3 Chilling Predictions For The United States In 2040

The United States has gone from the most powerful country in the world, one that could best the Soviet Union in military capacity whilst having living standards ten times higher, to a flimsy shell about to break at any moment. And it will only get worse in the coming quarter of a century. America’s financial situation will implode, its already fractious race relations will explode, and its external prestige and even security will be under unprecedented threat from China. Added to these massive problems will be draconian anti-male laws and political policies, plus the severe demographic crisis facilitated by illegal immigration and non-assimilation, especially in the Mexican border states, after so many years of rampant neglect.

In effect, America will cease to be America. It will be a distended mass of land and people whose continuing livelihoods (or what remains of them) will often depend more on outside countries and forces than internal factors or characteristics.

This first article on America’s very negative impending future will focus on “rape” trials, race-based crimes, and the cultural, if not political absorption of US border states by Mexico.

1. “Affirmative consent” will be enforced in the legal system, not just on college campuses

Jurisdictions such as California have already had their legislatures enact requirements for affirmative consent in any state-funded higher education institution. These states, invariably liberal ones, have ample room to change local criminal laws. Presently, the legal fraternity and civil libertarians are capable of arresting any such push, along with perhaps a majority of the population. But for how long? 2040 is looming as part of a period where such caution is thrown to wind and men can be convicted in a court of law using standards and “protections” that make the rules of a typical kangaroo court look robust.

Worse still, legal trends analogous to affirmative consent have been in operation for criminal charges of rape for a very long time. So this anticipated shift to bogus affirmative consent standards may occur well before 25 years from now, meaning that 2040 might see still worse legal biases against men. We will also continue to see disproportionate sentences handed out for rape compared to other serious crimes, such as a man maiming another man for life, putting him in a wheelchair, or giving him permanent brain damage.

As I have consistently opined, the beyond reasonable doubt standard for male-on-female sexual assault accusations is currently significantly gerrymandered. Whereas very few juries or judges will convict based on circumstantial evidence for an armed robbery, murder or a very serious (male-on-male) assault, sexual assault is a misnomer. The testimony of one woman, even after it changes multiple times or involves proven lies, is frequently used to send a man to jail for countless years. Plus, her sexual history, including any previous false or doubtful rape allegations, is generally discarded or outright banned from being raised in the courtroom. Yet his purported history, which should have no bearing on the allegation itself, is most often admissible. Expect this sad set of legal realities to become much worse over the coming years.

2. Black-on-white and Hispanic-on-white crime will explode and be tolerated like never before

Unless America’s present social trajectory is changed, attacks on whites by minorities will become nothing short of a sport. Like in 2016, 2040 will likely show that facts have zero bearing on the campaigns mounted by SJWs. Far less than 1% of blacks killed by others in modern times are killed by police. And the vast majority of those downed by law enforcement, including Ferguson thug Michael Brown, were attacking the police or third parties when they were shot, whether with weapons or without them. Yet Black Lives Matter supporters and their enablers would have us believe that 99% of black homicides are caused by police, namely because they literally devote 10,000 times less attention to blacks killing other blacks. This ignorance of the truth will have only compounded by 2040.

Meanwhile, black-on-white attacks in the early 21st century, proportionally much more common than the reverse, are perennially ignored. This is despite trends such as white flight to the suburbs and the claiming of once white-majority cities, such as Detroit, by blacks. Persistent media refusal to report on and government refusal to address the heavily racialized nature of crime in the United States has created an environment where black-on-white crimes cannot ever be racist and are even seen as “payback” for slavery and Jim Crow laws. Again, we will see this excusing of violence drag on and expand.

This vacuum of ignoring black-on-black and black-on-white crime will snowball very deleteriously in the coming decades. It is very hard for the proportion of black deaths caused by other blacks to go much higher, only because it currently rests at about 93%. But the raw numbers themselves, against both blacks and whites, will increase. Felony-inclined Hispanics will join the minority-on-white free-for-all as well. The permissive environment of failing to call out crimes against whites will lead to an even more cowering and politically correct Caucasian population. SJWs and other whites under their spell will believe they deserve what they get, no matter how atrocious the behavior.

Aside from just impacting whites, this climate of sanctioned violence will relegate yet another generation of blacks and Hispanics to poverty created by the bad elements within their own communities. A cross-section of blacks and Hispanics will ruin life for the majority who are law-abiding and simply want a good life and harmonious relations with their neighbors, whether they are white, black, Hispanic, or Asian. All we need is 5-10% of one of the main ethnic populations to go haywire and everyone else of all races is left to pick up the pieces.

3. Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and southern Texas will be de facto states of Mexico

2040 will have proven fear-inducing forecasts about Mexico and illegal immigration from a number of paleo-conservative and other genuine rightwing pundits. For example, Pat Buchanan, former Presidential advisor and Republican and Reform Party Presidential candidate, warned years ago in his books State of Emergency and The Death of the West that immigration and internal demographic trends were going to destroy the US as we know it. He pointed to the massive changes wrought by the extension of citizenship and multiculturalism in the Roman Empire and how every society that has gone down America’s path has eventually disintegrated. The first places to disintegrate in the US will be those that have borne the brunt of the illegal immigration pandemic: California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

For years, Mexican illegal immigrants, enabled by even nominal conservatives like Ronald Reagan, have been allowed to pour across the United States, obtain over-generous offers of amnesty, or maintain de facto residence courtesy of having anchor babies. Promises to stop the lunacy of amnesties and other concessions are only followed by an even greater set of privileges given to more illegals five to ten years later. This has sent a clear message that very serious US laws are either not going to be enforced or cannot be enforced, which is reflected in the free hand Mexican drug cartels have in many parts of the southeastern United States.

Because of all this, 2040 will see majority Hispanic populations from Los Angeles to El Paso. Most Hispanic-Americans will either have comparable loyalties to foreign countries like Mexico, or weak American identities susceptible to switching when local populations begin to express a clear Hispanic majority. And with superior Hispanic birthrates, major cities will express decisive Hispanic majorities.

If southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and southern Texas are not politically dictated to by Mexico in a direct sense, they will be massively influenced indirectly. Crime levels currently seen in areas controlled by Mexican drug cartels, such as Tijuana, will push ever further into the US itself, bringing governmental havoc, unprecedented violence, horrendous rates of drug addiction, and in many places endemic political corruption.

Get out or be prepared to ride the storm

If you are in your teens, twenties or thirties and either plan to have children or already have young ones, now is the time to be setting yourself up for an almost certainly bad and probably very bad future for the United States. For those of you who are older, you need to expect the worst also. This applies to men of all races. The SJW ideology is particularly pernicious to white males, but the color of your skin will not protect you from the continued decline and then collapse of the once unchallengeable USA.

Return Of Kings is an outlet that unapologetically strives to help you get the best out of yourself. We believe in optimism and the ability to fight back against a corrosive and cancerous cultural narrative. Nevertheless, we are not starry-eyed fools. We should never mollycoddle ourselves or each other about the very harsh social and political realities that await us, both now and in the future.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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  1. Not if we simultaneously smoke Kratom! Saint Kratom will save us and illuminate the path to the only female left on the planet

    1. The only female left on the planet? Sorry dude I’m not into sloppy billionths. If you really want to run a train on a woman whose quite literally ridden the China of cock carousels then you need some serious help.

      1. Saint Kratom is wise and true. The last woman on Earth shall be preserved by patriarchal adherence and through the pure waters of Lake Minnetonka, shall keep her virginity pure and tact, thus keeping all impure semen from tainting her pysche. Saint Kratom will bless us in its wisdom and strength.

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      2. not into sloppy billionths….well, I would avoid southern florida if I were you

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        1. Kratom is the key and only component of Radaway! It’s like calling computers plastic wired glass

      1. like patton said: no dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.

      2. My family instructed me from an early age that the day of your death is not of your choosing. You will die on the day appointed to you, and there’s not one damned thing that you can do to change that one way or the other. Acting a coward in battle won’t save you if it’s your day to die.

        1. The samurai would meditate on death. That’s how I feel most warrior cultures are though. They lived each in day in service to each other, their king or their god. The Samurai are a true aspect of this.

    1. At this point, I can only see that as an improvement. Muslims wouldn’t tolerate the whole millennial generation of weaklings and SJWs. If our women have to wear beekeeper suits in order to maintain some sense of order and logic, then kudos to the Muzzies for succeeding where we failed at controlling our culture.

      1. Our culture is based on freedom. Giving those up is slapping every war veteran in the face who fought for those freedoms. We do not always have to agree with each other but we must stand up for freedom. Muslims will only bring in rules which are not compatible with our culture.

        1. For the most part, very true. Intelligence seems to be our current failure point now, one could relate that to education and television possibly.

        2. Well, I’d say it’s politicians period. I see white and black males and white and black female politicians all doing their part to loot the system or shove their twisted PC ideology down our throats at our expense.

        3. Yes, and we will see more female and minority politicians (including likely a female president in the USA) in coming years. But just remember that 100 years ago, before women could vote, white men literally controlled everything. It was white men who decided let’s give women the right to vote. Let’s start affirmative action. Let’s start a special food stamp program just for women. Let’s start a welfare program. Let’s offer free housing to people who don’t work. All the machinery of institutional feminism and socialism that exists today was put into place by white men. And they were acting out of goodness. They actually thought it would help, if that matters. But we know better now, and there is no excuse for supporting it.

        4. LOL, they had to keep the nookie happy. As far as other programs, given that minorities were fighting for their country while suffering discrimination or worse killings, nothing less was going to lead to great unrest. The country’s demographics were changing and just from an economic standpoint, not trying to level the playing field would sow seeds for what you saw in Czarist Russia and now in Saudi Arabia, parts of Europe, Nigeria and Venezuela. No hope means no peace.

    2. I don’t think they will be ruling anything, beyond their own ghettos. They are being used as a proxy army against native populations in the West by the globalist scum on top, in a scheme to usurp and consolidate power. The West cannot begin to deal with Islam without dealing with its traitorous elites first.

  2. An award winning journalist, Colin Flaherty, has been chronicling black on white violence for several years with his books “White Girl Bleed A Lot” and “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry”. I suggest subscribing to his You Tube and Facebook feeds. Chilling stuff.

    1. Also very informing. Taleeb Starkes also had some stuff to say, holding a mirror up to the black community with his book “Uncivil War.”

  3. We are at an interesting turning point. Through interpersonal interaction and internet trawling I am unfortunately often inundated with the shitlib perspective that infects the vast majority of the west – particularly in the younger generation. Its a mastery of doublethink layered in groupthink. Somehow they simultaneously believe we are living in one of the greatest times, and yet racism, sexism, etc is just off the charts. Its like there are two rivers in their dilapidated psyches from which the two shall never meet. Its this optimistic lie suffused with a strange manner of psychoses which simply fails to stand up to any manner of logic or rationality. Until the illusion is broken, these people will happily march into oblivion, while demonising their only chance at salvation.

    1. I feel so fortunate that I pretty much never actually come across any of this. For the most part, the bigger problems that get pointed out here exist in a world that is removed from my world. It’s like I know it is out there lurking about, but I just don’t interact with it so I can manage to ignore it.

      1. I’ve managed to cut off the vast majority of them, but it was only a year ago that I got into an argument with an old uni friend about feminism – and why I wasn’t one… The perils of youth in thr west.

        1. Never argue. Only argue with people who have the capacity for rational thought. That they are willing to argue a feminist perspective already disqualifies them from this.
          Not to long ago a guy I know through a family member and who works at legal aid (read ultra left wind “do good” faggot lawyers) was talking to me about a girl he works with that he wants to set me up. He asked me who I was voting for because politics are very important to her. I told him I didn’t want to be set up. he pressed, continued, about the girl and about the politics….I dead panned him in the eye and said “if you bring this girl around I will anally rape her” then chuckled like it was a joke. Conversation ended there. I feel successfully.

        2. I do like to troll them in public sometimes though. Not because I think that they’ll debate me rationally, rather, I like to run circles around them rhetorically and then basically point and laugh at them as they sputter. It’s all for the audience, which surprisingly, sometimes results in men talking to me afterwards about whatever it was I was debating with the socialist/sjw/feminist. Kind of a subtle recruitment tool.

        3. trolling is different. That is sport and totally acceptable. It is when you start seriously debating and trying to make a point and change someones mind that you are just setting yourself up for misery.
          However, Troll Everyone!

        4. as for circle running….back when I taught I found that pretentious 20 year old girls who liked to pretend they were deep absolutely loved fucking a philosophy professor…it was like social proof that all the things they believed about themselves was true. They really are smart! lets write another deep quote on our facebooks! It was hideous, but in my defense they were all really, really hot.
          Anyway, with regard to circle running rhetoric…when I would get bored of them I would stop feeding the “lets have a deep conversation thing” and just start making farting noises whenever they were trying to be serious.

        5. It was truly butting heads. The man is a grade A beta. Though when confronted with that sort of craziness, one can’t resist a little trolling. I basically was informed that I was mistaken and should leave the party. So I stayed around and hit on his gf’s hotter younger sister. Bridge burnt with pride.

        6. I basically was informed that I was mistaken and should leave the party. So I stayed around and hit on his gf’s hotter younger sister. Bridge burnt with pride.
          That’s ten layers of awesome covered in Kratom gravy right there, brother.

        7. Dang, mah shorty got game!
          I’m 6’3″. Any dude shorter than 6′ and taller than 5’4 looks the same to me height wise.

        8. I am 6 foot on the nose. Once went out with a girl who was 6’2. I chastised her for not wearing heels the first date.

        9. I have the uncanny ability to guess height and weight fairly accurately. And nothing I can do about my height, its a point against me with women, to say otherwise would be to deny reality, but so what? Just playing the game on a higher difficulty setting, can still win.

        10. Aren’t you short too? As I say, anything below 6′ is “short” to me. And women.

        11. I hope nothing ever happens to your nose…
          Tall girls are really self conscious about it… Probably if you wore your Cubans you’d be OK…

        12. Nah, y’all are midgets to me. Heh
          Women dig tall guys, I don’t think that’s any big secret. Shorter men need a bit more game and attitude, that’s all, it’s really not a crippling thing until you get to the 5’4″ and below range I wouldn’t think.

        13. Honestly I never notice. Since the average height of a woman is around 5’5″ I am taller than virtually every woman I meet. And they can’t tell 5’10” from 6’4″.
          Yeah 5’4″ is definitely Tyrion territory.

        14. Oh, they can tell 5’10” from 6’4″ (in my boots, I’m 6’4″). At least over here.

        15. It was short lived and a long time ago. My nose came out unscathed…though after many broken noses, I am not sure the difference would be noticeable.

        16. “Never argue. Only argue with people who have the capacity for rational thought”
          Fuckin’ Gospel.
          The expression “The inmates are running the insane asylum” is no longer a joke; it’s a horrible harsh reality.

        17. The world HAS officially gone nuts, Morrison. I think it really jumped the shark about five years ago or so….maybe with the election of Obama in ’08…

        18. I am 6’2″. My wife married me for my height, I married her for her massive hooters. It all worked out!

        19. i was formerly very beta. i still had women fall into my lap from time to time in spite of my total lack of game. i highly doubt this would have happened if i weren’t 6’2.

        20. 5’8″ checking in. Yeah its not a big deal but you do have to work a little harder. Some chicks would never been seen with any guy below 6′, but those types don’t interested me in the slightest.
          In fact the girl I am seeing now is almost my height exactly, add heals and she is taller. She asked me one day If it bothered me if she wore heals and was taller. I said fuck no because I love chicks in high heals.

        21. Tell her it makes it easier for you to motorboat her in public.

      2. @Lolknee-get a gun or take kung fu-attacks will only increase in your gun-free libzone run by a SJW mayor who sucks.

        1. I wouldn’t qualify to have a legal gun here and with mandatory minimums I sure as fuck don’t plan to be within 5 miles of an illegal one.
          I have been boxing my whole life though. Still, I don’t see things coming to violence for me. You are right about the SJW mayor, but the circles I tend to spend time in are pretty much free of political bullshit and feminism. I work in corporate construction which is a field that is pretty much untouched by the hand of feminism and when I go out I tend to go to bars, restaurants and even gyms that are not frequented by shittards.
          Granted, I am sure they will eventually take over but I don’t think I will live to see them get to where I am even if I can feel their grubby little hands on my feet.

    1. It would actually be for the best if it wasn’t. We’re too different to be governed from one central location. We are literally two nations right now, and I don’t see it doing anything but splintering up into a few more segments. Ideally we’d be best off with organizational units no larger than three to five states in size.

      1. Absolutely. I see this as one of the reasons the USSR failed. Huge mega states simply can’t be micro-managed. Take the minimum wage as only ONE example. When they legislate a $7 wage in NYC, it’s literally not enough to pay for rent in the worst neighborhood if you worked 80 hours a week. And it’s too high a wage for many employers to pay in the rural southeast or southwest. But because it’s federal law, both parties end up suffering–the worker in New York as well as the business owner in Arkansas. Most federal policies fail this test to some degree.
        If we were multiple regional nations, and somehow didn’t pay over $6,000 annually per household for defense spending the way we currently do, we would have enough money to actually be wealthy micro-nations again.

        1. Indeed. Plus cultural differences could be respected a lot more. I *loathe* with a fucking passion having a lot of what passes for federal law originating in deep blue mega-cities like NYC or Los Angeles. They have no fucking clue about my values and culture, and I sure as hell don’t want anything to do with theirs.

        2. Yes, I often say Texans have far more in common with northern Mexico than they do a hipster from Portland, a jew from NYC, or an urban dweller from Detroit. It’s an odd mix of cultures, that somehow has stayed together so far.
          Sociologists tell us that the mega-city will become only more important and powerful in the coming years. I read an article just a couple of days ago about how even states themselves are less important than the mega cities such as L.A., NYC, etc.

        3. That frightens the living fuck out of me. The last thing we need is more idiocy from those suck holes.
          And if it’s true, this is why we will in fact see the division of the nation into smaller countries. I don’t foresee any Wyoming resident taking kindly to the Feds tromping in more than they do already.

        4. Buy space on a billboard and fight fire with fire. They only “win” when we stay silent. Throw their shit right back in their face.
          Coming down to Florida via Georgia there is a large billboard that says “Who Is John Galt” right smack dab on the side of a major highway. That’s how you do it.

        5. Look into it, can’t be too bad, or so bad that a couple of guys can’t pool some money for a month’s space.

        6. Interesting perspective…But Texas is so big and diverse now, I don’t know that Texas is like any of the places you mentioned. Houston may be more like NYC but Austin leans like Portland or the S.F. Bay area. D.FW I think is a balance of all the other Texas metros.

        7. Likely because they get more in Federal assistance than they pay in taxes. I remember Rand Paul spewing crap about high taxation NJ when Gov Christie blew him up showing that Kentucky was a bigger recipient of Uncle Sam largesse by far than NJ.

        8. Yeah, Texas is big and diverse enough to be its own country. Geographically it would still be one of the larger countries in the world. I’m not too up on hits history but apparently it would have stayed an independent republic if it didn’t go bankrupt… I wonder if there were any central bank shenanigans involved in making that happen?

        1. I will have to check this out. I was a fan of one a few years ago called Jericho, about how the US descends into chaos and regionalism after a sudden nuclear incident.

        2. Yeah, but wasn’t everybody like fighting with swords? I heard about that, and the why, and it made me immediately cast the idea of watching it into the wastebasket. Come an apocalypse, there’s no way that 110+ million gun owners are going to say “Gosh, if we use our guns, we might get into trouble”.
          Or was that some other show?

        3. Ah, time saved then. I might watch the first episode anyway, as the setting up of how the Revolution started should be interesting. And I do recommend Jericho. It had a hidden message in Morse Code in the opening credits of every episode, which was a cool twist 99.9% of people would never notice. It was limited by broadcast tv budget, and trailed off, but the first season was enjoyable.

        4. I like the hidden shit. I think the opening staccato beats to Rush’s “YYZ” are literally “YYZ” in morse code. It’s been so long since I even knew half the alphabet in Morse that I have no idea if that’s actually true or not. What I do know is that YYZ is the call sign for the Toronto Intl. airport however.

        5. Yeah, the first few episodes are ok, but I really wouldn’t waste your time past the first season. I’ve always enjoyed musing on the idea of living in a post-apoc world where people are rebuilding small villages. Honest work, tight-knit communities, and the occasional adventure of scavenging the cities of old.

        6. Right, I mentioned that.
          “What I do know is that YYZ is the call sign for the Toronto Intl. airport however.”

        7. It’s true, I do a bit of morse. And Alex Lifeson (Rush’s guitarist) has confirmed it multiple times. He was working on his private pilot’s license during the time of the Moving Pictures album if I remember correctly.

      2. Thats why the founders were a strong supporter of dual federalism. You have the federal government which is mainly in control of stuff dealing with foreign affairs and let the states handle the rest

        1. Agreed. That idea however was quickly destroyed by the Civil War as well as the Progressive movement of the early 20th century.

  4. On the positive side, by the time 2040 rolls around our children (or children’s children) coming out of the education system will consider us as enemies to the “new world order” and likely actively seek our imprisonment or termination.
    Most of us (the one’s not dead of old age by that time) will be too old to resist and we either won’t care (as we’ll be summarily executed or have Alzheimers) or we’ll be imprisoned which won’t be all that distinguishable from the nursing home we were likely already in, eating gruel and shitting into diapers.

    1. My grandfather carried a .357 with him until almost the day he died. I foresee a similar mindset in my case. You’re never too old to resist, but you do reach the age where you’re too old to be able to come out alive. I figure, take a few of the little bastards with me before they overwhelm me, if I get to that age.

      1. They’ll get me during one of my multiple daily sponge baths, the cowards. I’ve always known this would be the way I go out, I’ll put the gun down just long enough to spank the 20-something nurse on the ass and that’s all folks.

        1. If you are a watcher of Clint Eastwood movies as I am, you’ll know to have the gun in the water with you underneath the bubbles so that they don’t know you have it. Heh.

        2. I do currently use his bulletproof vest idea with my other “gun”. You just never know where modern women have been these days, can’t risk anything getting through or you might get stuck with a tag-a-long.

        3. Great minds….that scene came immediately to mind, hence my comment a few minutes before yours.

        4. That you wrap your dick in a Franklin Stove is both magnificent and, frankly, somewhat frightening. That’s gotta smart for the chick. Heh.

      2. At age 60 now I say you are 100% spot on. If TSHTF I will not survive. That opens up a huge window for action. As they say in the French Foreign Legion, the trick is to accept your death, then everything else falls into place.

        1. Yes, exactly. If you know you’re going to die no matter your actions, you get resolve to do it right, if you have character.

  5. Well, since it is Hitler’s birthday I suspect that at some point the jews will be blamed for this.
    Speaking of Hitler, it occurs to me that Hitler’s relationship with Ava braun was like 10 times longer than any relationship I have ever had. I am literally worse at being in a relationship than Hitler.

    1. He only had one ball and was probably low T, so for him to maintain a relationship, in a position of ultimate supreme power, was probably pretty easy. He didn’t have to worry about wanting to fuck her (bet he didn’t, ever), she got the benefits of his power (well, until that whole bunker thing), and likely they sat and talked about raising dogs (one of his favorite topics).
      In real life before he hit the big time, he was very, very gamma male. Pedastalized the living fuck out of broads and made an absolute fool of himself for them. Fuck Hitler.

      1. Read the book “The Pink Swastika.” There was enough indiciation that he had little to do with women. Adolph lived in a flop house in Vienna in his artistic years known for homo prostituion at the time. His roommate was murdered a few days after Austria was annexed along with the Austrian army doctor who (correclty) identified his blindness due to a pyschological problem and not a gas attack as often cited.

        1. His entire persona screams “gay” to me. He was quite effeminate at times on film, and that whole “eschew exercise, be a vegan, don’t drink” thing, well, that’s just not masculine, especially in the middle of 1930’s Germany where hard work was lionized as a male virtue and eating sausage and beer was a national past time.

        2. Germans themselves have put out alot of docmentaries that dispell alot of the BS. He did serve with a poorly equipt Bavarian reserve infantry unit that comprised mainly of old men– far from the WWI hero he was made out to be. A few of the surviving members of his unit said he was a flake who spent most of his time alone. Rohm and many in the SA were open homosexuals and when you make them your enforcers, was does that reveal?
          Something else. He had past relationships with 4 known women and all of them attempted suicide. Two succeeded (Eva being one).

        3. You do have a point, and while he certainly supported traditional family strength, and a powerful male patriarch, he was not a strong or powerful man himself. I would only remind you to beware of propaganda and the victors writing their version of history. Remember how they claimed that “bin laden” had a porn stash before he was summarily executed and “buried at sea”? Utter rubbish.

        4. I’m actually drawing my own conclusions just by noting his well documented habits and peculiarities.

        5. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. Still, I’d rather have a pro-family, pro-athletic, pro-beauty, pro-strength, pro-industry, nationalist, SJW hating fag calling the shots than any of the slate of adulterous pretty boy straight males we’ve elected to run our nation. At least all the ones POST Jefferson that is…

        6. Sure. I just get confused at some men who uphold him as the paragon of masculinity. It’s like they literally have no gaydar.

        7. Doesn’t every guy have a porn stash? Even the ones who say they don’t (I remember when one of my girls found mine once…).

        8. This is a bit out of Mein Kamphort zone Anne Frankly we should stop making these jokes.

        9. The things they don’t teach you in school. I read about the gay SA (aka Brownshirts), but the SS units were a mixed bag. I do know a few were filled with criminals and degenerits (Belareus in particular) that did things so inhuman the German high command finally had them relieved (and some were shot).

        10. wasn’t hitler vegetarian, not vegan? big difference. i’m mostly vegetarian, except game meat and some wild-caught fish. i lift and like to think of myself as a fairly masculine dude, whereas with a pure vegan diet, you just can’t get certain essential nurtients.
          i don’t think the concept of being vegan even existed in hitler’s time.

        11. There was only one designation at the time, vegetarian. I think he was pretty extreme about it, hence why I put in the “vegan” designation. He liked snarking at people for eating “corpse soup” and such.

        12. I stole my first stash from some bums who were squatting in the woods near my house. I was a dumbass and hid the smut in some crevice outside.
          Haha, I remember my shock when the damn things got destroyed by rain. I was furiously trying to separate the warped pages and salvage a full torso or at least a nipple. I was so young at the time, I didn’t even realize I could masturbate to the pics; I just looked at them in awe.

        13. Porn was like gold dust in those days. Hard to get hold off when you were a kid. I found my brother’s stash of magazines and used to …uh read them.

        1. There’s never a good reason to get into a gunfight, but if one breaks out in your vicinity, it behooves you to have a gun to fight back.

        2. You don’t get to pick the time and location of the encounter. And I can’t outrun a bullet coming towards my back.
          Just saying, avoid them at all costs, but you can’t count on having a good escape route. If your back is against the wall, do what you gotta do.

        3. Well to be fair, I’m only going to run from a gunfight if I see it coming. Its a strange thing that what scares me most about a gunfight is not dying but getting my nuts shot off (or winding up in a wheelchair).
          I think you misunderstood me though, I am not suggesting running when the shooting starts (unless its to cover) merely practicing good situational awareness. And of course, if you can have a gun, have one.

        4. My hand to hand combat teacher was asked what you should do if a guy pulls a knife. He said, “Use your best weapon; your feet. Use them to run away.” Then he was asked what to do if the guy pulls a gun. His reply was, “Ask him, what can I do for you sir.”

        5. That’s solid advice. Knives will fuck you up close range, you won’t win. But they have a range of basically the length of the dude’s arm. He can throw it, maybe, but there’s a good chance you’ll get away.

        6. run zig-zag. seriously, that’s what the instructor said in my CCW class. it reduces you chance of getting hit, especially with a hand gun. most people can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a hand gun.

        7. Haha. “Always run in a serpentine fashion.” This reminds me of a funny scene from Generation Kill.
          Nate Fick (the Lieutenant in the mini-series) actually wrote a great book about his experiences too–One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer. I highly recommend them both.

    2. Kinda hard not to blame them when, starting as far back as the Bolshevik Revolution and Frankfurt School, right up to the present, the tribe has been EXTREMELY over-represented in every single movement and issue destructive to White Christian civilization.

      1. Yeah, I find the whole blaming the joos stuff to be the tin foil hat conspiracy theories of people who need to blame some outside force for their own inability to be successful

        1. Hahahaha… spoken like a good NYC goy.
          Love your use of this tired lib tactic: when unable to refute uncomfortable facts about joos, racial minorities, gays, transgenders, or whatever, resort to saying/implying the messenger is unsuccessful, or lives in a trailer park, or is uneducated, or ugly, or closet gay, or similar childish speculation. To your credit, you only went with the speculation of me (or those like me) being “unsuccessful.”
          Hardly accurate, BTW.
          And I recall you being one of the few men on here that is fine with abortion (i.e. killing defenseless unborn babies), so I hope you’re not under the illusion you hold any sort of moral high ground.

        2. I am fine with abortion. I never said you lived in a trailer part were uneducated ugly or a fag…so, yeah, projection much?
          What I did say is that you are doing the same thing that feminists do. When trying to explain something that you don’t, can’t or are unwilling to understand you are pointing to some group and blaming them. This helps because it gives you a scape goat which makes you feel better. That’s ok. If it makes you feel happy it doesn’t effect me.
          I absolutely hold a moral high ground….but that shouldn’t matter to you…only to me. I am also not trying to change your mind. Just pointing out that you have a childish and feeble sense of the world incase someone with some brains happens by the conversation.

        3. Hey… in retrospect I was a bit hard on you. Reactive. Not in the best frame of mind when I wrote what I did. Mainly due to pain (Army injury) and work issues yesterday.
          I know you’re a smart dude and one of the good guys here. I like the vast majority of your commentary, and back-and-forth with GOJ. Good stuff.
          And as you said once, vis-a-vis the abortion issue, “I think in general we agree on more issues than not.”
          Sorry for being harsh, and again, we will just have to agree to disagree on some issues.
          Hope you’re OK with that. Probably nothing good will come from two Alphas butting heads here. We should save our fights for the beta fags, feminists, and libs in general.

        4. Hey… in retrospect I was def overly-harsh in my reply to you. Reactive. Haven’t been in good f days due to pain and work issues. I kno
          As you said previously, vis-a-vis a comment I made to you on the abortion issue, “I thino Alphas here on ROK butting heads. We have other cultural enemies to save our fights for. So, sorry if I came across as a prin.

        5. It’s ok. I’m not a lily and don’t take offense easy. My problem with just flat out blaming the joos is that it sounds to me exactly the same as bitches blaming “patriarchy” or black blaming “white oppression”
          Let’s be better than them.

  6. 2040? Europe will be Eurabia by then. anybody want to take a guess as to what superpower will take the reins from the US?

    1. Likely Australia. China will probably be one too. The Anglosphere urge to lead is pretty fucking ingrained in our culture, and Australia, while deluged in feminism, seems to be taking the right steps with immigration. My guess is that if they have the nads to do that, they’ll eventually start bitch slapping feminists. I hope anyway. Could be absolutely wrong. But China, a certainty, and maybe a resurrection of a Russian Empire.

      1. Unfortunately China is doing their darndest to fuck us. Asians buying prime real estate has reached endemic levels.

        1. yup….and, as I have said before, they are always making pee pee in our coke.

      2. I’ve been to Australia and other than the weird and slightly frightening *exit* interview one must do before getting permission to leave the country, I found it one of the free-est places I’ve travelled, and probably the best economy of any nation I’ve been to either. I don’t know their immigration policy, but I know they make a LOT of money off of rich Chinese coming there for education and tourism. Something like 1/6 of their economy can be attributed to the wealthy Chinese class. If it wasn’t so far and isolated and expensive (cost of living was ridiculous), I strongly considered moving there. Beautiful country. I didn’t see any of the PC stuff, that’s too bad.

        1. Australia is getting more PC every day. I look into the states and what you guys are going through and its like a look into the future of whats going to happen here. We are usually just a few years behind you guys.

    2. China definitely, Russia for a time before their demographics overwhelm them. Perhaps even certain parts of Africa.

  7. There is the temptation to pass some of these predictions off as “fear porn.” While I view the overall collapse of the US into civil war, or into a USSR style self destruction in my lifetime as a likely but not guaranteed future, I absolutely agree with the first point about America becoming an affirmative consent sex environment. Why? Because I spend a lot of time at my local college campus.
    My local college is not particularly liberal. It’s an average, mediocre state school where I can find a modicum of young and sometimes thin girls (fewer every year). They are all politically correct trained social justice warriors. Yes, all.
    I read the school newspaper. I used to joke about it, 2 years ago, when there was a running column on trannies IN EVERY ISSUE. Because I live in one of the most conservative states in the bible belt, and to me, this was funny. A dude in a dress, for someone in their 30s is a form of comedy, like a Monty Python or SNL Chris Farley skit at the Gap. But today I no longer laugh.
    Two years later, the lead story of the paper often refers to a SJW movement (last week was an entire issue on rape culture). One of the student government heads recently made a public rape accusation (and of course, as Roosh so correctly states, all public rape accusations are false). There were articles about this. They have recently converted 2 unisex bathrooms at my gym to “gender neutral areas” for trannies to spray their urine into.
    Everything is viewed in terms of race, or sex, or discrimination. Every article I read in media is how to help anyone do anything except a white male. Well, I did read an article recently about how to help white males. It was a story on homelessness about the local shelter running out of space and it stated that it’s easier to raise money for a homeless puppy than a homeless man.
    Even the progressive causes I am a member of are starting to view everything through a racial or sexual lens. I volunteer with one local charity group, and issues like payday loan lending charging exorbitant fees or even a local food bank are now viewed from the aspect of discrimination against a certain group. Yesterday, at a meeting on health care reform, a millennial female asked if it was ok if she also supported Medicare, since she wasn’t old enough to collect Medicare and it might be seen as “offensive” if she supported it.
    The only upside to this is pretty soon, white males will be so disrespected, so hated, and so marginalized that it will surely be impossible to continue blaming them for any of societies ills. Except of course, that a few 0.01% of the elite who continue to control the wealth and industry will continue to be white men, so that proves white men are evil.
    I already feel very alone and detached from this shitty society. I cannot imagine what it will be like to live here in a decade or two. Guys, be aware of this, and remember the frog boiling in a pot of water analogy. Make a plan to get out by a certain time, or a certain age, or when you want to marry, or when a certain thing happens like legal tranny adoption or whatever your tipping point is. And then stick to it. The temptation of good salaries in the US is indeed a sick draw, and it is currently keeping me here, although my soul tells me I should leave. Don’t live in this sick society. Don’t support it. Jump the sinking ship.

    1. :::::::::::::Because I live in one of the most conservative states in the bible belt::::::::::::::::::::
      I know it may sound like odd logic, but I think that very conservative, bible belt areas are just as, if not more susceptible to this SJW nonsense than even the most progressive areas like northern California or New England.
      The thing is, the very conservative bible belt states never jumped on board with the “women can defend themselves and don’t need a man’s protection” nonsense.
      Because of this, places in the deep south have very strong roots in chivalry — which, in our modern culture is anathema to any good common sense.
      I would fully expect a rape claim (frivolous and untrue as most of them are) to get serious attention from a bunch of men in the deep south in a way that it won’t in, say, a hippie commune in san Francisco.
      Look at where the universities are where the really big false rape charges are. Other than the mattress cunt here in NY, they are all in fairly conservative states. They may yell and shout and protest, but you don’t see a lot of these claims coming out of Berkeley. They are fueling the fires, but not the ones being burned.
      The SJW issues are taking advantage of the masculine notion of chivalry which is totally dead (both the chivalry and the masculinity) in these ultra liberal, hippy fag areas while in places like Alabama, Mississippi, Rural Georgia, etc the idea that when a girl cries rape the men must get together to save her is long from dead.
      Oddly enough, the last remnants of masculinity found in very religious, very conservative areas will be their undoing as they are not prepared for the SJW onslaught.
      Ever see what happens when it snows in Texas or Tennessee? They don’t know how to deal with it. One inch of snow and cars are all over the fucking place. It is a total catastrophe. Well, the SJW snows are heading to those areas and it isn’t an inch, it is a fucking blizzard and they are totally un-fucking-prepared for it because they still are programed to take care of women and not look at them as a mortal threat.

      1. “Ever see what happens when it snows in Texas or Tennessee? They don’t know how to deal with it. One inch of snow and cars are all over the fucking place. It is a total catastrophe. ”
        Sadly, it’s true. As soon as snow is on the forecast, I buy out all the bread and milk at my local Publix.

        1. It is fine. If you get snow every year like clockwork you wind up with the infrastructure and knowledge to handle it. I knew the right way to drive in the snow when I was 16. Why would anyone in Dallas ever know how to properly drive in snow? Seriously, the winter that just past there was 26 inches of snow in the street. I used seamless to order breakfast delivery which arrived in 20 minutes on bicycle, then go dressed and went out and did my errands. At night it was a blast, going bar to bar in the snow drifts.
          The larger point is that the analogy holds true. When SJW’s start their bullshit in Berkeley or in Vermont it is fully expected. They know it is coming. They don’t even notice it anymore, just like I wouldn’t blink at jumping in my car in 5 inches of snow and driving somewhere. The thought of not doing it because it is snowing never occurs to me. But when 5 inches of snow or the SJW onslaught hit a place that is totally unprepared and only knows it’s own climate…watch the fuck out.

      2. This is actually a good point. In Texas, San Antonio and Austin are the two most infected with SJW’s with Dallas and Houston a close second but whenever rape is mentioned the first thing people ask is, “How loose was she?” Yet in the rural areas not only is the local sheriff involved, so are the local tough guys, ready to defend the woman’s honor.
        And if you date a woman from a rural area? Forget it if you’re a guy. Should the relationship go south, every guy in her family will hunt you even if she was the one that ended it.

        1. This, by the way, isn’t a bad thing…the rural area mentality…in and of itself. It is the way it is supposed to be. But those guys are going to get so fucked when the winds blow and their women surprise the hell out of them by acting like the rest of the women in the country.

        2. Too late. Texas is one of the leaders in the country for teen pregnancy and single mothers. If you go further north towards Abiline it’s less common but along the I-35 corridor it’s almost non-stop. At one point I was considering purchasing property in the area north of San Antonio and west of Austin, but the women in the area are in some cases worse than the women in the two cities I just mentioned.

        1. Right. And your old fashioned chivalry is going to be the anchor tied to your leg.
          You should go at night and right “Would Bang” on that billboard in bright spray paint.

      3. You are correct. This stands true in Arkansas, & something else that I’ve noticed SJWs do is hijack southern identity, things that they didn’t give a shit about before such as razorback fandom or Garth Brooks concerts. It sounds silly, but it completely negates & strips sincerity from the core fanbase, just like they did with video games & are trying to do with heavy metal.

        1. It is true. They took on the world cup recently and are becoming avid sportsball fans in general.
          This isn’t strange, it is their modus operando. They will take everything.

        2. craft beer is but the beginning. Here in NYC (and coming soon to a theater near you) it is also BBQ. I can’t fault them. They are fighting smart. This is the way to do it. It is the equivalent of dropping 2 a-bombs on japan and giving them hotdogs and baseball.

        3. Your good friends over at the Bernie station, sir. Oh, & while I’m at it, I’ll throw Ben & Jerry into the fire as well.

        4. it is also craft pickles. It is very simple. Any time there is an area that is dominated by regular people, the SJWs deem it an “unsafe space” and look to infiltrate and conquer.
          Mark my words, football tailgating will be all hipsters in 3 years.
          A few years ago in NYC it was hamburgers. There are literally 4 places ON MY BLOCK that are dedicated to gourmet hamburgers staffed by bearded hipsters in Bernie Sanders Tees. Not kidding. 4 of them. On my fucking block.
          This is how a cultural war is fought and won.
          Pretty soon GOJ won’t be able to watch a fishing program without it being some hipster giving an SJW commentary. It normalizes what they are doing. If you just get it from loud mouth college students it is easy to ignore. But you are getting it from the teachers, the bbq pitmasters, the athletes, the tv programs, the soda companies the pickles you buy….you get it fucking everywhere. Every single simple thing, little thing, stupid American thing that you don’t even fucking think about like burgers or pickles or sesame street or whatever is feeding you the same line….sooner or later it will just become normal and any thinking to the contrary will seem retarded.

        5. All of the posers with beards that you hear about on here, the once flannel-wearing tree-chopping badasses are now sheep in wolves clothing, and they work as brewers & beer distributors. Total lefties, the whole lot.

        6. I can’t fault them. If I wanted to win a culture war this is EXACTLY the tactic I would take.
          They aren’t screaming that the NRA is wrong. They are fucking joining. Sooner or later they will be a majority and they will change the policies. It is far much smarter to do it that way than to take them on.
          If you abstract yourself from the damage it is doing you and men in general and just look at it from a birds eye view, it is an absolutely enlightened war tactic.

        7. but that is just it. You can’t just DO the same thing. That is like me saying I need to just do the same thing as Derek Jeter…you know, win a bunch of golden gloves and world series and then retire at the top of my game.
          They have been doing this slowly since the early 1960’s. They have been patient, have moved slowly and with purpose over time until it became a cultural norm.

        8. I really have to say, Feminists and SJWs have fought an excellent, inspired and devastating fight. It is my opinion that they have already won. I am fortunate in that I don’t think I will be around to see the 10 count, but it is coming. All that is left is for me to take advantage of the situation for my own pleasure, not procreate and leave this world before it becomes totally unlivable for men.

        9. My suggestion: stick your dick in the cute ones, don’t procreate and be glad you will most likely be dead before the ref finishes the 10 count.

        10. Yeah, I don’t buy into the “all is lost” thing. What the SJW’s take over is what the Traditionalists have more or less abandoned already. Lots of guys I know flip off ESPN now, but they have their own internet sites where they track the same stats without the SJW nonsense. The internet is evening the playing field.

        11. Ok, great. so you have ageofshitlords. They have cnn, nbc, cbs, fox, cspan, abc, all cable networks, all news papers, the entire main stream movie industry, every single major corporation, 99% of politicians in this country, the advertisers, the banks…but yeah, you have numbers on “ageofshitlords”
          Man, cut them some slack.

        12. cnn, nbc, cbs, fox, cspan, abc, all cable networks, all news papers, the entire main stream movie industry,
          All rapidly declining and losing money like nobody’s business. Meanwhile right wing and alt-right sites of all kind are popping up and taking a foothold (Breitbart, Drudge, manosphere, etc) on the culture that I’m starting to see reflected in normal day to day conversations in real life.
          They’re losing their means of propaganda. The corporations and banks will fall in with whomever they perceive to be in power, they are amoral, so I don’t worry about them that much.

        13. maybe so, but you have to compare this with the way that feminists were gaining a foothold in the 70’s. Yeah, if everyone keeps at it it might eventually work but not in my life time.

        14. I have a different perspective insofar as I have a son who was raised red pill from day one. His future means a lot to me, so I’m all for helping out the suicide of the SJW’s.

        15. I don’t know how I would handle that situation. Really, it seems so mindfuckingly terrible. Even if your son were to turn out perfect he will have a fuckedtodeath shithole of a world to inherit.
          Really, I defer to you on what to do with progeny or the desire to have some. Send the “i don’t have or want fucking kids” brigade to my door…ill tell them exactly how to deal with the decline and fall of the roman empire.

        16. He turned out perfect, he’s past the place where his fundamental values will change, barring a major life altering event. Once you’re set, you generally are who you are from that point forward. The Churchill quote is a clever play on words, because you don’t really change, the culture does around you, hence why your “values” seem to have changed.
          He came out of the womb looking for a hammer to smash things with and by two was breathless when I handed him his first toy gun. Dude had more T at age 4 than most Hipsters will have in their entire lifetime.
          But to the point, that’s why it matters to me. And I’m all about hastening the SJW burn out, which I think is really starting to happen. People are really getting sick of being bullied and driven out of their normal hobbies and jobs. And you know what happens to the bully when the kid he’s bullying gets tired of his shit.

        17. It sounds like your boy is the polar opposite of my girls. They all naturally want to be prissy. One is cuddling a doll and playing “mommy”, another wants to have her hair put into a ponytail with a scrunchy. None of this was taught; it just came natural for them. My oldest daughter’s breathless moment was when I bought her a cheap little necklace from a jewelry sale by my work. She wanted to wear it all the time. Hopefully, I can keep encouraging these feminine traits as they grow.

        18. You are probably right, but the time line is a long one.
          Congrats on the kid and all….If that was my path I would hope I walked it as successfully. As it turns out though, I am much to much of a narcissistic misanthrope to ever do it. I don’t really consider myself part of this world. I am just an outside spectator who makes occasional visits to drop of semen.

        19. Sounds like how my daughter was. A lot of this stuff really isn’t “nurture”, which is something Leftists (many of whom never have children) just don’t understand.

        20. I’ve always thought the Stephen Colbert tactic would be a wise one.
          If someone charismatic enough were to seriously deadpan and hold character for a decade saying in complete earnest some of the weird shit SJW’s think they believe – it might expose them and their hollowness.
          I remember a few conservative friends who fell for the shtick and would watch the Colbert Report thinking he was one of them, gun and country loving. Not realizing they were the butt of a joke.

      4. Spot on.
        We’re also, without the internet, not exposed to something as fucked up as a “slut walk”. We don’t see a lot of the really insane stuff that 3rd wave feminism focuses on. Hell, the feminists around here are still regularly fighting for abortion rights, and laws are being passed to restrict them all the time, it’s like a ping pong game.

        1. the most dangerous place to be in any fight is in a position where you think you are winning while, in reality, you are off balance.

  8. South America is collapsing and same with Eastern Europe. So where do men go? Economically the world is a mess!

    1. Ideally, to the mantel to pull down the rifle and get into politics.

  9. If hillary is elected i will be moving out of the country. What countries are the best? Would look for somewhere where dollars can go a bit and looking for women that are still feminine

    1. There’s nowhere to run if that happens. Russia maybe Poland (actually, Poland is pretty tight, they seem to be self immunized against this insanity), if they’ll take you. Dunno otherwise.

        1. Dunno otherwise. Was actually being serious. I know squat about Asia.

        2. Most of Asia is still OK. I would exclude Japan and South Korea from that. If you feel like going to North Korea, feminism or its lack will be the least of your concerns.
          The problem is the disease is spreading rapidly. So far, the Thai women have rejected western feminists trying to proselytize feminism, but it is telling that there is a effort by western women to spread the death cult there.
          The Philippines seems OK even though there are a large number of women in the professions. They seem to understand that finding a man, and starting a family young, is the priority, not building their career. They still intend to have a career, but it comes later. That seems sensible to me.
          Even with the horrible sex skewed demographics, feminism seems to be making no head way in China. The government doesn’t have to pandering to female voters, so they can be rational. They recently passed a law that if a man had a house when he married the bitc… I mean divorcing wife has no claim on it. They see that if the make marriage a screw job for men they won’t marry.

        3. Humid. Lots of Asians running about. The food is generally healthy and tasty. Though, if you get frequent cravings for a corned beef reuben, it’s going to be painful.

        4. China is an interesting option. Retirement on a slim budget is possible there in the interior cities. A fair number of women in China dislike Chinese men. There is generally a lack of safety and business regulations, these contribute to an observable difference in economic freedom over the west. No guns and no politics, though. The police are usually happy to let people work out their differences on their own terms, short of bloodshed.

        5. One of my close buddies from undergrad is 2nd generation vietnamese, and goes back with his wife to visit 2x a year. According to him, Vietnam and Thailand are far behind us when it comes to the pernicious influence of feminism, etc.
          Also, according to him, cost of living is infinitely lower than here in the States, and even Vietnam is beginning to move away from Communism.
          I personally wanna end up in Singapore, but I’m being financially realistic.

    2. I would say you should consider first where you can find work or income, secondly language/culture preference.
      No one country is the best for all skill sets.

    3. Poland might be your best option. If you want to get a Polish passport they have right of return laws if you have Polish blood in your family. If not, there are certain ways you can “stumble upon” the documentation required to get it (imagine that a country that got rolled over twice in the course of fifty years doesn’t have the best record keeping).

    4. Leaving the U.S. rarely works because wherever you go, you will be a target for scams and crimes, as well as never be accepted. I believe this so strongly that I am sending my children to Europe for college as they exclaim they will never return to the U.S. They’re wrong. They’ll return. It’s 99% for sure. Just as you’d return to the U.S. if you moved out after a Hillary victory.

    5. Just guessing, but how about Ireland? I’ve never heard it brought up in this type of discussion. Anyone care to weigh in?

  10. I can assure you that black people are well aware of black on black crime. It forms part of the background within which we live and your average black man is more on his guard around other black men than white men.
    Moreover, it seemed to me, whilst living in America that most crimes reported had a black face.
    In my opinion, the Trayvon Martin case was not about race but in fact an attack on legal gun owners. Read between the lines and that is what you will find.

    1. “Trayvon Martin case was not about race but in fact an attack on legal gun owners.”
      That is exactly what it is. It is no coincidence BLM group are being bank rolled by Soros. More NGO street theater for big Brother.

        1. They were both shit-heads. Trayvon probably would’ve died in 5 years anyways from cirrhosis.

        2. @Englishbob-they only showed photos of him as a twelve year old, not the adult thug he actually was. What a whitewash! (forgive the pun)…

        3. the shady thing was the media using pics of 12 yr old Trayvon instead of current pics in order to gin up the outrage- who wouldnt be upset if a cute little kid in a little league uniform was gunned down?

        4. And thus another example of why the MSM is one of the prime factors for this country’s downfall.

        5. When I found out Treyvon wasn’t 12 like the news had shown, that was the exact moment I truly began HATING the media.
          And I mean HATE. If I see a news camera crew at a sporting event I am openly (and brutally) hostile.

        6. I walked into a newscrew some years back, apparently there was a murder. I basically told them “Im not overly concerned, this city has 8 mil people, its safe for the most part..” and so forth. Guess who was on the news that night? Women. All essentially saying the same thing- “Im scared.” “Im concerned.” “Something has to be done about this.” The msm has a narrative to perpetuate…

        7. Indeed. I have read various reports of what happened and it is clear to me that Trayvon initiated a violent confrontation… and lost.

        8. he had it coming!? WTF, for minding his own business and being stalked due to racial profiling? Hmmm, what if that was some female friend of yours being followed, fought back, somehow got the upperhand then got shot by the stalker? Stalker claims, under Florida law, self defense. Yea, he is a free man.

        9. Right, and like TM was minding his own damn business then that cretin stalked him, disobeyed police dispatcher orders, gets out of car for no reason than to further instigate a confrontation. So what GZ told police that! Like no criminal has EVER lied before! Means nothin and considering Zimmerman’s issues after that incident, he is no saint.

        10. He didn’t fight back, he initiated a fight. Big difference. I have had far worse than “racial profiling” in my life so I have never felt the need physically assault anyone for something that frankly is trivial.
          If this guy was lighting a Klan cross and unrolling a noose, that’s a reason to be fighting but I’m sorry not because you got your feelings hurt.

        11. They showed that picture because every other picture of him he looked like the thug piece of s**t he was.
          Are you suggesting the media didn’t mislead the public?

        12. You stalk someone that is initiating a confrontation. You only have the word of the shooter and no video to refute his statement.

        13. By ALL accounts!? Whose accounts!? No witnesses. No audio. No video. Just the killer’s words. C’mon man. if that were YOUR son, father, daughter, mother or wife killed under same circumstances, I have NO doubt you take on the events would differ.

        14. We can go back and forth on this until the cows come home but the fact of the matter is at some point during the incident TM decided to turn around and begin hunting Zimmerman instead of just leaving. He picked a fight with an unknown stranger with unknown intentions. To say that is a act of sheer stupidity is an understatement. I have no sympathy for him and my kids wouldn’t be in the same situation because I actually raise my kids.

        15. No mate, I have the word of witnesses and the fact that the court found in favour of Zimmerman (in this case I think the verdict made perfect sense). I have also heard the 911 call. And you saw Zimmerman’s face.
          Zimmerman had a valid reason to follow TM. I have been followed by people like that too when I was behaving perfectly normal. Was I offended? Yes. Did I kick anybody’s ass? No.
          Come on brother, you know as well as I do, anyone attacks you on the street, rightly or wrongly, black or white, if you’re armed, you’re shooting. This thing is not about race, its about what happens if you up the stakes and come off worse.

        16. Cows just came home and they agree that YOU nor ANYONE else can UNEQUIVOCALLY prove that TM turned around! YOU cannot KNOW.
          Many can argue the fight/confrontation started when ZIMMERMAN got out of HIS car and STALKED that boy. Stay your ass in the car and life moves on with no problems.

        17. the booze and skittles would have killed him sooner or later anyway….fuck it and move on. It’s not like the guy was about to cure fucking cancer.

        18. Yep. If I’d been Zimmerman, I’d have carried extra magazines just so I could reload and shoot him with them until the gun went “click”.

        19. If I show you a picture of a 12 year old as the stock photo, all the time, then I don’t have to “say” anything, I’m explicitly implying it.

        20. Dude was casing houses. He had a gold grill and some tools on him at the scene. Yeah, sure pal.
          36 rounds, straight to the mug, no mercy.

        21. *pow*
          That’s the justice he received. Deservedly so. *pow*
          Just like that.

        22. like the old batman only instead of clownish bad guys getting their comeuppance with choreographed punches the clownish bad guys get shot…pow sock boom

        23. 36 is over doing it. If you can’t kill him with 3 rounds to the face the guy deserves to live.

        24. Nah, it’s def old adam west batman
          Skittle me this, Skittle me that whose afraid of the big black bat

        25. I almost wish that Trayvon Martin’s death mattered at least a little bit so that joke would be more relevant.

        26. Right and I am sure you agreed with the verdict ruling O.J. Simpson innocent. Because the evidence said so…me thinks Fish and Chips Bob was not liking that JURY VERDICT.
          Zimmerman’s Face? Really, that just means he got in a fight. He NO valid reason because HE was NOT a professional. All he was Paul Blart , actually WORSE than that. He was told stay in the damn car.

        27. There was reasonable doubt. You’re aware that the cops planted evidence on O. J.? Are those the professionals you refer to?
          And here I see that you agree with me that race is not issue. It is that a private individual killed a Black man rather than a costumed and badge state official.

        28. You need to distinguish between “proof” and “evidence”. Being “charged” has nothing to do with it. Your comments here show that you never really paid attention to the OJ Simpson trial and thus shouldn’t try to use it to bolster your argument, particularly when the details of that trial actually weaken your argument.

    2. As a white person, my primary concern is black on white crime. Especially since over the years blacks have robbed, assaulted, raped, and murdered my family, friends, and neighbors. Something which the black community overwhelmingly denies or excuses.

  11. America will never be ‘great again’. Politics is downstream from culture & the culture has become more debased & decadent (due largely to Marxist feminism) than I could’ve imagined.

    1. I’m inclined to agree. We might be able to save certain aspects of the country, but our days as the world superpower are coming to an end.

    2. It actually wasn’t hard to imagine. Women don’t have an inherent sense of right and wrong as men do, they are pleasure seekers. Left to their own devices without male control and guidance, they tend toward debauchery. Not hard to see this coming as early as 1919-1920 with the suffrage movement.

  12. As a Latino living in SoCal, I can attest to #3. Many latino’s–mostly mexicans–are ultranationalists in the sense that their allegiance lies with the state of Mexico. They enjoy the amenities, opportunities and constitutional rights this country affords them all the while absolutely loathing the U.S. This is evident when the Mexican national soccer team scrimmages against the U.S. Mexicans flood the stadiums dawning their “Tri” regalia–not red, white and blue–while chanting slurs at U.S. fans. And during the game itself, every time the goal keeper for the opposite team punts/kicks the ball down field, they all, at once, yell “PUTO!” This translates to “bitch.” I have a friend (originally from Mexico but proud to be an American) went to one of these soccer matches. He took his USA jersey off because of the threat of physical violence from Mexican fans. I couldn’t believe that an American had to take off his “colors” in his own country for fear of violence. Welcome to Liberal America.
    Mexicans are not the exception. This is also true of people from any Latin American country. Latinos in general are very proud and loyal to their original nationality. I for one do not understand this. My family fled a socialist regime, and although I appreciate and value my heritage, I am first and foremost an American and value all the ideals this country was founded upon. My allegiance is to the U.S., not some socialist dystopia in Central America.

    1. In South Texas you get a feeling of Texicans vs Mexicans. At the moment it’s starting to look like the Mexicans are winning.

      1. if this is happening in Texas the problem is much more serious than I thought.
        I don’t have anything against Mexicans or any other people. But, I support assimilation and allegiance to the country you are residing in. if an individual is not willing to do so, get out or no citizenship.

        1. Agreed and that’s been my biggest issue with them. I’m mixed and there have been numerous incidents where a Mexican walks up, thinking I speak Spanish but get pissed when I don’t. I’ve pointed out numerous times how my great-grandmother who moved north 100 years ago learned the language as did my German ancestors did at about the same time.
          There are some exceptions, but there aren’t many.

        2. They have this “us vs. them” mentality. It’s quite hypocritical when the left and all their supporters preach inclusion and diversity. Collectivism vs. Individualism.

        3. Yep, and it’s why I have zero sympathy when they cry about including people who don’t know the language. If they made the effort to come here, than they should make the effort to learn English, just as I made the effort to learn German when I was stationed there for the military.

        4. I had to learn German and I have to renew my “green card” that allows me to live and work in Germany. I do not have citizenship though I pay local taxes. Funny how that works.

        5. “n English, just as I made the effort to learn German when I was stationed there for the military”
          As you are well aware that Germany is changing fast. I have found that english is becoming a stronger second language in Germany (almost like in Sweden). More Germans are speaking english these days. This might be because official EU announcements and dialog is done in english, and the germans want to know first hand how their overlords are going to fuck them over.

        6. As you are well aware that Germany is changing fast. I have found that english is becoming a stronger second language in Germany (almost like in Sweden).

          Yeah I’ve realized that. And it sucks. Notice how (as well as in Sweeden) SJWs and leftist are doubling down…

        7. a weird thing about latinos from south of the border is that if you speak decent-but-not-perfect spanish as i do and look like me (blue eyed white guy) they’ll gush about how great your spanish is and be extremely cool. if you look latino and speak spanish exactly like i do, they won’t give you the time of day.

        8. are you in switzerland? i know they have a gastarbeiter program like that. seems like a good idea, at least in theory.

        9. Germany will be ground zero for the coming world war, as usual. Either they will fight back or go extinct, but Germany is clearly target number 1, aside from possibly Sweden. Ask any Serb, and they’ll tell you: Within a decade or two, there will be millions dead in Western Europe.
          The USA will most likely have civil war as well, as most multiethnic empires end that way. Thomas Chittum’s CW2 is proving eerily prophetic. He had a checklist of around 20 or so items to watch for, and at least 15 or so have happened.

        10. Well, it doesn’t help that liberals tell them white people are evil and they don’t need to assimilate or learn english.

        11. “I had to learn German and I have to renew my ‘green card’ that allows me
          to live and work in Germany. I do not have citizenship though I pay
          local taxes. Funny how that works.”
          Sounds like you’re an undesirable immigrant, what with “work” and “taxes,” you must not be Muslim.

        12. Thanks Johnny – when will the upcoming war in europe be in full swing? And likewise for the States?

        13. In Europe, a lot of people are still deluded, so I’m guessing it will come after terrorist attacks where European children are deliberately targeted. I’ve seen a lot of different guesses as to where it will start: some say France, others Sweden, still others Britain. My own guess would be either Britain or France, and I’d say probably within a decade, because the elite have no intention of slowing down immigration, there or in the states, so it’s going to get worse and worse.
          Germany is the heart of Europe, and it’s going to bear the brunt of more and more and more migrants, till their country is literally a hellhole: Since Germany is in the heart of Europe, whatever happens there will spill over into neighboring countries.
          In the USA, my bet would be before 2030, possibly 2025 or so.
          Just so everyone knows what’s happening: this is neo-Bolshevism. They’re importing nonWhite people into White countries not only to replace Whites and mix them out of existence, but to eventually fill the police, military, and government with nonWhites and police ONLY White citizens. NonWhites will have freedom to do whatever they want. It will be like South Africa writ large all across the West.
          Bolshevism is a government run by people who have ZERO sympathy for the country’s actual blood citizens, be they Germans, Swedes, or Americans: Russia’s government under the USSR was made up of jews, Poles, Georgians, and maybe one traitorous Russian. Racial egalitarianism is just another form of Communism/Bolshevism.

        14. “..undesirable legal Immigrant”
          Well said. My wife (orthodox) and I (catholic) are both ULIs. We pay taxes, but have both actually refused citizenship as it meant we both most give up our citizenship to America and Russia. Funny that both our countries accept dual passports but not Germany. No matter. We are both currently applying for citizenship for each of us (her American, me Russian). Don’t ask about the paperwork.

        15. Thanks for your thoughts Johnny. I’m telling all my friends in the states to come visit europe now, so they can experience what remains of europe as they know it. Visiting London, Paris and Rome may be considered clichéd now, but it is not when one realizes these are the last remaining decades of secular europe. Imagine when europe becomes Sharia compliant: all churches and synagogues – destroyed. All art – destroyed. Major architecture of cultural european significance – destroyed. Rome, which is an entire outdoor museum – bulldozed over, raised. Wines? Sharia law prohibits alcohol. Say goodbye to the vineyards.
          My apologies for the rant here, guys…

        16. I personally don’t think Europe will ever be Sharia compliant. I’m not going to get into it here, but if you have the right people, it would be easy to destroy their antiWhite order. The average European IQ is around 100, and the people the “elites” are importing average around 70 or so. When Europeans fight back, they’ll win, but there will be a lot of collateral damage – mainly the antifa, anti-racists, etc. They’re part of the system, the same way the Pravda was part of the USSR.
          We as White men will either fight back or die out. It’s really as simple as that. If there are enough of us who are racially aware, the NWO will fail.
          Kai Murros understands what has to be done. His speeches are inspiring:

        17. “We as White men will either fight back or die out. ”
          Where do you think the best stonghold will be for whites to be in the coming next several years?

        18. You need to be sponsered by an employer who wants to have you there. I know a few guys who have made the move. Switzerland is NOT apart of the EU, so it does not suffer the stupidity of the European collective and your disposable income is alot higher with first world services.

        19. So explain the American Civil War which was 98% white?
          Explain the Protestant/Catholic strife of Great Britain?
          Explain the Communist Civil War of Russia?
          Explain the Maoist war in China. nothing multiethnic about that but millions died.
          Explain Nigeria and Uganda Civil Wars. RACE is your bait but I am not biting. GREED/abuse of Power, regardless of ethnicity have been much more reasons for war.

        20. “So explain the American Civil War which was 98% white?” Simple. Whites were roughly 35% of the world then and could afford to war amongst themselves about differing world views. Southerners saw themselves as a separate people than Northerners too.
          “Explain the Protestant/Catholic strife of Great Britain?” You mean Ireland, right? Northern Ireland is made up of mostly Protestant Brits. See point 1. Also, those animosities aren’t really there so much today.
          “Explain the Communist Civil War of Russia?” Your poor understanding of history is showing. The Bolsheviks weren’t Russian. Read Solzhenitsyn.
          “Explain the Maoist war in China. nothing multiethnic about that but millions died.” Boksheviks financed that revolution. Go find pictures of Mao digging graves with his fellow revolutionaries. You’ll notice many of them aren’t Chinese.
          “Explain Nigeria and Uganda Civil Wars.” You do realize those were various African ethnicities fighting each other, right? Same type of civil wars the White world used to have.
          “GREED/abuse of Power, regardless of ethnicity have been much more reasons for war.” You’re going to have to explain why there are White privilege conferences in White countries, then? Why are they labeling areas too White in Britain, Germany, Sweden, etc? Why are they covering up rapes of White girls as young as 7? Why are they literally arresting people who criticize mass immigration online? Why did they just replace a White man with a black woman on the $20?
          It’s all about race.
          Look, cucks like you are going to go first because you’re cowards and can’t face reality, and quite frankly, we’re better off without you.

        21. In Europe, surely Russia and Poland. However, there is still animosity in Eastern Europe toward Russians, and if you’re American it can take generations to integrate into those societies even if you know the language. My wife speaks perfect German, lived in Germany for half a decade, and was never accepted as a German. She still has close friends there, though. The Turks that have lived there since the 50s aren’t considered German either. The EU is also dead set on diversifying Poland, Hungary, and the Baltic states.
          In the USA, the best thing to do is find demographically friendly areas and create a small, local network of like-minded people. You can do that through therightstuff.biz.
          A lot of people will simply die out because they won’t accept that Whites are being deliberately targeted. They’ll go to the grave saying everyone’s equal, sort of like the mass suicides that occurred when the USSR fell.

        22. “In Europe, surely Russia and Poland”
          Thanks Johnny. What about countries like Czech Republic or Slovakia? I have good friends in both countries.

        23. Those are good too, but have small populations and could be submerged quickly, which is why they focus on bigger countries first: Germany, Britain, France, etc. In the USA, they focus on bigger states: Texas, California, New York, Florida, etc.
          I know a lot of people in Western Europe have moved to the Czech Republic, however. Eastern Europe is safer generally because they know Communist propaganda when they see it, and they see it in the West. They’re also more jew-wise, having dealt with them throughout the USSR’s heyday, so they understand the subversion techniques. Many Americans are completely and utterly clueless about the enemy within, particularly Christian Zionists.

        24. “Those are good too, but have small populations and could be submerged quickly, which is why they focus on bigger countries first: Germany, Britain, France”
          Last question for you Johnny, and thanks for the feedback:
          My options are: Czech Republic, Slovakia, or Spain. Which country would be best to be in for both quality of life and christian strpnghold?

        25. Out of those, I would go with the Czech Republic.
          They still remember when their women and children were kidnapped by the Ottomans and used as slaves. They also have a larger population than Slovakia. Stronger mentality than other White nations at the moment too, especially regarding the Arab and African invasion. They won’t allow these “migrants” in without putting up a big fight.

        26. Also, Czech Republic is still recovering from Communism, so they have no free benefits to give out. Some of those migrants were given space in Serbia without benefits, and they left for Germany and Sweden. They know where the goodies and free rape are: Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Britain, France, Spain, etc.
          Eastern Europe is non-pozzed and better in general.

        27. So if that be the case then maybe czech republic and slovakia might be better place to be. The weather sucks as in the Winter, but the weather may be the least of concerns during war time. Slovakia borders Austria and the Austrians are very unhappy with the way things are unfolding with the immigration issue.

        28. I would pick Czech Republic. Bigger population means more resistance.
          Austrians don’t seem to feel the historical guilt some Germans do, although my wife told me many of the younger Germans are sick of hearing about World War 2. All of that war guilt comes from the US indoctrination, who is orchestrating the mass migration behind the scenes. Many of them don’t even know about the firebombing of Dresden, the deliberate targeting of civilians and children, and the mass starvation of German POWs during WW2.

        29. Just remember, for their NWO to work, they have to have every White nation under their thumb, and that includes Russia, which is why they constantly demonize Putin in the MSM.

        30. Whites were 35%? LMAO, you got a census from 1860 to prove that? Don’t get off point talking about what is now in Euro. Euro was STUPID for letting all those refugee males in! I would have held that damn line with some compassion but males between 14 and 54 were going to be held back for damn sure!
          They replaced a woman who spied for the Union, was an evangelical and fought for woman’s voting rights vs. a slave owner who also killed off a bunch of natives. But in reality, A Jackson is being moved to the back of the $20. And she just happens to be black. NO women have are present on any currency. I guess we could have put a 1st lady on the bill but Eleanor Roosevelt will be on another bill.

        31. You’re dense as hell.
          Euros were around 33 to 35% of the world’s population at the turn of the 20th century. That’s simply fact.
          Ask South Africans about their symbols slowly being removed one at a time, then all at once, then their weapons taken from them, then being subjected to a genocide the media doesn’t even bother to cover. Now tell me: why is the media not covering it?
          Regarding Europe: Most of the people did not want all these alleged refugees coming into their countries. It was forced. What about that do cucks like you not understand? Do Americans get a vote on open borders and mass immigration? No, and neither does Europe, you cucked moron.
          Lastly, any country that allows women to run its affairs is done, period. And America isn’t a nation, it’s an empire, and no empire in history has stayed intact. Just pull up a map and start typing in former empires and come back here and tell me one that didn’t split along ethnic lines and then tell me why America is exempt from the rules of history.
          Learn history, idiot: The “proposition nation” wasn’t even a concept until the 60s. It’s a lie. The whole foundation of America today is based on lies. Racial egalitarianism is Communism. They have the facts on this, but professors will get fired for telling the truth.
          Additionally, the “melting pot” is another myth, coined by Israel Zangwill around 1917 or so. There are still Irish and Italians in the Northeast who never assimilated. And complete and utter fools like you think we’re going to somehow assimilate 150 million Africans, mestizos, Asians, etc? Never going to happen.
          How do you know an empire is near its end? When it turns on the people who built it. That would be White males. We’re almost there, and idiots like you can get out of the way because your head-in-the-sand pseudo-intellectual babble doesn’t help anyone.

        32. Regarding Jackson, Siberian Indians were savage as hell. They weren’t the pipe-smoking hippies history professors make them out to be today.

        33. Your comment reminded me of this video where a mexican living in Reno Nevada flew a mexican flag over the american flag at his place of business:
          Watch “US Veteran Cuts Down Mexican and American Flags with knife in front of TV Crew” on YouTube

        34. “if you speak decent-but-not-perfect spanish as i do and look like me (blue eyed white guy) they’ll gush about how great your spanish is and be extremely cool”
          The latinos living in the states simply do not expect white guys to speak spanish, aside from a few silly expressions. So not only are they pleasently surprised, it actually can be helpful to have some kind of rapport in a spanish speaking community – especially if there are a lot of conflicts between whites and latinos in a given area.

        35. “w a few guys who have made the move. Switzerland is NOT apart of the EU”
          One has to wonder what the future of Switzerland will be. All europe around will be a shit hole and eventually the garbage makes its way into Switzerland. The swiss may not be a part of the EU but the actual borders are open – for now anyway – to neighboring eu countries. Shit will get so bad that eventually the Swiss will have to build a Berlin Wall around their entire country.

        36. Thanks Johnny. I would imagine that the Slovaks have some sort of cultural connection / understanding with the Czechs, and guess that the czechs would have support from them and perhaps neighboring ee countries.

        37. At last someone a bit positive here! Yes, there is reasonably strong white resistance already, street protests and politicians. Just listened to the video.I love the Finnish accent, and the sound of Finnish being spoken. The ROK article was also very negative although it doesn’t hurt to scare everyone and it is true that the elite don’t care a damn about the native populations. He’s very good Kai Murros, just the kind of hardliner we need for inspiration. Definitely worth watching my favorite quotes are the radical left is the spoiled brats of the welfare state
          …the elite becomes a gang of highly paid traitors… England is in the hands of traitors On the topic of traitors : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Rcc7xgD2dM

        38. Switzerland has or used to have one of the highest rates of gun ownership. It’s a nice place, although could see reading a newspaper from Zurich there was some liberalism going on there too. Still, I remember they were discussing their Swiss nature in an article about a recent scandal where some sheik from Qatar flew in on a large jet late at night into the city for a minor medical issue and woke everyone up.. They made reference to a mercantile nature, ever looking for a deal or business opportunity.. In some ways not good but it’s better than altruism or leftism. I hope they defend their border..

        39. Thanks for sharing that info. One has to wonder about the fate of Switzerland being in the center of ehat will be the European wasteland. If enough elites keep their money there and have real estste and travel there… it may be ok provided they put up their berlin wall.

        40. Johnny – is there a way to contact you directly via email? If you do not then that’s torally cool. Not sure if there is a means via the disquis system.

        41. SIberian Indians were savage because they saw Euro settlers moving onto their territory! Second, I recall reading that an Indian once saved Jackson’s life so sound like a guy lacking appreciation.

        42. Wrong. Siberian wiped out the Solutreans long before the Pilgrims ever set foot in America. The Indians attacked Whites first, and Whites fought back. Now Whites are being colonized in Europe and America in the same way the Indians were.
          Read history. Whites committed suicide rather than be taken alive by the Indians because one of the Indians’ favorite pastimes was torture, burning different parts of the men’s bodies and dismembering them day by day before they finally killed the White men.
          Like I said before, you’re a coward. Get out of the way and let real White men lead. You’re a race traitor on top of being a coward too.

        43. Never give up hope.
          Murros understands what has to be done. The reason he uses the Maoists and Bolsheviks as inspiration is because he knows there will have to be reeducation on top of revolution. And for the a**holes that still demand we live with diversity, they should be deported to Africa to live with the vibrancy they love. Murros also knows the Bolsheviks and Maoist revolutions were carried out with a tiny minority of people – in the Bolsheviks’ case, around 200,000 – and the Bolsheviks, for example, ruled all of Russia and eventually Eastern Europe too throughout the 20th century.
          All of the West has to be liberated.
          We can preserve our uniqueness as Brits, Americans, Swedes, Spaniards, etc. later, but right now we are all being targeted as White people.

        44. LMAO, the natives attacked first!? Right, because THEY were the ones who went to EUROPE! SMDH. Cucks usually involve guys of Euro origin needing to see some man of color satisfy his girl.

        45. Jackson is even worse than his horrifyingly brutal record with regard to Native Americans indicates. Indian removal was not just a crime against humanity, it was a crime against humanity intended to abet another crime against humanity: By clearing the Cherokee from the American South, Jackson hoped to open up more land for cultivation by slave plantations. He owned hundreds of slaves, and in 1835 worked with his postmaster general to censor anti-slavery mailings from northern abolitionists. The historian Daniel Walker Howe writes that Jackson, “expressed his loathing for the abolitionists vehemently, both in public and in private.”

        46. “Right, because THEY were the ones who went to EUROPE! ”
          Read history, you idiot. Migration is an act of war. If you’re in a White country and you’re nonWhite, make sure you understand that.

        47. Not a problem for me. I give my wife around 5 orgasms without even trying. If I put forth an effort, I can give her 10.
          NonWhite women, before I was married, would follow me everywhere and beg me to see them, but I never would. I knew they wanted to steal my genes.

        48. Yes the lovers of diversity are certainly hypocrites, if they suddenly were to find themselves in a place where they felt on a daily or weekly basis at risk of being kicked and punched multiple times by a group of five, or having their innards being sliced by an attackers knife or shot, they might suddenly not love diversity quite so much. There is a definite risk to whites coming from blacks and various kinds of north-africans and middle-easterners whether it is in Europe with mass-immigration or in African colonies. Speaking from experience. Nice to know that a minority can effect change, we are part of that minority which can bring the required positive change. This word “bolshevik” is from a hundred years ago but it seems to be enjoying a revival.

        49. “I personally don’t think Europe will ever be Sharia compliant”
          I have a somewhat silly question for you: If europe becomes an islamic region, what do you think will become of the arts in europe? I do know in countries like Egypt do have an active arts scene, and even in Iran as well. Will an islamic europe mean that all non islamic art be disposed of? Or will art produced by non muslims be allowed?

        50. Most people don’t know that North Africa and the Middle East were once White Christian lands. If Muslims take over (they won’t), then most Cathedrals and art will disappear. Just think of the Cologne attacks in Germany, done in front of the famous Cathedral, a symbolic act of civil war. Also, I’m not sure if you know this, but many of the Muslims in France have already defaced many of the churches. So I would say most art won’t survive.
          The problem for Europeans is even if they don’t want war, nonWhites do. The nonWhites want to take over White lands, rape the White women, and kill off the White men. That’s exactly what happened in the Middle East and North Africa. If you go on to YouTube, you’ll find plenty of imams literally preaching that in mosques.
          If Europe were getting Egyptians and Iranians, maybe it would turn out different, but they’re getting the absolute dregs of the third world, to the point where any mixed offspring would have to be removed to keep the European gene pool from being utterly destroyed. If you study what happened in South Africa, you’ll get the gist of what they’re trying to pull off. Slowly remove White cultural symbols, inform Whites they’re not native to any place on earth, reduce them to minorities in their homelands, push miscegenation as much as possible, and then kill off the remaining Whites. That’s the globalist plan, but polarization is happening instead, so they’re going to try to push a war that will envelope all of Europe, draw Russia in, and then impose their NWO once the war is over.
          And the people who say it isn’t about race but religion, need to explain why areas are constantly labeled “too White,” the concept “White privilege” was invented, why the MSM is constantly pushing miscegenation ONLY for Whites, why Asians and Africans aren’t part of this melting-pot globalization, why Asian supremacy and African supremacy exist in their homelands but White supremacy is evil in White homelands, and why the media does its best to cover up all these rapes and murders of Whites in Europe and America.
          Also, FYI, saw the other day some Polish mayor is trying to bring diversity into Poland, but said he’d probably get ousted because of it. Slovakia has said they’ll never accept a single Muslim, however, and I doubt other Slavic lands are keen on letting them in either.

        51. Thabks for that update Johnny
          “If Europe were getting Egyptians and Iranians, maybe it would turn out different, but they’re getting the absolute dregs of the third world, to the point where any mixed offspring would have to be removed to keep the European gene pool from being utterly destroyed”
          I hear ya. They’re not exactly bringing in scientists or highly skilled workers or innovators.

        52. “I hear ya. They’re not exactly bringing in scientists or highly skilled workers or innovators.”
          Haha! Yeah, the whole goal is to create a global Brazil basically—with an average IQ of 90—where everyone is mixed race EXCEPT the jewish and White billionaire oligarchs at the top. They don’t particularly give a damn about your average jew in Europe either; they’re just collateral damage. They care about world domination.
          A good way to understand who they don’t have under their thumb is to watch who they demonize: Trump and Putin.
          A great book that uses all kinds of quotes and detailed info about the NWO plan is Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil.
          It’s banned in Europe, I believe, but maybe you can get your hands on it some other way.

        53. Ok then where in europe would you advise contemporary western artists in europe to go to best preserve their art? I.e. a nation that won’t end up having a bunch of muzzie fundamentalists throw their paintings in the oven?

        54. New Zealand is a good place, but they only let in a few thousand per year. A lot of the people who’ve caused this mess have plots of land there.

        55. New Zealand is not europe, plus one needs to be a multimillionaire and invest there first.
          I’m talking artists here 🙂
          But I’m asking where in europe can artists go in europe to best preserve their art? Thoughts?

        56. Gotcha. I thought you were asking about a safe haven anywhere.
          I would probably go to Poland personally, then either Hungary or the Czech Republic.

        57. Should be good. All the Slavic countries should be good, for the most part. I just go with Poland because it’s the most populous, with a fairly right-wing anti-migrant government already in power. Same with Hungary.

      2. I remember several years ago chatting online with a lovely Latina who just moved back to South Texas from L.A. and SHE was shocked at the change, i.e. how many more Mexicans had moved there.

    2. California is the canary in the dystopian coal mine. The debt is so out of control, I wouldn’t want to be there when the state starts cutting welfare and health benefits, energy and pensions.

      1. A high school friend was born there, couldn’t wait to get back because of the benefits (single mom, go figure), but now she wants to return to Texas because of the taxes.
        I simply asked her, “Where did you think all of the benefits come from?”

        1. “Free College” = “lolknee pays for your dumb ass to go to a college that doesn’t have the money to hire real professors and has zero standards”

        2. I could live in Texas, but you guys have such stringent gun laws compared to Ohio. Heh.
          I used to run the payroll for a company and got a call from an irrate employee about his pay slip.
          Him: “I got the benefit increase, but I noticed my tax dedcutions went up.”
          Me: Where do you think the state got the money to give you an increased benefit? Consider yourself lucky. All I got was increased income taxes.
          Basic economics (Milton, not Marx) should be a school requirment.

        3. Now wait, I thought you were no longer in Ohio? Are you still here, or did you move back? Because if so, I have a beer with your name on it here.

        4. Drop me a line if you’re going to be anywhere near central Ohio, if you’re so inclined.

        5. Definitly! Passing through in conjunction with a business trip, but I have family not far from you. Will let you know what it’s lined up.

        6. Ohio is mostly Republican as well, we have Cleveland around our necks, where most of the bullshit originates in Federal elections. If you look at our state government it’s almost pure GOP. Texas banned open carry somewhere near the end of the 19th century I think? (too lazy to Bing it). Ohio has always been traditional open carry (no license required).

        7. I live in Texas. Open carry is back, but most places are hesitant to let people open carry. I don’t own guns, so my knowledge of the law is rudimentary at best, and plus like you I’m too lazy to Google or Bing it at the moment, but it seems Texas has too many rules regulating gun usage. If that’s true, then the 2nd Amendment doesn’t really count for much.

        8. You have *licensed* open carry. Any ol’ swinging dick in Ohio can pick up a sidearm, strap it on and walk around the block without one single hint of a “license”, and some people do just that (including me). Plus, the police have been heavily trained to leave us the hell alone. PLUS, if they harass us for peaceful exercise of a right, we have the legal right to sue the police department of the offending officer for cold hard cash, including paying for our legal fees to do so. We’re hardcore on this shit.

        9. Texas should start that. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve “randomly”
          been stopped walking to the city bus while minding my own business.

        10. It is the fastest, surest way to stop that kind of thing. The last city to try to pull crap on us was Cleveland in 2007 and by 2012 we’d shut down that attempt hard against the Cleveland PD. They have since “retrained” and leave us alone now. They were the holdout.

        11. That doesn’t surprise me in the least that it would end “random” stops quickly. In the countryside most of the cops will leave you alone and even drive you home if you’ve had too much to drink. In the main cities the cops will put you in the drunk tank for the night but forget to process the paperwork. It’s mostly the small towns that are adjacent to the main cities where the younger cops have a hard on, unless they’re ex-military.

        12. I went to Cooper Union for awhile until I burned out. It was free and was harder to get into than MIT.

        13. a different brand of free college for sure…one that isn’t there any more I think.
          I think college really should be free in the way that CU was free. Only I think that we need to slash both the faculty and student body by 10%.
          There is no need for more than 12 universities in the united states. They should be fucking cut throat to get into or to get a job at and be absolutely free and pay their faculty exorbitant amounts of money. I will pony up for a tax for a university system like that.

        14. Changing subjects: Cooper Union’s Architecture School always had faculty from Princeton, Harvard and other schools of their ilk guest teaching there…and the new dean was dean of MITs school of architecture. Cooper used to be AMAZING and the people there were simply the smartest I had ever met in my life. I was unwise in my decision to quit. BUT my vocation is engineering, NOT Architecture. Gotta keep it real, no matter the cost. Learned a LOT about making stuff in their awesome Sculpture shop which had all kinds of crazy tools and knowledge dispensing workers there.
          Changing subjects: Cooper Union’s Architecture School always had faculty from Princeton, Harvard and other schools of their ilk guest teaching there…and the new dean was dean of MITs school of architecture. Cooper used to be AMAZING and the people there were simply the smartest I had ever met in my life. I was unwise in my decision to quit. BUT my vocation is engineering, NOT Architecture. Gotta keep it real, no matter the cost. Learned a LOT about making stuff in their awesome Sculpture shop which had all kinds of crazy tools and knowledge dispensing workers there.

        15. Man, GOJ – sounds like Ohio would be a better place to be in America than the bible belt if one is a white christian.

        16. I thought Cooper Union was only art. Either way architecture degree I doubt is much more useful than an art degree. Don’t misunderstand me, I like both architecture and art, it’s just a bit sad that today one should learn how to reload bullets than art.

        17. Art, Enginering (all kinds) and Architecture. BRILLIANT people there. If somebody got in there, they are really really smart. From what I saw.

        18. Impressive. I assume you know they are pushing to turn it into a paid university? I guess they finally ran outta money

        19. “Art, Enginering (all kinds) and Architecture. BRILLIANT people there.
          True. I heard that it was difficult to get accepted. Then there is Parsons School Of Design which is also a good name dropping school but easier to get into.

        20. yeah, but for how long? I assume you know the state dept , in conjunction w christian charities, are dumping non-christian refugees all over fly over country…

        21. Not here they aren’t. I strongly suspect that they’re dumping them into 2nd Amendment unfriendly states more than anything else. We have a rather large somali pop in Columbus that is clearly unwelcome by us natives, and I hear that they’re starting to move out on their own because nobody will treat them nice. Which, if true (I don’t know honestly if it is or isn’t) is fantastic news.

        22. We’re open carry again but you do need the license. The state will never give up that tax…err, I mean fee.

        23. “In the countryside most of the cops will leave you alone and even drive you home if you’ve had too much to drink.”
          I was home last year and a county sheriff deputy did exactly that.

        24. Nah, western and northern Michigan is better.
          GOJ will even admit that the Upper Peninsula (UP) is gorgeous.

        25. I have a cousin in UP. He looks like and lives the Grizzly Adams lifestyle. And damn it’s a long drive.

        26. Texas would be cool if it weren’t for Dallas and Austin. Dallas is a hotbed of LBJ welfare Democrats, and Austin is San Fran wannabe SJW haven…I can’t wait to get out of this place. I am gong to have to be taking care of my sick mother before long, but once she has passed. I am getting out of this place. I am so sick of the spread this mental disorder has taken.

        27. Architecture degree not much more useful than an art degree??? What makes you think that?
          The young architects I know (through my daughter, and from diff companies)) are doing quite well. And seem able to find jobs in other cities when/if they want to move.

        28. Probably moving up to Minnesota to regroup with their kin. My friend lives there, says they walk around and poop in the streets.

        29. Open Carry makes no sense when you have CHL available. OC advocates are a minority in Texas and the legislature should have told those goobers to bite me. If it had been put on a state wide ballot, it would have lost by a wide margin! I know plenty of people including family with CHL. I am cool with CHL. Those goobers who want to flaunt their sidearms are asking to be robbed of them!.

        30. Really, Dallas is a hotbed!? LMAO, GTFOH! The new DA is Republican. Mayors of most towns around D/FW are at best moderate Democrats and many are Republican. TX Republican Senator John Cornyn and retired Senator KB Hutchinson reside in D/FW. Hell, Houston has always been known as more moderate than D/FW.
          As far as Austin, they are more liberal but not going to S.F. ever due to it being the State Capital which is notably conservative.
          Texas has NEVER been a wild-eyed spend money/raise taxes crazily state.

        31. UP, nothing but cedar swamps and skeeters.
          Which is why I am a “troll,” and live below the bridge.

        32. Yes really. This “Republican” DA you speak of, Susan Hawkes? The Psycho Feminist Nutjob? Yeah, she is REAL conservative. But I guess she would be considered conservative compared to Watkins who ran the DA office before her. The reason that I say Dallas (notice I didn’t say the suburbs or Houston) is like a “little Chicago” in regards to left wing LBJism is because of the stranglehold people like Watkins, Price , Mullins, etc. had on the local politics and courthouse. Susan Hawkes did NOT change that culture. Is worked in the legal profession for 8 years, and the few Republicans that have replaced those Democrats have not changed the direction or culture of corrupt left wing politics if that city.

        33. See they you go splitting hairs. She is a REPUBLICAN DA of the largest county in north Texas. I noticed you didn’t say the suburbs. but again. the majority of the metro area is moderate to hard right conservative. The Open Carry movement got started in D/FW.

        34. You’re welcome. Unfortunately I must agree with your assessment. I’ve heard some pretty bad horror stories from family members still in the country. Tyranny is alive and well in Nicaragua. Dissidents “disappear” and voter fraud is committed out in the open with impunity. I’ve been told a rebellion is forming. At this point, only revolution will turn the tide.

        35. “I’ve been told a rebellion is forming. At this point, only revolution will turn the tide.”
          I know people who think the same is coming in the US. That is why the democrats are always harping about disarming Americans. Prayers to you and yours.

        36. I noticed I mistakenly replied to you instead of the correct individual. However, thanks for your prayers. Things over there are pretty hopeless, much worse than in the states.

        37. You are correct. I was born and raised in Ohio and moved to Texas for work a year ago. I want to go back as soon as I can. It’s just extremely unsettling about being surrounded by people practicing a foreign culture, speaking a different language all the time. Even at my white collar, technical job, half my coworkers are always speaking Spanish to one another. As a white man in Texas (or at least Houston), you’re basically like a foreigner in your own country.

        38. “Probably moving up to Minnesota ”
          Minnesota used to be a nice state, now it’s become a immigrant toilet like many areas in the USA.

        39. ” I know (through my daughter, and from diff companies)) are doing quite well”
          Good to know this. I took the stupid path and majored in art. Any practical skills I use today to make $$$ I learned in the real world.

        40. No, you are splitting hairs. I was speaking of DALLAS. You’re right. I didn’t say the suburbs because I wasn’t talking about the suburbs. I was talking about DALLAS. The city. And it IS a hotbed of Lefty welfare/police state.
          Dallas is the Detroit of Texas

        41. If this is true, Ohio must be the last hold out of common sense and decency in the Union; at least when it comes to guns and the role of the police in the community.

        42. Loved living in Cincinnati back in the 90’s. I noticed that there were groups considered “white nationalists” that the cops totally left alone. One day my car broke down, no plate, and a shotgun in the front seat. (Long story!) But those along with my shaved head made the cops think I was one of the good guys. Totally gave me a pass, Unfortunately, denizens from Over-the-Rhine frequently venture out and cause mayhem, and the cops didn’t seem equipped to handle that. Lot’s, lot’s of interacial crime.

        43. They tried to legislatively stop refugees from our state (Indiana) but met with a lot of backlash. Private groups do what they want anyway. Mostly they’re quietly putting hoards of refugees on the outskirts of small towns, in church-funded type communities. Weird. Like, 30 people to a house and totally not self-supporting. No one knows they’re there untill the kids end up in shools, and then the government manages to shift kids around so certain public schools end up being de-facto schools for foreigners. It’s a weird mix here, where the government says one thing, and then lets Protestant Churches do opposite, and they work under that table to give the churches what they want.

        44. A church, that I used to attend, once sponsored a family of refugees. They supplied them with an apartment and car. The family soon wanted to know why the church did not supply them with a better house and car like they see people living in and driving on television. True story.

        45. Than you. Dallas county is the Obamanation by a wide margin by the vote count, along with Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Texas is rapidly losing that “conservative” vote.

        46. Texas is definitely turning blue. A LOT of transplant carpet baggers coming in an Progressively fucking things up.

        47. Same here in Mississippi. I see people carrying all the time…gives me a sense of freedom & security. I need to buy a good holster & belt myself…better put that into the budget.

      2. Indeed it is. SoCal preaches inclusion and diversity–a social utopia. However, SoCal is a socially and economically stratified region. You have affluent liberals who support progressive policies but have a case of NIMBYISM (Not In My Back Yard). You can go from a wealthy area with million dollar homes to the projects in a 5 mile radiance.

        1. Had a friend of mine (as red pill as they come) inherit his parents place in SoCal when they passed away and he sold it a few years ago. He is a pilot who travels alot, natch, but I asked him why didn’t he keep it as to have a place to retire.
          He said he wasn’t planning on retiring in the US and SoCal is going to have a lot of racial problems in the near future– mostly between mexicans and blacks. Also he saw how the state govt. was trending and knew he would be fleeced by the democrats, so changed residence.

        2. As a state, CA’s real divide is from east to west, and not north to south.
          Two separate worlds. You have the skiing crowd on the coast and the jet-ski crowd on the interior.
          The coastal crowd makes the laws and vote. Which gives us the highest energy cost in the country, all to encourage less usage and a greener footprint.
          That’s great when you’re in Santa Barbara at a year round 72, not so great for those in Bakersfield when it’s 105.

        3. What I noticed in SoCal: money seems to be concentrated within a mile or two of the coast; the farther you go inland, the shabbier it gets

        4. SoCal, of the two “regions” of California, is actually the much more conservative of the two, even with its high immigrant population and with LA. A very high percentage of its population are descendants of Dust Bowl migrants from the rural regions of the Bible Belt, who brought their religious values along with them. If you look at voting records, most of California’s “reddest” counties, such as Orange, Tulare, and Kern, are in the southern region.

        5. Not just in SoCal, that’s in most cities in the states or abroad, even in poor countries. Living near water is a high price privilege.

        6. NorCal’s historical & ethnic background varies pretty greatly by region. The Bay Area (where over half its population lives) was heavily settled by Irish, Italians, and Jews from the Northeast, in addition to a lot of Chinese who came to work on the railroads. The central valley, where I live, has a decent number of people descended from SoCal Dust Bowl migrants in addition to a very high percentage of Slavic immigrants from Russia and Armenia. I don’t know too much about the far northern, rural region of NorCal, except that it has a lot of hippies. And in regards to Native Americans which you asked about, the central valley has a very high percentage of people with Cherokee blood (myself included) because so many of its Dust Bowl migrants came from Oklahoma, the state with the most significant Native population.

        7. Depends what you are looking for, but I think Roosh and others are better qualified to give you a current update.
          If you are looking for a LTR, than I would recommend a slavic woman but— Caveat Emptor!

        8. It isn’t just SoCal in the states. Its the same in my city here in England where everyone preaches diversity yet confines themselves to their own ghettos. The white middle classes here seem to be the most self-deceiving hypocritical offenders. If you search for Parkinson Mohammed Ali interview on you tube the same point is made by the champ, when Parky tries to assert his white BBC liberal Marxist views.
          On another relevant and topical note in regards to the decline of western culture, I just had another run in with a mangina I work with. I’m usually a little careful how red pill I am with him, but today he just espoused a load of old bullshit about how men are useless (While attempting to berate me for any criticisms of his opinions or women) and that females are far superior, more empathic in all things etc etc.
          I came straight back at him because it riled me so much by asking why he hates his own gender so much and feels a need to apologize for its very existence? Needless to say even this was a step too far, and his hamster wheel was sent spinning, with him left muttering a couple of flimsy things about research sources he wasn’t prepared to volunteer. I’ve really got to get the hell out of my current job, but is it out of the frying pan and into the fire with the way things are declining?

        9. What a chump! Your coworker is a mangina/white Knight poster child. Working with people like that is very dangerous. Sounds like you handled it well. I don’t know if I would have done the same.

        10. Thx. I’m really beginning to realize the importance of the support and advice that is freely available from guys like yourself on here. And I know I have to be careful. But I can’t keep my mouth shut, especially around simpering betas who embrace cultural Marxism.
          His GF treats him like her pet dog, and I have no doubt is completely susceptible to the charms of a more assertive, strong framed male. He is always coming to me for advice, but continues with the strategy of walking around on egg shells in his relationship, despite my red pill hints to put his foot down.
          Although I had the urge to deck the guy it wouldn’t be worth giving him all that victim hood and compensation. It just reminded me how blinkered and misguided men like him are, and how both pointless and dangerous rational debate can be with them .
          I was even tempted to file a discrimination charge for defamatory comments about men, (Not that it would ever see the light of day) but I ain’t no bitchy grass, and don’t want to stoop to his level. Although there really would be an ironic ring of justice to it if I did.

      3. California, like ALL states, must balance its budget. People complain but many still move there. However, immigration from other countries has become much more of source of new taxes and business. Many companies there the last five years have moved out, especially to Texas.

    3. Couldn’t agree more. And these Mexicans never go back to Mexico unless it’s to get shitfaced. Ok, in that sense, they are becoming American, what with going to Cancun for Spring Break.

    4. You mention that a socialist regime was responsible for your family living. Are you Cuban? Mexicans, from what I see, fled their homeland FIRST due to the oligarchy of their ruling political party in power for at least FOUR generations. Second, they have come north to flee the violence of cartel pseudo rule.
      Now I do agree with you that their loyalty to a country where things were poor makes little sense to me.

      1. I’m originally from Nicaragua. Fled when the Sandinistas took power, seized property and started killing and jailing political dissidents.

        1. Thanks for the clarification. Actually, I think Nicaragua was worst than socialist. Much of Europe has socialist leanings. Where you were was more like tyrannical communism.

        2. You’re welcome. Unfortunately I must agree with your assessment. I’ve heard some horror stories from family members still in the country. Tyranny is alive and well in Nicaragua. Dissidents “disappear” and voter fraud is committed out in the open with impunity. I’ve been told a rebellion is forming in the mountains. At this point, only revolution will turn the tide. Political action at this point is for naught.

    5. This is very interesting for those of us with little knowledge or experience of the US. Had no idea there had been such an influx across the border and that it had had such bad effects.. The decisions taken recently by traitorous leadership in Europe make more sense in the context of a sick system.. Too much prosperity and low crime in Europe unfortunately the powers that be felt we needed to follow your lead..

    6. Take the Algerians/Moroccans/Tunisians and copy paste this situation in France. This is where we are now.

  13. Just go north. Maine, NH, and VT are still like 95% non hispanic white. Though I believe West Virginia will last longer.

  14. I disagree in some aspects, I don’t thing we can carry on at this pace at the current trajectory. Something will have to give before then. Maybe this will happen but not at the same number of white,men of European descent as now.

    1. Yeah– the flaw in these kinds of predictions is that they always presume a greater measure of societal stability than what actually exists. In reality, our country has been gutted and is collapsing right now. A return to the law of the jungle is imminent, and will end the insanity of feminism overnight

  15. Hollywood keeps presenting white men as the powerful and competent villains that women and diversity hires can only defeat by combining their weak forces. This propaganda sends the message that white men really have superpowers.

        1. Works great for me. One scoop, 12 ounces of water, gets me pumped up 1/2 hour after I drink it, which is the time it takes to get to the gym, I work out and by the time I’m done, I’m coming down off the high. Nearly perfect for how I use it.

        2. It isn’t that it doesn’t work. It is that with a little ingenuity and know how you can make something that works better, costs half the money and allows you to play a hands on role in which things you are putting into your system. I thought that kind of stuff would appeal to you especially.

        3. ha! I love that you use pre workout for work. I never thought of that and may give it a shot. Meanwhile, read what I wrote to GoJ below. It applies equally to you.

        4. I was not a part of the conversation where you explained that. If it’s “all that”, then send me an email through the email listed in my profile, I’d be interested in checking it out.

        5. Sure, I will give you the recipe for my mix and happy to send you the name of quality products but in the end it will take a little trial and error to figure out just the right recipe for you is.
          I mix up a batch of pre-workout that costs me about 150 bucks and lasts me roughly 6 months (and I use it 6 days a week). Plus, it is kind of cool understanding how the ingredients work and how the effect you and being able to control what you get. For instance, I love the pre-workout tingles so I add extra beta-alanine.
          There is, essentially, 10 ingredients. The rest is fluff and filler. I will email you when I get home later.

      1. Tried to find the ep where he gets the gift of super-spelling. This is the best I could do

  16. And yet we don’t see “chilling predictions for Israel in 2040.” I bet no one sells books in Israel telling young Jewish men how to enjoy the decline, either. What do the Israelis know that we don’t?

      1. No, Israel has become largely secular, even more so than many other developed countries.
        Israel Among the Least Religious Countries in the World
        And yet all these Christian simpletons in the U.S. believe that this irreligious country fulfills “bible prophecy,” when in fact it more resembles an advanced godless society from science fiction.

    1. A common religion, a common mystical.
      It’s the strongest force that can bond together a group of humans. If your group doesn’t have this, it will fail at the first signs of disagreements between its members.
      That’s also why muslims will take over Europe if we keep going this path.

  17. America an Alternative Future:
    Somewhere in the 2030’s a small group of men with a red pill lens on life pool their mental and physical assets. They have safe harbor in areas of the Midwest and what is still white in the South. They are marketing pros, business owners, red pill students and forward thinkers.
    They could face destruction from the imported brown horde or the legal system that favors anybody but them. They have nothing to lose so they decide to exercise their right. The right of people to alter or abolish the government as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. They declare the Federal Government Incompetent and the rest of the country somewhere in a state of anarchy thus making them the legitimate authority.
    They fight for liberty in subtle ways. Anything too overt will get them killed by the all powerful machine. Sabotage and assassinations are most effective and doable for them. Over time they creat no-go zones for the police in certain areas and slowly they carve out safe harbor. These areas are where whites and liberty can begin to rebound. Their aim is to expand.

  18. Normally, when an ethnic group is forced to leave an area due to high levels of violence directed towards them, it’s called ethnic cleansing.
    Unless you’re white.
    If you’re white, it’s called “white flight” with the implication that it’s the whites who are to blame, and that they’re just being racist.

    1. Never thought of it that way before. I guess I was blinded by my “white privilege”.

    2. It’s quite ironic that those who have the power to prevent this kind of thing, encourage it and they’re also white.
      There is no ethnic solidarity among the elite.

  19. Now is an important time to know demographic trends (and family court laws) throughout America since they vary widely. The mainstream media will not tell you that places like Naples FL, Portland, Seattle, Vermont, Sacramento have growing white populations. One third of counties in the U.S. have shrinking/aging population, forcing them to raise taxes and decimating real estate values (in slow motion). Even minorities are not told that they proportionally excel in law, education, healthcare and entertainment industries while being pushed into STEM or into Ivy League schools’ quota systems dooming them to dropping out.

  20. I just got a good job in the financial sector. My goal is to save up a ton of money over the next 5 to 10 years, and then go expat.

      1. “And learn a language necessary for where I’ll be going”
        And where will that be, if I may inquire?

  21. Wouldn’t we get a civil war at some point? I’m hoping to see the usa subdivide to 3 or 4 other nations.
    Or is the water boiling too slowly?
    According to the author of The Misandry Bubble, the ‘bubble’ is set to burst by 2020. As we know there is a connection to the current progressivism and imasculation/ feminism, so I would imagine that the bursting of the misandry bubble would help reverse all of this shit.

    1. You are starting to get closer to the truth at the end of your comment. People keep expecting war today to be the same as it was 200 years ago. it won’t be. Nothing is. The war has already begun. Fuck, in my eyes it looks like it is almost over. It is just that the fighting took place on a different sort of battle field. While everyone was loading their canons they snuck around and hit you where it hurts…in the mind. The basically outlawed your way of thinking.
      It is exactly the same method that Christians used to defeat rome. By slowly inculcating Rome into thinking being a huge pussy was righteous and being strong was evil they destroyed the greatest empire that ever was.

      1. “The basically outlawed your way of thinking.”
        Thats already here and Comes in less that subtle ways every year. Key administration figures meet about wanting to prosecute “climate deniers.” Have a small business and you refuse to bake the homos a cake for their “wedding?”– lawsuit. KOC does want to rent their hall to a pair of lesbians? Lawyer up. Your don’t support gay marriage, rape hysterics, etc.. when asked at work? HR wants to see you. Open Trump supporter as college– you flunked the course (that happned to some one I know).

      2. I think this is your best comment yet.
        It sometimes gives me shivers to think how insidiously slow and thorough they’ve been.
        The most successful way to wage war is for your enemy to be unaware that there is even a war going on in the first place.
        Hearing artillery in the distance, seeing refugees fleeing the advancing enemy, smoke of burning towns over the horizon were ways people knew a war was happening.
        But this slow, bloodless insidious culture war that has been waged in the courtroom, in private offices, in boardrooms, and in the movies and on the television has none of those tells.
        You are absolutely right: they’ve outlawed oppositional ways of thinking. Just like Jews and Christians slowly undermined the Roman master morality with their own slave morality that equated strength with evil, a similar but even more extreme transformation has been taking place right under our noses for the past 75 years.
        The noose is very nearly closed.

        1. You pin it exact WP. It is the exact same move that N. points to with the Jews and their terrorist sect The Christians and how they toppled rome in the Genealogy of Morals.
          They learned in their university classes, like I did, about the revaluation of values. The only difference, I used it to understand the past and they used it to undermine the future.
          This is straight up Jewish/Christian playbook gone nuclear with the power of social media, internet, 24 hour news, etc.

        2. I think everything that we observe around us today can be understood by viewing through a slave morality prism.
          It explains everything from the hierarchical ladder of groups in society and which ones may criticize another to the reluctance of Swedish women to go to the police when raped by a colored refugee compared with the eagerness to falsely accuse “privileged” White blue-eyed Lacrosse players of rape.
          Even the ease with which female hormones are prescribed (birth control or transgenders) compared to the tight control / outright banning of performance-enhancing male drugs like steroids and HGH.
          It even explains the vitriol directed at Donald Trump and the adoration bestowed upon Bernie Sanders: Trump is reviled for being successful (tall, handsome, successful, fabulously wealthy, and most importantly unapologetic for his succes) while Bernie embodies slave morality’s exaltation of failure and weakness.
          Slave morality is why Trump is mocked for having a full head of hair at 70 while Bernie’s bedraggled and ramshackle appearance doesn’t elicit a fraction of the disdain and has actually helped him be seen as a lovable character by his acolytes and the general population.
          Absolutely everything falls into place when viewed through “slave morality glasses.”

        3. I agree with you 100%.
          Remember too, despite his unapologetic misogyny Nietzsche is the kindling on which Feminism is flamed. He didn’t do it intentionally, but he understood where the world was going at such a fundamental level it was shocking.
          You could write the Genealogy of Morals today and it would be no less and possibly even more relevant.
          I think that there may be no more important person to understand in order to understand our world than Nietzsche. The slave morality, as you point out, is dead on and is only a very small part of the puzzle. He is so inscrutably complicated once you get past the seeming childishness and uncover his actual brilliance.
          He quite literally laid out exactly what would happen and how it would happen while setting the stage for it over 100 years ago. Mindfuck.

        4. Any suggestions on how to best access his ideas?
          Generally I don’t have any problems slogging through difficult prose, but Neitzche was the first guy where his writing style I just couldn’t get past.
          Could have been the translation but “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” was not accessible to me at all.

        5. Zarathustra is not meant to be accessible. That takes practice. Try the genealogy of morals. It reads much more straight forward

        6. Agreed. I tried reading a number of his books over the years but never finished a single one until I read his Genealogy. Then I found myself to be in a better position to access his other works.
          Actually, I take that back, I read The Birth of Tragedy first, but that was a special interest to me since I was knee deep in Greek Tragedy, I didn’t really care about Nietzsche at the time.
          I’ve spent a lot of time studying Nietzsche, but I still can’t say that I really get him. My bro still spits and roasts me whenever we get into arguments about Nietzsche. Heh, he’s the philosopher in the family, so I expect that, but sometimes it just astonishes me how wrong I could be even without being ignorant or glib. Sometimes we’re arguing about actual content in his works and sometimes it’s the spirit of what we’re talking about. Either way, I often find myself grasping at the wrong end.
          “Nietzsche said this…”
          “Yeah, but he meant this…” or “Yeah, but he said it for this reason…”
          And the opposite, etc.
          Fuck me, I couldn’t even get a word in when we were arguing about Nietzsche’s turn on Wagner. I can’t remember the argument, but basically I thought it wasn’t even controversial to assert that Nietzsche loved Wagner and then turned on him and hated him for the change in content and trajectory of his operas. My bro bombed me into submission and had me admitting that maybe Nietzsche never hated Wagner after all.
          I don’t know, like I said, my bro’s the philosopher so this stuff must be like a cat batting around a mouse whenever I disagree with him. He may be wrong after all, maybe he just has the better argument.

        1. There is no news and as such no media, main stream or otherwise, has any actual value outside of entertainment.
          Who won the mets game? Who won the election? Same question.

  22. Wow, I just read an article about a school asking 4yr old kids to pick a ‘gender’ they identify with… Ok this was in the UK but it’s on it’s way over the pond methinks.
    So soon we will have women, men, batmen, spidergirls etc… How these people have managed to not be sectioned is beyond me.

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