3 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Older Women

For the past decade, the mainstream media has been pushing older women (defined here as 35 and up) as “the new sexy,” to the point where it’s become cultural white noise. Not a week goes by without a listicle or stinkpiece extolling the virtues of older women, whether they’re trying to shame thirty- and forty-something men into dating women “their own age” or selling younger men on “cougars,” those mythological maneaters that don’t exist outside of MILF porn. And each article cites the same reasons why these women are hot:

  • “They’re confident.”
  • “They pay their own way.”
  • “They know what they want.”

By sheer accident, I’ve spent a good portion of the past few years involved with women in their late thirties/early forties. If you’re in your twenties, getting entangled with a woman more than a decade older than you is a disastrous move. While they can be fun in the sack (as my friend the Bechtloff is fond of stating), trying to forge a deeper relationship with one will end in misery for you.

While it’s tempting to point out the obvious (“LOL old women have wrinkles and their boobies sag!”), the girls I talk about in this article were in shape and cute for their age; their problems go far beyond gravity and aging. Here’s why getting involved with women 35 and up is a bad idea…

1. They’re mentally ill


Despite the twin specters of cultural Marxism and technology-induced social retardation ruining Western society, most girls still manage to pair up by their early thirties. Given how severely the modern sexual marketplace favors women, any girl who isn’t married or in a long-term relationship (7+ years) by the time she’s 40 is damaged goods. Her mental issues are so deep and intractable that even with an international epidemic of male thirst, she can’t get any man to take a sip. Given that women are generally more enthusiastic about marriage and relationships than men, a girl who can’t achieve either is irreversibly broken.

For example, a long time ago, I was involved with a girl in her late thirties I’ll refer to as J. A fan of my work, she invited me to meet her and her boyfriend one day when I was passing through their area. After taking me out drinking, she forced herself on me while “the love of [her] life” was sleeping ten feet away, then when I confronted her about it months later, she confessed to having a “crush” on me and claimed she had blacked out that night. After J.’s boyfriend dumped her for a woman in her twenties, she began smearing him online as a “pedophile,” leaving out the fact that she’d repeatedly cheated on him with a man in his twenties (me).

In addition to her infidelity, J. was a severe alcoholic: near the end of our relationship, she was relapsing at the rate of once a month. Whenever she was starved for attention, she would go on multi-day benders in which she refused to shave, shower or eat, demanding I drop everything and come over to make sure she was alright. During one episode, she begged me to come over with “a 24-pack of beer” and “some thick fuckin’ condoms,” berating me at the door for not bringing another girl so we could have a threesome. Another time, she got so drunk that she forgot she was on her period and ended up menstruating all over her bedsheets.

2. They’re incredibly insecure


Let’s just explode this lie right here, right now. The you-go-grrl fantasy of “cougars” who chase younger men and don’t care what anyone thinks of them is just that: a fantasy. Most single women over 35 are miserable wretches who want nothing more than a husband and kids, constantly screwing up due to their mental disorders and poor life choices. Their loneliness and personality defects make them ludicrously easy to manipulate, to the point where men in third-world countries can make a living fleecing them.

Moreover, while feminists may deny that women become less attractive as they age, deep down, every girl knows the truth. As a man in your twenties, you have more (and better) options than any woman over 35, and she knows this. Contrary to Benjamin Franklin’s claim that old women are “grateful” for attention from young men, any older woman you bang will eventually grow to resent you for dating down. It’s the same reason why fat girls are meaner than skinny girls; they know they’re ugly and assume that men who pursue them are doing so out of pity.

For example, a while back, I met a single mother reader of mine in Pittsburgh I’ll refer to as W. She was nearing 40 and had a pretty face and decent body, though she could stand to lose 20 pounds. While she was incredibly grabby at the bar—constantly touching me on the arm and rubbing my shoulders—when she took me back to her place, she screamed when I tried to turn the lights on in her bedroom. Turns out she needed the darkness to hide her stretch marks, which were so bad they made her stomach look like it had been carved up with a panga.

In another incident, J. went ballistic on me when I tried to wheedle a nude selfie out of her, claiming she was “revolting” naked because of her flat chest and “horrifying” face, accusing me of trying to entrap her in a legal scheme. Another time, she invited me over to her place to do cocaine, and an hour after I got there, she was simultaneously begging me to have sex with her (a running theme in our relationship) while claiming I needed to stay away from her because she was too old, ugly and crazy for me, exclaiming, “You can do so much better than me.”

3. They’re immature


I forgot who it was that said “women don’t grow up, they just grow old,” but it’s the absolute truth. As young men, we’re inclined to think that our elders are wiser than us, having learned from the trials and tribulations life has put them through. The truth is that few women mentally mature past high school. If you become involved with an older women, she’ll act just as childishly as girls your age, only she’s not as good-looking as girls your age… making her behavior inexcusable.

While female immaturity is in part enabled by white knights and thirsty simps, a significant part of it is physiological. In his essay “On Women,” Arthur Schopenhauer pointed out that women reach the peak of their maturity at age 18. My friend Davis Aurini has pointed out that girls don’t reach full maturity until they give birth; women who don’t have children will remain children themselves no matter how old they get. It’s no surprise that men who have the option to date younger girls almost always do so: they’re just as mature as women their own age, but they’re hotter naked.

A couple of months back, I scored an OkCupid date with a 37-year old girl I’ll call T. She was part Argentine, stood about six feet tall, worked as a librarian and exuded a sexual desperation endemic to single women of a certain age. After we got liquored up at a bar near my apartment, I brought her back to my place to seal the deal. As we were making out on my bed, she suddenly pushed me off her.

“What is that?” she cried.

“What’s what?” I had no clue what she was talking about.

T. jumped off the bed and stormed over to my coffee table, snatching up the “Trump: Make America Great Again” sign I’d stashed on top of a pile with all the other tchotchkes I’d scored while on the campaign trail.

“Did you actually vote for Donald Trump?” she interrogated me, a vein rising in her forehead.

“Yeah,” I said nonchalantly.

“Omigod, omigod, what is wrong with you?” she hollered. “He’s a fucking racist!

“He is not a racist,” I argued, too drunk to come up with better retorts.

The argument degenerated from there, as T. hyperventilated about my hidden bigotry and I tried to reassure her that no, I don’t moonlight as a KKK Grand Wizard. At one point, she actually screamed, “OH MY GOD, I ALMOST FUCKED A WHITE SUPREMACIST!” After about ten minutes of pointless back and forth, she put her coat back on and stormed out. I suppose I should be glad that she didn’t Google my name.

J. is another fine example of female immaturity: she’s incapable of accepting any responsibility for her actions. When I confronted her for seducing me and cheating on her boyfriend, she tried to excuse her unfaithfulness by claiming that he refused to have sex with her. She also had the audacity to claim that I “ruined [her] life” by confronting her, saying that she was “traumatiz[ed]” by me being angry at her using me for her own gratification.

While women over 35 do have some things to recommend them—namely, they tend to be easy to lay, good in bed, and are eager to please you in the hopes that you’ll stick around—committing to one is a bad idea. While it’s possible for people to change, by the time someone hits their thirties, their personality is pretty much set in stone. Any woman who is perpetually single past a certain age is bad news for any man who tries to court her.

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701 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Older Women”

  1. Isn’t Forney married to some girl named Donna Marie?

      1. Yeah, I was just curious if he was married (as I’d heard). Not that I care if he’s cheating on his wife, more that I think it would be a little unwise to announce it on the internet.

  2. This is the second article I am torn on what to say. I appreciate your honesty on who and where you found your dating partners. Partially feel the lack of quality ladies has to fall on your shoulders as well as theirs. That aside you are spot on with two of your examples. I won’t go into details about the woman who left because of “racist undertones” but I did not see the mental instability part for her, just last minute resistance because your exposed beliefs didn’t align with hers. Even drying vaginas worry about the kids they can spawn from one night stands.
    That aside, hell yeah spinsters are bat shit crazy. Forty and single is raising the bar too high. I would actually lower the bar and say if a woman is in her early thirties and has been single for a few years, seems financially solvent (to the best of your ability to instantly judge), and says something along the lines of she hasn’t found the right guy yet, find her Hoe-Facts as soon as possible. Single from 25 is a bad sign. That means she skated through the marriage years because no one wanted her. Also verify her use of drugs. Single and addicted to any substance is nothing you should desire to have in your life.
    Getting past general addictions and bad choices, the older a woman is the more wary you should be about her choices, partner or otherwise. Not caring about any of these things, just enjoy the old nutter for what she is, a last resting space for your semen. Accept that it is genetic genocide to mess with them, do all the deplorable things you can get away with and move on. There are no prizes for saving hoes or the old.

    1. Last night I saw a group of teen girls: upper class, white, 15-17. Already clearly used up and beyond redemption. Women are out of control and are determined to be statistics.
      We just lie to ourselves more easily when they’re young and pretty. The young and pretty are just as rotten as the old and ugly. Truly, sagging and wrinkles is the ONLY difference. Shit. I’ve seen the 1000 cock stare on girls not old enough to drive.

      1. We definitely do lie to ourselves when he women are younger and Cougars try to float it in our faces. Only problem is they aren’t desired sexually so we always go back to youth and hope there is some innocence there. With young girls as old as 6 being able to see whatever porn they want on their phone, and schools teaching anal sex is beautiful, being a girl who has taken down 35 dicks before her 15th birthday has never been easier. The worst lie to be shared to women is being a slut is fine and the man is not a real man if he doesn’t love you all the more. Yeah, a man should really love a woman who will have him raise the neighbor’s child……

        1. There was a letter circulating to the parents of my old middle school, warning them to get their 6-8th graders tested for Gonorrhea, due to an apparent outbreak.

        2. Impregnated at 14 by a 14 year old, and runs away with a different 14 year old.
          RAISE YO KIDS!!!

        3. I really wish I had not click on that. My head is about to explode…….5, 4, 3………….boom!

  3. You know… you don’t have to fuck random women, right? Life is not just slaking animal impulses. Why are you even tossing these bitches scraps? Feeding them is feeding them. You’re not giving them a wedding, but you’re still rewarding them, and for what?
    An orgasm?
    It’s my experience that no one can grow up without becoming a parent. Man or woman, maturity retards sans the responsibility of creating and caring for a child.
    That said, most people never grow up regardless, and the level of maturity a woman can achieve is far below that of man.
    Bottom line?
    If you are not a parent, there is ZERO chance you are an adult.
    There are far too many geriatric little boys and girls running around thinking that sex is the primary past time of grown ups. Thinking sex is a sign of maturity is as dumb as thinking drinking is a sign of maturity.
    I’m in my 40’s and work with an equal number of 60 & 20 somethings. The simularities in childish political attitudes and denial of personal responsibilty is awe inducing.
    All our problems stem from the fact that we’re living in Lord of the Flies; no adults around.

    1. Some of us enjoy sex with women, it has nothing to do with anything else. Pumping and dumping isn’t rewarding them, its quite the opposite.
      A man’s time is his valued asset. As long as you don’t spend large amounts of time with her, she isn’t gaining anything but miles on her body. I don’t look at life like I’m always trying to “win” over people but I’m not going to lose anything to these modern women.

      1. Well said. Hoes aren’t the worst thing to happen to society. Making hoes believe they are of high value to society and can be saved after their hoe-escapades, well, that’s the lie that broke Pinocchio’s nose. Don’t save hoes. No matter how gorgeous they are. Bed them until it no longer suits you. This isn’t a complicated thing.

        1. agree 100%
          All this complaining about women with loose morals who will jump into bed for any alpha they meet always struck me as odd.
          I have a career, hobbies, things I would like to accomplish, fitness objectives and all sorts of things to fill my life up.
          The fact that I can have fun and get laid with a girl while putting almost no investment is is great for me.
          I would never want the world to return to the “good old days”
          I like that these hoes are getting themselves waxed and practicing on some cock as teenagers so when they leave school and enter a workforce that will break their souls they are hungry for and talented at sucking and fucking.
          It is a wonderful time to be alive.

        2. Slut culture only benefits us men that can consistently bang quality women. Everyone, and I mean everyone, else suffers greatly. Sluts get used up and ruined, betas get the scraps and damaged goods, good girls get ignored or corrupted, parents watch their daughters transform into whores, nice guys get destroyed, divorce and bastardry go through the roof. Society crumbles.

        3. While I am not on the same belt, as in if given the choice to be married to some hot lady who met my needs, and gave me kids, over slaying all of my neighbors hot 18 year old daughters, I would choose the wife on most days. That said the biggest problem with the two dichotomies is for women, they can only be one or the other. If she is going to be a hoe, she can only be her husband’s hoe, not the community. If a hoe wants to be a hoe, she can only be a selective community hoe, not one man’s hoe. She will eventually betray her roots and fuck the community again, whether her husband knows it or not. If you want high quality, be high quality. Don’t berate the hoe for being a hoe.

        4. you are correct about women picking one way or the other. I think I would keep the slaying of 18 year olds over the wife as you describe though. Here is the problem even with the perfect wife: This world is actively trying to fuck her up and giving her social pressures and legal tools to make it easy which means you have to maintain form all the time because, as you say, you can’t go back and forth for a woman and all it will take is one slip up for your wife to be ruined.
          In a world that socially and legally encouraged the family unit instead of encouraged it to fail then yes, of course, but that just isn’t what we have on our hands here.

        5. You are right, but men can better themselves. As for society crumbling….you are of course right and for all the reasons you say, but that is the reality of the situation and denying it and wishing it were different just isn’t going to do you any favors.
          I wish I was a major league short stop with a 9 figure contract and a couple world series rings, but that is just not in the cards for me. What should I do? Be sad about it?

        6. I agree, most of the guys complaining are probably new to the truth and the manosphere. When I first came on this site I was bitter and constantly griping about “how it used to be”. The anger faded into a humble understanding of reality and I’m guessing its been the same for most men.
          Self improvement is the only way to beat the system.

        7. confronting that fact is a big part of the “red pill” of truth. We can’t burry our heads in the sand and call ourselves redpill at the same time. There are other options like relocation that Roosh advocates, joining a small knit religious community — I mean if you are pining for the way things used to be it is out there….but also will come with it’s own downsides.

        8. I’m not looking for that right now. I’m 28 in the best shape of my life, spinning plates and taking full advantage of the current sexual marketplace. Chicago is a gold mine for hot, young sluts.

        9. I will never stop. I truly enjoy plate spinning and NYC is a gold mine as well. The fall of western civilization has been pretty great for me. And for people who want something else, I mean, it is out there for them but it is not common, safe or, really, advise able imo

    2. I feel that you are dead wrong. It seems to me that parenting, at this stage of the game, is more often than not just childish narcissism. I give you points for using the word “slaking” and also think that if what you do here works for you then that is fantastic, but please…I don’t want to live by an insane set of guidelines which that in order to be an adult I need to procreate. I have no desire to and feel no responsibility to. People who say that men need to get married and have a family seem to me to be wanting the rest of the world to justify their poor decision making.

        1. I am sure there is always a small percentage of people doing it right, but most of the parents I see are either using their kids as an accessory or for some kind of ego boost (or tax benefits or just because they f’d up) The vast majority of young parents I meet are raising kids that they cannot afford because they want more Instagram likes.
          And ya know, whatever, that’s fine. But it is annoying that I have to pay for prenatal care and juvenile dentistry in my health insurance when I am single.
          But the worst part of it is as soon as someone squeezes out their kid they automatically feel like they can talk back to people who made different choices…more so for women I think. I get it, your squealing kid thinks you are a god…and that’s great…but its probably good to get out of that mindset before leaving the house.

        2. I still don’t see how we got to this point in life. I mean, what was the purpose of procreating before the times of Instagram, Facebook, and tax rebates for dependents? There was literally NO incentive back in ye olden days to have kids. Boggles the mind.

        3. There was plenty of incentives because minus the instagrams and facebooks there was the incentive of keeping a decent wife which was actually a possibility. I am not saying that things wouldn’t have been different for me in the past. Hell, if I was my age now in the year I was born I am pretty sure I would have chosen a much different life. I am just being honest with the world that is in front of me.
          I basically get laid for free with almost no effort other than just being me pretty much whenever I want. In a world where there was some modesty and decency and not every woman I met was “sexually liberated” I might want to lock something down. Even more so 100 years ago and even more than that 500 years ago.
          The system worked for a long time, but it doesn’t exist anymore. There are, from my pov, two basic choices….pine for a time long dead and try to shoe horn a modern woman into a traditional relationship or take advantages of the upsides of modernity and forget about what you are missing out on because it isn’t there.
          I will never, ever, ever have an aston martin or a massarati. Does that mean I shouldn’t enjoy the car I do wind up with as much as possible, just sit there and cry about how much I would love a classic DB8?

        4. That seems to be the simplest way to describe the divide between the community around here: To accept the world as it is and thrive, or to challenge the order that currently is, in hopes of something better while withering in the present.

        5. that is it in a nutshell. Both are fine choices I think, but we all need to make our choice and deal with the consequences as well as enjoy the benefits. I think the most important thing on this site is it will give men an honest look at the ups and downs to both lives and put them in a position to make an informed choice at least.

        6. pfft who wants a Maserati, fucking shitboxes, there’s a reason they’re called the poor-man’s sport’s car. If you’re going to pine over an automobile at least go for something fun.

        7. Right, I forgot you are from the land where it rains Maseratis and people are bored of driving them. lol

        8. Yeah, but Manuel Labor will have that covered for half the price.

        9. Hard to tend the farm when there’s a wall between it and Manuel.

        10. Also hard to find left handed pitching but, ya know, where there is a will,

        11. Hey if you’re gonna dream, dream big. Maseratis are just unreliable as fuck, there have been multiple complete lemons they’ve shit out onto the market and really they’re just not that good, I have no idea why someone with the means to buy one – would. Hell get the new NSX when it launches that thing looks mint.

    3. Thinking sex is a sign of maturity is as dumb as thinking drinking is a sign of maturity, which is also as dumb as thinking that popping kids out is a sign of maturity.

      1. I think the lie we are fed about girls maturing quicker is mostly at fault, it isn’t maturation at all, they simply assimilate and become good social tools more easily, boys on the other hand have to be heavily medicated to become so pliable.

        1. Agreed. Many boys are naturally rebellious in their teen years but not out of spite like girls are. If anything, it’s more of an inquisitive rebellious attitude, for example an Algebra problem:
          A girl will say: “OMG! It’s soooo stupid to do math like this!”
          A boy will say: “While this looks stupid, what purpose does this serve?”

        2. Good point. I think it’s also a reason why boys do poorly in school statistically compared to girls. Aside from the teaching methods that favor girls, many boys (myself included when I was that age) didn’t see the point of learning 90% of what was taught in High School.

        3. School was completely banal to me. Same with much of college. I spend time and money learning unnecessary things that hold no interest to me, and then get judged off them. So stupid.

        4. Agreed and the same. Somewhere at the start of my sophomore High School year I mentally checked out and only participated because I wanted to see how little prep I needed to get the results I wanted. Would have been happier in an Oxford learning Latin and being pushed.

        5. Well, boys are generally pragmatists and their rebellion stems largely from readying themselves for adulthood and taking on their place in the world as a man (taking over from their father for instance).
          Girls on the other hand are usually gearing up to deny the natural order (and femininity) becoming contrarians and spreading discontent as today’s society demands.

        6. It is. For instance in American Lit class when they had us going over the Great Gatsby. I could give two shits about some rich dude in the 20’s and some chick he was trying to bang. Why weren’t we reading the likes of Robert E. Howard or H.P. Lovecraft who’s work is still loved the world over?

        7. Same here, except I was writing the scripts, playing computer games during tech class, and basically teaching the class on MS Office since the lady supposed to do it didn’t understand it.

        8. Yeah. My issue with algebra stemmed from zero examples given for the real world. If my math teachers had any real world experience, they would have used computers for algebra, construction for geometry, etc. rather than just handing shit out and expecting answers.

        9. Yep, or in college when I stopped buying the overpriced textbooks and still received As and Bs.

        10. Unfortunately I took it rather seriously at the time, and didn’t use it for what it is ideal for–slaying hot young poosay.

        11. Practical application and hands-on experience seem to be the best true teachers of men.
          It made all the difference when my father explained that math could aid in time management, long term financial stability, and/or building something useful, etc.
          Sad that no teacher I ever had could make that correlation either and even sadder that it sounds like that is the rule not the exception.
          How many young men’s potential has been robbed by the feminized public education system, and how many more are still being held back by the propaganda they “learned” there?

        12. Indeed. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I had a male teacher instructing me on financial math, using his own paycheck as an example of how to budget for expenses as well as estimates. Funny how that works out.

        13. I think it would fix the education system in the U.S. if they started hiring instructors who had real world experience in math and science rather than some rubber stamp from a college. Than the true geniuses would come to light.

        14. While reading it I had a funny feeling. “No wonder Nazi’s wanted to burn books. This book makes me want to.”

        15. Sadly they used to do that in wood shop and the like. Some states have completely cut those from the curriculum while others maintain that you have to have at least a certain GPA. It’s quite frustrating.

        16. I have some friends who grew up out west. They were talking about shop class, engineering classes, etc and I was a little jealous. All that stuff is gone, where I grew up.

        17. After having to read Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” in college for a required Lit. class, I’m convinced that it CAUSES depression.

        18. I know what you mean; the Nazis had the right idea when it came to some books (like “Dreams From My Father”, “The Feminine Mystique”, “Our Bodies, Our Selves”, etc.)

        19. Exactly – I think I’d have learned a great deal more if my teachers had of demonstrated the real world application of what they were teaching.

      2. True, one must never confuse a parent with a sperm donor/egg donor/womb-for-rent.

    4. “If you are not a parent, there is ZERO chance you are an adult.”
      Scott Adams would disagree. So would Francis Bacon, Jane Austen, Ludwig Beethoven, William Blake, and George Clooney. And Bob Barker.
      Calm down and think it through.

      1. I don’t think George Clooney really brings your point home very well. Though the others do. Clooney is a peevish, snooty, arrogant and emotion driven little Leftist, which is the opposite of “adult” in pretty much every way.

        1. And yet he has girls half his age throwing themselves at him left and right. I’m beginning to think men are right, women are crazy.

        2. Clooney has money, status and looks. Just one is enough to get your fill. All three is pretty much a cheat-code.

        3. In what way is that infantile, emotion driven “man” a model of adulthood?

        4. Konami code ftw, always surprises me how many fucking nerds frequent this site
          Edit: I mean it really shouldn’t, you’re using Clark Kent as a pseudonym and I have an obscure anime character as my DP.

      2. “Scott Adams would disagree. So would Francis Bacon, Jane Austen, Ludwig Beethoven, William Blake, and George Clooney. And Bob Barker.
        “Calm down and think it through.”
        I’d say your own examples disprove you, for instance, Beethoven:
        “Beethoven managed to put an end to this noble tradition by inaugurating a barbaric U-turn away from an other-directed music to an inward-directed, narcissistic focus on the composer himself
        and his own tortured soul.
        “This was a ghastly inversion that led slowly but inevitably to the awful atonal music of Schönberg and Webern. In other words, almost everything that went wrong with music in the 19th and 20th centuries is ultimately Beethoven’s fault. Schönberg was simply taking Beethoven’s original mistake to its ultimate, monstrous, logical conclusion.”
        “With Beethoven, however, we leave behind the lofty aspirations of the Enlightenment and begin the descent into the narcissistic inwardness of Romanticism. Mozart gives you music that asks to be appreciated for its own sake, and you don’t need to know anything about the composer’s life to enjoy it. Beethoven’s music, on the other hand, is all about himself – it is simply a vehicle for a self-indulgent display of bizarre mood swings and personal difficulties.
        “Hazlewood claimed, in his BBC2 series, that music ‘grew up’ with Beethoven, but it would be more accurate to say that it regressed back into a state of sullen adolescence. Even when he uses older forms, such as the fugue, Beethoven twists them into cruel and angry parodies. The result is often fiercely dissonant, with abrupt changes in style occurring from one movement to another, or even in the same movement. Hazlewood is right to describe Beethoven as a ‘hooligan’, but this is hardly a virtue. ”
        Only acceptable counter: The Lord Jesus Christ and various monastic saints and virgin martyrs.
        So, I’d refine the statement that you attempted to refute as this:
        “If you [are living a secular life and] are not a parent [and you had the chance to marry and the ability to reproduce], there is [statistically almost] ZERO chance you are an adult.”

  4. I hate writing people off and not giving them a chance, but this something I worry about a lot when meeting single older women even if they seem really cool.

    1. With women your thought process should be the other way around. Write them off until they prove themselves to you.

      1. Part of me wants to disagree with you and part of me doesn’t. Such a strange feeling.

        1. That’s just your natural rationality arguing with the cultural programming, the red pill will solve that.
          Certain things must be earned or they are meaningless. So, if a woman can’t even meet reasonable criteria, then why should you suffer for it?

    2. if something about them strikes you as odd but you can’t place it, than run. There’s a reason your gut is telling you to run in the first place and older women who seem cool are no exception.

      1. You need to also be able to discern if that coolness is all just an act. A bait to snare you to commit. Once you fall for that trap and marry, the true colors come out. Remember, they are masters at deceit.

    3. An actual cool woman is one of the rarest things on earth.
      Heaps of posing, pretending, projecting, ripping others ideas BUT actually cool as in damn you are cool, you do cool shit, you live a cool life, damn that’s a killer track, that’s an amazing building, that’s a ground breaking film……so, so rare
      Everything women touch turns into Uncool shit!
      Exceptions I have found are in the classical music world BUT they are still playing what men wrote. They are amazing players but never amazing composers.

  5. They have actually managed to convince women that their sexual prime is in their late 30s. I’ve heard countless women say this and I facepalm every time. Its another excuse for divorce because she’s going to be entering her sexual prime and beta hubby doesn’t deserve her at her best. I wish I could see the look on their faces when they realize they’ve been lied to.
    Also, any woman not married past 30 is damaged goods. Over a decade of carousel riding is beta male relationship territory.

    1. Before getting married I took advantage of that idiotic mentality. If they think they can hang with the teen girls who get wet at the wind blowing and keep going all night I’m all for it. Just don’t ask for lube when they’ve dried out, heh.

    2. “…I wish I could see the look on their faces when they realize they’ve been lied to.”
      Even if they finally realize it, they will DENY DENY DENY. It’s easier to deceive someone than to get them to realize and accept that they’ve been deceived. And the more intense the programming, the harder it is to get them to realize the deception. (the “Useful Idiots” of feminism and Socialism are especially illustrative of this)

    3. IMHO they’ve only got themselves to blame. It’s up to them to know their own body. “Oh geeze. Nobody told me that I’d have to use expensive IVF multiple times to have my first baby at 38”.

  6. Sadly I have to agree that women grow older, but not up. As a married man, I’ve seen my wife get lazier and less responsible over time. At this point, I consider her to be utterly unreliable, and have given up handing her the simplest of tasks without supervision and back checking to the point where it’s easier to perform the task myself. Learn from my mistake boys – don’t get married!

    1. Keeping a woman on the straight and narrow is indeed a difficult task, especially when you’re married to them and they feel secure in you always being around. You might look into some dread game tactics to getting the Mrs moving again. It has certainly shown some improvement with my wife. But yeah, if you just let things take their natural course, most women with just become lazy slobs.

      1. Thanks, man, I’ll look into that. To be honest, I’ve been slacking off, so I need to pick up my responsibilities and get this squared away.

        1. No arguments here. I am employing more passive dread game techniques such as upgrading my wardrobe and building muscle. They’re things I want to do regardless; the fact that they also get my wife’s hamster wheel running is a side perk.

        2. Not really, no, not once it’s internalized. When it’s natural behavior it’s no longer an effort.

        3. You can’t lose by following that strategy of dressing better & working out.

    2. My wife was just the opposite, super responsible but also super anal. Its just as bad, trust me. She would get wound up over the little things. It was always stressful. She was rarely happy unless everything was “perfect”.

  7. Women in the U.S. have gotten so fucking fat that they don’t even look human anymore. When so many are overweight, we’re left with minimal choices on who we’re going to pursue. This means—at least for me—that I’ve been dating women in their early thirties recently. Not because I want to, mind you, but because this is what it has come to in regards to options when one requires someone not on the brink of acquiring type-two diabeetus.. A 31-year old who is slender and takes care of herself is obviously going to be superior to the 23-year old who looks like a bucket of shit.
    But God damn, be warned: 30 year old women are such a bummer. Bitterness is rampant, I’ve especially noticed what I can only describe as “beta” widows. That probably seems ridiculous, but there’s a slew of women out there who were in long-term committed relationships for several years with—what can only be described as—very average guys. These men were supposed to be good little boys; they were supposed to wife up these sluts; they were supposed to slave away at their boring jobs to give these women what they want… but they didn’t.
    These women were taking what they considered the “safe route.” They went with the boring dude from accounting, the chubby dude with seemingly few options, and these guys STILL wouldn’t marry these women. It’s one thing when the alpha of your dreams won’t commit to you, but it’s another when Joe Sixpack is just like, “Yeah, fuck it, I ain’t marrying you, bitch.” This diminishes female self-worth like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and it’s something that I’ve been seeing a lot of recently.
    So not only are there the proverbial alpha widows (and there are plenty). There’s also the beta widows as well. One might get the impression that these beta widows are good women and that they got the short end of the stick, but there are reasons these guys didn’t marry them, and these reasons surface rapidly once you spend a little time with them—they’re cunts.
    Dudes are getting smarter. Not in large numbers, but it’s happening. Cats, turbocharged vibrators, $10 bottles of cabernet sauvignon and loneliness are the future for a lot of women… bless their hearts.

    1. Dude, women are beyond redemption. I have a kid, and when I drop her off in the morning I drive past the high school.
      Teen girls are used up before their old enough to drive. Little Jersey Shore skanks with the 1000 cock stare, or morbidly obese cat ladies, by 15.
      College don’t ruin girls. They get their that way. They’re just acting like their mothers and grandmothers.
      I’m scared shitless my girl will follow the crowd.

      1. it is true, but some of us like them a little broken in.
        It is funny to think about though. Like when I was young and went to my grandparents house my grandfather was retired from being town supervisor and before that a principle a high school and before that a us marine. His wife was a house maker. Even now it is hard for me to imagine what my grandmother looks like outside of the house. I am pretty sure that if you take away weddings and funerals I remember her being off the property like twice in my life and I am pretty sure 80% of that time was spent either cleaning or cooking something.
        Conversely, what is going to happen in 60 years when people bring their kids to grandmas house and she is doing fireball and contemplating a new tattoo? It will be creepy af

      2. You better home school her. Your instinct is already warning you, brother.

      3. It all starts with the parents. I shake my head at some of the shit people let their kids do. In response I hear, “it’s not as easy as you think.” Horseshit. My daughter isn’t leaving the house dressed as a shank. Period. I don’t give a fuck about hurt feelings or what everyone else is doing. My response is to up the punishment: “don’t like that I’m making you wear something reasonable? How about if I make you wear a burqua? That’s what I thought.”

        1. Feels like the Muslims are going to outlast us all. Wonder when society will reemerge out of that dark age…

        2. It all starts with the parents? Isn’t that a chicken and egg argument?

        3. Surely, you wouldn’t mind taking on a few refugees. I mean, it’s only fair… /s

        4. we all will, in good time. In the meantime try and enjoy the fall.
          The way I see it I have, at most, 60 years left…and that is being very generous.
          20 years I will spend working
          20 years I will spend sleeping
          10 years I will spend either sick or shitting or at the gym running errands etc
          5 years I will spend traveling from one thing to another.
          So basically I have 5 good years tops before it is time for me to leave this planet and I don’t plan on spending on damn minute of that 5 years wishing things were different. I just want to enjoy them.

        5. Actually you’re right. Its more of a turtles all the way down argument.

        6. “Turtles all the way down?”
          Never heard that one. Is that an English thing? What’s it mean?

        7. Its a reference to a concept of the universe based on an old Indian philosophy pertaining to the theory that the earth is flat on the back of 4 elephants sitting on a giant turtle which is itself sitting on a larger turtle, etc. Hence “turtles all the way down”

        8. Like all interesting enlightened concepts it has been ruined by the idiocy of the modern age

        9. Interesting. I still don’t see it as applicable. The answer is that these problems start and end with parents. That’s not circular or turtles all the way down. It’s a linear problem with a starting point (and an ending point).

        10. Only if you look at it as one generation, if you see it as a culmination of history with subsequent generations from the beginning of recorded history until this moment (what bob may have been trying to articulate) then I can see what was meant.

        11. Perhaps, but I don’t think I’d say that parents have always been as fucked up as they are now.

        12. Thats why they built a space station on the dark side of moon- building a buncha ships

        13. If only… many times that burqa barely hides fukme shoes that would enhance a quality porno production and a horny little slut that would be the star; “honour killings” successfully hide the fact that the female victim had a train run on her by quite a few male close relatives and either got knocked up or engaged or both, etc…

        14. An English preacher expressed in the US. Its an expression of “infinite regress” in any given argument. For example, you said “it all started with the parents”. One might say “well why were those parents so bad?” The answer might be “because their parents were bad”. And so on.

        15. Yeah, Bischa cleared it up. As I told him, I don’t claim that all parents all the way down were bad. There was some kind of intervening event where parents clearly stopped giving a fuck. I don’t know what it was exactly, maybe even a combination of things, but parents, and only parents, could stop this trend (Ok, maybe invading Muslim hordes could too).

        16. I may not camp but ill go on a boat ride with you @unabashed

        17. Those Indians were a little nuts, but I do enjoy a good vindaloo

        18. nah, this will be great. GoJ will be the skipper. You will be Gilligan. I will be the professor. We leave Maryanne and the Millionaire and his wife at home and tell Ginger to bring 3 more hot actresses

        19. Parents, especially fathers, have to man up and stop being emasculated cucks.
          These girls here are from my town (Germany) and both are 13.
          That’s why I’m thinking if I ever want children in this fucked up society.
          Maybe .. if it is one day possible to decide the gender. I will think about it again..But until then…noooooooooooope.

        20. Those beta male Likes they collected justify this behavior to them.

        21. two guys were kidding around( I hope) about getting a shotgun to keep boys away from their teen daughters a few days ago; if you get a gun, the first thing you should shoot is her smartphone

        22. It’s going to crash but we just need some people to keep the flame alive and it will re-emerge. I’m pretty sure the whole Pheonix thing is just a metaphor for great cultures.

        23. I’ve been holding on to that one for a bit. His name is Jake LaJole. I think he is a Canadian comedian. He also has a great one called something like “Guns don’t Kill People, I kill People —- With guns”

        24. Is that those 13 year old geman girls again? I thought it was just make-up before.

        25. such an amazing car.
          That song might be my favorite thing.

        26. These are always the same guys who were total scumbags in their youth i.e. complete hypocrites

        27. My grandpa on my mom’s side was a pussy. A hard working pussy, but a pussy non the less when it came to dealing with his wife and two daughters. Then his two daughters went to high school in the sixties and college in the seventies. That’s where it really started, with the social programming in the 60’s and 70’s and when these women grew up and had kids, they were a little more lax and when their daughters grew up and had kids, they were even a little more lax. It’s the frog being slowly bioled analogy to a T. Even though my gramps on that side was kind of a push over, he still never would have let his daughters act as they do today. But his own grand daughters have very low standards for how their daughters should act. Ass hanging out the bottom of their shorts, no problem. Buried in a smart phone, no problem. Staying out late enough that they could have had a train run on them and no body at home would be the wiser, no problem. “Just give them space and trust them.”

        28. “I pity the fool” who has girls.
          I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’ve 2 boys. They love video games, of course, but I regulate their weekly intake. At 16, and even my 11 year my old, they are starating to comprehend the virtues I’m imparting to them:
          “Boys, if I let you indulge as much as you would like, you’d eventually be nothing shy of a greasy neckbeard.” They both get it, and it astounds me that, even at 11, the one will shake his head and mutter in agreement, “Yeah, you’re right, dad.”

        29. Just reminded me.
          Was holding onto this one, thought you guys might appreciate it.
          A student presented at their university’s TedX Talks and did a total parody of the whole thing.
          Thought you might enjoy some grassroots trollage.

        30. So what you’re saying here is that there was some external force acting upon your mother and her sister, outside of the influence of your grandpa?

        31. Have any great cultures recovered after a collapse? As I understand it, when the Roman Empire fell apart, people just upped sticks and left.

        32. Fuck, that’s some next-level jailbait, they look more like they’re around my age (17).

        33. Simply don’t give them money (or any of the things money can buy), I’d say. They are spoiled because parents spoil them. I had nothing from my parents when I was a kid or a teen, except my food and a few clothes, which I was never allowed to choose (thank God!). When I turned 18, I was on my own and on a short budget, doing stupid things is easy to dismiss as “stupid”, hence “NOT for me”. Sometimes, the easiest solution is also the best.
          Parents think they can buy their children’s “friendship”… The only thing they are doing is giving them the heinous sense of entitlement and never-ending contrarianism we now observe in “millennials”

        34. So now they play bisexual for attention as early as 13?!?!?!?!
          Sayonara, Western Civilization! You won’t be missed, at all!

        35. Great idea. NO smartphone –get the “dumbest ” phone for your teen. Get those old people phones you find advertised in the back of National Review with the giant numbers.

        36. dick masters on said women only kiss eachother for male attention. I didn’t believe it at first but the man has been prophetic as time goes on.

        37. 13 years old. Jesus that is some bait. Maybe we should rethink the age of consent.

        38. Of course they do, and I bet they find it repulsive at the same time. Alas, the hoots and hollers from men in public or Likes on social media is like crack cocaine to them. What’s a soul these days, right? How proud can a father be?

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        40. You could try not giving them a phone at all.
          Once upon a time, children did just fine without a cell phone.

        41. I think that might be the whole purpose behind the sexualization of children in advertising and media. It’s on the agenda. The pedophile advocates (yep, they actually have advocates) have been working for over a decade to have the psychology leadership change their designation to “Minor-Attracted Persons.”

        42. “I dont like it when you talk
          Cuz that just means you’re not sucking my cock
          Love is for girls and gays
          If you wanna be with me there’s just one of two ways
          Either you have sex with me
          Or you have sex with me”
          They compared rap to poetry and I get it now.

        43. right……I might just type out all the lyrics. They are perfect.

        44. He has another song called Show Me Your Genitals With these gems
          “I can’t have sex with your personality
          And I can’t put my penis in your college degree
          And I can’t shove my fist in your childhood dreams
          So why you’re sharing all this information with me?”

        45. “Parents, especially fathers, have to man up and stop being emasculated cucks.”
          It starts with this overprotective, “It anyone tries to date my daughter, I’ll get my gun” nonsense.
          The job of a father is to mold his daughter into the honorable wife of a great man.

        46. They are just waiting to get a deep dicking from their friendly neighborhood Muslim rape gang.

        47. I always preferred Mary Anne — a ‘girl next door’ type. At least she knew how to cook (yeah, I know, it was just a TV program…)

        48. When my currently thirty year old daughter was 14, she came to an event with me and my PhD cohort, who were in their 20s at the time. When they finally came up to me and asked who the hot babe was that I had brought with me. I told them to cool their jets, as she was only 14. They said no way. I said way, I was there when she was born. The light slowly came on and I put the nail in the coffin by saying, “yes, she is my daughter.” During her teens I felt like walking around behind her wearing a sandwich sign that said she is under age. She was a size 1 everywhere except the bust where she favored her mother’s D cup (which her mother developed at age 13).

        49. Those girls are post puberty. Pedophilia is defined as the sexual desire for pre-pubescent children. Only in our sick society do we put an arbitrary age on when sex is allowed. As if a girl of 17 years 11 months, and 30 days is a child and the next day she is fully capable of giving consent. In nature when they are big enough they are old enough. The current consent laws are more set to eliminate competition for older women than it is to protect innocent young girls from predation. Those 13 year olds are far from innocent.

        50. I note definite bikini bridge on the one on the right. Almost bridge on the one on the left. IWF either.

        51. Have you seen how well Mary Anne has aged and how badly Ginger has aged? Ginger was a washed up old hag 30 years ago. Mary Anne is still quite attractive for her age. You may think that it is impossible for a woman her age to be attractive, but your opinion will change when you are over 60. Remember that the stranding on the island will be forever.

        52. Have you seen the Victoria’s Secret ad? I shows the back of a tall slim brunet putting on a bra. Then she turns and it shows her putting on a sexy garter belt over her lacy panties. Then she puts on some fuck me 12″ stilettos. At the end she reaches into the closet and a cloth covers the lens. The final scene is just her eyes behind the burka, with along the bottom the words, “You never know.”

        53. I have no idea what they look like. However, I don’t plan to know the ones we bring on the boat long enough

        54. To add, girls were usually married or engaged at thirteen. The western world used to marry their girls off after the first period. This didn’t really start to change until the Victorian age and child labor laws. The era that “invented” childhood.

        55. I watched a documentary called “hot girls wanted”. One of the porn stars dads, said, “I don’t care what you’ve done, I proud of you.” I thought to myself, your little girl just told you she spread her legs for money. Holy shit, have some respect man.
          I am incapable of understanding how one would be proud of that, but it is the way of things.

        56. “Of course they do, and I bet they find it repulsive at the same time.”
          We do..!
          That’s why I have never done it and never will! (0_0)

        57. “Recovered”? 🙂
          Yes there is actually an argument that Rome did not collapse but simply evolved. Culturally like Rome? In our ability to unthinkingly slaughter innocent civilians for political expediency? Quite possibly. Many of our legal concepts come from Rome and now we are repeating the same errors that they did (price controls, currency debasement, etc.) which will lead the barbarians to our gates…

        58. Mike, I think you need to seek psychological counseling before (hopefully before) you commit a crime that gets you put away for a long time.

        59. “Parents, especially fathers, have to man up and stop being emasculated cucks.”
          That’s true, to a point, Jordan, but too often we say that, putting all the responsibility on you blokes, and we women, basically get a free pass, responsibility wise.
          We (women) have a lot to answer for, if I’m honest. We are also the ones MAINLY responsible for the state of things, as they are now.
          We listened to our “Illustrious Feminist Leaders” as they told us bollocks, such as “A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle” and “All men are after only one thing” (sex), “All men are ‘sexist’ ” (which is sexist, in and of itself), “Women can have it all!”, and on and on and on.
          Slowly but steadily, at least a FEW women are beginning to realize we were LIED to by our “Illustrious Feminist Leaders”.
          Now, it is mainly up to US to fix the mess WE’VE made…
          But.., I am guessing it will end up mainly being you chaps, as usual, that women will look to to fix the damage WE have done.
          Sorry. 🙁
          But a few of us, at least, will be there, with you, to try and right the wrongs.

        60. Turkish girls I’d say, inspired by Kim Khardashian to be skanky ho.

        61. I told someone that one “my kid ain’t leaving the house dressed like Beyonce.” Someone tried to counter with the bs men should act right. Foh. Would you dangle a plump chicken in front of a fox? Would you let a shaven sheep roam in a field filled with wolves? But no “its a shame she can’t wear whatever she wants (cuz looking like a slut is okay). Hell, if I have a girl, she won’t be touching makeup until she’s 18 (she can bath her face with the remains of dead babies at that point. If she hasn’t learned not to become a slut, I have no daughter). I’d rather teach her how to value herself and respect a man, than slut around like a confused feminist. Would expect her mother to teach her how to be a proper woman as well.

        62. …or he can declare himself a Muslim and demand welfare for his 12 year old child bride.

        63. I remember as a teenager we would joke “old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.”

        64. “The current consent laws are more set to eliminate competition for older women than it is to protect innocent young girls from predation. ”
          This right here. And if feminists could, I’d be willing to bet they’d have the AOC raised to 25-30. Even when above the AOC, older men/younger women couples are still socially unacceptable if the woman is of prime, reproductive age. No one really cares if a 60 year old man dates a 49 year old woman, but let his 30 year old son date her 19 year old niece. Nothing illegal would be happening, but it still would be looked down upon socially and it would always be implied that something must be wrong with the man. I.E. he’s immature, can’t get a woman his own age, is a pedophile (seriously) etc. In other words, something MUST be wrong with him. He can’t just be a normal guy.
          Of course, “cougars” are always hyped up. While people (mostly women and maginas) will turn up their noses in disgust at a 30 year old man dating/sexually involved with a 19 year old girl, they’ll praise a 42 year old woman for bedding a 19 year old college quarterback.
          Shortly after I graduated high school, I worked out with some older guys, one of whom was 32. His girlfriend was 20 at the time. Men didn’t seem to have a problem with it. It was women who were outraged. Interestingly enough, the farther away from 20 the women got, the more the outrage grew in proportion. A 21 year old girl really wouldn’t care, a 31 year old woman would say he must be immature, a 41 year old woman’s head would spin 360 degrees like in the exorcist.

        65. Agreed, I was going to say as much but didn’t want to be “that guy”. What modern western culture calls pedophilia is actually at worst Ephebophilia. Which if you research into it, is a MADE UP psychological term to describe men being attracted to post puberty females who are not yet of the legal age of consent.
          In other words, if she has tits and a period, nature is screaming “she’s open for business!!”.

        66. I love the fact that enlightened women are here as well…it feels like we all have been outside Plato’s cave and are taking comfort that we can find others — male AND female, who understand.

        67. I read in one of those 1950’s wisdom books that you should give your children a solid moral foundation and that’s it. Don’t pay for college, let them figure that out for themselves. Kids get stuff handed to them and expect things like smartphones, vehicles, paid secondary education to be provided to them by their parents.

        68. They have crows feet around their eyes and I can sense they are old. I would say mid thirties.

        69. Not providing wants is part of parenting.
          A cell phone is a want, that child does not need a cellphone and much of value can be gained through 16-18 years of living life without constant attachment to a tiny computer.
          Yes, I think bad parenting can come from giving a child every technological and tangible want they desire.

        70. Much as I dislike Islam the burqa always seemed pretty cool, should be mandatory dress in public schools.

        71. So if cell phones didn’t exist, teenagers wouldn’t be sluts?
          Seriously how is an inanimate object responsible?

        72. It’s about teaching a child not to be spoiled. A child does not need a cell phone, every new game system that comes out, a computer, and a flat screen tv for their bedroom. Sure, one or two things is okay, but they don’t need to grow up thinking they ‘can have it all’. How many kids repeatedly break their phones and get a new one? How many kids throw their old phones away and demand a new one because ‘this one is old’. What does giving children everything teach them?
          Not having a cellphone teaches them how to ask for help. They must go find a phone if there’s an emergency, it makes them think more about the situations they put themselves in not having a phone to dial a friend or family member for help. For many parents, cell phones are a crutch for safety.
          It teaches them to learn how to enjoy life without a cellphone in case they grow up to be poor. It teaches them who true friends are, the ones who hang out thick or thin regardless of how many times you send them a snapchat or text message during class.
          It requires them to actually converse with people or observe enviroments, not sit there with their eyes stuck to a screen.
          Your 13 year old child won’t get use to using snapchat Jr. to learn how to take those sexy selfies before turning 16 and going public on the full site. They won’t spend class time texting instead of listening or doing some activity far more enlightening then staring at a screen.
          They will learn that phones can be disgusting. They will learn there’s more to life then a digital existence mandated by how many likes, beeps, and chirps a phone emits per hour.
          There’s a lot to be learned. Take away the phone, at some point that child will think, “Why am I not allowed a cell phone?” They will learn something.
          Why should a child have a phone?

        73. See, you essentially skipped over the real problems. Giving a child something after loosing it is bad parenting, leaving them to the mercy of the public school system is child abuse, and not letting them play outside(the root of the problem) is cruel.
          Yet you blame all of this on a freaking device?

        74. Most kids are completely free to play outside. Their parents do not keep them locked up in some tower. However, given the choice between going outside and going inside to chat, most children would prefer to go inside.
          You didn’t comment on a child having everything (being spoiled) nor did you answer why does a child need a phone? Actually you focused on 3 things and ignored the rest of what I said.
          There’s nothing wrong with public schools. Public schools are not great in America, but they are better then nothing once the cost of a homeschool education and cost of a sitter is taken into account.

        75. That’s actually not true at all. Girls who get their periods at 10 are not physically ready to carry a baby.
          Also, even in ancient Egypt, young girls of 12 were not married off and pro creating. There was a certain age-not childhood. You are disgusting.

        76. Wow you really are out of touch with what’s happening now a days.
          Helicopter parenting makes parents paranoid of the outdoors.
          Those weren’t relevant as its equivalent to blaming guns not humans for wars. But spoiling children is never a good thing.
          Public schools are TERRIBLE, hell Mexico has better a school system then us

        77. I live in the boondocks. Nobody is scared of the outdoors in my neck of the woods.

        78. Right the wrongs?
          Because of you many men will never known what love, being a father, grandfather means, no, as a single man, who will never marry a slut, tied here to help his sick old parents, i may tell you that once real men are gone, white knights will be easy to defeat, all women will pay their dues in the worsth scenario,you better learn Quran until you Can.

        79. Back to what it was in 18th century England. The Victorians thought it was a great social reform to gradually raise it to what it is now. Interesting that now there is a movement to push it backwards.

        80. In the play Juliette is fourteen, and Juliet’s mother has the line “Well, think of marriage now. Younger than you. Here in Verona, ladies of esteem. Are made already mothers.” This reflects the social norms of 16th century England. What puzzles me is that the shortage of fertile women, due to puerperal fever and hemorrhages that often killed women giving birth, no longer exists, yet some are talking of lowering the age of consent back to where it was nearly give centuries ago. In contrast, it seems to argued women ove 18 are no longer able to give consent (“Yes means Yes’) or are to be trusted with tobacco if they are under 21.

        81. Clearly the parent is confused between loving your chidl and approving everything it does.

        82. Ah yes, Diocletian’s three hobbies: eliminating Christianity, controlling the economy, and waging war. Bad at all three. No wonder he resigned to grow cabbage.

        83. Big reason a child needs a phone is to communicate with their parents when they go to and from school or places. It’s a safety measure. Like I said before the technology is not the problem, the parenting is. Technology is a tool that can use to better themselves if somebody show them how. A child can use this technology learn, or even build a business at a young age. Or it could use it to go on TMZ and read about the Kardashians. In my household there’s only one hour permitted for unproductive use of Technology. So, after that 1 hour if you’re not educating himself or building a business using technology, Then you can’t use the technology in my house. You both make good points though just want to put my two cents in it

        84. A good strategy, but my niece’s school got them all “online” as fast as it could. Very expensive, very good school. But the curriculum tries to get them computer savvy too fast. She had a cell phone by the time she 5 or 6 years old. We thought, rightly, that that would make it old and boring for her. But now she’s in this snooty high school and they’ve trained her to be online on a smart phone all the time. We know she’s doing school work and coordinating school activities with it, but it’s too easy for her to lapse into addict mode.

        85. Sounds like somebody has some “fweelz” knowledge and knows not what the hell they are talking about. Do a little cursory reading on marriage and first birth ages throughout history and get your self informed.

        86. Why do I have to be white though? I can’t be Indian? Are you just disregarding my entire race like that? Are you disregarding the fact that minorities exist? That’s racist, you know. Way to go. “SMH”, as you would say. Try again.

        87. I used to work in front of a Victoria’s Secret…one thing I noticed…TONS of Amish women in their ankle length dresses and head coverings went to shop there.

        88. You are the one who claimed children are not allowed to play outside due to helicopter parenting, not me.
          They don’t play outside for the reason I mentioned earlier, the kids can play outside but they would rather sit on their phones at their friends wasting away on social media, primping for that next snap chat or are sitting inside with their beloved gaming devices, something they find far more interesting then a hike. Or they sit on their iPad and tablets playing games and watching TV.

        89. I was using a jab saw the other day and was struck with the idea that it would make the perfect close combat weapon. The handle made it perfect to hold on to as you jab it forward, the pointed tip blade was sharp and the teeth were made to cut on the pull stroke so there is none of the problems that most knifes have of cutting the hand of the user. A scientist I was once listening to said, “technology is not good, bad or neither is it neutral.”A “technology” for cutting drywall can be a device for defense or even attack depending upon the intent of the user; not good, not bad but not neutral…

        90. If many older women had their way, it’d be illegal for any man to date or have any sexual relationship with a woman more than 3 years younger than him. But, if he wanted to be with a woman 50 years older than him, that would be just fine

      4. Get her out now. You will have very little control over whether or not she follows the crowd if you leave her in public school. Her friends and teachers will have just as much influence as you and if she starts to follow the crowd, you might not know until it is too late.

      5. She most likely will, women have a herd mentality, and homeschooling is slowly being outlawed.

      6. About fifteen years ago I commented at the dinner table that when I dropped my boys off at middle school the boys dressed and acted like boys while the girls dressed like 24 year old street walkers. My 19 year old step daughter got on her high horse and told me I was just an old man ignorant of current fashion.
        Then her mother and I went on a week’s vacation and she had to take the boys to school. The first dinner after we returned she spoke right up about how wrong she had been and how right I had been. She said those little bitches were total sluts.

      7. All you can do is be the best dad you can be.
        My mum and dad raised me right. I wasn’t raised just by my mum. My dad was always, and still is, in the picture. Both my parents raised me to not hate anyone because of their immutable characteristics. Be it race, colour, creed or SEX! This included (includes) not hating men. Both my parents knew what sort of world I’d be inheriting, so both were very careful to teach me “Boys and girls are different, but both have feelings and those feelings should be respected by both, towards both”. And as I grew up, I saw that they were right.
        When we were kids, if my older brother ever said: “I hate girls!” my parents admonished him. But conversely, if I ever said: “I hate boys!” I was admonished just the same way, by both our mum and dad.
        I’d say that you have to be the more vocal and active teacher for your daughter so she doesn’t end up like a lot of western women.
        These women are taught from a very young age to “hate Males”. If their bitter divorced mum doesn’t teach them that, then the schools, institutions and, God knows, the MEDIA will.
        You sound like a good conscientious dad! (Much like my dad!) So I am hoping your voice will drown out the voices of bitter divorced mums, the schools and institutions and the media. And that’s a lot to overcome for any parent. Especially a father.
        All the best to you and your daughter, Jay!

      8. As a high schooler I can confirm this.
        Basically it depends on her intelligence and trust with parents

      9. Has your girl been fitted for a diaphragm or IUD yet? I’ve known several cases of parents who do not try to protect their girls, but instead put them on to some form of contraception by age 15; they don’t even bother to try influencing their own children’s’ behavior.

      10. Oh she will. Your daughter will definitely be one of those.
        You sound like a sexist pig of a father and your daughter is better off without you.

    2. Axiom: A woman who was not selected for marriage in her twenties or thirties will become bitter in her forties.
      I have yet to see evidence to the contrary.

      1. Bitter because “Max Thundergirth” doesn’t show up and marry them.

        1. In an office environment, avoid them like the plague. They’re totally nihilistic and will try to get alpha males fired. It’s one reason I work independently.

        2. right
          “i just don’t understand it! I am a liberated career woman in my mid 40’s and not one handsome, young, wealthy, powerful, famous man has whisked me off for a recreation of every Julia Roberts movie? Is it possible that I have been lied to? Eh, screw it, happy hour ill fuck get turned out by whomever walks in while I wait”

        3. 75% of women believe they deserve nothing less than the top 15% of males.
          I forget the Male percent, but it’s much more equal.

        4. This has not been my experience. To be fair I work in a male dominated field. There was one woman who tried to get me fired and pulled power plays years ago, but she was a cunt to men and women a like and failed with me. Other than that, when I see women in an office environment and treat them like little girls they almost always eat it up.
          One thing I learned about women is that they will tell themselves anything to maintain their positive self perception. So when I meet a girl and she asks me what I do I usually just tell them “I only talk about work when someone is paying me” or “in midtown” or something equally dismissive of the question. They will almost always just assume I do whatever it is they fantasize about. The fact is, they are going to act like a whore with me so it is important for them to see me as being worthy of their golden snatches.
          In the office as well, when I am aggressive and dismissive of women, in order for them to feel better about themselves they, more often than not, come up with a scenario where it is just a form of flirting or that I am very high quality. Because no one wants to get dismissed by a total asshole, but getting dismissed by your dream guy is act one in a romantic comedy.

        5. It’s the number one reason that I hate working anywhere near women.

        6. I’ve come to believe more and more that most women aren’t looking for a Man, they’re looking a ‘Dad.’

        7. I think women have always looked for an ersatz father in their lovers and mates.
          The thing is, women are absolutely helpless. Try though they might, they are all little girls. I remember meeting a guy one night that said of the Williams sisters “i would put those big bitches over my knee, spank them and make them call me daddy”
          I will give you one further. I knew a girl last summer. She was pretty and by all accounts a reasonable kind of chick. You have to know a girls crazy though. You don’t know her until you know her crazy. Anyway, she would show up to my friends restaurant and have a glass of wine and read a book and be super friendly. But the second I showed up she drank way too much and acted like an asshole. At one point I wound up giving her a slap in the mouth because she was misbehaving in a way that was going to really cause some problems.
          I was talking to my friend who owns the restaurant about how she is like jeckl and hyde and he said it was simple. I represented all male authority to her which meant when I was there she felt safe to revert into childhood. Simply put, daddy’s home. When I wasn’t there she was forced to act the adult and protect herself, keep sober, not get into trouble but as soon as I showed up she knew I would protect her from something that went bad.
          He was right.
          It is a frightening thing because it plays to the male ego. Maybe it is just me, but I like a pretty girl who calls me daddy and every time a question is asked her looks directly at me.
          When the waiter comes and ask her what she wants she just smiles and looks at me. Want a refill on your coffee…look to me for approval. It is such an ego boost. However, it comes with huge danger. They become insanely attached and so you have to be very careful. The more you indulge in the pleasures of the ego boost that being her daddy will bring (especially if she is young and hot and when you go out it is clear as day that if you told her to jump off a cliff she wouldn’t even ask why) the more drama you will deal with when she becomes boring which, to me, is a pretty quick turn around.

      2. They are discovering they are slowly fading away from view as they no longer have any social value. A single woman over 50 is invisible.

        1. Yeah, they are just beginning to experience what life is like for any man who is not a tall millionaire jock or a Bad Boy thug.
          Schadenfreude at it’s finest.

    3. You just invented the beta widow term and it should be added to ROK wiki. Bravo because its spot on. When the safe option throws them away it destroys them, especially if he snags a better option later on. I don’t have much experience with older women (I’m 28) but I see alot of girls my age trying to settle below their SMV and failing.

    4. “Dudes are getting smarter. Not in large numbers, but it’s happening. Cats, turbocharged vibrators, $10 bottles of cabernet sauvignon and loneliness are the future for a lot of women…..”
      This^!! I do believe this is referred to as the hoe maintenance package. Usually purchased after that pesky hump called relationship is gotten over at 26 and the ban is upheld until the stroke of midnight of the 29th year. On this plus, it does keep the new breed of men sated while they work on their personal goals. On the minus it is cause for confusion when said women says they are going to take care of their pussy tonight.

    5. Women these days are only good for one thing: sex, and most of them are bad at it!

    6. The backlash is building. It’s too bad women aren’t wired to correlate actions with consequences.

    7. “Beta widows” indeed…I suspected for a long time that the “average” women, like 4-6 range, are the most unpleasant to be around. They’re doubly bitter: they get ignored by the top-tier guys most of their lives, except for a rare pump-n-dump, and they get more attention than they think they deserve from average guys who are, quite reasonably, going after women in their “league.”
      Of course, when a beta realizes that the average girl has nothing to offer besides a vagina and a pulse, of course he will view her as nothing but hook-up material. He’ll work on improving his life and “trading up” to someone younger, more attractive, more fertile, and the average girl will self medicate with Oreos and wine.

        1. Sorry, but reality has already surpassed your imagination. “Fluffy Marshmallow” vodka. Don’t take my word for it, go to the hard liquor section of wherever you shop.

      1. Not sure if there’s a way to bookmark comments I like, so leaving a reply as a makeshift bookmark.

    8. I turn down the “age appropriate” blind date attempts. Cant do it anymore. No fun to be around, always look tired, most seemed to be going back to school to get a masters or MBA.

    9. Good.
      We need more of that.
      Dont wife up these bishes.
      They are strong and independent and dont need no man. Let them be that.

    10. The 28-32 phase is when women suck the most, as they are feeling the punch of their bio clock and need to lock down a beta ASAP. After 35 they seem to give up.

      1. A woman who married in the 18-27 range, had kids, then rolled into thirties/forties with the same dude is usually a solid woman. Females looking to give birth in late thirties+ are delusional and under the guise that extra ten years of cock carousal will go unpunished.

        1. In 1960, 90 percent of 21 year old girls were married. Both of my grandmother’s were married at 19. Today, a 19 year old girl would be told, ironically mostly by women, that she’s too young to be thinking about marriage and should be having fun.

      2. A great way to really bust their bubble and put them into a tailspin is to call them “nothing more than an aging party girl” when they get all cunty. You can watch the eyes light up with a hellish fire. Make sure you have a clear line to an exit.

    11. There is very little reward for a man to marry and tons of risk. I just got a note that a cousin has finally proposed to his girlfriend of 10 years. I called to “congratulate” (aka. talk him out of it) him and he seems to think there isn’t much else he could do. He always was a lazy git.

      1. Call him again. 10 years means he’s just settled and taken the easy path. I wish someone slapped me in the face and said “Dude if it took you 7 years to get here, you don’t want her.” Take him out for a beer and tell him it’ll be the best decision of his life.

    12. Yader,
      Even my wife of almost 20 years sees the desperate single 30 somethings.
      For example, we’ll be celebrating our anniversary out. Instead of sitting across the table from her, we like to sit facing each other on a shared booth.
      I cut lewd jokes in her ear, hands going from her arms to thigh to small of back, rinse/repeat.
      Basically, flirting with and gaming the hell out of her. She gets the tingles and a snail-trail. My ego gets a boost of testosterone. It’s a win/win.
      She informs me that she notices the 30 something, 20 lbs overweight, single birthday girl with a handful of friends across the way. She noticed the split second glance from lonely birthday girl when she caught her staring at us flirting. “A sad longing for not having the same” I believe is what my wife said.

      1. Wife and I occassionally go out and noticed the same. Was out for her birthday so took her and the kids to an Italian place we all like. Some scenario– plump woman was there with her girlfriends and they all kept looking our way. It’s worse with the old single harpies.

        1. They hate and envy what your lady has got. Another instance of why Feminism is more about control over women than men.

      2. “A sad longing for not having the same”
        It’s not like they didn’t have their chance; they made bad choices and have to pay the consequences for those bad choices.
        They undoubtedly had themselves a merry dance when they were young, and now they have reached the time of their lives when the piper has to be paid…

      3. This is why the women of yesteryear got married in their late teens, early 20s. I think I read somewhere that in 1960, about 90 percent of 21 year old girls were married.

    13. That is the truth.
      I’m seeing more and more of these “beta” widows and you’re right, looks have nothing to do with it. Many of these women are control freaks and they are pretty god damn bossy (it’s that entitled attitude that does it). The result: many of these younger men will date them but say hell no to marriage. They see the writing on the wall living with a prison warden for the rest of their lives.
      What a fucked up place we live in, today. Young men settling for these types of women, women letting themselves go (with a bitch attitude to boot) and everyone is losing (in the dating game).
      Men, never put up with this shit. Never let a woman drive your bus, never put up with the attitude and always be the “master and commander”.

      1. Upvoted for pure righteous truth.

      2. In a previous job a mid thirties single mom was senior to me. She was a total whore who had a confirmed kill count of 5 within the factory (three on the go at the same time) and a suspected count a lot higher.
        Anyway I had to stifle outright laughter at the sight of her as one of the lads told us that her kink was being DP’d. Apparently she said that she refuses to apologise for liking sex.
        Long story short – she was damaged goods with zero redeemable characteristics. No tits. hard eyes. Abrasive attitude. Crap at her job (I respect people that are good at their jobs & people that are legitimately trying hard to be good at their jobs). I guess I could give her points for not being overweight

        1. Single moms are usually damaged and I tell young men to stay away from them. First, because no one wants to raise another man’s kids and second because you never know the reason (or the truth) on why they split up. Society has programmed everyone into “default mode” which is “poor mother was left by the evil man”….but we all know better.
          Half the time the woman is lying about the break to make herself look good…so you’ll never know why…a good enough reason to steer clear of single moms.

        2. Raising another mans kids would bring nothing but drama and pain and at the end of it all you’ll receive no thanks from anyone

    14. Fuckin gospel stuff you wrote, good sir.
      “Women in the U.S. have gotten so fucking fat that they don’t even look human anymore”
      So true
      ” A 31-year old who is slender and takes care of herself is obviously going to be superior to the 23-year old who looks like a bucket of shit”
      Busted a gut laughing when I read this.

    15. Yes. Dudes are certainly getting smarter. Especially as a man ages he for the most part can see the writing on the wall. He knows or has a very good idea what changes he must make to achieve his goals. He can be happy knowing that the power of his will can change his life and the world around him if he chooses.
      Women on the other hand seem to double down on their stupidity. Being so irredeemably solipsistic they can only project their disgust at their own selves onto external factors. This is what makes them so insufferable to be around as they age.
      I see these types of women now all over the place. I avoid them like a diseased plague. Only a blind man ruled by his lusts would look at these women and fail to see beyond the flimsy exterior of layers and layers of cakeup, and illusory props she uses to pretend to be young again.
      One thing you cannot fake is the eyes. Within those wrinkled pits rest all the rage,envy,bitterness, self loathing and hatred for men one could imagine.
      All those bad decisions. She must blame someone goddamnit.
      But no. I do not bless them. I curse them. I’m judging them. Indicting them with my eyes and my difference. They know it too. They hate it. They hate me. The judgement they cannot escape.

    16. ” dating women in their early thirties recently”, “I’ve especially noticed what I can only describe as “beta” widows.” – Fuck, that’s the kind of women I seem to be involuntarily drowning in, lately.
      Thanks for mentioning it, I thought I was the only one.

    17. Ill beat this dead horse: Always look at her mother, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Plus when you dump her, if her mom isnt shit, she has no come back when you state she’ll end up a dried up, destitute whore- just like her mother. Then get behind a closed door because the mushroom cloud will soon be chasing you

    18. Amen brother – this is all I get of course, having missed out younger days. Happy to hear the beta widows, although with your great advice last year I converted to profiting from these (who you then called Executioners… vs the younger hotter Robbers). You should educate the posters here again to the difference!

    19. I know what you mean.
      Seen a women at Walmart her ass had two but cheeks and a Asian cashier
      looked liked a circus clown.

    20. “Yeah, fuck it, I ain’t marrying you, bitch.”
      Lol, damn that’s gotta hurt.
      On another note, I have noticed that the younger generation is al around more overweight than my generation. (Mid-generational millenial.)

    21. That sounds more to me like they are bitter that they didn’t ride the carousel when they were younger and could get lots of sex with attractive men that won’t give them the time of day now.

    22. How about men and women just live next door to one another and visit for sex only. I’d be fine with that. Psychology Today reports that the happiest segments of the population are married men and single women. Single women live longer than married women. Married men live longer than single men. Women are figuring out that we don’t need men for much beyond reproduction.

  8. Holy Crap Forney you’re in your 20s? I think its time you pulled your finger out and ditched the blubber, its just embarassing at this point.

      1. Same, amazing how weight can make you look older. When I’m at the tail end of a bulk (mind you I’m still only ~15% at that point) I start to get just a little in my face and all of a sudden I look a few years older. I could probably make more gains if I got slightly bigger or stayed bulked for longer but fuck I hate that look.

        1. I’ve got somewhat of a baby-face. I remember a girl telling me I looked 17 when I was 24.

        2. THis is 100%. When I come off of a bulk the first thing to go is face fat…like you I am talking 15% at end of bulk and 10-12% when I am lean so it is never like I am a fat disgusting fucker or anything. But even that small difference hers my face first….probably because the rest of the body is muscled. And yes, it makes me look much older. I am getting to the age where I am reconsidering my fitness goals and thinking that I am going to do a 20% deload and not go to totally exhaustion anymore mostly because I just want to avoid bulking at this point.

        3. Fair enough man, thats completely understandable in your 40s. Nothing wrong with maintenance or very slowly peaking cycles. No-one broke any strength world records in their 40’s. Well I mean besides Zydrunas Savickas. What a champ.

        4. ha. It is still conceptual. And there always is kratom. I am pretty sure if I cut back on 20% of weight I would still be lifting heavier than the vast majority of the people in my gym despite many of them being nearly 20 years my junior.
          It is going to basically take me being crippled to get my raw score under 1000 again. But that said, do I really need to get it up to over 1500? At the risk of what? I will never deadlift 600 pounds and that is something that I feel I need to come to peace with. This summer is my bday so I will have to think through my plans for the next year.

        5. I love how he constantly straddles the line between satire and completely unbiased truth – its incredible.

        6. Weight can definitely make you look older up to a certain age, with old-old people (60+) though sometimes being very thin can make you look older, the whole “frail elderly” look, and having a little extra fluff can help fill out the wrinkled/saggy bits and make them smoother and therefore more young looking. In Matt’s case I think the lack of hair adds as much to the appearance of age as the blubber does.

        7. Me too, I’m 32, went on a college tour last year, lost count of how many times someone said “What high school do you go to?” lol. And fwiw, I’m fat (BMI 27.4, so not obese but overweight).

        8. Well well well, you just saw me talking about fat and you had to chime in with your glazed doughnut fingered 2 cents. Surprised you’re not frothing at the loins over Matty Forney, aren’t fat guys your type?

        9. Ah, I KNEW you brought up fat just to bait me! Yes, indeed, Matt is a nice size but I also have a thing about hair.

        10. It depends on your face. I never looked older when I was fat. Forney doesn’t look like a man in his 40s

      1. Then I will join lolknee in Valhalla. Oh wait he commented on this article because admins backpedalled so fast over the butthurt that was that fiasco they got skidmarks.

        1. quick, edit to spell for Craic before GoJ gets here with his repository of knowledge of all things honky

        2. Conjugate your verbs you anglo peasant! (Thanks Monsieur de Charette – you da man)

        3. It’s German for “you’re welcome”. I secretly identify as an aristocratic French polyglot. Do you have a problem with that ?

        4. By all that is honorable in the halls of Valhalla, by Thor’s might and his ever smiting hammer Mjolnir, it appears that the correction was made.
          If we ever lose the internet I figure that I alone have memorized at least 80% of European historical culture, so if I remain alive, we’ll have our culture and history restored. This is only one part in my multi faceted plan to become indispensable to the human race after the apocalypse.

        5. What the hell is that thing. I’m going to gouge my own eyes out.

        6. I am just going to yell SHAZAM! and then fly away.

  9. The truth is that few women mentally mature past high school.

    If I had known this when I was younger I would have cut out from my life disagreeable female family members FAR sooner.

    1. The utter sadness of a 22 yo. male and a 37 yo. pregnant female girlfriend/wife/hanger-on. And no these women don’t look like #2 or #3 above. Sad.

  10. The original Mrs. Robinson was my cousin, its funny to see her as the head pic for this article. RIP Anne… a classy woman who was never any of these things I would have loved to pick her brain on this topic

  11. Its the saggy battered vagina that freaked me out last time I banged someone my age. (I’m in my forties.) And what finished it was the bingo wings and cellulite that flashed before me when I bent her over doggy style. I stopped after about 30 seconds because I was losing my erection fast, despite trying to play the Sienna Miller video in my head from the wank bank. She knew something was up, apart from my penis, and I just made my excuses, rolled over and went to sleep.

  12. During one episode, she begged me to come over with “a 24-pack of beer”
    and “some thick fuckin’ condoms,” berating me at the door for not
    bringing another girl so we could have a threesome.

    Try as I might, I really can’t see these requests as unreasonable. Bring protection, bring beer and bring another girl so we can have a threesome, I mean fuck, what’s not to like?
    Dating girls in their 20’s is where it’s at. Early thirties tops. Older men, you have all that you need to have to get girls in their 20’s, and they’re desperate for masculinity. Think about it, you’re competition is *Hipsters*. Christ, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. There is NO excuse for dating an older broad whatsoever.

        1. Hang in there. What keeps me going is the grave isn’t so foreboding. Heh.

      1. You could always do arranged marriage. That way you get to pick the men.

      2. Send them to Eastern Europe to husband hunt. Maybe sponsor a college tuition program for them at the university of Krakow or something.

      3. My cousin has 3 daughters too….the oldest is only 9….he has already decided to just kill himself before they start bringing home guys home.
        lolknee:Cousinknee, how are you going to handle 3 girls in highschool at the same time
        Cousinknee: Well, lolknee, I am going to go into the garage and shoot myself
        lolknee, makes sense

        1. I think three would be easier than one. 3 can be targeted at each other to keep them occupied, with 1 you have the drama aimed square at you most of the time. This is the same theory I use when we buy cats, never buy one, get at least two so they can be occupied with the other cat and not bugging you 24/7.

        2. We own a fucking zoo, man. The cats are for the wife and daughter. I have a dog, a duck hunting dog to be precise.
          Two years ago we had:
          3 cats
          1 dog
          3 Hermit Crabs
          1 Bearded Dragon
          3 fish

        3. Ah yes, the famous flerds of fainters, I hear tell about them in legends and myths. Fly flaming flerds of fainters, fly!

        4. Cats ate the fish.
          Dog killed the crabs didnt eat.
          Cats ate crabs
          Dog fought dragon. Admired skill, let him live

        5. The secret is to stagger the sexes, I got Boy, girl, boy, girl and the boys are extremely protective of their sisters, lucky me my oldest (15 year old) is 6’1 200lbs so my intimidation game doesn’t have to be as on point as it would have to be with 3 daughters… good luck bro (Unabashed) .

      4. Punch those fags right in the middle of their horn-rimmed glasses.

    1. There was an article on this site a while back where the author was saying about the difference between dating a girl in 30’s and a girl in 20’s. The girl in the 30’s you wind up taking out, bring her back to her place, she tells you about her day at work, she is tired, stressed out from her “important” job while the girl in her early 20’s basically is telling you about the green juice she had that morning, is on birth control without it adversely effecting her weight yet and really has nothing of consequence to say which leads her to easy smiles and general happiness…the kind of happiness that is contagious.

      1. That is the God’s honest truth too, isn’t it? I really do enjoy the happy go lucky, fun energy of 20 something women. It’s infectious when you’re in the mood for it and quite fun.

        1. It is. If I wake up with a girl and she is in a perky mood, puts on her gym clothes that she brought to my place because she wasn’t even about to pretend that wasn’t happening, we go to the gym together in the morning and then go to a juice bar with her and just laugh and talk about nothing I feel so happy all day.
          Conversely: you wouldn’t believe the people in my office. I am in a power play. My boss thinks he owns me. I have a big sale tomorrow. Man, it is like having another job.

        2. I feel like I missed my calling in clinical oncology.

        3. I think I’m torn as to what may be your greatest gift to the future, will it be relaying our Viking cultural heritage, or educating young slayers on accurately identifying and avoiding VD?

    2. Correction, your competition is “broke” hipsters. These young girls fresh out of college dream of being able to eat at all those fancy restaurants. I’m married, but if I wasn’t, it would be no big deal at all for me to take a girl to a nice place for a cocktail and some appetizers in a glitzy place. Or to drive her around in a nice car. Or to take her to a glitzy charity event. Etc…
      Shooting fish in a barrel? More like dynamiting fish in a puddle.

        1. It really isn’t even that hard. I’ve walked up to my motorcycle some nights to find 20-ish year old girls posing on it and taking pictures of themselves, or writing notes with their name and number on it for me. While the posing is a bit rude without asking first (you don’t just sit on another person’s bike), when they’re hot I give them a pass.

        2. Well, there’s that too. One I have pulled, even when married, is to take a woman shooting. My wife has a gaggle of liberal friends who have never been around weapons, and occasionally one will ask me to teach her to shoot.
          Show them how to shoot, and then correct their stance on the range in a firm manner and you can basically see them get wet.
          Now, I’ve never cheated on my wife, but it would be very easy. Very easy after taking a chick to the range.
          And that’s just with pistols. Don’t even get me started with the possibilities of the AR….

        3. It really is the leather and horns. The Country Girl types are drawn like a magnet to the bike.

        4. Taking a hot girl to a range is one of my favorite activities.

        5. The range is one of my favorite activities anyway, so a hot girl is just an added bonus.

        6. Right. I was confirming the “very, very easy after a trip to the range” thing. You are Authority, you’re teaching her about something Dangerous and you automatically assume Dangerous Alpha Male status in her eyes. It’s cake.

        7. An overlooked gem about the range is that it gives you the excuse to make physical contact. In fact, physical contact is required. Take her firmly by the shoulders and position her correctly, align her hips, spread her legs, adjust her arms, hell, you can even adjust her head if needed. All done firmly, but gently. It really gets them into the mindset that you are in charge, and gets them used to the idea of having your hands all over them.
          Another thing I add into the mix: with pistols, I emphasize trigger control, and I tell them to say to themselves “slow…steady…squeeze” as they pull the trigger (we’re talking about focusing on basic marksmanship, not yet quick defensive shooting). Then, once I adjust them into the correct position, I stand right behind them, lean over their shoulder and say it softly in their ear as they shoot. I don’t do it in a sexual way, but you wouldn’t know that from the results!

        8. Try an archery range. Showing a girl how to shoot a bow and arrow gives plenty of opportunities to correct their position. And to get the juices flowing…

        9. See, I disagree. Is golf as violent as shooting? No. But “manly” is something that I think is directly connected to your attitude about it. There’s plenty that’s manly about taking an afternoon off, hiking around outdoors and drinking beer while talking shit. And, if you’re putting your hands all over a woman while trying to seduce her, that’s manly in my book.
          I prefer a balanced concept of manly. I can blow your head off (barbaric manly), or drink scotch and discuss literature (refined manly). So I don’t dismiss things as “unmanly” so easily. To me, the question is, do I enjoy it? If so, I couldn’t care less whether others consider it manly.

        10. A quote I heard that I’ve always liked (it was unattributed) goes:
          I don’t do things to be manly. The things I do become manly when I do them.

        11. So true. Who was it that a while back posted that one of his favorite first dates is to take girls to get a pedicure? I think this principle applies. If you told me this in isolation, I would say that sounds faggy. But when framed properly: I have women rub my feet and wait on me like a slave while I prep some chick to accept my shaft later; it has a certain manliness that I can’t deny, even though I don’t think it would be a good fit for me.

        12. That right there is one of the things I miss about living in the US. Here in Europe, it’s just impossible to do anything of the kind…

    3. There is definitely something to be said about going back to a standard where older men (late 20s to 30s) marry younger women (19-mid-20s).

      1. My grandpa was 26 when he married my grandma who was 19 in 1939. Of course today, he’d be looked at as some sort of deviant trolling the local pre school for his next victim.

  13. …date with a 37-year old girl…

    Anyway, while I share your preference for younger women, I am a bit curious about the fact that these nutjobs invite you over and you actually go and seem to be surprised at the madness that entails…?

    1. That question occurred to me as well. I thought he was going to demonstrate rejections and was surprised when the “much later” comments surfaced. In my 20’s you couldn’t have paid me to go out with a women over 32.

      1. Key part is going out. You would have to have threatened me with a bullet to take out any woman over 30 I have ever been with. I would have been shot a few times of that request was extended to me paying for them. You only have sex with said ladies to shake things up. They are never to be seen seated across from you over food, long stares, holding hands in public; No, No, and NO!

        1. When I was 18 and in the Army I had a woman who I believe was 35 or so hitting on me hard, in a bar, while I was with my buddies. The universal reaction among all of us was “Oh Christ, no”, despite the fact that today she’d be considered “A hot, viable Cougar!” (which is a fantasy). It just wasn’t part of the culture we grew up in, that kind of thing seemed grotesquely unnatural at the time. Older men with younger women on the other hand seemed perfectly legit (and it is). How things have changed.

        2. When I was 14 I had an older woman (late 30s) creepily gush over me and touch my arm while I was out having lunch with my dad. She was a colleague of his and after she left we both stared at eachother like, did that just happen? WHAT THE FUCK!?

        3. Women are open pedophiles. Always have been. Men used to keep it in check a little better. Once upon a time.

        4. I was casually groped by a woman 15 years my senior a few times, while her husband stood next to us, blissfully unaware. So awkward. Apparently she fondled one of my associates as well during the same night.

        5. Ha! Once when I was 19 and I went to this strip club, somewhat seedy club. This 40ish dancer kept bugging me and flashing her saggy tits at me, partly to pay for a dance, but also, she must have been really into me. Finally she came over and I gave her a $10. She was going to sit on me but I told her “Oh no, that’s for cab fare. You should go home.” After that she stopped bothering me. It did cost me $10, but it was money well spent.

        6. So was I, while riding Mexican public transport. This happened quite a bit when riding buses when I was coming from high school on my way to our little house we where renting there. Partly because I was still a bit shy around women period, but it did felt uncomfortable. I mean, that a girl your age pinches your ass is one thing, but when someone who could be her mom does it, that’s a whole other thing entirely.

    1. Practice for the far more attractive, less bitchy younger ones. Like their daughter.

      1. Heh, yep. I had a 40 something hitting on me last year, I think she was near my age (late 40’s). She was in very good shape as far as it goes, and it was clear that when she was 18 she was an easy HB 9, but man, those years were hard. She started showing me pictures on her phone and one came up of her daughter who is, I think, 21 or so and is a total fucking smoke show. I laughed and said “So, care to send me her number?” and laughed again. She was not…amused.

        1. The way I’ve treated women over the course of my life, I’m truly surprised that I’m not dodging more lightning bolts. I actually ditched a woman in Mexico once when I was 20, because she used me as a ride to get to Mexico with my group so she could hit on my buddy. She did it under the pretense of hitting on me, which was a lie. He told me, we did the bros before hos handshake, he told her to fuck off and I told her to find a ride back because it wasn’t happening with me. Drove off into the sunset with her standing there with this utterly surprised and helpless look on her face.
          2 days later she drags into town, dirty, stinking and angry as a hornet. Hitch hiked back to Texas. Heh.

        2. I will surprised if she didn’t end up having to suck narcodick to get back to the States

        3. Maybe. It was the mid 1980’s, life was good and I really, really didn’t give a flying fuck if she ever made it back. Word got around and, not surprisingly, it attracted other women who “couldn’t believe you’d do that!” *gush*

        4. I had a similar thing happen to me back in college; not that extreme though. There was a girl I was interested in and it finally looked like I might have a chance. We went out to dinner, went back to the house she was renting with some other girls and was hanging out. I was sitting on the floor chatting with her and the other girls and she was sitting on my lap acting super affectionate. All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door and she jumps up to answer it. Apparently she had texted another guy that she wanted to hang up. In less than a minute, she went from sitting on my lap and me thinking it was a sure deal, to her out the door leaving me bewildered.
          I was really blue pill at that point, but even I knew when I was being played. For about 2 weeks, she didn’t exist to me and I still didn’t take her seriously after she send me a few dozen texts trying to make amends. After we finally made up, I took my position as “friend” to shack up/hit on the other girls that rented the house with her.

        5. I would have insta blocked her number and never looked back. But using her as easy access to her friends, ok, that’s commendable and probably a better plan than ghosting.

        6. Even a positive can come from such a negative. I was never played like that but caught a few trying that with some of my buddies over the years. Needless to say they were never welcome near me.

        7. That she is. What she gained by showing me that picture, even on accident, is anybody’s guess. And the thing is, you can look at the mother and see how she used to look *exactly* like the daughter. How sad that must feel for her, heh.

        8. Shows how much “girl power” unity is worth. Women will eat each other to get a man who gives them tingles , and they’ll completely disregard another woman’s well being in the process.

        9. There is a woman who is in her late 50’s was once really beautiful , used her looks to marry a really susccesful guy in her youth, and she has a beautiful daughter . The daughter is 18 . They were at a pool party , and there was young soldiers present just fresh from Afghanistan , and the mother was completely In full competition mode against her own daughter. It got so bad the daughter actually left and started crying and had to confide in her friends . The soldiers said to me after “dude that milf was hitting on me hard” . She threw her own daughter under the bus just so she could feel attention .

        10. That’s one thing that quite frankly creeps me out about most American women. The obsession with trying to compete with their daughters. Kinda explains Dance Moms and the obsession over letting their daughters be cheerleaders. Or as this video shoes, they never get over it.

        11. In my Blue Pill days I had a chick do me almost exactly like that. Long story short, she faked a 3some one night to basically hand me off to her friend (she got me and the friend going at it and bowed out). Then afterward was after me because she was jealous of the me and her friend… holy fuck, women are seriously mental.
          Don’t expect much and thee will not be disappoint.

        12. There is no precedent in the past for this, So many 40 and 50 year old women being single is not something society nor the women themselves are equipped to cope with. Once their daughters become 18, maybe younger, these single mothers are no longer mothers but Harpies more abt to bring their own daughters down than build them up. Its some sad shit.

  14. Bang one if you must, but don’t make it a habit because your standards will drop.

  15. “…claiming I needed to stay away from her because she was too old, ugly and crazy for me, exclaiming, ‘You can do so much better than me.’”
    I got this last year from a 42-year-old German woman. My band played a show and afterwards she came up to me and wouldn’t leave me alone. She was definitely DTF, but any time I’d try escalating with her she’d stop me and ask why I’m not with “One of my girlfriends” or asking why I’m not trying to get with someone my own age. Yet she was still buying me drinks and showing interest. In the end I think I negged her a little too hard and it damaged her ego and she stormed off.
    It would’ve been interesting to have had sex with a woman that old (She worked out and her tight body put most muffin-topped 20-something hipster chicks to shame), but a huge red flag was that she was ever married and didn’t have any kids – Why would an otherwise attractive woman have never been down that life path? She also showed me her shitty paintings on her phone, which is a major slut/psycho tell – She has a hobby that she sucks at that she uses to try and pretend she’s an actual human and not a cum receptacle.

  16. “T. jumped off the bed and stormed over to my coffee table, snatching up the “Trump: Make America Great Again” sign..”
    LOL. After a night of banging, I got thrown out of bed by an Irish lass a few years ago when I admitted reading some of Ann Coulter’s stuff. She admitted never reading her stuff, but “The Guardian” said she was a bigot so it must be true.

    1. Leftists claim conservatives are ignorant, but question a leftist about their facts, and it is revealed who is truly ignorant.

      1. Those are facts which Leftists will deny until they are out of breath…

        1. They like to answer questions with questions also… its intensely annoying. I prefer to avoid such conversations.

        2. I went batshit crazy during the Obama debates because he never answered a single question that was asked of him. He always went off on a tangent. Now I just realize it was because he knew if he actually did answer the question, he would have been exposed for the fool that he is.

        3. YES! I forgot about that shit. He still does the same thing now. I have to give it to the guy, he must practiced his presidential voice a lot. I’m so goddamn tired of people talking about looking and sounding presidential… wtf does that mean? ill tell you what it means… OBAMA.

        4. I usually just start getting progressively angrier. If my wife has the remote, it goes something like this:

      2. Yup. Their claims are false and when you start decontructing their talking points they tend to unravel quickly. It gets boring quick as they never research anything and have no intention of making the effort. Easier to insult, claim victory and run away. I found it to be their modus operandi.

  17. God created woman to be Mans wife . If a woman cannot fulfill that role at a young age , the remainder of her life is confusion and lacking a sense of purpose.

    1. Well, depends a bit. A woman should not live alone, full stop. Maybe in a female only dorm to study but that’s it.
      I’m of the opinion that women need firm male guidance by someone who has her best interests at heart, if not it’s going badly regardless of other factors.
      So imo if a woman keeps to this the age is less of an issue.
      A 32yo virgin who lives with her parents hardly sounds like a bad deal. I’d take her over 90+% of average 20yo’s in a heartbeat. For anything serious she’d be s much better choice.
      Just to bust a nut the 20yo will win of course, but that’s a given and worthless anyway.

      1. The woman who maintains her virginity till marriage is a woman who understands gods purpose for her. The woman who does not maintain her virginity till marriage , does not understand Gods purpose for her, nor does she understand her own.

      2. A 32 yo woman who still lives with her parents AND is still a virgin, id bet has aged very little, probably looks 25. In my experience, women who live with their parent(s), the Key being that the man is her bio father, have a lot less stress and more direction and understanding of what they want out of life. IE a husband etc. sometimes they are only older because daddy has probably been an obstacle for most suitors.

        1. Hehe you just about described my wife right there, so you are right. That is the point of all this.
          In Asia there are quite a few, who are 30+, virgin, still living with parents.
          Often the reason they are unmarried is they were in school until late 20ties and usually they have had some sort of relationship that failed, often because of parental disapproval. Relationship there often is not sexual, in some cultures using hookers is not really sneered on and very common.
          I’m not saying guys should go try to get Asian virgin wives tomorrow, but I don’t know that many other places where this is not rare. For it to work out with an Asian wife a lot of effort is needed by the man, so that should be part of he consideration. And that effort is continuing through most of the rest of your life.

        2. More USA people between the ages of 21 and 35 (34%?) live with their parent(s) than in the past five decades.

    2. Women very rarely break away from group think. So if the message they get from the group is to delay marriage for 10-20 years past 16-18 in favor of “finding themselves”, “having fun” and a career, that’s exactly what they’ll do. Why? Who cares, it’s what the group said to do. When women were expected to have a husband by 21 that’s what they did.

  18. ANY decent-looking Western woman who is over 30 and still unmarried is simply a trainwreck looking for a place to happen. Very few have not had at least one proposal in her twenties, and the fact that she is still unmarried means that she didn’t find him ‘good enough’ for her to step off of the Carousel.
    A quote from one blogger has stuck with me for at least ten years: “Women who cannot be considered ‘good examples’ must instead serve as dire warnings.”
    I’ve never heard “women don’t grow up, they just grow old”, but THAT is good!

  19. I’ve got dates with women in their 30s when I was 24-25. It may look fun to hang with a 34 or 36 years old woman when you are still a young man, especially if you lack confidence and experience, and you also have a hard time with women of your age and younger, but if you observe carefully, you quickly feel there is something wrong with them.
    Another interesting fact : I am 45 now, so those women are now 55 and 57. I have met one of them recently, after 20 years, and believe me I would not date them anymore. I guess Tom Leykis is right when he says that men age like wine as women age like milk…

  20. Good advice.
    I got lucky with a 42-yr old chick when I was in my 20s, but now that I’m 40 myself, there’s no way that I would date a woman my age. Sooo much baggage, and precious little to offset it.

    1. “Baggage”? Women don’t have ‘baggage’ anymore — it became ‘freight’ in the last decade; it’s now become ‘CARGO’!

  21. Man this hits me at the moment.
    I was cool with a 35yo (Im 26) for the past 2 months, friend of my cousins, at first cool person, fun to hang out with and joke around with, got her number and starting texting, started to chill around at her place (4 kids), still all was well, joke around, have a few drinks etc.
    One day I stood over and she started cuddling with me on the couch, made out but was hesistent about sex, cool. This happened 2 more times before I was out, left town for a week and when I cameback I fucked her the same night.
    After that cool right? Nope.
    I would try to lay with her various times after that and she had some MAJOR ASD and made excuses, it boiled up until one day we got into an arguement when she didnt like a joke I made and she kicked me out her place, afterwords I text her a nice gesture saying how I appreciate what she did for me (she did some good things for me), instead I got a message saying how “I think shes crazy and that Im just every other guy, thought you were different etc..”
    “right” is all I text back, later I got a text back saying “thank you for saying that to me I appreciate it”, I text her “no worries you are a good person” what did I get back?
    “OH BUT IM JUST CRAZY RIGHT? Trust me you dont want me in your life! I only bring pain to others im not a good friend”
    What. The. Fuck.
    I do wonder what made her this way, I feel kinda bad because she isnt a bad person and helped me without expecting in return, she just has some crazy baggage on her, very insecure, victim mentality and some major anti slut defence which in my mind the more you say “Im not a slut” makes me think you are.
    There is a little more to the story but its not even worth it, I feel like I screwed up somewhere because I did want to hit it again and didnt but fuck it, not worth going back to, I think my issue was keeping frame, never dealt with a crazy chick like that.
    Havent text her since, I learned that crazy pussy is the best pussy, but ask yourself, is it worth the drama…

    1. 4 kids
      I feel like I screwed up somewhere
      All the stuff in between these two lines is fairly extraneous. 😉
      My auto-eject sequence usually fired off at the hint of 0.01 kids.

      1. Yea I get your point but Im looking to fuck, not be around as some father figure or provider, in addition she knew this as I am leaving this town anyway, I guess thats where the “all you want is sex” thing kept coming up with her but yet kept pursuing me?
        Funny thing is that I am fucking another girl with kids (small town problems) she is 29 and she is cool as fuck, no issues whatsoever, sex whenever, always asking if I want or need something and while the sex isnt as good as the 35yo she gives me everything the other didnt.
        I made it clear im not her to stay and I do have my guard up, no chick gives up sex and no drama for nothing in return eventually..

        1. Women with 4 kids want potential to be a dad in order to fuck… its a game in of itself. If you are kidless. stick to women without kids. There is absolutely no excuse otherwise.. sorry bro, no exception on this one. The woman will forever be over you if you get in with a woman with kids, and that’s 10X if you don’t have any of your own. She gave you a taste to try and draw you in and weed you out if you weren’t trying to go long term..

    2. Upvotes purely for the share ;-).
      But seriously, you didn’t have anything out of the ordinary there, that shit is par for the course.
      You are probably right in that the issue was keeping frame, but even 100% solid frame will tease out the batshit crazybitch inside women like that from time to time.
      The one thing I would suggest, and I think others here too, is don’t ever give in or let the bitch get away with that kind of crazy bipolar bullshit.
      It’s NEVER worth it, and it NEVER gets better.

      1. Yea it was frame for sure, I am still learning the game with women and everytime she wouldnt wanna fuck I would get annoyed because In my mind she is just playing games, lets me feel her up, make out, grab her ass etc but yet wont fuck?
        In my mind she was just playing with me while fucking someone else, which I can almost garantee was the case, what I dont get was why? She was not getting anything from so what DID she want from me? Especially since I fucked her already..I should have played it cool though, in the end I am the one that has to keep frame at all times.

        1. Why? Drama. She got plenty of it, and women do this kind of shit all the time, often without noticing.
          I think you will notice that there is always one person in the relationship who has more power, and it was her showing you she had you in a sense.
          And the thing is as we all know women are only going to fuck guys who have more power than they do.
          The less you care about fucking a woman, the more she will want to fuck you. That’s the core right there.
          That’s why when I’m in a good place and want/need nothing, I literally have girls trying to pick me up, straight up offering sex, paying for drinks etc.
          This is why even in an LTR you have to run dread game and keep options open to keep the sex flowing, sad but true.
          Both men and women want the ‘chase’ in a way, just from different ends of the racetrack.

        2. I hear you loud and clear, I let her have the power, I let myself be “disrespected” in a sense because I wanted the pussy so bad, I kept coming back and letting myself be ok with her bullshit, thats not an attractive feature on my part.
          What is funny is that the chick im messing with now I totally ignored, aside from a few texts and quick hook ups, I ignored her texts, blew her off multiple times, this girl will offer sex on a platter, cook me dinner, and do anything else I say but I was like “eh”, meanwhile I was stuck up the ass of some bitch that never really gave a shit.
          Good thing I gave this one a chance, she is great for all the reasons listed and is actually very cool to be around, in fact much better than the other girl except looks and sex (crazy pussy IS the best), now I see that the other girl was purely sexual, she is pretty shitty overall in the other aspects.
          The crazy part? I still want to fuck her but I know its just not worth it.

  22. GREAT article! Ya know what, Matt? A few years back, I dated an older woman (by about 10 yrs) she took care of herself to the point of obsession with skin creams, lotions, and every other miscellaneous snake oil out there. It was comical in a cartoon like way. I think older women are more insecure to jokes and negs. One time she left a wash cloth at my apt. and I found it while trying to clean up evidence. I returned it to her joking that it smelled like skin cream and sour milk and she NEVER EVER got over that, as small of a thing as it was to everyone else. So Matt, You say, on #2 “They’re incredibly insecure” — BOY! You ain’t kidding! LOL

  23. “Another time, she invited me over to her place to do cocaine, and an hour after I got there….”
    Just to be clear: there is nothing masculine about doing cocaine. This drug will age your heart so quickly you’ll be carrying around an 80-year-old heart in a 29 year old body. Virtually all young men with congestive heart failure that I have seen have a history with cocaine. That drug also causes you a horrible depression when the high wears off.

    1. I would have no doubt that many male suicides are directly related to the come down off coke. I was never a big user and haven’t done it in years as the depression was so awful. Wasted days recovering. Also dealers cut it with all sorts of stuff, baby laxative, etc.

    2. I’ve had to let a friend lie on my floor passing in and out of consciousness while I stayed up all night next to them checking every 10 minutes to make they didn’t stop breathing, worried I’d have to call an ambulance at any second. Agreed, don’t do cocaine.

  24. To which one could add #4: the desperation to which they’ll go to “lock you down.” That would include risk of an “oops” pregnancy. Was 20 dating 32 a long while back, very naive and of course very horny. Single mom, two kids, one was thirteen already so I was closer in age to her daughter than her, but never mind. She told me she’d “had a hysterectomy” so no risk of getting her knocked up. When I think of how I bought that with no concerns she could have been lying through her teeth I cringe to this day…wrap it up gentlemen, or if kids are already on your “definitely no” list schedule V Day as if your life depended on it, because it actually does.

    1. Messed up how the state now locks you into financing for the kid. They don’t care if you even see the kid or are involved in his/her life.
      In generations past, the women would’ve been shamed and considered an outcast for doing this. Fast forward to today and it’s encouraged.

  25. “Another time, she invited me over to her place to do cocaine, and an hour after I got there…”
    Forney’s political commentary ass just got a little bit cooler in my eyes.

  26. The milf fantasy is more of a teenager thing, as you get older, being with a woman who fulfils her traditional gender roles is a more recurring fantasy.

    1. Wife cooks great meals for our family of boys. That’s a recurring theme that we’re eternally grateful for.
      I say, “Boys”, while pointing toward their mother, “I hope you’re so lucky, because they don’t make this model in the States anymore.”

      1. im happy for you, but i cant say the same for your boys.
        Ive already seen girls around the age of 10 already being groomed to dress like jersey shore sluts while having their heads buried in smart phones.

  27. I enjoyed the article, but I think you make a gross over simplification. You must understand that almost all women are crazy, immature, and insecure. I not sure age makes any difference (baby rabies being a possible exception).
    When I was in my mid 20’s I dated a girl who was 4 years my senior. She turned out to be completely bat shit insane. But the upside was I could treat her like a rented mule and she would come back begging for more. It was a trade-off. So there is nothing wrong with casually dating an older woman, as long as you are a younger man. Just realize that their age in no way correlates to the maturity or mental well-being. And for God sake, stay the hell away from women who are drunks or druggies. They WILL take you down with them.

  28. Related somewhat to this article, a bit of juicy gossip. Turns out, a Houston area 25 year old female teacher is wanted for having sex with a 13 year old boy. Apparently she even aborted his baby. This is some insane shit.And she is uber hot. Evidently even women in their 20s have a thing for younger men, or boys in this case.

    1. “The 13-year-old boy and a 24-year-old middle school English teacher Alexandria Vera reportedly have been in a sexual relationship, that even was approved by the young boys parents.” WTF.

      1. Vera…..Vera…..what has become of you?
        Does anybody else in here feel the way I do?

    2. What the fuck?… this is my territory. I have failed by not stopping this with my penis. Damn it.

    3. Wait a minute. You mean this youngster didn’t have to “develop himself” first before he became worthy of sex? He didn’t have to lift, ingest kratom, learn to dance, finish college, get a job, read Roosh’s books, travel to Eastern Europe – none of those things?

      1. Police are reporting they found on the young mans computer a stash of ebooks said to be by the controversial author “Roosh” and a suspicious pile of empty boxes of “Kratom Flakes” under his bed. Relevance is being determined.

    4. Women today are ideologically trained to seek control (away from men). Young boys, lesbo sex, multiple partners etc are all ways of imitating the kind of control they think men have. Everything in feminism (and feminist derived behaviour) is imitation of the male

      1. 100% and every way they seek control ends up controlling them… because they do not know how to be in control. Its a Futile enterprise. hence the woman running to be the leader of the free world already has said her husband would be running certain things…. surprise surprise…

        1. yeah, bills too enthusiastic about equality with his missus. He knows he’s back in the moment she is

        2. Bill knows he runs the show. “Feminists for Clinton” lmao, never thought id see the day. Talk about a Troll job.

        3. well, they can at least console themselves with the knowledge there won’t be any bill-shaped stains on the president’s pantsuit if she gets in

      1. I doubt she’ll even get community service. Maybe some social shunning, but aside from that, she can pick up and start again somewhere else.
        I’ve lost count of how many female teachers got a slap on the wrist. ESPECIALLY attractive ones.

  29. Older women–simple math. Your 30 and you hook up with a woman ten years older than you, she’s 40. You hook up with a woman ten years younger than you, she’s 20. That’s a difference of 20 years. When you’re 50 would you rather be with a 60 year old or a 40 year old. 20 year old or 40?
    I feel for you guys in the market out there.

  30. I’m just mindblown by the fact this type of woman rationalized politics > peen.
    Thats new

  31. Can’t wait for robots to go synthetic.

  32. It could be related to my love of trapping, whether rats possums eels or lobsters, but I did enjoy screwing women who were once incredibly hot. You get to see the result of bad decisions. Sometimes , if you get them in the right light you can even see what all the fuss was about when everyone thought everything she had to say was the most interesting thing ever. They also have some great stories if you persuade them you’re there to coach them toward meeting mr right rather than be him.

  33. After seeing the header picture, I was curious as to how old Mrs. Robinson was. Anne Bancroft was only 36 when that film was shot. Now we are told to believe that 50 year old women are equally appealing. Zoinks…

    1. These are the same folks making those commercials featuring MILFs hawking Viagra not much to the men as more to the women of those men. Basically, they’re trying to make those men hump their old ladies to oblivion after the ladies played hard to get with said men when they were younger. Either that, or the MILFs will end up banging a young stud.

  34. Where did this notion about the “wise woman” come from, any way? I’ve never met a single one in my life, and I was born 57 years ago.
    Of course, a lot of men don’t become “wise,” either. We don’t all turn into, say, Warren Buffett with the passing of the years. Yet every family would benefit by having at least one Warren-like elder. Not because he could solve your problems by writing a check – he probably wouldn’t do that. Instead he could tell you how to solve your own problems, and you would discover that he gave you useful advice. You could also become his apprentice and learn to become like him when you reach your mature years.
    Yet I can’t possibly see this happening to women. Women need to turn to men for wisdom because they can’t seem to generate their own from their life experiences. And even then they don’t necessarily pay attention to what wise men tell them.

  35. I made the mistake of dating an older woman a decade my senior a few years back (she had great tits, what can I say?). But seriously, this article is spot on. The bitch was fucking mental. She was the most manipulative, mean-spirited, alcoholic, lying, cheating, psychopathic person I’ve encountered.
    Once it was over, I felt free, but was a bit lost for a few months, dealing with depression (which was a first) and unsure of where I was going. What really sucks is that I had gotten to a really good place in my life before dating her, then put myself through the meat grinder. I came out a stronger man, but fellas, especially those of you in your prime and chasing “cougars”, heed these words: Fuck ’em and leave ’em. They will constantly berate you, make you feel like an ugly pile of shit (even though you’re in your prime), and will argue in circles, eventually turning their misdeeds around on you.

  36. Around 35 is when a woman’s reproductive system starts shutting down. If they don’t have a child then there is some innate feeling of inadequacy whether they know it or not. A man can go through life without ever pair bonding but a woman simply cannot do so.

    1. Honestly, I’m pretty grateful that I’m gonna be producing sperm for pretty much my whole life. In the grand scheme of things, considering nature as a whole, an organism’s only real role in the end is to reproduce, and that becomes their entire purpose for existing. If I can get a girl pregnant whether I’m 19 or 99 (well, okay, males probably shoot blanks after their 90’s, sperm production is likely to be very low), I have a purpose in terms of nature and species survival for a long time. However, if a woman reaches menopause around 45-55 years of age, she loses that purpose for existing in the grand scheme of things. So yeah, that has to be depressing no matter how one looks at it.
      Of course, they can always rekindle the flame and create a false sense of purpose with the “Eat, Pray, Love” lifestyle, however that works. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure women can still cook and all that at an older age, or maybe work as a local librarian or something, so I’m not saying they have no purpose in general. We all have some kind of purpose in society.

      1. You’re being nice, Their Vagina is to receive sperm and to birth a baby, their Tits are to feed said baby, they look in the mirror after a shower at 55 and see everything looking pretty miserable and a sense of purpose isn’t going to come from anywhere if they haven’t had any kids or have a husband at that point. Their whole body is constructed in such a way to facilitate reproduction and the care of said offspring. Nothing else. Maybe im not this cold, maybe I am. But its the damn truth however you slice it.

        1. There is indeed truth to this. We all hear the comments from many a Western Woman lamenting how much men only seem to see the physical side of a woman and not their careers and/or achievements.
          However, also seen how older women don’t like it when all men may pay attention to is their contribution to their employer.

        2. Seriously, what value to me, or any man worth his salt, is their career achievements?? Unless I’m looking for a sugar momma, in which case I wouldn’t be a very attractive prospect id assume. A woman’s achievements are literally completely irrelevant. They need to work on being a proper lady, being courteous, looking attractive and not being annoying. Manners, Humor and being in shape are the top 3 things. Career and achievements aren’t even at the bottom of the list, its not on it at all.

        3. “Seriously, what value to me, or any man worth his salt, is their career achievements??”
          Precisely, not very much.The issue that these ‘ladies’ had commented upon was the stark realization that at their…’matured’ status, all any men ever saw in them was their utility to the company’s bottom line…that’s it. No one saw them as potential romantic partners anymore, and that irked them something fierce.
          They had been talking about something along the lines of ‘Benevolent Sexism’ and how it had been taken away from them as they had gotten older. Now that they where simply foot-soldiers in the machinations of business, they were simply reaping what they had earlier sown.

        4. Yes, I agree. Reproduction is the woman’s primary purpose, that is clear on a fundamental level, you can’t argue against obvious science.

        5. LOL, Yet they argue it anyway and try to use science at that, since most of the libs are atheists now and Bill Nye is some sort of Hero to their Beta suitors.. lmao

        6. I will give Nye credit for introducing me to the world of science as a child, but that’s about it.

      2. Older post-menopause when have a purpose in providing child care for their children’s children. They can also perform most roles in the service industry, that is until automation makes that not an option.
        The purpose of man has always been to build and maintain civilization. Have a war to fight? Men come to the charge. Need to build roads, schools, bridges, and houses? Men come to answer your need. Who enforces law and order? Men. If a man dies at the age of 23 after valiantly defending his country what happens? He gets a few days press coverage and then is put into the ground with only his immediate family remembering. That is the role of men in society.

        1. We are expendable. Women are to nurture and raise the next generation. The social engineers will never be able to conquer nature.

        2. I feel that last part about a soldier being taken for granted just has to do with the commodity-like nature of military forces; there are hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of soldiers to take one man’s place, all trained to potentially do the same valiant act and save civilians and eliminate the enemy, so on and so forth. Same with civilian men in general. Some dude is out of commission after a life-changing work accident, just hire the next guy in line. There are billions of guys, so I guess there’s always another man in line to take the first guy’s place.

      3. The shape and movement of sperm is hindered as a man grows older. This just makes it harder for the sperm to reach the egg, shooting ‘blank’ is a rare problem in men.
        The only things a man is at risk for is giving a child autism, type 1 diabetes, schizophrenia, or down’s syndrome. This risk only starts around 50, much later then a woman.
        Generally, with a young woman in her 20’s, you are looking at an average of two years to conceive in your 50’s.
        Women however start seeing risks of DNA damage as early as their mid-thirties. From birth, the ‘egg’ follicles begin to atrophy. By mid-thirties, many potential eggs have been destroyed. Also, women do not replenish eggs. A 35 year old woman has 35 year old reproductive cells. The chance for genetic disorders is much greater. In fact, most potential pregnancies at that age will self abort from DNA damage but not always as the mechanism to prevent damaged embryos coming to term is less strong then it is in a young woman.
        That is also an advantage of young woman with an older man… Even if the man passes DNA damaged sperm, the female’s body is more likely to abort the pregnancy until he passes a healthy sperm. In an older woman, it may not abort.
        Chances are you want to have children before 50. However, if you missed the boat, find a young woman and it’ll likely be okay.

        1. ” By mid-thirties, many potential eggs have been destroyed. Also, women do not replenish eggs. A 35 year old woman has 35 year old reproductive cells.”
          The exceptions are women who have had a large number of children. Giving birth on the regular means her reproductive system has been getting what amounts to a vacation of about a year per child. The 35 year old woman with 10 children might be able to easily have 5 or more, whereas a 28 year old woman’s reproductive system might have already shut down because “use it or lose it.”

        2. That’s not how it works.
          The only break they get related to having a bunch of children is a greatly reduced chance of endometrial cancer.
          There’s the matter of DNA damage. The eggs do not get any younger from the woman having babies.
          1,000 eggs are destined to die every month even when pregnant or on birth control. You can’t cheat the biological clock, babies or not.

        3. According to what you write I can assume that you are not a doctor )) LOL
          If woman or man have diabetes, autism or other disorders ( or somedody in their families has it) that can be transmited genetically, doesn’ t matter the age. If you chose a partner better to look what kind of genetic has this person but not how old she/he is.
          Lot of healthy couples have children with terrible deseases.

        4. yeah that is usually determined by how the man or woman looks. beauty and youthfulness of a woman is visual display of her genetic fitness

        5. 50/50. Now there are lot of ways to look good even having some health problems. More than that most of health genetic problems appear after 40 years old.
          Lot of young women 23-28 years old start to make Botox injections, fake breast etc. When they are 30+ it is hard to say how old they are because from one hand they look nice and young but from another hand they are women without age and are fake. Ones she stops to make injections she will look 10 years older.
          But genetic is important- it’s true.
          Anyway my point is that we should follow our heart. You never know what can happen to you or to your partner even if you are very healthy. All people die and you are not an exception.

    1. ESPECIALLY if they have been neglecting their basic hygiene. EECCH.

  37. The entire cougar movement will be dead soon. Women will be BEGGING men for attention, because sex robots will be a viable alternative.

    1. I’m a bit wary of the advent of the whole sex robot thing, almost as much as I distrust the advent of AI and Terminator-like robots taking over parts of normal society. Have you ever heard of the Uncanny Valley phenomenon? Basically, as prosthetic technology gets so good to the point that a robot or puppet or something can resemble human features and actions closely, but not quite spot-on, we become extremely repulsed and unsettled by it. The more something nonhuman looks like a human, the more it creeps us out. Crazy stuff, I think a guy would definitely go a bit insane or sociopathic after a few weeks or so of using such a device. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to get addicted to the sex robot; we are supposed to be the masters of technology, not the other way around.

  38. I actually felt sorry for “W”. Birthing stretch marks can be pretty horrid for some unlucky women, and ruin an otherwise decent body. But like they say, Mother Nature is a bitch.. another reason why Cultural Marxism is poison. Expect to see “Stretch Marks Acceptance Movement” coming our way soon.
    “T” on the other hand.. what a complete psycho bitch. She is the poster child for not picking up random women in bars.
    But another reason for avoiding older women.. if they don’t fall into the “always a bridesmaid” category, then logically they’ve been married and divorced before. Given that 80% of “I’m bored” divorces are initiated by the wife, odds are somewhere in the world there is another man she’s hitched, (probably) cheated on, kicked to the curb, and divorce-raped for half his assets. Or worse yet, she is currently going thru the process of kicking to the curb and divorce-raping her still-husband, all the while riding extra-martial cock like yours. Does such a woman bode well for any kind of decent relationship?
    I remember 10-15 years ago when the term “starter marriage” was current. But today, it’s become such a part of the cultural “white noise” (as the author puts it), that the term isn’t even a thing anymore.

  39. I just turned 40, so I mostly only have 30-35+ post wallers available to me, but that’s OK. I’m not looking to have anymore kids and I’m only looking for shorter term relationships. These older women really do tend to want to get at younger guys, there’s a 56 yr. in my neighborhood who goes out of her way to talk to me. I’m sure she looked good back in the day, but that’s too much of an age difference for me.

  40. I’m 37 and I keep banging former dime pieces that are anywhere from 45 to 60 and I’m just in it to fuck, so I don’t give a damn, they still look good to me.

    1. Low hanging fruit bro, take a challenge and get a 27 year old into bed, I bet those older ladies wont seem so appealing anymore. Lets not get lazy now.

      1. Ain’t that it. I am now at 38 and hunting ever lower in age and higher in Looks.
        There is no challenge whatsoever in some 50yo. All you have to do is smile at her and tell her you’ll fuck her for a couple of beers and a pack of smokes, WTF?

        1. Better yet — offer her some ‘nylons and Hershey bars’!
          (Old joke, but a good one)

      2. I do that all the time too, I don’t discriminate on age, but I do on looks.
        Would you bang Christie Brinkley, because she is 60 years old.

    2. I bet you eat over sell by date food too, is it a fetish of yours?
      My second question is how would you rate yourself self on a 0-10 scale of Sexual Market Value?

    3. Where are you meeting them? I’m near your age. I’m curious about a few good looking ones from time to time.
      I can’t lie, a few I see from time to time look like they’d be TONS of fun to spank hard and fuck.

  41. You didn’t show T. your Glorious Hat?! She might have jumped off the roof and done us all a favor!
    Great article, as always, but I can’t share. I’m in that age-range, as are all my female followers. Sharing this with my contacts would be as good for business as going NeverTrump has been for Glenn Beck.

  42. “Did you actually vote for Donald Trump?” she interrogated me, a vein rising in her forehead.
    “Yeah,” I said nonchalantly.
    “Omigod, omigod, what is wrong with you?” she hollered. “He’s a fucking racist!”

    You have to wonder how our white ancestors managed to survive all those centuries as “racists.” White women didn’t consider “racism” a deal-breaker in a white man until the last couple of generations.
    I mean, seriously, in the early days of the United States, a white man who demonstrated that he could kill Indians or who could run a plantation worked by black slaves without living in fear of his life must have looked really good to a lot of white women back then. Andrew Jackson did both, so obviously the SJW’s have to kick him off our currency and replace him with some obscure black runaway slave who told unsubstantiated tales about helping other slaves escape to the North.

    1. Last year I was dating a german girl (beautiful, and a great fuck), even brought her to my “lair” here in Lisbon, for a few days. Slowly, out of nothing, she starts giving me that “anti-racist” crap.
      Me: “Yeah, look, we’re breaking up…”
      “Oh God, you are a racist! How is that possible, we’re in the 21st century… You are an horrible person…” yada yada yada
      “No, I’m not a racist, I don’t judge people based on their race. But I judge them on their opinions, and I am strongly “ANTI-anti-racist”.” And left her in some street, didn’t even bother to say goodbye.
      This shouldn’t have happened, but I simply couldn’t take it anymore. She looked like a social justice alarm clock, after some time (she didn’t when I first met her). Every other hour, a feminist, an anti-racist, a socialist remark… There is no good sex on this Earth worth the patience of dealing with this type of indoctrinated bitches.

      1. Social justice alarm clock….
        “EEE qual EHHH teee
        NO NOT REAL ly
        SPEEEC ial SNOOW flake
        YOUR STUFF I take
        -with apologies to the Westminster Chimes.

  43. Matt, you didn’t hold frame and you lost
    Your interaction should have went:
    “You voted for Trump?”
    “Hell yeah!”
    “Oh, em, gee, you’re a white supremacist!”
    “Wait? Aren’t you?”
    “…” (speechless)
    “I think you need to leave”

  44. In the new poll, white girls prefer Trump over Hillary. Just maintain frame dudes, and the ladies will continue to come around.

    1. Now that the nominees are declared, you will see most people prefer Trump over Hillary, even though both are widely disliked. The less of two evils I suppose…

  45. Unless they are widows, any single woman over thirty years old is damaged in some way. If they have never been in a very long term relationship by then. They are unable to. Run

  46. So, basically you do a shit job of picking women, no matter their age. Congrats.

  47. Normally I do not post, but felt compelled to share my story.
    Started dating a very cute blonde a couple years ago, only to find out she was 5 years older than me a couple weeks into it. Needless to say, I was very surprised, but we got along extremely well, so it lasted 1+ years. By all accounts, age notwithstanding, I should have married this girl. But, I did not. I made the choice to cut the cord due to several reasons, the relevant ones which I will list. (1) she was starting to show her age and put on some pounds (2) she was definitely on the cock carousel having a broken home, done lots of drugs when younger, and even told me she had a threesome (3) had dated one of the most successful men in the city once (i.e. alpha widow) (4) has a mentor who was drives a $200K supercar and (5) is better off financially than me. Unenlightened men and women would consider these reasons insecurities… and maybe they are. But to a Red Pill man, these reasons are also derived from an understanding of the male / female sexual dynamic that cannot be denied.
    Here’s the point: you’ve got to look at the upside vs. the downside, while considering the probability of success vs. failure. On the upside, you’ve got maybe 5 more years of beauty and good sex left (depending on her age). On the downside, you’ve got the rest of your life with someone you might not be sexually attracted to while you are still in your prime. So, the downside is greater than the upside. Now consider the probability of failure. If she is in her mid to late 30s (or more), she has probably been on the carousel (i.e. alpha widowed) and is more likely to be surrounded by highly successful men that catch her eye. As for you, resentment might creep in as the years go by, with dreams of slaying girls when your SMV has begun to ascend. This, my friends, is a recipe for divorce.
    You shouldn’t marry a woman more than 1 year older than you for the same reason that a bangin’ 20 year old babe won’t even consider getting married. You are giving up your optionality when your value is highest. You might love her now, but down the road, the odds don’t look good for a successful lifelong marriage. In the long run it’s better to think with your head, than your heart.
    Good luck and God bless, gentlemen.

    1. Damn straight… and it sucks. Fraction of a percent you’ll find a non-carousel rider after 30, less over 40 unless

      1. …she’s a very recent divorcee or a widow…. they are both hot in the sack but you better damn well screen hard. The widow I’ve been banging lately is all over me, she earned it she took care of sick husband many years bless her soul. She is definitely a hard call for me because (gasp) she is even older than OldGuy!

        1. Yes I have gone the divorcee route as well and it was fun. I guess for you it depends on your age difference and your age. i.e. the value of your option

    2. Excellent comment. I agree 100%
      It’s the men being shamed into taking the used-up women who will divorce them later that concerns me. Over on Reddit this is the usual bullshit agenda that is pushed; one reason TheRedPill is hated so much over there-it states honestly why older women are a losing bet.

      1. They will only divorce them if they feel the benefits outweigh the costs. If they married the a woman 5 years older than themselves in their mid to late 30s, then they’re probably in the scarcity mindset already. Thus, unlikely to think they have options and unlikely to divorce. But… maybe they break free of that mindset a couple years into the marriage and realize their SMV is nearing its peak. Then they divorce. Either way, it’s a shitty ending. Shouldn’t have married a chick more than 1 year older than yourself. It defies biology for a reason.

      2. Another funny story about this topic… I was at a wedding as a groomsman and was talking to one of the bridesmaids during dinner. She was probably late 20s / early 30s. Somehow the topic of age came up and I basically told her “Only an idiot would marry a woman older than himself”. You should have seen the scowl on her face! She knew I was right and couldn’t quite come to terms with it. She would not speak to me for the rest of the night. It was pretty hilarious and I felt smug as fuck about it.

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  49. 1. They are confident…until a 23 year old “young slut” walks in the room.
    2. They pay their own way…young girls will try to pay too.
    3. They know what they want…bullshit, women dont know what they want until a man shows them.
    There is zero reason to date an older woman. Stds, insecurities, drug problems, loose vaginas…and that is just the start. They are guaranteed alpha widows, probably single moms, and more likely to “accidentally” get pregnant to lock you down. They rush things and dont take their time like young ladies. They work all day and talk about work like a man.
    Avoid old women. Its not even worth the pump and dump.

  50. I knew a guy who dated a woman older than him briefly – late thirties as opposed to low thirties – the second time I met her I knew there was something wrong with her sure enough turns out she was a maniac depressive (check the article) he eventually ditched her after she got into a fight with her sister in a bar. The guy had heaps more experience with women than me and yet he still missed the tell tale signs – she was broke, she had no female friends and plenty of male friends, she had a sexually transmitted disease, she was irresponsible and she was desperate to get married (check the article)

    1. “…she was desperate to get married.”
      THAT figures! Undoubtedly looking for a mule, ATM, and punching bag, I’d bet.
      I’d also bet that she was one of those snotty feminist bitches when she was young, proudly proclaiming how “she didn’t need a man” to every man who interacted with her. (I ran into a lot of those when I was in my twenties; Thank God that I was in the military then, and believed that I really shouldn’t get married or have children (since I could easily get killed or crippled))

  51. Why do the жидовы push these so-called “intellectual equals” upon us?

  52. You voted for Donald Trump?! Lunatic. Cruz was the man…
    … but now that you mention it, about eight years ago I was in a back and forth with this woman on some e-mail dating site. Was looking forward to our first meeting, until for some reason she brought up politics. Well she was really upset when I said I thought John McCain, for all his faults, was a decent man. Oh no. She loathed McCain. Loved Obama. Hated Sarah Palin, and threw the discredited meme that Palin said she could see Russia from her window. (It was an SNL skit).
    And it never pulled out of the political nosedive.
    Stay away from leftists.

    1. I’ve found that gender is irrelevant when it comes to politics. I’ve yet to date a single woman who had a favorable opinion of Palin. Not that I found her very likable myself.

  53. Older women have so many bullet points even a casual partner must meet. Must be 6 ft minimum, at least 50k income, no hair loss, must own a home, a car no more than 3 years old, some drugs ok, but no higher than LSD on the dependency/harmful scale, 4 year degree minimum, must hate cats more than root canals, no Nickelback on your playlist…
    All this, plus the fading looks and longer wait times for sex makes me wonder, why even bother?

  54. “While it’s possible for people to change, by the time someone hits their thirties, their personality is pretty much set in stone. Any woman who is single past a certain age is bad news for any man that tries to court her.”
    ^^Absolute truth.
    If you see a beautiful single woman in her early-mid 20’s who is sweet, charming and reserved…you look around at the guys there and think, “What’s wrong with you all?”
    If you see the same thing, but that woman is in her early-mid 30’s, you look around at those guys and think, “Ok, what do you all know that I don’t here?”

  55. Humph… “They don’t yell !! They don’t tell !! & they’re very grateful !!

    1. Those were the French women in pre-Revolution France.
      Different times, different women.

      1. Take The Red Pill you don’t have to go to the XVIII Century, just as I know, about 50 years ago ?? Don’t know today ??

  56. Back when I was in the States though, I enjoyed giving the dick to Chinese and Korean MILFs, not going to lie. Wouldn’t make a full relationship out of it though.

    1. I would love to do the same. I thought they were all so traditional, though?

  57. TV garbage like “Sex and the City” help to maintain this delusional world of the 40-something (IRL they’re all past 50) women of a career in control of a select male harem that they discuss over cocktails at a NYC lounge bar. Disgusting and pathetic. I laughed my ass off when Ricky Gervais fired at them that they were so old that they wouldn’t fool noone

  58. 4) The thousand cock stare. Pretty much all women over the age of about thirty five are like this. Most likely this is as a result of having being humped and dumped innumerable times whilst being aware they are a rapidly depreciating asset.

  59. Women over 35 who look really good without makeup are rare. Nowadays many women are starting to show signs of aging early, so it’s not unusual to find women in their late 20’s looking worse for wear.
    It’s really amazing what women can hide behind makeup if they know how to apply it ‘correctly’ (i.e deceptively).
    I work with plenty of women from different countries, and the Asian ones definitely look the best after 35, but they still show obvious signs of aging if you know where to look. Then again, so do most of us. The point is that their faces hold up better over time. Compared to the Aussie women at my work, they still look relatively young.
    Having said all of that, I agree with the general point of this article. Older women probably used to be more appreciative once upon a time, but now their expectations are sky high.

    1. Since the majority of Western women nowadays refuse to control their eating and drinking, and are usually taking drugs (legal and illegal) as well, it’s the rare woman who doesn’t show signs of aging by their late thirties. Of course, their exposure to the chemicals in commercial makeup products doesn’t help them at all, either.

      1. I think the issue is that their makeup doesn’t have enough sun protection, so they spend hours outdoors with it on without realizing. The other issue is that women often forget to remove it, which doesn’t help.

  60. Epic! Simply epic ! I even avoid looking at a woman over 25. With very few exceptions. And I have 42 years.

    1. You and I both! Except maybe 26, 27 also.
      Depends on the girl. But of course, the younger, the better, lol.
      Older women are such a pain in many ways. Younger = happier, friendlier, not desperate usually.

  61. There’s a lot of truth in all of this – and if you want to see it played out as entertainment instead of living it as a personal tragedy, I suggest the “Real Housewives” shows. They demonstrate just how mentally ill, insecure, and immature women can be… even when they’ve got everything they “want.”

    1. “…They demonstrate just how mentally ill, insecure, and immature women can be… even when they’ve got everything they “want.” ”
      That demonstrates the truth of the old fable of “The Fisherman and His Wife”. (If you’re not familiar with it, look it up on the web.) It’s theme is how a woman is NEVER satisfied with anything she has, she ALWAYS WANTS “MORE”!!
      (I’m kind of surprised that the feminists have not demanded that it be banned)

      1. Just like feminists won’t ban Cinderella. Don’t forget that the 2 uglier sisters couldn’t get the high SMV prince, so they are left without being in a relationship with any man. Their mantra of love the person inside is what matters and not the outer appearance disappears.

  62. How can you trust a woman who is over the age of 30 and has had no children (unless its a medical reason) and has never been married?

    1. If it’s medical reasons, it’s not your problem. Move on. Don’t try to save her.

      1. totally agree and thats what I would do, just saying that in some cases it may not be her fault.

    2. if man is 40+ but is not married and doesn’t have children is anything wrong with him?

      1. HELL NO! Nowadays, a man is wise to remain unmarried and childless — unless he wants to be thrown out of his house, give up his car, personal property, retirement savings, and pay child support besides.
        Don’t marry unless you LIKE to ‘test for dud grenades’.

        1. Hello. In this case why if woman is 30+ is something wrong with her?
          This is the matter of personality but not the age. Do you think happy marriage depends on age?
          I would like to tell you that most of men 40+ who don’t have children are selfish, are not responsible etc. Not all but a lot.
          Most of comments here are very pragmatic – the way in nowhere.
          Maybe most of men here who give such kind of advices are not married and are not happy in relationship. Who knows? Easy to be brave online.
          Most of my 30+ 35+ girls friends are ready for relationship and children.They are confident, know what they want, respect men. And yes, they are more picky, because they KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. Most of my 22+ 26+ girls friends date every week (sometimes every day) different guys, they don’t want to marry.
          There are exceptions of course.
          Men also have to remember that nobody becomes younger. What man can give to young woman in general, even regarding sex?
          Woman can make sex even if she is 50, man – not always.

        2. Woman have clocks and are fertile for only so long. I think, that after the age 30 or so it is harder for them to conceive and to birth a healthy child. Woman know this and why they choose to not get started when they are ripe and fertile only leads me to conclude that being a mother is not on the top of their priority list. When woman 30+ start talking about families/children its because their time is running out. Now can I trust her? If her true intentions were to become a mother she would have done it already.
          Also to answer you question above about “anything wrong a man over 40″…who cares. I am not looking for a man to birth and mother my children.

        3. Health of child depends on health of both parents and genetic.
          Woman can have a healthy child in her 40 years old or sick child in her 25.
          Of course better to have children when you are young.
          Also for men better to have children before 45 -48 years old. The quality of sperm is also very important.
          But in my opinion you have too much stereotypes.
          For child is important to be born in love, doesn’t matter how old are parents.

        4. “For child is important to be born in love, doesn’t matter how old are parents.”
          Can’t disagree at all. All I am saying is that genetics kick in much earlier in women than men when it comes to making children. So when a woman suppresses that natural urge to reproduce to “explore different things”, for me I just can not trust that woman in being a good mother. Also I have not met a woman 30+ to make me think differently.
          “Woman can have a healthy child in her 40 years old or sick child in her 25.”
          true but the odds are much more in favor for the 25 year old, as I am a gambling man I’ll take those odds.

        5. Sure woman can have children before 45 years old maximum.
          Maybe one day you will meet a wise 30+ woman who will surprise you. 🙂

        6. If you are mid 30’s of course 30+ women for you are a bit old ))
          But from another hand I know lot of happy families W/M are of the same age or woman is older.

        7. “Most of my 30+ 35+ girls friends are ready for relationship and
          children.They are confident, know what they want, respect men. And yes,
          they are more picky, because they KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. ”
          Yes. A meal ticket. The manosphere is well aware of that, dear. But please don’t give us that rubbish that they respect men.
          “Most of my 22+ 26+ girls friends date every week (sometimes every day) different guys, they don’t want to marry.”
          Then they have no excuse when age 30 hits and those same men they were trying to fuck throughout their 20s are no longer interested in them and interested in their younger sisters instead. If you insist on playing chicken with the biological clock, don’t be surprised if you lose. 25% of women will never actually marry.

        8. “For child is important to be born in love, doesn’t matter how old are parents.”
          Born in love is what we call bastardry, asswipe. For a child it’s important to have parents who are committed to each other in marriage, given the highest rates of child abuse happen in single parent or de facto “families”.
          And age of the parents does matter. Unless, of course, you’re the kind of narcissistic bitch who doesn’t have a problem being a fucking financial burden on your kids when you’re 70 and they’re only 30.

        9. By definition, a woman 30+ and approaching 40 is going to surprise a man if her dried-up ovaries manage to deliver something other than a miscarriage. Would you like a gynaecologist’s advice on the odds of conceiving after the age of 35?

        10. Please be polite or don’t comment my posts at all.
          Most of your comments are full of anger and hate. Worse for you.
          Regarding what you have written: parents can be committed to each other only if they love each other.

        11. We live in different cultures. Think about how to see positive sides in people. To date a man doesn’t mean to have sex with him.
          You see only negative. Hope you have at least something positive in your life. I don’t know you but I wish you to be more kind and happy.

        12. 25%. Where do you take this statistics? 25% in which country?
          Do you know what is the % of single men in USA? Lot of single men there are in US!!! Thus, is something wrong with american men or maybe you will say that they are single because all women are bitches…
          As I see you are an expert, you know everything.

        13. A meal ticket? DC must be special then, because literally none of the women I know are looking for a meal ticket. They don’t need it. You might want to start looking for women in a higher SES. Are all the men that make up the “manosphere” uneducated and poor? That would certainly explain a lot…

        14. Your IQ must be somewhere down the double-digit area if you think any of the women you know will admit to you that they’re looking for a meal ticket, darling. It doesn’t change the fact that they are.

        15. Asswipe, the statistics say otherwise: if you’re not married, your kids are orders of magnitude more likely to be abused.
          If you find my comments offensive, I suggest you go fuck yourself first and then find another site to infest.

        16. I’m afraid that’s none of your business, asswipe. That aside, I don’t see why you think your singular subjective experiences displaces biological and statistical fact. Let’s focus on the state of your ignorance: do you say the odds of conceiving after the age of 35 are the same as they are at 20?

        17. Did I insult you? I have my own opinion as you have your own opinion. It doesn’t give you any right to offend people. Please don’t comment my posts.
          If you hate the whole world it is your problem.
          I communicate with polite people.

        18. “To date a man doesn’t mean to have sex with him.”
          Yeah, right. Sure. In a rural village in India.

        19. No one comes to DC looking for a “meal ticket”…this is a city of power, not money.

      2. The question does come up, ocassionally, so best to be prepared when someone asks.
        “I was in a long term relationship with …. and she had personal problems and etc etc..” explaining to give the idea you’re ok, nothing “odd” about you.

        1. We all have some bad experience. Make conclusions why it happened, what was your mistake and move on. What for to generalize?
          Only one thing we can do – is to improve ouselves because nobody is perfect. Sometimes people have problems. Some people need us. One day you can have a problem, I am sure you would like to have a person close to you who could support you. Maybe you already have such kind of person. Sure there are some non adequate crazy people. In this case – escape. LOL.
          Men can criticize women, women can critisize men but the reality is that we all need love. Men and women need each other.

        2. Correction: women need men. Men do not strictly speaking need women.

        3. “Men and women need each other.”
          Not according to women nowadays. For the least fifty years, they’ve shown that all that they “need” from us men is our wealth.
          In contrast, by the way that they’ve treated us in that same time period, we men have learned that we really don’t “need” them. In fact, we have increasingly learned that we can have a much better life without them in it (which explains the growth of MGTOW).

        4. Men don’t need women at all. 98% of a woman’s life is centered around her boyfriend or husband. Men don’t give a fuck what other people think of them unlike women so they don’t care about shamers

        5. I guess any woman doesn’t need you. Maybe your mother should not need you, should make an abortion. If you dont need women make a handjob or maybe you are a gay.
          Anyway I wish you happines. Hope your life becomes better soon, you will be not such an angry person.
          PS: Don’t speak for all men. There are a lot of men in this world who love women, respect women, need women, enjoy women. Speak only for yoursel! Nobody gives you a right to speak for all, you are not a God , one day you will die as all people.

      3. As the female population of seekingarrangement or other Sugar Daddy-seeking sites attest: not in the slightest.

      4. These days, a forty-year-old man being unmarried and childless is a mark of an intelligent man who knows what a risk marriage is and how little women have to offer.

  63. I’ve found that their load of mental problems is usually in the danger zone by the time they hit 27-28 or so.
    And the nuclear reaction that 37 y.o. had to Matt Forney being a Trump supporter is interesting, and I’m sure indicative of mental illness as well. Younger girls, by contrast, usually find it a turn-on.
    I’d say if you are a Trump supporter, get a MAGA cap.

    1. The MAGA caps are so ugly and poorly fit it’s insane. I got one for souvenir, but man these things look dumb if you aren’t 65 years old.

  64. I dated a girl in her late thirties when I was in my early twenties. Eventually, I found out that she had done several gang bangs around town. Also, she was kooky as could be. She would pay $50 every week to have some psychic “read her “aura.” You can’t make this shit up.
    I should have known something was up. The first night we went out, she told me to “throw her on the floor and fuck her in the ass.”
    What was a thinking? I wasn’t. I was beta and I had the thirst…

    1. … Been there. I go see about 5 of my buddies at the bar…so how many of you did Shelly x? We all raised our hands…….I mean, how do you turn down a gal – thin pretty etc…and is willing to suck a golf ball out of a garden hose at the drop of a hat. 5 minutes – lets go. I mean, she might have lined us all up for free. I actually kind of envy gals that can gang bang.. .I mean, wouldn’t you like it if 5 gals decided to do you at once.

      1. And then you find out via social media what some poor shlub has wifed her up.

      2. Same thing happened to me in college. At the cafeteria table, I’m talking to my friend Chris, we’re comparing notes on how well Girl X went down. More guys join the table, listen in. Turns out she’d sucked five of the six of us at different points in the last two years. I was first, though, lol.

    1. I tend to write articles about things in which I have expertise. This is not one of them.

    2. FIrst thing: there is no such thing as a “representative sample” when it comes to statistics.
      Second thing: that survey only speaks of the number of reported same sex experiences. More reported =/= more actually happened, any more than more sex crimes reported on Facebook = more sex crimes actually happened.

  65. As a man stuck in the 30′ and 40’s dating pool I can attest to the low maturity and airheadedness of women. When I hear a woman say ‘women are more mature’ there should be some law that allows me to punch her in the face just for being a stupid cunt.

    1. my gripe is when a gal says – “your a nice man”. I am like – you don’t know me bitch.

      1. “Nice” is an interesting word. In Woman Language, if the woman is under the age of 30, “nice” means “unattractive”. If the woman is over 30, “nice” means “meal ticket”.

  66. Mentally ill, insecure, and immature – yes. Perhaps the most pathetic trait a lot of older women possess though is delusion. Delusion – another of feminisms deceptions. How often have I seen some pathetic over 35 female – flab spilling out of too tight too small crop tops and pants bulging from the strain of a million pockets of cellulite think she’s a “cougar.” I love watching talk shows that feature “cougars.” Fat grannies who absolutely encapsulate mental illness, immaturity, and insecurity. Equally pathetic are the much younger boyfriends – geeky scrawny Ronalds who don’t stand a chance with girls their own age. The whole thing is woeful.
    An old man with a much younger woman is considered to be a dirty old geezer, but an old woman with a much younger man is a “cougar.” Once again, there we have it – the feminist double standard.
    “Don’t buy the cow when the milk is spoiled.”

  67. “cougars,” those mythological maneaters that don’t exist outside of MILF porn
    Not completely true. They exist. The problem is that while young men fantasize about them, they don’t really want them in real life. I’d read a story about a local dating service that tried to set up a “Cougar Night”, and while plenty of 35+ women showed up, very few men did. When it came to actually meeting them, the young men apparently thought better of it.

  68. So I know this semi-hot bartender chick; she just turned 35 and has two kids by two different dudes. She’s totally tatted up and pierced, complete with a boob job – all of that shit, you know the drill (but she knows it better; lame joke there). And she’s been riding the cock carousel since she was about 15, like most women her age. But now she is getting desperate to find a man who will put up with her shit and finance it as well – but there aren’t any takers, even though she still looks pretty good. So she had to settle for this bearded, tatted-up troll who’s about three feet tall, and this douchebag has the letters “P-u-r-e E-v-i-l” tattoed on his knuckles (I shit you not). But hey, he’s cool, because he’s a tattoo artist and shit. So that didn’t last, because the troll had to go to rehab for alcohol addiction, shortly after they moved in together. And while he was in the hospital, she rode the carousel again for four weeks straight. But she still couldn’t find anybody who would jump in and play the role of beta simp. So when the troll got out of rehab, she took him right back, because he was basically babysitting her kids at his tattoo shop while she was out working at the bar and/or riding the Baloney Pony. So was that the end of it? Oh, no. They broke up yet again, after he relapsed. So she started telling everybody what a psycho he had been, whenever he’d been drunk around her precious kids. And of course, being a modern feminist hosebag, she couldn’t put up with that, now could she? So what did she do? She started doing a fellow female bartender who worked at the same bar where she worked – and of course, this chick had a couple of bastard kids herself. So the fellow female bartender moved in with this selfish, galactically myopic twat, so they could munch each other’s carpets while their kids sat in the living room and watched reruns of “Little House on the Prairie”. That fiasco lasted for about two months, until once again, she took back the tattoo-artist troll. Now, what really gets me is – among many other things – this hopelessly short-circuited boner-gobbler has no clue that both of her kids are going to grow up one day to hate her guts. Because what she’s doing to them is absolutely abusive. And yet, she bitches about the troll who got drunk and allegedly terrorized her kids (which I don’t believe ever happened), while she brings random morons home to fuck her every other night, including women, bikers, homeless men, and most likely, abandoned greyhound racing dogs; all while her children are sleeping in the other bedroom, listening in horror to the nightly goings-on, as the cognitive dissonance that dances inside their little minds, splits them in half. Un-frickin’-believable.

    1. Hospitality chicks and hairdressers are extra bonkers… is it because of their exposure to so many people and easy access to cock?

      1. I had never considered that point but I am sure you are on to something there…I think women are a product of whatever is in front of their faces at any given moment, so what you brought up there makes a lot of sense.

    2. Noooo. It’s those “deadbeat” dads and the “loser” who causes damage to kids (even though daddy is not around). Women have no responsibility in fucking up their children’s lives. because they are the victims.

      1. True enough. My bad. Women are all victims…and the moon is made of pizza dough, and up is down, and bad is good, and corporatists and politicians really care about our well-being, etc.

    3. All these men and yet she didnt wanna take you. What a shame. Must suck to be you.
      First rule of the dark triad: Dont whine you weakling. Take advantage of the weakness of others instead. This lady would be easy.

  69. I don’t know if I am in the minority, or not.., but I have always preferred men a fair piece older than I am. In fact, nearly all the other women I know are either dating or are married to older men. By older I mean we (the women) are in our 20s and early 30s , and most of us are involved with men 4 to 10 years (or more) our senior.
    I am 25 and am currently in a serious relationship with a man in his early 50s.
    Feminists, of course will say that this is *yawn* “A Social Construct”. But I think we, women are naturally attracted (on average) to men who are older than ourselves.
    Don’t ask me “Why?” because I don’t know. (^_^)

    1. It’s biology. It’s mostly relevant to instinctively guide teenage girls towards older men who’ll be a better protector/provider for their children – I mean, a 12 year old girl living in evolutionary ancestral populations who fell pregnant to a 12 year old boy (instead of a 20 year old man) suffered major disadvantages, so girls have evolved an attraction to older men to avoid this – but yes, all women are generally attracted to older men because of this.

      1. Yep. I would have to say that that is likely (if not completely) the reason.

      1. 60 is not that old..!
        We have known each other for 8 years, and have been involved for 6 years. I’m not going anywhere!

  70. Here is why you should be wary of older women
    1 Fertility crashes from an infertility of 15% to 85% between 29 and 39. You may find yourself childless as your woman fails to conceive. A women’s SMV crashes at 29 that of a man about 35. Make sure you don’t find yourself looking for a wife when you are over 35 or your SMV will be lowering as well.
    I can’t emphasise this enough, so many young men have found themselves childless because of this. Her purpose is to be a mother to your children. The mutual love is the side effect of that, not the purpose. Your a man, you have feelings, empathy and morality but you must see past them.
    If you do go for a older woman you are going to have to move fast as far as pregnancy goes. Such a woman may actually have good genetics and be beautiful and you need to balance that against the risk. I found that they had issues say having suffered some form of emotional abuse etc. They perhaps have overcome these. Do not let the older woman take charge, let her still be a little girl, though take her counsel and treat her with dignity and fairness.
    2 women do seem to mature in some ways faster than men. You probably need to be older to have the resources and emotional ‘base’ to keep a woman happy.
    If you are 25 think nothing of going for a 20 year old as a partner.

    1. If you are a man with options you build your career/money/business until around 35. It is ok to have a gf (or better many MLTR/FB) but do NOT get serious with her.
      When you are around 35 you should be set and most of your goals should be in reach. Your SMV is now at peak level and it is time to find yourself a good wife and mother for your many children.
      This woman better be young. 18 is perfect (or 16 if you live in a country where this is the lowest legal age) because you will stick with her for many years.
      When you are 55 years old she will be 38 what is still bangable, while a woman your age is perhaps not so. When you are 65 and she is 48 she may still induce a boner every now and then if she keeps slim, healthy and you can afford the maintainance bill (surgery, hair, make-up etc).
      If you marry a woman your age (or even worse older) yo