7 Reasons Western Women Can Empower Themselves By Covering Their Faces With Veils

We all know how bad Western women have it today with daily misogyny and sexism. I therefore propose a solution that will satisfy all parties while liberating women once for all: All Western women, especially the wealthy white feminists who face the worst oppression ever in the history of humanity, should wear niqabs, burqas, or other forms of veils to empower themselves. Read the following seven reasons and you’ll see how they’re the greatest weapons ever against the evil patriarchy.

1. It’s not oppressive at all

First, in spite of what many in the West might say, the veils are not oppressive to women at all. If anything, they’re quite liberating as we shall see later on.

The key is to wear it because you want to while rationalizing that it’s empowering. Just as men giving you attention for looking feminine is harassment while dressing like a slut to attention-whore is empowering, all that matters is the intention and the justification you spin out of your emotional mind.

But don’t you have to be a Muslim to wear one?

Not necessarily. And who cares if it means stopping daily misogyny? Some women have already experimented and described feeling “liberated.” You should also know that many Muslim women wear the veil and identify themselves as feminists at the same time. So, drop your prejudice and don’t be afraid to give it a try!

2. Overcome patriarchal air conditioners

What other female fashion can be worn in both desert and snow?

Did you know that the patriarchy has been employing an invisible weapon to put women down in corporate workplaces? That’s right. These pesky sexist men have been trying to undermine your work performance by keeping the air conditioners at a room temperature to make you feel uncomfortable when you decide to wear your tank tops and shorts to the office.

By wearing a veil to cover yourself, you’re giving a big collective middle finger to your sexist male co-workers by keeping yourself nice and warm. Take that, patriarchy!

3. You won’t have to shave or take care of yourself anymore

Just enough slit on the eyes to do your all-important texting.

Feminists complain about having to shave their legs, armpits, as well as having to maintain their hair, put on make-up, and so on even as they rationalize that they’re not doing it to impress men. Why bother wasting your time with like that when you can just wake up in the morning and put on a niqab instead? It will save you enormous amount of time each day which you can then allocate to your precious texting and social media time.

4. You won’t be objectified


Feminists complain that women are being sexually objectified all the time (yet don’t mind marching around in their underwears with “slut” written all over their bodies). If you don’t like being sexually objectified, why not simply cover yourself? A simple burqa on you means no more street harassment, no more workplace harassment, and no more being judged based on your looks. Us men will benefit too by not having to look at your ugly and hate-ridden faces.

But sorry fatties, it won’t make you look slimmer.

5. It’s the best anti-rape defense

You think these women get cat-called and raped by evil Western men?

How about a using it as a way to survive our rape-apocalypse where one in four women are raped every single day (no exaggeration, it’s all supported by feminist data)? What man would dare jump you and try to rape you when they don’t even know what you look like on the inside? What man would get turned on just by looking at a drape of curtain? It will even prevent drunk rape where you wake up feeling like a slut and decide to ruin a man’s life by accusing him of rape because no man would even hit on you to begin with. It’s the best anti-rape defense ever for women concerned for their own safety.

6. Be unique without self-mutilation

So many colors to show off your unique identity!

Far too many Western women are mutilating themselves to show how unique and special they are. Why damage yourself to meet patriarchal standards of uniqueness? So, instead of getting silly tattoos (that you’ll likely regret in the future), chopping off your hair to look like a punk rocker, or getting piercings like some African tribal warrior, why not just wear a veil? Tattoos and colored hair are so mainstream now, you can do much better to show off what a special snowflake you are with your unique fashion.

7. Attract the right man

You probably wouldn’t get as many Tinder matches though.

Tired of losers and douchebags who just want you for sex? By wearing a veil, you can attract your own Mr. Perfect. Instead of being judged by your body and looks, you’ll attract men who will value you for your… uh… um…

Education and career!

Yes, men will finally ignore your aesthetics and whatever little femininity you have and appreciate you for your hard-earned college degree and desk job. You’re guaranteed to have a line of men waiting for a chance to date you.

So, will the Western women do it?

“Is my Pussy Pass still valid if I’m covered up?”

No, of course not. Who are we kidding?

Western women, even the feminists, intrinsically understand that their women card is too valuable to throw away. They still want to whore for attention and feed their egos over on Instagram and Tinder (even as they complain about sexual objectification); they still want thirsty men to worship them just for not being a land-whale; the ugly ones will still want to engage in reaction-formation and purposely augment their ugliness to disgust men; they want to slut around with all the sexist and masculine men they claim to despise; they still believe the burden of rape is solely on the entire male gender while they themselves lead irresponsible lives; and so on.

The very thought that they should even make an ounce of effort to keep themselves accountable for themselves without blaming and controlling men is completely alien and unacceptable for them; they’ll just come up with excuses after excuses to avoid taking responsibility for their own lives.

The feminists have no solution to any of their complaints, and that is by design. Feminists need to keep their torch of victimhood burning forever so that they can continue blaming their problems on men and society at large while they themselves want an impossible dream of being able to eat their cake and have it too. Feminists of today will never stop complaining and whining until stronger men come to put them in their places. Maybe then they will gladly consider wearing niqabs or burqas to submit to more masculine men with powerful ideology (like they already do in Europe).

In cucked Sweden even the men wear veils.

After all, feminists are still women; they will always submit to the strong and repudiate the weak. Why would they respect feeble Western men who can’t even defend their own culture and family values? Why would they be attracted to insecure men who are afraid of their own masculinity and sexual attraction? Perhaps that was their goal all along: to filter out the weak men with their tantrums and see which men will overcome their giant shit-test.

A test which the majority of Western men failed miserably by trying to be nice and reasonable.

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  1. #8. The perfect garment to wear if you’re going on a crime spree. It’s less suspicious than a balaclava but has the same effect of preventing you from being identified. Also, plenty of fabric to stash your loot under.

    1. Plus balaclavas have to feel very hot and stuffy in the summer heat. Don’t know how hipsters pull off wearing winter gear in the summer, except for full blown idiocy.

      1. The oddest thing about the hipsters here in new York is, as you may know, their ground zero is Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
        When I was a kid, however, Williamsburg wasn’t a place for young hip kids. It was (and still is to some extent) where all the Hasidic Jews live.
        I remember as a kid (maybe like 12) going to some big birthday party shindig at Peter Lugar’s steak house (also in the ‘burg). It was summer and I saw the Hasidic Jews with their over coats and big fur hats and I thought “these guys must really be uncomfortable”
        Fast forward 30 years later and the Hasids are still there and sharing the area with Hipsters (and, increasingly, wealthy women in their 50’s who are trying to prove to their ex husbands that their vagina is worth more than gravel….plot spoiler: it’s not).
        Between the Hipsters, the Harpies and the Hasidim no one is every dressed appropriately for the weather. It’s really kind of funny…especially when you consider the beards of the hipsters and Hasidim…I mean, other than the hasids having god and the hipsters having molly they are practically indistinguishable.

        1. …and the smell of body odor from wearing all that gear in the 3 H’s of summer. Hazy, Hot, and Humid.

  2. Decent article. There are two words that if banned We will all be the better for it; inconvenience and empower. The former is just a pretty word used by people not used to having that many syllables in their words and reeks of pretentiousness but empower, is a whole other beast entirely.
    I’m certain if a key word search of empowered was done, 97% of all uses would be by a woman, and it would be used for everything from defending and prosecuting rapists is empowering to surviving rape is empowering. May do a word search to find the first time it was used, but there is nothing you can’t put empowered next to and have a woman say, yeah, that is empowered. Especially if you have a study to go with it.

    1. Good call. You only need to use the word “empower” with man (or men) and then it becomes a bad thing (empowered men). It’s only good when it’s applied to women.
      The word game is funny and everyone needs to see it for what it is….propaganda, at times.

      1. It’s a Leftist tactic of redefining words to suit their narrative. Empower, as I define it, is a positive thing regardless if it is used to describe a man or woman.

        1. Right. We see it all of the time especially when we see the word “diversity”.
          Diversity, to me, means “not accepting any more whites…especially white men”.

  3. Looking at the multi-colored niqab chick photo, I’d have to go for the one in the orange being the most attractive, with purple coming in second. Lime green would be the ugliest, with Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat on the far left coming in second ugliest.
    It would be a bit interesting to see how well Arab men can judge who’s hot and who’s not based on the very… very little they can see. I wonder if there’s a skill set there. If they wouldn’t kill me, I’d like to try my luck at that game.

    1. you think arab men have, over time, evolved the ability to tell who is hot under a veil?
      Very possible.
      If not there would be a lot of shenanigans going on. “You thought you marry my daughter but you really marry bag of falafel!”
      “Still better than marrying American women with comp lit degree”

      1. I’m curious if they have to be honest. I’m sure they pay attention when a chick is walking into the wind, and her full body table cloth is pressed against her, it gives away certain elements of her figure — titty size, gut presence, etc. I know I pay attention to that shit if a chick is wearing something loose fitting. I imagine they have their methods.

        1. I actually think it is more that they do not care. Marriages are arranged. They are basically just bred sows. Guys are probably thrilled they are covered up. When they want to fuck something attractive they go sodomize an infidel.

        2. I bet guys come out in droves in Saudi Arabia when they get their whopping four inches of rain a year.

        3. yeah, I have heard this one before. I think it tends to be the poor ones. The rich ones seek out bottle service girls for Miami.
          No doubt that there is some disgusting shit going on in the third world.

        4. I saw some stuff in a documentary about Afghanistan where US troops witnessed the local police commander keeping boys for recreational activities… They literally had like 2-3 young boys as toys around the police compound all the time.

        5. As far as I’m aware, mostly everyone in ‘Ghanaland are poor. They’re a tribal backwater that was torched by the Russians during their failed takeover. I actually had an Afghani kid in my unit who told me his father gained citizenship for his family by cooperating with the CIA during that time period, and that they hated our guts thereafter because our field agents promised support and we didn’t show up before the Soviets wrecked their entire country.
          So they herd goats and have sex with boys now…
          What a sad world it is.

        6. I talked last fall to a U.S. contractor who’d spent five years in Afghanistan. He loved being there but said the worst part was his inability to do anything about that. He could sometimes hear the boys screaming at night while being raped.

        7. IN the world some places have always been fucked to death shit holes with people who herd boys and fuck goats or the other way around. It has to be somewhere. Just glad I am not there.

        8. I really need to start rethinking about the so called masculinity of muslim men…Men do not fuck young boys.

        9. I recall that one terrorist that went berserk was rumored to have been an Afghanistani warlord’s pretty boy abuse victim

        10. I wonder if we can start arranging international student exchange programs in order to expose young feminists to cultures that are apparently of no relevance to their championed first-world causes. Or like, just export them there permanently. Operation dumbo-drop.

        11. That´s why muzzies are sexualy frustrated and hate western world. Imagine you are mandated to marry a fat hairy chick and also you have to bang her in order to have no less than 5 shitty kids…

        12. No, they don’t but pederasty has always got round the imputation of it being effeminate by being unidirectional. Ie they are tops not bottoms

        13. I don’t know….a lot of betas here will wind up marrying a fat hair chick (or chick who will become fat and hairy after the wedding) and pop out a bunch of kids. Only difference is that the muzzy bitch knows her place and always has dinner ready.
          I think it goes single > married to fat hairy muzzy chick > married to far hairy American chick who can divorce rape you and knows it

        14. operation bimbo-drop would not get my approval. I want as many young women who think being fucked by men they just met in the filthiest ways possible is empowering to be as close as possible.

        15. Selective adherence to the Quran and Sharia Law. See that’s more palatable and relatable for Western feminists.

        16. Hard to figure it out is it not? Greece for instance, is the basis of our Civilization and yet, pederasty and pedophilia were not only normal but promoted by the State…We just have to read a Plato dialogue and see the homo eroticism of it.

        17. I don’t see how but I think they justify it somehow. There must be loopholes ooh err

        18. Yeah but in fairness with Plato Eros moves to higher planes in the form of platonic love, which if I understand correctly involves substantially less arse fucking

        19. That´s why muzzies are sexualy frustrated and hate western world. ”
          This is key. In fact, i would say, that for someone to understand the coran and Muhammad laws we have to see that its pretty much based on sexual frustration. Muslim men are nothing more than sexually frustrated men. That is why, when they come to the West and see our “liberated” women showing more skin that they are used to, they go bananas.

        20. Be advised, in other Muslim countries this practice would get you executed indiscriminately.

        21. I wasn’t planning on trying it out myself. As for those other countries I’ve always fancied trying my hand at base jumping but not blindfolded and without a parachute

        22. The Saudis represent an anomaly in the Muslim world. Between them an UAE, they have some of the richest populations in the world, and thus allow lax standards that make their countries’ adherence to Islamic doctrine look like a gay pride parade standing in contrast to an Amish wedding.

        23. Lmao. Not good enough. You must also be buckass-naked with a bungee cord strapped to your nuts

        24. I work in an area with a high annual influx of Indian summer tourists.
          If you sent a blond girl over there unescorted, she would not come back.

        25. That’s true. The men have a power and control structure that revolves around ass-pounding.

        26. He said “young feminists” which means over 250 pounds, unnatural hair color, multi-piercings, a jigsaw of pretentious tattoos, etc. Basically, Jigglypuff. I’m fine with carpet-bombing those reasons with all our Jigglypuffs. Parachutes optional.

        27. Just a thought on that. Who decided that Ancient Greece was all gay pedophilia all the time? I mean, seriously, people act like all the Ancient Greeks did was write philosophy and bugger young boys. We have plenty of their philosophy… do we have tomes of accounts of them sitting around with young boys under their togas? Perhaps we do, and I’m unaware of it. But is it possible that maybe the pederasty and pedophilia of the Ancient Greeks was nowhere near as prevalent as we have been lead to believe by modern historians? Could the Greeks have used different words to describe the “love” relationships between men and boys of their time because that “love” was different from the love between a man and a woman… i.e., it did not involve a sexual aspect. Now, before you point me to the Grecian Tome of Man-Boy Love written by Historicles, understand my point: I’m not saying there was zero pederasty/pedophilia, I’m saying perhaps it was a whole lot less prevalent than we have been lead to believe. The homosexual agenda has been working for decades to warp public attitudes about homosexual. It is highly possible that inflating a perception of rampant gay love in ancient times was part of their efforts.

        28. AH.
          Well my first inclination is to, of course, that that that is great. I mean, what other purpose can those “women” have anyway. Seems it is a wasted resource not to drop them out of a plane onto a bunch of starving 3rd world terrorists.
          However, without them the attractive girls may become more feminine and stop racking up triple digit notch counts by the time they are 30 and that would really put a damper in my weekend plans.

        29. But if we eliminate the current DUFF in every herd, then every girl in each herd will slip down a notch, leading to a corresponding decrease in self-value of every other girl in the herd. This would, in turn, increase the need of even the higher order girls for reassurance of their self-worth and self-validation through increased leg-spreading and random cock-hopping. Win-win.

        30. “The homosexual agenda has been working for decades to warp public attitudes about homosexual.”
          So true, but i have the impression that throughout History , the more i read about it, the more i realize that homosexual behavior was not only tolerated but promoted by the so called elites.
          However, if you read and talk about how homosexuality was seen by ancient cultures, you will be told that the poor gays were always persecuted and killed.
          I always think about Philippe, brother of Louis XIV, that was blatantly pushed to act and behave like a homosexual due to political reasons. Reminds of Hollywood and all those ugly pederasts.

        31. Nope. I had a friend who worked at hospitals in Iraq throughout the invasion. There was a running joke among the Western personnel about something they called “Boy Toy Tuesdays”. Frequently, young boys would have to come into the hospital seeking medical attention after having been sodomized by older male family members – sometimes multiple at the same time. This is not just a Saudi or a “Gulf States” thing.

      2. That’s why in Arab countries if a chick flashes you her ankles you know she’s a solid lay. Just make sure you have a couple of goats to trade for her.

      3. Actually in Northern North Yemen where niqab used to be common guys can tell everything by the ankle and the way the thing blows in the wind. Virtually all niqabis have long hair, hair to the waist is considered standard, women dress up. Lebanese designers like Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad cater to Niqabi tastes, they like to dress up for parties with their girlfriends once a week and play princess having tea, that’s the usual life. American women with their gender neutral life and women’s studies miss out on the fun. http://www.ofbride.net/img/Zuhair-Murad-Haute-Couture-Fall-Winter-2014-2015-Fashion-Week-in-Paris-28.jpg
        Also Islam dictates that the man is allowed to see who he is getting engaged to. The meetings of engaged couples are chaperoned. I occasionally wore a niqab in Yemen when going through a weird part of town alone after a party with too much make up not to attract attention, and wore shorts to play tennis at an American compound earlier.

        1. I find it very hard believing that places outside of Manhattan actually exist.

        2. I’m still trying to decide if Ohio is a real place or a mental prison.

        3. Don’t be so drastic. I assume you are just part of a large collective delusion I am having.

        4. This could be one of those DMT trips. The machine elves are giving you this experience before sending you back to some prior life in the 12th century.

        5. we all know it’s wyoming that doesnt exist. I now present my undeniable scientific evidence.

        6. college football…Ohio Buckeyes. It would seem odd that such a famous college football team would be made up. I can understand the army football team being a farce but not Ohio.
          I suspect if Ohio was a lie, then Garfield would’ve told me.
          but then again John Kasich doesnt seem like a real person, so he might actually be the governor of the long lost Wyoming sent to enslave the masses by taking over our most important election state.
          he probably killed JFK too.

        7. John kasich is the combined willpower of our state as you could see in the election.

        8. yes clearly. i personally think he was paid by the GOP to be a spoiler….its the only reason he stayed in so long

        9. Pretty sure he just wanted to get out of Ohio for a few months. That’s as deep as I think it goes.

      4. better for us to acquire the ability to tell which one carry a bomb beneath her niqab. more useful imo.

        1. “does this bomb make me look fat?” –Every Female Suicide Bomber (presumably)

    2. Looks like a police line up where a witness is trying to identify the perpetrator behind a 2 way mirror.
      Hmmm…which one looks like the one that did it?

    3. There’s an old joke in the Middle East about a man marrying a woman without first seeing her face and it turns out she’s an ugly middle aged hag.

      1. I read about some dude divorcing his wife the day after the wedding because of how dog butt ugly she was. It was a while back but I got a good chuckle out of it.

        1. Did the see the article about the guy who divorced his wife on the wedding night because she was too busy on social media to consummate their marriage? I’m pretty sure that was in Saudi Arabia too. Western marriage would change dramatically in a short time if all the men had to do was say “I divorce you” three times and still be able to walk away with all their own shit and no alimony.

      2. The prophet said that a man can see the wife he is proposing to before getting engaged… but some traditionalists are against because the beautiful sister will get married but ugly will have a harder time … but ugly girl gets divorced anyway. Also the prophet Mohammed banned niqab. It was originally used for women to stay pale because that was considered pretty and upperclass, like a tan in the middle of the winter in the west.

      1. Is that following the show I invented yesterday Top Imam?

        1. we you eat ham and know it’s haram
          you went to madrassa to learn the halal rule

        2. Undercover Martyr wins dude…put a fork in it, steaks done.

        3. Really? I liked Camel Caliphate better… All the elements are there for a direct parody. And beards are really trendy right now…

    4. I saw a girl in a niqab on the sidewalk just yesterday. She had gorgeous eyes — really, no joke — and the wind was just right so that I could see her hourglass figure. I’d give her at least an 8. Thar be hotties under them flaps.

      1. A lot of sexual frustration i believe in those bodies and minds. Just look at Persian (i refuse to say iranian) women…Stunning!

        1. That’s why they cover em up. In the west we see women as lusted after, but in Islamic countries – or so I’ve heard – they are supposed to be the ones gagging for it or at least need their sexuality strictly constrained

        2. Muslims say that God broke up sexual desire into ten parts … and gave nine of them to women.

        3. I understand what you are stating, its like “cover them up otherwise they will be transformed in to crazy nymphomaniacs” The problem is the hypocrisy. Correct me, if i am wrong, but is it not Saudi Arabia that has the highest percentage of porn addicts or rates in the World???
          I really laugh when i see men/women defending this bs arguing that its liberating and a matter of choice. Just another attention seeking scam in my view.

        4. I’m not defending it but that appears to be the reasoning behind those customs.East vs West is repression vs anti repression

        5. Never heard that one. Given the number of frigid women out there there must be some genuine super sluts out there skewing the percentages

        6. Good point about Persian not Iranian. And indeed, the beauty of Persian women was legendary in the ancient near east eg Darius’s daughter Barsine whom Alexander took as wife to stake him claim to the throne..

        7. Still today brother, i look at them and they are mind blowing. Sophisticated, mature, classy. I would not mind give it a shoot in finding a good women in there…of course to bring her back to Portugal.

        8. My brother in law was over there training their military and he said they had strict customs on meeting/hooking up and some normal things in the west would get you killed. There’s an entire procedure on meeting someone through friends and family and how you actually go about hooking up. Also he said a lot of stores and fast food chains had two entrances with a wall separating them, one for married men and their families and one for single men because they didn’t want there to be any temptation from one I gathered and that even when you went to someone’s house the wives only showed up to bring food and drinks and then would disappear to another part of the house. He said they told him it all stemmed from old tradition of getting a women in the desert and holding on to them because they could be hard to come by, but those strict rules might explain the high pornography rate.

        9. Frigid women? The are either latent lesbians or just not attracted to you. Get rid of them and don’t waste any of your life. It’s not your problem.
          I would suggest of course that a woman who has some anxiety over having sex is not frigid, just anxious.

        10. That is a very interesting report…to think on the lives and billions the West spent to save those savages from barbarism with the results that we see. Its surreal for instance, to see pictures of Kabul in the 60s or 70s and what it is now. The basic problem, is that muslim men do not have access to sex in a normal way, hence all the raping culture and all around fanaticism. In the picture, you can see women in 1970s. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1509cfe1a9eca58d11a2594fad4395c1cc902d722f58e69146f2d6dc85969d4b.jpg

        11. That is crazy how different it was then. I think the west should realize that our culture isn’t exactly compatible with their beliefs and that’s why every time the west tries to intervene it only ends up worse. They should be left alone to figure it out themselves because I don’t think most people outside of them can understand their way of thinking.

      2. when was the last time you got laid? And I mean no disrespect

        1. 16 times in May so far, plus a few bjs. I just downloaded a sexual activity app. My gf loves it cause she’s a numbers person.

        1. Reminds me back in high school when I went to a house party of a Catholic school kid. The girls when they went to school had their usual uniform, but at the party…WOW!

        2. “bring back Catholicism! Bring back Latin Mass! :-)”
          Not going to happen and people would be better off just becoming Orthodox anyway, where the Divine Liturgy (aka “Mass”) and the Bible didn’t need to be hidden away in a dead language to begin with.

        3. No, I am explaining my life. I am trying to show you how great if people go back to church. Another guy made a very valid comment about Catholic girls, boring uniforms but at parties, wow, do they dress. Those with a strong religious ancient tradition dress well. Bring back yours. Revive your latin mass Catholic or Byzatine Catholic or Christian Orthodox tradition and you’ll have the same thing here. I want more friends to dress up and go out with, most of my friends are immigrant girls. Get your girls to church, teach them how to actually have fun and enjoy life. The more female friends I have the merrier, it’s really hard for me to connect with white non-immigrant chicks because most are feminist.
          But the who problem in society was most women were housewives and geishas in the old generation. Vicious gossips, eat each other alive. You have to watch Real Housewives or the reality show on WAGs (football wives and girl friends) and see the hierachy and viciousness. Thank GOD some women started studying engineering, web design, and started working a couple years before dropping out to raise kids, and return to the workforce when kids are inschool (some part time, some full time). They are family women, not career woman (career person thing is bullshit). In a patriarchy, women working works out well.. but there are still some community where women skip science or engineering and go straight to housewives, become man-manipulators on an epic scale and vicious gossips. Things are improving and it’s lucky we are skipping the radical feminism step except for Houthi areas.
          So get your girls to a traditional church and good things will happen. I am selling you returning to your traditions, connecting to your culture, your faith. In Lebanon Christian women dress the best in the middle east, they are Catholic and Orthodox Christian …. so your women can also be happy like Lebanese Christians.

        4. I agree that it doesn’t need to be hidden. Ukrainian Catholic services are in two languages and very beautiful, you have to see it, many sing in the opera choirs. Living, dead, tradition is tradition, and there is nothing quite like tradition passing down across the centuries. It’s likely electricity, we can’t explain why it works, but we enjoy the beauty and benefits of its light.

        5. Most when they are younger, but there was this one girl with beautiful grey eyes and a crocked nose and crocked teeth. She played up her eyes with her niqab so the boys were chasing her. But when she took it off at the girls’ party, despite the beauty of her poofy gown and long hair and eyes, that giant eagle nose and crocked teeth …. wow …. looked positively hideous. The girl need a dentist and maybe nose plastic surgery. Everyone else looks evenly matched.
          I was in beauty pageants here in the west. It’s the same damn thing in beauty pageants. Long hair, going to the gym and a healthy body, a nice gown, make up and you can even make a witch beautiful … maybe except Miss Crocked Teeth niqabi, with braces and conturing on the nose she’d be beautiful too. There is no such thing as an ugly woman, there are only lazy ones.
          Western women could easily do the same. They do in beauty pageants, you should see how plain the girls are when they first enter and how gorgeous they are after even one year in pageants. That’s why feminists fight against beauty pageants. Most of the girls in pageants are religious, so promote religion like Christianity, patriarchy and pageants and you’d get the same in the west. There are some existing beauty pageants, and what you can do is promote the ones in your country or community.

        6. Please promote Catholicism, Orthodoxy, hard core Christianity with tradition so we can see more beautiful white women!

        7. Pandoras Box is already open with respect to religion I’m afraid.
          Let me pick you up on something you said about housewives. Every woman has worked in my family going back more than a 100 years. Who were these women who were lucky enough to be able not to work?

        8. In my family women worked, both sides …. except my great grandmother initially was a nobel woman so she stayed at home when her serfs worked for her. Then her husband’s head was chopped off in the Russian revolution and she had to work. Yemeni side, women were farmers. Where I grew up in Sanaa, you had women from elite families who could afford not to work that began to be expanded to middle class families. It wasn’t pretty. Women were manipulative, manipulated their man and nasty. Then women started getting degrees, working, taking time off for kids (not the bullshit career woman thing) and the family dynamic began to resemble a healthy farm dynamic without the back breaking labour.
          In the 1950s in the US there was a level of prosperity that lead a large group of middle class women whose husbands could afford to let them not to work. This resulted in a large number of over-entitled spoiled manipulative bitches. When you have a couple noble women as housewives, they try to learn music, latin, … realize they are lucky not to be breaking their back like the women they see when they look out the window. Now when all men can spoil their women, women get over entitled. So that happened in prosperous parts of the US in the 1950s when manufacturing was in the US and not Mexico. Then the spoiled bored housewives got bored and USSR took advantage of these women and pushed feminism. They were emotionally unregulated because they didn’t have to be, husband took care of everything. Then Russia exported failed Leninist experiments into the west, and the spoiled entitled women of the time began to chase feminism.
          This is why you see a very spoiled illogical mentality among feminist leaders. They want half the guys’ stuff housewives are entitled to because they made a sacrifice to stay at home and raise kids … so its mutual sacrifice… but instead want to be a “career woman”, not have time for husband and family, even cheat on their husband, spend time on career instead of kids while husband picks up the slack, but still feel entitled to custody of kids and taking half his stuff as if they were housewives raising kids.
          Bob, you are lucky that your parents or family weren’t the spoiled brats responsible for feminism. Spoil the woman, spoil the society.

        9. Middle Eastern females are gorgeous and as for their style they are really classy and their beauty still shines. Our society promotes girls to use pure sex appeal to try to be attractive to men because it’s a degeneracy. There’s nothing much more modern dating culture offers anyone.
          As a Christian girl i wish i had a nice traditional Christian community to join but most modern Christians can’t be differentiated from the average liberal non religious person anymore. I always loved the traditional life. Maybe that’s why i was always attracted to the culture of my first (Turkish) bf. I would have married into that.

        10. Woof. I prefer to promote secularism and see beautiful women of all nationalities. I don’t see how those things relate to each other, though.

        11. Beauty pageants objecitify women and glorify one-dimensional personalities.

        12. Says a bitter man who is stuck sleeping with feminist fat cows grazing at McDonalds with a larger collection of STDs than colours of paint you can buy at home Depot and unnatural dyed skirllex haircut like a diseased parrot. No wonder you hate Muslims whose women grow their hair long, keep it a naturally colour and rarely ever go SJW in their looks. So you can only get ugly chicks …. so that’s why you hate on hot ones. I see.

        13. But you hate women in beauty pageants…. you are just making excuses for banging feminist SJW fat cows with hair of a colour of a poisonous brazilian frog and a personality to match. The problem is then they think you love them and you subsidize and promote that kind of behavior instead of happy and healthy women.

        14. Nah. My wife is damn hot. Women don’t need men to guide them into being hot. They can do that themselves. If you think that you are pro-women’s right, your country is beyond fucked up.

      3. I see loads of them in hijabs where I live. They usually have really nice bodies, and the headgear really draws attention to how pretty their faces are. Their make-up is usually immaculately applied. Compared to your average EE chick (in my neighbourhood) they look really elegant and lady-like. And they are probably all virgins.

      4. I live where there is a huge Somali community. They wear the burka, but it usually consists of a micron thick piece of silk that is shrink wrapped onto their bodies. It covers everything from head to toe. but it conceals nothing. As a side observation, apparently undergarments are not part of their culture. Most Somali women are thin to voluptuous (and I am using the original definition not the OKCupid/POF definition). So, I have lusted in my heart for many a Muslim girl.

    5. “Lime green would be the ugliest, with Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat on the far left coming in second ugliest.”
      lool Gold, pure gold.

    6. Damn…but if you picked wrong then that’s your baby. I don’t know. I think I’d rather see the curves of a nice looking woman versus trying to guess what she is wearing under the bed sheets. I’m a man and time is a valuable resource.
      I just wouldn’t want to have to take home a new donkey from Shrek and then I’d have to introduce her to friends or family. On the plus side, they’ll never see her but I’ll know….I’ll know.

      1. As a side note: Here is something you can play with your woman one night when you’re stopping over her place.
        I called it “Playing ISIS”. Here is how it goes:
        She dresses up like a CNN reporter (or any reporter) and I come over to the house, sneak in, cut the power and I have my way with her.
        Remember kids…it’s no longer playing doctor…now, it’s playing ISIS.

        1. Then, post-bang, she renounces her citizenship to move into your hut and cook goat stew.

        2. damn….a bit extreme but funny.
          The other side of it…then we couldn’t play it again.

        3. Good one. I thought about that but then I said “how are we going to play it, again, maybe next week?”…so we had to bend the rules a bit.
          A good laugh at work, though.

      2. It wouldn’t matter. You’re not stuck with one woman for the rest of your life. You have many to chose from if the first one didn’t work out. Monogamy is not natural.

        1. Good point…but damn…you would know and she would be one of your wives. I shutter to think of it.

        2. It will ok. You’re in this Western cultural mindset of marriage. If she’s no eye candy, she can still cook, clean, watch the kids you made with the other hottie wife.

    7. Choosing must be like ” …a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going yo get”- Gump

    8. What I find interesting (but not unpleasant) are so many hottie Pakistani women on social media where one photo shows them in full Muslim dress burqa and all and the second photo shows them bent over wearing only a string bikini bottom and a “come fuck me!” smile. I guess even Islam can overlook a few rules when it comes to such lovely buns!

    9. No skill set. They rely on a lottery-like system as they always have. Why do you you think so many of them beat their women? Kinda like why married Indian women have the dot on their forehead. Because their husbands poke em there and say “Why are you so ugly? WHY ARE YOU SO UGLY?”

    10. I don’t think they care. Its normally arranged marriage. Not only that, all that gear is normally only worn in public.

        1. Don’t take their word for, they are known to lie flatter than the prayer rug …

    1. lol! Every time I see a woman in a burqa I always say “NINJAS!”

        1. Yeah, its not the ninjas you see that need to worry you……

        2. Yeah man, don’t you know. Japan has the shittiest Ninjas ever because we know they existed. Now Iceland has some badass Ninjas, no-one’s ever heard of Ninjas from Iceland.

        3. Yes, the lethal force of Icelandic ninjas are absolutely devastating.

      1. Personally I think it’s an affront to ninjas because they’re cool-I would say walking garbage bags; they are about as appealing as those and smell as bad 😉

    2. My wife fancies herself a Ninja… time to put her shinobi dedication to the test!!

  4. You can literally get a women to do anything as long as you tell them it is empowering and liberating. Just ask all those whores in Dubai.

    1. They took that part about going out and getting a job to be liberated. Opening doors for them? Nope, showing courtesy is taking away freedom.

      1. Men have got to stop doing traditional chivalrous things for women.
        Very important

        1. Depends on the woman. If they are traditional, go for it. Feminists or average American slut? I wouldn’t give them the time of day. Can’t afford to reward bad behavior. I view chivalry as similar to tipping a waitress, it has to be earned. I bring my wife flowers and open the door on occasion, but she cooks, cleans, and shows respect.

        2. “I view chivalry as similar to tipping a waitress, it has to be earned. ”
          Amen to that!

        3. Problem is, there’s no way to easily determine such things in many cases. When you’re walking into Barnes and Noble, the average-looking woman behind you may or may not be a feminist, and you only have an instant to act. Do you hold the door for her, or not?
          Never hold the door for a woman you don’t already know. Nice guys finish last

      2. I always hold the door open for people (men and women) walking in behind me. I’ve noticed a trend where some women (maybe 10%) shoot me a nasty look and refuse to say thank you.

  5. So as per the conclusion to your writing, the entirety of globalization, multicultural osmosis-by-coercion, denigration and debasement of Western society is a giant population-wide shit test?
    It all makes sense now.

        1. Well the first consideration is going to be style.
          There are many variants of Muslim-styled traditional female dress. This BBC article outlines them:
          I’ve selected the Burqa because it reminds me of an Imperial guard’s outfit from Star Wars. But I don’t like red. That aside, I suppose in the interest of feminine liberation from oppressive patriarchally-impressed beauty standards, I should allow my woman to select the color of her choice.
          From black or green, because those are my favorite garment colors.

        2. But then we’re missing the entire point of the article, aren’t we?
          Plus, I ain’t lookin at that shit.

        3. Just saw a lady wearing a Burberry scarf as a headdress …stylin’ makin the other chix jelly

        4. Fair point. Solid colors only, and I dont like that shade of green.

        5. From the depths of fashion hell! Mwahahahahaa!
          (Seriously: Google Image search for ‘Bright lime green clothes’).

        6. Just looking at that second one literally elicited a sensation of nausea.

        7. I just googled ‘hijab tits’ and that was kinda fun. Some were not. But some definitely were.

        8. That’s the reaction I was going for. I thought I ought to give you fair warning; given women’s contrarian nature, if you were to order your girl to wear a burqa that’s black or green, assuming that you’re alpha enough that she follows your orders, she’d activate her ‘Malicious Compliance’ mode, with probable results detailed above.

        9. Well she’d better be careful. I own the car she drives, the cellphone she pays me to use and the lease to where she lives. 😉

        10. Still, “But you said my burqa could be green … “.
          That would make a great sitcom come to think of it. A red pill man gets a genie (or some such) and wishes for a beautiful young wife who does exactly what he tells her to.
          Cue said wife serving him a ‘dinner’ of stake and (paint) chips, watching her figure (balloon), growing her (pubic) hair long …

        11. I aint no Major Nelson lmao. In my version each episode would end with “BANG, ZOOM straight to the moon!”

  6. Congrats to Corey. Very good post. As for western women that submit to Islam and become extremist whores… Have anyone heard of Samantha Lewthwaite??? Just saw in Portugal a documentary about her, and, if anyone wants to know about what a western converted women thinks and works for, search no further.
    Her mantra was “have as many babes as i can, fuck as many alpha non white men as i can, dedicate myself to jihad as much as i can, kill as many non muslims as i can, despise and betray Western Culture as much as i can”.
    Truly the poster child for whats happening as she represents everything we debate in ROK as far as Western women want strong men with strong frame and whats deeply wrong in the West today.

    1. She’s got a Sloth-face. Reminiscent of Rocky Dennis.
      Go fuck all the nonwhite Muslim men you want. I really feel sorry for them.

      1. As i watch the doc. i thought to myself “she as the face of a big black dick lover and of a western that hates the west”. These women are truly more dangerous than they seem. If you see the documentary, the Mi5 lets her go after the London bombing…Guess what: pussy pass.

        1. Lol while the two are unrelated, I definitely have come to recognize a certain physical manifestation of genetic traits, specifically in facial structure, that suggest a predisposition toward being a hoodrat who shuns white men…

        2. Well, its also true. There are women of all walks and levels of physical quality who chase after men of means no matter their racial makeup. Alpha fux.
          But there are sooooo many white girls who look like they’re part neanderthal that are living in the PJ’s with 5 kids, no baby-daddy around, bangin the local small-time crack-server before he goes in to do his next bid.

        3. “But there are sooooo many white girls who look like they’re part neanderthal”
          Hehe Hands down. Whats wrong with these bitches??? Ha yes…i forgot! The Eeeeeevil western patriarchy! Lets go and make a carrer on being a Isis bitch instead…Ha God the pain!

    2. Some good information. The problem in our society is that you can’t (or they won’t) call out that information. Anytime someone from the west tries to question (or accuse) them of exactly what you just said (above) then we are called racists for it.
      The real enemy is within if you ask me (politicians and the media). A war will be fought but it will probably be fought on two fronts.

      1. “A war will be fought but it will probably be fought on two fronts.”
        Its already being fought brother and we are loosing i believe. If you are talking more specifically for a armed confrontation, if things continue this way, give it 20 or 30 more years.

        1. Indeed. I would say it will probably happen in Europe, first. It’s a shame. I had holiday plans to come over, again, this year but I changed them once the open borders nonsense started last fall. I was looking forward to it but with all of the problems I couldn’t do it.
          I think of all of the lost revenue (tourism) that some of these places will be losing now that they (EU) have created the mess. Some countries are better than others but I decided to pass on it.

        2. Some places are still ok. Southern and Eastern Europe can still be saved. As for the North…hopes are slim.

        3. Finland is doing ok still, Sweden not so much. The Swedish tried to buss the rapefugees over the border but Finland is saying no thanks. Also I think Finland has a high reject rate and also a bunch of them going back voluntarily interestingly enough.

        4. Yes, i heard that the cold is hard for them to endure. Funny shit, for the weather to be a stronger opposition to mass uncontrolled migration than the elected officials.

        5. Yep. Many Americans are applauding the efforts of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, etc…for rejecting the open borders policy. It’s something we have wanted here for a long time. It’s the reason why Trump is on the rise. The politicians in the U.S. have ignored the people for far too long.
          I’m sure many nationalist parties in Europe are on the rise as well since this open borders policy started (one in Austria for sure).

        6. They are. And guess what: no problems in those nations with Islamic terrorism. Is that hard to understand this simple logic??? Jesus!

        7. Eastern Europe maybe but hardly the south. I haven’t been to Italy in some years but last I was there it was pretty much shit in Rome and south of it. Spain is even worse, and look at Greece…
          Heck if you go to some areas around Montmartre in Paris you won’t head a word spoken in French on the street nor see a Caucasian face other than your own reflection.

        8. That is indeed funny. The reasons they cite are its too cold. The food is not the same as at home (duh!) and people are not as friendly as advertised, hehehe, no shit.

        9. That is true. Some places are shit. I read that Naples is almost a war zone, between the Camorra and Nigerian gangs.

        10. Being a Mediterranean myself, i say it is very hard to live without the Sun and all its glory…but i am not going to impose sharia law or cover up women. So, thank you bad weather!

        11. thats part of it but not the big part. There are few jobs, and more and more drugs and petty crime, and add the garbage collection problem going on for years, and the whole city of Naples is dirty. Even Rome is dirty, if you walk the streets the walls are dirty and there is litter everywhere, and you have to have a hawk eye for pick pockets and all this.
          It smells bad, and many cafes and restaurants rip off customers regularly.

        12. I went to Rome some 12 years ago and it seems, by your account, to be heading to a shit hole. I remember being warned, not to take the metro by night.

      1. Not one person in the last thousand years has figured out how to put on zipper on the ninja outfits?

        1. what about the slider on the top of ziplock bags?

        2. We’re talking about a death cult that is at least 1400 years behind the civilised world-zippers are the product of Iblis 😉

    1. You know what’s even funnier than that? When their headbags get caught in the moving parts of escalators-it is absolutely hysterical when that happens.

  7. Another spot on article from RoK. I was entering a county jail the other day and outside the door was a little black chick (yes, she was little size wise) making a duck face and taking a selfie. I just couldn’t help but laugh.

      1. Just a little chuckle sharing. Like you would want a picture of yourself in the visitor area of a jail.

        1. Probably visiting babydaddy and taking a picture for FB to proudly stake her territory in aversion to the side chick she found out about.

        2. Gets a little wild and wooley when both show up at visitation. Screaming, swearing and weaves a flyin. Not to mention a few broken acrylic nails.

  8. “Spare the rod, spoil the child”= Remove the patriarchy, spoil the woman … and the spoiled act rotten.

    1. Just so you are aware:
      I’ve been watching your posts and find them generally insightful and valuable. Your unique vantage-point seems to espouse similar ideals to our alumni, however our community strongly discourages discourse with those who are not heterosexual men.
      Its nothing personal, as for many reasons it is vital to the continued strength and cohesion of our community.
      But I wanted to explain why engagement toward your arguments has been limited, even if your assertions have been valid.

      1. Also “she” is a troll.
        Cant you see that?
        The time wasting, distracting type of troll that pretends to agree with most things on rok.
        Sophisticated troll.

        1. Can’t you exercise a little tact and finesse?
          She very well may be, which is a big part of the “many reasons it is vital to the continued strength and cohesion of our community.”

      2. I understand and one of your members found two other women who have a similar view to mine… I just want a female version of this site. I am an immigrant and you are the first white people I could relate to. In Canada, all the immigrants are together Christian, Muslim, Chinese Confusion … and the white people do their blue pill hipster thing.
        Even Armenian Christians are ghettoized. Their response to feminist atheist quiet revolution Quebec: they built a gated community in Montreal with their church inside and the only time you see them out is the Armenian genocide parade thing in Ottawa. Armenian Christians!!!
        The things you say we kind of say to each other in our way in our own cultures …. but this is the first time what we think is so well articulated by white people. By the way I saw some Arab guys try pick up … my husband and I refer them to this site. It’s the best thing to keep Arab second generation kids away from radicalization and ISIS. I studied intelligence and national security… it sucks that they don’t have the balls to use RoK stuff as an anti-ISIS deradicalization strategy.
        I got a couple tips of white girls I can talk to from members here, and would love more and have our own girls’ site where we can also discuss girly stuff like feminine clothes, make up, war, opera and the classics. I hope it’s better than my attempts to meet white girls I can relate to. I thought I made a white friend with a girl who was pro GamerGate … then she hated me for citing Ovid’s Metamorphasis, and was offended that I quoted Latin proverbs, found it sexist!!! … turns out she was one of those “second wave feminists”…It’s so hard to have white female friends because no matter what you say as an immigrant, something will be politically correct and “trigger” them because they are so spoiled and over-indulged by their men.
        I am like “I am not your boyfriend, why do you assume I’ll take your crap”. On the other hand most white girls love my style because I dress feminine – it’s hard… I know if she even thinks being a feminist is ok.. I can’t be friends with a young white english/french old stock girl who looks like she is a sweetheart. … sooner or later she’ll think some immigrant thing I said is politically incorrect and have a huge meltdown on facebook and twitter. I had white girl roommates… grandmother’s generation who went to church is awesome, but blue pill white girls are spoiled brats and a terror to live with. I have lots of crazy stories. I am so glad men here have grown a spine and refuse to spoil them anymore.
        Please do send any non-spoiled white girls who respect their men and their heritage and are red pilled, and other red-pilled women over to me. I want our own women’s site. Thank you, I am very glad you have a men’s site where you can form ideas, and fewer western men are contaminated by progressivism. So if you send me over women I can relate to … that be great!

        1. Such an endeavor I would be interested to see undertaken. I bet a site like that would take even more shit than we do.

        2. Let’s find people and make it happen. I don’t want to keep lurking on RoK to be honest and want a woman’s site. If people are interested, don’t mind cross posting occasionally… but it would be great to connect with like minded people. The problem in Canada and the west is ghettoizing. Immigrants of all faiths and races tend to congregate together and share values (patriarchy, masculinity in men, femininity in women) .. so we can’t relate to betas and omega white men and over aggressive spoiled brat feminists. As an immigrant this is the first white people site that really speaks to us.

        3. I must say I am in strong disagree with this article, and even more because I am not religious. There are many things in this site I disagree with and I dont like the articles such as control your women’s diet, girls are intellegent inferior and when claims such as women should be controlled, women want to be raped and objectified and there is only one way for women is being made. However I do agree that many things in western soceity is off, the drinking, the casual hookups, egc forgetting what really matters and I am myself married young, like feminine things but i would like the hear more about your views.

        4. You are the best! Thank you! That’s why I am here. Roosh V said it’s a men’s forum, so I won’t comment further but feel free to send any more amazing finds to my twitter. My goal is to build a Return of Real Women forum for women . Thank you so much! @al_masani

        5. Najat as it is a men’s forum, and let’s respect the forum owner here, I am just replying to comments and leaving, but feel free to continue the conversation and stay in touch with me at @al_masani

        6. the boss Roosh V said it’s a men’s forum, so I won’t comment further but if you know any women that I can build a red-pilled women’s forum that would be great, my twitter handle is @al_masani – let’s get it going

  9. This is good stuff. The problem with women is that any attention to them from men receives a different response based on the man’s attractiveness and desirability. Women would happily be raped by men of certain prestige and attraction, except they would never call it rape; they’d rationalize it as “we made love.”
    The fact that the exact same behavior, whether it be a glance, a catcall, a comment, a touch, an ass slap, a grope, or even an assault, would receive different responses and judgments based entirely on whether or not the target finds the initiator pleasing to them or not is antithetical to logic and reason and shatters any pretense that feminism has towards fairness and harmony.

  10. So if a white person has their hair in dreads the modern leftist will attack both verbally and physically for “cultural appropriation.”
    Meanwhile this same leftist sees no insult in wearing a hijab, despite not being Muslim?
    Cancer cannot be reasoned or debated with. The mass must be removed with a very sharp knife before it kills the host, then you poison whatever remains in hopes it dies before you do.

    1. They have no problems with Burkas because men cannot tell who is hot or not.

  11. I would support this only along the lines of “progressive” western feminists who, for some mind boggling reason, appreciate the backwards, barbarous culture of Islam and want to prove how “tolerant” they are (see that pic of the idiot Swedish leftists above). Otherwise, no. Those things present a huge security risk; you have any idea what someone (and not just a woman) could put under there?
    Keep in mind above, only the hijab covers the head and not the face; burqa (#4 and conclusion) covers everything and the niqab are most of the photos above.

  12. I have heard stories about what’s under those sheets.
    Not all of them bad. I mean, think about it: they are protected from the sun. And I have been told by other guys who been there that they can tell the women are wearing makeup and you can see they take good care of their hands too. Maybe it’s because those are the only parts showing? I don’t know.
    Maybe the women are so beautiful when young that they do make men lose control and detonate their bomb vests prematurely?
    Yeah I know, the older ones probably hit the wall all the same and they fill out those sacks more than when they were married. That’s no different really.
    Jokes aside, let’s think about this for a moment:
    We are TOLD in the west that these women are oppressed. But what we are told has not turned out to be true. I have been told on rare occasions by people from there that this burka thing is overblown. Obviously the women are cared for by men, men who work to take care of them.
    Are they happier?
    Better yet: has anybody ever crossed paths with women who “escaped” that culture?
    I have.
    And every one of them were cunts who could not go more than 1 minute without lecturing you if you didn’t start beating yourself up when they told you how “oppressed” they were.
    Funny though how the choice is to wear a sack over your head, OR be a miserable slut.
    But then that’s the same as having a civilization full of self-gratifying decadent sloths or some stone-age existence where you die at 40 but were honorable and virtuous the whole time.
    I’m getting tired of these “choices”. Who is in charge of these choices?

    1. Personally I’d be less concerned about what they look like and more concerned with what they SMELL like having been under a hot stuffy tent all day in July.

  13. Sorry but this is bs. 😀 This is the other side of the same coins. There is a golden middleway between dressing too revealing and dressing like a non-excisting ghost.
    Best anti-rape? I think not. Many women dress modest in a country like Egypt. Sexual harrasment happens daily and nearly all women has experienzed some sort of it. We can clearly see that the countries where the women are dressing like this, muslim countries, it is not working. There are sexual harrasment, rape and porn addicts.
    In Islam this dressibg is used because Muhammad was a old pedophilic narccisistic mass-murder who kept slaves and raped and he had many young wives and slave girls while he was old and a crazy, he had to “keep them in control” in some way so no other man would look at his possesions and because a womans body is all awrah(a sin) in islam. So i dont think women should wear this unless they want to be seen as a walking and talking vagina.
    And in many countries iy is by law the women should dress like that, not all like this but it is by law. So it would be mean-spirited to also promote it in the west, that would be counter productive. It is easy to say that as a person living in the west where we have never been opressed or forced to cover all up by law because we are walking and talking vaginas or dicks.

    1. satire, my friend, satire
      Feminists complain about being treated like objects, Here is a solution.

  14. Haha this article cracked me up. Interesting how slutty feminists are always the first to whine about being objectified when they have their muffin tops and boobs spilling out everywhere.

  15. Really hope the guy in the pic is wearing an open faced ski mask (like oil workers do here in the harsh cold of a Canadian winter), rather than an Islamic rag in solidarity. That would truly be frightening.

  16. Forgot to mention. that those women have to learn, how to address their husband ??
    Only by saying,: Yes my Lord & Master !

    1. Women without burka (open face women) need constantly reminded not to boss their husband and not to talk down to the man. Then they watch this thing called women’s channel and they forget who their spouse is. They actually forget. Can you believe it?

      1. Very short attention span.. So the ME men have a cure for it??
        They advice to beat your women three time a day & not to worry why ?? They will know why ??
        LOL… This is a feminist wet dream ??

  17. Yesterday: hurr durr, Western culture must fight back the invading Muslim culture.
    Today: 7 Reasons Western Women Can Empower Themselves By Covering Their Faces With Veils
    Earlier: Women should be virgins until marriage.
    Later: 8 tips on how to get laid at work
    This is why no one out there takes RoK seriously. Jesus Christ, guys. You’re more bipolar than a chick on her period.

    1. And being unable to recognise satire when you see it is a big reason a million screaming cunts came on here accusing Roosh of promoting rape.

      1. So, enlighten me, between tips to get laid for men and promoting pre-nuptial virginity for women, which is sarcasm.
        I recognize sarcasm well, thank you very much. That doesn’t change the fact that RoK is bipolar as fuck.
        If you want anyone to take RoK seriously out there you’ve gotta decide what’s the editorial line. We men either are the guardians of women’s virtue or its defiler.
        Can’t have it both ways.

        1. Actually, the two examples you give are quite compatible. The second of being virginal is for the gal that can actually pull it off and reap the benefits. The first, getting laid, is based on experience and knowledge that very few women these days can pull off the virginal thing.
          And I neither guard nor defile woman’s virtue; they do a good job of it on their own. I know, it’s a unique view that a woman is responsible for herself and most would say unrealistic. But hey, I don’t have to date your sister anyways.

      2. Unfortunately, none of the writers on ROK are any good at writing satire. In fact, the bar is set pretty low around here for any type of writing, and appears to be getting worse very quickly

  18. #6, the model on the right, whoever she is, those eyes, God Almighty those eyes speak to me. You in the light blue, can’t take my eyes off of you. I’m embarrasing myself here before the world I know but you’re too much. We must meet. I know this isn’t the Delilah show otherwise I would dedicate Frankie Valli ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ right now. No, I’ll best that. If you’re out there trolling this site blue eyes in the blue burka, here’s for you:

    Aaah stars if there be matches made in heaven, till we meet
    Yours xoxoxo

  19. I think this will lead to a revival of Christian values. Sodomites have no honor, so they will only behave with moderation as jihadists strike fear in their hearts. But Christianity will come to be seen for what it is. The only true freedom.

  20. I never for a moment accepted the “feminism is a giant sh*t test” notion; because women (especially feminist women) don’t get to sh*t test me, despite what their nature tells them to.

    1. It’s not a shit test of you specifically, but of Western culture. We failed big time.
      And women certainly do always have the ability to shit test any man whenever they like. Your power lies in your response to the test; not in claiming that the woman can’t do it, which is false.

      1. I totally get it. And yes, we failed. Women only get way with what we let them. But I’m not saying what is reality, only that I refuse to play the game. But maybe the response to them is in fact the way to them to F off

  21. Middle Eastern women are good looking. It is a shame. Give the boobies freedom let the dawgs out.

  22. My math along with my logic is probably out as I’ve just sunk my fourth double bourbon, but if one in four women is raped every day that’s about 3.5 billion divided by 4 which is 0.875 billion women. Even if you spread that across the last 10 years that would still be roughly 239726 women getting raped every day somewhere on planet earth.Its a bloody crime pandemic!
    And you’ve got to factor in a radical feminists definition of rape. This could be anything from catching her glance and sexually assaulting her with your eyes, to mansplaining something that would be helpful for her to know, and thereby raping her with your vocabulary. Anyway I just hope I haven’t triggered anyone…

  23. Yeah, the day your women where hijabs is the day you western men are going to be under the thumb of an islamic society.
    As long as i live in a free society, i will show my face. If you western men dont like it, go somewhere else.

  24. Hijab v. Tattoos?
    Give her the hijab every time!

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