Did Divorced Women Create A Generation Of Abused Children?

Today, divorce rates are at an all time high. With the advent of no-fault divorce in the 1970s, more and more marriages destabilized, leaving millions of children to fend for themselves in broken homes. A fact that is still not well-known is that approximately 70% of divorces are initiated by women. This article focuses on how these women have created a generation of children who have been abused, and how this may help explain the rise of recent SJW-style leftism.

The Effect Of Divorce On Number Of Children Murdered


In the United States, the divorce rate has hovered between 40-50% over the last several decades. For historical comparison, divorce rates went from less than 3% to almost 7% from the late 1800s to the late 1960s.

Divorce was practically unheard of before the 1970s, and divorcees were shunned and treated like pariahs. Social shaming helped to keep families intact and children living with their birth fathers.

Yet the rise of no-fault divorce, in which the ending of a marriage does not require a showing of wrongdoing or reason by either party, completely changed the landscape for families. One unintended consequence is the manner in which children have been raised. Several studies have investigated the outcomes for children raised in various environments and unearthed disheartening realities.

One direct effect of divorce are the rising numbers of children who have been physically, sexually, or emotionally abused by adults. All types of child abuse have skyrocketed since 1980. For children, the odds of being murdered by a stepparent or their mother’s boyfriend is anywhere from 100 to 700 times greater than being murdered by their birth father.

If we extrapolate this data over multiple decades, it is possible that women, who initiate the overwhelming majority of divorces, have caused the deaths of many thousands of children. Women’s desire to be free from their marriage in order to remarry a man who has no blood relation to their children has led to enough corpses to fill several cemeteries.

Birth Families Versus Alternate Family Structures

She's ready for round 2 on the cock carousel.

She’s ready for round 2 on the cock carousel.

In another study, researchers found that compared to children living with married biological parents, the children living with a single parent who had a live-in partner were at least eight times more likely to be maltreated in some way. Moreover, they were 10 times more likely to experience abuse and eight times more likely to experience neglect.

In other words, women are inviting strange men into their homes to allow them to terrorize their children. It is also likely that the type of men women are often attracted to are also the type of men likely to show aggression or be violent, even toward small children.

For women who do not have a live in partner, they often bring strange men into their homes not knowing what the man is capable of. In fact, a woman’s innate desire for thrill and danger puts her children’s safety at risk, merely so she can feel the excitement of having a criminal’s penis inside of her.

Furthermore, men who are not biologically related to a woman’s children do not feel a connection to them. This can be easily understood through an evolutionary lens. While appealing to evolution does not make an act right or moral, it can help cast light on why, for example, a male lion that takes over a pride kills the cubs of the previous leader before mating with the lionesses.

This is known as the “Cinderella effect” in evolutionary psychology. Stepparents who are not biologically related to children are more likely to either mistreat them, abuse them, or neglect them in such a way that leads to their death. One interesting study found that stepparents are less likely to buckle their stepchildren with a seatbelt before driving.

How Divorce Affects Children


In a study in England, researchers compiled data on intact families in which children live with birth parents compared to other family configurations. Here is what they found:

  • The safest environment for a child—that is, the family environment with the lowest risk ratio for physical abuse—is one in which the biological parents are married and the family has always been intact.
  • The rate of abuse is six times higher in the second-safest environment: the blended family in which the divorced mother has remarried.
  • The rate of abuse is 14 times higher if the child is living with a biological mother who lives alone.
  • The rate of abuse is 20 times higher if the child is living with a biological father who lives alone.
  • The rate of abuse is 20 times higher if the child is living with biological parents who are not married but are cohabiting.
  • The rate of abuse is 33 times higher if the child is living with a mother who is cohabiting with another man.

As we can see, the destabilization of families has caused a generation of people who have not been raised in intact families, and many have been victims of abuse. The choice of women to initiate divorce immediately multiplies the statistical odds of her children being harmed or killed. Yet women continue to file for divorce at astronomical rates, not out of malice or ill-intent, but simply because they require the guidance of men in order to maintain societal order.

Are Social Justice Warriors Victims Of Child Abuse?


This new phenomenon helps to explain SJW-leftism. These individuals did not grow up in a traditional home environment with a mother and birth father. They did not receive proper care and attention as children, and a sizable percentage of them were fondled by the multiple boyfriends of their mothers or observed as their mothers brought a new boyfriend into their home every week.

The alternative life choices of their mothers has caused a rift in the psyche of SJWs and damaged their ability to function sexually. The next time you see a protestor screaming about the patriarchy, you can rest assured that their mother made choices guided by her desire for bad-boy cock, rather than the love of her children.

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  1. 2 of my 3 exes who were raised in divorced families were frequently sexually and physically abused by their mom or people the mom brought home, and were damaged enough that they seemed set to repeat the pattern for life.
    None of my exes raised in intact families had any of that stuff going on, with the possible exception of one having an uncle who we’re not actually sure if anything happened with.
    /this article speaks very true to me based on what I heard and saw from them

  2. Women continue to file for divorce at astronomical rates, not out of malice or ill-intent, but simply because they act on their feelings at the moment and do not look ahead and see the possible consequences from their actions. Their main concern is for themselves, not for the benefit of their children nor family.
    Edit: Then when the proverbial shit hits the fan, they cry and play victim and blame everyone else for their problems.

    1. True. In the past, the couples were forced to work it out (no matter who was at fault). Today, our society makes it too easy to divorce and the default narrative is always “the bad man, the father, leaving the mother and poor kids”.
      You never know the true story but it always seems to be the mother victim narrative at play.

    2. As the saying goes, “Women, offended by everything, ashamed of nothing”.

  3. It would also make sense that since children of divorce never knew stable families they would be more likely to see the government as the father they never had. Also, since they don’t know the joy and safety of a secure home, they are more likely to be willing to dismantle it (through feminist policy changes,) and be innately jealous of it.

    1. John Lennon was very jealous of his friends with fathers when he was growing up

  4. Divorced women and single moms abuse generations of boys and girls mentally, physically, emotional, and spiritually. On top of the fact they allow other abusive people into their children’s life. Look at how many women allow random dick around their kids while playing keep away from the real father.

    1. you’re sure right about the “keep away” from the real father. Women are so god damned spiteful. I’ve dealt with many of them. Hateful little creatures. And somehow they think fucking other men is getting back at the main guy. they’re stupid and ignorant. the only way to keep them in check is by slapping them around. Some firm discipline. they’re wild animals

      1. They don’t sleep around in spite more than maybe once. They just forget about you, as if you never existed. At least until they realize they traded down or find themselves in need of a sucker. Then they might come back to see what they can extract from you

  5. i was raised by a single mother, who remarried when i was 11, and my step father hated my guts. i was always being kicked out of the house, always getting shouted out/ the piss taken out of me. and my mother would rather keep around him than have anything to do with me.
    was made homeless at 16 and had to live in a shitty shared house.
    had a gf from age 12 to 17 that was also a victim of a single mother,
    this women had a different boyfriend each month and also treated her daughter like shit.
    my gf was bullied heavily at school, was a victim of sexual child abuse and had tried to kill herself numerous times including self harm/cutting.
    years later she is a total slut screwing bad boys whenever she gets the chance and is on the road to becoming a single mother herself.
    bottem line is single mothers fucking destroy their kids.
    i am just glad i found ROK and theredpill when i did.

    1. Got your back bro.
      Stories like yours are just another reason I keep ingesting those red pills.

      1. And stories like his illustrate how the red pill can be life saving. No way Jake has a shot at a good and productive life if he kept swallowing blue pill bullshit and didn’t have the stones to see the world for the way it really is.

    2. Hope things have turned out better for you. Look toward the future and don’t let the past hold you back.

    3. Christ man, with a brutal childhood like that, I know you must have had the strength to push past it and make something of yourself. Thanks for sharing, and shoutout to RoK for helping this guy rise above.

    4. My brother and his feminist doctor wife are separated now and in the process of getting a divorce. She basically tried to control the finances because she earned more, and seriously mismanaged their money (go figure). It sounds crazy to me, a minimalist, that two grown adults cant figure out how to be happy with a combined income of over $100k but its life in the West.
      Anyway, they have shared custody of their daughter and she is already an emotional wreck, just diagnosed with an eating disorder and depression. She’s 11. Sadly, I see sluttiness and dysfunctional relationships in her future. She says she doesn’t feelbat home with either of her parents.

        1. It’s the same movie being played over and over. I think that guys, no matter how they are before marriage, get turned beta and just follow the women in her insanity. And it’s hard not to; when you’re inundated day in and day out, and the only option is arguing if you want to keep the marriage intact, that you end up acquiesing to things that your former self never would have considered. Our forefathers had it right. Less child abuse and poverty in the old days during marriages.

      1. It’s a shame. Again, society won’t course correct this issue by shaming women. Society, now, panders to women and it wouldn’t dare tell a woman when she is wrong, how her needs or happiness is destroying her children’s lives, etc..
        You ever see so many women patting each other on the back in your life? Me too…the disease is spreading.

        1. Oh yeah. Women are so full of patting each other on the back and not taking responsiblity for themselves that there’s no way change can happen. That’s why we MRM guys need to focus on improving ourselves.

        2. I think it’s important to always improve yourself but I do believe that men need to start putting women in their place….especially when they are wrong. That is the role of a man. Society has been working nonstop to brainwash the next group of young men but all men need to know their role in society…it is to keep women in check. We are seeing the tide starting to turn because society is coming full circle. Women are so wrong that a man is need to call “foul” when it exists…otherwise (like kids) they’ll keep getting away with it.
          If you see (or hear) something is wrong, it’s your duty as a man to call a woman on her bullshit.

        3. Definitely with you there. Women are our most involving point of social contact. I’ve seen a lot of comments from guys digesting the Red Pill and working on themselves. They get burnt out and find it difficult to maintain self-respect and their good natures when they have to constantly correct bad female behavior while standing up for their self-respect. It’s a problem.
          And the current environment in our country encourage women to run wild and indulge the worst parts of their personalities.

        4. I think men (especially men just taking on the red pill) need to stop putting the pussy on a pedestal. The zero fucks given attitude works great because it shows them that no one is going to put up with their shit just because they have a pussy. It starts at that point and then men should have no problem correcting a woman.
          There are too many men out there who are thirsty or lacking. There is nothing wrong with going through dry spells but these men are trading in their masculinity for the pussy. It’s the wrong way to go if trying to get women (because they won’t respect you for it).

        5. Reminds me a lot of groups I knew who were millenials/hipsters. All freinds sharing the same b.s. existence, and even though they despised everyone not-hipster, pretended to be open-minded, inclusive, yadda, yadda. And the women in the groups, or course being oppressed by the patriarchy, were held up as some kind of idols. The girls would fuck anything that came along, and most of the guys were bisexual and fucking each other. Total decadence.
          And part of the Red Pill and masculinity is working on your self-gratification and NOT slaving after pussy. When you see a guy posing as “Alpha” yet he does anything to get laid, you know he’s just putting on a show. And the irony for those guys is that if they really were Alpha, and could take or leave the pussy, they’d get more pussy because girls pick up on it and chase you.

      2. That’s because she’s not. Kids aren’t socialized to lie to themselves. Everyone is telling her something that she knows is not true and it’s a very bad thing.

    5. My cousin had 4 kids with 4 different dads. She also throws houseparties with the kids at home. At one houseparty, her 5 year old daughter got raped by some gangster.

      1. Some sonofabitch that would do that to a kid should be staked out in a fire ant bed alongside the mother.

        1. In the jail I had been working in, the pedo whiners were complaining about not getting their evening snack (bologna or cheese sandwich). I snickered and laughed at them and I was fired because the pervs complained. Trust me, when they go to the big boy jail, they will be dealt with. That’s my satisfaction.

        2. The only punishment should be the sentence given by the judge/jury. Adding another punishment to it or turning a blind eye to it is wrong, that’s Third-World shit.

        3. They need deli cut ham and dijon mustard. You are right, plain cheese and bologna just won’t do. Definite third world treatment.

        4. No, they just need to be deprived of their freedom in a cell for a certain period of time, best known as a custodial sentence, or more commonly, “jail time.” If you think that’s not enough punishment, lengthen the sentences. Any whimsical, unofficial, mob punishment beyond that is Mexico-type crap.

      2. Dafuq? You’d think she’d norplant herself after the first one. It’s like she’s having them on purpose.

      3. Holy, what happened after that, how did everyone find out, did she turn it around ? That’s one of the most fucked UK things that I’ve ever heard.

    6. Sounds horrible, but thanks for sharing.
      My situation was similar but the reverse: my father married a witch of a female who everyone else thought was just fantastic. It was bizarre – had to keep my mouth shut and do nothing to provoke her. It was like walking on egg shells.

      1. My father also remarried a witch that hated me I guess because I wasn’t her kid.
        As I grew older they both postured behind Christianity so they could feel good about themselves while my life was a mess of confusion in a world of families destroyed all around me.
        I stopped talking to them both after she told me I made her sick because I felt that women who get abortions should be executed.

      2. I’ve long contended the ‘Oscar for Best Actress’ redundant… most all women are accomplished chameleons.

        1. “I’ve long contended the ‘Oscar for Best Actress’ redundant”
          So true. Women are born manipulators so it comes as no surprise that they eould be great actors.

    7. I think it’s not always like that though agree it often is. Some men take on a woman and her child honourably and protect and nurture both sincerely. I’ve seen that several times.
      Drugs is also a major, if not the major factor in abuse.
      Also women can turn against their 2nd husbands biological children.
      Though married I’d have no problem, at my age, with the child of a second wife. It helps if your second wife has a biological child with her 2nd husband. I also think that the absence of money, drug and alcohol problems is impactful.

    8. So sorry for what you went through and am happy you survived it. Take care

    9. This is an issue that is not discussed enough, today, in our society. Many want to pretend this trend doesn’t exist (especially women) because it would destroy their new “freedom”. They would rather have the freedom to divorce at any time for whatever reason and expose their children to harm by strangers versus trying to work it out, stick out for the long haul (like their grand parents and others were forced to do).
      It’s noted that most of the divorces are initiated by women so they are the main culprits but you won’t hear politicians say anything (because of votes) or big business, media talk about it (because of money). Sad times we live in.

      1. I used to consider these things & dread an imminent societal collapse. Our collective societal will has become so compromised I now believe a collapse is the only thing that will harden our resolve & clarify our priorities enough to set things back in order. We’re in a position where no one can or will move to rectify the situation. Hard consequences will define the near future but I hope a generation will come through with their heads on straight.

    10. I don’t know how you didn’t kill your mother. She sounds like a raging bitch.

  6. I was raised in a single parent home. My father had full custody of two children. The reason for divorce is abandonment.
    It’s hard without a mother. No one talks about the single fathers unless it’s a bad statistic, just like this article.

    1. I know, I find it hard to believe single father households are more dangerous for kids than single mother households. Perhaps the sample size was so small for the study that it is skewed? Or perhaps single fathers actually have to work for a living, unlike single mothers, and cannot be with their children to protect them?

      1. When I found wifey commiting adultery and stealing tens of thousands of MY money, my sons were 8 and 3. I ended up with them from Monday to Friday as she wanted a career (makes 150k/yr now) and also moved her co adulterer (who left his two sons of same age in another state) in right after the separation. I worked only weekends at the hospital for 8 yrs and spent M thru F driving them 50 miles round trip to charter school, doing homework, taking them to hockey practise, ball games etc. Best eight years I ever had. I never brought a woman home even once. I would not subject my sons to another hive minded wacko. Wifey and her third husband were arrested for DV against each other. She was violent with me also, but got a pussy pass with the incident with him as she said she was given anger mgmt for a yr by “a woman prosecutor”. I am just glad that I was able to keep them away from her and her third husbands disfunctional ways (my sons hate him and so does she. She tells my sons she just wants “to steal his money”). Well my oldest is a Physical Therapist and the other starts law school in a year. So single dad households, I believe, are more solid than having some slut mom screwing some stranger down the hallway. Besides a dad, especially a red pill dad, is better able to daily impart red pill wisdom to his sons if he has them most of the time, hence my sons are successful as well as good looking but extremely red pill thanks to me.

        1. My mother took off in the middle of the night. Me and my brother, 7 and 9 at the time, saw her once afterward, then she disappeared. She did not even show up at divorce court.
          No one, not even her own family, knows where she is at nor what she does.

        2. I’m so sorry to hear that, J. I hope your father or some family member was there to take care of you. Leave the past behind as best you can and move forward, but make sure you don’t repeat your parents mistakes as genetic propensities can be a strong, unsuspecting influence. Best of luck.

        3. I WAS red pill. She faked being normal until the first child and then the vampire came out.

        4. My father raised us both. My grandfather and grandmother helped take care of us while he worked 3rd and attended night classes. Me and brother would go out every Saturday to spend time with him hiking, going to arcades, and watching movies. Every summer, we spent a short vacation traveling. Every summer, he would drive 8 hours to take us to see family, he’d leave, and drive back later to pick us up. He always attended us going to airports until we stepped on the plane. He was a devout parent.
          By the time I was twelve and my brother was fourteen, he had finished his 2nd degree, found a job, and bought a split level home that was easy to fix up.
          I am fine, my brother was the one most profoundly affected.

        5. Your father is a great man, as most men are (excepting the Dark Triad bad boys women crave so much) if only given the chance denied them from the divorce rape system. I’m glad youre doing well, but make sure your brother doesn’t seek out some Borderline Personality Disorder Americunt as a mother substitute after which his life would end up worse than from the initial blow of his early childhood abandonment.

        6. Head of Theft Prevention and Internal Security for North and South America for the most well known and largest chip manufacturer in the world. All with a high school degree only. Speaks spanish, motivated, driven, still gorgeous and had someone take care of her kids for twenty years. The older son is out of state but The younger son still lives with me and visits her twice a month

        7. The Regnerus Study found that single father households were superior to the child’s development and future success than single mother households and gay parent households.

        8. I am sorry about your experiences and cringed at it further above, but not knowing about AWALT is not being red pill.

        9. Fuck me. Every person I meet these days makes 6 figures, and I know Im better than them. Good for her I guess. At least she’s not milking the government.

        10. Thanks for sharing this. I saw some idiot gal on Yahoo once post that “the child always belongs with the mother. Always.” I replied “Not if she’s an abusive bitch.”

        11. Well, I only make in the 90’s if that makes you feel any better. And not being in NY,LA or some other major city my income goes a long way.

      2. I do not know. The sample size is small because the number of single fathers is skewed. In my whole highschool, only two children raised their hand when asked, “Who doesn’t have a mother.” A hundred or more children raised their hand when asked, “Who doesn’t have a father?” I’m positive those conducting the studies had far more female then male single parents available for questioning.
        I think something in my small story about numbers hints at a pretty harrowing social problem…

      3. Your last point may be a part of it. But also think about this: courts are biased towards men. If the mother is so low down that she can’t even convince the court, think what the father may be like. But I’ll say it again and again: read steve moxon and martin van creveld’s the privileged sex + devlin’s Sexual utopia in power.

      4. Who knows how they define “abuse”. Single dad houses are definitely spanking and correcting.

    1. That…creature…has to know by now that….it….is an internet meme. Hope it was thrown into a huge depression over it and that it cries itself to sleep every night. Assuming it has feelings other than “outrage”.

      1. The Triggering haha yeah!
        It also throws them sideways that Milo describes himself as the “dangerous faggot”

        1. Sommers has two sons and is a widow. Her late husband was a Professor of classical logic. It makes perfect sense for her to see the hypocrisy in feminism and support the other side of the coin atm. Milo is a proffessional shitposter. He loves making a scene, and undermining the current PC landscape. It makes sense that one would be suspicious of a fag and a feminist, even if they seem to be somewhat level-headed and oppose the current state of things. I watch them occasionally out of a mixture of general curiosity and to watch the psychos reactions to them.

        2. The fag and the feminist were more compelling to me than the angry white male (Steven Crowder). He seemed to just be the right wing version of the protestors, basically just yelling back at them “YOU’RE WRONG! YOU ARE STUPID AND PATHETIC! NOTHING YOU SAY IS OF VALUE” where the fag and the feminist were a little more reasoned, and could use logic, wit, and humor to point out the hypocrisy of the protestors.
          Of course, when we have fags and feminists on OUR side, you really have to wonder how far they are attempting to push the opposing viewpoint.

        3. The way I saw Crowder’s outburst is that he was fighting fire with fire, perhaps not the best modus operandii when dealing with an illogical vitriolic frothing mob, but being witty and reasonable doesn’t tend to really work either with people who refuse to listen. Not only that but Crowder’s a comedian, knowing how to shut down heckler’s loudly is part of his job description. If you look at them as a team with specific roles in this event in fighting the mob hate they were faced with it may be easier to reconcile his actions to the bigger picture.

        4. Yeah, but later I watched the whole speech, Crowder is kind of like that the whole time. Like “I talk louder than you so I’m right”. I guess it appeals to some, but it’s too aggressive and abrasive for me. It also struck me as not keeping frame, you shouldn’t let any shit test from a woman make you get that emotional. Milo is no hero of mine, but he definitely maintains frame no matter what is said to him. I’m a big fan of Joe Rogan, he’s one of the most thoughtful, unideological, sharpest guys out there today.

        5. Fair enough, the point of frame is one I hadn’t really considered. I can appreciate much of Joe Rogan’s analysis, and for me Milo is mostly an amusing spectacle. I don’t tend to associate myself as a fan of any particular individual, more a fan of ideas or principles that they may share. Makes it simpler to be objective and not get illogically defensive about supporting them even when they’re categorically wrong.

        6. Agreed, that’s why Joe Rogan appeals to me. He is not an ideologue, and if I say “I like him” that tells you nothing about me. He is a reasonable, thoughtful person, and has ideas that others would consider both “left wing” and “right wing”. So it’s not so much being a fan of his, as admiring him as one of the very few public figures who is truly open minded and reasonable and questioning and curious.
          I think if people weren’t so pissed off by Milo I wouldn’t care about him at all. He’s really just a pompous faggot haha.

        7. fags and feminist know they are parasites. These two just have enough long term sense to know a strong host is best. Milo is a gay guy that is not effected by the need for female approval. She being a widow gave her the chance to see what loss of a loving man was. (Give her credit she was married and had kids as a wife, becoming rare these days. And they are sons.) Broken clocks that are on time.

      2. What’s sad is that if she lost the weight and got her life together her “enemies” would applaud her. She is freaking out at people who deep down just want to help with tough love.

    2. what a horrible fucking disgusting creature !!!! classic case of a ugly fucking disgusting,dumb creature who wants to bring down others because she has nothing to offer. If you have no merit you do not want a MERITOCRACY

    3. That’s Trigglypuff. And yes, it’s sad that I know Pokemon. Fuck off.

  7. My Wife is a pre-school teacher specialising in special needs.
    Special needs over the past 10 years has expanded in scope to include social problems.
    The stories she can tell back this up 100 per-fucking-cent.
    Broken homes seriously damage kids unless the parents really, REALLY have their shit together and manage correctly.
    Even then the risks for learning difficulties, behaviour issues, self-exclusion (not forgetting the mother entering relationships with degenerate step fathers) are hugely inflated
    Another immoral leftwing experiment trashes society.

    1. I think abortion and the carousel and prescription meds all work together to create fucked up humans.
      Women abort healthy babies when young.
      Women fuck up their bodies with STDs and drugs.
      Women hit the wall.
      Women use the miracle of modern medicine to force their barren and ravaged bodies to produce a child.
      Due to guilt, or selfishness, women insist on keeping these Frankensteinian monsters in their deformed wombs full term.
      Women are literally killing healthy babies and then bankrupting the country to give birth to deformed future wards of the state.

      1. Women should be having kids between 18-24. Birth control does a number on their hormones and a decade of alcohol and late nights ages them so much that an American 25 year old has the health of a 50 year old Asian woman.

        1. We have SO got to get back to a Patriarchy. Things will have to get really awful for that to happen I’m afraid. There’s WAY too high a percentage of mental, moral, & physical degenerates in our world today…people who wouldn’t have survived harsher times.

        2. To propose national fiscal or philosophical sanity is to propose mass suffering and death on a scale that nobody is eager to ever discuss. There is some hope in charity but I don’t think charity could handle all the needs if welfare and politically forced madness were abolished tomorrow.

        3. It will take another world war where billions are killed to try and course correct the human race. Society and the law has just let people spin out of control and we’re see the fruit of those mistakes.

      2. Tell us one thing women aren’t destroying as soon as they get in touch with it. The red pill for me was a forty year slow awakening. The last drop was their hypergamous ways. I now see no particular area where women actually give or produce directly. They can manage to some extent given there are tight boundaries (like a constitution, for example) but actually create something? No. Destroy, however.

        1. This is correct. Men are creators of society while women are destroyers of it.
          Ironic considering her biology.
          In the story of Adam and Eve, after Eve was fucked by the serpent and she ate the forbidden fruit, Adam should’ve killed her and brought the corpse to God saying
          “This one is broken. Make me another.”

        2. Adam was with Eve the entire time. He stood there while the serpent talked to her, chose not to argue, willingly let his wife eat a piece of fruit that could have possibly killed her, and then ate it when she did not die.
          He wasn’t a great man. He cared very little if Eve died.
          Here’s another strange fact, Eve screwed woman over (so to speak). Childbirth pain aside, there was a second curse to women: the duty to follow men. If Eve had never ate from the tree, women would have been equal to men. If he sent Eve back for another one who didn’t eat from the tree, women would have never been expected to submit to men.

        3. Well, white knights often defend in the name of equality. If Adam had said, “No, absolutely not,” grabbed Eve by the hand and hightailed it out there… Woman would have never been required to submit to their husbands.
          Letting Eve condemn herself into submission was not a ‘white knight’ move although Adam did not know this would happen, I suppose. He was just concerned about dying, but apparently felt little concern Eve could die which was likely a big part in his transgression. God gave Adam a woman who was meant to be his lover, best friend, and helper, and Adam cared so little to protect what God gave him.
          On the other hand, my God said he would not make the same mistake and would let those in heaven partake in the fruit.
          I don’t get how it was a mistake other then if the tree was the fruit of knowledge, the fruit that gave one the power to discern right and wrong, good and evil… Then the only thing that technically kept both from the fruit was the fear of death. They could not have known that eating the fruit was “wrong” as that morality did not exist yet. Not Adam nor Eve knew right from wrong, only fear of death. (However, I can see Eve’s punishment being worse as the instant she ate the fruit she knew it was wrong to give Adam. Sure, she may not have known it was wrong when she ate it, but she should have known afterward.)
          Something I’ve always pondered.

        4. That’s kind of taking Satan at his word. I’ve always understood it as the tree having to exist for Adam and Eve to have free will. (In other words they had to be able to disobey God, because God didn’t want slaves)… but that doesn’t mean the tree had any supernatural powers or gifts.

        5. If the tree was about free will, merely the tree of knowledge would have been mentioned.
          There are actually two sacred trees aligned with God, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge.

        6. You seem to be angry and justifiably so that adam was acting like such a weakling. Also you seem to loathe the fact that “submission” is required of the woman.
          There is no indication that having both of them not eaten the fruit that eve would not be in a subordinate and submissive position in regards to adam. God only states what is prescribed to them after the fact.
          Surely you know that God created adam of the dust of the earth. God created adam FOR God. It was adam’s initial request to have someone else so perhaps God never even planned for eve?
          God created eve FROM adam and FOR adam. Huge difference there.
          Perhaps you just loathe the fact that eve must submit to a weakling?
          If adam cared so little about eve’s life, he also cared little for his own. He did not value himself so it would be impossible to value things outside of himself also. The first sin in that case was adam caring little for his own self. Also the first sin of the pathetic white knight.
          I’m sure eve knew it was wrong just as women who assassinate their own children in the womb know instinctually its wrong and yet they can rationalize even that away. They both knew what they were doing and adam being the repugnant image of a weakling decided to be a passive bitch just like a female while his woman got fucked and then offered him the same poison.
          A righteous man would have been utterly furious that some creature dared to usurp his divine calling and communion with the Father as he walked with Him in the garden, just for a piece of pussy. Cannot God create you a new toy if this one is defective?
          Surely adam doubted God.
          “condemining” herself into submission seems to be the story of every woman’s life.
          God existed before time and He created time. It is a finite structure. So God existing outside of time and space has pre ordained ALL things as they are and everything that happens is part of that plan and God’s will. To say otherwise is to call God a liar.
          Eve cannot and will not ever find herself free of submission to men. That is the will of God. The feminine is held captive within the masculine.
          This is simply because a woman is not an atomized individual, she is a living, breathing part OF THE MAN., an extension of his very self and their union which is symbolized by the masculine holding the feminine captive through penetration and overwhelming with his strength and with his provisional seed result in FAMILY. This is the fleshly picture of godhead.

        7. Submission was clearly an effect of the curse, that her desire was to be to her husband; and that she submit to him. That is why it is a curse, yes. There are no terms and conditions, whether the man is strong or weak, bad or good, she is expected to submit. For some, it certainly feels like a curse, for others, not so much.
          God created Eve since a right companion could not be found for Adam. He created Eve as his helper, companion, and lover. Those 3 things have nothing to do with submission.
          In heaven, is it not spoken will we be as the angels? In God’s eyes, male and female are equal as far as Heaven is concerned. It is only in earthly matters that the two are unequal.
          Now, Eve was meant to compliment Adam, woman is meant as the perfect companion to man.
          God is above time. He does not even register time as we know it, a line from ‘a’ to ‘b’. He knows what we won’t do, what we could do, and the way life would change according to every individual action we may possibly make. When one is above time, predetermined is a word with little meaning. The only finite part of the world is our perspective, we cannot measure it in God’s terms.
          A woman can never escape the pain of labor. She can never escape that once she truly loves a man, her desire will only be toward him… To lust for another would make her sick to fathom. She can never escape that in marriage, she is to submit to her husband.
          It’s entirely up to yourself if you wish to use the words ‘captivity’ to describe the relationship. It’s not my preference of wording.
          Regardless, in Heaven, male and female are equal.
          There is no anger, I simply think often and read often of esoteric things.

        8. I’m not sure why you have a problem with the words “captive” and “submission”.
          In fact all throughout the bible it has themes of slavery, either to God or to the world. If you want to fall on the modern term they use in the bibles “bond servant” it is the same thing.
          Slaves were permitted in the old testament and also in the new testament paul exhorts believers who are held captive in slavery NOT to seek their freedom and break their chains but to be a good SLAVE.
          In heaven Paul also states that there is no male or female. I believe Jesus said that none are given in marriage in heaven either.
          God is head of the man.
          Man is head of the woman.
          Divine will has ordered it thus. You can pontificate all day long as to why but the fact remains that any deviation from this arrangement is destructive and unnatural.
          The modern individual cannot handle the real truth of the bible. That God’s plan for his believers is to be a good slave. They must dress up the words to allay their sensitive feelings and prance around meanings in willful ignorance.

        9. When I hear the word ‘captive’, I imagine a slave, inmate, war prisoner, and indentured servant. That it why I dislike the word used in such a context.
          I do not think God’s ideal relationship between husband and wife compares to anything I associate with captivity. I’d only declare the submission of a wife to a physically abusive husband as close to ‘captivity’.
          Yes, it was those two, Paul and Jesus.

        10. Way to overlook any of the substance or context in my reply.
          If God designed that man be dominant over a woman in His orderly arrangement how is it that you are surprised?
          Considering the over arching theme in the bible is man’s submission to God as the ultimate Authority. And the male being the earthly image of this authority.
          If woman is equal to man why is that not reflected in the godhead? There is the Father, The Son and The Spirit.
          Nowhere is there a feminine aspect to this godhead. Only is it referred to God’s people as His wife, who exist in a submissive role. Submissive to the ultimate and sovereign will of God.
          As I stated before if you believe the bible is the infallible word of God then it is simply no argument to contest what I am saying.
          Slaves to God is the meaning of bond servant to Christ as Paul stated. Are you a slave to God? If not then surely you go against Paul.
          If you are a slave to God how hard is it to conceptualize this attachment to a man, especially when this man follows God?
          You have the post modern concept of romantic love as your ideal for the sexes. This is not biblical nor is it practical.
          God certainly viewed His people as His wife and He even states explicitly that He is a JEALOUS God. So much so that when His people went whoring after other gods He caused great suffering and death to come upon those He loved for breaking a covenant.
          He even caused them to go into CAPTIVITY for breaking His rules.
          Even in the new testament women are told to shut their mouths in church and never to instruct men. Does that go against your “ideal” relationship that God has for you?
          If so then according to Paul you are a heretic, or one who decides for themselves what the truth is. This is all thoroughly covered in the bible. I don’t think the problem here is that God requires submission.
          The problem is that you are proud and important in your own eyes so you feel men should treat you as an equal and therefore so should God.
          Ironically your sentiment is precisely the same eve had when she lusted for that dark fruit and her rebellion ever since.
          I don’t expect that any more reasoning will change your mind one bit and that will be to your great detriment.

        11. You seem to think I deny that a wife is to be submissive to her husband. As I stated, it is true, but it is also a curse. The ‘curse’ part can not be denied.
          I said man and woman are equal in spiritual matter. A female’s soul is just as equal and important in God’s eyes as a man, God loves women just as much as he loves man. Hence why in Heaven, male and female do not matter.
          A woman is to remain quiet in Church, she is allowed to speak outside the church and to speak of prophecy. She is also to wear a headcovering when she prays lest she shave her head bald, but it is normally shameful for a woman to shave her head, in which case a covering is best. Paul thought this silly as women normally have long hair and some other details, but then again Christians have no customs so in the end it is pointless to argue.
          It depends on how you interpret the Logos, my upbringing very well may have a different interpretation then your upbringing. Either way, I’ve never stated that on Earth that woman is not below her husband.
          Why is it wrong to say God loves and sees woman’s souls as equal to men as far as the afterlife is concerned? Was Jesus and Paul a liar?
          On that note of submission, she is to submit to her husband, not all men. Or father… As the head of her mother. (The latter applying to unmarried males and females.)

        12. “Why is it wrong to say God loves and sees woman’s souls as equal to men as far as the afterlife is concerned?”
          Don’t try to change the goalposts as that was never explicitly stated. To clarify the inequality is not in terms of salvation of souls.
          It is earth and flesh, blood and soil.
          Christianity also seems to forget we are bound to this earth in our mortality and it is doubtful if ever we will see humans reach other planets. So the spiritual connection to one’s land is lost…..unless of coarse you are jewish.
          The only kind of christianity I would ever wish to follow would be the syncretic religion of medieval europe. You know the kind that went on crusades and actually handled their fucking business. Not the weak Fag-O-Trons I’ve seen prance around in churches.
          “Christians have no customs”
          “It depends on how you interpret the Logos, my upbringing very well may have a different interpretation then your upbringing.”
          Thank you for enumerating a few of the many reasons I no longer call myself a christian.
          With no culture or customs it is empty and subject to however the prevailing rulers wish to color it, and they have throughout the history of christendom.
          Besides the early church leaders would probably call every sect and denomination heretics if they lived today.
          Christianity preaches weakness for men and helps spread multiculturalism and degeneracy world wide. It aids other countries in propping up their populations to unsustainable levels and then expects to dump them into the civilized world with no thought of the destruction they are ultimately causing tor both peoples. They are perniciously evil and profoundly naive.
          To put it simply, they are stupid as fuck.
          You give a man a fish but you never taught him how to fish because you don’t know how either.
          That sums up the modern christian evangelical movement which has “converted” millions and millions over the world and helped to globalize, modernize and render meaningless the lives of countless sheeple.
          Modern christianity helps groom them to be androgynous members melding into a single disgusting collective called the New World Faggot.
          If you claim to believe in the God of the bible then you should know that HE HATES multiculturalism and dispersed the world for trying to come together, build a tower and “be as one”.
          While you all “pray” for people and hope hope hope on anything but yourselves to tackle the gruesome reality of this existence, I will be fighting the battles, winning the wars and making the rules.
          Pray all you want.
          More like me are coming. Many worse than me.

        13. The Tower of Babylon was dispersed as the men were described to have thought of themselves as equal or above God. The whole idea of the tower was to be built so high, it would reach Heaven. The punishment was separation of the languages to hinder human interaction on a wide scale.
          In respect to the Bible, it is stated to beware of the churches. A great schism became apparent very early on in the New Testament. The old way is not gone, it is still holy. However, through Christ, the gentiles were given salvation without customs to uphold to. Paul’s words work both ways however. It is not my place to argue about those who practice old Jewish beliefs. I can offer my opinion, but I would never ask them to stop.
          The churches in Revelation are for the most part guilty of wrongdoing. It is not surprising if modern churches begin widespread practice of such issues. Ultimately, if one is Christian, one might be aware that the current state of affairs will only get worse. In order to fulfill the prophecy of the Whore of Babylon, society must transgress to the point It is acceptable to place a woman in a position of great power, a position that gives her domain over other leaders and religious figures. Not inherently a one world order, but a world where a woman could command a great army, great economic resource, or great influence.

        14. It never states in Genesis that the people thought themselves equal or above God. It just states they all had one language and all came together and God was vexed that nothing would be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.
          The entire book of revelation is a jewish book written in idiomatic language and describes the personal path of each christian to salvation. It was not meant to be taken literally.
          Every nation and every ethnic group have a right to express themselves and a right to their own land and their own culture, NOT JUST JEWS.
          There have been thousands of end time destruction and apocalypses of human suffering for christians throughout it’s history. It is more likely that the religion will die off completely in the future, as it cannot maintain a homogeneous cultural makeup and most professing christians in the west are not having enough children to even meet replacement levels.
          The form of “christianity” which will exist in 50-100 yrs(if it is still alive)will look nothing like it does today and nothing like the early church either.

  8. All part of the plan. No-fault divorce, pro-promiscuity, homosexuality, was a trial balloon in the former Soviet Union. Stalin got rid of that madness b/c it was undermining a sane society. If it messed up things there, why was it allowed to flourish in the West

      1. I don’t think hat it is the “commits” that is some Hillary bullshit. We slit our own throats, this came from the inside.

    1. They’ll get rid of it once they come to power. They want to cause chaos and then ride in as white knights to say the day.

    2. We’re headed in the same direction as the USSR. Notice how cold Russian men are towards their women. If American women continue to reject men that show any sign of being emotionally healthy, they are going to get the same treatment. Face to face sex will be a thing of the past like in the ghetto. They’re reducing humans to animals fucking each other with zero intimacy.

    3. And guess where a lot of these ideologues ended up? Those who escaped the purges!
      In the west, some and their kids ended up in the west! A percentage have managed to shake down the leftist ideology due to first hand experience of communism but other have not!

    4. Stalin actually put a stop to the leftist march by killing everyone who is more left-wing than he is like Trotsky putting the end to the leftwards shift that we are subjected to.
      He is the reason why Russians have stronger sex roles now.

      1. Half of it. Stalin would lean left to expose rivals who were eager “right” (whatever that meant in USSR circa 1932) and have the exterminated. Then he would lean right to expose his eager new leftist comrades and have them exterminated.
        Clearing Stalin of all rivals. Tyrants are like that. Power is the goal, ideology is the pretext.

        1. He probably labeled fellow leftists “right”(Given the real right wing was killed off during the October revolution) so he can put on show trials and kill them. Then he would do what you say with his eagar new leftist comrades.

    5. The city of Boston now proudly flies the transgender flag!
      Didn’t know there was such a thing but it apparently is patterned after the rainbow thing. Pink and purple stripes.
      So we have official government endorsement of the latest protected form of social deviance.

  9. I’m glad the author included the Cinderella Effect. Point that out to any single mother and they will lose their shit in a heartbeat. While many have tried to disprove it, there is substantial evidence to back it up yet it is rarely brought up during divorce proceedings or in sex ed.

    1. It is a terrible consequence from the women’s action of filing for divorce. They refuse to acknowledge it because that will bring feelings of guilt and shame so feminists conveniently dismiss it.

        1. For the ones who were not married, every time she looks into the eyes of her bastard child, he/she reminds her of her promiscuous past, a slut. People also know.

  10. My parents may lean left but they stuck together and were devoted to my sister and me. Until I fully ingested the red pill 5 years ago, I always knew that I was fortunate but I didn’t know just how much until I read sickening stories of child abuse by the alpha bad boy boyfriends of single moms. Going to give my parents a hug as soon as I can.

  11. They are just angry that their fathers left…for whatever reason, justified or not.

    1. It had nothing to do with the women turning into harpies I’m sure.

    2. Fathers didn’t leave, their mothers kicked the kids’ fathers out. 70% of divorces are filed by women.

    3. From my experience, most men want to be in their children’s lives. Even the most wannabe thug, white trash, ex convict wants to be a good father. If the mother is too much drama, no man with any pride and self esteem will stick around.

    1. Its been debunked in red pill land. We are the caretakers and providers of emotional comfort. Single fathers are 1000% better for children than single moms.

      1. “single fathers are 1000% better for children than single moms”. I know I was!

  12. Divorce is a social disease. It spreads among women and leads to the children of divorced parents having major relationship problems later in life. If the stigma of divorce was still with us less screwed up chicks.
    Ex of mine from broken family……. major daddy issues and I suspected victim of abuse.

    1. The system WANTS divorce across the board so that ‘state husbandry’ can be standardized. No runaway mother starves and perishes who becomes a whorebride of the state. The state is in the ‘safety net’ business, not for immediate profit. It is costly. But in the end with the family broken and the children of bastardy in the iron grip of the state, that’s when they’ve GOTCHA!!
      With mankind under total borg control, humans don’t even need real leaders anymore once humanity becomes controlled like drones. Successive leaders at that point would be less like leaders and more like pilots or operators. They’d be more like ‘plug ins’ that fill the chair or leadership position of an apparatus that has total control of the populace.
      The family must be dismembered for the borg to solidify. The corporation only wants you for 8 hours a day, but the borg wants you 24-7!! They want it all. The family institution is deleterious to state control and hinders the operation of the apparatus.
      Once we understand the nuts and bolts of power and the workings of the borg, then we can fight it off and resist it. Every freedom loving human alive can do their part throwing a rag in the gears of the borg, putting acid in the lubricated bearings of the meat grinders and cutting the goddamn throat of the beast. Like kung fu going after the critical and sensitive points of the opponent to take it down.
      Martial arts has disciplines that engineer how to position and maneuver smaller bodies fighting smart against formidably larger or stronger opposing bodies. Going for the critical pivot points and fulcrums. Causing the superstructure to go off balance and having it fall neatly and fold up onto itself on the mat.
      ”Haaaiyy – yaah!!”

  13. “Women’s desire to be free from their marriage in order to remarry a man..”
    Or lick another woman’s twat.

    1. Hence the phrase the feminists spew consistently, “I don’t need no man,” is utter bullshit. If women need men likr a fish needs a bicycle, why is it then that it is ALWAYS the women that want to get married?

      1. Femnists like to pretend, like all western middle class girls do, they don’t need men, but they still need the mens bank accounts (via taxation or direct funding) and their unique ability of keeping society functioning.
        Feminists, like homosexuals, as a group are on the fringe of ever society and should simply be ignored to their own devices as their evolutionary destinty leads to the same place. The fact these groups have any influence and direction over law and societal institutions is one of the biggest fuck ups in the west.
        People need to stop accomodating and advocating these Groups, but mock and shun them.

  14. I have horror stores for you guys. I grew up in a generation where it was shocking to have a friend in class who came from an intact household.
    One of my friends had a mom who divorced and she started fucking everyone. I would play at his house and we could hear his mom getting pounded in the room right across the hall. She did not care at all that her son and his friends were right there! He is in and out of jail now.
    I had another friend that had a divorced mom and she got a tramp stamp and started fucking strangers. He thought it was so cool that his mom had a tattoo and would brag about it. I did not know what it meant back then, but now I am horrified looking back. He would wake up and find strangers in his house.
    One family in our neighborhood stayed together and had lots of kids and they were shunned by the broken homes. “He must be abusive and keeping her there!” or “It is wrong to have so many kids like that!” were all phrases I heard.
    My own house was broken to pieces.

    1. Growing up, it’s hard to recall anyone who wasn’t involved a divorce, whether they were a child or a participant.

    2. “I have horror stores for you guys. I grew up in a generation where it was shocking to have a friend in class who came from an intact household”
      …like today.
      In fact I would wager that soon traditional patriarchial families will be thought of as something disgusting if things continue to decline.

      1. If things continue to decline humans will be no better than the animals that run around in the forest. We’re devolving not evolving and getting better.

    3. Our family’s story was the reverse- it occurred in the late sixties prior to no fault divorces. It was a scandal in those days as people knew there was a strong likelihood of adultery involved- people literally stopped and stared at us in the street. The whole episode brought a new respect for my father who was the one cheated on by my biological mother and his best friend. She then abandoned the family including two young children of eight and five.

    4. What a disgusting and perverse world we live in. Every man and woman who helped to destroy children’s lives need to be sent to hell.
      We as aware men need to do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in our power not to give back to the system which destroyed us nor aid the parents who abandoned us and with all of our might and righteous hatred burn this disgusting shit pile of a culture to the MOTHERFUCKIN ground.
      Anything less and you are just another weak bitch complicit in this evil.

    5. Too sad to see that families shunned an intact family who had a large number of children. That used to be the norm in this country. Now, the reverse is the norm with mother’s having kids with multiple fathers, strangers wandering in and out of kid’s lives, etc…
      I’ve always made it an iron rule to stay away from women with children. You’re never going to hear the real truth behind why the couple split and society keeps spitting out the same bullshit about the father leaving (the evil man leaving the poor mother) when you never really know the truth.

        1. Yeah, the kids who are at another home because mom (or dad) is absent either in mind, body spirit or all three.

        2. Sorry. I obviously misunderstood. Yeah, mom locks the kids in the bedroom or closet while she fucks her newest fuck criminal on the couch. Jails are full of the victims of bad female parenting, but don’t say that out loud because the cause is only, and I want to emphasize ONLY, “deadbeat dads”. Deadbeat mothers are never included in the picture and I love pointing this out to the libertards. They go completely batshit wild and I enjoy every second of emphasizing that in any jail system, about 80% of the inmates have been raised by a single parent and that parent is, waiting for it now, a FEMALE.

  15. Step children, especially infants and toddlers being killed by live in step parents is a repeating story that runs frequently in small town newspapers at least yearly. Up close if you ever meet a ‘family’ with such an arrangement, the ‘stepdad’ is some beta that’s been sucked into living with a single mom. He met her at some fuckfest somewhere while the grandparents were watching the kids so mom could whore around or he scored a hot date on social media, a same night lay promised by some single mom who’s recently flushed her current man down the toilet. The new guy brings a pack of smokes as a door prize to the honey and they fuck on her smelly couch while her toddlers are out with benadryl.
    It surprises me that the grandparents who are babysitting will have the same worry and hesitition about kicking the shit out of their adult whore daughter that a kept and dickchopped beta provider husband has who’s married to a standard issue western queen bitch of the house and homeowner’s associaion henmother. Bossy hen neighborhood divorce queens and ghetto/trailer park single moms are all alike and all need their shit jacked up. But we know that’s not possible until the gubment gets small – reeeal small. The gubment needs its shit ‘jacked back down’ – waaaay down.
    Live-in stepdads have it worst. They’re usually dumbfuck second generation bastard or single wohore’s adult kids who get intro’d or fixed up with single ho moms when they mature to become adult houseboys. They’re pathetic stupid beta losers that get traded around the trailer park like dogs from one tatted skank to another. The beta whip culture runs strong in trailer city. Sorry dudes but you’re a dumbfuck if you don’t get outta there. This is another effect of dickchopping (circumcising) males across the board. A long and proud unchopped schlong wouldn’t be caught dead living as a kept bitchboy whipdog in the house of some single mom skank. Single mom’s hospital born medicaid male babies get whacked 90%+ on the advice of their caseworker telling them that a whack pee pee is less work to clean by some stupid lazy whore who won’t even tit feed. She gets free corn syrup formula that’s otherwise five bucks a can.
    I met a live in simp stepdad who was herding around his baby momma’s brood and the kids were throwing shit, biting and I asked if he ever whooped his kids to keep them in line. He said none of them are his but he loves ’em all like they were his own. Then he excuses himself from not disciplining them by saying, ”miss jezebel won’t have NOBODY discipline her kids but her. Nobody lays a hand on them but her”. Jesus, he even refers to the whore mama with the eloquent southern title of ‘miss’. Not one kid had the same father. One appeared mulatto and had rotting teeth from sleeping with a bottle. All paid for by the same system that heavy handedly swatted each successive baby daddy out of the picture. Is is possible, I wonder, to ever wake up a poor beta like that who’s trapped into being a bitch smack lap dog pet house boy of some reeking fish whore?? The guy needed not only to get out of that whore’s place and stuff her in a can but he was also being herded down the whore beta whip path in life by his church. Yep, these folks were churchgoers in the local big box community PC warehouse church. In the hallways of the church were pictures of his new ‘family’ of mixed sire and mixed race love children.

    1. One day in the future, he will excuse himself to run to the store for some milk and never come back. The kids will be spending most of their lives shuffling between state ran institutions (public schools-welfare-public housing-prison).

    2. Wow dude you just described my life with my mom, my wife is a born and is good but, l realize thanks to y’all I don’t want to raise another man’s kids. The longer I wait the harder it is. I was a desperate beta simp at 30 and went with the first chick that could get me to leave my mom’s house.

  16. I bet similar results would be found between households of heterosexual parents and homosexual parents. It Isn’t the way children were meant to be raised, and should be made illegal.

  17. For anyone interested there is a book by evolutionary psychologists Margot Wilson and Martin Daly called Homicide that pretty much backs up all the claims about step parents and abuse made here. It’s a thick, academic book though.

  18. I have a friend who works in child protection, and most of the stories I hear involve single parent homes. One single mother who had five children with five different men actually tried to convince my friend that she wasn’t a slut (Ha!). A large number of these stories involve drug addicted single mothers who have allowed felons and all manner of deviants around their children, only for the kids to show up at school with bruises, or end up as victims of sexual abuse. Some kids as young as two or three will be found wandering around the projects alone, filthy, malnourished, etc while mommy dearest is off fucking some degenerate while shooting up. So not only are divorces and rampant promiscuity destroying families and fucking up generations of children, but they are also holding society back as we end up paying for these children as they get shuffled through the foster system, then we pay even more when a lot of them end up in prison…but only after they’ve bred their own batch of children. It’s an extremely viscous, compounding cycle.

    1. Have a clasmate who does the same line of work… good guy.. hates the life and is looking forward to retirement.
      I will share this one with ROK. I come from a short LEO background and still know a few active cops. A rust belt town police deparment used to get calls at least once a month to a trailer park. Single mom, 3 kids, stereo type trailer trash slut. Her oldest was a kid we will call “Joe.” Over the years Joe got to know all the cops on a first name basis due to his mom’s antics. Joe sent invitations to all the guys at the police department to come to his high school graduation party.
      They declined, but sent him a card with cash.
      Addition: The contact with Joe and his mom started when he was 12.

      1. My friend hates the life as well and can’t wait to get out. Especially since they can’t do much to help these kids and end up separating them from their biological parents when the situation calls for it.

      2. Cops, like the military, are nothing but trash. Always have been, always will be.

        1. Who defends this decaying American empire mate to their last pension?

    2. Roosh had an article I believe about bringing back ‘FLOGGING’ as punishment. Assuming the flogging was performed on bad men publicly, we need a new article about FLOGGING single moms like that. ””Bring Back Public Flogging of Women””. Dumbfuck feminists that say shit like ”oooh NO MAN should ever hit or TOUCH a woman under any circumstances NEVER NEVER NEVER OOOOOH AAAAAH growl hiss”. Then I say ”what about Susan Smith hmmm??” Then then the dumb bitches are like ”oh okay some women need their shit stomped”
      Yeah right Susan Smith is no different from a lot of women whose brians click the same way. They just haven’t been busted for tripping themselves stupid for committing atrocities to their toddlers over national media. Their brains click the same way though. A twitching jerking poorly controlled woman sitting peacefully watching women’s channel and popping head pills is no different from a Susan Smith

    1. maybe thats the problem.. .we are not teaching our kids what a woman is- hypergamy on steroids.

      1. And women would vehemently deny this truth. They will call you a misogynist and shame you for teaching this to your sons. Ironically even to her own sons.

        1. Women are very selfish in their nature. Keeping men in the dark about hypergamy is just her instinct of taking care of herself. Even at the expense of her sons. Also children for women are for the protected status of motherhood. They are also at this time in the west meal tickets for real resources. At anytime that child doesn’t deliver it is dead, gone etc. They actually “take care” of the child more to be seen as good parents rather than actual benefit of the child. Looked at like that and the things women do is explained. Curse of the red pill all romantic ideas about women are lost. That’s what being a masculine man is. We stand on the truth and still make the world work.

    2. So true for women outside of social control. Shame and dishonor are very powerful tools also, and the best controls on a woman’s behavior.
      But that doesn’t invalidate Briffaults law in any way. It just acts as a modifier to the raw impulse.

  19. I’m very proud that so many found this site inspiring. It seems like a lot of men have benefited from these articles so far. These stories are hard to read, but we have to face the truth. Keep fighting, men.

  20. Boomers are rotten people. Rich and rotten. First to bring about wide spread divorce in society, racked up the debt, flooded it with 3rd worlders, suck up the last of public pensions and resources and die before it collapses. Leaving a shit world to us.

    1. Disagree. It was beta cucks of the “greatest generation” to blame. They helped fire off the first shots for the global zionist elite during the mid 60s. A time when the boomers were far too young to vote. They gave the okay for Nixons “war on drugs” and the military industrial complex we know of today. They were also affiliated with the Soviet rape gangs post ww2 germany and just overall vile spineless cucks.

  21. I credit my current state of well being and ability to function well to being raised in a traditional intact family. My father in particular is a hardworking traditional provider who puts his family first. While I would not call him an alpha, the traditional family framework paid off for him. Sometimes I feel like my family life growing up was a shadow of what it was like for most families in the 50’s. I look at the way the roles are delineated so succinctly by gender and how well it functions, then I look at the women I meet every day and I simply do not see myself ever being able to have that same sort of family. I’m not necessarily opposed to it, but the risk-reward in the west is laughably bad. Its like mortgaging your home and spending every penny on lottery tickets, sure you could win, but the odds of being a shirtless bum on the street are significantly higher.

  22. The world where the rules and limitationss imposed upon us for our protection are stripped away and now we can venture beyond the wall garden to go over the cliff. We found the mount of broken bodies and souls when glance over the cliff for those with enough logos to stop before they fall. Now those few that stop are try to find way to repair the walls that were broken in moment of pride and greed to prevent the masses from dragging them down the cliff. That the world we live in right now.
    NO fault divorces are precedent that rest upon the notions and stories of females under the threat of abusive husbands/men that entrapped them in life of misery. Thus
    provide easy wayout of the relationships for these women. Instead women without good reason,can destroy their family and embrace their animalistic nature. Feminists like Summers and Vilar, realize that feminism is stripping way the wall to garden that protected women from the darkside of female condition. Women have become by their own misguide hand, commodities to be exploited. After 2-3 generation of broken people, any female with functional brain is starting to see effects of no fault divorces.
    The only thing that men that have taken the red pill is to help those damage souls one pill at a time.

    1. Marriage isn’t slavery and domestic duties are lovely. Nip it at the bud. When some tart starts pitying your intact family and trying to stir gyno brained discontent, call her out openly and call out her ‘man’ to control her better. If she’s a professional woman, ask her ”isn’t there some man who we can call to get control of you? You’re stirring shit needlessly on a good sunny day. How destructive. Someone please control this bitch.” Never let a loose wild gyno upstart get their foot in the door of your house. We’ve got to get tight dealing with the females in our neighborhoods, our communites and our civilization.
      MAN SHALL RETURN TO THE THRONE. The man is on the rise.

      1. It’s about who you allow influence in your family. If you have a family as a man you damn better take charge properly and make sure your wife doesn’t get funny ideas. My wife appreciates that I have her best and that which is best for our children at heart when I decide who she can hang out with.

        1. Women are children. Always testing you for cracks in your armor. A visiting woman will poke your woman to a degree greater than her man allows in his home. It’s like a child gettng away with shit at his friend’s house that his own parents would whoop him for. Male and female children are roughly the same until puberty. Then the woman matures physically and the man matures mentally and physically. The adult woman is still a little girl as far as temperment. It’s the same game keeping a 5yo girl behaving and pursuing constructive endeavors as it is keeping a 24 yo woman in line and glued to her duties.

        2. That’s very true, but if you have a strong patriarchal hand you stop the bullshit.

  23. There’s a lot of talk that all of the problems that we have today are the fault of the baby-boomers, who took all the good of the ’50s and lived it out, only to leave their children and grandchildren in charge of cleaning up the garbage that should have came with the “greatest time in American history,” but didn’t.
    Coincidentally, my father and I were discussing this issue recently: Whose fault is it really?
    Personally, I wonder if we should be blaming a much later generation -say, the young adults of the ’80s? The majority of which would vote the libs into power (because many of the young adults thirty years ago were not as politically savvy as are today, let’s face it). Whether it was through Congress or the Oval Office, it would take twenty years or so for the democrat plans to come into action, anyway. And I mean REALLY come into action. For example, I wonder if the HARDCORE feminist movement began in the ’80s, and really didn’t come into view until the ’90s…
    Lo and behold, the mess we have today. The good news is, and I say this all the time: people actually want to clean it up today. We’ll be better men and women for it.

    1. The thing that makes generational rot difficult to analyze is that its only after the fruit has grown that people are able to see the problems and start point fingers. But the blame probably rests on the time where the seeds took root- which as evidenced by the 60s and 70s is certainly not the 80s and 90s… Dysfunction was already their generational legacy, they simply made it worse, and barring a major shift, the Millennials will go on to break it down further.
      Consider this The Greatest Generation were raised up during the Great Depression, and came of age during the Second World War. They were certainly made of tougher stuff than we were as a people. But they were the ones who produced the Boomers. Not on purpose mind you- they simply wanted a better life for their children than the struggle and strife that characterized their younger years. The problem is that its difficult to replicate their virtues in a world without want; abundance has yielded to decadence throughout history and this era is no different. So by giving their children ‘the life they never had’, they got to sit back and watch them give their grandchildren a world that they would never have wanted.

    2. The young adults of the 80s are the offspring of the boomers and the results are obvious

      1. Theoretically you are correct, that X are the children of Boomers, but none of this aligns perfectly anymore since generations are generally counted every 20 years, and few people in the west start families that young. Exactly who are the Millennials’ parents? Very few would be X I suspect. Moreover, if X are the parents of Millennials, how did the Millennials get to be so large in number? X is a small generation, and family sizes have been getting smaller. Based on sheer numbers, I assume most Millennials have late Boomer parents, unless I’m missing something here.

    3. The young adults of the 80’s were GenX. We vote(d) almost uniformly conservative-libertarian. Newsweek *hated* us, as did Time magazine, at the time. The problem is that we are a small generation compared to Boomers and Millenials, so we don’t have the impact in voting that the generations on either side of us do.
      So yeah, I guess you got that part wrong.

      1. You are correct about this. I am the very, very, tale end of X. I wasn’t an adult in the 80s, I first voted in the 90s. We were criticized for being too conservative and politically apathetic, in our youth. We are a small generation sandwiched between 2 huge generations. Boomers and millennials appear to share a fairly entitled attitude, but I sometimes wonder if this is a natural consequence of the sheer size of these two groups. On the topic of divorce however, I recently read somewhere that we appear to be divorcing less than our parents, perhaps due to the fact that many of us come from broken homes (not me personally, but we weren’t nicknamed the latch key kids for no reason).

  24. And when a woman murders her children it was because she was depressed and is given a much lighter sentence than a man committing the same act. The story then disappears from the news cycle the next day.
    This woman murdered eight children in 2014.
    Males are more likely to be the victims of infant homicide.
    Men do also murder their children but I truly believe it’s mostly due to them being dealt such a raw deal by the family courts in a custody dispute that they become emotionally unhinged and feel that they have no other option.

    1. In Japanese media every week you read about some dumb bitch killing her kids while the father it out working. Reason stated? “I was not sure I could take proper care and I wasn’t ready for a child”. Basically depressed.
      Women have a different attitude to children than men do, owing to them having a womb and being able to produce children.
      For this reason I think men need to make clear to their wives that they own the children, from conception onwards. Don’t let your wife think it’s her baby. Claim ownership as soon as possible. Take charge of what happens to your child from the pregnancy test positive. Do not think it will all be sorted by the woman, because it fucking won’t.
      Men are better carers for children than women are, smack the shit out of any bitch who says otherwise.

      1. But feminists want the right to abort if they choose. Even if the father says he will take full responsibility of the child once it’s born he has no say whatsoever. “My body, my rules’ and “No uterus, no opinion” are their responses.

      2. A friend of mine was adopted by a middle class family when he was a boy and the father already had two older daughters. When he was 13, the dad dropped dead of a heart attack. Two weeks later “mom” dropped him at state ran juvenile center.. .”just for a weekend”, she said. And never saw her again. He joined the Marines the moment he turned 18.

        1. Not in the least surprised. Through history the role of women is to give birth to children. Everything else is the responsibility of men, and this is how it’s been for thousands of years. We as men have to be realistic about women, I’m not saying don’t have children etc, I’m saying be damn sure you control your woman.

        1. Don’t be such a pessimist :). I have her here right next to me as I write this…
          And junior is growing inside her. And I want both, wife and child.

    1. My parents weren’t abusive much, my mom a little. That didn’t protect my ass, my mom shoved me into a foster family…
      So much for women being nurturing huh?

      1. “”So much for women being nurturing huh?””
        That is very, extremely, true.

  25. The only think i know about divorce women is that they are as low in the male food chain as inmigrants.

  26. Women parrot the talk that they’re responsible for 100% of domestic duties and responsibilities and should bring in at least 50% of family income, but they grew up with stories of handsome princes and happily ever after so they’re ill-suited for the comrade-in-arms role they’re expected to fullfill in first world countries after the wedding. To make things worse, marriage increases a woman’s social status so women marry when they know they should’nt because “she’ll change him”. Then they go around complaining about their lazy husbands or silently seething when the real problem is rooted in their childish and unrealistic perception of “happily ever after” marriages.

    1. This is why if you want to get married you should not do it with idiots, and you should sit her ass down before rings etc, and explain to her what you expect from her, and what you will provide. Smash those dreams of bullshit before you get hitched. It’s not unlike a shit test actually.
      If you pick a woman carefully and do this, you can still have a happy marriage even today. I know because I am happily married, and happy with my wife.

      1. You need to set clear rules and boundaries with her and make it clear what happens if she breaks the rules or crosses a boundary and make sure she knows you will make good on any threat. Naturally she will shit test you to she if she can call your bluff and if you fail then she has lost respect for you.

      2. Update 2:
        So the 24 year old stopped talking with me, the conversation was starting to stalemate and to be honest she wasn’t that interesting really or my type. I don’t think I was her type either.
        The 27 year old, well at first she told me she was in Japan, then NZ so I didn’t quite take her very seriously.
        It turns out that she just came back to NZ because her sister had a baby in Japan and she’s working in a restaurant here.
        She wanted to come to my city and actually caught the bus down. I didn’t hear from her so I thought maybe she wasn’t interested but she messaged me in the evening and wanted to go out for dinner.
        When I met her she was gorgeous. She looked so much better than her photos. We had a long discussion and I took her for a drive around the city. She wants me to come and see her, she’s in NZ until November.
        So yeah, thanks for everything you’ve done. It seems that everything is better than I could have expected.

        1. I’m happy for you. And I can say from my experience when it works it’s like music. I don’t really talk about how it is with my wife, but I can tell you I know other men with Asian wives and with western wives. I never hear happy messages from the ones with western wives, but I do from the guys with Asian wives. I just got a picture from Hanoi.
          Personally I am beyond happy. I could not imagine being married to any other girl, she is that good.
          She knows I’m a dawg and she just said if my infidelity comes back to her, I owe her a big present. She doesn’t assume I’m only with her…

        2. It is nice to be around a woman who behaves like a woman. When we’re walking along she hums softly to herself, there’s no act, no “games”.
          She doesn’t think too much of the Koreans or the Chinese but seems to enjoy being around Westerners. She said it is much easier to relax and also we are more honest.
          On a funny side note, my Korean ex messaged me the day before. I told her I didn’t really want to talk to her as I was talking with someone else. A flurry of nude selfies arrived in my inbox whereas in the past I would have been lucky to get a picture of her lunch. Preselection’s a bitch isn’t it? I want nothing more to do with a girl who wasted my time for 5 years.

        3. Congratulations! I married a traditionalist Catholic Korean (they exist) and I couldn’t be happier. All the best.

        4. Thanks, we’re not there yet, let’s just say a lot of things are lost in translation.
          As for Koreans, I had a horrendous experience with an American one though my friend had the opposite with a Christian girl. We still talk though and I don’t talk to any other girls that were ex’s so it must mean something.

        5. Ah help I’m being inundated with Chinese women on world friends. Did that happen to you?

        6. Hey, sorry about my terse reply earlier. Korean girls are very intelligent and can be quite beautiful if you get the right one. My friend is engaged to a similar girl and he’s very happy. Congratulations to you too.

  27. I wonder where children who are adopted/raised by homosexual couples fit in.

    1. They get “punked out” and become a sex toy for the homos friends.

    2. I think the word “raped” usually applies.

    3. Many of them, even if they aren’t physically abused, struggle with the concept that they were just a commodity to one of their parents. There’s a website where surrogate kids/adults post about their lives. Many of them talk about wondering what, if anything their surrogate Mom or sperm donor dad thought about them. Were they anything other than a payday? Beer money for sperm kind of thing. Or for mom, how could she just sell/give them away? That’s of course on top of wondering about/missing having both a mom and dad in their daily lives.

  28. The effects of divorce can last well into middle age. The effects of adultery a whole life time. Children of divorce suffer neglect at some level or another- at the very least- financially and emotionally. Especially where adultery is concerned- their needs just aren’t met at a basic level. They’re literally stuck to the past having difficulty moving on while the parents go onto create new families. Divorce has been a generational scourge from the late sixties to present times.

  29. My parents got divorced when I was three years old. My mother was an airhead who wanted to become an actress, so she immediately split and went to California – and I didn’t see her again for 16 years. My father got full custody but he was even more messed up than my mother was. He remarried and my gold-digging stepmother, with three kids of her own from a failed first marriage, started ruining my life from Day One (stepsons often represent the first wife, to stepmothers). To make matters worse, I was next in line in my grandfather’s will (on my father’s side), and my dad was cut out of it entirely. So he and my stepmother teamed up to try and get back in the will. They sabotaged the lives of my sister and I in an effort to accomplish this. (My sister was in the will, too.) They couldn’t get my grandfather to change the will, so my dad just went ahead and forged a new one. Which proves not all fathers are great parents. (I believe that very few couples have any business being parents at all, to be honest.) My stepmother died a few months ago and I was freaking relieved – I didn’t feel one scintilla of sadness about it. She was such a cunt, there were only two condolences on her online obituary, both by neighbors who barely knew her. She was 83 years old and nobody gave a flying fuck when she died. Her own children had basically nothing to do with her the last 20 years of her life. She was an alcoholic cunt and she used to beat on me when I was in high school, and I had this weird inkling it was because she had a sexual attraction to me. Sure enough, she came on to me when I was 26 and she was 51. Women are fucking dangerous, to themselves and everyone else. Doesn’t matter who they are, they’re all that way. I haven’t had a girlfriend in seven years because I’m sick of being around the cunts. When I want pussy, I pay for it – I’d much rather do that than risk having my life ruined by humping some demented “girlfriend”. Look at all the female teachers who are arrested for banging underage primary school, middle school and high school students. It’s an epidemic. They have no boundaries. They have no empathy. They’re all sociopaths. End of story.

    1. Holy fuck bro, that’s some serious story. I have to say in general I’m not pro pay4play but jeesus if I was you I would do the same. I’m happy you got out alive.

    2. you’re not alone man! I’ve basically concluded the same things you have.

    3. I’m going to admit, when I was a young child (and to an extent, even as a grown man), I fantasized about an abusive/evil/manipulative stepparent or boyfriend/girlfriend of said parent; why? So I can exact pure physical and mental brutality and suffering on them. And it would be fueled by this weirdly poetic, righteous fury. Call me crazy or weird, but I guess I was always a violent person. Training in full contact martial arts, weapons and owning firearms throughout my life was no coincidence (Oh and both my parents to this day are happily married and are very loving). Freud would have some commentary on this?
      But in your situation, have you ever retaliated by delivering a very deserving violence upon abusive parents?

      1. I thought about getting revenge more than once. There’s a lot more to this story. My father actually murdered my grandfather after he forged my grandfather’s will in order to get back into it. I found out, because we had a conversation on the phone after he cut ME out of his will, and I asked him why in the heck he had cut me out of his will, as his father had done to him, and my father said, “Because I’m afraid you’d off me”. And right then I knew he had killed my grandfather. He was also extremely abusive to my sister and me, both mentally and physically. Now that I’m all grown up, I happen to have close friends in what others might refer to as the mob. I contemplated having both of them put down like the rabid dogs they are, via my connections. God knows they both deserved it. But in the end, I figured I would end up being just like my dad, if I did this. So I let it go. However, I did pressure my father to cut part of my grandfather’s trust out for my sister and I – had to put extreme pressure on him to get it done, but he coughed up the principal (a lousy $70,000 each for my sister and I), after he had looted the rest of it (well over a million dollars’ worth of assets). My father was so fucked up he contemplated killing my sister and I for the life insurance policies he took out us years ago. He took the policies out on us about three months before he married my stepmother, when I was eight years old and my sister was 10. He bought a pontoon boat that summer. We had a summer place in Northern Indiana on a lake. He used to have a speed boat, and he loved to ski more than life itself. Suddenly he ups and buys a pontoon boat, which you can’t ski behind (they didn’t go fast enough back then – or at least this one didn’t). That whole summer, we tooled around the lake on that pontoon boat, and he made us sit on the front of the boat, wearing life jackets, directly in between the pontoons. As a trusting child, I never thought anything of it. But years later, I realized that had he decided at any point to put the boat in neutral, or in reverse, my sister and I would have tumbled into the water. And the boat would have run over us. And with our life jackets on, we would have been shredded by the motor at the rear of the boat. I remember a guy cruising by us one time that summer in a speed boat, and coming really close to us as he passed near us, and he was angry and yelling at the top of his lungs at us as he went past. Again, years later, I figured out what he was screaming about – only a murderous lunatic would have his children sit at the front of a pontoon boat in their life jackets while it was in operation. One day my father asked my sister and I, as we were dutifully sitting at the front of the pontoon boat in between the two pontoons, wearing our life jackets, if we thought it would be a good idea for him to marry the woman who was to become our stepmother – she had moved in next-door to us that spring. Both my sister and I hated the cunt, didn’t trust her one bit, and we thought it would be a terrible idea. But I looked at my sister and she looked at me, and somehow, we both knew that we should tell him we thought it was okay. So my sister said, “That would be fine, daddy”, and I nodded my head and said the same thing, and we both stared straight ahead and that was that. I am convinced to this day that had we caused problems at that precise moment, and told him what we really thought, we would have both been dead and he would have collected on the life insurance, not to mention then being able to play the role of the “grieving parent” which would most likely result in his being put back into my grandfather’s will. I try to look at the whole thing now as a trial that I underwent. Everybody has them – the universe does its thing and it’s nothing personal. And in the end I came out of it okay and I have never acted in the despicable ways that my father and stepmother acted, and I’m glad of that. But parents do horrendous things to children, that’s for sure. I’m only relating about 2% of what I went through – but I know a hell of a lot people have been through a lot worse, and many of them never lived to talk about it. So count thine blessings, etc.

        1. That was a heartbreaking read. In the end it will alright, if it isn’t alright, it isn’t the end. G-d Bless brother

  30. It never fails to amaze me how easy it is for a woman to nuke a perfectly happy home environment for families, for the flimsiest of reasons.

    1. My friend’s dad was a heart surgeon. 6 kids, killer house. wife leaves him for some broke dude. no rationale whatsoever. the female psyche doesn’t need reasons. You’re looking for reason where there is none, you won’t find any.

      1. She bought a better dick with her money, which was stolen from her husband and given to her as a reward for being brave.

  31. Most women are fuckin retarded. I believe there is credit to whoever theorized the female limbic system stops development around age 14. They’re obviously not equipped for life outside of the home and grocery store. Corporate America has given basically, or essentially, children the same rights as adults because children are impulsive and impulsive equals profit on stupid shit…tanning bed visits, divorce lawyers, trinkets, etc. Like a child, the woman in today’s world is, “Gimme that, it’s mine!”
    And you’re expected to cater to those bozos simply due that hairy crack in their pants. Bullshit. Slay that hairy crack and keep moving.

  32. Nature really fucked women. You couldn’t survive and hunt / gather food if you weren’t physically capable. Physical strength has been the ultimate trump card throughout history.
    Nature compensated women to survive by giving them enormous manipulative powers, and no moral qualms or emotional connections the way men do. They will naturally take advantage of whatever slack you give them. With the physical struggle mostly eliminated in western civ, womens’ free reign is at it’s peak terror as they face no consequences.

    1. And they are natural hypocrites. Their weakness is worrying about how others will judge them, hence public shaming had been so effective in the past to control their behavior.

      1. The reason for their phobic fear of judgment is that their very well being depends on the good will of others. Women will go hysterical when judged or held accountable for anything. Logic has no place in a woman’s mind. Bad for survival.

  33. Change the rules, that woman won’t get 50% of the mans money and his whole shit and the divorce rates will drop to 2%-5% again.

    1. Indeed. Remove the state from the situation, split up and tell the woman ‘good luck’ if she wants to file for divorce. She is free and clear (no hand in your pocket on the way out).
      Divorce works just like our welfare system. Because it exists, it creates a group of people in society who expect something for nothing. A welfare system makes people dependent just like our divorce system. I say give a woman her freedom to be free from the relationship but no cash and prizes on the way out…go, be free. You’ll see shit change very quickly.

  34. I am happy my parents divorced. My father had become violent and mental abusive toward my mother. He was very controlling and there were constantly drama. My life returned to safe and normal when they divorced and my mom is the best, she remarried with a great guy too.

    1. Ah yes, the 7-post “private” user who claims that her subjective and entirely unverifiable account of her personal life somehow has an impact on statistical truths.

  35. Okay, so did they do a breakdown to see how many of these women got a divorce because their husband was abusive, drank himself into oblivion or was a serial adulterer? No. Women just get divorced for NO REASON whatsoever, all the time, every time!!

      1. My point is, if a woman is being abused, like I was, what is she supposed to do? Just stay in the marriage and take it? I am sorry that there are women out there that are getting divorces for stupid reasons, but it sure makes it bad for the women who have good reasons for leaving a bad partner!

        1. Even before no-fault divorce, being physically abused was considered a legal reason for a divorce.
          Most divorces today are not due to anything that resembles abuse.

        2. Oh okay. I did not know that. I don’t think I am real familiar with this “no fault divorce”. I got divorced in SC where they require a year’s separation unless you can prove adultery or the like. The proof they required was not anything that I had that would stand up in court so I had to do the year separation.

    1. Actually, most of the time, it is for no actual real reason that anybody from any other generation would say is legitimate.
      The abuse/adultry/drunkard stuff *were* legitimate reasons for divorce and the law allowed for them before “no fault”. The divorce rate was at or below 7%-10% uniformly across the West. No fault hits and suddenly it skyrockets to 50%+. So yeah, I’m going to say that a small amount of cases are actually for real reasons and the majority of the rest are “I’m not haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappyyyy” after reading Eat, Love, Pray.

      1. If you could actually READ and took the time to look at the time stamps (1 day) on the answers that were given to my question you would see see I did, indeed, shut up. I was satisfied with the answers I was given and politely bowed out given that this is primarily a men’s site.
        So…..fuck you, douchebag!

    2. Well you know, meet a guy, move in with Mr. Abuser and instead of leaving pop out a kid or two and then weep and wail. Move on to next abusive creep – wash, rinse, repeat. Serial domestic abusers are NEVER without a woman.

      1. In some cases, yes it might have to do with the woman and her poor self esteem. But abusive men are very good at hiding the fact that they are, indeed abusive until it is too late. That’s what happened to me, I was tricked.

        1. Oh yes, the old self-esteem canard. Abusive, bat shit crazy women NEVER hide who they are. He was a perfect saint and she was an angel. I’m sorry you were so brained damaged to be “tricked”. So do tell, give me some timelines. How quickly did you move in together? When did his trickery jump out of the closet at you? Any drug or alcohol problems? Was he a criminal bad boy? What exactly is “too late”.
          I await hearing your soggy saga.

        2. Gosh it must be so nice to be you – you know, like PERFECT and all that.

        3. Gosh. You didn’t answer the questions. No sympathy here, perhaps another website comment section will render you the appropriate response.

        4. I think you are a lot more interested in making me out to be a fool than actually hearing my story. I’m just a woman, after all. Nothing I say is worth a hill of beans.

        5. Oh dear! Nothing you say is worth a hill of beans? Trying to wring a little sympathy from my sarcastic, pessimistic, stone cold heart?Do tell your story, I’m all eyes. How exactly were you “tricked”?
          “I’m just a woman after all”. Is that a country and western song?

        6. The song I had in my head was this one: https://youtu.be/PHzOOQfhPFg I HATE country.
          I’ll try to make this as short as possible: My family kinda sucked. My parents were what I consider to be, oh about D+ parents. They did the bare minimum to keep me alive. When I got to where I liked boys, I LIKED BOYS, ya dig? So marriage was a way to keep myself out of trouble and have somebody to help me with living expenses. This is not to say I was not interested in love, I was, very much so.
          Met my husband online and he fed me a line, talking about he loved me, blah,blah,blah. He lived far away, too. If he was in town it would have been a lot easier to say, “Um, yeah this is NOT working.” But 6 hours away from home, you’re more willing to make it work, even with almost constant verbal abuse and occasional physical abuse. The physical abuse would have been more frequent I think but I defended myself for the most part and he saw that he was not going to get any licks in without knowing I had been there. So by and large he stuck to yelling, insulting, belittling, criticizing, and in the last days, cheating.
          we bought a house. we stored up equity. I wanted a divorce, so did he. But he could not kick me out of the house without paying me at least half of what was paid into the house. I used this money to pay for the divorce (fucker) and to get myself a place to live. He had a FIANCEE at this point (motherfucker) and was more than ready to be rid of me. People constantly tell the battered woman to leave, leave, leave but she can’t can’t can’t without money. And if she feels like a nobody then if she does not have a job already then getting one is going to be very difficult, at least for a while.
          That’s it. Our daughter was 4 at the time. We shared custody because even though he was bad to me he was not all that bad to her. I called the cops on him once for spanking her bare bottom and I could hear it in the NEXT ROOM. I called the cops for myself once when he picked up a table and threw it at me. (He missed.) I locked him out of the house and called the cops. I’m not going to sit here and tell you everything he did but it was unbearable and I am glad to be rid of his sorry fucking ass.

        7. It’s rather telling that your primary reasons for getting married, per your own, narcissistic disclosure, were (a) to try and put a lid on your own raging promiscuity and (b) to secure a financial asset.

        8. 1.). And the alternatives were to continue to sleep around or maybe become a nun? Sorry, but marriage seemed like a good idea idea the time. And don’t sit there an say that guys don’t get married for steady booty. If that were not the case we would not have the shortage of priests that we do now. 2.). You assume that I was going to stay home and not work. The only good excuse for a woman to stay home and not work is if she has an infant child. I did not want to go back to work full time until my child was at least 2 years old. I think a woman can stay out of the workplace for 2 years. Of course if she has 6 kids it might be worth it for her just to stay home but only if she has a GOOD HUSBAND. And if she has has bad husband she should not b trying to have 6 kids with him she should be looking for a way out!

        9. 1.) Don’t you dare sit there and tell me that men do not get married for the same reason. No, most of them do the less desirable option and sleep around until death. Is this what you prefer society to do? 2.) Funny how you assume that I would just sit at home and eat bon bons all day. No. I was willing to work. It’s just that as we all know well it takes TWO incomes to survive nowadays. The only good excuse for staying out of the workforce as a mom OR a dad is an infant in the home, until the age of about 2 or perhaps, and, subject to discussion, having any more than three children in the home. Around or after 3 kids it becomes quite impractical to put them in day care or for some moms, even school. (They home school instead.) This cannot be done without a VERY good husband however. I would not even TRY to home school my kids and hold down a job too. Oh no, no, no! So don’t make me out to be some crazy person for wanting what I wanted when men do the same damn thing.

        10. I left a comment in response to yours but it must have gotten deleted. What I said was – don’t even try to pretend that guys don’t do the same thing. My ex-husband is currently with a sugar mama who makes a lot more than I ever did and maybe ever will hope to make, I don’t know. Women supporting “imperfect” men (alcoholics and the like) is a common problem. Yet you blame women for men’s bad behavior by “putting up with them.” Why not try putting a boot in said men’s ass and say, “Hey!! That’s not how you treat women!” Also, men get married for the steady booty too, probably more so than the women because popular opinion says that men have a higher sex drive. So don’t even try to say this is a “bad thing.” Better to be married and be banging one person than to be sticking it into anything with a vagina like A LOT OF MEN LIKE TO DO until death. Please, I mean really. You act like men are morally superior to women or something. *Eyes rolled back into head 180 degrees*

    3. Actually, there have been such breakdowns. And it proves quite conclusively that the old “I left my husband because he beat me” is a furphy. A 1991 Justice Department survey found that more than two-thirds of domestic violence offenders were boyfriends or ex-spouses, while just 9 percent were spouses. Cohabitating women, according to one review of the literature, are four times more likely to suffer severe violence than married women.
      That is, less than one in ten women who are abused are married. Marriage is actually a protective factor against abuse … which kinda undercuts the whole bullshit line that women only get divorced because the husband abuses them.

      1. Well that is comforting to hear in that I did not co-habit, but it also means that I was one of those unlucky one in ten. I was married. And I was abused. Men on this page seem to think that men do no wrong.

        1. Tracy- hardest thing to overcome is experience, so your is yours and mine is mine. Perhaps you really didn’t see this coming, perhaps the dating period/engagement was too short, or you didn’t have the experience to see the warning signs, or friends/relatives to advise you. (My mom’s sage advice to my sisters- date a lot to know what you’re compatible with/don’t sleep around and demean yourself/ long courtship -short engagement)
          My experience was during high school, a friend had to leave work one day when his little sister rushed in to say the new step dad was beating up mom like the last 5 or 6 boyfriend/husbands had.
          So, I do believe there are naïve women who won’t make the mistake again. But I have experience with women and men who find each other as participants in the abuse cycle. I would guess that applies even in role reversal. Men who court/date/marry abusive women in a repeating cycle.

        2. Yeah, I know. Sucks to be me, right? I finally got the money to get out, so I did for the sake of my daughter. It would be nice to know what it is like to be in a marriage where the man actually loves and respects me. Really don’t know what that is like. What I hate also is that I am now too old to have a 50 year wedding anniversary.

  36. the fathers of today are weak clowns anyway. divorce or not, children will still be missing out on real parents.

    1. Also, in my mother’s day, when the woman became in a “family way” the man knew what to do. I believe it was called “shot gun wedding” for a reason.

      1. Yes, the operative shotgun generally being wielded by the girl’s father at the altar.

    2. Do a little stat rundown on the correlation between being raised by a single parent and incarceration rates – astounding.

      1. i know those statistics. but that prison-business-thing is an american thing mainly. i researched alot about prisons, and it seems they (americans) do crime just for the sake of it. “robbing and raping and murdering for 10 dollars, seems like a good deal, i’ll go for it”

    3. i feel like this cannot be stressed enough. while no fault divorce laws are a serious problem….men not being men and thus not being fathers is equally damaging. though i have to think and i might be wrong, but keeping the dad around even if he isnt much of a dad is probably better than single motherhood.

      1. then you just have to learn from the idiotic behavior of that guy. maybe it’s better to keep a clown around maybe not.

        1. it really isnt so much idiotic behavior as it is men are socially conditioned to not act like men so they behave as such. thats a far cry different from just not copying dingbats.
          granted anyone who takes the red pill overcomes some of this social conditioning….but its nearly impossible to overcome every aspect of it as the world is far too blue pill, and if it is, it will take considerable time. the old “work in babylon but dont be of babylon” philosophy.

  37. A child from a broken family will become broken and have physiological problems! A STRONG family is the most important thing in life which isn’t very strong in the west. Child care doesn’t exist in the East, only in large cities that have been westernised.

  38. In the lottery that is life, we do not get to choose our parents.
    With mine, I pulled a winner.
    Married in the 1950s.
    Stayed married for fifty years till mama died.
    They were the best thing that ever happened to each other.
    The both worked, he running his business, she running the home.
    Four children, no parasites.
    Now that I have many more years behind than ahead of me, I try to spend more time being grateful for what I got.
    When i visit the cemetery where they and other relatives are buried, it is impossible for me to mourn, recollecting the memory of all of them, how I received nothing but good at their hands.
    But I was not alone in my experience, in that time and place.
    Now increasingly fewer children will have the same good fortune I enjoyed. We seem now to see both extremes, children neglected and abused, or
    over-monitored and closely regulated. The former grow up with no setf
    discipline, the latter without moreal courage. This latter breeds the
    hypersensitive immature collegians who are afraid of freedom and hope
    to abolish it.
    I don’t know how to fix this, and I am not sure it can be.
    There would have to be a kind of Thermidorian reaction, or an equivalent to the 2nd Great Awakening.
    Mathematically, there is always hope, because we cannot predict all the consequences to any sequence of events – the possible states of the world grow to many. But it’s been a while since I’ve had much hope for improvement. Peter Hitchens, Chiristopher Hitchens’ brother and philosophical opposite, is fond of stating he has long given up hope, and that his mission is to chronicle his country’s irrecoverable decay.
    I have written this much, as much to offset the dread reading the entries in this thread, as to again visit my past. If you grew up in a good one, the past is a good country to visit. You can go often as you please, and stay long as you like. As I come to the end of things, I expect to be there more often.
    Best regards to all on this topic.

  39. These stats are known. That’s why lawmakers, who are lawyers, keep refining the situations that enable them — the more trouble, the more money lawyers make.

  40. … and this is the reason why as the father I have custody of my kids and mom visits them in their home with me. Its why I haven’t brought a stranger into their home with me and them.
    When my wife fell into the mid-life depression doing the ‘I’m bored’/’I love you but I’m not in love with you tango’; I tried doing research- found much of what’s listed above. Problem being there is very little about the difference between single father’s vice single mothers. However, I could find nothing supporting the claim of single biological fathers having a higher rate of abuse of children that’s made here.

  41. My parents divorced when I was 6 months to a year old but in this case my mother left and my dad raised me by himself for a year until my stepmom arrived. We never bonded, she was abusive and she would turn my dad against me. I do not speak to them and haven’t in the last 3 years; unsurprisingly my self-image improved and my crippling anxiety went away when I disassociated from them. It felt like I was sawing off my own arm but it was worth it. Divorce destroys families irreparably when parents don’t care about how it affects their kids. My birth mother isn’t innocent either and I’ve seen her maybe 3 times in 25 years and haven’t seen or heard from her in 15 years.

  42. I’ve been telling kids in their 20’s to not even get married anymore. There’s no benefit in it for men. Men’s are just routinely fucked over by the legal system by women. If they do get married they are basically giving up their life to the whims of the irrational, emotionally driven female psyche.

  43. Statistics show that it’s actually the stepmother who’s more likely to abuse/neglect the kids. And yeah, when a mom gets the kids, the kids might as well tell their future psychiatrists that they were raised in a whore house. The irony is that most men love kids and want to be true parents to them. Then it’s the mother and her female game that makes the household unfit for children.

  44. These women always bring in a different man into the household that abuse the children. They deliberately keep the children away from their real fathers. These women are manipulative and play the woman card.

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