different job, market yourself better? Acquiescing to idiot desires makes us all idiots in the long run. Fuck them.

        24. Why do you think TPTB are pushing policies that lead to a crash in TFR everywhere in the world except for sub-Saharan Africa? They would get it there if they could but those sub-Saharan Africans still kill each other or die of deceases at an ample rate, so their birthrates are not critical to world population, yet. We are at lower than replacement birth rates in almost all countries in the world (some more so than others). Feminism is a death cult, yet is widely supported by governments and (corporate controlled) media pretty much everywhere.

        25. Ask them why just $15 and lets make it $100?
          Record their answer. It makes for laughs later.

        26. I’m proud of you. You made her carry your shit. That alone was perfect. God knows what I would have made her do if I ever had an auction. I remember the movie Road Trip had a college auction, and I thought that was funny. I had no idea it was real.
          I would be suspended by today’s rules. I once said in elementary school that I wanted to blow up the school with a bazooka. It was a harmless joke and they almost expelled me. What kid even has a bazooka?!

        27. Women make up the majority of college students these days and male enrollment, from across all social strata, are dropping. Men are figuring out the cost-benefit isn’t worth it despite loan availiblity. Biggest improvement would come from the feds to get out of the student loan business. Tuition would drop like a rock.

        28. And yet we hear that women are oppressed still. They parrot the fact that a college degree leads to higher paying careers, but somehow bend backwards when you say that following that logic women would be in a better position then because they are getting more degrees.
          Heck, men are more likely to drop out of high school. They are also more likely to be held back in elementary school. Education is just a mess for boys to begin with.

        29. I took an business law class and one thing i remember pretty clearly is that for someone to feel threatened by something you say ur going to do it has to sound like an actual possibility, a elementary schooler with a bazooka doesn’t fit that description

        30. Thank God logic and reason was applied back then. Now a kid just recently got in trouble because he made his slice of pizza look like a knife. Yeah, I cannot even make this up. This is the stuff of an illogical world.
          Do you plan on having kids? Man, I am not so sure I want to now. They would not even be raised by me, I bet. Too many outside forces now.

        31. Amen brother, preach!
          Goddamit we can’t let the lazy cunts (in a non sexist way) get a voice in this debate. It’s not sane to pay someone $15 an hour to do something a machine can do, it’s stupid, and either we keep the price of the labour low or they will sub it with machines.
          Now what will happen then is that the McD ex employees will go and figure out a better burger and a way to make more on it. Biological whole wheat Wagyu beef or whatever the formula will be. And they will make a competing business and find their way to the $$ of people who want burgers.
          Actual incentive is like fucking magic guys! I have seen it in action many times traveling around the world.
          Biology and its incentives are there for us to use them. Just as sure as a girl who is pretty will climb dicks to get to the alpha if she can, people will do their utmost best to survive.
          Taking that incentive away is what’s killing their spirit!

        32. Hahaha funny and you win my favorite person of the evening price hehehehehe.
          I’m a few beers down and seeing this reminded me of school so much, except there was no online video then, but we found our own ways.
          We hacked the school network and had online LAN games and I put in a logon message that said something like “welcome to the dark side. If you are a girl stand up and yell and show your boobs”… One girl actually did.
          Haha we got suspended for a week or 10 days initially but after 2 days they had no clue how we broke it and we were given the option to show and end suspension or continue… One of us broke, not me, but we all got to come back.

        33. No not with the direction i see this country going in tbh im honestly worried what he would be taught in school, it’s become such a propaganda machine i dont think i could even stop it, put that with the degeneration of quality women as well as this countries possible downturn i dont think i could bring a child into the world like that

        34. Every man should make for himself the memories of rebellion for the age he is in imo. That is but a minute part of all the mischievous stuff I did.. Some of it shared here on ROK for the first time ever (applause.. applause)…

        35. Exactly why people who do not have privately funded income should be denied the vote.

        36. You guys are lightweights, we put a shark in the high school swimming pool.

        37. Hahahah that’s hilarious what happened to the girl? that actually brings up a memory of what one of my good hs friends did, they put a carton of milk in a COW (computers on wheels, essentially just a portable case for laptops) and left it there over the weekend, holy crap did that smell disgusting.there were 3 people in on it and none of them cracked when they started to interview students in the class unfortunately he posted it on facebook and was suspended the next day. Ahhh hs sometimes i miss the crap i was able to get away with back then, knowing know I’d probably get way harsher penalties

        38. What happened to the girl? Nothing of course except the nurse told her not to flash her boobs because the computer tells her to, and to stay away from me.
          Obviously she was always somewhere within range of me on break after that hahahaha.
          You tell a teenager girl to stay away from someone they want to do the opposite these days.
          And I grew up in the test tube of Sweden so I have had to watch Europe more and more turn into Sweden over time.

        39. Edit to add she was asked if she thought we had sexually assaulted her by the nurse

        40. Hehe those things are the norm now. But that’s why I married a girl from a very different culture… And moved out of Sweden a long time ago..
          There are still gems of girls to be found if you know all gems have some flaw to them ;).
          Really strange for me is I have a new colleague from Sweden (I work and live in Western Europe) and she reminds me of all this stuff…
          She’s a solid 9 on my scale in pure looks haha, but Swedish?!

        41. It’s also a huge disincentive to anyone making $16-$20/hr. Some guy works at a small shop flinging finishing or whatever and some asshole who can barely get high enough to show up to spit in people’s food is paying no tax and making 75% of what he does ? He’ll say fuck it, and either go on unemployment and do cash jobs or just say fuck it and work for min wage. I definitely appreciate that people won’t be on welfare but let’s face it, that’s NEVER going to haplen. Does anyone honestly believe that this move is directed towards providing people with economic mobility ? No…. This is about a massive divergence in our society. EVERYONE will be locked down into working for an institution with everyone else scrapping it out. Think serfs/lords. As time goes on the lords will be slowly thinned out, just as the middle class has been shrinking steadily since the 70’s. First you could easily support a family. Then was a struggle, then you needed the wife to work, then THAT was a struggle so, you get an extra job. All of the sudden you have a 50 year old guy from some country you’re at war with delivering your paper while you try to understand why lawyers, programmers, engineers etc etc etc are all being outsourced. You try. You fail. You apply for welfare. You’re in too deep and completely fucked. Revolution ? Nope. By then the population is so diluted with people that think that they have it good that there’s no critical mass of people that actually have a problem with this. Money means nothing to them as long as they limit mobility, dilute the threat of freedom minded people and have the racket tight.

        42. Well we are currently at that point now. College degrees are pretty much worthless unless you go into STEM.
          Additionally, what I’ve witnessed for the last 15 years is that college effectively has become the new high school where students have to fill in the educational gaps that were left by public school.

        43. I called college high school 2.0 the other day so t is great to see you agree. College is a business and will not tell the students that they are in on the con. They let the art majors and women’s studies majors dig that hole and support them the whole way. It will burn everyone soon. How long before all degrees are worthless?

      2. I think one reason for the Trump jokes is that they are scared. Trump represents everything they are not. He has game, defies political correctness and is a successful man who represents the zenith of hard work and self improvement. I think he inspires self loathing in those same people who deny the effectiveness of game and the damaging effects of feminism. I think there are several funny aspects of Trump’s mannerisms and personality but all the Trump jokes I hear never pick up on that. The Trump jokes I hear are very mean spirited and betray the venom in the people who say them. Just as the delivery of game is all about subcommunication, the subcommunication I hear in Trump jokes is fear, self-loathing and jealousy.

        1. Three women in my class actually talked about killing him. I think they were joking. It was hilarious how detailed they were, though. They probably thought about it too much. I bet they fantasize about his murder and I have no doubt these same people at our colleges would rejoice if Trump was killed.

        2. Yes, nteresting Trump experiment I did with my girlfriends. On Skype I posted “Make America Great Again” as my status.
          I had several girls who had somewhat faded away instantly message me about whether I liked Trump. They were livid with me at first (most of the girls I date are black) but the interesting part is that soon after I posted this, everyone of those girls starts telling me how much they like me and want to be with me. I had 2 unsolicited “I Love Yous” from girls I hadn’t talked to for a long time on there. I guess being an unapologetic Trump supporter with game = pussy tingles.

        3. It’s because you’re principled and have a solid position. That’s a panty dropper.

        4. These three women were also black. Trump gets the black chicks going, baby! 😀 Shocked they jumped all over you, but maybe they love a guy who is not a complete faggot that goes with the flow. In fact, that is weird that they saw your update so fast. They must have been on the fence and watching your profile. In other words, Trump made them cross the border. I want to try this now. Trump got you poon. 😛

        5. You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.
          Winston Churchill

        6. Yeah some of them I hadn’t talked to in a long long time because I was meeting other women. I just posted “Make America Great Again!!!” just now on Skype (I don’t have Facebook anymore because it’s a leftoid hivemind) and this pro-Bernie chick just said out of the blue, “I’ve been thinking about you all day and it makes me so horny”

        7. I’m about to post mine. Let’s see what happens. I am either going to piss off everyone around me or get some poon. Either way, I win!
          Facebook is the ultimate hivemind for the left. Man, that place is something form the void.
          Any reason you like black chicks so much? The ones around me are a fucking mess and sassy as hell. They threaten me if I approach them.

        8. That’s a very good question. Where I live, most white girls (predominantly Jewish and Italians here) have Jewish Princess Syndrome in addition to having the worst traits of feminists.
          There are exceptions, of course but they are few and far in between.
          Although I do meet alot of black girls who are like this, I also meet alot of black girls in this area who are first-generation Americans or are immigrants.
          If they aren’t removed from the mother country by more than one generation, I find that black girls can be quite slim, feminine and submissive.
          These are the kind that I date.
          I am currently dating an Ethiopian immigrant girl with giant tits and a cute face and butt and a petite girl from St Lucia who is very feminine and has a gorgeous face.
          It also helps that physically I seem to be the type for a lot of black girls (not so much the ghetto ones but that doesn’t bother me).
          Where do you live? I have never received a hostile reaction from a black girl.
          I actually got a number of this beautiful black girl who was with a friend in Ikea. It was a difficult approach and I went with a direct opener but it turns out that my boldness was extremely well received.

        9. Damn, she sounds like a good piece of ass. All the black chicks here are obese, violent, and entitled. Every single one. Many are single mothers and we know how that works out. It sounds like you have some good ones. Good insights there too, I never thought about how their generation and immigrant status affected their personalities. I might have to look harder or move!
          “Jewish Princess Syndrome” is now a phrase I am going to use. Thanks. It perfectly sums up what I feel towards them. No wonder you looked elsewhere. I would take my chances with obese, violent black chicks even if my only other choice was the brats with princess fantasies.
          I’m in the south right now. Maybe that explains my variety of black chicks. No idea. They were no better in Indiana or Illinois.

        10. Yeah you have something there. The longer a black girl’s ancestors have been in the US, the more likely that she’ll have the worst aspects of all women.
          Alot of immigrants from the Caribbean and English-speaking Africa move here to NY and that explains why there are so many datable ones where I live.
          It’s a pity you live in the South. Black girls down there are probably a mess.
          I have found that you can accurately pinpoint a black girl’s femininity and submissiveness to how dark their skin is. There are exceptions to that rule like anything else, but I have found that to be the case. If she’s really dark and quiet and smiles alot then you’ve hit black gold.

        11. No worries, my friend! There are plenty of single mother, obese, welfare-fare cases I have waiting for you. Just call me for your Bachelor Party! 😛 Black Bananza!

        12. The longer any woman’s ancestors have been in the US, the more likely she’ll have the worst aspects of all women.

    2. Yep we may go to different schools but they are all filled with feminine clowns that call themselves men

    3. A muslim girl I know randomly messaged me the other day on an app, with a pic of me liking a facebook status from Trump saying he was self funding, she asked if I was a fan, I explained why I thought he’d do a good job. She hit me with the racism accusation…. I simply replied that as far as I know he was gaining support across all demographics…. No reply from her, and not been deleted on facebook – I’ll take that as a win 🙂

      1. Yeah whenever I question people why he’s racist and point out the flaws in that argument, they always shut down immediately. I can see the short circuit in their brains happening in real time. It’s disgusting. Shows how alot of people (especially women) are just liberal-media-controlled drones. They hear Facebook, youtube losers and the news media saying Trump is a racist and just blindly accept it as verbatim without questioning why.

        1. I considered that approach, but thought best to side step the religious argument. Could really do without a major argument with her over personal identity. Not interested in her drama.

        2. You can’t really argue with these people rationally. Hell, maybe it’s just easy for me to say this as a white man, but if someone WERE a racist and also a really good leader, then I could support them. We don’t have any good leaders and I don’t expect perfection. I also realize racists exist and we can’t just pretend that they don’t or condemn them to death. They are out there. Better have a known racist making decisions in the spotlight than a bunch of people holding bigoted views in silence.

        3. And being a racist doesn’t keep you from doing the right thing. LBJ was a racist from birth in the rural south (Texas). He never stopped being a racist. But he did push and sign the civil rights act. Why? Because his black chauffer couldn’t use the bath room at the gas station and had to go pee in the bushes. Even a racist thought that was just wrong. When he signed the civil rights act he told his black chauffer that in no way did this mean that he was the equal of a white man, and never would be.

        4. I thought Trump should have been more tactful in his presentation about the issue, but I told them if you read the entire quote or comment in context, the media made up stuff that was not there.

        5. You’d have better luck explaining the theory of relativity to an armadillo.

        6. Maybe he could use better wording in a few places. But you forget that there are two parts of communication: overt and subcommunication. Trump subcommunicates a ZFG alpha attitude which, in addition to being very attractive to women, is also seducing the American people. If Trump all of a sudden started being guarded and self-conscious about his word choice, he would turn off alot of supporters. Think of what being “tactful” does when dealing with an attractive girl. I have attracted very attractive women by teasing them with a remark almost bordering on insult territory. In the instances where I became more “tactful,” I completely lost them. It’s the same with Trump and the American people. They love his attitude and also the fact that he is bluntly exposing the lies that pervade our society and politics.

        7. That’s bs, he said “we’ll have those naggers voting democrat for the next 200 years”

        8. The issue with political correctness is racism becomes secretive…. meaning you never know if someone is or not. In this day and age if someone is openly racist, they have big balls and are honest. At least you know where they stand.

        9. I don’t believe that Trump is a racist. Trump just states the obvious. I doubt that Trump wants to incinerate all nonwhites just because of the color of their skin.

        10. LBJ was a real piece of shit in many, many ways. If I had to blame one president for how fucked up our country has become it would be him.

      2. My friends know I’m a Trump supporter (and I’m pretty vocal/forceful about it) so after the initial outrage they just kind of accept it while a few are slowly leaning toward it I think.
        Society is just for the most part one big groupthink – most people just inherit their views from their surroundings, or from the most confident, dominant opinion. If all the MSM and politicians abruptly started endorsing Trump now, the sheep that are your friends/classmates/coworkers would start supporting him too, despite ‘hating’ him a few months back.

        1. Yep, now imagine the damage a people could do if they took over and monopolised a nations media.
          Could practically pull the strings of the great unwashed like a puppeteer.

        2. I have to be very careful in how I frame my own thoughts…. I noticed 2-3 years ago that I would agree with whoever had the most persuasive argument, not necessarily the strongest evidence. It helped I studied philosophy….. critical thinking is a dying art-form. I really only know enough to help my self awareness and that’s it.

        1. Hahaha to be fair if I was single I would bang. Would dominate her and put her in her place. Maybe that’s what she was after?

    4. Or they spout the latest thing that “news networks” tell them Trump said (out of context). The last fortnight is was the “women should be punished for having abortions”.

      1. Yes, I watched the whole interview and Trump never said anything of the sort. He said that he would have to consider the consequences and his answer was a complete non-issue that they spun into lies. I am extremely disgusted with the news media for how they treat Trump and his supporters, but I am even more disgusted with the sheeple who regurgitate what they hear, especially people I know who call themselves “conservative.”

        1. To be honest, we should be talking about the ramifications of abortion. I think there an ROK article about it a week ago? Abortions as a result of rape/incest, unhealthy fetus or health concerns for the mother accounted for ~10% of total abortions. Meanwhile, our birth rate is less than replacement. There are various welfare programs in place (not that I support them) for those who “can’t afford it”. Non-western immigrants have a much higher birth rate and many claim refugee status with all the welfare prizes. We have an ageing population that will rely more and more on the government for health and general living expenses. All these things are a recipe for disaster. We are breeding ourselves out of existence.

        2. Yeah it is an accident. But if I accidentally realise that my diet and my workouts aren’t conducive to my fitness goals, then it’s up to me to change them. No matter how far along a certain path you are, if you realise it’s leading you away from your goals, unless you admit your mistake, have some humility and change your direction, you’re a dumbass.

        3. Observing US media & politics over the years I find there is quite a bit of this sort of thing going on. Deliberate distortions of the truth, exaggerations of candidates intentions, selective quoting out of context, commentator bias mixed in what should be pure reporting of facts, sometimes with wild assertions. I seems when it comes to politics there is no suing for false reporting in the media. Its open slather. I am sure it does not just happen in the US, but the political process over there gets a lot of media focus (especially with this long lead up of selecting candidates to contest the election). Online anyway it seems Americans are so passionate about politics that I was surprised to see how low the voting % turnout usually is.
          The latest news in this article does not surprise me at all. The system is rigged enough to give the parties the power to select the candidate of their choice at the end of the day (a career politician who’ll look after his mates & party backers) ….which is what happens in many other countries, its just that it gives the impression its in the hands of the citizens.

        4. It’s an issue that’s best not discussed because people will have strong feelings both ways. The libertarian party decided not to take an official position on the issue because it has strong principled people on both sides of the issue. Western women are extremely low quality–I worry about their ability to raise a child alone. And boys raised by single mothers… I don’t want to even touch that topic. That’s a sick, sad story.

    5. I think perhaps you should invest some new or other friends whom possess a similar mindset to you or have taken the red pill as the ones you associate with sound like losers-no offence.

      1. Notice I said college friends. AKA friends I know from college days or who are still in college.
        I have been out of college for three years now.
        I appreciate you wanting to improve my circle of friends but I do have many other friends who are not in the category above.
        I know you weren’t trying to sound like a dick but I’ll bet even Roosh has friends in his periphery who are not red pill at all.

        1. Of course-you’ve moved on since and I wasn’t aware of your circumstances. And it’s a credit to you you can function in other circles even if their thought patterns are not ideal. And thanks-not trying to be a dick at all and I confess that I have some friends who are not red pill but are gradually coming around; one was a bleeding heart but his worldview is changing gradually but he won’t admit it is because of me and seeing how the world is.

    6. jettison them immediately a man should only associate with other men as friends not not total cucks!
      Don,t waste your time its precious..

    7. Every black person who knows Trump has nothing bad to say about him. According to Mike Tyson’s autobiography, Donald Trump was one of the guests at his birthday party.

    8. Sadly enough, dumb people are irrational. Irrational animals, as Pavlov showed, are easy to train, obedient performers.
      If they are told Trump is bad, Bernie is good, they’ll follow.
      And then they call this mockery freedom.

    9. Im addicted to video games sad i know but they are fun…that said Ive no idea how i managed that and swallowing the red pill. I might be a useless bum half the time but at least i know it. I just need to get off my ass and get more motivated to be short about it(though oddly enough im not facebook addicted….but I’d wager you are spot on….i guess my feeling is….wtf is the point anymore? the whole world is burning and a whole 5% of us if that much give a flying fuck and of that 5% only a 2% of that isnt a liberal hippie. so really wtf is the point?
      anyways i had this conversation on facebook recently:
      Unknown Trump Hater feeling confused.
      2 hrs ·
      I was just commenting on some status involving Ted Cruz, and it reminded me of a question I had. How in the hell can that m’fer run for POTUS when he was born in Canada and only had one parent that was a US citizen? I still haven’t figured that shit out.
      LikeShow more reactions
      Me because fuck the US consitution thats why….at least I assume thats the reason….no one cares….like no one cares that Obama hasnt shown his birth certifificate
      Like · Reply · 30 mins · Edited
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      Unknown Trump Hater That’s actually the best explanation I’ve heard for it so far. LOL
      Unlike · Reply · 1 · 30 mins
      Me Unknown Trump Hater snarky cynical answers are always the best
      Like · Reply · 30 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater Well, we have a president that is supposedly a Constitutional lawyer, but hates the Constitution, so yeah, I guess it’s just contagious at this point.
      Like · Reply · 27 mins
      Me at this point….if Trump isnt the hero he says he is then that is it for our republic.
      Like · Reply · 26 mins
      Me Cruz stands no chance of beating Hilary….Kasich(not sure what puppet master is keeping him running)….and the third party dream is just that …a dream
      Like · Reply · 25 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater Fuck Trump. Thankfully we have more choices than the Democrats and Republicans …
      Like · Reply · 25 mins
      Me Unknown Trump Hater those choices stand 0 chance…..and the country cannot take Hilary winning….it’s Trump or america is dead.
      Like · Reply · 24 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater Whichever major party loses, they always try to blame people who voted for a third party candidate. A wasted vote is one that you cast, when you don’t fully support the person you are voting for …
      Like · Reply · 23 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater Trump is a big-mouthed, racist, piece of shit. Hillary is a big-mouthed, lying, piece of shit. Sanders is a mealy-mouthed, Socialist, piece of shit. So that leaves me one option …
      Like · Reply · 18 mins
      Me look I would LOVE a third party to rise to the challenge….but the simple fact is a third party is not being talk about except in very low ratings segments and obscure talk shows. people arent going liberatarian party and a good chunk of liberatarians…See More
      Like · Reply · 18 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater I guess you haven’t been following the news, and how much Gary Johnson’s numbers are rising each day. With 5% of the popular vote, the Libertarian Party can no longer be left out of the debates, and they will get the same funding the two major parties get now.
      Like · Reply · 15 mins
      Me the #NEVERTRUMP crowd that are right wing dont get it….it’s literally him or Clinton slaughter anyone else you pick as the front runner….and Clinton will slaughter America in many ways….one of the biggest will be 3 liberal as fuck supreme court j…See More
      Like · Reply · 14 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater How do you not see Trump as a racist? I agree between Hillary and Trump, Trump is most certainly the more qualified and better candidate, as far as the economy goes, but his fear mongering, making people afraid of the brown people, is just ridiculous. I will never vote for the lesser of two evils, I will always vote for good.
      Like · Reply · 13 mins
      Me please show me where he says I hate black folks or his KKK medals. Left wing hysteria doesnt count as proof.
      Like · Reply · 12 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater You don’t understand, with 5% of the vote, they get major party status. LOL
      Like · Reply · 12 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater He wants to build a wall, no more needs to be said. LOL
      Like · Reply · 11 mins
      Me fantastic….but with 5% of the vote they still lack the fundind and infastructure.
      Like · Reply · 11 mins
      Me oh a wall….you mean to secure our borders like any other civilized nation on earth in the past 5000 years?
      Like · Reply · 11 mins
      Me yeah a wall….not racist…..but question do you lock your doors or do you have an open invitation party all day everyday?
      Like · Reply · 10 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater And he wants a wall on the Canadian border too? Come on, even Anne Frank can see he is a racist piece of shit. But I am really tired of debating this, you will NEVER get me to vote for piece of shit candidates. LOL
      Like · Reply · 10 mins
      Me so he’s racist for wanting a secure border? seriously?
      and you call me a troll….
      Like · Reply · 9 mins
      Me but I’ll be fair….tell me how having a secure border = racist?
      Like · Reply · 9 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater You really do not understand how our economy would collapse without the Mexicans that work in this country, illegal or not. And it’s not just the Mexicans he has a problem with, he also has a problem with people of Middle Eastern decent. But like I said, there is no need to argue about this, I’ll never vote for him, or Hillary, or Sanders, it just won’t ever happen.
      Like · Reply · 7 mins
      Me you dodged the question there buddy…..I did not ask about our economy….I asked how wanting to build a wall around the border aka having a secure border = racism
      Like · Reply · 6 mins
      Me I also did not ask about the middle east.
      Like · Reply · 6 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater Then answer why no border will be built on the north. I’ll wait.
      Like · Reply · 6 mins
      Me you made the claim he was racist for wanting to build a border…..you’ve yet to back up that claim.
      Like · Reply · 5 mins
      Me burden of proof is therefore yours
      Like · Reply · 5 mins
      Unknown Trump Hater You really have no clue. Ok, done following this post, you can continue to talk with yourself. LOL
      Like · Reply · 4 mins
      Me Unknown Trump Hater question dodging….awesome….we’ll have to do this again sometime LOL
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  15. If you guys think that Trump should win, TAKE IT TO THE STREETS !- Just my point of view.

    1. I’m wearing my comfortable house slippers, a mustache and a beard, sipping my evening drink while having a smoke, on my sofa with my wife sleeping next to me… In Europe.
      Hehehe anyway actually I think to be honest I would trust Trump enough to vote for him if I could, but I don’t trust so called voting systems enough to ever encourage them by using it.
      Not to mention that democracy is an evil of 50.1% unspeakable evil against 49.9% of the population often enough.
      You know the parable of democracy being two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner, right?

  16. Paul Ryan sank on Romney’s Titanic in 2012. Why do they think he’d do better in 2016 at the head of his own ticket?
    As for Colorodo: (((Robert Zubrin))), the aerospace nerd who keeps publishing books about the urgency of colonizing Mars (talk about “rootless cosmopolitanism”), has boasted on Facebook about his role in sabotaging the democratic process at the Colorado Republican Caucus in favor of Cruz.
    You know, those (((people))) have gotten really brazen lately in their hatred of any kind of white consciousness-raising, assertiveness and political organizing.

    1. Wasn’t Robert Zubrin the Christopher walken villain in a view to a kill?

    2. “Why do they think he’d do better in 2016 at the head of his own ticket?”
      The goal is to sabotage Trump and deny him the election, not to get elected himself.

      1. That partly explains Kasich hanging on for dear life. If he can do the equivalent of a banzai charge against Trump for the Republicans to derail him, then that’s going to happen.

  17. I find it weird that Cruz and Trump have both expressed admiration for Ayn Rand’s novels.
    What do they think about the degenerate feminist characters in these novels? What do they make of all the weird male virgins and incels in them that Rand wants us to view as the “heroes,” while many of the villains have girlfriends, mistresses and pickups?

    1. Trump is an egalitarian. He raised his daughter like a man. Better than anyone else though – they are female supremacists.

        1. If they are, they are the finest of them all.
          Damn she’s fine though, likely the only blonde I’d actually care to dip my willie into.
          But only if there is no tackle ;-).

        2. Saw an interview yesterday with Trumps wife. She said she stays out of politics because that is her husband’s domain. Now *that’s* a feminine woman! Last one we had was probably Jackie O. When people came to the white house, she didn’t give her opinion on foreign policy or economic news. She made them feel at home and relaxed, gave them a tour, smiled, talked about fashion and beauty and art and gave them cookies and was kind and sweet and feminine.

        3. Nice! That’s how a good wife behaves! My wife literally gets annoyed and unusually directly tells me to stop if I start to her about politics or history or something like that :-).
          I forget sometimes haha.
          Women should worry about being good cooks and looking nice, and their social status comes from their husband and the devotion they show to them.
          They should develop excellent taste in style and art and etiquette.
          I am against married women socializing with unmarried societal left overs as it would be corrupting to social order.
          And I’m risking shitlord of the year with this probably but I act on my beliefs and impose my will on what I can ;-).
          Oh edit to add, there are groups of families at least in some countries that mutually enforce this kind of environment but I only got in after first online chatting, both me and my wife with the husband and wife of the ‘lead family’ and then personal meetings, and only then after discussion were we allowed in. Good system actually, keeps asshats out very efficiently.

        4. I am against married women socializing with unmarried societal left overs…
          Not just the left overs but bitter divorcees, homewreckers and gold digging whores.

        5. Very true, my wife is spending her social time only with married women. No divorcees etc.
          I think it’s quite telling for our time that there are more divorcees and singles than married people around…

    2. I am a heavy reader, but I am struggling about 150 pages into Atlas Shrugged and I’m wondering if the damn thing will ever pick up and go.

      1. Not really, with some small exceptions.
        I’ve stopped reading intellectual ramblings that long a while back – if what you want to say doesn’t fit on an A4 you are doing it wrong… I wish that more people would think thank people who read… And ideas that work fit on A4 generally.

      2. I can’t read Rand or Lord of the Rings. Far too wordy and long winded for me. But I partly blame our ADD lifestyle.

        1. I read lord of the rings, all books, silmarillion, forgotten tales, ayn rand, Dostoyevsky, Marx, hitler, fucking all of them…
          And I can say honestly that it had been of a lot more use if it wasn’t for the rest of the world not being able to follow a 120sec commercial without getting distracted.
          The only thing it does is your ability to sound pompous and condescending improves with like 800%, and various other things but mostly you become like an alien to the rest of modern society.
          That and you can shit words endlessly while sounding interesting and intellectual without actually saying jack shit.
          Edit to add – no TV growing up…

        2. I read about 200 pages a day in my free time now, back then I was faster…
          But no I didn’t read “all books” that is not in my post…
          But I did read almost every really famous classical literature book etc and then more on the subject of the position of a person in society which is what a lot of books try to deal with whether they say so or not.
          And it makes sense as it is a fundamental question of being – what is my place in this vast puzzle?
          I have found my answer, but have you?
          Have you honestly asked your self what you want?

  18. Bernie Sanders promotes an implicitly white-identitarian form of socialism, and I think blacks have picked up on that, hence their votes for Hillary instead of him. Notice that he keeps invoking Scandinavian models for the kind of social democracy he wants to copy in the U.S.
    Uh, but what about the progressives’ bigger agenda here? I thought white people suck, that our era has “ended” (a recent essay on the website of Foreign Policy by a predictable enemy of white people actually says that), and that the remaining white enclaves don’t deserve their prosperity because they abused their white privilege to get it.

    1. The dying Scandinavian model isn’t ever going to work in the US or elsewhere for that matter, it’s simply state suicide at this point, trying to distribute away all the wealth to the third world before it all comes down.

    2. Funny how that works out. In America, it all goes back to racism. Then again, when Vermont’s population is, according to Wikipedia, 94.3% non Hispanic white, you can’t blame Bernie Sanders pulling that kind of support.

  19. Just a quick thought on Colorado being a very unreligious state. Yes, I can see the point that it would all the more mean a Trump delegate victory over Cruz, since Cruz is seen as the more Evangelical candidate. That’s not my issue. My issue is Cruz being this default best candidate for Christians. Yeah, I acknowledge he has all the requisite credentials and Glenn Beck rages on and on about him. But, putting aside showbiz and the template Christian political card, I can’t see why Christians aren’t jumping up for joy about Trump? And, I think they are minus the shit coverage we get from the media. Whenever I randomly tune-in to a Trump rally and hear him speak Trump always says he is going to support Christians. But, he doesn’t stop there. He goes on to acknowledge that Christians are persecuted in the U.S. Furthermore, he is outspoken and has demonstrated with his own actions that he is vehemently against political correctness. PC is the source of Christian antagonism. So, to hear that he has my back, plus, can deliver when he says he’ll stand up to PC bullies…Trump has my vote. I mean, so what if Cruz is elected..is he going to get real tough on PC and stop the religious persecution in the US? Has he done it already? Our situation is such, where we need to have a no-bullshit strong as fuck leader in the office to confront these PC SJW shitbags.

  20. Holy shit! There was nothing fraudulent in Colorado. The rules have not changed there in over a decade. The guy burning his registration was a fucking idiot who didn’t bother showing up at the county caucus.
    Trump’s campaign just didn’t understand the rules – so now they bitch and whine like SJWs. They sound like retarded pussies.

    1. I’m a CO resident. Don’t believe the cuckservative narrative. It would have been a waste of Trump’s time and resources to try win CO. There is no voting by regular people here (because of Ron Paul -but that’s another story). This is what really opening my eyes that the conservative media are a bunch of lying whores.
      They are not telling the whole truth. The CO GOP didn’t engage in shenanigans –they didn’t have to. The rules are just set up so they get to do whatever they want.
      The rules were followed but the rules are fraudulent. Cuckservative logic says this is okay.

      1. I’m not disagreeing that the CO rules are crap – just that that have been crap a decade before Trump decided to run for President. Not knowing those rules is a sign of incompetence.
        I’ll be surprised if this publicity doesn’t result in a real primary there in 4 years.

  21. Majority of non-government Americans: Supportin’ Sanders & Trump
    Government officials whose votes actually count: Clinton & Cruz
    And people think I’m crazy when I say we shoulda took up arms against them loooong ago. Not against the people, no no. Just the fools who don’t do what we put them in office to do. No need to fight amongst ourselves, be it democrat, republican, or other.

    1. Taking up arms is meaningless. You’ll be dead or in jail within minutes of the Feds finding out.

  22. Poor Colorado, this state seems to get politically fucked more than most others; but most Coloradans don’t seem to give a shit any more, or even post attention. I live in this state and haven’t met anyone who seems to care about this issue.

  23. I was a state delegate in Colorado. Our state process has been the same for decades: at the caucus you and your neighbors decide who will go to County, congressional district, and state assemblies, among other things. It’s in the latter two assemblies that federal delegates are decided by ballots cast by local delegates. There was a private caucus poll done, and it put Donald in a distant third, which matches the experience of the people I knew and talked to: Trump supporters didn’t show up, probably because Trump didn’t hold rallies in CO to energize his supporters to turn out. I myself ended up choosing Cruz because of his voting consistency, but was strongly considering Trump. If I had voted for Trump I would have been satisfied with the process because I saw no tricks played, and the system rewards involvement: careless voters rarely come to several hour long political meetings.

    1. Didn’t the people of CO vote down a measure of going to a primary systems some years back?

    2. Yeah, this is why Colorado is becoming such a mess, because of Cuck-faggots like you Andrew. Colorado was a free state 30 years ago but Cuck-faggots from California descended upon this place like a plague, bringing their Jew left wing Cuck idiology with them. They turned California into a morass of filth and ran away only to start the same cuck bullshit here.

  24. It should be pretty obvious to even the most casual voter who does not know why they are voting for whomever that the entire election process in this country is not much better than under a dictatorship. Whether you like Trump or whomever or Bernie or whomever, it should alarm anyone who wants integrity that this whole thing sucks.

  25. One important correction – the Pennsylvania Republican primary really isn’t winner-take-all. Out of 71 delegates, only 17 go to the winner of the statewide primary vote; that part is winner-take-all, but it’s less than 24% of the state’s delegates. The other 54 delegates are individually elected. Each Congressional district elects 3 delegates; voters actually choose the actual delegate who goes to the convention, and that person isn’t committed to any candidate.
    In short, Trump’s lead in PA gets him less than the total Republican delegates from Hawaii or DC.

    1. Democracy at its finest. Go vote folks! And no of course I’m not actually serious, that would just encourage them…

  26. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    1. A lot of people said that, at least Da Vinci and Socrates and Hitler and Mao according to the Google…

  27. Okay. Everything you said about what happened in Colorado is wrong. Stopped reading right there. Get your facts first, then distort them as much as you please.

    1. But you, sir, lack arguments which are a fundamental ingredient to an actual discussion so kindly take the FU line to the end stop, this way…

  28. THIS is what your Second Amendment is for! Your right to vote has become meaningless. And what’s worse, it’s being paraded around right in front of your faces. Americans are too lazy and preoccupied with their digital screens to do a fucking thing about it. Enjoy your Muslim immigrants and your bottomless debt pit to China. Life is about to get fucking real.

    1. Combined phone holder that grips onto a gun is a business idea maybe?
      They can film the shooting with the front facing camera and take a selfie after!
      That would perhaps get more girls into guns lol, not sure that’s what you’d want though…

    2. A lot of good the 2nd will do you. The US Government has:
      fully automatic weapons
      chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons
      a massive spy network on the internet and in real life
      a complicit media that cheerleads for them.
      You’d be gunned down before you ever got out of your house.

        1. You’re kidding, right? The Millennials are far too glued to their phones to ever think about, let alone attempt, guerrilla warfare.
          You’re dreaming.

        2. I don’t understand what the hell it is you are talking about. We don’t have squads of special forces breaking down doors of civilians in the middle of the night with guns a blazing. So slow down cowboy.
          What I’m talking about is look to the past at Cuba and Brazil, Iraq and Afghanistan just to name a few where the effects of guerilla warfare have brought incredible change and repercussions.
          Patience and Committment > Quick and Dirty. Kinda like the crossroads where ROK stands eh? Heh

  29. Every year candidates bring up the founding fathers to say what their stance on political issues would be. This year our founding fathers would be spinning in their graves at the corruption of the American electoral system.

  30. I’m certainly no fan of the Donald, but jeez, Hills and BS is the best the Demmycrats can do?

    1. I hope Ryan learns a few things from this meeting.
      I wish Bibi had been born in America – I’d prefer him as president against ALL the people now running.

  31. Somehow the main stream media didn’t even publish this news at all, Didn’t knew about Colorado fraud, nobody reported it except ROK ….

    1. Sad, but true:
      “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election. The people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin

  32. It’s a win win. Get Trump and we can start turning the country around. Be defrauded and we can Kickstart a much needed revolution.

  33. I don’t really mind that the leaders of the Republican party ignore the wishes of the voters to pick whom they want. I look forward with anticipation to see those arrogant swine cast enough votes in November to elect a dog catcher. The voters don’t select the candidates; we do. will go down in history along with Let them eat cake.

  34. Make no mistake, they are going to steal and cheat the election away from Trump and destroy the Republican primary. That does not concern them at all. There is only one party, the party to destroy America and European Americans. Paul Ryan is the most vile of scum, perhaps only surpassed in his hatred of America and Whites by the Hildebeast. It is his job to steal the nomination without having run for the office and to lose to the Hildebeast.

    1. >There is only one party, the party to destroy America and European Americans.
      aka The Jewish Party.
      Follow the money.

      1. They run both sides and create the illusion of choice while running the herd off the cliff. Trump, even if he is robbed and loses has shifted the Overton window and opened too many minds. Jewish mind tricks are losing their power. For some of us they never had any power, so simple and transparent is the Jew bullshit.

        1. Have you noticed how the Jew is trying so desperately to create a Shoah-by-Proxy with the Muslims? They’re so eager to lie about “the rise of the next Hitler…” and pin little gold stars on anyone they can find in a hijab, all so *they* can continue to ride out the eternal shekel-train for the six gorrilion.
          … and not a single Jew has called the media out for comparing “asking Mexicans to actually obey US law…” with the Holocaust. PETA got heat for comparing the deaths of billions of chickens to the Holocaust… but the JDF has remained silent about the Jewish media’s newest favorite bit of propaganda.
          I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

    2. “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election. The people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin

      1. Even if Trump makes it to the general election, it will be much easier for the Republicuck/Democuck establishment to commit voter fraud in the general election. However, Trump has pulled the Jew wool off many peple’s eyes. There is no reformation of the cesspool.

  35. “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election. The people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin

  36. There is a difference between the Inner Party and the Outer Party.
    The Outer Party will conform or it’s off to Room 101 to learn to love Big Brother.
    BTW, legislators are perfectly free to meet with foreign government leaders and officials to present their own opinions. They just can not represent the United States government directly in our foreign policy – that’s the job of the executive branch.

  37. There is NO WAY ever that Donald Trump would become President Of The United States. I thought the ‘manosphere’ was for enlightened people, not naive fools that think they can reinvent the wheel…

  38. It’s done and decided. The Democrats are doing what the Republicans did a couple of elections ago, where the party decided on Bush and simply put him there. The Republicans are running a show to make their voters think they’ve got a voice, but at the last minute they’ll appoint Kasich. We don’t really have a say in who’s running or the outcome. And regardless if it’s Republican or Democrat who wins, the same big money people and corporations have both parties in their pockets.

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