Either Everyone Can Use The N-Word Or No One Can

Forgetting black airport workers and travelers, what’s the first thing an Australian like me often hears an African-American saying on the street after arriving in the US? Nigga, nigga, and nigga. Again and again, this word accosts my ears. From New York City to LA, Chicago to Seattle, it does not matter, unless you’re a white guy saying it. Because of this very strange, asymmetrical phenomenon, I put the following to you: either everyone should be able to use the word “nigga” and its ancestor “nigger,” or no one should.

If a white person, even a non-American, says either “nigger” or, more commonly, “nigga” in the presence of a so-called “brother,” their subsequent dental bill will be conservatively estimated at above $10,000. Yet for blacks it is the perennial term of endearment or rebuke, used in situations as disparate as casual greetings to bickering over a particular loose woman two parties want. How can a word be racist when a white says it, but acceptable when a black does?

The problem is really one of self-serving leftists selectively condoning different users of what is essentially one word, not two, depending on the skin color of the user. Why are liberals and SJWs especially so insistent on eliminating the word “nigger” from all parlance, all while turning a completely blind eye to African-Americans uttering “nigga”? After all, American elocution across every race and location is not only diverse in its types but greatly slackening overall. Lax, casual pronunciation invariably results in “nigger” sounding either identical or very close to “nigga.” Furthermore, a quasi-suffix change, lazy word endings or not, should not mean the difference between perpetuating racism and promoting a “beneficial,” expressive form of ebonics between African-Americans.

What SJWs really want is two separate but related forms of linguistic victimhood for African-Americans. On the one hand, whites using the term “nigger” or non-racistly appropriating “nigga” is the modern reinvention of slavery and Jim Crow era styles of oppression. Or so leftists say. Then we have blacks referring to one another as a “nigga.” The substitution of “-a” for “-er” is meant to make the word not just palatable but acceptable. Having been derived from “nigger,” though, the word is a subtle instrument for making African-Americans feel like victims amongst their own communities, with just the slightest phonetic difference between the two varieties. This reinforced victimhood is vital for left-of-center elites.

Democrats and SJWs need an almost universally pro-leftist and “victimized” black community, hence why “nigga” is tolerated and even promoted

Bill could count on the black vote and Hillary will. But what have they actually produced, aside from racial conspiracy theories that serve to keep African-Americans feeling victimized?

People often remark that evangelicals are the backbone of the Republican Party. What few remember, nonetheless, is that *only* 79% of them voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012. Comparable figures can be retrieved for both Bush elections and John McCain’s failed Presidential bid. Still, when this is compared to the proportion of blacks voting for Democratic Presidential (or Congressional) candidates, it fizzles into mediocrity. Some 93% of blacks voted for Obama in 2012. It did not matter that Obama himself was black; Clinton, Gore and Kerry all routed Republicans in attaining black votes. Unless you discount the liberal vs. conservative and Democratic vs. Republican categories, which are essentially meaningless in explaining voting preferences, no major demographic group votes anywhere close to as reliably for one party as blacks do for the Democrats.

This loyal base of support, which proves the difference in election after election won by Democrats, depends on reminding blacks of the past and, unfairly, associating that past directly with modern Republicans and just generally non-Democrats and non-SJWs. The GOP may have presided over the elimination of slavery in the 1860s, but the once vehemently pro-slavery Democrats are falsely equated with fighting contemporary racism.

This is where “nigga” comes in. Whenever it is used by African-Americans, it is seen as “reclaiming” the word. But to use “nigga” implies that the word “nigger” is in overuse today, which is patently not the case. The reality does not matter. What does is the bonafide scaremongering, namely that racism apparently lurks behind every corner featuring a white.

If this false climate of persecution were lacking or faded into non-existence, Democrats would have nothing to lure in black voters. They have delivered nothing of value for African-American communities. Incarceration rates for African-American young men actually increased due to Clinton era policies of sentencing, even as Democrats claimed that racism, not personal choice, explained the superlative rates of blacks being jailed for violent crimes.

To hide these failures, which extend to areas as wide as social welfare dependency and representation within the corporate and professional worlds, leftists need to use cheap devices like fixations on when whites rarely use the N-word or cops shooting black men either armed or reaching for their gun.

Beat up on everyone who says the N-word or let them all say it without consequence

People who use the word “nigga” in empowering ways. Not pictured: the white guy they kicked the shit out for saying “nigga” without even using “nigger.”

I do not support violence but using the N-word in either of its forms would be semi-understandable… if everyone faced the same penalties for mouthing it out. Until such time as there is equivalency in social and even physical rebukes, no black person should be able to reserve an exclusive right of use compared to whites and others.

Reaction to the word “nigger,” when blacks use basically the same term but with an “-a” themselves, also underscores the lack of legitimate gripes race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have. They have to use poster boys for alleged police violence like Michael Brown, who was unequivocally proven to have assaulted Officer Darren Wilson and definitely tried to take his gun. Failing that, they can rail against a word whose derivative is the most commonly used noun of a massive proportion of African-Americans

For once in debates like this one, can we please inject some common sense? Alas, again probably, that’s asking for far too much.

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314 thoughts on “Either Everyone Can Use The N-Word Or No One Can”

  1. “Yo’ Barry…You Did It, My Nigga…”
    — Larry Willmore to President Obama At Washington Correspondents’ Dinner.

    1. “Being President isn’t a reality show”
      – Barack Hussein Obama

  2. Always thought it was dumb how some african americans refer to each other by a racial slur “ironically”, even when i used to listen to shit hop.
    Its no different than when cucked up european americans guilt trip each other over slavery and having “privilege”

  3. The N word can be used to great effect like in this clip from Mississippi burning.

  4. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were close friends who called each other “wop” but an Irishman would not get away with calling them that. However, the Irish can call each other Micks but them’s fightin’ words if you are not Irish.

    1. That’s a good point. I’ve used the term “wop” and “spic” but only in hostile moments with Italians and Puerto Ricans respectively. It was not cool for them to use the term “nigger” unless hostilities began. However, there were exceptions, if we were altogether telling ethnic jokes for fun then it was okay. I will concede that Italians who used the term “wop” or “guinea”, did so only amongst themselves. Black folks on the other hand, totally violated that rule.
      There is another exception that some might find weird. If you grew up in the Black community in all likelihood, you were considered Black and so it was okay for them to use the term “nigga”. I knew whites and Puerto Ricans, considered to be culturally Black, who used the term “nigga” freely. A Puerto Rican boxer named Hector Macho Camacho defeated another Puerto Rican boxer on a nationally televised event. In the post fight interview, he was filled with exuberance and proudly declared “Bring on all them niggas!” I was like “Hell yeah!!!!!”. Black folks who were not from New York lost their fuckin minds! Black folks in New York were like “What’s the problem?”

  5. Making words more than just words, or only usable by certain classes/groups/ethnicity/religions is a form of censorship.
    Oppose censorship in all it’s forms.

  6. This is silly. We all know that as the oppressed group, black people are more equal than white people. Stop trying to advocate real equality.

      1. 2046???
        You haven’t seen the video of the Ceda debate championship debate, between universities, 2014 FINAL ROUND. The top of the top of the elites that will rule America in the next generation. Enjoy.
        And advance the video, it gets better and better.

        1. This is actual debate footage. Topic: Should he United States Federal Government increase statutory and/or judicial restrictions on the war powers authority of the President of the United States in one or more of the following areas: targeted killing; indefinite detention; offensive cyber operations; or introducing United States Armed Forces into hostilities.
          If you can stomach watching the whole thing, neither side makes anything resembling a coherent point. The losing side gave a rap performance about “the darker the berries the sweeter the juice”; the winning side stammered to the point where I literally thought she was having a seizure.

        2. I know. That’s the problem: this is very real. It’s not some kind of parody or comedy. This is really the final of the debate championship in US.
          That has gone beyond the point of being grotesque. It’s absolutely scaring.

        3. And I really don’t even have a problem with those barking idiots up on stage. They are what they are. They’re kids. Apparently, whatever formal education they received was a complete sham.
          I do have a problem with the white liberals running this competition and mindlessly/shamelessly applauding this drivel. Seriously, wtf is wrong with these people?

        4. Yeap, it’s not the barking idiots fault: you can’t blame a bunch of retards for being a bunch of retards. But the guys running the competition, they’re supposed to be clever people. And the problem appears when the supposedly clever elites behave like idiots.

      1. “And the highest grossing movie that year was called Ass, and that’s all it was for 134 minutes. It won nine Oscars, including best original screenplay.”

        1. Ow, My Nuts was nominated for fourteen Oscars and got best picture and best screenplay.

    1. Why even attend class? Give all of these students crying racism (black, white or other) top grades and then send them on their way (out of your classroom).

    2. You must be a gen-Xer. I was raised to believe that being “colorblind” was the way out of racism. Now it turns out that’s racist too. I am supposed to recognize others for their race and… and.. I don’t know… grovel?

  7. This article is rayciss, and I am triggered. Does ROK have a Hugbox to protect my Tumblrfeelz?

    1. I use the goddamm “n” word in front of guys of obvious negroid decent, because I have balls between my legs — not a vagina. And, it puts me toe-to-toe with fucking ignorant Negroes who’d like to kick my every-lovin’ whitey ass because of a word — a sound I make with my mouth (ala Doug Stanhope), to which the fucking ignorant dipshits of negroid persuasion react too as if injected with a bad strain of measles.
      But, I’ll call a spade a spade, by the “N-word” moniker if I choose. If those people “of color” have a g-damn problem with that, they can clean my asshole with their negroid tongues, because it’s obivous that their squirrel-zied biains are simply conditioned Pavlovian-style to simply react to the sounds of the “N” word, rather than use their intellect to restrain their pre-conditioned response of Neanderthal violence toward the mere auditory stimulation of a a two-syllable word.
      (but they better be prepared for some ass-hurt if they call me a “cracker”)

        1. You racists are bitches you dont have the balls to say it to someones face.

    2. You know, there’s probably more important problems facing the world…

      1. See, I couldn’t do stuff like that. First, I freaking hate mindless assholes so much that, why provoke them? If there’s a misunderstanding and some guy gets up in my face and wants to fight over it, I’m gonna knock him on his ass.

  8. Things like this are why I refuse to use the term “African-American” in place of “black.” Not only is it a mouthful, but why should I, as a white person, use a PC term like that when black people will just call each other niggers anyway?

    1. Speaking only for myself, I prefer you guys to use the term “Black people”. It sounds more lyrical and African American sounds gay. An African American man is married to a repressed lesbian wife who makes him wear her Birkenstocks, and shames him into going to the lesbian bookstore to hear the poetry reading while wearing a powder blue dashiki.
      Thank you for using the term “Black”, from the bottom of my heart!

      1. I’m curious, Al, how do you feel about the term “nigger” as a whole? Does it offend you? Do you think of it as a word and nothing else? Or does its meaning change depending on the motive of the speaker (i.e. a white guy telling a joke vs. a Klansman)?

        1. WARNING: This comment is meandering and may have no main idea.
          It seems complicated to me in retrospect. I’m still processing this.
          In my youth I took it personally. We were conditioned to take it that way. At the same time, we knew not to call people “wops” or “Polacks” because that was setting shit off. There were boundaries.
          I’m older now and if a person says a comment exclusively about Black people for the purpose of devaluing me, I have convinced myself that a response is an admission of your lack of value. I believe myself to have value and so to respond, in my mind, is an attempt to convince myself of my own value rather than the person who uses the term. Let me be clear and say that the term nigger is of a lesser concern for me but I’ll refrain from ever using the term “white boy”, “wop”, “guinea”. It’s something I don’t do. Besides, a lot of those cats are friends of mine and it is also an issue of respect for people in general. Using such terms also makes me look like an asshole.
          Nigger, to me, is name calling and nothing more if the context is hostile. Might as well call me a dumb-ass. I’ve never met a person who has gotten into a fight over such.
          When telling ethnic or “racist” jokes for fun, the usage of racist epithets is indispensable because to not, the jokes and the ensuing humor loose their effectiveness.
          Those are my random and disconnected thoughts. This probably was of no help to you but I tried. It’s been a “minute” since I thought of what you asked of me. I apologize for the disjointed ideas.

        2. No worries, you definitely provided some good information. It seems like it’s the “woe is me” blacks that feel they’re being victimized that freak out the most over the word (Yet call one another niggers all the time). You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and it makes sense that you’d transcend it. After all, someone who gets offended by the word “nigger” is probably that – A nigger.

      2. Indeed. Too many people sugar coat shit when it doesn’t have to be that difficult. When I’m describing a person I’ll say white or black (as an example). I’m not doing the whole European American or African American explanation.
        It reminds me of men taking their wife’s last name in marriage with that hyphenated bullshit (i.e. Simpson-Wells). How do you look a man in the eye (as a man) with that going on? Not I.

      3. Dashiki cucklord! LOL! That’s awesome that she makes him wear it so he’s more..”Black”.

    2. It also impugns on every American’s God-given right to contraction. Nobody says “Gimme a Bud-weis-er!”. It’s always “Gimme a Bud!”.
      Using a seven syllable word in place of the completely legitimate “black” is stupid and pretentious.

    3. Charlize Theron is African American. Calling someone African American doesn’t communicate anything other than geography. If you want to describe someone as having dark skin, you call them black. Simple as that. There’s nothing wrong with observing someone’s race.

    4. Elon Musk – my favorite African American entrepreneur
      Charlize Theron – Hollywood’s hottest African American actress

    5. You actually dont have to do anything of the sort, there are no laws preventing you from saying black instead of African American.
      Yes, people have a right to be obnoxious to you and refuse to hire you if they dont like the words you use. But as far as I know you have the right to do the exact same thing.

    6. Exactly, and I don’t know their immigration statues either. Could be a black man from South Africa for all I know.

    7. It”s so confusing there are those that find it offensive to be called black and then there are those that hate being called African American because it is sayiing they are from a third world country that they aren’t proud of.

  9. Most word policing also falls apart when you examine it with a logical lens. Over Mother’s Day weekend my mom referred to Caitlyn Jenner as a “tranny”. My college student sister heard this and started going off about how it’s “fucking disrespectful” to use the word “tranny”. But “tranny” is nothing but the first syllable of “transsexual” with a Y at the end. Likewise, “Homo” is considered a slur, but you have to say “Homo” when you say “Homosexual”, the proper term for a gay person. By the logic presented above, if I have a friend named Michael then it should be disrespectful to call him Mike or Mikey.

    1. I guess she didn’t think it was “fucking disrespectful ” to use language like that around her mom?

      1. When someone’s feels are hurt or they have to uphold a narrative, all bets are off. Besides, this is what kids who have gotten the easy life because of their parents treat their parents.

        1. Parents are going to have to return to the days of putting stripes on some asses. If I had used such language around my mother my Dad would have given me a thrashing I would never forget.
          I rarely have face to face interaction with such morons but, I have noticed on the WWW that young women and he-bitches always try to use the dirtiest language whenever someone says something they disagree with.

        2. I’m pretty sure there was an article on ROK about foul-mouthed SJWs. It’s like they don’t have the spines or the credentials to really be taken seriously, so they have to channel their rage through cursing. I love cursing and do it regularly, but when you’re in a debate it just makes you sound childish.

        3. “St Nuke of the Epissles held that punk writing should contain no obscenities or pornications of any kind,
          And that punk writers should use no obscenities or pornications of any kind,
          because that was the easiest way to be different from other writers,
          and besides, they’d never learn any new words if they could use obscenities whenever they wanted to.”
          BB Rules 11:1-4

        4. These parents are responsible for molding their children into useless eaters, incapable of maintaining or functioning in an advanced society.
          When they die the miserable death that useless eaters die they only have themselves to blame and the echoing screams of torment from the afflicted to comfort them in eternal fire.

        5. I also use a great deal of unsavory language but, only in appropriate places and times, one should never do it in polite company. Her parents should have slapped the taste out of her mouth.

      2. This is how women operate. Always shaming and police others. The only thing you can do is not bend to it, even though it is constant and relentless.
        The best you can do is find woman who doesnt do that, but even then its a matter of time before she does that kind of shit.

    2. Hmmmm. If I’d have told my mom how to speak, much less using the f-bomb, I’d likely be missing even more teeth now.

    3. I draw the line when it comes to sexual deviants. You can’t do anything about being Black, but you sure as shit can choose to dress as the other sex or elect to have a very very very evasive operation and take powerful drugs for the rest of your life! Likewise, you can choose to engage in defiling sexual activity. There is a HUGE difference.

    4. Caitlyn who? You mean Bruce Jenner?
      Geez, just say what you mean. No need to confuse us all with that newspeak.

      1. I’m still wondering when is the woman going to give back the medals that the man won?
        You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. If it’s a new life, then you start with zero, bitch. She can give up the money as well.
        There are no free rides…even for trannies.

        1. Bruce Jenner, former Olympic Athlete who now identifies as a “woman” called “Caitlyn Jenner”. I swear I cannot make this stuff up.

        2. She/He eat just announced today that she regrets ‘becoming’ (LMAO) a woman and wants to return to being a man. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA… I am dead serious!!!

    5. also, even “homosexual” is considered disrespectful, as in “homosexual marriage.” You have to call it “gaaaaay marriage” because they’re so happy and “gay” and oh so great.
      aceptance is not enough. you must celebra their degeneracy.

      1. Andrew Dice Clay has a new show on TV that dealt with this in the first episode. He was congratulating a couple on getting “gay married” and they snapped back saying it’s just getting married.

      2. I use homosexual because it is clinical and accurate, and it really pisses people off. And I like to do that.

    6. Pics of sister?
      She sounds like a perfect candidate to get hatefucked by a clown

    7. Faggot or fairy works better. “Homo” doesnt really cut. And if Im insulting a tranny Id rather say “freak” than tranny.

      1. i prefer sodomite. Faggot is a bundle of sticks, fairy is a mythical creature of european folklore, and gay just means happy.

        1. i use sodomite as a clinical term for describing sexual degenerates. I use degenerate as more of a derogatory term.

        2. Having a clinical term to use is a good idea
          I also recommend a legal term: buggery
          Not only is it technical it also encapsulates nearly all degenerate behavior into a single category.

    8. I’m assuming your parents wasted alot of money to have her sent to a leftist cunt indoctrination center? That’s gratitude for you.

      1. Yes, which she then dropped out of, wasting a ton of their money before being accepted to a new school and choosing a new major and starting all over again. She’s also never had a job and lives at home and is the definition of a consumer. Meanwhile my parents expected me to work for allowance from the age of 5, buy all my own toys, and use tons of loans to go through college and then pay off the massive debts when I was done. She and I were both raised by the same parents, yet they treat the girl with kid gloves and she turns into a cunt while I turned into a responsible person who refuses any help from them financially.

        1. Yeah, but don’t you kind of want to slap your parents now? I’m glad they raised you well, but they ruined your sister so it sounds.

        2. I’m glad they raised me the way they did, although I still wasn’t 100% free from the Millennial entitlement. But yeah, it’s like my mom is a battered woman when it comes to my sister. She takes so much crap but won’t kick her out because she knows my sister would probably die if left to her own devices for 24 hours.

        3. “She and I were both raised by the same parents, yet they treat the girl with kid gloves..”
          I have a set of cousins like that. The coddled female went on to grad school and became a leftwing lunatic teaching out west. The son dropped out of HS, did some time in the joint and has not been seen or heard from in years.

    9. Good point. I say what i want to say.
      I called this kid at work a retard in describing what I saw at work one day. Another person at work said I shouldn’t say things like that…I told them to mind their damn business (I didn’t include them in my conversation…they were listening in).
      That is the problem with the world, today. Not enough people are telling other people to stay the fuck out of their business (and conversations). They openly will give their opinion even when you’re not talking to them.

      1. exactly, they meddling into the dialog as if you have to justify to them what you say. control freaks in need of attention, as if everything you do has to go through them first. they establish themselves as some kind of law. like they are responsible of your behavior. clowns. not giving them any recognition whatever they say should help.

        1. You simply take away their power (or their perceived power) by telling them to stay out of your business, your conversation, etc…because you weren’t discussing it with them. Sometimes they’ll come back with something stupid like “it’s a free country or I have my rights”…yet others don’t have rights. It’s that stupid sometimes but I call them out as needed.

        2. yes i do the same. when it happens, i think their intention is to challenge me, if it’s appropriate (if they think they are strong) i call their bluff. if some harmless guy says something i dont care.

      2. The main tactic of SJWs is to find something they aren’t related to and defend it to look like a hero without having to take the full brunt of real discrimination to bog down on them

        1. A good point. I find that sometimes it doesn’t even matter if it’s related to them or not. The disconnect in their logic with reality is stunning. They’ll use one set of rules for one thing but will not apply it to other things. It’s the reason why everyone else is “allowed” to be proud of who they are until you get to white people…then it becomes a negative (using their logic and how they apply it).

    10. Five words that will help you in life. If you only had five words to use until you die, these would be it – I DONT GIVE A FUCK

  10. There are some good points in this article. I just don’t sweat the issue too much, because A: I don’t give a rodent’s posterior what blacks call each other, B: I have no desire to use the word, and C: It sounds kinda retarded when most white people say “nigga”. Something wrong with the accent, I think.

      1. It can be done. Technoviking pulled it off. But then again, he is a techno viking.

      2. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s fair to say, that guy probably makes bad decisions everyday.

  11. I watched Selma a few weeks ago and found it interesting that, during the movie, George Wallace said something to the effect of, “the liberals and progressives are ruining this country.” What the movie failed to mention was that Wallace, Mr. pro segregation, widely considered one of the most racist politicians of the Civil Rights era, was a Democrat. But no, better to rewrite history and make Wallace an evil right leaning Republican than tell the truth.
    Edit: In relation to the article, none of my black friends use the term nigga. It’s viewed as a word used by classless people. One of my friends gets pissed and chastises other blacks who call him that.

    1. Wallace is an interesting character. He was not a racist at heart, and his first election he ran under what was an incredibly progressive agenda for the time. He was thoroughly defeated. He ran again, with a pro-white agenda, and won big time. He is therefore nothing more than an opportunist, which is what all politicians are. So you can’t really judge him for doing anything out of the ordinary. He even embraced his original views after running for president, and was accepted in the black community. There was a documentary made that showed he had a black assistant at the end when he was in a wheelchair. The director tried to introduce a theme of hidden hate, and I’m sure some do hate him for not fully understanding what he did, but he won huge in the black counties in his last election.
      However, I’ve never seen Wallace portrayed as a Republican, so I’m not sure where you’re getting that from.

      1. In popular culture, his legacy will always be that as a segregationist. Sure, when you get into it, he might not have been the evil racist the media presents him to be, but that is not what most people will remember him for. He will always be seen as a white tyrant, even if this portrayal is flawed.
        In regards to the Republican portrayal, I was referring to the movie Selma. I can’t recall if he was labeled a Republican in that movie, but his usage of the terms “liberal and progressive” were clearly meant to align him with modern day conservatives and steal away from the fact that he was a Democrat.

        1. You must be a yankee. Down here in the south, we’re used to all our politicians railing against liberals and commies 🙂
          Actually post-Obama there was a huge change. But prior to that most of the South was democrat. Our liberals are nothing like DC liberals though.

        2. Haha, I thought you were on the West coast.
          The South is the shit; I don’t think I’ll ever leave here.
          I was inspecting a factory in North Carolina last week and cracked some joke about “these days, you never know…” after he told us that the women’s restroom was essentially the same as the men’s we had just inspected, “but without the urinals.” He was clearly trying to keep us out of the ladies’ loo and he merely shrugged after my joke. It never actually occurred to any of us that we might actually want to venture in there for the sake of the job… we just moved on.

    2. Back in the day there were conservative and liberal wings in both parties. Further back in the nation’s history, the party we now call Republican was liberal, and the party we call Democrat was conservative. The shift happened gradually, culminating in the 1960s when many Southern Democrats shifted to the Republican party.

    3. and in an interesting twist of events, speaking of Wallace and the 60s….we’re now seeing that colleges may go back to being segregated because it’s what many black people want, today.
      The whole “safe space” shit is out of hand. People who feel threatened for whatever bullshit reason are now needing these “safe spaces”. It’s like an adult daycare center….damn pussies.

      1. Black seperatists. Soon they will have enclaves out in Montana-far far far away from the white separatists like Randy Weaver, rip…

  12. Here’s the thing, I don’t use the N word because there are lots of black people that I like and admire and what can they do about being black anyway? Pull up Thomas Sowell on youtube…there is one where he verbally body slams a feminist and communist. He’s a gem. I really liked Ben Carson. I see their race as inconsequential. Yeah, they’re black but so what. And that’s the wonderful thing about how America works. Wop, Deigo, Mick, Ginny, Gook, Honkey…every ethnic group has or had its “nickname” or slur at one point. So, why don’t we hear wop or mick anymore? Answer: because over time and as we all assimilated people en mass stop using it out of consideration for others. They became friends with the gook or their daughter married a wop etc. Black folk, admittedly, had it tougher or, perhaps, saw their ascension later than others i.e. the Irish dealt with their oppression earlier. But, and I get this from Sowell, they were well on their way to proving themselves as a valuable part of American society, and they are minus the liberals patronizing welfare state, which is truly keeping them down. The point is that we do NOT need the heavy hand of the state to regulate speech and thought in order to ultimately stomp-out racism or racism against Blacks. Just like with the Irish, Italians, Russians, Chinese etc, over time it stomps itself out and, frankly, it is stomped out. Saying only this group can use this word and others can’t…its fucking childish and its a silly attempt to control others. I don’t say N, so, why should it matter if only you can say it but I can’t? How about this – Grow the fuck up.
    Lastly, I think Neomasculinity has transcended race and many other otherwise stark differences between people that the left says are irreconcilable and systemic and institutionalized without their special touch. Its a testament to the legitimacy of our ideology.

    1. Theres no good insults for North European Americans,
      We have insults for North Europeans, like Kraut, or Limey, or the all inclusive “Eurotrash” (God bless whoever came up with that one, seriously, thats a beautiful insult), but for Americans who come from N, Europe? Not really.
      Honkey, Gringo, Gweilo, are all ethnic specific for the user. It doesnt sound right unless someone who is black uses Honky, similarly you have to be either Mexican or Chinese for the other two.
      I mean dont get me wrong, theyre great insults and you should be proud of them. But it jsut doesnt sound the same if I say it. Even with all the worst intention in the world, Id still feel weird calling you a Gweilo.
      Dago, and wop work fine, because they have a musical, operatic feel. With all the Italian passion behind it. Sp we can make fun of the Italian passionate craziness. Wop also sounds like mop, so that works too.m also since they are mediteranian a lot of their people have curly mop-like hair, so thats funny.
      Same with “Jew bastard”. It works, it brings to mind some double dealing two faced Jew “bastid” who always has an answer for everything. Personally speaking, it gets to me when someone says it in anger, so I can attest taht it works, and it also has an Irish music to it, so it feels great. Trips right off the tongue of the user. However, the epithet “kike” only bugs me if someone uses it in the plural, as in “you dirty kikes”. Calling me a kike or even a “dirty kike” is not effective. Sounds like “spike”. I dont mind being compared to a spike. I will feel insulted, but its more like a courtesy to the insulter. Or a matter of principle. He tried, God bless his evil honky heart, but it just didnt fly.
      But for the Irish? We havent got any good cutting insults for them. “Mick” sounds like “dick”. Its not an insult to say a man is a gigantic penis, thats a compliment. The same problem exists with the epithets “cracker” and “redneck”. Only a fool is going to insult his enemy by reminding him that the enemies grandfather used to beat his grandfather with a whip. Its not a good insult. An insult has to cut a guy down by showing his vuknerability, not make him feel guilty for being too powerful. And how is it an insult to say someone has a red neck for being in the sun all day?
      “Honky” would be great, you guys definitely honk a lot, that is you say a lot of pompous bullshit, and it brings to mind a honking stupid goose thats about to get shot by a redneck, so its fantastic as racist epithets go, but as I pointed out above, you have to black to make it work.
      “Kraut” would work, but it only works on Germans from Germany. Because it makes fun of their food, and the music of the word also has a feeling of oddity/alienness and mindless authoritarianism that is stereotypical of Germans. Also, Germans are notorious for their homosexuality and weird octoberfest clothing, so thats a gold mine of insults right there.
      But German Americans … Nah. They dont do anything weird enough to mock them for. At least openly. Dont feel bad, Im sure you people are jsut as fucked up and neurotic as everybody else, we just dont notice it.
      Same problem goes for everyone in Minnesota, youd think we could come up with some good insults for them given their weird accent and the fact that they are a bunch if Swedes that chose to settle in the coldest place in the US. But nope, nothing.

      1. That’s why I derogatorily refer to white folks as “Chalkies”, not only denoting their paler complexion, but to point out the outline they’ll end up in for using words like nigger, chink, wetback, etc. in the wrong company. Very un-empowering to point out their powerless demise.

        1. Ehhhh. Nah, it doesn’t work. For starters, everyone instinctively likes their skin color. You might be making an intellectual choice to hate them on it, but everyone would know you are being delusional. Secondly, you are moving from insult to threat. All you will achieve by that is to engender fear and hatred.
          A good insult shows how the other guy shouldn’t be so arrogant. For example, the Australians call Aborigenes “wuggahs”.
          Why? Because that’s the sound they make when they get hit by a car.
          See? Now that’s a great fuckin insult. Trust a bunch of inbred cast-out English proletariat peasant scum to come up with something good like that.
          First off “wuggah” sounds like the sound an over the top, cartoonish savage would make in a movie. So right there it’s a good start for a put-down. Next, saying it’s the sound they make when they get hit by a car is awesome, because on the one hand you are saying they are too fucking stupid to get out of the way of a car, and secondly, you are also implying that no one really cares about them outside of being politically correct.
          I think you would generally have more luck harping on German and English closeted homosexual tendencies. Or Irish drunkenness. If you want good scottish insults go see trainspotting, specifically this scene right here. Now that’s some good shit let me tell you.

        2. So putting them in a chalk outline is threatening and therefore no good, but the sound made running them over with a car is non-threatening and good?

        3. Yes I picked that one specifically because it had the clsoest tone of aggression to what you wanted without totally crossing the line.
          The chaulk outline by definition requires you to put a bullet in them. Running over them with a car requires them to be dumb enough to walk in front of the car. (And we can see the guy in the car speeding up to nail another one. But it doesnt HAVE to be, which is what keeps it from being too aggressive)
          Remember its not about you getting back, its about getting the right emotion.

    2. There is class and there is no class. People who have no class should be called out (and it’s not “keeping it real”, either…it’s no class). Chris Rock said it best in his stand up…”keeping it real, real stupid”.

  13. As far as I know, you already are allowed to say Nigger, Nigga, jigaboo, porch monkey, jungle bunny or whatever stupid term the proletariat scum are using these days. As for the 10,000$ dental bill, thats not a legal prohibition. Im not going up to a 7 foot tall swedish MMA fighter and calling his sister a whore, and that is also legal to do.
    I think the real problem here is that we dont have any good insulting racist names for Americans of European descent. Europeans from europe, we can just call eurotrash, Jews are kikes, Arabs are sandniggers.
    But Irish Americans? “Mick” doesnt really do it. Doesnt have the same oomph like “Jew bastard” or “nigger”. Italians we can call greaseballs, dagos or wops. See the difference? “Dago” and “wop” sound great, very musical, it gives that over the top operatic feel they are famous for. So does nigger, say it out loud and you’ll feel it, NIG-GER, boom-boom, has drum best and rhythm thst that race is famous for.
    And Latinos have “spics”, now thats a great racial epithet. Sounds like a speck of dust, or some spit. And those guys are super proud, so you know it pisses them off if they hear it.
    But “mick”? WTF is that? Sounds like “dick”. Thats not a damn insult. Maybe “Mick bastard”? Sounds too much like “Jew bastard”. I like being called a Jew bastard, i dont want to give up my racist epithet to some sheepfucking Mick bastard. Fuck him, thats mine.
    And what insults do we ahve for German Americans, or Swedes? You cant call a German American a kraut, because they arent Krauts. See “kraut” works great for the goose stepping genocidal faggots because aside from the occasinal throwback like technoviking, who is insanely cool and awesome, most Germans are weird, I mean they are just flat out weird. And “kraut” really gets thwt weird vibe down.
    German Americans in the ither hand… Nah. cracker? Honky? Gweilo? Gringo? I just dont feel the insult. There’s no sting.
    same thing woth Swedish americans from minneSOHTAH. Aside from their retarded speech patterns, there isnt anything to work with. What cna you make fun of? That they play ice hockey? That they are all tall and blond and live in the coldest part of the US? See the problem?
    I guess redneck would work, but redneck is really a cultural/regional insult and not a racial insult. A lot of rednecks wouldnt even be German or Swedish extraction. And besides, if we’re being honest, I think its a compliment to be called a redneck. I wish I was redneck. Redneck must have been invented back when being an indoor effeminate English professor type was cool and chic because everyone else had to work outdoors, so saying someones neck was red from being out in the sun too long could be an insult.
    Now it sounds like a man who rides horses all day when he doesnt ride in his pickup truck, knows how to build a house using some old beer cans and a zippo lighter; and can shoot off the wings of a fly from 100 paces with a colt pattern revolver. In this incredibly gay and faggotized age that sounds like a good thing.
    The problem is that most niggers are stupid so they couldnt come up with a good insult for the inbred cousin fucking cracker scum. Think about it, “cracker”. How is that insulting? Because you crack a whip? What kind of asshole uses that as an insult? “Hey you suck because your grandfather used to beat the shit out of my grandfather with a whip.”, see, thats just stupid.
    The problem is clearly that you guys jsut dont have a good racial epithet. And thats the real reason why the African Americans keep switching around what they can and cannot be called. If they just had some good insult to use on you, then they’d probably leave it alone.

  14. If I can’t drop an n-bomb on a black friend every once in a while, he isn’t my friend. Black people need to get over themselves and stop being so pissy all the time.

  15. it would be a sign of racial progress if whites felt as if they have the right to use the term of endearment. In my experience, white people living in predominantly black social environment do this already. White girls especially.

  16. Let’s account for class divisions in the Black community as well. I only use the term nigga to describe those pseudo Black people who do shit that fucks up Black people. And then there is the term “Negro”. I use that term interchangeably with “Uncle Tom” which is akin to white folks using the term “Cuck”. I’ve heard Puerto Ricans use the term “spic” in the same way some of us use nigga. Just some random thoughts.

  17. I recommend white fellows address black gentlemen as “Niggums”.
    It’s edgy and hip but endearing and a clever way to express inter-racial solidarity. It will almost certainly invoke positive feedback from the recipient.

    1. I do NOT recommend addressing ‘black gentlemen’ as Niggums.
      That is not likely to be well received, even with ‘white gentlemen’

      1. Well if they want to meet a black gentleman’s inner pugilist they should use ‘niggums’.

        1. Aww, jibber Jabba!! I love that! So, question sport, what is the best insult I should use in this situation to be funny and not insulting? Was this an insult? I mean there is redneck, cave ape, Couscous, Cracker Barrel, slave, wonder bread, wigger (wiggums sounds good too), Race replacement, sheet skeet, discussion board (might not be an insult but give it time), or should I just go with what an American white wife calls her husband, a cuckold?

      2. It will get a cheerful reaction if you say it with a musical intonation :
        Awww Niggums…

    2. I myself prefer to refer to them as ‘pre-industial cotton sorting devices’…

  18. The ban on the word ‘nigga’ for whites has another unfortunate implication.
    I think there was a great quote I remember reading.
    “In a politically correct culture, the biggest whiner in the room becomes the judge of what is appropriate and what is not “

  19. Not all black Americans are N!663R5 just like not all white Americans are white-trash.
    But don’t we need a word to describe the category of blacks that don’t have good pro social values eg conscientiousness, future time orientation, modesty, agreeableness, etc? It doesn’t take a genius to be able to recognize the difference between respectable black citizens who pay their mortgage and bills on time and help their black sons and daughters with their homework from the kind of ghetto-fab hoochie-mamas and thug-life gang-banga wannabes that no decent families, black, white or immigrant, wish to have as neighbors.
    Didn’t Chris Rock have a bit on this distinction?

  20. Also, I want to mention it. I think it is something we need to understand
    Many people seem to fight for reaching a sort of consensus, like, “hey blacks and whites, let’s agree not to use nigga, what do you say ? ”
    It will never happen. Society in their majority will never accept the idea of giving straight cis white males the same language privillege. Women and browns quite like the idea of limiting white people’s speech. They like feeling authority over straight white males.
    Which begs the question ? We do we ask permission from blacks or feminists or whatever to use certain words ? Fuck that.
    When did the feelings of minorities and women become a priority ?
    We do not ask permission anymore. We do as we like.
    Fight PC culture at every opportunity, use racial slurs, or any other forms of shitlording.
    We need to bring the atmosphere of the 60’s back when polite society referred to Mexicans as wetbacks and no one blinked an eye.
    For now, do it online, do it anywhere you can, but we will fight to be eventually capable of doing it out in the open.
    The day is coming we won’t have to apologize for being white and having a penis.

    1. Nah, fuck all that. We just need some good insults for you American whites. no one complains about Dagos, kikes, spics, or gooks using “nigger”, because the blacks can always call them dagos, kikes, gooks or spics in retaliation. But there really arent any good ethnic insults for you.
      Edit: I found a halfway decent one- white trash. The only problem is tht it only affects the proletariat scum.

    2. No man should ever apologize for his ancestry, I dont care who his ancestors were. And no man should apologize for being a man.
      I think we have enough honest sins of our own in the lives we lead, we dont need to start apologizing for the sins other people committed or for things that are not even sins (like being a man).

    3. So being a shitlord is basically synonymous with being a prick with no class?
      Yeah. Be so proud.

      1. Yes, we are pricks. We are pricks against the SJW and establishment.
        We ruin their narrative with culture jamming and counter-signalling.
        Do you mind that ?

    4. “When did the feelings of minorities and women become a priority ?”
      When they collectively started to outnumber us. Women don’t support mass migration, open borders and so called “anti-racism” for nothing you know.

    5. I’m sorry to say that you actually don’t need anybody’s permission to use racial slurs but then you need to deal with the consequences.
      In a family, people are amicably calling each other names, nobody blinks an eye and that’s normal. but if it is someone out of that circle then IT IS offensive and that’s just it.
      Everybody can use racial slurs but they have to be clever on how they do it. I personally think that white people shouldn’t play victims here, just say it if you want but don’t cry when your teeth fall out.

      1. ” just say it if you want but don’t cry when your teeth fall out. ”
        Violent retribution is a sign of a honor culture, while complaining and getting people sued, defamed or fired through legal channels is a sign of a victim culture.
        Blacks enjoy the benefits of both, whites the benefits of none. Everyone believes it is normal for blacks to use violence to respond to being called names, and that it is also normal to call the SPLC, ADL or 20 other “anti-racist” organization to have a man fired for what he says.
        Whites can neither use physical retribution( even just, just remember the Zimmerman trial) nor will they be treated seriously if they report an anti – white hate crime. Hell, most people believe there is no such thing as anti-white hate crime.
        This is the problem. I do not mind honor culture, where people challenge each other to duels and whatnot. But we are living under anarcho – tyranny where as a white person and a man I am not allowed either physical retribution nor do I have a white Jesse Jackson that actually manages to achieve anything for me.
        The government is letting black people get away with heinous anti-white crimes, to the point of gloryfiying thugs, while white people are fired for saying nigger ( just remember Hulk Hogan ).
        The legal system and culture is actively anti-white and anti-male. There is no debating that.

        1. This was a very cohesive argument and I agree, society has become very anti-white. We would both lose our jobs for the words we say on equal standings just on the discussions posted here and views touted. In the PC corporate environment I may only be reprimanded for stating a racist epithet towards white people once but you will likely be fired. However, with regards to violence a black person will always be viewed as a thug where as a white person will be viewed as either a racist or insane.
          Black people as a class in America are the criminal group and dually the victim group. To lose the victim status truly the black group will also have to lose the criminal label. As white America will use ‘action’ to judge the truth and not facts, as in, letting the media control their views instead of actually meeting black Americans for themselves. Thus both criminal and victim labels will remain as you can’t have one without the other and having the criminal label has been suitable since blacks received the right to vote.
          Literal examples of criminal difference, twice during filmed escapades at the Trump rallies people got into fights with Trump supporters. One had a white man punching a black youth which, while started by the white male, ended the black youth in handcuffs. The second instance started by the black Trump supporter punching a white protestor also ended with the black Trump supporter assuming the handcuff position and being taken away. If two black were to start punching each other in the street and officers were around they would likely be shot. I have had a viewing of two white men punching each other on the streets. Cops stopped them to ask what was wrong. Assumed civility versus assumed criminality.

        2. I honestly can’t disagree here. While there is a growing anti white, (especially anti white cis male) sentiment growing in our society. Especially considering feminists are so quick to blame anything bad on men, especially white men… Black men have had it the worst in our society since it’s founding.
          Not only do black men have to deal with rejection from the white community in many, many ways. They also have to now, deal with the rampant bed winching coming from quite a few, black females. Black men have been made the outcasts by most elements of society in the U.S.A.
          As a white male… I encourage white and black men to unite rather then fight… as we desperately need our collective powers unified to fight the oncoming onslaught of NWO globalism and their strong right arm… the Feminist hate cult.
          Both black and white males, (actually, all males) need to stop fighting each other asap. We are all guilty of this and if we don’t stop… we are gonna get shackled up. Just saying!

        3. Trust me, being enslaved to an oligarchy where my thoughts are dictated by another, and I have neither the ability to hate my world, nor enjoy any of the freedoms possible within it, would desecrate the legacy my family started by traveling to America for a new life. Seeing the confusion wrought by going after the wrong targets, continuously, has made much of the aspects I’ve listed about criminal intent, a losing argument amongst my side of the race in America. Aside from the few who go after the prize of wealth and those who follow a life of desperation, there is a sense of defeat amongst our group. Many knowing this would either choose to abandon their pride and destroy their people not directly knowing the cause.
          Within this community, ROK, I have learned that many others are experiencing a similar fight. One thought that has kept me as a supporter of not just Roosh, but the movement to ask questions which do not have clear and safe answers, in recognizing that in feminism, media, and political agendas, we have a common enemy that has acted below the surface previously. The force has become so destructive that we are forced to put our collective heads together on knowledge we might not have previously shared. This community solely, is responsible for changing the trajectory for countless lives, including my own. Your skin color and race is not a crime. Neither is my own. It may be in this bonding that we may be able to forge something new and stronger that will enhance our solidarity as separate sides of the race and our ability to create something stronger that can be of use to us both as members of the human race.
          We are at war as men, to preserve our masculinity and the legacies crafted by our ancestors. This fight is bigger than any word differences we may have had in the past, and you are a hundred percent right in your stance. We have far more to gain from working together than from attacking each other. I appreciate you speaking on the topic as well. I shall push on with you, my brother in arms, and see if we can some how turn the tide against this attack on family and men.

        4. That was deep and very well said. It has been a concern of mine for quite some time and I have many thoughts on this subject as a whole.
          We as men are not want to lay down and be beaten by shame and a false sense of guilt that we have not earned. However, the sins of our forefathers should weigh heavily on our future choices. There is plenty of mistakes to go around.
          I am blessed in that it was a strong willed black man who showed me many key elements to masculinity that I was missing. My father, dear as he is to me, was a feminine man. My mother and older sister, both feminists. The irony is that my father dreamed of a stronger man to show me a stronger way. He, in a strange mix, was both blue and red pill. Very feminine, but always maintained that men were the natural superior to women, heh…. However he could not lead with his actions.
          My dearest friend is one I refer to as a grand red pill master. Even though it has been a long journey to understand much of his wisdom. He showed me the brutality of real combat. Of embracing the primal essence of a man and of understanding the harsh reality that is the true side of nature. He taught me essential red pill lessons long before ROK was born. It was only my ego that slowed my progress.
          I grew up in the south and was indoctrinated by racism and much else. I have walked many paths and have adapted, accordingly. Not to get too much into a autobiography, I will get back on point,
          I love ROK because it constantly challenges the status quo and forces you to question the PC/Red Herring/Hyperbole we are assaulted with on a daily basis.
          However… I would say the greatest accountability that white men, here have to take ownership of, in our relationship with the Nubian tribe, is this. It was not our enslavement of many different cultures. We were not the only ones doing this. Almost all tribes around the globe have been involved with the slave trade. There were ‘African Americans’ that were slave owners in the colonies. It was not the natural difference we felt, as one tribe dealing with another. Our greatest failing was that we sat back and watched a monster of our own creation… Feminism, Zionists, the NWO, devour the black community from the inside out, after the civil rights movement and did not stop it then and there.
          Now that my tribe is feeling the same pains that, in many ways, we put into the black community… we are becoming more aware. Of course, there is a much bigger picture to this. We can blame the Jews, the ‘niggers’ the feminists. But we watched it happen and most did nothing. It was a rot that was set in motion intentionally. No one in the white community really tried to stop it. Now, after it infected a tribe living with us, it has spread to us and we should, at the very least, accept part of the duty, for letting it happen.
          Placing blame at this point is… POINTLESS. As we have already agreed. All men must unite. This plague will hit Asians and Latinos harder then it has. We can expect a larger wave of men from all walks of life. Even Muslims, if I predict this correctly, will be coming to this site more often.
          We should stick with the core tenets of honoring, our sacred masculinity. That should be the main focus here. Question everything. Ask the hard questions and not be afraid to dive in. Even if we disagree with each other, we can still stand united. In fact, we MUST stand united… if our aim is to stop placing blame and to start correcting the era’s of not just our generation, but of previous one’s as well.
          This brings to mind a poem I have always loved and is old school as you can get. I will leave this convo for now with this… which I am sure many of you are familiar with.
          By the venerable, Rudyard Kipling.
          If you can keep your head when all about you
          Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
          If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
          But make allowance for their doubting too;
          If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
          Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
          Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
          And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:
          If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
          If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
          If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
          And treat those two impostors just the same;
          If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
          Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
          Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
          And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:
          If you can make one heap of all your winnings
          And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
          And lose, and start again at your beginnings
          And never breathe a word about your loss;
          If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
          To serve your turn long after they are gone,
          And so hold on when there is nothing in you
          Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’
          If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
          Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
          If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
          If all men count with you, but none too much;
          If you can fill the unforgiving minute
          With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
          Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
          And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

        5. Hey, how about their complaints of “micro-agressions” that are actually just bullshit excuses for flunking out of college or getting fired for showing up drunk. It’s definitely not “micro” for whites when they know that a black will attack them for any assumed tresspass. Blacks just make stuff up to get violent on whites. Hell, I got in trouble one time for calling another white employee “homey.” They first said I was being racist, then toned it down to me “stealing their word.” (yeah, I know.) I wasn’t even talking to them, and they weren’t in the room. They just learned through the grapevine that several of us whites used it. Imagine if they thought I was burning crosses outside of work or something.

        6. Exactly my point. There was a dude raging at me in the comments and I have not called for violence or anything whatsoever.
          We are the bad guys and we have to deal with it. There is no way around.

  21. The phrase “african-american” is retarded. No one calls me a european-american. No one calls my wife an asian-american.

    1. People like smart-sounding words.
      David Duke, Richard Spencer and other pro-white activists use european-american.
      It’s like saying you have cephalalgia instead of headache so people think you have some scary condition.

  22. They’ll ban it for blacks too. SJWs cannot stop. I think i heard the NFL has banned use of the term on the field and in the locker room.

  23. I’m a vagina earthling. That’s where I came out of and where I live. I could go on all day about my race and tribe but I’m having dinner right now.

  24. Logic is not the strong suit of Democrats nor blacks. Like 2 peas in a pod

  25. This is an article I don’t understand. Granted it is an easy opportunity to lambast both Democrats and Black Americans in one go while trying not to sound racist, but it is extremely arrogant to suggest we should have access to a word specifically linked to white culture and the subjugation of a people.
    Nigger, is one word, with niggardly as an alternative that is suggested to mean stupid. White people, as a group know this. The mere thought of wanting to use the word or have the word banned is a bit of a diversion isn’t it? It is topics like this that disproportionately alienate members in the group and fail to bring about cohesive discussions. Or am I wrong? What good use can having the word nigger be for white people?
    It is a known fact that since Obama came into office racism has become more open in America, which is fine. We all use markers to separate each other, whether skin tone, verbiage, or ideology. But you mean to tell me, the group espousing itself to be the smartest race in the world, chief inventor of everything known to man, civilizing agent of nations, bread winners, and most loved group by women, are honestly upset about the ability to call someone ignorant? What part of this is red pill?

    1. “Niggardly” isn’t an alternative to “nigger.” It is a totally different word, meaning “stingy.”
      As for what use the word has, I find people who want to control you start with controlling how you speak. Read 1984, my nigga.

      1. Good catch on niggardly. I just went with the adjective ending which probably was a mistake. The aspect of language control goes both ways and still doesn’t do anything as an argument for the use of a word that when stated by whites, has always been linked with denigration and defamation. Why should a word chiefly used to degrade a group of people be used by said people? And the undertone brought by the word nigger is at least a noticeable affair. It is still nothing with the cemented undertone of all the other categories of self worship that white America can bring to the table while black America at best is allowed the clout to say they are not the stereotype. Do you see the disparity here of being considered a net negative versus being considered a net positive just by birth?
        Started off on George Orwell’s Animal Farm. 1984 is a good book too.

        1. I guess “niggerish” works, but I doubt it is in the dictionary. As for your argument, yeah it is an insult, but that doesn’t make it special. Blacks being enslaved and colonized is not a unique event in human history. I’m sick of all the post-colonial, postmodern, post-rational-thought that says blacks are uniquely oppressed. And even if it were true, I just don’t care anymore. Blacks, as a group, have retroactively earned all the bad things that happened to them.

        2. Completely disagree with your secondary argument as in no way have blacks brought anything in themselves. As a group the qualities aren’t ubiquitous. Can the same be said for whites that they have brought their problems on themselves? Both have a hand on their problems that are working in conjunction with the elites at the time that serve an agenda. Many of the changes in the black community that you know are current because of changes brought by Lyndon B Johnson.
          Slavery isn’t unique. Reminders of slavery in conjunction with media propaganda and active suppression of information, plus the adherence to media messages that support white superiority have even whites in disagreement about whether whites have a right to be heralded as the best. America is distinct in that the black side is purported as the ignorant heralds of destruction that need saving while white people are God’s children who are blessed and civilized the world. Neither is true but on the grand scheme you only live the side of the race you were born on, so it is easier to trust the media and limited experience than invite more of the unknown.
          I understand your frustration with being pigeonholed. That is bullshit. But equally so, it gives you little clout to attempt to take your anger out on a party who didn’t directly affect you. Most of the wealth dispersing that you can hate actually is received by white women and those who have used the system to their advantage. If that happens to be black people to you, then fight on. Just think odds are high it isn’t.

    2. “The mere thought of wanting to use the word or have the word banned is a bit of a diversion isn’t it?”
      It isn’t about wanting to use it. It’s about calling bullshit on the language police. People should have the guts to speak the truth when they see it. And when a black person is using a word, and simoultaneously implying you that you are evil for using the same word, then you have to call bullshit.
      Moreover, if people insist on being viewed as equal, then they have to stop asking for preferential treatments.

      1. I disagree with your second point as the ability to discern what is word is worth promoting and discarded changes based on the culture and people that are using it. There are words that have gained and lost favor only to regain it again. I think it unwise to assume which words should or shouldn’t be used but there is still a strong overtone when some people use a word over others simply because words have history and the same word can have different histories for different people.
        I can agree on your thoughts on people of differing thoughts not receiving preferential treatment but that is a bit of a hedge in America. Typically while on the surface equality is big in America or rather the opportunity to achieve is equal, respect is not equal and will never be. By even mentioning you living in an area with one specific side of the race, you will have an opinion that either favorable or unfavorable depending on which side I mention. This is the area that equality will never touch. And most of that can be traced back to words and the memories they induce.
        EDIT: To use the word nigger or not use the word isn’t about the word police. Every insult is up for grabs and will be used as such. It just so happens this word has a connotation linked with the subjugation of a group of people and is still linked with stupidity and control. Maybe you don’t see it because you are angry at word police, but black people see it as such. And the words we don’t feel pain from but still use, such as redneck, you will call bullshit on as well and be right. Both words are insults. Instead of losing the word nigger I would love a dissolution of the propaganda regarding IQ, criminal behavior, low potential, and rape potential.

        1. “…there is still a strong overtone when some people use a word…”
          People are taught to be offended, particularly in the USA. For example, it is common in Latin America to refer to someone as “moreno” if they are black, or “rubio” if they are white. No offense is taken by the person being spoken to. I have lived in several places in Latin America and it was one of the first things I noticed.
          One reason for this difference is because the Latin American media does not have a hard-on for subversively dividing the races. And it should be noted that racial division does exist in these places, and is often more pronounced that in North America. So, in short, I think that black Americans are taught to feel overly sensitive about words and their connotations. Thus, the endless search to correctly name oneself: colored, nigger, nigga, African-American, etc.
          I don’t have an easy soluton, but I think it starts with intellectual honesty. Words have meaning depending on the context. So a white person who says the word “nigger” should not be vilified if he does not attach a derogatory meaning to it.

        2. There are no easy answers behind the word save one, the word is an exclusionary term. It is a repurposed word that signifies who is in and who is out. The word in America was used by white men and white women when lynching, whipping, shooting, raping, chasing black people with dogs, lighting black homes on fire to name a few. The name is now used by black people and inner city youths, and youths looking to be down with rap culture.
          Any white person who isn’t a member of those three groups, and is trying to use the word, had better be friendly enough to not be seen as trying to insult someone or have the balls to admit they are using it as an insult, and best believe every time a white male or white female using the word it is viewed as an insult. It is just inappropriate to beat a woman up for it if you are a male. Don’t believe for a second the fight to use the word is anything more than a fight to be an open dick. If you have the balls to be an open dick just have the balls to defend yourself for those words. The words history is that strong and white America knows it.
          Even bringing the word up for an article is a divisive measure, that while helpful with increasing comments and may form some revealing discussion, does little to advance red pill truths. Or maybe this is one of the uglier ones.

        3. “Any white person who isn’t a member of those three groups, and is trying to use the word, had better be friendly enough to not be seen as trying to insult someone or have the balls to admit they are using it as an insult…”
          It’s one thing to say the word amongst gang bangers, for instance. Point taken that you can argue the merits of it, but it’s unwise from a street smart perspective.
          But in other areas – ones where intellectual merit is valued – then I think people have the right to question it. I have no interest in using the word. However, being told that some words are “off limits” to me, while acceptable to others, does not make sense.
          I think it is a topic worthy of discussion, since it deals with an unpleasant topic that is probably doing more harm than good. But we might have to agree to disagree in that regard.

    3. If nigger means stupid, which I don’t agree with, but if so, why can’t everyone use it just as much as everyone can use stupid?
      It’s about the principle, and about stopping mollycoddling one group and feeding their petulant thinking and behavior.
      To me there is literally no difference between a lesbian SJW getting upset over sexism and a black dude/woman getting upset over words.
      People need to grow up.

      1. Yes people do need to grow up. In light of that, and since the word nigger is so important and means nothing, why not teach black American children about the revisions done on history books, the full extent of the Barbary wars and why White Americans hate muslims. Do not mince words either about the history of the word white, the history of Caucasians, and how some groups were not white until the 1960s. Or about the white slaves who cosigned the ending of slavery due to recent freedoms granted them in the North. Words have power and more so the history, so by all means use nigger. Just skimp on the details of the history of white Americans and white slavery. We are all in this together and deserve equality.

  26. Words mean things. And people use words to express truths and reality.
    ‘Nigger’ has a meaning– a pejorative one but accurate to what people wish to express. It reflects reality as people see it.
    Denying one word simply means another word must be used– and will be used, by free people with freedom of thought, to express their experiences and truth.
    YOu can see this all the time == one PC word replacing another and then in turn becomes verboten too!!! Because you can;’t censor people’s thougths and expression.
    So STOP it. Nigger is fine– until it isn’t, but then something else WILL always come to replace it if you can’t accept and address the reason words exist to begin with.
    The beginning of wisdom is to use words honestly.

  27. As a black woman that grew up in the suburbs and now lives in the city, I’m not particularly offended by the word. I’ve lived in New York for most of my life and here, for the most part, it’s just word to me. Now if I was in Alabama and I took a wrong turn and some toothless rednecks hop out of a pick up truck, approach me with rope in their hands saying, “looks like we got ourselves a nigger girl!” Then yes, I would be terrified and run for my life. Outside of that situation I don’t really raise a brow either way.
    The logic behind its colloquial use among black folks is kind of similar to the way many of us grew up calling our brothers, sisters, cousins etc, big head, stupid, dumbass etc and that was perfectly ok but when someone someone outside of the family tried to call them the same names all hell would break loose… It’s something like that.
    Nigger and nigga are viewed quite differently in the black community. Because nigger is the “white man’s” version of the word, even amongst black people it has a negative connotation to it and is used as an insult by some blacks to degrade other blacks. Obviously since the insulted and the insulter are both black in this case, it’s not a racial insult, but usually more of an insult to economic status and/or social class.
    What’s good my nigga?
    Sam is my nigga – he always comes through for me.
    Niggers like them get us a bad reputation. Sean is such a house nigger.
    Those uppity niggers live in think they’re better than us.
    One thing I’m sincerely curious about is why this is something that so many white people get so upset about? Is it dislike of or unfamiliarity with just being told no? With being told that as white people there is actually something that they “cannot” have or do? I’m not trolling – it’s a serious question. I ask, because I don’t really see how else it affects them and I don’t really hear Hispanics (as most of them have a pass to use it) or Asians or anyone else really complain about not being able to say it or its use among black people. I’d love some insight on that.

    1. “Redneck” is the white equivalent to “nigger.” And you used it like it didn’t mean anything. You also used a stereotype of the South as if such a thing is a common occurrence. While you may think “nigger” is just a word in the North, you better believe it still means something when they use it. I’ve seen more racist bullshit coming out of the mouths of people in the Northeast than I ever heard out of people in the Southeast. And to answer your question, its not about being told “no.” It’s about eradicating these double standards and moving toward true equality.

      1. Well you certainly learn something new everyday. Growing up I always thought “cracker” was the white equivalent to “nigger” and that redneck referred to a very specific group of white people that even other whites abhor. Thanks for sharing that perspective. When I mentioned taking a wrong turn in Alabama, I was referring to ending up off the beaten path or in the backwoods, not that this behavior is the norm. Of course, there are racist people everywhere.
        You make an interesting point when you say, “While you may think “nigger” is just a word in the North, you better believe it still means something when they use it.” That may be one of the major reasons everyone will never be ok with white people using it – there will always be a question of intent that just doesn’t exist when used among black people.

      2. No, redneck is actually not degrading…white trash is. I am proud to be a redneck.

    2. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this.
      I think at least part of the reason white folks get upset is simply the unfairness of it. Fairness is important to people, and can make people quite indignant when they feel that it is violated. Studies even show, and I think we’ve probably all seen anecdotally, that people will often be willing to hurt themselves if it’ll hurt the person cheating them even more.
      And then as to why it’s more of a white thing to complain about this, for one, I think a lot of Latinos, Asians, etc. just go ahead and say the word. Also, it seems like when there’s criticism/castigation about using the word, it’s aimed pretty much just at white people, so the people who respond to it are gonna be white.

      1. Thanks for your feedback.
        I can understand how it can seem unfair that one group is “allowed” to say or do certain things while others “aren’t.” That being said, for all the unfairness in the world, the nigger/nigga controversy is hardly relevant enough of an issue for it to be receiving the level of passion that it does. Even the author’s interest/opinion, as someone who is not even from America, is very interesting. What’s also quite interesting is the fact that the major argument is “well, black people use it towards each other.” It’s one thing to say, “Karen calls me a jerk, so I should be able to call her a jerk back” but a completely different thing to say, “Karen calls her sister a jerk so I should be able to call her sister a jerk too.” One of those deductions just doesn’t make quite as much sense. If blacks were fighting for the allowance to use cracker, casually or colloquially then it would make much more sense for whites to want the right to use nigger casually or colloquially in return.
        Fact of the matter is white folks have a history with the word that just doesn’t exist with blacks – or even with Latinos or Asians for that matter. And like I said, I acknowledge that Latinos do usually get a pass to use it and I’ve never met an Asian that cared enough to.
        At the very end of the day there are obviously no laws keeping white people from using either variation of the word. But it inarguably carries a certain load coming from white folks that is literally impossible for it to carry coming from one black person to another.

    3. oh boy…another woman on ROK, gentlemen, sharing another story. Doesn’t Huffpo or another site have a spot for you?

      1. They only talk about the kardashians and trans people now, so I thought I’d hang out here for a while.

        1. That’s why ROK was created. We got tired of having women in the locker room talking about stupid shit so we created another one for men only to discuss issues (without women interrupting with nonsense – for attention).

        2. Really? And here I thought it was created to help the emasculated men of America grow their balls back.

    4. Who you calling a “bitch”?
      Asians talk about you, but you don’t know what they are saying. Same goes for hispanics. Thems white devils niver hear da wod “no”.

    5. Yeah, it bugs me that if I say it I will get my ass kicked.

    6. ANY word can be used in a derogatory way, it’s meaning often depends on the context, tone, and situation in which it is said.
      Example: “We had a little fun.”
      “How’s your little business going?”
      I’ve thought about your analogy. Your analogy is based on actually having a relationship with your brother or whoever you’re teasing and not letting anyone else call him the same names you call him because they don’t know him, regardless of whether or not the stranger is well or ill-intentioned. If I allow my brother Bob to tease me and call me stupid, I’d agree that doesn’t mean it’s ok for some stranger to call me stupid, but it’s only because I don’t have a relationship or familiarity with the stranger, not because the stranger is of a certain race or gender.
      But that’s not what the n-word is.
      The n-word can practically be used by any black person to refer to another black person regardless of whether or not they are friends, strangers, acquaintances, family etc Black rappers/Entertainers/whoever can call out others they don’t even know in songs or at events.
      But getting offended at different uses of the n-word is shortsighted. Let’s prove this by examining the b-word. Guys can call other men a [email protected]&*! and mean it negatively about 100% of the time, men can call women a b&@!# and mean it positively or negatively, and women can call other women a [email protected]&! and mean it positively or negatively. What you don’t see is women only being able to say the word b#!&* and all men who say it, regardless of connotation or who they say it to, being called women-haters.
      For example, there’s no outrcy (and there shouldn’t be) if a woman can say “Hey biaytch, how are you girl?” and if a guy says, “That’s a bad b&*@!” or “Stacy is a horrible b&*#!” These are treated as individual statements of the moment. Is the guy who referred to Stacy as a b&#[email protected]# a sexist, a woman-hater, a jerk, or could it also be true that Stacy really is cruel or dare I say deserving of an insult? SEE, not so easy to dismiss statements without knowing the facts.
      God this explanation/conversation feels silly and nonconsequentional. Bottomline, it’s silly to say ‘ninja’ and then get offended and call everyone who says ‘ninjer’ a racist if we’re not paying attention to connotation. Look at all the flak Gwyneth Paltrow caught for tweeting “Ninjas in Paris” when she’s not racist and is friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z.
      And even if there are racists, so what…don’t support that racist person’s business….The End.

      1. Reasonable reasoning, but when did “bitch” become “b&*#!” ? N-word, b-word, c-word, t-word, f-word, d-word, and on and on and on…
        As Sam Kenison famously said, “SAY IT!! SAY IT”!!

        1. Great point! Dad taught me it’s unladylike not curse, I’ll stick with his guidance but I agree the post would’ve been an easier read if I spelled it out.

        2. As I said earlier, I don’t curse but no excuses on nigger/nigga, those words could’ve been easily put in my post.

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  29. You have no idea what your talking about it has nothing to do with victimhood .Mosty youths use the term.You should go back to Australia and take your ignorance with you.

  30. Good topic. The censorship of language is a very subtle way of controlling people. and, in many ways, very grievous.

  31. Everyone CAN say nigga or nigger. I suggest going up to the biggest nigger you can find and saying “hey NIGGER, why so niggery?” Results may vary.

  32. Now we are supposed to call them “people of color” but not “colored” because that would be really racist.

  33. I find it offensive that black people call cops “pigs.” Each year, black people kill more blacks than cops kill black people. Cops are just trying to do their jobs, stop black violence, and create a safe society; while black people rebel against the moral order and end cop’s lives, in addition to the lives of their own people. Black people have oppressed cops and society for too long with their criminality. “Pigs” is a derogatory term that oppresses police officers whenever it is mentioned. Cops stand for something, they stand for upholding the law and preventing anarchy in society. Cops have been historically oppressed by criminals who thwart society’s laws and yet the oppression continues through the use of oppressive words like “pigs.” Cops should be able to call themselves pigs, in order to take back ownership of the word and heal the scars on their souls; but black people should be forever banned from using the word pig.

  34. This point has everything to do with class and nothing to do with color. All people should be called out when using these types of terms for people (or no one should be called out). That’s how it used to be “back when”.
    We can’t this “selective equality” about what is acceptable – by some people – and not others. This is the real problem (at least in the U.S.) today. Only some people are shamed for it while others walk around freely, making the same remarks.
    There is right and wrong. You don’t get a pass because you’re white, black or other.
    Regarding class and respect: if you have ever seen the movie Coach Carter (based on a true story) there is a point in the story where the coach has each team member address each other as “sir”…because it shows respect to one another. You may not like the movie or Sam Jackson but that part of the movie should have an impact on younger men today. Class, gentlemen.

    1. They made us refer to each other as “Sir” at OTS too, even though we weren’t yet commissioned officers. Respect.

  35. Why do you care so much?
    Why do you have this longing to be apart of black culture?

  36. fkuck naggers. Let me say it again…. fcuck naiggers. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. All’s fair and war. This if fckkking’ war.
    So fkuck naggers.

      1. Yeah, but i fucked your mamma, unlike you who’se got zero game. move along now boy. Nuthin to see here. Bhahahaha

  37. I recall being at a gathering of friends. The conversation was about biker gangs. A question by one of my white buddies was “Are there any Negro biker gangs?” A black guy in our group kicks him in the shin while telling out loud “The word Negro offends me!”. Later on, I ask another buddy of mine, who is also black about this, and he gives me this look of incredulity and tells me he’s never heard of a black person being offended by the word Negro. And he ends it with a chuckle and the line “Fucking niggers!”. Oh Murica! Just when I think I got you figured out.

    1. And then “negro” being Spanish for “black.” (albeit pronounced differently). People gotta grow up.

      1. Ha! That explains why every time I’m speaking Spanish around black people they look at me funny every time I say the word “negro”.

  38. Fuck off jennifercwood3. Goddamn spammer! Boys, flag this shit and get it off here!

  39. What it boils down to is this. “Nigger” (or Nigga or N**GA or whatever) is a hate word. When white people use it, it’s because they hate blacks. When black people use it, it’s because they hate themselves.
    I’m not sure who said (but I’m sure it was a famous black guy), but he basically said that black people should stop saying “nigga”.. not because “white people can’t say it” or it’s non-PC or whatever, but simply because they should have more pride and self-respect.

    1. Bingo. It’s sounds ignorant and ghetto no matter who uses it. You’ll never hear black OR white people with any type of class or education yelling this word in public.

  40. How the F did this article turn into another political/Clinton thing… and it was written by an Aussie?

  41. Yeah right…. “I want to say nigga” is a major issue
    when guys are thrown in jail for not paying alimony.
    And getting smoked in familly courts..
    Last year some dude got shot dead while reading the journal
    And the wife said she was oppressed for her defence..
    Only hersay no prooves..
    ROK king next article :
    ” 36 reasons Hitler was right ”
    Website is going full teenager retard
    With that shit.

    1. ROK king next article :
      ” 36 reasons Hitler was right ”
      What’s wrong with an article like that. The title is factual and I can easily find 36 reasons he was right.

  42. The heart of the matter isn’t nigga, or any other spelling or pronunciation of the supposedly unspeakable “N-word;” it’s the assertion of a privilege reserved to a certain race. The shamans of political correctness have done this with other words as well, and always with the same idea in mind: the creation of protected, privileged classes. The only identifiable group without any such privileges is the white Christian male. The intentions could hardly be clearer.

  43. Blacks are still slaves today. They are encouraged to go on welfare, rap, popular culture, etc promotes gangsterism, drugs, and promiscuous sex. Democrats and Republicans purposely support these programs to keep them ignorant and dependant on the govt, i.e voter base. Its a shame because given education and other things you could break the poverty cycle in 1 generation.

    1. Must be nice to be that idealistic. Too bad education can’t affect genetics.

      1. Nig-nogs are different and fall short in areas just like other races. As
        Asians are smarter on average than others each type of people is different. However to rest everything on genetic default shows how ignorant and arrogant you are. Your 666 also denotes your lack
        of purpose, faith, and self-confidence as you are a satan worshipping troll.

        1. LOL! Touché you got me pinned, I’m a self confidence lacking arrogant faithless satan worshipping troll. Hahahahaha thank you for the laughs.

        2. I’m curious, were you implying that blacks are in the position they’re in today because they’re inherently incapable of anything more?

        3. No, but thinking that black people all other things equal as a group will earn the same as whites or Asians if you give them more access to education is not realistic.
          There are many issues that are causing them as a group to perform worse currently than they could based on IQ.
          But to what degree they could do better, I don’t know, and the number crunching required to estimate it would take weeks if not longer. The data is out there.
          You can calculate the mean average income of a similar spread of IQ handpicked from a different group, and compare, my hunch is that the current blacks underperform. I’m thinking single motherhood, joblessness etc are affecting them as a group aggregate because they have higher levels of both than most other groups.
          So I am saying to concentrate on education is pointless unless you find a way to get them back to where they were say 50-60 years ago in terms of family cohesion and respect for the law etc.
          I’m looking at very large groups, so this can never be applied to an individual. Heck, as someone said, the smartest person of the planet could quite possibly be a subsaharan African, regardless of the fact that as a known group their average IQ is the lowest. That’s nature and spread for you.

        4. I actually agree, education alone isn’t the answer today. You actually have to give a damn about becoming educated first (and know it’s value).
          The successful black population in Tulsa Oklahoma around the early 20th century, referred to as The Black Wall Street, is evidence of the lost potential in today’s blacks.
          Completely different cultural values that are still eroding to this day.

        5. I work as a trainer for spring sports (baseball, women’s softball, men’s and women’s tennis) at a small local public university. I attended this school 20 years ago and the student body was >90% white. The racial breakdown today is majority black. Having only recently returned to the area and beginning work at the school, I am unsure of the reason for this change, and who do you dare ask about such a thing on a university campus? My teams are >90% white and latino, and are a joy with which to work.
          I interact with the general student body at the wellness center working with my student athletes. I observe (and endure) so much of the dysfunctional effects of black culture here. Language (Ebonics, cursing regardless of the time, place, or

        6. circumstances), the inability to follow a minimum of rules regarding dress and gym etiquette, and a general disregard for authority.
          Obviously this doesn’t apply to all of the black students, and I go out of my way to acknowledge the well behaved ones. A number of these students will learn their subjects, develop good social skills, and live a good, productive life. For a significant number of the others, no amount of education or educational opportunity will break the bonds of a type of “modern slavery”, self-imposed by the whip of modern black culture.

        7. These are the problems you’re not allowed to talk about and it’s a goddamn shame.
          The worst school I ever attended was a majority black high school in Washington D.C. and I keep hearing its because they aren’t getting a “quality” education…
          These kids are dysfunctional the moment they roll out of bed in the morning. Education is the least of their priorities. It’s embarrassing to be labeled an American black because this is the stigma attached to it.

      2. The problem is that culture places no value on education. Even the poorest parents at the lowest rung of the socio-economic ladder can push their kids out of poverty if they instill into them a value for education.

        1. I think the value of hard work is the only value that has a realistic chance of impacting people’s chances.
          A Plummer makes more than many if not most uni white collar office jobs.
          Not everyone has use for classical education subjects or styles.
          There is far too much emphasis on education these days and not nearly enough focus on actual skills and work ethics.

        2. True true. I should have emphasized education in a broader sense. A plumber, electrician and any other tradesman would fall under the term I should have used for “educated.”

        3. Many of the world’s wealthiest men never went to college, some didn’t even finish grade school. They busted their asses and took chances, plain and simple

    2. Democrats support these programs because they need the mooch vote.
      Republicans support these programs because they’re a bunch of worthless girlymen pussies who are more afraid of being seen as racist, mean and heartless to do the right thing, even though they’re still seen as racist, mean and heartless.
      I say if we’re gonna be stereotyped, let’s at least live up to that stereotype. 🙂

  44. Never heard of an asian calling another asian a chink not even out of endearment

    1. NOBODY does that except for black folks. Do they have no self respect?

    2. My south korean pal says the chinese are the puerto ricans of Asia. I got a good laugh out of it. People need to get over themselves and learn how to have a sense of humor. I don’t give a fuck what anyone calls me or thinks about me, why is it so hard for others?

  45. You can tell a libtard fuck of the logic about this until the cows come home but it will never go through their head unless you were on TV doing stand up comedy and was black.
    Apparently because some black guy said how nigga is different than nigger and he’s in front of podium in front of everyone in TV he is right

    1. Haha!! Man, your three letter short hand says it all. The gall! No one asks Asians “Can we can call you gooks and chinks?” or even to Hispanics and say, ” Hey, Gringos, can we start calling you spicks again?” Nope. This question will never be hailed down to a gang banger or an Italian mob or Triad member with a, “I know your hand signs. Stop being racist and let me use it. It’s cool!” I swear it was like the day the best kick ball was taken away by the dirty kids the day black Americans thought it cool to say to each other, ” My Ni***”

      1. You know, I was struggling to find an argument for this because I like to give people the benefit of a doubt. Particularly the guys who post here (barring some extremists).
        However, this comment pretty much sums it up and it’s surprisingly simple.

  46. Great article! Something that would not be allowed as an opinion piece in any paper. I’m sick of this crap that the n-word is offensive but it is ok for blacks to use it. F__k that crap already!
    I don’t feel sorry for the problems blacks bring on themselves as a culture. Blacks who learned a skill or trade or obtained education have earned my respect; the rest of them who keep whining victim are free to move some great African black run shithole like Liberia or elsewhere.

  47. Lol it’s like cry me a river why don’t you . Blacks can say it but whites can’t , the tears stream down my cheeks. Yep as a black man I don’t see what the problem is you can’t say it at least not in public so don’t say it if it hear a black person say it , so what. To me the author just sounds racist, like I hear people all the time, say stuff like how come blacks have their own colleges or tv stations , that is racist. No what was racist was whites didn’t let blacks go to college so we started our own. What was racist is white people labeled black people niggas and now want to act like just Becuase a few years passed the beef should be over.

    1. The thing is, I never enslaved anyone. You never were a slave. I realize that there is some residual racism, but having double standards will only perpetuate it.
      If we want to end racism, we need to look at the source….the redistribution of wealth. Welfare is just as caustic for the blacks today in creating racism as segregation and slavery was for whites in years past. You see the same phenomenon across the globe in centuries past. The recipient has to justify in their own mind their unjustly taking from another people. Who are the most racist whites? Trailer trash. Where to you see the most racist blacks? Urban ghettos.

      1. No it’s not a double standard and if you where allowed to say nigga, will the worlds problems get solved? Nope. And welfare isn’t the root problem, it’s the people. You can never get rid of welfare until it’s too late to do so.

    2. nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

    3. One group of people is allowed to say nigga, another is not. Count that, 1 + 1 = 2…..double standard. A thing about my welfare hypothesis, it is only a recent manifestation of class warfare that has been going on. But, it has been very powerful. As Johnson put it upon signing the welfare program in, “I’ll have those niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years”. Sadly, he may be right. Welfare destroys people’s ambition, and skills simply whither on the vine. It is no surprise that the unemployment for blacks is where it is. I find it interesting that the North was more industrious that the South at the time of the civil war. Where a man could keep the fruit of his labor in the North, in the south the blacks lost incentive to be productive. (Only more productive than his coworker who is getting whipped). The whites were well enough so they lost incentive to work as well. Same with welfare recipients today, they are well enough off that they do not feel a need to work, especially if it the low skilled labor that they qualify for.

      1. See you’ve bought into the same equality argument that the gays are pushing. Just Becuase a man can a say a word to fellow people of the same race and those people don’t get upset and beat his Brains in, doesn’t mean anything. You have your privileges and blacks have theirs you are protesting the use of a word. But I bet you don’t get stopped at night and searched by the police, just because a black person can do something doesn’t mean toy must be able to do the same thing. Becuase I bet if you polled blacks they perceive being white as a advantage on every level. Where as you are complaining you can’t use a word. See that’s the thing your type acts like children it’s never going to reset.

  48. Leaving aside the implication or “weight” of the word “nigger” when used by someone who isn’t black, there is a sort of unwritten rule that makes it ok (or at least not as bad) when someone uses a slur about their own group as opposed to another group. That may not be fair, but isn’t obsessing about fairness an SJW thing?

    1. Yeah, it’s just an in-group thing, everyone does it. Kind of like how you can call your little brother an asshole but if another kid on the playground calls him one, it’s going down.

    1. I think he is just saying society has bred us into believing this is a bad word-racist, evil etc…; and the next day obama is laughing at the joke when he is on the other end of it. He then has the balls to lecture all of us. … If thats the case- Obama is a nigger and he should be proud of it; in fact, the press corp should say …President NIGGER; what do you plan to do about x.

  49. Bar yesterday, all white guys except one, who was a pasty beta black dude moping in the corner. A buddy of mine said, off the cuff, “Yeah, got back from Florida, I was darker than a nigger”.
    Nobody froze, nobody went into SJW paralysis. The friend then saw the black guy said “Hey, no offense” and the black guy said “No problem man” and that was it. We all got to smoking and joking afterwards.
    Too much bullshit is put on words. Fuck that.

    1. Somehow I think it should not be necessary to say “Hey, no offense”. I think that only then is it really going to be in the past. I’m not for any form of special rules being put on any group because of race. Commenting on group physical common characteristics is not racist. Do Asians sue NBA for not admitting more Asians?
      Maybe they should.

  50. I dont like the word ..but apparently obama was okay with it when it was in “fun” so.. .I guess its okay to say – run nigga nigga nigga. Either your all in or all out. I am polish by heritage. call me a pollock. .in fact, tell me I am stupid for taking on the German panzer division with horses during WWII.. .I can take it.

    1. I call you brave, and your Polish expat squadron — the British 303 — some of the bravest and most accomplished fighter pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain. Any nation that brought forth Kosciusko is never going to have its legacy tarnished by a nickname.

  51. It’s stupid. I’m black, and whenever I hear anyone tossing it around one day, and calling someone a racist the other day, I already know they are stupid.

  52. A bunch of racist faggots, lol. That’s why MRA will never get anywhere because you let retards like this david guy corrupt your movement. How do you expect people (esp black men) to get behind something that’s filled with insecure queers who can’t put a small difference like race aside? Lol what a joke.

    1. Lol, this is not an MRA site. We have black guys hanging out here too all the time. And Indian guys, and Arab guys, and every kind and type and race or whatever you wanna call it you can think of.
      If your head is screwed on straight your ideas are welcome.
      Too bad yours is stuck up your ass. How does it feel to jerk off to the injustice and oppression you feel 24/7? I’m curious, humor me.

      1. “Too bad yours is stuck up your ass. How does it feel to jerk off to the injustice and oppression you feel 24/7? I’m curious, humor me.”
        *miss* Not even close.
        Lol not a SJW nd I have no idea where u got that from. I was making a point.
        Also, what kind of site IS ROK anyways? And why does it attract faggots and white nationalists?

        1. Not sure, you the first faggot I meet around here.
          Nationalists? I have no issue with someone taking pride in the achievements of their parents. You do realize you are taking issue at me doing what you were doing?
          What kind of site is it? A bunch of guys discussing their experiences with girls and in particular girls who aren’t American.
          So faggots I don’t think enjoy the site. We tend to be homophobic I would guess.
          As for white nationalist guys that’s me! I’m white and a nationalist.
          I want nations to take care of their own first, not every Mohammed who squeezes in.

    2. –> Takes offence at racism
      –> Freely flings homophobic epithets around

  53. there’s a certain joy in knowing that it is socially reprehensible for you to use that word. Out of ALL the words in the english language you can use, why does it bother you all SO MUCH that this word might get you punched in the mouth if uttered in mixed company?
    the word ‘nigga’ is about the intent. I would imagine most people on a site like this would love to say it with ill intent, with none of the possible mouth-punching penalty. That’s because it’s much less sexy to say a word that is socially acceptable. A very small number of you would say it with no ill intent whatsoever.

    1. For sure the guys I talk to here and know a bit and me included don’t even want to use it. The point is that it’s stupid to have racism at all. If I as a white person can’t do something because I’m white, it’s just as stupid as you not being able to do something because of some reason you can’t change.
      You want end of racism? End it right here then.

    2. That’s the thing, dude. It’s illegal to punch people.
      “I was offended” is not a valid defense. In fact, if you get to the point of beating someone, and they reasonably fear for their life of serious injury, the attacker is opening himself up to the possibility of a justifiable homicide.

  54. everythang gotta work bofe muddafukkin ways to be fare an if it aint den it aint tru !!! nomesane

    1. If I could up vote you twice I would.
      4 hours ago
      everythang gotta work bofe muddafukkin ways to be fare an if it aint den it aint tru !!! nomesane
      And ain’t this the truth?

  55. White people trying to lecture others on the use of nigga is cringe and a clear example of how whites try to control everything.

    1. Nah, it’s just calling bullshit where we se it. And you better think hard about who is trying to control everything. Your children’s future depends on it.

      1. Oh trust me noth666 I have. I actually did the research instead of falling for propaganda that supports my egotistical views. Good day.

    2. Lefties trying to lecture others on what are or are not appropriate words is laughable and a clear example of how lefties attempt to control language.

      1. I think you should appreciate all that you have. Take a step back and truly see this.

        1. White people have a perfect right to appreciate all that we built, which is pretty much everything. You’re free to take a step back into history and name a historical black tribal culture that universally outlawed slavery of its own volition, for example. Or managed to end large-scale disease infections. Or designed a stable and enduring system of government in which more than one person got to decide the law.
          As said: lefties have no right to lecture others on what are or are not appropriate words.

        2. A rich man complaining that poor people are actually getting something in their lives. You are simply angry because you can’t have it all.

    3. How fucking hilarious.
      Telling white people which words they can say, while simultaneously accusing THEM of control?

  56. White American liberals don’t like black people. Liberals are the newest incarnation of the old segregationists, regarding black people as political tools who must be kept in a separate culture if they can’t be physically segregated by law.
    This should be obvious from liberals’ obsession with race, but do black people really see that?

  57. didnt read the article(theres no point) im sure it makes valid points but as a black dude ill just urge you guys to not drop n bombs around black people for your own safety

  58. I agree as I’ve always been against the use of this word no matter the spelling of it.

  59. Wow is this a joke. I don’t believe someone can be so dumb as to write such an article. What’s worse is the bunch of racist prices applauding this tripe…you sound so brave with a 140 characters. I never understood why people like you have the nerve of saying that they are not racist….oh and to point out the obvious..it’s so rare for white assholes like you to actually say the n-word as a term of endearment. And you may be able to sell your bullshit to racists douches like yourself. But no self respecting black man will ever allow a bigot such as yourself to demean.

    1. Go away, cuckboy.
      “But no self respecting black man will ever allow a bigot such as yourself to demean.”
      This is America, there is no law against saying the N word. If somebody attacks somebody, they’re opening themselves up to being shot. Period.

      1. It’s so hard to be insulted by someone whose best insult is cuck boy…seriously. and I stand by words. You can’t even argue intelligently is this the best you can offer…no witty remarks or wise insights.. shut the fuck up..concentrate on actually improving yourself.

        1. Because you are a cuckboy.
          You think people are allowed to assault someone for a word.
          So again, go away, cuckboy.

        2. Yeah, you got nothing cuckboy.
          Go ahead and try to assault someone because they hurt your special snowflake feewings. See what happens. Do it in a CCW state too, while you’re at it.

        3. Wth are u even saying..every time u respond you just sound dumber and dumber. And if we met in the street and you insulted me with a racial slur I would whoop your ass for days…hey do you know what you call a pussy who carries a gun….you call him a “pussy who carries a gun”..doesn’t matter how many rounds you have your still a bitch…I know it and you know it sleep tight.

        4. at least I’m funny you’re just stupid.from your lame insults to gun threats and the way you exposed your I.q. level of 48. Can I ask what is this obsession with cuckolding..did something happen cos you’re giving hints of ill Freudian projection.

        5. You have failed at your response…and a surmise that you have failed at life.lol

        6. <— Tumblr is that way.
          You can whine about what a shitlord I am and how much you were triggered over there.

        7. Yeah you know you’re not talking to an sjw. I’m just not gonna put up or agree with the nonsense you spew. And you’re not a shitlord…in fact you ain’t shit. So take your poorly disguised racism and talk to someone who cares about how it ain’t fair that the blacks won’t allow good ol white Americans to call them niggas. In fact take it church

        8. Look cuckboi, I’ve never called anybody a nigger and I’ve never really felt the urge to even use the word. The only time I ever say it is discussions like these.
          If you think it’s alright to beat somebody because they said something you don’t like, that’s fine.
          But if you decide to actually attack somebody for that, be prepared for the consequences, jail time, an ass whoopin’ or up to a HP round expanding in you.
          The jury will acquit, based on self-defense laws.
          Just sayin’.

        9. No…your response game is just really weak..I guess I’m just disappointed

        10. Yes, padawan.
          Let the butthurt FLOW from you.
          Let it fill you completely.
          CONTROL IT.
          HARNESS IT.

  60. well…go up to a black person..and call them a nigger..and just accept the consequences…

    1. Hey, if you’re packing and you get attacked, that’s a justifiable homicide right there.
      Just saying.

  61. Why do you want to use that word so badly? You say you’re Australian, are you actually Mel Gibson using a pen name? He likes that word too.
    I don’t understand why white people want permission to use that word, and feel like they’re entitled to be able to use it. Isn’t it enough that you can kill us and not get prosecuted?

    1. “Isn’t it enough that you can kill us and not get prosecuted?”
      HAHAHAHA holy fucking shit.
      You forget your medication this morning?

  62. This used to be a good site with great think pieces, it’s a shame how quickly it has devolved into stormfront.org.

  63. Im black (or mixed I should say) myself and, honestly, David G Brown speaks the truth. Either everybody can say the word or no one uses it all. Why?
    Because what gives black folk, the everyday man just like any other man (regardless of race), the right to prohibit the use of a certain word without restricting themselves from saying it–even though the word itself bears a powerfully negative connotation that stems from the violent and evil realm of American slavery?
    If its that bad, then blacks themselves shouldn’t use it as terms of endearment. Otherwise they have no right to get mad at others from a different race from saying it because the very word itself, to begin with, is corrupted!
    So if society wishes to neutralize its power; if blacks blacks desire to be at peace with those who are born with differing skin shades from themselves; if every N I G G A–male or female, black or white, Japanese or Chinese, Polish or Danish, English or German, Indian or Native American, Turkish or Mongolian, Australian or Cambodian, Mexican or Spanish, Guatemalan or Cuban, Portuguese or Brazilian, or whoever else–and I mean if every N I G G A (that is everybody), wishes to get along, THEN EVERYBODY USES IT OR NO ONE SAYS IT AT ALL.

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