3 Proven Steps To Shred Fat And Get Six Pack Abs

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Hey guys, it’s Clark – the #1 subscribed-to fitness trainer on Youtube. I’m going to explain the single most important factor for why most guys aren’t able to get the ripped body they want – despite exhausting, repetitive efforts – and how you can fix this with just 3 simple steps.

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Now, many guys are at least a little familiar with our Six Pack Shortcuts program… But what most guys don’t know is that I’ve spent the past 6 years doing new research with the help of my doctor and team.  I’ve updated and improved the Original Six Pack Shortcuts program and there’s an all new design based on some revolutionary discoveries we made about fat loss.

Using this research, we’ve narrowed it down to just 3 simple steps that involve improving and supporting your body’s most powerful fat burning hormones – which will allow you to accelerate your fat loss and overcome plateaus.

The Answer Is In Your Hormones

For those who aren’t too familiar… Let me explain a bit about the importance of your hormones in the fat loss process: Hormones (or hormone imbalances, really) are one of the main reasons why most guys can never achieve the body they want – no matter how much they workout or diet.

The truth is, if you don’t have control of your key fat burning hormones, you’ll be left with a huge fat burning disadvantage… and all the results you expect to see from your hard work at the gym can be cancelled out due to poor hormone production in your body.

Now, if you haven’t seen the results you truly want with your current workouts or eating plan, chances are that a hormone imbalance could be responsible. To make it worse, the workouts and diets you have tried or are still using now might be hurting your hormones even more.

Exercises that Zap Fat-Burning Hormones

For example, did you know that exercises like long term cardio or aerobic group exercise, like those you see on late night infomercials or your local gym, can decrease your body’s two most vital fat burning hormones – Testosterone and Leptin. (source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12324651)

The US National Library of Medicine reports that, “leptin concentrations are reduced 48 hours after long-term aerobic exercise.” And that’s just the beginning.


In a study done by the National Strength and Conditioning Association – Research showed that… Performing (cardio) also known as conditioning work left testosterone depressed at 24 and 48 hours post exercise.

And when it comes to dieting, many of us were tricked to believe that cutting calories was healthy for fat loss, but there’s more to the story here….

Webmd reports that “when people diet, they eat less… which then decreases the amount of leptin produced… Now your leptin level goes below your ideal leptin threshold. When it does that, your brain senses starvation…. so you get hungrier. Plus, your body will then begin to take up extra energy and store it as fat.”

After just a few days of calorie-restriction dieting… your leptin levels can drop by over 30%… This means you’ll immediately start adding fat straight to your belly.

Don’t Panic! Restore Your Key Fat-Burning Hormones With These Steps

But guys, don’t worry…  if you have belly fat, or think you can’t get into the shape you want due to poor hormone levels, I want to assure you that it’s not your fault and you can definitely fix it in these 3 simple steps.

Now the first step is to “Jump start” your fat loss using a few weeks of workouts designed to maximize the Afterburn Effect.

Now if you’re not familiar with the Afterburn Effect, otherwise known as EPOC (Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption)… it’s a way to keep your body automatically burning fat on it’s own – even when you’re not working out. It’s done using a unique sequence of compound exercises to trigger a post workout, fat-burning effect that can last up to 48 hours.

This means you’re not only burning fat in the short period of time you’re exercising… 
But the Afterburn effect will allow you to keep burning fat even after your workout ends… like when you’re sitting at work, hangout with your friends, and even while you’re sleeping.

The reason we need to do this fat loss jump start first is because having belly fat suppresses your leptin and your testosterone.

Men’s Health reports that Belly fat  “contains aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogens, the main sex hormones in women. Having extra estrogens floating around your system triggers your body to slow its production of testosterone. And the less testosterone you make, the more belly fat you accumulate and the more estrogens you spew. It’s a vicious, emasculating circle.”

But like I just explained, using Afterburn training workouts will allow you to quickly and dramatically reduce your belly fat, and stop any further hormonal damage. At the same time, it will allow you to focus on boosting the production of these hormones, and get you ripped abs fast.

Step 2. Next, take a few weeks to focus your workouts and diet to maximizing your leptin levels.

With your belly fat eliminated from the fat loss jump start… Your vital fat burning hormones will no longer be destroyed by the dangerous chemicals your belly fat was harnessing, and you’ll now be able to fully optimize and support your master fat burning hormone, Leptin.

In Step 2, I recommend customizing and choosing specific exercises that are scientifically proven to support your leptin levels.  This will ensure that you don’t just gain the weight back.

Free Video: Workouts For Supporting Your Leptin Hormone.

Step 3. Finally, take a few weeks and focus your training on boosting your testosterone.

This will actually block the fat from being stored on your stomach.

It’s critical that you do these steps in this exact order, and that you do the right compound workouts and eat the right foods in each phase.

Free Video: Best Compound Workouts For Supporting Your Testosterone Hormone.

Check out my buddy Johnson…

He’s a few months away from turning 36, and just one of the thousands who has already transformed his body from the soft and pudgy look to the ripped athletic body we all want…

And he did it by following my 3 Simple Hormone Boosting Steps:

This is Johnson Before he started…



Step 1. “Jump-start your fat loss”

This is Johnson after quickly eliminating his belly fat with the Afterburn Effect in Step 1.



Step 2: Maximize Your Leptin levels.

Here’s Johnson after completing Step 2 – the Leptin boosting phase.



Step 3: Boost your testosterone.

This will help you more with your fat burning, and will help you gain muscle once you’re lean. And this is Johnson after completing the final step – The testosterone boosting phase.


It was shocking to see how Johnson was getting more ripped than most guys I’d seen in magazines… in fact I think he even had better abs than me. And it didn’t take him years, it took only a couple of short weeks… and all with just those 3 hormone boosting steps.

Now if you’re like Johnson was, you’re probably still a little bit confused on exactly what you need to do…
That’s why we put together this free video
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82 thoughts on “3 Proven Steps To Shred Fat And Get Six Pack Abs”

  1. The single most important factor for why most guys aren’t able to get the ripped body they want is because they aren’t getting enough kratom. Since I’ve been taking kratom, my abs have abs.

    1. I congratulate you on your restraint. I think I overdid the kratom early on, because my abs developed abs and then went off to establish their own gym, where the abs would put my penis through heavy cardio exercises and scream at it that it needed to push harder.

    1. Those boys spend just about their entire youth playing soccer. It’s their passion and livelihood. I’d argue that for the most part it’s all they have. It doesn’t surprise me. It also makes me laugh hysterically.

  2. After taking Kratom for 3 days I got a 7 pack, it’s just like a 6 pack just one better. Thanks Kratom!

    1. If you look down at your penis you’ll also notice its probably gained an inch in length and girth. There really are no end to Kratoms talents. Its the gift that keeps on giving. Much like the incurable herpes I picked up from a Thai hooker years ago, which talk of the devil has now been cured by Kratom.

      1. I wasn’t going to talk about that because its getting to be a real problem I accidentally stepped on it coming out of the shower the other day. I think its time I tried another strain of Kratom.

        1. I find vein and stem powder good for shrinking back down. Especially useful if your dating in Asian countries…it can be tough slipping into tighter tubes with a tractor pipe.

  3. I have been taking so much kratom that at this point I can flex and my abs spell out electrolytes in brail…but it is redundant since looking directly at the will cure a host of illnesses including lupus, hysterical pregnancy and blindness.

    1. HAHA, “hysterical pregnancy.” Is that when you fuck a girl and after you’re finished, instead of pillow talk she picks up her phone to text you, “OMG i’m totally preggers! im getting an abortion unless you can thin of a koool name”? All the while her leg is shaking like a dog trying to discard the remnants of pee and her eyes seem to be rolling into the back of her head.

  4. Kratom, Jews and Oil Companies. Because that’s what we do to RoK posts.

      1. Listen? Listening is for people who aren’t using enough Kratom.

  5. The demonization of cardio by guys who make money from working the fitness industry, and the way its perpetuated by lifters is a foolish thing to subscribe to. Long cardio-respatory workouts exceeding about 45 minutes (the study 6 pack shortcuts linked was based on cardio workouts > or = 60 min.) are not something I would recommend to most people, especially men concerned with their hormone balance. But most workouts exceeding that time frame will wreck your hormone balance, for novice trainees and even intermediate lifters.
    Cardio-respatory conditioning done well, and within a reasonable time range, is a tool only a fool would avoid utilizing. Kratom powers and 47$ super special deal starter kits aside, I’ve never seen anyone get in shape or lean out without it. Not going to post pics but the only time I ever had a 6 pack was when I was doing some form of cardio 5-6 days a week.
    I’m mostly doing calisthenics right now while I renovate my home gym, but about mid- summer I am going to get back into serious weight training. I supplement my lifting regimen with some form of cardio whenever I make time on days I don’t lift. Usually boxing conditioning drills or swimming intervals, as soon as I get up, for about 30 minutes. Not only do I feel better, but my lifts go up as well. It helps you handle more trauma.
    Don’t neglect cardio. Shits good for you, keeps you disciplined and even though it sucks, you’ll never perform at your best w/o it. Unless you have delicious kratom.

    1. I have found the exact opposite. Ultimately (cardiovascular health and fitness aside) it is mostly a question of calorie input output, taking into account macro ratios. I’ve always just barely maintained strength on a cut, unless I’ve done cardio. I’m not even talking half an hour a few times a week, 10-15 minutes at the end of each workout was enough to screw me up. Did I get shredded? Sure, but strength loss was noticeable and disheartening. Though I acknowledge everyone is different, so this may just be me. I’m also a superhard gainer, so that may have something to do with it.

      1. I also am a quick gainer (former fat kid). Try to cut slowly by restricting carbohydrates and increasing saturated fat intake. It’s slow as anything (I’m only down 25 lbs since New Years), but you don’t necessarily drop strength at the same time.
        I hate cardio, myself. Of course, I never considered endurance cardio (average life expectancy of marathon runners is in the 50’s – heart attack is primary killer), but even casual jogging just pisses me off for no adequately explained reason. I’ll stick to full-out sprints.

        1. Agree completely with the sprints. I’m your typical former very skinny dude. 5’7″, started at 120lbs and am currently at 145 at ~ 12% bf since I just started another bulk. I tend to bulk to ~15% using waist measurements as a guide. The heaviest I’ve ever been is 150 at ~15%. I’m hoping to get to at least 155, hopefully 160 this bulk, then slowly lean out to 145-150 at sub 10%. Peanuts I know, but unless you’re trentastic llike the dude above these are the cards your dealt.

        2. Ah, I too am 5’7 (5’8 with my improved posture). I was 205 Jan 1, down to 180 now with about 22% bf (using waist, wrist, etc. measurements).
          Don’t bulk to my weight. I carry it well (high bone density, I think), but it makes dips nigh impossible without the blasted machines.

        3. Dips are a funny exercise, A lot of people get pretty nasty shoulder pain from them, but if you can do them pain free they’re superior to the bench press for pectoral, tricep and front delt development. I’m BARELY 5’7″ with perfect posture but my frame is quite small (6.25″ wrists). How many dips can you do at your bodyweight in a set? If you don’t get any pain from them I see no reason why you couldn’t slowly build up to adding weight using low rep sets. My best is currently a triple with 115 pounds on a belt. so the equivalent of me doing 3 dips if I weighed 260lbs. The human body can get a lot stronger than most people realise.

        4. Push-ups are even better than dips in my opinion. And you don’t need a weight-belt to make them harder.
          My opinion on dips: if you don’t have shoulder pain today, you will tomorrow. Honestly, don’t wait until you have shoulder pain (its truly horrible). Stop now.

        5. Agreed. I used to do dips and pullups at the beginning of chest and back days because they were supposedly the most important exercises. I correspondingly had shoulder pain and shoulder-crackles all the time.
          Ever since I’ve moved these exercises to the end of each workout respectively as a finisher, my shoulders have thanked me every day (I actually don’t even do pullups anymore–I just use the lat pulldown machine where I can better control the resistance and muscle contraction). Logically, I can see how my method could have the opposite effect, however the reduced time under tension (I think) has made all the difference since I’m not even doing half the reps I would normally do while fresh.
          As for pushups, they were the cause of my worst bodybuilding injury. I got two hernias (on separate occasions mind you) from doing wide-and-high incline pushups. Also, my wrists have never been the same since I used to regularly bang out hundreds of pushups over multiple sets with different angles and hand positioning (wide/close/diamond hand positions; incline/flat/”decline” body positions).
          On the rare occasion that I find myself bodyweight training while on extended leave from the gym, now I’ll only do my pushups on my knuckles or the ledge of a countertop or while gripping a bar or something (whatever keeps my wrists from hyper extending under tension).

        6. Great work on your cut man. 25 pounds in 5 months is no joke. In my competition prep, it has taken me about 8 or so months to cut 25 pounds and I still have about 5 pounds to go (time to cut down on my drinking I think).

        7. Hernias from push-ups? I have to say, that’s extraordinary. I suspect it is due to what a lot of trainees (including myself) do. Overdoing it basically.
          Many of us don’t have the discipline to provide for full recovery from exercise. As such we keep breaking ourselves down without letting the body build itself back up.

      2. I am not a hard gainer. Might have something to do with it. But we’re not that different. Like everything, its about the approach. I found that to be true initially, when I started training 10-12 years ago. This was when I was an athlete in high school. I would hit the weights, heavy compound lifts, mix in some dumbbell/ab work at the end, then tack on about 20 minutes of cardio. When you’re that young, you have a great deal of energy but have no scope of how vulnerable your energy & nervous system is to overtraining. Not only was it excessive, it was counter productive to performance (although I looked great too). Doing it all together, in a workout that lasted way too long, taxing all the different energy systems was a poor decision.
        When I got serious about training again a few years ago, I was trying to program a regimen that was well thought out from a scientific standpoint. The hierarchy of the regimen was more based in injury prevention, efficiency on a low budget and then results. I picked up the habit of doing a split, but not lifting multiple times a day. I try to get in about 30 minutes of cardio/repertory training and some flexibility work in the morning, long before I eat. Powerlifting, or whatever kind of intense, more anaerobic-based activity in the evening about 3 days a week, 4 tops. This, along with intermittent fasting, eating as well as I can and meditation, I never really get gassed or fatigued, except when I act like an idiot and fail to sleep/eat enough. This programming really works for me.
        You being a hard gainer wouldn’t deter you from getting results on a similar program to the one I just mentioned. Especially if the style of cardio/respiratory training you do is HIIT, as opposed to the constant aerobic activity dudes like me get good results from. I think you’d get better results if you’re eating enough and trying the GOMAD route when you bulk. I only advise you to not mix them (anaerobic and cardio) in the same workout too often, and to utilize the split I am talking about. But if you find better results from skipping cardio all together, I’m not going to argue with that all man. Good luck.

        1. I’ve done a lot of experimentation, at my current age, cardio is just a detriment to my goals. I’m quite lactose intolerant so GOMAD is a nogo, in fact that was how I found out how lactose intolerant I was – I lasted 2 days. My biggest problem is eating enough, I need a minimum of 3500 calories on a bulk to get results and its honestly quite a struggle to force it all down, doing cardio seems to suppress my appetite while speeding up my metabolism, so I need to eat even more. At the moment I’m not injured, I’ve found a system that works for me, I’m getting stronger and putting on muscle. I’m sure that in 10 years cardio will be a good friend and I won’t be eating as many carbs as I am now, but until then “Cardio? What is that? Spanish for no gains?”

        2. Yeah, I just read your reply to Taignobias. I stand by my points that the demonization of cardio is not a great thing, and its a useful tool for most. Most of the guys I’ve seen train with HIIT always make lean gains. But seeing that you’re trying to make gains period, an GOMAD isn’t a tool at your disposal, I guess I sound like an asshole to you a little bit.
          Very inspiring gains you’ve made man, though you make no big deal of it.

        3. No I don’t discount what you’re saying, just providing the other side of the coin. Cardio is a tool, with a time and a place. And for the young, skinny guys who struggle to get enough calories its time is in 10-15 years when your metabolism finally tanks a little.

      3. I was in my best shape when I didn’t worry about calories or macro ratios.
        My cat doesn’t worry about calories or macro ratios either. He just stuffs his face at every opportunity. I give him all the food he wants. He’s in amazing shape.

        1. Well said englishbob! It’s exhausting hearing people talk about calories like a bunch of fannies. And this macro thing, I swear to fucking Christ I never heard that word till 6 months ago. In 5 years we’ll all be counting calories, macros, beags, and klaargs.
          Here’s a little secret for all you calorie counting fairies out there; your body doesn’t give a fuck about calories, it only cares if the food you’re putting into it is good or bad.
          It’s all really fucking simple; train hard, and stuff your face with really good, nutritious stuff till you’re satisfied.
          There, you can all paypal me $97 each for this groundbreaking information.

        2. I like your thoughts on that. You can’t burn fat or have good metabolism if you don’t get the right food in the first place. And then extra calories are taken care of naturally.
          I liken working out to burn off the calories you ingested a day ago to compulsive behavior. Getting in shape is a whole-life scenario.

    2. With respect your results are purely anecdotal.
      Also, we need to define what we mean by cardio. An hour on a treadmill or incline bike? Or an hour on the road, running or on a real bike? Or sprint drills? Is HIIT cardio or resistance training? What about sparring? How about loaded walking (is that cardio or weightlifting)?
      Here’s the thing. It is impossible to train without using your cardiovascular system. I do think however that LISS training is ultimately harmful to you, if done too frequently.
      Furthermore, the key to fat loss is nutrition. Not “cardio” not weightlifting, not Kratom and not the latest Zumbaesque class at the gym.

      1. Totally agree with your point about nutrition. Disagree about the results being anecdotal. My regimen was quite based. The desired end wasn’t necessarily fat loss, but it sure as hell helped me in that respect, as it would for most. Also, I tried to distinguish between forms of cardio training which fits under the larger umbrella of cardio/respiratory fitness. Perhaps I communicated that poorly.
        The way I programmed it, MWF were designated lifting days. TTSS were designated recovery days. Standard stuff for intermediate lifters. However, first thing in the morning, on recovery days especially, I tried to get in some form of cardio/respiratory training for at least half an hour. I never tried to surpass 40-45 minutes, because if you look at some of the recent studies, passing that threshold with any intense effort isn’t really beneficial for a man’s hormone balance (which dictates body fat, stress levels, mindset, etc),. Alot of dudes my age, at least in the States, program their system very similar. But the majority just skip cardio, or there is the rare beginner who does an hour of snail pace on the elliptical. Neither usually achieves a decent physique in terms of visuals or performance.
        As for the form of cardio, it didn’t matter so much as the consistency of the activity and persistence of forcing it to become habitual. In the summer, I would swim. Usually 30 minutes of intervals (HIIT) with the occasional mile swim (which takes 20-30 minutes continuous effort for good swimmers) on days when I was just too broken down to really go for it in a HIIT workout. Which was a rare occasion.
        When fall came, I would phase out swimming and start training for boxing conditioning. I have no aspirations for the ring, didn’t take it too seriously as long as the technique is on point and I avoid basic mistakes throughout the drills (shadow boxing, jump rope, any bag work, all in interval form for 20-30min). I would never spar in the morning on an empty stomach, and I would never spar for the sake of conditioning. If I was too weak to get in a decent training session, road work, the bike or anything constant for about 30 minutes was acceptable. As long as it was really taxing to the heart and lungs and I didn’t have to pay someone for it. After that is complete, 10-15 minutes of flexibility work.
        I’ve seen plenty of swole power lifters w/ (some) visible abs who couldn’t climb a few flights of stairs w/o getting winded. Their lifts (if they are natty), their competence in a fight, their ability in the bedroom all suffer b/c of this weather you acknowledge it or not. I used to be one of those dudes in fact. Granted, I’ve seen men who practically came out of the womb with a six pack, and can stay lean year round. But those dudes are usually hard gainers or have irreversibly skinny legs and/or WASP butt, noassatall syndrome, diminished glutes, w/e terminology you wish to use. But consistent cardio/respiratory training in this form was a master stroke for me and would be for most young men. If you are old though I get it, its a pretty shitty activity and no sane person really wants to do cardio. That’s why I tried to get it done w/ boxing and swimming, b/c I love those things.
        Without Kratom we will all fail tho so idk why I even try tbh.

        1. By anecdotal I mean that it is based on your own personal experience rather than a controlled scientific study.
          I’m the opposite to you. I would only spar when completely fasted. I find that training having eaten that day is equivalent to training after drinking (yes I’ve done it).
          For me the body only knows tension. Given this some part of your training should be completely free form to more accurately capture our evolutionary gifts. Martial arts training captures this perfectly.
          I think you’re right though. There is a habit in the West of taking an all or nothing approach. All lifting or all cardio. Neither approach is valid and both are ultimately harmful.

        2. I see what you mean by anecdotal now. Doing things by the exactly by the book has never been my style, and the chance to give little creative input into something I have to do every day, even if its structural, goes a long way with me. I put the hours into developing the way I program a training schedule through reading what was established by scientific papers. All men who aren’t in the military or who have their physical training dictated by professionals should do that, absolutely. Its been clear to me for some time that the “perfect” regimen is based on what we know from controlled studies. But it takes at least a little bit of self experimentation and bro science to tailor what “perfect” means for the man.
          When I wrote that original comment, I was just done with hearing dude’s in the fitness industry demonize cardio/respiratory training in its totality. I know it sucks, every reasonable person does. Average gym goers, usually carrying at least a little fluff most of the year, try to cut using absurd, unhealthy practices and skip over the inconvenient, uncomfortable practice of some cardio a few times a week. And for what? So they can feel like shit, perform poorly and attempt to get visible abs for a part of the summer. You can only teach that kind of stupid.
          That’s an interesting point you make about free form training. I always tried to let my creativity flow from intellectual pursuits, but that’s an interesting concept, to dedicate some time in physical training to a free form, I guess, exploration? I’m sure a lot of pro prize fighters do that. I’ve seen MMA guys do that in fact, I just never put it together. To be honest, I didn’t start training boxing until my 20’s, and I’m trying to get better at dancing lately. I can perceive this weird spatial and movement improvement in boxing, just from trying something different. Idk if an old school boxing gym is the place for free form training though. When I start Thai boxing/bjj this fall, maybe they will be cool with that? Idk.

        3. As well as “controlled studies” I would consider a priori reasoning. For some reason, this has been forgotten but it forms at least half of all knowledge.
          Most of what you do with martial arts is free form. No two reps are the same, whether its drills, pad work or sparring. Dancing would be great free form practice as well. What free form gives you that other routines don’t is that it strengthens all of those ancillary muscles that you might not use in weight-training for example. Repetitive work strengthens some muscles, weakens others and misses yet more muscles. This can create serious imbalances leading to chronic injury.
          Be careful with BJJ. It can lead to serious injury. Serious like a broken neck or destroyed knee. I know more than a few people that this has happened to. I think Muay Thai is great (but I am biased, I did it for 20 years). Also, consider unarmed combat training. Easier on the body but harder on your enemies. What many men forget, is that not learning to fight is a key deficiency in their training. Like the guys who lift and never run, the guys who training for fitness but not combat are neglecting a key part of manhood.

        4. Hey Bob. I’m thinking kickboxing on a heavy bag. Would that be something you’re talking about with “free form?” When I kickboxed I was in the best shape of my life, and I did a lot of combinations on the bag.
          And yeah, fighting training is essential When you get over that fear of getting hit, and the inhibition of hitting someone, your mind kinda opens up. Creative juices flow, you take more chances in life, and you’re more confident.

        5. Yes, hitting a heavy bag would definitely count as free form. No two reps will be the same and you can work various combinations of technique. Also, seriously underestimated is the practice of shadow-boxing. Nothing perfects your balance and coordination like shadow-boxing.
          Nothing cures the inhibition of hitting someone like getting punched in the face!

  6. The first 2 sets of after pictures look roughly the same just different lighting.
    The last picture quads look shredded but upper body looks water logged.
    Must be all that test from uh, correct dieting!

  7. Just use these three hormone boosting steps guyz!!
    1. Take Kratom Daily.
    2. Ready Needle Of Testosterone
    3. Inject it Pussy.

  8. You don’t need a six pack. In fact, being too cut can make guys look like gay porn stars. Instead, just be in shape, strong, masculine, and not fat.

    1. So like a Hollywood “man of action” up through the 1980s or so?
      Maybe it defeats the point, but leaving the body hair atop the “cut bod” might cut down on the gay porn look. “Manscaping” just sounds gay IMHO.

  9. What BS. You want to get ripped? Trenbolone, Masteron, T3, and HGH will transform your body in 3 months.

    1. Kratom will transform your body so fast that you will look ripped in old photos from 5 years ago

      1. Kratom is recommended as a vitamin supplement for pregnant women who want their babies to have abs at birth.

    2. It is now been proven that Kratom will increase your income by 5% in the first 3 minutes. I usually like my Kratom with my electrolytes in the morning before I ride my bike on the train as I arrive at the airport.
      Keeps you up all night ! If you know what I mean !

  10. I was at the beach then this guy asks me how I got so shredded, and I was like “dude , do you even kratom??”

    1. Glorious kratom aside, I have a bit of a thing for waifs, they’re so light you can throw them around like a big bag of bubblewrap.

    2. In soviet Romania, Kratom sues you for usage. And then sends Secret Security to spy on your home. True story.

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  11. I’ve got to be a buzz kill and point this out: the majority of this site’s users are so jaded that advertising here is a bad idea, even the advertisement is for a great product. They only use advertising as an excuse for kratom jokes.
    BTW I’m not saying this is a good or bad product, just making an observation on what I knew the comment section would be like once I saw this on the front page.

    1. a great product for under 30. Otherwise, your going down a bad path. There is enough of them in the world.

  12. but sixpackshortcuts told me if i work my abs it will make my obliques look fatter

  13. Omg guise, a 97$ product and were getting it for 47$, what a deal!
    Kind of a moot point though when the product is worthless…

  14. I don’t get it: he’s leaner, bulked up and has defined abs-a definite improvement-but he still looks like he has the “moobs” from the first picture.

    1. low T for the moobs..Working out does not fix t for the most part-anyone 35 and up I would say- me being 49…. I am going to try a leptin sup when I calorie restrict to see how it goes as far as appetite suppressant.

  15. Why did i click on this? blah blah blah blah blah blah…. New? Did you see that? It’s “new”! blah blah blah bvlah blah blah….. Him, a doctor, and his “team”! Wow! blah blah blah bnlah blah blah… it’s new! New! New! And hormones. Hormones! Where’s the crap about “thyroids”? blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…… New! New! New! click on a link so you can spend money on free stuff. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…………………..

  16. To strengthen and develop the lower abdominal muscles lie on your back, stretch your arms or get them under a heavy object of home furnishing. Lift the straightened legs, lifting your back off the floor. When you exercise you need to strive to touch your feet above your head. This exercise helps to cope with the belly quickly and achieve 6 packs result.

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