3 Reasons I Will Never Apologize For Being White

“White people are terrible,” “I have white privilege,” and “most of the world’s problems are caused by white people” are three general statements countless social justice warriors and their enablers agree with. Yet they are all based on the severest distortion of reality. You or I should no more apologize for being white than an African-American should for being black.

Just as many blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities are made more pliable by the media and the establishment by being told they are eternal victims, white people are made more pliable by agreeing that they need to always feel guilty. Using an SJW “anti-racism” that feels awfully like the leftist version of a Nazi book about hereditary, white people supposedly inherit the evil deeds of dead dudes who owned slaves prior to the Civil War or arrived on a foreign continent in a year like 1492 or 1788.

The establishment-enforced guilt is even greater for those directly descended from such people, but even culturally and genetically unrelated individuals like Polish- and Italian-Americans, whose ancestors pretty much all arrived after periods like the slavery era, are held accountable, too. Why? Even if we ridiculously assumed we can find descendants “guilty” of their ancestry, the white guilt thesis is like putting all of Harlem’s young black men in 2016 under house arrest because 20 of them were involved in a vicious street brawl… in 1937.

Provided you adhere to our creed, neomasculinity and the Return Of Kings community form the broadest functional church you will find. We do not care where you come from, so long as you support our goal of a return to masculine societies that emphasize community-building and do not apologize for taking pride in their own cultures. ROK readers who are black, white, Asian or something else are all equal in this regard.

Here are just three of many reasons why I will not hate or feel guilty about my skin tone.

1. I’m the descendant of victims myself because many of my ancestors were from oppressed ethnic and religious groups

Look at those privileged starving Irish!

Are you heavily Irish-blooded, like me? Italian? Polish? Ukrainian? Were your ancestors Catholics living in heavily Protestant areas, or perhaps Huguenots who had to flee persecutory France?

It’s funny how SJWs prance on about white privilege when over half of all whites who emigrated to America, Canada or Australia, from the Puritans to Yugoslavian Civil War refugees, came because the civilian government or monarchy representing another ethnicity or religion essentially chased them out, had killed their family members, or wanted them dead, too. Many of the white groups who did take the journey, particularly the Italians or Irish, were then subjected to quotas and mistreatment in places like New York for years.

A great deal of my ancestors were Catholics in Prussia and other Protestant parts of northern Germany. This section of my family tree is replete with persecutions, including one great-great-great-great grandfather who lost sight in one eye and movement in his arm after being brutally assaulted by a Prussian policeman. His crime? Being an ethnic German leaving a Catholic church on Sunday in the 1800s. Catholic churches were only for “subhuman” Poles. Catholic Prussians were seen as traitors who belonged in Bavaria, prison, or dead. He ended up eking out an existence as a tailor with one good arm, after both he and his brother were repeatedly refused admission to the civil service for their faith.

In addition, I had Irish immigrant forebears whose fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters died as a result of the Potato Famine. One of these ancestors, the eldest child in his family, was working in Dublin to make money for the family when, in the space of three months, he received news that his parents, all his sisters, and all but one of his brothers had died from starvation, malnutrition, or diseases related to them.

When my aunt did the genealogy over three years, she counted 37 family members in one corner of an Irish county who died from starvation or starvation-related illness in 13 months. The famine was predicted and even aggravated by the British. Considering the squalor into which the occupiers had driven the Irish Catholics, the whole ordeal was fundamentally caused by them, too. With only an extra mouth to feed, this great-great-great grandfather of mine took his barely school-aged brother with him to Australia two months later. What role did these two have in oppressing others, white or non-white, that I should feel shame about today?

Look further back into my family tree and you find German, Dutch and Swiss Jews, many of whom were shunted around various locations within Europe, depending on what limited patience local authorities had for yarmulke-wearers at the time.

With this lineage, what exactly do I have to apologize for, aside from my supposedly very, very privileged, at best lower middle-class English forebears from drab West London and grim Yorkshire? Most of them never saw a dark person, let alone mistreated one. To boot, the vast majority lived poor, thankless lives without clean sanitation, abundant food, or anything close to job security. And these are the stations in life, through no fault of their own, that 95% of your ancestors reached as well.

2. Minorities and other non-whites frequently treated and still treat each other far worse than white people did

Rwandan genocide, anyone?

From the pre-Columbian Central and South American peoples to the Rwandan genocide, non-whites have very often treated one another even more abysmally than whites have treated them. European technology may have amplified the number of indigenous and other deaths in places like the Americas, but raw hatred, aggression, and the continuity of violence can be found in even greater quantities in non-white historical squabbles.

Europeans have also been incorrectly blamed for things like infectious diseases, despite the scientific work of antiseptic procedure pioneer Ignaz Semmelweiss being years, sometimes even centuries away. Meanwhile, non-whites have been allowed to kill non-whites without serious condemnation from SJWs.

For example, critics of the Iraq War and the attempted rebuilding of post-Saddam Iraq have said that the whole country is based on a fiction that dates back to the European post-World War I mandate systems. In other words, if Kurds, Shia Arabs, and Sunni Arabs inhabit the same country, they kill each other! Whilst it is appetizing for SJWs to blame the big, bad British and French for this, it is far from the truth. Kurds and Arabs have been butchering each other for countless centuries. The greatest Muslim figure of all the Crusades, Saladin, was consistently mistrusted because of his Kurdish origins. Similarly, intra-Arab or Arab-Iranian Sunni-Shia violence is age-old and has little if anything to do with Europeans.

Last year, Rock Thompson wrote a superb piece about the hypocrisy of attacking Columbus Day in the Americas. His work exposed the double standards of many Native American and also Central and South American tribes, who pretend their ancestors were routinely peaceful when, in fact, they regularly engaged in deplorable acts of gratuitous violence, including human sacrifices and the sadistic mutilation of enemies who were not so ethnically different. The conquistadors and Puritans are falsely seen as the harbingers of cultural and racial genocide in the Americas. Local indigenous tribes, however, were already hunting each other down for sport well before the tall ships arrived.

3. White-majority countries make the humanitarian world go round

A tent city the Saudis refused to make available for fellow Arab Syrian refugees.

Whenever you find an aid program for starving Africans, war-torn Arabs, or other suffering people, chances are that a number of white Westerners are behind it. Even if they’re not all white, they invariably come from white-majority and/or white-founded Western countries, or are funded by them. All to assuage the guilt of white people living in 2016 who feel the need to apologize for a European colonial regime that replaced almost always far more brutal indigenous ones.

Western countries also welcome non-whites in droves, both as immigrants and as “refugees.” The recent Syrian crisis is a testament to this (over-)generosity. While Saudi Arabia refused to accommodate fellow Arab Syrians in their already-constructed tent city, used normally for the Haj Priligrimage, Germany and other European states bore the brunt of those fleeing, including through the open door policies of leaders like Angela Merkel.

In general terms, white people care more about the developmental outcomes of non-whites. Wealthy non-white countries like Japan and Korea have perfected a system of meticulously keeping their populations pure and rejecting the asylum claims of over 99% of claimed refugees. This asymmetrical state of affairs is ironic when Japan’s own history of colonisation, notably the Rape of Nanking, is taken into consideration.

White guilt is also very profitable for certain establishment figures and zealous entertainers. It’s why twats like Bono and Bob Geldof get up every morning, after all. And, far from sucking the world dry, white folks have repeatedly tried to make it better. Very often this generosity is taken to an extreme, but the point of white-majority countries acting and non-white countries stalling or ignoring remains valid.

Be proud of who you are

Give up on the self-hatred. Too many people already have it without resorting to race. Whatever your skin tone or creed, stand tall. For white people, sadly, we need to say this to ourselves even more because society has shoved it down our throats that we should feel eternal shame. So many instances are used by SJWs and others to try and force us to collectively apologize for historical events. These events are often so old that only people who died decades or centuries ago actually lived through them.

You are only responsible for yourself, no matter how bad faceless leftists want you to feel about your skin tone.

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558 thoughts on “3 Reasons I Will Never Apologize For Being White”

  1. The main reason to be proud to be a white person is that white people have achieved much more in life than any other ethnic group. With our abilities and drive in science, engineering, medicine, and many other pursuits we have created over 90% of modern civilization.

        1. “Gunpowder, primitive rifles and paper money. All good”
          And equally important: acupuncture medicine (in the hands of highly skilled that stuff works), as well as Kung-Fo martial art.

    1. What a joke. The only white people who contributed to the building blocks of science were the Greeks and Romans. Most white people don’t descend from them, but are of Germanic, Celtic and Slavic descent. And they were literally cavemen compared to the Greeks and Romans. After the Roman Empire science in Europe was dominated by Jews. Europeans are dominating the world for about 300 years now and the collapse is already in full process.
      300 years is nothing compared to civilizations that existed in the past. That Europeans contributed the most during the past 300 years doesn’t mean they were ‘superior’ in the past too.

      1. The Greeks and Romans were white, and that’s how they they built great empires 2000+ years ago. European jews are also white, and that’s how they built Israel to be a country far more advanced than any of the islamic countries that surround it. Joke’s on you son.

        1. american civilizations paralleled old world empires and technologies and were much older.German dziebel even has a well stated hypothesis of natives being indegenous out the americas instead of humans out of africa,we could find neolithic cities back millenias ago in that case,if its ever searched.

        1. These guys sure as heck ain’t Greek or Roman, except in terms of their educations heritage.

      2. See my reply above hater, you are fucking high and as ignorant of history as any other typical SJW pussy. Jews contributed massively as well, for certain, but to say that no European build science and tech as we know it today? Stay off that crack kid…

      3. So why didn’t Jews excel in Science prior to Rome and Greece but only recently?
        Keep scratching your head over that and it’ll get raw.

    2. Whites also have a penchant for uprisings and rebellions. The globalist elites in power don’t like that, so they want to preemptively nip whitey in the bud through mass immigration, promotion of all sorts of degeneracy and sexual perversions, feminism, mass outsourcing of jobs, destroying the nuclear family, etc.

      1. The nuclear family in its atomized nature is already vulnerable to such attacks,
        The extended family on the other hand is not so much.

    3. I’m proud to be white; I come from a large family from a low socio-economic background. I’m one of five children, both my parents are the same in their families. I learned from an early age to work hard, to commit to challenges, to be tactful and show kindness first. So it makes sense that since we started making whites the bad guys that we’ve seen those values go downhill in society.

    4. Indeed, see my reply above. All these victim classes are -well aware- that they only exist because of our magnanimous nature. They have a bit of ability now to spew out the jealousy and hatred in a social context they have had for a long long time. The evil patriarchy created most of their reality.

  2. We used to live in an “honour culture” but now we live in a “victim culture”, largely perpetuated by elite institutions and the media who benefit from the chaos that ensues. It is intentional! For this same reason, with respect to feminists(other fake victims), males who talk and behave in a “sexist” manner should never apologize for themselves and should literally promote “sexism”.

    1. Actually we long since moved from an honor culture (Muslim world is there) to a dignity culture. http://unpleasantfacts.com/honor-vs-dignitiy-vs-victimhood-cultures
      A dignity culture is defined by high trust, laws & more or less orderly uncorrupted legal and police system. That way you believe in the system of the state to generate justice and punish those who disobey the rules. In such a system where most are of similar race and religion, you tend to trust each other and support everyone.
      The honor system is more violent with plenty of incest marriages, revenge, feudal clan warfare and high mistrust towards anyone not part of your original clan. European cultures left honor systems long behind – they mostly lingered in the South of Sicily and the former Balkan.
      Now we shift more from Dignity Culture to Victim Culture which is like Honor Culture, but has an anti-White bias.

    2. Exactly. There was a time when winning wars and conquering other nations was a sign of being great and respected. But today apparently this is seen as a terrible thing. Because Europeans were successful for a time at spreading their power and winning wars, we should feel bad for it? Fuck that. That would be like feeling bad for being good at something and winning. What happened happened. Deal with it.

  3. White Europeans brought modern civilization, fought for a high standard of living with little tribal influence, science and technology. Whites ended slavery while it still continues in countries like Saudi Arabia and was valid in countries like Turkey up until the 1950s.
    There is no reason to be overly proud about it, since it was done by the ancestors and maybe given a better system or religion, then other countries would have managed to do so too – Japan, China, even Persia etc.
    However fact is that they did not – in reality if some of those countries or religions like Islam would have conquered Earth, then we would be living in the Middle Ages.
    Regardless of your race or religion – every man should take a few mental steps back and assess his heritage upon the strengths and weaknesses he sees. It does not matter whether you are Black, Asian, Hindu, Muslim or White – as a neomasculine man you can recognize what a good society looks like and what a man should be.
    Every man can shape his future and given enough men such as yourself, then you can even shape society itself.

      1. Cauc-asian suggests asian mix. Pure Caucasoid would be the blood line with more body hair and with much larger males than females. Asians tend to have less height difference between the sexes.

        1. Yeah, those Scandinavians have a lot of Middles eastern blood in them. Keep reaching, ahmed.

        2. Wow you’re really behind in history?
          Ito been speculated that that’s where civilization started. Nice reach tho

    1. White Scandinavian here, and my family is doing what we can. Of my generation, so 30+ not one has zero kids, and several have 3. All are settled with proper family etc.
      But to be honest I am proud to come from a people that is known as some of the fiercest warriors and smartest of technology. No reason not to be proud of what your people have brought to humankind.

      1. That’s another point – Whites still have plenty of children and only because the reproduction rate slows down for one to three generations, that does not mean that we are dying out. Case Japan – even if their population drops from 100 mio. to 50 mio,, then it takes one babyboom to blast it to 100 mio. again. We are at a level of technology, where very few productive workers can support probably 80% unproductive ones (probably already do now, since there are many bullshit jobs out there).
        And of course there is nothing wrong to feel proud about the history of one’s country or tribe. All other tribes are encouraged to do so – except us of course. So much bullshit.

        1. Hehe well I refuse to bow to the bullshit and I will teach my kids the same. My kids incidentally are half Japanese hehe, so we are combining efforts.
          I just got tired of euro girls, then of ME girls, and it ended up being a Japanese girl for me.
          And your damn right we won’t be dying out, our genes are already spreading throughout other populations.

        2. Teach them how to use a Katana.
          Leave the taming of white girls to the professionals.

        3. I have the katana here already and they will also see it whenever we go to grandma and grandpa.
          White girls have no appeal to me anymore – I have tried every flavor I wanted and more.

        4. I lived in Japan for 1 1/2 years back in the 1980s. The Katana is my favorite weapon. Japanese women are fantastic. Most women can’t compare to them. Enjoy your visits to Japan. The men there need to reinvigorate their ancestral warrior spirit. After all, USA won’t be in any condition to help them defend themselves for much longer. I love Japan almost as much as I love USA.

        5. I am seen as a honored member of the family now, so I am required to go to my wife’s family’s graveyard every year to clean their graves and make offerings and pray for their blessings.
          And I am the only man who touched the family katana for about 50yrs.
          I sleep in the ‘honored’ room of their house so no AC and tatami floors etc which is fine. Well until I wake up at 5:30 because it starts getting hot…
          And you are right most women can’t compete…

        6. I had forgotten about the yearly tradition of cleaning the family tombs.
          And they let you see, much less touch the family Katana?
          I guess you’re not so bad after all…LOL.

        7. I’m carrying the family forward, they only had daughters and one married a Japanese guy so she is shifted family tree wise to his.
          Because I’m a gaijin I can let her keep the family name and also take it if I want
          And yes I’m entrusted with the family katana because I am now the figurehead of the family.

        8. Yep correct. But it means in family registrar terms different rules apply.
          And I am the legit head of family legally hehehe.
          Wife’s dad gave up his right when he married my wife’s mom, so he took her name. Like the beta he is.
          But I am swinging my dick and legally I can keep hers without giving up my status as a family head hehe.
          So my wife keeps her name and as her husband I’m the family head now.

        9. Luck has very little to do with it, if you are smart you don’t let your dick make your marriage for you but your brain.
          Edit to add so we now have rice paddies and house and so on when her parents pass away.

        10. Eh, figure of speech ya know.😁. But you’re right – you have to choose your bride wisely, or face the consequences for a lifetime.

        11. You are probably their adopted son. Therefore you inherit the family name.
          Male Adoption goes a long way back in Japanese history. Its quite handy when one is short of male heirs.

        12. Did you attend Swansea University? – sounds very similar to a guy I know. Went off to Japan, learnt the language, married a Japanese girl and is kicking arse and taking names in both business and martial arts.

        13. I pay mexicans to clean my ancestors graves.
          Kidding. Actually, other than marrying and, presumably, being a good husband and an active and willing participant in the family, how did you breach Japanese society so thoroughly.
          I may be talking out of my ass, but from what I hear being accepted as a white guy in Japanese culture in a real way, the way you are, is like trying to be a black member of the klan.

        14. Actually, mixing your race is completely counterproductive. Your children are not white. Neither are they Japanese. “Spreading your genes to other populations” is simply diluting and destroying the white race. Your logic is faulty and I don’t want other people to subconsciously accept that nonsensical statement. Apologies if that sounds harsh.

        15. Talk about manifest destiny. You planed a flag in Europe and marched all the way to Japan

        16. Hmm, I have thought about the same thing myself actually, and I’m not totally sure how. But it’s quite kind of universal there, no one treats me like a tourist or so. I’m treated like a local as far as I can tell, which is both a blessing and a curse.
          Anyway I think it has a lot to do with attitude. I don’t expect anyone to treat me different and I don’t make excuses for what I do.
          Another part of it is dress and manners, you can spot a tourist in 2sec in a crowd of 1000 in Japan just by that. You have to blend in and look like you belong.
          But even cops don’t treat me like a tourist haha, no one gives me a break there… But that’s the way I like it.

        17. I keep picturing when they painted Sean Connery yellow, taped his eyes and made him “a Japanese”

        18. You are welcome to your opinion, no apologies needed. But I want to clarify what I’m doing. I have a high IQ and finding a girl who has something close to mine is exceedingly difficult. But to me IQ is more important than race. I know my kids aren’t white, but they are smart as hell, enough to compensate. Or will be once they grow up hehe.
          Every man should define what they use as criteria for choosing a mate, and I think for most it makes sense to go by race and culture, but not necessarily for all.

        19. Whites, particularly males, are now the fall guy for every group that wants to organize and make noise. In the old days it was the blacks. Now it’s us. My take is that right now in history, economies are tight, there’s no original thought, and people are coalescing into tribal behavior. (Blacks, Jews, Women, gays, etc.) They have to have an enemy, and the money-controlled media needs a target, so the safest group to lay fictictious blame on is the one standing there minding it’s own business. . .That’s us.
          A problem with the white birthrate, though, is that caucasions tend to have weak children. And first and second pregnancies tend to prematurely abort. Also, white children need coddling more than do the children of other races. Whites tend to need more educational type upbringing, and aren’t prone to acting on instinctual behavior. So they’re more at risk of being victims of violence and crime before the ages of 12 or so. Asian children are similar. But black and hispanic children are ready to go out and do physical and instinctive things much younger. While a white child starts being an intellectually and culturally productive citizen by 16, his racially diverse counterparts are sneaking accross deserts and robbing liquor stores. In the end, though, it’s the white children who end up keeping society going.

        20. “Your logic is faulty”
          “I don’t want other people to subconsciously accept that nonsensical statement.”
          You’re spouting racialism bullshit and whining for others to stop liking things you don’t and you think you have a right to call North 666’s perfectly sane and acceptable desicion making and reasoning “faulty logic”? People have been race mixing since ancient times. Even people of the same race have different racial/ethnic origins. You sound like a butthurt nutriding idiot.
          “Apologies if that sounds harsh.”
          You shouldn’t apologize for sounding harsh, just retarded.

        21. Not with the current PC culture, and I’m not sure there is another celebrity who is as purely alpha badass as Connery is. He was and still is one of the greatest, and an icon in his own right.
          I think I’m going to watch that again this evening with my wife, maybe our unborn child can pick up some vibes hehe.

        22. Thank you for your clarification. Given your goal of producing high IQ offspring, I would say that breeding Japanese genes into them was a logical move. The Japanese are a noble and proud people with an average IQ above whites.
          I agree with the idea that well-thought out criteria for choosing a mate is essential. My reason for stating my view in my original reply was to persuade younger men who have time to find a mate that the importance of preserving race goes hand in hand with the efforts in preserving civilizations. I believe the goal of eventually restoring Western civilization is a sentiment that would be shared with most of the RoK readership. Nevertheless, the current decline in Western civilization, as well as the decline in white and Japanese populations indicate the dire straights we are currently in.

        23. Kumbhira, your decision to eschew a well-reasoned, factual counter-argument to mine in favor of personal attacks betrays:
          1. The fact that you are non-white and are projecting a subconscious inferiority complex against me. If so, I would encourage you to learn more of your own heritage and take pride in the heritage of the ancestors that God gave you.
          2. The fact that you are of mixed race and are projecting my argument as a personal attack on you in your own identity crisis. If so, I would encourage you to learn as much as you can about both heritages and choose the one you would most like to identify with.
          3. The fact that you are not well-versed in the realities of human biodiversity and are therefore ill-equipped to see the truth in my statement, but rather automatically assume that I am a racist, white supremacist. If that is the case, I would encourage you do research human biodiversity. Stefan Molyneaux recently did an interview with Helmuth Nyborg, a leading researcher on the topic. You can find that interview here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTdMY9RI-7E).
          As to your point that people have been race-mixing since ancient time, I would agree, but it has never been to the extent that it is now and the population replacement rates of people of European heritage has never been so low.

        24. Oh man, greatest scene ever: Japanese girls giggling, massagin his chest…He didnt understand the commotion…Japanese guy says “They have never seen a man with a hairy chest Mr Bond..” Hilarious

        25. I agree that random procreation is not a good thing, but for me personally IQ is king. I can’t stand the quarrelsome attitude of Ashkenazy Jews so Japan is my choice.
          The preservation of civilization is important but for me the preservation of intelligence is even more important, because right now there is a development towards a globally lower IQ in humanity as a whole. I’m happy that China has stopped with he one child policy but I’m not sure it will help much now.
          A democratic society with an average IQ below 90 is not possible, this has been shown time and time again.
          You cannot preserve civilization if the global IQ keeps going down. Idiocracy will not be a possible outcome actually it will be more like mad max.

        26. I watched the trailer promo again, and it reminded me of exactly how I felt the second time I went to Japan, which was to lay claim to my wife, meet her parents and square things with her ancestors, in preparation for the wedding. My then wife to be said “now you have to do everything Japanese way” just like in the movie.
          I also realized that a part of why I got accepted so easily is that I know more about Japanese culture than most Japanese and I understand a lot of Japanese language. My wife’s parents for example didn’t really have to worry about language barriers, they understand some English but don’t speak it really, so they speak Japanese to me like my wife does most of the time. I answer either in English or Japanese.
          Another random thing is 007 Sean Connery was a really big idol for me growing up and that movie probably influenced the way I went in my life somewhat hehe.

        27. “a well-reasoned, factual counter-argument to mine”
          I would provide one back, if your argument was any of those things; which it isn’t, as well as if your standpoint was worth seeing as something worthy of a debate, which it also is not. The only thing being ‘betrayed’ here is that you sound like even more of an idiot for trying to defend such stupid ideas and can’t think. Racialism arguments are on the same level as the arguments of SJWs/femenists, and like those arguments, should be summarily dismissed and laughed out of conversation, as anyone who holds them is an idiot of the highest order and has no legitimate arguments whatsoever. Also much like said feminists you’ve pulled shit out of your ass, falsely accused others of not utilizing, or arguing with logic with more bullshit and failed to do any critical thinking about the subject you”re attempting to talk about. I don’t care if it is Stefan Molyneaux, Helmuth Nyborg or whoever else who claims to to back this shit with science or logic. They’re wrong and their ideas should be dismissed as such. Anyone who agrees with racialism is wrong, full stop. Just like anyone who believes in feminism or any other equavalent bullshit someone’s pulled out of their rear end and tried to claim is backed by whatever bullshit they hacked to try to legitimize their farce. And even if I am of another race/mixed race or even white, I’m still right.

        28. You cannot just declare yourself to be right. That is truly the SJW/Feminist/libtard position to take in the spirit of the now infamous Carl the Cuck.
          “Anyone who agrees with racialism is wrong, full stop.”
          Why is that so? I will admit that in the past, I would have agreed with you, but I would argue facts, history, and my own personal anecdotal experience has convinced me otherwise.
          If it helps, race realism =/= supremacy or hatred to people of other kinds, but merely the acknowledgment of in-group preference that have existed in every people group, and the admission that the society should be structured in light of it. Every people group should have the right to self-determination. In my opinion, to deny individuals that by mixing them all together and stripping their identity and heritage from them is the most racist thing one could do.

        29. I lived there for a while. If you adopt their culture and can on some level internalize the Eastern mindset, they generally welcome you as a fellow. Decent person who can get along and go with the cultural flow of the Japanese, you’re in for the most part.
          If you ever go, try your best to understand their humor. Even if you don’t find it funny, if you understand how it works, you can figure out when to laugh. They likely suspect you don’t get it but hey, at least you are trying.

        30. Hi IQ is an hereditary on the X chromosome. Sorry buddy, but if your children are smart, it wasn’t your genes. So, maybe you made the right decision with a Japanese woman.

        31. “Anyone who agrees with racialism is wrong, full stop.”
          What a completely moronic statement. This whole article is about positive racialism. It is impossible to be a masculine man, while denying the realities of race. It is impossible to be a masculine man, while thinking it’s okay for inferior alien men to poach your women and mate with them.

        32. He’s arguing from a place of sexual envy, and facts will play no part in his opinion.

        33. They are actually. The issue is so few people can be considered under that lens.

        34. Yes, I missed that we’re talking about half-japanese kids.
          Still, longsword any day.

        35. A bastard/hand and a half > than Katana. I train my kids in swordplay with some polypropylene wasters, and the reach and functionality of the former beats the latter in any spar.

        36. “You cannot just declare yourself to be right.”
          I can, when I am. And I am. And far moreso than you.
          ” will admit that in the past, I would have agreed with you, but I would argue facts, history,”
          If you’d looked into any facts or history in any critical manner you wouldn’t possibly be here trying to justify raciaslism, as boh prove such it wrong. Iv’e said before people have been ‘racemixing’ since ancient times and even those of the same so called race have wildy varying ancestries. There is no such thing as a “white race”, “black race”, etc. in the vein you and your ilk constantly claim. There is also no such thing as race purity or dilution or stripping of identity and heritage or any other such nonsense. All you have are your so called personal experience and anecdotes which are just shit you or someone else pulled out of your ass, only you and others who can’t think wish was true and is unsupported by neither facts nor history.

        37. “He’s arguing from a place of sexual envy”
          I am not and nowhere in any of my posts can you even imply I did. Your seeing things in my posts that aren’t there and making implications about things that I have even remotely come close to doing. The aforementioned especially gives you no right to say this,
          ” facts will play no part in his opinion.”
          Even more so that you think racialism is a fact or even worth being considered a legitimate idea.

        38. You’re right, there is one race: the human race. I should be more careful with my terms. I speak more specifically toward ethnicity.
          But you need to follow your point of view to its logical conclusion. Do you support the intermingling of all peoples into one homogenous, coffee-colored, blob of (literally) average intelligence over time? Tell me how that is a good thing for diversity, beauty, intelligence, or creativity. Just because you may be further down the path to the lowest common denominator than others does not mean we all need to slide down that slope.
          Noth666 explained his reasoning in his decision to breed with a Japanese woman in order to have high-IQ children, and I conceded that if that was his primary goal, he made the right decision. But what he gave up for that were (on average), Caucasian-looking children, physical strength, and possibly certain creativity traits. EVERYTHING in life is a trade-off.

        39. “It is impossible to be a masculine man, while denying the realities of race.”
          No it isn’t impossible. Because those realities are merely things you badly wish to be true, not what is and you can neither prove nor back them up in any legitimate manner.
          “while thinking it’s okay for inferior alien men to poach your women and mate with them.”
          Again, you have no legitimate way to prove those men are inferior and those men don’t poach’ any women. Those women choose to be with men of different races voluntarily. It’s happened before and it will keep happening. You’re just irrationally and retardedly butthurt over it.

        40. “Do you support the intermingling of all peoples into one homogenous, coffee-colored, blob of (literally) average intelligence over time?”
          I find it unlikely things would occur exactly as you described, though I don’t entirely disagree with aspects like us starting to look the same physically. I’d also say it would take quite a long time for that to happen. But, if that’s likelyhow it were to happen, I’d say I wouln’t mind it. In a way it pretty much has happened anyway; and at the very least is happening now. I’d be long dead by the time it reached that point anyway. But on this point,
          “of (literally) average intelligence ”
          Can Intelligence and knowledge not be improved? Are you talking about IQ, if so Ithink your putting way too much stock into it. And, if so, what does it say for a person who does have a high IQ or potential for genius who doesn’t use/wastes it any way. I’d rather take a so called “dumb” person who applied themselves improved and wanted to learn more, than the former.
          For this,
          “Tell me how that is a good thing for diversity, beauty, intelligence, or creativity.”
          I’d still say that would be unlikely and a long way off. And that nothing really stops all of those things from being improved, especially individually if a person wants them to be.
          “Just because you may be further down the path to the lowest common denominator than others does not mean we all need to slide down that slope.”
          If in any way any is farther down the slope, they can climb up and even equal or exceed those higher up. It might take perhaps a bit more work, but it can certainly be done. And if the vast majority of the those others who could lay claim to being higher on the slope don’t attempt to learn more or increase their intelligence in any way, they might as well be in the same position or lower than those beneath them. You won’t need to slide down the slope or worry about sliding down it. Your already there. What would add insult to injury, are those on the high end still believing they had any right to look down on those lower.
          “Physical strength, and possibly certain creativity traits.”
          I’d again say what stops any of this from being improved? Especially with proper individual/personal application; and effort?
          “EVERYTHING in life is a trade-off.”
          But in this sense, what is lost is miniscule and even negligible. And it isn’t as though those so called losses can be gained back or even compensated for or exceeded in other ways. It doesn’t doom anyone and is certainly no death sentence.

        41. Do you not know this has been done for thousands of years? If you are trying to convince someone to stay within their race you’re are a little too late. Just historically speaking your logic is a little flawed.

        42. I understand that under current demographic trends, white populations will go from 10% of the global population to 2% by 2100. Fertility rates for all white nations are averaging around 1.5 (2.3 is the minimum to avoid going extinct). Now is not the time to be throwing away the Caucasian genome.

        43. The katana is great for cosplay, but ask the Japanese officers who lead Banzai charges against the Marines in WWII how effective they were…oh, wait there aren’t any left to comment on that.

        44. well, you never run out of ammo with one. Other than that, they aren’t much use other than to open letters. Really big ones.

        45. I meant the type of sword. European swords are simply superior.
          But it was about half japanese kids so it’s fine.

        46. I don’t advocate for race mixing for other people but to be totally honest I’m pretty happy with my olive skin, I’ll be damned if it doesn’t give me an edge in my all white & token black friendship group.

      2. I have zero problem with pride in race, country, religion, or culture. I take issue when some are allowed to practice this expression while others are denied.

      3. Same here (though not Scandinavian – I’m genetically closer to Russian). I’m the child of Germanic farm stock, raised in single-room homes with 5+ siblings, who have all made individual successes of themselves. My father and his brothers have (collectively) some 20 children, and all of us are engineers, scientists, mechanics, plumbers, architects, or children still too young to be professionals. We cannot and will not take charity even from our family, because that’s just not who we are.
        We work hard, and we don’t have time for political correctness. I’ve never seen more shitlords in one place than at Easter with my extended family.
        I’m proud of who I am and the tribe to which I belong, and I would fight to the death for any of them.

        1. Yes! This is exactly what I mean! My family is also super tribal and we are collectively protective of our women and children.
          My mothers generation had 5-8 kids, my generation has dropped it to mostly 3. But we intend to stay around for as long as humanity does, and all of us do quite well, mostly specialist engineers, managers etc. many of us have housewives and homeschooled children.
          Fuck the collectivist assholes, and all the idiots who don’t breed while they have decent genetics. My genes will still be in the last motherfucker on this planet if I can make it so.
          Our women understand their role as well, and act apropriately.

        2. That’s a long term view. Japan is on an unstable fault line with volcanism awaiting. They may have to relocate to a more stable area. Actually the fijords of Norway are part of the same horse shoe shaped mountain range that circles northward to the arctic and then down becoming the Catskills and then the Blue Ridge mountains in Appalachia. The entire semi circle ridge from Norway to Tennessee is the oldest mountain range on Earth and dates back to Pangaea! Japan has risen and sank many times throughout the lifetime of the longstanding Norwegian-Appalachian range.

        3. I’m sure it will be ok 🙂 and if need be we will relocate the lit if them.

      4. If you are from Sweden, I doubt that there is something such as a proper family here.

        1. Finland, my family is from Finland. My mom and dad were working in Sweden and that’s why I was born there.
          Finland is better off but not for long I fear.

        2. I know that Finland is a much more conservative country than Sweden. Sweden is beyond saving.

      5. Man, I love history, and about a year ago I started the Sagas- Deep, deep respect for your people. I thought about emigrating to Canada, but have started looking into the Nordic countries.

        1. Finland or Norway are the better ones now, Sweden is a cesspool beyond salvation. I’m living in Central Europe now, because I grew tired of institutional BS in Scandinavian countries. I have a family so I need a less restrictive legal system to live in.
          If it goes to shit here, we will go to either Japan or maybe Australia.
          I’m not going to subject my family to BS, that’s not how I roll.
          Anyway if you want more old culture, check Kalevala. One of the oldest tales of lore from Scandinavia. And of course the Edda.
          The Vikings are still here, but we roam free around the world like always, we have just changed how we do our pillage and plunder ;-). And we still take the best women we find as our wives hehehe.

    2. Why do you have to bring up Islam in your comment. You said if Islam would have conquered the world we will be living in the middle ages.
      Read some history books up untill recent events. The whites have destroyed Africa and drained it of it’s resources..and now its a shit hole.
      The whites destabilized the middle east with their gulf war interventions and iraq war .. now its another shit hole and breeding ground for dictators and terrorists.
      The white colonized the whole world and are the main reason these countries are still trying to recover from all the damage that has been done.
      Black slavery was one of the most brutal times in human history, mainly by whites. They would torture, rape and even go as far as calling the new born black babies pups..and Islam is the problem? Are you fuckin nuts

      1. Ah, so the elite that fucked those people who also fuck us, we should be mad at each other instead? Nice logic, pussy.

        1. I don’t blame whites for the current state of the world. Every religion and every race played a dark part in forming the world we live in today. I just don’t see the fairness of blaming Islam and not looking at their own history.

      2. Go suck on the big Dildo of Multiculturalism Captain Sweden!
        (BTW – it was only a side comment, but you are likely one of those Islamic apologist who feels offended and would like to kill all who scorn the name of the most holy religion on Earth. For the record – my heart goes out to all Muslims who have to suffer through the moronic religion of Islam that constantly pulls them back to primitive times.)

        1. You know nothing about this so called moronic religion except of what you see on the news and in the media.

        2. I have seen that video before .. some distortions. However, again religion should be seperated from bad people.
          However if you want to show it in that way. White/Christians are the reason for 2 world wars, crusades, witch hunts, wars in the middle east and afghanistan, nuked 2 cities in Japan (only ones that used nukes till now), etc…
          They destroyed Iraq based on a lie that they had weapons of mass destruction, yet …. I dont see anyone blaming white/christians.

        3. LOL Huffington Post link, here in the ROK forums?!
          You have no idea where you are kid, and your historical context is cherry picked and fed to you by liberal teachers with an agenda.

        4. ”White/Christians are the reason for 2 world wars,”
          Nazi’s and Communists aren’t Christian. They are Atheist.
          Primarily defensive. Chief objective is to secure the Holy Land especially pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
          ”wars in the middle east and afghanistan, nuked 2 cities in Japan (only ones that used nukes till now), etc…”
          Not religious in nature. And even if “Religious” its the secular religion of secular humanism and equality.
          Christianity in truth has been increasingly been marginal and irrelevant to politics ever since the French Revolution.
          ”They destroyed Iraq based on a lie that they had weapons of mass
          destruction, yet …. I dont see anyone blaming white/christians.”
          White is not synonymous with Christianity.
          Again even if those Atrocities were committed in the name of Christianity it cannot be justified because Christianity does not command such things in the 1st place.
          For example the IRA with their atrocities have difficulty rationalizing their atrocities since they can find no supporting scriptures for their actions.

        5. Do you really believe what you just said? About the war in Iraq didn’t the evangelical majority give their votes to bush .. thats the hypocricy, they go to church preach love your enemy and make peace but once they are out of the church they give their votes to the warlords and invest in military complex.
          How about the witch hunt or trials? Lead by christians?
          Inquisitions lead by the church killing innocent people and oppress them.
          You will most probably find excuses for those too, since most people in the west are hypocrites (im sorry for the strong language but didnt know any other word to use) when it comes to this matter. Since the west did a great job of making it look like they seperated the church from the state so you can always blame the government but church influence is still there.
          Christianity is built on the torture, humiliation and crucifiction of an innocent man .. or the son of God as many people believe.

        6. Exactly. Many of those who says Lord Lord will be condemned to the lake of fire.
          However you seem to forget that the dominance of feminism and other liberalisms are fundamentally secular. They are the religious dogma of the day not Christianity.
          Whatever semblance is left is a creature wearing the rotting skin of Christianity after it has been infiltrated and destroyed from within.
          They will be small remnant left however.

        7. Every German Soldier wore buckle with the words Gott Mit Uns God With US. I doubt many of them or their leadership was Atheist. Actually the many of the atrocities can be justified by the NT bible and just affirm the OT.
          Matthew 5:17 Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.
          2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.
          Need I continue? but I do agree Europeans have done the most damage to each other…

        8. No. All atrocities recorded in the bible is descriptive not prescriptive. Its history not a command.

        9. Ah, the Crusades…
          Let me ask you this…what religion existed in the Levant, Asia Minor and North Africa prior to Mohammed’s big genocidal land grab in the 7th Century?
          All of the powers that fought in WWII were working towards making an atomic bomb, we just happened to do it first. Are you saying that Holocaust Nazi Germany and Rape of Nanking Imperial Japan would not have used them if they had developed them first? Idiot.
          I don’t think you’ll find many defenders of the Iraq War here, btw.

      3. By the way – I took a look at your comment history. You seem to be a Muslim Red Pill guy who attempts to make it as a Quranist enganging in mental acrobatics to make the Muslim faith work.
        You should better take a look at former Salafi Youtuber Introvertedsmiles or the Masked Arab. Knowledge is the best weapon and true growth is unafraid to meet the facts of reality.
        You don’t seem to be such a bad guy – don’t let your religion blind you to some of the actual limiting factors – the Middle East and the world would be much better off if Islam would disappear from Earth today.

        1. I don’t like to use the word Quranist, but yes I do follow the Quran alone. I’m not in any way engaging in mental aerobatics or am I being blinded by my religion.
          I have done my research in Judaism, Christianity and Islam … I have traveled the world from Russia, China, Israel, Thailand, Kazakhstan, America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy. I have seen many cultures and many beliefs, I always had my doubts about Islam because of what we are seeing today. However, I have come to the conclusion after following the Quran alone that it is the true religion (that’s my opinion) and that it doesn’t preach all the crazy shit we are seeing now around the world.
          The world would be better off without politicians, religious leaders, corruption, inequality, etc .. but ey no such thing as a perfect world

        2. “I have seen many cultures and many beliefs, I always had my doubts about Islam because of what we are seeing today. However, I have come to the conclusion after following the Quran alone that it is the true religion (that’s my opinion) and that it doesn’t preach all the crazy shit we are seeing now around the world.”
          Christianity is the only real religion, and Eastern Orthodoxy is true Christianity. The “crazy shit we are seeing now” is real Islam in action. What is ISIS doing that “the Prophet” didn’t?

        3. The prophet never did anything of what ISIS is doing. He was a great man, just like Jesus.

        4. LOL, ISIS is following Mohammed’s teaching to the letter. Your White Muslim ass just is too brainwashed by Swedish MultiCulti propganda to see that.

        5. They are following made up lies that were compiled in books 200 to 500 years after Mohamed’s death.

      4. The middle east has been a shit hole for thousands of years, probably longer. What advances in science, technology, medicine, or commerce have ever come out of the middle east?
        Black slavery, throughout all of recorded history, has overwhelmingly been carried out by other blacks. The white colonial American slave owners get all of the press because muh liberalism, but they are a literal drop in the bucket.
        It’s actually you who should read some history books. And obviously ones that aren’t written by ignorant Muslim cleric douchenozzles who worship a pedophile false prophet.

        1. I must add that the banjo is an African instrument. That has nothing to do with science or technology. Since the guitar is on your list, just saying.

        2. I don’t listen to Muslim cleric or scholars, I follow a Prophet that spread the message of the oneness of God, peace, justice and knowledge. I know right from wrong and I know history. White/christian history is not much better than Arabic/Islamic history.

        3. Heh – another one once again who looks at the Mecca period only.
          Mecca period 12 years of peace preaching – 150 followers
          Medina period of warfare, mass-murder and violent Jihad – the other 99.850 followers suddenly decided to join Mohammed and his merry band of peacemakers.
          Also after his death the 30.000 who were killed because they wanted to leave the glorious Muslim faith. But after 30.000 died, then the remaining 70.000 thought that they would give the religion of peace another chance.
          Sit down and take a good sip of the cup of reason. Or sit in the corner and blame everything in the West just like Japan did who were nuked and whose government was Americanized. I am sure Japan is a war-torn 85-IQ-cousin-marrying hellhole where every bloody sect of Shintoism hates the other one…. wait …. that’s the Middle East which has killed almost 100 million Hindus just for fun and “peace”.
          Nuff said.

        4. You didn’t understand what I was saying. Mohammed preached the Quran and the Quran preaches Peace, justice, etc…
          Now back to history, during his time .. he was a kind merciful man, all the other accusations like being a pedo, murdered or wtvr were made up 200+ years after he died in books called hadith. Historians on the other hand like to view history in their own points of view thus they made up lies to defame him or changes the events.
          After his death, everything got fucked .. murders and killings and everything. I dont deny that. However, its not the religion its bad people.
          Just like Jesus preached peace, love and justice .. The church has its dark age of murder and rape etc.. Does this mean Christianity preaches hate? Ofc not, but its bad people.
          I don’t blame the west, I said it a million times… but when someone blames Islam, I try to show that person that the West/Christianity isn’t so great as they might think

        5. Your perception of the Islam has no basis in reality. Even the Quran is way too violent, though the Hadiths and Suras have to be taken into account as well. ISIS lives like Mohammed did.
          Even based on the pure scripture Mohammed was NOT A PEACEFUL MAN – Rumi, Shamus-I-Tabriz and Kahlil Gibran were. The religion of war of Islam is unreformable – it can only be pushed back with the sword and then forced to live in a secular way if the entire money elite desired that goal. That happend in many Muslim countries between 1950s to 1970s – Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, etc. But I guess the elite decided to wipe the religion out after all. And then they unleashed the natural state of political Islam. In the coming WW3 they will be wiped out with the majority of Muslims dying a gruesome death.
          If Muslims lived according to the concepts you preach, then it would not be a problem, but unfortunately that will never happen.

        6. Hadiths were made 200+ years after Mohammed’s death, How can they be a reliable source of reference? Muslims follow them because rulers, religious leaders, scholars and clerics couldn’t change the Quran so they had to make something up to control the people. They were successful, since now majority of Muslims hold these hadiths higher than the Quran and take them as a source of reference instead of the Quran. Alot of hadith tell people to hate jews and christians, to kill apostates, to marry children, to torture unbelievers, women should cover everything even the face, Jihad with 70 virigins in heaven, dogs are evil, stoning (btw its an old jewish tradition), slavery etc..
          Now when we look at the Quran, none of these things were mentioned? Quran tell us to give charity, to help the poor, God doesnt differentiate between races or gender except by righteousness, family values, women’s rights in marriage and divorce, self defense, people are free to practice what they want, advocates freeing of slaves etc..
          Its not the same person preaching both these things when we compare.
          So Islam is very real to me.. the middle east, Pakistan, Afghanistan are not islam to me. Please do see a video of Edip Yuksel on youtube he explain things better than I do.

        7. In Islam violence is prescriptive that is commanded. In Christianity it cannot be justified in any way unless its self defense.

        8. Mohammed preached the Quran and the Quran preaches Peace, justice, etc…
          Oh go fuck yourself. Who do you think you’re addressing on this forum, Huffington Post subscribers?

        9. Umm instead of attacking me .. you have never even read the Quran to know what is in it.

        10. No, I think I’ll attack you for your sheer ignorance. The quran can promote anything it wants, but it fails to provide wisdom to help its followers create a stable civilization into the modern era.
          But you know, it is a great template for beheading infidels and setting Western countries on fire.

        11. WOW! Amazing contributions to the world, at least you have more than the Super Soaker and peanut butter like your more dusky brethren in Africa.
          There was a -short- time when Islam experienced an age of enlightenment and produced some nice advances to share with the world. But it was short, and then over, never to be repeated again.
          Compare that to the various Christian nations of Europe and the United States, and the Greeks, Romans, etc. in BC times. Here is a -short- list, It would take me another 10 pages to list everything out but then this entire exercise is pointless;
          1) Geometry
          2) Modern Physics
          3) The Scientific Method
          4) Antibiotics / The Sterile Method
          5) The Printing Press / Moveable Type
          6) The Assembly Line / Industrialization
          7) Rotatable Crops / Advanced Agriculture
          8) Telegraph
          9) Telephone
          10) Television
          11) Electricity / The Light Bulb
          12) Refrigeration / AC
          13) Steam Engines
          14) Internal Combustion Engine
          15) Automobiles
          16) Airplanes / Aeronautics
          17) SPACE flight
          18) Xrays, Lasers, MRIs, Advanced EM equipment / theory
          19) Advanced Metallurgy / Steel / Aluminum
          20) Plastics
          21) Applied Superconductivity
          22) Controlled Nuclear Fission
          Read that last one carefully. We harnessed the power of the Sun for christ’s sake. Just as Prometheus brought fire from the gods to mortals.
          Look around your house, your city, your world. Nearly every single thing you use today in your comfy modern technological wonderland was brought to you, in whole, out of the brain of a white male. This hated creature has built the entire world as you know it today.
          So how about a little thanks and fuck off with your relativism bullshit. We are world bestriding giants and geniuses and everyone damn well knows it. This is why now that you have a soapbox you are whining louder than ever. Hope we never get tired of it, because if we do, we may get sick of your ‘cultural appropriation’ and roll your fucking ass back to the subsistence living you were scratching out before we decided to let you exist in paradise.
          More clear now?

        12. “Quran tell us to give charity, to help the poor, God doesnt
          differentiate between races or gender except by righteousness, family values, women’s rights in marriage and divorce, self defense, people are free to practice what they want, advocates freeing of slaves etc..”
          Ok, I could refute all of those just from the Quran, but due to length I’ll stick to a basic aspect of “women’s rights in marriage.” (namely that women in Islamic societies have always had it rougher even compared to other patriarchal societies).
          “Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them.”
          Hadith from Bukhari, Muhammad, “Sahih Bukhari”, Kitab Bhavan, New Delhi, India, 1987, translated by M. Khan ], vol. 7, # 715
          Narrated Ikrima: “Rifaa divorced his wife whereupon Abdur-Rahman married her. Aisha said that the lady came wearing a green veil and complained to her (Aisha) and showed her a green spot on her skin caused by beating. It was the habit of ladies to support each other, so when Allah’s messenger came, Aisha said, ‘I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women. Look! Her skin is greener than her clothes! ‘ ”
          Nearly 90 percent of Afghan women suffer from domestic abuse, according to the United Nations Development Fund for Women. Despite that, there are less than a dozen shelters like this one in Afghanistan, usually run by non-governmental organizations. Abusers are rarely prosecuted or convicted, and most women are afraid to
          say anything. “Their mothers are beaten by their fathers. They’re beaten by their fathers, by their brothers. It’s a way of life,” said Manizha Naderi, director of WAW.
          Statistics in Iran show that 66% of Iranian women, at the beginning of the marriage have been at least physically abused once. Some forms of physical abuse that occur include: biting, bondage, imprisonment in their own home, scratching, hair pulling, and even starving.[2]
          91% of university students polled by the Jordanian Human Right Center approve of wife beating. An earlier study by another organization found out that a majority of WOMEN also supports the right of a husband to beat the wife.
          According to the [National Family Council] report: 83% of Jordanian women approve of wife beating if the woman cheats on her husband 60% approve of wife beating in cases where the wife burns a meal she’s cooking 52% approve of wife beating in case where she’s refused to follow the husband’s orders.
          One in three wives in Qatar suffer physical or psychological violence from the side of their husband.
          London-based Refugee Workers Association Woman’s Group (GIK-DER) revealed disturbing news last week [in November, 2006] that up to 80% Turkish and Kurdish women are victims of domestic violence and sexual harassment. At the same time 70% of Turkish and Kurdish husbands cheat on their wives.
          According to a government study titled “Research on Domestic Violence against Women in Turkey,” 41.9 percent of Turkish women are subjected to physical and sexual violence. Women at a “low-income level” are assaulted at a rate of 49.9 percent, while the number for higher-income women is still high, at 28.7 percent.
          Altogether, 33.7 percent of women said they considered suicide as a solution to their problems.
          According to a report by UN Women released in early July of last year [2011], Turkey tops Europe and the US in the number of incidences of violence against women. Official statistics reveal that four out of 10 women in Turkey are beaten by their husbands.
          South Mediterranean Region
          Violence against women in the home is the main emergency needed to be tackled by the Mediterranean’s southern shores. The phenomenon affects between 40% and 75% of married women, who suffer mainly at the hands of their husbands. This is the glaring figure contained in a study carried out by the Euromed Gender Equality Programme (EGEP), which has been presented at a conference held in Brussels. The ‘Programme to enhance quality between men and women in the Euromed Region’, which is financed by the European Union as part of neighbourhood policy, focussed on nine partner countries between 2008 and 2011: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Syria and Tunisia.

        13. Actually its good that you got a verse.. I am Egyptian btw and my official language is Arabic. Anyways, that verse says men are providers/supporters/maintainers of women .. that is for a healthy society and families. This is what ROK is preaching right? Patriarchy? In the Quran in that verse it just talkes about gender roles.
          Second part is if they are disloyal or arrogant dont sleep with them, if they are still like that then leave them.. whats wrong with that?. Like i said hadith distortions made the word to leave them or seperate from them into strike them. So men in muslim countries beat their wives without remorse.
          Here is a better translation:
          The men are to support the women by what God has gifted them over one another and for what they spend of their money. The reformed women are devotees and protectors of privacy what God has protected. As for those women from whom you fear disloyalty, then you shall advise them, abandon them in the bedchamber, and separate them; if they obey you, then do not seek away over them;God is High, Great.*
          Im against the things they do but corruption from their scholars. And dont quote hadith please they are fabricated

        14. “This is what ROK is preaching right? Patriarchy?”
          Well, I can’t speak for ROK, but the Quran/Islam would be hyper-patriarchy by the standards of my religion. Orthodox Christianity’s version of patriarchy provides the maximum sustainable status for women, but compared to the Quran which permits polygamy, it could be considered feminist.
          “Here is a better translation:”
          What’s your source for that translation? Did you translate that yourself?
          Here’s three more:
          Qur’an 4:34 (Pickthall)—Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret what Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High Exalted, Great.
          Qur’an 4:34 (Shakir)—Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.
          Qur’an 4:34 (Ali)—Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband’s) absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first),(next), refuse to share their beds, (and last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means (of annoyance): For Allah is Most High, Great (above you all).
          “Like i said hadith distortions made the word to leave them or seperate from them into strike them. So men in muslim countries beat their wives without remorse.”
          Why aren’t Shiite countries like Iran less abusive to women than Sunni countries then? They don’t accept accept the authority of the six major Hadith collections of Sunni Islam right?

        15. Shiite do accept the Hadith collections with some differences and differences in other aspects of the religion.
          The translations you got are all based on hadith, scholars that preach and practice them.
          The translation I got is by Edip Yuksel from Quran reformist translation .. he translates the Quran to english without Hadith influence. He made a whole chapter called “Should men beat women” in the beginning proving its againt the Quran.
          Polygamy is another issue, I can also discuss that.

        16. I assume all or most of these achievements precede islam, right? The Persians, etc?

        17. F**kin awesome. Not that your list or rebuttal would ever silence the bitching butthurt bereft-of-self esteem whining social justice wanker apologists.

        18. The Straw Man fallacy is committed when a person simply ignores a person’s actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position. This sort of “reasoning” has the following pattern: Person A has position X.
          Your comment is a massive straw man fallacy.
          Also, I’m a 40-yr-old white American male. You’d know that if you checked my Disqus comment history.
          Cheers, bitch.

      5. “The whites have destroyed Africa and drained it of it’s resources..”
        Try telling the Chinese that.

      6. If you look back carefully you will see he was just citing an example. Also, the Islam practiced back then was more militant. My opinion is that it took the ravages of the second millennium including the collapse of the Holy Roman and Ottoman empires to cause both Christianity and Islam to become less militant that what they used to be. I could be wrong, though, since it’s just a guess on my part.

      7. The only resource Africa is lacking in is a stable and well protected group of white people. Africa is a glittering jewel of a land inhabited by savages.

        1. Yes! First thing I always think about when the argument that whites ruined Africa comes up. Rhodesia was a jewel, and it took Mugabe and Friends only a few years to run it into the ground.

      8. You possess astounding leaps of logic and a complete lack of historical context and understanding of human nature.
        Suck it.

      9. “The whites destabilized the middle east with their gulf war
        interventions and iraq war .. now its another shit hole and breeding
        ground for dictators and terrorists.”
        The Middle East has never been stabilized, especially since the birth of Islam. What modern examples would you present of Islamic countries anywhere in the world not being “another shit hole and breeding ground for dictators AND terrorists”? Perhaps the countries that only have monarchs/dictators who ruthlessly suppress Islamic groups? Or the countries where the monarchs/dictators have been overthrown and only have terrorists?

        1. Umm well 2 most famous terrorist groups now are ISIS and Al-Qaeda, I believe they started to appear after the US destroyed both countries. Its just cause and effect.
          The west support democracy freedom and human rights but they also support the Saudi Royal Family, which is the head of the snake of radical islam.
          The UK (Belford declaration) establishing Israel in palestine. Now when the palestinians fight back they are called terrorists. Yet the holocaust was done by whites not muslims or Arabs.
          The US armed syrian rebels, now its fucked and millions of immigrants are gona cause the downfall of Europe pretty soon.
          The list goes on..

      10. So wrong on so many levels but I will just point 1 example, Zaire aka Democratic Republic Of Congo has an estimated $24 trillion dollars of mineral wealth, combined with vast jungles, yet this country is a hellhole yet all those pesky Europeans are long gone from power…

      11. Idiot.Slavery was mainly promulgated by Dar-al-Islam and African Warlords. You blaming the West is like police blaming drug users rather than dealers. Your self hatred is appalling.
        Slavery IS STILL practiced in both the Middle East and Africa, because Islam is so beautiful and enlightened. Your kind will be the first against the wall.

        1. There is no slavery in the middle east, thats bullshit, I don’t know about Africa tho.
          Prior to Islam Arabs did have slaves, however the Quran tells us to free slaves..some Arabs did some didn’t, how is that the problem of Islam. The problem is Saudi Arabia, the head of the snake, the country that the US loves soo much.

        2. I didn’t deny Arabs played a part in slavery, since I said the Quran tells us to free slaves but some Arabs didnt. I said that to differentiate between Islam and bad people. However, currently there is no slavery in the middle east thats why I said bullshit … But if you want to talk about modern day slavery thats a different story and its everywhere and its not the same thing. Then again, its bad people not Islam.
          I’m sorry but Trump will do nothing about US-Saudi relations, its too strong and there is soo much money and influence involved. Just like him and all the candidates except bernie were pledging their allegiance to AIPAC even tho he said he isn’t controlled or influenced by lobbyist. Some things are out of the presidents hands 🙂

        3. You are walking proof that there is no one more zealous than a convert. Islam is the mortal enemy of the West and has been so since the 7th century. Peace be upon you (until the shit hits the fan anyway).

        4. Islam is not the enemy of the west, all these wars and killings have nothing to do with religion. Its Arabs wanting to impose their culture and ideologies on the world, and the West wants to impose their ideologies and cultures on the world. No difference between the two.
          It would be hypocrisy to blame one side only

        5. You are right, there is little difference between the two….that’s why they are enemies. We are ascendant for now, but thanks to cultural traitors in our midst, this is eroding.

        6. I assume you’re referring to African slavery to the “new world”, and in that case you are right, the influence of Whites is very much overstated. It very much was a trade that was dominated by Arab and Jewish individuals. Many of the largest African slave traders in America, Brasil and the Caribbean were Jewish. That is one of the reasons why the oldest synagogue in America is in Newport Rhode Island which was a key base for the African slave trade.

    3. Amen to the Father God in the sky. The ultimate chauvinist motherfucking Patriarch.
      Western civilization is now a culture of death, weakness, cuckoldry and androgyny.
      I spit on it and I spit on every weakened white male who embraces his genocide. The only answer for survival is to become a ruthless god damn SAVAGE.
      If you commit yourself to mastering your own mind, body and emotions and link up with others of the same heart you bring your own form of order to your environment.
      The ground is ripe for strong men to grab up many forms of social, economic and perhaps even political power.
      Time to embrace the savage heart of your ancestors who did whatever the FUCK they had to do for survival.
      Bring yourself back to what masculinity is really about, strength, honor and the eternal riches of glory told in flowery tales long after your epic death.
      Detach from the progressive hydra. Become stronger, meaner and carved out of motherfuckin stone.

    4. Even if one does not have reason to be proud of one’s ancestors. One can be the 1st to go on the path to greatness so that his descendants too can be proud of what he has accomplished.

      1. Disagree, you need to proud of what you are before others can be proud of what you will become…

        1. If one’s own people were consistently always at the bottom of the totem pole in history. And having scant or nonexistent achievements its hard to be proud of one’s ancestors.
          However that makes an opportunity for oneself to be the 1st of the greats ones own descendants can be proud of.

        2. We’re looking at you Australian Aboriginies…40,000 years of unmolested history and all they invented was a crooked stick that circles back to you…..

    5. I like your cutting insights especially the part about Muslims. I’m a Danish/ British stock who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Political Correctness and assortment of Leftist double speak. My fiance is a red blooded Indian conservative. if you think suicidal Leftist policies only effects the Anglosphere then you will be shocked at the prevalence of Muslim pandering in India. For ages,foreign Muslims conquerors brutalized and humiliated the native Indians under the banner of Allah. They specifically tried their level best to desecrate temples and burn down entire repositories of knowledge simply because there is no copy of Quran. Yet the modern day cucked Indian politicians bend over backwards to appease the parasitical Muslims leeches. In fact, during my stay in India, there were many monuments and roads that are named after Muslims conquerors that raped and pillaged their way through the Indian sub continent.

      1. Yeah – Islam has destroyed many temples and libraries while copying few texts and selling it as their inventions.
        And what has been done to Indians is even worse than what was done to Christians and Jews. There is a basis in Islam about it, since Mohammed at least gave Christians and Jews the option of a Jizya and living as second class citizens under sharia. Hindus were seen as polytheists and thus free to either kill, enslave or having to convert. Apart from that the Arab faith is highly racist and Indians as well as blacks (word for black – ABED is the same as for slave) are even seen as much lower on the totem pole as the rest of humanity.
        No surprise about India being owned by the same traitors who wish to appease Islam. Still – the best days of India are still ahead, even if it will take them some time to eliminate setbacks like the caste system.

        1. You just have to see how cuckolded Indians responded to the death penalty given to Indian Parliament attacker and avowed Allah Snackbar adherent Afzal Guru. They took to the streets to protest his death penalty. My future wife enlightened me about the long, painful history of meek Indian politicians and slacktivist pandering to Mudslime terrorist.Jawaharlal National University (JNU) is a fertile breeding ground for anti-nationalist cucks. Just follow the link to get more of an insight into this madness currently gripping India.

    6. Over a century ago a white man came and brought civilization to my people on the island Borneo. Before his arrival my people were under the rule of Muslim Sultans of Brunei for centuries but we were too remote and wild to be subjugated that easily. Somehow that one white man was able to taught us how to conduct self government, open up trades and industries and let in Christianity to seep in mere decades. If only the Imperial Japanese didn’t attacked us then we would’ve been another country in the region instead being absorbed into another Muslim country.
      I’m a bit torn about my heritage. On one side I am proud that my people were feared warriors. On another the warrior activities are just piracy and slave taking-not something I want to be proud of. Recently the state government announced that there will be a new state holiday celebrating local warriors with the British as the main bad guy. I was perplexed by this because most of the heroes were disgruntled warlords who were told to stop with their piracy ways while the British only held on to our land for two years after World War 2 while their desperately looked for anyone else to take us in.

      1. Not all cultures are equal and neither are all colonists. The true elite worldwide opposes European white leadership because they have been proven to organize well and fight back against oppression.
        Since the goal of them is a Brave New World, then they must whitewash and change history. They are whitewashing Muslim history and changing even facts like the first couple hundred thousand slaves being White in the US.
        Never mind if the advances of society brought by Whites were superior to Muslim barbarism – what matters to them is that the propaganda is upheld.

        1. I will never forget who the Bolsheviks were, they murdered millions of Slavs, mainly Russians, over 80% of them were the ever blameless jews

        2. I have heard that from alot of Russians, and I ask this not in jest, but is there any documentation on this that could be read? I would like to read up.

        3. Most of the “Russians” you’ve met most likely were immigrants in the West, most of them not even being Russians (Russian speaking Jews, Ukrainians et cet). Also dont forget most of the Slavic Russians living in the West would keep their opinions to themselves out of fear of reprisal (like me). Here’s a list of the early Bolsheviks, you can do your own research: http://www.heretical.com/miscellx/bolshies.html

        4. Cheers. Something my wife had to set straight for me… jews in the slavic sense in an ethnic group while in the west they are minortiy relegious group that come in all shapes and sizes. Any case, most slavs I have met are directly from eastern Europe or Russia.

        5. Then my guess most of them were a Liberal, self-loathing, West adoring kind. Besides, why would they open up to you on such a sensitive subject? Its not like they were on an anonymous forum like this one.

        6. that’s not true. Bolsheviks were comprised of every possible ethnical and religious identity – and killed people regardless of their ethic identity either, including Jews
          in Russia most victims were “slavs” because – guess what? – they were the majority of the population. in Georgia most victims were Georgians, in Ukraine – Ukrainians etc.

        7. there’s no “sensitive object”. all info is freely available to everybody. there maybe one “sensitive object” – is that most people have no idea who makes up the majority of population in Russia. there’s a reason why most of the world’s communist atrocities happened in Russia and China.

        8. this is NOT a quote from Solzhenitsyn. it’s a quote from David Duke – who claimed that Solzhenitsyn told him this when they met in Moscow in 2002. i can’t find any evidence of such a meeting – if you can feel free to post. i also wonder why David Duke didn’t disclose this “quote” for 11 years – as he only published it in 2013.

        9. so what exactly is the point of this picture? the people on the pic are not Jews – they are Russian peasants and workers (who of course were the major force who enabled every single act of the communist regime – as well as its main victim).

        10. Keep twisting shill. Solzhenitsyn’s literature is very critical of the Jewish Bolsheviks and communist influence.
          There will be no constant flow of Hollywood movies depicting the Christian genocide in Russia or the Holocaust of Holodomor in Ukraine.

        11. Bolsheviks = historical SJW’s on major Steroids.
          Ethnicity was used where possible to maximise “quota’s” for extermination, in the end it had nothing much to do about race, it was more about getting the maximum numbers of those who dare oppose the current narrative, this was all sponsored by wealthy individuals similar to George Soros, Bill Gates, etc for humanitarian purposes, as warped as their ideas might be.

        12. did you read Solzhenitsyn?
          do you blindly trust everything he said? then i guess you know that Solzhenitsyn was simply put a Zionist – he supported the State of Israel and Zhabotinsky was his hero. when Shimon Peres came to Moscow as the president of Israel, one of the first things he did was paying a visit to Solzhenitsyn – and they had a cordial meeting. go ahead post it on dailystroller.

      1. only Jews did NOT kill anyone in Sabra and Shatila – it were Lebanese Christians who did it.

        1. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51yl%2BivxEDL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg
          This book details Israel’s divide and conquer tactics used against neighbouring rivals Lebanon. Israel subvert terrorist attacks and false flag operations with the intent of fostering civil war and hatred between the different religious sects.
          A Malaysian court found them guilty of warcrimes of the fact.
          Its not dissimilar to the Lavon affair where American civilian targets were targeted by Israelis agents.
          Son of former Israeli general Miko Peled rejects Israeli brutal oppression of Palestine, go’s into great detail the war crimes they commit and dispels the great myths of the Zionist state. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCKWDarNdGw

        2. and yet Israel did not kill anyone in Sabra and Shatila.
          so i don’t understand why did you took the trouble of posting pics from an event in 1980s where Israelis did NOT kill anyone, then post another lengthy post trying to justify your post about an event where Israel did NOT kill anyone – all while you could just post some pics from the 2014 Gaza conflict? i don’t get it.

        3. “The Defendant Amos Yaron perpetrated War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide in his capacity as the Commanding Israeli General in military control of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Israeli occupied Lebanon in September of 1982 when he knowingly facilitated and permitted the large-scale Massacre of the Residents of those two camps in violation of the Hague Regulations on Land Warfare of 1907; the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949; the 1948 Genocide Convention; the Nuremberg Charter (1945), the Nuremberg Judgment (1946), and the Nuremberg Principles (1950); customary international law, jus cogens, the Laws of War, and International Humanitarian Law”
          “From 1948 and continuing to date the State of Israel (hereafter ‘the Defendant’) carried out against the Palestinian people a series of acts namely killing, causing serious bodily harm and deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction.
          The conduct of the Defendant was carried out with the intention of destroying in whole or in part the Palestinian people. These acts were carried out as part of a manifest pattern of similar conduct against the Palestinian people.

  4. This is 2016. Most white people are tired of apologizing for being white and then being blamed for all the world’s problems when it is obvious that they have nothing to do with the actual problem. Maybe back in the 50’s and 60’s whites had some sort of moral obligation to end segregation and give minorities a chance. I think those who felt this way did make a good faith effort to do so. But after fifty years of welfare, food stamps, affirmative discrimination, and another 50+ programs targeted to help minorities, enough is enough. It is time to end the charade.

      1. I don’t necessarily think they did, but I think it is fair to say that many whites did feel a moral obligation at the time that was genuinely felt.

        1. With the benefits of hindsight I can certainly see what you are saying. But put yourself in the shoes of a politician/policy maker in say 1960. I’ve read the debates of the Civil Rights Act and the Monihyan report. The white folks that supported these movements were far from their modern SJW equivalent. I think they were acting in good faith and believed that after ten to twenty years of intervention minorities would get back on their feet. Of course, that was not the case. And, this is probably why “the path to hell is paved with good intentions”.

        2. The core problem is addressing perceived problems without checking if they are actual. That’s because of political turnaround being short in part, and in part because it is an easy out for stupid and shortsighted people.
          It’s maybe brutal but it’s the truth nonetheless.
          And yes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, when facts go out the window and it becomes about feelings.

        3. Well the facts at the time were blacks were treated differently under the color of the law at least in about 15 states or so. The intention was at the time that social change intervention would result in minorities living like white families. I think that the communist insurgency of the Civil Rights movement ultimately was its downfall. No longer was it about legal equality, but some sort of fabricated social equality that we are now dealing with still today. The idea that through social engineering we can make everyone “equal” in not only the eyes of the law, but in all other things.

        4. But the point for me is that you cannot legislate away genetic differences, blacks as a larger group will never and can’t ever get to the same level simply because of IQ.
          The whole idea of it being bad to treat people different had to go and die in a bush somewhere, it is not logical to set every level to the lowest common denominator.

        5. I think there was a good legal argument that “discrimination” against minorities was a violation of the law (including the 14th Amendment). Whether or not that was good public policy is certainly debatable. But, for better or worse we adopted the 14th Amendment. Genetic difference, which I believe do exist, were probably understood as a matter of common knowledge, but it wasn’t until we tried to socially engineer society that is became validated knowledge. Of course, no “academic” is going to conduct an actual scientific study into the question, but there is enough ancillary data out there to validate that blacks and other minorities have, in general lower IQs, then whites.

        6. There are scientific properly conducted studies out there. Check Helmuth Nyborgs work for example, he is funny in that he wished the would have found less marked differences.
          US black population average is if I remember correctly 82.5IQ which is contrasted to about 101 for whites. Depending on study of course, but they all show differences that are in orders of 10s of points of IQ.
          Other thing is women are a standard deviation of 3-7 points below men for any race/demographic.
          Edit to add my numbers are my own, but some match what Nyborg found exactly.

        7. noone wants handouts from whites,we just want you to stop barring us from wealth wich didnt belong to you.we largely see whites as a nuisance and a pest that wont go away.

        8. Well assuming you are speaking from the pulpit of being a minority, I can assure you that the feeling is mutual. I understand your ancestors did not get here under their own free will, but let’s level for a minute and acknowledge that was 150 years ago. Also, mostly unrestricted immigration has resulted in more of you coming into this country. There are plenty of black majority countries to which you can go if you like. (I know there is a reason why you don’t want to actually go though as they are all shitty and run by strongman dictators). But, most of us white folk are tired of feeling like strangers in our own land. Expect that to become more of a common sentiment as the left continues to turn the screws. What happens as a result is their fault and their fault alone.

        9. If you live in the West you are not barred from wealth. There is no law preventing minorities from getting good degrees, jobs, etc.

        10. Whites have no wealth that doesn’t belong to them. That’s class warfare and race-agitation BS.
          Minorities in western countries have total equal opportunity for wealth and success…. but if and only if they have equal intelligence, education, motivation, technical expertise, work ethic, etc. In most cases, they don’t.
          There is a reason the white western countries are prosperous, clean, and relatively safe. Yet Africa never was and never will be…. unless millions of whites or northeast Asians flood in.
          It ain’t about “white privilege”…. it’s about white ability.
          And you see whites as “a nuisance and a pest that won’t go away.” I see whiny race-victims like you the same way

        11. You probably feel like a stranger in your land because this isn’t your land (U.S.). If white people weren’t so industrious and domineering we wouldn’t have these problems. You should have stayed home and left other men to their own devices in their own lands. You feel like strangers in your own land because you aren’t fucking your women enough and your birth rates are too low. You allowed white guilt to turn you into apathetic pussies and kowtowed to the feminist agenda to the point of turning huge swaths of your young male population into homosexuals and transsexuals. Leading further to your decline. Whites have completely fucked this shit up for everybody, most especially other whites.

        12. So we should have left naive Americans to there own barbaric devices? Funny.
          And if we kept ourselves to our homeland (Western Europe) it would have just been invaded by third world maggots anyhow.
          Apparently you know nothing about the doctrine of conquest. That is what happened to the old inhabitants of this land and probably what is going to happen to those who are yeah yeah diversity.
          Only the pussies have allowed the pussification of whites. They are not the majority. Wait until “the end” comes. Then we will see what happens. (Teaser…it won’t be good for the old multi-culti folks.)

        13. The multi cult folks now outnumber whites globally. Yes, you should have left naieve Americans to their barbarous devices. Whites were ran out of their homelands by other whites. The majority of whites unfortunately do suffer from the pussification. You don’t have to wait for the end it’s already here. You need to start developing more colonies in the vein of your hutterite brethren. Those are the type of people who will survive and rebuild the earth when shit really hits the fan. People like you will be the first to go. When all is said and done. The ones left will be those remote Africans living in huts wearing loin cloths, hutterites, Mennonites, Amish, etc, and other ethnics that still adhere to their ancient cultures.

        14. thats a doublespeak or something?anyway,the americas resources do not belong to whites,it belongs to us,and after your birth rates are depleted and or peak oil an emp attack etc we can finally send you back to europe and build your wonderfull ”society”there.

        15. If you “native americans” had been capable of producing anything great in America, you would have done it before you had your asses handed to you by European colonists and immigrants. Before the Europeans came, why didn’t your people explore, create, invent, build, or civilize anything? Why did Europe have great castles and buildings, symphony orchestras, great art, astronomy, the rule of law, books and printing, universities, and was exploring and conquering the world? Why weren’t “native americans” doing anything even remotely close? You were no better than sub-Saharan Africans, the negroids, except that your people had straight hair.
          You lost your landmass to a superior conqueror who created the most powerful and prosperous nation in history. Get over it, young fellow.
          And you would have a lot more credibility if you would give up using your computer or smart phone, car, TV, indoor plumbing, and other inventions of the mean old Europeans. LOL.

        16. did you read the links?the oldest civilization was the missippian mound culture,stretched from arkansas until pensylvannia.its kingdoms were huge until hernando de soto .read up on tuskaloosa.also the amazon has civilizations from 1000 BC at the very latest,probabely,much earlier.www.Mexica-movement.org/ACCOMPLISHMENTS.htm

        17. http://www.mexica-movement.org/ACCOMPLISHMENTS.htm mound builder culture.the Mexica empires.the incas.the tankawa.the amazon civilizations wich go back to 1000 BCE.all these were more advanced technologically and socially than europe a the time,most natives became hunter gatherers AFTER european genocide,in the 1400s most had been agricultural at the very least,not that i even accept your premise or paradigm of agricultural neolithic societies being ”superior”to communalistic (relatively)anarchic groups and ways of living,oh and ill be rooting for the arabs in europe lol good luck with that quran.

        18. Russia is the last great white hope. I love how you guys never make mention of your inbred white trash cousins lol @ Moldova, Romania, Georgia, Albania , Bosnia, etc.

    1. As an Ethnic Asian, I will say that I owe the white race a great deal :
      1. Teaching me about civilization and civilized behavior
      2. Teaching me about justice and honesty, and the evils of corruption
      3. Teaching me and sharing with me the Christian Faith
      Thank you so very much, white race. I owe you all a great deal, and it’s on me and mine to make sure what you have given me does not die with me.

    1. I like to think that those libertarian scum hijacked the term social justice. I prefer to use the original meaning: Equity for all. So after being given EQUAL opportunities (read: NO special privileges except if those privileges are to give an equal starting point), any train wreck those fools bring on themselves shouldn’t be propped by the state. If stupid wealthy individuals want to prop em up, all the glory and idiocy to them, but the state STAYS OUT of it.

  5. No one regardless of their race should apologize for it. Everyone should be proud of their ancestors and their blood and any ideology, individual, or group that would have you be ashamed of your blood is a cancer. Every white man should be proud to be white and to be a man as every black man should be proud to be black and be a man. I found when I embraced my own culture it allowed me to not hate on others because I had my own. Likewise when I embraced my masculinity it allowed me to enjoy femininity on a much deeper level. I am unapologetically white and proud of it.

    1. You said it, especially about proud to be a man. While I am white, and proud of my heritage, I am SO thankful and happy and lucky to be a man. I am thankful for having logic and reason. I am thankful I do not bleed from my private parts for 25% of my life. And I’m thankful I am strong and independent. I am thankful that I age gracefully, and that I have more power and wealth as time goes on, and that my value to others increases. I am thankful for having a sperm count that rejuvenates in a matter of minutes, and never “runs dry”. I am thankful that a sexual encounter with someone of the opposite sex never ends in me becoming pregnant and increases, not decreases my sexual market value. I am thankful that I am the prize, that I am the master, and that I am in control of my emotions, my future, and my destiny. I am man. Hear me roar!

    2. Great quote I read somewhere, credit to the author whoever you are.
      “There is no reason a white man of today should apologise to a black man of today for what a white man of yesterday did to a black man of yesterday”
      Change colours as you see, get over it and stop the blame game, man up, pull up the boot straps and be a man, what ever race you are and check religion out at the door, educate and think for yourself.
      I am of Northern Germanic [Frisian] descent, proud of what my people have achieved in the past and will still achieve in the future.

  6. Talking about white pride in a blog owned by a non white…world must be crazy….

    1. It’s less about blind pride, but more about not feeling ashamed or guilty. Even many brown people are now seeing that the media is pushing anti-White propaganda.

      1. By “brown” do you mean Latino, or what? Because there are probably no more than 15-20 blacks in the entire USA who have a problem with the media is pushing an anti-white agenda. In fact, they are eating it up.

    2. An honorable man will always find a common ground with another honorable man, regardless of background

      1. The concept of an honorable man also implies he is married, and has assets. So he has things to lose.
        And to me unmarried men are somewhat questionable until I know a good reason why.

    3. Plenty of Persians look white to me. Laci Green’s father came from Iran, for example, like Roosh’s.

  7. I have no use for these inferior creatures. What are they to me? Nothing but worthless garbage taking up space and wasting valuable resources. My ancestors built this World, and they can take a long walk out or BE REMOVED!

  8. We shall cast away those liberal whites who do apologize for being white. Weaklings should be weeded out and shunned with contempt

    1. Yawn. Do you know how many % are trannies? Less than 1%.
      I think there are more pressing issues than the bathroom choice of 0.2% of people.

      1. You are right. However, do we choose what fights the Jew Left choose to make prominent?

        1. Ever fuck a Jew? They are good in the sack, like wild monkeys good. They know what it takes to keep a culture going for thousands of years lol.

        2. You’re right, they do. They know how tribalism works and the power of its function. That has little to nothing to do with how a kike-monkey fucks you in the STD sack.

        3. I’ve never had an STD in my life – friends who were also fucking around always complaining about it. But I have never had one… I have notch counts like they do but they still call me too picky hahaha.. I never aim for a girl that I would not raw dog. That’s my criteria.

        4. That’s cool man. I just don’t fuck girls who aren’t white. They don’t look attractive to me.
          To each their own though, more power to you.

        5. This makes me wonder are you 100% white? The only people I know that had this bias weren’t.

      2. Check any blue-pilled twitter or Facebook, and you will see it filled with this tripe.

      3. Ah, I have read you are Scandinavian. Perhaps you don’t see what the USA is bringing forth on the battle fronts.

        1. I think you want to have some fun time with a tranny from how much you obsess over the issue.
          I work in a company where there are gender reassigned people as they like to call it, and I have never given a shit about it.

        2. Yeah, you are right. That’s all I fantasize over. I’m glad your big superior brain has little old me figured out.
          On a serious note, to anyone who cares that they are starting the trend of letting trannies visit whatever bathroom they want in the USA, start resisting this shit now.
          Of course, as the tranny loving Noth666 has explained (rightly) there are bigger issues afoot. But, when is an issue ever to small when it deals with the left’s degenerate agenda?
          Apparently Noth666 is the type who would let a dildo enter his ass just because it wasn’t causing as much discomfort as the guy peeling the skin off his finger.
          I say, why make a distinction?

        3. Hahahahahahaha don’t tell me you really tried hard now, because that would just be embarrassing wouldn’t it?
          When did you last visit a toilet with a gender segregation officer enforcing the correct choice? I’m seriously curious, because I have never visited one.
          Do you also want to put officials in people’s private toilets to enforce separate ones?
          Do you not think that this kind of thing concerning 0.2% of the population at max is going to sort itself out?
          I don’t think the government is the answer to anything, it’s the cause of a lot of issues. You apparently think otherwise.

        4. Today. At noon. Like I said…I don’t think this is an issue for you but it could be coming your way. Think about it when you have sisters, daughters, nieces, visiting tranny toilets. Maybe then you’ll change your tune.
          You don’t think the government answers to anything. Who do you expect is going to keep them in check. Dissidents on their own payroll?

        5. Do you think I would let a tranny or freak enter a bathroom my wife or daughter is in? No.
          Do you not think I’m right outside?
          I’m taking care of my women myself, I don’t need laws for this kind of thing. Even if it ever became an issue I don’t think I’d want more government to fix it.

        6. Well you would probably take the route most of us would take if we noticed such an incursion. The fact is the laws and policies HERE are ALLOWING this kind of incursion, and will have the interloper (you and I) prosecuted for violating said laws. If the government is breaking it, it either takes a whole lot us people fixing it (you and I, via action and knowledge dispersion) ,or the government to realize we aren’t approving of this shit and to not allow aforementioned policies to go on the books.

        7. If you “take care of your women yourself” here where the laws are changing the before the government changes their course of action, have fun hanging out in orange while you await your trial.

        8. Heh I have beaten people up, used guns to get my way, and guess what happened to me?
          Jail for a night. And the cops pat me on the back when they let me out. Because I do what they can’t sometimes.
          Never once out of 30+ assaults have gone beyond review and dismissal.

  9. White people should and, as we seen, are not proud of slavery even if they or their ancestors haven’t participated much in it BUT if you are blamed and take everything the SJWs, aggressive idiots or the like blame on you then it’s pretty clear to me that You Care About What Some Idiot Has To Say! Don’t buy into their bullshit like a sniggering diva on television. By giving them attention you prove that you care.

  10. I would never even consider apologizing for being white. Here I offer 0 reasons why:

    1. I can think of one reason to apologize for being White: we are too kind-hearted toward outsiders.

      1. Very true. Maybe ol’ Nietzsche was right about Christianity. Though I hate to say it.

  11. The “whiite privledge” jihad is being waged by leftist whites trying to control other whites aligned with leftist political parties. Outside of their instutions, education media, poltiics.. everyone sees through it.
    Tip for those in school: Every white student should claim to be black on public forms and tution assitance applications. If you are ever called out, demand whatever “blood purity tests” they purpose to access how black you are. It shuts them up quick as it is obvious what slippery slope this leads (and there are no such tests).

  12. This is so typical for all the white losers that hang around on sites like this. They LOVE to glorify the ancient Greeks and Romans and LOVE to bash non-whites on their history. But when someone bashes whites on the negative parts of their history, like slave trade and killing people in the name of Christianity, they’re all like:
    – I didn’t live during that time, so don’t blame me
    – I don’t descend from the people who did that, so don’t blame me
    – I don’t feel responsible for someone else’s deeds, so don’t blame
    Yeah, you also didn’t live during the time of the Greeks and Romans, you probably don’t descend from them either and you didn’t contribute to their deeds, but still you LOVE to glorify them, like they’re ‘your’ people. The hypocrisy is big on this topic. Just accept the fact that white people have to deal with the negative parts of their history which shaped today’s world. The negative parts are actually more relevant than what some Greek hermit invented 2500 years ago.

    1. Hahaha troll much muppet?
      I’m a proud descent of the Vikings who savaged, pillaged and raped their way into the mythos of peoples of a thousand years ago.
      And tbh I’m still like that, get in my face with stupid enough shit and I’ll smash you into the ground like a sack of potatoes.
      You can always selectively pick shit to make an argument like yours and the end of it is that it doesn’t really matter to anyone.

    2. What I respect about the ancient Greeks AND Egyptians is the wisdom, culture, and civilization, they had. The civilizations they left behind. Wisdom and philosophy even people like you can benefit from today.
      And you’re right; I didn’t do any of that shit so don’t blame me.
      Only thing I deal with is what I take responsibility for today. I can’t do shit about the past.
      So I owe nobody a damn thing. Not an apology, a reparation, self-hatred, etc.
      If ever I glorify anyone it will not be some left-wing, communist, socialist, piece of arrogant shit, that has no respect for anything or anyone except how you can force yourself on freedom loving people.

    3. Slavery wasn’t an exclusively “white” thing the way civilization, technology, science, and progress are.

    4. I actually prefer the “negative ” parts – all the conquest, looting, joyful destruction, all the blood-soaked history, because that’s what Darwinian selection looks like. I regret that my Finnish Ancestors were too isolated on the far cold Northern edge of Europe, and too busy trying to survive, to participate in all of that in any major way (although our struggle to survive was certainly Darwinian selection in action also ).

  13. Great article. I have never been afflicted by white guilt. I feel no accountability for deeds my ancestors and predecessors may or may not have done.
    Medicine, architecture, roads and bridges, planes, automobiles, telephones and computers, etc. This is what mostly white people have created for the world. No matter your race or religion or sexuality or political convictions, you are free to benefit from these inventions, developments, and innovations.
    When I say people ought to thank God for white people, this is what I mean. All the advancements that make life better. Things that the caveman could only daydream about, at best.
    As for SJWs and their ilk, they can all go to hell.

  14. White people are simply a toxic race of people. All the shit that is going on in today’s world can be traced back to the actions of some pale-skinned loser who wanted to make money or get status and didn’t care about the future generations who have to deal with the consequences.

    1. I wish your family gets cancer and all white developed medical care is denied to them. And I wish for you to get to watch it all.

    2. Which do you drive, BMW or Mercedes-Benz? Perhaps a Cadillac Escalade?
      And who makes these fine automobiles?
      And where are they manufactured?
      Do you carry a Glock?
      Wish you owned a Gulfstream G650?
      Do you wear Armani?
      Who created all this stuff?
      What color is their skin, again?
      In you line of work, do you help people or help yourself?
      Does it seem that these things, among others, are made by losers?

      1. Don’t engage lol, just insult them so they get anxiety and can’t type anymore..

  15. #2 A’s we have seen, is completely ignored by media and academia. Plus, when they must face those facts: it is systematically a white person’s fault. In this manner, they themselves deny each other moral agency.

  16. Remember guys, if you decide to feel guilt for serLAYverehh and colonialism and all that other shit. On the flip side, you might as well take credit for personally inventing every fucking thing ever made.
    Apart from peanut butter.

    1. At least we know how much money Harriet Tubman fetched on the slave market now.

  17. Reminds me of a joke I heard. A rabbi subscribed to various anti-Semitic publications and read every issue avidly. One of his fellow Jews asked why he did that. The rabbi replied that this literature cheered him up because it says that the Holocaust didn’t happen and the Jews run the world.
    I feel that way about the social-justice propaganda which shows powerful and competent white men as the villains. If women, diversity hires and random nonhuman thingies have to combine their weak forces to defeat the Bad White Man, who really has the superpowers here?

    1. Hahaha I know several Jews who would love that joke, I’ll keep it for he next time I meet them. And you are right indeed, bundled together they barely have the strength to keep us a bit down.
      The forward force of evolution is the white man in the human race!

  18. I Agree with this Article,Im native american and I wont apologize for striving for a full relclamation of my continent,wether it be Thru demographic outbreeding of other races,nuclear warfare,EMP attack and repopulation by unmixed Brazil Tribes.this may take thousands of years,it could take 60,who knows,only god knows it.I do however,have a problem with liberals,why?well,they arent honest.Every white lib girl ive talked to wanted to turn out country into a melting pot of cultures and just wanted everyone to get along,and eventually become a racially admixed populace.I dont want that.they dont reconize native american rights,many native lands they think should belong to animals .I like an honest enemy.if all whites wer e openly ethnocentric and amoral,instead of pretending otherwise,my people would also be more ethnocentric and sociopathic in getting our stuff returned.
    thats that.I just dont want a halfway opponment who pretend and folls my people,that whites can ever be the friends of natives,or that theyve changed,theyre for their interests,and were for ours,by any means.

    1. Some of my ancestry is Native American. I like your comments.
      Most of my ancestry is English. Best thing to ever come out of England is the Beatles.
      Unlike too many Americans, I have no interest in their royal family. Biggest welfare recipients on Earth.
      Good luck man.

      1. Id actually side with whites in a war against say china or russia,why?because whites are our enemies and we hate them,ut theyr stull”our”enemiesif that makes anys ence.theyre here and we have a story with them.good and bad .
        I do not approve of immigraton to US from anywhere and I dont buy POC solidarity,in an american context(of course outside of america and canada,I can care about any human being,Im mostly liberal outside of a american setting),every liberal ive talked to either believes america should be their white saviour experimental lab,a sodom and gommorhah,or a wildlife reserve lol they also rank antive americans on the lowest on the minority poll,as theyre only 5 million in the us,and dont have much plitical say,so of course when natives have higher police killing rates than african americans,it gets shrugged.when native americans have extremely high number of rapes by outsiders due to a law wich states that native reserves can only arrest native members,you dont hear it on the news.

        1. Feel the same way about your people. We fought a long and brutal war and the outcome was by no means predetermined until about 1870 or so. This has made us enemies, but intimate enemies. I don’t feel bad about being on the winning side, and white libs only do so because they don’t understand the existential nature of the conflict. Nor do they understand that your people could be just as ruthless, mendacious and genocidal as we were.

        2. oh definately,there were alot of complex scenarios.most colonists at one point were allied with natives,and natives frequentely allied with one euro group to get back at an enemy tribe,itslargely our iniquity and complacency as a people that led toour demise,,just as your iniquity and greed for example is killing your civilization in 2016.we had spiritual men that tried to save us,but we hadnt listened to them because of our lust for wealth(the fur trade for example),jus tas im sure the great spirit wills end u seers,(alan watts and terence mckenna were to me great white prophets)but you wont listen.

        3. I agree with you about these obnoxious White Liberals, including the “wannabe” Whites with their “spirit catchers ” dangling in their cars and their home book shelves full of “New Age” books filled with bogus “Native American spirituality”. I can’t tell you how much I detest them!

        4. White liberals always claim native ancestry lol even if its true they probabely got it from slavery ,but they dont mention that theyre ancestors were slavers.its easy to be liberal when youre on top and dont face many threats.

    2. I am that honest enemy, that openly ethnocentric and amoral (toward anyone outside of my gene pool ) White Man who you seek. Darwinian struggle will determine who will inherit the world, as it always has.

      1. IDK,Im sure there are natural reinforcing statutes of the universe,one of them is you cant consume more than you have,or youll die,and thats basically whats killing your civilization in all ways.China,too will be destroyed by its own hands and industrial pollution.people dont follow certain morals because they feel giddy-nitty but because its to the benefit of the person practicing it,your continent is in death throes,and your fertility rates are abhorrent,its not really ”if ”america wil be returned to natives but when.

  19. as for the rest,the north american continent had more advanced civilizations than europe,one being Cahokia,even the natives in brazil had large civilizations wich just last yr and 2008 were excavated,most of south america was actually domesticated not just the andes and grassland.our expertise in technology was greater than any other people of the time,including our city planning,hygiene and other factors youc na read about here
    Myth of pristine Amazon rainforest busted as old cities reappear
    By Fred Pearce
    Dreamscape: the Amazon was once lined with fields and plazas (Image: Mario Tama/Getty)
    The first Europeans to penetrate the Amazon rainforests reported cities, roads and fertile fields along the banks of its major rivers. “There was one town that stretched for 15 miles without any space from house to house, which was a marvellous thing to behold,” wrote Gaspar de Carvajal, chronicler of explorer and conquistador Francisco de Orellana in 1542. “The land is as fertile and as normal in appearance as our Spain.”
    Such tales were long dismissed as fantasies, not least because teeming cities were never seen or talked about again. But it now seems the chroniclers were right all along. It is our modern vision of a pristine rainforest wilderness that turns out to be the dream.
    What is today one of the largest tracts of rainforest in the world was, until little more than 500 years ago, a landscape dominated by human activity, according to a review of the evidence by Charles Clement of Brazil’s National Institute of Amazonian Research in Manaus, and his colleagues.
    After Europeans showed up, the inhabitants were decimated by disease and superior weaponry, and retreated into the bush, while the jungle reclaimed their fields and plazas. But, thanks to a combination of deforestation and remote sensing, what’s left of their civilisation is now re-emerging.
    They reveal an anthropogenically modified Amazonia before the European conquest. “Few if any pristine landscapes remained in 1492,” says Clement. “Many present Amazon forests, while seemingly natural, are domesticated.”
    Amazon domesticity
    The evidence for this radical rethink has been stacking up for some time. Archaeologists have uncovered dense urban centres that would have been home to up to 10,000 inhabitants along riverbanks, with fields and cultivated orchards of Brazil nuts, palm and fruit trees stretching for tens of kilometres. Remote sensing has revealed extensive earthworks, including cities, causeways, canals, graveyards and huge areas of ridged fields that kept crops like manioc, maize and squash clear of floods and frosts.
    Meanwhile, agriculturalists have discovered that many forest soils have been mulched and composted with waste. These fertile “dark earths”, or terra preta, may cover 150,000 square kilometres, much of it now reclaimed by rainforests. Before the arrival of Europeans, the region’s population may have reached 50 million.
    The remains date back 3000 years or more, say the authors, who include geographerWilliam Denevan of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and anthropologistMichael Heckenberger of the University of Florida at Gainesville – both pioneers of the idea that the Amazon has long been modified by humans.
    Not everyone agrees. Dolores Piperno of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama recently argued that “recent investigations of soils in parts of the western Amazon… found little vegetation disturbance“.
    Clement and his co-authors agree that “the idea of a domesticated Amazonia… contrasts strongly with reports of empty forests, which continue to captivate scientific and popular media”.
    But the idea of a domesticated Amazon complements research in other rainforest regions, including the Congo basin and South-East Asia, that also suggest that much of what seems pristine is actually regrowth after dense human occupation. Erle Ellis of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, says such evidence suggests that we should be dating the start of the Anthropocene – the era of human domination of the planet – to thousands of years ago rather than in the middle of 20th century.
    Contrary to a view of the americas being a pristine wildlife full of naked tribes,it was abustling place with a high living standard and millions of people.we were fine without the white man,and we only regressed because of the white man .

    1. You mean all those ancient hippies who were living as “one” with nature that were still in the Stone Age and had not yet discovered the wheel?

      1. they did have the wheel,read the link,they just used it for either hauling food or they used it as tools on clays.

  20. Have never screwed someone over because of race or culture. Fuck the race industry and their unpaid warriors. It’s that simple.
    Moving on.

  21. Im going to say one last comment on this ,its largely white greed thats the issue not ethnics or liberals.must
    ado add i dont believe the euro man is uniquely evil,But I do believe his
    evil is greater than all others in action,and his evil and subduing
    is one of the mind,and not merely the flesh,so its more sinister.I mean dominator/hierarchical structures and religions ,and also neurotic westasian mythologies .
    what I do know,is that its the white mans fault for his own decline,his
    greed in bringing in immigrants,his delusional egocentrism is thinking
    hes superior because of his small (I mean tiny compared to other
    civilizations)time ruling on this earth ,his white saviour complex but
    also manifest destiny.
    no ethnic is forcing you to bring in cheap labour or be greedy and moneyhoarding
    no ethnik is forcing you to use fiat money
    no ethnic is forcing your women to be sluts and have abysmall fertility rates
    no brown man is forcing you to abandon social mores wich were ment to keep society in check.youre overconsuming what you have,you dont need huge houses and cars,you could reasonabely live well in a trailer with rain water and solar energy.whats destroying your people,is largely your spiritual sicknesses.youre not a content people,and that stems from your misguided religions and warped view of spirituality.

    1. Eh? White men made the fucking internet you are using to troll people on and the whatever you use to connect to it. We literally made this anti white speech possible so how the fuck!?
      My genes will be here 1000s of years after your bullshit ideology is wiped off the map.

        1. I think you need to update your disaster scenario portfolio man, neither of those would even pose a major threat at this point.

        1. Because you said so? Or do you have some more profound reason that you would care to share?

    2. “What’s destroying your people is largely your spiritual sicknesses. You’re not a content people, and that stems from your misguided religions and warped view of spirituality.”
      One of the more salient points I’ve ever read on RoK.

      1. You guys are always blaming the Jews for everything. I’m not saying their isn’t a huge Jewish presence in the left, but who let the Jews into their countries and let them attain positions of great power?
        White people.

        1. During WW2, when he was ambassador to Vichy France, Porfirio Rubirosa helped a large number of Jews escape to the Dominican Republic. Allegedly for a fee, naturally. But at least they were welcome there and they got to live.

        2. If you’re going to take the credit of advancing civilization and the whole bullet points list of accomplishments that I’m sure we’re going to see posted at least another dozen times, then yes. Using you’re logic you should all shoulder the burden of your demise.
          Unless you want to be hypocritical and cherry pick when it strokes the ego.

        3. Whites as a civilization created many of those gains without the jews. And it is also mainly jews pushing for white extinction.
          So nice try in attempting to keep them lunped together.

      2. Whites co-opted the jews. For all intents and purposes , jews are white. When you look at lady Gaga, Adam sandler, jerry Seinfeld, Bob Dylan, ben stiller, scarlet Johansen, mila kunis, jonah hill, Natalie portman , Winona ryder, do you think hook nose heeb? No. You think jew means hasidic, and they are a minority amongst a minority. Jews are more of a fraternal organization than a religion. They are a cultural cartel. And they are white. Jews are just the new wasps. Stop crying about it. Realize that you were sold out by your own people and stop blaming everybody else that your own people sold you out and being white isn’t what it used to be.

        1. Jews who focus on helping only other jews and non whites are not my own people.
          All of your thoughts stem from the belief that they are, and thus are false.

      3. outside of the amish,all whites support and created this system and morality,you follow christianity and its a parcel and part of your ethos.

        1. I prefer the ancient Gods of my Ancestors in far Northern Europe to some bizarre alien cult that was imported from the Middle East and imposed upon us by force.

        2. all gods and religions are false reflections of mans ego.the original religion of man was entirely natural and psychedelic.most neolithic religions and pastoralist dogmas like indoeuropean myths dont serve spirituality well.the truth is in you.

        3. I have to admit that all Gods seem like fictional beings in a story that is told to children in order to teach them the prevailing morality. Gods have another use also: to inspire the warriors of one’s tribe to fight to the death against invading tribes. But personally I prefer the Spirits of the Land and of my Ancestors. With these I feel close. It’s more of a Paleolithic, rather than a Neolithic mindset.

  22. Interesting that most whites Celts,Slav etc. we’re not considered white in most circles decades ago. Also, events like Holodomor, white genocide in Southern Africa, the troubles in Northern Ireland seldom get mentioned in media while we have hear about slavery,Holocaust, colonialism ad nausem.

  23. Solid article. Self-evident to anyone over the mental age of 12 who is honest with themselves, but nonetheless great logic and examples.
    And they’ll no doubt be lost on the legions of mental midget whites who feel like they should apologize for designing, building, and paying for most of the modern world.

  24. “Be proud of who you are”
    Tell it like it is, good brother.
    I have come to fully resent being raised in a liberal household i.e. liberal white guilt. And indeed there was a time in my life I had such guilt. No more. And if the fucking liberals / socialists / marxists don’t fuck off, they will provoke the backlash.

  25. I don’t feel guilty about anything that I had nothing to do with, all that was long over before I got here. I have never oppressed anyone and regardless of what group you belong to, I don’t give a damn what you’re doing…….as long as you aren’t bothering ME.

      1. I own it man, no guilt here. The rise can’t come fast enough, maybe some common sense will make a comeback.

        1. My family is known for killing commies and in some way the men of our family still hold this idea
          Edit t add we have been doing it for 100yrs now haha.

        2. I hate commies,even after they started calling themselves liberals.
          When I declare myself “World Dictator”, we shall send them all to the guillotine or whatever is convenient at the moment.

  26. Best comment on an equality rally is “right ok so who wants to go screw some black bitches?”

  27. Nobody should apologize for how they were born or who they are–you can’t change your DNA. Just don’t need those retarded alt-right, neo-Nazi types flooding this site again. Anything related to race on any site, and they’re like flies on dog shit.

  28. The entire world outside of the North Korean prison appears to believe in white supremacy. Browns and blacks beat down the doors to get into white countries. The darkest want to live in white neighborhoods and be as close as possible to whites and the things they create. Everybody in the world uses white inventions all day every day. The world loves white created and maintained infrastructure, from what’s on the land to the satellites zipping around in space.
    Whites have but one real competitor, and they’re the ones pushing diversity. Just entertain who.

        1. Personally, for me the Bible is an alien and hostile book from an alien and hostile people who have never had my best interest at heart. My loyalty is reserved solely for the Spirits of the Land, the Spirits of my Ancestors, and the Gods of War, the Hunt and Agriculture to whom they gave their loyalty. As the old saying goes, “Blood is thicker than water. “

        2. Yes, Asatru, specifically of the “folkish” variety (not the “universalist” version ). It’s not an ideal fit because I’m not Germanic, but here in the USA it’s all I’ve been able to find that comes close to my instinctive spirituality.

      1. That’s simplicisitic and stupid, because the pushers of diversity were white doesn’t means whites as a group pushed it. Grow brain for fucks sake.

        1. Whites push diversity harder than all minorities combined. And continue to push it. Encourage and incentivize it even.

        2. So I can shoot all blacks because they do most of gun violence? Let’s go motherfucker. See what you got

        3. Whites are responsible for gun violence, even the gun violence perpetrated by blacks, because they created and manufacture the guns. Name one black owned firearms company. I fucking dare you.

        4. Black or white, the person shooting is the one responsible. Nobody I know of ever told someone with the IQ of a snail to deal dope on the corner and shoot people in liquor store hold-ups.

        5. Hahahaha I actually laughed at this, good work. So if I use a pencil to kill you it’s the pencil makers fault?
          I’m finding this almost boring can’t you come up with anything better?
          You fucking dare me to do something completely irrelevant? Oh my…. I’m shaking, not from fear but laughing.

        6. Pencils aren’t created with the intent to harm or kill. Guns are. Don’t try to create a false dichotomy.

        7. Actually guns are made to accurately deliver a projectile to the point the shooter is aiming at.
          So the definition of a gun is not “whatever can kill someone because that’s what we fucking want it to do”
          Guns are not created with the intent to harm or kill, rather with the hopes they can be used to protect people.

        8. What do you expect someone with the iq of a snail from a fucked up place with no opportunities to do? Be a captain of industry and create the next billion dollar idea? I’m not condoning or justifying the type of shit you’re talking about. But trying to act like our society isn’t heavily socially engineered to produce certain specific outcomes or attempting to pretend that everybody has the same chance and opportunities no matter what is bullshit and you know it.

        9. They can stay the fuck where they were and could compete. If they get in my way I won’t even waste a bullet on them.

        10. Hahahahaha again you make me laugh, so because I’m saying it, it’s spin but when you say it it’s ok? Hahahahahahaha

        11. We make our opportunities.
          A gun has no intention of it’s own; the shooter has the intent. The gun is one tool among many that can be used to harm or kill someone.
          A screwdriver, baseball bat, gasoline and a match, butcher knife, ballpoint pen, etc.
          What do I expect someone with the IQ of a snail from a fucked up place with no opportunities to do?
          Do as I do. Look for opportunities, make opportunities, and sometimes hold a job and bide the time until I find or make something better. But at the very least pretend to have some compassion and respect for people. And don’t look to others to care about you or provide for you.
          Learn from those who are doing better than you and use that as an example of what’s possible.
          Have some confidence and belief in yourself that if they can make it so can I.

        12. So where is your saucy and sassy comeback?
          Edit to add. If you think I’m a violent person you guessed right, I am.
          And you are welcome to a lesson of what it’s like to have the shit beat out of you – for free.
          What do you think?

        13. That’s why the white man should have left every other man alone in his own land. Planes and technology and white invention are all really quite cool and impressive, but, they also aid in disrupting the natural order of things. The different races were geographically displaced the way they were for a reason. White people always wanna explore and investigate and try to control nature and shit. Trying to conquer other men and control other civilizations and shit. Control your bitches. Your women are the ones fucking shit up.

        14. Why would you be attempting to direct a projectile at a target in excess of 850 fps? To heal it and provide it regenerative powers?

        15. If we make our own opportunities you should have no problem with that minority selling drugs or robbing that liquor store. Raping, pillaging and killing is regarded with near reverence when performed by your Nordic ancestors, but when niggers do it suddenly it’s uncivilized? Stop hating.

        16. I look stupid but the alleged greatest race of men in all of history is being undone by a few million jews and niggers that don’t even know how to wear pants? Ok.

        17. My ancestors are English and Cherokee. Preying on people is not the way to get ahead in life. It is a good way to get shot.
          I hate no one.
          And I have no admiration for the Vikings.
          The Samurai is my favorite historic warrior.
          Personally, I believe drugs should be legal, but they are not. All the heat in the world is on that racket. Not smart to get involved in that.
          Look who’s using racial slurs…

        18. Wait what? You have to explain what you mean by don’t know how to wear pants… All Jews, black people and ME people I know and work with daily wear pants without any specific directions…

        19. I’m not surprised. When they have no ground to stand on they play the race card. If this was poker he would lose every time.

        20. That’s a great story. I’m glad you’re well versed in NRA propaganda. Even the majority of people who hunt do not rely on firearms as a tool to provide their primary food sources. There is no real need to kill game quickly in our society, this isn’t the fucking Oregon trail.

        21. Plenty of people enjoy hunting. When fishing, a gun is a good way to kill snakes.
          Who said hunters rely on hunting for their primary source for food?
          And when hunting, a gun can defend you from wild boars, too. That calls for a powerful gun.
          I hope this helps you

        22. I’m not racist at all. I’m of mixed race, have no allegiance to either side either way and have no problem calling out either side on their bullshit. Should white people feel guilty for being white? No. Not at all. But they should be willing to admit to their own bullshit. Is everything plauging the black community the white man’s fault? Fuck no. On the same note , it isn’t minorities, or jews, or immigrants fucking shit up for white people. You have done way more to yourselves than anybody else and haven’t even been fucked over the way you’ve fucked over other races and cultures. The fall of the white man is the white women. Stop blaming us and we’ll stop blaming you.

        23. Goddam, you almost made sense there! Good on you! But what the hell put sand in your vagina?

        24. The English are responsible for colonialism and attempting to colonize the fucking world. That’s not my opinion it’s a fact. You claim it’s not a way to get ahead, but it worked for them and you benefit from it one way or another.

        25. I’m not blaming you.
          You should call yourself out on your bullshit.
          And you see why I don’t hold white women in high regard. Read my comments elsewhere here tonight in this article/comments section.
          I am mixed race too. Stated that elsewhere.

        26. I don’t know where you’re from. Wild boars aren’t an issue here. You know what else works good for fishing and killing snakes? A spear, why don’t you let natives enjoy their culture and heritage. Not everybody is a pussy like you that can only feel safe or have fun with a boom stick

        27. You don’t know when to stop.
          I am no more responsible for what they did than you are for the genocide in Rwanda.
          I earn everything I have. No inheritance. No trust fund. No government assistance. Only what I can earn for myself.
          As for the English, look at them now.
          Does it look like colonization worked for them?
          As best as I can tell, the entire society is paying for the misdeeds of a few old men from a long time ago.
          I wonder if you will vote for Hillary…?

        28. Mixed or not is not really relevant is it?
          Not to be the racist but current modern culture was created by white men, the Internet was created by white men…
          And I’m not going ignore genetic differences between humans either.

        29. I got sand in my pussy because this site is turning into storm front jr. And it’s supposed to be about game, men’s issues, red pill wisdom, and men helping other men find their way through this rapidly feminized bullshit culture being shoved down our throats. The race card is fucking maxed out. Click bait articles like this are divisive and skirt the real issues. The devaluing of men, all men, in society, destruction of the family unit, lack of quality women, etc. White men are under relentless attack, and i empathize with them, but i can’t offer assistance or be a brother in arms if their aggression is misdirected and they are viewing me as an enemy any more than they can vice versa.

        30. Couldn’t have said it better myself. We don’t need this site turning into another The Right Stuff or Chateau Heartiste.

        31. I never stopped natives from enjoying their culture. And I have killed plenty of snakes with sticks and shovels.
          And who’s the pussy, playing the race card, justifying crime in poor neighborhoods, etc.
          You are pathetic.
          So pathetic that I have now grown tired of this conversation with you.
          But I am a good sport so I will leave you with this.
          At on point in my life, I lived on the streets of L.A. for 6 months. I lived on the streets. Not a homeless shelter or church mission. Not in a friends garage or sleeping on the couch.
          On the streets.
          How did I get out of there?
          I worked my way out.
          That’s how.
          I never robbed anybody.
          I never stole anything.
          I didn’t sell my ass to fags.
          I didn’t mug people.
          I didn’t get welfare.
          I didn’t deal drugs.
          I worked my way out.
          And, although attempts were made, no one ever successfully mugged me. And I didn’t have a gun, unlike some of them. Yet I prevail, intact, reigning over those who thought they could do me in. And I fight my own battles, no back up, no friends no allies. Unlike all those big bad muggers in their wolf packs that believe there is strength in numbers.Yeah…enemies rarely ever come one at a time.
          So, punk, before you ever call me a pussy, why don’t you learn who you are talking to.
          I guarantee you, you would not say that to my face.

        32. Ok this comment is good, and I have to say I think you are right on almost all your factual points.
          But is the StormFront JR turning you on at all?

          Get warm 🙂

        33. Again, that’s a great story. I have also survived homelessness, during harsh Minnesota winter, not the sunny streets of la. I also didn’t succumb to the depths you listed. And i in no way justify crime in poor neighborhoods and do not believe that ignorance is an excuse. You need to realize that you and i being able to make it out of those situations is anecdotal, we are the exception, not the rule. Society is engineered to produce certain outcomes. Is it 100% effective in achieving those outcomes? No, and people are not 100% effective in escaping them. Some people have no chance. Consider yourself lucky and be thankful. But do not delude yourself into believing that everyone got the same chance or has the same opportunity for an outcome similar to yours.

        34. No. Not at all. Storm front has its platform and serves it’s purpose. At times it even makes excellent points and addresses pertinent issues. Specifically for white males. This site is allegedly supposed to be for all males and what would be constructive productive conversations that relate to all males quickly break down when posited against race. We can’t have the white male specific storm front conversation, or the black male specific conversation, or Islamic male conversation, until we have the productive MALE conversation.

        35. I love it, you can both come here and slap eachother and then I knock the winner out?
          Or both?

        36. I agree, you are not responsible for it. But you become responsible when you double down on bullshit and try to romanticize a bullshit legacy built off slave labor that you benefit from. If niggers are so inhuman, shiftless, and lazy, why the fuck did whites expend so much energy and resources to place them in bondage, bring them here, and have them do all the hard work? If whites are so superior , why didn’t they do everything themselves and leave those niggers in their deserts and huts? You can’t have it both ways.

        37. It was much better when it was Roissy in D.C.
          The site’s gone way down hill since. It’s more like a pity party for incel white guys.

        38. Raygun wrote that “The fall of the white man is the white woman.” Yes, unfortunately true, but we White men allowed our women to do this to us; therefore the fault lies ultimately with us White men.

        39. As a White Man I welcome your
          participation, so long as you don’t graft your DNA onto my family tree (and I promise not to graft my DNA onto yours).

        40. I already have white DNA grafted onto my family tree, my dad was Italian and Norwegian. With the way society is i really don’t want to have any children. But I can assure you that if I do, they will not be with a white woman. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone considers the European beauty standard the most desirable, especially me.

    1. “Whites have but one real competitor, and they’re the ones pushing diversity. Just entertain who.”
      I’m certain I have no idea (((wh✡ y✡u are talking ab✡ut))) could you be a bit more specific please??

    2. It’s time to send the ingrates back to their home countries and to shoot anyone who resists.

  29. Even if my family owned slaves in the past I wouldn’t give a shit. If someone isn’t willing to fight for his freedom he will be a slave.

    1. That’s why white men are in the situation they are in now. There was a time when they actually stood for something worth fighting for. It has long since past.

      1. That’s why I teach my kids the same thing. If someone brings this issue up with them, they will know that it is the other person’s problem that they allow for something that ended over 150 years ago, that they nor their living family members never experienced, to mess their lives up today.

    2. I agree with you, Obsolete Man. I am mostly of Finnish ancestry but I’m also partly of Russian ancestry, and most of the latter were serfs. For whatever reason somewhere in the dim past, that part of my lineage became enslaved, and they stayed that way until they were freed in the 19th century. They didn’t have what it takes to remain free, or to become free after being enslaved without someone else emancipating them. They deserved what they got.

  30. I would say white guilt is a big part of the problem. It’s an internalized self-hate. And its totally irrational. After all, why should I feel bad for something my great great grandfather did? I never even fucking knew him.
    And minorities hate me because they think i’m priveleged – well fuck them; I get up and fucking grind just as they do and when i got fired because I was incompetent I call my chinese boss an asshole but the fault was with me after all. You never hear talk about chinese privelege.

    1. “I get up and fucking grind just as they do”? Mate, they probably don’t.

  31. Stefan Molyneux produced a video on slavery where you can learn that more than 1.5 millions of White People became slaves of Muslims, mostly from North Africa, and that many Blacks have been taken as slaves across Sahara, with a mortality rate far greater than the one of cross Atlantic one.
    More details here :

  32. – Microaggressions & The Rise of HYPERSENSITIVE Victimhood Culture

    – Social Justice Losers

  33. White men need to stop caving in to the demands of SJW’s, women and minorities. Because their demands will never stop. These people don’t care about what’s right and wrong, they just want what you have and what you can provide for them, and they will use any tactic in the book to get it.
    It’s like generations of Jewish people who claim reparations from Germans still to this day. -Oh vey.. my grandmother was a holocaust survivor therfore I am entitled to reparations. Bitch you were born 30 years after the fact.. And if you say no, you are a fascist nazi pig.
    You don’t have to agree with Trump but he’s on to something, in regards to dealing with his enemies.

    1. As far as Trump being on to something, that is obvious to any longtime red pill adherant. Many whites are ready to shed the ludicrous self hate and self shame. What exactly we’re up against hasn’t been fully tested or more accurately shit tested. Large numbers of whites are ready to denounce social marxism and call out the oxymoronics of the sjw label.
      When you enlighten someone, that’s a notch in favor of truth and real justice. When you approach the wrong person though, someone who’s a die hard adherant to the sjw brigades, they’ll never become enlightened and will likely be prepared to unleash a swarm on you. That’s what they do. They’re a standing army poised and ready to pounce on whoever they’re directed to attack. They have many lackeys within the system in academia, in women’s services and social services, in medical and psychiatric circles who are all networked and interconnected. A victory against hooligans may bring peace for awhile but don’t take the peace for granted. The hornet’s nest has been stirred and piles of bullshit indictments are being forged and the danger of being swatted in the fog of confusion is a tactic much used by sjw’s planted within the system and also by their adjunct renegade brigades in collusion.
      A peaceful victory against sjw’s that shakes the foundation of their beliefs and threatens their entire network can also be followed up by a clusterfuck of code enforcers, HR or socialist service harassment and even surprise tax mobsters. Always watch for the SECOND ATTACK waiting around the corner when you’ve proven them wrong. You’ve drawn out the enemy.

      1. I think your going about things the wrong way. Think more in terms of a prize fight. Your not fighting for your life but for the crowds entertainment. If there is no crowd, you don’t get paid. So don’t waste your time.
        Only pick battles you have a chance of winning. And don’t play if the stakes are to high. You are no use to anyone if you get burned and loose your job.
        And most importantly, always finish your opponent when you have the chance, never show mercy.

        1. There should be an article on how to pick a good fight. War is a man’s sport and the field is wide open now with sjw’s, blinding media spotlights and the atteneion of the masses. I’ll have to admit you’re right.

    2. Why have SJW’s as a separate group from women and minorities?
      Last I checked, SJW’s are all inclusive. From white men to the gender confused.

      1. That’s the point isn’t it. They qualify as a group of their own. So they get to be separated from eachother by definition. I fail to see what’s wrong with the post.

        1. I guess it’s because I take issue mores so with lumping all minorities into one category.
          Women are by nature, SJW’s unless kept in check.
          There are noteworthy “minority” men who are antithetical to SJW’s and are criticized to the same degree as your average white man.
          One in particular is a member of the SCOTUS and is having a disparaging movie made about him, related to a settled court battle, to further their agenda.

        2. It’s unfortunate that some minority individuals get lumped together with the interests of people of colour in general.
          But one can not deny the fact that most minorities self identify as one group, oppressed by the white man.
          Minorities are not women but they do share this feeling of victimhood with women and SJW’s. That’s why they must be recognised as such.
          If identity politics didn’t exist things would be different but it does, and things are going to become even more polarised as time goes on.

        3. There’s a very simple distinction when referring to such individuals. They’re called Democrats or left-wing ideologs.
          I support anyone who shares similar views to my own and I guess I don’t see the reason for throwing the baby out with the bathwater unless there’s some other agenda. It comes across as disingenuous and/or intellectually lazy.

        4. I think people demand to much conformity of views from others for anything substantial to be achieved today.
          What’s more important to you. Putting SJW’s and their ilk in place, or to bitch and moan about proper ways to be referred to.

  34. Whites indeed have every reason to be proud.
    Look at Frank Raymond. He has a very interesting non-white perspective on White Genocide and the agenda of political elites.
    Very interesting. Frank Raymond – The Caucasian Mind: Transcending Biological Needs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEP0294BhLI

  35. I thought there other better more relevant one’s
    1/ White people or men I should say have made more innovations that have advanced the world in a positive manner than any other race – everything from tampons to space travel.
    2/ In most cases where ever white people move to there is a general improvement in everything – better availability of water, food and shelter.
    3/ In general white people solve there differences in a more long lasting manner because we rely on the “rule of law”.

  36. “Give up on the self-hatred. Too many people already have it without resorting to race.”
    This is your most sound argument of all, because it speaks about human nature.
    I will keep that one,
    Thank you,

  37. Love this article. It’s mind boggling that so many still don’t understand these points, which I find to be quite obvious.

  38. SJW morons are completely ignorant of history. Europe used to be a brutal place full of violence and death. Anyone claiming that white people never suffered is dumb. There was times in Europe where so many people killed each other that there was barely any men left in certain countries. Starvation and serfdom was prevalent for centuries. And guess what, muslims invaded Europe several times and killed a ton of people. Mongols did too. SJWs need to educate themselves with history instead of their SJW ignorant bullshit.

    1. Problem is those counter arguments don’t work with sjws, as they believe wholeheartedly that white people, particularly straight white Nominally-Christian men, are incapable of suffering.
      This is why I prefer to laugh off their claims, or just shoot it right back at them by saying they’re the ones with the problem, as they’re oozing with guilt over things that happened long before they were born.

      1. The best response to accusations of racism is to simply reply “That”s right, I’m a racist .” The most useless, time-and-energy-wasting thing you can do is to try to argue rationally with them.

    2. I know the moors invaded Spain, and the Ethiopians invaded Sicily, and the shit with the mongols. But the majority of suffering experienced by Europeans was at the hand of other white Europeans, mainly religious conflict or monarchies that let their people starve. I don’t think anyone is claiming white people never suffered, that in itself is dumb, suffering is part of the human condition. I think they’re trying to point out the fact that historically whites have inflicted the most harm. Not just in general but also on other whites. Nobody has done whites as dirty as other whites have. You’re fucking everybody including yourselves, especially yourselves, over really bad right now at this moment in history.

  39. 1. It is instructive that during the height of the Indian Independence movement, aka “kick the British bastards out”, Gandhi made a visit to the northern England. He was welcomed with open arms by the ordinary working class Englishmen.. and when he spoke at many rallies, Gandhi emphasized that Indian Independence wasn’t about “Indians vs British” or “whites vs. coloreds”, it was essentially a class struggle which workers the world over could learn and gain from. Everybody at the time understood the message.. but it seems to be lost on SJWs, leftists and white-guilt jockeys today.
    2. These days there is a push by some Australian Aborigines.. oops I mean Indigenous Australians.. to reclassify white treatment of their people over the years as “slavery”. That way they can claim even more victimhood points than they already are, as well as forming a special fraternity with African Americans, despite having no racial relation whatsoever. Give it time, and the Aussies will have their own BLM movement, mark my words. What these idiots seem to forget is, much of the founding white population really was dragged over there in chains, often for committing petty crimes of survival.. basically slavery in all but name. In addition, white minorities like Italians and Greeks (“wogs”, “deigos”) as well as Asians also suffered from endemic racism. But of course, it happened to Whitey so it don’t count.

  40. White “Privilege” is a 100 IQ and a 50-50 shot at having both your parents, and nothing more.

    1. You mean a usual average IQ lol, that’s not true in all of us.
      And 50/50?? Come on, I never knew anyone who had a dad growing up. Not one. All my friends and classmates had divorced single moms.

  41. The modern white male should apologize and feel guilty for his whiteness if for no other reason than devolving into gelatinous whiny shells of everything their ancestors bled for. If real white males of substance could see the way you have squandered their sacrifices and achievements, they would roll in their graves. The modern white male is a joke compared to what he once was and has no one but himself to blame. Your forefathers are ashamed of you. You deserve everything you are getting and they are disgusted by you sullying their name. Fucking cowards.

    1. I gave you a plus vote for what you wrote here, Raygun, because I agree with you that many (most?) modern White men are pitiful compared with our harsh Ancestors (and note that I always capitalize that word because of my reverence and gratitude toward them ). If we modern White men were as harsh as they were, you and I wouldn’t be having this conversation because you would either be dead, in hiding or living in some Third World country. I’m a White racist who loves his White privilege and I am 100% free of White guilt. I appreciate your great post and I thank you for it. And for all you White guys who secretly agree with me but would never dare to admit this, all I can say is that it’s a liberating experience when you stop prefacing statements with “I’m not a racist, but…” No one believes your disclaimer and the SJW’s and Cuckservatives are going to label you a “racist ” anyway, so why not defiantly OWN that label and be proud of it? Raygun, wouldn’t you agree that you would much rather see White people be openly honest about their racism rather than feebly trying to cover it up with unconvincing disclaimers such as “I’m not a racist, but. ..”?

      1. Yes, very much so. Honesty is the best policy even if the truth is uncomfortable. As you just demonstrated it is possible to be racist and still have a respectful exchange of opinions. As long as somebody isn’t actively trying to harm me or being grossly disparaging or disrespectful I can accept and respect their opinions. PC double good newspeak has made it impossible to have a real conversation and totally perverted the concept of what racism even is. A lot of what is considered racism today is ridiculous and being racist in and of itself is not necessarily bad. I hate everybody and really want to live in solitude in the remote wilderness off the grid like dick proeneke but lack the means to do so.

        1. Raygun, I agree with everything you just wrote here. It’s interesting that my honest White racist friends and I have all had the exact same experience, where we generally keep our views to ourselves in order to remain employed, but whenever we have come out and revealed our views openly, we’ve been attacked by other White people but defended by “people of color ” who understood perfectly why we had these beliefs because they had similar beliefs about their own people. We’ve all come to the same odd conclusion that we would rather be around these racially-conscious (or tribal ) “people of color ” than be around self-hating Whites! It’s a matter of mutual understanding and respect. I HATE self-hating Whites, but I am unable to hate you.

  42. In America, blacks rape between 20,000-30,000 whites every year, compared to fewer than 10, the other way around.

      1. Well, too bad for them! That’s what God (or nature) gave and that’s what they should stick too.
        Females (and males for that matter) of all non black races should be taught from birth to avoid blacks like the plague. Too many girls are conditioned by public school, the American media, and lefty peer pressure to be more afraid of being “racist” than to use their common sense and avoid the “rape apes” at all cost.

        1. Exactly. My kids will know to stay away from blacks at all costs. I come from a proud white nation and we need to keep it that way.

    1. As a woman, I have to say the way black men treat us is outrageous. I could elaborate…but yes, Teddy Bear, I agree with your comment and I wish the liberal media hadn’t brainwashed me into thinking black guys were just as respectful as the men of other races. Women need to have their guards up.
      Of course, if I say this in everyday life I get attacked for being “racist.” I think it’s the black men who are racist because they target us white women (catcalls on the street, rape, harassment in general). But again, I’m not allowed to say that.

    1. I think Swedish immigrant rape victims should apologize for not giving pussy freely.

  43. Screw that-if it wasn’t for my ancestors people would still be swinging off trees, living in caves eating their children and flinging faeces at each other. I am insanely proud of my ancestry and what I am and make a point of reminding people of that constantly just to let them know that they’re parasitic and have benefitted from the ingenuity of my people-the Greeks.

  44. Disgusting Fact is Black politicians have been the collective Bedwench to the liberal political establishment and have pimped their people for their own gain. Thanks to them catering to the interests that while black politicians live in luxury with great wealth the average black person is poorly educated from sub standard liberal union controlled schools, lives in poverty in parts of cities that have become war zones and who do those black pimp politicians and their liberal paramours blame? Rather tells you who the real racists are.

    1. ^^Love this comment. Black conservatives are treated in the same manner as white men.

      1. I know, black liberal politicians have this plantation mentality in regards to their people whom they have been exploiting so vile.

  45. Can’t apologize for something you didn’t have a hand in. Irish ancestry here, and I can tell you that my parents and relatives got totally shit on when they came here. But they saw the system, worked on themselves and with others, and became successful. On the flip side of racism. . .I worked two jobs in college, had a 3.5 gpa, and couldn’t get even a loan. My black classmates, gpa’s around 2, got loans, grants, scholarships, and SS. And most lived at home. So my Junior year I put on the FFA that I was black, and then I got a scholarship and more loans than I needed. That was bullshit, but an introductory to Red Pill thinking that I needed, and was way before the Men’s movement. Oh yeah, and not one of my black classmates made it to graduation. All the government aid and special treatment for nothing.

    1. Very well put. I had a similar experience, and the fact is that in the end this will also lead to racism and it should. When you are treated differently because of your color, you know racism is real.
      And if you are smart enough you will find out why it’s done, and it will only serve to reinforce what you already thought.

      1. Yeah. I grew up in a poor, redneck, racist part of town. Then I wanted better, so I moved and went to college, met all kinds of new people, and eventually became very progressive. But over the years my experiences have brought back the concepts I had about blacks and other peoples. Now I don’t consider myself racist, but I have an objective viewpoint of how other groups act. Aaannndd. . .It pissed me off all over again. But for different reasons, and mostly do to with SJW’s.
        Thanks for the feedback.

    2. Love this comment, Joe. Had a similar experience in law school. The privileges the black students got were unbelievable, and many didn’t even wind up with jobs after graduation. All for nothing.

    3. As I mentioned in another thread, any white students applying for student aid should claim their are black and submit for the grants. It isn’t like there is a blood purity test the admissions office administers and you can always demand ones if they do ask.
      I know I guy in your situation who got 4 years of support form the United Negro College Fund– it isn’t like any one comes out and checks. Get in their face if they question “your blackness.”
      Use the lefts tactics against them. You are only taking advantage of a corrupt system that they themselves built.

      1. Totally! Being pissed at women gets guys to the Red Pill. But it goes way beyond our relations with women. The whole mess wakes you up to how false our reality is. Guys who stuggle to “make it” and are slaves to what society says are norms of behavior don’t have a chance because everything is geared against you. When they say “Oh my gosh. . .You BROKE A RULE” I’m just like, yeah, right. And those guys who crashed the world economy in 2008 didn’t live by the rules everyone else was going by, and they walked away rich. And I guarantee you, NOBODY on the rich side of town questions how you got your money; all they care about is that you’re on their side against the small guys.
        Thanks for the post!

    1. For one, with out white men’s inventions they wouldn’t know what to bitch about nor have a way to bitch about it.
      I’m a proud white man of Nordic descendance working at the leading edge of technology, and I sleep soundly with my pregnant wife in my arms every night.
      Indeed FUCK SJWS!!!

      1. Don’t you live in Finland? How many black people are in Finland? Like 5? You don’t even have the right to speak on the shit really. Your country is like 99% white. Come to the us and see what fucked up really looks like. Then bitch.

        1. Cough, no I don’t live in Finland. I grew up in the most culturally diverse country in Europe, Sweden, and as soon as I could I got the hell out and never looked back.
          What’s your argument now?

        2. What country do you live in? Before you said you were born in Sweden but are from Finland. And i could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Sweden isn’t the most culturally diverse country in Europe.

        3. I was born in Sweden by Finnish parents, so my nationality is Finnish,but I don’t live in Scandinavia now and I don’t think it’s your business where I live. I move from country to country rather often so it is relative to time anyway.
          I’m in Europe currently if that helps.

        4. Ok, well most of Europe is homogeneous with the exception of a few countries. I doubt you reside in a country that is less than 90% white. And you said you have the good job and the pregnant wife. That’s the life. So what are you bitching about?

        5. You obviously don’t travel much. The country I live in has under 80% native population and of the non native 5% are white.
          So please find some facts out before you try to argue your imaginary ideas.
          Just to save some time if nothing else.

        6. I think you don’t want to say what country because it is predominantly white and your argument will fall apart.

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