Are Women Careless With Contraception Because They Love The Attention From Getting An Abortion?

“Having an abortion was such a traumatic experience for me.” I have heard these words before and undoubtedly I will hear them again, whether in person or via the media. Put simply, women want the attention that comes from both abortion and debates about abortion. Many of them also adore the decision-making capability they can wield in having a foetus inside of them and deciding that it will not ever breathe outside the womb.

Playing the abortion card, despite the ease with which 99% of abortion situations can be avoided, enables women to portray themselves as oppressed pieces of oestrogen-producing meat. After all, there is no quicker way to make feminists feel like victims than to either a) put restrictions or bans on abortion or b) point out the obvious, namely that if women were more responsible with their genitalia abortions would be all the rarer.

It certainly takes two to tango, as men should be wearing condoms if they wish to avoid fathering a child. Yet it is feminist women who ultimately want the right and “difficult choice” to keep or terminate pregnancies. If the issue is supposedly theirs alone, the responsibility to prevent such choices even being required is theirs, too.

Abortion is such a great way for courting attention that Emily Letts decided to film hers and spread the video across the whole of the internet. I kid you not.

Despite thousands of years’ worth of evidence that not at least sheathing a man’s penis is a surefire recipe for pregnancy, women continue to get knocked up. From the ditzy cashier girl in her mid twenties to the deplorably feminist gender studies graduate, women are continually getting themselves pregnant, despite most of them not wanting a child or planning it like a cat plans to swim. But why? If abortion involves such a traumatic choice, even for women who are pro-abortion, why do they subject themselves to a form of masochism easily averted by just using a condom and either a pill or contraceptive implant?

Although I do not discount the huge personal, social, and even environmental impacts the pill has, we can all agree that women are reckless when it comes to sex and abortion. Women who get abortions are more likely not to want children in the first place, at least not now and probably not for the foreseeable future, if ever. Their antics comprise a curious mix of narcissism and self-hatred.

The relative cost of contraception is ridiculously small

It is so damn easy to avoid the coat hanger stage. There should be only 10,000 abortions in the US, not over 1 million.

$150 to $600 is the estimated yearly cost of taking the pill. Half of childbearing-age American women would spend double that sum on café coffees and restaurant food and perhaps thrice it (or more) on clothes and shoes. Condoms, which are improving in protective abilities every half-generation, not to mention their thinness, cost about $1 or less per rubber for packs of one dozen and up. These seem like very small costs to avoid both the alleged trauma of having an abortion (plus the public condemnation feminists claim go with it) and the expenses of raising child, which can easily run to $250,000, by the time they reach 18.

Let’s also not forget that condom use, when performed correctly, has a breakage rate of about 2%. Many of these figures are older and do not take into account improvements in condom design and materials. Even when a woman is fertile, breakage will not always result in pregnancy (not even close). As a result, condoms and other contraceptive measures are clearly not being used because the US records around 700,000 abortions every year. The true figure is well over 1 million, as official figures only count voluntarily submitted data.

If “my body, my choice” rings true, then feminist women have a lot to answer for. On the one hand, they want total choice over the abortion issue. Paradoxically, however, it is anathema for them to acknowledge that most abortions constitute, in fact, self-inflicted trauma. The means of preventing this trauma are so simple and realisable that women doing anything less are usually deliberately bringing abortion-related misery on themselves.

Even if you disagree with me, women are amazingly reckless when it comes to abortion “trauma”

Abortion trauma is real in many ways, as proven by science. But when women avoid excellent ways of preventing this trauma, i.e. taking proper steps not to get pregnant, this trauma is better termed as masochism.

It is fair to say that most people reading this will mostly or totally agree with me. Nonetheless, if you do not feel women maintain angry abortion debates for the purposes of attention and a sense of being able to decide, they are still recklessly bringing abortion “trauma” on themselves. Men are constantly told that we cannot know about the pain of abortion and that many women choose to terminate pregnancies because the demands of motherhood are so onerous. If we assume this is true, women who do not want or are uncertain about children should be avoiding pregnancy like the plague, instead of playing outright Russian roulette with it.

For the record, I am rather ambivalent towards abortion. Low birth rates have essentially destroyed the vitality of Western cultures, so on that count I find it in practical terms a form of social suicide. Conversely, feminists love abortions more than any other group and so them failing to reproduce as much is a win for society. What I find disdainful is that most women get themselves to the abortion stage in the first place. So much public energy, which could be better channelled in solving truly hard problems, is wasted on correcting the lack of responsibility on the part of sexually active women.

If you do not want to face either an abortion or having a child, do not get pregnant. It is literally that fucking simple. But if, like many women, you want a form of perverse attention and victimhood, abortion and fighting about abortion are great ways to achieve this ignoble aim.

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336 thoughts on “Are Women Careless With Contraception Because They Love The Attention From Getting An Abortion?”

  1. Its absolutely incredible that in today’s world with the amount of education available and the number of different contraceptives available that women can still get to a point where abortion becomes the only option available

  2. I propose to the men here this thought. I would like to hear your input:
    Aaron Clarey recently suggested in one of his YouTube videos that men should get a vasectomy. His reasoning for this is it gives men the power to choose if/when he will have a child. You can freeze your sperm before the snip, have a doctor extract sperm directly from your testes (a quick, painless process from what I’ve heard), or reverse the vasectomy later on (80% success rate).
    It’s clear women are not responsible with their bodies and will then proceed to screw over the man that impregnated her. Why even give them that chance?

    1. I can just imagine it:
      “This is your kid, but I don’t wanna DNA test!”
      “I had a vasectomy.”
      And the guy still pays child support for some obscure reason. Or makes vasectomies/sperm freezing hard to do.
      Never underestimate the enemy.

      1. There is one guy who’s paying child support and alimony to a bitch who cheated on him with the baby daddy, divorced him and now lives with baby daddy. The judge still makes him pay for that shit…
        Edit probably more than one, but I read about one case only lol

    2. I’m gonna plug Vasalgel (a reversable vasectomy resulting from injecting a polymer into the vas deferens instead of tying it off). When it comes on the market, it should be default for all men.

        1. Rabbit tests were great, still working through the ape tests (last time I checked). Human testing should start this year, and hopefully we get it on the market in 2017.

        2. If I remember correctly, it pissed the feminists off something fierce.

        3. As a matter of fact, they are accepting donations to get the ting rolling right now. Gearing up for clinical trials.

      1. you really wanna be a guinea pig for that? I bet it destroys your nuts(and T levels have been tanking for 30 yrs already). rubbers.

        1. Durex makes an ultra sensitive condom that works really, really , really well.

      2. Why would any guy get this except the less than 5% of the male population who is single and good looking enough to get laid whenever they want?

        1. Anyone who wants to have sex and does not want to have children should consider every option.
          Married, but not interested in (more) kids – either get the vasectomy or get the gel. Single and not interested in knocking up your girlfriend/fuck buddy/girl from the bar – get the gel because it’s potentially easier to reverse.
          Of course, involuntarily celibate virgins have no need for either option. If you don’t get laid, you won’t knock up anyone.

    3. All the arguments make sense and my only response is the irrational “but my boys!” Still, that irrational argument is enough for me. Plus, eyes don’t get pregnant.

        1. Ha, good song, and kept it from being repetitive and boring like most music.

    4. It makes sense and I wont diss a guy for doing it.
      The only reason I wont though is just because I can’t undo it myself. In the unforeseeable event that putting my balls back together is not possible I’ll have no one to blame but myself.

    5. Good ideas but for me I’m done. I think women can smell if you will push a live round or a dud into the chamber… Just personal observation.

  3. Even when women take the pill, they are notoriously inconsistent about taking it. As in, they take it whenever they remember, so that could be once a week, once a month, etc. Never take her word for it if you are not committed to either having a baby or driving her to the abortion clinic. Wrap it up, and, for good measure, pull it out, rip the rubber off, and give her a face wash.

    1. There are also those spermicidal things a girl can shoot up her vag just before sex. If you don’t trust her to take the pill (or to use the spermicide), tell her it’s hot when you watch.
      Every little bit helps.

  4. This is why I am glad that my car has an abortion switch it in. It is in the back and has a picture of a hanger on it. You just pull it down and, presumably, the girl in the passenger seat is no longer pregnant. viola.

      1. Porn is the gateway to new technologies. The digital camera, the VHS tape, the internet, would not exist without porn. In order to make driverless cars gain mass market acceptance, this is a mandatory feature.

        1. Wtf? Porn existence is artificial, was not for copy right laws it would’ve been bankrupt in the 1980’s

      2. I just read the seat warmer is no bueno for your huevos. do not use

    1. They like when you come in their vaginas so they can take their goopy snatch and drag it across the kitchen floor like a slug

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        2. Why? You really shouldn’t go without eating, you’ve got to keep your strength up for posting today. We’ve got an article on God over at RooshV, the Target Stall Pickup, and now Abortion. We might break the interwebs.

        3. If that’s what the jelly doughnut and raspberry Danish are, then what the hell is a strawberry shortcake?

        4. that’s just the doll I use to lure the girls into my van

        5. jesus going sane what did you type into google images “fat disgusting post wall cunt dressed like strawberry shortcake”

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        7. That’s not right, this pun is multi-layered, it even includes a video of the Circle Boyz performing their song “N tha Circle” from NYC (where lolknee is from).
          I think you just have a circle pun phobia and are jerking me around.

        8. I almost spit out my lunch at THAT comment. Too-fuckin’-funny..

        9. “And the tear stained matress in the back”-Sheldon Cooper

    1. which is why the greatest crime that exists in their mind is stifling their ability to complain about oppression that never happened.

  5. I don’t really give a shit about abortion and have never given it much thought before, but I am quite curious why there are in fact millions of abortions. I think the article’s headline of having an invasive medical procedure for the attention only applies to a small minority of attention seeking sluts.
    For the rest of them, going to a doctor and paying several hundred dollars for a surgery cannot be a pleasant experience. So why do they not take proper steps to avoid getting pregnant? I’ve never met a female who opposes birth control for health or hormonal reasons (it’s always men who recognize this unwanted side effect). Therefore, it must be either
    (1) They lack any ability to make complex plans, and cannot foresee the need of being on the pill before they find themselves ready to have sex.
    (2) They are weak minded irrational creatures whose hamster is telling them they are not sluts, and therefore there is no reason to be on the pill. The sex they do end up having is unplanned and outside of a relationship and since it is never included in their notch count, they don’t consider it to have actually happened, it was just a minor mistake they have already forgotten, even though it continues to happen.
    (3) Their ovaries have been so beaten up and withered that they do not believe they can become pregnant.

    1. A very small portion of women do have a condition that makes impregnation very difficult. It’s still best to take every precaution.
      I imagine that 1 and 2 are the key reasons. Women seem to have a very poor grasp of long-term planning and consequences, and most people are sufficiently optimistic that they do not plan for negative eventualities.
      The moral: keep a condom ready.

    2. My guess? That they want to know what it’s like to be preggo, but not the baby. But also mostly no1 of your list.

    3. present bias is probably the biggest reason .. people have a tendency to discount the future too heavily when making instant decisions..reaching for the condom may feel very costly in the heat of the moment (for both parties, that is).

    4. There are more than 50 forms of female contraception but only a small number for men, each with significant disadvantages.
      In east Asia, you know the two most common? Condoms and withdrawal.
      My current girl said she was paranoid about getting pregnant. I suggested she visit her doctor to discuss contraceptives.
      Two months later, what are we using?
      Still just condoms. And she’s not nearly as strict about using them as I am.

  6. A woman who is willing to, or has, murdered her own child should never be on anyone’s short list for marriage or worse, child-bearing. You saw what she did with other kids who she thought were inconvenient after all.
    As for us guys, to expect women to be on birth control, or for said birth control to work, is beyond foolish. We need to be proactive. Wrap that shit up (and never leave your used condom with her, take it with you and destroy/flush it) or have a vasectomy if you’re done with having kids.

    1. That’s a good advice for young bucks out there. Always carry rubbers, even when you’re not actually anticipating coitus. You’ll be surprised how quickly a woman goes into horny mode. And it’s not like you can say no, lest you bring her wrath upon you. And unless she’s a hooker (,at least that’s what I’ve been told by a friend….cough cough) don’t expect women to carry condoms or pills.

    2. Why not both? You can never tell where half of these women have been.

    3. If you are on this site longer than 1 month and still thinking about marriage you are officially retarded, sir.

      1. Actually Roosh V, the founder of this site, is proposing exactly that in order to create a more responsible, counter-cultural society.

        1. Yeah in a utopian World maybe. But thats not the reality. Wake up. Take the red pill.

  7. How much does it cost to have an abortion ?
    I don’t know about the US but in some countries, it is reimbursed by social security.
    Maybe if you jack up the price and only allow a once-in-a-lifetime procedure (unless extraordinary events such as rape), the responsible side of women would rise up.

    1. It theory it is a good idea, however the responsibility of women will not rise only the number of shit children no one can afford running around. Fuck, I am all for free abortion but you need to get a tattoo notch count.

        1. hahaha….nice. Seriously though, whenever I see kids walking around I think how much I wish someone would abort them. I am pretty ideologically in synch with most of the stuff on this site, but when it comes to abortions I think the more the merrier.

        2. I suppose it is possible that if, removed from people, I would not hate them so much….that said, even abstractly, I am ok with abortion. I know there are a lot of people here who feel, for various reasons (religious, race preservation, general decency, love of children or whatever), that abortion is either morally or socially wrong, I am just not counted amongst them.

        3. hard not to be on edge here- the subways are out of control- 4 mil per day in 1996 to over 6 mil a day now. Its not like there are more subway lines to choose from

        4. “Seriously though, whenever I see kids walking around I think how much I wish someone would abort them.”
          So, you’re one *those* people.

    2. One can only hope about your proposal. Then again, now that tampons are tax free in New York, one can guess what free perk is next on the list for women.

      1. Ha ha, holy shit what cuckster politician removed the sales tax from tampons? I have to pay sales tax on FOOD. Where’s my triggering?

        1. But tampons? They can be bought at Wal-Mart for less than 7 dollars.

        2. Then housing, utilities, cookware, weather-appropriate clothing, hunting equipment, healthcare, etc.
          After all, we need shelter, food, water, health, and heat. Everything required to support those needs should be tax-free, too.

        3. Imagine a world in which we chose what government line-items we would support. Maybe a case of “you must contribute X% of your income, but you choose where it goes and any surplus is doled back to the taxed.”
          So long, Departments of Bullshit.

        4. just saw that they are voting today on the shopping bag tax. A nickel a bag. I am guessing that that is going towards the gap the the tampons left….HA!
          But really folks, these idiots are no better than the untaxed tampons, stuck up cunts.

        5. They are, I suppose. Then again, we got our rubbers by the doggy bag at the local family planning clinic.

    3. The responsible side of woman is the side that gains her the attention and love of alpha males. They will do literally anything imaginable for that. No act is too degrading or demeaning for the security of being filled with the dangerous provision of alpha male. If anything it shows that she is “strong”.
      You call abortion murder, yet you allow the doctors to not only do this action with impunity, you even let them have federal funds for it. What does that say? It says the abortion providers have more power than you. If they have more power than you, then they are the alpha, not you. Hence favor must be curried with the alpha.
      If you work, and someone takes money from your work, who is alpha and who is beta? The one taking the money obviously. If the one taking the money then spends the money on insane shit, then that only highlights how weak you are and how strong he is. Hence women favor government over husbands.
      etc etc. Women see the world in terms of power alone. The rest is rationalizations as self protection. They dissemble to survive because the truth is they ARE helpless, they ARE weak. The weak and helpless can only rely on bullshit and currying favor. Hence female action.

  8. Women’s hormonal make-up is such that they thrive on drama. So they seek it. Forgive them.
    Abortion is always wrong. One is best not to rely on women to either take precautions against getting pregnant or to make a decision about abortion. It is our responsibility to plant and save life.
    We nearly had our first child aborted. Our reasons at the time sounded valid but while I was sitting there in the waiting room to have our child killed, a voice inside me screamed: get the hell out of here! And so I did. I dragged my wife out of there despite her throwing a fit about it. Now when I look at my child’s eyes and the thought that he could have killed is unbearable but I am glad I took matters in my hands.
    Since then abortion has never been and will never be an option for me. If the woman gets pregnant we see it as a blessing.

    1. I’m happy to hear you acted on your instinct and took control of the situation. Fellow father of 3 here and every time I look at one of my children, I could never fathom wanting to abort any of them.
      If women want to harp on about this “my body, my choice” nonsense, then I suggest the following proposal:
      1) If the woman wants to keep the child, but the man doesn’t then the woman assumes all financial responsibility for the child.
      2) If the woman doesn’t want the child, but the man does, they can work out an arrangement to deliver the child and the man assumes all responsibility for the child, OR the woman pays for the abortion out of her own pocket.
      3) If neither or both want the child, they split the financial responsibilities 50/50.
      Of course, this setup will never fly with feminists because they don’t want true equality.

      1. Last time I was on Facebook (months ago), a female acquaintance posted “If women are punished for abortion, men should be punished for running off.”
        Naturally, the appropriate response was, “If abortion is allowed, men should be allowed to opt out of parenthood.”
        Three guesses how she and her friends responded.

        1. To be fair, I know too many knuckleheads who don’t own you to their responsibilities as fathers. Yet I agree with Taignobias up there. Women do get free passes in this country.

        2. I’ve brought up men being allowed to “abort” with failure. All conversations has ended with “Well, woman can do that, it is body autonomy”, whatever that is.
          I saw a post that said something akin to “Sex is not consent to pregnancy, pregnancy is not consent to parenthood.”
          I pointed out that pregnancy is consent to parenthood as far as males are concerned…
          Anyhow, I have found most incapable of understanding the unfair moral flaws in their reasoning even when ‘life’ is not part of the argument.
          They want the opportunity to abort by saying, “My body, my life…” but don’t want the opportunity for men to walk out claiming, “Well, the child IS half his.” It seems a male’s genetic contribution to the creation of children only exists, matters, and comes to fruition after birth but then that existence is law.

      2. “Of course, this setup will never fly with feminists because they don’t want true equality.”
        Nobody wants “true equality.” Now, those who are at a disadvantage may say they want “equality,” but nobody really wants or will settle for it, even if they get “equality,” everyone wants advantage and ever more of it. That’s why various Classical writers said that if women were ever made “equal” to man under the law, they’d almost immediately become overlords over whatever men were foolish enough to think the sexes could be “equal.”

      3. I think that people also forget the fact that the one who doesn’t have a voice should be included in the vote.. Aren’t females proponents of this idea anyway? It would be safe to assume that the child’s vote would be “to live”, so if only one parent wants to keep the child, that’s 2/3 who vote yes. Seems pretty simple to me.

        1. It only makes logical sense, why do so many fail to see the obvious? Problem solved lol.

    2. Forgive? I just don’t care…
      Glad to hear you made the right choice.

    3. Yeah a blessing, paying 18+ years to a slut you hate every month. While you cannot even see your child regularly is everything else but a blessing .
      Aborting is the best option.

      1. Abortion is , quite literally, murder. I am shocked that the subject is even up for debate.

        1. Removing an egg from the hen is murder then. You know how many roosters are killed daily? Millions. Because they don’t lay eggs. Abortion is just removing something that’s not born yet. Just like removing an unwanted hard-drive from your computer, you just toss it away.

        2. Sometimes, rarely, it’s needed. Otherwise it’s the result of women’s attention seeking. Women’s reproduction needs to be taken out of their control, and today that can be done without interfering in their “right” to fuck everybody and everything.

      2. Bobo? Sure. Go stroke it. That’s safe. Or maybe your ‘man’ will do it for you.

  9. 1) – Abortion is the nuclear weapon of birth control options, to be used exceedingly sparingly, and preferably never at all. If a woman views it as an option equivalent to condoms or pills, she is a psychopath.
    2) – Any woman who is proud to have had an abortion is a psychopath to the serial killer power.
    3) – Any woman who confesses to an abortion should be vetted very carefully before proceeding too far, see points #1 and 2.
    4) – If you’re dating a woman who confesses to an abortion, wrap that shit up. Even if you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t give a shit if she has another abortion, you still have irrefutable proof that: a) she’s getting around with random dudes; and b) she lets these other random dudes blow nut in her filthy disease hole.

    1. Depends on what you want. If all you want is to dump your gunk, put a rubber on, give it a slap and shout “yeehaw”…
      Why care about the personal history of someone you use as a cumdumpster?
      If you are looking to wife someone up you should be looking for 0-1 notch, non pill using girls from intact families who have siblings. FFS.

      1. Most those virgin girls without birth control from intact families would not dare look at a man who keeps “cumdumpster” in his vocabulary.
        That is a problem. Truly righteous women seek truly righteous men and righteous men don’t say, “cumdumpster”.
        I’m only partially joking… I’m being serious that most virgin girls from nice families wouldn’t give many men the time of day solely based on filthy mouths and crass attitude.

        1. I appreciate the general idea you are promoting. My real life experience kind of says more like that girls like that want men who are strong and will support their family. Like my wife.
          Good girls have no business listening to men talking anyway.
          I’m squared either way hehe, and I’ll keep saying my thing.

    2. You should be able to abort your child all the way up until they move the fuck out of your house. 14 years old? No Job? Mouthy? That’s just a 59th trimester abortion.

      1. It’s actually a 19th trimester abortion. A 59th trimester abortion would allow you to abort people up till their 45th birthday. But given some of the fucking retards I have to deal with on a daily basis, that might not be a bad idea.
        And, I like the cut of your jib on this one. Don’t think for a second that a mouthy 14 year old won’t face physical violence in my home. My dad had a solution for that shit when my siblings and I reached that age and I plan to implement it because it was brutally effective. You want to mouth off? Step in to the driveway for a fist fight. No shit. You learned to keep your mouth shut.

        1. Ha, man I suck at all things baby including counting trimesters. 45 year old who isn’t productive is fine, but you catch my meaning exactly.
          As for raising children. I must admit ignorance. But once, when I was about 6 or 7, I called my grandmother a bitch. I didn’t see the back of my grandfathers hand (which I felt was kind of unsporting) but it felt like a lead pipe. He didn’t teach me not to be an asshole, but he sure as shit taught me not to call my grandmother a bitch.

        2. ha fucker! I made my first mistake in my whole life…..that is: thinking that I had made a mistake. @unabashed below shows that I should have trusted my initial thought process which goes something like this: lolknee…you are fucking always right!

        3. reminds me of Alex P Keaton at a job interview.
          Interviewer: what are your flaws
          APK: I have absolutely no flaws. Unless you consider immodesty a flaw in which case I have one flaw

        4. Fuck! You’re right. Whatever. I still say we should abort useless people until the age of 45. Added benefit, by that age, we can be completely certain that they are useless.

        5. It was really just a psych play on my part, because I never make mistakes either. I just wanted you to think you had made one!

        6. My dad preferred grounding once we got too old to spank. (Well, I got too old more or less.)
          It worked… It wasn’t that lack of TV for a week either. It was more like I’m cutting the cable, taking the computer cords, and enforcing it for 6 months… Go to your grandmother’s when I’m at work so I know you aren’t seeing your friends.
          6 months of boredom fix most problems and serve a great reminder not to do stupid things again.

        1. I don’t care if it already graduated college…abort that shit anyway

      2. My dad makes that joke all the time and I’m 24 lmao
        “I can still abort your ass and make another one just like you, keep fuckin with me”

      3. Your faggot spawn, I completely agree. Probably riding a fixie at age 6.

        1. You really have a hard on for children and bicycle gears.

        2. You, by the way, Are the case for abortion. Someone should have talked your mother into it and if you ever do manage to slip one to an actual woman I pray that she has the good sense to abort your rerarded spawn.

        3. Dammit lolknee I expected better. It was in jest, since most chidren’s bikes are fixies. Have a great weekend ol chap.

    3. I know women who have had an abortion. The sane ones guard that information incredibly close and would be horrified if it was public knowledge. The fucking psychopaths wear it like a badge of honor.

    4. Whether she’s had an abortion or not, common sense dictates that some other man has known the love holes of your preferred lass. Even if it’s not the whole town, 2-5 people have easily already known your woman.
      If a lack of abortion makes it easier to pretend she has not had sex with any other men, so be it.
      Virgins are rare, you know… I’m just saying lack of abortions make not the Virgin Mary.

  10. I hear Charles Manson was really traumatized by the murder he was involved with and is the true victim.
    Poor, poor, Charlie.

    1. In fairness, Charles Manson never committed any murders…

      1. Yet, he seduced all those poor nubile girls to do it for him. How dare he groom them!

        1. As nuts as he is, knowing what I know about women….50/50 he was railroaded.

        2. Read the book “Helter Skelter”.. forget the movie. He was the ringleader and the evidence was more than enough to convict despite not being at the scene.

        3. I’ve read helter skelter and I admit all of him being the ring leader is true. I only mean to say that my mistrust of a) women b) people who write books c) the historical records d) anything that comes out of the court system is such that if a huge reveal happened where it turns out he was the victim I would be surprised but not, ya know, like totally floored.

        4. Ah. Understood.
          I would not trust the clown show we call the “judicial system” at all (and it is far from funny). The process is the punishment and it’s best to avoid the eye of Sauron completely.

  11. It’s all good. If Janet Jackson can get pregnant at 59, then why not? True, she’s got money to pay for a fertilization treatment, and she IS related to Latoya, Tito, and Michael, but still. I suppose that’s why all these abortions in the first place. These women think they can seriously wait that long to have children.

  12. Nothing more evil than murdering your own progeny. One third of American women have had abortions, making them worthless for ever being good wives or mothers. Childbearing is a woman’s prime purpose, her womb and breasts and wild hormonal mood swings serve no other purpose. Modern women like to pretend that they don’t have wombs, take mind-destroying and body-destroying drugs in order to stop it from functioning (and then spend thousands on organic products to avoid toxic chemicals, ha), and then if that doesn’t work out, they kill their own child and don’t want to be criticized for it. Usually because the murderess wants to have more years of getting attention, fucking around, and living selfishly before ‘settling down.’

    1. I have absolutely no sympathy or pity for the majority of western women, regardless of color, creed or body shape. Let them die unloved, childless cat ladies. I truly do not give a fuck anymore.

      1. On the other side there are delightfully feminine baby-loving sweet girls who abhor abortion and get married right outta high school. Don’t lose hope in all of humanity.

        1. Don’t misunderstand. I’m probably known around here by now for being the king of doom and gloom, but I’m not saying what I said out of despair, nor out of anger. I’m not sad about it anymore. I’m just totally indifferent. The west lives or dies, I don’t really care anymore. I’m just gonna sit back, relax and watch what happens for a little while.

        2. Well the USA’s got the Duggar girls and others in their sect of christianity, quiverful, who don’t believe in birth control and believe a woman’s role is to live a life of continuous pregnancy, breastfeeding, mothering, and submission to her husband:
          They are against the left and strive to defeat them by breeding and raising a right-wing “army,” putting huge emphasis on teaching their sons to be masculine and putting them into politics.

        3. I really wanted to marry young, but I was too shy to date in high school. Before college my mom arranged for me to get a BC prescription for “my acne and cramps”. It made me gain weight and become depressed. Four years later I went off and magically the weight came off, I became less moody, and my taste in men literally changed dramatically in a short period of time. Hormonal birth control changes a women from her looks to her attitude to the type of men she is interested in.
          Double up on barrier methods and if something breaks or leaks take Plan B.

        4. Curious, Petronilla, in what manner does hormonal birth control changes a woman’s looks and her taste in men? I ask because my wife takes them.

      2. American women suck, generally. Go to any Walmart and you will see them on parade. Yuk.

    2. Go be a cop for a few years and you will never look at women the same again. They are capable of a lot of sick cruelty on kids.

      1. And open their children to abuse when they get back with people who have a score to settle. Knew a girl who’s whore mom crawled back to a previous baby daddy-grandpa got revenge for his son by finger banging said girl, who was had by different father. Evil shit all around when you think of it

    3. I would be surprised if that 1/3rd fraction was the same across all ethnic and, especially, racial groups. Do you have a source not just for the total but the breakdown?

  13. A major part of female survival and reproductive strategy is to gain attention from males. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, as the many men who go to Eastern Europe can attest, the problem is when we end up in a hypergamous race condition like we have in most of the West.

  14. Here is some bad math, based on about 3 minutes of googling.
    •1.7% of women 15 – 44 have abortions each year.
    •2010 Census 18 – 44 year olds are 36.5% of population. I assume women to be one half that.
    •This is about 1.08 million abortions.
    •2.5% of unprotected sexual encounters result in pregnancy.
    Therefore, each abortion represents at least 40 raw dog encounters.
    BAG that shit up, son. You are in a hazmat environment.

    1. Trying to get men in the major abortion demographics to don a jimmy hat is like teaching a cat to bark. Also explains the wide prevalence of STD/AIDS in those communities.

  15. I don’t think women get any sort of pleasure out of having an abortion, the attention/bragging rights, or the control. It is physically painful and for surgical abortion they must get naked and exposed. Contraception is an anathema to nature. We are wired to reproduce, anything that gets in the way of that first priority will sometimes get pushed to the wayside. There need be no other explanation than that really.

    1. being naked and exposed is how they got into the situation in the first place. When these shit for brains twats pump out their shit for brains off spring all we are doing is adding the population of retarded, unwanted cunts who will grow up and probably wind up reproducing as well.

      1. I’m now a bisexual transgender daughter of illegal immigrants from Christian Lebanon who’ve been abused by my male genitor who refused to let me wear dresses and therefore have run away from him with my sister.

        1. Please don’t trigger me… I… I… can’t take anymore.

        2. I am currently identifying as Edmund Mortimer, 5th Earl of March who was named successor to Richard II who had left no issue. This is problematic for me because I am also identifying this year as 1402 so my uncle, Sir Mortimer, son of the 3rd Earl, has been captured by the welsh rebel alliance leader Owain Glyndwr at the Battle of Glas.
          Unfortunately, Henry IV has accused my uncle of deserting the battle…totally bullshit ya know… and is now refusing to ransom him! This is about to lead to his sister, my aunt, who just happens to be married to Henry ‘hotspur’ Percy who is the son of the earl of Northumberland to rise in rebellion. I don’t think I will have much to worry about because tomorrow I think I am going to identify as Gargamel and eat me some smurfs. But still, I am much aggrieved now and would very much like free things to be bestowed upon me and the right to use Henry IV’s wife, Queen Joan of Navarre’s mouth as a urinal.

    2. We are wired to survive. Part of female survival, actually ALL of female survival depends completely on male provision. Which translates into male attention. A woman will tear herself apart to get as much male attention as possible.

  16. 1. Superior males protect their genes. Have you seen how in nature the alpha cares about his own cubs, and even killing other cubs is programmed to protect his own genes. Well, think about that, you protect your offspring if you are a significant man, you support abortion if you are like one of those inferior, insignificant, pariah males that were not supposed to mate with anybody, except in this “modern” world.
    It makes sense to protect your genes if you have worth, and not if you want to evade the punishment of the state, your owner.
    2. Females depend on males. They are not responsible for their own bodies.The man always took responsibility for her through evolution. And this is reflected in her behavior, she is basically saying, I don’t own myself, a man does (She is a child).
    3. Children of men. The womb is life support to the child, society(men) gives women life support(metaphorical womb), the ovule is a container of her father and grandfather genes, she contains in her the child of a man. She is killing his child, his offspring, his genes. She is competing with the child to get attention.
    4. Maternal instinct myth. Lack of empathy, narcissistic, self centered, lack of guilt, impulsive, self victimization, false accusations, claiming that the baby is a parasite, etc, etc, etc, well there is a name for this: psychopathy.

        1. No. I just couldn’t believe you were spewing sociobiological nonsense. What you described is the behavior of base animals driven by primitive instinct, not human beings, born as blank slates, shaped by experience and created in God’s image.
          Tl;dr You don’t know what you’re talking about!

        2. “born as blank slates”, in other words, equal… Are you a girl ?
          We have a biology, it is something real, we have strong tendencies, instinctive interests like sex. Few people develop their minds, and become superior beyond their instincts. And others are still being controlled by their them with little self control, or worst, turn evil. The superior animal is the one who started humanity, who defined humanity through his superior thoughts and superior behavior, through his genes and his offspring. Anyone can call himself human, to make himself feel better.

  17. My goodness…. Do any of you stop for a second and remotely even view woman as human?

      1. I legitimately tried giving this site a chance – because I like to expose myself to different views on life. Regardless on whether I personally agree with or identify along those lines. But man o man article after article sure does take the cake here.

        1. I promise you that from now on every article that appears on this site will take your sensibilities into account and carry a trigger warning to boot. My personal guarnatee that this will definitely happen. Always and forever. Hope I have restored your belief in humanity.

        2. Don’t need any of that really – I can handle it lol trigger warning? I give you credit for that one. You really had to fish that one out huh. Couldn’t wait to use that. Here take a cookie!

        3. For starters it’s at the authors discretion write whatever the hell they want to write about – in the same vain that it’s my right to call bullshit. Aside from providing limited facts on anything really the main grip I have with this article is the fact that it is laced I mean laced with subtle innuendos and placing blame entirely on the female sex. Are there shitty woman who use circumstances for attention sure, but that same logic could be applied to anyone. Human nature is to seek validation from those around you via sympathy or some other innate way

        4. Female nature is to seek validation for petes sake. Not mens. I don’t give a rats poopiedoodle what anyone thinks much, I don’t seek validation from random people.

        5. Commenting on a blog post – I’d say your seeking validation in one form or another mate. It’s ok embrace your feminine side

        6. “Are there shitty woman who use circumstances for attention sure, but that same logic could be applied to anyone”
          Call me insane, but I would say that when it comes to attention-seeking women have a bit of an edge over men

        7. “For starters it’s at the authors discretion write whatever the hell they want to write about – in the same vain that it’s my right to call bullshit. ”
          Did I say you didn’t have the right to call bullshit? I just asked what you specifically took issue with.
          “it is laced I mean laced with subtle innuendos and placing blame entirely on the female sex.”
          Does Roe vs Wade not mean anything to you? Who took the abortion issue to court? A woman. Who has the final say on whether a man uses a condom during sex? A woman. Who can lie about being on the pill when they’re really not? A woman. Her body, her choice after all. If she has the choice, she must accept the responsibility. Women also get the final say on whether to get an abortion or not. Men have absolutely no legal say in the matter.
          I don’t really have an opinion on whether women use abortions to garner attention. Obviously some do or else why would they wear a tshirt? However, it seems to be primarily a woman issue to garner validation by being a victim. Most men would prefer to gain validation from accomplishments (most I know anyways).

        8. Commenting is seeking validation? I guess it could be but it doesn’t have to be. You think a troll is seeking validation? Or anyone taking part in a discussion?
          I can see how you would be talking about a feminine side lol.

        9. I hate to burst your bubble but you’ve already given into your feminine side over the course of your natural life. ie it is a medical fact that All fetus’ are female for the 1st 6 weeks of pregnancy.. It is also true, that gender is predetermined at the moment of conception, and that comes into play after 6 weeks, sooooooooooo yea good luck coping with that amigo

        10. Women are retarded fetuses that failed to develop into men!!! Developmentally retarded hahahaha, god this is good.

        11. I mean if that’s what you choose to gather from that – then sure yea. I’m not here to fight over beliefs. So knock yourself out my friend

        12. Actually, Aristotle argues just this point in his embryonics. Of course, he also argues that menstrual blood and semen go into a battle and to the degree that the semen wins over the menstrual blood the child will be more like the father…but still, small steps…this was a really fucking long time ago.

        13. You sir/madame get brownie points for knowing your history. A little rough with the paraphrasing but you did a good enough job. I commend you

        14. I don’t need the flowers in the phrases. I like to give it rough and dirty. It tends to stick that way.

        15. actually he was busy covering up that all the philosophers before him were actual wizards and trying to make philosophy seem like a legitimate science. He was basically anticipating the Ponzi scheme that is the modern academy. Now give me 150 thousand dollars in money you borrow so I can give you a couple of examples about a table and, if you are cute, the business end of my cock. Thanks Aristotle. We wouldn’t have depressed baristas without you

        16. “All fetus’ are female for the 1st 6 weeks of pregnancy..” Oh yeah and the chromosomes suddenly change afterwards…right. All fetuses are sexless for the first 1st6 weeks of pregnancy, apart for the chromosomes. They are not “females”. Your shit has been debunked decades ago.

        17. I’m not that hot on Aristotle, so I’ll defer to your judgement, but that seems pretty hard on the old guy. Are you saying he was a sophist?

        18. Not a sophist at all. Aristotle was a scientist philosopher and a logician and all that is great. One thing he realized though is that the old philosophers, especially the pre-socratics, were batshit insane. Really, the Pythagorean theorm is nice and all. All that a^2+b^2=c^2. That is real shit. That is the kind of stuff he wanted Pythagoras to be remembered for. So when artistotle wrote the histories (which for many centuries were the only relevant ones) he left out all the shit about him being a magi and believing in divination and going to caves to call forth the gods. As far as Aristotle was concerned he could do all the tractatusi he wanted to but the mysticism had to fucking go. That shit was poison to the future of philosophy which Aristotle saw….you know, closer to theoretical physics as we currently know it. Empedocles wants to talk about forces of nature? That’s great. All that jumping into the volcano stuff. That’s out.
          Aristotle was a very serious dude and he didn’t have patience for the past 500 years of bullshit antics that philosophers from Thales right up to the sophists were in to. He loved all the mathy shit they were doing, he liked the ethics too and the politics. Philosophy was going to be the golden crown on the head of the king of wisdom…however, all this naked dancing in front of fires had to go.
          For a lot of reasons the church loved Aristotle…most of these reason were very good ones, but the church too was a group of very serious men engaged in very serious though…ask AM…Guys like St. Augustine liked guys like Aristotle. It wasn’t until many centuries later that the whole black magic voodoo cult of early philosophy really started to emerge again and it caused all sorts of dissention in the philosophical community.
          So yes, while I am being a little hard on Aristotle…I do believe he is behind the greatest academic coverup in history…he hid the fact that magic once ruled the world…and to me that is a big crime.
          Did I say cunt yet? Shit, I don’t remember so I might as well say it now. Cunt.

        19. That’s an interesting take. I am aware Aristotle was not a sophist, but wasn’t sure whether he charged for his teaching (which was the Simony of its day I suppose), so I wasn’t sure where you were coming from here. I wasn’t aware that Aristotle ‘covered up’ the mystical / magical side of Pythagoras but now that you mention it, what little I knew of Pythagoras growing up was that he was one of the greats of ancient mathematics (and music etc) and was actually very surprised to discover that there were mystery schools, cults (and some quite wierd shit) associated with his name. I think the phrase ‘all is number’ is associated with Pythagoras, which of course lies at the heart of both a lot of mysticism and a lot of maths / physics, so one might wonder how successful Aristotle was in that respect. (early-modern) somewhat mystical neo-Platonism also kicked in after the sack of Constantinople / advent of the european Renaissance and the whole all is number / mind / vibrations stuff started working its way back into science again I think. There have been many subsequent cover-ups about the role of mysticism and magic in renaissance science, and I think some argue that it was the former that engendered the latter. I wouldn’t care to do a survey or anything but mysticism and science in the middle ages once Platonism / Hermeticism had slipped back in seems to have been anything but separate – alchemical ideas / theories of the elements etc were all part of renaissance knowledge weren’t they….even up to Newton and no doubt beyond. If Aristotle and the early (and medieval) church did a fair job with respect to that cover up, modern science has done an even better one in covering up the alchemical side of early modern science perhaps

        20. It’s interesting stuff. I’ve always contended that Plotinus, better than anyone, understood how he world works. The problem is, no one has been smart enough for him to explain it 😉
          It all comes back to big bill shakes. There is more in heaven and earth than dreamt of in your philosophy

        21. Lol love the billy shakes rapped.
          Plotinus is hard. People think of wizards and old libraries and magic as sometjinh from movies. Plotinus is the real deal. I spent almost 20 years reading Plotinus and I am still just scratching the surface and I read in the original

        22. That’s intriguing. I’m quite into alchemical art, and the figure of the magus, renaissance or otherwise is so often depicted in his laboratory performing strange deeds. It’s not necessarily sorceror’s apprentice stuff with brooms working by themselves, but magic / hocus pocus seems to have been taken pretty seriously until I suppose science separated from the alchemical arts and the mystical side of things became unfashionable. I’m kind of inclined to think it was more driven underground than anything

        23. All that stuff is what children have imagined. The real questions are about time and being and space and how they work. That’s where the interesting stuff is — to me at least. All this shut about which made up fop is going to be the head of the reality show is boring.

        24. Ok, so there is a fantastical (and absurd perhaps) mythology surrounding the magus, but clearly some of the hocus pocus was taken seriously. John Dee (or Kelly) got into trouble at I think the court of rudolph II for not producing the gold he promised the emperor (if the anecdote is true), but Jung I think regards the alchemical process as spiritual rather than literally material. The goal is what the soul becomes (or whatever). Leaving Plotinus aside (as I have little knowledge about him) I’m not entirely sure the mumbo jumbo side of things can be so clearly distinguished except after the event (with our modern eye we can look back [smugly] and think when they spoke in concrete terms about some mystical magical process, they were actually describing an intellectual process, or getting confused about artefacts of language or whatever). Dee and I think Newton believed (and the former tried to evoke through scrying) angels and what not. But this is a guy who in his day was something of a luminary and renaissance man.
          Your last sentence confused me a bit. Edit: oh you mean religion / mystical mumbo-jumbo

        25. Not religion, politics. Religion is interesting I think. Reality tv not so much.
          A lot of interesting stuff out there. Always important to remember the sources that we get it from though

        26. definitely. Same old arguments. Doesn’t hurt to go back to the sources

        27. *Boom*-that is how you write a stirring riposte to a bunch of inane emotional drivel.

        28. Pretty much except for the Judgement and Perceiving aspect where I am more rigid and systematic whereas I envisage you are the latter in being a little more flexible and open to spontaneity; I do have a bit of that though.

    1. Human yes, useful for purposes other than sex and children? Not really. Does that answer your question?

      1. I don’t even know where to begin on this one. Who hurt you my friend… lol

        1. Hahaha, that list would be long starting with my mom. That’s hardly relevant, I’m not on your couch dr Freud. What I said is a statement of fact not emotion.

        2. What is wrong with viewing women’s purpose as children? I don’t see how making another human being is considered something lowly. I think it’s great. The “I’m more than just a baby maker” view of feminists just shows the soul of the woman in question, that she thinks children are worthless and puts no value on creating new life. My wife believes her life purpose is to have babies, and doesn’t see it as oppressive, she feels the way that every woman should. You women have a wonderful ability to create and nurture new life. Why do you see it as a lowly thing? Why do you not embrace it? Whatever other bullshit you choose to waste your life on could be cooler than forming a new human being?

        3. The question here my friend isn’t about woman rejecting their “Role” in the reproductive cycle its the fact that you and those who share the same view as you who think that should be ALL a woman is good for or should preoccupy her time. Just sit around look pretty and have my babies. Seriously lmfao lol what fucking utter nonsense. Woman are human who have feelings and ambitions and goals and things they want to live for the same as you or I. To deny that fact, wellll I don’t know what to tell you good luck I guess

        4. I think there’s a lot in that argument. The wierd thing about feminism is that it seems to hates men yet privilege male values with the implication that it shits on everything that is actually authentically female about women. There is a strong case to be made that feminism genuinely hates women, except with respect to their (largely imaginary) capacity to be something they are not, namely men. That is why they promote transgression of everything that is natural to women

        5. They can choose to pursue something that they find useful if they so choose, but it’s not really useful to me generally.
          My wife also cooks and cleans and reads and a bunch of other stuff, but that’s all shit I would be doing on my own if I didn’t want children. And not that consequential.

        6. “Woman are human who have feelings and ambitions and goals and things they want to live for the same as you or I.”
          But feminism only seems to recognise those feelings and ambitions and goals etc that do not relate to motherhood or activities that most women have always self-identified with. It’s a kind of self-hatred, that mirrors the kind of constraints you’re attributing to the OP

        7. Think about it. The two things that only women can do, that are impossible for men to do – make children and breastfeed – should be sources of pride for women. But instead women look down on these things. The more involved they are in feminism, the more they look down upon them.

        8. feminism teaches women a kind of self-hatred: reach for the stars….try to be like a man

        9. Because to be woman is to be a being whose life revolves around reproduction. The only way that a woman ever could live a life doing something other than being constantly pregnant would be if she was unsexual enough to deny her instinct to fuck. Sex = pregnancy, and pregnancy excludes women from doing typically male things as her energy is focused on creating the new life. It is only since men (jewish men, I add) invented effective birth control that women have been able to live non-pregnant lives. This is an unnatural development. The only thing that allows a woman to ‘live her dreams’ – or whatever non-motherhood related bullshit she is indoctrinated to believe has value – is an artificial product, something that only exists through technology, and is not available to her under natural conditions.

      2. That is what it boils down too. Outside of those two objectives, there is no need for them in most men’s lives.

        1. Indeed. If you can cut them out for everything else you will lead an exponentially less complicated, less stressful and more fulfilling life where you can devote your energies to more important things like self-improvement instead of dealing with the idiocy that comes out of these screeching harpies.
          I have no female friends and never had one and the simplicity of life without such is wondrous-I’m only interested I am going to partake of coitus, if not then one is wasting their time to put it bluntly.

    2. Such irony… do any of you feminists ever stop for a second and remotely even view unborn babies as human?

      1. So from my 17 worded comment you gathered the following facts about me
        1. That I am indeed a Feminist
        2. That I am Pro-Choice
        man o man may the old gods be with you sir/madam lol

        1. Much of the woman-hating commentary on this forum stems from repressed homosexuality. You see it also in things like MGTOW. The flip-side of the Andrea Dworkin school of feminism

  18. Fucking with condoms is terribad, more incentive to go back to traditional roles, when you are capable of financial and moral responsability, you don’t need rubbers, just let the love flow, if she gets pregnant, you’ll know how to handle a woman under patriarchy, how to raise children and provide for them, now we expect men to be 30 and go to college still and keep working on their “education” for years, in jobs that do not permit respite, and to have financial burdens such as paying for a new home instead of having a generational home.

    1. Way to play the victim card – men who can’t ball the fuck up shouldn’t blame circumstances or the fact that their born in the wrong damn generation on their woes. The world has always been shitty but I bet your grandpapa didn’t complain when winter was coming and he had to get logs for firewood or your ancestors might have frozen to death… Grow a pair dude

  19. I’m sure narrating the drama of it can be a perverse part of the process. For feminism though abortion rights also have a power aspect to it, which is analogous to the ‘patriarchal’ idea that a man’s family is an extension of his personality. When occassionally a father goes nuts and kills himself and his entire family (wives do this but usually are only able to kill their kids) this may reflect the idea that a family belongs to him. When a woman aborts a baby (or kills her kids) she is implicitly making a similar kind of claim: the unborn child is an extension of her body, and therefore she has a right to kill it. What we have here is two diametric opposites; two poles of gender extremism. Extreme patriarchy in which the family is nothing more than a question of property rights (c.f. honour killings) or extreme matriarchy, where women effectively celebrate their property rights over their own bodies. These rights extend (typically non-lethally) into de facto property rights over their children into their teens, in a way which under the current family law courts does not (or no longer) happens for fathers any more. So abortion may be a difficult decision bla bla, it may be bragging rights (in perverse but no doubt no longer isolated cases) but it is primarily the matriarchal territorial claim to suzerainty of women called susan (or any other name) over the realm of both the born and the unborn.

    1. Interesting. I’m then a bit of an extremist patriarch then I suppose hehe. I think it is a property issue, I paid for it.

  20. Whether or not you believe abortion should be legal, you simply cannot deny that the procedure results in the termination of a life form that will, absent natural intervention from a woman’s body, will become a living human being. I consider this result to be akin to murder, but do understand that reasonable minds can disagree on this point. Although I firmly believe that women who seek an abortion should have to sign a disclaimer that they understand they are artificially terminating a process that will result in creation of what will be a living human.

    1. I don’t see how reasonable minds can disagree, do you have examples?

      1. I think there is something to the argument that forcing a woman to bear a child to term is some sort of “seizure” of her person and agency. Pregnancy lasts nine months and results in irreversible health changes to the female host. That is also impossible to dispute.
        That said, I think this could be remedied by providing compensation to continue hosting an unwanted pregnancy, perhaps on the public dime. We already provide compensation for public takings, such as seizing land to build a road, and this would be in the same mindset.

        1. Compensation sounds reasonable to me, but the other point not so much.
          If a woman did not get pregnant as a result of rape, at which point is this “force” being applied and by whom?
          Edit to add, I think compensation for carrying to term should only apply if the man is unwilling to take on the woman and child as his wife, and the woman doesn’t want the child as a result of this.

        2. Presumably by making abortion illegal you would be using the force of law to prohibit a female host from choosing to terminate the process.
          Also, yes, sex, absent bona fide rape, is a discretionary consensual act not required for base survival at an individual level. However, I think when you look at removing sex from the picture at a larger societal level you are going to have lots of problems. Presumably if women are not having sex because they do not want to risk pregnancy then lots of men will not be having sex. Having a large subset of sexually frustrated men in a society is going to result in a lot of acting out, crime, and most likely violence. I guess you could deal with that problem as man societies have in the course of history and that is to turn them out to conquer and pillage other societies. But, I don’t think at a societal level it would be sustainable for very long.
          That said, this doesn’t mean that some form of sexual moderation is not unsustainable. It worked for a long time and was called marriage. Now that we don’t have that institution anymore, we have to deal with the fallout from it.

        3. Sounds a lot more like convenience than something actual. But if we go down that route we might as well say that rape is no longer a crime, why should it be? Women have a free way out of the potential bad outcome of it, so absent overt violence it should be ok, right? Otherwise we have a bunch of sexually frustated men roaming around and we can’t have that…

        4. The force of law is used to prohibit terminating the process (aka murdering the child) after birth? Why the ageism?

        5. I’m not following you. I am talking in a dispassionate manner just recognizing that “solving” one societal ill may create many others. Indeed, if you have a subset of sexually frustrated men then you might create “legal” rape in that you just turn them out into another society where women are subjected to what would otherwise be illegal treatment under their host society’s rule. But, it is OK because they are doing the same conduct to another foreign society.
          Human nature is a complex matrix. Tugging on one string produces many reactions, some of which the same people pulling on the string might find undesirable. This cannot be ignored.

        6. This dispassionate manner is what has created every single atrocity I can think of Pol Pot being a great fan of this. Seriously speaking do you not have anything else than moral relativism to bring to bear?
          Come on… If you can’t convince people, your ideas won’t be implemented.

        7. Man. Chill. Do you not see that this topic is multifaceted? You pull one string and you are actually pulling about six others. You can ban abortion, but that doesn’t mean rainbows, swings, and roundabouts will just happen.

        8. I’m just not into giving in to idiots. I don’t really care what the population might want, I care about what actually is right. To me the solution to a rapey guy is not to care why, but stop him. And expel or imprison. Preferably expel.
          I don’t so much care for all the facets of it, and I don’t think you should either.
          Giving in to the irrational demands of one group sacrificing another in the process is not right. Like it wouldn’t be right to legalize rape or infanticide, abortion falls quite squarely into that basket.
          I am not willing to sacrifice right order and security for some temporary form of truce with stupid or frustrated parts of society, and this is not a position I’m likely to change.

    2. I am on the record as being very pro abortion…however, I can concede your point here and would have no issue with a document like that being presented to BOTH parents to be signed unless the father was totally in the wind, in jail or some other very specific reason isn’t in a position to sign and the procedure cannot be done until both parties sign it.

      1. I don’t understand how you can be pro. I mean, science speaks against it, philosophy speaks against it, and even the Romans forbade it.
        If you want to reduce the numbers of dumb people in this world, just be pro-war. Immediately support any conflict and always encourage violent escalation ! That’s an idea ! Don’t murder the most innocent thing that can exist on this damned earth.

        1. Science speaks against it and for it depending on the scientist. Same with philosophy and philosophers. The Romans, as much as the have my love, dealt with a world with a different set of realities than our own. I am not going to get into the whole when does life start. I barely give a fuck about murder, let alone abortion. I really have an abiding distain for mankind and am amongst the people who think that there are far too many fucking people out there anyway.
          I have met people. I don’t want any more. I am not about saving the world or having more people or saving the race. I have somewhere between 40-60 years left on this planet and all I want to do is live in comfort, have some fun, eat well, keep my dick wet and die in a quiet room by myself.
          Morality, as far as I am concerned, is just fine…I have no problem with you being against abortion or someone else being for it. Just mets and Yankees fans to me.
          Honestly, in short, I just don’t give a fuck.

        2. The most French American you’ll ever meet.
          By the way; if you really want to save those innocent babies a word of hurt abort them. They will never know this shittastic world

        3. You’ve read too much Schopenhauer. Nichtsein certainely is cool and all compaired to that time, but in order to understand how cool it is, you must first sein, knowumsayin’ ?

        4. I’ve read too much everything. I’ve also seined and seined for far too much zeit. As Nietzsche says, menchen altzuzemmen menchen (sorry for spelling)

        5. I’ve always found scholar types to be miserable and life-hating antisocial misanthropes.

        6. “Science speaks against it and for it depending on the scientist. ” And who are these scientists?

        7. I don’t have their names and numbers handy, but I am sure that there are scientists both pro and anti abortion. My comment was in response to someone.

        8. Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

        9. And yet scripture says nothing about it. Neither the old nor new testaments mention it. You’d think if it were so grave a sin it would be expressly forbidden, as homosexuality is.

        10. “Thou shall not commit murder”
          By that standard having sexual intercourse with dead bodies is also allowed, since it is not mentionned.

    3. Men also need to stop banging without a condom. Someone is knocking these bozo bitches up

  21. You ever notice how the women who scream the loudest about wanting the government to pay for their birth control also happen to have some issue with condoms like latex allergies? I had no idea there was such as thing. Do you personally know ANYONE with a latex allergy?
    Pre-red pill I had a pregnancy scare with a girlfriend who was on the pill. After that I vowed to never let my penis enter a vagina unsheathed, even if she’s on birth control, sterile, etc. I can’t trust these girls to maintain their sexual health, so by using condoms and pulling out and cumming into the condom I can at least ensure on my end that I don’t get anyone pregnant.

    1. If I had a dime for every girl who told me she had a latex allergy. What is this stuff made of? Shit, ill raw dog her. Hope she ain’t allergic to nuts and nut butter

    2. There are people who really do have latex allergies, but it’s like all the “gluten intolerance”. Many more people claim to have it than actually do. Generally anyone who actually has it would stock up on things made out of alternative materials rather than last minute claim they can’t use something…

      1. Whitney Cummings told this story about how she was in a writer’s room for some sitcom and tossed out an idea for an episode about guys who are allergic to spermicide. The other writers asked her to clarify, and she mentioned that half of all the guys she had sex with said they were allergic to spermicide and couldn’t use a condom. When they began laughing at her she realized they were all lying. I guess it goes both ways.

  22. I know the woman in that photo personally. Total attention whore.

  23. The real reason our current rulers push abortion isn’t because they care abut women, but because they profit from it. They profit from the act itself. They profit from women being tax-paying worker-consumers. But they don’t profit from women being unpaid mothers. The biggest profiteer is our sick medical industry, which loves abortion because it buys and resells dead baby parts. Modern society kills babies, sells their parts at profit to scientists, who turn them into medicines and sell them at profit to pharmacists, who sell them to diseased degenerates so that they can continue their miserable lives for a little longer. Hopefully they live long enough to extract the maximum cash possible. Our modern society sacrifices the new, young, and healthy generation in order to preserve the old, decaying, and dying one for longer. They are like sick vampires sucking on the life-blood of the healthy. We allow the killing of our young so that carb-addicted diabetic degenerates can shoot themselves up with insulin to avoid the consequences of their lifestyles.

    1. They also sell fetal cells (and cells from baby boys foreskins) for companies to use in anti-aging creams so that women can extend the lifespan of their worthless attention-seeking.

    2. In the temples of Baal they used to burn infants alive as a sacrifice before their perverted bisexual orgies.

  24. A common trend these days is having an abortion, then posting “it takes courage to post this, but i lost my baby today” on social media. Women get victim status, beta attention, and feels from miscarriages.

    1. I HATE that shit…and why do you have Spicynujaks icon??

      1. Im just a McQueen fan. Been using this as my avatar pic for around 3 years or so. Alot of guys use this same pic on here.

  25. Not here in the midwest. They’re proud of giving a child up to an agency and using the predicament to blame their mental cunty behavior on.

    1. I’m working at a jail and the knocked up trak marked heroin addicts whaling about their unborn fetus and how concerned they are is absolutely pathetic. I just want to scream and grab a coat hanger.

  26. Little known fact about condoms. They sell all the same ones at dollar stores in the US for about half the price you’ll pay anywhere else. I didn’t learn this until my 30’s, and I shudder to think about how much more coke I could have bought in my 20’s with all the extra cash.

  27. ” . . . the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Todd Aiken. Apparently some women are too lazy to even try because there’s ways. Sarc.

  28. “How are you going to scupper an affair?
    Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
    Remember to take them in a quantity sufficient
    To solve your problems in a way most efficient …”

    1. Odd thing is that song is already about men and women being difficult to each other. Well done.

  29. I couldn’t get past the t-shirt in the first picture. Attention whoring 101. I guess I am from the era where keeping your business quiet was just what you did. Shame is a powerful weapon.

    1. If I saw a woman wearing that, I’d tell her, “So, your first act as mother was to kill your baby. Well done.” It’s a damn appalling thing to be proud of.

  30. I knew a girl back at university who loved to sleep around; typical empowered feminist with her short coloured hair and masculine dress sense. Wound up pregnant after sleeping with a red pill guy, and told him she was going to get an abortion; he rightfully disagreed. He lied and told her the abortion period was over, so she resigned herself to her future child.
    Within a week she was moved in. He made her quit uni and work so she could focus on her child. Three years later he’s made her fix her hair and fix her attitude; she’s now a mum with two kids and a third on the way so she needs to look her best.
    Don’t be ashamed to put your foot down boys. The child is yours too, and as man of the house, this is where your leadership skills come into to shepherd your woman in the right direction towards motherhood.

    1. Lies are one way, but telling truths would work, too. Offer her money or a serious relationship to keep the baby, something like that. Throw enough resources at her and she’ll come around.

    2. Any man can be expected to have to do the same with the lot of fem crazed women out there. You have be prepared with a tool bag these days. We’ll survive it. You do whatcha gotta do. Where there’s wool, there’s a way in old pua legend. It ain’t like moving a mountain. With motherhood ensuing, you just have to get a handle on her first and keep it tight like any feisty barn animal.

      1. Matt Forney once wrote that a woman is infinitely malleable, and I agree entirely. Get her under control and train her to sit, stand, and roll over like a good girl should. I look forward to educating a future spouse of her motherly duties.

        1. Not surprised a sociopath like Manboobs Forney would come up with something like that. Maybe Filipina girls are easier to break in.

    3. Powerful testimony. The power of redemption. Eh more like a master smith hammering away at a new sword or axe.

  31. Brohammeds in discussion have likely stated already, but I think tricks are lax on their bc so they can gain a paycheck in the form of pussy tax while also cucking the shit out of you shoud they ever feel the need. It’s win-win for the simple-minded bitch with no morals, who thinks there is no shame in single momming life. Hence the reason single moms are usually evil & toxic, they see child rearing as a power play. It should be shamed like obesity if the female chose to raise a child with no father.

  32. The phrase “my body my choice” makes no logical sense to me. It’s just not really the best argument imo because it’s not really her body, it’s someone else’s: the child. Perhaps it applies in cases where the mother’s life/health is at risk, but that’s so situational and probably only a small percentage of cases anyway. Also, I thought that when a person is truly ashamed of something s/he tends not to really speak about it (let alone on social media). People just don’t make a lot of sense in general these days.

    1. Because women whine if you point out that abortion is murder, and enough men are betas they ultimately decide to let them have their way.

  33. How can guys here be AGAINST abortion? Doesn’t get in my mind.

    1. Frankly it is confusing to me too. I have a live and let live attitude towards it though….if, for whatever reason, people feel in a principled way about it I think I can let that go without shitting all over it….but yea, I hate fucking fetus.

    2. A baby is technically the property of two people according to its genetics. However, only the woman has any say in whether or not the child is aborted; a father can have his child aborted against his will.

      1. But that’s not a problem? The phoetus isn’t living anyway and if the mother aborts it , it’s a huge win for me as a man. If she wants to abort it , she wouldn’t be a good mother for my kid anyway and I can dump her after that.
        And to be honest, the most frequent reason for abortion is, because the contraception didn’t work. And if that’s the case , I don’t want the government to force me to fatherhood.

        1. If you do not wish to have children….do not go around doing the thing that makes children.
          Or use protection. You could get one of a few available procedures done as well.
          Such as a vasectomy if you still wish to have sex, but no children. I believe the procedure is reversible, in case you change your mind later in life.
          I am open to civil discussion and debate, if you would like to reply.

        2. Actually I don’t want kids , but maybe I will change my mind in 10-15 years. And vasectomy is just reversible ~70%. The bigger problem is that about 20-25% of people who had a vasectomy had chronic pain in their balls. That’s why vasectomy isn’t an option.
          But a new technology called Vasalgel is coming up in 2018. The cool thing is that it is reversible anytime you want plus there are no pain in the balls.

        3. I was unaware of the upcoming Vasalgel option.
          Huh…the wonders of science!
          But, your partner ought to be on some form of reliable birth control as well, just for total insurance.

  34. Title is Gr8 B8 M8. 8/8. But beyond that, abortions were in the six figures/year even back when cars had fins, little Susie had to wake up, and they were illegal everywhere. And consider the demographics of abortion (whites get the fewest by far), the effect on crime stats, and severe fetal deformities like Downs, spina bifida, and now Zika pinhead syndrome.

    1. Any red pill knows it’s not, and any red pill won’t let a woman enslave him with a baby.

      1. Then take steps to avoid creating said baby. It’s not healthy to get an abortion. It’s much less trouble in the long-run to simply prevent until a child is desired.

  35. The shot is about 500$ a year without insurance. Under Obamacare, the shot only costs 70$ a year so long as I have health insurance. I only pay for a required “wellness” examination. It’s very affordable, all birth control methods are covered. I don’t have to go to planned parenthood, I go to a real doctor office.
    Not enough people are using birth control. Cheap condoms are less effective. Quality is important.

    1. Agreed.
      I blame improper sexual education from both parents and schools for that, but also the individuals themselves- it’s abailable, affordable, and for the most part harmless if used correctly.

  36. Knew a gal who would have a negative “celebration” of her “baby’s birthday”; the one she aborted. After a couple years of listening to the two week whinings, I began sending birthday cards.

  37. Thought I’d share my personal experience on this one. There is a grain of truth for all woman in your point and much more for a minority of them but I think the rwal reason women are still getting pregnant is because they secretly want to, sometimes its conscious and sometimes its subconscious, but all womens bodies amo is get knocked up. I was a promiscious slut for around 3 and a hald years. I was particularly depressed and lost as a person, but most of all I was not taking full responsibility for myself and my past and my situaltion as a person. Because I lacked internal control, my female sexual nature took over and I was just having sex very often with various partners. I had an implant for a while but then took it out as I’d had it for 6 years and was concerned about the long term impact it could have. My reasoning was that I was single so I should get more hormonal contraception when I got a ltr. So I used condoms.
    My body and my feral mind wanted me to get pregnant. I know because I felt it. I got with a guy and we got down to it and he got some baby oil out and wanted to use it as lubricant. I thought it was odd, but he did it and i said nothing. Little did I know that baby oil destroys latex. Had an abortion. Despite this being a rare occurance where it kinda wasnt my fault, but kinda was, i felt responsible because i was being irresponsbile in general and having alot of sex. And i knew it mught happen eventually.
    Then about 8 months later i got seriously drunk and had a one night stand and the guy just went in without a condom and i just let him as i was so drunk and didnt care and took morning after pill, on the third day. Which means it isnt as strong. Yes i had all the sti/hiv tests. I always did those.
    And had another abortion.
    That was it, i knew my mind and my body was betraying me, that was what it took to stop me from destruction. I changed. I stopped sex casually, quickly and got a coil. I didnt trust myself. I knew deep down i was yearning for a child, yet i knew i wasnt in any fit shape for one. I just had to admit it to myself and take responsibility for how i really felt. I have spoken to many past girlfriends about this and im convinced that mosy of them wanted a child secretly but couldnt either control it, admit to themselves or take it seriously.

    1. How do you sleep soundly at night knowing that you murdered your own children?

      1. Nice try. I dont regret my decisions. Your shaming tactic is tacky. I am fully aware that I murdered two children.

    2. Why don’t you just sterilize yourself instead of killing your kids?
      Or give them up for adoption to some infertile person?
      Or just have your kids and work harder at life so that you can provide for them?
      It isn’t very difficult. I myself was $40,000 in debt with an ominous financial outlook when I had my third child. Just worked a bit harder so I could get out of it, it isn’t really difficult.

      1. Im now married with a baby. I would never bring a kid into the world as a single mum.

    3. Psychopathic slut proves article’s truth
      Fucks around, desires pregnancy, kills kid anyways
      Does the same thing again
      Doesn’t regret killing her kids
      Posts here to get attention over it
      How does it feel to be totally useless as anything but a pump and dump?

      1. Awww someones mad! Lets say hello to irrationality with an emotive response with some name calling!!
        Your anger about what happened is justified, but your response makes me pity you. Its a shaming tactic akin to sjws and it makes you look like a fool.
        I was totally a pump and dump. I also pumped and dumped lesser males too.
        I feel bad about my experience. I committed murder. But i do not regret the decision. No way i was bringing a child into this world as a single mum or adoption..adoption seemed to painful. Thats the truth. All your attempts to shame me will roll off because i have negotiated this mark on my past with god and he’ll do whatever suites.
        The reason i commented was to make the point that most females want to get pregnant consciously or subconsciously. So its not about attention per say, but about the denial of their biological agenda.
        It took mt some years to finally gain the internal strength needed and enlightenment to see myself for what i was and to actually change. You may say some determinist bs like ‘youll never change’.. but thats your problem not mine.

    4. This will be a long response, but I have a few criticisms and points to make, as well as a request for further debate for those who are interested.
      I want to first point out the hypocrisy and lack of civility I’m seeing in some of these replies.
      RoK condemns single mothers for many reasons. Yet you condemn this woman for choosing to avoid the single mother route. She made mistakes in the past which she cannot change, yet she is being condemned for them, even though half of the articles on this site are directed towards picking up promiscuous women, like how she used to be. Roosh has even published at least one article that I know of about tricking women into having sex sans condom.
      Here’s what I have to say:
      1.) Yes, it is quite easy to avoid pregnancy and abortion in the modern day. There is little excuse for unwanted pregnancies if the person has been properly educated about protection and contraception. (Abstinence-only programs hardly teach about any of this properly, but that is a debate for another day).
      2.) Abortion is a terrible thing, and indeed traumatic (no personal experience with this, but I have read articles on the procedures to gain a better understanding of them…it physically hurt me to read about these procedures), and ideally should only be done as a last-ditch resort.
      3.) Being promiscuous is not a healthy lifestyle for many; it usually seems to indicate deep-seated psychological problems, be they permanent/inborn or temporary, for both sexes. There are exceptions: extroverted people seem to handle casual sex better. I’m certain one could find studies on the matter.
      4.) Adoption is not always the best option: not enough families may be available to adopt, meaning the child would be stuck in a group home; the kid might be stuck in the system for years and bouncing between homes, which is psychologically tolling and unhealthy for the child. I do mot have statistical evidence at the moment, but, I am not sure how many actually end up in healthy, loving and good homes. I fear the number may be lower than it should. I will provide numbers after I have time to look further into the matter.
      5.) She is now a wife and mother. There is no sense dwelling on her past mistakes when she has a proper family to look after presently. (See other comments-NK states this.) There is nothing for anyone to gain for condemning this woman for past mistakes which she has no power in changing now.
      6.) This article is very emotionally charged. I’m curious as to where the 99% statistic came from.
      This could be an interesting topic for further debate. I would like to discuss with others about this article: what do you think of the article as a whole? What would you do in her situation?
      I will only answer to intelligent, well-thought out answers and questions. I do not wish to waste time on irrational or crass people. You are at the level of radical SJWs at that point, and if you truly wish to distinguish yourselves from them, then do not act like so; do what this site encourages: educate and better yourselves.

      1. Interesting response. Thank you for your comments in regards to my situation. Not that you did it for my response( i hope not). I read this site because I became enlightened a few years ago about feminism and how the world really is. This site has the right idea about neomasculinity and the order of authority in terms of patriarchy. It does seem to have a large section of readers and articles that like to shame others into good behaviour. Personally, I dont need shame since now I have worked to develop a good internal moral compass and work towards virtue. Perhaps i am naive in that i want to encourage the world and (mainly women) to encourage their own internal principles. This is my agenda, others agenda seems to be to encourage men to take on that role for society as a whole. Which is great as long as it lasts. I am getting more comfortable with the evidence presented is that, most people wont develop good principles to work to virtue. Most will react to shame and fear over self knowledge. So, I understand why the commentators do it. Although some seem to do it in a emotionally reactive state over deliberate shaming to stop actions of the person or others.
        Also wanted to add that the men in my past situations very much wanted abortions. Not that it takes any blame from me, in my decision.

        1. I was not necessarily looking for a response from you per se, mostly I desired to discuss the article as a whole in a critical light.
          Unfortunately, some of these articles and the commenters are using emotion and anecdotal evidence to jump to conclusions, which is something that many radical SJWs do, and something which some RoK commenters do- yet they wish to be viewed differently than the radical left. Perhaps I am wrong, but I have a theory this sort of behavior stems (at least partially) from past harmful experiences. Another article which was published brings about the point that radical social justice advocates grew up in broken or harmful living situations. My fellow men might have had the same situation growing up, and they blame their mother, or they have been treated very badly by past signuficant others. Some might have had both happen to them. Hence the venomous comments to/about women- it’s the same as the response radical feminists have to men. This site in general is a reaction against the damage done by third-wave feminism and the unfairness perpetuated by “social justice”. Do I think women are the root of all evil? No, there are good and bad people of both sexes. For the most part, people are well-meaning, but get caught up in the idea of being some sort of hero or special person that they fail to see the damage they do to other people.
          Others are sheep, and follow the crowd. Still a few are wolves with truly villianous intentions. But I digress.
          There are many articles on RoK which encourage men to try new things, focus on bettering themselves as people, and to broaden their experience if the world. These articles are truly gems to read, as they hold sound advice and could be applied to women as well. I believe in idea of masculine men and feminine women, but I also believe that there are a set of values which apply to both men and women, and ought to be encouraged in the lives of both. This is how we defeat third wave feminism.
          Fear and shame only go so far, and may cause more backlash than good. Those who are sheep might follow, but those who have been hurt will react violently against these attempts. These ideas must be presented intelligently, calmly, and in a way which demonstrates security and safety, not hostility. However, schools of thought which is radically biased and emotionally charged, is poisonous. Balance, sureness, and fairness is what American society needs now in lieu of this imbalanced, unfair, and confused society. This is my own theory, and would not mind seeing what others think about it.
          In regards to the men in your life desiring abortions, this brings to light another hypocrisy: another tenant of this site is the idea that the man ought to also have a say in whether or not he wants to be a father. It “takes two to tango”, and honestly, if neither of you wanted/could not adequately care for a child, but did the deed, and created a child, and adoption being the wishy-washy option that it can be, abortion was probably the best option in these situations. It’s terrible, yes, and could have definitely been avoided, absolutely, but it happened and there is no point in dooming you to a singular label, especially if you made the effort to turn yourself onto the right track. Only thing you can do now is pass on the wisdom you gained from it onto your son or daughter, and hope they do not make the same mistakes.

        2. Oh i intend to. Just gotta make those principles strong. My daughter can get swept up in our culture so easily i am sure.

        3. Changing the world starts with what each person does- I’d say you’re on the right track. Good luck to you!

      2. You have one major logical fallacy in your reasoning.
        Something being unchancheable and in the past doesn’t mean it is beyond critique. Saying so is the dumbest thing ever. In the same vein you then should pardon and let out all criminals, including murderers, because what they did is in the past and they can’t change it.
        Female logic is an oxymoron.

        1. Allow me to defend my points, sir.
          You are right in one thing: events or people’s choices in the past may be critiqued. This, I definitely agree with. However, criticism and condemnation are two completely different things. I even criticized this woman’s choices- I remained as objective as possible, and even came to the conclusion that she made bad choices which could have been avoided. I never once said she is free from critique, but condemnation, unless those who agree with some of the ideas on abortion, single mothers, and freedom of choice (in the context of having children) presented on RoK wish to be hypocritical.
          You also discount context as well. I referred specifically and exclusively to this person’s situation, and only this situation. I did not at any point extrapolate my analysis or conclusion to other situations.
          You also claim “in the same vein you should pardon and let out all crminals, including murderers, because what they did is in the past and they cannot change it.”
          While I understand the reasoning behind your claim, I again disagree. Firstly, after spending time in jail, these people are more or less pardoned anyhow when they are released from jail or prison (referring to lesser crimes- keep in mind context). Sure, they have a felony on their records but at some point they must make the choice to either better themselves and become productive members of society. You could say the same for this woman, NK. Yes, she did something less-than-ideal akin to murder (depends on which school of thought you side with), but she turned her life around after learning her lesson.
          Secondly, they (comvicted criminals) chose to commit a crime with malicious intent (at least most of them did, there may be a few rare exceptions here or there, but I honestly can not say for certain), which is a much different context than having to choose between bringing a child into this world under bad circumstances, as a result of a bad mistake/carelessness, or aborting it. I never once condoned her actions- I simply understood her motives: she did not want to be a mother yet, let alone a single one, her partner(s) did not want to be fathers, a mistake was made (albeit an avoidable one), and adoption is not always the best option, as the child might not end up in a healthy household. The psychological toll on the child growing up would be immense in a less-than-ideal adoption situation. In this scenario, I think condemnation is unnecessary. Criticism is not condemnation, and vice versa.
          As to your sweeping generalization, which is a logical fallacy, by claiming “female logic” is an oxymoron, you appear to believe all females are illogical. Am I incorrect in deducting this sentiment from your statement? Riddle me this: since when has there been logic specific to the sexes? There is only one type of logic, and that is simply logic or lack thereof. Unless there are or ought to be different variants of logic, please enlighten me.
          However, apart from your last sentence, this was a good response. I appreciate the questioning- it allows for elaboration and further discussion.

        2. Regarding logic you are correct in that there is only logic or lack thereof. What I said was more of a humorous reference than something meant as a statement of fact. My experience is that while women I’ve met have been able to apply logic to external situations, they cannot or will not do so to themselves. I’ve observed similar things in men sometimes but not nearly as consistently as in women.
          Women have told me point blank that logic doesn’t matter many many times, but men have never said this to me.
          This is the experience based upon which I made my humorous quip.
          Condemnation of behavior and the perpetrator happens to be one of the best ways that society in general has to modify and limit such behavior. If you look at it beyond the level of what it has as an effect beyond an individual and to the greater society, it is a good thing to have observable examples of people who are being condemned for their bad behavior. It discourages others from following in their footsteps.
          If this was not true we wouldn’t have jails.
          To me a murderer who has served his time is not pardoned or anything close to this. He is and should be condemned by society for the rest of his days, and thankfully most of the time this is the case, in one way or the other.
          I do not equate abortion with murder in relation to how society should treat it simply because society has to own up to the consequences of promoting bad behavior. In a physical sense it is the same thing however.
          But I want for us as a society to change what we find acceptable in terms of behavior, and in a sense the road towards that is paved with condemnation of the undesirable behavior we want to eschew.

        3. My fault for missing the humor! (It can be hard to tell through this medium of communicatiom- my bad for getting on your case about that! I make this mistake more often than I care to, haha.)
          To address your personal experience: you have met some (seemingly) unintelligent or overly-emotional women. That is unfortunate.
          With your clarification, I definitely see where you’re coming from, and your rationale.
          But, the circumstances surrounding abortion can be complex and difficult to make a proper choice. In NK’s case, abortion was the choice with the least repurcussions for her, her partners, and the would-be child. Where the main part of the conflict seems to be is that between “Was it ethical?” and “What should she have done better?”
          From the standpoint of pro vs. con, it was the most logical choice. But, from an ethical standpoint, there was not a very good option either way. What could she have done better? Well, better avoid the pregnancies. But what are we going to do about it now that she has become a proper wife and mother, after the fact?
          Condemning her is unproductive, considering she did what she thought was best at the time and she is now married with a baby, who has a much better chance at a good life than her two previous children could have ever hoped for.
          I agree with you that as a society, we should not promote the wrong things, such as promiscuity, but rather make those courses of action very undesirable to do!
          Should we place shame on/condemn those who are currently placing themselves on the path to bad outcomes? But what of the context of the situation? Unfortuntely, most situations are not black-and-white. Sometimes there are no truly “good” options, and the best option may be by far the least favorable. I realize it may not be possible to fully understand each and every individual situation, but it is better to try and understand the true motives behind the action. If the motives are bad, or the person is deliberately playing with fire, then there is ample justification for condemnation, in my opinion. I think we agree on that, at least.
          But after the fact, if they have become productive and even good members of society after being burned a time or two, what is the point of treating them now like a bad person?
          If they have made the effort to evolve into a better version of themselves, telling them over and over they are forever terrible for their past does nothing except discourage good what they are now doing right.
          Maybe I am soft, but I believe in second chances. There is a limit though. Some people never learn, which is why context is important.
          An especially good response on your part, Noth 666.

        4. Good response, and you might notice that I didn’t respond to NK regarding this but only you. For the precise reason that at this point I don’t think anything positive can be gotten out of condemnation toward her, unlike some here on ROK.
          For me as long as abortion is legal we cannot equate it with murder. We have to change that aspect first if we want to.
          As for second chances, in my book NK has done well for herself and reformed as much as is possible, from what I understand she is now married and has a child. So she is doing as well as she can I would say.
          What does remain important is to recognize that her behavior in general before was something we should see as bad, and very destructive, both to her and to others.
          I would still argue also that her choice was not the least bad for her unborn children, since to me a bad life is better than none at all. I come from a rather bad childhood myself, and there were times I wished that my mom had aborted me, but that was a long time ago, and I am now happily married and awaiting my first born child this year.
          If my mother had made the same choice NK did, I would not be here, and neither would the baby my wife will soon give birth to. That’s where I’m coming from.

        5. I forgot to respond regarding my humorous comment. Well, I am not sure that they were unintelligent, at least I did not have that impression. My wife actually is one of them, she has graduated from university, top of her class in virtually everything except PE when she was in high school. I actually told her about our conversation, and she didn’t have anything to add.
          She thinks girls should be girls and that includes being irrational to some degree, and she thinks men should be the break to women’s irrational behavior.
          She is very traditional though and Japanese to boot and hates weak men. And she is a right winger, and thinks western feminism is a mental illness lol.
          Edit to add, I think my wife is a lot smarter than most girls I’ve met.

        6. I understand, and really I have nothing more to add- I believe you’ve wrapped this up quite nicely. Well, I feel that this discussion has come to a close. Might I say, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I appreciated the civility and mutual respect in this conversation.
          Good talk, sir, and congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your first child! 🙂

        7. I don’t really have anything else to add, except that I agree with you and your wife on pretty much everything you covered in your two responses. I understand your wife’s preference for a good, strong man. Anf might I say, good pick for a wife! (Good smarts and frankness-she’ll be a good mother. 🙂 )

  38. Every pp abortion clinic is an altar to moloch/molech/Baal. This is not a metaphor.

  39. I’d like to shout all the -ism and -ist and all those words at you…
    But I have done this myself. It is a combination of feeling broody and lacking attention from my peers.
    I’m quite ashamed of myself.
    It is maybe:
    1. Want to have children but know they are young, not financially stable, and single. They say it is traumatic because it is hard to lose a child (which bring more attention) and use the attention from an abortion allows them to explore these feelings as the kid is real.
    2. Want people to just notice them.
    3. Or both.

  40. I bet most women who find out they’re pregnant and didn’t want to have be pregnant still find the power over her impregnator to be pretty welcome.

  41. Here in Brazil women are as rule careless with contraception because they want a sucker to gib them monies.
    My mother is right – she says that its easy-peasy these days to avoid abortions, women getting pregnant these days are either doing intentionally, or are immensely dumb.

  42. I already have a near foolproof way of getting women to look at themselves. Appeals to compassion for babies or men don’t work. Instead bring up the possibility that if a supreme court can mandate abortion as a right to choose, they can also mandate it outright and order women to have abortions. This plays on their paranoia and need to control. Works wonders.

  43. This makes sense. It’s superior to the theory that women are just totally stupid.
    Their drive to dramatize would explain the female value of abortion, which gives them medically controllable physical trauma, an excuse to pretend to agonize over a decision, a result they can pretend to anguish about, and, of course, a situation to blame on men.
    It can also explain women’s constant complaining about suffering constantly in ways “you just don’t understand”, since they’ll dramatize themselves over nothing, and the recurrent hysterias such as the infamous day care hysteria and the recovered memory hysteria that made the news a few years ago.
    The problem is to come up with a way women can indulge their attention mongering without being destructive.

  44. It’s a similar psychology to women claiming to have been raped. It gives them the victim status and the attention they so desperately want. And it’s easier to have an abortion than claiming to have been raped. A lot less questions will be asked. Prepare for an abortion epidemic in the near future. It will be the new “eating disorder” or “bipolar disorder”.

  45. Oh my dear God. The truth behind the question just makes me want to cry.

  46. When women tell me if men could have abortions there would be a clinic on every corner I tell them if we had access to a pill like you do we would ensure it stayed at precisely the recommended temperature and would shove it up our ass twice a day if necessary. Generally shuts them the fuck up

  47. Lol. Where are you guys on the autism spectrum? No amount of time spent reading manosphere crap like this is going to help you understand women.

  48. It’s a damn near rational decision considering how irrational they usually are. They exist for drama, need to feel victimized, instictively need a “horrible thing” to conceal untill just the right moment, and they’re incapable of nurturing another human being. Also keep in mind that giving birth is strategic for women, and 30% of babies aren’t genetically connected to the guy who thinks he’s the father. Adding to that, it’s amazing to me that when a woman finds The Right Guy and needs to trap him, she’ll incessantly sleep around to get pregnant by any freakin’ guy she can, so she can claim it’s her choce guy that did it. Which also amazes me that they go through the whole pregnancy/childbirth thing just to catch a guy who she doesn’t care about truely knowing at all, and just wants to use him.

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