3 Ways Women Show Their Narcissism On Social Media

The advent of social media has given rise to millions of new opportunities for women to find desperately needed attention. This phenomenon has expanded so greatly in recent years that we have become accustomed to seemingly every woman using downward-looking Facebook and Instagram photos to present their cleavage for an online audience. The excuse is usually that they are showcasing a new dress or top. Many uninitiated men are so habituated to this new form of sluttery that they forget it’s actually all about attention-seeking. Instead, they see it as a “cultural” expression of modern femininity.

Yet many methods women use to get male (or female) eyes to look at them or care about them are not so obvious. Not every issue can be shared with their Facebook friends or Instagram followers, or must be shared sparingly. In fact, despite attention-seeking being most associated with trying to capture as many admirers or viewers as possible, the worst examples of it often occur in either small groups or one-on-one.

The kinds of attention-seeking I explore below should serve as examples for you to make decisions about the kinds of girls you spend time with. Some, like coworkers, will be harder or perhaps impossible to get rid of. If this is the case, you simply know to be careful around them, creating space where possible. So, here we go:

1. Family death or personal tragedy attention-seeking

Why is everyone suddenly so vocal about their family relationships after family members die? Because of all the perks and advantages people get from “grieving”! Some girl barely called her grandmother once a month, let alone visited her 45 minutes away, but when the old woman died, ¡voila¡, instant sympathy from others!

I have seen this pattern repeat itself again and again. Old family members especially were treated as burdens to be endured by girls I have known, unless they could expect to receive financial gratuities while relatives were alive or after they had died, or if ancillary benefits like attention could be derived from their illness or death.

Totally unexpected deaths, like most of a family dying in a media-covered jetliner crash, are so rare as to be almost meaningless for the vast majority of the population. Instead, girls who court attention by way of family tales of woe are forced to use events they themselves predicted but practically-speaking ignored. Poor grandma or grandpa spent five years with terminal cancer or using an oxygen tank, yet their death really was a shock! And now they deserve your carnations, coffee-dates, invitations to the next weekend party, or something similarly rewarding for them.

If you have known a girl for an extended period of time and, even as a half-close friend, she rarely mentions her family or the time she spends with them, tears after a relative’s death are most likely crocodile ones. She does not need to have mentioned the particular family member who died, but there needs to be some previous evidence that she takes these relationships seriously. If Aunt Joan, who you’ve never heard of, dies, but she always speaks about visiting her grandparents, her grieving may not be attention-seeking. However, if the sobs come without that sort of history, you’re probably dealing with a narcissist.

You should apply this very healthy skepticism to dead “friend” situations, too. Far too many girls seem to have known the deceased as a lifelong, continual pal when it comes to trumpeting the loss on Facebook or in real-life social gatherings.

2. The gross-out or graphic details approach

This is a general category that includes women who brag about or allude to having unprotected sex with many, many partners (without even the most basic regard for STD tests), girls who talk about scatology or other elements of their bowel movements, and other lovely examples of female depravity. The idea of regressive women wanting to act like men is nothing new, especially in relation to numbers of sexual partners.

To try and cultivate an image of “independent” women, the idea of these women is to shock others so they can garner an audience. Many or most people find them repulsive, but the girls’ truly intoxicating hope is that a small cross-section of people, principally men, will deeply like them for their “honesty.”

A powerful, albeit disgusting illustration of this form of attention-seeking arrived recently in the form of one “Makala” from Toronto. She shared her supposedly “embarrassing” story of going to a man’s house and “having to” put a piece of her own excrement in her handbag because his toilet would not flush. Interspersed within the tale were desperate self-appeals to her ego, such as “All of the hard work I put into being a hot girl is tarnished by one teeny tiny poop story. Now I’m just the poop girl.” So tarnished she decided to share it with the Twitter world!

The girl claims to have received a huge amount of non-fake positive male attention afterwards, which, if true, proves that women behave this way expecting rewards to follow.

I know what some of you are thinking: “Do you think we’re idiots, David? Of course we know not to associate with girls who talk about their bowel movements!” Yet the threshold starts a lot lower than this. A woman who goes into graphic, non-romantic detail about the last man/men she slept with is also a part of this category. She has taken up the belief that she should act like a man with breasts. Instead of it being normal to talk about this, it is for the purposes of attracting attention and projecting themselves as desired objects of male lust.

Most young women are constantly fretting over their value in the sexual marketplace, more so as they age. Detailed stories about sexuality and related matters are just vehicles for convincing people of how “good” they are.

3. Humblebragging

This is a style of attention-seeking best illustrated by a clear example: “I won 2nd place at the hairdressing contest and it’s so, so unfair!” A woman who says this is trying to use what she thinks is an acceptable way to brag about being the first runner-up. Many women are more discreet with their humblebrags, which are still anything but humble.

The general principle is that what a woman received for some specific event or in life generally is not enough, she feels bad, and she wants to arrange an opportunity for others to praise her or simply think about her more in the future. It extends to acts of “charity” as well, with women cloaking their publicly declared donations or deeds in lamentations that the experience of seeing the suffering of the needy traumatized them.

Even showing non-made-up appearances is now an opportunity for women to exhibit narcissism and humbebrag. As females have become more and more aware that their “beauty” rests on the illusion of camera filters, make-up and other tools, “make-up-less selfies” have become all the rage with narcissistic girls.

On the one hand, the fad presents women as being fine with their flaws and open to appearing vulnerable. In reality, it is all about fellow women or men “reminding” them about how naturally beautiful they apparently are, even to the point of being more beautiful without make-up. If the craze was really about honesty in appearances, the women would take make-up less photos in the park, on dates, and at birthday parties, all without the fanfare of telling people they’re not wearing product.

The problem with humbebragging is that it only gives a temporary, superficial lift to the woman’s flagging self-esteem. Like a meth addict requiring progressively higher doses, she will expect more and more flattery to come her way. So it is better to never step on the merry-go-round of appealing to an emotionally broken woman’s vanity. Your best bet is to totally avoid any woman whose words and actions serve as a perpetual half-finished sentence that she wants you to complete with an epic ballad about her magnificence.

How will you get these women out of your life?

If all I have done here is alert you to some of the common mechanisms used by women for courting attention and helped you to navigate them, my job is done. And, very importantly, you should not restrict yourself to these three. There are plenty of others and also a multitude of carefully planned borderline actions that the more skilled female manipulators engage in.

In addition, knowing the tactics of such women enables you to start to outfox them at every turn. If you were unfortunate enough to marry a girl like this, have a child with her, or just got into a relationship with a standard issue succubus, do not despair. Begin to take the steps to remove yourself from the situation. And the starting point for this is recognizing the attention-seeking behavior.

I would wish you luck, but it’s never about luck. Tally-ho, gentlemen!

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248 thoughts on “3 Ways Women Show Their Narcissism On Social Media”

  1. Social Media, whether by design or accident, exists in its current form ONLY to benefit women. Any redpill man has NO BUSINESS being on Facebook. There are many, many downsides and no upsides.
    Feminist snark, digital lynch mobs, attention whoring to the extreme, white knighting to the extreme…the list goes on.
    By being on social media you are telling the world you are an easily led BETA who buys into the feminine imperative…. whether you know it or not. Don’t feed the hamsters.

    1. Eh, social media is a tool like anything else. Some people will use it for the wrong reasons. I use Facebook for the groups for all my different hobbies. It’s a good way to get ideas, supplies, etc. For our dog training group its a good way to let members know a training session is happening. Also a good way to keep up to date with all my friends who are busy with families. Still call the close friends though.
      My wife uses hers as a soap opera and watching all the insane posts like described above. She doesn’t participate, just shows me and mocks them.

      1. You are still contributing to the disease of social media by being a part of it, it’s that simple. You’re lining Zuckerbergs pockets. And he’s watching you.

        1. Yeah, but I’m not trying to save the world. Zucks made a pretty good platform for what I use it for. I don’t care what 20 something broads are posting.

        2. Fair ’nuff. I’m no crusader either. I just don’t need people being able to find me online.

        3. I just had a fairly depressing thought:
          You think Facebook has reached the “too big to fail” status? If they go belly up, will the government shell out a few billion to keep them afloat? My cynical side says they just might since 99% of the female demographic would riot to a level that would put the Ferguson riots to shame.

        4. Haha, the streets would run red with cat memes. If facebook actually produced anything, I think you might be right, but as far as I can tell, it’s just an elaborate commercial.

        5. I often wonder what would happen if all social media died overnight. Surely the female populace would react…but how?

        6. Zuckerberg has no morals or values of any kind. He caters to the chinese and censors fb posts that disagree with his globalist policies.
          I think our “likes” will be used to hurt us.

        7. Here’s how I envision chicks rioting over the loss of facebook.
          “What the fuck! My Facebook don’t work. Oh no, fuck that shit. Shit ain’t going down like this. This is real! Facebook is my shit. I’m a fuck Zuck up if he don’t get his up and running. I gotta get my newest pics up!”
          “That’s it! It’s time to march. WE”RE GOING TO THE STREETS GIRLS!” Oh no, not with that bitch though, I don’t like her. No not her either. That bitch dated my brother. Not that I care about that, but she stole some of my make up.”
          “Oh, I know, let’s get those guys across the street to flip over some cars for us show us how to light them on fire. THAT will show the man! Ha! We some strong girls. Go GIRLS!”
          “Oh shit wait, I just had my wifi turned off. Oops. Facebooks working fine ladies, damn, my tits look good in that pic, I hope my sisters boyfriend compliments them again.”

        8. Its at the forefront of the epidemic you’re opposed to.
          Hey I understand its (minimal) uses. Ive been contemplating making a pseudonymous account for the purpose you’ve described but I couldn’t live with myself. Its so. far. gone.

        9. Women would print out their skanky pictures and hang them somewhere around the entrance of the mall so every man could see their pictures and put a comment under it: “you look so hot”, “you go girl”, “can we go private?” etc etc

      2. Yeah, it kind of reminds me of how television was used back before the advent of cable — women usually used it to watch soap operas during the day (before they became “liberated” and wanted to work ‘like men do’) while men usually watched it in the evening to catch up on the news, sports, and weather, and adventure programs. (In the home I grew up in, we also liked to watch documentaries and educational programs.)

        1. no prob at all my friend…the first and easiest way to make money with social media is advertising. facebook has over a billion ppl on it, ranging in ages from pre-teen to senior citizen ages.
          the key is to actually pay for facebook advertising, and not to just put your product on it, and hope that ppl will go to your website to buy xyz that you are selling. that’s an easy way to get likes and maybe comments, but it won’t put money in your paypal account.
          facebook ads have a great targeting system, because ppl foolishly give away so much valuable data about themselves for free. for whatever you are selling, you can easily define, re-define, and then target your exact buyer(s). facebook ads have a high roi too.

      1. Also, nobody ever went broke overestimating the stupidity of the average person, or the narcissism of the average female. So if you found a way to capitalize, good for you

        1. lol man you are right about that, I say if chicks want to capitalize on the desperation of the average to below average male, then I may as well capitalize on their willingness to except whatever is popular and cash out.

      2. Yeah, i know a guy that made millions on instagram with meme tshirts. It can happen.
        If your not making money…you’re wasting time.

    2. I knew facebook was going to be bad about 6 years ago, when i was called into my hr office to discuss a social media post i made on my own time.
      Apparently a man is not allowed to post how he would eat taylor swifts ass given the opportunity.
      I immediately quit facebook and moved to a blue collar profession.

      1. I’m sure if you were celebrating fag marriage or talking about eating justin beibers asshole you’d have been celebrated instead of reprimanded

        1. Hahaha so true, the only thing that is not tolerated is straight male stuff and guns. I worked once for a company that had content filters blocking anything that could be about guns or porn or hate speech but it blocked a ton of websites also news and technical sites.
          Pro LGBT stuff of course was not blocked, but all websites that show girls in bikinis sometimes were. Like Daily Mail for instance lol.

        2. Yeah, the company was 60 women, 9 men. Men made up management and IT.
          The women would of just said “omg i cant even” or “lol” if my post was about faggotry. Instead, somebody took a pic with a camera phone and sent it it.

      2. What happens if you don´t have fb or don´t want to share your fb with them? They take it wrong?
        Before you moved of profession.

      3. I wanted to delete FB for a solid year but was concerned on losing the ability to get in touch with some folks. It’s a good resource for that.
        However …
        A month ago I did it. I hit the delete link and my account is gone. Words cannot express how much I love NOT being on FB anymore.

        1. Its was a good feeling for me.
          If it’s not making you money or significantly making life simpler, delete.

        2. I’ve deleted mine three times. The last time I got back on, I only friended people from the small town I live in and advertised my apartments. I’ve never received one apartment lead from facebook. Although, I might not know as I haven’t checked it in 3 months or so.

        3. I love you. NO MA’AM? Nothing short of brilliant. I loved that show and I think the time is right for NO MA’AM to become a real movement.

        4. I’ve considered making shirts with pic of Hillary and NO MA’AM underneath. And then on back the National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood logo.
          I could actually see them catching on and going viral during this election cycle.

        5. Yeah i did that ,I deleted each “friend” individually to confirm the deal no going back now haha

        6. I don’t have FB for, eehm, half a year now or something. First week I missed the timeline browsing. After that, all was better. No social media anymore for me. I don’t want my pictures on the internet, I don’t want people able to find information about me personally.
          Maybe it has something to do with -finally – being a man, not caring about what other people think. For the better or the worse that is.

      4. Kudos to you on the Taylor Swift post sir, but much more importantly, on moving to a presumably male-dominated profession.

        1. I’m a little torn here. Certainly her country days are cringeworthy, but her more recent material isn’t as bad as you make it out to be, in my opinion of course.

        2. I’m pretty sure the lyrics of her songs can be fully understood by most 7 year olds, and the concepts by children as young as 11 or 10. It’s catchy, but the content is terrible. The only thing that the kids can’t get is why she’s so stuck on the bad boys. Beyond that, her music is nothing more than something to tap your foot to.

    3. “By being on social media you are telling the world you are an easily led BETA”
      Exactly. The only exception would be to have one’s business there, and thats it. No sharing personal info on the business fb page, just the company

    4. You’re reading into it too much, somewhat. I have a FB page only to keep in contact with people I knew from school mostly and to post on FB boxing forums. Although I do agree that women attention whore like hell on FB. Some of my female FB friends have literally thousands of pictures of themselves on their page.And they post about the most minor things in their life. She got a bowl of corn flakes is posted along with a picture of said cereal.

    5. It’s become a circle jerk for women with low SMV. They do their pathetic “woe is me” updates, expecting all their fattie friend to “like” in solidarity. Meanwhile, they all hate one another behind the scenes.
      Once you leave that shit behind, it’s funny how people come looking for you.

    6. Social media is a tool. I have no feminist snark, lynch mobs or white knights on my feed because I’m not friends with feminists, regressives or dweebs. It’s merely a tool to keep on family that lives in different timezones. Much easier than writing emails and you can’t see photos over the phone.

    7. I pulled the plug over a year ago and don’t want for a thing.
      I suggest at the bare minimum making sure your account is private and devoid of coworkers.
      Then speak your mind (what I believe it was first designed for before it became the advertising perfect storm)
      If they block you, fuckem.
      But if you care, fuck -you-

  2. I’m sure when the human race goes extinct, whatever is left behind will be selfies of ugly ass duck face women and narcissistic bios. I just pray whomever finds the remains destroy what is left. Of course history will just repeat itself.

    1. Or they would make a Hall of Shame type museum where the new people of a new and better age go to learn about the dark hearts beating inside us all.
      If anything it would serve as a clear picture of what NOT to do or allow women to do

      1. Most of us men HAVE to grow out of it in order to function in the REAL world.

    1. Some part of it might be due to an abundance of options and a society that bails them out at every opportunity so they don’t have to take responsibility for their choices and actions. Narcissism is both incentivized and enabled.

      1. Exactly. A sea of thirsty chodes is the source of narc supply…and with Social Media chodes from every corner of the world are free to express their undying love for whomever, wherever….god only knows WHY THEY DO IT

        1. Not all the guys doing this are chodes or desperate betas. I’ve known a few who do it, well not the undying love crap, but who give women attention, and they are not desperate for a gf losers. These guys do alright when it comes to women, and its because they are pussy hounds. Always putting out leads, They play the numbers. Their lives are not that exciting and chasing pussy is their excitement./ validation. It does come off as desperate sometimes and they will use flattery, fake sympathy as part of their repertoire, but they are rarely desperate for one woman.

    2. It comes from all that time they spend in front of the mirror trying out make-up and hairstyles etc.

      1. “Women want to BE things.”
        And they want to have it handed to them NOW, regardless of their experience, fitness, or qualifications; actually EARNING something or putting in the effort to deserve it is a concept that is totally foreign to their thought processes.

    3. begins with the parents saying continuously “you’re are my little princess”, continues with disneys movies “you are such a little snowflake, you deserve the best”, ends up with social media whoring and the beta flocking and liking posts like flys festing on a steaming shit.

      1. i also hate when parents apply double standards on their male sons if they do something wrong. If the daughter does something wrong, they go light on their daughter. I mean if you have multiple kids, treat them equally.

  3. Social media by far is the worst thing that women can be exposed to. An endless hit of dopamine.

    1. That’s why it’s a lie when women say they are only using it to stay in touch with friends. They really use that excuse. So that you think it is harmless. But in the back of our head all men know what is going on, yet only a few have the balls to tell how it is. The rest don’t want to risk losing pussy they wouldn’t have got anyway. And if they did, there is more and better out there anyway. The balls to walk away, that’s attractive by itself.

  4. #2 right.. on Farcebook, my own female family members carry on with language that would make a sailor blush. None of the males feel the need to, though.

    1. Wonder how many of her orbiters engaged in pistol duels for her attention. The first thing that comes to mind is these dudes slapping each other with white gloves. The second one is, the atrocious movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Other than the pink haired chick in her tiny lingerie, this is dumb. Fight all of her exes, including a butch, for her affection?

      1. It’s the ultimate high for the woman to have men fight each other for her affection. Fools.

        1. They actually do, but in subtle ways. They out dress each other. That is why they all are jealous and hate each other.

        2. Past Observation: Ever notice when at a public social gathering when all the guys seem to get on well and not compete against each other, the subtle female drama increases?

        3. That’s when the titties seem to start popping out of nowhere and suddenly it’s acceptable to be “creepy.”

        4. More like a woman calling out a guy for associating with “X” as he is a “Y”. When alcohol is involved, she’ll start getting personal and blame the booze later.
          I call it “stirring the pot” as she is instigating.

        5. We observe similar behavior in animals too where the males fight one another to mate with the females.

        6. Funny, my experience is they do this shit without others around or booze for that matter, about once a month when not pregnant. Don’t get me started on when pregnant…

        7. The most crazy thing is that you tell a woman what she is doing (attentionwhoring) she will rationalise it in every way possible. “Can’t a girl have friends?” or this one: “My profile is private”. Yeah, but every weirdo that wants to follow or be a “friend” get a green light and start the asskissing. It’s soft enabling.

      2. Once I heard the plot for this movie I was/am seriously fucking confused how any male would want to watch it. Maybe it’s funny, but holy shit, on paper, the plot seemed tailored to some weird beta-cuck power fantasy.

        1. I saw it at our section’s movie night. Didn’t know what the movie was about. Then I saw the skinny guy from Superbad in the cover, and it was downhill from there. It doesn’t help that the girl looks like the older sister to Stephanie from Lazytown.

    2. “Hes got money, and I gotta git it!” Wont find truth like this on tv anymore…

      1. An ‘interesting’ fact about the gag with the curtain rod still in the curtain material dress is that it was the idea of a man — the costume department manager, I believe. Carol Burnett discussed this on one of her videos where she was interviewed about her career. This gag is possibly the one most remembered.

  5. I recently had a fling with a social media attention whore. While it ended badly and fucked me up for a while I realized it was a blessing in disguise. This is a girl whose only hobby was posting selfies online, where legions of thirsty dudes would tell her how beautiful and sexy she was. At the time I felt honored to be with a girl who was this desirable, but in hindsight I realize that I’d have been in hell had things gone on longer. She loved drama and could no doubt replace me with any orbiter of her choosing if I fucked up (Which she ended up doing), so there was this constant feeling of dread around her at all times.
    It also made me realize that a girl can be a functional retard, but as long as she looks good there will be thirsty guys who will want to wife her up. This girl looked great and I enjoyed looking at her selfies, but the fact of the matter was she was 30, living at home, unemployed, and on year 3 of what should be a 2-year community college degree. She also got high every night and drank a lot. She was good for the fling but this is definitely not LTR material. She also had no filter and had no issues saying private things about her life, talking shit about other people, or liberally using the term “nigger” with no shame. And why should she? Her online orbiters treat her like an infallible queen, so surely she must be perfect, right? It just amplified all the worst things about female nature in her.

    1. Its very enjoyable to watch girls like her hit the wall and panic when she’s not attractive enough to have life handed to her. If she’s 30, she has 5 years left at the very most. She will probably contact you when things begin to spiral, it happens all the time.

      1. I know, it’ll be glorious. One thing that always frustrated me growing up was that girls from puberty to the Wall were at their peak, while as a guy I was nowhere near my peak (Which coincidentally will probably be around 40 when most of these girls are used up). Any time I deal with an entitled, cunty, bitchy, etc. girl who acts like her shit doesn’t stink I remind myself that it’s only a matter of time before she hits the Wall and her life goes to shit. This goes double for girls who coast through life on their looks and/or sex appeal. Meanwhile I’m still yet to reach my peak, so any shortcomings I have in terms of SMV could work themselves out as time goes on.
        tl;dr: Men age like wine, women age like milk.

        1. It seems to even out in the long run. Girls shit on younger guys chasing older men and men cheat/leave their older wives for younger women.
          When I was in college, I struggled to consistently bang quality women. Now I’m 28 with game and in the best shape of my life, pulling quality 20-23 year olds with ease. It helps that Chicago is overflowing with hot, young sluts.
          I also don’t think I’m anywhere near my prime yet, although it feels like this is “my time” right now. If a man takes care of himself, he can stay in the game well into his 40s. I hope to marry a 25 year old when Im 40 but we’ll see how it goes.

        2. I’m the same way. I’m 30 now and I’ve had more girls in the past 2 years than I had in the previous 28 years of my life. I’ve also begun hitting the gym and I, too, am in the best shape of my life (Most people assume I’m around 25 looks-wise). A lot of my male friends are freaking out about turning 30, like it’s the end of the world or something. But I’m fine with it, I know things will get easier for me as I get older and my value increases.

        3. You are just starting out, Brock. It will get better.
          Once you get a little age on you (a little more experience under your belt), you’ll see just how that age can work for you (in picking up those younger women..or any woman for that matter). Good stuff.

      2. Just watch how her mother looks. She can be a gymrat now, but once she will give up the ratrace and step out (pregnancy, disease, disability, accident). Then the pounds will fly on, especially after 35.
        A lot of women gain weight very fast and lose it very slowly.

    2. It’s amazing what men (as a whole, not directed at you) will put up with from women just because we want to fuck them.

      1. I completely agree, and I’ve done some cringey shit before just to get a girl’s attention. This is what I call “Hot chick stupid”, where an otherwise intelligent guy will lose all logic and brain functionality around a hot girl.
        On this subject, a few months back a friend and I met a really hot girl at a bar. I mentioned something about Goldilocks, and she starts bragging about how she can tell the story of the Three Little Bears in 3 different languages. My friend starts going “Really? Wow, that’s so cool!” I paused for a second and say to the girl “But it’s still the same story, the words are just different.” Guess which one of us went home with her? Hint: It wasn’t the guy who thought her language skills were the most interesting thing he’s ever heard.

    3. Sounds like what I’m going trough at the moment. I’m dating a 22 y.o petite blonde who (after losing 25 kg’s) now is at the top of her looks. (if she will start looking like her mother she better enjoy the good years).
      Now, she looked very insecure when I met her. Quite, shy. But then I found out her Instagram page after a week or 2… Damn, I almost had a stroke. It was like I had found her second personality.
      All these selfies, posing in front of gym-mirrors. Every fart she posted on there. And then later..Pictures from when she and I went somewhere ended up there. Of course I wasn’t in a picture once. That would screw up the attention probably. Can you imagine that you would go on a holiday with a good friend and it would look like you went all alone? That’s what it looked like.
      I date her for a month or so now, and finally have told her my concerns. She said: “don’t worry, it’s just my friends and family on there, my account is on private”. I thought, well, fine then I’ll see how far this goes.
      A day later after expressing my concerns, she being on holiday in the Philipines she told me via text: “I met a guy I know from online for 4 years, it was so nice”. So you have me as a new boyfriend I told her, you tell me you are not attentionseeking, and then you do this?! You told me yesterday you wanted a LTR. I told her I have boundaries and expect quality. Don’t fuck with me.
      And that for her was unacceptable, because it was just a “friend”. “Can’t a girl have friends?” It was all me being suspicious and not trusting her. And she told me: “I like you very much, but if you want me you will have to accept I like social media”. So much for being “in love” right.
      And then I got an epiphany. She’s just scanning the market and using me, the gymboy with the hard body, for some sexual escapades. In a couple of months she will get bored and just monkey-branch. So despite of the good hormones, I will just have to accept that I will have to spend my free time chatting up new girls because this date is a whore after all. This story is a lot of drama. But I just want to point out. Nothing is what it looks like. Watch out, women without morals are everywhere, even when you least expect it.

      1. You’re definitely going through something similar. In my case this girl is still with the orbiter she left me for, and like you she rarely posts photos of him with her online, even though she updates her Instagram almost daily. And if he is in a photo with her, he just looks like he’s along for the ride or some incidental background figure photobombing her glamor shots.
        You have to understand that girls like this are damaged. She probably had a weird upbringing or relationship with her parents where she was starved for attention and tries to get it by posting selfies online. And damaged girls aren’t flawed in one area but perfect partners in everything else, that usually extends elsewhere. In the case of the girl in my OP, I found out her attention-seeking also lead to loose sexual morals. I thought she was REALLY into me based on how quickly she wanted to fuck. It turns out she’d fuck anything that moved, so chances are she’s done this with dozens or even hundreds of guys. Another bad sign was this girl hates kids and has no nurturing nature towards them. A girl who isn’t nurturing towards children is broken. I feel bad for whoever knocks her up, she’ll probably neglect the kid so badly, leading to another generation of fucked up kids.

        1. Your story sounds bad. I can imagine you want to keep hitting that ass, and you could! But you’re probably insightful enough to understand that you shouldn’t invest emotionally into this immature being. Because that will hurt you.
          I my case I guess she is this way because she was overweight and now lost the weight. She is just testing how much attention her new body can give her.
          Her parents are divorced, she lives with her mother. That house looks like some section8 house, completely with the smell of cats which shitboxes are not cleaned regularly. She has no hobbies but going to the gym and drinking protein-shakes. (To keep the momentum going) So you get the picture. A very insecure girl who hasn’t dated for years before she started dating me last month but doesn’t like to be called on her shit: attentionwhoring. Women like this are probably better of continuing living in ‘la-la-land’. They will get the men they deserve: “beta-males”. The type of guys who hate seeing their wives seeking external validation but being too scared to draw a line. To be willing to walk away. So they rather play the beaten dog, so the pussy keeps flowing.
          Well. That’s no life for a masculine man.

        2. Any time I’ve run into the attention whore I dated she’s blatantly flirted with me, even with her boyfriend right there. And while it’s somewhat flattering, I know that she doesn’t mean it and she just needs validation from everyone. Had I not taken the red pill before this I’d be worse off than I am now. You see, I had been with a couple Cluster B personality disordered girls before and could spot the signs. I realize now that the attention whore most definitely has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which basically means she feeds off people for attention and will take bad attention since it’s still attention. I set up boundaries with her and limited the amount of attention she got, so it’s natural that she monkey-branched to her current boyfriend, who is a supplicating beta and treats her to fancy dinners and expensive concerts (Even though she gave it up to me without me spending a dime on her).
          Your case is a little different, I always assumed that girls who were ugly then got pretty or fat and then got skinny would still maintain some kind of innocence because they spent most of their lives being undesirable and therefore had to develop actual personalities. And it’s sad, in society today any girl with a remotely okay body will have a terrible personality.
          And you’re right, girls who are obsessed with attention will seek out beta males. This is the same for the Cluster B types I mentioned before, they’ll want a guy who will put up with their bullshit and be emotional pincushions. Any man with dignity wouldn’t put up with a girl taking seductive selfies for the validation of other males. I see this with my ex-fling, her Instagram page is basically her trying to show off her tits through various low-cut tops with a legion of thirsty beta males telling her how beautiful she is. She’s obviously not taking these photos for her boyfriend, otherwise they would remain private. This is one step away from straight up cheating as she’s still essentially flirting with guys while being attached. And what’s hilarious is they all know she has a boyfriend, yet they still keep hitting on her through the internet. Hell, I’ve seen him comment in threads trying to get these dudes to calm down with the sexual comments, and that leads to fighting. And of course this girl lavishes in the drama, because she can’t function without drama.
          I was bummed when we split, but I’m glad this guy took the bullet and I can see what a piece of shit she really is.

        3. I’m a teacher. And one thing that I learned it is that every relationship is about frame-control.
          My case is different in the way that in reality I saw a
          quiet, shy girl. But online she is this different person. And those two things are so contradictory to me.
          It’s like the skinny guy who online acts like he is a WWF wrestler who is going to “kick your ass”. It’s a distortion of reality that the internet made possible.
          I think women like this do want alpha-males! But with the alpha comes his morals. And those are often limiting a females “freedom”. I totally understand that it’s much nicer to get attention from tap from an army of “invisible”guys that never would argue with you than having one real person who lays down the law. If you’ve never been corrected by any male (other than your boss maybe) yeah, then that must seem like a controlling male. Then fleeing to your hungry textbuddies or friendzoned-orbiters is way more comfortable.
          These women’s insecurity prevents them from hitting on an alpha, or they just assume they are not good enough for one. Sometimes the self-esteem is still so low, it’s miles behind what her looks can now get her. Yet they are aware that they have the properties that men look for. But they seek the path of least resistance when meeting men. And that’s online.
          I’ve dated some different girls, who had BPD. And if you look at them now, 5-10 years later when I dated them I can only say: nature and time are on our side. Because the party, eventually, will stop. And I can only hope that sometime in the future these women will get a flashback and regret how they behaved. I’m too young to share my experiences on women who you see 20 years “after the fact”. But I sure can imagine it must be great to see the former hotty being miserable, walking with a stroller, being a single mother, or fat. Or a combination of these. It will happen, because women with weak men take on the roles of…men. That can’t be good for a relationship.

        4. Excellent points about attention whores/Cluster B women and alpha males. I also think they want an alpha, but an alpha has too many options to not want to deal with a manipulative psycho. And this leads to an easy way to spot a Cluster B – She’s usually very good looking but only hangs around ugly girls and beta losers. The girl I lost my virginity to was like this, she was gorgeous but was into metal and so she hung around with metalhead moutbreathers (Of which I was one). Everywhere she went they followed. Somehow I elevated myself out of that situation and actually fucked her and dated her for a while, but like the girl in the OP the orbiters were still around. One time she asked me to go to the movies with her. I show up to meet her there, and there she is with 5 dudes. She wouldn’t even sit next to me during the movie. She was doing her own version of Dread Game, and manipulative women love this shit (Just like NPD girl posting sexy selfies on the internet for other guys to see).
          But yeah, since attention whores are the epitome of low self-esteem then it makes sense that they’d find the lowest common denominator guy. OP girl is attractive, but if she went to an exclusive club then she might not get any attention or be ostracized because she doesn’t dress like everyone else. But she can show up at a metal concert or a video game event and be the most attractive girl there, instantly making her a Situational 10. This must put her self-esteem through the roof. And why deal with an alpha with standards when a beta will give her all the attention and gifts she desires?
          Side note: When things started going sour between myself and the OP attention whore, the first thing I did was block her on social media. She began posting things on Facebook and asking me to like or comment on them, and I refused to be a source of Narcissistic Supply. So I blocked her on all channels, and no doubt gave her a giant blow to her self-esteem.

        5. The situational 10. I know what you mean. Sometimes things can look better than they are visually. Boobs can look big and firm…until the bra comes off and you see the result of what rapid weightloss does to your tits. That is also the fact with the girl I’m dating. Now, I don’t really care about a bit of sagging, but think what this does to a woman.. Must be the equivalent of balding at 22 for a man. You can cover it up, but it will mess up your self-esteem. So you fake the ego. A lot of women have this. Without the make-up, the hair-dye, pushup bra and other tricks they are mediocre as fuck and they know it.
          Like you described. Men that refuse to jump trough her hoop get the rewards. I think it is very interesting observing women, because almost all of them peel of like an union if you observe their behavior and ask the right questions. Then it’s just a matter of connecting the dots.

        6. “Without the make-up, the hair-dye, pushup bra and other tricks they are mediocre as fuck and they know it.”
          This. I’ve realized that every girl I’ve dated long-term never wore make-up, they had natural beauty. This wasn’t something I did intentionally, I just find natural beauty more attractive. And that makes sense, because I also expect a partner to have integrity and not have to lie about something as basic as their appearance. This is what also made OP girl a bad candidate for long-term partner – Everything attractive about her was fake. Make-up, hair dye, hair extensions, and worst of all, fake tits. I never saw her without makeup, but I’m pretty sure she’s actually really weird looking underneath it all.
          And yeah, the best way to learn about female behavior is to watch what they do, not what they say, because they’re never congruent. This is why so many guys fuck up with women, they assume women will think and have all the same values as them (AKA projection). This is something I still struggle with to this day. But in the long run, treating her with respect/how you want to be treated will only result in heartache or blue balls. Most women have such low self-esteem that they’ll despise you if you pedestalize them, and love you if you treat them like the piece of shit they think they are. No wonder I’ve developed such a low opinion of them.

        7. Sounds like you are just like me.
          Now, I’m 30. But I’m not getting married ever. And kids? I see my peers getting them, one by one they fall. First cohabitation, then kids. The separation will come in 10-15 for most of them I’m sure.
          I will refuse to go with the scheme. In a couple of years I will go ask my physician for a vasectomy to get that whole fantasy of playing daddy out of my head. Not that I think that being a father in this day and age is anything worth putting your time, energy and money in. And this is thanks to females nature. There are little to non good western women suitable for motherhood and as a wife. I don’t want to pay alimony, so..
          My gameplan for the next 5 years? Working, hobbies, starting a business, reducing my responsibilities, saving money, traveling, having sex with as many hot women as possible. My mother and aunts think I will change. But every year they are forced more to accept it: I’m not a normal guy who is going to do what society wants me to do.

    1. By 2090, I’ll be over 100 years old, hopefully. By then they may have cured aging so I’ll be 100 or so but still 28 years old banging a chick young enough to be my great granddaughter

      1. As a man approaching the finishing line, let me tell you that death is not something to fear; it is your last friend. With the world going to hell in a hand basket, I find I can distance myself from despair by remembering that I will be dead before things get really bad.

    2. Grandma #2 is carrying quite a bit of excess body fat. That’s why the pose has that particular bend at the waist to conceal it as much as possible. Same with the thunder thighs and flabby upper arms. She’s gonna be a refrigerator with a head on it within a decade.

      1. Notice how girls obsessively post themselves on SM, and twist and contort themselves to hide flaws and look the best. It’s all ridiculous.

    3. Not possible. The girl in photo #2 is not going to be able to spawn kids that will be capable of reproducing.

  6. “1. Family death or personal tragedy attention-seeking”
    Yes. How many times have you heard a woman say that her tattoo is the name of her friend or family member who died? I suppose their
    next fad will be wearing miniature tombstone necklaces to remind everyone that they are “grieving” for life.

    1. These people tend to look like pieces of shit who look like they care for no one. This is their way to atone for being horrible human beings.

    2. The “deep meaning” behind a woman’s choice of tattoo is a subject for an article of it’s own. About five years ago I was at a function and I asked a girl about the script she had on her arm. All I remember was her repeating over and over that it was in Sanskrit. I don’t remember what it actually meant (not sure she did either) but I got this sense that she felt it was really impressive that it was in Sanskrit. She was a Caucasian girl with, I’m sure, no connection or knowledge of India (aside from the odd yoga class). But having something written in Sanskrit seemed to be, for her, some sort of cultural marker of sophistication and depth. “Sanskrit. Sanskrit. It’s written in Sanskrit”.

      1. Maybe it said, “If you can read this, then you’re too close” in Sanskrit?

    1. The Germans won’t be spending that kind of money on those lights any longer….not with the soft invasion (illegals) that they’ve received as of 6 months ago.
      They’ll be lucky to pay their bills in the future. That country is going to shit.

  7. “Prince? Alan Rickman? David Bowie? Who the F- are they, never heard of them. Wait, they were important or something?”

    1. I did like Prince and David Bowie, just not enough to fork a fortune to go to a concert.

    2. The words music and person are thrown around a lot these days, but I can truly say that Prince was a person, who played music.

      1. Probably the most underrated guitarist of the past 30 years or so. Saw him in concert a couple of times – incredible performer.

        1. I dont know if he was the most underrated, I might have to go with someone most people dont know , like Warren Haynes

        2. I think Prince was a victim of his perceived faggotty image, although the dude was a player.

        3. Yeah….out of all the guitar legends on that stage, and they had Prince do the solo. That says a lot, but his performance speaks for itself. I have never been a big fan of his music, but I recognize his musical genius. This guitar solo alone is proof of that to me.

        4. I live in the same area as Prince. I went to a concert of his locally and he invited everyone to Paisley Park for an after concert party. I thought it was BS until a map to his house was put up on the Jumbotron. He never forgot where he came from, and wasn’t full of himself like a lot of rock stars are.

        5. That is very cool. I’m glad you experienced such an amazing event. All the best.

        6. I love the part where he leans back into the audience and the look on George Harrisons sons face is priceless. Utter joy.

        7. Prince played everything. I was watching CNBC’s Powerlunch the day after he died. The Najarian brothers were classmates of his in high school! One of them told a story of his talent based on 3rd party knowledge. He was doing his first studio audition for WB Records. The session manager says go get drummer. Prince says. I can do that. Then the manager say, ok, lets find the Sax Player. Prince says, I can do that. Finally, the manager said, “get the paperwork” so we can sign this kid! He was 19 at the time. He was self taught on several instruments and played them all in his recordings.

      2. Loved it when Prince told Kim Kardashian to get off the stage during the middle of a live performance.

    3. I recall the Rolling Stones coming to our hometown. Partly because those tickets would have cost me one testicle, and partly because, again, I don’t like Jagger and Co. enough to go bother seeing them, I sat it out. Well, lo and behold. The social life section of our newspaper had pictures of all these hot chicks wearing Stones apparel and posing for the camera. Wonder how many pestered their beaus to take them even though they have no idea who the Stones actually are.
      Same thing happens when a new pro sports team arrives in town. They may not know what an offside or a double play is, but I wanna be there coz it’s cool dammit!

      1. Good call on the Rolling Stones. They lost their rock star cred around 1980. Now they’re geriatric multi-millionaires that basically act like corporate brand managers. Maybe that’s why the young women like them – it’s all about the brand right? Their last original album was Tattoo You. Since then it’s been nothing but the same formula over and over again. One of their 60s hits was “Not Fade Away”. They should have.

        1. You say that like it is a bad thing.
          They definitely are just managing a brand, and making money like they owned the mint. I would do the same if I could.

        2. Good businessmen for sure and I can admire a well-run global brand. I suppose it depends what you’re looking for in rock musicians though. To me there’s something inauthentic about them as a rock band. To me, they’re corporate rockers that recycle their formula over and over to make their corporate machine more money. Sort of like they’ve sold their souls for the second time – the first time, like every rock star, to make it big and be famous, the second time to lose their creative rock star edge in pursuit of corporate profit.

        3. I agree but since I only listen to their old music and never attend any of their concerts, and never buy their music, I can admire their business sense without having to endure their lack of creativity.

        4. With you. Their music prior to around 1980 is still great. But it’s kind of like watching a great athlete deteriorate. Everyone knows he should have retired long ago but he just keeps going – hooked on the dreams of the now faded glory and fame. Plus, of course, the money.

        5. I’d agree. Their last great album was probably “Some Girls” from 1978. Most of the best songs on “Tattoo You” were leftovers from the 70’s. Everything after Tattoo You is pretty much shit, in my opinion.
          Some argue that “Exile on Main Street” from ’72 was the last truly classic Stones album. It’s a valid point.

    4. That’s gonna happen a lot more now that all the famous 70s rockers are dying en masse.

  8. Great article idea. Wish you had included more examples. I cannot stand social media narcissism.
    My pet peeve is all the birthday tribute posts girls make for random people in their lives. A girl will write a bunch of mushy BS about how someone is “the best friend ever” and how “I couldn’t have gotten through ___ without you” blah blah blah, and then post a picture collage of the two of them where it’s obvious the girl chose photos where she looks really good. These posts are also often sprinkled with inside jokes to make the girl appear really witty and funny.
    The worst is when girls make these birthday tributes to non-Facebook users such as grandparents or dogs, who obviously won’t even see the post. I think the bottom line of all these posts is to make the girl appear popular and loved.
    Also, men can be guilty of social media narcissism, as well.

    1. I agree, but its usually related to an accomplishment, not boobs/booty shots

    2. “Also, men can be guilty of social media narcissism, as well.”
      These people should be labeled as women with dicks….they are not men.

  9. #3 I don’t know if Americans do this, but my Mexican Facebook contacts do this a lot. They find a pic of a deformed person, and put something in the area of “Since you don’t think I’m pretty, you won’t give me a like. Scroll down and give me an Amen.” Just annoying.
    Translation: Because I am black, you won’t give me a like.
    This one is hilarious. Translation: Poor girl. I’m going to kill her with cancer because she didn’t reach 100,000 likes.

    1. You don’t have to be a famous rapper or rockstar to be able to do that, any random Chad Thundercock who has a couple of pics of his roided up torso will clean up on social media.

      1. you are right about that, but chad thundercock is still not pulling down the quality of chicks that a rapper or rocker is…or the amount of desperation that they will use to hopefully catch “contagious fame”

      2. Test, tren, and insta filters to make it pop. I know plenty of guys that do the fake natty thing and do the typical “i takes courage to post my before and after pics” post on fb. They all pull ass. They are all miserable though.

  10. This can be hard if the girl is smart. If she’s looking to get a ring out of it and not stupid she will maintain the appearance of not being into Facebook and such things much until she gets the ring and the deed is done.
    So my advice is whatever level a girl seems to be using social media is not a reliable indicator of how much she will do so if you wife her up ;-).
    Same thing with other female bad habits.
    Especially when you get her pregnant, then at the least you will see her change, not just the pregnant stuff but she knows she has you as well as she can, and therefore there is no longer pressure to behave better than her nature would dictate.
    But again it’s up to the husband to decide what he finds tolerable, it’s push-pull like everything else.

      1. Now if that were me I would whip the scales out every week for the ritual weighing-she goes over 100lbs or about 50kg and she’ll get berated and ordered to stop eating bread and the like and go harder at the gym; equally, I’ll keep my end up by continuing an insane workout regimen and then proceeding to pound them into submission in the boudoir.

        1. From one Hammer to another, I appreciate the sentiment.

      2. ”I hope you like your wedding present honey, it’s top of the line nautalis”
        ”sorry but I spent the rest of the dowrey on the jeep and some guns. None left for the flat screen or microwave and no one gave us a toaster. We’ll have to eat fresh I guess. Keep it loose pumpkin. See you at 7:00”

      3. At one wedding the grooms men were panicking as the groom seemed to have disappeared (actually would have been the smart move.) Meanwhile the brides maids were also panicking as the bride was MIA. Soon the groom appeared smiling from ear to ear and said, “I just got the best blow job of my life and the woman who gave it to me is going to be my wife in a few minutes.” At the same time the bride appeared to the brides maids also smiling and said, “I just gave the last blow job of my life.”

        1. Actually, it’s more like she gave him his last blowjob from her. She’ll some other dude if she has any SMV left.

    1. “Especially when you get her pregnant, then at the least you will see her change, not just the pregnant stuff but she knows she has you as well as she can, and therefore there is no longer pressure to behave better than her nature would dictate.”
      Her poor attitude and behavior will improve once the kid gets close to leaving the nest. Then she’ll try to trap you again by getting pregnant so you’re stuck for another 18 years.

      1. Well at least she is doing what she’s meant to hehe. So many weird guys think they will some day find a woman who will both be their best friend and lover and wife and all that shit rolled into one – without realizing that women aren’t like that.
        I’m married but to me my wife is there to make babies with and do the shit I don’t want to. I’m not having some deep discussions with her haha we each do our own stuff mostly.
        I prefer talking with men because I want a productive potential. Talking with women is like herding cats, complete waste of time unless its something practical.

      2. I seriously doubt that women have that much foresight — especially for eighteen years.

    2. Cant say I have noticed this change aspect in attention seeking when it comes to women getting married/pregnant. For sure they might get into it a bit down the line because their life is not exciting enough now as a wife/mother, but the payoff in attention whoring is greater when they are single I reckon. I do notice lots of married women love to use social media to subtly brag about how great their life is though – the target is more other female friends/acquaintances.
      The comment about bad habits though is on the mark. I’ve seen some of my friends relationships deteriorate soon after the woman got him locked in (marriage/house/baby), especially with the guys that I felt got settled for. Its why its not always so clear cut when other guys might say ‘why the hell did he marry/knock up that bitch’ – she wasn’t like that when they wwre dating. Stacks of relationships breakup within 2 of years of the baby coming along I notice. When it comes to relationships women complain men dont change/grow, while men complain that they wished their woman stayed like she was when he fell in love with her

      1. A lot of the attention whoring depends on how much the husband pays attention to her. If he can play out even like he did when they were dating than she’ll just post random stuff in regards to kids and marriage. Too much or too little and she’ll start begging for it.

    3. If she’s preg and then goes shit can stupid or lazy, other tribeswomen in the village need to punish and shame her. In western society, there’s nothing, no censure for sloth or for displaying unwomanliness or unmotherliness by a woman. Nothing. Just an ambulance chasing horde of enforcers for ‘state husbandry’ seeking her forced hand signature at every turn.
      I knew a fat mother who went comfortably lazy, ran up the credit cards, wouldn’t cook, ordered pizzas until the lights went out and then said ”It’s not my problem”. No amount of arguing or fighting penetrated her skull. She still repeatedly answered with ”IT’S NOT MY PROBLEM, KAPICHE?”
      Now I believe just a little bit of shaming early on against that kind of lazy mindset is all it would have taken to straighten out her thinking. In the whole cult marxist scheme, no shaming is allowed and the radicals want to criminalize shaming. Young women from the get go though need to be awarded and commended for displaying excellence and industry in the feminine duties and arts. Sadly today in the west, a young girl isn’t encouraged to do anything and is promised a meal ticket without exception. Then the western girls are encouraged to mock and attempt to ape the males. It would be a comedy if it weren’t such a tradgedy. No female should get anything until they are trained to develop feminine skills to the best of their ability. Always reward excellence and shun sloth.

  11. I swear, the “death in the family” thing is out of hand. I saw a girl from Europe post a picture of her cousins and herself next their dead grandfather’s (albeit closed) CASKET on Instagram once. Another picture I saw had a chick (a 3) smiling next to her gaunt, cancer-stricken grandmother in the hospital saying stuff like “Oh I’m sorry you passed away.”
    If you’re going to remember someone, at least get a picture of him and yourself during an actually happy moment.

    1. That’s just sick… What the fuck is wrong with these ‘people’?

  12. But there are more narcissistic men(NPD), Don’t you know ?, and women are far more sincere with their emotions. More empathetic, it’s what society says.
    “Attention” from others, requires her to be emotional, emotions allows her to imitate masculinity and stimulate men. This is what females do, they have to look as good and humane as possible, this is their mating instinct.
    Their brains release more cortisol because of fear of being socially rejected, so they live being a lie, more than we think. Their brains activate emotional areas, the opposite of what we activate, as if their purpose were to stimulate others, rather than experiencing genuine empathy, because that is the purpose of being emotional, to get a reaction from adults or more mature beings, as babies do.
    There is a correlation between psychopathy and selfies, a study revealed, a study on men, obviously, because if it is about females, then they had to find a special explanation of why girls are ‘not’ narcissistic and psychopathic.

    1. This is what people mean by being somebody for 15 minutes than a nobody for the rest of my life.
      Counterargument: I’d rather be a nobody for the rest of my life and keep my dignity intact than for 15 minutes of fame be a complete ass for the rest of my life.
      Would still tap though.

  13. My favorite is the faux religious “feeling blessed” tag. In essence they are saying, “Yeah, not only is my life pretty awesome, but it’s a direct reward from Gawd himself for me being so fucking pious and humble.”

    1. I won’t reveal her identity, but one of my female FB contacts does this. Then she posts “girls night out ” crap, announces to the world how hungover she is, then goes back on Facebook Christian mode.

      1. Hahaha….I have a “friend” who posts all kinds of “inspirational God” memes and shit on her Facebook page. Yet just two weeks ago she texted me a pic of her tits, and said that she would be in my neck of the woods in a couple of weeks and would love to see me. Code for “I want dick.” And she has a live in boyfriend that she “loves” but they hardly see each other because of work and blah blah blah, etc. the usual reasons. Cracks me up the doublethink some women are capable of.

        1. Hahaha….no…”in a relationship”. We fucked around a few times before she got with this dude. Alpha fux, beta etc…you know the rest.
          It’s kinda funny because when were FWB, she would always try to “boyfriend” me, but I never took the bait. Then one day, she sends titty and pussy pics to a mutal friend that she had a slight flirtation with. (They never got around to fucking, he would have told me if they had cuz he didn’t know I was fucking her at the time haha) She actually thought this would make me jealous and want her more. (Amazing, I know)
          I fucked her one more time after that, just cuz I could, then friendzoned her. She hooked up with her current guy soon after.
          We are still friends because despite all that, because she really is pretty fun to hang out with, but it sure is funny watch her hamster spin the wheel.

  14. The poop story is just something she is making up, and most likely based on the well-known sketch/song by 80s comedy duo McLean & McLean.

  15. Just got wind of this one. Teen uses Snapchat speed filter to tell the world she’s doing 107 mph on her Mercedes, crashes, then posts a selfie of her in a stretcher, quote “lucky to be alive.”

    1. What kills me is the stupid child is suing SnapChat. If I was the judge, I’d laugh that out of the court room.

      1. I’m just picturing Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld taking her case:
        “You were driving?
        In the car?
        Going 107 mph?
        Took a selfie?
        Then you crash the car?
        We’re going over snapchat with everything we got!”

    1. Is that how men are supposed to act? You couldnt pay me to make a face like that guy in the plane pic.

  16. I currently use facebook for one purpose. Buying car audio products for fractions what they’re worth new. The top end enthusiasts are insane. Have picked up 3 $600 amps for 80 for the 4ch and 150 for each monoblock. Paid 180 for 2 subs worth 300 each. $200 headunit for 50, and $300 splits for $100. Have saved over 2 grand.

    1. I use it for random errand running in cities too far to travel to. Sometimes courthouse records I have to search are not online in a particular county. There are errand running services in big metro areas but not in rural….sure enough, I’ll get on FB and search “city, state errand running” and a post will come up of someone looking for work-usually odd jobs or errand running. I’ll contact them and have them go to the courthouse and snap a picture of the documents I need and then I’ll wire them money for their services. It has saved me quite a bit of money on several projects.

  17. Damn I thought I had bragging rights over any woman as being the better pisser. I can piss farther, whenever I want and even discreetly if I have to. But that chick can shit in her purse without anyone noticing? Now that is plain sneaky. I’d watch her in my store. She could shoplift anything. That little bitch is snee-keee!

  18. One of my favorites is when a thirty something post wall cock gobbler posts a sad faced selfie (with plenty of cleavage, of course) with a caption that reads something like, “why can’t I find a good man?” or “tired of being lonely :,(.” Then I scroll through the comments and laugh at the thirst. “I’m here for you if you need anything hun”, “You’re so beautiful, don’t be sad”, “Text me if you want to talk.” Then she likes their comments or responds with “Awwwww thanks :)” as another alpha plows her from behind.
    Guys, quit feeding these hungry bitches. Make them starve. Besides, since when has liking and commenting on her photos granted you a taste of that worn-out stanky pussy?

    1. And if you give her the shiv with a shitlord response to her questions you’ll be set upon by all the white knights and betas.

    1. it’s a real pathological case of a mix narcissism-depressive coated with a sense of false confidence. I don’t expect her to live too long without other’s attention. What a poor bitch.

        1. what is most disgusting is that there will always be some motherfucker on this planet to encourage her insanity.
          those suckers.

      1. There will be some suicide attempts in due course. She wont do a proper job and succeed of course because she needs to milk it (the attempt) for a while, for sympathy and attention. Cutting yourself then doing selfies., thats fucked up, funny & pathetic & sad at the same time. I’m sure the selfie confidence is just
        fake empowerment.

    2. What in the fucking fuck is fucking wrong with these fucking nutcase girls? Fuck!

      1. It is much more simple than you are making it. They are insane. The sick part is society is now encouraging them in their insanity. Any slight hint of insanity is rewarded so they go deeper and deeper into the insane pool. This is now a mass reaction.

      2. it’s just the new next step in degeneracy. first , fatness as a lifestyle you must not criticize. Second, ugliness as a sign of feminine liberation. third, mental illness as confidence.

      3. It’s the final, unspeakable wave of degeneracy before the reset. The reset has ben coming for some time. The silent majority is about to vote Trump in because they’ve had enough of leftist lunacy and debauchery. Cometh the reset, but societal insanity will peak at its coming.

    3. Using your life threatening mental illness for likes? Jesus fucking Christ this bitch is out of her goddamn mind.

      1. At least, you can get rid off her by stabbing. Just tell after that she has gone too far in her way to promote her self-confidence haha

    4. Smoking is a big red flag, but this goes beyond all warnings. What a psycho.

    1. Notice how neither of these cunts look even remotely sad. That poor grandma probably died from shame right after that photo was taken.

  19. You can add the case of girls always complaining being misunderstood or being disappointed by men. More attention seeker than these, you die.

  20. And this is why I quit social media. I deleted my facebook after 10 years and I have no desire whatsoever to go back. The attention whoring is beyond ridiculous. Women on there posting sexually suggestive pictures, then they cry about the inevitable tidal wave of thirst that come their direction in their status. It’s a cycle of stupidity that I’m glad I don’t have to put up with anymore.

    1. Yeah; it reminds me of women who wear Wonderbras, lowcut/tight blouses, short skirts, hooker heels… and then they complain about how they’re “always being stared at” and “always being approached by creeps”.

      1. That is called humble bragging. They are signaling that they are so hot that they have to beat guys off with a stick (and not in the nice way).

  21. A man should never use the word “selfie”. What a stupid fucking concept.

  22. “125879654568 Ways Women Show Their Narcissism On Social Media.” There I fixed it! Kidding. In all seriousness, great article.

  23. 90% or more of what you see on social media is bullshit. People putting on some false front about how great their lives are when reality is much different. I personally know some people that post how much they love their significant other and how lucky they are blah blah when in the meantime they’re getting strange on the side all the time.

    1. And couples who both have facebook profiles and they each have the other as a ‘friend’.

  24. Social Media is a psychological pacifier and an emotional narcotic for women. When reality kicks, they post a selfie for the “likes” and all is fine again.

  25. Social media is almost a necessity for dating millenial hot women. The dumb and lazy ones especially are not going to spend the time and money to run a background check on you, they just want to see your facebook. It’s the dating version of having a passport now, women are gullible and easily influenced by social conditioning so you must frame yourself in a language they can understand. Tinder is based on your facebook profile also. Instawhore and snapslut are also useful particularly for DMs. Add as many hot women as possible, avoid politics, like photos only sparingly and never comment on the attention whoring posts. And only make posts of happy positivity on your feed. Remember, keep it simple: low IQ sluts will not be able to follow literary techniques such as sarcasm, dramatic irony or anything in depth. Stick to memes and 140 character twitter format… and use their own platforms against them.

  26. Wait, so they’re all “narcissists” for making public statements of grief after their friends and family members DIE? Your barely-concealed distrust and disgust for women has eroded your basic humanity. I can’t imagine how that line of thinking could ever lead to a happy life but I hope it works out for you somehow.

    1. The idea behind it is that sharing this sort personal information with hundreds of strangers to garner sympathy and “likes” is, to say the least, low. This would normally be infornation divulged to close friends or family members, not the entire world.
      For what other reason would one tell such personal information hundreds of strangers for? I do not understand, and perhaps others do not as well.
      I would appreciate an honest answer, please.

      1. It’s a widespread and perfectly natural practice to reach out to one’s community for support while grieving. People have posted wedding, birth, and obituaries/funeral announcements in newspapers for centuries. Smaller communities still hold wakes where the whole town shows up to support the family and pay their respects. And when people get sick or die in these communities, neighbors, church members and work colleagues all show up to offer care and sympathy (not just “close friends or family members”).
        We now live in an atomized and disconnected postmodern world where social media is too many people’s sole outlet for community. Of course plenty of individuals misuse that platform for shallow or self-serving ends, i.e. those embarrassing “dead grandma selfies” someone posted upthread. But it seems petty, bitter and misanthropic to criticize women (or people in general) as “narcissistic” for the mere practice of publicly expressing grief.

        1. Thank you! Your question made me think more deeply about the topic, so I appreciate that too.

  27. Ha! ha! you chaps were slow in deleting your accounts… 😉 Yea Faggot Book is a waste of time, I signed up to in way back in 2008 when every other fucker was posting/uploading some shit 15 times a day, spent 6 months litterally wasting my evenings after work browsing through other peoples crap and narcissism, got to the point when I was missing the gym!! as it was gettnig too late, then there is the ex GF of 4 years ago, that wants to nose in on your life and then theres people who you have as “friends” on FB that would litterally cross the street to not talk to you and avoid you in real life, but you have them on FB, after 6 months back then! I thought fuck this shit, it dont improve my life, dont make me money, wtf am I doing, DELETE, oh the inner peace it brings, these days I enjoy telling people I am not on FB,or any other social media other then phone or txt message me or whatsapp, it stops there, I of course get the Spanish Inquest, but tell em, I like my private life.. prob is I have missed out on night out with buddies and birthday nights out for not benig on FB, my friend once told me he likes to send out the invites and organisation on FB and he cant be bothered to personally think that he has to invite me in another format mediaum, WTF!! (not bothered, save myself on money not having to buy you fuck all, also the funny thing is there are many many girls I have met who see you in a different light (for the good) I have litterally watched a few girls have a little smirk at me and flutter their fucking eye lids, one girl said “just adds to the mystery of you” ha! ha! priceless.

  28. Actually, according to a study by comScore titled “State of the Internet – Australia,” males ages 15-24 spend over 3 hours more per week online than their female counterparts. The same study shows that men ages 25-34 spend 0.6 hours more online than women of the same age group.
    According to ACMA, women are only 5% more likely to associate themselves with brands on social media. Furthermore, 25% of men use Twitter vs. 21% of women, according to a study done by Pew Research. The same study shows that women are only 1% more likely to use Tumblr and only 7% more likely to use Instagram. Finally, men are 1% more likely to use Snapchat.

  29. If I may add, a basic principle of child psychology is the idea that attention is a positive reward (this was proposed by the behaviorist, Skinner). This is the mechanism behind “time-out” punishments for children.
    Perhaps this could work on the Internet…

  30. The annoying, Voluminous SELFIES they constantly take is the most evident proof of being an attention-diva.

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