The Bonehead Alliance Between Ted Cruz And John Kasich Will Do Nothing To Stop Trump

With Donald Trump having scored a crushing victory in last week’s primary in New York and his sweep last night of the mid-Atlantic primaries, the GOP establishment is in emergency, break glass mode. This past weekend, Ted Cruz and John Kasich announced that they have formed a political pact in a last ditch effort to keep Trump from winning enough delegates to get the nomination on the first ballot of the Republican convention:

Due to the fact that the Indiana primary is winner-take-all statewide and by congressional district, keeping Trump from winning a plurality in Indiana is critical to keeping him under 1237 bound delegates before Cleveland. We are very comfortable with our delegate position in Indiana already, and given the current dynamics of the primary there, we will shift our campaign’s resources West and give the Cruz campaign a clear path in Indiana. 

In turn, we will focus our time and resources in New Mexico and Oregon, both areas that are structurally similar to the Northeast politically, where Gov. Kasich is performing well. We would expect independent third-party groups to do the same and honor the commitments made by the Cruz and Kasich campaigns. 

Much like the Wisconsin primary earlier this month, the GOP views next week’s primary in Indiana as Cuckster’s Last Stand, the last chance they have to force a brokered convention. With Cruz mathematically eliminated from the race due to his humiliating defeat in New York—coming in a distant third and winning no delegates—denying Trump a majority of delegates is the only way he’ll have even a glimmer of a chance of getting the nomination.

Unfortunately for the cucksultant class, the Cruz-Kasich deal looks like it will backfire tremendously. Lyin’ Ted’s campaign has been in freefall ever since his fluke Wisconsin win, and in cutting a deal with Kasich, he risks losing the remainder of his supporters.

Ted Cruz, Professional Loser


The biggest problem with the Cruz-Kasich pact is that it shows that Ted Cruz’s rhetoric about fighting the establishment is a flat-out lie. Cruz has built his political career on his supposed opposition to the “Washington cartel,” spending most of his time in the Senate grandstanding against the Republicans’ leadership, including orchestrating a shutdown of the government over Obamacare and calling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor. Yet he is now teaming up with John Kasich, a long-time Washington insider who was recruited to run for president solely to help former GOP golden boy Jeb Bush.

Despite the GOP establishment embracing Cruz as their preferred anti-Trump stool pigeon, the man’s support is still derived in large part from the most autistically inflexible portion of the party’s conservative base, who admire Cruz for his supposed dedication to the Constitution. Cruz’s base will not tolerate any sort of compromise with the establishment, as shown by how he lost huge amounts of support when he sided with the Marxist agitators who incited a riot at Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last month. Cruz’s deal with Kasich could very well lead to the former’s supporters either voting for Trump or staying home out of spite.

Furthermore, Cruz’s nonstop bragging about his voterless victories in states such as Colorado and Wyoming have also hurt his poll numbers. Last year, the Colorado Republican Party canceled their presidential preference vote so they could keep anti-establishment candidates like Trump from winning the state’s delegates. At the party’s convention earlier this month, they awarded all of their delegates to Cruz, then sent a Tweet bragging about how they had scored a victory against Trump.

In crowing about his ability to manipulate the machinery of the GOP and circumvent the party’s supporters, Cruz has shown that his claims of being “anti-establishment” are lies. In the past month, the only primaries he’s won are Wisconsin and Utah, cultural outliers where Trump’s masculine personality and bluntness are liabilities. In every other state that allowed its citizens to vote, the voters chose Donald Trump.

Last Days Inside The Cuckenbunker


It’s clear that Trump’s Wisconsin loss was just a temporary speed bump on his way to the nomination. Ted Cruz has failed to make a dent in New York or any of the other Northeastern primaries—in several of them, he’s come in third place—and while Kasich was able to win a few delegates in New York, he wasn’t able to impact Trump’s overwhelming victory.

While Cruz is hoping Indiana will turn out like Wisconsin, his dreams are going to be dashed due to the Hoosier State’s demography. Indiana is a central part of the Rust Belt, whose manufacturing base has been absolutely devastated by the free trade policies that Trump opposes. Additionally, much of southern Indiana was settled by the same people who settled Kentucky, West Virginia and other parts of Appalachia, one of Trump’s largest bases of support. The Donald’s wide and consistent lead in the Indiana polls reflects this.

Ultimately, while a Trump nomination is still far from guaranteed, it’s clear that Trump has recovered from the missteps his campaign took in the past month. Cruz’s constant betrayals of his principles and his unlikable, slimy personality have steadily eroded his chances of forcing a brokered convention. Barring any major missteps, Trump’s path to the White House has never been clearer.

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272 thoughts on “The Bonehead Alliance Between Ted Cruz And John Kasich Will Do Nothing To Stop Trump”

  1. It’s one thing to try to win a nomination on your own merits, it’s another to try to prevent someone else from winning on their merits. I’m disappointed in Cruz for employing these tactics. At one point I would have thought this kind of behavior to be beneath him, but apparently I misjudged.

    1. “I’m disappointed in Cruz for employing these tactics.”
      He is a bought and paid for globalist puppet, what do you expect?

    2. “At one point I would have thought this kind of behavior to be beneath him, but apparently I misjudged.”
      He’s married to a woman who is a CFR member and who coauthored a paper on merging the USA with Mexico and Canada.
      Task Force Members
      is an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas.
      She served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the
      Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security
      Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S.
      Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B.
      Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative. Prior to government service, Ms.
      Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City.
      Tyler, Texas, Senate campaign event Oct. 15, 2011, in which Cruz
      called the CFR “a pernicious nest of snakes” that is “working to
      undermine our sovereignty.”

      In the YouTube video of the event, Cruz can be heard drawing applause to his comments attacking CFR.
      “I’ve spent a lifetime fighting to defend our sovereignty and I think that’s exactly what we ought to do,” Cruz declared.
      Cuckservative controlled opposition.

  2. “Trump will never run for president. People will never vote for Trump. Trump won’t be the nominee. Trump won’t be president.” Anyone think the other side is getting nervous?

    1. Not those of us who understand politics. We know that he’s dead in the general election because he’s already lost the independents, the college-educated, the Latinos, the blacks, the women, the evangelicals … the list goes on and on.
      He’s running as if this were the election of 1816, not 2016.

        1. I don’t care if somebody is unlikeable. I care if they’re a frigging pinko commie. She’s a friggin’ pinko commie. If she were Dean Martin in personality and charm, I’d still loathe her.

        2. Annoying cunt takes every damn opportunity to hot the limelight.
          You’d think he’d cold the limelight, but no, he hots it.

        3. She is, but then most corporations support Leftism via fascism/mercantilism these days, so 6 one way half dozen the other.

      1. “We know that he’s dead in the general election”
        Crystal ball, or Divine Revelation?

        1. Data also said Romney would beat Obama.
          Data says Kasich is the only one who beats Hillary.
          The only poll that matters is the one on Election Day.
          And we have a little more than 6 months to go before that.

        2. Cite source for aggregate polls. The outlier Gallup poll showing Romney up by 6 doesn’t count.

        3. Romney v. Obama

          Cruz v. Hillary

          Kasich v. Hillary

          Cruz is sitting almost where Romney was versus his opponent. Kasich is the only person who outright beats Hillary (and you will need a margin of error to counter all voter fraud).
          So vote Kasich: because the numbers tell you he will win.

        4. Data did NOT say that Romney would beat Obama.
          The Huffpost 2012 poll aggregation, from your link:
          Barack Obama 48.2%
          Mitt Romney 46.7%
          Actual result:
          Obama: 51%
          Romney: 47%
          My point is proven. Polls are reliable, in aggregate.

        5. Those polls are aggregate from 2 months before the election with two candidates: one on either side.
          We are 6 months before the election (with the possibility of a contested convention on the GOP side and slight chance on the D side).
          Apples and oranges.

        6. At this point in 1980, polls had Jimmy Carter beating Ronald Reagan by about 20%

        7. I wouldnt call a 6 point deficit in the middle of april “dead in the general election”. We have not had any vp selections yet. We have not had any debates yet.
          Mccain was up 6, then a hurricane hit the northeast…

        8. The funny thing is… when I click on your link… the first story headline is “Trump beat expectations everywhere”.
          I think that says enough

        9. Yeah, he’s riding high this media cycle. We’ll see how he does in Indiana. That’s an actual competitive state, and outside his region, unlike the five yesterday. If he loses there, then the media will be all like “oh woe is Trump, Cruz is surging”.
          But I don’t really care about the primaries. I’m looking ahead to the general election.

        10. And Hillary has the ability to keep turn off anyone who isn’t a fat, angry feminist bull dyke.

      2. I’m not american, but in my heart I support Trump, not because he is good, but because he is the lesser evil.
        Sadly, you are right. In fact, he never had the vote of independents, college-educated, assorted mongrels/invaders with vote, niggers, women and evangelical.
        The collegeeducated/assortedmongrels/invaders/niggers and women are going to vote for the Wicked Witch, thats a fact. Also, as other commenter said below, demographics matter, a lot. To put it simply: there is not enough Trump voters simple because the white people are now a minority in their own country.
        The USA, and the western world in general, is doomed. And yes, the Tribe and some white traitors are behind this planned extinction.

        1. As an American all I can say is a Trump presidency will not be boring and that in itself is worth something

      3. Hold on. One of the things you have to remember about Trump… which is why he’s doing so well… is he brings people to the polls who have never voted before. The country is still majority white blue collar people… and he resonates with them deeply. This is not your father’s election… this is something new. If he continues to bring those people out and energize them he can easily win the election.

        1. TRUMP has given these folks a voice again. Let’s be honest … had TRUMP not entered this race and focused HARD on illegal immigration, the decimation of manufacturing in US … Cruz and the GOP would be focused solely on nothing but the need to be world’s police force.
          TRUMP 2016.

        2. My dad’s side is from a town of 20K people which had 5 large manufacturing mills along the river. The community is also home to a prestigious top 20 liberal arts college. For a very small “city” it was fairly prosperous courtesy of manufacturing.
          In the 90’s all mills were shut for good and it is beyond devastating to see what’s happened to the community since then. The town is overrun with welfare and drugs. It now seems to be the epicenter of heroin.
          Of course this is not insulated to my family’s town. I’ve been in close to 40 states and have seen this everywhere. Some places far, far worse.
          We The People are FED UP. FED UP with jobs leaving the US because of trade deals which benefit DC Elites while screwing US. And DC establishment raking it in off consistent involvement abroad while OUR infrastructure falls apart.
          TRUMP 2016

        3. At the same time we need to be careful about the idea of “giving people a voice”. I’m a believer that the right to vote should be severely restricted to only those who pay a net tax and contribute. Just as the founding fathers believed. “The People” are fucking morons who 47% of have no business voting. I actually believe in projecting American dominance over the world (to a degree) because I believe when we take an isolationist view, bad things happen. I also believe that if you have a power vacuum… Russia, China and possibly Iran will fill it… none are good things
          What I like about Trump isn’t so much his “voice of the people” angle… it’s his anti snowflake anti victim culture mentality. Electing him would send a clear message to the snowflake victims of our country that your party is over… time to get the fuck back to work. The way he put Michelle Fields in her place was pure gold and I’d love to see that shit on a daily basis. THAT’s how you Make America Great Again… and I believe Trump knows that better than anyone who’s run for office in a long long time.

        4. I don’t believe he’s implying isolationism. I think you’ve read too many headlines lol.
          Given his voiced intent to straighten out the military, and his commitment in that very speech to “end Isis” I’d wager he means to repurpose our fighting men from bomb-a-nanny back into dedicated killers.
          If he does, I might sign back up.

        5. Beyond that, he’s drawing praise from the kremlin.
          Itd be really nice to have an internationally respected leader in office. Itd be even better if we made nice with the last bastion of non-islamic masculinity.

      4. “the college-educated, the Latinos, the blacks, the women, the evangelicals”
        And none of those voters have any idea what the fuck they’re doing

      5. I think he *could* appeal to a lot of independents and white Democrats. But he is not pushing those mainstream issues as much and still saying the crazy stuff. I know a bunch of reasonable white guys who were democrats until 7 years ago. Obama turned them away, Trump isn’t making any overtures to them.
        But yeah college educated and independent people don’t want to hear him talk about using nukes in Europe or banning foreigners. Get back to basics. Bring common sense to government. And government to me isn’t spy vs spy or huge tanks, it’s the basic stuff like making the trains run on time and that bridges don’t collapse and kill us. Work on the basics and you can get the independents to vote for you.

        1. He often talks about how the globalist trade deals are stripping the USA of it’s wealth and preventing it from upgrading it’s declining infrastructure.
          I think a lot of people who don’t like Trump just don’t know Trump. Whereas at the start I was favourable to Cruz and now that I know him I totally loathe him.

      6. “We know that he’s dead in the general election because he’s already lost the independents, the college-educated, the Latinos, the blacks, the women, the evangelicals … the list goes on and on.”
        Not necessarily.. Trump is a businessman and he understands the concept of selecting & then appealing to target markets. To win the primary he needs to appeal to the base republican (which he’s done very well at so far). To win the general election he will have to broaden that appeal, and that isn’t difficult to do once you no longer competing against other republicans. Joe bloggs the republican isn’t going to vote for Hilary no matter how far towards the middle Trump shifts come the general election..

      7. Im college educated and switched to the Republican party to vote Trump in the primary. My mother whom is a woman and also holds a degree missed the deadline to act in kind so threw a vote to the Bern.
        After 2 terms of a black prez, there is diminished interest for minorities showing up to pick between two white candidates.
        Hillary Clinton is awful. Everyone who doesn’t have vag-fever knows it.
        More people than anyone mainstream can stomach to admit absolutely despise the establishment.
        I wouldn’t be so sure.

      8. He didn’t lose neither independents (in new polls he wins them compared to Hillary) nor evangelicals. Keep making shit up

      9. So we should nominate the guy who can’t even get 50% of his home state? Where is the logic in that?

    1. TRUMP won every single county in every single state Tuesday. Raw vote total, he presently has the most of any GOP Candidate in 35 years.
      When you compare North to South … he’s won by huge numbers in both the Northeast and the South.
      Increasingly it’s becoming a joke to hear CRUZ tell us TRUMP can’t win general election and he’s the only one who can. CRUZ didn’t even hit 50% in his own state!

  3. Trump’s running a zombie campaign. He’s dead but doesn’t know it yet.
    His latest unfavorability rating: 67%. That’s the highest negative rating ever recorded for a presidential candidate.
    General elections are won in the middle, e.g. the independents. He’s already lost them.

    1. Probably has more to do with current polling methodology than anything. It simply reflects the opinion of cat ladies and senile seniors who actually pick up the phone when when of these guys call.

    1. Is that for real? It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was.

      1. Dunno. But here’s something that’s totally verified — an interview he did in the same year with Stone Phillips about his positions.
        PHILLIPS: Health care?
        Mr. TRUMP: [I’m] liberal on health care, we have to take care of people that are sick.
        PHILLIPS: Universal health coverage?
        Mr. TRUMP: I like universal, we have to take care, there’s nothing else. What’s the country all about if we’re not going to take care of our sick?
        PHILLIPS: Abortion?
        Mr. TRUMP: I hate the concept of abortion. I hate anything about abortion, and yet, I’m totally for choice. I think you have no alternative.

  4. Ted cruz had been exposed for what he has always been: a used car salesman!

  5. Trump has already won.
    He’ll most likely be the Republican nominee; if he isn’t, then the Republican party falls (as it is already steadily on its way down).
    If he loses the presidency (which will be hard to do without the democratic voter fraud), then both parties will fall under the reign of Hillary Clinton, as Trump supporters will resist and fight back against her every word.
    Trump reached his goal; he sent the message that, essentially, in order to save our home the American people need to wake up. His message is so strong that we have people in Europe now saying: “What the fuck is happening to our home?”
    Trump won either way. He tricked the libtards and the cuckservatives alike. He is president from the Oval office or the privacy of his own home.

    1. Dude, I don’t even know where to start with you. Read some polls, study electoral history. He’s toast in the general election, if he makes it there.
      Your wanting a certain version of reality =/= actual reality.

      1. “Read some polls”
        You’re right; the general election polls at this point are totally accurate. At this stage last election, Romney was beating Obama handily, and won on Nov. 8, 2012.

        1. Didn’t Romney have one of the most dominant performances in history with his first debate as well?

        2. You have to wonder what sort of sick establishment libtard tied him up and blackmailed him into voluntarily losing to our first black president, and with what sort of means…

        3. In the general, or the primary?
          My vague recollection was he sat out the primary (and let his opponents savage each other), and won the first general debate.

        4. “You’re right; the general election polls at this point are totally
          accurate. At this stage last election, Romney was beating Obama
          handily, and won on Nov. 8, 2012.”
          Romney did win the general election. Just as Ron Paul should have won enough primaries to be get the Republican nomination. It was funny how Romney was left shocked (and without a concession speech) when those who control the counting of votes declared Obama the winner. Romney complicit in cheating Ron Paul wasn’t in a position to protest. Everyone but Trump is campaigning to be the Romney of 2016.

      2. If you read closely, you’ll see I wasn’t really referring to numbers. More of the impact he’s had on the public.

      3. Like that poll that showed Jimmy Carter up 20 points over Reagan in the 1980 election?
        Yeah. Polls always get it right.

      4. Read the polls in June 2015, Jeb! beating everyone else and Trump polling at 3% in the beginning. Polls 6 months before the election don’t mean shit, stop being retarded.

      1. Haha. No, there is a trick alright, but it is actually quite logical. I figured it out on the first try. Think about it for a second and you will see why D and 5 is not the correct combination.

        1. Well you HAVE to flip over the D to see if there’s a 5 on the other side.
          The A is irrelevant
          The 5 is also irrelevant. If there’s a D, cool. If not, it doesn’t matter.
          The 2 matters because there could be a D on the other side which would make the statement false.

        2. Seems to make sense:
          1. Flip D to see if it has a 5 on the back (if not, fail)
          2. Flip 2 to see if it has a D on the back (if so, fail)
          A is irrelevant, and if D then 5 does not mean if 5 then D.

        1. Right, but I’m lazy and tired today so I really am not up to snuff. No worries, it’s for all the right reasons.
          In any event, well, there you go.

        1. Ah, didn’t read that part, I was too busy kicking the floor that Unabashed got it so quickly and just posted as far as I had typed.

    1. You turn over the D and the 5, One side has a D, on the Other side (Backside of D card) there is a 5.

        1. It can’t, the Statement says, “If there is a D on one side there is a 5 on the other”, The statement is Literal. There is a D and 5 on the same card. Flipping a D shows a 5, Flipping a 5 shows a D. It’s a Trick.

        2. Well, read closer. You are supposed to find a way to verify or falsify the statement, not just assume it is true. Besides, D–>5 does not necesditate 5–>D.

  6. Trump Trump Trump Trump. Yeah. And Trump.
    Matt, in all seriousness, take your lips off the man’s ass and write articles about topics other than Trump now and then please? Dude is going to crash and burn in the General election, and then we get 8 years of The Witch. Fucking great, just so Trump could massage his ego and feel important. Just fucking great.

    1. I don’t particularly believe it myself, but it really wouldn’t shock me if he was a plant by her.

      1. That’s long been a conjecture. Given as he aligned with her all the time and even invited her to events, and gave money and time to her causes and the causes of many Leftists, I’d say it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

        1. I think he might have been *at first* when he really didn’t seem to take it seriously. My guess is that as he saw his numbers rise, his ego kicked in and now he’s in it to win (lose) it. Plus, he’s a freaking leftist on basically everything. Just don’t see how people don’t see that.

        2. People don’t care. So many just want to crash and burn the current political system (I can sympathize with the sentiment) and to Trump supporters he is the man to do it.
          Note: I am not a Trump acolyte. Cruz for me is the best out the bunch (though his evangelical schtick irritates me to no end). However, I will vote for Trump over the Dem candidate (I don’t think the Sea Hag will be the nominee) and hope for the best.

        3. It’s just a small chink in the armour but as I mentioned above when he said he didn’t mind about trannies in the bathrooms alarm bells started to ring for me……

        4. Dude, Dude…Dude…the preferred nomenclature is Asian American.

        5. My grandfather didn’t storm Normandy just to give those Koreans the right to be Asian americans without taking citizenship exams

        6. I was meme-ing The Big Lebowski.
          Assuming meme-ing is a word.

        7. Most people I talk to agree he’s not really a conservative. As far as I can tell, the number one reason people want to vote for him is that they believe he truly is not part of the establishment and won’t be beholden to anyone. Or a similar reason, they are skeptical and afraid he is secretly bought off but hopeful at the same time. With it now clear that Cruz appears bought and paid for, plus the obvious fact that he is willing to cave to politically correct pressure (fire your campaign manager Trump), Trump is the only one left. A lot of people think it’s either, vote Trump, maybe a 3rd party as a protest vote, or don’t vote at all.
          For me, the fact that Trump stood up for Lewandowski and didn’t cave has me almost willing to go cast a vote for him in the general election. To me, a public figure with balls enough to completely ignore PC culture is important.
          I do completely agree that Forney seems to have a bit of a man-crush. He’s definitely just as biased in his reporting as Fox and left wing outfits are. Trump could murder a person and Forney would likely spin it positively.

        8. Exactly. I find the notion that a highly connected billionaire is “anti-establishment” deliciously ironic and funny.

        9. That’s the thing, nobody really knows what to expect from a Trump presidency (including his supporters).
          He’s saying the right things when it comes to foreign policy. His ideas on immigration are either silly or 30 years too late.
          That said, I’ll take him over that felonious hag any day of the week.

        10. In fairness, at the end of the day, he’s just a real estate developer that did really well.
          He didn’t become rich by being a banker or through public office so the idea that he’s rich and still “anti establishment” isn’t completely ridiculous.

        11. No, I’ll choose her. She’s got a much better head on her shoulders and a far clearer perspective of the U.S. and its place in the world. Reassess your opinion.

        12. So you’re in for 8 years of x100% man hate, are you?
          The Left has done enough to destroy this country. Wish we had an alternative other than Trump.

        13. He’s used eminent domain to do property grabs. That’s connected.

        14. She hasn’t made any public statements about hating men. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. AFAIK, there’s no policies she’s proposed that are designed to cut us men off at the knees either. Don’t forget she fell under the spell of the biggest alpha of them all.
          She’ll be a highly effective president, and her policies will generally be centrist, like her husband’s were.
          That said, I didn’t vote for her in the primary.

        15. Are you being serious? The woman lives the whole long day whining about her vagina not being as important as a man’s dick. It’s her go to Victim card.

        16. Yeah, he’s dealt with politicians. No question about that.
          That’s a far cry from a Hillary that made millions writing books no one wants to read and giving speeches no one wants to hear. She pretty much has “property of Goldman-Sachs” tattooed on her forehead.

        17. Show me the evidence, and I’ll believe you.
          Not saying I follow her life that closely — remember, I didn’t vote for her — but she’s just too smart to ever openly state anti-male policies.
          But I’m open to contrary evidence. Can anybody provide concrete evidence of Hillary’s explicit anti-male stance? NOTE WELL: Not her pro-women stance — we know she’s that — but anti-male.

        18. Evidence: Read the news. She’s plays the “it’s a man’s world” victim game at least twice weekly.

        19. “Women are the primary victims of war. They lose their husbands, fathers, and sons”. Hitlery cunton. If a man ever claimed that men were the primary victims of women being raped, they would be fired, tarred, and feathered.

        20. Buying political influence to get things done (trump) is morally equivalent to getting a drivers licence. You need to pay to get the government out of your way to do legal things. Selling influence (every politician) is morally equivalent to blackmail. Pay me or you’ll be sorry.

        21. Yeah, we know that she’s rah-rah pro-women. But I’m looking for evidence of explicit anti-male bias. It’s not the same.

        22. In my reassessed opinion, I am as sure that Hillary is a felonious hag and as I am that you are an internet troll.
          Good day to you, ma’am.

        23. She is saying that men who are dead don’t matter, it’s the mildly inconvenienced women wholistic their pay check that we should mourn. This is explicitly anti male. What do you expect her to come out on stage and say “all you penis weilders should go to hell and die!”? She’s still a politician. It’s the same way that all her black pandering is explicitly anti white. When she whines about all the oppression and systemic racism, she isn’t pointing the finger at the Asians.

        24. I don’t mean to defend the guy, but that’s just simple greed. Every one of those fuckers up in D.C. is guilty of greed. They will break any sort of ideology or principal if there is a way it will financially benefit them. In other words, nothing unique.

        25. I’m sure there’s lots of anti-establishment types who stay at Trump’s hotels.

      2. Reports say that Trump called Bill Clinton in 2014 looking for advice on whether or not to run for the presidency. Bill Clinton, shrewd operator as usual, told him to run. He knew it would split the GOP.
        In short: The Clintons used Trump’s own blind egotism to their advantage.

      1. It is a wee bit too Man Crush-y for my tastes.

    2. And Cruz is better?
      If you go by polls, Kasich is the only person clearly beating Hillary (and everyone loses to Sanders).

      1. Nope nope nope, that doesn’t work here. I wasn’t advocating for Cruz or Kasich. I was suggesting that all of Matt’s articles the last couple of months have been “Trump Trump Trump!”. I’m saying, hey, why not try a new topic.

        1. Maybe weight loss and diet plans would be a nice topic for him to write about?

    3. Americans elect The Witch, the Germans reelect Merkel, the British vote to remain in the EU, and the French reject Front National at their upcoming elections. I see it all happening. It’s a fucking nightmare.

      1. That really does appear to be what’s coming down the pike.
        And then, WW3! Yay!
        I guess that would be ok though, it’s the only real shot we have of the much wished for apocalypse.

        1. World war 3 will be great. I wonder if the war will be over before or after the movie is made

        2. Looking forward to the Putin Hitlery showdown. Putin brought a black Labrador along to give Merkel the willies, what will he bring long for Hitlery?

        3. Probably his wife with a replica blue dress.
          Or maybe Monica (or any of the 30 thousand other women, or all of them) will, by some peculiar luck, just happen to be his secretary.

        4. There’s reasons to dislike Hillary, but not for weakness. She’s tougher than old leather. We’re talking about a former secretary of state and lifelong character on the highest international stage. You have to be incredibly strong to operate at that level.
          I’d say that she’s tougher than Trump. Don’t mistake his oompaloompa carnival-barker bombast for true political stamina.

        5. Bill used to say that there was only one person in Washington that was getting more than he was…

        6. Hillary is kind of like Bush Jr. I think it would be fun to sit and talk to them, but I don’t want them running my country.

        7. Bill used to imply that the only person picking up more women in Washington than him was Hillary.

        8. I understood that part but even a lesbianism would have to be hard up to go near that old wrinkled weathered slot….. again da fuck!!!

        9. I know, and I was talking about her preference for embellishing the truth….I understand all politicians do that but on her campaign so far I don’t think she has the balls, and she has balls only they are small lady balls, to take on Trump head to head. I could be proven wrong……

        10. I kind of hope it’ll happen. Don’t want to live in the global Swedish prison they’re currently building.

        11. Keep in mind that she hasn’t had a real challenger, except for Bernie at a few odd moments. There’s no reason to go on the offensive when you don’t have to.
          Go back and look at her 2011/2012 Democratic debates against Obama for a glimpse of her toughness. She owned him, and he even admitted so later. The irony was that they agreed on 98% of their policies, so they were just trying to highlight the other 2%.

        12. Moreover she appears to be blissffully munching on exotic oriental rug. Huma would be so pleased

        13. there is no such thing as a tough woman and despite her looks, attitude, dress and demeanor, Hilary is still a woman.
          You talk about carnival-barker bombast…she is a woman pretending to be a tough man in a tough mans world. The only reason she could do this job is that the job itself is pretty meaningless.
          The toughest thing that Hilary ever did was squirt that horse face kid out of her sour snatch, and I give her and all women credit for having the toughness to birth children. As for working in a stressful corporate or political environment, no woman is suited to it…they can play dress up (or in her case dress down) all they want…I am not buying it.

        14. Dude, you’re a moron. Secretary of State is the second hardest job in Washington, and she did it for four years. She’s not pretending to be tough — she is. They called her Lady MacBeth back in Arkansas during Bill’s gubernatorial days.
          You can definitely criticize her for other reasons, but not for that.

        15. Sorry. You will never convince me that any woman is tough in any way other than in the birthing bed.
          And I don’t know when they started ranking jobs in order of hardness, but I am pretty sure secretary of state would fall somewhere between vegas bartender and the guy holding the sign that says slow children at construction sites if they did.
          I don’t know why you are champing for the toughness of Hilary on this site…bad audience selection…and I am not sure why you are so up the ass of the Secretary of State job but telling me that any job in professional politics is difficult, important or in any way relevant is just as bad, if not worse with regard to audience selection.
          One final note: I don’t care what anyone in Arkansas calls anyone. It’s fucking Arkansas.

        16. I would have thought Dick Army. That guy has “I’m gonna get me some cooz” written all over him.

        17. ya know, I read somethin years ago, something to the effect she wanted to be at the helm when the big one went down…

        18. 25 years ago Spanish kids called me Flacco. I am not sure that I could use that to prove I am still 150 pounds.
          I really don’t know much about Hilary Clinton as I think politics and the people involved in them are stupid and irrelevant and not worth my time. Who wins and who loses doesn’t matter one little bit. It is like rooting for your local sports franchise. Even if the team wasn’t just 20 guys from el Salvadore, it still wouldn’t matter because who wins the world series is just another bit of trivia and has no weight or power. That said, I can say without hesitation or qualification that in no way shape or form is Hilary tough in the ways that men can be tough. For all the snizz box she wants to munch and all the unflattering pants suits she wears, she is still a woman.

        19. This picture is actually a pretty fair analogy for our times now that you put it like that, just open ’em up, squirt and spread what you want, and toss ’em aside.

        20. “Go back and look at her 2011/2012 Democratic debates against Obama for a glimpse of her toughness. She owned him, and he even admitted so later. The irony was that they agreed on 98% of their policies, so they were just trying to highlight the other 2%.”
          Obama destroyed her, not on the debate about Democratic policies (all of which were stupid), but on the personal level where it really mattered.

          “After Clinton had good-naturedly responded to a question about what is sometimes called her ‘personality deficit’ — ‘Well, that hurts my feelings’ — she went on to concede that Obama is ‘very likeable.’ Obama responded with a curt ‘You’re likeable enough, Hillary.’
          “Wince. Slap. A version of ‘nice personality’ — the killer
          description of a girl from my high school days. In this case, Obama was echoing the truth of the likability charge, dismissing Clinton because she was, as all the polls said, beaten.”

          Do you remember that photo Hillary almost in tears as see looks at Obama during the debates and realizes she’s losing the debate and the election?
          That because the debates and the voting weren’t (aren’t) really decided on who can best articulate and implement policies (especially Leftist ones). And Hillary knows (knew) that.
          In the same way, Trump will beat her like this:

          Now that isn’t to say she won’t be declared the winner by the Diebold voting machines.

      2. If we believe Houellebecq’s book, France will become muslim not even through force, but smoothly and gently through the Qataris and Saoudian Arabia buying all of our politicians as we speak.

      1. He doesn’t have broad enough appeal. And I think a lot of the GOP that doesn’t like him will sit it out.

        1. There’s also a lot of division between the bernie / hitlery camps, would they not do the same?

        2. Leftists always circle the wagons. Always. They’re collectivists. One speech from Hillary saying “Vote me or you’re outcasts” will send the fear of God into them and they’ll line up dutifully for her. They are not independent thinkers.

        3. Neither are far-rightists. Both groups are authoritarians. The independent thinkers are usually centrists.

        4. I don’t buy into left/right much. I go collectivist-individualist, or statism-liberty. Easier to scale. Though yes, I used Leftist, so fair play.

        5. Agreed. We should discuss authoritarians vs. independent thinkers. Easier to classify.
          Problem is, all political movements depend on a certain amount of authoritarianism. Without it, there’s no movement.

        6. Yeah, and Romney was winning in the polls until he lost.
          The GOP’ers I know out here are pretty hesitant about Trump.

        7. Only 50% of his own party. LOL. Add that to his nearly zero percent of everybody else, and you’re looking at about 15% of the entire population. You can call that “broad appeal”. I’ll call it “lunatic fringe”.

        8. So the Republicans should nominate a candidate with LESS support within the party, and that will somehow help?
          Why not just outright nominate a progressive liberal as a Republican, if “broad appeal” is the be-all-end-all?

        9. So how would nominating a candidate with even less support within the party help things?
          There’s a wide range of opinions in this vast country outside of Ohio, and not everyone is a happily married man in a safe mostly-white community like you are.

        10. If GOP voters were smart, John Kasich would be the nominee.
          Also, you’re confusing character with policy. Most voters only see character.

        11. “If GOP voters were smart, John Kasich would be the nominee.”
          This is straight-up delusion.

        12. You’re trying ad hominem. I’m just telling you what I’m hearing.
          I think the GOP is fucked, no matter what. Trump destroyed what could have been a decent primary season with his Reality Television schtick. I appreciate clearing away the PC but end of the day the man is proven Leftist clown.

        13. This is the result voters chose. Certainly GOP voters in your community may feel differently but this is how democracy works, for better or for worse.
          You know as much as I do that the GOP wasn’t worth saving. Better to destroy the facade than continue to suffer under it if you ask me.

        14. And he fully supports amnesty for illegals and the TPP, among many other liberal platforms. In terms of policy he’s basically a Democrat.
          Not to say some compromise isn’t important, but beating Hillary isn’t worth it if you basically have to become her to do so.

        15. Kasich has no shot, he’d get like 30% of the rpublicam vote maybe less, people are sick of people like kasich who does nothing

        16. Polls don’t mean shit, trump has concistently gotten more than what polls say, ik in my home state of pa it was mostly 45-51ish for trump and he got what like 57 or 58. Trump will het atleast 5-8% more in the general than what polls give him, same with sanders

        17. Idk how kasich could do well at all he couldn’t even pull his college state area of Allegany, i dont think kasich could pull any states red that have been blue besides ohio.i think trump could pull ohio, pa and another northeastern one

        18. yeah, fuck polls. Those backwards bastards may make good sausage and blondes, but they are not very bright!

        19. yeah, ok so they get kielbasa, blondes and pierogis….but still, not to be trusted on matters of state.

        20. The centrists are usually pussies who fall for everything because they stand for nothing.

        21. Usually the centrists don’t pay attention until election time, and then vote based on something frivolous like age, gender, race or looks, or they just follow their friends.

        22. Most people are too stupid to think for themselves. If this wasn’t the case then democracy would not have turned into such a shitpit.

    4. Trump isn’t my pick, but I’ll be honest, I don’t understand all the doom and gloom predictions about the general election. If the Republicans hate Trump so much that they are willing to stay home and hand Hillary the presidency, they deserve her. I don’t think that’s going to happen.
      The battle ground is typically independents, and on this Turmp has a major advantage in that he says what people want to hear – a common sense populist message, not a steering committee approved taking point.
      But to me, I think he stands a very good chance of pulling lots of Democrats. First of all, he’s not going to be subject to the usual attacks about war on women, war on minorities, etc… I would guarantee that if accused, he can trot out counter examples of women and minorities he has promoted to positions of responsibility in his organizations. Hell, he’s already been accused of this stuff to some extent and it has slid right off him. Plus, his positions on immigration and trade in particular speak directly to a long neglected segment of the democratic base – union workers who have been abandoned in favor of cheap imported labor and off-shored jobs. This is a message that I think resonates with blacks too, who have the highest unemployment and lowest education rates in the country and see their party’s policies aligned with the unchecked importation of immigrants who can take the unskilled labor that blacks could perform for a fraction of the price. I think Trump could really make inroads there.
      And finally, I think people wildly underestimate the hate for Hillary Clinton, particularly among another democratic voting block – women. Trump has a string of hot wives. He has been pre-selected in the eyes of the lizard brain, regardless of what their social media tells them. And on the other side, they see a shrill, frumpy, matronly wench who has built a career on destroying women who might thwart her political ambitions.
      I’m not saying its a certainty, but I think there is more hope than not. And I’ll tell you this, if the choice is Trump or Hillary, I sure as shit ain’t pulling the level for the commie bitch!

      1. “First of all, he’s not going to be subject to the usual attacks about war on women, war on minorities, etc.”
        Say what?
        That shit started months ago. Every other hour there’s some article or soundbyte of an anchor baby crying about how building a wall will separate her from her mommy. And the war on women thing will be the pillar of Clinton’s talking points in the run-up to the general election.
        I don’t think it will matter because middle America seems pissed enough to elect him anyway, but he’s definitely going to be facing all the women/minority bullshit all day every day.

        1. I didn’t say he won’t face it. I said he won’t be susceptible to it. These charges will be leveled and continue to miss the mark just as they have so far. The best they’ve been able to do on war on women was him calling Carly Fiorina ugly, which is true, and some whack job who claimed she was basically murdered when video evidence from multiple angles shows nothing worse that I experience every day on mass transit. If there was better ammo against the guy, you would have seen it by now.

        2. They may repeat the minority nonsense but the second Hillary accuses him of sexism and shit, Bill’s stories and Hillary’s shaming of his accusers suddenly come up. It happened before and made her shut up.

    5. I unpleasantly noticed a ROK article about race-mixing this morning, you’re welcome to ignore articles you don’t like as well.
      Your “anti-establishment” boy Cruz hasn’t been doing so hot ever since he started groveling for establishment money (, and teamed up with failed candidate Kasich to try and deny the nomination to the candidate that Americans are ACTUALLY voting for.

      1. Where did I mention Cruz or Kasich?
        I didn’t.
        That dog don’t hunt.
        The critique was on Matt’s obsessive man crush on Trump.

        1. And I said nothing about it here.
          Stay on point.

        2. Don’t worry, I put him in the margins of the list along with good ole’ knobby knees

    6. Forney droppin’ trump articles like john deere using green

      1. Yowsa! I will start paying attention to the First Lady’s platform under President Trump.

    7. Here’s a excerpt from Trump’s foreign policy speech, that resonated with me:

      “Finally, I will work with our allies to reinvigorate Western values and institutions. Instead of trying to spread universal values that not everybody shares or wants, we should understand that strengthening and promoting Western civilization and its accomplishments will do more to inspire positive reforms around the world than military interventions.”

      I understand you have a man crush on Rafael, despite the fact that he breaks bread with the Bushes and despite the fact that his foreign policy advisors are Neo-Cons (read: Trotskyites) but if you can’t get behind The Donald at this point, you’re clearly not as rational as I assumed you were.

      1. Shove off, sailor. I never mentioned anything about any other candidate. That shit only works at BB.

        1. Cut the shit GoJ. We’re all adults here and none of us are stupid. We understand your heart was set on the True Conservative™ and I respect that but he was full of shite, most recognized he was full of shite, he’s mathematically eliminated because he’s full of shite; The better man won. Now it’s time to suck it up, admit you bet on the wrong horse and come back to reality.

    8. THANK YOU. Every time I see a Trump article here I already know it’s from Matt without even looking.

    9. Maybe Matt wants to hump Trump’s stump with his jumpy bumpy lumps?
      Anywho, prepare for the worst you’ll be pleasantly surprised 99% of the time. As for that 1%… well… at least you were prepared.

    10. Disagree that he will crash and burn, but yeah, Forney really seems to love sucking Trump’s dick.

    11. Right … because if CRUZ gets nomination, magically he’ll beat Clinton.
      This notion that TRUMP is going to “crash and burn” in the general is wearing away. The guy is breaking records — He’s drawing huge numbers at rallies, bringing out new voters and converts from the other side to vote GOP.
      If this guy who is growing the GOP, winning primaries buy 25-30 (plus) points is going to “crash and burn” than frankly any GOP candidate is going to crash and burn. This notion that if only CRUZ could get nomination, we’ll win general is ridiculous.

        1. You didn’t directly … but it’s the argument I’ve been hearing for months by the CRUZ campaign and his bots.
          I had concerns on TRUMP in the general but after last night, when you sit back, take in the numbers and let them sink in … it’s become apparent this guy could win the general. Remember … from the get-go we were all told TRUMP running was a joke and it wouldn’t last more than 2 months. Yet look at where we are now.

        2. “I’ve had concerns on TRUMP in the general but after last night, when you sit back, take in the numbers and let them sink in … it’s become apparent this guy could win the general. Remember … from the get-go we were all told TRUMP running was a joke and it wouldn’t last more than 2 months. Yet look at where we are now.”

          “When a car salesperson trained in persuasion asks if you prefer the red Honda Civic or the Blue one, that is a trick called making you ‘think past the sale’ and the idea is to make you engage on the question of color as if you have already decided to buy the car. That is Persuasion 101 and I have seen no one in the media point it out when Trump does it.”

    12. Because you think Hilary will auto win we shouldn’t hear about trump? Look at the raw numbers of the popular votes this primary. Trump went against a dozen people and almost has as many total votes as Hillary. I think that he can bring more to the polls come election day. And, many people say that trump will be terrible and an embarrassment but I don’t see that. His ego is so large that he wants to be remembered as the best, to prove himself. Obamma was the first (half) black president he didn’t need any more for his legacy. Hilary could be the first “woman” so she won’t need to do jack either. Some people feel that a good president doesn’t try to do too much any way, but with the country headed toward a socalist death spiral we NEED a leader to fight back. I hope he gets in and really tries to do something about these globalist trade deals, boarder and immigration polices, and social justice freak shows. And hey if anything we get a smoking hot first lady.

    13. This man is some sort of orange skinned savior to them. I understand being upset with the Republican establishment, mind as well vote for Hillary if you’re so upset. We have a choice between 2 big government progressives

  7. Trump will destroy hillary. Question is, will he actually do any of these things he says hes going to do as president?

      1. There’s 2 types of men out there. Theres the know it all types like cruz that must answer every question, who thinks his policies are what will make him the winner. Then there are guys like trump that know when to shut up and play “dont f up” game.
        Trumps nomination will come down to california, a liberal state. So trump gives and ambiguous, half ass answer and lets it go. Cruz runs around whining and showing his lame personality…hurting himself in california, the one state where degenerate homos/trannies matter.
        Thats whats going on here…

    1. He will deal with the press just like he said he would. Those who mocked him will be sorry, if Trump has his way. After all, the man seriously believes in retribution, and the mainstream press is his number one enemy..

  8. The good news is that a Hillary/Trump election should disenfranchise a large amount of voters and move them to third parties.

  9. Wonder if the author is shooting for a Cabinet position in the Administration or something.

  10. Cruz’s methods are not that of the establishment when he is running as the anti-establishment candidate. Both Cruz and Trump are both anti-establishment. You also can’t say Cruz was endorsed by the establishment when I haven’t heard any establishment Republican Senators or Congressmen endorse him. No one has endorsed him. The alliance between Cruz and Kasich is procedural. Nothing more. Kasich is more establishment than Cruz and this is quite evident. Funny how Kasich is more acceptable than Cruz yet he only won one state, his own home state. Kasich continues to be in second place in the north eastern states, thus he was a spoiler for the anti-establishment Cruz.
    I find it ironic to describe Cruz as unlikeable and slimy when he is following the rules of the Republican Party, which have rules that are quite sleazy. Trump, who has no actual principles, cry foul and this somehow makes him principled. Trump only has rhetoric.
    If you care to be consistent, you do know that every state can decide how to distribute delegates. That’s the Constitutional principle Cruz understands and Trump doesn’t. The United States is a Republic. Get it?

    1. Speaking out against an unprincipled (as you said, “quite sleazy”) system definitely does show some principle.
      I for one wouldn’t be happy with having my opportunity to vote taken away by the elites just because it’s “the rules”, like what happened in Colorado. I’m naturally going to go for the guy speaking out against it.

      1. someone told me he used a few hundred grand of his own money to buy a media campaign where he criticized all these trade deals and how they were ruined America(this was back in 03 or 04)- You know anything about this?

      2. Trump said he can do deals as if that’s his principle. (Can’t Cruz do deals too?) In this case, he hasn’t shown much skill for he starved his grass roots organization. He also has a new delegate manager that has quite a past in sleazy dealings. Trump’s speaking out against Cruz is not based on principle. He just doesn’t like it. Calling Cruz a liar is a projection. Trump is a liberal populist that’s running as Republican. Cruz is a true Conservative, which is a shame since it no longer gets Republicans elected to President.

        1. “He also has a new delegate manager that has quite a past in sleazy dealings.”
          Because he actually wants to win. One has to get ahead in an unprincipled system before he can change it. Trump has spoken against the system though, Cruz has spoken for it.
          “Trump is a liberal”
          Hardly. He doesn’t want to dismantle Social Security and Medicare (as much as I’d like to see that) and isn’t full-on anti-abortion (arguably a good thing in 2016 USA, considering the people who usually get abortions), but he follows the GOP playbook on everything else and actually wants to defend and enrich our nation (the Wall, anti-TPP, “America first”, make other nations pay us, etc) rather than Cruz and Kasich who want to sell us out to globalist interests.
          “True conservative”
          I still have yet to figure out what this means. Just seems to be a buzzword for Cruz supporters to mean “people I agree with”.

    2. “If you care to be consistent, you do know that every state can decide
      how to distribute delegates. That’s the Constitutional principle Cruz
      understands and Trump doesn’t. The United States is a Republic. Get it?”
      Yes, that’s the problem. The Republic has failed and an Augustus/Putin is needed. Get it? Hopefully Trump is thinking past the old corrupt Republic.
      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other,” John Adams, 2nd President of the USA.

  11. I used to think nothing of Trump… and actually respected Cruz.
    My my my how things can change.
    Trump 2016!

  12. I think Trump started out his campaign as a way to draw votes from Bush and assure Hillary the win. He has been close with the Clintons for years. If you look at his early campaigning, he was running as almost a caricature of what a leftist would think a dumb hick conservative in flyover country would support. His “deport them all” rhetoric was over the top. He took ultra conservative positions on certain things that he has traditionally been fairly liberal on, like abortion. I think he started it as a publicity stunt, making these bold and brash statements, as part of a strategy to muddy the waters on the Republican side. He may have even been plotting a third party run to split the Republican vote out and boost Hillary. But then an unexpected thing started happening: his message started resonating with people and he started winning. People wanted to hear someone go out and say the things they felt in their hearts but were too afraid of the PC police or whatever to actually say… like we shouldn’t be letting thousands of immigrant rapists flood our borders. Trumps’ popularity began to skyrocket and he was feeling the love as all his campaign events became bigger and bigger. Face it, the man has an ego, and all that adoration has been feeding it. At some point, he decided he was going to get more serious about it, and that’s when his campaign stumbled a little… they became more focused on winning, which made people think he had to tone down his brash and nationalist rhetoric so he would be more “electable”. That’s when we see more of the free trade and other less-than-conservative elements slipping into his campaign. That’s why he had a few stumbles… he is not naturally a true conservative, he is just trying to sell himself as a conservative brand. When asked whether women who get illegal abortions should be thrown in jail, he doesn’t have a naturally “conservative” answer in his belief system, so he has to try to piece one together. I think he will continue to ease more towards the middle the further along he goes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of the Trump message, and I really wish and hope he is sincere. I’ll probably vote for him regardless. But I cannot escape the nagging feeling that he got into this with other motives and just hung in because he was doing so well. But I would love to see a truly unabashed, full-throated conservative run as a hardcore conservative, and refuse to apologize or back down no matter how hard the media hit him. I think that if someone did that, they would absolutely upend the political landscape in this country.

    1. “But I would love to see a truly unabashed, full-throated conservative run as a hardcore conservative, and refuse to apologize or back down no matter how hard the media hit him.”
      Trump has largely been doing that on taboo topics, like the Wall, illegal immigration, and anti-globalist free trade, which were NEVER spoken about before he started running.
      There’s also the concept of the Overton window. You can’t just go full nationalist/conservative out of nowhere and expect to get votes. You have to skirt the bounds of acceptable discourse and slowly inch that window to the right over time. Trump has been achieving that masterfully.

      1. That’s where I disagree. I think the more balls-out and unapologetic a candidate went, the more people would respond to it. Yes, the media and the SJWs would crucify him, but they do that anyway. Quit pussy-footing around and worrying about “acceptable discourse”. Because the arbiter of what is “acceptable” is your enemy: the SJWs, the globalists, the PC police, etc. Go for the throat and you will energize the vast majority of the American people in a way we’ve never seen before. The more the “status quo” people pile on and criticize, the more the movement will build and grow.

    2. “When asked whether women who get illegal abortions should be thrown in jail, he doesn’t have a naturally “conservative” answer in his belief system, so he has to try to piece one together.”
      Actually Trump’s answer was the logical conclusion of pro-life beliefs. If you truly believe that abortion is wrong, it is just as illegal to buy as it is to sell.
      The problem is that the pro-lifer and pro-death sides both think that women have no moral agency: the pro-lifers blame the evil doctors, and the pro-death advocates say “My body, my choice”.

      1. His ultimate response was, as you say, the logical conclusion of the pro-life belief, but if you listen to his answer (rather than just read it) you can see he’s not quite comfortable with what he is saying. It’s just my conjecture, but he doesn’t seem to be responding as a true believer. I could be wrong, I’m just pointing out a nagging suspicion that has been in the back of my mind.

        1. “but he doesn’t seem to be responding as a true believer.”
          The pro-lifers are not true believers; they are feminist-lite hacks like most of the Churchians / So-Cons.
          “I could be wrong, I’m just pointing out a nagging suspicion that has been in the back of my mind.”
          I don’t support Trump on the sincerity of his beliefs; I think Trump is a arrogant blowhard (to say the least).
          I support Trump because in a race between an honest pagan, Democrat-lite, and Ted ‘the face of God’ Cruz, the honest pagan wins.

    3. I’m a big Trump supporter and I often think the same thing. Is he just trolling the GOP? At some point is he going to stop and say just kidding you guys are crazy if you would vote for someone with these ideas.

  13. “Cuckster’s last stand,” lol, well played.
    A Trump presidency still worries me though. It will likely be better in the short term than a Clinton presidency, but Trump has been surrounding himself with lobbyists and establishment types over the past month, which is precisely the opposite of why so many people supported him in the first place.

    1. The one thing I think we should all console ourselves with is that whether Trump or Clinton wins, there’s some really good odds that they’ll lose the next election.

        1. True, he destroyed Obama in his first debate, then went on to get slaughtered in the remainders – like he really *didn’t* want to win.

  14. Cruz can’t beat Hillary. He’s dull, which means less people would watch his debates. Republicans almost always win debates, but if no one is watching it doesn’t matter. EVERYONE watches Trump.

  15. The media is starting the “war on women” nonsense with Trump the clear nominee. Cruz pandering to the women vote now by picking a female running mate.
    This whole thing is truly and utterly pathetic. I’m embarrassed to be an American.

    1. Same here. And I don’t get the love for Fiorina. HP absolutely tanked under her “leadership.”
      But hey, a vagina!

  16. To use a game term via Mike Cernovich, Cruz broken his own frame and just nuke his career in politics. The base that was hardcore for him have become disenfranchised with his actions for the primary. Instead of fighting the establishment, he is working with them. Cruz is running on vapors right now, and taken some blows from the cheating, poor outcome, and stupid remarks. Trump right now is doing well since Paul Manafort is running wild screwing over the Cucksertves. Its should be interesting couple of weeks.

  17. Come now gentleman, let’s look at the bright side. If Clinton does win, at least we’ll be able to see her get her ass kicked around by Putin for 4 years. See? There’s a silver lining after all.

  18. The biggest threat to our way of life is political correctness. Under that umbrella you have feminism, homosexualism, reverse racism, whiteness bullshit, speech and thought codes and crimes etc. Its why were fucking discussing why men and women should be separated when they take a shit. Trump has proven to me that he’s against PC. Apparently so is Cruz. But Trump actually had the courage to show me that he is with his actions. I like actions and I judge people according to their actions. Trump 2016.

  19. This is Matt Forneys 7th consecutive article on Donald Trump. Whilst he might be arguably the lesser of evils between a communist, a female sociopath and a used car salesman. Its better to argue your point with facts than ad hominems such as ‘cucks’. As a non American, the question I want to know is, is Ted Cruz really a cuckservative?

    1. Yes, Ted Cruz is a cuckservative. He talks about being the anti establishment candidate and a constitutional scholar but the people funding his campaign from the beginning are the same people funding Hillary Clinton’s campaign and were funding Jeb Bush’s campaign. Every candidate running for president in this election cycle with the exception of Trump will serve big money interests first and the people who elected them second. Donald Trump is the only candidate talking about the immigration problem and the free trade problems that have sent jobs overseas. For some strange reason both parties want more free trade deals and more immigrants yet Trump who is self funding is opposed.

      1. “with the exception of Trump will serve big money interests first and the people who elected them second” – IMO watching this as a non american, I feel this is a big part of his appeal regardless of people’s opinion on his lifestyle/personality or past political leanings or past gaffs. Lots of people are sick of career politicians who bend over for their wealthy financial backers & corporate lobbyists and sick of the spin doctoring from the white house. The US is not run for the people anymore. I must have read at least 10 media articles on the US primaries in the msm that have ridiculed him but barely any other candidate, so he is doing well against the forces against him.
        Its a bit scary thinking of this guy being in charge of the most powerful nation but at the same time I’d love to see him shake up the establishment there. The GOP will derail his train in the end I strongly suspect.and will elect the man for them and not the people’s choice.

    2. Like Vox Day says, you better know which logical fallacy you’re addressing before running your mouth. Calling Cruz a “cuck” is not ad-hominem; it is not irrelevant to the substance of the article.

    3. I am a Trump supporter, but I don’t worship the man the way Forney seems to. That seems to be something a lot of these alt-right guys have in common (and make no mistake, Forney is an alt-righter): Donald Trump hero worship.

  20. Cruz picked fucking Fiorina for his running mate. Cruz will never be president. Even I might vote for hillary if it’s between the two of them.

  21. I wish Trump were more limited government, but as a disenfranchised Ron Paul supporter, I voted for him because of the joy I get seeing leftist foaming at the mouth along with those on the right as well. As one libertarian put it “he brings pain a and suffering to my enemies with minimal effort on my part, and in that, I’m richly rewarded’.
    What is funny is these dumbasses bitching that ‘he is not a conservative’, a term which has become meaningless anyway.
    A Multiple Choice Test for “Reagan Conservatives”
    By Jack Kerwick March 10, 2016

  22. Not that I think it will happen, but how funny would it be if Trump chose Bernie as his running mate? Come to think of it, he probably wins in a landslide if he did.

    1. It would be hilarious. I mean, they’re already telling their supporters to cut the shenanigans when it comes to protesting at the others’ rallies. They seem to have a respect for each other. If both of them don’t get the candidacy, it would be a riot if they teamed up as an independent duo.

    2. Yeah! Two far leftists! How great would that be?!?

      1. OK, OK I get it. You’re not a Trump fan. I have doubts as well.
        I still see some good coming out of Trump’s run regardless of how it ultimately turns out. If the neocons lose control of the GOP and it transforms itself into a populist party, then Trump did the country a solid.

    3. It would be funnier if Trump chose Hillary as his running mate, and then gave her a good boning in front of the cameras during his inauguration.
      And so ends the Harold & Kumar movie 😉

  23. Well, one thing’s for sure – if you colonials vote for Trump, and the Leftists over here in Blighty vote Corbyn in, that’s going to be the end of our longstanding alliance. If it weren’t for Corbyn’s Idealistic Pacifism, I’d be worried about ending up on the wrong side of Cold War II

  24. All these candidates are terrible, Trump proved he is too by agreeing with the
    SJW’s on the whole transgender bathroom thing. Dude’s just a demagogue, even if he’s not and he wins he’s just prolonging the inevitable downfall of the US. If he wins just use the opportunity to build up your resources to ride out the end, and possibly grab yourself an Eastern European broad while your at it.

  25. In all seriousness these candidates are terrible, Trump proved he is too by agreeing with the SJW’s on the whole transgender bathroom thing. Dude’s just a demagogue, even if he’s not and he wins he’s just prolonging the inevitable downfall of the US. If he wins just use the opportunity to build up your resources to ride out the end, and possibly grab yourself an Eastern European broad while your at it.

    1. Hello Reddit. A shekel will be deposited into your account by the end of the day.

  26. I’m not a Republican. I am not a Conservative. I am considering my vote for Trump.
    This man has handled all the bullshit like a real man, positively deflecting the junk as it is hurled at him. If he makes it to November, he will most certainly be up against Clinton, whom I will not vote for. Let’s just hope his running mate is not a complete sack of shit a la McCain/Palin.

  27. Hit to help this guy get elected… Im gonna fight tooth and nail to get him in because feminists HATE HIM!!!

  28. The Convention will be overthrown and Kasich installed. And since he hasn’t really campaigned or has a platform, people will have to vote for him against rationality. And when shit hits the fan a year form now, like another fake war or something, the Republicans will be on the news saying “Well, the PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM!” Democracy at it’s finest.

  29. Trump didn’t even try in Colorado and Wyoming on purpose in order to brand Cruz in such a way that he was guilty no matter what he did. Cruz, being the checkers playing reckless opportunist that he is, skipped blindly into the trap, taking a tactical victory so Trump could take an outright strategic victory. Trump sacrificed a bishop to checkmate his opponent. Can’t wait to see what he will do to the hag of the left.

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