How One Man Rejected Obesity Propaganda And Turned His Life Around

We read so many media stories about how we have to “accept” or “deal with” mediocrity, or even things worse than mediocrity. It has all become so routine as to pass almost without comment. But every now and then an inspiring story will get the attention that it deserves. I recently came across story of a young guy who literally fought his way out of depression and obesity. I thought I’d share the story here, which I learned from reading his long blog article on how he changed his life.


You don’t need to have experienced obesity to admire this guy. I’ve never had a weight problem, but I do know how difficult it can be for someone to change his way of thinking and his lifestyle. It takes a supreme, sustained effort for many years, and even then it becomes a life-long responsibility. It’s easy to see why so few people can do it. But we should all strive to crush our personal demons to achieve a better life. That’s the real lesson here.

Matt Harmon grew up loving food. He readily admits it. But he doesn’t take refuge in any excuses. He freely admits that it was his personal choice to be fat:

The way I packed on pounds was my fault, and mine alone. I can’t blame my parents, there’s no fingers to point at “society” or modern technology. I stayed fat because I wanted to. I didn’t know how much I hated it, or the way the negativity of my consistent weight gain consumed me, until much later in life.

Even so, for a long time he remained oblivious to calls to change. His family pestered him to be more active and try to lose weight. But Matt just didn’t care. He couldn’t see the logic in it. At the end of the day, when all was said and done, the benefit he got from being fat outweighed any negatives he experienced from his condition. And so nothing changed.


College brought with it a host of new opportunities to indulge in food. He tried to visit the gym, and did, but his workouts just didn’t take. He explains why here:

So I’d piddle around at the gym without any real direction for two or three weeks at a time. But I’d quickly become disenfranchised when I would lose just a couple pounds in a month and didn’t see a lick of difference in the mirror. I was also insecure about being the fat guy in the gym, like all the in-shape people were looking in my direction thinking “what the hell are you doing here?” That reminds me, don’t be the person who gym-shames. It’s fun to laugh at those goofy commercials, and yes, crowded gyms are not ideal for regular visitors. But that unspoken feeling of insecurity and shame kept me out of gyms for years.

At one point, his weight exceeded 300 pounds. He was also binge drinking, and he was out of control. And somehow, at some point, he realized that something had to change. The first real change began with getting rid of soda. He believes soda, more than anything else, was the demon that kept him addicted to bad food habits. After that, he made other healthy dietary changes. And soon, these little steps began to look like big steps.


Take one step toward your goal, and it takes two steps towards you, to modify an old religious maxim.

But then things took a nosedive again when he graduated from college and began his first job. He was dealing with personal issues—family issues—as well, and just getting out of bed in the morning had become a real task.

The real, final decision to change came around December 2013. Two key factors played into this decision: first, he had begun writing a personal blog that focused on football; second, he just got sick of being overweight. It was that simple. As he describes it:

Simply put, I was just tired of being overweight. I had enough! For years, I hated looking in the mirror and facing the image that stared back at me. The chubby face, a stomach that hung over my belt and covered in shirts that hugged in unflattering spots; I wanted it all gone. Sure, I had those thoughts and desires for years. But this time, I was taking control. I was going to fight for my health. From that moment on, my life changed forever and I never looked back.

Other fortuitous circumstances played a role here as well. He chose to take a job that gave him the time and ability to work out seriously. He also “radically” transformed his eating habits. Realizing that the baby steps he had been taking were not working, he launched into some bold moves. And it all came together.

He even got a new job offer at NFL Media in Los Angeles. When good things happen in one area of your life, the positivity tends to carry over into other areas.


What can we learn from this story? Here are the four major points:

1. Your interests and hobbies can save you. Cultivate them, and never abandon them unless they are self-destructive. If you like to write, write about them. Do what you know best, and you’ll do it better than anyone else.

2. Do not give in to negativity. Do not coddle yourself. Do not listen to the media’s attempts to brainwash you into becoming a mediocre loser. There are millions of people out there who have the same problem that Matt Harmon did. And most of them are making excuses for themselves. Don’t be one of those people.


Nobody cares about your negativity, your excuses, and your problems.  Being negative is a character trait of chickenshits and wimps.  You have to take charge of your own life.  If you don’t, your demons will control your life for you.  And they’ll take you right over the edge of the abyss.

3. Sometimes you need to change your city and environment dramatically. Bold changes are often better than incremental changes. You need something to “shock” you into new patterns and new directions.

4. Only you can make the decision to change. At some point, you will just reach a crisis point where you either fight or collapse. What are you going to do? Are you going to drop your pack on the side of the road and be a whiner, or are you going to keep moving forward? The decision is yours.

What makes Harmon’s achievement so impressive (at least to me) is that it comes in the face of unrelenting obesity propaganda from the mainstream media. Rather than try to help people, the media instead caters to their basest instincts, with the sole purpose of making money from their misery.

Sometimes I think we need to start a “Man of the Week” or “Man of the Month” featurette. If so, my vote this week goes to Matt Harmon, for having the balls and the discipline to break out of his inner prison.

Well done, Matt.

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211 thoughts on “How One Man Rejected Obesity Propaganda And Turned His Life Around”

  1. 5. Find your true reason(s) for wanting to change. I tried for a long time to lose weight and gain muscle for all the wrong reasons and always wound up failing. After some self-searching, I found my true reasons and am fired up to work out every time. I leave the gym wanting to immediately go back.

    1. First and foremost is to do it for your health. If you have kids, do it for them. You lead by example.

      1. My cousin’s kids drink soda like madmen. They have easily more than 5 a day, and Redbull.
        Redbull. Yes. How many of those does a person need day?

        1. I noticed that sodas always made me sweat. It was as if my body was immediately disposing of the substance. This happened when I drank too much of it.

        1. I read an article here once a couple of years ago that said the 2 most important thing you must do is to take care of your body and your mind because no one else will do it for you. That stuck in my head and I live by it. So true.

  2. I lived this story myself… especially the part about sodas.
    They have to be at the top of the list of “worst things for you.” You might as well be drinking fat if you consume these to excess.

      1. On the one hand I agree with tyrannical liberals about banning large sodas for the stupid poor slobs that buy them. On the other hand, WTF, soda tax?

        1. It is rather interesting that our advertising promotes bright, vibrant colors when so often in nature, colorful and vivacious objects tend to be poisonous.
          But marketing is a billion dollar industry, so what do I know?

    1. It is my one vice. I love soda. I drink about two a day. Every day. Actually, I have lots of vices. Soda is great. I always have to have ice, however. I cannot drink it from the can. It does burn. Stuff is poison.

      1. Fun part is quitting soda. I haven’t had a soda in two weeks but the cravings are still there. When I do drink any it’s at the most one a day, even then…ugh.

        1. Let’s go have a soda! You know you want it! 😛
          Nah, that is great you quit. I used to drink over 5 sodas a day. I have cut down, but I do not see myself quitting for good. The worst part is the stuff is acid for your teeth. I pat myself on the back fro cutting down and convince myself it is enough progress. It is not. I need to get with it.

        2. I’ve tried that and it didn’t work for me. But one good combination I liked was homemade iced tea with home squeezed lemons using sugar cane for a sweetener.

        3. I tried to replace soda with “healthy” drinks like Powerade and I think they might be just as bad. Thanks for the tip. I am drinking water right now. It feels better.

        4. Heh, funny enough while getting groceries yesterday I bought a dozen Shastas. They’ve been sitting in my pantry since and I have yet to be tempted to touch them. Life’s funny like that.

        5. In this spirit, I must recommend Schweppes Black Cherry, if it’s available in your town/country/planet.

        6. They are. If you need flavored beverages you can’t beat the homemade tea, coffee, lemonade, fruit punch. It kills sugar cravings like nothing else.

        7. I imagine you coming home from a stressful day and breaking down:
          “I cannot handle it anymore! I’m gonna do it. I’m finally gonna do it! I’m gonna drink that Shasta and nobody can stop me!”

        8. I once quit cold turkey for 8 months. Then, one day, I decided to have a Pepsi, and after that found myself consuming multiple sodas a day. Several years later, I’ve finally mostly cut them. I’ve gained much more self control, so I only have them every now and then, but I haven’t been able to go cold turkey again. If I could go back to the time I drank that one Pepsi, I would bitch-slap my former self.

        9. Rainvainz, the best drinks have zero calories. Water, tea, coffee.
          If you’re getting cravings, try eating foods that provide more satiety, such as meats, cheeses, full-fat milk, dense yogurt, peanut butter. You can train your body to forget about sodas.

        10. I still drink them and I get cravings like you would not believe. Even a fast food sign can make me crave a fountain coke.

        11. That sounds horrifying and I can see myself in this position one day.
          I can quit anytime! I just do not want too!
          -Rainvainz 2016 RIP

        12. It’s hard at first when you’re drinking them daily, but cut it down to one a day, then once every two days, then once a week. I had to deal with a few headaches, but they were worth it in the long run. I’d say I only drink maybe 1-2 12 ounce sodas a week now. I feel much better physically and have much more energy without them. Plus I get fewer stomach aches.

        13. The start with be harder, I assume. The first week will be like hell it sounds like. Did you ever experience this off tremor? Like shaking.

        14. What I’m saying is that your diet is probably wreaking havoc on your system. If you’re eating a typical American diet, your glycemic is bouncing around like a ping-pong ball. If you get that to level out through meats, cheeses, vegetables, and protein shakes, you’re probably going to see your soda cravings disappear.

        15. No shaking, just headaches every now and then. And a longing for a bubbly beverage.

        16. I start shaking. I think it is a caffeine withdrawal or something. Going a whole week without soda seems impossible. I need to focus more. I never had headaches, even in general.

        17. I eat vegetables like they are going out of style. I even grow my own. So I am not too typical, but when it comes to soda I definitely consume it and need to replace it. I never tried protein shakes.

        18. Working out and avoiding greasy foods helps a lot. I’m not sure how your body works, but mine wants nothing to do with soda after I’ve worked out. Also, eating grilled chicken, salmon, fruits, and vegetables tends to make me crave water over soda.

        19. Try a protein shake whenever you get a craving — Dymatize Nutrition Vanilla is really good. Blend a scoop with full-fat milk, banana, peanut butter, berries, avocado, etc. Can’t recommend it enough.

        20. Do you run a lot? I jog and I get cravings after running. Protein shakes might be a great way for me to go.

        21. I mainly lift and play a lot of basketball. I can’t stand running for the sake of running.

      2. After years of no soda I recently starting drinking soda only because I recently starting drinking whiskey/bourbon and really really like coke and bourbon. I go online and buy the caffeine free coke though, so I can drink it at night before bed. (Fitness junkie here)

      3. It’s hard for me to finish a 12oz can after quitting. Pre-quit, I could drink a two-liter like it was nothing.

      1. It’s funny: I recall looking at the amount of sugar and raw calories in a can of coke. Both numbers were extraordinarily high. And some people drink 3-4 or more cans per day.
        It’s like drinking beer, except not as good. I’m sticking with beer.

        1. Fruit Juice is nearly as bad, and frequently worse. All prepacked foods are nutritionally awful.
          I wasn’t fat, but I dropped 20+lbs of fluff in less than two months by simply logging my food.
          People talk shit about Alcohols, but whiskey, along with water, and coffee are my main drink-staples.

      2. HIgh Fructose Corn Syrup is you culprit you are looking for in modern sodas in the US. Compare to old fashion sugar which has one glucose, Fructose has two glucose molecules and skips a step in metabolic pathway to use up that extra glucose molecule. This extra energy goes straight to storage as fat in the body. In addition, HFCS is much more sweet compare to regular sugar.

        1. i don’t think cane sugar is much better than HFCS. i reduced all sugar in my diet to below the daily recommended 30g a few years ago, and my health and strength shot up almost immediately.

        2. Large amount of cane sugar is not healthy to begin with. Cane sugar is just a more healthy alternative compare to HFCS.

        3. i’d say “slightly less unhealthy, but still essentially poison.” it’s really easy to rationalize various forms of sugar as “kind of healthy” but they just aren’t. the amount of cane sugar in one supposedly “more healthy” mexican coke, for example, is still more sugar than the average person should consume a day.

    2. I submit that it is virtually impossible to maintain a state of morbid obesity from food intake alone – sugary sodas are almost always the real culprit.

      1. sugar in general, whether from soda or some other source. i never see my coworkers drinking soda, but i do see them pounding down cookies, cakes, and chocolate bars. they seem to rationalize it by telling themselves “hey i’m not drinking soda, i must be kind of healthy” but they get their sugar fix somewhere else.

      2. I agree. Probably impossible to be fat if all you eat is meat, fruits/veggies, and natural starches (potatoes/brown) rice.

        1. No doubt, but I’m saying even if you shovel down Doritos and Ho-hos you’re still going to have a hard time maintaining morbid obesity without some sort of liquid sugar supplement.

        2. You’re right…it wouldn’t be the most balanced diet but u could eat nachos and popcorn all day and you’d never consume as much calories loaded in sugary sodas.

    3. more like drinking liquid sugar than fat. i don’t think soda has any fat, and fat isn’t necessarily bad for you. still, your point about it being one of the absolute worst things you can consume is valid.

  3. Awesome. When he loses the neckbeard, his transformation will be complete.

    1. Now he just need to lift and bulk up some. He looks like a hipster. Not putting him down by any means. What he accomplished was fantastic. Now it’s time to blow it out of the water.

      1. I think he would benefit from steroids. He probably already could get on hrt legally, but screw it…blow it out the f’n water.

        1. I’m 32. Is it time for steroids and HGH? My gains are incremental and I lose them if my routine is disrupted (which it sometimes is). Idk how dangerous they are and if they’re worth it; would one cycle suffice? Could a single cycle ruin my life?

        2. You shouldnt mess with either until your 30s. There are youth clinics popping up all around the US- perhaps investigate them?

        3. I doubt that a single cycle of properly administered steroids with post cycle therapy would have any significant risk but if they are not available legally its probably not worth the legal risk. You will lose your gains when you come off of steroids though.
          I would try to max out your gains through nutritional and technique improvements and/or top quality supplementation.
          That said, I am not a bodybuilder I am a martial artist. My interest is in applied force (to an attacker) rather than muscle size gains. So for me, there would never be a good time to use steroids.

        4. Insane. Even properly given ratios you are still dealing with potential for stroke, blood clots, and strange growths on the glands.
          The endocrine system is not to be trifled with. I don’t understand why the younger crowd is so darned quick to resort to hormones.
          Back in my day™, it was considered insanity to resort to steroids and hormones. It was not a decision taken lightly. But later on, I’m seeing younger fellows who have not been going to the gym for more than 1 week “on a cycle”. WTF?
          I guess having pattern baldness 15 years ahead of schedule and all of that hair migrating to the back and shoulders is “manly” or something.

        5. I believe he should not mess with it UNTIL he has already been lifting for more than 5-6 years abd has reaped all of the mass benefits that he can get from his natural hormones. Otherwise he may not be planning to look like Arnold but a 180 lbs of 10% of bodyfat would be realistic.
          Nonetheless if he would like to follow a steroid cycle I suggest the one’s followed by Sergio Olivia and other works of art of the old days. Their cycles involve little doses but were sure to hit the spot with the least risks but more hard work

        6. I don’t think anyone should ever do steroids. You will ultimately damage your own endogenous testosterone production and find yourself in position where you have to use steroids in order to maintain, let alone grow.

        7. I believe so too. However it happens (although I don’t believe in doping unless you are a pro) some people choose to – if so then he should apply the old school cycling which is way more conservative but effective unlike the modern cycles which are made to OD you and blow your gut size out of proportion. I also don’t like the surge of GH for me it’s jut plain useless and just adds gut size

    2. Haha. Hopefully he’s putting that neckbeard to work in the hipster crowd with lots of akward “slump busters”.
      Now get that man on steroids!

      1. Steroids are an easy way out. Maybe some missed the point of this article.

        1. “Easy way out”
          Bullshit. Responsible steroid usage requires good discipline and hard work (well maybe outside of doing some crazy HRT).
          If you just take steroids without any plan, you lose gains as soon as you finish your cycle.
          Steroids are a tool in your belt, not a cop-out.

        2. Same as responsible cocaine use I guess, maybe a little hard work scares some people as few can accept there are no shortcuts in life…

        3. Not Anti nothing, it’s your body your choice but remember the old adage There are no free lunches in life…

      1. Didn’t vote for her, not a fan. But I’ll cop to being totally anti-Trump.

    3. The beard is to conceal the loose skin from his double chin. Without it, he’ll look like the ex CEO of Exxonmobil Lee Raymond. Hoss from Pawn Stars dropped a lot of weight and wears a funny looking beard, too.

      1. “The beard is to conceal the loose skin from his double chin. ”
        If he was that bloated then most likely he will need a tuck here and there.
        Overall, a very inspiring story.

  4. For every fatty complaining they can’t lose the weight, there’s another former fatty who has risen above and disproves what the lazy proclaim.

      1. It’s a world made for women. Women generally being inept must feel accepted so they can keep on doing what they do: imagining that they are contributing to society while actually destroying it.

        1. But where’s it going to stop? All right, so right now women are demanding to have their fat-producing behavior coddled. When that’s over and, say no one cares how fat they are, what’s next that they’re going to demand? Shit, they already get away drowning their children and blaming it on PMS.

    1. I had one friend who could not lose weight and has a medical condition. I use past tense because he is dead now. Most people can work on it. I love to see success stories.

      1. The thing is, those are rarities despite what many protest. The simple equation is that many will not put the fork down and hit the gym. It’s always sad when an individual does have that condition and cannot fix it short of major medical intervention. Sorry about your friend mate.

        1. Thanks, man. He was a good man. Barely made it to his 20’s, by the way. He was the most picker eater I have ever met and could not lose weight. The thing is, people with conditions even look odd. You can look at them and tell. Most of these fatties do not have that sickly look, they just look obese. They should be thankful for their chance to change.

        2. Agreed. It’s one of the things that disgusts me to know end about that sort of thing. I think these nail the situation perfectly. (As far as I can tell, the debate was do fatties deserve disability)
          Edit, sorry for the lack of order with the gifs. It should read as the first two with the skinny girl, followed by the one with both the fatty and skinny, one with moderator, than followed by strictly the fatty justifying her inability to stop shoving triple cheeseburgers down her throat.

        3. We have actual people out there with real disabilities who could never work in the first place who do not get disability. These posers do not deserve the light of day. A problem that can be corrected by the person is not a disability to me.

        4. epic diet fail right there. cheeseburga recipe:
          ground beef, prosciutto (2:1 ratio, put the prosciutto in a food processor)
          red onion- soften it up in olive oil and butter
          bun- sourdough (or cut thick slices from a loaf)
          gruyere cheese- not too much, just a lil bit

        5. I’ve had a lot of great women in my life who weren’t necessarily fat, but were severely unhealthy and depressed all the time. You cannot eat fried chicken, bread, cheese, dr pepper and expect to feel any different.
          They wouldn’t touch greens to save their life…said it would make them poop or sick. No, honey, that’s your body detoxing.

        6. “it’s not like you can just change your lifestyle a certain way and then maintain that.”
          leftist philosophy in a nutshell, right there.

        7. Personal experience: losing weight doesn’t require a gym. Changing eating habits and doing a little exercise (even just taking long walks) will impact body weight a lot.
          Most times overhauling all habits at the same time just doesn’t work as it’s too much sacrifice for the average person. People who have the willpower to do it woulnd’t have fallen into the bad habit in the first place.
          My tips are as follow.
          1- Learn how to cook healthy foods. Cooking is acutally FUN and you get to learn how to make stuff that tastes good without relying on fat stuff. By the end of it you’ll feel better cause you have learned to do something and because you’re eating better.
          2- Move more than what you currently do. No need to start deadlifting if the top exercise you have been doing was hauling your ass from the chair to the couch. Go for a walk. then go for a longer walk, then go for a faster walk.
          Eventually you’ll see results and those will motivate you to try harder.
          Personally, I started by selling the car I used only to go to work and switched it for a bike. Granted, I work at a 15 minutes ride from home but I get at least 1h of exercise every day since I go home for lunch break.
          I lost a size in a month just from that and now that the summer is getting close I’m also running in the mornings before going to work.
          At the very least I pack 8h of exercise a week and I plan to increment that with some weights.

        8. For the most part, losing weight really doesn’t require exercise, but it can help. Cardio/endurance exercise can shed a few pounds and help with cardiac health, but add strength exercises and it turns into a whole new level. What may be thought as a disadvantage (being overweight) actually helps people into packing muscle. And it can be easier to change habits when you are already seeing results (i.e. maybe there’s more motivation to diet after gaining some muscle).

    2. Ultimately if a woman is fat it comes down to laziness. Plain and simple. Sure you may have the one in a thousand that has a medical condition but even then people have overcome some tough situations when they put their mind to it. If the mindset isn’t there then the weight loss won’t be either.

      1. It’s not laziness, it’s gluttony and bad eating habits (e.g. eating loads of processed food).

        1. Sure, but I would consider gluttony separate, but it kinda is just a form of laziness.

      2. “If the mindset isn’t there then the change (weight loss) won’t be either”
        exactly !

    3. No there isn’t. Go look at obesity statistics over history. The US has only gotten fatter over the years.

    4. Hate to be a (Little?) Debbie Downer, but check back with her in 10 years and see how much of that weight she’s KEPT off.

      1. keeping the fat off is totally doable. i’ve been doing it for over five years now. you have to cultivate the right mentality, break your addiction to refined sugar, and make working out (hard, devastating workouts with heavy weights) a high priority, right up there with family and work. plan your day around your workouts and cooking, and no skipping either because you “don’t feel like it.” fat shame yourself and do not accept the mediocrity you see around you. worship beauty as an ideal and see it as, if not synonymous with virtue, at least very intimately related.
        it’s tough, but it’s absolutely worth it. or, tell yourself you can’t and you’ll be right. it’s up to you.

        1. That’s the thing. Losing the weight could be the goal, or getting healthy in body and mind. You’ve got to change your thinking process, the brain is malleable and changes, and it isn’t that the weight “stays off,” it’s that you’re a thinner person.
          I’ve met people who’ve had stomach surgeries, lost tons, and within 2 years were fatter than before. Most women lose weight as a short-term, self-gratification thing, but when it’s achieved they move on with the mind-set and get fat again.

        2. i go into my workouts with the mentality that i’m an athlete, and my sport is “not being a pathetic, man-boobed fattie like most middle aged american guys.”

    5. would that it were literally a one to one ratio. judging from what i see when i go out it’s more the 50 or 100 to one.

    6. When a fat guy rise above and loose weight, he’ll mostly become an humble man who knows the benefits of perseverance, self-dedication and discipline.
      When a fatty girl rise above and loose weight, she’ll mostly become a selfie-obsessed narcissistic bitch happy with the new sensation of getting a lot of attention from numerous beta orbiters…
      Just look the face of the girl on the right hand side. pure bitch face. sad.

      1. True. It’s like they lost the weight but no personality development. Actually the opposite. Losing the weight was only to be able to force her mental issues on non-masculine men.

    7. She’s still fat though… I applaud her for losing 100lbs but the journey continues…

      1. Yep. What’s great is you see how she keeps increasing the weight she wants to lose.

    8. Oh yeah. They have no mercy for other women who’ve also, as they themselves complained, struggled and faught the fight. They’re the first ones to throw other women under the bus.

  5. A little commitment, willpower, slight change in lifestyle, and patience is all one needs; it shouldn’t be so goddamn hard.

    1. Not really, and to be quite blunt, that rookie level thinking generally ends in depressing failure.
      Permanent change is actually a cultivation of habit, which is partly subconscious. You need commitment and willpower to effect it, but trying to rely on those two alone doesn’t lead to long term success.
      You have to ‘train your brain’ to do what you want it to do. I’ve seen those psychology ‘games’ which ask patients to ‘pull’ onscreen photos of healthy drinks toward them with a joystick, while ‘pushing’ sodas away from them into oblivion. It apparently conditions them to avoid fizzies in real life and drink healthier fluids, and the success rate is substantial (it was on a television programme so I can’t link it).
      But it’s the same for other things, not just food. For example, it’s a habit to be sexually active, which is why there’s such a thing as sexual addiction. Society has conditioned us with the images displayed from advertisements, and the metaphysical goals men should apparently be achieving (aka get money and get the girl Scarface style). There were times in society when sex wasn’t viewed as a pleasurable consumable, and therefore society at large wasn’t aiming to mutually masturbate with each other by using every orifice conceivable, but actually aiming to do what zygotes were meant to achieve – new life.
      Another one is financial management. Part of the reason why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor, is because the rich have trained themselves to manage money almost instinctively. The poor will always be losing it unless they spend a lot of time training themselves out of bad money management.
      Anyway, willpower alone doesn’t get the job done. Train yourself well to make your desired effect a subconscious action.

      1. I agree that it is a long process and requires noticeable change in nearly every facet of life–and people, by and large, are impatient–but it should not be hard if you actually, truly want it. Just mild enthusiasm and not a full-blown commitment will lead to failure.

  6. Instead of telling college girls that 100% of their male classmates will likely rape them, maybe universities should inform them that their metabolisms will eventually slow down, and eating chips, fast food, and drinking to excess every day will eventually turn them into sexually unappealing land whales with a myriad of health issues. Oh, wait, no, that would be considered fat shaming. Carry on, fatties.

    1. It feels like turning men into dead libido, fat zombies is the product they want.

      1. Fat people are great for the welfare state. They’re passive, aren’t physically capable of fighting, and require handouts because they can’t make a living once they get morbidly obese.

    2. Ha; I remember freshman year of college, I saw a fat girl in the dining hall at a table by herself with a sad look on her face and a huge plate of breakfast and next to it, a smaller plate with three doughnuts piled on top of one another. She looked up at me briefly and then went back to eating.

    3. Universities? giving advice that could actually help students lives improve immeasurably? never gonna happen

      1. Eh. . .Really freakin’ sad these days. Used to be that the environment was pretty bad, but you’d get something from the education itself that helped you form your adulthood. These days it’s the opposite. When I get college grad resumes across my desk I have to really, really work on mining information for their personality assesment. It can go in places you can’t imagine. Certain university degrees go right in the trashcan with no interview.

    4. I remember this girl from undergrad, decent looking in many ways, not a 10 but certainly above a 6.
      I ran into her a year or two ago, when I was still in law school: 4 years of midnight wendy’s runs, binge drinking, and carousel riding gave her 15-20 extra pounds, 3 tattoos, and an unstable love life. Her social media presence literally hits every female red flag test from A.V. Yader, Roosh, and Donovan Sharpe’s articles.
      I remain friends with her on social media cuz her stuff that pops in my minifeed, when combined with the stuff posted here, serves as an EXCELLENT teaching tool on mental instability, shallowness, and the consequences of flaky decision-making.

    5. They just need to be told that a woman who won’t give a man her best years should not expect a man to be around for her worst.

    6. I saw a woman at a party and she was a little thick and chowing down on some lays potato chips, being pretty cut, I told her those things will make your ass fat!! I thought it would piss her off, but we hooked up later!!!! Sometimes shaming works!!

  7. F’in-A: Just do something. It has jack squat to do with what anybody else has to say.

  8. People need to be honest about why they’re losing weight. If you’re not honest with yourself, your success rate is likely to be lower.
    In completely unrelated news, I recall an old saying:
    “Find me a woman who wants to lose weight solely for her health and I’ll find you a man who reads Playboy for the articles.”

      1. The magazine was great back in the 60s. A real mens magazine with only one small pictorial in the middle of the magazine, hardly any ads, and the best 20 page interviews. When they went to nothing but nudes for college kids to see in the 90s, the magazine died.

        1. Yes! They also had great articles in the 60’s, one of their most famous was about the JFK assassination.

      2. The saying is from some magazine in the 90s, can’t remember where.

      3. Yeah and it is a bummer because nothing says sexy like tastefully taken still photos of naken women…nothing to beat that oh wait…what is this…I can now type literally anything into google followed by the word “porn” and watch good god man

  9. As well all know, when someone calls themselves a “foodie” (and what the fuck kind of moniker is that to even brag about???), they really mean “fatty”. Eat to live, NEVER live to eat!

    1. I actually see a lot of thin white girls on instagram have the “foodie” moniker.
      In fact, very rarely do I see an overweight girl put a picture of herself with a 1/2 pounder burger. Coz yeah, she’s asking for the comments to roll in.
      Fat guys sometimes take photos with food for the irony. Though I doubt they like the comments such as “lol big Dave!” or whatever their name is

      1. Yeah it’s very strange how White girls think food bragging somehow impresses any other homo sapien, along with their comical exercise bragging and travel bragging. Just makes them all the more boring, ordinary and redundant.

        1. I think its kind of the Yoga + Lululemon + Kale smoothies ‘foodie’ type we’re seeing there

        2. Indeed. And again, are you at all impressed, ever? Every single two-dollar jackass under The Sun has a gym membership now and thinks they’re somehow entitled to brag as a result, like they’re doing anything or special or unique whatsoever that nobody else is. I see a homeless man pushing a shopping cart full of aluminum cans or an old woman with a walker and oxygen tank and I still assume they also have a gym membership. Seriously! It’s just gotten that level of everyday ordinary lately.

        3. Haha well if she’s got a decent bod I don’t mind…that’s the litmus test right there. But most people are poser in the end

        4. I’m not thin (BMI 27.4), but I am a white girl and I’m pretty sure those girls brag about yoga and kale because deep down inside they’d rather spend the day laying in bed with Netflix and a stuffed-crust pizza. You are expected to appreciate the self-discipline they are exerting to keep their inner pig in check.

        5. Still, no need to brag, EVER. If you are truly Zen and sage-like about exercise, everybody else will know it without you saying it. Your body will show it, your demeanor will show it, and how you carry yourself will show it. Braggarts do it for that exact reason predominantly, for others to “approve” and lavish attention on them instead for their own personal edification.

        6. ”Inner pig”. I like that. That’s the perfect word I was looking for. I had a story about the ‘inner pig’ on the tip of my tongue but I didn’t have that one missing word, ‘inner pig’. I’ll borrow your word. Thank you.

        7. Agreed. But meh, this is the world in which we live. Instagram culture and whatnot…

    2. I’m going to be the obligatory contrarian here. I would say both me and my wife are foodies, we go out of our way to try and often photograph specific food. We don’t share the pictures with the world, but we do with friends.
      My BMI is 22 and hers is 19 so definitely not fat, not close.
      But we don’t brag about it either lol, the most maybe is to our friends if we find a particularly spectacular place or food.
      I don’t see the harm in enjoying really great food, we visit restaurants that are recommended by many people sometimes, and almost always is it worth it. Sometimes we have to book weeks in advance etc, but so what. People blow money on plenty dumber shit than good food.

      1. I would make it circumstantial. In the event I’m eating reptiles or something bizarre, then yes. Simply having a Starbucks drink or some blended juice, nope.

        1. I think mostly we share a bit more uncommon things but not really extreme. Like eating at a top 10 ranked restaurant for a city or at a very special small place.
          I would have to say my most shared food picture is probably pufferfish sashimi, it both looks good and is something a bit more unusual. For the record it’s so good it has become a ritual for me to go to the same place every time I visit Japan.

        2. In Japan when I’m out drinking I often end the evening with a bowl of rice with chopped raw fatty tuna and some Korean chili paste, I forget the name of the dish now.
          Tuna is in my opinion the better sashimi available in the west, but in Japan you can get anything, any way you want it. And the real bluefin is something you should taste before they are all gone. Whale – less, it’s yucky at least to me.

        3. If you’re trying to avoid wheat, check the ingredients in soy sauce. Chances are, they contain wheat (gluten).

        4. I hope to go to Japan again soon in the next two years. While I don’t have much of a palate (I eat for the nutrients essentially to my survial and functioning more than flavor), the food there is quite an art form. Have you tried whale sashimi?

        5. I’ll pass on the pufferfish sashimi. I don’t want to risk death to savor in some exotic food.

        6. Have not seen whale sashimi there, just chunks and canned. I guess they do make it but I wouldn’t know where to go for that tbh.
          What I do recommend is sukiyaki. At a proper place it’s pricey but nothing quite beats it in my view. Japanese beef in general is the best there is.
          There is so much good food there, from surprisingly cheap to very pricey.
          I’m sold on their fast food beef bowls, cheap as chips and really good.

        7. I am with you here. I have had pufferfish meals several times and when I eat out often his some high rated places with 2 or 3 M stars. I don’t eat out often so when I do I want it to be exciting.

        8. oh, but it is so good and you get the tongue tingles.

        9. That you can pick up at e deli section of any major department store there. Under $10/can lol. I keep forgetting to pick some up to bring back as souvenirs hehehe, they have it in cans same size and shape as tuna cans. You probably want to ask a clerk because it’s often next to wonderful things like pickled fish entrails etc, you want the right can ;-).

    3. I’m somewhat of a ‘foodie’, and I LOVE to cook and bake. The thing is that when I cook a dish or dessert, it kind of takes off the need to eat a bunch; my portions of what I cook are always much smaller than if someone else cooks.
      And I’m only a little overweight – as in less than 20 lbs (out of 240; I’m quite tall). Comes about when you tear up your shoulder and both knees and an ankle and can’t work out for months and months.

      1. Man! Hope you recuperate soon! It’s a drag not being able to exercise due to physical impairment. But all things shall pass!

      2. People who love to cook usually aren’t fat. Draw your own conclusion.

        1. Right, chubby chefs used to be a thing, but most fat people today got that way via too much “convenience food” (remember kids, you are what you eat, so Americans are cheap, easy, and full of fat), there are not too many of the “classic fatties” who overindulge in their own cooking these days.

      3. Folate, iron, and vitamin C are what’s needed to build collagen. Take D3 and vitamin K2. Read up on K2 (MK4 and MK7) and you’ll see. Hope you recover fast. I know what it’s like to succumb to an injury from exercising.

        1. Hmm, never heard of k2. I had a bad knee, busted meniscus and ordered a magnetic knee brace. It did heal in a few months with brace. Took lots of glucosamine too. Shoulder, knee cartilage gets very little blood flow so joints can take years to heal. All cartilage has virtually no blood vessels. An actual bone fracture heals ten times quicker than a torn piece of cartilage. A broken leg bone is better than a broken knee. Strengthening the muscles around the knee and shoulders also helps keep some of the pure load off the joints and will prevent injuries to those joints.

      4. I agree. I am a bit of a foodie. I cook 80% of my own foods so I care about my ingredients and technique and, to be quite honest, it is meditative to me to cook…very peaceful. When I do go out, since it is not very often, I tend to be very particular with where I eat and what I order. I don’t want to order something that I can make just as well or better at home. More than that, I care about the quality of food I eat, how it effects my body, the macronutrients in the food…that to me is a foodie.
        Some bitch who just wants to go to every bar in NYC and try every bacon cheeseburger in a summer is just a fat cunt.

  10. Good job, but he wasnt even that big. Take a look at this clip from a Dom DeLuise movie called “Fatso”; he wasnt even that big by today’s standards. Not downplaying what he did by the way, congrats…just showing how far the bar has been lowered.

    1. This is one of my favorite movies, and yeah, nowadays you aren’t REALLY fat until you’re too heavy to stand up and need one of those Wal-mart carts.

      1. If you can or can’t run is a factor. Proper stretching and easy runs burns a lot. If you can’t run you’re stuck. If you can run, then running is a greased slide to recovery if you get worked up for it and maybe pop some diet pills after you’re warmed up. Nothing much works when you’re idle though.

        1. I blew my knees (yes both of them) at 49 years old. I never had an issue with fat until then. Now I need to be careful what I eat. It can still be done, it is just harder. Basketball is fun. Calisthenics and weights not so much

        2. about 7 years ago I blew my left knee..acl, mcl, lcl and meniscus all in one shot (hence my user name). I gained a lot of weight and became incredibly depressed, dependant on pain killers and tried my level best to kill myself with alcohol. That lasted nearly 2 years. The road back to fitness was a slow one paved with a lot of bumps and set backs. I am 100% recovered now, probably healthier than I have ever been and while I would like to take off another 10 pounds of excess fat it is the price I am paying for the excess muscle and strength I have from lifting heavy.
          I know the agony of knee pain brother and can only wish you the best.

        3. Yeah, I have cerebral palsy, been in a wheelchair all my life, so running miiiiight not be my thing.

        4. Yeah it is hard to understand hurt until you have hey body part you need to use constantly torn up. recovery has been slow. I’m at about 80%. 100% will never happen without replacing 2 knees which I’d rather not do if I can avoid it. but I’m really happy to be where I am.

        5. Absolutely. It is so easy to take knees for granted until one (or both) are gone and you realize every fucking thing you do is with them. For me they cut my hammy to make new ligaments. Sleeping with knee packed in ice to wake up in wet bed, pain always, needed crutches just to take a piss and every single fucking thing from breathing on was painful. It got to the point where my dreams were in pain. The temptation is always there to give up. I fell a few times for it. Glad we are both recovered so well. KNee replacement is a big one. Always time to do it in the future if it is every necessary.

        6. That sounds familiar. Fortunately my ligaments were all good. the damage was all meniscus. So long as I was willing to hurt I could walk With crutches. I had the ligaments to keep stable so it was just pain not actually falling down. which is what would happen to you.

        7. yeah it was rough. I only had the dynamic stabilizers in the way of muscle around the knee which was increasingly getting weaker. Then after the surgery recovery took a while. But I am doing huge compound lifts pain free now. I don’t think I will ever surf again — paddle board but not short board for sure and prob not long board — but I am ok with that.

        8. A good exercise the doc told me to do when my knee was out was to sit in a chair with my leg straight out. Hang a light weight around your ankle like two socks tied with soup cans in them. Then slightly bend your knee maybe 15° but don’t bend it so far to where the pain starts. Then slowly straighten it. There’s no pain when your leg is straight or when it’s only slightly bent. You can sit for hours reading or boob tube while leg is doing those calesthenic movements. The weights build those particular muscles that are needed to strengthen the knee so the joint itself doesn’t take all the load when you’re normally walking. Plus I used a magnetic knee brace. Knee got better in a few months.
          When my knee blew I had to limp away and my first thoughts were ”oh shit, I’ll never be able to run and go after the clusterfuck goon squad of femboobs and hacks that an ex sic’d on me a few years prior” (a calling in the back of my head that suddenly became like candy to my mind and speeded up my recovery) I really felt like a sitting duck when I first got injured, but because I was driven otherwise, I had all these plans of recovery flooding into my head within seconds.
          When you’re driven for a purpose in the first place, it’s mind over body. Who can survive two consecutive mangling plane crashes without a purpose? Ask Bush Sr. But on the other hand, people who have already given up on everything mentally who then get physically injured, they’re the ones who fall down and stay down. They lay and bellow in pain and request max pain killers and who gladly get hauled into ER and want to have a skewer run up their ass like a shishkabob. Also an overworked beta that’s trapped, cucked and domestically disrespected can die quickly from a minor injury if they’re subconsciously looking for a reason to die or be freed of their predicament in the first place. They’ve forgotten how to control their life and get a handle on the bitch(s). Always have a greater purpose and keep tight reign on the bitches like it were daily hand squeezing squishey ball exercizes.
          I refused any ambulance or anything. I hopped away myself, getting a handle on my injury. It’s strange, people offered me rides, even an attractive redhead. The lord provides.

        9. my experience of recovery and the feelings are very much like yours. I needed to be rescued by the fucking coast guard with mine so it wasn’t like I had a choice. MY knee was making a right angle with my foot facing out lol.

      2. Just take a look at shopping carts in Walmart and see the correlating obesity crisis.

    2. They should rename this ‘The slightly below-average Male, circa 2016.’

  11. I had a thing for a girl back in college that was trim, cut, and was in great shape. She used to be a cheerleader and gymnastic competitor. After college she moved to New York City, turned into a hipster and a foodie. Now her instagram is composed mainly of all the foods she eats and she’s easily gained 20+ pounds. Kind of sad how much society can turn someone into that.

    1. Good food can still be healthy. The main culprit of obesity problems in the US seems to be that everyone eats nothing but processed foods, every day during every meal.

  12. Terrific job for him!
    I need to destroy the gut as well, will be taking this on board as well.

  13. Weight loss is tricky thing. There are lot of factors that one must account for in order to lose weight. Key factor to remember is slow and steady wins the race. What numerous weight loss gurus fail to tell you is your body will fight you to lose the weight. If you have been fat, like me, for a long time your overweight state has become a biological set point of your body use as a baseline to maintain. This set point can change slowly overtime, hence lifestyle changes can be ideal way for one to lose weight. As Quintus said in the article, just make that one step. The next couple of step become easier overtime.

  14. I think he looked better before, but it’s his body, his decision. I do understand how normal people (not chubby chasers) feel, I sometimes have to remind myself not to thin-shame people because of how “I” think “their” body should be.

    1. sex with a 50 year old woman is to sex with a 20 year old woman what drinking an ice cold glass of fresh milk at a dairy farm with fresh oreo cookies to dip is to drinking some milk that has been left out, in the summer, for a month or so and having molded bread to dip into it.

  15. Americans are fatter than Europeans because American food is even more heavily manipulated than European food.

    1. That is one reason. The other is portion control. An average American Entrée is really dinner for 2 or sometimes 3. I remember when I had someone from Brazil stay with me for a while. We would go out and she was shocked. We would order an app to share and a dinner to share and it was still more food than she was used to eating in a meal. She could not believe that people ordered that just for themselves.
      I am pretty much it goes 30% the manipulated food you point out 30% portion control and 30% sedentary lifestyle with 10% being “other” which is person specific like insane amount of stress from work or cuntish women destroying life or dealing with modern feminism or whatever the individual is being destroyed by.

      1. No kidding! A Midwest steakhouse serves an 18 ounce sirloin steak with a baked potato as big as your head, additional sides loaded with calories and a salad served in a trough.
        Agree on the “other” category, as well. It can have an impact even IF you are doing well in the remaining 90%.

        1. agreed. I do think that if you have the other 3 in order you are pretty much fine and need to get the “other” category in order if you want to break a plateau like go under 10% body fat or deadlift 3x bw

        2. Yup, the article had it covered, but I think the “radical” change a lot of guys need to make is to be BRUTALLY honest with oneself. It gets you over that 10%, you dump the c*ntish woman and get real about what you are willing to do to change yourself.
          A 200# man in good shape should be able to deadlift 600#. Really good shape? Squat that much.

        3. Absolutely right. That 10% is different for everyone though.
          To quote the always relevant three amigos when Lucky Day gives a pep talk to the poor people of Santa Poco
          In a way, each of us has an El Guapo to face. For some, shyness might be their El Guapo. For others, a lack of education might be their El Guapo. For us, El Guapo is a big, dangerous man who wants to kill us. But as sure as my name is Lucky Day, the people of Santa Poco can conquer their own personal El Guapo, who also happens to be *the actual* El Guapo!
          As for a 200# man deadlifting 600 pounds I would say that that in itself is a really impressive feat. My 2RM is holding at 445 right now and I feel that is pretty fucking impressive.
          Now squatting 600 is a whole other level.

        4. I used to eat 18 or 21 ounce steaks. I eat ten ouncers now, sometimes less.

    2. No. Americans are fatter because they consume more sugary food and eat more fastfood. They also exercise less. They do everything by car.

    3. Americans are fatter because of constant eating, processed food and sugary beverages. I just moved to the US from Canada and I am completely astounded at the amount of processed insta-food and gallon sized beverage options.

  16. Every person has an ‘inner pig’ I believe but some are better than others at keeping it in check. I went on a trail hiking excursion once that had a really fat chick in the group. Someone lost the food bag somehow but didn’t mention it. When we were out past the point of turn around, the chubby girl got hungry and went on and on about how starving she was. When someone told her the food bag got lost, she panicked and went through many shades of psychosis and apathy. She had only missed one meal so far and she claimed she’d be violently sick if she didn’t eat. She cried like a hyena at times. She was still blowing farts from the 20 pc chicken nuggets she downed earlier that morning and she claimed that her body was in crisis from starvation.
    Dr Mcgoo thought this might be a good time to probe for the underlying cause of her compulsion. Low sugar perhaps, he thought, but her compulsion was acute. The psychosis subsided when her quick carbs and sugar were exhausted. She even stopped the group as she lay on her back and screamed for help from an airplane above. It was a fedex plane but not an Airbus so no chance of it crashing soon and spilling out the holliday season orders of fruit cakes and pepperidge farms gift bundles. No amount of empathy or undstanding would have helped her.
    It was a churchy kind of group but one bleeding heart guy broke out with a big boy can (24oz) of coors light he had concealed and was about to begin secretly sipping on with a long straw. She wasn’t a drinker but she inhaled her first beer in two seconds. The empty carbs carried her for another quarter mile as she talked nonstop and told the stupidest girly jokes. Then she imploded and cried in a puddle. Her stomach or something was killing her she claimed.
    Dr Mcgoo thought ”electrolytes perhaps?”. This whole ordeal was such a fascinating looking glass into the inner labyrinth of the obese femicunt. We all packed salt packs so perhaps it was her salt. We did have water so the good doctor advised her to not overdo the salt, take some swigs of water and ”moooove that carcass onward” The destination was right around the bend.
    She made it within eyesight of the end point and then sat in a ball and froze, staring at the others as they gathered at the finish. A half mile away she sat staring and she was too heavy to carry. A pothead and somewhat musician in the group stayed with her and talked about who knows what. He had some reef and thought it might motivate her to walk herself the last little bit. Big mistake. She became hungrier than a motherfucker and whatever psychosis she displayed before now became full blown. She was literally screaming into the air and pulling her hair out. The guy figured she was a bad trip to be around at that point so he finally left her alone and headed to the group gathering at the end.
    We could all see but not hear her. It looked like she was doing some kind of cool indian dance off in the distance so we waved back. She then stood up, turned and walked the other way! Into the dark she went that evening. We didn’t see her for two days until she came walking up out of the trail. Mcgoo presumed she’d subsisted on nothing foodwise and had utilized the water stored in her camel humps and spare tire. We should have left her there though. She was somehow detoxing in her own way but she was a few battles shy of fully conquering her ‘inner pig’. When we got back to civilization, she went on a week long eating binge at buffets and she likely put on 20 lbs.
    Totally true story. . eeh . . mostly totally

  17. I am all too familiar with this scenario. I would likely have gone through all of those stages of hunger insanity in my head, but would have kept it to myself apart from at most two brief whines and one passive-aggressive “joke” about my future plans for the loser of the food.
    And I actually do get sick from hunger at times (I can scarcely put into words what a strange experience is arriving at the dinner table feeling like reheated death, taking a couple bites, excusing oneself to go puke up said bites, then returning to finish dinner with perfect contentment). Luckily I don’t get sick everytime I get hungry, because I get hungry about every two hours, like tonight I had dinner at 6, its 10 now and my stomach feels like a black hole.
    My inner pig could win a blue ribbon in a livestock competition, but I think for the most part it is still an inner pig and not an outer one.
    Btw, interesting coincidence, my Sunday school class is going hiking this Saturday and we’re going to Chik-Fil-A after for lunch. I may or may not eat 20 nuggets. Aaaand now my inner pig is going to keep me awake all night thinking about stupid Chik-Fil-A. Being an always-hungry person can really make you nuts (dammit now I’m thinking about nuts! And peanut butter! And Reese’s cups! It just never stops).

  18. The element that played a huge factor in his success was: “He chose to take a job that gave him the time and ability to work out seriously”
    Men who are traveling salesman, work 12 hour shifts, or work in any other profession that requires a disproportionate amount of time relative to his down time or free time, are almost always in terrible shape or overweight. A man can have all the desire he wants but if his schedule or obligations don’t allow him to workout consistently he’s lost before he started.
    Good for this dude for giving the finger to the ‘It’s okay to be mediocre’ propaganda.

    1. “A man can have all the desire he wants but if his schedule or obligations don’t allow him to workout consistently”
      THIS. This thinking is the root of all problems. I mean it. If you think like that you will be a loser. Dont believe me, or worse, cant see the problem?
      Well lets take a closer look.
      “the desire he wants but if his schedule or obligations”
      A man desires are far, far more important than any “obligations” you thinks he has TO OTHERS. Put yourself and your own interest first at all times is the most important step towards alphadom.
      If you want something. Do it. Dont give a fucking shit what other think. Dont give damn what others want. Do not fucking care what others say.
      If its hard, if it cost you sweat, tear or money, chances are you are on the right track.
      If you want to be a man, start acting like one.

  19. Funny how I was thinking of this story the other day. Some years ago in our city some obese girl got really thin and attractive. Then she met a guy who just used her for sex, and at some point they got into scat and bondage crap. So, he passed out on alcohol/drugs while she was suspended from some contraption and smeared with his feces. She choked to death. So the guy was up for murder, but then got acquitted. But he was in the news for almost a year later, because her female family and freinds were hounding him, saying he was an abuser and took advantage of her insecurities, having once been fat and ashamed, and then thin. HE made her sexually perverted, it didn’t come from her, because how could it? Right?
    We men can’t fucking win.

  20. The welfare state leads to fat women and dykes.
    Make women financially dependent on men again and they will drop the fat and attitude ASAP.

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