Is Sweden Slowly Becoming An Islamic Caliphate?

In French writer Michel Houellebecq’s novel Soumission (Submission) from 2015, the Muslim Brotherhood Party wins the presidential election in France. The French protagonist sees his country change to become more like Saudi Arabia than a European country.

While the story seems dystopic, every day it looks more and more like a realistic depiction of what’s going on in Europe. In Sweden I can see the changes happening in my own neighborhood, where immigrants (although they’re not all Muslims) already outnumber ethnic Swedes. I’m the one looking like a foreigner around here.

Some recent stories in the news illustrate how this country is changing. One example is that halal products are becoming more popular. Two big grocery store chains report that their sales of halal meat increased by 20 percent last year. Halal means that it’s permissible to use according to Islamic law. Some stores are now also selling halal branded makeup.

Schools have started serving halal meat to students, despite that some parents have expressed concern about it. One mother in Gävle called it “a slap in the face” when her son told her that his school now serves halal meat. Apparently this is something the schools see no reason to inform the parents about beforehand.

Immigrants are overrepresented in sexual assault statistics


But there are way more nefarious problems than schools teaching children Muslim eating habits. After the events on New Year’s Eve when women in several cities were assaulted by immigrant men, Swedish Police has gathered data on sexual assaults and a new report came out this week.

The results show that of those sexual assaults that have been committed by groups of men in public areas, most of the perpetrators have been “youths” seeking or having received asylum. When it comes to assaults at bath houses, which is a growing problem, 80 percent of perpetrators were immigrants.

Here’s one of many accounts made by molested girls, cited in the report:

A girl was surrounded on a train by eight men that got on board together. Two of the men started touching her thigh and up toward her crotch. She finally took out a pepper spray and they all stepped back. All of the men were over 25 and had foreign origin.

If that’s not enough to make you feel disgusted, here’s one more account:

A sixteen year old girl was attacked by a great number of boys who “were foreign and spoke poor Swedish” who tried to tear her clothes off. Some of them photographed the event. The girl was on her way home from a party with her boyfriend when she was assaulted. The boyfriend was a witness to the event.

The hatred toward ethnic Swedes finally gets the media’s attention


It’s well known that Muslim men look down on non-Muslim women. They treat Western girls walking around in slutty mini skirts differently then those “honorable” women who wear bags over their heads. They see Swedish girls dressing like whores and treat them as such. It’s a part of the “sinful” Swedish society, which they have a more or less concealed contempt for.

The tabloid Expressen recently published a reportage about the hatred that’s growing toward “svennar,” ethnic Swedes. In some neighborhoods in Sweden you will be harassed for being a “svenne.” If your hair isn’t dark as coal, you better watch your back.

One property owner talks about what Seved, a neighborhood in Malmö, is like today.

As long as you abide by their rules, they often won’t do anything to you. Otherwise they become violent, no matter what background they have. But they are much harder on the original Swedes. They don’t want Swedes in the area. They want a ghetto where they are kings. I don’t think the authorities dare to talk about it.

An anonymous Serbian man who used to live in that area has similar things to say.

What I noticed at first was that they didn’t attack people from the Middle East. They treated those with Swedish background the worst. One day I saw them throwing a rock that hit the ground just as a Swedish woman with a stroller passed by. Then I thought that it had gone way too far.

Many of the Swedes in Seved don’t want to talk to Expressen’s reporter. They’re too scared—and who can blame them. Osama Krayem, who’s been charged for his involvement in the terror attacks in Paris and Brussels, came from the same neighborhood.

Of course, some excuse this despicable behavior by referring to “structures” and “marginalization,” ignoring the fact that immigrants are the majority in many of these areas, and Swedes are the ones being marginalized. But let’s pretend that it’s all about Swedes being racist—it’s easier than facing the truth.

Houellebecq should have written about Sweden


Michel Houellebecq.

Halal food, rampant sexual harassment, racism toward Swedes—these are three examples of how this country is changing because of immigration and multiculturalism. Many immigrants are nice people, sure. But these are just a few of the trends we are seeing, and they’re going to fundamentally change this country.

I don’t see any hope for it, honestly. Like I’ve said in previous articles, Swedes won’t fight for their country, their white guilt is enough to make them give it away for free. Personally, I’m looking to get out of here as soon as possible. Preferably to some place where the population is ethnically homogeneous and people don’t hate whites.

Michel Houellebecq imagined a future where France has become an Islamic state. I’d bet his prediction would come true sooner if he had written about Sweden.

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300 thoughts on “Is Sweden Slowly Becoming An Islamic Caliphate?”

  1. This article is good but title sucks. Because of the word “slowly”.
    They are moving toward a caliphate at record speed.

    1. The Swedes have surrendered completely. There will never be a fight.
      Eventually, the Muslims will impregnate the remaining Swedish women and Sweden will eventually morph into a small, obscure country on the Scandinavian Peninsula, inhabited by impoverished, brown men with beards.

  2. Tack för denna John, jag började tröttna på att förklara till folk varför det är mer eller mindre meningslöst o fäkta över Sverige nu.
    Jag har flyttat bort och tycker du borde göra samma, iallafall om du planenerar barn osv.

      1. Thank you for this John, I was getting tired of explaining to people why it is more or less meaningless to fight (to be exact I used the word ‘fence’ as in fencing in Swedish) over Sweden now.
        I have moved away and think you should do the same, at least if you plan on children etc.
        that’s the same but in English.

  3. If many of the nice immigrants or refugees policed the more violent extreme ones this problem would be reduced. The bad ones feel entitled to Sweden because Sweden let’s them. They should feel like guests in someone’s home but instead they feel like conquerors or wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    Also author, where exactly are you going to go that meets your description?

  4. “In Sweden I can see the changes happening in my own neighborhood, where immigrants (although they’re not all Muslims) already outnumber ethnic Swedes. I’m the one looking like a foreigner around here.”
    This is what it’s like to live in Toronto.
    The difference though is that Toronto is a relatively new city in a relatively new country. They’ve branded Toronto and Canada as “multicultural”, and honestly I don’t have a huge problem with this. I don’t want to live here much longer, but there will always be a Constantinople in the world, and perhaps that is Toronto’s rightful role at this point in time.
    Sweden, Germany, and Europe on the other hand… Why in the hell would they want to play “multiculturalism” in the only place they have in the world to authentically call home?

    1. Arabs who move to Sweden’s first complaint is feminism, cucks and cops who won’t do anything about migrant on migrant crime. Parents integrate fine but the kids rebele and try to be feminists – then they found out #feminism is cancer – but they already destroyed the Muslim family unit, rebelled against their parents, community. Rejected by their community, they form gangs and they try to create some psuedo-religious ISIS style Islam that Saudi thinks is too extreme and bully other immigrants.
      I live in Canada, I get a sense there is a proud British culture and tradition, I am in Ottawa. I agree with you, I like it here, and it’s new … but Europe is destroying its heritage. In Canada, English Canada is more religious, there are some interfaith things, something for kids to integrate to. There are some tough Canadian soldiers, cops, and many Muslims go into law enforcement that I saw. A lot of white Canadians aren’t cucks and voted for Steven Harper. you have progressives too, but it’s balanced. In Europe, you have no conservatives immigrants can associate with and progressivism breaks down the family unit – making kids vulnerable to predators like gangs and ISIS. Those who join ISIS often have a prior gang history

      1. Your camouflage is thin.
        You should post that story just once.
        Not over and over.
        Better still. GO AWAY.
        Ive seen your bs excuse of being a rep pill antifeminazi woman.
        Its crap.
        Go away.

        1. How are you different from feminists if you base your thinking on emotion. I base my thinking on what I see. I see Syrian friends who became refugees outing Muslim second generation gangsters. I am part black actually, a very small percent Somali.
          I went to the United States to study, I had the shock of my life when I saw black people there. Where I grew up, black people spoke proper Queen’s english, went to the church or mosque and were usually school teachers, working for an embassy, some refugees worked as maid servants but they were always very proper and law abiding and very religious. I went my last year of school to finish highschool in a private school in the US to get into a good university. So… my shock was seeing so many black gangsters, black teen girls pregnant, including the couple black teens in that mainly white private school were pregnant/had kids.
          If I were a white American and I grew up, and all I saw were those black gangsters, and those black ghetto communities that tolerated the gangsters, the pregnant single moms, and so on, I’d be a racist too. I felt bad but when a black person crossed the street in Pittsburg, I ran the other way like my life depended on it, especially if they were fat or had a kind of a gang look. I am 100% against the whole Thugs Life Matter movement, it attracts Yemen-Somali kids to deviance, I fight for my community, I don’t want this shit in Canada now that I am here.
          What you have in Sweden is a serious Muslim gang problem that is caused by progressives the same break down of the family unit caused by blacks. I learned it doesn’t mean all Africans like my Arabic literature and Arab culture teachers who knew the British classics by heart and knew greek and latin books too are the same as a gangster in the ghetto.
          It’s easy and feels good to simplify things to race – when really the cause is cucks from the failed marxist, socialist, feminist and progressive experiments. I am not here to drink coolaid and follow a cult… I just followed logic, and was a feminist, figured out that it’s illogical, irrational, and the search for reason and wisdom lead me here. I am a free thinker, in search of interesting ideas that make sense when the corrupt decaying Liberal establishment is censoring thought

        2. why are you obsessed with me and follow all my posts? Paranoid of that people can be a free thinker. It’s interest – you are ok with feminist thought police to follow feminist dogma. I break your dogma and you act like a feminist censor bot. I am looking to meet free thinkers in a world where leftist crush free thought in fear of conservatives

        3. Maria, I fully agree with you about the American blacks…a.k.a. “Hood Rats”, I remember when I worked with a bunch of guys from Cameroon and Nigeria at the Phoenix airport…I remember how angrily they would use the “N-word” to reference to U.S. blacks…whom they considered to be lazy, stupid and unmotivated.

        4. Thank you. now however thank you for sending me that site of red-pilled women… I am going to buzz off now. I am so happy.

        5. Aw please stay…you can hang on both sites…be like an emissary. 🙂

      2. Ew, Stephen Harper? I would say he is the ultimate cuckservative. In 15 years, nobody will remember his name. Also, from what I remember, Ottawa is one of the most feminist cities in Canada.

        1. You haven’t been to Montreal or Toronto. The number of parrot haired ladies is high there. Here on the english side, white Canadian families have kids. It’s a government town and that’s why its more normal, tech and government. Harper actually stood up to Iran and Russia, the guy had balls. If you knew how the liberals and Russians were trying to take Harper down, you’d admire his strength. He wasn’t colourful, he is a nerd….. but nerves of steel. Understated by a strong man, I met him, I admire him especially now that Trudeau is in power. From the outside its not very impressive – from the inside the attack on him and Rob Ford was something else.
          Rob Ford couldn’t handle the liberal assaults – he was the magical conservative who brought immigrants and white conservatives together – while staying true to himself.. but he snapped and started doing drugs from all the pressure from Liberals elite. I think the journalist hounding killed him – he died of cancer, couldn’t take it. You can say cuckservative all you want but try to run for office here as a conservative … just try that in Canada……….. and if you haven’t seen what hate is before… you’ll think ISIS hate is tame compared to liberals hate of conservatives, their dirty tricks, the games, the pressure, it’s something you have to see. I was a campaign manager and worked in the Canadian parliament. Thank God leftists are cucks and don’t kill people they want dead.

        2. Stephen Harper lost because he acted like a dicktator. His omnibus crime bill was pure stupidity.
          Darth Vader is gone – good riddance!

        3. Justin Trudeau is a good example of low information voters voting for someone who is handsome and charismatic, but lacking any kind of experience or qualifications for the job.

        4. Oh, it’s Cinderella again. It’s past midnight and you’re late for your curfew, fat girl.

        5. Right you are! Good looks and a lisp are all that is needed. Give him four years and see what happens. I still want to see the look on Harper’s face when he realized that he lost and lost badly.

        6. I know. I can imagine the struggles, health and psychological trauma your fat is causing you.

        7. The CIA special Navy Seal UN consultant and all round expert Unit called. It is against policy to use your special spy camera pen to look up the skirts of little girls. Please see page 10 in the Employee Handbook.
          Failure to comply will result in you being flung off a building without your paragliding equipment. You should survive by using your skirt as a parachute.

    2. Canada’s big cities are all very multicultural but the smaller communities (less than 100,000 pop) are still very white. In my own little town, just 200 km from Toronto, you can’t even get a shawarma. I have to drive 30 km to get one. Yesterday, I saw a woman with a headscarf here for the very first time. Several towns nearby have welcomed some Syrian refugees. I hope one of them opens a shawarma joint!

        1. Imagine the horror of not having shawarma for lunch, its a basic humanoid right

        2. Great burgers around here, but man sometimes all I want is a proper shawarma or falafel.

        3. I traveled 100 kilometers through the Yukon and all I got was this lousy shawarma!

        4. 160 km for a proper Ruben sandwich, so almost as bad. I got a “Montreal smoked meat” sandwich at the grocery store and it had fucking mayo on it. FUCKING MAYO! WTF?

        5. Germany took in over 1.2 million Arab refugees – a small price to pay for a few world class shawarma joints

        6. You can’t put a price on really good shawarma! … dem’s goooodd eatin’

        7. I might give it a try once Im done watching “My snarky, queer neighbour Khaled”.

        8. Mr. Furley is gonna get an eyeful when he comes by to collect the rent

        9. Man, when I lived in Ottawa, I was eating shawarma for lunch 2 or 3 times a week. I was killing my coworkers with my garlic breath!

        10. Yeah, I always made sure I didnt have to talk to anyone after eating a shawarma. The garlic potatoes were awesome too

        1. Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had was made by Lebanese immigrants, but I think they were Christians.

        2. In Lebanon French and Italian cuisine is an important part of the culture. I remember taking French classes from a woman from Paris and the French cultural center. She took us to an “authentic French restaurant” of course run by Lebanese. lol Syrians, they are the kings of kebab. The other thing that I can’t live without is all the Ukrainian food here.

        3. Lebanese run this place that serves the best gyros and its right down the street from me…the lamb is so succulent it melts in your mouth.

      1. “I had to drive 30 km to get a shawarma.” There are so many things wrong with that sentence and the units of measure is the least of them.

      2. Syrian refugees in Yemen opened a bunch of Shawrma places – they are business people. Introduce the refugees to some local restaurants… then you’ll get your shawarma – btw Syrians make the best kebab in the Middle East

        1. That’s a pretty big claim to fame right there … the best kebab in the WHOLE Middle East. I mean are you sure you don’t want to qualify it a bit? Such bombastic cultural pride!

        2. Well, there are two restaurants in my town and they both suck. The govt should give them money to start something up. I’m fucking dying out here.

        3. The next ROK article: State-funded shawarma! Your tax dollars at work

  5. Is Sweden slowly turning into an Islamic state ?
    Sweden is QUICKLY turning into an Islamic state.

      1. Indeed I have long feared such a correction. The only reason I can see why this may not happen is because Germany was majority German in the 1920s, while America is a country where the traditional European male is a shrinking demographic with waning political power. There is true anger and backlash, yes (see Trump) but in a modern democracy, the outraged demographic may not be large enough to do anything about it politically speaking. Will they use other means? Hard to say. America is a quite repressed society, don’t know if that’s from the fluoride and pharmaceutical drugs or what.

  6. As an Englishman in England I can testify that the English left worship Sweden as an enshrined symbol of progressive thought.
    For this reason alone, I know it must be totally and utterly fucked

  7. Great article until the third to last paragraph; “Many immigrants are nice people, sure.” This is where his balls fall off. Radical Islam cannot exist without the minimum tacit support of so-called moderate Islam, therefore all Islam is radical.
    Just like the Irish Republican Army could not have executed its reign of terror without the support of the locals. And best of all, radical feminism could not exist without the minimum tacit support of the female collective. A female will lie saying she is not a feminist all the while happily reaping the benefits of feminism.
    The same principle applies to Islam. Every Muslim will cheer when Sharia becomes law in Europe. Every black will cheer when white people are picking cotton. Every female will cheer when men are legally prohibited from any interaction with a woman except servicing them at their whim.
    Wake up, Western culture. All politics is tribal. It is a fact. Except for the privileged whose nonsensical sense of guilt makes them feel good about betraying their tribe when the barbarians are at the gate.
    Jeffersonian democracy works only for a white, Christian people. We abandoned Christianity some time ago. By 2040 whites will be less than 50% of the population in the US.
    The ultimate goal of an oppressed people is to oppress their oppressors. Prepare your children for the yoke and the whip, you idiots.

    1. Actually we don’t cheer for Swedish Islamists in the Middle East, they kill our people in Yemen and Syria. Sharia law in Europe is a problem because it will be young Kufar munafiq gangs of youth who want to bring back Nazism and authoritarianism and add a couple Koran verses to it.
      You see the rise of the European far right… radical Islamists are second generation Muslim far right. I don’t want Sharia law in Canada. We don’t need it here, enough Christians go to church, enough people are conservative, and the government is not corrupt, why fix what’s not broken.
      Democracy only works when most of the population has faith. Without Christians… Muslims feel weird because progressivism and the blue pill doesn’t work.
      Am I happy that my stepfather had a difficult time getting custody and spend so much money for having partial custody of his kids? No. I am not a feminist. I also support fairness. Not everyone is corrupt. Many people who rejected progressivism have morals. So why I am not ISIS and not for ISIS? Simple, I live in Canada, and there are plenty of Christians I can integrate with. Another thing that’s good is RoK, it can steer lots of Arab and Muslim youth away from radicalism – because people are just searching for masculinity in the wrong places in a PC leftist culture in Europe.
      You are right that there is tacit support among crazy West European moderate Muslims for radical Islam. However, Bosnian Muslims integrated very well because Europe were real masculine men and not cucks to them.
      The issue is nobody can integrate with cucks. The solution is for European men either end their multiculturalism or up their masculinity and go back to church and declare that feminism is cancer

      1. Bullshit–muslims don’t integrate. You come to western civilization and you bring your barbarian culture and beliefs with you.
        When the time comes to choose between your Islamic, jihadist brothers or to slaughter your Christian neighbors, we ALL know which actions you’ll be taking…….

        1. So Bosnian don’t integrate, Crimean tatars don’t intergrate? Far from the truth! Don’t lie. It’s very easy to be emotional and make generalizations like feminists divide people into classes. It’s harder to be rational and like an old school conservative see people as individuals.
          Why Muslims integrate in Ukraine and Bosnian but not in Western Europe. What you are saying sounds like a wild conspiracy theory about reptilians and illumanti and Martians

        2. The issue is that feminism is cancer and Muslims integrate in it’s absence. Second generation Muslims cannot integrate in feminist mainly progressive societies because boys need male men role models who are successful strong manly men. For example, in the Yugaslav war, Bosnian boys so white western Christian and European, Canadian soldiers save their lives. So they wanted to grow up and be a solider in the Canadian army, or a NATO army. So they are loyal law abiding soldiers while second generation immigrants in Sweden behave like boys from Lord of the Flies where there are no men around.

        3. When “moderates”, which don’t exist, begin turning in radicals, which do exist, your words may mean something. Until then they are nothing but fifth column propaganda.

        4. Muslims in Ukraine and Bosnia don’t integrate, they fly under the radar because the local Christians have balls and will squash them like bugs if they expose their true colors. They “integrate” because of fear, not loyalty to their country. Just that simple.
          They fly their true colors in the West because they know the guilt ridden, pansy, leftist will do nothing about it. They don’t “integrate” because they have nothing to fear if they don’t. Muslim “no go” zones in large European cities prove it. Just that simple.

        5. then why do Muslims fight and die for Ukraine? It’s not about true colours my friend but about going to church on sunday and having faith in God. If it were African Christians you were mass importing, you’d still have gangs and violence. It feels good to use the simple explanation of race. It doesn’t require thought. Reality is more complex than that. You can complain SJWs are irrational, feminists are irrational – then it is key to allows be rational and logical or you are no different from feminists.
          Reality is that nothing is so simple as race or religion alone or it would have been fixed centuries ago, and if it really was Islam than Europe would not have a relationship with that part of the world nor let any non-christian immigrants in. The difference is a Christian Canadian solider saved the life of a 6 year old Bosnian boy in the Yugoslavia war. This Muslim boy from that moment wanted to be a Canadian Nato solider. He immigrated to Canada and became a NATO solider, would gladly fight and die to defend such a manly masculine country like Canada. Sadly for him, we elected Trudeau, a cuck.
          It might feel good to be like a teenager, but reality is more complex and requires wisdom in addition to chest thumping. Now the problem with the left they say chest thumping is bad. The issue is we have problems now and not before… because we are not tough on crime. It’s easier to blame other and be emotional – most women are this way, than to take responsibility (since most women don’t have to) .
          How many white Canadian have loyalty to Canada, how many will fight for Canada if we are attacked? Not many, but many immigrants will because loyalty is a value of religious people, but not of progressives. You assume religious people are progressive – Read this before you make assumptions about people you don’t know and have never met until you met me .
          Chechens come from Chechniya to help Ukraine. We feel a brotherhood of people fighting for freedom.
          You assume people are messed up in the head like westerners who accepted a progressive way of life and the immigrants who failed to integrate in the western progressive experiment. And the reality the rest of the world that resisted feminism is not like the west. And in Latin American cities accepting western feminism – slowly you see the same decay.

        6. So you haven’t meet or talked to any Syrians and then you are saying “all Jews are a fifth collum, all are bad send them to the gas chambers and vote for Trump” . So you are implying you want a second holocaust. But here is the thing, it’s not like Muslim countries what European islamists in the Middle East because they are too radical. Western Europe is very arrogant and weak, managed to piss off most of its allies and is a drag on their defense budget. You start killing each other, people remember western Europe abandoned Ukraine, NATO isn’t going to save you.

        7. Sorry but I stopped reading at “If it were African Christians you were mass importing, you’d still have gangs and violence. It feels good to use the simple explanation of race.”
          There’s a very simple reason why that is and it mostly has to do with race. You make some good points but ironically, many of your points are emotional non-arguments.
          Either way, if you are still naive enough to believe that humans are created solely by circumstances and if we work hard enough, we can repair any individual differences, not only are you a Progressive, you haven’t taken the Red Pill yet.

        8. The only Muslims that I’ve ever seen in Ukraine were lame sex tourists with zero game. Well, they’ve got rape game, but they won’t dare practice it Ukraine. They’d get ripped to shreds by Ukrainian men, who, unlike Swedes and Canadians, are real men.
          If Muslims really are fighting and dying for Ukraine, I hope they all succeed at being meat shields.

        9. I call bullshit because Bosnians here have been caught and prosecuted for planning terror activities and there are Turks and Lebanese also that have refused to integrate and have their own ghetto enclaves-countless many of them have plotted terrorist activities and are going to Syria to murder others. Cut out the fifth columnist propaganda-given the choice between Sharia and the Constitution/the law you can bet your ass what they would choose without even blinking.

        10. Indeed-the Bosniak Serbs would rip those Muslim jokers apart and same goes for the Orthodox Ukrainians who do not tolerate their horseshit.

        11. Some years ago I was listening to a radio talking head named Neil Bortz. At the time there was an epidemic in London of whites being mugged by blacks. One of the black muggers actually said they went after whites because they were easy targets.
          Bortz is based in Atlanta. His call screener was a black chick named Belinda who grew up in north Georgia. If you don’t know what that means, watch the movie Deliverance.
          Bortz asked Belinda just how easy a target for mugging were the white good ole boys from north Georgia. I forget her exact response, but it was along the lines of if the black thugs from London tried that shit in north Georgia their bodies would never be found, and if they were the local sheriff would rule it a suicide no matter the number of bullet holes.
          Point being, in places where men are allowed to be men order rules and women are safe. In places where women rule, chaos rules and nobody is safe except the thugs. Western feminized society is beginning the collapse. A blind man can see it coming. But a seeing woman cannot see past her next trip to the mall. Case closed. Cheers.

        12. Actually you are believing Russian propaganda, and Iranian propaganda, which has a 1 billion dollar budget each. Also our Yemeni secular dictator used your guillable emotional western men to milk the US and European military budget to fund alqaeyda and his palaces. You guys always didn’t like non-whites and hated religion every since it made you feel superior to non-whites but then always bring them to your countries for some reason. The result is every third world dictator is milking you like a cow. Remember they are smart and you are not smart because well off middle class people are always going to be dumber than a street smart hood rat trying to survive, forget the ghetto but a third world country.
          Believe in our propaganda, I don’t. My father was an advisor to the former dictator in Yemen and on my mother’s side, who is Russian her father was on the central committee of the communist party. Continue accidentally having your taxes funnel terrorism by secular dictators so they can buy palaces. People have made billions on your hate for religion. Realize you are being played by people smarter than you, who are liars and think ten steps ahead of you. Feminists use some communist tricks the KGB taught in the 1960s and you think FEMINISTS are manipulative?? You think progressives and white elites are manipulative???? You haven’t seen the third world. I come from there. Life is far more complex. Continue being that woman from Ohama in love with Charlie O’Keefe on Plenty off Fish… who turns out to be a group of 10 african guys in Coute D’Ivorie

        13. You mean you haven’t heard of who won Eurovision. It was a Muslim. You haven’t heard of Crimean tatars. How do you know a person is Muslim if you don’t ask them “hey are you Muslim” because they kind of look the same. I met Mustafa Dzhmelev, the Ukrainian Nelson Mandela, he is 10 times the man you are.

        14. You mean Red Pill is for athiests because I don’t support your atheist views? And how many athiests are there in a fox hole? When it comes to the Muslim/migrant issue, you are just like feminists – you want to do what you can to shut down discussion of views you don’t agree with and then cry that feminists censor you, right? Is it at all possible that a rational free thinker can exist, that can agree with some of your views but not others. If I believe in strength – why would I have to submit that red-pill athiests you seem to imply want to wipe out/enslave my race and gender? When it comes to red-pill, you think that white people shouldn’t allow themselves to be wiped out of hurt by immigrants …. but if I don’t accept slavery and violence towards my people, ” not only are you a Progressive, you haven’t taken the Red Pill yet.” That is intellectual dishonesty.
          You just want to use your philosophy to have a dictatorship of the prolietariat or reverse feminism … now that feminists oppressed white men… you call for a totalitarian dictatorship of white men by marxist (internalized feminism) instead of religious Christian principles. Straying from God only leads to trouble.
          I think the difference between you and me is my connection to the soil, to the ground and your connection to ideas and the sky. Rich hieress and heiresses are arrogant and stupid but oh my how their grandparents ruled the earth. You see the world in simple colours, progressive, not progressive, us them, black white… you have not seen war or poverty and haven’t been used, manipulated and had to figure your way through fire. It’s easy to be someone without life experience thinking you know everything, there is no reverence for the elderly or experience in western culture, a worshiping of youth culture. I would hire someone with no university education except a couple courses to know the job but work experience any day over a Ph.D. Life is my school.
          I lived through war. You did not. My father was an advisor to a corrupt government, I was involved in a revolution, I saw many things……… and what did you see. You just want me to confirm your bias, and I just want to say life is complex. I can agree on 90% of what you are saying but not agree on your opinions on one issue, and that is a true friend. A person who is from a different background than you won’t see through your eyes, but some can have enough in common. If a woman or an immigrant agrees 100% with the red pill they are lying or trying to mutilate themselves to try to get something from some read pill person and get ahead. I am real. You don’t like real people, go find a thirsty land whale who’ll tell you what you want to hear. It’s a free country. Nigerian scammers make a living of telling white people what they want to hear and agree 100% on everything. If someone of a different background doesn’t agree with you 100% on everything… and you say they are not true, that means you will fall for scams.
          Life experience taught me that university is bullshit, logic is just a latern in the night but not a roadmap. I used to think like you when I was 12 years younger … that stuff in university and my professors were Gods and logic and science will lead the way. How wrong I was. My professors taught me progressivism and feminism. If you are going to have a teenage how true is your metal or dick measuring contest – I don’t have a dick and I am out of it, I am not a kid anymore to be into that shit.
          Wisdom is gained through life experience, not through books…. and what kind of life experience does a guy living a good life in a prosperous country have who hasn’t joined the army?? A 12 year old boy in Yemen has the life experience of a 35 year old man in the west. At least you figured out that doormat is not a good thing. I can’t teach you maturity or what an alpha is if you don’t have sheikhs or alphas in your communities. Western remind me of a colony of gorillas where they shot the alpha male.
          Among gorillas, you have an alpha silver back – the alpha resolves disputes among females, and is actually nice to those who don’t challenge his authority, nice to the weak. Betas like alpha males are nice. Unlike betas, Alpha is the most violent gorila in the tribe if you challenge his authority, strong, calm, wise and confident. I don’t see calmness, confidence and wisdom in what you wrote but a lot of insecurity. However still better than a beta. Finally there is another group that has some but not full alpha characteristics. And that is the teenage monkeys, they are violent, form gangs and are kicked out. they kill any weak elderly female gorila or child that comes their way. They rape any dumb young female that goes to the perifery. Now the alpha has the prime choice of females and protects them. They compete for him, act too spoiled, he nexts the one that’s trouble. Betas don’t get any at all.
          I see the teenage monkey. Especially when I disagree on immigrants. It’s simple, in a free thinking society nobody is going to agree with you 100% you have to learn to negotiate, but you have to learn to stand your ground on things that matter, have values.
          I just see what I see and I am not going assimilate into what doesn’t work for me. I am not a cuck, for me my interests are first, and for you your interests are first, and that’s how you build a genuine understanding of mutual respect. I am annoying because I kill the fun, and bring the responsibilities.
          Don’t mistake me for some beta female who is thirsty and is drinking your cool-aid to get laid. I am happily married woman thinking hey maybe I can find some white guys who know normal non-feminist white chick I can be friends with. I grew up in an actually patriachy, not an inverse matriachy. Women weren’t at the bottom. It was a society that worked because of harmony where men actually promote women and love women. In the west men and women hate each other by gender, like its a Sunni Shia sectarian war.
          Where I grew up Patriachy meant gender harmony – men add masculinity to the table, to kill the bad people, women add femininity – to not kill children and innocents, just the bad guy. Without men, studies show girls believe that they should appease the bad guy and why can’t everyone get alone, and without women, boys think why can’t they kill not just the bad guy causing shit but why not genocide, right? Without women, you have genocide of both sides, wiping out races and eternal war, without men, you have the men of the other tribe wiping out your race, genocide of you race, a shorter war and you are dead. But when you have patriachy and gender haromony, and religion in a society connected to farming and the land you have happiness, health peace and stability.

        15. Bitch, 1) Calm down. 2) I’m not an atheist and 3) equalism is a myth. Deal with it.
          When you decide to go live somewhere like downtown Detroit or South Chicago or East St. Louis or Baltimore, then I’ll begin to take your “race doesn’t matter” slant to heart.
          The people that tend to preach this colorblind mentality are always the people that seem most able to escape the brown undertow, themselves. (The pope being the most famous contemporary example). Your sanctimonious “I don’t see race” posturing is a luxury some of us can’t afford.
          Let’s be real. The Founders would be horrified at the thought of Americans letting in Muslims. And for good reason. As the White European stock of this nation erodes, so too goes the spirit of law that made this nation great.
          You’re not going to find groups of non-whites talking about how much they love the Constitution. Everything to them is pure power politics based on their racial identity or something very closely related to that, for the most part. Caring about noble abstractions that transcend race is a (dreaded) White male thing, if you haven’t noticed, tokens notwithstanding. Am I just supposed to pretend that this isn’t the case for fear of the dreaded finger wag from religious egalitarians?

        16. Bitch…. you really sound like a teenage boy with no strong father. Are there no men in your home? It’s so sad how feminized your society has become. I hope Trump cleans things up.

        17. That is one of the most asinine ramblings I have ever read. At what point do I even speak of Feminism? I refer to your nonsensical observation about Bosnians and their ilk assimilating of which they don’t. Everyone is dumber for having read your rambling and at no point do you come close to anything resembling a coherent, logical thought.

        18. Asinine ramblings? Lovely way to engage …. sounds like the women in your society are some butch landwhales and elderly wise men who raise men to be masculine gentlemen are no where to be existent.
          Where I grew up, men were men, women were women, and when men disagreed, they would point to the part of the argument, not the character, and wouldn’t go to an adhomenium argument so fast.. but we resisted feminism and progressivism

        19. I did point to the argument and how asinine it was. Evidently you conflate that with an attack on your character or lack thereof. I will not be engaging you any further as I would contravening the website’s policy and I do not want to give you any further time or attention. You make a series of inane assumptions again which I will not dignify with a response. Away with you.

        20. “series of inane assumptions ….Away with you” … sounds like what I hear back from feminists when I ask them why they say Roosh is a rapist but make excuses for actual rapists like Woody Allen. So emotional. You can enjoy this forum with those who won’t challenge your thoughts but confirm your feelings. It’s so much easier to be comfy and rich and boring and have people to confirm your feelings than bother and take risks, venture and explore and see what the rest of the world looks like. You must be as interesting as an average feminist … what a bore

        21. I am done engaging you in any fashion. You are vacillating every which way spouting off absurdities that do not merit a response of any kind. How you make these leaps of logic is astounding. Go back to the kitchen-the men are talking.

        22. Lol. Because you are a man? Where I grew up, I defended my home from men raiding when my father wasn’t there. I was unarmed, men were, kicked six out them out, defending my land. I lived through civil war. Who the hell are you little boy? Can you shoot a gun? Can you fight? No you are just a western teenage insecure boy who finally discovered that behaving like a little girl is not going to get you girls, so you behave like a 12 year old Arab or East European boy. You don’t even know how to address elders and women with respect. You’ll make fun of a woman who fought and was a prisoner of war because she’s female, but will respect a fat coffee drinker on welfare because he is male even though he can’t defend himself against a fly. that’s the problem with feminism right there, it killed the wisdom and tradition in your culture, that was passed down by religion.
          You should see documentaries of apes. Does the alpha silver back gorilla attack females? No, that’s the job of teenage gorrillas at the periphery. Same with baboons. I grew up watching baboons. The thing is, now woman unless she’s insecure and has psychological problems wants a teenage boy, even a beta is better, but a beta can’t become an alpha. It’s stages.
          First apes hang around their mothers and learn not to disturb or rival the alpha male silver back, who resolves disputes among females, has a low corisol level unlike you, but a high testoserne level like you. For example Trump is an alpha male and Bush and you are not. Trump gives $100 tips to waiters and treats them like gold. Cuckservatives try to beat up on anyone they see as weak like Muslims and minorities but they kiss up to progressives and keep ceeding ground to them. Trump never said anything racist about Muslims or rude … but he sure as hell is rude to the media, Hillary, whoever is trying to screw him over and fights hard like you saw him take down Cruz. Have you ever heard of Trump belittling women who work for him? No. I was in his pageants, he really respects and treats women and anyone who works for him well .
          You remind me of my parents’ puppy. When there is a smaller dog, like a chihuahua, you can see her yapping like crazy… but when there is a big dog, she hides behind my mother legs, and kisses up to that dog. That’s how insecure guys are.. saw many of you.
          I mean its a good first step you are taking to be aggressive. Baboons in Yemen, first they hang around mommy and are all beta… but they don’t get any girls. They get aggressive and it is annoying plus their moms don’t want to upset daddy, the alpha, so they shoo away the teenage baboons who form gangs and are violent. They will even kill human kids and elderly baboons. My father saw a gang of them as a kid, he said it was the most terrifying thing in his life as a child. The alpha gets the most females. The betas get none. The teenage chimps who roam around the colony do get some females by rape, older females ignored by the alpha. Prime females compete for the alpha. Eventually some of the teenage gang monkeys gain wisdom through age, the alpha dies, one of them replaces him who has both aggression and wisdom. The alpha is kind to females and children, and beta males who fear him and behave and don’t challenge his authority. The alpha shows no mercy to those who challenge his authority and is the best fighter among the baboons.
          In Yemen, our tribes have been isolated for centuries, and thus closer to nature than the west. our alpha is called a sheikh. I mean as a teenager …. what I say, this won’t make sense to you know, you will reject what I saw as teenagers reject wisdom … but then you will fall flat on your face and remember what I say forever.
          First comes respect for authority, being a beta, then comes rebellion being a teen, then comes wisdom, being an alpha. A beta is nice even to those trying to kill him. An alpha knows there is a time for war, a time for peace, at time for love, a time for hate. A time for reaping, a time for sewing. To get what you want in life, you need harmony. This eastern wisdom will be useful: harmony, balance.
          We need feminine and masculine energy. Masculine energy takes you to battle, feminine energy insures you kill only your enemies, not commit genocide so that the war is not eternal. Feminine energy alone makes you a cuck, and your people will be wiped out by the enemy. Masculine energy alone makes you do heinous crimes that go overboard, so news of it spreads from the survivors, and others gang up on you and wipe out your people. In war the best is balance, wipe out only the combattants, and punish only those aiding them. You don’t know war, you won’t understand … but eventually you will. Life is steps. first beta, then teen, then a silver back calm alpha.
          You realize the aggression you show, no silver back gorrilla has towards women. I am not a feminist, I am not attacking you. You are merely insecure that someone contradicted your beliefs so your feelings got hurt. I apologize for hurting your feelings. At the same time, when you grow older, you will have to learn to deal with feelings on your own and not display that you are hurt and vulnerable so openly with strangers. An aggressive guy with bad intentions can take advantage of you. Best of luck to you my friend in your adventures of self-development. Continue the journey and continue seeking wisdom. Travel widely and connect with nature, seek wisdom where you can in every ancient tradition, find Sun Tzu and other great alphas of history and learn from the best.

        23. You are again leaping to assumptions that have no grounding in reality; you have absolutely no idea who or what I am or what I represent and yet have the temerity to speak in such a fashion which does not at all accord with reality. This is the last time I will indulge you in a reply as you are simply not worth the time or energy and are nothing more than a sophisticated troll who relies upon sophistry.

        24. Not an argument. The moment you decide to stop worshipping a paedophilic warlord, I might take your critique to heart. Until then, you should keep opinions concerning civilized to yourself. Enjoy your day.

      2. Your post smacks of the current “women against feminism” false crusade where a subset of females sees the tsunami backlash coming and are simply employing an underhanded psychological technique to encourage beta males to willingly continue their bondage.
        The words of “anti-feminist” mean nothing without action. When I see groups of women staging an anti-slut walk demonstration I may listen to them. But that is not their agenda and is not going to happen.
        You claim to be anti-radical Islam and admit that the “moderates” give tacit support to the radicals. You admit to knowledge of Islamic gangs I have never heard of. Question: Just how does a Muslim female gain knowledge of male Muslim gangs?
        If you have that knowledge, then surely the parents of the gang members do also. If that is true, and it is, then the entire Muslim community has the same knowledge. Kind of an open secret.
        I have never heard of a “moderate” Muslim informing the authorities of their radical son or the kid down the street. You, my dear, are nothing more than a fifth column propagandist. Prove me wrong.

        1. ??? So you are saying that I have to be a Nazi and exterminate jews to be a non-feminist and send them to gas chambers? And my Ukrainian husband who can kick your ass and does a lot to help the Ukrainian army is a beta? Doesn’t sound very rational. Maybe I am a bit of a sociopath, but I am not a feelings kind of person, and that’s why feminism didn’t do it for me. I like romance, I like fashion, I like beauty, I love feminity and feminists hate that. So your feelings about paranoia.. I can’t relate and say the appropriate feeling talk for that to make you feel good about yourself. However, if I were a man here, I’d be scared of women, probably would be a MGTOW or a Catholic priest if I was born a man in the west and grew up in the west.
          Listen habibi, I just came to the west and maybe was stupid enough to marry one of your men. I think your women are crazy and destroying your culture and are turning the kids of law abiding immigrants to gangsters, so that’s why my husband and I aren’t having kids.

        2. “then why do Muslims fight and die for Ukraine?”
          The Ukraine government was overthrown by Nazis in a US backed coup that triggered civil war and ethnic cleansing of Orthodox and Russian ethnics. The Muslim factions (mostly Sunni) allied or controlled (such ISIS/ISIL, Al Qaeda, etc) by the USA fight for the Kiev Nazi junta, because of their own interests and, as part of larger campaign against Russia and its Muslim allies (mostly Shiite: Assad in Syria, Iran, etc.):

          ” So you are saying that I have to be a Nazi and exterminate jews to be a non-feminist and send them to gas chambers? And my Ukrainian husband who can kick your ass and does a lot to help the Ukrainian army is a beta?”
          The alphas are all in the Donbass (Novorussia). Helping the Ukrainian army means being obeying Nazis who are ironically controlled by Jewish billionaires who are controlled by foreign powers that have turned the Ukraine into a failed state. That’s not beta, that’s omega.

          Right propaganda from the same pussies who cry that Ukrainians are right sector fascists and say that Ukrainians are sponsered by Russia LOOOOOOOLLL because Russians can’t freaking fight anymore. My grandfather is Russian and fought the Nazis all the way to Berlin but first USSR was allied with Hitler and fought with Nazis.
          Novasoosiya. LOOOOOOLLL I am half Russian but you believe all the fakes. You take me for a fool not knowing our propaganda? What kind of alphas if their women lost their virginity at age 12? “Farewell unwashed Russia, land of master, land of slave” -Leermentov. Russians are mostly omega simps, when they find an alpha like my grandfather, they try to parade the poor guy everywhere and he hated it. Most alphas died in the gulag or had a high rank in the army (grandfather) and were too useful to kill off or fled in the diaspora. Read Russian history. My grandfather was in the central committee of the communist party, I am from Moscow … you can’t fool me from your troll houses in Olgino St Petersburg, I know where you guys work.

        4. I like a lot of what your saying but, seriously”that’s why my husband and I aren’t having kids.. The man gives no thought to carrying on his family name, dna and tradition? I will stop hear because I respect you.

        5. There are others with his family name. The problem is the reality of raising kids in the west… how do we know they won’t rebel and turn into ISIS, even with the best parents? We have to change the society and ban progressive feminist music and movies so it’s possible to raise kids without them joining gangs or ISIS or something. We are afraid they’d rebel and try progressivism/feminism, then discover its cancer, and server the bond. Then alone, vulnerable, without ties they are easy targets for gangs and ISIS.
          Spending most of our resources, time and effort for such a high risk that some carries our family name would join ISIS or a gang. Let’s be realistic, it’s not a good environment to have kids in North America. I see immigrant kids whose parents put so much love and effort rebel, listen to debauched music allowed by leftists who kicked out the music and movie censorship board and join gangs. We can’t compete as immigrants with the money and fame of Jay Z and Beyonce, Rihanna and Lil Bow Wow. It’s very sad that I met the love of my life here, got married but it’s too hostile an environment to raise children in. Freaking progressives and feminists. I fight them, so that maybe there is hope that it becomes not to risky to raise kids here.
          Roosh also said it’s a men’s forum, I won’t be replying more here, feel free to follow me on twitter at @al_masani. I am trying to create a red pilled women’s forum. We have to work together, fight feminists and progressives to make the west a viable place for immigrants to raise kids and easier for everyone to live a normal life and raise kids and not worry about them turning into SJWs, terrorists or some other progressive crap.

        1. Why are you acting like a typical feminist who needs “safe space”? be a man and intellectually disagree with the points you argue about.

        2. If you wanna have a talk with men and some bitch keeps coming in and quabbling, will you send her away or ‘man up and not demand a safe space’?

        3. I make intellectually valid points and let everyone speak. Freedom of speech, remember that?

        4. There is more to life than intellectually valid points. And free speech is a federal law, not a prescription for private forums. Would you like this place to be overrun with feminists and misogynist-criers?

        5. 1- life without intellectual stimulation is meaningless. It’s what makes us different from apes and other animals.
          2- Yes free speech in a federal law so how about I censor your speech instead of her.
          3- Where are feminists and misogynist-criers? And if there were any, I don’t mind intellectually debunking their false arguments and exposing their ignorance, lack of education and critical thinking.

      3. I’m afraid they didn’t. Bosnian Muslims, I mean. Balkan wars didn’t happen by chance.
        Don’t get me wrong: I think you truly support western values. If you check the polls, you can guess that about a 10% of Muslim community do it (average). I’m sure you belong to that 10%. The problem? it’s too few. Imagine living in a neighborhood where only 10% of people behave according to some common social rules. Not a place I would like to live.
        If things would have been done right, only people like you should have been allowed in Western countries. High selection, but the ones who enter will have no problems. It’s something similar to the study from Melbourne university last week: positive discrimination for black people has given bad name to qualified black people. Instead of having less black graduates who are highly considered, now there’s lot of them and all of them are badly considered. Why? because once you let everybody enter, the ones who really deserved get the disrepute the other ones bring.
        And this is gonna be a big problem. There’s millions of Muslims in the Western world right now (mostly Europe). Everybody got the pass! How do you check them one by one RIGHT NOW?
        Millions. No way.
        So at the end, there’s only two possibilities: [1] western world becomes a clone of Arabic world [2] Millions of people are sent away without much checking, and unfortunately here innocents will pay for the sins of others. And people will rationalize that, we’re humans after all. It has already started. They will point at you and they will say “you’re the bad one, go away”.
        So, a little piece of advice: become as much westernized as possible, rise your children the same way, that could make a difference. Nobody knows what it’s gonna happen, but if things go ugly, people won’t pay attention to details. They’ll go for the broad brush.

        1. The western world isn’t becoming a clone of the Arab world, inEurope all our crazies go there and Arab countries don’t want Arabs from the west visiting the middle east… because European Arabs are pyscho.
          I agree “High selection, but the ones who enter will have no problems.” Exactly, like in Canada, we have a points system. I think the solution is the red pill. One think that keeps Arab guys from extremism is learning game. The problem is you need red pilled white males as a role model to Arab and Muslim kids.
          I think we don’t have the problem in Canada because of the selection system that happens in Europe. “? because once you let everybody enter, the ones who really deserved get the disrepute the other ones bring.” That’s exactly right.
          I don’t exactly share western values. I share conservative western values. I am not a progressive. I think the key is to build a bridge for those who share conservative western values into the conservative movement. There are quite a few practicing Muslims for Trump.. its much harder to fit it some SJW European far left feminism.
          I am not going to become as westernized as possible, sorry, I can’t relate to progressives, leftists and feminists, and then you guys kiss up to our leftist. Nah, I am going to stick to Polish, Ukrainian, other church going people and raise my family around them. My husband is Ukrainian. The great thing is Ukrainians are whites who go to church and aren’t racist. Bringing Arabs and Muslims to the Ukrainian community, they integrate fast into the west. They don’t have to give up who they are to fit in.
          If you ask a person to give up who they are and give up their human dignity to fit in, you won’t have their loyalty, but a liar and a thief. For example in Yemen we realize drinking is important to white people. While alcholol is banned for locals, its’ not banned for westerners. We just ask no drunkness or drinking in public. To have loyalty, you need people to genuinely integrate into something they can freaking relate to, where they don’t have to give up their dignity and who they are. That means you cannot expect anyone who isn’t a white leftist to integrate into western culture.
          Sometimes I wear a headscarf.. but I wear a dress and a turban 1950s Paris style. People can’t tell if I am being modest and wearing a hijab or am I just western fashionista bringing the 1950s back. This is integration that works. Respecting the culture, studying the classics, I listen to opera here and also go to Arab classical music orchestra and listen to Oum Kalthoum.
          Non-western culture is conservative and red pilled — I integrate with red pilled church going people. Fitting in you say like it’s a choice. White feminist bitches don’t want to be my friend when I said, no, I am not going to have sex before marriage because then how can I tell if a guy wants to marry me or wants a one night stand; I don’t want to feel used. They hated me when their men would dump them and chase me and were always jealous around me… its pretty hard to integrate when white people buy clothes from immigrant women but insist on their crazy feminist ideas that make no sense and then they get hurt from their feminist stupidity, cry on your shoulder and you have to refrain from Saying” I told you so, feminism is cancer”. then they hate you again for not doing the latest stupid feminist fashion. And then they hurt themselves and cry on your shoulder.
          So for me, staying around the Ukrainian community has been great. It feels like home, like family. I don’t think I felt as integrated before I discovered the Ukrainian community.

        2. I absolutely love this lady…please, you should start your own blog, I will enthusiastically read it!

      4. I really struggle to believe you are a genuine poster and not some multi with an agenda.

        1. I really struggle to believe that you are white people who think like immigrants and can articulate yourselves, but you are real. Here is my youtube channel. I do have an agenda – I am an Arab immigrant woman in the west… and I am looking for white people I can relate to, as in red-pilled. I had some ex roommates who were blue pilled white feminists – what a nightmare. I am looking for any women who think like me that you know of … to send them my way, and create an RoK type thing for women. Otherwise immigrants do their own thing, whites do there own, ghettoization starts where you have a progressive feminist culture.

      5. “I don’t want Sharia law in Canada. We don’t need it here, enough Christians go to church, enough people are conservative, and the government is not corrupt, why fix what’s not broken”.
        Honestly, is there more than one Canada, what city/province do you live in !?

    2. Radical Islam cannot exist without the minimum tacit support of so-called moderate Islam…

      Remember how long it took for police in Europe to catch the perpetrators of the Paris massacre last year? It is because they were able to hide out in moslem-majority enclaves in major cities in western Europe. The people helping out there may not be the type to carry out such an attack but they’re surely cheering on those who do and supporting them in other ways.

      1. That’s the thing-there is no such thing as ‘moderate Islam’ it is the ultimate misnomer and peddled by all those Leftoids to try and present those animals (no offence to animals) as having rationality however despite the alleged radical elements that persist. Their ‘religion’ is absolutist and any deviation results in being an apostate and marked for death no matter how much they squeal otherwise.

        1. Islam is a monoculture, and it’s absolutely hilarious that the so-called multicultural societies desire to import it.
          If you bash a Muslim/Islam, they will whine, and cry, and sue, and terrorize, until they feel satisfied. If you are slighted by a Muslim, it’s okay because you’re inferior anyways, so your opinion is invalid. Welcome to Islam.

        2. Islam is based on some dude going into a cave in the wilderness later to emerge and say God had been talking to him. It is the exact same thing as Mormanism. It is only one step removed from Scientology, the ultimate in ego as religion.
          Just to be clear, the Christian version of Mohammed and Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ performed public miracles. Mohammed, Joseph Smith, and L. Ron Hubbard did nothing but talk.
          Nobody has ever seen the Golden Tablets that Smith claims God gave to him. Mohammed admits to fucking nine year old girls.
          Give me a break. Even if you are an atheist, Christianity makes a lot more sense that the the other two combined. If I needed a used car I would not buy from Mohammed of Smith. If Jesus was selling it, I might buy it, but I would still look under the hood.

        3. I concur with you. I’d sooner trust someone like Jesus than an epileptic and schizophrenic paedophile murderer.

        4. The reason that Islam will win in Europe is that they are willing to die for their religion whereas ethnic Europeans are not willingly to die for their nation states. ISIS will not be serving pumpkin spiced, double mocha latte, grandes, with just a whisper of nutmeg no matter what the European metrosexuals want to believe.
          The only hope for Europe lies with the soccer hooligans in Britain and the neo-Nazis in Germany. But that is a false hope as the state police thugs will crush both because the women are afraid of them.
          Maybe I will be alive to see the Muslim gangs defeat the cops in the streets. I admit that I will be torn. But I will side with the gangs with balls against the pussy worshiping thugs who have destroyed my culture. Doesn’t matter. I’ll be having a drink and watching the show from the sidelines.

        5. I think when push comes to shove there will be a massive reprisal against the Muslim hordes-nations in the Balkans for example hate Muslims with a passion having remembered centuries of oppression and genocide and would happily die for their nations.

        6. For Muslims, Suleiman the Magnificent and El Cid happened yesterday. People forget that when the Muslims were turned back at the gates of Vienna in 1235, it was the Balkan Christians who bore the brunt of the sword of Islam. Nothing repeats itself like history.
          As an aside, my friend, I am growing weary of speaking the truth to deaf ears. I feel like Casandra screaming to the assembled villagers from the bottom of an empty well. Man the gates and repel the barbarians. For if you don’t, you, your women, and your children will die. But the villagers are too immersed in their I-Phones to notice what is happening. God help us all.

        7. Indeed. It was the Greeks who also dealt the Ottoman a very bitter lesson which lead to the ethnic awakenings within the wider region where Romanians, Serbians and Bulgarians cast aside the yoke they had been under for centuries.

        8. It is refreshing to correspond with another student of history.
          I was born in 1955. I remember nuclear warfare drills in elementary school where we were told to hide under our desk and kiss our sweet ass goodbye. When I was born America was 89% white. In 1989 the Soviet Union collapsed. America straddled the world like as the sole super power. It was the legacy of the WWII generation to their children.
          In 1992 the baby boom generation took over with the election of Bill Clinton, one of the greatest self centered sexual perverts of history, and emblematic of his generation. His presidency was successful due to a perfect storm of technological innovation coupled with Y2K fears.
          After that we got eight years of a drunken frat boy led around by the nose by Dick Chaney, who could not let go of Cold War thinking. It was a disaster.
          Then we got a black, America hating, raised in Madrassa schools, community organizer as president, his even more American hating wife, and the Iranian born Valerie Jarret as the prime presidential advisor. The spread of Islam under Obama’s watch is not an accident.
          In 25 years America will be less than 50% white. Europe will be Muslim. Women will control everything the Muslims haven’t taken yet. And they expect me to give a shit?
          I don’t think so, Tim. MGTOW from here on out. Thank Got I won’t be alive to be subjected to the final collapse. I worry for my nephews and know that my great nephews don’t stand a chance in Hell, because they will be white, heterosexual, Protestant males living in a toxic stew of estrogen run amok and radical Islam.
          The great wheel of history is turning. As a Western man your only hope is not to be crushed by it. Cheers, I think.

    3. Something I’ve been saying for a while now: Most Muslims don’t like/want the Islamic State, but…. they desire the end-game of what the Islamic State wants. They simply don’t want to get their hands dirty, or have that blood directly on their conscience.
      ISIS is the actuality of Muslims. Muslims that don’t support ISIS are not True Scotsmen.

      1. Let’s be more precise: most of Muslims don’t want the Isis, but they want the full Muslim pack.
        The problem? the full Muslim pack leads to poverty and leads to the Isis or similar.
        It’s the same with left: most of left don’t want a western Islamic Caliphate. They just want a multicultural all-love rainbow society.
        The problem? multiculturalism and Muslim immigration lead to the western Islamic Caliphate.
        People have quite often difficulties to deal with the consequences of their choices, so they keep the choices… and avoid thinking about the consequences.

        1. minesweeper game on windows 95.
          you click squares on a grid and it shows nearby numbers to help you find the bomb.

      1. Those damn Iranians that infest our governments, media, law and financial institutions that demand multiculturalism and open borders. Hang on…

    1. After having numerous discussions with people here, similar sites and in the real world it has become clear to me why the west is doomed and men like most of you here are helpless and weak.
      I don’t know how to put it elegantly or politely without writing a very long essay or book but I will sum it up and get to the point here.
      I have traveled to many places and talked to many people, and I discuss various topics with many people from Brazil to the Persian Gulf. When I speak to men from different cultures I find a significant difference in their attitude and mindset when it comes to society, politics, women and vision for the future.
      After careful analysis and deeply thinking about the issues we face today, I know why terrorism strikes western countries like France, Belgium, US and UK but not Brazil or Mid east country like UAE, Jordan, etc. Take a typical Swedish or French man, vs a typical Brazilian or Middle Eastern man and discuss these issues with them and you will see the stark difference of how an eastern guy responds verses the western guy. It is very obvious and at the same time astonishing to me that the feminist movement was able to emasculate men to this level. No other man from a non-western culture, would have allowed this to even start let alone take dominate the social narrative.
      Back to the question, why terrorists strike the west? The answer is they don’t respect the men because you don’t have the balls to stand up to women. If you can’t stand up to women then you can’t stand up to masculine men with balls who are ready to confront you and die for their cause. You see, you can’t win against women, so what makes you think you can win against aggressive men? They see your weakness and they are exploiting it. Can you really blame them? No! You voluntarily and willingly gave up all your rights, honor and dignity to appease women in the hope you get a pat on the back from them. You don’t deserve any respect from other men all over the world. They will never allow women to take them by the balls because they are real men.
      Now, what is your solution to the mess you all created because you are such gullible fools taken for a ride by well organized women? I know the solution is NOT what you are doing now. Neither whining, complaining, suffering in silence, nor blaming immigrants. Islam is only a problem because you are weak men. When they see that you have balls to put women in their place, they will not dare be a problem.
      If you don’t become a masculine man fast enough, don’t cry like a little girl when other real men come replace you. The problem is YOU! you don’t know how to become a man. Fix this problem now before it’s too late.

      1. Anyone who knows anything of the West knows what it’s “leaders” are doing at the moment; encouraging rampant (Muslim) immigration by giving cash and prizes to those who illegally enter a country. We have no control over these actions of our leaders, especially when many of our “brothers and sisters” vocally and violently supportive of these policies.
        Since you’ve had “numerous discussions”, you know that many of the gents on this site (and others) believe that the best course of action is to “batten down the hatches”, by arming ourselves, creating small tribes and preparing for possible civil wars between ideologies. You speak about “you should stop this”, I say we can’t for reasons outside of our control, but we are preparing for the consequences.

        1. 1- Electing leaders in a democratic nation is your responsibility. You get whoever you elect based on the majority. So if women are better than you [men] at influencing elections it just shows how weak western men really are.
          2- How long does it really take you to prepare for a civil war against women and manginas? If challenging such physically and mentally inferior opponents is so difficult then perhaps you are not as strong as you thought you are.
          If you are serious about a cultural revolution, civil war or all out bloody coup against the institutions, then you need to build an effective strategy sand coordinating and organizing the men’s movement. It can start with a simple strategy as causing problems for feminists and managinas at the work place. I already discussed this with others here and here is a sample:

        2. As I said in my previous reply, immigration is now simply a given in western countries. The only parties that have a chance of getting into power are those that support refugees and immigration. It’s simply a question of “how much”, as opposed to “yes” or “no”.
          We prepare for the possibility of a civil (ideological) war since we believe that is the worse case most likely scenario. However, there many more steps between where we are now and actual fighting. Many of us still have jobs and families to care for, in this age of social media and the easily offended, it is too easy to lose your livelihood based on your views.
          You can believe what you want, but I’m not going to go out now all guns blazing in the name of “being a real/strong/alpha man”.

        3. huh? you need guns to fight women or put them in their place? Like I said in my previous comment, you are seen as weak. Women see you as weak and so do terrorists and every other people. Why can’t women worry about losing their livelihood instead? No wonder Muslims are laughing at you.

      2. There’s plenty of real, masculine men in the west. Ever heard of the silent majority? Masculine men constitute a large part of it.
        Masculine men have been happy just minding our own business, working, building businesses and generally enjoying life despite continued marginalization and contempt by those who want to destroy everthing America stands for.
        Don’t tread on us.

        1. If there are plenty of real masculine men as you say, we would not be in this mess and we would not have such blogs as ROK. You are in denial.
          “Masculine men have been happy just minding our own business …… despite continued marginalization” ….. Happy and marginalize contradict each other and don’t belong in the same sentence to show content.
          Real alphas confront and dominate the treat and are not afraid of the weaker gender. There is nothing more humiliating to men than being afraid of getting in trouble with women. Shame!

        2. Real alphas make children and raise a family despite being trapped in a concentration camp.

        3. Real alphas are leaders of the pack. They control their destiny and shape their environment. Your woman would leave you for someone like me and she desires my genes.

        4. Exactly. I’m busy raising a family, and all this shit to me is academic until someone actually has a concrete plan. Until then I’m keeping my head down and my powder dry and family safe.
          All the alphaness of the world won’t make your genes survive if your family doesn’t.

        5. what? my women would leave me for example you? she would not be my women in the first place if we were not a fitting match. you dont even know me, why do you think you are superior to me? benefit of the doubt?

        6. How about we find out who she really is attracted to? Ready to take the challenge or you will not be able to take it like a champ?

        7. my post was sarcasm, because it would be pretty stupid to start a family while being trapped in prison/concentration camp etc.

        8. Depends on how much you value the survival of your genetics I think. Swimmers and eggs don’t care about the political environment.

        9. you know, it makes you a very easy target if you have to take care of wife and kids. the future will not be roses and sunshine but darkness and prison and war and police state and blackmailing and misery and hopelessness and nothing funny….

        10. You do realize the meaning of life is to keep your genes in the race, right? It’s not hard, it’s what we were designed by the Darwinian process of evolution to do.
          So, in that sense, having a wife and children gives you a shot at it, if you don’t have then you have waved the white flag already. If you are not passing your genes on, your opinion is in a large part irrelevant as well. Because no one will keep your legacy!
          But you know, each to their own kind of popcorn, at least I have something to fight for.

        11. Kudos man. In general I don’t like trolls (mainly because they’re so distasteful), but once you embraced the satire I actually found this whole exchange pretty comical and hilarious. I think you won this round, but don’t let the door hit you in the ass.
          Haha, you actually reminded me of one of my favorite trolls around these parts… a fella by the name of O-face, or Cunt Stretcher, or some other name he went by over the years (really a great troll). I don’t miss him, however I remember him fondly. Ehh, where’s the O-face? Ahem… I’m glad the O-face is gone.

        12. if that is the case why dont you impregnate at least 1000 women all over the world?

        13. How did he win the “round”? He said he could take my wife, i sayd no he could not. he said lets test it, i said i am not married. he said do you have a girlfriend. i said no.
          how did he win?

        14. I could have phrased that better. I just thought he said some funny stuff throughout the entire conversation (not with you in particular). I got caught up in the laughs and gave my inner troll some breathing room. I was interesred to see how he would respond to some push-pull or backhanded compliments. He didn’t respond and instead I sort of offended you–I suck at trolling.

        15. you didnt offend me, i was telling you there was no possible chance to win that little interaction where he wanted to test if he could take away my wife… he said yes i said no = both cancel each other out, and i dont even have girl. Also the guy is a government fanboy, a cursed tool for life.

      3. Excellent post, but as with many men you are addressing the symptom and not the disease. The disease is the greed of the business elite using feminists for the useful idiots they are in order to exploit beta males past the point of slavery.
        The real enemy of beta males, and 99.9% of us are when the truth is admitted, is the alpha male elite and the jack booted thugs of the police state that happily do their bidding for a few crumbs and the feeding of their sociopathic egos.
        I had been a fighter all my life until my trip through the gynocentric state enforced jurisprudence meat grinder on a false DV charge. It is literally entering the gates of Hell. I learned quickly that challenging Court, Inc. will get you 20 years in the big house in a heartbeat.
        The Art of War cautions against fighting battles you cannot win. And right now, and for the foreseeable future, men who have the audacity to fight back will be crushed by a hob nailed 4″ stiletto high heel. It is just that simple.
        We will rise and fight again. But it is ludicrous to commit individual suicide right now. The time will come.
        Expand your thinking. Follow the money and it will lead you to the truth. It always has and always will. Cheers.

        1. I already started and I am taking the lead. I guess I’m the only super alpha left who is fearless and determined to dominate . The followers can follow later but I am a leader and I lead from the front.
          Enemy: Feminists and manginas
          Friendly: All pro-patriarchy men
          Mission: All able men to support the restoration of patriarchy
          Phase 1: Gain financial independence and security
          Phase 2: Dominate women, walk over manginas
          Phase 3: Isolate and contain the enemy; hurt them were it hurts the most: financially and in their livelihood. By then, the revolution should be in full swing just like the French revolution, leaders like Maximilien Robespierre, rewrite the laws. Time to show them what real men can do.

        2. I appreciate your enthusiasm. But please, sir, explain how you would accomplish your stated goals while keeping yourself out of prison?
          If you have experience with the police state and Court, Inc. you already know the answer. If you don’t, then fortunately for you, you have no idea what you are talking about.

        3. This is an international effort all actions will be legal in its jurisdiction in phases 1-3. If you study history of the French revolution, the revolutions of 1848, and the Arab spring you will know that once the revolution reaches the climax. We are the law. Throughout history men are the ones who built societies, made the law and protected the population. It’s time we become men again!

        4. Again, how are you going to stay out of prison or be murdered on the side of the road by the powers-that-be while you are implementing the phases.
          I have driven to a courthouse, after praying “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit”, knowing I would be stopped and murdered on the side of the road by the local Gestapo. Just how do you propose to avoid such a fate and achieve the goal?
          I put nothing past them, from personal experience. Is yours an academic exercise or do you have an actual plan? Please advise.

        5. Don’t worry, Alphas are competent, confident and highly educated. If you are unsure of what to do, just wait out until we initiate and implement phase 1.

        6. Yeah, right. You are a charlatan espousing rhetoric with nothing concrete. Please don’t do anything stupid like Colombine or Dylan Roof. Get back in touch when have something that makes sense.

        7. What’s phase 1 got to do with colmbine or dylan roof? Did you even go to University or you are just a high school drop out?

        8. You have made my morning, madam. I always love it when inferior minds realize they are defeated and retreat to the final enclave of name calling. Put in a fresh Tampon and call it a day. Ciao, baby.

        9. Who called you names? what names were you called? Don’t run away with your tail between legs like that. LOL.

        10. (1) You called me names. (2) You called me a high school drop out. (3) Why should I continue on with you when you have nothing concrete to offer? (4) My tail is not between my legs. I have simply called you out for details which you don’t seem to have. (5) Anything else?

        11. Do you speak English or you failed that too in high school?
          Yes, you don’t understand the English I wrote in my previous comment!
          (1) what names did I call you?
          (2) I did not call you a high school drop out. That is not a name calling. I asked you a question.
          (3) You already continued on with me and came back despite you saying that you are going. So you are indecisive and I able to dominate your actions. I know you are as subordinate and I am your alpha.
          (4) You keep blabbing and I really don’t care about your opinion because you did not go to University.
          (5) Nothing else, you may disappear from here now. I am done with you.

        12. “I really don’t care about your opinion because you did not go to University”
          Congratulations, with one single statement you proved that you are a complete imbecile.

        13. “We are the law”
          Good goy, keep being a strong, masculine man. The courts will protect you from false rape charges and stop any SJW lynchings!

        14. “I really don’t care about your opinion because you did not go to University” wow what an ignorant blue pill clown you are.
          “NextLeader” you should change your name into “NextClown” because that’s what you are. a clown.

        15. No. You proved you don’t have a point and you imply that you take uneducated opinions at face value.

        16. College Education is subjective, and anymore it’s rarely worth the paper a diploma is printed on. Discarding a rational argument because a person doesn’t meet some random metric is retarded. There are millions of folks with Gender Studies and Afro-American Studies degrees out there. Do you attribute them the same credibility you would to someone with an engineering degree?
          Oh, and here. Here’s a list of lesser educated people that apparently aren’t worth your time.

        17. Exactly. The political elites have first destroyed the men by emasculating them, then destroyed women by making them more like men. Feminism was the method to achieve both goals. The next phase is to bring in the dregs of shithole cultures by the millions and dump them upon the west.
          We need a call to arms, but to do so requires weaponary. And this requires $$$ to fund the weapons and strategic means for organizatuons like Pegida to fight for Europe’s heritage. Not sure if this will happen.Because even if europeans acquired rifles, I definitely see Nato and even the U.S. armed forces marching through europe with tanks and air support to protect the muzzies.

        18. Yes gender studies and such are utterly useless. But that guy’s opinions were utterly asinine too that it was too obvious he was either high on something or very uneducated. Read his comments and good luck if you can comprehend what he was blabbing about.
          Yes you can make money without college or University degrees, but higher education arms you with critical thinking, problem solving and enlightenment.

        19. I don’t particularly care about the author’s opinions. The list speaks for itself.
          And college used to encourage critical thinking, problem solving, etc. It doesn’t, for the most part, in this day and age. Today’s higher education is at best, a massive cash grab, and at worst pure indoctrination to a leftist political philosophy.
          The vast majority of people, and careers, have no use for higher education at all. It does absolutely nothing beneficial for them.

        20. Sure, many young students only go to lectures take some notes and try to pass exams and those only acquire knowledge. But if you learn with purpose and deep interest in the subject, you will achieve nirvana so to speak.

        21. its shocking that you still have to explain this. i thought this was common knowledge already even to the blue pill clowns.

        22. LOL. You are insecure because you did not go to University. That is very obvious.

        23. I’ve seen many a person declare someone with a completely invalid argument a victor, simply because they went to a perceived ‘better college,’ so I can’t really say I’m shocked.
          Papa Luthor was one of the last people to make it (and make it far) into a corporate business without a degree. He told me the best hiring candidates were the mid-tier college grads. He wasn’t allowed to hire people without a degree (ironically), and the Ivy Leaguers largely tended to be conceited and utterly blind to the realities of a practical work environment.

        24. I always went to private schools. Public school is academic failure on every level.

        25. Presidents go through a homosexual initiation ritual. no thanks, but good luck to you

        26. im not insecure about not having some worthless certificate which only proves how people are willing to bend over.

        27. Your entire sense of self-worth is wrapped up in a degree, which leads me to believe that you’ve never actually done anything significant beyond attaining said degree.

        28. Oh, the list is long. From two consulting companies and one eCommerce. I am also a subject matter expert in a field I will not disclose. I am expert with armed and unarmed combat, raced superbikes when I was younger, currently doing competitive paragliding and experienced in skydiving. The list goes on and on. You know I’m the kind of guy you wish you were. But you will never achieve half what I have achieved. How you think I got to be the super alpha, uneducated fool?

        29. I knew a guy like you, a long time ago. You know what he really did, as opposed to all those incredible things that he’d say he did? He’d go home, snort coke, beat his wife, live off her disability money, and cut purses.
          I’m willing to bet you’re much closer to him than the character you claim to be.

        30. LOL you are a joke. Mr. Wonderful. Needs a certificate that proves how he is able to go to the toilet all by himself. you are a helpless fool looking for approval.

        31. That must be your dad who banged your mother because she needed the money for heroine. If you had studied psychology you would know about Sigmund Freud.

        32. No, I enjoy rubbing it in because uneducated fools will never be worth more that their net worth.

        33. That’s what your whore mom said when your dad paid her $35 for the one night stand. LOL.

        34. Nigga you are done. instead of defending your point you fell back on personal attacks, that way you have admitted your defeat even if you dont understand it.

        35. I doubt dinner cost 35 dollars. My father was much too cheap to pay that much back in the day.

        36. You call it arrogant , I call it pride. Because I earned it with my skills, smarts, education and determination. Don’t hate me because I am better than you.

        37. Yeah your father was certainly cheap, your bullies made fun of you because of him and now you have insecurities. It’s ok, a visit to a qualified psychiatrist(with a University degree) will cure you.

        38. Oh it’s true. Look at my degrees and achievements you can only dream about.

        39. i would not trade my understanding with all of bill gates money. no, i don’t envy you. take your stuff.

        40. Well, according to your responses, you are indeed insecure and suffer from inferiority complex.

        41. Yeah, run away with your tail between your legs. Come back when you have a high school diploma.

        42. You seem like the kind of guy that gets dragged out of a bar actually.

        43. I agree that without financial independence we’re risking ending up behind the bars. More so, even having financial freedom can get you locked up for saying something non-PC (unless you live in the US). What to do then?

        44. I’m too classy for your average bar. I always have reservations in the VIP section 😉

        45. The Presidency doesn’t mean squat other than to let everyone know you are the one they bought.
          You aren’t going to get far here spouting derivatives against someone for not going to college. Some of the wisest people I have ever met had never stepped foot on a university campus.

        46. Or you can save 100 grand and get a library card. Outcome can be the same
          H/T Will Hunting

        47. The kind of guy who gets his door handles pissed on because he took two parking spaces for his “sweet ride.”

        48. I’ve read your tripe. It’s easy to see that you are one of two things: a troll who isn’t very good at what he does or an insecure narcissist with an exaggeration and social skills problem.

        49. Wisest people like who? Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein?
          They all went to University. The only people who defend not getting education are the academic failures and jealous because of their inferiority complex.

        50. Would you go to your doctor who learned medicine by getting a library card without a degree? Hypocrite!

        51. How about I just get a kick out of humiliating under achievers and fools like you? yes a bit narcissistic but well deserving.
          You still have not noticed this is a sport for me just like hunting game. It is very entertaining and I enjoy watching your dignity bleed.

        52. Sure, you take an axe handle and beat the holy hell out of someone with it. This isn’t an arms race.

      4. It isn’t women. It is the government by law in the name of women. The fix isn’t women or immigrants the fix is the destruction of the government. The men are too weak to stand up to the government. The same government that brings in and feeds the muslims and provides protection for them with hate crime laws. one stands up and stops some thug and he is in more trouble by law than the immigrant thug. The Immigrants know this and act accordingly

      5. Fuck you–could it be that muslims attack the US, France and Belgium etc because they, in fact, are the only ones who stand up to the aggressive spread of Islam and those who follow the insane blatherings of pedophile Muhammad?
        Why attack UAE, Jordon etal when they are already fully conquered by Islam? Why attack south American countries with terrorist acts when you can grow the filthy, demonic teachings unchecked and without resistance?
        As for your premise that it is weak western culture that has been feminized that is terrorized the most–your flat out wrong with your facts.
        A terror attack against the US or France gets a ton of media coverage in the west, but dozens of terror attacks occur DAILY throughout the Middle East, Africa and Far East—Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Ghana, Libya, Yemen, Indonesia, Philipines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and on and on–doubt me? look at a website called
        Hundreds of Islamic murderous acts per month, babies, women, children and innocents of every stripe are slaughtered globally.
        Again, you are full of shit –the men I know would wipe the floor with you.

      6. The reason terrorists attacked the west is;
        1 Immigration reform meant we let them into our countries. We shouldn’t have. Multicultural and Multiracial immigration is self destructive and stupid with rare exception. The Arab countries don’t even help each other. Go back before 1962.
        2 We held women in high esteem and gave them the vote. This was a mistake. Women’s desire for consensus and to virtue signal means large numbers of them will vote to accommodate the nation destroying corporates, leftists and fake refugee panderers. They can’t think long term because they seldome get past feelings. They are interested in the thrill of feeling good about themselves for some pointless act of kindness.
        Women with children are the exception but they are rarer and more belated.
        Exactly how we are supposed to “man up” and take the vote back you might explain.

    2. Uh, that still labels the radicals as the minority, but are they the minority?

  8. The harassment of ‘native’ Swedes (as if there are any other!) is not bug, it’s a feature- muslims are the shock troops for the global elite- in England they deliberately avoided prosecuting or even investigating muslims who raped and sex groomed white english girls.
    One swedish newspaper (leftist) said they would rather have islamic state governing than the right- that’s how hateful and destructive leftists are.
    Remember ANYTHING that helps dismantle western society is good in the eyes of the global elite /leftists.

    1. I have Syrian friends who moved to Sweden as refugees and they tell me horror stories of second generation immigrant radical Islamist gangsters. They out who they can… but the people who are nice to them say they think too much right wing garbage and right wing people usually see Muslims as a marxist class rather than individuals. They see that the left is dismantling the family, society, destroyed the white family, is wiping out the wipe race. Its a weird situation were the people who are nice to you are causing the social problems from their ideology and the people who are mean to you are right, and you had no clue the situation was like this and now you can’t go home.
      The criminals are leaving Muslim countries to Europe for free welfare and being able to do crimes and not get punished for it, European progressives attract so many criminals. Many refugees wonder how to get back to Turkey. If refugees have a problem with progressives, cuck cops and second generation gangster Islamist kids with no male role models in ghettos, out who they can on social media…. then its bad. Worse, when one Norwegian refugee was complaining about police inaction on refugee on refugee crime the newspaper, leftist, lied and said he got hid by some right wing guys via the context and turned it into a bizarre “refugees welcome” piece – I heard the censorship is nuts too.

  9. In Norway “feminist’ Unni Wikan said that rapes were the fault of Norwegian women for dressing proactively:
    “must take their share of responsibility for these rapes” because Muslim men found their manner of dress provocative.”
    Notice how everything goes out the window for multiculturalism – feminism, children’s rights, the environment, – that’s because leftists have found the single most destructive tool for atomizing society- hordes of third world immigrants.

  10. The Swedish government is bought and paid for by anti-white elites. It’s one thing for the Americans to be importing Asians, but it’s completely sinister for the Swedish government to import a cult that it clearly hostile.
    It sucks that these Swedish pussies are disarmed and can’t revolt against their government.

  11. I consider your question a rethorical question. Of course Sweden is becoming an islamic caliphate….but not only Sweden. Have you seen recently the streets of Paris, Berlin, Milan and Barcelona and any other big west european city?
    The important point is, what are the ethnic europeans doing about it? Nothing.
    The urban ones, like the parisians and berliners (how much I hate those leftist types) are happily talking about multiculturalism, listening to jazz, denouncing ‘racism’ and welcoming black somalis into their neighborhoods.
    The rural ones are more hostile to the invaders, but their hostility is only in thought, not in action. Their instincts are right, but they are afraid of government/policial reprisals if they take actions.
    If this trend continues, the ethnic europeans will dissapear in 2, maybe 3 generations.
    The question for the ethnic europeans is simple: do you want to live or do you want to die?
    We must secure the existence of Europe and a future for the ethnic europeans.

    1. The only people who can do that are ethnic Europeans. The US, under 8 years of leftism on steroids, is no longer capable of safeguarding Europe from a foreign threat.

    2. 4 generations ago the same liberal fucks in Paris were enthralled with the importation of black culture (jazz) from black American soldiers / support staff in WW1. 100 years later and it’s still xenophilia / negrophilia / self-hating debasement. in the words of Bart Simpson on the American cultural contributions, “I don’t count jazz because it sucks.”

      1. But let me guess, heavy metal is one of the greatest musical contributions in music history, right?

        1. Damn straight it is. Metal along with classical is the most masculine form of music there is-I would count say traditional Greek music and other similar folk music but they have a limited appeal amongst their respective cultures.

  12. May I suggest Northern Ireland?
    Ulster has resisted Islamization to a degree almost unknown in the rest of western Europe—no thanks to London’s policy of inviting all of Bangladesh to come live in the UK. In Ulster, Muslims of any race are strongly encouraged by their new neighbours to move on to England. Most quickly get the message.
    If you’re white and speak English, on the other hand, you’ll be welcome.

      1. Same way they fought the IRA. They shoot back, literally and figuratively. The same Ulster loyalist groups who fought the IRA are now hard at work nipping Islamization in the bud. Three “hate crimes” a day, and that’s just the ones dumb enough to think the police can help them short of arresting every Protestant in Ulster.
        It drives the elites mad because it works. Romanian gypsies whom London allowed to settle as “refugees” in Belfast have been reduced to begging to be returned to Romania for fear the Ulstermen would kill them if they remained.
        Reading between the lines of this sob story from the Grey Lady shouldn’t be difficult.

        1. What is the government’s stance on me (white, American, Protestant) becoming as ex-pat there?

        2. And clearly not infected with the kind of self-hate pervasive in most of Western Europe. I hope they stay strong and keep up the fight.

        3. They make such shitty pizza though! Why can’t they figure it out? The Lebs, the Frenchies, even the Chinese can all make a half-decent pizza, but the Irish? For some reason, they just don’t get it.

        4. Very well, but I specialize in bourbon. Do you why God invented whiskey? To keep the Irish from ruling the world. LOL. Cheers.

    1. Most of western Europe seems to be going down in flames, but I can’t see the Irish going down without a fight.

    2. I like their style-they don’t mess around in Belfast that’s for sure.

  13. Thank God we Americans have our guns and better sense than these people though our politicians are a problem until we vote them out.

      1. You bet on that one, The more criminals who try and break into our homes or assault us in the streets we shoot, the more potential terrorists we off after they bring up their bombs after the liberal establishment brings them over well Libs lose their votes while we live to vote against them another day

    1. Hatred is not needed to survive, in my opinion.
      Zebras don’t survive lions out of mere hatred.
      They survive because they’re smart enough to run away from the Lions who will try to feast on them. Their instincts tell them to scamp away from a predator that threatens their lives.
      What the whites are doing in many countries would be like an entire pack of Zebras standing still as the lions charge at them, ready to bite their entire faces off.
      Western Europe in general needs to understand that PREDATORS exist, and these predators are not their friends.

  14. let’s just look at this in simple terms. would you let a family into your home that has a history of fucking up homes almost beyond repair, and in addition to that they kill a few members of your family? don’t think any of us will, even if you are nice as hell.
    for a country that is supposed to be full of intellectuals and high level thinkers, they certainly are having difficulties with rational thinking.

    1. And even worse, after they do fuck up your home and murder your family, you think you did something wrong to provoke that response.
      Leftism is self-genocide.

    2. That’s what a lack of testosterone and testicles does. We’re talking about Sweden mind you, the biggest nation of pussies on the planet whom haven’t had to fight to protect their nation, their culture, their people in perhaps centuries. If you try to pull that kind of shit say in Eastern Europe and Central Europe in nations such as Poland, Hungary, the former Yugoslavia, Greece, Romania, Russia, you’ll be pulverised.

      1. you do make a point about the swedes never really being a nation known for war. they seem to have what seems like an unrealistic and blind optimism about human nature. no matter what you do or how kind you are, some ppl are just flat out predatory, and they only respond to aggression.

        1. Or possess an intellect on the level of animals and of which you cannot use reason or logic with.

        2. There clearly isn’t a majority or a prominent group of wise people living in Sweden. They have government laws to 1) steal children from hetrosexual fathers 2) encourage beta males to become sperm donors and slaves. Swedish propaganda try to sell Swedish women as sexy blonde babes. You know its lies when they have all these feral laws. Swedish women must hate the men there. I can’t see any wisdom in their intellectuals. Sweden has made it’s bed, now they can go and sleep in it.

  15. Slowly? More like fucking light speed to me. 711 the Moors invaded Spain. 732 they are defeated in Tours, France by Charles Martel. Took 21 full years of warfare to get that far.
    How long will it take to just shove people into Sweden and effectively be an Islamic State today?

      1. Not sure what you are implying here, but in fact drafting men and forcing them into the jungle to kill strange foreigners and die by the thousands was the primary driving force that *created* the hippie culture upon their return. They came back damaged, broken, and many were homeless, hooked on drugs, etc. Many times breaking someone and causing them intense pain brings about a revolutionary change in their heart. If you look at the history of the major leaders in the jihadi movement, you often find the same (they were tortured in prison, after which they became violent rebel leaders). The first image above directly caused the second.

        1. Swedish men and cucked men in general have been shamed blamed guilt tripped and broken under the whip of pussy to such an intense degree that I’m sure their rubber bands are wound very tight by now. It’s only a matter of time. It’s like a room crammed full of loaded mouse traps like in the movie ‘Mouse Hunt’. It will be like a ‘great wave’

  16. Europe will become over run with Muslims. WW3 will be the Muslim controlled European Continent Vs America.

    1. Don’t see america doing that, maybe if they team up with russia which I’d like, i think russia will start to kill some muslims in droves

  17. John there are still some areas that are heavily white in the US. All you would need to do is acclimate yourself to American redneck culture.
    This really isn’t hard because American whites don’t have much identity beyond signaling which corporate products they consume but I guess this could also apply to any groups in a westernized country now.
    What reason do you have to stay in a country that hates you?
    I have no delusions about my own country but here we have lots of guns and lots more open spaces.
    Those 2 reasons alone make it much more favorable than the country formally known as Sweden.

    1. The sad thing is Americans have been brainwashed to think they don’t have a culture, when in fact American culture is one of the richest of all, particularly considering the relatively young nature of the nation. From its roots with early explorers, to being a haven for religious minorities (Puritans, Quakers, Mormons, etc), to its legacy of discovery and invention. Much is made of the longevity of the Chinese / Indus civilizations when in fact what do they really have? 6,000 years and nothing to show for it save a wall and gunpowder?

    2. American gun rights give me some hope, simply because almost half the population owns at least one firearm, and guns aren’t required to be registered so it would be difficult as hell, if not impossible, to confiscate all firearms from the American people.

    3. The Vikings had a long history of trading with the Turks and other Muslim Mediterreanan nations. Maybe that has something to do with it.

  18. Good article.
    Is there anywhere I can read an English translation for Houellebecq’s book?

  19. Im in Colombia at the moment. Thinking of moving here a few years down the road. Being white feels good in this part of the world.

      1. I already have a lady lol Its just nice being in a place free from Leftist degeneracy

    1. How would you be able to move there and stay though? How would you be able to get permanent residency? I really want to get out of America myself, but not sure how to go about it.

      1. My GF is from there, I could get residency through her. I dont have a definite plan yet, my goal was to see the country and see if I could see myself staying here long term. And I do like it here. I think you could come teach English first to get a feel and then take it from there.

  20. Look I get it the western world is trying their best to “keep the peace” but at the same time you don’t want to gamble on the lives of your nation’s citizens either especially when a group of extremists will do anything in their power to force their idealogy on the rest of the world through threats of tyranny and death. Their is a simple solution to all of this buy playing nice sure as fuck isn’t the answer.

  21. Now I see why Trump wants to close the borders to keep refugees and immigrants out not because he is a racist asshole but to keep our country safe from Muslim extremists from reigning terror in the United States like they have been doing in Europe this past year.
    If you pay attention close enough over the past few years Western European countries left their borders wide open for Muslim refugees to just walk on through their countries and since then things have gotten bad to the point it’s finally starting to make headlines in the mainstream media. Stories of women being sexually assaulted,modes of public transportation like buses and subways being bombed,extremists burning European nations flags,and let’s not forget the bombing that took place in Belgium a few months back and the mass shootings that happened in France a year ago which left hundreds of people dead.
    Put two and two together and you’ll see the connection. That’s why the leaders in Eastern European countries like Poland shut down their borders at least until this problem is taking care of not because of racism but to ensure the safety of their countrymen. And I think that is the reason why the rest of Europe and the United States won’t take that necessary step because they are so goddamn worried about being labeled as racists especially since we live in a generation of sensitive pussies who are so quick to cry racist whenever someone of a certain ethnic groups motives or actions are called into question.
    Look I get it the western world is trying their best to “keep the peace” but at the same time you don’t want to gamble on the lives of your nation’s citizens either especially when a group of extremists will do anything in their power to force their idealogy on the rest of the world through threats of tyranny and death. Their is a simple solution to all of this buy playing nice sure as fuck isn’t the answer.

  22. Just curious John, do you have any idea when you are going to move?

  23. Are there any techs out there who know how to block this spammer cunt once and for all or are we destined to have her forever posting about her fucking roommate Lori?

  24. The first picture was taken in Malaysia (google “burn swedish flag”).
    I’m against Islam. But if you fake, better do not a cheap one, Roosh.
    Cause otherwise Westerners won’t be taken seriously anymore.

  25. I have been called racist and fascist so many times by these so called “victims” for just raising the question about mass immigration that I don’t feel any sympathy for them. They get whatever is coming to them.

  26. You know, I dislike third world immigration as much as the rest of you (my website speaks for itself), but I think some of you go overboard with your Islam paranoia.
    Muslims in reality have no real power in Europe or in North America. They don’t control banking, they don’t control the media, they don’t control academia, they don’t control pop culture, they don’t control legislature, and they don’t control foreign policy (if they did, Iraq and Afghanistan wouldn’t have happened). These things are in the hands of a small globalist elite that have no loyalties to their nations and fellow countrymen.
    Radical Muslims and SJWs are merely shock troops that are wielded by this cabal of globalists to insulate themselves from the peasants they seek to control. That is why European cops don’t fire on radical Muslim trouble makers. It is time you people recognized who your real enemies are instead of focusing so much energy on their pawns, and thus becoming pawns yourselves.

    1. You clearly enjoy watching your wife have sex with a Muslim guy.
      True, they are don’t have “real” power in Europe yet, but they’re still a minority though. As they grow in numbers, they will eventually control all those things you mentioned. London just recently voted in a Muslim mayor, so mark off legislative control from your list.

      1. Camel Jockey
        You are overreacting, which surprises me because you come across as quite rational in many of your previous comments. This ‘Muslim’ mayor of London – this omen of the apocalypse – is in reality a member of the Fabian socialist society:
        The Fabian society is the same society that George Orwell caricatured in 1984. There is no Caliphate my friend, there hasn’t been one in 800 years and there isn’t going to be one anytime soon. There are, however, globalist elites who strive to destroy our nations, our borders, our ethnicities, our cultures, and our religions.

    2. Well said. I too have said the same many times but these people don’t seem like the have every went to University or critically examined the topics they talk about. The uncontrolled immigration problem is the result of feminism. They can’t fight women so they just pointlessly hate on immigrants. What a bunch of wusses.

    3. Are this “real enemy” represented by triple brackets, (((like this)))?

    4. I think I would agree. The thing is, with their extremely high birthrates and constant new immigration they will eventually be the new majority in Western countries unless counteracted.
      That is why they arouse fear and hatred.
      Solution: Stop or significantly lower immigration.

    5. you have no foresight. today maybe only 5%, in 10 years 25% until they become the majority. that’s why we should proactively discriminate, but most people have 0 predictive abilities even when it’s right infront of them.

  27. That second story I found particularly distressing. As we know, in Muslim society if a woman is being accompanied by a man, she is off limits. (As opposed to an unaccompanied woman, who is fair game). But now we’re seeing Muslim men accosting Western women even if they are accompanied by a male.. they know Western men have become so feminized and cuckafied, they’re on the level of women.
    I say “distressing”, because even if the white guy does fight back, he’s up against 10, 20, 30 of the bastards. Who can beat those odds? It’s a rare man indeed who will basically sacrifice his life, or his life with an undamaged brain and body, attempting to fight off 30 of the vile little cunts. And they’ll still have their way with his woman.
    It doesn’t matter if white men, or police, or other authorities are standing around, these Muslim youths know they can get away literally with murder with impunity. And you can thank the fucking Leftists and feminism for the intractable situation white men find themselves in. They’re gonna get us all killed.

    1. Your problem in not fighting muslims. Your problem is you can’t fight women! That’s why muslims laugh at you.

  28. I can hang out with everyone, no matter which race, ethnicity, culture or religion they have, but for some reason I can’t feel any connection with Muslims and Africans. It’s like they operate on a completely different level than the rest of humanity. There’s literally no society in this world where Muslims and Africans have a positive contribution.

  29. “I’m looking to get out of here as soon as possible. Preferably to some place where the population is ethnically homogeneous and people don’t hate whites.”

    1. Japan comes to mind. So long as you follow the rules and customs they have generally no issue with white guys. Plus patriarchy and petite cute Japanese girls thrown in for good measure ;-). Korea might be another.

      1. They’re still fundamentally alien to us, and I doubt it’s widely accepted for Japanese girls in Japan (as opposed to in America) to have relationships with white guys. Personally I wish white South Africa could have held out a few more years…..with the advent of the internet and the Alt Right we might have been able to help spread the message about the true violent and savage nature of the ANC and blacks generally, and get some support going. Sadly the only mass media available in the 80s and 90s was the mainstream/legacy/anti-white type, and now the country’s gone.

        1. Speak for yourself man, Japan is not alien to me, and I’m married to a rather traditional Japanese girl also officially in Japan, so I can go there and work anytime I want.
          I do find it a bit stressful as the language is often spoken in dialect and the amount of people can sometimes be a bit much.
          Well I think most families would be ok with a western son in law provided he passes the same kind of checks a local would have to, in order to gain acceptance. They probably won’t see it as a plus, but they will accept it. My in laws are very old school traditionalists who as a clan have lived on the same land and tended the same rice paddies for hundreds of years, and they are conservatives of course.
          Believe it or not but I am technically supposed to take that over too… I find it all quite fascinating, the stuff I have learned about how linked to the land their traditions are, is quite beautiful.
          Dating, well I would say most girls there don’t tell their parents about dating someone, until it’s serious enough that marriage is being considered. Different culture.
          When the parents find out it’s usually get married or stop seeing eachother. It was for me and my now wife. City families may be different in that regard, I know city girls put out more easily. There are foreigner bars where the girls are relatively easy and quick to bed. In the bigger cities, like Tokyo, Osaka.
          Regarding South Africa yeah, the history is sad. A functioning bastion in Africa reduced to notching more than virtual lawlessness in many parts. I have friends both from there and who still live there so I’m quite aware of the level of tragedy there. Kenya is another example, went from lovely place and tourism booming to hellhole.
          I’m sad to say I’ve written off Africa in general.

        2. Botswana? Nigeria? Ghana? Cape Verde (though I’m not sure Cape Verde really counts)? Ethiopia?
          We always hear about South Africa and Zimbabwe, and yes, what’s happened there is tragic, especially South Africa. but don’t write off the entire continent.

        3. I don’t know anyone in those countries or from there, so I honestly don’t know. But since I tend to go to places where I know people it doesn’t really change the result for me personally.
          I would not be surprised if there was some hippy kibbutz in Syria where everyone lives in peace. Doesn’t matter.
          I have enough locations worldwide where I have to go anyway for me not to find it very interesting that some specific parts of Africa might be ok.

        4. Sounds like you have an interesting and positive life over there. But Japan isn’t a solution for large numbers of white people, simply because Japan severely restricts immigration. Rightly so – when you walk round inner city Tokyo it’s full of Japanese faces; when you walk round inner city London, god knows what kind of mystery meat you’ll find staring (and stabbing) at you.
          Regarding Africa, it’s the inevitable result of black takeover. Of course there are individual negroes of high intelligence and capability, but in terms of societal function you need to look at the macro scale, not the micro. The bell curve is too far to the left, and the lack of impulse control and delayed gratification too great, for large scale black societies to be anything but failures. From Detroit to Durban, twas ever thus.

        5. I would hate for large numbers of white people to invade Japan hehe. But yeah, you are correct, and the Japanese already now are relatively suspicious of foreigners to some degree, and a bunch more would make it unwelcome.
          But yeah, for some it can be really good. I have never felt unwelcome. But you have to accept the local ways, not doing so is a kind of insult. Especially if you like me are considered to have the duty to accept and follow their ways.
          The thing with Africa that is most sad to me is that there are many people who are white and who feel Africa to be their homelands who have been forced to leave the homes they inherited from their parents and grandparents.
          I have a quite good friend in ZA and the things she tells me are just really painting a very bleak picture, compared to what it was like before.
          My mom used to go to Kenya and knows people there but it’s not safe anymore, not even close to what it used to be like.
          Any society needs a population of reasonably intelligent people to run businesses and services and government to function. This is how it is. And in countries with average IQ below 90 this will not be possible simply with the native population. So if intelligent non natives are driven out, of course it will not work, regardless of the amount of good will.

    2. Eastern Europe I would say: Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia, and so on.
      That’s the last place I see hope for in Europe.

      1. Yes, the strong reaction of Eastern Europe against the migrant invasion has been encouraging. Perhaps because many of them have lived in the UK, and have seen first hand the problems caused by large numbers of Muslims.
        I read an interesting article a few months back about a Czech surgeon who worked in the NHS (British health service) who had written an op-ed for a publication in his native country urging them not to let in Muslims. He used as an example the issue of a Muslim nurse who refused to remove her headscarf before a surgery, even though it was an infection risk. In the end they had to replace her before going into theatre.
        Naturally, she wasn’t disciplined even though one might imagine that avoiding infection risks is part of the job for a nurse. She just screamed “Islamophobia” and the issue was dropped. Last I heard, the surgeon himself was in hot water for writing the article, even though the story was true and it was published in another country.

    3. Perhaps Finland or Iceland-they’re ethnically and racially homogenous and it’s too cold for those inbred hyenas to function.

  30. As Aaron Clarey said in one of his recent videos, if there’s a bright side to all of this, it will allow young women, whose voting habits and blind altruism made it much more possible, to suffer the consequences of their (in)decisions. The typical young white male nowadays resembles the Edward Cullen character from the “Twilight” films. You think his type will be willing to get between a young European woman and the next pent-up follower of the Religion of Pieces who takes what he wants,, when he wants? Not likely.

  31. “The boyfriend was a witness to the event.”
    “As long as you abide by their rules, they often won’t do anything to you.”
    Clearly, appeasement is the most effective strategy.

  32. Whites must eventually band together in the name of their race, culture, and country if they will ever fight back or stand a chance of surviving. The media has drilled into people’s heads that this normal survival instict has some kind of Nazi connotations and that is why nobody has done anything.

  33. Everyone talks the West is dead. It is not yet and it has become the duty of every man here to fight this tyranny. You are also a beta chump if you think you can just leave and go live in Asia or somewhere. Banging hot snatch is not the purpose of life. There has never been a better, higher purpose for a generation that has been lost to technology and social programming. We need to organize and come together as men. Only the real men will fight this fight.

  34. So let me get this straight…
    On this site you spend 90 percent of your time blaming everything in the world on women, much like the third wave feminism blames everything on men, and thus project your own psyche’s misconstructions of reality onto others and the world, and now you’re complaining about Muslims who rape, marry children, constantly fight within their tribes and think of women the same way you do,
    and which the West let in since the financial elites need to expand their dominions, bank accounts, influences, get more cash for all those mosques being built, and the left wing needs more parasite-slaves in the social benefits programs before they cancel those as well for everyone, and since god only knows the Western male and female love to play God, Messiah, humanitarian of the week by circling around the unwashed masses while the Vatican also thrives on religious conflicts and sees this as a fantastic way to either a) re-invent Christianity/Catholicism, or b) pretend to be victims when everything implodes in the multicult, multi-religious dystopia, c) gain back their sheep in greater numbers after the pedophile scandals…
    And the author mocks the Swedes for not ‘fighting back’ while he can’t wait to get the hell out of there…
    You Westerners are really strange. Central and East Europe need to build a wall with you as well. ps: Nope, we don’t want you as white refugees here either. Good luck.

  35. Muslims are alpha as fuck.
    While whites apologize for being such rapists the muslims actually rape women, that is why women love muslims.

      1. Being alpha is being aggressive and not giving a shit, muslims can do whatever they want because they are alpha, rapist or not, alphas take charge of society and decide where it goes, most whites are too cucked to take charge, since most whites with even a hint of testosterone died in WW1 and WW2

  36. I’m here in Sweden now, I’m not a swede though. All the stereotypes are true. The Swedes are intelligent, polite and kind. Everything works.
    The young women are delusional. Astonishingly attractive, approachable but living in a fools paradise. They seem to have no sense of responsibility or understanding of their own culture or race. They don’t care. The older women, the ones with children seem saner.
    Sure they can drive a garbage truck or be a chemical engineer but they lack any direction in life outside of a mapped career path.
    These women won’t have children. They have no sense of temporality. Somone has to tell them, quick your ovaries are withering.
    Even the northern most parts are full of mostly parasitic refugees, it’s very ugly seeing the destruction of such beauty, the foreign women (very unattractive by exceptional Swedish standards) in the head scarves propagating the same dysfunctional culture that prompted them to leave Somalia/Africa and introduce their kind of hell to Scandinavia.

  37. No one really considers why Europe is going to get utterly raped in the coming years. Think of this when the Jews inhabited Europe how well where the treated ? Badly the holocuaste was the last straw in a mountain of abuse. Now the swedes and Germans and the rest of Europe is bending over backwards to help Muslims, this is the bed you’ve made. That will continue to rape your women and beat you and rape you’re country right in front of you. And you won’t do anything about it because you hate God and righteosness and this is exactly what you get. Notice Sweden speaks out against the Jews the most, I see large amounts of terrorism in Swedens future.

  38. Indigenous European women, the best women of the world, too good to sufficiently reproduce with their “deadbeat” indigenous men and thus decimating quickly, deserve it.
    Happy submission, remaining most liberated and self sufficient ladies of all times, i already “fucked myself off” to Thailand.

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