The Truth About Andrew Jackson And Harriet Tubman

By now you might have seen the confusing news of the treasury replacing President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill for Harriet Tubman. While such a move would normally lead us to scratch our heads, when you look deeper the reasoning behind the decision becomes clear.

In an age where literally anything else would be more important to focus on right now, it takes a very ballsy agenda to outright dismantle a past American great. It seems that the powers that be enjoy pushing the line to test the limits of how much the American people will accept outright mocking of their political process.

From the NY Times:

The new designs, from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, would be made public in 2020 in time for the centennial of woman’s suffrage and the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. None of the bills, including a new $5 note, would reach circulation until the next decade.

To clear up the mess, here is the information you need to know doing battle against any SJW praising this change.

The Real Andrew Jackson


There’s no real way to completely describe the aura and attitude of Andrew Jackson besides the word badass. He was one of the last true patriot presidents and we owe a lot of America’s success to his policies and personality.  Here are a few quick facts on Andrew Jackson:

  • Involved in over 103 duels. That’s right, the “take five paces back to back then turn and shoot” type of duels. Usually the duel was to protect the integrity of his wife.
  • Saved America from being recaptured by the British. While being at war with several factions of the Indians and French, Jackson also fought off a formidable army of British in the battle of New Orleans.
  • Was the only president to lead America out of debt. Jackson hated the private banking cartels and fought them aggressively through his presidency.
  • The first president with an assassination attempt. When the gun didn’t function properly, Jackson beat the assassin with this cane!

Those are only a few of the courageous acts from a true American. So why does the SJWs say he was, like, a total meanie to the Indians and stuff?

Because they don’t read history or live in reality. The reality was that rural American populations were being attacked and entire towns wiped out by the Red Stick Indian tribe. From his biography,

In 1813 a faction of the Creek Indian Nation called the Red Sticks under Red Eagle, slew nearly 250 Alabama settlers in a brutal manner, resulting in the calling out of two 2,500 man forces, one under Jackson to punish and stop the Indians. It was feared that the Indians, in close contact with the Spanish, would begin a cooperative campaign against the southern U.S.

It goes on to record that Jackson even had one of his own men shot who threatened to abandon his post. There’s no doubt Jackson was a hard and relentless man. However, the age he lived in demanded that he do what was necessary for the survival of the American people.

Jackson was involved in what was later called the “Banking Wars.” He was strongly against the private national banking system which could create debt out of thin air and own the nation through interest (sound familiar?). In the end, Jackson was victorious taking down the national private bank, thus delivering America debt free for the only time in its history. His later years would be described as “empire building” and you can do your own research from here.


Jackson was aggressively against the private banking system and effectively ended it. Now the Federal Reserve, which is our modern private banking system, gets their revenge while mocking the American people by removing their historical enemy.

The Myth Of Harriet Tubman


According to the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, a study was done on the truth of this woman and the conclusion was:

That is where much of the misinformation about her has come from—historical fiction that is not always clear about when it is historical and when it is fictive.

“So little information about Tubman has been based on fact and so much based on myth and created history,” says anthropologist Douglas Armstrong. It seems most of her deeds were excessively exaggerated or completely made up. Milton Sernett, another researcher on the project, also stated;

It gradually dawned on me that much of what we as Americans thought we knew about Harriet Tubman was not derived from good historical research but was a perpetuation of a larger-than-life story,” he says. “The symbol had overpowered the life, had overshadowed the historical person.

So how can a more-or-less mythical American figure topple the true heroic deeds of one of America’s most important icons? Because America is cucked. The Fed owns your interpretation of history and culture at this point. With a legion of SJWs who support this narrative, it will be hard press to get the truth out.

What You Can Do

This action will not be taking place until at least 2020. That’s the deadline. So we still have time to turn things around. Get educated with the power of truth and reality. Go to battle against shills any chance you get. Not to persuade them, but to show others the fallacy of their arguments.

As you go through this process, you will only see more and more of your culture covered up, slandered or openly mocked by the elite and their minions until the official narrative is busted open in the mainstream. Be the one who helps that initiative.

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203 thoughts on “The Truth About Andrew Jackson And Harriet Tubman”

  1. Usually the duel was to protect the integrity of his wife.

    Hmm. That says something about his wife. Attention whore?

    1. He would be duelling 24/7 if he were to protect the “integrity” of a modern American woman.

      1. Good point. Can you even imagine anyone taking a bullet for the average, ungrateful and entitled American millennial twat nowadays? Wait, never mind – plenty of betas still want to…..

        1. That aspect of dueling perplexes any red pill man this day since our culture is so fucked.
          I honestly can’t think of one woman I’d duel another man over.
          Despite that fact I would love to see dueling return. You would find me in the training halls mastering each weapon allowed and I would put any bitch ass faggot to the test who so much as looked at me cross.
          Why? Just for the sheer fucking love of combat and the chance to violently display my skill to the frightened masses of weaklings.
          Women on the other hand I would not lift ONE FUCKING FINGER to aid them, much less kill another man over some god damn worthless baby murdering WHORE.
          I’d kill a man for walking too close to me but forcibly back hand a ho for daring to ever imagine I would do shit for her entitled ass.

    2. That one duel where he shot the bastard in the head after getting a bullet lodged in his chest centimeters from his heart was pretty awesome, though.

    3. Jackson’s wife was a divorcee, but the divorce was never official until after she married Jackson.

      1. And yet Jackson married this used, aftermarket woman any way, when he must have had plenty of virgins to choose from.

        1. So he’s not perfect, neither are you. Andrew Jackson is still the man.

        2. “Rachel attracted many suitors because she was very beautiful as a young woman…She was described by a contemporary as having ‘lustrous black eyes, dark glossy hair, full red lips and a sweet oval face, rippling with smiles and dimples”. She was 21 years old when she married Jackson…hardly a used up woman.

        3. In Jackson’s defense. He didn’t know she was still married. He didn’t have Facebook to look it up.

        4. What a refreshing perspective nemasculinity brings to recorded history when the true nature of women is considered critically and literally. The whole story unfolds and motives previously unconsidered reveal many poor decisions, judgements, bloodshed and wars even which were instigated by SOME DUMB KNAIVING BITCH.

    4. Rachel Jackson was married to Lewis Robards, an abusive husband who abandoned her and who filed for divorce. Long after the abandonment an article was planted in a newspaper by a friend of Robards who falsely wrote that the divorce was finalized. In those times people lived long distances from state capitols and other areas where legal processes were adjudicated and communication was often delayed and took many months. No process server was going to travel several weeks to backwoods Tennesee to serve papers. Hence Jackson married her but then a year later found out that the divorce had not yet been finalized. They then made sure that the divorce had been granted and they remarried. Thus the Elites continually accused her of being a bigamist. So Jackson, the first non elite common man to be President, had to fight many duels to protect her honor. As for Rachel Jackson, “her love for her husband was unmistakeable…she languished when he was away, fretted when he was away at war and doted on him when he was at home”… “Rachel never liked being in the spotlight of events…She was an avid reader of the bible and other religious works”. She died just before Jackson headed to Washington to be Pres. “he held her body tightly until he was dragged away.” if you are looking for an “attention whore”, look no further than the Fatty occupying the present First Lady position… But you will not find this as regards to the loving, caring wife of perhaps the greatest President after George Washington. (He destroyed the Central Bank…what more proof does one need about his greatness)

  2. Interesting. I would have liked to read about the reasons for changing the bill to depict her. I never heard her name or anything about her supposed deeds.

    1. want to read about the reasons? Jackson was a white man and they wanted to replace him with an uppity black bitch. Feel free to read it as often as necessary. lol

    2. Because they want to re-write history.
      Jackson was the founder of the modern Democratic party, and he was a slaveholder.

  3. There was the whole Trail of Tears ordeal in which he uprooted Indian Tribes that were assimilating to European values for their land. I’m not a fan of Tubman at all but Jackson wasn’t a man of too high morals.
    And if the bill does change we’re just moving back to using black people as currency in a manner of speaking.

    1. “we’re just moving back to using black people as currency in a manner of speaking”
      It’s all democrats have been doing, so nothing really changes.

    2. The Trail of Tears pretty much happened after Jackson had left the presidency. Yes, it was more or less a direct effect of him signing off on the Indian Removal Act, but his signing was justified at the time, and he had no control over what happened as a result.

  4. We should culture-jam this nonsense by calling the new $20 bill Harriet Tubman’s slave price.

  5. What’s ironic about this whole $20 bill controversy is that Andrew Jackson hated the US Bank, and would actually be the biggest supporter of removing his face from paper money circulated by the federal government.
    The biggest argument people have for removing Jackson is that he caused the mass genocide of various Native American groups by forcibly removing them from their lands, but the whole Trail of Tears took place mostly after Jackson’s presidency ended in 1837, and the reason Jackson signed off on the Indian Removal Act was, as we have learned from Montoya’s article, because the Natives were attacking Americans, raping left and right and scalping the men and women constantly. It’s akin to getting a very large restraining order against a large number of people. Jackson had to do what was best for his citizens, not the Native Americans.
    Also, if Jackson was so racist and hated Native Americans, why did he adopt Lyncoya, a Native American boy found on the battlefield alongside his dead mother in Tennessee, and raise the boy as his own? He had plans to send him to West Point and everything, and invested in Lyncoya’s education as much as he invested in his other children’s education.

    1. Some argue the irony of having Tubman on the face of the currency once used to buy her.

      1. There’s also the irony that it’s Jackson’s heirs, the Democrats, who were responsible for most of the SJW nonsense.

    2. Agreed, Jackson would never want to be on Fed notes, especially irredeemable ones. I always thought that Treasury putting him on the $20 was the central bankers getting the last laugh.
      I’ve also heard they are planning on putting the suffragettes like Susan B. Anthony on other denominations. I wholeheartedly agree with this. Their images on the debased irredeemable notes that enable the welfare state that women love to vote for is a perfect reminder of their legacy.

      1. Agreed, let their names be papered everywhere on the worthless notes that we will soon carry around in wheelbarrows.

    3. There was another president in relatively recent times who attempted to defy the banks.
      “John F. Kennedy -(1917-1963)-35th President of the United States-
      Assassinated in Office.
      On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110.
      This Executive Order called for the issuance of new currency –
      the United States Note. At the time, $4,292,893 of this currency was put into circulation. This new currency was to be distributed through the U.S. Treasury and not the Federal Reserve System. Furthermore, it was to be issued debt and interest-free.
      Upon Kennedy’s assassination, this currency was withdrawn from circulation, never to be issued again.”

      1. Twice Jackson had assassination attempts on his life and he Vehemently claimed that both were the work of “the banks” despite other proffered theories. Major historical figures in recent times who have stood alone against the World Banking System…and whether one agrees with their actions or not, they are..Kennedy (assassinated), Lincoln (assassinated), Czar Nicholas (assassinated), Napoleon, who had to fight a coalition of the entire European elites and was deposed and exiled. Hitler, who fought a coalition made up of nearly the entire world and comitted suicide upon defeat. It is a little known fact that Lincolns’ fellow anti bank ally, the Russian Czar, during the Civil War, parked his Russian naval fleet in New York and San Francisco harbors to deter the British and French from meddling in the Civil War and from recognizing the Confederacy, which would have assured victory for the South. After the war, to pay off the Czar for his stationing his fleet in NY and SF. Sec. of State Seward purchased a (at that time) truly, worthless wilderness called Alaska from the Czar which was used as the excuse for an under the table payment for the Czars’ naval expenses.

        1. The Russian Tsar were very opposed to Rothschild central banking. Systematically they were eradicated and the Zionist funded and operated Marxist/Leninist reign of terror took control.

        2. Gaddafi was creating his own gold-backed currency, separate from the international banking system, for Libya as well. So much for that

    4. Jackson also stopped the original civil rights bill that wouldve given farm land to freed slaves basically completely and totally seperated from the rest of america. So hes a total retard for that. Now you have this gigantic racial time bomb in your lap and all the problems that come with that. Not to mension white women love bouncing on a big black cock as opposed to some weak white chump. HAHAHA

    5. Adopting Lyncoya was really the least he could do after the Battle of Tallushatchee. And the restraining order analogy would make better sense if they hadn’t taken the land of the Creek allies of the Americans as well.

  6. As a Britbong.
    I have no idea what a harriet tubman even is.
    But even I know Jackson killed the bank.

      1. If anyone deserves to be on the dollar it’s Aunt Jemima. That’s one bad bitch.

        1. With the general incompetence and hilarity of the federal government I feel that someone appropriately placed could be the famous Wi Tu Lo trolling of Asiana air by sneaking Aunt Jemima on the 20.

        2. I think they want to stimulate demand not have fat Americans eating their own money

        3. That stands as the best troll ever and will stay that way unless someone slips aunt jemima into the 20

        4. Did you ever see the documentary The Yes Men? It was about a group of professional trolls. I think you would enjoy it.

        5. Genuine smile on her face, can cook, natural hair color… try to find these 3 traits in any millennial chick.

      2. Oh how I wish someone like Mark Dice or some other troller goes out on the street and gets people to react to Aunt Jemima on the $20.

  7. Makes you wonder if we lost something with the decline of dueling. Not that long ago, society’s respectable landowning men resolved their disputes that way in the name of honor. Now they’ve given that up, and dueling has become the practice of lower-class men, like bikers, rough blue collar workers and minority gang members, though without the formal rules – often just in the form of street fighting.
    Could you just imagine if Ted Cruz challenged Donald Trump to a duel, and on live television? Talk about a reality show.

    1. An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. Robert A. Heinlein
      That sums up what we loss from dueling. Your speech is free from government, not from consequences. Insults a mans honour, family, or wife will lead to fatal or debilitating injury in Jackson’s time. In today’s world, we have Gawker saying whatever and getting away with it.

      1. Heinlein wrote things which might sound wise to adolescent boys who read his novels and don’t know much about the world. Heavily armed shit-holes like Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan don’t have reputations for genteel manners.
        He would have gotten closer to the truth by saying that a white society is a polite society.

        1. Most of Heinlein’s desired readership are usually men and women of the Western World, which is White Society. I brought up this quote because it used at the moment to reinforce the notion of using your words wisely. If I insult someone, I should be prepare to face the consequence of such action. Jackson has history of dueling which is good deterrent to not insult the man and his family.

        2. In Harold Covington’s Northwest novels, which depict both an armed society and an all-white one, they have a national honor court that oversees dueling under controlled conditions. Certain insults will trigger a cause for dueling, like calling someone an attorney.

        3. I read nearly all of Heinlein’s books as a young teenager. Recently I binged on a few for nostalgia’s sake.
          Heinlein makes some great political points, notably in “Starship Troopers.” But it’s clear that his frame of reference is ultra-white. He has no exposure to “vibrant” cultures.
          His black characters in “Tunnel in the Sky” talk and act exactly like white people from the midwest. It makes me wonder if Heinlein ever met a black person.
          His brand of libertarianism in “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” is dangerously naive. It reminds me of a comment (on Heartiste, I think) that libertarianism *would only* work in a homogeneous white society composed of Germanic stock and values (if that).

    2. “Makes you wonder if we lost something with the decline of dueling.”
      Fist fighting and duels in Congress were common in the days of yore, and still happen in other countries in modern times.
      “Ted Cruz challenged Donald Trump to a duel”
      Donald Trump was in the cagematch once. My $ is on Trump (that and Cruz hides behind the skirts of his women on TV).

    3. Everyone is scared shitless of any violence now. I once slammed a book on a desk at a place I used to work and it set off all kinds of alarms with management.

      1. Yeah. I tapped my hand on the table during a heated discussion in order to emphasize a point and everyone lost their minds.

      1. Always loved the line to his children, “Honor’s a gift a man gives himself.”

    4. “dueling has become the practice of lower-class men, like bikers, rough blue collar workers”
      Hate to break it to you but, these “lower class” American men are the last segment of Western society who still have any balls hence why they won’t hesitate to beat the living piss out of anyone that runs his fat stupid mouth. Getting pretty fed up with working class white Americans aka bikers and blue collar workers aka “rednecks and hillbillies” getting bashed by you Marxists. You’re just like SJWs and you can pretty much STFU.
      Also, minority gang members don’t duel, they do drive-bys and shoot tons of innocent people because they always miss. Your analogy as a whole is leftist soundbite trash.

      1. To be fair bikers and blue collar workers have the least to lose with a battery, or even felony battery charge on their records. Which would explain why they’re so willing to fight. If a plumber or construction worker has a battery charge on his record no one bats an eye [or bothers to run a background check]. If a doctor, lawyer, accountant, teacher, or nurse has a criminal conviction on their record everyone loses their fucking mind!

        1. Great roundabout way of saying that a plumber or construction worker isn’t as important or valuable to society as a doctor or lawyer. If it wasn’t for plumbers and the dudes erecting steel beams hoisted on walls, doctors and lawyers wouldn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.
          And way to stereotype blue collar workers as felons. I’m blue collar and grew up all my life steeped in blue collar culture. My father was a master journeyman/plumber and ran a very successful and lucrative family business rivaling that of any small practice family doctor’s. My father was a very hardworking, earnest and honest man and wasn’t a felon or criminal or scumbag like you assume and insinuate of working class people.
          Thanks for showing your true colors. The virulent hatred of working class white American men pervades every corner of our disgusting society. Even here on ROK.

        2. I know a businessman in Arizona who used to have an auto upholstery business. Just about all of his workmen had spent time in prison; in fact they learned their skills there. He had one employee who came out on parole after serving time for a murder conviction, and he made this guy a supervisor because the other workmen respected him as the alpha convict – he had actually killed someone.

        3. “Great roundabout way of saying that a plumber or construction worker isn’t as important or valuable to society as a doctor or lawyer.”
          I never said that.
          “Thanks for showing your true colors. The virulent hatred of working class white American men pervades every corner of our disgusting society. Even here on ROK.”
          Lose the chip on your shoulder and the oppression complex. You sound like a black lives matters protestor. You picked a very fitting username: “The New Fem”.

        4. “I never said that.”
          Yes you did and you know you did. You’re just too much of a coward to admit you hate working class white men so you went the passive aggressive weasel route.
          “Lose the chip on your shoulder and the oppression complex.”
          Forgive me if I don’t take kindly to wannabe Internet elitists who bash working class people and working class culture because it’s the safe and popular thing to do by every PC moron existing in today’s society. Even on a blog like this that claims to support masculinity and masculine men. You’re a hypocrite.

      2. I’ve referenced my Southern redneck background frequently on this site. My Mom’s parents were hillbillies, and Grandpa said he grew up with Orval Faubus in the Ozarks. (Look up Faubus.) My father grew up dirt-poor on his grandparents’ farm in Oklahoma because his “cougar mom” handed him off to her parents after the divorce from Dad’s father so she could sleep around again.
        So don’t lecture me like I’m some kind of elitist white snob, because I come from the white gutter, and I know those kinds of people from the inside.

        1. You sound just like libtards who say “I’m not racist, I have black friends.”
          At least try and own up to your anti-white, anti-working class snobbery on why you are parroting the same Marxist talking points by signaling you are part of the in-group of uppity bourgeois whites who hate working class Americans. You aren’t fooling anyone.

  8. It is simpler that what the author is saying.
    Bottom line, Hussein Obammy and his ilk wanted to take the White face of perhaps the greatest American of all time and replace it with Tubman.
    It is a giant middle finger to traditional White America courtesy of Hussein and his “elegant and beautiful” wife. Most likely it was Moochelle who pushed for this. In fact, I see a strong resemblance…
    BTW, if Trump is elected, he should revert the money back to its original form. Right after he removes January 15 as a federal holiday. Would be great if he replaced it with March 15th, Andrew Jackson’s birthday.

    1. well originally they wanted to replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. ironically, largely through efforts of all-non-white cast of the musical Hamilton, Hamilton was saved – albeit at expense of Jackson.

      1. It is a little known fact that until recent times ( 50’s/60’s) Hamilton was an often despised and reviled historical figure in mainstrem history for being an elitist banker. They don’t tell you that today though.

  9. Hilarious, since it comes at a time when cash is going the way of the 8-track cassette.

  10. The only individual male or female that should be featured on that bill should be the creature from Jeckyll Island. Maybe give Cthulu some tits to keep the feminists happy

    1. This will be a picture of Michelle Obams if she attends any more State Dept banquets. Bitch does love to eat!

      1. That is a horrific sight. But a perfect example of how far behind on the evolutionary spectrum some of our fellow humans are.
        True to her biology, home girl is chimping out.

  11. The $20 bill is the bill most dispensed at an ATM machine so you’ll be exposed to it more so than other denominations. It will be a subliminal feed into the minds of people.

      1. You obviously haven’t been on here long enough.
        They are pushing the narrative that women are equal to men and should be excelled to the top even if the women themselves have not excelled to the level as men have.

        1. I’ve been on here since it’s inception and was on rooshv for like 2 years before that. I’ve only recently started commenting because within the last six months it’s been heavily flooded by delusional racists. I don’t get how having a minor representation of a gender that makes up half the population is suggestive that women are equal to men.

        2. I think you’re the one that’s racist. I never looked at people disliking this idea of putting Tubman on the $20 bill racist. That thought never crossed my mind. I looked at it as a feminist narrative. Just like they put that Sacajawea Native Indian on the US $1 dollar coin.
          If you want to honor Tubman, then create a $25 bill with her on it. Don’t take off Jackson who had done more for the US than Tubman. Taking Jackson off is an insult to the man.

        3. Excellent point. I never thought of that. A $25 with limited circulation or maybe even just a $20 commemorative coin. Everyone wants their alma matre or patron saint on a coin. There’s room for all with commemorative nickels, $1 coins or anything that is the right circumference and weight to work in a parking meter. Who cares what’s on the face of the coin. I’m sure Lousianans have a St Bastille’s quarter next. I’m awaiting the Hillary nickel with the ghosts of seal team 6 atop building 7 on the reverse and the caption ”we came, we saw” . . .

        4. In the past, they did that with postage stamps. People would collect them and sell them at auctions.
          US currencies had US presidents on the front face except the $100 bill.

      1. It was good, but the central banker Buttle was given about a page in the book…half the book coulda been devoted to him

    1. Robert Rimini is considered the ultimate Jackson scholar. His “Battle of New Orleans” is an in depth and exciting read, although it concentrates on just this battle. It is little known that Americans celebrated the date of the Battle of New Orleans for over 70 years as an equal celebration to July 4th. The 60’s Commie profs tried to say that as the battle was fought and won AFTER signing of the peace treaty (it took weeks for news of the signing to reach New Orleans) thus ending the war and that the battle was inconsequential. I call Bullshit! as do many highly regarded historians. Had the British won, they would have controlled the entire Missippi and the American Midwest. They would never have evacuated their territorial gains, especially as the treaty had not been ratified by both governments legislatures and America may have been reclaimed by Great Britain. Hence, the reason for 70 years of celebration. The American public is not made aware of this nor of Andy Jacksons ballsy fight, along with a bunch of dirty, rag tag Kentucky/Tennesse frontiersmen/militia and artillerists provided by Louisiana pirates, to save America at the Battle of New Orleans.
      Robert Remini also has written other AJ bios but, although good they are less swashbuckiling than “Battle of New Orleans”, which I highly recommend.

      1. Stenka,
        Was it the 60’s when the commie profs took over? I always thought it was the Jamesian/Dewey Progressive profs a few decades earlier that dangerously revised US History.
        Yes, I read a bit about the Remini volumes, but they will take more time than I have. I just purchased the Meacham and Brands bios for $1 apiece on amazon.

        1. The Progressive profs indeed began as you say. They became more ascendant in the mainstream starting in the 60’s. Brands is a good read while only being slightly less scholarly than Remini. I would think Meachem would also be good.

      2. No,they wouldnt have as the muscogeans contolled it and were never subjugated by any colonial power.and secondely,did you just leave otu how the muscogeans defeated the british in orleans,but that andrew betrayed them later,and sent them to die on the trail tears?thi is why ethnis should never fight in any war for the white man,even if ISIS is at its doorstep.

        1. I did leave out the Indian contribution at the Battle of N.O. as I wasn’t sure which peoples and how many fought there. It was easy to remember the oft touted Pirate Lafitte and Kentucky frontiersmen but many Indians were involved. By the way I would like to borrow a Tomahawk and Scalping Knife and take them back to Britain to work on some Englishmen. You see, more recently than 1815 my Irish ancestor, Owen Brady, in 1848, had to vacate the Emerald Isle because the English let millions of Irish starve during the Irish Potato Famine. As far as “Old Hickory” sending Indians “to die on the trail of tears”, I wish he would have gone down into Mexico and rounded up the ancestors of the violent half Mexican, half Yaqui bitch that I was married to for over a decade. My two half Mexican/Yaqui sons spent 90% of their time with me growing up and thanks to my direction in their scholarly endeavors, one is a Physical Therapist and the other is in law school. Although we did have to work on their bad tempers inherited from mom and their Yaqui grandfathers’ side (he was murdered in a gunfight in a cantina in 1974 on the losing end of a shootout with a jealous husband whose wife he was tapping..real bad hombre..on Christmas eve no less..great Christmas present for my ex and her seven siblings).
          As far as fighting for the white man..I would agree with you from Vietnam on and especially today, me and mine will never fight for the current elite rulers. You see, Johnny Man, I always told my sons not to wallow in self agrievement. Yes, bad things have happened to all peoples in all of history. And one should not forget but one should also better ones self in spite of it all. I’ve told my boys since they were little, that if Rome is falling then be sure to better yourself and get your piece of the Roman Pie during the downfall. And this is the advice I give to you also, Johnny. Look to the future and better yourself. If you have a tribal number, which my sons unfortunately do not, then take advantage of it and hopefully do your best.

        2. the Choctaw(my people)Helped the Irish in the potato famine,and the two peoples have great relations until this day,the president of ireland,is even a honorary chief of the oklahoma band of chahtas…Im sure youre ex was part yaqui as many northern emxicans may be but culturally mestizo…no Yaqui ,tarahumara,seri with any honor or dignity would marry or fornicate with white man.the women largely getmarried erly and are kept out of public eye,not as strict or conservative as the Wayuu but closer.

        3. I didnt see the rest of your comment,did you just say the Yaqui should be Exterminated?Theyre an admirable tribe like other Uto-aztecans,the comanche being my most heroized.Most Uto-Aztecans were never subjugated by anyone,its a shame theyre Christinsane today,kind of like my own tribe who held out very long and even commited mass self sacrifice instead of being subjugated by the spanish conquistadors during the mabila battle in alabama.
          Im fine,Im Handsome(I look like DJ willy monfret,but higher cheekbones),well built,intelligent and socially intelligent and manipulative,Ill be fine .the future of native lies with our south american brothers as they are independant and follow theyre own religions,north americans have to many social ills from being put on cramped reservations and they have 0 will to fight but rather be accepted by the white man.I hoenstely just hope some kind of mass trauma destroys the united states.

        4. My ex’s father was 7/8 puro Yaqui and 1/8 black. And yes I remember reading how your people, the Choctaw helped the Irish. Truly noble. As for my ex’s family, they have been in the American Southwest since being on the wrong side of the Mexican Revolution in 1905 after which they came across the border. As for fornication…her family, from what I saw, would fornicate with absolutely anything.

        5. Sorry you missed the rest of the comment. I said jokingly that I would have been better off if the ex’s Yaqui ancestors would have been exterminated as I then wouldn’t have had to suffer ten years with her. The Yaquis were Uto-Aztecan who were never conquered by the Spanish. Unfortunately they, suffered greatly in the Yaqui Wars with the Mexican government. To this day most Mexicans do not like Yaquis. The Yaquis are considered the most ferocious tribe in the Americas, only second to the Nahuatl and Pipil. They make Apaches look like librarians. They are also noted for being the hardest workers and ran their mines near Guaymas. My ex is a hard worker who works for a well known hi tech company and makes over $150,000 per year. But she was not a great parent and thats where I took charge.

        6. Johnny Man, is your computer or reading device unable to see all of a given comment? If so, that is too bad because I’ve said some interesting things throughout my long comments.

        7. Well,Yes uto aztecans especially comanches,were never subjugated by colonial powers.Same for the guajiros in Venezuela.I know most emxicans hate yaquis,but you must remember northern Mexicans are mostly Spaniard iberians and identify with that culture,they Generally dont like native americans at all.I only consider natives my brothers,not so called mesticos.they largely do the european mans bidding.they also embaress us because they look like us,when they kiss euro ass.their women also have a horrible degrading image in the media,this has led to disrespecting our own women ebcause they can look similar to them(despite being 180 different in mentality and ethics) .

        8. Yes,thats what I ment.they were likely just mestizos or outcasts.Yaquis have honour and codes.most scumbbag mexicans are either Iberian like the cartels,or mestizos with no native roots,the firs nations areas and peoples /folks there are the most sane and peacefull.

        9. most mesticos are shallow and are a lost cause.some are good and have ethics,but most buy into the hedonistic materialist culture and mentalities of their conquistadors.the few natives left in that part of the world,are mostly insular and prefer to keep their distance from emstizos and Castizos,but the latter wont leave them to be epacefull and obey their laws,theyw ant to europeanize all peoples.mestizos are horrible.I hope Donald gives em a wake up call,you may be a house Nigger,but youre still a nigger once you dont stroke their collective white ego or serve any use.

        10. Sorry about that bro. AJ’s parents were Ulster through and through. more than 1/3 of American presidents are Ulster… no hatred or war just truth. We have a war to win against all of us now

        11. I’m not sure what you are saying? True, AJ was Scotch-Irish, a very tough people who were well portrayed by Senator Jim Webb in his series about them. (In the 80’s I worked with Jim Webbs brother Gary in an engineering firm). There are many wars to win on many battlefronts for todays true patriots..which war are you referring to?

  12. Nice article, but would have been good to see a few examples of the myths behind Tubman without clicking through links.

    1. Certain aspects of Tubman’s life have been exaggerated. So what? Happens to almost all famous historical figures; George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone. Hell, even certain elements of Elvis’ life have been exaggerated. And anyway, that Maxwell article shows that though Tubman’s life was not as we have been made to believe it, her life was still an interesting and rather inspiring one.

      1. But is it worthwhile to remove a historical figure like Jackson, who fought for this country, with her? While I am not saying what she did was not worth mentioning, but without what Jackson had done for our country, she would’ve been a nobody.

        1. For the record, I am not saying that Tubman should replace Jackson on the $20. But to say that Tubman’s legacy is unimportant is bullshit.

  13. Not on the subject buuuuuuuut DOES it get any more blue pill than this?? The pill must be some some sort of deep marine blue/navy blue! Enjoy!

  14. On a different subject, and I wouldn’t mind ROK tackling this one under the banner of personal responsibility, but here it goes. So we have these three Florida teenage girls who stole a car, led law enforcement on a chase, then crashed into a pond and drowned as deputies debated what to do about rescuing them. Check out the Jalopnik comments. Most are inclined to agree that it was a tough rescue and anyways, the girls are mostly to blame for what happened in the first place. This is a position I agree with. However, there are trolls who got into “victim shaming” mode. A must read. Thoughts?

    1. Jalopnik is owned by Gawker media. There is a reason these comments arent removed

      1. But to give them credit, at least the “victim blaming” ones aren’t deleted either. If there’s one thing that does frustrate me from their comment sections is, every comment is moderated. While Gawker was one of the first sites where I would post regularly, I no longer do so because of it.

  15. Given how much Jackson hated the banksters, I think he’d hate having his likeness on the current funny money. I think Peter Schiff had it right on his recent podcast. Replace the Founders with cartoon characters.

    1. Cartoon characters…like Hildabeast and Slick Willie? In all seriousness, as the Federal Reserve Central Banking system is such a joke then Buggs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Wil E Coyote, and especially Foghorn Leghorn would be more appropriate.

  16. I’d much rather see Neil Armstrong on the 20 dollar bill.
    Ride on top of a multibillion dollar (in 2016 money) explosive 230,100 miles through the vacuum of space, land an untested piece of equipment with skin thin enough that a pencil could pierce it on to the surface of a lifeless rock, be the first person to walk around, come up with a good saying for the history books, only to launch back up, reenter the atmosphere at insane speeds and heat that only the Earth’s oceans can cool you off all the while keeping a boyish grin on your face.
    THAT is how one gets their face on a bill.

  17. “They replaced the 20 dollar bill with a racist liberal to only put a conservative Christian woman on there”. Just wanted to add that to cause the little itty bitty liberal sjw brains to spin out of control. But Andrew Jackson sounds like a badass…only a few presidents can come to mind with that type of balls.

  18. as a native,I must say this article is full of shit.While I generally support tecumseh and his war against the white illegals,and Hate andrew jackson,i must say this idea that whites were victims of native agression is far from the truth,Tecumseh himself was rejected by most native chiefs wich he decried as minions of the americans ,and he only began his uprising after the american”settlers”killed his father and started butchering innocent indians.american Allies wich supported the war in favour of america,like the Seminole and the Choctaw,were betrayed by andrew jackon and sent to Oklahoma because he wanted our sacred lands to be a protestant white dump.
    its this incesstant support of gencodider in your history,without any objectivity that Ive come to see white christian conservatves arent about any morality but bullshit egotism and know well they are lying and doing nasty shit,and not vaguely misled by their doctrines and delusions,theyre well aware of what theyre doing,on this I must repeat the Curse of Tecumsehon your people,the white people,

  19. also the curse of Tecumseh-both on whites and on every president born in a even number year by twenty has come true,literally every curse has passed. In defiance of the white warriors of Ohio and Kentucky, I have traveled through their settlements, once our favorite hunting grounds. No war-whoop was sounded, but there is blood on our knives. The Pale-faces felt the blow, but knew not whence it came. Accursed be the race that has seized on our country and made women of our warriors. Our fathers, from their tombs, reproach us as slaves and cowards. I hear them now in the wailing winds. The Muscogee was once a mighty people. The Georgians trembled at your war-whoop, and the maidens of my tribe, on the distant lakes, sung the prowess of your warriors and sighed for their embraces. Now your very blood is white; your tomahawks have no edge; your bows and arrows were buried with your fathers. Oh! Muscogees, brethren of my mother, brush from your eyelids the sleep of slavery; once more strike for vengeance; once more for your country. The spirits of the mighty dead complain. Their tears drop from the weeping skies. Let the white race perish. They seize your land; they corrupt your women; they trample on the ashes of your dead! Back, whence they came, upon a trail of blood, they must be driven. Back! back, ay, into the great water whose accursed waves brought them to our shores! Burn their dwellings! Destroy their stock! Slay their wives and children! The Red Man owns the country, and the Pale-faces must never enjoy it. War now! War forever! War upon the living! War upon the dead! Dig their very corpses from the grave. Our country must give no rest to a white man’s bones. This is the will of the Great Spirit, revealed to my brother, his familiar, the Prophet of the Lakes. He sends me to you. All the tribes of the north are dancing the war-dance. Two mighty warriors across the seas will send us arms. Tecumseh will soon return to his country. My prophets shall tarry with you. They will stand between you and the bullets of your enemies. When the white men approach you the yawning earth shall swallow them up. Soon shall you see my arm of fire stretched athwart the sky. I will stamp my foot at Tippecanoe, and the very earth shall shake.[32][33]
    Tecumseh delivered this sermon to a audience of Osages on his way back home in 1811. It was reported by John Dunn Hunter, an Anglo-American whose parents had been killed by the Kickapoos, and who had been later raised among the Osages:[34]
    Brothers, we all belong to one family; we are all children of the Great Spirit; we walk in the same path; slake our thirst at the same spring; and now affairs of the greatest concern lead us to smoke the pipe around the same council fire! Brothers, we are friends; we must assist each other to bear our burdens. The blood of many of our fathers and brothers has run like water on the ground, to satisfy the avarice of the white men. We, ourselves, are threatened with a great evil; nothing will pacify them but the destruction of all the red men. Brothers, when the white men first set foot on our grounds, they were hungry; they had no place on which to spread their blankets, or to kindle their fires. They were feeble; they could do nothing for themselves. Our fathers commiserated their distress, and shared freely with them whatever the Great Spirit had given his red children. They gave them food when hungry, medicine when sick, spread skins for them to sleep on, and gave them grounds, that they might hunt and raise corn. Brothers, the white people are like poisonous serpents: when chilled, they are feeble and harmless; but invigorate them with warmth, and they sting their benefactors to death. The white people came among us feeble; and now that we have made them strong, they wish to kill us, or drive us back, as they would wolves and panthers. Brothers, the white men are not friends to the Indians: at first, they only asked for land sufficient for a wigwam; now, nothing will satisfy them but the whole of our hunting grounds, from the rising to the setting sun. Brothers, the white men want more than our hunting grounds; they wish to kill our old men, women, and little ones. Brothers, many winters ago there was no land; the sun did not rise and set; all was darkness. The Great Spirit made all things. He gave the white people a home beyond the great waters. He supplied these grounds with game, and gave them to his red children; and he gave them strength and courage to defend them. Brothers, my people wish for peace; the red men all wish for peace; but where the white people are, there is no peace for them, except it be on the bosom of our mother. Brothers, the white men despise and cheat the Indians; they abuse and insult them; they do not think the red men sufficiently good to live. The red men have borne many and great injuries; they ought to suffer them no longer. My people will not; they are determined on vengeance; they have taken up the tomahawk; they will make it fat with blood; they will drink the blood of the white people. Brothers, my people are brave and numerous; but the white people are too strong for them alone. I wish you to take up the tomahawk with them. If we all unite, we will cause the rivers to stain the great waters with their blood. Brothers, if you do not unite with us, they will first destroy us, and then you will fall an easy prey to them. They have destroyed many nations of red men, because they were not united, because they were not friends to each other. Brothers, the white people send runners amongst us; they wish to make us enemies, that they may sweep over and desolate our hunting grounds, like devastating winds, or rushing waters. Brothers, our Great Father[35] over the great waters is angry with the white people, our enemies. He will send his brave warriors against them; he will send us rifles, and whatever else we want—he is our friend, and we are his children. Brothers, who are the white people that we should fear them? They cannot run fast, and are good marks to shoot at: they are only men; our fathers have killed many of them: we are not squaws, and we will stain the earth red with their blood. Brothers, the Great Spirit is angry with our enemies; he speaks in thunder, and the earth swallows up villages, and drinks up the Mississippi. The great waters will cover their lowlands; their corn cannot grow; and the Great Spirit will sweep those who escape to the hills from the earth with his terrible breath. Brothers, we must be united; we must smoke the same pipe; we must fight each other’s battles; and, more than all, we must love the Great Spirit: he is for us; he will destroy our enemies, and make all his red children happy.

  20. Thank you for writing this article. I was furious when I heard this news. The political correctness/social justice warrior stuff is getting out of control.

  21. Nice job. I figured that since Jackson was against central banking all together, it wouldn’t be long until the Fed had their way with him as far as the dollar is concerned. But they had to wait almost two hundred years after his death to do so, because it takes that long to take down such a bad ass. The only other president that compares to Jackson is Polk. They would never let his face even close to a green back, even though half the country is under our flag because of his administration.

  22. “During the Revolutionary War, Jackson, at age thirteen, informally helped the local militia as a courier. His eldest brother, Hugh, died from heat exhaustion during the Battle of Stono Ferry, on June 20, 1779. He and his brother Robert were captured by the British and held as prisoners; they nearly starved to death in captivity. When Andrew refused to clean the boots of a British officer, the officer slashed at the youth with a sword, leaving him with scars on his left hand and head, as well as an intense hatred for the British. While imprisoned, the brothers contracted smallpox.
    Robert Jackson died on April 27, 1781, a few days after their mother Elizabeth secured the brothers’ release. After being assured Andrew would recover, she volunteered to nurse prisoners of war on board two ships in Charleston harbor, where there had been an outbreak of cholera. In November 1781 she died from the disease and was buried in an unmarked grave. Andrew became an orphan at age 14. Following the deaths of his brothers and mother during the war, he blamed the British for his losses.”

    1. I like it when it has articles like this, not the usual “Why the world sucks and it’s all the fault of blacks/Jews/Mexicans/feminists” whiny crap.

        1. No one is behind the Fed. It was made into law in 1913 by a duly elected Congress and a duly elected President. It’s not a secret, sinister organization that meets in a lair. It does everything out in the open. It’s managed by whomever gets appointed by whomever the people elect.
          Does my life suck? Hell yeah. But at least I know it sucks because I made sucky decisions, not because the Fed or the Illuminati or some other group is screwing me over.
          No one is behind the Fed because we are all behind the Fed.

        2. The Fed is a privately owned profitable organisation independent of the government linked to an international banking syndicate who’s board consists of a Jewish majority.
          They have a complete monopoly of the nations money supply and every American tax payer is indebted to them in some form.

        3. Certainly not blacks/Mexicans/feminists. They don’t have the brains. But we know which Tribe does.

        4. Hahaha! The Fed was made into law just before a Congressional Christmas break when few congressmen were around…it was ramrodded through by Senator Aldrich whose descendant was New World Order banker Nelson Aldrich Rockerfeller.. It does not operate in the open and for decades there have been calls for the Fed bank to open it’s books and they refuse to do it. Even last month there were such calls and it quickly gets ignored by the MSM. It was founded at a clandestine meeting of wealthy bankers and Wilson advisers at Jeckyll Island, Georgia and was soon put in operation by the administration of Woodrow Wilson, who when he was young rolled bandages for the Conferate Army and stood next to Robert E. Lee when Lee visited Wilsons’ father’s church in Virginia during the Civil War.

        5. “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863.

        6. ^^^ My vote for the most stupid, naive, yet strangely pompous, reply I’ve ever read on ROK. Americans certainly deserve what they get if they can’t figure out even the basics of their enslavement. Incredible…

  23. “The Bank is trying to kill me – but I will kill it!” Later he said “If the American people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system – there would be a revolution before morning…” Andrew Jackson, 7th U.S. President, 1829-1824

    1. Thank you, Drago…one of the truly greatest quotes in history along with the quotes of our Founding Fathers, who were unanimous in decrying the establishment of a central bank. Except for that elitist, shit banker, and founder, Hamilton. Who, along with Woodrow Wilson, the Virginia Confederate who brought us Jeckyll Island and the Federal Reserve, need to have their names stripped off all things American and have their graves removed off American soil…to Gitmo Bay perhaps.

  24. It’s great to be able to read the other side to Jackson’s life and career than the primarily negative one that they taught in the schools, which omits most of the interesting aspects about his life. Even in his day, well before his name had become “politically incorrect”, he was highly controversial due to his boldness, his populism, and the fact that he was the first president not have come from a wealthy, noble family, but from a family of poor Scotch-Irish immigrants. Ultimately, it seems that all these factors helped him to become a successful leader. Obviously the Trail of Tears was a bad move, but that type of legislation was common among presidents of that era, including Abraham Lincoln (research the Lakota massacre). Several of my own great-great-great grandparents were made to march the Trail of Tears, thus this past week I’ve sadly had to see a lot of my otherwise non-SJW family members on Facebook gloating over Jackson’s removal from the $20; calling him things like “piece of shit” and “Indian baby killer.”

  25. Very important article.
    Jackson was probably one of the greatest presidents the US ever had – maybe even the greatest. He was the enemy of the globalists and it is of course fitting that they would remove him.
    Trubman has a doubtful history. Most of the few dozen folk she saved were from her family and while she did some heroic deeds, she was nowhere close in achievement of the likes of Jackson.
    It is also interesting that they did not want to pick Martin Luther King, because he at least started to oppose the globalist bankers in the end as well attempting to unite both whites and blacks against the international cartel. Also he was assassinated by the same bunch and thus will he never be found on the US dollar bills.
    Instead of picking a great man, they chose a minor historical figure out of SJW-derived reasoning.

    1. “she was nowhere close in achievement of the likes of Jackson”. Yes…miniscule in comparison. “Old Hickory” and I thank you.

    2. Jackson is the kind of American legend the modern society fears. Reality is he wasn’t a legend but was just a man who said fuck you with great authority. Where does it end?

  26. The solution is very simple. Just write, “Harriet Tubman’s slave price” on every 20 you acquire. Also write something like 1488.
    We’ll spread our message and piss on these Zionist banker’s new cultural symbols.

    1. Your first sentence is bullshit and plays into your enemies hands.
      Although pissing on Zionist bankers I completely endorse.

  27. The real question is, is there any black person that they could put on a bill that wouldn’t result in white males crying? If they featured a picture of Jackson raping one of his black slaves would that appease you? Jackson is no doubt a significant historical figure. But the fact that blacks spend over a trillion dollars a year in the us and are forced to use this currency that features all these pictures of white slave owners and rapists is pretty fucked up. If you’re crying about one black bitch on one bill then imagine how they feel. Furthermore, he isn’t being replaced. He’s still going to be on the bill, she’s going to be on the other side of it. So what are you really crying about?

    1. I don’t know that they necessarily deserve to be enshrined on money, but Booker T Washington and W.E.B Debois are 2 that I respect. Can you name any better options?

      1. Nobody really DESERVES to be enshrined on money. All the people on our money now are important in regard to the countries formation but none of them are good guys that DESERVE to be on there. Since baseball is America’s pastime and he did a lot for race relations, I’d put jackie robinson on there. A lot of people don’t like Obama but he is the most historically significant black politician, he will probably eventually get his own currency, or you could put mlk or Malcom x on there, they all basically represent to white people what having slave owning rapists on the currency represents to blacks. You can say whatever you want about blacks now, but you really can’t deny the fact they played a huge role in building this country too.

        1. I forgot that it was initially about putting a woman on a bill. I would have started with Betsy Ross and worked up to the tubman and Obama bills. I can’t tell if all these white guys are outraged because it’s a woman or because it’s not only a woman, but a black woman.

        2. I had watched this movie “Red Tails” about US Airmen from Tuskegee, AL during WW2. I was impressed with the story and was disappointed that they were not mentioned in our history classes in grade school. These men deserve to be honored like any veteran.

        3. They would never feature the Tuskegee airmen on currency because it would inevitably lead to people rediscovering the Tuskegee syphillis experiment. We need to completely redesign all our money. A combination of military, sports, and animal themed bills would be a nice refresh that everyone could agree on and create collectibility for our current set of bills.

      2. Booker T is good WEB supported stumping for 10% to pull the rest out of whatever black poverty is

    2. I have no problem with a person of color on the bill. It’s the fact that they focus on one that will continue the “whites are evil” narative. Notice how they did not choose a black person of intellectual achievement, for example.
      The idea is…look at the bill, think of Hariet Tubman, think that whites are evil.
      Mission accomplished for the SJW’s.

      1. I actually think it’s kind of funny they chose her because of the contrast between her aiding runaway slaves and he was known for keeping and having children with his slaves

        1. I am sure the irony will be lost for most Americans.
          I doubt that most Americans know who is on the 10 or 20, for example.

  28. surprise surprise ROK is deifying a white guy and casting doubt on a black girl … and this is coming from someone who reads ROK daily. white supremacy doesnt exist but the neomasculine movement and esp ROK movement is becoming way too about white power in the last few months. itll alienate non-white readers no doubt.
    its much simpler than even the author’s take on this issue: its an attack on the way of things. SJWs subvert the entire culture. this is a massive middle finger to whats good in the US. i dont mind honoring more historically great americans by giving them their own bills, but to pair someone who’s already on a bill with someone else (never been done) shouldnt be done.
    but even all this is a microcosm to the larger issue of .. focusing on the minutiae. this is essentially a non-issue. while the globalists rape the world over, we do infighting left vs right and completely miss the mark on what we should be focusing on.

      1. its not the point. paper money is practically obsolete anyway.
        AJ vs HT is a non-issue. its a slap in the face to an american great, but that doesnt take away anything from HT. still, its a non-issue! SJWs exerting ridic effort to put HT on $$ nobody uses anymore, since everyone uses credit/debit.
        the real issue as roosh has pointed out is nationalism vs globalism.

        1. And cash and carry is nationalistic. I understand what you are are getting at. Still need currency notes. national currency notes without underground railroad heroes are preferable.

        2. If cash is ever eliminated, that will be the final nail in the coffin. Every transaction will be scrutinized and potentially taxed.

  29. I always thought that having Jackson on the $20 was an affront to the man’s position on the bank and fiat money. It was more like a slap in the face of a great President. If the government continues on the current path, it won’t matter, anyway. Paper money is just paper with pictures.

  30. So basically the new $20.00 bill will be worth $12.00?
    Wait for it…….
    Wait for it……
    You know, 3/5 of a normal $20.00 bill?

    1. Heh. Actually, it’s worth around 60 cents, given the Fed has devalued the currency by 97%, since its inception.

  31. In case you haven’t noticed, all the people on our currency are former US presidents. So tell me what term Harriet Tubman served as president?

      1. I thought I may have missed one or two, but they were still founding fathers, and leagues above HT in importance to our country.

        1. Understood, but if you want to apply the “Founding Father” test then Lincoln has to come off the $5 and Grant has to come off the $50 🙁

        2. I wasn’t saying they had to be founding fathers. Just saying HT isn’t worthy of replacing any of them on our money.

        3. I actually don’t see Harriet Tubman ending up on the currency, because many conservatives have rallied around her deep Christian faith and her penchant for firearms as “awesome things.”
          0bama only pushed for Tubman for 3 reasons:
          1. She was black.
          2. She was a woman.
          3. Most leftists see her only as those two things, and thus presume her to be some kind of radical leftist.
          Now that “the cat is out of the bag” so to speak, another leftist will have to be considered. My guess is they’ll revert to someone like Margaret Sanger (a truly evil and despicable monster) instead.

        4. The 50 dollar bill should have just a graphic of the flag on one side and rapper fifty cent on the other.

        5. I think they should put Jefferson Davis on there, just to mess with them.

  32. “The Myth of Harriet Tubman”
    This section of your article is way too short. Provide some examples. I’m not against doing my own research, but I was expecting much more. The article would have a lot more oomph if you could provide some.

  33. so, you admit that “literally anything else would be more important to focus on right now” than the changing of the $20 bill, but then try to call to arms against it. Wouldn’t that be a waste of effort?
    You bitches are ridiculous.

  34. Obviously this is being considered for purely SJW, America-hating reasons. However, I don’t think the SJWs running the government thought this through carefully: a black, gun-toting Republican who practiced civil disobedience and fought Democrats? I can get on board with that.

  35. The evidence you have given to state that what we know about Harriet Tubman simply says that what we know about her is only misinformation, yet you fail to provide any solid evidence to prove that she did not save as many people as she did. You say that she is more myth than historical fact, yet to not provide evidence to how many people she ACTUALLY saved, or facts to prove that she saved no one or prove that accounts of those traveling on the underground railroad are fallacious. The “facts” you have provided are only a theory based upon no proof whatsoever. STOP perpetuating lies and spreading misinformation. The fools who read your website believe it, and I don’t want misinformed and angry people running amok and tainting the world of facts, logic, and solid arguments.

  36. Remember that it was first floated to remove Hamilton from the ten. But the outcry among those in the circle of power was huge. I’ve never noticed such protest before and it is fitting since Hamilton is the icon, the forefather of the system we have today. So with that push back it is quite natural they instead go after the iconic enemy of central banking, Andrew Jackson. Of course they won’t tell the public that is why.
    Anyway the money shouldn’t have the likeness of anyone on it. And for much of US history, when this was a freer country in many ways, the money often didn’t have the likenesses of dead people on. It was also much better looking money.

  37. Jackson killed the bank. He is the man who continued the path set forth by the Founders.
    Andrew Jackson is a great American hero.
    Hamilton was a statist cunt.
    The silly attempt to troll conservatives has back fired and this needs to be seized upon.
    There is no reason to disparage Harriet Tubman. She doesnt deserve that even if some of it is legend and myth.
    Jackson’s face needs to remain to remind thise who wish to learn.

  38. Oh yes, the 20 dollar bill. The new redesign will actually feature Harriet Tubman on the front with Andrew Jackson on the back.
    So whether our image of Miss Tubman was real or not, I’m sure our version of Tubman would be rolling in her grave to learn she would be featured alongside Andrew Jackson.

  39. Jackson publicly stated his intention to exterminate the entire red race.
    His goal was genocide, there’s no way around it. Can’t whitewash this one.
    It’s 100% wrong to honor an avowed proponent of genocide, no matter how many good things he did in other areas.

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