When Everyone Has To Accept Gay Marriage, It’s Not Tolerance But Tyranny

A Swedish business owner will have to pay thousands in damages to a lesbian couple who wanted to have their wedding at her rural venue. The religious owner of the establishment didn’t want a gay wedding on her property, which counts as discrimination and a crime.

This is just one of many examples of how legalising same-sex marriage is not about love or equal rights, it’s about about making people accept something their conscience and beliefs find unacceptable. It’s about criminalizing conservatism and infringing on people’s freedom of religion.

Lesbians pressed charges after being turned down

Trollebo Gård on its web page describes itself as a “paradise.” Situated in Småland, Sweden, the farm dates back to the 14th century. According to its own description, a knight by the name of Lionface gave it to his wife as a wedding gift in 1361. Now it’s for sale, with a starting price of 15 million SEK (about 1.8 million USD).

In November 2014, the farm wasn’t on the market yet. For what I assume was a high price, you could arrange parties, conferences and other festive events there. A lesbian couple decided they wanted to have their wedding at the scenic location. They called up the owner who said that it wasn’t possible, there were no times available for a wedding. But only four days later, a heterosexual couple had no problem making a reservation for their wedding at the same place.

Somehow the lesbian couple found out about this and charged Trollebo Gård for discrimination. Now the case has been settled and the owner has admitted to the charges. The owner, a woman, did in fact not want homosexuals to be married at her venue, so she turned the couple’s request down. She claimed that the reason for this was her religious beliefs.

The Equality Ombudsman says that religiosity is not a valid reason to turn down a customer. Therefore, Trollebo Gård now has to pay 15.000 SEK to each of the women, 30.000 total ($3,664 USD), in damages.


An ominous rainbow over Trollebo Gård.

Freedom of religion ended with gay marriage

I haven’t seen this case get a lot of attention in the media. Maybe it’s because people don’t see it as a big deal. Maybe they think it’s right that the owner got this punishment for discriminating against gays. Or maybe they think it’s too embarrassing that this has happened in a country that purports to have freedom of religion. Obviously the right of this woman to live by her moral principles, rooted in her religious beliefs, has not been respected.

What’s interesting is that the law doesn’t seem to treat all people the same in this matter. The Swedish parliament decided to make marriage laws gender neutral in 2009, and so same-sex marriage became legal. The same year, the Lutheran Church of Sweden changed their own statutes to make it possible for gay couples to get married in church. However, the new rules also meant that no individual priest was obligated to conduct same-sex weddings.

What this means is that a priest can legally refuse to marry gay couples with reference to his own conscience and deeply held beliefs. Yet when a business owner for the same reasons don’t want to have gay weddings on her private property, it’s deemed discrimination and a violation of the law. To me, this doesn’t make any sense at all. It does seem like the church and its clerics have privileges that normal citizens don’t have.


Sorry that you didn’t get a trigger warning for this, but neither did I.

Traditional values have become illegal

I’ve never really given gay marriage that much thought. I’m not a religious person, so I don’t see it as an issue in that sense. But when you get the government involved in things, it’s never as simple as a private matter. Now we’re all involved, because the government’s dictates can’t be ignored. If the politicians want you to approve of same-sex marriage, you have no other choice than to abide. (Or they’ll put a gun to your face.)

But wait a minute. Maybe I’m the bad guy in all of this. Gay people should have the same rights as straight people, shouldn’t they? So if straight people can get married, gay people should be able to do that too. Wouldn’t you be a really bigoted homophobe if you thought that marriage could only be between a man and a woman? And shouldn’t that kind of thinking be a crime, since it can make gays feel badly treated?

My answer to that last question is: nope. I don’t think any opinions or values should be criminal. Freedom of religion means you can practice your religion in whatever way you like, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Getting some angry dyke’s feelings hurt doesn’t count.

Gay marriage isn’t really the problem here, it’s the laws that force everyone to accept it. They make you think it’s about tolerance, “being nice,” yet the very idea behind these laws is that traditional, conservative values can’t be allowed to exist and must be suppressed. The political scene is infested with Marxists who are by far the most intolerant people on this planet. Yet they are also great deceivers and can make you think that their intolerance is really about being nice and inclusive, 2 plus 2 equals 5.

Tyranny is being sold as tolerance, and it’s unfortunate that so many are buying into it.

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315 thoughts on “When Everyone Has To Accept Gay Marriage, It’s Not Tolerance But Tyranny”

  1. ” I don’t think any opinions or values should be criminal.”
    And that is why you fail.

    1. exactly, i used to have a more libertarian mindset where i think anything should be allowed as long as its not invasive of others privacy and beliefs. I now see why God wanted an absolutist world, there is no logical sense or benefit in enabling self destructive lifestyles and opinions just for the sake of having freedom, a proper society needs structure.

      1. Attempting to create a human by any means other than joining an egg of a woman and a sperm of a man and gestating in a woman’s womb should be a federal crime, punishable by a $25M fine and 25 years in prison for all involved. It would ban transgender and same sex reproduction, as well as genetic engineering and cloning.

        1. exactly, when we lived in a society where this kind of behaviour was punishable by death, we didn’t have to deal with a controlled media guilt tripping us about degenerates not wanting to feel shame for their fetish.
          If you want to go with the “born this way” bullcrap, then why is it that homos are only like 4% of the worlds population, they have the highest amount of aids out of any individual group, 25% of theme sleep with up to a 1000 anonymous partners a year, and 50% of homosexual adoptive parents end up grooming/molesting their children.
          Even after Baracuck Obama legalized fag marriage, they still push their shit everywhere, even onto kids. That, my friend, is tyranny.

        2. Or a “religion” out of control with no real checks and balances available for us cis-gendered patriarchy believers…

        1. Thats a good question. I know for a fact that the war on drugs is controlled in order to give cops an excuse to arrest people, while the government makes money off of tax payers who keep the prison system alive. The U.S government has been caught with their pants around their legs by shipping guns into mexico in order to arm the drug cartels(look up fast and furious, not the movie).
          The longer the drug wars go on, the more freedoms we lose, and we also loose the culture war by supporting the music industry which makes drugs fashionable in order for them to sell to the children and people suffering in low income areas,
          What im trying to say is that we as a society should naturally oppose drugs, even as a poor person such as myself there are plenty of ways to enjoy life without having to resort to artificial highs. The sooner people realise this, the sooner we can start building a healthier culture for our youth and the people struggling in lower economic areas.

        2. War on Drugs = War on Alcohol.
          And look at the history of Prohibition (Ken Burn’s documentary is a good start); it was a colossal waste of manpower and government money, all to politically placate teetotalers. Even though the rate of alcoholism did go down, the crime rate skyrocketed, local gangs became nationwide syndicates, ordinary people became scofflaws, and it made illegal drinking seem somehow ‘glamorous’. It’s been nearly a century since, and we still haven’t learned that you can’t legislate morality.
          The government would be smart to legalize the stuff and TAX THE HELL OUT OF IT. And require a wavier from the users — “if you have any problems from ‘using’, it’s all on your shoulders and not anyone else’s fault.”

        3. I agree there is no going back, pandoras box has already been open. The only way to fight back against drugs is for society to reject it on their own will. People today would rather live for the moment by doing their precious drugs, ignore the consequences of enabling its existence, and ignorantly support the criminal injustice system. Without crime, people would have to pay less money in taxes towards the prison system, so the government has to stage crime on order have excuses to enforce harsh laws.
          The entire war on drugs is a scam, i recommend a great book/movie called “A Scanner Darkly”, the author Phillip K Dick does a great job metaphorically exposing the war on drugs and the damaging effects of drug culture.

        4. Actually, it’s the for-profit prison system who makes the money. The entire war on drugs is set up for this purpose. This even extends to privately owned juvenile detention centres.

        5. I think as a society we should definitely oppose SOME drugs (i.e. not weed). I don’t think we should allow drug sales to children. But as someone who has used drugs and has known people who have used drugs, the war on drugs fucks drug users and addicts WAY more than the actual drugs ever could.
          Almost all the overdoses you see in the news could be prevented if the drugs were pure and being sold by actual businesses and regulated. Almost all drug OD’s come from the user not knowing exactly what the fuck he is using. That’s why there are so few alcohol overdoses.
          And, more importantly, every time someone gets arrested by the cops for possession, that (unlike the actual drugs) will CERTAINLY stick with them for life. The war on drugs is more about identifying and stigmatizing drug users than helping them.
          I don’t think we should put dealers in jail, either. The more illegal we make drugs,
          and the more dealers we throw in jail, the more profit the ones who are left stand to make. When the risk is higher, so is the reward. Plus, it’s not fair to throw an 18-year-old kid in jail for 25 years because he made a stupid decision to carry drugs for someone.
          Drug dealing is the only crime that the court can just assume you committed with no evidence (having a certain quantity of drugs is not evidence of dealing).
          Of course, my opinion doesn’t matter since (as you said) the war on drugs is about money, and giving cops an excuse to put people in jail. The biggest supporters of the war on drugs are:
          – police departments
          – drug rehab facilities
          -private prison owners
          -alcohol manufacturers
          I once tried to tell someone that on here, and their response was: “well, those people (police and drug rehab facilities) know drug users best, so we should follow their advice and keep drugs illegal.”
          Yeah, right. They just want what’s best for us. Cops are good people. They are above us. they’re not after money and power like the rest of us.
          And don’t get me wrong, I actuay respect cops. What I don’t respect is all the “conservatives” who suck their dick ao hard.

        6. Portugal legalized many drugs, their problems decreased immensely.

      2. The Huge problem is that we have evolved into this society who thinks Freedom doesn’t include structure. just the same as some religions exist because of breaking from other religions for the sake of avoiding certain rules people use the word freedom to avoid consequence and start whole new ideologies. Freedom is such a dangerous word in todays society.

    2. Agree. Truth is Truth. It is timeless, eternal, and ever-present. Marriage is about three things-Monogamy, Property Rights, and Reproduction. No man is going to get married without a contractual expectation of Monogamy and Reproduction(the most unique form of property, one’s own children). It used to be that no woman would get married without getting property rights in exchange for having children and being monogamous, but with the rise of the Welfare State, women no longer need men because they marry themselves off to the state.
      Remove any of these three elements to the definition of Marriage and Marriage becomes anything anyone wants it to. Polygamy. Homosex coupling. Cosanguinity. Cuckholdry. Incest. Paedophilia. Bestiality.
      That’s how damaging redefining marriage to include queers is to society.
      What women, and the Left want is nothing less than the rise of blood-soaked tribalism. The kind of tribalism that plagued Europe until Christian missionaries converted Europeans and began the process of creating the modern Europe that we still enjoy no thanks to women and the Left.

      1. Western women have exposed the primitive hedonism still present in the female mind. They have yet to realize that limits and boundaries must be placed on pleasure and desire in order to enjoy life in a healthy way. It has become painfully obvious that women don’t give a flying fuck about the sanctity of marriage or any other civil institution. They want the pleasures of single, promiscuous life while also enjoying the emotional comforts and securities of marriage and “commitment”. Millions of women are trying to convince their husbands to have open marriages and polyandrous arraingements.
        Men must maintain the boundaries of marriage and society or it will mirror the lives of women: unstable, flaky, dishonest, hedonistic and centered around feelings and fantasies.

    3. Yep, and that is why the ‘conservatives’ who still believe in the Constitution and ‘freedom’ at this point will continue to lose.

  2. Same sex marriage is the problem, because same sex couples don’t have a right to procreate together, and marriage is the right to procreate together. We need to ban male pregnancy and female impregnation, as they are not rights, not useful or necessary, and completely unethical and extremely costly and burdensome, and protect marriages right to procreate naturally. And void all same sex marriages in every state.

    1. No ned to ban something that doesn’t exist…
      Should we ban dogs impregnating humans too?

        1. Until the faggot who banned him is found, his name will live on.
          Today its lolknee. Tomorrow its GOJ. And then this place becomes just another cuck faggot fuck place. Where words are policed just because feelings were hurt.
          Fuck that shit.

        2. Monsieur de Charette’s comments are still being actively deleted whenever he posts… This is fucked.

        3. Is it because they made fun of that fat fucking piece of shit? Before he was just a fat fuck. But if it’s true, he’s a fat cuck fuck piece of cock sucking shit. Trying to silence the people because you get hit with a bit of criticism? Who really owns this place? Is it Roosh or is he just a front boy for some cuck bitch faggot?
          The only reason I kept staying here was because I thought anybody has the freedom to say whatever they wanted without people resorting to this kind of garbage, fake-authority wielding pussy tactics. Even posts from that dumb bitch with the “I earned this much $$$ from sucking cock” spammers’ posts were not deleted. Maybe just to give the illusion that this place doesn’t delete commenters’ posts, even if they had wholly diametrically opposed views from it’s writers, authors and owners? And what if those views became popular to the behest of those people, like was the case with lolknee . and Monsieur? What then?
          ROK, you disappoint me.

        4. I think even people who may have not entirely agreed with it were upvoting it regardless because it was freakin’ hilarious. Lolknee’s a troll, but he’s our troll. This whole thing just sickens me.

        5. I haven’t. That I’m aware of.

        6. That’s insanity. Monsieur de Charette made tons of quality, and funny, posts. He, like lolknee, is a net benefit to this site.

        7. “There are several techniques for the control and manipulation of a internet forum no matter what, or who is on it. We will go over each technique and demonstrate that only a minimal number of operatives can be used to eventually and effectively gain a control of a ‘uncontrolled forum.’
          Technique #1 – ‘FORUM SLIDING’
          If a very sensitive posting of a critical nature has been posted on a forum – it can be quickly removed from public view by ‘forum sliding.’ In this technique a number of unrelated posts are quietly prepositioned on the forum and allowed to ‘age.’ Each of these misdirectional forum postings can then be called upon at will to trigger a ‘forum slide.’ The second requirement is that several fake accounts exist, which can be called upon, to ensure that this technique is not exposed to the public. To trigger a ‘forum slide’ and ‘flush’ the critical post out of public view it is simply a matter of logging into each account both real and fake and then ‘replying’ to prepositined postings with a simple 1 or 2 line comment. This brings the unrelated postings to the top of the forum list, and the critical posting ‘slides’ down the front page, and quickly out of public view. Although it is difficult or impossible to censor the posting it is now lost in a sea of unrelated and unuseful postings. By this means it becomes effective to keep the readers of the forum reading unrelated and non-issue items.
          Technique #3 – ‘TOPIC DILUTION’
          Topic dilution is not only effective in forum sliding it is also very useful in keeping the forum readers on unrelated and non-productive issues. This is a critical and useful technique to cause a ‘RESOURCE BURN.’ By implementing continual and non-related postings that distract and disrupt (trolling ) the forum readers they are more effectively stopped from anything of any real productivity. If the intensity of gradual dilution is intense enough, the readers will effectively stop researching and simply slip into a ‘gossip mode.’ In this state they can be more easily misdirected away from facts towards uninformed conjecture and opinion. The less informed they are the more effective and easy it becomes to control the entire group in the direction that you would desire the group to go in. It must be stressed that a proper assessment of the psychological capabilities and levels of education is first determined of the group to determine at what level to ‘drive in the wedge.’ By being too far off topic too quickly it may trigger censorship by a forum moderator.”

  3. The rainbow is a Christian symbol, fwiw. The gays hijacked it, but it’s worth remembering what it actually symbolizes (here’s a hint, it’s not butt sex).

    1. The word gay itself is a perversion on a positive, happy word. They used to be called queers.

  4. If you notice, the executive branch is now referring to “freedom of worship” instead of the actual wording of the 1st amendment, “freedom of religion”. It sounds innocuous, right? Wrong. Worship is what you do in a church or in private. Living your religion, however, is what you do every day in your life. By changing the wording slightly, they are out to take away the right to live and exercise your religious beliefs in public. It has to be noted that the Obergefell decision noted that this did not impinge on freedom of religion, but the intolerant gay, liberal bullies ignored that part. Find someone who disagrees with their new liberal orthodoxy and make an example of them to scare others, and for the most part, it works. (Note – the CS Lewis view of punishment vs. deterrence plays heavily here! Someone resists, so you make an example of them to deter other resisters.) This is but another example of individual liberties being squashed if they don’t match the designs of the powers-that-be.
    I read of a pro-gay-marriage twink who wrote that all they wanted was the right to love and procreate; he had NO idea that he’d just undercut his own emotional argument with solid logic – gay marriages cannot procreate! Doesn’t matter – it’s all about how they FEEL.
    I’m working with a friend on a dystopian novel which takes the feminist, pro-LGBT, anti-religion agendas to an extreme to the point that the alpha male is a thoroughly oppressed class. My fear is that goal is closer than we’d like to admit.

    1. We need to ban trying to procreate with the same sex, like with stem cell derived sperm and eggs or organ transplants. There is no right to procreate as the non birth sex or with the same birth sex.

    2. Abthony Burgess wrote a similarly themed novel titled The Wanting Seed. Only homosexuals were qualified to be policemen in this dystopian vision.

  5. I left my church today because they are obsessed with gay issues. I don’t care if someone is gay. But I don’t want to hear about it at all. I never bring up the fact that I prefer long haired, submissive, thin, white or hispanic women in heels. So I shouldn’t have to hear why someone else prefers taking it in the butt.
    An entire discussion on redemption was hijacked today and diverted to talking about how gay people should be free to marry and not be discriminated against. The stupidest part is everyone in the room agreed that gay people should be allowed to be gay. So it was nothing more than an hour of just stroking their own egos and making them feel all good and positive and superior to the evil conservatives. Well guess what, you just created one. Fuck that shit, I don’t want to hear it, I’m sick and tired of it being shoved down my throat. Going to find a good conservative orthodox church next week. Or a mosque.

      1. Temper your expectations. He has not made consistent strong statements on the matter. I tend to believe the infrequent and brief mentions amount to him keeping the issue in reserve as potential negotiation leverage.

      2. Apparently you didn’t hear about Bruce Jenner using the women’s bathroom in Trump Tower.
        All well. A ship can’t be turned on a dime…

      3. You’re dreaming. Cruz might have, (And I’m not even sure he would have). But Trump never said anything against gay marriage.

        1. I think he’s made some cursory nods to Tradcons(he was pro-choice in the past) but his real genius is that he’s managed to avoid the Culture Wars.

        2. *laughter*
          I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:
          Anyone who prescribes a political solution to a cultural /social problem is an idiot.

        3. The best we can expect from Trump is that he will allow a debate against it without censorship and that he will not promote if forward.

        4. What I’ve learned to expect from Trump is to expect nothing from Trump. He is the pure wild card, and his only surefire loyalty I’ve seen is to his own brand.
          Take any issue, I can easily see him coming down on either side of it.

        5. Where’d he go? Roosh snuck into Australia. I bet lolknee is somewhere here with a cap and glasses.

      4. He cannot do that. I like Trump, but don’t put that many expectations on him. Free frustation can come, and I would not blame him for that.

      5. “Hang in there because Trump will end gay marriage.”
        Please enough with the Trump worship. I’m all for his platform, but if he gets in he still has to prove himself. He could very well simply go along with the elites plan.

        1. Too many people believe this shyster…
          They will be disappointed.
          Remember when Obama convinced everyone with “change we can believe in”? And then what happened.

        2. It’s shocking to me how easily duped people are. I mean the dude has an open far Leftist record that you can easily consult on Youtube videos or online news publications, but we’re supposed to just ignore that or pretend otherwise?

        3. I have always agreed with your point of view but what sometimes seems like agreement is just following the rules… I was the owner of a business for many years and it is impossible to run a business in a red pill manor. The government has its tentacles around your testicles at every position. Pay fees for things that you can never use, follow incredibly stupid and overreaching employment laws, kiss the asses of people that make you want to wash your hands after shaking theirs, the only way to get ahead is to “go along and seem to be one of them” really, this happens even in small towns, so I can only imagine what it would be like to try to have a multi-state, multi-country business. The government, forces you to do their program or fail or even starve. Imagine trying to get permits in a Democrat ruled plutrocracy like New York… You would have to be a part of, or at least show homage to, the ruling elite or face death by bureaucracy. Yeh, he is not a perfect man for the job, but he is a arrow to the heart of the ruling class, maybe slightly bent but his maleness is the poison that we need to start the death if this hideous beast that we call western society. Trump was not my first choice. Cruz was but I heard him answer a question “should women be forced to register for the draft?” His answer was of course, “of course not”, Then when asked women’s opportunities in the military, his comment “women deserve all the opportunities that men have.” He went on to say that women should not fight on the front lines, because he could not imagine his daughters put in such harm’s way. “Send your sons to die for my daughter’s opportunities”…

        4. Rand Paul was the only one that I really had any hope for. When he was gone I went Cruz by default but really, eh, the slate was rather bleak so there wasn’t much option.
          Getting along in business is fine and well, but that has nothing to do with being pro-abortion or anti-gun, both of which he openly and clearly was (until about 2 years ago).

        5. I have forever considered myself a Libertarian and I agree with Rand Paul on most of his ideology. I split with him on his defense of the “police haters” and I no longer call myself a Libertarian because of their stance on immigration. Cruze lost my support with his legalistic, debate style, rhetoric and of course his “white night” attitude which is counter to his claim to be a Constitutionalist.
          Really, if you were to own a business, you would see how much you would have to portray yourself as a liberal and chameleon yourself as one of them to make it in the government controlled business world. Whether anyone knows it or not, through all the government regulations, we are now a fascist society.

        6. I’m a closed border libertarian. Rand’s stance on police haters is wrong too. But of the candidates, he was the only one I really aligned with the most. I don’t expect perfection, but I sure as hell won’t support somebody like Jeb(!) for example.

        7. Delusional. Whatever Ron Paul’s brain thought, he had ZERO effectiveness.
          You can’t execute policy unless you are employed as an EXECUTIVE FIRST.

        8. He delivered exactly the “change” he proposed and that I Opposed. most said he would be compromised once in office just like they are saying with Trump. the main difference is that from jump street Obama never assumed to be against the democratic establishment but quite the opposite looked to be a puppet of the establishment with his lack of any experience and of the experience he did have was collecting back door funds ie black caucus etc. if Trump turns out like Obama in that he gets done most of what he proposes we will be in for exactly what im looking for from a conservative nominee. don’t over analyze things man. we want the boarders controlled and the trade agreements reformed etc.
          incase you all haven’t noticed. its too late for anyone else to effectively oppose what’s going on on the democrat side. Trump is who it has to be if not Hilary. so find something you like about him, because not voting or living in denial and wishing and hoping for a libertarian to emerge is not going to happen. so make sure Hilary or Bernie don’t get elected and take your grievances to 2020.
          arguing with people here and trying to change their mind about Trump will only lead to votes for Hillary whether directly or indirectly so stop being retards and slaves to your own ego of what you “think” is going to happen.
          Hillary will for sure accelerate what Obama has done. if nothing else we need to block her adding more Leftist to the Supreme court. in addition, having a Female President will further damage any hope we had to maintaining even the tiniest semblance of patriarchy we are tightly holding on to. It will no doubt propel Feminism to a high we have never dreamed of further criminalizing Masculinity in all its forms. get with it guys. wtf.

        9. Have you read Hoppe on immigration?
          It’s incredibly cogent yet liberal libertarians get angy at him but even Rothbard wasn’t keen on being fleeced to subsidize your own extermination.

        10. Quite a stream of consciousness here. I suggest you try to use paragraphs and proper punctuation so that you can be properly understood.
          Sorry mate, every President is a liar and a dictator. The whole system is corrupt. I won’t be voting for anyone because I will not be providing legitimacy for this system.
          So fuck Obama, fuck Trump and motherfuck Hillary. Not interested.

        11. typing isn’t a big part of my life so, yea there will be a lot of fuel for any grammer Nazis on here. my apologies.. its probably not going to get better. I mean if your view is such I would guess you didn’t vote last time or maybe ever, in which case youll get no argument from me. my problem is with voters who are are bowing out in protest of the candidate, you seem to be in protest of the system at large.

        12. Good grammar is respecting yourself and your reader. If I have nothing better to do I will pick apart your text and try to understand you. Otherwise, I will just ignore it.
          Rightly or wrongly, you will be judged by the way you present yourself.
          You seemed to making a good argument though, so I took the time.
          Yes you have me right. I do not believe in the system.

        13. I see your point, hopefully it improves with time and practice here. I prefer speaking to typing and most apps and programs when I do have to type do the grammar for you. it is what it is. I appreciate you taking to the time to decipher my ramblings, in the mean time, let me tell you.
          Even though you don’t believe in the system, if you live here, trust me when I say, you would rather a less liberal supreme court at the absolute minimum. To that end, Pushing the republican ticket is how you make sure, by any logical account, things don’t get worse. “Fuck the politicians” isn’t a bad take. Allowing the Left to win this time around, however, could be a big case of “fuck us all”.
          Trump is classic case of an Alpha in a room of Betas, Women and even lessor folk. They all attack out of fear, hoping to discourage him. Similar to the dude in the bar in I think it was Ghosts story. But dude is holding frame, even when he says something stupid.
          Most of the world leaders are women or betas.. just imagine what will be going through their heads when he walks into the room. More importantly the potential outcome. That is the only and I mean the ONLY reason I want to see this play out with Trump. Because, shit, he already has Hillary scared telling folks basically that her Husband will be running the show.. I mean wtf.
          shit, can I post a short comment? I need to get in the meme game.

        14. Is a short one for you. I think Trump vs Hillary will be the funniest double act since Abbott and Costello. He will rip her apart and even though I will not vote, I will laugh and laugh and laugh….

        15. No doubt, it will be a shit show of the likes we have rarely or never seen. Im wondering what will the media do for ratings after its all over. TV viewership will be at a record high im sure.

      6. Trump is remarkably neutral on liberal social issues. Not because he actually supports gay marriage / tranny bathrooms / etc, but because he doesn’t really seem to care.

        1. I’m still pretty pissed about it. I’d rather not give any more details at this point. There is a minor tie-in there to the ROK “rape” meetup outrage (ie someone at this church was part of a local protest and there’s a good chance she could identify me with more info.)
          It was a typical situation of gossipy women locking on to anything sexual or controversial and focusing on tabloid issues instead of the real message we were there to discuss. It was like signing up to lead a discussion on the great works of Thomas Jefferson and then the gossipy women sidetrack the discussion and completely make it about how he banged slaves, and how we haven’t yet atoned for the evils of slavery and COMPLETELY IGNORING the entirety of the works of Jefferson or anything other than his sexual side.
          It was supposed to be a study about redemption based on a real world story, and one of the characters happened to be gay, and the women were just drawn to this gossipy detail and wouldn’t shut up about it. There was one other guy who tried to bring the conversation back to the subject at hand, along with me, but mostly I was too disgusted and shocked and sat there to see how long they would carry it on and if they would completely hijack the planned lesson on forgiveness that week, and just endorse anal sex for an hour, which they did. It was further proof that women are utter children and strongly need our guidance or else they quickly go to the most lurid places. They truly thrive off scandal and gossip.

        2. My sister is like that…our local minster had a lecture about Men’s health and my sister raised her voice and said ” he should talk about women’s health too, otherwise this meeting is sexist…”

        3. Correct answer: “Yes, it is. And God is sexist too, he told you to be submissive before your husband and to not step out of your role as women. Deal with it”

    1. “I left my church today because they are obsessed with gay issues. I
      don’t care if someone is gay. But I don’t want to hear about it at all.”
      Many churches are doing the same thing, carping about so-called gay rights, etc. The irony is that many Evangelical and otherwise protestant denominations have been ignoring issues that affect heterosexual couples and singles, wholesale, for DECADES. When it comes to human sexuality, the churches ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist. Or they go “Manichean” and preach about how evil sexuality is — for straights, that is.
      Pick your next house of worship wisely, my good man! Best of luck!!

      1. Where the protestant church went south was in the 90s with the ‘promise keepers’ which put ALL of burden of keeping marriages together on the man and ZERO on women. That is exactly when there was a HUGE exodus of men from the church. I was one of them.
        And then church became a joke- just another Feminist institution there to tell women they can do no wrong or else NOW they’ll also lose the women and there’ll be no one at all going to church.
        So it is insane for the church to even be talking about what is only 2% of the population when 98% are having apocalyptic problems with the complete breakdown of society and the family and marriage. And the church itself is no longer a place to turn to and just another part of the problem. It’s really sad.

    2. Damn. Last I heard my grandmother’s church was considering letting homosexuals into congregation, never mind the minister actually performing ceremonies…

    3. This is a big reason why I left the church (protestant, Presbyterian/non-denominational). They became so obsessed with this whole “love everyone” mantra that they abandoned their values. Hopefully you’re able to find something that better suits your values.

    4. I’m very sick of hearing about Gay issues all the Time, as well. In the News it’s Gay issues, on Tv gay Issues, in music Videos Gay issues. Gay Issues are everywhere, and I’m getting very very sick of hearing about Gay people because of it. The amount of Talk about Gay issues, and it would be thought that Half or more of the country were gay.

        1. It’s hard to concentrate on your video. You think next time you could make one standing up with yourself in full view, turning from time to time? Heels and clothing are optional.

        2. and I fight like a man with my rifle and guns. I come from the mountains of Taiz.

        3. I am a married woman. Not cool. However, if you are looking for sex workers, I am sure Las Vegas as a directory of them, where you can find the best value for your money. To end feminism you should pay women intelligent enough to monetize their bodies, instead of subsiding slut culture that is cuckifyng and destroying the west by giving sluts attention. Stop subsizing sluts by giving sluts attention then reading anti-feminist sites that complain about slut-and-cuck culture. Pay sex workers, and only give attention to traditional women from traditional cultures you want to marry.
          I wouldn’t have commented on a men’s site if it weren’t for the fact that feminism is destroying western civilization and it’s a life or death matter – we need allies, to all unite against feminist and the regressive left.

        4. Stop spewing your garbage about President Putin..
          While Obama was winning a Nobel Peace Prize and perpetrating undeclared wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Putin was using every piece of his influence to oppose unjust and internationally illegal wars..
          Putin tried to prevent the disastrous Iraq war by vetoing resolutions in the UN, but the powerful Israeli-American lobby, AIPAC, convinced American politicians to invade without UN backing..resulting in the murder of one million innocent civilians..

        5. I am half Russian – why do I have to support the guy who stole 100s of billions from Russia and our countryside is falling apart. Putin has declared wars on taking a piece of Moldova and invading, invaded Georgia, Ukraine, Syria and involved in Azerbijan, Yemen, Iraq, and some terrorism in Europe to distract Russian attention off the economy. The problem with you anti imperialist leftists is that you are hypocrites – imperialism is evil when the west do it, but when Russia does the same thing, you make excuses for Russia. Hypocrite.

        6. Being a self-hating anti-western cuck isn’t good for your health. Try national pride and masculinity

        7. Why let an enemy’s view of your liberal laws dictate your laws? There will always be things about your society that someone somewhere will find distasteful.. why single out homosexuality as your main concern. Unless you actually believe what the criminals think yourself?

        8. We have donkeys and not horses in Taiz. Also our women are the same height as our men, but European men and women have different heights because of warfare. Due to the mountains, it is easier for a woman to defend her territory, it’s how your bullets richocet. On planes, men have an advantage.

        9. Lovely. Irrelevant, but lovely. I’m so very glad you shared your opinion on this blog. May I then say: “Donkey shit smells the same in every country, does it not?”
          (Of course, you may argue that due to dietary concerns and such every donkey shits an entirely different smell, but I would expect that given the original post and argument.)

      1. The gay marriage and abortion battles are a dog and pony show to distract the plebians from the true struggles: Globalism versus Nationalism and Authoritarianism versus Libertarianism.

        1. To an extent this is true, however, as a Catholic I feel obligated to say abortion stops a beating heart of a human being and it is murder.

        2. That is exactly why roe vs wade was such a disaster. These issues were never meant to be decided on the federal level.

        3. Agreed there. Another elephant in the room is that there are more gays in the Republican Party than in the Democrats. Gays are the most racist and discriminatory people on Earth.

      2. Didn’t you know? 0.02% of the country’s population wanting to piss in the little girl’s room is literally the most important civil rights issue since the Holocaust, and don’t you goy ever forget the seven million!

        1. Don’t forget that the heads of the Nazi Party were gay. Jewish too. It was gays and Jews in the party that started the Final Solution and set up the camps, killing their own peoples. It wasn’t till near the end that other people in the party, seeing the disaster the gays and Jews started, assasinated them and tried to seize power.
          Really convenient how facts get swept under the rug, and now the same groups are here causing trouble.

    5. Where the protestant church went south was in the 90s with the ‘promise keepers’ which put ALL of the burden of keeping marriages together on the man and ZERO on women. That is exactly when there was a HUGE exodus of men from the church. I was one of them.
      It was the beginning of the COMPLETE unaccountability of women in the U.S. and of course completely unacceptable and completely shut down and broken, just like women themselves today.
      And then church became a joke- just another Feminist institution there to tell women they can do no wrong or else NOW they’ll also lose the women and there’ll be no one at all going to church.
      So it is insane for the church to even be talking about what is only 2% of the population when 98% are having apocalyptic problems with the complete breakdown of society and the family and marriage. And the church itself is no longer a place to turn to and just another part of the problem. It’s all really sad.

    6. Wow that’s crazy, at my church (eastern orthodox) i couldn’t imagine hearing that shit

      1. Wait untill they infiltrate it like they did with the Vatican. There are catholic priests who they too couldn’t imagine hearing that shit and what do you know…BOOM, the new ,,pope” encourages gays, greets muslims and other insults to God and His people.

        1. I am Catholic and do not approve of MUCH of what this new leftist Pope is doing…one priest on Catholic Radio said “the new Pope stands opposed to Catholicism” and under canon law we are obligated to try to correct him, much like Paul corrected Peter (Peter was a colossal fuckup but Jesus forgave him if you recall-and he was the first Pope)…

      2. Some Jewish fellow from New Yuk was bragging about the “largest LGBT synagog in the world” near his house, but I wanted to ask-is it Orthodox or Reformed Judiasm that is practiced there? Instead I deleted all my comments from LinkedIn because LinkedIn is NOT facebook, where I also do NOT engage with crazy people about the culture wars….I mainly talk about cars, the weather, cute pictures of animals and Star Trek from time to time…

      1. I disagree and agree. I think a mosque is better them some cuckified latest fashion protestant church with a transgender priest and lame beta pop songs. Now I think people of Christian heritage should go to a masculine church rooted in tradition where men weren’t cucks who bowed to peer pressure about the latest trends including debauchery. A church must have leadership – many new ones are lead by cucks and have failed.
        Non-cuck churches: Othrodox, Greek Catholic, Coptic, Catholic Churches that still have Latin mass. My issue with Roman Catholic is that the church gets too much into politics like the pagan roman tradition, which may lead to secularism down the road – much like in Iran most people don’t see themselves as Muslim because the radical Islamists in charge are too crazy and went too far by mixing religion and politics and got corrupt with worldly power. Greek Catholic is like Catholicism without the power problem down the road. But even a Catholic church with a Latin mass for a person of Christian heritage is better than a mosque, and a mosque is better than cuck churches.
        I say this from a Muslim background, you have to pass down your heritage through your temple/church/mosque but cucks and feminism is cancer. A red pilled church is the best for a person of christian heritage, followed by a mosque, after that … everything cuck and beta are all bad, but worst is just straight Marxism without even a bible, as the bible is still a pretty alpha book. I think for non-Catholic, non-orthodox Christians, they should take a tour of a mosque, then of a Coptic, a Ukrainian Othrodox, Greek Catholic, Latin Mass Roman catholic and other hard core churches, ultra orthodox synagogues and make some notes about red pilled beliefs, and apply the best things in common in red-pilled versions of all three religions to one’s own as a practicing Christian. Stay away from the blue pill.

    7. thats the real problem with the majority of gay people, they want you to buy their philosophy, they want the world embrace homosexuals, they want an homo-world

      1. That’s the problem with human beings in the first place. Everyone wants a world that reflect their preferences. We wouldn’t be on this site if that wasn’t the case.

    8. i recommend going to an independent fundamentalist church, or at least watching sermons from one on youtube. They preach the Bible unfiltered and take a stand against narratives such as the gay issue being promoted in the media.

    9. I think its fair to say that no civilisation or society that has tolerated
      1 Matriarchy and
      2 Sexual deviancy from the heterosexual norm
      has survived or persisted. They all died out for whatever reason.
      This should tell us a lot. It should tell us its not going to work. In fact I think many people promoting this agenda are doing so not because of a sense of justice and fairness but because they want to destroy what they call heteronormative society.
      The gender studies department will always find some primitive parasite infected tribe that is living in a grass hut that is supposed to be an utopia of matriarchy, peace, transgenderism and pansexual experimental youth. In this primitive utopia, ruined by White men, women could have sexual intercourse with whomever they wanted and their Children would be taken care of by the community.
      Of course not even a beta male will raise and invest in a woman and her family if the Children are not his. He won’t even invest in his society.
      Much of the historical literature that claims rampant homosexuality in ancient civilisations and historical figures is fanciful. I recently read “Making Gay Okay” which is an anti gay marriage book and it quotes extensively from Socrates. Far from being a homosexual Socrates made extensive statements against the practice.
      Socrates and in particular Plato made extensive studies of beauty and eros that are widely misunderstood (see Scrutton’s on Beauty).
      Eros was the reproductive instinct. It was not just sexual arousal, it was the desire of love, the attraction between men and women and the desire to have children. Today the term is reduced.
      A man could find a young (underage) girl or boy beautiful not in the sense of sexual arousal but in a benevolent parental sense because these children represented the regenerative force of society. This had nothing to do with paedophila.
      The ancicents did of course have to deal with hermaphrodites and other such birth deviations. Note however these people were not surgically altered. I expect that the Spartans disposed of them but other Greek cities gave them a mystical position or place in society.
      PS. I don’t think you should focus to much on women being in heels. They look fine in slippers or booties with modest heels. The main requirement is that they dress as women. Heels can wreck those pretty feet if worn too much.

    10. Forget the mosque, but I have noticed that many christian churches will post on their website about their philosophy – that is to say that churches who are traditional will state this publically – and churches who are broken will usually have rainbow flags and related gay shit. At least your research can be done via the internet.

    11. Well said New Jack. As far as I’m concerned, my property, my rules. This gay couple probably looked for a venue like this, knowing it could cause problems and knowing that they could gain financially out of it.
      But what kind of world do we live in, where the government can come in and tell you, that you must allow whoever they like, on your property?
      A tyranny. You do not own your own property, or your body. You simply lease the both of them from the government.

      1. Well put! What about freedom to associate-or NOT associate? This whole tranny thing is NOT akin to the civil rights problems from the 60’s, this is about BEHAVIOR. I don’t want to make a cake for pedophiles, bestiality fanatics, cuckholds, or even adulterers!

    12. Hey ! Cheers mate!
      There’s a guy around here that keeps saying that Lolknee ( another user ) along with Ghost of Jeffresson have both been banned from ROK ? Can you confirm that ?

    13. “But I don’t want to hear about it at all. I never bring up the fact that I prefer long haired, submissive, thin, white or hispanic women in heels. So I shouldn’t have to hear why someone else prefers taking it in the butt.”
      You seem really focussed on the sexual side of gay relationships there. Is that really what they talked about in your church? wWhen two straight folk get married in your church do you worry about whether or not they’re into s&m or anal or whatever?

      1. The only people authorized to get married in any Christian church, according to the Bible, are straight people. The church shouldn’t condone what is a clear sin. When a straight couple does anal and doesn’t announce it, then it’s between them and God, not the church. A church *could* in fact take the same “We won’t marry you” stand towards straight couples who openly profess to engaging in sin, as a matter of fact. Some churches used to actually require consent from the priest and counseling with him before the church agreed to do the wedding.

        1. Ghost, some dude named “Johnn” is claiming you and Lolknee were banned. Just thought you should know what’s being said about you behind your back.

        2. Lolknee was banned. I wasn’t. I think he may have been a bit confused, somebody else was suggesting I was next but it may read like “already done”. No biggie.

        3. Yes, it would be bizarre for a church to condone what it identified as sinful. And obviously the Bible cannot change.. canon is sacrosanct. But there’s always been a surprising amount of variation amongst Christian practice, and particularly within the last couple of decades there’s been vast debate, practically a schism, with respect to the existence of homosexuals in the church. Every church must consider itself to have authority in ministering the word of God, but precisely what that word is, is apparently open to uncomfortable (or perhaps to gay people facing the possibility of hell for the way they were born, relieving) interpretation.

    14. Instead of doing a poll in church, why don’t you take the lead and open up the Good Book to Leviticus 18, God’s Laws on sexual immorality? Or Maybe start with Paul’s letters to the Romans. We should always seek guidance from the book instead of from people in the Congregation who all have their own motives to pervert the text.
      I remember Bible studies when I was a wee kid, 8 or 9. We didn’t talk or discuss our opinions on the texts. We just read aloud, all of us, what was written, in unison. That’s how you teach the Bible. And this shuts the queers up too by reminding them of their civic responsibility in our society. What are they going to do? Rip the pages out of the Bible? They’ll just be proving God’s points.

    15. Your church is going against the word of God. In the New/Old testament, God mentions a man and women should be whole. Also, in the book of Romans, Apostle Paul mentions how God has given a “deprived mind” to men and women that crave sexual perversion(s). Follow the word of God (the Holy Bible), not the word of some imbecile that is trying to assimilate Gods chosen people (Jews and Gentiles) with the tainted/unsaved. We are all not perfect, and this barrier that homosexuals create to defend their perversions will soon be their undoing.

    16. I’m Catholic, and the last Pope had a rational stance on them. The new Pope is too conciliatory. Pope Benedict laid it out like it is. . .Gays have problems related to their psychology and behavior, and can’t be condoned by the Church. The Church, on the other hand, has to show charity and compassion in accordance with it’s basis in Stoicism. The new Pope, man, he’s just all huggy-feely and side-steps issues that will lead to problems.

  6. The owner should’ve just said “We’re muslim. Aloha Snackbar!”
    That would’ve solved the problem right then and there.

    1. Why don’t these gays ever go to muslims? Isn’t it strange that they always go to christian businesses?

      1. Easy target
        Easy pickin’s
        Akin to the story of an Eastern Washington florist who refused to do arrangements specifically for a gay wedding. Well, predictably, the man-groom-bride in question (who actually had a long business relationship with that florist) sued. I’m sure the motivation was just as monetary as just for the sake of being an attention whore/drama queen about it and for the smug satisfaction of punishing the “Jesus-freaks.”
        Edit: I see this was addressed and answered in earlier posts.

      2. because the Muslims are willing to kill and be killed for what they believe.
        And because we are too gay to kill enough of them when they pull their shit and they know it.

        1. Kill? Talk about an understatement.
          If gay people did that at some (not all, obviously) Muslim bakeries, they’d probably be tortured and killed right there.

  7. I’ve never understood the desire to be somewhere you are not welcome. Like the disgruntled person who sues because they have a sexist or racist boss. The last thing I’d want to do is keep working at a company who allowed my boss to treat me like shit. I’d GTFO and find something better. Why would you want to have a gay wedding at a guys house who hates gay people? That seems insane. Go somewhere where you will be loved and welcomed.
    If I was going to marry an Asian girl, and the monk at this awesome Buddhist temple didn’t want to marry us, I wouldn’t want it to go down there either. I’d look for another spot. My theory is it’s just the American way. Don’t like something? Sue, you are entitled to riches.

    1. I bet you would change your mind if you were “discriminated against” and you found out you could sue for tens of thousands of dollars.
      Do you people think that when these gay couples sue bakeries, they’re doing it for any reason other than money?

      1. Few pleasures rival sticking it to a despised enemy in the mind of a sadist. They don’t manage to shake much money loose anyway, I think the main payoff is the chance to be cruel to a “close minded” little old lady.
        “Sadism is the outstanding characteristic of the entire Left.”-Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

        1. Nope, it’s mainly the money. If I were gay and not rich (and a sociopath) I would probably take advantage of the laws just to make some bank. Hell, I might even pretend to be gay and call up Christian bakeries until I found one I could sue.

      2. That was the incident where they deliberately called a christian bakery, and recorded the call, yes? cha-ching!

      3. I thought in the early cases it was just the public “shaming” or forcing them to do something they don’t want to. (Again, why would you eat a cake baked by someone who hates you.. at best it will probably taste bad. At worst…)
        But now we’re seeing big payouts in the thousands. I don’t see how under any circumstances the potential punishment could be anything other than a free cake. That’s a serious problem with America’s legal system (among many).

        1. It’s simple. Rather risk being sued and fined for refusing to make their wedding cake due to your beliefs, take the order and fuck it up royally. The oven broke down or some BS. Then refund all their money and you’ll also ruin their special day.

        2. Seriously, this. I’d make a cake so fucking awful that even a faggot would be afraid to put it in his mouth, on sight alone.
          “Yeah, we ran out of flour so I substituted salt” or something like that.

        3. Just put some feces or urine in it.
          Oh wait… male homoes would dig that.
          Never mind… stick with the salt idea.

      4. I would hope I would be honorable enough not to take advantage of an unethical law which would allow me to be immorally enriched at the expense of others. I guess I don’t really know until I’m presented with that opportunity though.

        1. These guys go to gay clubs and bang 20 guys in a night, ethics and morals are out the window. Look at how angry and bitter they are. Im sure they can’t wait for a chance to get over on a straight masculine man. Pardon me, a cisgendered male.

    2. I think this was done on purpose.
      I’ve heard of gays targeting religious businesses just to make an example of them. We can’t forget that before the lgbt was accepted, they considered this to be a culture war.
      These gays have been using war tactics to get their faggity agenda across.

      1. It used to be feminists using this tactic, now gays. What is going to show up at the next corner?

    3. LGBT people love to play victim. It’s no surprise they’re friends with feminists.

      1. *degenerate faggots. Don’t use their words, it just strengthens their legitimacy

    4. The problem with the lgbt rights groups is that they are playing largely unopposed. (Similar to feminists up to a decade or so ago.) Yeah, yeah, there were religious groups campaigning against gay marriage, but it was in the end a defensive move not offence.
      The problem is, that the regular people mostly just want to be left alone. While these gay right campaigners are more that happy to fuck up someone’s day.
      An opposing force must exist, or they will overrun the place completely.
      Why don’t we see religious people targeting gay businesses and asking them to deliver services contrary to the gay rights doctrine? (For example: going into a gay run print show and ordering up a bunch of “homosexuality is a sin” banners.)
      Why is it only the Christians getting fucked? Why aren’t people doing the same to the protected religions? (Demanding a gay wedding be officiated in a orthodox-Jew or Muslim run location.)
      Similarly, where are the men’s “yes means yes” lawsuits and complaints in California?
      I understand that normal people don’t want to deal with this bullshit.
      But since these laws already exists, their flawed logic must be exposed. The law must be taken to the absurd conclusion, only then will it be corrected.

      1. That’s like trying to prove some black people are rascist. Good luck getting a fair shake in any court in the USA with that proposition. Sounds good in theory though.

    5. Sometimes the desire to be somewhere where you’re not welcome is pretty painful though, and tough to deal with. If the Awesome Buddhist temple was your community church where you went every week with your family and friends then it’d be pretty galling to feel unwelcome there as soon as you wanted to get married.

      1. Freedom is greater than your feelz. He makes a perfectly valid point. Your feelings do not justify taking away the rights of others.

        1. Yeah sure, but in a situation like the one I outlined i’d feel equally justified in expressing my pain.

        2. Nobody gives a fuck. I’m serious. If they tell you no and its for sound doctrinal reasons, then your feelings mean shit to the discussion. The need to “express oneself” every time a little tear forms in the eye is a modern thing. It’s always better to accept what you cannot change and move forward to something else. This feelz shit has got to stop.

        3. Maybe the modern world doesn’t give a fuck for your aversion to change. If your doctrinal reasoning outright alienates good worshippers on the basis of things they cannot change about themselves then it does seem a bit incompatible with modern society.

        4. You’re very emotional. I can see how you think others should give a flying fuck about your little boy tears. But they don’t.
          Nor do I actually. It’s rather made my day a bit brighter informing you and your Participation Trophy, Muh Feelz viewpoint that the world doesn’t give a shit about your feelings, and it never, ever will. So thank you for that! heh

        5. Well of course it’s all about the feelz. You rather sadistically seem to take pleasure in the uselessness of mine, for example. The Good Book might provide something to inform and justify your feelings, but if you have been raised on it, and are not gay, then be thankful. You have it lucky.

  8. “Getting some angry dyke’s feelings hurt doesn’t count.”
    especially as she’s already angry.
    ‘Tolerance’ as a slogan is and always has been a (hard-left / marxist) weapon. When you’re the ones defining what tolerance is, and tolerance is qualified as ‘intolerance of intolerance’ then it should simply be regarded as the means whereby the left gets everybody else to accept what they don’t actually already believe in. The left wants to change things it doesn’t like i.e. destroy the old institutions of a bourgeois christian society – hence tolerance is tolerance of every change that would permit that to happen

  9. The whole thing is based on an easily dismantled logical fallacy (but we’re not talking about logic are we?)
    1. Can a gay man marry a lesbian? Yes.
    2. Is this two homosexuals getting married? Yes.
    3. Do two straight males or females have a special right to get married that gays don’t? No.
    4. If gays could not marry BECAUSE they were gay, could a gay man marry a lesbian? No.
    There is and has always been complete equality. The institutionalization of gay marriage is not about equality. Always reject this premise when the subject comes up. It’s about destroying standards, objective truth, the family, religion and social ties.

    1. exactly. a gay man can get married…to a woman. just like any other man. that’s true equality.

    2. LOVE IT !!! can’t believe i never thought of it like that before.

    3. I used that argument in online debates. Frequently.
      The response they give is usually: “Ohhh, so you’re saying that because blacks were allowed to marry other blacks, then laws against black and white marriage were fine?”
      So they ride that “civil rights” monikker to the end.

      1. I’ve encountered the same, but they’re talking apples and oranges. A black man and a white woman or a white man and a black woman can create offspring. Two men or two women can’t.
        Aside from cultural preferences, it’s hard (but not impossible) to make an objective case for not recognizing inter-racial marriage or forcefully separating two people of a different race. On the other hand there are plenty of reasons for keeping homosexual relationships out of the mainstream, let alone promoting them. (Not persecuting or abusing them, just recognizing as a society that it’s a marginal, abnormal thing.)

        1. I agree completely, but these people have basically joined a Cult and do not accept these arguments.
          When I mentioned how marriages are involved in the rearing of children, they laughed and claimed marriage has nothing to do with children WHATSOEVER!
          Because after all… sterile people or people past child-bearing age can get married. Yes, they use this argument.

        2. When you realize the whole LGBT IS a religion, it all snaps into focus, crystal clear…like it did for me a couple moments ago.

        3. Oh indeed. When you study scripture, you notice how often the Bible condemns idolatry. What is idolatry? Its not always easy to define, but a false religion, or a false god, is part of the definition.
          But like you said, the LGBT movement as a religion answers that question, both what idolatry is, and why it’s dangerous.

        1. For the way they are hitching a ride on the very real Civil Right struggle of blacks (not BLM) I don’t blame them for their irritation.

        2. it is strange to me that so many black ppl vote democrat, being that when you get to the heart of the matter most of them are conservative. there is a big thing in the black community where they think that all conservatives are racist and rich.

        3. My grandma was Depression-era, and she and her entire side of the family were like that.

        4. it’s crazy right, the funniest part in all of this to me is that for the most part the majority of black ppl and white stand on the same side of this debate on gay ppl and liberal america but they keep letting the past dictate their future. understandable in a way, but silly in the large majority of ways.

        5. That’s what happens when you’re dealing with a demographic with room-temperature IQs.

    4. The debate is about whether or not we should allow same sex marriage though. A man and a man or a woman and a woman. Your logic doesn’t address this question at all.

      1. It’s a “sin” to even question it because its “self evident”…why do you “blasphemy” so much? You will get arrested for saying such things!

      2. You’re right, but that’s not how the issue is framed. It’s always framed as a matter of equal rights, which it is not. It’s about whether to expand the institution to mean something else. It either means one thing or it means everything and anything. Once it means two things, you have no reason to exclude anything else.
        When you recognize equal rights have nothing to do with it, the argument for it falls apart.
        I’m saying if you support gay marriage, you need to make the argument on honest terms, on honest premises. Equal rights is not an honest term or an honest premise here, because it already exists. If you are intellectually honest, you will say you want to change the meaning of marriage.

        1. Well it seems silly to not argue for the thing you want. The argument, for the sake of argument, seems obvious and might be:
          1. Am gay, and thus only ever fall in love with guys. This is out of my control. I do not feel attracted to women.
          2. Have grown up in the church and feel the presence of God in my life.
          3. Have met a man whom I love, who feels like The One
          4. Wish to sanctify and celebrate this relationship in God’s eyes, as a straight man might for the love of their life.
          So yeah, of course it’s about expanding the institution, and some might label this a perversion of the faith, but why would He provoke such a deep feeling if he didn’t want us to act upon it in some way.

        2. Yes, argue for the thing you want, which is to redefine the meaning of marriage, not equality. That’s an enormous difference. How can you want or argue for something you already have? But that’s not what the gay movement does. It argues for equality because the argument is very weak once you acknowledge it’s dishonest.
          You’re lumping another two things together: what relationships people have and state sanction. Again, gays have always had equality – it’s the first amendment. Your freedom to assemble and associate with anyone you want in any way you want. (Granted, it may not have been applied consistently in the past, but there’s no fundamental change needed, just a fulfillment of what’s already there.)
          You’re also making the very tiring, very annoying insinuation that I’m against love. I always hear people in favor of same sex marriage look at the argument against it and say “but why are you against two people loving each other?” When I hear this Ad-Council-Macklemore-lovewins nonsense I know the argument is over and we’ve entered emotional bullying territory.
          No one’s against love. You say you want to sanctify and celebrate this relationship in God’s eyes. Great, more power to you. But you don’t need the state or society’s permission. Maybe you personally see the whole thing as harmless, but the political left is using it to rip apart our social fabric and consolidate power in the central government.

        3. I agree with you that arguing for ‘equality’ is a little too covert and, as you’ve demonstrated, can divert the argument into linguistic pot hole. So I will put my cards on the table. To be precise I, as a church goer who happens to be gay, find myself in this position where I side with people who argue for the redefinition of marriage. (I know that’s an unpopular view on this forum but I like debate and I’ve always felt that it’s less interesting to add your voice to forums where everyone will already agree with your views).
          I don’t think you or anyone else who disagrees with my PoV is necessarily scornful of the happiness of someone in my position per se and didn’t mean to seem like I was playing the emotional blackmail card. All I was trying to do was state my case. Which is this: i do find I want society’s, the state’s recognition and blessing, something that it grants most meaningfully through marriage- I know of no other institution which captures this, and so i have to keep asking for it. Perhaps I’m naive, I guess I don’t understand why this would be as damaging as people think around here.
          I felt differently I’d walk away from the debate.. (I’m not especially political in other ways and have not a clearly defined opinion about centralising government and so forth. I guess my view lumps me in with certain affiliations, hey ho)

        4. Fair enough. I’ll just add that your position is the exception, and thanks for making it civilly, which is also an exception.
          What’s the saying…you may not be interested in politics, but it’s interested in you. I think you’ll find that your commitment to God and the church, and your willingness to live and let live, is in conflict with the designs of those promoting SSM and the new “civil rights” pushes that are coming (polygamy, pedophilia ((See: Salon)), transgenderism etc).

  10. “Freedom of religion means you can practice your religion in whatever way you like, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.”
    Disagree. What you’re describing here is individualism, not religion.
    Freedom of religion means you can choose to join any recognized religion you want, but you still have to adhere to the tenets of that religion.
    Just because I’ve joined a new religion doesn’t mean I can just distort tenets I disagree with and practice it how I want according to my own worldview.

    1. why can’t you ??? I can call myself anything i want and practice anything i want. Look at the blacks jews. Thats fucking hilarious .

  11. It is clear now that gay marriage is not only an issue for religious people. It is the government’s way to control sexuality and personal relationships. That affects everybody. The government uses it to further control people economically, to suppress other freedoms like the freedom of speech, and to brainwash the masses. This is why marriage always has and should be a religious institution, not governmental.

    1. Feminism, diversity, miscegenation, open borders, dispossession of whites in their own countries, normalizing broken sexuality and opening girls’ restrooms to male degenerates all don’t happen as separate projects that coincidentally converged around the same time. They reflect the twisted logic of social-justice thinking.

      1. I think this is a natural outgrowth of the decline of religion. Whether true or not, order cannot be maintained long without religion. Everyone wants to do what they want and why shouldn’t they? People each make up their own minds so popularity or state control wins the day. Any consensus is arbitrary and malleable without objective truth.

      2. I so would relish having them end up like Mussolini did and their corpses being strung up in public so they can pelted with stones.

    2. Making marriage a purely religious institution would mean to remove every mention of it from the law of the land. That would be more or less unprecedented in the history of human civilization.
      Marriage is and has always been a legal institution. The new thing is that all matters of legislation — including those about marriage — are to be decided by elected representatives in parliament and government, not by a diversity of more or less self-appointed spokesmen for this or that deity. I think this state of matters is worth to defend in principle.
      The alternative, of course, would be to completely separate legal and religious marriage. The legal requirement would simply be to sign a piece of paper in the town hall, and the government simply would not care at all about what you do in your church. To me, this seems to be the best solution for the religious and the non-religious people alike.

  12. If male homosexuality emerged now as a new, previously unknown behavior, it would freak out normal people because they could see it plainly as a serious disorder.
    But because we live in a world where sexology has become politicized to grandfather in gay sex and propagandize us to accept it as a different kind of normal, we don’t have permission to state the obvious.

    1. still better than pederasty in ancient Greece – which was a social norm there.

      1. I used to roll my eyes when the old conservatives would say this is all a slippery slope towards bestiality and pederasty. I do not know if that is where things are headed, but I do know that there would be little outrage or opposition to those behaviors in today’s social climate.

        1. First gay marriage, then trannies in the bathrooms. It’s not going to stop because SJWs are never going to stop. They always need a cause, they always need to be offended.

  13. I’ve said it before, and Ill say it again: straight people arent getting married anymore; this is just the DIC(Divorce Industrial Complex) drumming up new (hell, any) new business…

    1. That is all too true! On the flip, I really cannot wait for the tsunami of gay divorces coming in the next few years. That’ll be a hoot! I’ll be breaking out the popcorn for that. I know there have been a few high-profile gay divorces already. Just waiting for that dam to crack to the point of bursting.

      1. Some dyke already has her finger in that crack…in the dam? Its in Holland? There’s a joke in there somewhere…

  14. All this is going to end in misery just like any other outer “solution” which since the beginning of time men have been fed to by those who had an interest to “keeping the slaves on the plantations.”
    Gays (as well as straight people) who fall for this cr#*p are just part of the useful idiots that are “needed” to keep the status quo running smoothly.
    More unnecessary suffering on the horizon.
    Whatever. “Humanity” as a whole (that is except a few individuals who have by the way always been misinterpreted, garbled and uselessly “imitated”) has not learned yet how to live in harmony and balance within itself AND with the rest of the environment (forget global warming hoax, I am not talking about that).
    And the more time goes by the less it seems we are able to learn (robots taking over our thinking faculties since the invention of calculators etc.), globally lower IQ and attention span capabilities, social unrest on the rise, global financial and military crises looming at the horizon, etc.
    I would not at all be surprised if in the next 50 years or so we will witness some naturally occurring disaster that will put an end to all of the mayhem “humans” have created simply as a direct consequence of a spontaneous normalizing in the thermodynamic context of systems.
    Until then, let’s work with what we have and let’s do what we can to individually bring forth, uphold and affirm our Real Nature of autonomous, independent, free, conscious and responsible Men.

    1. ROK in the next couple years after becoming clear dissenting, popular views by commenters will be dealt with by banning said commenters.

  15. In France sodomic marriage was sold by the medias under the name of “marriage for all”.
    With my sister we gleefully went to the city hall, thinking that the big day had finally come, and there we were descriminated against : marriage for all is not really for all.

    1. Pervers, je savais qu’il y avait quelque chose de bizarre chez toi, déja le nom, tu vois, toi et ta chaRRette…c’est quoi que tu traînes hein? 🙂
      Mis à part les blagues, moi (au contraire des autres bien sûr) je te comprends parfaitement, et c’est simplement la continuation de la descente… ah mais faut dire que ça va vachement vite depuis quelque temps… en toute confidence je crois qu’on es pas loin du fond! Attention les dégâts, ça va se voir, et bonne chance à tous, même aux pervers (avec et sans chaRRette) !!! :):) 🙂

      1. Non dans ce cas y a que un r, car c’est un personnage historique et c’est ainsi que son nom s’écrivait.
        Suivant leur logique il n’y a aucun argument contre le mariage incestueux, ce sont eux les pervers.

        1. Mais bien sûr je sais François de Charette, Royaliste… (toi aussi, hein, je parie), je voulais simplement faire une une blague.
          Ah mais attendez je vous prie Majesté…. je suis pardonné? Vous n’allez pas me mettre au donjon pour le restant de mes jours? Allez, on signe la paix à Vertou, c’est d’ac? 🙂

    2. Actually, marriage is already for all and gay people have the same rights as straight people. There’s a video by a law professor (Aude Mirkovic) that explains the matter through and through :
      A gay person can marry a person of the other sex and a straight person can’t marry one of the opposite, even if he/she wanted. It’s fair. There’s a number of conditions to fulfill in order to marry and that’s the end of it.
      (sorry for the broken english guys)

  16. These policies have apparently made it socially acceptable for homosexuals to proposition heterosexuals incessantly and have it not called “harassment”. I’m not referring to conservative, mature homosexuals, transsexuals, etc., but rather emotionally stunted attention whores.
    This state of affairs has poisoned the alternative sexuality communities as well as it has poisoned the religious communities. As such it is a government window right into the bedroom, calling heterosexuality itself an aberration, while tacitly allowing the worst of the worst increased access to children.

  17. Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’. Diversity just means White Genocide.
    Freedom now from this enforced, coercive, parasitic, anti-white, genocidal diversity. Its a crime, not a ‘policy option’. And certainly not freedom

  18. Pedophiles are the next group that will demand legal rights. This according to an OP ED in the New York times.

    1. Yep ive been saying it the last 2 years, pedophilia will be legal in the next 15 years, if not before then

  19. The more you understand this, the more you realize that this entire homosexuality thing is a myth. Supporting this is the same as supporting your own emasculation.

  20. This is why if you do not desire to associate with someone, your “official” reasons should be based on personality. So:
    “I didn’t serve ’em cause they were an asshole.”
    And have proof to back up the fact.

    1. I can remember when this gay shit started out. At first it was, “We just want to be tolerated.” Now it’s “Bake me a gay cake motherfucker or say goodbye to your livelihood.” And with all the idiots on social media falling all over themselves to virtue signal to each other how “tolerant” they are, it just paves the way for more “hate crime” laws that will make it effectively illegal to say that homosexuality is an abomination upon this earth.

      1. And also pave the way for local law enforcement to subpoena sermons prior to their delievery to ensure they are politically correct.

  21. Homosexuals should have the right to a state sanctioned marriage and all its benefits.
    However, I don’t feel diversity means picking on people with conservative beliefs. The law should account that marriage does exist in religion and it’s simply barbaric to force the deeply religious to allow a sacrilegious ceremony on their property. We shouldn’t force the deeply religious to deliver cakes to such ceremonies or mandate one’s hand must put two wax men on a cake top. It is wrong to tell them to either do these things or they can quit/face repercussion.
    An American tv personality visited a Muslim bakery to try a get a dessert for a gay marriage. The bakery of course declined, but where are the lawsuits? Why don’t they try the Muslim or Jewish bakery? Is it only Christians who make good desserts?
    It’s embarrassing that in the fight for ‘equality’ other people become oppressed, subject to the same ridicule.

  22. I’m disgusted by modernity’s obsession with the perverse, abnormal, or disgusting.
    Anyways, homosexuality existed on the fringes for thousands of years.In Ancient Rome and Greece homosexuality was even acceptable to a degree . Did anybody there march for gay marriage? They had more common sense than that. I don’t see why there’s such a need all of a sudden to bring it the forefront and shove it down our throats.

      1. That wasn’t the intent but I applaud your creative imagination. It does fit in there rather nicely.

  23. I am indifferent to gay marriage. I do not believe people should have to disregard their religious beliefs when it comes to the subject. I do however have two issues with the reasons behind this shitstorm. Homosexual couples should not be allowed to adopt or obtain children. I have known a handful children who were raised in such an environment and they were all seriously screwed up. It is unfair to subject a child to such an unnatural upbringing. My second issue comes from how this all came to be in America. The un-elected supreme court fundamentally created its own legislation and in doing so subverted numerous state level popular votes. That is a very dangerous precedent.

  24. Gay marriage doesn’t bother me at all. It will be all the rage in the gay community…UNTIL the advent of Gay Divorce, when the Divorce Industry starts targeting gays like they have targeted us heterosexual men for the last four decades.
    We have seen the government and legal system-supported injustice of the Divorce Industry used against us men, and we have also seen what it has done to our grandfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers, cousins, and friends. More of us are waking up to what a one-sided risk that marriage has become, and therefore more and more of us are avoiding it; hence, the ‘marriage strike’ and MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).
    However, the Divorce Industry has become used to its high profits and is always hungry for new victims — but we heterosexual men (who were formerly their primary victims) have learned our lesson and become unwilling to marry or cohabitate; we have also become increasingly unwilling to even interact with the hate-filled, misandric, toxic harlots of today’s society. Therefore there are fewer of us that will fall into their clutches to be divorce-robbed.
    It won’t be long…

      1. If it’s two dudes, the more effeminate of the two will be treated as the woman. If it’s two women, and one is built like John Goodman, she’ll be treated as the man. 😉

        1. Is there an effeminate scale chart? In a gay marriage divorce, it would be more beneficial to be called a fag.

      2. Most likely, the one who gets screwed over will be the one making the most money.

    1. There will be no such thing as legalized gay divorce. It will continue to happen out of the public eye because this gay movement is about destruction of society, and same is no-fault divorce.

  25. Once was talking to a gay man about when he knew he was gay or he was born gay and his response was “gay is now the cool thing” ill tell ya what when i heard that it almost made me physically ill

    1. One has to wonder that there could very well be a bunch of “gay” men who are pretending just to get ahead in life.

  26. This is not a matter of freedom of religion. Freedom of religion does NOT mean that religious practice stands over or besides the law — as long as the laws do not discriminate against religious believers in particular. Nor is it, as the author rightly points out, really a matter of same-sex marriage in itself.
    The problem here is simply an anti-discrimination legislation that has gone too far. It is quite an interesting problem though, where to draw the line. Most people would agree that, for example, a club or bar excluding people on racial ground would be unacceptable and should be banned, even if it is a private establishment. But what about sexual orientation? Political opinion?
    (In Sweden, discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and more is illegal, but it is perfectly ok to discriminate against people, for example, because of their political opinions.)

    1. What about clubs and bars featuring ladies night where women do not need to pay a cover charge? They get in free for having a pussy. That in itself is discriminatory. If I don’t pay, I am excluded from entering.
      As a man, I just don’t bother going there. I go elsewhere where they do not charge a cover.

      1. They not only get in free because they have a pussy, they can drink all that they want, all night, for free, for the same reason.
        ‘Female Privilege’ — remember this.

      2. well fwiw this is actually done for YOUR enjoyment – to attract more girls to the club lol

      3. Under Swedish law, this would be illegal.
        Whether or not it is right to have such legislation is a question that could be debated, and there are many grey zones and difficult questions involved. However, many of those who defend the right to have this kind of arrangements would be furious if the roles were exchanged, if only women (or perhaps blacks, or some other minority group) had to pay, while white men could enter for free. The hypocrisy is extreme.

  27. Mandatory university course in Alberta Canada on “white privilege”.
    Students are demanding that the course be removed from the curriculum.

      1. Jewish Indoctrination teaches young leftists that it is impossible to be rayciss against a fucking white male for any reason, you cumskinned cave-dwelling cracka-ass cracka demon.

  28. Good article. But not a whole helluva lot we can do. I would boycott Target, but never shop there any way.

  29. Isn’t it funny how none of these gay vigilantes ever make a stink about a Muslim establishment? It’s not because Muslims love the gays that’s for sure (well they love the sound they make as they hit the pavement from a 5th story tossing).

    1. Minorities are untouchable for liberals. Only white cisgendered males can be oppressive.

  30. “let ’em get married, gay people have as much of a right as anyone else to be miserable for the rest of their lives!” – chris rock
    but on a serious note. I don’t care what gay ppl do as far as marriage and relationships, but at the same time, I don’t want to go outside with my little cousins or nieces, and see two dudes hugging and kissing. scust.
    furthermore, everyone is not going to accept homosexuality and everyone won’t accept homosexuality. they keep trying to force selective collectivism down everyone’s throat, in hopes of a utopia. but utopian societies don’t exist, and thinking people with heart cling tight to their individuality and their ability to think and act as individuals. as far homosexuality and religion goes, I have my own gripes about religion as a whole, so I won’t stir the shit on that one.

  31. Certainly marriage/matrimony or whatever is not a religious event any longer. I figure if someone wants to stick their penis in other mans ass and call it marriage- have at it.

  32. Stupid shit is publicized to keep you looking the other way while being figuratively fucked in the ass.

  33. Well the gays are only 2% of the population so how such influence over society? So, its the supporters that are to blame, and the supporters see nothing wrong with it because they are already protohomosexuals.
    Long before anyone dreamed of normalizing sodomy, heterosexual ideology contended that sex should be first and foremost recreation. The only problem with this contention is that sex is naturally creative. But as heterosexual ideology evolved, so did technology: with latex, the right surgical procedures and chemicals, it became possible to believe that sex is firstly recreation—a belief greatly accelerated by pornography. A simulacrum of the real thing, like sodomy, pornography shrewdly crops fertility from the scene. Sex is not about future flourishing but about immediate fun.
    The slow evolution of the heterosexual is in fact the emergence of the homosexual. With the flattering image reflected in the beloved’s eyes, homosexuality is just another version of Courtly Love. The cultural acceptance of sodomy, so obviously sterile and unfruitful, only legitimizes the belief that sex is recreation. Same-sex “marriage” reinforces the value system of no-fault divorce by affirming the belief that marriage is not primarily about commitment and children but about happiness; it simply joins the long heterosexual tradition of seeing marriage as a vehicle for rebellion.
    To claim that homosexual behavior is wrong would be to hold others to a moral standard to which one’s own heterosexual behavior does not conform. Whether bi-, homo-, hetero-, all forms of hyphenated sexuality want the same thing: sex without moral or generative limits, relationships without cultural or familial constraints. We are in flight from sexuality and we are using sex as the vehicle for that flight.
    It comes as a big shock to learn that two of the Fathers of the Sexual Revolution were both sexual perverts with an evangelical mission in life: to infect society with their wacky ideas and turn the world into a vast masturbatorium. I refer to the 20th century’s premier sex researcher Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956) and his notorious contemporary, cult psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957). Steeped in the dangerous claptrap of the fraudulent Freud, both Kinsey and Reich enthusiastically embraced the laissez-faire Freudian philosophy: “I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life”. Like their Viennese mentor, they would have been only too pleased to add, “If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!”
    must read:
    Masters of Porn: The Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviancy and Mass Demoralization
    A compulsive masturbator himself, Reich believed that masturbation was a useful tool in producing “well-balanced” individuals without religious hang-ups or anti-Semitic attitudes. His major finding was that masturbation and the religious life were incompatible, which is why he advocated masturbation as the most effective means of eradicating the religious instinct, which he regarded as the ultimate evil. “What Reich discovered was a fundamental truth of sexual politics, one discovered by the Catholic Church long ago,” Dr E. Michael Jones comments. “Either masturbation destroys your prayer life, or prayer destroys your ability to enjoy masturbation. The two forms of activity are psychically mutually exclusive”

    1. “Same-sex “marriage” reinforces the value system of no-fault divorce by
      affirming the belief that marriage is not primarily about commitment and
      children but about happiness; it simply joins the long heterosexual
      tradition of seeing marriage as a vehicle for rebellion.”
      You lost me at vehicle for rebellion… and also at reinforcing the value system of no fault divorce. Although the middle bit about happiness vs commitment was spot on.
      p.s. tldr

  34. There is a reason gay is a sin in most religions that past the test of time, and that’s nothing to do with gay people who are a small percent. By allowing non-hetro-nomative behavior glory during peace time, this means that any vestiges of practicing self defense from fore-fathers will be laughed at and taking away.Civilization is cyclical, not linear: starts with barbarian invasion, rise of civilization, civilization leaves the “authoritarian” old fashion restrictions that made them great warriors and becomes debauched, barbarians see a weak decaying civilization and invade it, and it ends with barbarian invasions, and the cycle repeats.
    It’s peace time, why can’t we just party, look at all the gay guys creating fabulous stuff, why do we have to do sports and practice guarding towers when there are no enemies. Enemies exist, but if one’s fathers had reputation of being fierce warriors, bad guys tend to leave you along and attack somebody weaker than them. Several generations of atheism and people begin to think self defense is old fashioned, then engage in debauched behaviors that reduce military fighting morale. Then sociopath totalitarian barbarian thugs see a weak decaying civilization that can no longer defend itself, and say “it’s not the same country our forefathers said were strong fighters, their grandkids are rich spoiled pansies and easy to take over, kill, rape rob and pillage.”
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5AmoGqm2Ec Below is my video that gay pride is not what criminals see it. There is wisdom in religion. I think it’s important to organize forces, build allies develop a strategy and fight back. Western Cuckism as a result of western feminism is killing people around the world. If we don’t fight back, we will die by barbarian invasions. In Europe in the 1950s, Muslims were not an issue. But when feminism became mainstream and the culture got cuckified, but Africans and Muslims, even the criminals came from a red-pill culture while French police were blue pilled turned it into a mini-barbarian invasion. Criminals from Africa and Muslim countries realized they could get away with things in Europe that lead to death prison and torture in their home countries. So the criminals ran from red-pilled lands to blue pilled lands to take advantage of cucks.
    We have to fight back for right of traditional religious values. Strategize, fight, divide and conquer them rather than allow reggressives to keep doing that to us, and win.

      1. I have many gay friends and actually help gay Yemenis who were refugees and defend gay men from being killed in Yemen. At the same time, how Obama is destroying the US military is unacceptable.

  35. I couldn’t care less if gay people get married.
    What I do care about is freedom of association. I don’t want us to end up with a society like East Germany where the government is encouraging citizens to search out thought-criminals in exchange for a payday.
    No one should have to do business with people they don’t want to. That goes along racial/ethnic lines too. If someone wants to open a restaurant for Pawnee Indians or Pentecostal Christians only, that should be their own dumb decision. Why not just let business owners put all their prejudices on the table and let the free market shunt them into oblivion if they turn away too many potential customers?

    1. I think it was good when they were a genetic and social dead-end. Unfortunately, with their access and to, and manipulation of children, I can’t not care in this day and age. That’s the biggest issue with the gays and trans folks. They’re taking a mental disorder and trying to convince people that not only is it normal, but that it should be celebrated. Its the same level of stupid that people who don’t want to cure autism display.

      1. They actually were against anal – they would just use the boys’ thighs to get off technically.
        It was a different era altogether – in Rome, women bound thier breasts to make them smaller and large cocks were associated with Pan and Dionysus and equalled ridiculousness – hence then smallness of statues.
        A lot of people don’t know that samurais in Japan also did the same thing. They slept with young men and taught them to be samurais. But they actually fucked them, unlike the greeks/Romans. Men who took it in Rome/Greece were seen as prostitutes.
        My source: PhD in Sexuality and Gender Studies

  36. The whole point of sodomite marriage was to destroy marriage. You destroy marriage and you destroy the private family unit. It then gets replaced by the government. When women have the government to rely upon there is no need for men (except for those men who run the government).
    Sodomite marriage has also become a convenient tool to oppress Christians who don’t want to follow along with the whole dog and pony show.
    This is why Trump is a popular figure. He speaks his mind and doesn’t apologize. Probably 60% of America feels the same. The left has turned the screws so hard that the majority is tired of having to play the whole charade game. What happens next is going to be a big surprise to them, but not to the vast majority of real Americans.

    1. Yes, many of the school based ‘anti bullying’ campaigns are based around the mostly fictional victimisation of homosexual and transsexual youth.
      This then becomes an opportunity to promote gay/transgender life style. This then has become an opportunity to denormalise and corrode the nuclear family. Without the nuclear family men do not know who their children are.
      We are heading to multi partner marriages (3 or more) etc that will eventually atomise.
      I think it effectively ends with all children being wards of the state and men disengaged from direct relationships with their children and grandchildren except in the sense of paedophilia (which will be legalised because it will be argued that children have sexuality) or perhaps as a maternal uncle.
      Your morality will be taught by the Government. This is what will finally make Whites extinct.
      I am not making this stuff up. They are explicitly pushing it.
      This propaganda key’s into the natural ‘anti bullying’ trigger humans have within them.

  37. “Tyranny is being sold as tolerance, and it’s unfortunate that so many are buying into it.”
    ^^^^ THIS x 1000
    Draconianism is bring passed off as “tolerance” and “understanding” which is playing decent, good minded people for suckers.
    We need our civil war now.

    1. It’s the old divide and conquer desguised as promoting union.
      AND we don’t buy into it, because we, as Kings AVOID promoting “civil war” BECAUSE that is exactly what THEY want and by doing that we would continue simply being the manipulated puppets they tried to turn us into since our birth.
      Instead we promote individual Discipline, Hard work, Fortitude, High Morals, Honour, Courage, proper use of the Intellect, and Mastery over our emotions. Therefore WE ride the tiger, and we go where WE want it to go.

  38. Jew Cultural Marxists are deconstructing every aspect of normative behaviour. They are Satanic in the way they are anti-nature, anti-human.

  39. I´n not gay friendly, and i understand the feelings of this woman, but laws are laws, if you don´t like them, blame your politicians. In my moral, all inmigrants must be removed from my country, i can´t do it, buy hey, these are my morals…

  40. Freedom of association trumps laws, because it’s a right long understood and recognized in most Western cultures, especially Anglo Saxon cultures. Like all rights, laws do not apply, no matter how much legalists will argue to the contrary. Make a stand for your rights when confronted by these LGBTWXYZBBQ freaks and faggots, don’t let them bully you into submission. Sometimes that means that you have to make big sacrifices though.

      1. I only allude to it to mock them. Generally I’m content to use “faggots” or “deviants” and let it go at that.

        1. I reckon soon they’ll change the ABC in schools to “help raise awareness” for the sexually challenged. So they’ll have kindergarten children singing, ” L G B T Q A C D E F H I J K M N O P R S U V W X Y Z …”
          Yeah. Home-school your kids. Even now, schools across the West are letting boys perv on your girls in the change rooms. When I was a boy, we needed a hole in the wall for that kind of thing. Now boys just need to tie a pink ribbon in their hair and it’s game-on! Fuck, I cannot figure what kind of degenerate idiot sends their children to public schools nowadays.

  41. “I made up religious norms that I cannot prove and the will of God seems to be stomping on them, as this is what is happening”
    You don’t say.

    1. Homosexuality is clearly viewed in a negative light in Christianity and always has been. This is not like something some bakers made up out of thin air just to be mean.

      1. No it isn’t.
        John 14:14
        “If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.”
        Wanna see a jesusboi making this happen.
        Go and place the everest in Portugal.
        Can’t do it? Then it is a counterfeit doctrine proper of the antichrist that isn’t backed by God.

        1. Yeah, it is. Try reading Leviticus some time.
          Let me guess, you’re a Trendy Atheist. Amirite?

  42. Stop saying gay marriage. It’s not marriage in any sense. It’s a license to fornicate.

  43. Same sex marriage is being discussed in the congress of my country. I don´t care but it is dangerous when they use the homophobic card.
    The best way to counter that shit ain’t with religious and moral arguments, they don´t care and cry “it´s two thousand sixteen!!”.

    1. Yes, the Left is infamous for using Temporal Politics. This means that they first posit their ideology as the only one that can somehow make the future happen correctly. If you’re not on their side you’re “on the wrong side of history” is their saying. Then any traditional view you hold is “in the past” which to them means “wrong” and of course, whenever you object they do the “it’s (insert year here)!” as if somehow, that validates their position.
      Basically it’s a reverse of Appeal to Antiquity. It’s strangely amusing to me that the Left will get all up in your grill if you Appeal to Antiquity (a specific time period in the past) but go utterly blind to their own use of Appeal to Temporal Politics. It’s the same fucking thing, in reverse time order.

  44. Gay marriage is a tradeoff. You are helping out a small minority at the expense of weakening one of the core institutions of civilization. And make no mistake, it DOES weaken it. Historically marriage was primarily about children. It was about establishing nuclear families as the basic unit of society. With gay marriage you send the message that marriage is just about adults who like each other a lot. People will be even less inclined to pursue the legal institution of matrimony. Already it is hardly seen as a necessary condition for the creation of children, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that kids thrive best in families with a married biological father and mother.
    The speed with which the culture changed on the issue of gay marriage interests me greatly. In two decades we went from the Defense of Marriage Act to legal gay marriage with aggressive persecution of dissenters. The fact that such a shift happened within a single generation and was concentrated in predominantly white western countries is suggestive. Was it really just a natural cultural evolution, or was something else at play?

  45. Beyond this religious and homosexuality issue, this is an instance of the government telling you what you can and cannot do on your private property because someone else’s fee-fees were hurt. This is fucked up beyond all reason.

  46. It is going to take far more than conversation and debate to halt the left and their hysterical agenda.

  47. >The Equality Ombudsman says that religiosity is not a valid reason to turn down a customer.
    I absolutely motherfucking guarantee that if it was a Muslim complaining that something offended their “religiosity” the Swedes (and every other leftist-infected nation on the planet) would have defended their choice in a heartbeat. Libs still haven’t said a word about the Muslim bakeries that refuse to serve gays. Or, you know, the whole beating gays to death or throwing them out windows thing.
    Why is obvious. Liberals are scared of Islamic backlash.
    Lesson learned: Liberals only respect violence. It’s time for Christians that demand the same respect to start detonating bombs and beheading the occasional liberal on the street. Peacefully, of course.

  48. You can NOT tell people what or what not to accept. Its really that simple. If you do, then we do NOT have freedom. “They” are, so, we do NOT have freedom. Put another way, we don’t have freedom but two or more men can finally feel good about themselves after sodomizing each other etc. So, the feelings of a pervert that just wants to have sex is more worthy than freedom itself. ??? Think on that.

  49. Gay marriage doesn’t matter. Gays are like 1% of the population. Opposing their antics gives them a voice and makes them look much more important than they are. They love the drama and controversy. Leave them alone and they evaporate.

  50. You hear many people argue that it’s not their business what others do privately and then they’ll conclude that any breathing body should have the right to marry another. Gay agenda then gets plastered across the screens in media. The effect is on the young. What an adult does shouldn’t necessarily be done by the young. An adult may drink or smoke but these activities wreak havoc on a young child who should be mentored by the patriarch. A young boy drinking whiskey regularly would be a mess and possibly damaged irreparably. ‘Steered wrong’. And that’s the effect of allowing same sex unions to see the light of day.
    GAYS DO AFFECT THE YOUTH. Wise adults who are upstanding and well developed may not be affected directly and a patriarch may not be sucked into the debauchery but the youth need the mentoring of the patriarch and not the pathetic lgbt drivel. Kids mustn’t be swindled by the lowest common denominator excommunicates of the culture. Kids need the word of THE MAN. Amen.
    The wise man knows deviants belong in the gutter even if their presence may not hinder or phase him personally, but the aspiring and maturing youth are affected drastically especially when men and fathers are under attack. Kids register the deviancy being openly allowed and acceptable as the norm. Then it follows that kids are steered awry when presented with gay/lez being an optional and viable life path that comes with spotlight attention and praise for some unseen and mysterious form of bravery. Youth take the constructs of culture and civilization for granted and can’t see how deviant culture is a wrecking ball being swung at them and the future of their species. It’s a 1500 lb steel ball headed straight for their gut. ”Arrrrgh!” I wouldn’t tolerate that shit being promoted onto me or my kids. WOULD YOU?
    Fathers removed from their homes and having their contact with their children policed, regulated and limited by the bitchstate exacerbates the dilemma. A wise adult man knows that gay equals population control period. Gay culture has no vision for civilization and gay individuals are broken and damaged people who have no stake in forging ahead a robust and advancing civilization. The deviants are encouraged to put their foibles and shortcomings ahead of the tribal creed that drives manknd. I’ve never heard of a great ‘gay’ tribe, have you? No they’re not even on par with the creed.

    1. Ive been trying to tell people this for YEARS! It affects kids because it is presented as a viable option to them for how they may want to live, should something steer them in that direction. Where as if the lgbt agenda wasn’t so seemingly well received by the public, children could see it as the deviant deadend path that it is if they are presented with it. Is there an article on this yet? Because there should be. This is a huge issue. Well put MCGOO

      1. The silent majority honestly rejects the lgbt debauchery. The lgbt agenda isn’t being received well by the people but the media horns say otherwise. I can watch some gay drivel on TV and think ”surely many others are annoyed by this” but the positive ratings postings say that everyone loves gay shows. They try to convince us that we are a land that is thirsty to become gay. Could the polls be lying? Yes they are lying. And they keep shoving it at us, even at monetary loss they keep the mass brain screw gay psy ops going, the gay tripe with the faux gold seal of approval attached. A lot of money is riding on the west falling. ‘Mother approved’ they claim, but we call bullshit on that.
        I caught a MAD TV episode awhile back and something clicked. It was all gay. I shook my head and had enough. Every last skit was gay themed. They had gone way overboard with the gay humor and the show tanked and was pulled shortly thereafter. Total gay is an obvious affront and draws revolt whereas gay programming blended in ratio with father bashing is the proven effective method for administering the brainwashing.
        The truth is that many people in the west are instinctively repulsed when a plateful of unhealthy agenda is shoved in their face. The gay/lez lyfestyle memes being portrayed by MSM entertainment are intended to steer youth towards a non pro creational lyfestyle – to steer them to go the gay way. MSM presents no other options, no pro creative lifestyles, no pro tribalism, no truth, only death propaganda aimed at the target groups and tribes that are slated for curbed growth/population control. It’s like a mental castration or a vasectomy button on your remote.
        As long as you don’t resist and call out the bullshit by shouting ”look out, gay propaganda” in a theater, then the propaganda remains constant, like a slow but lethal drip of pancuronium bromide and potassium chloride (death by lethal injection coctail). Go to a gay hot zone area or gay sanctuary city and call bullshit on the gay population control propaganda in a theater. At worst they’ll try to silence you or kill you, either quietly in a state mental ward alongside political dissidents if sjw’s aren’t present in the theater to lunge out and take their blind swipes at you, or at best you have to leave the theater without a refund. When you’re in an area being mopped over with a psy op to dysfunctionalize the sexes, just being red pill and non PC is an act of rebellion and a declaration of indipendence from the borg – expect many conflicts with badge and tag wearing manginas and escaped sjw’s in hospital gowns. If pro gay sjw’s seem to appear like a zombie hoarde on any campus USA, just try swinging a monkey bat at the gays/sjw’s in a stronghold like SF or Toronto where deviants hold the highest offices. They think they own the place. All is peaceful though if you go comatose and float through opinionless as they take over. The difference is like night and day. Prod them a little and jerry boats of gay attornies and psychotic violent sjw’s get in your shirt. But let them be and they expand like mold and some spell of tranquilizing apathy puts down everyone else. Their takeover is part spiritual and will continue until a spiritually driven inquisition counters it.
        In the gay MSM genre, married men with children are portrayed as buffoons who live under a female boss while gay men are portrayed as cool, brave or virtuous. What’s being portrayed is now often 100% the opposite of what is true and virtuous. Something always clicks when they go overboard trying to brainwash and that’s when people do an about face or revolt.
        White western cultures are slated for depopulation and the elites damn well mean business. To keep your stand and keep your ground and survive, produce and live freely you must be ready to defend your culture and family at the drop of a hat. It’s not so much about sacrificing or being a martyr as it is about winning and projecting victory. A foe or enemy can only overwhelm you if you let them.
        Here we see a turn of the tide in Belgrade Serbia. The first open rainbow parade was closed down, wrapped up ahead of schedule when anti gay protesters called bullshit on the event and its state enforcers.
        ”woman tends to cop when anti gay protesters halt rainbow march” What a white knight/Cinderella story there in that pic. Righteous ‘people power’ trumps the best intentioned efforts of uniformed dupes when they’re working their ‘protection racket’ whether it be protecting crack cocaine pipelines in big cities or protecting the administration of the lgbt cultural ‘death serum’.
        EE for the most part holds its ground and its balls, but in the western areas, gay agenda if it is opposed at all is met only with reserved and quiet disdain. Westerner’s opposition amounts to a passive grumble under their breath and they’re told ”you don’t have to watch” or ”turn the channel” when the gay mind warp is administered in a community. The laxness with westerners is telling. Must be the fluoride. Like they always say ”must be something in the water”.

  51. Why not just hijack their term LGBT to “Lets Get Back Traditions”. Use your imagination with this one. I wanted to copyright it, but its probably too expensive…

    1. “The
      decay of moral values in all areas of life—the period of deepest German
      degradation—coincided exactly with the height of Jewish power in
      Germany.” — Dr Friederich Karl Wiehe, Germany and the Jewish Question. [1]
      This quote was from 1935, during the rise of the Nazi Party. Of course, the Nazi’s were immoral in their persecution, but there was a reason for their rage. Never in our Westernized education are we given a reasonable explanation as to why Hitler went after the Jews with such vigor. I fear that if the tide does not turn soon, you may be right.

  52. Fine. You can’t deny them service, but you can invite Nazi’s, Islamist’s or Westboro Baptist Church to protest their wedding.

  53. For those who use the state to achieve the society they want there is no private property* and there is no freedom of association**.
    Tolerance is live and let live. This requires freedom of association and private property.
    What has been preached as state enforced tolerance has always been tyranny.
    *except the property owned by the so-called elite and the rest of the ruling class.
    **except for the so-called elite and the ruling class. “It’s a club and you ain’t in it”.

  54. $6k total fine? Who the fuck cares? In the U.S they bankrupt your ass with seven figure lawsuits.

  55. The point here is not that people are being forced to accept gay marriage. It’s that businesses must provide access to their services regardless of sexual orientation (or gender, religious belief, race, (dis)ability, age or whatever else the local laws dictate). In private people can accept or reject gay marriage but if they wish to open a business providing services to the public then access to those services must be provided equally. A lesbian couple would also be have to provide services to anyone who disapproved of them on religious grounds.

    1. Your confusing a private business with public services as people can determine if they want to do business with you or not.

    2. “A lesbian couple would also be have to provide services to anyone who disapproved of them on religious grounds.”
      Not the same comparison, dear. The lesbian couple would have no choice but to offer their services and smilingly hand over a cake to someone who ordered a cake from them even if the someone came into the store with a T-shirt that said “Kill all carpetlickers” on it and ordered a cake that said “Lesbian parents abuse their children at higher rates than heterosexual parents”. You have it reversed in your example.

    3. No, the point here is that people are being forced to accept homosexual marriage and homosexuality. You can’t go around and just make decrees such as “homosexuality is normal and good and wholesome etc”. You can deny it all you want, but, you are not being real. This is happening. Frankly, homosexuals and straights could “coexist” IF homosexuals stopped trying to redefine who straights live. And before you deny that, lets look at the “t” in the lgtb, which is trying to get us to stop using “he” and “her”….how the fuck is that NOT telling us what to do?
      I do not find homosexuality to be any of those things. And my government that gets my money shouldn’t be lecturing me on anything let alone perverts and their sexual habits.

  56. It’s OK for gays to picket the businesses of those who gave money to the “Yes on 8” anti-gay marriage proposal in California. They even ran the CEO of Mozilla out of his jobs because he gave money to the “yes on 8” campaign.
    Now NY is forcing businesses to bow down at their view of the right position on transgender by requiring businesses to use correct gender pronouns, which happen to be whatever the person wants it to be.
    Meanwhile, I propose that all god loving people (note, I’m an atheist) require NYC store owners to address them as “Servant of God.” Servant of God John, Servant of God Michael. It’s time for some payback to the free speech abuse of people under the cover that businesses somehow are exempt from free speech laws.

  57. I can’t unsee that. Thanks.

  58. Another area where nobody’s looking at the foundations or facts. Marriage is an instituition set up to protect a couple and society from each other. Fags have sky-high rates of drug/alcohol addiction, domestic violence, promiscuity outside the relationship, multiple partners inside the relationship, and psychologically warped sex practices that degrade the other person, inability to have sex without toys or to use genitals in the ways they were designed, etc. Marriage was instituted to PREVENT these kinds of things from happening.
    If a hetero couple went to a psychiatrist and pretended that they did the kinds of things that the average gay couple did, he’d tell them to split up and each get intensive individual help.
    But the media and SJW’s aren’t capable of calling the LGBT community out on their mental issues, cause gee, it’d hurt someone’s feelings.
    Now that fag marriage is legal, it’s going to hasten the fall of our civilzation. I can’t believe that it’s even being talked about in our schools.

  59. One of the fundamental reasons the founding fathers fought a revolution… was the inherent natural right for a man to simply say “NO”. To be able to live as he pleases without tyrannically being forced to adopt this or that.
    Sadly, as is human nature, the larger a society gets, the larger the govt gets, and the more tyrannical it becomes. All the more reason we need a catastrophic event to wipe out 90% of humanity so we can start again.

  60. “Gay marriage isn’t really the problem here, it’s the laws that force everyone to accept it.”
    No, gay marriage is the problem, it not only forces everyone to accept it by being a public legal action, but it strips reproductive rights from marriage for everyone, too, because same sex couples don’t have a right to procreate together. Previously, marriage was only for couples that had a right to procreate, now all married couples are declared to be equal to same sex couples.
    Gay marriage is not marriage for the same reason transwomen are not women. Trans women don’t have a right to be pregnant. We need to ban male pregnancy because it’d be super risky and expensive and there is no right to. And when we do that, we also need to void all same sex marriages.

  61. Nobody is forcing gay marriage on you. The law serves to help the homosexuals, so that others could not butt in into their business. Just because you are not allowed to opress others, does not mean you are opressed.
    But I am a bit fed up myself with too much celebration of homoseuxality and that you see it in every corner. Too much gay parades (by their logic we should also have “BDSM/Voraphilia/macrophilia day). We made male friendship to be a subtle “homosexual relationship”, which is a lod of bullcrap.

  62. Not ALL gay guys agree with gay marriage. I’m gay and I do not agree with it. I never want to “get married” and “have kids” anyway. People piss me off long term (I’ve attempted to co-habit) and I can’t stand children – they’re fucking stupid, messy and disgusting.
    Anyway, I’m 24, and I’ve been getting fucked by at least 4 different guys a month since I was 16 (outside of relationships, obv.). I’ve had 2 “proper” relationships. I don’t believe in true monogamy, but serial monogamy, for sure.
    Civil partnerships are fine and ALL GAY MEN DO NOT WANT MARRIAGE. Most don’t care. Unfortunately all the fags who do want it get put on TV.

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