4 Reasons Why Women Cannot And Should Not Lead

We here at Return Of Kings pretty much agree on what makes a woman attractive. I will spare you a list, as enough material is already available on the website if you do not know the feminine attributes that makes a woman desirable.

Though we also generally agree on what makes a woman unattractive, specific traits seems to disgust men more than others. But one psychological attribute stands out as one of the most hated: power. Especially the abuse of this power.

Men have a deeply rooted aversion to powerful women, and rightly so. In addition to being repulsive, it involves huge risks.  Giving power to woman is not a smart decision and here is why.

1. It is unnatural


Photoshop montage of a female leader with long hair

The law of the leader is eternal. He is the most charismatic, the wisest or the strongest of a group, not the one that feels the most or wants to live in a carefree bubble. The law of the jungle, applied in its rawest form, chews a lone woman and spits her out.

The handful of women that led successfully in the past, such as Queen Victoria, Joan of Arc or Boudicca for the most famous, always had an army of men and a government of men to reach their goals. It was composed of male ministers, male officers, and male soldiers only. Imagine what would have been the outcome if leading an army of women.


Women do not want to lead! This is not in their nature. They want to be led. It is what defines their attraction to men. It is more out of spite and in a thirst for revenge that they seek power. Revenge on failed relationship, professional failure, personal issues… the whole world governed by men is their nemesis and must be shown that she can do it just as good as any man.

2. It is unattractive


Dilma Rousseff, the shame of her Bulgarian ancestors and butch president of Brazil


Dalia Grybauskaité, (classic rabid anti-Russian, pro-homosexual, pro-male-only conscription agenda) incompetent president of Lithuania. This is not what Lithuanian women look like


Angela Merkel, female (yet to be determined) president of Germanistan

The c...

The c***. Start to see a pattern there?

A feminine and fragile, and therefore attractive, woman seeking power cannot be taken seriously as a leader. A leader is someone that shows more than the others. More mettle, more courage, more intelligence or more grit. Women that desire to inspire trust from weaker men (voters, subordinates, white knights, etc) have to consciously become more masculine (short hair, male clothing and masculine behaviour), in order to mimic the masculine attributes that compose the archetype of the leader.

In essence, whereas power held by men is an aphrodisiac for women, it as the opposite effect on attractiveness when women hold power. Feminine attractiveness to men on the psychological level can be narrowed down to: femininity, obedience, loyalty and submission.

Women in positions of power rarely look like this

Women in positions of power rarely look like this

Let’s say that your boss is attractive. You want to fuck your boss because she is a physically attractive woman. She could be flipping burgers for all you care. The position occupied is irrelevant on the pure physical aspect. But you also want to fuck her for the pleasure of having submitted her abstract position of authority to your own, physical authority and the strength of your magnificent meat.

Just like the warrior of the tribe challenges the chief and prevails, having triumphed using the universal expression of power, dominance through physical strength, makes one the new guy in charge. Women fuck men of power in the hope of gaining access to their resources, protection, or secured environment. Men fuck women of power to prove a point and assert their authority over them.

3. It is dangerous


Women are governed by their emotions. People that need safe spaces are not able to be leaders. Feminists that demand power or claim that they have it are delusional. They are empowered if they are in a secluded room, where the exterior world and its dangers cannot reach them and confront them.


Female soldiers in elite corps (or willing to be) crack under pressure, being mentally and physically weaker than men. Even if they are given a favourable treatment, they cannot cope. When they access power, it is through bureaucracy and the enforcement of a political agenda, not through excellence. They also cannot be put on the battlefield as they are a liability for their colleagues and a prize if the enemy captures them.

Physical and mental tests of resistance are the absolute base on selecting future leaders. Not picking the best of the best is illogical and puts lives in danger. In professions that require calm under extreme pressure and peak physical capability, such as firefighter, their level is cruelly insufficient.

Women's standard when caught in the act, be it cheating, lying or hanving a man's blood on their hands

Women’s standard response when caught in the act, be it cheating, lying or having a man’s blood on their hands

Female leaders listen to their emotions and their feelings. Thinking rationally about the consequences of their decisions is second. “It was the heat of the moment!” she said. Feminist leaders, such as the Lithuanian female president, are fundamentally guided by their feelings and misconceptions, applying the highest levels of double standards.

A true chief leads by example. Women, by nature, want to have their cake and eat it too, sacrificing others for their own personal benefit.

4. It is counterproductive


Focused on leading or exercising a position a power, women sacrifice their own happiness and their loved ones’, which can be achieved through a stable relationship focusing on nurturing and raising children. Women possessing any level of power are seldom happy. The distrust they inspire among men creates a void around them which turns into a vicious circle of anger and bitterness, hindering their capacity to think rationally and to reach goals

It is not easy to lead. That is part of the gig. Trials and failure are constant and keeping calm when facing adversity is what makes a chief. Women simply do not have what it takes and it is normal. What is not is that what visibly does not work is enforced to satisfy a small number of mad individuals.

Women are proven to be less effective leaders than men. They create resentment among their (mentally stable) male subordinates as they are being dominated by an individual that is physically far weaker than them. It is a deep, visceral feeling that cannot be repressed. The results are less motivation to reach higher results for this individual and distrust.

Le mot de la fin

Women, for their own good and that of the world surrounding them, must renounce seeking power. A happier, more balanced, and successful society can be the result of this decision, as it has been endlessly proven in the past.

But we all know that with the help of the elites of today and their plans, they will not do it willingly.

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369 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Women Cannot And Should Not Lead”

  1. It is pretty obvious why women should not lead.
    But if you really need science …
    Studies showed than when women were given the task of sharing 600 dollars between 6 supposed workers who worked for a day, they gave each 100 dollars equally. Meanwhile men took in account the position of the worker, and gave some more and some less depending on their position. This explains woman’s attraction to socialism and “equality” .
    Women being heads of the household had to develop instincts of averting conflict by bringing people together. When this instinct is taken outside the household however, it is an absolutely awful strategy. This explains the migrant crisis and the “can’t we just get along phenomenon”. The best way to weaken a tribe is to give woman any say in politics. The results of the austrian election, between commies (green) and nazis :
    Enough said !

    1. Important stuff for sure. Here’s a different graphic, showing essentially the same thing. Borrowed from Heartiste…

    2. Woman: OOooooo harder daddy and squeeze! Can I have…(fill in the blank)?
      Man: Whatever you ask shall be given. And whatever you are given shall be yours. And whatever is yours shall be granted. And whatever is granted is divine. For you are so divine that if I give unto thee, surely I will be King, King of Kings. All the Kings will bow to me and call me Master King, for I have conquered that which is Divine. Hail King of Kings! Return of the Kings!!!!
      Woman: I’ll call you tomorrow.

  2. And the number one reason women should not lead.
    They should be giving birth and raising children. No one is going to do it for them. Any nation that allows women to take serious job positions will experience a decline in birth rates. That is the last thing we need now.
    Nature did not intend women to lead. Leftists will tell you female leaders stop wars. But in reality, Merkel is bringing a race war in Europe and Hillary pretty much wants to start a war with Russia to protect ISIS. Meanwhile Ron Paul and Trump are the most dovish politicians we have seen in decades.
    Another myth busted.

    1. Trump? Absolutely.
      But Ron Paul would be just as much of an instigator as Merkel is, were he in power, as he’s another one of those pro-illegal immigration, pro-open borders types. He even believes in the legal myth of the “Anchor Baby” 🙁
      He’s also, unlike Trump, an isolationist. While we certainly shouldn’t be the “World Police” (at least not pro bono), if we announce to the world that we won’t intervene or intercede in any way (eg: militarily, economically), it’s gonna get ugly quick.

      1. The budget of the military is currently higher than the entire government budget under the Reagan administration. Debt payments are squeezing out any new growth. Pretty soon the west will not be *able* financially to afford intervening in all but the most urgent of circumstances. You simply cannot run a $1 trillion military for long without it seriously impacting your quality of life.

        1. The $1 trillion being spent on the military isn’t all being used to maintain our military though 🙁
          Have The Donald cut waste, fraud and abuse and we could have a stronger, bigger military for less.
          I don’t necessarily want to militarily intervene, something The Donald doesn’t want to do either. But without a military strong enough to make other countries think twice about using theirs, diplomatic/economic intervention won’t work.

        2. I’d like to think one man has the power to reverse all our problems, but there are thousands and thousands of people, networks of defense contractors, and others who have a LOT to gain by having the welfare program known as the US Military continue full bore. One of the theories of why JFK was killed was a hit by the military industrial complex because he was threatening their power/profits. That area has snowballed and is orders of magnitudes more rich, powerful, and entrenched today. Someone like the Don could make a difference, maybe even get us back to where we were in 2000, but there’s no way he has the power to undo this powerful network. I hate to just be a negative poo-pooer but that’s the realistic fact of the situation we’re in today.

        3. Currently, the “Teflon Don” has seemingly taken out all of the puppet politicians that the monied backers have “sicced” on him.
          So, maybe it’s too optimistic, but it might be the case that they’ve thrown all that they can at him.
          Trump might not have to worry about being JFK’d if he picks a VPOTUS who shares his political positions…something JFK and Reagan didn’t do.

        4. Doubt it. JFK probably would’ve charged into Vietnam almost immediately after his reelection.

  3. I disagree to a certain extent: women are good at leading households and children. Having a woman to take care of the household while I am off fighting “needless wars for the Zionist/Neocon/Oil conspiracy” would be ideal. Beyond that, women aren’t good national leaders or business leaders.
    There are a few genetic anomalies, like Elizabeth I, Victoria I and Margaret Thatcher. While some make the argument that they had teams of men working for them, so did Arthur Wellesley, Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan. All leaders have teams of men working for them. It’s how a good General Staff system works, and Moltke the Elder used it to much success, especially in 1871.
    Let’s acknowledge that women should generally not lead in government or business without negating the few genetic anomalies who did great things. Let us also remind any woman who thinks that they can lead that they probably aren’t a genetic anomaly (unless there is obvious evidence that they are).

    1. The question at gand would be whether those female leaders were at peace with themselves.
      And I do not want to fight pointless wars. Going for a hunt would be nicer. Or becoming a shaman.

    2. Sadly, even in a household they are failing as matriarchs. Speaking from personal experience, they even expect men to become babysitters so they can “find themselves”.

    3. Men who think women can lead a household are men who haven’t really paid attention to the home.
      Women can’t manage money or children any better at home than the office.
      A wife and mother is simply the child in charge when father is away.
      A wife and mother should no more manage a household than a 14 year old.

    4. For exceptional women. I think maybe its better that they lead women in parallel rather than over men.
      Or employ them as advisors to a sagacious king. Just a thought. No talent should be wasted even in a patriarchal system.
      What I do object to is them having Authority over men.

    5. except Thatcher Victoria etc would have never bought into the modern nonsense of swapping Gender roles….
      In fact Thatcher mocked Labour for trying to blend male and female roles at home…
      They still believes women were women and men were men

  4. Women are not leaders. They are not biologically programmed to lead. That is
    not me being sexist, but rather mother nature dictating the natural order of life. In fact, it is in all honesty, a big mistake to hand over any position of great power to a woman. As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility and if you take the time to observe the current direction of the way in which our planet is heading towards with women in charge, then you can see it is going downhill.
    It is only with the advent of handing over so much power to women that our
    society is falling apart. There are now a majority of more breadwinners in society that are mostly comprised of women as well as more women making up the
    labor market than men. I simply cannot understand or fathom as to why any company or multinational corporation would give the power of hiring to women
    (in the form of human resources) or the actual position of leading a company to
    a woman (in the form of management or CEO.) There is so much empirical evidence
    to support the fact that companies fall apart when women are given the reigns
    to a company because as time has shown over and over again, they bring an
    element of immaturity into the decision making process and as a result, cannot
    produce the desired results that a company seeks.
    It is not coincidental that many companies are falling apart in the current state of the economy. Sure there are many elements such as people losing their jobs due to cutbacks, people not spending and so on and so forth. But make no mistake, that a lot of companies are also falling apart because of the direction in which it is going through as a result of women being in charge. Meritocracy goes out the window and what substitutes hard work are quotas, gender preferential treatment and every other illogical fallacy that can be seen within today’s atrocious hiring practices.
    As for leading nations, well one can see where this is heading towards. Look
    at what is currently happening in countries like Brazil, Sweeden, Germany and in the past recent years, Thailand. It is a big mistake for a woman to be given the keys to such power because at the end of the day, in order to maintain a stable and well civilized society, it requires skills and attributes such as insight, patience and a deep level of analysis as well as stability and maturity. Unfortunately, with women, feelings and emotions are always involved and what you get in return, is disaster.
    As with the current state of affairs has shown, with more women in charge and in their ridiculous attempts at trying to become masculine and replace men at every function in society such as the head of the family, the breadwinner and the leaders of companies, you can start to see society falling apart. Its a shame in all honesty because afterall, it was men who built all of the great civilizations and all of the greatest inventions. But instead of being celebrated, men are now denounced and berated as the villain. I simply just sit back and just watch what happens. That is all we can do in the end.

    1. Love your comments Truth. You should see how colleges are promoting feminism to the max. I had to suffer last semester with two feminist teachers and one of them knew I supported Neo-masculinity ( since I wrote a paper stating that feminism is meant to advocate female superiority). She ended up giving me a “C” in class even though I was the top student. You should’ve seen all the extra-curricular activities, it was filled with feminist empowering betas and other females to overcome the “chains” that men enslave women with. Also, one of my professors said in the middle of his lecture that there are more women graduating colleges and earning Ph.D’s than men – Well no shit Sherlock! Men are going insane and being forced to work labor jobs to support women. These women that do go to college and graduate, end up with a shitty degree in communications and art, while racking up student debt and not being able to find a job. As a man, I feel like school has become harder just because of my gender.

      1. Women aren’t playing it smart by racking up all that debt in college (which btw is becoming more worthless by the day. It’s just a Left-indoctrination center anymore). What men should do he re is NEVER help a woman pay off her college loan debt. Let them sink in their own mistake.

        1. Putting any one into debt turns them into a thrall. To whom are such women enthralled?

        2. The Federal Government, since the current Administration has done successfully established near-monopoly on student loans for the Federal Government 🙁

        3. I think that’s why women attend college in the first place: Men NEVER help women, they just leave them to sink in their own mistakes.

        4. I’m a student and I am debt free, because my family and I worked our butts off to save money and finance (low tuition school, planned budgeting, applying for merit based scholarships, working, saving money, etc) so my sister and I could attend college with ZERO loans.

        5. If it’s so bad to be attending college and a ‘waste of money’, where’s the anger towards men who go to college?

      2. School is not necessary to succeed in life. What is necessary is to start a trade early in your teens and to stick with it for the rest of your life.

      3. I guess the point there is, now you know how women must feel?

  5. I’d like to put this into horse and buggy thinking:
    The only time to hand over the reigns to a woman is if you never want to get anywhere of consequence on time, safely, or for that matter, ever.

    1. My mother is convinced my dad must be a speed demon, because they can leave the house at about the same time and Dad’ll beat her there by 10% of total travel time.
      IRL, he reacts decisively to traffic conditions, and she doesn’t.

  6. Power is a tool that is used differently by men than it is by women.
    For moral men, power is the authority to organize and create in accordance to a vision. A man with a hammer and chisel can form stone to reflect a dream. A man with power can form a mob into organization. Power is creative when wielded by a moral man.
    For a woman, power is either used to protect herself from imagined threats, or it is a tool to reward and punish others. For a woman, power is parasitic and redistributive. Woman doesn’t create, she allocates.
    Men will build a bridge as an exercise of power.
    Women hang garland on the bridge and dictate who may use it as an exercise of power.
    The west fell because of suffrage. We gave sovereign franchise to those exempt from direct accountability and legal obligation.

    1. Uhh, women hang garland on the bridge to get men to build the bridge. That’s why they wouldn’t allow anyone else to use the garland. Women can build bridges, but why break a nail if she doesn’t have to. Tell me you don’t want a woman’s beauty adorned on your erected span?

  7. The best proof of why women should not lead is found in comparing pre-suffrage USA to post-suffrage USA. Their leadership capability is reflected in the leaders they choose.
    The American founding fathers knew this.
    Women are great at leading children. And this is mainly because as far as how their heads are wired goes, they are not far from being children.

    1. A wife and mother should be recognized as the child a father leaves in charge when he’s out. Women can’t handle children any better than they do employees.

      1. Have you ever allowed a woman responsibility to do any single task on her own?
        Literally every girl I’ve been with for a longer term (and I count myself lucky for having a good one now) has been entirely incapable of meeting deadlines and goals without constant review and oversight.
        If it isn’t entirely self-serving, it isn’t going to happen.

        1. Oh really? Try letting an “empowered” woman assemble a bike on her own. Mind you, admittedly I’m not the most mechanically inclined man out there and even I can figure out a bike easier than most women. Most women will probably leave the bike aside without even trying and let it rust, waiting for a man to fix it for them. Or to put it in another way, if it’s not nails or perms, they won’t do it on their own. Or uploading pics on Instagram.

        2. Have you ever allowed a woman responsibility to do any single task on her own?————-
          I never trust a women to do a single task on her own. I always end up repeating myself because they don’t seem to care about how the problem is going to be fixed.

        3. Women aren’t solution based thinkers… point blank. They point out problems for men to solve. Then reject the solution. lol

        4. Kinda like when you give a woman directions and she goes the other way. This has been one way for women to put me on Tourettes mode. And don’t get me started on teaching them how to read maps or explain which way is north. To this day, I’m convinced most women think North West is Kim and Kanye’s baby.

        5. Oh my God…. I fucking HATE repeating myself. But to entrust a woman with a vital task is to sign oneself up for an endless stream of reminding, checking, doublechecking, and then as an ultimate reward for all of the extra labor, disappointment.

        6. I better start a separate upvote account, because that is going to get used..ALOT. Best new term I’ve picked up in months!

        7. lol It was a joke I worded incorrectly, I meant a separate account to collect upvotes to pay you with.

        8. Have her tune up your moped?? Better yet, fix your flat on your Schwinn 21″!!! Capisce??

        9. And while they’d commit bloodshed to get the position, they get pissed when held to accountability.

        10. Oh yeah, they’re pretty defiant about doing it their way, and not considering that they have no clue. Like they’re used to running rampant and having someone save them and fix the mess afterwards.

        11. They’re not even very good at doing the dishes or cleaning the house, but with LOTS of practice they can get better.

        12. They aren’t problem solvers they are problem makers starting with pregnancy, maternal leave, periods, air conditioning, pay gap

      2. The majority of girls you meet are conditioned to act as dumb as rocks. They think its cute and appropriate.
        It’s like this one girl telling a man, “You are so smart, and I’m so dumb and I hate when you talk about smart stuff I don’t understand, let’s sing Britney Spears instead,” when he’s explaining astronomy, but behind closed doors she’s bragging to me about her ‘A’ in calculus. Is she an ‘A’ student or is she a dumbass? A bit contradictory there. (No, he didn’t realize she was an ‘A’ student until I told him, she never mentioned her grades to him.)
        All these men are being fooled into doing tasks that take up their time of day just because their women can play the “I’m a dumbass” card and not have to accomplish anything.
        Why teach people you’ll do every task for them?

        1. If women like you ‘a lot’ they can get submissive. That includes becoming agreeable and passive. I think its partially instinctive, partially acquired.
          A lot of young women are very smart and some have been nurtured by their father. They often can beat a boy at say snooker/billiards, lane bowling, shooting.
          Loosing can hurt a boys ego and the girl soon learns to ‘play dumb’ so as not to upset the boy.
          However men that are sore losers to women are unattractive to women even if she may be upset herself.
          I’ve never worried about loosing in some specific skill to a woman and its never hurt ‘game’. They rather appreciate the confidence. I know if I put in the effort I could get quite good at most things.
          There was a time a very smart girl friend, still a friend to this day, solved a Rubiks cube puzzle in about 30 seconds and chucked it nonchalantly at me when she was finished.
          That blew me away and still does. I definitely felt an IQ gap. I would have as well if it were a man but I definitely developed beta male attitude. I learned 20 years latter she had practised a lot. Still, an achievement.

        2. I agree they are different. Prrhaps ome get nervous and as a result say and do silly stuff. Maybe they just lack female game.

        3. To clarify my response, I agree with what you are saying. I think of my own grandmother telling a girl not to make their partner feel like a ‘cuck’, which means exactly what you are describing. That means more not throwing it in a man’s face. Sure, maybe there is a task a woman does better, but it’s mean to rub it in a man’s face, especially if it involves strength or strategy. An example outside of pool would be if the woman has a higher paying job then the man. It’s unwise to rub it in the man’s face and repeatedly make reference to being the ‘breadwinner’. He knows, there’s no need to rub wealth in anyone’s face. Another example would be if a girl was more intelligent then her partner. It is unwise to take every opportunity to show it, to point out the flaws in his reasoning, and especially to make him feel stupid in front of others. In the case of a game, especially in public, the woman should politely decline if she thinks she would win against her partner. It isn’t about denying you can do something, it’s about protecting your partner’s reputation and sense of worth.
          Putting a bike together requires neither strength nor strategy.
          I don’t think that it means feigning inability to comprehend a task. Feigning stupidity has no purpose other then to take advantage of the fact most men are willing to complete a task for a woman.
          It opens the possibility for the girl to make stupid choices and claim, “I didn’t know any better”, in the case of the man’s girl who was making the grades in calculus. He was very upset to learn some of the action he’d blown off as an honest mistake based on her alleged stupidity was nothing but a farce. Later he describes her as ‘a really smart girl who acts stupid so she can take advantage of relationships.’
          And then it’s bad because the more women feign being stupid, the more men think they are actually stupid which leads to inflections on other people unrelated.

        4. My example is the most extreme example I can think of to illustrate the concept. Most aren’t going to call themselves ‘dumb’.
          Intelligence in a man should be a natural attractant, but again… no reason to feign being dumber then one is.

        5. Well if women going for stupid badboys are any indication. They are attracted to the charisma that those men exude due to their confidence which is Masculine Aura.

        6. Confidence is a double standard, yes. A shy woman will not have as many prospects as a confident woman, but she’ll still get takers as shyness doesn’t have as negative a connotation. Confident men are not generally put off by shyness.
          Men do not get this benefit of the doubt. If a man is shy, he likely won’t get any takers. Shy girls will be too shy to initiate the conversation and confident girls will be put off by the trait of shyness.
          As far as bad boys, remember that often drugs are involved. If the lady does drugs and parties, she likely won’t end up with the nice guy. Bad boys party and have all the drugs. Ecstasy, heavy alcohol consumption, and opiate use is rising among younger girls, they will be attracted to a man who can provide for their vices.
          Luck might change for any man no matter how ‘beta’ if they start slinging dope or host parties on the regular.
          Also, sex, most woman have the belief that their attractiveness is proven by the number of men who want to have sex with them. This belief eventually leads to the wrong type of man, the type of man who only wants sex with no care toward their feelings.
          Many woman also use sex as a gateway to a relationship without thinking it should be the other way around. Eventually they rack up a huge number count filled with men who just wanted the booty.
          There’s a lot going on behind closed doors.

        7. The attraction to confidence is instinctual? Yes.
          The drug part and having sex with many men isn’t really instinctual. Woman are designed by nature to seek partners for the long haul.
          Most mammals have short gestation periods. Humans have a very long one, 9 1/2, and for about 4-5 months of that period they are defenseless.
          And then the children are defenseless for much longer. A child easily must be 7 or 8 before they could fathom defending themselves and even then it won’t be until 14-17 that they possess a body on par with an adult.

        8. ”Woman are designed by nature to seek partners for the long haul.”
          Except that they without a father to vet the person end up having fatherless children.

        9. In nature, this would be a death sentence.
          We are far removed from nature, so perhaps it doesn’t even matter, but if humans are still ran by instinct then certainly getting with men unwilling to commit is unnatural.

        10. The “A” grade is because she is a woman. I, while in collage, wrote a paper for a class and let my sister-in-law do the research and then use the final report for her class as well, (I was young and stupid). She got an “A” and I got a “B”… That was in the 70s so I can only imagine how biased the grading is now…

        11. My ex-wife was stay-home. Always talked about the house work and stuff she would get done. Found out that she was hiring maids and gardners when I was out-of-town. My business partners gave up on trying to get theirs to act honestly and accepted it.
          My big thing was the deception and laziness. And the screwed up checkbooks and charge accounts she’s doctored, thinking to hide it. God, just tell me to my face and stop lying. That ends up in worse feelings and arguments than the truth. But she didn’t care about that. Good riddance.

        12. while I partially agree with what you said there is ample proof that is not the main problem. Men are good at concentrating at just one or maximum two tasks at the same time but do them very good. Women are generally prone to do a lot of things at the same time and as such they do them average or bellow average. Also another problem is the apparent need women have to talk to death about anything. When a man needs to do something he just does it. Sometimes mistakes are made but is a learning experience. But women talk about the things that need to be done so much nothing gets done. Famous is the norwegian survivor where they separated men from women or the woman that started a company just with women and found out that with no men around nothing got done. I think is the tendency women have to get distracted by various things including emotions that gets in the way.

      3. Exactly! Our grandfathers were right to keep the women under watch and entrust the children to others.

    2. “My girlfriends and I are voting for (fill in blank) for president because he’s the cutest! We’re also voting for Ms Bittercunt for the U.S Senate because there should be a woman in power, that’s all we know and that’s more than enough to rule a nation!”

      1. I vote for Trump because he is going to build a wall..and make Mexico pay for it.

        1. However the heck he’s going to convince Felipe Calderon to do that hasn’t been devised yet. Probably because Trump is full of hot air and lacking in actual substance.

        2. Cutting off/taxing remittances. Trade restrictions and repatriation of illegals (which cost taxpayers around a 100bil a year)…so…yeah…they’ll pay…handsomely.

        3. A republican congress will not vote in favor of taxes and trade restrictions.

        4. Why not?
          Ideally, a “republican congress” wouldn’t abdicate the Constitutional & Federa Law requirement to have a Federal Budget, and wouldn’t fully fund democrat 0bama unconditionally for the remainder of his term.
          But they did. So they defy expectations. As a kicker, one of the few “solo accomplishments” of the current Speaker of the House is tax increase.

        5. Trade restrictions? Mexico builds a lot of our shit, and grows a lot of our food. What do we send to Mexico that they so desperately need? And how long will Trump put up a trade restriction stopping the Mexican Fords from being imported into America for sale? No way a wall will ever be built (thank goodness).

        6. Time will tell. This is contingent upon Trump winning and Ryan cooperating with Trump.

        7. The big question, why is Mexico growing much of our food & manufacturing Ford Fusions? Back around 1974, I bought a GE AM-FM clock radio & really got pissed when I found out it was manufactured in Mexico. Keep in mind, the US was in a very severe recession at the time, Nixon had just resigned as president & the country was still suffering from the Vietnam clusterfuck. When I required about this, the GE rep responded with “you’d have paid twice as much for it had it been made in the U.S. Now the immigration problem. All, I can say, it’s a little too late to the right thing now, especially since Spanish is now the unofficial second language of the US.

        8. I hope so. It’s time to end political correctness and put our own survival first.
          And while he’s at it, he might as well deport all muslims. Perhaps to Mexico ? Then let’s see how they welcome immigrants themselves, two faced fucks.

        9. I don’t disagree totally with you. If you watch any of his speeches or rallies it’s 100%, “We’re great, but this is terrible, this person is terrible and people don’t like him/ her, I’m great, people love me, I love you people and you’re a great crowd, jobs went overseas and that’s bad, we’re bringing them back through smart trade deals and that’ll be good,” etc…
          That said, I think he’ll build the wall. He knows, that was his first promise and if doesn’t at least build the wall, everyone will know how full of hot air he is. Most presidents follow through on at least one of their promises or a small few. I think the wall is the one trump will try to hardest to follow through on.
          Actually making America Great Again is one he’ll fail at miserably.

        10. Hopefully Ryan won’t even be in the next Congress. If he is, hopefully it won’t be as Speaker.

        11. In 1900 English was the dominant language in Texas. German was second, Spanish third.
          Now look…

        12. I had a 1969 Pontiac Firebird that I was rebuilding, when I took out the original interior, it was tagged “MADE in Mexico” I was surprised. Well, maybe you will be surprised to hear that there is no official first language. English is not the official language of the US. Because of that, the government must spend millions of English Speaker’s dollars to communicate with non-English speakers.

        13. Illegals should be classified as Economic Refugees. Mexico gets political stability, and U.S. dollars sent home by illegals is in the billions of $’s every year.
          There’s been a civil war in the southern half of Mexico for over 10 years now, and nobody cares. Why? It’s between drug cartels that own the government. The government doesn’t care as long as they’re killing each other off, and the civilians come here.
          The best way to control society is to export your poor someplace else so they don’t have to rise up. And let everyone know that the government isn’t really in charge: it’s just a rubber-stamping, paper-pusher.
          The jokes on both Democrats and Republicans. Republicans helped them establish here so companies could drive down wages. (And not just labor, management and tech jobs have lost money too from the wave effect in the economy) And Democrats can focus on helping them, while ignoring job losses and no wage growth.
          Trump and Sanders are the natural evolution of the voting blocks. People are pissed and neither party is taking accountability. Give Trump and Bernie supporters the wages and social benefits their parents were used to and both sides would go away. Business as usual. But it’s not going to happen, so no telling where the country’s going in the next 10 years.

        14. Hell yes they will. It depends on who’s asking for them. Trade restriction on small businesses, and tax breaks for corporations and the rich. That’s what they always do.
          The Republican only defend the already rich; not the people struggling to become rich.
          The already rich stay that way through trade regulations and tax breaks. They’re for trade restrictions if it’s in their interest.

        15. There are some great reasons to vote for Trump, the wall is not one of them. Mexicans, if you can get it through your fucking idiot heads keep the U.S. going. Being anti-everyone U.S. will only get mass world hatred, I know for a fact the U.S. cannot fight more than one major war at a time. Hitler knew this, ended up fighting two fronts and lost. Clinton is the most corrupt politician ever, a true peon of the Elite New World Order. Better Trump than Clinton but be prepared for war.

        16. Well all other counties outside the west is anti-everyone so why can’t we ?

        17. Mexicans do not keep SHIT going, they fuck shit up. There’s a reason Mexico is the Turd World, they make it that way. Mexico is the best they can do. It is not up to us to support these subhumans.

        18. That rep should have told you that GE would have simply made half the profit. Mow your own lawn and tell your gardener to gtfo.

        19. It was a year ago, but Dougie “I know for a fact the U.S. cannot fight more than one major war at a time” Howser apparently didn’t read up on World War II, when the U.S. fought more than one major power at a time, played a decisive role against both, almost single-handedly annihilated one, and won.

        20. If the bar gets lower there will now be the term fourth world countries. That would be worst than Satan’s asshole

        21. Well you had better give back California. You failing empire fools. Five thats 5 planet Earths are required for us all to live up to your obscenely wasteful levels of consumption. Eat your own waste you selfish capitalist idiots

        22. eff america. we all live live on a watery orb. I still cant figure out why its called Earth

      2. Keep in mind many women voted for John F. Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election because of his supposedly good looks. However, unbeknown to the general public at the time, JFK’s health was declining at age 43 & it’s highly unlikely that he would have been able to serve two terms.

        1. Correct. He might not have lived through a second term. Back then the press covered up such things, including the fact that they would not photograph Jackie smoking cigarettes or mention that she and John were on the brink of divorce.

          Why can’t more leaders be just like him, instead of electing Hitler in America???

    3. Any “mass control system” is garbage
      there is a reason for our interest in space as a species, because in the end, we know that 8-11+ billion people on a long enough time scale will not end well on this planet
      Evil is real, and its also really intelligent, which means that it will survive into the advanced technocratic age, you will have no choice but to colonize somewhere else, or be literally mind controlled with advanced tech
      It enters your brain and changes it, so, eventually you will have to choose to risk being mind controlled, or to leave and colonize
      since you can take the technology and information library of all of human history with you, you break free of your dependency on civilization itself, every possible material exists in unlimited quantities in space
      We have two obstacles
      1) Lifespan
      2)Intelligence scarcity
      Both problems can be solved by recreating the brain using light based transistors and combining creative computing, then any answer can be had instantly with artificial intelligence
      150+ year lifespans by mid-century
      1 Corinthians 15:52: It will happen in a moment, in the blink of an eye, when the last trumpet is blown. For when the trumpet sounds, those who have died will be raised to live forever. And we who are living will also be transformed.

    4. One thing that changed after females gained to vote in the USA was an exorable rise in 1/deficits and 2/ steadily increasing expenditures. The initial data is a little conflated due to the demobilisation at the end of WW1.
      There seems to be an irresponsibility there or an intellectual weakness.
      Either than or its bit like a gold digging woman mining her new husband using not only charm, beauty and sex appeal but actual political power to just extract resources without concern that she was over spending.
      Studies show that female IQ is 7.5-9 points lower on average than adult male IQ and that there are two males per female with an IQ over 115.
      Richard Lynn and Tuto Vanhanen reckoned that democracy was impossible with an IQ below 98 in a country.
      I disagree with this site general spirit in that I find a small percentage of women are capable on operating as women and as intellectual equals but I am certainly not in thrall of them and many do more harm than good.
      The ones I admire are women of the hard right who have had to stick their neck out often on the behalf of men. They are an exception but they must be lauded.

      1. Your statistics are outdated. Researcher James Flynn published in The Telegraph and Psychology Today, “In the last 100 years the IQ scores of both men and women have risen, but women’s have risen faster.”
        It was proven that as education opportunities for women grew equal to men, the IQ levels became equal too.

        1. My claims are not outdated, they are very recent, 2005. Incidentally I’m not a misogynist, I rather value women.
          I’m aware of Flynn’s work. He treads a cautious line not daring to inflame the PC brigade. Incidentally while the Flynn/Lynn effect shows IQ’s rising on standardised tests reaction time tests for IQ actually show its been dropping. This is what would expect as university graduates often fail to reproduce since the 1950s.
          You’re welcome to check out the science versus feminism site:
          This is what self-identified ‘left wing’ academic Professor Paul Irwing stated in the British Independent newspaper:
          “There are twice as many men with an IQ of 120 plus as there are women, there are 30 times the number of men with an IQ of 170-plus as there are women. I don’t know why this is, all I can say is that we have a huge amount of data.”
          “In my 2005 paper in the British Journal of Psychology we looked at 22 surveys sampling 20,000 university students. In 21 out of the 22 studies males always had an advantage. That’s a lot. We ignored the survey from Mexico because the results were consistent with a university that was extremely selective with respect to females.”, “The results of both studies were a shock to me. I find prejudice abhorrent. I’ve always taught sex differences from a left-wing point of view, that women are every bit as good as men. My findings don’t fit my view of the world at all. Girls often do better than boys at school. ”
          The Danish Professor Helmuth Nyborg, who is not politically correct comes up with firmer figures, he stated:
          “Adult males have a mean advantage in g of about 7.5 to 9 IQ equivalent points. The variance in mental test scores is 10 to 20% greater for males. The combined effect of higher mean and greater variance result in an exponentially increasing male over-representation from average g (IQ=100) and up, from 2 males for each female at g=1 SD (IQ=115) to more than 10 males for each female at g=3 SD (IQ=145)”
          This would explain the gender pay gap.
          Note, historical genetic data shows that 80% of human females managed to reproduce whereas only 40% of males. Men were under much heavier evolutionary pressure.
          It’s possible that ‘feminism’ as practised is reducing IQ as the birth rate of intelligent men and women is reduced so as to divert resources from family to feminist careers aspirations. The reaction time tests seems to support this dysgenic outcome.
          The male versus female IQ distribution would seem to closely match the so called gender pay gap.

        2. You failed to mention that many of Professor Nyborg’s studies were repeatedly riddled with errors and inconsistencies in methodology, to the point where he was sued for scientific misconduct.
          Furthermore, there are just as many studies published in reputable publications that average IQs have increased over the past 50 years.
          And Science vs. Feminism? Does that sound particularly impartial to you?
          I don’t really have the time to respond to every little comment thread-trolls decide to knuckle out, but I will probably check back to see what answer I receive to this last comment:
          I have always had positive relationships with happy, successful, and attractive men. They never seemed to share the views expressed on this site, and believe me, they never hesitated to express their opinions. The men who seem to be obsessed with the idea that women are inherently inferior usually share common traits: Unhappy, unsuccessful, unattractive. I’m not saying this is you, because I don’t know you at all. But I do wonder if a man’s ability to value female intellect could directly affect his potential for success and happiness in life and love. I certainly value the positive and open-minded men in my life. I am a feminist not because I am a “man-hater,” but because I don’t believe that passive female obedience leads to self-actualization for anyone.

        3. Any normal guy with half a brain would stay out of college today, especially the ones filled the pink haired fem-natzi’s club pseudo-men clubs, let’s blow up the jews group! social justice warrier misfits, social experiment wankers, etc. etc, BAT 21 A.S., Logistics, BS Business Administration, MBA, many years ago!

        4. Nyborg was completely exonerated of any academic misconduct by a Government oversight committee and had to be reinstated by his university.
          Nyborg was attacked because he dared publish research which showed adult men are more intelligent than adult women by a very decisive amount. So was Larry Sommers, Dean at Harvard and so did Dr Paul Irwing.
          This will eventually blow apart Feminism and Gender Studies. I must say the demeaning, baseless and deceitfull accusations of feminists in this area must stop.
          Science vs Feminism cites and references it’s statements and data. Easy to get to.
          There is no point calling it biased: it clearly argues the case that men and women are different.

        5. Trumps plan for reforming college loans are brilliant.
          The loan will be private but the liability shared equaly by the bank, university and student.
          This will stop universities offering courses that are of no value.
          For instance it may be hard to get a loan for a degree in feminist dance theory as it may not produce a graduate able to pay back the loan. The bank, university and student now all may loose money instead of just the student.
          The university can either get rid of the course or make it usefull.

        6. Hope he does it!!! Good idea to get these universities geared towards jobs that make money, no more social experiment classes!! Good ideas!!!

        7. I wanted to go to UC Davis in Northern California to study winemaking! I found out that the school administrators allow the middle easterners run the school who spend their time trying to jack up the jews!!!

        8. A soild cogent response. I have read the IQ literature extensively and can back up all of your statements.

        9. The IQ spread is what you need to pay attention to.
          Both female and male IQs have gone up over 100 years, however the spead has been maintained. The wild claims made by the media in 2012 or so, that the gap had closed or been reversed, was shown to be quack science subsequently. Overly eager biased media (feminists and weak cucks) took a comment by Flynn and ran with it and wildly exaggerated it. Apparently you did as well.
          No, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus and you are just as inferior as you ever were.
          P.S. I am one of those men that you call highly attractive and successful and I have always viewed women as deeply inferior. Or put another way: I live in the real world. When I was younger I lied and pretended your fantasies of equality were real for easy sex; always with the intent of dropping your feminist ass after I got bored. As I matured I dropped the act as I discovered it only made me more attractive; irresistibe in fact. Also it felt underhanded and I didn’t like that.
          Could it be that those men did that to you? If they were attractive and successful and high IQ, then the odds are likely.

        10. Boom this guy gets it. I was always the”nice” guy. Not always to get laid but because I thought and was taught that was what women want. Then when I grew up and I realized women want the exact opposite of what they say they want. Women don’t want a guy who beats them but they are attracted to raw masculintiy and aggression. They dry up so fast with guys who agree with them all the time. If you push back, call a girl out on her shit, and pick on her in fun way she will be attracted to you like never before. Most women won’t admit any of this thought.

        11. Trump should haul the K-12 education system. Make children learn useful stuff and require every child to graduate being good in something they can make a living off of heck it can just be factory assembly worker or Mcdonalds employee that would definitely get people off the streets. Teach kids how to pay taxes and bills, how to get a loan etc.

    5. Schopenhauer is masterful at making such a point-recommended reading.

    6. The handful of women that led successfully in the past, such as… Joan of Arc or Boudicca

      eh?!!! Both of these women are famous for their monumental failures!!!!

  8. I work in an office full of girls and I’m the lone male, I see how much time they waste gossiping every day, I often times wonder how much different things would run if it where all dudes.

    1. Granted, there is quite a bit of bullshitting around with men. Yet, somehow, for the most part, men do get the job done

      1. Men are vastly more efficient. A task that takes a man 15 minutes to complete will take a woman anywhere from an hour to two hours, not including the thirty minute bitch-fest that took place before she even started.

      2. Men do a better job and boost morale by joking with each other and cooperating together. When women see this they will separate you from your buddy because (a) you make them look bad, (b) they’re pissed that you can have fun without them and (c) they’re paranoid that you’re laughing at them for being children that are always running to your female supervisor to whine over unprofessional subjects like personality.

    2. there are many reasons for the gender/wage gap, you just touched on one

      1. Which is why female supervisors disparage you for being what used to be called “company men” and praise their girls with the lowest standards (and also for being their “informants”). It is necessary for them to destroy the merit system because men outperform them. I say “equal work for equal pay!”

    3. Tell me about it. Been there myself. The men had to work twice as hard to get the work done while the women blabbed their little mouths off while getting work done every once in awhile.

    4. Lemme guess. Female supervisor that pretty much allowx all the chit chat?

    5. Almost anytime I am forced to overhear a conversation between two women they talk about something worthless, usually badmouthing a “friend”.

  9. My personal take is this: when I make a decision, feelings, or better, gut feelings are involved, yet, they are combined with cold calculations and plain logic. I still have to ponder deeply if a decision is going to work, and I also have to have a Plan B or Plan C in case shit hits the fan. Most women will refer to this process as “being negative.” Most women don’t take this approach. They just take a decision based on feelings, or as they say, the heart wants what the heart wants. Of course, for all their positivity, they are the ones to crumble first, and then someone rescues them. Kinda also explains why women live longer than men, no?

    1. I would say your “gut” is in a sense a form of subconscious logic. Your brain registers millions of bits of information that you never think about and recognises patterns without you even realizing it. When your gut tells you something, it’s because your brain recognizes a pattern that is not readily apparent on the surface.

    2. “The heart wants…” yup — pure drivel, zero meaning. Women pull stuff like this out of their asses thinking it’s a trump card comment that is “the last word in the matter.” They are wrong, but they love trying to come up with showstopper statements that eliminate rebuttal, debate or the consequences of being proven wrong. The reply is “Lady, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, so you’re grasping at straws and attributing things to your unknowable, conniving heart.” Such a waste of time, and women like this are usually the loneliest ones.

      1. Uh, it was Woody Allen who said ‘the heart wants what the heart wants” when he dumped Mia Farrow for his now wife Soon Yi. Rumor has it that he’s a man.

    3. Bingo on the accusations of being negative just for seeing possible complications and having a back up plan.

  10. Whether you are a seasoned veteran to this site or just stumbled across it.
    Every time you do so it empowers them to disenfranchise you and other men. Stop allowing weaker people to rule over you and become the fucking leader you were meant to be.
    If the rules exist to punish you and keep you down, you are no longer obligated to obey or even acknowledge those rules.
    Stop obeying the rules of others like a fucking bitch and become the rule.

  11. I have been saying that for awhile ,women are governed by emotions and men are governed by logic.

    1. There have been (rare) times in my life, particularly when I was young, where I let my emotions get the better of me. I can’t think of one instance when I made a decision on emotion and it turned out well.

      1. So true ,not to say that men don’t have emotion its just we don’t make decisions based on what we feel ,for us its about the facts brother.

    2. My experience tells me, not only that is right, but also that they aren’t even capable of feeling the whole spectrum of emotions. Love, hate, respect, honour… they feel such things like a breeze, and still they are driven by them. We sometimes feel them as gales, but learn throughout our lives to master them (and command our existence)

  12. A good article. Women are unsuited to leadership and responsibility. They tend to be emotional and irrational. They are always subjective and ignore abstract concepts such as truth, right and wrong and justice. They will have from the age of 16 until the mid-twenties managed to get advantages from being female (such as never having to take responsibility for money) that disappear and later cause cattiness among post-wall women and causes all the trouble of office politics as they pull each other down.
    This is not meant in any mean spirit. Women have many qualities. They are more compassionate and often better able to judge the psychology of emotions among children. They are better at raising children than men in most cases.
    What is most troubling to me is that this simple knowledge, this understanding of the differences between men and women, upon which society (and family life) is built, this knowledge has been so successfully abolished. Every great civilisation of every stripe – western Christian nations, Islam, Hinduism, the Roman Empire, the British Empire – they all understood that you had to control women, that they were best suited to raising children and should be kept away from politics and trade. Women were wisely barred from voting even when there were Queens.
    And yet today, anyone in politics or business must publicly state that he favours the unnatural placement of women into positions of authority or else be hounded from his job. Common sense has been undermined, reality turned inside out. Troubling times ahead; no civilisation has ever survived without strong manly men leading their families and leading society. Feminism runs rampant, families are destroyed, white women no longer have enough children to sustain their populations. Yet the Cultural Marxists have been so successful that those in authority feel they have no choice (and in some cases actually believe it), but to celebrate this decline.

    1. “They are better at raising children than men in most cases.”
      Yet children raised in single mother households tend to do worse in life than children raised in single father households. Having both a mother and father is by far the best option for any child but when men and women are forced to (or choose to) raise children alone, then it turns out that women aren’t even better at what is meant to be more natural to them.

      1. Women have a more difficult time administering discipline. It’s hurtful. So kids are undisciplined and you get these SJWs foul mouthing during a diversity forum at a local university.

  13. Should have put a picture of Kathleen Wynne with the other chicks.

  14. Women, they say, are attracted to power. What women in power are attracted to?

    1. They are attracted to themselves which is why they don’t need no man and push for feminist agenda.

  15. Marissa, melissa, whatever the fuck meyers, was a mind boggling one. Who hires a pregnant bitch to be CEO of a public company. And they’ve continued on down the tubes over at Progressive crap hole Yahoo. The sad thing is that people think they’re being altruistic by being tolerant of stupidity.

    1. The hire generated tons of free press for a failing company. thumbs up from me

  16. Even Israel, which is often touted by the left as a “pioneer” in supposedly having women in combat, has had to significantly scale back women in primary combat roles because they couldn’t cut it.
    They saw with their own eyes mixed-sex units having higher casualty rates and lower effectiveness rates and we’re foolish to embrace the same here.

  17. This article should be posted all over the mainstream press — it clarifies much of what exists out in the open, but has been buried under the illogical liberal agenda.
    Interesting dynamic that I see in the mixed-gender corporate environment…I work in a company with some smart women in upper management — IMO, they work best when they act like men (and I can tell it’s exhausting for them). Every time we need to work on a project together, I wind up naturally and subtly dominating the conversation by cutting through all the bullshit and explaining things bluntly (I know my strengths, and it only adds to my coworkers’ strengths without being retaliatory to their efforts). They love it when I do this even when it contradicts their rank-title role as the center of power in the business — they realize they need decisive and typically “male” input to operate. At the same time sense weakness in them, I sense they have been handed jobs due to “Equal Opportunity Mandates” and I generally ignore any overt power move they make (tactfully disregard the moody shit-testing moments they attempt to indulge). Like I said, they inwardly WANT me to do this, and I can pick up on those signals easily. Power and dominance is a natural state for many men — trust me when I say MOST women will step aside if you display it properly regardless of their rank/title in the business hierarchy.

    That’s the long and the short of it. Great, much needed and well laid out article.

  19. ‘People that need safe spaces are not able to be leaders.’ Gold dust. Lol.

  20. Id bet if you sent this as a mass email in a mostly female workplace with a female boss, (minus the inflammatory pics). You could watch them all nodding their heads as they read it, before the “outrage” started. lmao

  21. My God, it’s unrelated to the article but I’ve found the most epic anti pc trolling video of all time.
    The guy has balls, standing up in front of liberals and saying the truth about homosexuality, jews… :

    1. lol I posted a video from this guy a long while back, thought it was hilarious.
      Everyone hated it and thought the humour was bad but I knew this guy had something.

    2. Best line: “I can’t tell you how happy I am to be in a room full of hipster faggots.”

  22. I worked for a female-owned company when I was fresh out of college and full of equalist vigor and quickly realized how much shittier it was than any other business I had ever worked in.
    1) The company was started on her husband’s dollar – Her husband was a multi-millionaire CEO, she was a bored housewife. With no business acumen she started her own company just because she had the money.
    2) When things went bad men had to fix the damage – She was rarely ever in the office, maybe once or twice a week. In her stead she hired MEN to run the company. And if we lost money at the end of the month she’d just have her husband write a check to make up the difference.
    3) Her emotions dictated the business model – About once a month she’d come in and suddenly decide nothing worked and she needed to change the business model. After going through all this bullshit to change things she’d realize we were worse off than before and so everything reverted back. Also, nothing productive was ever accomplished when she was in the office, she’d try and make everyone do stuff other than what they had to do, then would yell at us if we didn’t get our main work done at the end of the day. In addition, one day she decided the white walls needed to be painted different colors. I don’t want to get into too much of what the business was, but it required white walls. After painting the walls the place looked ugly and completely fucked up the aesthetic of the business.
    4) THERE WAS A WAGE GAP! – I was hired at $10/hour while the place was hemorrhaging money. The boss then decided to hire a girl to do the same exact work I did, but only paid her $8.50/hour to save on overhead. This is the only example I know of regarding a TRUE wage gap, and it was orchestrated by a woman.
    6 months after I left, the company went under in a storm of lawsuits. To this day, 5 years later, I’ll get phone calls from creditors asking for her. Apparently she used my phone number to register for something at the business and it got back to the creditors. And apparently she disappeared and went off the grid to avoid the creditors and lawyers, too. It was such a spectacular ending and is only fitting for such a cunt.

    1. This is partly her cuckolded husband’s fault for keeping her stinking ass afloat with his money. The pussy.

      1. He ended up moving out of the country and then divorcing her so she couldn’t get at his money. Hope that worked out well for him.

    2. This happens quite a bit in the beauty business, as I learned dating someone working there. You have a woman wanting her own salon but can’t pay the rent for the locale, so hubby or the equivalent pitches in. And of course, the salon doesn’t make a profit, but she won’t let go, so she screws her staff over, which leads the staff, which is all women and the token queer, to screw each other over.

      1. My hometown has so many businesses started by women that just fail within a year or 2. Most of the time it’s because there’s no market for the service, or they just don’t know how to market correctly. It’s usually shit you can sell on Etsy and don’t need the overhead of a staff or rent for a storefront for.

  23. Feminised men as well shouldn’t lead.
    Or manchild’s such as Obama.

  24. I hate to admit it but, yes, I am a woman and I don’t want to lead anyone. I have mixed feelings (I know, typical woman, I have feeeeeeelings, lol) about being led. Like a rebellious child, I want to get my way, do everything I want to do and not do anything I don’t want to do. But deep down inside I know that some of the things I want to do aren’t good for me, so I’d feel more secure if I had some bigger, stronger, smarter, all-around better person step in and be like “Nope, you’re going to do the right thing if I have to MAKE YOU do it. My job is to protect you, including from yourself if necessary.” I always figured this was an immature kidult thing, that I might eventually outgrow, never thought of it as a woman thing.

  25. Strong men desire strong women, weak men desire weak women (and vice versa). This article is so predictable, I knew it would be nonsense about women’s emotions and other medieval crap. Incidentally, it is men who have more harmful emotions, as the discrepancy in violent crimes proves. Women are more emotionally intelligent, we don’t have high levels of testosterone which cause us to blow up with rage, we mature much more quickly and are more empathetic. It always helps to use actual science to argue your points.

    1. You are right about some things you are claiming, but your speech needs deconstruction. I agree strong men like strong women. However, considering “independent” women the same as strong women, is just ridiculous. Most likely, they are lonely, frustrated people, who live for nothing other than their jobs, and even their jobs’ achievments, aren’t enough to make them happy.
      Other thing you mention is the illusory advantage of not possessing the same levels of testosterone. Yes, testosterone is prone to cause aggressivity. But leadership requires aggression. Most times, a bad leader falls not for being too demanding and rigorous, but for being too lenient and hidding mistakes from scrutiny. When those mistakes are not corrrected, they tend to pile up and make the whole team effort unefficient and more strenuous for everybody.
      The whole concept of “emotional intelligence” is none other than a theory, not a scientific fact at all. When you are not only accepting it as “definitely a thing” but also as a predominant nature of human intellect YOU are being both unscientific and demagogic. History and reality, if read statistically, disprove it right away.

    2. In what sense can we say that a 21-year old girl is more mature than a 21-year old guy?

    3. “Strong men desire strong women, weak men desire weak women (and vice versa).”
      Close. Masculine men desire feminine women. Weak men grab up whoever they can land.
      “Incidentally, it is men who have more harmful emotions, as the discrepancy in violent crimes proves.”
      Yes, let’s just ignore the fact that women get more lenient punishments for the crimes they commit, skewing the statistics. Not to mention that a woman can beat the shit out of her boyfriend/spouse and when the cops arrive 9 times out of 10, they’ll haul off the guy even if he didn’t lay a finger on her.
      “Women are more emotionally intelligent”
      Pseudo-science. Try again.
      “we don’t have high levels of testosterone which cause us to blow up with rage”
      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well you’re half right, I guess. What’s the old saying…Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?
      “we mature much more quickly”
      And you also stop maturing long before men do.
      “and are more empathetic”
      By what metrics? Who came up with the term “male tears”? Oh that’s right, women.
      Kitchen is thattaway ——->

      1. “we don’t have high levels of testosterone which cause us to blow up with rage”
        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well you’re half right, I guess. What’s the old saying…Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?

        I know that one took the cake. Lol. I’ve seen women go into rages that make the men look like emotionless robots.

      2. I don’t mind a woman strong enough not to break down because she couldn’t kill a spider or can’t change a flat.

        1. It always cracks me up when my wife talks about how I couldn’t do what she does everyday then starts gagging so bad from a poopy diaper that she has to run to the bathroom and I have to take over. I make sure to tease her extra hard when that happens.

        2. The only thing that a woman can do that I can’t is see and knit, and that’s nothing to do with gender roles. It’s just something that doesn’t interest me much. But I can do everything else. I don’t have kids, but I do have a bunch of nephews, and I’ve changed enough diapers to be able to handle baby poop.

        3. Wife (in bitchy mood): I gotta do everything.
          You: What the fuck do you do?
          Wife: Everything!
          You: Like what?
          Wife: (pause)…like everything.
          You: Uh huh, sure. Whatever.

    4. “we mature much more quickly”
      That isn´t a myth?
      I guess they “mature” faster because it goes hand in hand with the best age to breed not for any special reason.

      1. I was sort of noticing “empathic.”
        No one knows how someone feels better than women, they feel that pain even more than the person it is happening to they’re so attuned to it. They’re right there ready to decry some slighting on someone else’s behalf, even if that person/group wasn’t even offended (/sarcasm).
        Somehow it always circles right around to being about them.
        So from that I gather: maturity = unerringly self-centered (well, either that or adaptable to the point of having no identity, values, beliefs, or scruples of one’s own and just wearing pieces taken from someone else to pretend, like a Changeling).

    5. “Strong men desire strong women”
      Men with strong personalities, and who are accustomed to getting their way, may well like a challenge, or a strong personality, but they’re not necessarily looking for ‘equality’, and if the woman is stronger, personality wise, there’s a good likelihood that that’s going to represent a problem.
      I’d quite like to know what the Clinton household is really like actually. Leaving aside all the scurrilous (and probably true) rumours I just don’t see any evidence of sexual attraction between them – obviously not in the present – but historically too. They have some kind of arrangement going, but it isn’t an obviously heterosexual one (again leaving rumours aside) and it is obviously based on companionship either. It seems to be the strangest kind of political union, and not something to be modelled by others

    6. Ha ha keep telling yourself this bullshit…..if you repeat it enough times it must be true. Men get things done. The testosterone of which you write built the world you enjoy. Go make the sandwiches.

    7. yes! strong MEN desire strong WOMEN…
      WOMEN not = to MEN
      WOMEN different to MEN
      a WOMAN that pretends to be a MAN is therefore not a strong WOMAN…

  26. “In essence, whereas power held by men is an aphrodisiac for women, it as the opposite effect on attractiveness when women hold power”
    This is the critical factor. The aptitude of female leaders will be disputed, and if everything in the article is absolutely true, and leadership is wholly male, the attributes of male leadership can still be modelled and emulated. In other words the social engineers, feminist or otherwise can seek to change whatever variables they decide need to be changed in order to better emulate the ideal of a hive queen or whatever abomination they might have in mind.
    The issue of attraction though is not so easily addressed. Yes, men can (and have been) persuaded to an extent to adulate, worship or masturbate at the (on the) feet of strong amazonian women (very often with unnaturally large clitorises courtesy of performance enhancing substances) but this is a fundamentally unstable achievement because women are utterly incapable of reciprocating the attraction to the relatively (or absolutely) weakened male. So, while the article makes good points as an argument it is the above truism – the virtual impossibility of a female leader being attractive on account of her being a leader (except on some kind of ‘you’re so inspirational’ bullshit) that we should be directing the debate towards: not only is it pretty much indisputable, it is something that has been almost entirely neglected and glossed over by the progressive armies of darkness. Direct all focus on this and there will have to be a debate about what progressives / feminists are actually trying to do (dismantle heterosexuality, end sexual reproduction as a mode of reproduction, destroy gender roles entirely) which is a debate they don’t want to have out in the open, with the full implications of their dirty little plan brought into the light of day

    1. Pretty sure this is the endgame of feminism…
      The worst thing about it is that the women will still be complaining.

      1. I think so, at least for good proportion of them. Some believe they can reform heterosexuality to make it ‘equal’ and not ‘oppressive’. For the rest overcoming patriarchy, overcoming ‘oppression’ and creating equality means precisely ending any kind of sex role, which ultimately means ending sex itself at least in any recognisable form. There would still be ‘legacy’ sex roles, but these will be about ‘playing a part’ – in a provisional, performative sense.
        The point to take away is that when feminists speak of ‘equality’ it’s often a deep level code for the abolition of sex difference seen as something inherently unequal

      2. oh strange, when I wrote my response I couldn’t see your praying mantis cannibal picture. Yeah, that’s a possibility too

      1. I’m assuming you learned about that on National Geographic not Youporn

  27. Women are great with children because they share common traits. Temper tantrums, passive aggressive behavior and eager to please sucking up are all things you will see in adult women and small children. Queens are the rule of the weak. And the children shall lead them is ust bad policy and leads invariably to bad outcomes. All you gynosupremacists can flip out and call me names now. Your dialectic school of kindergarten playground behavior does not intimidate me.

    1. Our human species is ‘mammalian’ because our females have mammalian mammaries that squirt milk. Queens are post meno dried out old prunes and domestic ‘dry hens’ that serve as ‘fun holes’ at best. Queens don’t squirt milk so our species cannot legitimately assign any female the title of ‘queen’. Only the bee or ant species is naturally and genetically matriarchal with a large queen egg sack of larve that has lifelong fertility and that directs the smaller expendable worker and warrior members.
      Whereas WE the great Homosepienus Erectus are biologically and naturally a patriarchal species. OUR females don’t have lifelong fertility because we’re not insectoid/matriarchal with some big queen ‘B’. OUR females unfortunately lose fertility at half life and then become cantancerous, bitchy, threatening to burn the place if they don’t get their way. They’re not real queens in the biological sense. No human female can function and dominate as an actual queen. Beatrix, Liz are counterfeit queens. They’re in their own costume ball. With patriarchal mammalian humans, the driving force behind the engine of civilization is masculine energy. When a female takes the wheel, she drives the civilization into the ground.

      1. It seems that the more K-selected the species the less likely it is to be matriarchal.

  28. Why would you feel the need to censor “cunt” with regards to Hillary?? Say it loud and proud! You don’t think she calls any guy who doesn’t suit her forte “douchebag” like all the rest of them do? Of course she does!

  29. Actually, this article makes me think of one subset of the female gender that people on ROK and Westerners in general tend to forget about: the matron. She has been through much labor (with her hands as well as womb) and ardor, and this has given her responsibility and wisdom. As a younger woman she may have been more assertive and outgoing, but still maintained a traditional lifestyle. She may run or have a key role in running a business or community organization. By the time her children are grown up, she may well be in a full-time position of power normally reserved for men.
    Of course, there are few of these women left in developed countries, since all the assertive and brainy girls are being actively taught to become whores instead of learning the ways of feminine wisdom or maternal guidance.

  30. This reminds me of am article I read on National Geographic about the Amish a while back. In their society, men still call the shots. When they asked one of the women, who happened to be a daughter of the group’s designated leader if she was resentful about men being in charge, Her answer was quote,”Not at all. I wouldn’t want to take the blame if something went wrong.”
    And on the subject, Amish and Mennonites are among the few groups left in the West where old school social protocols are still in place. And the men are a friendly and collegial bunch. An uncle of mine had a farm in central Chihuahua state, not far from a Mennonite colony renowned for its apples and cheese. He made lasting friendships with the Mennonites, so much so that when he died, not only did family and friends showed up, but the Mennonites came in force to pay their respects. And if that’s not camaraderie, then I don’t know what else is.

    1. “I wouldn’t want to take the blame if something went wrong.”
      And when something does go wrong, if a woman’s in charge, she will be the first to point fingers, find a scapegoat, deflect blame to anything and anyone but HER.

  31. Some very wise words from the Chancellor Adolf Hitler on parenting and women in leadership.

    1. Geez, I’m almost ready to vote for him. Do you think he’d accept the position if we mounted a write-in campaign?

    2. Whoa.
      The guy was a nutjob and a terrible military strategist but he was disturbingly on point during this speech.
      OT: Unlike many of our modern politicians, Lyin’ Ted and 0bama come to mind, this nut could also orate.
      Somewhere over the past 70+ years, politicians forgot that they don’t have to stammer, stutter and pause awkwardly after every. single. word.

  32. The perfect modern example of this is Angela Merkel.
    After countless millennia of war, including being at the center of two World War scenarios, multiple tremendous financial hardships, and all sorts of disasters – Germany always managed to pull through as a nation.
    Only now, with a woman at the helm, the Germans have finally been put into a situation that will be nearly impossible to come out of.

  33. Article does not account for the “Gloriana’ or “Thatcher” effect.
    Admittedly, these rules like men, but biologically female.
    We need a theory that accounst for both cuntillic and Royal behaviors.

    1. Thatcher was a terrible leader. She cut the garisson in the Falklands to a handful of men. The Argentines then used the opportunity to invade. Thatcher had also planned to get rid of the aircraft carriers.
      She then sent loads of men to die and took the credit.
      She also sold most of the UK’s industry. When she died, people held street parties and chanted ‘the witch is dead!”

      1. Thatcher did all that? Labour and it’s supporters should be shoved into mines and the holes dynamited.

  34. It’s been my experience that women seem to mistake pushing for leading…when it’s really just their best; cartoonish, approximation.

  35. in Argentina we had a female president for 8 years, cristina kirchner. She almost destroyed the country, and believe me, Merkel, Roussef, ect are a luxury in compare of this “woman”

    1. She was a colossal failure. I have friends in Argentina and they despise her; they were ecstatic Macri won but a lot of damage has been done.

  36. It’s easy. A woman cannot lead because her nature is to complement a man’s lead. Women who attempt to lead without a man fail miserably.

  37. Dude. Your only sources are the daily mail and your own articles. I guess this site is an excellent money maker. By having these sorry fucks come back and rake in the ad money. To everyone reading: He doesn’t give a shit about masculinity, or any movements. The guy running the site is using your insecurity to keep to coming back to his articles, so you can feel slightly better because you happened to be born with a certain gender. Have a sad life.

      1. Why should he fuck off? Much right to his say and to be here as anyone else

        1. Because he’s not here to contribute or have a discussion. Simply here to attack or men’s views and insult their masculinity.
          Basically, just more male feminist noise.

        2. Doesn’t matter his views are his and he has a right to speak them, be they constructive or not

        3. I disagree with pretty much 99.9% of the stuff that’s posted here, but it doesn’t mean I think you guys shouldn’t have the right to post your views

        4. He can speak his mind, yet I will remind you that there are often consequences.
          This is a website and not a particularly “open” one at that.
          Men and women who come here to chastise the male commenters here have nothing to contribute, and will find themselves on the receiving end of (rightful) ridicule and their comments torn apart.
          Which is the way it should be. Weak men and bitter women cannot stand there being a male-friendly space that is not politically correct so they go on self-righteous crusades to (attempt to) cut them down. Which doesn’t work here.
          There is no “right” to speak. It’s ultimately up to the moderators to do what they will or won’t.

        5. I disagree with your views, it doesn’t make me a weak man, as I’ve said you have every right to your space and people have every right to come and challenge your views

        6. Don’t lose site of the fact that you are trying to justify the poorly thought out trolling of “David”. It appears that you are attempting to form a rational counterargument whereas “David” didn’t even make an effort. You might want to distance yourself from that “stunad”.

        7. I wasn’t addressing you directly-I was speaking in general. However, 99.9% of the time negative male commenters here are male-feminist types or “white knights.”
          It’s fine to disagree and discuss something; I don’t think anyone here minds that.
          But anyone who attempts to shame and insult the site and it’s members is wasting their time, and it’s quite pathetic. A bit amusing, though.

        8. The sophomoric snark is all you have kid? I don’t care what you believe and I do not a need your acknowledgement of my rights.

    1. The heart of your claim is that the article uses few sources. You then follow up by assigning a motive to the site owner and those who frequent it without anything to support this claim. In other words, you attack an article that has more sources than your claim about the readership and site owner. This comes as no surprise because in the absence of fact, you have to project a motive onto the object of your angst to justify your claim. This is your nature. You cannot help it.
      You’ve been figured out long before you formed the thought which motivated you to come to this site.
      Social Justice Warrior Rule #3: Social justice warriors ALWAYS project.

    2. No, the sources are:
      – Numerous real-world examples, and the continul lowering of standards to accomdate females in leadership postions
      – Personal experiences
      – Understanding inherent female nature
      Your negativity and lack of insight is noted. Got to tell you, dude, the male feminist thing is pretty sad.

  38. Thank you!
    Ive been offered supervisory/managerial roles in the past. I foolishly accepted twice and thrn never ever again. I cant do it, I know i cant and im perfectly happy with that. Im not perfectly happy having to listen to people say im letting untold numbers of women down by admitting this. Ive had female bosses, and im now happy to keep looking for other roles rather than subject myself to that again.

    1. The pressure you get from them must be a pain in the ass (I’m serious). Funny, they even tell women to take jobs they don’t want or be ostracized. Feminists are bossy bitches, even to other women.

      1. Eh, i don’t mind. It helps thin out the herd of who i will or won’t spend time with. Frminists are horrid to men, they are also horrid to any women who disagrees with how they decree the world is or should be (i should have kept a record of comments when i stated my intent to be a stay at home mum, oh my.).

  39. Slightly off topic
    In my home city there as been increasingly been increase of Rapes and sexual assaults mainly towards Students. The majority of these are not identified or when they are not locals as it were. But we should all listen to Merkel that greater leader
    In a recent article a young student tells other students that they should have as much sex as possible (see http://thetab.com/)
    The other week women got to together to ‘claim back the night’. When once a upon a time the streets were safe. Who helped them towards being unsafe?
    Meanwhile : Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has given the majority of his frontbench team roles to women

  40. As far as I’m concerned, women shouldn’t be permitted to occupy any leadership positions (especially in politics) until:
    1. The mandatory Draft includes both sexes
    2. Positions at the bottom of the scale are 50% female-occupied, especially the most hazardous, uncomfortable, long hours, and low-paying ones.
    Like the article says, feminists want to have their cake and eat it too. Until women are fairly represented in ALL facets of society, not just the privileged and advantageous ones, then it amounts to sexism against men.

  41. So I’m going through the article and when I’m looking at that “woman” in uniform with the medals first thing I’m thinking “what the fuck did she do to earn those medals?”

    1. She’s from the French Army. She certainly did not do actual fighting as the insign on her beret shows that she’s from the military communications.
      In fact, she’s the first woman to command a regiment in the French Army.
      The red medal is the “légion d’honneur” which used to be given to war veterans only, (now it’s also given to female military clercs and movie stars) the two other are the “Outre-mer” (went in africa) and “Airborne” (probably jumped with a parachute). The other most dangerous thing she has ever done is working in the military Human Ressources department.

      1. Thanks for clearing that up. For a second there I thought this special snow flake might have been exposed to some kind of danger in the line of duty. Heaven forbid!

  42. A serious question. A woman is told that “a woman can’t do that job” it’s say a sales management job or something senior like that. She’s the star performer in terms of revenue and her sub team. This happened to my wife.
    I’ve seen shit like that several times.
    Now, I don’t believe in Affirmative Action or quotas. I believe races have different IQ and I believe adult women have a lower IQ than adult males.
    However I can’t abide the playing of the sex card by men to deprecate women (or women to pull the special snow flake card). Most of the time feminist complaints belong in the “shit that didn’t happen” file.
    Men that are doing that are creating unbelievable problems for us by justifying the feminist narrative. They are also would be damaging their companies.

    1. So… what was the question?
      When you say “I believe…” its an indicator that you are about to refer to an article of faith rather than fact.

    2. There are exceptions to every rule, but regardless of how competent a woman is, I won’t work directly under her. End of story.
      I don’t care about feminists much, justified or otherwise, they can all go take a long walk on a short pier.
      So if I was running a company and needed to pick or hire a person to manage a team, would I be best of taking into consideration how badly most women behave when managers, and the fact that males sometimes quit, but almost always perform worse under female managers, or not? If I’m a CEO I can be taken to court by the board if I ignore this reality. And rightfully so.
      Revenue does not equate leadership ability or the willingness of a team to be led by a person.
      Once as an experiment I coached a female team member for a few months and then put her in a supervisory position. End result? Team members were happy because she gave everyone a free pass. She refused to enforce discipline or do any of the ‘difficult’ stuff. Fired her after 6 months.
      I only ever see a few who manage the ‘difficult’ tasks, and they are invariably single angry post wall fat asses.

  43. Actually, the Harvard Business Review reported that female-founded start-ups out-performed al-male teams. (https://hbr.org/2016/05/4-factors-that-predict-startup-success-and-one-that-doesnt)
    In Forbes, Kevin O’Leary said he was “betting on women” to present the most promising investments on Shark Tank, based on his decades of experience in venture capital both on and off the show. As a shrewd and wildly successful investor, he says, “I don’t care why. I care about the actual financial results. So this year on Shark Tank, I’m investing in a lot of women.” (http://www.forbes.com/sites/steveschaefer/2015/09/25/shark-tank-kevin-oleary-mr-wonderful-secrets/#79c5a1d517b8)
    An article in Forbes shows that women-led companies outperformed the S&P 500 over a 12-year period. 12. Years. (http://fortune.com/2015/03/03/women-led-companies-perform-three-times-better-than-the-sp-500/)
    So if you are smarter than the Harvard Business Review, richer than Mr. Wonderful, or find evidence more compelling than…um…math, then by all means, continue spewing your garbage opinions as if they are fact. But do yourself a favor and stop blaming women because you hate your shit job.

    1. Totally off:
      First link stated “Female let teams outperformed male teams”. Then you get to the numbers. It was only teams with one female aboard vs. all male teams. It is not that the female teams outperformed the male teams it was a team with one female the rest male vs. all male teams.
      Second link was a dead end
      Third link was a dead end too.
      You have no substance to your comment and you are bush league

      1. She doesn’t know what “Bush League” means. However, I find it hilarious and thanks for beating me to the punch on all these points. One woman on the team is likely a token or strategy to get funded via diversity. Just my humble opinion.

  44. Women leaders are historically nothing new but have never proved to be very efficient. Already during the Phrygian matriarchal civilisation (700 BC), the devotion to the goddess Cybele lead to mass castration of young men which obviously then lead to the demise of that civilisation. To all the people who say/think that the world would be a better place if more women were at the helm of power, well women leaders have proven to be more hot headed and prone to war than men. Look at the reigns of Elizabeth 1st, Catherine of Russia, Isabel of Castille or Empress Wu Zetian of China, all driven to war. More recently Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir or Hillary Clinton and frau Merkel who are just longing for a fight with Putin. Are they trying to prove that they can be as tough as men or are they incapable of reason or long term thinking. Its a constant in history and evidently not a good thing.

  45. This must be an article.
    China rose to power so dramatically after implementing the one child rule which forced parents to favor having a son to raise and increasing the male population and lowering the female population as a result China became one of the most powerful nations
    Feminists fear this truth so they try and cover it up with the cries if favoritism given to sons in China to try and distract you
    Unlike the US China shames feminists and leftover women (unmarried women at 27 and older). Feminists in China is a rarity and most hide their affiliation with it

  46. Anyone should have the right to apply for any position/job they want should they feel they meet the requirements. The job should then be awarded to whoever appears to be the best candidate for the job. Sex, age, orientation etc… should have no imapct on that decision.
    You get one life live it however you like, just don’t be ass. Be happy, ignore negative influence and enjoy 🙂

      1. Why shouldn’t they? I clearly stated that anyone should have the right to apply for the job not the right to the job. Who are you to state otherwise?

        1. Certain Jobs in this country, employers, at the very least should have the right to specify the Male is a requirement to even apply! The inclusion on everyone dilutes the ability to find the best candidate for the job.
          Much as the inclusion of Females to politics has diluted leadership all over the world and hampered our ability to find the best leaders.
          When all you have to choose from are alike in appearance then the ability of the candidates are more apparent to the voting class (Less variables make for a more certain solution). This is a fact of human nature and the process of elimination. Having 10 different races and 2 sexes and 2 political parties give too many variable to a populous as a whole who can barely handle 1 variable.
          The populous is too diverse and too many differing opinions, this is the definition of chaos, the problem is that as a whole we are embracing the chaos and giving excuses for a failing system as it further spirals into oblivion. We are as close to Babel as we have ever been.

        2. OK well what about the requirement be you must be female to apply? Maybe I live on a different planet to you guys but I don’t see women the way you do. Sure there are douch bag ones but there’s douch bag guys too.

        3. Plenty of jobs that women need only apply. By your replies id guess you employ one such position. Women working at all however isn’t ideal. It pushed this country into being a “two income household” economy which is counter to a society that fosters a traditional family unit. Either way good luck to you, you are going to have a long sorry life thinking the way you do.

        4. I’m very happy with my life thanks. Good job, home owner, longterm girlfriend who I’ve been with since 16 and who has only ever been with me, who I also consider my best friend. And if that’s blue pill that’s absolutely fine by me.

    1. sex age and orientation should absolutely be considered! “stand for nothing, fall for anything”. The reason this applies here is because mass diversity is the problem, not the solution. Including as many as possible will leave with you big mess. Its not any one job to make sure things are fair. Ambition grows from exclusion and hardship man, how old are you? 17? You sound like my 15 year old before I set him straight.

      1. Nope 29. Thank fuck everything I’ve just listed is a protected characteristic then. I work in a diverse department and some of the best people I work with in terms of effectiveness and leadership are women, there’s great guys also. I’ve had female bosses and male bosses I’ve never noticed a difference.

        1. I assume your department doesn’t actually produce any product.
          Yeah, women can push bits of paper around a desk in a pointless department, doing a pointless job, just as well as the pointless male staff.

  47. IN the Philippines,One Former president was accused of Election Fraud and do you know what the president’s sex is? Female.

  48. Remember the Jack Nicholson movie “As Good as It Gets” Jack is a romance novel writer and one of his fans runs into him on the elevator. She says to Jack “I’m one of your biggest fans! How do you know so much about women? Jack says “that’s easy I think like a man and take away all reasoning and accountability”!!

  49. Agree 100% with the article. But you also forgot to mention Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, former President of Argentina.

  50. “Men fuck women of power to prove a point and assert their authority over them.”
    Oh yes..that’s why.
    Sorry. This article is lame…maybe even channeling some Andrea Dworkin

  51. Women don’t lead. Really.
    The men who make all the real decisions never allow women to take command of any institution that isn’t in obvious and irreversible decline or hasn’t outlived their usefulness to them.
    In the case of Yahoo, a woman got the job of CEO because no man who valued his reputation as a captain of industry wanted Yahoo to close its doors on his watch.
    Hillary Clinton is senile and completely under the control of her lesbian lover Huma Abedin. Huma’s job as uncrowned queen of America will be to undo what remains of the American republic and replace it with something easier to control.
    Women are in charge of the family, the church and the education systems of most formerly Christian countries because the destruction of all three institutions has become a top priority of the master class.
    The banks, the mosques and the secret police forces, meanwhile, remain firmly in the hands of men, wealthy, ruthless men determined to destroy anything and anyone posing a meaningful threat to their rule or rivalry for the world’s wealth.
    That is why the banks, mosques and secret police forces are flourishing while everything else falls apart.

    1. Yup…spot-on, IMHO. The people who run the world have all the real wealth. And the people who have all the real wealth are men. Sometimes they delegate to fucktards (women). Bravo, sir!

  52. Yup…spot-on, IMHO. The people who own all the real wealth are men. And the people who own all the real wealth, run the entire world…but sometimes they delegate to fucktards (i.e., women). Bravo sir!

  53. Yulia Tymoshenko wasn’t attractive during her time running Ukraine?
    Or did she do a piss poor job at it?

    1. Her nickname is Ms. $400 million from what she skimmed from the Ukrainian economy.
      She was easy on the eyes though.

      1. Well shit! If she’s not in jail or didn’t have to give the money back, sounds like she did as good a job as any male political leader scumbag.

  54. A long time ago, when Rome was expanding and there was a lot of chaos going on, a lot of countries lost their kings and other rulers and the only people left to govern were the queens or sisters of the ruling elite. ALL of them surrendered to Rome rather than have female rule. Every last one, except in England – And those tribes committed mass suicide before Rome destroyed them.
    And as a business consultant dealing with senior staff, everybody notes the same things: Women are too emotional and status hungry to lead, so when coerced, the companies give them positions of high visibility but no real authority, and where real productivity goes on around them but without their input. And many, many anecdotes from people about female-job disasters that were completely avoidable. Totally wasted salaries. The only benefit is corporate image.

  55. Just like in chess, the woman don’t lead, but they do most of the fighting. It is our jobs as men however. To take the lead, and control them, so they won’t go over the top with it.

  56. “Chump’s” becoming the presumptive Re-Thuglican nominee (and in many ways,this thread) prove that America,having sacrificed education,infrastructure and what can loosely be called “the commons,”i.e.,parks,forests,etc.,is in almost terminal decline.

  57. Joe,I can tell you where the U.S. will be in 10 years-POST-REVOLUTION,as the 99.99999% will have gotten tired of being screwed by their overlords and revolted,likely setting up a socialist-NOT COMMUNIST!!!!-government!!!!!!

    1. The “Revolution” already happened.
      No one came.
      Too busy playing x-box and voting for Bush/Obama/Trump…

  58. Weird. And yet somehow we are capable of leading entire generations. I come from a family of shrewd women who were/are intelligent enough to let the men think they run the show while they kept things together with cool heads and careful precision.
    As a women in modern times, I feel women are valued for being bimbos and superficial while at the same time they are praised for it. They are pressured from society to hold unhealthy images of their bodies while their minds and bodies suffer from the physical abuse.
    I think men and women can both lead but in different ways. Thats why the idea of parents leading family as a unit is the best. Imagine having an entire generation of children only led by fathers…cringe. Or an entire generation led only by mothers…cringe again. Both are meant to lead with the natural traits that manifest themselves.
    People need to stop being arrogant and narrowminded and see that leadership isn’t about how many people you can put under your boot but rather how many people you can bring together to start something imortant.
    Be observant. There are more effective, normal, level-headed, feminine, and effective female leaders in your life than you may realize who impact you tremendously. She may not carry a gun but she has learned to use her strengths to strengthen those around her.

  59. In regards to the statement of “women cannot be taken seriously as a leader.” Anytime I’m in a situation where this occurs I feel like we’re all kids again “playing house.” I’ve never been in a situation where a woman leader didn’t tell me or other work associates something that wasn’t painfully obvious or part of the mundane work routine. Without fail, there’s always an undertone of exaggerated authority and originality that makes it hard for me to hold back a sarcastic smile. I’m not saying that I really liked every man that I’ve worked for but I’ll tell ya, regardless of weather or not I liked the guy, he always taught me something new, gave me a new perspective or told me helpful stories that were relevant to the subject at hand. I have never had a female induced epiphany.

  60. Women have been slowly gaining equality and power for like 100 years. Prior to that men ran everything so why is it things SUCKED back then? Maybe women want a chance to try because you guys havent done that great a job in the first place.

  61. #1 should be: Because they fail – and then blame men for it.
    Leading comes with responsibility and accountability, but obviously not for women.

  62. The author of these articles is living in a fantasy land. All of these articles are frankly just nonsense and hold no factual basis or cultural relevance. They are literally a collection of one man’s delusions.

  63. Yet all of the female politicians that you listed (and I hate to tell you this but… there’s a lot more than that) have accomplished more in their lives than you, and probably all of the other anti-female sociopaths that read and participate in this delusional vitriol.

  64. This is disgusting. How dare you tell women what do do and not to do. You have no right to tell women to not be in power when they deserve every right that don’t have. I am throughly disappointed. I thought that society had progressed.

    1. 43 of 50 fortune 500 companies with ANY female in C-Level positions, or on the board failed miserably or shuttered during the recession. There’s some stats for your power experiment. Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, wow she shit-canned that company.
      Now Lisa Su of AMD, well I have to giver her credit, but, she’s Asian, and gets the Asian intellect pass – not pussy pass – based on her skills.

    2. Your inability to write coherently but desire to lead makes the authors point.

      1. … else my boot is gonna be “progressin’” towards your backside

  65. Dalia Grybauskaité – is very strong female leader, she is anti russia because russia is full of shit, try to conquer europe (AGAIN) and kill all cultures.
    “Pro-gay” versus “kill-gays” is ok. It is on us to stop the LGTB-is-holy agenda.
    Whole east europe is against russia. They wage war. And kill people. It is an dictatorship.

  66. “Social progress,” like putting women in leadership roles, can’t happen because man’s nature doesn’t mysteriously change in The Current Year. Feminism didn’t work a thousand years ago; it doesn’t work now; and it won’t work a thousand years hence, unless you invoke some transhumanist fantasy from science fiction which changes man’s nature to make feminism practical.

    1. Reforming the Inquisition, labeling them witches and burning at the stake would be a good start…

  67. Russia is a matriarchal country since USSR and most government workers, judges are female. USSR had lots of women in tech. I heard Russia has the biggest count of CEOs in Europe. I would never accept female leadership

    1. I cannot remember even once seeing a female Russian political leader. The closest I can think of would be that little Ukrainian woman who ended up getting in a bunch of trouble.

        1. Umm…you’ve obviously had a lot more time to think about this than I have…

  68. Boudicca???
    Awful example!!!
    She had a short run of small victories until she got herself and 80 thousand of her fellow savage barbarians slaughtered by 15 thousand vastly superior Roman legionnaires.

    1. She did manage to burn Londonium into ash though.
      Oh wait. 😀

  69. “The distrust they inspire among men creates a void around them which turns into a vicious circle of anger and bitterness, hindering their capacity to think rationally and to reach goals.” – pretty much nails the diagnosis of females in power, and its worst effect.

  70. I have worked almost completely in the nonprofit world since the mid 1970s. My reality is simply this:
    Every woman who was made CEO, unless they had a powerful male partner that they acquiesced to, drove the company right into the ground. It might take several years, but the reality was always the same.
    I made a decision to never work for a female or work under a female leader many years ago and I have encouraged my sons to make the same decision.
    My decision was made after in desperation I took a factory job with a woman supervisor. After realizing how close I was to murder because I could not handle the woman’s vile hatred for men, I quit the job in 48 hours and found another as quickly as possible.

    1. I sell for a brother-sister small family owned business, 3rd generation. The brother, while snappy and bi-polar at times, was a wizard of knowledge with our products.. and despite being beta-male in demeanor, his logic still pulled the company through just fine, and maintained revenues yearly of about $5.5 -$6.5 million.
      He left 3 months ago, and now I work only for his sister… must have been fed up with her too, and took a buy out. She has no clue how close she is to losing the whole company. Which is sad because I’m a big advocate for small-medium-sized businesses, and hate to witness the company her dad started, flush down the drain.
      We had a company meeting last month and she literally said;”I demand respect from everyone, and if anyone doesn’t want to do what I say, they can leave… there’s the door.” She’s in her mid-early 50s and sends out emails with all sorts of CAPS words and !!!!!!-???? and excessive emphasis, proving her fucking emotions are ruling her decisions.
      Big fuckin power-trip mouth for a spoiled cunt who inherited her daddy’s business I tell ya. Her son who helps run it too, is cordial to your face, but fails at simple operational duties to keep us stocked properly.
      As it stands, 2/3 of the most experienced talented employees will likely leave if just ONE of the good-guys gets fed up and leaves. I have to put my name behind this, and I refuse to let their power hungry incompetence destroy my reputation. We’ll see if I can make it through summer.

  71. On a dumping streak. Haha. Just dumped my GF of 14 months over her unwillingness to submit when she should, and copping the “entitled, strong, independent, woman” vibes with me. Her words:”No one controls me…” As she laughs… reminding me of Hillary Clinton. I told her;”You’re right, no one controls you, including yourself, that’s why I’m dumping you! Get it yet?”
    I went onto state:”You’ve got enough Liberal in you, that I really can’t see myself continuing to please someone who supports causes that directly and indirectly create difficulty in my life.” Fell on deaf, empowered ears I’m sure. I think she was sand-bagging on this attitude, it just took a while for those suppressed beliefs to surface, since we only had time to see each other a few weekends a month.
    Had we more regularly seen each other, I would have known within 4-6 months I suspect. –” If not boo, you know what? I still fucked you.”

  72. Rather it’s a case of most men can’t lead either but aren’t prevented from trying.

    1. And get no official help and no special pleading or accomodations

  73. It’s like working with someone that has “special needs,” even tho it pisses everyone off and they do a terrible job, it’s not political correct to discipline or even fire her!
    Most female managers are always stressed out cause they can’t handle the responsibility cause its really hard for them compare to a man it comes naturally to lead! It’s the same as telling a child to take responsibility where they struggle cause their brain can’t handle it!

  74. I wouldnt call Grybauskaite rabbid anti-russian, theres a good reason for Baltic states to be anti-russian and its all Russias own fault, so dont blame politicians of these small countries for being against being occupied by Russia and their cultures and languages being drown in the pool of pseudo-communism(something that USSR tried once and did some damage with it).
    As usual, yet another article here at the so called manosphere blindly, yet indirectly, giving praise to Russia.
    And whats wrong with male-only conscription? There is no room for women in military aside from some desk jobs like working in TOC’s as comms operators and such, not enough to warrant their presence in the military.

    1. Male only conscription is the opposite of ‘equality’. The feminazis screeeeamm about equality but are not interested in the high risk, dirty jobs. They want the benefits without the effort.

      1. I understand that, however, there is no room for female in general within military.
        Some sort of alternative civil service would be fine, but not military one, they cannot perform on par with men.

        1. That’s the point. The feminazi’s say they can perform on par with men so we shouldn’t they get an equal chance to die?

  75. My old boss was the HR manager and she made six figures easy. Her husband worked at Walmart.
    Who wouldn’t hate to be him?

  76. I worked for Ford Motor before. There are more and more females managers in this company who DON’T know anything about cars. All they know is how to crunch numbers. I am seeing these idiots running a good American car company to the ground.

  77. “A feminine and fragile, and therefore attractive, woman seeking power cannot be taken seriously as a leader.”
    What you do not understand is that those women who seek power are not women in the traditional sense.
    They are all carpet munching dykes.: Hilary, Merkle, Dilma, etc…. these are women who for whatever reason psychological or hormonal are literally more “male like”.
    true women are not power hungry in the same way. True women are content to grasp power through control of a man by being a wife, mistress, etc….

  78. The good thing with women leaders is that they’re ugly so men have no qualms on laying judgment on their actions as a leader. If she was hot they would forgive her for being responsible for the deaths of a million men.

  79. Feminists like to talk about how toxic masculine ego is. But if you take the time to think about it, ego is the main drive for men to stick to morals. Women have no morals and only pretend they have morals for an ulterior motive. For egotistical men gaining recognition for their ego to stick to a moral is enough for them. Think about it.

  80. Women are like genetically meant to cause trouble. I mean they being able to get pregnant says enough

  81. Would any of you guys ride a car that was fixed by a female mechanic?
    Would any of you guys ride in an elevator or escalator that was just repaired by a female?
    If you were in battlefield, would you be confident that the female behind you will watch your back and not run in the first signs of danger?
    I mean come one. Isn’t this obvious?
    Being a leader requires IMMENSE responsibility and willing to admit responsibilities. When was the last time woman actually owned up to her responsibility and say “You know what I fucked up and this was all on me?”
    Because they ALWAYS like to shift blame their problems onto others. Always “someone’s fault” if things don’t work out well for the typical females.

    1. Oh yes, because auto mechanics and repairmen are such great leaders.
      I have to say that of all the women I know, I’ve never met one that couldn’t admit when they made a mistake. I have no idea what you’re talking about there.

        1. My! How insightful! How compelling! You took the points I raised in my comment and responded to each of them using research and fact. I’m force to concede that yes, I am crying, and yes, you are correct — the next time I need a leader, I should just hop over to the nearest auto mechanic!
          Whoops, wait, I’m not supposed to be able to admit my defeat with my poor little effeminate brain — I’m so sorry, I’ll rectify that mistake immediately.
          I’ll cry harder if you stop crying.

  82. I would like to see some scientific evidence to support these points. As it stands, it seems like conjecture. A comparison of company performance with varying levels of female involvement would be interesting.

    1. You mean like Marissa Meyer at Yahoo and Carly Fiorina at HP?
      Neither company has ever fully recovered.

      1. Actually, that’s because of a phenomenon called the “glass cliff”. Research has found that women are more likely to be funneled into leadership jobs when the organization is in crisis or already failing. A stable, thriving company will be less likely to have a woman run it simply because women aren’t usually allowed, per de facto rules like the glass ceiling. The few that do manage to get though the glass ceiling usually then have to run a failing company, per the cases of Carly Fiorina and Marissa Meyer.

        1. That doesn’t prove anything, she’s an “expert” on gender and workplace issues. Just more social Marxism. And the HBR is a leftist rag as is typical of US Universities.
          How does one spot a Feminist theory? Simple, it places all cause of failure outside the woman, almost exclusively on men or the patriarchy, never on the woman.
          Men will learn and grow from their mistakes but a Feminist never will because they always blame outside forces.
          I have worked with some good female managers who came up through the system and earned their success just like the men. No way was Myers qualified to be CEO, it was affirmative action window dressing for PR purposes. Being politically correct always costs the business money.
          Here’s an analysis with some actual facts and not feminist theory.

  83. You say all this, yet all I’ve ever seen from the women I know is exemplary leadership skills. I know two women who teach high school special ed, a challenging job both mentally and physically sometimes. I’ve seen one of them wrestle a six foot student to the ground, and I’ve seen the other calm down a student who was throwing chairs and desks across the room. How is that not excellent leadership? The non-profit where I work is run by three women, the CFO and the two program managers, and it runs smoothly and efficiently. Recently, there was an issue regarding an employee breaking the law, and our CFO handled the legality and logistics beautifully, while maintaining consistent management of the programs. The two program managers handle near daily crises, and they haven’t collapsed from overwork yet.
    And what the hell do you mean it’s unattractive? There’s nothing sexier than a woman in power.

  84. I’ll tell you this a man:You’re wrong on several points.
    People like Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elisabeth I shown to be true Iron ladies that can do equally well or even better than any men.And they proven to be tougher of several other male leaders(Just consider some the European kings that came before and after them…calling them “pu**ies” would be an euphemism and a “compliment”.
    1)”Woman overly emotional”
    Men can be emotional just like women.Overly emotional people tend to take bad decisions because they rely more on their emotions/feeling than on logic and concrete facts(And their consequences).I have seen men that were more hysterical, irrational and aggressive than a woman during the moment she was giving birth to a child.
    Morale:A poor decision is always a poor decision.It doesn’t matter if it was taken by a woman or a man.
    2)”Woman like to be led and doesn’t like to lead”
    Yep, you nailed it(sarcastic).Saying something like that after the female gender is fighting for its rights and more power since 1900 is…well…utterly idiotic.It would be much more correct to say that: Woman seek more power, but they aren’t completely aware of all the problems and the additional responsibility the power may bring to(E.g.:Some of them want an equal or higher salary, but don’t want to work as hard as a man nor what to deal with the same dangerous or dirty jobs).In other words:They want equals rights/privileges without the burden of equal responsibilities/obligations.
    The truth:It’s not easy to be a woman and it is not easy to be a man.People should understand that each gender has some privileges which carry some obligations with them.If feminists and misogynistic should try to put themselves into somebody else shoes – they would soon understand what I’m taking about.
    3)”It is not natural”.
    Male and female leaders are elected in the very same ways.So how the hell can you say that a male election is natural and a female election is unnatural?COHERENCE PLEASE!

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