Fat Acceptance Is The Leftist Elite’s Ultimate Cultural Doomsday Device

I’ve noticed a recent trend on ROK these past few weeks: the editors are reaching back into the vault and reminding us of some key tenets of not only game, but of nation building and societal maintenance. Of particular note is the series of common-sense articles posted regarding overweight women, and why right-thinking men should avoid them like the plague. But whenever I read an article here, I like to delve deeper down the rabbit hole.

I look around and see fat acceptance taking the nation by storm, and I see key figures in the manosphere yanking back the covers and playing reveille as loud as they can to wake the groggy masses from their media-induced slumber. But here’s an issue few of us ever discuss: where did all of this “fat acceptance” come from, and what’s the agenda behind it?

Phase I: The Farce Awakens

As indicated in the feature photo above, it is a well-known fact that, by and large, the African American community has essentially accepted overweight women as par for the course. But it wasn’t always that way. If you grew up in the mid-70s or early 80s, you remember a time when women like Nichelle Nichols, Heather Locklear, Cheryl Ladd, and Morgan Fairchild dominated the airwaves. In the 90s you had Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Rosie Perez, En Vogue, and TLC. Sure, you might see a few tubby chicks in Wal-Mart, but even that was a rarity. But then, between circa 1999 and 2006, we went from seeing this every day:


to this:


Yes, both of those photos are of American Idol star Kelly Clarkson. She’s not alone, and people like her didn’t just materialize out of the ether. The reason we regularly see land whales dragging around five kids spawned by ten different dudes and the reason we see these same train-wrecks giving fit, well-paid dudes the cold shoulder in clubs all across America is because the leftist elites learned a long time ago that without a patriarchy, a society’s standards go out of the window.

What’s left is a confused, disorganized rabble ready and willing to be led whichever way the wind blows. With Western women, it’s even worse, because they have NO CLUE that they’re lost and listless; in fact, they think they’ve become “empowered.”

Back to the feature photo. It’s well known that one of the most detrimental effects the welfare state of the 60s had on urban communities is that it decimated the family unit. The effects were not immediate, to be sure; it took several decades for the lack of father figures to coalesce into a communities-wide attitude of “let me do me and you do you.” The women from these communities no longer saw a need to keep their sexuality in check, to watch their weight, or to even act in a remotely feminine manner.

The sad truth behind this, however, is that this metamorphosis was by design rather than by chance. The elites, since time immemorial, have used minorities as crash test dummies for their pet social projects. Ever since the French Revolution, the elites have been looking for that magic formula, that soothing mantra, that could tame the masses. Police state regimes of the kind you see in movies like “The Hunger Games” and “Equilibrium” don’t work in the real world because the open degradation and brutalization of the populace invariably leads to open and violent rebellion.

Religion worked for a time, until the working class witnessed the elites so frequently and flagrantly violate the very religious mantras they espoused that they soon became disillusioned with it all, and, once again, rebelled. With urban minorities they found their magic bullet: destroy the patriarchy and sell women on the idea that they can act as heads of households, communities, and, by extension, society, and you win by default.

Nobody really paid much attention to this phenomenon so long as only specific, remote segments of the population were affected. But now, like a malignant cyst, this phenomenon has erupted out of our nation’s inner cities and trailer parks and has now invaded every aspect of our culture, so that now you frequently see things like this:

Ashley Graham SI


One of my cousins was the first to coin the phrase “weaponized stupidity.” What else do you call a phenomenon or philosophy that convinces a society to embrace physically and emotionally dysfunctional individuals as mothers, wives, and potential mates? At this point you’re probably saying, okay, Ray, we get it, Sports Illustrated put a fat chick on its cover, you’ve got MTV, aka lib-tard central, showing a regular-sized guy literally rolling around on the floor with a beached whale. What else is new? What’s new is that the end goal is not just fat acceptance for fat acceptance’s sake. It’s not just about big women getting laid. It’s about the hijacking of a society.

Phase II: The Trap Is Sprung

So what happens when a society at large finds itself predominated by women who look and act in an unattractive manner? You get a lot of men who aren’t willing to stick with the families they form with those women and an even larger number of men who won’t jump on the grenade in the first place.

Sure, you’ll find thirsty betas who’ll pick up one of these barkers from the kennel and put a ring on them. But at some point, even the thirstiest of betas will wake up one day, look at the behemoth snoring loudly next to him, and say, what the hell am I doing with my life? At that point, all it takes is for our portly missus to make one criticism too many, to spill a whole plate of nachos all over the bed once too many times, or to stop up the toilet one time too many, and our beta chump will be out the door faster than Scooby and Shaggy after spotting a g-g-g-g-ghost.

What you’re left with is yet another divorced couple, yet another bitter single mother, and yet another set of children who will be shuttled back and forth between two bitter, disgruntled parents. Chances are, these women had mothers or grandmothers who bought the feminist lie back in the 70s, and passed on their misguided beliefs to them. A man should appreciate your mind, not your body, they probably told them. You are not a sex object!

What the sisterhood failed to realize is that biology cares not for empty pseudo-philosophies. Men generally want to share their lives and livelihoods with young, vibrant, attractive women. But now society’s gone into full-reeducation mode, directing its trained lackeys to constantly chastise established men of means for going after young, slender women instead of their physically and emotionally weathered mothers and grandmothers.

The elites have known for years that a nuclear family, with a healthy, dutiful man, an attractive, nurturing woman, and well-rounded, obedient children set up on their own plot of land, is basically a self-contained unit. Government intervention is fairly superfluous at that point. Women—real women who will stand by their men and help carve out a future for their children—are needed to build a society. But when you look around today, short of an Amish girl here or there, such women are in extremely short supply. The dating and marriage pool is largely dominated by jewels like this one:

This is why you’ve got a mass sexodus amongst western men. The elites have boosted the egos of your Rebel Wilsons and Gabourey Sidibes of the world to such all-time highs that they think they should be able to bed the kings and princes among men. This in turn gives the genuine 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s an even higher sense of entitlement to the point to where they’re virtually unapproachable unless you’ve got at least ten years of game under your belt, a private jet, and an endless supply of cash.

So now you’ve got a bunch of aimless single men and clueless single women wandering around; single, lost souls who would have in times past banded together to effect real social change in the face of injustice, but have now become tools of the very elites that oppress them. Without patriarchy, relationships between men and women devolve into little more than a hodge-podge of random hookups and drunken text messages.

In the absence of healthy, nurturing male-female relationships as the standard, the door suddenly becomes open for same sex marriage, pedophilia, bestiality, and any other nightmarish mockery of the human condition you can think of. Think back to the months leading up to Obergefell, the Supreme Court ruling that sanctioned homosexual marriage. You had a lot of people saying “meh, men and women have pretty much screwed up the marriage institution, why not let the gays have a shot?” That sentiment did NOT come from the people themselves. It was spoon-fed to them by the leftist cabal.

Haven’t you ever wondered why, in the face of a 50-70% divorce rate in America, we haven’t had a run of PSAs on television coaching men and women on how to make heterosexual relationships and marriages work? The plan all along has been to obliterate male-female relationships so that every freak and weirdo imaginable could legitimate their respective fetishes. A handful of gays like lesbian activist Masha Gessen have gone as far as to openly admit that the endgame all along was to destroy heterosexual relationships, so that their own sordid facsimiles of “relationships” could thrive.

With half of your population apathetic towards the demise of normal relationships, and the other half consisting of weak-willed, weak-minded men who may actually view homosexuality as a viable alternative in the face of an increasingly hostile sexual and relationship landscape, it’s little wonder that we find ourselves where we are today. And that was the plan all along.

We must remember that the elite ranks, if Hollywood is any indication, are primarily comprised of people with virtually nonexistent morals. Their leaders want to remake the world in a way that reflects the chaotic, drug-fueled, fetish-infused lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. Only a patriarchy consisting of men who have women in their society worth fighting for can stand against them. But in the absence of such women, why will a man fight against the system? If anything, he’ll fight other men over what few, attractive, feminine women remain. I believe much of the racial tension we see today is based at least in part on this, and that the elites manufactured this tension just like they did in the aftermath of Bacon’s Rebellion.

In Conclusion

We’ve all known that the liberal elites have been behind the reorganization of American society for the past forty years. But few know the reason behind it, the ultimate end-game, or the full extent of the means used by the elites to bring their goals to fruition. Fat acceptance is one such means, and it’s deadlier than many of us realize.

The way I see it, crippling this monstrosity would be like blowing up the Death Star: sure, the Empire still had other weapons in its arsenal, but the universe got a whole lot safer once it was gone. With a return to patriarchy comes the return of women men will want to form and maintain intact relationships and families with. We will then find a world devoid of drug-addled kids, divorced, slutty soccer-moms spreading eagle on Instagram, purple-haired men in dresses filing lawsuits for the “right” to use women’s bathrooms, and women wanting to marry their dogs.

We’ll finally be living in a society where a majority of its members—rather than a handful of elites and their special-interest flunkies—can truly chart their own destinies.

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392 thoughts on “Fat Acceptance Is The Leftist Elite’s Ultimate Cultural Doomsday Device”

  1. “What the sisterhood failed to realize is that biology cares not for empty pseudo-philosophies. ”
    The more i reflect about this and other issues that ROK brings to the table, the more i realize ( i already mentioned it) that this is truly the essence of today fight: biology versus culture.
    We are clearly watching the so called “elite” pushing for ideas and values, that have nothing to do with what we are as men and women, hence all the frustration and social collapse. Sooner or later, they are going to realize that biology simply cannot be changed, that men will remain men, and women, well, we know very well what they are. Everything, from fat acceptance, mothers with 10 or more children with no father figure, single mothers, women that put career in front of family, women that say that “all men are the same”, women that want nice guys who respect them, women that portray male dominance as evil, either in bed or in society….they are all a big shit test, all a big lie, all a big empirical evidence of the cultural brainwashing that they have been trough. Why? Because every women that says this or lives by this mantra is going against its body, its mind, its heart…And that creates tons of emptiness and loneliness.
    We all know that a fat women wants to be slim and attractive, we all know that a women with many children and no men in their house, wants a men, we all know that a single mother craves for a strong and leading men at her side, we all know that women that say that “all men are the same” are lying and cant live without that same men, we all know that women that put their careers in front of family are not happy, we all know that women do not want nice guys, but strong alpha males that submit them, we all know that women want to be dominated by every Mr Grey they can find.
    So, it is truly a cultural war we live in the West, one that must be won, or the decay we are already experience will be even greater. Culture has to be adjusted to biology, not the other way around.

    1. I’ve touched on the same principles before. I remain hopeful simply due to the fact that nature does not tolerate weakness. It eventually gets weeded out. It can be propped up for a while but it ultimately cannot survive. All these groups that promote values rooted in sloth, gluttony, hedonism, and short term satisfaction will will meet their demise and we won’t need to do a thing other that stay their superiors (a relatively low bar they’ve set for us).

      1. Indeed. I just saw a poll that says that 48% of Americans are ok with socialism. The question is: are they all going to migrate to Venezuela or Cuba??? Funny is it not, that the anti trump idiots want to migrate to Canada and not Mexico, for whom they are sooooo deeply concerned or that the islamist sympathizers wont migrate to Saudi Arabia or to Somalia. Hypocrites!

  2. Marry their dogs?
    Those bitches dont have enough loyalty f p r marriage, but the dogs do..
    No fat chicks

  3. We need a ‘why you should only date Amish women’ before they get fat too. Fat Amish women could however be shorted to Famished which would lessen the horror a bit.
    The elites don’t like heterosexuality, that’s true enough

    1. When they start crafting their own horn-rimmed eyeglasses, I’m done. There’s no hope after that.

    2. Heterosexuality creates social constructs, which establish order, meritocracy, chastity, adherence to legacies, familial honor, leaders, and the biggest fear, new power structures that can threaten the current regime.

  4. The fats are a very easily distracted, lazy and poorly disciplined market which the rich corporate execs are very keep on exploiting. Reassure them of their poor choices and they keep pigging out on your company’s cakes. Not so hard to understand/
    Also there are many more companies which are interested in exploiting fats such as the pharmaceutical giants because we know that being overweight is a cause of diabetes and therefore a lifetime subscription to insulin.

  5. Refuse to fuck girls with a BMI over 20. That’ll do it.
    But of course some asshat beta will swoop in on his rainbow unicorn pony and stick his dick in the fat bitches anyway. So we need to shame men for having fat bitches too. And hard.

    1. Two words:Black dudes! Or one word if you really want to send them a message!

      1. That’s fucking true, why the hell do negroes always keep pounding these enormous lard sack big mamas? I could never do that shit. Not even if she was the last fucking woman on earth.
        I honestly think there may be some sort of biological reason to it, like you know subsaharan Africa was a hunter/gatherer society until not long ago, and they are r selected so I guess a fat chick is more likely to push out a healthy baby in that environment than a skinny chick is.
        Edit to add, those guys operate in “fire and forget” mode.

        1. Well, there are more reasons which explain the blacks dudes choice of women. Without going into detail:
          -it’s harder for black dudes to get quality women because women are more racist (especially feminists) and they have lower cash flow
          -SJW chicks won’t even look at blacks
          -they have to work harder to get women because they’re perceived to be more violent and ave higher T. They don;t and falling short of that makes him unattractive to women.
          -black women are a pain and constantly game the dudes and threat that they only date whites and Hispanics.
          -they do have a preference for ample women but not blobs, however, given their lack of choice they end up shagging the beast no other man would venture to bang!
          Solution: they need take control of their own women first and then they could get a bit of peace of mind knowing that the blobs are the only thing they bang!

        2. Well the threat of dating only non blacks doesn’t seem to be realistic to me, black women have the lowest SMV of all women as a type.
          But yes I do think that the solution would be for black dudes to smack their bitches up and put em in line, but I think they have relatively higher SMV and that makes it easy for them to just leave it as is, and sometimes go drop a load in there when drunk.

        3. What I really focused on was the “low cash flow” problem you mentioned. That’s actually the key. By and large, whites, Asians, and even some Hispanics either come from strong patriarchies or have pretty solid cash flows. If the brothas ditched the weed, pulled up their pants, spoke the King’s English, and started making business connections, all of a sudden they’d start looking attractive to a whole lot of women. They’d also get more acceptance from society at large. The fact is, no man wants any guy of any race stepping up to his doorstep asking for his daughter’s hand who has nothing to offer but “swag.” You start seeing 90% of black males being comprised of clean-cut dudes with suits and ties and steady cash flows, most of the race issues we see would probably evaporate overnight.

        4. Couldn’t agree! It would solve so much of their problems but by the looks of it, latinos and whites will be like most blacks in no time! Low wages and nanny state bones every males.

        5. The economic position of American blacks was improving significantly between the 1940s and the 1970s. Then quotas, affirmative action, and the great society happened. Then the black community went to shit. And now we’re seeing the same effects in whites as well.

        6. Going to Walgreens and buying condoms. A 19-yo. young man of any colour should not have 2-3 kids from different baby makers.

        7. It’s probably easier for them to game white women after dealing with all of black women’s bullshit. And since black women are fat too, they probably just go after the easier of the two fats.

        8. Reminds me of this white dude that came in Wal-Mart about a year ago wearing a beanbag hat, a wife-beater, and some jogging pants. He plops a 36-ct box of Trojans on the sales counter, then starts pulling out roll after roll of quarters. No lie: he paid for the condoms with what looked like damn near twelve rolls of quarters. It’s like he was trying to protest how much condoms cost. I was just thinking to myself, ‘okay, you cheeky bastard, you think $30.00 is expensive, try spending $200,000 over 18 years.’ Common sense is not as common as it should be.

      1. My wife is below 20 and pregnant, I know what I’m saying King Retardotos.

        1. Not only muscle mass, but frame size is a huge factor on whether the bmi is a useful tool.

        2. Absolutely I think the best measurement to gauge a woman’s attractiveness from numbers alone would be her hip to waist ratio. Again if we had to choose one and only one.

        3. Bust: waist: hip; 3:2:3 brother. If she’s within that range 95% chance she’s banging

        4. But even that has its limitations. I’ve seen women with “great” waist to hip ratios but are yuuuge. This is one of the few areas that I deviate from relying on numbers are just look at the individual and then make extra assessments based on my preferences (tight ass, proportionate breasts, etc).

        5. Whatever man, but don’t reference Wikipedia even the 16 year olds I teach know better than that

        6. Very true. At the end of the day the boner test is going to be the most reliable measure and even then factor in drugs and/or alcohol and that can steer you wrong.

        7. Sick. Am I the only guy that doesn’t care for the botox lips either? I find it utterly disgusting. It may be blasphemy, but I never found Angelina Joleigh particularly hot (for a movie star, that is–for a typical girl, sure).

        8. That’s not healthy- and the fact you screw other women while she is carrying your child is disgusting-

        9. Hmm so you somehow know more about my wife’s health than the professionals?
          I think I smell overweight frustration from your corner…

        10. the end game of facial plastic surgery: they all look like LaToya Jackson

        11. Well, be fair. It obviously isnt the healthiest thing in the world to be sticking your dick into the laboratory experiments out there and then bringing that home. There is a real potential for disease.
          Also, slutty women are crazy, and you are opening yourself up to that, as well as social blackmail. NY Gov Elliot Spitzer got taken down that way.
          That being said, although its understandable; you are going to have to be careful, especially now that you are a father.
          In any case, its ridiculous to get on your case when much much worse is not only condoned but celebrated.

        12. I’m careful and use protection. And since I don’t need it, I can be very selective.
          I’m not saying every guy should do like I do, but many married guys I know have a similar arrangement with their wives. It’s not that big of a deal. Usually these things also only last a few days or max weeks.

        13. This is actually making me chuckle. What you’re saying is more or less that you’re pissed off because I wouldn’t bang you. That’s what my takeaway from this is.
          If you want a shot of it, post your bikini pic here ;-). I’ll throw in that if we have a public vote and the majority says WB, I’ll do it for sport.

        14. Oh you are onto me!! Yes. I am deeply angered that I will never have the chance to have at that utterly nasty, disease- ridden pork sword of yours. How did you know?

        1. I like a little meat. But its gotta be in proportion.
          I ain’t fuckin with no bitch that’s shaped like Grimmace from McDonalds.

        2. I’m spoiled, but jokes aside, have you had a petite girl with a BMI about 18.5 ish or so? I just can’t go back to hambeasts… Just no boner there anymore…
          I fully know I’m basically looking at 1:1000 ratios at this point, but I still find em and fuck em so for now I see no reason to adjust.

        3. Wow fucking other girls while you also have a pregnant wife, damn she’s found a real winner with you.

        4. Jealous much? And yes she has found a winner in how I care for her and our children.
          She knows that I don’t bring my hobbies home, so she doesn’t care.

        5. But with petite (and short, like 4’10”) you can easily go Cirque du Soleil on their ass

        6. Jealous; not at all. Hopefully one day she’ll wake up, divorce rape your ass and run a mile.

        7. Is your wife Asian?Or from another third world country? They don’t care about sexual attraction- will screw/marry anything that puts a roof over their head and food on the table If I was in their boat I guess I would grin and bare it as well. Many women in third world countries have to suffice with the bottom of the Western Barrels.
          Western women would rightly spit on you- you are a disgusting pig.
          Thank You God for America- Giving me the freedom to marry a man who I love- and am attracted to, and allowing me the right to vote, to education, and career to support myself- so I don’t have to marry a selfish pig God -forbid- I would have to depend on a man without character as is described above.

        8. Now, now, Bibi. No need to be a racist. Or is it just early menopause?

        9. Hahaha you are funny… I mean it. You seem actually convinced of your own bullshit.
          My wife is from Japan. When you are done patting yourself on the back you can go look up what the GDP is compared to the US and stop the nonsense.
          And no, western women do not spit on me, neither rightfully or otherwise. You can keep wishing for it but I doubt it will ever happen.
          As for my character, I’ll have to add that the person who started it for me splitting who I come home to from who I bed out of lust, was a white girl.
          I have had this kind of arrangement with several European girls before I ever met an Asian girl, let alone my wife.

        10. We will just pretend that is possible to indulge you. She would be shamed into going back to me by her own family if she left me. You have very little idea of how the real world works I think. The US is not the world. You know that right? Laws are different in different places.

        11. Its one thing having open relationships when one is single.You are married with a pregnant wife.. Call me naive but that is just gross. I hope you use condoms..

        12. Eh? You can’t both be in a relationship and single, you realize this I hope?
          Anyway marriage is about providing a stable environment to raise children in, nothing directly to do with being sexually exclusive for the man. It’s a transaction where a man pays for the exclusive dominion over one female as his breeding mate.
          The man has exclusive access to the wife in terms of sex, the wife has exclusive access to the husbands money and resources.
          The only thing my wife said is that I have to make sure it doesn’t get back to her, otherwise I owe her an expensive gift. Actually funnier for you perhaps, when she is indisposed she suggests that I go to hookers if I need to get off.

        13. So you want his child to grow up in a single household? Man, I can understand your disgust, but get your head on straight.
          Some men are just wired for this. Personally, Id rsther he had three wives and got it out of his system that way. That would be far healthier on just about every level. But thats not possible in the West, so what do you want from him?

        14. Why do you hope that? How would that benefit anyone on the planet? I hope he keeps it to a minimum, uses protection, manages to keep it out of his home life, and succeeds in raising a large healthy family.
          The only problem I could have with him is that he is enabling these filthy whores with money. This is a real issue, because another article on RoK directly tied the growth of feminism in the US to the monetary power accumulated by midwestern whores who then used their financial assets to undermine the social order politically so they could be considered as legitimate.
          On the other hand if he pumped and dumped his way through sluts, thwt would potential cause more damage to the available women.
          Which is why ideally, it would be better if we had social mechanisms in place for him to fulfill his needs through an arranged mistress or even multiple wives. But we dont have that, so this is the best he csn do.

        15. OK well let’s just hope that one of the HPV strains which he WILL be carrying (regardless of protection) never goes on to cause his wife issues such as CIN or even worse full blown cervical cancer. I’ve seen it happen to other women because their husband’s were selfish fanny rats. So yes for her own good I hope she gets clued up and gets as far away from this jack ass as possible.

        16. It’s not in the Ten Commandments for nothing. He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself. Proverbs 6:9
          Not judging, I did it too and regret it. It bit me in the ass when I least expected it.
          People always think they can get away with things until they don’t.
          Sorry for the lecture.

        17. I hope corkscrewcaptain lives a long and happy life and has many healthy children.

        18. Adultery = hobbies/entertainment
          Your wife = one of the many
          I feel sorry for her, she has low self-worth. if she really knows about this. You have low morals. Why not just be long term partners in an NSA relationship.

        19. If he’s the role model, yeah…I want his wife and his kids in a single household or her with a better husband/father figure for the kids.

        20. So monogamy or just staying single isn’t an option. Moral relativism at it’s finest.

        21. My wife is not one of the many to me. She is my wife. I don’t think she has specifically low self worth, but she doesn’t see things from a western perspective.
          She herself has told me not to promise to be faithful because she will be more angry about lying than if I screw some random girl. She just doesn’t want to know specifics about it.
          And she is happy with me, because I am good to her where it matters to her. We are married because we want to be and provide a stable home for our child.

        22. Twisted mentality.
          I’m not going to talk about love or religion in this post.
          Marriage is a division of labor between a man and a wife for both comfort and mutual aid.
          Men = superior physical strength means better hunters/providers
          Women = only sex able to carry children so she stays near the hut with the children and cooks and cleans
          Both provide proper framework for their biological children of both sexes.
          Marriage doesn’t mean a man pays the bills and he does whatever you want.

        23. You are welcome to define marriage however you like and find a mate who agrees with your view. I see no reason why I can’t have my marriage in whatever way makes me and my wife happy, just because you happen to have a different view of it.
          Many of my friends would not want to have a wife like mine because she is very dependent and passive. Each to their own I think, I have had a
          enough of girls who talk back or disagree or need to discuss every detail of things.

        24. I hope he finds Jesus, stops being a He -Whore, stays true to his wife and lead his children by a good example. If he continues acting the slime may an STD be his end. And then may his wife find a decent, younger very hawt stud. The end

        25. Why not? A whorish husband needs to be left in the dust. He is a pig. And i doubt he is wearing protection. I hope she leaves him for a caring, tender, stud-muffin. Not all of you are awful by the way..

        26. Ummm lol. Mr. Pig: In the western world, a man is not needed, but rather wanted…and loved– I was right in my initial assessment of your farce marriage. She is Asian.. You.. A pig. She does not love you- you are solely a resource for her survival. has sex with you out of duty, not passion..

        27. Wisdom from a woman:
          Most men are not pigs, most women don’t like pigs.. (nor are they attracted to pigs)
          Soooo…Don’t be a pig-

        28. Oink oink, you know what assumptions do? They make an ass out of the person making them. My wife doesn’t need me for her survival, her parents are quite well off. You keep willfully ignorning this part because it doesn’t fit with your bs “assessment”.
          The western world has gotten the relationship and marriage part ass backwards for a long time, and the proof of this is around us everywhere.
          At least in Asia the women realize that the best way to raise children is to be married to their father, and that it’s better for children to be taken care of by their mother and not some random person at a daycare.

        29. The authority to make a judgement depends solely on whether you are willing to take responsibility for the needs of the judged.
          You are not thinking of what his childs life will be like without him, or what his wofes life will be like. You are just fantasizing. And thats fine, you have a right to that. You are also clearly and totally unwilling to really put in the time and effort to find put what men genuinely need on any level. The only thing you care about is how you feel, again you have a right to that. But any man or woman who subjects the,selves to your judgement is subjecting themselves to the judgement of a person who doesnt have either the capacity to really consider their needs or the ability to know how those needs can be met.

      2. And what would a self-disclosed Borderline Personality Disorder case know about the subject?

        1. Cyclothymia actually not BPD distinctly different conditions with distinctly different treatment.

    2. Not too hard really. Withdraw your company from men who freely give their time and resources to fat women. Don’t invite them to social or professional events, etc. They seem to be the ones eager to bring their wives/GFs along to what are nominally “guy things.”

    3. Agreed. I already knee-jerk evaluate them when I see them. To me they’re just gusy who’ve been beaten by life and have “just settled.” Adding to that that fat women are extremely angery and abusive, and you’ve got a hen-pecked loser there.

  6. The fat acceptance trend we are witnessing around us is a product of the cultural decline which I constantly refer to when writing my comments. Anyone with an open mind can actually see that what this so called trend is doing is hurting the self esteem of people and also encouraging laziness and apathetic behaviour amongst today’s society. It is beyond belief and absolutely disgusting to see how so many people are encouraging this kind of low life degenerate lifestyle choice and more importantly, refusing to acknowledge the consequences of obesity and the long term detrimental effects of being overweight.
    The overweight and obesity epidemic can correlate with everything that is happening around us in today’s world. People losing their jobs in this terrible economy, people consuming comfort food, people addicted to their smartphones and so on and so forth, have essentially rendered the general populace to become absolutely lazy and more significantly, adopting bad habits and pursuing disgusting lifestyle choices such as binge eating while forcing their delusions of grandeur through false premises such as “fat acceptance.” This is definately a symptom of the cultural decline our society is going through and the constant degradation and grotesque exemplifications of the horrendous pop culture that our society is exposed to, only strengthens and reinforces this atrocious lifestyle choice that is permeating as time goes on.
    The idea of losing weight is one which requires effort. One must have the determination and put in the effort in order to lose weight. No matter what the circumstances are that continue to appear in front of you such as long work hours, constant bad weather such as rain and strong breezes, you must be willing to persevere and overcome the many challenges and hurdles that life will throw at you. Staying in shape is no different from building an income and supporting yourself. It is part of your self respect. It is part of your identity. Unfortunately this kind of work ethic is starting to evaporate and disappear from society. As a result of the constant luxuries and technological advances we are seeing, people no longer have the motivation and willingness to put in the effort required to lose weight. Indeed, we are living in sad times.

    1. Don’t forget the constant, overbearing, narcissistic scrutiny most feel they are required to submit themselves to in order to feel ‘connected’ and relevant with their peers (read people they don’t know and shouldn’t fucking care about).
      In an eternal, individualized, globally-reaching game of keeping-up-with-the-Joneses, no one will ever achieve the media-driven flashbulb version of happiness they think they need.
      Since the average person is – you guessed it – just fucking average, the answer for the masses is to collectively lower the bar again and again in a never-ending attempt to compensate for the fact that nobody’s life is good enough for what this culture of madness has created and shoved down their throats.
      Standards are degraded in a vain effort to cover up inadequacies and we all suffer for it.

      1. Aristotle, “tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society”

  7. Fuck Fat Acceptance, we need to bring back Fat-Shaming and even more important, Slut-Shaming.

      1. My friends look at me like I’m crazy but I prefer to date a guy’s who parents are still married/widowed.

    1. The best slut-shamer on the planet is a strong, moral dad in the house- and they dont exist much anymore

      1. I’m rare? Maybe we need a club or something. Fat-shaming Dads Union or some such.
        The funniest part of it that my intolerance of deviant behavior seems attractive to girls. I’m not permissive in any way, and that seems to weed out the shitbags and leave only the best from whom I then pick.

        1. youre a dying breed brother. I fully expect to see you stuffed and placed in a museum next to the dinosaur exhibit in a few decades

        2. Actually how about you guys visit a local mosque, also got to Coptic Church – very old from near the time of Christ, Ukrainian Othrodox, Byzantine Catholic – old school churches and mosques kept the old tradition, and get the men together, and girls together. Girls response to peer pressure, when they see their Ukrainian and Muslim girl friends all have long hair and are much more chaste than regular girls, and get higher quality boys, better relationships, have higher self confidence … they’ll dump the feminist losers.
          They need to see other chaste girls their age. Sadly it’s mainly Muslim men and women that resisted modifying their religion or families or dismantling patriarchy to accommodate progressives. Having a make up and fashion advice club with Muslim fathers starting it up with church going Christians helps – Muslims will work with you because they’d be happy to have white friends with something in common with them (unlike progressives) and girls will see their peers happy where patriarchy works, then try to find their own way of doing that through Christianity. And don’t try the watered down latest protestant kind with Justin Beiber type church songs

        3. I knew some coptic orthodox.girls growing up…good girls they were not.

        4. the ones I know in Canada are, but that might be specific here, Ukrainian girls are. Muslim are, ex Muslim most are total sluts to rebel. If they are anti-Muslim, one of the first things in a woman to go is chastity to differentiate herself from Muslims. The ones in Ottawa, Canada are chaste who come straight from Egypt… but older communities in the US might be corrupted.

        5. Coptic orthodox is very old and is Egyptian. I’m not aware of it in any other countries.

        6. Ok the ones I knew were in So California, well known for its corrupting influences.

        7. I think keeping the sequestered in like-minded groups, with male-dominated values, of course, helps them adjust their natural tendencies to slut around to behaving themselves. Totally agree with your post.

        8. Yeah, it’s freakin’ thought provoking how, when girls rebel, it’s always in the form of sexual expression. Facinating.

        9. I totally agree with your view about Muslims, isn’t it funny how we have been force fed media B.S. to hate them. Maybe this is a part of the reason why, they simply will not conform to Global Elite orders and not accept change to simply accomodate Globalist philosphy. No wonder we are being driven to hate Muslims, they are traditionalists.

      2. I have a younger cousin whom I consistently moralize about staying fit and chaste.
        Hopefully she’ll get married once in her lifetime. I still fear my endorsement of traditional morality may not be sufficient because her dad, despite being really cool, is too laid back and never admonishes, while her mother is a control freak with low self-esteem that’s addicted to plastic surgery.

        1. Find some pretty Muslim girls, usually they work at high end make up stores in big cities, get her involved with the Muslim make up blogger scene ….no she won’t change her religion, but she’ll discover that the stuff she rebelled against in Christianity, the Muslim girls use to get good quality boys to treat them right while her white friends get lower quality boys who use and dumb these sad feminists who have low self confidence, behave in a self-destructive way (get fat, let self go, get tattoos). A lot of white girls growing up in Muslim countries actually didn’t take in progressive values, or Christian countries like Ukraine, eastern Europe, Poland where young girls do go to church and its normal

        2. If you know what you are doing its not much trouble and worth it, and if you don’t you are right, it can get you killed. My husband is Ukrainian.

        3. I have done it. I don’t want a relationship where I “have to do things right” to avoid getting killed or having my wife chopped up. Yes I know people this has happened too.
          This is besides the heartache that can be caused when she realises her family will disown her. Its just not worth it.

        4. If you convert or date a moderate girl from an open minded family, it works out. But if that’s not your thing, smart to avoid. Typically you won’t get killed but being punched by a group of guys isn’t fun. But Lebanese Christians exist! Check them out.

        5. Programs for girls, without female coaches because of lesbian predators, are perfect when the girl is dead set on participating and excelling. It keeps them fit, but also encapsulates their minds and they focus on them instead of slutting.

        6. Locate the baha’i community. They’re really well brought up, beautiful, Persian girls. I commonly think of female behavior in the terms of “training.” But not with them: great family and social structure.

        7. The word “otherwordly” comes to my mind. I’ve met a few of them; they’re. . . different.

    2. Time for the slut-shaming and fat- shaming blitz to begin!

      1. Unfortunately that’s not true. She has to be told somehow the reason why you’re not going horizontal with her. Otherwise, she’ll just hamster her way out of personal responsibility.

    3. Problem with slut shaming is that it just drives the more honest girls underground. Any man who thinks his little angel is just for him and hasn’t slept around got his Red Pills off some internet scam artist. All girls are hyper sexual and promiscuous. It’s the dychotomy of maintaining their SMV vs. their natural inclilnations that cause most of their behavior problems.

    4. Problem with slut shaming is it just pushes the slut underground. All girls are hyper-sexualized and want to be sluts. It’s they dychotomy of preserving SMV vs. their natural inclinations that cause most of the behavior problems.

  8. That big girl on Sports Illus was sexy. But she is an over-ripe plum. Will look like shit in 5 years.
    Skinny girls age better.

    1. I don’t know, man. You need to snap out of that hypnotic trance you’re under. Too much media propaganda to make you think that girl on the cover is sexy.

      1. Invest in graphic cards stocks maybe? Photoshop is the future hahahah

      2. They photoshop the living daylights out of those women. I guess for men to want to see women as-they-are is considered “misogyny”.

        1. Yep
          But at the same time ita us evil men and our outdated concepts of beautt that pressure them into wearing makeup. Its part of rape culture you know

    2. And for those who sneer “well, research has shown that fat people are healthier and live longer!”…that was debunked quite skillfully by PD Mangan here.

    3. Yes, and how much photoshop/airbrushing did it take for SI to make her “sexy”? How many man hours?

  9. Well, there has been massive shifting of the Earth’s tectonic plates to go along with the media influenced cultural shift to fat acceptance.
    My unsophisticated take is that even Mother Earth has had enough of this shit…

  10. Speaking of nefarious plans…
    The military now accepts homosexual entrants.
    Women have been allowed into combat arms.
    The Army chief of staff is gay.
    Tons of research dollars are being poured into drones and robotics.
    The Second Amendment is under constant scrutiny and threat.
    The one outstanding group of Americans who are historically physically fit, conservative leaning, gun-owning patriots are being slowly eroded alongside the general population.
    The NWO conspiracy theory is looking less implausible by the millisecond.

    1. The one outstanding group of Americans who are historically physically fit, conservative leaning, gun-owning patriots are being vilified as a militant, hate group.

      1. Which is completely bonkers to me.
        The institution is the absolute antithesis to racism. Maybe some guys come back anti-Islam, I don’t know, but I’ve never met ’em. I’m not a fan of the modern manifestation of the doctrine as it exists in the wider world, but I’m totally cool with westernized Arab folk. Good people.

  11. All these fat people will die earlier; a plus as far as the ruling class is concerned

    1. No, not really. They will have these sick individuals dependent on medications for years, using government assistance to pay for it, to extend their awful quality of life. The wealthy and the healthy ones would be forced to pay for it through Medicare.

        1. they would just lovelovelove to get the population down to a billion or so…

        2. Well, you gotta have a little trust. In evolution. It has good sides, too. The ones who are unable to withstand consumerism will perish. The ones who can deal with it in a healthy way will flourish sooner or later.

        3. this has nothing to do with survival of the fittest(at least that would make sense) its more of a managed culling of the herd

      1. Good point. I’ve noticed this on my trips to Wal-Mart. A lot of these people in the motorized scooters do look old. But I wonder, on top of their advanced age, the misery of not being able to function as a normal person because of all that weight. Also, them being assholes running people over and hogging aisle space.

  12. Before meeting my wife, I always told any fatty that would hit on me, “If you don’t workout, we won’t workout.” Definitely helped thin the herd as word spread.

    1. Thats a good motto to apply to women regardless of weight, because even the naturally, slim, attractive girls with small appetites or fast metabolisms won’t stay that way forever.

  13. Throughout this article, I found myself nodding and chanting “Yes, yes, yes.”
    Any intermediating institution — i.e., any institution that can or does act as a buffer between people and political authority — is an enemy to the Left, for tho the Left, everything is and must be political. It’s their BLEEP!ing mantra! The most important of all such institutions have been independent communities, churches that celebrate wholesome faiths, and marriage.
    Independent communities have been besieged for so long that hardly any remain. The churches have almost all bent the knee to Leftist doctrine. What remains is the family. It will be the principal target for subversion and destruction for as long as there’s a political Left. If promoting “love your fat ass” will aid in that campaign — and I’m sure it will — then that note will be added to their cacophony.

  14. Fat acceptance is a symptom of a larger problem in today’s society, mediocrity acceptance. The entire system is designed to push everyone towards the mean. Any man who fucks a fat chick is encouraging this. Never accept mediocrity, on your dick or in your life.

    1. If everyone has to be equal it will always be to the lowest common denominator.

      1. Lmao. It wasn’t his fault though.. It was the corporate machine that shoved him at America.

    2. You just summed up “Atlas Shrugged” — John Galt was the embodiment of this sentiment.

    3. That is so Zen. I love it. I will use it as my credo.

    4. I take those guys with fat chicks as having “just settled” in life. It’s a symptom of his being mediocre and giving up on anything enlightened or transcendental in life.

  15. The sports illustrated girl is pushing it but really not that bad. I actually kind of like bigger girls just because you can be rough as shit with them in bed. They still have to proportional though. Actual fat chicks with fucking gunts who have to waddle everywhere are the epitome of disgusting.

    1. You’re probably not seeing the loose, hanging belly skin that was photoshopped away when she’s on all 4 limbs like that.

      1. That’s the problem with magazine covers, period. If only they were more honest.

  16. Also. What picture does he keep referencing in regards to the AA community?

  17. Girl on the swimsuit cover is bomb af. Would bang for sure. I wouldn’t call that a good example of fat acceptance she doesn’t look fat.

    1. She’s a legit example of curvy: large breasts & hips, but a defined waist and a feminine face (any double-chin may have been air brushed out however). She is, though, right on the boundary separating “curvy” and “obese.”

      1. I bet she weighs more than me, and I’m 6′ and good build, that makes her more than curvy. I don’t get why people think girls have to be fat to be curvy, heck my wife has nice curves with a BMI under 20.
        Said it before and will again, Do Not Fuck Fat Girls.

  18. Try this just once:
    Tell a fat girl directly that you don’t find her physically attractive,but you’re willing to get to know her to “appreciate her mind and personality.”
    Watch the land-whale erupt with what can only be described as the female equivalent of Gamma rage and bitterness.

  19. Once the Feminine Imperative took reign with regards to women’s sexuality, education, and careers, it’s not surprising that it’s moved on to shaping something even more basic: health and fitness.

  20. On Kelly Clarkson: I never thought she was that cute…kind of a butterface, though as the older pictures show, she had a nice body for a while.
    Now she’s a butterface with a trans-fat body.
    And like most women do, she blames the “baby weight.”

    1. Trans fat??
      Now you’re just sounding bonkers. That’s a real fatgirl.

        1. “Crisco shortening has 50% less saturated fat than butter and 0g trans fat per serving.”
          But I understood what you meant the first time. Fish oil is a daily regimen for me.
          I prescribe you some buns or a vacation to replenish that sense of humor you’re so deficient in.

        2. No, I think we’re on to something with Trans-fat. That’s when Caitlyn Jenner really hits the wall and can’t control the baby fat.

    2. I wouldn’t quite say butterface but in her prime the kind of girl you see out somewhere & think, oh, I could probably hit that, not stunning, but nowhere near super model hot

    3. Baby Weight adj. medical: 1. State of obesity mimicking being 9 months pregnant while actually not pregnant 2. The weight you gain when you eat three or more babies 3. Archaic. A newborn’s excess weight which will shed in the first 3 years of life

  21. I am a murderer, and you have to accept me for who I am. Stop the murderer-shaming!

    1. I’m a rapist, you have to accept me for who I am. Stop the damn rapist shaming! Stop it with the rape-free zones! They limit my freedom of expression! Aaa Ah!

      1. We should emigrate to the IS state. They don’t shame people such as us there. 😉
        They are so incredibly tolerant!!!

  22. What’s even worse are the women who rationalize their lack of even trying to eat right and exercise by saying “well I’m never gonna skinny like a supermodel, so you should be a man an accept me for who I am!!”
    Let a man try and tell a woman “I’ll never be a billionaire like Warren Buffet, so I’m just gonna stick with my part time minimum wage job, and you better be happy with that!”
    The fact is, if a woman gets down to around 20% body fat she will be appealing to at least 95% of men. Some will no doubt have to work harder at it than others, but really, if a woman can’t make healthy diet choices for herself, do you think she would teach healthy eating habits for her children (assuming someone bothers to reproduce with her)?
    If she can’t bother to sacrifice 30 mins a day to exercise, do you really think she’ll make the effort to read to your children, or get up during the middle of the night to deal with a crying baby?

    1. You brought up the most important thing, which is suitability to motherhood. If a woman is not suitable for that, in my eyes she is most commonly worthless.
      Few women have something to offer other than the ability to bring children. And no amount of leftist screaming will ever be able to change that fact.
      A woman who takes good care of herself and is healthy and slender, is the only kind I nowadays even consider women.

      1. maybe she is worthless to you, but she is valuable to corporations(75-80% of all consumer spending is done by the ladies)

    2. I’m not rich like Warren Buffett. Yet, I don’t use it as an excuse for not trying.

  23. Ah yes, Masha Gassen. Currently she spends her time whining that the Russian police have better things to do than chase after Russian patriots for killing faggots.
    And that the Russian media (blissfully free of interference from Western elites) has better things to report on than the self-inflicted problems of Russian faggots too dumb or horny to go back into the closet and stay there, and stop trying to recruit Russian children for faggotry.
    By all accounts Russia’s a horrible place to be a pervert. That’s why the elites hate the place. Their worst nightmare is having to live in a place where traitors and perverts get theirs.
    Being able to enforce patriarchal values and take the side of heterosexual men who work for a living and believe in a just God against parasites, perverts and ungovernable women are luxuries only a government with no debt can afford. That’s why civilized nations must be kept in debt at any cost.

  24. Fat Girl: “Why can’t you look past my body and see into my heart?”
    Me: “Why, so I can see the early stages of coronary artery disease?”

      1. I have a rare disease whereby senses detect females over 150 lbs. I can’t see them, hear, smell them, taste them which makes me bump into them all the time, I think, but I can’t feel them so I am not sure

        1. Can’t smell them?? You, sir, have a gift… I must learn your secrets.

        2. funny thing, sir, i seriously stopped and considered whether or not I was going to add smell to that list and only did so out of laziness because i didn’t want to explain it away. good catch.

  25. Actually, the SI cover girl isn’t bad in my opinion. I find her quite bangable. However, one slip on the diet, and she risks going the Kelly Clarkson way.
    Also, did anybody else hear the ex Miss Universe Alicia Machado commenting on Donald Trump? Apparently he called her Miss Piggy. Trump might be an asshole, but he’s an asshole with a purpose. And anyways, Miss Machado and her colleagues have made their living off their bodies and nothing else and perhaps making fun of the hoi polloi while they’re at it. Or maybe it’s because she sucks at everything else she’s done.

    1. That tonnage makes her bangable because of age. Once she hits the wall it ain’t so pretty.

    1. You should write articles for this website just to piss off Jezebel and Buzzfeed!

      1. I like to think that my very existence accomplishes that goal in spades.

        1. I feel the same way-I scare them shitless just by showing up alive.

  26. Off-topic, but in that pic of the four fat ladies jumping in the pool, who does so in such shallow water? Being obese as they are, they are putting themselves at serious risk for an ankle or leg injury if they land improperly.

      1. They are trying to re-enact that Archimedes “Eureka! I found it!” moment. Just don’t run out into thr street naked.

    1. They want a lawsuit so they can spend the rest of their lives on the couch gorging endless portions of Oprah and Bon-Bons

  27. There is definitely a pussy bubble in the sexual market place today. I see so many more jacked dudes and an increasing supply of dumpy broads, which tells me men know they have to up their value to even get a linebacker sized chick. Bubbles cannot be sustained forever, any economist knows that. So stay strong, resist, wait for that bubble to pop and get in their when there are lots of buying opportunities.

    1. No way re “upping value.” Keep in mind that there are still a LOT of pretty girls out there, and if you are indeed a decent looking guy who takes care of himself, you should still have your pick of the litter. Just look in different places.

      1. I’m not saying it’s right it’s just what I am observing: way more fit dudes and way more dumpy chicks, with not much of a healthy medium (would it help to mention I am in Toronto?). Markets aren’t rational, the actors in a market are not rational. As for me? My dick is satisfied with the two women I’m banging

    2. True, but bubbles can, sometimes, be sustained for very long periods. Look at the USD, the Federal Reserve; a corrupt system, which has been in place for 100 years.
      It will take a prolonged period of catastrophic events, on US soil, to pop the pussy bubble. And, women are only fertile for 30 years, or so. It’ll get much worse, before it gets better.

  28. I’m still waiting for the short/small frame acceptance movement to start 🙂 Once one of my feminist/leftist friends* posted on FB that a prospective suitor had messaged her. She bemoaned his lack of stature, even going as far as to interject “EWWWWW”, as if he were covered in manure. I pointed out that had I, as a man, made a similar comment about a young lady’s weight she would likely chew me out for it. What followed was a torrent of her feminist fellow travelers actually trying to make an objective argument that it was not okay for a man to like thin women but perfectly fine for women to prefer tall men because eating disorders exist and some cultures highly regard Rubenesque women. I could tell by the tone of the comments that most of them had never even CONSIDERED for second that they engage in the same double standards they think men deal in exclusively.
    * You know, the kind that doesn’t “judge” anyone, well anyone except, Republicans, men, white men, fraternity members, meat eaters, hunters, non-Muslim reiligious people, or pretty much anyone that doesn’t agree with 90% of her opinions.

    1. All a passing fad, Krampus. Anyone who thinks the “Fat Acceptance Movement” is an acceptable way to live and a movement that’s here to stay is deluding themselves.

    2. Here lies the difference with the short man and fat woman. A short man is unable to change the fact he is short, but a fat woman CAN do something about being fat.

      1. Exactly. Long gone are the days where meritocracy rules the day. Cause and effect. If you workout and eat well you will be healthy. Socialism is based on equal outcomes and is very dangerous.

  29. Also, watch out for girls who blame their obesity on PCOS, or some other “medical condition” which they seem to take no interest in dealing with.

        1. The worst part of this is that both PCOS and Thyroid conditions are (generally) treatable, so there is still no excuse.

    1. Why would they say they have PCOS, a fat girl is better than a fat girl with PCOS

      1. What are they gonna say? “I eat constantly and stuff my face with high calorie junk, but I do have a cute face”.
        PCOS = Pretty Crazy Overeating Syndrome.

        1. Ah yes, the FGPFs…Fat Girl w/ a Pretty Face…those are real tragedies, because you look at them and can only wonder what might have been…

      2. By claiming it’s something medical beyond their control, they avoid being judged and rejected for their laziness & irresponsibility.

    2. This blob is ground zero for PCOS. She went on Youtube with her orca dance video and went to a reality show. Not one tubby chick ever mentioned PCOS until “my big fat fabulous life” came on TV.
      Her father and mother who are featured on the program seem to be very nice people. Her father is the only one who questions her eating habits.

      1. ”hey Kabambi look at that fat white chick. Damn she so fat, she could sell shade.”
        ”I dunno Woombarbie. She’s got more chins than you and me both”
        ”more chins? Sheeit nigga. She’s here to end world hunger. We’ll be on TV live broadcast”
        ”Broadcast what? Hell I can broadcast. I can throw your ass ten feet.”
        ”not me Woombarbie, the white bitch. She so fat, she ain’t broadcast nothing”

  30. Wow – I never knew Miley had such talent, here’s me thinking she was a useless cunt
    Leftist endgame is legalized kiddy fucking

  31. White people are just a toxic race of people. Especially the ones who have their roots in Western Europe. Those Germanic people have some fucked up barbarian genetics, which is probably the reason Anglo-Saxon women are the biggest sluts, unless someone teaches them that it’s wrong to fuck around. It’s not in their nature to act like normal and decent women. They need strong men, otherwise they fall into destructive behaviour.
    I consider both left and right wing whites as toxic people. Both have a hypocritical and retarted view on the world. The only normal whites are the ones who are neutral and don’t follow Western culture or politics.

    1. If you don’t want white people, then we don’t want you using our internet and computers!

  32. The endgame will be when vr porn takes off and a night of video games and a vr bang of a 9+ woman is better than a miserable time out at a bar, chasing dozens of fatties and single mothers with instagram obsession.
    Men are about to check out of society. How society and women react is anyones guess at this point.

    1. Most men already have checked out. Bang a slut, enjoy her body, make shit, pat yourself on the back, repeat. Life with all of these sluts resolves into making a check list and at that point, sex is the lowest common denominator. It is a shame because I actually miss women who were coquettish who had restraints on being sluts. I miss valuing a first kiss as how beta that may sound. I even miss the whole vegging out and not doing anything but saying the same shit like, what are you doing tonight. There are just so many low quality women around that swimming in it makes you feel low quality too.
      Fuck that shit. I am not sure what improvements need to be made to see the quality ladies all charity begins at home.

      1. I definitely understand what you’re saying. Im 33 and sex is easier than ever, yet I miss the quality of women from when i was 23…before the days of women living to instagram and snapchat every moment of their lives. Young guys have no idea how much better life was for everyone then. When women didnt care about what their 2000 followers would think of what their doing, when they just cared about having a good time.
        Went on a date not long ago with a broad that had to stop and take 8 snapchats in one evening. She had to post a minute by minute status update of everything we did. She couldnt just live in the moment. My approval in her eyes was equally linked to the number of likes she got from followers throughout the evening.
        Fuck that. Dating, trying to impress a woman, going out is a joke. I literally just go to a bar by myself and get a quick bang when i need it these days. No wasting time, no bs, and then im back to doing my own thing. Now that bars are just loaded with fat chicks, whats the point of going out?

        1. I’ve been getting the same vibe as well. When I go to bars I usually get a few paid for drinks, make out, or straight lay. Works far easier than Tinder. For dates it is very easy to get all the slut tells upfront. So much so all of 88% of women eliminate their chances with me in the first five minutes of an actual date for a long term shot, which is fine as I mostly am looking for the lay. I would honestly prefer the quality, just feels like that is going out the window quicker and quicker.

        2. Ugh, I had a tiny bit of that era when I was in high school/college. A little bit of social media, but no iphones/snapchat/instagram. Just Myspace and shit.

        3. All these ‘followers’? Who could humanly follow so much pulp and mundane personal belly button digging from one mere female? Who could have so much free time to process all the pointless ‘following’? It makes you wonder if there aren’t already many minds which haven’t already been claimed by their computer devices. They’ve already been zapped down into cyberhell.
          Yes we’re facing a real life horror movie today. People are literally getting their heads sucked right into their smartphones!

  33. There are so few thin women where I live, that they have license to be the most entitled, cunty, obnoxious, sarcastic and rude women. And they have hordes of men waiting in line for them. I live in the south, and the hot ones are indeed smoking. But they are perhaps 3% of the population, and are married up at a young age. The ones that are still single are so bitchy and unpleasant that I cannot force myself to approach them. Yes, game can allow me to swat away most of their bullshit and shit testing, but at the end of the day, why do I want to exert effort to be with such a horrible low class woman?
    I had a girl “apologize” to me the other day, she told me perhaps she came off too harsh because she really did like me, but she negs guys when she flirts with them. (sarcasm on++) Yeah, because what really turns me on is a girl criticizing me and telling me negative, condescending things (sarcasm off++). I could probably salvage that and turn her into a mini-relationship. But why? I’m all but convinced any girl who’se been in the in the US more than 5 years is garbage, and I can’t even be interested in pumping and dumping her.

    1. Preach. Same thing happening up here in the Midwest. I hail from Wisconsin. Lot of fatties due to the obvious existence of the dairy industry as well as fat acceptance. Girls who are even remotely good looking are super entitled and impossible to approach. I’ve pretty much accepted the forced fate of not dating for my sanity and working on myself to become a better me or settling for a fatty which is not even a real possibility for me. Sad it’s come to this!

      1. If you don’t already, get out. Travel. Go somewhere for a week out of the country. Look at the RVF forums and swoopthe world and chat up some girls online before you arrive, then meet up with one and experience what a real, true feminine woman is. It will blow your mind. I felt like I had sex for the first time at age 29 when I first experienced a South American woman.

  34. This is why Muslim women resisted progressivism, all it means is breaking down the family unit. Sadly some Muslim youth in western Europe try to integrate and rebel against their parents … later on when they are 20 they realize progressive values are full of shit and that’s when some join gangs or get involved in terrorism who don’t have a strong father figure.
    I didn’t listen to my dad about the last guy who proposed to me before my husband did. He was right. I have a tough Lebanese dad. Next guy, had to meet a tough religious Lebanese dad’s standards. I met a wonderful traditional Ukrainian man. My dad approved, all of our parents get along. Another thing the left does is divide and conquer, spread lies about white conservatives to Muslims, and lies to Muslims about white conservatives. My mother is Christian, I grew up in the Muslim world, have those morals. I think Muslims, Christians, Orthodox (not reform) Jews should all unite and destroy the progressives.
    Also I notice there is a white genocide because of those land whales in Quebec, nobody marries them and few have kids with them. Muslims, Ukrainians, Hindus, African Bapitists, the women dress well, healthy attractive and feminine, the men make an effort, and you see them having happy families. So there was a school trip at a museum I was at, I saw white teachers put French white clothing on the past on Muslim and black kids… and there was one white kid in that class. You see educated young couples who just came from Africa talking about Jesus on their dates, you see Muslim young romantic couples in horses and carriages… when you see white happy families… they switch to some eastern European language.
    SJWs tend to for some weird reason put conservative Muslims on the top of their bizarre privilege hierarchy – a very patriarchal group of people where women fight to preserve the patriarchy. There has got to be some way to use that to put leftists in a privilege conflict and have their brains melt and get them exposed. If ALT Right, conservative (orthodox, greek catholic, latin mass catholic) Christians and Muslims unite …there is nothing they can do. If they used the gay issue as a wedge, why can’t ALT expose how they are racist towards Muslims if they speak out against progressivism and stand with conservative Christians. That will be their end.

    1. Sure, we can talk about uniting the Muslims when you guys stop your reign of terror over Christians, Jews, Europeans, Americans, and the rest of the world. I’d rather be a progressive than a Muslim.

      1. In Yemen we killed 800 alqaeyda while you cucks sit there and cry and run to the arms of your progressives you pretend to hate. We’ve been asking for help to fight ISIS, Hezbollah and alqaeyda. Only Saudi helps Yemenis do that. Boy, grow a pair and get your government to send our men on the ground some men to shoot terrorist ass. Otherwise, you just are hoping to get raped by a terrorist migrant and then feel guilty that he got punished for it like that Norwegian cuck politician.
        The west colonized the Muslim world and the whole world and back when you went to church and weren’t cucks there was not a terrorism problem and everyone respected the west and listened then feminism came, you guys became cucks and suddenly Islam , Germany and Russia that weren’t problems became problems. The Holocaust was caused by cuck behavior and appeasement by Chamberlaine, not by Muslims. Stop being a cuck or you’ll attract WW3 to yourself.
        A cuck is someone who hates women and children of another race or creed where some men of that race/creed/haircolour attack their people instead of manning up, joining a regulated militia, picking up a gun and shooting the criminals/terrorist men causing the problem. If you can’t enlist under Obama who is too busy building transgender bathrooms you stupid cuck, then protest and get a decent president like Trump to win and campaign for him like your life depends on it because it does and don’t cry to me a like a little girl about Islam. We need weapons to get rid of ISIS not cuck tears

        1. Oh, so I’m a cuck for not risking and ruining my life to fight your shitty religion in that hellhole you call Yemen?
          Enlist? Send ground troops? If I had the power, I’d blow your descendants off the planet without leaving D.C. Then I’d make a steak, and sleep like a baby.

        2. It’d be a much better use of resources that’s for damn sure; the world doesn’t need those inbred psychopaths who have contributed absolutely nothing except genocide and crimes against humanity.

        3. Fight your own wars. Why should tax money go to those who hate and want to destroy us. I’d rather see money used for seniors that worked, paid taxes, raised families then be wasted on you dune coons. You have been fighting each other since the dawn of time.

        4. We actually haven’t. Before the US made sure we didn’t have our own military capacity, to depend on them as allies. So if the Berlin wall fell under Obama’s time, eastern Europe would be hostile Venezuela like countries with lots of problems. Why fight? Because if you don’t like Roman you’ll become decadent, weak, emasculated and barbarians will take you over because what good is a lazer gun if you are afraid to use it but a Neanderthal is not afraid to use is club.
          We are not asking help as much as to get rid of your stupid Obama who protects ISIS, socialists and dictators and threatens banking sanctions and mass relation of countries who want to stem the refugee flow and fix the terrorist problem in their neighboring country because they are real men. But Obama even fired Petareaous, fired 200 US generals and forces transgender bathrooms and if you are a real man, you get kicked out of the US army. If the US doesn’t want to help us with the new terrorism problem that happened because BaCuck Obama gave ISIS a country – then get rid of him, elect Trump and stop complaining about “barbarians fighting our wars” Roman. When Rome stopped fighting its wars, and had barbarians fight for them, it began to decay and was conquered by various barbarian tribes.
          Learn history. Don’t be Rome. Get a real man and not a cuck in the white house and Arabs can fix their problems them selves

        5. You are a cuck at the fall of the Roman empire. That’s how you arrogant cucks sounded 1500 years ago. Rome let barbarians fight its wars instead of fight, and this cuckified the culture. They thought they were to civilized to do fighting, leave it to barbarians. Then they switched alliances played with some and the others and alienated ones near by. Then people saw that the “civilized Romans” were cucks who forgot how to be men and found the notion of being a man a barbarian thing to do. Barbarians laughed at them and sacked Rome. We fight back, we will stand we will win, we will survive. Luckily I have a home to go back to if the west falls which it will if current cuck leadership continues.
          Open a history book on the military history of Rome and you will understand what a cuck is and why it’s a problem and why religion helps stave off being a cuck, and why stopping fighting wars emasculates a society without a strong religion

        6. Don’t try to manipulate us by shaming us. Tell your sisterhood to stop their bullshit.

        7. Great post! It proves it doesnt matter the culture, it doesnt matter the time period, women will always use shaming language to get a man to do what he wants or get him killed. You are all cut from the same cloth my dear…

        8. women will always use shaming language to get a man to do what SHE wants or get him killed.
          That’s what you meant?

        9. yeah, once I start typing, I cant erase anything anymore- anyone else experiencing this?

        10. and are white men raping Arab women? No. But a Somali refugee raped a Norwegian straight male politician in the butt, got him hospitalized and the Norwegian politician feels guilty.
          I fought off intruders to my home in Yemen, 6 were armed, I wasn’t. I won. Because I come from a masculine culture. We are not asking you cucks to fight — you can’t. If we need white people to fight for us and have become cucks to that level… we’d ask Ukraine for help. We pray we never fall to that level. We simply ask Obama to stop sending terrorists money through the Iran deal, freeze terrorist assets and let people kill terrorists – he wants to protect ISIS not to offend Iran. We don’t expect anything other than you getting rid of Obama this election, can you do that?
          It doesn’t hurt, I am not asking you to risk your life, just put on your shoes, walk to the ballot box, and put Trump instead of Ms. Benghazi Hillary Clinton. And actually do it.

        11. To vote for Trump? So you are going to sit there and vote for Obama. I mean you guys can’t fight… we don’t expect you to. We just expect you to get rid of that guy who is funneling money to terrorists for the Iran deal and protecting terrorists because he has the bizarre idea that they are under privileged. He betrayed everyone and gave ISIS a country. I am not shaming you – I mean being a cuck is considered a good thing in the west, and if you have balls – you be immediately called “Mohammed is a pedophile. Your religion is a death cult” or you’ll be given false rape accusations like they did with Roosh and be called a conservative. I mean … there are no masculinity forums outside of the west… its simply a norm.
          How am I shaming you by being politically incorrect and telling you the truth about the state of your military and its transgender bathrooms. It’s in no shape to fight after 8 years of Obama and gender friendly pushy wushy progressive thought experiments. If Russia decided to attack, you’d be in trouble. We are not asking for help, just to got to the ballot box, vote Trump, get rid of a terrorist sympathizing cuck who meddles in our affairs and prevents us from cleaning out ISIS

        12. you fought off 6 men, and won, and you still fled your country? why? You clearly have mutant powers, why not stay and lead your countrymen to victory? Why emigrate to Quebec? Are you a refugee? Do you receive any goodies from the govt? –

        13. I am not a refugee. I live in Ottawa actually. I had a great opportunity to study in university here, and then found a job, business opportunities then got married here. I create goodies that the government takes a cut from my profits. I was in Quebec briefly but cant change that on my facebook, and they take too many taxes. You are a racist aren’t you, you believe everyone is a refugee. So that’s why there is so much resistance against red pill ideas that make sense but people who support them are such marxists and see race as a sort of class – old school conservatives used to see people as individuals, what happened to that? Marxism is really destroying the west – it even infiltrated the conservative movement because priests are such cucks

        14. ah, who cares about my “racist” tendencies(you are sounding more and more like a progressive- nothing my name calling). Why did you leave yemen? why does the west need to fight your battles?

        15. “I mean, you guys cant fight” – so what do you expect of us?

        16. to get out of the way and stop sending so much money to terrorists to Iran, billions of dollars and all the weapons they have for Iraqi army magically ends up in ISIS’s hands. Also obama protects terrorists… just elect someone to get his crew out of office who are meddling in the middle east, trying to use their marxist social experiments there. I just expect voting Trump and fixing America, maybe fighting feminists, getting back on your feet, closing bad trade deals with mexico that that away American factory worker jobs could be nice.

        17. I was a progressive… that shit doesn’t work. I studied university here. I left Yemen because of the university. There was no war going on at that time. The west doesn’t need to fight our battles. They just need to stop funneling money to Iran that ends up in the hands of terrorist groups and stop going after people for defending themselves, Arabs, Israelis. Also if you plan on doing nothing about ISIS, then don’t judge those who fight it… because only those who fight should have a say.
          If I were in Yemen, I would be fighting. But I am stuck here with a Canadian passport married to a Canadian and if I return to fight I would be banished from my family for fighting for another country. But why are you sounding like Romans at the fall of the Roman empire, mad that barbarian tribes can defend themselves from even less civilized barbarians and then laugh at people who unlike you, can defend themselves. And prior to Obama, the US could actually defend itself. Now he messed up the army and masculinity

        18. “Im STUCK here, married to a CANADIAN..” keep typing my dear…

        19. Stop comparing the U.S to Rome militarily. The Romans would have had to die at the sword, Americans could destroy your entire civilization with the push of a few buttons.
          You don’t need to risk your life fighting a war in order to avoid being a cuck. Modern society is competitive enough, between sports, business, fights, slaying women, to make a man out of you.

        20. Russians think like this… the west have nukes, we have clubs… but what if we inject feminism in the west, transgender bathrooms and so on so that American will be trembling with his lazer gun. Then we come in with our clubs from our cave and club him over the head. That’s what happened in the fall of Rome. Romans had superior weapons and technology and a lot of arrogance but lost the will to fight. Same is true of Sodom and Gomorra or Baghdad Caliphite. Civilization is cyclical, not linear

        21. No you won’t help yourselves. Never have, never will. Fighting each other then crying to the US and other countries to save your ass.

        22. Yeah stuck in my country with the goodies. Ooohhhh it’s soooo difficult. Oh I’m sooooooo stuck. She won’t go back to Yemen because it is a shithole. Yet she wants white guys to go and fight.

        23. Fuck you. This country has already destroyed itself these last fifteen years by endlessly spilling its blood and treasure in your shithole area of the world.

    2. Interesting stuff, really well put also. And now that I think about it most is probably true.
      The best point you raised for me was actually girls upholding patriarchy. This has been my experience personally, I have never heard a guy say that guys should be strong and impose their will on their family, I have had girls say more or less exactly that to me.

  35. This is spot on. World War III has already been fought and won and America is completely clueless. American men are the big losers, the Chinese, Russians, and global elite are laughing all the way to the bank.

  36. What a quaint pretty face
    Her life was destroyed as a result of the forced mismanagement BY THE GOVERNMENT. She obviously can’t choose anything correctly, nor can the state. What typical woman can choose wisely when left to her own devices? An average joe patriarch man like me could have easily put the boot down on her a decade ago and properly managed her and made correct choices for her. The state’s appropriation and mismanagement of our females is literally killing them, and killing us all for that matter. I wonder if those are her real teeth at 26. They look mighty straight and pearly white for that neck of Europe.

  37. Well written article, but nothing new here. We all know the elites have been looking to break up the family unit in any way they can.
    I don’t think that we’re at the point where most men are disgusted and leaving relationships. Most women want to play the field, keep their independence, plus the options they have are endless.
    I agree with you on the sexodus-I’m fairly high SMV and I alternate between periods of aggressive dating and MGTOW. I’m not alpha enough where getting pussy comes easy to me, I have to grind to get it and maintain it, so I actually like MGTOW better. I have a couple ideas in the works for a sexual value boost, so I’ll see what I can do from there.
    It fucking pisses me off when the fat chick is on the SI cover and you hear pleebs going: “hur dur, I’d bang her after a few drinks.” That’s not the point, dumbass, it’s the shitty standards the media is setting for the women we are trying to bang.
    The rise of fat acceptance is pure evidence of the laziness and complacency of women. Respectable men would never accept themselves for something that can be solved with hard work and discipline.

    1. what do you mean by saying you have high SMV but getting pussy isn’t easy?
      I’m not being facetious, I’m trying to understand what you mean.
      I guess I’m what you would consider alpha enough, I don’t have issues with getting women to lie down and get dicked by me.

      1. I’d say I’m “good on paper” in terms of looks, education, outgoing, well read on neomasculinity, live in trendy neighborhood, nice car, clothes, built like a fitness model, diverse background/experiences. I’d estimate that I’m at least in the top quartile, maybe 10% area.
        I have a very limited social circle, can hardly hide my disgust with females and the dating process, and don’t put myself in enough situations where there are females. I’m not going to go out to a bar, most likely alone, just for the shot of getting laid. The process doesn’t appeal to me enough. I don’t have any fame, status, or notoriety. I’m just a successful, intelligent, personable, and good looking dude who doesn’t have any sort of gimmick that could prevent me from the drudgery of cold approaches. My dating profiles get a lot of attention, but not really living up to potential as I haven’t had good pictures taken of me or kept up with my social media accounts.
        I’d say if you aren’t in the top 1-3% of either fame, looks, or money, you’re going to need to either have an unbelievable social circle or do a lot of approaching and online dating.
        I also don’t believe that you don’t have issues with getting women to sleep with you. How often do you get rejected? I’d assume at least 75% of the women you run game on don’t sleep with you. What about flakes? What about the nights where you run game for two hours and you get cockblocked by her friend? It’s a process I’ve become disenchanted with. Most of the time, I’d rather work on my career, or health, or knowledge.

        1. I don’t do cold approach almost at all, so I can’t give numbers on that specifically, I work in a field where we have a lot of turnover and new faces coming in all the time. So most often I have a way in because I am senior etc at the company.
          I can’t say I ever really thought of my SMV compared to that of others, but I would guess I’m more like top 5% or so, I have a very good job, speak 5 languages fluently and have lived in several countries, Scandinavian, 6′ good build etc.
          I think one major difference is also I’m not single ;-). So I don’t need to game chicks to get pussy. I optionally do when I get interested enough in someone.
          And now that I think about it I’m close to 80% success rate there… Most of the failures are directly attributable to me loosing frame and or screwing it up some other way.

        2. Ok I see your strategy. You have an LTR, and only game when you really see an opportunity. Plus in a way, you have a gimmick, with your work situation, as I’m guessing you bang chicks from work.

        3. Yeah, that’s about it for the most part, sometimes I go out to a bar or so and pick up some random there if I am in the mood. Back when I did do cold approaches at random I used to have around 30% or slightly higher rates, not much flakes other than girls just not putting out for made up reasons like “I never fuck on a first date” etc type shit.
          I would guess I’m at the higher end of notch counts because for the life of me I have no clue what it really is. I used to work in tourism and probably half the women I did I never knew the name of lol.
          But anyway my default setup is to have a good LTR and then some side play, been doing it for about as long as I’ve been into girls.

  38. “Back to the feature photo. It’s well known that one of the most detrimental effects the welfare state of the 60s had on urban communities is that it decimated the family unit.” What does the author mean by “urban” communities? Does he mean black?

      1. Oh, well then just say black. Obviously there are cities with white people…

  39. “Think back to the months leading up to Obergefell, the Supreme Court ruling that sanctioned homosexual marriage. You had a lot of people saying “meh, men and women have pretty much screwed up the marriage institution, why not let the gays have a shot?” That sentiment did NOT come from the people themselves. It was spoon-fed to them by the leftist cabal.” Well good to know that ROK uses “leftists” as a code word for “jews”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YA4F8Zey1J4

  40. One of the biggest problems is that men are acting as enablers here. If every single man on this planet made it very clear that he’d never get involved with an overweight woman then women would have to up their game. The sad thing is that there are enough desperate men out there so chances are even a fat woman will get somebody to fuck her. Men need to stop thinking with their dicks and be a lot more discerning.

    1. What about fat men who choose fat women?
      There wont ever be only a group of fat or thin people on earth..

  41. Nah the plan is to get the porkers to end up in soylent green to eradicate world hunger.
    Det. Thorn: Ocean’s dying, plankton’s dying… it’s people. *Soylent Green is made out of people.* They’re making our food out of people. Next thing they’ll be breeding us like cattle for food. You’ve gotta tell them. You’ve gotta tell them!
    Hatcher: I promise, Tiger. I promise. I’ll tell the Exchange.
    Det. Thorn: You tell everybody. Listen to me, Hatcher. You’ve gotta tell them! Soylent Green is people! We’ve gotta stop them somehow!
    -Sorry I couldn’t help my self..

    1. thats like in the movie “Daybreakers”. All of Humanity are vampires, the protagonist found the cure turning vampires back into humans. then the elite just wanted to use that cure to turn some of the population into cattle and feeding off them for profit instead of simply healing everybody.

  42. I don’t relieve subscribe to the idea that acceptance of obesity is a marxist conspiracy. I think it just comes from a gradual decline in values and morality one degree at a time, rather than a conscious agenda by any left wing political force.
    Obesity acceptance has come about as a result of a selfish, greedy and materialistic culture, that has had to backward rationalize issues like it to justify the self-destructive nihilistic and hypocritical route it continues to take.

    1. so then why is fat shaming basically illegal? The marxist agenda is to create a safe space that allows women to get fat as fvck. thats no conspiracy theory, that is conspiracy fact.

      1. Because in a misguided sense they believe being allowing as possible around obesity is good for these women psychologically. They already feel like shit about themselves as their physiques clearly demonstrate, so why shovel more shit on them? This is a valid point as I have worked with eating disorders and there is a lot more to issues such as obesity than just being lazy and self-deluded.
        However, like yourself I do not support the fat acceptance philosophy which actually does more harm than good. As a result of the ‘just accept yourself’ approach people end up doing very little about their body issues and end up stagnating in apathy,. Either just accepting being overweight, or on the contrary shaming people for being so does not work. I believe we need a third way.

        1. Good question and it made me think about my own approaches to this issue in my work.
          I would say therapy or even decent life-coaching that doesn’t focus on some apparent psychopathology but rather the issue as a problem in living. The person must be steered towards self-responsibility, how much of their problems are of their own making and that their is a direct relationship between a healthy and attractive appearance and normal self-esteem.
          Freud’s vision was never the world we have now, where the fields of psychiatry and psychology have become cultural relativist breeding grounds for complex alibis and a few new excuses for not actually changing. But rather one where individuals took full responsibility for their own psyches, and hence the behavior that occurs as a result of how they manage them.

    2. It’s not difficult to see it as an outgrowth of Political Correctness and victim/identity politics. It’s borrowing the narrative or form: “Women were oppressed by having men provide them throughout history and fight wars to protect them”… blah, blah, blah… “used them as objects.” “Accept everyone except white males, who are the devil”… blah, blah, blah. Plus these ideas are promulgated by leftist baby boomers who are finishing up their long march through the institutions. These same people are pushing bullshit narratives on the public in order to keep them from realizing the obvious, or as a band aid to the social problems these kinds of ideologies have created, for example “cougars are hot” or “fat women are sexy.” So you have people in society actively pushing this shit, and it’s not doing the society any good, if anything it’s hyper-hastening the decline a culture might tend to go through on it’s own.
      Fat people and Southerners seem to be the only people it’s okay to shame or make fun of, at least until this fat acceptance bullshit started relatively lately, and leftists don’t give a fuck about white Southerners who they view as racist; plus fat acceptance is clearly a means to shore up or keep the bullshit feminist narrative going.
      As far as it being a conspiracy, it depends on what you mean by a conspiracy; it’s not some perfectly planned thing, but these ideologies have taken root and have been watered by leftist forces in the media, academia, and politics. But right now it’s self-perpetuating because you have so many people who are true believers and/or useful idiots who want to claim victimhood status too.
      I thought this article provided an interesting perspective on it:

      1. It does and its a strong argument that sometimes conspiracies are conscious. Sometimes. I believe it depends, but certainly not all of the time. And I think the opposing conspiracies of left and right wing politics play out within mainstream society on a daily basis, whether conscious or unconscious.
        I’ve always admired Marx as a philosopher, whether I subscribed to his ideas or not. As a philosophy undergraduate I was exposed to his ideas and concepts such as dialectical materialism. I would have classed myself as some kind of socialist in those days, so many of his political ideas were merely confirmation bias for me back then.
        However, my political beliefs have evolved and changed, but what I still take from Marx and his thinking is the way he shone a conscious light onto the machinations, tricks, thought manipulation and general divide and conquer tactics of the ruling classes., whether conscious or not.

  43. High Quality men do not want women who are fat, who are lazy, drink and eat too much, who have no morals and have ridden the co ck carousel.
    The women know this. So its a good test as a High Quality man to have nothing to do with women who do not meet your standards.
    Never compromise and Never lower your standards.
    These women know in their heart of hearts that they will not get a high quality man if they fail to meet basic standards- including being in great shape.
    The feminist fat acceptance movement is yet more retardation by women who hate women that are more attractive than them

    1. I once posed this question on a social media app:
      “Is it wrong to date fat girls just to shame them into losing weight?”
      What ensued could only be described as madness.

  44. I find it a hoot when Roosh declares its “international fat shaming week” I know no man actually shams any woman due to that but it does generate discussion and yes it does motivate.
    We do have an obesity problem, we do have a problem with the nature of our food, we do have problems understanding what is going on scientifically and the best advice to give.
    Obesity is often hormonal and personal choices not the only factor.
    So do we give up and just become blobes and get dominated by blobes who form political parties to force us to look at them?
    Do we criticise women that have been pregnant and older or impose standards that some women’s bodies aren’t suited to.
    I note the absurd Mohammed Anwaar who is being jailed for forcing his White girlfriend to exercise (500 calories on the bike) so that she would develop the negresses ass of Kim Khadasinan. A physiology not suited to the Asian or White.

    1. Eh one thing here is total horseshit, and that’s obesity being hormonal.
      Less than 1% of people have glandular issues that lead to increased susceptibility to obesity. So no. Every landwhale you see out there has perfectly fine hormone balance, they are just lazy and indulgent shits. Personal choice is the only damn factor in this, most people who actually have hormone issues work out enough that it doesn’t really show.

      1. Obesity is a hormonal response that is controllable. For some people it requires more effort.

        1. What? Are you saying fat is a hormone? Obesity is not a hormonal response, it means people eat too much junk and don’t burn enough calories.
          If you have a jar of skittles, and put in skittles faster than you consume them, you will need a bigger jar soon, and then nor long after again a bigger jar. No hormones involved or needed.

        2. Insulin is a fat storing hormone. Leptin is a hormone that signals your brain that you have enough calories and burn fat and not eat.
          High insulin levels are caused by high sugar and carb intake. Insulin blocks leptin receptors so that will make you eat more than you need, hence get fat.

        3. I don’t eat Skittles anymore since they changed the lime ones to green apple, it just hurts too much after that kind of betrayal.

      2. In terms of say pituitary issues you are probably right but the two appetite hormones lepton (appetite suppression, satiety ) and grehlin(hunger) function differently in overweight people. The obese person can often resist temptation but can’t stop and the trajectory in the blood stream is different. Some of this may be due to what has happened to the body.
        What concerns me is that if men start “fat shamming” they will attack women in an acceptable range. This really would be foolish. Though I don’t like obese women sexually I happen to like where Kate Upton is at for instance.
        Some men’s criticism of females just goes to far, like the guy that wanted his girlfriend to look like Kim Khardashian (whose butt and body I find hideous) so there is a problem at some level of men being drawn into a bizzare look that has little to do wth beauty, fertility etc.
        For the most part faties don’t get shamed. They simply don’t get any compliments or “romantic” plays by desirable males.
        Getting sufficient sleep is critical to correct leptin grehlin.

        1. You are probably correct in what you are saying, but to me it doesn’t really matter what the hormones do or don’t. You don’t need to be Einstein to figure out what a healthy portion of something is, and just eating healthy correct portion sizes and doing some exercise is enough for just about everyone to be in decent shape.
          I don’t directly shame fatties but I don’t pay attention to them even if they try to talk to me. Well, I do occasionally crack jokes about them in earshot of them, but not very often. I wouldn’t fuck them even if they lost the weight anyway so I don’t care what they do actually.
          And yes I agree, Kim K. Is some mutant alien freakshow I would never slip my dick into, she looks like a fucking cartoon character.
          Edit to add, you can keep Kate Upton, I’m more for the Bai Ling types ;-). If I can’t see ribs, I’m not going in.

        2. Your homones do control your behavior. The best example I can give you is when you’re horny as hell from testosterone, it is rather difficult to not seek sex or flap one to release the tension.
          The deal with hunger is that junk food is cheap and readily available so it’s easy to satisfy that hormonal urge.

        3. Good comparison. Horny, hungry, it’s all hormone-driven, the behavior is still voluntary but I will admit that some people have a tougher battle with stronger urges than others.

        4. Just to clarify, it’s only human ribs I have a problem with, I’m quite capable of becoming aroused at BBQs. In fact the only thing better would be a pyknic picnic.

    2. I have hypothyroidism. I have not lost any weight since starting thyroid medication. Therefore, it seems logical to conclude that I am not fat because of my thyroid but rather because I eat junk and sit on my huge @$$ all day everyday. That said there are cases where it really does make a difference, so if you think you’re fat because of your thyroid, you should have your doctor test you. If your test results come back normal, then sorry, you’re probably just gluttonous/lazy and need to diet/exercise if you want to lose weight. If the test says you need medication, take it. If you then lose weight, congratulations it really wasn’t your fault you were fat! If you don’t lose weight on the proper medication, then sorry, you’re probably just gluttonous/lazy and need to diet/exercise if you want to lose weight.

  45. The sad fact is, the obesity rate is just as high among males as females, maybe even more so. I don’t foresee a world of men waking up beside a landwhale and wondering, what the hell am I doing here.. I foresee a world of pairs of landwhales resigning themselves to a life snoring beside each other, and a new bed size above “King”.
    The fat acceptance movement might be currently focused on women only (and we have the feminist/SJW useful idiots to thanks for that), but make no mistake.. “fat acceptance” for everyone — men, women, and children — is the endgame.

    1. The numbers say the rates are close to equal but I honestly can’t say that is validated by what I myself see. From what I see there is about 4 ultra obese women for each ultra obese man. I mean real blubberbags. So I am not very inclined to taking the numbers seriously, I’m quite certain they are skewed, but just not sure how.

    2. Yep, lots of fat guys around, however, there’s no fat acceptance movement to normalize male obesity.

      1. So that means fat guys will still have low enough self-esteem I can catch one, yay! Don’t bother telling me I’m a horrible person, I already know. Seriously though, I really do think fat guys are cute, not just (hopefully) easy.

  46. I just threw up in my mouth… I need to see a Priest now also…

      1. I think anybody who regards those balls of flab as appealing in any way, shape or form does indeed need an exorcism as demonic possession would be the only explanation for such a demented view.

  47. Could someone tell me what our dear Miley says (or spits or whatever this way of formulating sounds is called) after 0:50? I’m not a native speaker of English and I can’t understand it.

  48. This video pretty much sums up the US female degeneracy perfectly.
    Can it get any worse than this?
    I don`t see how that`s physically possible…

    Just for contrast…

    1. People actually pay to see that slob King on stage? What’s up with the dudes in the band? Have some dignity and not promote this shit.

    2. Okay, here is what really gets to me. ellie king is a fucking lard ass. That kind of girl has NO, ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH business talking that way. Who in their right mind would ever fuck her. I wouldn’t fuck her with my dog’s dick.
      And there is fat and then there is mal-formed cattywompus fat. ellie is the later. Some fat girls are fat in all the right places. No, not marriage material and this is definitely not a endorsement. Those fatties have curves and that means some good bundakadonk ergo a girl that you would use for a one-time session of deep anal that a skinny girl may not be well suited for. ellie’s looks like a fucking blob. It would be like fucking some mutant troll….arararaarhahahahah. Just the fucking thought.
      Again, this thing has NO business being that way. But, somehow she feels she can? You see, all this empowerment bullshit leads to this delusion. Its just not good for anyone to be so removed from reality. ellie – you are not attractive, you are fat, disgusting repulsive. You talk about “pussy”…you have a shit smelling cheese filled pussy that is dirtier than most men’s assholes after Mexican food. Patriarchy would have put that bag of donuts in her place a long time ago. She struts around that stage with a gusto that is completely unfounded. This is the danger of inverting merit and making losers the winners in society.

  49. You can fat shame, you can write as many articles as you like. I just moved back to the US after being away for 10 years. The shocking amount of processed, sugared, insta-food that fills the shelves of grocery stores is absolutely shocking. I’m overweight but I look trim compared to the ginormous morbidly obese that are waddling around here. The eating is never ending with constant feeding of food, snacks and sugary drinks which have zero nutrients. I was staying at a motel when I first arrived and I only had a small fridge and microwave. I made do with a grilled chicken, frozen brown rice and vegetables because the obesity here in this town made me terrified. I had bagged chopped salad and threw away the packet of dressing it came with.
    It is frightening and saddens me when I see children that can barely move because they are so fat. The mother of this kid had to weigh about 400lbs. Normalizing this level of obesity is just insanity.
    On the other hand, the quinoa that was on sale, sold out rapidly and so do the bagged salads. Some folks get it and others don’t.

    1. Where were you outside of the US if I may ask? I’m curious what you are comparing with.
      I’m in Western Europe most of the time, but east Asia, India and Spain fairly often, and to me Spain and India have the highest visible rates of obesity, but followed nor far behind by Western Europe. In east Asia I sometimes have whole days without seeing a single obese person and that’s while being out in public the whole day.

      1. Canada. Mind you, we just about on par weight wise with the Americans. I don’t recall the aisles of frozen processed food and every type of sauce and snack food the last time I lived in the US.
        People are just massive and the sugary drinks need to be outlawed. One grocery store had 1.5 litre soda pop at ten for $10.

    2. Quinoa is mostly carbs and will do damage just like grains regarding weight gain. Salads are good. Fats and proteins are your best bet to fight obesity.

      1. I enjoy sprinkling a little quinoa on my salad. No I don’t think it’s a miracle fodd and neither is kale.

  50. Fat women are great for the bottom lines of the pharmaceutical and fast food industries.

    1. Not to mention the “diet industry” itself. Who else but indolent fatties would be willing to part with their money for Lean Cuisine frozen dinners all the while drinking a 12 pack of Coke each day?

      1. Also the gyms, but only in beginning of the year after they pay their registration fee. Make them over do it and get injured (get sympathy and attention), and see a doctor. Tell them to eat shit that makes them fat while saying it’s healthy and repeat. It’s the perfect business model.

  51. These articles are great, but how do we solve the problem?
    How to we correctly restore women to being feminine, thin, and kind again for the sake of the west?

    1. I’m not opposed to taking some fatties captive, chaining them up in the basement, and starving them until they reach a decent weight.
      Extreme circumstances require extreme measures.

      1. No, no. According to those in the know, lack of food causes the body to shut off and weight loss stops. That’s right starvation and obesity in the same sentence. Tell that to these guys. They don’t look fat from reduced calories.

        1. The problem with a lot of fat people who try dieting is that they don’t also do weightlifting and other exercises that keep their metabolism going. So they’re skinny but they’re exercising much less than skinny people who don’t get fat. Of course they’ll get fat again.

    1. We could have the Fat Shaming Decathlon or the Fat Shaming Olympics and have all the pageantry that goes along with it.

  52. So it’s all Obama’s fault? The writer of this article sounds like some poor loser who can’t get laid so he blames it on politics. Nowadays it seems every social commentary by every idiot seems to think it is all about the crap that pours out of the mouth of a Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly. Yes obesity is a problem in the United States and a serious one at that. But what causes obesity? Two things poor diet and lack of proper exercise.
    For generations quality physical education was part of our overall educational system. I was required to take physical education classes from kindergarten through my sophomore year in college. In fact I was required to have 4 full semesters of it to graduate from major state university. Those classes even included courses on proper nutrition. I also grew up in a home where we ate real food grown on real farms.
    Today with both parents who have to work at least two full time jobs they no longer have the luxury of actually preparing quality meals for their children. Instead they feed them McDonald’s 3 times per day and give them Oreos to shut them up.
    Schools have no physical education except the mission to produce top tier athletes for money and pro sports. And to make sure the athletes are big and strong they fill them up with steroids. That is the acceptance of society. It has nothing to do with the politics of the left or the right. For the most part it is nothing but a new national corporatism to make sure that money is being made.
    Children no longer are physically active because instead of running around riding skateboards or bicycles, or even walking to school they have become pawns of the electronics industry. Their parents drive them everywhere while they play games on their phones. Rich kids and poor kids are no different in their eating or exercising habits. So it is no wonder why they are all obese at an early age. It is simply the new reality and the only ones who notice it are those from my generation. That is the new reality whether one accepts it or not.

    1. Too many tech temptations keeping the kids indoors these days. All we had was black and white tv and maybe a slot car set or phonograph–and no central air. So we went outside. As got physical education, for me it was dodge ball, a round of jumping jacks and the occasional softball game. Nothing much

  53. Great, so it’s okay to be morbidly obese?
    –It’s understandable that people with certain diseases such as: diabetes and hypothyroidism (which promotes undesired weight gain) to be obese. Also, the majority of people in the United States are being bombarded with advertisements (such as the ones you posted) – that promotes unhealthy eating habits and obesity. The corporate lobbyists and the food industry have devised a marketing technique to make us fat by marketing fat people in the media as “beautiful and natural”. There is really no excuse to be morbidly obese if you’re a healthy individual. It honestly sickens me that we live in a generation where we all have to be politically correct.–

  54. The divorce rate isn’t as bad as the author makes out. Huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/02/divorce-rate-declining-_n_6256956.html

    1. Too bad the supposed “reduction” in the divorce rate is masked by the fact more people are refusing to get married at all. Also too bad that child abuse and domestic abuse rates are highest in “families” where the “parents” are not married. Per the happy NYT article PuffHoe plagiarised its stats from, the decline in divorce rates is only among the college-educated, which still pitches us down the Idiocracy road since the college-educated are also not having children above replacement rates.

  55. Officially tired of being thin shamed. Not unhealthy skinny, good muscle tone which i aim to improve on this year. And yet, i get called skinny bitch, and other lovely names, by my “contemporaries”. (Is size 8 aus super skinny? Maybe by comparison to the majority of women but not really). I dont obsess over diet, moderation with everything and lots of veggies. I still get carded and i still get looks from other men (according to husband who takes a weird kinda pride in it)
    So they can call me names but if i imply they should put down the hamburger or take a walk, im the bitxh. Puh-lease!

  56. This is an excellent article. Spot on. fat acceptance is many shades of bad, that much is true. However, it very much validates our side and everything we stand for. A la the Neomasculine movement, but also, the Right in general.
    This is where liberal progressivism leads too. And, to be clear, if liberal progressivism leads to undeniable unhealthy and deadly results than it is, at the least, an irrational ideology. Based on that alone it should be swiftly discarded for all time.
    When I first became aware of this truly nightmarish ideology in the early 1990s, I could only sense or faintly view in the abstract where this ideology was most certainly destine to head too. But I could, nonetheless, very much make out that it was headed for incredibly undesirable places. For a long time I thought it would be useful, as a means of waking people up, to try to get them to, through a serious of questions, see for themselves the logical end-state of liberal progressive policy and ideology. fat acceptance needs no such method of questioning to reveal to all of us exactly where this leads to.
    But then again, across the liberal progressive spectrum all kinds of ridiculous end-states are surfacing. fat acceptance is a celebration of, heck of gluttony in the Biblical sense, and also mediocrity. The “cool kids in 2016” are the fat smelly unattractive people who can’t run, much less, walk from class to the cafeteria without sweating and weazing? It is simply impossible to see being obese or even over weight as good, because of all the health risks and conditions that go along with it. But, note another liberal progressive meme, denial of reality. Ergo, another plus for us and terminal minus for the liberal progressive. There is NO way an ideology can be taken seriously if it cannot be consistent with reality. NONE.
    Elsewhere biological scientific truth is being disregarded as it pertains to “trans”. Oh and since we’re on the whole health bent vis-a-vi fat acceptance, hardly a word is spoken about the ghastly nightmare of a life led by a post-op who MUST take powerful drugs for the rest of their lives (that likely cause all sorts of side effects) and, in the case of a man pretending to be a woman, must do things to what is suppose to be their vagina because if not, their own fucking body will seal it…that is because the body fucking knows! And, yet, we’re all suppose to go along. So, now we have denial of science and biology.
    But, perhaps the absolute best evidence that liberal progressivism is not only worthy of total rejection but evil in the most perfectly evil way is the very recent piece out of the very progressive salon featuring its resident pedophile. This fucking…fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fucked up video of this fucking useless bag of skin BABYSITTING a five year old girl and masturbating to her in the bathroom. This is all on fucking tape! Gentlemen, what is this? Huh? What is this than the most damming proof that we are 100% undeniably RIGHT!
    So, we’re right. But, what is scary is that fat acceptance may be yet another piece of proof of our side being right, yet, there are still too many motherfuckers going along with this insanity. And, I just have to mention that I should never meet any person that reads salon and actually supports that sub-human piece of shit pedophile.

    1. Spot on.
      Betrayal of the laws of the universe is undeniably the wrong thing to do.

  57. You know…. one of these days these elites and their awful plans are going to hurt the wrong person. Someone is going to die or be hurt so terribly, and there will be someone who realizes as you have shown in this article who is really to blame. And that person is going to be someone who has the training and skills that few posses. So one day when you start hearing about certain high level elites suddenly “dying” all around the world, then you will know what happened.

  58. It is not far different than the whole movement to attack anything and everything that has a hint of judgmentalism. “How dare you judge someone who is gay, cross dresses, is a slob….etc.?” The fact of the matter is some people need to be judged. Not outlawed, but disgusting behavior needs to be shamed in society. My 4 year old son crapped his pants, so I took him outside, and sprayed him off with a garden hose. I was unsympathetic when he whined about being cold. People need to change their own behavior to get along in society, not force society to conform to them.
    I am judgmental, and proud of it. That means I am willing to stand up for right and wrong. To hell with those who are afraid to offend.

  59. The inflation of female egos in the dating world is pure filth. The reality is that men operate on a curve in our favor since we have inherently more going for us. For ex: A 1 on the male scale could score a 1-3 on the female scale, a male 2 can score a female 3-4 etc… Not saying every man deserves or is entitled to it, but based on true value and sexual marketplace ecosystem, we have a curve. That is the reason why feminists and the elite want to demoralize us, so we can run amok glorifying lowly, valueless shit bags that don’t deserve anything.
    Also, notice how fat female “models” are being praised but you don’t see an average or fat male model?

  60. “Haven’t you ever wondered why, in the face of a 50-70% divorce rate in America, we haven’t had a run of PSAs on television coaching men and women on how to make heterosexual relationships and marriages work?”
    Great piece. You ask the right questions, that can often be more profound than any statement.

  61. I have been saying for awhile ,that you have 5s and 6s chasing after men who want nothing to do with them ,thus these women are chasing rainbows. That will never pan out!

  62. Rule #1: Shun the fat chicks. No matter how drunk you are.

  63. “Women—real women who will stand by their men and help carve out a future for their children—are needed to build a society.”
    Great statement. No fat chicks.

  64. There was a huge ”Fat people hate” group on Reddit that god banned and was forced to move to voat.co We need more fat shaming for sure.

  65. It makes sense that the media is promoting fat chicks as hotties, and encouraging other women to embrace obesity. Being grossly overweight does enormous damage to one’s internal organs, which means a shorter lifespan. It’s all about culling the herd in any way possible…death by a thousand cunts (er, I mean cuts).

  66. There was never such an organised thing as “fat shaming”. It was considered uncouth to hurt a woman’s feelings but it happened on occasion.
    What there definitely wasn’t was an organised group designed to force men to think obese, cancled women were sexy. That’s the inversion.
    Kelly Clarkson doesn’t see herself as a feminist incidentally.

  67. “Accept her for her mind and not her body.” That’s exactly my point: Fat women have so many anger and behvior problems that they fuck up all their relationships and then always go back to food indulgence to make up for it.
    Fatness is the first sign that tells you the person has problems with their personal lives and everyone around them.
    And while I don’t expect a woman to spend 8 hours at the gym, or take up martial arts to maintain a naturally healthy figures as designed by naturd and God, I expect a woman to not have eating disorders or to be slovenly and lazy.
    Shit, they demand men to be fit and providers. We men deserve women to keep up their health and mental well being.
    Fat people in general are fat as a result of the mental health and attitudes. There’s no excuse for mentally erratic or abusive behavior, so there’s no excuse for the fat body that comes with it.

  68. Corkscrew_Captain,I’m a black man-albeit a cover boy handsome black Canadian lad,62-63 July 6-BUT I’D NEVER DATE A FAT BROAD!!!!!!!

  69. America doesn’t need to apologize to Japan. We need to apologize to Germany. You tried to warn us. We didn’t listen.

  70. I really have an incredibly hard time with this subject, there is no reason to be fat, if you are and refuse to do anything about it, you are just fat and lazy. You are literally useless, unhealty and begging for people to pay for your medical bill when the fat causes health issues. Fat women have their term, BBW or SSBBW all polite ways of saying I’m lazy, can’t get off the bed or couch long enough to look after myself and fuck you if you don’t love me for these faults. I get sick thinking of these fat bitches trying to change my thoughts because of their own laziness and insecurity. I will jerk off the rest of my life instead of ever giving one of these fat fucks a glance of anything less than disgust. Also there is no term for fat men, they are dismissed out of hand by all women, even fat chicks who think they can ask for and recieve fit guys to fuck them or be in a realtionship with them. Male chubby chasers should be put down because they play into fat acceptance by allowing women to think being fat is fine and beautiful. Chubby chasers are as bad as feminist males. I think BBW should mean Breathtakingly Big Whale.

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