The Truth About Sports Drinks And Getting Ripped

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Hey guys, it’s Jonny — head trainer at the most subscribed fitness channel on YouTube. If you ever drink Gatorade or any other sports drink like Vitamin Water, this article’s for you…

Because you need to know how these so called “Sports Drinks” are holding you back from your true muscle building potential. I want you to think of the last Gatorade commercial you saw…


Man, they really do their best in making it look pretty awesome. And not only do they advertise constantly during sports events, they also probably sponsor many of your favorite athletes and sports teams.

Gatorade is incredibly popular. Literally millions of men drink Gatorade when they work out and even as a regular drink throughout the day, under the assumption that it’s “good for them”…

Gatorade has claimed that it’s a superior way to hydrate yourself, and that it can improve your athletic performance. And everyone just seems to believe them—no questions asked. But if you look at the scientific research, you’ll see these claims are absolutely false. And Powerade, Vitaminwater, and other sports drink brands aren’t any better.

The truth is that all sports drinks are actually unhealthy. They don’t make your workout performance better, and they actually cause you to gain fat. The biggest reason for this is that Gatorade and other sports drinks contain a massive amount of sugar. Just check out the nutrition facts:


Just one serving contains 42 grams of sugar, and 180 calories! That’s as many calories as you’ll burn directly from an intense hour long workout.

That means if you work out for an hour, and then drink a sports drink, you have basically cancelled out all of your hard work by dumping excess sugar into your body.

Sports drink marketers say that a huge amount of sugar is necessary because it improves athletic performance. But this is only true for professional long distance performance athletes, like marathoners or cyclists, who don’t have to worry about getting fat.

The truth is, for guys like us, looking to drop all our fat while replacing it with solid, rock hard muscles, there is no need to consume a huge amount of sugar every time you work out. The second problem with Gatorade is that it does not contain the ideal balance of electrolytes—minerals like sodium and potassium—for your body.

In my opinion as a trainer and nutrition expert, this balance of sodium and potassium makes no sense. The reality is that most people are deficient in potassium and are consuming far too much sodium already from their diets. Not only this, but Gatorade does not contain one of the most important and proven nutrients for enhancing athletic performance and improving your body’s muscle to fat ratio—free form amino acids.


If you don’t know what an amino acid is, they are the molecules that combine to form protein. Scientists refer to them as “the building blocks of your muscles,” because they’re one of the essential molecules your body needs in order to produce new muscle tissue and to repair the muscle tissue you already have.

And unlike sugar and sodium, amino acids are actually scientifically proven to improve your workout performance. According to the medical researchers at WebMD, amino acid supplements are proven to “improve exercise performance and reduce protein and muscle breakdown during intense exercise.”

So why don’t you see amino acids in sports drinks? Well, the truth is because corn syrup and sodium are far cheaper.

There’s no way that sports drink companies can afford massive advertising campaigns and multi-million dollar athlete endorsements while also selling a quality product that contains amino acids, so they choose to spend their money on marketing rather than the products’ ingredients.

That’s why I personally NEVER consume sports drinks. Instead, I consume an alternative that’s about the same price per serving, but which I can be 100% certain this is far better for me nutritionally.

And it’s called Afterburn Aminos.

The first reason that I prefer Afterburn Aminos over sports drinks is that it contains a premium blend of amino acids. And the amino acids in Afterburn Aminos are MUCH higher quality than what you’d find in a cheaper, generic recovery supplement.

Most amino acid supplements do not contain the proper ratio of branched chain amino acids. If you don’t already know, branched chain amino acids or BCAAs are some of the most important and scientifically proven amino acids.

Second, most cheap amino acid supplements contain no glutamine at all. Next to leucine, it’s the second most important amino acid and I feel no amino supplements are complete without it.

Afterburn Aminos gives you a full 2.5 grams of premium quality glutamine.

Not only does Afterburn Aminos contain a premium blend of amino acids, it also contains no sugar and no calories.

On top of that, Afterburn Aminos contains a far superior electrolyte blend with much more potassium than sports drinks contain. One serving of Afterburn Aminos contains a full 170 milligrams of potassium, compared to to a mere 80 milligrams in a large bottle of Gatorade.

The reality is, no supplement does you any good unless you take it regularly, and the great taste of Afterburn Aminos makes it easy to drink during every workout.

Most amino acid supplements taste like medicine, but the team at Afterburn Labs really nailed it with their amazing cherry lime flavor profile blend. It’s absolutely delicious, and I know you’ll love it once you try it.

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Let me know what you think,

Jonny C


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86 thoughts on “The Truth About Sports Drinks And Getting Ripped”

  1. I only drink water.
    Mixed with Kratom Powder of course

      1. Kratom is a mysterious thing my friend. Just when you think you have it you realize it is Kratom that has you.

        1. Right, but it is harder when your sensei is David Carradine. His palm is covered with fur from all the autoerotic asphyxiation

        2. If the Soviets had Kratom you would all be speaking borscht or whatever the fuck those wacky soviets used for words.

        3. Can Kratom help preparing civil war ? Right now there are violent leftist protests every week in big French cities.
          I feel like stomping them with my giants kratom enhanced feet but I’m afraid the shock waves would destroy most of the cities.

        4. My favourite book is ‘Eat Kratom, Love Kratom, Pray for more Kratom.

        5. Al those empty shelves, and queues down the street and round the corner….that was never basic food stuffs they were after, it was Kratom.
          There was none, but they queued anyway

        6. No!! Share some of your best powder with them, they will be uncucked.
          Kratom leads to spiritual enlightment as you should know !

        7. Take them out in the country side.

    1. Well you are the Boss Man. It stands to reason.

        1. Yes, but you can compensate by tripping the dose of Kratom which makes the all internal organs superfluous

        2. um, I think that flag can get you on all sorts lists- and Im not talking Christmas card lists

  2. No shit sugar water doesn’t work. Until I can get Gatorade Zero+ Kratom, I’m sticking to protein shakes.

    1. Apparently most protein shake nutrition facts vastly overestimate the proteins therein.
      Kratom, eggs, and bacon will probably serve you better.

      1. Yes, I love that there is a billion dollar industry that could literally be replaced tomorrow with a couple hard boiled eggs….
        well, not kratom.

      2. Kratom is really all you need, and I honestly enjoy getting my macros from food more than supplements but sometimes I just pound one (kratom mixed in of course) when Im on the go.

  3. I’ve created injectable Kratom. 5 times potency with no side effects.

  4. Stay Tuned for Johnny C’s next article: Why all that Kentucky fried chicken you are eating isn’t helping with your 6 pack.

      1. but how am I gonna get dem boisonberry gainz if I don’t do my post workout ihop?

        1. My best-selling supplement has all the boisonberries you’ll ever need! CLICK HERE for more information.
          (redirects to Kratom)

  5. So it’s the Gatorade, not the 2 sticks of butter and mystery chemicals in my preworkouts causing me to lose gains?

    1. Butter’s fine. It goes through the lymphatic system until it’s consumed, as do most saturated fatty acids.
      But unless those mystery chemicals are Kratom, they’re probably not helping much.

  6. If you need to rehydrate put a few dashes of salt and a teaspoon of sugar into your glass of water and stir. If you want a little flavor add a splash of lime or lemon juice. That is all you need to get the electrolytes found in most sports drinks.

      1. If you are hurting from a night of drinking put in half a shot of vodka and enjoy the nap. (Keep another glass of water by your bedside though for when you wake up).

  7. Hey. A sponsored post thats very accurate. Cool
    (insert obvious and overused kratom joke)

  8. just a note: Gatorade does sell a drink that has protein in it. It’s just not as well known as the “regular’ drink.
    Other than that I totally agree. I’m a long distance runner and it’s true, you don’t need that sugar. Now a 5K run will burn you 440 calories if you are between 160 and 200 lbs. So you do the math if you are running 8, 13 miles.

  9. Poured Kratorade into fish tank… they’re dolphins…….MIAMI DOLPHINS!

      1. ………………………….Kr8on………………………..Magic

      1. Erm…OK? I know too little about Murican Foosball to know what that means and too lazy to google it! I guess the Dolphins won the SuperBowl or something?????

        1. ’72 dolphins are the only team to go undefeated and win the superbowl.

  10. Hogwash. With Kratom I have the ability to eat 15,000 calories per day, drink another 2,000, all while maintaining 24 hour erections that guarantee a phone number on 100% of approaches, a handjob on 33% of approaches, a blowjob on 16% of approaches, and unprotected anal sex on all the others. Plus I never have to workout or see a doctor.

    1. thanks! I was scrolling thru the comments waiting for this one

      1. Was hoping to make it to the top and have it stay there to counter the author’s opinion. We all need “electrolytes.”!

  11. One will always remember what he had growing up. Best Gatorade slogan ever. If they would make a metal version of it, I’d use it as a ringtone.

    1. Gatorade pre 2000 style: It came in a glass bottle(no BPAs) and THREE flavors. The liquid was almost clear enough to see your hand on the other side of the bottle. Whatever chemical they put in it now makes it about as see thru as your bottle of windshield-wiper fluid(maybe that is the new secret sauce)

  12. Not only are Sports Drinks and Soda bad, but take a look at the label on the allegedly healthy Juice you probably have on your fridge. Some juices have more sugar in 8 ounces than a 12 oz soft-drink.

  13. About everything at a supermarket is unhealthy apart from meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.
    I do 10 hours hard labour a day. These young punks half my age can’t keep up with me. Once lunch time comes and they had their pies or Macca’s + Red Bull, it’s all over…
    I’ve turned to Organic Food and now have more energy to hit the gym after work.
    Buying organic personal goods (shampoo, dish washing liquid, etc…) will help even more (buy from a family business NEVER TRUST A LARGE CORPORATION PRODUCTS) cause the toxic chemicals (foods and house goods) TAKES 80-90% of your daily energy!

  14. … or you could just eat meat, fish and other natural protein sources to get the amino acids you need. And as a bonus, you get a well-tasting meal!

  15. Glad you’re trying to promote your product. But don’t steer the crowd away from eating natural foods that contain these amino-acids. Want a pre-workout? Consume a banana 20 minutes before working out. Want a post-workout amino blend with carbs? Eat a banana. I think you guys get the point I’m trying to make lol.
    P.S —-
    The dude at the bottom of the picture probably takes 500 mg of testosterone a week and stacks it with oral agents. The amino acid brand he’s carrying in the bag isn’t whats making him get bigger, it’s the other “supplements” you aren’t mentioning lol

  16. Concentrated BCAAs give me horrific migraines. Fuck them in the ass with a razor-laced dildo.

  17. No shit re the sugar. I was never a big consumer of these things but in recent years of slimming down they have only become more taboo. Perhaps every fourth time I have a cup of tea or coffee I consciously indulge in a few teaspoons of sugar but it is very conscious. If I accidentally buy something with sugar in it, ie drink it with concern at the fat it might add.. Gatorade and co do have their place – if you are in a race that goes for more than an hour like a half marathon or longer, that can get you a better time if you have it half way through. But it’s not for use except after long, intense cardio and not good for your teeth either. Not sure what an amino acid drink would do, surely a few proteins like eggs, fish, and a little red meat would get that stuff for you..

  18. 180 calories corresponds to about 1 hour of normal walking.
    1 hour of intense workout are rather 500-600 calories.

  19. “That’s why I personally NEVER consume sports drinks.”
    => So how can this guy have the guts to promote just another sports drink?

  20. “Sports drink marketers say that a huge amount of sugar is necessary because it improves athletic performance. But this is only true for professional long distance performance athletes, like marathoners or cyclists, who don’t have to worry about getting fat.”
    Intended to stop reading after this since i cycle everywhere including to play soccer.

  21. And then make the next stip to better health and workouts. . .Just water and a balanced diet. Getting rid of supplementals and the extraneous and relying on nature and your mind total Red Pill.
    Xenophon and the Greek army marched over a 1000 miles, fighting all the way, on just water and basic foodstuffs they found along the way.

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